Welcome to the second season of a semi-popular camp, which died and then came back to life! In this season, like the first, there will be Heroes, and there will be Villians. In the end, who will rise to the top, and who will come crashing down? Let's find out now, on Total Drama Heroes Vs. Villians 2

Hosted By: Zoomer72


I'll try to keep them few.

  1. BE ACTIVE. If your unactiveness gets too bad, you will be eliminated. :P
  2. Tell me if you are going away or something that will keep you from internet access.
  3. No complaining about elimination.
  4. You can give the host and co-host suggestions, but what they say is final.
  6. No quitting. Oh gosh, no quitting. Please... No quitting. Wait, who am I talking to? ... O.o
  7. Make your characters as mean as you want, but no dumping on their users.
  8. No changing votes. :|
  9. Play fair. Unless the challenge is NOT playing fair, then idrc. XD
  10. Miss 3 episodes, and it's instant elimination time! ;)
  11. Have fun, and be creative! :D There is no pressure in this camp!


Enter as yourself on the talkpage. Do not complain if you are not accepted, and I shouldn't have to explain myself. You have to have 100 edits to signup. Enter with: (Name, Stereotype, Hero or Villian?, and User)

1. Zoomer- The Semi-Hyper Nice Guy- Hero- Zoomer

2. Chris- The Jerkish Nice Guy- Villian- Syle

3. Mrodd- The Hugable One- Hero- Mrodd

4. Holden- The Irish Jerk- Villian- Wes Holden

5. Owen- Bodyswapper- Villian- Owen Lover

6. Jessica- The Drama Queen- Villianess- Jessica

7. Webly- The Klutzy Strategist- Heroes- Webly

8. Liam- The Hockey Hero- Heroes- TOTK1

9. Lulu- The Shy Artist- Heroes- Lululucas

10. Amber-Jane- The Brainy Red-Head- Hero- Blaineley

11. Jake- The Villian- Villian- Jake

12. Max, the Lazy Strategist - Villian - Mr. E

13. Koops- The Sane One- Villian- Koops

14. Rachel- Mean Cheerleader- Villian- Snow

15. Nduke- Sports Star- Heroes- Nduke

16. Francine- The Wierd Voiced Anti-Hero- Villian- Puffles Rule

17. Trey- The Scrawny Jokester- Hero- EnTrey

18. Crag- The Insane One- Heroes- Cragiled

19. Zoey- The Dumb Blond- Heroes- HR

20. Kevvy- The Drummer- Villian- Kev

Elimination Chart

Only Zoomer can edit this.

Place Character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Holden Francine Chris Jake Jake WIN WIN Trey Mrodd IN Crag Lulu 1st
2 Max Francine Chris Kevvy Rachel IN WIN Trey Mrodd IN Crag Lulu 2nd
3 Webly WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Liam WIN WIN IN Crag -- 3rd
4 Zoomer WIN WIN WIN WIN IN IN IN IN IN Owen Koops 4th
5 Koops Francine -- Kevvy Rachel WIN IN IN IN IN -- Lulu 5th
6 Lulu WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Lizzie WIN WIN IN -- --
7 LF Jake DQ
8 Owen Francine Chris -- Rachel IN IN IN IN IN --
10 Jake -- Chris Kevvy Holden WIN -- WIN WIN IN
11 Mrodd WIN WIN WIN WIN IN WIN -- Holden
13 Liam WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Lizzie
14 Lizzie...? WIN WIN WIN WIN IN --
16 Amber-Jane WIN WIN WIN WIN
18 Jessica Francine -- -- --
19 Rachel Francine -- -- Holden
20 Kevvy Francine Chris Jake
21 Chris Francine Holden
22 Francine Max

