The Forrest, The World, Japan, and The Carnival. Now Chris will take some favorites and some fans and bring them together to have them compete of a million dollars! But ot just that, Chris will take them through the world of games. See which one will rise to victory on, Total Drama Game On!





Waiting List

The auditions are closed but if you want a chance to debute in the game please enter your character's info here.

  • Cassie - The Model - Stars&Straps20
  • Tommy - The-Tricky-To-Talk-To - MRace2010 (spaghetti pizza taco :D)
  • Norman- The Eccentric Inventor- Scienceboy0 (I'm back, and this year, I'm gonna win!)


  • This camp will start at the end of Total Drama Carnival Nights, but until then those in the camp may chat in the Pre-Chat section under the "Sweet Dream Land" section.
  • No editing elimination table without my permission.
  • All characters eliminated before merge will have a chance to rejoin after that no one will return.

LLElimination Table

Rank Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1st Rex *1 Mighty Mergers N/A WIN Vins WIN WIN WIN N/A N/A N/A Kristy Jeanette
2nd/3rd Lightbulb Mighty Mergers WIN Vice WIN Chandler N/A N/A Lily Abigail Aichi * Jeanette
2nd/3rd Eddie Mighty Mergers WIN Vice WIN Chandler Micheal Lily N/A N/A Aichi N/A Jeanette
4th Dale *3 Mighty Mergers N/A WIN Vins WIN WIN WIN N/A N/A Aichi Kristy Eddie
13th/12th/6th/5th Lily Mighty Mergers WIN Vice WIN N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Kristy Eddie
17th/6th/5th Justin-Jake Mighty Mergers OUT Niall Abigail N/A Kristy Jeanette
7th Jeanette Mighty Mergers N/A WIN Vins WIN WIN WIN Niall Abigail N/A Kristy Eddie
8th Kristy *1 Mighty Mergers JJ WIN N/A WIN WIN WIN N/A N/A Aichi N/A
9th Aichi Mighty Mergers WIN Vice WIN Chandler Micheal Lily Lightbulb Abigail Lightbulb
11th/10th Abigail Mighty Mergers JJ WIN Vins WIN WIN WIN N/A N/A
11th/10th Niall Mighty Mergers JJ WIN Vins WIN WIN WIN N/A
13th/12th Michael Favorite Fighters WIN N/A WIN N/A N/A
14th Chandler Favorite Fighters WIN N/A WIN N/A
15th Vins Spirit Fans N/A WIN N/A
16th Vice *2 Favorite Fighters WIN N/A
18th Austin *3 Spirit Fans Quit
  • *1 : Rex and Kristy are favorites but are on the fans team as part of the reward in the Kirby Eat-Off challenge.
  • *2 : Vice is a fan but was moved to the favorites team as part of reward in the Kirby Eat-Off challenge.
  • *3 : Austin quit the game. and Dale took Austin's place.

Sweet Dream Land


Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Game On!

Eddie: Guess who is back :D

Abigail: Is it the muffin man!? He's back!? YAAAAAY!!!

Eddie: No, its my silly! But if you want a muffin then here *gives Abigail a muffin*

Abigail: Awesome! A muffin!...Where IS everybody else?

Aichi:I'm back! Hi! I'm Aichi.

JJ: Umm... I am Justin-Jake...

Niall: hello my fellow competitors!, my name is Niall!

Rex: *hanging upside down on a bar* (The challenge begins when I normally wake up T^T Sometimes... just sometimes... it's really annoying to live in Australia XD)

Micheal: sup everyone, the name is Micheal.

Eddie: I hope I don't get eliminated early do to winning.

Aichi: Well.

Vice: This is ridiculous. Why am I here with these worms?

Eddie: Hey! We're not worms! *falls over and starts squirming around*

 Challenge: Kirby Eat-Off

File:Kirby dream land theme song
Chris: Welcome to Dream Land! Home of the famous hero Kirby! All of you know kirby loves to eat so much that he eats enemies. So today you have to eat 15 plates of food. First 2 to do so win. (15 lines)

Niall: (eats) (1)

Aichi: *eats a plate* (1)

Niall: (eats) (2)

Aichi: *eats* (2)

Niall: (eats) (3)

Eddie: *eats* (1)

Niall: (eats) (4)

Eddie: *eats* [2]

Niall: (eats) (5)

Eddie: *eats* [3]

Niall: (eats) (6)

Eddie: *eats* [4]

Niall: (eats) (7)

Eddie: *eats* [5]

Niall: (eats) (8)

Eddie: *eats* [6]

Niall: (eats) (9)

Eddie: *eats* [7]

Niall: (eats) (10)

Eddie: *eats* [8] Doing good Niall!

