A lot of people think that they are great authors. Over half of these people are mediocre. This is not only a camp where people are getting their writing skills improved but they are competing to be the best author.... Who will prove that they have the skills? Who will crumble under the pressure? Who will rise to the occasion?

This... is... TOTAL! DRAMA! AUTHOR! 5!!!

How It Works

  1. Two teams of ten people each will be constructed.
  2. The teams will compete in challenges. (i.e. Write a story where Lindsay and Tyler break up OR write a story where Beth suddenly becomes popular OR write a story about the contest itself.)
  3. Chimmy and Shane will read and judge the stories, and determine which team wins.
  4. The winning team is invincible!
  5. Chimmy/Shane (Whoever judged the losing team) will pick whoever was the best author on the team that week.
  6. The best person on the losing team will pick two of their teammates to be up for elimination.
  7. The bottom two will give reasons to stay in the game.
  8. Nalyd and Sunshine will determine who goes home (The only guarantee that one is safe is if they're on the winning team, or they win an individual challenge).
  9. Repeat the above steps.
  10. Later in the game, there will be a merge, and the two teams will become the Best-Sellers.
  11. More challenges, stories, elimination.
  12. One author will be left and will be declared the best author ever!!


This season, twenty contestants will compete. It is requested that people provide an avatar of themselves on the talk page.

Best Sellers

  1. Reddy (OMG WINNER *Le gasp*!)


  1. K-rocks19
  2. Kevvy9 (I hope I win)
  3. Vick0971 (bring it on)
  4. Fanny (Boo yah!)
  5. TDAFan99
  6. Ben(I have a feeling I'm gonna go early but hey whatevs)
  7. Codaa5
  8. Oweguy (I'm back and I'm gonna be the greatest author! Or not)
  9. IHeartTDInTDA
  10. Mrodd
  11. Tcf09- Tcf09
  12. Sonictksb (In it to win it)
  13. TBTDIF (Time to get back.)
  14. Jason
  15. Jessica (Yeah! I signed up! But, then I lost! The first Best Seller out! I made it this high, though, with horrible writing and without ever being in a previous season!)
  16. Webly (I'm ready to do better than 6th!)
  17. Usitgz (I madeit!)
  18. Spenstar I'm gonna WIN!!!
  19. Josie Amber

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
17th Fanny OUTN
18th Vick OUT
19th Kevvy9 OUTD
20th K-Rocks OUTD

Color Code:

[User] = Writing Gopher

[User] = Typing Bass

WIN = Won that week's challenge

BOW = Was the best of the worst/nominator that week

SAFE = Was not eliminated that week

NOM = Was in nominated but was not eliminated

OUT = Was eliminated

N No story was submitted by this person this week.

I Incomplete story was submitted by this person this week.

D This person dropped out before a decision was made.

Week One Chat

Announcer: *Contestants step off a bus one by one and step into the giant library* *voice comes over loudspeaker* Greetings contestants! Twenty of you have been accepted to take on the challenge of becoming the top author! The best of the best! The head kahuna! Only one of you will walk away with the prize of - Sunshine, what are you doing in here?! Sunshine get away from the controls! Hey! Chimmy! Get away from that button! NO! *voice goes off*

Nalyd: *walks into library* Um.... Hi.

Jessica: Hello! I'm Jessica! I am very flirty, I am a pacifist and a vegetarian, I am a little bossy and I am very cute...(I am doing my fav couple, Lindsay-Tyler)

Shane: *walks in* Wow Nalyd...this place is bigger than I remember it. Did you get a bigger budget? Or did you finally get that hobo out of the microwave?

Usitgz: I'm back, and ready to give this another shot!

Sarah: Dibs on CxD! I'm a super fangirl! They're sooooo adorable ^_^ I don't care what anyone else has to say about them. CxD FOREVER! So um ya... Bonjour mes amis! =)

Mrodd: *Stares*

Oweguy: I'm back. And I'm on the Typing Bass again. Interesting.

Reddy: im making a GxT story! :D Go writing Gophers! lol I cant wait to post my story :)

Webly: My team has some great players! This is definitely going to be an exciting competition.

Spenny: *enters on his bike* Hey guys. Hey about the first challenge, can we do a TDI couple getting married instead of being already married?

Reddy: I believe u can as long as you sow some time for them being married, like what I did

Ben:*just notices theres a chat* Ello Govs .

Ben:*walks to reddy* I'm sorry to say red but my team is going to PWN YOURS *evily laughs and runs to his team* Hey guy so glad to meet you OWE were on the same team and RANT RANT RANT RANT RANT RANT

Shane: *covers Ben's mouth* Shut it, I need my beauty sleep.

Ben:Sleep who needs sleep I can stay up all night all the time like that one time I stayed up with my freiendsand they all passed out on the couch while I watched tv and RANT RANT RANT RANT

Usitgz: Will you please not talk so much Ben. Well, anyways, so far my story the only one that doesn't have kids in it so yeah, I'm unique!

Ben:Well mine rocks more and this sugar isn't helping *shows chocolate wrappers everywhere*

Kev: Can I quit cuz I want to if I can but I like it it's just I suck at writing?

Shane: Sorry Kev, you can't quit. You know how many people want to be here? If you quit, you'd just be wasting a valuable space.

Kev: I will not do the challenge I mite do it but if I have to do homework and stuff I mite not do the challenge

Reddy: This annoys me. your wasting a spot in a camp that could have been usded for a great author to become known. im.......ugh.

Shane: Kev, I had homework to do, yet I won TDA4. Seriously Kev, you're just being lazy.

Ben: Kev you have til friday finiush your omework and ork on your story I have homework to everyone does you have 3 days it should take two K

Kev: I get alot of it like 8 homeworks a day

Shane: So did I, yet I won TDA4. You know, my mom told me that if you're good at making excuses, you'll never be good at anything else.

Chimmy: Brady's my bro? O__O

Spenny: I knew you'd like my choice of a last name for Brady. :P

Chimmy:...yay! My brother's hot! XD

Shane: Kev, you wished to quit. I will honor your decision, and you will be eliminated once the judging is over.

Mrodd: (CONF)This reminds me of something, so familiar- yet so far away... * Sighs*

Challenge One

Nalyd: For this week's challenge, you must write a canon TDI couple grown up and married. Canon relationships include Courtney-Duncan (unfortunately...), Beth-Brady, Bridgette-Geoff, Gwen-Trent, Izzy-Owen, LeShawna-Harold, and Lindsay-Tyler. Remember to write them in character. Due Friday. It will be judged on creativity, originality, in-character-ness, spelling, and grammar. Also, you may be interested to know that the two worst stories from each team will be eliminated automatically. That's four people going home.


Nalyd: Shane get Gophers, Chimmy gets Bass.

Shane's Judging

Reddy - Well Reddy, I can honestly say that this was one of the best stories this week. There were no spelling or grammar mistakes, and everyone was in character, but there were a few errors. You see, you switched tenses. You can only have one tense in a story. You obviously wanted to do past tense, you did said, asked, and that sort of stuff, but you did things like comes, walks, drives. You should've done walked, came, drove, that sort of stuff to make it agree with past tense. But overall, nice job, amazing job, actually.

Mrodd - This was a sweet story, but several grammar errors. Most glaring one, you put different people's quotation in the same paragraph. Don't do that, every time there is a new person speaking, make a new paragraph. The other problem is, is that you had several fragments. In many places, you should have put commas instead of periods. The last part, is always, ALWAYS put a space after a period. There were a couple spelling errors, but not many. Overall, mediocre entry.

Jessica - Basically, it's the same as Mrodd, always have a new paragraph each time a new person speaks. Also, the story was confusing, have the past come before the present, so it leads up to the present. Also, Puking is spelled as...well....puking. Not pewking. However, the Lindsay and Tyler were in character. Like Mrodd, Mediocre, although a little better than mediocre.

Codaa - Okay, wow. The characters were truly in character, great grammar and spelling. This could actually happen, that's how in character Duncan and Courtney are. Overall, amazing entry. Dude, you're a great writer.

Sarah - Well, I know your writing, the thing is, you know the paragraph rule, and I've explained it enough, but I'll explain it again. When a new person speaks, make a new paragraph. However, this was pretty life-like. I liked this story, though the giant paragraph takes away from the story. However, even through the giant paragraph, it was a good entry.

TDAFan99 - Wow, um, once again, how many times to I need to explain the paragraph rule? Every time a new person speaks, there should be a new paragraph. This is full of errors. The most prominent one is the lack of quotation marks. It's hard enough to read a giant paragraph of text, it's hard enough to read a giant wall of text without quotation marks in some areas. In the beginning, the proposal was very random and it didn't flow. I mean, it did not flow at all. Overall, this wasn't that good of an entry.

Josie Amber - Can I get a perfect? PERFECT! Okay, Josie, you did phenomenal! This has to be the best entry this week. Okay, it is the best entry this week. Josie, Gwen and Trent were in character, the kids were believable and incredibly cute, but best of all, it flowed beautifully! Over all, I look forward to more of your work. Josie, this was awesome. Really, it was.

K-Rocks - Fine, you have your wish, but let me tell you this, lots of people wanted that spot, and you got it. However, you wasted it! Dude, you wasted my time. It's not that hard to submit an entry. You were just being lazy. To all future Total Drama Author contestants, if you can't balance Total Drama Author and real life together, than DON'T sign up. Someone else could've signed up whom was actually worth my time.

Vick - Okay, in a word, this was...bad. It was far too short. Plus, you misspelled but. Dude, really? It's gonna take a lot more than that to win this game. Overall, extremely weak entry. Extremely weak entry.

Sonic - Um, wow? Thing is, the paragraph rule, when a new person speaks, YOU MAKE A NEW PARAGRAPH! It's not that hard people. Anyway, while Lindsay was in character, this was not a very good entry. You see, it didn't flow well at ALL! I mean at ALL! Look, if you wanna win this thing, you'll have to step it up. And another thing, you never capitalized Mani, or Cure. They're names. You capitalize names. You also capitalize things after a period, question mark, and an exclaimation point. Overall, weak entry.

My Elimination Choice - Okay, I know whom I'm picking to be eliminated, K-Rocks. Dude, seriously? Why'd you sign up? Like I said, if you can't balance Total Drama Author with real life, don't sign up at all.

The Best of the Worst For This Team - This is another easy choice. The BOW is....Josie Amber! She had a flawless story, and the best story this week out of everyone in the competition IMO. Overall, Josie, you've earned this BOW.

Chimmy's Reviews

Usitgz: Great! C and D were definetly in character, though I think they would seem a bit sadder when Brittney had just died. Nice incorporation of the other TDI characters, I LOL’d with the Noah part. My only complaint is that it wasn’t too apparent that they were married. Other than that, great job.

Fanny: No story, no review.

Spenstar: As I stated before...YAY! HOT BROTHER! XD But putting that aside, I thought the story was really sweet. I can’t complain about anything with Brady being out of character, as...well, he wasn’t really given too much character in the first place. You gave him a believable one, though, and Beth seemed perfect. It seems that Beth would make an attempt to honor her friend in such a way, and good call changing the song lyrics. No grammar mistakes either. Exceptional job.

Kevvy: No story, no review. But I will say this...well, basically what Shane said above for K-Rocks. And you know what else? You say you had little time for this, and yet you sign up for more camps. -_-

TCF09: This wasn’t my favorite entry. While it was an interesting concept, there were several grammar issues. For example, ‘dround’ should be ‘drowned’. Not only that, I’m not that sure how much Gwen and Trent were in character. As before...not my favorite.

Oweguy: Seems Brittney has been reincarnated. XD This was a good story. You went into some of the most detail on a baby birth, but you didn’t go..well, THAT far, which I appreciate. I don’t think Geoff was the most in character, but other than that this was a great entry.

Ben: This was an OK concept, but overflowing with grammatical issues. For example, ‘to’ should be ‘too’, and so on. Also, I don’t think Tyler would be that mad, as he’s a fairly agreeable person, if a bit overconfident in himself. Overall, not the best.

TBTDIF: I don’t know what to say...this was definetly a unique entry. I didn’t notice any grammar issues, but Owen and Izzy weren’t in character. Owen would still be happy-go lucky, and Izzy would be relativley insane, even at this age.

Jason: LOL Geoff. XD This was a great story...though the death made me a little sad. *sniffle* It seems likely that one of their children would go on to be a surfer, and everyone was in character. I felt that you were hinting something at the ‘more than just kissing’ part, though. >_> Also, you could have merged a couple of sentences, but overall a great entry.

Webly: AWWWWW. Cliche moments FTW! XD Bridgette and Geoff seemed fairly in character, and the kids were cute and ambitious. I nearly did a spit take when Geoff was reading that magazine, though. XD There were a few grammar issues, but other than that it was a good story.

My Elimination Choice - I think my choice is pretty obvious...Kevvy, Fanny, neither of you submitted and entry. However, you, Fanny, are safe for now. Kevvy, You are my choice for elimination If you can't balance TDA5 with real life, don't sign up, and don't contradict yourself in the meantime.

The Best Of The Worst For This Team - Again, an obvious choice. DJ Spenstar, congrats. You are the best of the worst thanks to your great story. Good job. :D


Nalyd: Okay, Kev, K-Rocks, time to go. HOWEVER, Chimmy and Shane, you each need to pick one more person from the team you judged to be eliminated. A total of 4 people are going home this week...

Shane: I pick Vick to be eliminated. Sorry dude, it's just that you had the shortest story, and you need more than that to win this.

Chimmy: It wouldn't me fair for me to eliminate anyone else but Fanny. Sorry dude, I can't eliminate anyone else fairly.

Spenny: *does a wheelie on his bike* WOOT!! Safe and BoTW! What more can a man ask for?

Chimmy: Shadow the Hedgehog tacklehugging ME for a change. :P JK

Sonik: phew, I thought I would be going but now, i think i'm gonna win,( (CONF) or at least make it to the merge!)

TBTDIF: I don't exactly get the after this round, the BOW will be used, and they'll decide who to nominate, and then the judges vote one of those guys out? Like the first season?

Shane: Yeah, thing is, though, BOW was used this week, but the judges chose who went home this week instead of the BOW. So, it counts this week, but it's just another pretty mark on the elimination chart. XD

Week Two Chat

Nalyd: One week in, and 20% of you have been eliminated...

Webly: (CONF) I'm not surprised that I survived the elimination. I'm excited that I'm still in though!

Reddy (CONF): Booyah! Made it through that challenge, and i plan on going through the rest! >:D

Spenny: *sings* Stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Ah ah ah ah, staying aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! *stops singing, laughs, bearhugs Nalyd* I'm still in it, Ima gonna win it!

Jason: Can it male and female? Or only one sex?

Sarah: Can I turn this in tomorrow evening? I just do not have anytime to write for the contest this evening. I have to write two journal entries for Civics. I have to write a song to Roe v. Wade for a Civics project, and I have to fill out my reading log for LA, and read two scenes from the Diary of Anne Frank, and let's not forget I have to mark my two best entries in my Writer's Notebook. I'll still be turning it in on Thursday, but could I have until 8:30 or 9:00 tomorrow night? I'm certain I can get it in by then.

Sarah: I may need another day, apparently I'm grounded or something so, I'll have to turn it in tomorrow. I'll get RIGHT on it after school, and I should have it in by like 5 pm or something.

Usitgz(Conf.): I think my story is better this week than last.

Challenge Two

This week's challenge will be a personality switch of sorts. You must switch two TDI character's personalities, and have them meet. For example, you can write Duncan as a sarcastic bookworm, and Noah as a juvie escapee, and have them meet while Noah is vandalizing the library. (Please don't use this example.) The challenge is due on Thursday.


Chimmy: According to Nalyd, I get Gophers, Shane gets Bass.

Chimmy's Reviews

I would like to thank Nalyd for giving me only a few reviews to write, knowing my busy schedule. But honestly, I am EXTREMLEY disappointed in you guys. Less than half of your teams submitted an entry. As far as I remember, the winners of their respective season of TDAuthor did not miss ONE entry. Not ONE. Those who did submit an entry, good for you. Even if you didn’t get the greatest review, I can guarantee your safety because of this.

Reddy: ….um….wow. O_O It was certainly an interesting mix-up, though…even with Gwen’s personality and hatred towards Katie and Sadie, I don’t think um…well, Katie would break laws. Gwen doesn’t seem like that. Also, I would think Gwen would be attracted to Trent, but she was so ticked I can’t asses it well. Overall, though, it was a good story, though….but you did spell assaulted as assukted. XD

Mrodd: This was fairly good. The ‘little of what she had to offer’ part made me spit up my drink, though. XD However, I don’t think you dug deep enough into their personalities. Justin is much more than hot, (Or in this case, Courtney.) and Courtney (Or is it Justin?) didn’t seem explored at all.

Jessica: This seemed, well…incomplete, at best. I copied this into MS Word, and it was barely a half page long. Also, I think that this contained little of DJ’s personality, and only a bit more of Courtney’s. Overall….meh.

Codaa: No story, no review.

IHeartTDInTDA: No story, no review.

TDAFAN99: No story, no review.

Josie Amber: While this was pretty good, it still had it’s issues. Eachother’s is not a word, it should be separated into each other’s. Also, as far as I know, Bridgette (Or Gwen?) does not jog, but you may have been conformed to this because of the setting of your story. I have to commend you on making Bridgette’s klutzy side apparent, though, and aside from these issues the story was pretty good.

Sonictksb: No story no-ah, what the heck…

Shane's Reviews

Sorry for not getting these up earlier, I was moving, so no internet. Anyway, onto these things.

Usitgz: This was a pretty good story, though there was a couple mistakes. First one, squealed is spelled as squealed. Second, it should be Duncan and Cody asked in unison. Not Duncan, and Cody asked in unison. You didn't need that comma. The last thing, you should always use commas, not parenthesis to show actions, as parenthesis take away from the feel of the story. Although this is a big review, this was a fantastic story. Nice job! =)

Spenstar: Well, there are no grammar or spelling mistakes, there still are a few mistakes. One: this story's quite short, but sweet. Two: where's Beth acting like Lindsay? Lindsay's dumb. Beth here, wasn't dumb. Overall, though, this was a short, simple, sweet story. I really liked this story, though my only true complaint, is that it should be longer IMO. But great job this week. Great job.

TCF09: Well, while the characters were in character, this story is overflowing with mistakes. I, when standing alone and when used in contractions, should always be capitalized. Also, forward is spelled forward. Always capitalize names, even when they're not speaking. Safety is spelled safety. Whenever something is possessive, put an apostrophe and an S. Things is spelled things. I'm should have a capitalized I. Courtney's is possessive. Harvard is spelled Harvard. Effect should have been affect. A oh should have been An oh. I needs to be capitalized. Harold needs to be capitalized. Interrupted is spelled as interrupted. Memorize is spelled as memorize. There is should be there are. Brunet is spelled as brunet. Shooked, should really just be shook. She's should be she's. Referring is spelled as referring. That's a ton of misspelled words. My advice, use Microsoft word. Because of the mistakes, not that good of an entry.

Oweguy: No entry, makes my job easier.

Ben: No entry.

TBTDIF: Well...this was quite short...and it was hard to tell that Trent and Geoff switched personalities. Anyway, while is was an okay entry, it was far to short. I mean, REALLY short. Anyway, You said that Noah chased Geoff and Noah, I think you mean Noah chased Geoff and Trent. I also think you shouldn't have shown the reaction of all those people. It takes away from the actual story, and it's confusing. Overall, okay entry.

Jason: Well...this was short. Anyway, LeShawna would not cuss, and Beth isn't a little wimpy girl like her personality is shown in this story. Beth is willing, not scared, and LeShawna is NOT snobby. Anyway, this wasn't that good of an entry. Jason, I know you can do better. I just know you can.

Webly: Well....Bridgette certainly is crazy in this story. XD Anyway, this was an okay story, although there should have been more commas. Oh, and never use parenthesis in a story, it takes away from the actual story. Anyway, this was a funny story, though it could be better. My final verdict, this was a better than average.


Nalyd: Well, its safe to say that the Gophers lose by a lot. Chimmy, who is the BoW for the Gophers?

Chimmy: I would say Reddy, thank you good sir. :P

Elimination Ceremony Two

Nalyd: Reddy, your nominations please.

Reddy: I pick Sonik and TDAFan99. sorry guys, but Ive seen codaa and iHeart do better, and I know they tried to get a story finished. sorriez.

Reddy: And i also wont be here next week, so Ill give a reason to stay for that XD. Reason for no story next week: I would have turtned in a story if i wasnt at camp this week. I believe you all know i would've if i couldve. bye. XD

Nalyd: Sonik, TDAFan99, why do you deserve to stay?

TDAFan99: I'm sorry I didn't turn in an entry. But sometimes I was off the computer and not checking on Total Drama Author, but if you keep and I'll try harder next time and even make my Challenge 2 story. Thanks and I respect your descion either way if you keep me or Sonik. But I love this camp and I want to win it. I'll try harder next time if I have a next. This must be a hard descion for the three of you. I'll try to be a better Author. Thank you Nalyd, Chimmy, and Shane.

Sonik: I couldn't turn in a entry because of my laptop being repiared. I know this was coming and if anyone should be going tonight, it might be me. And if I do leave tonight, I'll try to become a better writer for next season. But I really do want to stay, and I missed seasons 3 and 4. I'll try harder in the next challenge if I stay. This must be a hard descion for the three of you. This is my reason to stay.

Nalyd: Okay, I think that both of you are equally deserving to stay. You both need to work on your writing, but one of you needs to go... TDAFan99, I'm sorry, but you have been eliminated. I do hope that you keep workin on your writing. I think that you'll be a great author if you keep working.

Week Three Chat

Nalyd: Only 15 remain...

Oweguy: Sorry I wasn't here last challenge. BTW. You didn't put our names for challenge three.

Webly: I have to get mine up on Thursday because I'm on my dad's computer because my computer is installing something that's taking all night. :( I hope that's alright!

Challenge Three

Okay guys, in the spirit of summer, your challenge is to write any of the Total Drama contestant's last day of school! You get to write the last day of school for any Total Drama series character! This does include Sierra and Alejandro in case your wondering. This will be judged on creativity, how much the characters are in character, and of course, grammar and spelling.


Nalyd: Shane has Gophers, Chimmy has Bass.

Shane's Reviews

Reddy - No story, no review

Mrodd - Alright...this was pretty good. However, you forgot some quotation marks. Also, the story was a little confusing, and you capitalized some things that shouldn't have been capitalized. Over all, okay entry.

Jessica - No story, no review.

Codaa5 - No story, no review

IHeart - No story, no review, makes my job easier.

Josie Amber - Well, this was a sweet story. This is, this story was pretty good! You missed a few places where commas should have been and your spacing was off a few times, but this was a great entry, never the less. Great job!

Sonictksb - This was not a finished story, and there were a few mistakes. Firstly, whenever you abbreviate something, you have to put a period after it. Anyway, spacing was off a few times. Periods should always come BEFORE the quotation mask. Also, always spell numbers, not use the symbol. Anyway, weak entry at best.

Chimmy's Reviews

Usitgz: This was a great story! I’m a little confused as to everyone’s age, (As you never specified what grade it was.) but other than that I’m utterly impressed with your work. I didn’t notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, so great job!

Spenny: No story, no review. 

Tcf09: No story, no review, but thank you for providing a reason.

Oweguy: Interesting title, but no story, no review.

Jason: For that little blurb, it was awesome. Everyone was in character…but I only wished you had finished.

Webly: I’m not so sure Duncan was in character the whole time, and I have no clue who names their child Yahoo, but other than that it was good. You were missing a comma or two, and there were some grammar mistakes, though.

Elimination Ceremony Three

Nalyd: Bass lose. Usitgz, nominate two people please. Actually.... I will be nominating. I know who I want to hear from Tcf09, Oweguy, please tell us why you should stay.

Usitgz: Thanks for choosing me as BOW, but I still wish I could choose, because I would have chosen Ben, and Oweguy.

Nalyd: Woops, didn't see Ben. Chimmy didn't judge him. Very well, Ben and Oweguy, why should you stay?

Ben:I think I should stay cause well during this whole week my computer was messed up very bad I was trying to touch up my story til I new it was right and I couldn't

Oweguy: Sorry I haven't posted any stories in the past two weeks but I've been busy on the fanfic wiki. I'm sure I'll be here the next challenge but I need to here what Tcf09 has to say first.

(Webly: It's Ben not Tcf09)

(Ben:Hey OWE wasup! Havn't seen you in forever)

TBTDIF: Hi guys. I know I'm not nominated, but I'd like to say my reason for not having a story up. I was away making a film this weekend. That's pretty much it. XD

Tcf09: Wait do I have to state my reason to???

Nalyd: The person eliminated is... Ben. I'm sorry, Ben. I hope you continue writing.

Week Four Chat

Nalyd: Next Sunday we'll resume challenges.

Oweguy: Well I got another chance. I'm definetly going to do this weeks challenge.

(Sunshine: ...I had an epic mind blank over last weekend and forgot to come help with this... *headkeyboard* So sorry, guys... I meant to apologize earlier but I was super busy all week. This week I don't have anything going on, though, so here I am! Again, so sorry!!!)

(Chimmy: It's OK, Sunny, we're just glad you're back :D)

(Sunshine: Yay! ^^ I promise I'll help out this week... is it still sunday challenge, thursday judging, etc?)

Nalyd: *hands Sunshine the keys to her office* You're officially the only person other than me to have an office. :D

Reddy:*walks into Nalyd's office* :P

Nalyd: *forces Red out* Go into my office, you get eliminated.

reddy:8trhrows a red crauyon into Nalyds office* Im bored though XD

Reddy:*gets bored with Nalyd's office so he goes over and bugs a book shelf*

Sunshine: *paints Duncan on the wall of her office* WIN. XD

reddy:* walks into sunshines office* coolio XD

Sunshine: *screams* ROBBER!!! *chucks Reddy out office window* (LOL sorry Reddy XD)

reddy:*knocks over bookcase on impact* ow (that was actually funny sunshine XD)

Chimmy: *peaks in window creepily* :3

Reddy: If i die here, tell my mommy to sue (XD)

Usitgz: Sorry, can't help you, Codaa might, because he stalks your mom. (XD)

reddy;challenge soon????

Codaa: I'll tell your mom that... you... had an asthma attack? ;)

Red:I dont have asthma. Tell her the book shelves were defective.

Codaa: *shrugs* Okay.

Sonik: Wake me up when the challenge starts *Goes to sleep*

Reddy:I caught nalyd on his visit on vacation and he said that chimmy or Shane could post a challenge tomorrow. proof is here]

Sarah: *meditates* I am preparing myself to write awesomely. Ooohm. Ooohm. *five minutes later* Okay! Different strategy! *tosses a pencil in the air, catches it* Okay... that doesn't work. How about singing?! :DDD Do re mi fa sol la ti do! YAY! *sings the musical scale up and down, over and over and OVER again* :DDDDD Well, I suppose that that has gotten the job done. I am quite prepared to face the competition >:)

Reddy:*waits..................................* :|

Usitgz: C'mon, Nalyd, mon. Start the challenge, dude. :P

Oweguy: Nalyd's probably busy.

Nalyd: Sorry guys, I've been on vacation. Shane and Chimmy didn't get my message to post a challenge though, so now you all have to wait another week. Sorry.

Sunshine: ...I could put up a challenge... *feels unincluded XP*

Reddy;YES. XD

Sunshine: *hopes Nalyd will come on and give her challenge-starting permissions, if not... I'll probably put up a challenge soon anyways XD*

Reddy:*hopes sunshine does anyway cuz she is on the same level as Nalyd he thinks now* XD

Sunshine: I'll post a challenge later today, whether Nalyd lets me or not. XD Hopefully he'll be back by the time the challenge needs to be closed and judged.

