Well we are here to the enterance to an abandoned amusment park, so the island it sunck to the bottom of the ocean for some odd reason, so now we came here instead where 14 teens will try to compete not for 1 dollar, not for 1,000, and not for 1,000,000 dollars but $1,000,000,00!! Find out what happens on Total Drama Carnival Nights!!


  • No Goddplay
  • No Double editing unless the challenge allows it
  • No Changing votes
  • No Editing the Elimination table unless I give you permission
  • No Breaking the fourth wall
  • No Complaining if contestants return or debute, which may happen
  • No missing 3 challenges!! Inactivity may lead to auto-elimination (Be replace with a debuter or returnee)
  • Inactivity excused if you tell me you will be missing a challenge
  • Use original contestants

Elimination Table

Contestants 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Aichi WIN Lightbulb Norman/Finley WIN Kansas Jim/Kansas Kansas
Lily Debutes Episode 6 Jet Jim/Rex Kansas
Kristy N/A* N/A N/A WIN* N/A ?/Rex Lily
Dante Debutes Episode 5 Moon N/A Jim/Rex Kansas
Tommy Safe N/A Norman/Finley Moon Jet Jim/Rex Kansas
Kansas WIN N/A Norman/Finley WIN Jet N/A Lily
Rex Debutes Episode 6 N/A* N/A
Jim Debutes Episode 5 WIN N/A* N/A
Jet WIN Kansas Norman/Finley WIN Kansas
Seth N/A N/A* N/A WIN Left
Angelea N/A Seth Norman/Finley WIN Left
Moon Safe* Lightbulb Norman/Finley Dante
Quinn Safe* N/A* N/A*
Micheal Safe* N/A* N/A*
Finley WIN N/A* N/A*
Norman N/A* N/A* N/A*
Lightbulb Safe N/A
Myed Quit*
  • This Character got an activity strike for that episode



  1. Kristy, Vet, The Over-Peppy Cheerleader, TrentFan
  2. Quinn, Vet, The Horror Movie Chick, Daymoo1998
  3. Lightbulb, Noob, The Bright Leader, Berryleaf
  4. Finley, Noob, The Shy Girl, Thefinnlink
  5. Angelea, Vet, The Loud Mouth, Stars&Straps20
  6. Lily, Noob, The Sweet girl, LxJ


  1. Moon, Noob, The Deranged Schizophrenia Patient, LightningandDakotaFan6
  2. Aichi, Noob, The Determined Guy, XrosHearts
  3. Seth, Vet, The Annoying Goofball, PeaceLoveGir
  4. Micheal, Noob, Smart, TDFan16
  5. Kansas, Noob, The Quixotic, Delusional, Wayward Son, ParaGoomba348
  6. Tommy, Noob, The Tricky-To-Talk-To, MRace2010
  7. Jet, Noob, The New Criminal, BlazeHead 51
  8. Norman, Vet, The Eccentric Inventor, Scienceboy0
  9. Myed, Noob, The Awesome Sitarist, 13sora
  10. Jim, Noob, The... Umm... Errr Random One, IfraidGryphLW160BSF
  11. Dante, Vet, The Smart Jock, OrangeBirdMaster2
  12. Rex, Noob, The Wannabe Ninja, Your local werewolf

Waiting List

(CLOSED) This camp is in the finale but everyone on the waiting list will be move on to the sequel's list.

Reach For The Stars


Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Carnival Nights!!

Aichi: Hi.

Finley: Umm hi everyone???

Lightbulb: Hello Finley.

Aichi: Hi I'm Aichi.

Lightbulb: Hello Aichi.

Finley: Hi l-l-lightbulb h-h-h-how are you?

Chris: Everyone is here but keep chatting our challenge will start tomorrow.

Angelea: Guess who's back! *death stares all the vets*


Aichi: Uh, hi.

Myed: This is kinda creepy... OH NO! I forgot my sitar at home! *cries*


Tommy: Pizza Yoyo Tennis Red Star!!!! (Translation: Hi there, im so happy!!!)

Aichi: Um, this is a bit creepy.

Jet: (sighs)

Finley: (CONF) so far everyone is really wierd except for Lightbulb he seems semi-cool i guess

Aichi: (CONF) Everyone except some people seem okay.

