Chris: It has been a while but I am back, with a another season of Total Drama Hotel, and this is Total Drama Hotel 2!!! Don't question my lack of creativity right now, anyway 18 competitor, 1 prize and 2 hotels!! Hotel De Verliezers and Hotel Del Competito. So let's me introduce them.



  1. Linda - Girly boy - Winston Goth and Black Roses!
  2. Henry - The Direct Guy - Conker Safe if for Court
  3. Jimmy - The Short Smart One - Surfer Double down!
  4. Mine Turtle - The Explosive Turtle - Ifraid Princess and the Villain
  5. Sherlock- The Useless Detective-NanoPower512 Two Contestands one prize!
  6. Daniel - The Geeky Pushover - NanoPower512 Moon Return!
  7. Nemo- The Heroic Gamer - Nemo Double down!
  8. Michael- The Hyper Fan - Corey Cake Voodoo the truth!
  9. Corey- The Curious Guy - Corey Cake Findsay Binsay Lindsay!! That's not my name!


  1. Azuna - (not so much) Pure Evil - Winston Prison Breaker
  2. Princess Elizabeth Jelly Swineheart III - The Self-Absorbed Royalty - Conker
  3. Lilac - The Boy Crazy Girl - Surfer Fan Mania
  4. Vins - The Collector - Ifraid An big fat Elimination!
  5. Caroline- The Booksmart Girl - Matt Sing your Evile heart out!!
  6. Angelica- The Sweet Like Candy Girl - Matt An big fat Elimination!
  7. Victoria- The Rich Christain - Nemo A Sky full of Sugar!
  8. Luna - The Evil Lesbian (seriously XD) - Dutch Tulp It's a Chris Chris world and Voodoo the truth!
  9. Princess - The Most Beautifull of All - Dutch Tulp It's a Chris Chris world


Lindsay in Findsay, Bindsay, Lindsay! That's not my name!!!

Drama Brother in Findsay, Bindsay, Lindsay! That's not my name!!!

Sky in A Sky full of Sugar

Sugar in A Sky full of Sugar

Owen in An big fat elimination! & Double down!

Alejandro in Moon Return & Love vs War

Max in Sing you Evile heart out!!

Scarlett in Love vs War

Heather in Love vs War

Dave in Love vs War

Robin in Love vs War ,Prison Breaker & Two Contestands, One Prize!

Mike in Love vs War

Zoey in Love vs War

B in Love vs War

Duncan in Prison Breaker , Fan Mania & Goth and Black Roses

Sierra in Fan Mania

Foondy in Voodoo the truth!

Courtney in Save it for Court

Gwen in Goth and Black Roses

Mia in Two Contestands, One Prize!

Ezekiel in Two Contestands, One Prize!



Henry and Lilac

Daniel and Azuna

Linda and Elizabeth (Best Friends)

Michael and Sherlock

Henry and Sherlock (Rough friendship)

Luna and Elizabeth


Victoria and Azuna

Victoria and Henry

Azuna and Elizabeth

Sherlock and Elizabeth (One-sided/Mainly Sherlock's side)

Azuna and Linda (One-sided on Linda's side)

Nemo and Everyone

Mine turtle and Elizabeth (One-sided on Mine turtle's side)

Eizabeth and Henry (One sided, Elizabeth's side)

Luna and Michael

Courtney and the top 4


Sherlock and Linda (one sided on Sherlock's side)

Henry and Lilac (One Sided, Lilac's side, revealed episode 6)

Michael and Lilac

Henry and Elizabeth (One sided on Henry's side)


Episode 1 - It's a Chris, Chris world

Chris: Well new competitors and Daniel and Mine Turtle, get to know eachother!

Jimmy: Hola. Yeah, that's right, I'm bilingual. Actually, I'm quadlingual! :)

Lilac: A BOY!!!

Michael: Im a Huge fan And cant believe I am here and I love cake!

Mine turtle: Hello.

Vins: Jimmy I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows hello in Spanish. It's really simple.

Azuna: wonderful here again..

Linda: Hi! Everyone!!!

Daniel: *walks up to Azuna* Gee, Azuna, hey! How's life been since we last saw each other? :)

Sherlock: 'ello matey, mah name is Shureloc, spelt S-H-E-R.... then the rest, ya see. I'm a one of a kind detective, ya see, imma right good one too, been doin' it fo' five days, I'm a born NA-TU-RE-L! Good luck try-an to win with meh around!

Azuna: Well not really good.

Elizabeth: Hello everyone, I will b- *looks at Linda* Ew... *looks at Vins and Sherlock* Ew.... *walks to Mine Turtle* Huhah, a pet *picks up MT*

Daniel: Really? Why? D:

Azuna: Well as you can see Robin isn't here.

Linda: *sees Elizabeth* OH EM Gee!! *runs to Elizabeth* Your fashion is.. so amazin!!!

Elizabeth: Hi... uh... You look like a Larry? Hi... Larry.... your fasion is... primitively fashionable.... :|

Sherlock: *runs up to Elizabeth and Linda* 'ai see you two nice ladies like sisseh things like fasion! *looks at Linda* ....... Madam, you are the most splendid looking lady I have personally ever seen in real life... well, I don't get out that often wot with my chores and all, and I have seen... like.. 6 girls I remember... but you... *kisses Linda's hand, and then pulls the poor boy closer* I feel a spark :)

Daniel: And? :(

Linda: Uhm ew *runs to the confesional* (CONF) is this Sherlock guy serious? can't he see that I have no uhm boobs! (END CONF)

Azuna: well I don't think you wanna know actually Daniel.

Luna: *arrives* Ilgh..

Daniel: ....What? Please tell me D:

Sherlock: (CONF) This gurl is just playin' hard ta get, they al' do...I think :/ (END CONF) Hey, you! *points at Elizabeth* I 'ave noticed by the fact yo' foot is nine-teh degrees to the left opposed to eight-teh degrees to the left, and that you have a stain on your wrist states you must be a snotty brat who for some reason shall get further than they should, am I correct?

Azuna: Well he's in prison.

Linda: *hides behind the food table*

Elizabeth: ...Sherlock... Your now banned from England...

Mine Turtle: Help! Put me down I'm dangerous!

Elizabeth: Oh, you don't look so harmful...I can do with a pet!

Mine turtle: (CONF) Obviously she didn't watch season 1. (END CONF) *sigh* Welp I didn't want to come to this but, *gets out of Elizabeth's hands, falls, and lands on button, then explodes*

Vins: Uh... o-O

Victoria: *arrives* Well, I'm here. Start of a fresh new day!

Nemo: *arrives* Another Camp? Great.

Vins: Hey guys I remember you from the skyscraper. How are you still alive btw? I thought you got killed.

Linda: *runs to Elizabeth* Are you okay???!?!?!?!

Elizabeth: *cough* ... o.o...

Sherlock: *cuts a bit of Linda's hair off and sniffs it* mmhhmm... :)

Linda: What did you do *gets angry and cuts off all the hair of Sherlock and put it in Sherlocks mouth*

Sherlock: *puts his hat back so no one can tell he lost any hair* 'ai, madam, you don't have to overreact like that, I didn't do anything... >:(

Challenge #1 - Statue of Mcclean

Chris: Challenge time! I have hide 18 statues of me 9 with a blue head and 9 with a red head, search them (5 lines searching 1 line finding say with color you found!) So he what are you waiting for? SEARCH THEM.

Linda omg *searches for chris statue*

Azuna: *searches for Chris statue*

Angelica: *searches for Chris statue*

Caroline: *searches for Chris statue*

Azuna: *searches for Chris statue*

Linda: *searches for Chris statue*

Sherlock: *searches*

Daniel: *searches*

Mine turtle: *searches*

Vins: *searches*

Azuna: *searches* (3)

Linda: *searches* (3)

M.T.: *searches*

Vins: *searches*

Azuna: *searches* (4)

Linda: *searches* (4)

Elizabeth: *searches for Chris statue*

Johnny: *searches for Chris statue*

M.T.: *searches*

Vins: *searches*

Jimmy: *searches* (1)

Lilac: *searches* (1)

Azuna: *searches* (5)

Linda: *searches* (5)

Elizabeth: *searches for Chris statue* (2)

Johnny: *searches for Chris statue* (2)

Jimmy: *searches* (2)

Lilac: *searches* (2)

Angelica: *searches for Chris statue*

Caroline: *searches for Chris statue*

Azuna: *finds a blue headed statue*

Linda: finds a red headed statue*

Jimmy: *searches* (3)

Lilac: *searches* (3)

Elizabeth: *searches for Chris statue* (3)

Johnny: *searches for Chris statue* (3)

Angelica: *searches for Chris statue*

Caroline: *searches for Chris statue*

Nemo: *searches for Chris statue* (1)

Victoria: *searches for Chris statue* (1) Almost, there!

Elizabeth: *searches for Chris statue* (4)

Johnny: *searches for Chris statue* (4)

Angelica: *searches for Chris statue*

Caroline: *searches for Chris statue*

Nemo: *searches for Chris statue* (2)

Victoria: *searches for Chris statue* (2)

Elizabeth: *searches for Chris statue* (5)

Johnny: *searches for Chris statue* (5)

Angelica: *searches for Chris statue* (5)

Caroline: *searches for Chris statue* (5)

M.T.: *searches*

Vins: *searches*

Angelica: *finds blue Chris statue* (1)

Caroline: *finds red Chris statue* (1)

Elizabeth: *finds a red Chris* (6)

Johnny: *finds a blue Chris* (6)

Nemo: *searches for Chris statue* (3)

Victoria: *searches for Chris statue* (3)

Luna: *searches*

Princess: *searches*

Nemo: *searches for Chris statue* (4)

Victoria: *searches for Chris statue* (4)

M.T.: *searches*

Vins: *searches*

Elizabeth: eek! :D

M.T.: *finds a red one*

Vins: *finds a blue one*

Nemo: *searches for Chris statue* (5)

Victoria: *searches for Chris statue* (5)

Sherlock: *searches*

Daniel: *searches*

Victoria: *finds a blue Chris statue* (1)

Nemo: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! *finds a red Chris statue* (1) Darn.

Jimmy: *searches* (4)

Lilac: *searches* (4)

Michael: *searches*

Jimmy: *searches* (5)

Lilac: *searches* (5)

Michael: *searches*

Chris: there are still 4 blue and 5 red statues missing keep on searching them!

Jimmy: Ooh, a red one!

Lilac: Blue! Blue is the color of BOYS!!!

Chris: Ok this is taking way too long here are the teams! Also Luna and Princess quitted! But here are the teams,

Team Blue Fire


and here is:

Team Red Water

Elimination 1 - QUITTERS!!

Chris: Since we have two quitter, Luna and Princess, they are perfect canditates to show you my new elimination transport *reveals the elimination transport* TADA!!! the slingshot of pain! it's simple, Chef force you into it.

  • chef forces Princess and Luna into the slingshot*

Chris: And than I press this botton *presses the botton and Princess and Luna get launched to the hotel on the otherside of the street* and you will be slingshot to "hotel verliezer" or translated into eglish, hotel looser!

Azuna: that's evil!

Chris: that's comming from pure evil? Oh well that wraps it up for this episode, who will stand and who will fall? that all see you in the next Lepi, Depi , episode of Total Drama HOTEL!!!

Chef: two....!

Epsiode 2 - Findsay Binsay Lindsay!! That's not my name!

Chris: Hi everyone, say hello to this episodes cameo!! Lindsay

Lindsay: HI EVERYONE!!

Michael: ... Hi Lindsay

Elizabeth: Ooh, hey Lindsay, I am Eliabeth, queen of- hello fella *picks up Mine Turtle and places in purse*

Lindsay: Nice to meet you Izabatt! Your pet looks cute.

Azuna: *sees Lindsay* Oh no (CONF) I hate Lindsay she is so dumb! (END CONF)


Elizabeth: I just hope it doesn't say hello, then it will explode... for the second time...

Lindsay: what? how than it's a pet turtle?

Mine turtle: HALP!

Vins: Hey look at this cool rock I fou- *trips on a banana peel and the rock lands on Mine turtle, which causes him to explode* O-o Ummm who out that banana peel there?

Lindsay: NOOO!! *runs away* (CONF) That turtle is the devil!! (END CONF)

Linda: NO ELIZABETH *runs to Elizabeth* are your clothes okay?

Sherlock: *looking at Linda and whistles* Your clothes are good ;)

Linda: Ew *shivers* (CONF) That guy is on my team!! I repeat, that guy is on my team WHY!! (END CONF)

Sherlock: What? Me mum always told me to be honest, ya know. I wouldn't be the respectable young man I am today if I wasn't one 'undred pur-cent honest, madam!

Vins: Ugh I thought someone who believes in ghost was weird enough.

Linda: You know what, yeah you're right Sherlock you know I find really atractive in a gentleman? If you would get me a nice fresh, just harvested, watermelon with a Jamaican straw! (CONF) I'm just playing along so he leaves*

Nemo: Hey! It's Lindsay!

Victoria: But how is that Lindsay, she is dressed up wrong, her skirt is on top of her head and her shirt is on the bottom!

*Chef secretly knock Lindsay out and drags her away*

Azuna: *sees it* (CONF) wow that's low, yes she is hella annoying but she doesn't deserve that! Who would they hit next, I hope it's Nemo cause he annoys me to death (END CONF)

Sherlock: *looks confused, then laughs awkwardly* Oh, er, sure thing ma' lady, anything for you! I'll get you, um, a fresh watermelon drink thingy with a Jamaican straw... Bye, see you soon! *walks off to look for one*

Elizabeth: I can't believe it, I am royalty, I shouldn't be treated like this, the only people that are good are Lindsay and Linda, wait where is Lindsay?

Linda: What *looks around* oh no fashion queen of td can't be gone!!!

Challenge 2 - the name game

  • the light goes off and one spot light is on Lindsay and the Drama Brothers behind her and music start playing*

Lindsay: *singing* The name game!!

Lindsay: *singing* Lindsay! Lindsay, Lindsay, bo Bindsay, Banana fana fo Findsay Fee fo mo Mindsay, Lindsay!!! Now it's your turn Chris.

Chris: *singing* Chris! Chris, Chris, bo Bris, Banana fana fo Fris fo mo Mris, Chris!!! Now it's your turn competitors!!! Sing this song with all the names of the competitors!

Here is the Line:

*singing* (name of a contestand) ! (name of a contestand), (name of a contestand) bo B(name contestand), Banana fana fo F(name contestand) fo mo M(name contestand),(name contestand) !!!

Chris: The team who sung this song with all their contestands names in it wins, you don't have to sing this song with your own name! You have to sing it two times with each members name of your team!

Team Blue Fire

Azuna: uhm like this? *singing* Daniel! Daniel, Daniel Bo Baniel, Banana fana fo Faniel fo mo Maniel, Daniel!!!

Daniel: *singing* Azuna! Azuna, Azuna bo Bazuna, Banana... fana fo... F-fazuna fo mo Mazuna, Azuna?

Azuna: Haha *singing* Herny! Herny, Herny Bo Berny, Banana fana fo Ferny fo mo Merny, Herny!!!

Daniel: Um... *singing* Vins! Vins, Vins, Bo Bins, Banana fana do Fins fo mo Mins, Vin! :/

Henry: *no enthusiasm and bored sound* Victoria... Victoria, Victoria, Bo Bictoria, Banna fana fo Fictoria fo mo Mictoria, Victoria...

Angelica: *sings* Lilac! Lilac, Lilac, Bo Bilac Banana fana fo Filac fo mo Milac, Lilac!

Lilac: Johnny's a BOY so... Johnny! Johnny, Johnny, Bo Bohnny Banana fana fo Fohnny fo mo Mohnny, Johnny!

Azuna: who is Johnny? anyway *sings* Corey! Corey, Corey, Bo Borey Banana fana fo Forey fo mo Morey, Corey!

Corey: Um...*voice squeaks* hi..

Corey: [CONF] I have absolutely no clue what is going on.

Corey: *sings* Azuna! Azuna, Azuna, Bo Bzuna Banana fana fo Fzuna fo mo Mzuna, Azuna! [CONF] Azuna the name does not work out for this that well.

Lilac: Vins! Vins, Vins, Bo Bins Banana fana fo Fins fo mo Mins, Vins!

Team Red Water

Linda: YEAH *singing* Elizabeth! Elizabeth, Elizabeth Bo Belizabeth, Banana fana fo Felizabeth fo mo Melizabeth, Elizabeth!!!

Elizabeth: *singing softly and beautifully* Linda! Linda, Linda, Bo Blinda, Bannanaaaaaaaaaa fana fo Flinda fo moooooooooooo Mlinda, Lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (CONF) I have never heard to song, but they way I did it must have got them, atleast 5 gemmies

Sherlock: *gets back with the drink and sings* Sherlock! Sherlock, Sherlock Bo Berlock, Banana fana fo Ferlock mo Merlock, Sherlock! (CONF) I was gonna do Linda, but the wicked witch of the west 'et me to it! >:(

Elizabeth: *singing softly and beautifully* Mine Turtle! Mine Turtle,Mine Turtle, Bo Bine Burtle, Bannanaaaaaaaaaa fana fo Fine Furtle fo moooooooooooo Mine Murtle, Mine Turtleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!+

Linda: If Elizabeth is doing it again I might as well do it again! *singing* Nemo! Nemo, Nemo, bo Beno Banana fana fo Femo Fo mo Memo, Nemo!!!

Elizabeth: Ew, don't sing that ninny, Linda, your better than that... *singing softly and beautifully* Linda! Linda, Linda, Bo Blinda, Bannanaaaaaaaaaa fana fo Flinda fo moooooooooooo Mlinda, Lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Sherlock: *glares at Elizabeth* (CONF) Her singings good, too good! It's making 'ine look like.. Um.. very terrible 'inging! 'Ow in the world am I supposed to impres' Linda, when she's upstagin' me?! (END CONF) *singing* Jimmy! Jimmy, Jimmy bo Bimmy Banana fans to Fimmy fo mo Mimmy, Jimmy!

Caroline: Michael! Michael, Michael Bo Bichael Banana fana fo Fichael fo mo Michael, Michael!

Jimmy: Caroline! Caroline, Caroline Bo Baroline banana fana fo Faroline fo mo Maroline, Caroline!

Michael: *singing* Mine turtle! Mine Turtle,Mine Turtle, Bo Bine Burtle, Banana fana fo Fine Furtle fo mooo Mine Murtle, Mine Turtle! (CONF) I really need to talk to people more to surviveI am scared if we lose cause if we do I will go home! If I go home I will be mad because I love Total Drama! (END CONF)

Michael: *singing* Caroline! Caroline, Caroline Bo Baroline banana fana fo mo Maroline, Caroline! [CONF] Yeah, I know what you are going to say. Your bad Michael! Well this is my first camp. Anyway after this challenge I need to talk more and make allies. :/

Elizabeth: Sherlock! Sherlock, Sherlock Bo Berlock, Banana fana fo Ferlock mo Merlock, Sherlock!

Chris: STOP!!! You all sung aweful but team red water did the best, team blue fire go to the roof.

Elimination 2 - a singing goodbye!

Chris: Who will join Lindsay and the Drama Brothers in the slingshot of pain? Vote here, say that you have voted!

Azuna: I voted!

Lilac: I'm a traitor... I voted... For a... Boy...

Henry: Voted

Angelica: I voted too!

Nemo: Cody! Harold! *pulls Cody and Harold down of slingshot* Buy the way, I voted, too.

Corey: I voted! [CONF] Bye Total drama... [END CONF]

Chris: *checking the votes* wait what? how come a person voted Nemo, Sherlock and Mine Turtle? They are on the other team? Anyway, one vote for Vins, another vote for Corey, another votes for Victoria and the last vote is against... *zoom in at Vins, than Corey and than Victoria* Corey, you're eliminated!!

*forces Corey into the slingshot of pain and shoot him to the other hotel*

Chris: Well that is that, what next for these looser? Will Azuna be interesting? Will Sherlock realize something? That and more in the next episode of TOTAL.... DRAMA... HOTEL!!!!

Azuna: you forgot the 2...

Episode 3 - A Sky full of Sugar!

Chef: Everyone food is up!!

Michael: ... Great...

Azuna: *takes a plate of Spaghetti* yeah!

Linda: *takes an cocktale without alcohol*

Elizabeth: *making a bacon and egg breakfest* This will be delicious.

Linda: What Elizabeth!! you deserve better food than eggs and bacon, you're a queen.

Elizabeth: Actually, I am a princess and I have never had such... simple food, so I am adding my secret touch *puts in her secret suace and stirs*

Linda: Oh... Elizabeth you're totally amazing.

Azuna: Why are you even here Elizabeth? if you're royalty what is the point of you being here you're rich!

Elizabeth: I have a couple of reasons to be here, one is that my kingdom isn't well known, and I have limited funds... still rich though...

Azuna: Right so you do this for your kingdom? that sound really stupid...

Elizabeth: Not as stupid as joining at least 6 reality shows... *gets her meal out*

Azuna: *finishing her dish* Whatever.

Linda: Elizabeth is awesome!!

Elizabeth: *hands Linda a plate of eggs and bacon* Because your the only tolerable person here, you can have some *sits down and eats some of hers*

Linda: Oh eM *faints and falls on the ground*

Azuna: lol what?

Elizabeth: Are you okay Linda? *helps him up*

Linda: *wakes up* Am I dreaming?

Azuna: *looks weird at Linda (CONF) What's wrong with her? (END CON)

Elizabeth: No... your not dreaming Linda... Azuna, how about you get a life and don't stare at a good person you freak!

Henry: *steals the remaining food that was made by Elizabeth yet not on her or Linda's plate, and is noticed by Linda* ...

Azuna: Aren't you suppose to be a role model Queen b*tch.

Linda: Hey Henry give Elizabeths food back!!

Elizabeth: I'm not even next in line for the throne, quite ar rom it my fr- wait Henry!

Henry: Fine... *puts it on table* >:I

Azuna: Oh so you're here because your sister is gonna be the queen.

Linda: Azuna stop being so mean your boyfriend wouldn't like that.

Eizabeth: No i'm here so my... um... cousin could... be king... I want my- I mean his country to be noticed...

Linda: Anyway where is your boyfriend?

Azuna: Whatever and Linda that is none of your business!

Lilac: I don't have a boyfriend but I LUV boys!!!

Michael: *finishes eating* Hey Nemo!

Lilac: Hey, Michael. You come here often, cutiepie?

Michael: I dont want to fall into your trap.

Lilac: Trap? B-buh I wuv you!

Michael: Ok Well I guess see you later. [CONF] I do not know if i can trust her. [END CONF]

Lilac: Ok. *bats eyelashes*

Michael: ...

Lilac: *waves*

Nemo: *takes chicken sandwich with fries* Yay!

Victoria: *takes salad*

Michael: Nemo!

Nemo: Oh no, if you want to take away my lunch, you can forget it.

Michael: No I finished. Anyway, I guess I wanted to say I would trust you the most on this team.

Lilac: (CONF) Michael doesn't seem all that interested so... I'm moving on. (END CONF) hey Henry, you are C to the U to the T to the E! That spells CUTE! That's right, I'm literate!

Michael: [CONF] I was actually kind of interested in Lilac [END CONF]

Lilac: (CONF) I love BOYS!!!

Michael: Lilac!

Lilac: Yeeessss...

Henry: And you are A-D-O-R to the able, so can you just move a little to the left, I want the panckes :P

Lilac: Awwww... I LOVE pancakes!

Henry: Me too, *walks and collects 5 pancakes* :P

Lilac: *takes six*

Henry: *sits down on second table after collecting honey* so your name is Lilac I suppose? I heard that guy called you that.

Michael: Ugh Henry!

Lilac: That's my name, please wear it out *looks at lovingly*

Michael: [I actually had feelings for her Henry I am coming for you! [END CONF]

Michael: Lilac. You already betrayed me!

