Welcome to Total Drama Heroes Vs. Villians: Where 18 teens will compete for 1,000,000 DOLLARS! But these are not your average teens! Some are heroes, others villians, and then there are those few that are just, well, neutrals. So get ready for TDHVV

This camp is hosted by the amazing Zoom Zoom

If you would like to co-host, please contact Zoomer on his talkpage. Thank you.


I'll try to keep them few.

  1. BE ACTIVE. If your unactiveness gets to bad, you will be eliminated. :P
  2. No complaining about elimination
  3. You can give the host and co-host suggestions, but what they say is final
  5. Ugh. You can quit, but if you do don't expect me to feel sorry for you -w-
  6. Make your characters as mean as you want, but no dumping on the users
  7. No changing votes. :|
  8. Play fair. Unless the challenge is NOT playing fair, then idrc. XD
  9. Miss 3 votes where you are involved, and it's instant elimination time! ;)
  10. Have fun, and be creative! :D There is no pressure in this camp!

Contestant History

Contestant User Original Teams Switched Teams Merged Status Total Votes
The Don't Mess With Me Guy
Fanfiction2010 Neutrals Out 3

The Indie Strategist

Sunslicer2 Neutrals Out 1

The Sarcastic Villain

Ben109 Villians Out 1

The Happy Life Lover

Owenandheatherfan Neutrals Out 0
The Insane One
Ben109 Neutrals Electric Boom Returns 4

The Good Ol' Boy

Survivor321 Heroes The Macaroni and Cheese Team Out 3

The Sarcastic Guy

EnTrey Neutrals Electric Boom Out 2

The Secret Antagonist

Owenandheatherfan Villians Team All Losers Except Sam Out

The Schemer

Survivor321 Villians Team All Losers Except Sam Out 1

The Arch Villain

Fanfiction2010 Villians The Macaroni and Cheese Team Out 1

The Gullible Guy

EnTrey Heroes Team All Losers Except Sam Merged Out

The Master Strategist

Mister.. E. The Macaroni and Cheese Team Out 5
The Activist
Sunslicer2 Heroes Electric Boom Out
The Suckish Fire Dancer
Kevvy9 Neutrals Electric Boom Out

The Overly Happy Chick

Totalcartoonfan09 Heroes Team AIRRRRH Out 0

The Sneak Attacker

Kevvy9 Villains Team All Losers Except Sam Out 0
The French Chef
Shadowgeoff Heroes Team AIRRRRH Out

The Insane One

Ben109 Neutrals Electric Boom Out (2) 7

The Dumb Cheerleader

Nduke The Macaroni and Cheese Team Out 2
The Goody Two-Shoes
Zoomer72 Heroes Team AIRRRRH WINNER
The Real Villain
Jake R Villains Team AIRRRRH WINNER

Elimination Chart

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Eliminated Spencer Ger Face Kelsey Ben Kent Noah Nick Don Luigi Gob/Xav Lani/Ally An/Sam Franz Ben Abby N/A
# Voter Votes
1 April WIN WIN IN WIN IN WIN WIN WIN Xavier Lani WIN Franz Ben Abby WINNER
1 Jake IN -- WIN WIN IN WIN WIN WIN -- Lani WIN Franz Ben Abby WINNER
3 Abby WIN Kent IN IN Luigi Xavier Lani WIN Franz Ben April
17/4 Ben Spencer -- Noah -- -- WIN Franz April
6 Andrea WIN WIN IN WIN IN WIN WIN WIN -- -- --
7 Sam IN -- WIN IN WIN Nick Don IN Xavier -- --
8 Ally Spencer -- -- Ben Noah WIN WIN IN Xavier --
9 Lani WIN WIN IN Ben -- WIN WIN IN Xavier --
10 Xavier WIN Kent IN IN Luigi April
11 Gobias WIN WIN IN IN WIN -- -- IN --
12 Luigi IN -- WIN WIN Kent IN IN --
13 Don IN Face WIN IN WIN Nick --
14 Nick IN -- WIN IN WIN --
15 Noah Spencer Gerard Ben Ben --
16 Kent WIN WIN IN WIN Xavier
18 Kelsey -- -- --
19 Face IN --
20 Gerard -- --
21 Spencer --


Note: Sign up as one or two characters. (I'll change it if there are lots of spots left) Please be active, and you have to have at least 100 edits to sign up. Give Name, Gender, Stereotype, and Username.


