In this camp you compete in circus challenges like trapeze swinging and lion taming.  The winner gets one million dollars and they're own circus.  Two characters per person!


Ring Master: Chris Mclean - Turnertang

TDI Characters

  • Izzy - Turnertang
  • Heather- Anonymos
  • Courtney - COKEMAN11
  • Trent - Usitgz
  • Bridgette- Weblykinly
  • Ezekiel-Darkdonpatch
  • Cody--Tdifan1234
  • Noah-Kenzen
  • Duncan-GM
  • Katie - Tdi
  • Sadie - Tdi

Custom Character

  • Archie - Turnertang
  • Tatiana- Anonymos
  • "Giraffe" - COKEMAN11
  • John - Usitgz
  • Shane- Weblykinly
  • Roger--Tdifan1234
  • Kenzen-Kenny  
  • Mikey-GM



Elimination Order

Day 1 - "Giraffe" - COKEMAN11  - No Team

Day 2 - John - Usitgz - Crazy Clowns

Day 3 - Courtney - COKEMAN11 - Crazy Clowns

Day 4 - Tatiana - Anonymos - Crazy Clowns

Day 5 - Sadie - Tdi - Crazy Clowns

Day 6 - Roger - Tdifan1234 - Awesome Acrobats

Day 7 - Heather - Anonymos - Crazy Clowns

Day 8 - Cody - Tdifan1234 - Crazy Clowns

Day 9 - Mikey - GM - Surviving Stuntman

Day 10 - Katie - Tdi - Surviving Stuntman

Day 11 - Duncan - GM - Surviving Stuntman

Day 12 - Trent - Ustigz - Surviving Stuntman

Day 13 - Izzy - Turnertang - Surviving Stuntman

Day 14 - Shane - Weblykinly - Surviving Stuntman

Day 14 - Kenzen - Kenzen - Surviving Stuntman

Day 15 - Archie - Turnertang - Surviving Stuntman

Day 16 - Bridgette - Weblykinly - Surviving Stuntman

Day 17 - Noah - Kenzen - Final 2

Pre-Game Chat

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Circus!

Archie: What's up people?

Izzy: (Swings on vine) I hungry for soup!

Chris: Uhhhh... welcome guys.

Ezekiel: Um hey guys,eh.

Izzy: Hi!  Do you like beavers?!

Ezekiel: Ummmm,yeah

John: Whats up?

Trent: Hey guys, nice to meet you guys.

Ezekiel: Hello I am Ezekiel

Cody: Heyyy

Roger: Yo-la! I'm Roger, inventor of the one dollar mile-long! and my new product, which will be coming soon, the Cuddlie! It's the blanket with feet holes!(XD)

Ezekiel: That seems about as useless as the jack in the bomb (lol)

Kenzen:I have an invention *holds up*Cloth-wow the wash cloth that will nevar pick anything up (Sham-wow parody XD)

Noah:I hav an invention its called the shut up i am trying to read* continues reading*

Kenzen:Fine *head over next to Izzy* Hi Izzy*acts nervous, and blurts out*Izzy want to go a date*realize what he said*well, do you

Ezekiel: Thats a little weird just asking a girl out that you don't even know in 5 seconds. \

Izzy: What did you say? I wasn't listening.

Ezekiel: Kenzen.....or what ever his name is just asked you for a date *points to Kenzen*

Izzy: No way! (Swings away on a vine)

Ezekiel: Yep he asked you.Even though we don't even know him.

Katie: OMG! Sadie look! A circus!

Sadie: I've always wanted to go to a circus! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

(CONF)Kenzen:She said no, i will at least get to know her and try again later (XD)

Katie: OMG will it be like "Circus" by Britney Spears?

Sadie"OMG that would be awesome!

Chris: Actually it's not going to be like the song.

Challenge 1

Chris: After this challenge there will be teams but the first challenge is to jump off this platform that's 100 feet off the ground and into this tiny pool. Izzy: I wanna go! (Climbs up ladder and jumps into pool) That was fun!! Archie: My turn! (Climbs up ladder and lands into pool)

Chris: Two people have gone so far.

Noah:Not a chance

Kenzen:*grabs noah*Lets go*lifts noah up the ladder*


Kenzen:Come on* pulls noah with him of the platform*Epic


Kenzen:*land in pool with noah*Stop screaming


Ezekiel: *falls in* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH * realizes he did the splits* OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Duncan: *walks off and lands in the pool*

Mikey: *jumps off and clothes fall off* AHHH!!!!!! *gets clothes back on*

Katie and Sadie: *Jump off* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *Land in pool*

John: No way am I jumping.

Trent: O S M R *Pushes John of platform, then he jumps, and lands in the pool*

John: *Screaming as he falls down, and lands next to the pool in the ground* Ouch...

Chris: Anyone else wanna jump?  Challenge is ending soon.

Sadie: OMG Chris, we already jumped. Right Katie?

Katie: I forgot,

Sadie: We should jump then!

Katie and Sadie: *Jumps* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *Katie lands in pool, while Sadie misses*

Sadie: Owwy

Katie: Are you alright?

Sadie: My butt hurts

Trent: Are you guys OK?

Sadie: I think I broke my butt (XD)

Day 1 Vote

Chris: The people who jumped are invincible.  So thats Katie, Sadie, Izzy, Archie, Ezekiel, Duncan, Noah, Trent, and Kezne are safe. 

Izzy: I vote for Giraffe.

Archie: I vote for Giraffe because you didn't do anything.

Duncan: I vote for Roger

Mikey: Roger

Ezekiel: Giraffe...I mean its an animal,eh?

Chris: Thats three votes Giraffe and two for Roger.

Kenzen:Giraffe long necks freak me out (XD)

Noah:Izzy jeez be a bit INSANE

Heather: Giraffe's are scary. Not like monster scary, but creepy scary.

Tatiana: A giraffe in this camp? Unnatural, chiquito!

Katie: OMG Giraffes are lame, so I vote giraffe

Sadie: OMG right> Giraffe should lose

Trent: Izzy is loco!

John: Giraffe is unatural

Chris: Giraffe your the first person eliminated.  I'm not surprised since your an animal.

Day 2 Chat

Chris: Welcome to day 2 and the teams are up! So now the challenges are in teams!

Archie: Let's go clowns!

Izzy: No!  Acrobats rule!  (Swings away on a vine)

Ezekiel: surpised I am not voted off,eh?

Kenzen:Go Acrobats

Noah:*on phone*Ya. She won't stop*hangs up*Cut them*millions of workers cut the vines izzy is swinging on*


Katie: EEEEEEEEEEEEE!! We're on the Killer Clowns!

Sadie: OMG I love Killer Clowns!