Contestant History

Place Character Original Team Swapped Team Merged Team Status Total Votes Day Out
22 Francine Villians OUT 8 Day 1
21 Chris Villians OUT 6 Day 2
20 Kevvy Villians OUT 3 Day 3
19 Rachel Villians OUT 3 Day 4
18 Jessica Villians OUT 0 Day 4
17 Nduke Heroes OUT 0 Day 4
16 Amber-Jane Heroes OUT 0 Day 4
15 Zoey Heroes OUT 0 Day 5
14 Lizzie...? Heroes Team Jake OUT 2 Day 6
13 Liam Heroes Team Jake OUT 1 Day 6
12 Trey Heroes Team Holden OUT 2 Day 7
11 Mrodd Heroes Team Holden OUT 2 Day 8
10 Jake Villians Team Jake Congrats. OUT 4 Day 9
9 Crag Heroes Team Koops Oh ya. OUT 3 Day 10
8 Owen Villians Team Koops Yes. OUT 1 Day 10
7 LF Excellent. DQ 0 Day 10
6 Lulu Heroes Team Jake You did it. OU T 3 Day 11
5 Koops Villians Team Koops Good Job. 5th 1 Day 12
4 Zoomer Heroes Team Koops Great Job. 4th 0 Day 12
3 Webly Heroes Team Jake Well done. 3rd 0 Day 12
2 Max Villians Team Holden Mergie. 2nd 1 Day 12
1 Holden Villians Team Holden You made it. 1st 4 Day 12

Day 1

Chat (1)

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Heroes Vs. Villians... 2! Chat here once you have been accepted! :D

Zoomer: Thanks, Chris. :P

Holden: The winner has just arrived

OL: Hey people. Your winning swapper is here! (OL is another name for Owen Lover)

Chris: Lol Wut?

OL: Wait...there are two Chris's?

Chris: Huh? There's 2? Who's The other one?

Chris: The host. -.-"

Chris: Oh. *Facepalm* I'm stupid.

OL: Maybe we can find something to tell you two apart so other people won't get confused

Liam: Hey you guys!

OL: Hey

Liam: I am gonna win this season!

Jake: Back for another season, eh. Not bad 8)


Ferb: *Waves hello to all*


Rachel: What loser!

Francine: *watches quietly hidden in her book*

Rachel: *Takes the book*

Francine: *turns around and gasps*

Rachel: What?

Francine: Umm... *grabs some leaves and hides behind them*

Russel: What's with her?

Crag:Hello! Hello! Hello! Squirrel! Hello!

Webly: Hi! It's Webly in the flesh!

Crag:Hello Vebly! I am Crag

Challenge (1)

Chris: Clearly, we all know who the Heroes and Villians are. Anyways, your first challenge has to do with strategy. Plan a strategy to take down your opponents team, as if you were in a war. Team with the most successful strategies wins immunity. >:D

Zoomer: Well, I know nothing about this. Anyone else?

Holden: all we need to do is poison their water supply and they'll start dropping like flies

Zoey: Uh, maybe if we take their hats they won't look fashionable enough for the war so they're going to have to get new hats and they don't have extra hats so they will not go to war!

Mrodd: Well, umm the history of Canada shows, that separating the other team and not allowing any more people to come, so we can pick them off one by one..... Or well we can wear pretty hats, I guess. Good idea Zoey.

Chris: Holden, It's War Not "Kill the other team". I think we should find out what they are allergic to; and secretly send it to them!

Liam: Okay Heros, we should split up into groups and cover different ideas.

Koops: I say we should split ourselves into a group, Then the two people from our group will form their own group and so on, so forth. That way, the Heroes will be completely outnumbered. You like?

Crag:I think we should draw super scary faces like Spongebob and scare them :D

Liam:Just blare horrible music by them.

Zoey: Ooh! I got another idea! We shall get a whole bunch of chinchillas and then raid them!

Kev: Guys, I could throw and/or poke one of my drum sticks in the eye and/or at the face of the stupid heroes.

Trey: *shrugs* How 'bout we just nuke the Villains?

Holden: villains will be villians so we need to starts kidnapping the other team one by one

Webly: Kidnapping? That sounds like something a hero would do. They would then put them in jail.

Kev: Or we could sing friday to them badly, while I drum badly.

Jake: We could kidnap them and pretend we're robbin a bank xD

Liam: Let's just hope we win and the Villians get sent to elimanation.

Rachel: Yep! And lock them in a cellar!

Lulu: Well, we could lure them into a trap...

Crag:A trap were we hug them? :D

Trey: Yes! Because Villains hate hugs!

Liam: I'm cool with that.