1. Franz- The French Chef- SG (Second Team: AIRRRRH) MERGE

2. Kent- The Good Ol' Boy- S321 (Second Team: Macaroni and Cheese Team)

3. April- The Goody Two-Shoes- Female- Zoomer (Second Team: AIRRRRH) MERGE

4. Lani- The Activist- Sunslicer2 (Second Team: Electric Boom) MERGE

5. Gobias- The Gullible Guy- EnTrey (Second Team: All Losers Except Sam) MERGE

6. Andrea - The Overly Happy Chick - Tcf09 (Second Team: AIRRRRH) MERGE


1. Spencer, the Don't Mess With Me Guy ~ Fanny

2. Ally- Female- The Suckish fire dancer- Kev (Second Team: Electric Boom) MERGE

3. Ben-The Insane One-Boy-Ben109 (Second Team: Electric Boom) Returns: MERGE

4. Noah- The Sarcastic Guy- EnTrey (Second Team: Electric Boom)

5. Gerard- The Indie Strategist- Sunslicer2

6. Kelsey - The Happy Life Lover - Owenandheatherfan


1. Don- Male- The Schemer- Survivor321 (Second Team: All Losers Except Sam)

2. Jake- The true villain- Jake R (Second Team: AIRRRRH) MERGE

3. Luigi, the Arch Villain ~ Fanfiction2010 (Second Team: The Macaroni and Cheese Team)

4. Sam- Male- The sneak attacker- Kev (Second Team: All Losers Except Sam) MERGE

5.Face-The Sarcastic Villian- Ben109

6. Nick - The Secret Antagonist - Owenandheatherfan (Second Team: All Losers Except Sam)


1. Abby- The Dumb Cheerleader- Nduke (Second Team: The Macaroni and Cheese Team) MERGE

2. Xavier- The Strategist- Mr E (Second Team: The Macaroni and Cheese Team) MERGE

Day 1

Chat (1)

Ty: Welcome to Total Drama Heroes Vs. Villians! Oh, and neutrals too. :P

Don: *walks in* Hello Ty.

Franz: Hello, all. Bonjour.

April: Well, greetings, competitors.

Kent: Hello Y'all.

Ben: We're neutral and we're awesome! My best friends a possum! We're the neutral team

Face: *Drops luggage on Ben*.

Ben: Owiez

Sam: *dark, creepy voice* Hello Victi- *nomal voice, nevously* uhh, I mean guys!

Don: *gets suitcase off Ben's foot* You okay?


Face: Great he's here *rolleyes*

Kent: Tell me about it.

Ally: *trys to fire dance. but sticks land on Ben and Gerard* Oh Sh**!

Ben: I like firez!

Don: Here comes a LOT of trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea: HELLO ALL :D :D :D :D

Sam: YES! Yes! *evil laughs**excitedly* Ben's gonna die!

Kent: Oh no he's on fire! *picks up a stick and tries to hit the fire off* OH NO THIS STICK IS ON FIRE! OH SH*T! OH SH*T!\

Ally: *to Sam* F** You, b****! *flips him off*

Don: *takes a fire estinguisher and puts out Ben* Well that was bad!

Gobias: That was scary!

Sam: *To Ally* Haha. A little baby acting b****y!

Ally: *walks up close to Sam and punches him in the face, hard* Never call me b****y!

Sam: *has a bloody nose* F*** you, Ally! jUST F*** YOU!

Nicl: Hey everyone! Nice to meet you all! :)

Kelsey: Hey. I'm here too! :D

Franz: Can't we be a little more... calm?

Noah: You can't expect calm on Total Drama.

Don: You nailed it!

Ally and Sam: No!!

Challenge (1)

Chris: So, you have seen your teams, I bet. Now, it is time to test how you work together. It is a three way game of... SOCCER! There are three nets, and all teams are playing. First team to score wins, and chooses the losing team. Ready, set, go!