Niall: (eats) (11) same to you Eddie!

Eddie: *eats* [9] Thanks!

Niall: (eats) (12) don't mention it!

Eddie: *eats* [10]

Niall: (eats) (13)

Eddie: *eats* [11]

Niall: (eats) (14)

Eddie: *eats* [12] You are almost there, Niall!

Niall: (eats) (15) finished Chris!, and keep on going Eddie!, you're getting closer!

Eddie: *eats* [13] I can taste food and victory!

Aichi: *eats* (3)

Eddie: *eats* [14] ALMOST THERE

Chandler: *eats*

Aichi: *eats* (4)

Chandler: *eats*

Eddie: *eats* [15] FINALLY

Chris: Naill and Eddie win! But we already have teams, The Favorite Fighters are Eddie, Aichi, Kristy, Lightbulb, Lily, Chandler, and Micheal. The Spirit Fans are Vins, Jeanette, Abigail, Vice, Austin, Justin-Jake, and Niall. Naill and Eddie will be captains, and make important choices. Starting with whoever wants to go first pick a number from 1 to 5.

Eddie; 3

Chris: The Favorite Fighters win immunity. Now someone from the Fans team pick another number.

Niall: uhhh....6?

Chris: I meant 1 through 5 but anyways I'll count that as 5. You win Rex to be on your team. Eddie or another favorite pick either number 1, 2, or 4.

Eddie: 4

Chris: The faves get an advantage the next challenge. Fans get the chance to swap teammates with someone from the faves team. Would you like to accept?

Eddie: Ok 

Chris: I meant someone from the fans team.

Niall: OK....we'll swap Vice for......Kristy?

Chris: Kristy and Vice swap teams. And now for the elimination!

Fans Vote 1

Chris: Vote here!

Niall: uhhh...sorry but i vote for Justin-Jake, it's just you didn't do anything in that challenge.

Kristy: Justin-Jake! Sorry!

Abigail: Shoot, did I miss the challenge? My bad, guys! ...Uh...I guess...maybe...JJ? 

Vice: Justin-Jake! What is the point in having two wretched names in one? You disgust me.

Chris: Um no offense Vice but you are on the faves team since you and Kristy Swapped teams. And with 3 votes against him Justin-Jake is eliminated.

A Game To The Past


Dale: which team am i on Austin was on the fans so am I?

Rex: I have a feeling today is going to be a good day (Sorry I wasn't on. Surprise holiday that I didn't want to go on)

Vice: So let me get this clear. I was on the filthy fans team, and now I'm a filthy favorite. Well, that's assuring news. (CONF) I hate this game.

Challenge: Tune Guess

Chris: First team to have 3 exact song guesses wins.

Dale: Song of healing oh and what team am i on.

Eddie: I have never played Zelda

Rex: The tune is in four different themes. Epona's Song from both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Lon Lon Ranch from Ocarina of Time and Romani Ranch from Majora's Mask, as well as Ilia's theme from Twilight Princess. It also appears in the Ocarina of Time Medley in Super Smash Brother's Brawl.

Dale: Wow rex your so smart i wish i was like you

Rex: heh thanks. Maybe I could teach you some ninja techniques

Chris: Rex wins. (I knew he would I mean he is the only other big Zelda fan besides me that i know of)And I'm too lazy to get another song so yeah the Fans, and Rex, and Kristy win!

Faves Vote 1

Chris: Vote.

Lightbulb: Uh Vice sorry dude.

Eddie: I guess I vote Vice aswell

Aichi: (CONF) Vice.

Lily: (CONF) i vote Vice sorry 

Chris: Vice is eliminated.

Olympic What?