Ezekiel: huhuhhuhuhuhuhuhu9huhu(find the wrong thing in that sentence)



(COKEMAN11: Guys, "Giraffe" wasn't a real Giraffe. He was just a guy with a long neck. <_<)

(Tdi: Katie and Sadie would've still voted him out X_X)


(CK11: w/e, it's okay)

Ezekiel: you still have CIT

Courtney: True.

Ezekiel: Circus power........don't do nothing!

Trent:Gosh dang it I'm on Izzy's team, its almost as bad as breaking up with Gwen!

John: Go Clowns, Go Clowns!

Izzy: Who cut my vine! (Pulls out pocket knife)

Archie: I'm scared of her.

Trent: Amen, dude.

John: *gulp*

Ezekiel: YEAH!

Chris: Challenge soon!

Ezekiel: okay,eh.

Challenge 2

Chris: Today's challenge is lion training.  You each have a lion and you have to teach it tricks.  There will be a show and the lion that does a better trick wins.

Archie: Where's the lion.

Chris: (Opens cage and two lions walk out) Right there.

Izzy: Take this lion!! (Whips lion)

Courtney: *gives lion filet mignon* Now do whatever I say.

Lion: *nods*

Katie and Sadie: *Paints Lions toes* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Lion: *Growls at katie and Sadie*

Archie: Don't attack the, Lion.

Izzy: Attack them!!

Sadie: *Jumps on Lion* EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! This is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie: *Jumps on lion* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Archie: That's not going to teach him a trick!

Izzy: If you don't flip I'm going to whip you!

Lion: (flips)

Izzy: YAY!!!

Archie: Lion, uh.. sit.

Lion: (Growls)

Heather: *is getting chased by a lion* Sit, stay, roll over! You stupid beast! *flees, with the lion still chasing her*

Tatiana: *lion growls at her, and scratches at her skirt* Oh, no you di'int! *tackles the lion, and starts wrestling it* I'll make you pay!

Archie: That's not going to help us win!!

Roger: I know how to train the lion! *holds a mile long above lion's head* Now, Roll over and you get a nice turkey sub! ^^


Noah:A Lion couldn't that i don't know maul us

Ezekiel: *lion is on him* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Someone get him off of me!

Kenzen:Holy*runs to help*

Noah:I told ya

Chris: Each team perform a trick! Best trick wins invincibility for its team.

Mikey: I'm brave! *does rodeo with the lion* YAHOO!

Kenzen:*grabs his lighter and lights hoop on fire*Jump on through lion, did i mention we named him Chris

Trent: *trying to tame lion* maul, boy, maul... *Starts chasing after John* good boy.


Chris: Awesome Acrobats win for doing a better trick and naming it Chris!

Crazy Clowns Vote 2

Archie: I vote for Courtney for not being a help.

Noah: I vote Sadie do a bit of nothing

Heather: I vote for Courtney.

Tatiana: I choose John.

Katie: John

Sadie: OMG John!

Chris: Thats Two for Courtney, three for John, and one for Sadie.

Courtney: John.

John: Courtney...

Chris: Bye bye, John.

Day 3 Chat

Chris: Welcome to day three!

Archie: Woohoo.

Izzy: I wnat to eat a beaver!

Archie: ummm... okay.

Ezekiel: BE HOLD I CAN Fly!! (is flying)

Izzy: Me too! (Tries to fly but fails) Darn!

Ezekiel: Ha, I am still flying!

Trent: Whatever.

Trent (Conf.): Yeah I'm still upset that Izzy is still in.

Izzy: Hey Trent!  What's up?!

Kenzen:Sup guys*puts arm around Izzy and Roger*

Noah:*walks by*I think they are all insane

Kenzen:*whispers*Hey you guys want an alliance

Izzy: Sure!

Courtney (conf): I am so FAILING at this!

Bridgette: Hi, Shane!!!!!! Your so hot.

Shane: Thanks! I like eggs.

Bridgette: (Conf) Shane might be dumb but he's so hot!

Ezekiel: *eating cheerios in the sky* wow there's already an alliance, and a relationship.

Trent: *looks at Shane like he's special* umm... okay?

Ezekiel: snap out of it Trent!

Bridgette: *takes Ezekiel and Shane* Would you guys like to be in a alliance with me?

Shane: Sure, Midget!

Bridgette: It's Bridgette and Ezekiel how about you?




Sadie: WHERE ARE YOU???????

Heather: Er, right here. What do you want?

Ezekiel: Zzzzzzzzz*he's been asleep for 8 hours!*

Katie: Okay. Let's form an alliance! I even ave alliance clothes for you! *Holds out clothes that are similar to Katie and Sadies*

Ezekiel: *wakes up* CANADIAN RAGE!

Heather: Sorry, girls, but if you want someone like me in an alliance with you, I'll ditch the clown clothes. (Clown clothes? Get it? It's a circus camp! XD, corny joke.)

Bridgette: Ezekiel would you like to be in an alliance with me and Shane, i heard your a target.

Trent: Hey can I join?

Kenzen:So Roger how bout you you in and Trent be in our alliance Ezekiel you to

Trent: Sure, whatev.

Katie: Silly, we aren't in clown clothes!

Ezekiel: sure, as long I don't get boosed around,eh.

Kenzen:Sweet so your in Ezekiel

Day 3 Challenge

Chris: Today's challenge is tightrope walking. Each team walks across the tightrope the team with the most people to walk across win. Acrobats are up first!

Izzy: I'll go! (Sprints across the rope to the other side) Who's going next!

Kenzen:*does handstand and walks to other side on hands*Awesome

Chris: Thats two people so far.

Trent: Time to shine! *moonwalks to other side of tightrope* Oh yeah!

Chris: Anyone else wanna go?

Ezekiel: I will,eh! *does it*

Katie and Sadie: *Both try doing it at the same time, but fall* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bridgette: I guess I'll go! *walks across tightrope and barely makes it*

Shane: I'm afraid of breaking my head! I guess I'll close my eyes *closes eyes and falls after few steps XD* MY FACE!!!!!!

(Katie and Sadie finally reach the ground)

Katie: Wait, how did he get down here before us?

Sadie: Remember, we hit some stuff on the way.

Duncan: *walks across the tightrope*

Mikey: *jumps on the tightrope, but oddly makes it across* (XD)

Chris: Seven people for the acrobats.  Now time for the clowns.

Archie: (Walks across tightrope) I did it!

Katie and Sadie: *Do it again and still fall* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Thats one person so far while two keep falling.

Heather: Chris, we already lost. If seven people went for the acrobats, and both Katie and Sadie fell, then there's no possible way we can win.

Cody: *walks across* :)

Chris: Fine Heather!  Acrobats wins since Heather had to ruin it.

