Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Hotel folks! This year on TD we have 16 fresh faces to take on this hotel and its mysteries. Every week when a team wins a challenge, their reward is a key to unlock a new room in the hotel which they claim as their own. When the merge hits there is a twist that can change the game for everyone! This is the brand new, Total Drama Hotel!

Contestants: (CLOSED)

Cassie - Female - The Dumb Blonde - SoaringSpirits

Newton - Male - The Street Dude - SoaringSpirits

Daniel - Male - The Nice Guy - NanoPower512

Jason - Male - The Affectionic - NanoPower512

Robin - Male - The misunderstood outstander - Sound

Azuna - Female - Pure Evil - Sound

Russel - Male - The Alchemist - Owen

Maya - Female - The Artist - Owen

Ren - Male - The Clumsy Hero - Xros

Asuna - The Female Swordsman - Xros

Mia - The Undercover Police Agent - Race, the one and ONLEH!

Paul - The one who is convinced that he can turn into a incredibly dragon capable to save world from the evil forces of evil. - Race :3

Pencil - The like totally coolest girl in like the world! - MIB Agent

Looker - The OTHER undercover agent - MIB Agent

Dianna - The Hot, Smart, and Devious Brazillian - Disco Party Game Store Owner!

Tom - The Hardcore Mudkip Fan - Disco Party Game Store Owner!

Karl - The Fairly Normal Guy - BlazeHead 51

Niall - The Football Nut - BlazeHead 51

Eraser - The arrogant "which is" spammer - IfraidGryphLW160BSF

Mine Turtle - The Mine Turtle - IfraidGryphLW160BSF


Here is a list of the cameo's

Sierra - Room of Horror and pain

Blainley - Twinkle Twinkle lost superstar

Lindsay - Hotel's got Talent and Multiple last chances

Mike (as Mal) - Disaster Hotel and Multiple last chances

B - Disaster Hotel

Izzy - Multiple last chances, Farm Towns and Dirt roads and Fight club hotel Chris

Ezekiel - Down on the graveyard, Farm Towns and Dirt roads and fight club hotel Chris

Gwen - Down on the graveyard

Michael Jackson (okay not a TD character but still worth to put here) - Down on the graveyard

Duncan - Farm Towns and Dirt roads

Miley Cyrus - Farm Towns and Dirt roads

Episode 01: The New Arrivals

Chris: Welcome to the hotel! Please chat here until everyone arrives.

Paul: Ya, first post!

Jason: :D *Hugs Paul* I MADE IT WOOO! *Jumps up and down clapping.... uhh... like a man*

Pencil: Hey guys!

Jason: OMG! OMG :D it's another person *hugs Pencil like a girl- I mean Man*

Looker: Uhhh....

Jason: :O...... HAI ^.^ HUGS *Hugs Looker a GIRL*

Looker: *Brings out pipe* BACK BAAACK

Jason: O_o uhh..... *punches the pipe out of Lookers hands* Acept it *Tackles Looked to the ground, FINNALY like a man*

Pencil: *Runs away*

Jason:*Finnishes hugging looker* ok I'm done

Looker: *Picks pipe back up* Can we just start this?

Jason: I don't know, Let's go find pencil , she might know *grabs Lookers hand,girly, Drags Looker with him ,Manly,*

Robin: *walks into the Hotel with a cigarette in his mouth*

Jason: wait.. aren't you from that one show..... what's it called again?

Pencil: *Shivering in a corner*

Russel: *Walks over* Hi

Maya: *Walking over as well* Hello

Dianna: Hey, there. *smiles*

Eraser: Hi guys.

Dianna: *walks over* You look like you could use a little help. Alliance?

Pencil: *Sticks head out* Eraser?!?!


Dianna: *to Looker* Alliance?

Looker: Ah, you look normal enough! Alright. Alliance!

Dianna: Thanks. *kisses Looker on the cheek and walks away*


Looker: Oh.


Looker: I prefer Croagunk

Eraser: which is?

Mine turtle: Hello.

Russel: *Sees Eraser and Pencil, walks over* Are you Pencil and Eraser from BFDI?


Eraser: Yes I am.

Mine Turtle: Hello Russel.

Azuna: *walks into the hotel bumps into Robin* Watch out you d**ck!

Robin: Seriously I was standing here you're the one bumping into me *continue smoking*

Pencil: *To Russel* Pfft nah, I am too cool for that show. (Ok maybe not)

Eraser: Robin smoking is bad for your lungs, whatever those are.

Looker: Indeed, as part of the national police force we look down upon smoking.

Robin: There is a reason why I smoke and that reason in none of your business. *continuing smoking*

Azuna: That is sad! Addicted much?

Eraser: well let's arrest him or he's gonna get cancer.

Looker: *Takes away cigarettes*

Pencil: *Takes away matches* Oh if only Match was here

Jason: ... Robin, do you want to talk about it :(

Looker: *Looks at the cigarette Robin is smoking* How does your final one taste?

Russel: *To Mine Turtle and Eraser* Wanna make an alliance?

Robin: What part of Mind you own business don't you get *takes the cigarettes back* you can keep the matches.

Jason: Sorry for bothering you, Here have this *Gives him more cigarettes* Sorry, Again

Eraser: grrr *throws the mine turtle into Robin's cigarettes*

Mine turtle: Hello *explodes*

Robin: (CONF) Wow is this the Confession cool! Anyway what's up with everyone getting their pants stuck in a mower because I smoke it's not like they have to pay it and I make sure no one can smoke along with me because I only smoke outside and places where the air get cleaned all the time. It's completely stupid especially that... guy that says he's from the police, geez come on that guy must used something to think that. Someting like ate too much candy, people can go crazy over that. (CONF)

Jason: Umm.... guys, Smoking isn't illegal and is used to calm people down, it also has nicotine which makes them addicted and deprivation of such could cause Anger Issues, Sad Emotions and Addiction problems, he can stop if he wants to but it would be safer to do this banter at least after the show if you can't stop now, sorry Robin :(

Azuna: And why are you defending him?

Jason: Put yourself in his shoes, everyone's against him, I was brought up to be nice and that isn't nice, and you guys even got the facts wrong and reasoning, basically, Don't dis people around me :)

Azuna: I only called him d*ck because he was standing in my way I don't care if he smokes, it's his choice and if he want's to die while having a terrible lung decease it's fine by me. Atleast he isn't gonna get killed by me, so that is a bonus I guess.

Jason: ………you called him a D*ck? And I wasn't directing at you it was to the people who are annoying

Robin: Thanks Jason atleast don't get on my business like everyone else. *throws his Cigarette away*

Jason: I have no need in snooping in other people's Buisness because I don't need the knowledge not given to me :)

Looker: Azuna! You are making this worse. I now thinking back on it should've talked to him about it and uhhh Pencil, give him back his matches.

Pencil: Awww but I wanted to play spongy cake!

Chris: The challenge will be later today, continue talking until then.

Azuna: how am I making it worse you're the one who's thinking you can decide things for other people.

Jason:Um.... I'm on AZUNA' S side, all she did was insult him, and as mean as that is, you tried to force him to give up his habits and your doing it because you "look down" on smoking, she had a reason, you don't :(

Eraser: Robin has anger issues then? Well if he doesn't wanna die with bad lungs maybe a electronic one will do the trick.

Jason: It doesn't mean he's nessecerilly having angry issues, it could be he got stressed and started smoking to keep him from hurting others :)

Robin: Talking about being judgemental.. what does me smoking have to do with anger issues?

Azuna: (CONF) Yay finally I am not being the center of the angry people! Now it's time to work on my plan! (END CONF)

Jason: I believe Robin has a bigger point than Eraser, If you could evaluate Eraser it would help your situation, but I BELIVE that you all have no right judging robin even if you make a valid point , I'm not trying to be mean And trying to be polite :)

Robin: Thanks Jason atleast someONE doesn't judge me from what I do.

Azuna: (CONF) Okay can I just add that Jason is grosing me out everytime he talks he does that thing with his hand it's so weird and oh yeah he is sucking up to Robin big time. Which is weird, usually a girl sucks up to a guy if she likes him does that mean Jason is ....*camera battery is empty (END CONF)

Jason: (CONF) for some reason, I don't think Azuna likes me.... And I don't think Robin and Eraser do either..... what did I do to make people hate me?:(

Eraser: Jason you said smoking was to calm down people now I thinking your a- *steps on mine turtle* uh oh.

Mine turtle: Hello *explodes*

Jason: A..... What? :(

Eraser: *is recovered from the God of recovery centers* that's a new recovery type.

Jason: What were you saying again?

Azuna: O_O What the F**k just happend?

Robin: Just because there is something to calm people down doesn't mean they have anger issues. And besides what's up with that turtle?

Eraser: I like that point actually and that turtle well idk.

Jason: But what we're YOU saying....

Looker: Robin, I am sorry that I did that. I didn't know how addicted you were. But you really should try and stop.

Jason: Fine... I am giving up on what you were gonna tell me eraser , tell me another time :) Hi looker

Daniel: O.o Um.... Jason don't talk too much... you know

Robin: *glares at Looker* (CONF) That ... guy is getting on my nerves. He's so judgemental and I hate that. (END CONF)

Daniel: Jason, maybe you shouldn't make any friends because of your ......P-pro b lem :(

Jason: I know.......*sigh* At least we're still friends Daniel *sadly looks at everyone he is not allowed to make friends with, including Azuna, Looker , eraser, Robin and pencil* :(

Looker (CONF) My investigation is going well. Even if I get eliminated, this has still been a success (END CONF)

Azuna: *playing piano and singing really good*

Jason: (CONF) I have issues....... I can't be friends with them because..... I'm worthless because I have an addiction to blood, I cut all the time and it weirds people out.... also, for some reason people think I'm gay


Chris: Welcome everyone, to Total Drama Hotel! Your first challenge is to find the keys in the pool outside. You have to dive off (1 line), Look for the key (8 lines) and finally grab the key (1 line). Only 3 people can find the keys as there are only 3 keys. I will reveal the prize for winning later on. You may START!!

Azuna: *dives off*

Robin: *dives off*

Eraser: *drives off*

Mine turtle: *droves off*

Karl: (dives off)

Niall: (dives off)

Eraser: *loocks for key*

Mine turtle: *looks for key+

Azuna: *looks for key*

Robin: *looks for key*

Eraser: *looks for key*

Mine turtle: *looks for key*

Azuna: *looks for key*

Robin: *looks for key*

Eraser: *looks for key*

Mine turtle: *looks for key*

Azuna: *looks for key*

Robin: *looks for key*

Eraser: *looks for key*

Mine turtle: *looks for key*

Azuna: *looks for key* (4)

Robin: *looks for key* (4)

Eraser: *looks for key*

Mine turtle: *looks for key*

Azuna: *looks for key*

Robin: *looks for key*

Eraser: *looks for key*

Mine turtle: *looks for key*

Azuna: *looks for key*

Robin: *looks for key*

Mine turtle: *looks for key*

Eraser: *looks for key*

Azuna: *looks for key*

Robin: *looks for key*

Eraser: *finds key*

Mine turtle: *finds key*

Azuna: *looks for key*

Robin: *looks for key*

Eraser: *grabs key*

Mine turtle: *grabs key*

Robin: *almost grabs a key but falls*

Azuna: *makes Robin fall and grabs the key* That's for standing in my way!

Looker: *Dives*

Pencil: *Dives*

Robin: *walks away and lights a cigarette* Well Played Azuna well played!

Jason: I'll never find one now *dives*

Looker: *Looks for key*

Pencil: *looks for key*

Jason:*looks for key -.-*

Looker: *Looks some more* Where did you hide this thing?!

Pencil: *Looks more* Water is bad for my health!

Azuna: Haha loosers in the water..

Robin: Why? *continue's smoking*

Azuna: What? Oh Nevermind *looking at everyone searching or keys*

Looker: *Looks for keys* *Then looks at robin* Maybe I was wrong he seems very nice....

Pencil: *Looks for keys* Whoa I am talking in water.

Robin: *continue smoking* how long is this challenge gonna take?

Azuna: I don't care it's funny to see people search for something that isn't their.

Eraser: hold on theres 3 keys in total me mine turtle and Azuna already got one thats 3 so isnt this over?

Looker: You're right, Eraser

Pencil: *Still looking*

Looker: Pencil, you can stop.

Chris: Okay, Earser, Mine Turtle and Azuna win Team Captains! You will pick your teams.....NEXT EPISODE! Will Mine Turtle be a fan favourite? Will Azuna be even more mean? will Cassie be even more dumb? find out these answers and more next time, on Total. Drama. Hotel!

Episode 2: Hotel Dash!

Chris: Team captains pick in a few minutes, Chat victims- I mean contestants. :]

Eraser: well I cant believe I won challenge 1.

Jason: Congrats dude, you deserved it!

Robin: *smoking outside so that no one get bothered*

Azuna: *whispering in Robin's ear* How does it feel to loose like that.

Robin: WOW *almost falls* you almost scared the p**s out of me. Anyway, what are you talking about?

Azuna: I am talking about how a fake turtle won over you.

Robin: Is that thing actually competing?

Jason: Hi Guys, What are you doing? *stands next to azuna with a smile*

Robin: *smoking* Talking, scaring me the usual.

Azuna: *tries not to look at Jason* (CONF) He is so f*cking creepy abd his teeth were red like WTF. (END CONF)

Jason: *decides Azuna hates him and knows she's looking at the blood from his cuts and stops smiling to hide it*

Looker: So there are going to be 3 teams huh?


Azuna: *walks inside to Looker* You say you're a cop right, can you keep a eye on Jason he has blood or something on his teeth.

Looker: *Turns to Jason* Strange. Are all the contestants still alive?

Jason: *shakes Lookers hand, accidentally revealing his bleeding wrists* What's strange?

Robin: *finish smoking and sees Jasons wrists* uhm gotta pee be right back *goes to the toilet*

Looker: *Sweating a bit* Nothing Jason

Pencil: *Sees Jason's wrists too* Gotta sharpen my lead!

Azuna: *making a sandwich* yum that is gonna be good.

Looker: *Done shaking Jason's hand* Uhh I gotta go fix a sammich!

Chris: Okay, You guys can start picking members now. Eraser pick 3 people, then Mine Turtle pick 3, then Azuna pick 3 and so on.

Looker: Uhh how does mine turtle pick?

Jason: Looker makes a valid point he- *falls unconscious because of BLOOD loss*

Chris: He blows them up. :)


Chris: Not this running gag again... *Puts Chyna on a Slingshot and shoots her away." Oh yeah, thats the exit thingy this time around. :)

Pencil: *Looks at jason* OH MY GOLF BALL ​

Jason: I'm oka- *falls unconscious again*

Looker: I don't think he can particpate in this challenge

Jason: *Gets up* I-m Ph ine Looker, Ih Just can't see, or *falls unconscious*

Pencil: Hey hosty guy you outta bring in the paramedics!

Jason: *blood pouring OUT of his wrists and some out of his head* imfffinwesanswart

Robin: *walking out of the toilet* ah, *washing his hands* so what's up.

Azuna: *eating the sandwich* FOOD!

Jason: Nothing..... just dying *falls unconscious*

Robin: wow Jason *runs to him* are you okay?

Looker: *Eating my own sandwhich* So I did think very wrongly of robin at first....

Azuna: *drinking apple juice* What do you mean?

Jason: I can still do the CHALLA- * BLEEDS TO THE EXTREME* Oh.... maybe not *passes out

Looker: Nothing

Daniel: What Happened over here? 0_0

Niall: it's a m-m-m-m-murder!

Karl: no it's not!, he's just passed out.

Niall: i think i need to lie down, before i pass out as well...(walks away)

Pencil: WIMP!

Jason: That's Not very- *trips over Azuna' s foot by accident causing more blood loss, a bit close to pencil* :(

Eraser: I pick Pencil, Looker and Karl.

Mine turtle: *explodes on Robin, Niall and Jason*

Pencil: Hey eraser!

Looker: I will be valuable for your team!

Azuna:Uhm Daniel, Cassie and Newton.

Jason: At least I'm on Mine Turtle and Robin and Niall' s tea- *Bleeds out again*

Niall: i wonder if he's made of ketchup?

Karl: no, just no dude.

Jason: That's not very nice :(

Robin: Are you alright?

Jason: I think so, wait, why are there three of you?

Russel: *Confessional* Looks like my idea of being in an alliance with Mine Turtle and Eraser is not going to work... *Non-Conf* *To Eraser* Wanna be in a boys alliance?

Chris: Eraser continue picking.

Paul: Forgot to partecipate

Mia: Yeah,'s weird, I forgot about this camp

Eraser: Russel,Maya and Ren

Mine turtle: *blows Mia, Paul and Asuna up*

Azuna: Tom and diana Wait who is left?

Chris: No one now. Challenge is tomorrow.


Chris: *Scowls* Fine, you can have the robot. *A robot walks over and stands near azuna.*

Azuna: *looks at the Robot* I was actually thinking of a advantage in the challenge.

Eraser: haha you got a useless robot.

Mine turtle: *blows Robot up*

Daniel: It's not that bad.... I hope

Jason: *still bleeding* 0.o why do I have blood coming out of my head, man where is the paramedics when you need them

Eraser: they come when Pigs fl- * pig flys and paramedics spawn* nevermind.

Azuna: *sees Jason and puches the robot his way* Go sit in this thing so we don't have to see you bleeding!

Jason: But I ain't on your team, and besides *Gets in paramedics van* who wants to come? There's a mall near the hospital :)

Looker: *Hits robot with pipe* Uhh does this thing even move, or speak?

Dianna: I quit because having objects and a turtle in a hotel is so under level. Plus, I have to go model. *walks away*

Tom: Ditto, except the modeling part. *walks away*

Looker: (CONF) I would quit this too but I still feel like there is something bigger going on here (END CONF)

Pencil: HOW RUDE! Objects are like the best!

Robin: if you need me I am outside *goes outside and lights up a cigarette*

Eraser: yeah I agree with pencil atleast we have a recovery center so dying is no matter humans have to worry though.

Looker: *Walks outside* Robin.... I am sorry for judging you, I am here for undercover duties, villans are trying to steal the prize and I am very jumpy.

Paul: Recovery Center? It means that if I die I won't be sent to paradise? PERFECTION! Now sorry I have to fly for fun

Mia: Do what?!

Paul: Fly! Did you know? I can transform into a dragon and pwn the evil forces of evil

Mia: Yeah....right......*to herself* are you kidding me?. *to Paul*. Nice one...I...I guess?

Robin: Uhm how undercover are you? *continue smoking*

Paul: Did I reveal my secret identity? DARN IT. Memory remover *flashes it making everoyone forgetting what he said* So, guys, how it's going?


Looker: Pretty undercover, Robin I do not think the enemy has found me.

Strange Man: (CONF) That looker guy is an idiot (End CONF)


Chris: This week's challenge is to push each other through the hotel on the bus boy carts. Each team assign a pusher then run through the hotel (10 lines) then grab the key at the end (1 line) and you win immunity! The other 2 teams will face off in a sudden death challenge later on. Anyways, go!

Paul: VICTORY IS OURS! Lemme push! I'll unleash THE POWER OF THE................duh, yeah, almost forgot. I didn't say anything!

Azuna: I push..

Robin: Paul be my guest...

Paul: Actually, there's no home here :u. Since no objections are heard in the wind, I'll be the mighty pusher

Mia: Ok...let's do it then?

Robin: Cool! *get's hit in the back of his head* Hey what was that

Azuna: Just to get your attention, cause your team is gonna loose!

Robin: We will see that.

Eraser: guess ill push.

Mine turtle: *blows Paul up*

Azuna: *pushing the bus boy cart and run through the hotel*

Mine turtle: *somehow pushing the bus boy carts and runs through hotel*

Eraser: *pushing bus boy cart and runs through hotel*

Azuna: *pushing the bus boy cart and run through the hotel*

Eraser: ^pushing boy cart and runs through hotel* (CONF) I'd die if mine turtle wins.

Mine turtle: *pushing boy cart and runs through hotel*

Karl: (pushing boy cart and runs through hotel)

Niall: (pushing boy cart and runs through hotel)

Mine turtle: *pushing boy cart and runs through hotel*

Eraser: *pushing cart runs through hotel

Looker: .... Why?


Azuna: *pushing the bus boy cart and run through the hotel*

Eraser: *pushing cart and runs through hotel*

Mine turtle: *pushing cart and runs through hotel*

Azuna: *pushing the bus boy cart and run through the hotel*

Mine turtle: *pishing cart and runs through hotel*

Eraser: ^pushing cart and runs through hotel*

Looker: *Pulls out laptop* We are on something called "Drama Hotel totally" or something right? It says chris is going to school and may discontinue it.

Jason: Already? But I made new friends!

Mine turtle: *pushing cart and runs through hotel*

Eraser: hold on since mine turtle has the lead if this is discontinued does that mean he or she wins?

Azuna: *looks for chris* Where is that dou... guy?

Jason: Ditched us here? D:

Mine turtle: *pushing cart and runs through hotel*

Eraser: well if this is canceled that means mine turtle has the money.

Azuna: *falls over Eraser* Is Chris really gone?

Mine turtle: *pushing cart and runs through hotel*

Eraser: sorry but it's true and the turtle won't stop -_-.

Jason: WAIT, who is gonna take us home... I live in a different state

Robin: and what now?

Azuna: Robin did anyone ever told you look incridible good?

Robin: *shy* Uhm yeah

Jason: XD you two picked a bad time to flirt with each other!

Daniel: .... I don't know what's going on :D

Mine turtle: *pushing cart and runs through hotel*

Eraser: uhh a fake turtle is about to win the challenge.

Jason: :3

Daniel: XD

Mine turtle: *finishes pushing cart and stops running through hotel

Eraser: uh oh.

Robin: Did that turtle just win?

Azuna: Who cares so tell me do you have a girlfriend?

Robin: I really don't wanna talk about that..

Strange man: I will have the money for team rocket! *Steals Looker's pipe and throws it at mine turtle's button*

Mine turtle: *dodges, gets key, opens the case and spends the money on a nuclear bomb and activates it*

Eraser: meep.

Azuna: Why not you can tell us, unless you don't like her.

Robin: Well it's compicated.

Looker: Get out of here *Runs to the bomb and tries to deactivate it*

Pencil: :0

Chris: Who ever thought I was gone was wrong! WHAHAHA, Anyway uhm that fake turtle team wins!! The other next challenge is tomorrow!

Looker: But the blog post... You guys saw it too right?

Eraser: hold on so this was an act? (CONF): FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU *explodes*

Chris: Okay it's cleaning time! No seriously the two teams that didn't won have to clean rooms! Each teams has to clean one floor, per floor there are 15 rooms! So take the cleaning utensils and go clean, the team that clean's their floor first wins. (1 line per room so in total 15 lines)

​Daniel: Ok, let's do dis *cleans room 1*

Azuna: Ugh Why? *cleaning room 1*

Daniel: Dum..Dum...Dum...Dun Dunnah NAH DUN DUNNAH NAH *Cleans room 2*

Azuna: *cleaning room 2* Why are people so grose?!!!

Daniel: When I'm gone, when I'm gone, your gonna miss me when I'm gone *Cleans up room 3*

Azuna: Ew ew ew ew *Cleaning room 4*

Jason: SOMEONE HELP ME! *Cleaning room 3*

Eraser: *cleaning room 1*

Azuna: *Cleaning room 5*

Mine turtle: *blows up room 5 in the other floor*

Eraser: is that even allowed *cleans room2*

Azuna: *cleaning room 6* Wow what was that?

Daniel: *Cleans room 7* Your gonna miss me by my hair your gonna miss me everywhere

Jason: Me and Mine Turtle are trolling the challange, Lets Go Mine Turtle *picks up mine Turtle and walks away*

Mine turtle: *helps eraser clean room 3*

Eraser: ehh *cleans room 4*

Azuna: *cleaning room 8*

Daniel: Mine Turtle, that's cheating -.- *Cleans room 9*

Eraser: *cleans room5 * there's no rules about that

Looker: *Cleaning room 6*

Pencil: *Cleaning room 7*

Chris: The other team can't help! otherwise Jason helped Azuna's team and he couldn't so *throws a rock in Mine turtle Room 3 explodes* get on it!