Dale: you guys are so cool i am so happy to be here

Challenge: Olympic Relay

Chris: For today's challenge we go to Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games! Here as a team you must relay across the finish line. (Total Lines 25) But careful there might be surprizes along the way. Go!

Dale: *runs* (1 Fans)

Aichi: *runs* (1 Faves)

Dale: *runs* (2 Fans)

Lily: *Runs* (2 Faves)

Dale: *runs* (3 Fans)

Aichi: *runs* (3 Faves)

Dale: *runs* (4 Fans)

Aichi: *runs* (4 Faves)

Lily: *runs* (5 Faves)

Eddie: *runs* (6 Faves)

Lily: *runs* (7 Faves)

Aichi: *runs* (8 Faves)

Lily: *runs* (9 Faves)

Aichi: *runs* (10 Faves)

Lily: *runs* (11 Faves)

Lily Gets hit by a red koopa shell -2 lines for faves

Aichi: *runs* (10 Faves)

Lily: aww.....*runs* (11 Faves)

Aichi: *runs* (12 Faves)

Eddie: *runs* (13 faves)

Kristy: *runs* (5 Fans)

Kristy finds a mushroom + 3 lines for fans

Lightbulb: *runs* (14 faves)

Aichi: *runs* (15 faves)

Jeanette: *Runs* (9 Fans)

Dale: *runs* (10 Fans)

Niall: (runs) (11 Fans)

Dale: *runs* (12 Fans)

Aichi: *runs* (16 faves)

Dale: *runs* (13 Fans)

Aichi: *runs* (17 faves)

Dale: *runs* (14 Fans)

Aichi: *runs* (18 faves)

Dale: *runs* (15 Fans)

Aichi: *runs* (19 faves)

Lily: *runs* ( 20 faves )

Jeanette: *Runs* (16 Fans)

Lily: *Runs* ( 21 faves )

Jeanette: *Runs* (17 fans)

Dale: *runs* (18 Fans)

Rex: *runs* (19 Fans)

Dale: *runs* (20 Fans)

Lightbulb: *runs* (22 faves)

Dale: *runs* (21 Fans)

Lightbulb: *runs* (23 faves)

Dale: *runs* (22 Fans)

Lightbulb: *runs* (24 faves)

Dale: *runs* (23 Fans)

Lightbulb: *finishes* (25 faves) WOOT!!!! GO FAVES!!!!

Chris: The Faves wins! Fans, and Rex you will go to elimination.

Fans Vote 2

Dale: Vins Sorry

Jeanette: Vins

Rex: Vins I guess

Niall: Vins, sorry.

Abigail: I vote Vins. (I had no idea the game was going on. :P derp. I'm here now)

Chris: Vins is eliminated.

Halo My Friend


Challenge: Capture The Teammate

Chris: Welcome to Halo! For this challenge all you have to do is run to save your teammate that the other team captured. (6 lines) But if someone from the other team shoots (2 lines) and you don't dodge (before 2nd line) you get sent back to the begining. Go!

Dale: *runs*

Aichi: *runs*

Dale: *runs*

Aichi: *runs*

Dale: *runs*

Aichi: *runs* (3)

Dale: *runs* (4)

Lightbulb: *runs* Fun fun fun.

Dale: *runs* (5)

Jeanette: *Runs* (1)

Dale: *runs* (6) Win Fans!

Eddie: *runs* (I forgot about the challenge)

Jeanette: *Runs* (2)

Niall: (runs) 

Dale: I already won guys

Chris: Dale wins for the Fans!

Faves Vote 2

Chris: Yeah you all know by now.

Eddie: I vote Chandler

Lightbulb: Chandler.

Aichi: Chandler.

Chris: Chandler is out.

Chris's Mansion

Challenge: Ghost Hunt

Chris: For today's challenge you all get to catch ghosts. (5 lines) The team who reaches 5 ghosts first wins! Be careful the team that loses has double elimination, that means you eliminate 2 people. Go!

