12 previous finalist are battling it out once again on pahkitew island! They will be going after the million dollar prize...but two new twists will distract them from that. I am not good with summaries, just join...

Interactions (Based on previous seasons but you could change)




  • Alejandro and Heather
  • Alejandro and Owen
  • Alejandro and Cameron
  • Alejandro and Mike
  • Beth and Heather
  • Duncan and Gwen
  • Duncan and Mal
  • Gwen and Heather


  • Mike and Cameron
  • Cameron and Zoey
  • Gwen and Cameron
  • Duncan and Owen


  • Mike and Zoey

Cast (2 Per User)

Gwen -

Owen - BB

Beth -

Duncan -

Alejandro -

Heather - D&D

Cameron -

Lightning - Alpha

Mike - Alpha

Zoey - D&D

Shawn - BB

Sky -

Tittle Holders

Total Drama Champion:

Cash Money Holder:

Episode 1: The Champ Is Here


Chris: Welcome back Total Drama fans! I am your host Chris McLean!!! Last season two names were added to the hall of finalist, but only one name were added to the list of winners! Speaking of those two, they will return because, the finalist for every season of Total Drama so far will battle once again. Last time they battled for the cash, but this time they want the gold. This season everyone's focus will be on 2 new twists before they even think about the million dollar prize. 12 contestants,one winner, and one million dollars!!! Who's gonna take the TOTAL...DRAMA...CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!???


Owen: Woo were back baby!!! Wooooo!!! Who's ready to play!!!??? *crickets* Where's the party at?! For another season of Total Drama everyone seems dead!

Shawn: Dead?!

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