Henry: Dude, chillax, your acting like a major Richard...

Azuna: Are we seriously gonna have a love triangle?

Henry: *looks at Azuna then looks at Micheal* um... *wispurs to Lilac* Why would those two be in love? P.S Who is the third? :I

Lilac; she's talking about me you and Michael I think

Michael: I should of just kept my mouth shut I am going to get eliminated now.

Henry: *shrugs and continues to eat* So what do you like to do?

Lilac: I like to talk to boys! And... Other stuff!

Michael: I should just stay in the game so i can eliminate Henry.

Henry: Micheal, I would have thought you would have said that in the confesional than outloud you dolt...

Lilac: *looks at Michael with guilt* Sorry buddy.

Michael: Well then [CONF] Ugh Stupid Henry IS GOING DOWN. [END CONF]

Henry: *gets up and walks outside for some fresh air*

Michael: *follows Henry* Henry Sorry about back there I get out of control sometimes.

Lilac: Michael, are you ok?

Michael: Im fine just a little sad I guess.

Lilac: OK.

Henry: *opens the door and gets outside* ... *yawns*

Michael: great your ignoring me now.

Henry: *turns around* Huh? Your here?

Michael: Anyway I am sorry about back there I get out of control sometimes.

Henry: It's okay, just calm down, if I weren't nice your face would be seriously deformed...

Michael: Alright

Michael: Lilac!

Lilac: yeah?

Michael: I just wanted to say sorry about everything earlier.

Challenge 3 - Trapped in the closet!

Chris: Challenge time!!! Let's go to the storage floor *gets everyone in the elevator and go to the bottom floor* Okay here is the challenge, Sky and Sugar are inside the closet and you have to come up with a idea to get them out of the closet!!

Team Blue Fire Idea

Victoria: Let's pray to God to set them free...

Azuna: I'm not sure where you're going with this Victoria but they are litterly stuck in a closet *points at the closet*

Victoria: Wait, it's already open. God bless them!

Azuna: Uhm nope it isn't.

Angelica: We can get someone strong to knock down the door!

Azuna: Maybe we could put a fire underneath it and smoke them out.

Victoria: We can't sacrifice the demons.

Azuna: What?

Victoria: The people can get burnt to death, get thrown by bloodthirsty devils, the linger for body and flesh...

Azuna: We smoke them out we don't burn them there is a different.

Angelica: Maybe we can make Sugar fart and Sky will kick the door down herself! I mean did you see Sky Fall? Sky can't stand Sugar's farts!

Azuna: That sounds great too but on the otherside, I don't want to die.

Lilac: I like Azunas idea of burning it down

Angelica: Okay let's go with Azuna's then! :)

Azuna: I didn't say burn them down... SMOKE THEM OUT

Lilac: So... Kill them?

Azuna: ugh I give up (CONF) Things explaining went so much better when Robin is around, mostly because he does the explaining, *sigh* I hope I win this so I can buy Robin out of prison. (END CONF)

Daniel: Uhhm... We c-can't smoke them out, what if they have asthma!? And it'd be hard to b-breath, and... H-hpw would they open the door to get out? It's more smoke and less out .__.

Azuna: Daniel, don't worry I think they locked if from the inside so they have to open it to get air.

Henry: Easy, we just use a pig to drag the door down...

Lilac: *in a trance* What a GORGEOUS idea Henry <3

Henry: um... okay :)

Azuna: I guess that prevents them from dying,

Henry: Thanks Azuna

Victoria: *sees pig is dead before door breaks* Try using a horse.

Henry: *pig is not dead as they are just giving Ideas* Victoria, are you messed up or something? What christian talks about devils? In detail?

Chris: So decide what is your methode to get them out off the closet?

Henry: I think we are using a/multiple pigs to drag the door down...

Chris: Okay than, well let's see what Chef think about that idea.

Chef: Pigs? How is that going to work? 4/10 <.<

Team Red Water Idea

Nemo: *sees keyjhole on closet* Just use the key detector. Point the detector to the closet, press this button *presses the red button* and then press the other button *presses the green button and follows a light leading directly to the key* *finds key, comes back and unlocks the closet*

Linda: Nemo what the f*ck are you doing?

Nemo: I unlocked the closet.

Michael: Nice work Nemo!

Caroline: *sees tools* We can use the saw to cut the door down, thus setting them free

Linda: no you didn't Nemo.

Nemo: 1. I did unlock the door, you are lying. 2. Don't you think that will kill them?

Chris: No you didn't that was the wrong closet! and I didn't ask you to open the closet I asked you to come up with an idea how to open the closet!

Michael: Maybe we can find a key lying around!

Nemo: I am not dumb! That was the right key... Why didn't it work? Anyway, here. *gives Micheal the key detector* Find the key. Point the detector to the closet Sky and Sugar is in, press the red button and then press the green button.

Michael: *points detector at closet* Ok *Presses red button* *presses green button* Yay! *closet opens*

Chris: you're not suppose to open the closet! You have to come up with a way to open the closet!

Caroline: (CONF) After observing Nemo and Michael I have come to the conclusion that they are not the brightest bulbs in the box if you know what I mean.

Linda: But what do we do?

Nemo: Chris, that was our plan.

Jimmy: We could fire some kind of projectile at it maybe... The angle would have to be right at the door so it would crush the middle. But what to use and how to fire it? *tjinks* Ooh! I know! We can use Nemo as our bullet!

Linda: That sounds fun!

Jimmy: We could use a cannon to fire him!

Linda: With that aweful outfit he's wearing.

Nemo: No, we could use the key to the closet. Besides, they will get plummeled to death.

Linda: I stand by Jimmy's thing!

Sherlock: Ya know, 'is Nemo kid is gettin' on mah nerves too, I like Jimmy' s idea better than Nemo' s godplayin'! Don't you agree, honey? *at Linda* ;)

Linda: Uhm...... yeah.

Caroline: I concur with Jimmy's idea.

Michael: Yeah I agree with Jimmy.

Sherlock: *gasps dramatically* L-linda! Y-you agreed with meh! :D *faints*

Linda: (CONF) How long does it take for that guy to see I'm a guy? (END CONF)

Elizabeth: So... you say we shoot Nemo at that door... why not?

Nemo: *grabs key and opens closet with Sky and Sugar* Even if you did that, it won't work. You just did that because you wan't me dead.

Linda: No.. we don't, actually we want you to be hurt so you have to leave.

Elizabeth: *sees a closed door cause Nemo was godplaying* :I

Nemo: If you want me to leave, I will. I quit. This challenge was harder every single time. The people here are harsh. Please let me quit! :(

Chris: Nemo people are just messing with you!

Nemo: Then I unquit

Sherlock: Boi, people are only bein' hard on you cause your bein' a crybaby dictator! I still agree with Jimmy' s idea though :I

Michael: It's a good idea Jimmy but isn't putting Nemo in a cannon a little harsh.

Elizabeth: No... he is being annoying and trying to boss ME and Linda around and he didn't help last challenge.


Michael: That is true good point. [CONF] I think I am on Nemo's side poor guy. [END CONF]

Chris: So decide what is your methode to get them out off the closet?

Michael: Shooting Nemo out of a cannon.

Elizabeth: We shoot Nemo out of a cannon to break the door down, maybe creating respect for that low life...

Sherlock: Out of that cannon for Nemo ;)

Chris: Okay than, well let's see what Chef think about that idea.

Chef: Well, I think this method can work. 7/10

Chris: Well let's try it *puts Nemo in the cannon and is about to shoot him into the closet right when it opens*

Sky: Wait no don't we're already out *cough*

Sugar: I farted hihi.

Chris: Ok well team Red water wins!

Michael: Jimmy you are da best!

Elimination 3 - Blue from burn damage!

Chris: Okay Blue Fire you're up for elimination again, that's painful, I love it, vote here! And to prevent people from voting contestans from the other team other team that mean you can vote, these people: Azuna, Vins, Victoria, Lilic, Henry, Daniel and Angelica!

Azuna: I voted for the one who annoyed me the most and only talked none sense

Victoria: I voted for the one who thought about the plan that made us lose!

Lilac: I voted for the BOY. who never talks.

Angelica: I voted! :)

Henry: Hey victoria? Remember your idea? The rip off of mine? and the praying? Those would have made us lose either way you dumb *ss! BTW I voted...

Daniel: I-I'm voted f-for the fake christian, she's m-more of a sadist, she talks about demons alot more than anything else, a-and no religious person I k-know goes around p-practically screaming she's Catholic... (CONF) T-that sounded p-pretty mean.... b-but it was t-t-true though :/

Chris: Well we don't have all vote in but it's pretty clear who is going home, okay first vote is against, Azuna, second vote is against Vins, third vote is against Herny Fourth vote is against Victoria, Fifth vote is against... Victoria. Okay victoria if this last vote is against you, you go home, if this vote is against Lilac, Angelica or Daniel, you're going home! If this vote is against Azuna Vins or Herny than there is a tie breaker, okay let's see *camera zooms in at Victoria, than Vins than Herny than Azuna*

Azuna: We all know she's going hom!

Chris: Don't kill this tention!! The sixth vote is against..... Victoria!

*Chef puts her in the slingshot together with Sky and Sugar*

Chris: Well that means there is one less "Chris"tian in our present *press the bottom that send them flying* Well that makes 14! Next episode a double elimination!! Who will it be, will Daniel talk more, will Vins talk at all and will Sherlock and Linda date? All that and more in the next episode of Total Drama HOTEL!!!

Chef: You keep on forgetting the 2...

Episode 4 - An big fat elimination!


Sherlock: *looks at Linda from afar* ah... *grabs Henry* 'ello matey, would you mind answering my question? *whispers* Do you think Linda hates meh? Fo' some reason, I think she might not like.. like me, what do you think?

Henry: Um... she looks like she is indifferent to you... ((CONF) Thats a girl? (END CONF) *eating breakfest* Why is there ALOT less food then yesterday? :I(CONF) Yes, that anoying idiot is gone, thank god... :D

Elizabeth: Linda, alliace? Your my BF, and pretty much the only sain person here?


Azuna: What the f*ck was that?

Elizabeth: It was a life, how about you get one! >.>

Michael: Thats mean. *sits down with food*

Sherlock: *looks at Henry, confused* ....she...doesn'

Henry: Maybe you should prove your love with a song... or something...

Azuna: Well I have an actual reason for being here and you are here because you say you're a queen from some dream or something get off you cloud and come join the rest here on earth.


Michael: Oh ... Ok. * gets food and walks out*

Elizabeth: Hey Azuna! My reason here is to give my country publicity and tourists, your reason is to please your pathetic bo- (CONF) I almost went too far there, that witch!

Michael: Hey Nemo!

Azuna: Right "publicity for your Country" which one? Neverland?

Sherlock: *walks up to Linda* 'ello darling! I just wanna know if I can be any assistance to you! (CONF) I'll prove I'm worthy of her, and she'll love meh like I love her! :D

Daniel: *watching Azuna and Elizabeth fight* L-let's not fight now, a-and get along?

Linda: *wakes up* Say what now?

Azuna: *sees Daniel* well okay than for you Daniel *walks away*

Michael: Hey Sherlock!

Elizabeth: Utchiscoian... Ask Chris it exists! (Its fictional, yet is real in this camp) >:(

Daniel: Thanks Azuna! :)

Sherlock: I said, Lindy-windy-kins! I would like to know if I can be any assistance to you? (CONF) ....maybe the nickname was a little creepy.... Oh well, it sorta worked out for Sierra :)

Michael: Sherlock!! *whispers* I wondered if you wanted to be in some kind of alliance.

Chris: Utchiscoian? yeah it exists I wanted to film my next Total drama there!

Linda: *look akward at Sherlock, well you can make me a new hat (CONF) *cross his fingers* I hope this keeps him bussy. (END CONF)

Azuna: Hey Daniel can we talk.

Elizabeth: Now, that thats done, Linda! Let's go to a shopping floor or something! This is a hotel! :D

MIchael: Jeez! I need a allie!

Daniel: Sure! :)

Sherlock: *looks at Linda and frowns* Well... urgh.. okie dokie darlin', if you say so... I'll be back in... an hour or two with a new hat! :I *walks away to get materials*

Michael: Um anyone want a allie!

Sherlock: *walks up to Michael* I'll be your ally! :/ (CONF) I need an extra vote, to keep my Linda in! :/

Michael: Ok I will help you out.

Sherlock: Thanks matey, I'll talk to ya later, I need to get mah Linda a new hat... :( *walks away*

Michael: Wait! Want help! *runs to him* [CONF] I know its kind of weird but I need allies :/ [END CONF]

Sherlock: Well... if yer want to, sure! Then she'd love the hat more cause it'd be better! (CONF) Maybe having an ally might not be too bad! :)

Linda: oh yeah let's do that *goes with elizabeth to the shopping floor*

Azuna: let's drink something *goes to the bar*

Daniel: *follows* So what shall we do? :D

Azuna: Well drink, what do you want?

Elizabeth: *looks around shopping floor* Well, there is this cute dress, but seems a little bland for a princess, i'm right aren't I Linda? (CONF) It feels so good to do fasion, not that half these people know anything about that, HAVE YOU SEEN HENRY AND NEMO!? I don't feel bad about shooting that low life out a cannon... >.>

Daniel: *looks at everything and says* Uh... do they have one of those small milkshakes, like vanilla! *smiles innocently*

Azuna: Well that's than one small vanilla milkshake and five shots of whisky.

Bartender: Girl are you 21?

Azuna: Just give it or else you're gonna feel how 21 I am!

Bartender: *scared* Alright, alright I'll do it!

Linda: You're right you should wear this *get's a summer dress and t-shirt and a jacket* this says I'm royal but also dangerous!

Elizabeth: Oh my queen, UR SO RIGHT! :D

Sherlock: *runs up to Linda* Lady! Madam! Lindy- I mean Linda! Me and Michael worked together and we finished early, and I think you'll love it! *shows Linda a very poorly done hat, a very poorly done cowboy hat* Don't ya love it?

Daniel: *smiles at Azuna* (CONF) I'm curious about what happened to Robin, b-but I'd rather not ask her about him, she might get a-a-a-a-angry! D: And, speaking only for myself here but, I'd prefer my arms not ripped off :S

Linda: Ew no do I look like a cowboy to you!! I want an hat that show of style (CONF) wait did I just ask him to make another one? *facepalm* (END CONF)

Azuna: *drinks the first shot* So how's life Daniel?

Sherlock: *frowns sadly* ....K, love, I'll make another one for ya... *walks away* (CONF) Impressing Linda is hard, but I'LL NEVAH GIVE UP!

Daniel: Ooh! It was really good, my mother bought me a car, it's not a real big one, but it's really cool! How's yours? :D *accidentally picks up one bottle of Azuna' s whiskey, and drinks a bit* This is the worst vanilla I've ever taste :(

Azuna: that's weird I'll call the bartender, BARTENDER!!

Bartender: *walks scared to Azuna* yes.

Azuna: make him a new milk shake and give me 2 extra shots please! *drinks a shot*

Bartender: Okay I will *makes Daniel a new Vanilla milkshake* here miss and here are your shots.

Azuna: Good *drinks another shot*

Daniel: Cool! *puts down Azuna' s whiskey and picks up the new vanilla milkshake, and takes a sip* Yay, this one's much better, thank you! *turns over to Azuna* So how's your life? :)

Azuna: Well *drinks another shot* where do I begin, well after After the tour Robin needed to pay 250.000 of his money to pay to remove our dead unborn child. We decided to rent a house in his home town and quickly it went downhill, his mom wanted to life with us and he couldn't say no to that so he let him in and she get's on my nerves and about a few months later Robin ended up in jail because of me. So no life isn't going well, the reason why I am here is to win the money to get Robin out of jail, he has to be in there for 2 years or we have to pay 1.1 million dollar to get him out. *sigh and drink another shot*

Daniel: *takes a sip of his drink* W-well, I'm sure everything will turn out ok! If I win, I'll lend you as much money as I can to get Robin out of jail! I'll probably even have one hundred dollars or so left :)

Azuna: *drinks another shot* you're the sweetest but you don't have to do that *sees Owen eating at the all you can eat restauant* what is Owen doing here? *drinks her last shot*

MIchael: -walks in and sees Daniel Azuna and Owen- What are yo guys doing?

Daniel: Talking :) *looks at Azuna* I wouldn't mind, I kinda only joined this season because I wanted a free vacation *laughs a little*

Michael: If you guys are in an alliance can I join?

Lilac: Where are Michael and Henry?

Daniel: No, we're just friends, plus I d-don't know you... and you aren't on our team...

MIchael: True I am just trying to get allies.

Michael: Lilac I am here!

Azuna: *smiles at Daniel* BARTENDER! Put this on Chris Mclains bill say that it was *looks around and see two interns names Kelly and Clyde* from his interns Kelly and Clyde. Let's go to Owen, Da... Clyde *winks at Daniel*

Owen: YUM *eats 5 different kinds of meat in one go* This place is awesome.

Lilac: Can we talk, Michael?

Daniel: *looks at Azuna* Oh... Um... sure.... Kelly... *smiles*

Henry: I'm here too... Lilac...

Azuna: *get's off her seat and almost falls* Woah!

Owen: *eats breakfirst lunch and dinner at the same time* YUM!!

Michael: What Lilac?

Lilac: All I wanted to say is I'm having a hard time choosing between the two of you so... Yeah.

Michael: Oh ok.

Jimmy: Owen, my AP Honors Biology book says that you can only eat so much food at once!That book is 3000 pages and I've memorized every word. The digestive system determines... *goes on reciting from his book*

Daniel: *helps Azuna over to Owen* (CONF) She probably had one too many drinks of whiskey :/

Henry: Well.. uh ok....

Elizabeth: Linda, here is a fantastic skirt to go with that amazing shirt! *shows a skirt*

Linda: OH EM GEE a queen with fashion sense that a queen should have, A-mazing!

Azuna: Thanks Daniel, Hey Owen *burps* can I just say that you are my favorite Total drama contestant!

Owen: *shakes Azuna hand* Thank you thank you, you're awesome too!!

Jimmy: They have drinking laws for a reason, Azuna. Your brain doesn't finish developing until you are 21! This is extremely unsafe! You could permanently hurt yourself!

Elizabeth: I know, I know, so anything new? Or something at home? *looks for clothes*

Azuna: Shut up Jimmy *wants to punch him hit's the bartender instead*

Linda: Well apart from creepy Sher... *get's interupted by a loud speaker*


Challenge 4 - All you can bake!!

  • everyone is on the 3rd*

Chris: Behold everyone, the monster we have in this cage!! *about to open it*

Owen: *joins the rest* Hi Chris.

Chris: What... huh? KELLY AND CLYDE *interns Kelly and Clyde run to Chris* this is the second time you two delivered slopy work this season you were suppose to make sure he won't get out! One more thing and you're both fired!!

Kelly and Clyde: Yes Mister Mcclain, Won't happen again Mister mcclain.

Azuna: Mister Mcclain haha *burps*

Chris: *looks weird at Azuna* that's not the usual you. anyway the challenge, well since Owen is a human dumste.... eating machine you have to make as much food as possible! you have 2 hours (which in real time 1 day) to make as much food as possible for Owen, the team who makes the most food wins (the team who posted the most lines, each line is one dishf) Good Luck!

Team Red Water Food

Linda: OMG I am making you pink brownies *making them*

Elizabeth: I am making a meal I have every wenseday *makes salad*

Jimmy: Cooking is just like chemistry!

Michael: Well then! Get cooking! *starts making spaghetti*

Nemo: I can make most favorite food! *makes a pizza* (1)

Michael: Nice! *starts making cookies* *finishes spaghetti* [1]

Elizabeth: *makes a giant cake*

Michael: *contuies making cookies*

Elizabeth: *makes posh food* Steadily...

Nemo: *makes another pizza* (2)

Michael: *gets cookies out of oven* Nice work everyone! [2]

Linda: *Making red marshmellows*

Elizabeth: *makes posher drinks*

Michael: Gets a banana, a apple, a orange, and grapes [5]

Sherlock: *gives Linda a very ugly hat, a ugly top hat* (CONF) 'ah figured that since she loves hangin' around her posh friend, she'd love a posh hat! :) (END CONF) *starts making crumpets* Do ya love it?

Michael: *gets a orange, a banana, apples, and grapes. [5]

Nemo: *makes another pizza* (3)

Elizabeth: *looks at the hate* It ain't... that bad... still bad though *finishes sauce*

Linda: It looks *looks at Elizabeth's salade* good? *making an chocolate lifesized owen*

Michael: *makes meatloaf* [6]

Sherlock: (CONF) >:( That Elizabeth girl is stealing Linda from me.... maybe I should give up... nah! LINDA WOULDN'T WANT ME GIVIN' UP! She just needs my protection, and devotion, and loyalty... and heroism... and's my detective-ity skills... and my *fast forward two hours* and my love! And then she'll be mine! (END CONF) *makes tea*

Elizabeth: *finishes big posh meal* :D

Michael: Guys can I go take a break and get water I have cooked 9 meals.

Linda: *making a pink Izzy cup cake*

Caroline: *gathers nuts* Nuts are very nutritious

Michael: *makes a grilled cheese sandwich*

Caroline: *makes trail mix*

Michael: *makes fries*

Caroline: *makes fruit salad*

Michael: *makes more cookies*

Nemo: *makes another pizza* (4) we should make a all you can eat buffet!

Michael: *makes donuts*

Nemo: *makes another pizza* (5)

Michael: *makes noodles*

Nemo: *makes another pizza, then makes chicken sandwiches, fries, fresh fruit, candy, salad and ramen noodles* (6)

Jimmy: *makes elaborate dish* I love chemistry!

Nemo: *makes another pizza, then makes steak, geletain and mint ice cream* (6) *BDFI Gelatin runs to Nemo saying YOU MONSTER!*

Elizabeth: *makes a posh desert*

Michael: *makes a sandwich*

Nemo: *makes another pizza, then makes 90 hot dogs* (7)

Linda: Makes an Banana smoothy*

Michael: *makes macaroni and cheese*

Nemo: *makes another pizza, then makes chicken soup and chicken wings* (8)

ELizabeth: *makes a posh version of pancakes*

Jimmy: *uses chemical formulas to make extremely delicious food*

Team Blue Fire Food

Azuna: I... I am making you.. pa pan.. pahn.. pancakes, with swabewwies *making pancake*

Henry: *makes hotdog* ...

Azuna: Hotbog's hmmm whatabout a milfshake *making a milkshake*

Henry: Uh... k... *makes another hot dog*

Lilac: *outs head in hands and looks at Henry* I love how you make this hotdogs. <3

Henry: Nice! *makes yet another hot dog*

Lilac: Wow, just like those hot dogs, you are boiling hot!

Henry: Hehe, your just spewing with complimets aren't you... :) *makes ANOTHER hotdog*

Lilac: Awww... Four hotdogs. Love has four letters. <3

Azuna: Lilac... make foob! NAHW! we neebd to whin! *making Strawberry pancakes*

Henry: *makes another hotdog* I only know how to make hot dogs...

Azuna: wi neeb to win! *making sandwitches*

Henry: *makes another hotdog*

Azuna: *making sandwitches*

Daniel: *starts making tarts* :)

Azuna: Buddy it looks great *making whip cream*

Henry: *makes another hotdog and stacks them into a pile* :)

Azuna: *makes a salade*

Henry: *makes a hotdog* ...

Daniel: *makes a smoothie* Thanks Azuna :)

Angelica: Does anyone need help?!

Lilac: *makes cupcakes shaped like Michael and Henry*

Chris: Angelica, you're preparing for a all you can eat so you have to cook all you can cook!

Azuna: Yeah what Cwis said *making strawberry cake*

Angelica: *makes pasta*

Azuna: it all smell so good *making another strawberry*

Lilac: *makes brownies that spell out boys*

Henry: *makes another hot dog* ...

