HostManHorace: HELLO! My name is HOST MAN HORACE! I am your beloved, wonderful, magnificent and hot host! I am bringing to you, that's right, YOU on a spectacular adventure through the digital world. No, this is not Digimon or Cyberspace. This is TOTAL DRAMA CLASH OF THE DIGITAL! We are inviting some of the greatest video game characters around. I forgot who I gave the invitations to though. I guess you'll have to remind me by SIGNING UP! I am looking forward to seeing who here shall receive 1,000,000,000 rupees/coins/points/dollars/tokens! This game shall determine who is the best! Find out by competing now on, TOTAL DRAMA CLASH OF THE DIGITAL!

Signups (CLOSED)

HostManHorace: Please refrain from entering two characters from the same game. That would take away from the fact that this game is featuring characters from MANY video games. Plus, the less people know about you, the less weaknesses they will be aware of. So pick any video game character. It can be Sonic, Mario, Zelda, Q*bert. WHOEVER YOU WANT! 


1. Link -The Legend Of  Zelda - Pretty good when it comes to Shooting challanges and stratagy- TDM13?? Pshhh he's gone. Captain Sparklez is on deck! (talk) 00:05, February 12, 2013 (UTC)




ELIMINATED --- Luxord 



ELIMINATED --- Phoenix Wright 

COMPLETELY OUT OrangeBirdMaster2














ELIMINATED --- Donkey Kong



ELIMINATED --- White Face


ELIMINATED --- Mr. Game & Watch

6. Lucas - Mother(Earthbound) - Can use PSI and pet snake. - TrentFan



ELIMINATED --- Tails Doll


ELIMINATED --- Ice Climbers




ELIMINATED(QUIT) --- Tepig/Pignite/Emboar

Elimination Table

Rank Episode Eliminated Team Characters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
1 The Final Battle Mario All Stars Lucas IMM WIN In In WIN In WIN In In In In In In IMM In In In IMM IMM IMM IMM In
2 The Final Battle Co. Objectioners Link In In In WIN In In In WIN WIN WIN In In IMM IMM IMM In In IMM IMM In In In
3 Pacmaniacs Co. Objectioners Emboar In In In WIN In In In WIN WIN WIN In In In In In In In IMM In IMM In


4 Nice Climbers/ Duck Duck Shoot Mario All Stars Mario IMM WIN In In WIN In WIN In In In OUT In In In In IMM In IMM In In OUT
5 Prance Prance Resolution Animation Nation Mr. Game & Watch IMM In WIN In In WIN In In In In WIN In In In In In IMM IMM In OUT
6 Prance Prance Resolution Animation Nation Toon Link In In WIN In In WIN In In In In WIN In In In In In In IMM In QUIT
7 Crouching Mario. Hidden Lucas None Kirby OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT In In In In In In In OUT
8 Angry Gamers Mario All Stars Ash In WIN In In WIN In WIN In In In In In In In In IMM In OUT
9 My Craft! MINE! Animation Nation Luigi In In WIN In In WIN In In In In WIN In In In In In OUT
10 Guitar Zeroes Co. Objectioners Broly IMM In In WIN In In In WIN WIN WIN In In IMM In In OUT
11 Omarrama Animation Nation Tails Doll In In WIN In In WIN In In In In WIN In In In OUT
12 I Rule Hyrule Animation Nation Yoshi In In WIN In In WIN In In In In WIN In In OUT
13 Slider Showdown Co. Objectioners Tails In In In WIN In In In WIN WIN WIN In In OUT
14 Glitch in the System Animation Nation Ness In In WIN In In WIN In In In In WIN OUT
15 Order Schmorder Mario All Stars PaRappa In WIN In In WIN In WIN In In OUT
16 Order Schmorder Animation Nation Pit In In WIN In In WIN In In In OUT
17 Yoshi's Baby Sitting Service Mario All Stars Axel In WIN In In WIN In WIN In OUT
18 Cooking Drama Mario All Stars Ice Climbers In WIN In In WIN In WIN OUT
19 Did I Mansion It's Haunted? Animation Nation Demyx In In WIN In In WIN OUT
20 Mother Earthlings Co. Objectioners Luxord In In In WIN In OUT
21 Super Star Eat-Athon Co. Objectioners Phoenix Wright IMM In In WIN OUT
22 Sonic Rushed Mario All Stars Shadow In WIN In OUT
23 Way To Go, Brainiac Mario All Stars Navi In WIN OUT
24 Way To Go, Brainiac Co. Objectioners Donkey Kong In In OUT
25 Rap Rap Parra Pap Co. Objectioners Player In OUT
26 Mario Kart-Tastrophy None White Face OUT





Demyx, Axel, Luxord, and Phoenix Wright ~ The Wright Organized Alliance

Link, Luigi, Toon Link, Emboar, Mr Game and watch & Lucas

Emboar & Tails ~

Day 1: Mario Kart-Tastrophy

HostManHorace: HELLO! Welcome to the chat! Welcome to the Game Zone! In this area, we have a fancy cafe that will serve whatever your game character eats. We have mushrooms! We have fruit! We even have actual food! There is also a commons area, a kitchen, and three rooms just down this hallway full of beds. That is where you can recharge. It's also where you're teams will sleep. I have three teams in mind. Until I have them ready and everyone gets here, talk amongst yourselves! The elimination will be (points to a locked door) held in that room. It shall be unlocked when we have our first loser. The room has some bleachers for you guys to sit in. When you lose, you will be driven by our personal escort! (Toad crashes his cart into the commons room)

Toad: Oh gosh! SORRY! (remembers) I need to get our contestants! (drives away)

HostManHorace: Aw yes....Toad. My co-host of the season! Welcome and goodbye! So, Toad will drive the losers through The Drive of Defeat. Let's hope you guys get your safety. This season's safety is......A golden rupee! If you do not receive a golden rupee, you are eliminated. That's all we have to say! 

Toad: (drives to the entrance of Game Zone and drops off Shadow and Tails Doll) Have a good game! (drives away. Drops off contestants as they show up)

HostManHorace: Shadow the Hedgehog! I can already tell you're here to play! Am I right? And Tails...doll....(shivers in fear) You can just do..whatever.

Shadow: These are only games.

Tails Doll: Can you feel the sunshine?

HostManHorace: HELLO! And here are our next contestants! (Toad drops off Parappa and Yoshi)

Parrapa: (to Shadow) Hey there fuzz, what's the buzz? 

Yoshi: YAHOOO! (he can talk) This game look FUN! I can't wait! (shakes Shadow's hand)


Kirby: Hai dere! Anyone want a ride on my star!?!?!

Tails: Hi! Oh hai Tails Doll

Phoenix Wright: HOLD IT!!!!! *points* What is this alleged 'gold rupee'? IS IT GOLD??? OR IS IT GOLD PLATED???

HostManHorace: Uh....well. (whispers to Toad) How well did you paint them? 

Toad: I think I painted them pretty okay. We're running out of gold paint. (They both gulp)

Demyx: Whatever, Demyx needs to sleep.

Ash: All right! I can't wait to catch a Pokemon! (Looks all around) Where are all the Pokemon at?

Ness: PK Thunder! (Fires a PK Thunder upward, controls it) I came from Onett all the way here! Hope Giygas doesn't strike...

Parrapa: What's the deal? This don't feel? What are we waitin for, let's start war.

Yoshi: Where's the kitchen?! I'm hungry!

Ash: When do we catch Pokemon?

Ness: Good rapping, dog-thing.

Player: *doesnt talk* (Player never talks in Need For Speed Titles (see Most Wanted [2005])

  • randomly a letter falls on the ground*

Letter: When you don't expect about it, it will come. When you're safe, it will kill you to death. There's no more to say, but sorry i did told you these things. Stay away from it. When challenge starts, it comes

It's White Face

  • White Face is now behind Ash*

Ash: Suddenly, a sense of fear has come over me! (Runs around screaming)

Ness: What a dork. PK Fire! (Fires a PK Fire at White Face)

  • there's no white face as a target and PK Fire misses*

Player: *still doesn't talk*

Axel: Looks like the fun is about to begin.

HostManHorace: AND RIGHT YOU ARE Axel! The fun shall begin right now! The first challenge! Everyone get in the limo *a flying limo, with no roof and just enough seats for everyone, flies through a hole that opens in the wall* Let's all HOP IN! *they all get in* Off we GO! *the limo takes them to their first video game world.....

The Mushroom Kingdom

HostManHorace: We're here! At last! So, let's land this thing! (The limo lands next to a game track) Here's what will happen, You each must get your karts and RACE! The first three to finish get immunity and a very special prize as well. As you drive, I might throw in some power-ups for you along the way! You are racing in a track called The Royal Raceway! You must avoid a Chain Chomp, Piranha Plants, and even some wandering Goombas! So, a race around Princess Peaches Castle might last about....20 lines! (put *drive* to go forward) So...on your mark...get set.... 

Princess Peach: (puts her hand over HostManHorace's mouth) I'm the princess here. I'll decide when they can drive.........Okay. They can drive now. (Mario nods from a distance)

HostManHorace: DRIVE!


HostManHorace: (presses a button. A load of karts that suit each player drop down onto the track) This good enough?

Phoenix Wright: HOLD IT! *points* I want to go first! *Drives while pointing* (Phoenix's car is blue with the bubbles saying HOLD IT! and OBJECTION on the sides. On the front is Phoenix's head. On the back is Phoenix's lawyer badge.) (1)

Demyx: Dance, Water, Dance! *Pokemon-esque pop-up pops up* (1)

Pop-up: DEMYX used SURF! It's super-effective! (Demyx is surfing on his sitar on a wave that seems to follow his movements.) 

Mr. Game & Watch: *makes a click sound and runs into kart* (1)

Lucas: Uh.....okay......*runs into kart* (1)

Mario: this is gonna be a landslide for me!. (runs into kart) (1)

Broly: KAKAROT!!! (runs into kart) (1)

Mr. Game & Watch: *drives* (2)

Lucas: *drives* (2)

Phoenix Wright: HOLD IT! *points* I want to go drive! *Drives while pointing* (2)

Demyx: Dance, Water, Dance! *Pokemon-esque pop-up pops up* (2)

Pop-up: DEMYX used SURF! It's super-effective!

HostManHorace: Broly has gotten a red shell! Phoenix Wright has gotten a mushroom. Mario has gotten three green shells!

Phoenix Wright: HOLD IT! *points* I want to take some shrooms! *Eats while pointing* 

Shroom'd Phoenix: It's good man... *boosts however many lines you can boost with a shroom* (+3 = 5)

Demyx: Dance, Water, Dance! *Pokemon-esque pop-up pops up*  (3)

Pop-up: DEMYX used SURF! It's super-effective!

Lucas: Um..........*drives* (3)

Mr. Game & Watch: *drives* (3)

HostManHorace: Lucas has a mushroom! Tails Doll has a green shell! Axel got a bullet BILL! Oh! It appears....Oh my. A loose Chain Chomp is on the run! Gonna have to take the short cut! (You now only have to drive 15 lines) But still watch out for the Chain Chomp! It's on lines 7, 10, and 12! (when on those lines, put *avoids Chain Chomp*) Good luck, racers!

Lucas: Okay! *Looks at snake and then eats mushroom, then driving* (+3=6)

Mr. Game & Watch: *drives* (4)

PaRappa: *drives* These wheels are fast and victory vast! (1)

Yoshi: YUM! *drives* (1)

Lucas: *avoids Chain Chomp* (7)

Mr. Game & Watch: *drives* (5)

Shroom'd Phoenix: Such anger man... *Drives* (4 + Boost) (6)

Demyx: *Surfs* (4)

Mr. Game & Watch: *drives* (6)

Lucas: *drives* (8)

PaRappa: *drives* (2)

Yoshi: YADADAYAHOOOO! *drives* (2)

HostManHorace: Luxord gets a blue shell! Ice Climbers got a star!  Navi gets a blooper!

Lucas: *drives* (9)

Mr. Game & Watch: *avoids Chain Chomp* (7)

Shroom'd Phoenix: Peace man... *Avoids Chain Chomp* (7)

Demyx: *Surfs* (5)

Link: I dont know what im doing (1)

Luigi: Wahoooo!

Broly: KAKAROOOOT! (throws red shell) (2)

Mario: take this you pesky Goombas! (throws green shells) (2)

Shroom'd Phoenix: You gotta try these Shrooms man... *Drives* (8)

Demyx: *Surfs* (6)

Broly: KAAAAKKKAAAROOOTTT!!! (drives faster) (3)

Mario: me?, lose!?, not gonna happen! (drives) (3)

Shroom'd Phoenix: Such anger man... *Drives* (9)

Demyx: *Surfs* (7)

HostManHorace: Demyx gets a red shell! Link gets a Bullet Bill! Phoenix gets an antidote for his shroom issue

PaRappa: Gotta drive to stay alive! *drives* (gets hit by red shell) AUGH (has to wait until gets passed by someone) (3)

Yoshi: *eats goomba and drives* That tasted better than expected! (3)

Broly: KAKAROOOOTT!!! (drives faster then before) (4)

Mario: mamamia...this is bad... (drives) (4)

Shroom'd Phoenix: Such anger man... *Avoids the Chomp* (10) 

Demyx: *Surfs* (8) 

Yoshi: *drives* (4)

Mario: (drives) (5)

Broly: KAKAROOOT! (drives) (5)

Shroom'd Phoenix: Fight the power, man... *Drives* (11) 

Demyx: *Surfs* (9) 

Mario: (drives) (6)

Broly: KAKAROT!!! (drives) (6)

Mr. Game & Watch: *drives (8)

Lucas: *avoids the Chain Chomp* (10)

Shroom'd Phoenix: Don't be a Man, man... *Avoids the Chomp* (12) 

Demyx: *Surfs* (10) 

HostManHorace: PaRappa gets a mushroom! Luigi gets an..uh oh. A thundercloud! Pit gets a MEGA SHROOM!

Yoshi: *drives* (5)

PaRappa: *drives with mushroom* (+3=6)

Mario: (drives) (7)

Broly: KAKA...ugggh, my throat hurts...(drives) (7)

Shroom'd Phoenix: Don't be a Man, man... *Drives* (13) 

Demyx: *Surfs* (11) 

HostManHorace: Look at that! Phoenix just got..another antidote! I hope he uses it.... 

Yoshi: *drives* (6)

PaRappa: *drives* (7) (avoids Chain Chomp) Can't eat me! I'm fast as can be!

Mario: pffffff....(drives) (8)

Broly: (drives) (8)

Lucas: *drives* (11)

Mr. Game &  Watch: *drives (9)

Mario: (drives) (9)

Broly: (drives) (9)

Shroom'd Phoenix: Don't be a Man, man... *Drives* (14) 

Demyx: *Surfs* (12) 

Mario: (drives) (10)

Broly: (drives) (10)

Tepig: *oinks* Tep Tepig (?)

Toon Link: Is something wrong, Tepig? (?)

Mario: (drives) (11)

Broly: (drives) (11)

HostManHorace: Demyx gets a Thndercloud! Ooooh. This can't be good. Mario gets a mushroom! Mr. Game & Watch gets a mushroom as well!

Yoshi: *drives* (7) (Gets attacked by Chain Chomp) AUGH NONONONONON (drives away)

Parappa: Look out cause here I shout! (drives) (8)

Tepig: Pig! (Hey!) (11) (You did not have 11. You just started. (1))

Toon Link: (drives) What I miss? (11) (You did not have 11. You just started. (1))

Mario: that takes me three steps ahead!....right? (drives) (14)

Broly: grrr....(drives) (12)

Mr. Game & Watch: *uses mushroom and avoids chain chomp* (12)

Lucas: *avoids chain chomp (12)

Parappa: *drives* (9)

Tepig: *drives* (2)

Toon Link: *drives* (2)

Lucas: *drives* (13)

Mr. G&W: *drives* (13)

Mario: (drives) (15)

Broly: (drives) (13)

Lucas: *drives* (14)

Mr. G&W: *drives* (14)

Mario: (drives) (16)

Broly: (drives) (14)

HostManHorace: Yoshi gets a blooper! Toon Link gets a red shell! Tepig gets a mushroom! (Mario crosses the finish line) AND MARIO IS THE FIRST TO WIN! Mario!? You can stop! The track was changed to 15. You won. We just need two more winners! 

Yoshi: I can use this blooper! (blooper attacks Yoshi* AAAUGGGGGG!

Broly: (drives) (15) finished!?

Mr. G&W: *drives* (15)

Lucas: *drives* (15)

Tepig: *uses power up* (3)

Toon Link: *drives, then uses power up, it hits denmyx* (3)

HostManHorace: The Race IS OVER! Congrats to Mario, Broly and Game N Watch! You three have out bested the others! Now, it's time to return to The Game Zone! (the limo flies down and picks everyone up. They fly back to the Game Zone)

Commons (Elimination 1)

HostManHorace: The prize, you are probably wondering what the prize is? The prize for our three winners is not only immunity..BUT OUR TEAM CAPTAINS! Three teams! (Since we can't have one user playing as a captain of two teams, Phoenix Wright is one of the captains since he was at 14/15 line) So our captains are...Phoenix Wright! Game & Watch and Mario! You guys can pick the teams in the next challenge, but first...DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Vote for someone and whoever the top two with the most votes are by the end of tomorrow...loses. They will NOT receive a gold rupee and will ride the Drive of Defeat. So, vote now, or socialize and then vote. Your choice. 

Toad: Hey guys! Socialize here before you vote. You can if you want but you don't if you don't want to. (everyone walks past him straight to the voting booth) You guys? Make friends! Be friendly? Alliances? Friends? No? Okay...just vote.

Elimination Voting Booth

HostManHorace: (CONF: Vote in here to determine the loser. AND REMEMBER! YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONE PERSON. Okay? Remember! Since these five all managed to cross the finish line, they have immunity, Phoenix Wright, Game & Watch, Lucas, Broly, and Mario. 

Mario: (CONF: i'm gonna make this brief cause i'm kinda tired...Parappa the whatever he hard feelings it's just you're a little annoying with the rapping)

Broly: (CONF: hmm.....who to vote for....Kirby!, i don't like him.)

Toon Link: (CONF: Kirby!)

Tepig: (CONF: Kirby!)

PaRappa: (CONF: The Kirby dude, that's who I vote. That pink lil guy just gets my goat.

Yoshi: Ugh....(CONF: Challenge hurt.  I vote......White Face. He scary... *shivers*

Mr. Game & Watch: (CONF) *Holds up sign saying Kirby, then shrugging*

Lucas: (CONF) I'm sorry but I vote White Face..........he kind of creeps me out.

Demyx: (CONF) Kirby *Strums sitar*

Phoenix Wright: (CONF) Kirby *Uses hair gel* What? How do you think I get this cool hair?

Ice Climbers: (CONF) White face

Pit: (CONF) White face

Player: (CONF) *votes Kirby*

White Face: (CONF) Gaaa- Ok guys, seriously, i don't want to be scary all the time. That thingy named Letter made me like this and i have to scare everyone everytime. Duh, whatever. Kirby the cute-ey is out *disappears*

Luigi: (CONF) Kirby

Link: (CONF) Kirby

Kirby: (conf) White Face

Tails: (conf) White Face

Navi: (CONF) i vote kirby

DK:(CONF) i vote for small pink man

Toon Link: (CONF: The truth is, i met Tepig when it was injured, and decided to join me!)

PaRappa: 1

White Face: 6

Kirby: 13

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: (unlocks the elimination room. All of the digital contestants enter. There is a huge set of bleachers, railroad track to the right of them. To the left of the bleachers is the door they entered through. A podium is in front of the bleachers. HostManHorace stands at this podium. All of the contestants sit down, or float (White Face). Welcome. Welcome to the Ceremony of Shame. This is where we determine who is not fit for this game, among these people. Who will fall through the cracks of stardom. Who shall rise above the others. Let's find out.

Toad: (runs in holding a item block) I got the rupees!

HostManHorace: Excellent. Let's just wait for them to finish voting. We still have 8 people who need to vote. (If they don't vote by 5:00, I will continue with the ceremony without their votes)

Toad: So make sure to vote, folks! 

HostManHorace: Oh! New rule! If you are absent for FOUR challenges! (unless you let me know on my talk page which I will link at the top of the page) You are outta here!

Toad: Are the votes in yet?

HostManHorace: Yes, they are. And now, the nerve wrecking, Ceremony of Shame! If you do NOT receive a golden rupee, you must enter the Kart of Klutz and ride the Drive of Defeat. Without further ado, the first rupees go to our winners of immunity and our future team captains! *throws rupees to Phoenix, Broly, Luca, Game & Watch, and Mario! Next, we have our contestants that got through with zip-zero votes against them! Rupees go to....... Tepig! Ness! Ash! Pit! Ice Climbers! Player! Donkey Kong! Tails! Tails Doll! Toon Link! Navi! Shadow! Luxord! Demyx! Yoshi! Link! Luigi! and Axel! There are only two rupees left! 