Reddy:Nalyd's back from his vacation. He said he was back last night on chatango. :P

Sunshine: Oh... then shouldn't he post the challenge? *is now epically confuzzled, decides to hide in her office until things make sense XD*

Reddy: Nalyd: Sorry guys, I've been on vacation. Shane and Chimmy didn't get my message to post a challenge though, so now you all have to wait another week. Sorry.

......D: thats from a few posts up.

Nalyd: Sunshine, you can post the challenge now. We'll make it extra hard by having it be due Friday. >:D

Sunshine: YAY!!! *attempts to come up with a challenge*

TBTDIF: Hey, Chimmy? Could I...uh...please get my story judged, even though it's technically late?

Sonik: I have a feeling me or Jessica are gonna be Eleliminated today eh.

Challenge Four

Sunshine: Yay, I get to do something!!! XD This week's challenge will truly be, well, a challenge. You must write a story that is set in none other than Playa Des Losers! However, there is a catch- the story must be within a word limit; it can't be any more than 100 words long (not including the title). This story will be due by Friday. Good luck, authors!

Sonik: Sorry I couldn't post a story, I couldn't think of a story with a hundred words or less in it. I'll try harder next challenge. (Well, that is, if I make it thourgh the Elelimination Ceramony)


Nalyd: Chimmy gets Bass, Shane gets Gophers.

Shane's Reviews

Reddy: What can I say....but awesome! For only having 90 did well. I really liked this story, the characters were in character, you kept the tradition of the villain being voted out in third place, and you made Heather mean...but not too mean. Nice job using Alejandro, he's new, and no one knows him really...but I think you used him perfectly! Over all, nice job!

Mrodd: 95 words, nice. have some spacing errors. Always space after a period. Also, don't use capitals like that all the time, it breaks away from the main story. Anyway, this felt...incomplete. It's possible to tell a really good, complete short story in only 100 words or less. You also missed a quotation mark. Overall...this was okay.

Jessica: No story, no review.

Steven: No story, no review.

Sarah: Wow, you're right, 100 words exactly. Anyway, I liked this story, it had good grammar, everyone was in character. I really liked this. It was complete, and you could hear the characters voices. Nice job!

Josie Amber: 98 words, nice. Anyway, this is SO Katie and Sadie. You kept Katie the open minded one, and Sadie the logical one. They always laugh and giggle, and they're so happy! Over all, great job. I don't see any mistakes, really.

Sonik: You say you're going to win, if you're going to win, you gotta put more stories up here. No story, no review.

Chimmy's Reviews

Usitgz: There's a bit of a continuity error in the beginning, as Zeke hung on to the plane's wing in the episode, but he could have lost his grip, so it's OK. It seemed a little incomplete, but since you were restricted to 100 words, this is also fine. Good job.

Spenstar: I came very close to crying when I read this...I'm pathetic. >_< For 100 words, this was VERY well written. It took me a while to figure out when this was set, (As I was in a TDWT mood after the previous story.) but other than that it was great.

TCF09: I'm not quite sure what would account for half a word. O_O But anywho, this seemed plausible, even thought Bridgette and Courtney had somewhat of a friendship. I noticed one or two grammar mistakes, though.

Oweguy: No story, no review.

TBTDIF: Nice, and very sweet. This is my favorite entry of yours, ironically...I didn't notice and spelling or grammar mistakes either. Great story.

Jason: This was pretty good, and it almost seemed like a real convo between Beth and Lindsay. I would have liked it if you had made up your own names, but overall it was a good story 8)

Webly: XDDD Nice! This seemed in character for both Zeke, Katie AND Sadie...though Katie and Sadie are basically one person. :P Again, a bit of a continuity error, but it can easily be explained.

Elimination Ceremony Four

Nalyd: it's safe to say the Gophers lose. Reddy, please nominate two of your teammates.

Reddy:W00t! Yay! Okay, I nominate Sonik once again because him barely submitting stories is bringing our team down. I also nominate Steven for the same reason. sorry guys, good luck :)

Nalyd: Sonik, Codaa, why should you stay?

Sonik: I didn't have enough time to put my story on, but I'll submit every week from now on that is, if you keep me in. Plus the challenge was really really hard =(, so please please please keep me in and I'll help the team win.

Nalyd: The person leaving is... Codaa5. You've missed three stories. Three strikes, you're out. (See? I do know something about basketball >:D)

Week Five Chat

Nalyd: If anybody misses more than three stories, they will automatically be eliminated.

Mrodd: Starting now? Or will strories already missed count aswell?

Nalyd: Previous stories will count.

Reddude: Um, can we write about an unusual day in Chris' life?

Reddy:wait nvm XD

TBTDIF: Hey, guys. I'm on vacation, so I might not be able to get in a story in time. If I don't, can I get an excused abscense?

Reddy:that new rule just eliminated IHeart, Sonik, Jessica, and Oweguy O_0

Challenge Five

Nalyd: For this week's challenge, you must write about a day in Chris's life! Maybe he's chilling with Chef? Maybe he's stalking Lindsay? Maybe he's dealing with the paparazzi! It will be judged on creativity, grammar, originality, and spelling. Due Friday.

Reddy's Story

Narrator, Get It Right

Twenty years had passed since Cody won Total Drama World Tour against Alejandro in a jury vote. No one really knew why the show had just adopted a jury vote for its series finale, but there was some speculation. Some say the last challenge was deemed to dangerous. Other’s say it gave Chris time to sneak away and take over the Canadian government, riding on the fact that Chef Hatchet counted the votes on the episode. Indeed, the latter is obviously the right, as Chris had renamed Canada, McLeanada.

Okay, enough with the boring story. I, the boring narrator with no life, will take you through the next day of Chris McLean’s life, because I’m the narrator and know the future, and this will surely be an epic story.

Chris McLean was sitting at his office with his feet propped up on a desk when a servant came in with a dish platter. As the servant revealed the dish, one could see that the dish was a big with Chef Hatchet’s head on it! Chef Hatchet held an apple in his mouth, and had X’s for eyes.

Hold on a second, my manager James wants in. “Come in!” I shouted. Yeah, I narrated myself, got a problem with that?

“Dude!” James stepped in front of my epic picture of the Chef pig, “Tell the story right or I will have to fire you!”

“Fine, fine, leave. You’re blocking my screen,” I replied. James stepped out of the screen way as I skipped back to where the servant came in.

“Sir, Chef Hatchet is demanding a raise, and there’s a riot outside the front door; a huge one” the servant stepped to the side an=s Chris headed for the doorway.

“Don’t worry, Kendra,” Chris assured the servant, “I’ll take care of my great nation…”

“Great?!” Chef hatchet appeared in the doorway, “Nothing’s great about your stupid country!”

“Oh no you di’n’t!” Chris sassily waved his finger in front of Chef’s face.

“Grrrr,” Chef picked Chris off the ground and threw him across the room.

“Guards! I order for Chef Hatchet’s brutal execution!” Chris screamed as two SWAT officers carried Chef away to immediate execution. Chris and Kendra briskly walked to the office entrance, finding well over a thousand McLeanadians holding picket signs and pitchforks. “Hault!”

“No you b****!” a random bystander screamed.

“Who was that?!” Chris screamed. Suddenly, three nerds wearing brown itchy robes appeared, striking ninja poses holding lightsabers appeared in front of Chris.

“You shall surrender!” one nerd yelled, trying to use the force.

“Um, those are toy lightsabers,” Chris pointed out.

“Shut up!” the nerds began repeatedly smacking Chris with their lightsabers.

“Let’s get him!” an orange haired woman bolted out of the crowd, “Or my name isn’t Izzibella Esquire!”

A huge mob of people stormed for Chris, who had to think fast! He ran into the office and barricaded the doors.

“Remind me again why we didn’t put locks on these doors?!” Chris screamed at an old woman on the desk.

“For purposes like these!” the old woman picked up her computer and threw it at Chris, who barely dodged.

“Kendra! Help!” Chris screamed, going into fatal position.

“Actually, just so I’m not on the run to…” Kendra dived for Chris, who swiftly picked himself up off the floor and sprinted for his office.

“Maybe if I leave my suit here, they won’t recognize me!” Chris took off his official looking jacket and pants to reveal plaid boxers and a white undershirt that was stained with mustard. He quickly bolted for his limo, and screamed at his driver to drive.

“Okay,” the driver drove Chris McLean onto the highway, creatively went in a circle, and “accidentally” lost gas while passing the mob.

“Hoy!” Izzy slammed her face against the glass window, smiling like a psycho. Chris McLean began to cry out as the McLeanadian hands reached for him, and about to tear him limb from limb…..

“Hey!” James barged back onto screen, “That didn’t happen either! You’re fired!”

“No! Wait! If I tell the real story I’ll lose all my viewers!” I screamed in horror.

“Well, I’ll tell your viewers the real story!” James crossed his arms, “Chris McLean never ruled Canada, he tried, but he was sadly fed to sharks illegally,”

“Crazy Canadians,” I said.

“No, that didn’t happen either, we just want to make Canadians look like psychos, ‘cause here in America, we own all!”

“Wait, then how did my story not qualify?! It was way better than yours!” I screamed.

“Hey, I get my fifteen minutes of fame!” james screamed, “Besides, who cares about you?”

“I’m hurt, but I am treated like dirt, so you’re right,” I sighed.

“Yeah! But you’re still fired,” James smirked as he walked away.

“Stupid rules,” I sighed, shutting off my camera.


(Reddy: Woohoo! I loved writing that, so many Chris McLean day versions, which do you like best? XD)

Mrodd's Story

This way to Holliday.

My life isn't as good as every one may think. I have to interview so many teens from all parts of this country, do you know how many planes I take a week! I guess I allowed it to come to this for the fame the teens brought me. How I love watching a show dedicated to me. Now I'm on my way to St-Raymond, Quebec. I have an interview with some kid named Zach. He seems like an interesting fellow and an extreme fan of me, so I just have to meet him! I had just come from Cole Harbour Nova Scotia, where I bet Kristin. The girl was extremly calm but I swear she really didn't like me. I decided to put her on the maybe list but I'm sure she will be on the show.
A muscular male sat beside me.
"Hey" He said his voice stunningly familliar.
" Hey" I replied noticeing his tall green hair. "Duncan?" I asked.
"Yeah what's it to you?" He said with attitude.
"Its me Chris! Long time no see" Dispite ending the original 5 season Total Drama series. I would bump into them every now and then most seemed happy to see me.
"What are you doing, going to Quebec?" He questioned.
"Im going to interview a possible cast member" I stated.
"What will they have to do this season." He questioned.
" We are going with something completly new, you see Nitendo has devoloped a new system. Virtual living, so we are testing it." I said.
" Good luck to them." I wondered what he had been up to but he fell asleepbefore I could ask anything else.

The plane is heard taking off and the captain asking for every one to remain seated.

I wonder if he has a wall dedicated to me. Maybe he has a whole house dedicated to me! I can't wait to see him. My arms and feet are tingleing! I suppose it's time for a quick nap, I have to look my best for the fans.

"Sir?.... Sir? The plane has landed." A soft voice said.
"Oh thank you" I said getting up.
"One more thing, Can I have your autograph!?" The girl squelled. Yet another thing I love about my life, the cute fans.
"Sure" I replied getting out my pen. She handed me a pink piece of paper and I signed it Chris McLean.
The End

Jessica's Story

IHeartTDInTDA's Story

JosieAmber's Story

"I'm in the Movie!"

Today was like every other day for Chris. To start his day off he would get his makeup crew to do his hair and on screen makeup that he thought made him look better. He sat in his comfy leather chair while they did his hair and makeup. “I’m Thirsty!” Chris screamed to the servant.

A young lady with long brown hair walked over to Chris with a crystal glass filled with water. Chris took one sip and spit it out all over the young lady. ”I said room temperature!” Chris yelled.

“You’re fired!” He then declared.

The young lady ran out of Chris’ large mansion crying. Chris ignored her crying and continued with his day. Finally the makeup crew was finished with Chris’ hair and makeup. Chris got out of his chair and pulled out a foldable mirror from his pocket. “I look good,” Chris said while making a winking face at himself.

Then Chris mostly relaxed, ate food, and swam all day untill it was time to hit the red carpet. *Knock!, Knock!* The Servant walked to the front door to answer it. On the other side of the door was a tall man dressed in black. “Hello my name is Jack and I’m Chris’ personal stylist, may I come in?” The tall man in black asked.

The servant let him in and showed Jack to Chris’ bedroom. Chris was laying on his large bed watching TV when they servant and stylist arrived. Jack walked into the bedroom and took a seat on the white sofa. “Jack! Buddy what am I wearing today?” Chris questioned.

They both walked into the huge walk in closet and looked around the racks and shelves of clothing his stylist had picked out for him. Jack walked over to the Red Carpet rack and looked through it. “Here put this on in the changing room,” Jack demanded.

Chris walked to the changing room within his closet. A few minutes later he walked out in a nice suit. Chris looked at Jack and both nodded in agreement that the suit Chris had on was good. Both shook hands and Jack left the mansion. Chris grabbed his jacket, a pair of sunglasses (to look cool) and walked out to the limo waiting for him. The limo was all white with a Chris head made out of gold on the front of it. “Nice!” Chris said looking at the gold Chris head on the limo.

He took one look at his brand new watch and climbed in the limo. “Where to sir?” The Driver asked.

“The Red Carpet movie Premiere,” Chris answered.

The driver nodded his head and started to drive. Chris pulled out his phone and started to browse through it. Thirty minutes later the limo pulled up to the movie premiere where the Red Carpet was. Chris climbed out of the limo and smiled. Camera flashes went off as Chris walked down the Red Carpet. He took a few pictures by himself and tried to get some with some famous people but got turned down repeatedly. Since no one wanted to take pictures with Chris he went into the movie theater for a new movie that he was in, and all the stars were seeing it. He took a seat in the middle row only to find the cast of Total Drama next to him. “Hey look it’s Chris ,” Courtney said while rolling her eyes.

Izzy jumped out from the seat behind Chris and started talking loudly. She hopped into the seat next to Chris and continued to talk. ”Will you be quiet!” Chris screamed to Izzy.

Suddenly everyone turned toward Chris and made angry faces. Then a large security guy came into the movie theater and carried Chris out of the movie. “Hey put me down! I’m in the movie!” Chris exclaimed.

The large security guy ignored Chris and threw him out of the movie premiere. Chris was angered and went home to his mansion where he could boss everyone around.


Sonictksb's Story

'How Chris Made World Tour'

After Total Drama Action, Chris was really bored with nothing to do.

He went to Sunset Beach, it didn't work.

He killed lots of Inturns, it didn't work.

But then, he had an idea.

"Hey Chef, get over here!" Chris shouted

"WHAT NOW YOU LITTLE MAGGET." Chef Screamed as he came into the room.

"Why don't we make season Three of Total Drama, we'll call it World Tour." Chris Yelled.

"Fine, but don't yell at me all the time, but One thing." Chef said.

"What's that." Chris Replied

"How are we gonna get the Contestants back" Chef Asked?

"You'll see" Chris Murmered to Chef.

Then Three Weeks Later, The Total Drama Action Reunion Special happened.


Usitgz's Story

Chris' Day Off

"Lying to Chef about that awards show was the the best idea I've ever had," Chris boasted to an intern that was fanning him as he relaxed on a lawn chair on Wawanakwa island.

"Yes, sir," the intern replied to Chris.

"Did I allow you to talk?" Chris harshly asked.

"No, sir," the intern defeatedly responded.

"Shu-shu-shush!" Chris rudely yelled at the intern. The intern looked sad, dropped the fan, and slummed over and started to cry.

"Did I allow you to stop fanning me? If you don't pick up that leave and start fanning me, you'll end up like George over there," Chris sternly directed the intern while pointing to a skeleton in the middle of a swimming pool full of sharks with laser beams attached to there heads. The intern had a very scared expression on his face, and picked up the fan and started fanning him immediatly.

"Much better," Chris told the intern. The intern rolled his eyes. As these events were occuring, a helicopter flew over Chris and the intern.

"Too much fanning, dude!" Chris yelled, obviously annoyed.

In the helicopter, Chef Hatchet asked an intern sitting with him, "Was that Chris? I thought he was at some award show, today. Oh well, I probably need to get my eyes checked, anyways."

"But there was a hel-" The intern tried to explain.

"I did not give you permission to speak, that's the third time. Three strikes, and you're outta here!" Chris told the intern as he pushed a button that flung the intern into the pool full of sharks with laser beams attached to there heads. The intern was ripped to shreds before he could utter a word against it.

"I knew I learned something from all those years of football I played...well, okay I sat on the bench," Chris said in the outhouse confessional.

"Eww...that's grosss, can i get someone over here to clean this up?" Chris asked, disgusted. Two clean interns came over and cleaned the mess up.

"Thank you," Chris told the interns, "Well, time to work on my tan."

Chris worked on his tan, and about an hour into it, sleep sent upon Chris, when he woke up he noticed that it was night time. He saw the bonfire ceremony in the distance.

"That was great," Chris told himself. He tried to move, but every inch of his body was on fire. He slowly, and painfully got up and boarded a boat to come back to the island the next day.

On the next day, When Chris came back to the show, everyone was shocked at how he looked.

"You're redder than a lobster covered in ketchup! Mmm...tasty," Owen told Chris.

"How did that happen, man?" Chef Hatchet asked him.

" was really burn-y at the awards show," Chris "explained."

"Sure, sure, let's just get on with this," Heather impatiently stated.

"Yeah...I can't believe Duncan left," Gwen randomly put in. Everyone looked at her strangly. While they were looking at her, Chris dissapeared.


Spenstar's Story

A Shady Bunch

"Excellent work, McLean," said the man at the head of the long business table, "You've succeeded in making our ratings go off the charts."

"Well," said Chris McLean sheepishly at the other head of the table, "I try, sir."

"With Total Drama Action over," continued the head of the producers, "It's time to turn our thoughts to the next season. Celebrity Manhunt next week is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone's favorite contestants into another round of drama."

"What?!" Chris' eyes widened, "Haven't we put them through enough? Two freaking seasons of torture have come and gone! They deserve a break!"

"Remember," said Chris' boss, "They're under signed contracts, and if you don't bring them into a third season, we'll find someone else who would." Many nods came from the other shady heads of the table; there seemed to be a dozen of them.

"Okay," sadly sighed Chris, "Fine. What is it you have in mind?"

"A trip around the world," said the boss, "On a crappy airplane, with challenges from each corner of the globe. We'll take another million dollars out of the vault for temptation."

"But what if the plane breaks?" asked Chris, "They'll all die, and we'll be jobless. Think of the poor children and their families!"

The boss seemed unfazed.

"Think of the lawsuits!" rephrased Chris, in a language that his boss would understand; the language of business.

"Quite right," said the boss, "We'll make it scary on the outside, but durable within. Remember Owen and his fear of heights?"

"We put Owen through so much," said Chris "Isn't it time we gave him a break?"

"Do as I say!" yelled the boss, "Or you'll be out of a job. Now, there's one more thing I had in mind."

"Yeah?" asked Chris worriedly.

"All contestants must sing in each show."

"NO!" yelled Chris, standing up, "That is absurd! Ridiculous! Insane! Two seasons with our crazy challenges and living hell conditions, and now you want them to song?! FORGET IT!"

"If you refuse," said the boss, "You'll be out of a job. Your career will crash, and you'll be nobody. And, we'll find someone else, who will be even crueler than you EVER were."

Chris shed a single tear and sighed. He sat back down, "Fine," he said, "All contestants must sing in each show."

"Excellent," laughed the boss.

Tcf09's Story


"Don't worry it's perfectly safe!" Chris said to his intern. He and Chef were currently at the Drop of Shame door waiting for the intern to jump so they can determine if this fun yet somewhat "safe" way of exiting the plane would be how the contestants take their plumit to death gently leave the show.

"Chris man, are you sure this is safe, it looks pretty... um... deadly." said the intern with a worried expression on his face.

"Of course it is." Chris replied "If it wasn't, we wouldn't even make you jump dude, right Chef!" He finished.

"Ya... um... sure." Chef said as he put on a fake smile.

"Ok then, if you say so." Without another word the intern quickly jumped out of the plane.

"Well, that seems safe enough!" Chris said while grinning.

"Uh Chris, did you ever give that intern his parachute?" Chef asked.

"Yes i did! I gave it to him from that spot right there." Chris pointed to an area on the ground where the parachute was still sitting.

"Oops, well there goes another intern." said Chris "Make sure you write a letter to his family saying he had an accident and fell off the plane kay." He added.

"Already on it." Chef said finishing up the letter and signing it.

"Yep, this season is going to be a blast!" Chris exclaimed, already laughing at the image of contestants falling out of the plane... without a parachute.

The End

Oweguy's Story

TBTDIF's Story

Jason's Story


“Finally!” Chris said putting his legs on the caramel colored coffee table in front of his white loveseat.

“Lisa, get me a glass of wine,” He ordered from his twenty-three year old maid. Lisa quietly growled and stomped her pumps on the hard-wood floor.

“Yes, Mr. McLane.” She calmly said.

She walked into the tiled kitchen and walked over to a dark-wood cabinet, opened it, and took a wine glass from it. Lisa, who wore a french maid attire, walked down stairs into a cold, gray, and creepy basement. Lisa always hated going down there. She always claimed there to be someone watching her.

“Ew!” She yelled, crushing a spider with her sole of her shoes. She quickly went further into the basement, grabbed a bottle of red wine, and ascended up the stairs.

With the bottle in hand, she walked over to the counter and opened the bottle slowly.

“Oh man, I'm really thirsty!” Chris said, making her rush more. This had always worked on Lisa.

“I'm coming, I'm coming.” Lisa said, sprinting to Chris. Then, tripping over a bottle of Chris' famous hair gel. The glass of wine fell our of the maids hand and landed on the stainless white couch and Chris.

“LISA!” He yelled, arsing to his feet. “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” He started yelling.

Lisa blushed while being afraid. “Well, uh,” She awkwardly said.

“Get out of my house!” He demanded. Lisa ran to the door, kicking off her pumps.

“Gosh. It's my first day off in three years and my maid gets red wine on my couch! UGH!” Chris yelled in agony.”Chef!” He yelled.

Chef appeared almost out of nowhere wearing a french maid outfit. “Yes?” He said in his manly voice.

“Red wine, on the double.” Chris demanded, looking at his fingernails. “Ew, my cuticles look nasty,” Chris said.

“Oh nail stylist,” He said in a narcissistic voice. A nail stylist came out of a room, into the living room and set up a portable nail salon. Immediately, she got working on Chris' nails.

“Ahhhh.” He said in pleasure. “Now this is a good life,” He said right before he got a call on his cell phone.

“Hey, eh, this is The Zeke! I was wondering if I could be on season four! I think I'd make a great choice, eh.” Ezekiel had called Chris on his phone. He then rolled his eyes and shut his phone. Soon after that, he drifted off into a sweet slumber.


Webly's Story

Chris and the Hilly Billy's

Chris and the Hilly Billy’s

It was early morning when Chris’ fun filled day would start. It was only really fun filled for his family though. It was a whole different story to him…

A hair designer came in Chris’ room to do his hair. He looked in the mirror to see a hideous face, himself. At least he thought it looked nice. While a woman was doing his hair he started to put a butterscotch type of chap stick on.

Today was a huge day for Chris. He was going to visit his family for the first time in five years. He said he needed to see more fine looking people soon or he would fly into a rage or in his words explode.

Chris starts to stroll out of the room and says, “I haven’t seen my family in so long! I can’t believe I’m going to see them. They will probably be pretty surprised to see me. I’ve come so far since the last time I’ve seen them.” Chris pauses for a second. “Where’s my prop from that useless badminton movie I was in?”

His maid pointed right in front of him.

“Ahh...there, as I was saying I’ll finally have some people that I can dish dirt with on the Total Drama Island campers, besides Chef. You spend too much time with him and you could go insane.” Chris says as he walks out the door.

Five hours later, he arrived at his family’s house. It looked a little different than he remembered from the last time he visited.

“Hey, Chrissie, we’ve missed you,” Chris mom says sprinting out of the house.

“Chrissie, what’d you just call me?” Chris questioned.

“Don’t you remember your nickname?”

Chris ponders for a second and then frowns, “Sadly, yes.”

“We’ve all missed you here in Nashville, Tennessee. We were rooting for you on that Total Drama Thailand show you were on, too!” Chris’ cousin Bailey says giving him a hug.

Chris backs away. “Number uno it’s Total Drama Island and C what are you guys doing?”

“What do you mean silly? We’re acting like ourselves.” Bailey replies.

He walks inside and then screams like a lunatic.

“What is that smell? And, why are we all staring at me like hillbillies?” Chris quickly questions.

“’Cause we are hilly billy’s silly,” Chris’ uncle says shaking his hand rapidly.

Chris looks around the house. “I’ve been away from Nashville a long time,” he murmurs to himself.

“Yee-haw, it’s time for lunch.” Chris’ Dad says.

Chris and his family walk over to the table. Chris stops for a moment. “This seems wrong.” He thinks to himself. “Why can’t I remember why this is wrong?”

He came to the kitchen and saw a big feast that looked really good.

“How long was my last visit from home?” Chris asks.

Bailey responds, “Maybe 10 years ago.”

“Have I really been gone that long?”

There was a long pause and Chris’ mom says, “Let’s forget about the past and talk about the future. We were watching that show you host or whatever and who do you want to win?”

“I don’t know, I’m just glad I’m finally home.”

The End


Nalyd: Shane, Chimmy, you get the week off. I'll judge.

Writing Gophers:

  • Reddy - This story was certainly unique. There were a couple of spelling errors, and a couple points that I thought it really wasn't Chris. To me, you kind of missed the point of the challenge just because at the end they say it never happened. Very creative though, and good grammar.
  • Mrodd - I really enjoyed this story. But the many spelling and grammar errors definitely brought it down. I think that if you can work on those, you'd have a perfect story.
  • Jessica - No story, no review.
  • IHeartTDInTDA - No story, no review.
  • JosieAmber - Haha, excellent story! There were few spelling/grammar mistakes that I noticed. This was a great story!
  • Sonictksb - Lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. This really wasn't the goal of the challenge.

Typing Bass:

  • Usitgz - This was a very well-written story. I liked how you tied it in to the real show. Very few grammatical errors.
  • Spenstar - This was good, Spenny. When bugs me though is that Chris cared about the contestants. I mean, I get that he'd lose his awesome life-style, but it just seemed out of character to me. No spelling or grammar mistakes though, and I thought the plot was good.
  • Tcf09 - Short, sweet, and to the point. I noticed a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes though, watch out for those.
  • Oweguy - No story, no review.
  • TBTDIF - No story, no review.
  • Jason - I thought the story was pretty good with the Chris-Maid conflict, I wish you hadn't taken that out so soon. The ending seemed kind of random and a little rushed to me. Several grammatical mistake.
  • Webly - Ha! I really enjoyed the plot of this. That's really funny. There was some major grammar problems though, so watch out for that.

Nalyd: I am happy to say that the Bass win again. Unfortunately, they do lose a member. Oweguy, this is the fourth time you've missed a story. You're out, dude. I do look forward to seeing you compete in the future. The Best of the Worst for the Gophers is JosieAmber.

Elimination Ceremony Five

Nalyd: JosieAmber, your two nominees and why, please.

Spenny: Nalyd, about my story, the goal of it was to portray Chris differently. I mean, there is the possibility that the evil guys at the producers are making him be cruel and uncaring to the contestants against his will and he wants no more of it. Just sayin'

Josie: My two nominees are Jessica and IHeartTDInTDA due to the fact neither of them entered a story. It wouldn't be fair to nominate anyone else except for them because this competition is all about writing and entering stories.I'm really sorry guys best of luck to both of you.

Nalyd: Jessica, IHeart, why should you stay?

