16 contestants will be sent to live in the tree top of a forest where they will be sent through extreme challenges. Only 2 ways to get get eliminated or reach victory. This is Total Drama Forrest.


  1. No Goddplay!
  2. Confessionals are private!
  3. Decisions are final!
  4. Votes are Final!
  5. Whatever you do, do not step off the treetops. It's like Quitting.

Sign-Ups (Closed)

Name, Gender, Stereotype, User(+ link)

Ex: Xros, Male, The Master, XrosHearts

  1. Nathan, Male, The Strategist, XrosHearts
  2. Allisyn, Female, TheWitty One, SinsMakePeople Eliminated Day 2
  3. Kristy, Female, The Over-Peppy Cheerleader, TrentFan
  4. Angelea, Female, The Loud Mouth, TotalDramaFan90
  5. Gramps, Male, The Strong Old Man, Youre2490 Eliminated Day 1
  6. Kole, Male, The Evil Mastermind, Pink Panda Eliminated Day 3
  7. Seth, Male , The Annoying Goofball,Emma says Sorry for party rocking
  8. Norman, Male, The Eccentric Inventor, Scienceboy0 Eliminated Day 3
  9. Millie, Female, The Sporty Chick, BlazeHead 51 Eliminated Day 3
  10. Liam, Male, The Hockey Lover, Flamethrower12 Eliminated Day 4
  11. Sasha, Female, The Loud and Proud, Jessica Eliminated Day 2
  12. Stern, Male, The One Who Will Be Eliminated First, Redo
  13. Josh, Male, The Funny Guy, Survivor321 Eliminated Day 3
  14. Holly, Female, The She-Devil, Sunslicer2 Eliminated Day 5
  15. Albert, Male, The Calculative Nerd, Roy49 Eliminated Day 5
  16. Quinn, Female, The Horror Movie Chick, Daymoo1998



  • Nathan and Angelea
  • Allisyn and Angelea
  • Kole and Angelea
  • Seth and Angelea
  • Seth and Norman
  • Liam and Kole
  • Liam and Nathan
  • Kristy and Angelea
  • Allisyn and Seth
  • Allisyn and Norman
  • Allisyn and Liam
  • Quinn and Gramps
  • Liam and Millie
  • Liam and Albert
  • Liam and Norman
  • Stern and Holly
  • Quinn and Albert


  • Kole and Stern
  • Nathan and Albert and Seth and Kristy and Norman
  • Holly and Quinn and Allisyn and Stern
  • Albert and Norman
  • Quinn and Stern


  • Quinn and Stern

Day 0


Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Forrest where contestants will live in the tree tops of a forest to compete for fame and one million dollars.

Nathan: Wow that's a nice tree mansion.

Chris: That's where all of you will be staying so get up there.

Allisyn: Let's go, slow poke!

Kristy: Give me a T! Give me a D! It's Total Drama!

Angelea: Angelea is here! If you want a picture with me, just say so.

Nathan: There are others here too.

Kristy: Hello everyone, I'm Kristy, and I love to cheer!

Nathan: Hi! I'm Nathan.

Chris: Everyone get up there!

Angelea: Uh hehe, no. Angelea is not getting on that tree!

Allisyn: *Grunts And Paces To TreeTops*

Nathan: Angelea the world does not revolve around you so you have to go up there. *Goes to the tree tops*

Kristy: Okay I'll go! *goes to the tree tops*

Kole: Hello. *smiles*

Anagelea: Y'all are freaks if your willing to get up there.

Allisyn: Angelea, don't be callin' them freaks when you already are.

Nathan: No denying that. *laughs*

Angelea: *Death stares Allisyn and Nathan*

Allisyn: Nathan, good luck with her. *Gives Thumbs-Up*

Anaglea: How am I supposed to fit all mah suitcases up in that flingy tree?!

Kole: (CONF: I'm just going to watch these people fight and laugh my head off.)

Chris: There is a Mansion up there on a bunch of trees.

Allisyn: Angelea should've shoved it up her loud mouth.

Nathan: Got that right.

Angelea: WHAT?! Oh. it's on sistah! *takes off her earrings and heads up the tree*

Seth:*Climbs* Hey Nubs *jumps on tree branch*

Kole: *talks to her like she's stupid*You should get it up one at a time, Anaglea.

Angelea: Bug off!

Seth:*too Angelea* HEY THURDER THIGHS TRY AND GET ME NAHH NAHH NAHH NAHH *climbs like a monkey*

Nathan: *To Seth and Kristy* Next time we have elimination we need to eliminate Angelea.

Allisyn: But she is so awesome to make fun of! Please, Nathan? *Makes Sad Puppy Eyes And Hugs Nathan* For me?

Angelea: This is not what I signed up for y'all

Nathan: *Blushes* Um I'll see what I can do.

Allisyn: *Lets Go Of Nathan* YAY!

Gramps: *climbs up*

Kole: I'm glad she's not on my team.

Allisyn: *Sees Gramps And Screams* Old Guy Alert!


Allisyn: Seth, shut up, please.

Nathan: Take Angelea!

Angelea: *Files her nails*


Seth: *in a girl voice* Whatevea

Angelea: Eww, *Throws her high heel at Gramps*

Allisyn: Finally, she's done one good thing here.

Seth;*climbs more pulls gramps pants down* HAHAHA *Keeps climbing*

Angelea: Stupid Seth.

Kristy: Give me a T! Give me an R! Give me two E's! We're on a treetop!

Angelea: Shut up!

Kole: No duh, Sherlocks.

Kristy: *frowns* Sorry. I just like to cheer.

Angelea: Really? Oh I just thought you like to be loud and annoying!

Seth: *makes it*

Kristy: I said I'm sorry.

Seth: YEAH THURDER LEAVE THIS HO... i mean this girl ALONE! ( Seth likes kristy)

Kristy: Thanks for supporting me.

Kole: Well, Kristy, maybe you should calm down with the cheering. It gets really annoying.

Seth: No... probelm *blushes*

Kristy: *to Kole* Well maybe, but there's a reason I'm always cheering....*to Seth* Thanks again.

Kole: And what is that reason?

Seth: Shes a cheerleader one of does Se.... i mean peppy cheerleaders

Norman: *Flies next to everyone with his helecopter pack* Need a lift?

Kristy: *to Kole* Well, um, yeah, that's it. Well, good luck in the game, I hope you do okay!

Millie: uhh....hi's good to be here..hehee..

Allisyn: Seth and Kristy sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G!

Millie: wha?, there's a relationship already?

Kristy: What? No, me and Seth are just friends.

Millie: oh, OK.

Seth: Yeah what she said

Norman: Wow! This is amazing! This competition will be a a good one! *speaks in a British accent*

Kristy: So, Millie, what do you like to do? I like to cheer!

Allisyn: I'M BORED!!!!!!!!!

Norman: Want a ride on my helibackpack? It'll be fun!

Millie: just playing some sports and hanging out with friends...and i like cheering as well!

Norman: Are you trying to ignore me?

Allisyn: Me?

Millie: of course we're not Norman.

Kristy: *to Millie* That sounds fun! *to Norman* We just don't know who you're talking to.

Seth:*sighs* NAH i dont ride on nerds backs *kicks helibackpack* *walks away*

Norman: What? ANd people were just starting to like *falls down* MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Millie: (looks down) are you OK Norman!?

Norman: I'm OK, Just, AHG! A little bruised up.

Allisyn: Where's Nathan and the others?

Norman: *gets up* I'm glad this thing is repairable. *grabs grass to fix it* Done!

Angelea: *Answers a phone call* Oh hey sister! Nah, I'm not busy, just hangin' out with a bunch of losers.

Allisyn: *Mimicks Angelea* Oh hey sister! Nah, I'm not busy, just hanging with a bunch of people and a blabbing snob who goes by the name Angelea.

Angelea: Could you please hold on for a second, thanks. IM TRYING TO TAKE A CALL!

Norman: *fies to the top* That wasn't very nice Seth.

ALlisyn: Psh, like I care.

Seth: like I care *lets out a huge fart for Norman *

Allisyn: Playfully Hard Punches Seth* Be quiet, pelase.

Norman: I hate these low brianed homosapians.

Allisyn: Norman, pelase speak English.

Seth: oww now Ill look at kristy she's ho... Nah I'll go *walks away*

Norman: Its latin for human. Part of the classification of animals. I can't beleive you don't understand.

Allisyn: I can't believe you know Latin.

Norman: Didici in Europa.

Kristy: Wow, you're really smart. S M A R T, smart!

Allisyn: Te nutrientibus. Prohibere loquentes Latine.