Azuna: *makes chickensoap*

Chris: Time is up!! The winner is team Red water!! Again... they made 42 things while team blue fire only made 27 things, well Owen dig in!!

Owen: oh food !!! *eating it all in 5 minutes*

Chris Well team Blue fire, you're up for elimination again! And there is a twist!! Since two of you go home!

Elimination 4 - another flame turns blue!

Chris: Here is the twist, you only have to vote one out since the least active contestand of your team is automaticly eliminated, that means that Vins is eliminated for not helping at all! Also team Red water, you have to vote too but you have to vote who moves to the other team!

Here is the vote for Blue Fire

Here is the vote for Red Water

Azuna: I voted, Chris can I have an asparine.

Linda: I voted.

Nemo: Voted.

Henry: Oh, I voted, like a while ago...

Elizabeth: Me too...

Sherlock: 'ah voted aswell :)

Daniel: I voted :)

Angelica: I voted

Lilac: Voted.

Jimmy: Voted.

Chris: Okay all votes are in and here are the result! For the team swap, 1 vote for Linda 1 vote for Nemo, another vote for Nemo 1 vote for Mine turtle 1 vote for Michael another vote for Mine Turtle another vote for Nemo and the last vote is for Nemo!! Nemo is the new member of team Blue fire!

*Pushes Nemo over to the Blue fire's side*

Chris: Okay now for team Blue fire! 0 vote for Azuna, Daniel and Henry! the person who has 4 votes against her is... Angelica! I'm sorry but you have to go!

*pushes Angelica and Vins in the slingshot of pain*

Chris: Okay Owen join the... *get's a phone call* hi Mcclain here *someone on the phone* what did they do now? *someone on the phone* WHAT okay they will take the slingshot of shame *ends the phonecall*

Azuna: *looks worried*

Chris: KELLY AND CLYDE *they come the slingshot of shame* YOU'RE FIRED!!! *push them into the slingshot of shame and press the bottom* THEY ARE GONE!!!

Owen: Uhm what about me Chris:

Chris: You can stay for another episode. Who will go next? Will Nemo edjust to his new team will I slingshot more intern? All that and more in the next episode of Total Drama HOTEL!!!

Owen: 2!!!!

Episode 5 - Double down!

Azuna: Chris, do you have some asprine I have a really bad headache!

Chris: Do I look like a doctor?

Henry: *steals an asprin from Chris's pocket while he's not looking* Don't worry, I.. uh.. found these after Clyde dropped them... yesterday... *hands it to Azuna*

Azuna: *takes them with water* I don't know where I got this bad head ache from (CONF) ofcourse I know but I can't tell *akward silence* and no I won't say it here ether (END CONF)

Michael: Alrighty Then.

Linda: *sleeps*

Mine turtle: I'm back, somehow.

Linda: *picks Mine Turtle up and puts him in a bowl* don't move!! Elizabeth wants you as a pet!

Elizabeth: Aw, he is so cute... thanks Linda... :)

Linda: I know right and it's so royal!!

Azuna: *still having an headache and laying in her bed* ugh I hope this go away soon.

Michael: Hmm... What to do... What to do.

Linda: You can praise queen Elizabeth!

Michael: Why would Elizabeth even be on Total Drama if she is a queen? Just Wondering.

Azuna: I guess she's just an attention w***re *taking another asprine*

Linda: *gasp* You don't call a queen that, you're just jelouse because you are not that popular and not many people like you!

Michael: I like Azuna more than you Linda!

Linda: yeah right how can you like someone that talks like that about a Queen!

Azuna: I don't really care if I'm liked or not, I rather have the right people liking me than alot of people liking me.

Nemo: (CONF) They just wanted me to switch to see me eliminated! This team loses all the time! I hope I can switch this around.

Michael: Hey Nemo by the way I did not vote for you It really sucks to see you switch :/ [CONF] It really sucks to see him go.

Nemo: Yes, I agree! If Micheal agrees, so do you! *punches Linds* Hi, Azuna!

Sherlock: *walks up to Nemo* Hello little girl! I have to apologize for making you switch teams, you were annoying', bratteh and didn't do anything, so we needed you off our team ASAP! But, I still apologize... Also, *pushes Nemo onto the ground* Don't touch Linda, you unworthy neanderthal!

Elizabeth: I AM NOT A ATTENTION SEEKING W**ORE! Azuna, I have told you, my country needed publicity! And I am not a queen, i'm a princess... :(

Azuna: exectly you're an attention wh**re, well I guess you do EVERYTHING for your country

Linda: *takes an thick rope and hit's nemo with it* you don't punch me in the face! -

Owen *farts* Oops, I ate too much food yesterday!

Elizabeth: I am not! If anything, you are, you've been on what? 7 shows? Don't call me one when your the sae you hypocritical numbskull! How about you take drugs to feel better about you stupid life and get arrested so you can be with your boy friend, who is just as pathetic as you, so you two are perfect for eachother! >.>

Nemo: *laughs because Owen farted on Linda*

Henry: *presses on Owen so he farts on Nemo* Aw man, you had your mouth open :)

Azuna: I don't dp drugs! Anyway I only joined 4! and I only join because I want to get away from people or I join for someone. You join to get attention for your not existing country! You're probably already a millionair so you don't need the money!

Nemo: *punches Owen so he lands on Henry* I like to torture the fat guy. :)

Henry: *dodges* Wow... Are you supposed to be nice or a d*ck?

Elizabeth: I DON'T NEED THE MONEY! Your an idiot,you don't even understand after I tell you the same thing 5 times you IDIOT! My country is going broke, so my cousin, who is king now cause he is a BOY, made me go onto this show to earn us publicity and TOURISTS!

Daniel: *looks at everyone weird* (CONF) Everyone was so nice last season I was on :I

Nemo: *looks behind him* Hi, Firey, are you a cameo? OK, you are. *looks at Elizabeth* :O Emily Elizabeth from Clifford?

Elizabeth: WTF!? I a not Emily Elizabeth you idiot? I am Elizabeth Smirtha! A princess!

Daniel: ...ookaaay... (CONF) At least this cast will keep the show... special... :(

Mine turtle: If only things can still be like last season without throwing lobsters and racist people.

Daniel: It's not SO bad, I guess :)

Azuna: I wish you were Daniel, *feels a bit light headed* I think I have to lay down *lays on a hotel bed*

Linda: Mine turtle, you're so cute *picks it up and puts it in a box and lock it* there is enough food for a week just make sure you don't escape!

Mine turtle: Halp!

Azuna: Hey Daniel did you hear anything?

Daniel: Hear anything about what? :)

Azuna: I thought I heard someone say "elf" or something. Or I'm just a bit too light headed.

Daniel: Well, it's okay, it'll wear off :)

Nemo: You look like Emily Elizibeth.

Elizabeth: No I don't you little idiot! I am a brunette, not a blond, and isn't that a babie show!?

Linda: *pushes Nemo away* You do not have to right to talk like that to a princess!!

Nemo: *pushes Linda away* So, Elizibeth you look like Emily Elizabeth and you have brunette hair...

Linda: *throws water in Nemo's eyes and push him away* she doesn't look like Emily, Elizabeth is unique.

Elizabeth; NO! I am not soem 8-14 year old girl, why would I even look like that, I'm 19 you idiot! >.>

Nemo: *puts hot sauce on Linda's eyes and pushes her away* So, Elizibeth you look like a 19 year-old Emily Elizabeth and you have brunette hair...

Eliabeth: Are you supposed to be a good person or a bad person? Because your acting ike a HORRIBLE person! >.>

Nemo: I am a good person and I was just describing what you're like. And I say you're... beautiful.

Elizabeth: If your a good person why did you hit Owen, abuse Linda and try to crush Henry? And don't try to make a move on me! >.> *walks off*

Nemo: I hate Owen and Linda, and Henry was annoying me.

Henry: *cough* Overeacting baby *cough* sorry, I have had a cold *rolls eyes*

Mine turtle: must, get, out. *forces button on the box wall which causes a major explosion*

Lilac: Don't fight! That's totally not cute!

Azuna: *get scared and jumps of bed* please Mine Turtle tell me that was you *sees an exploded box on the table*

Mine turtle: Yep that was me.

Azuna: thanks to you I have a bad headache *feel the back of her head and feels wet and check her hand and it's full of blood* What *faints*

Jimmy: *catches her* WAIT! I know CPR! *does cpr*

Nemo: *uses a blood plug and breaths in her mouth until she revives*. Hey, Azuna, can spy out see me?

Azuna: *still uncountius*

Linda: What the hell was that noi *sees Nemo with blood on his hands and holding* OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER *pushes Nemo out of the way and screams* CHEF, CHRIS NEMO DID SOMETHING TO AZUNA!

Chris: *walks in* who cares it's Azu... alright than *speak through a walky talky* Chef, we have a wounded contestand, we need you ASAP

Chef: *comes with his medical team and takes Azuna away * from the looks of it she probably can do the next challenge. 'Who did this to her?

Linda: *points at Nemo*

Jimmy: No it was mine turtle! Me and Nemo were trying to save her!

Challenge 5 - The best host I never had!

Chef: *brings Azuna back* She is okay! Okay since that Chris hates you all so I can come up with the challenge. Come up with an idea to make Chris at least pretend to like you, even one needs to come up with one, the team who has the person who came up with the best idea wins, however, two members of the winning team will also be up for elimination!

Team Blue Fire Idea

Azuna: My head *holds it*

Nemo: Guys! Why don't we have a statue of himself? He likes himself you know. If you have anything else too add, let me know.

Azuna: Statue?

Nemo : Anything you want to add on our design, Azuna?

Azuna: What are you talking about Nemo?

Nemo: My Idea!

Henry: Nemo, your idea is horrible... WAIT! My idea is to make a PAINFUL challenge and put him on it! *points at Nemo* Because he did Abuse Linda, hit Owen, try to get me crushed, got kicked off his team, come up with horrible ideas, compare someone who doesn't even look like that Emily person to that Emily ,and then call your self a good guy...

Daniel: U-um... I don't know... I don't think we should HURT Nemo, j-just ignore h-him for all the things he did. Violence is never the answer :(

Henry: Dude, this is to please Chris, he loves suffering, so Nemo will go through the challenge...

Daniel: W-why Nemo? I know he deserves I-it but you should d-do it cause it's your I-idea! :(

Azuna: Challenge? oh challenge is the challnge going on?

Chef: Yeah, it's make Chris like you!

Azuna: OH right, uhm you know what we should do we should all do uhm I don't know.

Nemo: So a Statue of himself and a painful challenge. We have our challenge tester. *points at Firey*

Azuna: Well that's YOUR idea's we all have to come up with our own.

Nemo: Just to make it fair, we will combine them!

Azuna: That's not the challenge, we all have to come up with separate idea's the team who has the person with the best idea wins, or at least that's what it says on this paper *shows the paper*

Nemo: Guys, do you want to lose to them?

Azuna: With you on our team that wouldn't be an pMingem.

Daniel: S-so... my idea is that we build another hotel next door to this one, so we have "Total Drama Hotel 2"... get it? One hotel for TDH and 2 hotels for TDH2? *laughs weakly* (CONF) Its wishful thinking... :)

Henry: My idea is to punish you Nemo! As belive in karma! And you deserve ALOT of bad karma! And I haven't done anything wrong...

Azuna: I am gonna write a number 1 songin his honour!

Nemo: Guys! Let's do all of the plans combined!

Azuna: No nemo cause we all have to come up with SEPARATE PLANS!! not combines idea's!

Henry: Wow, Nemo, even though you were shown a piece of paper you continue to insult my intelligence...

Daniel: N-nemo, we h-have to do our own separate ideas, Chris p-picks the idea he likes most and the person who made that idea w-wins their team I-immunity, a-adding o-our ideas together would be s-stupid :(

Chef: People I want your idea's.

Azuna: My idea is to write a song in Chris's honour!

Henry: Mine is a PAINFUL karma course for the thing I shall not name...

Nemo: Mine is a Statue!

Daniel: My idea is that we build another hotel next door to this one, so we have "Total Drama Hotel 2"... It's s-still not f-funny .__.

Lilac: I'm gonna give him a makeover to make him even more hot!

Nemo: For the Painful Karma course, we have Firey as our tester.

Team Red Water Idea

Linda: What about we make chris an statue of himself?!?!

Caroline: We could also give him his own stylist since he's so caring about his looks.

Linda: That would be me since I work for Karl Lagervelt only the best stylist/fashion designer in the world!

Caroline: I also like your idea of a Chris statue because after observing Revenge of the Island, he likes having monuments dedicated to him.

Linda: Yeah. you're amazing, but we also have to all come up with out own idea so maybe we can merge idea's Chef?

Michael: We can compliment him a bunch of times.

Chef: No all have to come up with your own idea but keep on talking!

Mine turtle: Hmmm what else could there be?

Elizabeth: Easy! We could give him a DvD of all the times teens were abused on ths show! :)

Sherlock: Give 'im lots and lots of more interns! That's put a smile on his face, I think! (CONF) My detective skills helped me think of dat! I'm a true smarty-pants, ya see!

Jimmy: Maybe, instead of him giving us stuff at elimination, we give stuff to him! Chef or an intern can give us something different each week and when Chris calls our names we give it to him!

Henry: Um... Jimmy it is indivisual ideas, the best one wins for his/her team...

Linda: what are you doing here *gasp* are you spying on us? I am not gonna tell you I am gonna make an Chris fashion line!

Henry: Sorry, I just sensed the IQ of zero and had to rush to the rescue... *walks off*

Elizabeth: Ew... what a poor boy... >.>

Linda: So Elizabeth what are you gonna do?

Elizabeth: I'm going to make a DvD of all the times people got hurt on the show! (CONF) All the low lifes anyway! Lindsay and Linda are not going on that list *clicks fingers*

Linda: OH EM GEE that is awesome!!!

Elizabeth: Well, can we talk about boys, and girls for you. Do you like anyone?

Linda: No there is not anyone I really like here, well Sherlock likes me but he's a boy.

Elizabeth: Well, get rid of his horrible acent, fasion sense, and low life status, You could make a go- nah, I won't stereotype you as a... (CONF) That was really offensive what I said, but I got out of it (END CONF) I never suspected I'd e your friend, your so faboulous and anti low life when I expected a girl would be my level, yet you beat my expectations :)

Linda: Well Elizabeth I have no idea what you just... wait, horrible acent, fashion sense and low life status? ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT NEMO!?

Elizabeth: Um... yeah that could fit with Nemo, but I meant Sherlock... but nevermind that, I don't realy like like anyone, and the only boys I like are you and Micheal...

Linda: Aw you're the nicest Princes.

Elizabeth: I hope we make merge, your the best person on this team!  :)

Chef: I want your idea's!

Linda: I am designing a clothes in his style and call the label Chris Mcclean.

Elizabeth: I am making a DvD aout the pain of the contestants o this show, a montage of it if you will...

Mine turtle: Maybe a giant Gemmi award for Chris could work.

Sherlock: Mah idea is we get mo' interns for Mr. Chris! :)

Jimmy: I'm going with my idea about giving stuff to him at elimination!

Caroline: My idea is to give him his own stylist

Chris: A lot of interesting ideas, but one team stood out so much overall. The winner of the challenge is Caroline for team Red Water! With that I say team Blue Fire is again up for elimination, but wait Caroline since you won you can choose 4 fellow team members that should also be up for elimination!

Elizabeth: (CONF) Caroline better not pick me! I had one of the best ideas and if I am gone this show will die out! Wait, she better not get Linda out as well!

Sherlock: *grabs Caroline desperately* Please, kind mistress, don't pick Linda, I repeat don't pick Linda! If she goes home, I'll die of sadness! D:

Mine turtle: hate to break it to ya but Linda is a boy,

Elizabeth: Yes, he is a-

Henry: *picks up Mine Turtle and throws him at Elizabeth which causes MT to explode* By boy, it means, she wants to be treated like a boy and one of the guys! (CONF) You can't break the love in his eyes! You need to continue it so he can either learn a life lesson or get a boyfriend!

Mine turtle: Grr that's it I'm gonn- *randomly trips and lands on Henry on button, then explodes*

Henry: *jumps away right before* Silly, turtle, I can dodge pretty much everyth- wait, you blew up when I through you at Elizabeth, and earlier on Elizabeth yesterday, and before a- WTF!?

Linda: explotions aren't cool!

Caroline: Hmm I suppose Jimmy, Michael, Mine Turtle and Sherlock.

Elimination 5 - the flame is weak

Chris: this is too good, 4th time you are up for elimination! You have to vote 2 times, 1 person of your own team and 1 of the other team! Here for your own team! and Here for the other team!

Azuna: I voted.

Henry: Voted

Lilac: Voted

Nemo: Voted 10000000000000000 Times!

Daniel: Voted :)

Chris: Well that was one of the fastest voting process we had so far, anyway Azuna, Lilac and Daniel are safe. but before we are gonna see who is eliminated from team red water we are gonna check who the first who team blue voted out, well Sherlock is safe since he has 0 votes, first vote is Jimmy, second vote is Mine turtle, third vote is Jimmy fourth vote is Michael and the fifth vote is for Jimmy!! that means that Jimmy is the first contestand to be voted out of team Red water, now back to tea, blue fire. well it's ether Henry or Nemo. Well the looser with 4 votes against him is.. *camerazoom at Nemo and Henry* HENRY!!

Azuna: Are you kidding me, Chris you're good a lying but it's pretty obvious that Nemo is out. \

Chris: Yeah that's true Henry you're safe and Nemo you're out.

Chef: *pushes them into the slingshot of shame*

Owen: What am I suppose to do.

Chris: Well join them.

Chef: *pushes Owen in the slingshot close it and shoot them away*

Chris: Well first episode we loose 4 and a halve guys who goes next and when will Sherlock win his future GIRLFRIEND over. All of that and more in the next episode of TOTAL DRAMA HOTEL2!!!!!!

Episode 6 - Moon Return

Chris: 10 people left eat something!

Henry: *relaxing* 1 more elimination before the merge, the feels are gooooooooooood *grins*

Elizabeth: *walks in* Ew.... go back to the loser side of the hotel, horrid Henry...

Henry: Hahaha, so funny... I didn't need that joke to see that your stuck up >.>

Elizabeth: It would be even funnier if you had a life to even call you a loser...

Azuna: *on the other side of the hotel start playing piano*

Linda: Elizabeth where are you!! *hears the piano* Who is playing there magical tunes (CONF) Next to fashion my favorite thing in the world is the sound of the piano! Just aah! (END CONF)

Elizabeth: I'm other here! And Azuna is playing that beautiful song, her only redeeming quality.

Azuna: *keeps on playing a song and sings this town*

Sherlock: *looking down at his hands sad* ....

Linda: *sits down listening to Azuna* (CONF) Azuna is amazing!! If anyone would sing like this to me I would fall in love, too bad it's Azuna, she's a b**ch to Elizabeth and Elizabeth is awesome (END CONF)

Lilac: (CONF) So many boys left...

Michael: [CONF] I need Henry gone ASAP! [END CONF]

Michael: *whispers* Lilac.

Henry: *looks at Michael* ... (CONF) Look, he OBVIOUSLY meant everything he said a couple days and he is obviously trying to get me gone by making an aliance with Lilac and yada yada yada... In hindsight, I regret not beating the dumb*ss out of him when I had the chance...

Sherlock: (CONF) I'm startin' to see why Linda doesn't like me.... she likes fashion, and I'm nowhere near any bit fashionable, but Sherlock is a master detective, I'll just watch everything she does and see if we have any similarities... (END CONF) *in a poorly made Elizabeth costume, sits next to Linda and speaks in a dumb high voice* Um... So, what's your hobbies?

Daniel: *looks at Sherlock weirdly and walks over to Azuna* Hey Azuna! You're getting even better at singing all the time, haven't you ever thought about... I dunno, making an album or something? :)

Elizabeth: *looks at Sherlock* Um... Lind-

Henry: *knocksher on the head and walks off with her while Linda doesn't notice*

Azuna: Well Daniel I am not cut out for being a singer, the amount of annoying people you have to deal with!

Lilac: *whispers* What's up, Michael?

Linda: Azuna!! I want to hear you sing!!!

Lilac: *still whispering* Is everything ok?

MIchael: *whispers* I saw Henry with Azuna he is going to deny it but they were saying crap about you.

Henry: *looks at Micheal* (CONF) Yeah, 'Micheal was joking' and 'Got to intense' my **s...

Azuna: Uh since whe.. *get's interepted by Linda*

Linda: SUSH!!! I don't want to hear your lies!! I want to hear you sing.

Azuna: Whatever G.U.Y.!! *walks away*

Lilac: Henry, is this true?

Henry: 1. No 2. He has no proof 3. Didn't he swear to get me eliminated a couple episodes ago, right infront of us...

Azuna: (CONF) All these people are f**king annoying! (END CONF) *get's something to eat and goes sit near Henry nad Lilac*

Henry: *looks at Azuna confused*

Lilac: I guess you're right. Michael, you're not exactly helping your own case.

Azuna: *sees Henry starring and throw the food on the ground* WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT HUH?

Henry: That your sitting here, as you aren't really nice to anyone but daniel >.>

Azuna: Gees I already go *kicks the table and walks away*

Henry: *eats food* So, anything to say Micheal?

Michael: No *cough* Cheater! *cough* Sorry I think I may be getting a cold.

Henry: How am I a cheater?

Michael: Because you cheated on Lilac.

Henry: One, no proof, Two, I am not dating her, Three, I have barely even talked to Azuna for you to even say that! How about you get a brain before accusing me!

MIchael: Get A FU####G! Brain! If I did not have a brain I would not be talking right now Dumb##s! And maybe next time I will bring my camera to the show.

Lilac: BOYS!

MIchael: What...

Daniel: Shame on you two, lying and be irrational just cause you like a g-girl! :(

MIchael: Im not lying! Azuna looked Drunk or something Henry did not though and they started insulting Lilac and were kissing and stuff nobody believs me fine!

Daniel: Well, until sufficient evidence is b-brought into action, you are l-lying, plus based on the things Henry has described to us, you do appear to be the one at fault :(

Henry: Wait, Daniel was with Azuna when she was drunk, did I ever go to her?

Daniel: I don't think I was with h-her 24/7 but to my knowledge, n-no :/

Henry: Ok, well, maybe it can't prove anything after the challenge, but why woud I make fun of Lilac for the fun of it!

Michael: Ok I wet outside in the middle of the night and I saw DUMB### Henry insulting Lilac and then Azuna started insulting her too then they started kissing. HENRY! *tackels Henry*

Henry: *pushes Micheal off easily* Idiot! I went to BED at night, and I don't even *looks at Lilac then at Micheal* I don't even love her!

Daniel: Now that's enough! I know Azuna and you don't know the s*** she has to go through, she would never cheat on Robin, so don't you dare say that ever again cause I know one hundred per cent you're lying, so if you're gonna try to lie your way into Lilac' s heart, don't use Azuna as your scapegoat! >:( *glares at Michael*

Linda: *walks up to Michael, Daniel and Henry* Have you guys seen Azuna, she needs to sing a song for me!! And where is Elizabeth. (CONF) I haven't seen her all day, also where is Sherlock? (END CONF)

Azuna: *on the roof stands near the edge of the roof and takes a deep breath*

???: Adios!!

Azuna: WOAH *almsot falls but get grabed by someone's hand and pulled back*

Michael:Ugh I am not lying Daniel! Does anyone believe me :(

Henry: No.... because your whole thing is far fetched! Your saying, I went outside, JUST to make fun of Lilac WHILE kissing a DRUNK Azuna WHILE everyone else was asleep AND it happens the person that HATES me just HAPPENS to see it!

