Week One

Reddy's Story

(NOTE: Total Drama Action never occurred, nor Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island. Also, the author rates this story PG-13.)

The Love Path: the Shaken Road to Happiness.

Gwen bobbed her head to rock music in her apartment. She looked completely different from her time on Total Drama. She had longer black hair, with no teal streaks, wore a black tank top, blue, worn out jeans, and black sandals. She turned down the stereo to a knocking on the door.

“Who is it?” Gwen asked.

“Me.” A familiar voice replied. Gwen rushed to the door to find Trent was the visitor. Trent had short black hair now, was wearing a lime green shirt and black jeans, and white shoes.

“Trent!” Gwen smiled, kissing Trent on the cheek.

“I talked to my parents today.” Trent happily informed.

“And?” Gwen asked eagerly.

“We can get married!” Trent announced.

“That’s epic!” Gwen smiled. “Should we give the news?”

“To who?” Trent asked.

“Like, LeShawna, Cody, and Lindsay?” Gwen asked. She had grown fond of her friends on the island.

“Later, but first. One sec.” Trent ran back to his Ferrari and returned with an acoustic guitar.

“Hu?” Gwen asked.

“You will always be for me, until we have to stop and see our true colors….” Trent strummed his guitar. “We were always meant to be, and now let’s see, our true colors…” Gwen smiled at Trent lovingly.

“Hey, Trent?” Gwen asked.

“Yea?” Trent asked.

“You think we can get married soon?” Gwen asked.

“Of course!” Trent beamed. A montage of Gwen and Trent getting married is seen, along with them running through the plains happily.


Gwen is seen in a hospital room, with many nurses around her. Trent worriedly looks into the room from the window.

“uh..” Trent sighs. He slouches on a bench. A large African woman sits next to him. “LeShawna?”

“Trent?” LeShawna asked. She had changed greatly from the show, her hair now being longer with no pony tail, a blue tack suit, and white slippers.

“I didn’t recognize you!” Trent and LeShawna said to each other in unison. They both laughed at their goof.

“Gwen wanted me here for support.” LeShawna informed.

“Cool.” Trent smiled.

All of a sudden, a nurse comes out of the room holding a baby wrapped in a blue blanket.

“Awesome!” Trent smiled, taking the young child.

“Gwen has requested for him to be named after her uncle, Jarrett.” The nurse said.

“Jarrett it is.” Trent holds the boy tight.

Hours later, Gwen comes out of the room, as perfect as before.

“Hi guys!” Gwen smiled at Trent and LeShawna.

“Well, I have to go, good luck.” LeShawna hugs Trent, Gwen, and the newborn Jarrett.

“We’re a family now.” Trent said as he hugged Gwen and Jarrett.


Two years later, Trent walked into his and Gwen’s new home in Toronto and smiled at the two year old Jarrett, whom was playing with his building blocks.

“Hey Trent!” Gwen yells from the kitchen. She has her rock music turned to low.

“Hey!” Trent happily replied. “I have another concert tomorrow.”

“That’s awesome!” Gwen walked out of the kitchen wearing an apron.

“Have you noticed how we’ve both changed since we met on that show?” Trent asked.

“Yea, I’ve lightened up and you’ve become a success.” Gwen smiled.

“Yea, you know it.” Trent kissed Gwen.

“Let’s go out to the movies.’ Gwen suggested.

“What about Jarrett and dinner?” Trent asked.

“Leave that to me.” Gwen pulled out her Blackberry, and dialed a number. “Cody, can you watch Jarrett for me and Trent? Awesome! Thanks! See ya soon.” Gwen hung up.

“So Cody’s watching Jarrett?” Trent asked. Gwen nodded.

“Hi!” Cody appeared beside Trent.

“That was quick,” Gwen said. “How’d you get in here?”

“I’m a master pick locker,” Cody answered. “Keep that in mind if you and Trent divorce.”

“Never.” Gwen grunted. ‘”Let’s go Trent.”

“OK.” Trent grabbed his motorcycle keys and headed out the door with Gwen.

“So,” Cody looked around the house. “I’m alone… In Gwen’s house…. Eureka!” Cody snickered as he snuck up to Gwen and Trent’s room. “I’m finally gonna get her bra!”


“So, what movie do you wanna see?” Trent asked Gwen as they walked into the movie theater.

“Um, Killer Zombies 4?” Gwen asked. “I love that series.”

“Me too! Let’s go!” Trent lied as he and Gwen bought their tickets and headed to their movie.


Back at the house, Cody finally found Gwen’s bra. “Yes!”

“WHHHAAAA!!!!!!” Jarrett cried out

“Oh crap1” Cody rushed to the kitchen to see Jarrett’s arm covered in boiling water, and a pan turned sideways on the floor. ‘Oh crap!” Cody pulls out his phone and dials 911, then Trent’s phone number.


“Okay.” Trent stood outside the restroom area after his and Gwen’s movie, waiting for Gwen to be done in the restroom. His phone rang, so he answered.

“Hello?” Trent asked.

“Trent! Come quick1 Jarrett – boiling water – NOW!” Cody panicked. Gwen came out of the restroom, as if on cue.

“What’s wrong?” Gwen asked Trent, who was swiftly putting his phone away.

“Jarrett’s hurt! We have to go!” Trent replied. He and Gwen got on Trent’s motorcycle.

The couple looked into each other’s eyes as Trent drove the motorcycle at a ridiculously high speed.

“We have to get to Jarr- whoa!” Trent suddenly lost control of the vehicle, and crashed into a brick building, causing a tiny burst of flames.

Sirens boomed, stretchers rolled, and darkness fell…

The next morning, Gwen was in the hospital with a HUGE headache. A nurse entered her room, hanging her head down. “Gwen, I am very sorry, but Trent….”

“What?” Gwen wheezed, her mind not quite being able to comprehend the situation.

“Trent died on impact of your crash.’ The words pierced through gwen like she was in a Twelfth century battle in England.

“Nooo….” Gwen moaned. “What about Jarrett?”

“He is healthy, but has a scar on his left arm.” The nurse answers. “You have to stay here for a couple of days..”

“Okay.” Gwen began to tear up over Trent and Jarrett. The nurse sat neside her, and handed her a napkin.

“I can’t believe it…” Gwen cried.


Two weeks after, Gwen dubbed a new version of her gothic wear from the show, and showed up at McLean’s Funeral home for the funeral of her husband. She left Jarrett with LeShawna this time, and was in the process of suing Cody for his recklessness.

“Here he is.” The governor of the town wheeled out Trent’s casket to his finely dressed parents.

“My son! I was about to make him a successful lawyer to end this recession!” Trent’s father cried. The spectators all glared at him, wondering how he could think of the economy at a time like this.

“You try paying a damage and funeral bill at the same time.” Trent’s father retorted, he was still scowled at, which he returned with a deeper scowl.

“Can we get on with this? I have a manicure at three.” Lindsay asked sweetly. Gwen scowled at her.

“You people are insane!” Gwen accused Lindsay and Trent’s father. “You worry about your own selfish wants while your son or friend just passed away!” Lindsay and Trent’s father look down morbidly.

“Look,” Cody stepped forward. ‘I request to be arrested. This was my entire fault; I shouldn’t have called and made you guys panic.”

“No!” Gwen shouted. “You did the right thing, Cody.”

“Really?’ Cody asked.

“Yes.” Gwen replied. “And I believe Trent would want this to happen.” Gwen kissed Cody on the lips. “Long live Trent’s soul!”

“LONG LIVE TRENT’S SOUL!” The crowd chanted. The funeral began…

After, Gwen dropped all charges she had on Cody, and the two married. They had a baby girl, Delilah, and are now living happily in Toronto, as a family, stricken hard, but rebuilt on a different path…

Mrodd's Story

"I'm sorry Owen" ( An Owen and Izzy fanfic.{Sorry for the underdash and bold, It wont go away!}

*Knock* *Knock* "Hello?" A voice asked.

“Izzy!” Owen screamed, tears running down his face. “Izzy is sorry, but she can’t stay. You know they will take you too!” Izzy shouted at her loveable husband Owen. Izzy walked over to Owen and gave him a hug. She brushed his hair out of her eyes and spoke. “Izzy doesn’t want you to get hurt… Because of her.” Owen continued hugging Izzy. “I can come with you.” Owen looked at Izzy, his shirt soaked in tears. “Izzy can’t let that happen. The RCMP would catch up to Izzy if you came. You don’t want Izzy to get hurt do you?” Izzy looked at the loveable goofball. “Izzy loves you, Owen.” Owen stared at her, “I love you too Izzy.” “Owen, Izzy will come back for you! Izzy Promises!” She stopped hugging him and started to walk away. “I’ll be waiting” Owen waved to his wife. Izzy smiled than walked out.

<u>In one of the many forests on Wawanka Island... Izzy is running-and fast. Behide her sirens and a helicopter are heard. "Izzy we know you are done there!" A loud voice boomed."Shit!" She sreached. She changed direc</u>tion-Going straight for the water. She was a fast swimmer, and she would be able to stop by Owe-n-Land. A small island in the kae that she decidated to her husbound.She had made it to the lake. She jumped in. The helicopters were getting close. She had to lose them now, or she would never see Owen again. She dived under the water, hopeing to lose them. After an hour of swimming, she could barely hear the sirens and propellers.Just in time too! She was at Owe-n-Island. She walked ashore and smiled at her work surronding her- Stones were piled creating an almost exact but much larger buff of Owen's head. Surronding it were peaches and pears- Owen hated them, but they were the only fruits she could find.She walked up to the buff... "I love you Owen." She whispered as she moved her hand to the stone face. "I'll see you again. I promise." Izzy realized something was off, than she realized it, she was still dripping water-but she should of been dried by now. "Sebastion!!!" She screamed.

Screams and yells were heard... Then it was silent. Everything was silent, as if a savior was born. As if god had truelly walked down from Heaven and blessed the small Island. Then a soft cry was heard. It was more of a wimper at first but it got louder. The silence, the island had once known was replaced with the cry. It just kept getting louder and louder. Izzy was confused, she had no idea what to do. She would eventually know how to fix it, but right now she had an anouying baby crying in her arms! The only thing she could think of was Owen.

Owen looked up from his bacon and eggs after hearing a knock at the door. “Izzy!?” He screamed, running for the door. He unlocked the door and saw her. His wife, but something was different, her hair was much longer, and her eyes didn’t shine like they used too. Then again it had been three years. “Oh Owen, I’ve missed you so much! But there’s something I need to tell you.” Her eyes filled with tears. “Izzy, what’s wrong?” Owen was scared, he had already guessed what she was probably going to tell him- She met someone else. “You see, while I was gone, I met this native. He helped me… Give birth. You have a daughter Owen.” Owens’ eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. “I’m a...I’m a father?” He stammered. Izzy nodded and a young girl peeked out between Izzy’s legs. “Her name is Esquire.” Izzy smiled. “It’s ok Essy, he is your daddy.” She continued. Owen bent down and picked her up. “Hello Essy, everything will be ok now, Daddy’s’ here!” Owen Smiled.” Daddy!” Esquire giggled as she hugged her father. "She likes you."Izzy smiled. "What about the RCMP?"Owen asked hugging his daughter. "Dont worry about them, lets just live a happy life... Together."Izzy smiled and hugged Owen."Forever!" Young Esquire yelled then she continued giggling.


Jessica's Story

Story of Lindsay's New Life

Starring: Lindsay

Not As Major As Lindsay: Tyler, Allie and Kelly

The front door of the Estavez's house opens then shuts. "We're home!" two girls yell simultaneously. "Tyson, Sally and Kaylee are home!" yells an attractive blonde woman. The woman is wearing a crimson t-shirt, blue bellbottom jeans and crimson heels. Her hair was in a crimson bandana and she wore it long. The woman walks to the girls and collects their backpacks. One girl's backpack, which was a shoulder bag really, was cyan and had a purple peace sign on it. The other girl's backpack was a backpack and it was crimson and had a rose on it. A man walks out of the kitchen. He is wearing a light blue shirt, a crimson tie, black pants and black dress shoes and has his brown hair neatly brushed. "Lindsay," the man says to the woman, his wife, "my name is Tyler, not Tyson, and our daughter's names are Allie, not Sally, and Kelly, not Kaylee." Allie, the girl that had the cyan bag, wore her short brown hair in a cyan headband. She had a cyan tanktop, grey short shorts and cyan sneakers on. Kelly was wearing her short brown hair in a crimson headband. She had a crimson t-shirt, dark blue capris and crimson sneakers. She had black, rectangular glasses. Tyler walks up to Lindsay. The two hug, then kiss. "Ew…old people kissing," Allie groans. She makes a pewking face. Kelly laughs.

It has been twenty years since Lindsay Cohen and Tyler Estavez competed in the hit Canadian reality television show, Total Drama Island. Five years later, Lindsay and Tyler bought a small apartment in Toronto. That year, Lindsay and Tyler get married. They invite the cast of the show. They don't invite Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet though. A year later, on May Sixteenth, Lindsay had twin girls whom Tyler and her named Allison "Allie" Chlara and Kayla "Kelly" Sadie. Later that year, Tyler got a job offer from ESPN in the USA. Lindsay and him debated for many days until Lindsay gave up and let Tyler claim that job. They moved to Bristol, Connecticut, the place where the main ESPN studio is.

"I've got to go to work, Lindsay," Tyler said. Lindsay nodded. "Okay, but you better be back for the dinner I'm cooking tonight," Lindsay informed Tyler. He nodded in reply. "I love you girls!" Tyler said. He gave each girl a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Tyler opened the door and then ran out of it, forgetting to close it. Allie shuts the front door.

"Do you have homework?" Lindsay questions the girls. "No," the twins say simultaneously. Allie grabs her cyan sweatshirt off the oak coat hanger. "Mom. You said I could go to Alex's house until dinner," Allie informs her mother. Lindsay nods. "Be back at seven," Lindsay says. Allie nods. Kelly starts to taunt Allie by saying, "Oooooo! You're hangin' with your boyfriend!" Lindsay giggles and Allie blushes. Allie then hits Kelly's arm. "Ow. Whatever. I'll go to my room to study," Kelly says. She walks up the stairs. Allie kisses her mom farewell and then opens and shuts the front door.

Lindsay walks to the bookshelf in her living room. She grabs a random book and reads the title and author off the cover. "Life isn't always what you want by Noah Klark." She opens to the title page and she reads the signature she got from her friend. "To Lindsay, the dumb hottie whom I never have a chance with, life isn't always what you want, Noah Klark." She turns to the next page and eyes it. "I'm not reading this," Lindsay mumbles. She places the book back on the shelf. She sits on her couch and grabs her newest edition of O Magazine. She opens to the first page and says, "This is more like it." She turns the page and continues to read.

Codaa5's Story


"New Baby" by Codaa5

A love story of Duncan and Courtney

Setting: Two Story Apartment

Characters: Duncan, Courtney and Max. (Also starring Chris McClean)

Takes place after TDI, TDA, and TD:WT.


"Isn't he beautiful?" Courtney asked Duncan. looking down at their newborn.

"Yeah, he's amazing, I can't believe he's already five months old." Duncan replied, staring at the baby.

"Who's a cute little Max? Oh who's a cute little Max?" Courtney sang, wiggling Max's nose.

Duncan facepalmed. "He was just born and your already embarrasing him!"

"Hey! I'm only giving him the love and support he needs!" Courtney cried.

