Pre-Game Challenge

This challenge is to write a story about anything you want. It must abide by the rules, and only use characters from Total Drama. The story will be judged on its plot, spelling, grammar, creativity, and originality. It is due February 26. Chimmy, BB, Reddy, and I will each judge ten people. (Sunshine, Shane, if either of you want to judge, let me know.) Only the top 14 will move on to the actual competition, 26 of you will not.

Rock's Story

This is based off of the Horror genre with a few hilarious moments.



  • Premiere of the new mall in Canada, The Spielsberg Mall.
  • It starts from the cause of the event till the end of the tale.
  • ENJOY.

  Two cars were crashed into each other after a noticable accident onto the silent, lonely street. The incident had happened as a man had gotten drunk, and rammed into a lady's SUV hitting her into the nearby terrain.
"Aaaagh, how could you?" The lady heavily said.
The man realizes she was dying but he couldn't stay too long to suffer his consequence.
But as all, he runs from his crime and drives off into the night wondering where to go.
"You're wondering what happened to the lady?" "He-hehe-hehe, well you'll see." as the narrator bluntly laughs.


It was another day in the Spielsberg Mall as DJ, the gentle mall cop joins the team on his starting day on his job.
"I'm guessing you're the new guy, am I right?" as the other officer says.
"I guess you can say that, hey are you calling me "bluff".
"I never mentioned it but you do seem a little soft to be a cop, considering that you're bla-"
DJ grabs the officer and strangles his collar, "What were you going to say, Hmmm-m "black"?
The officer struggles from DJ's hold of his vest, "Not at all, bro."

"Good, don't bring it up again." as DJ lets go of the officer's vest collar.
Courtney comes through the entrance of the Spielsberg Mall as a security guard scans her in order to access through. "So where is young lady like you going?" the officer flirtatiously asks her.
"Don't try the romance act with me, officer or whatever your "name" is supposed to be." as Courtney snickerly passes through the I.D. detector. An odd lady walks through the I.D. detector without any suspiciousness. As she chases through the crowded building, the camera notices her movements while the guards swiftly stop her and throw her out of the exit.

"Another person sneaking into the mall, that's dissapointing for her look."
DJ notifies Harold, the head mall cop.
Lovely Beth entered into the Spielsberg Mall and as clumsy as she is, trips over the broken glass from an incident on the 23rd floor.
Alejandro, the assisant cop of Harold works and investigates the room where a suicide note was made and the shattered window that a man fell through.
"Where do we get crime sprees like this now?" as DJ wonders from the sight of the shattered mirror, "Your mom, hahaha." Harold jokingly tells. DJ confusingly stares at Harold, "...That's nice, boss."
Harold is seen with an intercom in his hand: Attention, all locals are able to enter into the V.I.P section of the mall's grand opening ceremony. Again, all locals are able to enter the V.I.P section of the mall's grand opening ceremony. Thousands of citizens are trampling and ramming into the nearest thetre, smashing into dozens of officers.
"Well, this is an issue." as DJ smirks at the thetre camera.
Alejandro takes a look at the camera and scurries down to the 1st floor, "¿Por qué me odias a fin de ir?" as Alejandro awkwardly speaks Spanish to himself.
Closely, Alejandro grabs a boy's skateboard and rides it down the stairway case trying to reach the thetre before dozens of people do. "Oh, no you don't."
Alejandro determinely triumphs through lengths of the theatre.
Tripping on a chew toy, Alejandro blasts out at full speed knocking into the doorway of the thetre: "Oww, this is why I never skateboard down the lobby." as Alejandro painfully remarks. "You alright, Al." DJ calmly drops to help him. "..Somewhat, don't try this at home."
Alejandro grabs DJ's hand and is lifted up to the main security office. Alejandro unhelpingly sits on the chair and watches the whole mall in the camera room. "Well, if anyone needs me I'll be downstairs in the lobby." knowingly DJ walks down on the stairway.
On the way down to the lobby floor, DJ bumps into an innocent old lady, "...Uhm what is that awful smell?" DJ immediately groans.
The old woman grabs an item out from her purse.
DJ examines it to only find out about its stench. "Young man, have you know it this is quality perfume unlike your smell." The old woman angrily snatches her purse from DJ and clutters to her dark, empty room.


A blazing alarm clock was heard in the distance. The device began to grow louder and louder in ringing and disturbances.
The next thing heard was a giant smashing noise. Further realization observes it to have been Duncan, smashing the alarm clock to pieces with his bare fist.
"Enough!" he said, while in a bed.
Courtney walks into Duncan's bedroom to find it with him piled and clumped on sheets of blankets stained of mocha latte coffee. "I thought you were going to work, Duncan? It's 7 in the morning! You're already late! And--" Duncan, then, covered his shameless face with a pillow.

Duncan exhaustingly gets up from bed and hurries down the stairway case, "If I had one wish right now, I would totally get rid of my marriage with Courtney."
"Get rid of what marriage?" Courtney scolds.
"Marraige.. I meant get rid of that carriage." as Duncan grins to Courtney.
Courtney, then, gives Duncan a romantic hug, "of course, you meant carriage. Now go to work already."
Duncan laughs to his extent, "Your funny." as he smiles to this.

Back at the Spielsberg Mall...

Suddenly, the lights fade off in the building of the Spielsberg Mall.
"H-he-e-e-ehe-he." the voice creepily and quietly laughs.
DJ goes into his back pocket and quickly gets his flash light. With it, he shines it across the mall where panicking and fear all swept into peoples's eyes.
"Okay, everyone calm we will get the power back on shortly." Harold groans to the problem. DJ then reports to Harold to know what the situation is.
Harold sighed, "Now here's the deal, since you are a newbie and all I'm letting you take at least 5 citizens to help you find the issue of our power, okay?"
DJ saluted to Harold, "Yes, sir."
He swiftly went to pick up the only people who truly trusted, as Duncan enters through the front door to find the disaster within the mall.
"Uggggggggh, this is work alright." Duncan quietly sighs.

Thunder began clapping outside and lightning brightened up the room. The room went black again, with no one still knowing the reason why. Right after the lights went pitch black, the screams were heard mostly from the residence that slowly became silent as a rock.
DJ is startled by the event, "Wha-What is going on here?!"
Alejandro watching over the cameras notices a small figured face, "Oh no, not again amigo.
"Wait, what do you mean 'not again'?" Harold looked at Alejandro.
Alejandro crunches Harold's vest, "Listen here, as you know my religion based on everything that has happened so far is coming true."
Harold awkwardly stares at Alejandro, "Explain."
Alejandro then sits in the desk chair and points to the strange, figured face on the right-side of the camera.
"Look at this carefully, this is not a glitch or anything wrong with our security camera." Alejandro tells Harold.
Harold strangely yawns, "Then, what are you trying to tell me?"
"...This is the Devil's work." Alejandro snarls at the camera.
Harold oddly watches Alejandro, "You're ridiculous..."
Alejandro angrily grabs Harold's hand and sways him back, "You either believe me or not because whoever is the last one standing from that group is... the... Devil."
"But we can't let them die..." Harold said.
Alejandro smirks at Harold, "They all chose their paths in coming to the Devil's meeting and we are the audience to watch this."
Harold quickly gets on to podium, "Okay you six will all be seperated from each side to each corner."
DJ glares at Duncan to hold and aim a $75 cent Piston gun from his right hand.
Harold takes sight of the Piston gun and uses the podium to warn DJ, "DJ! Put down your weapon now!"
DJ startles to his decision and drops it to the ground.
Harold goes into the office desk, grabs out a piece of blank paper, and draws an unknown figure on it.
"Okay, now here's a chart of how you guys will be diversed till we get to the bottom of this situation and don't bother escaping, all the doors are currently locked." Harold shows to one of the cameras

Room Diversity
Left Side
Right Side

Harold, then looks at Alejandro, "So, how does this nightmare end?"
Alejandro nervously shrugs, "...They all die."

The camera faded into the main chandelier room. Duncan was doing his favorite hobby by carving a skull into the wall while DJ made a barrier of chairs to patrol his corner of the room. Heather pulled out a mirror and beginned putting make-up on her face as Beth focused on creating a friendship bracelet hoping that everyone will accept at the end of the day. Courtney prepared a lawsuit against the mall's manager, Harold as Cody bounced up and down trying to find an exit out of the room.
"You do know there's no way out." Heather glares
An unusual leak appears from Cody's pants, "Nevermind, it's all good now." Cody said
"Ew, She remarked.
Duncan and DJ are staring at each other.
"Do you know anything about being a cop?" Duncan addresses to DJ.
"Look at how many times you've been to juvie," DJ responded.
"Loser," Duncan told DJ.
"Idiot." DJ replied.
At that point, the two of them just kept throwing insults at one another.
DJ stared at Duncan, "You did not just say that to me."
"Are you two going to fight or make love?!" Heather smiled to this.
At the same time they both gasped, "No!!!"

Right after this, the lights flickered on and off.
"Oh, no not again!" Harold said from watching the camera.
DJ nervously sweats to the flickering lights while Duncan holds on to the rail of the wall. Beth and Cody are seen holding their hands from the terror as Heather rolled her eyes to it.
The lights soon black-out and the anomynous noise is heard coming from the left side.
"....Judgement has been served." as the unknown voice popped up.

The lights fade back on and Beth is found missing from the group.
"And that's one down," Alejandro said.
"He's picking them one by one?!" Harold exclaims.
"Well of course this is what we call predator versus prey," Alejandro told to Harold.
Harold is left questionable, "How do--" as Harold is interrupted.
"Shush and watch." Alejandro points to the camera of the main chandelier room.
The camera is faded back to the group where a loud thud is heard. There was scratch mark on the wall of the room as it was also the crime scene of where Beth had been taken. Cody had wet himself again due to Beth's dissappearance, leaving the others to burst out laughing.
"Wow, that "Cody" just peed his potty pants you don't see that everyday..." Harold mutters.
"Sí, Alejandro agreed.
As the camera rolls back to the main chandelier room, Heather sings "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne while on her corner of the room.
"What is that horrible voice?" Cody snaps.
"It's me," Heather glares at Cody.
"Well it made my ears bleed!" Cody angrily said.
Cody's automatic wheelchair wheeled him out to see how Heather is carrying himself. He approached Heather carefully, but, as he got to a certain distance to Heather, Heather's vocal singing overrode the wheelchair's automatic controls. The wheelchair began going haywire, slamming Cody into doors and walls without Cody telling it to do so.

Blinking lights felt across the room for a sudden moment as it blacked out again. A flash came from Heather's pocket but the battery soon died out becoming a bitter darkness. The disturbance of a struggle was going on down through the right side.
"Again?!" Harold proclaims.
"Mhm, it has begun." Alejandro said.
"Is there anyway to stop this before more disaster happens," Harold asked to Alejandro.
"No.. I'm afraid not," He told Harold.

The camera faded back inside the main chadelier room as the next victim was determined. The lights shined on to notice that Cody has vanished from thin air. The clock ticked loud and the screams of horror became soundless yet only four of the six survived.

"Great, just great!" Duncan sighed to the problem.
"For all we know, you could be the one doing this." DJ glared at Duncan
Duncan and DJ angrily started heading toward each other, but stopped due to the camera watching thier every move.
"Forget you.." Duncan said to DJ.
Heather quickly snapped, "Ugh, who took it-- who took my music?"
"Well I didn't," as both Courtney and DJ spoke up.
Everyone in the room turned to notice Duncan with his headphones listening to some Rock & Roll music.
"Ah-a-ha how funny now give me it back," Heather sarcastically said.
"Not my fault I got bored," Duncan told to Heather.

Two beverage glasses are heard clinking together. Further observation revealed it to be Noah and Tyler toasting to the success of the first annual "We Hate Chris" party. Bridgette, Geoff, Gwen, Izzy, Justin, Katie & Sadie, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Sierra, Trent, and Tyler were all conversing, having a great time in a rather large stately manor.
"Are you kidding me? They're having a party without ME!? UGH! Will this ever end!? It's obvious it's Courtney behind all of this... whatever this is!" she yelled at DJ, who was next to Courtney." Heather exclaimed.
DJ was left unspoken and then rolled his eyes and looked at Courtney and blinked his eyes back and glared at Duncan who had still carved a skull for his relationship with Courtney.
"I hope we get out soon," DJ told to Courtney.
Courtney smacked her head, "'Out'? Get it through your head! Whatever this thing is, it's killing everyone!!"
"......... You have friends?" Heather asked, after waiting a few seconds.
"Coming from a backstabbing, lying, no-good, bossy, butt-head like you!" Courtney frustratedly said.
"The toll you have taken... is far lesser than the toll you will be taking!" the figure screamed at the remaining four characters. It, then, appeared in the form of a body in front of the four.
Heather screamed, and took a good stare, "Is that.... Beth?!!"
Nobody will ever know what you guys put me through and now you will suffer the consequence for all of you!!!" the ghost said, as the lights went out for the final time, causing everyone to scream. The screams then, die down and fade out...
Harold squinted to the black-out camera and stared blinkless to the image, "Weirdest day ever."



Sun's Story

"I'm Here For You" by Sunslicer2





Canada, After Total Drama World Tour Ends

It was a clear, Autumn night, without any sound being made, except for the cries of a lonely teenaged girl. Courtney sat on a dock, thinking about her mistakes on Total Drama. She recounted every kiss she shared with that delinquent, and began crying each time she remembered the feeling of kissing him.

"Why?" she asked herself. "Why did he cheat on me?"

She covered her face with her hands, and began tearing up. "Why me?" She looked at her picture again of Duncan, hoping that a normal thought of that disgusting pig might bring her bag to her senses, but it never did.

Behind her, Courtney heard a slight ruffle of leaves, and turned around. "What do you want?" She had no idea who it was, but she didn't even care. If it was a kidnapper, let her be kidnapped; if it was a killer, let her be killed. She didn't care anymore. After Duncan betrayed her like that, and she was eliminated before him, she felt like she had no reason to live. All of her dreams had been crushed that day.

"Well," said the teenaged boy, who went to sit on the dock, "I think I know how you feel. I mean, Gwen basically cheated on me, and I want you to know that someone else is here for you." Trent was sitting there, with his guitar case by his side, and a backpack on his pack. He had probably just came from a band practice.

Courtney turned towards Trent and glared. "How did you even find me?"

"Easy!" exclaimed Trent. "We go to the same school!"

Courtney looked at him in confusion. "We do?" Courtney had never seen him, so she thought he was lying, but frankly, she didn't really care.

Trent smiled, and took out his guitar from the case behind him. "Of course, I was even going to vote for you in the election. Now let me sing you a song."

Trent placed his guitar on his lap, and began to sing while playing the G chord.

"Hunger in your eyes! Thirst, hidden in your soul!

Chasing after something, but you have no goal! You lied right to my face, yeah, I see it in your eyes. You have no regrets! You're just one of them!

I wrote this after me and Gwen broke up. I think it also fits Duncan and what he did to you. He really didn't deserve you."

Courtney blushed and look away. "Why are you here?"

"I think you already asked that," whispered Trent with a grin on his face. "But if you want me to answer again, I will."

Courtney reacted on impulse, and flung her arms around Trent and began crying. "Why me? Why did he have to cheat on me? I thought we had something special!"

Trent patted her back, and put her head on his shoulder, but was a little shocked that Courtney opened up so much to him. "Because, he didn't realize how better you were than him. He didn't deserve you, Courtney."

Courtney pulled back, and looked at Trent, her face streaming with tears. "But then who does?"

Trent pulled Courtney closer, and put his mouth to her forehead. "Only time can tell, Courtney. But I assure you, you will find someone."

Courtney held on to Trent and pulled him even closer. "I hope so."

Trent looked down at Courtney and sighed. "I'm here for you. And I always will be."


It had been six years from that sorrowful dock seen, but Trent still kept his promise. He was always there for Courtney, that soon enough, they began dating. After three, long years, they married, with both parents approval. They had both shared the same pain, between what Gwen and Duncan had done. And now, they were relaxing in the shade of a palm tree on the beach.

"I love you," said Courtney, snuggling up to Trent. "I'm so happy."

Trent was playing with Courtney's hair, and looking at the sunset. "So am I. And to think, if Duncan and Gwen hadn't, you know, we would have never gotten together." He was holding Courtney close to him, and the sun was close to setting.

So together, they laid there, happy that they were together, and they never regretted what ever happened, and the pain had brought them happiness.

LF's Story

Luscious LeShawna's Humble Beginnings. By: LeShawnafan.


LeShawna- 5 years old to present.

Aunt LaQuisha- LeShawna's Aunt.

LeShawna's Mom and Dad.

Producers- Total Drama Island Producers.

Angie- A little girl at the shelter LeShawna volunteers at.

(As you can tell, this takes place before and during TDI. The epilogue takes place after TDWT has ended.)

The day LeShawna turned five was a stepping stone into the rest of her life. This was the moment LeShawna developed her lovable attitude, and her "special" abilities of dancing.

She recieved a letter in the mail on her 5th Birthday from her Aunt, who she hadn't seen in 2 years. She hardly remembered who see was and had taken the letter to her mom first, just to find out.

"Oh honey, that's from your Aunt! You don't remember her because you were only 3 when you first met her! She's a very busy lady, taking care of LaShaniqua and running her own business. I pray that she can handle all that work," LeShawna's mom had told her.

After that, LeShawna ran to her room and opened the letter. The letter read:

Dear LeShawna,

Within this letter, I have supplied you with 3 tickets to go see the musical at the local Community College. My friend has a son who goes there, and is starring in the musical and gave me free tickets. But sadly, I cannot take off work to see it, so as your Birthday present I'm giving you my tickets. Be sure to take your mom and dad with you, because I'm sure they'll love it as much as you will. Have fun, and Happy Birthday!!


Aunt LaQuisha.

LeShawna ran out of her room and showed the letter and tickets to her mom. The musical was that night, and as soon as LeShawna's dad arrived home, they got ready and left for it.

The musical lasted for and hour and a half, and during the whole performance, LeShawna wondered what it would be like to be a dancer, and dance in front of everyone in the audience. This thought of performing in front of people usually would frighten many, but to LeShawna, she didn't care. Even at the age of 5 she knew that dancing was going to be one of her talents.

As the years went on and on, LeShawna never lost sight of her dream, of one day becoming famous and reaching out to others. She completed the second goal by volunteering and the children's shelter, helping misguided kids, preteens, and teens. Everyone loved her there because of her helping attitude.

LeShawna continued to use her dance "skills" to try to cheer up the kids in the shelter. Everyday, she would call them down to the rec center, and put on a little show for them. The younger ones loved it, while the older ones thought of it more as a joke. LeShawna had always had trouble helping the older ones, but she usually found a way to get through to most of them.

One day, while LeShawna was performing one of her afternoon dance shows, some of the kids were watching TV in the same area. A commercial popped up and showed that there were auditions being held for a reality show called, "Total Drama Island." One of the girls, Angie, turned towards LeShawna after the commercial had ended.

"LeShawna, you need to audition for that! You would be perfect for that show!" Angie told LeShawna.

LeShawna stopped dancing and looked at Angie.

"You know what, that's a great idea Angie! I think that show needs someone like me," LeShawna agreed, hugging Angie before she went home.

As she arrived home, LeShawna couldn't wait to tell her parents. She knew that her mom and dad would be behind her no matter what, and she thanked them for that. The onl thing that worried her was whether or not the producers would accept her. She thought that there couldn't be anyone else like her out there, so why not accept her?

LeShawna had filmed her audition, and sent it to the producers. She was anxious now, unable to wait. Even in her audition she couldn't wait to get a call back from the producers even though they hadn't even seen her audition yet. Days went on, and LeShawna was becoming more and more anxious, wondering if they really would pick her. The one thing that made LeShawna not herself is second guessing.

The days continued to add up, and LeShawna still had not recieved a call from the producers. Then, after a few weeks of anxiously waiting for a call, and almost thinking she wouldn't be chosen, LeShawna recieved a call from the producers saying they would love to have her join the cast.

She immediately told her parents, and began packing. She still had to wait a week to leave for the Island, but she didn't care. All she knew was that she was happy that she made it. She wasn't allowed to tell anyone at the shelter where she was going because of the contract she was under. But she knew that the kids at the shelter would be happy with her no matter how far she made it.


After 3 seasons of TD, LeShawna was actually happy to be getting a break. With all the stress of the last 2 seasons, it was finally time for her to take a break, and get back to her old self. She knew that she would have trouble because of her crying incident in season 2, and then falling for Alejandro in season 3, but she knew she could get back for her old ways, like in season 1. She knew that once she saw eveyrone back home again, they wouldn't care. They would just be happy for her because of how successful she was.