Daniel: Told You *Cleans room 10* Yay!,

Azuna: *cleaning room 11*

Looker: *Cleaning room 8*

Pencil: *Cleaning room 9*

Eraser: *trows a brick at Daniel and cleans room 3* what about stabatoging?

Looker: *Cleaning room 10*

Pencil: *Cleaning room 11* We finally caught up!

Eraser: *cleans room 12* more like we passed.

Daniel: *cleans room 12 D: *

Eraser: see ya later aligator. *cleans room 13*

Daniel: GUYS DO SOMETHIN! *Cleans room 13*

Eraser: *cleans room 14*

Daniel: DAMMIT WE LOST *cleans room 14*

Eraser: *cleans room 15* we win Azuna prepared to be super outnumbered.


Chris: Eraser's team wins! Azuna's team I meet you at the rooftop! Okay Mine Turtle I have something special for you! You can open one of the 20 chest I have here, in 1 of these chest I have a immuniti! So Turtle choose one!

Azuna: *walks to the roof*

Mine Turtle: *blows chest 4 up*

  • sand flies out of the chest and lands ontop on everyone*

Robin: ugh. *coughing up sand*

Elimination 1

Chris: Okay welcome to the roof and vote for who has too go!

Newton: I vote for Tom.

Cassie: Tom

Azuna: Tom

(NP: I already quit because this camp has a mine turtle and Eraser and Pencil, and I like to keep camps realistic unless they are supposed to be unrealistic (I.E., The Cartoon Battle)


Chris: Okay the votes are in but since there is a act of racism I have to disqualify 2 contestands, those are Tom and Diana! Now it's time to take the drop of shame! Yes you have to jump off the Hotel normally we will place a airpillow on the street but in your case *pushes Diana and Tom off the Hotel*

*big gasp*

Chris: What? That airpillow is still there.

Chris: Will Robin stop smoking, will Azuna kiss smoke and Will the plastic turtle ever stop exploding?! Those answers and more will probally not be answered in the next episode of Total Drama HOTEL!!!

Episode 03: Room of horror and pain!

Chris: Hi everyone the challenge will start tomorrow! Keep on talking.

Azuna: We are down to 4 members, we better win!

Robin: ouch.

Eraser: you are probably gonna end up like team "victory" anyway

Mine turtle: *blows Azuna up*

Azuna: *picks up Mine Turtle and Throws him at Eraser* Shut you F-ing mouth, that is not gonna happen.

Eraser: *dodges* then why is there only 4 members left on your team?

Azuna: Still we can win! (CONF) Why were those people racist really ugh (END CONF)

Pencil: YAY! Those mean people are gone.

Looker: They seemed alright (CONF) Why has the team rocket grunt been appearing here and there? (END CONF)

Paul: Nah, insulting pencils is dumb....oh're....a real pencil? WOAH! I gotta take a photo *takes photo*

Mia: Um, alright. Azuna, gotta say........good luck?

Mine turtle: *blows Mia up*

Eraser: what was that for?

Jason: ROOM AND HORROR D: *Jumps Into A Random Contestants Arms* NOO!

Penicl: I always knew people would take pictures fo me!

Azuna: There is no such thing called room of horror

Challenge - room 67,76 and 58!

Chris: Before the challenge start, every member of every team get's a pass to go into a room. Azuna's team has to go to room 76, mine turtle's team has to go to room 67 and Erasers team has to go to room 58! In each room there is a walky talky the challenge will be explamed there.

Eraser: *goes to room 58*

Mine turtle: *goes to room 67*

Pencil and Looker: *Follows Eraser*

Jason: *Follows Mine Turtle* Let's Go!

Daniel: *Goes to room 76* Let's Go, We don't want to loose again

Mia: I wonder what it is... *goes to room 67*

Paul: I'm ready to everything, JUST NOT throw at me LOBSTERS! I HATE THEM! *goes to room 67*

Pencil: Hehe. *Smirks then throws lobster into room 67*

Eraser: good idea *puts lobster king in a catapult then launches him into room 67*

*everyone gets into the room and everyone got locked up*

*hearing Chris though a walky talky* Chris: Okay on each table there are 10 mobile phone on the table they are numbered from 0 to 9, there is just on botton on each phone and that is the call button. You have to find the combination of 5 phones which you need to call with. For example you call with the phone 0 to 4 and you do it in the combination phone 4,2,3,0,1. If the combination is right you the door opens and you win the challenge if the combination is wrong, there is 50% chance that one of you ...... *conection is bad you can't hear Chris well* The only clue to the combination is a piece of paper that is in front of you. So ...t on .t. (no double post unless no body is posting than you can edit again in 20 minutes

Room 58 Erasers team

Eraser: uhh 4,2,6,1,8?

  • fog appears in the room and Looker disappeared*

Pencil: HEY! Were did that police guy go?

Eraser: I dunno I'll say 7,8,2,5,1 now and the Fake turtle team has a lead in this game

*nothing happens*


Eraser: which is? I'll say 2,1,4,7,5

Russel: I got it! 0,9,4,8,3!

Pencil: Lets call 911 this place is crazy.

  • doors opens due to Russels combo*

Chris: You won! Azuna's team has to send two people home, again!

Room 67 Mine Turtle's team

Paul: AHHH, LOBSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia: the combination 9,6,4,2,3? I can't really understand this riddle <.<

*door opens*

Chris: You're the first team to win the challenge.

Mia: Uh, that was easy?

Mine Turtle: *explodes confetti*

Room 76 Azuna's team

Daniel: Well, I Think It's... I DON'T KNOW! Uh... 7,8,4,2,3?

*the lights goes on and off*

Azuna: WHAAA that isn't the code I think.

Daniel: Azuna, *Grabs Azuna' s. Hand* If we stay near each other, We won't get caught so let's get cassie and Newton together and find out!

Azuna: Let go of my hand and I won't kill you!

Daniel: I'll Comply *Lets Go Of Hand* Just don't run off, Now Lets Geuss, Um... What Do You Think?

Azuna: I don't know *randomly calling with the phones in the order 3,0,5,7,4

Daniel: D: Please be right!

  • the lights goes on and off and Cassie disappeared*

Azuna: *without noticing Cassie is gone* Seriously Chris is that everything you can do?

Daniel: Cassie... Where'd You Go? D: Oh God! 9,6,4,2,3!

  • something that looks like a burned human body falling out of the closet near Azuna*

Azuna: WHA *jumps onto Daniel's lap* What the f*ck is that?

Daniel: I don't know... Um... Your On My Lap... Is it C-cassie?

Azuna: *get's off Daniel pushes Daniel to the ground and takes his chair* I doubt it. maybe this is it, 0,1,3,5,8.

Daniel: 1. OW! 2. That's my seat and 3. PLEASE BE RIGHT :(

  • someone knocking on the door, than the think that looks like a burned human body stand up and start walking toward Azuna*

Azuna: *at the door not paying atention what happens behind her* hello? Someone there?


Azuna: *start running away from the thing that looks like a burned body* Common what is the f**king code? Look at the clue's maybe you get them!

Daniel: I don't Know.. I'll try... Um... 6,4,5,7,0 I DON'T KNOW! KEEP RUNNING!

  • the thing that looks like a burned body turns to Daniel and start running after him*

Azuna: Seriously why isn't Newton doing anything?

Newton: Cus yolo, but um, if shes dead then doesn't that mean we can sue Chris? :)


Azuna: Seriously 1,0,5,4,3. Hoping this works

Daniel: AHH! I'M DEAD, I'M DEAD!

  • the thing that looks like a burned human body falls down and disappears*

Azuna: What the f**k.

Daniel: Da F**k I mean.... What.. Is it 1,4,5,8,0

  • lights goes on and off and Cassie is back*

Azuna: What the f**k!

Daniel: Was that right?

Azuna: No the door is still locked. Let me look at the clue, I think I know it 5,3,0,8,1

Daniel: I was gonna say that.. but it better be the captain get it right instead of me :)

  • a gust of wind get's in the room*

Azuna: Where did that wind came from?

Daniel: GHOST! *JUMPS INTO AZUNA' S ARMS* Oh... Maybe The door.. don't kill me.

Azuna: *looking at Daniel angry and drops him on the ground* it was the airconditioning *turns it off* common look at the clue maybe you get it..

Daniel: You've Probably Known the Entire time but.. 0,8,5,4,1

  • Sierra fall from the ceiling*

Sierra: EEEEE Azuna *take a picture of Azuna* you were so mean in TDAT.

Azuna: What?

Daniel: *ties Sierra up and throws her down a chute* 8,5,4,1,0

Azuna: What was that for? Sierra won't hurt anyone.

  • Ezekiel appears from behind Daniel and attack him*

Azuna: OH what?

  • door opens*

Chris: I see you at the roof, you're up for elimination again!


Chris: Okay I've decided to let TWO! people go each week so vote for the TWO people that are suppose to go home!

Daniel: You Have To Admit... Cassie and Newton Did Nothing so I vote for them, Azuna May not be the best company but was the best teammate by far

Cassie: I vote for Azuna and Daniel

Newton: Same here, Azuna and Daniel

Azuna: Newton and Cassie! You were worthless!

Chris: Seriously? Okay you all stay but next episode 4 people go home! Besides a team so divided is fun!

Episode 4 - Twingle Twingle lost superstar!

Chris: Today 4 people go home! two per team that loose good luck!

Eraser: ok team so our number 1 enemy is the Mine turtle team so lets beat them once and for all.

Jason: No! Don't do that :)

Eraser: you are just saying that because you are on the fake turtle team now s-

Nine turtle: *blows eraser into Azuna*

Pencil: *Runs with haste and throws a rock at mine turtle* Hey where is the looker guy?

*the hotel is surounded with and police goes into the Hotel*

Mia: Oh god no *facepalms* (CONF) I really hope the police didn't got here for Chris, already. I didn't even found the clues against him. Still, I hope they don't call me by what am I really, duh... (END CONF)

Paul: Hey, my dear friends. How can I help you with know what, right? (his awesome power :P)

Jason: Your "You Know What"? ...... BLEUGH! *Throws up* that's disgusting

14-6: Hi I am officer 14-6 I can't say my real name but I will protect you. All stay here!

Jason: Um... But FIRST *attempts to go into the snack bar inside*

Daniel: *facepalm*

*officers blocking the way to anywhere but where they are*

14-6: I don't think so, we have to keep you here.

Robin: *put a pen he stole out of the snack bar in his pocket* Why are you here?

Jason: *get out a small knife, and cuts one of his own wrists* That's for not being able to steal a sandwich

Paul: *slaps Jason* Perv! *walks away*

14-6: Is that really worth it?

Robin: (CONF) *falls from the roof* I had to climb through the air conditioner to get here, anyway what are they doing here? I got arrested before but seriously for a pen? Atleast if they are here for that that is. (END CONF)

Jason: (CONF) Hey look the door is open :D, Anyway, I wonder why there here! I will ask them!

Robin: (CONF) Hey! how did you get here!

Azuna: (CONF) The officers didn't block the way to here..

Jason: (CONF) ... It's getting cramped in here

Daniel: (CONF) Time For A..... Oh... Bye *Gets to open door but it's locked*

Azuna: (CONF) Hey!! DANIEL!!! Seriously I should've let him die with that thing that looked like a burned body!

Robin: (CONF) What?

Daniel: (CONF) Well, I wanted A Confessional and I didn't know. Besides, I'm the only teammate who HELPED :)

Jason: (CONF) ... I'm Claustrophobic.... RAAAAH!

Robin: (CONF) Jason Ca... *Azuna puts her hand on Robins mouth*

Azuna: (CONF) *whispers in Robins ear* Let him freakout he might be able to break the door so we all be out of this place*

Jason: (CONF) AAH! *Pushes Daniel Onto Robin and Pushes Azuna Over By Accident*

Daniel: (CONF) Watch It, Jason!

Robin: (CONF) Seriously get us out of this confessional!


Jason: (CONF) Aah! *Throws Daniel at the door*

Daniel: (CONF) *Falls And Accidentally Swallows One Of Robin's Cigarettes* O.o *starts Chocking*

Robin: (CONF) *helping out Daniel* Dude how did you even do that?

Daniel: (CONF) *Manages to spit it out* Robin, Its Jason, He Fre-

Jason: (CONF) *Knocks A whole packit of cigarettes into Daniels Mouth* AAH!

Pencil: Do you guys know of looker?

Robin: (CONF) *punches Jason in the face* Are you crazy? He could die from that! *start fighting with Jason*

Azuna: (CONF) *noticed that the door is unlocked and escaped the fight and close the door again*

Daniel: (CONF) >.> A- A- Azun -A N-N-o-o-o *passes Out*

Jason:(CONF) IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! * Tackles Robin to the ground*

Robin: (CONF) *hit's with his head on the ground and is knocked out*

Jason: (CONF) :( Oh God... Um... *Leaves the confessional and locks the door on the way out so it's just Daniel and Robin*

14-6: *stops Jason on the way back* What was happening there?

Jason: A fight, Robin is knocked out and Daniel is Passed out, It was me, Azuna and them in there but we left

Daniel: (CONF) What Happened, where's Jason And ... Um.. Robin? *passes out*

Mia: (CONF) Tsk, I'll take these *grabs Daniel and Robin passed out bodies and brings them out the confessional*

14-6: Uhm who is the person you call Azuna?

Jason: Her *points to Azuna*

Daniel:*Gets Thrown Into A Window of the hotel, still passed out*


Paul: I believe he's the one who threw at me the lobsters of previous episode D:

Jason: D: Why would you do that? WHO COULD HURT THE NICE DANI- Oh I did as well, Get him back!

Daniel: *still passed out, unreachable*

Mia: *looks down at the bottom of the building, then glares at Paul*

Paul: What? I've done it for justice!

Jason: Wasn't it Pencil and Eraser?!

14-6: *walks up to Azuna* What do you know what happend in there? *points at the confesional*.

Azuna: I don't know I never been there.

Robin: *wakes up* what happend?

Jason: Oh... Nothing... Except Paul threw Daniel Into A Window of a classified area >.> and he's still unconscious



Eraser: no it was the fake turtle who blew a box of lobsters up.

Mine turtle: *blows a box of lobsters up and one lands on Paul*

Pencil: *Pointing to mine turtle* SEEEEE!

Jason: ....... Aww....

Challenge - Hotel research!

Chris: Challenge time people I asked agent 14-6 what they are doing here well they are searching for a celebrity ho called the police and said that she was in danger. she is somewhere between floor 1 and 8 there are 15 rooms per floor the challenge is to find her!

(1 line to walk to the elevator)

(1 line to go to floor 1-8)

(1 line to go to room 1 to 15)

Mia: Uhm ok. *walks to the elevator*

Paul: TO THE BATCOIVE! *walks to the elevator*

Jason: Ain't No Way We're Losing, We're in it to win it :) *walks to elevator*

Daniel: *walks to elevator, Coughing the Cigarettes out, still choking* Bleugh

Chris: Oh yeah Almost forgot 1 team wins the other teams has to go to the roof top and get someone off their team.

Robin: *walks to the elevator* My heaqd hurts.

Azuna: *walks to the elevator* Don't worry Rob.

Robin: Rob?

Mia: *goes to floor 1*

Paul: *goes to floor 2*

Jason:*Goes to Floor 1*

Daniel: *Coughs up a Cigarette* Rob? Are you a couple? *Goes to Floor 1 and glares at Jason*

Mia: *checks for room 5*

Paul: *goes to floor 2*

Jason: *Goes to room 13*

Daniel: *Limps/Goes to room 15*

Robin: No *glares at Azuna* that is my fathers name *goes to floor 8*

Azuna: *goes to floor 5* (CONF) Okay there's more behind that glare, I have to figure that out(END CONF)

*floor 1 room 5 stands a clown statue*

Daniel: *Crawls to Room 7* Bleugh *pukes out an entire packet of the Cigarettes but still choking*

Jason:*Continues Searching Room 13 because YOLO*

Paul: Oh well, this is my lucky number *goes into room 5+10+15+20= 5*

Eraser: *walks into elevator*

Mine turtle: *walks into elevator*

Mia: *gets in room 4*

Robin: *still going to floor 8*

Azuna: *still going to floor 5*

*no one is in room 5 of floor 2*

Eraser: *gies to floor 7*

Mine turtle: *goes to room 3*

Pencil: *Walks into elevator*

Team rocket grunt: *Climbs on top of elevator*

Paul: :C *gets in room 13* (1/3)

Mia: *checks* Hello, is someone there?

Pencil: *Walks out towards floor 7*

Team Rocket Grunt: *Jumps off to room 13*

Daniel: *starts coughing up some blood on his way to the elevator* What I-is w-wrong *coughs more out* with M-Me? *cough*

Azuna: Okay than uhm... Nevermind *walks to room 2*

Robin: *walks to room 9 (CONF) uhm is it me or does Azuna loose her evilness? (END CONF)

Daniel: *Goes to Floor 6* I'm gonna *cough blood* go to a room with no-one there, I need to be alone for now....

Jason: *yawn* I'm tired, so tired I can't help *falls asleep*

Eraser: *arrives at floor 7*

Mine turtle: *arrives to floor 3*

*No one is in room2 of the 5th floor *

Robin: *walking to room 9*

Daniel: *walks / Crawls to to Room 5 Floor 6*

Jason: *Walks to room 4*

Mine turtle: *walks to room 3*

Eraser: *walks to room 7*

Pencil: *Walks into room 7* What's in here?

Team rocket grunt: *Walks into room 13* Anyone here... (This guy is an extra until we find Looker)

*no one found the person yet and in room 7 of floor 7 people are making out, quickly go out of there before it's too late.*

Daniel:*crawls to the room 14, Floor 6* Wait, we need to find the person before its to late

Jason*Dashes to elevator* SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, AAH!

Eraser: oh god *gets out and goes to room 3*

Mine turtle: *walks out and goes to room 2*

*no one is in room 3 of floor 7 two people making out are in room 2 of floor 3 and Daniel found Blainley screaming*

14-6: *runs to room 14 of floor 6* What is going on?

Daniel: Weird, I hadn't Expected to find you but... WHAT'S GOING ON BLAINLEY!

Blaineley: I broke my nail, I called the magazine editor to report on celebrity in need.

14-6: Uhm that wasn't the editor of a magazine that you called that was the police, you are arrested for calling the police for no reason.

Blaineley: WHAT BUT I AM A MEGA CELEB! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!!! *get's put into a police car*

Chris: Daniel wins for his team! not everyone go to the roof!

Elimination 3

Chris: Vote TWO people off of your own team. And vote TWO people off the opposing team.

Eraser: I vote Karl and Ren for being useless.

Mine turtle: *blows Asuna and Niall up* ​

Jason: Um... Gosh.... Uh... Niall and Asuna and for the opposing team.. RUSSEL and Maya? Yeah... I'll go for them

Mia: You know, I can't stand Robin yeah, I'll vote him off along with Asuna, and for my team...Russel and Maya

Paul: Can I copy and paste your vote?

Mia: Uhm sure?

Paul: Yay! Robin, Asuna, Russel and Maya, then....sorry I just don't know who to vote fo-

Mia: Also, I found out proof that Pencil and Eraser were the ones to throw at you these lobsters

Paul: WHAT?!

Mia: Yeah, totally

Paul:.......................PENCIL AND ERASER, RUSSEL AND MAYA!

Robin: Uhm I don't know, Mine Turtle is pretty weird Asuna, the one you write with a s and not a z, she wasn't done anything Maya and Ren..

Jason: I'm Sorry about the earlier events, Robin, I Didn't mean to almost KILL Daniel and You... On the bright side, He Won the CHALLANGE for his team... on the bad side, He's crawling everywhere but still, he won their first CHALLANGE

Robin: ah.. it's not you who I want to talk to it's someone else but still I forgive you maybe you should say the same to Daniel and help him up here.

Jason: Who do you want to talk to? Is it As- *Hears A Loud, Cry From Daniel Falling down the stairs instead of going down the elevator* Uh...

Robin: Maybe you should help him.

Azuna: Hey Robin! What was your problem in the elevator?

Robin: What do you mean?

Azuna: You glared at me like I killed your pet or something when I called you by your fathers name.

Robin: Yeah because I hate to be compaired with him .

Azuna: Uhm okay?

Daniel: *crawls over to Robin, Azuna and Jason* I... W-won *coughs up a little blood* Y-yay *passes out because of... Small amount of BLOOD loss*

Jason: Dear God! *kicks Daniel's Body* Wake Up! *kicks him again, frustrated* ITS PATHETIC YOU WON!

Azuna: How can you not be proud of being compaired to him, huh?

Robin: Maybe because he is grose alcoholic who used to beat my mothers untill she landed into a hospital and now she is homeless and he used to beat me up too untill 6 months ago I finally got him to stop with it!!

Azuna: Oh...

Daniel: *wakes up* WHAT! WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT, Its Cruel and Mean and Unforgettable and Unforgivable and JUST MEAN! How did you make him stop?

Jason: *whistles innocently before kicking Daniel* AZUNA! Why would you kick Daniel? He.... Won... Your... First....Um...Uh... Challenge, That's it

Azuna: I couldn't have kicked him he isn't is my reach.

Robin: Oh Daniel are you alright?

Daniel: Um... Sure I Think I Am, Rob- *Pukes On the ground next to him* -In

Jason: Maybe You Leaned over kicked him while no-one was looking

Azuna: Nope I was talking with Robin, you kicked him.

Robin: No we need to help you *pick up Daniel and lay him on a bed* Just lay here I will ask 14-6 if there is a docter.

Eraser: umm this is an elimination not a chat and Paul you vote 3 people off my team when you were suppose to vote 2.

Asuna: I don't know what to do.

Ren: um.

Pencil: Karl and Ren

Team Rocket Grunt: .... *Walks out*

Chris: People what is wrong! you have to vote for 4 people, 2 of you own team and 2 of the opposing team!

Pencil: I also vote out Mine Turtle and Jason, for the sake of himself.

Niall: Jason, Mia, Daniel and Newton...just random votes tbh...

Karl: same here, Jason, Dianna, Pencil and Ren...

Pencil: :O ME?!

Daniel: You can't vote for Me and Newton, I WON the CHALLANGE, so my team isn't up for elimination and Dianna is already out

Jason: Woah, What did I do, Pencil and Eraser did more mean stuff than I have!

Daniel: Well, What you did to me was really me-


Chris: Okayfirst of all I only counted the votes that were by the rules so not yours PAUL plus Niall Newton and Daniel are on the team that won. Asuna, Ren, Maya and Jason *push them off the hotel* bye. Oh yeah also Pencil goes to team Azuna, Cassie goes to team Mine Turtle and Mia goes to team Eraser.

Chris: Alright that rapped it up this episode up, Will Mine turtle get it's team back on top, will Daniel stop chocking will there be something between Azuna and Robin and will the team swap create love or even better drama. All that and more on the next episode of. Total. Drama . HOTEL!!!

Episode 05 - Hotel's got talent.

​Daniel: *coughs up.. something* finally, Jason isn't going to hurt me anymore.

Chris: Say hi to your new team members.

Robin: Are you alright Daniel.

Daniel: Yes, I'm Fi- *Pukes on his bed* No, I guess not :(

Robin: I'll get you a bucket. *goes away and get a bucket*

Azuna: So what are you up to huh?

Paul: *draws something in his notebook, and that's not good for someone...[cough] Pencil [cough] Eraser [cough]*

Mia: So, I'm in your team......Eraser....anyhow, how are you....alive objects? I can't really understand :s

Eraser: we came from the object dimension.

Azuna: From what?