Seth:*budds in* Hey Kristy u look very nice too day * does a backflip* and ur really.. nice I mean really nice GAH!

Kristy: Thanks.

Allisyn: Somebdoy likes Kristy..

Seth: I like her as a friend (CONF) she's too Hot and nice

Norman:*Looks at Allisyn disappointed* Fine.

Kristy: So you two were talking in latin? Was it F U N, fun?

Gramps: Halló ný vinir mínir.

Allisyn: *Has Annoyed Face* No, it wasn't. (CONFD) Kristy and Seth could be a cute annoying couple.

Kristy: Oh, well at least you can talk latin.

Allisyn. Yeah...

Kristy: That proves your smart too!

Allisyn: Well, I'm not a nerd like Norman

Gramps: Te potest Latine loqui?

Kristy: *to Allisyn* Well being smart is still good, you should be proud!

Allisyn: I like to take my place as a witty or clever girl.

Kristy: That's cool!

Allisyn: Thanks.

Kristy: No problem.

Seth:(CONF) even know i like acting annoying im still strong im not just one annoying twit.

Allisyn: (CONF) Someone kill me.

Nathan: (CONF) I was gone to find a room for me and this happens?

Allisyn: * Fake Smiles To Kristy *

Seth:*glares at Norman*

Kristy: (CONF) Everyone seems nice here so far, I think.

Liam: Hey, hockey fans!

Nathan: Hey calm down. Let's remember to not get mad at each other because we need friends.

Allisyn: *Shrugs* Idon't hate anybody. I just don't really like how they act.

Nathan: I wasn't talking about you.

Allisyn: Norman and Seth?

Nathan: Yep!

Chris: You should try to get to your rooms. First come first serve!

Nathan: I already got my room.

Kristy: Okay, I'll take this room *walks into a room*

Liam: My room! *goes into room* Now can you all shut up?

Angelea: Yeah, all y'all better shut up so I can get some piece and quiet! *Goes in 1 room*

Allisyn: *Goes Into Room*

Sasha: *climbs up tree and walks into mansion* Hey! Sasha's in the house... mansion...! *chooses her room*

Seth:*goes into room* MY ROOM!

Millie: (goes into a cozy looking room) this looks cool!

Nathan: What else is here?

Chris: Why don't you look around ... heh heh. *talks on phone* Hey where's Chef!

Liam: I hate you all!

Nathan: Let's see how far you get with that attitude.

Liam: I would quit if I could....

Nathan: Then why did you even join?

Stern: *wet & panting* Sorry I'm late Chris! I didn't catch the plane in time, so I had to swim. Nice place here. I think I'll take the room on the right, if you don't mind. *picks a room on the right* Sweet crib.

Liam: For publicity. I am a hockey player on the Nashville Predators....

Kole: I really don't care.

Seth: yeah what he said Nashville sucks even Miami is better HAHAHA

Kristy: *walks out of her room after leaving her stuff in there* Uh, what was happening?

Seth: heyy kristy Liam is just being Liam

Josh: *runs in* Hi! I'm Josh!

Kristy: *To Josh* Hi Josh! Welcome! I hope you enjoy staying here with the rest of us! *to Seth* Oh, okay, thanks!

Liam: *to Seth* I am gonna just take that as a compliment.

Josh: *to Kristy* I am, thanks.

Kole: Hey, Josh.

Gramps: Hello

Josh: *to Kole* Hey Kole.

Liam: Hey, Josh.

Josh: Hey Liam,.

Kole: (CONF: I need to make an aliiance. Who's on my team, again?)

Seth: sup josh

Josh: Not much.

Seth:Same here

Kristy: (CONF) I wonder why some people are fighting this early, I think everyone's nice, maybe except Angelea, but still I'm glad to be here. (Non-CONF) *to Seth* Hey, Seth I want to ask you something. Do you think my cheering is annoying?

Seth: of course not imma acrobat Im kinda like a cheerleader but I don't cheer and ur cheering is awesome and look what I can do *does a backflip and lands on splits* that only hurt for a second but ur cheering is not annoying

Kristy: Thanks *hugs Seth*

Seth:*hugs Kristy* (CONF) YES! YES! YES!

Kristy: (CONF) Seth is one of the nicest people here, I'm happy to have met him. (Non-CONF) I'm happy to have met someone as cool as you!

Seth: and im glad that i met a nice girl like u

Kristy: *blushes a little* Aw, thanks. (CONF) Seth is really sweet.

Angelea: *Comes out of her room* Aww love birds! Bleh.

Norman: *randomly goes into room* Hmmm......I don't like it. *takes small cube out of backpack* Here we are! *sets it on the ground and runs away, closing door* FIRE IN THE HOLE! *Huge explosion is heard from the room* There. *Open door and it is filled with a work bench and many draws with metal in them* I love my porta-room.

Nathan: Uhhh? I'm going to see this treetop place there may be a pool

Stern: Well, considering that it's Total Drama, the conditions of a pool probably wouldn't be comfortable to begin with.

Angelea: Pool? Outta my way! *Pushes Stern and Nathan*

Stern: *to Nathan* Woah. I hope I'm not on her team!

Kole: *whispers to some of his teammates* Alliance? (Emma AKA Pink Panda: REply if you want to be in it, accepting two-to-three people)

Allisyn: *Comes Out Of Room* What did I miss?

Nathan: *Finds a pool* Yay! A fancy pool! *Dives in* Yay now I don't want to go.

Millie: i love swimming! (jumps in)

Stern: *to Kole* Alright, I'm in. :)

Kole: *smiles slightly evily* 'Kay, now we need one or so more people.

Allisyn: *Sees Pool* All right! *Jumps In*

Seth:POOL!! *runs around screaming like a little girl but trips into pool* Woot woot!

Kristy: Not to keen on pools, but P O - yeah, I'm not cheering for that.

Allisyn: Come on, Kristy! (CONF) If she's not cheering, she is my best friend.

Kristy: No thanks, I'll just hang around the pool. You guys enjoy yourselves!

Allisyn: *Pouts* Come on, Kristy! One third of the campers are already in it!

Kristy: Uh....fine. *Goes into the pool, hesitating*

Allisyn: *Frowns* What's wrong?

Kristy: I'm not so fond of pools, rivers, lakes, or the ocean....but I'll be fine!

Allisyn: How about if I pull you slowly?

Kristy: I'm fine, I'll just stay here.

Allisyn: *Rolls Eyes And Sees Dirty Underwear* Oh, gross! Ew!

Kristy: What?

Allisyn: *Points To Underwear*

Kristy: What?(CONF) I'm not scared of pools, no, I just really, really, REALLY dislike them.

Allisyn: Three words. Dirty. Under. Wear.

Kristy: *Sees underwear floating by* Oh....

Allisyn: *Pukes and Wipes Mouth* First camper to puke. Whoop dee doo.

Kristy: Good job? I'm going to get out of the pool. *gets out of the pool*

Allisyn: *Gets Out Of Pool* (CONF)*Pukes For 6 Seconds* Only decent place where I can puke.I'm not cleanin' it!

Kristy: I knew I shouldn't have gone into the pool. Give me a K, give me an N, E, and W. Knew. I think I'm not going into the pool, anymore.

Nathan: *Drains the pool* Yuck, I'm taking a shower *Goes to take a shower*

Seth: *Looks at undies and pukes*

Nathan: *Finished taking a shower* Next to puke has to pick those and throw them off the treetops.

Chris: Holly now arrived when the other 2 get here we can start.

Seth: Maybe it's Normans undies HAHAHa

Norman: *walks in* No, I don't go in pools. But it does seem that my undergarments are missing.

Nathan: *points to underwear in pool* Are those yours.

Norman: Yikes! How did those even get in there?

Seth:*laughs* well don't look at me

Norman: *takes underwhere and glares at Seth* I hate you. *Walks back to his room*

Seth: Love u too !! XD (CONF) Seth: I hate him

Allisyn: *Lies Down* I'll wake up when I want to. Or somebody wake me up when the first challenge off. Seth and Norman, off limits.

Millie: you know what, i think i'll go wright in my diary..(walks away)

Norman: *takes some leaves off the tree* I think I could make something out of these. *goes into room and locks doors*

Holly: *arrives and is disgusted by Norman* Oh, yeah, announce that you're going to the bathroom. Please, enlighten us even more, why don't you?

Allisyn: (CONF) Holly is my favorite camper here. Next to somebody else you don't even wan to know.

Seth:*Spies on Kristy* *whispers* Oh yeah shes hot

Norman: *from room* I'm not going to the bathroom! I'm making a machine!

Allisyyn: *Wakes Up ANd Stands* Trying to get some sleep here!