"Yeah, okay, whatever." Duncan said, and walked off into the kitchen, coming back with a bottle.

He sat down on the couch next to Courtney, who was holding Max, and gently put the bottle in his mouth. Courtney then took the bottle, and tilted it upwards a bit.

Duncan looked at Max drinking the bottle, and smiled.

"I'm glad we decided to have a kid, he's... wow." Duncan said, smiling.

"Yeah, I know, I just hope all of the trip is this easy." Courtney replied, still feeding Max.

"Probably not, my parents wanted to put me up for adoption because I was so bad." Duncan said, Courtney giggled a bit.

"What's so funny?" Duncan asked, rather angry.

"It's just kinda funny, I don't know why!" Courtney said, still laughing a bit. Duncan had a dull expression, and smiled again. "I guess so."

Courtney looks over at the clock. 9:43.

"Can you put Max to sleep?" she asks. Duncan looks at her, and takes Max, setting him on his shoulder.

"Sure, I guess." Duncan replies, and walks upstairs. He puts Max in his crib and turns on the radio, emitting lullabys from it. Duncan shrieked at the sound of the songs, but wanted Max to go to sleep so he could.

Courtney then walked upstairs, tip-toeing into the room, and turned off the light. She climbed into bed and Duncan followed.

Courtney turned on her lamp. "I'm really glad things turned out this way." She said, and smiled at Duncan.

"Yeah, me too." Duncan says, and climbs under the blanket. Courtney turns off her lamp and pulls the blanket over herself.

"Good night, darling." Duncan says.

"Good night." Courtney replies.

Chris suddenly pops on the screen.

"Well, that was one dramatic night for Duncan, Courtney AND Max! Tune in next time to see-" Chris said, before being interrupted.

"Uhm, what are you doing here?" Duncan asks, looking angry.

"Uhh... no reason, i'll just be on my way!" Chris replies, and runs out of the bedroom.


IHeartTDInTDA's Story

Katrina's Storytime

Starring Katrina, Duncan, and Courtney

Courtney's POV:

I watched as Katrina strummed her first chord on the guitar. She smiled, and looked up at her father. "Did that sound good. Daddy?" she asked Duncan "It sounded amazing, Trina. Your mother and I are very excited that you wanted to take up music," he told her. And that was true, I'd always wanted Katrina to learn how t play an instrument of some sort. "I like music," she said, smiling at me. Duncan looked at his watch. "It's 9:00, angel. It's about time you to go off to bed," he said Katrina sighed, but nodded. She used to argue about it all the time, but after a while, she just gave in and did as she was told. She walked into her room, Duncan and I followed her Duncan took the guitar, and put it on its stand. I helped Katrina put on her nightgown. She climbed into bed, and pulled the blankets over herself. "Story time, mommy! Story time!" she exclaimed, giggling I bit my lip, I knew that if I read her one story, she'd want about ten others. "Well, I don't know," I said to her softly. She frowned. Duncan mimicked the expression. "Come on babe, just one story?" he whined I rolled my eyes, smiling. I sighed. "Alright, alright," I said. I walked over to the book shelf and selected a book of fairytales. I sat down on the bed, and turned to Cinderella. It was her favorite I cleared my throat. "Once upon a time in a land far away lived a little girl named Ella," I said aloud. "She lived with her mother and father in a lovely house, but one day, her mother passed away. Ella and her father were very sad, and the missed Ella's mother dearly. Now, Ella's father thought that she needed a mother, so he remarried. His new bride had two daughters of her own: Anastasia and Drizella. They were both about Ella's age. They were very beautiful, but very vain and coldhearted," I said I turned the page "One day, Ella's father too passed away. Ella was very sad. Her stepmother took advantage of this, and she made the poor girl work for the family as their maid. She scrubbed the floors, washed all the laundry, fed all th animals, and cooked all their meals. On top of that, she had to clean out the chimney! They started calling her Cinderella, because she would always be covered in cinders from the fireplace," I read. I looked to Katrina. She frowned "Cindy's stepmommy is mean!" she exclaimed. Duncan smiled at Katrina, and nodded. I continued to read. "One day though, a royal messenger stopped by the house and delievered an invitation to the royal ball. When Cinderella had read it she jumped for joy! She ran up to her stepmother. 'Oh please may I go to the ball!' she exclaimed. The wicked woman cackled. 'You? Go to the ball? That's ridiculous! You are forbidden from going!' she'd said. Cinderella's poor heart sank. Later that evening she watched as the carriage took her step family away to the palace. She ran out to the garden, and I cried her eyes out. Then, out of thin air appeared a dainty, and beautiful fairy. She knelt down and placed her hand gently on Cinderella's back 'Oh my dearest, what is the matter? Why are you crying?' she asked, concerned. 'Step mother wouldn't let me go to the ball!' Cinderella exclaimed. The fairy smiled. 'Well, maybe she said you can't, but I say you can! BIbidi bobbidi boo!' she said a she waved her wand. In an instant, Cinderella was wearing a beautiful, shimmering ballgown and glass slippers," I recited. "Let me see! Let me see!" Katrina shouted. I showed her the picture of Cinderella wearing the gown. "Wowee! She's so pretty mommy! Just like you!" Katrina giggled I smiled genuinely, and glanced at Duncan. "She's right you know," Duncan said smirking. He winked at me, and I couldn't help but blush. I looked back at the book. "Cinderella smiled brightly. She was so amazed! 'But remember, the spell only lasts until the clock strikes twelve,' the fairy warned. Cinderella nodded, an thanked her fairy godmother, then she went to the ball. While she was there, she danced with the prince. He was the most handsome man in all the land. They fell in love. But before she knew it, the clock started ringing. Cinderella ran as fast as she could back to her home, but on the way she lost one of her slippers The prince had chased after her, but all he found was the shoe. He took it with him and announced to his father, the king, that he wanted to marry the maiden who fit the slipper. So the prince went all around the kingdom, looking fo the girl to fit the shoe. But he found no one who did. Eventually, he came to Cinderella's house. Anastasia tried on the slipper, but it was too big on her. Then, Drizella tried on the slipper, but her feet were much too large. Finally, Cinderella tried on the slipper, and it fit perfectly. The prince took Cinderella back to the castle Within a week's time, they were married, and they lived happily ever after. The end!" I read. Katrina smiled and clapped. "Mommy, is there a prince charming out there for me too?" she asked me. I laughed lightheartedly. "Of course, there is," I told her "You may not find him right away, but sometimes you find your true love where you'd never expect," I said smiling warmly at Duncan. He smiled back. Katrina giggled. Then she layed down, closed her eyes, and almost instantly fell asleep Duncan and I snuck out of the room, turning the light off on our way out. He smirked. "What?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Nothing, I just can't believe that you think I'm your 'prince charming', so to speak," he said. "Of course you are, Dunky You don't have to wear a crown to be my prince," I said chuckling. "Well, you are my princess, so I guess it makes sense that I'm your prince charming," he said smiling. I laughed. "I guess so," I replied. I gave him a quick peck on the lips, and walked into our room. I changed into my pajamas, and got into bed Duncan layed down next to me. "Good night, Courtney. Good luck with your court case tomorrow," he said, closing his eyes. "Night, Duncan. And thank you. I'm gonna need it if I'm facing the Supreme Court," I replied. Then I drifted off into a deep slumber.



Bridgette- Bride

Geoff- Groom

Trent- Pastor of the wedding

Lindsay: Maid of honor

DJ- Best man

Katie and Sadie- Flower girls

Bridgette and Geoff Forever

At the end of Total Drama World Tour all the contestants that have been on Total Drama seires went to a reuion party on May 13th 2010. Bridgette and Geoff sat in the pool chairs. Bridgette was drinking a smoothie and so was Geoff. Geoff got out of his chair, put down his smoothie, and got down on one knee and said "Bridgette will you marry me". Bridgette was shocked and spit out the smoothie, she then replied, "I will marry you Geoff". Bridgette and Geoff kissed.

It was May 17th and Bridgette, Lindsay, Sadie, and Katie were planning the wedding. Bridgette spoke, Ok Lindsay you are going to be the Maid of honor and Katie and Sadie will be the flower girls. Lindsay replied, "Oh thank you Brianna". Bridgette spoke, "It's Bridgette". Lindsay says, "I'll try to remember that". Katie and Sadie made an annoying squeal and said, "Yay we always wanted to be flower girls". Bridgette spoke, "I'm glad you like your parts in the wedding".

June 7th 2010 was Bridgette and Geoff's wedding day. Bridgette walked down the aisle slowly as Geoff was on the right of the pastor. Geoff waited for Bridgette. Lindsay yelled, "Hurry up Brittany". Bridgette spoke loudly, "It's Bridgette". Lindsay says, "I'll try to remember that". Bridgette went to the left of the pastor. Trent spoke, Geoff do you take Bridgette as your wife who you will love through the good and the bad and through the better and the worse. Geoff spoke, I do. Trent spoke, Bridgette do you take Geoff as your husband who you will love through the good and the bad and through the better and the worse. Bridgette spoke, I do. Trent spoke, You may kiss the bride and Geoff kissed Bridgette. Bridgette smiled and threw her bouquet up in the air. Lindsay caught it she spoke, "Yay flowers". Lindsay smiled and took a red rose from the boquet and put it in her hair. Bridgette said, "Lindsay that's not for your hair if you catch the boquet it means you want to be the next to get married". Lindsay spoke, "Oh I didn't know that thank you Brenda". Bridgette spoke, "It's Bridgette". Lindsay says, "I'll try to remember that". Katie and Sadie walked down the aisle slowly throwing pretty pink and purple flower petals. Bridgette spoke, "Geoff I am happy to be your wife". Geoff replied, "I am also happy to be your husband". Katie and Sadie were still throwing petals and some landed on Bridgette and Geoff's faces. Bridgette began to speak, "Why did you throw flower petals at our faces". Katie said, "We're sorry it was an accident". Sadie replied, "Yes it was sorry". Geoff spoke, "It's ok we forgive you". Bridgette said, "Yeah we forgive you". Lindsay spoke, "Cutest couple ever". The wedding ended. Everyone enjoyed the wedding. On July 14th 2010 they went on their honey moon. The couple went to Maui, Hawaii for their honey moon. On their honey moon they went to the beach, the mall, pearl harbor, volcano sites, fancy hotels, and tide pools. On May 18th 2011 Bridgette and Geoff had twins. They named them Bella and George. Bridgette and Geoff had a happy marriage.

The End

Josie Amber's Story

Gwen's BIG Surprise

This takes place in Gwen's house on her video camera.

"Hey it's me Gwen, just adding another video log of my day," Gwen said while smiling.

"You'll never guess what happened to me on my birthday today!" She started to say.

Gwen then had a flashback before she could say anything more. *BEEP! BEEP!* The alarm clock sounded. Gwen got up and went to prepared breakfast for her husband and three children. She walked downstairs from her bedroom making sure she didn't wake anyone. Quickly and quietly she walked down the stairs and went to the kitchen. She started breakfast by pouring in the pancake batter in a bowl and continued from there. Pancakes started piling up onto a large platter. As she set the plates she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. By the time Gwen got back to the kitchen she had met up with Trent.

"Morning sweetheart," Trent said half awake. He walked up to Gwen and gave her a kiss before he helped make breakfast. Gwen grabbed five cups and placed them on the table and went to wake the children. Gwen trudged up the stairs still a little tired and went to the first door on her right. She walked up to the bed and pulled the blanket down revealing a little black haired boy sleeping.

She gently caressed the back of his head with her hand and said "Wake up Alex!" The little boy yawned and turned to face his mother.

"Hi mommy," Alex said squinting not fully awake.

"It's time for breakfast," Gwen said. Then she got up and headed for the next room. The light was on when she walked in and her daughter Carrie was already brushing her hair. Gwen told her to go eat breakfast. Then she kissed the little seven year olds head before leaving the room. Gwen closed Carrie's bedroom door behind her and headed for the last childs room. The room was dark and quiet when Gwen entered.

She tip-toed to the bed and knelt at it's edge. She gently wispered into the three year old girls ear. Before she could get Stephanie to wake up Trent was by Gwen's side nudging Stephanie's back with his palm. The little dark haired girl woke up and looked at Gwen and Trent while fighting to keep her eyes open. Trent picked her up and cradeled her in his arms. All three then walked down the stairs to eat breakfast.

Trent carried Stephanie to the table and sat her down in a seat and then sat down beside her. Meanwhile Gwen got the platter of pancakes. She carried the platter and a bottle of orange juice to the table. Then Trent grabbed the juice and poured a cup for everyone while Gwen put pancakes on everyones plate.

"K,K's !" Stephanie said smiling. Gwen relized she forgot the syrup and went to get up and get it.

"No, no, no, no!" Trent said quickly jumping out of his seat.

"Not on your birthday Gwen. I'll get it you just sit and relax," Trent said smiling with a calm look on his face. A few minutes later Trent came back with syrup and everyone ate breakfast. Gwen came back out of the flashback and began to talk once more.

"The kids were so cute! They came up with the whole idea and everything," Gwen said, her face beaming with joy. Suddenly she found herself being pulled back into the flashback again.

"Finished! Look mommy I ate it all!" Stephanie said in a proud adorable voice. Trent and Gwen smiled and then Trent took Stephanie's plate. Gwen grabbed Alex and Carrie's plates when they finished and put them in the dishwasher after rinsing them off.

Gwen then took Stephanie upstairs while Trent carried Alex upstairs as well while holding Carrie's hand as they walked. Carrie being the oldest child dressed herself while Alex needed help picking out clothes still. Stephanie being the youngest needed help dressing and doing her hair.

Gwen dressed Stephanie in a blue sundress and, put her little black shoes on over her white socks and put her hair in two pigtails. Gwen placed Stephanie on the carpet in Gwen's bedroom and picked out a green top and a nice black skirt. She quickly walked to the bedrooms bathroom and changed. When she came out her now long grown out hair was curled and she looked amazing. She slipped on her heels and grabbed Stephanie.

She carried the little girl down stairs where Carrie and Alex were sitting on the couch watching T.V. and playing with toys. She entered the living room and placed Stephanie onto the couch next to Carrie. Trent walked down the stairs a few seconds after Gwen had sat down and he was dressed and ready to go. Gwen grabbed Stephanie and held Carrie's hand while Trent grabbed Alex and the car keys.

They all got into the car and Trent blind folded Gwen. They continued to drive until they reached their destination. They then pulled into the parking lot in the park. They all got out and Trent led Gwen to the surprise the kids set up. With the kids following behind they continued to walk until they reached the spot in the park. Trent took the blind fold off of Gwen's eyes.

"Oh my ...........It's....... It's beautiful!" Gwen said in tears. Gwen stood in the grassy field starring at the giant heart with the words 'Happy 38th Birthday' created all in flowers. She turned to the kids and hugged them.

"Do you like it mommy?" Alex asked.

"I love it!" Gwen answered still in tears. Trent pulled out a camera and took a picture of the kids and her and then the present the kids made. After they hugged they continued to take pictures infront of the present. Gwen came back to being aware again of the camera being on. She felt the tears welling up in her eyes again.

She slowly smiled and said "This was the best birthday ever!" Then she turned off the video camera and went to bed with a smile glued on her face.

K-rocks19's Story

Im sorry i didn't did nothing so i quit this game im out!!