Parappa, White Face, and Kirby remain.

HostManHorace:  And the final rupee goes to.......





HostManHorace: Sorry Kirby! Sorry White Face. The Kart of Klutz and The Drive of Defeat await you my friends! *Kirby gets in the kart while White Face floats above it. The kart drives them away through a tunnel that leads out of the Game Zone* And that's all for today! Thanks for voting and may you have the best of luck!

Day 1: After

HostManHorace: What a day! So. Game & Watch, Phoenix, Mario, keep a look out for these people, because next time, you will be separating them into teams. Three teams. (to be fair, if there is more than one character from the same video game, they can't be on the same team) so make sure to rest up for the next challenge! Please chat until then or rest. 

Link: What a day! Hmmmm *Looks at toon link* (CONF) is it just me or Does he look like me?

Luigi: Yahoo Survived Day 1

Link: Of course you have Dummy its episode 2 *Noogies Him in friendly way*

Toon Link: whew....Huh? *looks at adult link* (CONF) Is that adult link really me?

Tepig: Luigi, what are you staring at both links?

Link: Hey Toon Link COmehere *Whipser* Me adn yopu and Luigi should have allince?? what do you say?

Tepig: sure why not!

Toon Link: Okay, who shall we vote out next?

Link: Demoyx whatever his name is He's a threat we should get rid of hjim

Tails: Good Job guys! Link, you are correct, he is a pretty big threat!

Tepig: I agree, Link! *starts to glow* Eh?

Toon Link: *in awe* What's happening to Tepig?

Tails: I think he may be evolving!

Toon Link: Evolving?

(tepig starts to change shape, and pignite stood its place)

Pignite: *evolves, sweatdrops* That wasn't supposed to happen!

Link: ...

Pignite: Now that I've got hands, we can do anything. Right guys?

Toon Link: *nods determingly* Right!

Mario: (CONF: those two have got to go soon...)

Pignite: (CONF: I think Mario should be voted off in the next episode!)

PaRappa: Man, this game is going great! Their be a winner at some rate.

Yoshi: I finished my bath after the blooper attack! (trips in a mud puddle) Ooooooh...

Pignite: Oh hi PaRappa! I was originally a Tepig!

PaRappa: Oh my gosh! Am I seeing right? What was a Tepig is now Pignite!

Yoshi: WOAH! You changed! I wanna try! (Yoshi concentrates....he then farts an egg)..That....was weird. 

Pignite: *advising everyone* When a Pokemon changes its form, its called "evolving"!

Player: *not surprised face* (The twist? Player also appeared in other games [also in pokemon ;P])

Demyx: I caught a wierd colored Ludicolo once.... *yawns* Demyx needs to sleep. *goes to bed*

Pignite: *sarcasm* That guy needs a good sense of humor!

Demyx: *sleepily* Mmhmm... (Sorry if I don't have a good sense of humor, It's really late and I'm wasted)

Player: *randomly fells asleep too*

Pignite: (CONF: Demyx is weird, and I hate weird!)

Toon Link: I think Demyx is referring to a shiny Ludicolo in my opinion! (CONF: There are three Pokemon that I like, they are Gallade, Pawniard & Bisharp, they all have swords, makes me wish I want one *a pokemon egg appears in front of him* Oh, i guess I got my wish!)

Day 2: Rap Rap Parra Pap

HostManHorace: Hope you all got a good nights rest! Our challenge is coming up. But first, Mario gets to pick his team. Game & Watch, Phoenix as well. So, Game & Watch, if you may? Also, team captains, please name your teams!

Game & Watch (pick three people and then wait for the other team captains to pick three before picking another three. No characters from the same game may be on the same team)

Team 1 Name: Animation Nation

Player 1 - Game & Watch

Player 2 - Toon Link

Player 3 - Demyx

Player 4 - Yoshi

Player 5 - Tails Doll

Player 6 - Luigi

Player 7 - Ness

Player 8 - Pit

Mario (pick three people and then wait for the other team captains to pick three before picking another three. No characters from the same game may be on the same team)

Team 1 Name: Mario All Stars

Player 1 - Mario 

Player 2 - Axel

Player 3 - Shadow

Player 4 - Parappa

Player 5 - Navi

Player 6 - Lucas

Player 7 - Ice Climbers

Player 8 - Ash

Phoenix Wright (pick three people and then wait for the other team captains to pick three before picking another three. No characters from the same game may be on the same team)

Team 1 Name: Phoenix and Co. Objectioners

Player 1 - Phoenix Wright

Player 2 - Link

Player 3 - Luxord

Player 4 - Player

Player 5 - Tails

Player 6 - Pignite

Player 7 - Donkey Kong

Player 8 - Broly

HostManHorace: (Since this is taking too long) Okay! The teams have been decided! Everyone get in the limo! *they get in the limo and are taken through a tunnel where they go to there second video game... . . . Master Onion's Dojo *Everyone looks confused, besides PaRappa* I know what you all are thinking. "How is this game even possible? It's so...weird. Well, it exists, deal with it. OKAY! *drops them off in the dojo* Now! Each team must volunteer 5 people to rap! They will rap against two other people at the same time in a three way rap-off!

Animation Nation (Animation Nation better hurry up)

1.Tails Doll

2. Yoshi

3. Mr. Game & Watch

4. Toon Link

5. Luigi

Mario All Stars


2. Axel

3. Mario

4. Rappa PaRappa

5. Lucas

Phoenix and Co. Objectioners

1. Phoenix Wright

2.Donkey Kong

3. Luxord

4. Broly

5. Tails

Master Onion: In order to rap, you must not be a sap! To win is real great! But don't be too late!

HostManHorace: Yeah...What he said... (don't start until all spaces (or at least 4 from each team have been filled)

Toon Link: (CONF: *holding his egg, rubbing it gently* I think this sounds like a PaRappa specialty!)

Pignite: (CONF: The truth is, I taught PaRappa to rap too when I was just a Tepig, and I still remember those memories & also at this challange Chop-Chop Onion told us to do!)

Navi: UHHH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can not rap LINK!!!!!

Ness: Can't wait to see how this turns out! Go Animation Nation!

Ash: Yeah! Go Mario All Stars!

HostManHorace: OKAY! Round 1! Tails Doll vs. Shadow vs. Phoenix Wright! A three way battle! You each must have a 4 line rap that insults the other. I will grade out of 5 points in a few categories. Flow, No-swears, and wether the rap is clever! BEGIN!

Tails Doll: Well this is just sad.

Two people that had their own games which turned out bad.

This battle is no contest.

Because I am obviously the best.

Shadow: Tails Doll you think you're so good.

But you're misunderstood.

You're just a miserable soulless copy of tails

I'll smash all your sand pails.

And Phoenix, Queensmix, King of Mars.

Nobody knows who the heck you are.

Phoenix: HOLD IT!

Shadow, 'You emo? 'Yeah you, with the stupid hair and your bro taking all the glory

No wonder you went all crazy. 

Tails Doll, 'OBJECTION! 'Who are you to Shadow a Copy of Tails when you, Tails DOLL 

Just a Replica of Tails himself

(qut to the other contestants on each line, if you played Phoenix Wright, you know what I'm talking about) ADMIT IT! 'YOU! 'ARE! 'A! 'TOY! 

HostManHorace: OKAY! Round 2! Yoshi vs. Axel vs. Donkey Kong! A three way battle! You each must have a 4 line rap that insults the other. I will grade out of 5 points in a few categories. Flow, No-swears, and wether the rap is clever! BEGIN!

Axel: Hey Yoshi I control fire!

And what do you do, just a flutter a bit higher?

And Donkey Kong what kind of name, is Donkey?

Looks like your mama thought you smelled really funky!

Got it memorized?

Yoshi: Hey, HEY! I'm Yoshi! Okay?

I'll chew you up, and spit you out, and an egg I'll lay.

Axel is all burnt up and not looking too hot!

Donkey Kong, is he pretty? No he is not.

Toad: Just waiting for Donkey Kong. If he doesn't rap soon, he's out.

DK: Im donkey kong yo whadda you know when i look at your ugly mug i see the butt of a green pug

and what the heck is kingdom hearts who cares about disney it is a over hyped company run by a mouse yo

everyone knows me and you they dont give up cuase i sure wont word

Toad: Great job! The winners of round 2 are .... Axel with 12/12 for the Mario All Stars.

Yoshi with 8/12 for the Animation Nation.

Donkey Kong with 5/12 for the Co. Objectioners.

HostManHorace: OKAY! Round 3! Game & Watch vs. Mario vs. Luxord! A three way battle! You each must have a 4 line rap that insults the other. I will grade out of 5 points in a few categories. Flow, No-swears, and wether the rap is clever! BEGIN!

Game & Watch: *holding up a new sign each line*

From the Game Zone, I've come and gone.

Little do you two know, you're just a couple of pawns.

Luxord, you look like a skinny Santa from the North Pole.

And finally, Mario, let's face it, your win is in another Castle.

Luxord: Sure Mario's win is in another castle.

But here, I'm the puppet Master!

Axel may control fire but I control time!!

What else, for being here you two should get a big fine!!!

Mario: Game & Watch, you're games are old

you're days of being a hero have gone cold

Luxord, you're crazed with playing with a card

let's face it, you're gonna go down hard.

HostManHorace: Toad! You judge!

Toad: Good job! All did great! Nice to see this competition is heating up. The winners in order for round 3 are....

Mario with 10/12 for the Mario SuperStars!

Game & Watch with 9/12 for Animation Nation!

Luxord with 6/12 for the Co. Opjectioners

HostManHorace: OKAY! Round 4! Toon Link vs. Rappa vs. Broly! A three way battle! You each must have a 4 line rap that insults the other. I will grade out of 5 points in a few categories. Flow, No-swears, and wether the rap is clever! BEGIN!

Toon Link: Am I scared, am I holy?

This guy is a nuisance, his name is Broly

And PaRappa thinks he's a rappin' dog.

I'd be annoyed if he had a blog.

Toon Link: (CONF: This is really embarrassing, trying to insult PaRappa & Broly. It's just doesn't feel right!)

Broly: Parappa, Parappa, you really ain't dappa.

you're even worse then that stupid Saiyan Nappa

Toon Link, Toon Link, you really make me tick

i'm shocked at how Zelda didn't give you a kick

PaRappa: Rapping here is what I was born for!

You wanna beat me? Give up, there's the door!

I don't need a blog to beat some cartoon.

As for the other, you just be some loon.

Toad: Wow! This is getting even better! The winners in order for round 4 are....

Toon Link with 10/12 for the Mario SuperStars!

PaRappa with 9/12 for Animation Nation!

Broly with 9/12 for the Co. Objectioners...

HostManHorace: OKAY! Round 5! Luigi vs. Lucas vs. Tails! A three way battle! You each must have a 4 line rap that insults the other. I will grade out of 5 points in a few categories. Flow, No-swears, and wether the rap is clever! BEGIN!

Luigi: Tails, tails has a big fat TAIL!

he thinks he's all that but hes Just one big FAIL!

Lucas Head is so Diformed It Looks Like a wad of GUM!

No wonder Your dillisional to the fact that your Just SO DUMB!

Lucas: *face turns from shy to serious*

Looks like you both seem to be in danger.

You're both so lame you act like a Power Ranger.

You'll regret this decision, just in a minute.

Look across other galaxies and dimensions, you'll see my win is infinite.

(Player: *looks confused*)

Tails: Wow you guys are great

But you guys just wait

When I will destroy you

And you guys will boohoo

Toad: Great job! The winners in order for round 5 are.... Lucas with 10/12 for the Mario SuperStars!

Luigi with 9/12 for Animation Nation!

Tails with 8/12 for the Co. Objectioners..

HostManHorace: YAY! We're done...I think the results were obvious. The Mario All Stars won by a landslide...and the Co. Objectioners...lost by a landslide. But all did great! (in reality, nobody did that bad) But after some decisions, The Co. Objectioners were the losers. As for the All Stars, (pushes a button that reveals a secret elevator) You get to go to the Game Zone's very own, private suite for the stars. Every victory, the winners get to go there. The losing teams get to stay down here, where it's not as luxurious. So, Co's voting time. (everyone gets in the limo and are taken back to the Game Zone).

Commons (Objectioners & Animation Nation)

Toad: Hey guys! Socialize here before you vote. You can if you want but you don't if you don't want to. Remember, still be nice and make friends.

Luigi: we survived!

Yoshi: We no need luxury. We safe!

Ness: We didn't win, but we still rock! PK Rockin! (Fires some fireworks up in the air for some reason)

Luxord: Would anyone care for a game of cards?

Ness: Yeah!

Yoshi: Sure! What flavor?

Toon Link: *holding the pokemon egg & then begins to wiggle* Huh? guys!

(If you're trying to enter a new contestant into the show then just know that I won't allow it. But it can be like...a team pet. But not actually competing)

Luigi: lets play Texas Hold em! "Deals cards"

Egg: *glows*

Toon Link: Look at that, guys! The egg......!

(egg glows, hatches into a pawniard)

Luigi: Woah Mamma mia Man!

Toon Link: Shall we play?

Pawniard: Pawn? (Play?)

Ness: Cool! It's like a thing from Mega Man made out of swords! Awesome.

Luigi: How do we take care of it?

Pawniard: *looks at toon link*

Toon Link: I'll do it, Pawniard takes a liking to me!

Toad: *approaches Toon Link* Hey Toon. Horace wanted me to tell you that this Pawniard is NOT a contestant. He also said that *pulls out note cards* He is to stay here, in the Game Zone, during challenges. Is that alright?

Victory Suite (Mario All Stars)

Axel: I got 12/12 Got it memorized?

PaRappa: Note, taken. You're burnin and bakin. Your score ain't no liar, cause you on fire.

Axel: Great ... BTW, Name's Axel Got it memorized?

Ash: GREAT JOB! That was awesome! (Poses like in anime)

Mario: just keep up the good work guys!, we'll be owning this contest before you know it!

Elimination Voting Booth (Co. Objectioners)

HostManHorace: (CONF: Vote in here to determine the loser. Okay? Remember! Remember, The Co.Objectioners are the only ones allowed to vote.

People who need to vote: Phoenix, Player, 

Toad: You can vote for Phoenix Wright, Link, Luxord, Player, Tails, Pignite, Donkey Kong, or Broly

Link: I Vote off Player

Luxord: I vote Player

Tails: Player is who I vote

Pignite: Player, sorry!

Broly: Player must go.

DK: who doesn't like Donkey rapping they must leave i vote player

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: Welcome. Welcome back to the Ceremony of Shame. Let's find out which one of you is going home tonight'! If you do NOT receive a golden rupee, you must enter the Kart of Klutz and ride the Drive of Defeat. Without further ado, the first rupees go to *throws rupees to.......Phoenix, Link, Tails, Pignite, Luxord, and Broly There are only two rupees left! 

Only Donkey Kong and Player remain.

HostManHorace:  And the final rupee goes to.......




Donkey Kong

HostManHorace: Sorry Player! The Kart of Klutz and The Drive of Defeat is your next destination. *Player leaps into his own car and drives down the Drive of Defeat on his own. He leaves the Game Zone* 'And that's all for today! Thanks for voting and may you have the best of luck!'

Day 2: After

Shadow: *rocks out* Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Tails Doll: I want to posess you.

Shadoe: *walks away from tails doll*

Tails: Hi Tails Doll!

Ash: Let's go! I can't WAIT to catch a Pokemon! (Does a peace sign)

Yoshi: What's a pokemon?

DK: (CONF) man now that it over donkey has a lot of good raps like this......I don't wanna sound crass but my name is donkey kong cuase i kick a**      do you see what i means

Toad: (CONF) *walks into DK's confessional* Okay big guy, the rapping is over. 

DK: donkey don't like mushroom man *hits toad on haed*

Link: Hmm Survived Day Two Billions more to go *Rolls Eyes*

Luigi: Yahoo!

HostManHorace: Ooh. Well Link, didn't know you were the snarky one. Well, have I got a surprise for you...Randomly, after every challenge, I will select whether or not we have the bottom two teams BOTH eliminate ne person from their team. So only one team is safe...the winning team. Second place team will send someone home as well. How does that sound?

Ness: Okay.

Ash: YEAH! My team's the BEST!

Toon Link: Why?

Ash: Because we're the best, like no one ever was!

Toon Link: *dumbfounded, sweatdrops* I didn't mean it that way!

Pawniard: *sweatdrops* Pawn!!

PaRappa: I be droppin a beat. My team cannot face defeat.

Day 3: Way To Go, Brainiac

HostManHorace: What are we waiting for? Let's not dilly dally! We have a show to go on with! *the flying limo pulls up* Let's go! *they all get in* The quicker we get the challenges done, the quicker we can vote you all off. The quicker we vote you all off, the quicker we shall have our winner! *the limo takes them to their next video game world.....

Big Brain Academy

HostManHorace: All of you better have some brains in those skulls of yours. I will ask you trivia questions......about video games! Okay. Anyone can answer these. Okay... Here are 5 questions. YOU MAY ONLY ANSWER ONE UNTIL I PUT THE NEXT FIVE UP. Okay? Let's begin. TOAD! Read them the questions!

Toad: Sure thing Horace!

HostManHorace: MR. HOST MAN HORACE TO YOU! (straightens tie and smiles at the audience)

Toad: Okay...sorry. Ahem...

Round 1 Question 1 - In what year was the original "Paper Mario" released, and on what console

Luxord: Easy, its was released in 2000 in Japan, 2001 for America for Nintendo 64 console. I know cause I gambled all my money on this same question.

Toad: You don't say? Nice! CORRECT! Point for the Co. Objectioners!

Round 1 Question 2 - Eggman wasn't always called "Doctor Eggman". What was his original name? Hint: His name was used in the Sonic Comic series before the games.

Axel: Doctor Ivo Robotnik

Toad: CORRECT! Point for the Mario All Stars!

Round 1 Question 3 - There is an actual video game that is infamous for portraying a drunk squirrel who fights an opera singing pile of this true or false?

Yoshi: Oh no.......true. I meet Conkers once.

HostManHorace: Stop! Stop! Don't tell us any more. That squirrel is just weird.

Toad: CORRECT! Point for Animation Nation!

Round 1 Question 4 - In the games of "Ratchet and Clank" Ratchet is what species?

Pit: He was a Lombax

Toad: CORRECT! Point for Animation Nation!

Round 1 Question 5 - Can you name the leader of the "Squeak Squad" from the "Kirby" series?

Ice Climbers: Wasn't that Daroach

Toad: CORRECT! Point for The Mario All Stars!

HostManHorace: Remember, YOU CAN ONLY ANSWER ONE QUESTION UNTIL I PUT UP THE NEXT FIVE. We want to make sure as many team members are contributing. Wouldn't be fun if only one person answered all of the questions, now would it?

Ash: Daroach? Isn't that the answer? It looks like a Pokemon.

Mario: shame Kirby had to miss this one...poor thing. (rolls eyes)

Round 2 Question 1 - What is one online meme that the game "Skyrim" is responsible for?

Ash: Arrow to the knee!

Toad: CORRECT! Point for The Mario All Stars!

Round 2 Question 2 - What are the names of the two Ice Climbers?

Ice Climbers: Nana and Popo

Toad: CORRECT! Point for The Mario All Stars!

Round 2 Question 3 - Organization 13 from "Kingdom Hearts" actually had 14 members at one point. What was that member's name?

Yoshi: Sheeon! It's Sheeon!

Toad: That' you pronounce it, yes. But is that your final answer?

Yoshi: No. It's....Xion.

Toad: CORRECT! Point for Animation Nation!

Round 2 Question 4 - Nowadays, there is an online game that features a dark forest and the player must find notes on trees or cars and are stalked by a strange creature? Do you know what game I'm talking about? If you do, what is the creature's name?

Ness: Slender? And the creature is Slenderman.

Toad: CORRECT! Point for Animation Nation!

Round 2 Question 5 - What was Sega's first gaming console called?

Tails: Sg-1000

Toad: CORRECT! Point for The Co. Objectioners!

PaRappa: Oh wow! Holy cow! 

Toad: Okay. I might have this be the last round. Let's answer some more questions. These are difficult!

Round 3 Question 1 - Name what the triforce from "Legend of Zelda" represents. And each goddess that controls it.

Link: I Know Question 1: They Repesent Power, Courage, And wisdom, The gods names Are Din, nayru, And Farore!, Din Controls Power, Nayru Controls Wisdom, And Farore Controls Courage

Toad: Only fits that you would know this one...CORRECT! Point for the Co.Objectioners!

Round 3 Question 2 - Why is a koopa from "Mario Bros" called a koopa?

Axel: Because Bowser is the Koopa King?

Toad: NOPE! Wrong. 

PaRappa: You're being harsh. Dude, please! The "koopa" is "turtle" in Japanese.