Crazy Clowns Vote 3

Katie: Heather

Sadie: Heather

Archie: *Votes Courtney*

Courtney: Heather

Heather: I vote for Courtney.

Tatiana: Courtney.


Chris: So long Courtney.

Day 4 Chat

Chris: Welcome to day 4!

Izzy: Cool! *Juggles bananas*

Archie: Where did you get those?

Katie: Candy pop!

Sadie: OMG I love Candy Pop!

Archie: Umm... okay.

Trent: Yeah, really.

Bridgette: What's the challenge today?

Chris:You're gonna have to wait a little longer to find out!

Trent: What if we don't have any patience?

Shane: Yea! Wait what was the question?

Bridgette (Conf): Shane is a nutjob!

Kenzen:I no patience*rips shirt off and swing on vie*

Day 4 Challenge

Chris: The challenge is to pick two people from each team to ride the horses the last one on wins the challenge for his team.

Izzy: I'll do it!

Archie: Anyone want to go for our team?

Mikey: I'll go with Izzy!

Duncan: Pass.....

Chris: We need two from the Clowns.

Shane: Pass! It will ruin my hair

Bridgette: (conf) I was a horse-back rider for 5 years! But, the people have already have been chosen

Trent: You can do it, Mikey!

Archie: I guess I'll go.

Chris: We need one more from the clowns.

Katie: Can me and Sadie sit on a horse together?

Sadie: Pretty please?

Chris: Fine! Now start! *Shoots gun*

Izzy: *Rides horse in circles* Yee haw!

Archie: *Gets thrown off by horse* Ouch...

NoaH:Lets win

Mikey: *rides horse in a Yoshi shape* (XD)

Bridgette: Go Mikey and Izzy!

Katie and Sadie: *Crush horse* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Katie and Sadie are out so the Acrobats win!

Crazy Clowns Vote 4

Chris: You can vote for anyone.

Katie: OMG we havent heard from Tatiana

Sadie: OMG Met too! Totally Tatiana!

Archie: I vote for Cody.

Noah:I vote for Sadie

Chris: Any other votes?

Chris: Bye bye Tatiana.

Day 5 Chat

Chris: Welcome to day 5!

Izzy: Awesome! (Eats coconuts)

Archie: Where did you get that?

Izzy: You'll never know!

Katie: OMG Sadie, we're still in!

Sadie: OMG I know!

Chris: That's really fasanating... (Walks Away)

Katie and Sadie: *Follow Chris*

Trent (Conf.): My team rules! It is also a really bad thing, because... what if we lose?

Chris: You two can stop following me. (Runs Away)

Izzy: They're creepy! (Hits a beaver with a spoon)

Katie and Sadie: *Run after Chris* HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah:Meh(i thought i changed my vote to cody edi must not have gone through )

Chris: Go away! *Hides in bathroom*

Bridgette (Conf): My team is on a roll! Now lets try to keep it that way!

Shane: Like am I hot? It's another day so someone please tell me!

Katie: OMG we can't run into the boys bathroom!

Sadie: I have an idea!

(Katie and Sadie leave, then come back, in overalls with hats and mustaches. Katie looked like Luigi and Sadie looked like Mario. They walk in the bathroom)

Katie: (In deep voice) I heard we need to, uh, plumb stuff.

Ezekiel: you scare me,eh

Shane: Hey Mario and Luigi do you guys think I'm hot or what?

Bridgette: (Conf) Will Shane ever learn? And will he ever be smart? These are questions that I demand to be answered!

Day 5 Challenge

Chris: Today's challenge is to run across this patch of hot coal. Team with the most people to do it win! Acrobats go first.

Izzy: Awesome! *Sprints across the coal* That was fun!

Chris: Anyone else want to go?

Kenzen:Umm chris can we walk across instead of run

Shane: Doesn't walking sound harder?

Bridgette: *pulls Shane away from them* Keep your mouth shut, dummy!

Shane: What are you talking about he's on our team?

Bridgette: Oh..... I forgot.

Ezekiel: Finally I get to do something eh! *does it*

Kenzen:The since is when you wlak you arnt pushing the coals onto you foot and making your foot burn*walks across* See simple science(MYTHBUSTERS EPISODES FTW)Now if i ran*pushes noah so he runs*

Noah:MY FEET, Holy **** My feet

Kenzen:My point

Chris: Ummm.. okay. That's three for the acrobats. Anyone else want to go?

Duncan: *walks across the coal* Piece o' cake.

Mikey: *walks across coal* WE!! *feet burns*

Bridgette: *walks across like Kenzen* Oh yea!

Shane: *runs across* MY BEAUTIFUL FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Thats a total of six people. Time for the clowns.

Archie: I'll go! (Runs across)

Trent: I'm going too, Chris (I'm an Acrobat) *walks across*

Chris: Now that's seven for the Acrobats so everyone from the clowns need to go.

Chris: Last chance for people on the clowns to go.

Crazy Clowns Vote 5

Archie: I vote for Cody.

Chris: Anyone else want to vote?

Noah:I vote for Sadie

Chris: That's one for Sadie and one for Cody.

(CK11: Um, Courtney got eliminated)

(Turnertang: Oops, that's embarassing)

Noah:Just Eliminate Sadie and leave it at that

Chris: Fine grumpy pants!

Day 6 Chat

Chris: Welcome to day 6!

Archie: Okay.

Izzy: I want to eat some soup.

Shane: (CONF) I need to soak my feet in some nice cold water after yesterday! I got a bruise and it was horrifying.

Bridgette: (Conf) My team is going to lose soon! Even though we're on a winning streak karma can strike at any time.

Trent (Conf.): My team isso awesome, I mean we've won 4 in a row, come on! But, there is a high chance we can lose...

Izzy: (CONF): I wonder why everyone's going in here?

Katie: OMG! YOU ELIMINATED SADIE! *Grabs a chainsaw*

Archie: I'm scared! *Runs away screaming*

Izzy: I'll take her! *Pulls out another chainsaw*

Chris: There will be a challenge soon.

Izzy: Awesome!

Katie: *Starts running around crying in peoples faces* THEY VOTED OFF SADIE!!!!!!!

Noah;Ehem I voted off Sadie

Kenzen:Dude wrong thig to say*watches Katie take Izzy chainsaw now having two*Holy*Runs*

Ezekiel: Well then,eh

Chris: Let's start the challenge before anyone gets hurt.

Day 6 Challenge

Chris: This challenge is a human cannonball. Each team chooses one person to get shot out of the cannon, one person to aim and fire the cannon, and the rest will try to catch them in this net. *Tosses each team a net* Decide who's doing what?

Izzy: I want to be shot out of the cannon.