Challenge: Sharp Star Ferris Wheel

Chris: For the first challenge you must go on the ferris wheel and pick one of the 14 dangerously place Star Chests, 3 of the have a paper with winner on them the rest have loser. First 3 to get a winner paper wins. (I use every 5 minutes.

Angelea: *picks a star chest* This better be it....

Chris: Did I mention the chests are numbered 1 - 14. And you can search more than one chests.

Lightbulb: *pulls out the paper from chest 13* Is it a winner?

Kristy: S-T-A-R- Star! Oh right. *pulls out paper from chest 7*

both pull out a loser paper

Kristy: Hmmm. *picks star chest 11*

Kristy pulls out a Winner paper

Chris: All the remaining 13 chest have their contents randomized.

Lightbulb: *picks star chest 2*

Lightbulb pulls out a Winner paper

Chris: All the remaining 12 chests have their contents randomized.

Jet: (picks star chest 5)

Jet pulls out a Winner Paper

Chris: Thats it. Okay this season you 3 will be team captains. Keep in mind this will be important. Kristy since you won first you get to pick all the teams each made out of 5 people in cluding the captain except Jet's team which will only have 4.

Kristy: T-E-A-M-S- Teams! Okay, so I have to pick the teams? YAY? Well, for my team, I guess I'll take Norman, Myed, Seth, and Angelea. For Lightbulb's team they could have Tommy, Michael, Moon, and Quinn. And for Jet's team: Finley, Aichi, and Kansas? Did I do this right?

Chris: Perfect, Kristy's team are the Super Coasters, Lightbulb's team are the Glowing Fun Houses, Jet's team are the Sonic Karts.

Jet: Sonic....(grumbles)

Finley: (CONF) i really dont like Kristy she didnt put me on Lightbulbs team

Rollercoaster Fall


Angelea: *painting nails* Y'all better back down now, cuz I'm gonna dominate this game! (CONF) Yep, Angelea's back! And I'm back, with CLAWS. Big ones.

Tommy: Bike Chair Potato Gallery Clock (Translation: Good job Kristy)

Seth: In your dreams Angelea! HAHAHaha!!!!

Aichi: Well hey.

Kansas: HOW LONG?! TO THE POINT OF KNOW (Notice how I said "know) RETURN?!?!?!

Myed: Congrats Kristy. Now if I could just find my sitar...

Jet: (rolls eyes) don't know...don't care...(walks away)

Tommy: Mail Step Door (Translation: Can we start?)

Lightbulb:(CONF) Although I have a good team, it ticks me off I couldn't choose it.

Aichi: *To Seth* What's with the Angelea thing it seems most of the vets hate her?

Lightbulb: Is Angelea a werewolf?

Aichi: I don't think so.

Seth: Because Angelea is mean she has Thurder theighs she kicks cute little boys in the lady parts and blah blah blah blah finally she is mean.

Kansas: I WILL CARRY ON AS THE WAYWARD SON! (Quixotically waves stick around like it's a sword)

Aichi: *To Seth* That makes sense.

Challenge: Coaster Ride

Chris: Well now you guys will run across the roller coaster and in the track there is 1 flag per person team to find the most untill i say so wins (5 lines) and everyone can only get 1 flag

Seth: *Runs*

Aichi: *runs*

Kansas: (runs)

Aichi: *runs*

Kansas: (runs)

Finley: *runs sees flag at top of loop*

Jet: (runs)

Tommy: *runs*

Aichi: *runs*

Finley: *runs*

Tommy: *runs*

Aichi: *runs*

Tommy: *runs, as he gets through a loop, a corkscrew and a vertical hill*

Finley: *runs*

Seth: *runs*

Tommy: *runs* Screen Owl Know! (Translation: I am almost there!)

Lightbulb: *runs*

Finley: *runs*

Kansas: (runs)

Aichi: *runs and grabs a flag* Got mine!

Chris: The Sonic Karts have 1/4 of their flags.

Kansas: (runs)

Tommy: *runs and grabs flag* Pizza Pie (Translation: Got it)

Jet: (runs)

Chris: The Fun Houses have 1/5 of their flags.

Kansas: (Finds flag)

Finley: *runs-finds flag*

Chris: The Sonic Karts have won with 3 flags and the Fun Houses come in second, meaning the Super Coasters will go to elimination.