Toad: And...Mario All Stars have point. CORRECT

Round 3 Question 3 - What species is Mr. Saturn from "Earthbound"?

Ness: Oh, that's easy. Mr. Saturn is its own species.

Toad: CORRECT! Point for Animation Nation!

Round 3 Question 4 - In "Pokemon" name all 17 Pokemon types.

Ash: Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Flying, Rock, Ground, Ice, Bug, Fighting, Psychic, Ghost, Poison, Dragon, Dark, and Steel!

Toad: Wouldn't expect anybody else to answer that fast for this question. CORRECT! Point for the Mario All Stars!

Round 3 Question 5 - Name all of the ghosts's names from "Pac-Man"

Toon Link: Blinky, Pinky, Inky & Clyde

Toad: CORRECT! Point for Animation Nation! Yes! Challenge over! Now, let's tally up the scores.

Mario All Stars: 6 points

Animation Nation: 6 points

Co. Objectioners:  3 points

HostManHorace: While I would have a tiebreaker.....Animation Nation got every question they answered right. The All Stars had one person slip up with a wrong answer. So victory goes to.......ANIMATION NATION! As for the other two losers...that's right. You guys are both eliminating one person from your team. *the limo pulls up and everyone gets in* Let's GO! *they fly back to the Game Zone*

Commons (Elimination 3)

HostManHorace: DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Vote for someone on your team if you happen to NOT be on Animation Nation. One person from each of the two losing teams are going home. I randomly decided that today shall be a demonstration of my random elimination double time special. Those two will NOT receive a gold rupee and will ride the Drive of Defeat. So, vote now, or socialize and then vote. Your choice. 

Toad: Hey guys! Socialize here before you vote. You can if you want but you don't if you don't want to. You guys should make friends! Be friendly! Alliances! Friends!

(Spectating this camp :P. I would like to comments since i'm out about these.....and yeah, predicting that A.N. will be a strong MR)

(Sorry that you're out so early, MR. There's always the vote for who returns at the merge. :) 

(No problem. I should've partecipate more :P. Wish you many active users on this camp :) MR)

Victory Suite (Animation Nation)

Ness: We win! We're the best team! (Does Yo-yo tricks)

Luigi: We Winnn!

Toon Link: I played Pac-Man many times, that's why i knew that answer!

Ness: I would obviously be the one to know Mr. Saturn's species!

Toon Link: (CONF: I had no idea Ness lived in Onett, he's got a pet dog too, Lucky for me I have a pet Pokemon!)

Ness: (CONF: Toon Link is awesome! He's like the Hero of Time, but my age! He's a lot more fun than the grown-up Link, that's for sure.)

Pawniard: Pawn pawn pawniard!! (We did very well in that challenge)

Ness: Translation?

Toon Link: Pawniard's says "We did very well in that challenge"

Yoshi: YAY! Nobody on this team leaves today!

Toon Link: (CONF: Okay, that Yoshi is wierd!)

Yoshi: Can I play with Pawniard? (smiles) 

Elimination Voting Booth

HostManHorace: Vote for someone on your team. If you are on the Co. Objectioners or the Mario All Stars, please vote. 

People who still need to vote on Co Objectioners: Phoenix, Donkey Kong, Luxord,

People who still need to vote on Mario All Stars: Axel, Shadow and Navi


Link: I Vote for Donkey Kong

Broly: the ape!, THE APE!!!

Tails: (conf: Donkey Kong)

Pignite: (CONF: DK goes bye-bye!)

Mario All Stars

Ice Climbers: (CONF): We vote Navi to be eliminated as he didn't do anything, Sorry

Ash: (CONF: I vote Navi.)

PaRappa: (CONF) This person gotta go yeah, very. I vote for the talking fairy.

Lucas: (CONF) Sorry but I vote Navi....

Mario: (CONF) Navi's gotta go, he or she's a liability to the team, sorry.

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: Welcome. Welcome back to the Ceremony of Shame. Let's find out which one of you is going home tonight'! If you do NOT receive a golden rupee, you must enter the Kart of Klutz and ride the Drive of Defeat. So here we have the Co. Objectioners...again. And the Mario All Stars! First up, The Co. Objectioners! *throws rupees to.......Pignite, Link, Tails, Luxord, and Broly. On the Mario AllStars...*throws rupees to.......Mario, Axel, Ice Climbers, Lucas, Ash and PaRappa There are only two rupees left! 

Only Donkey Kong, Phoenix and Shadow and Navi remain.

HostManHorace: And the final two rupee goes to.......




Phoenix and Shadow

HostManHorace: Sorry Donkey Kong, sorry Navi! You two just weren't playing the game enough. The Kart of Klutz and The Drive of Defeat is your next destination. *Donkey Kong sits in the Kart of Klutz and Navi flies after the kart as it drives away, leaving the Game Zone* 'And that's all for today! Thanks for voting and may you have the best of luck!'

(Well, at least my character wasn't eliminated in same episode, so that's not very bad. Sorry finn D: [MR])

(I need to be more careful with double eliminations. I forgot about something like that happening)

(Orange: How bout single eliminations from now on? Atleast on the first double elimination only ONE of my characters went)

(Sometimes there is a double elimination...sometime's there isn't. I gurantee that there will be WAY more single eliminations than double)

Day 3: Sonic Rushed

Link: Day three is nigh Good job guys we can get em next time i hope.

Pignite: We're safe! Yay, PaRappa. We should cheer for.....*interruptly starts to glow*

PaRappa: What the? How the? I don't know? This is second time you start to glow!

Toon Link: This is so much to solve, but I think Pignite is starting to evolve!

Tails: Here comes EMBOAR! *sighs* I wish I had my own pokemon. *pokemon egg appears* WHY ARE THERE SO MANY POKEMON EGGS?

(pignite grows bigger and a beard of fire appears)

Emboar: *evolves* How did you knew that I was gonna evolve into Emboar, Tails?

Tails: I have studied Pokemon. It is so awesome!

Egg: *wiggles*

Emboar: Um.....Tails! Your egg....!

Egg: *hatches into Pichu*

Tails: I have always wanted either a Tepig or a Pichu. 

(Enough with the eggs. You guys can't spontaneously pull eggs and new characters out of nowhere. I've let the evolution thing slide and Pawniard. But no more)

Toad: Okay, no more eggs. If I see another one, I will confiscate it, whether it hatches or not. HostManHorace wanted me to tell you that. 

(Orange: It is not a contestant. Its a companion!)

(LIG: That's all for this camp, that was the last egg)

(Orange: Is my Pichu aloud to evolve, Pichu is able to talk once it becomes Pikachu. Pikachu will appear in challenges but only to talk to us, not about the challenge though)

(No more pokemon eggs or "companions")


Ness: Uh, you can't sing...


Pawniard: Pawn pawn (I quit!)

Toad: Very well...but we actually have other plans for you. (walks Pawniard to the limo) If you want to say....pawn pawn or however you say "goodbye" I guess you can.

Pawniard: *is dragging pichu with her, chucking pichu into the limo also* Goodbye!

Toon Link: Wait, did that Pawniard just talk human?

Toad: Allrighty then. He said "goodbye". Bye then. (pulls Pawniard into the limo, Pawniard grabs Pichu and they are both pulled into the limo and flies off)

Toon Link: We should focus on the game, Ness!

Mario: (CONF: (slaps forehead), am i gonna get far?)

Emboar: (CONF: Wow, I've never made it to this far, I'm good!)

Ness: Good idea, Toon Link! I wonder what today's challenge will be?


HostManHorace: IT'S TIME!. Next challenge is here! *the contestants get in the limo and fly off* We are landing in..




HostManHorace: Mobius is the original home of Sonic The Hedgehog. Here you must simply race to the end. The first team to get a combined point score of 15, wins. AND GO! Oh, and no double posting. I might set some traps for you guys that Eggman may find humorous. Okay. GO!

Toad: Traps have been set on spaces 3, 6, and 12 If you get to that space...LOOK OUT! 

PaRappa: *runs* +1 MAS (1)

Yoshi: *runs* +1 AN (1)

Axel: *runs* +1 MAS (2)

Luxord: *runs* +1 CO (1)

Ice Climbers: *Runs* +1 MAS (3)

Pit: *Runs* +1 AN (2)

Axel: *runs* +1 MAS (4)

Luxord: *runs* +1 CO (2)

Emboar: Can i use flame charge to run? 

Mario: (runs) +1 MAS (5)

Broly: (runs) +1 CO (3)

Tails: *flies* [1] +1 CO (4)

PaRappa: *runs* +1 MAS (6)

Yoshi: *runs and flutter jumps* +1 AN (3)

Toad: You better dodge these traps set up for the next three spaces! (throws springs and spikes on the next three spaces)

Mario: (runs) +1 MAS (7)

Broly: (runs) +1 CO (5)

Emboar: *uses flame charge to run* +1 CO (6)

Toon Link: *runs* +1 AN (4)

PaRapppa: (runs) +1 MAS (8)

Yoshi: (runs) +1 AN (5)

Tails: *flies* [2] (LIG: Horace says he won't allow this) +1 CO (7)

Link* Runs* (i dont get this challange) +1 CO (8)

Luigi: *Runs* +1 AN (6)

Yoshi: *runs* +1 AN (7)

Emboar: *still running* +1 CO (9)

Toon Link *still running* +1 AN (8)

PaRappa: *runs* +1 MAS (9)

HostManHorace: Some people are confused about this challenge, so I've heard. The goal is for each team with all of their members combined to run 15 lines. ...basically, just run

Mario: (runs) +1 MAS (10)

Broly: (runs) +1 CO (10)

Emboar: *still runs using flame charge* +1 CO (11)

Toon Link: *runs* +1 AN (9)

Link: *Runs* +1 CO (12)

Luigi: *Runs* AN (10)

Ash: Unfair late start! (Runs) +1 MAS (11)

Ness: I'm sorry I'm late! (Runs) +1 AN (11)

Yoshi: *runs* +1 AN (12)

Ash: (Runs) +1 MAS (12)

Ness: (Runs) +1 AN (13)

Axel: *runs* +1 MAS (13)

Luxord: *runs* +1 CO (13)

Tails: *flies* +1 CO (14)

Link: *Runs* +1 CO (15)

Luigi: *Runs* +1 AN (14)

Toon Link *runs* +1 AN (15)

Emboar: *runs with flame charge in play* +1 CO (FINISH)

Ness: (Runs) +1 AN (FINISH)

Ash: (Runs) +1 MAS (15)

HostManHorace: STOP! Congratulations! This is a first! The Co. Objectioners have WON! And the Mario All-Stars....did not. In fact, they got LAST PLACE! (le gasp) So, Co. Objectioners...enjoy your first time in the Victory Suite. I know you'll find it AWESOME! So, as for the Mario must eliminate someone. Single elimination. Animation Nation no elimination. Got it? Let's head back to Game Zone *they fly back in the limo*

Commons (Elimination 4)

HostManHorace: Oooh. This must stink for some of you guys. Anyways, Animation Nation, no victory suite for you guys...but no elimination either. So enjoy! Mario All Stars, you can chat here for a bit...or just vote relentlessly. Your choice.

Luigi: It's Okay guys We can get em next time!

Yoshi: Thanks Luigi! Nobody has to leave, at least. So in a way.....we won!

Victory Suite (Co. Objectioners)

Butler: (is holding a plate of every Co. Objectioners favorite meal)

Tails: Whooo! Thanks!

Link: nice job guys I knew we could do it!

Emboar: Yeah! We won!

Elimination Voting Booth (Mario All Stars)

HostManHorace: So only the Mario All Stars may vote. Submit your votes and send someone home. It can be any of the following (just a reminder so you know who is on your team)

Ice Climbers: (CONF): Shadow

Mario: (CONF): Lucas, sorry little man.

PaRappa: (CONF) That hedgehog man, where did he go? I have to vote for our absent Shadow.

Ash: Shadow. (CONF) I'm sorry, but you're not the very best, like no one ever was. 

Axel: (CONF) Shadow, Got it memorized?

Shadow: 4/7 = out

Lucas: 1/7

Shadow: I vote for Lucas.

Elimination Ceremony (Mario All Stars)

HostManHorace: And now, the nerve wrecking Ceremony of Shame! It's time to send one of you home! Now, who's it gonna be? Let's find out after I hand out these rupees.

Toad: (holds up the rupees) I have them here!

HostManHorace: Good. We have only 6 rupees here. And they go to... *throws rupees to.....Axel, Ice Climbers, PaRappa, and Ash*

Only Shadow and Lucas remain.....The final rupee goes to.....







HostManHorace: You were quiet this season Shadow....way too quiet. You're still cool, but quiet won't win you the game. Hasta La ByeBye my spikey friend. But elimination awaits. *Shadow gets in the Kart of Klutz. still as cool as ever, and is driven down the Drive of Defeat and leaves the Game Zone* As for the rest of you, get some sleep of something. I don't know. But great job getting this far....even though we only had like....four of five eliminations. Stay tuned!

Day 4: Super Star Eat-Athon

HostManHorace: WELCOME BACK everybody, we are going to a very special place today. We're heading off to....





HostManHorace: This is where Kirby would fly across the sky and save the creatures of this world...all while satisfying his appetite. He could tell you all about it right now....if he was here. ANYWAY! The next challenge is simple. EAT! The first team to finish 3 HUGE meals...shall win! (Out of 3 points, for each time you *eat* I will use a randomizer to see if you eat at 1 dish, 2 dishes, or 3 dishes. It'll make sense as we play) SO GET TO THE EATING!

Toad: *hands out 50 dishes* After 50 dishes are eaten, we will tally up which team has eaten the most! SO ENJOY!

Axel: *eat* (1 dish)

Luxord: *eat* (2 dishes)

ParRappa: *eat* (2 dishes)

Yoshi: *eat* YUM! (1 dish)


Axel: *Eat* (3 dishes)

Luxord: *eat* (2 dishes)

Ice Climbers: *Eat* (3 dishes)

Axel: *eat* (3 dishes)

Luxord: *eat* (2 dishes)

Tails: *eats* (CONF: I miss Kirby, I was his only friend!) (1 dish)

PaRappa: *eats* (1 dish)

Yoshi: *eats* (2 dish)

Toad: That's 23 dishes so far!

Ness: (eats) (1 dish)

Ash: (eats) (2 dishes)

Link: *eats 2 dishes (You don't decide how many dishes you eat. I do on  (1 dish)

Luigi: *eats 1 Dish* (1 dish)

Axel: *eats* (2 dishes)

Luxord: *eats* (3 dishes)

Tails: *eats* Everyone, I have a quick question. Why don't you all like Kirby? He is a great guy. (3 dishes)

Yoshi: *eats* Kirby? I liked Kirby. We eat out sometimes. (3 dishes)

PaRappa: *eats* I don't know man, he just got my goat. I wanna eat more, bring me a root beer float! (1 dish)

Toad: 40 DISHES! WOAH! Ten more and we can wrap things up!

Tails: *eats* PaRappa, you can have my Root beer float that I was saving for later! (1 dish)

Lucas: *eats* (1 dish)

Mr. Game & Watch: *eats* (3 dishes)

Tails: *eats* (1 dish)

Mr. Game & Watch: *eats* (3 dishes)

Lucas: *eats* (1 dish)

Tails: *eats* (2 dishes)

Axel: *eats* (1 dish)

Luxord: *eats* (2 dishes) 

HostManHorace: WOAH! We'll stop at FIFTY FIVE DISHES! Okay. now to see out of 55, which team has eaten the most.

Toad: Did you tally them yet?

HostManHorace: DON'T RUSH ME! Ahem.....

CoObjectioners have eaten 15 dishes out of 55!

Animation Nation has eaten 19 dishes out of 55!

Mario All-Stars have eaten 21 dishes out of 55!

HostManHorace: As sad as it's another loss for the Co. Objectioners and a victory for the Mario All Stars! You guys are safe! You too, Animation Nation. single elimination. So, to the limo! *they all get in the limo and return to the Game Zone*


Yoshi: We're here,...again. At least we're safe! After that challenge......I miss Kirby. 

Luigi: Atleast were Safe!

Yoshi: Yeah. SO LUIGI! How is Mushroom Kingdom!? I've been at my island for the past couple months.

Toon Link: *to yoshi* How many? (CONF: I first met Ness when we were at Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He was a worthy competitor, i can tell you that much!)

Victory Suite (Mario All Stars)

Butler: *is massaging the feet of the Mario All-Stars*

PaRappa: This is the life! No strife.

Ash: We're the best! Like no one ever was!

Mario: (CONF: (sarcastically) getting rid of him will be MY real test....hehehe..)

Axel: Stop singing that dumb song or I'll burn your face! Burnt Face Ash!

PaRappa: (CONF) These toons of Ash's are not good. My rapping is the way it should.

Axel: (CONF) We all know it was me who won the rap battle challenge with a perfect score.

Elimination Voting Booth (Co. Objectioners)

HostManHorace: Okay...since (13sora let me know he would be absent for the next couple of days) His characters (even if voted for) Will have two invalid votes. So that means, if three people vote for him, only one of those votes counts. (This is what I will do if you let me know you will be absent. If you tell me you'll be absent and you show up during the challenge, then the voting rule no longer applies) So, get voting!

You can vote for ...

People who need to vote.... Phoenix Wright

Broly, Link, Tails, Luxord, Phoenix Wright, and Emboar

Broly (CONF) i'm not happy with myself for not doing anything that challenge, but our dear captain Phoenix Wright had been very inactive, witch is why i vote for him.

Luxord: (CONF) I'm not happy about this but it's his wish, I vote out Phoenix Wright.

Link: (CONF) Im not happy with my paricipation And i deserver to go home But I vote Phoenix Wright

Tails: (CONF: Phoenix Wright)

Emboar: (CONF: Sorry Phoenix, but this is for the best, you have to go!)

HostManHorace: Oh...well. The rule was, if you let me know you'll be absent, I will take away 2 or three votes that you receive at an elimination. says 3. So even though Phoenix has three votes appears his team outvoted him

Toad: What does that mean, sir?

HostManHorace: It means that Phoenix won't be here. But if Emboar votes him off, Phoenix is gone. If not, we have a tie breaker. 

HostManHorace: It means we have to at least wait for a day.

Tails: Can we go to bed though!

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: Welcome to the rupee ceremony. Also called the Ceremony of Shame! Shame that one of you have to go. Anyways, I got some golden rupees here that you probably are dying to get your hands on. Well here they are! *throws rupees to....Broly, Tails, Link, Luxord...

Only Phoenix and Emboar left

And the final rupee goes to.






HostManHorace: Sorry Phoenix. Even though you were absent, and I took away two votes for still had too many votes against you. Sorry. The Drive of Defeat awaits. *Phoenix gets in the Kart of Klutz and is taken away down the Drive of Defeat* So many possibilities. Find out next time. Stay tuned.


Tails: I need some sleep.

Emboar: I'm exhausted!

PaRappa: I'm tired too. Where's a bed. I'm as sleepy as you.

Yoshi: I'm hungry.

HostManHorace: Sorry for the wait everybody. We have two people who won't be here tomorrow so we'll wait the next day for them (even if they aren't there, it's okay) So stay tuned. Chat if you will.

Tails: Thank you! Now I can get some sleep, eating makes me sleepy! Yoshi how are you still Hungry?

Yoshi: I think I'm always hungry.. (sighs) So was Kirby.

Mario: (CONF: imagine captain is out of the running already...just goes to show that nobody is safe in this thing...)

Link: (CONF) I hate all the complaining in this camp! Oh Im Sleepy Oh im Hungry Im Tired, I miss kirby. Well WHO CARES Honestly I have saved the world like 14 TIMES and they find this Hard???(CONF OUT)

Luigi: I hope my team wins The next challange

Tails: (CONF) If there is a returnee, it should be Kirby. He like only talked once and he isnt good for 1st impressions. *walks out of CONF* (END CONF)

Link: *leans agaist a wall*

Luigi: Link a man whata ya doina.

Link: Thinking, Chilling, Getting away fEveryone for some Peace

Yoshi: Hey you have anything to eat. Hyrule has so much yummy stuff.

Mother Earthlings

'HostManHorace: Allright all of you players! It's time for our next challenge! I hope you didn't mind the wait (a wait that long won't happen again) 'SO LET'S GET GOING! *everyone boards the limo and flies off* Our next location is.....




HostManHorace: The challenge is simple... (holds up a Mr Saturn) I'm sure you ALL are familiar with these. Mr.s Saturns. I want each team to give me as many of these as possible! So run to the field of Mr. Saturns, we have a field FULL of them. So grab just one (takes 3 lines to get there) and run back with one! (takes 3 lines to run back) So keep running and bringing me the Mr. Saturns! 

(3 lines to the Saturn Valley, *runs* and at the third line *runs and grabs Saturn*. Then *run back* for two lines and the third line back say *runs and gives Saturn*) 

HostManHorace: Let the challenge begin! Team with most Mr. Saturns wins invincibility and the Victory Suite. Last place team gets another ELIMINATION! NOW GO!