Winning isn't everything, LeShawna would always think to herself whenever she was eliminated. She was just happy she could be in all 3 seasons, and get a chance not everyone got. She realized she had completed her first goal, to become famous. Even though that was a goal of her's, she didn't seem to care for it that much anymore. She was just happy to have made the friends that she had made, and enjoyed the game. Now, it was time for her to get back to her normal life, and be herself.

Duke's Story

Sierra & Her Family Sierra Andrews (Main Role)

Angela Kenzen (Sierra's Mom)

James Andrews (Sierra's Father)

Drew Kenzen (Sierra's Stepfather)

Drew Andrews (Sierra's Brother)

Siena Andrews (Sierra's Sister)

Maya Kenzen (Sierra's Step-sister)

Charlene Kennedy (Sierra's Aunt)

David Kennedy Jr. (Sierra's Uncle)

Christine Marie Welch-Kennedy (Sierra's Grandmother)

David Kennedy Sr. (Sierra's Grandfather)

Cody & His Family

Cody Anderson (Main Role)

Missy Anderson (Cody's Mother)

Matthew Anderson (Cody's Father)

Leigh Anderson (Cody's Sister)

Mike Anderson (Cody's Cousin)

Cameron Anderson (Cody's Cousin)

Marina Anderson (Cody's Aunt)

Mitchell Anderson (Cody's Uncle)

Guest Stars

Beth, Bridgette, DJ, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Katie, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Trent, and Tyler. Sierra and Cody Get Married?

One beautiful sunny day, in Canada two Total Drama castmates got married. Cody was panicking, there was 7 hours before the wedding, and he hadnt even taken a shower or anything. Luckily, Cody's sister Leigh came to the rescue. The shiny doorbell rang as Cody ran downstairs.

"Leigh, you're a lifesaver!" Cody exclaimed with a grin on his face.

"No problem little brother, how old are you know?" Leigh asked.

"Twenty-one." Cody answered.

"Anyways, where are the kids?" Leigh asked.

"Ashley is still sleeping, Drew is watching a episode of Total Drama World Tour." Cody explained.

"Okay, go get in the shower, I'll watch Drew." Leigh insisted.

"Okay, thanks." Cody replied happily.

At Sierra's mother's house, things were more hectic, Sierra's dress hadn't come in until 3:30, the wedding was set for 6:30. Sierra's aunt and mother helped with Sierra's make-up.

"I can't believe the day is finally here!" Sierra exclaimed happily.

"You look stunning." Sierra's mother insisted.

"Maya, could you stop texting and get ready?" Sierra asked.

"Whatever." Maya replied.

"Your lucky you even get to be a bridesmaid." said Siena.

"Your just jealous that my daddy is richer than yours." Maya insisted.

"Ah!" Sierra screamed.

"What?" Sierra's aunt asked.

"I have a zit!" Sierra screamed.

"Chill Sierra." Siena insisted.

"Shut up, you people are just lucky my daddy's paying for all this." said Maya.

"Stop being so disrespectful!" Siena shouted as she slapped Maya.

"You did not just do that!" Maya shouted.

"Maya, get over here!" Maya's father shouted.

"Yes daddy?" Maya asked.

"If you ruin Sierra's big day you will have your phone taken away for a year, do you understand me? I'm sick of you being so disrespectful!" Maya's dad screamed.

"As you can see things aren't going as smoothly as Sierra had planned, but something will come up and perk her up. It's currently 5:25, and we are at the church getting ready." Drew reported.

"Sierra, you have a visitor." said Sierra's mom.

"Who is it?" Sierra asked.

"Me." Drew answered.

"Drew! Oh my gosh, how are you? Hows Emily?" Sierra asked excitedly.

"Great, she's pregnant with twins!" Drew exclaimed happily.

Things seemed to have perked up Sierra's day, but at the wedding many different things change that, what has seemed to turn out as a good day, will turn into a nightmare. It's now time for the wedding. The priest was none other than Chris McLean.

"Cody, do you take Sierra to be your wife?" Chris asked.

"I do." said Cody with a smile.

"Sierra do you take Cody as your husband?" Chris asked.

"I can't." Sierra answered.

"Huh?" The whole audience said in shock.

"That girl has been stalking Cody since Total Drama World Tour!" LeShawna shouted.

"Why won't you marry him Sierra?" Maya asked curiously.

"I'm in love with Tyler." Sierra answered.

"What!" The whole audience shouted.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Cody asked sadly.

"You're making Cody cry Sierra, marry him!" Justin shouted.

"There's no wedding today." Cody answered with a sob.

"Cody, wait!" Sierra exclaimed, but was stopped by Tyler.

"You seriously like me?" Tyler asked.

"Yes!" Sierra exclaimed happily.

"Back off, he's mine." Lindsay assured.

"Want to get married right now?" Tyler asked.

"I do!" Sierra exclaimed.

"What!" Lindsay screamed.

"It's fine by me." said Chris.

"You don't have a marriage license." said Lindsay.

"It's fine by me." Chris assured.

"It's not legal then, and you aren't even a priest!" LeShawna exclaimed.

"Isn't that invalid?" Sadie asked.

"Anyways, just go to the reception." Chris said as he ended the ceremony.

"No! Tyler!" Lindsay screamed as she started sobbing.

"It's okay girl, they will pay." LeShawna assured him.

"Yeah, Lindsay it's not even legal." Bridgette added.

In the end, Tyler and Sierra got officially married with a marriage license, they have two kids named Stephanie and Jake, they live in Malibu, Lindsay, Heather, LeShawna, Gwen, Bridgette, Izzy, and Beth formed The Relationship/Break-Up Band. Cody is now living in New York with his new wife Tracey. He got full custody of Drew and Ashley. He and Tracey had another boy named Jason. LeShawna and Harold are engaged. Gwen and Duncan's marriage anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks, The former Total Drama contestants are talking to the producers about coming back for 8 more seasons. The next season comes on June 6th.

The Happy/Sad End.

Mr. E's Story

Tcf09's Story

Night Shift - By: Totalcartoonfan09 (Takes Place after TDWT)

"Well Noah it's great to have you back." stated Noah's Co-Worker John as he prepared to close down the library for the day.

"Now I know you may be shaken up a bit from your experience on that dangerous yet awesome show but I'm going to need you to watch the library tonight, will that be okay?" he continued.

Noah appreciated his job and normally wouldn't have mind working the night shift, but he just couldn't do it that day. He hasn't stepped foot in his own house for months now and at this point, all he wants to do is go home and pass out in his beloved bed. He finally made the decision to tell John that he couldn't watch the library for him that night due to the lack of knowledge he gained from the other dimwits on the show and the only cure in the world was to sleep in his own, sweet, bed. Although this has nothing to do with watching the library for a night, John wouldn't catch on seeing as though he's not always the brightest star in the sky. Noah was prepared to shoot down Johns offer but was caught by surprise when he turned around only to see a note and a chain of keys sitting on the desk behind him. He wasn't so much concerned about where John went at the moment. He was mostly curious about what the note said, so Noah did what any other person would have done in a situation like this, he read it.

Dear Noah,

You never answered my question dude! You looked really concerned when I asked you, so I just assumed you would say yes. Anyway I bet you we're wondering what those keys are for right? Ya well me too, the big boss never told me. Okay, well, he did but I didn't really catch everything that he said because I zoned out. All I heard was "Keys", "Lock Doors", "Crazy", "Gets in", "Ruined", and "Fired". I really don't understand what he means by that so I thought if you take my job tonight, you can figure it out. Well I have to go man, your snapping out of your zoned out state and I need to leave before you try to reason with me wait... before you make me stay here and actually work um... before I miss the party...Okay bye.


Noah was appalled by this letter. Not only did John trick him into taking his shift, but he spelled his own name wrong! Though that wasn't the main priority at this moment, Noah had to "decode" what the boss told John. Once he read the note again he instantly realized that he needs to lock the doors in the library. As he began to walk towards the main entrance he heard a sudden crash behind him.

Noah swiftly turned around and yelled "Who's There?!" as his breathing became more intense.

"Come out now or- or I’ll call the police!" he hesitantly threatened. Noah waited about a minute for a reply and soon grew annoyed of the silence. He figured it was just some books that were stacked incorrectly on the shelf that fell, but he still wasn't completely sure. After a second of thinking he tip-toed down the aisle to investigate. When he reached the end of the book shelf Noah screamed in horror as he saw, right there on the floor plain in sight, a couple of spread out fiction books laying at his feet.

"Seriously?!" Noah yelled at the air in anger.

"You almost gave me a heart attack!" he screamed as he snatched the fallen books up from the ground. He angrily threw the books back on the shelf but suddenly stopped and grew dead silent because standing on the aisle next to him was a figure crouching on the ground. Noah tried his hardest to stay as quiet as he could be and was successful until the last book he held slipped from his fingers and fell to the floor. The minute the book hit the ground the figure quickly turned and looked Noah straight in the eyes then ran off somewhere in the library. Noah's normally not the type of person to let things like this get to him, but when he saw those eyes, those same green eyes that were so familiar to him he couldn't help but scream and run away. He found himself running all around the library going through each aisle thinking he was actually getting away. As Noah turned to run through the last aisle of the library a sudden pain hit his stomach and he fell to the ground. He looked up and saw the same figure with the green eyes and now a view of their red/orange curly hair standing above him and holding a grey and black bat. Just as Noah was about to open his mouth and say something, he blacked out.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The sound of Noah’s alarm woke him up from a deep sleep and as he laid in bed he pondered over the events that happened the previous day. He tried to get into a more comfortable position since the one he was in want as satisfactory, but when he tried to sit up he felt a painful sting in his stomach. Sudden realization hit Noah as he remembered what had happened in the library and though it seemed real he wasn't sure if it was reality or just a dream. When he had had enough of thinking he made his way out of bed, but as his feet touched the floor they hit something hard and he heard a clinking noise on the floor. Noah knelt down by the side of his bed only to come in contact with a grey and black bat lying on the floor, which got him wondering again. Was it reality, or was it all just a dream?

The End!:P (I think I've watched Inception one to many times xD Anyway I hope it's good:D)

Kev's Story

TDIFAN's Story

Cod's Story


(This takes place after TDWT) (Note: There is summer in Canada xD)


Nuka-Cola: A drink similar to Coca-Cola

Diet Court-Mad: A drink similar to Diet Pepsi

Chimmeh Road: A road in Gwen's neighborhood.

Reddeh Avenue: An avenue in Gwen's neighborhood

"Duncan? Duncan, answer me! Duncan!" Gwen shouted.

It was summer. The grass fresh and green. The air, cool and refreshing. The sun, hot and relaxing on an early Saturday morning.

Duncan was back home, his feet raised by the desk in front of him, in his messy, rugged room. He was waiting for a reply to his email from his girlfriend, Gwen. Earlier in the year, Duncan and Gwen had competed in a reality show, where he had hooked up with her. Although he was dating Gwen, he had dated another girl on the show, Courtney. Courtney took a blow from Duncan's choice, as he had been found kissing Gwen, even before he was dating her. As Duncan thought about the past year, he couldn't help a feeling of guilt.

Should I have really broken Courtney's heart? He thought.

No, why do you care, you're the tough guy. Said another voice in his head.

But she understood me. She knew that underneath my appearance, there is someone nice inside.

Mister Goody Two-Shoes, eh? Replied the other voice.

Just then, Gwen's email arrived. Duncan opened the virtual message and began to read.


Hey, it's Gwen. I thought about your last email and decided that we should meet up sometime. Maybe get lunch together? There's this great little place called Wawanawkwa Cafe. We should meet there, tomorrow. Anyways, life has sucked lately, as usual; High School's been as grueling as ever. But, when I feel down, I can always think of you to make me feel better. So, hopefully I'll see you soon!

Love, Gwen.

Duncan smiled. Gwen always made him smile.

As Duncan was closing Gwen's email, he noticed a second email, this time from... Courtney.

Courtney hadn't emailed him or even talked to him since the break-up.

Duncan opened the email, nervously, and began reading its contents.

To Duncan,

I know that we have been fighting, due to your horrific acts against me, cheating with that weird goth girl,

Duncan groaned. Will she ever just forget about it? Duncan thought.

Now, I feel we can put our differences behind us, just this once, and be able to reconcile. I know the real you, even if you don't express it much. I was wondering, maybe we could go out for lunch tomorrow? Maybe at this great little place called Wawanawkwa Cafe, down the street. Now, as I don't expect you to know where this place is,

Duncan rolled his eyes.

The street address is, 1337 ChesterChester Road. Hope to see you.

Your friend, Courtney.

As Duncan skimmed through the letter, he couldn't help but notice-

Gwen and Courtney are going to be at the same restaurant.

Duncan couldn't help but panic, his hands becoming numb and his head pounding. Who would he go out for lunch with? Gwen or Courtney?

It's obvious I'm picking Gwen, Duncan thought.

She is my girlfriend.

No! What about Courtney? You did hurt her...

As Duncan struggled with his thoughts, things weren't going so smoothly for Gwen and Courtney, either...

"Great..." Gwen groaned as she spilled coffee on her new black and red skirt.

Gwen had just finished emailing Duncan, informing him about their plans to meet at the cafe.Gwen covered her eyes with her hands, exhausted from her horror flick marathon from last night.

Gwen smiled as she thought about the spewing blood and guts, the psycho chainsaw killers with hooks, and many other violent and disturbing images from the movies. Gwen yawned and decided to take a walk. As Gwen was taking the left turn down Reddeh Avenue, she saw someone familiar.

"Gwen?" said the familiar voice.

Gwen saw the tall, handsome face of her ex-boyfriend. Trent.

"Oh, um, hey! Uh, what are you doing here?" Gwen asked, not trying to sound frantic.

"Well, I, kinda came down here for vacation... With my family..." Trent said, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.

"Um, cI wanool, cool... So, I guess I'll see you around... Sometime..."

"Oh, uh, see you later... I guess..." Trent said, walking down Chimmeh Road.

Gwen hesitated. She began to speak, but no words came out. She decided to keep her mouth shut, and began walking home, feeling awkward emotions about her ex-boyfriend.


As Courtney looked across her spotless, organized room, she couldn't help but feel a sort of emptiness. Her plan to meet with Duncan had given her a sense of hope, but somewhere inside her was the emptiness.

Maybe I am too strict... She thought. Maybe I need to loosen my butt...

Courtney looked in the mirror, and saw her reflection. Beautiful brown hair, cute wide eyes, there couldn't be anything wrong with her, appearance-wise.

All of a sudden, Duncan came into her mind. She thought of his cute little, green mohawk!

I want to rip it off! She thought.

After all the trauma Duncan had put her into, she felt she could never forgive him.

How could he cheat on me with some un-educated, lowlife, jerk face of a weird goth girl!

Courtney jumped on her bed and began to weep, all of her emotions unable to control.

"Why?!" She screamed.

"Why?! Why?! Why?!" She repeated.

As she passed out, exausted from her emotional breakdown, the only image she could see in her mind was Duncan, and her lips coming to his....

It was the day. Sunday, the day Duncan had been dreading. As he got into some nice clothes, he pondered about his dilemma.

I'll just alternate from girl to girl, right?

You're not stupid, you've seen those comedy shows.

Will it work?


"Gah!" Duncan yelled out loud, angrily. "What is with these girls?!"

Duncan sighed and opened his closet. He couldn't decide whether to look educated or cool. Instead, Duncan grabbed his normal clothes.

Screw their opinion...

As Duncan arrived at the restaurant, he noticed Gwen sitting at a table outside while Courtney was sitting inside, in a booth.

At least they didn't notice each other...

Duncan decided to begin with Gwen. As he sat down across from her, she smiled.

"Hey, Mr Delinquent," Gwen said as grinned.

"Hey, Mrs Pasty," Duncan replied, the same grin on his face.

After their greetings, there was an awkward silence until the waiter came.

"Hello!" the waiter greeted, in a flamboyant tone.

"Welcome to Wawanawkwa Cafe! Have you decided on drinks?"

Duncan waited for Gwen to answer, but there was silence.

Gwen noticed Duncan's patience. "Oh, Duncan, you can order first," she said awkwardly.

"Oh-Um, sure..." Duncan rubbed the back of his head. "I'll have a Nuka-Cola, get it here as fast as you can," he said as he tried to act harsh, putting his feet on the table.

The waiter sneered and looked at Gwen. "And how about you, pretty lady?" he asked in a flirty tone.

"I'll hav-"

Gwen was interrupted by Duncan.

"Hey buddy, who do you think you are to be flirting with my girlfriend?" Duncan said, grabbing the waiter's collar and glaring.

The waiter peed his pants.

"Duncan!" Gwen shouted. "Let him go! He didn't mean it!"

Duncan reluctantly let go of the waiter's collar.

As the waiter stuttered through his question again, Gwen replied, "I'll have a Diet Court-Mad, please."

As Gwen requested her drink, Duncan's stomach dropped.

Crap! I forgot about Courtney!

When will he get here? Courtney thought. He obviously forgot...

Courtney glanced at the entrance to the small cafe.

Unless he ditched me!

Courtney began to panic, when suddenly, she saw the green mohawk.

"Hey," Duncan said confidently, sitting across from Courtney.

Courtney's panic faded.

"Hello, Duncan." Courtney said, a tone in her voice.

"Now," Courtney continued. "Let's get this straight; I do NOT like you. Did you get that? I have absolutely NO feelings for you, what so ever,"

"Sure," Duncan replied, grinning. "I get it, don't strain your uptight butt!"

"Ugh..." Courtney groaned, trying to retain her list on Duncan insults.

While Duncan acted like he was "macho," Courtney was writing her paper for school over the summer, just in case a Law School wanted to see if she had done Extra Credit.

"Court," Duncan started. "Can't you just relax? Doing a paper over summer is lame... Unless it's Summer School, that crap is crazy..."

When the waiter arrived, Duncan and Courtney ordered their drinks, when Duncan got a text message. It was from Gwen...

Does it rlly take tht long to p? our drinks r here hurry up.

Duncan glanced nervously at Courtney.

"What?" Courtney asked, noticing Duncan's frantic expression.

"I- um, really have to pee... Like right now!" Duncan scurried up from the booth and ran towards the bathroom. When Courtney wasn't looking, he slipped past Courtney's booth, and exited outside, towards Gwen's table.

"Where have you been? The waiter's here for our food!" Gwen exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah, I just had this huge drink before I left," Duncan replied calmly.

As they ordered their food, Duncan noticed Courtney in the window, looking inpatient.

"Uh, I really have to pee... Again, be right back!" Duncan said, heading towards the entrance to the Cafe.

When Duncan sat at Courtney's booth again, she noticed something suspicious.

"Why did you leave so suddenly?" Courtney asked. "The waiter already came by with our drinks... Look, if you're trying to avoid me, that's fine, I have better things to do than waste my time sitting here with a crook who has to pee every five seconds!"

"Ugh, Courtney, you don't understand-" Duncan began.

"And why did you sneak outside? Is there someone there?" Courtney asked, getting up from the table.

Duncan's stomach plopped as he quickly stood up, knocking over some flowers in a vase.

"Nope, no, there's no one out there, just some stupid, uh, relatives! Yes, some relatives of mine are out there!" Duncan said frantically.

Courtney narrowed her eyes. "You're lying, aren't you?"

Duncan tried to act calm. "Look, there's no one out there, I just had a big drink before we came here, now, let's cut the crap and have some lunch, okay?"

"Oh, really?" Courtney asked. "So you're saying no one is out there, hmm? You had to pee outside, eh? Well, let's check to see if 'no one' is out there, shall we?"

And before Duncan could argue, Courtney opened to door, right next to Gwen's table.

Gwen had been worried. Duncan had been gone 6 minutes, and their food had already arrived. As Gwen played around with her Filet Mignon, she noticed someone familiar burst out of the door...

"You!" Courtney screamed.

Gwen couldn't breathe. Out of all places, Courtney, the girl who had almost ruined her life, had to be at the same restaurant as Gwen when she was on a date with Duncan! And to make things worse, the person who followed Courtney was-

"Duncan!" Gwen yelled, surprised by Courtney's appearance.

Duncan was having a panic attack. The day had not gone well.

Courtney walked up next to Gwen who stood up.

"What are you doing here?!" They asked each other simultaneously.

"Me?! I was having a date with Duncan!" They continued.

"What?! He's dating ME! No way! Duncan!" They yelled.

Everyone at the Cafe was staring, including the flamboyant waiter.

"Ooh, spicy," The waiter said.

"Duncan, how could you?!" Gwen asked, tears streaming out of her eyes.

"I- uh- Gah! Guys-" Duncan began.

"No! You are going to decide. Me, or weird goth girl?!" Courtney asked, tears forming at her eyes, too.

Duncan looked at the girls.

He couldn't decide.

Similar or Opposite?