Super Coasters Vote 1

Chris: Wow you guys must have had the best team but lost to the unlikely Sonic Karts, disappointing. Vote for someone in the confessionals.

Chris: You can stop Myed has quit. What will the Super Coasters do with 1 less member? Will this be the last victory for the Sonic Karts? Find out this and more in the next episode of TOTAL DRAMA CARNIVAL NIGHTS.

Not So Fun House


Aichi: The challenge results were unexpected, don't you think?


Angelea: *Throws a pillow at Kristy* Stop with the cheering. Geez.


Tommy: Pizza Potato Video Song Tree Two One (Translation: I'm so glad we were safe :D)

Challenge: Doom House

Chris: Hello! All of you must run through our fun house which has a few surprizes! First team with a member through all 3 parts in order and out wins! Second team is safe. (5 line per section) Go!

Hall of Mirrors

A maze of mirrors

Aichi: *Enters the hall of mirrors* Which way do I go?

Angelea: I don't know. All I see is pretty me.

Jet: this is gonna be interesting....(steps onto the floor)

Aichi: *walks and whispers* I can see why every hates her.

Jet: (rolls eyes) whatever...i just wanna get this thing over with. (steps forward)

Angelea: *Gets distracted looking at herself in the mirrors, sees what Aichi and Jet are doing, and steps onto the floor too*

Aichi: *walks* Jet! I think its this way.

Tommy: *walks in the path and hurts all the mirrors* (seriously, i am the only one for the fun houses?)

Aichi: *Walks and finds door to next room* Good Luck!

Tommy: *walks in the path and hurts another mirror*

Angelea: *walks* Well... It's just pretty me left....

Jet: wait!, wait!, Aichi!, i'm coming with you!! (runs after her)

Chris: People we don't have all year to sepnd on this.

Moon: My God. Their is millions of me.... No, I can't take it... *Runs down the corridor and smashes into a mirror which sends him flying towards the worn out bridge*

Tommy: (so it means we can get directly to the bridge?) *walks and finds a door which is a mirror and hurts it*

Moon: *Peaks round the corner to talk to Tommy* Well I don't know if its allowed or not but lets go! Wooo!

Tommy: *finds door, but hurts another mirror* -.-

Angelea: *walks* Ooh, I think I see the exit!

Tommy: *gets over the door* CLAUSTROPHOBIA!! (Translation: FINALLY!!)

Worn Down Bridge

A nearly broken bridge high above a man-eating shark infested pool

Aichi: This seems dangerous. *walks on bridge*

Tommy: AGORAPHOBIA!! (Translation: OMG!!) *walks in the bridge*

Aichi: Um? I'm guessing Chris doesn't care if we die. *continues walking*

Chris: I'm ashamed of you taking almost 1 week for a challenge, those who participated are safe from elimination win, those who didn't are up for elimination.

Vote 1

Chris: Aichi, Angelea, Jet, Moon, and Tommy are safe from elimination.

Aichi: (CONF) Lightbulb

Angelea: (CONF) Seth. Little twarp needs to go home already even if he is on my team.

Jet: (CONF) Kansas is really annoying me, he needs to go.

Moon: (CONF) This is hard to pick.... But I'm gonna go with Lightbulb. Seriously that girl is an extremely weird one... Not to mention her parents, Lightbulb? Seriously thats just a little mean... Rant done! Bye :)

Chris: Lightbulb its a shame your  eliminated.

I Scream

Challenge: I Scream for Immunity

Chris: All you have to do is say I Scream. Everyone to do so wins immunity and ice cream.

Aichi: I Scream

Angelea: I scream.

Moon: I Scream.

Tommy: I Scream. GERTRUDE IMMUNITY (translation: i did it)

Seth: I Scream.

Jet: I Scream.

Kristy: I Scream.

Chris: Wow just wow. Those who did not do challenge get an activity strike.

All Vote 2

Chris: Aichi, Angelea, Moon, Tommy, Seth, Jet, and Kristy are safe. Oh and vote for 2 contestants.

Tommy: JFUHSFDAUIOSNCUIDNFUIDF (Translation: I vote for Norman and Finley)


Jet: Norman and Finley...get out here!!!