Parappa: *runs* 

Yoshi: *runs*

Tails: *runs*

Yoshi: *runs*

PaRappa: *runs*

Axel: *runs*

Luxord: *runs*

Link: *Runs*

Luigi: *Runs*

Tails: *runs*

Axel: *runs*

Luxord: *runs*

Mario: (runs)

Broly: (runs)

Tails Doll: *runs*

Tails: *finds a Mr. Saturn*

Emboar: *runs*

Toon Link: *runs*

Tails Doll: *runs*

Parappa: *find a Saturn*

Yoshi: *finds a Saturn*

Emboar: *runs*

Toon Link: *runs*

Tails: *runs back*

Emboar: *finds a Mr. Saturn*

Toon Link: *finds a Mr. Saturn*

Link: *Runs*

Luigi: *Runs*

Emboar: *runs back*

Toon Link: *runs back*

Tails: *runs back*

PaRappa: *runs back*

Yoshi: *runs back*

Mario: (finds a Mr. Saturn)

Broly: (finds a Mr. Saturn)

Mario: (runs back)

Broly: (runs back)

Parappa: *runs back*

Yoshi: *runs back*

(I might be gone for awhile so another wait may happen....oops. First team to get 8 Mr. Saturns win. When the winner is discovered just stop the challenge and chat in After. When I come back in a couple days, then elimination)

Link: *Grabs Mr Saturn*

Luigi: *Grabs Mr Saturn*

Tails Doll: *grabs mr. saturn*

Mario: (runs)

Broly: (runs)

Link: *Runs BAck*

Tails: *runs back and gives saturn*

Emboar: *runs & finds a Mr. Saturn*

Toon Link: *runs & finds a Mr. Saturn*

Mario: (runs and finds a Mr. Saturn)

Broly: (runs and finds a Mr. Saturn)

Link *Runs* +1

Luigi: *Runs* +1

Tails Doll: *hovers back*

PaRappa: *runs* +1

Yoshi: *runs* +1

HostManHorace: After some counting, I find that Animation Nation had the most so far, and that Co. Objectioners..well..don't. They lose again. Yup. So time for another elimination with the Co. Objectioners. Too bad. *everyone gets in the limo and flies back to Game Zone*


Link: (CONF) I cant belive my team lost again!! I tryed But did my team NO! Gosh I really hope we can WIN for once because we have been at elimination every TIME!

Commons (Mario All-Stars)

Mario: this is crazy!, Animation Nation got out of eliminating someone AGAIN!, we really need to up our game team!

PaRappa: I hear you man, that team is tough. To take em down we gotta play rough.

Victory Suite (Animation Nation)

Toon Link: We did pretty well!


Yoshi: YAHOO!

Mr. Game & Watch: *Claps*

Elimination Booth (Co. Objectioners)

HostManHorace: Time to vote! It's elimination season and voting is what makes this show go round. Link: Another one bits the dust (CONF) I vote for Luxord, As far as im concerned he did the least

Emboar: (CONF: Sorry, but i vote for luxord)

Broly: (CONF: Luxord must go.)

Tails: (CONF: Bye luxord)

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: Another dramatic Ceremony of Shame. One step closer to discovering the winner. One step away from discovering our next loser. And the rupees go to.... *throws rupee to Link

Link: Yess!

HostManHorace: Another one for Tails and Emboar! *throws rupees to Tails and Emboar*

Only Broly and Luxord left...

The final rupee goes to...






HostManHorace: So sorry Luxord. On the bright side, you still have two Organization buddies in the game. You played well. But time's up. The Drive of Defeat awaits. *Luxord gets in the Kart of Klutz and is driven away down the Drive of Defeat* And that's all for today! Stay tuned for more digital action!


Link: (CONF) Anddd hes gone. Now i hope we can step up our game. I have doubts On my team but that doesnt mean we cant win.... But if we win this round i will be happy

Yoshi: (CONF) Sometime, Yoshi don't think Link like us that much. (shrugs)

Ness: (CONF) I hope my PSI will save me...


Broly: (CONF) now that the fool Luxord is gone, the Co. Objectioners can finally try and focus on winning!

Link: OKay Co Objectioners lets have a team meeting over there *Points to a pribate place*

(Make sure to add friendships, enemies, relationships, and alliances to the list)

Toon Link: (CONF: I hope we win the next challenge)

Emboar: (CONF: We need to win the next challange & get immunity)

Did I Mansion It's Haunted?

HostManHorace: This next challenge is sure going to be.....spooktacular. Everybody join us in the limo and see wgat we have in store for you. *everyone gets in the limo* Our next location is...




Luigi's Mansion

HostManHorace: So, this next challenge is, brace yourselves......all based on luck! So any team has any chance at winning or losing! So make sure to be on your toes (not that it will matter). Step inside this mansion and you'll see all of these doors. You want to head through these doors and make it to the heart of the mansion.

Toad: You're probably wondering what the heart of the mansion is for?

HostManHorace: Yes. You see, this place is haunted. CRAWLING with ghosts. Behind these doors is either a hallway to another set of doors...or a GHOST WAITING FOR YOU! Let's demonstrate. *pushes Toad at a door and Toad opens it up and walks in*

Toad: (From behind the door) I think I picked the right door....what a minute...what's that?...AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHH (Toad's screaming stops)

HostManHorace: These ghosts have a thing for.....capturing the moment. They LOOOOOVVEE seeing the horrified shock expressions on your faces. So they keep picture frames at the heart of the mansion, and they all have your names on them. The last player to survive must save the others and win the challenge. I wish you luck. *walks outside* I'll be out here, where I'm safe. The first set of doors has 5 ghosts.

(I'll use to select which doors have ghosts)


Door 2: PaRappa: I ain't scared of some door. I'll win this challenge and win some more.

Door 3: Link: Gods Dont fail me Now!

Door 4: Axel: I'll burn this mansion if i see ghosts.

Door 6: Emboar: I choose this one

Door 7: Mr. Game & Watch: *shrugs*

Door 8: Ash: In case I have to battle a Ghost-type Pokemon, I have my own Pokemon!

Door 9: Mario: oh god...this brings back bad memories...

Door 10: Toon Link: I'll take this one!

Door 11: Lucas: Please don't be a ghost door..........

Door 12: Tails: Ehh I'll chose this door. Atleast I didn't chose unlucky door 13

Door 13: Tails Doll: Yeah I'll take the horror or unlucky door. I wouldn't mind seeing a ghost today. 'Cuz I am kinda one.

Door 15: Ness: PSI will help me beat the ghosts!

Door 17: Broly: ghosts are nothing compared to me!!


Ghost's Voice: BOOS! GO!....continue.

ROUND 2 = (4 ghosts)

Door 1: Mr. Game & Watch: *stands still, looking around*

Door 4:  Broly: ghosts....

Door 5: Emboar: I've got a bad feeling about this door.

Door 6: PaRappa: I know what to do. Not see a Boo.

Door 7: Tails Doll: Yawn, I wanna go grab a soda with a Boo.  After that I'll mess with people.

Door 8: Lucas: This place is creepy.......

Door 9: Link: Oh gosh This place gives me the Creeps... But i have Seen reDeads!!!!

Door 11: Mario: really, me getting caught is just waiting to happen...

Door 12: Ness: Let me survive this one!


Ghost's Voice: BOOS GO!.....H..he..ehehe...

ROUND 3 (3 ghosts)

Door 1: Ness: Door no. 1! I'm gonna try it!

Door 2: Mario: jeez....

Door 4: Mr. Game & Watch: *ducks*

Door 6: Broly:........

Door 7: PaRappa: I'm getting scared of this game. I don't wanna be no picture frame.

Door 9: Lucas: This is getting scary............

Ghost's Voice: Kke.e...e.e.e...pp.p.. .  .c..o.o.o.m.m.mi..n.n.g. . . t.t.t. .o.o.o. . .u.u. . .s.s.s...BOOS GO! 

Only Lucas, Parappa, Broly, Game & Watch, Mario, and  Ness left.


Door 1: Mario: Animation Nation can't get out of eliminating someone again...

Door 2: Broly: .......

Door 3: Lucas: *looking around nervously*

Door 4: BOO! (Ness is taken)

Door 5: BOO! (PaRappa is taken)

Door 6: Mr. Game & Watch: *looking from side to side*

Ghost's Voice: . .

ROUND 5 (3 ghost) Only Game & Watch, Broly, Lucas, and Mario left. That's 1 for Animation Nation, 1 for Co. Objectioners and 2 for Mario All Stars

Door 1: Broly: .....

Door 2: BOO! (Game & Watch is taken)

Door 3: Lucas: I'm scared........

Door 4: BOO! (Mario is taken)

Final Round.....2

HostManHorace: QUICK! Hurry Lucas! Hurry Broly! First to set free their team wins! (put sets *insert teammates name* free, post if 10 minutes go by)

Broly only has to save 3. (Emboar, Link, and Tails)

Lucas has to save 5 (Mario, Ice Climbers, PaRappa, Ash, and Axel)

(Broly and Lucas enter a room full of paintings of the horrifed cast members. They need to be rescued. P.S. Elimination for Animation Nation)

Lucas:*sets Ash free*

Lucas: Okay..........*sets Mario free*

Lucas: *sets PaRappa free*

Emboar: (CONF: Broly may be strong & does he have the GUTS for it to free others, As if!)

Lucas: *sets the Ice Climbers free* Just Axel left..........

Lucas: *sets Axel free* Phew.......

HostManHorace: Ooooh. That stinks for the Co. Objectioners. Man, that must bite. Almost won. Fortunately, you are still safe. Time for the Animation Nation to face their FIRST elimination. About time too. So, everybody get in the limo. *everyone gets in the limo and flies back to the game zone*

Commons (Co. Objectioners)

Toad: Thank goodness. I'm alive! Anyway, you guys are safe. No voting. Enjoy.

Link: Okay Atleast we dident lose But We can win it next time! (CONF) Hopefully Im startting to get hopes for this team. And i hope they think of me as motivated

Tails: (CONF) This confessional is messed up! I can hear everything! I heard what link said but I don't care. I trust him though

Link: (CONF) Oh gosh you can hear in this thing? Well i know that now! *Smiles* But no worries i respect peoples privacy i hope the hostman can fix it up! (CONF OUT) hi tails how ya doing?

HostManHorace: TOAD! Did you forget to soundproof the confessionals!?!?

Toad: I thought you did!

HostManHorace: Don't be ridiculous! I never do the dirty work! NOW GET TO IT!

Toad: Aw man. *starts soundproofing the confessionals*

Tails: Uhhhhh Link, I heard what you just said in the confessional

Link: Ya i know. I dident say anything I said i respect peoples privacy

Link: (CONF) Good its fixed. DUDE I Relized We have 4 memebers on my team grosh! I Mean we got lucky to not go elimination tongiht! I Mean everyone else is fine but my team? Gosh I mean me tails Embror and Whats his face are the only good ones On this team THAT IS WHY WE ARE THE ONLY ONES ON THE TEAM! *Counts to 5*

As i was saying we need to win! *Blows hair off face*

Emboar: (CONF: We need to win the next challenge to avoid elimination. As a Tepig, I was very compassionate. Now I've fully evolved & I care deeply about my team)

Broly: (CONF: it's quite shocking how long it's been since i've talked about.....about....KAKAROT!!!!)

Victory Suite (Mario All Stars)

Butler: (puts on the Original Mario Bros Movie for the winners)

Lucas: *still trying to recover energy from challenge* Phew......We did it.....

Mario: NO!!, why did you put this stupid movie on!?.

Butler: (takes off mask and reveals that he's Bowser) Bowser: HAHA! (leaps out window)

Ash: Hm... Lucas! You and I can be the very best! Like no one ever was! You know, like an alliance!

Lucas: Sure, Ash. That sounds great.........(CONF) I'm still so tired.....I'm still surprised a Boo didn't take me.

Axel: *Shoots fire at the Mario Bros. Movie*

Elimination Voting Booth (Animation Nation)

HostManHorace: Your first elimination, nationers. Time to choose who to lose. Elimination Animation Nation Choose To Lose Spectacular! That's fun to say. But one person here won't agree with me. That person will be too ashamed to laugh. Kart of Klutz for one of you. Vote now. 

Yoshi: (CONF) First loss? I vote Demyx. Demy never talk to us.

Mr. Game & Watch: (CONF) *Holds up a sign saying Demyx*

Luigi: (CONF) I Vota for Demyx He doesnt do anything

Toon Link: (CONF: I vote Demyx, we wasnt helping)

Ness: (CONF: I vote for Demyx. He's done nothing for us.)

(if im not mistaken that 5 vote outta 9 Demyx Is out)

(I can count, thank you for that)

Tails Doll: (CONF: Demyx.)

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: So, elimination time already? Okay then time for the rupees! Rupees for *throws rupees to everyone but Demyx and Pit*

Only Demyx and Pit left...

The final rupee goes to.






HostManHorace: Sorry dude, you played your last note on this game. Time for the Kart of Klutz! *Demyx is taken to the Kart of Klutz and is driven off* Who will be out next? 


Tails: *flies around using his tails*

Link: That looks so weird when you do that tails *Laughs*

Tails: *stops flying* Why?

Link: Im not making fun or anything im just saying You flying with your tails is Unique

Ness: (Playing with his Yo-Yo) This is cool! Best Yo-Yo ever! I call it the Combat Yo-Yo!

Ash: I'm gonna win the next challenge!

Toon Link: Cuz you wanna be the very best!

Link: I see what you did there toon link xD

Yoshi: (laughs) That was funny!

Emboar: 75 points!

Cooking Drama

HostManHorace: HELLO EVERYBODY! We're off to visit the kitchen! We don't even need to leave the Game Zone. Our guest came here for us! Say hello! (they all enter the kithcen)


HostManHorace: Wasn't it nice of her to visit?

  • insert phrase about how nice it was of her to visit...DO IT!*

PaRappa: Visiting us was FLY! You a real swell...guy?

Yoshi: (smells) Mmmmmm. Are those cookies?

Mr. Game & Watch: *shrugs then waves hi*

Lucas: Thanks for visiting us......I think.

HostManHorace: GREAT! Now for our challenge. As a team. You must work together to make me, Toad, and Cooking Mama, a delicious meal. It will be judged by the three of us. 


Toad:.....what she said.

HostManHorace: NOW GET TO IT! You can help your team by using foods found in your video game. So Emboar can give his team Pecha berries etc. You understand. So, get started.

Co. Objectioner's Kitchen

Link: I'll be head chef! We should make a barbucue steak with A1 sauce and on the side by speical lemonade

Emboar: I'll use Ember to warm it up! *uses ember for heat*

Tails: I have a special recipe for lemonade! Anybody have 10 lemons and 1 cup of sugar?

Link: *Grills Steak*

Broly: hmm.....lemons...lemons...(searches pockets)....aha!, here you go foxboy...ten lemons...(hands Tails ten lemons)

Tails: Don't call me foxboy! I am Tails! *squeezes lemons*.

Link: Heh *High fives Broly* Spices the steaks and Covers them with sauces

Tails: *puts ice cubes in the lemonade* (CONF: I seriously hate being called foxboy.(END CONF)

HostManHorace: Just checking up on you guys. I see you're making lemonade with steak. Nice choice. Can't wait to judge it.

Link: Thanks dude hope ya like it! *Sauces the Steaks*

Emboar: It was smart of me using Ember, am i right?

Link: Totally!  Now time for the last sauce its my special sauce that will whip this right up! *Makes his sauce*

Broly: (CONF: maybe we can finally win a challenge now...)

Emboar: What sauce would that be?

Tails: I'm almost done with the lemonade! *puts 0.5 cup of sugar in the lemonade then stirrs*

Broly: i'd say our team's chances of winnning are higher then ever!, (CONF: MWAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Animation Nation's Kitchen

Yoshi: My game is FULL of fruit! I'll get some! *gets fruit*

Ness: And I'm going to make us some 5 Star Deep Dish Pizza! (Grabs some cheese and starts spreading it on Pizza)

Toon Link: Is there anything to cut up?

Luigi: How abouta italina

Toon Link: Want me to cut the fruit?

Yoshi: Sure! I'll get us some eggs to cook! *poots eggs* They're healthy. I swear!

Mr. Game & Watch: *holds up sign saying "I can get sausages. Yeah, about all I remember right now..."*

Luigi: I'll get tomato sauce

Tails Doll: sOmE wAtEr FrOm FrEsH lAkEs...*pours fresh tasty water in glasses*

Toad: HELLO! Just seeing what you're making. Oooh. An italian breakfeast special? Ooh la la! Sounds unique. Can't wait to judge.

Toon Link: What fruit shall we cut?

Ness: (Takes Pizza out of oven) It's okay, I guess... Oh no! I forgot the toppings! (frantically runs around for toppings)

Toon Link: Here's the cheese, Ness!

Ness: Oh, thank you, Toon Link! (Spreads cheese) Hey, Toon Link, would you like to be in an alliance with me?

Toon Link; Sure (CONF: I've worked on pizzas since the wind waker)(non-CONF) What things should we cut?

Mr. Game & Watch: *walks to Toon Link with sausage*

Toon Link: Oh, sure thing G&W! *sees a smash ball, hits its & uses his final smash, slicing the sausages, all the pieces fall into a bowl* See?

(everyone is surprised at toon Link how he put his final smash to good use)

Mr. Game & Watch: *claps*

Toon Link: *smiles with pride* So I thought to myself, why not use my Tri-Force Slash to good use!

Luigi: Mamaia that was cool i can make people Go to spleep

Mario All Star's Kitchen

Parappa: So many things we can make. Should be boil, steam, or bake?

Ash: We should make some Rice Balls! I picked this recipe up from Brock! (Grabs some Rice and starts boiling it)

Mario: (rolls eyes) whatever...i was thinking about making this sweet pizza recipe Peach gave me, it should come in hand.(pulls out a book and starts to read it)

Axel: Can we use these Paopu Fruits? *Grabs a basket full of Paopu Fruits*

Mario: Paopu Fruit?, that will do nicely, thanks Axel. (CONF: Axel's a good teammate, that's why i wanted him on the All Stars, simple as that.)

Lucas: Do we need any more food? Because I could provide some...

Axel: You know they say whoever shares a Paopu Fruit becomes part of each other's life.

PaRappa: Connect a life using a fruit? That's crazy, shoot.


Ash: All right! The rice is done! (Takes rice out, starts stuffing it with different vegetables and fruits)

Lucas: Hey Ash, need help?

Ash: Yeah, I could really use some! Thanks, Lucas!

Lucas: No problem! I think I know how to do this.......*helps stuff some vegetables and fruits into the rice*

Axel: What can I help with maybe cooking it, since you know I can control fire and stuff.

Mario: yeah, that's cool Axel, but i can control fire as well, who knows witch of us is better at it! (CONF: me, of course...)

Axel: I'm sorry but I've got practice.

Mario: are you saying i've got no practice?, have you seen the Mario Finale? i've got all the practice in the world.

Axel: I'm not saying that I'm just saying that to maximize your attacks you need items, meanwhile I've got complete control over fire and I'm immune to any fire-based attacks.

Mario: make a good point, we'll talk about it later, for now we have a challenge to win and two teams to beat!


HostManHorace: TIME'S UP! Let's see the meals!

Toad: The Mario All Stars have a big ball of rice? Okay then.


HostManHorace: And the Animation Nation has some well cut fruit with a nice looking italian breakfeast. Okay then. Time to judge.

Animation Nation's Meal = italian breakfeast with pizza

Toad: Yo dawgs. I love the pizza. It tastes good. I also happen to enjoy these eggs and sausage. They make a great combo. 4/5


HostManHorace: The combo of breakfeast and pizza seemed a little off. Pizza for breakfeast? Is that a thing? I don't know wether this is dinner of breakfeast. 2/5

Co Objectioner's Meal = steak and lemonade

Toad: Man, this steak is delicious! It's hot! (drinks lemonade) That's the spot! YUM! After drinking the lemonade, now I want more steak, after eating the steak, now I want more lemonade. The cycle is perfect! 5/5


HostManHorace: Bleh. Only lemonade and steak? Just that? No sides? Well...I guess you DID have four people. I'll let that slide. Plus, the other teams went crazy with the fruit, you broke from that chain. For that, I like it. But still...4/5.

Mario All Star's Meal = rice balls stuffed with fruit

Toad: Mmmm. This fruit tastes good...but did you guys ever get the time to cook this? It's not cooked. And this doesn't seem like a meal. 2/5


HostManHorace: ...This doesn't taste too good. As good as fruity rice sounds, you didn't have a lot of teamwork with the actual cooking bit. Sorry. 1/5. And with that...THE CO OBJECTIONERS TAKE A WIN! FINALLY! It's time for you four to take a trip to the Victory Suite! Mario All Stars, you have an appointment with the ceremony of shame. Let's head back. See ya later Cooking Mama. 