Holly: *grabs a fan off the ground and begins to fan herself* Good luck. *sits down next to Allisyn*

Allisyn: Thanks for the support.

Holly: Everyone needs support when we're sleeping in this filth, and by... *she glares at Norman* freaks.

Allisyn: Okay, I call Norman a nerd hated by Seth. Seth is a freak. Try to learn that, please.

Seth:(CONF) I hate Allisyn she's a Prima donna I hate her I'll annoy her >:)(NONCONF)*runs too Allisyn door knocks on her door and bolts out*

Allisyn: (CONF) Like I didn't know Seth knocked on my door. I'm used to him. He can be useful.*Gasps* I'm starting to be Angelea...*Sobs* I don't want to be that blabbing creep.

Seth:(CONF) I hate Angelea and I hate Allisyn I'll call them the Abombs

Allisyn: Okay, back to my nap. *Falls Asleep*

Gramps: (CONF) So I need an alliance if I'm going to get anywhere.

Allisyn: (CONF) I'm thinking about having an alliance with Kristy, Holly, Kole, Stern, Liam, or Gramps. Wait, Gramps is out.

Gramps: (CONF) This will be hard.

Allisyn: (CONF) I need to do this all before the first challenge comes.

Gramps: (CONF) Maybe Allisyn

Allisyn: (CONF) *Shrugs* I'll manage.

Albert: *Examining the treetop that he is standing on* Hmm... seems to be sturdy but I will have to check further. *Rips a branch off and looks closely at it* This is some strong oak.

Liam: *pushes Allisyn*

Albert: *To Liam* You seemed to have greatly injured that poor feminine.

Allisyn: Ow! Why'd you do that? *Pushes Harder*

Albert: Hey, now. *Pushes Allisyn and Liam away from each other* This is not a good time to be making conflict. I mean we are standing on some well preserved oak and I calculate that if you two continue like this, you'll both be hating each other for the entire season and we all know we don't want something like that to... *Dodges some thrown punches*

Allisyn: That's called enemies, dumbo.

Albert: I am not a "dumbo". In fact, I have been doing algebraic equations by the time you were in diapers.

Allisyn: In fact, you smell like used diapers.

Albert: *Smells himself* I do not.

Seth: YAY another person u seem better then Norman

Allisyn: True.

Albert: (CONF) You, civilizians, sitting in your living rooms may be wondering why a intellictually-superior man like me would be in such a bizarre competition. Well, besides the Math Olympics, Spelling Bees, and numerous Calculus-a-thons, I hadn't really done anything to test my overall high IQ. So, I thought doing a competition like this could be a way of showing how my intellects would work in such outside environments. *Gets out his notebook* I calculate a 32% chance I will be winning this... I certainly have high expectations.

Nathan: (CONF) Albert seems like a super mega nerd. That might just help.


Nathan: Hey Albert, Seth and Kristy I don't know if you noticed but people don't like you that much so why not form an alliance until the end how about it?

Albert: Will this be one of those alliances where you will be just using us to eliminate some targets and then, getting rid of us when all the dirty work is done? Because if it's not, then I guess I can work with these folk. *Points to Allisyn and Seth*

Holly: *still fanning herself* Hey, Albert, come over here. I wanna talk. Now.

Albert: *Walks over to Holly* And what is it you want with my business?

Allisyn: *Eyes Holly Suspiciously*

Nathan: *To Albert* No this is to go to the final 4 besides Allisyn isn't on your team.

Albert: Oh... *Looks at Alisyn* well, then, I'm DEFINETELY in the alliance.

Nathan: Good. *Sees Angelea* Oh hi Angelea.

Allisyn: *Shakes Head and Stays Silent*

Nathan: Angelea why don't you join our alliance since you know, everyone hates you.

Albert: (CONF) *Looks at his notebook* According to some written research, being part of an alliance in the beginning of a competition will allow you to have a better chance at winning compared to going at it alone. I certainly cannot agrue with that research... considering it's my own.

Albert: Hey, Seth, you want to be a part of Nathan's alliance.

Seth: Sure *gives albert an evil stare*

Albert: Hey, civilian, don't give men stares like that... it could get stuck.

Seth: Sorry dude and Yes of Course

Albert: Also, watch the way you speak... it sometimes gets off-putting. *Goes to Nathan* Good news, Seth is in on the alliance.

Kristy: *to Albert* Hi, nice to see someone new!

Seth: Hey Kristy u look really nice today (CONF) I love her but I'm not letting her win HAHAHA

Kristy: Oh, hey Seth. Uh, thanks for the compliment.

Norman: *walks out of room* There! *holds up a green colored machine* It makes syrup! And all made from the leaves of this very tree.

Seth: Heheh no Problem

Kristy: *to Seth* Do you compliment a lot of people, where you're from?

Seth: well no I only Compliment certain people

Kristy: Is that a good or a bad thing?

End of Day 0

Day 1


Norman: *sees Albert* Hello there! I take it your as high intelect as myself. (Sorry, won't be able to do challenge. I'm going to New York tommorow. Scienceboy0 00:37, June 3, 2012 (UTC))

Nathan: Uhhh?

Allisyn: Norman and Albert are twins!? *Squeals* THAT'S SO COOL!

Seth: that's a good thing kristy I don't want too be known for the guy who flirts with everyone

Angelea: Does anybody have a laptop? I need to check mah facebook!

Norman: We are not twins, I obvously would know about that.

Allisyn: But you two are intelligent!

Kristy: *to Seth* Oh, well, thanks for the compliment Seth.

Norman: There are many intellegent people in this universe.

Seth:*too kristy* No problem *too angelea* Its science Norman is a dork and albert is normal soo there not twins

Allisyn: Don't see the difference.

Nathan: Hey Kristy Will you join our alliance? And Angelea if you join my alliance I'll lend you my laptop.

Kristy: Sure, I'll join.

Albert: *Stares at everybody* (CONF) People are starting to think me and this Norman individual are twins. When I do not believe we are even closely related, maybe, far distantly related but not closely. Although, I do admit we are quite similar, personality-wise.

Sasha: *walks around* (CONF) Now the game begins! (NONCONF) Oh, yeah! Day one! Let's go, Sloths!

Nathan: Oh hey Sasha want to join our alliance?

Albert: (CONF) Geesh, is Nathan going to include the entire team in his alliance?

Nathan: *To Albert* We need 5 people in the alliance so we can choose who gets the boot if we go to elimination.

Albert: Oh, I see. I presumed from the looks of what I could concur that you really want a lot of people in your alliance. I do not proceive that as a bad thing I was just simply curious.

Allisyn: Am I the only Frog alive? Forever alone, I guess.

Holly: *filing her nails with a stick* Please, don't bring up that God forsaken mem or whatever it's called. I have to heard about it from dweebs at my school who try to talk to me.

Nathan: Don't worry I'm pretty sure your not going home well at least first from your team.

Albert: (CONF) I am kind of curious to see what kinds of challenges can prosper from this bizarre location. I predict it involves a lot of physical labor. (Non-CONF) Hmm... it seems a lot of people are not being that active at this moment. Hopefully, the upcoming challenge will liven things up.

Trust - a - thon

Chris: Welcome to today's Trust Challenge it will be split into 3 parts the trust catch, the trust race, and the trust shoot.

Trust Catch

Chris: Here one person catches another person from 100 feet in the sky and the first to do this wins so Kole catches Allisyn and Angelea catches Nathan.

Nathan: I hope Angelea catches me.

Allisyn: Kole, please catch me...

Chris: You 2 are going to have to jump.

Allisyn: I have a fear of heights....

Nathan: Fine, Angelea are you ready!

Chris: Sloths won the other challenges so this won't be needed.

Trust Race

Chris: One person shall guide the other through a thorn field, a giant spider's web , and a pool filled with underwear first pair through wins Kristy blindfolded and Seth Vs. Gramps blindfolded and Holly.

Seth: Kristy all u do is too listen too me and ur going too be fine

Kristy: *with blindfold on* I hope so....

Seth:Me too...

Kristy: So do we begin now?

Seth: I don't know Chris do we begin now?

Chris: GO!!!

Seth:Ok Kristy go Stright and if u feel if ur going too bang in too somthing use ur hands!

Kristy: *begins walking straight*

Seth: ok then go left!

Kristy: *walks to the left* Please be the right way.

Seth: ok ok than go Stright (Ok how many lines and how do u know if ur right or not)

Kristy: *walks straight* Okay, straight...

Seth: no wait go Right

Gramps: *with blindfold on* Can I have some help Holly? (CONF) If she doesn't help and we loseI'll vote her out first.

Chris: Kristy is at the giant spider's web

Gramps: I guess I'll walk without instructions. *walks straight*

Kristy: Okay, where next, Seth?

