Welcome. Here we have gathered 12 contestants to visit a SPECIAL REALITY SHOW high school. They will have to compete in challnges like school crap and survive the radical host, which is one of my customs! 1 per user! PLEASE BE ACTIVE AND LIST THE STEREOTYPE!

Sign Ups Closed

  1. Klarissa- The Antagonist- Izzynsierrafan12
  2. Natasha- The Nice Girl- Emuparade
  3. Quinn-The Mean Cheerleader- EBGR
  4. Jonathan-The Bad Boy-Joneboy704
  5. Natalia(Tal)- The Italian Goddess-Gwen Is Kewl
  6. Milana- The Clique Girl- Zoomer72
  7. Rachel-The Mean Cheerleader-Snow
  8. George- The Villain- Survivor321
  9. Nate-The Smartie-Natedog14
  10. Denise - The Popular Girl - TDISF
  11. Max, the Smart Guy - Mr. E
  12. Rex, The ninja who is crazy - Kokoti9


  1. Jake- The Mastermind- Jake R
  2. Matt Jones- The Immature Guy- Theeviloctorock
  3. Harriet Carr- The Retired Supermodel- Sierrastalker
  4. Wayne-The Tough Prankster/ Jonathan's older brother- Waynesworld


  1. Vanessa- The Hottest Girl You've Ever Seen- Joneboy704

Elimination Table

Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Harriet Busterz Debuts WIN WIN IN IN IN WIN IN IN IN WIN OUT
Rex Busterz IN IN WIN WIN IN OUT Returns LOW OUT
Rachel Students IN IN IN IN WIN IN DQ
Jake Students Debuts IN IN WIN IN DQ
George Students LOW IN IN IN WIN DQ
Quinn Busterz IN IN WIN WIN OUT
Matt Students Debuts IN OUT
Max Students IN IN OUT

Day 1


Jonathan: ladies and gentelmen, feast your eyes on the baddest, the meanest, the toughest person in the world... Jonathan!

Rex: elex is bigger, meaner and tougher... but he isn't from this world >.> (mysterious past anyone?)

Milana: Meh. *starts texting with her Blackberry*

Jonathan: (CONF) Is this loser for real?

Jonathan: I cant wait to shove you into a locker. * laughs and gives Rex a noogie* Nerd.

Rex: *punches jonathan in the stomuch* you don't want to mess with me

Denise: *arrives* Umm... This is the place?

Milana: *looks at nails* Pretty much.

Rex: *climbs waal then roof with suction cup gloves*

Denise: *glimpsees Milana* Hmm... Where do you come from?

Rex: uh oh *suctions cup gloves have nowhere to grip/suction on to* hmm *falls* NNNNNNO *lands on denise* ow *gets up and helps her up*

Milana: Somewhere. *looks at Denise* How about you?

Quinn: Hey guys! *applies lipgloss*

Rex: (CONF: i want an enemy so...) *trows a random bucket of tuna at quinn*

Milana: *takes Quinn aside* I like your style. Alliance to the final 2?

Tal: Sup guys?

Jonathan: *winded* i'm a black belt Rex, and try fighting me when I'm looking, I'll kick your a**! (CONF) I cant wait to drop that nerd. But I definetely need an ally. I might be able to ask Rachel since I already know her. Maybe Tal...

Klarissa: *steps in and walks pass Quinn* You are too fishy to be wearing lipgloss cheerleader! *takes the lopgloss and throws it to Rex and walks past Rachel* I hate cheerleaders! *takes a sardine and smushes it in her face and walks to Rex* You impress me... But you are a little weird... I never knew geeks could drop strong dudes... *walks to Jonothan* Lucky last, you don't scare anyone... Is anyone running away?

Quinn: *to Milana* I'll think about it....

Xalia: Whoa :D! Super DRAMA! LOLZ! I once killed a monkey but anyways! YOUR CHALLNGE BEGINS! AWESOME! 8)


Xalia: Alright, your challnge is a speech of why you should be class president! But the twist is, you get to vote but you can't vote for your own! :P

Klarissa: *gets up on stage* Hello umm... whatever you guys are. Klarissa here... Doy ou know why I should have the honor of being... ell whatever...I should win class president because if a stupid fishy cheerleader or cheerleaders or bullies win this award. This competiton will be messed up! That is why you should all vote for me. Thank you!

Natasha: *walks up on the stage* Hello fellow contestants. I am Natasha. You all, well most of you are very good peopel and deserve a person like me to be class president. I am a nice girl and will help throught he way, maybe a vfew alliances. IT would be my honor to develop this award unlike SOME people *glares and Jonothan and Klarissa* Thank you.

Quinn: *walks up onto the stage* Hello my fellow school mates. My name is Quinn and I would love to be elected your class presdent. There are many reasons why. One: I am friendly and easy to get along with. Two: I will help you though the game, if you help me in return. Three: I will take up all offers on alliances, ecetra. Four: I am confident and try my best in everything I do. Five: I am not afraid to try anything new. Thank you for listening and I hope you all consider electing me, Quinn, for your class presedent. Thank-You. *smiles and walks off the stage*

Natalia: *pulls up a stool wearing a blue tank top and white shorts* Hey guys Im Natalia but you can call me Tal. My good points ok. Im an olympian and I have 6 gold medals. Im a blackbelt in 3 different forms of martial arts and I can take someone down before they know what happened. But Im also one of the friendliest people you could ever ever meet. Im great at helping people when they are sad or need help and Im extremely understanding. I get people and people get me. So thats whats up. *winks*

Milana: *walks up to the podium dressed formally yet casually at the same time* Grettings everyone! As you all know, I'm Milana, you're fellow student, and I'm running for Class Pres. If you elect me as your leader, I will ensure you that I will be able to solve all your problems with the flick of my wrist. I have my own personal entourage to thank for that! Bully fights, spitball spitting, and overall school suckingness will be gone! So elect Milana, you're fellow student, as your Class President. You won't be dissapointed!

Jonathan: * walks up casually to podium wearing his usual black zip up hoodie with a white t shirt with a skull on it underneath, and loose fitting jeans (his normal clothes)* I should be class president. I dont lnow if you guys have heard of Oweguy's Rebooted camp, *looks at Rachel and Tal* but I definetly add the most drama out of anyone here. Plus, I'm strong* shows off hs biceps, I'm smart, and what can I say, I'm a killer with the ladies *glances at Tal, but then turns away* not to metion a killer with any jock that gets in my way. i'm okay with nerds *glares at Rex* with a few exeptions* puts hand to fist* but it's not like I'm a buly. I was actually bullied a lot as a kid *pauses and begins to get emotional* but now, nobady tries to buly me, or it will be the last mistake they ever make. And that's why I should be class president. *walks off podium and pushes Rex to the ground*

Denise: *walks up to the podium dressed as she always does* Hello, my name is Denise, and I'm a normal student, like any of you. I have all your problems: I am late to classes, lose my school stuff, have qualifications, have to join more activites, and much, much more. So, as a normal student, I would know what we want, so I think that's why you should pick me. If you choose me as your class president, I'll stop all bullying in school, and I will hear to every and each student's opinion about what we, the students, should do and have. So, please, vote for Denise Amanda Jones, another normal student in this school, to be your class president, and you'll clearly see how things will change for good. *walks off podium*

Rachel: Hi im Rachel Weber and I wanna be your 2011 president! I know most of you *Glares at Quinn* and you know me. Ill get new lockers for the school and paint it in whatever color you want! Im also head cheerleader, Been on TV, and likes all of you. So vote for me!

Xalia: So that is 8 out of 12 speechs! Hurry hurrry hurry And Jono is such a bada***! LOLZZZZZ

(Joneboy704- everybody. I could not posts things for a while now, so I tried firefox, and it works. So everybody, from now on, to use this Wiki, it works, just do it on Firefox... your welcome everybody:))

(joneboy704- nevermind, the wiki works again everybody:)

Xalia: Time up! Vote for fav speech!

Klarissa: Jonothan i guess

Denise: Milana *winks at her*

Jonathan: Well, I have to say Natalia, but thanks Klarissa, you might have just found an ally.(CONF)As for Denise, she's popular, and popular kids usually end up with popular guys...jocks.*puts hand to fist* I HATE jocks.

Natasha: Well, Milana seems nice! I vote for her!

Jonathan:(CONF) Did she just say that milina seems nice? She obviously couldnt tell that speech was sooo fake. I can read people, Milina is not someone you can trust. But whatever, her mistake *grins*

Denise: (CONF) I'm thinking Jonathan is being overconfident with this... He's an easy out, but, maybe, I can keep him... Anyways, he's an easy out *grins and muts some make-up on*

(TDISF: @Jonathan: Denise... Is a girl -.-)

Milana: Denise. (CONF) Denise seems to like me . . . she seems trustworthy enough . . .

Denise: *turns around and looks to Milana* Huh?

Milana: *looks boredly at Denise* Final three, you, me, and Quinn. You in? We vote together.

Klarissa: Jonathan, Rex here! (CONF) Well, Milana's alliance is going down!

Jonathan: *walks over to Klarissa* yea?(CONF) She probably wants to ask me out or something. *smiles* I wouldnt dought it.

Jonathan: Look Klarissa, you're cute and all, but I've kinda got this thing going on with natalia, so...yea.

Klarissa: I am not asking you out! ALLIANCE! Natalia can be in too!

Milana: *walks up* You're going to trust HER? I wouldn't . . .

Klarissa: Well if he does trust me, he is smart! *slaps her*

Jonathan:(CONF) Yes!!! Catfight!

Jonathan: Ladies, there's enough of me to go around*grins*

Milana: *is in shock* You've just made a very powerful enemy, Klarissa. Jonathan, if you're smart, you'd vote with me. Not this . . . unpredictible . . . person. (CONF) WHO THE ***** DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?

Jonathan: Umm... Cant we all work this out *nervously*

Milana: *glares at Klarrisa and stalks away*


Milana: THATS IT!!! *flips around and tackles Klarissa* TAKE THAT YOU *****!!

Rachel: John!

Jonathan: Oh s***. *slowly walks away from fighting* hey Rachel.

(joneboy704-sorry, repost that last comment, it messed the thing up so I deleted it. just post it agian. no big deal.)

(Joneboy704-is anyone still here?)

(Zoomer72- Yep!)

Jonathan: *Rachel begins to say something* Sorry, I really gotta take care of something. *walks over to fight*

Jonathan:*Breaks up fight* Break it up! *Klarissa walks away*

Milana: *glares at Klarissa and turns to John* If you're smart, you'll vote with us tonight. *stalks away*

Jonathan: *runs after her* wait. *puts his hand on her shoulder and moves in, but as she turns around, they're lips accidentally touch* (CONF) That was TOTALLY an accident!!!

Rachel: Vote for me!

Jonathan: *looks at Melinda akwardly, then runs to rachel* You didnt see that did you?

Milana: *opens her eyes calmy* (CONF) I don't even know . . .

Rachel: Just vote for me!

Jonathan: I dont owe you anything in this season, got it!!! Plus, I already voted for natalia, and if you even want me as an ally this season, then vote for me!

Natalia: I do vote Jonathan on this one. But Id be your ally.

Jonathan:(CONF) What the f***?!! Now natalia shows up? Please, everyone just dont say anything about the kissing, or they will have a HUGE enemy!!!

(Gwen: I missed something here? Kissing?)

(Joneboy704-dont you go back and read what you missed whenever you get on?)

(Gwen: Yea but I missed it the first time. I just saw it.)

Natalia: You seem jumpy.

Jonathan: Jumpy? No, I just had a bunch of coffee. *puts hand behind his neck and looks around nervously, notices that all eyes are on him* So, how's it going sweetheart.*tries to keep his cool but is too nervous*

Natalia:I know nerves when I see them. Thats not coffee. (CONF) What?

Rachel: Loser

Natalia: Me?

George: Hello People, I'm George (CONF I will play these losers like a violin!

Rachel: Who are you?

Jonathan: Lets just get outta here *pulls natalia into hallway*

Natalia: *in hall* Tell whats going on please Jonathan?

(Joneboy704- just so that everything makes sense, lets say that this camp happens after oweguy's camp, so we'll assume that there's probably something going on between Natalia and Jonathan)

Jonathan: Nothing, just wanted to get away from those people.

George: I am a canidate for prez! I am likeable! I will make academics fun! I will make athletics important! I will listen to everyone here! I will stop bullying and get new lockers and make new extracurricular activities! I will be YOUR FIREND AND IMPROVE THE SCHOOL!

Natalia: *puts hand on his arm* Ok. *smiles*

Rachel: (CONF) Not likey.

George: (CONF) I will do something to humiliate that Natalia chick so much cause she is so popular!

(Joneboy704- just to remind you, by the time the Oweguy camp was over, they are probably together, so as of now, can we say they are together?)

George: Hello dude you must be Jonathan!

(Gwen: Ya.)

Jonathan: *about to kiss Tal but is interrupted by George, gets mad and pulls out switchblade* Yea?!!

Tal: *gently pushes his hand down*

George: No problem, just a friendly hello.

Jonathan: *calmed by Tal* Oh, um... hey. What, you want an alliance for something? The answer is yes, now can I please be alone with my girl here?

George: Yes. *walks away* (CONF) Jonathan seems like a tough guy. But loyal. I will use hi until he has outlived his usefullness, then I will cut him loose and throw him overboard

Jonathan: Thanks bro *looks at Tal* Do I have permission to kiss the pretty lady?*smiles*

George: (CONF) You may wonder why I am so villainous! My friends at home wanted me to create a new villain for tv! A entertaining one! *sneaks into the science room and steals a bar of uranium*

Tal: Let me see........awh heck why not. *kisses*

Jonathan: *in between kissing* Way better than Melinda.

George: (CONF) This bar of uranium will be on Tal's shirt!

Natalia: WHoooooooa hold up here. What?

(Joneboy704- sorry, I deleted that, could you hold on just a second with that. We r in the middle of something)

Jonathan: Oh.. umm... I said you look way better than Melinda, or any other girl here for that matter. *nervous again*

Natalia: ok. *cuddles up to him*

(S321: I will slip the bar onto her back, you freak out and call the HAZMAT)

George: *tip toes, slips uranium bar onto Tal's back and tip toes off)

Jonathan: *heart beating loudly out of nervousness and doesnt want Tal to know something's up.* Um.*gently pushes her off* how about we just kiss?


George: *sees Uranium* CALL THE HAZMAT SQUAD!

(s321: Act like you dont know I did this)

Natalia: GET IT OFF! *freaks out*

George: *calls HAZMAT Team*

HAZMAT AGENTS: *Run through the school*

Jonathan: *Takes it off and throws it to George.*

Natalia: *passes out*

Jonathan: I'll perform CPR, *doesnt know how, so he just starts kissing her*

(Joneboy704- Godplay isnt allowed, so stop changing things or I'll repot you! And plus, you can only be one character. Make her wake up normally or I am having you banned from this site!)

(S321l Fine, but she got uranium on her so now she needs to get decontaminated)

George: Is she contaminated?!

(Joneboy704- fine, play your HAZMAT agent, but make end up normal. if you didnt change it in the beginning, it wouldn't have ended up let this anyway)

(S321: Fine ,but she will need her hair shaved)

HAZMAT Agent: Sir, let me take care fo this. *seals Tal in HAZMAT shower* Ready for decon

Natalia: What the *shower starts* ahhhH!

(S321: Fine)

Hazmat Agent: *scrubs Tal with Hard brush*

(Gwen: :/ )

(Joneboy704- her head is not shaved or I'm reporting you got it?!!)

(Joneboy704- I gotta go, but i'll probably be back tomorrow somtime after 3:00 I think, but just check hourly, I'll be back when I can.)

Hazmat Agent: *scrubs tal's legs*

Natalia: *cuts all over her legs* THERE WAS NOTHING THERE TO SHAVE!(

S321: I removed the shave part)

(You can keep it it adds to the effect)

HAZMAT Agent: *scrubs tal's back and butt*


HAZMAT Agent: *sprays and scrubs Tal's belly, pubic area and chest*


Hazmat Agent: This is for your safety from uranium contamination. *cuts Tal's hair down to shoulder length and turns off the shower*

George: That is messed up.

Hazmat Agent: *hands Tal new clothes* You have made it pass decon

Natalia: (CONF) I Did need a haircut. this length and curled is when it looks best! but still. NOT COOL!

George: They did that for your safety. You got contaminated. (CONF) I got Tal, deconed.

Xalia: Okay, alot of the names you said, I am not sure f they where votes for the best speech, but anyway from what I can make out, Milana and Jonathan wins the challnge now vote someone off!

(Me: Alright, Survivor321, no more of them things you just did or you will be automaticially eliminated!)


Xalia: Alright, you can vote for anyone except for Milana and Jonathan!

Klarissa: I vote Quinn!

Milana: I vote for . . . Klarissa. She might return, but I can take her again. I just hope John votes with us.

George: I vote for Klarissa. Too much of a threat to keep in this game.

Natalia: I guess Klarissa.

Milana: (CONF) *is filing nails* Are they done yet? I'm getting bored of waiting.

George: (CONF) Every elimination has a reason. This one is to send the threat to the slaughterhouse.

Jonathan: Look, Klarissa and Melinda, i know you two hate each other, but you can still change your votes, whoever helps me eliminate George win win me as an ally. Natalia, he was the only one in the hallway, he put the uranium on your back, vote him off, not klarissa. I vote for George. In addition, whoever doesnt help me vote off that little jerk, is a definate rival of mine!

denise: (CONF) I have my reasons. personal, of course, and I have no need to make them exterior... ¨*votes Klarissa*

Jonathan: *sees denise coming from confessional* hey denise, I dont know who you voted for, but if you vote for Geoge, I'll be your ally.

Jonathan: Hold on, didnt I get more votes than Milana? I got Natalia's, Klarissa's, and Rachel's votes, while Milana only got natasha's and Denise's votes. Sholdnt I get invincability instead of Milana?

Jonathan: Rachel, help me vote off george, please, ill be your ally.

Rachel: Greoge

Jonathan: thanks, Im your ally, but Im not gonna do whatever you want like I did last season. We are just allies.

George: Rachel, If you change your vote to Klarissa, I will be your ally.

Jonathan: Rachel, dont listen to this loser.*takes out switchblade and George backs off*

George: I will be loyal to you and vote with you, So change your vote to Klarissa

Jonathan: I already offered to be allies with this loser, you know what I got, a haircut for my girlfriend. He was the one that put uranium on Natalia's back!

Rachel: George next week.

George: Rachel, if you vote with me, I will be on your side and do anything to help you. So please swap it to Klarissa.

Rachel: Anything?

George: * sobs* Yes, anything to help someone! (CONF) My brother always pulled these kind of pranks on me when I was younger! That's why I do these kind of things! I just want that kind of attention!

Rachel: Even quit to save me?

George: Even that in a desparate case! (CONF) Rachel doesn't know I'm manipulating her. When she has outlived her usefullness, she is going in the trash. *smiles with golden tooth* HA! IT'S SHINNNNNNNNYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: *hears* NO!

(S321: You're not supposed to hear confessionals)

George: In other words, I will do ANYTHING to help you and will be a loyal ally! (CONF) *watches Mr. Bean on his iphone* HAHHAHAHA!!!! I love that clown so much! He is so entertaining!

Rachel: Pinky swear?

George: Absolutely! (CONF) *puts on a whirly hat* I may be a manipulative person on screen, but off screen I am a total GOOOOFBAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *spins perpeller* Its SPIINYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan: Rachel, I was his ally and he manipulated me, he is doing the same with you. Remember the little deal we had last season? yea, we can do that again. If George is eliminated today, then we will have ourselves an arrangment. *punches George in the chest* Now get lost loser!

George: That didn't hurt. And don't be perposterous, I will literally be doing whatever you please and voting with you. *sobs* I will help you when you need it and will be on your side!

(Joneboy704- my guy is tough, so dont godplay and act like it didnt hur)

Jonathan: Rachel, he's just using you, he's full os s***! Take it from someone who knows. Plus, you know he's a liar, and you know that I will be loyal, bacause I was last season. So just vote him off so we can get on with our lives!

George: Rubbish. I am NOT a backstabber at all. If I dont pull pranks on you or your girl anymore, I will vote with you as well. I mean it. And as for you Rachel, I will be on your beck and hand all the time!

Rachel: Both of you will be my allies.

George: Good, now both of you should change your votes to Klarissa.

Rachel: Klarissa

Natalia: Hey guys

George: Hello Tal, wanna join my alliance?

Natalia: According to Jonathan you put that crap on me. NO WAY.

George: *sobs* That is something I horribly regret. I am a loyal ally and will do anything for my allies. I will vote with you and be completely loyal to you. I won't backstab you ever. I really feel bad for what I did and want to repay you by letting you in my alliance.

Natalia: Theres a huge burn on my back that is about as big around as your eyes would be swelled if I would have known earlier. Dont count on me helping you do anything. *turns away*

George: But I got a cream to get rid of said burn. *hands Natalia cream* I don't backstab people and I am loyal to an alliance. Consider this giving me a second chance, as I will do anything to you and vote with you.

Jonathan: Rachel, consider yourself on my bad list, Im reconsidering our alliance, and Natalia, please change your vote to that a**hole george.

George: I regret what I did and I am willing to help YOU. I will NOT backstab you and will do ANYTHING you please or say! Besides I gave you cream to heal your back!