Goth or Princess?

New or Original?

Duncan thought, and thought, and came to a decision.

Courtney was in shock when suddenly Duncan jumped at her and began to make out with her. She closed her eyes and was absorbed by the kiss.

She couldn't believe it. Her boyfriend had come back. Her delinquent.

"Duncan! Duncan, answer me! Duncan!" Gwen shouted.

"If you don't reply, we're through!" Gwen screamed, her eyes filling with uncontrollable tears.

While Duncan's kiss continued, Courtney opened her eyes and gave Gwen the finger.

Duncan leaned back from Courtney.

"Sorry, Pasty, but Princess is mine!" Duncan shouted at Gwen.

Gwen stormed away from the Cafe, screaming and crying miserably.

"Glad to have you back, Princess." Duncan said, as he began to kiss Courtney again.

The End.


As Gwen ran back to her house, she accidentally ran into a man.

"Oh!" Gwen exclaimed.

The man turned around to reveal-

"Trent!" Gwen shouted.

Trent looked at Gwen.

"Gwen, what happened? You look like you just finished a sad drama!" Trent exclaimed.

While Gwen did despise the corny joke, she couldn't help but feel a warmth coming from Trent's appearance.

"You have no idea..." Gwen said, as she walked with Trent towards her house.


Author's Note

Now, as this is my first TDA, I don't expect this story to be perfect, however, I did try very hard on this story and hoped you have enjoyed it. Thanks!

Also, screw DuncanXCourtney, DUNCANXSUNSHINE FTW!!!!! (Sorry, that was quite n00bish...)

P.S. I'm not putting that stuff, ^, to become a favorite :P

Sethy's Story

The Annoying Chris

This story is dedicated to the to the contestant who Chris managed to annoy the crap out of them.

Episode 1: Annoying Gwen

"Hey Gwen. Hey Gwen. Hey Gwen. Hey Gwen. Hey Gwen" Chris started to say.

"Whatya want, Chris?" Gwen responded

"Chris ya glad I didn't say Gwen again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

"That was just stupid. That wasn't even funny"

"Hey Gwen, can you do this with you tounge?" Chris began to bite his tounge.

"UGH!" Gwen yelled back.

"Hey Gwen, Hey Gwen, HEY GWEN" Chris said.

"What the crap could it be this time?"

"Can you touch your eyeball with your tounge? Come on! You're not trying!"

"Chris, SHUT UP! Seriously, I can't think at all! Shut the heck up so I can get some peace and quiet!"

"Hey Gwen."



Cody then started to hug and kiss Gwen "Let go of me!"

Chris started to get depressed. "I tried to warn her. Um...hey Trent!"

Trent responded "Aw Crap!"

Sunsummer7's Story

I See London: Alternate Ending

Alejandro was on the plane, watching the rest of the episode. However, something Noah said caught his attention.

Noah was tying Tyler down on the torture rack. He said to Owen, "Quick. Tie him down before Alejandro shows up and makes me do it just because I'm shorter."

"Why don't you like Al? He's great!" Owen responded.

"I don't trust the guy. He's like an eel, dipped in greese, swimming in motor oil." Noah described Alejandro.

"Dirty?" Owen asked.

"Slippery. Think about it. He's like Heather, only with social skills." Noah said.

Later, when Noah and Owen got back, Alejandro angrily glared at Noah.

"You were watching everything? Wow. That's awkward." Noah said nervously.

"Like an eel dipped in greese." Alejandro replied.

"Where I'm from that's a compliment! Tough neighborhood." Noah said trying to cover it up.

But Alejandro only rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, when Duncan returned, Noah tried to get his vote.

"What do you want?" asked Duncan.

"For you to vote for Alejandro." Noah said back.

"Yeah, and?" Duncan asked, trying to get information.

Noah told Duncan the truth about Alejandro.

"Alright. I'll vote with you. On one condition. You take me to the final three with you and Owen." Duncan offered.

"Deal." Noah responded.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris said that Alejandro or Noah would go home.

Alejandro grinned at Noah, only to find out that he had been voted off.

Chris pushed Alejandro to the door, but he refused to go.

"NO! I'M STAYING!" Alejandro yelled.

"Owen." Noah said.

Owen approached Alejandro.

"Sorry, Al!" he said.

"How many times do you have to call me-" Alejandro tried to say.

But Owen interupted by farting in his face.

Alejandro fell right out the door because of the smell.

"Wow. We forgot to give him a parachute." Chris said.


Noah, Duncan, and Owen made it all the way to the final three. Noah won the the race to Hawaii due to his knowlodge about geography. And Owen and Duncan tied. Owen won the fire dance of death tie-breaker due to Duncan not being able to knock him off. The race up the volcano worn out Owen, and Noah won Total Drama World Tour.

Plat's Story

RE: ...

  • Characters
    • Courtney- The "Protagonist"
    • Chris- The Sadistic Host
    • Duncan- The Juvenile Delinquent
    • Owen- The Lovable Goofball
    • Beth- The Underachiever
    • Justin- The Model
    • LeShawna- Ms. Loud and Proud
    • Heather- The Queen Bee
    • Lindsay- The Special One
    • Harold- Lv. 45 in Squirrel Scouts
  • Setting
    • After The Aftermath: II and before Ocean's Eight-or-Nine
    • First person view from Courtney
    • Third person view on remaining Total Drama Action contestants
    • The writing is her thoughts as she types her letter to debut. Quotes are not necessary.

Debuting. That was my only option.

Dear Chris...

I wonder what I shall start out with. Maybe, I could demoralize my competition to validate my presence. The options...

I would like to explain my investi-

Wait. I shouldn't do that.

(Courtney hits the backspace button on her keyboard.)

I should apply to his sadistic side...

Dear Chris, the best and just host,...


(Courtney hits her backspace button in frustration again as well.)

That would make it seem to obvious. I need to justify and make a rational proportion to both his egotistical personality as well as my dignity.

Dear Chris, I would like to come to a mutual agreement that would both please both of our snide personalities.

That's a start. Now, how would I make this sound forceful as well as convincing?

I would like to make a request. You see, in the Total Drama-

No, I shouldn't start out with the contract. That would significantly show that I am an objective person.

I would like to make a request-

Wait. I should include humor into my entry. That would both grasp the attention of the reader and increase my subjectibility!

I would like to make a request. Don't worry, I won't stay outside of your trailer and beg for anything like a crazy person.

Relate to him. That increases likeability. I need to continue this observation until I feel like it's too "stuck-up". After all, I am never the type to be stuck-up.

Anyways, I have a serious proposition to make. You see, my two lawyers and I-

Show you have power. Three people have more enforcement over one.

-have looked over the Total Drama contract. You see, at the end of Total Drama Island last season, I complained to you about unrightful termination of the competition.

How would I make this pleasant and forceful into one statement?

You stated in your email that in section 34 in the Total Drama contract that the person with the most votes gets eliminated from the competition.

Start off with facts. Then, move on to opinions.

However, in section 22.5 which precedes this statement, it states that the person with the most amount of people who voted for them gets eliminated.

Loopholes. You can not reach a concurrence without loopholes.

Therefore, since Harold was the only one who voted-

No. Too sudden. I have to use dramatic irony to build up my conclusion.

(Courtney sighs and starts the paragraph over.)

As you are well aware...

Again, too sudden. I need to be more forceful in my arguments.

Harold was the only one who voted for me during that night. Due to the contract precedence binding, section 22.5 overrides section 34.

Again, there are statistics involved. Loopholes play a huge role in this drama.

Therefore, the rigging of votes clearly goes against the show's contract.

Again, showing power. Persistence and power definitely can intimidate an opponent into guilt and fear. Now, time to proofread. I can't misspell a word in my well-crafted letter.

(Courtney prints out her rough draft and takes a break for a shower.)

Scene shifts to the competitors currently remaining in Total Drama Action

"Ah, what a marvelous day to pick on a nerd," exclaims Duncan.

"That's not very nice," says Harold. "You only pick on me because of your unrequited hatred for the contract and its creator."

"I have no idea what you just said," starts Duncan. "There's a piece missing in me, got it punk?"

"Stop messing with my Harold!" yells LeShawna. "We need to work as one unit, a team!"

"Why do you need to include Duncan in "team"?" whispers Harold.

"He's strong," says LeShawna. "Plus, the numbers are equal so we can't afford losing."

"Anyways, I think that the Screaming Gaffers are fine with our four. The opponent doesn't even have a single intelligent member!" yells Heather.

"You know, for once I agree with her," says Duncan. "I mean, just look at them."

(Justin, Lindsay, Beth, and Owen are seen fighting over a sandwich that was the only surviving one after DJ left the competition. The sandwich breaks, and all four start to bawl.)

"Wow..." says Chris from the background.

Scene shifts back to Courtney

So, let me continue with my second contention.

Organization. It's the second key principle of formulating an argument. Appealing and organization helped me run for student council president in my local high school. The numbering of contentions increases your chance of obtaining your goal.

Everyone left in the competition is either as dumb as a doorknob or are just plain crazy. Let me list the "contestants" one by one and point out their obvious flaws.

This part of the letter is for me, the easiest part. The remaining competitors have so many flaws that no one will pay attention in the challenges. Yes, I know drama is supposed to be the "main point" but I can't emphasize enough in the stupidity.

Duncan will be the fir-

Bad idea. I need to save the goofiest ones for last. I mean, I made a whole 95 page report on Duncan's deformities.

Owen will be the first one I will talk about. You see, he has recently suffered an injured jaw.

How do I know this? Let's just say I have good lawyers...

Aren't you afraid he will sue he show? That type of injury can cause millions of dollars worth of lawsuits!

There we go. Threats, threats and more threats are essential for an intelligent report.

(Courtney is not aware of Chris' deal to Owen that he could eat with the Gaffers if he doesn't sue the show.)

I mean, according to Canadian law, that type of lawsuit can be worth at least two million dollars, more than what you pay the winner of Total Drama Action.

Now that I think about it, why is the prize money worth a million? I mean, statistically it doesn't make any sense, since there are only 14 compe- I mean, soon to be 15 competitors this season while 22 competitors competed for 1/10 the prize money. Maybe Chris is getting nicer.

Therefore, this type of lawsuit, as well as his obesity, can ruin the show for you and your producers.

Great...only 7 more "losers" to go. This might take a long time.

(One by one, Courtney continues to write about each person.)

Beth is an underachiever who produces boring television.

I can't expand much on Beth. She is too boring of a person to obtain relevant information on her. I'll expand on her later when I proofread again.

Lindsay is just plain stupid! I don't even kno-

Wait, did I just use an exclamation point? That is not professional material. Oh, Courtney, you are ruining yourself again.

Lindsiot is incapable of even having a brain. I don't even know how the process inside her head can even comprehend how to complete a challenge.

Three down, only five more to go. The Grips are easy to write about, since they-

Scene shifts back to the remaining contestants in Total Drama Action.

"- don't have an intelligent member?" asks Harold. "I mean, one of the four must have an IQ higher than 60.

"Not everyone can be as smart as you," comforts LeShawna.

(The Grips are discussing at the other trailer.)

"I wish that I had Jesse's girl!" sings Justin. "I wish that I had Dun- what?"

(Luckily for Justin, none of the Grips were paying even the slightest attention to him.)

"Not DJ's last sandwich!" yells Owen. "That's the only reason I wanted to join this show!"

"You didn't even know DJ was making the sandwiches until he admitted it," says Beth.

"Ooh, a sand-witch?" ponders Lindsay. "Is that one of those evil witches who steal the little umbrella out of your cup at the beach?"

"So that's who's been stealing them!" gasps Owen. "I knew there was a logical explanation to this!"

"We need to find the evil sand witch then!" says Justin. "Quick, let's hurry to the beach set!"

"Weren't we here to talk about the Gaffers?" asks Beth.

"No time for that! We need to catch a bus to Camp Wawanakwa, pronto!" yells Justin.

Scene shifts back to Courtney

Ugh, that tape didn't help me. Do the Grips have anything to say about the Gaffers? I mean, at least the other one had the Gaffers talking about how stupid the Grips are. Oh well, I need to continue.

Justin may seem like the type who would convince others with his looks. However, deep inside, he is a stuck-up model who I could easily control.

I promise you now that I will get rid of that stuck-up male model. His unobtrusive behavior will surely be my premise for joining the Gaffers. Not because Duncan is's because of the difference of IQ level...even if Harold is the majority of it. Speaking of which, I need to devaluate the team of which I am going to compete on, only to increase personal welfare, however.

Moving on to the Gaffers...Harold is a nerd: plain and simple. All he does is bore the audience with his smart-y comments of useless trivia which no sane person would care about.

Hopefully, this letter will remain confidential and no one remaining in the competition will read it.

(Courtney scrolls to the beginning of her letter.)

This letter must remain confidential to Chris McClean, and if this is read by anyone else, two million dollars will be at stake.

It's time for me to continue with LeShawna and Heather. They are solid competitors, but I can nitpick at their deformities.

(Courtney scrolls back to the bottom of her letter.)

Heather is a bald freak. The lack of hair is exposing ultraviolet rays to her bare scalp. According to a national research poll, these ultraviolet rays can impend everlasting damage to her brain, which could make her unable to compete and may have to be removed due to injury.

That might be stereotypical, but Heather became bald due to karma. Maybe she deserves bare exposure to her scalp.

Next up is LeShawna. Her attitude and readiness to hurt a human being is too dangerous. Because of her reckless attitude, next thing you know, someone's teeth might be knocked right out of their mouth. It would cost the show a plethora of money, which could easily be prevented by one of my traditional psychology lessons.

Finally, the person I've been waiting for. The one with the most deformities including that mohawk, juvenile attitude, and putrid breath. Now, time to express my true feelings in the form of scripture.

Oh...but Duncan's okay...

Wait, cut that. What was I even thinking when I wrote that? Showing weakness? A good counselor in training would never show weakness in any situation, no matter how diverse.

Oh...but Duncan's fact, he's more than okay. He's ama-

Courtney, what are you thinking? Fine, maybe I do have a sliver of a crush on Duncan. I have to find my inner strength to write a bad report on him. It's time for take three.

If I don't win, Duncan is the only remaining hotti-

I need outside help. I'm going to contact my lawyers to write this part of my essay. For some reason, my brain can not comprehend having the courage to type bad thoughts about Duncan. Oh well, time for the most important part of the email: my third contention. Again, with organization, the last contention must be the most applicable.

Dear Total Drama exectuives, my final contention is similar to the first, because it negotiates my debut in the second season.

Hmm...since I obviously are debuting, I should get something out of it. I mean, I don't want to be on an equal playing ground as the others.

If you don't want to be sued for six mi-

Oh, shoot. I forgot to state in my first contention how much I am suing for. Let me add that in.

(Courtney scrolls back to her first contention and adds in that she is suing for 6 million dollars if she doesn't debut in Total Drama Action.)

Now, back to my third contention. What would I want out of these flimsy cheap producers? Well, I want to be treated like a normal human being instead of a slob, of course.

Because I was cheated out of Total Drama Island, it is only fitting that I obtain additional benefits if you do not wished to be sued for six million dollars.

What would I want? There are only a limited amount of options Total Drama can afford for the luxurious host, but I can add in a few kicks.

These are my conditions once my lawsuit gets won. I will get my own personal bathroom, 5-star gourmet food, and my own use of personalized digital assistant. (PDA)

Now, I need something I can use as a conclusion...hmm, maybe it's not best to end the third contention so abruptly.

Trust me, these advantages will include necessary drama. If the others are on an unequal playing field, jealousy will burn up inside of them.

Elementary. There's no possibility that this can get denied. Not only because of the legal issues, but I bring so much drama on the show that this contention can not get denied. Now, time to write my summarizing conclusion.

So, my three contentions are proven statistically and mentally to bring drama to the otherwise dull competition. With my values, and criterion of integrity and forcefulness, I ensure that my arguement is valid.

Ah, credibility as a leader. That's the most important fact you have to get straight. Reestablishing that will remind Chris how confident I have become.

Losing six million dollars, the boring nature of the other contestants, and my special conditions are three things that you must consider for my debut. Thank you for your time, and I'll see you when I return on Total Drama Action.

There. Finished. Done with. Well, of course proofreading must be accomplished first. Let me look at my letter one last time...



Subject: Courtney's Debut on Total Drama Action

This letter should remain confidential to Chris McClean.

Dear Chris, I would like to come to a mutual agreement that would please both of our personalities. This letter is not meant to waste my invaluable time or yours. I would like to make a significant request that requires full attention. Don't worry, I won't beg outside your trailer like a homeless freak to continuously bother you. My two lawyers and I have carefully examined the Total Drama contract and have three main contentions: my unlawful termination, the drama I will add to the current show, and my conditions for when I debut.

You see, last time, at the end of season one of Total Drama, labeled "Total Drama Island", I statistically filed a complaint for unlawful termination from competition. You stated in your previous email that in section 34 of the Total Drama contract, the person with the most votes will be eliminated from the competition. However, in section 22.5, which definitely precedes section 34, it states that the person with the most amount of people to vote for them gets eliminated, unless the host specifically states otherwise before the elimination (which he did not). Harold was the only one who voted for me during the night of "Basic Straining". Due to contract precedence binding, section 22.5 overrides section 34 so therefore, the rigging of votes would go against the show's contract. My lawyers and I have decided on a six million dollar lawsuit if I am not allowed to debut on "Total Drama Action." I really hope you take that into consideration when you read this email.

So, let me continue with my second contention. I ensure you that I will add drama when I return to the competition. Everyone left in the competition is either as dumb as a doorknob or are just plain crazy. Let me list the contestants (my opposition) one by one and point out their evident flaws. Owen will be the first one I will talk about. You see, I am aware that he has recently suffered an injured jaw. How is it possible that you are not afraid that Owen will sue the show? That type of injury can cause two million dollars worth of lawsuits, more than what you will pay the eventual winner of Total Drama Action (which I ensure is going to be me). Beth is an underachiever who produces boring television. Nobody wants to watch a "wannabe" try to achieve athleticism or intelligence, but ultimately fail. It leaves a feeling of emptiness in the audience. Lindsay, the next contestant on which I will elaborate, lacks IQ and is very unintelligent. "Lindsiot", as I call her, is incapable of even having a brain. I don't even know who the process inside her head can even comprehend the understanding of a challenge. Justin, the male model, may seem like the type who would take the initiative who would convince others with his looks. However, deep inside the outside crust, he is a stuck-up male model who is easily manipulatable. Heather is a bald freak. The lack of hair on her scalp exposes ultraviolet rays. According to a Toronto research poll, these ultraviolet rays can impend everlasting damage to her brain, which could make her unable to compete and may have to be removed due to injury. This sudden removal may impact your challenge structure on which you have worked so diligently on. LeShawna's attitude and readiness to hurt a human being is dangerous. Because of her reckless attitude, someone's teeth might be knocked right out of their mouth. It would cost the show a plethora of money, which could be easily be prevented by one of my top-class traditional psychology lessons. Duncan is the final member I would like to discuss. His constant "bad boy" attitude may seem appealing to the viewers, but he has a soft side, i.e. obtaining a new bunny for DJ after the first one had passed away. There is no need for this bipolar attitude that can lead towards destruction.

This is my third and final contention of this email. Because I was cheated out of Total Drama Island (Basic Straining), it is only fitting that I obtain additional benefits if you and your executive producers do not wish to be sued for six million dollars. These are my conditions once my lawsuit is filed: I will obtain my own person bathroom, 5 star gourmet food provided by Chef Hatchet, and my own use of a personalized digital assistant. Trust me, these advantages will include necessary drama that I will put into the competition. If the others are on an unequal "playing field", jealousy will burn within their tiny hearts, which will cause their emotions to take over their pathetic bodies, which will cause the ratings to skyrocket.

So, my three contentions are proven statistically and mentally to bring drama to this otherwise "dull" competition. With my values and criterions of integrity and forcefulness, I ensure you that my contentions of suing the show, bringing drama, and having advantages will threaten you into letting me into the show. Remember, 6 million dollars will not help you buy that plane you want for that secret third season you are planning. Thank you for your time, and I'll see you when I debut on Total Drama Action.

Courtney obtained an email back 6 hours and 43 seconds later.

RE: Fine…

Courtney opened her email account and smiled. She knew revenge was coming her way...all she had to do was grasp it.


MrD's Story

Name: The Drama Machine

Author: Mrdaimion

Setting: Almost imedietly after Total Drama World Tour ended.