Cooking Mama: CALL ME!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! LOL! *they fly away from her as fast as they can in the limo*

Commons (Animation Nation)

Yoshi: I think we did pretty good. Toon Link! That sword move was SO COOL!

Toon Link: Thanks Yoshi!

HostManHorace: Hello Animation Nation. I'm just letting you know, Pit is on his last strike today. If he doesn't compete in the next challenge, he's instantly out of the game.

Victory Suite (Co. Objectioners)

Butler: (serves Broly seasoned steak. Emboar spicy poffins, Link steamed lizalfos, and Tails whatever he eats) Dinner is served. 

Broly: (laughs) this is almost to good to be true...(starts eating)

Link: (CONF) We won?????/ Oh my Gosh!! (CONF) OUT) HEY GUYS WE WON We should celebrate!

Emboar: My Ember helped us to win the challenge!

Link: My sauces did too! And tails Good Lemonade!

Tails: Thanks!

Emboar: (CONF: I gotta say, My Fire type attacks helped us win the challenge....and we're proud of it. I happen to have a Brave nature, and proud of my power)

Voting Booth (Mario All Stars) 

Mario: (CONF: it's a shame we lost that challenge, it really is, but the people who really deserve to be voted out are The Ice Climbers, simple as that.)

Parappa: (CONF) You didn't help, that isn't nice., I vote for the climbers of ice.

Lucas: (CONF) I vote the Ice Climbers.........sorry, haven't helped.

Axel: (CONF) Ice Climbers, its as simple as that.

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: Hello gamers. Welcome to another ceremony of shame. Here, we will determine yet, another loser. So hold onto your seats as we climb higher and higher until we discover our true winner. With every winner, is a loser. So...RUPEES!

Toad: (runs in with an item block. He trips and all of the rupees fly out into HostManHorace's hands) 

HostManHorace: Nicely done. Rupees go to.... *throws rupees to PaRappa, Axel, Ness, and Mario*

Only Ash and Ice Climbers left

The final rupee goes to....





HostManHorace: Ice Climbers(aka Nana & Popo). Goodbye. Time to take the Kart of Klutz and the dreaded Drive of Defeat. *they get into the kart of klutz and are driven down the Drive of Defeat out of the Game Zone* And that's a wrap for today! See you next time on TOTAL DRAMA CLASH OF THE DIGITAL VIDEO GAMES!

(LIG: Ash's not out, the Ice Climbers are. You just got a bit muddled up :P XD I fixed it up for you, is that okay with you?)

Yoshi's Baby Sitting Service

Tails: Wow I can't believe that my team won! My team deserved it. Now there is one more thing that would make me very happy....... someone switching to my team!

Tails Doll: ThAt'S gOoD fOr YoU...

HostManHorace: Hope you're all fired up for the next challenge! LET'S GO! *they fly off in the limo. The limo goes to.....




Yoshi's Island

HostManHorace: Okay. Let's see how you can all handle THIS! (the three teams are placed in separate grassy plains) Now, you must babysit these babies! (gives the Co. Objectioners a baby Squirtle gives he Mario All-Stars a baby Wario, and the Animation Nation a baby Mr. Saturn) Now BABYSIT! These are the biggest, little troublemakers we could find. So.....enjoy.

Co Objectioners (Baby Squirtle)

Baby Squirtle: (gets the hiccups and starts drooling)

Emboar: Squirtle's a Water-type Pokemon & I'm a Fire-type Pokemon! And Fire-types like myself are weak against Water-type Pokemon like Squirtle. No offence, Tails!

Baby Squirtle: (squirts water at Emboar)

Emboar: Ack.....*shakes off the water gun* Wow, I may be weak against Water-types, but that was an awesome Water Gun attack, Urrggh....but that move was super effective! *topples over backwards, with swirls for eyes*

Tails: *gives fire to Emboar* Ok I am thinking that HostManHorace gave us a Baby Squirtle on purpose

Broly: yeah, maybe we should keep Baby Squirtle away from Emboar....FAR. AWAY...

Link: I got this *takes baby squrtle and conforts him*

Baby Squirtle: (laughs and starts falling asleep)

Link: *Whispers* yes hes falling asleep *Puts a binkie in mouth

Emboar: *comes to from water gun, whispers very quietly* Don't worry, Tails. I've seen worse, wow that was some powerful water gun he did (CONF: I may be weak against Water, but I'm also weak to Ground, Psychic & Flying types)

Broly: (whispers) does he have a crib we can put him in?

Emboar: (CONF: Its cute the way that baby Squirtle uses Bubble in his sleep, unless he's using Sleep Talk!)

Baby Squirtle: (begins crying)

Emboar: Huh? *has a record player* i have just the ticket *plays Jiggypuff's Sing in the record player*

Link: It might work *Picks up baby squirtle* *Rocks him back and forth* Hush little..... thing dont you cry. Time to go to sleep and say goodbye

Emboar: *using the record playing jigglypuff's song from the anime, squirtle finally goes to sleep*

Broly: (whispers) and that's all she wrote!

Baby Squirtle: (falls asleep)

HostManHorace: Aw....CUTE! You guys got the baby to sleep. NICE! We have our WINNERS! 

Animation Nation (Baby Mr. Saturn)

Baby Saturn: (begins jumping around and screaming)

Toon Link: *turns to ness* Hey Ness, you know everything about Saturns, don't you?

Pit: (CONF): This baby can't be that hard to handle... Can He!

(Pit, it's a good thing you showed up, you were on your last strike, you were going to be eliminated. Now your safe)

Toon Link: (CONF: Okay, I know this may sound crazy, but i was a hero even as a baby. Or was it a baby hero?)

Baby Saturn: (leaps over everyone's heads and bounces away)



Baby Saturn: (runs off..)

Yoshi: Come back! (chases Baby)

Luigi: Noo *Chases Baby*

Toon Link: *twirls his chain like a lasso, and throws it over at baby saturn, grabbing him* Gotcha!

Tails Doll: What the heck? *uses soul powers.* You...go to bed...

Baby Saturn: (gets the hiccups)

Yoshi: (pats the baby's back) There, there.

Game & Watch: *thumbs up to Yoshi*

Toon Link: (CONF: This baby Saturn gonna be harder than I expected what we were expecting. *sighs* I guess it can't be helped....Oh, well!)

HostManHorace: Allright! Your baby is hyper and still awake. You lose. But you don't face elimination. That's the good news.

Mario All Stars (Baby Wario)

Baby Wario: (farts and throws toys)

Axel: *Catches toys* Baby Wario, want to go and play tenis against Mario? By the way Mario I don't hate you but Wario always hated you didn't he?

Mario: yeah, he always thought he was my rival, but he couldn't come close to ol' Bowser! (laughs)

Axel: Then let him attack you.

Mario: what!?, i'm not letting a baby attack me!, you let him attack you!

Baby Wario: (attacks Mario)

PaRappa: Aw man! This is bad! Baby's beating the dude in red clad.

Lucas: I don't think this is good.......maybe we should stop the baby and calm it down some other way?

Axel: Hey you over grown fat baby! Want Super Mario Gummy Snacks? (I really saw some of these in a walmart)

Mario: uuggh....that's gonna leave a mark....(rubs head) that kid's an animal!

Baby Wario: (spits on Lucas and farts at Axel and throws a hammer at Parappa)

HostManHorace: Your calming the baby by letting it attack you? Not cool. Sadly, that means you lose. Elimination time!

Commons (Animation Nation)

Yoshi: WOOW! That challenge was tiring! (falls asleep)

Luigi: Atleast we still ahere no?

Tails Doll: Yes...we didn't lose.

Butler: (gags Ness when nobody is looking and drags him away)

Toon Link: Hey guys, where did Ness go?

Ness: (In mind) Let me out! Let me out! Let me out!! (Reality) .... .... ......

Toad: BUTLER! what are you doing! That's not Pit! (Butler releases Ness)

Victory Suite (Co. Objectioners)

Toad: Hey guys. Have you checked out the victory suite's sauna and swimming pool?

Tails: A SWIMMING POOL :D *dives into the swimming pool*

Broly: HAHA!, victory has never tasted so sweet!! (jumps into swimming pool as well.)

Link: *Sits in sauna* I could get used to this

Toad: Hey guys...where's Emboar? 

Butler: (when nobody is looking. Throws a burlap sack on Emboar and drags him away)

Broly: (looks around) hm...maybe he went to go lie down, i'm sure he's fine.

Emboar: *in the sack, muffling* Help....

Broly: (Sees the butler) hey little man...what are you up to with that sack?

Butler: Uh...nothing? (leaps into video game portal and closes it)

Voting Booth (Mario All Stars)

HostManHorace: Don't feel blue. If it makes you feel any better, I have 5 strikes against Pit, so he's gone. Since he only said ONE line for the past 5 challenges, he's a goner. He'll join you at elimination unless he speaks in defense before the ceremony ends.

Parappa: I voet Ash, he ain't the best. He be gone, now we can rest.

(I'm sorry i havent been active. I know this is not an acuse but i have been busy and havent had the time. You can still eliminate me if you wish but if i survive, i will try to be active from now on. - Liamliamliam)

HostManHorace: Okay. Pit has promised to be more active from now on. For this.....I will spare him. Pit is safe! 

Mario: (CONF: Ash didn't say anything in that, he deserves to go, and for my opinion on this whole Pit situation, the guy's been spared way to many times, i'm not sure if he deserves to be this far.)

HostManHorace: Hmmm... Actually...Mario has just given me a BRILLIANT idea for the next challenge. Thank you Mario. Oh....COME ON PEOPLE! We need more votes for this ceremony! Ash only has two votes. One more, and he's gone. Unless Axel, Lucas and Ash all vote for someone else. It could be close.

Ash: (CONF: I say Axel should go. I'm sorry, but you're the only one I don't like on this team.)

Lucas: (CONF) Sorry, but Axel................that thing you said to Mario, where you said you were better than him, isn't nice. I vote you.

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: I'm still not seeing any more voters. Come on, we need those votes.

Mario: oh come on!, who else are they going to vote for?, Ash didn't say a single word in that challenge, they've gotta vote for him.

HostManHorace: Mario, There are five of you, and two votes for him, I can't eliminate him yet. That wouldn't be fair.

Mario: pfft...i suppose you're right, but what if they don't vote at all?

HostManHorace: Give me sass again and I may just randomize the elimination. >:)

Mario: (tuts) you got me there HMH...i guess a captain can't risk himself getting eliminated...(coughs) Phoenix! (coughs)

Mario: finally we got more votes, things just might get interesting now...

HostManHorace: OOOH! It's either Ash or Axel....But sadly...Because Axel is obviosuly going to vote for Ash. I'll assume that Ash will go. Sorry Ash. Unless......BYE BYE AXEL! I've decided after waiting this long, the last person on your team to vote will be ousted! You're taking WAY TOO LONG! Goodbye! *gives rupees to the other Mario All Stars and pushes Axel in the Kart of Klutz* Our next challenge is gonna be fun! Ash. mind coming with me? (takes Ash away) Ash will play a role in the next challenge. Let;s just's the law. HA!

Order Smchorder

HostManHorace: NOW FOR OUR NEXT location! ....




Phoenix Wright's Court

'HostManHorace: BAILEF! Bring in the defendents! (Emboar, Ash, and Pit are walked in) Now. I will assign the teams each a reason to vote this character out...and the other team must defend!  '*laughs* HA! That actually makes it more interesting. The eliminated may accuse and defend who they want. So, get to it.  Oh! And anybody can accuse any team and anybody can defend any team.

Mario All Stars (ACCUSE)

Yoshi: They were doing good! Now they should lose?

Broly: because all of them have certain annoying qualties. Ash in particular, is annoying with his Pokemon puns.

White Face: CAUSE MOST OF THEM VOTED FOR ME......ohai. What said Broly and also i consider this team A COMPLETE THREAT (low inactivity strikes, tied for most wins, yadda)

Kirby: I think most of the people on this team deserve to leave too. It is only because I have no friends that are on this team and because they voted for me.

Animation Nation (DEFEND)

Yoshi: We're working hard an deserve to win! 

Tails Doll: I don't want to lose but Pit needs to go.M

Mr. Game & Watch: *holding up signs saying: Yoshi's right, we've done our best to stay alive, thus losing the least members. So what? Vote our member, Pit, off because you're jealous? Look, I know we've won a lot and Pit's been inactive, but please...........use a logical reason, besides "You won a lot" is a stupid reason, so please consider what you do.*

Co. Objectioners (ACCUSE)

PaRappa: These fools are too drool for school!

Mario All Stars (DEFEND)

Mario: should i put this....Ash, you're....very poetic, who doesn't like poetry?

White Face: I don't like it -_- (really, i hate poetry :P)

Mario: (shrugs) oh well, i can't think of anything to back Ash and us up...(thinks)

Lucas: Hey......well, I don't feel we deserve to lose, we lost last time, and underneath all the cheesy singing, Ash is a good guy. I don't think he deserves to go just because you all hold a certain grudge. We're sorry for whatever we did to you, just please don't take away Ash because of it.

Animation Nation (ACCUSE)

Mario: ha!, pretty simple really, Pit's missed practically all of this show and like i said, doesn't deserve his spot, and his team NEED to lose more members, i mean, my team's now at the Co. Objectioners' level!, there's only four Mario All Stars left!, those guys really need to lose someone else soon before i go crazy!!

Player: *shows a sign with written: I never got a chance of competing cause of my muteness and they vote me off just for that?....wait, is this EVEN an accuse?*

Tails Doll: You guys really need to lose.

PaRappa: You only lost one man. Now it's time to lose again!

Mario: (CONF: strange, once Parappa said that i noticed it didn't rhyme. maybe we're seeing a new side to him...)

PaRappa: "Again" and "man" can rhyme. I haven't stopped yet. It's not time. (trolololololo)

Mario: time?, what do you mean by that? 

(Blaze: oh god, please don't bring trolls into this, they're all so annoying...)

Co. Objectioner (DEFEND)

Broly: Emboar and us do not deserve to lose as we are all very active, have never gotten any activity strikes and we've worked our fingers to the bone to keep the Co.Objections alive.

Tails: All of my team is active. My team is trying to stay alive. I have never gotten an activity strike and really won't get one.

HostManHorace: We have our obvious winners. The Co. Objectioner and the Animation Nation. Mario All Stars, what can I say, Lucas was the only member who even remotely TRIED to defend you guys. Mario even went as far as to discreetly support the elimination of Ash. Nevertheless...Ash is STILL is PaRappa. You have four people and it looks like you'll be down to three. Won't this be exciting? Unfortunately for Animation Nation....A deal is a deal..and Pit did NOT keep that deal. I'll see him at elimination. And no, he can not defend himself, that was his last chance. No ifs ands or buts. 

Commons (Animation Nation)

Victory Suite (Co. Objectioners )

Link: Well that was a fast challange >.< But we won AGAIN! WOO HOO (CONF) Our losing streak is over!)

Toon Link: Yup!

Voting Booth (Mario All Stars) 

HostManHorace: Time to vote.

Parappa: My rhyms are fly! Ash rhymes be dry!

Ash: I vote out PaRappa! He didn't even try to help us!

Lucas: PaRappa only went around insulting the other teams........sorry but I vote you off, PaRappa.

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: This team has done a lot of bouncing around. Sadly, you get bumped down to three after tonight's ceremony. (whispers) Don't worry. The merge is on the horizon. (stops whispering) But one of you will never get to the merge. Lets find out. Sadly. Pit, just get in teh Kart. *Pit sits in the Kart of Klutz while the voting happens* As for the rupees...they go to..... Lucas, and Mario

Only Ash and PaRappa are left

The final rupee goes to.





HostManHorace: PaRappa the Annoyin, obnoxious rappa. Time to put down the mic and call it quits. *Parappa slumps into the kart of Klutz* Have a nice ride. *PaRappa is driven down the Drive of Defeat and out of the Game Zone* As for the rest of you, hit the hay. Next challenge is gonna be fun.

Nice Climbers

Ash: I'm not losing the next challenge. I will be the very best... like no one ever was!

Ness: (Doing Yo-yo tricks) Check it out!

Toon Link: Nice tricks, Ness!

Emboar: Yeah, they're impressive!

Tails: PaRappa was a jerk last episode. He just insulted the teams. *looks at Ness's yo-yo tricks* Wow! That is amazing!

Broly: (watches Ness) that's pretty cool Ness.

Mario: (CONF: i'm not saying i want Ash gone, i'm just saying if he cut down with all those annoying Pokemon puns then i'd be cool.) (NON-CONF) (watches Ness) that's some insane yo-yo tricks Ness!, it looks like you haven't lost a day of training since Super Smash Bros!

Broly: (CONF: a double elimination...Pit and Parappa were good teammates, but that just wasn't enough...)

Link: (CONF) Okay we got this we can keep winning i know we can my team is good! Theres one person i dont trust though.... (CONF OUT) Hey Ness nice tricks!

Emboar: As a Tepig, I blow smoke from my nostrils when i'm ill!

Toon Link: Really?

Emboar: Yes!

Toon Link: (CONF: To tell you the truth, Parappa insulted me & Emboar too, and Pit wasn't much of a help either!)

Emboar: And as a Pignite, I move faster when my eternal flame becomes more intense or if I'm angered!

Toon Link: Wow! *throws his boomerang which comes back to him, and catches it*

Emboar: I didn't know you could do that, Toon Link!

Yoshi: YEAH! Cool! I can eat things and poop eggs! (cricket noises) ........Yeah. It's weird.

Mario: course it's not Yoshi, in fact it's pretty useful.

Ness: That's not all I can do! Check it out! PK Rockin'! (Blows up a nearby boulder by firing purple and red lights at it)

Ash: Wow! Ness used Explosion!

Ness: (Facepalms)

Yoshi: Hmm. (CONF) I can flutter, eat, and look snazzy with a saddle....But Ness and Toon Link are soooo much cooler. (sighs) I wish I was that cool.

HostManHorace: HELLO CONTESTANTS! Guess what? Challenge time! *everyone gets in the limo*





Ice Climber's Mountain

HostManHorace: Simple, climb. (first team to have a combined total of 22 *climbs* wins) OH! And if you use a cool move to climb faster, you can get 2 *climbs* (you can only use one cool move once, for example...if Yoshi says *uses flutter jump* *climbs faster* that counts as two...if he uses that same cool move again, it doesn't count.

Yoshi: *flutter jumps* *climbs faster* +2 AN

Ness: (Boosts self using PSI Rockin') (Climbs faster) +2 AN

Ash: (Climbs with help of Charizard) (Climbs faster) +2 MAS

Toon Link: *swings his sword like a helicopter* *Climbs faster +2 AN

Emboar: *uses rock climb* *climbs faster* +2 CO

Ness: (Uses PSI Magnet to float self) (Climbs faster) +2 AN

Ash: (Has Krookodile help him climb) (Climbs faster) +2 MAS

Lucas: *uses PK Thunder on himself to get him up a ledge* +2 AN

Mr. Game & Watch: *climbs normally thinking of what to do for a cool climb* +1 AN

Emboar: *using rock climb* *climbs faster* +2 CO

Tails: *uses flying* *climbs faster* +2 CO

Link: *Uses Sword Sinks iit into the mountain has a power boose up* *Climbs faster* CO

Mario: (uses his brilliant jumping to climb) +2 MAS

Broly: (flies up) +2 (that doesn't count as creative) only 1 - CO

Yoshi: *uses tongue to grab a high ledge* +2 AN

Animation Nation has 13

Co. Objectioners has 9

Mario All Stars has 6

Mario: (climbs) +1 MAS

Broly: (climbs) +1 CO

HostManHorace: (flying up in a hot air baloon, sipping hot cocoa) Keep going!

Tails: *flies with a flying mecha* *climbs faster* +2 CO

Mr. Game & Watch: *climbs* +1 AN

Lucas: *climbs* +1 MAS

Mario: (climbs) +1 MAS

Broly: (climbs) +1 CO

Yoshi: (climbs) +1 AN

Mario: (climbs) +1 MAS

Broly: (climbs) +CO

Tails Doll: *climbs* +1 AN

Mario: (climbs) +1 MAS

Broly: (climbs) +1 CO

Lucas: *climbs*

Mr. Game & Watch: *climbs*

Mario: (climbs) +1 MAS

Broly: (climbs +1 CO

Mr. Game & Watch: *climbs*

Lucas: *climbs*

Mario: (climbs) +1 MAS

Broly: (climbs) +1 MAS

Lucas: *climbs* Phew.......Climbing's tiring.

Mr. Game & Watch: *climbing, still thinking*

Tails: *climbs* +1 CO

HostManHorace: Animation Nation WINS! Keep going, Mario All Stars, Co. ObjectionerS! 17 for Co. Objectioners and 13 for Mario All Stars!