Natalia: Keep your ointment. You dont backstab you just put harmful materials on peoples backs, not stab them. No. I change my vote to George.

Jonathan: F*** your cream, and if you dont want me to cut off your balls in replacement for Tal's hair, i'd suggest you leave! *pulls knife on George*

George: I may have done something horrid but at least I REGRET what I did!

Jonathan: Rachel, Klarissa was an ally with both of us, change your vote to George. If you vote off George, you get me, Tal, and Klarissa as allies. If you vote off Klarissa, you get the backstabbing jerk George as an ally, how fun.

George: *sobs* I am not a backstabber! I always help allies! And I will make scarfices for them!

Jonathan*Yelling* I swear if you dont walk away I'll knock you the f*** out with one punch!!!

George: *walks away*

(Joneboy704- By the way, Survivor321, you have two characters that are supposed to be on Oweguy's Brand New Rebooted camp. I suggest you contribute in that camp or you will just be eliminated by default)

Jonathan: (CONF) it's about time that loser left me alone, I was gonna let him have it!

(S321: Bye the way Joneboy, your character needs to act nicer to other people)

(Joneboy704- Actually he doesnt, because that's his personality, but I'm serious. You have two characters on my team and you already missed the first challenge. Im not being mean, Im serious)

(S321: No not about that, that camp bored me. And I'm just playing a character. By they way, Im sick of the lack of TDI camps lately, can you please make one?)

(Joneboy704- when my character wins a camp, he will use the money to make his own, until then, no. But you need to contribute in the other camp, you'r on my team, and I'll just have to vote you off unless you can contribute)

Xalia: And the votes are in, Klarissa, sorry but you have been eliminated!

Klarissa: WHAT!?! Whoever did this, has alot coming to them! So much for an allinace! I was your only chance!*starts swearing but gets taken away*

Xalia: What will happen next time?

Nate: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 2


Xalia: Welcome final 9! Isn't this just awesome! *starts listening to Kesha' cannibal*

Nate: so, Whos up for a game of FourSquare!

George: I am! (CONF) I am being nice to everyone so they don't vote me out.

Jonathan: Nate, you finaly showed up. alliance, if you vote off George next time, he put uranium on my girlfriend!

(Joneboy704- BTW Nate, this takes place after Oweguy's camp, so me and natalia are together)

George: Nate, I am a loyal ally and will do anything for you. I wont backstab you either.

Natasha: I'll play too! (CONF) Since I am a nce girl, I can just sneak my way to the finals!)

Natalia: Sup Nate.

Jonathan: I'll play if she's playing
Natalia: Me not playing an even halfway athletic game. Thats funny. Im game.

George: Natasha lets be allies. Im loyal and will do anything for you.

Nate: Jon, May i join your Allince

George: Im more loyal Nate and I will do anything for you please be my ally.

Nate: NO!

George: I will VOTE with you.

Nate: * punches him in the Kiwis* NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George: *dodges* What do you have agaisnt me?

Nate: I am a duputy cop and you have been convicted of Murder!

George: What the h*ll I didn;t murder anybody!

Natasha: John I am in your alluance to boot George!

George: Come on Natasha, I will vote for you and do ANYTHING you want.

Jonathan *gives Nate high five* Hell yea man, I like your style. Welcome to my alliance.

Jonathan: Nice try George, but she already has me to do anything she wants *kisses Natalia on lips*

George: I am willing to vote with you people,. How about I get a second chance.

Jonathan: How bout you shut up before I cut your balls off (CONF) I know Ive said that before, *laughs* but its just so fun!

George: (CONF) I feel so miserable poeple arent willing to give me a chance.

(S321: Just give my character a chance Jonesy)

(Joneboy70- sorry bro, but that's not the personality my guy has, he's based off of me (to an extent) and he doesnt give second chances unless enough time has passed, as of now, he's pretty p***** off about the whole thing)

(S321: I dont pull that kind of crap in real life. I am way different. Is there anything my character can do to earn back your respect?)

(Joneboy704- stay in the game long enough for him to forget about the whole thing, but he does listen to Natalia, so convince her... and maybe. But as of now, he's your enemy.)

(S321: I do think your character needs to stop being violent)

(Joneboy704- Dude, I have been in 3 camps, I cant change his personality now, plus, he is kinda like Duncan. He's not gonna change.)

(S321: Why not play the Duncan in TDA who was a little rude but nice.)

Natasha: NO GEORGE! (and s321 Joenboy's character is allowed to be very mean!)

(S321: Sure he can be a little mean but he should have SOME reedeming qualities instead of being one note)

Jonathan: Thanks Natasha, wanna be allies?

(Joneboy704- he does, I'm gonna do some background info on Jonathan so everyone can know about him, but you'l have to wait. Plus, just read Oweguy's camp, then you'll know more about him)

(S321: Maybye you should develop into a completely nice person. I dont like mean people)

(Joneboy704- Actually, i dont care what you like. so stop nagging me.)

(S321: Im not nagging you Im suggesting.)

(Joneboy704- well i dont care what you're suggesting, cause its getting annoying! now play the game and stop talking to me!)

Natalia: ...

Jonathan: natalia baby, your back! *kisses her* what's up?

Natalia: Nun but speaking of back. My back is killing me.

Jonathan: Im sorry. I dont know if it will help your burns, but I could give you a backrub if you want.

Natalia: That would be nice *says while laying down* If only there was seaweed in this place....

Jonathan: *rubs her back* yea, then I could be the one in absolute relaxation (CONF) What? She can do some wild tricks with that stuff.


George: (CONF) I'll show him who's boss!!!!

Jonathan: *begins to massage her lower back, and slowly moves his hands lower and lower*

Natalia: *slaps his hand* Hey watch it bud *laughs*

Jonathan: Fiesty today arent we? *leans down and kisses her*

George: *takes out a dart gun* Operation Stealth (CONF) Jantahan is an *ssh*le so he must be tranquilized

Natalia: What do you think your doing? Keep rubbing. *laughs*

Jonathan: Anything for you sweetheart. *goes back to the massage*

George: *fires the tranquilzer dart and it hits Jon in the back* He;s down for the count!


Jonathan: *pupils dialate and he begins to fall down* Get...George. *passes out*

George: *grabs Jonathan and locks him in the boy's bathroom*

Natalia: *roundhouse kicks him in the face* DUDE!

George: *falls down * HE WAS GOING TO KILL ME!!!! *gets back up and runs*

(joneboy704- i changed your comment, she kicked you, deal with it, im passed out in the bathroom and Im still playing fair. You cant keep cheating!)

Natalia: Im 30% more likely too than he is! *kicks down the door* JONATHAN!

George: *runs for his life* (CONF) I really screwed this up!

Natalia: *chases George*

(Joneboy704- Next time one of us hurts you, deal with it. Run away this time, but her roundhouse kicks are deadly, and if she does it again and you are still able to run away, that's godplaying.)

Milana: *the others run past her* (CONF) I don't even want to know. I just hope Jonathan's okay . . .

George: *runs upstair* I cant stop! I cant stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan: *slowly recovering and is now able to crawl, so he crawls out* anybody. hello?

Natalia: *runs back to jonathan* WHoa whoa whoa are you ok!? *hugs him*

Jonathan: *smiles at her* now I am. (CONF) *stretching out arm* dude, where did he get tranquelizer bullets?

George: *to himself* What have I done?! I have dishonored myself! I am a disgrace!


Xalia: Ok! Your challnge todayys is cookang! You all have to cook the best main dish you can thnk of! The best three get a reward and immunity! Ready, steady, cook!

Geaorge: *prepares a NY style steak*

Jonathan: *pulls himself together* Alright, cooking. What should we cook?

Natalia: Time for you guys to see what Italy's packin.

Jonathan: Natalia, could you help me? i dont know what to cook.

George: *gets out potato* This should be good

Natalia: *starts boiling noodles* Sure if youll pass me those black olives.

Milana: *begins making Venison Chile Releno* Oh ya?

George: *puts steak on the grill* Thats the way

Jonathan: *passes olives* sure, I'll pass black olives, white olives, pink olives, I dont care. *smiles*

Milana: *frowns* *begins chopping and grinding vegetables*

Geaorge: *puts potato in oven to bake*

Natasha: *starts rolling beef mince into burger patties*

George: *cheackes steak and takes it off the grill* Its welldone!

Jonathan: *to Natalia* Is that for me, or for your noodles?

George: *takes potato out of oven and puts sour cream and chives on it*

Natalia: *starts to grill the olives with some onions* Now lets see how bout you go for a classic American meal....The Chili Cheese and Bacon Burger.

Jonathan: Cool.

(Joeboy704- sorry, I gotta go, but I'll be back in one hour. wait for me please.)

Geoarge: *pours glass of pink lemonade* My meal is a NY steak with a baked potato and a pink lemonade!

Natasha: Uhh, I can't take the pressure! *hand falls into a meat grinder* AHHHHH! I quit! I quit!

Nate: * Makes a Xalia Burger with Pictures of Her on the burger* Great! * Make Xalia French Fries*

Nate: * Make Xalia tea with the tea bags saying her name*

Natalia: *finishes a sauce with the olives, onions, and alfreado sauce* *Ties the noodle into rectangular prisms and pours the sauce in the middles and wraps them again* Alfredo olio cipolla Prismi. And an Ice cold Limoncello with that.

George: *gets a bar of uranium on his back* What;s burning?

George: *sees uranium bar* GET IT OFF!!!

Xalia: Alright, I will start judging! (NOTE: I will judge the food on what types I like, but if your dish isn't ready continue cooking, because I am judging the complete ones)

Natalia: *crosses fingers*



Jonathan: *turns in his Chili Cheese and Bacon Burger* I hope this is good.

(Joneboy704- leaving, i will be back in 30 minutes)

Nate: im not done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * Takes off Pictures of Xalia and puts Cheese, Onions, Peppers, Another Burger, And More Cheese and puts Cheese on fries and Takes Teabags out of tea* DONE!

Jonathan: I won?!!! Yes!!! wait, what about Natalia? Is hers good? (CONF) Now I feel guilty, tecnically, she won, not me. But whatever, she doesnt have any enemies, so she doesnt need immunity, and and reward I get, I'll just share it with her.

Natalia: *hugs him* You Win!

Jonathan: No, you won. Any rewards I win, I will share with you. I promise. *kisses her*

Rachel: *winks at Jonathan*


George- Well ,steak is flavourless, I don't really like it but I like the potatoes

Nate- MM Tea, but not as good as Jonathan! YOU Are MY WORSHIPER!

Natalia- sounds good, I will eat it, but I just have to pick out the olives and onion

Jonathan- Yum yum yum! Chlle cheese and bacon burger! YUM YUM YUM! Best eva! YUMMAH! I THINK WE HAVE WINNER!

(Joneboy704- I'm back now)

(Joneboy704- you cant chat in this section, talk above)

(Gwen: I put it in there by accident sorry.)

Xalia: Since Natasha quit and was brutally killed in the challenge, Natalia, Nate and Jonathan win a reward but ther eis no vote! *hands them a reward crate full of comfy pillows and delicious snacks*

After Challenge Chat

Natalia: AHHHHH! SATIN! *hugs pillow*

George: Wow, I make the greatest steak back at home. I was robbed.

Jonathan: Now we actually have pillows in our dormitories.

George: (CONF) Now that Natasha was eliminated ,I have a chance to redeem myself.

Natalia: *lays on pillows* So.....soft.....*falls asleep*

Jonathan: *wakes up natalia and whispers* you might wanna see this.

Jonathan: So George, you wanna be friends?

Gearge: Yeh, Sorry for the crap I pulled. I regret it.

Jonathan: *extends hand, when George shakes it, he sweep kicks him onto the ground, and kicks him in his jaw hard enough so that it takes about a day to fully heal, but not hard enough to break it*

Jonathan: Dont ever f*** with me again jerk! * walks away*

George: *has bruises on his jaw* I didnt do anything traitor! (CONF) I knew Jon was up to something! I will cut him loose next round if he doesnt win immunity! The guy is a snake! I'm this close to grabbing that *ss by the neck and popping his head off like a f*cking chicken!

Natalia: *tries to say something but falls asleep again*

(Joneboy704- he is hurt, I played along when you shot me, so you'll play along with this. It's called playing fair)

(S321: No he isn't. You decieved me so I wont)

(Joneboy704- stop being a poor sport. Havent you ever seen the show? People do that. And godplaying is against the rules! If he isnt hurt, you will be automatically eliminated, remember?)

(S321: Corse I've seen the show And I KNOW that people maniuplate each other. But I dont like it when it happens to me and I dont like getting injured)

(Joneboy704- I didnt say he was dead or anything. His jaw just got hurt, it will be healed before the next challenge so chill)

(S321: fine I'll deal with that, but I am going to get revenge shortly. )

George: *angrily* I'll show him who's boss! The hard way!

(Joneboy704- the only way for my guy o stop bothering you, is if he gets you last, if you keep doing things to him, he will just get you back... also, a broken jaw makes your speech kind of slur together.)

(S321: But I have to get even. And my jaw is bruised. Not broken.)

(Joneboy704- It's slightly broken, but only for a day, trust me I know, Ive been punched in the jaw before. Plus, your guy started it, as of now, they are even and I wont bother you anymore.)

(S321: It's not slurred. Just bruised. I'll settle for that. If were even, then our characters should be friends, for real.)

(joneboy704- dude, you shot him, he wont bother you but it might take a while to be freinds. Thats not realistic. And how about it just hurts a little to talk. Ive had an almost broken jaw. and it hurt for weeks, so consider him lucky its only a day.)

Natalia: Hey Jonathan will you hand me that......that......that.....*falls asleep again*(lol)

(S321- I am too impatient to wait a while and cant deal with it. My character fully regrets what he did and just wants to come to terms with your character)

Jonathan: *wakes up Natalia and takkes pillow away, laughs* couldnt you stay up a little longer? and when you do go to sleep, do you mind if I sleep with you in the girl's dorm tonight? I have a feeling that George here is gonna want pointless revenge again.

(Joneboy704- Its called drama bro, its what makes the show good. Sometimes, I even put my own character in bad situations, just to make the game a little more interesting.)

George: *feels bad* I just want to be friends with Jon,

(S321: I tend to avoid bad situations altogether. Why not at least give it a start)

(ME: S321, stop talking to other users about bla bla bla! I just want characters talking unlless it is something we neeed to know like thta they are going, or quitting or going offline etc.)

Natalia: I dont know if the other girls would like that so the 2 of us will just camp out in the hallway if thats alright with you.

(S321: Jone, why not just give it a chance?)

George: This is bad! Ow! My jaw hurts!

(Joneboy704- he keeps godplayying and you said he would be eliminated if he did that, well he did it again.)

(S321: Now I fixed it)

Rachel: SHARE!

(Me: S321, This is your final chance!)

(S321: So you dont want me to godplay correct?)

Jonathan: I dont owe you s*** this season, but okay, *tosses Rachel a bag of chips and a pillow* *turns to natalia* Alright, lets sleep in the hallway.*smiles*

(joneboy704- look at oweguy's camp, I just put my guy in a bad situation, just to make it interesting, because its fun.)

Rachel: Thx!

Natalia: *gives her a chocolate bar* Merry Christmas.

(Me: Correct and godplaying is also against the rules of this wiki, unless I give you permission)

Jonathan: No problem *whispers to her* but I hope you know who your real ally is now.

Rachel: Yeah.

George: Jon I feel bad for being a d*ck I am really sorry.

Natalia: *sits beside Rachel* Weve never really talked.

Rachel: Yeah.

Jonathan: (CONF) Oh no, they're talking. this is bad

Jonathan: Just leave me alone dude, Im not your ally, but i will make a truce, done mess with me and I wont mess back. I still dont like you though.

George: That kind of hurt my feelings, I really meant it. I just wanna be allies.

Natalia: I dont like were this is headed.

Jonathan: Im not making alliances now. Im kinda busy worying about my girlfriend and my former "owwner" talking right now.

Rachel: Why

Natalia: They are gonna carry on forever.

George: This isnt fair I just want to get along.

Jonathan: (CONF) Actually, I think they're too worried about George to even talk about me and all the reasons I owe Rachel. This is good. *relieved*

Jonathan: Maybe, if you leave me alone we could get along. as of now *yells* get outta my face!

George: I;ll try that, but we should become allies. And dont yell in ym face. That offended me.

Rachel: So!


George: I will if he agrees to get along and be my allie.

Jonathan: Go cry about it. I offended you? You tried to kill both me and my girlfriend! *Natalia runs up and holds Jonathan back*

George: I dont cry about anything. And I didnt try to kill either of you.

Jonathan: Uranium is highly radioactive you dummy!

George: Dont offfend me. And I removed the toxic elements of it.

Natalia: GUYS! I know your never gonna get along but try to be civil.

George: We MUST get along!

Jonathan: Then why did you call Hazmat?!! Look, stop bothering me, because people who bother me dont usually wake up in the morning. Unless you want to fight, leave me alone!

George: Just in case. Dont offend me again, and I am trying to help both of us!

Natalia: *sighs* *goes in hall with pillows and blanket*

Jonathan: *follows Natalia and lays down nest to her* goodnight sweetheart.

Rachel: *calls David*

Natalia: *cuddles up close to him* Night.

(Gwen: I gotta go. Ill be here tomorrow around 12ish. Bye.)

(S321: Jone, me and your character NEED to get along)

(Joneboy704- I gotta go too. I'll be there if I can. But I probably will. See ya. and no, ask natalia, they wont get along, that just not how my guy is.)

(S321: Then change your character. I just want to get along with no trouble)

(Snow: Thats Camps for you)

Day 3


'Xalia: Welcome final 10, about to become final 13! Yes! 'Three new people are debuting right now! They are Jake, Harriet and Matt!

Jake: *walks out*

Matt: Y'know what This calls for a victory tune.

Now, a woman who'll kiss on a very first date
is usually a hussie.
And a woman who'll kiss on a second time out
is anything but fussy.
But a woman who'll wait till the third time around
head in the clouds, feet on the ground
She's the girl he's glad he's found
she's his Shipoopi

Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (The girl who'sh ard to get)
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (But you can win her yet.)

Walk her once just to raise the curtain,
Walk around twice, and you've made for certain.
Once more in the flower garden,
She will never get sore if you beg your pardon.

Do re mi fa so la si do si fa so la mi re do.

Squeeze her once when she isn't looking,
Get a squeeze back that's fancy cooking.
Once more for a pepper-upper,
She will never get sore on the way to supper.

Do re me fa so la si do si do

Now little ole Sall's a no-gal as anyone can see,
Look at her now: she's a go gal who only goes for me.

Squeeze her once when she isn't looking,
Get a squeeze back that's fancy cooking.
Once more for a pepper-upper,
She will never get sore on the way to supper.

Do re me fa so la si do si do

Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (The girl who's hard to get)
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (But you can win her yet.)


Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, (The girl who's hard to get,)
Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi,(But you can win her yet
yoouu caann wiinn heerr yeeeettttt.............................SHIPOOPI!

Ah High School

Harriet:*looks down and shakes head*

Matt: What is it?

Harriet: You never stop singing that song try this one * whispers Kidnap the Sandy Claus* Because Shipoopi is getting old.

Matt: I dont sing those songs I sing these one's *calls someone* hey Code RRI

?: Hi Im EvilTweek

(Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island
We're having the time of our lives.

(EvilTweek) Take it dog...

(Matt) We're quite a pair of partners,
Just Like Thelma and Louise.
'cept you're not six feet tall

(EvilTweek) Yes, and your breasts don't reach your knees.
(Matt) Give it time.

(Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island,
We're certainly going in style.

(Matt) You're with an intellectual, who craps inside his pants.
(EvilTweek) How dare you. At least I don't leave urine stains on all the household plants.
(Matt) Oh, pee jokes.

(Both) We've traveled a bit and we've found,
Like a masochist in Newport we're Rhode Island bound.

(Matt) Crazy travel conditions, huh?
(Stewie) First class or no class
(Matt) Whoa, careful with that joke, it's an antique

(Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island
We're not going to stop till we're there
(Matt) Maybe for a beer.

(Matt) Whatever dangers we may face, we'll never fear or cry
(EvilTweek) That's right, until we're syndicated Fox will never let us die, please!

(Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island,
The home of that old campus swing.

(Matt) We may pick up some college girls, and picnic on the grass.
(EvilTweek) We'd tell you more, but we'd have the censors on our a**.
(Matt) Yikes!

(Both) We certainly do get around.
Like a bunch of renegade pilgrims
Who are thrown out of Plymouth colony.
We're Rhode Island bound.
Or like a group of college freshmen
who were rejected by Harvard and forced to go to Brown!

We're Rhode Island Bound..

(fade out)

Matt: Those one's Family guy one's

EvilTweek: Bye *shoots himself in the head*

Harriet: Ummmmm, how was that better? I couldn't figure out the rythm.

Matt: Who said about how good the song was

Harriet: Matt is talking to you guys.

Xalia: ME! IT ROCKED! Again!

George: Hey guys, I say us four make an alliance. (CONF) With these newbies here, It's the perfect chance to get allies to take out Jon.

Harriet: (CONF) Hmm, I need some sort of play.One for now, and one for if I get to the final 2. Maybe my first strategy will that I need an alliance of 5. With me as the leader. And if by there I get to the final 2, just win. I think I have this show in the bag.