Koops: Are we done yet?

Kev: We could clog the toilets, then add x-lax to their drinks and food.

Chris: O.o Wow, there were many crazy ideas in there... But the Heroes oddly had more successful strategies... Although the Villians just seemed much more evil about it... But I was counting how many strategies could actually be successful, not which was the best. Heroes win... Oddly. O.o

The Villians Vote (1)

Chris: Vote out someone, Villians.

Koops: I vote Francine, she didn't help at all.

Kev: Fran

Francine: I didn't do the challenge because I wasn't the captin of the challenge! Anyways, I vote Max because he's too lazy to do anything else. (Sorry I was inactive, I was on all day yesterday...)

Holden: I vote Fran your just were too inactive during the challege to keep ya girl

Max: I'm sorry I didn't do anything, I had something I had to attend to. I vote out Francine, sorry but I need to stay in this game, and you're the best person to vote out at this point in time. (I'm sorry I was inactive, I had to attend to something in my family, and couldn't find the time to check this.)

Jessica: Francine! Buh-bye!

Rachel: Fran

Russel: Franny

Chris:Rasin Fran :P

Chris: Francine is out.

Francine: They beat me, now what am I going to do?! *leaves*

Day 2

Chat (2)

Chris: Challenge will be soon... I managed to get onto the computer for a few mins. XD

Zoomer: Same for me... O.o

Lizzie: (CONF) The first day was easy how hard will this game be?

Holden: cool cool

Mrodd; Oooh, Fun.

Challenge (2)

Chris: Okay guys, I'm going to get right into your challenge for today. It is... To decide upon a team leader. That leader will then participate in the challenge... >:D

Zoomer: Well, I nominate Mrodd. <3

Chris:I nominate myself.

Crag:wooo Nrodd :D He be awesome

Mrodd: Awwww Thanks <3 I dominate Zoomer :D

Holden: I guess I will nominte chris too but if he loses he is gong home

Chris: Okay, looks like it is Mrodd and Chris. Both of give me a little speech of why your team should win. Remember, I like creativness, inside jokes, and GOOD GRAMMAR. XD

Mrodd: I think, that the heroes should win because we are heroes after all, and don't the heroes always win in the end? Plus of course, our team has been trying the hardest ever since day one, we work well as a team, and I would hate to let any of them go. Plus, if we lose I'm sure Elle will hate you forever, but you know, maybe she won't... (She will.)

Chris: XDDDDDD That was a very good speech... Chris has about 10 mins to enter, or else Heroes win... (I'll do it for Elle! D:)

Chris: Well, it looks like... The HEROES win! :D Mrodd probably would have won it with the Elle thing anyways. XD

The Villians Vote (2)

Chris: Vote again, Villians and Villianesses.

Holden: I vote chris becuase fisrt off he blew the challege and second its too confusing have 2 chris's here so on eof them needs to go and It can't be the host *votes chris*

MaX: I'm sorry I didn't participate in the challenge, I vote out Chris.

Jake: I vote Chris

Chris: Well,I'm Sorry I didn't know there was a Second part! I thought we just nominated someone. I vote Holden.

OL: Chris

Chris: I'm being as serious as a human who's obssed with Seddie. I mean like that one guy. "SEDDIAH!!!!" It's Weird. And I just got off topic.

Kev: Guy named after the host

Chris: Chris... My name... O.o ... Is out. XD

Day 3

Chat (3)

Chris: This is getting interesting... And it also looks like the Heroes are triumphing over the Villians. Yay Elle! :D

Zoomer: :D I <3 Elle. XD

Holden: just wait we will come back\

Rachel: And have the numbers.

Lizzie: This is going well!

Trey: Yep.

Mrodd: Yeah, no, we win. We always win.

Liam: Let's cheer Heroes!!!

Max: You guys are jinxing yourselves.

Jessica: Yeah... just shut your yaps... *glares*

Koops: We'll win a challenge soon; you'll see.

Crag:Yay heroes :D We smell like kitties

OL: I got a strategy idea...I know I'm late.

Lulu: Crag, we can't smell like kitties. I'm allergic!