Vick0971's Story

The Surfer Girl + the Party Boy

5 years later after the TD series Bridgette moved away to California and Geoff moved to Florida. Geoff miss Bridgette so much he wanted to go to California. Geoff was at the airport but when his plane was cancelled he was pissed. Butt he ran into Owen and he had a car and he give him a ride butt he stop at Texas. Then Geoff walk 5 miles until he saw Chris with his 5 helicopters. Chris let him have one. Geoff fly all the way of California. Then the helicopter was out of gas then he ran all the way to Bridgette's house. When Geoff ring the ball Bridgette anwser the door when she saw Geoff at the door she was so stoked. Geoff ask her to married him and they had loving twins Geoffy and Bridgey. THE END.

Sonictksb's Story

Lindsay X Tyler

"Hi, my name's Lindsay and right now i've got everything a girl could ask for, i've got a perfect job, a perfect husband called Tyler and i've even got two sons called mani and cure (Note: She was having a manicure at the time she gave birth), my life is just so awesome." said Lindsay in her car.

Lindsay was driving to work at a shop which was called Girl's life. Her shop was sponsered by Tyler's Achlete's school. When Tyler wasn't at work, he would help out at Linsday's shop, and he is there now working at his wife's shop.

"Oh there you are Lindsay". Shouted Tyler. The two then kissed, "where were you". he asked again, "Over at Beth's house, why did you ask". Lindsay replied. "K then". Tyler said. The door's suddenly Blasted opened with mani holding a badly injuried cure. "OH MY GOSH WHAT'S HAPPEND TO CURE"!!! Lindsay and Tyler shouted! "cure's gone and broke his arm and leg when falling down four lots of stairs"! mani scramed quickly! Lindsay and Tyler rushed cure to hospital where he had to stay for 3 weeks while Lindsay and Tyler went and did it!


Usitgz's Story

The Funeral, a Duncney Story (huh, I hate Duncney.)

"She was so young! She had the whole rest of her life ahead of her!" cried an old lady standing away from the rest of the crowd at the graveyard. The rest of the crowd was crying except for one man and one lady. That man had pitch black hair, and was wearing a black tuxedo with a skull shaped pin attached to it. He stared coldly at the lady opposite to him, who stared equally coldly right back at him. The lady had long brown hair, and was wearing a long grey dress which had pin that had he letters C.I.T. on it.

"This is all your fault!" screamed the lady in grey. The rest of the crowd fell into silence.

"My fault, save it for tonight, princess," retorted the man with black hair.

"You are so perverted, Duncan! I don't even remember why I married you and you smell like..." The lady in grey was cut off.

"I like it when you get feisty, it really turns me on, Courtney," interrupted Duncan.

"This is not the place for this! We're here to remember our dearly departed...oh, I can't even bare to say her name," Courtney fake cried.

“Her name was Brittany; you don’t have to get all gushy gushy, sister,” interposed a man with a ridiculously huge head.

“Stay out of this Noah!” Duncan and Courtney yelled in unison. Noah cowered back at this, and ran off.

“Well, I’m glad that kid left,” Duncan joyfully said, “Now, what were we talking about?”

“I was talking about how this was not the place for...hubba-hubba.” Courtney got distracted as the reverend walked in.

“I am Father Alejandro, and I will be doing this funeral service for…Brittany,” told the reverend, “the raccoon?”

The funeral service went well, and there was plenty more crying, and fights between Duncan and Courtney. Later, after the funeral, Duncan and Courtney got in a limousine. In the limousine, Duncan and Courtney started yet another fight.

“What was that about?” angrily asked Duncan.

“What was what about, my dear?” innocently answered Courtney.

“You know d*** straight what I am talking about, princess!” Duncan angrily stated.

“No, I know nothing of the sort,” Courtney replied.

“Fine, let me expand on this, then. You said hubba-hubba when that reverend dude walked in, and you know that pushes way too many of my buttons, princess!” explained Duncan.

“Oh, that was nothing, my dear. I just did that to make you angry, for your information,” Courtney said coolly.

“You drive me insane sometimes!” exclaimed Duncan.

“And you drive me totally crazy, baby,” continued Courtney. Duncan and Courtney leaned in and started to make out.

“You two okay back there?” asked the limousine driver. Duncan and Courtney stopped their make out for a second.

“We’re perfectly fine back here,” responded Duncan. They started to make out, again.

“Oh, okay…well, it was just that you weren’t making any noises back there,” said the limousine driver awkwardly. Neither Duncan nor Courtney responded.

“Oh well, I’ll find love somewhere or another, I mean those to dimwits can find it, why can’t I?” whispered the limousine driver to herself. The sound of them making out stopped.

“We can hear everything you just said,” Courtney said matter-of-factly, “It’s probably because you such a jerk to everyone you know, Heather.” Laughter is heard as the limousine rides off into the sunset.

THE END! (Finally...)

Fanny's Story

Spenstar's Story

Beth and Brady: Another Long Day

26-year-old Brady Charific was driving super-fast down the highway, headed back home after another long day at the office.

"Why the hell did my modeling agent fire me?" he asked himself while passing slower cars on the highway. He heard the honking of horns behind him, but Brady didn't care. He had to get home to his wife and kids.

"Oh god," said Brady when he looked at the digital clock in his car, "It's already Eight! Beth's going to be pissed!"

Brady turned on the radio. The song was "I Wanna Be Famous," by Trent Allen. Brady recognized the song as the theme song for that show his wife was on ten years ago, which he had started watching after he found her. However, the song was made famous by former TDA contestant Trent Allen. Brady smiled and listened to the music. Being a critic by nature, Brady made a mental note about the way Trent made the arrangement his own, and the added verses his good friend Trent wrote in. Brady even started singing along as he drove.

"Na na na na na na, na na na na, na na na na na!" he saig, "I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!" Brady took a deep breath and sang Trent's added verse which he knew so well.

"I know that I will find myself, and find love in someone else. I know that she will always be true, and she will whisper "I'm the one for you", and we're gonna be famous! Time away is what I need, and your advice I will always heed. Every day of my life is a brand new day, and I'll live it my way, 'cause I wanna be famous!"

Brady smiled again, laughed to himself, and sighed contently. Nothing brightened up his day quite like one of the songs from Trent's album. Even at this age, he was a superstar, not to mention Brady's best friend.

"Rock a bye baby, on the treetop..."

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Beth Charific was singing her daughter a lullaby, as it was eight, which was her bedtime.

"When the wind blows, you never will drop. Rock a bye Lindsay, hanging on strong, and nothing will ever make you fall."

The daughter's name was Lindsay, after Beth's best friend, who is also the godmother of little baby Lindsay: Lindsay Starlington from the Total Drama series. The song was changed a bit, but the old lyrics of a baby falling to her untimely death didn't amuse Beth, so she changed it into one about self-strength and determination, a lesson that she hoped little baby Lindsay would learn in the future and use in her life.

"Goodnight, my darling," whispered Beth. Little baby Lindsay was snoring adorably in Beth's arms. Beth silently placed the baby in her crib, turned off the light, and left, closing the door behind her. Just then, she heard a car pull in.

The front door opened, and Brady ran in, slamming the door behind him.

"Shh," Beth put a finger to her lips, "The baby is sleeping."

"Okay," Brady whispered. He top-toed over to Lindsay's room and slowly opened the door. There she was; little baby Lindsay, fast asleep. Brady smiled warmly and held Beth close.

"Such an adorable baby girl," he whispered.

"Yeah," whispered Beth back, "So how was your day?"

"Long and tiring," whispered Brady, "Until I saw you." Beth smiled and kissed Brady on the lips.

Kevvy9's Story

Tcf09's Story

A Day Away- A Trent and Gwen Story

It's been ten years since Total Drama, and now Trent and Gwen are happily married with three children. Although they may be happy their kids drive them crazy, so Trent and Gwen agreed to call a babysitter and escape their house so they can have a day away together. They decided to go to the ocean and rent a speed boat to ride around for a while, it was a great time to go because the weather was nice, the sun was setting, and the waves were mild... perfect for riding on the sea. Once they finally got the ocean they rented a speed boat and set out for the sea. It was very quiet for a while so Trent thought he should brake the silence by starting a conversation.

"Soooooo... um, nice weather here huh" said Trent

"Is that your way of starting a conversation?" Gwen replied playfully

Trent replied by saying "Well i didn't have anything better to say and you weren't going to say anything anytime soon soooo... ya"

Before Gwen could reply her hat flew off her head into the water.

"Oh no!!! Trent turn around my hat flew off" Gwen said reaching over the side getting ready to grab the hat.When Trent made a sharp turn Gwen flew off the boat and landed head first into the water.

"Hey babe I can't see it, do you know where it is?" asked Trent. When he realized he didn't hear Gwen reply he stopped the boat and turned around finding Gwen far away in the water trying to swim. When Trent saw this he remembered Gwen couldn't swim and knew she could only last about five minutes until she would dround. Trent hurried and turned the boat around to get Gwen, and when he finally reached the area she was in he realized she wasn't there anymore. Trent looked hard into the water and found her sinking to the bottem of the ocean. He quickly jumped into the water got Gwen and put her onto the boat. Trent started to panic when he noticed Gwen wasn't breathing. Suddenly his life flashed before his eyes, which wasn't much considering most of his life was already over. Trent finally remembered the CPR classes he took a few years ago. He gave Gwen the CPR he learned (and mouth to mouth resesitationXD) then he finally heard her start to breathe again while choking. Trent didn't know how to act because he was so happy she wasn't dead so he hugged her tightly in the sunset. Trents thoughts of his life flashing before his eyes suddenly faded and turned into thoughts of him and Gwen living the rest of their lives together.

THE END!!!:)

(hopefully this wasn't to bad considering i only had 30min. to write it XD)

Oweguy's Story

Geoff and Bridgette's Baby

About three years after TDI, TDA, and TDWT, all of the original TDI contestants have returned home. In the meantime, Geoff and Bridgette who have been long time couples got married. After their honeymoon, they found out that Bridgette was pregnant. Since then they’ve gotten prepared for their baby such as a name, supplies, a crib, and a lot of diapers. They’ve gotten ready for everything except one thing. Giving birth which might happen at anytime due to that Bridgette was nine months pregnant. Who knows? Maybe it’ll happen now.

Bridgette and Geoff were sleeping in the middle of the night until Bridgette shouts in pain making Geoff wake up immediately.

“What’s wrong?” asked Geoff. “The baby’s coming!” screamed Bridgette in pain. “We need to get to the hospital!” “I’ll get the car ready and I’ll call our friends for help!” said Geoff excited and worried at the same time. After getting their supplies and calling their friends for help they rush off to the hospital.

“Geoff, not so fast.” said Bridgette in the car. “But you’re having a baby!” shouted Geoff. “We need to get to the hospital on time!” Just as they continued driving Geoff saw a police car behind them. “Oh no!” he shouted. Geoff pulls over with the police car stopping behind them.

“Sir did you know that you were driving past the speed limit?” asked the police officer. “Yes,” replied Geoff “but my wife here is having a baby.” “Well you’re still getting a ticket but I’ll call an ambulance to take you guys to the hospital.” said the police officer. “Thanks so much.” Geoff thanked. “But I’m still mad about the ticket.”

After the ambulance picked them up Geoff and Bridgette got to the hospital with their friends waiting for them. “You made it!” cheered Owen. “What took you so long?” asked Harold. “We got a speeding ticket.” replied Geoff. “No time for chatting.” said Duncan. “Bridgette needs to go to the delivery room.” “Oh yeah.” said Geoff. He immediately rushes to the delivery room pass the checkout desk. “Sir you forgot to check in!” shouted the woman at the checkout desk. “Oh yeah.” said Geoff immediately coming back and checking in then rushing back to the delivery room.

As Geoff stays with Bridgette while she’s screaming in pain the others are waiting outside with Owen playing with some of the little kids toys, Harold looking at trading cards, Duncan playing a video game, and Gwen writing her diary. As things got quiet Geoff rushes out of the delivery room all sweaty and excited. “Guys!” he shouted. “Come see the babies!” “Babies?” asked everyone in shock. As they all got into the room it was shown that Bridgette had twins with the babies looking just like her and Geoff. “They’re so cute.” said Owen. “I really like the boy.” said Harold. Both babies then spit up on Harold and everyone laughs. “Oh ha ha.” He says annoyed that he was covered with baby barf.

In the end, Geoff and Bridgette returned home with their new babies, Jeffery and Brittney and they lived happily ever after, until later that night when the babies started crying. “I can’t believe we forgot that we have to take care of them during the night.” said Geoff really tired. “We’ll live through it.” replied Bridgette as the two of them walked into the babies’ room. One of the babies then spits up and Geoff shouts “Oh come on!”

The End

Ben's Story

The princess, the Jock, and The Divorce

Lindsay finally got to France like she dreamed to . Tyler, now Lindsay’s husband, is in his own training industry. One day Tyler came home to find Lindsay gone! ”Lindsay Where are you Honey Plum? ” Tyler said as he walked in the backyard, but to his surprise Lindsay was Making out with a tree.

“I love you Tyler!” she said repeatedly to the tree. Tyler just glared at her with confusion.

Just then thier neighbor yelled “Stupid blonde!” from his window.

Tyler was Glaring at Lindsay. Maybe Lindsay isn’t the one. Maybe I was wrong, Tyler thought, I got to think. Oh yeah! I am thinking. Oh well, I need time. “Uh, Lindsay sweety !” Tyler spoke up “That tree is not me. That is an Oak!” Tyler explained.

“Oh, that explains the splinters on my lip! ” Lindsay exclaimed as she ran to her husband. Tyler all though stunned at Lindsay’s stupidity smiled and hugged her.

“Wait a minute!” Lindsay suddenly exclaimed. “Who’s Blonde?”

Tyler facepalmed, Well tonight’s going to be a rough night I got to do something about Lindsay. What Though? Tyler thought.

Tyler was right because that night Lindsay was making out with her pillow “Uh, Lindsay. I’m over here,” Tyler spoke up.

“Then, what am I kissing?” Lindsay asked confused.

“A pillow.” Tyler said annoyed. To bad Tyler didn’t know that tomorrow will change his and Lindsay’s life for good.

“Lindsay I got a Job for you!” Tyler yelled as he pulled out a silver laptop.

“What Honey?” Lindsay asked dressed up for her day.

“Take this IQ test for me? Tyler asked flashing a smile Lindsay nodded her head and started the test.

“Thanks, Hon!’ Tyler said and he ran out the door to his car.

It was a great day at his work, but He did not know what was waiting for him at home.

“Uh, Hon there’s something wrong with this test it says Error Too Low of an iQ can’t compute! in big red letters. “ Lindsay Screamed to her sweating husband.

“Oh That’s it! You’re stupid! That’s it! It’s over!” Tyler screamed with rage.

“Are you divorcing me?” Lindsay asked full of anger.

“No. I’m giving you my family’s pickle farm!” Tyler yelled.

“Fine!” Lindsay said, and she stormed out the door.

“Well. Court here I come!”

The court was a sight. There were benches everywhere and a Tall thin man was in the middle with a hammer. Tyler stepped to his bench.

“Man I hate jury duty!” A kid yelled from the jury.

“Who asked you to be here kid?!?” Lindsay asked still angry

“Uh the police and my name is Ben! Stupid Blonde!” The kid uh… Ben yelled!

“Who’s Blonde?” Lindsay asked confused and Tyler face palmed along with the kid.

A short girl with glasses walked in on one side of the room to Lindsay and on the other side of the room was a short boy taller than the girl walked in.