George: So Harriet, you and the other two new people are allowed to be in an alliance with me and Rachel (CONF) This is a game changing move. I will take out Jonathan and Tal and then be in control of the game. That's all that matters now, that I'm in control.

Harriet: (CONF) Matt, Jake and I + George and Rachel = 5. But, with his enemies gone, *gasp* I have to say no. I'll stratigize later. (NONCONF) I'm sorry George but I can't take your alliance.

George: How about I include Rex and Denise in it. They seem loyal. What can I do for you to accept this alliance? (CONF) There is a little lopphole I need to work my way around. Hopefully, it;'s minor and It can be worked out.

Harriet: Maybe. But first you have to get all those people into the alliance. And I'll talk to them to see if you really have this alliance running. Do we have a deal?*sticks hand out to shake*

George: I'll talk to them and see if they will jump on board. Either way, half the people here are completely inactive, someone got out by 5 votes on the first day. So it should be a done deal either way.

Jonathan: Hey guys, you do know that George makes an alliance and then just turns on you, right? I dont turn on people, I mde an alliance with Rachel last season and was loyal the whole time, even though she was mean. Even if you guys dont like me, lets just get George out next, he's annoying, mean, and he cries and complains about everything. Anyone who is my ally, I will never vote off, I swear it.

Jonathan: Harriet and Jake, Ive seen you guys on other camps, and I like the way you play, if you dont wanna be my ally, fine, but at lest help me get rid of George, alright?

(Joneboy704- Ill be back in 2 hours)

Harriet:*whispers to Jonathon* We have a deal.

George: Harriet, I want to speak to you. I don't backtsab people and I am quite loyal to my allies. I will make sacrifices to other allies when I need to. Also Joanthan is too d*mn aggresive. I am very good to all my allies. I will be in an alliance with you so give it a trial run.

Natalia: Ill be an ally. Friends and trust are what I do best.

George: Harriet, you should give me a chance before you knock me. Besides Jonathan is just intolerant. We should be allies and if you dont like me, then knock me. (CONF) Jon is just a motor mouth. He is up to something and I am going to kick a little *ss around here.

Jonathan: *kicks George is the nuts* Dont call me intolerant jerk! you keep attacking me and my girlfriend, and if you keep talking about voting me off, I'm gonna hurt you!

Natalia: Hey

Jonathan: Hey good lookin *kisses her* whats up?

George: *very much in pain* *gets up* We had an agreement. If I dont hurt you, you dont hurt me. (CONF) Jon can;t just go around thretening people. Im playing the game.

(S321: Joneboy, your character cant just attack people because they are strategizing)

Natalia: Yall are still fighting?

Jonathan: Then dont talk about voting me off, got it?

(Joneboy704- S321, You godplayed again!!! Stop! Anyways, Im leaving, ill be back in 2 hours)

George: He attacked me for no reason. Anyway, I want to give this alliance thing another chance with you, the three new people and Rachel and me.

Harriet: Look, I know you know something that I have been thinking and I can't let you get in my personal thoughts, George. And Jonathon, I'm not going with you either! You both are unintentionally mean, and I think it's time you both admitted it.

Nate: * Eating Snacks* Best Reward Eva!!!!!

Natalia: Hi

Rachel: Hi!

Nate: * Talks to Tal And Rachel* Wanna Make an alllince?

George: That's not true. Im a pretty nice person when other people dont bother me. Harriet I want to be your ally wit hthe others so we can adavance in this game. Im acting in our own best interests.

Natalia: Ill think about it.

George: Tal, I'll tell you what. If you work with me and I work with you, we wont vote each other out.

Nate: I will let your Boyfriend In

Rachel: Im in. Rex is next!

George: Rachel were allies, I want to be a part of it.

Nate: * Kicks him in the Balls* NO!! And rex is Part of it

Rachel: Than Matt!

Nate: Yes!

George: *hurt* Come on! I am a loyal ally!

George: I want to be a part of it! I wont backstab any of you either!

Jonathan: Yea! *high fives new alliance*

(Joneboy704- will be on in just 1 hour)

George: Come on! I want another chance!

Jonathan: You had another chance after the uranium, then you shot me!! Get outta here!

(Joneboy704- 45 more minutes)

George: It's called 3 chances. Then you can can me.

Harriet:(CONF) Do I need to repeat my speech?

Jonathan: Ive siad this multiple times, *pulls out knife* if you mess up one more time, Im gonna cut your balls off!!! And if you dont mess up one more time, you can keep your balls, but I'm still voting you off!!!

Harriet:Jonathan! *slaps him* What are you thinking? * hands him a butcher knife and takes knife* There!

Jonathan: *takes back his switchblade and puts it in his pocket* dont ever touch my knife again. *gives back butcher knife*

Harriet: Fine. But at least do something worse than cutting his balls off.He deserves more pain. Understand?

Jonathan: *In shock* What? But I thought you didnt want to be my ally.

Harriet: I know. I'm not on either of your sides. But George shouldn't be able to read my mind. So if you asked me to choose, I'd be on your side.

(Joneboy704- Question:How old is Harriet?)

(Sierra: Harriet is 18. Why?)

George: If you are my allies it will benefit you. And if you keep threatening me, I will call the cops.

Nate: Im a Cop!

George: A cop that doesn't assualt other people.

Nate: Unless you Killed someone, which you did, You killed Haliley Sherrimackner

Jonathan: Geoge, Nate is a deputy cop, and one of my brother's is a cop, you think I havent been in police style situations before?

George: First of all, I didnt kill anybody, second threatening people is an unlawful act.

Harriet: So that was YOU? ( XD )

George: I NEVER killed anybody and I NEVER hurt anyone unless they deserve it!

Nate: You killed because She did not Accept you Marring her, and Harriet was her Friend!

George: I NEVER killed anyone! How many times do I have to say that!

Harriet: Until you admit it!

George: I'm not admitting it as I DIDNT KILL ANYONE!!!!!!

(Joneboy704- I back for good now)

Jonathan: You hurt my girlfriend when didnt do anything to you! (CONF) I think he wants another broken jaw.

George: That's it. I have had enough of you. *calls the police* Hello, there is a crazy man here who keeps thretening me. Ok youll send one over? Bye.

Nate: * Sees Cops* Hello Zach! thats the Crazy guy! * Points to George*

  • Jonathan's brother Zach shows up and puches Geoges nose so hard that it bleeds*

Zach: *To Jonathan* I got ya bro!

Jonathan: Thanks *Zach drives off*

(Joneboy704- that didnt happen. GODPLAYING!)

George: *nose bleed stops but gets a horrid headache*

(Joneboy704- fair enough)

Jonathan: I told you my brother was a cop, plus, he was assigned to handle situations at this school.

George: I never killed anyone. But I can't stop spinning.

( Hey Joneboy704, why did you ask of Harriet's age?)

Jonathan: I believe you never killed anyone, I also believe you wont mess with me anymore, the only thing is, I dont want an alliance with somebody who used to be a jerk. Payback's a b****!

(Joneboy704- because if she is still a teen, and used to be a supermodel, she's hot. Jonathan's only weakness is hot girls, he tends to let tham take advantage of him.)

George: Well, I feel sorry for it and I really admit I did something messed up. I just want your forgiveness for real this time. My head feels so screwed up.

Jonathan: The thing is, if you messed with me, it wouldve been one thing, but you messed with my girlfriend, and I cant let that slide.

George: This is enormous I know. But I really regret it and want to make it up to both of you. I have dishonored myself and all I want is you two's forgiveness and some medicine for my head!

Jonathan: Medicine? Why dont you use that cream you gave Tal for the uranium burns? *walks away*

George: *continues walking with icepack on head* That is for burns! I have a severe headace! I got a lot of bug bites before I came here, I think that;s what it is. But the truth is, I really want to make it up to you and your girl and dont want to go that far again. Everyone is a jerk sometimes. But we must learn from our mistakes and move on. Outside of this game, I am a perfectly nice and jovial person.

Jonathan: *gets in Georges face* I dont, and I'm not! *pushes George away* Now leave me alone!

George: *head spinning* I really mean it!

Jonathan: *yelling* I dont care! *turns around* Has anybody seen Natalia?

George: *nausoeous* That offeneded me! Oh no somethings coming up! *throws up all over the place*

Jonathan: (CONF) There is no way Zach hit him that hard!

Harriet: Eww, George! * runs out to the playground*

Jonathan: *follows her* So... you're a supermodel right?

George: *gets up* Get a doctor, my head wont stop spinning!

Jonathan: *yells to George from outside* Use your cream. (CONF) *laughing*

Harriet: Not anymore, why?

George: *dizzy* Shut up Jon! (CONF) I need a doctor!

Jonathan: (CONF) *still laughing*

Harriet:(CONF) *looks up and starts laughing so hard*

George: *throws up so hard on the playground he falls to the ground*

(Joneboy704- we are at school, we dont have a beach, we have a basketball court and a playground.)

Harriet:* walks up the steps and enters dorm*

George: *gets up and walks in* Where's the docotr?!

Jonathan: Um... Harriet, I kind of asked you something *door shuts* (CONF) Its like she just sort of zoned off

Harriet:I was. Why?

Natalia: Hey Guys.

Jonathan: *about to flirt with her but then notices Tal* Just curious. Oh hey, sweetheart.

Natalia: Whats going on? *looks a lilttle confused*

Milana" *walks over* Ya. What's going on?

Jonathan: (CONF) Why does Tal always show up at the worst time?

Jonathan: Oh hey, Milana *nervously mouths the word "please" to her when nobody sees*

Natalia: Why do you have your guilty face on? Is something wrong. *looks concerned*

Milana: Hey, Natalia, can I talk to you for a second? *pulls her aside* What is going on with Jon and George? And are yopu and I still working together?

(Joneboy704- i deleted Nate's line because he's not supposed to know that because Jon didnt do it yet.)

Jonathan: Guilty? Im not guilty. Why?

(Joneboy704-anybody there?)

Natalia: Ive seen the face before. Like when you ran over my uncles cat. *to malina* They just dont get along. And yea I guess so.

Jonathan: That was an accident! (CONF) What? That cat was really annoying.

Harriet:* walking stragnley up the steps*

Natalia: I know*laughs*. But if something is wrong just tell me. (CONF) Sorry uncle Dominic. But that cat was annoying as crap.

(Joneboy704- Gwen, did you read everything you missed. Cause you missed Zach show up and punch George in the nose. It was pretty funny.)

Jonathan: Dont worry, I'd never keep secrets from you. (CONF) Except for Rachel, Milana, Hariett...

(Gwen: Yeah.)

Natalia: Ok. *goes back downstairs*

Jonathan: *To Milana* Please dont tell her anything about the kiss. I apoligze and it was completely an accident. (CONF) *smirks* It wasnt so bad.

Natalia: *had come back up to put back some stuff from earlier* What? *drops everything*

Jonathan: Uhhh...(CONF) *yelling* God why do you hate me?!!

Milana: Uh, it was an accident.

Natalia: Ill just be uh.......downstairs. Uhm....In the uh....gym.

Harriet: I'll go check on her.*goes into the gym*

Jonathan: (CONF) *preying* God, please dont let Natalia hurt me. *opens eyes* What? She's strong!

Jonathan: *about to apoligize, but doesnt know what to say*

Milana: Okay, you do that Harriet. (CONF) Sometimes things happen for a reason. And I don't want to be mean or anything, but what if it wasn't an accident? It was on my part, but how could you resist this? *gestures to herself*

Natalia: *shooting hoops and misses* Dang I never miss....*throws the ball to Jonathan* Make it Take it? *staying completey level headed*

Jonathan: (CONF) if I make it, I apologize, if I miss, I forget about her

Jonathan: *shoots and the ball gets stuck in the side of the rim*

Natalia: If I were to make a phsycological analysis Id say that you were stuck. Like that ball up there. *jumps up and knocks it out*

Jonathan: *About to apoligize again but still doesnt know what to say*

Harriet:(CONF) This HAS to lead up to something.

Natalia: Look. Ive lived just about my whole life in the limelight. Meeting you, someone who didn't recognize me from a magazine or a poster or tv or something, and still liked me made me feel great. Ive had boyfriends that have used me.....*lip quivers* To be on tv... to be famous...but you didnt. I thought I had struck gold. You know I think honesty is the best policy. And you know Im understanding as all get out but why? Why wouldnt you atleast tell me? Come straight out with it. I dont even want to know what you were thinking with Harriet. *looks at her* No offense to you. But I thought you were ok. And you made me feel like a girl. Not the Italian supermodel who beats the crap out of people at anything athletic. You made me feel special. But now I feel like just a nother page in your long long book of mistreatment. *crys lightly* Now I just dont know what to think.

Jonathan:*runs up to her* Look, I'm sorry, I just thought you would get mad. i didnt kiss her, it was purely an accident. I love you. and yes, Harriet is pretty, but that's just a fact, I dont honestly care about her. I would flirt with her, but I'd never go any farther. i swear. i love you more than anything in the world. I didnt sign up for this camp for the million dollars, i signed up because you did. And I couldnt stand having you away for that long. *kisses her passionatley* I'm so sorry. It wont happen again. I promise.

Natalia: Your right. *pushes away* It wont. *turns to go out the door and is almost there then turns around* And you know that if there wasnt some chance of me forgiving you then my fist would be planted right in your jaw. And its not just this. You think I never caught on to Rachel. Or anyone else over the summer when I even brought you home to Italy with me? Oh trust me I did. So for right now anyway....consider yourself single. *walks out door crying*

Jonathan: *just sits down, unsure of what to say* (CONF) D***

Natalia: (CONF) *Still crying* I do want him back I really do. Just not right now. Im not stupid. I realize every single thing thats going on. Im an athlete its what I have to do. I keep it bottled up. But I just couldnt take it anymore.


Xalia: Alright, today is music! You have to create your own songs and post them in here! The team with the best songs wins! and the other team will vote them out! Alright the teams are the Locker Busterz which are Natalia, Wayne, Nate, Harriet, Jonathan, Quinn and Rex! The final team is the Smart Students which are Milana, George, Rachel, Max, Matt, Jake and Denise!

Nate: you Forgot me!

Nate: whos Wayne!?

Wayne: What's up!

Jonathan: Yo wassup bro? *high fives Wayne*

(Gwen: I keep these saved for music challenges. This one fits perfectly with current drama.)

Natalia's Song- Ain't No Excuse

  • energetic instrumental*

Oh ya left me hangin, left me singin, left me for dead! And don't talk back cuz oh boy you think i dont know what you said. I was outta town and came back to find no one but instead, a note left on table sayin that youve moved ahead.

Cuz that aint no excuse, so tell me whats her name? You say theres no reason for leavin me so tell me whos to blame! If youd justcome clean I bet you that Id forgive, but since your lyin I aint cryin just deal the cards again!

Cuz there aint no excuse for tellin me this way, when i had to leave you said that i was still your bay-bay! But at the break of dawn im just pawn in one of your silly games! So dont give me that s**t, oh you heard what i said so get it in your head!

Cuz there aint no excuse for you tellin me this way! And there aint no excuse for you apologizing babe! Cuz its just to late and im just sick of your silly games! Oh just dont say another word just oh boy stay away!

Cuz there aint no excuse for all of this babe! There just aint no excuse so just stay a-way! Aint no excuse for your misbehaviour babe and now that im at the club ill sip the pub and and get you out of my heaaaaaaaaaad!



Nate: Homemade Song

I ain't no video king

I still have to sing

For my supper each night

You stand on the benches

I play in the trenches

Beneath the big spotlights

Lived in a suitcase for half of my years

I got strange little voices that live in my ears

Hall monster mall monster

I can't be the old me no more

Homemade music down in the passion pits

Homemade music lots o grits but no hits

Homemade music is part of my philosophy

Oh cookin' is a pleasure

And singin' is a treasure

That most dont' find

There aint' no harm in tellin'

I like to eat my melon right

Down to the rind

I had a hippy girlfriend when I was a kid

She died and went to the suburbs most of them did

Where did all the wild ones go

Homemade music ain't on the radio

Homemade music searchin' high and low

Homemade music where did all the good songs go


First there were records then cassettes and CDs

Managers lawyers then came the Japanese

But homemade music still makes a lot of sense to me

Homemade music is funky and nice

Homemade music sits on very thin ice

But homemade music is part of my philosophy

Homemade music ain't on the radio

Homemade music searchin' high and how

Homemade music where did all the good songs go

Jonathan: (rapping)

Remember My Name

I’m sorry for the things that I’ve said, that I’ve done

I’m sorry for all the things I did, every single one

I never meant to hurt you and never meant to make you cry

I never meant to make those tears stream down from your eyes

But if you give me one more chance I know I can make things right

And if you wanna stay mad at me, fine but overnight

When you’re lying in your bed, and staring up at the sky

Just you know to keep you happy is the reason that I lied.

These other chicks honestly do not even mean a thing

Forget about them if they, are causing you pain

Cause I feel happy with you and I know you feel the same

But if this is the end, just please remember my name

(Joneboy704-I just thought of that, I'm a pretty good rapper)


(Upbeat, country style music)

Saturday night you looked so fine

We went out that night to wine and dine

Then proceeded …to a country bar

When we got there they were line dancing

In the corner there were couples romancing

Then we ordered …drinks from the bar

The music started doing its thing

We took to the dance floor and began to swing

We were out there …having a ball

All of a sudden people were up in arms

I held you tightly to cover you from harm

Then some giant …had a great fall

And the band played on …while stomping their feet


All night long, we’re going to party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, we’re going to party on

All night long, we’re going to party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, until the break of dawn

We headed back to our drinks

But found out the bartender threw them in the sink

So we just ordered …another round

Waiting for our drinks we started a conversation

Our attention turned to a new observation

When we noticed another …man hit the ground

Then some drunk stumbled spilling his whiskey

He came up to you and got real frisky

That’s when things …started falling apart

He put his hand upon your shoulder

Then he looked at me and said “Move on over”

Then he whispered … “You’re a fine piece of art”

And the band played on …while stomping their feet


All night long, we’re going to party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, we’re going to party on

All night long, we’re going to party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, until the break of dawn

That’s when I said, “Enough is enough”

I grabbed him by the collar pretty rough

Pushed him down the steps …into a table

Next thing I know a man says, “I’m Ted”

As he stood up rubbing his brother’s head He said,

“You spilled his beer … all over Mabel”

He got in my face and said, “You city hick

I’m going to break you in two like a candlestick”

A crowd gathered round …while the band played on

He drew back his fist and I drew back mine

Everybody thought I was out of my mind

Nobody messed with Ted …the sheriff’s son

And the band played on …while stomping their feet


All night long, we’re going party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, we’re going to party on

All night long, we’re going to party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, until the break of dawn

He said, “If you want to fight pick on me

I move like a butterfly and sting like a bee

You don’t mess with him …without messing with me

I said, “He touched my wife and that’s hitting home

Get off of me before I start breaking some bones

I’ll take you on …I stand alone

My Georgia peach stood and hit him with a mans beer

That’s when the gathering crowd started to cheer

Ted was out …as he hit the floor

The man said, “I been coming here for twenty years

I never wasted one drop of my beer

But that was worth it …and that’s for sure

And the band played on …while stomping their feet


All night long, we’re going party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, we’re going to party on

All night long, we’re going to party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, until the break of dawn

It’s nice to know she loves me so

To sacrifice some ones suds you know

To save my butt … you wouldn’t know

Ted was six foot four and big as an ox

But surely he had gotten out foxed

By my beautiful …Mary Jo

And the band played on thru thick and thin

They couldn’t have cared if Ted took it on the chin

They just wanted to see …the outcome

See the band on stage is a Southern Georgia band

There’s much more to it than you understand

The singer’s sister …is my wife

And the band played on …while stomping their feet


All night long, we’re going party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, we’re going to party on

All night long, we’re going to party

All night long, we’re going to get rowdy

All night long, until the break of dawn

And the band played on.

Milana: *slow, pounding music*

This is a song, a song of war.

In countries now, were fighting for,

The right to have freedom, the right to have fun,

But what does this mean, when day is done?

Lives have been lost, leaders been slayed,

All of this done at the end of the day.

You may think now, that fighting sounds great,

Shooting and killing for your countries sake.

But what does it mean, all in the end.

When all of us hurt, all of us dead.

Why would we do this, to our fellow men?

For we always have knowingly, had to depend,

On each other, for why would we do this?

Nobody knows, one things for sure,

We should grow up, be more mature.

When everyone’s fighting, we forget what it’s for,

And then it’s all over, and there is no more.

As all is now peaceful, war starts in a flash,

One country wants this, one country wants that,

And hence it begins, just in a snap.

Why can’t we stop this, it’s just like a trap.

Revenge is its name, and there’s always something,

That happened way back, and to remember one thing,

This is just silly, for we can all live,

In this one world, if only we did,

Think about others, our neighbours, our friends,

For we are all family, and we need to depend,

That people speak out, and we all need to know,

What does this bring, to all high and low.

No one will know, but we shouldn’t find out,

What war will bring

At the end of the day.

George: Here is my song.

Talk to me now, talk about the things you could never say, I’m listening, to the words that yet to reach your lips, I’m walking along, the path that you are trying to show me, You don’t know what I’m doing to figure you


Reach out to me, grab my hand and take me along, Tell me what to say, cause I don’t know what your thinking, Yes, I’m confused, but I know that you are too, Oh.