OL: WHO WANTS TO HEAR IT? Villains only

Crag:On noes, kitties smell nice though :(

Challenge (3)

Chris: Your challenge for today... Is to weed out the inactives. Just say here, to win your team a point.

Zoomer: Here!

Koops: Here!

Mrodd: Here :D

Rachel: Here!

Liam: Here!


Holden: here

Jessica: MADE A CHALLENGE! Here... *snickers*

Crag:Oh noes, I'm not here, oh I guess I am :D

Lulu: *quietly* Here...

Trey: Here.

Chris: And that's... 6 Heroes and 5 Villians. Heroes win... Again. XD

The Villians Vote (3)

Chris: Vote someone out, please. Thank you please. Also... Anyone who said "Here." in the challenge is safe, so vote out someone who didn't do the challenge please. Again, please. Thank you please. PLEASE!

Kev: I have to vote Jake (I went Golfing today, so I couldn't be on)

Holden: we had 5/8 while they only had 6/10 so r perenatge is way better. Oh well I vote Jake

Jake: Sorry, I was at school -.-. I vote Kevvy

Max: While voting Jake out would be an easy out, I decide to go against the crowd, and vote out Kev, since keeping Jake would be a good strategic move on my part.

Koops: Kev.

Chris: Kevvy... Is out.

Day 4

Chat (4)

Chris: Wow, a three episode losing streak for the Villians. Are you guys going to pick it up soon?

Zoomer: Well, for the Heroes, let's hope not. ;)

Jessica: Of course we will!

Liam: Heros, We can win again if we try!

Mrodd: Cookie?

Liam: Sure.

Holden: we should of won becuase they had more people to say here than us

Mrodd: Well whos fault is that theres less people on your team?

Holden: I blame my cat

Challenge (4)

Chris: This episode, your challenge is to participate in a word game with your team mates. How it works is: I will give each team a catagory. Then, someone from that team will say a word that fits the catagory. Then, another team mate will say another word that starts with the last letter of the word before. The longer each word is, the more points. And it has to relate to the catagory. Example:

Catagory: Household Objects

P1: Oven (4 points)

P2: Night light (10 points)

P3: Television (10 points)

Understand? Good. Go!

The Heroes Word Game

Catagory: Animals

Zoomer: Hmm... Chimpanzee? (10 points)

Mrodd: Elephant? (18 points)

Trey: Triceratops? (29 points)

Crag:Salamander (39 points)

Liam: Rhino! (44 points)

Lulu: Otter (49 points)

Zoey: A mouse. (Does not count)

Total: 49 Points...

The Villians Word Game

Catagory: Names

Holden: Cassandra (9 points)

Jake: Donovan? (Does not count)

Koops: Alexandria. (19 points)

Max: Alexander. (28 points)

Total: 28 Points...

Chris: The Heroes win... Again. :P

The Villians Vote (4)

Chris: Wow. 4 times in a row. O.o Vote someone out, please. Thank you please. XD Remember, after this vote, all the people who I think have been too inactive will be eliminated also. :P

Holden: This is stupid. I vote out Jake again. Her does nothing but vote people out and blow challengese please just go home.

Jake: Excuse me? I did the challenge -_-. I vote out Wes

Max: Quite frankly, no matter how irritating people can be, we need active people. I vote out Rachel for missing challenges.

Koops: I vote Rachel.

Russel: ...Wow, this is complicated....Rachel


Rachel: Wes

Chris: And Rachel is eliminated... Along side Jessica and Nduke and Amber-Jane, for being inactive. Sorry guys. :(

Day 5

Chat (5)

Chris: New teams will be made... And soon. >:P

Zoomer: :D ... O.o

Liam: My,my,lots of those villians have gone bye-bye! Yay heroes!

Koops: Shut up!

Liam: Make me!

Koops: When we land on the same team and I vote you off is when you'll shut up.

Mrodd; Just sayign Jessica wasnt inactive, she just kept missing the challenge xD

Crag:Noes, teh heroes are the friendliest of friends

Jake: (conf) And that's how fast the game goes

Holden: okay. new teams. I'm ready to get off the freakin villians team

Koops: Same here.