Archie: I'll do the net.

Chris: Anyone else want to volunteer?

Shane: I would aim! But you don't want to know how bad my aim is!

Bridgette: Yea! I don't really aim for much so I guess I'll be the net.

Shane: I'm with the net thing too!

Kenzen:I will aim

Noah:I am smart aiming is no problem

Chris: Now all we need is a guy yo be shot out of the cannon for the clowns.

Trent: I want to get this over with, hurry up, already!

Archie: fine, i'll go for the clowns.

Chris: okay, first up is the acrobats.

Izzy: *Gets in cannon* I'm ready to fire!

Ezekiel :*turns on cannon* FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Kenzen:*aims*Ready*aims more*Aim*sees the net in perfect alighnment*FIRE*shoots cannon*

Trent: C'mon people pull! *Acrobat's net is in even more perfect alighnment*

Izzy: Weeeeee! *Lands in net* That was awesome!

Chris: Now if Archie can fly through the hoop and onto his net than the clowns will finally win!

Archie: *Gets in cannon* I'm ready to be fired!

Chris: Any day now Noah.

Noah:*Grabs cannon*Archie after you through the hoop Dive down or else you hit the ground*Fires*

Archie: *Goes through hoop and dives down* I'm scared!

Ezekiel: Um, Archie is it, your hair is on fire,eh.

Archie: *Lands on net* You're right! *Starts rolling on the floor*

Chris: The clowns finally win!

Awesome Acrobats Vote 6

Chris: It's about time you guys won.

Archie: *Votes for Roger* You weren't much help.

Ezekiel: I try my best *votes Roger* you didn't do much, though.

Trent: Roger, Roger, *Votes for Roger* sorry man.. you just don't do anything...

Kenzen:Have to say it *votes for Bridgette*Haven't helped much

Chris: See ya Roger.

Day 7 Chat

Chris: Congrats you've made it to day 7!

Archie: woo - hoo.

Izzy: Awesome! *Swings away on a vine*

Kenzen:*is bored*Hmmm

Noah:So I still have many to take down

Archie: I guess...

Bridgette: (Conf) Finally we lose and Roger goes home! Now the game's actually getting interesting

Shane: Can someone so me a camera I haven't seen one in days and it's freaking me out.

Bridgette: Take a chill pill, weirdo.

Izzy: Yeah! Weirdo!

Shane: Whatever, losers! Everyone who loves modeling wouldn't call me a weirdo so I wouldn't if I were you.

Bridgette: Your talking like that with a IQ of 39

Shane: (Conf) So what if I have a poor IQ?

Ezekiel: I have an IQ of 167,eh!

Archie: yeah, right.

Ezekiel: it's true!

Trent: Who told you that, your freaky praire people, you call your mom and dad. (Oh burn, JK)

Chris: Challenge soon.

Archie: Great.

Bridgette: (Conf) I honestly think Ezekiel is so ashamed of his IQ he's making up a good one to make it sound like he's good! But that my friend is a big lie.

Challenge 7

Chris: Today's challenge is a clown show. you'll pick two people to peform a clown act like plate spinning, juggling, or both of them can do a comedy routine.

Izzy: I can juggle!!

Archie: I could try plate spinning.

Bridgette: I can juggle too!

Shane: I'm good at modeling but sadly that's not on the list.

Chris: We need one more for the clowns.

Archie: Anyone want to go for our team?

Kenzen:I could try juggling

Chris: Okay firs is the clowns.

Archie: *spins the plate but it falls and breaks* Darn...

Chris: That was pathetic. Next person for the clowns!

Kenzen:*grabs 7 plates and begins to juggle*Hey im doing it im doin it(4 minutes later) THEY BURN*drops plates*

Noah:Despite the fact i lit them on fire you still did well

Ezekiel: Cheater!......well then, if you need me i will be trying to fix the tent.......

Chris: That was pretty pathetic. Now for the other team.

Izzy: *Starts juggling* Look at me go! *all the balls hit her on the head* At least I wasn't using knives.

Chris: That was better than Archie. Other person go!

Bridgette: I'm pretty good at juggling! *juggles 5 balls* See! *goes for 5 more minutes* Now I'll add 1 more *drops all while trying to add one* AWWWW!

Shane: Pretty good. But I would say your juggling IQ is lower than my real IQ, I think.

Bridgette: There's no such thing! Wait a second did Kenzen go for the clowns because only 1 clown signed up?

Chris: Sure, why not? Anyways, the Acrobats win again.

Clowns Vote 7

Chris: Vote for whoever.

Archie: I vote for Heather.

Noah:I have put many stats together and *votes for Katie*I have a 15% more chance at winning with her gone

Chris: One vote kate and one vote heather. Any other votes?

Chris: Since heather has more total votes its bye bye Heather.

Day 8 Chat

Chris: Crazy clowns you need to shape up.

Izzy: yeah! Cause you stink!

Archie: There's no need to be mean!

Bridgette: (Conf) Do you know when the merge is? I mean the Crazy Clowns are barely a team anymore.

Shane: Being mean is never the way to go! Unless your Justin, my rolemodel!

Bridgette: Believe me, you really don't want to meet him. I mean I was in 2 seasons with him.

Izzy: He was annoying!

Trent: Yeah, he was such a jerk!

Bridgette: And the worst part is everyone had a crush on him and weirdly even Owen!

Shane: Oh whatever!

Izzy: Someone's jelous.

Archie: Yeah.

Shane: Jealous? Pft..umm....of course not!

Bridgette: (sarcastically) Your totally not jealous!

Shane (Conf): So what if I am?

Ezekiel: *is wearing sunglasses* Secret agent man!

Archie: Ummm... okay.

Bridgette: (Conf) When we lost, I thought for sure Ezekiel should've been the one to go! (not really i thought Mikey)

Shane: (Conf) A long time with no one calling me beautiful is getting to me. I mean I don't want to be a baby or anything but I think girls are trying to hide their feelings instead of showing them, a lot these days. (XD)

Ezekiel: I am going to stop being random now

  • awkward silence*

Chris: Right... Anyways challenge soon.

Ezekiel: Okay

Trent: *Gives Chris a thumb-up* Cool

Challenge 8

Chris: Today's challenge is balancing thing. First team to make a three person pyramid will be the winner.

Archie: I'll be on the bottom!

Bridgette: I'll be on the bottom for our team!

Shane: Me too! If i can (Conf) I've always wanted to be a cheerleader

Ezekiel: wait, we need the ligest on top, and the heavier ones on the bottom, I weigh a good 116 pounds

Shane: That's pretty pathetic I way 155

Bridgette: WOW! I weigh 130 and I'm a girl, that's uber pathetic Ezekiel so you go on top! And, me and Shane could be on the bottom but I have pretty good balance so we may not need you for this Ezekiel!