Reach out to me, grab my hand and never let go, Reach out to me, touch my soul cause can’t yet, Reach out to me, take my heart and put it next to yours, Reach out to me, love me like I always loved you, And never let that go. Never let that go.

Figuring you out, is like a never ending tunnel, Yet I’m still here, and I won’t be going anywhere, And your still going, and you never will stop, And I won’t either,

Walk along now, hold my hand guide the way, Reach that ending, walk out and never go back. I think I know now, what you‘ve been fight for, Oh.

Reach out to me, grab my hand and never let go, Reach out to me, touch my soul cause can’t yet, Reach out to me, take my heart and put it next to yours, Reach out to me, love me like I always loved you, And never let that go. Never let that go.

(instrumental) Reach out to me, grab my hand and never let go, Reach out to me, touch my soul cause can’t yet, Reach out to me, take my heart and put it next to yours, Reach out to me, love me like I always loved you, And never let that go. Never let that go.

Wayne: Looks like our team is gonna win!

Jonathan: No doubt bro. Hey, you were watching this back home right? *Wayne nodds head* So you saw Zach show up and slam George in the nose right? (CONF) In case you are wondering, I'm the youngest. Wayne, the middle child, Zach, the oldest. Zach's a cop, and I'm a bads**, so you might be thinking that Wayne is a softy or something, right? Well... you're wrong. He probably even tougher than me. Nicer, but tougher.

Wayne: That was pretty funny. The villian got his nose smashed by a cop. By the way, when are you gonna introduce me to that pretty little girl friend of yours?

Jonathan: *clenches fists* I dont know what you're talking about, I dont have a girlfriend.

Wayne: She'll be back she's just upset but she loves you *puts hand on his shoulder"

Jonathan:I dont know man. *slides his hand off* I really f***** up this time. (CONF) *sighs*

Nate: i am sorry for ya Man!

Jonathan: Thanks Nate, and since your not really on any team, and chances are you'll be placed on mine, I guess I can be freindly with you.

Nate: ok, wanna play hockey?

Jonathan: I dont think there are hockey arenas in school dude. By the way, I liked your song.

(Joneboy704- I'll be on tomorrow at 3:00)

Xalia: EEEE! *goes all fangirly over the songs* The Locke rBusterz win! *gives them a reward of KeSha cd's and a 24 pack of cokes* GO KESHA! but anyway! Smart Students, wheren't so smart in the challnge by losing now go vote someone off! (THIS CAMP HAS THE BEST DRAMA EVER)

Jonathan: *drinks coke and looks at Kesha cds* I already have these. (CONF) What? Kesha's not so bad.

(Gwen: Sorry guys my computer at home crashed epically yesterday!)

Natalia: *looks absouletly awful like shed been hit by a bus* Jonathan.......Look I am so so so so so so so sorry. I freaked out over nothing. I used to be the worlds like most mellow person I dont know where that went but now its back and its here to stay. Ive never said this but I........I...........I think I love you. <3

Jonathan: It's fine, I was wrong to flirt with other girls anyway, its just that, I'm not used to being in a relationship, and I'm more used to just... hitting on hot chicks. But it wont happen agian, I promise. *they kiss, then natalia walks away* (CONF) That was way too easy!

(Gwen: Just wait and see whats coming.)

Natalia: (CONF) I havent forgotten. I just I dont know.....Felt so empty. *eating cookies from the last challenge* These are the weirdest vanilla wafers ive ever....*looks at box and sees that its ginger snaps* *pupils get really tiny* *cringes and twitches* *falls out cold* (If anyone knows about the ginger problem than lol)

Nate: * Does CPR on Her* I'll SAVE YOU!

Jonathan: Move Nate! *pushes Nate away and performs CPR himself* Come on, stay with me! *she begins to wake up* Oh my God, you scared me! *hugs her* (CONF) Yea, I guess I just didnt want police guy over here putting his lips all over my girlfriend

Jonathan: I wonder what the next challenge will be.

Wayne: *looks down at the Nilla wafers he just pulled out of the box, switches the box of Nilla wafers with the ginger snaps* Hopefully the next challenge isn't a ginger snap eating contest. WHY the funny look bro? Just trying to get her spirits up. With all the stuff the poor girls been through and now taken out by a ginger snap! *drops the ginger snap box on to the table and picks a Coke out of the cooler, twists off the top, stretches his arm out to Natasha and in his best Mickey Mouse voice.* A coke for a smile?

Wayne: (CONF) I truly felt sorry for Natasha. I could see it in their eyes though; I got them with the Coke for a smile comment.

Smart Students Vote

Xalia: Please cast your votes!

Milana: I vote for Max. (CONF) *is painting nails* We need active people on our team. And Max isn't active. *waves at the camera* Bye bye Max!

George: Max (CONF) I need to stay safe. So I am voting with Milana.

George: Milana. Wanna make an alliance with some other people on the team?

Denise: (CONF) Umm, Max?

(TDISF: Sorry for not being active, I'll try to be more active :)

Rachel: Max.

George: Rachel, lets make an alliance with Milana Denise and Matt.

Rachel: K

Milana: Okay.

George: We'll use Matt as a extra vote. (CONF) Now that I have this alliance up and going, I am back in power. Then when the merge comes around, I'll take out Jon, Nate and Tal in that preffered order! *watches Mr. Bean on iphone* Hahaha!!!!!!! *smiles with gold tooth*

Rachel: (CONF) Im faking it to be safe. Then ill go back to Nate,Jon and Tal.

George: (CONF) I dont exactly trust Rachel, so I may jump ship so I can taker her out. That way, I can prevent her getting back to her allies.

Milana: (CONF) It's not like I trust George that much, but any alliance is better than none. I was with someone else on the other team too, but teams are teams and their not on mine. So until the merge, I'll stick with my alliance.

George: Milana. I have started to realize that Rachel isn't very trustworthy. Let's keep an eye on her right now, but if she proves it, we will jump ship with Denise to Matt.

(Joneboy704- George, you're not allowed to use the confessionals against people. I wont interfere, or complain if you will just remove that last comment about Rachel being untrustwrthy, you're kinda cheating.)

(S321: I altered it to be a little more fair)

(Joneboy704- alright, its fine now, but next time, make sure the confessionals are private. thanks.)

After Challenge Chat

Jonathan: (CONF) I think Max is getting voted off, i was hoping for George.

Natalia: Ugh. *looks terrible* Whoever invented ginger....I hate you. (She is deathly allergic to ginger) *phone rings* Hello. No Im ok. NO! NO! NO I WILL NOT! PLEASE NO! *hangs up* Jonathan come here please.

George: Oh No! Ginger allergies can be fatal! *calls 911* Hello. We have someone suffering from a ginger allergy here. They are having difficulty breathing. Sned someone over ASAP!

Natalia: Dude your a little late. Im fine now. Or atleaast physically.....That is probably the worst phone call Ive ever recieved.

George: Well, that is good. Here is an epipen just incase it happens again *gives Tal epipen*

Natalia: Thanks. You didnt put anything funky in this did you?

George: No. I learned from last time and I just want to say I really regret it and I learned my lesson.

Nate: Yeah right!

George: No, I mean it.

Nate: ( my username now is Natedog14) ( CONF) I know hes lying

George: If you are ever having a attack, stick this by your skin and it will release chemicals to help ypu recover (CONF) I actually regret what I did and am trying to make it up to Tal.

Jonathan: What's up?

George: I gave Tal an epipen due to her ginger allergy

Jonathan: Um... thanks. That's... pretty nice of you. (CONF) Yea, it was nice, *grins* but I still dont like him

George: I legit realized the error of my ways.

Jonathan: *looks at George suspiciously* Just so you know, you dont really have a choice but to be nice to me and my girl now that my brother is here. Because he may seem nice, but the guy's a born bada**.

George: I'm done pulling those stupid ideas.

Jonathan: Alright, I wont mes with you no more, and I wont be so hostile, but I still dont like you (CONF) It just seems too suspicious that he just changed his personality out of nowhere.

George: What will it take for you to like me?

Ntae: he just wants to geton your good side so he dosent get voted off and he wants to be with our allince!

George: That isn't so! I mean it!

Nate: ok, what are you allergic to? i am allergic to people who hate me.

Jonathan: *starts to laugh* You obviously dont know me very well George. I'm gonna hold a grudge for a while. And Nate, dont worry about the alliance... just making sure, the alliance consists of you, me, Wayne, Milana, Rachel, Natalia, and Harriet.

Day 4


Xalia: Alright, today is life skills! *hands them each a laptop and a game of the sims* Jokes! It is GYM CLASS! So each team, pick five players to go on the court! You know the rrules of the game! But this time it is one round! So hurry!

Nate: i pick My self! * goes onto court, and Tal and Jonathan!

George: I pick me, Jake and Matt! *goes onto court*

Nate: Quinn and Harriet!

George: And Rachel and Milana.

Milana: Bring it on Locker Losers!

Quinn: Yes?

Nate" Get on the court!

Jonathan: Are you crazy? Wayne, take Quinn's place. *to Nate* Wayne is an athlete, he can play lmost any sport twic eas good as me and you put together.

Nate: Dont worry i got a plan * tells Jon that if she dosent seccede we vote her off* You got that?

Jonathan: (CONF) This guy thinks I'm new with these sorta situations.

Jonathan: No, we can vote her off anyway. But Wayne needs to compete, just because he's new doesnt mean he's not one of th most valuable players on our team, cause he is! He's playing!

Natalia: Im so game. *cracks fingers, neck, back, legs, and ankles*

Jonathan: Natalia, what's up?

(Joneboy704- how come it says you're a wiki contributer, you need to log in.)

Nate: ok, wayne get over here!

Denise: I'll play!

Natalia: Nun, Bout to kick some butt.

denise: *pushes Rachel outside the court* Umm.. I'm playing in this...

Jonathan: *to Natalia* You wanted to talk to me about something earlier. What happened on the phone?

George: Let's do this!

George: *Runs out and picks up a dodgeball*

Natalia: *picks up a ball* *throws it so hard at George it catches on fire*

George: *dodges and throws a dodgeball at Tal*

Rachel: *Throws one at Nate*

George: *picks up dodgeball and throws it at Jon's back*

Natalia: *catches George's ball* YES!

Nate: * Catches ball* Yeah!

George: *picks up another ball and throws it at Nate*

Jonathan: *takes Tal's ball and peggs Geoge in the head* What were you going to tell me?!!

Nate: * Catches it*

Natalia: *dodging balls* It was my manager. He heard about the ginger attack and is threating to have me withdrawn from the competition.

George: *falls down*

(Joneboy704- Godplayying)

Jonathan: Screw your manager.

Natalia: Thats basically what I had. I dont think he will but if it happens again itll definatly happen.

Jonathan: i doubt he can actually do that, he'd have to get past me.

George: *throws three balls at Tal*

George: *throws two balls at Nate*

George:*throws three balls at Harriet*

Milana: *grabs a ball, does a triple spin, and whips it at Jonathan* (CONF) Were on different teams? What else do I say?

George: Nice one Milana!

Jonathan: *Catches the ball and squeezes the air out of it with one hand* the challenge didnt start yet people!

Nate: * Catches both Balls and falls down and breaks his wrist* aHHHHHHHHH! AND I DONT QUIT!

Harriet:* dodges first 2 balls, but catches the last one and whams it back at George* No!

George: *catches ball*

Rachel: *Nails Harriet*

Jonathan: Guys, she never said the challenge was dodgeball!!! Everbody stop!


Rachel: *Nails Nate*

Jonathan: Oh,* picks up ball and peggs George. then grabs ball from natalia and aims at Milana, then winks at her, then throws it at Rachel and gets her out, then runs and decides to just dodge balls*

(Joneboy704- George and Rachel are both now out by the way)

(Snow: And Nate)


  • Gets up and Catches ball* oww!

Rachel: (Catches ball)

Xalia: Sorry Rachel, but he threw you and Nate out! and Nate, once you get hit, you can't get up and somehow grab it

Nate: I need a Doctor!

Milana: *winks back at Johnathan and whips 2 balls at Natalia*

Jonathan: *catches the two balls, shakes his head, and gently lays them on the ground so he doesnt get accused of dropping them*

Milana: *gives him a what the ****? look*

Wayne: *shows up wearing a black leather jacket with a white skull on the back of it over a plain white t shirt, and some jeans* So I guess this means we win? Sorry guys, I was busy, i'll be here for the next challenge, promise.

Jonathan: well, since Jake and Matt never showed up to camp, I guess so. *walks up to Melinda and whispers* sorry sweetheart, but if I'm gonna be friendly with you, you cant throw the ball at my girlfriend.

Milana: Fine, then. *hits him with a ball because he's right beside her* If you don't want me, you can have her. *walks away* (CONF) Fine. I LIKE him, okay? But he has to choose. I know he won't choose me, but . . .

Jonathan: *to Natalia* I was just telling her that if she wanted to be in an alliance with me, she cant be mean to you, that's it. *walks away and follows Melinda into hallway*

Jonathan: Look, I love Natalia, and if I'm gonna have to choose, i'm gonna choose her.

Milana: Good for you. Sorry, but I have a challenge to win. *walks back into the game*

Jonathan: *pulls her back out* Actually, I caught your ball, so your team lost. I didnt mean to, but it happened. And dont be mad at me, it's not like you ever tried to kiss me, so dont act like I owe you anything.

Milana: (CONF) *frowns*

Jonathan: I dont know what to say to you. I'm getting vibes that you like me, and I think you're kinda cute. But I have a girlfriend, and I'm not even sure if you like me or if I'm just imaginingthings, could you please clear things up for me?

Milana: Ya, sure, I like you. And ya, sure, you also have a girlfriend, so don't dump her just for me. I get that. But promise me this: *leans in close to whisper into his ear* If we make it to the merge, we make an unbreakable alliance. Get it? Denise and Quinn might be part of it too, I don't know. But you and me, were tight, all right?

Jonathan: Yea, but first off, i think Quinn will be voted out before then, second, can we instead add Wyne and Natalia in? He's my brother and she's my girlfriend.

Milana: Okay.

Jonathan: (CONF) I guess I kinda like her, but she doesnt seem that into me, I'm not gonna risk my relationship over this.

Milana: *kisses him and walks back into the gym*

Jonathan: *just stands there in shock* (CONF) Yea... um... whatever... no big deal... right?

Xalaia: Okay, this dodgeball game has gone for a while! Since the Locker Busterz had less people thrown out, they win! Again! Wow Jonathan! You have won every challenge so far!

Smart Students Vote

Milana: Matt. (CONF) Debuter or not, what have you done?

George: (CONF) Matt. You haven't helped at all.

Denise: (CONF) Uhh... Matt... Don't help a lot...

Rachel: (CONF) Matt

After Challenge Chat

Jonathan: Yea, I guess I have won every challenge, I'm planning on continuing that little winning streak too. (CONF) This game is mine.

Milana: Jon, why did you have to catch that ball? Don't you care that you're making me lose all the time? What if I don't even make it to the merge?

Jonathan: I'm sorry, I forgot that catching the ball wold get you out. and I do want you to make it to the merge, I'm sorry, really. (CONF) This is my problem, I'm too easily infleunced by girls.

Jonathan: Look, George could win this if he gets to the merge, he's very manipulative. Please, vote him off instead of Matt.

Jonathan: *Finds an extra ball on the ground, and spins it on his middle finger while looking at George*(CONF) I hope George realizes I was flipping him off. *grins*

George: *walks onto the gym* Hello people. (CONF) We had another vote and I'm pretty sure Matt is out. We need people to help us win challenges and he isn't fufilling that need.

Jonathan: So... I'm assuming that your next vote will obviously be Jake, right?

George: I'll see when it happens. But anyway, who wants to play some tennis?

Jonathan: Not me, after playying with Natalia back at Oweguy's camp... I dont think I'm ever playing that game again. (CONF) She aced me in the balls!!!

George: Well, what do you want to play?!

Jonathan: um... nothing.

George: You did a good job in that dodgeball game.

Jonathan: Yea? Well, after being hit in the head with them your whole life, you're somewhat forced to become an expert on the game.

George: I'm a swimmer and tennis player. (CONF) I'm having friendly conversations with Jon now. I'm trying to work him and get him to jump on to my ship.

Jonathan: I play tennis and basketball, but I hate swimming!

George: Oh. I guess we all have our own interests. I like the Met's and Nick's back at home.

Jonathan: Just because I play a sport, doesnt mean I watch it. *raises his voice a little bit and points to himself* I'm no jock.

George: Ok. Playing it is better than watching it. You're a pretty nice guy when it all comes down to it.

Jonathan: *Gets in George's face* No, I'm not.

George: Ok. You ain't.

Jonathan: (CONF) All the friends I wanted to make this season, I've already made, George is an enemy, and now he's just annoying me.

George: *sits down*

Nate: * Puts homemade cast on himself* WOW! NO HELP!!

Jonathan: Dude, that wrist of yours better not affect us in the next chllenge. I'm on a winning streak and I am planning on continuing it.

Nate: im a rightie, a broke my left wrist this wont affect it!

Jonathan: *Grins* Good. (CONF) If we lose cause of him, I'm gonna be sooo p*****.

George: Let me put you on this bed to rest. *gets a fold up bed and puts Nate onto it by window*


George: *gets up with no pain at all*

(TDISF: Nate, stop godplaying! It's no fun with you godplaying!)

denise: *goes out of the confessional and fixes hair* Um, Jonathan, can I talk to you... Privately?

Jonathan: Um, yea, sure. (CONF) *to himself* Just dont cheat on Natalia.

(TDISF: Once more, and I'm reporting you to the admins, nate)

Denise: *pushes him into a corner* Umm... I..

(TDISF: Can I have a brief description of hwat Jonathan looks like? xD)

(Joneboy704- We are alone, george doesnt see it!)

George: *hears Denise and Jon (CONF) If Jon cheats on Tal, I am so telling her.

(Joneboy704- just check my profile. Dont worry, he's not uglyXD)

Denise: *IS ALONE, WITH JONATHAN, AND NOBODY CAN HEAR OR SEE THEM* I... *kisses him and hugs him*

(S321: Please don't godplay) (Me: I only don't allow godplay in like fights or challenges)

George: *hears some smooching* (CONF) I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT SLIMEBALL WOULD CHEAT! (Me: Now that is godplaying) (S321: Please let me do this)

Nate: that george is really annoying

George: *whispers to him* I heard Denise and Jon kissing. (Me: They clearly specify that no one can see or hear them!)

Jonathan: Wow... again. (CONF) This keeps happening! thank you god!

Jonathan: *denise walks away, so he goes into his dorm room... confused*

Day 5


Harriet:*waking up* Good morning people

Jonathan: *walks out of dorm room... still confused* (CONF) This is so typical of a popular girl. She hasnt said a word to me all season, but now that I've won every challenge, she kisses me... *smiles* I love this camp.

Harriet:(CONF) Something tells me Jonathan did something he's gonna regret later. But what?

George: Harriet, I know what Jon did.

denise: (CONF) Why? Why, Why why, why, why?! Why am I feeling this?! *hits head with table* (NONCONF) *gets out of the confessional touching her head, which hurts* Ouch... *sees Jonathan and blushes*

George: Jon, probably did something really bad.

Harriet:(CONF) Wait a minute, why did Denise just........... *GASP* He did it again!

George: (CONF) Considering his behaviour and the way he acts, Jon probably cheated on Tal. I still have to figure out the small details though.

Denise: (CONF) I'm the worst person in the world! How can I? He has a girlfriend... and.. ugh! People already saw me blush... But... that doesn't mean anything... Maybe I just like him? UgH! I can't...

Jonathan: *sees denise blush and walks up to her* Hey *nervously*

denise: Umm... Uh... Hey... *whispers to him* I'd prefer to be together when everyone is sleeping... I want nobody to know this...

Jonathan: *whispers back* I agree, but I want to talk to you. how about you go into your dorm room, and I'll sneak in through the back window in a minute?

Denise: *giggles* O-Okay... *walks to her room, smiling*

(joneboy704- still godplaying, stop trying to bust me. I alredy talked to her and we decided she will find out, but she will only find out after the merge, so chill)

Jonathan: * walks behind the girls' dorm when nobody is watching, and begins jumping from window to window. When he gets to Denise's room, he taps on her window*

(S321: Please let me do it. It would be interesting)

denise: *is sitting on her bed and hears the tapping, turns around and opens the window* What did you want to talk about?

(Joneboy704- it wont be interesting, just wait until the merge, I have a suprise about another character, its a secret, dont worry, tal will find out, but you have to wait. For now, nobody will bust us. You can be suspicious, but there will be no proof)

Jonathan: can I come in first? I'm kinda near death right now. of course, you could just knock me off and get rid of a competitor. *smiles*

George: *walking through hall* I bet he cheated on her! (S321: What if I dont make the merge?)

George: (CONF) When I find out that Jon legit cheated on Tal, I will tell Tal for sure!

(joneboy704- then you need to come back and see it. there needs to be some tension, if you catch me in the act, it wont be interesting.)

Denise: Come in...

Jonathan: *climbs in* thanks. So I was wondering, what happened last night?

George: *goes into dorm and listens to music* It's about time I relaxed

(Joneboy704- btw, I'll be here today for another hour and a half without interruptions)

Rachel: *Works on a cheer*

Denise: I... I don't really know, I felt the impulse to do that.. You're really handsome and.. I... I... *tears up* I don't want to hurt Natalie... *hugs him, teared up*

George: (CONF) I may not KNOW that Jon kissed Denise, but I CAN LIE that he did! (NON-CONF) Rachel, tell Tal that Jon kissed Denise.