Jessica: I should stay, in my opinion, because I was, indeed, sick until two days ago...I am very sorry for having no story. I will definitely have a story up next week, if I make it. That is my reason...

IHeart: Well, I'd mistaken yesterday for Wednesday. I thought today was Thursday until about 1 AM last night. And I had to go to bed. I was going to enter in a story early this morning, but my mother took the laptop to work with her. So, I was unable to enter anything. And then she expected me to do laundry, and I had no detergent. And then I had to clean the kitchen. And when she came home from work at about 2, we had to leave the house and go get lunch and pick up my little sister. When we got back, she was busy on the laptop dealing with stuff about our house which is for sale. But I think it was mostly poor planning on my part and foolish procrastination. I apologize for not turning something in, and if you choose me to stay, I'll get the challenge done first thing. I'll get it entered within 24 hours of seeing the challenge. Although I probably don't deserve to stay, I do hope you choose me. I suppose Jessica being sick is a much more acceptable excuse. I was just being irresponsible, and I am sorry. You can trust that I've learned my lesson.

Nalyd: The person leaving is... IHeartTDInTDA. I'm sorry but I feel like you've missed too many stories.

Week Six Chat

Nalyd: *goes through files* Sigh... Are any of them worthy?...

Sonik: I wonder what the next challenge will be?...

Sunshine: *stands behind Nalyd with a CD player blasting slow, thoughtful dramatic music*

Reddy: Well, this will be an.... interesting point in the game.... >_>

Sonik: Remind me to kill someone when this is over.

Reddy:No hard feelings about me nominating you every chance I get.... right? XD

Sonik: It's ok, I'm not very good anyway. Espaclly since I'm just turning 12 in about 3 months (Which is dang good, about time I get more presents)

Nalyd: Sunshine, have you read these kids' writing?... *throws up in mouth* That wasnt cause of their writing, I just ate some bad chili. Anyway, they're okay writers... But can any of them win?

Usitgz: It seems like there is barely any effort this time around. :(

Reddy: I know., Oh werll, free ticket for the effort putters to the final rounds :P

Sonik: (CONF) Guess I'll have to try harder to get to the fanils. Eh?

Usitgz: It just wouldn't seem fair to win without having any talent. V_V

Shane: There's definitely more effort in this season than last season. Last season, me, Tye, and Jason were the only ones to really turn ANYTHING in. If we did win, which wasn't that often, it was mainly cause the other team had less stories than us.

Sunshine: I've still got to catch up with everything, but yes, I've read the stuff they've written. I just wish they'd really put in the effort and passion to improve amd do well. I remember back when I was competing, everyone would have fun and put everything into their stories each week, even when we were busy with other stuff. It was that way when I was hosting, too; we got a lot of great, passionate people. But now those really passionate authors either don't sign up in time or don't end up posting stories 'cause they're busy or they're not that active anymore. I wish the people who were lucky enough to sign up in time would really look at the reviews each week and use our suggestions to improve. Maybe I'm being a bit unfair, but I think next season we should use the season 1 format of picking authors we know will submit stories each week and really put in that passion we want. (Please no offense to this season's competitors, you know I ♥ you all :D)

Mrodd: I'm trying to a point ... I dont know why but I always forget and have to do it later then it really should be done. Leaving no time for correcting it.I started to take some English courses with my nan, so maybe that will help :)

Nalyd: Maybe next season we can do an audition process. Anyway, don't worry. This week will test who really wants it...

Sunshine: Oh yeah! Whoot!!! *dances horribly* (I was attempting to dance the other day and my friend said, "Please tell me that's not how you actually dance." XD)

Reddy:Post a challenge right now! :D (one can but dream)(

Mrodd: If I say I like your dancing.... Will that give me imunity :D ( JK)

Sunshine: Nah, it'll just make me doubt your sanity. (XD) I actually had a challenge idea, but it's up to Nalyd whether he lets me post it or not. In spite of popular belief, he's still kinda my boss. (More XD)

Nalyd: Well, I'll announce it now but post the challenge tomorrow; this week the authors must write a 1000 word story about (TBA) and anybody who fails to do so is out.

Sunshine: DUN DUN DUUUN!!!

Mrodd: Then I suppose I should download word so I can see my grammar errors!

Reddy:Nalyd, eplain what TBA is. :P

Nalyd: IDK what it has to be about yet.

Mrodd: Just on the quality of the stories, you said to look at the reviews. But my reviews always say I have Grammar/spelling errors. Yet I never know where I went wrong- I dont know what to fix.

Reddy: i have a really good idea! Write about a day in TDA5 :D

Sunshine: We should do that eventually. XD Mrodd, I'd suggest typing your story in MS word (if you don't already) so you can use the spelling/grammar check tool. If you don't have a spelling/grammar check tool for whatever reason, I'd highly suggest getting one. Also make sure to proofread once or twice to double check for errors.

Webly: Shane what are you talking about last season I posted every challenge besides one that was incomplete? XD, I wasn't a popular contestant but I did place 6th XD

Zach: Thanks SunShine and No I have not downloaded word yet I will tonight :)

Spenny: I'm kind of hurt by what Nalyd and Sunshine just said at the beginning of this, because I thought I HAVE been passionate with my entries and have been consistently posting them. I missed but a single week and I am sorry for that, but I'm still in this game to win this game. Nothing will ever change that.

Sunshine: Sorry that it offended you, Spenny. I was actually thinking of you when I talked about the passionate authors. :)

Reddy:Post a challenge XD

Reddy:Done. :D I loved this challenge ^_^

Shane: Webly, I meant my team. XD

Shane: I also feel the need to say this. Sierra is spelled SIERRA, why do people keep misspelling it as Seirra? Seirra's not even a name. It's Sierra you guys.

Shane: Okay, I REALLY gotta say this. I don't think you all were listening, if you don't turn in an entry this week, YOU'RE OUT! We're not joking. Get to work you guys! If you all truly want to win, you'll actually work. I'm sorry if I offend any of you, but you all are being pretty lazy if you ask me. Guys, you gotta do it yourself, you can't expect it to get done on your own, you gotta get it done by yourself. Please hurry up and GET YOUR ENTRIES DONE!

Spenny: You tell 'em! God dang it, I really hope nobody gets cut this way... I don't wanna be declared the winner of "the lamest season ever" and I'm sure Reddy or Josie wouldn't want that fate either... ._.

Reddy: I wouldnt mind the title. :P

Webly: XD, I'm working really hard on my entry as I feel I really need to step it up. It's way over 1,000 words. 1,784 is my word count and I'm in the middle of the challenge. I hope it's due tomorrow because I had to lie to get extra time. If it is due tomorrow, I bet half the competition will leave. I really would consider next season being an all-stars! If not, my brother will join! XD, I want to see how far he will go.

Mrodd: Extremly Sorry but I am being forced to quit this camp. My parents found a new coach and now I have practice 5 out of seven days. SO I will not be able to participate in a writing competition. I honestly wish I knew my parents were planning on getting me a new coach however I did not. I am sorry to any one who wanted to join this season but could not because of my taking one of the few spots, Sorry. - Mrodd

Shane: Mrodd, it's okay. Trust me, you didn't waste a spot. The thing is, I have respect for someone if they have to quit the competition because of something unexpected. What I can't handle, is when someone signs up, and then because of school, quits. You've juggled real life long enough Mrodd. It's alright, don't be sorry one bit.

Challenge Six

Nalyd: This week, we are going to really test how badly you want to win. Because anybody who fails to complete this challenge is out. Forever. This week, you must write a (at least) 1000 word story about the next episode of Total Drama World Tour. It doesn't have to be the same location as the next episode, but it must go with the continuity of the past 3 episodes.

Reddy's Story

Episode 4: Scottish Sing-Station.

(Word Count: 1,620)

“Last time, on Total Drama World Tour!” Chris McLean began recapping the previous episode as he sky dived out of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, “The contestants got to visit the land of the rising sun! The three teams had to first compete in a huge pinball game! DJ severely injured his partner in the ball, Tsing Tsing the Panda, Cody was the unfortunate victim of double ‘o’ stalker, Sierra, and Alejandro earned his team the win while he bonded with Ting sing, the Panda! The teams then had to get supplies from the cargo hold to make a commercial for Total Drama Super happy Fish Tail… whatevers. Team Amazon’s conflict escalated, oh look! Is that Ezekiel I see stowing away? Anyway, blah, blah, blah, Harold turned to the dark side as he sacrificed himself!” Chris splashed into the ocean, and came back up, “Ugh!” he shook himself off, “Where will our contestants go next? Will Team Amazon keep up their winning streak? Will Ezekiel ever come out of hiding? All these answers, and more, on this episode of, Total Drama,” Chris began to sing, “World Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The cheesy theme song played, finally allowing the show to resume.

“Awww,” Sierra rubbed Cody’s stinky sock against her cheeks, “I love foot odor…”

“Oh my god…” Gwen ran from her golden, cushioned seat to go throw up off screen.

“We better not lose again,” Courtney crossed her arms.

“We can’t lose again, if we never lost!” Heather shouted at Courtney, who returned the anger with a glare.

“Ladies? Where’d you put my pants?” Cody yelled from the first class bathroom.

The show flashes back to earlier that day, with Sierra deviously tossing Cody’s pants out the drop of shame.

“I bet Sierra took them,” Courtney answered Cody, obviously sure of her answer.

“Hey!” Heather yelled at Courtney, “Don’t accuse my friend Sierra of anything that stupid!” The two continued arguing as the scene shifted to Team Victory and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot in the loser’s compartment.

“Where do you think we’re headed next?” Bridgette asked her team.

“Hopefully somewhere that doesn’t involve pin-balls, filming, or gross television inspired candy,” LeShawna responded. She looked over at DJ, whose whole body except for his eyes, nose, and mouth was covered in bubble wrap, “DJ, why the…?”

“Because, woman,” DJ began, “I’m not taking the chance of killed another animal. What if where we go has bears? I don’t wanna end up killin’ a baby cub!”

“Aww, I love the cubs, especially when they break their bats,” Lindsay said densely.

“That’s an American baseball team, Lindsay,” DJ said, “How do you know them?”

“Tyler said we liked them, did you know he’s actually from New Fork?” Lindsay asked.

“New York!” Tyler screamed from off screen.

“Amigo, no need to get upset,” Alejandro put his hand on Tyler’s shoulder.

“I guess you’re right,” Tyler smiled at Alejandro.

“Where do you think we’ll go next?” Izzy ecstatically asked Owen, who was lying on the bench in fetal position.

“Gee, why don’t you jump off the plane and find out?” Noah asked Izzy.

“Okay!” Izzy ran towards the elimination ceremony door as Chris can into the compartment with team Amazon.

“Whoa, watch it!” Chris screamed at Izzy, “Everyone follow me to the dining area!” Chris smirked.

Everyone sat at the usual tables as Chris walked in behind them, taking his good ol’ time like usual.

“Any guesses on where we’re going today?” Chris asked the cast.

“Sweden!” Izzy shouted.

“Argentina?” Bridgette asked.

“Mexico!” Alejandro smiled.

“Iran?” Courtney asked.

“Nope! We’re going to the good old days of tea being spilt on your kilt, Scotland!” bagpipes played in the background as he revealed the location.

“I was born for this challenge!” Izzy struck a dramatic pose.

“Now, would you like to drop or land?” Chris asked.

“Land!” the contestants sang in a chorus.

“Too bad! You think I’d let you tell me what to do?” Chris pulled a red lever and the floor under the cast broke.

A series off screams were heard, to which Chris just shrugged off.

“I’m gonna die! And I haven’t even written a will yet! Or hugged my mommy, aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

“He better not ring that stupid bell again,” Noah glared at the camera as he fell with his arms crossed. Down on the surface, a tall, slender Scottish woman was teaching her son how to play bagpipes, when Owen crushed him.

“AHHHHH!!!!” the woman ran away screaming her lungs off.

Chris landed with his parachute, as the rest of the cast crashed into the ground. “Okay, any guess on your first challenge here in yee old Scottish ancestry?”

“Get on with it!” Courtney screamed. She turned his head over to where Sierra had torn Cody’s shirt to shreds.

“Great, Sierra!” Cody screamed, “Now, I’m in my underwear, IN SCOTLAND!” suddenly, hundreds of reports appeared, all taking pictures of Cody, and even a mob of fan-girls who ran for Cody.

“Back off, he’s mine!” Sierra fought off the mob of girls, and suddenly the cast was alone again.

“Okay, your first challenge is a bagpipes singing competition!” Chris exclaimed.

“Nuh uh!” LeShawna waved her finger in Chris’ face, “We have enough singing taking place!”

“Which is why I won’t ring the bell this time,” Chris assured LeShawna, was grinned. “First up is Team I Am Really Really Really Really Hot!”

“We don’t even know the bagpipies!” Tyler through his arms up into the air.

“Ugh,” Noah began, “I took bagpipe lessons in middle school, I’ll play while you guys sing,”

“Never expected that, but okay,” Izzy threw a pair of bagpipes at Noah, who began playing.

“Eeen Oon uh uhohh….” Noah played as Alejandro began to sing.

“Every night I think of this…” Alejandro looked over at Tyler, Owen, and Izzy who began to sing.

“A bagpipe, playing, duuuuuuude…”

“He was never really rich; didn’t except money, even if he was pooooooooooooooor!”

“A bagpipe playing dude who was mostly in the nude…” Noah’s eyes widened, but he continued playing regardless. “He’s the, eye of the bagpipe, he’s the knight of today….”

“Even if, he work’s all of the day!” Alejandro chimed.

“He is…”

“The eye of the bagpipe!” Alejandro, Tyler, Izzy, and Owen finished.

“Okay….” Chris said awkwardly, ‘Next up is Team Victory!”

Bridgette and LeShawna came up and started horribly playing bagpipes, “Eeee uh oon urgh!”

“We landed in Scootland!” Lindsay started to sing, “I mean, Scotla-and!!”

“We saw the Scottish paparazzi and we gotta say…” Dj sang along.

“Do not, call our name!!!” Lindsay and DJ sang together.

“We aren’t the normal, celeb-rities you’d find hanging in…”


“Scotland, Lindsay.”

“No, I got it! Bootland!”

The two sang an argument until Chris stopped them.

“You guys fail,” Chris said.

“Sorry we argued,” DJ apologized to Lindsay.

“Oh, it’s okay EK!” Lindsay hugged DJ.

“DJ,” DJ corrected Lindsay.

“Oh, right,” Lindsay and DJ chuckled.

“Last, and certainly the least, is Team Amazon,” Chris said. Gwen, Courtney, and Heather walked up to Chris.

“Chris, we…” Heather was interrupted by Courtney.

“Chris, I’m the leader of this team and I say…” Courtney was interrupted by Gwen.

“Who said you were the leader?” the three began to argue until Chris spoke.

“Team I Am Really Really Really Really Hot wins!”

“”Aw,” Team Victory sighed in a chorus.

“This last challenge is to compliment me,” Chris smiled, “Team I Am Really Really Really Really Hot wins again! I send Team Amazon to the elimination.,”

“What?!” Courtney, Heather, and Gwen screamed in unison.

“Team Me, you get to go to first class!” Chris handed the first class room key to Alejandro. The team cheered and ran aboard the plane.

“At least we didn’t lose,” DJ tried to cheer his team up.

“Yeah, DJ’s right,” Bridgette said as her team boarded the plane.

Team Amazon appeared at the Barf Bag Ceremony.

“Hello, Amazons,” Chris winked at the team, “You gals, and guy, need to enter the voting booth,” Chris pointed to the blue voting booth, “And stamop the passport of who you’d like to send home,”

“Chris, before we begin, exactly how did complimenting you have to do with Scotland?” Courtney asked.

“I’m one thirty second Scottish,” Chris smiled.

Courtney appeared in the voting booth, stamping both Heather and Gwen’s passports.

Cody appeared next, stamping Sierra’s passport multiple rtimes.

Heather stamped Gwen’s, and Gwen stamped Heather’s.

Sierra holds both Gwen and Heather’s passports, deciding which one to vote for.

“Your votes have been tallied,” Chris smiled deviously as Heather and Gwen glared at each other.

“Just send her home, now.” Heather ordered Chris.

“No can do, yet,” Chris picked up the first barf bag, “The first barf bag goes to… Cody!” He through the barf bag at Cody, who dodged and let the bag hit the wall behind him.

“Ew,” Cody shivered.

“Courtney, and Sierra!” Courtney caught her barf bag, but instantly dropped it, but Sierra caught hers with excitement.

“Give me my barf bag already!” Gwen screamed at Chris.

“The final barf bag goes to…” Chris held the last bag menacingly.

Gwen and Heathers started to slap at each other.

“Gwe………….” Chris started. “n- Heather!” Chris threw Heather the final barf bag, “Gwen, it’s your turn to go,”

“Gwen!” Cody ran down to hug Gwen.

“Cody, theirs something I’ve always wanted to tell you…” Gwen leaned in and kissed Cody, “I love you…”

Sierra stomped up to Gwen, picked her up, and threw her out the Drop of Shame. “He’s my man!”

“And with that, another episode of Total Drama World Tour ends, thanks for watching,” Chris ended, as Sierra hugged Cody, who was still dazed by his kiss with Gwen.

Mrodd's Story

Jessica's Story

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

“Last time on Total Drama World Tour,” Chris starts. “Our three teams were taken to Japan in a pinball challenge where Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot dominated and Team Amazon, well, lost. But, in our Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails commercial making challenge, Team Amazon’s odd commercial won. Chef chose Team Victory to lose and, in the longest elimination ever, it was Harold who quit in the end. Who will win this time? Who will be eliminated? Will anyone ever figure out Alejandro is evil? Find out this time on Total, Drama, World Tour!”

(theme song plays)

Heather is glaring at Gwen and Gwen is glaring right back. Courtney is sleeping and Sierra is rubbing Cody’s feet as he sleeps. Cody immediately wakes up.


Sierra smiles and says, “Rubbing your feet silly.”

Courtney, who is now awake, Gwen and Heather look at Sierra and Cody. Cody starts shaking his hands left and right as if saying, “It’s not me, it’s stalker girl!”

Cody is in the bathroom confessional. “Never leave your feet near stalkers. They’ll make you look retarded.”

Chris walks into first class. “How is everyone up here?”

Courtney snickers. “You don’t care!” she says.

Chris nods, “You’re right.”

Chris walks into the loser’s cabin. “How are you?”

Noah sighs and sarcastically says, “Perfect.”

Chris smiles. “Good!”

“So, which death trap are we going to today?” LeShawna asks, swinging Harold’s num-yo.

Chris answers with a smile, “You’ll see. I’ll give you a hint, you’ll need a heater.” Everyone looks at each other and asks where they think the challenge is. No one is quite sure.

The plane lands and Chef is heard over the speaker. “We have now landed, maggots. Leave the plane now!”

As Team Amazon joins the others, the door to the plane opens. Bridgette walks out first, but falls due to the fact the stairs aren’t there. After her comes LeShawna, DJ, Lindsay, Noah, Alejandro, Heather, Sierra, Cody, Gwen, Courtney and Tyler, who also fall, and after they all fall, Owen and Izzy jump on everyone.

(The scene changes to all the teens chattering in a group)

“Today’s challenge is jumping on ice floes to get to the finish line on that icy mountain. The first to the dog sleigh is the dog and the second is the passenger. The rest of the team will have to wait at one of the flags and wait to be picked up,” Chris informed the teens.

Lindsay was the first to speak up. “C-c-c-can’t we h-have c-c-coats to wear?”

Chris says, “I ordered coats-” The teens cheer. “-but they won’t be ready for weeks. I’ll give them to you then.” The teens groan.

“Well let’s go!” Chris exclaims. The teens start to run. Cody jumps on the first floe, but slips and falls in the water.

“Um, Chris, what happens if someone falls in the water?” Sierra asks.

At that exact moment, Chef brings Chris hot cocoa. Chris slurps it and tells Sierra that they’ll die.

“Chris?” Owen asks, “Can I have that cocoa?”

As Sierra jumps on an ice floe so she can rescue Cody, she says, “Owen that is Chris favorite drink.”

Chris starts to talk, but Sierra says, “Only next to tomato juice which I asked his teachers to tell me. Did you know, Chris-”

“That’s enough,” Chris says as he throws a snowball at Sierra.

Bridgette starts running across the ice floes along with Alejandro and Courtney. DJ also starts going across the ice floes with LeShawna and Gwen.

Sierra, by now, has rescued Cody and tells him, “You can’t get across by yourself.” Sierra throws him and he hits a tree. Sierra makes an odd face and continues jumping to the other side.

Noah jumps, to show Owen it’s safe, but hits his face on the ice. Owen jumps after him, saying, “I’ll help you buddy.” “No, no!” Noah yells, but he’s too late. Owen has jumped and Noah is flung across the ice floes into the same tree Cody was thrown into. Owen makes a surprised face.

Owen is in the cockpit confessional. “I hope Noah is okay.”

Tyler also jumps across with Lindsay and Heather. “Al! I’ll be the dog!” Alejandro nods and accidentally pushes Bridgette in the water. Courtney pulls her out quickly. Tyler and Alejandro pass the line at the same time.

“Just because I don’t like him as much, Tyler is the dog,” Chris informs the two. Tyler pumps his fist and puts the harness on while Alejandro jumps in the back of the sled. Izzy, who is also across now asks Chris why her team’s cart is glowing green and he tells her because it’s radioactive. Izzy answers by saying cool. Lindsay, who is now across with DJ, jumps in the back of the sled and DJ puts the harness on. DJ starts to run, but he also starts to cry.

“Why are you crying?” Lindsay asked DJ.

DJ answers by saying, “Because we’re in Canada and that’s where momma is.”

Heather, Gwen and Courtney also pass the line and Courtney becomes the dog, Heather becomes the first passenger and Gwen runs to the first flag.

Owen and Noah, who are now across along with Sierra and Cody, start running to the flags too. Bridgette waits at the third and final flag before the finish along with Cody and Noah. Noah tries to kiss Bridgette. She says, “I have a boyfriend.” While he closed his eyes and moved in for the kiss, he accidentally kissed the flagpole. The three sleds are all coming up to the second pole where LeShawna, Owen and Sierra wait when Chris walks up to Bridgette, Noah and Cody and the musical number bell rings.

“I thought you forgot about this,” Bridgette says. “Yeah,” Noah says, his voice slurred.

“This is my fave part!” Chris exclaims.

The background music starts to play:

Noah: (slurred)I am stuck to a pole

Bridgette: ‘Cuz you tried to kiss me

Noah: (slurred)That’s ‘cuz I sorta like you

Cody: Because he sorta likes you

Bridgette: Stay outta this

Noah: (slurred)I am stuck to a pole

Bridgette: You are stuck to a pole

Cody: Stuck to a pole

Bridgette: STOP!

Noah: (slurred)He’s just trying to defend me

Bridgette: I don’t care you cynical creep

Cody: Cynical creep

Bridgette: SHUT UP!

Noah: (slurred)I am stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck to a polllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle!

Bridgette and Cody: YEAH!

“Now please pour some hot water on my tongue so I can leave,” Noah says, his words slurred. Chris shakes his head no as Team Victory passes the flag and Bridgette jumps on. Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot also passes and Noah decides to pull the pole out of the ground and he jumps onto his sled. Team Amazon, the last to arrive, quickly collect Cody and race to the finish line. DJ runs into a baby seal due to his tears freezing his eyes shut. The three girls on his team scream a bloodcurdling scream.

DJ asks his team, “What?”

“You hit a baby seal!” LeShawna answers.

Team Victory crosses the finish line, cheering, and right behind them is Team Amazon.

Heather smirks at Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot and says, “HA! We beat you!” Gwen hi-fives Heather at this remark.

“Yeah, take that!” Courtney and Gwen say together.

Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot finally crosses the finish line.

(At the ceremony…)

Alejandro is in the bathroom confessional. “Sorry buddy, but you’ve already won.” He stamps Owen’s passport.

Izzy is in the bathroom confessional. “I don’t like you.” She stamps Tyler’s passport.

Noah is in the bathroom confessional with the pole on his tongue still. He is debating between Alejandro and Owen.

Owen is in the bathroom confessional. “You’re all my friends! But, I fear one of you has a secret” He stamps Alejandro’s passport.

Tyler is in the bathroom confessional. “Al or Owen…”

“The votes are in,” Chris says.

“The barf bags go to Izzy and Noah!” Chris exclaims as he throws them their bags. Izzy smiles and Noah pumps his fist.

“The next one is for…Tyler!” Chris exclaims as he throws Tyler his barf bag.

“The final barf bag is for…………………………………………………Alejandro who got one vote,” Chris says, throwing Alejandro a barf bag.

Owen frowns and hugs Izzy. “Bye guys!”

Owen jumps out of the plane and yells, “I THINK ALEJANDRO IS EVIL!” No one can hear him, except Chris who just smiles.

“Looks like this Total Drama World Tour episode is over. Watch next time. See ya!” Chris says.

The screen turns black and it says Canada TV brought this episode of Total Drama World Tour to you. Watch it more often!

JosieAmber's Story

Watch out below!

(Word count:1,470)

The camera zooms in on Chris standing on a soap box in a mime outfit. “Last time on Total Drama World Tour,” Chris began to recap, “DJ made yet another animal enemy during the human pinball challenge. Meanwhile Alejandro got the win for his team by bonding with his panda,” Chris said finishing his recap.

The camera zooms up a little more and Chris continues to talk.” Who will be going home next? Will Lindsay ever learn to vote? Will the girls become immune to Alejandro or will they continue to fall for him? So many questions and so little time for this episode of Total! Drama!” Chris breaks out in off key singing,” World Tour!”

The camera zooms out and the theme song begins to play. Finally it ends and the episode resumes. The contestants are all up and about the plane. “I wonder where we are going today,” LeShawna said curiously.

“I do too,” Gwen said with the same amount of curiosity.

“Oh I hope it’s Hawaii!” Courtney said as she walked past Gwen and LeShawna.

“Don’t get your hopes up,” Noah said to the girls.

Chris came over the plane’s loud speaker and ordered the contestants to meet him in the barf bag ceremony room for important news.” Bonjour!” Chris began,” Today we are spending a day in France,” Chris announced.

“Like omg I can’t wait to post my day in France on my blog,” Sierra said happily.

“The first part of your challenge is to safely land on the red bulls eye way down there on the ground,” Chris said pointing out the skydiving door.

“Grab a parachute and take the leap of death,” Chris then instructed.

One by one the contestants put their parachutes on and took the leap of death. ”WooHoo!” Izzy cheered as she jumped.

The teams used their parachutes and float down to earth only to see a real mime on a balcony as they glide. Everyone including Chris are on the ground finally.” Oh that was not a part of the challenge, but it made you jump,” Chris said smiling.

“You have to be joking, right?” Heather replied annoyed.

“No, he’s perfectly serious,” Noah said with his arms crossed.

“Alright this is the real challenge,” Chris said pointing to the Eiffel Tower.

The camera zooms and shows the largeness of the tower. ”Awesome!” Izzy said excitedly, ”Do we get to jump off of it?” She questioned.

Everyone just stopped and starred at Izzy and her excitement. ”Okay,” Chris said awkwardly, ”Everyone will be timed as you balance on a platform on top of the Eiffel Tower,” He continued to speak,” The last person standing will win for their team,” Chris then said.

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Bridgette asked cringing at the thought of falling from that high up.

“This will be no problem for me and my athletic skills,“ Tyler bragged then attempted a cartwheel and fell.

“Are you okay Matt?” Lindsay asked Tyler.

“It’s Tyler,” Tyler corrected.

“Oh right, thanks Cody,’ Lindsay said to Tyler.

“It’s Tyler!” Tyler screamed in the confessional.