Lulu: Go Heros! :D I hope my new team likes me. :3

Challenge (5)

Chris: Your challenge to determine the new teams... is a simple track and field race. The first person to pass the finish line, and the second, and the third, get to determine the new teams. Oh, and you can get physical if you like... BUT NOT GODPLAYING! XD

Zoomer: I better get going! *runs quickly*

Holden: crud *starts runnung*

Mrodd: I have faith I wont be the one not chosen for teams * SIts down*

Holden: *keeps running*

Jake: *runs* D:<

Crag:Hmm ,teams are confusing*to Mrodd*What's up doc?

Koops: *starts running*

Jake: *continues running*

Koops: *continues running*

Jake: (CONF) I took track in middle school. Hopefully, it'll be useful here. (NONCONF) *runs faster*

Koops: *runs quicker*

Holden: *keeps running*

Max: *starts running*

Holden: *keeps runnning*

Jake: *runs up next to Koops* Hey, what's up dude?

Koops: Nothing much, I just hope I get a spot so we can take out these heroes.

Holden: *keeps running*

Koops: *keeps running*

Holden: *keeps running*

Chris: Finish whenever you want, guys. As long as you've been running for a while. :P

Webly: *starts running* WAIT! (XD)

Koops: *finishes*

Holden: *finishes*

Chris: Koops and Holden get teams 1 and 2... Now we need one more person to finish. D:

Jake: *finishes* Yes :D

Koops: Can we pick teams now?

Chris: Yes, you may. In any order you like, and just choose everyone at a time. Teams of four, and in the end one person will be left out. D:

Lulu: *runs* Dang it. I'm late! D: *runs faster*

Holden: I pick Mrodd, Max, and Trey (I realized I can't pick Koops)

Lulu: *keeps running* ._.

Chris: Lulu... The challenge is over. XD They are picking the teams now. :P

Lulu: Oh..... O3o I knew that.... So which team am I on?

Koops: I pick Zoomer, Owen, and Crag.

Crag:Yay Zoomy :D We're still on a team

Zoomer: :D

Chris: Now we are just waiting for Jake, to pick his team and decide who is eliminated... :P

Elimination... No Voting (1)

Chris: Because Jake would not choose his team... Zoey is eliminated because she is most inactive. :(

Day 6

Chat (6)

Chris: So... How do you like your new teams?

Zoomer: I love them! Team Koops all the way! :D

Lulu: Team Jake is gonna win. Oh yeah. ;D

Holden: me trey mrodd and max will take it all the way

Trey: yes! our team likes talking with no capitals!

Mrodd: Wooo?

trey: oh noes! you used a capital letter!

Mrodd: ...

Crag:Koopy Koopy Koopy Koopy! Team Koops is teh besterest

Koops: (CONF) At least I won't have to worry about their bragging now.

Challenge (6)

Chris: Your challenge is to... create the best team cheer. Eva. Post final decision in bold. :3 :P XD

Team Holden

Trey: Team Holden! The trophy we'll win is golden. Team Koops, are all poops, and Team Jake, is a mistake. We are the best, better than the rest! Go Team Holden! Do you like it?

Mrodd: Umm... Errr Let's see.. *Searches through his closest for his lime shirts* Take these *Grins* GO HOLDEN

Team Koops

Koops: We are Team Koops, here we go, *repeat* We will this awesome show! Holden and Jake will not make it, *repeat* Before they know it, there eliminated! Winning, losing, all the rest, *repeat* All won't matter 'cause we're the best! What do you think?

Crag:Wooo, Team Koops!*dances*

Team Jake

Chris: Team Holden wins. Team Koops comes in second. Team Jake goes to elimination. :P

Team Jake Vote (1)

Chris: Vote out one of your own, guys. :3

Lulu: I vote for Lizzie. She hasn't been around much. ._.

Webly: I don't know who Lizzie is but I vote Liam.

Liam: I gotta vote Lizzie. (Liz is not on the sign up list)

Chris: Lizzie is out, and so is Liam, because I am SO confused by Lizzie half-existing. :3

Day 7

Chat (7)

Chris: Well then... Not much to talk about. So... Team Jake lost last time... And Lizzie was voted out... Alongside Liam...

Zoomer: Ya...