Ezekiel:............well excuse me, I have been locked up in my house for 15 and 3/4th of my life, I frickin' pale as a goth!

Shane: You know you should get out more i'm not an expert at anything besides modeling but I don't think that's good.

Ezekiel: Why do you think I came? I have Vitamin D defection

Chris: So if you three make the pyramid you win the challenge while the other team only has Archie.

Archie: Go team.

Ezekiel: Okay, we just need to do this! Shane is on bottom I am in the middle and Bridgette is on top, happy?

Shane: OK

Bridgette: I guess

Izzy: Make the pyramid already!

Chris: Make the pyramid!

Bridgette: OK! *forms pyramid with Ezekiel and Shane*

Shane: OWWW! Bridgette how much do you way again?

Mikey: *pushes Ezekiel away and takes his spot* DID WE WIN?

Bridgette: Thanks, Mikey. Ezekiel isn't the strongest.

Shane: What about me?

Bridgette: You aren't either

Chris: Acrobats win. Clowns lose... again.

Crazy Clowns Vote 8

Chris: You guys stink!

Archie: No we don't! Anyways, I vote Cody.

Chris: Bye Cody.

Day 9 Chat

Chris: SInce the crazy clowns aren't a team anymore we're going to the merge. You are now the Surviving Stuntman!

Izzy: Awesome!

Archie: It's about time.

Shane: (Conf) If we have a jury this season I'd totally get all the votes for my hotness (NOT! XD)

Bridgette: (Conf) I hate people who haven't actually done anything so merge is a perfect time to say goodbye to non-workers

Izzy: *Swings on a vine* Yee haw!

Ezekiel:........(conf): I have been working, just no one has been nominating me!

Chris: Challenge soon.

Day 9 Challenge

Chris: Today's challenge is about balancing acts. You will balance on this balance bean that's two inches wide and fifty feet above the air. If you fall you out. Last person standing wins invincibility. *Puts everyone on the balance bean* Now begin!

Izzy: Awesome! *Runs across the bean*

Archie: Don't do that!

Izzy: *Runs into Archie* Why?*

Archie: *Falls* That's why.

Shane: *starts to balance*

Bridgette: *starts to balance* Is their some kinda twist to this challenge?

Shane: TWIST!

Shane: (Conf) *appears with stuff all over his head* I thought she meant it literally!

Bridgette: Yes, twist!

Shane: *falls while twisting*

Bridgette: Not that kinda twist!

Chris: Maybe. *Pulls out water gun*

Izzy: Awesome!

Chris: *Starts shooting the water gun.* I know!

Ezekiel: *dodges* woah!

Trent: Ahh! *dodges water gun*

Izzy: *Dodges water guns*

Chris: *Starts throwing water balloons* Try to dodge this!

Bridgette: *dodges everything* Sorry, but loving to surf. Makes it easy to dodge anything water like.

Ezekiel: *grabs a water ballon and jump and hit rope and hangs on it and gets up* woah

Trent: *catches water balloon, looses balance, then regains balance* that was too close.

Izzy: *Dodges balloons* Missed me sucka!

Chris: *Knock off Katie, Sadie, Duncan, Mikey, Kenzen, and Noah* Only Bridgette, Ezekiel, Trent, and Izzy left!

Ezekiel: HOLY SNAP!Wait wasn't Sadie out and Shane is?

Chris: They're both out.

Izzy: *Slips and falls* That felt good!

Surviving Stuntman Vote 9

Chris: Bridgette, Ezekiel, and Trent win immunity.

Izzy: Mikey.

Archie: Mikey.

Trent: Sorry Mikey, I just heard that other people were voting for you.


Duncan; Mikey.

Mikey: Archie! (GM: I had no idea that I was still in this camp. XD)

Kenzen:I choose not to vote (Not a clue why)


Chris: bye Mikey.

Day 10 Chat

Chris: Welcome to day 10!

Archie: I feel special.

Izzy: You should!

Kenzen:I feel special.


Ezekiel: HOLIDAY ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!(XD just had to do that!)

Trent: It's day ten already? (Conf.) Wow, I'm still in this!

(Webly: Sorry I was gone for the last few days, my computer broke down :()

(Turnertang:It's cool)

Izzy: I'm hungry!

Archie: Don't eat me!

Ezekiel: *gives Izzy a raw cow* (XD)

Kenzen:O...k....(DO NOT IMPERSONATE I.P.)

(Dark: Ezekiel did that because he doesn't want blood)

Ezekiel: Um, okay?

Bridgete: HEY GUYS!

Shane: Hi, Midget!

Bridgette: Do you ever bother to pay attention?

Shane: Not to you!

Izzy: *Eats raw cow* This tastes awful!

Archie: I wonder why?

Bridgette: (Conf) Making it to the merge was my ultimate goal! Now the next milestone I want to hit is the Final 9. Where I've been eliminated before.

Shane: (Conf) Even though I'm awesome. Wait what was the question? Was it that am I hot? Because i am!

Ezekiel: (conf.) I wonder if anyone is shocked I made it this far!

Chris: Challenge soon.

Bridgette: *hears Ezekiels Confessional* I am!

Day 10 Challenge

Chris: Today's challenge is elephant riding. First you get on an elephant and then make it run the race. First person to the finish line wins.

Izzy: *Get's on elephant* Let's go! *Starts riding*

Archie: *Tries to get on but fails* Darn't!

Ezekiel: *gets on Elephant elephants goes, with Ezekiel dragging*

Chris: Wow. you guys stink.

Izzy: *Keeps riding* Not me!

Archie: *Gets on elephant but falls, again* Darn't!

Trent: Okay elephant, be calm *elephant tramples Trent* (Conf.) Ow.

Bridgette: I love animals! *gets on Elephant and starts riding*

Shane: Weirdo! Tries to get on and falls *finally gets on and falls* Really?

Ezekiel: *is halfway with his raging elephant* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Bridgette: *is tieing with Ezekiel but the elephant isn't going crazy it's going nice* What can I say? I'm a pet tamer!

Shane: *hears Bridgette* Then tame my elephant to stay still!

Bridgette: *whistles and Shane's elephant stays still*

Shane: I could've done that!

Izzy: *Reaches halfway* No you can't!

Archie: *Falls off his elephant again* Come on!

Shane: *gets and horse* Tough luck, Archie!

Bridgette: *passes Ezekiel* Yee-haw!

Archie: *Falls off again* Dang!

Izzy: *Makes it to two thirds of the way* Almost done!

Bridgette: *barely passes Izzy* Not to fast Izzy!

Shane: *1/4 of the way and camera man starts laughing* At least I'm not in last!