Seth:ok now go straight

Kirsty: *walks straight* Okay....

Gramps: *trips*

SetH: go right

Chris: Gramps is at the giant spider's web.

Gramps: *gets up* Ok at the web but in which direction do I walk?

Kristy: *walks right*

Seth: ok now go left

Kristy: *walks to the left*

Seth: now go straight

Chris: Kristy is at the pool of underwear.

Kristy: *walks straight*

Seth: ok go straight again

Kristy: *walk straight*

Gramps: *stars walking left*

Chris: Kristy is almost across the finish line.

Gramps: *continues to walk left*

Seth: kristy keep on going straight

Kristy: *walks straight, nervously*

Chris: *Activates land mines*

Seth: Oh crap! Kristy go left

Gramps: *tries to go straight*

Kristy: *goes left* Uh.....

Chris: Kristy is almost there.

Seth: Kristy go right

Kristy: *walks right* Okay.....

Chris: Kristy and Seth win the second point for the Screaming Sloths

Gramps: (CONF) Goodbye Holly

Trust Shoot

Chris: One person shall throw snaping turtles at their partner trying to knock off a mango from their heads first to do so wins Albert throws and Norman Vs. Liam throwing and Millie.

Albert: What will I be doing? You didn't mention me in any of this.

Chris: Check again.

Albert: Oh, nevermind. *Grabs a snapping turtle* OK, I need to plan the trajectory of this. *Gets his notebook out* OK, so I got to calculate the size of the turtle multiplied by the size of the mango added that with the height of Norman divided by how well I am capable of throwing an object. Just wait a minute, people! *Cotninues to write some calculations in his notebook* OK, let me try this. *Throws the snapping turtle*

Liam: This challange is lame, but what the heck. *grabs a snapping turtle and throws it at Millie's head*

Albert: *The turtle hits Norman in the kiwis* Oh, sorry, Norman. *Looks at notebook* Wait, I shouldn't have made a mista-OH! I forgot to subtract the 2, silly me. *Writes more stuff in his notebook* Now, let's try this, again! *Grabs a snapping turtle as it bites his hand* Ow!

Millie: (pulls the turtle off) you jerk! watch where your throwing those!

Liam: Who are you calling a jerk? *throws a snapping turtle*

Norman: AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *to Albert* Don't forget to calculate in the wind. I don't need another...accident.

Albert: *Sucks his thumb to numb down the pain* Oh, right. (CONF) I don't like the fact that he is right. (NON-CONF) *Writes that data down in his notebook* OK, I'm doing this. *Grabs the turtle* This will have a 73% chance of working. What does are some good odds? *Throws the turtle*

Norman: *turtle knocks the mango off* It worked! You, sir, are astounding!

Albert: You're not that bad, yourself. I don't see why people hate you so much.

Liam: Now I have a reason to! *throws a snapping turtle at Norman's back and Albert's back*

Albert: (CONF) Oh, he will SO regret doing that. *Removes a snapping turtle from his back* Ow!

Norman: OWCH! (CONF) I think Albert and I will become good friends, but Liam...he is just a pain in the gluteus maximus.

Liam: That will teach you both a lesson.....(CONF) It's not that I don't care about the show, I was just venting my anger. Don't judge me.

Chris: The Screaming Sloths win the Trust Shoot.

Norman: I have a question. I have made the calculations, and it seems out left a few contestants out of this challenge. I can't find any logical reason for that, therefore I must ask you why did you leave some contestants out?

Albert: Isn't it obvious, Norman. They choose the best players on the teams for this challenge, us included.

Chris: No, if we included everyone we would take forever. And we need more drama.

Albert: Oh. *Frowns*

Norman: Not what I thought. Hm.

Quinn: Yeah! More Drama! Hahaha!!


Chris: Tree Frogs vote now!!!

Gramps: (CONF) I vote for Holly since she didn't help me at all.

Quinn: (CONF) I Vote For Gramps! I Don't Like Him!

Holly: (CONF) I vote for Gramps, I guess. Old prune. (Oh crap, I thought it was only the Trust Shoot for the challenge ._. oh well)

Allisyn: (CONF) I do not know who to vote...GRAMPA!

Stern: (CONF) I vote for um.... Gramps. He is a little too old for a game like this. We can't have him holding us back.

Millie: (CONF) sorry Gramps but i vote for you. (Blaze: LATE VOTE)

Chris: Gramps sorry but your out!

Day 2


Norman: (CONF) Day two. I hope this challenge will test MY skills a little more. Not just my teammates.

Stern: (CONF) I was a little nervous at the elimination last night, but I made it through! I do feel a little bit bad for Gramps. He was just an inncoent confused geeser and never did anything wrong.

Norman: I feel sorry for the tree frogs. Gramps was one of the only ones that did all of the work, and they voted him off. That will cost them.

Nathan: Let them get rid of their most valuable players.

Holly: (CONF) *laughs* He tried to get rid of me? Ha! I'm gonna win this! *smirks evilly*

Nathan: *To Norman* Hello Norman I was wondering you want to join an alliance.

Norman: Sure! I'll join your alliance! (CONF) An alliance is the best way to stay in the game. Until you get voted out of the alliance. But I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen.

Stern: *whispers to Kole* So, Kole. Who do you think we should vote-off tonight if we lose again?

Seth:(CONF) the old man is gone not Shocked I'm liking the allience if norman is in its going too be a problem because what I did in...*flashback* gulp

Albert: (CONF) I feel kind of bad for Gramps being eliminated. I mean he was one of the only people on his team even doing challenge. Also, I am kind of shocked that Stern didn't get eliminated first. I mean that guy has "Eliminated First" written all over his face.

Nathan: Great! (CONF) I thought Stern would be the first to go.

Holly: *pulls Allisyn, Quinn, and Stern aside* Alliance, guys?

Albert: So, Norman, looks like you're in our little alliance.

Nathan: Yep we have majority.

Albert: I have even come up with a good name for the alliance... what do you think of SANNK?

Nathan: Please no alliance names.

Quinn: Yea, Sure! (CONF) An allience is the best way to make it to the final 5!

Albert: *Smiles* I was only joking with you, Nat.

Nathan: Good to know that.

Albert: (CONF) Hahaha. *Grabs his notebook and writes...* "Never use that joke again."

Angelea: Ha! I'm still here!

Nathan: Cause we won.

Norman: *To Albert* We were excellent in the challenge yesterday. I was wondering if we could be friends.

Liam: (CONF) Well, Gramps is gone. Good thing to. Time for more bullying!

Albert: I don't see why two handsome geniuses cannot be allies... just don't step on my turf, okay. *Smiles*

Liam: *Gives Albert a wedgie*

Millie: (pushes Liam away) leave him you jerk!

Norman: *knocks Liam out by hitting his pressure point* Thank you. I just didn't want to be enemies with someone that might actually have a chance of beating me. *smiles*


Millie: will you stop being such a damn bully!, you wouldn't like it if we teased you about hockey would you? (CONF) i'm not sticking up for Albert, Norman or Liam. i just can't stand bullies.

Albert: (CONF) Somehow, I calculated something like this would happen to me. It always does. (NON-CONF) That was some nice work of combat you just displayed, right there, Norman!

Norman: I only use it in defense, and not often. I never want to use it, but sometimes I have to.

Albert: Still that could be very useful in future challenges... *Whispers* and might get us further into the game.

Norman: Your right. It could. *whispers* We seem to make a pretty good team. What would you think of an alliance? You and me, the final two. We could make it with the alliance we are in now and then vote them out. Two genuises deserve to make it to the end.

Holly: *whispering to Millie* Wanna join my alliance so we have majority on our team?

Albert: *Whispers to Norman* You read my mind. *Smiles*

Stern: *to Holly* Yeah, an alliance doesn't sound too bad. I'm in, but I hope Kole decides to join.

Nathan: (CONF) You think I didn't hear them did you but I knew better, I knew this would happen with Albert. You know what they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Millie: (whispers back to Holly) I'd love too Holly.

Stern: Okay, so it's settled.

Angelea: When is this stupid challenge gonna start?!?!? Chris!!!!

Albert: Yeah, Chris, we haven't really been doing anything for a while and my brain muscles are aching to be tested. (CONF) Haha, that was a joke. Brains don't even have any muscles.

Norman: I heard him say we have to wait until tommorow. At 3:00.

Angelea: Okay smarty pants. Sheish.