Holden: Whatever dude

Lulu: I'm glad I didn't get out... Anyways..... YAY FOR THE FINAL 10! :D

Trey: I second that Lulu.... YAYZ!

Mrodd: Just letting you know.... Webly originally signed up as Lizzie, then changed the name....

Holden: My new team is way better thasn my old one

Crag:Ten is a big number :o It's like ten of me


Challenge (7)

Chris: Yes, welcome to the final ten. Anyways, your challenge for today is to... Choose any of my characters, whether they are from one of my fics or one I use on The Camps Wikia. Once you have chosen the character, then choose their theme song, and post a youtube link down here. (I'm fine with some mild swearing, but nothing like the "F" word. :P)

Holden I chose Luke as the charecter and the song is Save Me by Remy Zero

Koops: I chose April and the song is Goody Two-Shoes by Adam Ant

Lulu: I choose Milana and the song is Popular by the Veronicas:

OL: Well, I'm going with Rainbow as the character, and since she's crazy, I'm going with Victoria Justice singing FREAK THE FREAK OUT!:

Jake: I picked Penepole and choosed this :3.

Chris: Wow, it was all good... But Team Jake wins. The songs for Milana and Penelope really fit them well. Second place, Team Koops. Team Holden goes to elimination. :3

Team Holden Vote (1)

Chris: Vote, please. Thank you please. :3

Holden: I vote Trey for not doing the challenge and being the weakest link on our team

Max: I have to vote Trey, he is the weakest link, and we need strong people on our team to succeed.

Chris: Trey has been eliminated. :P

Day 8

Chat (8)

Chris: Merge will be soon... And it will come with a debuter. >:D

Zoomer: O.O

Jake: (CONF) *rubbing chin* The merge AGAIN? Nice.

Holden: Whatevs

Zoomer: Ha, I just noticed now that the number of Heroes and Villains is even again... O.o

Koops: Can somebody say comeback?

Lulu: Comeback! :3 I wonder who it will be...

OL: *Conf* IDK how longer how much longer I can go without's possibly a phase...

Webly: (CONF) I've been awful quiet during this game meaning, I have to kick it up a knotch.

Crag:Yay, we are the second best twice now :D

OL: By any chances, Chris, do you have any potions, french cheese, empty airosol cans, or a chemistry kit?

Webly: *eating a pie* I wonder who will return!

Challenge (8)

Chris: Today, your challenge is... AN ALL OUT BRAWL! >:D Now beat eachother up for the win. Yes, I have no good challenge ideas ATM. XD

Zoomer: *whimpers, and lightly punches Jake's shoulder* ;( (CONF) I'm not exectly the strongest person I know... ;(

Jake: :P. *tackles Wes* This is for voting for me :@ *gets on his head and makes him go back, hitting the wall while he jumps off*

Webly: I don't really like to fight so I guess I'll stay on the down low until it's my turn.

OL: *Kicks Zoomer in the crotch hard*

Lulu: *helps Jake beat up Wes* Ha! In yo face! *looks for another victim*

Jake: C'mon Webly! *beats up OL by taking his eyes and sending him backwards towards the wall* >:D

Holden: you two hit like my 5 yr old sister *kicks lulu in the face*

Lulu: Ow! Jerkface! You're gonna pay! *knees Holden and ties his body, to a tree*

Holden: godplay much *breaks out of the bands*

Crag:I don't like fighting*bears hugs Jake*Fighting is not nice :(

Webly: *kicks Owen in the groin*

Jake: Umm, thanks Crag? Anyway *karate kicks Holden in the nose*

Holden: *grabs jake and smashes his back over Crags knee*

OL: *Sucker punches Holden, then uses him to headbonk Webly, hard*

Crag:*cowers in a corner*Can't you see this fighting is tearing this family apart?