Kent: *kicks the ball to Gobias*

Gobias: *passes back to Kent*

Sam: Soccer's a sissy game

Ben: I BLOCK IT WITH MY FACE! *dives towards ball and blocks it* Tee Hee

Noah: *unenthusiastically* Woo! Go Ben!

Don: *blocks Ben*

Ben: *kicks ball away from Don* YOU LOOSE ONCE AGAIN PANDA!

Don: *runs towards ball* Get it! *passes it to Face*

Ally: I may suck at fire dancing but I can play soccer

Gobias: *intercepts Don's pass to Face, and runs towards Villains' goal*

Don: *blocks the ball and runs toward's Neutral goal*

Noah: *trips Don* Oops.

April: O_O *grabs the ball and passes it to Gobias*

Gobias: *goes to Neutrals' goal and shoots*

Don: *runs with ball to Heroes goal*

Don: *shoots*

April: *tackles the ball and passes it back to Gobias* SHOOT!

Gobias: *goes to Villains' net and shoots*

Kent: *runs with ball*

April: GUYS! Were on the same team! Just SHOOT!

Kent: *shoots ball at Heroes net by mistake* Oops!

*Ball goes in*

Chris: O_O Well then, I guess the Heroes win anyways, I didn't specify which net... Well, Kent. You get to choose the losing team. Go ahead.

Kent: I choose the Neutrals.

Ally: Why us! :@

Chris: Neutrals, time for elimination.

Neutrals Vote (1)

Chris: Vote for anyone on your team. :P

Ally: Spencer did nothing in the camp!

Noah: Spencer is a useless brute! Yes, I just said "brute" in a sentence.

Ben: I vote for! Spencer. I drc

Chris: And Spencer is out!

Day 2

Chat (2)

Chris: One day gone, one Neutral gone. :P

April: Heroes, we must keep up this winning streak. Understood?

Kent: Yes!

Don: All villains must win the next challenge!

Ally: *To team* We Neutrals need to win in order for the team to stay alive!

Sam: *To team* Like Don said, we can't lose because if we lose, we might suffer

April: (CONF) Ugh, I need an alliance. Franz, perhaps? Oh, and Kent possibly. But I won't mention it now.

Gobias: I like ice cream. :)

Franz: Anyone hungry? :)

Nick: I'll take some! :D And guys, sory for not competing in the last challenge, I was busy. D:

Kelsey: Same. Sorry! D:

Ben:(CONF) The heroes betrayed us, weez must destroy them!

Challenge (2)

Chris: Two teams are going to elimination tonight! And all your team has to do is..... have everyone on your team say, "The (your team name here)'s rule." So, go!

April: O_O The Heroes rule. No questions asked.

Don: The Villains Rule!!!

Kent; The Heroes Rule!!!!!!!

Franz: The Heroes rule!

Noah: The Neutrals rule.

Gobias: The Heroes Rule!

Chris: That's enough for me... The Heroes win! AGAIN! Villians and Neutrals, you guys have to vote. :P

Neutrals Vote (2)

Chris: Go ahead and vote... For the second time. :P

Noah: Gerard. He hasnt done anything.

Chris: Gerard = OUT

Villians Vote (2)

Chris: Go ahead and vote. :P

Don: Face

Chris: Face = OUT

(ZOomie, you gotta wait for a while I didn't even know day two was up! same for down below)

Day 3

Chat (3)

Chris: Wow. Barely anyone did anything yesterday. :P

April: Not the Heroes!

Kent: Yeah!

Don: (CONF) My team must win the next challenge

Kent: You wanna make an alliance April?

April: *smirks* Maybe. But you've got to earn it in this next challenge.

Challenge (3)

Chris: I have 3 riddles for you. Team that wins that gets the most of them right, wins. First one:

  1. What is as big as you are and yet does not weigh anything

Don: Your shadow.

Chris: Correct! One point for the villians. Next:

  1. A cowboy rode into town on Friday, stayed three days, and rode out again on Friday. How did he do that?

April: Easy. The horse's name was Friday.

Chris: 1-1 for the Heroes and Vilians. Next and last question:

  1. Paul’s height is six feet, he’s an assistant at a butcher’s shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh?

Don: He weighs meat Chris: And the Villians WIN! Heroes come in second, and the Neutrals vote someone out. For the third time in a row. :P

Don: Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neutrals Vote (3)

Chris: Please hurry up and vote! :P

Noah: I change my vote to Kelsey.