The boy sat hit briefcase down beside Tyler and spoke. “Cody Harvard is my name being a lawyer is my game!”

Tyler looked at Cody and smiled. “Glad you could be here Cody!”

The girl sat by Lindsay and spoke. “I’m Beth Harvard! I came here to defend my friend and show my husband who’s right!”

“Me!” Cody yelled to Beth.

“Order!” the Judge yelled.

“Ooh can I have a Big Mac, Abraham Coldcuts?” Lindsay asked the Judge.

The judge glared at her and asked Tyler why they divorced.

“Well she was being dumber than a post!” Tyler said.

“I’m way smarter than a post. I think?” Lindsay objected.

“Oh my gosh you speak the truth case dismissed.” The Judge said and he motioned the jury to go.

“Yes!” Tyler said as he gave a high five to Cody. Beth looked disappointed and everyone from Total Drama was happy for Tyler. They lifted him up on their shoulders and carried him out until he hit the ceiling and got KO’d.

"Who needs Tyler? Not me! I wonder if that Blonde guy is available?" Lindsay talked to herself.

Cody walked to Beth."Cough up the fifty bucks!Also, I'll give some money to the college funds for Haily, Baily, and Gregory. "

"Deal!" Beth said and the two lawyers left happily.

THE END or is it yep it's THE END.

TBTDIF's Story

“C’mon, Owen!” Izabelle Sanders yanked her head through the doorway to the Sanders’ living room. “We’re gonna be late!”

“Aw, Izzy, can I please just have one more doughnut?” Owen Sanders, Izzy’s big-boned husband with extremely poor hygiene, pleaded. “I’m starving here!”

“Fine,” Izzy grumbled to herself. She made one last turn to Owen and bellowed, “But make it quick or I’ll throw you off that cliff again!” Owen gratefully acquired another double-chocolate doughnut from the package they had come in and munched on it happily.

Izzy had met Owen on Total Drama Island about fifteen years ago. They had no idea what they saw in each other, but they definitely saw something. Owen won the show, but nobody knew what he had done with the money. Some suggested he had donated it to a fraud organization; others said he had spent it all on doughnuts Whatever the reason was, five years after the show ended, Izzy and Owen got married. Despite their flaws, neither had any doubts that they would be happy 2-gether 4-ever. But now that Owen was almost thirty-one, Izzy was disgusted by his greediness and lack of cleanliness. Leaning on the doorway as she watched Owen chow down on another doughnut, fresh from Krispy Kreme, she howled in frustration. Owen hardly noticed—there was nothing to scare him away when he was eating. Izzy gritted her teeth and it took every unstressful thought she had to keep her from pounding the floor and ripping the house up.

Finally, Owen polished off the doughnuts and stood up, ready to go. Izzy opened the door, her hands still trembling from the increased stress, and walked slowly outside. They didn’t own a car; Izzy had sold theirs in an effort for Owen to slim down. Owen followed after her, squeezing through the door and out onto the sidewalk, where they walked beside each other. Not necessarily together, just beside each other. They were silent the whole way through. Owen occasionally flipped a smile in Izzy’s direction, but the threatening look on her face made him shut up. He knew that if he flirted with her or anything, he’d be plunging through the Falls in twenty minutes.

It was a good thing that he didn’t tick her off until they got inside. His first words once they got inside the strip mall were “Uh…can I use the bathroom?”

Izzy was ready to kill him, but she remembered her psychiatrist’s advice about public insanity just in time and only let out a grudging glare. As she went to get the basic needs of the two, she felt the time creeping by. Five minutes passed; then ten, twenty, twenty-five…Could Owen be…no…could he?

Whatever the reason was for his stalling, Izzy forgot all about the advice and lunged into the boy’s bathroom. She didn’t see Owen making out in a bathroom stall, absent from the bathroom, or even doing his business. Instead she saw him standing with his back to her. He had slimmed down a little, maybe even lost a half of a pound or so. Suddenly he turned around and noticed Izzy. He didn’t look the least bit embarrassed that a woman had invaded his privacy; he just took Izzy into his arms and picked her up in the most rib-crushing bear hug ever. If warmth was the reaction he was hoping to get from Izzy, well, he was wrong. After he finally let go of his wife, Izzy winced and rubbed her ribcage, then said, “I like your makeover, chubby. Now, why the frick are you still in this bathroom? It’s been twenty-five minutes.”

Owen looked sad in a sense. “I was working out,” he replied.

“In a bathroom?” Izzy wasn’t fazed.

“Well, yeah. I couldn’t exactly leave. Besides, I had to go to the bathroom anyway.” He paused awkwardly. “I don’t exactly want to work out, to be honest. But I’m doing it for you, since you’ve always wanted to.”

“Thanks.” Izzy yanked Owen out of the boy’s bathroom after that. She didn’t seem to express much feeling, but she was definitely pleased with Owen and there were even a few traces of a smile on her face. “I got the stuff we needed. Let’s go back home.” Owen followed, sort of jogging towards the house. Izzy laughed, and it wasn’t even maniacal.

About six years after this story took place, Owen is slimming down quite noticeably, but he’s still a bit overweight. Izzy is still being cured for insanity, and it’s working out for her a bit. She’s become less neurotic and protective towards Owen, and they’re able to live a happy life as husband and wife. Hey, that rhymes!

Jason's Story

"So what are we gonna name him?" Bridgette asked Geofff., rubbing her enlarged stomach. Bridgette was eighteen weeks pregrant; due at any moment.

"I say...Geoff Junior!" Bridgette quickly slapped Geoff's arm. "Something reasonable."

"Geoff..." Bridgette punched Geoff's arm harder. "Ow!" He held his arm.

A awkward silence filled the room. "I'm sorry..." Bridgette confessed.

"It's because I'm pregrant and all..I'm a bit moody. I'm really sorry!" Bridgette frowned.

"It's okay...we all get like that some times." Geoff consoled Bridgette.

Bridgette turned around to face Geoff. She had a confused look on her face. "We all get pregnant some times?"

"Wait, no! I didn't mean it like that! I ment that we get...all...annoyed. It's a part of our human life." Geoff explained.

Bridgette smiled, then ran into Geoff's arms. At first, Geoff looked suprised, but then, he wrapped his arms around the surfer-girl. They were both over joyed with their unexpected bundles of joy.

Three weeks later, Abigail and Jack were brought into this world. Bridgette and Geoff were proud, proud parents. For the first few weeks, the babies were very stressful. After the first month, they calmed down. Flash foward five years, and Abigail and Jack are now five. Today was a special day, in fact, it was Abigail and Jack's first day of preschool. It was also special for Bridgette and Geoff; It was thier first day off of parenting.

This day, they just spent it together. Nothing that special. They woke the kids up around 8:18am. The two blondie's got ready and were taken off to the bus by Bridgette. When she got back home, she collapsed in the bed and drifted off into sleep.

"Hey, baby," Geoff called out to Bridgette.

"Babe?" He wanted a responce. He shook her body.

"Hm?" Bridgette yawned.

"You dropped the kids off...right?" Geoff urged for an answer.

"Of course," She turned her head to Geoff and warmly smiled.

"You know I love you." Geoff openly admitted.

Geoff and Bridgette both went in for a kiss. Suddenly, the alarm clock rang and Bridgette rolled off the bed. Geoff cringed.

The scene skipped to Bridgette in her nightgown, icing her arm.

"You got a nice shiner there," Geoff commented, taking some juice carton out of the fridge and setting it on the counter. Bridgette pouted.

"Thanks, appreciate it." Bridgette used her opposite arm to take a long sip of her coffee.

Geoff looked at her for a few seconds, then did one of those Haha-you-got-hurt-and-I-didn't laughs. He was pretty rude.

"Can you get me a granola bar?" Bridgette asked sweetly. This was perfect timing since Geoff was searching though the pantry.

He picked out a random granola bar and threw it backwards at Bridgette. It hit her cup of coffee, and then hit her face, creating a huge red mark on her forehead.

"Um, OW!" Bridgette yelled. Geoff laughed. "You know I'm kidding."

The entire day, they sat around, watched T.V and spent alone time together. It seemed like between every breath, they kissed. Since Total Drama Action, they tried to stop their love issues. Nowadays, they are more romantic, rather than kissing.

Fast forward twenty years, Abigail was in college while Jack was not. He decided to go to the 'Surfin' Capital of the World,' San Francisco. There, he became a excellent surfer. Surpassing everyone's expectations.

Abigail was in college finishing up her last semester of school. She had a boyfriend, cat, and a apartment near the campus. Later that year, they were to be wed.

Jack soon dated a pop star and they got married.

Later in Bridgette and Geoff's lifetime, they soon passed. They left behind all of their belongings, all of their past memories, and the legacy of the Total Drama series.

THE END...or not

Webly's Story

A Day With the Ytrap Family

“A Day with the Ytrap Family”

It was 10 years since Bridgette had finished Total Drama World Tour she was declared the winner and decided to go on with her life. Bridgette ended up marrying Geoff a year after. The newlyweds went and graduated college. They went to the University of Michigan where they majored in management and surfing classes. After college, Bridgette opened up a popular surf shack called Bridgette’s Popular Surf and Snack and now she owns the neighboring beach nearby the surf shack. Geoff is actually a manager of Burger King. He still gets himself into trouble once in a while, but they work it out. They also have 2 children, one girl and, one boy. One was named Ashley who was turning 8 today and the other was 6 named Michael.

Today was a special day. It was Ashley’s birthday.

“Ashley wake up, it’s your birthday today!” Bridgette says waking her up.

Ashley wakes up and jumps for joy. The jumps were mostly on her bed but you get the picture.

“What’s happening, I hear screaming!” Michael says rushing to Ashley’s room. “Oh it’s you! I got you a birthday present, Ashley. It’s a necklace I made at school!”

“You’re not supposed to tell me, silly.” Ashley says.

“Oh, that makes more sense.” Michael replies running down stairs with Ashley.

Two hours later, it was Ashley’s birthday party. It had balloons, clowns, games, and a group of insane little kids like all birthday parties. The party had just begun but their elder's were already resting on the couch before anything could get going.

Bridgette & Geoff were lying on the couch exhausted waiting for just a minute to rest on the couch.

“Can you believe this is happening to us?” Geoff questioned Bridgette. “One moment we're on Total Drama Island gazing into each others eyes and the next thing we know we’re laying on the couch.”

“We should be having fun! It’s a party and I know you love parties no matter what kind. Let’s go out there and share those moments with our kids so we won’t forget them.”

Bridgette and Geoff sprint outside and decided to do games. These weren’t games you would find at any party. The choices were a Surfing Competition or Get Your Groove On. The insane children decided to do the Surfing Competition as they were weirded out by the sound of Get Your Groove On.

The kids ran over to Bridgette’s surf shack and got some surfboards for the competition.

“Now this is what I call a party,” Bridgette yelled. “This surfing competition is unlike no other, instead of showcasing some of the most insane things on a surfboard; since you are 8 we will showcase other types of talent on the surfboard.”

The children scream as loud as they can in anticipation.

The Surfing Competition was on! First up were these kids who tried dancing on a surfboard and epically failed. The next 2 did something so weird Bridgette, Geoff and all the other kids couldn’t get even close to figuring out what they were trying to do.

“Can I go next?” Michael says.

“I’m sorry Michael. I’m still giving you lessons and you aren’t the strongest swimmer if anything happened to you.” Bridgette says.

“Aw!” Michael whimpered and walked to Geoff who was a reading a new magazine called “Parties Nearby That Are For 20-30 year old(s).

5 other people went and did some strange things while Ashley was getting overly excited about her turn which was next. If Ashley did great she would win the competition but a kid named Koda had a great turn and was almost impossible to beat, at least for a newly 8-year old.

Ashley swam out to the waves.

“You can beat those chumps, Ashley!” Geoff yells from the chair he was in. All eyes were cast on him. Geoff quickly put his eyes back on the magazine and everyone turned back to Ashley.

She was attempting a hand stand, something that Bridgette learned when she was 9.

“Uh oh, you don’t have to do the hand stand Ashley it may be a little…” Bridgette couldn’t finish her sentence before she noticed Ashley was attempting it and she did it!

The kids what they did, insanely scream and so did Geoff. “Now that’s my 8 year-old, YEE-HAW!”

Ashley swam back to shore and it was clear who the winner was.

“Ashley, you have one the surfing competition!” Bridgette announced. Everyone cheered.

After that, they had cake and opened presents. At nighttime, Bridgette & Geoff were sitting on the couch exhausted again. But both had different expressions.

“This is one of the best birthday parties I’ve ever experienced and it’s seems like I’ve been at millions of them.” Geoff says.

“We did it, Geoff. We’re raising a beautiful family. To think, we could pull this off. Time’s flying by but I know I’ll never forget today. Being old is tougher than you think when you think about but we’re pulling it off with a nice and healthy family.”

“I’ve always imagined this happening and I’m glad it was with you.”

Geoff & Bridgette kissed each other and went asleep while added a memory of another day with the Ytrap family.

The End!

(Hope you enjoyed it ;))

Week Two

Reddy's Story

The Goth, the BFFFLs, and the Bieber (Gwen and Katie switch!)

Gwen woke up in her frilly pink room as the alarm clock rang. She happily stood up, yawned, and stretched.

“Hey! Wake up!” Sadie’s recorded voice, Gwen’s alarm tone, rang repeatedly until Gwen gently turned it off.

“Hi!” A muffled voice yelled from an open window, into Gwen’s closed window.

“Hi!!!” Gwen happily opened her window. She and Sadie chatted with each other over the cute guys they met the night before, and departed a long time later.

“Bye, Sadie!” Gwen cheerfully waved goodbye.

“Bye, Gwen!” Sadie also waved.

“EEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” Gwen and Sadie’s squeals pierced through the peaceful morning, interrupting the sleep of one depressed, Goth girl, across the street, in a grey house.

“Ugh!” Katie grunted. She was annoyed by her neighborhood, and shattered window. “Stupid world!” Katie ripped a Green Day sign from the wall and taped it over where her window should have been, to block the cold breeze. “I’ll die the day I meet those two idiots!”

“Katie, honey, your eggs and bacon are ready.” Katie’s mother said through Katie’s room’s door.

“Ugh!” Katie grunted again, “I told you, mom! I’m a vegetarian now!”

“That’s not confirmed on!” Her mother cried! Stomping was heard, presumably Katie’s mother stomping away. “Remember to go to school!”

“Ugh!” Katie angrily got dressed for school, and stomped to the bus stop. Then, with a horrified sigh, Katie saw Gwen and Sadie walking down the sidewalk to the stop in frilly pink dresses.

“Omigosh! Gwen, look! It’s a tree!” Sadie pointed to a baby maple tree.

“Like, omigosh, Sadie! EEEEEE!!!!!!” Gwen squealed. “We never see trees growing, with the economy and whatnot.”

“Uh…” Katie dived into a near by bush, to hide from the sure to be nuisances. Like I said, I’ll die today. Katie thought. One the first day of school…

The bus broke at the stop, and the three girls strutted on. Gwen and Sadie sat together on the first seat, and Katie had to sit next to them, due to the bus being packed.

“Gwen,” Sadie began.

“Yes?” Gwen asked.

“I’m planning on asking out Justin.” Sadie confessed.

“EEEWWWWW!!!! You like Bieber?!” Gwen snarled.

“No! Gross! Justin Carfolk!” Sadie snarled back. Gwen and Sadie hugged. Gwen stared out the window, and Sadie sighed. She mumbled something under her breathe, with Katie conveniently looking that way.