Tails: *makes a jetpack* *climbs faster* +2 CO

Lucas: *climbs*

Link: *Swords floats up and Link Flies up and sinks sword into ice* *Climbs faster*

Ash: (Uses Pidgeot to help him climb up) (Climbs faster) +2

Link: *Climbs*

Ash: (Climbs)

Link: *Climbs*

Lucas: *uses pet snake to get up a ledge* Sorry.......

Link: *Uses Hover boots to float up* (Climbs faster) +2 (Doi i add the Plus 2?

Lucas: *climbs*

Link: *Climbs*

HostManHorace: STOP! Mario All Stars Lose! *they get in the limo*

Ash: We lost again?!

Commons (Co. Objectioners)

Link: Not bad guys! 

Emboar: yeah

Victory Suite (Animation Nation)

Yoshi: YAY! The victory suite again! *starts eating the buffet* YUM!

Luigi: Yummy! *eats*

Yoshi: Luigi! The merge is comin up! If Mario survives...should the three of us alliance?

Luigi: Ya sure! it will be just like super mario world!

Yoshi: YEAH! The Super Mega Mario Masters Alliance!

Ness: Yeah! (Doing more yo-yo tricks and is making the yo-yo float using PSI)

Toon Link: I'm impressed, Ness!

Mr. Game & Watch: *thumbs ups Ness*

Yoshi: (CONF) Hmmm...If Mario goes, maybe Ness can be his replacement! Ness would make a good friend ally.

Toon Link: (CONF: If Mario does go, Ness will replace him, no doubt!)

Voting Booth (Mario All Stars)

HostManHorace: Guess what? Merge is up next. Which of you three will not make it? Let's find out. But first, I wanna reflect. You guys are really good players, and even better drama makers. Its hard thinking of who's gonna go. I don't know. So here's how voting will work. You three get to beg for safety. And everyone else votes against you! So...beg.

Mario's Beg

Mario: please don't vote me out, i tried my best to keep the Mario All Stars up at the top with the Co, Objectioners and Animation Nation, i might not have shown it but i hate it when the team's voted out one by one...i miss Axel, i miss Shadow, i miss Parappa, i miss everyone who's been on my team, they all put up with me, and i really, really respect them for that, this game has been awesome, it really has, and if i'm voted out then i'll be rooting for Ash and Lucas from the Mushroom Kingdom, but i really don't want to be voted out, both the Objections and Animation Nation were the better teams, we just dropped, but we still battled!, we still went into challenges and we still battled with the others like there was no tommorow!, and i'll continue to do that if i'm not voted out, so please...don't vote me out, i can and always will do the best i can. 


Lucas' Beg

Lucas: Please don't vote me out. I am a nice guy.......I try my best in challenges and really like everyone on my team. I understand if you vote me out, though, everyone else is great. I've tried my best.....and will continue to if I stay.


Ash's Beg

Ash: For all my life, I've wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was.

That day I saw that Ho-oh in the sky, and decided to embark on my journey, I knew it would be mostly rough seas, but I went anyway.

Through all my hardships, my losing battles, my bickering with my friends, and my Pokemon not trusting me, I didn't think it would end well.

For a long time, I thought about calling it quits.

But I never did.

Every time I go to a new region, it's like my Pikachu is at level 1 again. And I lose the first time I face every gym leader again. And I never manage to conquer any leagues. It's like they don't want me to be the best.

My friends just come and go. I asked Misty and Brock if we'd be together until the end, but they weren't. They went and left. May, Max, Dawn, Tracey... all those people, it's like they don't want me to be the best. Iris and Cilan are good friends, but I'm not sure they will stay with me forever.

I've never been the best at anything. But I will be the best at something. And if you keep me in, there will be a chance for me to be the best at something. At this game! And I know I'm cheesy. I know I'm annoying. I know I keep making bad puns and singing out of tune. But you know what? I have character! Character to top everyone else's character! But I'm asking you guys to keep me in. You are great people, and I want to trust you like I trust everyone else! I can be a Pokemon master! And you guys can help me out!

I will be the best.

I will be the best.

Like no one ever was.

But only if you guys decide to keep me in.


Everyone's Votes

Tails: If I can vote right now, I vote Mario.

Broly: Ash is the Pokemon Master already, witch is why he should carry on his legacy away from here, i vote for him.

Yoshi: Lucas barely gave a speech. Its like he's not even trying! I vote off him.

Toon Link: I know how you feel, Mario. But sorry, I vote Mario also!

Emboar: Sorry Mario, but i must vote for you!

Mr. Game & Watch: *looks at the three, then holds up a sign saying Mario, sorry*

Luigi: I vote off ash he aint active

Link: I am very sorry but i have to vote for Mario (Blaze Link is still keeping his allaince with broly)

(Blaze: i know, but Luigi and Yoshi were talking about making an alliance with Mario if he survives, if you're still gonna vote me off then why talk about it at all?)

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: Well, a deals a deal. I DID say you could vote someone off....based on their speeches. And I must say, you guys have some bad taste. Mario is indeed gone. *takes Mario to the Kart of Klutz* And for a reward for Ash for having the best speech, I give you...... 1 -UP mushroom. This mushroom gives you immunity. In other words, its an immunity idol. Lucas doesn't get one, because his speech stunk. Personally, if it was up to me, he'd be gone. Guess what, MERGE TIME! 

Glitch In The System

Link: Yes No More Teams (CONF) Im on my own now but i do got an allaince

Lucas: (CONF) I feel really bad for Mario leaving.........also my speech wasn't that bad. I think. It was just short......

Emboar: I'm glad (CONF: At least i have my alliance with Lucas as well as Toon Link)

Broly: (CONF: now Mario's gone the All Stars are down to two members, those two will have to do their best to keep up.)

Link: So Final 13 weve made it pretty far huh?

Luigi: heck yea!

Yoshi: (CONF) I miss Mario....but Final 13!! WOOHOO! This will be so much fun!

HostManHorace: (yelling at Toad) What do you mean we have no access out of the game Zone!? 

Toad: There's something blocking the path!! It's like a force field!

HostManHorace: It seems the Game Zone is glitched! Very well. Let's have a quick little challenge to determine who's really playing the game...and who isn't.

Toad: How?

HostManHorace: Like this. (steps up on a platform) Hello Final 13. Unlucky number, right. Well, today is simple......its a matter of having our final people. If you are the least active, we'll find out from this challenge. (sits on a couch and holds 12 rupees) Come get a rupee. Don't worry...just come grab one. (Toad tries to grab one) NOT YOU TOAD! Last one to grab a rupee.....loses. Simple as that.

Yoshi: *takes a rupee*

Broly: (takes a rupee)

Tails: *takes a rupee*

Lucas: *takes a rupee*

Mr. Game & Watch: *takes a rupee* (Liam is out of town right now, so he can't compete.)

(Okay. Toon link and Emboar are safe. How long is liam gone?)

(Well he said he wouldn't be back until Tuesday, which is Monday for the US. - TrentFan)

HostManHorace:  Hurry up.

Link: k*Takes a rupee

Luigi: 8Takes a rupee*

HostManHorace: We need to hurry this challenge up. If the people who haven't taken rupees, have not collected their rupees by tommorrow, I will draw a name randomly from the remaining people who haven't taken rupees.

Tails Doll: *grabs rupee*

Ash: (Grabs rupee)

Ness: (Grabs rupee)

HostManHorace: Thanks for being patient. (Some issues were going down outside the wiki) I'm glad you all are such good sports about this. Sadly. Elimination time. Because their user can't be here (TrentFan told me liamliamliam wouldn't be here, his two characters are safe. So here is who took a rupee in this exact order. 

Yoshi, Broly, Tails, Lucas, Game & Watch, Toon Link, Emboar, Link, Luigi, Tails Doll, Ash, Ness

Toad: Oh NO!

HostManHorace: Sad to say, but Ness reacted a little too late. Sorry Ness. 

Commons: (Everybody)

Elimination Ceremony 

HostManHorace: Everybody took there rupees. Except for Ness. *Ness has no rupee* There was 11 rupees. None for Ness. I apologize. You played a great game. You will be missed my PK Friend. OH! Guess what? The merge offers a very special privelige to the eliminated. Ness gets to give a goodbye speech! Anything to say?

Ness' Goodbye Speech

Ness: I'm glad to have been your guys' friend. And also, I wasn't planning on being around any longer. I've got to go fight Giygas again! PK Teleport! (Teleports away)

HostManHost: And with that, another cool kid walks out. Ness will live on, but not in this game. Who will be the ultimate winner? Find out who it WON'T be next time on TOTAL DRAMA CLASH OF THE DIGITAL VIDEO GAMES!

Slider Showdown

Toon Link: ....*sigh*....It's a shame I lost my alliance friend!

Emboar: Don't feel bad, Toon Link. Ness played very hard. He will be sadly missed!

Toon Link: (CONF: But Ness isn't dead! Is Emboar trying to make me feel better?)

Ash: Well... I hope I get anywhere further than this.

Link: Poor ness

Toon Link: *looks sad & disappointed*

HostManHorace: *shoves everyone in the limo* Quick! A friend of mine is hurt and in the hospital! He needs your help! (everyone flies to the next world..




Animal Crossing

HostManHorace: Listen up, my good friend, K.K.Slider is injured and can't attend his own show tonight! So YOU need to put on a talent show for the citizens. Toad, Mr. Rizetti, and I will be the judges. Now. Hurry! (the curtain opens and everyone from Animal Crossing is watching the stage) 

Toad: (whispers to the cast) Do something cool or interesting, WOW these 

(Insert what your character does to impress and or entertain the

Yoshi: Ugh... (leaps into the air and ground pounds the stage. Yoshi then farts out three eggs and begins juggling them. Yoshi tosses the eggs into the air and spins on the ground before leaping back into the air and catching all three eggs on his tongue) TA-DA! 

Broly: hmmm...(starts to power up then fires several ki blasts into the sky, the ki blasts then come back and Broly begins to punch them, each time he punches them they explode into glitter, Broly then jumps off the stage and lifts it with one finger, then quietly drops it, for the finale Broly simply back flips back onto the stage, does a quick spin and fires many ki blasts that explode into glitter by themselves) TA...DA!

Tails: *starts flying and does flips* CHECK OUT THESE MOVES! *tails uses a flying mecha and does twists* *suddenly a confetti cannon appears and Tails shoots 3 pounds of confetti in the air* *does flips pn the ground off the stage, flies around the audience and lands on his hands* Wow, nailed it!

Mr. Game & Watch: *double jumps and then two firemen jump and pull out a small trampoline allowing G&W to triple jump (his double jump + attack jump thing in Brawl), then grabs parachute and slowly goes down, grabs out hammer, and hits the ground creating a sound. Afterwards flips hammer around and slams the ground making another sound. Then uses bell to make another noise and slams hammer on ground making another noise. Grabs up a manhole cover and goes down, assuming to disappear. After 30 seconds, gets out and begins hammering at the ground with different noises. Then waves to the audience indicating he finished*

Lucas: *uses PSI Thunder which goes up and explodes with jolts, then uses PSI Fire on the ground, then PSI Magnet to absorb it. Rolls off to the side and juggles his snake, his stick, and a sneaker successfully* Sorry.......*stops juggling and catches items and then uses PSI Fire at the sky, followed by PSI Thunder to cancel it out in a spark and bows*

Tails Doll: What do you do when somebody comes up to your face and says something mean? You either punch them, or steal their soul.  I was in this pizza parlor once with my friend Joe and this guy said, "Hey you! You're a big splotch of McDonald's pink slime." So I stole is soul. Thank you, you've been a great audience! Good night!

Link: Hey guys i am gonna put on a epic Scene from my game! An epic battle between me and ganondorf. *Link Stands position* *Music blaring* *ganondorf Shoots lazer ball at him* Link* Hits it back hitting ganondorf* *Ganondorf grabs sword and begins a sword battle* *Link Hits his sword out of his hand kicks ganondorf down* Ganondorf Grunts *Link Does a double front flip in the air and stabs ganondorf in the chest. Link: Thank you all! *Blows a kiss* *ganon Apperas* Link: Oh Gosh* *Link's sword is kicked away* *Ganon Claws at link* Link Back Flips away* *Link Grabs his sword and Lauches His sword into ganon's Face *Ganon burns and dies* Link: ...... Thank you

Luigi: I will perform a move of amazingess!

  • A target is seen in the distance* *Luigi Charges up grunging tight and lets go and shoots like a rocket towards the target ( hold on to B in Brawl) *Luigi hits the center of the target flips in the air and stomps on a goomba* Thank you PEOPLE! *Leaves stage*

Ash: I'm gonna sing! (Singing actually in tune) I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was! To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause! I will travel across the land, searching far and wide! Teach Pokemon to understand the power that's inside! (Charizard comes out of Poke Ball) No Charizard! Come back in! (Frantically chasing Charizard around trying to get him back in the Poke Ball)

Toon Link: I'm gonna do impessions of some characters I know!

  • First impression *does an impression of Gulpin* Gul pin.
  • Here's my next one *does an impression of Mario* Lets a-Go! Mario time!
  • does an impression of Ness* I must defeat Gigyas! PK Thunder!
  • does an impression of Tepig* *Oinks* Tep Pig!

Toon Link: That's all I know!

Emboar: My turn! *Uses Flamethrower while spinning* I call it a Counter Shield! I'm also gonna tell you some jokes!

  • How do you get Pikachu on a bus? You Pokemon!
  • What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea!
  • Why did the Teletubbies go to the toilet together? Beacuse they only have one Tinky-Winky
  • What automobile can you use on television? A Car-toon!
  • What is Casper's favourite ride? The Roller-ghoster

HostManHorace: I'm judging of creativity. 

Toad: I'm judging on bedazzlement.


HostManHorace: Okay.... I think the top three creative ones were.... Links, Broly,s Tails

Toad: I was bedazzled by Broly, Tails, and Game & Watch and Link


HostManHorace: Our two winners of immunity are BROLY AND LINK!! The rest of you are up for elimination. So get ready to vote. (The animal crossing characters cheer on the contestants) OH! And no more victory suite! 

Commons (Everyone)

Yoshi: What a long day. (falls over)

Toon Link: what's that pokemon who's blue & looks like a frog, Ash?

Ash: Well, there's Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Croagunk, Toxicroak, Tympole, Palpiotoad, Seismitoad, and Froakie.

Emboar: I'm also the evolved form of your Pignite, Ash!

Ash: You are? I never knew that! And you can talk too! This is the craziest thing ever!

Emboar: Hey, why not bring him out, and tell Pignite that Emboar is what he'll evolve into?

Ash: Go, Pignite! (Sends out Pignite)

Pignite: *does the pose when bianca sent out her pignite* Pig Nite!

Ash: That's weird... Pignite can't talk like Emboar did.

Pignite: What are you talking about? Of course I can talk!

Emboar: *sweatdrops*

Voting Booth

Tails Doll: I vote for Lucas

Mr. Game & Watch: (CONF) *holds up sign saying Tails*

Lucas: (CONF) Sorry, but I vote Tails......

Broly: (CONF) i vote for Tails, you're a a way.

Link: Well Tails Cya!

Luigi: Tails

Yoshi: (CONF) I vote Lucas! I miss Mario. Yeah... 

Ash: Goodbye Tails! You're who I'm voting for!

Emboar: (CONF: Tails, i'm afraid of that creep!)

Toon Link: (CONF: I have to say Tails, sorry dude!)

Tails: I guess there is no way I am not being eliminated so I quit this game. If there are any returnees please let me back. Now for my goodbye speech....

(If you see that you are about to be eliminated, there is no quitting) 

Elimination Ceremony 

HostManHorace: And the votes are in. We have 11 contestants left I believe.... so rupees for... *throws rupees to Broly, Emboar, Link, Yoshi, Ash, Game & Watch, Tails Doll, Luigi, and  Toon Link*

Only Lucas and Tails left..

The final rupee goes to.







HostManHorace: Sorry Tails. But you're out. It was nice having you compete. Any last words? You DO get a speech. *Kart of Klutz awaits* 

I Rule Hyrule

Tails Doll: Woot! Final 10!

Yoshi: I didn't think I'd get this far! YAY! 

HostManHorace: WARRIORS! It is time to face each other in a HUGE climatic battle. FOLLOW ME! *they board the limo and fly to..





HostManHorace: You're goal is *drops the final 10 into Hyrule field* A fight to the GAME OVER! (not death, you'll respawn back at Game Zone if you "die") So! FIGHT! Attack anyone! Three lines and one person "dies". FIGHT! OH!  The person who destroys their opponents in the most creative fashion wins immunity..and the last one standing wins immunity!'...BUT FIRST!

Toad: Let's go to the fairy fountain! (everyone goes to the fairy fountain)

Great Fairy Fountain: (they all arrive) Welcome warriors. I have a wish that you all must make....bring back one fallen warrior to rejoin the game........ (RETURN TIME! pick one player. As the host, I have chosen the second returnee)

Link: WAIT WHAT? Explain?

Great Fairy Fountain: I help people heal..and I wish to heal two digital warriors and bring them back into the game. Mr. Horace has told me the name of one...but you, as the final 10, get to name the other returnee of your choice. 

Toad: In other words. Who do you want to return to the game?

Link: I want Mario back

Luigi: I want mario back

Yoshi: YAY! Mario can come back! Mario's gonna come back! YAY!

Lucas: Mario was a good teammate, I want Mario to come back.

Mr. Game & Watch: *holds up sign saying Mario*

Broly: Mario must return, he was a good player.

HostManHorace: Okay! Our returnees have been chosen! Mario is returning! He's safe for today! He's waiting at the Game Zone! But for now. CHALLENGE TIME! A fight to the Game Over! Attack eachother! If you're attacked three times, you're out. If you attack in a creative manner each time you attack, then that's good. 

Toad: So last person standing wins immunity. And whoever has the most creative way of defeating people, gets immunity as well. So get fighting!

Yoshi: *throws egg bombs at Game & Watch* Game & Watch 1

Mr. Game & Watch: *hits Yoshi with his hammer*

Yoshi: *eats Game & Watch and spits him out* Game & Watch 2

Mr. Game & Watch: *charges at Yoshi with a football helmet on, hitting him in a headbutt*

Broly: (fires ki blasts at Toon Link )

(It has to be directed at one person) 

Yoshi: *flutter jump then stomps Game & Watch* Game & Watch 3

Lucas: *uses PSI fire on Yoshi*

HostManHorace: OOOOH! Yoshi and Game and Watch are outta here! (those two blast back to Game Zone) 

Ash: Go Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt! (Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Broly)

Lucas: *jumps and uses PSI Thunder on Broly in air, slowly going down* Sorry!

Emboar: *blasts Broly with Ember which turns into Flamethrower* Huh?

Toon Link: *almost gets scorched who narrowly dodged it* Watch where your aiming, Emboar!

Emboar: Sorry....

Lucas: Hey Emboar, I think you learned Flamethrower.....(CONF) I know of some Pokemon Moves thanks to a Pokemon Trainer I once met, Ash, and Emboar.

Emboar: *hits Tails doll with another Flamethrower*

Lucas: *uses PSI thunder on himself and rockets hard into Tails Dol*

HostManHorace: Ooh! I think Tail's Doll might be about to join Broly, Yoshi, and Game & Watch!

Ash: Go Charizard! Use Flamethrower! (Uses Flamethrower on Mario)

(Mario's at the Game Zone, you can't attack him mate. - Blaze)

link:LInk: *Lunges sword at Tails doll

Luigi: *Shoots fire ball @ Yoshi*

(Yoshi is already out)

HostManHorace: OOH! Broly, Yoshi, Game & Watch and TAILS DOLL ARE OUT! Who's left?

Link: *Attacks Mario with a Final Blow* (Not dead though xD)

Luigi: Chucks koopa shell At Mario* Sorry brother

Link: *Flips in the air and Slashs sword at Ash*

HostManHorace: For the last time, MARIO IS AT THE GAME ZONE! He's not here! Next person to attack him is out of the challenge. 

Toon Link: *hits luigi with his boomerang*

Emboar: *hits luigi with another flamethrower*

Luigi: *hits Ash with fireball*

Link: *Slices Ash Foot*

Emboar: *uses hammer arm & pins ash down, which causes ash to have swirls for eyes*

(Whos left?)

Link: *Attackts* Toon Link*

Luigi: *Attacks Toon Link*

Lucas: *uses snake to grab Toon Link, and then hits him with his stick (which is equivalant to Ness' baseball bat)*

Emboar: *blasts toon link with flamethrower which sends toon link flying & slams into a wall, topples over with swirls for eyes*

Toon Link: Urrrrghh....I'm done *collapses with swirls for eyes*

Link: *Slashes Sword at Emboar*

Luigi: *Shoots Self at Emboar*

Lucas: Sorry Emboar. *runs up to Emboar,  jumps on his head, then while jumping, uses PSI Thunder which hits Emboar*

Emboar: *topples over & has swirls for eyes*

Link: *Jump slashes Luigi* Sorry luigi

9Its just Link and Lucas now

Lucas: *Uses PSI Fire on Link* Sorry.