Main character: Alejandro, in the Drama Machine

I... I can't remember... What happened to me? Something bad... Painful... Heartbreaking... But what was it? I didn't have enough time to figure out this deeply puzzling question before someone shouted near-by.
"He's awake! He's awake!" I turned my head towards the noise, and saw that a scientist, or more likely intern, was the source of it. Chris smiled broadly, the sun-light reflecting off of his teeth.
"Excellent..." He rubbed his hands together and laughed manically, not being able to get any more cliche. He didn't bother to fill me in on anything, and he turned to all of the interns. "The board will come here in a few hours to see if this, er, 'product' is acceptable. Everyone, get yourself presentable." Chris walked off, presumably to follow his own advice, and the interns scrambled across the area. I might have found it humorous if I didn't have so much on my mind.
Wh-What product? Are they talking about me? I thought, that being all on my mind as the hours crept by, until the board finally arrived.

Chris hurried to greet them, and he grinned at them.
"Welcome," He started. "to which will be the greatest reality show of all time!" He started walking off, and with his hand, gestured for them all to follow him. They all looked at each other and shrugged, then they followed him. He lead them all right in front of me, and they stared in marvel. "So, long story short, we gather the ex-contestants, and put them all in the body of the drama machine, and they shall be forced to compete together in a new season! What do y'all think?" The board members looked at each other skeptically.
"Hm... Well... I suppose we could do a test run of it, and..." The board member continued, but I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy thinking about what they did to me... Then it struck me that what they did to me was probably bad. And they wanted to do it again. To twenty-four other people. I couldn't let that happen. I did what distinctively sounded like a roar, surprising everyone. I stopped simply standing there and ran at them, causing Chris to jump out of the way, and leaving most of the board members trampled. I stopped, and turned to Chris.
"Woah, dude, you don't want to hurt this handsome devil, do you?" He said, obviously frightened.
"Yes, you are a devil..." I said, before swinging my arm at him, ending his life. I then furiously jumped out of the roof somehow to where it was raining, and heard people screaming. At me. Why me?
"I mean no harm." I said, but that didn't calm any of them down. They just wouldn't understand. Too simple-minded, I supposed, they must be in so much pain because of it. So, I decided to end their suffering. I stepped on as many as possible, getting some sadistic pleasure from it, for some reason.

I then saw some of them wise up, and send the military at me, like a cliche horror movie. The tanks came rolling in and fired at me, causing a tiny dent in my armor. I glared at the tanks, and stepped on some of them, causing them to instantly crumble under my power. Some people held their ground and continued to fire, yet the wiser ones made their tanks turn away, and get away from the scene as fast as possible. I instantly annihilated the ones that stayed, but I let the ones that ran away live. For now. Seeing how their big tanks didn't work, some idiot decided to send solders who looked like toys in my perspective after me. I rolled my eyes, and crushed them all instantly, the few bullets that were actually fired simply bouncing off of me. I continued on, the military not taking the risk of missiles in a highly populated area.

While I was walking through the once powerful city, some idiot people decided "Hey! It'll be an awesome idea to shoot at him with ordinary guns with the military can't defeat them!" A small group of people apparently followed his suggestion, and I looked down at them in pity.

"This is the reason I'm attacking you..." I growled, before stomping on them, adding some more to the death list. The other ones screamed in panic and ran away with a shocked impression, as if they actually expected that to work. I would have rolled my eyes, if I still had some, and I moved my arm in a swift blow, knocking a building over, and crushing some more citizens.

I continued on my journey, crushing everything in my path, until I saw someone important... Close to me... Then it hit me. Heather. She caused this to happen to me. I ran towards her, and she turned her head slightly towards me, then screamed for her life. She ran to no avail, and I picked her up.
"Well, Heather." I roared. "See what you did to me?" She nodded her head slightly. "Well, it's the last thing you'll ever freaking see." I was about to clench my first, crushing her to death, when I looked down. There was water gathering at my feet, and I saw my reflection. ... I was made of metal now, I horrid, horrid beast. I then looked around at all the carnage spread by me... All of the deaths, being my fault... Heather noticed my realization, and whispered two words:
"I'm sorry..." I shook my head, and put her down. I had to end this madness... I started running along, careful to not cause anymore damage, until I came to a cliff. I gulped, or I would have if I still had lungs. I looked up, at the sky, at the birds flying over my head.
The world's a much better place without me... I thought to myself. I took a deep breath, and jumped off. Before I hit the floor, I thought one last thought: You did good...


Draven's Story

The Truth









And secondary characters.

|||||Trent stepped inside of Gwen's Gothic room. "I wandered why you ever went goth,...But now I don't even wanna know. Gwen turned to Trent, laying down her sketch pad. "Truth be told, I am not Goth. I'm against it. But my family's nature forces me to be this way." Gwen says in response. She stands and kisses him on his cheek and walks out of her side door, leading to her garden. Trent walked over to the window, aside to the door. She ran up to Duncan, and hugged him. Trent didn't like him. Not one bit. Gwen hugged Duncan and got into his car with Courtney. Courtney, who was sitting in the side seat, looked at Gwen, and gave her an evil look. Courtney HATED that boyfriend stealer. "Where are we going?" She asked Courtney. Duncan got into the driver's seat and smirked. "Well,...We are gonna go to the local bar." He said. "No,...I don't drink." Courtney and Gwen said at the same time. They yanked on the door handles and tried to get out. "No-No!" Duncan said as he turned to the girls. "Let us go!" Gwen yelled. Trent looked at the car with the tinted windows. He saw that Duncan wasn't going to let them go. He ran to the car, trying to protect his girlfriend. He banged on the window, but Duncan payed no attention. The girls argued inside, wanting out of this danger's car. Trent ran over to the house, and lifted up a large rock, and threw it inside of Duncan's window. Duncan was mad now. He turned to Trent and raised his knife. Knife? Gwen and Courtney were horrified now. Duncan wrestled Trent into the car, and pulled open the lid from a can, and they all fell out, into a deep sleep. Duncan looked at the sleeping teens and giggled. He quickly drove off, into the distance.

|||||Gwen and Courntey and Trent awake inside of a small basement room. They look at each other and gasp. They all see tiny marks of skulls on them. They turned to one corner, and see the Drama Machine. They stand and run over to it and open up the head. Inside, lay Alejandro. "Gwen? Trent? Courntey? What did Duncan do to you?" Al asked. Gwen reponded, "We don't know. We just woke up here." Alejandro raised up a key. "This key goes to the door. I can't get out now. I'm useless." Alejandro said, handing over the key. Suddenly, after Gwen accepts the key, a large pair of Scissors stabs through the Drama Machine! "Gah!" Alejandro yelps as he slowly dies. "Holy crap!" Trent yells as he runs over to the door with Gwen. Gwen carefully unlocks the door. Now they could run. Courtney turned. "Scissorman!" he yelled. Gwen turned as well, "He's from a game! A stupid game!" She gasped at the sight. The killer trampled towards them.

|||||||He quickly took of his Mask and costume, to reveal a monk's cloth. Still holding the scissors, he said, "Hello kids. Want to die now?" He runs towards them, as they lock the door from the other side. Trent runs into the room, and sees Owen in the corner. "Owen!" He yells. Owen stands. "The killer,...He killed Leshawna,...He's after us now." "What?" Courtney asks Owen. "The killer,...Monk,...Scissors,...The chapel." Owen said. Suddenly, Scissors drive through the wall. Owen runs with the group, through the next door. Horror was struck. They were all inside of the Chapel. The Monk walks out from behind a large gothic statue. "Gwen, your family nature isn't Gothic. The only reason you are gothic, is because of me. Look at your arm." Gwen looks. She sees a birthmark, that says, "G" The monk shows his arm to them. "G" The Monk raises his scissors. It is all me. All because of you! It was all meant to be! And now it is all yur fault!" He says as he stabs two behind the statues in the area. The heads pop off and Chris and Chef's Heads are shown. They had been hidden inside the statue. Trent gasped, "Gwen?" Gwen looked at the Monk. She fell to the floor in horror. The killer was,...Duncan. Owen ran up to him and pushed him over onto Chris's statue. "Run guys!" Owen shouted. "Open it now! Now!!!" Duncan yelled from his suit. Suddenly, a large portal opened up inside of the Chapel. "See ya later!" Ducan yells as they all dissapear.

|||||They all appeared inside of a strange, pink land. The pink was the inside of an animal. Or Monster. They weren't sure. They did see a stomache and a heart. A voice was heard. "How does it feel to be inside of me?" Duncan said. Trent raised his guitar. A meanacing laugh was heard, as the body filled with blood. They were drowning. Trent quickly swam to the heart, and wacked it with the Guitar. It burst open, and everyone appeared back into Gwen's church. Trent looked around. Courtney said, "Is he,...Dead?" She wandered. Courtney sat down next to a wall, overcoming with today's events. Scared, she looked up. Suddenly, scissors drove through the wall.

Authors Notes:


Well, it says no Gory violence. It isn't Gory by definition. Gory would be filling all scenes in here with blood and guts. I did not, I hardly even mentioned blood. So count this as acceptable. :P

Writing will improve I promise. Accept meh! :D

Ult's Story

Jake's Story

What can happen in one school day:

It was a cold day in Ontario. Harold was waiting for his bus to come to his stop. Like usual, Harold hung out with the nerds.
"I can't get this rubix cube." Harold said, as he tried winning the rubix cube contest.

Every day, the geeks tried to fix the rubix cube and win. So far, no one has.

"Thanks for th rubix cube nerdy turdy." said Duncan as he ran with it.

Harold is upset and says "Give it back".

Duncan then throws it and it hits Harold's face, making Harold bleed a little.

"OW!" said Harold, trying to remove the blood from his face

One kid said "The bus is here".

"I'll never fit in" said Harold walking into the bus. Like usual, Harold sat in the front with the geeks where they practiced algebra every morning.

"Harold, what's up?" Harold's friend Cody said.

Harold, in a calm low voice, says "I really like that Heather girl over there". Harold then points to Heather.

"Ask her out, dude" said Cody

Harold then puffs up in chest and walks over to Heather. Harold then says "Hey baby. Wanna go out some time"?

Heather looks like she'll cry. However Heather laughs so much it makes Harold go back to his seat, with his not up, but down.

Cody looks at Harold and says "So she wasn't your type. Big deal brother. There's a lot more girls out there".

Harold then looking misreable says "I guess". He then takes a seat and stares out of the window.

The bus then arrives at school. Harold goes to his first period, which is algebra.

The teacher then says "Please pass your homework to th front of the row".

Harold then looks in his algebra notebook. He is surprised it isn't there. "Where is it?" Harold said.

"Thanks Mr.Burton" said Duncan

Harold turns and sees Duncan stole Harold's homework on the bus and wrote his name on it.

"Hey that's my homework!" Harold yelled. The whole class turns to him

"Yeah, that's right. That punk over there stole my homework". He then points to Duncan

Duncan gasps. "Shut up nerdy turdy." The whole class laughed at Duncan's insult, except Heather, as she was still laughing about Harold asking her out on the bus.

The teacher then says "BOTH OF YOU SIT DOWN NOW!". He then slams his ruler on the desk. "I will not put up with it".

All of a sudden, the bell rings, meaning it is time for science class.

Harold then gets up and leaves. He mutters to himself "Pfft. Delinquets".

Second period is Harold's science class. However the only thing that was bad in there is that Geoff pantsed Harold. Harold then pulled his pants up and tried to punch Harold but accidently punched the wall.

In third period, it was Harold's gym class.

"Today is dodgeball maggots" said Coach. "We play five games, best out of three. Get into teams!"

Duncan and Harold clearly tookother sides, which wasn't a surprise. The two have done that forever.

"Dodgeballs ready. And fire!" said Coach.

Lindsay then throws at Harold in his face. Harold is then upset, but he thought "It's Lindsay. It doesn't matter when it's her throwing it".

Geoff then throws a dodgeball at Harold. It hit Harold in his groin, which made things worse.

In a high and squeaky voice, Harold says "Ow" and falls to the ground. He is then lying there in much much pain.

"Gym is done anyway" said Coach.

Duncan then goes up to Harold and says "Hey dude. I'm really sorry about before.

"Really?" Harold said, still in his high and sqeaky voice.

"Nope. Not really dork". Duncan then kicks Harold in the gut.

In Harold's fourth period, it was geography class. Harold didn't mind geography most days, as Duncan wasn't in his class. Or Geoff. Or any other bully.

However, the cool kid is a bully. Owen is the star of his football team, because he is big and can take a hit. Owen then started throwing spitballs at Harold

"What the heck?" Harold said.

Owen then sat normal and looked like he was taking notes. He clearly didn't want Harold to know.

"I'll get back to my notes" Harold said. And he did. However another spitball came at Harold. This time Harold knew it was Owen.

"STOP!" Harold said, mad at the spitballs.

Owen didn't care what Harold said. He threw another spitball out. This time, however, Harold dodged the spitball. It landed right on Mrs.Elliots head.

Mrs.Elliot said "Harold! What is your problem today?"

Harold is shocked and says "That wasn't me. It was Owen"

"Blame stuff on the cool kid" said Mrs.Elliot. She then goes to her desk and writes a detention. "Come over here" she says.

Harold then walks up slowly, hoping it's not a-

"Detention" Mrs.Elliot said. Be here on Friday after school

The bell rung and Harold was so glad. He could now go to art class.

Harold's fifth period was art class. This was Harolds favorite class.

"Today we will be making paintings of your classmates. Please pair up with someone" said Ms.Barns, they art teacher.

Harold then paired up with Cody, since they were alone due to being nerds.

Cody, excited, said, "I'll do you first". Cody then got a paintbrush and began painting.

Later, when it was almost finished, Cody sneezed on the portrait.

Cody, unsure, what to do says "It's done. I hope"

Harold then is confused and says "Ok then. Now I paint you."

Harold painted Cody. However in the middle of painting, Harold went to use the bathroom but tripped over paint.

"GET IT OFF! My leg!" Harold said.

Harold then left the class. It was 6th period, language arts.

"Morning students. Take out your notebooks".

Harold then took his out. However it was all colored and said "I'M A BIG NERD. I'M A BIG NERD. I'M A BIG NERD". It also said "Also, something bad is gonna happen in language farts. Later".

Harold then decided to keep quiet, and maybe everything would go good.

However it didn't. It was a debate on if candy should be in schools. Harold knew if he didn't say anything, he would fail. Harold then said "It's to unhealthy. Bad".

Everyone looks at him like he asked them to dance the hula on a tiger.

"Mr.Harold, there will be no interupting in my class. Understand?

Harold then shook his head, in complete sadness now

Later, it was 7th period, which was computer class. Harold loved computer class, because all they did was play on the computer.

Harold, hwoever had to go to the bathroom. After he was granted permission, he left the room with his pass. While Harold left, some bully put Harold's computer to a dirty website, which is forbidden, no matter what computer is being used

Harold walks back in. The teacher is then mad at Harold. She says "Harold, I can't believe you'd go to a dirty website during my class".

Harold then looks confused at her. Harold runs back to the computer. Geoff made it go there. Harold yelled at Geoff for this. Harold then took a swing at Geoff, but missed and punched the teacher by accident. He knocked her out.

Harold is almost in tears and runs out of the classroom.

Later, Harold gets on the bus wihtout one word. He goes home.

Harold is doing homework when the princable comes and knocks on Harold's door.

Harold's mom opens it and says "How are you doing? Come in Mr.Hart"

Harold thought "This can't be good. I hate bad days"


Hope you like it :3

TDA15's Story

TD Holiday Special - TDAwesome15

(Note: This is really just a small segment of a holiday FF I was GOING to write...but didnt. -w-)

Chris: ‘Tis the season here on Total Drama, coming to you live from beautiful Camp Wawanakwa!

(camera shows the island completely frozen in a blizzard)

Chris: Er…yeah…we’ve decided to bring our contestants here for their most brutal, winter themed challenge yet! Along with some holiday cheer from our staff.

(camera shows Chef in a Santa suit)

Chef: Do I look like Santy Claus to you!?

Chris: How will our contestants survive these cold storms? If…they even GET here…coming up here on Total. DRAMA. *winds pick up and is blown away*

(theme song plays)

Chris: Welcome back! Here, our competitors will brave the bitter cold of Northern Ontario’s frozen blizzards, and--

Chef: Uh, Chris. Just got a call from the airport…..looks like their flight’s been canceled.

Chris: What...whatdya MEAN they can't get here!? You know we have like, an hour's worth of airtime to fill?

The phone rings, and Chris answers.

Harold: Its actually 44 minutes, not counting--

Chris: Goodbye, Harold. (hangs up)

Harold: Okay, GOSH. (hangs up)

Chris: Well what now? We’re live, we can’t just END the show with an hour left.

Chef: Well what do ‘spect me to do huh? Read ‘em a story!?

There is a long pause…

Chef: Ugh…(walks off)

(camera cuts to Chris and Chef sitting by the fire)

Chef: You really expect me to read this?

Chris: If it keeps us from getting canceled, then yes.

Chef: Fine.

(camera cuts to the story)

Chef: Every year on Christmas Eve, ole Santy Claus would load up his sleigh, and fly around the world from house to house. At each house, ole Santy Claus grabbed his bag full of toys and treats. And so, ole Santy Claus slid riiiiight down them chimneh.

Owen (in a Santa suit) is seen coming down the chimney, but gets stuck and starts squirming.

Chef: I said, Santy Claus SLID RIGHT down them chimneh!

Owen: Heheh, sorry

Chef: Ole Santy Claus brought all the kids new toys and goodies, and the kids left out a few cookies for ole Santy Claus--

Owen: Mmmhmhm, cookies (reaches for cookies)


Owen: Sorry!

Owen backs away from the cookie dish, but trips on a log in front of the fireplace, knocking over the Christmas tree. The lights on the tree catch on fire, and the alarm goes off, setting off the sprinklers.

Chef: Uh…so, after delivering the goodies to a house, Santy Claus climbed back up the chimney, and got back on his sleigh.

Owen: (calling at the people in the house) Uh…sorry guys, heheh. Don’t worry, I’ll pay for all that…uh…Merry Christmas, and--

Chef: Let’s GO!

Owen: Okay, sheesh…

Chef: Ole Santy Claus got up on his sleigh, and called out to his lil’ reindeer all lined up to go…

'Duncan'''': (wearing deer antlers and nose) Hey, why do I have to be the stupid deer?

Chef: Ole Santy Claus gave out a holler, and made the deer take flight.

Owen’s arm rises with a whip, and whips the deer and shouts.

Duncan: Hey, watch it! Owen: Sorry Duncan! It wasn’t me it was--

His arm whips the deer again, and the deer pull the sleigh into the sky.

Owen: Ahhhhaahaha! We're all gonna diiiiiiiiiieeee!!!


(That's all I wrote for it...)

Fanny's Story

Toad's Story

(This was my Write-Off entry. Some things were changed.)

Meh. Hello, I guess. My name's Noah. I'd prefer to not say my last name, due to privacy issues. After all, I've been a bit scared of stalkers ever since London, when that insane Ezekiel, or, whatever he was, caught me. Anyways, my parents decided to invite him over today, since he's now fully recovered. From what, you may ask? Well, over the course of Total Drama World Tour, which I did not win, Zeke managed to get first voted off again, turned into some sort of beast, lost his hair and ability to speak, and then almost died. Luckily, he's back to normal. Now, all I have to do is--

"NOAH!" shouts my mom. "He's here!"

I groan. Why do I, out of every contestant, have to see Zeke? Why can't it be, like, Owen or something? I mope down the stairs, and see Ezekiel. Hmm, no rapper bling or sunglasses. It looks like he's back to his own self, except he's still bald. He makes up for that by wearing his toque.

"Hey, Noah." says Ezekiel. No gangsta-speak or "yo, yo, yo"s? "Glad to see ya again, eh." he continues. Eh. I'm glad he's saying that again. I walk upstairs, and show him my room.

"Wow, eh." he says. "This is way better than my room at home."

I was tempted to ask, "What's your room at home?"

He responds, "Well, I sleep in the pole barn with th' cows, eh. Sometimes, th' couch." I seemed to be feeling sorry for him. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but he was turned into a zombie, then rejected by a surfer chick, then he almost died. So, I decided to do something nice for him.

"Hang on a sec," I told him, then walked downstairs and picked up my cell phone.

"Hello? Bridgette?" I asked.

Her voice began to pop up. "Yeah?" she said. "I need you to do something nice for Zeke. He's really--"

But, before I could finish, she hung up. Oh, well. I forgot about Geoff. I then decided to call someone else.

"Hey, Lindsay." I said onto the phone. Lindsay called me Tyler, so I hung up.

I needed to find the perfect girl for Ezekiel. Girl after girl, I had no luck. Finally, after a series of utter failures, I reached my last girl, or should I say, girls. Katie and Sadie. I called them, and tried to get it over with quickly. I then learned that they weren't doing anything much that night, and were lonely. So, I suggested a double date. Me with Katie, Zeke with the other schmuck. We decided to go to Micky D's, since that was Sadie's favorite place to go.