Albert: Do not deny the power of the smarty pants. (Btw, I might not be here for a while due to having a very important personal appointment, today. I might not be able to parcipate in the challenge. Sorry- Roy)

Race of Death

Chris: Today you must go to a part of the treetops covered in darkness trees block the sun and evil monsters, you may not want to meet them. There will be a box with the team flag for both teams it takes 4 to carry them first team to bring them back wins! (Sorry I was late I had to do something unexpected) GO!

Holly: *begins to run through the trees*

Chris: It's to the South of the mansion.

Albert: Dangit. Another psychical challenge. Oh, well. *Runs towards the dark part of the woods*

Nathan: *Follows Albert* you heard what chris said.

Kristy: *follows Nathan and Albert* Come on team! T E A M!

Holly: *still running*

Nathan: Come on! *Keeps running*

Seth:*follows kristy Nathan and albert* Were going too win this :D I hope..

Millie: (starts to sprint)

Kristy: *running* I think we have enough people running on our team to carry the team flag!

Holly: *still running* Come on, team! Step up the pace!

Nathan: Come on we need 4 to bring back the box *Runs*

Albert: I think we got enough people but where is the box? *Looks around for it*

Kristy: I think he's right *running*

Holly: *starts to look for the box*

Nathan: We should split up so we can cover more ground and if anyone shes the box we signal the rest of the team.

Albert: Wait. *Gets some strange bird-themed whistles out of his pocket* I got some bird whistles that I used for my annual bird-calling trips. We could use these to give the signals to our teammates without gaining much attention from the other campers. *Hands a bird whistle to each member of his team*

Norman: *Quickly runs in* Sorry I'm late. Had a little too much sleep last night.

Kristy: Okay *gets her bird whistle* Thanks, well let's look!

Albert: Well, I'll be off. *Runs off in a direction through the dark woods*

Norman: Me too. *puts bird whisle in his pocket and walks south another way*

Holly: *still looking* (CONF) My team... sucks.

Seth:I guess I'll go lone wolf for this challenge too look for the box. *looks for box*

Kristy: I'll go too....*goes to look for the box*

Seth:*looks for box*

Holly: *is still looking* Anyone wanna help?

Angelea: Do I have to do this?

Albert: Let's see *Walking through the woods* if I could personally judge from Chris's incredible sadistic personality, the box should be in a location that would cause great peril to a person. *Stares at a very dark ominous cave* That'll do it. *Enters the cave*

Norman: *Finds deep canyon in the ground with a cave in it* I should try down there. *Sees Box* THERE IT IS! *Blows Whisle* I hope my team gets here fast *A bear comes out of the cave*

Albert: *Goes through the cave and sees a giant sleeping spider and whispers* Oh my gosh. That is one giant arachnid, however, I do not see the box. So, I guess I better leave quickly before something ba-*Norman's whistle wakes up the spider as it stares at Albert* (CONF) *Appears completely purple* I saw that one coming.

Seth: ugh I hope this is good *runs too find Norman*

Kristy: Huh? Someone found it? *looks for Norman*

Norman: Seth! Kristy! I found the box! Where's Albert? We need him to help us carry the box!

Seth: hehe awesome *yells for Albert* GET Ur BUTT OVER HERE NORMAN FOUND somthing!!!

Albert: *Is running away from the giant spider. However, the creature makes a giant leap and pounces on the calculative nerd* AH! SOMEONE HELP ME! *The spider uses one of his legs to touch Albert and ends up turning his skin purple* What the-(CONF) I have no idea what kind of strange arachnid is capable of turning someone's skin purple. *Looks at his hands* Hopefully, these effects are temporary and non-lethal.

Kristy: Hopefully Nathan or Albert gets here or the other team may take the lead.

Holly: *finds the box and groans* Yeah, my team is screwed. *shrugs and leans down onto the box to rest*

Norman: I'm going to go look for him. BOTH OF YOU STAY HERE! *Norman walks out of the canyon* Now, since I already know where the trees by this area are, if I blow this whistle, I can use it as an eco-location system, and find Albert. *blows whistle* There! And there seems to be something after him! *runs in that direction*

Albert: *Is still getting attacked by the spider* I can do this. *Kicks the spider in the groin* Sweet. *Escapes to his team as the spider is in pain* (A few minutes later...) *Albert reaches the team* Hey, guys, sorry, I was late for the whistle. I was just being attacked by a giant arachnid, no biggy. Oh, btw, thank you, Seth for completely missing the point of the bird whistles ahd screaming to the world that we are currently in the lead.

Seth: *is mad* Well I never said that we were in the lead I told u too get ur butt over here and help Me Kristy and Norman and we still have time because holly is the only one doing somthing for her team and we have 4 people near the box soo we have a 70 percent chance of winning.

Albert: Well, excuse me, I was kind of busy ESCAPING A DEADLY GIANT SPIDER. Look, let's just to do this challenge before the other team gains the lead.

Kristy: Okay.......let's go Team! Go Team!

Stern: *runs*

Seth:Yeah let's just do this stupid challenge *holds on too box* we need 3 more people too hold on too the box

Albert: I'm coming. *Holds on to a part of the box* Now, we just need the help of 2 more people.

Kristy: I'll help too!

Stern: *runs and searches for box*

Albert: Now, we just need one more person in order to have a 72% chance of winning this. You were inaccurate, Seth, by 2 of a percent.

Seth:*Rolls eyes* yeah ok cool story bro (CONF) nerds...

Millie: i'm coming guys! (helps her team)

Stern: *runs in and catches up* (Sorry I'm late. Busy day. Don't count this as godplay please. :P)

Stern: I'm... *pant* ...coming! *runs*

Stern: *reaches box and helps lift* Come on, Holly! Nobody will be able to lift the box with you SLEEPING on it.

Stern: *lifts a little*

Holly: *helps lift while glaring at Stern* (CONF) Did he just call me fat? Well then.

Seth:*lifts box * we need one more person I wonder where is nathan

Stern: *helping lift* We need more people.

???: *Snarls*

Stern: *confused and a little nervous* Um, hello?

Seth: hello nathan buddy are u there *is scared*

Nathan: I just got here I heard a snarl and thought...

Leopard 1: *Growls*

Nathan: Are there even leopards in forests.

Seth: I don't know we need like 1 or 2 people too carry this box soo we better run before we're leopard food.

Nathan: *Blows whistle* I hope everyone hears. *Tries to carry box* HELP!

Leopard 2: *Finds and chases Holly and Stern*

Stern: AHHHH! *runs away* Somebody help us.

Seth: Help there's leopards! D: that are trying .. What's the point

Stern: We're screwed.

Holly: *running away from the leopard* I'm too hot to die!

Stern: Don't worry, I'm coming! *throws a bunch of rocks at the leopard, making it angrier*

(Sorry, but I won't be able to participate this weekend. Scienceboy0 18:41, June 8, 2012 (UTC))

Nathan: Where is everyone? *Hiding from leopard*


Chris: STOP!!! This has gone for too long. Since more no one one it's a double elimination Nathan, Seth, Stern, Holly, Millie, Albert, Norman, Kristy and Angelea actually did something they are safe.


Screaming Sloths

Chris: Those who won individual immunity are safe the rest are fair game so VOTE!!!

Albert: (CONF) I guess I'll vote off Sasha. Since I haven't really seen much of her... and because she is one of the only people are our team that didn't get immunity.

Seth:(CONF) I vote for Sasha

Kristy: (CONF) I vote Sasha, sorry.

Nathan: (CONF) I Vote Sasha she seemed so excited but was a big let down.

(CONF) Sasha: I vote for myself. (Sorry for letting you down, just haven't been around during the challenges.)

Chris: Sasha brave thing to do to vote yourself out! See ya!

Killer Tree Frogs

Chris: Those who won individual immunity are safe the rest are fair game so VOTE!!!

Stern: (CONF) I vote for........ Allisyn. She isn't too active lately and hasn't been much help. Plus she is weird.

Chris: That it?

Stern: ...apparently...

Chris: Fine Allisyn is out!

Day 3

I Scream for Safety

Chris: I didn't want to have to get to this but just say safe if you do you are safe you have 16 hours!

Nathan: Safe!!!

Stern: SAFE!

Kristy: Safe!

Albert: Safe! (CONF) This camp is getting lame.

Angelea: Safe! This challenge is stupid.

Seth: SAFE!!!

Liam: Safe!

Holly: Safe!


Chris: Okay Nathan, Stern, Kristy, Albert, Angelea, Seth, Liam, Holly, and Quinn are safe the rest are eliminated!

Day 4


Albert: Holy... that actually kind of suprised me. (CONF) I can't believe I'm still purple.

Chris: Surprize! Merge! Not at all a surprize!

Seth: that was fast (CONF) HAHAHA! albert looks like a grape *laughs* i better shut up about it

Nathan: Great! (CONF) With Norman gone we need one more person to join our alliance. But, who?