Lilac: Stop fighting! *runs off crying*

Henry: *looks at Lilac and shrugs it off* (CONF) I'm not fighting over her! I am not going to be the butt of this imaginary love triangle! (END CONF) *angrilly glares at Micheal*

Michael: *follows Lilac* Sorry Lilac! I saw Henry and Azuna and.. *looks down in disapointment*

Henry: *puts his hand on Micheal* See what your lying did? It made the person you love unhappy! And you only have your self to blame as your the bad guy, not me, not Azuna, YOU...

Michael: *still looking down tearing up* Im not lying...

Chris: Everone to the danceroom!!

Daniel: *looks at Michael* D-dude, I'm sorry for my outburst, but I don't take kindly to people who lie about my friends, so p-please remember this; If you talk about Azuna being with Harry ever again, elimination will be the least of your problems! *walks away to dance room* (CONF) Sadly, I've grown up from last season, I'm basically still the same, but I can take a punch now, and if I have to, I will start a fight if it's about what's right... :/

Michael: *almost crying while looking down* Why does nobody ever believe me.

Sherlock: *slowly walks to ballroom, sad* :(

MIchael: *walks to danceroom looking down*

Sherlock: *looks at Michael* .....Um... what's with you?

Henry: That's it! I've had it with you! Stop asking for sympathy! *takes him to a private room, only Henry and Micheal* Why won't you admit that you lied!? I never done that stuff! And what you said was rather vague!

MIchael: *smiles* Help! AHHHH! HElp!

Sherlock: ....huh? *confused, walks over to Michael and Henry* What's going on?

Henry: You know what? Your not worth it! *punches Micheal/knocks him over* Oh, Micheal lied to Lilac saying I kissed Azuna and talked cr** about her! And even though no one belive shim he is trying to gain sympathy by looking down and 'crying'

Sherlock: *runs to Michael and picks him up* ARE YA OKAY!? Oh my hat, he was threatening you wasn't he!? An abusive alliance? Telling you to stay away from Lilac?! TELL ME! D:

Linda: *walks in the danceroom* (CONF) yes dancing I love dancing! (END CONF)

Azuna: *walks down the stares* oh great the danceroom I have no experiance with dancing,

???: Well no one can be worse than Leshawna, I didn't expected that one contestand was on the roof, no one is allowed to know I'm here.

Azuna: Well I can keep a secret.

Henry: Wow... you know what... whatever *walks off* Hey Linda, Azuna, Elizabeth, do you belive that bozo!

Elizabeth: No, but get away from me! I am a little woozy after I passed out...

Daniel: *humming a happy tune* So what do you think our challange is!? :)

Elizabeth: I think it is a... dance, and if we fail and eletrecution?

Henry: That's already happend? In TDWT?

Elizabeth: Oh... I only watched the first one...

Michael: *wakes up* Where am I? Anybody *walks out* Henry knocked me out...

Henry: My actions were justified you fa**ot!

Challenge 6 - A slingshot dance!

  • Everyone minus Arrives*

Chris: Challenge time... wait where is Azuna, she better not... *get interupted*

Azuna: *walks in* I'm here no worries.

Chris: hmm.. anyway challenge time! I want you to come up with a dance roteen, I give you ten songs you have to pick three songs that your team dance on! Here are the songs:


Dark Horse

Somethin' Bad


Neon Lights

Skinny Love


Tous Les Memes


Chris: Come up with a dance on 2 of these songs.

I know it's hard to explain a dance sometimes so you can post youtube video's of dances you want to do.

Chris: Super dance sesation Chef will judge it!

Team Blue Fire Dance Idea

Daniel: What should we pick, team? :)

Michael: can someone help me henry bad punch me pass out *passes out on dancefloor*

Henry: I only puched you, your SUCH a weakling... Lets have Azuna pick as I know none of these songs

Azuna: Seriously, you can play them so you can hear the songs. I don't want to be responsible for us loosing.

Daniel: *looks at Michael* Um... maybe later *moves Michael's unconscious body to the other side of the room*. I don't wanna be responsible either, I suck at choosing music! :/

Azuna: *looks annoyed at Henry and Daniel (CONF) listen if you think logically I would be the one who need to choose the songs but I would do that if it was for a singing contest not a dance contest I have no knowledge of dancing. So that's why I ask my team mates to do it. (END CONF) Well Lilac do you maybe know 3 songs we can dance too?

Henry: How about you chose the songs, so we chose the dances!

Azuna: You guys should choose, I'm bad a song choice, or atleast for dances.

Lilac: I like the song Dark Horse... And Problem could have some interesting moves...

Azuna: Please tell me you can dance?

Lilac: I can't choreograph but I can dance!

Azuna: Yes, okay so you say, Dark Horse follewed up by problem and as last song we choose?

Henry: Hmm... R.I.P because I can break dance and such! :)

Azuna: Good we have three songs now what?

Henry: Well, for R.I.P, us boys will break dance on the guy lyrics, and you girls will kick the floor in real s**y dance moves! (CONF) What? I have had no enjoyment so far today... >:(

Azuna: *stares weird at Henry* If you asking me do dance than you're asking the wrong person cause the closest I ever came to dancing is running.

Henry: Urg! *Draws some 's**y' positions and gives it to Azuna* Just do that 10 times just 50x more s**y! :)

Azuna: *looks at the positions and than glares at Henry and than takes a deep breath* Isn't there another way, cause first of all I don't even know I can take these positions and second I don't know if Lilac would do this (CONF) I would've punched him in the face if it wasn't for the fact that those possitions aren't that sl**y compared to some "musicvideo's" today, have you seen blurred lines and I'm not talking about the tv version. Those girls are sl**ts (END CONF)

Henry: *sighs* Fine, *draws more normal postitions* (AkA semi-flexible dancing, spins and getting lift up by a man) Okay, done...

Azuna: *looks at it* ugh fine. uhm do you have a video that's shows those moves?

Henry: No.... but we can practice the moves here... At the start, Azuna and Lilac will dance the first third of the sheet.. Got it?

Chris: Okay I change the challenge because it's harder than I thought, you only need to dance to 2 songs.

Azuna: does it looks like I get it? *dancing really weird*

Henry: *looks at her* Your not even trying! I want our team to finally get a victory and your acting like you'll be safe no matter what! All you have to do is take 3 spaces forward and then making some hand and body gestures!

Azuna: *takes 3 steps forward and does a hand and body gestures*

Henry: Finally! Your doing it better! But put some bl**dy entusiasm in it!

Azuna: *looks weird at Henry* Chris why are you censoring the word bl**dy? *does the dance again and tries to do it with some more entuasiasm*

Henry: Okay, thats superb! Lilac, you start practicing A.S.A.P! Daniel, me, you, break dancing now, come on people! Azuna, keep doing that over and over again! (CONF) Lilac is too in her own world to help sometimes, Daniel is just shy and Azuna is some kind of hotshot I guess, but I need to take leadership or we will be doomed! >.>

Azuna: *still dancing* is this also the dance we do for the first song (CONF) I feel so nasty doing this. *sigh* (END CONF)

Henry: I don't know, I only wrote the R.I.P one... whats our first song?

Team Red Water Dance Idea

Linda: OMG DANCING I'm the king of dance!!

Michael: Anyone help. am i all alone.

Caroline: Anyone have any ideas?

Linda: We should start with Modern dance than we follow it up by Hip hop dance and end it with Line dancing. (CONF) I can't dance but I know alot about dancing, or atleast I think I know alot. Maybe. (END CONF)

Michael: Jeez. I am back from being unconcious because Henry knocked me out. Anyway I agree with you Linda.

Mine turtle: I guess that could work.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but what songs, I think Dark Horse would fit Modern Dance


Chris: Okay I change the challenge because it's harder than I thought, you only need to dance to 2 songs.

Caroline: I see Elizabeth's idea being out key to victory

Elizabeth: Now... if only I knew what would fit Hip Hop

Linda: Well with hip hop we need to twerk!

Elizabeth: Switch Hip Hop with line dancing, I am not twerking.... too good for that! >.>

Linda: Oh, well than maybe we can do 4x4 as song!

Elizabeth: Sure! Urg... Linda, why aren't the other men helping... *looks at Micheal, MT and Sherlock*

Linda: Because I'm actually trying to win! (CONF) *gasp* I'm the best guy on the team cause Elizabeth says so and what she says is the truth, I mean she is a princess! (END CONF)

Elizabeth: Ok, now we just need to practise and practise makes perfect...but I can only balee and ballroom dance... so you three get you minds working and dance! Linda, let's go over some instructions!

Linda: *mistakes the modern dance for line dance* First we start in a squar than we slowly raise our hands up in the air, than we fall to the ground and make some emotional movement! and we do that 4 times, than we jump up like a swan and do three pirouettes!

Elizabeth: *copys* Hmm... this doesn't seem right, but ok! :) (CONF) I don't know dancing so I'll just copy Linda (END CONF)

Michael: *dances* Ok this is really bad XD

Mine turtle: So I guess we are ready.

Team Blue Fire Dance

Chris: Okay since I see you can't think of two dances you have to do one!

Henry: *claps his hand* Ladys go! :D Do tha dance!

Azuna: *start R.I.P. and does the dance*

Henry: *waits a while* Okay, Daniel! 8starts break dancing with Daniel*

Azuna: yeah! *does the dance*

Henry: *does his dance with Lilac* Daniel, dance with Azuna

Daniel: *awkwardly shuffles around and moving his arms loosely based on the dance* .... yeah... uh... let's... go?

Lilac: WOOT WOOT! *dances*

Henry: *all dancing* Ok! Now, partner dance! *spins Lilac*

Lilac: Wow, Henry, you are SUCH a good dancer! *spins*

Henry: Ok! *spins Lilac and stops her then lifts her up*

Team Red Water Dance

Chris: Okay since I see you can't think of two dances you have to do one!

Caroline: Linda, Elizabeth do your hip hop routine!

Elizabeth: I thought we were doing modern dance? Ok, Caroline, if you say so.... *starts line dancing really badly*

Caroline: A miscalculation of mine. I meant modern dance routine!

Linda: *starts playing 4x4* do the dance everyone!

Elizabeth: Um... Team! We never practised for this music! *looks at Chris* I mean.... *ballroom dances*

Sherlock: *starts ball room dancing with Elizabeth* >->

Elizabeth: *slaps Sherlock* Get away you sick f**k!

Sherlock: (CONF) *rubbing cheek* Me an' mah detecivity skills told meh, to get Linda's affection, I should make her jealous, ya see, and what's better than her best friend.... now that I think abou' it I shouldn't of picked Elizabeth :(

Elizabeth: GRR.... *pushes Sherlock over* Hey! Dead weights! How about you help, Caroline, all you do is talk, when will you actually help? Even Sherlock is more helpful then you! Linda.... I have no faults wth you.... And everyone else is LAZY!

Mine turtle: So uhh is everyone doing it?

MIchael: Yeah *dances* *helps sherlock up*

Sherlock: *dances* .__.


Elimination 6 - Why can't they win?

Chris: Blue Fire, you're up for elimination, AGAIN!! Well this shouldn't be unformiliour to you guys, vote someone off.

Azuna: I voted.

Lilac: Voted

Henry: I voted!

Daniel: *rubs his arm* Chris.... I'd like to quit, I haven't done anything productive and I feel my teams losing is my fault, plus I feel that I don't deserve to be here, I've already had a season of fun, it's time for me to go home.

Chris: Well that's "fun" and thanks for ruing the surprise!

Azuna: HEY don't be mean to him!

Chris: Whatever Chef!!

Chef: *picks Daniel up and throws him into the slingshot*

Chris: Before you go *talks into a walky talky* Alejandro launch her!

Alejandro *on the roof of the other* Hola Chris I will *launches someone from the other hotel to this hotel*

Luna *arrives*

Chris: Luna returns!!!

Azuna: Really?

Chris: Yes *pushed the button to launch Daniel* well that was 21 episodes for Daniel, who goes next and what drama will Luna bring to the table all that and more in the next episode of Total Drama Hotel 2!!!

Episode 7 - Sing your Evile heart out!!

Chris: An inportant thing is gonna happen today!!! we will create new teams!!!

Luna: *looks to her nails* So, people. Did you guys think you won from me? Well, i'm not only back cause it was boring at the other hotel. No way, i'm back to let you see who Luna Kingsley is. *looks angry to everyonene and sees Azuna* Great, that was the thing i quit in episode 1. But now i'm back. Wait, do you hear me Azuna? I'm back,.

Azuna: *sigh* (CONF) with Daniel out of the competition I have no one left! Well I'm happy we are gonna have new teams cause I have no idea how I would've survived! (END CONF)

Henry: ...*looks at Micheal* (CONF) Micheal must be on the breaking point of his sanity, he looks like he has lost all hope in his relationship with Lilac and is going to try and punish ME for it!

Caroline: Hmm new teams... (CONF) It was only a matter of time before this happened...

Azuna: *walks to the dinner room*

Elizabeth: *puts her hand on Linda* We need to start planning, if we don't, it's our faboulous behinds reting rooms in the loser hotel with all those losers!

Linda: Uhm wait we need to do this in the lux confessional I found one by the way *walks to the spa* (CONF) Look isn't the fabulous anyway what did you want to say? (END CONF)

Elizabeth: (CONF) Well, us two are the best two contenders on the show, we need to stratergise, or those low lifes will see how much of a threat we are, and voted us off

Linda: (CONF) Yeah we need to do that, we have to make sure we are on the same team,

Azuna: *eating a sandwitch and sees Max watching babies*

Max: my evile little babies boowee wooweewoo! go to sleep now.

Henry: *looks at Max* Can I help you?

Max: Evile don't need help!!

Azuna: *stars laughing really loud* (the other CONF) this is too good! (END CONF)

Henry: *laughs outloud* HAHAHAHAHHA! Oh my god... oh my god XD

Max: Don't laugh at Evile!!! *baby starts crying* dawhn't cwy my evile little cuty wuwty *baby stops crying and falls asleep again*

Azuna: *still laughing*

Henry: Oh wait *gets out camera and records* Max? Are you evil?

Max: I'm Evile!!!! So are these little cuwtee wuwtee evile babies!! gooci gooci !

Henry: *uploads onto Youtube* :3

Azuna: *still laughing* please stop!!

Linda: (CONF) But how are we gonna do that?

Luna: *looks to Max, Aunza and Henry* (CONF) So ... many ... creeps .. here... (END CONF)

Elizabeth: (CONF) Easy, we think about the easier ones to pick off to make merge, then we will both use our supirior knowledge to find long term solutions to our plan.

Henry: Wow, your hillarious *laughs*

Azuna: *finally stops laughing after 30 minute* that was funny

Max: *feeding a baby* you're such a cutee wuwtee

Michael: *glares at Henry*

Lilac: *sees Michael glaring and sighs*

Henry: *after laughing goes into a room secretly* ...

Michael: (CONF) I do not trust that Henry guy for 1 second! I see what he is up to he needs to be gone! (END CONF)

Henry: *goes to sleep*

Sherlock: *drawing a rather detailed picture of Linda* Ah think 'is looks ratheh splendid! Don't you agree fellas? *smiles*

Azuna: *walks and eats the sandwitch and sees Sherlock and his picture* Hey Sher, nice picture but why Linda?

Lilac: Yeah, why?

MIchael: It's Cool looking *draws a picture of Lilac*

Lilac: *looks longingly at Michael and Henry*

Michael: *smiles at Lilac*

Sherlock: *looks at Azuna* Because Linda is my everythin', she's in-de-pen-dent, she's kind, she's fashionable and smart, an' is the best thing this shows evah seen! :)

Luna: You guys are so annoying, boring and stupid. damned.

Azuna: She? (CONF) Ew, well HE with he I mean Sherlock not that shemale Linda, HE is perfect material to mess around with hehe (END CONF) You know *sits next to Sherlock* if you want HER to like you, put a dress on and dance for HER, SHE would like that, Also SHE loves when people sing from HER,

Mine turtle: I'm bored.

Elizabeth: *walking out CONF* Let me go out the plan ag- OMG! *picks up mine turtle and takes out his button* Now you can't explode! :D

Sherlock: Are you sure? I don't think she'd fin' that attractive .__.

Azuna: Okay forget about the dress thing, sing a song for her!

Chris: Challenge time, all go to the talent show room!!

Azuna: Well here you have the chance *walks to the talent show room*

Linda: (CONF) Come we need to go *walks with Elizabeth next to him and mine turtle in his hand to the talent show room!

Elizabeth: I can finally have MT as a pet! I do deserve him, i'm royalty :)

Challenge 7 - Sing with volume on Max

Chris: Challenge time, but before we start with the challenge i... I mean Max has be observing you in all times and decided to make new teams.

Max: Yes I definitly did and I will devide you in a "EVILE" team and a "NEVILE" team Nevile is short for Not Evile! Okay team Nevile is: Sherlock, Lilac, Caroline, Elizabeth and Azuna!

Azuna: Wait what?

Max: Sush you!! Now for the team that really matter the "EVILE" team: Linda, Michael, Mine Turtle, Luna and Henry! Now the challenge since I am "Evile" I want to enjoy "Evile" as much as possible, so sing me a song with the most "Evile" attentions/meaning!

Elizabeth: GRR! Max, why is MT not on my team? O well.... *throws MT over*

Team Evile song choice

Mine turtle: Oh come on what happened to the line challenges?

Linda: What are line challenges?

Mine turtle: Ummm I'll explain later. I'm trying to find an evil song.

Luna: This challenge is stupid. A evil song? What the heck is a evil song.

Linda: Good question no idea.

Luna: We can do a ... evil soundtrack or something?

Linda: That's an amazing idea!!

Luna: Ehm .. let's see. We can do a evil mario kart soundtrack.

Linda: We have to do something with Lyrics!!

Luna: Well, ehh..

MIchael: Im Not Evile... Anyway, Whats a evil song...

Mine turtle: Guys we have to hurry up or we will lose!

Michael: I don't know any evil songs!

Henry: Micheal, the only evil person on this team is actually Luna... (CONF) Look, Micheal is a bad person, he lies to get what he wants no matter who it upsets, but he isn't evil.

Michael: I care about who I upset! Henry you know any evil songs?

Henry: ...what the f**k, why did you listen to my confestional? >:I And no I don not... :(

Michael: No! I was just saying because.. I don't want to upset anyone.

Henry: Look, I'm not trying to be mean, but you DID try to set me up for elimination and had Lilac crying away, then you still tried to get me eliminated by telling everyone I punched you.

Michael: You did punch me though! You knocked me out you know that is true!

Henry: I never said I didn't, but it was because you woudn't stop lying and was trying to get sympathy for being mean. Remember when you said that was all hot steam, the first time we met, your actions have all been for Lilac, aren't they?

Michael: No my head was down. Because I was dissapointed and I was not doing that for sympathy. Anyway, Anyone have any other song ideas?

Linda: *looks at Mine Turtle* You know what to do! *throws Mine Turtle to Michael and Henry*

Luna: So if everyone shut up i will tell my idea. So, i had an idea. We can do the 'When you're evil' song of the Disney Villains? I'll give you guys the link.

Henry: As much as I just want to stop, huh? *kicks MT back to Luna* I just can't let you go without talking to you! So you were disapointed in who exactly?

Linda: Hey Henry and Michael are we gonna use Luna's song? I like it!

Henry: Sure...

Chris: So the villains song it is? Okay Max judge!


Team NEvile song choice

Elizabeth: I have the best song.. heh

Azuna: ugh green day such a stupid band, I think this is much better.

Caroline: This is a valid song choice

Azuna: Wait that's a green day song? well that's at least one song I like from them, anyway to be perfectly honest it's a really sad some more than it's a "EVILE" song *starts laughing*

Elizabeth: Hey Azuna, you picked a childish song, don't judge her pick

Azuna: *grabs a banana peals it and shoves it in Elizabeth mouth* This songs is really evil because it sound so childish, with a misleading instrumental music she naming every flaw she has and make her feel insecure.

Elizabeth: There's a difference between being mean and being evil, on evil you have to make the person feel really bad and scared of you and be maximum mean, being mean makes them feel bad or unhappy, insecure fits in with mean, not evil... I saw Tangled, Mother Gospel is evil, just not in the song.

Azuna: What do you know about "EVILE" you're a princess! Shouldn't you be a Hero!

Elizabeth: *looks at Azuna in the eye* Hey! I am a hero, I may be mean but taht doesn't mean I have no heart!

Azuna: Whatever, we can sing Hell Fire .

Elizabeth: Hmm... that is a good song and rather villainous, but I doubt Max would enjoy that song, he sems like a villain who'd want something fast paced yet evil...

Azuna: alright oh so heroiric princess why don't you come up with one yourself. AND NO GREEN DAY.

Elizabeth: At least, my guy waitig for me isn't in prison... Try me Azuna

Azuna: *turns the music on mute* Ew that is just noise! Mine may be in prison my is a better person than you will ever be, I mean you're a royal family member who joins a REALITY SHOW. How sad is that. *select another song * This song is evil because it's about a stalker.

Elizabeth: Stop it! I get you think your winning this argument, but your too ignorant to realise I had no choice! I was forced to compete! When my pearents died, my cousin became king as he is older and a male, when he realised other countries were making more money than us, he forced me to compete in the most viewed reality show because he wanted our country to be well known and make... more... money! I never wanted to compete, but I had to, so stop ringing that up you worthless, deadweight, ignorant and sadistic pile of s**t!

Azuna: If you stop being such a b**ch I may gonna have some sympathy with your situation.

Caroline: I predict that we will fail unless we come together as a team

Azuna: Thank you captain obviouse. Now find an "Evile" song.

Caroline: I still think mine is good or we could use one of yours. I'm sure Max will think they're "evil" enough.

Azuna: *embrasses Caroline* This is how a healthy team works instead of mentioning painfull stuff about another contestand *glares at Elizabeth* so Caroline which one would you think Max will like.

Caroline: Probably the Every Breath You Take song

Elizabeth: Wow, your a walking hypocrite aren't you... (CONF) So she is rude to me, then when I argue back I am the bad guy, the pheasants are starting to reaaaaaaaaaaally annoy me.

Azuna: Whatever princess, uhm Caroline are you sure?

Elizabeth: Perfect song Azuna (CONF) I didn't think the song was evil, but if I don't act nicer i'm gone

Azuna: Okay so we do the creepy evil stalker song everybreath you take.

Chris: So everybreath you take it is? Max judge!

Max: Ugh! Despairfully Disgusting! This Song Is NOT EVIL! NOT EVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLL that nincompoop SCARLETT is more evil then this dumb song! NOT EVILLLLLLLLL

Elizabeth: *sighs* I knew it, the first time I try to be nice to these low lifes we lose...


Elizabeth: *looks at Max in the eye angrily* I deserve to be WHAT!?


Chris: Team NEvile you have to eliminate someone!

Elimination 7 - Nevile go sling!

Chris: Time to vote NEvile!!

Elizabeth: (CONF) It was a startigic choice, the easiest one... (END CONF)

Sherlock: *votes*

Azuna: *votes* this is hopefully her last day!

Lilac: *votes* (Sorry, I've been at the beach all week. It will not happen again, I promise.)

Chris: okay votes are in Azuna, Sherlock and Elizabeth are safe you guys didn't had any vote against you, ok Lilac and Caroline is the bottom 2, Lilac, where were you during this challenge and Caroline you are in the bottom 2 because you choose the loosing for your team while Azuna selected even more "Evile" songs than that one. With no further undo, the person who is safe is.. *camera zooms in at Lilac and Caroline* Lilac!! Sorry Caroline it's your time to take the sling shot of shame *put's her and Max in the sling shot of shame and presses the botton* well 9 remain!! Who will go next and will a team with Azuna and Lilac as team members ever win the challenge? All that and more in the next episode of TOTAL DRAMA 2 HOTEL!! damn....

Episode 8 - Princess and the Villain!

Chris: Congrats final 9 you officially crossed the halve way mark of this season therefor today a special challenge to celebrate it!

Henry: Hey! Wakey wakey! Everyone this is a good day, what are you all doing! >.>

Elizabeth: *gets out of bed* Grr... Henry! How about you only wake up your team!