At McDonalds, we reserved a table, and ordered from our waiter. Waiter? This sure was a fancy fast-food restaurant that we went to. I am pretty sure it served venison. Anyways, I ordered lobster with broccoli, Katie ordered the venison, Sadie got a cheeseburger, and Zeke ordered Chicken McNuggets. Wow, out of everything you can get at a seemingly fancy restaurant, he picks the cheapest thing on the menu. Way to go, home-school. Not a good move in front of girls.

So, we chatted for a few minutes. Katie seemed to be talking about Nebraska Shore a lot, and Sadie was going on about some cute boys at her school. It seemed like she had no interest in Zeke. Eventually, she left, and stuffed her McNuggets down Ezekiel's shirt. He sadly moped away, out of the restaurant. But, the good news was, Katie was still there. We talked about school work. Seems like she gets straight A's, just like me. She was also making goo-goo eyes at me, which I was quite fond of. Who cares about Zeke? I think I just found my dream girl.

Th' End

Zach's Story

(Will be posted by February 20th, 2011)

MTDM's Story

A teenager woke up at 4:25 am, her usual wake-up time, in her parents' house in Montreal, Canada.
Her long violet hair was puffed up, in a usual morning manner.
Going by the name of Sierra Robinson, she grabbed her myPod and went on the application "Safari".
She went on her website, Survivor Sucks Forum, and spotted a new thread.
What!? Sierra thought to herself. Nobody creates a new thread without my permission!
Her eyes crisp as cookies, a tear shed from her eye, as she clicked the link.
The thread read "Total Drama - A New Reality Show".
Double-you tee eff?! she thought to herself.
"MOOOOM!!" she shouted as far as her lungs can go.
Sierra's mother, Jenny Robinson, walked into Sierra's room mad as hell.
"Sierra, honey, I know you always wake up now," Jenny said. "But you signed an agreement that you'll never wake me up."
"Mom," Sierra said annoyed. "This. is. extremely. important."
Jenny sighed, "Ask your father."
Sierra went into her parents' room, and woke up her father. "Daaaad!"
Jonny Robinson, Sierra's father, was woken up. "SHADAP!"
"Dad, it's important," Sierra said.
Jonny asked, "What!? And it better be!"
"Someone posted a thread on my site!"
"Without my permission."
"Then ban them. I don't care. GOOD. NIGHT."
"Great idea."

Before Sierra was about to ban the user KingQueenJackJoker123, she took a look at the forum.
"'Hey everyone! Guess what!?'" Sierra read. "'Did you ever hear about the show Total Drama? It's awesome! All I saw was a promo, but so far it's awesome! Here's the link. Watch it or else!
'Nah, just kidding. But seriously, you gotta watch it! I don't want to go spoiling and say Ezekiel is out fir— Oops! Watch it! It's tommorow night at 8:00 pm. 'Tis all! --KQJJ123~September 17, 2007.'
"Hm, comments..." Sierra said.
"'Thanks KQJJ123! It looks epic. - BubblesFan67'
"'Woah, this is freakin' epic. - LaLa'
"'Ugh, this su-- *just saw promo* OMG EPIC! - LadyBlaBlaROCKS'"
Sierra read another 82,657,268 comments on the thread, and they were all positive.
The last comment she read, said "'OMGWTFBBQLOL. Survivor sucks; this site is right! Goooo Total Drama! - TDIan1' Well, that's... positive..."
By the time she finished reading the comments, it was 7:25 pm.
"Wow, how positive these comments are..." Sierra said, rolling her eyes to heaven.
"It can't be as great as Survivor," the violet-hair said. "There's only one way to find out..."
She swifted her finger to the link of the promo, and saw it.

The Promo:

"Yo!" the host, who goes by the name Chris McLean, said. "We're coming at you live from Camp Wawanakwa, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario. I'm your host, Chris McLean, dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television, right now!"
The host moved to a dock. "Here's the deal, twenty-two campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp. They'll compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgment of their fellow campers. Every three days, one team will either win a reward, or watch one of their team members walk down the Dock of Shame, take a ride on the loser boat, ha ha, and leave Total Drama Island, for good!" Chris moved to campfire pit.
"Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where each week, all but one camper will receive... a marshmallow." The host took a bite of one marshmallow. "In the end, only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame and a small fortune, which let's face it: they're probably blow in a week. To survive, they'll have to battle...
"Black flies..." Flies buzzed.
"Grizzly bears." Grizzly bears roar.
"Disgusting camp food!"
A grub said "Hey now."
Chris continued. "And, each other! Every moment will be caught on one of the hundreds of camera situated all over the camp. Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out here right now on... TOTAL..... DRAMA...... ISLAND!"

By the time Sierra finished the promo, it was 7:35 pm.
"Oh mi," she said, surprised.
"Tha... That's epic."
Sierra's stomach grumbled.
"Uh-oh. Haven't eaten for over 14 hours..."
Her stomach grumbled again.
"MOOOOM. DAAAAD. CAN I HAVE BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER ALL IN ONE PLACE!?" Sierra screamed at the top of her lungs.
"WHAT!? WHADDAYA WANT?" Mr. Robinson said.
Sierra sighed, as she dropped her myPod down, and walked down the stairs.
"Sierra, your mother went on a field trip with her class, so it's only me, unfortunately. Now, what is that you want!?" Jonny asked.
"Breakfast, lunch, and dinner," she said.
"Just........ no."
"But I missed all three meals!"
"Make it yourself, you old scutter."
"Gaspeth!!" Sierra said. "Daddy, you used to be nicer." She started to cry.
"........since when?" Jonny asked, eyes wide.
"I don't know," Sierra admitted. "But this is not the man Mom fell in love with!"
"You're right; it isn't."
"I don't know, buildin' up drama."
"That was totally dramatic, Dad," Sierra said, rolling her eyes to heaven.
"Speaking of totally dramatic," Jonny said. "You should watch this show; Total Drama Island."
"I know."
"Whaddaya mean?"
"On my site, there were so many positive comments about that, and negative ones about Survivor."
"I will go make my food, and then will watch Total Drama in five minutes," Sierra chuckled.
"While you're at it, get me a hotdog," Jonny insisted.
Sierra chuckled.
"Okay, Daddy," she said.

Sierra and her father were seen watching the new show- Total Drama Island.
As the next contestant- the one who goes by Cody- entered the show, Sierra felt as if her heart was stolen by the TV, as the show went to commercial.
"DADDY, I WANT THAT BOY," Sierra yelled.
"I'm not afraid that's not possible, Sierra," Jonny said, then thought about his favorite artist.
"I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid).
That's not possible (that's not possible).
Si-e-rra (Si-e-rra).
That's all I can go to," Jonny frowned.
Sierra shushed her father. "SHUT UP, YOU OLD SCUTTER. IT'S BACK ON."
Sierra's father looked surprised.
"I love you," Sierra said awkwardly.

After the premier of the first episode of Total Drama Island, Sierra immediately deleted her Survivor Sucks Forum and made seven sites of Total Drama Island, eighty-two of Cody, and fifteen of every other contestant (and Chris and Chef).
"My future husband..." Sierra chuckled.
"He will be mine... Cody, here. I. come. I'm comin' for ya'!"

And with that, Sierra found out about Total Drama.
She recieved the oppurtunity to interview the twenty-two people later on.
She also has a chance to be on Season Three of Total Drama... with Cody!
Although Cody still thinks she's creepy and wants the two to be just friends, Sierra's plans are different.......................

(TDA6 has given me the boost, and now I believe I'm a better author than before! :D *sadistic comment :P)

Jessica's Story

(Two things... 1. This was my Toad-al Writers Island entry week one, and 2. This is short, but not my best...I sure hope you fully get the message.)

From Party to Guitar

A 25-year-old woman in a blue sweatshirt is sitting beside the ocean.

A wave crashes against the rocks in front of the dock, in front of her.

The woman doesn't flinch, though.

She got wet from the wave, but it doesn't seem to fase her.

"Geoff," she whispers softly, obviously upset by something.

A man, about the same age, approaches from behind her, slowly.

"Bridgette," he says, "he's gone. You must accept that."

The woman, Bridgette, turns to see a man in a camoflague shirt behind her.

"Trent," she says, "he can't really be gone, can he?"

The man, Trent, looks down. "Yes, he can. It is possible. You have to learn to accept his fate."

She buries her face into her legs as she cries.

A wave hits the rocks in front of her and crashes on top of her head, soaking her from head to toe.

Trent sighs and sits next to her.

"I had to accept that same fact when Gwen died, remember?" Trent reminds Bridgette.

She looks up, tears streaking down her peach skin. "I remember, she was a close friend."

Trent manages to put a smile on his face and says, "Well, you should accept Geoff's fate."

Bridgette looks at Trent, now teary-eyed. "Trent, please stop forcing yourself to remember."

Trent wipes his eyes with the edge of his sleeve.

Trent looks up at Bridgette and grabs a guitar lying next to Bridgette.

"I miss the way, Gwen said hello," Trent sings, rememebering the song Owen sang after he and Izzy broke up.

"By hugging me, real tight," Bridgette sings.

The two continue to sing, until tears cover their peach-skinned faces.

Trent looks Bridgette in the eyes.

Bridgette looks back.

The two move their faces closer to each other and they kiss.

After the kiss stops, Bridgette says, "I will never get over Geoff, and you will never forget Gwen, but I think I can go from party to guitar, if you can go from goth to surf."

Trent looks down and slightly smiles.

Trent nods and the two hug, tears running down their faces.

A tribute to Trent and Bridgette.

Snow's Story

50 years later. By Snow

(Im sorry i like it this way)

Chris: *as a old man* Wheres my beard cutter?

Chefs ghost: Here.

Chris: Thx.

Courtney: Lets start.

Chris: Fine voting for a new cohost since chef is dead. Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Justin, Al, Gwen,Beth or Owen.

Sierra: Cody.

Chris: Codys not a choice.

Sierra: Fine Beth.

Katie and Sadie. We pick Justin!

Eva: Duncan.

Lindsay: Beth.

Chris: DJs the last voter.

DJ: Duncan.

Chris: K Revote. Lindsay, Gwen, Harold and Geoff will vote.

Lindsay: Beth.

Gwen: Duncan.

Harold: Beth.

Geoff: Duncan.

Chris: Really. Fine both will host

Duncan: I don't want her cohosting with me!

Beth: Yeah!

Chris: Fine 5 ppl vote.
Geoff: Duncan

Gwen: Duncan

Justin: Beth

Al: Beth

Courtney: Duncan

Chris: Duncan wins *Drops dead*

Duncan: ANYONE can win. Voters vote

Noah: Izzy

Courtney: Al

Owen: Izzy

Geoff: Bridgette

Lindsay: Beth

Duncan: And Izzy wins

Izzy: I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RCMP: *Takes Chris*

Chris: What was that

RCMP: Your fired

Chris: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan: Tune in to TOTAL DRAMA NEW HOSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end

(It was short but a new idea.)

Oatmeal-'s Story

What REALLY happened at the Casa De Loser before the Final Debut (Owen vs. Gwen) .

Casa De Loser is an exclusive resort just for the eliminated people of Total Drama Island. After all the “guests” arrived there, due to Owen and Gwen making it to the final two; started to argue who would win. Trent obviously supported Gwen, because she was his love interest AT the time. Gwen also had many supporters! But, this story isn’t about that. It’s what REALLY happened at Casa de Loser. Well, remember the guy that Gwen beat up while eating a sandwich? He’s back, and madder than ever! It’s nighttime; all the ex-contestants were scrambling due to the news of the release of the killer.

Harold, in the midst of all this action, decided it was NOT a good idea to start scrambling. So he rounded up all the contestants, and shouted at them. “Guys! Gossh. This is just like that movie. You know the movie with the guy who ran, and the other guy who didn’t run. This is just like the end of that mov-. “ Katie and Sadie interrupted him, and spoke in synchronized words, “But, we didn’t get to see the END of that movie. It was too scary!” Izzy also interrupted, “I know how we can get rid of him, and first off we need 25 plies of wood. Then we need a diesel fuel truck, we also need a cactus. Oh! A frozen fish too!”Noah sarcastically said, “Yea, I’ll get my Giant Ogre to run out, and get those things.” He rolled his eyes. “Good!” Izzy said.

Duncan had one foot on a chair and was leaning against it, asked “Moron’s, aren’t you guy’s going to ask the guy who’s PRO at scary movies?” He then shifted two thumbs at himself and said “THIS GUY RIGHT HERE. First off, DON’T go alo-.” He noticed that Geoff and Ezekiel were missing. “Where’d they go? Bridgette?” he asked to her, she replied, “Geoff said that he was going to have a man-to-man talk with him about sneaking up on me.” While she said that, Duncan pulled out a notebook and crossed out Geoff and Ezekiel’s name. In another part of the island, Geoff and Ezekiel were talking, “The Zeke-ster can get ANY girl he wants, bro. Homie, yo yo yo.” Ezekiel said while flailing his arms up and down. Geoff replied, “Oh hey, No you can’t! You were the first guy eliminated for making all the girls mad at you. “The camera panned to the side, and then panned back at Geoff and Ezekiel who were squirming in the corner as a huge shadow approached them. Then, the camera went back to Duncan and the Crowd.

Duncan taught, Rule 2: Make a trail of where you go, so you don’t go in circle-“Cody after heard this, went to walk around with his bag of BBQ chips, dropping a crumb every once in-a-while. Cody ran out of chips, so he was running as fast as he can back home not noticing where he was running, and not following Duncan’s advice. Cody tripped and said, “Ladies? Ladies?” he then noticed a shadow. He screamed, “HEEEEELPPPPPP” Sierra, not being part of this show, popped out of no-where and looked for Cody. Sierra said, “Cody? Cody-kins?” Duncan was saying “Don’t attackALL strangers; you don’t know if they can help.” Sierra ran into the crowd, “OMIGOSH, it’s the Total Drama CAST.” Sadie, Beth, and Katie yelled out, “You took Cody! Give him back!” They grabbed her, Harold walks to Sierra in one of those old Al-Capone suits and said, “So you took one of our blood, take her to the-“ The camera closes in on Harold’s eyes, “Marshmallow Pit.” They then dragged her off, Duncan tried to interrupt by saying, “You guys aren’t strong enough to fight off the Pit-Killer! Bring DJ!” DJ walked over to them, but nervously said “I don’t think this is a good idea”

They started walking, DJ after he saw the killer, screamed and ran away. The camera pans away from him and pans away to the girl are dragging Sierra away. The killer was a big burly man, who could lift up two cars at the same time. So he lifted all the girls, and put them in his bag, they screamed so loud that the whole island could hear them. Duncan said, “Oh whatever! I give up. I’m going in.” He marched down to where the girl’s been, and said “Let’s go Killer?” he looked at the person, and noticed it was a 4”11 intern. Geoff, Ezekiel, Sierra, Sadie, Katie, and Cody jumped out from behind a tree. “April-Fools!” they shouted. “But, who’s she?” they all pointed at Sierra.

Word of Advice to you, Sierra’s a stalker; and Duncan’s word is key in a death situation.

810/810 words.

Drama's Story

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama World Tour

Chris:Last time on Total Drama World Tour,3 Contestants remained in the finale!Heather won first place in the race to hawaii.Then Alejandro and Cody tied for second place getting them into the finale.

Chris:Then in the finale Alejandro beat Cody in the tiebraker challange making Alejandro and Heather the final two!In the end Heather won Total Drama World Tour!Who knew?Me.What will happen next?Find out right now on Total Drama World Tour!

(After everybody swims away)

Heather:Well there's goes my million.I hate this show!

Leshawna:You hate everything.

Noah:Ain't that the truth.

Heather:Shut up and go swim to the valcano.

Alejandro:Heather i have returned!

Heather:As a robot.

Chef:Chris what are we gonna do now?

Chris:I don't know.I'm thinking.

Chef:About what?
Chris:About thinking about what i trying to think about.

Justin:Look's like my popularity is back.

Leshawna:Now that we all know Alejandro is a backstabber your hot.

Justin:Like always.

Duncan:Hey Gwen.

Gwen:Hey Duncan.

Courtney:That's it!I'm tired of you two and i'm tired of Gwen smooching with my man.

Gwen:Well atleast i'm not you.

Courtney:So what that post to mean?

Gwen:Oh nothing.

Cody:Well atleast 3rd place is ok.Right?

Sierra:Sure.You should've won.

Cody:I knew i'd never win from the start.

Sierra:It's ok.Chris will just add another season.

Chris:No.Total Drama is over forever!


Chris:All my money is gone!Now i can't have a fourth season due to no prize.

Chef:That means i'm not getting paid!Which means no money for me.

Heather:Who cares.We need the money more than you Sargent Chef.

Chef:Why i outta.

Owen:Woah.Easy Chef.Well you got fish near you so let's eat.

Chef:Do you think that Food will pop up anytime for you?

Chef:Never mind.

Chris:I got a surprise for all of you at the island.

Heather:Do you mean lammo Camp Wawanakwa?

Chris:Yep.All 25 of you will race to the island.The contestant that gets their first goes to Season Four!

Noah:Only one.Oh gosh what a challange.(sarcasticlly)
Lindsay:I know right.

Noah:Leave me alone.

Chris:Let the race begin!On your mark!Get set!Go!

  • Everybody gets in speedboats and takes off

Justin:Let's kick it into high gear!

  • presses the turbo button


  • falls off boat

Justin:This was not suppost to happen.

  • everybody passes him

Justin:Well better start swimming.

Chris:Cody is in the lead!
Cody:Thank goodness.


Cody:Ahh!What are you doing on here?

Sierra:I can't stand a season without you codykins!

Cody:Oh great.Another season with her?What did i do to deserves this!

  • boat stops

Cody:Oh no.This was the same boat i used in Episode 25!We're out of fuel!

Sierra:Luckily i got some gasoline from the plane just incase.

Cody:Well that was odd.

  • Heather passes him

Cody:Hurry sierra!

  • boat starts going again

Cody:Yes!Now all we have to do is catch up with Heather.

Heather:Yes!I'm gonna make it!

Justin:I need to get on the nearest boat.

Leshawna:Wanna lift sugarbaby?

Justin:Thank you Leshawna.

Harold:Back off The Other Alejandro.I didn't trust him.I don't trust you.I'll destroy you will my wicked skills.

Justin:Which are nerdy.See ya later.

  • boat takes off

Harold:I'll get you for this!

Cody:There's heather!

Geoff:Move out of the way.

Leshawna:I smell Victory!Oh no.

  • Leshawna crashes with Cody and Sierra

Alejandro:Time to take off this suit!

Bridgette:Your back to normal!

Alejandro:That quick.Oh no.

  • Alejandro,Cody,Sierra,and Leshawna crash

Owen:We're gonna make it Izzy!Oh no.Not again!

  • Cody,Sierra,Alejandro,Owen,Leshawna,and Izzy crash

Heather:First place.Oh no!So close!

  • Cody,Sierra,Alejandro,Owen,Leshawna,Izzy,and Heather crash.

Duncan:Here we go again.

  • Cody,Sierra,Alejandro,Owen,Leshawna,Izzy,Heather,and Duncan crash into the island

Chris:Oh great.Another tie.Well since all of you got first place all of you are going to Season Four!

Cody,Sierra,Alejandro,Owen,Leshawna,Izzy,Heather,and Duncan:Woo hoo!

Courtney:No!I wanted to be in Season Four!Me only!

Chris:Well you should of crashed with the others.

Courtney:I'll sue you again!

Chris:No matter.I had all my money all along.But i'll add in Noah and Courtney.

Noah:Great.Another season.

Courtney:Yeah that's right!

Tyler:Oh well.Atleast i have you Lindsay.Lindsay?
Lindsay:Oh justin.

Tyler:Now i lost her!I hate my life.

Lindsay:Oh Justin i hate you Alejandro!

Justin:But i'm not Alejandro!How many times do i have to say it!

Lindsay:I may be dumb but i'm smart enough not to fall into your trap Alejandro.

Justin:Never mind.Just go!

Lindsay:Come on Tyler.Let's go.

Tyler:Ok Lindsay.

Cody(CONF):Here we go again.

Alejandro(CONF):I'm back and this time i am going all the way to the top.Just you watch me.

Heather(CONF):I'm going to win back my million dollars.Just you wait.

Ezekial:What about me eh?

Justin:You just missed it.

Ezekial:Miss what?
Justin:A chance to compete in Season Four.


Cody:This time i'm in it to win it.

Chris:22 Contestants.8 Weeks and a whole lot of cash!Who will win this time?Find out next season on Total Drama Reloaded!