OL: *Grabs Crag and throws him at Lulu*

Lulu: *lands on his butt* Why you little- *gets up and tackles OL and beats him senseless*

OL: OW OW OW OW OW OW OW! GRRR, WHY YOU LITTLE, *Starts choking Lulu*

Lulu: *gasping for air* You. Won't. Win. *knees OL in his kiwis and then puts him in a headlock*

OL: *Gasping for air* Yes, I will *Grabs Lulu in a headlock, still being headlocked*

Jake: *slams OL into the wall and saves Lulu. Then makes OL spin, and kicking him in the butt* RRRRRRRRAAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR! :@

Jake: *puts Holden in a headlock and starts punching his head* >:3 *then kicks Holden in the chin* :@

Chris: AND THE CHALLENGE IS OVER! STOP! STOP! Based on how many lines each team had, Team Jake wins, with Team Koops in second YET AGAIN. Team Holden lost, although it was somewhat close. :P

Team Holden Vote (2)

Chris: Time to eliminate someone, my Holden-esque friends. ... O.o

Holden: Gotta get rid of the hero so I vote Mrodd

Mrodd: I vote for Holden :) Why? Merge is soon. Im sucky at challenges, chances of me winning Slim :P Chances of Wessy-Poo Winning, big ;)

Max: Damnit, i have to decide... I vote.... Mrodd

Chris: Mrodd is out... ;(

Day 9

Chat (9)

Chris: Mrodd, the leader of the Heroes, is out. For Elle... For Elle. XD

Zoomer: Yes... For Elle... O.O

Koops: *pulls over Holden, Max, Owen, and Jake and whispers to them* Since we're reunited, we should stick together to the final 5 and get rid of the heroes remaining.

holden: I dun think we merged yet

Chris: We... Well, looking at the challenge, I guess we have. XD O.O WELCOME TO THE MERGE!

Challenge (9)

Chris: Your challenge this time is simple. Someone will be chosen randomly by my brother, and they will choose someone else. (Not randomly XD) That person will then choose another, so that it goes on and on until one person is left out. They will be instantly eliminated. :O IKR? Anyways, the lucky winner is... Owen Lover. XDDDD O.O So, who will be safe with him? Let the choosing commence! >:D

Chris: Also... LF HAS DEBUTED!!! :D :D :D :DDD

Chris: Lastly, just put what colour you want for the elim table on my talkpage. Ty. ;3

OL: I'll pick....Max! He seems like a pretty good villian...and can I have Green on my name on the ET?

Chris: KK, and everyone, when you choose a person, also give me your colour. XD

OL: BTW, who's LF?

Chris: O_O... LF, is Leshawnafan. :3

Max: Um... I choose LF. :3

Chris: KK, and colour?

Max: Um.... red. Muahaha.

Holden: ...

Chris: Okay, because of inactivity, I'm changing it to all you have to say is the colour you want to be safe. One person left will be eliminated. :3

Zoomer: AQUA! :D

Koops: Black.

Webly: Chocolate MILK! But that's not really a color so I'll pick Blue or Navy Blue, I don't care.

LF: Well, thank you for letting me debut :DDDDD And I want Royal blue :@ MY COLOR.

Holden: Blue-Green

Merge Vote (1)

Chris: Because Jake, Lulu, and Crag are all not on, LF, our debuter, will choose to eliminate between them. Go ahead Lf. ;(

LF: This was a hard decision, but I've decided to eliminate Jake ;( I don't trust villians. No hard feelings!

Lulu: :D Thanks, LF! (I wasn't on because the wiki wasn't working for me, and I went school shopping. :3)

Max: I choose to eliminate Crag, he's not that active.

Holden: Uh max LF got to choose whe she wanted to elimanted and got the sole vote

Chris: Jakey McJakeyjake... Is out. ;(

Day 10

Chat (10)

Chris: The tenth day! :D

Zoomer: So close to the end! Well... Kind of. XD

Koops: Almost to the end guys!

Holden: cool.

OL: And I'm still in! WHOO!

Challenge (10)

Chris: This challenge works in rounds. Each round, there will be a number of differently coloured doors to choose from. Only one door is the right one, and if you get it wrong you are out of the challenge. So after learning the colours, just choose a door. Multiple people can choose the same door, but not when there is two people left. We will keep on going through different doors until one person is left, and they win. :3

Round 1

There is a green door and an orange door.

Zoomer: ... Green?

Holden: I'll choose Orange

Russel: I agree with...Holden?

Webly: I pick Green.