Archie: *Gets on elephant* Finally! *Falls off* Darn...

Izzy: *Catches up to Bridgette* I'm going to win!

Ezekiel: *elephant is passed finish line with Ezekiel unconscious and head is in the ground getting dragged*

Chris: Ezekiel wins!

Surviving Stuntman Vote 10

Chris: Ezekiel is invincible for this vote.

Archie: Katie.

Izzy: Katie.

Trent: Katie.



Ezekiel: *is shown with dirt,twigs and other stuff* Katie

Chris: Bye Katie.

Day 11 Chat

Chris: Welcome to day 11!

Archie: Yeah!

Izzy: Awesome! *Pulls out flare gun and shoots it* Sparkles!

Ezekiel: O_O

(Webly: UGH! I always miss the votes XD)

Bridgette: (Conf) Alright, I made it to the Final 9. But can I stay in the Final 9.

Shane: (Conf) I'm surprised no one has fallen majorly in love with me. I'm like a hotter replica of Justin. What doesn't anyone not see in me?

Izzy: *Shoots flare gun* Incoming!

Archie: Hide! *Hides under kitchen table*

Chris: Challenge soon.

Bridgette: Ok

Ezekiel: (conf.) I can't believe I'm actually winning the challenges,eh. Which proves that I'm no weak home-schooled kid!

Izzy: Charge! *Runs in circles*

Ezekiel: *is dumbfounded*

Archie: Wow...

Chris: Challenge very soon. (Once I think of it)

  • every guy has beards*

Ezekiel: IT'S BEEN 2 DAYS! (XD)

Bridgette: I don't care, more relax time!

Shane: What are you talking about? My beauty has to have wore off, I mean no one has fell over heels for me

Challenge 11

Chris: Todays challenge is a balancing act. The first person to make a tower that's ten feet high wins. *Throws boxes everywhere*

Izzy: Cool! *Grabs boxes*

Archie: *Grabs a bunch of boxes*

Izzy: *Starts balancing boxes* i'm gonna win!

Trent: *starts stacking boxes* Let's do this, wait...who am I talking to?

Ezekiel: *makes an optimis Prime* RAISE ME! *gets raise 9.99 ft high*......dang it

Noah:*stacks his dictionary*That should do it

Kenzen:*grabs lots of boxes*Yay*stacks*

Ezekiel: *stacks one more box to make it 10ft. high* yays *falls off of it* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-*hits ground, still alive*

Kenzen:*stacks*Yay*climbs up it*Yay*measures it*Yay*looks intentlly at the ten foot mark*YAY, FRICKEN YAY!!!!

Chris: Ezekiel wins.

Surviving Stuntman Vote 11

Chris: Ezekiel is invincible.

Archie: Duncan.

Izzy: Duncan!

Ezekiel: Since Courtney isn't gonna kill us, Duncan



Trent: Duncan

Chris: Bye bye Duncan.

Day 12 Chat

Chris: Welcome to day 12.

Izzy: Awesome!

Archie: Yipee.

Kenzen:I have a feeling Noah is digging his grave by voting against us

Trent: Totally.

Ezekiel: *has dirt and buck teeth* I'm a beaver *eats down a tree* (XD Ezekiel is Izzy crazy XD) (Webly: I'm so sorry, I haven't been here and won't be on in Spring Break! My computer broke down, yet again, but it should be back to normal soon!)

Bridgette: Hey guys!

Chris: Challenge soon.

Izzy: Yay!

Trent: Sweet!

Shane: K

Chris: Challenge still soon. (I can't think of one)

Day 12 Challenge

Chris: The challenge is based about rope swinging except you will be climbing ropes. The first person to the top of their rope wins immunity.

Archie: *Starts climbing* I can do this! *Falls* Darn...

Izzy: *Starts climbing* Wimp!

Ezekiel :*climbs it fast and acts like a monkey* Ooh-Aah!

Trent: *starts climbing very slowly* (Conf.) Okay, I'm kinda a little afraid of hieghts.

Archie: *Falls again* Darn!


Ezekiel: *is 7/8th there* Ooh-Ooh-Aah!

Chris: *Pegs water balloon at Ezekiel* Ha!

Izzy: *Reaches half point mark* I'm gonna win!

Archie: *Starts climbing very slowly* I can do this!

Chris: *Throws water balloons at random people* MUHAHAHAHA!

Ezekiel: 8is finished, soaked* That's wiggy wack yo!

Trent: *is 1/3rd there* Omigawd, Omigawd! *just stands there, with his eyes wide open*

Archie: *Reaches 1/100* Almost there!

Izzy: You are pathetic! *Reaches two thirds of the way*

Bridgette: *reaches 1/6 of the way*

Bridgette: (Conf) I'm trying to keep my mouth shut for the challenge because if people see that I'm pretty far, they can step up their game.

Shane: *reaches 1/7 of the way* Don't be too suprised, before I got hot I was a awesome rope climber at my school.

Bridgette: OK, but why aren't you in first then?

Shane: I don't know!

Bridgette: *reaches 1/4 and looks to check if anyone notices*

Shane: *passes Bridgette and Trent at 2/5 of the way* I told ya I'm awesome at climbing! Advice to Trent, don't look down!

Izzy: *Almost finishes* I can do this!

Chris: *Shoots water everywhere* Take this!

Bridgette: *reaches 3/5 of way* AHHHH, water! *opens mouth quickly so instead of a hit it'd be a drink*

Shane: *reaches 4/5 of way* I have this in the bag!

Izzy: *Finishes climbing rope* I win!

Chris: Izzy wins invincibility for this week.

Surviving Stuntman Vote 12

Chris: Izzy is safe for this vote.

Izzy: Trent.

Archie: Trent.

Shane: Noah, haven't heard from you in a while!

Bridgette: Noah, sorry, haven't been doing the best in the challenges. It was a really hard vote!

Ezekiel: Trent...

Chris: That's three for Trent and two for Noah.

Trent: Noah...



Trent (Conf.): Eighth won't be so bad, at least I made it farther than half the people.

Chris: Bye Trent. *Pushes Trent somewhere*

Day 13 Chat

Chris: Welcome to the final seven!

Izzy: Yay!

Archie: Yipee.

Ezekiel: *plays guitar really fastly*

Bridgette: (Conf) I'm so happy I've made it this far. It would be a milestone to win one of these things. I've been in so many I'll probably be in all of the nominated categories for Best Reality Show. But, this time I want to win.

Shane: (Conf) My good looks have took me this far, I'm betting on all the way!

Ezekiel: (conf.) I'm surprise that I made it this far,eh. I need to win the next few challenges,babie! and I will go to the finals! But I shouldn't get to cocky....That's what makes you lose....but I think I could get close to winning!