Rex: *searches* (Fans Ghost 1 1/5)

Niall: (searches) (Fans Ghost 1 2/5)

Aichi: *Searches* (Faves Ghost 1 1/5)

Niall: (searches) (Fans Ghost 1 3/5)

Rex: *locates ghost* (Fans Ghost 1 4/5)

Aichi: *Searches* (Faves Ghost 1 2/5)

Rex: *captures first ghost* (Fans Ghost 1 5/5)

Niall: (searches) (Fans Ghost 2 1/5)

Rex: *searches* (Fans Ghost 2 2/5)

Kristy: *searches*

Rex: *locates ghost* (Fans Ghost 2 4/5)

Niall: (captures second ghost) (Fans Ghost 2 5/5)

Rex: *searchs* (Fans Ghost 3 1/5)

Niall: (searches) (Fans Ghost 3 2/5)

Eddie: *searches* (Faves Ghost 1 3/5)

Dale: *searches* (Fans Ghost 3 3/5)

Rex: *spots ghost* (Fans Ghost 3 4/5)

Eddie: *seaches* (Faves Ghost 1 4/5)

Dale: *catches ghost* (Fans Ghost 3 5/5)

Rex: Dale you were meant to catch the ghost *catches the third ghost* (Fans Ghost 4 1/5)

Eddie: *catches 1st ghost* (Faves Ghost 1 5/5)

Dale: *searches* (Fans Ghost 4 2/5)

Eddie: *searches* (Faves Ghost 2 1/5)

Rex: *searchs* (Fans Ghost 4 3/5)

Dale: *searches* (Fans Ghost 4 4/5)

Eddie: *searches* (Faves Ghost 2 2/5)

Dale: *catches ghost* (Fans Ghost 4 5/5)

Eddie: *searches* (Faves Ghost 2 3/5)

Rex: *searches* (Fans Ghost 5 1/5)

Eddie: *searches* (Faves Ghost 2 4/5)

Dale: *searches* (Fans Ghost 5 2/5)

Niall: (searches) (Fans Ghost 5 3/5)

Eddie: *catches ghost* (Faves Ghost 2 5/5)

Dale: *searches* (Fans Ghost 5 4/5)

Eddie: *searches* (Faves Ghost 3 1/5)

Dale: *catches ghost* (Fans Ghost 5 5/5) We win!!!!!

Chris: Fans win! Faves you got to vote off two people!

Faves Vote 3

Chris: you got to vote for 2 people now.

Aichi: Micheal and Lily.

Eddie: Micheal and Lily!

Chris: Micheal and Lily are out. But don't leave yet its the merge!


Challenge: Death Vote

Chris: Welcome to the merge! So now you guys get to vote to bring someone who was eliminated. back in the game. And at the end if they don't want to return then, nevermind on that, we might not even need to discuss it. Vote!

Dale: Never met justin-jake but he seems cool i vote hi

Aichi: I vote Lily, my love.

Eddie: I want Justin-Jake back in!

Lightbulb: Vice.

Niall: I guess i vote for Lily to come back.

Chris: 2 votes for Justin-Jake and Lily and 1 vote for Vice.

Rex: *a kunai with the words 'Justin-Jake' flies at a wall*

Kristy: V-I-C-E! Vice!

Abigail: I like Lily! She's nice!

Chris: 3 votes for Justin-Jake and Lily and 2 votes for Vice. Okay since they're both wanted back so much Justin-Jake and Lily are in the game.


Chris: Welcome now thats its the merge you all will be known as The Mighty Mergers!

Lightbulb: Meow.

Dale: Awesome :D

Chris: Challenge time.

Challenge: Ninja War

Chris: Welcome to the world of Naruto For today's real challenge you all must use Ninja attacks and attack every other person. (You can dodge an attack but only before someone else edits) Go!!!

JJ: *Karate Chops Lily*

Lily: *Dodge*

Aichi: *throws Ninja Star at JJ*

Lily: *throws Ninja Star at JJ*

Aichi: Sorry. *Sneaks and barely hits Lily*

Niall: (karate kicks JJ in the face)

Aichi: *Throws a Throwig Knife at Niall*

Eddie: *throws a knife at Dale*

Lightbulb: *shoots lily with a M16*

Jeanette: *Pulls out a master ball containing a magikarp and tells it to use Splash on Lightbulb*

Dale: (am I out?) *Throws shuriken at Aichi*

Jeanette: (YOU GOD-PLAYED! >:( ) *Pulls out a Poke ball containing Giovanni who slaps Aichi*

