Max:Sup! This camp will feature 6 people fighting for 1 dollar!


  1. Carlee-Nduke
  2. Symone-The Vampire Diaries (Fanmade)
  3. Charles-Alejandrofan3000
  4. Mikey- Breakingmikey 02:28, December 8, 2010 (UTC)
  5. Holden wes holden
  6. Hannah-Mr. E (To make this go faster)

Elimination/Voting Table (Only I can edit this)

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6
Mikey Charles Holden NOM Carlee WINNER NEXT SEASON
Carlee Charles Holden Symone Mikey RUNNER-UP NEXT SEASON
Hannah Charles NOM NOM QUIT
Symone Charles Hannah NOM
Holden NOM NOM
Charles NOM



Symone: how does this thing work exactly?

Carlee: I think we are fighting for a dollar.


Charles: Yay!

Holden: cool

Challenge 1

Max:Put your name under this line, last two will be up for elimination, then you will vote to eliminate one of those 2






Charles(Stupid edit conflicts)

Vote 1 (Holden Or Charles)


Carlee: Charles.

Mikey: Charles

Symone: Charles

Charles: I quit!

Challenge 2

Max:Say something that can hurt me. the last two people to do so is up for elimination.

Carlee: Your girlfriend breaks up with you.

Mikey: You like to be insulted on the computer, troll.

Symone: Someone you care about falls into a pit.

Holden: Your fat and ugly and smell awful

Vote 2 (Holden Or Hannah)

Carlee: Holden.

Mikey: Holden

Symone: Hannah

Challenge 3

Max:The first person to fall wins and casts the only vote.

Carlee: *falls*

Max:*Laughs* Ok.

Vote 3 (Carlee's Desicion)

Carlee: I'm super sorry to her, but Symone. *begins to cry*

Vote 4 (Nobody is safe!)

Carlee: sorry butt, um, Mikey. ):

Mikey: Oh, I vote Carlee, i wanted to vote Hannah, but it's on.

Carlee: Prays that Hannah votes Mikey to make it a all-girls final 2.

Mikey: Come on Hannah, vote Carlee, she's a threat and it would be easier to win.

Carlee: I'm getting off to go to bed, if you vote me Hannah its fine but id like you to save me since i saved you okay thanks, and Can I be on season 2 Mr. E?

Hannah:I quit.


Max:First to say $1 wins.

Mikey: $1

Max:Ok! Here ya go! *Takes $1 out of his wallet*

Mikey: Gee, Thanks.

Max:And! You get a chance to DOUBLE THAT!!! IN NEXT SEASON!!!!!!! (Tomarrow)

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