Katie gasped as she read Sadie’s lips.

“I have to follow these girls, today.” Katie mumbled. A cell phone ringtone rang, Katie recognized the song as Stalkers R Us, by FreeFall. “How fitting.”

“Aw man, not her.” Justin Carfolk sighed from behind Katie, he answered. “No, Izzy!

“Hehehe…” Katie laughed roughly at Justin as the bus pulled up to school.

The students were in a big line, waiting to get there schedules. Once Katie, Gwen, and Sadie were through the line, Sadie and Gwen read their schedules aloud.

“Mr. Tiberius first hour!” Gwen began.

“Me too! Mrs. Loyd second hour!” Sadie chimed in.

“Brad Pitt third hour! EEEE!!!!” Sadie and Gwen Squealed.

Katie stared in awe as Sadie and Gwen read there schedules. They all three had the same exact schedule! “Wow, I don’t even have to try to follow them.” Katie laughed. Just then, Trent passed playing Stalker Girls, also by FreeFall. “I swear, I HATE FreeFall!”

“Gosh, ever heard of keeping your opinion to yourself?!” Trent screamed, and ran away crying.

All through the day, Katie secretly followed Sadie and gwen around, and, being there absent-minded selves, didn’t even notice her.

The lunch bell rang, and the students were rushing in the halls.

“Let’s get- whoa!” Gwen was trampled by many tough kids, and soon taken to the nurse’s office.

“Oh no!” Sadie began to cry.

“Hey!” Katie grabbed Sadie’s shoulder.

“AHHHH!!!!!” Sadie screamed. “So it’s true! Death really does live in this town!”

“No, I need to ask you something.” Katie explained. “But, first, I’m Katie.”

“I’m Sadie, and my BFFFL is Gwen.” Sadie sniffled.

“Well, I saw you on the bus.” Katie explained. She lowered her voice, “You have a crush on Justin Bieber.”

“No one’s supposed to know that!” Sadie growled as tears dropped from her eyes. “And now, you must die!” sadie screamed. Seeing Gwen’s unphased face, she continued, “With rats ruining your manicure!”

“I’m a Goth, death doesn’t frighten me.’ Katie said.

“Ugh!” Sadie threw her arms into the air.

“You what?!” Gwen’s said from behind Sadie. “You like Justin Bieber?!”

Oh no!” Sadie began to cry tears that one would hypothesize would drawon everyone within mere minutes.

“Its okay, Sadie!” Gwen held Sadie’s hands. “I still like you!”

“Oh. My. God.” Katie slapped her forehead. “You two are idiots!!!”

“Well, our dad owns the school!” Katie and Gwen yelled in unison. Katie’s eyes widened.

“We mean, my dad.” Gwen said. Suddenly, a tall, formally dressed man walked up to Katie.

“Katie Stratforlay?” the man asked.

“Yeah?” Katie cringed.

“You have insukted my daughter and her best friend, you get a full week of detention, starting next week!”


“Unless…” the man continued. ‘You hook up my daughter’s best friend up with Justin Bieber, tonight, at 8:30 PM sharp!” the man pointed to his wrist watch.

“Yessir.” Katie soluted the man as he walked off. She was clearly terrified, judging by her shakiness.

“Omigosh!” Sadie beamed. “I’m gonna meet Justin Bieber!”

“EEEEEEE!!!!!!” Sadie and gwen squealed.

‘Ugh!” Katie stomped away.

After school ended, and Katie had finished watching a movie and procrastinating, Katie checked the time.

“5:56…..” Katie sighed. She went onto the computer, bought one Justin Bieber concert ticket for 6:30 that night, with her mother’s credit card. “She’ll see the gap of $200 soon.” Katie sighed. She also broke another law; she stole her mom’s motorcycle keys, and stole the vehicle.

“Woohooo!!!!” Katie was surprisingly able to keep control of the cycle, where as, she had heard of some non-permitted drivers dieing from crashes. She dared to speed over the speed limit, and epically maneuvered through heavy traffic. She arrived at Ontario Theatre soon after.

“Hmm…” Katie saw the mob of security guards at the front of the theatre, holding adoring fans back.

“I have my own way of entering.” Katie smirked deviously. She crawled to the back of the building, and started to crawl through the air ducts. “Ugh! Don’t they clean these things!?”

“Nope.” A dirty hobo in the passage to Katie’s left responded.

“I’m gonna pretend we never met.” Katie walked pass.

“Okay, eh?” the hobo winks at Katie. Katie got to the duct that was over Justin Bieber in his changing room.

“Alright!” Justin said. He was shirtless and flexing his “abs” if one should so happen to define them as such, as it was mostly just fat, and a small hint of muscle.

“Hiya!” Katie swiftly kicked into the room, bagged Justin, and got back into the ducts. She checked her watch. “8:12…” Katie pushed the bagged Justin down the ducts, and out the back way.

“Lemme go!” Justin yelled.

“Clam it!” Katie ordered, as she strapped the bag into her motorcycle, and began to drive.

Breaking the speed limit was no problem with no traffic this late, but that didn’t stop the authorities from starting a high-speed chase after Katie.

“Stop! Release that pedal and brake!” an officer yelled. “Suit yourself!” he fired a tranquilizer gun, abruptly stopping the vehicle upon impact.

“Oh ****.” Katie swore.

“Yeah, your in a lot of trouble young missy.” The officer said, handcuffing Katie.

Katie was later charged with underage driving, and kidnapping a celebrity. She was sentenced to forty years in juvenile lock up. Katie still serves her time to this very day. Let this be a lesson to all who face Katie’s situation; take the detention. Nothing good comes from breaking laws.

Mrodd's Story

Being fair, isn't always easy. ( Justin and Courtney)

So far all the pageant girls have been bland, boring and to be honest… ugly. They better not all be like this! I’m a JIT! A judge-in-training I deserve to see something half-good!

“Next” I Called.

“Hey! My name is Courtney, Courtney Starling!” I honestly didn’t care what her name was, she was HOT! She was wearing a long red velvet dress, showing a little of what she had to offer. Her hair was let loose with a single red rose on the side. Then her “rival” walked up beside her. She was also good looking, but nothing like Courtney.

“Courtney you are moving on!” I yelled. She smiled, and her “rival” left in tears.

One hour after

It was time for the talent portion; my fellow two judges had joined me, Gwen and Trent… Or something like that! Stay calm Justin, you can do this, you can judge them!

“Would Lindsay please come to the stage?” “Gwen” asked.

Lindsay walked onto the stage and began to sing “For Your Entertainment”. However all I could hear wear nails on a chalkboard. Maybe that was her singing! I looked at “Trent” and he was covering his ears. Yep, that was her singing. I quickly jotted down a 1.

“Very Good!” “Gwen said trying to smile. “Would Leshawna please join us?” She continued….

Many pageant girls showed their talents, from weird talents like doing a hand stand to extremely dangerous ones like twirling a flaming baton. It was Courtney’s turn; I had been waiting for her.

“Courtney? Your turn.” Gwen called, her eyebrows still aflame from a short girls “talent”.

She walked on stage, her eyes were glowing, and her smile huge and she winked at me! After that, she pulled out a violin and started playing…wonderfully! She was perfect, a few seconds later, I could hear booing! I guess they don’t like classical music. I turned to “Trent” and asked him what was wrong. He just looked at me, confused.

“That’s enough!” shouted “Gwen”. Courtney walked off-stage and me, “Gwen” and “Trent” were left to pick two finalists.

“Ok, Trent who do you think should go on?” I asked.

“Heather and Izzy” He grinned. “Both look good, and have a good talent.”

“Gwen?” I asked.

“I agree with Trent” She looked at his eyes. “They are the best here.

“Oh? I thought Courtney was pretty impressive.” I stated. They both looked at me confused.

“Did you see her play the violin!?” They shouted.

“Yes and she played it beautifully!” I replied.

“No, she was horrible!” Trent said.

“What! I know what I heard!” I screeched.

“No you don’t! Trust us, we are professionals! She was bad!” Gwen said staring at me.

“How could something so hot, play so badly?” I asked.

Trent slapped his head. “He’s had what I had when I was a JIV! Justin, you can’t judge them based off their looks! You need to dig deep! It might be hard, but you have too! If you don’t you will never be a real judge!” He said smiling.

Was he right? Was I really just stricken with her hotness? Or were they wrong? Either way, It didn’t matter it was two against one, and Heather and Izzy went on… Between the two I am sure Heather will win.

Jessica's Story

DJ and Courtney

Starring: DJ and Courtney

Co-Starring: Some Kid

"Stand there...wait, no, there!" DJ complains. DJ is wearing a white sweatshirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

"So I should stand here?" Courtney asks. DJ nods impatiently and throws Courtney a white sweatshirt. The white sweatshirt reads, "Romeo and Juliet."

"Okay!" Courtney says enthusiastically. She pulls the white sweatshirt over her head. Courtney grabs a black scrunchie and puts her hair into a ponytail.

"Now start from 'Where are thou Romeo?'" DJ yells. Courtney looks a little upset.

"You told me to-," Courtney starts. She gets interrupted by DJ.

"NOW!" DJ yells. DJ looks irritated so Courtney obeys. She walks to the fake castle and goes to the fake balcony.

"Where are thou Romeo?" Courtney asks. A boy walks on stage in a Romeo costume.

"CUT!" DJ yells.

"What?!" Courtney questions. She looks puzzled.

"I think you need to ask your line better," DJ announces. Courtney sighs. The boy walks off stage. Courtney walks down from the ladder.

"Perfectionist," Courtney mutters.

Codaa5's Story

IHeartTDInTDA's Story

TDAFAN99's Story

Josie Amber's Story

A Trip and Fall in the Park

( Bridgette and Gwen) *Beep! Beep!* Gwen looked at her watch to see it was twelve thirty. "Oh time for my daily jog," Gwen said while grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

This is a natural routine for Gwen, who goes out for a jog in the park to clear her mind and get exercise. Meanwhile three blocks away lives a blonde haired girl named Bridgette. Lets just say Bridgette isn't one of the most happiest people in the world. Bridgette mostly stays inside except when she wants some quiet time. Bridgette grabbed one of her favorite books and a sketch book and headed out the door to her car. Bridgette climbed in and drove away from her dark, lonely house. As she drove, she looked for a quiet, peaceful place to read and spotted the park. She carefully pulled the car into a parking space and got out and went to find a shady tree. While Bridgette looked for a shady place to sit ,Gwen began her daily run "Ah what a beautiful day," Gwen said between breaths as she ran.

After walking for several minutes Bridgette finally found a quiet peaceful spot to sit and read her book. "About time!" Bridgette exclaimed annoyed as she took a seat under the tall shady tree.

Bridgette set her sketch pad down on the grass and opened her book to page thirty, the page she had left off at. As she got ready to read, Bridgette took one last look at her surroundings. Bridgette watched the beautiful baby birds chirp as they took their first flying lessons from the mother bird. She continued to look around and notice many other things such as little children playing soccer a few fields away and a girl jogging down the sidewalk by the snack bar. Bridgette began to read and got deeply into her book. As she read she saw the same girl she had seen by the snack bar now running past her.

Bridgette read her book under the same old oak tree for three hours before she started to get hungry. She placed her book down and headed toward the snack bar a few feet away from the tree she had sat at. While in line she saw the same girl once again running near the snack bar, this time she noticed something different. This time the girl was wearing head phones while running. Bridgette was finally at the front of the line and she ordered herself a soda. Within less than a few minutes her soda was ready and she paid for it During the time Bridgette took to pay for her soda Gwen was enjoying herself with her music. Gwen began to sing as she ran " Shine! shine! shine!....... for me na, na, na, na, na.... na, na, na, na, just shine for me."

Gwen continued to sing as she ran not paying attention to where she was going. "Watch out! " Gwen heard a voice call.

All of a sudden Gwen was on the grass holding her head and a blonde girl with a black tanktop was lying on the ground next to her covered in soda. "Oh my gosh I'm so..... ," Gwen began to say when Bridgette cut her off.

"It's fine!" Bridgette snapped trying not to seem annoyed.

Gwen got up and helped the blonde haired girl up. "Hi I'm Gwen," Gwen said politely.

Bridgette looked at Gwen suspiciously before saying "I'm Bridgette."

Bridgette forced a smile toward Gwen and they began to talk. Gwen smiled back happy to see that Bridgette was coming around. The two girls began to walk to the old oak tree where Bridgette had sat before reading her book. Gwen pulled out two water bottles from her sweatshirt pocket and handed Bridgette the fresh cold bottle Gwen had bought while passing the snack bar previously. "Here take this. It's the least I can do for spilling your soda and covering you with it," Gwen said smiling.

Bridgette said thanks and took the water from Gwen. As the two girls sat there talking under the tree Bridgette began to sketch. It took awhile for Gwen to notice but when she did, she asked "What are you drawing?"

Bridgette put her pencil down and handed the sketch pad to Gwen. "Oh wow your really good at drawing!" Gwen said looking at the marvellous picture of her that Bridgette was drawing "Well it helps to have good inspiration," Bridgette said honestly while smiling.

Both girls looked at each other and just started to laugh. "Sorry that was a little corny," Bridgette said laughing.

"Just alittle," Gwen admitted trying to muffle her laughs.

Out of nowhere, Gwen bursted out laughing and made Bridgette jump. Bridgette looked at Gwen and continued to laugh for no reason. As people past the two girls, they continued to laugh making themselves seem a little crazy. After ten minutes of non stop laughing Gwen's watch went off. *Beep!,Beep!* " Oh six o'clock already?" Gwen said staring at her watch.

"I guess time flies by when your having fun," Bridgette said.

Gwen tore a peice of paper from Bridgettes note book and wrote down her number and gave it to Bridgette. Bridgette took the paper and tore another peice off writing her number down too.The girls smiled as they exchanged number and, then made plans to meet eachother again at the park. Each girl agreed to meet by the oak tree at twelve thirty so they could talk and hang out. Within a few weeks Gwen and Bridgette became best friends and started going over eachothers houses The End.

Sonicktbs' Story

Usitgz's Story

A Weekend to Remember

"Sierra...Sierra is her name, the girl of my dreams, the one I truly love," Cody thought as he sat in health class. It was Cody's typical way of starting a Friday at school, the teacher, Mr. Hatchet was instructing the class on why not to use drugs. Cody sat directly behind the girl of his dreams. She was a goth, though she was nicer and tanner than most of her goth friends. She was tall, she had long purple hair, and she wore clothes as black as night. The only problem was that see was going out with one of Cody's friends, Trent.

"Someday I'm going to marry her," Cody whispered to himself.

"What was that, sir?!?!" Mr. Hatchet asked/yelled after overhearing Cody.

"Oh, um...nothing, sir," Cody answered, his face was flushed with the color red.

"Sure, sure Cody see me after class, now back to what I was saying," Mr. Hatchet asserted.

After class was over Cody went over to see Mr. Hatchet. They had a short conversation that was mostly Mr. Hatchet asking questions that were very awkward to Cody. The rest of the tome was Cody writing 'I will not interrupt class' over and over and over again on the whiteboard.

Cody arrived for his next class late, it was Biology. This was the only class Cody didn't share with Sierra. There was this creepy girl that sat behind him, whose name he did not know. She sat behind him every day, and stared at him the whole hour. She was very pale, she had midnight blue hair with black streaks, and she wore yellow top, and bright blue pants. Whenever Cody would look back at her, she would look away. Today, he decided to find out what her name was. After class, he asked his friend Tyler.