Xalia: Come in for your challenge! Today is woodwork! One member from your team must nail together pieces of wood to make a dog house! (I am just beng basic and you don't need to do the sanding or anything like that) The first team to do so wins!

Rachel: Im not good at that....

Jonathan: *still in Denise's room* You know, for a popular chick, you're not that mean. And Natalia wont know, it'll be our secret. But I was thinking, how come you never talked to me all season, but now that I keep on winning, you suddenly like me. (CONF) Not that I really care. She's hot whether she's using me or not.

George: *starts hammering two pices of wood together*

George: *hammers the back to the side piece*


George: *hammers the other side piece on*

George: *hammers one top piece on*

George: *hammers the other top pice on*

George: *hammers on the front pice*

(Joneboy704- Denise, your character needs to finish this conversation, you're holding me up now. Come on)

George: *sawas an entrance through the front piece* WE ARE FINISHED!

denise: *still with Jonathan* I have always liked you. I still do. it's that I'm really good at hiding these things.. I'm usually shy, but, you know, I join the cheerleaders just to skip gym, and *listens that everyone is doing the challenge* Gosh! The Challenge! Come on! *runs with jonathan to the challenge zone*

George: Yes! Victory!

Wayne: This is awesome, right up my alley, this challenge is definetly mine!

Jonathan: *holds her back* No, stay here, wayne and George are competing. lets talk.

Rachel: What?

(Joneboy704- Jonathan and denise are in the girls' dorm right now.)

Xalia: The Smart Students win!

denise: But... I... *smiles* Great...

George: Victory is ours!

(Joneboy704- Wayne is typing, the challenge isnt over yet, hold on like a minute)

Wayne: *Takes all measurements, cuts all sections to exact measurements, Lays out the 2X4's to make the frame for the floor, the walls and the roof. Nails each 2X4 in its place and assembles all petitions together. Adds the 1/2" plywood floor and walls. Puts shingles on the roof so doggy does not get wet. Paints dog house.* Done.

(Joneboy704- nobody ever said it was a race)

'Xalia: I did:'The first team to do so wins!

George: So therefore the Smart Students win as we got it done FIRST!

Jonathan: *whispers to Denise* Alright, you win. at least you're safe. Now let's talk out in the hallway.

George: (CONF) Now that Jon lost, he is up for elimination. I hope he IS eliminated

Wayne: Jonathan let me borrow your lighter. *Jonathan hands me lighter* Thanks bro! *sets lighter to highest flame and sets George's dog house on fire*\

Jonathan: *takes lighter back and cracks up, tehn pulls the fire alarm* (CONF) *laughing* Dude, Wayne is still a bada**, just like I remembered.

George: *puts it out* Face it! You lost! (CONF) They're just jealous I won the challenge!

Jonathan: *takes out knife and carves into George's doghouse the words, "World's Gayest Dog"* Alright, we lost.

George: Since, I won, I'm not taking any offense to that comment

Jonathan: That's a good sport. *walks away and laughs*

George: (CONF) What a immature little pissant.

Locker Busterz Vote

Jonathan: I vote off Quinn. (CONF) That last challenge was unfair. But I'll win next time.

Wayne: I agree with my bro I vote off Quinn. (CONF) I thought she said build a dog house not a out of shape coffin. Poor doggy. *makes a sad puppy face*

Nate sorry i was late! i got Grounded! I vote for Quinn

After Challenge Chat

George: *relaxing* Wonder who got out?

Milana: Me too. (Sorry about missing)

Jonathan: Hey Milana. You're safe tonight *smiles*

(Joneboy704- gotta go, might be back in 2 hours. Not sure. But I will be on tomorrow at 3:30... I live in Maryland, so 3:30 here.)

George: *drinks a can of cola*

Milana: *smiles back*

George: *takes out a razor and shaves off his hair*

Nate: HA HA HA!

George: (CONF) Now I've got a new look! I'm tired of my old one.

Wayne: *sneaks in to the girl's dorm around midnight and peaks in on some of the girls he finds attractive. thinking to himself that this would be a great time to pull the fire alarm* (CONF) These girls are so smokin' hot it's unbelievable. I wouldn't mind dating any one of them but they don't know me very well. After all I am the new guy but I participated in both challenges that were thrown my way. I have to hang out a little more and get to know them. Maybe forget the leather jacket for a few days and show off the six pack and such.

Natalia: *wearing baggy pink pajama pants and a tight light blue tank top* *brushes hair and goes to bed* *dreaming**wakes up* *to herself* I had the worst dream. Jonathans been making out with girls on purpose this time. Its just a dream Tal *tries to sleep again*

Rachel: *Sees Wayne* GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George: *sleeping soundly but wakes up after nightmare* No! I didn't tell! (CONF) I am still suspicous about Jon kissing Denise. When I find out, Tal will know for usre! (NON-CONF) *goes back to sleep*

Rachel: *Goes to sleep*

Jonathan: *sits out side the girls' dorm on the steps and, waits for someone to show up* (CONF) I dont know, i'm feeling kinda lonely. And I feel so guilty about it all, that i cant go to sleep.

Nate: * Goes to Jon* Wanna play Baseball

(Jonaboy704- You cant say its morning until Xalia posts Day 6)

Jonathan: No, I dont like baseball.

(S321- Then why are you playing baseball at midnight?)

George: *gets up for a drink* *mixes sprite with vodka* *chugs it down* *gets back in bed* Time for some sleeep!!!!!! *goes to bed*

Jonathan: *sighs*

(Joneboy704- Im not playing baseball, i just cant sleep.)

(S321- Fine)

George: *gets out ipod and listens to Led Zeppelin* (CONF) Nothing like rock n roll when you can't sleep in the middle of the night.

Jonathan: (CONF) Am I the only one who cant sleep?

Nate: I can't Sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan: *sees Nate* I know man. I know. Ive got a lot on my mind right now.

George: *goes back to sleep* (CONF) I am furious even at the possibility at Jon cheating on Tal. Even I wouldn't do that!

(Joneboy704- dude, its one thing to be suspicious, and another thing to be obsessed, let it go.)

Wayne: hey bro, Rachel saw me in her room and tossed me out!

Jonathan: *laughs* Yea, I heard her scream.

(S321: Ok. I'll stop mentioning it for now)

(Joneboy704- Good, its just weird how that's all your guy talks about.)

Jonathan: *goes in boys' dorm and finally falls asleep*

Day 6


Nate: How did everyone Sleep!

George: I did pretty good.

Nate: I wasn't Talking to you!

Jonathan: It was difficult. Why couldnt you sleep though?

George: *puts on hat* Another boring day

Jonathan: (CONF) I wonder when the girls are gonna get up.

Nate: I had a Thery that a Astroid will hit at the end of this Show, IT WAS SCARY!

Jonathan: What, you mean like at the end of TDWT? Dude, that's not gonna happen.

Nate: No!, TDGHSS will have a Astroid hit where the show takes place, Because i saw a Astroid in the sky and i Counted and i found the date of Impact, April 30, 2011.

George: That sounds like rubbish!

Jonathan: Yea, I actually agree with george on this one. And if you keep talking like you're crazy, im gonna have to vote you off, so stop it.

Nate: ok, but when you see anything in the sky, tell me

Jonathan: *looks in the sky and points* Oh my god! its a... a...a bird! *laughs*

Nate: * Points to a Astroid* Look! ( Go along with it)

Jonathan: Cool. That doesnt mean we're going to die though.

(Joneboy704- change your theory, you cant just do that, its not fair. Say you were wrong or something like that. its not cool.)

Nate: * sees calcluations* oh, i was Wrong, Sorry!

(Joneboy704- Thanks)

Jonathan: *smirks* Figures. So, that kept you up all night. That's nothing.

Rachel: Yeah.

Jonathan: *turns around* Oh. hey Rachel. What's up?

Rachel: Oh nothing. Youre lucky.

Jonathan: How am I lucky?

Rachel: (Takes him in CONF) Your not stuck with Geroge.

George: Asteroid are nonsense! (CONF) Nate is crazy! There is no asteroid!

Jonathan: *pushes George out of confessional* Let's talk inside the school.

George: *begins writing up a letter unsigned*

Rachel: K

George: *finishes writing letter (CONF) Here is what the letter reads: "Dear Secret Lover, I am the one who admires you and wants to be with you. Meet me in the gym at 2:00 PM" I didn't sign it.

Jonathan: *follows her into school* So why dont you just vote him off?

George: *puts letter in crack in wall*

Rachel: Its hard everyone likes him and i dont want to go on the choping block myself.

Jonathan: What?!! Nobody likes him! What are you talking about?! (CONF) Is this girl retarted?

Rachel: He has an alince.

Nate: * Finds a letter* oh, a love letter for me! * Goes into Gym*

Jonathan: No he doesnt, were you here at all. Everyone is in an alliance with me, not him. Vote him off. Nobody likes him.

Rachel: Good.

Jonathan: ... okay. (CONF) Its weird. Rachel doesnt really talk much.

Rachel: Anyway hows your team going?

Jonathan: Well, if you havent noticed, we've won nearly every challenge.

Rachel: I mean allince wise. Any good moves?

Jonathan: Yea. well, I've got you, Wayne, Natalia, Milana, Denise, Nate, and Harriet in an alliance.

Rachel: do you think the Merge will be soon?

Jonathan: Yea, my guess is that the teams will only last another two days.

Rachel: Good listen to this George is trying to break you and Natalia up.

Jonathan: Really? How do you know that?

Wayne: *sees Jonathan and Rachel talking but is thinking twice about approaching them*

Rachel: Wayne over here!

Wayne: *walks over* What's up?

Rachel: Were planing a blindside on George.

George: *overhears* (CONF) They must be crazy. If someone is NOT well liked, then you SHOULD keep them!

Wayne: . You have a plan?

Denise: Jon, can we talk in my room, alone?

Jonathan: Denise! *just notices her* Sorry Rachel, Wayne... I gotta go. *walks over to Denise* Lead the way.

Rachel: K catch you later?

George: Denise, after you speak to Jon please speak to me!

Jonathan: Um... yea. Ill be back. *to Denise* Lets go.

Rachel: K

denise: sure, george... *goes with Jonathan to her room*

Jonathan: So, what's up girl? *smiles*

Rachel: Can i talk to you George.

Wayne: rachel what's up with Denise and Jonathan?

Rachel: Nothing.

Denise: *smiles* … Look, we have talked a lot about ourselves and all this drama with Tal… But… My mouth misses your mouth *giggles*

Wayne: i guess u want to talk to George in private.

Jonathan: Well, you kissed me when i was off guard. it's only fair that I get to kiss you back.

George: First i gotta talk to Denise.

Rachel: Anything you want My King.

George: (CONF) I dont trust Rachel at all. That's why I am pllaning to blindside her tonight

Wayne: Who's ur King?

Jonathan: *kisses Denise*

Wayne: (CONF) This is all so crazy if u get my drift! *gets up personal to the camera* I mean every second some body needs to see some body else in private. Maybe tonight I'll spray paint the girls dorm "LOVE SHACK"

(Joneboy704- Denise is in the girls' dorm Geoorge, you cant talk to her.)

George: *waits patiently*

Wayne: *sings loud enough for all to hear* Denise Denise, oh how every one wants a peice, please talk to George, so we can all get some peace.

Denise: *making out with Jonathan* Oh... I love you so much *continues making out*

Jonathan: I love you too. (CONF) I dont know how she loves me if she only just started talking to me... but hey, she's hot, so who cares?

Wayne: (CONF) I don't know why every one wants to talk to Denise when they can talk to Rachel. Maybe I'll go roam around the girls dorm tonight.

Nate: comes into Girls dorm on accdent* * Sees Jon and Denise making out* Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wont say a word * Runs out*

Denise: *smiles* (CONF) Umm... 'm not sure if I LOVE him, but, hey! I'm hot, he's hot, I'm popular, HE'S popular... And he's really hot :3

George: *waits patiently for Denise*

Wayne: Hey Nate! Why are u running?

Nate: Um, I saw A Scary Ghost! * Runs*

(Joneboy704- we were in her room, so you couldnt have saw us)

Wayne: *looks around* Now were did Rachel go?

George :Denise, please hurry

Jonathan: *Cellphone rings* Hold on Denise. *To phone* Hello?... Yea.... Whatever... Will you leave me alone?!! *hangs up*

Wayne: (CONF) Looks like Rachel and I are gonna have to meet at midnight again.

Denise; Umm... I gotta talk to George... TTYL *winks and goes out of room¨* George? What happened?

Jonathan: *waits in her room for her to come back* (CONF) That's cool, just leave me there. Guess what, my ex girlfriend vanessa just calledd and said I'm gonna see her soon. Whatever the hell that means.

George: (Gets in CONF with Denise) Sware to me that if we lose todays challegne, you me and Milana will vote out Rachel

Denise: (CONF) Yes... Only I can be the cheerelader here...

George: (CONF) She told me she wanted to vote you out. Dont tell her this. And tell milana to vote her out

Jonathan: *still waiting in Denise's room*

Natalia: Has anyone seen Jonathan? It seems like I can never find him lately.

George: (walks out of CONF with Denise) I have and I have something to say to you first.

Natalia: *wearing Purple tank top and Black green shorts* What?

Jonathan: *hears from an open window and rushes outside and tackles George.*

George: I was just going to say Jon was in Denis' room. Now get off me Jon!

Jonathan: *gets up and helps up George.* Oh... I thought you were going to... um... hurt her or something.

George: Ok. Don't jump to conclusions again.

Jonathan: *rubs back of neck nervously* Yea. Sorry dude.

Nate: * To Tal* I have a Secret

Natalia: Hey. *kisses Jonathan* Marriannas Revine Sparking Citrus Lip Gloss? Why do you taste like really expensive lip gloss?

George: (CONF) I almost spilt the beans to Tal. If only Jon didn't tackle me

Nate: * Takes tal into the Conf* Denise Kised Jon but Jon did not kiss her

Jonathan: What? I was just eating some hard candy. Maybe that's what you're talking about.

(Joneboy704- Nate did not see that)

(Natedog14: George told me)

(Joneboy704- he didnt and he doesnt even know that. He's just assuming and lying. But he doesnt know for sure.)

Natalia: Jonathan. I created that lip gloss. I know what it tastes like.

Jonathan: Maybe you have some of it on you, cause I dont know what you're talking about. (CONF) NO FREAKING WAY!!!

Natalia: I ran out last week.....(CONF)Whats up with that?

George: *walks around* Nate! Let me tell you something!

Nate: Yes?

Jonathan: Well, I dont know. It might have been your imagination. Let's talk about somthing else *leans in to kiss her, but stops himself and hugs her*

Natalia: Is something wrong?

George: (Goes into CONF with Nate) Jon and Denise kissed.

Jonathan: No, nothing's wrong... so, you wanna do something while we're waiting for the challenge?

(Joneboy704- stop going into the conf. talk somewhere else)

Natalia: If you say so. And sure *walks with him to the gym* Have you talked to Denise at all? Ive never heard her say much.

Jonathan: Um... no, not really. She doesnt talk much. Recently i have talked to her...

George: *goes into the hall with Nate* Jon and Denise kissed!

Natalia: *playin basketball with Jonathan* Really. whats she like.

Jonathan: *checks ball to natalia* Oh. She's nice. She's kinda... unpredictable though.

Natalia: How so?

Jonathan: um... she's just... you know... shy one second, then she's talkative and stuff.

Natalia: *swishes a 3* I think I might talk to her.

Jonathan: Why would you do that? I mean, she doesnt really know you or anything. (CONF) I'm screwed. Natalia's not stupid. She knows when i'm cheating on her. Last summer when we went to Paris, she noticed every time that I checked out a girl.

George: Tal, can I speak to you for a sec?

Jonathan: No. Go away. Stop being annoying. *clenches fists*

(Joneboy704- dont annoy us. it has suspense and you are just making it boring.)

Natalia: To make a friend. I tend to be pretty good at it. (CONF) Something is definatly up. We go to Italy and to France and I pay for it all. Tickets. Food. All the stuff along the way, all the fun stuff. And I tell him everything! Hes keepin somethin from me and Im not even sure if I want to know.

George: First I need to talk to Tal.

Jonathan: (CONF) I feel so guilty right now. And i actually missed Natalia yesterday when she didnt show up.

Jonathan: *goes up and makes out with Natalia*

(Joneboy704- dude, im gonna leave soon, hold on and wait a few minutes you are so annoying)
Natalia: Ok. Im not imagining anything this time. Whos lips have you been on this time?

Jonathan: Um... nobody's. (CONF) I knew I shouldnt have done that, but I couldnt stay away.

Jonathan: *takes his knife from his pocket and cuts his arm behind his back where nobody can see to divert Tal's attention* Ah!! My arm!

(Joneboy704- I'll be on tomorrow at 1:30, unless I'm grounded or something.)

Natalia: *shoves the ball in his chest* Fix it yourself, I dont believe you. (CONF) Im skipping the sad. F**k off B***h.

George: *pulls Tal into the hall where jon cant here* He and Denise kissed! Now throw the challenge to eliminate him! Tell you what! If you do that, I wil be your ally for the game!

Harriet:(CONF) He REALLY should stop cheating on Tal.

Wayne: *1pm: wayne films his antics with cam corder, sneaks in to the girl's dorm, up to the roof, throws rope over side, and spray paints "LOVE SHACK" above the main entrance door. back in the dorm, breaks in to Rachel's room, lays a flower on her pillow, kisses her cheek and splits* (CONF) U guys see that I put a flower right next to her face and kissed her. Man if she would've woke up she'd have killed me. People this is an awesome adrenelin rush. *gets up and head butts camera*

Harriet:Ugh! Get out of here Wayne!*throws alarm clock at him*

Wayne: Time flies when ur having fun!

Harriet:*picks up a glass and throws it at Wayne* Get lost! I'm trying to sleep!

Wayne: Sorry, cables out, haven't seen Lost in weeks.

Harriet: OK beat it!*goes back to sleep*

Wayne: WHHHOOOOO! *starts to sing MJ's Beat It while moon walking out the door* Sleep tight!

Wayne: (CONF) Man I haven't slept in 2 days its like a weird feeling I'm getting. Like a rush of caffeine or something. I'll go off campus and get in to something and be back early in the morning for classes.

George: (CONF) If I get the other team to throw the challenge and elimnate Jon, this will be good (NOIN- CONF) *writes a letter and slips it under Harriet's door, it reads: "Dear Harriet, Jon cheated on Tal for Denise, if you throw the challenge to eliminate Jon, I will be your ally for this game, from George" walks back to bed*

Natalia: *walks in chemistry lab* Oh wow how ironic, the CHEMISTRY lab. *picks up bag that she left in there*

George: *also walks in* Tal, Jon cheatd on you with Denise. Throw the challenge to eliminate him. If you do that, I will be your ally for this game

Harriet:(CONF) This is getting boring.Hmm, that letter. Maybe I should respond. (NONCONF) *WRITES*

Dear George,

So I've heard. And if so, I'll join you and have him out. But I just want to do this for his sake

Sincerley concerned about Jonathan,


  • and slides it under his door*

George :*takes letter and respond back*

Dear Harriet. Good., Now that we are allies, you will throw the challenge and eliminate Jon. Tell your team that

From George

  • slips it under Harriet's door*


Dear George,

OK. We have a deal. Y'know, you are sorta cute.


and slips it under the door*

George: *writes*

Lol. Thanks. And dont tell Jon but tell Tal Nate and the rest. So in the challenge, dont do ANYTHING and Jon is history. Sorry if I'm being a little reptitive


slips it under*

Rachel: George my King.

George: Yes?

Rachel: Whos next?

George: I am still deciding. (CONF) I don't believe a d*mn word Rachel says. So when the merge comes I will flip and take her out

Natalia: Im sorry George but I cant throw a challenge there are others riding on a win too. But Jonathan has pissed me off big time.

George: *goes up to Tal* But I will be your ally and you wont get voted out, Jon will be. And Harriet agreed to it already.

Natalia: Im sorry George but its completely against my entire code of ethics and I hold those very high. If we lose I cant garuntee my vote will be for him, but Ill consider it.

George: Sure throwing challenges isn't great, but cheating on your bf/gf is 100000x worse. And *begins to tear up a bit* I knoew how you feel. I was cheated on once and it hurt. I tried to forgive that person but it got worse. So, *sob* I don't want you to suffer he same fate I did. So I would throw it. For that b*st*rd to get what he deserves.

Rachel: Yeah!

Wayne: George, where's your proof Jonathan waqs cheating on Tal?

Natalia: *looks angry* Ya know what George I bet he dosent even feel bad about it. (CONF) Or miss me, or regret it, or feel guilty, or know that he hurt me, Ive been done wrong before, BUT THIS IS ON TELEVISION! Ive been used to be on television, but never used ON TELEVISION! If I wanted to be treated like filth I would go back home and talk to Angelica Marino. Who may I remind is #2 in world tennis standings. Not #1! Thats me Angelica

George: *takes out video footage from Denise' room. and plays tape* Here it is.

Wayne: That only shows Denise in her birthday suit and does NOT show Jonathan was there in any way, shape or form. You're lying.