Henry: And just let you all be lazy? Nope. Besides, you all should have heard Chris's announcement, it'sthe final 9.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I can count.

Azuna: (CONF) 9 down 8 to go! I think I can actually win this season, I really need the money unlike that "princess with problems" she probably never done the dishes herself becuase she's too good for that. ugh I hate her (END CONF)

Linda: *wakes up and looks around* there is something wrong, where is mine turtle!! (CONF) OH EM GEE I NEED TO FIND MINE TURTLE !! (END CONF)

Elizabeth: Don't worry we can find him...

Henry: I can help ;)

Elizabeth: Urg, no why would we need him Linda?

Sherlock: *runs up to Linda at the speed of light* I'LL HELP YOU FIN' HIM, IT'D BEH EASY WITH MAH DETECTIVE-ITY SKILLS TO HELP! (CONF) She can't say no to a detective... can she? :)

Michael: I hope it is merge day...

Linda: Oh *looks weird at Sherlock* sure you can help.

Henry: Great, well MT is hiding from you two, he's in the therapy room

Michael: Mine Turtle! Where are you? Come Out!

Elizabeth: *pushes Henry over and goes to Therapy room with Linda* Come on!

Lilac: Thanks for giving me one last chance, guys!

Luna: (CONF) *looks to her nails* Well, i won the challenge. I'm the best of my team. (END CONF)

Elizabeth: *makes it to the Therapy Room* Ok, we are here, Sherlock, sniff him out...

Linda: Yeah Sherlock sniff him out!! (CONF) I don't like Sherlock, I am not sure what he wants of me I already made it clear that I'm not gay so yeah maybe he just wants to be friends. (END CONF)

Azuna: (CONF) I hope Robin is fine, I can't call him from here cause Chris won't allow it *sigh* what a idiot (END CONF)

Mine turtle: Ummm I'm right here,

Linda: *picks up Mine Turtle* don't ever run away from Elizabeth!

Elizbeth: Linda, if the pet makes you feel unconfterble, just remember, I got rid of his button yesterday, so he can't explode

Lilac: Wait... Mine Turtle is a boy?!?!?!? BOYZZZZZ!!

Elizabeth: Mine Turtle is a turtle, ew... beastiality...

Azuna: *just opens the confessional but hears Lilac scream and goes back in* (CONF) You know what I am gonna stay here for a little while (END CONF)

Lilac: *bursts into confessional* (CONF) *screams at Azuna and leaves*

Azuna: (CONF) What was what? (END CONF)

Chris: Everyone come to the restaurant!!

Elizabeth: *puts MT in bag* Okay, Linda let's go before that Azuna thing gets thebest seat *goes to resteraunt*

Linda: I'm comming *goes to the restaurant*

Azuna: (CONF) Good thing the restaurant is right next to this confesional (END CONF) *takes a seat in the restaurant*

Elizabeth: *sees Azuna* Grr... Let's take the seat next to the airvent *goes to corer seats*

Challenge 8 - Celebrate the top 9!!

Chris: Hello everyone!! We are Celebrating the top 9 with a 3 part challenge, we start with a 5 course meal (4 lines per course) made by the one and only Chef Hatchets, part 2 is a run down the hall (10 lines) and finally, draw a detailed drawing of a contestand of the opposing team! (10 lines)! Ready... START!! Oh almost forgot, the first team who get 2 people to do the challenge win!

Azuna: *eat the first course*

MIchael: *eats the first course* (1)

Elizabeth: *eats first couce* Mmm! :D (1)

Azuna: *eats first course* (2)

Linda: *eat first course* (1)

Elizabeth: *eats first couce* How is this good :I (2)

Azuna: *eats first course* (3)

Linda: *eat first course* (2)

Lilac: *eats first course* (1)

Michael: *eats first course* (2)

Lilac: *eats first course* (2)

Azuna: *eats first course* (4) NEXT!

Linda: *eat first course* (3)

Lilac: *eats first course*

Azuna: *eats second course* (1)

Linda: *eat first course* (4)

Elizabeth: *eats first couce* (3)

Michael: *eats first course* (3)

Elizabeth: *eats first couce* (4)

Lilac: *eats first course* (4)

Azuna: *eats second course* (2)

Linda: *eat second course* (1)

Michael: *finishes first course* (4)

Azuna: *eats second course* (3)

Linda: *eat second course* (2)

Lilac: *eats second course* (1)

Elizabeth: *eats second cource* (2)

Azuna: *eats second course* (4)

Linda: *eat second course* (3)

Lilac: *eats second course* (2)

Azuna: *eats third course* (1)

Lilac: *eats second course* (3)

Azuna: *eats third course* (2)

Linda: *eat second course* (4)

Elizabeth: *eats second couce* (2)

Azuna: *eats third course* (3)

Linda: *eat third course* (1)

Lilac: *eats second course* (4)

Azuna: *eats third course* (4)

Linda: *eat third course* (2)

Lilac: *eats third course* (1)

Elizabeth: *eats second couce* (3)

Azuna: *eats forth course* (1)

Linda: *eat third course* (3)

Elizabeth: *eats second couce* (4)

Azuna: *eats forth course* (2)

Linda: *eat third course* (4)

Elizabeth: *eats third couce* (1)

Azuna: *eats forth course* (3)

Linda: *eat forth course* (1)

Elizabeth: *eats third couce* (2)

Lilac: *eats third course* (2)

Elizabeth: *eats third couce* (3)

Azuna: *eats forth course* (4)

Linda: *eat forth course* (2)

Elizabeth: *eats third cource* (4)

Lilac: *eats third course* (3)

Elizabeth: *eats fourth cource* (1)

Henry: *eats first cource* Team! D: (1)

Azuna: *eats forth course* (4)

Linda: *eat forth course* (2)

Elizabeth: *eats fourth cource* (2)

Henry: *eats first cource* (2)

Azuna: *eats fifth course* (1)

Linda: *eat forth course* (3)

Elizabeth: *eats fourth cource* (4)

Henry: *eats first cource* (4)

Azuna: *eats fifth course* (2)

Linda: *eat forth course* (4)

Elizabeth: *eats fifth cource* (1)

Henry: *eats second cource* (1)

Azuna: *eats fifth course* (3)

Linda: *eat fifth course* (1)

Elizabeth: *eats fifth cource* (2)

Henry: *eats second cource* (2)

Azuna: *eats fifth course* (4) Done!

Linda: *eat fifth course* (2)

Elizabeth: *eats fifth cource* Azuna! You did it! :D (3)

Henry: *eats second cource* Grr! (3)

Lilac: *eats third course* (4)

Elizabeth: *eats fifth cource* Azuna! You did it! :D (4)

Henry: *eats second cource* Grr! (4)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (1)

Linda: *eat fifth course* (3)

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (1)  :I

Henry: *eats third cource* Grr! (1)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (2)

Linda: *eat fifth course* (4)

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (2)  :I

Henry: *eats third cource* Grr! (2)

Lilac: *eats fourth course* (1)

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (3)  :I

Henry: *eats third cource* Grr! (3)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (3)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (1)

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (4)  :I

Henry: *eats third cource* Grr! (4)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (4)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (2)

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (5)  :I

Henry: *eats fourth cource* Grr! (1)

Lilac: *eats fourth course* (2)

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (6)  :I

Henry: *eats fourth cource* Linda run! D: (2)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (5)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (2)

Lilac: *eats fourth course* (3)

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (7)  :I

Henry: *eats fourth cource* Sorry, Lilac! I need to pass (3)

Lilac: *eats fourth course* NO!

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (8)  :I

Henry: *eats fourth cource* Pls (4)

Lilac: *eats fifth course* NO! (1)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (6)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (3)

Lilac: *eats fifth course*

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (9)  :I

Henry: *eats fifth cource* (2)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (7)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (4)

Elizabeth: *runs down hall* (10)  :I

Henry: *eats fifth cource* (3)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (8)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (5)

Elizabeth: *craetes picl* (1)  :I

Henry: *runs down hall* Phew! :D (1)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (9)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (6)

Elizabeth: *craetes picl* (2)  :I

Henry: *runs down hall* Phew! :D (2)

Azuna: *runs down the hall* (10)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (7)

Elizabeth: *craetes picl* (3)  :I

Henry: *runs down hall* Phew! :D (3)

Azuna: *draw a picture* (1)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (8)

Elizabeth: *craetes picl* (4)  :I

Henry: *runs down hall* (4)

Azuna: *draw a picture* (2)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (9)

Elizabeth: *craetes picl* (5)  :I

Henry: *runs down hall* D: (5)

Azuna: *draw a picture* (2)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (9)

Elizabeth: *craetes picl* (6)  :I

Henry: *runs down hall* D: (6)

Azuna: *draw a picture* (3)

Linda: *runs down the hall* (10)

Elizabeth: *craetes picl* (7)  :I

Henry: *runs down hall* D: (7)

Azuna: *draw a picture* (4)

Linda: *draw a picture* (1)

Elizabeth: *craetes picl* (8)  :I

Henry: *runs down hall* D: (8)

Azuna: *draw a picture* (5)

Linda: *draw a picture* (2)

Elizabeth: *almost finishes pic* Almost :D (9)

Henry: *runs down hall* D: (9)

Azuna: *draw a picture* (6)

Linda: *draw a picture* (2)

Elizabeth: *finishes pic of Mine Turtle* Yes! Done! (10) (CONF) It is no surprise that the non-lowlife would be first, I am just the... perfect!

Henry: *runs down hall* D: (10)

Azuna: *draw a picture* (7)

Linda: *draw a picture* (3)

Henry: *draws*

Azuna: *draw a picture* (8)

Linda: *draw a picture* (4)

Lilac: *eats 5th course* (3)

Azuna: *draw a picture* (9)

Linda: *draw a picture* (5)

Henry: *draws* D: OH NO! (2)

Lilac: *finishes eating*

Azuna: *draw a picture* (10) Done!

Linda: *draw a picture* (6)

Chris: OMG a miracle happend!! A team with Azuna and Lilac as member won the challenge? Yes it happend! Okay team Evile has to send someone home and who will it be?

Lilac: YES! *grabs Henry and kisses him* WHOO HOO!!!

Henry: *in shock of getting kissed* Wha- (CONF)... Elimination, well I know who is going home, and Its not Micheal!

Lilac: *realizes that was awkward and kisses Mine Turtle instead*

Elimination 8 - the Miracle of being slingshoted!

Chris: I am still in shock of the miracle that happend but we have to move on! Team Evile need to vote someone off !

Linda: I voted!!

Henry: Voted :)

Mine turtle: Voted (CONF) Welp time to pack my bags, even though I don't have any. (END CONF)

Michael: I voted. (CONF) Well here is my last confessional I am gone Bye Total Drama... (END CONF)

Chris: The majority of the votes are in and here is the result, Linda, Luna and Michael are safe. Bottom 2 is Henry and Mine Turtle and the person who is going home is.. *zooms in at Henry and Mine Turtle* Mine turtle! sorry guy... girl... whatever you are *puts him in the sling shot and shoot him away* Well 8 left who will go next and when will the team merge? All that and more in the next episode of Total Drama HOTEL....... 2!!!!!!

*everyone faints*

Episode 9 - Love vs War

(for some reason the contestands wake up in different hotels and Chris is nowhere to be found)

Team Evile Hotel

Michael: *wakes up* Hmm why am I in a different Hotel? (CONF) Awkward but I cannot believe I did not go last time Bye Mine Turtle :( (END CONF)

Linda: *wakes up* YAAAAWWWNN!! wait where are we (CONF) uhm wha.. *sees himself in the mirror* OH EM GEE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (END CONF)

Luna: And... What is this?


Henry: (CONF) As much as I wanted to eliminate Micheal for lying, MT was a better choice stratagy and overall, he helped the least.

Linda: *put's a scarf over his head and hides his hair walks to the restaurant* coffe please

Henry: *goes to resteraunt* I would like a burger and fries please :D

Linda: *drinks the coffee* can I have a morning bun

Henry: So.... Linda? You are Elizabeth's friend, do you know alot about her?

Linda: WOAH GO AWAY *falls off his seat and the his scarf falls off* NOOO *quickly puts his scarf on again* Just pretend you didn't see that Henry and if you tell anyone about my hair I will personally design you a design t-shirt with comic sans!!! anyway what did you say?

Henry: Um... You are Elizabeth's friend, do you know alot about her?

Linda: You bet! *fixing the scarf so it looks fashionable*

Henry: Yeah, can you tell me what she likes? And dislikes generally...

Linda: Well she dislikes low-life people like you and Azuna she like to have a new pet like Mine Turtle.

Henry: *frowns* That all? (CONF) Low life? What does that mean?

Linda: Well something she also wants her country to be famous so there will be more income and tourist.

Henry: O...kay... (CONF) Elizabeth's cute and I think I could hit it off with her, yet I won't make a good... start with her with this knowledge, last time I talked to her she got enraged at me... *sighs*

Linda: finally a morning bun. *eating a morning bun*

Scarlett: *walking by*

Lilac: Hi guys!

Scarlett: *get's a handgun out of her pocket and points it on Lilac's head* Leave or you wish you did!

Lilac: Wha--? *runs away* (CONF) Both of my loves are on the Evil team. I was hoping they would accept me as one of their own, but I guess not.

Mike: *get's Michael back* Don't go there it's dangerous!

Team NEvile Hotel

Azuna: *wakes up and goes to the restaurant and sees the bartender that was fired* Wait something is wrong. (CONF) three things are wrong, well we are in the same hotel but first of all why didn't Chris wake us up second where is the other team third wasn't that bartender fired?

Lilac: *wakes and follows Azuna* Weird...

Azuna: Uhm can I please have some coffee,

Bartender: *gives Azuna coffee*

Elizabeth: *wakes up* ... ARG! It's 11:50! Thats too late! D:

Azuna: *drinks coffee*

Elizabeth: *groans* A princess shouldn't be left in a hote with no friends *looks out the window* Where's Linda... :(

Azuna: *drinks the coffee and takes a salade*

Elizabeth: (CONF) My entire team hates me, Azuna, Sherlock and Lilac is indifferent to me! The only person I could ever count on is gone...

Azuna: *eating the salade*

Train Kid: i like trains and u guys win

Azuna: *put's her last bit of coffee in the microwave for 5 minutes than get it out throws into Train kid's face and kick him down the stairs* get outa here.

Dave: *walks by*

Lilac: *sneaks over to evil side*

Zoey: *grabs Lilac by her arm* don't go there it's not safe!!

Lilac: *runs back in and slams the door To her room*

Azuna: *sees Lilac run into a room* Hmm what's there going on *walks to it and sees Zoey walk to the door too* Ew..

Zoey: *knocks on Lilacs door* are you okay?

Lilac: Yeah I j-just miss Michael a-and Henry.

Zoey: Snap out of it!! Boys will only get you into trouble and make you feel bad.

Azuna: *hearing Zoey and Lilac out*

Lilac: But boys are life!

Zoey: Boys are dangerous! I had to dumbed Mike cause ever since he "lost" all his character and Mal he has been acting really weird.

Michael: Wait why is Zoey here?

Mike *kidnaps Michael back to the and tries to shoot Zoey*

Zoey: *ducks*

Lilac: Whoa! *dodges*

Challenge 9 - Mike Vs. Zoey A love battle

Team NEvile

Zoey: Everyone of team Nevile and my fellow heroes!! go to the dinner room!

  • everyone goes to the dinner room*

Zoey: We all know what is going on we need to fight evil and my boyfriend!! Everyone has there duties go heroes pick up the guns and fight!!

Azuna: And what are we suppose to do?

Zoey: for you guys I have a special plan! Lilac and Sherlock you have to make sure the heroes don't run out of bullits. Elizabeth, you have to stay with me to come up with a strategy to take the villains out! and Azuna since you're the most evil Hero here you have to infiltrate the villain hotel and see what Mike is up to!!

Elizabeth: Easy... I'm a princess, I was made to lead and make choices! >:)

Team Evile

Mike : Everyone of team Evile and my fellow villain !! go to the restaurant!

  • everyone goes to the restaurant*

Mike: We all know what is going on we need to fight Zoey and her uptight idiots!!! Everyone has there duties go villain pick up the guns and fight!!

Linda: and what..*get interrupted by Mike

Mike: gay guy I know what you want to ask well for you all I have other things to do, Michael and Luna you have to make sure the villain don't run out of bullets! Gay guy you stay with me and come up with strategies and Henry, since I can barely call you a villain you have to go to the other hotel to take out Zoey *gives him a silent gun* there is just one bullet in it so aim good!

The Battle

(what I want is a interesting interaction during this challenge it will take somewhere between the 40 and 60 lines to end the challenge the team who had the most interesting interaction wins )

Lilac: I hate battling Henry and Michael but... *winks at zoey* Boys don't matter all that much. (CONF) Wjats happening to me? (END CONF) *supplies bullets*

Azuna: Well here we go *puts a scarf ontop of her head and makes herself looks like Linda.

Sherlock: *looks at Azuna dressed as Linda and frowns* Is that what ya call a Linda disguise?! It's not nearleh enough beautiful, and it isn't anywhere near as majestic as the real her! >->... Oh and here's some bullets! *gives Azuna some bullets* :/

Henry: *looks at Sherlock and Linda* Micheal, protect Linda, Sherlock seems to be making an attack! *jumps into the sewers* I'll get into the base

Elizabeth: Zoey, we need our strongest members to be protected by our weakest members... but we need a way to keep the other team in line without them attacking after a shot at them...We need to create a-

Zoey: Yeah we can create a?

Linda: Uhm we need to attack agressively! fast and hard!

Mike: I like that idea!

Azuna: *finds a way from the basements of the hotels* too easy *walks through it*

Henry: *makes it to the basement aswell* Aw cr**! D:

Elizabeth: Sorry, I meant the sleep bombs! We can shoot them to make the other team stay down!

Azuna: Hey *attacks Henry and ties him up in the basement in iron chains* I swear I will kill you if you come out of this place before I killed Mike! *runs over to the next hotel*

Henry: Silly Azuna... *relases his right arm and gets out a paperclip out and starts using it to break out* ... (CONF) Azuna's going down, no one can out spy me! (END)

Linda: So uhm are we doing that?

Mike: haha gay guy we are indeed doing that *speaks through a walkie talky hey villain troops attack quick fast and hard!!! hehe

Linda: (CONF) First I have a guy falling for me because I "looks like a girl" now someone calls me gay *puts on white lipstick* I honestly don't get it (END CONF)

Henry: *breaks through and runs to Azuna* You can't get rid of me that easily! >:)

Azuna: *hides behind a closet and when Henry in the face with a frying pan when he walks by* Maybe you shouldn't talk that loud when you try to escape!

Henry: Ow! Where did you even get that!? *picks up a rope and ties Azuna up and drags her to her team base's basement* Grr! My nose is bleeding you ****!

Azuna: Ugh *unties herself and hits Henry again with the frying pan* wow these things really work I though they only work in cartoons.

Henry: Urg! *takes the frying pan and whacks Azuna in the face 3 times knocking her out* Owowow... *runs into the base*

Azuna: *lays knocked out in the basement*

Henry: *climbs out of the basement into the NEvile hotel* ... Better not b- *walkie talkie goes off with 'Mike: I repeat, Troops, go attack the other team hard and stong* Noooooooo... D:

Elizabeth: I hear something! I'll go check it out! *picks up a gun* >:I

Henry: *hides behind a box* ... (CONF) I didn't know who was coming but-

Elizabeth: *comes into room* There's a walkie talkie! There is a spy here! *gets out the gun, shaking slightly before coming back to her senses* Come out, come out!

Henry: *gulps* D:

  • the troops run into the hotel of team Nevile and some go into the basement and arrest Henry*

Henry: *In the jail* ..... *looks at Sherlock who is gaurding him* Hey, Sherlock! I'll tell you what Linda thinks of you if you let me out :)

Sherlock: *shakes his head* Nah, I alread-eh know what she thinks of meh.. "Sherlock' s so splendid, blah blah blah fashion fashion fashion, he's the best detective is!"

Henr: Actually, she says our completely isulting to her fasion sense and mental state over all, she also said everytime she is next to you she SWEARS that she loses IQ

Sherlock: ...... *eyes get watery* .... R-really? .... *starts crying and runs away, leaving Henry still stuck in jail*

Henry: Darn... (CONF) I was hoping for him to pace around and stop, while I grab the keys, yet that was a little bit, far fetched of a plan (END CONF) ...wait... *gets out Paperclip he had earlier and unloks the door*

Elizabeth: Look, we need to work faster if we want to make the sleep bombs! >.>

Henry: *hides behind box*

Azuna: *wakes up* Wa.. oh f**k *run to Zoey but sees the villain soldiers*

Zoey: Heroes come back to the hotel!! The are in out hotel!!

  • the hero soldier come back in the hotel and start shooting*

Mike: Well done gay guy your stragegy worked!

Linda: Thanks.

Henry: *imitates Sherlock* Hey team, to the attic! *runs in the attic* >:)

Zoey: Elizabeth come with me! *shows a secret exit behind a bookshelf* let's go up there is the real office! You go first!

Azuna: *runs down the basement* it's better to go the villains hotel! *runs to the villains hotel.

Linda: *hears silent knocking* did you hear that?

Mike: Nope.

Sherlock: *drawing a new picture of Linda, of him talking to Elizabeth and Henry saying he hated Sherlock all along, while still crying* ……

Zoey: We have no time Elizabeth *pulls her into the secret stairs behind the bookshelve* no one can come in here, you need to pull 10 books and put them back in a particular order otherwise you won't come in, and I am the only person who knows the order!

  • heroes soldiers go into the prison where Sherlock and Henry were in but there is no one talks through a walky talky* here is no one!

Linda: *hears the knocking again* Are you sure you don't hear anything?

Mike: yes I am.

Henry: *tries to break the attic floor when he sees a secret room, yet its still not the room Elizabeth and Zoey are in and jumps in* Oh no! A pathway! D:

Elizabeth: Okay, what do we do? We only have one gun and three bullets D:

Zoey: Don't worry *get's a shotgun with 10 boxes of bullets* We should be fine with this!

Linda: *hears the knocking again* Ugh I am gonna check what it is.

Mike: No don't!!

Linda: *opens the safe and sees Robin* OMG why do you have a person in the safe!

Azuna: *enters the Villain hotel* hmm it's insanely quite here.

Lilac: *feeds them ammunition* Come on Nevile!

Azuna: *walks to the stairs and see Alejandro and Heather holding guns and quickly hide behind the trashcan*

Lilac: I can't just stand here... *sneaks away with loads of ammunition in her bag*

Dave: Hey you're doing a great job loading the ammunition except some of it is a bit dirty.

Azuna: *silently* How do I get passed them!

Lilac: Sush, Dave! I'm trying to sneak around! *slides in next to Azuna* I can make a distraction if you want...

Azuna: You scared me!! Well I need to find out what mike is up too so please distract Aleheather!

Lilac: *flirts* Hey Alejandro, why don't you ditch that loser heather? She's a four and you're an 11. *walks up to him* Come with a real woman. *whips hair*

Henry: *walks down the pathway...and sees the place where he just was* Huh? This doesn't make any sense *goes the other way and finds himself in a maze* Hmm...

Alejandro: *looks too Lilac*

Heather: HOW DARE YOU *start fighting with Alejandro*

Azuna: *looks weird at Lilac* (CONF) wow that was weird.. (END CONF) well done *runs past Ale and Heather without being noticed and runs up the stares*

Mike: Look he was in prison and I knew he was in Total Drama Hotel 1 and I needed a villain but he turned out to be a hero so I locked him up in the safe so he couldn't escape!

Linda: Mike you're sick! *wants to walk away but get tasered by Mike*

Mike: I don't think so *put's Linda in the same safe as Robin*

Sherlock: *hits Mike over the head with a shovel, and continues to beat the hell out of him* DON'T TOUCH MY LINDAAAAAAAAA! >:(

Henry: *opens the door and sees the two, Elizabeth and Zoey* Yes! *shoots Zoey in the head* YES!