"How am I supposed know?" Tyler responded.

"You sit right next to her!" Cody replied.

"What? I do?" asked Tyler.

"You're probably too busy staring at Lindsay to even notice the name of the girl who sits next to you," retorted Cody.

"'re always staring at that Sierra chick!" Tyler exclaimed. Everyone in the hall turned and looked at Cody and Tyler.

"Um...nothing to see here," assured an embarrassed Cody. Everyone in the hall turned back to what they were doing.

"What was that about?" asked Cody.

"What?" Tyler said dumbly.

"Never mind, I'll ask Noah next hour," said Cody, harshly.

Cody's third hour class was Physical Education, and he watched Sierra sit in the corner, and write in her journal, instead of playing dodge ball. He got hit in the back of the head while he was watching her. Mr. Hatchet happened to be filling in for the regular teacher today.

"Cody, Sierra! My room, now!" demanded Mr. Hatchet.

"Okay..." Cody trailed off.

"Whatever," replied Sierra coolly.

In Mr. Hatchet's room, Cody was sweating bullets.

"Miss, do you think that you can just sit there. Cody, do you can just stand there and not pay attention to the ball!?!?" Mr. Hatchet asked.

"", sir," timidly responded Cody.

"No, I know I can," Sierra whispered quietly.

"What was that?" questioned Mr. Hatchet.

"No, sir," replied Sierra.

"Well, apparently you do!" exclaimed Mr. Hatchet.

", sir," stammered Cody.

"I don't care," Sierra

"Detention, my room, on Saturday!" screamed Mr. Hatchet at the top of his lungs.

"NO!" Sierra and Cody screamed in unison.

The bell rings, and Sierra and Cody rush out of Mr. Hatchet's room. Cody walked up to his friend Noah to ask him the same question as he asked Tyler earlier.

"So uh...Noah, Do you know the name of that girl who sits behind me second period?" Cody asked.

"What does she look like?" responded Noah.

"Blue hair with black streaks, yellow top, blue..." described Cody.

"You don't need to go any farther, her name is Gwen, and she voted for Courtney, instead of me for class president this year," stated Noah.

"Oh...okay, thanks," said Cody as he walked away.

His next period was Lunch, and sat at the table he usually sits at with a view of Sierra, and enough room, so Tyler, Ezekiel, and Noah can sit. He spied on Sierra, and Trent who sit with the popular kids: Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna, and DJ. He completely ignored Ezekiel's tale of his hunting adventure, and listens in on the gossip from Sierra's table.

"Hey guys, mind if I sit here, today?" asked a tall and skinny redhead.

"Sure, Harold, just don't ruin Cody's view," answered Noah. Harold sat down next to Cody, and looked at the popular group.

"You like her, too?" questioned Harold.

"Like who?" asked Cody.

"L..." Harold was cut off.

"Don't you dare say Lindsay!" Tyler rudely interrupted. Everyone in the near seats turned and looked at Tyler.

"Hey, what are you guys looking at?" asked an embarrassed Tyler.

"Oh nothing, chicken boy," retorted a man with a green mohawk. His friends in the nearby seats gave him high-fives. Tyler sat down, and hid his face from everyone else.

"Well...anyways, back to what I was saying, I was talking about L..." Harold was cut short by the bell. The rest of the day flew by pretty quick, and nothing of real importance happened in that time period.

On Saturday morning, Cody, Sierra (who was crying), and Gwen arrived at Mr. Hatchet's room for Saturday school.

"What are you doing here?" Cody asked Gwen.

"Oh, I heard that you were going to be here, so I got myself into Saturday school, too," answered Gwen.

"Well, this is going to be bunches of fun," Cody muttered sarcastically to himself. Mr. Hatchet walked in right after he said this, with the green mohawk kid, followed close behind.

"D...D...Duncan?" asked Sierra.

"Yeah, it's me, and I come here pretty much every Saturday, baby," replied Duncan.

"Why are you crying, miss?" interrogated an assertive Mr. Hatchet.

"Oh, it's just that me and my boyfriend Trent broke up last night," sobbed Sierra.

"What?" Duncan, and Cody asked in unison.

"Well, suck it up miss!" Mr. Hatchet yelled at Sierra's face. Sierra broke down into a crying fit at this. A couple hours of Mr. Hatchet drilling the students on health questions went by, and the whole time, Cody was bulking up the courage to ask her out. Finally, when Mr. Hatchet left, the time was right.

"Sierra, will you go out with me?" Cody and Duncan proposed at the same time.

"I said it first!" angrily exclaimed Cody and Duncan at the same time.

"I'm gonna beat you up, loser," said, and enraged Duncan.

"Stop it, Duncan!" Sierra and Gwen jumped in to stop the fighting.

"No, let me at him!" Duncan said as he pushed Gwen and Sierra out of the way. At this Mr. Hatchet entered the room, and rushed over to Duncan. He picked him up by the collar, and Duncan squeled like a girl.

"Now listen here, punk. You...are...expelled from this high school," Mr. Hatchet whispered into Duncan's ear.

"No!" Duncan dramatically exclaimed.

"Yes!" Cody, Sierra, and Gwen jumped up and high-fived each other.

On Monday, Cody walked to Sierra, and her friends.

"You never answered my question." Cody stated.

"Well, the answer is...yes!" replied an ecstatic Sierra.

"And so our story ends, Cody and Gwen became great friends, Duncan went to a correction institute, and Sierra and Cody went further with their relationship, and had a great life," announced the narrator, a man with stubble who were a blue shirt, and khakis.

The End

Spenstar's Story

BFFFLs Backwards: A Pointless Contest Entry

Lindsay's nose was buried inside a book, her favorite spare time activity. She was what others considered a "nerd" and recently gave up following around the popular girls, trying to fit in. As she focused more on the book, the haunting words of her peers came roaring back to her memory.


"Hopeless geek!"


"You'll never amount to anything, you hear?!"

Lindsay's eyes filled with tears, and the paper pages of her book began to get wet. Lindsay's silent sobbing was interrupted by the slamming open of the library doors. In pranced one of the most popular girls at school: Beth. She had it all: looks, talent, boys, and the envy of her peers. Lindsay shuddered; she hated that type. However, Beth never made fun of Lindsay, so she decided not to storm off in a huff. Instead, she stayed silent, wetting her book while she tried to read it.

Beth walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Why are you crying?" she asked.

"Everything," Lindsay sobbed, "Everyone. Everyone has been laughing at me, calling me bad names, teasing and bullying me, and nobody would ever give me another glance. That's why." Lindsay gasped despite herself and put her hands on her mouth. She wasn't supposed to say that. Beth looked at her with a look of sympathy. She hugged Lindsay.

"It's not going to happen anymore!" she declared, "From now on, you'll be my BFFFL!"

"You mean that?" asked Lindsay in shock. Beth nodded.

Lindsay hugged Beth back. "Thank you so much!" she exclaimed.

The next day, Lindsay and Beth walked into school together, Lindsay wearing new, more stylish clothes courtesy of a trip to the mall with her new friend Beth. Nobody dared say anything; Beth was accepting Lindsay, so that meant that they had to as well. That was the law of the school land.

Lindsay was never lonely again, but in all the years she spent as a popular girl, the only one she considered a true friend was Beth: the girl who had gone out of her way to help Lindsay in a tough time.

Tcf09's Story

Rules (A Lindsay and Courtney Story)

Lindsay was walking through the Hallway of Saint Bernards High School when she suddenly bumped into a brunette haired teen who was running through the hall.

"Ow, don't you know your not suppose to be running in the halls, and your not even on the right side. The left side of the hallway is for going north," Lindsay said pointing behind her "and the right side, which is the side were on right now, is for going south," Lindsay now pointed foward "maybe if you looked at the signs on the walls or listened to the teachers you would understand the concept of going on the correct side of the hallway for everyones saftey including yours and to also prevent thigs like what just happened now from happening again!" Lindsay screamed.

Courtney stared at Lindsay for a while before saying "Oh i'm like soooooo sorry I didn't hear anything you said. I don't normally listen to boring people."

This made Lindsay furious, not only did Courtney refuse to listen to her, but she also called her boring. Lindsay hated when people called her boring, she thought she was the funnest, easy-going person she knew. Lindsay wanted so hard to wring Courtneys neck but she didn't want it to effect her scholarship to Harvord which she absolutely knew she was going to get one from the school.

"Ugh, whatever... do you even know the rules of the school?" Lindsay asked in a oh so sassy tone.

"Ummmmm... nooooo i told you i block out boring people even teachers, like that one teacher ha- hay- haroon?" said Courtney

Lindsay scoffed "His name is harold."

"Oh well anyway he is soooo boring he talks way to much and says these big words I never understand" said Courtney

Lindsay just stared at Courtney wondering 'how can a person be so stupid' but she let the thought go to get back on topic.

"Anyway, how about I tell you some of the main rules of this school"

"O-" before Courtney could reply Lindsay said "Good, first rule: don't talk while the teacher is talking. Second: raise your hand before talking. Third: No-"

Courtney interupted Lindsay by saying "Woa, ok thats wayyyyy to many rules to remember, i mean, i got lost on step one." Courtney said in pouty tone.

"Well there is 100 rules you have to memrize. How do you expect to be safe at school when YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE RULES!!!" screamed Lindsay

"Well, why do you even care about me knowing the rules anyway?" asked Courtney

"I don't care, but as a student president and a C.I.T. I have to make sure everyone at the school is safe, and you can't be safe without knowing the rules." replied Lindsay.

Courtney just stared at Lindsay with confusion which made Lindsay furious again. Finally Courtney said "What's a C.I.T."

Lindsay screamed and walked away, tired of the dumb brunett's stupidity. She didn't care if what she said helped Courtney or not, she just needed to get away before she exploded even more than she already has. Courtney just stood there watching Lindsay walk away, still in confusion. Finally she just shrugged her shoulders and continued walking on the wrong side of the hallway completely forgetting everything Lindsay had just told her. When Lindsay got to the end of the hallway she heard a crash and turned around to see Courtney on the ground again with another student screaming at her. Lindsay just laughed at the sight when a sudden thought came to her head. What if Lindsay was the dumb one and Courtney was the smart one. Lindsay shooked the thought off thinking about how there was no way in the world an intelligent young girl like her can ever be as dumb as Courtney. Lindsay looked back at Courtney one more time to see her explaining the rules to the kid who bumped into her.

"Hmmm," Lindsay thought "maybe shes not as dumb as i thought she was." she said reffering to Courtney quoting some of the things Lindsay just told her. With that Lindsay continued down the hallway to proceed to her next class.

The End!!!

Oweguy's Story

Ben's Story

TBTDIF's Story

“C’mon, Noah! Wake up, man!” Trent Smith, a black-haired, slim 16-year-old party animal, stood in the boys’ cabin of Camp Wawanakwa. It was 5:30 AM. Lying below him was a snoring Noah Kolaski, a new camper on his bottom bunk bed, still in deep sleep. Wearing a playful and rather stupid but innocent grin that stretched out from ear to ear, Trent continued to prod and shout at the dead-to-the-world Noah.

Behind Trent, Geoff Waters crept up behind him and tapped on his shoulder. Geoff, a cowboy-hat-wearing teen who was rather practical and sensitive, said, “Um…Trent, are you sure this is a good idea? The guy needs his sleep.”

“Don’t worry about it, man. I got this, dude.” Still wearing that stupid grin, Trent continued to yell at Noah. “WAKE UP!” Noah didn’t stir, so Trent placed his iPod in Noah’s ear. Sounds of loud rock music could faintly be heard in the cabin. Geoff grimaced.

“Ugh,” he groaned. “If you’re going to wake him up at 5:30, at least let him be comfortable and soothed." Geoff pulled out an acoustic guitar out of nowhere and started strumming. Now it was Trent’s turn to grimace and glare at Geoff.

Suddenly, Noah slowly opened one eye, then blinked a couple times. Geoff continued playing his guitar in a relaxing and friendly way, but Trent had his eyes fixed on Noah. “It’s working! It’s working!”

Noah opened both eyes for a second, but they never opened fully. They turned from small, confused stares to angry, narrow slits. Gritting his teeth, Noah jumped out of his bed, now fully awake, and growled in fury. “This is the LAST time you punks are going to prank me, and I MEAN IT!” He subsequently started chasing Geoff and Noah around the cabin.

All this commotion began to wake some of the other campers up. None of this affected too many of them—Harold McGrady was confused for a second, but promptly began flirting with the girls on the other side of the cabin. Cody Ganatik looked through his stack of comic books and beatboxed absentmindedly to himself. Perhaps the most prominent reaction of all was Duncan Wilson’s. He slowly sat up in bed, rolling his eyes. “Oh, gee, let me guess. The non-geniuses have pranked the new kid again.” As shouts and screams could be heard coming from Trent and Geoff, Duncan chuckled to himself and said “Excellent.”

Jason's Story

Beth vs. LeShawna

"Mmmmmmhuh." A short, chubby, girl with glasses said. "I want it like that, giiiiiiirl," Beth rapped to the music.

"Hey, yo, it's little bitty piggy Beth here, and I got something for ya'll to hear. It was about this itty-bitty b****, who was all snobby and rich. Thought she was cool, learned from a fool that she wasn't as cool as she knew." The loud mouth spit out some rhyms.

"Meet me in your bed, tell me to go ahead, you stop me dead, in my tracks. Whatya call that boy? You need some facts! And thats a wrap!" Beth finished off. Everyone outside the red recording booth, clapped.

"Great work, Beth!" Her producer clapped.

"Yeah. I was feeling that track." She said, stepping out of the booth. She looked a a big-boned, black-skinned girl with intensity.

"You know what to do," Beth said, snobbishly. LeShawna cringed, then ran out of the room to get Beth her bottled water. She had always expected a fresh, cold, Fiji labeled, bottle of water. She really didn't like the 'taste' of the Fiji water, disregarding that it was normal water, just named with a fancy name. LeShawna ran into the room huffing, puffing, and carrying a store-brand bottle of warm water.

"I SAID COLD!" Beth yelled at her. LeShawna ran out of the room while Beth slowly walked after her.

Beth walked past a bunch of people with papers in thier hands, and knocked them all out of their hands.

The Ending (Listen, I seriously have no ideas and I hated this challenge.)

Webly's Story

"The Brizzy Factor"

In a truly twisted universe, we present to you The Brizzy Factor.

Bridgette has always been a little insane ever since she was a little girl after she got struck by lightning though. She never really fit in with anybody but it didn’t matter. Bridgette always hung around the cooler people she never noticed they were always being mean to her. She thought it was always an accident. Bridgette once attended a summer camp. Where thing’s didn’t go really well.

It wasn’t actually a Summer Camp; it was more as a military school. Her mom sent her away to try to get the insane part of her brain out of her, not knowing it was incurable. Bridgette soon found out she wasn’t the only insane person there. There was another group of others 2-3 with psychotic names like Alfred, Esme, and Shoe (don’t ask why her name was shoe). The crazy group was led by a girl called Marijuana who was truly the sweetest girl you could ever possibly meet. She made up the group so they could feel better about themselves.

There were other groups with people with weird names like Milo, Akira, Kaui and Leeum, there were many others but those were the only ones Bridgette was aware of. Most of those people were just dumb but there was a person with a manipulated mind, Sandra & her buddy Heather.