Ben:I vote Noah. For hating th Insane. Insane people make lives awesome! You say you don't like awesomness? Of course you don't cause you not awesome

Chris: No changing votes, sorry. :P

Noah: Okay. That means my vote still goes to Kelsey, because I'm not allowed to change my vote back to Ben.

Chris: :| You voted for Ben. But because it would be a tie that way, and because she has miised 3 votes, Kelsey is just eliminated. :|

Day 4

Chat (4)

Chris: I don't even remember how many of you bozos are left. :|

April: This is just getting easier and easier for us Heroes.... *relaxes*

Ally: *fire dancing again* I think I could do this

Ben: *drawing in the sand it looks like a dinosaur* I DREW A BABY LAMB!

Ally:*still fire dancing* I will no- *sticks fly off and lead on Ben and April* Sh**! This again!

April: EEEK!

Chris: O_O Okay then....

Chris: Anyways, today, we are making NEW TEAMS! :D And, we have two new debuters! Abby, and Max! Now, are you guys ready for your new teams to be announced?

April: No.... :| OF COURSE WE ARE!

Chris: Well okay then!

Sam: *laughs @ April* You're sissy *laughs again*


Sam: *To Ben* Like yourself?

Chris: And your new teams are: (Yellow: Ally, Ben, Noah, and Lani) (Green: Franz, Jake, April, and Andrea) (Blue: Don, Gobias, Nick, and Sam) (And Orange: Luigi, Kent, Max, and Abby) So, get to know your new teammates! :D Team names will be chosen in the next challenge. ;)

Luigi: So I got on the team with both the n00bs? Great.

April: My team is.... Acceptable. *smiles*

Challenge (4)

Chris: Your challenge for today is to come up with the best team name EVA. Go!

Yellow Team

Ally: Electric Boom?

Ben: The Crazy Daisy Stomper Killer Killer Murder Yellow Team!

Noah: 0____0 I like Ally's idea better...

Ben:How bout Destructinators?

Ally: Static Shock? (CONF) I seen that show before

Chris: I need a final decision....

Ally: Electric shock

Ally: Wait, Electric Boom

Lani: Electric Shock sounds better...

Ben: V_V FINE! I HAVE NO CHOICE HERE! YOU ARE ALL LOOSERS! I"M GOING TO GO KILL SOMETING! (CONF) Hey there camera man :) *pulls out a big steb and the camera falls to the ground*

Chris: What do you guys choose?

Ally: Electric Boom

Final Name: Electric Boom

Ben:*rolls eyes and shapens stick* Yo're next CHris. You are next! *laughs evily*

Green Team

April: How about the Extreme Green? Or the Green Extreme?

April: I know. Team April is Really Really Really Really Honourable! (ARRRRH)

Chris: FInal choice?

April: Errrr... Team AIRRRRH. :D

Final Name: Team AIRRRRH

Blue Team

Gobias: How about the Blue Devils?

Sam: Nah. Let's be the All losers except Sam

Gobias: *dumbly* Okay!

Sam: The All losers except Sam

Final Name: All Losers Except Sam

Orange Team

Luigi: We are the Macaroni and Cheese Team.

Chris: Final answer?

Final Name: Mac and Cheese

Luigi: We're not Mac and Cheese. We're The Macaroni and Cheese Team.

Chris: Okay, okay :P

Final Decision: While all names were good, the least creative was Electric Boom. Sorreh guys. Time for elimination. (Team AIRRRRI and the Macoroni and Cheese Team got first place :P)

Electric Boom Vote (1)

Chris: Vote. TY. :P

Lani: I vote Ben...

Ally I vote Benny

Noah: Ben.

Chris: And Ben, sadly, is out. ;(


Day 5

Chat (5)

Chris: Ben went bye bye last night. ;(

April: Like that affects me. *rolls eyes*

Ally: Ben could of killed himself here

Sam: *To Ally* I Wanna see that happen

Don: He was a loose cannon!

Ally: *to Don* I wanted him to be safer but my fire dancing didn't help

Kent: Apparently it didn't.