Robin: *brings Daniel a bucket*

Daniel: Thank You Robin! That's Nice of Y- *Pukes in the bucket* Eh...

Robin: Your welcome.

Azuna: Ha Robin the nurse ha that is kinda funny.

Robin: Well someone needs to take care of him and since Chris doesn't really care,

Azuna: That is sweet, lame but sweet.

Daniel: Awww.... Azuna, your being nice lately, anything wrong? A fever?

Azuna: *slaps Daniel in the face* That is not true if I was "nice" I would be helping you.

Robin: ah (CONF) You know I usually never think about this but, Azuna is really good looking. But I should not think about having a relationship, my dad always has to ruin everything (END CONF)

Pencil: *Scowls around* So I am on your team.

Looker: *Coming up from a elevator shaft* You don't wanna know what was down there.

Azuna: uhm our team?

Pencil: Yep.

Daniel: Is it me or are you only nice to Robin while I get Slapped, Punched, Kicked, Thrown Down Stairs, Choked and even thrown against walls.... *Pukes in bucket* It's probably nothing...

Paul: ..........................It is you, maybe

Daniel: Maybe, Maybe Not? *gives Azuna a confused look and realizes a possibility that they.....* Ohhh.... Nevermind , Can I Talk To You, Robin, Privately?

Azuna: First of all I am not "nice" second of all I didn't do 3 of those things to you Jason did and third why do you want to talk with Robin privately.

Daniel: 1. I guess your not 2. I know you didn't I never said you did and 3. It's just one... small question and Why do you care? /:|

Azuna: Oh I thought you ment I did them ohwell I guess you can *walks away*

Robin: *comes back* What was that?

Daniel: Umm... *looks around and whispers* Do you Like Azuna?

Robin: uhm... *scratching his head* no.. but if you like her it's okaybesides my dad would ruine it for me anyway, I wait untill I'm on my own before I get a girlfriend.

Daniel: My Dad's A Famous Cop, He Taught me , Or Forced me , to learn body language, I can tell your lying and No, She's more of an...... Nice, Yet Slightly Abusive Sister that slaps me... Yeah... But What could YOUR dad possibly do to ruin it

Niall: (thinking) i need to get noticed more, if i don't do this then i'm out of here, i'll need to contribute, it's the only way...

Karl: (CONF) obviously i feel guilty for not helping my team in the challenge, but this time i'm starting a clean slate, this time i will be more active!!

Robin: Don't tell anyone cause I don't want anyone to know. Well my dad is a alcoholic and he used to beat me up but that is not the worse part, when I was 12 I had my first girlfriend who I really loved brought to my home, it was about 8 pm so not that late but my dad was already asleep so we went and watch tv. He always has a gun under the bench in case there is someone who breaks in our house and that day he woke up and pointed that gun to that girl and she broke up with me because of my dad and I don't want that to happen again. He pointed that gun more times towards me than you can imagine so I am used to it but I really don't want that to happen again.

Daniel: THAT'S TERRIBLE *pukes in bucket* Can't You.... You know.... Inform the police? Or Does he have a way around it?

Robin: The problem is I can't cause if I did I had no where to go, ny mom is homeless and all my family life in New York and they don't want me ether because I smoke.

Daniel: And adoption isn't gonna work, they all pick the young CUTE ones that don't smoke... Your Family Are stupid if they won't let you live with them 'cause you smoke... MY DAD CAUGHT MY SISTER ON DRUGS AND LET HER OFF, SHE STILL IS! SHE JUST SAYS SHE'LL HURT ME IF I TELL! Why don't you, Get someone like... Azuna or... Someone else your friends with to adopt you or something... take custody or something

Robin: I guess I could do that. But still it's just 1 year untill I gratuate from school and I can leave my childhood behind.

Daniel: I guess so.. But one year! I probably wouldn't last a day ! I REALLY think you should win! I mean look at all you've been through and people have the nerve to try and vote you out!

Robin: I've already last 7 years in this situation and I'm 16 and I can avoide my dad now, I have the keys to the house and have learned the tricks I need to avoide him.

Daniel: Cool... Robin.... Do you want to be in an alliance or Just agree not to vote each other out? You DESERVE at least Final 4\

Robin: I don't go into alliances but I promise I will not vote you off.

Azuna: *walks back and hearing Daniel drop the word Ailliance* I knew it Daniel you just wanted to be in a alliance and even with someone on the other team, I am gonna tell Pencil and Newton!!

Daniel: But... But.... But... :( I didnt..... *sigh* well I guess she's gonna get me elimanated, but I guess it's okay because I'm already sick and no Use to the team :(

Robin: *whispers in Azuna's hear* He wasn't talking about a alliance, I mean it.

Azuna: *sigh* sure okay Daniel I am not gonna get you eliminated on one condition, you are gonna do what I tell you for the next 3 episodes!

Daniel: .......... O....K... Fine....

Pencil: Eheh.... (CONF) Wow what a team to move to (END CONF)

Looker: *Moves back to Eraser's team*

Azuna: *looks a Pencil* so do you like your new team?

Pencil: Uh-huh.

Daniel: Um.... Well..... uh....I'm...Bored

Challenge - The x voice idol

Chris: This challenge will be a talent contest! 1 duet or group performance per team!

​Daniel: Azuna! Go First!

Eraser's team

Looker: Umm. Sing? Do any of you sing

Team Rocket Grunt: *Jumps in through a window and sings* Eek! The detective! *Runs*

Niall: uhh...

Karl: get lost dude, you're not on this team! (pushes Niall away)

Russel: ...Can I sing?

Karl: i'll sing if the spot is still open, i don't really mind.

Eraser: ok you 2 sing since I'm not a singer.

Russel: Actually I'm planning on singing this so I have to sing alone (Sorry I was absent, there was a spider in my room, it was big, and I left without my computer so I couldn't use it)

Azuna's team

Daniel: Umm... So let's go for our strategy.... what should it be?

Azuna: Well the best stragety is letting me sing, cause I am the best singer on this team.

Daniel: Then Sing, We need to hear it first

Azuna: In a moment *get's a keyboard and a chair* Okay here I go I am singing f**k you by maria mena *start playing keyboard and singing really good*

Daniel: Well, We're OBVIOUSLY not picking Cassie and Newton For OBVIOUS Reasons..... So.... I guess so... Wait does anyone else sing or Just you

Azuna: well Cassie is on the other team and we still have to ask Pencil if he can sing, and since you are sick you better not go on stage before you puke on someone. I wonder if Robin can sing...

Daniel: Please Don't Go Into "Dream Land" with Robin.... And Pencil' s a girl.... and I ain't sick anymore but Pencil Can sing,She SANG MANY TIMES

Azuna: What do you mean with "dream land"? huh?

Daniel: Because You Started Talking About Robin For NO reason... Do you Like him or something?

Azuna: First of all I didn't talk about him for no reason, there has to be a 3 duets and you have to sing with someone of the other team and second of all *start having a laugh attack* ME? hahahah and Robin? That's almost as funny as the last Family Guy episode. *continue's laughing*

Daniel: ....... You're Starting To Scare Me...... Wait... I'm Singing.... Or did you say that by accident because I know I Have to do what you say but I'm Confused

Azuna: there has to be a solo song be sung by one of the team members of each team and there has to be 3 duets, 1 between 1 member of Our team and the Mine Turtle's team, one between a member of our team and Erasers team and one between 1 member of Erasers team and Turtle's team.

Daniel: Yeah, I Get That.... So... You, Me Singing... Is Pencil Singing Too?

Azuna: You better not sing before we get a Bridgette style puke-a-thone.

Daniel: ???

Azuna: Haven't you watch tdi? Bridgette puked during the talent show.

Daniel: Of course I Have... But this has to do with me... How? I'm no longer sick... *spits out blood* nothing's wrong with me

Azuna: Exactly that! You are not gonna perform. I am both with the duet and solo.

Daniel: You can't do that!

Azuna: Sure than I am gonna sing one duet and the solo performance and pencil will sing the other duet. But you are not gonna be on stage.

Daniel: Its a TEAM challange, Besides I'm a good singer!

Azuna: As long as you are spitting that blood, you are not gonna be on stage, you would distroy our chances!

Daniel: I did it once... are you sure your not overreacting?

Azuna: No I am not I just don't want to vote out another two member of our team that's all.

Daniel: I can't promise we'll win because it's THEY'RE opinion on our voices but I promise that I'll not spit blood

Azuna: Sure, okay fine, you can sing what do you wanna sing?

Daniel: THIS ONE :)

Azuna: That sounds horrible don't use autotune!

Daniel: Oops Wrong one (stupid links) Here is this or.

Azuna: I don't know...

Daniel: I like the both of them... As well as Ain't No Way We're Going Home and Call Girls by R5 but what should I pick?

Azuna: FYI it was a bad "I don't know" not a good "I don't know" sing something for me.

Daniel: O...K *Sings . * D:

Azuna: I don't like it. But I guess you can do it.

Daniel: I Actually Don't Want To Do That, I still want to do a Simple Plan Song... I want to sing.

Azuna: Again not my taste. it's like he's singing with his tongue out of his mouth now I want to hear you!

Pencil: *Shrugs* I am not a singer.

Azuna: Well than you're useless this episode.

Daniel: Um..... * Sings. perfectly*

Team Rocket Grunt: *Running from hallway* Hey, I could disguise myself as a pencil and sing for you! But for a price.

Daniel: Go Away! Sorry to be mean, By Your Not Allowed In This Chat Or Any Chat So Stop Running Around and trying to sing on a team! ( You Do Know, That's cheating unless given permission, right?)

Pencil: We are good enough singers anyway! In any case, Who is singing?

Daniel: Me, You and Azuna! Newton Never does anything! What are you singing?

Azuna: You just said you are not a singer.anyway if we sing with the 3 of us we can sing this and you two can be my back up singer or if one me and Daniel are gonna sing we can sing this .

Daniel: Are we the only team REALLY Socializing? :) and (@ Azuna ) Most likely yes!

Azuna: uhm Yeah I guess.. Yes to what?

Daniel: I like the second one! I don't really like the First One, "We can't stop" and its sung by.. sorry for my language... The Slut version of Miley Cyrus to remind us she's getting older...

Azuna: Sure..

Pencil: *Jumps on to bench* Hey you guys might win this time.

Daniel: *REFRENCES Lightbulb* Um.. No, We won the last one!

Newton: So, what should I do? :3

Daniel: Sorry... Most likely Nothing XD

Azuna: Me and Daniel are gonna sing this song right Daniel

Daniel: Yeah

Mine turtle's team

Robin: So.. who sings?

Robin: I guess nobody is saying anything *light's up a cigarette* I am gonna smoke a little.

Paul: Oh! I want to sing :D........but I don't know what .-.

Robin: Well I only know how to sing this *start singing and sound simular like the one on this video*

Cassie: *Stars singing California Gurls and dances to it horribly.*

Robin: Maybe that is not a good idea. No offence

Paul: This maybe?

Robin: Uhm are you sure, I mean we need three poeple to sing, you could sing this and search for a rapper on the other team.

Robin: So uhm what should we sing?

Niall: i'll sing this if nowhone will sing.

Robin: Sure I'll sing along.


Chris: Okay the teams perform in this order, first we have Eraser's teams performance than Azuna's performance and last Mine Turtles performance. The performances are on Tuesday so make sure you choose your songs by then!

Chris: One more day untill the talentshow!!

Chris: Okay it took way too long but here we go, Eraser's team will start this show, they will sing Radioactive by Imagine Dragons! (klik hier om naar het nummer te gaan)

  • Lindsay from the previous Total Drama-shows arrives

Lindsay: Hi there Kyle! *hugs him* O my gosh, this is so cool! I'm like a super model or something. So, i give the points for this challenge! Yaaay. Erasers, i like this song. It has everything. I give you a 8!

Chris: Okay the next song is by Azuna's team the two members, Azuna and Daniel will sing the song Just a Fool by Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, ah I think we have a new romance on the way give a big aplause for Azuna and Daniel! (hier is het nummer )

Lindsay: *Looks to her nails* Hmm, i think pink is better. Ow, the song! Great voice, but is kind of boring. It is still the same, i give it a 6! *Talks to herself* Lindsay you are to mean. No Lindsay, it is good. Lindsay, no it was not the right choice.

Chris: aw that was so sweet, the next big td couple? Anyway moving on, the third and final performance is from team Mine Turtle, they are gonna sing Hall of Fame by the Script (hier is het nummer )

Lindsay: *dances* This is my favorite! I give it a 11 ! But Kyle, you need a make over. Can i do that to you? *Lindsay smiles*

Chris: Well Lindsay spoke and declaired team Mine Turtle the winner! Team Azuna and Team Eraser I see you at the roof.

Elimination - 4

Chris: Okay each team has to vote one member of their own team off!

​Daniel: Newton! All he ever does is say one line an episode... I'm so sorry Newton, Why do we always lose!

Newton: *Holds up a sign: I cannot talk since I have to keep my one line per episode running gag. I vote for Azuna.*

Azuna: I vote Newton, he was so useless!

Mia: (I have no idea on who to vote for) I'll guess....I'll go with...Karl, sorry ;(

Eraser: Karl.

Karl: i say Mia.

Pencil: Newton, 'cause like it's stupid to only say one thing every episode.

Looker: Karl. (CONF) I need to blend in, this is more than staying in the game (ENDCONF)

Chris: Okay here we go the fellow hotel member are safe, Daniel, Eraser, Pencil, Russel and Looker. Okay for Azuna's teams Azuna and Newton are in the bottom two and for Eraser's team Mia and Karl are in the bottom two. Let's first start with Erasers team, the last hotel member who is safe is.... *camera zooms in at Karl and Mia* Mia! Now go to Azuna's team, Azuna sit's here because she is a pain in the nuts and Newton because he was useless since he doesn't talk. *zooms into Azuna and Newton* The person who is safe is... Azuna. It's time for Karl and Newton to jump off to their dea... end of their time of the show *pushes them off the Hotel rooftop*

Chris: Will Daniel see Azuna's love?

Azuna: Since when do you think that?

Chris: Sush!!! Will Azuna see Robin's love, will Pencil keep his inkt and will the member of Eraser's team ever talk! See all of that and more next time on Total... Drama... HOTEL!!

Episode 06 - Disaster Hotel

Daniel: Well, We just lost Newton..... Dammit, We always lose

Azuna: ugh we don't need him, he was just a piece of Courtney.

Robin: at least you two were safe.

Daniel: WAIT... *breaks Fourth Wall* doesn't that say "Disaster Hotel".. should I be concerned?

Azuna: What, it might be just a joke by Chris the same kinda joke that he makes about me liking you.

Daniel: Did you HAVE to bring that up, and besides, he's made it only two times?

Azuna: Because it bothers me, why would he think that.

Robin: *walks towards Azuna and Daniel* Who think what?

Daniel: Some of Chris's Jokes? She was asking why he would think there was a remote chance of it!

Robin: Ah Okay, uhm hey Azuna *scratching his head* I am glad you are still here.

Azuna: *gasp* REALLY? (CONF) No one ever said that to me, wow I am confused (END CONF)

Daniel: (CONF) glad to see robins coming along, but that was , honestly, pathetic, maybe he should try nicer!

Azuna: *stuttering* ah uhm t... t.. thanks...

Robin: you're welcome.. uhm wanna go on a walk?

Azuna: Well if Daniel can come along (CONF) Listen I don't wanna blow my reputation plus I don't wanna blow it ether.(END CONF)

Robin: oh.. uhm, sure why not (CONF) Daniel is my friend but I really wanted to had some time alone with Azuna, ohwell *sigh* I should not go to fast. (END CONF)

Daniel: (CONF) I know he doesn't want me with them, alone.... I GET IT! He wants alone time with her! I'll say yes for now... maybe I can ditch them and help set their mood!

Azuna: So Daniel come with us!

Robin: Where are we going first?

Azuna: The restaurant ofcourse! I haven't ate anything yet today I a hungry.

Daniel: Lets Go then! *follows behind Azuna*

Azuna: Alright Robin, Daniel do you want something to eat?

Robin: Well I look at the menu first.

Daniel: I will too

Azuna: Sure I already know what I want.

Robin: Well okay what is it?

Azuna: I am gonna have a chineese tomato soup with garlic bread, than I am gonna have a piece of lasagne with a huge salade and as last I take lemon ice cream with cooky!

Robin O_o wow that's alot well I guess I just take a regular tomato soup I guess.

Daniel: I'll have.... Mushroom Soup with Coke? Yeah that

Waiter: So what is the order?

Azuna: Well for him *points at Daniel* a mushroom soup and Coke for him *points at Robin* a regular tomato soup and for me chineese tomato soup with garlic bread, than I am gonna have a piece of lasagne with a huge salade and as last I take lemon ice cream with cooky.

Waiter: Okay I'll be back in a minute *walks away*

Robin: So I am gonna smoke outside before we eat anyone wanna stand with me outside?

Daniel: Me!

Azuna: Uhm nah I'll stay here *grabs Daniels arm* with Daniel. It's cold outside.

Robin: Uhm okay... *goes outside*

Azuna: Daniel are you out of your mind?

Daniel: But Its just outside?

Azuna: Sure okay, just don't leave me alone with him, PLEASE! plus you mushroomsoup is on the way.

Daniel: I promise! *dashes outside to talk with Robin*

Robin: *smoking* So uhm.. what were you and her talking about?

Eraser: Azuna and Daniel you talk so much it's not even funny.

Daniel: You talk too little, and Nothin' much, I could see You were disappointed when I shown up, what's up?

Robin: *smoking* you don't mind I am smoking right?

Daniel: I don't mind, isn't really a big deal, it's your choice, my parents smoke.

Robin: okay *throws away the cigarette* should we go back in?

Daniel: if you say so

Robin: *sitting back in the table*

Waiter: here is your soup Sir, Sir and Miss.

Eraser: When I think about disaster hotels I think about natural disasters happening at a hotel.

Mine Turtle: *blows up and starts a fire*

Pencil: You think Chris being so talkitve he would have spoken by now.

Looker: *Staring at helicopter in the distance*

Azuna: *eating her soup* Come on guys eat your soup.

Daniel: Ok... But honestly your acting nice today... please don't punch me this time :)

Azuna: *eating the Lasagne* I have no time to punch you I am eating.

Robin: *eating his soup* Wait where did you get the Lasagne from.

Azuna: from her *points at the waiter*

Daniel: *eating his soup* I already knew, It was one of the things she ordereed

Robin: Yeah I know but how did you eat the soup so fast?

Azuna: I haven't ate anything the last 3 episodes, so yeah I am hungry *eating the salade*.

Daniel: I haven't eaten since, LAST MONTH! GOD! *starts eating faster*

Azuna: *eating the lemon ice with the cooky* This is deliciouse.

Robin: *still eating soup* It is.

Daniel: Indubuetly, It is :)

Azuna: That was good.

Robin: I am not hungry anymore.

Azuna: *looks at Robin's soup* But it's still halve full.

Robin: I am not that big of a eater, I usually only eat 4 slices of bread and that is all.

Daniel: But you don't look anorexic to me!

Paul: There's only one explaining for this........HE'S A WITCH! QUICK, HIDE YOUR CHILDREN *hides in closet*

Mia: Yeah..........and, should eat more

Daniel: Anyway, This Resturant is packed with people I know XD

Robin: I eat just that little during breakfirst is what I mean, I eat normally during diner.

Waiter: here is the bill miss *gives the bill*

Azuna: I'll pay the bill. *Paying the bill*

Robin: are you sure.

Azuna: Yeah it's fine.

Daniel: Are you REALLY sure?

Azuna: I just paid, so yeah I am sure.

Daniel: *points to Challenge, breaking fourth wall again* Bullets, Gold and Bombs... what's that *turns he found the info on a PEICE OF paper he found near Chris's office*

Azuna: Well that sounds promising.

Robin: Ugh I can't stand guns..

Daniel: *gulps* I've got a fear of... *gulp* bombs and guns... and it's ironic since my dad's a police man so he head it with him 24/7

Azuna: Well bombs goes to far for me... kinda.. actually not really it sounds like a trill.

Daniel: *shivers*

Robin: Don't worry Daniel you'll be fine.

Azuna: Yeah we will help you out. Or atleast I am because Robin is on the other team.

Daniel: Ok... but I have to do something *Phones Selena, From Big Family* Um... Selena... Yes I know we haven't called each other for 4 weeks.... you didn't call either so don't blame me... I'm sorry but I think we should break up... I'm sorry.... Don't yell.... Sorry, BYE *hangs up* I had too (I really had too :P) break up with my Girl friend, we aren't close , scratch that, It was like I didn't know who she was! I just had too

Azuna: Daniel what the f**k are you doing.

Daniel:..... Um... Why are you swearing? I only broke up with Selana because we've been dating for ages and she never called, I visited her house once but she left two minutes later to visit her friends, There were more seasons of Big Family than times we saw each other while we were dating, she didn't even try. And why are you swearing, were you and her friends or something?

Azuna: Oh you were on the phone, nevermind than.

Daniel: O...K, Robin, you haven't said much

Robin: Let's go back to the hotel *whispering to Daniel* I want to talk with Azuna so you wouldn't be bothered to walk a little bit behind us right?

Daniel: *whispering back* No problem-o, not ay problem!

Azuna: *walking back to the Hotel* It was delicious.

Robin: *walking back to the Hotel* Yeah it was.

Daniel: *walks behind them so Robin can talk but, unknown to Robin, listening in*

Robin: *still walking* So Azuna, it was great this morning.

Azuna: *still walking* Yeah.. DANIEL why are you walking so slow?

Daniel: *catches up but still a bit behind, but still close enough for Azuna to be satisfied* daydreaming, sorry

Azuna: Okay just make sure you don't ditch us!

Robin: Okay.. Anyway it was great Azuna, it's great you are the one girl who didn't judge me at the beginning of the season because I smoke.

Azuna: I hate if people judging other people because of what they do, they could be really good people like you.

Daniel: *still lagging behind* aaaaaaww! I mean aw

Azuna: *turns around* Daniel?

Robin: *turns around* What happend?

Daniel: *picks up his broken phone* just dropped my phone... *whispering* but that's not the reason I said as, you two were so cute XD

Azuna: *grabs Daniel at his t-shirt* Do NEVER Call me cute okay *let him drop on the ground*

Robin: haha, should've expected that Daniel.

Daniel: Sadly, I couldn't see IT.

Robin: Let's walk back to the hotel before the challenge begins. *walking back*

Azuna: Okay. *walking back*

Pencil: Azuna and Robin love eachother so much it scares me.

Looker: *Walking out from window and back to hotel*

Azuna: *back in the hotel*

Robin: *back in the hotel* It was great Azuna.

Daniel: *back in the hotel* :)

Azuna: Yeah it was great.

Robin: I hope we can do this more often, I really liked it with you *put his hand on Azuna's shoulder*

Azuna: Me too. :-) (CONF) Wait what just happend? Normally I would've punch someone for touching me. But with Robin I feel butterflies in my stomach. I haven't felt that since before my first boyfriend died in a car accident. (END CONF)

Daniel: *wispering this part* hopefully this makes Asian blush, then I can see if she likes him back *no longer whispering* Robin and Azuna, Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes LOVE next comes marriage, next comes a baby in a baby carriage

Azuna: *start laughing* Daniel that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard *continue's laughing*

Robin: Yeah it is *scratching his head akwardly*

Daniel: *sarcastically* Well, That Worked! *rolls eyes*

Chris: yeah it did didn't it! Well Challenge time!

Challenge - Bullets, Gold and Bombs

Chris: Okay contestands time to do the challenge you have to get the gold in the 17th floor well team *get shoot through his head and falls down*

*Mike is standing behind him with a gun*

Mike: hehe get all the gold out of the 17th floor *get's everyone to floor 17* there are 150 golden bars each team has to get 50 golden bars 1 line to get a golderbar 1 line to get it here. You can only carry 1 at the time. And to put pressure on you all I planted a bomb in this floor, it will go off in 3 hours (2 days in real life) so get on with it! oh yeah almost forgot, I will shoot you if you don't do the challenge!