Link: *Sneaks behind Lucas and Shoots Slingshot at him*

Lucas: *jumps up and using PSI Thunder on self, making him blast into Link*

Link: *weakly* *Rolls to the left comes behind lucas and Spins attaks*

Lucas: *grabs Link, throws him up into the sky, then using PSI Thunder to hit Link*

Link: AHHhhrhafghshhfafhhh *Diapears*

Commons (Everyone)

Mario: (CONF: man it's great to be back in the game!, i don't know how far i'll get but this is a rare opportunity, i promise i won't waste it!

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: And the votes are in..dun dun DUN! Time to give you all your rupees *tosses rupees to everyone but Toon Link and Yoshi* One of you little dudes is taking a one way trip out of here. (Yoshi and Toon Link glance at each other and nervously look at the final rupee*

The final rupee goes to..





Toon Link.

HostManHorace: Get going green guy! (Yoshi is tossed in the kart) Your speech?

Yoshi: YAY! I get a speech! Umm...Toon Link, you're awesome! Link is cool! Emboar rocks! Mario is wicked and I'll miss you and Luigi! See you at home! I'll miss everyone! You guys are sweet! Hope you guys get the best of luck! (farts out nine golden full of coins and tosses them to the nine finalists) Win this game! You deserve it! 

HostManHorace: And with one jolly, hungry, goofball gone...we're bringing ANOTHER jolly goofball back. (Since axel hasn't responded, he's not in) So KIRBY IS BACK! (Kirby leaps out of the Kart of Klutz)

Yoshi: KIRBY! Howdy dude! (high fives Kirby) 

HostManHorace: Hello Kirby...Goodbye Yoshi. (Yoshi is driven down the Drive of Defeat) So. returnees are Mario and Kirby! STAY TUNED!


Link: Sup Kirby! Long time no see (CONF) greeeatttt the thing that eats everything im Really jumping for joy -.-

Kirby: I missed all of you guys! Even though I was voted off first I don't think off the people that voted for me as my enemies (CONF: Its true what I said out there, but why did Yoshi have to go, he is my best friend)

HostManHorace: Hey! Next challenge! *they all get in the limosine* We're heading to..




Omar's World! 

HostManHorace: Everyone must hunt for Pikmin! *lets loose a bunch of Pikmin* And here we go! First 2 players to catch 10 Pikmin win! GO! (put *catches pikmin* 10 times to win. No 5 min rule, no double posting)

Kirby: *catches pikmin*

Mario: (catches pikmin)

Broly: (catches pikmin)

Kirby: *catches pikmin*

Mario: (catches pikmin)

Broly: (catches pikmin)

Kirby: *catches pikmin*

Mario: (catches pikmin)

Broly: (catches pikmin)

Kirby: *catches pikmin*

Link:  *catches pikmin*

Luigi  *catches pikmin*

Kirby: *catches pikmin*

Link: *catches pikmin*

Luigi: *catches pikmin*

Kirby: *catches pikmin* 

Link: *catches pikmin*

Luigi: *catches pikmin*

Kirby: *catches pikmin* So hey Link and Luigi, are you glad to see me back?

Link: *catches pikmin* Ya sure! been a while huh?

Luigi: *catches pikmin* ya totally kirby

Kirby: *catches pikmin* Thanks!

Link: *catches pikmin* (5)

Luigi: 8catches pikmin* (5)

Kirby: *catches pikmin*

Link: *catches pikmin*

Luigi: *Catches pikmin*

Kirby: *catches his last pikmin* YES FIRST PLACE*

link: 8catches pikmin*

Luigi: *catches pikmin*

Mario: (catches pikmin)

Broly: (catches pikmin)

Link: 8catches Pikmin*

LuigiL *catches pikmin*

Lucas: *catches pikmin* (1)

Mr. Game & Watch: *catches pikmin* (1)

link: *catches Pikmin* (9)

Mr. Game & Watch: *catches pikmin* (2)

Lucas: *catches pikmin* (2)

Link: *Finds last one* 2nd Place!!!!

Luigi: *Finds Pikmin*

Mario: (finds pikmin) wait, once two people find their pikmin don't they win?

Broly: oh well. (catches pikmin)

Lucas: Yeah, I think so. Oh and welcome back Mario.

Mr. Game & Watch: *nods*

up only 2

Mario: well we might as well stop, and thanks Lucas.

Link: we wait for elimination?

Mario: i guess so?

Ash: (Catches Pikmin)

Broly: Ash?, Link and Kirby already won.:

Kirby: *is tired from all the running* Whoa that was hard *passes out*


Toad: Anybody gonna chat here?

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: Immunity to Link and Kirby! Yup. And our votes are in! Rupees please!

Toad: walks in with the items block* Here you go sir!

HostManHorace: Why thank you, Toad. Now, our rupees... Ash, Kirby, Link, Mario, Lucas, yada yada Game and Watch, Broly, Emboar, Toon Link, yada yada and some other people. Our last rupee has been given away..and it looks like one of us doesn't have one...and that person is...





Tails Doll

HostManHorace: Aw man. He was a producers favorite! DARN! He'll be missed for sure. But before his ultimate departure..our dark friend may give a speech. Take it away Tails Doll.

Tails Doll: Bye guys.  I don't know why I was voted off since I wasn't a big threat, but okay I guess. Couldn't keep up with the challenges. Bye.

HostManHorace: *sends Tail's Doll down the Drive of Defeat* You'll be missed Tails Doll. You were a of mystery. Played a good game.

Guitar Zero

HostManHorace: FINAL 10 again! I think..Yep! Our next challenge is soon! 

Toad: Before our next challenge, please give us your thoughts of the competition so far and how you think you're doing.

HostManHorace: (CONF)  I think I'm doing fine. I mean...I'm the host. I don't have to worry about anything! (falls over) Did that happen on camera? CUT IT!

Toad: Wow...nobody is giving their about we're not starting the challenge until we hear some thoughts?

Lucas: (CONF) This game has been fun so far. I've become a little braver, made new friends, and have had fun. I have enjoyed my time here, I guess that's what I'll say.

Mr. Game & Watch: (CONF) *in signs says: It's been fun. I was a team captain, made some friends, and showed off my cool music.........thing. All in all, it's been fun.*

Mario: (CONF) what can i say?, this thing has been great, i've made some new buddies, i got eliminated and then i came back, it's been a pretty crazy experience for me.

Broly: (CONF) i'd say Clash of the Digital Video Games helped me dearly, mostly it helped me forget about...about....KAKAROOOOTTTT!!!!....oh god, it's happening again!!

Kirby: (CONF) I haven't been here long enough to have much feeling on this place but it seems good so far. So many nice people)

Link: (CONF) I dident get to put mine in. i just wanna say i have enjoyed my time i mean ya i started with a sucky team but the 4 strongest lasted loger Me Tails Emboar and Broly but yeah i think i have a good chance

HostManHorace: I wanna rock! Let's get to it! *they get in the limosuine* Send me a song that is catchy and AWESOME! 





Guitar Hero stage

HostManHorace: Go on YouTube and leave a link here. It's time to see what song is cool, and is catchy. (Find a good song and post it. I'll judge based on whether its a good song or not. I have no taste in music so find anything) And GO! 



Mr. Game & Watch:




Emboar: (since Emboar's a Pokemon XD)

Toon Link:



HostManHorace: I have no taste in music...but only two videos really made me wanna sit down and listen to the whole thing. I saw Mario's and was captivated. I even watched some other music by the same people. ....beautiful. I also enjoyed the funky rock from Ash's video. I might wanna start listening to some of that. The winners are ASH AND MARIO!


Emboar: We did pretty good

Toon Link: He's right!

HostManHorace: Who you guys gonna vote for? Voting TIME! Maybe Lucas for surviving? Kirby for returning? Or Link for finally losing immunity? Maybe Emboar for being popular? Or even Broly for his strength? Possibilities are endless, people. 

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: And the votes are in... *tosses rupees to everyone but Broly* And Broly is out. Sorry man. Any final words before the Kart takes you away?

Broly: yes, first i cannot believe i missed voting out somebody and second, i will come back next season...if there is a second season...but for now...farewell. (get into the Kart) 

Link: Bye broly *waves* Take care of yourself

Broly: so long Link....i...i hope you and Emboar make it to the end.

Mario: see ya Broly, you'll be missed.

Broly: thank you Mario, and goodbye to you as well.

Lucas: Bye Broly. You were a strong guy.

Emboar: We will miss you!

Mr. Game & Watch: *nods*

Broly: thank you Lucas and Mr. Game & Watch, i wish you good luck.

Ash: Bye Broly! Hopefully you can be the very best at something!

Toon Link: I hate seeing you go, Broly...*sniffle, then sobs, and starts to cry*

HostManHorace: *wipes a tear from his eye* I promised I wouldn't cry. Good show, Broly. You did a superb job. 10th place is not bad at all. *Broly is driven down the Drive of Defeat* And with that...we're down to nice players! Who will win? Who will lose? Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA CLASH OF THE DIGITAL VIDEO GAMES!!

Link: yes Were down to the "Nice" Players!

Mario: i can't wait to find out whose gonna win this thing!, good luck to all of you!

My Craft! MINE!

HostManHorace: And now for our next location! *they fly to....





HostManHorace: We need to hurry up, I burried Toad under the ground. He's DEEEEEP down. ALIVE! You need to save him. Hope he's not mad at me. (dig 10 lines to reach Toad. No double posting) 

Toad: (deep below the cubed ground) HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! 

HostManHorace: Good luck to you all. Here's your digging supplies. (tosses everyone a pick axe) And begin!

Kirby: *digs* [1]

Mario: (digs) (1)

Kirby: *digs* [2]

Lucas: *digs* (1)

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (1)

Link: *Digs*

Luigi: *Digs*

Lucas: *digs* (2)

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (2)

Link: *Digs* (2)

Luigi: *Digs* (2)

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (3)

Lucas: *digs* (3)

Link: *Digs* (3)

Luigi: *Digs* (3)

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (4)

Lucas: *digs* (4)

Link: *Digs* (4)

Luigi: *Digs* (4)

Lucas: *digs* (5)

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (5)

Link: *Digs* (5)

Luigi: *Digs* (5)

Lucas: *digs* (6)

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (6)

Mario: (digs) (2)

Lucas: *digs* (7)

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (7)

Mario: (digs) (3)

(Blaze: going to be inactive for a while, congrats to whoever wins!)

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (8)

Lucas: *digs* (8)

Kirby: *digs* [3]

Lucas: *digs* (9)

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (9)

Kirby: *digs* [4]

Mr. Game & Watch: *digs* (10)

Kirby: *digs* [5]

Ash: (Digs) (1)

HostManHorace: Game and Watch is our winner!!!

Toad: *Game and Watch pulls Toad out of the ground* Thanks Mr. Watch. *turns to Horace* YOU JERK!

HostManHorace: That's the sacrifice of fame, kid. Now for the elimination. Game and Watch wins immunity! 


Toad: Stupid HostmanHorace! *grumbles*

Elimination Ceremony

HostManHorace: Safety to Game and Watch. Okay Votes are in! ...And rupees go to *Emboar, Toon Link, Mario, Ash, Link, Game and Watch, and Lucas*

Only Luigi and Kirby remain.

This was a close one. But with 9 people, one of you received five votes...the final rupee goes to..





HostManHorace: Luigi. Sorry. But on the bright side, the Mario Bros both made it to the final 9. That's worth something. But, remember, you DO get a goodbye speech. So take it away. *spotlight on Luigi*

Luigi: i just want to say i enjoyed playing wiht u guys and i want to say a few words....  Lucas good job. Link thanks for being a good frend. Mario i'll see you later at Mushroom kingdom!

Angry Gamers

HostManHorace: Final 8! Butler! Give our final 8 some treats. 

Butler: Of course. (a dinner table is pulled out with everybody's favorite food on it) Enjoy.

Link: (CONF) Great my allaince turne on luigi.... pay back time

Ash: Yeah! (Eats) Final 8! I can't believe it!

Link: Hey ash who goes next? in elimination?

Ash: Wait, why are we deciding now?

Mario: (CONF: this sucks...i hate myself for voting Luigi out....and now that him and Yoshi are gone i'm the only guy from the Mushroom Kingdom left...this thing really is getting more and more interesting.)

Link: (CONF) My buddy dident even deserve to go. I miss luigi

Emboar: (CONF: What have I done?!? I've voted one of my alliance buddies off, what will i do now? I feel horrible!)

Link: (CONF) i gotta stay strong.... I need the Winners Rupees.....Buy zelda a better castle... one that wont be taken over by ganon for like the 18th time.... And so we dont have to have a 100th game...

Toon Link: We should vote out Kirby next

Emboar: Yeah, Kirby didn't do much last time!

Link: I Second that!

HostManHorace: Hope you hate pigs, sorry Emboar. Today, you'll be smashin pigs to dust! Get angry! *they all get into the limosine and fly to ..




Angry Birds

HostManHorace: Fire birds! This castle of pigs has taken FIVE RUPEES!! Destroy the castle! Once you fire 5 birds!...then you get a rupee and immunity! Remember ONLY FIVE THREE OF YOU WILL NOT GET ONE!! Last three without a rupee will be up for elimination and possibly be eliminated. NOW FIRE!!

Kirby: *fires bird* [1]

Emboar: *fires bird* [1]

Toon Link: *fires bird* [1]

Kirby: *fires bird* [2]

(Orange: TrentFan said he was going to be gone for a few days)

Emboar: *fires bird* [2]

Toon Link: *fires bird* [2]

Kirby: *fires bird* [3]

Emboar: *fires bird* [3]

Toon Link: *fires bird* [3]

(I know. Trent Fan is safe) 

Link: *Fires bird* (1)

Emboar: *fires bird* [4]

Toon Link: *fires bird* [4]

Link: *Fires bird* (2)

Emboar: *fires bird* [5]

Toon Link: *fires bird* [5]

Link: *Fires Bird* (3)

Toon Link: (CONF: *confused* Angry BIrds? Why did they name the game, Angry Birds? I simply don't get this at all!)

Link: *Fires Bird* (4)

Emboar: *watches Link admiringly*

Link: *Fires bird* (5)

Link: Yes (CONF) Sweet i got a rupee! DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAA sorry i always make a big deal out of these things

Emboar: *has a rupee also*

Toon Link: *has a rupee*

Emboar: (CONF: I'm in the final 7! Yeah, baby!)

Toon Link: (CONF: Can you believe this? I'm in the final 7, YAY! *accidently stabs the ceiling with his sword* Oops! *pulls it down, sweatdrops* Okay, I just got a bit careless)

Link: Hey Toon Link, so Congratz on winning too!

Mario: meh, worth a shot. (fires bird) (1)

King Pig: OINK! OINK! *gives treasure AKA the safety rupees to Emboar, Toon Link, Link, Game and Watch and Lucas*

HostManHorace: OUCH! Okay elimination is nigh! (TrentFan let me know he'd be gone, so he gets immunity for today) Now our three options for elimination are... MARIO, KIRBY, AND ASH!! 


Toad: We're still getting back some rupees from the pigs. You guys chat here for a bit before we can open up the voting confessional. 

HostManHorace: You can let them vote. 

Toad: I uh....accidently lost the key to the voting confessional... 

HostManHorace: FIND IT!!! (Toad runs off) You all just chat for a bit, we're having idiotic dificulties with our staff.

Link: Yeah... That happnes

Mario: (in head) i can't believe i missed that challenge!, i just hope the guys vote off the right person, be it me, Ash or Kirby...

Voting Booth 

HostManHorace: The key was in your pocket, Toad. (shoves Toad in the Kart of Klutz) Okay! votes have been cast! And rupees go to Lucas, Mario, Game & Watch, Link, Emboar, and Toon Link! Our final rupee goes to..





HostManHorace: And now a speech by Ash. (Ash stands in a stadium, two lights shine down on him) 

Crouching Mario, Hidden Lucas

Link: Then there were 7! (2.0 i will be gone for today and tomarrow so please excuse me from any challange and or elimination Thank you.)

HostManHorace: Thank you, Link. I'll keep that in mind. Though the challenge may not be tomorrow. Until then, final seven, enjoy yourselves. Now for the next challenge! 





Street Fighter

HostManHorace: Our butler will be facing off against you. Your goal? DEFEAT HIM! 

Butler: (is revealed to be extremely buff and strong. Punches a brick wall, it explodes) 

HostManHost: First to hit him with (7) lines, wins! Oh, and use different ways to take him down! (can't say *attacks* for seven lines. Use *kicks his face* or *uses PK thunder* or *uses Flame Blast* or whatever your character can do)

White Face: Hi guys i'm back! I can defeat this guy in just one move *while floating hurts him* didn't work? Hey guys, i need to feed...the monkeys...AAAAAAAAAH *runs away like a girl* (can i do this little cameo? please)

Lucas: *Grabs butler with snake, then throws him on ground* (1)

Mr. Game & Watch: *whacks butler with hammer* (1)

Butler: Ouch! Heh. Is that all? (throws a punch at Game & Watch) 

Mr. Game & Watch: *dizzy*

Lucas: *jumps up in the air, then uses PSI thunder on himself, sending him charging straight into the butler* (2)

Butler: YOWCH! (cracks his knuckles) You asked for it, pipsqueak. (kicks at Lucas) 

Lucas: Ow!

Mr. Game & Watch: *regains focus and grabs butler and juggles him in the air* (2)

Kirby: *sucks butler in and eats him* Yum! Butlerlicious! [1]

Mario: (fires a fireball at the butler) (1)

Lucas: *uses PSI Fire on butler* More of a burn, I guess. (3)

Mr. Game & Watch: *grabs football helmet and headbutts butler* (3)

Mario: (hits the butler with his hammer full on.) (2)

Lucas: *kicks butler in the face* Now you know how it feels. (4)

Mr. Game & Watch: *slaps butler* (4)

Kirby: *sucks in butler again* [2] 

Mr. Game & Watch: *hits butler in the gut with key* (5)

Lucas: *uses PSI Freeze, freezing the butler* (5)

Mario: (jumps on the butler's head) (3)

Mr. Game & Watch: *turns the butler into a ball and bounces him like a basketball* (6)

Lucas: *uses snake to grab the butler and slaps him repeatedly* (6)

Butler: Ow! Ugh I'm not done! (kicks Lucas and stomps on Kirby and body slams Game and Watch. Begins shaking Mario off is head) Get off me!!!

Lucas: *angry* Hey! *slams stick across butler's head so hard, the sturdy stick snaps in his face* (7)

Butler: TIMBER! (falls over, uncosnoius) Ugh...Lucas wins. 

HostManHorace: Immunity to Lucas! Link was gone, so he's safe! So Link and Lucas are immune!


Toad: Congratulations to everyone left!

Elimination Ceremony 

HostManHorace: Hello final seven. I have some rupees for you guys...all but one. TOAD! 

Toad: *runs in with the items block. HostManHorace opens it up and takes out six rupees* 

HostManHorace: Let me see...rupees for Lucas, Game and Watch, Emboar, Toon Link, Mario, and..

Link and Kirby are left.





HostManHorace: (Orange, you never told me you were busy, plus you actually DID participate in the challenge, so you didn't count as absent. Nobody's fault but your own) Kirby. Sad to say, you came back, but you lost, yet, you played all right. Any final words? 

Kirby: I refuse to be eliminated. I was unfairly gone. And if it wasn't for my backstabbing friends I would be officially still in the game!

(CoGreen: Orange, this is in every possible way a fair elimination) 

HostManHorace: So sorry Kirby. Well, bye! *Kirby is thrown into the Kart of Klutz, driven down the Drive of Defeat and taken out of the Game Zone*

(Orange: No it wasn't! Plus if I was busy how could I tell you if I couldn't be here? I didn't know before I was gonna be busy)

(CoGreen: Yes it was. For the following reasons:

1. You didn't tell me before the challenge that you would be busy. So no immunity. 

2. You didn't tell me DURING the challenge that you would be busy. So no immunity. 

3. You posted a line DURING the challenge. So from all of our point of views, you weren't busy. 

4. This elimination wasn't rigged, these are fair votes. )

Prance Prance Resolution

Link: Yes thank goodness its gone! Now we can have a clean match from here on out (CONF) I have good history with these guys... At this point i think we can have friendliness thorugh out the rest of the season

HostManHorace: (dances into the commons and everybody gets in the limo) Time for you guys to bust a move! HERE WE GO!!




Dance Dance Revolution!

HostManHorace: Do wicked awesome dance routine! The bigger and more impressive it is, the better. And maybe make it creative to. The judges'll see...

Mario: i didn't own Mario Dance Dance Revolution for nothing ya know!, this plumber has some moves on him!, music please!