Franz: Wow, these challenges are going by fast...

Chris: Speaking of challenges...

Challenge (5)

Chris: All you have to do for this challenge is have everyone on your team say your team name. That's it. :P Two teams go to elimination tonight. :P

April: Team AIRRRRH!

Kent: Team Mac and Cheese

Don: Team ALES!

Sam: Team All Losers Except Me!

Luigi: The Macaroni and Cheese Team.

Ally Electric Boom!

Gobias: Team All Losers Except Sam! (CONF) Best. Team name. Ever.

Lani: Electric Boom! :D

Franz: Team AIRRRRH.

Chris: Team All Losers Except Sam had the most people before the challenge died.... So, they get to choose which team wins with them. Go ahead.

April: Please choose Team AIRRRRH! Well owe you one!

Xavier: Choose The Macaroni and Cheese Team, we'll give you... Macaroni.

Don: I say Team AIRRRRH wins!

Chris: And Team AIRRRRH is safe too. :P

The Macaroni and Cheese Team Vote (1)

Chris: Vote please. :P

Xavier: I vote out Kent.

Kent: I vote Xavier

Chris: Luigi and Abby were going to vote for Kent previously, so he is eliminated. Sorreh man.

Electric Boom Vote (2)

Chris: You guys too. :P

Ally: Noah made us lose!

Chris: Noah is out. :P

Day Six

Chat (6)

Chris: Today, well have a better challenge for ya'll. :P

April: Good. I'm tired of these boring challenges. :P

Don: Hey April, I found these green looking rocks. Want one? *picks up green looking rocks*

April: No. (CONF) .... :|

Max: HELLO ALL! I'm Chris' co-host... Max!

Chris: Yes, he's the new co-host!

Jake: *sarcastically* OMG, LOL Chris :S

Challenge (6)

Chris: A person from each team hsa been hidden somewhere in teh world.

Macaroni: Luigi (1st hint: It is in North America)

AIRRRRH: April (1st hint: It is in Europe)

Sam: Gobias (1st hint: it is in South America)

Boom: Lani (1st hint: It is in Africa)

Chris: Now their team mates must guess where they are. It's cities, not countries. :P One team to elim tonight.

Chris: Ugh, another hint. They are ALL capital cities. Happy now? Now start guessing! Even if you get it wrong, you can guess again! Sheesh, you guys are unactive!

Jake: Luxembourg?

(Sun: Could I guess, even though I'm Lani? Please? :3)

Franz: Paris? :D

Sam: Brazil?

(Fine Sunny, because your team only has two people)

Chris: Two of those guesses were countries... O_O Anyways, your new hints:

Luigi: Starts with O

April: Starts with L

Gobias: Starts with B

Lani: Starts with C (two words)

Lani: Cape Town!

Chris: And The Electric Boom's are the winners! :D

Jake: Lisbon, London, Ljubljana >.>

Chris: And Team AIRRRRH comes in second! One more spot left... Well let a member of either winning team choose the team to be safe with them.

April: I choose The Macaroni and Cheese Team to be safe.Team Sam is too good. :|

Chris: Team All Losers Exept For Sam to elimination.

Team All Losers Except Sam Vote (1)

Chris: Vote for anyone on your team. Once. :P

Don: Nick

Sam: Nic

Chris: And Nic is out!

Day Seven

Chat (7)

Chris: Wow, this season is going by very quickly. :P

April: Ya think? *rolls eyes* Sheesh. (CONF) Whatever. I haven't had to vote for someone ONCE. This entire season. And 2 others on my team haven't either. That HAS to be some kind of record. ;)

Don: Wonder when we merge?

Chris: Challenge time!

Challenge (7)

Chris: Your challenge for today is to break a move! Its a dance-off! Everyone is dancing, and one team goes to elimination!

April: *comes out in a ballet suit* *begins dancing peacefully*

Gobias: *does a hardcore breakdance*

April: *rolls eyes, and does an ariel*

Chris: Wow. I have never seen such... Terriblness in a challenge before. First team to have 2 people do a dance move WINS.