Moon: Kansas and Finley I guess.... hahahahaha!

Angelea: Eh.... Norman and Finley.

Aichi: Norman and Finley

Chris: Norman and Finley are gone!

Haunted Hunt



Moon: Ugh! I'm the only deranged kid here!! >:(

Chris: We have 2 new contestants Dante who will join the Fun Houses and Jim who will join the Sonic Karts.

Jim: I the Jim and you better believe it.

Dante: Hey guys. I got to the final 5 in Total Drama Japan!

Jim: and no one cares.

Dante: (CONF) Sometimes people can be rude. I try to ignore it.

Angelea: *Sees someone falling off a rollercoaster and laughs*

Aichi: Well hey I'm Aichi.

Dante: Hey Aichi. I'm Dante *runs some sprints*

Jim: I thought the famous Eddie would be here BTW.

Dante: I know right. He was my best friend in TD Japan.

Aichi: Okay then.

Tommy: Japan China Taiwan ZUZUZUZUZUZ (Translation: Uh, what is TD Japan? And hi)

Jet: nice to meet you two;;;i'm Jet. (CONF: not that they'll stop my chances of winning of course...hehehe)

Jim: *in smart mode for no reason and to tommy* total drama Japan was the season before this one in the total drama next series. Winner: Eddie. Last place: Poison.

Aichi: Enough about the past let's focus on the future.

Tommy: Uh what you said? I didn't understand (Translation: Taco Taco Taco Taco Taco Taco Taco Taco Taco Taco)

Dante: Uhhhhhhh...... is that normal?

Jet: for his kind yes.

Aichi: Isn't it funny we all understand Tommy?

 Challenge: Boo Ya Later

Chris: For this challenge you will be entering the haunted mansion, you will try to catch ghosts, (5 lines to catch a ghost) the team with the most ghosts in 4 hours (@ 8:30 PM EST) wins go!

Dante: *tries to catch a ghost* [1]

Jim: *gets vacuum* im luigi now (1)

Dante: *tries to catch a ghost* [2]

Jim: *turns vacuum on* (2)

Seth:*Tries to Catch a Ghost* [1]

Angelea: *Attempts to catch a ghost* HIYAAAA! (1)

Dante: *tries to catch a ghost* [3]

Angelea: *Tries to catch a ghost* (2)

Jim: COME AT ME GHOST BRO! *chases a ghost* (3)

Anglelea: I've got to admit this is pretty fun! *Tries to catch a ghost* (3)

Jim: *gets close to ghost* YOU MUST GO AWAY! (4)

Aichi: *Chases after ghost* (1)

Angelea: *runs after ghost* (4)

Jim: *sucks ghost in vacuum* I has pwnzor teh evil ghost! (5)

Angelea: *Captures a ghost too* Boo ya! (5)

Aichi: *continues chasing ghost* (2)

Dante: *tries to catch ghost* [4]

Chris: Times Up! Jim and Angelea each catch a ghost for their team so they win and the Fun Houses have to vote.

Fun Houses Vote 1

Chris: Vote!

Dante: Moon

Moon: Well I'm out for sure.... But Dante... (I'm British in real life so when you start challenges its like at night here)

Tommy: Hi (Translation: I don't really know if i should vote, but i think everyone is good there. I would keep both, but sadly i have to vote off someone, and that one sadly is Moon, since i didn't see him competing, but i'm not talking about me, so yeah, i'm sorry Moon but i think you have to go

Chris: Moon its time to go.

Moon: Oh Whatever! :P

Tunnel Of Pain


Chris: Welcome to the merge!

Tommy: TACO?! (Translation: Wait ALREADY?!)

Angelea: (CONF) In all my seasons, I made the merge. Not a surprise.

Aichi: To be fair Tommy you should be glad since your team only had 2 members left.

Dante: If it wasn't for Tommy I would've been gone on my first day!

Kristy: M-E-R-G-E! MERGE! Wait......already?

Tommy: Yoylecake (Translation: Uh, ok)

Jet: (rolls eyes)

Challenge: Boat Race Of Pain

Chris: For this challenge you must go through the tunnel in your boat, thriugh the whirlpools, over the water falls and across the finish. (15 lines) First to do so wins!