George: Oops wrong footage. Here is the correct footage *plays footage of Jon and Denise kissing*

Denise: Hi, guys, wha-... O_O T-that's not me... W-who was in my room with Jonathan?!

Wayne: Hello Rachel, I didn't mean to ignore u. Natalia, George is the same George that hurt you earlier in the game! Don't believe him unless he has proof! (CONF) Wait til I tell Denise George has been spying on her. What a looser!

George: This is the actual footage!

Denise: (CONF) Well, I can say it all was strategic. *pulls George in the confessional* George, Look, I'm only with him for strategic purposes... We need to force the other team into throwing the challenge AND voting Jonathan out... Can you help me?

George: (CONF) Sure I can! Harriet is alreayd on board and Nate is suspicious! We just have to get the others to do it!

Nate: i will throw the challenge! Jon is going Down!

Denise: (CONF) Umm... Okay... I must egt Natalia to believe Jonathan kissed me first...

George: (CONF) Okay and get Wayne to throw it and vote Jon as well. I'm couting on you.

Jonathan: *runs up at George and punches him in the face, then drops onm his elbow and breaks his left arm* You son of a b****!!! I'll kill you right here!

Nate: im out, im on your side Jon!

George: *arm isn't broken but bruised* Get off me you thug I didnt say anything!


Jonathan: *Runs to nate* Wayne told me everything! Who else is against me?!!

George: *runs after Jon and kicks him in the jaw* Serves you right for attacking me for nothing you thug

Nate: George, Denise, Harriet, Tal, And Rachel.

Jonathan: *falls down and pushes leg up and kicks George in the crotch. Then gets up and puches the s*** out of his face*

George: *dodges and headbutts Jon*

Nate: You cant dodge! * Takes out a Knife* your Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George: *kicks Nate and runs off*

Wayne: *George runs in to Wayne's fist and looses two teeth*


Jonathan: *George is on the ground* You cant fight all three of us b****!

Denise: *gets out of confessional and gos to her room*

(waynesworld - george u constantly cheat like hearing conf - play fair or quit- that's why u lost two teeth)


Jonathan: *Sees Denise, climbs up back of girl's dorm and breeaks the window to her room and climbs in.* What the f***?!!

(S321: NO I DIDNT)

Denise: *scared* W-what? W-what's wrong?!

(Joneboy704- You cross it out one more time, I'm blocking your account I swear for an entire year!!!)

Jonathan: So you played me right?!! Well f*** you you b****!

George: *gums are bleeding*

Denise: No, I didn't!

(TDISF: Now you are godplaying... How could've you heard it if she was in the confessional with George, huh? -_-)

(No, he's just assuming, because you ran away rigth after talking to george, then everyone is against me. Im not sure, just assuming. And George, a few teeth are knocked out)

Jonathan: You didnt? Then why does everyone hate me *Angry*

denise: I don't know... People say that somebody told them to vote you off... I can't remember well...

(S321: No I need my teeth*)

George: *gets up *Rotten b*st*rd

(Only a few teeth are gone... like three in the back.)

Jonathan: Fine. *walks over to window* If you push me off, I'll probably die, then you wont have me as a competitor. Or dont kill me, and that proves you had nothing to do with it.

(No. They are just injured not knocked out)

(Joneboy704- No you are wrong. There are a few teeth knocked out. Wayne is a fighter, he is tough. Deal with it. Room for more gold teeth.)

(Joneboy704- denise? u there?)

Denise: Okay, just... Let me be alone... *waits until he goes out of the window and closes it* Ugh! *lies in bed*

(TDISF: My name's not Denise ._.)

(Joneboy704- I know. sorry.)

Jonathan: *Jumps to bottom of the dorm and puts head in his hands* (CONF) Despit all of this, I want one of two things, Denise to talk to me, and Natalia to forgive me... if she knows.

Jonathan: *goes in boys' dorm, takes out a beer bottle from a drawer in his room, then goes back outside* (CONF) I never drink, but right now, I need one)

Jonathan: *sits back outside the girls' dorm and begins drinking*

Nate: * Goes to jon and breaks his Beer bottle* dont drink eat! * Gives him cubed Friut*

Jonathan: *grabs broken bottle and points the sharp side at Nate, a little bit drunk* You broke my beer bottle.

Nate: * Calls 911* um, I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * cops come* Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Joneboy704- really, chill)

Jonathan: *Zach shows up*

Zach: Come on buddy, put down the bottle.

Zach: *Looks at nate* You're a cop, handle it yourself, just talk to him, he's just a little bit drunk. *gets in police car and drives away*

Jonathan: *Abnormally calm* Just leave me alone Nate. *pulls out another beer from his pocket and begins drinking again*

Harriet:Really Jon? What the hell?

Jonathan: F*** you Harriet you hate me anyway. i try to make friends with everybody, but everyone hates me. *gets up, then falls back down*

Harriet:Don't worry.*whispers* It's for strategical purposes (Actually I was going to betray him, but you guys edit too much!)

Nate: * Takes A drug test on Jon* You been using coke!

(Joneboy704- I'd rather not edit too much, but George keeps on cheating, that's really the only reason I want him voted off, and Jon doesnt do drugs.)

Jonathan: What? So you're not gonna vote me off?

Harriet: No. In fact, I'm basically fooling George, throwing him off the cliff. Not you.

Natalia: Your being pathetic Jonathan. You absoulutley crushed me and now your drinking?! You actually believe Denise didnt use you?! YOUR PATHETIC NOW JONATHAN AND THERES NO OTHER WAY TO PUT IT!</

Jonathan: Na...Natalia? *gets up and stuggles, but manages to walk away to the front of the boys' dorm, tehn collapses and starts crying*

Natalia: Look at yourself. Youve destroyed the reputation you had and youve just become an awful person.

Jonathan: I dont care. I'm sorry. I know this is it. But if it is, i want you to know that I'm sorry.

Natalia: Im to good of a person not to care about the mess your in Jonathan. But sorry just Isn't good enough to mend a broken heart. *takes away all of his beer and his weapons* But you know these dont mix and your not getting them back until you get a grip on yourself.

Nate: Its ok Tal, you can always find another man!

Natalia: I know.....*looks sad* But I thought he was special.

Nate: its ok, * Hugs her*

Jonathan: *stops crying. Tries to grab his weapons, but he cant really get up* Okay, you know what's best... I think. I dont seem to make good decisions when I'm sober, let alone when I'm drunk. *flips off Nate*

Natalia: I do no know whats best. And I think thats that I should consider leaving....and concentrating everything on my career.

Nate: No, you can win this, with or without him! * Hugs her again*

Jonathan: NO!! *somehow manages to get up* Dont leave me. I know I've been a jerk and I dont deserve you, but give me a chance to make it up to you. Just dont leave.

Natalia: Im not saying im going too. Im just thinking about it. *looks at Jonathan* *sighs* (CONF) Im almost tempted to feel bad for him....I HATE BEING A GOOD PERSON!</

Jonathan: I can fix this, just one more chance, i know I've said this before, but last chance I swear it. And it will NEVER happen again. *sobers up enough to stand*

Wayne: *wayne saw nate hug tal and thinks something may be wrong* Nat are u okay? *hugs her*

Natalia: Please never call me Nat Im good with Tal but not Nat. And Jonathan youd think that as hard as you worked to get me the first camp we met in youd be careful. But thats not gonna happen. Maybe we can be friends again.....but I dont know if we could ever be any more than that again.

Jonathan: *Almost gets mad but realizes that Wayne wouldnt try to steal her* (CONF) If I were her, I wouldnt take me back... luckily, I'm not her.

Jonathan: Okay. *sighs*

Natalia: Apparently Im not important enough to you to try to get back. But I could have told you that since you kinda did cheat on me.

Nate: im sorry Tal for your lost * Hugs her* its arlright

Jonathan: Nate, *calmly* Stop hugging her. *clenches fists* (CONF) Is it normal that I already miss her?

Wayne: Tal is a great gal, it would be ashame for u two to throw in the towel! *pops 2 cold beers and downs one after another, he can drink alot. hugs Tal then Nate* Don't get jealous Nate heres a brotherly hug for u too. U ok now?

Nate: todays National hugging day!

Jonathan: Whatever. Stop hugging my girl. (CONF) Am I allowed to say that?

Jonathan: *reaches in his pocket for switchblade, but remembers Natalia took it from him*

Wayne: *pops another cold one and hugs Tal again* Sorry Nate National hugging day limits one brotherly hug.

Natalia: Im not your girl Jonathan. *slaps the beer out of Waynes hand* *takes all the beer out of the room* I dont want to see another can of this ever again.

Jonathan: Dont worry, I never actually drank before, that's not really normal of me.

Wayne: Thanks Tal I was done with the beer any way!

Natalia: No ones sure whats normal for you anymore Jonathan. Im just gonna go take a nap *starts leaving* If anyone needs me, figure it out on your own.

Jonathan: *sighs* Alright, see you later... *sees she's almost in the girls' dorm* *whispers* sweetheart.

(Joneboy704- are you actually leaving though?)


(Joneoy704- good. btw. Since Georrge kept on cheating, I reported him, and they figured out he was a sockpuppet account for this other guy who vandalized the wiki. So I'm pretty sure he's been banned)

Jonathan: *sees George still lying on the ground and walks up to him* This is all your fault. In any other situation, I'd literally kill you right now, but I've already dissapointed Natalia enough, so consider yourself lucky. *takes out cell phone and calls 911, then they take George away in an ambulance*

Natalia: *lays on bed and puts her hands over her eyes* Im strong, smart, talented, beautiful, friendly, corageous, famous,every girls dream, and everything else. And still life sucks.</

Jonathan: *climbs up the back of the girls' dorm to Natalia's room, which is REALLY high up, and puts a sticky note on her window that says, "I Love You And Nobody else"*

Natalia: *asleep and dosent see note* *wind blows off the sticky note and it flies over to Jonathan and sticks to his forehead*

Harriet:Oh well, try again.

Jonathan: *still up outside her window, takes stickynote off, crumpls it and throws it down, then nearly falls off teh building, and is hanging by the window with one hand* *yells* S***!!!

Wayne: (CONF) What a day! Tal and Jonathans on the verge of splitting, Rachel and George must of hooked up or something because she called him "My King", George is off to the hospital to get mummified. To bad because I kind of like Rachel. Best thing is George lost two teeth and I got to pop 3 suds. *head butts camera and it falls to the floor* Sorry to my TV buds out there just let me put u guys back where u belong. There we go

Harriet:Jonathan! Don't worry I came prepared! *uses coat hanger and a rope as a zipline and gives him the coat hanger* Now slide down!

Natalia: *wakes up* *opens window and pulls him in* Jonathan, ugh, what are you doing?

(Gwen: They are split...)

Harriet:*Natalia's note is flying in front of her face and she grabs it and gives it to Jonathan* There you go.

Jonathan: I was just showing you... *pulls up note* never mind. *hugs her* (CONF) I know I'm not supposed to do that... but I nearly died. I had to.

(Joneboy704- i gotta go. but I'll be back in exactly 35 minutes)

Harriet:*smiles and goes inside to her dorm*

Natalia: *isnt sure what to do so just hugs back nervously* (CONF) That was as akward as when I went home and Abrahm was naked in my kitchen.....My frying pan went places frying pans have never gone before...

Harriet:*climbs up there* Natalia, you might wanna read that note. It means something romantic. Night you guys * goes to sleep*

Wayne: *sitting on the steps of the girls dorm* Peace and quiet, gives me plenty of time to think about what mischief I can get in to. *he says softly to himself*

Wayne (CONF) *looks at the camera* If u didn't hear Tal and Jonathan split up. Just part of life we all gotta deal with but take my word people, the drama will continue to unfold. Tal is a great girl and if I remeber my Spanish, muy caliente!!! Bro is gonna have to get himself together because every guy in here is gonna hit on her and we'll see how they both handles the situation.See ya! *headbutts camera*


Xalia: Welcome, almost mergers. You guys will be merged tomoz, but today, your challenge is quite simple. Vote off two people. It can be anyone. Even people from the opposing team. Vote now.

Nate: Rex and george

Jonathan: Rex and george.

Wayne: Rex and George

Xalia: Since S321 is blocked until the 16th (my little brother's birthday) he is disqualified so that means he and Rex are gone!

Nate: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan: *high fives Nate* Awsome. thanks for helping me out man. We are allies right?

(joneboy704- i'll be back in 10 minutes.)

(Joneboy704- I'm back now and here to stay!)

(Joneboy704- jut so the game makes sense, lets just say that since George was sent to the hospital after getting beat up, he was disqualified)

Jonathan: I got George out!!! I told him I would!

Natalia: Hey guys.

Jonathan: Hey, sorry about hugging you earlier, i just got carried away. *fowns*

Natalia: Its ok...Is it true? George is really gone?

Nate: * Puts on celebrate music* Celebrate good times comon!

Jonathan: *Laughs* So I guess I'm not the most hated one here after all.

Natalia: YES! *jumps on Jonathan* look the old Natalia from who knows when is back. Love everyone. Be mellow. And get over things. Thats what I do. So ya know what...*kisses him* but just because I reallllllllly wanted to.

Jonathan: *In shock* Wow...again. (CONF) What can I say, I'm like a modern day hugh Hefner *smiles* I love that woman.

Natalia: One thing. If you EVER. Cheat on me again I will chop off your genitals and back them into a cobbler. Got it?

Jonathan: *nervously* Yea. Fair enough. I gotta come clean with something too, I was flirting with Milana. but it wont happen again.

(Joneoy704- For info on Jonathan and Vanessa, go on my profile... by the way, vanessa is the hottest girl on the planet.)

Natalia: *smiles* Good.

Jonathan: I love you so much.


Jonathan: I dont speak Italian.

Natalia: Oh yeah...basically the worlds good and LETS PARTY!

(Joneboy704- btw, George cussed me out on the tdiwiki and he was blocked from there too.)

Jonathan: *Makes out with Natalia*

Natalia: *Sprays silly string everywhere*

Jonathan: *phone rings* Hold on Natalia. (CONF) How come my phone rings every time im making out?

Natalia: Who is it?

Jonathan: Oh, it was my ex-girlfriend Vanessa, she keeps prank calling me about seeing me soon or something.

Natalia: She seems like bad news....

Jonathan: Yea. But its probably nothing. (CONF) The last thing i need after this situation with natalia and Denise, is for the hottest girl in the world to come here and start flirting with me.

Natalia: (CONF) Whoever she is I have a feelin she could bring out my nickname, Natalia "The Butt Whoop" Ahrellago.

Jonathan: She could never replace you though. i promise I wont cheat on you again.

Natalia: Ok. I believe you. I can believe you right?

Jonathan: Hell yea. I liked kissing Denise and all, but you're the only girl I care about, and I dont want to lose you again.

Natalia: Ok. *goes behind him and shoots a whole can of silly string in his pants*

Jonathan: D*** it. *smiles and makes out with her again*

(Joneboy704- btw, in oweguys camp, I found the money and we split it 50-50)

George: *creeps behind wall* (CONF) I am hiding out after being brought back from the hospital. I got my teeth put back in and I'm recovering. But, I wll hide out until I am allowed back in the game

Milana: *sees Jon and Tal* *frowns*

Jonathan: *Natalia walks away and Jonathan walks up to Milana* Hey, you know, I cant cheat on natalia anymore, but we can still be friends. Plus, we're still in an alliance, i'm not so sure about Denise, but you and me, we're still good.

George: Boo!

Natalia: Hey.

Jonathan: Hey, whats up?

Natalia: Nun much.

Jonathan: *Hugs her* I'm so glad that we're back together.

Natalia: Has Vanessa called you again?

Jonathan: No, not recently, I think she was just prank calling me before anyway.

Milana: Fine. *walks away* (CONF) But he didn't say I had to like her.

Jonathan (CONF) I dont know why Milana's gotta be like that. *Sighs*

Natalia:(CONF)I dont think Milina likes me. I dont know why? Im never mean to anyone.....

Jonathan: Ignore her Natalia, she's just upset, nothing to do with you.

Natalia: Ok.

Jonathan: By the way, if I win, I'm splitting the money with you, just so you know. *smiles*

Natalia: Nooooooooo money is the last thing I need. Im doing this for charity. *waves at cameras* Hey all my little buddies in Venice. Lo vi amo ragazzi!

Jonathan: Alright, then we'll share it. What's mine is yours. *Smiles*

Day 7


Xalia: Alright! Great news! Our new co host Vanessa has arrived! (I needed one because different time zones!) She is able to update stuff like changing days and telling people who wins the challenge!

Jonathan: Wait... did she just say Vanessa? (CONF) It cant be the same Vanessa.

Vanessa: Suprised sweetheart? *Walks up to Jonathan* I dont like the fact that you've been cheating on me.

Rachel: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Milana: *smirks* (CONF) *frowns*

Jonathan: Vanessa, I'm not with you. *Walks away*

Natalia: Oh hey. Are you the new co-host?

Vanessa: Yes, and are you the new sl** that Jonathan likes?

Natalia: *face quickly drops from huge smile to if looks could kill* What did you just say?

denise: *sighs and sits down* Hmm... *looks at Vanrssa, afraid*

Natalia: I missed the intro I dont even know who you are and all I said was hi and you frickin insult me?!

Denise:*stands up, decided, and walks to Natalia* Hey! *angry, to Vanessa* Leave her alone, she did nothing to you!

Natalia: Thanks Denise.

Vanessa: Whatever, I've been watching the whole season, and weren't you making out with Jonathan behind Natalia's back earlier in the game? Yea, she did nothing to you either.

(Joneboy704- For info on Vanessa and Jonathan, go on my profile. BTW Vanessa is the hottest girl on the planet, making her nearly irresistable for guys. And she is Jonathan's abusive ex-girlfriend)


Vanessa: Sooo.... I guess I'm making the challenge this time. The challenge will be art, whoever draws the most beautiful picture wins, and the picture must be of the most beautiful thing in the room. START! (This is not an actual art challenge, so dont worry about not being able to do it, just decribe what you're painting and how you are painting it, a lot like the cooking challenge, it depends on what Vanessa likes the most. BTW, we are in the art room)

Jonathan: *Starts painting a picture of Vanessa* (CONF) That's obviously what she meant. She's extremely self-centered.

Wayne: This is easy as building a dog house!

Denise: *starts painting a cute dog*

Wayne: *Wayne looks around and sees something he can paint to win the challenge. He positions himself so when he looks at Natalia she is standing in front of the large pane windows. This is the picture that he paints: A profile of Natalia painting a picture which sits on an easel in front of a large pane glass which gives him a blue sky back ground* Done, eat ur hearts out. *To Denise* I don't know where u got that dog but after ur done can we barbeque it?

Milana: *looks out the window and sees a group of spearows fluttering through the air* Meh. *starts painting*

Nate: * Paints Vanessa Butifuly*

Nate: * Finshes*

Denise: *keeps on painting the dog but hears what Wayne says and stops* JERK! >=O *slaps him* This is MY doggie!

Jonathan: *Laughs at Wayne and messes up picture* D***. I can fix it. *Somewhat fixes it and finishes up* Done.

Vanessa: Alright everybody, finish up. I'll wait for Harriet and Natalia for a little bit longer.

Wayne: *Denise* I was only kidding but I kind of like it when you're all fired up.

Harriet:*starts drawing the front of the room*

Vanessa: I will now judge the paintings, and dont worry, whether I like you or not will not effect how I judge the paintings. And I cant cheat anyway, because I'm on TV, and i would be fired right away.

Jonathan- Well, it is of the most beautiful thing in the room, but the painting itself.... well.... it sucks.

Wayne- The actual painting is very good. You could probably donate it to an art museum.

Milana- Um... not that interesting.

Nate- Good, also of me, and it looks better than Jonathan's.

Denise- Aww. It's cute.

Harriet- Not very beautiful, but somewhat creative.

Vanessa: Since Rachel had to leave campus for some reason that i dont know, and dont care about. She is diqualified. (She was actually banned for harassing other users) Also, Jake, who has not contributed at all since the beginning of the season, is also disqualified. I did call him, but he never called me back, so I dont think he's showing up. (I sent him messages and he actually ignored them) So, this was a reward challenge! Jonathan and Nate won for drawing me. And Wayne won for being the only one that actually put any thought into his painting. Since I dont have any actual rewards for any of you. I locked the girl's dorm, since none of the girls won, and left the boys' dorm unlocked. So girls, you will be sleeping outside tonight! And boys, if you want to, you are still allowed to let the girls come in and share your room.

After Challenge Chat

Nate: Score!

Jonathan: *High-fives Nate* We rock! *To Natalia* If you wanna room with me, that's fine. i've only got one bed though. *Winks to her*

Natalia: *rolls eyes but laughs* Fine but only cuz youre warm to cuddle with.

Jonathan:Cool. (CONF) Score.

Milana: *sits down against the wall and wraps her arms around her legs*

Natalia: Yo. *goes to Milina* Whats wrong?

Jonathan: *Looks at Milana and frowns* (CONF) I would let her in, but Natalia would think I'm flirting.

Milana: *looks up at Tal* It's okay. But thanks for asking. *looks away again*

Natalia: *whispers to Jonathan* Youve gotta let her in I refuse to let her sleep out in the cold.

Harriet:This sucks. And if anyone asks, I'm fine.* gets up in a tree*

Natalia: (CONF) I dont think people are happy....