April: *does an italian fouette on pointe* :D Take that, Chris! :@

Ally: *fire dances* I can do this

Chris: And Team AIRRRRH and Electric Boom WIN! Other teams, I need someone from your team to dance, and your team is safe also. :P

Ally: *sticks fly out and catch April and Gobias on fire* Oh sh**!

April: WAAAAAAAH! *hair is on fire*

Chris: Meh. *sprays April with a hose*


Ally: Well, **** you, April! **** you!

Franz: *randomly dances*

Chris: Well, thanks to, we have chosen a loosing team. The Macaroni and Cheese Team is......... Safe! Team All Losers Except for Sam, you guys are going to elimination tonight. :P

Team All Losers Except For Sam Vote (2)

Chris: Vote plez! Thank you plez!

Sam: Don.

Chris: And Don is outta here! Byebye!

Day Eight

Chat (8)

Chris: The merge will be soon, peoples. :P

April: Hmm... I can't wait Chris. -w-

Xavier: Woo hoo....

Challenge (8)

Chris: For this challenge, you must swim across this fast moving river, climb to the top of the flagpole on the other side, and then ring the bell for your team. Last team to do so loses! And remember, if you are very inactive, you may be kicked out of this camp. :(

April: O_O Better get going, Team AIRRRRH. *dives perfectly into the water*

Xavier: Meh... *dives into the water*

Franz: *dives in and starts swimming*

April: *swims gracefully, yet quickly* C'mon, team! ..... MOVE IT!

Lani: *dives into the water*

April: *is almost to the other side* Errr, this is so wierd....

Chris: Come on, peoples! I will find your families and do things to them if you don't do anything in this challenge. :@

Ally and Sam: *dives into water and starts swimming*

Chris: Because they had the most activity, Team AIRRRRH wins. Electric Boom comes in second. All Losers Except Sam comes in second also. The Macaroni and Cheese Team, it is time to vote. :P

The Macaroni and Cheese Team Vote (2)

Chris: Just vote, you inactive people. :@

Abby: Luigi,

Xavier: Luigi...

Chris: Luigi is out. :@

Day Nine

Chat (9)

Chris: Why is everyone so unactive? :@ :@ :@ XD XD XD

April: Well, I planning on winning this entire game, so I would say that at the least I am, what you call, active. Humph. :P

Chris: Actually, forget this. IT IS THE MERGE, PEOPLE! Now say something about it, or you will be eliminated. :@

April: (CONF) This does change my game plan a little bit, but I can still easily make it to the finale with the bozos. :P

Ally: I love no team!

Sam: It's nice to get away from you losers

Abby: MERGED!!! =D

Gobias: Something about it or you will be eliminated!

Xavier: Yay...?

Challenge (9)

Chris: All this challenge is is to choose the best song to represent either the Heroes or Villians. Just post a youtube link below. And Gobias, don't back sass me. :@

April: I have one for the Heroes. :P


Chris: April wins, because she is the only one WHO DID ANYTHING! :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Merge Vote (1)

Chris: You can vote for anyone but April. :@


Lani: Xavier...

April: Xavier.

Ally: Xavier

Sam: Xavier

Chris: XAVIER IS OUT! :@ So is Gobias, for missing 3 votes. :@

Day Ten

Chat (10)

Chris: Because almost all of you losers are inactive, I'd like to welcome back a returnee. His name is............. BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben is back to add some spice into the game! So, HERE'S BEN!

April: O_O

Ben: I'm Back Baby! Miss me? Cause for my old teamates. I most certaintly missed you! *smirks*

April: Uh, thanks. Hey Ben. Wanna vote with me? (CONF) Ben would be a good ally. And at least he is somewhat active. :P

Abby: Final 9 :D

Challenge (10)

Chris: Today, your challenge is to either say something really nice about other contestants, or something really mean. GO! :@

April: Ah, Andrea. Your name, as unspeakably beautiful as it is, drops off of my tongue like the dew on an early morning rosebud. Jake, your mind, devious yet brilliant, astounds me. I am speachless. This group of humna beings am in is not just that. It is a group of people, souls, that represent this world that we live in and why we all keep on working towards utter enlightenement. You wonderful souls, Franz and your amazing cooking, Ally with your fantastic fire dancing, it is the reason I keep on living. My life, my wonderful life because of all of you, would just no exist in its entirety without all of you, utterly magnificent souls. Thank you.