Mia:.................................Uh......*gets to floor 17*

Paul: 17! My birthday number :D *gets to floor 17*

Mike: What are you doing you are already one the 17th floor!

Daniel: *grabs a gold bar* RUN! *Starts Crying*

Azuna: *grabs a gold bar* What's with Daniel?

Robin: *grabs a gold bar* He hates guns and bombs.

Daniel:*Gets it there* THERE'S 49 MORE TO DO! GO! (1)

Azuna: *gets it there* ugh this challenge is gonna be long. (2)

Robin: *gets it there* yeah it is. (1)

Daniel: *groans and picks up Gold* 48 left!

Robin: *get's a gold bar*

Azuna: *get's a gold bar*

Daniel:*Gets it there* 47 Left!

Mia: *gets a gold bar*

Paul: *gets a gold bar* I'M RICH! But that won't mislead me!

Mike *shoot's just left from Paul* No little boy you must bring it here!

Azuna: *Gets it there*

Robin: *freezes in shock*

Mia: *gets it there* Uh

Paul: Fine, take it *gets it there and throws the goldbar at Mike's face* .-,.

Daniel: *grabs gold block* 46 left

Mia: *gets gold block*

Paul: *gets gold block*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 45!

Azuna: *gets a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar* ASH! BOMBS!

Azuna: Robin what is wrong? *get's it there*

Robin: huh oh *gets it back

Daniel: *Gets it there* 43!

Robin: *get's a gold bar*

Azuna: *get's a gold bar*

Daniel; *Gets a gold bar*

Eraser: *gets a gold bar*

Mine turtle: *gets a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 42

Azuna: *gets it there*

Mike: *points his gun to Azuna*

Robin: *get it there* No Azuna *punches Mike*

Mike: *shoot Robin in his stomach* he is out of the game

Eraser: *gets it there*

Mine turtle: *gets it there*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 40 :)

Azuna: Robin *feels his heartbeat* say something.

Robin: Azuna, I'll be fine just get those gold bars don't loose for your team.

Azuna: Okay I'll do that *get's a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets one and then runs to Robin* Are you ok?

Robin: well I don't know, it's getting really cold isn't it.

Azuna: *get's it back* Don't worry I have a warm blanket *lay the blanket over Robin's body*

Eraser: *gets gold bar*

Mine turtle: *gets gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets it back* that's 38, poor Robin *sulks*

Eraser: *gets it back* weird.

Mine turtle: *gets it back and explodes Daniel for no reason*

Azuna: *get's a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar*

Mike *shooting the pot that stand next to Cassie* common next time I shoot you!

Azuna: *get's it there and walks to Robin* Can I do something for you?

Robin: No, I just wanted you to know something, I really like you Azuna more than just a friends.

Daniel: *Gets it there and walks behind Azuna* .....Drama..... Azuna you do too, I know you do, say it?

Robin: And if I don't make it, I don't want you to give up, don't cry and don't take revenge just give Mike his gold, my question to you Azuna do you like... *falls away*

Azuna: Robin? ROBIN! *feeling his heartbreat* no heartbeat!

Daniel: WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING! Ok, he's not drowning so no CPR, Not choking so no Heimlich, Not on fire so no fire extinguisher, if dying apply pressure to the wound!

Niall: (gets a gold bar)

Azuna: No we should get the gold bars as fast as we can cause he will shoot us if we try to escape. And Robin said we should not give up! *get's a gold bar*

Daniel: ): Ok * Gets Gold bar*

Eraser: *gets gold bar*

Mine turtle: *gets gold bar*

Azuna: *get's it there*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 36

Azuna: *get's gold bar*

Pencil: *Takes elevator to 17th floor*

Looker: *Jumps down on a pipe*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar*

Mike: what part of you are already on the 17th don't you get

Azuna: *get's it there* there is no way we are finishing this challenge before we explode.

Daniel: *Gets it there* 34! This is tiring!

Azuna: *get;s a gold bar and looks at Robin's body* (CONF) Why is it that all the people I like or love die? My first boyfriend died in a car accident what I said earlier, my dad died in a fire and now Robin get shot in his stomach. I hate my mom she only cares about my little brother. Luckly nothing happend to Daniel. (END CONF)

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar and almost cries* this is why I hate guns, and bombs!

Azuna: *get's it back* I understand.

Daniel: *Gets it there* 32! (CONF) How come only me and Azuna care?! Everyone else are being selfish or not caring?!

Azuna: *get's a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar*

Azuna: *get's it there*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 30 left

Mia: *gets a gold bar*

Paul: *gets a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar*

Mine Turtle: *gets it there*

Eraser: *gets it there*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 29 Left!

Mia: *gets it there* Uh...

Paul: *gets it there* Take this.......*cough*meanie*cough*

Azuna: *get's a gold bar*

Mike: *points the gun to Paul* Say that one more time you'll die

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar*

Azuna: *get's it there*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 27

Mike: The bomb goes off in 1,5 hours (1 day in real life) Team Azuna still have to give me 27 gold bars team Mine Turtle needs to give me 42 and Team eraser 45. Oh yeah *shoots Cassie through her head* she is out for this challenge she wasn't doing anything anyway.

Azuna: *get's a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar*

Azuna: *get's it there*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 25

Eraser: *gets gold bar*

Mine Turtle: *gets gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets gold bar*

Azuna: *get's gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 24

Azune: *get's it there*

Niall: (gets a gold bar)

Daniel: *Gets gold bar* 23

Azuna: *get's gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 22

Azuna: *get's it there*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar* that's 21

Eraser: *gets it there*

Mine turtle: *gets it there*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar* that's 20

Azuna: *get's a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 19!

Azuna: *get;s it there* ugh I am getting tired of it.

Daniel: Its ok *Gets a gold bar* we only have 18 Left

Azuna: *get's a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 17 left

Pencil: *Grabs gold bar*

Looker: *Grabs gold bar*

Eraser: *gets gold bar*

Mine turtle: *gets gold bar and thinks of blasting mike away for no reason*

Daniel:*Gets gold bar*

Azuna: *get's it there*

Mike: 45 minutes untill the bomb goes off!

Daniel:*Gets it there* 15 Left! LETS HURRY AZUNA

Azuna: *get a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar*

Azuna: *get's it there*

Daniel: *Gets it there* 13

Azuna: *get;s a gold bar*

Daniel: *Gets a gold bar*

Mike: Okay your time is up you will be blown up *press the button* *whole hotel explodes*

  • everyone wakes up and is screaming*

Azuna: What just happend?

Chris: It was all fake, thanks to B we have a dream simulator, we made you all inhale sleepgas and put you on this simulator. Everyone will remembers what happend in the simulator well almost everyone, the people who get shot don't remember it and talking about them they are still sleeping. Anyway no one finished the challenge but the team that got the closest wins and the second one who get the closest to winning is safe too. Team Azuna wins and Team Mine Turtle is safe, team Eraser loses, I want everyone at the rooftop!

Elimination 5

Chris: Okay everyone can vote 2 members of team Eraser these are the member, Eraser, Looker, Russel and Mia. go vote!

Daniel: Mia or Looker, Mia or Looker..... I say..... Looker for NEVER doing anything important and Doesn't even help his team and was replaced by Team Rocket Grunt who cheats, and it was like he's generating himself his own sub plot no one pays attention to

Robin: *wakes up* what happend, the last thing I remember is the breakfirst.*stands up*

Azuna: Yeah that was great huh, *layes her hands on Robin's shoulder* Anyway I vote Mia and Russel.

Robin: *blushes a bit* wait we need to vote? What about the challenge.

Azuna: It's over you sleept through it I guess.

Robin: Weird, ohwell I vote Mia and Russel.

Eraser: Mia and Russel.

Mine turtle: *blows Mia and Russel up*

Mia: (I believe there's a conjury against me D:) Uh.......Looker and Russel....they didn't do much at all.....

Paul: (you should've seen that coming).......Idk..................I'm not even sure if Eraser threw at me a Looker.....cause he got a weird name and.........Russel?

Daniel: Oh.... 2 people? Then Looker and Mia, both uninteresting and both spys or cops or police

Niall: i guess Russel and Mia...

Looker: .... I was here for spying, not money. My work here is done, and Daniel, you didn't really see the bigger picture did ya? *Slides down pipe and exits hotel*

Pencil: Uhh, in that case Mia and Russel.

Chris: Ugh Looker left oh well let's see the votes, someone got lucky here anyway, Eraser is safe, and there is a tie. Give me a reason why you should stay!

Mia: It's simple. I didn't thought I would've been in the bottom 2, and that's sad. Even if I did a little few previous time, I always tried to help my team (except the song challenge, because I'm don't have a great song knowledge...and Robin Thicke one was the only one I got in you say, it isn't hard...but you had to find more than 2 artists for that song....and I'm not good in that, that's what I meant), well, except the talent challenge, but I don't have a good taste in music. I didn't want to ruin the chances of winning. You can eliminate me, fine, but I really want to go on....and, not to be offensive, Russel never did anything............neither in the captain challenge, neither in the previous ones. Maybe only one time, I don't remember........but.....please, give me another chance. I don't deserve to go so early. That's the end.

Chris: I have checked and I have seen that Russel has been less active than Mia, so because of that I will eliminate him. *push Russel and Looker off the hotel roof*

Episode 07 - Hell fire, Holy water and no more neutral grounds

Chris: Before you have a chance to talk I have to do something, I will place you left or right and give you a number, remember that number and where I placed you! Okay here we go on the Right we have Robin you have the number 1, Mine Turtle you have the number 2, Azuna you have the number 3, Mia you have the number 4 and Daniel you have the number 5. On the left we have Cassie number 1, Paul number 2, Eraser number 3, Niall number 4 and Pencil number 5. I will explame later what that means.

Daniel: 1. Numbers? 2. Pencil we weren't up for voting which means you couldn't vote me and 3. Robin? You can't remember the challenge?

Robin: No I don't it's weird, ohwell my team didn't loose so that's good.

Azuna: Don't worry the challenge was boring.


Niall: OK, i'll just keep saying the number in my head a load of times and i should be OK... (walks off muttering to himself)

Daniel: Oops *noticing Mia' s Glares*

Azuna: Ugh I really wonder why we all have numbers?

Daniel: Maybe 1 Vs 1's or 1 and 1 vs 2 and 2 stuff

Azuna Hmm that could be.

Robin: *lighting a cigarette* maybe there will be new teams.

Daniel: That would mean us three would be on the same team :)

Robin: That would be great.

Azuna: (CONF) I just realized if Robin doesn't remember anything of the challenge that also means he doesn't know that he told me that he liked me. That is great. (END CONF)

Danie;l l: (CONF) Robin doesn't remember telling Azuna he likes her so that means..... *facepalm* oh God....

Robin: *smoking* So what was the challenge yesterday?

Azuna: Well we baked cookies for Owen and he needed to judge us on our cookie baking

Daniel: We did?

Azuna: Yeah we did, it was boring but we won. *put's her arm on Daniel's shoulder.

Robin: aha, (CONF) Seriously how did I sleep through last episode's challenge, someone should've woke me up right? (END CONF)

Daniel: Oh....We.. OH!! You meant! I get it!

Robin: why are you two acting so strange? *smoking*

Daniel: *points at Azuna* ask...her...

Robin: I asked you both.

Azuna:You asked us what?

Robin: Why are you acting so strange?

Azuna: We are not acting strange we are just glad you finally woke up.

Daniel: If we were acting strange, We'd tell you (CONF) Nailed it!

Robin: Okay, *scratching his head* Azuna, uhm should we go on a drink.

Azuna: Sure Robin, we can go on a drink, Daniel want to drink too? Come with us.

Robin: uhm.. Yeah Daniel. (CONF) Azuna is still acting really strange, oh well must have been Owen's farts, they sound really bad. (END CONF)

Pencil: *Turns to Daniel* Oh yeah my mind just hurt after the challenges.

Daniel: *turns to Robin and gives a sympathetic look* Fine..... (CONF) Why does she even need me to come, she already knows he likes her, so.... Why? Maybe she'll tell me later?

Azuna: what do you wanna drink I take a I've coffee.

Robin: uhm give me a glass of ice water.

Eraser: umm ok *gives Robin a glass of ice water* Ik you weren't talking to me but I was bored.

Daniel: Ok... I'll have a cola and.....Hi....Eraser XD

Pencil: Err as an apology for my idiocy here is your cola *Gives Daniel cola*

Daniel: It's ok, *takes a sip* Thanks! :)

Robin: *takes a sip* Ah, that is great.

Azuna: *blow of the steam of the coffee* Still have no idea what those numbers mean.

Daniel: No......

Robin: ah, *crossing his legs* that water when right through me, be right back. *goes to the toilete*.

Daniel: O...k

Azuna: Yeah, *drinking coffee* Daniel, I need your advice!

Niall: well i guess i'll be able to remember my number pretty to go sit down for a few minutes...or hours... (walks off to the cabins)

Pencil: *Holding paper* 5, I wonder what it means? *Looks at Daniel* (CONF) Am I against Daniel? Of all the people the one I accidentally voted for. (END COF)

Daniel: What is it, Azuna? :D

Azuna: What do I have to do now that I know that HE likes me?

Daniel: Well, I already knew so.... Do YOU like him back?

Azuna: Yeah but, I don't want to start anything with him (CONF) Wait did I just admit to Daniel I like Robin, ugh what's with that guy making me tell the truth (END CONF)

Daniel: Thanks for telling the truth :) and well, LOVE is weird, if you don't want to start anything, good excuse, if you aren't ready, you aren't ready but when the time comes, tell him quick or he might move on D: and that would be TERRIBLE! Because he would tell me and I would feel SO guilty!

Azuna: it's not that I am not ready, it's more that I am scared, that something happens to him.

Daniel: Oh yeah, you've mentioned your past boyfriend before.... Um.... for love you need to take a risk, or you might regret the decision for the rest of your life.... "It's better to have loved and lost, to never loved at all"

Azuna: Thanks Daniel. *whispers in his ear* I will try but not now.

Robin: *get's back* ah, hi. Something happend when I was gone?

Daniel: *calm, laid back sipping his drink* No, not really.

Robin: Okay *finishing his water*

Daniel: *smiles and finishes cola and takes out a Fillet burger from KFC* Yum!

Chris: Enough bonding people challenge time!

​Daniel: But I haven't finished *continues eating Burger* Still Yum!

Challenge - Hot n' Cold

Chris: Okay before I tell you your challenge it's time to make NEW TEAMS yeah you heard it right, everyone with a even number (Mine Turtle, Mia,Paul and Niall) are on one team and the everyone with a odd number are on one team except the person who had to stand on the right side and who get the number 3. So the new teams are MT, Mia, Paul, Niall and Azuna, they are called team Hell Fire and the other team Robin, Daniel, Cassie, Eraser and Pencil are team Holy Water! Okay the challenge is.

There are two buildings, one is made of fire or is just on fire and the other is made of ice. So as you team names say the building that is on fire belongs to team Hell Fire and the house that is made of ice belongs to team Holy Water.

You have to make the other teams house disappear, team Holy Water has water guns to extinguish the Fire's building, Temam Hell Fire has a Flamethrower to melt the Holy Water's building, It takes 35 lines to make the other teams building disappear.

Daniel: FIRE! Wait.... it doesn't work here..... WATER! *shoots it* :D 1

Paul: DIE! *flamethrowah attack*

Mia: Uh, ok, I guess *shoots flames*

Daniel: Die is a bit eccentric, isn't it? *shoots it*

Paul: Well, I am a dra- dra..dra..drapplehinger, and you're the enemy, so :3 *shoots flames*

Mia: Uh *shoots flames* (4)

Daniel: *shoots it* 3, and not the enemy, more the opposing team :)

Azuna: I will burn your house down.*Shoot with the flamethrower*

Robin: How does this thing work *accidentally shoots water in his face* a like that *shoot water

Daniel: *shoots water* 5

Robin: *shoot water*

Azuna: Common Heller's FIRE!! *shoot with the flamethrower*

Daniel: *shoots Water* 7 :)

Azuna: AAAH *shoot with the flamethrower* (6)

Robin: *shoots water*

Daniel: *shoots water* Kind of boring but Chris is doing a good job :) 9

Mia: *shoot with flamethrowah* (7)

Paul: *same* (8)

Daniel: *shoots it* 10 :)

Paul: We're terminating you anyway *shoots* (9)

Mia: Uhm...yea! *shoots* (10)

Daniel: I know we are on separate teams but Paul, please be nicer to us, it makes you seem like a REALLY good guy if you do, just because you'll most likely win doesn't mean you should treat us differently! :) *shoots* that's 11

Paul: Hey, I need to develop my competitive skills, what else can I do? D: *shoots*

Mia: *shoots* That's 12, I think

Daniel: *shoots* Me Too, 12 for me! :)

Paul: Awesome! *shoots* 13

Mia: 14 now *shoots*

Niall: (shoots fire)

Azuna: *shoots with the flamethrower* GO TEAM!

Robin: *shoot with water*

Paul: *shoots with flamethrowah*

Mia: *shoots also* (18!)

Robin: *shoot with water*

Azuna: BURN,. uhm I mean MELT!!! that doesn't sound dangerous. *shoot's with flamethrower*

Paul: *shoots with flamethrowah* (20!)

Mia: *shoots*

Azuna: We can take those guys down! *shoots*

Robin: *shoot with water* ugh this is taking forever

Paul: *shoots with you know* (23)

Mia: *shoots* (24)

Eraser: *shoots*

Mine Turtle: *explodes fire*

Azuna: *shoots*

Robin: *shoots*

Pencil: Hey, were back on the same team, Eraser! *Shoots*

Chris: So far Hell Fire shot 26 times and Holy water shot 24 times, it's neck on neck!

​Daniel: *shoots* 25 :) Don't give up guys!

Niall: (shoots fire)

Azuna: *shoots fire*

Robin: *shoot water*

Daniel: *shoots water*

Pencil: *Shoots water*

Mia: *shoots fire*

Paul: ALMOST TERMINATED *shoots* (30!)

Azuna: *shoots fire*

Robin: *shoot Water*

Daniel: *shoots water*

Mia: *shoots fire*

Paul: CLOSER! (33!)

Azuna: *shoots fire*

Robin: *shoot Water*

Paul: *shoots fire, then the other building is completely...gone* YES! THAT WAS THE FINAL SHOT! WE WON! :D

Chris: Hey Paul I can eliminate you for stealing my spotlight! Anyway Team Hell fire wins! Team Holy water I see you at the roof top!

Elimination - 6

Chris: Okay today ONE of you is going home, vote for who has to be eliminated! Only team Holy water can vote! And from now on, vote in the confessionals!

​Daniel :(CONF) Pencil may have voted me before, but it was an accident and It is a game about voting people out so I can't and will not hold a grudge against her, I vote Cassie for being the most inactive on the team... :( I hate losing because I have to vote my friends out

Robin: (CONF) This is the first time loosing since episode.. I don't know anyway, I vote out, Cassie she wasn't usefull this episode. *sigh*

Eraser: (CONF) Cassie

Chris: Okay let's see who is eliminated, the next four people are safe *speaking it fast* Daniel, Robin Eraser and Pencil. So yeah Cassie you're eliminated. *pushes her off the Hotel*

Chris: Okay that wrapped it up, will next challenge make the people go crazy, will there finally be love in this hotel! 55% of the people are gone and still no romance! Anway, will team Hell Fire keep there flaming of victory burning or will Holy Water pour their effective water over it, see all that and more in the next TOTAL... DRAMA.... HOTEL!!

Pencil: I hope we put 'em out!

Episode 08 - Multiple last chances

Daniel: There will probably only be romance from a select few *looks at Robin and Azuna* and... We can do this Team Holy Water!

Pencil: Multiple last chances.... (CONF) For team Hell Fire that is (ENDCONF)

Azuna: go team hell we can whipe, the whole team of the map of the show. *walks over to Robin* he Robin, come to the confessional *walk over to the confessional*.

Robin: uhm Okay *walk over to Azuna to the confessional* (CONF) uhm why do you want me here?

Azuna: (CONF) *locks the confessional* well it's because I hope nothing horrible happens to you.

Daniel: *listening From outside* Aww :3

Robin: (CONF) Okay.. I also have something....

Azuna: (CONF) I already know what you want to say, you said it during the gold Challenge but you got shot in the stomach.

Robin: (CONF) What...I got shot? And what gold challenge? Anyway What I wanted to say was that I...

Azuna: (CONF) *Azuna kisses Robin*

Robin: (CONF) *standing in shock* wow

Azuna: (CONF) I know you like me and I really like you too but I don't want to start a relationship, I am sorry *give Robin a kiss on his cheek and unlock the confessional* (END CONF) * smashes the door into Daniel's face* oops I didn't knew you were there.

Daniel: *one eye facing upwards the other down thanks to Azuna* It's Ok, You finally told him.... Ya-*passes out*

Robin: *walking out of the confessional* Oh Daniel are you okay * put's him on a bed.

Daniel: I think I'm getting used to Blood Forced Trauma' s Hahaha- Ow!

Robin: Yeah, what happend?

Daniel: A Door Hit Me In The Head.... I was listening in.... ':P Uhhh

Azuna: you was listening in? That creepy, don't do that again.

Robin: Azuna is right, do you something to drink.

Daniel: Why would I do that again? I was hit in the face by a door .... Why do I have a feeling it's Karma? D: anyway No thanks

Azuna: ok *walks off*

Robin: *sigh* I hope you're better before the challenge.

Daniel: No Problemo, I will be :) don't worry about me.

Robin: Okay, I am so happy she likes me,

Daniel: Now Chris Can Stop Talking About Romance! :)

Chris: I can talk about whatever I want, I can eliminate you for telling me what to do! And by the way, how is the romance going between you and Azuna? Daniel.

​Daniel: *breaths in......Breaths out*......…………… THERE IS NONE! >:(

Chris: Suuuurrree *walks away*

Robin: *get's back from secretly being away* What was that all about?

Daniel: *Pushes a picture of Chris onto the floor, Smashing it* Oh Nothing -.- just chris

Robin: Ah Chris yeah okay, can I just say that I am so happy, sorry Daniel but I really am!

Daniel: Knowing This Show, Something bad is gonna happen.... like a rejoin, eliminating Me, you or Azuna or.... LOSING AGAIN D: But congrats on getting a kiss :3

Robin: Yeah, probally. I hope no one will rejoin. Especially not Jason, he is kinda scary.

Daniel: Jason was a JERK! He beat me up! D: and he was your friend XD or was he, he did follow you guys around?

Robin: Well I tried to be friends with him but to be honist he creeped me out and I still have a scare of the fight in the confessional.

Daniel: I'm used to scars by now so don't worry, I have loads of them :(

Robin: Yeah I see,

Daniel: I'm bored...

Azuna: *walks up to Daniel and Robin* *gives Robin a kiss on his cheek* What are you doing?

Daniel: Nothin' really

Azuna: well that is exciting.

Robin: Hmm yeah

Daniel: *sigh* boooooooreeeeed...

Chris: Random character Cameo!

Izzy *running* AYAYAYAYAYAH!!! *runs into a closed door*

​Daniel: Not Bored! :D Hi Izzy!

Izzy: Hi, Want some sushi, I made it of a intern that died in this hotel.

Azuna: *looks weird at Izzy* ew...

Robin: Nah thank you

Daniel: Oh..... That wasn't very nice to him.... respect the dead

Izzy: Don't worry I didn't kill him, hahaha, uhm yeah I did.

Daniel: Where is the police when you need them!? Why?! Why Izzy!

Izzy: Why what?

Robin: *whisper to Azuna so no one hears it* Should we go for a movie?

Azuna: *whispers to Robin* sure but should we bring Daniel?