Niall: (drop kicks Aichi in the head)

Jeanette: *Pulls out Dream Ball containing Mewtwo who uses Psychic on Eddie*

Aichi: *punches Eddie*

Dale: *wins Emo-off with Eddie*

Aichi: *Kicks Jeanette*

Dale: *wins Emo-off with JJ*

Aichi: *Ninja-slaps Abigail*

Rex: *silently stabs Aichi in the back and disappears* (Heh, Rexy has the perfect stereotype for this +_+)

Jeanette: *Silenty pulls out a poke ball containing a Rex Clone (Ditto) who stabs the real Rex*

Rex: *disappears and is replaced with a log, then appears behind Dale and hits him in the neck* (aka. Dodge and Hit)

Jeanette: *Kicks Rex*

Dale: *wins Emo-off with Lily*

Jeanette: *Beats up Aichi*

Dale: *wins Emo-off with Jeannette*

Lightbulb: I'm going to punch your the face. *punches jeannette's face's face in the face*

Jeanette: *Dodges before Lightbulb punches then slaps Dale* 

Aichi: *Throws a knife at Kristy*

Rex: *appears above Niall and rams foot into his head, then disappears*

Jeanette: *Uppercuts JJ*

Dale: *wins Emo-off with Rex*

Lightbulb: *punches jeanette*

Dale: *wins Emo-off with Niall*

Jeanette: *Ninja-Slaps Abigail*

Dale: *wins Emo-off with Lightbulb*

Niall: (fires a ninja star at Rex's head)

Dale: *wins Emo-off with Kristy*

Jeanette: *Slaps Niall*

Dale: *wins Emo-off with Abigail*  I Win!!!

Jeanette: *Mental with Slapping, Slaps Lily*

Chris: Dale and Jeanette win.

Merge Vote 1

Chris: Its a double elimination!

Lightbulb: Lily and Abigail.

Jeanette: Niall and Abigail

JJ: Naill and Abigail

Aichi: Lightbulb and Abigail

Chris: Naill and Abigail are eliminated.

Niall: it's Niall!, jeez...

Miner's Nightmare


Chris: Since its the merge Naill and Abigail joined the jury which will vote for the winner this season.

Challenge: Diamond Hunt

Chris: Welcome to the world of Minecraft! Today you'll enter the caves trying to find a diamond, first to bring back just one diamond wins. (5 lines to find diamond and 5 lines to bring it back)

Kristy: *looks for diamond* (1)

Aichi: *looks for diamond* (1)

Eddie: *looks for diamond* (1)

Aichi: *looks for diamond* (2)

Eddie: *looks for diamond* (2)

Aichi: *looks for diamond* (3)

Eddie: *looks for diamond* (3)

Aichi: *looks for diamond* (4)

Eddie: *looks for diamond* (4)

Jeanette: *Searches* (1)

Dale: *looks for diamond* (1)

Eddie: *looks for diamond* (5)

Dale: *looks for diamond* (2) 

Aichi: *looks for diamond and finds it* (5)

Eddie: *brings back diamond* (1)

Dale: *looks for diamond* (3)

Rex: *explores cave* (1)

Lily: *Looks for diamond* (1)

Eddie: *brings back diamond* (2)

Lily: *looks for diamond* (2)

Dale: *looks for diamond* (4)

Lightbulb: *looks for diamond* (1)

Aichi: *starts bringing it back* (1)

Lightbulb: *searches far and wide* (2)

Aichi: *runs back* (2)

Eddie: *runs back* (3)

Dale: *looks for diamond* (5) 

Lightbulb: *looks for diamond some more* (3)

Eddie: *runs back* (4)

Aichi: *runs back* (3)

Dale: *starts bringing it back* (1) 

Lightbulb: *eats a s'more* To four! (4)

Dale: *runs back* (2)

Eddie: *gets back* (5)

Dale: Well done Eddie!

Eddie: Thank you Dale!

Lightbulb: *finds a diamond in the sky and grabs it* (5)

(Orange: Eddie already won)

Chris: Eddie wins!

Merge Vote 2

Chris: Welcome! Today Eddie is safe!

Lightbulb: Aichi.

Aichi: Lightbulb!