The teams began to follow Chris to the scaffold to be lifted to the top of the tower.” Not so fast,” Chris said stopping the contestants right in their tracks, ”You are taking the tower’s stairs,“ he then said, ”Oh and put these new parachutes on for the challenge,” Chris demanded.

Team Amazon, Team Victory, and Team Chris is really, really, really, hot reluctantly started to climb the stairs. ”Let me carry you Senorita’s,” Alejandro said to Lindsay and Bridgette while lifting them onto his shoulders.

“Oh my!” Bridgette said flattered.

“Thanks Alejandro,” Lindsay said smiling.

“Oh come on!” Tyler said annoyed in the confessional, ”How come she remembers his name and not mine?” Tyler complains to the confessional camera.

Everyone rushed up the long winding stairs until they reached the top. ”About time you got here!” Chris said while relaxing in a chair drinking lemonade.

“Well sorry we don’t have a scaffold like some people,“ Gwen said annoyed.

Chris ignored Gwen’s comment and stood up. ”All aboard who’s going aboard, Chris finally announced.

When the contestants were all on the platform the clock started. As the time ticked the teams struggled with balancing.” Keep balanced!” Courtney yelled to her team.

“I’ll balance next to Cody!” Sierra offered happily.

Cody cringed at Sierra’s words. ”No please don’t let her near me!” Cody pleaded in the confessional.

“Cody watch your footing !” Courtney yelled,” Pull your feet apart a little more it helps,” Courtney instructed.

Cody inched his feet apart more managing to keep his balance.” Hey Courtney!” Heather yelled from across the platform,” Why don’t you stop bossing us around and worry about yourself?” Heather Bickered.

Gwen rolled her eyes listening to her team fight. ”Well at least I’m trying to help considering I am the captain of the team,” Courtney answered back to Heather’s bickering.

Alejandro could not help but hear them argue and got annoyed. “Hey Al we are going to win this!” Owen said excitedly.

Owen farted and the platform began to rock. DJ fell first and opened his parachute just in time to save him from falling to his death. The next to fall was Owen who lost his balance from leaning to far back. He opened his parachute but it did not keep him up for long. Pretty soon he was crashing to the ground toward a poor unknowing French man. ”Watch out below!” Tyler called out to the soon to be crushed man.

Tyler was too far up and the man did not understand what he was saying. When Owen came near the ground the poor man didn’t see him until it was too late. Owen laid on the hard ground the poor French man crushed underneath him. Everyone on the platform cringed seeing the poor French man crushed under Owen. ”Oh that poor man,” Bridgette said looking down from the top of the tower.

“He will be alright Senorita,” Alejandro said assuring Bridgette.

Soon more people began to fall such as Izzy, LeShawna, Heather, Sierra, Noah, Tyler, Lindsay, Alejandro, and Gwen. Finally there was two Courtney and Bridgette. ”Since there is two left I want you two to sing,” Chris said.

“Uh he remembered!” Courtney said disappointed.

“Everyone else your backup,” Chris demanded.

Everyone who fell began to harmonize while Bridgette and Courtney sang to the beat of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. ”I want to stay balanced up here,” Bridgette sang.

“Well I want to win for my team,” Courtney added on.

“If I fall I’ll scream real loud,” Bridgette sang.

“If I don’t win I will be mad,” Courtney than sang keeping with the beat.

Both girls continued to sing until Courtney finally lost her balance and concentration making Bridgette and Team Victory the winner of the first half of the Challenge. ”Okay the next part of the challenge is a Gondola race,” Chris began, ”Each team will race through France and end in Paris,” He declared.

The scene skips to all the teams getting in their Gondola’s for the race. When every team was ready Chris called Chef out from the bushes. Chef walked out in a Checkered dress holding two flags one in each hand. Chris and the teams tried to muffle the sound of their laughter. ”Laugh it up,” Chef said as he waved the flags signaling to go. The teams paddled as hard as they can trying to get ahead of the other teams. Team Chris is really, really, really, hot had taken the lead leaving Team Victory close behind and Team Amazon trudging behind. The contestants and their Gondola’s raced through France and finally reached near Paris, the finish line. Team Chris is really, really, really, hot took first place while Team Victory took second, and Team Amazon took last. The winner of part two is Team I am really, really, really, hot who wins the luxury sleeping room. Team Amazon please report to the barf bag ceremony. Team Chris is really, really, really, hot went and relaxed in their luxury room while Team Amazon went to the Elimination Ceremony.

Courtney, Sierra, Gwen, Heather, and Cody walked into the ceremony room. Gwen went to vote first and stamped Courtney’s passport. Next was Cody who repeatedly stamped Sierra’s passport. Heather stamped Courtney’s passport and Courtney stamped Heather’s. Last but not least was Sierra who stamped everyone’s passport except hers and Cody’s.” The contestant who will be going home is……………Courtney,” Chris announced.

“How could you vote out your own captain?” Courtney asked angered.

“You were too bossy,” Heather said.

Courtney walked to the door grabbing her parachute. ”You will pay for,” Courtney began to say when Chris pushed her out of the door.

“See you next time on Total! Drama!” Chris started singing again, ”World Tour!”

The End!

Sonictksb's Story

Episode Five - Lovesick Towers

"Last time on Total Drama World Tour, the Fourteen contestants went to the Yukon when the coldest tensions rised between Lindsay and Bridgette for Alejandro's love, and in the end.

It was Bridgette who went off the Drop of Shame.

Will Team Victory actallty win a challenge, can Team Amazon continue thier winning streak?

Will Ezekiel be caught hiding in the Cargo Hold?

Find out now on, Total, Drama, World Tour!!!!" Chris Exclaimed

(Theme Song Plays)

In the winners section, Team Amazon were partying from last night's victory.

"Woo hoo, we won" Seirra shouted.

"Who cares, we always win, the others might as well give up" Courtney excleamed.

"I agree with Courtney on this one" Gwen Said.


Meanwhile, in the Losers section.

"I hate being back here, it's so boring" Leshawna Said.

"Oh well, beats having Bridgette as competition for Alejandro" Lindsay Replied, firting with Alejandro.

"Wiat, were's Izzy" Owen Asked?

"Check in the Cargo Hold, she siad something about a monster living inside of there that looked like Ezekiel" Noah Replied, sarcasticly.

"Not, so fast" Chris Said on the Loud Speaker. "Everyone, report to the dining hall now" He Continued.

"God dang it" DJ Murmred to Leshawna.

At the Dining hall, "Alright, we'll be landing in Paris soon so I hope you broght a date" Chris Said.

"Eeeeeeee, I get to date Cody" Seirra Shouted while squeeing Cody.

"Can't breathe" Cody Whispered to Seirra.

"Oppes, sorry my Cody Wody" Seirra Said.

"Cody Wody" Cody, Gwen and Alejandro asked confused.

(Musical bell rings)

"Oh god dang it" Lindsay Said, "Not another Heaical Munber" she continued.

"It's Musical Number Lindsay, now get singing" Chris.

Song: City of Love (Note: Not going to put the words on yet,)

"Enough already with the singing, we're already in Paris so you can stop singing" Chef Shouted thourgh the Loud Speaker.

"Oh, and today's challenges are, bungee jumping off the Effiel Tower, Beating up a Mime without getting trapped, and a date with a special someone" Chris Shouted thourgh the Loud Speaker.

"Special someone" Everyone Asked?

"Oh Sh**, forgot something" Chris Shouted.

Suddenly, Everyone expect Seirra and Cody fell out of the plane.

"So, what shall we do now" Asked Cody.

"LET'S MAKE OUT!!!!!!" Shouted Seirra!

"Nooooooooo" Shouted Cody who jumped out of the Drop of Shame, Seirra following.

Suddenly, Ezekiel popped out of the Cargo Hold.

"Yes, they fell out, now to get back into the game" Ezekiel said.

Meanwhile, In Paris. A young French Man was showing his Girlfreind how to paint when Leshawna churshed her.

The young Man ran away sreaming his head off, only to be churshed by Owen.

"Ouch" The painter said before being knocked out by one of Owen's farts.

(Note: Will finsh later)

Usitgz's Story

'TDWT Episode 5: Broadway, Baby (2,325 words')

“Last time on Total Drama World Tour, the contestants had to face a chilly day in the frozen tundra of the Yukon. Bridgette fell for Alejandro, and got stuck making out with a pole. Due to a technicality Team Victory lost, yet again. In the end it was Bridgette who took the drop of shame. Find out where we’ll be visiting today on Total Drama World Tour!” Chris opened the episode. The theme song followed directly after Chris said this.

“Ah…this is the life,” Owen stated as he relaxed in a chair in the first class cabin.

“Hey Big O, I didn’t know that this many bugs could be in someone’s hair” Izzy told Owen as she picked the bugs out of his hair.

“Um… okay?” Noah said in a grossed out manner. He picked a book and started reading to block Izzy out.

“Hey, did either of you guys see Al or that other guy?” Owen asked the other two. Noah and Izzy stopped what they were doing, and looked around and shrugged.

In the economy class section of the plane, Alejandro was being swooned over by Lindsay and LeShawna.

“It’s a disaster that you guys lost Bridgette, buts it’s much nicer to still have you lovely ladies around,” Alejandro stated charmingly. Lindsay and LeShawna giggled.

“I don’t know, Harold is a pretty fly white boy, but that man Alejandro sure is something sweet,” LeShawna confessed in the lavatory confessional.

“Hey Lindsay, want to talk?” Tyler was trying to get Lindsay’s attention. She stopped looking at Alejandro, and looked over at him, waved to him, then sat next to him.

“So what’s up Zeke?” Lindsay asked him.

“Not much, Lindsay,” Tyler said defeated. Lindsay and Tyler looked at each other awkwardly then Lindsay went back to Alejandro.

“Yesterday she called me Noah, and now she’s calling me Zeke! He isn’t even here! This is getting a bit ridiculous,” Tyler confessed in the lavatory confessional. Ezekiel popped up behind him and immediately popped back down. Tyler looked behind at where Ezekiel was, then turned back and looked at the camera. Tyler continued, “Ever since he’s left, it started to feel like someone is watching us.”

“You need some warming up, it got really chilly out there, Cody,” Sierra said as she tightly hugged a freezing Cody.

“I-I-I’m st-st-still freezing from y-yesterday’s challenge,” Cody frigidly stated in the lavatory confessional.

“Strap on your seat belts, maggots. We’ll be arriving at our next destination soon,” Chef Hatchet announced over the intercom. Shortly afterwards the plane landed in New York.

The contestants got out of the plane, and stood in a group while looking at the surroundings. Chris got out of the plane, tripped, then landed right on his face. He rubbed his head as he got up.

“Can anyone guess where we are at?” Chris asked the contestants.

“Ooh, I know! We’re in New York!” Courtney answered excitedly. The other contestants looked at Courtney strangely.

“What? I just like New York!” Courtney asserted. The music bell rang.

“Alright contestants, let’s start the singing!” Chris told the contestants.

“But we just got here!” responded Heather.

“Oh yeah, never mind we’ll do that later” Chris told the contestants as he winked. Chris led the group to the statue of Liberty.

“Alright! Your next challenge is called…Total Drama Sewer Race!” Chris announced to the contestants.

“Ooh, sounds delicious,” interjected Noah.

“Did I say you could talk?” angrily asked Chris. Noah shook his head side to side in a scared manner.

“Moving on, you have to have one team member get into a baby carriage. The blue one for Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, The pink one for Team Amazon, and the gold one for Team Victory. The rest of the team has to push the carriage to the Empire State building and cross the finish line.” Chris explained.

“How are we supposed to do that? There is a huge body of water between there and here!” questioned Heather.

“Good question. You guys have to also navigate the baby carriages through the sewers of New York to reach Manhattan. Sounds like fun, right? You start… now!” Chris answered.

“I think Gwen should take the baby carriage since she is such a baby,” Heather mocked. Gwen looked at Heather angrily.

“Let’s not get into this, okay?” Sierra interposed.

“I’m picking up Cody’s social skills, so when we’re married we’ll both be the perfect people couple,” Sierra said lovingly in the lavatory confessional.

“What do you think we should do then?” Courtney asked her. By this time Team Victory with Lindsay in the Baby Carriage and Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot with Noah in the Baby Carriage had already entered the sewer.

“I think Cody should, so he can warm up,” Sierra caringly reasoned.

“Sounds good enough for me,” replied Heather. Team Amazon soon departed into the sewers after this with Cody in the baby carriage.

“Which way do we go?” DJ asked when they reached a fork in the sewer. Team Victory was a pretty fair distance ahead of Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot at this point.

“I say we should go left!” judged Lindsay. DJ and LeShawna shrugged and went left. Shortly after they left Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot had reached the fork in the sewer.

“We should go right,” Confidently stated Alejandro. With no opposition Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot went right.

“I told you we shouldn’t have gone left when we came down here!” angrily exclaimed Gwen at Heather. Team Amazon was hopelessly lost in the pitch black area of the sewers they had stumbled on.

“Well if it wasn’t for ‘Miss Bossy’ over here yelling in my ear maybe I could have heard the other teams’ footsteps!” Heather angrily motioned at Courtney.

“Well…” Courtney was cut off.

“Hey guys, I found something,” Gwen happily stated. Gwen picked up a cylindrical object and turned it on.

“It’s a flashlight!” Heather happily pointed out.

“We’re saved!” happily exclaimed Courtney. Gwen flashed it around the group.

“Wait…where’s Cody and Sierra?” Gwen confusedly asked.

Team Victory was still keeping left. Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot had come across a motor boat and a lake of sewage in the middle of their course with no other hope to continue but to cross it. Gwen, Heather, and Courtney were lost and trying to make their way back to the right course. Cody and Sierra had reached the fork in the sewer.

“I can’t believe I haven’t run into any animals, yet. I think the curse might actually be broken,” DJ confessed in a surprised manner in the lavatory confessional.

“Nice choice, Al,” Owen told Alejandro upon seeing the power boat. The members of Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot boarded the motor boat, with Owen carrying the baby carriage with Noah in it into the boat.

“So it’s just you and me alone,” Sierra said to Cody romantically. Cody had a scared expression on his face. Sierra got very close to him and started to make out with him, against his will. Cody puked on Sierra’s mouth, from being disgusted so much. Just as this was taking place Gwen, Heather, and Courtney had arrived at the fork in the sewer. They all looked disgusted at this.

“That was so disgusting, almost as disgusting as Alejandro’s tactics. I’m watching you.” Heather angrily glared in the cockpit confessional. Chef Hatchet looked at her strangely then went back to what he was doing.

“Oh, Cody, your vomit tastes as sweet as the sweetest chocolate,” Sierra romantically whispered in Cody’s ear. This caused Cody to puke again.

“Let’s just go left, and get this creep show over with,” rudely demanded Courtney. So, Team Amazon took the left route.

Back to team Victory, a rat had walked up to DJ. It was starting at him with cute, big round eyes. This made DJ smile and he went down to pet it.

“Let’s just keep going, it’s just a sewer rat and it probably has rabies,” LeShawna reasoned. The rat looked angry at this, and took out its anger by biting DJ’s hand. DJ threw up his hands in pain and sent the rat flying into the sewage. A crocodile came up, and swallowed the rat whole. DJ sat down and cried.

“C’mon DJ, we don’t have time for this!” LeShawna told him in a pushy manner. DJ did not move an inch after LeShawna said this.

Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot had almost crossed the sewage lake when a mega sized albino crocodile emerged from the depths in front of the other side of the lake.

“Turn around, man!” Tyler told Alejandro in a scared expression. Alejandro turned the boat around and they started to get away from the crocodile.

“Owen, use your secret weapon,” Alejandro desperately demanded. Owen looked at Alejandro in a strange manner. Izzy pointed to his posterior. Owen nodded in agreement then let out a huge fart in the crocodile’s face which made it faint. Alejandro turned the boat back around, and Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot made it to the other side of the sewage lake.

“Hey, I see the other team,” Alejandro pointed out. Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot caught up to Team Victory, and at about the same time so did Team Amazon.

“DJ, that rat is probably in a better place now, okay?” LeShawna reasoned as the other teams had almost reached them. DJ nodded his head up and down, got up and started pushing Lindsay’s carriage. The three teams were side by side. The music bell rang. Chris popped down from a random manhole they didn’t see in front of them.

“Now, it’s really musical number time!” Chris announced. The three teams stopped in their tracks.

“Oh…these sewers are pretty disgusting,” Courtney sang to start off the song.

“These carriages look like they’re about to start combusting,” Izzy continued the song.

“We’re singing, so l think we should go back to racing,” Heather suggested in a sing song voice.

“Okay!” The rest of Team Amazon exclaimed. Team Amazon started racing again.

“They’ll soon be wishing they were pacing,” sang Alejandro. Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot started racing again.

“Let’s go, guys!” sang Lindsay. Team Victory started racing again.

“We’re racing through the sewers,” Team Amazon sang.

“In baby carriages, tooers,” Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot sang as they passed Team Amazon.

“Let’s hope we don’t injure any animals,” DJ sadly sang.

“Or even any mammals,” Lindsay chirped in. The teams at this point had already climbed out of the sewers, and onto the streets of New York.

“Hey, guys I see the finish!” Noah pointed out.

“Hurry up, DJ,” LeShawna pleaded.

“Alright, I’ll do this!” DJ sang as Team Victory passed Team Amazon.

“Let’s go Girls!”Gwen exclaimed. Team Amazon started to catch up to Team Victory who was catching up to Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot.

“Cause…We’re racing above the sewers,” Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot sang.

“In baby carriages, tooers,” Team Victory sang as they passed Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot.

“Look out Cody, it’s an old lady!”Sierra screamed as Team Amazon’s Carriage slammed right into an old lady, and catapulted Cody past the finish line. The rest of team Amazon was in a pile with the old lady.

“You have to have all of your members cross the finish line to win!” explained Chris.

“What’s not to like about, New York?” Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot sang as they were passing Team Victory.

“Apparently giant red apples that fall through the sky!” exclaimed Noah as a giant red apple landed on him and the baby carriage.

“No!” Owen dramatically screamed\sang as this occurred.

“Victory is Team Victory’s!” Team Victory sang as they crossed the finish line.

“Yes! One of the other team’s member’s get to go home not ours!” happily exclaimed LeShawna.

“Congratulations Team Victory, but guess what?” asked Chris.

“What?” LeShawna asked.

“Today is a reward challenge!” Chris announced. Team Amazon and Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot cheered. LeShawna looked upset.

“Since you guys got first, you guys get a first crack at whack an apple!” Chris announced.

“Whack a what?” asked LeShawna. Chris showed them three four feet in diameter apples, and explained to them that each contained a prize and that Team Victory got first whack. LeShawna picked up a mallet and whacked one of the apples, and out spilled candy.

“Lucky,” Owen muttered under his breath. Owen picked up a mallet and whacked an apple, and out spilled well… apples. Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot looked confused at this.

“Did not see that coming,” Noah stated in the lavatory confessional. Noah was covered in bandages from the giant apple landing on him.

“Why did they get to whack before us?” asked Courtney.

“Because they picked up a mallet before you,” Chris explained. Courtney got angry at this and picked up a mallet, but Heather and Gwen also grabbed it.

“It’s mine!” They all screamed at the same time.

“I’ll do it!” said a beat up Cody. He grabbed the mallet and whacked the apple, and inside there was a meat grinder.

“I’ve went through being almost frozen to death, Sierra making out with me, and being catapulted by an old lady, I think I can whack an apple,” Cody explained in the confessional.

“What is the point of this?” Courtney asked.

“All will be explained next episode, and more on Total Drama World Tour!” Chris sang as he signed off.


Spenstar's Story

Episode Four: Scones and Squares and Queens – Oh My!

(1882 words; 1873 if you don't count the title)

The members of Team Victory and Team "Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot" (henceforth CRRRRH) were sitting around in the "losers" room of the plane. DJ let out a heavy sigh.

"Harold was supposed to be safe," said DJ, "Why would he sacrifice himself to save me?"

"Because his heart's as big as yours, DJ," said LeShawna, "He thinks he did the right thing. Poor Harold, I hope he's okay."

"El senor is probably doing fine," said Alejandro reassuringly, "Y if this is what he wants, so be it. What happened, senorita, happened. Let us not get hung over about what has past."

"I guess you're right," said LeShawna, "Thanks." She hugged Alejandro from the side.

"You're so nice, Alejandro," said Lindsay adoringly. Tyler's eyes focused into a glare at Alejandro.

Tyler: I can't believe this! Back in season one, Lindsay and I was certain that we were made for each other! Then, she hits on Justin in Action, and now THIS?! I don't know what I could do now... Maybe Lindsay's gone for good.

"You okay, Ty?" asked DJ.

"Not really," whispered Tyler to DJ, "I'm just sad is all. Lindsay's acting like I don't even exist, and it's all because of Alejandro over there. What do I do?"

DJ said, "Do something that will remind Lindsay how much you care. You're a good guy, Tyler, and I'm sure Lindsay will open her blue eyes and see that again."

"I hope so," sighed Tyler.

Just then, the silent conversation was broken by the sound of a bell that everyone in the room knew all about.

"Musical time?" asked Tyler.

"Let's do this," said DJ. Tyler got up and started singing.

"I may not get that far," he sang, "In tennis or soccer, or baseball. There I admit it, it didn't even rhyme, but I'll find my way in time!" he clenched his fists and glanced at Lindsay and Alejandro. "And he may seem like he has everything, and it makes me want to sing!"

Tyler continued, "Lindsay, oh Lindsay, can't you see that I'll always be there? People like him may come and go, but I'll be there in happiness or in despair. And Lindsay, oh my sweet Lindsay, can't you see I was meant for you? And you were meant for me just the same, can't you see?"

Lindsay smiled and stood up. She walked over to Tyler and hugged him.

DJ sang, keeping with Tyler's melody, "They were made for each other, can't they see, this is how it's meant to be!"

Owen, Bridgette, Izzy, and Owen sang with DJ, "They were made for each other; this is how it's meant to be."

Noah then sang, "Tyler, oh Tyler, when will you give up? Lindsay won't see the truth. All this time you've stayed by her side, and she forgets about you!" The others glared at Noah.

"We were made for each other," sang Lindsay, in Tyler's arms. Tyler smiled.

Alejandro sighed and sang, "You were made for each other, and now you see, I've been trying to find the one made for me." Bridgette and LeShawna walked over to Alejandro and sat next to him, smiling at him. Alejandro held their hands, and Bridgette and LeShawna blushed.

"Now we can see," softly sang Tyler, "I was made for you and you were made for—"

"My turn!" The others turned to the door and gasped at what they saw; Ezekiel had entered the room. He began to sing, with the phenomenal singing voice from the first musical number,

"Open your eyes and you will see that this game was made for me! I don't care if you push me off the plane, I will never give up, I always will say, that I was made for this! Playing this game gives me bliss. And you'll never bring me down, until I win and get the crown!" The others applauded Ezekiel.

"Thank you, eh," said Ezekiel, taking a bow. Just then, a trap door that Ezekiel was standing on opened, and the poor guy fell out of the plane, screaming.

"Muy malo," sighed Alejandro.

Meanwhile, in the winner's room, Cody was running around in circles, with Sierra in hot pursuit. Cody ran over to Gwen, who was sitting alone.

"You got to help me;" he said desperately, "Sierra's driving me insane!"

"Tell me about it," said Gwen. She walked over to Sierra.

"If you don't leave my friend alone," she said menacingly, "You'll be in for a world of hurt!" Gwen clenched her fist to prove a point. Sierra gulped and nodded, and ran off.

"Thanks," said a relieved Cody.

"My pleasure," said Gwen, smirking. Right about then, everyone in the room got jolted backwards.

"What was that?!" yelled Heather.

"We've landed!" said Chris over the loud speaker, "To England!"

The three teams got off the plane and grouped up in front of Chris.

"Welcome to Britain," said Chris, "Here, you'll each have to make a pot of British tea to impress the Queen here!" Chris gestures to Chef Hatchet dressed in a fancy Queen's dress, complete with a white wig.

"I hate my life," muttered Chef.

"You have a few hours," said Chris, "and you'll each get a teapot to hold the tea in." He tossed Heather, Alejandro, and DJ each a teapot. "Go!"

Team Victory's members ran off in one direction, with DJ leading the group. "Where are we going?" asked Lindsay.

"I made tea from scratch with momma all the time," said DJ, "Follow my lead and we'll be in the winning room!"

"Where we belong," commented LeShawna.

"Thank you, Harold," said Bridgette happily as DJ ran to a bush and sat down. He dug through the bush and reached his hand out. It was filled with berries. DJ popped one of them into his mouth.

"Sweet!" said DJ, "We'll use the berries and the leaves of this bush to flavor our tea. Bridgette, go and see if we have any wood to make a fire. LeShawna, you go and get water. Lindsay, stay with me."

"Got it," said the three. LeShawna and Bridgette ran off in different directions.

DJ: I'm normally not the bossy type, but I KNOW how to make a good cup of tea. I let my team down before, but I won't do it again!"

Meanwhile, Team Amazon was looking around, trying to find something for the tea.

"This is pointless!" yelled Courtney, "We better relocate."

"I'm pretty sure we'll find something good here," said Cody, "Berries, tea leaves, anything!"

"Well, I'm in charge," said Courtney, "And I say we have to go!"

"Look," said Gwen, "Nobody said that you're in charge here, so shut up and MAYBE we'll get something done!"

"Gwen has a point, for once," said Heather.

"UGH!" screamed Courtney.

Team CRRRRH had started a fire with firewood. Tyler walked to the site with a bucket of water.

"Fresh from the tap," said Tyler, as he poured the water into the teapot.

"Great," said Alejandro, "Now we need to find something to flavor the hot water."

"I got something!" said Izzy, as she carried brown, ground-up beans and throw them into the teapot.

"That should do it," sighed Owen.

Meanwhile, Team Victory had their fire started. Steam arose from the open teapot. DJ took a whiff of the steam and smiled.

"That smells like good tea, team," he said, "We did good." He pulled his team into a group hug and smiled wide.

"Time's running out guys!" said Cody frantically, "We have to do something, or else we'll lose!"

"My dream man is right," said Sierra dreamily, "We can't serve the Queen air!"

"Then somebody get water, somebody else get a fire going, and somebody else get some tea leaves!" yelled Courtney.

"You don't have to yell at us all the time!" yelled Gwen.

"Don't talk back to the team leader like that!" yelled Courtney back at Gwen. Just then, the musical bell rang.

"I hate this show," sighed Cody.

"That makes two of us," said Heather as Gwen and Courtney continued to feud.

"You'll never understand," sang Courtney, "That what makes me so grand, is that I just know what to do and when to do it. You'll never understand what it means to lead."

"You'll never understand," sang Gwen back, "That what makes you so sad, is that you do nothing right! You think you're right all the stinking time! You'll never understand what it means to be part of a team! Instead of telling us what to do, why not make tea with me?"

"You'll never understand," sang Cody and Heather, "How sick we are of this. Every day there's more fighting, when something goes amiss. And why can't things be peaceful for one stinking day! You'll never understand how much we hate this scene!"

"You'll never understand," sang Sierra, "How much it means to me, to be on the same team as the man of my dreams. To be with him forever, makes the angels sing with glee! Oh you'll never understand how much it means to have Cody next to me!" Sierra hugged Cody from the side, and Cody squirmed in a fruitless attempt to escape.

"Oh," all five members sang, "You'll never understand!"

"Time's up!" said Chris over a loudspeaker. The scene shifted to Chris and Chef by the plane, with the three teams bringing him their teapots. Chef had three mugs in front of him.

"Team Amazon will go first," said Chris. Chef took the teapot from Courtney and poured the contents of the tea into a mug. Nothing came out.

"No tea means that this team fails!" said Chef, pointing at Courtney. The team looked down. Alejandro poured his teapot's tea into the second mug. Chef drank from it and smiled.