Robin: Sure

Daniel: Izzy -.- killing people is wrong....

Izzy: I never killed anyone, except Beezee, he was so annoying.

Robin: Daniel wanan go to the movies?

Daniel: Sure!

Izzy: I will go with you guys *jumps on top of Daniel*

Robin: The more the marrier, I guess.

Azuna: What movie should we watch?

Daniel: NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3D.... if you want... :)

Izzy: Yeah Scary movies!

Robin: Yeah anything is fine with me.

Azuna: If it's dark.sure

Daniel: Yay! Even though it parallels my personality I LOVE SCARY MOVIES!

Azuna: shut up, the movie is about to start!

Robin: *holds Azuna's hand*

Daniel:*Pushes Izzy off him and laughs quietly at Robin and Azuna and whispers* A perfect place to hold hands :3

Izzy: *laughing really loud*

Azuna: Huh, hey let my hand go *takes her hand back*

Robin: *whispers to Daniel* Way to go Daniel.

Daniel: *laughs nervously* uhh.... oops.... *leaves to get popcorn and cola*

Izzy: *screaming* DANIEL WAIT I WANT SOME HUMAN EYES *walks after Daniel*

Robin: We are finally alone.

Azuna: shut up I am trying to watch the movie.

Robin: Oka..

Azuna: SUSH!!!

Daniel: *comes back and whispers* How could they have that O.o it essentially weird? *sits down and watches a girl get killed* Aww..

Izzy: I don't know, *start kissing Daniel out of nowhere*

​Daniel: Uh......?!

Izzy: Sorry Daniel we have to break up *explode into cupcakes*

Robin: Is it me or did anything what just happen make no sense..

Azuna: What part of SHUT UP don't you get?

Daniel: Um....o..k

Robin: Yeah.

Azuna: AH Seriously I thought we were watching a movie arg *walks off*

Daniel: Aww.... I feel bad :(

Robin: *sigh* (CONF) I went to the movies to have a good time with Azuna but now she is mad at me.. *sigh* (END CONF)

Azuna: (CONF) Ha I wasn't really angry I am just playing hard to get, he has to proof he wants me and I don't just fall like a stone, I am not Zoey (END CONF)

Daniel: Maybe we should say sorry?

Robin: Yeah maybe or we should leave her alone, we have spend alot of time with eachother maybe leave her alone for a while.

Pencil: Is this multiple last chances for Izzy?

Azuna: Why would that be the case?

Daniel: I geuss your right.... but what do we do?

Robin: uhm go back to the Hotel?

Daniel: Lets Go Then *smiles*

Robin: *back in the hotel* uhm hey Azuna.

Azuna: I see you two came back.

Daniel: Didn't You say we shouldn't... you know? Or are we apologizing?

Robin: Yeah but we can say hey to Azuna.

Daniel: Oh.... YAY! Hey Azuna! *to Robin* There is a store upstairs and there selling good stuff, you can buy more cigarettes because you seem to be running out.... anyway wanna come or continue saying "hey" to Azuna ":D"

Pencil: This is a weird conversation.

Robin: I still have enough cigarettes for a few days, what do you wanna buy?

Daniel: An apology gift....... Video Games too..... Also TORTIAS WITH MILD SALSA!

Pencil: What about hummus?

Challenge - Not just win once, twice but three times a challenge!

Challenge 1

Chris: Todays challenge is 5 mini challenges, a team has to win 3 of the 5 to win this imunati. Okay first challenge is a song ranking challenge, each team member has to submit a song, Lindsay will judge them and give it a point between the 1 and 10, the team with the higher avarage points will win this first challenge.

​Daniel: :) Well I'll try this.

Azuna: I'll go for the only exception

Robin: I'll go with love never fails .

Paul: Meh, I'm not a musician, AND DO NOT WATCH THE BACKGROUND! [WARNING. THIS FEATURES A MAYBE-DISTURBING BACKGROUND, SO SCROLL DOWN AND HEAR]] (derp I didn't have an idea on what to post for Paul)

Mia: Okay! Maybe I can handle this with my fav song ;) (being original and trying to find good songs it's hard, duh)

Chris: Almost forgot to say none of the same songs of the talent show.

​Daniel: Cool?

Pencil: I like this one

Niall: uhh... how about this?

Lindsay: *arrives* Hi there! I'm back, yay!

Lindsay: Chrick, what are the songs?

Chris: Start with the first one submitted.

Lindsay: The One Direction, gets a 8! Azuna, i dont like the song .. i give it a 3. Robin, i dont like the song to. A 3. Paul great song! I give you a 9. Mia, its a nice song! I love it. 10.And Pencil, i don't like it ... i give it a 2. and then Niall .. you get a 9! I love it. So, this are the points.

Challenge 2

Chris: Team Hell fire won the first challenge. The second challenge is. Run to the otherside of the room, 5 lines. 2 hours to run (2 days in real life).

Paul: Yeah! *runs*

Mia: 1 point, that's good *runs*

Daniel: .... Good enough :) *Runs*

Azuna: *runs* (1)

Robin *runs* (1)

Paul: *runs*

Mia: *runs*

Daniel: *Runs 2*

Paul: *runs*

Mia: *runs*

Azuna: *runs* (2)

Robin *runs* (2)

Daniel: *Runs 3*

Paul: *runs*

Mia: *runs*

Azuna: *runs* (3)

Robin *runs* (3)

Daniel: *Runs 4*

Paul: *arrives*. Ya! First here!

Mia: *arrives*

Daniel: *Runs 5* I ARRIVED!

Chris: Okay Currently in the lead team Hell Fire, team Holy Water needs to step up their game!

Azuna: *runs* (4)

Robin *runs* (4)

Daniel: Come On Pencil!

Azuna: *runs* Finished! (5)

Robin *runs* Tired, *hyperventilating* (5)

Daniel: Are you.....Ok?

Robin: *still hyperventilating and tries to find something*

Azuna: Robin what's wrong?

Daniel: Robin, Are you ok? Do yo my have a problem D:

Robin: *still hyperventilating and go sit on a chair backward*

Azuna: Yeah seriously, what's wrong!

Daniel: Is he choking? Allergies?

Robin: *slowly start to calm down and shake his head "no"*

Azuna: Are you sure?

Daniel: Yeeeeaaah, stuff like that doesn't usually happen at random.

Robin: *still calming down* I *inhaling*.

Azuna: "I" what?


Robin: *completely calmed down* This usually happens when I run for a short time, I have it since I was 13.

Daniel: Oh....Aw... That's Bad :(

Azuna: didn't you go to the doctor for a medicine?

Robin: No.

Chris: I want to remind you there is a second challenge going on!!

Eraser: *runs*

Mine turtle: *runs*

Pencil: *Runs*

Niall: (runs)

Azuna: Why didn't you go! You know they can help right?

Robin: Because of my dad!

Daniel: ..... This is getting increasingly uncomfortable

Robin: You know let's cut off this conversation. (CONF) I am not gonna bash my dad in national TV the only person who knows about him is Daniel (END CONF.)

Azuna: You should still go to the doctor. (CONF) Why does he always talk bad about his dad, I can't imagine how a dad can hurt his kids. (END CONF)

Daniel: ....Um... (CONF) It's terrible a dad would treat his own son like that and he can't tell anyone about it.... except that one time he told me but still.... poor Robin

Pencil: *Runs* *Then stops* Come on guys! We are losing. I know you guys are friends but if we don't speed it up you may lose your friendship if we lose and one of you gets eliminated!

Daniel: For our team, Me and Robin finished, the rest..... they're just standing there

Challenge - 3

Chris: Ugh, this takes way to long, team Hell fire wins their second challenge!. Next challenge is pick a random between the 1 and 20.

Pencil: 7!

Paul: 13?

Mia: I say, um....................................5

Daniel: LUCKY NUMBER 12!

Robin: uhm. I guess 8, that is my lucky number.

Azuna: Pencil you stole my number!! I pick 4.

Eraser: I pick 3

Mine turtle: *explodes the number 2*

Lindsay: *is still here and picks number 17* Hi guys! *she laughs and dances*

Chris: ow sweet Lindsay *scream loud* MAL GET RID OF HER!!

Mal: my plessure *picks up Lindsay and puts her in a canon and shoots her away* Whahaha *disappears*

Chris: Okay I am gonna spin the wheel 3 times. the team that has the most of the number right this challenge. *spin the wheel* first number is 8, that means one number right by Holy Water *spin the wheel again* 17 well the person who is the closest to this number is Paul so it means it's tie between HW and HF, *spin the wheel again* 11, the person who is closest to this is Daniel, that means team Holy water wins this challenge

Challenge - 4

Chris: The 4th challenge is had to do with the veteran character, you all have to post a embarrassing picture of them!

Chris: Okay time to judge!

  • lindsay Walked in

Chris: WHAAT! how did you survive?

  • Hungry guys are going to strike, if you know what I mean ;) *PAUL omg D:
  • I wouldn't be suprised if Duncan was knocked out from a bear....but Cody? -Mia
  • Aww :3 So cute - Daniel
  • Hahaha stupid idiot that Cody, I hate him. If I were Sierra he was dead - Azuna
  • This must hurt - Robin
  • must of been funny for some people!. - Niall
  • Awkward - Eraser
  • Sierra's accidentally lets her pants fall - Mine turtle
  • Pencil: Come on Brick, I thought you were a tough guy.
Lindsay: Ow my gosh it hurts. *nods her head* Okay lets see the pics, Chris! *looks to the pictures* Okay .. The points and how i survive .. i saw a hedgehog and then .. *thinks a little bit* Oops! Okay, the points .. *laughs* HAHA. Paul! I remember that. I don't forget that time. I give it a 9!. Mia, that is so mean! And ouch for Duncan. I give it a 5. And .. Daniel, Harold was so annoying ... i laugh on this pic! 7,5. Azuna, 8. Its funny.. Robin, it seems like a hurt evening. 6. Niall that's me! Yay. But a bad pic from me and Noah yay! I give it a 8. Eraser, 7. Mine turtle, it seems like a awkward moment. 8,5! And then the last, Pencil! Wooow that face! Really nice. I give it a 10! Congratzzzz. *looks to Chris* Can i stay for a moment, i like this group yay!

Chris: Okay we calculated the score and team Holy Water has a avarage point of 7.625!! And team Hell Fire has a avarage point of.... 7..... point.... 7!!! that means Hell fire get's a point and wins this challenge and wins immuniti! Everyone go to the roof.

Elimination - 7

Chris: EVERYONE vote ONE person of team Holy water.

​Daniel: I don't want to vote first! Because whoever I chose will be out! And whoever votes first eliminates the person they vote for completely! It's not fair so anyone else?

Chris: Let's go All-star style and lets only the Hell Fire members vote someone off your team.

​Daniel: I guess.... that's fair....

Azuna: You know what since everyone is being such a p**sy I am gonna vote first it's time to erase Eraser! *votes Eraser*

Daniel: You forgot the comma *breaking 4th wall*

Paul: I'VE GOT PROOF THAT YOU THREW AT ME THAT LOBSTER! *shows proof, taken randomly, anyway* You. Must. Be. Terminated! *votes eraser*

Mia: Err, I really don't know who to vote...but still *votes for Pencil* Sorry girl, or...pencil. It's just, I can't decide

Niall: i guess this person? (votes Eraser)

Pencil: *Gets really weird look on face*

Chris: Votes are in, time to see who is going home, the people who are safe receive a shovel, I should keep it, you'll need it later, anyway time to see who is actually safe, okay the first one who is safe is *spit screen between Daniel, Robin, Pencil and Eraser* Daniel!! *throws a shovel to him* the second person who is safe is *split screen between Robin, Eraser and Pencil* E.... Robin!! *throws a shovel to him* and the last person who is safe is... *split screen between Pencil and Eraser* Pencil *throws a shovel to her*, that means that Eraser is eliminated!

  • throws Eraser of the hotel rooftop*

Chris: Okay the settles it than, 8 remain, which one will go next, which one will die.. I mean get's thrown off the rooftop, will Pencil finally put lines on the hotel without Eraser erasing them? See all and more in the next episode of Total.... Drama.... Hotel!!!

Episode 09 - Down on the graveyard

Chris: Everyone get on the bus the next two episode will not take place in the hotel, we are going to a interesting Garden!! So Holy Water take you shovels with you.

Azuna: Do we get breakfirst?

Chris: yeah, team Hell Fire get's a 6 star breakfirst!

Robin: And the others?

Chris: Air? You have to ask a hell fire member to share it with you!

​Daniel: That would be rude, and I don't want to bother them! D: they could hate me!

Robin: Uhm I am pretty sure no one hates you.

Azuna: I do *with a big evil smile on her face*

Daniel: I guess it's your opinion *looks sad* (CONF) Aww... I thought we were friends.


Azuna: Dan don't be such a downer, atleast you knew I was joking. *get's in the bus*

Robin: *follows Azuna* Come on Daniel.

Daniel: *looks confused* YOU WERE JOKING!? YAY! *follows Robin* (CONF) I'm an idiot sometimes

Paul: Wow! Treasure hunt! I LOVE IT! *gets in the bus immediately*

Mia: Well, it can't be something bad. We're not going to a graveyard, after all.

Azuna: *Looks wierd at Mia* we are going to a garden, well that's Chris says.

Robin: Uhm Azuna do you wanna share your breakfirst with me? *sits down on in the bus*

Azuna: What do you have in return *gonna sit on Robin's lap*

Daniel: Wouldn't it be nice just to give it to him without anything in return *starts reading "Manners For Dummies"*

Azuna: Dan, this is a competition and you got shovels while you didn't even won the challenge, *goes with her hands through Robin's hair* So what do I get in return?

Daniel: You can have my shovel *holds his shovel up*

Mine turtle: *reads a note on the bus* is this note ment for Hell fire members? (Find out what the random note says here, random Easter egg)

Azuna: I don't accept that, I only accept something from Robin. *going with her hand through Robins hair*

Robin: Uhm.. *blushes* my shovel?

Daniel: *looks around awkwardly* Um.... (CONF) *LAUGHS EXETREMELY* Why does that sound like an Innuendo? *LAUGHS more then slaps self* Bad Daniel! >:(

Azuna: You really don't get hints huh *kisses Robin*

Robin: (CONF) why am I so stupid how didn't I realized that. (END CONF)

Chris: Remember kids keep your clothes on!!

​Daniel: *turns green* Um, I'm not feeling so good (CONF) Stupid innuendos

Azuna & Robin: *still making out*

Daniel: *Gets even greener* Eugh..... I'm.... I'm.... feeling si- *starts puking and passes out*

Azuna & Robin: *still making out*

Azuna: *takes off Robin's t-shirt*


​Daniel: What Happened *blushes* did I puke everywhere and ...WHAT THE F- (CONF) WHAT IS HAPPENING!? There moving UN-characteristically fast!? There not even dating! That's either Friends with Benefits or Prostitution which is not allowed in Catholic Religon!

Robin: Alright *stop making out with Azuna and takes his t-shirt back on* Daniel are you alright. (CONF) What just happend? (END CONF)

Azuna: Ofcourse he isn't he puked and fainted for the 7000th time this season. (CONF) He is really into me, nice to know, now I can use it. (END CONF)

Mine turtle: what's going on?

Azuna: Nothing.. wait since when can you talk?

Daniel: *surprisingly uncharacteristically dark* is suicide legal?

Robin: please don't talk about that.

Azuna: *eating his breakfirst* still want breakfirst Dan, Robin?

Niall: (gets on bus)

Daniel: I get bullied in school and *puts hidden gun back in bag* I was just wondering

Mine Turtle: I was able to talk from the start and btw I'm not plastic.



Azuna: Don't pretent like you never seen someone make out... wasn't you the one who got eliminated last time?

Robin: No that was Eraser.

Daniel: I'm always normal.... and it's not weird they made out.... just That they were getting into it a bit over the limit in..... public.

Chris: Okay if someone is missing Cheff will get him/her/it, ready to go to.. a special garden?

Azuna: *eating breakfirst* Nope no one is.

Daniel: *starts eating rasins from his bag* I'm ready

Pencil: Oh I mean well, it is weird when THEY make out. *Drinks water* Also I am ready.

Daniel: Weeeeeiiird........ Boooooooooooreeeeed....... Yaaaaaawwwwwn..... SLEEEEEEEEEPY.. BORED!

Azuna: What is wierd about Robin and me making out?

Daniel: nothing....... Pencil? It's just like Geoff and Bridgette making out! :)

Pencil: Oh. I guess that makes since. (CONF) To be honest the real reason is that Azuna always seemed really mean. I just never thought of her with a love. (ENDCONF)

Challenge - Pallbearer for gold!

*bus arives at a graveyard*

Robin: Uhm, Chris where is the garden?

Chris: this is the garden, this challenge you are gonna be Pallbearers!!

Azuna: What is that?

Chris: That is the person who digs graves. There are 25 graves and one of them has a gold statue in it. Some are filled with giant bugs but most are filled with bones. So prepare to be freaked out! It takes 1 line to walk to a grave and diging takes 3 lines unless you have a shovel than diging takes 2 lines. and START!!!

Paul: (obvious reward) This challenge suck ;.; *goes to grave 20*

Mia: Really?! *goes to grave 7*

Daniel: *walks to grave 14* B-bugs

Azuna: Ah a interesting challenge for once *goes to grave 17*

Robin: NO! I can't *drop the shovel* I refuse to participate this challenge!

Paul: *digs* Wait, so it's this where all my victims end up? Sad :(

Mia: *digs*

Daniel: *digs* P-Paul, y-you do what-t!?

Azuna: Well Hell fire I guess we have it easy considering that Robin is not willing to do that challenge *digs*.

Paul: *digs* Oh, well, I'm a dra-dra....DRACONITE TRAINER IN POKEMON, so I make many victims :P....:S

Mia: *digs*

Daniel: *digs, then starts Crying* Victims? Y-you killed..... *starts CRYING OUT OF CONTROL*

Robin: Seriously how can you even do this!

Azuna: Because it's the challenge *digs*

Paul: *digs* I meant fainted, that's my way of saying fainted -.-

Mia: *digs*


Azuna: *digs* what is this?

Chris: It looks like everyone found bones!

Paul: I never seen a graveyard in my rept- life! *goes to grave 19*

Mia: *goes to grave 2* -.-

Daniel: *starts screaming* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I SEE DEAD PEOPLE!! *goes to grave 4*

Paul: *digs*

Mia: *digs*

Daniel: Robin? Can't You help please? *Crys more and Digs*

Azuna: Take it easy team Hell fire, we don't need to worry since everyone of team Holy Water is to scared! *goes to grave 1*

Robin: *sign* (CONF) Do I need to throw all my believes our of the window for this show? You supose to leave the dead alone in peace! But than I again I can't see Daniel getting his mental state distroyed like this. *sigh* (END CONF)*sigh* *picks up the shovel and walks to grave 25*

Paul: *digs* Wait, what did my master tell me in case of suspects?

Mia: *digs* So...dirty...

Azuna: *digs*

Robin: *digs* Keep on going Daniel you're doing fine.

Daniel: *starts talking to self* Don't worry *cries* I'm sure there Props, right? *digs*

Paul: *digs* Oh! I remember *looks at Daniel, sadly*

Mia: *digs* WHAT'S THIS?!

Azuna: *digs* (CONF) this somehow makes me feel really calm and relaxed for some reason. (END CONF)

Robin: *digs*

*a big ant attacks Daniel and Robin find bones Mia found a dead body and flies attacks Paul*

Daniel: So this is what death feels like? I expected it to be more painful

Paul: *sighs* Didn't want to get this far *starts to beat up the flies cause he can*

Mia: EW *runs to grave 23*

Robin: What? *walks to grave 22*

Azuna: *digs*

*Azuna finds nothing*

Azuna: NOTHING? I atleast expected a few bones.

Daniel: *cries as the bug leaves* weird bug.... it hates me... *goe3s to spot 1*

Paul: *beats them up then goes to grave 25* I am sorry for them

Mia: *digs* This is getting weeird -.-

Azuna: *ignores Daniel and goes to grave 16*

Robin: *digs*

Paul: *digs*

Mia: *digs*

Daniel: *realizes he's bleeding* I'M BLEEDING! *digs*

Paul: *looks at daniel, sighing* *digs*

Mia: *digs* What we got here?

Daniel: *digs* BLEEDING!

Paul: *digs* I'm so sorry buddy....I wouldn't, but I have to...

Mia: *checks* HELLO?! WHAT'S IN THERE?

Daniel: *digs* now what is in here??

Mine turtle: *goes to grave 12*

Pencil: *Digs*


Robin: *digs*

*Robin and Paul found nothing, Mia is getting attacked by Ezekiel who jumps out of the grave and Daniel found a coffin with someone inside who is screaming to let him/her out*

Daniel: *naively* If you insist *opens coffin*

Gwen: Thank you *gives Daniel a hug* Now I have to dream about Courtney riding a unicorn on marshmallow clouds *walks off*

Azuna: *digs* (CONF) Ugh what is wrong with Gwen she used to be so good now she is even worse than Courtney(END CONF)

Robin: *walks to grave 19*

Daniel: Man, That was completely uneventful, at least I saved her, she's afraid of being buried alive *goes to grave 5*

Azuna: *digs* So what is this.

  • Azuna found candy*

Robin: *digs*

Daniel: *digs* Azuna! You found candy

Mia: *Ezekiel is apparently a statue* D: that's so realistic... *goes to grave 3*

Paul: Meh, who cares. That thing can wait (now) *goes to grave 6*

Daniel: *digs* Who HERE thinks messing with the dead is wrong? *hand uP*

Robin: *digs*

Azuna: Anyone can have that candy I am not gonna eat that! Team HELL FIRE WE CAN WIN THIS!! *goes to grave 6*

*Robin finds a skeleton with a ring around the finger*

Mia: *digs*

Paul: *digs*

Daniel: * opens coffin* what's in here :)

Paul: *digs*

Mia: *digs*

Daniel: ......Um...

Azuna: *digs*

Robin: *digs*

*robin finds bones and Daniel found a pair of boots.

Daniel: YAY *puts them in bag and goes to spot 8*

Paul: *digs* You find awesome things in graveyards! That's cool :D

Mia: *digs, and defends herself before something even happens*

Daniel: Coolio

Mine turtle: what are we trying to look for? *explodes to dig*

Pencil: *Digs* COME ON OUT GOLD! Or anything at least.

Daniel: *digs*

Pencil: *Digs elsewhere* Hey, what's that?! It looks like something metal.

???: Exterminate!

Paul: That voice is familiar, but that's not of my interest <.< *CHECKS!*


Pencil: *Kicks dirt into grave and runs*

Daniel: *digs*

Pencil: *Digs*

Robin: *goes to grave 22*

Azuna: *digs*

*Daniel found nothing Paul found nothing but a walky talky, Mia get's attacked by giant bunnies*


Mine turtle: *explodes to dig* the soil at this grave is hard as a rock.

Azuna: *digs*

Robin: *digs*

Daniel:GOD DAMMIT! *goes to Spot 2.5 (probably not allowed XD)*

Mia: *giant bunnies are a statue* Wow, so realistic D: *goes to grave........11*

Paul: Cool, prank time.....*screams in the walkie* I LOVE PASTA I SO DO IT, YAY! *this makes Daniel feel dizzy* Oh, uh, eh.....*goes to grave 15*

Daniel: Eugh.... *Goes to Spot 4* Where d-did my contacts go? I-I'M BLIND!?

Paul: *digs*


Daniel: WHAT EVIL PERSON WOULD DO THAT!? *cries and digs*

Paul: He cries again? Ok, he's not worthy of that thing. *digs*

Mia: *digs*

Daniel: Your probably right.... Wait... Worthy of what? And.... REVENGE!! *hits Paul with a rock* ....did I hit you... You made me lose my contacts *digs*

Robin: *digs*

Azuna: *digs*

*Azuna and Robin found both a neckless with a half of a heart*


Daniel: *digs* now what's in here -.-

In Daniel grave there are a pair of hand that pull him inside*

Azuna: Hmm what is this, I leave it there *goes to grave 20*

Robin: Hmm what is this, I leave it here *goes to grave 21*

Daniel: This isn't cool *Runs out to Spot 16*

Azuna: *digs*

Robin: *digs*

Daniel: I'm not playing anymore

Azuna: *digs*

Robin: *digs*

Chris: This is taking much to long the gold statue is someone between grave 17 and 25.