Elizabeth: Back off! *shoots Henry repeatedly*

Henry: Oh... myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ba- *falls over*

Azuna: *reaches Mike's layer* Hey Mike! *sees Robin in the safe* what do you want with him, what is your plan.

Mike: *tasers Sherlock* my plan is this *press a bottom* Zoey dumbed me for loosing my personalities, if I can't have her no one will I just activated a nuke and it will explode in 3... 2... 1... *explodes*

  • everyone wakes up and screams*

Chris: Well B you out did yourself this time.

B: *types in a machine that speaks for him* Thanks Chris, I told you it would work!

  • everyone looks weird at B*

Chris: Well that was fun to watch, you all were giving sleep pills in the last eating challenge and B built this machine that can control dreams and we made that situation, the challenge was to take out Zoey or Mike. Sad news no one took either out, good news is everyone is staying!! So eight it remains!

  • everyone is still confused*

Chris: Well you guys are boring! Anyway the final 8 remain, who will go next and who will make it all the way? See all that and more in the next episode of TOTAL DRAMA HOTEL.

B: *types on the speaking Machine* 2!

Episode 10 - Prison Breaker

Chris: Hello final 8, I have a great suprise for you guys, because of last challenge uhm.. not so near death experiance we are going on a road trip today!! We're going to Mariland's State Prison!

Azuna: really!! (CONF) Is Chris finally gonna be somewhat of a human being and let me see Robin, he is in Mariland State Prison (END CONF)

Henry: A prison? Cool! *gets on the bus and sits next to Linda and Elizabeth* Hello, Elizabeth, I liked what you did with your hair :)

Elizabeth: *next to Henry* Ew... Linda can we swap seats? (CONF) Henry has been bugging me lately, he's been acting like we are friends... Like I'd ever be friends with lowlifes

Sherlock: *looks at Chris, scared* I don't w-wanna go, I might've put three criminals in there, and I don't wanna die because of it! D:

Henry: *goes to Sherlock* Um... wanna sit down? D:

Linda: *swaps seats with Elizabeth* Last challenge was aweful don't you think!

Chris: Yes Sherlock I know you put three criminals in that jail and that's why we are going there!

Azuna: Right.

Elizabeth: I know! Zoey was so annoying, she stuffed me in a room and never even talked to me!

Linda: well atleast you didn't got electricuted.

Elizabeth: You got eletrecuted? Chris is going to get it for that! >.>

Chris: Haha Elizabeth, I won't it was all a dream!!

Sherlock: I-I actually did... Oh my- *faints*

Linda: ugh Shut up chris!! Elizabeth do you know if we can sue Chris for this?

Azuna: Are you stupid Linda ofcourse not.

Elizabeth: Well, I was paid to be on the show so I could sue if I wanted to, as long as I had a good reason.

Linda: I knew it.

Elizabeth: We've been friends for a while now, so how about when the game is over, you can have a little visit to my country :)

Linda: Ofcourse!! We will be BFF's forever!!

Elizabeth: My home is amazing, we got butler's, we got 6 star chef's, we got ball rooms and an entire room dedicated to fasion!

Linda: OMG that is awesome!!

Azuna: Ew Beth and Lindsay can you please stop!

Chris: Azuna is right, btw everyone get into the bus!!

Elizabeth: Grr.... (CONF) I hate that pheasant! I make a friend and she has no respect for me! >.>

Henry: Chris, do you have any water? I need to wake Sherlock up!

Chris: here *give him an empty bottle*

Azuna: *goes inside the bus*

Linda: just ignore her she is just jealous that we are friends she doesn't have any!

Henry: *sighs* jerk... >.>

Elizabeth: You are so right, I am royalty, she is a no body :)

Chris: We don't water on this bus, use something else!

Henry: *goes to the drivers place and finds a smoothie of Chris's* I found something! *pours it on Sherlock to wake him up*

Azuna: Ew..

Linda: That is disgusting Henry see, I told you you were a low-life!!

Henry: I just poured a smoothie on Sherock, it's not gr-

Elizabeth: Quiet, pheasnt, it doesn't make it any better

Henry: It was to wake him u- *walks to the back of the bus* Whatever

Lilac: Don't be mean to my Henry! I mean... Boys are dangerous. (CONF) I'm trying to listen to Zoey's advice, but boys are still... Boys! It's like asking a dog not to sniff another dogs butt!

Henry: Um... thanks Lilac? ...

Lilac: You are SOOOOOOOOOOOO very welcome sweet-- I mean, dude.

Henry: Cool... *gets out a comic and starts reading it*

Lilac: No prob... Man! (CONF) I feel so chill!

Elizabeth: So when are we moving this transportation?

Chef: *throws Luna in the bus* Now! *close the door starts the bus and drives*

Linda:This bus is nothing for a princess!! MAKE IT MORE ROYAL!!

Elizabeth: Yeah, where is the dresses, the diamonds, or even a cushin! >.>

Chris: Unless you want the royal slingshot of shame you better shut up and stop pretending to be Cinderella in your castle!

Linda: No way Chris she is a princess!

Azuna: *looks around* not like I care or anything but aren't we forgetting that guy who is in love Lilac?

Henry: Oh yeah, Micheal

Chef: *stops runs to Michael picks him up runs back and throws him in the bus and continues driving* There!

Azuna: Well you could've just eliminated him

Henry: Hey Micheal, you almost missed the challenge, sit next to me :)

Michael: Fine.

Lilac: I can't wait to et to prison! (CONF) Did I just say that?

Sherlock: *covered in smoother, glares at Henry* (CONF) Is it me or does Henry hate me? He... lied to me about Linda hatin' me and then poured a drink all oveh me, instead of just shaking me or yellin' in mah ear! :(

Henry: *looks at Sherlock* Your up again :) great! So what do you think the challenge will be guys?

Michael: I am not sure. Also, Don't try anything funny Ok.

Azuna: *eating a hotdog*

Henry: Micheal, why would I try something funny when you were the one to do that lie? Anyway, I hope we merge soon...

Lilac: Maybe we have to break one of chris's prison friends out of prison!

Sherlock: Hopefully I've never met said person too, cause that'd be alot more painful than I'd like it to be D:

Chris: Okay the challenge will be in twenty minutes so prepare YOURSELF!! yep yourself cause the teams are merged now!!

Azuna: YES!!!

Linda: YAY!!!

Sherlock: SPLENDID!!

Linda: Spleandid? EW!!

Henry: Okay...

Elizabeth: *fans herself* ... Get it over with

Chef: *stops the bus* EVERYONE GET OFF MY BUS!! WE ARE HERE!!

Azuna: *runs out of the bus*

Chris: What? (CONF) Since when is Azuna excited? (END CONF)

Linda: No I don't want to go!

Challenge 10 - Keys and numbers!

Chef: *pushes everyone out of the bus* DO THE CHALLENGE!

Chris Thanks Chef, well final 8 the merged final 8 we have a challnge for you, this challenge has to be done in duo's! First let's make the Duo's, first duo is Henry and Azuna, Second is Michael and Luna, third is Elizabeth and L...

Linda: LINDA!!!

Chris: Linda if your interupt me again you'll get the slingshot fo shame!! anyway I Was gonna say Linda but since you interupted me Elizabeth is going with Lilac and you're going with Sherlock!


Chris: Okay the challenge! Look here next to me I have a portible Prison cell, your job is to go inside the prison!! there are 8 unlocked Prisons, prison number 7698, 1643, 1467, 4021, 1026,9432, 0126 and 0001! You have to go as a duo to 2 of the 8 prison in the prison there is a chest you have to bring that one to me! It take 10 lines to find and go the one of the prisons, and it takes ether 8 (if you carry it as a duo) or 10 (if only one person carry's it!) lines depending if you hold the chest as a duo or if one person holds it, to get the chest here.! I have a map here of the prison and where the people stay but you won't need that so I keep it for myself.

Azuna: *walks to Chris and gives him a hug* But we need one!

Chris: That's exactly why you won't get one!

Azuna: Ugh jerk!


Henry: *grabs Azuna and runs to a prison*

Elizabeth: *runs* Pheasant run! >:(

Azuna: hey don't touch me I can walk on my own *runs*

Linda: HEY SHERLOCK RUN!! *runs*

Henry: *runs* Than run faster!

Elizabeth: *runs*

Azuna: Geez if you're really gonna be like this than I won't show what I "borrowed" from Chris *runs*

Henry: *runs* Well, Azuna, snitching exists :)

Elizabeth: *runs*

Chris: *through a loud speaker* Oh almost forgot, you can only take the chest out of the prison if you and your partner are both at the prison cell!!

Azuna: *runs* Ok we need to stay close, wait.. what prison do you want to go?

Henry: *runs* Um... let's take 4021...

Elizabeth: *runs* Lilac! Hurry up!

Lilac: *runs* (I won't be able to post much. Going fishing. )

Azuna: *get's the map out of her pocket and check it* we have to go left here than righ! *runs*

Henry: *runs* Ok! :D

Elizabeth: *runs*

Azuna: My boyfriends is in this prison, hopefully we see him *runs* (4)

Lilac: That explains so much. *runs*

Linda: Sherlock!!! (CONF) I'm afraid there is only one way to make him walk! (END CONF) *kisses Sherlock* Now run!!

Michael: Ok Luna so yeah lets go *runs* (1)

Lilac: *runs*

Elizabeth: *runs*

Henry: *runs*

Azuna: *runs*

Elizabeth: *runs*

Henry: *runs*

Azuna: *runs* We are almost there! (6)

Linda: UGH SHERLOCK RUN!! *runs*

Elizabeth: *runs*

Henry: *runs* Yes! :D

Azuna: *runs* YAY we's here *looks at the map* hmm something isn't right.

Michael: Luna Come On! *runs* (2)

Henry: What's not right? *runs* (9)

Elizabeth: *runs* (9) Lilac, put some back into it >:(

Azuna: *runs* we're almost there (9)

Lilac: *runs* (4)

Michael: *runs (3)

Lilac: *runs* (5)

Azuna: *runs* (10) Common Henry!!

Lilac: *runs* (6)

Henry: Here *runs* (10)

Elizabeth: *runs* (10) Lilac, in my country only the most athletic got the boys

Lilac: Really?!? *runs at supersonic speed* (7)

Elizabeth: Yeah and the boys are all different, smart, strong and posh >:)

Lilac: Really??? I need to move there!!! *runs* (8)

Elizabeth: Oh yeah, not to mention the beauuuuuuuuuuutiful flowers, famous people come for them :)


Elizabeth: Um... I live in Utchiscoian but okay?

Lilac: Oh ok... WITH MY MILLION (assuming I win) I WILL BUY A HOUSE IN UTCHSO-WHATEVER!!! *runs* (10)

Elizabeth: *carrys chest*

Henry: Azuna? *looks at the chest then looks at her* We have to get the chest!

Lilac: *carries chest*

Elizabeth: *carries chest*


Elizabeth: *carries chest*

Henry: Hurry! D: *carries*

Luna: Ehh, Michael or whatever, where are you?

Elizabeth: *carries chest*

Henry: Azuna? *carries*

Sherlock: *runs* (CONF) Linda... kissed me... Linda.... finally kissed me.... Linda-  :D *faints*

Elizabeth: *carries chest*

Henry: *carries*

Lilac: *carries chest*

Elizabeth: *carried chest* DONE! (8 for her and Lilac)

Henry: *carrys* Azuna help! (5)

Lilac: Yes!!!

Elizabeth: *runs*

Henry: *carrys* :( (6)

Luna: Guys this isnt working AT ALL. That Micheal boy isnt here, i dont see him. And now i have to carry everything? Hell no.

Elizabeth: *runs* (2)

Henry: *carrys* :( (7)

Luna: Oh wait.. damn! *runs*

Elizabeth: *runs* (3)

Henry: *carrys* :( (8)

Luna: *runs* Come on!!

Azuna: Oh my god sorry Henry *runs to henry and helps him carry* (9)

Henry: *carries* (10) RUN! D:

Elizabeth: Lilac! The boys remember? *runs* (4)

Azuna: COME *grabs Henry but his arm and runs* (1)

Linda: *runs* how are we gonna win this!!

Luna: *runs*

Henry: *runs* (1)

Elizabeth: *runs* (5)

Lilac: Sorry! *runs* (1)

Elizabeth *runs* D: (6)

Henry: *runs* (2)

Luna: *runs* (CONF) Here I am... in my one. Everyone has a friend or something. Everyone has a nice duo. And i'm alone. *sings* All by myself.... and then i dont know *sings* (END CONF)

Lilac: *runs* (2)

Azuna: *runs* (2) what Prison are we going now?

Linda: *walk running* sherlock!! RUN!!!

Elizabeth *runs* D: (7)

Henry: *runs* 7698 (3)

Azuna: that is a great choice!! *runs* (CONF) Robin is arcording to this map in prison 7705 which is really close by! (END CONF)

Linda: SHERLOCK I GIVE UP ON YOU!! *sits down*

Elizabeth *runs* D: (8)

Henry: *runs* (4)

Azuna: *runs* (4)

Lilac: *runs* (3)

Elizabeth *runs* D: (9)

Henry: *runs* (5)

Lilac: *runs* (4)

Azuna: *runs and looks at the map* Uhm...we have to go left here

Elizabeth *runs* made it (10)

Henry: hmm... ok... *runs left* (6)

Azuna: *runs*

Elizabeth: hurry!

Henry: *runs* (7)

Azuna: *runs*

Lilac: *runs* (5)

Elizabeth: (CONF) Lilac is so slow-paced and distracted, that we could have went home! >:I

Henry: *runs* (8)

Azuna: *runs*

Henry: *runs* (9)

Azuna: *runs*

Henry: *runs* Here... (10)

Azuna: *runs* great now Henry I have something important to do so I'll help you taking the chest out of the cell!

Henry: *takes Chest* (1)

Azuna: *runs off*

Henry: *carrys chest* (2)

Azuna: *reaches 7705* Hey Robin are you there

Prisoner from the other side: hey pretty!

Azuna: *punched him in the face* shut up!

Henry: *carrys chest* (3)

Lilac: *runs*

Luna: *runs* I'm bored.

Lilac: *runs*

Henry: *carrys chest* (4)

Lilac: *runs* (8)

Azuna: hey nasty guy where is Robin.

Prisoner: You mean mister Corbin?

Azuna: Robin Corbin yes where is he?

Lilac: *runs*

Henry: *carrys chest* (5)

Prisoner: He is in the yard he will be back soon. Miss Corbin, he has pictures of you hanging in his prison you know.

Azuna: I know he does.

Henry: *carrys chest* (6)

Elizabeth: HURRY! >:I

Lilac: *runs* (10 Dine!

Elizabeth: We musn't lose! *carries chest*

Henry: *carrys chest* (7)

Lilac: *carries chest* no we mustn't!

Elizabeth: *carries chest*

Henry: Sorry *pants* Lilac! But I will wi-win! *pants* *carrys chest* (8)

Lilac: *carries* I may be in love with you but I will NOT let you win!

Elizabeth: *carries chest* Grrrrrrr....(5)

Henry: *looks at Lilac* he..heh. yeah about... IM ALMOST THERE! :D *carrys chest* (9)

Lilac: *carries chest* (6) So am I!!!

Robin: *walks to his prison*

Azuna: ROBIN *runs to him*

Robin: Azuna what ar... *get kissed by Azuna*

Lilac: *carries* (7)

Henry: But... I GOT THERE FIRST! (10)

Elizabeth: No! D: *carries Chest* (8)

Lilac: NOOOOOOOOO... (Wtf I just eced myself)

Elizabeh: How unpleasant... (CONF) How does that... pheasant, beat me!?

Chris: And Henry and... wait Henry where is Azuna?

Azuna: *still making out with Robin*

Robin: *still making out about to takes off Azuna's t-shirt*

Azuna: *stops with kissing* No we have to go *grabs Robin by his hand and pull him with her*

Robin: Where are we going?

Henry: She went to do an errand or something *breaths in and out*

Elizabeth: The lowlife ditches her partner, how UN-expected of her....

Chris: hmmm... *looks weird at Henry* Right *talks through a mega phone* this is the last chance to do the challenge!

Robin: Where are we going Azuna.

Azuna: We're going to Chris.

Robin: What why?

Elizabeth: Chris, me and Lilac finished as well...

Sherlock: *frowns* Sorreh Linda that I was so useless.... I'll do better next time? :D


Azuna: *arrives at Chris with Robin*

Chris: What is this?

Robin: Chris is right what are you doing Azuna?

Azuna: I want you to come with me.

Sicurity guard: *arrives at the scene* Robin Corbin, son of Eric Corbin and Malinda Underwood, you have been acting arcording to rules so far in jail if you take one more step you technocally escaped prison and your sentace will be longer!

Robin: Yes I know sir, Azuna I know it sucks that I'm here and you have to be alone but if I go with you now it still only become worse, I need to stay cause I don't want you to be in jail too. *kisses Azuna* I love you and I will be out soon enough, if you behave yourself in jail you may get out earlier. Win this season for us.

Azuna: *takes a deep breath* okay I will accept it *tear runs down her eye*

Robin: *whips the tear of her face* please don't cry *kisses Azuna again* I will be out soon.

Sicurity guard: *takes Robin away* you did the right thing Robin.

Chris: ENOUGH!!! WE ARE DOING A CHALLENGE HERE!! I'LL END IT NOW! Ugh the team who got the chest out of prison *looks at a paper* 7698 wins!! Here is the proof!

Chris: Henry and Azuna win!! Henry get the key out of the chest and open this cell

Henry: *opens chest and takes key* (CONF) I won! :) (END CONF) *opens cell*

Duncan: Finally I am done with prison!!

Chris: not quite Duncan! *ties him down on a midevil rack* Contract! Everyone come back into the bus and we go back to the hotel and vote someone out

  • everyone goes into the bus and go to the hotel*

Elimination 10 - Everyone but Azuna and Henry

Chris: This is the first merge vote! Vote here

Azuna: I voted!

Linda: I voted too!

Henry: I voted

Elizabeth: Me too

Lilac: Vited.

Sherlock: I voted :)

Luna: Voted.

Michael: [CONF] Bye *waves at camera*

Michael: I voted :/

Chris: the votes are in *checks the votes* Okay, there is a 1,1,1,5 vote. the two who don't have an vote cause they won are Henry and Azuna, okay the first person who has 1 vote is *zooms in on Lilac* Michael!!! so you are safe too the next person with 1 vote is *zooms in on Lilac* Sherlock!! the last person with one vote is.. *zooms again in on Lilac* Elizabeth!! she is also safe! the person with 5 votes and going home is *zooms in at Azuna*

Azuna: why is there a cam... *gets interupted*

Chris: SUSH AZUNA!! anyway thee person who is going home is... LUNA!! except she is not going home.

Azuna: Another none elimination what.

Chris: Not quite Azuna, cause you are disqualified! BEFORE ANYONE GASPS here is why, first you drank wisky on my show while you're underaged and you framed my inters and today you tried to help a criminal escape.

Azuna: he is not a crimina.. *get interupted*

Chris: He shot his own dad, that is against the law therefor he is a criminal and I don't care about the whole story *pushes Azuna in the slingshot of shame and sot her off the Hotel* Well there are 99 problems and we just got rid of one! Will Luna recover from this almost elimination will Linda and Sherlock finally hook up and will Lilac actually find a boyfriend during these last episode all that and more in Total Drama Hotel!!!


Episode 11 - Fan Mania

Chris: Well Duncan one more episode and you're out of your contract!


Chris: don't or you will follow Azuna up!!

Luna: *looks to the other contestants* So, you guys voted me. I hope you all will know, i'm not happy about this. I will defeat you all. Understood? Micheal, you did NOTHING in the previous challenge. Why should i leave? I have EVERYTHING. Perfect look, money, fashion. So, who voted me. And if you say nothing, you will be my victim. *looks angry to everyone*

Henry: Well, Luna, he did do stuff in the challenge, he ran before you did...

Elizabeth: And you weren't doing challenegs BEFORE that episode...

Linda: Elizabeth!! OMG I am so glad you're stil in!!

Lilac: And you quit and came back... (CONF) With Azuna gone, only Elizabeth stand in the way of Henry! He will be mine!!! What's the matter with me?

Luna: So? I quit in episode 1 about Azuna. She is the horrible witch. She's gone now, finally. And i will do my best for a finale spot. And none of you will stop me.

Lilac: Whatever. *walks away*

Linda: I know right! Azuna is a total b**ch!

Chris: Azuna Johnson, sister to Chimaroj Johnson, daughter of Erika Johnson and Kay Jake Jepson was disqualified so let's not talk about her plus Linda you may regret saying that!!

Linda: What are you talking about?

Chris: Nothing!

Luna: *looks to Chris* Serious?

Lilac: ...

Chris: Don't question me!

Linda: right (CONF) Chris is up to something! (END CONF)

Luna: *looks strange to Chris* (CONF) I always knew he wasnt hundred percent clear. *looks to her nails* I dont know what i have to do here. A lot of parties, cinema and restaurants. I had everything, and now .. i'm in a stupid ugly hotel without room service. (END CONF)

Sherlock: *plucking petals of flower* She loves me! *pulls it off * She loves me not... She loves me! *pulls a petal off, leaving one left* uh..... She loves me more! :D *pulls it off*

Henry: (CONF) *sighs* Azuna was cool and if anything, with her gone, Luna is being a threat

Elizabeth: *fans herself* Chris, don't steal let your warts steal my spotlight >.>

Henry: Heheh! Good one! (CONF) *sighs* What will I have to do to get her to like me!?

Michael: [CONF] That was lucky I need to be in the game more [END CONF] Luna I do do stuff in the challenge.

Lilac: Don't fight!

Elizabeth: Lilac, grow a back bone, everyone will argue and fight. Best way to stop a fight is to IGNORE a fight and deal with it... (CONF) I swear I am becoming less civilised every hour.

Lilac: If that's how they do it in Utchispawn then that's how I will do it!

Elizabeth: Now, come with me. Me, you and Linda can go shopping on that amazing floor *takes her hand and walks to Linda*

Henry: Huh? *looks at them*

Lilac: Cool! (CONF) Now I can get in good with the Uzbekistan royalty by going shopping! This is a DREAM COME TRUE!

Chris: everyone go to the game room!! Sierra is waiting for you!

Linda: We havea game room, that is boring.

Challenge 11 - Sierra's hotel Travia quiz!

Lilac: Hey Sierra!!! (CONF) Sierra was one of my fav world tour characters, besides every single one of the boys, of course.

Elizabeth: Hello, low low low life...

Henry: (CONF) Elizabeth likes Linda and Lilac, two... lowlifes, and she hates low lifes, which means that she doesn't hate them and that means.... something?

Sierra: Hi Lilac, you're awesome this season!! anyway I will do a quiz show but one with challenges! You have to do this as group cause you if one person get's the question wrong there will be an hard challenge for everyone if the question is answered right you get an easy challenge!

Question 1: what is the top 4 character who competed the most episodes in Total Drama Hotel so far!

Henry: Number 1 is Daniel, Azuna, Mine Turtle and Mia! :D

Sierra: OMG HENRY you're right! I was hoping you would do them in order! but you're right Mia competed 15 episodes Mine Turtle and Daniel competed 21 episodes and Azuna peaked with her 22 episodes! Anyway the challenge is to post the funniest Cody picture!!

Sierra: Everyone who posted a picture of Cody can try to answer the next question!

Lilac: My pic:

Question 2: Who is the name of the episode that had the most cameo's that were real!