"That's the best cup of java I've had in weeks!" said Chef with a smile, "I'd like that pot of coffee for later!" He took the teapot.

"It's supposed to be tea," reminded Chris.

"Whatever," said Chef, as DJ gave him his team's pot. He poured purple tea into the final mug and drank from it. Chef then smiled wider than he ever had on the show.

"This is amazing," he said softly, "Reminds me of when I was just a kid and my momma would make me tea. You win!" The members of Team Victory cheered.

"That's what I'm talking about!" said DJ.

"And team Victory wins!" declared Chris, "Team Amazon, it's time to send one of you home!"

The scene shifted to the elimination room on the plane. Sierra, Gwen, Cody, Heather, and Courtney were all there. Chris carried four bags of peanuts.

"Gwen, Cody, and Heather are safe!" said Chris, as he tossed a bag to each of them. The three smiled, but Courtney and Sierra nervously glanced at each other.

"The person who is safe is...

Sierra," said Chris, tossing Sierra the final bag. Sierra squealed with delight and hugged Cody. Cody squirmed trying to break free.

Courtney quickly donned her parachute and opened her mouth to say something, but Chris quickly pushed Courtney off the plane first.

"And that wraps it up for tonight! What will happen next? Find out on Total Drama World Tour!"

Tcf09's Story

I can't do this challenge:( I'm so sorry... i'm in Flordia on vacation this week and next week i go on a cruise which means i probably won't be able to do the next two challenges because i'll be so busy. (I can still get on on my phone but I can't write a full story because 1: I'll barley get any of it done because I won't have my phone with me most of the time and 2: If I try to write it my phone will probably die after a while) I'm sorry again:(

TBTDIF's Story

Jason's Story

Tick Tock, because your blah, blah, blah is my drug.
word count-1570

“Last time on Total Drama World Tour, Yukon't beat Alejandro's charms! Bridgette proved it by being betrayed by him.” Chris said, sitting in the cockpit of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. “Today, the cast is going to Tennessee while I chill out in the jet, ALL DAY! Yes, thats true. Kesha is going to host this episode. This is Total Drama World Tour!”

(Theme song plays)

“Stop talking that Blah, Blah, Blah!” Kesha's song sounded over the radio.

“Her voice is auto-tuned,” Noah said, releasing the switch on his first class chair.

“I think she's pretty.” Owen said with big eyes. Izzy glared at him, then smiled. “I think she looks good too!”

“Now that Bridgette's gone,” Alejandro said in the confessional. “My next target has to have the brains of Lindsay, yet the beauty of Courtney or Heather. LeShawna seems like a nice mix.” He smiled evilly.

The story then proceeded to Team Amazon sitting in the losers compartment. “What if we went to Chris' suite and hung out?” He whispered to Gwen.

“And if he saw us?” Gwen asked, smiling. Cody shrugged, grabbed Gwen's hand and ran off into the core of the airplane.

“Whoa!” Gwen yelled, running into a chair. Cody let go of Gwen's hand when Gwen fell to the floor, holding her stomach.

“Ooooooh. Ahhhhhh.” She said in pain. She then cringed. Gwen, the goth, saw somebody behind Cody.

“Cody, there's someone behind you.” Gwen said, pointing behind him. “Huh?” He said, turning around.

There stood Sierra. She had a roll of duck tape in her hand. “Pucker up!” She yelled. She then ran around Cody with the duck tape, taping his arms to his body, all the way down to his feet.

Sierra moved in for the kiss, pulling him closer to her. Cody tried to pull back, but couldn't due to the tape on him.

“Don't!” Gwen jumped up and tackled Sierra.

“You OBVIOUSLY don't get that he does NOT like you!” Gwen yelled in Sierra's face. Sierra looked intimated.

“Uh, yeah-yeah. I'll think about deleting my Cody blog about now!” She started to sob. She quickly pushed Gwen off of her and ran into the confessional.

“IDIOT!” Sierra yelled, before slamming the confessional door and locking it. “I hate Gwen!” She bravely said.

The jet then crashed into the suburban state of Tennessee. The cast jumped out of the plane and landed on the ground. The immediate smell was horse manure. “Why does it smell like horse crap? Are we in New Jersey or something?” Heather said coldly.

Kesha walked out of a old, rickety house. “Hey,” Kesha said to the cast.

“Is that...Kesha?” Owen asked. “Yeah.” Noah said, rolling his eyes.

“What?” Noah started in the cock pit confessional. “She really isn't a singer. She auto-tunes her voice to sound like a over-heated robot. It's sick.” He said.

Owen ran up to Kesha and hugged her then farted. Kesha looked disgusted, then pushed him off of her.

“Today's challenge is music-ly one. You will write a song for me and its gonna be my next single. It has to be good!” Kesha explained.

“Yeah, okay.” Noah said sarcastically. Soon after that, the teams broke off into different areas.

“Okay, who's the most thoughtful?” Heather and her team had huddled up together. Gwen raised her hand. “I write songs sometimes.” She stated.

“Awesome!” Cody said.

“Anyone see that Sugar-addicted girl, Sierra?” Courtney asked. The rest of Team Amazon shrugged.

Sierra appeared in the confessional. “I am NOT getting out of here!” She yelled.

Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot was standing around each other, talking. “Maybe I could write a song for her.” Alejandro said, winking at Izzy. “Sure thing.” She said, pulled into Alejandro's charms.

“Me it is.” He said.

Team Victory, who consisted of LeShawna, Lindsay and DJ, were having trouble decided who will write the song. “Uh, rock, paper, scissors?” DJ asked. Lindsay nodded. LeShawna looked worried.

“I mean, what if Lindsay writes the song? It'll be horrible!” LeShawna said in the cock pit confessional.

“Hey, Chef,” LeShawna turned around to face him, “why can't we use the other confessional?” “Sierra's using it. She might have fell in.” Chef laughed.

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” Lindsay, LeShawna and DJ said in unison. LeShawna had rock, DJ had paper, and Lindsay had scissors.

“Oops! My mom said never to play with scissors!” Lindsay said, switching to paper. “Your joking!” LeShawna said, frustrated.

“Now it's only me and Devon James!” Lindsay said, smartly. “Wait, how did you know that?” DJ asked curiously. “Oh, I remember it from Total Drama Action!”

“That girl's memory is seriously messed up.” DJ said in the cock pit confessional. “Okay, ready set- I mean rock, paper, scissors shoot!” Lindsay said, doing paper. DJ did rock. “Aw man,” DJ said.

“Have you all decided?” Kesha asked the three teams.

Alejandro, Gwen and Lindsay stepped forward. “Okay, you have 10 minutes to write the song.” Kesha said, everyone gasped.

“Ten minutes?” Alejandro said. Kesha nodded. “Oh boy. This one's gonna be a hard one.” Alejandro said.

LeShawna and DJ turned to Lindsay. She just stood there. “Get writing, girlfriend!” LeShawna said, handing Lindsay a notepad and a pen.

“About what?” She asked calmly. “Anything!” DJ and LeShawna said in unison. A imaginary bulb blew out over Lindsay's head.

“Five minutes left,” Kesha said.

“Every time she talks, I'm surprised it's not auto-tuned.” Noah complained in the cock pit confessional. Mean while, Cody, Courtney, and Heather were at the regular confessional's door.

“Sierra, Cody or Gwen don't hate you.” Courtney lied to try to make Sierra come out. “Yeah, I'm not angry,” Cody said. “Or creeped out.” Heather smacked Cody.

“Listen, we need you for this challenge.” Heather said to her. “I think you'll do good!” As Heather said that, Kesha's timer rang. “Times up.” She said.

The three teams all gather, with the exception of Sierra.

“Lets hear Amazons.” Kesha said, popping the CD they handed to her into the retro boom box.

“Wake up in the morning, gonna win me some money. I got passport in my hand with out my right-hand man. I feel like a new woman today. Walkin' out the door.” Door was then repeated. “Say 'Hi' to my little brother who's four.” Four was then repeated. “Lets score, Total Drama World Tour. Gonna travel the world in style.” The CD ended with awkward silence between every one.

“Next,” She said, taking Team Chris' CD.

“Coming out your mouth with ha-ha-ha. Keep talking that ha-ha-ha.” The CD ended. “Seriously?” Kesha said, twirling her hair.

“Izzy suggested it.” Alejandro said.

“Ah, yes.” Izzy said, charmed. “Alright.” Kesha said. Noah rolled his eyes.

“And Victory?” She asked. Lindsay handed the CD in a case with Lindsay's picture on it.

“My love, my love, my love is for shopping!” Kesha nodded her head to the music while Lindsay did a little dance.

“I may need some rehab, but I gotta question; do you wanna go buy and spend in the basement? Do you make my heart beat like this eight-hundred and eight drum? Well, hey. I like shopping.” The CD ended. Kesha clapped.

“That is SO me!” She raved. “Team Victory wins this challenge.” Team Victory cheered and group hugged.

“I would say Team Chris was really bad.” “As bad as your singing,” Noah noted, as Kesha continued.

“Meet me in the plane where your supposed to vote.” Team Amazon and Victory got onto the plane while Team Chris decided who was going to be voted out.

Alejandro pulled Izzy and Owen from the group. “Izzy, great job. Owen, you did a great job containing your gas.” He said. Seconds after he said that, Owen farted, then blushed.

Noah pulled Tyler away from Alejandro's group. “We should vote out Izzy,” Tyler said to Noah. Noah agreed to it.

“We should vote out Tyler. Him and Lindsay aren't gonna last as a couple.” Alejandro said. Izzy nodded, then went off to the plane.

“Listen Tubby,” Alejandro became suddenly mean. Owen looked shocked. “We vote out Izzy for making a horrible song.” “But didn't you make the song?” Owen asked.

“Kinda, not really. Just vote Izzy with me.” He commanded. Owen nodded.

The scene skipped to the Barf-bag ceremony. “Hey,” Kesha said. “Chris was to busy in his hot tub to do this. But,” She said, grabbing the peanuts, “Alejandro, Owen and Noah are safe. The person voted out tonight is Izzy.” She said. Izzy frowned. “Well, nice seeing ya'll!” Izzy jumped out of the plane and landed straight on the ground.

“Bye, Iz.” Owen said.

“Sad, huh.” Chris said, watching the giant television in his suite. “So that's how it would have gone if Kesha hosted. Cool!” Chris said. He then laughed evily as the camera panned out.


Webly's Story

All I Want to say is that why the Harsh Elimination? (2269 words not including the title or the captions below the title)

(Michael Jackson Themed Week)

Chris runs up to the camera and looks in the wrong direction. He realizes his mistake and looks at the camera in the right direction. “Last time on Total Drama World Tour, the contestants traveled to Japan for a hazardous day. We saw panda fighting, game show surviving, and infinitely weird commercials by three teams. While Team Amazon’s big argument no one cares about was taking place, did we see Ezekiel? One team wins again although not all the teammates participated. Team Victory ended up losing the challenge because of DJ for crying about animals and Harold for being annoying as ever. DJ is actually voted out, but Harold sacrificed himself making me a happy camper again! Find out will happen on the king of pop themed episode of TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR!” Chris recaps.

The theme song plays and farts were heard in the background. Conversation was heard by Chef who was taking a break from piloting the plane. “I told you not to bring bean burritos on the plane,” He yelled at Chris Mcwhocares.

Team Amazon was enjoying their first-class stuff and their second win in as a team in a row.

“This feels so good, I can’t imagine what the other teams are feeling right now,” Heather says smiling. A picture pops up above her head seeing Izzy fall out of the plane while Owen is eating his fifth bean burrito.

“It’s all because of our feminine power,” Courtney replies. Cody forms a frown on his face. “And Cody too.”

Courtney: Cody is a total girl. He’s not the next to go on our team of weirdo’s; it’s the man stealer, Gwen.

Gwen shrugs, “I have to say if we didn’t have Cody and Sierra we’d be sending Court…I mean one of us out of that plane.”

A tear falls from Sierra’s face. “You guys are so nice,” She says while blowing her nose in Cody’s top.

“My shirt, it cost 25 bucks,” Cody yelled.

Sierra jumps up from her seat, “Here’s my Cody repair spray. I bring it everywhere I go just in case an accident happens.” Sierra hands over her spray to Cody.

Cody: Sierra is an uber freak, but what can I say the girls are always utterly attracted to me. *remembers season one* Yep, always attracted to me.

The two teams we’re going crazy in their seats.

“I’m so happy I’m not sucked into that hole again, my butt has a big bruise on it,” Owen shares with the two teams.

His tribe mates expressions immediately change from happiness to disgust.

“Was that meant for the confessional, because it’s right over there,” Bridgette says pointing to the bathroom.

Owen responds by saying, “I’m way too afraid to get out of my seat. Only loons go into a confessional in a plane driven by Chef.”

Alejandro is in the confessional, “Don’t think I didn’t hear that.”

Noah is talking to Tyler and Izzy. “Do you guys want an alliance? Face it we’re going to go next for our team. We don’t want to end up like the fail girls alliance last season?”

“Cool, I’ll join the new girls alliance,” Tyler says.

Noah backs away and says, “Um…this isn’t the girls alliance this is my alliance to vote off Alejandro and make us the final 3 of this idiotic game.”

Izzy wipes her forehead, “Phew…I was nervous when you said girls’ alliance. I hate girls.”

“So you guys in or what?” Noah questions.

“What will happen if we say or what?” Izzy says trying to think of possible things that can happen.

Noah smacks his forehead, “Are you guys in?”

“Sure,” Izzy and Tyler say at the same time.

Noah: The alliance should be named the mental alliance. I’m not mental though. I have a very high IQ and I was the assistant to a very famous person. The person may be a lunatic but what the hey, he’s famous.

DJ is crying.

DJ: I totally let my team down last time and now they’re going to eliminate me. I can’t go home my momma will get really mad at me. The only reason I want to win this season is because my family needs the dough bad.

LeShawna is conversing with Lindsay.

“DJ seems really upset, I wonder what’s wrong?” LeShawna says.

Lindsay smiles and responds, “Don’t you mean T.J., silly, he is awesome.”

“’s DJ. He’s been in the game for all three seasons, makes chow that LeShawna likey.”

Lindsay rolls her eyes, “That’s T.J.”

Lindsay: Poor little LaFonda, she even mixed up her name up with a geek named LeShawna. I hope she can get the help she needs after the show.

Chris walks into the cabins and told the team that the plane was landing at Los Angeles.

Courtney screams in excited ness.

Courtney: I’ve always wanted to go to Los Angeles. It’s been my second biggest dream in my young existence. My first dream was to be the most famous lawyer of the whole the human race and I’m almost halfway there. I just have to get the lawyer part.

The plane lands and they walk out to see a big Michael Jackson banner.

Gwen suddenly exchanges her expression with Sierra. “I’ve always been a big fan of Michael Jackson. That intelligent man rocked it with Thriller. It’s one of the only songs I enjoy.”

“Am I the only one that thinks Michael Jackson is stupid? He had like twenty nose jobs and I haven’t seen such gossip about him since the big Rihanna and Chris Brown fight. Although he died a year ago, everyone still talks about him just because his anniversary of death just passed.” Alejandro says.

Everyone stares at Alejandro in a weird way.

LeShawna: I’m starting to get suspicious of that guy. He could be playing the game really good or he could either be passing by easily.

Chris starts to announce the challenge and says, “Okay guys, enough with the chitter chatter. Today we will have a dance competition! Although Michael Jackson was a major singer he was also a major dancer. I mean if you saw the movie “This Is It “and saw he could dance like that at 50 something years old, very close to his death. He danced so good it makes me look moderately old. I know shocking, isn’t it? You guys will all dance at the same time. One by one I will call your name and you will be out of the challenge because you are one of the most horrendous dancers in the game. Whichever team has all of the players on the team out first will join me at the elimination and will vote out the fourth person in the game. Go to the platforms over there and get ready to dance.”

The campers start walking over to the platform and the music bell rings.

“Okay, it’s time for singing time. I have an idea you guys sing a song first and then I’ll pick whichever team is best and the other two have a dance off with the same things I said up there. Now please sing to the tune of Thriller.” Chris announces.

Bridgette: It’s close to the dance time
Courtney: But we need to sing first to win
Alejandro: You try to Rumba but then you decide it’s the wrong decision
Noah: All through the night dance till your name is called by the idiot

Chris yells, “I heard that!”

All: ‘Cause its dance time, dance time now
Gwen: There ain’t no second chance you have to dance to win, boy
All: Dance Time
Izzy: Ooh, ooh
All: Dance Time now!
DJ: You’re dancing for your life it’s time to moonwalk, rumba, and tango!
Izzy: Oh, oh, oh, oh

(everyone starts dancing to the scary music in the background)

Tyler: Dance Time, tonight!
LeShawna: Oh yeah, all right going to groove tonight
Lindsay: Prance Time, tonight!
All: Buh duh duh dah

Chris claps his hands. “That was my favorite number, in the show!”

Alejandro frowns and says, “I thought it was lame. You skipped half of the song and I hate Michael Jackson.”

Everyone glares at Alejandro again.

“Doesn’t anyone like a good opinion?” Alejandro says.

“I have made my decision and I have to say instead of a team winning, Gwen won immunity for having a great approach instead of some people.” Chris says giving a wicked face centered to Alejandro. “Get into your positions.”

The song “Tik Tok” started to play and right then the players started doing a lot of abstract things they called dancing.

Owen was attempting a head roll although it involved a lot of gas. Izzy was doing her memorable dance she did at the audition for the talent show in season one. I’m not quite sure what Cody was doing, I think it was the pee pee dance but you never could be sure.

“Owen, you’re out. I cannot stand any more gas afloat.” Chris announces.

DJ twisted his foot while trying to do the salsa.

Chris calls in the medical emergency and Bob the Leprechaun barges in, “Bob I haven’t seen you in a while. Anyways, DJ is out due to his foot injury and Sierra is also out due to getting out of her square to be with Cody. Wait, the geek is also out because he tripped from Sierra’s foot.”

Cody: I swear that girl is getting on my last nerves.

Noah stopped dancing because of embarrassment and stood there like a figurine.

Chris frowns and angrily said, “Noah, try to put a little more effort in these challenges, but for now goodbye.”

The camera is now focused on LeShawna who is doing another one of the well-known dances on the show, but this time from another season.

“Okay, I cannot stand anymore awful dancing. Izzy, LeShawna, Lindsay, and Tyler you guys suck.” Chris then stares at Heather who stopped dancing.

Heather: I figured if I stopped dancing and our team lost. Courtney was most likely the next out. The whole team would blame the loss on her and it would be bye bye Courtney. She’s even worse than Gwen and I thought Gwen couldn’t get any worse.

Chris regains his smile and looks at the dancers who are actually trying, “One person is left from each team. Bridgette, for Team Victory who cannot lose another challenge, Bridgette is currently doing some surfer dancing which looks cool. Alejandro, from Team Chris is the hottest person in the whole wide world! Last but not least Courtney, for Team Amazon which is on a winning streak, she is currently dancing the rumba.”

Courtney is now switching with a twirl to the foxtrot. Alejandro is doing an unknown type of dance kind of like a photo shoot.

“Alejandro, you have made your team lose. What kind of dance shows off modeling skills?” Chris questions.

“A dance I want to learn,” Alejandro replied while everyone laughed.

Alejandro: I have to mix it up a bit. No one gets suspicious about a major hot, funny guy, now do they?

Chris shakes his head in dismay, “Well, Team Chris Is Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, I will see you at the third barf bag ceremony.”

The campers got in the plane and left L.A.

Bridgette: I think I saw Ezekiel. Call me crazy but he was peeking out of a window and then running away. I hope I’m not hallucinating; I can’t afford to go to one of those mental places Izzy visits, or should at least.

Alejandro is fake crying or crying really weirdly.

“Owen, I cannot afford to leave. My Grandmother is a worker at an insane asylum. Everyone is going to vote me off and then my Grandmother will have to stay working at the crazy place. Can you tell Izzy that Alejandro said he loves your dance you did at the challenge and advises you to vote off Tyler?” Alejandro says questioning Owen.

Owen starts to sniffle, “If that is what you want, I’ll do anything for someone who has a family member in that bad of a condition.”

Alejandro: I thought these contestants would be harder to prank but it’s so easy.

After a few more long, boring hours of fake crying, the awaited barf bag ceremony began.

“Welcome to the first barf bag ceremony for Team Chris Is Really, Really, Really Hot! Here you will go in a confessional and vote off the person you want gone.” Chris says. He pauses for a second. “I took a pause because my favorite part comes next where the eliminated person rides down the drop of shame. It’s voting time!”

Alejandro stamped a picture of Tyler, “What a pathetic wimp?”

Noah stamped a picture of Alejandro, “I know what you’re up to.”

“The results are in so let me tally the votes. First barf bag goes to, Izzy and Noah.”

Noah smiled while grabbing the barf bag and watched Alejandro’s smile start to fade away.

Chris rolled his eyes and announced, “The next barf bag goes to the big, fluffy, Owen!”

Tyler starts biting his nails.

“The last barf bag goes to…

Alejandro. Tyler, I’m sorry, I’d advise you to get your parachute on this instant.” Chris says passing the final barf bag to Alejandro.

“I didn’t get to say goodbye to Lind...” Tyler couldn’t finish his sentence before he was rudely pushed by Chris.

“What I gave him a warning? Anyways, see us next time with another adventure on TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR!” Chris says closing the show.

  • The title is a reference to one of the lyrics in a Michael Jackson song called, “They Don’t Really Care About Us”.

Elimination Ceremony Six

Nalyd: Mrodd, Tcf09, TBTDIF, the three of you have failed to post a story. Instead of all three of you going, one of you will stay. Please give a reason for why you should stay.

Tcf09: Actually I don't think I should stay. Next week I probably won't have time to write a story either and if I miss next weeks story that would be my third strike and I would get eliminated anyway. So I might as well quit because it doesn't make sense for me to stay in when I know i'm just going to get out next week.

Spenny: That is a very kind thing of you to do.

Sonik: Yeah, that was a nice thing to do Tcf09. Keeping someone in the game who could have gone. Very kind.

Nalyd: Very well, Tcf09, I respect your decision, but I must say that you would have been the one to stay. In this case... Mrodd will be the one to stay. Tcf09 and TBTDIF, time to go.

Nalyd: Just saw that Mrodd have to quit. TBTDIF will be staying.

Week Seven Chat

Nalyd: Congrats to all of you who survived.

Reddy: Woohoo! Final 9! xD when's next challenge?

Sonik: When's the Merge?

Sonik: WOO HOO, FINAL 9!!!! (Is it three missed storys and your out, cause if it is, Jessica and TBTDIF should be out cause they missed three stories)

Nalyd: More than three.

Webly: I don't exactly think some writers still in are good so I think the merge could be final 6 like last season. XD, I was the first one out of the merge.

Spenny: I won't be here from tomorrow until Friday night, so if you could make this an off-week, I'd much appreciate it :D Besides, Shane's gone for the week anyway

Reddy:*gags* poetry.... nuuuuu!!!! *faints* (poetry is my weakness D:)

Jason: From TDA4, all of us are horrible at poetry XD

Reddy: does spaniush have one or two sylabbles? xD

TBTDIF: Yay! I'm still in. Anyway, guys, I didn't have much internet access this week, but I'll post a story this week.

Sonik: Poems, Noz (XD)

Usitgz: Haikus, eh?

Sunshine: Oh pasta... poetry. I hated that week way back in the olden days... y'know, the olden days where I was still a contestant... XD (I was looking back at good 'ol TDA2 the other day, and you know what? I still don't know how I won. XD)

Sonik: Hooray for no school!! (Leaving school tomorrow till Sep 2nd)

Usitgz: srsly? I've been out for a month and 8 days. O.O

Jessica: I won't miss another story unless I tell you, Nalyd, Shane, and Sunny. I mean, unless a relative is dead and we have a funeral or we don't have a challenge that lasts two days, I'm fine...

Sonik: What, UK kids have their Summer Holidays starting 18th July till 2nd September. (I know cause I'm from England) *To Nayld* When's the reviews

TBTDIF: Ah, yes...TDA2...*sighs dreamily* TDI19...I'd still like to punch him in the face, you know...XD

Sonik: So, who's wants to race Nayld against Chocolate Milk.

Sonik:*Drinks Chocolate Milk* Never mind, when's the Reviews

Shane: I kinda want to say something. I couldn't say it last time, but I need to now. Jessica, about your week six story, it was practically the same as the TDTW episode! Same title, same actions, same quotes, basically same everything! Same song even! The only difference is the fact that in the song, Noah sang it. Look, I'll let it slide this time, and this goes for everyone. If anyone basically does the same thing that the Total Drama Series did, then you will be eliminated on the spot.

Challenge Seven

This week's challenge is to write a haiku about a relationship on Total Drama. It must be canon. (GwenXTrent, BridgetteXGeoff, AlejandroXEverybody, ect.) You may elaborate on things that might have occured had certain things not had taken place, such as why Noah hugged Bridgette, or why Eva didn't pound Noah when he corrected her. This will be judged on form of poem, originality, and, if written in perspective of the character, plausibility. The due date is standard.

Reddy's Story

Stalked and Nerdy

By Reddude

I want the Goth chick,

You have stalked me to this day,

Why can’t you just die?

(Reddy: I hated this challenge so I wouldnt be surprised if i was nominated TT_TT)

Jessica's Story

The Surfer and the Party Guy

Kissing all the time...

Staying with eachother, yeah!

Love floats our great boat!

(Jessica: I personally do not think I am safe!)

Josie's Story

Such a long wait


It has been so long,

I know but we're together!

Finally at last

Sonictksb's Story

(Lindsay X Tyler)

Lindsay, I love you so much,

You know that it is true,

You know that I love you.

Usitgz's Story

We're off and we're on

That's the story of our love,

But we make it work.

Izzy to Owen

Spenny's Story

Gwen, I know it's true

You're the only one for me

Know that I love you!

Jason's Story

Bridgette, I love you

You mean the whole world to me

I love you dearly

-Geoff to Bridgette-

Webly's Story

The Bizarre Worship

Your surfer body attracts me
The stunning green eyes make me smile
But, the only thing I can’t see is why you don’t love me

(Noah to Bridgette)

TBTDIF's Story

(Leshawna to Harold)

Harold, you are crazy

And really just plain nerdy

But I still love you!

(Note: I'm really, really, really behind on TDWT, so I don't really know about any of the couples or stuff in there.)

Shane's Reviews

Writing Gophers reviews,

Reddy: It's a good haiku, correct format. I like it! I think Gwen thinks this way about Cody. The only thing that I don't like about the haiku, is the fact that it reminds me of Baby, by Justin Bieber.

Jessica: It counts, and it does a good description on Bridgette and Geoff. It also has correct format, bonus!

Josie: Correct format, very good, I like it! It also sounds like a reunion of Gwen and Trent, very believable.

Sonik: Okay, horrible format. A haiku is supposed to have five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. You did seven in the first, seven in the second, and six in the third. I'm sorry, but this one does not count. Sorry.

Typing Bass reviews,

Usitgz: Nice! It describes Izzy and Owen PERFECTLY! Also, it has the correct format.

Spenny: Nice! Trent going after Gwen, love it. Correct format too.

Jason: Correct formatting, even though world is supposed to have two syllables, we say it as one, so I'll let it slide. Anyway, this is good.

Webly: Alright, this one doesn't have the correct format what so ever. I explained how a haiku SHOULD go to Sonik. Sorry bud, this one doesn't count.

TBTDIF: ANOTHER one that doesn't count, sorry buddy. Doesn't have correct format.

Elimination Ceremony Seven

Shane: Alright you guys, the reviews are done, and now...time to see who wins! Well, no one does. That's right! No team wins! Now, the three people who did not have correct formatting are up for elimination. That means Sonik, TBTDIF, And Webly. You three, please state your reason to why you should stay.