Eddie: Aichi won last season, I watched it all. I vote Aichi

Kristy: A-I-C-H-I! AICHI! Sorry!

Dale: Aichi :'(

Aichi: Thanks a lot guys, you've all been terrible! Except you know Lily and Rex and Kristy, and maybe even Dale.

Chris: Aichi is eliminated! Don't forget Aichi joins the jury now.

Lily: noo !! Aichi !! *cries* !!

The Name's Sonic


Rex: *dumps fifty diamonds in front of everyone* I got lost, but I found a bunch of diamonds

Dale: Its ok your awesomness is here now!

Lightbulb: Baseball bat. *breaks a whole bunch of stuff*

Challenge: Chaos Race

Chris: Welcome to the world of Sonic The Hedgehog! Today you must race each other to collect the Chaos Emeralds. The person who gets the most emeralds wins! (5 lines for a Chaos Emerald) Remember there are only 7 Chaos Emeralds.

Eddie: *runs* (1)

Lily: *runs* (1)

Jeanette: *Runs* (1)

Rex: *light speed dashes through a row of rings* (1)

Lily: *runs* (2)

Eddie: *runs* (2)

Jeanette: *Runs* (2)

Lily: *runs* (3)

Dale: *runs* (1)

Lightbulb: *runs* (1)

Dale: *runs* (2)

Eddie: *runs* (3)

Dale: *runs* (3)

Lily: *runs* (4)

Rex: *homing attacks a group of enemies* (2)

Jeanette:*Sprints* (3)

Dale: *runs* (4)

Lily: *takes the Chaos Emerald* (5)

Dale: *takes the Chaos Emerald* (5)

Jeanette: *Sprints* (4)

Dale: *runs* (1)

Chris: Both Lily and Dale each have a Chaos Emerald!

Dale: *runs* (2) 

Rex: *collects 50th ring* (3)

Lightbulb: *runs* (2)

Dale: *runs* (3)  

Jeanette: *Gets Emerald*

Lightbulb: *runs* (3)

Rex: *is transported to special stage* (4)

Dale: *runs* (4) 

Jeanette: *Runs* (1)

Lily: *runs* (1)

Dale: *takes the Chaos Emerald* (5)

Lightbulb: *runs* (4)

Rex: *finishes special stage and grabs blue emerald* Yeah! (5)

Dale: *runs* (1)

Lily: *runs* (2)

Dale: *runs* (2)

Jeanette: *Runs* (3)

Lightbulb: *grabs chaos emerald* Making me chaotic!

Rex: *starts running through next stage* (1)

Jeanette: *Runs* (4)

Dale: *runs* (3)  

Jeanette: *Sprints and grabs Second Emerald*

Dale: All 7 Emeralds are taken and me and Jeannette have both got two

Lightbulb: I have the master emerald!

Rex: Let's see... Lily, Dale, Jeanette, Dale again, Me, Lightbulb and Jeanette again. Yep that's seven

Chris: Anyone who got an emerald wins! So Rex, Lily, Dale, Lightbulb, and Jeanette.

Merge Vote 3

Chris: Guys vote!!!

Dale: I vote Kristy

Lightbulb: Uh Dale.

JJ: Kirsty Sorry :(

Franky: I also vote Kirsty (Doesn't Dale have immunity as he won the challenge, cuz he got one of the emeralds)

Rex: *isn't there, but a signpost that says 'Kristy' can be seen*

Lily: Kristy sorry :(

Chris: Kristy Is Gone!

The Vote Ends With You...


Dale:Oh my god! cant believe i made it to the final 7 with you guys!

Jeanette; Hey OMG Final seven is so great *Whispers to Rex. Dale and JJ* Wanna be in a final 4 alliance

Lily: wow Final 7 Congratulations at all :)

Lightbulb: Final 7 time to get that jerk Lily out.

Chris: To compete in today's challenge you all need to partner up, and since there are only 7 of you are left so someone will be left without a partner.

Eddie: Rex, want to be my partner?

Rex: *gives Eddie a headband* I would be honoured (Does that mean whoever is left will be automatically eliminated?)

Jeanette: Hey Dale, Wanna be my partner

Dale: Sure!

Lily: mmm....Lightbulb, want be my partner ? 