Albert: (CONF) What is going on, here? I mean saying "Safety" challenges, eliminating more than 2 contestants and already starting the Merge in the 3rd day of the competition. This is just bizarre.

Chris: Challenge Time!

Wars of Paint

Chris: For this challenge is a game of Paintball *hands everyone paintball guns* You have the entire forest and mansion to hide in you have 10 minutes before the paintball guns can be fired to hide. You get hit and your out last one standing wins! GO!

Albert: *Starts running in an unknown direction*

Nathan: *runs to hide in the forest*

Albert: *Hides in an undisclosed bush in an unknown part of the forest* (CONF) I will need to use most of my brain to find some incredibly stealthy techniques to win me the challenge. I need to try to be as unnoticable as possible... which'll be hard since I'm purple.

Nathan: Hey Angelea I want to know would you want to join my alliance? Think about it. *Hides in forest's trees*

Albert: (CONF) This challenge will be the ultimate test to see if I could handle the wilderness. All these strange events are just trying to through me off. However, I will use my brain to be victorious. If I don't I'll just quit and go back to being a champion in my Chess Club... so it's a win-win, either way.

Seth: *runs too a diffrent path too the forest* (CONF) there never going too get me i can climb trees like Rue from the hunger games but one problem im not that skinny


Seth:*climbs tree too hide *

Nathan: What was that? *Shoots at trees that moved*

Seth: *Moves too another tree*

Nathan: Seth? Sorry! *Runs to find another target*

Quinn: *In Swimsuit* This Is Gonna Be Easy! *Jumps In Lake With Paitball Gun*

Nathan: Come out, come out where ever you are!

Albert: *Looking for nearby targets with his binoculars through the bushes*

Seth: *Sees a Lake and a body* Ooooo i guess ill give away somebodys hiding spot but whos hiding it looks like ants when im up this tree

Nathan: *Finds Stern and shoots a paintball at him*

Seth: hmmm *hops off tree too find Quinn*

Albert: *Looks at the lake and sees a body moving in it* Bingo. *Moves towards the lake with his gun ready*

Seth:*Sees Albert and Climbs back on the nearest Tree *

Chris: Stern got hit!

Nathan: *Finds Holly and shoots at her*

Albert: *Whispers* What the-? *Hides in a bush near the pond, while looking around carefully for people*

Chris: Holly is hit!

Nathan: Come on out Angelea!

Seth: well im near the lake and Quinn is at the deep end and im soo not skinnydipping *soo Jumps off tree into lake swimming after Quinn*

Albert: *Sees Seth* Oh no, you don't. *Tries to shoot at Seth while he goes to the lake and then, moves to a different bush*

Nathan: *Finds Angelea and shoots at her*

Seth:*Is now in lake and sees paintball but swims underwater* (Are u allowed too Dodge paintballs)

Albert: *Looks at the events through his bionoculars* Looks like I got two little fishes in the ocean to catch. (Yeah, you can BUT QUICKLY.)

Chris: Angelea is hit!

Nathan: Come out Liam!

Seth: Crap Mr Purple is aiming at me i guess its my time too shine *finds Quinn And shoots her*

Albert: *Sees Quinn get shot* Oh my god... that's a nice bathing suit. Now, I need to shoot Seth. *Aims his paintgun to Seth and shoots*

Nathan: *Finds and shoots Liam* Only Kristy, Me, and Albert left.

Seth:*Gets hit* NOOOOO!!!!! * And gets a Charlie horse* CUrse you Mr purple.... Haha im joking good job on hitting me *starts too sink*

Albert: I'm doing good, so far... I just need to get Kristy and Nathan and I could win this thing.

Chris: Seth and Liam are hit!

Nathan: *Shoots Kristy*

Chris: Kristy is hit!

Nathan: Sorry *Shots a Paintball at Albert*

Albert: OK, I need to... *Gets shot* No fair. I had an awesome strategy and everything.

Kristy: (CONF) Well, I didn't know what to do since I was sleepy, so......I'll try my best next challenge, if I'm still around. (I was asleep, sorry xD)

Albert: So, I predict that it'll be time for our elimination ceremony, right now.

Chris: Nathan Wins immunity!


Chris: Before we start Nathan pick someone to get Immunity with you.

Nathan: I pick Kristy!

Chris: Okay Nathan and Kristy are safe from any votes anyone else is fair game. Vote!

Nathan: (CONF) I vote Liam since I don't trust him.

Angelea: (CONF) Bye bye Liam!

Nathan: So Angelea join the alliance?

Stern: (CONF) Liam is a little mean. I vote for him. (Sorry I wasn't here, I was at an amusement park yesterday and I was out of the challenge when I got back :P)

Kristy: Thanks, Nathan. (CONF) Sorry, Liam, but I vote you...

Seth:(CONF) meh I kinda feel like the outsider of the allience and I hope kristy is ok also I vote for Liam

Albert: (CONF) I know when the moment would come. Liam would end up regretting all the punishment and torture he did to all these contestants, including Norman and I. And in honor of my eliminated friend, I would gladly eliminate the Neanderthal Hockey Player off of this island. Bye, bye, Liam. *Smiles*

Holly: (CONF) I guess I vote Liam. Physical bullying is horrible. (Sorry I wasn't here, I graduated from middle school today, and my cousin graduated from high school.)

Chris: And Liam is out!

Day 5


Angelea: Haha you guys are stupid! You could've voted me out but you didn't!

Quinn:(CONF) I'm So Glad I Wasn't Eliminated! And I Think I Have A Crush On Albert! Should I Ask Him Out?

Nathan: Quinn want to join our alliance?

Quinn: Yay! Sure!

Seth:(CONF) Now Quinn is in our allience hmmm... And Albert..hmmm

Nathan: (CONF) Yes! Quinn, Seth, Kristy, and Albert are in our alliance with this we could make it to the final 5!

Holly: *whispers to Quinn, Kristy, and Angelea* How about a girls' alliance? If we can beat one guy in a tiebreaker, we can all make it to the final four!

Stern: *worried* (CONF) Almost everbody is in an alliance now and since Kole was elimated, I don't have any alliances left. I'm doomed...

Quinn: *whispers to Stern* Wanna Be In My Alliance?

Stern: *whispers back to Quinn* Thanks, Quinn. Of course. You're the best. :)

Quinn: *blushes* (CONF) I Think I Like Stern! Can't Get Him Eliminated! I Need Him In The Game With Me.

Stern: (CONF) I feel a little goofy around Quinn. She's really cool and dark. I like her gothy and different nature. She's also pretty nice. I think... I'm in... love with her.

Quinn: Hey Stern, I Was Wondering, If You Want To Be The First Couple On The Show? Only If You Want.

Stern: I'd like to be a couple. Yes.

Albert: You two seem perfect for each other. (CONF) And it'll fill me with much glee, when one of them is eliminated, today. It always happens with these kinds of couples. I'm 85% certain.

Quinn: Stern! We Should Get Everyone To Help Us Get Rid Of Holly Or Albert! I Think Theyre Trying To Get One Of Us Elimanated! (CONF) Albert And Holly Are Going Down! *evil laugh*

Seth: *Heres Quinn's plan* Congratulations Sweetheart now most people know your plan due too ur yelling . (CONF) I don't know if I should trust Quinn she yells even know I yell but I don't yell out plans I'm soo telling Albert or maybe Holly about this Nah.. Im telling Nathan and kristy I trust those two the most if Quinn ever tries too get Kristy out ill make her..*Conf turns off*

Quinn: (CONF) Omg! I Can't Believe That I Yelled, I Guess My Crazy Got To Me! My Plan Is To Take Me,Stern,Seth,Kristy, and Nathan To The Final 5! Goodbye Albert, Holly, and Angelea!!!

Seth:(CONF) I don't know if I should tell If I do I'll get far in the Game *giggles*

Quinn: Where Is Chris At? We Need A Challenge! (CONF) I Fear That I Would Have Been Eliminated 4th, But I Made It To The Merge! Now I Want To Be In The Final 3! *evil laugh* Wait! Were's Stern!

Stern: Over here.

Albert: *Whispers to Seth* Look, Seth, I really need your help, right now, but you gotta trust me. We really need to get rid of Quinn. She is truly a threat to our alliance. I sincerely want both of us to really make it to the Final 2, honestly. (CONF) Honestly. (NON-CONF) You got to trust me and try to convince the other members of our alliance to go against Quinn. You understand.... do this secretly, too, and do not shout.

Quinn: Holly, Angelea, Stern, Nathan, Let's Try To Eliminate Albert! He Is Trying To Get Rid Off Me! Please

Seth: Ok hmmm I need too think about it (Too Quinn) Good job again sweetheart Now Albert knows because you shouted again..