Daniel: Its not fun anymore *crosses arms and attempts to back in bus*


Azuna: Yeah right *digs*

  • Azuna and Robin both found a beheaded body*

Paul: *moves to grave 24* IDEA!

Daniel: *goes to grave 17* I don't want to *cries*

Paul: *digs*

Mia: *digs* Oh well, what's inside in there?

Daniel: *digs*

Paul: *digs*


Daniel: *digs*

Azuna & Robin: WOAH *run backward and fall and hold each other*

Azuna: *notice it and push Robin away* I am not scared! *goes to grave 20*

Robin: Okat than *goes to grave 18*

  • mia and Daniel found a bodyless Head*

Daniel: *faints*


Mia: *faints*

  • Michael Jackson comes walking out of Paul's grave and start dancing Thriller*

Robin: *throws a rock at Daniel and digs* WAKE UP WE NEED YOU!!

Azuna: *digs*

  • Michael Jackson walks up to Paul and gives him the Golden statue of him*


Elimination - 8

Chris: Team Holy water is up for elimination again. Everyone can vote!

Mine turtle: *blows Pencil up* you have no reason to be here now Eraser is gone.

Daniel: Pencil, because robin is my friend all though he does shout at me alot at the moment

Pencil: Mine turtle because all he does is blow people up.

Daniel: You have to vote Me or Robin, But Robin deserves to stay!

Pencil: In that case I do choose you, sorry but Robin does deserve to stay.

Daniel: Exactly! :)

Pencil: But why did the turtle act like it was voting me?

Chris: Because everyone can vote someone off this team

Robin: I vote Pencil, sorry.

Azuna: it's still weird to hear you talk Mine Turtle... Anyway I have no idea who to vote (COMF) The obviouse choice would be Pencil, but I don't worry about her. But I am kinda thinking about voting Robin, I know I like him and it hurts me if I vote him but he is my only distraction, I want to focus on the game and I can't do it with him around. I will wait with vote for a moment. (END CONF)

Robin: Azuna did you vote already.

Azuna: Nope not yet.

Pencil: *Shaking*

Daniel: *gives Pencil a tray of Cookies* HERE! I'm sorry for voting you! Forgive me?

Robin: You may have a chance to stay, we are with the nine people.

Azuna: *notice no one is looking and write on her voting paper Robin and puts it in as a vote*

Pencil: Phew

Daniel: *hugs Pencil* it's ok! I might be elimanated instead, it's highly unlikely anyone will vote for Robin

Azuna: Robin are you saying you think someone votes off Daniel?

Robin: Well that is a possibility. even I can be voted out.

Pencil: *Sees blue light down a corridor* Wha-- *It vanishes*


(It's not Looker's side plot it has something to do with what pencil dug up. But it won't be a problem like Looker was.)

Azuna: *Looks at Robin and gives him a hug* (CONF) Great I already feel bad *sigh* (END CONF)

Robin: Huh *hold Azuna* what is this for?

Daniel: Ahhh! Run from the Side Plots! (He doesn't know that!)

Mine turtle: calm down Daniel BTW should we see the current votes?

Daniel: Me; 1 from Pencil Pencil; 3 from.... US and Robin; won't bother checking cause it's obvious, 0

Azuna: *still holds Robin*

Robin: *kinda confused but still holds Azuna* Daniel calm down, what side plot are you talking about?

Pencil: Remember that thing I dug up?

Robin: Uhm not really.

Daniel: *shivers and shakes* S-side p-pl-plo-plo- plo t-t-t

Pencil: *Pokes with looker's pipe*

Mine turtle: Daniel you never know what's to come. *reaches Azuna's vote with mouth in the voting box* are you guys ready?

Chris: *takes the voting box away from the contestants* MT are you me huh I don't think so if anyone tries to get into the voting box again will be disqualified!!! That is my job, anyway there are 3 special twists waiting at the end of this ceremony!

Mine turtle: um ok I didn't see that rule on the rule list maybe because the bottom was ripped apart.

Paul: I want to vote, or else I FIRE YOU. I can, cause I'm an Hell Fire guy >:(


Paul: I vote for..............*uses a spinner*.......................Robin? Sad.

Mia: Sorry girl, but I have to vote for you, again *votes for Pencil*

Chris: Okay let's see who goes this week, and since we're not in the hotel we can't throw someone off the roof so the person with the most votes will be barried alive! That was twist one. Okay You all got atleast one vote! Let me read up the votes. One vote for Pencil, a second vote for Pencil, one vote for Robin, Two votes for Robin, one vote for Daniel, a third vote for Pencil and the last vote is for Pencil, sorry girl but you..... CAN STAY!!! No elimination this episode but you still have to be barried alive you can take someone with you! Also one more thing Mia you're on team Holy water now! So Pencil who do you take with you?

Daniel: U-uh, B-b-buried

Chris: Yep Buried alive, for the untill the morning. Oh yeah almost forgot the rest of Holy Water which Mia is also a part of now have to sleep on the graveyard, outside. Team Hell fire can sleep on the bus.

Robin: That sounds dangerous.


Mine turtle: hold on, 2 votes for Robin? I though he only got one vote.

Chris: Yeah he got 2 votes, but it's up to Pencil who she takes underground.

Mia: *looks in creeps the graveyard* NO WAY I'M SLEEPING HERE D:

Paul: PERFECTION! Buses are awesome....for 3 seconds. I'm 2/59 claustrophobic :(

Niall: uhh...are we still voting?

Daniel: Yep! We won't get mad at who you vote! :)

Chris: Pencil still have to say who she takes down in the casket with her.

Niall: OK, i guess i'll vote for........uhhh....Pencil, sorry!

Pencil: Mia can come with me because she was originally eliminated a while ago. But was saved since Looker left.

Chris: OK then, Chef Burry them!!

Chef *picks them up and throws them in the casket and close it and burry them*

Chris: Okay that wrappes it up, will Azuna finally get together with Robin? Will Daniel act like a man? Will Mine turtle talk some more? Will Pencil and Mia survive? All that and more in the next, TOTAL, DRAMA, HOTEL!!!

Episode 10 - Farm towns and Dirt roads

Chris: We will leave right before the next challenge team Holy water has to stay in the graveyard untill than!

Azuna: *wakes up* Hmm sleeping in a bus is not good for your back (CONF) Great no one went home last night! And we even lost a member of our team, what's next a double elimination? (END CONF)

Robin: *on the graveyard* Dan? Dan are you awake? I can't sleep. (CONF) I have to pee so bad, I have held it in sincer yesterday's challenge. I am not gonna pee on the graveyard. That is disrespectfull. (END CONF)

Daniel: *wakes up* yeah, why can't you sleep... o-other than the fact we're in a graveyard?

Paul: Hey Dan, I have to talk you in private. Can you?

Daniel: Ok.... Be back later, Robin *follows Paul*

Robin: okay

Chris: Here is breakfirst *throws a bag with five sliterces of bread and a bottle of water over the fence of the graveyard*

Paul: So, hi c:

Daniel: Hi!! *eats some bread* What is it? *smiles*

Paul: I had to greet someone :|

Daniel: Ok! :3 How are you?

Robin: *goes to the fence* There is breakfirst right somewhere?

Chris: For team hell fire there is a 5 star breakfirst in the bus.

Azuna: *eating a pancake* hmm Love this stuff!

Daniel: *smiles*

Paul: YES! AWESOME! *eats a lobster, ironically* That's great, isn't it? *pats Daniel shoulder*

Daniel: I wonder what Chris ment when he said 'Will Daniel Be A Man?' *smiles at Paul*

Azuna: *walks out of the bus eating pancakes* he means that you need to stop acting like a baby.

Robin: Dan can I have some bread?

Daniel: Um... Ok! *hands Robin his bread*

Robin: thanks *eats it* Chris when can we get out of the graveyard I really need to go pee.

Chris: Not soon, why don't you just go in the bushes?

Robin: This is a graveyard I am not gonna pee in hte bushes here!

Chris: *laughs* Okay *laughs harder*

Mine turtle: *picks up the note from last episode with mouth and puts it under a seat that no one is sitting on* I wonder who it is for.

Azuna: What's so funny?

Daniel: U-uh....

Azuna: *drink coffee*

Daniel: *eats bread*

Robin: Seriously Chris, can I please leave this graveyard for a moment to take a leak?!?

Chris: *ignores Robin* So what a wonderfull breakfirst is this *eating a club sandwhich*

Daniel: Ignoring people is rude! :)

Azuna: You should say!

Daniel: Huh?

Azuna: Like you never ignored people?

Robin S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y CHRIS!!!

Chris: Geez here *throws a empty bottle*

Daniel: I don't THINK I've done it for 6 years, although I don't know if I did it this season or not.

Robin: No Chris, just let me out of here, I am not gonna pee on the graveyard, it's disrespectful, even if it's in a bottle!

Chris: *start laughing again*

Daniel: Um...

Azuna: I still don't get why you're laughing Chris..

Daniel: Yeah... Wow... This ground feels fake.... Pure Coincidence

Azuna: How does groud feel fake.

Chris: *still laughing* Daniel is right, this whole graveyard is fake.

Robin: How?

Chris: This graveyard is a helloween atraction *laughing louder*

Daniel: Halloween? YAY! CANDY I'M NOT ALLOWED!!

Robin: REALLY ARGH *goes to the bushes where no one can see him and go pee*

Azuna: I guess Robin is okay after all didn't need a new pair of pants and underwear.

Daniel: Um... O...k..

Azuna: Stop being so speechless!! Want some pancakes?

Daniel: OK!!

Azuna: *gives Dan some pancakes.*

Daniel: *eats some* Do these have sugar in them?

Niall: sugar pancakes?, good choice.

Burried alive (which is a secret underground mansion)

(here only Pencil and Mia talk)

Pencil: Am I dreaming?

Mia: Wow! This is so......awesome! Thank you Pencil, even though....I did vote for you 2 times already. I just didn't knew who to vote for.

Cheff: Nope Pencil you're not, this whole graveyard is fake, we placed fake probs in the graves to make it look real and the Michael Jackson was just a dancer with make up, okay here is breakfirst, it's a 7 star breakfirst you can eat as much as you like!!

Mia: *eats egg* I have to keep my diet :|

Pencil: *Eats egg and drinks orange juice* Thank you Chef!

Challenge - Dirt road race

Chris: everyone get into the bus! *everyone teleports into the buss* We are going to a farm *goes to a farm* Challenge time!!!.

Chris: The challenge is a dirt road race!! It's pretty much a race on horses around this farm, on the way there are traps, if you hit one you will be send 5 lines backward, the team who get's all or the most members over the finishline wins the challenge. it's 3 lines to get on the horse and It's 30 lines to get around the farm. 1,2 START!!

Daniel: Please forgive me horse *attempts to ride*

Chris: maybe you should get on a horse first!

Robin: Good, I used to ride a horse at my grandma's farm. *get's the horse ready*

Azuna: Your grandma had a farm? *get's the horse ready*

Daniel: *Gets horse ready* .... Cool!

Mine turtle: *gets horse ready*

Robin: *pet the horse on his back* It's okay buddy.

Azuna: Why are you petting your horse?

Robin: That way he'll be calm during the ride.

Azuna: Well you're the expert *pet the horse*

Mine turtle: *pets horse* how am I doing this? (laws of physics has been broken)

Robin: *get's on the horse and continue petting it's back* It's alright buddy we are gonna win together.

Azuna: *get's on the horse* MT maybe you explode yourself? I don't know!! ... it's still weird you can talk..

Mine Turtle: *gets on horse and continues petting it's back* The weirder thing is that I started talking right after Eraser's elimination. Maybe he had some spell casted that prevented the laws of physics being broken (excluding breaking the 4th wall (not literaly though) but still).

Niall: (gets on horse)

Mine turtle: *gets horse running*

Pencil: Heey horsey. *Starts getting on horse* (1)

Mine turtle: *holds whip with teeth and whips horse* (2)

Niall: (gets horse ready) (1)

Robin: Okay buddy here we go *let's the horse run* (1)

Mia: *hops in the horse* C'mon, we can do this (1)

Paul: *gets horse ready* Let's go buddy! We need to pwn these guys....TWICE! (1)

Chris: Concidering this challenge might take too long it's only 15 lines to go around the farm!

Robin: You're doing great buddy *racing* (2)

Azuna: Here we go *starts racing* *1*

Mine turtle: Come on horse. *racing* (3)

Robin: *racing* (3)

Azuna: WOAH!! *racing* (2)

Daniel: *Gets horse ready*

Robin: Azuna just stay calm, *racing* (4)

Azuna: Easier said than done!! *racing* (3)

Daniel: Uh.... *Gets horse ready and jumps on to it*

Mine turtle: Doing great! *racing* (4)

Daniel: Come on, Horsey! *racing 1*

Mine turtle: Hurry! *pets horse awhile racing* (5)

Robin: *racing* (5)

Azuna: Finally I got you under control! *racing* (4)

*chris throws a firecracker near Azuna's horse and it goes off and Azuna's horse goes wild (it cost 2 lines to get the get back to racing again instead of 5)*

Daniel: *racing 2*

Mia: *hops in the horse*(2)

Paul: *gets horse ready*(2)

Azuna: *trying to calm down her horse* CHRIS YOU'RE SUCH A F****** A****LE YOU MOTHER F*******

Robin: *racing* (6)

Mia: *hops in the horse*(3)

Paul: *gets horse ready*(3)

Daniel: *racing 3*

Mia: *races*(1)

Paul: *races*(1)

Azuna: *trying to calm down her horse*

Robin: *racing* (7)

  • Chef drops down iron balls one of them hits Robin in his head*

Daniel: *racing 4* Robin!? Are you ok?

Robin: *falls off his horse knocked out on the ground*

Azuna: *get's on the horse and continue racing* F I N A L L Y!!!

Mia: *races*(2)

Paul: *races*(2)

Mine turtle: *racing awhile having horse move in zigzags to avoid obsticals* (6)

Mia: *races*

Paul: *races

Robin: *wakes up* Where am I.

Azuna: *racing*

  • Ezekiel attacks Mine Turtles Horse you have a run circles for 2 lines and than you can continue with the race*

Mia: *races*

Paul: *races

Mine turtle: *gets horse running a circle* shake this annoying joke off!

Mia: *races*

Paul: *races

Azuna: *races* (6)

Robin: oh yeah challenge *gets back on his horse and continue racing* (8)

  • Miley Cyrus comes by flying on a wrecking ball and she knockes off Paul of his horse he need to calm down his horse before he can continue (it takes 2 lines to calm it down)*

Mia: *races*

Paul: FLYING AWAY....well, it isn't kind of a great emoction..I mean, I always fly z.z *tries to calm down horse*

Daniel: *racing 5*

Mia: *races* (7)

Paul: *calms down horse* And that's why I don't want to fly yet

Azuna: *races* (7)

Robin: *races* (8)

  • Miley Cyrus comes swinning back and kick Mia and Azuna of their horse they have to do the same as Paul*

Mia: NO, MILEY, I WON'T TWERK FOR YOU! *stables horse*

Paul: Let's go, horsey! *races*

Daniel: *races 6*

Mia: *stables horse*

Paul: *races*

Azuna: *calms down her horse*

Robin: *races* (9)

Paul: *races*

Mia: -.- *races* (8)

Daniel: *races 7*

Paul: *races*

Mia: *races*

Azuna: *calms the horse*

Robin: *races* (10)

Daniel: *races 8*

Paul: *races*

Mia: *races*

Azuna: *races* (7)

Robin: *races* (11)

Mine turtle: *gets horse running in a circle shaking Ezekial off* ok stay calm *pets horse*

Robin: *races* (12)

Azuna: *races* (8)

  • Izzy jumps up out of no where and start kissing Daniel, Daniel somehow has to get rid of her (2 lines) before he can continue to race*

Daniel: AHHHH! I THOUGHT YOU EXPLODED! *Pushes her off*

Mine turtle: where are these people coming from it's getting out of control! *races* (7)

Daniel: THAT'S IT!! *sends Izzy to mars* DONE! Why are there so many cameos! (xD)

Azuna: *races* (9)

Robin: *races* Almost there buddy (13)

  • Robin get shot in his left shoulder*

Daniel: YOU GOT SHOT, AGAIN!? ...Wait You don't remember... *rides 9*

Mine turtle: Let me guess, Mal shot him again. *races* (8)



Robin: *tries to get up* ah.

Azuna: ROBIN!!! *races* (10)

Daniel: *races 10*

Mine turtle: +races* (9)

Robin: I have to continue *try to get on the horse*

Azuna: Robin, take it easy *races* (11)

  • Duncan throws three firecrackers near Azuna's and Mine Turtles horses, they need to calm them down again for 2 lines*

Mine turtle: calm down buddy! *pets horse to calm it down*

Azuna: come here you stupid beast *kinda calming her horse down*

Robin: *get finally back up his horse and continue racing* (14) we are almost there AH my shoulder.

Paul: *races*

Mia: *races*

Azuna: AAAAHHH *kind calming her horse down*

Robin: *finishing* (15) ah it hurts!!

Chef: Take it easy Robin. *takes Robin to a hospital*

Paul: *races*

Mia: *races*

Mine turtle: *calms horse down* ok ready!

Daniel: *races 11* AHHH

Mine turtle: *races* so close (10)

Daniel: *races 12* REALLY CLOSE!!

Azuna: finally *get on the back of the horse and races* (12)

Mine turtle: *races* (11)

Daniel: Almost there! Come on everyone! :) *races 13*

Mine turtle: *races+ (12)

Paul: *races* (13)

Mia: *races*

Mine turtle: +races* (13)

Daniel : *races 14*

Paul: *races* (14)

Mia: *races*

Daniel: DONE!!! *races 15*

Azuna: *races

Paul: *races* DONE!....wait, I'm lost, no teammate of mine is there :\.

Mia: *races* YES!

MT: +races*

Azuna: almost there *races* (14)

Mine turtle: *finishes+ Yes!

Chris: Okay the challenge ends now!! Team Hell Fire has two members accros the finishline and team Holy water has 3 members over the finishline and one of them is in the hospital. Team Holy Water wins!!

Azuna: *just didn't cross the line* WHAT!!!!?!?!?! *jumps of her horse and runs to Chris* YOU!!! AAAAH

Elimination 9

'Chris: Okay the first time someone off team Hell fire will be eliminated, you can vote off Niall, Azuna, Mine Turtle or Paul. 'Everyone can vote! Robin won't vote he is still in the hospital.

Mine Turtle: *blows Niall up* You were REALLY helpful (sarcasm)

Azuna: NIALL YOU HAVE BEEN F***KING USELESS!! *votes Niall* I wonder how Robin is doing.

Paul: .................In a drago- human realm, being useless equals de- OK I'm really spoiling out my HEARD NOTHING K? *votes Niall the lazyguy*

Mia: I don't really know who to vote.....sooo.......*votes Niall* purely random...lolno, that guy didn't do anything

Niall: shoot!, sorry about that team, that sucks for me. i guess i vote for Azuna for being a F***KING A**HOLE!! (smiles)


Pencil: Uh huh you are soo great Niall. *Votes Niall*

Daniel: Niall, I SOOO *sarcasm* Grateful that you tried to get rid of me in episode 4, when I had immunity as well. And everyone else do stuff.... mostly... I think.... *votes Niall* And Azuna is never an A*** Hole... *smiles naively*

Chris: All votes are in, okay here we go, the first one who is safe is... PAUL the second one who is safe is, Mine Turtle, and then we have two left Azuna and Niall. The person who leaves is Azuna!!!

Azuna: WHAT??

Chris: Nah just kidding Niall you are gone you have to spend the night in jail together with Duncan....

Chef: *whispers in Chris's ear*

Chris: Who escaped... Ohwell, you're not longer in the game but you will be in the next episode cause we are going back to the hotel and we can let you jump off the hotel! Holy Water sleeps in the farm. Hell Fire has to sleep in a stable with pigs.

Chris: This wrapes it up, will Robin survive.

  • everyone gasp*

Chris: I mean how will he return, who will Mine Turtle blow up next, will Azuna be nice again and will Mia finally reveal her secret. All that and more in the next TOTAL.... DRAMA...... HOTEL!!!!!

Episode 11 - There are seven letter in "I merged"

Chris: Robin will return during the challenge if anyone really cares.

Daniel: YEEEEEEAH! YAY! Robin will come back!

Azuna: When is the merge Chris there are only 6 people plus Robin left it's not like these teams make any sense anymore, and also WHERE IS THE SHOWER!!

Daniel: ... Yeah... It should be merge, I think and..... I can't think of where it could be..

Azuna: Common Dan, you can break the 4th wal, tell us the title of the episode.

Daniel: (xD it's a running gag) There are seven letter in "I Merged" I wonder what that means?

Azuna: It's kinda obviouse what that means, I am gonna take a shower, sleeping in a pig stable isn't good for your health *goes to the shower*

Daniel: 7....7....7....7.... There's 7 People left too...."I.... Merged".... Don't get it...

Chris: Dan don't blow up your mind, we already have a character who constantly blows itself up and he or she isn't human. So please don't.


Azuna: *comes back* Ha that was great what did you say Dan?

Daniel: Merge? Maybe

Azuna: REALLY Chris tell us NOW!!!

Chris: We are at the merge!!! Well Maybe. *smiles*

Azuna: ugh..

Daniel: *sarcastic* Well, That was helpful

Chris: Like I am telling you when the merge is.

Daniel: PLEASE!!?

Chris: Nope, even if you would kill me if I don't tell I wouldn't tell you.

Azuna: *holding a knife* oh.. *puts the knife back*

Daniel: If you were dead, 1. You can't tell me, your dead 2. The show might be cancelled

Chris: Exactly there for there would be no merge and no winner!

Azuna: I hope the challenge start soon.

Daniel: Exectly? Do you mean Exactly?

Azuna: That's whay he said

Mine turtle: This madness is gonna blow my mind soo- oh wait I already can do that. *randomly explodes Mia*

Azuna: *drinks some coffee* What's up with everyone, Mine turtle talks, again and Dan is upset. Seriously.

Daniel: I'm not upset....

Azuna: *drinking coffee* oh I thought that.

Chris: Look who we have here, TD revenge of the island competitor Scott!!

Scott: Here is breakfirst, we did our best.

Azuna: Ah roasted patato! *eats it*

Scott: Actually those are cow kidnies.

Azuna: *spits it out* EW..

Mine Turtle: Uhhhhhhhhhhh.

Paul: Seems nice *eats one* Delicious, wanna try it out?

Mia: I'm not going to eat that :s

Daniel: Um.... (CONF) I didn't want to be rude (END CONF) O-ok.. *eats one*

Chris: *eating lobster*

Azuna: You spoiled B***H

Challenge - Another brick falls into dust.

Chris: Everyone get into the bus!

  • everyone get's in the bus and they go to the hotel*

Chris: Hey welcome back to the Hotel and one thing more, we do NOT MERGE, yet! There might be 7 letters in "I merged" be not in "merged"!

  • a taxi stops in front of the hotel and Robin steps out*

Chris: Anyway look who we have there, our cowboy and Azuna's prince Robin. *get's hit in the head* HEY!!

Azuna: *glares at Chris*

Chris: Anyway the challenge is, on the roof of the hotel are three giant bricks and they need to be pushed off the roof, it takes 9 lines to get on top of the hotel and it takes 4 lines to push it off the hotel, there need to be atleast 3 member of the team to push it off, otherwise it's too heavy. GO!! Doesn't matter how you get to the top of the hotel. aslong at it takes 9 lines.