Aichi: *paddles the boat* (1)

Dante: *paddles boat* [1]

Jet: (paddles boat) (1)

Dante: *paddles boat* [2]

Jet: (paddles boat) (2)

Dante: *paddles boat* [3]

Jet: (paddles boat) (3)

Kansas: (paddles boat) (1) GO WAYWARD SON!!

Aichi: *paddles around the whirlpools* (2)

Jet: (paddles boat) (4)

Tommy: (paddles boat) (1)

Aichi: *Paddles boat* (3)

Chris: Um Seth and Angelea had to leave for medical reasons so Lily and Rex will join in their place.

Lily: *Paddles the boat* (1)

Tommy: (paddles boat) (2)

Lily: *Paddles the boat* (2)

Aichi: *Paddles boat* (4)

Lily: *Paddles boat* [3]

Tommy: *paddles boat* (3)

Lily: *Paddles boat*[4]

Dante: *paddles boat* [4]

Aichi: *Paddles boat* (5)

Tommy: *paddles* (4)

Aichi: *paddles boat* (6)

Tommy: *paddles* (5)

Aichi: *paddles boat* (7)

Lily: *Paddles boat* [5]

Aichi: *paddles boat* (8)

Lily: *Paddles boat* (6)

Aichi: *paddles boat* (9)

Lily: *Paddles boat* (7)

Aichi: *paddles boat* (10)

Tommy: *paddles* (6)

Aichi: *paddles boat* (11)

Lily:*Paddles boat* (8)

Aichi: *paddles boat* (12)

Lily: *Paddles Boat* (9)

Aichi: *paddles boat* (13)

Lily:*paddles boat* (10)

Tommy: *paddles boat* (7)

Lily: *Paddles boat* (11)

Tommy: *paddles boat* (8)

Lily: *Paddles boat* (12)

Tommy: *paddles boat* (9)

Kristy: *paddles boat*

Jet: ummm...(paddles boat) (5)

Kansas: (Paddles boat) FOR ALL WAYWARDNESS! (2)

Tommy:: *paddles boat* (10)

Lily: *Paddles Boat* (13)

Tommy: *paddles boat* (11)

Lily: *Paddles Boat* (14) yeah !!

Tommy: *paddles boat* (12)

Lily: *Paddles Boat* (15) FINISHHH !!!!

Kansas: (Paddles boat) (3)

Chris: Lily Wins!

Merge Vote 1

Chris: Lily is safe. Vote!

Aichi: I Vote Kansas.

Jet: Kansas is really annoying me, he NEEDS to go.



Lily: mmm....okay i vote Jet sorry :(

Jet: really!?, you're voting me off just because i'm being nasty!?, (CONF: these guys can never wish for a perfect world with cookies, rainbows and love, sometimes you need to admit how you're feeling about somebody!!)

Chris: Jet is eliminated!

Midway At Midday


Rex: *hanging upside down* Hi everyone

Kansas: THE WAYWARDNESS LIVES! (Swinging stick around like a sword)

Tommy: Water Mushroom Badgers Snake!!!!!!! (Translation: Hi Rex!)

Kristy: Um H-I, HI!

Challenge: Midway Games

Chris: Today, we'll be playing the games at the midway! You will be split into groups of 4 and the 2 players who does the worst in the game is out, this system will keep on going until only 2 are left in which the winner gets immunity and a special reward.

Human Skeeball

Chris: Here Aichi, Jim, Lily, and Kansas must throw skeeballs at each other the 2 people who fail to hit the others lose.

Aichi: *throws a skeeball at Jim*

Kansas: I WILL WAYWARD YOU! (Throws skeeball at Jim)

Aichi: Sorry Lily *Throws skeeball at Lily*

Kansas: SHE SHALL FACE THE WAYWARDNESS! (Throws skeeball at Lily)

Aichi: *throws skeeball at Kansas* Sorry!

Kansas: WAYWARD WITH YOU! (Throws at Aichi)

Chris: Aichi and Kansas move on!

Water Loser Race

Chris: Here Kristy, Dante, Rex, and Tommy must fill the bucket of someone else to make them lose. First 2 to get there buckets filled 5 times loses.