Chris: o:

Jake: Abby, a nice cheerleader, with a sparkle of honesty, and a way to play the game. Ally, you suck at fire dancing. Get over it -_-. Ben, you're a freak goofball. Be serious. Andrea, a great happy cheerful child. Lani, where are you o-o. Franz, you're a chef, and nice cooking. Sam isn't a villain.

Abby: Jake and April are nice, Ally sucks at fire dancing, Ben's sadly insane, Andrea's really happy and sweet. Lani's just really annoying. Franz is an awesome cook, and Sam's talentless!

Chris: April, Jake, and Abby, OUR ONLY ACTIVE ONES. :@ Get immunity. Time to vote! :P

Merge Vote (2)

Chris: You know who is safe. :P

Abby: Peace out Lani! *votes Lani* >.<

Jake: *votes Lani* See ya

April: Bye, bye Lani. :@

Franz: I vote Lani.

Chris: Lani is out. Followed by Ally. XD

Day Eleven

Chat (11)

Chris: For todays challenge, you will want to be ACTIVE, my very inactive friends. :@

Abby: Final 8!! WOOT!

April: ... Why are we like the only active people? ;(

Challenge (11)

Chris: Everybody say the word, "I." The last few who have not said it when I end the challenge are INSTANTLY ELIMINATED. :@ So SAY SOMETHING!

April: O.o I.

Abby: I.

Jake: I

Franz: I.

Ben: I... * is suddenlly wearing a top hat* WOuld tap dance wiith a panda bear! Grow hippie hair or do anything for a klodnike bar!

Chris: Challenge = OVER! Andrea and Sam lost. :(

Merge Vote (3)

Chris: Well, there is no voting here. Andrea and Sam are out, in that order. :P Thank you to those who actually DID the challenge for once. :| You know, I don't think Andrea said anything this entire time. O.o

Day Twelve

Chat (12)

Chris: And we are moving through this competition VERY quickly. Yay! :D

April: Uh, thanks for caring about us, Chris. :|

Challenge (12)

Chris: Yes, I am out of challenge ideas. So I am pulling the most boring challenge in the books. :P Give me the friken best final three challegne EVER! :D

April: A fight to the death? O.o No, a quiz on TD or this season? Ideas for next season? Something from TD? Enter someone into a random simulation?

Jake: A dare contest.

Abby: How about a losers episode?

Chris: All three of your are safe. :|

Merge Vote (4)

Chris: You can vote for either Ben or Franz.

Abby: (CONF) I vote for Franz.

Jake: (CONF) Franz.

April: (CONF) Pranz. When was the last time you did anything? :|

Ben:(CONF) Franz.

Chris: Franz is out. :@ NOW GO COOK IN SOME OTHER KITCHEN!

Day Thirteen

Chat (13)


April: This is good. Almost to the finale. :D

Abby: Woot, I'mma final 4-ist. 8) XD

Jake: Awesome :D

Ben:Did you hear that squire?

Challenge (13)

Chris: Today, your challenge is to give me 3 custom characters. Anything, anyone, female or male. Then, I will randomly create an elim chart for them. Whoever's character wins the mini- season is safe tonight. So, gogogo!

April: Um, Milana: The Clique Girl, Brandon: The Nice Guy, and... um... Connie: The Sweet Girl?

Abby: Geana- The Ugly Girl, Brick- The Jerk, Allis- The Evil Girl

Jake: Rae-The hottie. Chase- The fail. Max- The nice artist.

Ben:Clyde- The Distressed One, Ronda- The Perfectionist, and Laurel- The Naturalist.


Chris: And Abby wins immunity!

Merge Vote (5)

Chris: Vote for anyone, except Abby!

Abby: I vote for Ben. *smirks*

Jake: Ben

Ben:(CONF) I vote...April.

April: I vote for Ben. Sorry. :|

Chris: And Ben is out! WE HAVE OUR FINAL THREE! :D

Day Fourteen

Chat (14)

Chris: Our final three will soon become our final two! And then who will be the last one standing? :D

April: Probably, hopefully, and obviously me. :|

Jake: (CONF) I knew i'd get this far ;)

Challenge (14)

Chris: I will give you all dares, one at a time. Do your dare, you are safe. Don't do it, and you go STRAIGHT HOME. >:@ Abby, you are up first.