The End

AJ's Story

(This Takes place right after Total Drama World Tour)

Despite the shining sun outside, the contestants of Total Drama were sitting gloomily on a Hawaiian beach, well...most of them.

"Is she....really gone?" Bridgette asked, her voice shaking.

"We're not sure, but we haven't heard anything from the policemen yet." Chris replied.

Owen looked over at Chris sadly, "This...this can't be happening." He began to cry. He then felt a hand on his shoulder.

"It's ok big guy", he looked up and saw Noah standing there. The contestants exchanged worried glances, as police men pulled up alongside the beach.

"She wasn't THAT mean, she didn't deserve this," Sierra wailed "I actually miss her."

"I never realized what it would be like with her actually gone" Gwen replied sadly. She lay her head down on Trent's shoulder, and felt a tear run down her cheek. Duncan looked over, despite the anguish in the air he felt a ping of jealousy. It was interrupted by the sound of crunching sand. He looked over at Courtney, sitting by herself, and decided to go sit by her. This isn't the time Duncan thought, but she shouldn't be alone during something like this.

Two police men approached, both with sad looks on their faces, "I'm really sorry everyone, but we have some bad news".

The contestants got into DJ's bus, and prepared themselves for a long drive over to the hospital. It was true, Heather was really gone. Most of the contestants just barely escaped the lava flying through the air, but Heather didn't. She got hit right in the back. It took the contestants a while to grasp that her being gone was real, but now her absence hit them. Ezekiel was also nowhere to be seen, but his disappearance was minor compared to what happened to Heather. The contestants chatted over their lost competitor in the back seats of the bus. Leshawna was sitting at the table with Katie, Sadie and DJ.

"Suddenly, i feel bad for slapping Heather." She said, remembering back to what happened in the Alps.

"It's so depressing that she is gone." Katie cried, as she inched closer to Sadie.

"So soo depressing." Sadie agreed.

DJ also had a look of sadness on his face, "No one deserves this kind of fate man, no one."

The contestants arrived at the hospital, and were brought up to a room on the fifth floor that overlooked Hawaii. There she was, eyes closed, lying on the hospital bed with an oxygen mask attached to her mouth. After twenty minutes of watching Heather lie there in silence, the Doctor walked into the room.

"She isn't dead, but she's in a horrible condition. She should be awake soon." He said, trying to hide the anguish in his voice. Heather's eyes blinked open, and she looked around at all of her fellow contestants that stood around her room. She couldn't believe it, they actually cared enough about her enough to visit.

"Hannah, i'm really sorry this happened to you" Lindsay cried. She tightly hugged Beth and both of them burst into tears. Heather's breaths steadily became heavier and more distanced.

She raised her head as far as she could and looked at everyone, "Thanks Lindsay, thanks everyone, I can't believe you guys came."

"We couldn't leave you my lady" Harold replied with a bow.

"Yeah, no man left behind" Geoff said, tearing up. This was too much, even for easy going Geoff.

"Alejandro, please come here" Heather said in a weak voice.

Alejandro walked over to her and knelt down by her bed. He slowly took her hand. Heather's eyes were full of pain as she looked up at Alejandro,

"Alejandro, I have one thing to say...I'm sorry." With that her breathing stopped, causing everyone's head to hang. She passed away with a smile, and everyone knew it was true... she was gone.

TN's Story

Neko's Story

Note: This is written in Noah's point of view.

Do I really have to write this?

No. But whatever.

Apparently, I have to write my views on all of the other people who competed on Total Drama, due to Chris telling me to, and my contract.

If I ever win Total Drama, the first thing I'm doing is buying myself out of that contract.


So what do I think about the others? Let's see. Well, I'll start with people I actually like.

Owen? He may be a ticking time bomb of noxious fumes, but he's honestly my best friend on this show. World Tour would've sucked even more without him there, and I'm glad I'm his friend. Even if he can clear an entire house- no, mansion in five seconds flat.

Izzy, now she's another story. One, those fansites need to quit pairing us together. Two, she's absolutely, postively insane. She caused a huge explosion on Boney Island just by using a ball of sap and twigs, and was one of the RCMP's Most Wanted. Because of this, I'm glad she's on my side. Even if she's constantly trying to cause situations between Cody and I, I can tell she's got her heart in the right place. I just hope being her friend doesn't mean I get maimed.

Speaking of Cody, let's talk about him. No, I am NOT in love with him. Just because I kissed him in my sleep doesn't mean I'm gay. Continuing on, Cody's a pretty good friend. We used to play video games all the time back at Playa de Losers, and I always beat him, for the record. When he's not being stalked by Sierra or fawning over Gwen, he can hold a pretty decent conversation.

And to finish it off, I'll discuss Eva. The only other sane one in "Team E-Scope", she's a great person when she doesn't want to kill you. Her anger mangement has improved, and I think she'd do well if she compete again. Plus, Total Drama wouldn't be a complete waste of my life with her around.

No, that does not mean I'm in love with her, Cody, or Izzy. Geez.

So that's pretty much the only people I am friends with on Total Drama. I mean, there are others who I'm neither friends nor enemies with, such as DJ, Leshawna, Tyler, and Bridgette. But the others... Yeah, don't get me started. Oh, wait, I have to write about them. Joy.

Well, one of the people who's pretty high on this "hate list" is Justin. God, I can't stand him. He's the definition of Narcissist, always looking in a mirror and thinking he's the hottest thing to walk the planet. It was hilarious to see him fail to be a good antagonist in Action.

Another person I greatly dislike would have to be Alejandro; he's like another Justin, only more evil. He's so full of himself, and he's truly an eel. Yes, I'm still bitter about being eliminated. Wouldn't you be?

Oh, yeah, now that I mentioned people who got me eliminated, there's Duncan. He truly thinks he's the most bad-a-- Oh, yes, PG show. Don't want Chris angry, now would I? Right. Anyway, he thinks he's so cool, being a menace to society. But everyone knows he got DJ a new bunny. Not so bad now, aren't you? I don't understand what Courtney and Gwen are so excited about.

Courtney, ugh. "I was a C.I.T.!" "I was almost class president!" (I was, in case you were wondering.) No one cares, honey. And the only other person who likes you is Bridgette, and she doesn't even like you that much. Heck, Heather has more friends.

Now, Duncan's current girlfriend, Gwen. I almost feel sympathy for her; karma's really come back to bite her in the butt. But she's willing to lose a slight friend for Duncan? I'd take crazy Trent over him. Which reminds me--

Oh, you want me to stop writing, Chris? I'm taking too much time? Well, let's not focus on "The Host With The Most", shall we? He was the worst boss I ever had. I got barely any pay for all the work I did, and not to mention he tortures teenagers daily on his show. He's a bald, two-timing, ego-obsessed, sadistic--

Oh, you say I can stop now? Whatever, I'm glad that's over. Never again, you hear, Chris?

Heather rocks's Story

(Note:This Story Is About The Survivors Of The Volcano Eruption In TDWT)


  • Duncan
  • Gwen
  • Heather
  • Courtney
  • Noah
  • Sierra
  • Cody
  • Owen

Heather got up standing on a beach and looked around and saw other survivors,"Where are the others?"Heather asked,looking for the the other contestants.

"Don't know,they probably died or something,"Duncan said in a calm,yet confused tone,"Gwen,you're here!So is Courtney."

"Duncan!I thought I might've lost you,"Gwen said very excited.

"Well I'm alive!"Duncan said and hugged Gwen.

Courtney just stared at them not wanting to say anything,but she stopped staring because Owen and Noah had distracted her.

"Noah!You're alive!Thank god,my buddy is still alive!"Owen said gleefuly,"but where's Izzy?".

"Owen, I have no idea where Izzy is, but I suppose it's nice to see you too." Noah said, while he was looking for Izzy.

"Cody!!!,"Sierra said,as she ran for Cody picking him up and kissing him over and over.

"Um,hi Sierra,how's it going?"Cody said nervously.

"Oh,I'm doing great!Except for my baldness and my legs."Sierra said not caring about what happened her,but caring about Cody mostly.

Heather looked at everybody then stared at the ocean waiting for someone else to come stranded on this beach,with nowhere to go,"I guess we're all here,"she finaly said.

"I guess we are,"Courtney said eyeballing Heather.

"So,what do we do now?"Gwen asked looking at everybody,with Duncan's arms wrapped around her like a snake,"Ow,Duncan,not so tight," and Duncan loosed up his arms just a bit.

"I don't know Gwen,why don't you ask Duncan,"Courtney said angrily.

"Whatever,anybody else want to say something,"said Gwen,not taking her eyes off Courtney.

"I guess we should survive here for a while 'til we think of something,"Heather said randomly.

"Ooh,that's a good idea Heather,I'll get the wood!"Sierra said and went off running to get some wood to make some shelter.

"Finaly a good idea from Heather,"Gwen said and everybody,but Heather laughed.

"That's probably because she's not focousing on the game anymore 'cause it's over,"Noah said to Gwen.

"That's a good point,"both Gwen and Duncan said and they looked at each other and laughed.

"Is there anything we will need?"Cody asked looking at Heather.

Heather rolled her eyes and said,"We need some food,so get going boys,"

Cody looked at Heather in horror,"You mean..we have to hunt for our food!?"

"Yes,you guys have to get it." Heather said laughing.

"Meh,I can hunt for food," Duncan said without worry.

So,Cody and Duncan went into the forest without Noah or Owen because they were searching for Izzy,"Izzy?Where are you!?"Owen cried out.

"Owen I don't think we're going to find her." Noah said looking worried,"I think she might-might be..."

"Dead!?" Heather said and looked at both Noah and Owen.

"She's dead!?" Owen sobbed."This-this can't be it's impossible!"

"Owen are you okay?"Noah looked at Owen,while he was on the floor fainted.

"Noah,go take Owen somwhere then go and hunt with Cody and Duncan." said Heather.

Gwen and Sierra was helping Noah take Owen somwhere,"I wonder if Cody is okay"Sierra said,worried.

"Sierra calm down he's with Duncan he's-"Gwen said,but was interrupted by Sierra.

"What if he dies?What if wolves eat Cody?" Sierra said,freaking out.

Finaly,Sierra,Gwen,and Noah got Owen on top of a hill and they fell on the floor,tired out,and fell right to sleep.

As Cody and Duncan wandered in the forest,they were looking around looking if something comes out and eats them.

"Are you sure we're going to find food here?We haven't found anything so far," Cody said to Duncan.

"Yes,there has to be something we can eat in this forest,"Duncan said looking around for food.

"Found something!" Cody said staring at a bunnie,but then looks at something else and Duncan looked too.

"Is that-"Duncan said,unable to finish the sentence.

"Ezekiel?"Cody said,staring at the body of Ezekiel.


Kg's Story

Okay, so, I was going to do the lost TDI episode with modeling and sharks, but I kept losing my work, so my entry's been cut short.

Chris beamed as he stood proudly on the Dock of Shame, as he did for the past twenty-one episodes. "Last time on Total Drama Island, our final six were chained together to compete in our tri-armed triathlon! Since I'm just so nice, I paired everyone up with the best friend they have left on camp. Hehe, not. They were about to kill each other! Seriously, LeShawna was going homicidal. Anyways, after an annoying tie at the end of the challenge, no one was safe! Our party buddy Geoff got the boot after he was declared too nice. Now we're at our top five! The end is near, people. Will Heather ever get eliminated? Will LeShawna kill her before that happens? Find out, only on this episode of Total! Drama! Island!"

After the theme song, the camera focused in through the window of the Mess Hall.
LeShawna and Gwen sat beside each other on one table, while Duncan and Heather sat at the other table.
Duncan: (confessional) Geez, all there is now is tension. At least with Geoff this show wasn't a mini-soap opera.
Gwen: (confessional, sighing) This show sucks. That's the hundredth time I've said that, and I'll say it again. This show sucks. When I made friends with Geoff, I actually thought that it was decent here. Then everyone had to get all strategical, and he's gone. Now all I have left is LeShawna. And, maybe Duncan. (a very slight smile, then snaps) But I'm still hating it here.
LeShawna: (confessional, swatting flies) This place is just nasty. But I'm in it to win it. I've made it to the final five! Out of twenty-two!
Owen walked into the Mess Hall, panting, "Hoo, hey guys. Did you ever notice how far away the guys' cabin is from here? It's like a mile!"
"More like ten meters," Gwen corrected.
Owen began to reply, but he passed out of exhaustion.
Heather exited the Mess Hall to go back to her cabin, stepping over Owen.
Heather: (confessional) You don't realize how hard it is to stay in the same room as those people. We've got a mudball, a delinquent, goth-a-palooza, and our wonderful glamour queen.

Chef shoved Heather back into the Mess Hall, and tripped over Owen.
Frustrated, he stood back up and cleared his throat. "Y'all can't leave, Chris told me to keep you here 'til he announces the challenge."
Gwen complained, "And what's so important, that he can't come here now?"
Chef rolled his eyes. "I dunno, he started havin' some sorta breakdown about 'split ends'."
Gwen and LeShawna giggled, as Heather looked at them, disgusted.
Heather slyly added, "LeShawna, you shouldn't be laughing. I mean, think about how your weave feels. Do you really want to—"
Chef clamped his mouth over Heather's mouth. "Don't mess with a girl and her weave."
Before LeShawna could pounce on Heather, Chris entered, combing his hair.
He uncaringly asked, "What's up?"
"An unstable ceiling," Gwen replied.
Chris nodded. "Right. Well, meet me over by the shore in five minutes, we've got a challenge to start!"

As the campers exited the Mess Hall, Heather quickly walked beside Duncan.
Duncan increasingly grew uncomfortable, until finally, Heather stopped him. "Okay, look."
"Don't get all alliance-y with me!" Duncan ordered.
Heather rolled her eyes. "The last time we made an alliance, I ended up with a tranquilizer dart in my back end."
Duncan asked, "So, why are you talking to me, then?"
Heather requested, "Just... if I lose, don't vote me off. I'm getting desperate here."
"And how will you re-pay me?" Duncan asked, interested.
Heather bit her lip. "I can get rid of Owen for you. That's a cabin to yourself."
Duncan thought for a moment, then walked away. "I'll think about it."

At the shore, a mountain of garbage stood tall, with Chris standing beside it, wearing a gas mask.
The five teens all plugged their noses as Chris smiled, "Welcome to our 'Look Trashy' Modeling Challenge!"
He pointed to the pile of rubbish. "You'll have to design an outfit that can be modeled on a catwalk using only this junk!"
LeShawna gasped. "You have got to be kiddin' me."
Chris grinned. "Any outfit will do. An evening gown, semi-formal, casual, even lingerie!"
Owen giggled, "Oooh, maybe I should try that."
Heather gagged as Chris continued, "Again, you can use anything in this pile. You've got one hour to make your clothes. You'll place your outfit on these mannequins."
He pointed to the left, where wooden carvings of Courtney, Izzy, Harold, Trent, and a random female intern stood.
Chris shrugged, "The producers thought it'd be nice to pair you up with a wooden version of your boyfriend or girlfriend."
Heather frowned, "I never made one in this game. I don't need a boyfriend, anyways."
Chris pointed to the intern. "That's why the intern's there!"
"But it's a girl!" Heather protested.
Chris rolled his eyes and ordered, "Go!"

Gwen and Heather both rushed to the same ripped T-shirt.
Heather tugged at it. "This is mine."
Gwen also pulled, from the opposite end. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see a 'Belongs to Heather' sign on it."
"Scram!" Heather ordered.
"No way!" Gwen declared.
They both pulled, and the T-shirt ripped into two piecess of useless fabric.
The girls both clenched their teeth and looked for something else.

Owen dived into the pile of garbage, and pulled out an unfinished bag of potato chips.
He gasped in horror. "Who would do such a thing?!"
Owen looked to his left, then to his right, and began nibbling on the rotten chips.
Duncan took notice and cringed. "Ew, dude!"
Owen hid the bag of chips and innocently whistled. "Huh, what?"
Duncan shook his head in annoyance and picked up a piece of cloth, then walked away.

LeShawna trudged through the sludge, falling several times.
LeShawna: (confessional) Disgusting... but I've got to win. Knowing Heather, she's probably already found a reason to stay safe tonight! And if she's safe, I'm her prime target.
Heather poked her head from behind a pile of garbage and saw LeShawna picking up some broken phone cables.
With a sudden realization, Heather walked away, snickering in delight.
LeShawna turned around and saw Gwen. "Did you hear something?"
Gwen shrugged and returned to picking up broken sunglasses.

Chris blew his whistle and shrieked, "Time's up! Ew, voice cracked. Anyways, let's see what you've got."
He walked past Izzy's carving, where she was wearing absolutely nothing.
Chris bellowed, "Owen! Get over here!"
Owen walked over to Chris. "Whaaaat?"
"Why is Izzy naked?" Chris snapped.
Owen's eyes widened. "Ohhhh. Right. Challenge.... sorry, Chris."
Chris rolled his eyes and moved on to the Courtney mannequin.
The Courtney mannequin wore a white mini-skirt made out of fish bones, and a T-shirt made out of a dirty blanket.
"Nice job, Duncan!" Chris commended, while Duncan rolled his eyes.
Gwen nodded, impressed. "Didn't know the tough guy had a fashion sense!"
Duncan claimed, "I only did it for Courtney!"

Chris continued over to the Trent mannequin.
Trent's carving sported a green wife beater made out of seaweed, Bermuda shorts made out of a ripped towel, some broken sunglasses, and his signature guitar, replicated by a lamp.
Chris laughed, "Really? Lamp for a guitar?"
"Shut it!" Gwen snapped. "It's the best I could find."
Chris advanced to the Harold mannequin, which had glasses pieced together out of broken coathangers, a necklace made out of phone cables, and a speedo made out of banana peels.
Chris cringed, "I might need to wash my eyes later."
LeShawna scoffed, "Oh, it ain't that bad. It's a swimsuit!"
Finally, Chris arrived to the intern, which had a ballgown made out of pillowcases.
"Impressive, Heather," Chris nodded, satisfied.

The contestants stood by their mannequins, and LeShawna asked, "So, who won?"
Chris muttered, "Let's see... two minus the quantity of twelve divided by three, plus ninety-eight, carry the one, uhhh..."
He concluded, "No one!"
"What?" the three of them all gasped.
"These all suck," Chris bluntly stated.
""B-but you said mine was 'impressive'!" Heather protested.
Chris smacked his forehead. "You put a ballgown on a dude!"
Heather rolled her eyes and Chris ordered, "Just vote. No one's safe."

The bonfire ceremony's music played as the final five sat on the tree stunmp seats.
Chris walked in holding four marshmallows. "What's up?"
"Just shut up and hand them out!" LeShawna snapped.
LeShawna: (confessional) You don't even need to ask me who I voted for.
Gwen: (confessional, rolls eyes) Heather.
Duncan: (confessional) I kept a deal with Heather. I vote for Gwen. She'll probably kill me if she finds out...
Heather: (confessional) Gwen's gotta go.
Owen: (confessional) I don't want to vote anyone off.! Duncan's my closest friend left in this game. LeShawna's just a blast to have around. Heather's pretty mean, but, after the three-armed challenge thing, she's not that bad... Gwen's a bit of a downer. (scratches head)
Chris threw the first marshmallow. "Duncan."
Duncan caught it, then winked at Heather.
LeShawna noticed and make a gagging noise, right as Chris threw her a marshmallow. "LeShawna, you're safe too."
Owen, Gwen, and Heather glanced at each other as Chris continued, "Owen, you're safe, bud."
Owen caught the marshmallow and sheepishly frowned.
Gwen and Heather gave each other death glares as Chris held the final marshmallow.
"It's a tie," Chris frowned, and he ate the marshmallow himself.
"Then, who's safe?" the girls said in unison.
Chris shrugged. "Uhhhh..."
Owen stood up. "Stop! Wait! I'll go."
Duncan's eyes widened. "What? No! Dude!"
Chris looked at him suspiciously, then asked, "But, why?"
"I can't see another one of my friends go!" Owen decided. "I'm probably the least-deserving out of all of us."
"Don't be so hard on yourself, big guy," LeShawna frowned. "We'll miss you."
Heather sneered as Owen walked past her and to the Dock of Shame.
Heather: (confessional) Ugh. I can't believe it, my plan's ruined. How am I supposed to vote Gwen off now?
"Later, guys!" Owen waved, boarding the Boat of Losers.
Chef mumbled, "This boat ain't gonna stay up long."
The boat sailed off, and Chris concluded, "Well. This was a weird episode. Owen's gone, and we've only got chicks left!"
Duncan growled, and Chris corrected, "And Duncan. Tune in next week to see what happens in the quarter-finals, only on Total Drama Island!"

Aimers's Story

"And Then There Were Two" by Aimers

NOTE: This story contains mature ideas....While it is not excessively gory, it does have some violence in it...