Dante: *fills Kristy's bucket*

Kristy: Hey! *fills Dante's bucket*

Dante: Hey! *fills Kristy's bucket*

Kristy: *fills Dante's bucket*

Dante: Now this is getting repetitive *fills Rex's bucket*

Kristy: Y-E-A-H! YEAH! *fills Rex's bucket*

Dante: *fills Rex's bucket*

Kristy: *fills Rex's bucket*

Dante: Bye Rex! *fills Rex's bucket*

Kristy: *fills Tommy's bucket*

Dante: *fills Tommy's bucket*

Kristy: *fills Tommy's bucket*

Dante: *fills Tommy's bucket*

Kristy: B-Y-E! Oh and sorry! *fills Tommy's bucket*

Tommy: :( *fills Kristy and Dante's bucket with fake water which expires at the contact with other water* (In other words, it's like air, so it doesn't count XD)

Chris: Kristy and Dante will move on to the next challenge!

Bouncy Castle Maze

Chris: Aichi, Kansas, Kristy, and Dante must bounce through a bouncy house maze (5 lines) first 2 to do so win immunity.

Kansas: (Moves through) (1)

Aichi: *follows Kansas* (1)

Kansas: (Moves through) (2)

Aichi: *bounces through maze* (2)

Dante: *moves along* [1]

Kansas: (Keeps moving) (3)

Aichi: *move through maze* (3)

Chris: Kansas and Aichi Win!

Merge Vote 2

Chris: Aichi and Kansas are safe. Vote!

Lily: i vote Jim

Aichi: Jim

Dante: Jim

Tommy: J (very sad i was eliminated) I ( from the challenge,but i think) M (i vote Jim)

Chris: Jim is out! But now you all must vote for someone else, this time no one is safe.

Dante: I vote Rex

Aichi: I vote Kansas

Chris: By the way starting from Jim until the finale those eliminated will form a jury who vote for the winner.

Kristy: R-E-X! Sorry! I vote Rex!

Tommy: Stegosaurus! (Translation: Rex, i'm just so dumb to say Rex cause i always confuse. This camp is Sweden, i knew it)

Lily: Rex

Chris: Rex is out!

Fried Frenzy


Challenge: Crazy Candy Eat-off

Chris: All you gotta do is eat 10 plates of fried candy, (they really have this in the florida state fair.) simple! First to do so wins immunity and an important choice to make for the next challenge. (10 lines) Go!

Kristy: *begins to eat fried candy* (1)

Aichi: *Eats fried candy* (1)

Kristy: *eats fried candy* (2)

Aichi: *eats fried candy* (2)

Kristy: *eats fried candy* (3)

Dante: *eats fried candy* (1)

Aichi: *eats fried candy* (3)

Kristy: *eats fried candy* (4)

Aichi: *eats fried candy* (4)

Kristy: *eats fried candy* (5)

Lily: *eats fried candy* (1)

Kansas: (eats fried candy) WAYWARD SONS RULE! (1)

Lily: *eats fried candy* (2)

Tommy: *eats fried candy* (1)

Aichi: *eats fried candy* (5)

Kristy: *eats fried candy* (6)

Aichi: *eats fried candy* (6)

Kristy: *eats fried candy* (7)

Aichi: *eats fried candy* (7)

Kristy: *eats fried candy* (8)

Aichi: *eats fried candy* (8)

Kristy: *eats fried candy* (9)

Aichi: *eats fried candy* (9)

Kristy: *eats fried candy* (10)

Chris: Kristy wins!

Merge Vote 3

Chris: Kristy is safe!

Aichi: Kansas.

Dante: I vote..................cupcakes....................... Kansas

Kristy: (CONF) That candy is unhealthy.........(non-CONF) L-I-L-Y! LILY! Sorry!


Lily: i vote Kansas

Tommy: Ze milk (Translation: Kansas? Sorry)

Chris: Kansas, you will join Jim and Rex as part of the jury, meaning you lost.

Bumper Stars


Chris: After this next challenge we'll go to the final episode!


Chris: Welcome! Today you all will race in bumber carts to the end (10 lines) first to do so wins! Go!