Webly: I had no idea I was in the wrong format. I also didn't exactly know what a Haiku is. Out of everyone nominated I think I deserve to stay in the most. TBTDIF, like never posts in an entry and Sonik gives no effort ever what so ever. I also think it was a little mis-understanding why I'm here. I don't think I deserve to be here at all. I should've known there is no comma's in a haiku. No offense to Sonik but he copied off of the authors and put it together to make him look good but it just made him look worse. I'm sorry and that's why I should stay.

Sonik: I knew this was coming. Anyway, I'd never heard of a Haiku till this week so I had to think of one, but I didn't know I was copying the others. Out of the three of us, Webly and I desevre to stay because TBTDIF never posts like Webly said and I know that I don't give much effort, but I'm not even twlevle yet so give me another chance guys. I might aswell try as hard as I can cause I'm berely getting thourgh by Luck. Like Webly said, I was trying to make myself look like a good author but it just made me look worse. I'm very sorry and I hope you keep me in the game, even if it's just for another week. P.S No offense to TBTDIF but you're sucking this season compeared to the other seasons he's competed in.

Reddy: Might I but in, that TBTDIF has had a reason; he's been on the road, and stuff, and the judges know he can do better. Just wanted to give some defense to TBTDIF there. :P

Sonik: Oh, I didn't know that, forget the P.S

TBTDIF: *blink* Oh thank you so very much for that very nice compliment. *blink* Anyways, what they heck? My format's correct--it's about a couple and it's 5-7-5.

Nalyd: The person eliminated is... Sonik. I respect you for admitting what you've done, but I'm sorry, you have been eliminated. Keep your head held high though, I don't know a lot of 12 year olds who can make it to the final nine.

Week Eight Chat

Nalyd: Eight remain... Usitgz, you're being switched to the Writing Gophers.

Shane: About the format thingy TDTDIF, there are six syllables in the first line, sorry.

Reddy:Yayz! Challenge soon?! :D

Spenny: Nuuu our teamie! D:

Reddy:im probably gonna regret saying thi, but did u really they'd allow 5vs3? xD

Reddy: and if Usitgz didnt awitch, the bass would all be veterans and the gophers would be newbies xD

Webly: I admit, I'm 12 years old and I made it to the Final 6 last season, XD. Anyways there is a non-poem challenge soon XD.

Reddy: dont worry webly, Ill be sure to take u to the final 8 and then eliminate u. xD jk Im also 12 :P

Sunshine: Sierra week!!! Whoot! (Could I maybe do next week's challenge, Nalyd? I feel pretty useless this season... XDD)

Usitgz: 2nd team switch for me, woot! Sierra challenge? :O EPIC!

TBTDIF: Chimmy...I should've explained...this is when Sierra was ten, long before her obsession and days of Total Drama.

Challenge Eight

Nalyd: For this challenge, you must write a story about a day in Sierra's life before TDWT. Maybe she's blogging, maybe she's stalking, maybe she's... actually, that's about all she does unless you come up with something better! This will be judged on creativity, originality, spelling, and grammar.

Reddy's Story

So You Think You're A Stalker?: Total Drama Edition

A catchy tune played in a pitch black auditorium, until one spotlight beamed down onto a well dressed man in a tuxedo.

“Welcome, viewers, I am Ricardo Colander and this is “So You Think You’re A Stalker?: Total Drama Edition”!” the man exclaimed, “Okay tonight it’s going to work a little bit different here at Stalker Studios. We have your usual four stalkers behind these purple curtains. However, they’ll answer personal questions about contestants from Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action! After three brutal rounds, the winner will be crowned, get all the money they earned, and allowed to go to the Celebrity Manhunt studio and meet all twenty-two contestant themselves! And, as always, the losers get half the money they earned!”

The crowd erupted in a huge roar of cheer.

“Let’s meet our contestants!” Ricardo exclaimed as the purple curtain was pulled up and the stage was fully illuminated. “First up, we have Robbie!” Ricardo stepped up to panel number one that had a pale, short boy with black hair in a Jew fro and wearing a plain gray shirt. “So, Robbie tell the crowd a little about yourself and which Total Drama contestant you’re obsessed with!”

“I collect half eaten hamburgers from people in France and I am obsessed with Eva!!!” Robbie exclaimed. A series off ‘boo’s were heard and the crowd threw tomatoes at him.

“Moving on to panel number two we have Reddy!” Ricardo walked the next panel that had a guy wearing all red. “Reddy! Tell the crowd something about you and who you’re obsessed with.”

“I’m obsessed with Lindsay and I love going crazy on reality shows!” Reddy jumped over his panel, took a stage dive and slammed face-first into the concrete floor.

“Okay….” Ricardo jumped over to panel three with a tall girl wearing fashionable clothes. “Yo, Sierra! Tell…”

“Yeah, yeah I know!” Sierra interrupted Ricardo. She smiled sweetly. “I am the presidents of fifteen Total Drama Fan Clubs and I love Cody!” the crowd erupted in cheer.

“Oooh! I love some tough competition!” Ricardo slid over to panel four, which had a rock sitting at it. “Lubert the rock! Tell them something about you and who you’re obsessed with!” Ricardo held a microphone to the rock. After a few short moments, he spoke into it, “Excellent! Let’s move onto the first round!” Ricardo went to the hosting panel. “You viewers know the rules of round one, AKA Stalker Zap! You must speed answer a question and gain one hundred dollars while your competition is zapped ands loses fifty dollars each!”

“Uber!” Robbie exclaimed.

“Um… huh?” Reddy asked.

“Bring it!” Sierra crossed her arms eagerly.

Lubert just sat at panel four.

“First question! Chris McLean uses what brand of hair gel!?” Ricardo exclaimed as Sierra slammed down her buzzer, “Sierra?”

“Chris doesn’t use any brand of hair gel; he makes his own with a mixture of glue and tomato sauce.” Sierra answered.

“Correct!” Ricardo exclaimed as Sierra’s panel showed her gain of one hundred dollars, while the other contestants’ panels showed their loss of fifty dollars while they were being zapped.

“Ouch!” Robbie screamed.

“Woohoo!” Reddy cheered, instantly falling backwards soon after.

“Next question! Does Eva have pit…” Robbie buzzed. “Robbie?”

“Very much yes!” Robbie gained one hundred dollars, as the others lost fifty each and were zapped.

“Okay, the standing are Robbie and Sierra in the lead with each having fifty bucks, while Reddy and Lubert are at negative one hundred!”

“I will not go down!” Reddy screamed.

“Next question! Does Heather have a secret relationship with Duncan?” Sierra buzzed. “Sierra?”

“Heck no! It’s clearly with Ezekiel!” Sierra put her hands on her side as she gained one hundred dollars, as everyone else got the usual zap and deduction of fity dollars.

“As the standings are, Sierra has one hundred fifty dollars, Robbie has zero, and Reddy and Lubert are still failing with negative one hundred fifty!”

“Eat that!” Sierra taunted Robbie.

“You don’t have to be so mean!” Robbie began to cry.

“Aw shut it!” Ricardo pressed a button on his panel and Robbie was zapped.

“Ow! Why!?” Robbie screamed.

“Cuz I want to!” Ricardo retorted.

“Next question! Which one of Lindsay’s parents is a billionaire?!” Ricardo asked as Reddy instantly buzzed.

“Her father with exactly one billion five hundred ninety-two and six dollars!” Reddy smiled confidently as he gained one hundred dollars and everyone else was zapped and lost fifty dollars.

“Sierra has one hundred dollars, Robbie and Reddy have negative fifty, and Lubert has negative two hundred! Lubert, I am sorry, but you are the first out of “So You Think You’re A Stalker?: Total Drama Edition”!” Ricardo exclaimed as Lubert panel sank down into the floor, and flat floor slid over it.

“Oh yeah!” Sierra bumped her fist deviously.

“My hair’s all frizzy from those shocks.” Robbie whined.

“This next round is called “Recent Reality”.” Ricardo grinned evilly.

“I don’t know this round.” Reddy sighed.

“Oh, it’s just where you guys have to answer some trivia questions the viewers throw at you!” Ricardo exclaimed as the panels slid under the floor. “You can move around for this part!”

The viewers began bombarding the final three with a bunch of index cards.

“Is Cody four foot five?! Not way! He’s Four foot six and three quarters!” Sierra threw an index card to the side.

“Is Harold a stupid person? Well, I don’t know. It depends on what you view him as…” Robbie went off into a long ramble as Reddy and Sierra went through questions like nobodies business.

“No Cody has a stuffed emu, not a rat!” Sierra screamed.

“How dare you think Katie and Sadie have double dated Jake Beaver and Taylor Laughter!” Reddy yelled.

This went on forever until a bell rang.

“Okay, that signal means round two is over!” Ricardo exclaimed. Sierra, Reddy, and Robbie stood behind their panels again.

“Robbie, you gained zero dollars from round two, and are still at negative fifty. How lame.” Ricardo insulted Robbie.

“I fell into a rigged question!” Robbie protested.

“Sierra,” Ricardo ignored Robbie, “I am glad to say round two brought you one thousand dollars!”

“Eee!!” Sierra squealed. “Thank you Ricardo. I do have an advantage due to my vast brain and all.”

“You’re my pick to win.” Ricardo winked. “Reddy, round two brought you six hundred dollars! That means Robbie is eliminated!” Robbie and his panel slid under the floor.

“The final two! Sierra and Reddy!” Ricardo exclaimed. “You’re final challenge is…”

“Reddy!!!” A hot, skinny woman stepped onto the stage wearing all red with her hair dyed red. “Time to go plot our revenge on the bus hobos.”

“Yay!!!” Reddy and his mom ran off stage.

“I won?! Woohoo!!!” Sierra cheered.

“Not yet!” Ricardo suddenly announced.

“What are you talking about? Of course I…” Sierra began.

“Welcome to the bonus round! Where you will get the chance to go plus million or nothing, get an additional million dollars, or lose all of it!” Ricardo exclaimed.

“Bring it!” Sierra crossed her arms.

“Sierra, your million dollars question is… Who did Cody accidentally kiss while the said kissed person was in a Gwen costume!?”

“Heather!” Sierra answered confidently. Streamers and other party whatnot fell from the ceiling.

“Congratulations Sierra! You get to meet the Total Drama cast on Celebrity Manhunt!” Ricardo exclaimed.

Sierra cheered and the crowd went wild as the lights dimmed and ended the broadcast.

Jessica's Story

Total Drama Action Special: Total Drama Sierra (Not Aired)

A teenage girl, wearing a Cody t-shirt, walked up to Chris McLean as he was introducing the episode. She had her violet hair in a ponytail.

"The hit Canadian reality television show, Total Drama Island, sparked up a lot of controversey. One TDI blogger, Sierra Eleon, sparked up a lot of controversey on her blogs. She has a secret source from the series telling her information on each camper," Chris McLean says.

"Now that Total Drama Action has started, and we're down to the final six, even more controversey has stirred up!" Chris exclaimed.

"Well, Chris, people still aren't sure if Owen should've returned," the girl, Sierra, says, "He's already made it pretty far, winning season one. Others, though, are saying he should've returned because, well, of Courtney." Chris nodded. He agreed with Sierra saying because of Courtney. That beast sued to be on the show. Sierra smiled.

"Although, a certain Cody won't be on this season at all, I hope he'll be on in a third season so I can watch him in action some more," Sierra says as she smiles.

Chris shrugs at the girl and says, "I might not have a third season with these same competitors. Sierra smacks her face.

Then, she says, "But, that's the best cast on a show, EVER!" Chris shakes his head no and then pats Sierra on her head.

"They're not the best cast ever, but I am the best host ever!" Chris exclaims. Sierra nods.

"I know everything about you Christopher McLean," Sierra says eagerly. Chris shoves her off the screen and a loud boom is heard.

"Is she okay?" Chris questions. A high-pitched male voice answers.

"She's fine!"

"Good, cause I don't want any lawsuits," Chris says.

Chris then yells, "We're not airing this on TV!"

The screen turns black.

Josie Amber's Story

A Stalkers Paradise

Today was an average day for Sierra. When she first woke up she kissed each of them starting with a picture of Cody eating a sandwich and, ending with one of him sleeping. Sierra then ate breakfast and walked straight to her laptop and logged onto her blog. ”Oh goodie messages!” Sierra said joyfully.

“Let’s see, Total Drama Fan 08 would like to see more new pictures,” Sierra said.

In that instant she closed her laptop and picked it up also grabbing her camera on the way out. Sierra took two buses, a taxi, and a plane to get to the Award Ceremony the cast was nominated in. As limo’s pulled up to the Red Carpet Sierra hid in the bushes getting ready to take the cast’s pictures. First to arrive was Courtney, Duncan, DJ, Gwen, and LeShawna. Sierra began to take several photos of the first group of the cast. Some pictures were with them in pairs and others were alone.

Two more limo’s pulled up and the rest of the Total Drama got out of them. Sierra jumped out of the bushes and took more pictures this time up close. The cast posed together for the cameras and stated to walk inside. As the cast members past Sierra she takes more pictures and waits for Cody to pass her. ”This place is a paradise!” Sierra exclaimed as she waited patiently for Cody to pass her.

As soon as he did Sierra started squealing with joy. “Cody over here, Cody!” Sierra yelled over the crowd of people.

Sierra ran onto the Red Carpet and tackled Cody covering him in kisses. ”Ah get away from me!” Cody screamed trying to block Sierra’s kisses.

Security guards began to swarm the Red Carpet pulling Sierra off of Cody. By the time they pried her off of him, Cody was running and screaming into the building. ”Let me go I’m a reporter!” Sierra exclaimed kicking and fighting the Security guards.

The Security guards put Sierra back behind the ropes and then walked in the Award building. “I have to get in there,” Sierra declared.

She then turned and walked toward the alleyway next to the Award Ceremony. She quietly ran to the Award building ‘s side door and opened it easily. Within minutes she was sitting in the audience behind the Total Drama cast watching the Award Ceremony. ”The nominees for best reality show are Total Drama and The Colony,” The host announced.

The two reality shows looked at each other then back at the stage. ”And the winner is….,” The host began to say when the Security guards walked in .

“There she is!” One Guard yelled pointing to Sierra.

The guards all ran to Sierra and two of them grabbed her. Sierra kicked and screamed as she was lifted into the guards arms catching Izzy’s attention. ”Hey Owen remember when that was me?” Izzy said to Owen watching the guards and Sierra struggle.

“No I have to know who wins!” Sierra screamed as she was carried out of the building.

She was then thrown out and left on the Red Carpet to watch from the large screen. ”The winner is the Total Drama cast,” The host announced.

Sierra jumped and cheered for the cast outside of the building. ”This is the greatest day of my life,” Sierra said as she checked into a nearby hotel.

She walked into her room, then opened her laptop and began to write and upload pictures of her day to the blog. She even uploaded pictures she took of herself on the plane, buses, and in the taxi. She took on yawn for a tiring job well done and then went to bed.

The End!

Usitgz's Story

Sierra LIVE

"Hey guys, it's me Chrisobsessed101 AKA Sierra, the leader of the Christians, coming to you live from a bush in Chris' backyard! I'm here to give you the dish on a brand new show that Chris is hosting! It's called...Total Drama Island. It sounds like its going to be a reality show, but we want to know more, right?" A tall, tanned, purple haired teen adressed the camera. Noises were heard nearby.

"I think I can here Chris!" Sierra happily squealed. She shifted the camera away from herself to two men talking to each other. They were silohetted and were only visible through a firly large window. The camera zoomed in on them.

"...So why do you think that you should be the camper's chef?" The smaller figure asked the larger one.

"I think that's Chris," Sierra whispered to the camera,without moving it.

"Because I think that those kids need to get tougher! Did you see those scrawny excuses of string beans? huh? There completley pathetic weaklings!" Angrily exclaimed the larger figure.

"Perfect!" happily exclaimed the smaller figure.

"So I got the job, Chris man?" The larger figure asked.

"Yes you did, yes you did," Chris congradulated the larger figure as he went in to hug him, "Wait, what's your name?"

"the names Hatchet, but you can call me Chef," Chef answered. The two hugged. Sierra jumped out of the bushes and furiously started to stomp twords the house.

"That man stealer!" Sierra screamed, she saw the TV inside and saw what was playing. A short, scrawny kid who looked sort of like a nerd was singing while his keyboard was playing a song. She stopped her stomping.

"I need to now who that is, he's so hot...I mean it appears to be the audition tapes for the show, and apparently Chris has hired a chef named Hatchet to cook for the contestants, so it's confirmed that Total Drama Island is a reality show!" Sierra explained.

"Hey Chris man, did you hear something?" questioned Chef Hatchet.

"Yeah, I think I did!" exclaimed Chris. The two walked away from the window.

"Back to the bush for me...see you guys next time on Sierra LIVE!" Sierra told the camerra as she ran back twords the bush, and turned of the camera.


Jason's Story

"Stalk-stalk-stalking Cody-lishious!" Sierra sang up in her purple room.

"Yeah!" She sang again, this time holding the note longer. A knock came from the door.

"Sierra, dinner's ready," Her mother said. "Awesome!" Sierra, yelled running down stairs.

As she ran down the stairs, she passed thousands pictures of on the wall of Cody.

"Aw," She stopped to admire one. "Sierra!" An angry man yelled.

"Sierra, you fat lard, come get some ham." A teenage voice said. Sierra bolted down the stairs

"Hehe," Sierra giggled. "I love it when you call me that, baby!"

Her goth boyfriend was awkwardly hugged by Sierra. They were total opposites. His friends dared him to date her.

"Were going out," Sierra said.

"And dinner?" Her mother asked, setting down a chicken on the table.

"Oh my Cody! I LOOOOOOOVE turkey!" Sierra yelled, running for her seat at the table.

"It's chicken, honey." Her mother corrected.

"Er," Sierra's dad said awkwardly. "How's you blog?"

"Oh my gosh! I'm happy you asked! Smiley face!" Sierra said.

"Yeah..." Her dad said, looking down at her plate. Out in the corner, her goth boyfriend stood there awkwardly.

"You ready for din-din?" Sierra's mom said in a baby voice.

"Yaaaaaaa!" Sierra said, back in a baby voice. Her dad rolled her eyes.


Spenstar's Story

Webly's Story

The Day Before The Obsession

Sierra Noodle was once a typical girl. She had hopes and dreams like everyone else and she always looked for the perfect chap. One day her life was at its turning point, she was choosing an immense decision. She didn’t know the decision would make her uncontrollably obsessed. The decision wasn’t even going to revolve around TV. She just happened to watch it.

It was an early morning in the summer. She lived at the Prince Edward Island in Canada and she was counting down the days until her camping trip at the end of the week. She crossed off July 6, 2007 which was yesterday. Unlike most boring, miserable camping trips this one was going to be exhilarating. Her Dad was going to be released out of jail and they were going to go on the camping trip.

Don’t get her wrong, her Dad was a great person. One day he picked up this poor guy that was drunk. The man, his neighbor, brought some hidden beer cans and the car immediately smelled of liquor. He quietly set the beer cans to the side and the Dad gave him a repulsive look. It was his neighbor and as they were going home he was pulled over for speeding.

A police officer walked up to his window. “Sorry sir we have to give you this ticket for speeding a little more than 7 miles of the speed limit, 55 miles per hour.”

The officer would’ve been faster but he smelled some sort of appalling smell. “One of you has been drinking, eh?”

Sierra’s Dad sank in his seat and replied, “It’s not what it looks like.”

The night was also a dire night for Sierra as she just lost her cute cat, Oreo that looked exactly like an Oreo. Later that horrific night, her Dad was arrested for a false accusation of drunk driving and was ordered 6 days of jail and a day of jury duty. The day the dad would get out of jail was Sierra’s 16th birthday. They were going to go on a camping trip and her dad was not going to cancel the plans that had been in store for over two long, stressful months.

Sierra went out to get the mail. “Ah…I love the smell of eggs and sausage in the morning.” She skips across the street.

She lived in an urban neighborhood but gladly not on a busy street. She skipped back to her driveway and ran inside, full of excitement. A letter from the jail where her Dad was imprisoned came. The letter read her dad would be released today and the fact he would be unable to drive anywhere for a couple weeks. Sierra’s heart suddenly sank. Sierra has been waiting for this trip for months. Her Dad cherished camping trips but this one was unique, it was on her 16th birthday as I was saying earlier. It was only supposed to be her and her dad but he couldn’t drive. Sierra would drive but it was taking a while to get her drivers permit. Let’s just say when it came to driving Sierra was one slow learner.

Her Mom and little bro, Ed, got into the car to go to the jail. Although Sierra’s heart just earned a large rip doesn’t mean she wasn’t happy to visit her Dad for the first time in a week.

They arrived in 5 minutes and walked in. Sierra instantaneously spotted her Dad and ran up to embrace him. She squeezed tight and wouldn’t even breather for 10 consecutive seconds. It would’ve been longer but her dad removed her arms to hug his other family members. The judge said to be very careful with him and make sure nothing like that ever happens again.

“Oh Dad, I’ve missed you. Now we can think about camping trips and stuff.” Sierra says hugging her father.

Sierra’s Dad shrugs. “If we can, we should get your drivers’ permit today to drive us to the camp site or we could just wait a while until I can drive again.”

Sierra tried to think but she couldn’t make a right choice.

“Let’s wait a while,” Sierra replied. Sierra made this decision only because Sierra was lazy ever since a bad day in her childhood she never has been as peppy. Although it might have been the best decision since she was a newly driver it may have been better not to be wildly obsessed.

Five hours later, Sierra was watching TV on the couch with her father. He smiled at her and she smiled back, sensing he was glad to be back. She flipped the channels and heard an awfully uncanny earsplitting voice at the television.

“Yo! We’re coming at you live from Camp Wawanakwa, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario; I’m your host Chris McLean, dropping season one of the hottest new reality shows on television right now!” The host of the show boomed. Her father insisted to turn the volume down but it was on its habitual level. “Here’s the deal, 22 campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp.”

Sierra paused and about to turn the channel she decided to keep it. Soon enough, the introductions came and she ran to get a pen and paper, when she came back she saw DJ, the animal lover, arrived. She noticed she missed the person who came before but gained the name later in the half-hour show.

Few hours later, her Dad asked to turn off the TV as she played the first two episodes over and over and over...............


TBTDIF's Story

Ten-year-old Jasmine sat at her desk slowly, looked down at her name on the desk, eyed the clock, and then sighed. It was the last period of the day, and there were just four minutes left. But those four minutes felt like four hours to young Jasmine. She hated school.

The teacher, Mrs. Flummer, seemed to be mumbling something about fractions and decimals, but Jasmine couldn’t pay any attention. After her mother had been sent to prison five months ago, it seemed that she couldn’t pay attention to anything. She had no idea how her grades stayed at a constant B, unless her mother, a computer hacker, had gotten into them.

“Jasmine Prescott, answer me!”

Jasmine jerked her head up just in time, unsure of how to fake an answer this time. Mrs. Flummer was staring at her with wide green-tinted glasses and narrow blue-tinted eyes underneath. “Um…London?”

“Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine…” Those blue-tinted eyes closed as Mrs. Flummer shook her head. “I was asking how pickles were made.” The class erupted into assorted laughs and jeers.

“Hey, Prescott! You’re so stupid, you should join grade one! Isn’t that what they call it in London?” A particularly mean student, Leslie Wilson, turned his head around and sneered at Jasmine. He performed a mock British accent while saying this phrase.

Yes, he.

“Leslie, there will be none of that,” Mrs. Plummer said. “Now, I will say this again—“ But she was cut off as an electronic imitation of a bell sounded, and the students piled out the door and on their buses. Jasmine scurried out too, but instead of climbing into a smelly yellow school bus, she waited for a ride in her brother Louis’ car. Louis was sixteen, and he had a gleaming blue Porsche that he drove Jasmine to school in and picked her up in at the end of the day.

The expensive car rolled in view, and Jasmine rushed to get in. “Hey, sis,” Louis called as she climbed through. “How was your day?”

“Great,” Jasmine lied. Jasmine said that every day, and she had a feeling Louis knew how her days actually went. She didn’t mind that much.

“Dad told me about a new TV show on today,” Louis said. Jasmine’s dad was a newspaper editor that did the TV listings for important and unimportant channels. “He said he thought you might like it.”

“Oh, cool!” Jasmine said. She was pretty ecstatic. She didn’t like school very much, but she loved to watch TV. She felt every character as if they were real, and if they were actually real, then she dreamed of meeting them some day. “What’s it called?”

“Here, let me show you.” Louis’s car had a portable DVD player, but it could also turn on live TV. He turned on the screen, and a young adult—maybe twenty-five, Jasmine guessed—appeared on screen. And as Jasmine Sierra Prescott watched with gleaming eyes, the young man said, “Last time on Total Drama Island…”


Nalyd: Nalyd gets Gophers, Chimmy gets Bass.

Chimmy's Reviews

Jason: LOL at the goth boyfriend. XD I'm not sure Sierra is aware she's a stalker, but ah well, it's still funny. Wish you would have completed it, though.

Spenny: No story, no review.

Webly: Nice! This was creative and a good way to explain how Sierra became so obsessed. I wish you would have listed WHAT exactly made Sierra that way, though, that would have made the story near perfect.

TBTDIF: Good story, though..the age is a bit of a problem here, as the contestants would be 16, and Sierra wouldn't work out, plus it's kinda creepy of Sierra having a crush almost a decade older then her. Then again, look who I'm calling creepy...I've gone on too long, this is otherwise a good story.

Nalyd's Reviews

  • Jessica - There were lots of grammatical mistakes. The constant use of the phrase "stirred up lots of controversy" made the story repetitive at the start. Sorry, but this really doesn't feel complete as a story.
  • Josie Amber - I really enjoyed this. I think you did a great job! A few grammar issues, but other than that, great job.
  • Reddy - I loved this story! It was incredibly creative and very fun! Excellent work.
  • Usitgz - Excellent story, despite a few spelling problems. I knew you'd excel on the Gophers team.

Elimination Ceremony Eight

Nalyd: Webly, nominate two people from your team and tell me why.

Nalyd: The person eliminated is.... TBTDIF. You're a good author, but you've just missed so many challenges.

Week Nine Chat

Nalyd: Down to seven...

Jason: DUN, DUN, DUN!

Usitgz: :O Sweet!

Shane: Here's where it really begins. No longer are good reviews gonna help you. From now on, you all need AMAZING reviews to get past each week. You've gotten this far, don't start losing it now.

Usitgz: Tough challenge...

Reddy: I kinda question TBTDIF's elimination last week, but oh well. :s

TBTDIF: Yeah. I don't get my elimination either. :(

Webly: Yes! I'm in XD! I can't believe I won BOW but I did work hard on it. I'm back from vacation and I'll try to post this story as fast as I can...(opens Microsoft Word)

Webly: Usitgz told me he's grounded until Monday so he won't be able to turn in his entry.

Challenge Nine

Nalyd: Please post challenge ideas in the week chat. Anyway, this week, you have to write a story about Nalyd, Sunshine, Chimmy, and Shane! Maybe we're judging stories. Maybe we're on vacation. Who knows what we all do together! It will be judged on creativity, spelling, and grammar. If you have any questions about who we are, ask! Due FRIDAY.

Reddy's Story

How Total Drama Author 5 Swiftly Ended...

Nalyd Renrut stood up at a meeting with his three partners in crime; Sunshine, Chimmy, and Shane, about Total Drama Author 5.

“Alright maggots. We’re down to the final seven here.” Nalyd slapped a piece of paper on a stand behind him that showed a head shot of each remaining contestant; Jessica, Josie Amber, Reddy, Usitgz, Jason, Spenstar, and Webly.

“What’s you’re point?” Sunshine asked as she and Chimmy obsessed over a picture of Duncan shirtless in a tabloid magazine as Shane just sat there sipping Ice Tea.