Harriet:(CONF) There is a pack of wolves out there!

Jonathan: Fine. *To Milana* Hey, you wanna sleep in my room? I'm not sure how the sleeping arrangements could work, since I've only got one bed, but I dont mind sharing it with both of you. (CONF) That would be awsome!

Natalia: (CONF) I get the feeling they dont think I like them. I love everyboydy! (NONCONF) And If I have to then you can sleep inside and Ill go out.

Jonathan: *Pulls Natalia away and whispers* Look, I love you, but dont leave me alone with her, I cannot be trusted, please, dont let me do anything stupid. You will sleep in my room even if I have to sleep outside.

Natalia: Fine. If we have to Ill sleep on top of you...*lightly slaps his arm when he chuckles* Dont think that way.

Jonathan: Can I sleep naked tonight?

Natalia: *laughs* No silly.

Jonathan: Alright..... can you sleep naked tonight?

Natalia: *laughs* No im sleeping in my white tank top and my baggy Italian flag pajama pants. No changing it either. Ok? Jonathan: Okay fine. *Smiles* but remember, you're on top of me, and I'm at your mercy. (Joneboy704- Gotta go. Might be on in 3 hours, but I dought it.)

Wayne: Someone can stay in my room but I'm not sleeping on the floor!

Denise: I'll stay in your room, but you'll sleep on the floor, end of story...

Wayne: I knew u were the funny one but u got it backwards babe or is it ur scared u wont be able to keep ur hands off of me.

Denise: Maybe both... But I know you'll sleep in the floor.

Wayne: Lets be reasonable! I opened up my door so u wouldn't have to stay outside. You can sleep on one side and I'll sleep on the other.

Denise: *sighs* OKay, but don't try anything dirty with me... *goes to change her clothes*

Wayne: *changes clothes quickly* Nice PJs Denise!

Denise: *is in underwear*Stop spying! >.<

Wayne: *totally serious but slightly embarrassed* Sorry I changed so fast I wasn't thinking u would still be changing By the way I thought u did an excellent job painting ur doggy! (CONF) Dudes it was a total accident seeing her in her undies. She is definetly one of the hottest girls here if not the hottest. I don't really know her that well but If I am to have any type of chance with her I probably have to behave myself. Hmmm! Plus, it would show I'm a guy that's true to my word. That's it for now! *head butts camera and it falls to the floor again* Hey guys to many head butts. *he puts camera back*

Harriet:*picks her door lock opens door, and locks door for the night*(CONF) Sharp nails come in handy.

Wayne: *Lays in bed with hands behind head on pillow, he waits and waits, gets up and knocks on the bathroom door* Denise, you okay? *no answer* I'm coming in! *he opens the door and finds Denise asleep in the shower with her clothes as a pillow* Are you playing possum with me? *again no answer he leans over and gives her a peck on the lips* Just in case u never let me do that when ur awake! *so he picks her up and carries her to the bed. he goes back to the bathroom keeps the light on then shuts the bathroom door but not completely shut. the nlight now acts like a night light. he gets in bed, covers them both, puts his arm around her* Goodnight princess! * then closes his eyes to sleep*

Day 8


Xalia: Guess what? Klarissa, is back!

Klarissa: *looks around*

Nate: is that the one that her hand got coved in Burns from the Cooking challenge

Milana: *steps forward* Welcome back.

Denise: *wakes up, next to Wayne* Wh-what am I doing here?

Wayne: *Denise* Good morning! You fell asleep in the bathroom and I carried u to the bed where you would be more comfortable.

Jonathan: *Wakes up next to Natalia* I guess Milana already wole up. *Goes outside and sees Klarissa* What's up? Why are you here?

Nate: whens the Challenge!? I want to win!

Natalia: Hey Klarissa. *high fives* Whats shakin?

Klarissa: What the hell? Weirdo! Jonathan! You are SO DEAD! Why did you get me eliminated!?!?

Jonathan: I did not! I told them not to vote you off. We were allies, remember?

Natalia: Its not weird its called being friendly.

Klarissa: Friendly isn't my game, Jonathan, we stay allies, otherwise yourtrailer trash girlfriend is going down!

Natalia: Trailer Trash?

Klarissa: DOn't like the name then. rock and alliance with me and Jonathan

Natalia: Im a powerful player. Tell me why I should be. Afterall its not like you have any respect for me.

Jonathan: Natalia is already an ally of mine, so is Nate, Wayne, and Milana. You can join OUR alliance, if you like. But dont call my girlfriend that.

Klarissa: Whatever! (CONF) What has gotten into ths game??? Why is practicially every girl falling for that...*romanticially*incredibly hot...I mean Jonathan!

Wayne: *looking out his room window at the crowd below* Denise come look out the window. That girl who got voted off early, Klarissa, she's back.

Spring Break

Vanessa: Good news everyone. It's time for spring break. You can use the next week to just socialize with everyone at school. The cafeteria and gym will be open, along with the dorms. Have fun.

Denise: Finally I can have SOME time for my own :3

Nat:? i see a Pool! * Gos to Pool*

Jonathan: *Sees Denise* I'm going off campus to L.A. over spring break, but for now, I guess we can clear things up. So what's been going on with... us?

Denise: Umm... Well, I don't know... It is... confusing...

Wayne: *overhears Denise and Jonathan* You two decide about what is and what isn't confusing while I go join Nate by the pool.

Jonathan: I'm not really sure about it either. *looks at her akwardly* So, were you sharing the room with Wayne last night?

Wayne: *returns to Denise and Jonathan a little heated* Hey bro! I tell u what, I'll go talk to Natalia to see if she's also confused.

Nate: wait im going to L.A to!

Wayne: *turns to Denise* I don't know why I ever had any thoughts about us in my head but you definetly cleared them up for me now. *Wayne punches Jonathan in the stomach and he keels over*

Jonathan: *Gasping for air* Mother....****er. *Falls down*

(Joneboy704- BTW, Im gonna be in l.A. for the week for spring break, which is partially the reason I added the feature. So I'll be on when i get back, bye.)

Wayne: (CONF) Dudes, I know she's not my girl or anything but my bro's words p***** me off to the point of explosion. He's got a really nice girl and he's trying to flirt or something with Denise. I don't get it! I guess I'll take off for Sping break and clear my head, you know, get away for awhile. My ex-girl Clarity use to fool around all the time. Now she keeps on calling me wanting to get back together; just not into ever taking her back. This girl Erika and I go out every now and then but it could never be serious on my end. If I could get a decent girl like Denise! I'm attracted to her; it's life! I can't make her like me; you can't make anybody like you. I know everyone out there is feeling my pain. See you guys in a week. *leaves* then walks back in* Disappointed yes, dead no! *head butts camera and leaves and the audio picks up a loud* WOO!

Nate: Oh F*ck, my flights canceled for a month!

Denise: You... Did that for me?


Klarissa: *sunbakes in her bikini and takes her bra off, exposing her breasts which are big*

Milana: *runs into the confessional* (CONF) BLAARGH!!!! *barfs everywhere*

Nate: * Sees Klarissa* OMFG!

Harriet:(CONF) I am ashamed to have breasts now. (NON CONF) * DIVES INTO THE POOL*

Nate: * Does a Quintiple Quadruple backflip into the Pool*

Harriet: Well, someone here can do tricks.

Klarissa: Damn you Nate! *puts her bra on and throws her heel at Nate and walks away*

Harriet:*catches the heel and throws it back at her* No! Bug off!

Klarissa: *catches heel* (CONF) Harriet protecting Nate! There is something between them. Relatonships are deadly in this game. Gotta break them up!

Nate: come on Harriet, lets go * Holds Harrriet's hand and walks off*



Natalia: *making subs for everyone* Ok. *cuts up potatos for homemade saratoga potato chips*

Nate: * Makes Italian watercrest*

Science Room


At 8:00 PM Harriet:*steps on the balcony in formal outfit and rests her arm on the ledge and she sighs* I wish there was someone I could share my love with. * starts crying*

Nate: * Sees her* whats wrong?

Harriet: *sighs* Nothing...

Nate: i heard you you just want somebody to be with you

Harriet: You heard right then.

Nate: well, what you are looking at is the Person that wants to be with you

Harriet: I want a man that is honest with me, and never would do a woman wrong. I think a man who would eligible to be mine is intelligent. He'd be brave enough and or niceness to be a gentleman. That's my perspective at a man to be

Nate: well i am your man

Harriet:* kisses Nate* I guess we have a date then.*walking away*

Nate: why don we have it Now! * Pullls Out Italian Watercrest* For You

Harriet: I love italian watercrest! *takes a bite*

Nate: i Also have Lasngna!

Harriet: Even better.*kisses Nate again*

Natalia: *pulls in a cart of perfectly made Italian desserts and delights without Harriet noticing* *whispers to Nate* Thank me later, now make this girl happy! *sneaks out without being noticed*

Nate: I have Dessert! * Make outs with her*

Harriet:I'll see you later.* walks out to the girls' dorm*

George: *walks out of the shadow now more pale and with bloodshot eyes* We meet again! (CONF) I told them I would be back. I meant it! (S321 YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED FOR BEING BANNED! You got eliminated or DQ the day you where banned! DQ also mean eliminated! Go to The redemption island for a cance to return!)

( um, you mean George)

(S321: I am doing what Zeke did on TDWT)


Boy's Dorm

Girl's Dorm

Harriet:*walks into the room and sits down on her bed and gets dressed in her bikini to go to the pool*

Harriet:*comes back in and showers from the pool chemicals*

Movie Room

Klarissa: *puts on Scream 4 and starts watching it*

( STOP EDITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)(Me: Why?)

( THIS IS FOR S321) (Me: Oh! S321! next timeyou edti, will report you to Nalyd Renrut!)

Natalia: *brings her popcorn and soda* Here. Thought you might like this.

Klarissa: Uhh...thanks?

Xalia: Whoever joins A Series of Mysteries? Will get an adavantage! Which is an immunity idol which you can use at any point of the game!

Natalia: *brings her a pitcher of the same soda* This is for refills. Just thought Id be nice.

Xalia: *gives Natalia an immunity idol*

Klarissa: Thanks, (CONF) Is she trying to turn me into a nice girl?

Natalia: (CONF) I really dont mean anything by it. I just felt like being generous.

Klarissa: *is sipping soda and her eys widen as the movie is reaching the end*

Natalia: *has been sitting in the back eating some popcorn* *whispers* whoa.....


Xalia: Though it is Spring Break, it doesn't mean you are safe! Joneboy is safe from this challenge because he s on Spring Break! Alright, music again! You have to pick a song that best represents me! The host! Xalia! They will be due soon!

Nate: Who Says By Selena Gomez

Rachel: Im Back! (Reachel, you got dq for being banned, go to the redemption island)

Nate: when is the Challenge going to end?

Natalia: Hmmm................Perfect. By P!nk. I really mean it and not in a suck up kind of way. You are like the coolest host ever. Which is more than I can say for Vanessa.....

Harriet: Ummmmm, probably Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascada.

(joneboy704- I am still on spring break, but there is a computer in the hotel lobby and I can very rarely ber on here, since i said I was leaving, i wont participate in the challenges until i'm back, but also, Wayne is actually my brother in real life, sooo.... he's not gonna be on for the week either, sorry.)

Vanessa: Natalia, watch yourself.

Natalia: Im sorry. That was the only mean thing I had to say.

Xalia: Harriet wins! Now Harriet! *takes her on a shopping spree and gives her an immunity idol*

Nate: Go Harriet! *Kisses Her*

Day 9


Xalia: Hey guys! Spring Break is over! But Jonathan and Wayne are still sfa ebecause they are on Sprng Break in real life! Kay just chat and your challenge will be soon! Rex won a chance to return and Draven debuts now!

Nate: Rex! Draven!!!!!! your name sounds like a kind of Sausage!

Rex: did ANYONE notice i was missing?

Harriet:*steps out quietly so Draven wouldn't notice* (conf) Don't ask.

Draven: Hey!!!!!! *punches Nate* I'M NOT A SAUSAGE.

Nate: whatever *Kisses Harriet*

Klarissa: Weirdos

Rex: NO-ONE noticed i was missing? REALLY!!!


Vanessa: Your next challenge will be Prom! This is a simple challenge, so dont worry. i will pair up couples according to who was sleeping together from the last challenge after I locked the girls' dorm. I would pair harriet up with Nate, but since she broke the rules by picking the lock to her dorm room, she will be punished for it, i have someone else in mind. The pairs will be these.

  1. Jonathan-Natalia
  2. Wayne-Denise
  3. Rex-Klarissa
  4. Draven-Harriet
  5. Nate-Milana

Now, you will have to vote from the prom king and queen. the pair with the most votes will win elimination. you cannot vote for yourself. Vote!

Jonathan: Wayne and Denise. *Nods head to Wayne*

Wayne: Jonathan-Natalia. *Wayne passionatly kisses Denise* You are the prettiest girl here!

(Joneboy704- Just a reminder, the hotel lobby has a computer in it amd since i am able to do the challenge, (along with Wayne, since he's using it too) We are automatically safe... for now, since we can compete.)

Rex: Wait I wasn't here last challange... oh well.... Jonathan and Natalia

Klarissa: VOTE ME!

Rex: Wait I have to take you to prom >.< but I don't like you like that <.>

Klarissa: I don't like you!

Rex: Well I like you even less (hey, I just started rex's three sentences with w :D)

Klarissa: *kicks him*

Rex: OW! *tackles her* (fight, fight, fight) (should we make them end up kissing?)

Klarissa: *kcks him again on the floor (Yes)

Rex: *starts pulling her hair* (a few more hits :D)

Klarissa: *tackles him*

Rex: *pins her down* want to kisss? (XD)

Klarissa: No! *tries to get him off of her but "accidently" kisses him*

Rex: *'accidently' kisses her back*

Nate:'Jon and Tal.

Harriet: I'm voting for Jon and Tal. (Nice couple! Love it!)

Denise: Umm.. *evily smiles at Vanessa* I'll vote for Jonathan and Natalia. They're such a great couple. It really looks like Jon loves Tal and he wouldn't wanna be with anybody else >:)

Vanessa: Okay, looks like the best couple here is Jonathan and natalia. Congrats! *Glares at Natalia* Now, for the next part of the challenge, you must all vote for the worst couple here. Go.

Jonathan: Well, since Nate and Milana arent even a couple, i've gotta say they're the worst, sorry guys.

Harriet: Umm, Nate and Milana.

Wayne: This is a hard one but I have to say Nate and Milana.

Rex: wait, i thought who we voted for would be eliminated... you said they would 'win elimination'

Klarissa: You idiots! Me and Rex are hte worst couple. Well, at least we aren't terrible!

Denise: I vote Nate and Milana :)

Nate: thanks for voting us! i dont really like Miliana Anyway.

Nate: Draven and Harriet

Natalia: Well..............Nate and Milina. They are both awesome but you cant mix them.

Vanessa: Okay, in that case, Jonathan, Natalia, nate, and Milana have won invincibility. Now, vote for the couple that you want to be up for elimination, afterwards, we will vote between the two people on who should be kicked off. For now, just vote for the couple you dont like.

Harriet: Rex and Klarissa

Nate: The Same as Harriet

Klarissa: Hariret and Draven!

Xalia: But since 1Dra7 is banned for a year, Draven is auto out!

Vanessa: Nevermind everyone, jonathan and Natalia are prom king and queen, and draven is gone!

After-Challenge Chat

Jonathan: i'm prom king... no way!

Nate: Good Job!

Jonathan: thanks

Denise: *goes near Jonathan* I know our... Thing... didn't end up very well, but I would like to... Be in good terms with you ... ?

Jonathan: I dont even understand you. We never went out, and if we did, we never broke up. I dont know if I should be mad at you or not, cause I really dont understand you.

Denise: I never said we went out... We eventually HAD something, you can't deny it... It doesn't matter... I just want to be in good terms with you...

Nate: do you know that i am the Kids president of the U.S!

Jonathan: You wanna be in good terms with me? Fine. But I cant help missing your lips on mine. *Smiles*

Harriet: That's actually really intresting. I didn't know that about you.

Jonathan: *Slightly jumps* harriet, go away!

(Joneboy704- this is before world is yours, btw, so they dont like each other much)

Klarissa: *rolls eyes* (Joneboy, do you play the camps like, the Wikia is one big storyline and what happens in one camp will stay in another?)

(Joneboy704- For the most part, dont worry about it, btw, sign up for Total Reuinion Island, i put you on it)

(Can you put me on total ruinion island as nate the the Smartie?)

Harriet:Umm, I was talking to Nate.

Nate: and you can be my first lady,Harriet!

Klarissa: (CONF) Well, this game needs to be shaken up, so, I am leaving Jonathan's alliance, maybe Rex will help.

Harriet:*with a suprised look* I'd be honored and delighted.....

Nate: Here *Gives her a Ring Pop*

Harriet: Thank you. *puts on ring pop*

(Joneboy704- Nate, I signed you up, but this means that by now, there is somthing going on between jon and Harriet, and also, you cannot be married. You can like each other, but that's it. Sign up)

(Sierra-It's a piece of candy Jone......)

(Jon-E- i know but he said in another camp you were married so I was just clearing things up, also, i put up a pre chat in Total Reuinion. i will make a theme song as soon as i'm finished with sign ups)

Day 10


Harriet:*sits in her room and sighs lays down*

Rex: *sigh* i was nearly voted out v.v

Nate: Hey, Why you sad Harriet?

Harriet: Just sleepy. I'm gonna sleep.*kisses him*

Jonathan: *Wakes up and runs behind the girls' dorm, climbs up and taps on Natalia's window, which is on the third foor*

Natalia: *opens the window and helps him in* Hey you.

Jonathan: I couldn't wait to see you. So, you wanna do anything before Xalia interrupts us with another challenge?

Natalia: Sure. Any ideas?

Jonathan: We could go outside of Vanessa's room and egg her window.

Natalia: *pulls a slingshot from a bag under her bed* Im game.

Jonathan: ... that's for shooting rocks, not eggs. but you could do that too. i dont care. *Grins* Wanna make out first?

Natalia: Eggs wont break windows.......please?

Jonathan: Breaking her window isnt the point, but its cool with me. My offer for making out still stands.

Natalia: Fine......*few seconds of silence* *makes out with him*

Jonathan: *Throws her onto bed, gets on top of her and continues making out*


Xalia: Math.... Vanessa give them a hard equation!

Vanessa: Let me think... given a region enclosed by the parabola y=x"squared" and line y=m(x-1) +2, which passes through point (1,2), find the value of the constant, m, that will give the minimum value of the area, S, of the enclosed region.

Natalia: Well the Y intercept of the line is 2 when you use slope intercept form so it would be "b" in y=mx+b. M is the slope......1(the x)-1 is the zero cancels out the slope meaning that y=2 which makes a horizontal line on (+)2 of the y axis. If the parabola is y=x^2 then then it comes down to the x axis....

Milana: *shrugs* (CONF) How do they expect me to know that?

Jonathan: a+B=m


S= S B over a [(x-1)+2-x squared]dx

1/6 [square root of ((m-2)squared+4)] cubed


Harriet:(CONF) If I lose the challenge, I think they can understand that. But they'll still hate me.

Natalia: Oh Crap I give up. Math is not my thing.

Vanessa: *Laughs* That's because you're dumb Tally.


Harriet: Calm down Tal

Jonathan: Seriously, it's a hard question. Chill...*Flirty* can I call you Tally?

Vanessa: *Still laughing*

Natalia: Sorry. And Jonathan not even you can. I despise that so much. Thats what Angelica Marino calls, *turns to camera* I hate you Angelica....

Jonathan: Who's she?

Natalia: The number TWO tennis player in the world. You are not getting number ONE back you little DEMON! *to Jonathan* Lets just say she makes Vanessa look like an angel.

Vanessa: I am. I've been dressed up like an angel posing for Victoria's Secret eleven times.

Natalia: Thats odd Ive been in 11 of their shows too and Ive never seen you.....

Vanessa: Well that's probably because you were in different shows. I'm usually on TV, posing for them. i do magazines too, like Playboy and Hustler.

Natalia: Im on all of those in Europe Oh wait no I havent cuz Im not a hoe. Ive been on Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition's Cover 3 times though. Wow we have alot in common.....

Vanessa: Yea? Well I've met Hugh Heffner. And if that's not enough, I've done way more to Jonathan than making out with him. You're boring, and as soon as he realizes it he'll come back to me to spice up his life.

Denise: Ummm, Playboy and Hustler?! Are you serious? You are just putting yourself down...

Vanessa: *Rolls eyes* your just jealous you've never been invited to the mansion before.

Jonathan: *Quietly laughs* (CONF) Denise just pwned her.

Natalia: Yea where you got it on with an old dude. And Im technically Dame Natalia Annri Ahrellago because ive been knighted by the Queen of England. And Im far from boring and if you want to say that again I suggest that you check up on your life insurance policy.s

Vanessa: Let's ask Jonathan. Jonathan, who's better when it comes to pleasure?

Jonathan:...Umm. *Nervous*

Natalia: Oh its probably you because we all know you have much more experience...(BURN)

Vanessa: Yea, but at least I've been who every guy wants my whole life, so of course I have experience.

Natalia: Im not exactly a turn off. I could be just like you if I acted like a B***h and flaunty myself around. But I actually have some self respect.

Jonathan: Natalia, you want Vanessa to leave you alone or what?