Lily: *Drives* (1)

Aichi: *Drives* (1)

Lily: *Drives* (2)

Aichi: *Drives* (2)

Lily: *Drives* (3)

Aichi: *Drives* (3)

Lily: *Drives* (4)

Aichi: *Drives* (4)

Lily: *Drives* (5) 

Aichi: *Drives* (5)

Lily: *Drives* (6)

Aichi: *Drives* (6)

Lily: *Drives* (7)

Aichi: *Drives* (7)

Lily: *Drives* (8)

Tommy: *drives* (1) (stupid times)

Lily: *Drives* (9)

Dante: *drives* [1]

Tommy: *drives* (2)

Dante: *drives* [2] Good luck Tommy!

Lily: *Drives* Finish !! yess :)

Tommy: *Drives* (3)

Chris: Lily wins! Now Kristy you have to pick who else to give immunity this week besides yourself.

Kristy: D-A-N-T-E! He can have it!

Merge Vote 4

Chris: Lily and Dante are safe! Vote!

Aichi: (CONF) I'm sorry but I vote Tommy.

Dante: (CONF) I guess I vote Tommy

Kristy: (CONF) Tommy! Sorry!

Chris: Tommy its time to join the rest of the jury.

The Final Ride

Chris: Welcome Kristy! Lily! Aichi! Dante! To the final 4! Aichi: The finals! Kristy: Y-A-Y! YAY!

Final Challenge: Carnival Trivia

Chris: Welcome! For the final challenge you all have to answer questions. The person with the least correct responses at the end of 7 questions is eliminated. #1 Who decided on the teams?

Kristy: Kristy! Hey that's me!

Chris: Point Kristy! #2 Which was the first team captain to be eliminated?

Aichi: Lightbulb!

Chris: Point Aichi! #3 Who got the farthest on the fun house challenge?

Kristy: Aichi?

Chris: Point Kristy! #4 Who was the first to be voted off the show.

Kristy: Lightbulb!

Chris: 3 Points Kristy! #5 Who won the most challenges?

Aichi: Aichi! Me!

Chris: Point Aichi! #6 Who was eliminated last episode?

Kristy: Tommy!

Chris: Point Kristy! #7 Who are clearly making it to the jury vote?

Dante: Jim

Chris: I meant the final 3.

Dante: Lily?

Aichi: Um, Dante? Lily hasn't answered any questions. So She'll not make it if someone answers this questions correctly before her.

Dante: Is it Aichi!?!?

Chris: You could have also said Kristy but Dante wins! Sorry Lily your eliminated and joining the Jury.

Jury Vote

Chris: Before we get started the final 3 will tell the jury why they should win.

Dante: I believe I deserve to win because I have been nice to everyone. Maybe I don't deserve to be here but I am glad I am. I'd like to thank Myed, Lightbulb, Norman, Finley, Micheal, Quinn, Moon, Angelea, Seth, Jet, Jim, Rex, Kansas, Tommy, Lily, Kristy, and Aichi for getting me here. Soooo.... vote for Dante....... or don't.

Aichi: I don't diserve to be here, actually anyone else but me should be here. I sorry for those who lost, I actually thought that Rex, Lily, or Kristy would win this show. Rex your AWESOME! Kansas, I'm sorry that I tried to vote you out so much. Jim and Tommy I'm sorry I helped eliminate you. Actually all of you diserve to be here in the final 3 more than me. And Lily I feel like we're friends and your really nice, sweet and beautiful, so I'd like to say it now. I LOVE YOU LILY!!!

Kristy: Wow I made it here! I know I wasn't so active before but I did become kind of active. I think I was nice too. I'm sorry to everyone out you all deserve to have come further, especially Lily and Kansas. I'm sorry for any past actions too. You guys are all awesome and I understand if I don't win. G-O-O-D LUCK TO MY FELLOW COMPETITORS!

Chris: Now the jury made up of Jim, Rex, Kansas, Tommy, and Lily will vote for who they want to win.

Rex: I vote for Aichi *throws a smoke bomb at the ground and when it clears he isn't there anymore*

Lily: okay wow.....I would like all three winning but I will vote for the person who has supported me more......i vote Aichi....thanks guy.....and thanks...i love you too...!!

Tommy: MGEMIOCMASEIOFMOEIMFOEIGME (I vote Kristy) (Why her and not others? Well, i know that Aichi is also the host,and Dante...yeh, i really liked Kristy more. G-O-G-I-R-L! GO GIRL)

Chris: The Winner is Aichi!

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