Setting: Old mansion on a deserted island

It was a dark and cold night. The wind was rustling, the crows were cawing, there was a storm approaching the area. There was a flash of lighting, and suddenly, a shadowy figure appeared at the doorstep of his mansion. His eyes darted back in forth, as if worried about something that would strike him down. It had been many years since his last "test" and he was ready to see if he could suces

"GOSH! That was my rare stamp collection!" shouted a voice in the distance. The shadowy man shied away into his home, only leaving a small envelope on the doorstep. He was ready to exact his plan. "Hey nerd, why don't you get a life! Then we would stop picking on you! I can't believe I spent 5 hours on a plane with you!" shouted another voice. Soon both came into view. It was clear from the beginning that neither liked each other. One was very skinny, and wore glasses, while the other was better built, and had piercings all over his face. "I don't even understand why I came to this island with you Harold!"

"Because we both got a letter telling us to! And they promised that we would get rare trading cards if we came! Seriously Duncan, stop being a loser." shouted Harold.

"Yes because I'm totally the loser." Duncan said sarcastically. He dramatically rolled his eyes until he noticed the small letter on the ground. Something compelled him to look up. He saw the dark mansion as lightning flashed across it, giving it an eerie feel. Harold decided to look up too and screamed immediately. He jumped in Duncan's arms, unable to look up at the hung man, covered in blood from stab wounds. His neck was bent at an odd angle from being attached to a noose for so long, but the blood was a glistening red. "Fresh" mumbled Duncan.

"Wait! Its not a real body! Its proportions are wrong!!!" shouted Harold. "And look! A letter..."

Duncan pulled the letter out of the body. "Wow Harold, your nerdiness actually was useful for once. Well I'll read the letter now...since I'm better than you...'Welcome Harold and Duncan. This is my private island. Nice isn't it? In front of you is my mansion, a place of fear. Inside is a challenge, that will test everything you two have. Failure will result in punishment, while success will reward you with things you need. So enter the mansion now and take on the challeng-"

"No way am I going in there!" shouted Harold. He started to run away, only to trip over rocks that were sprawled all over the path. When he stood up, he noticed how the rocks were formed in patterns that looked very familiar. Suddenly, he yelped and ran back to Duncan, cowering in fear. Duncan hated when Harold did this, but realized why he was so fearful.

The rocks were arranged in a pattern of "P.S. your pilot to this island is dead."

"What the Hel-"

"Duncan, we have no time to curse! Go in that mansion!" Harold ran inside like a wild chicken. His arms flapped around like they were tentacles and he would have never stopped...if he hadn't run into a wall.

Duncan rolled his eyes for the one-hundredth time. Ever since his parole officer had forced him to help out at nerd conventions, Harold had constantly talked to him about action figures and cards. He wished he had never went to that convention. It was so obvious that a super nerd like Harold would be there, and based on their past conflicts in Total Drama, seeing each other again would be a fiasco.

"Ugh, nerd, stop failing and just follow me!" Duncan said exasperatedly. He dragged Harold by the ear into the mansion, muttering about how he would think of new ways to bully the nerd once this was over. Finally, the two reached a sign with words carved in as if someone was using their fingernails. "Oh great! Looks like our friendly 'host' forgot to mention that we would die if we lose!" he said after letting go of Harold's ear. The sign only had three words on it.

"Climb Or Die"

Harold was chilled to the bone, a damp splotch was appearing in his pants and he started screaming madly. "I'm not staying here!" he screamed while running to the door out of the mansion.

"Wait Har-"


Two axes sliced through the air at top speeds, heading straight at Harold. Harold started to run but tripped over his shoelaces. He screamed in fear as the axes came at him, preparing to impale him...

Duncan could not watch. No matter how much he hated that nerd, he didn't want to see him after being hit by the axes. He heard the slicing noise but no noise. Something had gone wrong with the trap laid against them. He turned around to see Harold nowhere in sight. But where he stood, there was a piece of paper with writing scrawled in blood.

"If you want to save him, go into the next room."

"Ugh, Why do I have to save that nerd" Duncan said in frustration. "I only want to bully that annoying kid. Why am I always having to save him!"

Duncan entered the next door, muttering about how he would make Harold's life miserable. He was already thinking of his next idea. Ideas of stealing all his underwear again popped up, maybe even taking all of his rare stamps. "Whatever" he thought. "I'll just torture him after this is over..."

In the room was a bottle on a pedestal filled with a green liquid. around the pedestal were tiles of different colors, all different sized tiles.

"Oh great, a puzzle" Duncan mumbled. "Now I wish I had a nerd I could bully into doing this for me."

"Well Duncan, maybe if you stopped bullying me all the time, I could help you out!" shouted a voice.

Duncan looked up and almost fell to the ground at the sight before him. Harold was suspended in the air by a rope attached to his hands 20 feet in the air.

"How did you get up there you dork?!" Duncan asked in pure shock.

"How am I supposed to know?!!" Harold shouted. "Now get me down now!"

Duncan looked around fro a way to release Harold but all that was in sight was the pedestal with the bottle.

"Ugh. I guess it's worth a shot" Duncan said. He took a step towards the bottle, only to be electrocuted by the floor below. He yelped in pain, jumping away from the tiles. "What is this?!"

"Oh! It's a type 2 level 57 electric floor system!" Harold exclaimed. "All you have to do is step on the correct panels to avoid danger.

"And how am I supposed to do that?!" Duncan exclaimed.

"Well I could help you...but you have been bullying me."

"Your joking right?"

"Why should I help a criminal who has done nothing but brought me grief? Your lucky I saved your butt back at home when I covered for your crime. Gosh Duncan I'm done helping you!"

"Well then how will you get down?!"

"I have skills!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" said a voice from a speaker on a wall. "That rope is attached to a bomb that will drop him to his death unless this challenge is completed properly. I suggest you do this right." The voice faded away, leaving the two teens in utter silence.

"You hear that Harold? Now help me now or we both die!" shouted Duncan.

"But, but, but, when we get out of this mess, You will just bully me again! Magic Steve taught me to never ever trust the enemy!" Harold said.

"Fine then. Enjoy your death Harold." Duncan left the room shutting the door shut. The room suddenly became very quiet except for a faint ticking noise above him. Harold turned his head up towards the noise, spotting a red figure. It kept changing with every second, flashing from one design to the next. Suddenly, Harold realized the truth. The figures were numbers and the thing was a bomb counting down. This bomb, only meant to explode if he tried to escape, was now counting down on its own. His body shook with fear at the thought and he started screaming for Duncan. He needed him to get here to save them both.

Minutes before this, Duncan had exited the door, trying to find a way out of the mansion. The front door was locked so he was searching everywhere for another exit. All the windows seemed to be locked and there were no other doors. However, what bothered Duncan was the smell of oil. Everything smelled of it. It was if someone dropped a massive bucket of oil over the house. At this point, he started to hear Harold screaming.

"Big deal, he's screaming, oh well. I don't care. He is just a nerd who deserves everything he will get!" Duncan said.

The screaming continued. It constantly pierced Duncan's ears, annoying him to no end. Finally, he could take it no longer, he went back to the door and opened it in anger.

"Harold, SHUT UP! You deserve this you dope because you didn't want to help!" Duncan shouted.

"No Duncan! Please! You have to hurry. I will help ju-"

"And why should I help you?"

"Because there is a bomb in the room that was activated when you left!"

"Oh please! Enough with your lies Harold. Just apologize already."

"Duncan Please. We don't have much time. Just trust me. Just this once."

Duncan was torn. He hated this nerd with all of his heart. Yet something in his tone of voice sounded scared. A true terror never before seen.

"Fine, I will help you Harold. Just this once. What do I need to do?"

"Well normally there is a pattern to follow."

"And what would that be?"

"Well, to be honest. I have no idea whatsoe-"

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!?" Duncan screamed."

"I'M SORRY!" Harold said in his tears. "I JUST DON'T KNOW!"

The timer continued to tick down. it was at 3 minutes now. Not enough time to do really anything. Duncan realized they only had one chance to escape this trap. Suddenly his body calmed down and he looked back up to Harold.

"Okay Harold, we only have one shot at this. Now think carefully. Do you see any patterns up there?"

Harold looked around. His tear filled eyes scanning the tile floor for any pattern.

"It's just a jumble of meaningless squares. There is no wa-" Harold suddenly cut himself off. "Thats it! Squares! The tiles that are squares make a path to the bottle! quickly Duncan, hurry over there!"

Duncan hesitantly approached the first square. He did not want to get electrocuted. But living was always better than death, even if it involved trusting his biggest enemy. He took the step carefully, clearly unsure about the dangers of the tile.

Nothing happened.

Slowly, he put the rest of his weight on the tile and sighed in relief when he wasn't fried. He followed the squares carefully, making sure he did not make a false turn. Finally, he reached the pedestal with the bottle and picked the small token up. It was shaped like a canteen of water, but it contained a green acid-like liquid in it. On it, the words etched into the bottle said "drink the contents to release him."

"Well, what are you waiting for? We only have 2 minutes left!" exclaimed Harold.

"What if this stuff kills me though?" I am not sacrificing myself for a nerd!" Duncan replied.

"DUNCAN PLEASE! I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU" Harold screamed. Tears began to well up in his eyes again. "Don't do this to us! Revenge isn't the key! Please Duncan. Drink the contents! Do something for me...just this once..."

ninety-nine percent of Duncan told himself to throw the bottle away and never help Harold. Yet something inside of him, maybe just a small glimmer of kindness, told him to drink the contents. Despite his mind telling himself to not do anything, his body acted on its own, unscrewing the cap of the bottle...


He raised the bottle to his lips, choking on the foul liquid inside. It tasted like rotten battery acid but he kept drinking it anyway.


He was halfway done when he started gagging. He couldn't take anymore but he kept drinking. "Just this once" he thought in his head.


He was starting to get dizzy, stars spun around in his head, there was only two sips left in the bottle.


And then he finished it. Duncan couldn't see anything properly, everything was moving around in his head as if someone was shaking the ground. But in the corner of his eye, he did see Harold being lowered down from that twenty foot height.


Harold untied himself, running over to Duncan, who was now on the ground, unconscious.



Harold started to drag Duncan. Luckily the floor wasn't charged anymore, allowing them to cross to the door.


Harold was dragging Duncan with all of his strength. They were steps away from the door of the mansion.


They reached the door.

"Please don't be locked anymore. Please don't be locked. Please, please, please don't be locked!" Harold pleaded to himself. He reached for the handle and turned it. The door opened and they were outside.


Harold kept dragging Duncan, never giving up. "just this once" he thought to himself in those last three seconds.


The house exploded with a bang. The oil inside lit the entire building on fire, sending a heat wave at the two teens. A shock wave smashed against them, sending the two flying away from the house. However, Harold and Duncan had escaped just in time and were only bleeding from hitting the ground so hard. They were lucky, and working together had saved their lives.

In Harold's last memory of this dreadful event, he remembered seeing a plane flying towards the island. It was their a search and rescue plane. They were safe at last from this dreadful time. Harold started to lose consciousness as the plane came closer. He blacked out, thinking about how he would never insult Duncan again and hopefully, he would never get bullied either.

From a distance, the mysterious figure stood, cursing to himself that his game had not worked. Next time he would have his revenge. "Even if I could not get you two, there are more teens that I will get my revenge on. Ever since the 'incident' I have begun my plan to seek every single one of you and exact revenge for what you did to me."

The figure took off his cloak, revealing a mangled and distorted body. He was no longer the handsome person he used to be. The only thing that stayed with him ever since being trampled was his Hispanic features. Here was Alejandro, determined to get revenge...


Alfan's Story

The end of TD as we know it.(Takes place after TDWT. The contestants gather for a reunion show. The point of view is from Noah, Heather, and finally Alejandro. I will point out when point of view changes.)

Noah's Point of View

Noah was driving down a highway. He looked as if he was contemplating something, and turned on the radio. He heard the song that they had sang in London. Noah quickly turned the radio off,due to the bad memories. He finally slowed down in front of a large building with a banner that said,"All Former Total Drama Contestants Reunion." Noah did not understand why Chris picked a place so secluded. Everyone knew he was always an attention hog.

Noah parked in the parking space with his name on it. He walked out of his car and headed to the front door.He then heard a familiar noise.

"My little buddy!"Noah turned around to see Owen in a suit and tie.Noah groaned.

"Hey, Big Guy.Try to avoid sitting on me this time."Owen blushes a little.

"Sorry about that, Noah."Izzy walks up."We are back together!"Noah frowns.Will he ever realize how crazy she is?Noah thought to himself.

Katie and Sadie run up to the trio."We love seeing you guys again! We had so much fun, we need to tell you everything!" Just as they start to ramble, Justin arrives. He steps out of a large tour bus that says "The Drama Brothers"on the side.

Harold,Cody, and Trent also step out. Cody is smiling. Noah asks him,"Why are you so happy?"

Cody happily responds."Sierra agreed to stop stalking me!"

Noah rolls his eyes."Gee, I am so happy for you."

Cody is still smiling."Lighten up,Noah."

Harold interrupts."We should go inside. Before-"Harold is interrupted by another tour bus. Out steps a familiar face, and the side of the bus reads,"Der Snitzelkickers". Noah remembered that they had changed the spelling when they came to America. Duncan stepped out of the vehicle.

Noah was curious."Where is Gwen?" Courtney stepped out of the tour bus, covered in face paint.

"Duncan gave her up for me."Courtney said triumphantly.

Noah frowned."Why?" Courtney glares at him.

Owen runs up and gives everyone a bear hug."Let's get inside,guys! Woohoo!"The former teens, five years older since Total Drama ended, entered.

Inside, Noah continued to wait for the others to show. Eva walked in and sat in the corner. Noah greeted her."Hi,Eva!"

Eva smiled."I took that anger management class you suggested. It helped a lot."

Noah smiled back."You're welcome!"

Suddenly, the front doors opened, and DJ walked in."Hi,Noah! One second, I have to call Momma."DJ takes out a phone and dials his mother's phone number. Noah groans. DJ frowns.

Ezekiel steps in, no longer green, in average clothes."Hi,Noah! Good to see you again,eh!"

Noah smiles.At least Zeke is sane now, he thought.

Gwen opens the doors next."Hey,Noah!"

Noah smiles."Hey,Gwen. Sorry about Duncan."

Gwen sighs."Yeah, but Trent and I are working things out."

Noah replies."That's great!" Gwen walks over to the main group.

Geoff and Bridgette arrive, making out. Noah rolls his eyes."Hey, you two." They wave, but continue making out.

Blaineley walks in, in a flashy dress. Noah ignores her completely.

Sierra busts in. She is wearing a Cody's Number One Fan t-shirt."OMG, Cody!"She squeals and runs to see Cody.

Cody frowns."You promised to stop stalking me!"

Sierra is still smiling."Yeah, but I had my fingers crossed."Cody facepalms.

LeShawna walks in."Hey,y'all!LeShawna is in da house!" Gwen and LeShawna hug, and they go to catch up with the main group.

Noah wonders who will show up next. The doors open, and Beth and Lindsay walk up in beautiful clothing."We just came back from Paris!"Lindsay states.

"Lindsay!" Tyler runs in, but trips on some punch on the floor and slides into the wall.

"Taylor!"Lindsay runs up and helps Tyler stand. Noah laughes to himself.

Noah thinks. Who hasn't shown up yet? The front doors open yet again,and Noah groans.

Heather's Point of View

Heather walked in, where she saw Noah by the door.

Noah groans."I was hoping you wouldn't show."

Heather smiles."Nice to see you,too. Wake up kissing any guys lately?" Noah blushes with an angry look on his face.

Justin notices Heather, then continues to look at himself in the mirror.

Heather watches Geoff and Bridgette making out."Get a room!"

Blaineley notices Heather and opens her mouth to say something, but Heather simply walks past her.

Cody sees Heather,while Sierra is hugging him."A little help here?"

Heather frowns."I don't have any more Cody dolls." Cody whines.

DJ walks up to Heather."Hey."

Heather smiles."Finally broke that curse?"

DJ smiles."Momma and I went to Egypt and took care of that curse a long time ago."

Heather smiles."Good to hear."

Over the years, Heather had grown nicer. After seeing how far Alejandro fell since she betrayed his love, and how he had not appeared in public the last five years, filled Heather with regret. The sole reason Heather arrived at the reunion was to say she was sorry to the people she had hurt.

Heather turns around to see Courtney and Duncan arguing.

Duncan yells,"I looked at her for five seconds! She was handing me the delivery!"

Courtney stamped her foot."So I am supposed to sit back while you make eyes at the pizza girl?!"

Heather rolls her eyes, and heads over to Zeke and Harold.

Harold waves."Hi,Heather. How are you?"

Heather replies."I'm fine."

Ezekiel stands up."Sorry about when I attacked you,eh."

Heather's eye twitches."No problem." Heather thinks. If I wasn't trying to be nice, you would be in so much pain. A million dollars' worth of pain!

As Heather looked for Gwen, she ran into Katie and Sadie.

"Hi,Heather! We are having so much fun! You should join us!"

Heather walked faster."Maybe later!" Maybe never, she thought.

Next Heather bumps into Eva."Sorry about the MP3 player..."

Eva stands up and raises her hand.Heather flinches, but Eva just smacks it onto Heather's shoulder."Forget about it. That was a long time ago." Heather smiled while rubbing her shoulder.

She then noticed Trent."Trent, where is Gwen?"

Trent points to the bathroom."She and LeShawna are in there. I would wait until they come out."

Heather nods in agreement. She waits for several minutes and begins to think Trent was wrong, but Gwen and LeShawna finally step out of the bathroom. Heather walks up to them.

"What do you want?" Gwen asks with an eyebrow raised.

Heather smiles."I want to apologize for my actions on the show. Ever since the volcano incident, I have been feeling regrets. I hope Alejandro shows up, so I can apologize to him,too."

LeShawna looks a little confused."Are you gonna say sorry to me?"

Heather grins."I am sorry. That your hair still looks bad." LeShawna raises her fist, but Heather continues."Just kidding. Old habits die hard,huh?"

LeShawna nods."I guess they do." Suddenly, the front doors open yet again. Everyone turns to see who just arrived. It was Chris.

"Hello,campers! I am here to-" Chris stopped as the doors open behind him.

Alejandro's Point of View

Alejandro's car had ran out of gas, so he had it towed. He took a cab and finally reached the reunion. He had recovered from the accident, but he was at the reunion for one reason only. To deal with Heather. He opened the doors.

Inside, he sees Chris and Chef in the middle of a room, dressed in fancy clothing. Everyone is staring at him.

"What is wrong?" Alejandro asked.

Chris frowns."Don't interrupt my big moment!" he whines."Now, the reason I chose this desolate place is because this is a secret reunion."

Everyone stares at Chris."What do you mean?"Trent asked.

Chris smiles."We have enjoyed torturing you for the last three seasons, but the viewers want something new.So-"

Noah interrupts."What now? A space adventure?"

Chris nods no."And only because I did not think of it first."Noah facepalms. Chris continues."We are getting a whole new cast!"

The entire ex-cast gasps loudly. They all begin talking loudly. Chris waits for them to settle down."So tonight you get to meet the new cast and pass on your wisdom. And they have already signed contracts, so they are stuck. So talk amongst yourselves until they arrive."

Alejandro was shocked and gladdened by the news.No more TD, means no more Heather! , he thought. He ran to find her. He eventually saw her laughing with Gwen and LeShawna. As Alejandro walks over, Gwen frowns.

"I need to talk to Heather. Please?"Gwen and LeShawna stare at him.

"No way!"Gwen states."You are just a user!"

Alejandro interjects."But I only-"

LeShawna interrupts."You only want to break her poor heart!"

Blaineley intervenes."Just give him a chance! I may be a cold,ruthless.backstabbing drama queen, but at least I would hear the other guy out!"

Gwen walks away grumbling.

LeShawna stands up to Alejandro."Say what you want, but if you use her, or any other girl again, you wont be so pretty!" Alejandro nods and she walks away.

Heather smiles at him."Hi, Alejandro." She takes a deep breath."I am really sorry about the TDWT thing. It's just that I-"Alejandro interrupts her with a kiss.

He looks deep into her eyes."Total Drama is ending as we know it, but we can stay together, right?" He smiles.

Heather smiles back."Sure!"They kiss again and exchange numbers.

Chris barges in with a group of possibly 12 teens."Welcome, newbies. These are the Total Drama originals! Chat with these All-Stars while I go get a backrub." Chris leaves.

Heather and Alejandro look at each other."Maybe we can help them avoid the mistakes we made." Alejandro pipes in.

Heather smiles."For once, I actually agree. They smile and head over to the new contestants.