Izzy: *Attacks a squirrel with a knife* Charge!

Chris: Challenge soon.

Archie: Yay...

Ezekiel: Don't you mean 2 days?

Shane: I'm fine. The sun is giving me a nice tan!

Bridgette: S is awesome letter

Archie: Sure...

Izzy: Not as awesome as the letter I!

Bridgette: (Conf) I'm overly bored! I'm so bored I was talking about the letter "s".

Izzy: (CONF) I still like the letter "I".'

Chris: Challenge any second. (Thinking of it)

Day 13 Challenge

Chris: Todays challenge is a seltzer shooting. If I hit you with seltzer you are out of the challenge last one standing wins. You have thirty seconds to run away. GO!!!
Izzy: *Runs in circles* So long suckers!

Archie: *Walks away* Wow...

Ezekiel: *disappears somewhere*


Noah:*walks with Archie*

Bridgette: *runs away into a spot no one will find*

Shane: *runs in circles with Izzy* Wow, this running in circles thing really helps!

Izzy: I know.

Chirs: *Starts looking for people* I know you here!

Shane: *stops running in circles* Wait, I'm not going anywhere! *hides in nearby bush*

Chris: *Shoots Archie* You're pathetic!

Archie: I know.

Kenzen:*tackles Chris and disappears with Noah*

Shane: *watches Izzy following Chris* Tsk, tsk, tsk

Bridgette: *still hiding*

Ezekiel: *is on Chris head then disappears somewhere else again*

Chris: *Shoots Noah* You're almost as pathetic as Archie.

Noah:How did you find me

Kenzen:*runs away and pushes Bridgette away from her hiding spot*

Ezekiel: *is still gone off somewhere*

Bridgette: *walks to a nearby better spot*

Shane: *whispers to camera* I'm doing great!

Chris: *Randomly appears next to Shane* Your not doing that great! *Shoots Shane* MUHAHAHAHA!

Izzy: Wow... *Sprints away*

Shane: That's totally unfair, I mean no one else would think of the awesome spot of hiding under your covers!

Chris: Sure. *Backs away slowly*

Chris: *Shoots Ezekiel and Izzy* Two more down!

Chris: *Shoots Bridgette* Kenzen wins!

Crazy Clowns Vote 13

Chris: Kenzen is invincible.

Archie: Izzy.

Izy: Noah.

Bridgette: Archie, lately I just haven't seen you really try hard! So sorry! :(

Shane: This was random but I decided to vote Noah

Chris: Any other votes?



Chris: Bye Izzy.

Izzy: So long suckers! *Disappears*

Day 14 Chat

Chris: Welcome to the final six people!

Archie: Okay. *Walks away*

Chris: Fine, be that way!

Bridgette: (CONF) I'm so excited to make it this far!

Shane: (CONF) I'm in FINAL 20. *producer whispers to him* I mean FINAL 6.

Chris: Challenge soon.

Archie: Yipee.

Ezekiel: Yo,Yo,Yo everyone! (2 things: Ezekiel turned into a gansta, and I probably won't be at the challenge)

Bridgette: (CONF) It's shocking Ezekiel is still in the game!

Archie: Umm okay. (Thats fine)

Day 14 Challenge

Chris: The challenge today will be in pairs. The losing pair will both be eliminated. The pairs are Archie and Ezekiel, Bridgette and Noah, and Kenzen and Shane. One person will be put in cannon and the other guys aims. One person shoots the other person will be shot and will pop balloons. The pair with the most popped balloons will win the other two pairs can be voted off.

Archie: Let's do this! *Stuffs Ezekiel in the cannon*

Chris: Hurry up people.

Archie: *Aims and shoots*

Chris: You got four balloons. Pathetic.

Ezekiel: *throws aa needle which pops 3 more balloons then falls flat on his face*

Bridgette: *puts Noah in the cannon* I for one am not doing the dangerous part *aims cannon*

Shane: *laughs at Noah* Only 7!

Bridgette: You know you're not the run aiming the cannon, right?

Chris: Bridgette and Noah are safe for this round.

Day 14 Vote

Chris: Choose two people to vote off.

Archie: Kenzen and Shane.

Shane: Archie and Ezekiel

Bridgette: Kenzen and Shane (i hate voting off my own character but I don't want to see 2 users with 2 characters in final 4)

Ezekiel: Kenzen and Shane

Day 15 Chat

Chris: Welcome to the final four. the games almost over.

Archie: Yay!

Ezekiel : *is in PJs* I can't beilive I made it here

Bridgette: This is awesome! May the best man/woman win!

Ezekiel: You 2, this has been a fun trip!

Bridgette: To think, I could get hear the whole time without an aliance!

Ezekiel: (conf.) the final 4 The Homeschool,The Surfer, the Bookworm, and Archie......THIS WILL FAIL!

Bridgette: *tugs on Archie and Ezekiel and whispers* Why don't we make an alliance to vote off Noah! He hasn't done or said anything in a while and then we'll all have a spot in the Final 3!

Archie: Okay.

Ezekiel: Okay?

Noah:I am right here ya know (I have been talking)

Archie: He makes a good point!

Ezekiel:.......Wait,Who do we vote off fur, and we made an alliance to the final 3 already...

Bridgette: Oh sorry Noah! I didn't see you there. I guess the alliance is off but now the real question is who to vote off?

Archie: Chris!

Chris: You cant do that.

Archie: Okay...

Chris: Challenge coming up soon.

Bridgette: (CONF) I'm so nervous people don't like me. I mean Ezekiel was sexist at first in TDI, I just made me look really bad in front of Noah and I've never really met up and been friends with Archie. Even though I like them all doesn't mean they like me but I hope they do because I do to them.

Ezekiel (conf.): I really screwed if it's a jury fote, why? I mean, TDI made all the girls hate me,epically Eva and Bridgette, but I changed,eh! Me and Noah shared us being 1st person out of our teams in TDI, but I never truly enter acted with him, and I talked to Archie a little bit off screen, but that isn't important at al--*gets cut off*

Bridgette: (CONF) I don't see anyone being safe but I don't see anyone going. This will be a hard decision.

Day 15 Challenge

Chris: Todays challenge is a combination of stuff. There is a huge canyon and you have to get to the other side. You can use the rope swing that might break, the bridge that might break at any step, or jumping off this huge trampoline to the other side across wins invincibility.

Archie: *Takes a step on the bridge and it breaks and he falls* Ouch! *Starts climbing back up*

Bridgette: I wanna try the trampoline *barely misses* OWWWW!