(Mario starts off his dancing with the robot, then after several minutes of this begins to moonwalk back and forth across the stage Michael Jackson - style, he then throws his cap into the air and catches it mid - moonwalk, he then begins to dance like any normal person would do at a club, Mario then runs towards the wall and somersaults off of it, then for the grand finale, Mario stands in the spot, and begins spinning on his heel, while doing this fireballs begins to spit out and combust on the stage, and finally once he's finished spinning he stops and finishes with the Elvis-pose.)

Link: PShhhh mario your moves need some swag! HYLIAN SWAG!

(Link stands on a platform, the platform rises. Link Starts break dancing,  Back flips in the air and Pulls out his lens of truth, Looks into it. Room turns into a paranormal world. Starts doing ballet And than grabs a cape and Hides self in it. Comes out As Young link. Young link Grabs maracas and does some tanga. The Maracas turn into Drum sticks

Young link Bangs them together and begins Balancing on them In the air Young link jumps off tansforming into Normal link) 

Link; Thank you all!

Mr. Game & Watch: *starts off with a bit of a thriller dance, then stops suddenly. Then jumps into the air, spinning, lands and break dances. Then proceeds to do the robot and stops again and backflips, followed by moonwalking. Spins around and stops, proceeding to jump into the air, and land gracefully, proceeding to continue thriller. Afterwards breakdances. Stops and throws bell and hammer into the air, jumps and catches both of them, spins and lands, ringing bell.* ......*bows*

Lucas: *starts by doing ballet, using a snake as the twizzler thing. Stops and using PSI Thunder on him to charge into something, then again to get back. Proceeds to using PSI Freeze on a rock and dances gracefully with ballet on the ice. Jumps off in a big spin, landing. Then uses snake to grab the ice, and spins over there. Then proceeds to break the ice, and finish with jump spins using his snake*

Mario: (CONF: it's not like i was gonna do the Mario or anything!)

Link: (CONF: I did my hylian SWAG S: Super Link W: Wumbo! A: AWESOME G: GUY

Toon Link: *embarrassed* I'm not very good at dancing!

Emboar: Wait, but then that means.....

( music plays)

Toon Link: Yes Emboar, my time here at total drama is at an end. Therefore, I quit! Goodbye everyone, i'll miss you all! *he leaves, goes into the Kart of Klutz, driven down the Drive of Defeat and taken out of the Game Zone*

HostManHorace:.......Okay....then. Bye Toon Link. Well...he's gone, but the challenge, isn't! Time to judge! The judges are ME!, Toad, and Butler! 

HostManHorace: I have to say, (has burnt hair from Mario's dance) I do not like my hair deep fried! I couldn't understand Link's. That only leaves Game and Watch and Lucas. Personally, they both did well. But I have to say, I want immunity to go to the best dance, and the best dance was ... Game and Watch. Game and Watch's design with his dance moves were both silly and cool. 

Toad: I like ice skating! And ballet! Lucas gets a vote from me!

Butler: That little punk beat me last episode!....for that, he has my respect. Plus, delicate ballet has always piqued my interest. I always wanted classes in ballet. (sniffles) Lucas wins!

HostManHorace: Lucas wins immunity! (sees Emboar sad) Emboar just lost his dearest friend. I'm gonna give him immunity as well. (Since NegimaLover gave up Toon Link, it's only fair that Emboar progresses) 


Voting Booth

HostManHorace: Final 5! and two have immunity! You can vote for Mario, Link, and Mr. Game and Watch. Lucas is safe! *receives the votes* And the votes are in! Our next loser is gonna be revealed in a couple of seconds. Right after you guys get your rupees! *throws rupees to Lucas, Emboar, Link, and..






HostManHorace: Sorry Game and Watch. But time is up. Sorry about you losing. Any final words...or....signs?

Mr. Game & Watch: *holds up signs to make up: "Well it's been fun but I guess my time is up. Thanks guys for being nice. Too bad I couldn't win for Animation Nation, nor could Toon Link. Well have fun. You all deserve to stay in more than I do know, some days I wish I could actually talk. Like now. It would have made this speech better."*

Duck, Duck, SHOOT

HostManHorace: This will come as a shocker, but Animation Nation has just been completely wiped out. The first team to completely go.

Mario: so with him gone guess that makes me the only captain left. (CONF: All Stars for the win!)

Lucas: (CONF) Final four, I never expected to make it this far.

Emboar: .........*sigh* *tries to smile* It's awesome I made it to the top 4!

Link: Final 4.... wow..... I am very privaliged

Link: hey guys lets not get all this sterss get under our skin we should PARTY!!! WOO HOO

Emboar: I guess your right, Link!

Mario: course he's right!, if we party we party with style!

Emboar: (CONF: Okay, this is getting a little too far for my taste. I'm getting the feeling that Mario annoys me now, with Toon Link gone, Things will be very difficult for me & the challenge)

Mario: (CONF: i'm not sure if Emboar likes me at the moment, but you can be sure that i am not a fan of his, i didn't like when we got here and i sure as hell don't like him at the moment, getting rid of him will be a challenge for me, that way me, Link and Lucas can get on with the final and Emboar can sit with everyone else whose been eliminated in this thing!)

HostManHorace: We're getting classical! Time for some... 





DUCK HUNTER! *releases a load of ducks into the Game Zone* 

Toad: Um...ducks..everywhere!

HostManHorace: I may have released too many ducks. RUN! *They hide* But the cast, FINAL 4, You must shoot the ducks. First person to shoot 8 ducks, wins immunity. Last three are up for elimination. GO!

Lucas: *shoots a duck* (1)

Link: *Shoots a duck* (1)

Lucas: *shoots duck* (2)

Link: *shoots a duck* (2)

Lucas: *shoots duck* (3)

Link: *Shoots a duck* (3)

Lucas: *shoots a duck* (4)

Link: *Shoots a duck* (4)

Lucas: *shoots a duck* (5)

Link: *Shoots a duck* (5)

Lucas: *shoots a duck* (6)

Link: *Shoots a duck* (6)

Lucas: *shoots a duck* (7)

Link: *Shoots a duck* (7)

Lucas: *shoots a duck* (8)

Link: *Shoots a duck* (CONF) DAg yo Lucas has good aim (CONF OUT) So Good game Lucas!

Lucas: Thanks! You did great!

Link: Thank you Im known For Shooting skills


Butler: Hey Toad. 

Toad: Hey Butler? The show is almost over, huh?

Butler: Yup. 

Toad: (yawns) Yup it is. 

Voting Booth

Mario: hey HMH, i have a feeling i'm going so can i just leave now?

Link: Mario... Im sorry i hope we can still be friends

HostManHorace: Enough with the chit chat, eyes on me. Okay, so the votes have been cast! Rupees go to our winner of immunity, Lucas. Another rupee for Link. 

Only Emboar and Mario left

Final rupee goes to..





HostManHorace: You lost, you returned, you played well, but still lost. Sorry buddy, but I hope this means you've got a super mario speech prepared for our final 3. 


Mario: OK, i'll try... (clears throat)

my friends, what can i say about this journey?, it's been dramatic to say the least, when we all came here, all i wanted to do was win, but after i was made the captain of the Mario All Stars it was like my game plan had changed dramatically, all that stuff i felt about winning had gone out the window, i felt like that old hero, the one who didn't care if his own life was in danger, just to keep you're friends safe, and you guys helped me, for that, i thank you truly, you guys all really do deserve you're spots in the final. Link, you're a great hero, i don't know what Hyrule would do without you, it wss like that day we first met in Super Smash Bros, you were just as confident and heroic as you are now, and for that i respect you dearly. Lucas, you've had a tough time kid, when you told me about you're mother when we met at SSBB i was shocked, but you really did put on a brave face, probably even braver then me if one of my parents died, you've come far kid, i hope you can win it for the All Stars. Emboar, you might not be my best friend but you're one heck of a pokemon, i still remember seeing you as a Tepig at the beginning, it's crazy how you've turned out so strong, i hope you can get far and can find a loving trainer in the future, the thing is you really have come far, and whoever wins truly will deserve it, but for now...this is goodbye, thank you.


HostManHorace: Time to see the final 3 break down. Time for our ultimate challenge. A speech. 





HostManHorace: Here we are at Pacman's world, he's allowing us to use it as an auditorium, all of the old losers are here with us now (the losers are here) Now they will choose who goes home...after you give us a speech. A speech on why you should win, and not lose.

Link: Well i have to say thank you for helping me get this far. All of you are so kind and thoughtful that i wouldent be sitting here right now if it wernt for you guys! People i need to thank. Mario for being loyal. game and watch for being there for me And my Clone toon link for being so cool! And Kirby for being stong and Practically all of YOU! Why i should not be eliminated: I am still sitting here. Kinda self explaintory. Plus i havent got any votes against Me The WHole Season!!! Obviously you all like me enough to now vote for me...Please dont vote me out for something that i may have done.  I hope you dont start here. PLus i was tough i played it tough.. I may have started out mean... but i got used to you guys you guys are my friends. I Won immunity 5 times or more and i am 1 of the last members here other than Emboar for Co Objectioners!!! I out lasted Out played and Out witted... Thats sounded mean... Anyway, And that is why i deserve to Stay for the finale thank you guys for being great and i will respect your desicion!

Lucas: I know I have a history of bad speeches...........but I'll give it a shot. Look, I'm sorry for all I may have caused and to who I have voted. I'm the last Mario All-Star left......which came to me as a surprise. I was the most fragile and timid member of the team and from there I became braver. I'd like to thank my team for letting me make it this far. I know a lot of other people also deserve this spot, but still. Please don't vote me out for something bad that I did. I made it this far and I probably will never make it far on anything again. I know Link has also done well and Emboar has been nice though, so I understand if you vote for me. I have grown to be a bit stronger and braver thanks to this game and maybe I can win too..........but only if you guys let me. Whether it's Link, me, or Emboar, make a good choice. I think we all deserve to be here and win, but only one can. And that lies in your hands. Thank you for listening.

Emboar: I've never made it to this far, Since I was a Tepig, I was very timid just like Lucas was, soon afterwards I evolved into a Pignite allowing me to have hands, and I cooked very well for the team, later I finally evolved once more into a powerful Emboar, Since I evolved into Emboar, I really care deeply for my friends, even if I get voted out, I have no regrets, I wished I would be happier If Toon Link was here, If Link or Lucas win the game, I have no regrets, If I do get voted out, Link & Lucas, I want you to win it for me, for everyone who supported us. Thank you my friends.

HostManHorace: To all of the voters!! me in PM and submit the vote, I won't be here tommorrow, so that will give Emboar the time to post his speech WAIT UNTIL ALL SPEECHES ARE DONE BEFORE VOTING. Thank you. 

(sad music plays)

Emboar: *lets a deep breath & then sighs sadly* I miss Toon Link, Sorry guys, this is it for me, Lucas & Link, you deserve to be in the Final 2. I'm voting myself off, I'm truly sorry, but I quit!

Link: Wut?????

Emboar: *gets emotional* I'm Sorry.......But you two deserve to be in the Final 2!

Link: Thats a big sacrifice bro??/ u sure?

Emboar: *with tears in his eyes & nods* Yes......

Lucas: *emotional* That is very noble of you Emboar. You're a true friend to me and Link.

Emboar: *shakes, about to cry* Thank you Lucas & you too Link! I want any of you to win it for me, promise me?

Lucas: *about to cry* It's a promise. Right Link?

Link: Promise *Starts a group hug*

Lucas: *begins to cry a little*

Link: *startes to cry as well*

Emboar: *hugs & cries at the same time*

Flashback memories starts plays

memories of Link Starting the allaince with Toon link & tepig

Tepig glows and evolves into Pignite

Toon Link watches the egg hatch into Pawniard right before his very eyes

Pignite celebrating with Parappa & Luigi, Pignite glows again, evolving into Emboar

Emboar helping Lucas out!

Emboar and Link in the cooking challange

Toon Link, Emboar, Link and Lucas laughing

Lucas throwing link into the air and PK thunder him, as Emboar watches them & smiling

Lucas watching Emboar learning Flamethrower during the challenge

Link: Ha i remember that! So many memories, I Will not be here Tomarrow Because it is my dad's birthday Please tell me when finale is k?

HostManHorace: ....... wut?... Okay....uh...... That's fine. I'm not ruining the moment, am I?

Toad: *crying* Yes you ARE! 

HostManHorace: It appears we have our final 2. 

FINAL 2 Link & Lucas

HostManHorace: Final 2, chat here before the big finale. But first..... I want you three to pick three colors. Just three colors. 

Lucas: Green, Blue, and Grey?

Link: Purple, Red, Orange? 

Kirby: HostManHorace, weren't we supposed to go back to the gamezone?

Link: If this happens today me and TF are both ready

HostManHorace: Mmhmm. (we're at the game zone now) Before we head into the final challenge, I will reveal why you chose those colors..... LUCAS, LINK, Green, Blue, Grey, Purple, Red, Orange.

Green = Grass Type

Blue = Water Type

Grey = Steel Type

Purple = Poison Type

Red = Fire Type

Orange = ...uh...Fighting Type. Close enough. 

HostManHorace: Toad! Bring out the pokemon!

Toad: Here are three sets of pure pokemon types of what you ordered! Lucas can only use pokemon that are Grass, Water, or Steel. Link can only use Pokemon that are Poison, Fire, and Fighting. HERE ARE THE CHOICES!


Infernape                     Toxicroak                  Chandenlure (no poison-fire types, so this is a substitute) 

Fighting & Fire         Poison & Fighting         Ghost & Fire


Ferrothorn                    Ludicolo                    Empoleon

Grass & Steel         Grass & Water              Water & Steel

HostManHorace: This may get confusing...BUT here is how the finale will work, you can use all three pokemon, OR if you wanna get this finale done and over with, just use one of the three pokemon. Link, Lucas, all three or just one?

Link: 1 please!

Lucas: 1, I guess.

Link: I Choose Toxicroak

Lucas: *nervous* I choose Ferrothorn.

HostManHorace: Toxicroak vs Ferrothorn! I will make sure we do this finale on a day where we are all three here. I will post the moveset soon.

Link: well are you ready Lucas?

Lucas: *still a little nervous* Yeah.

Toxicroak knows Poison Jab, Brick Break, X-Scissor, and Earth quake

Ferrothorn knows Power Whip, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, and Aerial Ace. 

HostManHorace: Let's go. *they get in the limo...





Pokemon Stadium

(All of the prevoisuly eliminated contestants are in the stadium, cheering on the final 2, and tons of other video game characters are there as well) 

HostManHorace: *has a suit and a megaphone* Ladies and Gentleman, gamers and players. Player 1s and Player 2s, I welcome you to our TOTAL DRAMA CLASH OF THE DIGITAL VIDEO GAMES FINALE! *the crowd cheers* Allow me to welcome our final two into the field. Hailing from Mother Earthbound, the Packer of PK, the scaredy cat Comeback Kid!  LUCAS!!!  And also, our Hyrulian Hero, The Hero of Time himself, LINK!!! 


HostManHorace: Who wishes to attack first?

Link: I voleteer

HostManHorace: Then let the FINALE BEGIN! It's a pokemon battle! Simple.

Link: Toxiccraok USE Poison Jab!!!

Toxicroak: *jabs Ferrothorn. Ferrothorn is steel type, therefore unnaffected by the jab*

HostManHorace: Ooh! Someone needs to learn their pokemon types. No damage!

Lucas: Ferrothorn use Aerial Ace, please?

Ferrothorn: FERRO! *uses aerial ace* 

HostManHost: OUCH! It's super effective! 30 HP gone from Toixcroak! 

Toxicroak: 70/100

Ferrothorn: 100/100

Link: Toxicroak USE Brick Break

Toxicroak: *uses Brick Break* 

HostManHorace: WOAH! Ferrothorn got hurt bad! Super effective! 

Toxicroak: 70/100

Ferrothorn: 70/100

Lucas: Ferrothorn, please use flash cannon?

Ferrothorn: FERRRRROTHORN! *blasts a steep ball at Toxicroak*

HostManHorace: Well, it's not super effective, byut that still hurts! 

Toxicroak: 50/100

Ferrothorn: 70/100

Link: Toxicraok Use Earth Quake *Grins*

Toxicroak: *grins* TOXICROOOOOAK *earthquake*

HostManHorace: OUCH! THat's a DIRTY trick! BA DUM BUMSCH! 

Toxicroak: 60/100

Ferrothorn: 60/100

HostManHorace: Tell ya what, here's a potion for you two! *tosses them potions* Heals 40 damage!

Lucas: Ferrothorn, Aerial Ace, please?

HostManHorace: OOH! That's gonna do some damage! 

Ferrothorn: *uses Aerial Ace* 

Toxicroak: 30/100

Ferrothorn: 60/100

Link: Toxicraok USe Brick Break!

HostManHorace: No potion? Oh WOW! Uh oh for the both of you. *Toxicroak uses Brick Break*

Toxicroak: 30/100

Ferrothorn: 30/100

Lucas: Ferrothorn, Flash Cannon, if you don't mind...

HostManHorace: And Lucas takes the risk! What a thriller! 

Ferrothorn: *ignores Host. shoots flash cannon*

Toxicroak: 10/100

Ferrothorn: 30/100

Link: Toxicraok Use Potion!

HostManHorace: It wasn't a potion! It was poison!!.....kidding. Toxicroak is healed. *everyone glares at HostManHorace...even the pokemon*

Toxicroak: 60/100

Ferrothorn: 30/100

Lucas: I'd like to use my potion too please.

HostManHorace: Lucas uses his POISON!!!.....JK it's potion. *Ferrothorn slaps Host Man* OUCH! *cries*

Toxicroak: 60/100

Ferrothorn: 70/100

Link: Toxicroak Use x- sissor

HostManHorace: It doesn't hurt steel that much...but it hurts it normally! 

Toxicroak: *uses X Scissor*

Toxicroak: 60/100

Ferrothorn: 50/100

Lucas: Ferrothorn, Aerial Ace, please?

HostManHorace: OUCH! Areial ace again! 

Toxicroak: 30/100

Ferrothorn: 50/100

HostManHorace: And Toxicroak uses Brick break!

Lucas: Uh...Ferrothorn..use thunderbolt, please.

HostManHorace: OH MY GOSH!..... 

Ferrothorn uses Thunderbolt!!!

Toxicroak: 0 /100

Ferrothorn: 20/100

HostManHorace: Ll..l.l..LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! WE HAVE A WINNER! Lucas! Great job Lucas, and good job to you too, Link. You played an AWESOME GAME! *gives Emboar a bronze trophy, Link a giant golden silver rupee and gives Lucas the golden case of a million trasures* CONGRATS

Tails: Guys, I think this calls for a party

Link: yea im still kinda sad.... But hey 2nd out of 26 isint bad at all! I agree tails Lets Party!!!

White Face: I was eliminated first? Too bad *eats golden case* You really want it? Stare at me *stares at Lucas*

Broly: i'm sorry you lost Link, but you're definately right 2 out of 26 is a pretty darn good achievement.

Mario: but...4 out of 26 isn't bad right?

Broly: not bad at all Mario.

Mario: cool!, now let's get this party started!

Bisharp: Alright!!

Toon Link: *surprised in awe* Pawniard? Is that you?

Bisharp: Yup!

Toon Link: So you evolved into a Bisharp, that's awesome!


HostManHorace: Congratulatiosn Lucas! Now for one awesome off the hook PARTAY! *video game music plays, a huge buffet with everyone's favorite foods on it, and a dance floor*

Yoshi: This party is AWESOME! Yay Lucas! *sees the buffet* It's BEAUTIFUL!

Axel: Congratz!

Parappa: Lucas is the winner! Servin it up like dinner!

Luxord: Link! You had to believe in the heart of the card... I mean I knew Lucas would win!

Lucas: I still can't believe I won....

HostManHorace: Believe it!

Axel: Great Lucas, but I can't believe this is all over.

Link: *HIgh Fives Lucas* Good Game!

Lucas: Yeah, same to you. You did great.

Link: *Drinks some milk* Awww yeahhh that hit the spot!!!

Mario: what a great finish!, MARIO ALL STARS ROCK!, (to Broly) so....are you coming back for season 2 big guy?

Broly: that i've had time to think about, Kakarot's blood must be spilled.

Mario: you mean Goku?

Broly: yeah, the very same, although his real name is Kakarot.

Mario: huh...i guess we all learn something new everyday...what if Goku debuts in season 2?...if there is a season 2...

Broly: well...i might come back...but for now it's a no...

Mario: (shrugs then walks away)

Broly: (in head) season 2!, HA!, i'll return at season 10000!!!, there's no way i can stand being good anymore!

Mario: OK?

Broly: gaaah!, don't sneak up on me like that!

Mario: whatever...hey look!, Kakarot's over there talking to HMH!

Broly: where!?, his death will be at my hand!! (runs off)

Mario: (snickers and walks away again)

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