Morg's Story

Noahfan's Story

5 Gum's Story

EvaBridgetteGwenRocks's Story

~The Holiday~

(Takes place after TDWT) P.S-This story is from Gwen's perspective)

I sat there, on the shore away from everybody else. Duncan was carving a skull into one of the trees, Alejandro was tormenting Heather, Beth and Lindsay comparing nails, Courtney was sitting under an umbrella writing a list to try and destroy me...I think.

"Girl! Why you sitting here by yourself!" I hadn't noticed that Leshawna had crept up behind me.

"Oh. I just don't feel exactly like enjoying myself right now." I smiled slightly at her.

"C'mon! It's the beach!" Bridgette added. "You have to enjoy it! I can teach you how to surf!" Bridgette's face then beamed up in a massive smile.

"Oh fine! Whatever!" Bridgette and Leshawna both grabbed one of my hands each and pulled me up off my seat.

As we were walking along the sand, Duncan turned around as we walked passed him. He flashed a slight smile at me. Once we reached the umbrella where Bridgette had been sitting she lead Leshawna and I over.

"Here, put this on." Bridgette was holding up a wetsuit.

So, I did as Bridgette had said and I put the wetsuit on.

"It is so tight! How can you wear one of these things?" I asked Bridgette.

"You'll get used to it." Bridgette faced me.

"You can't expect me to get out there!" Leshawna looked at Bridgette, and then pointed to the water.

"Well, it's your loss." Bridgette told Leshawna.

Bridgette and I then smuthered our selves in sunscreen and then started to walk out to the water.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" I heard a voice say behind me.

I turned around. It was Duncan.

"Good luck out there." He said to me.

"Thanks. Becuase I am gonna need all luck I can get". I smiled nervously at him.

"You'll be fine!" Duncan kissed me softly on the cheek.

I started to walk more towards the water, facing the blue water. This is it. If Bridgette can surf this easily, so can I. No problem. I was telling myself in my head. This is my moment to shine and show everyone what I can really do....

To Be Continued....

(I know this is short, but I didn't have alot of time. I still hope it is good)

CD-TDA's Story

When the EMTs arrived on the scene, he was already dead. Chris McLean was dead. What was once a party filled with drinks, food and music turned out to be the scene of a murder. Chris McLean had invited all the Total Drama contestants and staff for a reunion party five years after the premiere of Total Drama Island.
Every contestant, including Alejandro, who was still in the Drama Machine and Blaineley who had to go through extensive reconstructive surgeries to remotely look like her old self.

"Wait here, campers --"
"Ex-campers," Heather interrupted.
Chris rolled his eyes at the interruption, "Right. Well, I have an announcement I'd like to make, but I can't do it without my special little surprise. I'll be right back."
Chris stiffed a chuckle and then left the room.
"I bet it's cake! Or cheese! Or cheesecake! That'd be awesome!" Owen happily chirped.
"Knowing Chris, it probably won't be food. He'll probably mention our contracts, and some new season, and yadda-yadda-yadda," Cody frowned.
"It'll be alright, Codykins! As long as we're together," Sierra laughed, hugging Cody tightly.
All of a sudden, a scream, pertaining to Chris was heard, along with the screech of tires and a motor roaring.
"What was that?" Owen asked, alarmed.
"Probably some nutjob," Izzy laughed, earning glares from several of the ex-contestants.
A few seconds later, Chef Hatchet ran into the room, panting.
"He... he's dead!" Chef Hatchet yelled, falling down on his knees.
"Chris. He got ran over by a car in the parking lot!" Chef Hatchet declared, causing DJ to faint.
"Well, that's just great. Now we're not getting our surprise!" Justin protested.
"Who did it, Chef?!" Owen cowered.
"Me? I dunno. I'm just gonna get the heck out of here," Chef declared before running out of Chris' mansion.
"I'm guessing we should probably get out of here, too. Just in case something else happens, y'know?" Geoff suggested.
"Sounds good. Now let's get out," Bridgette panicked, walking towards the door.
When she tried to open the mansion's vast door, it would not budge.
"Uh, guys. I think we're locked in here," Bridgette stated.
"What?!" Heather exclaimed.
"It was Chef, guys!" Trent proclaimed.
"He wasn't here when Chris was killed, and all of a sudden, when he leaves, the door locks itself? Sounds pretty suspicious to me."
"It doesn't even matter if it was Chef or not! Now we're all going to die. We're going to either get murdered, or we'll eventually die of starvation and dehydration," Courtney said.
"Way to keep everyone's hopes up," Duncan remarked, getting up from the sofa in which he was laying down at.
"Well, I'm trying to be realistic. Plus, it's not like you'd feel remorse. I bet you've gone to juvie for about five times because of murders," Courtney shot back.
"Guys, guys! It's not time to argue. We need to find a way to get out of here," Gwen intervened.
"For once I agree with Gwen," Heather agreed.
"Well, I suppose that we can use Owen as a sort of cannonball and have him bust the door open," Harold spoke up.
"Sounds like a plan to me," Geoff nodded.
"Alright, Owen. We just need you to charge towards that door and dive through it. Alright?" Harold asked Owen, who nodded his head.
"Alright, let's do this!" Owen cheered half halfheartedly.
As soon as Owen took a step back, the lights in Chris' mansion went off.
"Great, did the power go out, too?" Heather scoffed, in the dark.
Two more screams were heard, along with a crash.
After the lights came back on, it was revealed that Owen had been sent crashing through a buffet table and that Cody and Sierra were nowhere to be seen.
"Now purple-hair and Cody are gone too, and Owen's dead, I guess. What are we gonna do now?" Noah sighed.
"We could have Leshawna try to bust the door open," Heather snickered.
"Yeah, or maybe I'll break the door with your body. How about that?" Leshawna retorted.
"Or maybe --"
All of a sudden, the lights were switched off again. This time, another scream and a metallic noise was heard.
When the lights were switched back on, the Drama Machine was laying on the floor, and Heather was also gone.
"Well, I guess this killer-dude didn't like the third season," Geoff frowned.
Courtney narrowed her eyes at Duncan, "Then he would've already murdered Duncan. If it wasn't for his return, the third season wouldn't have sucked."
"I remind you that you and Gwen were the ones who brought me back," Duncan scoffed.
"Guys, cut it out, or you're gonna be killed!" Bridgette yelled.
"Harold, do you have any more ideas?" Trent asked.
"Well, if DJ wakes up, I think that he's strong enough to open the door. If not, I think we could try to use some sort of furniture or something to break the door open," Harold responded.
"Or we could just climb out a window. If Chris had actually put one in his whole mansion instead of being afraid that it would ruin his tan, that is," Trent rolled his eyes.
The lights switched off again, and this time a maniacal cackle was heard.
When the lights switched back on, it appeared no one had been killed. Until Geoff fell face-first onto the floor with a bullet on his back, that is.
"Geoff!" Bridgette cried, her eyes beginning to swell up with tears.
The lights then began flickering on and off.
Each time, someone else was a victim. Blaineley, Justin, Harold, an already knocked-out DJ, Trent, Gwen and Izzy had all been assassinated.
"Help, eh! Help me!" Ezekiel shrieked. He was being pulled into a closet, where more screams were heard.
After a while, the killer walked out of the closet.
He wore a long black robe and had a gun in his hand.
He was none other than Alejandro.
Duncan quietly laughed, "Dude, you just came out of the closet."
Alejandro rolled his eyes, "Very mature, Duncan. Maybe you'll be the one to make a joke after this."
Alejandro then pulled the trigger, sending Duncan into a silent "sleep."
"Now, I wasn't planning on letting the rest of you live. Eva, Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, Bridgette, Leshawna, Courtney, Tyler and Noah.
Ya podéis despediros de vuestras vidas (You can all say goodbye to your lives now.)" Alejandro grimaced.
The lights once again switched off, and several gunshots were heard.
Once Alejandro switched the lights back on, only Noah was left.
"Ah, Noah. I was hoping that you'd be smart enough to figure this mystery out. I guess you weren't. I also guess that if you hadn't revealed my true identity in Total Drama World Tour, I would've won. In life, we win some, and we lose some, but what you're going to lose is your life," Alejandro grinned, pointing his gun at Noah's head.
Suddenly, the police ran into Chris' mansion and handcuffed Alejandro.
"RCMP!" one of them proclaimed, shoving Alejandro towards the door.
"You're insane, you know?" a blond male told Alejandro.
"No --"
"You don't have the right to speak," the other male muttered.

And that was how the Total Drama reunion party ended up turning into a real life horror movie.

SMP's Story

After total drama world tour Gwen invited Cody , Sierra , Lashawna , Courtney , Duncan , Bridget , Geoff , Dj , and Harold to a party at her house since they liked each other " I'm glad you didn't invite Heather and Alejandro they would ruin the party!" Said Lashawna.

"I know." Said Gwen.

Courtney went over to where Gwen was and told her "If you kiss Duncan aging you will get it."

"Okay." Said Gwen.

Suddenly there was a wierd noise outside then everyone freaked out "What was that noise?" Said Cody.

"Nothing just the wind." Said Duncan.

"DIE!" Said the weird noise from outside.

"Ghost!" Screamed Harold.

"Someone should check it out." Explained Sierra.

"I'll go." Bravely Said Duncan.

"No!!!" Screamed Geoff, "The person that checks is always killed first"

"Wait...what?" Gwen said being confused

"He's right." DJ Explaned, "It was in that new horror movie house party of doom"

"Oh ya!" Bridget said, "So what do we do?"

"We kill the killer before it kills us." Duncan said happly.

Meanwhile at a secret room in a tent chris sits with a bunch of tv's.

"Alejandro and Heather you guys can start really scaring them." Chris said.

"My most favorite thing about the show yet" Heather exclaimed.

Both Heather and Alejandro set out dressed like crazed killers tring to catch the guys at the party

"What was that" Said Cody...

To be continued ...

Nad's Story

TDAFan99's Story


  • Blaineley
  • Bridgette
  • Courtney
  • DJ
  • Duncan
  • Heather
  • Justin
  • Lindsay
  • Owen
  • Sierra
  • Trent
  • Tyler

Total Drama Big Brother! Chapter 1

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Big Brother. In just a few moments twelve doors will open revealing this season's twelve HouseGuests.

  • The doors open. Owen, Heather, Duncan, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Courtney, Tyler, Justin, Sierra, and Blaineley walk through

Chris: Hello HouseGuests. This is the Big Brother House. Where you will compete in HoH challenges, PoV challenges, and Have-not challenges. HoH is a head of household. If you win that you are immune for that week and get to nominate two HouseGuests for eviction. PoV is power of veto. The two nominees along with other HouseQuests will compete in the PoV challenge. If you are a nominee and win you can save yourself and the HoH will put someone else up on the chopping block or if you are a not nominated HouseGuest you can either not use it on anyone or save someone on the chopping block and the HoH will put someone else on the chopping block. The Have-not competitions are held to find out who are the have-nots in the house. If you lose the Have-not challenge you are a have-not. Have-nots eat slop, take cold showers, and sleep in the uncomfortable have-not bedrooms. The first challenge is called "Super Wedgie". You will attach your underwear to a hook. When I press a button the hooks will go up. If you want to drop out pull the drop out rope and the hook will fall. Last one left wins HoH.

  • The HouseGuests attach their underwear to hooks
  • Chris presses a button and the hooks go up
  • Justin pulls the drop out rope
  • Owen pulls the drop out rope
  • Blaineley pulls the drop out rope
  • Sierra pulls the drop out rope
  • DJ pulls the drop out rope
  • Lindsay pulls the drop out rope
  • Duncan pulls the drop out rope
  • Trent pulls the drop out rope
  • Tyler pulls the drop out rope
  • Bridgette pulls the drop out rope
  • Courtney pulls the drop out rope
  • Heather pulls the drop out rope

Chris: Heather wins HoH. Heather it is your responsibility to nominate two HouseGuests for eviction. You also get the HoH bedroom. It is the only bedroom on the second floor. All the other bedrooms are on the first floor. Now use the confessional in the diary room.

Heather (CONF): It is awesome that I won the first HoH.

Duncan (CONF): That was a lame challenge. Heather won it. Which stinks even more.

Lindsay (CONF): I don't know if I'm safe. I remember in Total Drama Island when I swore at Heather. I hope she doesn't.

Courtney (CONF): How could I just let that challenge slip through my fingers. I'm so weak. I deserve to go home. Ok stop it. You're pathetic. Show some confidence Courtney.

Justin (CONF): The reason I dropped out early is because that was very uncomfortable and I couldn't risk my underwear tearing and me falling on the ground. That might injure me.

Trent (CONF): I hope that I don't get nominated.

Bridgette (CONF): Why did Heather have to win? Now we have no idea who she'll nominate. Let's just hope it is not me.

Blaineley (CONF): I am going to win this season. I am Blainerefic.

Sierra (CONF): Heather won the HoH. So I have to pretend I'm with her and in the end stab her in the back.

Owen (CONF): I am on a lot of seasons. Maybe I'll win this one.

Tyler (CONF): I hope Lindsay and I make it to the final two.

DJ (CONF): I miss my momma.


Nalyd Renrut's Reviews

  • Rocks - Couple grammar mistakes, i.e. switching between past and present tense at the beginning and quotations that should end with a comma, not a period. There were a few sentences that didn't make sense like "Young man, have you know it this is quality perfume unlike your smell." Also, the infamous your/you're mistake, "Your funny." I laughed at loud at the "We hate Chris party." This story had a unique plot (in a good way xD) and it was creative, but the spelling and grammar were lackluster. 5/10
  • Sun - Couple spelling mistakes like "bring her bag to her senses." I thought this was a good story, but I feel like you could have done more with it. Like Trent going to Courtney's school and her never noticing didn't make much sense to me. The spelling and grammar were good, minus a few mistakes here and there, but I don't think there was much of a plot, as if this were one scene in a bigger story. 5/10
  • LF - So, just so you know, it turns out Leshawna has a lower case s, not S. Weird, I know. I enjoyed this story, especially remember Leshawna's crazy dance moves. Didn't notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, and I really enjoyed the plot. 8/10
  • Duke - Spelling mistakes such as "No problem little brother, how old are you know?" and "Drew is watching a episode." There were also grammar mistakes, and the your/you're mistake "Your lucky." Chris being the priest has to be the funniest thing I've read so far. Sierra being in love with Tyler was a completely random twist, that didn't really work out in this. However, the plot was very original, but the story needs a bit of work. 4/10
  • Mr. E - No story, no TDA7. 0/10
  • Tcf09 - Couple grammar issues like switching tenses, "he instantly realized that he needs." Definitely felt Inception-y. Creative, but I feel like it was lacking a lot. 5/10
  • Kev - No story, no TDA7. 0/10
  • TDIFAN - No story, no TDA7. 0/10
  • Cod - Just from the first few paragraphs, I got a good feeling about this story. Reading the line that Courtney and Gwen would be at the same restaurant, I actually felt excited. Rarely do I read a story on here where I worry about the main character, you made me worry about Duncan. Duncan realizing this was like one of those sitcom shows was hilarious. Great work, Cod, my only problem with it is the grammar issues, which were few and far between. The ending had me concerned with Courtney suddenly taking Duncan back, but I suppose it worked.9/10
  • Seth - The annoying orange... 1/10

Chimmy's Reviews

Sunsummer7: The plot to this was actually something I had been thinking about for about a week, so props for mind-reading. XD However, 'grease' was misspelled, and some grammar issues occured here and there. Also, since Duncan and Noah have a bit of a conflict, something tells me it wouldn't be that easy convincing him...still, decent story. 7/10

Plat: This took me so long to read, but I think it was worth it. I loved Chris replying to the incredibly long email with 'Fine.' XD I do wish, however, that you just added the events in parenthases as part of the actual story, as they interrupt the flow a little. 9/10

MrD: The plot was okay, but there was something I didn't understand: if about 500 bullets didn't dent him very much, a cliff shouldn't do much either...maybe I'm just thinking things through too much. I noticed a few grammar mistakes, though. 6/10

Draven: ...what was going on again? XD I had a LOT of trouble following things. There were also a bunch of grammar mistakes, and the overall plot didn't make too much sense. 5/10

Ult: No story. 0/10

Jake: The premise I thought was decent, but poorly executed. I doubt Owen would be a bully even AFTER all of the pride, and...I won't penalize you on this, but most schools have a filter against bad websites. There were a lot of spelling and grammar issues too. 5/10

TDA15: I don't believe script format is allowed in TDAuthor, but I won't penalize you because it wasn't in the rules. However, for the most part the story was okay, and Chef's dialouge was hillarious. XD It was pretty short though...7/10

Fanny: No story. 0/10

Toad: This seemed like something Noah would actually do. It'd be nice if you gave us a little backstory on Zeke's recovery, but overall it was fine. I've always liked Noah and Katie as a pairing, but something about this seemed a little unnatural. 8/10

Zach: No story. 0/10

Reddy's Reviews

  • MTDM: Nice way to explain how Sierra found Total Drama. I LOL’d at the username references. Nice job. 6/10
  • Jessica: I must not have to point out that it’s short. XD Interesting concept, a few spelling errors, but other than that, nice job. BridgettexTrent, eh? New to me… 6/10
  • Snow: Short, hard to follow, and script. ‘Nuff said. 1/10
  • Oatmeal: Grammatical errors.You need a new paragraph everytime a new person speaks. Other than that. I liked the plot. 5/10
  • Drama: Interesting idea, but I feel it could have been executed a lot better. With more description and whatnot. I advise not to use script in this contest. 4/10
  • AJ: I like it! Really nice job! I didn’t like Heather dying, but stuff like that happens. Really neat work! But, a few grammatical errors… 7/10
  • TN: No story, buh-bye. 0/10
  • Neko: Dude, words cannot describe how much I like this. Very unique, and after thinking long and hard, and how well you wrote for Noah, you get…. 10/10
  • HR: A lot of grammatical errors and whatnot. :/ lus, the character seemed out-of-character. 5/10
  • Kg: Impressive, yet expected from you. Really great, dude, and I liked your version of the lost episode a ton. 9/10

BB's Reviews

  • Aimers - I enjoyed this story's plot, mostly. To me, it felt like something out of the Saw series. I enjoyed the content of this story, but what annoyed me was that there was major grammatical errors, punctuation accidents, and a couple wrong words in the wrong spots here or there; content is huge, but so is presentation. 7/10
  • Alfan - Another... okay story. But, again, I see a lot of grammar and punctuation errors. The content was okay, presentation needs some major work. Based on just this story, I would think that would be your only problem if you were to advance. You seem to be able to come up with what you want to say, but you need to make sure to word it correctly, also. Sorry. :-/ 5/10
  • Morg - No story, no judging. 0/10
  • Noahfan - No story, no judging. 0/10
  • 5 Gum - No story, no judging. 0/10
  • EvaBridgetteGwenRocks - My main, rhetorical question about this is... why is this called "The Holiday"? Other than the fact that nobody's doing a "challenge", I can't find the reason why, unless that is the reason. Well, EBGR, the main thing that killed you here, like you said, is the length. I'm sorry, but I can't give you anything far better than someone else who put in a bit more work than you did. I liked the story in a sense and I didn't see much grammar errors, but, again, the length is.... :S 6/10
  • CD-TDA - This was flawless. o.o.... Well, not really flawless. It wasn't as long as I thought someone like you would make it and... (tries to find something else wrong) Uhhh... The italics bothered me. >.> I loved this story, though. The only true thing that stopped me from giving you a perfect score is that... it seemed to have ended too quickly for me. Use just a tad more description, you'll be amazed at how much that will impact a score. 9/10
  • SMP - Short, choppy, grammar errors, punctuation errors, capitalization errors, spelling errors..... Oh, mai. :| I can't give you that high of a mark for what you turned in. 2 points for at least attempting, 1 for a somewhat-developed plot within this story. 3/10
  • TDAFan99 - Once again, errors everywhere, short story, and, dude, everyone only had, like, 3 sentences to say, except for Chris, who I thought would be the person that says the least. Plus, this story is parallel to "Big Brother". By writing this, you assumed that the judges have heard of it and would understand it. I've heard of this show, but for future reference, your score could go down immensely with another judge if you were to do this with them and they don't know about the show. I really didn't like this story because nothing was really said or done. I give everyone a minimum of 2 points for trying, so sadly, that's all you get. 2/10

Top 14


  1. Neko - 10/10
  2. Kg - 9/10
  3. Cod - 9/10
  4. Plat - 9/10
  5. CD-TDA - 9/10
  6. LF - 8/10
  7. Toad - 8/10
  8. Aimers - 7/10
  9. AJ - 7/10
  10. Sunsummer - 7/10
  11. TDA15 - 7/10
  12. MTDM - 6/10
  13. MrD - 6/10
  14. Jessica - 6/10

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