Mine turtle: *gets in hotel*

Azuna: WE CAN WIN AGAIN AAH! *get's in Hotel* Robin sorry but you know how competitive I am.

Robin: yes Azuna, *get's in hotel* ah I need to slow down.

Daniel: *Gets in hotel* We can win again Robin.

Azuna: *takes the stairs up to the hotel*

Robin: Dan let's takes the elevator *clicks on the button* than I can sit down because my shoulder still hurt really bad.

Daniel: *Gets in elevator* Cool... Are you ok?

Robin: *waiting for the elevator* To be honist, no I am not, my shoulder still hurts, after this challenge I have to go back cause I have to rest alot, they removed the bullet. they said I was lucky if it was a few inches to the left the bullet would've shattered my bones in my shoulder. (3)

Azuna: *Running up the stairs* (3)

Daniel: *waiting for elevator* I feel sorry for you....

Robin: You really shouldn't, I hate that if people feel bad for me, there is probally a reason why it happend to be me. *steps into the elevator*

Azuna: *out of breath* why did I choose walks the stairs ugh. *continue walking up the stairs* (4)

Daniel: *Gets in elevator* That's not true, you don't deserve that, no one does. (4)

Azuna: *continue walking up the staires*

Robin: I guess you're right, you know what Dan, you're a great friend. *press the button to go to the roof* I am gonna sit down if you don't mind. *sits down*

Daniel: I don't mind and Thanks! *starts reading "Manners For Dummies" * (5)

Robin: So how was sleeping in Scott's farm? *sitting down*

Azuna: *running to the rooftop*

Daniel: *elevator goes up* Not THAT bad *turns page over* Step 198973648538469696400000, Always give money to homeless people... *starts calling homeless centre and dumbly says* Can I donate all my money to the homeless? (6)

Robin: Wouldn't that make you Homeless if you did that? *evevator goes up*

Azuna: Al.... almost... there..... *step by step up the stairs*

Paul: *gets on top* Wow early challenge :(

Mia: *gets on top*

Daniel: ..... Ok..... Um.... Take 15% out of my account *hangs up* Ok... *reads "How to be a disappointment" *

Paul: *gets on top*

Mia: *gets on top*

Daniel: This is a good book (8)

Paul: *gets on top*

Mia: *gets on top*

Daniel: Hmmmmm.... I'm at the top (9)

Paul: *gets on top*

Mia: *gets on top*

Daniel: *gets out of lift* COME ON GUYS!!!

Paul: *gets on top*

Mia: *gets on top*

Daniel: *yawn* I need two other people here...

Paul: *gets on top*

Mia: *gets on top*

Robin: *steps out of the elevator* (7)

Azuna: Al..most there! (7)

Paul: *gets on top*

Mia: *gets on top*

Daniel: Cool... Giant Bricks

Azuna: *almost there* ugh I hate this challenge. (8)

Robin: Hey Azuna, are you okay. *almost there* (8)

Paul: *gets on top*

Mia: *gets on top*

Daniel: Hi Azuna

Paul: *gets on top*

Mia: *gets on top*

Azuna: Are YOU okay? You are the one who got shot not me. *stand by the brick* (9)

Robin: Not really my shoulder hurt really bad, but other than that I am glad to see you again. *stands by the bricks*

Chris: I almost forgot, each member has to push 4 lines. not to get that confused, so in total 12 lines.

Daniel: *Pushes (1)* Wait... I was here first? How is that possible?

Mia: *pushes*

Paul: *tries to push* URGH, IT'S TOO HEAVY

Robin: *pushes (1)* I have no clue.

Azuna: I guess hell fire lost again ugh. and paul No sh*t it is heavy.

Mia: *pushes*


Robin: Ah.. I see *pushes* (2)

Mia: *pushes* (3)

Paul: No...really, I'm supposed to..............because I am a- random reasons. This is far too heavy D:


Robin: Come on Dan , I am not at my strongest right now *pushes*

Paul.........oh, you don't say?

Mia: *pushes* (4)....what's happening here?

Daniel: *Pushes 2* Sorry, Robin... I'll try

Azuna: we better already vote I guess.

Robin: *pushes* (4)

Daniel: *Pushes 3* ....

Pencil: *Climbs pipe to top* It feels like I am that Looker guy! (1)

Robin: Come on Dan, you can do it!!

Azuna: Take your time.

Daniel: DONE *Pushes* We win! Sorry for not doing it fast enough

Chris: Wow that challenge went way to fast, but team Holy Water wins!

Elimination 10

Chris: Vote someone off team Hell Fire, Azuna, Mine Turtle or Paul. Everyone can vote!

Daniel: MT because he's the least active, nothing personal *frowns*

Azuna: I don't know, I vote later. *sits and give Robin a kiss on his cheek and holds him*

Robin: AH. *pushes Azuna away* I am sorry but my shoulder is really hurting,

Daniel: Um.... *sighs* Poor Robin..

Paul: Oh yeah, retarded scare....AAAAAAAAAAH *scared as Chris ate a lobster and accidentaly votes Azuna*

Mia: Well....he doesn't do anything at all, except blow you off, so yeah, bye *votes for Mine Turtle*

Mine turtle: *secretly votes Azuna and puts vote in the votes box*

Azuna: *votes Mine turtle* Sorry buddy I really enjoyed your time here but it's over now.

Robin: I am not gonna vote.

Azuna: Doesn't matter *gives him another kiss on his cheek*

Mine turtle: well my time here is over, maybe this note will be decoded to what it means *drops the note from Down the graveyard near the contestants and is about to jump off*

Chris: You're not going anywhere Mine T yet the last person still needs to vote.

Pencil: Mine Turtle. I cannot tell you how many times I have been blown up.

Chris: Okay the votes are in time to see who goes *check the votes* alright the first one who is safe is ofcourse..... Daniel, you didn't got any votes against you. And.. the person who is going home is.. *camera zooms in on Mine Turtle and Azuna. Mine........

Robin: *interupt Chris* Stop, I am quiting.

  • everyone gasp*

Robin: I need much more time to recover from what happend in yesterday's challenge, I am sorry if you are disappoited in me but it really hurts bad.

Azuna: No one is disappoited and I think you're right by doing that. *gives him a kiss* I really like you.

Robin: I feel the same way *gives Azuna a kiss* well goodbye everyone. Daniel you have been a great friend, Paul I hope there will be no more lobsters that attack you. Mia, I wish you the best on whatever you have to do. Pencil you are a great person Azuna I hope to see you in the finale and Mine Turtle, you can talk after all, I just saved your butt I hope you can have a good time too.

Chris: Well goodbye Robin Chef will take you to the hospital. Well Mine Turtle you got lucky today. Well that wrapped it up. Will Azuna survive without Robin, can Daniel survive without Robin. Will Paul survive knowing that there is a lobster under his bed. All that and more in the next episode of TOTAL.... DRAMA... HOTEL!!!!

Episode 12 - One for all and all for themselfs!

Chris: Guess what, the merge is TODAY, everyone is on their own!!

Daniel: That title is depressing... and we can ALL be friends.

Azuna: I was waiting for this moment!

Daniel: Poor Robin.... I was rooting for him, why do people shoot him?

Azuna: How am I suppose to know, I don't think Duncan actually wanted to shoot him in partically but he just wanted to shoot someone. Doesn't matter though cause it's still bad and he'll die if I get my hands on him.

Daniel: I don't like how he QUIT before merge, he was so close to merge.

Azuna: Well usually people stay longer in the hospital if they have wounds like he did.

Daniel: I know he had to, I'm just frustrated it happened

Mia: Why everyone is suspecting on me? -.- Anyhow, poor Robin

Paul: I hope he's okay (FIRST NON-WEIRD LINE HE HAS OMG)

Daniel: Me too..... Wait... Lobster under Paul's Bed?

Azuna: Chris said something about that.

Daniel: :O

Paul: THERE WAS A LOBSTER UNDER MY BED? *takes a bazooka and shoots his bed* YOU SHALL NOT SURVIVE, CHRIS.

Daniel: *Jumps back in surprise*

Azuna: *kicks the Bazooka out of Paul's hands* Are you crazy?!?

Daniel: No.... He's Paul.... (xD)

Paul: *retakes bazooka* Don't you dare stopping my revenge *heads to Chris* (OMG D:)

Mia: He's gone for good...

Daniel: *follows Paul* Please don't murder our host

Paul: *thinks a bit, then throws bazooka away* You're right, Dan! Thanks *in mind* I can be a dragon after this and send him to hell, anyway *not in mind anymore*

Daniel: *smiles*

Azuna: Ugh. *sits down* I still can't believe it.

Daniel: Me neither

Mine turtle: Same here.

Azuna: You should be cause if it wasn't for him you would have been gone!

Challenge - Rub it in and run

Chris: Hello no team final 6, time to help some oldies 30 to be excect! for each of you five, you have to rub their back in with sunblock, it takes 1 line to go to the old women and 2 lines to rub the sun block on their back, in total you should have 15 lines, the first one to finish wins!

Daniel: *turns green and runs to woman* Eww

Azuna: I might be dead at the end of this challenge, me and old grannies does not go along. *goes to the a granny*.

Daniel: *puts on gloves and rubs* Ewwwww God eugh

Paul: O.o *runs to an old lady*

Mia: *runs to an old lady*

Azuna: Unless you want to die woman you better not say a single word, cause I will end your life early... ier *put's some lotion on ha push and start rubing it in*

Daniel: *rubs* EWWWW

Paul: *rubs* EEEEW squared

Mia: *rubs*

Old Lady: *to Azuna* please can you be.. *get's interupted*

Azuna: WHAT DID I JUST TOLD YOU SHUT YOUR F***KING MOUTH!! *rubing lotion on her back*

Paul: *rubs EEEEW cubed

Mia: *rubs*

Pencil: Ah! I am late! *Runs to old lady*

Paul: O.o *runs to an old lady*

Mia: *runs to an old lady*

Daniel: *Runs*

Paul: *rubs*

Mia: *rubs*

Azuna: *finish rubbing* So!! DONE!

Paul: *rubs*

Mia: *rubs*

Daniel: *rubs*

Paul: *runs*

Mia: *runs*

Daniel: *rubs*

Paul: *rubs*

Mia: *rubs*

Daniel: *Runs*

Paul: *rubs*

Mia: *rubs*

Ming turtle: *goes to a old ladie*

Daniel: *rubs*

Paul: *runs*

Mia: *runs*


Paul: *rubs*

Mia: *rubs*

Daniel : *Runs*

Paul: *rubs*

Mia: *rubs*

Azuna: I can't believe you are all trying so hard to win this challenge, I am just trying hard to not kill some old people *walk up to a old woman*

Paul: *runs*

Mia: *runs*

Mine turtle: *rubs* This show may get sued.

Pencil: *Rubs* eehhh.

Paul: *rubs*

Mia: *rubs*

Chris: Finish the challenge people!!


Mia: I am never going to do it again ;.; *rubs*

Chris: Paul wins the challenge everyone go to the roof!

Elimination 11

Chris: Twist, Paul you have a soul vote, you are the only one who can vote someone off!!

Paul: O.o thank you very much! Ok, guys, this is a hard choice because, honestly....I WANT ALL OF YOU OFF! Jk, some of you don't deserve after all. Uh, meh, well.... Azuna has been mean to me in several occurrances, she denies my powers! Daniel is a friend, but I don't trust him, cause he can reveal my secret identity, and FYI I don't have a secret identity.

Mia is OK, just a tad annoying

Mia: Hey!

Paul: MT is the best thing ever, but he can blow you up, so... Pencil is weird <.< And I, Paul, wants to qui- stay in the game. Gotcha! Well, I don't want.......Daniel to be eliminated. He's safe, eh. Neither, uh, Mine Turtle, Azuna and Mia and Pencil remain....and Maybe................. Mia, Azuna....Pencil....ergh.....well, IDK........none of you should leave, but actually you should, so ehm....sorry... Azuna. This is what you deserve for telling that I don't have any power!

Azuna: WHAT!! UGH YOU STUPID ***** *about to attack Paul*

Chris: Chef help me please.

*Chris and Chef take Azuna and throw her off the hotel roof*

Azuna: Paul you are deeeeeaaaa.......!!!!

Chris: Glad she is gone, well unexpected but understood, will Daniel find new alies, will Paul get Azuna's revenge somehow *evil laugh*, who will go next? All that and more in the next episode of.... TOTAL.... DRAMA....HOTEL!!!

Episode 13 - I shot the Robin!!

Chris: Okay everyone get your a*** in the bus seat we are going to the forrest! Keep on talking!

Daniel: A-a-a-a-Azun-na.... is.... gone.... R-robin... is gone.... F-friends... are gone.. I'M FRIENDLESS AGAIN! *Cries*

Chef: We all know you can break the fourth was Daniel but now you don't have to cause we made a sign with the name of the episode on it. *lights up a sign that says the title "I shot the Robin!"

Daniel: Ok, Sou- Chef (AGAIN AND AGAIN!! xD)

Paul: I hate getting rid of people, at times -.-

Mia: *glares at Paul as he called her annoying*

Challenge - Shoot him again!!

Chris: Challenge time?!?!? *hands everyone a guns* Yeah we are gonna shoot today, at picture! To be more exect pictures of all the eliminated competitors and there are also picture of you five! they are all spread around in this forest and they are numbered from 1 to 20. The person who shoots Robin's picture wins the challenge, if you shoot one of the other eliminated competitors you can continue if you shoot a picture of someone who is still, than that person can no longer continue this challenge!

(it takes 3 lines to find a picture in the woods and it's 1 line loading the gun and 1 lines shooting, mention which picture you found!)

Chris: There are two ways to win this challenge, the first one is to shoot Robin's picture the other way is to be the only one who's pictures isn't shot!

Paul: I'm not dumb I can see that image z.z *finds a pic*

Mia: *finds a pic*

Chris: No you can't cause I blurred them, so say which number is on the back. (this does not count as a line!!)

Daniel: *goes to pic * Wait.... SHOOT SOMEONE!

Paul: *finds a pic*

Mia: *finds a pic*

Daniel: *goes to pic*

Paul: *finds pic* Here we go!

Mia: *finds pic* This should be easy

Daniel: I found one too! *finds pick*

Paul: I think that's an eliminated contestant *loads*

Mia: *loads*

Daniel: *loads* Pretend it's a game at the carnival and your shooting toy ducks, not pictures of your friends

Paul: *shoots spot 15*

Mia: *shoots spot 12*

Daniel: *shoots spot 7*

*Daniel shot the picture of Azuna, Paul shot the picture of Eraser and Mia shot her own picture, Mia can no longen participate in the challenge*

Daniel: *looks for pic*

MT: *looks for pic*

Daniel: *looks for pic*

Paul: *looks for pic*

Mia: -.-

Daniel: *finds pic* YAY!

MT: *looks for pic*

Daniel: *loads*

Paul: *looks for pic*

Daniel: SORRY!! *SHOOTS 11*

Paul: *finds pic* Okey-dokey!

*Daniel Shot a picture of Niall*

Daniel: *finds pic*

Paul: *loads*

MT: *finds pic*

Paul: *shoots picture 2*

*paul shoots Pencils picture, this means she is out of the challenge*

MT: *loads*

Paul: *finds pic*

MT: *shoots pic 14*

Paul: *finds pic*

*MT shot the picture of Looker*

Daniel: With my luck, I'll shoot myself *finds pic*

Chris: Don't worry Dan that won't happend *evil smile on his face* PEOPLE CONTINUE THE CHALLENGE!! (This does not count as a line)

Paul: *finds pic*

MT: *looks for a pic*

Daniel: *looks for pic*

Chris: This challenge take way too long I am gonna shoot five random picture if I hit any MT, Paul or/and Daniel's picture you don't have immunity *shoots 5 random picture (I used* Okay I hit *looks* Cassie, Asuna, Robin, MT and Tom's Picture, this means that Daniel and Paul both have invincibility!!

Elimination 12

Chris: time to vote off ether Mia, Pencil or Mine Turtle!!

Daniel: Cool but I don't want to vote..... M-mine T-turtle is fairly inactive

Mia: Ergh.....everyone is friendly here...but MT blows up your face, so bye bye to him *votes MT*

Paul: 2nd on the list *votes MT* here we go!

Chris: Okay we've got the vote, the first two who are in the final 4 are, Daniel and Paul cause they won the challenge. The next person who is in the final 4 is... Pencil!!! The last person who is in the final 4 is... *zooms in on Mia and Mine Turtle..... Mia!! Sorry Mine Turtle you were a awesome competitor but now it's time to take hte fall of shame *kicks MT off the hotel*

Chris: Okay that is that, will there be more talking!!! YEAH PEOPLE TALK MORE!! SERIOUSLY, who will survive the next challenge, I hope not *evil smile* See you in the next Total drama Hotel!!

Episode 14 - Fight club Hotel Chris!

Chef: And we start with a challenge! Yeah go and train do push ups and sit ups!!

Daniel: Final 4!? How did i get here!? How did Robin, Azuna, Jason... scratch him actually, other people elimanated not get this far? *cries* I have no more friends.

Chef: *punches Daniel in his stomach* YOU CRY BABY TRAIN YOU HAVE TO FIGHT TODAY!!!

Daniel: *reads title of episode* Oh.. FIGHT CLUB!? *cries*...that hurt.

???na: Hey Dan, get your a** off the ground and train!!

Paul: THAT NA IS SUSPICIOUS *does pushit ups*

Mia: Easy one! *does push ups easily*

Daniel: Azuna? Trina? Lolna? *does 1 push up before collapsing* this is hard

Azuna: Yeah it's me, do push up you!! I am back, Chris told me something interesting, something I am unfortunitly am not able to tell. BUT COME ON DO PUSH UP!!!

???y: Rabbit Monkey yaiyaiyai!!!!

Intern: *Places a cage inside the hotel and it makes monster noises*

Daniel: Ahhh! And YAY AZUNA! *almost does one push up*


Daniel: Oh... *takes a 1,3 litter bottle full of sweat out of his bag* Got this for my birth day! *smiles* .... Yeah... my birthdays suck.

Chef: *takes the bottle of sweat* HA No water here!! *drinks it completely empty*

Azuna: Ew..

Daniel: Well... That is disturbing

Chef: Whati s disturbing about drinking wa... *pukes inside his mouth and swollows it again* what was is in this water!

Azuna: This wasn't water..

Daniel: *shivers* this is getting more uncomfortable by the second

Chef: *runs away*

Azuna: Stop being such a p**ssy and do the f**king push up's!!

Daniel: *does 8 push ups* Ow.... my arms

Azuna: Are you kidding me? I am a girl and I can even do more push up than you. If you're lucky you might fight someone weak like Robin.

Daniel: I couldn't hit Robin *does 2 More*

Azuna: Are you sure, if it's for a place in the final 3.

Daniel: If I did, I'd apologise straight after and give him stuff as an apology gift... you're not foreshadowing something, right?

Azuna: All I know that there is a fight challenge, but I doubt he will be here, I was yesterday with him and he still need to stay for a week or even 10 days so I doubt it.

???y: Rabbit monkey ayiayiayi!!

Daniel: I'm really hoping that ain't Izzy

Azuna: Didn't she died after Mal distroyed her?

Daniel: she keeps coming back.

Pencil: *Does 2 push-ups* Arrgh!

Daniel: Paul, are you going to do the push ups or sit ups?

Challenge - I'll knock you out!!

Chris: Time for the most deadly challenge so far!! Yes even more deadly that the shoot accident in episode 11. It's gonna be a fight till the end challenge, this challenge ends Tuesday at 17:00 or 5 PM (4 PM uk and ireland time and 1 am , 2 am or 3 am, australian time 1 pm, noon, 11,10,9 or 8 am USA time (depents on where you live ofcourse) ). The challenge is to fight each other, duh! The winner will be determed by who has the most lines or if it is a tie, who has the last line, you can only double post if the other person didn't post in 1 hour!! Just keep that in mind.

Chris: Okay you here are you opponents, for Pencil you have to fight your polar opposite Eraser!!!

Chris: Daniel, you are gonna fight your good friend Robin!!! Well that was our plan first but since he can't leave the hospital for another week we have someone else, say hello to your biggest fan, Izzy!!

Chris: Mia for you we have someone special, special in all the ways possible he is mutated he is ugly and he want's to fight, you fought him a couple times this season say hi to Ezekiel!!

Chris: Well well last and probally the one who has to be the most scared, atleast I would be if I have to fight what he was to fight. It was a hard choice for us since you have a couple things you can fight. Our first choose was a giant lobster!! But since you ate him already we have something much more scarier than that, you have to fight the one and probally the only one left after this challenge Azuna!!

Azuna: Yeah Paul prepair to DIE!!

Ezekiel: WHauateratyahidjsrsd (weird noises)

Izzy: Daniel my rabbit monkey how could you hurt me so bad!!

Chris: 2 people are gonna be eliminated today and the first one after this challenge!! Keep it in mind!!

Pencil vs Eraser

Chris: Make something of it!

Eraser: Ok. *kicks Pencil in the led*

Eraser: What kind of challenge is this? *punches Pencil into the sky*

Eraser: This is embarrassing for you Pencil. *violently takes Pencil's eraser off*

Pencil: You made a mistake. *Charges Eraser with the eraserless metal first*

Eraser: You made a mistake too. *Grabs Pencil and breaks her in half and removes the metal* Now you are a Pen or a Cil.

Eraser: Oh come on that is just embarrassing. *sets both Pencil halves on fire*

Pencil: *Gets recovered* Oh that's it! *Kicks both halves onto eraser setting him on fire*

Eraser: luckily I had a water bucket. *poors water bucket on myself and kicks Pencil into space*

Chris: easy Eraser the challenge ended *throws him off the hotel roof*

Daniel vs Izzy

Izzy: You know what happend to Owen huh!!!

Daniel: AHHHHHH! *shoves Izzy lightly* I can't hit a girl

Daniel: *shoves again* Forgive me

Izzy: *Runs to him and punches him*

Daniel: Ow... Why? I only pushed you *punches Izyy, hesitantly*

Izzy: *Runs again to him* EXPLOSIVOOO RETURNS! *punches him again*

Daniel: Nooo! *hits her with a giant hamer*

Izzy: That hurts. *Grabs him and punches him 10 times on his face*

Daniel: So does t-that! *punches her 50 times in the face* sorry

Daniel: *makes her swallow a bomb.... well he thinks it's gum* HAH! THAT'S GOING TO BE IN YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACK FOR 11 YEARS!

Izzy: *rolles her eyes* Are you sure about that boy .. ? *walks to him*

Daniel: Yeah... It's gum.... *crushes her with the planet Mars*

Izzy: *Grabs his had and turns around* FREEZY HOTTIE BOYYYY RARW

Daniel: STOP, PLEASE! *sends her to Narnia, in an exploding rocket*

Izzy: I cant go to narnia? How do you do that? Maybe for next season. But now .. it's been take to long. *punches him on his face for 100 times, jumps on him for 100 times and turn him 100 times. Its not realistic but its total drama you know* Your last text .. ?

Daniel: *burns Izzy to ashes* no... what's yours?

Ghost Izzy: I come back ... and get you later. *fly away*

Daniel: ???