“These are the people I’m running this business with?!” Nalyd screamed in the confessional, “Yes. I can use the confessional even when we’re not airing. Well. Oh crap I’m talking to a camera that’s not even on!” Nalyd started to violently facepalm himself.

“Um, Nalyd! I have a question!” Sunshine raised her hand up high, almost falling over the table.

“Yeeeeeeeeessss Sunshine?” Nalyd said in an annoyed tone.

“Why are we here?” Sunshine asked.

“To discuss challenges for the show we host…” Nalyd frowned at his “staff”.

“Ooh! We could do a challenge where the contestants all have to write about a day in one of our lives!

“No. I’m afraid that’d be too easy for them.” Nalyd sighed.

“What? You’re like the thirty-second hardest person to write about in the whole universe. I mean with your square-ness and all. Plus…” Sunshine began to ramble.

“NEXT!” Nalyd screamed.

“Maybe… what if the contestants had to write the finale of Total Drama World Tour?!” Chimmy suggested.

“We already had a challenge similar to that.” Nalyd slammed his head onto the table.

“Hey I got an idea. We should make them write about how a Total Drama contestant was when they were eight!” Shane brought another suggestion to the table.

“That may work!” Nalyd exclaimed in joy.

“You know, Nalyd, if you were a little bit more creative we wouldn’t need this meeting?” Sunshine asked Nalyd.

“I’m creative!” Nalyd screamed.

“Name one thing we’ve done that no one else in the world could have thought up.” Chimmy came in on the conversation.

Sunshine, Chimmy, and Nalyd all got into a two-on-one argument, no noticing Shane slipping out of the room and going into the filming tech room.

Shane toyed with a few wires and went in front of a camera that was turned on.

“Hello viewing world. I have hacked into all the networks to in form you that I will be hosting the next few episodes Total Drama Author 5 while Nalyd, Sunshine, and Chimmy try to escape our meeting room.”

The scene changes to Shane locking the meeting room door.

Back in front of the camera, Shane says, “Now, please remain calm, and do not vfret. The world is way better without them.” Shane switched off the camera.

A golden sign came up and said “Five Minutes Later…”.

The Total Drama Author 5 building is shown to be burned down with fire fighters spewing water over the flames with hoses.

The final seven are being hauled into a van that says “Total Drama Nobodies” on the side as the van drives off.

Nalyd, Sunshine, and Chimmy are shown getting medical need while Shane is shown being arrested.

“No! I didn’t know putting hot sauce in the microwave would make the place explode!” Shane screamed as he was taken into a SWAT vehicle and driven off.

“So… I guess it’s over?” Nalyd had a slight grin.

Unshine and Chimmy nodded sadly.

Yay!!!” Nalyd ran off into the sunset, screaming for joy and all that was good…

(Reddy: Sorry if it doesnt make much since. XD But I like it. :))

Jessica's Story

Are We Too Old?

Everything in italics are part of a song

"Nalyd, there's no way we can pull this off," the pyromaniac The boy, who was unusally smart, in the dark hoodie, Nalyd, dodged every attempt she made to tag him. Nalyd jumped out of a window. The pyromaniac smacked her face.

"I'll never forgive myself if I can't tag him!" she said. She ran outside in the one-hundred five degree Fahrenheit backyard. She saw Nalyd hiding on the other side of the treehouse.

"You can't catch me, Chimmy!" Nalyd yelled. The pyromaniac, now identified as Chimmy, threw a stick with her name on it at Nalyd. It hit him.

"Ha! You're it! The stick had my name on it!" Chimmy laughed. A girl with humungous glasses flew up to the top of the treehouse. A boy, who walked up the ladder, followed.

"What are we doing?" the unidentified boy asked.

"Playing TAG, Shane!" the unidentified girl answered.

"Yeah, Sunny, but why?" the boy, Shane, asked. Sunny, the girl, shrugs.

"We're not children, guys. We're teens, young ADULTS! Let's relax," Shane sighs.

"I don't want to!" Chimmy beams, "I like playing tag with you guys! You're awesome oppositions!" Sunny and Nalyd smile.

"Well, I'm the best!" Nalyd says. Chimmy shakes her head no.

Then, she says, "I tagged you, which means I'm better than you!" Sunny smiles.

"Wrongo!" Sunny exclaims, "I'm the best, obviously!" Shane smacks his face as Sunny, Chimmy and Nalyd fight with each other. Shne then procedes to walk down the ladder, back to his usual resting spot, on the lounge chair just in front of the tree house and directly left of his pool. The three stop their argument and look down at Shane.

"Why're you being so lazy, today?" Nalyd questions Shane.

"Yeah, why?" Chimmy and Sunny ask in unison.

"Because...," Shane starts.

Shane: We are too olllllllllllllllllllllllllld! To play taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

Nalyd: Are we too old? I don't think so!

Sunny: Are we too old? I hope not!

Chimmy: Are we too old? I really, supery, dupery, infinitely hop we are nooooooooooooooot!

Shane: You're right! Are we too old? I really hope not! Being a kid is way too much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!




Shane: Yeah!

All: Are we too old?

Chimmy, Nalyd, Shane and Sunny look at each other.

"That was fun," Nalyd says. Chimmy and Sunny nod.

"Maybe we're not too old!" Shane says, standing up now.

"Yeah!" Chimmy, Nalyd and Sunny say in unison.

This story is dedicated to the authors and hosts of TDAuthor!

Josie Amber's Story

Hosts on the look out

Nalyd, Sunshine, Chimmy, and Shane started a normal work day of Total Drama Author 5. Each walked into a large business room where the daily routine would start. Nalyd was the first to arrive, he took a seat in the big black chair with his name written on it across the top. Next to arrive was Sunshine who carried a drink and a shadow plushy in hand. Nalyd looked at Sunshine and shook his head.” What? You know I have to have my Shadow plushy with me,” Sunshine said defending herself from Nalyd’s headshake.

Shane was the next to arrive with nothing in hand but a smiled glued to his face. ”I just love my job,” Shane says as he enters.

Everyone took their seats and waited for Chimmy to arrive. An hour went by and still no sign of Chimmy. Nalyd called the secretary to find Chimmy while they waited to start. Shane and Nalyd began to shift uncomfortably in their seats while Sunshine adored her shadow plushy. Shane then glanced at the clock to see how long it would be until Nalyd got impatient, when a large man suddenly walked into the room. All three hosts jumped out of their seats as the large man entered. “Did you find her?” Nalyd asked the man.

“No we can’t find her anywhere,” The man replied back.

Shane began to think while Nalyd and the man talked. “I have an idea,” Shane began. “How about we go and look for her,” Shane said.

“Yeah Sunshine should know where Chimmy would be considering they both have a lot in common,” Nalyd replied.

In that instant a decision was made and Shane, Sunshine, and Nalyd went to look for Chimmy.

Meanwhile Chimmy was out on the town looking for fun. As she walked passed a stored something caught her eye. It was a store filled with plushies of all kinds. Her eyes widened as she peered in through the glass window. Chimmy managed to pull herself away from the glass and ran inside the store. The store clerk watched as Chimmy darted from one shelf to next shelf grabbing plushies of all kinds. An hour and a half later she walked out of the store with a ton of bags filled with plushies. She cheerfully began to skip down the side walk swinging her bags as she skipped.

Back at the business room the hosts began to walk out the door getting ready to look for Chimmy. They walked all around town going in and out of stores she could be possibly be in. “We are never going to find her,” Nalyd said hopelessly.

Shane looked around and then noticed Sunshine was missing. ”Oh great now we lost Sunshine,” Shane said shaking his head in disappointment.

“No you didn’t I’m right here and look what I found,” Sunshine said holding up a flyer.

On the front was a picture of a bunch of Plushies and big bold letters saying Plushy Convention with the address written underneath. ”This is our best bet and it‘s only a few blocks away,” Nalyd said hopefully.

Sunshine, Nalyd, and Shane began to run down the sidewalk. A few blocks down they reach the convention and walk inside. “Alright lets split up and meet back at the front door in ten minutes,” Sunshine instructed.

Shane went to look for Chimmy by the Plushy gift shop while Sunshine looked around. Nalyd though went straight down the middle isle and worked his way through. Out of all the host Sunshine found Chimmy in a ball pit filled with plushies and joined her. Nalyd and Shane met back at the front door in ten minutes like they agreed and noticed Sunshine missing. ”Oh great now Sunshine’s missing,” Shane said annoyed.

Shane and Nalyd walked together and found Sunshine and Chimmy in the plushy ball pit. “Will you two get out of their we still need to go over who is doing what for today,” Nalyd lectured as Sunshine and Chimmy climbed out of the ball pit grabbing as many plushies as they could hold.

Finally all four hosts were together. As they walked out of the convention Nalyd smiled and begin to speak. ”This was probably one of the most memorable days I’ll ever have,” Nalyd said cheerfully.

A while later the Hosts were back in their comfy chairs discussing the days plan.


Hope you liked it :)

Usitgz's Story

Are we Missing Someone?

Nalyd called an emergency meeting for the Total Drama Author staff.

"Whats this meeting about?" Chimmy inquired, "You interupted my session!"

"Your session?" Shane asked.

"Nevermind," Chimmy sounded annoyed. Shane just shrugged. Nalyd pounded the table he was standing next to with his fist.

"Now that I've got your attention I have something important to say. We're missing someone!" Nalyd announced. Shane and Chimmy looked frightened.



"Who? Sunshine? She told me she went out to stalk Duncan," Chimmy explained, "It brings back good memories"

"No, I'm talking about the guy who won season one!" Nalyd dramatically exclaimed.

"Who?" Shane and Chimmy asked in unison.

"You know...that one guy...He co-hosted season two. Oh wait you two wern't around back then," Nalyd tried to explain to no avail.

"Who is it?" Shane despretly asked. the Total Drama Author history book!" Nalyd exclaimed. A short montage showed Nalyd, Chimmy, and Shane scrolling through a huge book, and doing random things.

"TDI19?" Shane asked.

"That's who it was!" Nalyd remembered, "We must find clues to were he went!"

"We should probably find Sunshine first," suggested Chimmy. Nalyd swiftly changed into a detective costume.

"How did you do that so quick?" questioned Shane. Nalyd didn't respond and instead pulled out a gps.

"It a good thing I planted a tracking device on all my employs," Nalyd whispered to himself.

"What was that?" Shane asked.

"," Nalyd hesitently said, "Sunshine's the ravioli colored dot on this."

"Ravioli colored?" Shane questioned.

"Wait...why don't we just look for TDI19's dot?" suggested Chimmy.

"Because his dot is white," Nalyd sadly explained. Chimmy and Shane looked confused.

"But the background is bl-" Chimmy mouth was covered up by Nalyd. Without further ado They went off in Sunshines direction. A Black sign came up and said two hours later.

"We finally found you, Sunshine!" Chimmy happily exclaimed as she hugged Sunshine. "Sohow was your stalking?"

"Not so good...Duncan's house has no windows," Sunshine reported sadly.

"We've got a mystery to solve, Sunshine!" happily explained Nalyd. Shane, Chimmy, Sunshine, and Nalyd's clothes changed in a flash. Shane's clothes changed into a green color, Chimmy's clothes changed into a purple color, Sunshine's turned into an orange color, and Nalyd's clothes changed into a white color and he gained a red ascoff. A dog walked up to the "gang."

"I'm Ruby-Ru!" Happily exclaimed the dog.

"Ahh...talking dog!" Sunshine exclaimed as she picked up the dog and whipped him into a random closet and locked it from the outside, "There, all better!"

Everyone else looked at her strangly then shrugged. A montage showed the group looking everywhere for TDI19. In the end it shows them all back in their normal clothing, except for Nalyd, and all beat up in the Total Drama Author head quarters.

"I'm totally digging this ascoff!" Nalyd happily stated.

"Snap out of it man!" Sunshine exclaimed angrily as she leaped on Nalyd, and started slapping him repeatedly until he passed out, "Wait...what were looking for?"

"TDI19," Shane responded.

"Oh...him? He works at the coffee shop down the street!" Sunshine explained. Chimmy and Shane fainted after hearing this.


Jason's Story

Spenstar's Story

All's Fair in Love, War, and Pranks

Nalyd Renrut woke up from his cabin, sure that something was amiss. However, the British host could not tell for the life of him what it was. He looked in a mirror in his summer-camp shelter to find a German mustache staring back at him. Nalyd's eyes widened, and then narrowed into a hard glare.

"Shane..." he whispered. Outside his cabin, Shane giggled, a black Sharpie in hand, and ran off.

Several minutes of lather and water later, Nalyd emerged from the communal bathrooms looking confident, however the mustache was still very visible, however faint. Shane, and fellow campers Chimmy and Sunshine, stopped and laughed.

"Ignore them," muttered Nalyd to himself, "They're not worth it." He repeated this to himself over and over again as he sulked back to his cabin.

"They're not worth it, not worth it, not worth it... Aw screw it! I'm going to make sure that kid Shane regrets he ever messed with Nalyd Sherbet Renrut!" Nalyd could not hold back a surge of evil ideas and plans. Nor did he want to, for on that day, he would get his revenge.

Nalyd's diabolical thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his cabin door.

"Come in." The door opened, and Spenny, one of Nalyd's best friends, walked in.

"Care to make fun of me like they did?" Nalyd sneered.

"Remind me again why I'd do that?" responded Spenny. Nalyd smiled as he was reminded that this one would always be there for him.

"I've got a problem," said Nalyd, "Shane and his little friends keep on making my life a living nightmare here! More than anything, I want them to stop. Any ideas?"

Spenny said, "I do know this: the best way to get the message across is to do something major. Little words mean nothing compared to actions. Give Shane a taste of his own medicine, and no matter what happens, I'll be by your side."

"Thanks man," said Nalyd. The two buddies looked down at an in-cabin sink, and a bowl that happened to be in it. Neither could resist a maniacal smirk, and when they glanced at each other, both were happy to know that they were thinking the same thing.


"Let's rock dis shizzle!"

Nalyd and his partner exchanged a high-five deep into the night, while everyone else was fast asleep. Nalyd carried a bowl of water. Spenny quietly and slowly opened a cabin door, and the two partners in crime snuck in. There Shane lay, snoring on his back and smiling wide; probably dreaming of pancakes.

"Now?" whispered Nalyd.

"Now." His whisper was met with another. Nalyd held the bowl of warm water while Spenny lifted up one of Shane's hands and gently set it into the bowl. Suddenly, Shane started to wet himself and his blankets.

"Gross! It works!" whispered Nalyd, a big smile on his face. Spenny let out an evil, stifled laughter as the two snuck out.

The next morning, Shane's eyes slowly opened. He felt oddly warm as he got up out of bed. He looked behind him and saw the puddle that had soaked in.

"Oh crap!" yelled Shane. He looked down and exclaimed again, "Oh CRAP!" Shane knew then and there that the pranks had become more than a fun pastime; this was now war. After changing into clean clothes, Shane burst open his cabin door and walked straight to Nalyd.

"Hey Shane, sleep well last night?" Nalyd taunted. Shane ignored this, picked Nalyd up, walked over to the flagpole, and tied Nalyd's hoodie to it. Then, Sunshine hoisted Nalyd, hoodie and all, up to the top of the flagpole.

"I'm terrified of heights," muttered Nalyd, looking down. Suddenly, his hoodie began to rip at the front, and a hoodie-less Nalyd fell from the top of the flagpole. Shane and Sunshine started laughing hysterically. As Nalyd got up, fellow campers shielded their eyes.

"Aah! Pale! Pale!" they cried in unison.

"That's just... wow," Ravi laughed. Nalyd started flexing his nonexistent muscles.

"Check out the twelve pack," he said confidently.

An annoyed Ravi said, "Nalyd, you're a pale toothpick. Go put a shirt on." Nalyd blushed and ran off. Spenny looked at Shane and Sunshine, and focused a piercing glare at them, before also walking off.

"We're so good," said Shane, still laughing.

"You know it," said Sunshine. Chimmy let out a deep sigh.

Spenny found Nalyd, sitting atop a tree and looking down. He got up and joined Nalyd on the sturdy branch.

"You okay?" he asked.

"No," said Nalyd, shaking his head, "I'm not okay! Ever since I got here, Shane's been doing everything he can to make me miserable! I thought it would stop when I got him back."

Spenny reassured his friend, "We're going to teach him to not mess with you, pal."

"All right, let's do this," said Nalyd, with a new wave of confidence.

That night, the campers sat at seats to an outdoor stage. Nalyd walked out from backstage, down the stairs, and into an empty seat next to Spenny. In his lap he held a belt. Shane came out onto the stage, holding a microphone. As he opened his mouth, Shane's shorts fell to the ground, and Nalyd burst out laughing.

Shane's face turned a deep red as everyone else in the audience, except for Chimmy, laughed hysterically. Chimmy glared at Nalyd and sighed deeply.

Later that night, Chimmy met with Spenny and Sunshine.

"I think this has gone too far," said Chimmy.

"Agreed," said Sunshine, "This prank war needs to end, now."

"But how will we do it?" asked Spenny.

"I have a plan," Chimmy smirked. The three walked into a cabin and left carrying a bed out with them.

The next morning, Nalyd and Shane woke up and got out of bed, to find that they were outside, in front of the lake and everybody else. Nalyd was in nothing but teddy bear briefs and Shane had footed bunny PJs on. The campers in the lake pointed and laughed, as an embarrassed Nalyd and Shane covered themselves up with their blankets.

"Learned your lesson?" asked Chimmy, in front of the lake. Shane and Nalyd nodded. "Then tell me you'll never prank another person here ever again!"

The two said, "We'll never prank anyone else here ever again! We swear!"

"Good enough for me." Suddenly Spenny walked over to Chimmy and pushed her into the lake.

"You always have to get the last laugh, do you?" asked Nalyd.


Webly's Story

August Fools Day?

It was a vaporous day of the week. The epic buds, Shane, Nalyd, Sunny, and Chimmy were discussing the TDA5 competition in their special judging/talking room.

“I think whoever likes Duncan the most should win,” Sunshine says and then pauses. “or whoever can write a Duncan story the best?”

Shane sighs. “After being here for eight stressful weeks, you’d assume that Sunny would end chatting about Duncan.”

Nalyd and Chimmy moved to the opposite side of the room where whispers were heard. Nalyd was seen telling Chimmy a plan. Shane, without a sound, rolled his cyan eyes.

Shane tried to ignore the giggling freaks on the further side of the room but not intentionally he heard the plan. It was something about an August Fools Day that Shane had never heard of. He took consideration it was perhaps a made up holiday for people who our extremely fed up.

Sunny would have been listening but she was too busy playing with her Duncan dolls. She switches into a Duncan voice and murmurs, “Sunshine you’re looking so hot today.

She quickly changes back into her regular voice and replies, “Why thank you. You’re looking mighty fine too!”

While changing back into her Duncan voice, Nalyd and Chimmy march over to her yelling excitedly.

“Guess what Sunny?” Chimmy questions in a happy tone.

Sunshine immediately looks confused. “You have to tell me what it is before I guess or else it’ll take me a while.”

Nalyd smacks his forehead. “There’s a Duncan convention in an alley by Dunkin Donuts at 3:00am tomorrow.”

Sunshine starts jumping up and down. “Really, as the president of every Duncan fan club, I’m so excited. Although you would think I would’ve known about a Duncan convention.”

“I think we’re going to go to unless we get busy on story reviews,” Chimmy says amused.

Shane starts striding up to Sunny and then stops. “I guess a prank would be kind of funny but why wouldn’t they let me join in on the action?”

Nalyd stares at Shane. “What?”

“Um. . .PIE! I love blueberry pie.” Shane responds although he absolutely hates blueberry pie.

“Me too,” Nalyd admits.

Eight long hours later, an alarm rang on Sunny’s watch, informing her it was 3:00 in the morning. As fast as she could she jumped out of her window and ran to the convention which was surprisingly only 33 blocks away, or at least suprising to her. She finally made it at only five minutes late at 3:05. It would’ve been later but she got tired or running in the first minute and called a taxi which really went fast.

She looks around and says, “Is this a surprise party for me? I LOVE SURPRISES!”

There was no sound heard from anywhere else besides a bunny rustling in the bushes and some big trees clashing with their little branches.

“Hm. . . wait I bet my watch was incorrect. It’s probably just Daylight Savings Time which means it’s just another hour wait. But, doesn’t my watch automatically change though?” Sunny says questioning herself.

Sunshine waits there for another hour patiently. She threw rocks, one hit a stray cat and she was hit harder but that time she wasn’t hit by a rock. . . .

She even stopped to get a donut although Dunkin Donuts was closed, she snuck in. The alarms rang by the time she snuck out and the police came but she just hid in the bushes crunching slowly on her chocolate marble donut.

When the hour passed, Sunshine still was there in an alley, sitting on a log.

“This is probably a misunderstanding or maybe Shane told Nalyd and Chimmy to tell me to come here. He was being so annoying.” Sunshine supposed.

On the way back she hummed, Violet Hill, by Coldplay to herself. Not noticing, she passed one of her other favorite things, a Shadow convention. One of her friends that loves Shadow ran up to her but she ordered him to go back as she had hurt feelings.

By the time she got back, Nalyd, Chimmy, and Shane were already sound asleep so in the meantime she planned how to get back at Shane.

In the morning, 9:00am to be exact, she burst into the TDA5 judging room and yelled at Shane.

“Shane, you are in so much trouble. I should’ve known you were planning to send me to a fake Duncan convention.” Sunshine yells at Shane.

Nalyd and Chimmy laugh in the background but after a while. They stop for a few seconds and feel bad, but only for one second and both started laughing again.

Shane hesitates and yells back, “It wasn’t me who sent you to the convention.”

Sunshine still in psychotic mode so she didn’t believe one word Shane said. “That’s just what I would expect from a liar like you.”

Shane and Sunshine kept running in circles and each time Sunshine was so close to thumping him with her ravioli apron.

“I promise, Sunshine,” Shane says trying to get himself out of the mess.

Sunshine pauses. “Then who was it?”

“The two nut jobs, laughing back there,” Shane says pointing to Nalyd and Chimmy.

Nalyd and Chimmy (the people who pranked Sunshine in the situation) immediately changed their expression but oddly so did Sunshine. Sunshine started laughing.

“You guys are so funny,” Sunshine says hugging them.

The two back away a little.

“Um. . . sure, we are hilarious aren’t we?” Chimmy replies.

From a distance, Nalyd is seen wiping his forehead.

“WHAT? Aren’t you going to harm them like you did to me?” Shane asks angrily.

Sunshine looks at Shane. “You don’t have to get so hyped up, it was a joke.”

Shane was furious, while the other three were happy, two because they didn’t get their brains to dysfunction like Shane did or at least almost did.

“Happy August Fools Day!” Nalyd yells.



Nalyd: Shane or I will get Gophers, Chimmy gets Bass.

Shane's Reviews

Reddy: Okay, this was funny! Whilst random, is was good. I would totally do that. Overall, great job! No glaring errors that I can find!

Jessica: It was okay....but why was there a song? We didn't ask for one. Anyway, while it was okay, you should have replaced me and Nalyd's role. I can't believe no one remembers that I'm just as crazy as Chimmy and Sunny. Trust me, Nalyd's the calm one. Overall, alright. However, some grammar errors, glaring errors. You'll need to work on that if you wish to win.

Josie: PERFECT! Only problem...why didn't Shane take a plushy? A mouse plushy? I actually have a mouse plushy and I love him. What? I've had him since birth. Anyway, Josie, we've RP'd, you know I'd do the same things as Chimmy and Sunny. Anyway, this was a perfect entry though. Possbily best one this week. Josie, I really think you have a clear shot at winning, I truly believe that.

Usitgz: Nice job! No really, that was good, seriously. XD, enough Coco quotes. This was actually pretty good. Everyone was in character, no glaring problems, this was great! Overall, great job!

Chimmy's Reviews

Jason: No story, no review.

Spenny: This was great! Everyone was in character...well, I thought that Sunshine would have been at least a little more insane, but otherwise the characters were perfect. The plotline was near flawless, I believe this would duke out if we somehow met up at a summer camp where there were no counselers for some reason! Overall, this was a great story.

Webly: LOL! XDDD Sunshine was absolutely perfect in this, not that the others weren't great too. I didn't notice grammar mistakes, the plotline was good, this story was, overall, nice. One suggestion, though: Since we already know Chimmy and Nalyd were in charge of the caper, that little bit in parenthases wasn't nessecary.

Elimination Ceremony Nine

Nalyd: Alright, Bass lose again. Spenny, please nominate... *sees Webly and Jason* You know, this is not a difficult decision, I'm not going to drag this out, it's time to move on in this contest. Jason, you were the only one who did not submit a story... So you will be the one eliminated. However, don't be discouraged, and don't stop. *looks at the six remaining contestants* All of you, Reddy, Spenny, Webly, Jessica, Usitgz and Josie Amber... tell me why you deserve to stay and win.

Chimmy: Wait...lolwut? o.o

Shane: No offense...but this really isn't that dramatic...what's going on?

Nalyd: Well, we can't merge until we have the best of the best here... Are these six truly our best?

Jessica: I think I deserve to stay and win because I have come a long way as writer since my beginning. I have started to bloom like a flower and I have also started to metamorphosize into a writing butterfly. Due to the fact I have gotten better at writing (as seen in my new fanfiction: Total Drama Coast) since my first "steps" on the fanfiction wikipedia (as seen in my first fanfiction: Total Drama Television). I feel as if the other competitors have also blossomed and metamorphosized with me, but I feel I have the best chances of winning. I have an excessive vocabulary due to my age, but that doesn't matter in this competition. I wish good luck to my other competitors. Thank you for listening to this lengthy speech created by me, Jessica.

Nalyd: *throws a black shirt to Jessica that says "Best-Sellers"* And the rest of you?

Jessica: Yes! Good luck you guys!

Webly: I honestly think I can make it far. Remember TDA4 my first story. I looked back at it and it absolutely sucked as well as the first chapter of my story. For the past two weeks I've been BOW and have totally dominated IMO. I think I should stay because my grammar problem has gone two zero-few but not much. I also think I won't be the first out of the Best-Sellers again and I think I'm a better writer than one or more that are in. Not going to name names because I hate hurtig feelings. I'm the only person that hasn't missed one story in the competition. I've been nominated once but everyone has their downfall and mine was not knowing the definition of haiku. I think I can make it to the Final 3 and I have a way with vocabulary. Sure I may have ups and downs but I promise I'll try harder than I am right now which is VERY VERY HARD. I've got good comments from all the judges too! I feel as if I deserve a spot maybe the most and hope you pick me.

Nalyd: *throws a black shirt to Webly that says "Best-Sellers"* Anybody else?

Reddy: I know this is my first time competing, but I feel I have the skill to win. *Looks at everyone else's really long speeches* Um. Does it really matter the length of our work rather than the quality? I believe i should be a Best-Seller cuz, If I've managed to make it this far If I wasn't any good why havent one of you judging people eliminated me yet? xD But yeah, I think I have the skill to win.

Nalyd: *throws a black shirt to Reddy that says "Best-Sellers"* Okay, you three have proved yourselves, you can go back to the rooms. Spenny, Josie Amber, Usitgz... Do you have anything to say?

Usitgz: Yes I do! Well, just looking back at TDA3, and some of those stories I think, was I really that bad? But now, I'm surround by a great final 6, and I'm hoping to go the farthest I've ever gone in this camp, at least final 5. I hope you accept this speech, judges, and feel like I've matured a lot from TDA1.

Nalyd: *throws a black shirt to Usitgz that says "Best-Sellers"* I remember working with you way back in the original TDAuthor... I'm very glad you're back.