Albert: Can you scream that out ANY LOUDER, Quinn? You're about as subtle and quiet as an IMAX theater.

Nathan: You know what Albert is in our alliance so we should take out Holly first and then we worry about the rest.

Quinn:(CONF) I Have This Problem Were I Start Yelling But I Cant Control It! (Too Albert) Go Jump In The Shark Lake!

Albert: You know what? Maybe, he is right. I mean we are all in an alliance. We should work together against the real threats. Holly has shown to be an incredibly unstoppable contestant to work with. She should get rid of her, immediately. I am glad you are here, Nathan. You have shown me how blind I was from the real threats in this game.

Fright Fest


Chris: Nathan, Kristy, Seth, and Quinn get out of the mansion everyone else make sure not to leave.

Quinn: *runs out screaming* Oh, Hi Chris! What' Our Challenge??

Seth:*Runs out*

Albert: Oh, this ought to be interesting. *Smiles*

Chris: Albert get back in the mansion. Anyways today's chllenge is that you 4 out here have to scare the others out of the mansion, you can use anything at all but no killing. I f you scare someone so much that they run out of the mansion you guys win immunity!

Quinn: (CONF) This Will Be Easy! *evil laugh* I Will Scare Holly, And Stern!

Inside Mansion

Albert: Well, alright, then. *Enters the mansion* (CONF) This challenge is SO mine. I have been training for months before I was even in this camp to be completely immune to fear. I have made sure to be completely immune to the slightest of frights. Those campers will have to try REALLY HARD to try and get me out of this mansion.

Quinn:*wearing a scary bloody mask, while holdinga fake knife behind Holly* Oh Holly...

Seth: *Makes fake blood *

Nathan: *covers himself with fake blood, cuts off all the power in the mansion and grabs a bunch of knives* Come here Stern! (CONF) That dumb Albert thinks we are going after him when we are actually going after the rest, and he calls himself smart.

Seth: Ok done with the Fake blood I'll need too find scab makeup a wig,hair rollers bunny slippers and a pink rope *goes too find the items*

Albert: *Walks off to his bedroom* You know I feel kind of tired. I'll just take a little nap, while all the other idiots end up getting scared out of their underpants. *Lays on the bed* It'll just be a little-*Immediately, goes to sleep, while, snoring really loudly* (I gotta go. I'll be back in a few hours-Roy49)

Nathan: *Sneaks up behind Stern and breaths on his neck*

Seth:*gets dress in items and pours fake blood on wig and all over himself*

Kristy: *gets a bottle of ketchup* Umm.....*pours it all over herself*

Seth: I need a knife *walks in the kithen*

Quinn: *falls on Stern* Oh, I'm Sorry!

Kristy: *Puts the fake arrow thing on her head* Um....what else?

Nathan: *puts on mask and uses a chainsaw in front of Stern and Quinn*

Kristy: *puts on hockey mask* um...... *pours more ketchup on the mask* Good.

Quinn: *screams and grabs Stern and runs out of the mansion with Stern*

Seth: *gets knife and walks behind Angela* Hello Angela I'm your Mom ..,

Nathan: Oh Angelea *Stalks Angelea*

Seth: want some candy my dear Angelea *holds knife behind my back*

Nathan: *Throws a Knife at Angelea* She is already in good hands *laughs* now for Holly *Heads over to where Holly is*

Seth:*in a girly voice* Oh Stern!!Its your Mama

'Chris: Stop! You guys were freaking scary I filmed it all to make a horror movie and I'll take all the credit. Anyways since Stern ran away...'

Nathan: ... But Quinn made him ...

Chris: ... no one cares so Quinn, Nathan, Kristy, and Seth win immunity!


Chris: Quinn, Nathan, Kristy, and Seth are safe everyone else is fair game!

Nathan: (CONF) I vote Holly!

Angelea: (CONF) Holly. Nuff said.

Quinn: (CONF) Holly Or Albert! Either Way One Is Gone!

Seth:(CONF) Holly and this costume makes my buns look Hot *starts dancing*

Stern: (CONF) I vote for Holly.

Kristy: (CONF) Well, I never got to finish, but if I did I bet it wouldn't be so bad.....well I vote Holly, sorry.

Chris: Holly is eliminated so guess what? Double Elimination! So vote again!

Nathan: (CONF) With Angelea, Seth, Quinn, and Kristy I have no need for Albert to saty in the game. See ya Albert!

Stern: (CONF) Albert is a threat and really active so I vote Albert.

Seth:(CONF) Bye Mr purple (Albert) even know Quinn is loud she's ok I'll get use too her and Albert needs too go and Purple skin is Bad! For you

Kristy: (CONF) Sorry Albert, but being purple probably isn't healthy, I vote you, so you can go to a doctor.....sorry!

Angelea: (CONF) Albert.


Albert: (CONF) You know what... I see what you did, Chris. I had a strategy going and Chris just destroyed it with a few simple words. In the end, I'm not going to be eliminated because of anyone of these idiotic campers. I'll be eliminated because of a sadistic host whom has no idea what he is doing. I have realized that throughout this crazy shenanigans, I managed to survive this competition better than any of these numskulls. So, I decided to not allow a single thunderbrained imbecile have any type of happiness out of knowingly being responsible for my elimination. And with that... I quit. This camp was stupid, anyway.

Stern: Well, who's eliminated Chris? (CONFs are privote :P)

Albert: No one, I quit this stupid competition because I deserve much better things than this.

Stern: You're right, Albert. You should be getting scholarships for colleges and getting a better education.

Albert: I already did that seventh grade... anyway, I hope your little romance with that she-demon ends well.

Stern: Thanks. I hope your future romances turn out just as fantastic.

Kristy: Bye Albert....hopefully you can get a doctor to check out you being purple, I'm sure that's not H E A L T H Y!

Albert: I'll see a shaman. Anyways, I'm outta here.

Seth: well Albert you played a wonderful game you should be proud

Stern: Yeah, Seth's right. My only experience with reality shows is watching them.

Albert: Yeah, well... I actually hope you guys do really well in this competition... well, most of you *Stares angrily at Quinn and Nathan*. Will that lugnut, Chris, just get me off this camp, already... or maybe I should? *Purposely steps off the treetops*

Chris: Well Albert was eliminated so... now nothing but an alliance of 6 remains who will win now with no one being safe?

Day 6


Stern: (CONF) Wow, final 6. I'm a little scared... but excited!

Seth:(CONF) I'm alittle scared I'm scared nathen can get me out I Need too make a plan.,

Angelea: Whooo dee doo final 6.

Stern: *to Seth* I'm not sure I can trust Nathan. He betrayed Albert.

Kristy: (CONF) Final 6, I never thought I'd be here, I'm a little nervous but I've had fun here!

Seth: *Too Stern* he gives me the chills but I still like him as a friend..but it's a game

Stern: *to Seth* Then it's alright if you vote him out. Me & Quinn will vote him out, if you're in. That'll give us half of the votes. Who knows who he's after next?

Nathan: Hey Seth and Stern I think Angelea shouldn't be trusted since she had no friends she'll try to turn us against each other.

Stern: Hmmm, good point. Angelea is a BIG threat.

Nathan: But we are buddies, so all we can do now is try to win and hope we made the right choice.

Kristy: Hey isn't being in the final 6 great?

Stern: It is! Everyone left is such a great competitor.

Kristy: Yeah, everyone I S, is! It was so much fun being here!

Quinn: (CONF) Im Gonna Win! For My Sister, Magenta.

Nathan: And we are all friends except Angelea.

Stern: Yeah. (I have to shut-down for the night, so is it okay if the challenge is tomorrow, but not too late either, I have a baseball game from 6:00 - 7:30 P.M., and I missed the last 2 challenges, so I don't want to miss this one.

Kristy: I guess so.

Nathan: So may the best man or woman win!

Idiots 4 Immunity

Stern: I wonder what the challenge is going to be today.

Chris: Today you guys will vote for who gets immunity! And we are doing this here so everyone hears who you pick.

Nathan: I pick Kristy because she is really nice and should get immunity!

Quinn: I Vote For Kristy!

Chris: 2 votes for Kristy!

Stern: I vote for Kristy. She is very peppy and nice.

Seth: I vote for Kirsty because her Cheering is awesome and she's nice and other Reasons.....

Kristy: Aw, thanks guys. I don't know who, I vote Seth for being a nice person and trustworthy. Sorry was too hard to pick.

Chris: Well Kristy wins! And I was going to ask who she wanted to give immunity too as well but since she voted Seth to have immunity Seth has immunity as well.