JJ: Lily, Wanna parter with me? :D

Lily: Sure JJ, great team ;)

Chris: Since Lightbulb has no partner Lightbulb will have to sit out of the challenge gaining immunity.

Challenge: The Underground

Chris: Welcome to The Underground! Aka, the world of The World Ends With You. Today the 3 pairs will be players in the Reaper's Game. I'll be giving you missions and Lightbulb will be a reaper preventing you from accomplishing the missions. Your first mission is to fight off noises, as a team you need to get rid of 20.

Dale: *gets rid of noise* (1)

Eddie: *gets rid of noise* (1)

Dale: *gets rid of noise* (2) 

Lily: *gets rid noise* (1)

Dale: *gets rid of noise* (3) 

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (2)

Dale: *gets rid of noise* (4)  

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (3)

Dale: *gets rid of noise* (5)  

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (4)

Dale: *gets rid of noise* (6)  

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (5)

Dale: *gets rid of noise* (7)   

Lightbulb: *does reaper stuff*

Eddie: *gets rid of noise* (2)

Jeanette: *Gets rid of noise* (8)

Rex: *slashes at noise* (3)

Lily: *Gets rid of noise* (6)

Rex: *summons noise to beat noise* (4) (I have the game, and I am using pin attacks! I am not making it worse for us!)

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (7)

Rex: *creates fire around noise* (5)

Chris: Jeanette and Dale have a total of 8, Lily and JJ a total of 7, and Rex and Eddie have 5.

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (8)

JJ: *gets rid of noise* (9)

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (10)

JJ: *gets rid of noise* (11)

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (12)

JJ: *gets rid of noise* (13)

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (14)

Rex: *levitates noise* (6)

JJ: *Gets rid of noise* (15)

Lily: *gets rid of noise* (16)

Chris: Lily and JJ win this mission!  And since I'm bored they win the challenge!

Merge Vote 4

Chris: Welcome today Lightbulb, Lily, and JJ are safe.

Jeanette: Eddie

Lily: umm....i vote Eddie becuase he tried to eliminate me sorry Eddie :(

Dale: Sorry Eddie :(

JJ: Looks like its Jeanette or Eddie. No offence but i have to vote Jeanette:L

Eddie: Sorry but Jeanette

Lightbulb: Jeanette I guess.

Rex: I will not vote for my partner. So I vote for Jeanette (Hate school, hate sleep, hate timezones -.-#)

Chris: And the votes ends with you... Jeannette being eliminated!

Need For Immunity

Challenge: Racing Fever

Chris: For today's challenge you! The final 6 will have to race in the world of Need For Speed! You will be racing on a circut race track so you must go from here to back here. First person to arrive wins immunity to the final 5. (10 lines) Go!

Eddie: *starts* (1)

Dale: *drives* (1)

Lightbulb: *starts* (1)

Dale: *drives* (2) 

Rex: *hops out of car and starts walking along the track* (1)

Chris: Dale is in the lead.

Dale: *drives* (3)  

Lightbulb: *drives* (2)

Dale: *drives* (4)  

Lightbulb: *drives* (3)

Dale: *drives* (5)   

Lightbulb: *drives* (4)

Dale: *drives* (6)   

Lightbulb: *drives* (5)

Dale: *drives* (7)  

Lightbulb: *drives* (6)

Dale: *drives* (8)  

Lightbulb: *drives* (7)

Dale: *drives* (9)  

Lightbulb: *crashes into somebody and goes flying into the finish line*

Dale: *drives* (10)  

Lightbulb: *drinks lemonade*

Chris: Dale Wins!

Merge Vote 5

Chris: Welcome to the final vote before the finale. Why? Beacause it's a double elimination! So Dale is garanteed a spot in the final 4. You guys have to vote for 2 contestants. Vote!

Lightbulb: Lily and JJ.

Eddie: Lily and ......... Rex, I am sorry pal.

Rex: Lily and JJ (Again, I say that I hate sleep so much!)

Dale: Lily and JJ sorry :'(

Chris: Looks like Lily and JJ are eliminated.


Trivia Pursit Or Die

Final Challenge: Truth Or Dodge

Chris: Welcome to the finale!

Eddie: Hai! Finale again? SWEET!