Natalia: Im sorry. Im acting just like her. (CONF) When people push my buttons Im not exactly nice and mellow....

Jonathan: No, for her to leave you alone. *Kisses Tal* that's what needs to be done.

Vanessa: *Rolls eyes and walks away*

Jonathan: *Smiles* See?

Natalia: Im so sorry. She just makes me sooooo mad.

Jonathan: Understandable. She used to make me mad too, why else would I break up with her. It took me a couple of years to do it though. She was the only other girl that ever even went out with me. Which is probably the reason why every time I see a girl that I think I have a chance with... i go for it. i'm sorry though. i stopped with that, and I wont do it again.

(Joneboy704- Yea right XD)

(GKewl- Natalia and Jonathan are like the number one awesomest character on the wiki ever!)

(Joneboy704- Agreed, best...couple...ever.)

Rex:aahh... I DON'T UNDERSTAD THE QUESTION D: (i do year 10 maths and i'm in year 8 in real life... and i can't understand that...)

(Me Either, im 9)

(Joneboy704- Jonathan is entirely based off of me, he looks, dresses, and acts like me, and for some reason, everybody at schoold thinks I'm syupit. My mom is really strict and she made me take this coure that now puts me 4 years above my grade level. So i'm in 8th grade, and this is a 12th grade problem XD)

Jonathan: *Goes back to work* 2! The answer is two!

Venessa: ...I actually dont know, i didnt think there was even an answer to that problem, how did you do that?

Jonathan: *Shrugs* I'm smart.

Nate: I was going to say two too!

Vanessa: ...I dont believe you Nate, Jonathan wins incincability, everyone else, time to vote.


Nate: Miliana

Jonathan: Really? I'm voting Rex. (CONF) He punched me when we first arrived... yea, I remember that.

Rex: (CONF: *was in the conffesonal when jonathan was in it and was about to talk* ow *rubhs forehead* stupid jonathan *votes jonathan*) (i like to do that -w-)

Nate: i change my vote to Rex

Jonathan: *High-fives Nate* Awsome man!

Vanessa: Come on everybody, hurry up!

Milana: (CONF) Hmm. I vote for Rex. I mean, I like him more than Nate, who I suspect has something in for me, but that's who Jonathon is voting for. So I vote for Rex. Sorry. *later* Wow, thats the only vote I ever said sorry for! Odd. *files nails*

Natalia: Sorry Rex.

Harriet:I hope you guys understand. I'm voting Rex too.

Denise: *sighs* I'll vote... Denise...

Jonathan: Why are you voting yourself off?

(Joneboy704- you keep quitting like, every camp)

Rex: Why do you hate me! *cries*

Vanessa: Sorry Rex, you're out.

After Challenge Chat

Natalia: I really hate voting.

Jonathan: I do too. but it's the only way one of us can win. *Smiles*

Natalia: I know. I wish everyone could win. In fact Ive got gifts lined up for everyone who loses.

Jonathan: Really? How do you see the good in people? I used to be like you, but after living life, I've realized that nobody is really nice, only a few people even pretend to be nice.

Natalia: Oh I know. Most people are awful. I just feel that when someone recieves kindness they tend to return it. Except for Vanessa and some people. But I try.

Jonathan: Wow, you're so nice. I think you're one of the few people that actually are nice.

Natalia: Well not all the time......(CONF) April 3rd, 2009.......*smiles evily*

Jonathan: Come on, when were you ever not nice?

Natalia: *whispers something beyond awful to him* It still makes laugh my a** off.

Jonathan: ... That's evil! *Smiles* See, inside every good person, there's a monster. (CONF) For example, my birth name is jonathan, but my name when I rap is Jon-E Boy, get it?

Natalia: (CONF) *sitting quietly* *randomly bursts out laughing* HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! IT HURTS IT HURTS! *laughs so hard she starts to cry*

Jonathan: (CONF) She's really kind of crazy. I like it.

Natalia: (CONF) *falls over laughing* Help.......

Jonathan: I'm bored, wanna make out again?

Natalia.....Meh why not....*makes out with him*

Jonathan: I love you so much *Kissing aggressivly*

Natalia: Ora! Vostro meraviglioso!

Jonathan: I dont know what you just said, but it sounded sexy. *Keeps making out*

Natalia: Ok whatever. *makes out*

Vanessa: *Rolls eyes* Disgusting.

Natalia: *flips off Vanessa while still making out*

Vanessa: *Gasps, then walks away*

Natalia: (CONF) I normally dont give people the birdie but Im just not listening to her right now.

Vanessa: *Comes back* Hey Jon-E, be sure to use a condom. *Throws him a condom*

Natalia: *shoots Vanessa and evil look* What are thinking is gonna happen? Im not you.

Jonathan: *Mutters* Unfortunately.

Natalia: What? I never said you werent going to need it....

Jonathan: *Smiles* (CONF) *Bites has hand* Oh... my... god... did she just say that? *Rolls sleeves up* What you think about that Alex?

(GKewl: Can we skip to the next day?)

(Joneboy704- are Johnny and tal gonna do somethin or no? ;)

(Yeah but lets not go into detail on it.... lol)

Jonathan: You wanna come up to my room?

Natalia: If youll carry legs dont seem to be working.....

Jonathan: *Grabs her in front of him, she puts her legs around his hips and they continue making out until they get to Jonathan's room. Closes door*

Day 11

Jonathan: *Wakes up next to Natalia* ... hey. (CONF)

Natalia: ...hey. (CONF)

Jonathan: ... So, that gonna happen again any time soon?

Natalia: *barely awake* yea sure whatever.....*without expression* weeeeeeeeeee.....

Jonathan:.... I'm gonna go get some clothes on. *Changes into his clothes*

Natalia: *still barely awake and having no idea what shes saying* weeeeeeeeeeeeeee................

Denise: (CONF) I'll regret this... *sigh* (NONCONF) *runs up to Jonathan and kisses him* Jon... *tears up*

Natalia: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........................

(Joneboy704- So i guess Jonathan and Denise are outside now)


Natalia: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..................

Denise: *hugs him* Sorry...

Jonathan: Umm, Denise, you kinda broke it off with me, remember, and if I get caught with you, then...yea, it wont be good for me, cause when I do what you want, I end up depressed.

Denise: For that and everything else... I'm sorry... :( and I will repay you...

Jonathan: Really? ... how? (CONF) Why do i do things... in general, everything I do gets me into trouble!

Denise: You'll see *leaves*

Jonathan: ... cool. (CONF) What, is it the jacket? Is it the jeans? is it the shoes? What suddenly makes all this girls like me? It's like Donnie turned me into a pimp! *Closes eyes* Thank you Donnie.

Harriet:*wakes up on bed and streches* This is starting to suck.

Jonathan: *To himself* Surprise? Awsome.

Nate: Hey! *High fives Jon* *Sees Tal* WTF IS WRONG WITH TAL!?

Klarissa: Something obviously!


Xalia: This should be fun! You know High School Drama? Well, now I want you to create it for me! The three people who make the best amount of drama win!

Nate; F*CK YOU!!!!!!!!! *Kicks Everyone in mouth*

Nate: *Flips the Bird to everyone including the hosts*

Jonathan: (CONF) She means I have to get in trouble with Denise.

Nate: you want some drama! *Kisses Tal*

Klarissa: *shoves Nate to the floor and kicks him in the stomach* This is how you do it! *makes out with Tal*

Nate: *Grabs her hair and whips her into the wall, breaking it* *Makes out with Tal Big Time*

Milana: *goes up to Jonathan and kisses him full on the lips and starts making out*

Klarissa: GRR! *tackles Nate and knee balls him*

Xalia: Milana, Klarissa and Nate win! *gives them candy* Now vote some one off!


Klarissa: Jonathan is going to be so mad about this so... Natalia!

Milana: I vote Natalia. What I did in the challenge wasn't really for the drama... I wanted to. And with Tal gone...

Nate: Tal

Xalia: Natalia, get the f*ck outta here!

After Challenge Chat

Klarissa: (CONF) Plan = sucess! Next we need one more member then, Jonathan's toast!

Nate: final 7!

Klarissa: Knew my plan would work!

Nate: can i join your plan?

Klarissa: Yres, we just need one more, then we're in the final four!

Harriet:*slaps Nate repeadtley* You make me sick.

Nate: ah, i Quit the Plan! *Kisses Harriet*

Klarissa: Why? Harriet can be in too!

Nate: sorry, but your next *Rips her clothes off, exposing her Body with her private parts*

Klarissa: Don't worry *gets her clothes* I still have Wayne and Denise. Maybe Jonathan if I can convince him, YOU VOTED HER OFF! *laughs evily*

Harriet:(CONF) Am I the only person suprised Natalia got voted off last night?

Nate: *Comes in CONF* Me too! *Makes out with her*

Harriet:*in the CONF and finishes making out* What did Klarissa mean by "plan" ?

Nate: she has a plan to get three people to get into the final four

Day 12


Nate: * to Harriet* Klarissa is next!

Harriet: OK.* kisses him* (CONF) *breathes in and lets it out calmly* I love him...

Klarissa: (CONF) This game is mine. Harriet and Nate are next. Should've joined. Why don't join? Becaus eif you don't, you'll get trampled by an antagonist!

Harriet:(CONF) I have an idea. I need Denise and Wayne to do it though. (NON CONF) Denise, I need to talk to you.

Jonathan: *Shows up* Guys, I dont know what happened yesterday... but I'm both really mad, and really happy about what happened. I got kissed, I got to see klarissa and Tal make out, which was hot, but she was voted off.... so im kinda p*****.

Klarissa: *to Jon* Are you in an alliance with me and Milana for the final four?

Jonathan: ...didnt you vote off natalia? (CONF) She also kissed her, that was soooo hot.

Harriet: You thought I was okay? Here's something you didn't see. *gives him a tape* Just watch it. You'll see why I'm angry.

Jonathan: Hey harriet, what's up? (CONF) I dont understand why that chick never talks to me.

Harriet: Hey. (CONF) This is just scary.....

Jonathan: ... you know what, I give up. *Turns around and walks away* (CONF) I could never get along with that chick, she makes me do the talking, thats just akward.

Harriet: What did I do? (CONF) I don't mean to be so quiet....*looks down*

Klarissa: Yes or no! But voting her off was an "accident"

Jonathan: That depends... when I was gone, you took off your clothes by the pool, that was censored on tv, can I get a chance to see you naked... like right now?

Harriet:Well see ya I'm running for my life. * sprints down the hallway*

Klarissa: F*cking perv!...Fine!.... *walks into a math room and strips slowly*

Jonathan: I'll join. after you kiss me like you kissed Tal.


Klarissa: Dirty pig! *slaps him and makes out with him* *quietly* it doesn't feel right doing this to a guy

Jonathan: Wait, you're a lesbian? (CONF) Oh... my... god that is hot!!!


Jonathan: I wasnt shouting... *makes out again*

Harriet: Resolve to the next scene, quick!!


Xalia: High school always has the romance! I need romance! Now!

Jonathan:... you took away my girlfriend! *Makes out with Klarissa some more and takes his shirt off, revealing his 6 pack*

(Joneboy704- i do have a six pack btw.)

Klarissa: *feels uncomfortable but gives in*

Harriet:*walks up to Nate and sings* I know I can't take one more step towards you 'Cause all that's waiting is regret And don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live half alive And now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are Running 'round leaving scars Collecting your jar of hearts And tearing love apart You're gonna catch a cold From the ice inside your soul So don't come back for me Who do you think you are

I hear you're asking all around If I am anywhere to be found But I have grown too strong To ever fall back in your arms

And I've learned to live half alive And now you want me one more time And who do you think you are Running 'round leaving scars Collecting your jar of hearts And tearing love apart You're gonna catch a cold From the ice inside your soul So don't come back for me Who do you think you are

Dear, it took so long just to feel alright Remember how to put back the light in my eyes I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed 'Cause you broke all your promises And now you're back You don't get to get me back

And who do you think you are Running 'round leaving scars Collecting your jar of hearts And tearing love apart You're gonna catch a cold From the ice inside your soul So don't come back for me Don't come back at all

And who do you think you are Running 'round leaving scars Collecting your jar of hearts And tearing love apart You're gonna catch a cold From the ice inside your soul Don't come back for me Don't come back at all Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are?

Jonathan: *Turns to Harriet* Why are you singing jar of Hearts, just make out with me or something. (CONF) *Laughs* I think she hates me!

Harriet:If it's to save myself, I'll do it. * kisses Jonathan*

Xalia: That is soo beautiful Harriet! and Boring! That is why you receive invincibilty! Nate doesn't because you made the love! *gives her a bag of chocolate!* Now vote!


Klarissa: (CONF) Since Harriet is immune, I vote Nate!

Harriet:(CONF) I'm voting Nate *eats a choclate* Jonathan: i vote... Nate, he got rid of my girl. Jonathan: (CONF) For a boring girl... that wasnt so boring. Harriet:(CONF) Well, that worked. Wayne: I'm voting nate too! Harriet: (CONF) Win win win win. win win win win. I win. Jonathan: Harriet, who'd you vote for? (CONF) ... small talk. Harriet: Nate, why'd you ask?

Jonathan: Just curious, but arent you guys goin out? Harriet: #1, never flip off your girlfriend #2, Him making out with Natalia made us BOTH angry. (CONF) Good job stupid.

Jonathan: Oh. Okay. (CONF) I dont know how to talk to her, she's just so... normal, everyone else here has some obsession that they do or talk about, she's just... there, if that makes sense.

Harriet:(CONF) Could it be? I think I'm in love with Jonathan!

Xalia: Nate is gone!

Klarissa: Mission Possible!

Nate: NO!!!!! F*CK YOU ALL!! *Leaves and cries*

After Challenge Chat

Harriet:Well that sort of went well.

Jonathan: *Rolls eyes* I guess.

Harriet:I'm gonna go to sleep. (No for realz. I'm going to sleep)

Jonathan: Alright good night.

Harriet:*goes to sleep in my dorm and she wakes up* Morning Jonathan. *gets up and brushes hair*

Milana: *to Jonathan* Denise = Next.

Jonathan: Mornin Harriet. And why Denise next? She's my friend.

Klarissa: Because she does nothing!

Day 13


Harriet:*still getting ready for day, and is getting dressed now*

Xalia: Hello contestants! Today is a big course ahead of you! Though when the challenge starts remember to bring your a-game because it will be a race against time to get a spot in the final five!

Klarissa: Whatever

Harriet:*comes out in short shorts, and a t-shirt* Ready.

Klarissa: (CONF) I think Denise will be eliminated in this challenge. Bring it on. And what you guys saw on tv the other night with Jonathan and me...was..uh f*cking fake!

Harriet:(CONF).... *smiles* It was real. And it was horrible.

Jonathan: (CONF) I dont think Harriet actually likes me, and Klarissa just uses me, Denise is a freind, and I'm not gonna let her down.

Harriet: Jonathan, can I talk to you?

Jonathan: Yea, what?

Denise: Xalia, I have done wrong things here, and I have come to a decision... To repay all of these... I... I quit...

Milana: Hmph. (CONF) And Milana is the last Smart Student standing...

Jonathan: Wait, why are you leaving?

(Joneboy704- Im gonna go play brotherhood for a while, dont start the challenge till Im back.)

Harriet:*alone with Jonathan, no one can see nor hear* I think I'm in love with you.

Jonathan: Right, I'm not falling for it, but I'll play along. *Kisses her*

(Joneboy704- Dont make her too in love cause in the beginning of World is Yours, they arent together, remember, we can go out, but they should break up or something before the end, and they shouldnt like each other too much)

(Sierra-Yeah yeah.)

Harriet:*slaps Jonathan,slams door and sits down next to the room she was just in.

Xalia: I mean, come on Denise! Seriously? Whatever, then today will be a battle to get into the final three!

Jonathan: *Follows* Oh, yea. Slap me harder girl. (CONF) *Laughs*

Harriet:*rolls eyes and knees him in the kiwis and THEN walks away*

Jonathan: *Kneeling over* You just said you love me.

Harriet: *bends down to him* Don't push it. *kisses him and walks away*

(S321- Can George please be let back in? He causes drama)

(Joneboy704- If you talk on this camp again, I'lll report you!)

Jonathan: *Smiles* (CONF) That chick is crazy... Wow.

Harriet:*comes out wearing formal wear from dormroom and helps him up*

Jonathan: Thanks... can you slap me again? *Smiles* (CONF) *Laughs*

Harriet:*laughs* You are so silly.

Jonathan: Your so cute.

Harriet: You're so mine.

Jonathan: Take me please.

Milana: *runs into confessional* (CONF) *barfs everywhere* Second time ...

(Joneboy704- I'll be on in 30 minutes, my mom needs the computer, sorry)

Milana: (CONF) What is up with Jonathan and picking up random girls? Since when were Harriet and Jon going out? Ewww! *wipes barf from her toungue* The last time I barfed in disgust was when I saw Klarissa topless. -silence- *barfs everywhere again*

Harriet:I'd be delighted to do the honors. *kisses Jonathan*

Jonathan: *Smiles* (CONF) I dont get it, its like, every sice being on tv, I started getting all the girls... I hope Natalia isnt seeing this.

Harriet:*looks down in regret*

Jonathan: What's wrong? (CONF) Please dont say Natalia.

Klarissa: *DIES* (Sorry, I made Klarissa go because I want to give the rest of you guys a chance! Now here is the final challenge until the jury vote!)


Xalia: Okay, final four about to become two! Who will be eliminated? Will it be bod boy man wh*re Jonathan who has broken the hearts of some of the girls? Will it be his other bad boy bro of a punk? Will it be the musical weirdo girl Harriet with feelings? Or will it be, Milana the boring clique girl? Give a speech on why you should be n the final two and users will vote for you, but if no one votes for you, it will be decided on random . org!

Jonathan: Umm, hello? Hace you seen me? Im awsome, i make drama, I deserve to win. And if I dont, somebody's gonna get hurt... that's my speech, short and to the point.

Milana: Okay. Clearly, I, Milana, should be in the final two. But why you ask? But why not, I answer. Throughout this whole game, I have been dedicated, determined, and dished out th drama. From my woes with Jonathan to my rivalry with Klarrisa, (Who I defeated for the 2nd time) I have always been ready for action. And as the only standing member of the Smart Students, there is no denying that I am one tough cookie. And that I deserve to make it to the finale. Wyne, what have you even done? Harriet, I've only heard you talk in the past 3 episodes, and Jonathan, well, I think Jonathan and I should be the final two. And all of those reasons plus the ones that I won't even mention are why I, Milana, should be in the final two of Total Drama Goes High School Style. Thank you for your vote.

Harriet: Hey! I resent that! Anyways, I'd like to be in the final 2 becuase to get at least here is an acheivment and I know I haven't done much latley challenge wise, but I am probably one of the nicest competitors left. I am VERY competitve. I will guarantee I can give the other 1 a fight THAT'S a promise.

Xalia: Just Wayne to go!.

(Joneboy704- Could you give him a few more hours? He's at work.)

Jonathan: i would diss everybody else, but I like everyone here, but I do every challenge, and am always active, so i should win.

Wayne: I definetly be one of the two that should make it to the final two! Why? First of all I haven't been here from the start but when I was here I participated in all challenges but one. Adding that I did very well in all of them! Secondly, I probably participated more often in my short time than Milana or Harriet. Yhink back to the song, dog house and painting challenge and I ruled. Though the dog house was (?). Any way I don't think the other three can beat me 1 on 1 in the final. A battle no! Challenge! Who here can beat me? Ratings R Wayne!

Xalia: Okay here is the poll. Please do NOT cheat and vote yourself etc, just PLEASE don't do it!

Xalia: The first person in the final is..... the Clique girl... Milana! Congrats, the first person not into the finals is....a brother....or a debuter, wait Wayne and Harriet did debut, they are not in the finals, they even got no votes! HA! So that means, the final two are Jonathan and Milana! (I now removed the poll so no one would try to muck up everything. Jonathan got one vote and Milana got two.)

Day 14


Jonathan: Holy crap! I made it!

Milana: YES!!!! Thank you to everyone who got me here, and now its time to win it for REAL! Jon, you're a worthy competitor, but its Milana's time to shine! I made it baby!

Jury Vote

Xalia: All elminated cast your votes for who you want to win!

Rachel: I vote Jon

Klarissa: Jon.

Harriet: I'm voting for Jon. Not because he's mine, but Milana, I had a chance to get into the final 2 and you just took that away from me.

Denise: I vote for Milana. Why? Because I'm allies with her since the beggining, and because she is my only team member.

Max: (CONF) Well, I never really got to know either of them. But I'll vote for Milana, she was nicer to me. :D

Wayne: Jon

Nate: F*CK YOU JON!!!! YOU TOOK MY GIRL!! *punches him* Milana! Kick His A*S!!!!!!!!!!! I VOTE MILANA!!!

Jonathan: *Knocks Nate out* Shut up. i did not. (CONF) Cant let Natalia go around thinking that.

Xalia: Not everyone voted so I'll do the actual votes.

The Winner Is......

Xalia: I will read the votes.

One vote Milana..

One vote Jon

Two votes Milana.

Two votes Jon

Three votes Jon....

Final vote goes to..........

Jenny! Joking!

A person!


Go down lover V

A male

Jonathan wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!

(Is there another season)\

Jonathan: I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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