Chris: Kristy and Seth are immune everyone else is safe game. Vote!

Nathan: Kristy how could you ... just kidding we are still friends. (CONF) but we are not Angelea so see ya!

Kristy: Sorry Nathan, if I could pick someone else it would be you. (CONF) I vote Angelea, she has been mean to everyone.

Stern: (CONF) I vote Angelea. She isn't a serious competitor.

Seth:Thank you kristy (CONF) Angelea shes fat that's why I call her thunder thighs

Chris: Angelea is out!

Day 7 - The Finale

Chat 1

Stern: (CONF) Final 5! Too bad Nathan is here. I don't exactly trust him. I figured once he got me on his side and we took Angelea out, I would be next. The odds are 2 to 3.

Kristy: (CONF) Now it's the final 5.....I don't know how I made it this far....but it's been a lot of fun!

Nathan: (CONF) Final 5 but I'm nervous I could never betray my friends and we really did grow together.

Seth:(CONF) I know stern and Quinn will target me

Nathan: So final 5! May the best Man or woman win since we are friends.

Stern: Same here.

Nathan: Wow! So...

Stern: You guys are going to crush us.

Nathan: Well anything can happen when the challenges come.

Anwser or Fall

Chris: In the Final 5 Challenge we will have a quiz each round all players must anwser if your the last one to anwser you are out, if someone happens to get it wrong then they are out instead. We will keep going until only 1 remains then they win immunity! Question #1 who was said they were going to be eliminated first during the chat before everyone came but was not the first eliminated?

Stern: Um, Angelea?

Nathan: I say Angelea!

Chris: This is a quiz challenge not a take 10 days to anwser so Nathan and Stern win immunity.

Elimination 1

Chris: Nathan and Stern are immune everyone else is fair game. Vote!

Nathan: (CONF) I guess I vote Quinn she is a big threat and I don't know her as well as the rest.

Stern: (CONF) Quinn, baby, I'm so sorry. I'm caught up in a little situation and I honestly don't have an choice, I vote for you. I am so sorry and I'll miss you. I hope you can understand. :(

Stern: ...

Chris: I'm pretty sure the rest would vote for quinn to save themselves so...

Stern: So what?

Chris: Quinn is eliminated!

Stern: Oh, Quinn! I'm so sorry! I'll miss you. I'm so sorry I voted for you. I love you! *kisses her* Goodbye, Quinn!

Chat 2

Nathan: Final 4!

Stern: (CONF) Final 4. Too bad Quinn's gone. The only way I can make it up to her is by winning!

Nathan: (CONF) Final 4! If only I can win her heart.

Race to The Finals

Chris: Say good-bye to the treetops the second to last challenge is a race to the location of the final challenge, which is at the bottom of this tree. There the peanut gallery will be waiting for the final elimination ceremony. First there is safe from elimination. GO!

Nathan: Good Luck *Starts to climb down the tree*

Seth:*Climbs down* (how many lines too get down)

Stern: *starts to climbs down tree*

Seth:*climbs down tree *

Nathan: *Climbs down*

Stern: *climbs down onto a small branch which breals, causing him to land on his painful-spot on a lower branch*

Seth:*lets go of beach and goes down on an other branch*

Chris: Seth is halfway down

Stern: *climbs down more*

Seth:*Climbs down faster*

Stern: *climbs down faster*

Seth:*climbs faster down *

Stern: *climbs down even more faster*

Nathan: *Climbs down*

Seth:*Climbs down fast*

Stern: I'm going to hate myself for this *jumps*

Seth:*swings on branch and goes on too a lower branch*

Stern: *falls*

Chris: Seth wins now pick someone to get immunity with you.

Stern: *lands* Ow! Oh, well, 2nd isn't so bad.

Seth: well this is hard...hmmm I choose Nathan (CONF) my secoud choice would be Kristy but she never did the challenge.

Stern: (CONF) Well, I tried my best, but now I'm going be eliminated. I deserve this for voting Quinn out.

Elimination 2

Chris: Nathan and Seth are safe! Vote!

Seth:(CONF) Stern you need to go

Stern: (CONF) What's the point in voting, I'm out anyway. Kristy, sorry, but I vote you. I don't have any other option except to vote myself.

Nathan: (CONF) Sorry Stern but you have to go.

Chris: Stern is out!

Final Chat

Chris: Chat with the peanut gallery before the final challenge starts

Kristy: Oh sorry guys! (I was at the store)

Norman: I'm happy to have come back. Even if it is just to watch.

Final Challenge

Chris: For the challenge you must go through the super duper mega obstacle through a pool of underwear, Carry a giant box through 10 yards of trees, hit a target with a paintball gun, and awnser the final question first to do so wins the entire game. GO! (3 lines per obstacle)

Seth: Wow...hehe I'm in the final 3 :D

Angelea: Rrgh I should be in the finals!

Nathan: *starts runing through pool of underwear*

Seth:*follows Nathan*

Nathan: Good Luck *Continues through pool*

Kristy: *runs*

Seth:You Too and Sorry * thorws a pair of underwear at Nathan *

Nathan: Yuck *Gets out of the pool*

Seth:*Gets out of pool and carries giant box*

Nathan: *Carries box right behind seth*

Seth:*runs with box*

Nathan: *Continues with box*

Seth:*runs with box is done,puts the box down*

Nathan: *Goes through the trees and reaches the paintball gun*

Seth:*Puts the paintballs in*

Nathan: *shoots and misses*

Seth:*shoots and misses*

Nathan: *shoots again and hits target*

Chris: Final Question who was first out?

Seth:*shoots and hits target*

Seth:Gramps(does that count)

Nathan: Sasha?

Chris: and Seth WINS! with Nathan in 2nd and Kristy in 3rd! *Hands Seth the Suitcase with one million dollars*

Seth: Oh my Gawd I won Woo Hoo Goofballs Rule *runs around* and good job Kristy and Nathan for making it too the finals

Leopard: *Comes takes the suit case and falls in a volcano 4 miles away*

Chris: Oh well.

Kristy: *knocked out by the underwear's smell*

'Chris: Since that happen join Seth, Nathan, Kristy, and 6 others when they join 8 new members for an adventure around the world and a chance to win and keep $1,000,000 in Total Drama The World'

Seth: Noo! Not the money and KRISTY!!!*dives in underwear pool and saves kristy*

Kristy: *still knocked out*

Nathan: Are you okay Kristy?

Chris: Better Luck next time Seth. Maybe you won't lose the money again.

Seth:*does CPR on kristy too save her*

Kristy: *opens eyes* Uh....Seth?

Seth: Ok kristy I Saved your life you got knocked out in the underwear pool and almost drowned in stinky pairs of undies

Kristy: You went through an underwear pool, just to save me?

Seth:*Facesplams* Well I did not want you too drown and next season is starting soo bye see you next Season*leaves*

Kristy: Well yeah. Wait another season, wait, I'm sorry I'm confused. Uh.....(xD) *Leaves, confused*

Elimination Table

Only XrosHearts edits this section!!!

Contestant Team Status Total Votes
Albert Screaming Sloths OUT 6
Allisyn Killer Tree Frogs OUT 1
Angelea Screaming Sloths OUT 4
Gramps Killer Tree Frogs OUT 5
Holly Killer Tree Frogs OUT 7
Josh Screaming Sloths OUT 0
Kole Killer Tree Frogs OUT 0
Kristy Screaming Sloths 3rd 0
Liam Killer Tree Frogs OUT 7
Millie Killer Tree Frogs OUT 0
Nathan Screaming Sloths 2nd 0
Norman Screaming Sloths OUT 0
Quinn Killer Tree Frogs OUT 2
Sasha Screaming Sloths OUT 5
Seth Screaming Sloths 1st 0
Stern Killer Tree Frogs OUT 3

Contestant Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Seth WIN Sasha WIN Liam WIN Angelea
Nathan WIN Sasha WIN Liam WIN Angelea
Kristy WIN Sasha WIN Liam WIN Angelea .
Stern Gramps Allisyn WIN Liam Safe Angelea
Quinn Gramps . WIN . WIN . .
Angelea WIN . WIN Liam Safe .
Albert WIN Sasha WIN Liam .
Holly Gramps . WIN Liam .
Liam . . WIN .
Kole . . .
Millie Gramps . .
Josh WIN . .
Norman WIN . .
Allisyn Gramps .
Sasha WIN Sasha
Gramps Holly

     This contestant is a Female

     This contestant is a Male

     This contestant was on the Killer Tree Frogs

     This contestant was on the Screaming Sloths

     This contestant got eliminated

     This contestant won immunity

     This contestant made it to the merge

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