April: O.o

Chris: Abby, eat this pile of dog s***. NOW.

April: O.o

AbbY: *eats it* OH MY GOD!

Chris: LOOKS DELISH. Now, Jake, lick strawberry jam off of Abby's armpit. >:@

Jake: O.O. Ok then :/. *lifts Abby's armpit and licks jam off it* Ew D:

April: O.o

Chris: April, don't move. >:@ *throws boat at her*

April: O.o *boat falls on top of her*

Chris: MUHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Abby, make out with Jake!

Abby: Jake is hot... *makes out with him*

April: O.o

Chris: Jake, dress in this tutu, put on this makeup and wig, and then have a romantic dinner and ancing with Chef. >:@

Jake: O_O. *dances with Chef in a tutu and makeup and wig*

Chris: I'm changing it to NOT be instant elim anymore, BTW. Someone just wins immunity. :P

Chris: April, quit the challenge. THat is your dare. :|

April: Wait, what? Won't I be out? But then, I will be in... O.o Chris, I quit the challenge.

Chris: Okay then, April is out.

April: -_______________________________-

Chris: Hey, dun go LF on me here. :|

Chris: Jake and Abby, first one to lick chef's butt wins. :|

Jake: WTH? *licks Chef's butt* (It's a camp, not real life)

Chris: *barfs everywhere* You know, he just took a huge dump, and didn't wipe. But anyways, Jake wins immunity. O.o

Merge Vote (6)

Chris: Jake is immune, so basically he chooses who leaves tonight. I'd say he deserves it... XD

Abby: April.

April: Abby.

Jake: I choose Abby

Chris: Abby is out... So we have our final two! :D

Day: Finale!

Chat (Finale)

Chris: So, before your final challenge starts, I'd like both finalists to say something in CONF. :P

Jake: (CONF) I hate this show! I regret coming on here! At least my million is in my pocket alread 8D

April: (CONF) It's not hard to believe that I made it this far, I mean, I am so fantastic. And a hero... XD But, Jake is some harsh competition. But I can handle him. :P

Challenge (Finale)

Chris: As you both know now, it is a jury vote. So for your final challenge, right a speech that will convince ALL the voted out members to vote for you to win. :P

April's Speech

April: Hi guys. It's me, April, fellow competitor, Hero, Team April is Really Really Really Really Honourable member, and finalist. Now, before you decide to vote for someone just based on what somebody else told you about them, think about this. I tried my best in every challenge, and I never missed a vote. Not even once. (XD) Although I don't want to down my opponent, I think, and basically I know that I tried harder than him. And I have one way that you can tell that I alwasy tried my hardest. Up until the final four, I had NEVER, not once, been put up for elimination. That has to say something. I'd also like to thank everyone who got me here, like Ally, Abby, and Ben, and Franz, Luigi, Sam, Xavier, and Kent, and everyone else too. So, if you think that I deserve the win, vote for me, April, the Goody-Two Shoes. Thanks guys. :P

Jake's Speech

I'll admit, I played the game. However, I think I deserve it. Why? Hello! Look at the last episode. I was also the last villain ever. I mean really, after all that crap last episode, I deserve more than a million! Vote for me, and you made the right choice!

Jury Vote (Finale)

Chris: Jury members, vote here for who you want to win. XD

Franz: I vote for Jake. 

(Jake: Is this camp active? :| XD)

Ally: I vote Jake

Sam: Jake sucks, I vote for the other chick

Abby: I vote for April.

Chris: And, the winner of Total Drama Heroes Vs. Villians... Is... Going to be revealed right now...

Both of you. No, I'm joking. :P

Oh... Wait a minute. I wasn't joking just then...

So that means that the winner must be...........

BOTH OF YOU! Congratulations, Jake and April, the Hero and Villian victors of the 1st annual Hunger Ga- I mean, TD Heroes Vs. Villians! Great job guys! Turned out April was eviller than expected, and Jake may have turned out nicer than was originally believed. :P

Link to Season Two:

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