Announcement :

A giant white screen can be noticed after that a girl with school outfit with long socks appears, her hair blocks anyone to see her eye.

Saki : - Hi Guys, the name is Saki and I'm here to announce a new Total Drama, that it will be Total Drama Danganronpa, yeah that things that remember CSI you know and of course I and only I is going to be your "Junko".

? : - Nononono stop that.

Saki : - Huh?

A guy with black hair and blue eyes appears, he uses a white shirt, a purple jacket, red and white shoes and a pants that have a very weak purple tone.

? : - Look, we are here to announce the Drama, not who is going to be the mastermind or things like that.

Saki : - Oh sorry Andrew, I forgot your design screams "Look I'm the protagonist". Anyway yes he is one of them.

Andrew : - Stop spoiling the things for the readers, that's not cool and also why your title isn't "The Ultimate 4th Wall Breaker" and not the "Ultimate Otaku".

Saki : - Simple my dear, because if that would be my title, it would be the "Ultimate Deadpool"

Andrew : - And here we goes to another reference...

A guy with blue and red shirt and a gothic girl appears on the screen now:

Noah : - You guys are supposed to present the season not starting a discussion on it.

Gwen : - I said to use my artistic skills to do outdoors, but no, we have to follow her idea.

Saki : - Excuse me? My idea is much better than yours.

Gwen : - Yeah, you are showing exactly how good is your idea.

Saki : - Besides you would use bear poop to do it anyway.

Gwen : - (angry) Say what?!

The rest of the cast enter except one person.

Rock : - Are we supposed to enter now?

Lightning : - The Lightning can't shawait anymore.

Owen : - Yahoo party on the screen.

Bridgette : - Guys I think we are supposed to present ourselves!

Sugar : - Drink Juggy Chunks!

Ella : - I think she said present ourselves, not the products.

Sugar : - Shut up Snow White!

Laurie : - That's actually accurate.

Ginobli : - Nice way to dunk this presentation guys.

Hugo :- Kyakyakyakya, it's a great joke isn't it?

Topher: - Where is Chris? You guys promised he was going to be here.

Noah : - Great are you guys happy, we ruined it.

Anne : - If you guys excuse me,my hair need a little of spray

Anne press her can of spray so much that makes a fog of it, someone entered the scene and nobody notices, when they clear the fog, they got scared for the person they saw except Saki, this person is a very familiar one from the first game.

Rock : - A ghost girl!

Sugar : - Run for the hills!

Saki : - Are you really a ghost? If yes can I have a photo with you and show to my family?

Andrew : - Aaah Saki...

Celes : - I'm not a ghost, did you guys read your scripts...

Others : - No/Actually no/Still need to read/I forgot/Shawhat script?

Saki : - I actually ate my script.

Everyone except her : - You What?!

Saki : - It was tasty you know.

Noah : - And I was thinking that only Owen would do such a thing...

? : - Shut up you stupid contestants..

Gwen : - Oh great, here he comes...

Topher : - He's here!

A figure enter the scene, it is the host Chris McLean*

Chris : - Now see someone do a presentation correctly, Sixteen survivors, one school and mutual murders, what is going to happen? Get ready Ladies and Gentleman, because soon on the closest TV to your house we will have Total...Drama...

Everybody except Chris : - DANGANRONPA!

Chris : - Hey I was supposed to say that!

Noah : - Who cares? Nobody.

Celes : - Ah guys, there isn't someone left?

? : - Upupupu its good to be remembered

Saki : - My cute Monokuma bear!

Monokuma : - First I'm not yours and second since you guys nearly forgot about me, because of that insolence, you guys will face my great army of 10^60!

Chris : - Hah, you never could have a army like that, specially look at your model, you can't hurt a damn tree.

Everybody except him look scared because of something that's off screen and start moving slowly to the other end.

Bridgette : - I wouldn't taunt him...

Chris : - What could possible...(Before he finishes a metal clamp closes in his neck and pushes him offscreen) AAAAAH!

Sounds of beating can be heard, a Monokuma appears then and shakes one arm to the group, after that many other Monokumas start appearing on the screen and the group of teens realized their situation.

Lightning : - We're shadoomed!

Celestia : - I didn't sign to die again.

Hugo : - Wait you signed something?

Celes : - Yes, look my name, they needed a contract to have me.

Saki : - You are a ghost! (Excited)

Celes : - I'm not..

Monokuma : - Excuse me, I'm trying to do my job.

Celes : - Oh sorry, continue...

Monokuma : - Let's give everything we's PUNISHMENT TIIIME!