Chris: Okay lets start the final challenge.

Lightbulb: Wow haven't made it to the finale in a while. :D. Best wishes guys.

'Chris: 'So welcome to the final challenge. Today I'll ask you questions! If you get it right you win a point. If you get it wrong...well you'll have to run a lap (4 lines) around the stage being chase by angry and starving tigers to get a point! First to 5 points wins. Question 1, In season 1 of Total Drama Next who won Total Drama Forrest, and what happened to the money?

Lightbulb: Seth but it got taken by a leopard who fell in a volcano.

Chris: Point Lightbulb! Question 2, How many veterans were in the second season, Total Drama The World?

Lightbulb: 9

Chris: Wrong!

Lightbulb: *runs* (1)

(If 10 minutes pass with no one else editing you may edit again if you're running - Johnny)

Eddie: 10!

Lightbulb: *runs* (2)

Chris: Point Eddie! Question 3, Where was the first challenge in Total Drama Japan?

Lightbulb: *runs* (3)

Eddie: Mount Fuji. I remember it like it was the last season I was in, because it was!

Lightbulb: *runs* Back in it!

Chris: Both Eddie and Lightbulb have 2 points! Who did Aichi fall in love with last season, Total Drama Carnival Nights.

Eddie: Lily!

Chris: Point Eddie! Question 5, in this season how many of the game worlds we went through belonged to Nintendo?

Eddie: 3

Chris: Point Eddie! Question 6, Who has had the most votes against them so far this season?

Eddie: Lily! 

Chris: Eddie wins the final challenge! Now we're off to the final elimination before the Jury vote.

Final Elimination

Chris: So Eddie won. Now you Dale, Rex, and Lighbulb, only 2 of you will go on with Eddie to the Jury Vote. The eliminsted contestant though will join the jury. Vote!

Eddie: Dale

Lightbulb: Dale

Rex: Dale

Chris: Well Dale come join the jury.

Jury Vote

Chris: Before they vote would anyone care to try to convince them to vote for them?

Rex: If I have done well I don't need to make a speech *shrugs* And ninjas work in secret, so I have no experience in public speaking

Eddie: My turn! Now I know I haven't done the best in the challenges, but I have worked my way up to the finals. Lightbulb and I got Dale and Jeanette out. I almost got out in The Vote Ends With You... but I managed to get Jeanette out, somehow. Now for the shout-outs. Shout out to Abigail for being so awesome! Shout out to Kristy for cheering! Shout out to Lightbulb for being so OMGA. Shout out to JJ for being so popular! Shout out to Aichi for winning Carnival Nights! Shout out to Lily for being so sweet! Shout out goes to Dale for being so cool! Shout out goes to Jeanette for being........ Jeanettish! Shout out goes to Niall for being awesome!

Lightbulb: Hey guys I'm so glad to be here but if you don't vote me that's okay.  I haven't won a camp in a while but I would like to win this one.  I am sorry for voting out you people but it had to be done for me to be able to get to this point in the game.  I know that Rex and Eddie may deserve to be here more than me, but I would really like your vote.  Thank you.

Chris: Time for the jury of Niall, Abigail, Aichi, Kristy, Jeanette, Justin-Jake, Lily, and Dale to vetoe for the person they chose to win.

Dale: Can I ask a question?

Chris: Um, sure.

JJ: Lightbulb!

Dale: Can the 3 of you describe your game in one word? (be honest)

Eddie: Challenging

Aichi: I vote Rex.

Chris: 1 vote for Rex and 1 for Lightbulb.

Lightbulb: To answer Dale's question: Strategy.

Jeanette: ... Eddie

Rex: I guess I would say, Participation

Dale: My vote goes to Rex 

ChrisL 2 votes for Rex, 1 for Lightbulb, and 1 for Eddie

Lily: i vote Rex :)

Rex: Thanks *gives headbands to Aichi, Dale and Lily* You are welcome in my dojo anytime

Chris: 3 votes for Rex, 1 for Lightbulb and I for Eddie. We have a winner! Congratulations REX!!! You won TOTAL DRAMA GAME ON!!!

Lightbulb: Uh whatever.  Come on Eddie, let's go.

Rex: Thank you everyone for being worthy adverseries

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