Ezekiel: Hmmm *looks up rope* *looks at broken bridge* *then looks down at trampoline* Hmmm *runs and jumps at trampoline and barely makes it to the other side*

Noah:*runs across bridge that breaks after his every step, and he makes it across*

Bridgette: *jumpss on trampoline again and makes it* YES!

Ezekiel: So it was me,Noah,Bridgette and Archie hasn't gone, so do I win immunity, or is Archie auto out?

Archie: *Runs across the bridge and somehow makes it across*

Chris: Archie the challenge is over and Ezekiel is immune.

Day 15 Surviving Stuntman

Chris: Ezekiel is immune.

Archie: I guess Noah!

Ezekiel: Archie was the last one to cross, and he's pretty much friends with everyone in the show, so if it's a jury,Archie would win

Bridgette: My vote also goes to Archie. *tear falls* He's been a nice guy but if I was on the jury I'd vote him. I"m so sorry Archie. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

Ezekiel: Sorry dude *pats Archie in the back* you were one of th8e strongest person on the shoow, but you were a threat (Conf.) I need to win the last immunity challenge if I want to stay, eh

Noah: Archie, Bye Dude

Chris: Archie you had a run not a very good one but a run but its time to go.

Archie: Bye guys.

Day 16 Chat

Chris: Welcome to the final three the games almost over!

Bridgette: You guys are awesome! I can't wait for the challenge! (CONF) This is awesome, I've really proven that I'm a strong contestant (THIS IS THE FARTHEST I'VE EVER GOT IN A CAMP XD)

Ezekiel: (conf.) Bridgette is my threat,she's stronger then Noah and she's almost friends with everyon

Chirs: (CONF) So this what the inside o the confessional looks like!

Noah:(CONF)I have a feeling I won't win. But Bridgette is Next She Are Liked .

Bridgette: (CONF) I have to win this challenge. Sure I may be a strong contestant but I think the others view me as a threat. I knew not making an alliance would punch me in the butt. At least I didn't do anything to give me karma.

Chris: Challenge will be delayed a little. (I'm out of town this weekend but the challenge will be on Monday)

(Webly: Okay)

Bridgette: Darnet

Noah:Dang (CONF) Me or Zeke has to win but mostly Me 8D

Chris: Challenge soon!

Day 16 Challenge

Chris: Todays challenge is a race type of thing. First all of you will have to crawl up a 100 foot rope and then run across a 50 foot tightrope and then jump down 50 feet into a tiny pool. First to complete that wins invincibility. Now go!

Bridgette: *starts climbing up rope* ROPE BURN!

Ezekiel: *easily climbs rope ignoring all the burns,is 30ft up*

Bridgette: *70 feet up rope* It's okay, Bridge. You're almost there!

Ezekiel: 8is at the tightrope,is 10ft away from the end* okay Zeke you can do this......*walks to the end, the trips into the pool* I did it by accident.....yays? *is soaked*

(Webly: That's unfair you won the challenge in two edits)

Bridgette: *reaches top of rope and heads or tightrope* Oh darn! *starts running slowly across the tightrope*

Chris: I guess Ezekiel is invincible. (Next time try to do it in more than two edits)

Surviving Stuntman Vote 16

Chris: Ezekiel is invincible so yeah he's in the final two.

Noah:Bridgette (Dang i missed the challenge XD)

Bridgette: Noah, you haven't anything to the game and I'm sure it'll be a tough decision because if I'm eliminated no one is voting for you.

Ezekiel: Well vote off....... ......... ................ ........Bridgette,I'm sorry eh, it's just that, you can win it if it's aboot jury,and if it's a challenge, you would be hard to beat...

Day 17 Chat

Chris: Welcome to the final two! Get ready for a tough challenge!

Noah:No Jury, Heh i have a chance

Chris: Yep.

Ezekiel: I'm,do excited I made it this far! I hope I can win it! (If I do win, this will be my 1st ever win XD)

Chris: Challenge soon.

Noah:*one week later in mind* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Ezekiel: *has fallen asleep with a beard*

Noah:*puts shaving cream in Ezekiel's hand and pokes his face with a feather*

Ezekiel :* hits self with other hand while slapping Noah in the face by accident with the whipped screw hand*

Chris: Challenge soon.

Ezekiel: You said it again! AFTER A MONTH!!!!!(XD)

(Turnertang: I know but then I left for sleep away camp for three weeks but now I'm back)

Chris: Yeah well this one is for real!

Noah:If iwere You chris i would hurry, cause i am about to kill Zeke*wipes face* Day 17 Challenge Chris: The final challenge is a huge obstacle course. First you need to climb up a 100 feet high rope, then walk across a tightrope, then jump into a tiny pool. Aim a cannon ten fire it so the canonball hits the target dropping a key and then run to the door and unlock it grab what's behind it and give it to me. First person to do that wins. Now GO!!!

Ezekiel: *starts climbing rope very easily* This has gotten to easy,I am not losing this part! I can't even feel the rope burns! *is already at the 75 ft mark*

Chris: Ezekiel takes an early lead while Noah hasn't made a move yet.

Ezekiel: *finishes rope and starts running the tight rope,easily making it past, he then trips and falls straight into the tiny pool* ow....

Noah:*climbs up rope and runs across tight rope*(CONF)Why do i feel that i am going to hurt myself soon

Ezekiel: *gets out of pool,which lost it's water and shoots cannon which hits thee target and grabs the key* yess! *hits wall* ow..

Noah:*jumps into drained pool and faceplants* Ow *gets up and limps to cannon fires self hits targets and grabs key and hits ezekiel*

Ezekiel: *unlocks door and grabs what behind it and gives it to Chris* Here! *hands it to Chris*

Chris: *Takes the mocha from Ezekiel* Ezekiel is the winner of Total Drama Circus! *Drinks Mocha*

Winner Ceremony

Chris: I would like to pronounce Ezekiel the winner of Total Drama Circus for all his hard work. Ezekiel, here is you one million dollars and the deed to your new circus tent. *Hands them to Ezekiel* and Noah for second place you get a toaster. *Hands Noah a toaster* Thanks everyone for playing!

Ezekiel: *has a stupid expression on his face* I won! YES! THE ZEKE HAS FINALLY WON!!!!!!(XDDD)

Noah:Crap, *shoves plugged in toaster into Chris's hot tub* I was close. Maybe i should shove zeke in that hot tub, Murder charges running from the cops, nah.

Bridgette: What if you got third place? :D

Shane: I was hot so I like deserve a new mirror or another imaginary friend. Paula died in a car accident

Trent: What if you got eigth place?

John: Way to go Zeke!

Ezekiel: :DDDD

Chris: Third and eight place can have a stick that's my face. *Hands them Chris stickers*

Trent: *sarcastically* Thanks.

Chris: You're welcome!

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