Mia vs Ezekiel

Ezekiel: BLAAaodhrawi0ehtjolabhrtn

Mia: AH, NOT YOU *smashes a rock on his head*

Mia: HOW ARE YOU STILL UP? *smashes a car on his head*

Ezekiel: WHAAAA!! AHSNF *runs to Mia en bites her*

Mia: STOP IT *smashes a plane on his head*

Mia: STOP BEING ALIVE *smashes a.....planet on his head*

Ezekiel: *rolls eyes* Blii..bluu.bapp

Mia: STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES *smashes something incredibly^2 heavy*

Ezekiel: shso0dfiobib! *runs to her and bites her in her shoulder* Did U like that doifhsdgo

Mia: NO D: *smashes the internet on him*

Ezekiel: HIOSBBFDFB. *grabs her arm and broke it* siopfhsdb YYAYAY BEBDLO IS

Mia: OWCH! I HAVE ANOTHER ARM ANYWAY *smashes the great orion nebula on him*

Ezekiel: *bites her another time* RAWRRRR

Mia: -.- *smashes every contestants ever had in this wikia in his head*

Mia: STOP BEING ALIVE! D: *smashes every FF wikia user in his head*

Ezekiel: SHUT UP YOU GUSUIOBFUIBFFUIB *jumps on her and she cant move. Bites in her neck*

Mia: I HAVE AN ARM *slaps ezekiel and smashes a meteor on him #smashparty*

Ezekiel: GRRRRRRRR. *bites her other arm, and she cant do something*

Mia: *meanwhile, other arm has recovered* UFF! *punches ezekiel and....I RAN OUT OF IDEAS! smashes the wifi system on him*

Ezekiel: You are stong. *shakes head* But not TOOOO STRONG! *get a TV and water. Let falls the water on Mia and then the TV. She's electronic now* sodpfnhspdgfigbiopdf

Mia: *gets buzzed and buzzes zeke* Physics dude z.z

Paul vs Azuna

Azuna: No one get's me eliminated without feeling the pain I will do to you!!!

Paul: *yawns* This is easy *pushes Azuna to the ground*

Paul: *punches her face* Too easy

Azuna: *punches him back*

Paul: Finally, a lil' challenge *punches her in the stomach* (O.o)

Paul: So slow on attacking? Bah, this is getting easy again... *punches her in the face again*

Azuna: I .. i.. *is be knock out*

Paul: Sorry, girl, just didn't want to do it! But at times I have to. Also, this is not the end. THIS....IS.....VICTORY! *knocks Azuna off the cliff if there's a cliff anyway*

Chris: You do know you're in the hotel, there is no cliff *healing Azuna* Get back and fight this needs to be a endless fight untill this challenge end!!

Azuna: You hit me on the face! *punches Paul*

Paul: *punches Azuna in the face again* I do it again! >:(

Azuna: *grabs him and turns around* III KILL YOU!

Paul: *grabs her and turns around too* I'LL KILL YOU^2

Azuna: *Grabs him by the arms and threw him 10 feet in the air*

Paul: *grabs her by the arms and throws her 11 FEET away* I CAN DO BETTER >:(

Azuna: *Grabs him by the arms and threw him 12 feet in the air* I CAN IT BETTER 2 !

Paul: *grabs her by the arms and throws her 13 FEET in the air* I CAN DO BETTER^3!

Azuna: *Grabs him by the arms and threw him 14 feet in the air* I CAN IT BETTER 4 !

Paul does grab Azuna by her arms, then throws her in the air, 15 feet away from where he is


Azuna: You are really annoying. *Grabs him by the arms and threw him "20 FEET" in the air*

Paul: *grabs her by the arms and throws her away 40 FEET in the air and when she lands she punches her in the stomach* YOU ARE MORE ANNOYING!

Azuna: I AM SO SO SO ANGRY ON YOU! *stand up and run to him. Grabs him arm and broke this. Grabs his another arm and broke to.* DID U LIKE THAT? I WANT TO DO THIS, FOR SO LONG!

Paul: *gets serious and somehow recovers arms* I'm getting tired of this *takes Azuna body, and stretches it like it was nothing at all* (This is getting serious :O)

Azuna: *grabs a totem and slaps Paul with it and jump on him for 10 times*

Paul: *takes a hot shoevl and slaps Azuna with it, then takes away her hair breaks her body, again*

Paul: *gets a lava bucket and throws it at her* (O.o he really got serious)

Azuna: ARGH ARGH *cant do something*

Paul: Sorry girl, totally *uh, smashes the internet that Mia has smashed on her*

Azuna: You .. You! .. *sits on the floor*

Paul: I see you got enough *sits on the floor too* Sorry.

*Chef rings the bell*

Chris: Time to Eliminate two people!!

Elimination 13

Chris: Okay those were some awesome fights but now it's time to see who put up the lamest fight. It's not, Paul, he and Azuna pretty much fought a world war. It's not Daniel, cause he and Izzy had a pretty weird and disturbing fight but still awesome, the person who is eliminated after this challenge is. Pencil. I am sorry but there is still a role for you. It's up to you who is the final person to be eliminated right before the finale!!

Daniel: Pencil is Gone!? HOW!? She is definitely cooler and stronger than Eraser!

Mia: Aw, I was going to repacificate with her :(


Mia: (how is that spelt?) Well, I felt bad for voting her twice back in the final...9/8, i guess, so I tried to get back to normal with her.

Paul: Well, farewell girl! IT WAS AWESOME TO SEE A PENCIL STILL! :D

Daniel: It's ok! Pencil forgives you! I'll be out... possibly... she's voted me out before

Ghost Izzy: *whispers to Daniel* I'll get my Revenge .... MY REVENGE!


Azuna: *slaps Daniel in his face* GET A GRIP DUDE!!

Daniel: *breaks down, crying* WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! .... *sniff* I've been holding that in for 3 days

Ghost Izzy: Be a man, swimp.

Paul: Why...are you crying so much?

Daniel: E-eh.... B-but.... H-hurt.... S-slap... N-no company... N-no friends..... *cries*

Paul: Dude, we are your friends, seriously!

Daniel: Azuna isn't in the competition, Mia doesn't talk to me and you threw me into a building in episode 4, you must hate me!

Azuna: But I do compete after this episode, right Chris!

Paul: That was an accident..technically not, but I thought you were the one that threw at me that lobster! It was Eraser instead, duh.

Daniel: A-and you d-don't talk to me either

Azuna: CHRIS!! Am I competing now?!?

Chris: Uhm no..


Chris: That's right but I lied CHEF PUT HER IN THE CANON!!


Chris: okay, *pushes Azuna off the Hotel roof*


Paul: And the heroes won again!

Daniel: And.... I'm friend less again *cries*

Chef: Chris what do I do now I prepared the canon but now no one can be launched.

Chris: Uhm yeah there is. *get's Ezekiel and put him in the canon*


Chef: Here we go *launches Ezekiel into the sky*

Mia: FINALLY! I almost had to go to hospital because of that gu- *feels the hurt* UUURGH

Paul: And stop crying again.....

Daniel: .............. *looks down and sulks*

Paul: Can't help not being sad. If you want to be sad, be it already.

Daniel: *almost cries* .....................

Paul: See? This is where you are going wrong! C'mon, dude, cheer up

Daniel: W-well.... b-but....u-um...I-it's... u-uh....fine..

Pencil: I....I choose......Paul. I gotta get away before everyone gets made at me. *A helicopter with Looker in it picks up Pencil and flies away*

Daniel: Paul? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now I'm left with the only person in the final 4 who never talked to me, ever.

Chris: *pushes Paul off the Hotel* That wrappes it up. Who knew, it's cry baby versus secret agent in the final 2, who will win, see all that and more in the finale of TOTAL.... DRAMA..... HOTEL!!!

Episode 15 (the finale) - I am the champion!!

Chris: Daniel and Mia, share your experience here in the confesionals!!

Daniel: (CONF) This has been the most amazing experience of my life, I met my best friends; Robin and Azuna, I've been bruised, beaten, kicked, attacked by Izzy, slapped and met my favourite host ever..... Chef Hatchet! I believe this is been a great few days, I didn't expect to get Final 2 but I am surely glad. I'm called a cry baby and I apologize if I annoyed you all with my crying and sincerely hope you all forgive me. The problem is that ME and Mia aren't good friends and I wish I spent more time with her to get to know her and it'd be a happy final 2, apparently she is a secret agent! I'm going to lose but I wish I could say goodbye to all my friends but first I'll say thank you Chris for having me and goodbye Confessional!


Mia: (CONF) Well, technically, I came here for another reason, but I had a great fun. Back in the first times I wasn't that determinated because I didn't want to win. However, I then decided to compete for good, and luckily, thanks to Looker, I stood in the competition and got till here. I didn't excel in challenges, and the only one I've won for true was the code one. Anyway, the people I met here were amazing, apart from Paul which called me annoying. Well, I apologize to him. Azuna looked so evil, but at the end she revealed she wasn't only MWAHAHAHAHHA business. I did not like Robin at the start because of its smoking 'tude, but then he changed, and became one of the greatest. Too bad he had to quit for his injuries. I tried to get along with Pencil, and I think I managed to. Mine Turtle was weird, but I guess he was likeable and....well....these are the people I can talk about. They did the most. Well....Daniel, I don't know much about him, as I never talked to him. He seems nice, even though he's I was lucky to get from the start to the end, and maybe I can win. Thanks to everyone, anyway, for this experience. Also, I hope Daniel doesn't believe that I am actually an undercover agent.

Daniel: Hi Mia! Since we've never talked, do you want to talk? We could be friends

Mia: Uh.....sure, why not?

Daniel: Can you believe we got Final 2?

Mia: Yeah, or else we...wouldn't be here... (plus, I'm going for a walk in short time. Sound, if you have to start the finale now, can you please wait? <:) thanks -Race)

Daniel: Well... Yeah.... but still .... it's unbelievable I got Final 2

Mia: True.....that?

Challenge - Some time for loosers!!

Chris: Okay final 2, challenge time, seven challenges, you have to win four to become the winner, each challenge have been made by me Chef and five characters who played a big role in this season, goodluck. You have to play the challenges in order.

Chef's Challenge

Chef: So .. my challenge: You have to eat a entree, diner and desert. IN MY STYLE! The first this eat, wins my challenge. But now, i tell you the rules and what you gonna eat. Entree: A nice piece of chicken, that is chewed by myself. Even though I have not brushed my teeth a month. For dinner you go eat a delicious salad I've wiped when I had to poop. And for dessert. Eyeballs of rabbits, with water from the sea. But there are rules. You have to eat everything, not a grain may remain. To eat everything you need 4 lines.

Daniel: *silently cries and eats (1)* Ew..

Daniel: *eats more (2)* Yuck! (It has been well over an hour! It has been ages!)

Mia: *eats chicken*

Daniel: *eats more (3)* DISGUSTING!

Mia: *eats chicken* Any problem on eating?

Daniel: Yeh... IT IS TERRIBLE! *eats final piece* Gah!

Mia: He didn't, cause he didn't eat the diner and the desert <.<. *eats chicken*

Daniel: *eats 2 (1)*

Mia: *finishes chicken* Done?

Chef: Okay now you both done with eating time to do the real challenge! Make the most discusting dish for eachother! Because you both finished at the same time no one gets a advantage!

Daniel: Um.. Actually I finished first!

Mia: Ok? *makes a durian mega-salad including non-washed hair from the nose and the.....ugh....jewels? Sorry D:, urticas which were sent in a swamp and licked from some frogs which died shortly after because of kmow and mices......................poop? (OMG SOUND WHY DID YOU LET ME DO THIS?!)

Daniel: God! *makes a fruitcake stuffed with dead rats that caught the plague and was then was washed in elephant poo and dried with a hippos bloody skin, some oldmens saliva that was kept for 900 years after there death then covered in their ashes while being covered in their previous blood from urine tests, some pieces of glass from a nearby moat and some of Izzy' s sweat! And as the icing, it include diarrhoea, darts, toddlers old pacifiers, crushed up 80000000 million year old lemons and some of Paul's earwax, also filled with urine and fried like French fries and kissed by Justin Beiber* I don't even need to taste check it to know.... it is probably still better than my mom's cooking!

Mia: Disgusting, but IMO fruits take off some of the bad taste <.<

Daniel: Did I say their was fruit in it? :P

Chef: hmm Daniels one is more discusting but Mia's is more creative, well I need help *get's Lindsay (played by Loenev)* eat this and sat which one is the most discusting!

Lindsay: *arrives* Hi ! Sorry, i was sleeping, i think. *eats Daniel and Mia's dish* That from Daniel ... D..D.. *spits on Chef* Blergh!

Daniel: ....uh... Sorry? For making it so bad?

Chef: Well that means Daniel won the first challenge!!!

Daniel: YAY!

Azuna's Challenge

Azuna: I could've choose a different challenge anyway, I love music I sing and write songs myself, what I want you to do is to search a intrumental track on youtube and write song lyrics over it. The lyrics have to fit the music.

Mia: Pick another challenge then D:

Azuna: Why, are you scared!?! Alright I'll make it easier, write lyrics on this song . Doesn't matter what's it about aslong as it fits the music!

Mia: Nah, I had the music already :|. Just trying to find appropriate lyrics D:

Azuna: Alright originality always pay's off, good luck *playing guitar and singing Royals *

Daniel: Done! It's a long song >:(

Azuna: Okay show me.

Daniel: Eh it's bad but; [ Hot n Cold]

You tell a lie

Almost everyday

Yeah, you snitch like a b**ch

I would date

And you always like

To speak critically

I should know

You're not good enough for me

'Cause you're bad then you're good

You're nice then you're rude

You're near and you're gone

You're weird, an furious bomb

You're smart when it's dumb

Your a pest from the slums

I hate you, you love me

You kiss, full of glee

You, you won't really ever know, oh

You, but you don't really wanna know, oh

'Cause you're bad then you're good

You're nice then you're rude

You're near and you're gone

You're weird, an furious bomb

You're smart when it's dumb

Your a pest from the slums

I hate you, you love me

You kiss, full of glee

We used to be like best friends, so happy

The same energy is no longer flattering

Thought you were nice

I wish I thought twice

I should've known

That I'm the one to blame

'Cause you're bad then you're good

You're nice then you're rude

You're near and you're gone

You're weird, an furious bomb

You're smart when it's dumb

Your a pest from the slums

I hate you, you love me

You kiss, full of glee

You, you won't really ever know, oh

You, but you don't really wanna know, oh

You're bad then you're good

You're nice then you're rude

You're near and you're gone

You're weird, an furious bomb

Someone call the police

Got a problem with my personal stalker

Stuck on a rollercoaster

And I can't get off this ride

You tell a lie

Almost everyday

'Cause you're bad then you're good

You're nice then you're rude

You're near and you're gone

You're weird, an furious bomb

You're smart when it's dumb

Your a pest from the slums

I hate you, you love me

You kiss, full of glee

You, you won't really ever know, oh

You, but you don't really wanna know, oh

'Cause you're bad then you're good

You're nice then you're rude

You're near and you're gone

You're weird, an furious bomb

You're smart when it's dumb

Your a pest from the slums

I hate you, you love me

You kiss, full of glee

You, you won't really ever know, oh

You, but you don't really wanna know, oh

You're bad then you're good

You're nice then you're rude

You're near and you're gone

You're weird, an furious bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb...

Mia: Can you wait for me? My song is instrumental for real (not like Daniel did) so I have to plan lyrics making my day hard D:

Azuna: I'll judge when everyone is done, so take your time, I have all week. *drinking some soup*

Mia: O.o, ok, this is my first attempt at lyric doing, so I hope you enjoy. Song is EternuS by Sanxion7 and the lyrics are mine. Oh god...I don't know if I did this well. (For helping you understand when to sing the lyrics, since this is an instrumental song and you don't know the timing, i did time the songs in the 4/4 format. Some phrases have been cut for that. I hope you understand.)



Can I ask you something?

If you could have one dream,

What would it be?

Tell me....

[piano section from 0:29 till 0:56, however during this, different voices, very soft, similar to whispers are heard, hinting the dreams everyone has, timed with the song in order:

-Explore the whole universe

-Be the very best

-Stop the wars

-Being rich and famous

-Having a prosperous family

-Creating my own city

-Help the community

[lyrics start again]

It looks pretty obvious,

everyone has a dream,

but nobody just knows,

how making it real.

don't be worried, don't be sad,

I can tell you the right way,

for making it true, oh yes,

just follow these very simple steps...

No no no, I'm not kidding

I can tell you ho-ow to

don't be afraid, time to try

to be the very, very best,

or explore the universe and beyond,

being helpful and also,

meeting your love and making your city,

and everything unimaginable,

[Here there are the voices at the start of the song. Just ignore them]

Yo-ou have to beli-eve in your-

self, if you want to accomplish your

goals, and the dream you always

had will be-e tru—e.

[This x2. Then at 1:53 it changes]

I believe you got the whole con-

cept, and learnt that the secret i-is a-

bout, the fact that you control your

o-own li---fe.

Go a-he-ad,

it is your time,

to be what you wanted and shi-i-i-ne,

Everything is possible,

just try and it will be fi----ne.

[solo from 2:20 till 2:48. Whispers are heard timed with the song:

-This is endless

-Never stop

-Just go on

-for EternuS (eh, eternity is not the name of the song)


[from 2:48]

With help or even not,

you did it,

congrats, now

live your moments and,


it still goes on,

don't stop

never do............

[basically the song ended there but it goes on still. Don't blame me, the song it's cool but it doesn't feature repeats just like pop songs nowadays, and I had to stick with what Sanxion7 did. Hope you enjoy]

[At 3:50] for EternuS.......

Azuna: Alright, it's clear you both suck at song writing Mia, WAY TOO MUCH WORDS FOR THAT SONG, with a beat like that you only needed five sentence, Daniel, I'm your friend but really, hot'n'cold? I am sorry but the winner is Mia, Daniel at some parts your song is too simular to the K Perry one. So yeah like I said originality over... whatever that was Dan..

Chris's Challenge

Chris: At the moment it's a tie but not for long, it's time for the six door challenge the challenge is simple, there are three buttons on each door, a red one, a blue one and a green one, one of them will open the door the one will make a monster appear and the other will let a million dollar worth of concrete fall on your head, so watch out.

Daniel: Oh well, it was nice playing and losing to you... most likely, second place is good enough! *presses blue button*

Mia: WHERE DID THE OTHER CONTESTANTS GO? THAT WAS UNEXPECTED. Well, good luck Daniel *presses purple red button* (Maybe I'm doing the wrong choice :|)

* A lion appears at Daniels and Mia's space, run away and loose it. that takes 3 lines than you can choose another button*

Mia: WHAT? *runs away* AHHH

Daniel: *Runs* WHY!?

Mia: IDK? *runs away*


Mia: CHRIS, YOU FED HIM RIGHT?! *looses the lion*

Daniel: *looses Lion* Why lion, why?

Mia: *pushes GREEN button* Duh

Daniel: *sigh* oh well! *presses blue button again*

*in Mia's room a key falls from the ceiling and Daniels a key with wings is flying around him*

(What do I do with this key? I open a door?) *goes to next room*

(use logic, XD and yes keys open the door, atleast this one.. (this does not count as a line))

Daniel: *grabs key* :)

Chris: Common people SOMEONE HAS TO WIN!! You both are in the next room!!


Mia: Uh, I'm starting to get confused *presses blue button*

Daniel: *presses Red button*! This is Cool!

  • a million dollar worth of concrete falls from the sky on Mia, dodge it and push it away Izzy appears and want's to kiss Daniel, get her lost (both takes 3 lines)*

Daniel: *dodges*

Mia: >dodges<

Daniel: *dodges*

Mia: >dodges<

Daniel: *loses her* Finally!

Mia: >dodges<

Daniel: *presses green button*

*at daniels there is raining men from the sky :-D dodge them for 3 lines*


Mia: *pushes red button*

*door opens for Mia*


Mia: *pushes green button*

Daniel: *dodges* Yay!

*ezekiel attacks Mia from behind (you know the deal figth him off 3 lines blabla)*

Daniel: *presses blue one* Last one! YAY!

*it's start raining men again and the door opens* (does not count as line)

Mia: DUH *fights zeke*

Daniel: *presses Green* Um... "YAY?"

Mia: *fights zeke*

*key fall from the sky try to unlock the door (1 lines)*

Daniel: *true to unlock* Um...

hammer comes swinning down and is about to hit Daniel dodge it (1 lines) and break it off (1 lines)

Daniel: Ah! *dodges*

Mia: *fights zeke* FINALLY!

Daniel: *breaks it off* ....Um...

Mia: *presses blue button*

*mia's door opens*

Daniel: *presses blue* Well... uh...YAY?

*a spider attacks daniel 3 lines to defeat it*

Mia: *presses green button*

*green Jelly falls on her try to get out of it 3 lines*

Daniel: *Gets leg ready*

Mia: *escapes by eating it* I love green jelly

Daniel: *puts foot on spider* Forgive me!

Mia: *escapes by eating it*

Daniel: *squashes spider* Um.. Poor Spider?

Mia: *escapes jelly* Delicious!

Daniel: *presses Green button* I think this is what we do?

Mia: *presses red button*

*both doors open Mia is in room 5 and Daniels in room 4 now*

Mia: *presses green button*

Daniel: I'm going to lose :| oh well, I had fun! *presses Red button*

  • both doors open, Mia has to open 1 more door to win can Daniel still win?*

Daniel: *presses Red button*

Mia: *presses blue button* C'mon!

*Daniels door opened Mia a bom falls from the sky, dismental it (3 lines)* Daniel: I fell that was done to make it intense -.- *presses Green* and congrats on winning Mia, just doing it early!

Mia: .-. *dismetals it*

*a supersides Izzy is trying to kiss Daniel run around it*

Mia: *dismetals it*

Daniel: *dodges*

Mia: *dismetals it*

Daniel: *dodges* Hmm... Mia! I don't care if I lose, just thanks for being in the final 2 with !

Mia: No problem! How are we talking if we're in different rooms? *presses green button maybe?*

Daniel: Thin walls! *dodges and looses her*

*fire works explodes everywhere and party decoration falls from the sky, the door opens for Mia all eliminated competitors applausing*

Chris: Hello Mia, you can officially call you the winner of Total drama Hotel!!!

Mia: ....:D. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YEyEYEYEYFYEfwheiufahwefi *blows up*

Daniel: Ahhhhh! WOOO SECOND!

Mia: Nice one Daniel! That was a great ga- oh yeah, forgot to do one thing.

Daniel: What?

Mia: Chris, you should know that.

Daniel: But I don't!

Chris: See you all in the next season, the viewer atleast, bye!!! *hands Mia the million*

Daniel: Yay!

Mia: *sighs, then arrests Chris* Sir, you're under arrest for contestant abusing, letting fights till death, freeing dangerous beings, letting unauthorized things smash on the others (WRECKING BALLS :P), and many other things!

Daniel: Well, That was anti-climactic.

Chris: NO YOU CAN'T!!

Daniel: Woah!

Mia: I can, thanks to U.S.A. laws. Don't move! *calls backups* Hey, Joey, I got Chris. I need to take him in prison, give me a car.

Azuna: *laughs* whahahah this is the best thing I have ever seen.

Jason: *now took up drinking, drunk* I CAN'T BELIEV YOU F****** VOTED ME ******* OFF, ON THE 4th ******* ***** EPISODE!

Mia: *police car arrives* Finally! Chris, it's finally time to explain everything to the judge *brings him inside the police* Bye Daniel anyway (Chris can escape :P)

Daniel: Bye Mia, congrats on winning

Miley Cyrus: I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL *comes swinging by on a wreckingball tries to hit the police car but misses and swings away*



*Camera goes off*

(no more edits now)

Elimination Table:

Rank Player Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
7th Robin  IN WIN WIN IN WIN Safe IN IN IN WIN Left
9th Eraser WIN Safe WIN IN IN IN IN Out
10th Cassie IN IN LOW WIN WIN Safe Out
11th Russel  IN Safe WIN IN IN Out
12th Looker  IN Safe WIN IN IN Left
13th Newton IN IN LOW WIN Out
14th Karl IN Safe WIN IN Out
15th Jason  IN WIN WIN Out
16th Maya  IN Safe WIN Out
17th Ren  IN Safe WIN Out
18th Asuna  IN WIN WIN Out
19th Tom  IN Out
20th Dianna  IN Out

  • Mia was actually eliminated but was saved because Looker left.


Team Hell Fire

Team Holy Water

Team Eraser

Team Mine Turtle

Team Azuna

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