Bridgette hated the camp although she joined the group of crazy people, she hated it. The food was horrible, the kitchen was filthy. They treated Bridgette like the dumbest person on earth. Bridgette really only cared about that, for some reason she kind of enjoyed the food.

One day, someone put an explosive in the 5 Teacher’s cabins. Everyone went on the loose, but Bridgette took the blame for it. Bridgette wasn’t the one who did the bomb, but who did…

In the same city Bridgette lived in, Toronto was a girl who was perfectly normal by the name of Izzy.

Izzy has lived a good life. Izzy can be clumsy but she sure is thoughtful and caring. She really had a thing for surfing. Izzy was a natural surfer and best in her town. She dreamt of being an owner of a surf shop and then becoming a surf coach at the beach. It was a small dream, but easy to make happen.

Izzy has a lot of friends, she’s really popular. The nicest popular person you’d meet. She always has had a caring for others, sometimes she can be a little corny, but she likes to keep it real, like she does with her friends On a hot summer day, Izzy was left home alone. She wished she could be at the beach but there was a horrendous oil spill. While Izzy was imagining the perfect day, the door bell rang and there was pounding on the door…

Izzy slowly walked up to the door.

“Hey, you person can you please let me in, I’m running from the RCMP, funny story.” A random stranger we know as Bridgette says chuckling.

“Well don’t just stand there, get in quick!”

“Thanks, I just got rid of them when I went down your street,”

“Um…why are the RCMP chasing after you?”

“I was blamed for setting a bomb on this lame Summer Camp I attended. I’m not sure who did, OMG maybe it was me and I fell on me head. Ahhh….I’m a bomb setter or whatever you call it.”

Izzy looks perplexed.

“First of all, do you have any suspects? Secondly, you talk very fast and you’re random. Lastly, how long have you been running?”

“I think it was Marijuana, never trust that name. I’ve been running for around maybe 5 hours.”

“Do you even know what day it is today?”

“You’re so funny, like I keep track. I’m totally dying out her because of your funniness.” “Why don’t we explain this to the police or maybe call your parents,” Izzy replies.

“No, no too risky, my parents would turn me in to the police anyways.”

“Wait, did you say you knew someone with the name of Marijuana. Why don’t you call one of your friends, then?”

“This is so confusing; can I just take a break?”

Through all this talking Bridgette had a blank expression on her face while Izzy was alarmed.

There was a knock on the door, Izzy took a peek and saw it was the RCMP.

“Oh, no, Bridgette it’s the RCMP!” Izzy says.

“It’s okay; I’d like to confront them by myself its ok to hide.”

Bridgette opened the door and slid under the RCMP manager’s legs.

“You’ll never catch me, I’m Esquire!” Bridgette yells.

“Huh? You know Bridgette or whatever her name is didn’t set a bomb on her school.” Bridgette explains to the RCMP.

“We found that out after 5 minutes and we found it was not an insane person, it was Sandra. Sandra believed it was for the world’s own good and she was arrested. We’re chasing after Bridgette because she pushed her Grandma off a cliff, because she thought it was a chainsaw killer in disguise.” The Manager of the RCMP replies.

“This is definitely the craziest situation I’ve ever got in!”

The RCMP leaves, and it leaves Izzy confused.

“Hey where are my Eggs?” Izzy says as she walks into the kitchen.

5 days later, Bridgette was seen in the woods eating some raw eggs.

“I love raw eggs!”


  • I got some of the weird names when I searched for psychotic names and guess what was on the list Ezzy, but close to Izzy which may be where the producers got her name. XDD

Week Three

Reddy's Story

Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorrry i didnt submit an entry. I was at camp. ;( But, hey, at least i have a reason. :P

Mrodd's Story

Not exactly How we planned.

The bell had just rang, and everyone was rushing to get home as soon as possible. Everyone had places to go and people to see… Well all except one.

“Vote for Courtney! I promise to make next year the best ever! Courtney shouted trying to talk over the mob that would soon crush her. Luckily for her, her boyfriend pushed her out of the way.

“What was that for?” She screeched, oblivious to the mob running past her.

Duncan face palmed. “Sorry but I don’t want my only girl friend to be in the hospital all Summer!”

He then embraced her and started kissing her on the lips, only to be pushed away by an angry Courtney. “Not in public! Especially when I’m campaigning!”

“Whoa, sorry!” He apologized walking off.

“Boyfriend being a pain?” Asked a voice behind her.

“Yeah! He just won’t leave me alone! It’s the Summer! I can spend as much time with him as I want!” She turned. “Oh… Justin”

“ SO anyways… Geoff’s hosting a party tonight want to come?” Courtney just kept staring as his body.

“ Uhh. Sure” She replied.

“K pick you up at 9” He said as he walked out.

“Would Miss Courtney O’Reilly report to the office please?” The loud speaker boomed.

Courtney started to walk to the office only to see the principle with the “Disappointed” look. “Courtney follow me” Before she could say anything he started walking, straight to the detention room.

“Wait! How did I get a detention?” She yelled.

He grunted then pushed her in. She scanned the room and noticed; Lindsay, Trent, Gwen and Noah were all there. But they never got detentions. “Hey” She waved.

She walked over to the quartet. “So why you all here?”

“We don’t know, you?” Gwen replied.

“She probably doesn’t know either!” An Irritated Noah yelled.

“He’s right.” She frowned. “And I was going to go to a party; I guess that won’t be happening detentions end at 9!”

“Ugh! I was really looking forward to going!” Trent said smiling at Gwen.

“I have a plan! I saw in this movie… I think it was called Run, before they eat you.” Lindsay squealed.

“Lindsay has a plan? The world is going to end!” Noah laughed.

“It’s ok keep going” Courtney said.

“We break out through the windows!” Lindsay yelled.

“Seems easy enough, not like they are barred or anything.” Gwen said looking at them.

“Ok so grab a chair and run at the windows, this is the bottom floor so we should be fine.”

They each grabbed a chair and ran at the window, Lindsay and Trent slipped, but the other 3 made it out. Trent grabbed Lindsay and jumped out of one of the smashed windows. “We did it!” Trent shouted.

“Thanks Lindsay” Gwen smiled.

“Yeah thanks” Noah grinned.

Courtney hugged Lindsay “Thank you”

“You are all welcome! From the heart of my bottom!” The four others face palmed as they all walked onto the last bus.

Jessica's Story

Sorry for the lack of story. I was sick and threw-up. I was actually going to put my story up today. :-( Guess I'll be nominated if my team loses...

Codaa5's Story

IHeartTDInTDA's Story

JosieAmber's Story

The Last Day

Today is the final day of school. When everyone is saying good bye to friends. The last day where everyone is sad or happy about leaving. As Duncan walked into school he watched as everyone started hugging and saying good bye before the day even started. "Wow," Duncan said with an annoyed tone in his voice looking at the cheerleaders all hugging each other sobbing their eyes out.

Duncan made his way to his locker and pulled out his notebook that he liked to doodle in, when he wasn't paying attention in class. He closed his locker quickly only to see Courtney behind the locker door. "Hey Duncan," Courtney said while smiling.

He looked into her eyes and smiled at the ego maniac of a girl who he loved to call his girlfriend.*Ding! Ding!* "Thats the five minute bell, we better get to class,"Courtney informed Duncan.

"Oh come on live a little," Duncan said smirking at Courtney.

Both walked to class hand in hand until they got to the door. Every one filed into the class in a quick but ordered manner going straight to their seats. Courtney sat in the first seat like the good girl she is while Duncan took his seat next to Trent and DJ. "Okay class today is our last day, when I call your name please come up to my desk and hand in you books," Mrs. Henry announced.

She called everyone one by one to her desk and they all handed her their science books even Courtney. Then it was Duncans turn. He slowly walked up to the desk with his book. "Please take your book sock off the cover Duncan,"Mrs. Henry instructed.

Duncan slowly took of the skull heads book sock off and uncovered his book only to show a drawn on, ripped, shredded, and broken book. He smirked at the sight of it remebering how the fatal death of his book happened. He flashed back to when he was using it to chase Harold down the hall to beat him up and he damaged it when he chased Harold into the woodshop room only for it to be flung in front of a saw. He came back to reality and relized the teacher was looking at him. He looked at the duck tape on his book to hold it together and then the teacher. The teacher just looked away and then Duncan sat down.Classes went by quickly and before they knew it last period class started.

Courtney had an excuse to miss Gym and she went off to the office where she helped out. "Time to have some fun," Duncan said enthused.

Today they were playing dodgeball for half of the period and then they were allowed to sign yearbooks. Duncan, Trent, Dj, and Tyler were on the same team with half of the class, while Owen, Heather, Gwen, and Noah were on the other team with the other half of the class. Duncan threw dodgballs at every one and soon enought the opposite team lost. They had time for only one more game. The end result Duncan's team lost and the kids walked to the cafeteria where they would sign yearboooks with everyone else. By then Courtney was back and she gave Duncan a hug and then set out to sign peoples yearbooks with her old election pencil she had made from when she audition for Total Drama.

Duncan wandered around and signed a few year books and met up with Gwen."Hey!" Duncan said to Gwen smiling while giving her a hug.

"I'm going to miss everyone so much,"Gwen said looking at Duncan.

Duncan nodded his head in agreement and then took her year book and wrote her a note and then signed his name. Gwen took his and signed her name also leaving a note for him to read. Gwen sighed and walked around to get others to sign her year book. Duncan caught up with Trent and signed his year book. The last bell finally rang and everyone walked to their lockers so they could go home. Gwen found Duncan at his locker and hugged him. Trent standing next to her with the rest of the Total Drama gang said goodbye one by one. Courtney wrapped her arms around Duncan's one arm and stood by his side. The whole cast of Total Drama left the school and went to their buses. Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, and Noah all went home on the same bus . Before Duncan left with Courtney to go home he said good bye to Noah and gave one last hug to his dear friend Gwen.

Soniktksb's Story

Last Day of Lame school

On the last day at Black Cone High School

"Alright class, you will be playing Dodgeball, you will have 5 minites to hide somewhere

thourghout the school, whoever doesn't get chaught will gradute" The Boring Phys ED teacher siad

"Yippie" Lindsay shouted

"Boring" Courtney murmred

"Courtney, if you don't get moving you won't graduate" shouted the Teacher.

"Fine".said Courtney

After 2 hours almost everyone in the school got chaught, only 24 teens where left.

"He better not find us." Whispered Duncan to Courtney, Lindsay and Geoff.

"If I graduate, I'm gonna have the awesomeist Party you can imagine." Geoff shouted, grabbing everyone's attention.

"Be quiet or we'll get caught you idiot."Courtney said back

"Whatever." Geoff Replied


Usitgz's Story

Ezekiel's First Summer (A continuation of my last entry :D)

"Ezekiel honey, wake up," Ezekiel's mother told him as she woke him up, "It's your last day of school."

"It ends?" asked Ezekiel. Ezekiel first went to a public school when he turned 17. He enrolled in White Pines High as a junior. Before he went to a public school he was home schooled by his mother. When he was home schooled, he never had a summer vacation, and he was taught year round.

"Yes, honey, it does, and today is a half day," answered Ezekiel's mother.

"Oh...okay," happily responded Ezekiel. Ezekiel ate breakfast, took a shower, and went through his other morning routines. He packed up his lunch, which included a venison sandwich, and lots of freshly killed venison jerky. He packed his school supplies into his backpack, and rushed out of his house onto the bus.

Once Ezekiel arrived at school, he saw Cody and Sierra making out passionately, and rolled his eyes. He made it over to his locker, were some of his friends were huddled.

"Happy first summer, Zeke!" exclaimed Tyler.

"Have a great summer," Harold said warmly

"Good job, Z!" congratulated Gwen.

" job," said Noah.

"Thanks guys!" thanked Ezekiel as he moved towards his locker. When he reached the locker he jerked it open with all his might, because it was stuck, and accidently slammed Tyler on the nose with it.

"Are you okay?" all of the friends questioned Tyler. Tyler's nose was bleeding pretty badly.

"" Tyler meekly got out before he passed out from blood loss.

"Someone call 911!" Screamed Gwen in panic. Billy the janitor rushed over, then picked up Tyler, and put a towel on his nose to stop the bleeding. So...someone called 911, and Tyler was rushed to the local hospital. The bell rang after Tyler was evacuated, and the students slowly went to their classes. Ezekiel went to his first hour class, which was health where he sat to Cody's direct right.

"I feel so bad about what happened," Ezekiel confided to Cody.

"Wait what happened?" indifferently asked Cody. Ezekiel remembered that Cody wasn't there when it happened.

"," Ezekiel covered up.

"Okay," replied Cody. Mr. Hatchet came over, and told them to end their discussion, as they still had to take their final exam. As Ezekiel took his exam, he could not concentrate. He kept thinking about Tyler, and what happened this morning.

"I'm pretty sure I failed this exam," Ezekiel told Mr. Hatchet as he handed him his partially completed final exam. Mr. Hatchet raised his eyebrow quizzically at this, but besides that ignored his comment.

The bell rang, and Ezekiel slumped along and shuffled his feet into next class, which was Canadian history. He sat to left of Noah in Canadian history, and asked him the same question as Cody.

"It was pretty bad," replied Noah.

"Yeah, I can't believe Tyler got injured like that," responded Ezekiel.

"Wait, you were talking about that? I thought you were talking about having to tell you happy first summer," Noah sarcastically said. Hearing this, Ezekiel got very depressed, and looked at the floor by his feet.

"I was just kidding," Noah added.

"That wasn't very kind, jerk," inserted the class president AKA Courtney. Noah glared at her and she glared back at him.

Mr. Phil, the teacher of Canadian history, told the class that today was a free day, and most of the teens in the rooms became excited at the surprise, except Courtney, Ezekiel, and Noah. The class passed very slowly for Ezekiel, as he couldn't stop thinking about what happened earlier that morning. By the time the bell rang Ezekiel was on the verge of crying.

The final "class" of the day was...lunch, and Ezekiel sat all by himself with his head down in his food crying into it, unable to look up.

"Hey, what's wrong?" A girl in a blue sweater came over, and sat next to Ezekiel. Ezekiel lifter his head out of his food, and looked at her. He recognized her almost immedietly. Her name was Bridgette, and he used to be infatuated deeply with her in the beginning of the year.

" have a little bit of jerky on your face," Bridgette said awkwardly. Ezekiel's face became as red as a tomato as he wiped the jerky off his face, and back onto his plate.

"Sorry about that...but my friend got injured by me, and had to be rushed off to the hospital this morning," explained Ezekiel.

"That was you? That's terrible!" sympathetically said Bridgette. Directly after she said this, Tyler walked into the room.

"Tyler?" asked Ezekiel.

"Yeah, I was only there for two hours, and they had to replace my nose with a fake one, but it went over fairly easy," Tyler explained.

"It looks good, and it's good to see you back on track," happily stated Ezekiel. Lindsay waved at Tyler, and blew him a kiss.

"Well I'm glad it worked out for you two," Bridgette said gently as she walked away. Tyler left to go sit next to Lindsay.

"Wait...don't go yet, Bridgette," Ezekiel kindly gestured.

"Why?" asked Bridgette.

" go out with me?" asked Ezekiel romantically. An awkward silence proceeded. Bridgette and Ezekiel's faces both became very red.

"Um...sorry...but I already have a boyfriend, sorry," replied Bridgette before she walked away. Ezekiel felt heartbroken after this, and afterwards he said goodbye to all of his friends, and loaded the bus to go home, promising himself that he will get Bridgette to love him.