Russel: You know what? I'll go with Green instead!

Lulu: I pick orange. :3

Koops: Green

Max: Um... *walks over the the green door*

Russel: Is this everyone?

LF: I choose green. (Sorry, started school today)

Chris: (Me to LF, I just had a half day. XD) Anyways, anyone who chose the green door... MAKES IT THROUGH! Orange choosers, you guys are out. Aka, Lulu and Holden. :( Next round!

Round 2

There is a blue door, and a yellow one.

Zoomer: Yellow. :3

Webly: Blue.

Max: Blue...?

LF: Blue. I don't care if it's wrong, but it's my favorite color so I have to stick with it xD

Koops: Blue

Russel: Hm, well last time it was the contestant favorite, so...Yellow...I hope

Russel: Is that all the people?

OL: Is it?

Chris: Blue door wins. :3 Next round.

Round 3

There is a polka dot door and a door with a picture of a dinasour on it.

Webly: Dinasour for the win. *goes through dinosaur door*

Koops: Polka dot door.

Webly: Max, LF, Koops, and I are the only ones left.

LF: I choose the dinasour door :D

A dinasour comes out of the dinasour door and eats all the people who chose it. :3

Chris: And, well, it looks like Koops wins! :D

Merge Vote (2)

Chris: Vote for anyone but Koops. :3

Zoomer: I vote for OL. Sorry, but you are a threat, and kind of inactive. :P Not like this camp went through a pause or anything... But ya. XD

Holden: Sorry but I vote Crag cause he kinda left the wiki

Max: I vote Crag, not because he's a hero, but because he just doesn't deserve it.

Webly: Craggy, D:

Chris: And... It is a double elim. OH, I GOT YOU GUYS GOOD, DIDN'T I? :D Jks, but it is double elim. :3 So Crag and Owen are out. :P

Day 11

Chat (11)

Chris: Final 7! :D

Zoomer: Yay! :

Holden: final 7 YESH

Lulu: Yes!

Challenge (11)

Chris: All it is... Is a simple vote out. :)

Zoomer: I'm sorry, but Koops. You seem to be the least active. :(

Max: I'm going to vote out Lulu, because Koops would be easier to win against in a vote. :P

Holden: l vote Lulu.

Koops: I vote for Lulu and just in time too.

Elimination (11)

Chris: And Lulu is out. :c

Day 12

Chat (12)

Chris: Final 5! :D

Zoomer: YAY! :3

holden: (CONF) its as good as f4 cause one of the heroes is gonna go next

THE END: An update on June 19th, 2012... How long has it been? :o

Chris: It has been a very long time, and this camp has been long dead, or in other words, inactive.

It's been sitting at the back of my mind of quiet some time now, and I have decided to end it.

Since I have no clue whether some of the final five are even on the wiki, or entire wiki database any longer, I have decided to place the final five accordingly, based on activeness, and overall participation:

5th place- Koops

Koops played a good game, but wasn't as involved as the others. I'm not even sure if he's on this wiki, or any others anymore. In any case, he will be missed, and achieves fifth place overall.

4th place- Zoomer

The host of the camp, Zoomer could not possibly go farther than 4th. It's not fair, because of course this awesome guy would be active every single episode. This freakin' cool and totally tricky guy gets 4th place.

3rd place- Webly

Webly played well, but just didn't go that extra mile to deserve the finale, in the host's opinion. In any case, he deserves 3rd to say the least, and he was a worthy competitor for the others.

2nd place- Max

Mister Moi was a good competitor in this game, and very active compared to other camps he has been in. He worked hard to make it to the final five, and deserves a runner-up place finish. Although he may not have won in this odd closing to the season, he got the second best place avaliable, and that's pretty darn good. Esecially for Max. ;)

1st place- Holden

Holden, although gone from camps now, is the un-official winner of Total Drama Heroes Vs. Villians 2. He worked hard, played hard, was active and determined. He deserves the win, and I hope everyone appreciates his effort. He will be missed.

And, in closing this very oddly finished camp, I want to congratulate the final five, and Holden for winning. Thanks for the great camp guys, even if it did... go inactive. In any case,

TROLOLOL you thought I would say something else important. ;)

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