Elizabeth: Well... uh... (CONF) I only watched two episodes of season 1, episode 9 and episode 10 (END CONF) Farm Houses and Dirt Roads

Sierra: Well done Elizabeth! the people who haven't done the first challenge do that one first, anyway write a song about cody but I have to like it or you can't do the next questions

Henry: *raps* Cody, Cody, Cody, Go! Cody, Cody, Cody, Go! *sings*

Codiera is the shipping that saved the show ~

Codiera is the attraction that you all know ~

Cody is the guy you want to wiiiiiiin ~

Amazing fella who is in...



Hey, everyone, you gotta see,

my friend his name is Cody!


He's amazing, he's a star

In Total Drama, he got far,


His perfect imperfections,

beat all our expectations,

of Total Dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Luna: Cody here, Cody there, Cody is everywhere.

I dont like him, i wanna kill him to.

But i like Sierra, so thats not what i will do.

Sorry for being mean, you have to look out there.

And now you know i hate Cody, so i'm out of here.

Sierra: Everyone who did the challenge can try to answer the next question.

Lilac: Cody, you are a hotty

Like every other


Yeah that's right Cody

Sierra is your stalker

She thinks you are hotter

Yeah that's right Cody.

Question 3: name the three classic competitors that made cameo's in both season so far!

Lilac: I'm sorry!!! Am I too late???

Sherlock: I'm positively confuzzled :/

Luna: Easy. Lindsay, Duncan and Sierra. You.

Henry: Cool!

Elizabeth: (CONF) How does Henry and Linda know all that? And I don't... *sighs*

Luna: But, if you mean competitiors as in.. Total Drama Hotel. It's that witch Azuna. Mine turtle and .. Daniel right?

Henry: Elizabeth, why aren't you looking so happy

Elizabeth: It's because you pheasants know more stuff in this challenge than I do! >.>

Henry: Well, consider that everyone has flaws, you might not be good at something, but some are!

Elizabeth: Oh my god, Henry your right! (CONF) I am now going to think about who is easier to take OUT the competition then who is in my way... Everyone has flaws, and those flaws will be their downfall *puts fist in hand*

Sierra: What is your answer, the first one of the last one?


Henry: The first one?

Sierra: Are you guys sure!!??

Henry: Sure... :)

Elizabeth: Maybe we should ch-

Henry: Shh! She said CAMEO and the only contestant to CAMEO in both seasons (who competed in TDH) was Robin! So its the first one!

Sierra: well I'm confused, are you saying Luna's first or second answer?

Henry: Luna's first ANSWER!

Sierra: Okay, well that's the right answer!!! Make a statue of Cody with food, it takes 5 lines! (if no one post after 15 minutes you can post again)

Elizabeth: *makes statue*

Henry: *makes statue*

Luna: *makes statue* Sorry, i heard you wrong.

Elizabeth: *makes statue*

Henry: *makes statue*

Luna: *makes statue*

Elizabeth: *makes statue*

Henry: *makes statue*

Luna: *makes statue*

Elizabeth: *makes statue*

Henry: *makes statue*

Luna: *makes statue*

Elizabeth: *makes statue* Done!

Henry: *makes statue* Done aswell! :)

Luna: *makes statue* Done.

Michael: *makes statue* (1)

Lilac: *makes statue* (1)

Question 4: Name the two contestands that made cameo's after they were eliminated!

Henry: That can only be Azuna and Jason, who appeared in the TDH finale supporting Daniel!

Luna: Indeed Henry!

Sierra: Again right, it's like I'm not the only td bloger!! anyway search for a picture of cody( The challenge is to look for a picture of a real person that could be cody) I will judge and I say whether it's right or wrong!

Sierra: OMG LUNA AND ELIZABETH your pictures are awesome!! Henry try again!

Luna: So we can move on?

Sierra: try again Henry and yes you can move on if I like your picture

Sierra: OMG CODY!!! *takes the picture*

Question 5: Name the three contestands that haven't been eliminated by someone else's vote!

Elizabeth: Um... Princess.... Daniel and.... Azuna?

Luna: I wanted to say that too. *smiles*

Henry: I did it :)

Luna: Nice job.

Henry: Took me a while but did it :)

Elizabeth: (CONF) I wonder if multiple people get immunity

Sierra: Yay again right!! Okay this time it's a really easy one since the next one is hard, come up with a question that has as answer Cody!

Henry: Who does Sierra love?

Elizabeth: Codirra had Seirra and who?

Sierra: CODY!!!!!

Luna: *thinks* Ah! Who has the nicest feet of all Total Drama boys?

Sierra: CODY!!!!

Questions 6: W.. w..l n.. c.m.... i. e...... 1.?

Sierra: if you make it at this question you have to guess the question and answer it!

Luna: Please give us a hint!

Henry: It is so hard D:

Elizabeth: I can understand alot of this! All I got was 'Who were n.. c...... in episode 10?'

Sierra: I'm adding one more than you really have to try something

Elizabeth: Who were not campers in episode 10?

Luna: Who will not compete in episode 12?

Elizabeth: Thats a good one Luna! :)

Luna: Thanks Elizabeth! *smiles*

Elizabeth: The best one we got, maybe, me you and Henry will all get immunity

Luna: I hope so!

Sierra: What is the answer to your question Luna and what is the answer to your question Elizabeth!

Luna: My answer is Lilac.

Elizabeth: Mine is Robin, Chris, Gaurds and Duncan (CONF) This is so weird, I know a great stratagy to use, yet I don't want to use it, I have made alot of friends and I- *cries* (END CONF)

Sierra: Well your question is right but is your answer right!! you win invicibility!

Chris: And decide who needs to go home!!!

Elimination 11 - Luna wins and shoots someone to the moon

Chris: This time there is no vote required Luna decided who has to go! Well Luna who is it?

Luna: HAHAHAHA. Well losers, what did i say? I'm the queen of everything and now i can push someone off this show. Easy who i pick. It's not Elizabeth or Henry. Two players that deserves a spot in the final 6. Michael, a loser. He cant do anything without to cry. Big baby. Sherlock, i dont know you but you will stay. I kinda like your name. And then we have Linda and Lilac. Linda, i dont know .. your just .. strange. And i dont like you. Lilac, you said something i'm still angry about it. I quit in episode 1, yeah. But i didnt returned for nothing. So the dumbness girl is going to be eliminated. Lilac is going home!

Chef: *get's Lilac and Sierra and push them into the slingshot*

Chris: Well that's a shame I would let you say goodbye but I'm not that nice *presses the button and watch them fly* Well another one gone means there are only 6 left, who will stay and who will end up flying to the other side! Well all that and more in the next episode of total drama hotel 2!!!

Episode 12 - Voodoo the truth!

Chris: hi welcome top 6 say hi to mister Foondy!

Foondy: It's a pleasure to meet you all!

Luna: *looks disapprovingly to Foondy* Hi?

Foondy: hmm Luna Kingsley is your name right.

Eizabeth: Ew... Luna that guy is a stalker, walk away from him

Linda: ew indeed.

Foondy: Oh hi Drake.

Linda: *looks weird at Foondy* (CONF) How... no he can't ... w... w.. (END CONF)

Luna: Oh my gosh. (CONF) Ew, what is this .. (END CONF)

Michael: Um Hi Foondy are you in the competition?

Foondy: Your past present and future is what I know *throws something on the ground that creats a smokescren and disappears*

Linda: *couging* where is he?

Elizabeth: We already had Sierra and now this guy >.>

Linda: I know right. (CONF) How does that guy know my real name, not that it's a problem but I rather be known as Linda not Dr... Dr...Dra...Drake... (END CONF)

Henry: Hey Elizabeth :)

Elizabeth: Oh...uh hey Henry..

Linda: lowlife leave Elizabeth alone!! *takes her with him*

Henry: Hey!

Elizabeth: Uh... thanks Linda, I am royalty, I should not hang out with pheasats like him :)

Linda: *about to leave the room*

Foondy: *a smoke screen appear and he suddenly stands infront of Linda* If I were you Drake I wouldn't leave this room *walks to a table that came out of no where with candles and a pack of card* Everyone draw three cards.

Linda: *glares at Foondy* Who is Drake?

Henry: Yeah, thats Linda...

Elizabeth: *draws 3 cards* Urg! Your not even a good stalker, you don't know her bloody name >.>

Foondy: look at them and than place them in the box with your face on it *get's 6 boxes with on each box someone else's face*

Linda: This is really creepy.

Luna: All by all the box with my face is the best ofcourse!

Linda: Whatever *draws 3 cards look at them and place them in the box with his face*

Foondy: Wonderfull job Drake.

Michael: o-O

Sherlock: Ooh, I love magic shows! It's really fun an' you never know what's gonna happen! 'Ello Foonday! :D

Elizabeth: *puts 3 cards on her box*

Henry: *puts 3 cards on his box* Your box looks real nice :)

Elizabeth: Ew... go away... (CONF) *blushes* stupid...pheasant

Foondy: great I need also from the other three to draw cards!

Elizabeth: Urg... your face disturbs me >.>

Foondy: You don't need to act all out from high up just because at home you're nothing.

Linda: What are you saying she is a princess.

Foondy: Drake she's not the only one who is hiding someting.

Linda: Who is Drake?

Elizabeth: ...wha-?! G-go jump in a lake D:

Sherlock: *takes three cards and puts them in his box* This is soooo excitin'! :D

Luna: *rolls with her eyes and puts 3 cards in her box* Chris: *makes Michael pick take 3 cards and put the in his box*

Challenge 12 - Become friend with the otherside!

Foondy: Well well, let's see what we've got, *opens the boxes* hmm let's start with mister Broflic, *look at his first card* you sir, had a really good childhood, everything was going good untill you and your parents moved to *looks at the second card* the big city, Torronto.

Linda: Before you continue who is Br...

Foondy: Broflic is Henry's last name, anyway there is so much fighting between you and your parents and between your parents that you decide to take yourself at a distance from them cause they annoy you, but deep inside all you want is *looks at card 3* that everything is going to be alright and that's why you want to win the million dollars and that everything will be alright!

Chris: Lame...

Foondy: well the next one is Drake,

Linda: Who is Drake

Foondy: Drake Linderberg or better known as Linda is a kid in a family of 7 *opens the first card* , you have 3 older brother who are triplets and have 3 younger brothers who are also triplets, you were the only child that didn't had to come out of your mothers v...

Chris: Foondy it's a family show!!

Foondy: Stomach with 2 others. You live is basically perfect or so it seems untill you realize that the first triplet and you and the young tripplets all have different farthers, I can only sense that your father is called Kay Jake Jepson.

Linda: wait, I've heard that name before..

Chris: That is Azuna's father *starts laughing*

Linda: What. (CONF) Wait does this mean that she is my step sister AAAAHHH *screams* (END CONF)

Foondy: Anyway *looks at second card* you work for the best fashion designer in the world and *looks at card 3* wants to be as good as your bos Karl Lagerveld! Next is Luna,

Foondy: Oh sweet Luna Kingsley, you were *looks at the first card* a spoiled little girl even when you were little, you got everything you little heart wanted and you still are, you don't have a job since you don't need one and all you want is more of what you want and want to be respected for that! Thats cute, next is M Plews,

Foondy: Michael Plews *looks at his first card* your childhood was normal, well untill your dad died. and everything, *looks at second card* the bread winner of the family gone you guys were poor and there were days even weeks with no food, you even had to do nasty jobs to get money *looks at third card* all you want is the money so you and your family can live happily ever after. Next is Shrely.

Foondy: Sherly " Sherlock" Witheridge, *looks at first card* you were always a little detective but it all seriouse when your dad left your mom when you were ten, and you wanted to find out why he left your mother, you mother became really sikc and *looks at second card* need to carry her you got a job as a detective not a really good one but it payd enough to cever the medical bills for you mom! *looks at the third card* You want nothing but becoming the best most beloved detective out there! Now last but not least miss Royalty herslef, Elizabeth!

Foondy: oh majesty, your full name is about the only thing really royal in your live miss Elizabeth Jelly Swineheart III, *looks at the first card* You are the youngest of a all girl family but eventhough being the youngest you were ignored by them and even threated as a slave and it became worst when both of your parents died, *looks at the second card* eventhough you were the one to take the throne but your cousin "stole" the throne and started to threat you even worst and palced you on this show!! *looks at third card* All you want is revenge on your cousin and take your rightfull place on the throne. Well that is it all I can make the chances of your wanted future to happen.

Everyone: REALLY!

Foondy: Yes only if you find me usefull tools, there are 8 chest this hotel and you are gonna work in duo's and each duo has to bring me 2 chest! in a chest may or may not be a usefull item, the duo who brings me the least usefull items does home! here are the duo's: Luna and Michael, Drake and Elizabeth and last Sherlock and Henry. it takes 10 lines to find a chest and 5 lines to return one! START!!

Elizabeth: *looks ashamed* ... *looks for chest*

Henry: *looks for chest* D:

Linda: *looks confused and Looks for the chest*

Elizabeth: *looks at Linda while searching for chest* I-i'm so sorry, that... I... made you think I... was so perfect...

Henry: *looks for chest* D:

Linda: well I was lying to everyone about my name, so yours weren't that bad. *searching for chest* (2)

Elizabeth: No, it's not! *cries* I've been rude to Henry, Mine Turtle, Sherlock and many others when my life is c***ier than all of their combined! I act like i'm famous when my country doesn't even notice me, i'm a failure of a human being, all you did was fake a name... *looks for chest*

Henry: *looks for chest* D:

Linda: *tries to calm down Elizabeth* Well you weren't campletely lying I mean you're on tv, you are more famous than your cousin, he is only known in your country, this is world wide tv! *looks for the chest*

Elizabeth: Thats wrong! He has made numerous TV appearences! Donated to lots of chariritys and adverts for the poor! I have done nothing, who would you remember, the girl who lied to her friends, or the guy who helped POOR people and made 55 tv appearences... *looks for chest*

Henry: *looks for chest* D:

Linda: But you can become better known than your cousin, your cousin probably used the tax money that was got from the people to donate, if you win the million you can also donate but you donate from the money YOU won! *looks for the chest* (4)

Elizabeth: *stops crying, yet her eyeliner is all over her face* Your right! ;) *looks for chest*

Linda: *looks for the chest*

Sherlock: *looks for chest* Linda, how come your name is Drake when your a girl? :S

Linda: *Looks for the chest* (CONF) you gotta be kidding me (END CONF)

Sherlock:*looks for chest* .....? (CONF) She can be really confusing sometimes :/

Linda: *looks for chest* (7) wait which chest are we going for Elizabeth?

Luna: Why am i always with that sucker? *looks for chest* (1)

Michael: Sorry :/ Searchs For Chest (1).

Elizabeth: *looks for chest* YOUR RIGHT! Linda, your the best friend I have ever had... and the only one...

Henry: *looks for chest* D:

Linda: *looks for chest* YEAH!!! but Elizabeth what chest are we gonna choose?

Elizabeth: *looks for chest* We'll look for chest 5 :)

Henry: *looks for chest 2* D:

Linda: *looks for chest 5* (9)

Elizabeth: *looks for chest* We'll look for chest 5 :) (8)

Henry: *looks for chest 2* D: (8)

Linda: *finds chest 5* (10) yeah!! run one more line than I come towards you!

Elizabeth: *finds chest 5* YEAH!

Henry: *finds chest two* Sherlock! D: (10)

Linda: *picks up the chest* huh this chest ain't that heavy *runs to Foondy*

Elizabeth: *holds chest and runs* (2) {It is lifted in pairs right?}

Linda: *holds chest and runs* (3) {nope you can carry it on your own}

Henry: Do I have to wait? *holds chest*

Elizabeth: *runs with chest* (4)

Foondy: the chest isn't heavy so why would you wait?!

Linda: *reaches Foony with chest 5* k let's find another one!

Elizabeth: *looks for chest*

Henry: Last challenge like this we had too! D: *runs with chest*

Linda: *looks for chest* (1)

Elizabeth: *looks for chest*

Henry: *runs with chest*

Linda: What chest are we going for now *looks for chest*

Elizabeth: *looks for chest 8* Eight! :)

Henry: *runs with chest*

Linda: *looks for chest 8*

Luna: *looks for chest* (2)

Elizabeth: *looks for chest*

Henry: *runs with chest*

Linda: *looks for chest* (4)

Elizabeth: *looks for chest*

Henry: *runs with chest* Another one!

Linda: *looks for chest*

Elizabeth: *looks for chest*

Henry: *looks for chest*

Linda: *looks for the chest*

Elizabeth: *looks for chest* (7)

Henry: *looks for chest*

Linda: *looks for chest* (7)

Elizabeth: *looks for chest* (8)

Henry: *looks for chest*

Linda: *looks for chest*

Elizabeth: *looks for chest* (9)

Henry: *looks for chest*

Linda: *looks for chest* (9)

Elizabeth: *looks for chest* (10) Done! :)

Henry: *looks for chest* (6)

Linda: *find chest 8 too* let's go back! quick

Elizabeth: *runs with chest* (1)

Henry: *looks for chest* (7)

Linda: *runs back with chest * (2)

Elizabeth: *runs with chest* (3)

Henry: *looks for chest* (8)

Linda: We're almost there *runs with chest* (4)

Elizabeth: *runs with chest* MADE IT! (5)

Henry: *looks for chest* Aw... (9)

Foondy: the first team got their chest back now 2 others teams also have to get their chest back here, than we'll see who has the least usefull content and goes home!

Henry: *finds chest* COOL! (10)

Sherlock: *runs back* Uh... Am I doin' this right?

Henry: *runs with chest* (1) Dude, you have to still run to the end

Sherlock: ..... What? (CONF) Everyone speakin' gibberish today? :/

Henry: *runs with chest* (2) You still have to reach ten lines!

Luna: WHAT?!?!? A double automatic elimination? *looks for chest* (CONF) I wanna kill him (END CONF) (3)

Henry: *runs with chest* (3)

Luna: *looks for chest* This is unfair, Michael isnt doing anything same as previous challenge! This is bull sh*t! (4)

Henry: *runs with chest* (4)

Luna: Yeah run, baby, run! You are safe ofcourse! *rolls with her eyes and looks for chest* (5)

Henry: *runs with chest* (5) Done! Both chests!

Luna: *looks for chest* (6)

Sherlock: Yay, I'm safe... right? *looks at Henry for confirmation*

Foondy: Not yet Luna and Michael still need to get their chest here plus I don't know what your last chest number was, chest 1,4,5,6,7 are left!

Foondy: *Looks at Herny's second chest* this is chest 7. Amber or Michael just choose 2 chest 1,4,5 or 6.

Luna: Do we have to to pick 2 chests or 1?

Foondy: 2.

Luna: 4 and 6.

Foondy: okay, let's see which chest has the useless tools. remember the useless tools looses and go home! (I random orged it)

Foondy: Well these are both of Luna's and Michael's Chest, so they are eliminated!

Chris: Hey that is my job!!

Elizabeth: Bye Luna, you were my second best friend... I'll miss you.. :(

Elimination 12 - a slingshot to the otherside

  • Luna and Michael inside the slingshot*

Chris: Well you two made it far but now you have to take the slingshot of shame together with our cameo *looks at Foondy*

Foondy: No *throws something on the ground and is no longer there*

Chris: Well I guess not *presses the button and they are gone and hear them screaming* Well 2 down 4 are left who will stay and who will be judged out of the competition, all that and more next episode of, total Drama HOTEL 2!!!

Episode 13 - Save it for Court

Chris: Well top 4, talk!!

Linda: Final 4!!! (CONF) I never made this far!! I hope Sherlock stop with his crush on me that he knows I am a guy! (END CONF)

Henry: Um... Elizabeth, there is something I want to ask you, um... would you mind going on a date with me?

Elizabeth: Of cource not! I'd love to! *smiles*

Henry: Wait! Really?

Elizabeth: Your still a pheasant... :I but I don't care about that, I only care if you make me happy, and if you don't then get out! :)

Linda: *get's a cheese cake for him and Elizabeth*

Elizabeth: Hey Linda! *walks up to him* :D

Linda: here I got a Royal Cheese Cake for you! *eating a piece*

Elizabeth: Thanks Linda, if Sherlock wasn't here i'd say I am friends with evryone here

Linda: You're friends with that Henry guy? I thought you didn't wanted him around.

Elizabeth: Oh... um... yeah... me and him are going to go on a date... (CONF) I can't lie to him again, Henry, of cource I can, but

Linda: oh that's unexpected but I guess everything is possible after last episode (CONF) Except Sherlock realizing I am a G.U.Y.!!! I love Lady Gaga songs *fixing his white lipstick*

Elizabeth: I know... anyway, I can't belive that Foody guy was so creepy, he freaked me OUT...

Linda: Well he reveiled my real name is Drake, something I would never tell anybody, how did he know these things?

Elizabeth: He's probably a low life who spet all his life trying to read minds and now he has that and that only! >.>

Chris: Actually Foony is really rich he is ranked 14th on the richest people in the world.

Elizabeth: I'm number 12 on that rank :)

Chris: Your cousin is the king of your country, so he is ranked 12th not you *laughs*

Elizabeth: No, he is 11th! Get your facts right! >.>

Chris: Whatever.

Chef: *walks by with a closet with 5 locks on it and you hear screaming and kicking on the door* Nothing to see here.

Linda: What the fu... (CONF) that was creepy *doing his white eye shadow* (END CONF)

Eliabeth: That voice sounds so annoying... >.>

Courtney: Chris you better keep your promise!!

Chris: oh yeah here is this episodes cameo, the person who got denied at law school, Courtney!

Elizabeth: *to Courtney begined the door* Is a squirrel dying back there, or is that you?

Sherlock: Woo! Final- aww no! Hide! *hides in tall grass* (CONF) She's my least favourite contestant, always naggin' SOMEBODY 24/7!

Courtney: *looks at Elizabeth* who is this pathetic person?

Linda: UHUM Courtney she is a princess!

Courtney: Ew Monarchies are aweful!!

Elizabeth: Um... last time I recall, Courtney, your friends list had like 0% of the worlds population there

Sherlock: *wearing some garlic and has a stake with him, turns to Courtney* Stay back demon! I have silver and I'm not afraid to use it! >->

Courtney: Ew weirdo's *get's grabbed by her arm by some intern and dragged away* HEY LET ME GO!!


Elizabeth: LInda, your being to kind, she deserves to be left in the earth's core

Chris: SAVE IT FOR COURT!!!, see what I did there!!

Linda: No we don't see what you did there.

Chris: it has to do with the name of this episode!

Linda: How do we know anything about the names of the episodes.

Chris: Nothing cause great minds think alike and you don't have a great mind! *walks away*

Elizabeth: Don't insult him! Linda, don't listen to that poser! :)

Linda: I never listen to Chris.

Chef: Everyone to the main area!!

Linda: What is the main area it's a Hotel!!

Chef: the entrance!!

Elizabeth: Urg! Can't he let us have one day off!

Henry: *with Sherlock* Dude, why do you have a stake?

Linda: I know right!! Why do we have to go always!

Elizabeth: If Chris wasn't such a popular wannabe then maybe we could, but alas, he is the slave to the people who like abused teens..

Chris: *through the speakers* Elizabeth I should stop now!! I can always hear everything you say and see everything you do! JUST COME HERE!!

Elizabeth: Um... then stop you pathetic... is it 80 year old? I can see that your stylist probably wants to quit *walks over(

Challenge 13 - Courtney in Court!

  • everyone arrives*

Chris: Elizabeth watch your mouth! You will be eliminated!!

Elizabeth: Fiine...

Chris: But before the challenge, let's have a top 4 celebration lunch. *shows all the food* Chef has been cooking all night!

Elizabeth: I've alredy had breakfest...

Chris: Are you sure, a princess deserve a breakfest when she wants and maybe even a date breakfest.

Sherlock: .... There's a PRINCESS here? Where? *looks under a rock*

Elizabeth: *takes an egg salad and stuffs it in Sherlock's mouth* I guess I will have some...*takes a peice of choclate and eats it* But thats all...