The End!

Spenstar's Story

Tcf09's Story

Awwww Crap... im so so so so so x100,000,000,000 sorry, last week (the 6th - the 10th) i had my Washington D.C. trip and saturday i had to go to a birthday party and i stayed all day and today my sister had a volleyball tournament... if i get eliminated i understand though...

Oweguy's Story

Best Summer Ever

Ben's Story

TBTDIF's Story

Jason's Story

"Welcome parents, students and teachers alike." A man's voice was amplified over the loud speaker. As everyone walked in and took thier seats, the graduation ceramony started. The audience members rambled to the person left and right of them, as parent's usually do when they see some one they haven't seen in awhile.

"Sh!" The man put his finger over his lips, symbolizing to quiet down. The audience members gradually stopped talking.

"I, Rodney Jenkins, am certainly proud to say that this class of 2010 is one of the most intellectual graduatee's Hopper High School has ever had. Please give them a round of applause." After he said that, the entire audience clapped.

Meanwhile, to the left of the bleachers, where the viewers watching, all of the twenty-four former-camper-castmates were sitting.

"How do you do a round applause?" Lindsay leaned to the right of her to ask Sierra.

"Oh, like this!" Sierra started clapping, then rotating her hands clockwise.

"Ooooh!" Lindsay finally understood the concept of it. Beth, to the left of Lindsay, told Lindsay that she was doing it wrong, then demostrated it for Lindsay.


Webly's Story

Tough Decisions, Tough Decisions!

It was Duncan’s last day of 12th grade; he’d finally move on with his life and get a degree. He wasn’t going the college, he was going to stay here and party on with his life. He had thoughts of getting a job but he didn’t feel like it at the time.

Even though it was his last day of school, the last day of trying not to slack off. How could he not slack off and make it the best school day ever or at least for him.

Unlike, some high-schoolers last day, Pineridge’s was different. They would have a graduation ceremony a day later and not call it an actual school today. Duncan was excited he didn’t have anything to worry about besides Mr. Vandenvet’s big end of the year test.

Mr. Vandenvet was having a so called “surprise” end of the year test, reviewing everything they learned the whole year. The problem about it was it wasn’t a secret. Everyone knew about as that was the teacher’s topic of his conversations on his phone all week. He told them not to listen in as it was an important call but how can someone not listen in. One year someone accidentally spoke about the end of the year test in his class before it came and he got so mad he was suspended for the last day and got a zero on the test. No one would actually get suspension like that but Mr. Vandenvet had his ways. As a matter of fact, no one actually knows how the poor kid got suspended for that reason but rumor has it, Mr. Vandenvet threatened the principal.

Although, how awful of a teacher Mr. Vandenvet is and all the sick rumors. Duncan didn’t care and thought it was amusing. Mr. Vandenvet hates Duncan so much. Everyone knows it’s only for one reason; Duncan is the only person that has ever stood up to Mr. Vandenvet and got away with it.

Duncan tried to keep of his mind about the complicated test for now and started to think about his mischievous thing he was going to do, later that day.

Pineridge High School started at 6:45 each morning and ended at 2:09. On the last day of school, Duncan got off to a rough start by sleeping too late! By the time he woke up he saw it was 6:30.

Although Duncan had to hurry, he didn’t mind. It was just another school day or to him at least.

“Honey, what took you long upstairs?” Duncan’s mom quickly asked as Duncan runs down the stairs while grabbing his lunch.

“No time to explain and remember what I told you about calling me honey. I’m 18 and I’ve been to juvi you hurt my reputation by even talking to me, let alone call me honey.” Duncan replies.

“Whatever, sweetie,” Duncan’s mom says rolling her eyes.

Duncan walks out the door acting cool with his backpack on his back. He tried to look tough so he gave the bus driver and a couple of nerds some looks that scared them to death.

After that, Duncan walked on the butterscotch school bus with a smile.

Duncan walked down the long isle and took a seat in the back by his best bud, Yahoo.

“Hey Duncan, ready to make the best day of school the worst day ever for everyone else,” Yahoo asks.

“You know me so well,” Duncan replies with an evil grin.

By the time the golden butterscotch bus got to the school Duncan had explained his impish plan to Yahoo.

And by the time Duncan and Yahoo got out it was commencing time.

Yahoo laid out the plan in an abandoned homeroom the school was going to re-model next year. Duncan felt this plan was so important he skipped homeroom and hired 2 nerds to act like them for the mini-class. It only cost 10 dollars and Duncan made an excuse not to be the one to pay so Yahoo did.

“In first hour, you sneak out into the hallway with me during Spanish and then pull the fire alarm as I run to the abandoned homeroom. After the evacuation, I will run into Mr. Vandenvet’s room and take the answer sheet to the “surprise” end of the year test and then copy it with the copying machine in the room nearby and put the test back. As the teachers are taking count of the people, stall the teacher as I run back out at the end of the line. If something happens, say he went home sick before it happened because Mrs. Diputs never takes the attendance until the end of class. During science, Mr. Vandenvet won’t notice we took the answer sheet and I’ll make you a copy too as I forgot to say.” Duncan explains.

“This is great and for the first time I paid attention and I haven’t had any questions,” Yahoo says almost wrapping up the conversation.

“Well, it was the second time I explained it to you. It should’ve been easy to listen. Anyways, let the games begin!”

Duncan walked to first hour with pride and determined to fulfill his job.

“Hola, Duncan!” Mrs. Diputs says as Duncan enters the class. “Okay, I think everyone is here so let’s get on with our next lesson today, how to conjugate “er” verbs in Spanish.”

As Ms. Diputs is explaining Duncan and Yahoo sneak out off class. They both start running opposite directions on schedule.

The fire alarm rang at the knick of time when Duncan ran in the vacant homeroom.

Now, most schools would have a fire plan and Pineridge did but did they know when they were pulling the alarm, not an idea. All the teachers never see it coming and most just go with the flow. They never expected it was real. Last day of school, probably a remembrance of what we did this year, the teachers thought.

Duncan looked out the crummy door of the unoccupied homeroom and saw people exiting.

“I’m so smart, this plan is going to work and I’m almost halfway there,” Duncan thought to himself.

Most schools would have a time limit to how long the bell would go off. Pineridge didn’t. The average time it turns off is around 16 minutes, so Duncan had more than enough time.

After the evacuation, Duncan tip-toed while making his way to Mr. Vandenvet’s room because you never know what teachers are still going to be in the school past the evacuation.

Duncan walked into the quiet room. Mr. Vandenvet didn’t have class first hour so it was harder to find the answer sheet. He finally found it deep inside a thick wooden drawer. He pulled the sheet out and then carefully slid the drawer back in not to make any noise.

2/3 out of the room, Duncan heard a crunching sound and then again.

“Oh, no, a teachers coming,” Duncan murmurs to himself. He started to panic and then he ran into Mr. Vandenvet’s room. Only because it was the last choice he had and he wasn’t going to get caught, especially, after getting this close.

He stood by maroon painted wall by a bookshelf filled with worthless junk about Apocalypse and Science. Now he understood part of the why the weird teacher was so insane.

The footsteps got closer and closer and then the light turned on. It was Mr. Vandenvet. He tried to find a speaker in his room and then Duncan remembered. Mr. Vandenvet was the one who checks the school after the teachers figure out it was not planned. Duncan was about to smack his forehead but remembered to keep still.

Before Mr. Vandenvet could tell the entire student body about how the fire wasn’t a drill but there wasn’t any fire, he squealed and pointed at Duncan.

“Why are you in here?” He asked smirking.

Duncan stood there and thought of an excuse, “Okay, I’ve always had a fear of fire. I panicked and I ran into here thinking it was safe. And then I thought it over and I almost overcome but when you came in here I decided not to move just so I would have more of a chance not to speak of this with you or any other teacher that was coming in here.” Duncan may be dumb but he sure is a quick liar.

Mr. Vandenvet decided to let him go and the rest of Duncan’s day went fine. His last class was Science. The teacher was impressed at Duncan's score, so he called him to his desk.

“I think it’s really great that you’ve been paying attention in my class this year. But I have to tell you something. It’s that you’re going to have to fail this grade or take summer school and another special class such as Sylvan or Kumon to exceed with life.” Mr. Vandenvet explained.

“Really? All year I’ve been leading up to this, I figured I’d take summer school but an extra class why does this have to be so tough.” Duncan stared at the clock and then saw everyone in the class staring at him back.

“You have by the end of class to make your decision,”

He sat in his seat and tried to hide from everyone. Duncan was furious, angry and all the other words that clarify MAD!

At the end of class he made his choice and slowly walked back up to the teacher’s desk where he was exactly 10 minutes ago.

“I’ll do the summer school and an extra class thing, sure it may be hard. But it’s better than staying at school for a whole another year.”

Although Duncan was angry he managed to contain himself.

On the school bus he was talking to yahoo, “Rough day, huh. I managed to stall the whole time until Mr. Vandenvet said to come back in.”

“All I can say is it was full of tough decisions,”

Week Four

Reddy's Story

Playa des Love (Word Count: Exactly 100)

Alejandro walked up to Heather at Playa des Losers, where she was sitting on a lawn chair, still sobbing about her elimination two episodes ago.

“After tres seasons, they still use this dump?” Alejandro sat by Heather.

“Huh!?” Heather gasped as she saw Alejandro, ‘Then, that means…”

“Si, it’s just Senior Cody and Senorita Sierra now,” Alejandro wiped a lone tear from his face.

“Ugh, Sierra’s just gonna obsess over Cody, so Cody’ll win,” Heather squeezed her eyes shut, to prevent tears from falling.

“Don’t worry,” Alejandro slowly leaned in and kissed Heather, then walked away in a romantic fashion.

Mrodd's Story

"Back Stabbers" (100 Words)

I saw Duncan and that blue-haired freak in the others arm. Words can't desribe how much they were enjoying the others company so I won't try.I bet they didn't think I would be eliminated! Ha! They thought wrong! They will pay!

"HEY YOU BACK STABBING *******, LITTLE ****, THAT BELONG IN ****", BETTER HOPE I NEVER CATCH YOU TWO TOGETHER AGAIN! I screamed, I could of sworn a bird dropped dead, but I wasn't sure.

Gwen muttered something under her breath and Duncan nodded and they both walked off.

"I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU TWO! COME BACK HERE!" They turned laughed at me.

Jessica's Story

Codaa5's Story

IHeartTDInTDA's Story

The Tearful Princess (100 Words Exactly)

I sat by the pool, crying my eyes out. Alejandro and Heather had betrayed me, eliminating me in the most brutal way that their evil minds could think of.

As tears fell from my eyes, Duncan sat down beside me. “Princess... why are you crying?” he asked me.

“Oh Duncan... you know why...” I sobbed.

“You're still hung up over that?” he groaned.

I nodded silently, gazing up at him, forlorn. “Court, it's just a competition. There's no need to freak out,” he muttered.

“But I just-” I'd tried to say. However, my ranting was postponed by an unexpected kiss.

JosieAmber's Story

"What could of happened"

Word count: 100

Katie and Sadie walked along the stony path talking to one another. “Hey Sadie do you think we could have had a chance in winning the competition if we hadn’t got lost in the woods during that challenge?” Katie asked curiously.

“Of course we could have,” Sadie answered.

“I’m just thinking about what could of happened you know?” Katie said while in thought.

“Yeah we could have been rich!, famous!, and popular!” Sadie said gleefully.

“You forgot something,” Katie said seriously.

“What?” Sadie asked.

“We could of bought clothes !” Katie said smiling.

Both of them walked away giggling cheerfully.

Soniktksb's Story

Usitgz's Story

Playa des losers - Egyptian Edition (Word Count: IOO)

"Why did they vote me out, eh?" Ezekiel asked himself as he floated down on his parachute. He landed softly next to the Nile. Crocodiles were swarming there. One burped and out came a stick that smacked Ezekiel in the face.

"Oh come on!" Ezekiel said painfully. It was the same stick he lost earlier that day. He looked up and saw the Total Drama Jumbo Jet.

"I got the stick!" Ezekiel yelled at the jet. A jeep was driving twords Ezekiel. In it were an intern and Duncan.

"Hey Zeke! They moved Playa Des Losers to here!" Duncan yelled.

Spenstar's Story

Always in my Heart (100 words exactly)

Trent strummed his guitar twice, then sighed sadly.

"What did I do to deserve this?" he asked himself, "I thought things were going great for me!"

Cody walked over to Trent and sat down next to him.

"I know the feeling," he said, "But there's nothing we can do. Heather played you like she always does, but hey, look on the bright side, pal. You're still with Gwen, you left on a good note, people hate Heather now, and you're at an awesome new place!"

"I guess you're right," said Trent, "Thanks." Trent smiled and watched the clouds roll by.

Tcf09's Story

Lessons (99.5 words)

"UGH! I can't believe they voted me off!" yelled Courtney. She was talking to Bridgette at Playa Des Losers after she was eliminated from TDA.

"I can't believe Chris allowed it to! Once that show ends i'll make sure my lawy-" before Courtney could finish Bridgette cut her off.

"Courtney! Will you please shutup! Who cares if you got voted off so did everyone else! Bringing your lawyers into this isn't going to help anything so just let it go!"

That day Courtney learned a very important lesson... never talk to Bridgette if your planning to sue the show again.

(Hardest... Challenge... So Far...)

Oweguy's Story

TBTDIF's Story

(I hope I'm not too late. Word count: 94 words)

Geoff's Arrival

The boat was extremely old and rickety, but it managed to tumble onto its destination—Playa Des Losers, a luxurious resort in the middle of nowhere. Geoffrey Edgarman, a rather wild teenage boy, jumped off the boat and onto the resort.

The sixteen-year-old viewed the place, and after looking at it for a moment, he nodded. “Nice place!” Geoff acknowledged. Spotting a familiar face, he ran toward it. “Bridgette!” he exclaimed, running toward the young, blond girl. He kissed her. “I love you, Bridgette.” The two hugged and then went into a hot tub.

Jason's Story

I hate Hannah!
Word Count: 100

“I hate Heather.” Beth said into the camera. “She played me until the deer challenge, then played Lindsay until the racing challenge!” She complained.

“Yeah, I agree. I hate Hannah.” Lindsay said.


“Yeah, Heather. I never really remembered everyone's names. I only know a few. There's Greta, Doug and other people.” Lindsay explained.

“Me?” Beth asked.

“Oh yeah! I forgot about Beth-any. I mean Beth!” Lindsay turned to Beth.. Beth then snarled.

“What? I knew a girl named Bethany who was in my Math class.” Lindsay said.

“Okay.” Beth said.

This challenge was hard!

Webly's Story

A Weird Welcoming (Word Count: 100, exactly)

“YAAHH,” Ezekiel says falling into the deserted Playa Des Losers. “Where am I, eh? And, where is that creepy guy?”

A rustle was heard from the bushes.

“SURPRISE,” Sadie and Katie shout popping out of the bushes.

“What are you talking about?” Ezekiel asked as he looks away and picks his nose.

“Eww, that is so like gross,” Sadie replies while she and Katie slowly back away.

“I know, right,” Katie says.

“I did not pick my nose; I just stuck my finger in a hole around my nose.” Ezekiel shouts.

“Whatever,” Sadie and Katie says as they walk away.

Week Five

Week Six

Week Seven

Week Eight

Week Nine

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