The monokumas start running in their direction and the human characters decide to run away, sounds of screaming can be heard off screen a Monokuma then stops and rips off it, revealing a title "Total Drama Danganronpa". After the end of the scene Celestia and Saki appears on the screen and we're chatting.

Saki : - Are you really a ghost?

Celestia : - For the last time, no I'm not a ghost, but I once lived as Marie Antoinette.

Saki : - (excited) That means you are a spirit? (squeals of happiness)

Celestia : - (Realizes her reaction and her last statement and facepalms) As the saying goes, you reap what you plant. What a great plantation that you did Celestia...

Sixteen characters, a lot of drama and a lot of killing too, come to see the fight of the survivors to escape the cutest deadly bear ever and the Ultimate Despair, welcome to this world after the greatest tragedy of the world, welcome to the Reality Show of Mutual Killing!

Opening (Music : Never Say Never from Danganronpa : The Animation)

A black background with only the words Despair in white color appears, a bullet is crossing the screen with a face of a character and a color, as the bullets moves in direction of the target, the face of character and color switches until finally hit a image of Sixteen red persons.

The screen breaks because of the impact of the bullet, a monochrome bear sitting in a throne appears laughing maniacally, the screens change to a red one with a title of "Total Drama Danganronpa", a man then starts singing and a image of entrance locked plays afterwards, the title screen appears again and rotates ,disappearing right after revealing two characters  with their ultimate titles(Andrew Northan[He have many video-games around him and he's playing something called GSP/ The Ultimate Gamer] and Gwen Ebony[Sitting on the floor, she's drawing something in her sketchpad/ The Ultimate Goth Artist]) from now on a pair of characters appear each time the screen changes, happening at least five more times(Topher Howard[Looking to a mirror, admiring his image/The Ultimate Wannabe] and Owen Evans[Sitting on a table full of foods, he's eating something/The Ultimate Food Taster]/Saki Otonashi[She's using a tiara has cat ears, a samurai sword on her hand and a robot arm on her other hand/The Ultimate Otaku] and Manuel Ginobli[He's ready to do a dunk in a basketball hoop/The Ultimate Basketball Player]/Lightning Jackson[He's moving in the direction of a Football Ball ready to kick it/The Ultimate Football Player] and Ella Sweetbreeze[She's singing  and many animals are close to her/The Ultimate Princess]/Bridgette Wilson[She's using her swimsuit and surfing using surfboard/The Ultimate Surfer] and Hugo Carrey[He have a pie on his hand a flower his chest and a shock device on his other hand/The Ultimate Comedian]/Sugar Thompson[She's hearing a crown while hearing her "craptry" clothes, she's laughing triumphantly/The Ultimate Pageant Queen]and Anne Maria[She's doing a pose and have a hair canister on her head/The Ultimate Jersey Reject]).

After twelve characters are presented, the screens change to white with hope writing however the screen starts to broke into  a new one, where a fruit machine with the title Monokuma and having the word vote above the three columns spinning with the word guilty below it, the machine stops with all three columns stop at the face of the monochrome bear laughing. The screens changes to the same bear doing a very sexual dance ,finally the screen changes back to the presentation, now revealing the name of the character and his title(Monokuma[Slashing something using his left paw) similar to the last time, more two pairs and their titles are show on the screen(Rock Osbourne[He's  kneeling while using a guitar, his tongue is out/The Ultimate Rocker] and Laurie Clark[Doing some gardening/The Ultimate Vegan]/Noah Sparrow[He have a book on his hand sitting with a expression of being bored of something/The Ultimate Genius] and Celestia Ludenberg[She have many cards around her, she also have one card in her hand, its revealed to be the Queen of Hearts/The Ultimate Gambler])before the second double appears, a transition for a e-book that is loading happens and then shows the last two characters.

Post that, some images appears, one of a bullet with "hope" being shot, a counter with the number 16, "counter", a "door" closing and transforming into Monokuma's face, a classroom, the entrance locked again, an elevator with all the contestants, the elevator opens afterwards and reveals a courtroom full decorated and colorful with sixteen stands and a throne where the bear sits, the words "Class Trial Begin" appears, faces of the characters start appearing and for each 4 characters(Andrew,Sugar,Owen,Anne/Gwen,Bridgette,Hugo,Ginobli/Noah,Rock,Ella,Laurie/Lightning,Saki,Topher,Celes) while an image of Monokuma getting ready to hit a giant red button with a hammer appears sometimes, showing that he's getting closer to do it for each group of characters that pass, after the last group of characters are show, he hits the button with the hammer, the scene returns to courtroom with one rotating, finally a Monokuma Machine appears with a McLean-Brand Chris Head in front of it and many toy versions of the characters around it. The opening ends afterwards.

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