Linda: *eats an salade*

Sherlock: ...Mmmmhmm :) *eating a crumpet and tea*

Chris: CHALLENGE TIME~!! *light goes off and a spotlight goes on Courtney who is chained to a chair!!

Courtney: Chris LET ME GO!!

Chris: No Courtney you have poisoned my serries long enough now it's time to pay, next to host I am also a judge!! And I will put you in jail, here is the challenge for the top 4, come up with something bad Courtney did in any of the seasons she has been in what can get her in jail, the person who comes up with the thing that gives her the lowest punishment will be automaticly eliminated!!

Elizabeth: Thank god I watched the episodes on your computer, there are so many choices... My top choice would have to be 'TDDDDDI' as she abused Duncan, cruel to Harold, whined, abused Izzy and would rather let four people FALL TO THEIR DEATHS then not get the money, even tried to push them off.

Sherlock: Well, *puts on his detective hat* She once threatened to drop Cody, DJ, Tyler and Owen to their deaths, which down to its roots can be considered both blackmail and/or assault, which is a form of harassment where you don't physically harm someone, but threaten them with murder, and you can go to jail if they have proof, we have footage, and also how they could kill you, which is dropping them from the giant airballoon, so boom, she's going to jail... and also, Elizabeth did like 12 so it's not fair if she gets the point for this :/

Linda: I want to charge Courtney for Animal Abuse in Top dog (Total Drama Action ep. 24) She fought with a shark and even killed a couple of them during the challenge. So she can be charged with Animal Abuse and Murder!!

Elizabeth: Sherlock, why are you trying to get me eliminated with that >:I

Henry: Um... she harrassed Duncan in TDA, even though he was unhappy to have her there despite being her lover.?

Sherlock: I'm not, Lizzy, I'm trying to win :)

Linda: Sherlock, don't cally Elizabeth Lizzy!! she is too good for nicknames!!

Elizabeth: Either call me by my SUR-name or my NAME name, Sherlock!

Courtney: Oh my god, you got to be kidding me. Elizabeth, Sherlock....THERE WAS A FREAKING MILLION ON THE WAY. Don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same to get it! Linda, I'd like to see you dealing with a shark that STOLE YOUR PHONE! And what the hell Henry? Duncan is a total a*****e. Harrassing him is actually BENEFICIAL. You guys aren't sending me to jail and, if you manage to, there are always my lawyers, ready to come here with my phone call.

Chris: Nah, Elizabeth gave the proper reasons to send you to jail. Buh-bye, annoying CIT *the guards get her*

Courtney: No, wait! I did nothing wrong! I'm innocent! I'M INNOCEEEEEENNNTT!!!!!!! *is brought away*

Chris: YES! She's finally gone. I need to plan a party after this show is over for this. Well, let's go for the results. Sherlock, YOU'RE THE WINNER OF THIS CHALLENGE!!!! But this is not what I wanted to announce. Elizabeth, Linda,'re the bottom three. Linda and Henry's reasons were boring, while Elizabeth said many but didn't explain them. For this she's safe. Linda, Henry.........the one who goes home is....................................................................................................

Lind- HENRY! Sorry, you're the one who's going.

Elizabeth: *kisses Henry on the cheek* Bye Henry... I'll miss you...

Henry: I'll visit you in the finale, win for me! :D

Elizabeth: Nah, i'll win for myself, but I can't wait for that date

Henry: Me neither *gets elimianted*

Sherlock: *waves goodbye* Bye Henry! (CONF) Now it's only me, Linda and Lizzy, and only one episode after this before the finale :)

Elimination 13 - Goodbye to Henry and badbye Courtney

Chris: Well this was fun and short.

Chef: *throws Courtney and Henry into the slingshot of shame*

Chris: *pressed the button and watch Courtney and Henry fly away* well three are left, who will make the final 2 and who will take the final slingshot! all that and more in the next episode of TOTAL DRAMA HOTEL 2!!!

Episode 14 - Goth and Black Roses!

Chris: Hi final 3!! Say hi to this episodes cameo Gwen!! She needs to redeem herself after her disaster season All Star!!

Gwen: grr...

Elizabeth: Final 3! (CONF) I realised if I win, i'll be the 5th RICHEST person in the world... food for thought...

Linda: *high fives Elizabeth* FINAL 3!! I AM SO HAPPY!

Elizabeth: I can't belive I made it so far! Wait! If Sherlock goes, me and you will be final 2! :D

Linda: I know right EEEEE!!!

Elizabeth: EEEEEEEE! :D

Sherlock: *walks over to the two* Hey Linda! Hey Liz- Elizabeth! Isn't it splendid we're all together in the final three together! :)

Linda: Well usually I would be against that but since I'm so happy me and Elizabeth are gonna make the final 2 you can join!

Elizabeth: *looks at Sherlock* Hmm... (CONF) Sherlock is an idiot who doesn't notice the plain obvious... yet Linda likes him so I'll just have to deal with it... (END CONF) Sure! :)

Sherlock: So how are you two doin'?

Linda: I am doing awesome!!

Gwen: So this is the top 3?

Sherlock: That's splendid, Linda! *looks at Gwen* .... Who are you?

Gwen: What.. how do you not know me I am like the TD queen!

Linda: Oh please Gwen, Elizabeth is the queen of TD!!

Elizabeth: Gwen, your not the queen, your the cockroach that won't go away!

Sherlock: Gwen.... Gwen!? *hides behind the table* She's got Courtney-Germs! D:

Elizabeth: *glares at Sherlock* Urg... (CONF) Whiner...

Gwen: Don't worry Sherlock, I keep that "courtney fase" behind me she is a b***h I thought we could be friends but nope she's just a nasty, abusive, agressive sl*t.

Linda: *gasp* I totally agree with you Gwen I agree with you!! She even abuses animals!! (CONF) I am not a vegan but I am against killing animals, except if it;s for their fur cause everything should be acceptable for fashion! (END CONF)

Sherlock: Uh..... phew! *gets out from behind table*


Challenge 14 - Black Roses and other flowers!

Chris: First let me introduce Gwen and.. Duncan

Duncan: Hi guys *sees Gwen* Uhm hi Gwen.

Gwen: *looks down to the ground* (CONF) I am so ashamed what I did to him I can't even look him in the eyes. (END CONF)

Chris: Exes reunion I should do that more often! anyway Gwen what is the challenge.

Gwen: uh challenge... oh yeah challenge! Uhm this Hotel is big 10 floors on every floor has a table with on that there are 5 boxes the boxes are numbered in each box one rose, collect 10 of those boxes 1 of each floor, what you have to do with the roses I will tell you later. Ps do not open the boxes!!!

Duncan: Well maybe you can make someone fall in love with you with those flowers. Gwen eventhing alright.

Gwen: *looks away from Duncan*

(1 line to go the floor (number of floor) you don't have to do it in a particular order 1 line to find the table 1 line to pick a box)

Linda: FINALE HERE I COME *goes to floor 5*

Sherlock: *goes to floor 2* :/

Elizabeth: *runs to 4th floor*

Sherlock: *finds table* :)

Elizabeth: *finds table* YES! I bet Linda found her box by now!

Linda: *find tabe*

Elizabeth: *picks box 2* Million here I come!

Sherlock: *picks box 1* :)

Linda: *picks box 5*

Elizabeth: *runs to floor 6* >:)

Linda: *goes to floor 10*

Sherlock: *goes to floor 9*

Linda: *finds table*

Sherlock: *finds table* :)

Elizabeth: *finds the table* Hmm... This challenge is surprisingly easy...

Linda: *picks box 3*

Elizabeth: *picks box 2*

Linda: *goes to floor 1*

Sherlock: *picks box 4*

Elizabeth: *fruns to floor 1*

Sherlock: *runs to floor 3*

Linda: *Finds table*

Elizabeth: *finds the table*

Sherlock: *finds table*

Linda: *picks box 2*

Sherlock: *picks box 5*

Elizabeth: *picks box 5*

Linda: *goes to floor 4*

Sherlock: *goes to floor 6*

Linda: *finds table*

Sherlock: *finds table*

Elizabeth: *runs to floor 10*

Sherlock: *picks box 3*

Linda: *picks box 1*

Elizabeth: *finds table*

Linda: *goes to floor 2*

Sherlock: *goes to floor 8*

Elizabeth: *picks box 3*

Sherlock: *finds table*

Elizabeth: *picks box 3*

Linda: *find table*

Sherlock: *finds box 5*

Linda: *picks box 4*

Elizabeth: *finds table*

Sherlock: *runs to floor 5*

Elizabeth: *picks box 1*

Linda: goes to floor 9

Sherlock: *finds table*

Elizabeth: *goes to floor 7*

Linda *finds table*

Sherlock: *picks box 2*

Linda: *picks box 2*

Sherlock: *runs to floor 1*

Elizabeth: *finds table*

Sherlock: *finds table*

Elizabeth: *picks box 1*

Sherlock: *picks box 2*

Elizabeth: *goes to floor 6*

Sherlock: *goes to floor 4*

Elizabeth: *finds table*

Sherlock: *finds table*

Elizabeth: *picks box 1*

Sherlock: *picks box 2*

Linda: *goes to floor 3*

Elizabeth: *goes to floor 5*

Linda:*finds table*

Elizabeth: *finds table*

Sherlock: *runs to floor 7*

Elizabeth: *picks box 1*

Linda: *picks box 1*

Elizabeth: *goes to floor 3*

Linda: *goes to floor 8*

Elizabeth: *finds table*

Linda: *find table*

Elizabeth: *picks box 1*

Linda: *pick box 4*

Elizabeth: *goes to floor 2*

Linda: *goes to floor 6*

Elizabeth: *finds table*

Linda: *finds table*

Elizabeth: *picks box 1*

Linda: *picks box 3*

Sherlock: *finds table*

Linda: *goes to floor 7*

Sherlock: *finds box 2*

Linda: *finds table*

Sherlock: *goss to floor 10*

Linda: *picks box 4* done!

Sherlock: Aw... guess I'm out :/

Linda: *runs to Gwen* I'm done!

Elizabeth: *runs to Gwen* I was first, take me to the finals goth!

Sherlock: .... :(

Gwen: YES now comes the hard desicion who do you give the boxes to?

Duncan: Gwen I want ot ask something!

Gwen: Not now Du. *get's kissed* oh. *blushes*

Chris: We're in a challenge Gwen get your head in the game!!

Gwen: oh yeah There are three boxes, one with each of your picture. You can put the boxes under the picture of your opponents! and say home many boxes you put in that persons box, for example I put one box in Chris's box.

Linda: I don't know what is in these boxes so IDK who to give them to!

Elizabeth: I give 9 to faboulous Linda, and one to that thing... I mean Sherlock

Sherlock: I give all of my boxes to Linda! :D

Elizabeth: (CONF) D**k...

Linda: I give 10 to my queen and best friend Elizabeth!!

Elizabeth: Linda, your so fab!

Linda: IKR you and me in the final 2!!!

Elizabeth: I know! I hope I win, but if I don't atleast you will!

Sherlock: Well, at least I know who I'm rooting for! ;) *looks at Linda*

Elizabeth: Sherlock, your blind, i'm over here... >.>

Linda: Please stop looking at me like you like me.

Sherlock: But you're... my... girl :)

Linda: What? BUT I AM NOT A GIRL!!

Elizabeth: Yeah, Linda's not female...

Sherlock: ......what...... You a-are... aren't you? D:

Linda: *takes his t-shirt off* NO I AM NOT!

Gwen: Wow..

Duncan: HAHA!

Elizabeth: *slaps Duncan* >:I

Duncan: stop acting like you're royal!

Elizabeth: Um... I actually am a princess so shut the **** up you...

Sherlock: B-bu-b-bu-b-but-...... *faints*

Gwen: Wow well let's see who is eliminated, in these boxes are Black Roses, Black Roses stand for death or in this game elimination and the person who received the most boxes is Linda so he goes home!

Linda WHAT!!

Elimination 14 - Drake say bye bye!

Linda: Is this really necosarry *sitting in the slingshot of shame with Duncan and Gwen when they are making out*

Chris: Yes *presses the button and see them fly* Well Sherlock and Elizabeth are hte final 2!! Who will win Total Drama Hotel 2, #TeamEliza or #TeamSher? All that and more in the final episode of TOTAL DRAMA HOTEL 2.

Chef: *outside of the camera's reach knock Elizabeth and Sherlock out!

Elizabeth: Take Sherlock, Not me pleas- *gets knocked out*

Episode 15 - Two Contestands, One Prize!

Old Contestands and Cameo's

Chris: Welcome viewer at the final episode of Total Drama Hotel 2! Say hi to all the eliminated contestands!! Last season winner Mia and last season contestand Robin!!

Henry: Wow... final 2, time has flied...

Azuna: Wait where is Robin Chris!! You told me he was here!

Chris: I was just kidding.

Azuna: Well that doesn't suprices me.

Robin: *sneak up to Azuna and whispers in her ear* Hi Azuna!

Azuna: *turn around* ROBIN!!! *gives him a hug*

Luna: *pushes Azuna away* Sorry i thought you was a rat.

Princess: *follows Luna* This is so weird to be here.

Luna: Whatever dont talk to me again please. You placed 18th, and i'm not talking to someone that placed 18th.

Princess: Eh, okay..

Azuna: What was that for!

Robin: What is wrong Luna? I thought you two were friends?

Luna: Wow, Robin. Hi there! And Azuna, do you think i'm still your guilty slave? (CONF) Okay, maybe i'm too mean right now. But Azuna did mean too and i'm not gonna start with sorry or whatever. She has to. (END CONF)

Azuna: Whatever Luna. *walks away*

Robin: I honestly still don't know what you're talking about but I hope everything will become alright but I'll go to her now *walks to Azuna*

Linda: *arrives* ELIZABETH!! WHERE ARE YOU?

Henry: Hmm... I don't know where she is either, hey Chris, we're here to support Elizabeth yet she is no where to be seen

Luna: *looks angry to Azuna and Robin* Well, and where is Amber?

Princess: *turns to Luna* Which Amber?

Luna: I said, i dont talk to losers. Bye. *pushes Princess, Henry and Linda away*

Henry: Hey! Luna get a life!

Chris: She will be here, hopefully, for her.

Linda: *gasp* what do you mean?

Henry: Yeah, elaborate! >.>

Luna: *turns to Henry and walks to him and looks very angry* What did you say?

Daniel: Hey Robin! Hey Azuna! :)


Robin: Hi Daniel.

Daniel: How are you two? :)

Azuna: I am more than happy actually even if I'm not in the final 2 and Robin is here, but Robin do you have to go back when we're done here.

Robin: No, they said they let me go because of my good behaviour.

Henry: I said elaborate, AKA explain... to Chris!

Chris: Like I am gonna explain anything to you!

Linda: Elizabeth need to be safe!!!!

Daniel: Well, who are you two supporting? I'm supporting Elizabeth! :)

Luna: *looks angry to Henry* I keep an eye on you.

Robin: Who is Elizabeth?

Azuna: I'm not supporting anyone.

Henry: Your grammer is appauling, 'I keep an eye on you'.... really? I thought a person who ISN'T a loser would know standard english...

Lilac: Henry!!! *hugs* I mean... Sup.

Jimmy: Did I miss something? She seems almost... Sane.

Henry: Hi, Lilac... um... remember, how you flirt with me...

Lilac: Yes, why wouldn't I flirt with you, babe?

Henry: That's... um... got to stop, i'm going out with Elizabeth now... sorry

Lilac: Oh... (CONF) Elizabeth... That she-devil. She pretended to be my friend so we would win the stupid final 8 challenge and she could go on to steal my man! I will get my revenge... *zoom in on eyes, which show the fires of hell*

Henry: Don't worry! Me and you are still friends, I just don't think Elizabeth would like it

Luna: *punches Henry in his face* I thought we could be friends but now i hate you even more then i allready did. *walks away*

Henry: Like... ow b***h

Azuna: *sees a open hotel room with a key in it* Come Robin *pulls him into the room and start making out with him*

Robin: *making out with Azuna*

The final 2

*the final 2 is somewhere where they can't see anything and they are chained to the wall*

Elizabeth: Urg! Great, just great! Stuck in a room with no one... wait *kicks to the left, hitting Sherlock* And Sherlock... I think...

Sherlock: *wakes up* Uh.... Ooh! I remember! We're in the final 2, woo! Hey Elizabeth, guess what! Linda was a dude the entire time! I mean, can you believe it? :D

Elizabeth: ... yeah, I can believe it

  • you hear footsteps*

Sherlock: Gah! Did you hear that?! D:

Elizabeth: Ah! Yes, I did! It sounds like someone's here

Sherlock: .... Maybe it's room service? :)

  • hearing Scratching*

Elizabeth: Ew... it must be Chef... right D:

Sherlock: If it isn't, it might be Chris! :)

Elizabeth: Sherlock? Why do you sound so happy!? We're in chains! D:

  • Something holds Elizabeths foot for a second*


Challenge 15 - The last ever!

You can start with the challenges as soon as I posted the Challenge of Chef!

Chef's Challenge

  • turns on the light when Sherlock and Elizabeth are*

Cher: Hi suckers you're in the basement of the basement of the hotel! You're chained to the wall and you have to escape, you have two ways to escape there is a saw and you can saw the chain or there is a 4 number code on the chain. Sawing yourself out takes 10 lines, cracking the code takes 1 line but if you guess it wrong you have to try again and you can only try 5 times untill the randomnizes the code and you can't crack it! But be carefull, you don't want to wake up him *points at Ezekiel* (if your opponent doesn't post in 20 minutes you can post again)

Eizabeth: *saws the chain* D:

Elizabeth: *saws the chain* Grr! (Been 20 minutes)

Ezekiel: *makes a noise but is still sleeping*

Chef: Yeah I forgot if Ezekiel wakes up and grabs you you need to fight him off that (2 lines)

Elizabeth: *saws the chain* Come on! (Been 20 minutes)

Elizabeth: *saws the chain* So close (Been 20 minutes)

Sherlock: *saws the chain* :/

Elizabeth: *saws the chain* Come on

Sherlock: *saws the chain*

Eizabeth: *saws the chain*

Sherlock: *saws the chain*

Eizabeth: *saws the chain* D:

Sherlock: *saws the chain* :)

Eizabeth: *saws the chain* D: Almost free

Sherlock: *saws the chain* :/

Eizabeth: *saws the chain* Almost... D:

Sherlock: *saws the chain*

Elizabeth: *saws the chain off quietly* (CONF) Phew...(END CONF) *walks off*

Sherlock: *saws* :/

Elizabeth: >:) Good Sher-luck! *runs off*

Sherlock: I'll just try the code, um... 4444? :D

  • the lock starts to make noise*

Ezekiel *wakes up and fals in sleep again*

Sherlock: Uh... 4321? :(

  • the lock makes more noise*

Mia's challenge

Mia:, here's your challenge. You have to take out this sumo guy by outsmarting him. If you manage to do so you pass. Prepare yourself, it's not easy at all.

Sumo Guy: *roars and stomps his feet in the ground*

Mia:......I'm not sure if he's even a human...

Elizabeth: *gets out a KFC* Hey! Look here! *throws it into a ditch* :)

Sumo Guy: *does nothing and smashes down Elizabeth*

Mia: It doesn't work....this guy is pretty though

Elizabeth: *getting crushed* HOW DARE YOU! *gets a rock and smashes the Sumo* Die you b***h! *pushes him down the ditch* >.>

Sumo: *doesn't even move* Ruff *pushes Elizabeth away from the ring*

Mia: Oh yeah, you win when he's out the ring. Find something <.<

Elizabeth: *starts crying* ...great! Now my cousin, who abuses me, will always be more important! *cries*

Sumo: ...what happens? Why you so sad? *gets out of the ring to comfort Elizabeth*

Mia:..................................oh wow. Elizabeth, you pass....somehow. That was...extremely dumb but...OK I GUESS. Crying works <.<

Elizabeth: Loser! *gets up* I mean, thanks for that... loser! *runs off*

Azuna's Challenge

Azuna: *holding Robin* I want you to post the song that best decribes us! *kisses Robin*

Elizabeth: You two are un-seperable so ! Yes, I know it's from a mediocre kids show, but the song is good! >.>

Azuna: ... Do I look like a happy ponytail highschool girl..

Elizabeth: Um... this is describing you, you and Robin are a perfect pair, you guys know eachother, love eachother and everything said in the song

Azuna: Just pick another song

Elizabeth: >.>

Azuna: GRR I don't want you to win but this song is awefuly true so yeah you pass *glares*

Elizabeth: *runs* >:)

Lilac's Challenge

Lilac: You must come up with an idea to make me love you!

Elizabeth: I'm a girl and no... i'm not lesbian. So this will be awkward. Anyway, I could take you to my country for an entire week, show you the servants, the pool guys, the national musuem of boys and the attractions...

Lilac: Very awkward... As much as I DESPISE you, that is a pretty good idea so... You win. *steps aside* I hope you get shocked by Luna a million times.

Elizabeth: I thought we were friends... :(

Lilac: Friends??? You stole my man!!! Sleep with one eye open!!

Elizabeth: Wait, I stole Henry, but he asked me out! And I only felt stuff for him when Foody came around

Lilac: So... You don't like him?

Elizabeth: I like him, I have a crush on him. Yet, I only started feelig things for him when Foody came aroud

Lilac: Si you don't think It's real?

Eizabeth: No, I'm just trying to say, I had no intention of stealing him from you, as I started loving him when that Foody guy left us. What about Micheal, he REALLY likes you...

Lilac: Maybe you're right... Thanks bestie!!! *hugs*

Chris's Challenge

Make a best thing to honer me!

Chris Lover

This is simply the winning picture! :3

Chris: Ew!! try again!

Elizabeth: , Chris...

Chris: this is not gonna make you win the season!!

Elizabeth: *starts singing*

All the pain on Total Drama, is unbearable ~

The friendships that are destroyed are un-repairable ~.

But the one thing that gives me so much glee ~

Is the appearance of thy ~

Oh Chris, Oh Chriis, your the show's own saving grace,

Oh Chris, Oh Chriiis, without this show'd be a disgraaaaaaaaaaaace!

Chris: cute, courtney did that too in action plus she sung better but nope not a winning preformance!

Elizabeth: Grr...

Chris: no this is humiliating, how nice I was to those 4, just ew!

Elizabeth: How about this? You are amazing for getting rid of this

Chris: This is made in honor of Courtney not to honor me I know it's amazing she got eliminated but still no!!

Elizabeth: Shows how dedicated you are to your job

Chris: A honor to me should be only about me!! so no!!

Elizabeth: This better win

Chris: Oh Em gee this is just plain boring, new one!!

Elizabeth: Die... [INSERT PICTURE]

Chris: So beautiful so wonderfull so *about to cry but sees everyone watching* I mean, WE HAVE A WINNER ELIZABETH!!!

Elizabeth: YES! *takes the case* I want to thank several people! Azuna, *gives her a tenth of the million* As an apology for insulting your boyfriend, as well as you in general. Linda, *gives her a tenth of the million* for being by BFF! Lilac, *gives her her number* Call me when you want that trip. Henry, *gives him a eigh of the million* for being there for me! And Sherlock *gives him an eitgh* for sucking this challenge!


Azuna: Wow I didn't expected this *kisses Robin*

Robin: Wow Elizabeth I people should love you from where you are from!

Chris: enough thanking, we have a winner of Total Drama Hotel 2!! Elizabeth!!! Well a third season is around the corner! so join me tomorrow for the first episode of Total Drama Hotel 3!! Well I am Chris Mcclean and I wish everyone an nice day and see you next season!! ON TOTAL DRAMA HOTEL!!!!

Elimination table

Rank Player Merge Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
5th/6th Luna QUIT Returns WIN IN IN LOW WIN OUT
11th Daniel IN IN IN IN IN QUIT
14th Angelica IN IN IN OUT
15th Vins IN LOW LOW OUT
16th Victoria IN LOW OUT
17th Corey IN OUT
18th Princess QUIT

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