Josie: I think I deserve to stay because of all the hard work, effort and, time I have put into my stories. With all the stories I have written I have put my heart into making them different and great. When I frist joined this competition I was worried I was not going to make it past the first few rounds but now that I have made it this far I realized how much my writing has grown. I believe I can win this competition if I am giving the chance to show my full potential. If I continue to put all my effort and heart into making my stories great I believe I can really make it far in this competition. Thank you for listening to my speech and I really hope I can stay.

Nalyd: *throws a black shirt to Josie Amber that says "Best-Sellers"* Spenny, can you prove you deserve the last shirt?

Spenny: Yes. Nalyd, Shane, Chimmy, and fellow contestants of TDA5, I stand before you, someone who has barely gotten the chance to compete last season. I came so far, and we all could agree that I was among the best of the best then. I lost because of reviews in the final three, a lesson that I have learned and will change this season, given the same challenge. I went into this season with one goal: to do what I couldn't last season and land myself a spot in the coveted hall of fame. Whenever I wrote, I did my absolute best, and I will continue to do so. I am ashamed for missing two entries, but it will remain two, I can promise you that. I am a writer of passion, and I will always and forever pour my heart and soul into this game until I come out on top. Oh yeah, and I'm an awesome writer.

Nalyd: *throws a pink shirt to Spenny that says "Best-Sellers"* Sorry, Sunshine did the laundry... but you're still part of the team... Congratulations to everyone.

Week Ten Chat

Nalyd: Greetings, Best-Sellers.

Webly: So excited to still be in the game! I just want to be in the final five and not be the first one off of the bestsellers.

Jessica: Hopefully, all I can do is improve with spelling and with length and with actually writing correctly and maybe winning BOW for my fisrt time!

Usitgz: I thought you already won BOW, twice.

Webly: The challenge sounds interesting but how many characters do you use? I was just going to use 2-4 but I'll probably use four for safety.

Nalyd: Use as many as you need.

Jessica: Can the challenge be due later tomorrow? I can have mine up at about 2:30 PM eastern standard time.

Webly: I'm very sorry but I won't be able to post mine anyways untill tomorrow.

Challenge Ten

This week's challenge, we are writing about Total Drama contestants as superheroes/villians! You may have their super power be anything you want, from being able to see things in 3D to being able to fly! Bonus points if you make the power fit their personality in some way. This will be judged on creativity, originality, and grammar, and as usual, is due Friday.

Reddy's Entry

It's A Superhero's Day


  • Duncan (Super Anti-Hero name: Fangirl Boy) - The power to control his fangirls; usually backfires and the fangirls mob him daily.
  • Heather (Super Villain Name: Stornado) - The power to destroy the insides of clothing stores in a flash.
  • Lindsay (Super Hero Name: Blondeshell) - The power to make others easily forget things and make duplicates of herself.
  • Tyler (Blondeshell's Sidekick's Name: Tylerport) - The power to teleport.


Heather strutted through “El Louise: The Shopping Click” in search of the beautiful fabric known as silk. Silk clothes, to be specific. Silk showed power, and if there was one thing Heather thought she had, it was power.

Just on the other side of the store, Lindsay was trying on a pearly white dress. Her boyfriend, Tyler, clapped.

“You look hotter than ever in that, Linds!” He exclaimed passionately.

“You think so? I love it because it’s made of this smooth fabric, slik!” Lindsay exclaimed, striking a pose in the dress.

“You mean silk, Lindsay.” Tyler chuckled. Heather, who had moved closer to where Lindsay and Tyler were, heard his.

“Ugh!” Heather glared at the article of clothing she held. She dropped it on the floor, rose her arms up, and snapped them down. With a large boom, the clothing was torn to shreds!

“Whoa. B-R-B.” Tyler said to Lindsay. He clapped his hand together, vanished, and reappeared behind a clothing rack. He saw Heather stirring up a small storm around her. Hew teleported in front of Heather. Bad move, apparently, as the storm just blasted him into another clothing rack, causing a huge bang.

Lindsay turned to see Heather’s eyes glowing red. Heather turned and saw Lindsay in the hot, silk dress.

“Give me that dress!” Heather screamed at Lindsay.

“Heather, get a life!” Lindsay screamed. She closed her eyes, and with one valiant flash, there were three Lindsays.

“Than meet the mighty power of Stornado!” Heather held her hand to a clothing rack, causing a pink aura to go around it. She closed her fist, rose her arm, as the clothing rack floated up in unison, “Prepare to get stormed!” she motioned her arms towards Lindsay, and loosened her fist. The clothing rack was barreling towards a Lindsay.

The three Lindsay screamed in horror, causing their eyes to shoot pink rays at the rack. The rack suddenly stopped in mid-air, spun around, and landed back where it was originally.

“You made the rack forget who its target was!” Tyler teleported to the Lindsays and cheered.

“That’s not even possible!” Heather screamed in fury.

“Apparently it is!” the Lindsays said in unison.

“Hiya!” Tyler exclaimed. He teleported over Heather and tackled her.

“Get off of me you dumb jock!” Heather screamed, “You asked for it!” She kicked Tyler where it really hurts and then used the same power she used with the clothing rack, burying Tyler in a bunch of women’s clothes.

“Oh no!” the Lindsays cried. Heather lifted up to more clothing racks and smashed two Lindsays. “Well, at least she hit the clones!” Lindsay smiled in her fortune.

“Argh!” Heather screamed. She lifted up five more clothing racks. Lindsay gasped.

“Tyler!” Lindsay screamed. Tyler groaned from under his burial of bad fashion sense.

Suddenly, Duncan, with oddly no shirt glowing gold, burst through the store.

“What?!” Heather turned around to see Duncan, with millions of fangirls behind him.

“Fangirl Master!” Lindsay cheered.

“Fangirls,” Duncan spoke smoothly, “Attack!” the millions of fangirls charged towards Heather. Heather tried to storm them away, but the pure winage Duncan was generating towards them gave them the power to penetrate the storm, and tackle Heather.

“Yay!” Lindsay ran to Tyler and helped him out of the pile of clothes.

“Thanks Linds.” Tyler kissed Lindsay. A old man , who was flying over the store, landed at the sight.

“The mayor?” Duncan asked. He and his fangirls gasped. The fangirls all huddled around Duncan and rushed him away before the mayor would notice that it was Duncan the criminal.

Cops soon arrived and took Heather into custody.

“Excellent work in detaining Heather, Tylerport and Blondeshell.” The mayor nodded to Tyler and Lindsay.

“Thanks!” Tyler exclaimed.

“Which is why, I present to you guys, the key to… my brand new Porsche. Try not to wreck it, please.” The mayor handed Tyler the keys to his Porsche.

“EEE!!! Tyler, you know what this means?” Lindsay cheered. Tyler nodded. They ran to the Porsche, and Tyler used his teleportation to teleport him, Lindsay, and the Porsche to ontop of an old Greek coliseum.

“Oh yes.” Tyler and Lindsay smiled at each other as Tyler put on a pair of shades. Lindsay made four copies of her self, they were cheering.

“Tyler! Lindsay! Tyler! Lindsay!” the Lindsays cheered. Tyler roared the engine, and drove at high speeds. After six or so seconds, the lifted off the coliseum, and flew through the air. Tyler clasped his hands, and they were shown on top of the statue of Liberty’s crown, in the Porsche.

“I forget, why didn’t we just teleport here in the first place?” Lindsay asked.

“Because, I wanted to do something epic. It is our anniversary night, you know.” Tyler winked.

“This has been a random day. I mean, we went from fighting crime to watching the stars from lady liberty.” Lindsay blushed.

“Well, that’s what happens when you’re a superhero.” Tyler kissed Lindsay, and the two joyfully made out until sunrise…

Author's Note: They live in a world where everyone has super powers!)

Jessica's Entry

Josie Amber's Entry

Super Angry

Owen- super power: is able to eat anything whole and has super burps- superhero name: Gut Buster Owen. Izzy- super power: Is able to create fire - superhero name: Izzy the Inferno Duncan- superpower: superstrength- superhero name: Duncan ( because he refused to have a stupid superhero name) Gwen- superpower: is able to drain the energy out of people making them tired and weak -superhero name: Enerdrainer Heather- super power: is able to control eveything amd everyone with her mind- supervillian name:Control Freak

The day began as an average superhero's day, Gut Buster Owen was heading to the superhero lair. He drove his car that was very similar looking to a stomach into the driveway of the empty lot. The car screeched to a stop and Owen stepped out of the car. He then walked over to a very beautiful flower that was growing out of a crack in the pavement. Carefully he looked around the empty lot to make sure he was alone and then he bent over and put his eye up to the flower which began to scan. "Access granted," Izzy said trying to impersonate the robot voice.

Izzy walked over to the main station table and pulled the large red lever making a room open up in the large empty lot. Owen got back in his car and drove it into the room which was infact an inclosed parking lot. He turned off his engine and watched as the room began to sink back into the ground getting darker and darker.When the room was half way submerged the lights began to flicker on. As the last bit of light shined through the top of the room a shadow disturbed the light for a brief second. Owen got out of his car and began to walk to the elevator when someone put their hand on his shoulder. Owen jumped and turned to face the person. " Hey sorry man did I scare you?" Duncan asked with a half smile.

"Boy did you," Owen replied clicking the down button on the elevator. Both waited as the elevator door opened when they felt the room begin to rise again. "Looks like we have company," Duncan said watching Gwen as she drove her gothic black car in. Again the room began to sink into the ground letting no outside light in. The elevator door stayed opened and all three walked in. The door closed and the typical elevator music began to play. They watched as the number one lit up and the door opened to a bunch of alien testing. The door closed again and the light went to two. The door opened again and a scientist was there dancing with a robot. The door closed again and the light finally went to three, the main lair. The door opened and they all piled out of the elevator."About time!" Gwen began to say."Any more of having to listening to that horrid music I would have gone mad," Gwen let out a shiver thinking about being forced to listen to the elevator music. "Oh it wasn't that bad. It kind of reminded me of Izzy when she is calm," Owen said starting to daze into fantasy world when a loud exploision noise knocked him into reality.

Izzy walked out from a door with her hair standing straight up and black soot all over her grinning face. "Sorry I was just testing my powers seeing if I could make them blow things up," Izzy said playing with her fire lit finger tips. As everyone began to talk amongst themselves the lairs alarm sounded and everyone ran to the main station table to see their boss on the screen. "Their is a robbery in downtown and Control Freak is leading it. Hurry up and get down there," Their boss ordered.

In that instant the group ran to the tubes inches away from the screen. the glass door slid down and machanical arms changed them into their superhero clothes. the it shot them up into their tubes and into their vehicles. Gwen shot into her black gothis car, Duncan was shot onto his one of may spare motorcycle (due to him breaking the others) and began to ride off. Owen was slid into his stomach look a like car and Izzy was flopped into her car that had dynamite and bombs all over. "Izzy are you sure your new car is safe because those are real explosives,"Owen asked in an alarming voice.

"Perfectly safe big guy," Izzy replied.

With in minutes all four rides were on the road driving at top speed. Befor they knew it they were at the bank where the robery was taking place."Well isn't it the hero's," Heather the Control Freak said while sitting in her hovering chair.

Izzy and Owen began to use their powers. Izzy the inferno shot flames and Owen the Gut Buster used super burps to knock out the minions. Gwen the Enerdrianer drained energy from other minions and Duncan who had no superhero name used his super strength and fighting abilities. Heather the Control Freak fought back hard, she stopped Owen, Duncan, and Gwen from moving with her mind while Izzy climbed in her car to pull out the big guns. Control Freak noticed and made a nearby powerline fall on the car setting off the explosives making a large explosion."Noooo!,"Owen cried as he watched the car burn furiously parts still flying everywhere.

Owen began to cry because loosing Izzy was too much to handle. "I....I can't believe it," Duncan said his eyes wide with astonishment.

In the large flames was a dark moving shadow. Izzy walked out of the flames completely on fire and her eyes glaring blood red. She began to throw large waves of flames in every direction at Heather as she walked. When she was less than ten feet away from Heather the Control Freak she opened her arms and grinned at Heather. With one effortless motion of her arms, Izzy let a gigantice wave of flames shoot up at Heather destroying her instantly. As the fire burned Heathers skin she screamed a warning to the superhero's. "I'll be back! I promise!" Heather warned.

Gwen, Owen,and Duncan's bodies began to lossen and they were able to move. By then Izzy was cooled off and Owen hugged her."You we awesome!" Owen cheered as they all were applauded by the by standers.


Usitgz's Entry

Heroes and Powers:

  • Cody (Help me!) - (Has super speed, but only when within eye sight of Sierra)
  • Ezekiel (Mr. O.O) - (Can turn into a zombie/Jack the Ripper, and defy all odds)
  • Noah (IQ) - (Has the power of telpathy, and awesome one liners)
  • Tyler (The Epic Fail) - (Has the power to epically fail at sports, and has even stronger fingers)

Sidekicks and Villians and Powers

  • Alejandro (Mr. Flattery) - (Has the power of flattery) (Villian)
  • Bridgette (The Blue Surfer) - (Has the power to fly on her magical surf board)(Ezekiel's Sidekick)
  • Chris (Host Man) - (Has the power to move the story along)
  • Courtney (C.I.T.) - (Brags alot! Uses her C.I.T. knowledge to do um...things?) (Alejandro's Sidekick)
  • Duncan (Punk Dude) - (Is just there, being cool) (Gwen's Boyfriend?)
  • Geoff (The Partier) - (Can throw awesome parties!) (Bridgette's Boyfriend?)
  • Gwen (Super Goth) - (Whatever she draws comes to life) (Cody's Sidekick)
  • Heather (Distraction) - (Has the power to force people to hurt her) (Villain)
  • Izzy (The Green Baron) - (Has mad kung-fu skills) (Neutral)
  • Lindsay (Wonder Woman) - (Has the power to confuse other people) (Tyler's Sidekick)
  • Owen (Writer's Pet) - (The writers love him to death, and has swarms of children following him and laughing at his jokes) (Noah's Sidekick)
  • Sierra (Creepy Stalker) - (Stalks peeps) (Cody's Stalker\Wannabe Sidekick)
  • Trent (Elvis) - (Has the power to motive animals with his music) (Neutral)


"Last time on whatever... Some ex-contestants did some stuff and got super powers, I don't really care..." Chris started the story, in a bored tone.

"Woohoo! We have super powers!" Happily exclaimed Cody. Cody, Tyler, Noah, Ezekiel, Owen, Bridgette, Gwen, and Lindsay were huddled together in a room over a table.

"We should call ourselfs, the Fierce Sparkly Unicorn Eight Plus One! I call being called King Fluffy Berry!" Tyler excitedly suggested. This was followed by a lot of confused expressions.

"Ooo...I call Queen Patricia!" Lindsay squealed. This was met with even more confused expressions.

"There's only eight of us, braniac..." Noah Responded to Tyler.

"Um...I think I see Sierra up in the rafters, eh?" Ezekiel observed. Sierra fell down and landed on Cody. Noah looked suprised and embarresed.

"Oh, I love you so much Cody!" Sierra shouted as loud as she could. Cody eyes widened as he dropped Sierra, and ran super fast out of the room.

"Wait up, Cody!" Sierra yelled as she got up and ran after him.

"What a lady's man," sarcastically remarked Noah.

"Well back to the name of our 'Super Group' there is no way I'm going to be called a unicorn," complained Gwen.

"I second that motion," replied Noah.

"I guess we're not going to be unicorns. Any other ideas?" asked Bridgette. Tyler and Lindsay looked sad at this.

" about The Underdogs, eh?" suggested Ezekiel. Everyone nodded in approval of the name. The heroes chatted with each other until Owen farted. Giggles echoed throught the room.

"What was that?" asked a freaked out Tyler.

"Oh that...that's just the hundreds of children that follow me around," answered Owen. Suddenly the walls started to tremble. A scared expression was show by the heroes within the room. The walls broke as hundreds of little children fell into the room burying everyone.

"Yo, dudes lets have a pa..." Geoff was cut off as he opened the door and little children flooded out of the door burying him.

"No need to fear The Green Baron is here!" The Green Baron exclaimed as she came through the wall. She started using her mad kung-fu skills on the children.

"...And so The Green Baron saved the day, well she didn't save Geoff...but still, the end!" Chris ended the story.

"You can't be serious, you only introduced like half the characters, man!" Duncan angrily complained.

"How did you get here?" asked a confused Chris. Duncan shrugged.

"Well that was only the end of chapter one! Now time for chapter two, Geoff's funeral...and the rest of the story!" Chris happily continued the story.

"I can't believe he's dead! Why Children, WHY??? He suffocated in a pile of babies!" cried Bridgette.

"Cheer up, eh? At least we knows hes in a better place..." Ezekiel replied. Bridgette smiled twords him.

Meanwhile at the villains hideout Alejandro, Heather, and Courtney were cooking up a diabolical plan...

"We might just get those idoit heroes out of the way so I... I mean we can force Chris to give us the money!" Evilly stated Alejandro.

"This blows... Cody's still being chased down by Sierra, Ezekiel and Bridgette are on a 'friend' date, and Owen is in jail for being the cause of Geoff's death," Noah listed off. They were meeting in a different room this time.

Chris paused the story as the writers came into the room he's in very angry.

"Owen can't be in jail! It's not right! Get him out, now!" angrily demanded the lead writer.

"Sir, yes, sir," Chris replied to him as he continued the story.

"Heys guys!" Owen exclaimed as he broke through a wall into the room.

"Please tell me you didn't bring the children with you!" asked Tyler as scared a can be.

"And how did you break out of jail, exactly?" asked Gwen.

"Funny story...well..." Owen was interupted by the lights being turned off, "Who turned off the lights?"

When the lights turned back on, Gwen, Owen, and Lindsay were no where to be seen. Noah had his eyes closed and was laughing.

"It's a good thing I was trying to read Owen's thoughts, because I heards the thoughts of the kidnapper, and they sounded like the anti-me. Or...maybe it was Alejandro...they're so similiar, the writer's have no imagintion at all..." Noah explained. Tyler looked confused.

Chris yet again stopped the story. The writers were red with anger!

"We want him out of this story, now!" exclaimed a ticked off writer.

"Okay..." Chris gulped as he continued the story.

"Where did he go?" Tyler asked. Noah had dissapeared into thin air.

"Well I better find Lindsay!" exclaimed Tyler. He went down a trail to Alejandro's not so secret base. When he arrived at the door, he pressed the door bell, and a trap soor opened and Tyler landed on his head, and got knocked out.

When Tyler awakened he noticed that he was tied to a chair by his arms, and was facing a huge TV in a completely white room. He looked to his left and saw Cody. He looked to his right and saw Ezekiel.

"How did you guys get here?" asked Tyler.

"Oh, well...Sierra caught me, and brought me here," answered Cody.

" and Bridgette were on our date, you know, eh? Then all of a sudden we got a bag thrown over us," Ezekiel replied. The TV turned on and on it was the face of a creepy puppet.

"Would you like to play a game?" asked the creepy puppet in a disturbing tone.

"Hey I think Sierra's within a hundred feet!" Cody exclaimed happily as he stood up, and started running with the chair still tied to his arm, and ran to a door with Sierra and Gwen's face on it. Ezekiel turned into Jack the Ripper, and cut the rope with a knife that materialized in his hand, and ran to a door with Bridgette's face on it. Tyler used his wicked strong fingers to break the rope, and ran to the door with Owen and Lindsay's face on it.

"Wait! You can't do that! Don't leave, its really boring here, alone!" The creepy puppet demanded. The creepy puppet then sighed.

Alejandro took off his puppet mask and told Courtney and Heather to launch plan B.

Heather took a short cut to a fork in the road on the path Cody was traveling down. One ofthe paths had Gwen's face on it, and the other had Sierra's face on it. She switched the two around, and went down the path with Gwen on it shortly afterwards Cody went down that way.

Courtney used her C.I.T. powers to teleport to the room where Gwen was being held. Using her powers again she teleported Duncan there. Alejandro walked to the area where Bridgette was being kept, and firted with her while waiting for Ezkiel.

"Look who I have Gwen!" taunted Courtney while holding Duncan.

"Don't you lay a finger on him!" threatened Gwen, who was chained to the wall.

Courtney started to make out with Duncan, and he didn't reject it. Gwen started to cry hard. After about two minutes of making out, a noise was heard outside followed by an elephant crashing through the wall. The elephant charged after Duncan and Courtney, and sent them flying through a nearby wall. Following the elephant in was aguy in a white jumpsuit with strange hair.

"Elvis?" asked Gwen, who was at a total loss as to what just happened. The elephant ran off in the direction of Duncan and Courtney.

"Yes it is," replied Elvis as he untied her, "I came to rescue you and we kinda need some way to get out of here, now."

"Alright," jokingly sighed Gwen. She penned a motorcycle, and it became real, as hed and Elvis rode off into the sunset.

Tyler reached the room where Lindsay was. She was being held in a metal cage. There was a fryed up computer in the room.

"HeeeeeeLLloooO HUman I need TOooOOoooo ask-k-k-k you a q-TION. Wha essssssSSSSSssss two plUS Two?" the computer asked. Tyler thought hard.

"Um...five?" Tyler guessed.

"You ArE incorr-CORRECT!" replied the computer before it exploded. Lindsay cage opened and she walked over to Tyler.

"Nice job Lindsay!" congradulated Tyler, "I know you used your powers, baby."

"Maybe I did..." Lindsay said innocently. Tyler and her started to make out.

When Cody arrived in "Gwen's" room' all he saw was Sierra crying in a torture device in the center of the room. Heather walked into view of Cody, and and ellaborate dance which activated her power. This caused Cody's chair to violently lunge at Heather with such force thatt broke Cody free.

"This is-ow! immp-ow! -ble ow!" Heather screamed in rage as the chair attacked her. Cody super quickly freed Sierra, and they left the room.

Ezekiel entered Bridgette's room to see her in a cage flirting with Alejandro. Alejandro leaned in to kiss Bridgette. Ezekiel gave him the death glare.

"I challenge thee to a duel!" Ezekiel proclaimed, still in his Jack the Ripper form. Alejandro turned to face him, and pulled out a sword.

"I accept," dramatically answered Alejandro. They charged at each other. the duel was going back and forth, back in forth.

"Your form is great!" Alejandro flattered.

"Thank you, eh?" Ezekiel thanked, now back in his normal form. He stopped dueling for a second. Alejandro stabbed him in the left leg.

"Ow! Oh it's coming now, pretty boy!" taunted Ezekiel as he changed into zombie form.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Alejandro screams like a little girl then crashes into a pole, and gets knocked out. Ezekiel changes back to normal, then goes to Bridgette, and releases her.

"Thanks for helping me Mr. O.O," thanked Bridgette awakwardly. He grabbed her and then they started to make out. Then they heard a self destruct count down start at ten.

"We have get out of here!" Bridgette exclaimed, she picked up Alejandro, and her and Ezekiel got on her surfboard and flew out of the building.

"Save me mob of children, save me Chuck Norris, save me writers!" Own pleaded as him and his mob of children were being slowly lowered into a acid pool.

Chris stopped the story. The writers were crying there eyes out.

"Don't let Owen die," one of the writers pleaded. Chris sighed, but continued the story.

Owen ran out of the Alejandro's hideout carrying his stalker children, Cody, Sierra, Heather, Tyler, and Lindsay.

Later on, Alejandro, Heather, Duncan, and Courtney are being wheeled into an ambulance.

"We'll get you next time heroes!" Alejandro vowed.

The heroes are gathered around a table, talking about the days events.

"So Owen, how did you escape that acid pool?" questioned Cody.

"Well my friend, that's a long story..."

THE END! (Finally)

Spenstar's Entry

Mad Skillz and More: A Story

Harold McGrady stepped out of his cabin, ever alert as always, just as a ninja should be.The geeky lad looked to his left and right and when he was sure nobody could see him, slipped into the shadows of his own cabin and faded away. All that remained of the young ninja was a silhoutte, barely visible in the dark.

Meanwhile, Duncan Wesley Nelson stood by a tree with his trusty dagger. He carved the finishing touches of a sculpture-esque of his brother, Stephen Nelson. As soon as the teenage troublemaker removed his dagger, the carved parts of the tree burst into flames, and yet, the fire was skillfully confined to the work of art. Duncan chuckled at his creation.

"Burn, little bro, burn!" he taunted, as if he was talking to Stephen and not a carving of him. Duncan smirked, twirled the dagger in his hand, and walked off. The second Duncan was no longer focused on the sculpture, the fire spread and incinerated the tree entirely.

Duncan, however, didn't seem to care, as he walked into the shadow of the guys' cabin, where Harold was lurking. In McGrady's camoflaused hand, a nunchuck materialized out of thin air. When the moment was just right, Harold removed his magic disguise, lurched toward Duncan, and knocked him down with a nunchuck to the gut.

"What the hell was that for?!" Duncan's eyes seemed to catch fire as he held his dagger defensively. The dagger glowed red with heat.

"Getting my revenge," said a triumphant Harold, "For ruining my life! Ever since you got here, you've done nothing but agonize and torture my very soul! Now, let's see how you like it when the tables turn against you!" A second nunchuck formed in Harold's other hand, but before he could do anything, a giant, black hand coming out from the shadows grabbed Harold and slammed the defeated ninja into the brick wall. Harold lay there, breathing but otherwise motionless.

A surprised and thrilled Duncan got up, while his dagger cooled down. The giant hand vanished, and Gwen Pasti walked into the scene.

"Was that you?" asked Duncan. Gwen nodded and gave her boyfriend a hug, which he returned.

"Like I'd let some nerd bring you down," laughed Gwen. Trent Joseph looked on, and shed a single tear.

"What's wrog, bro?" asked Tyler Oro.

Trent sadly said, "That's the girl of my dreams, happily embracing some other guy. It hurts, man. And just to throw fuel in the fire, I'm Gwen's best friend, but when I try to hang out with her, she and Duncan leave me behind. I'm just a third wheel, and it hurts so bad."

"Cheer up," said Tyler, "You still got me. I'm your friend, Trent, and I always have been." Trent smiled at his pal, tears in his eyes.

"That means so much to me," sad Trent. The two saw Lindsay Starlington walk by.

"Hey Lindsay!" cried out Tyler, but there was no response. Tyler lowered his head in shame.

"It'll be okay," said Trent, "How about I play something for you to help cheer you up?" Tyler nodded, and trent strummed his guitar. He then played a happy, cheerful tune. Almost like magic, Tyler smiled geninuely when Trent finished.

"That helped, a lot," said Tyler, "Thanks."

"Anytime," said Trent, "I've always got your back."

"And I wouldn't have it any other way." With newfound confidence, Tyler ran over to Lindsay and said hi. Trent looked on, smiling yet sad, as Tyler and Lindsay hugged.

"I'm all alone."

List of Superpowers Used:

  • Duncan is pyrokenetic. His dagger serves as an instrument for his power.
  • Harold is a super ninja. He is able to fade into the shadows, making himself invisible, and create nunchucks and other ninja tools out of thin air.
  • Gwen is able to manipulatethe shadows amd the darness in general to her will, including givig it physical form, such as that of a giant hand.
  • Trent's music is able to affect the mood of those who listen, depending on the tune. However, his powers can only affect others, never Trent himself.

Webly's Entry

The Epic Failures


  • Alejandro: (Persuasion Guy; Antagonist) - Has the ability to persuade anything or anyone to do anything he wants even if they don't want to.
  • Eva: (Forcefulgirl; Sidekick of Fartman) - Has the ability to get very angry and ends up with unstoppable strength.
  • Owen: (Fartman; Protagonist) - Has the ability to fart at any time he wants and in any kind of way, helps out surprisingly.
  • Sierra: (DramaQueen; Sidekick of Fartman) - Has the ability to tell anything correctly about a Total Drama camper like what place did they get that season, or where are they now!?


Elimination Ceremony Ten

Nalyd: Jessica, Webly, each of you please tell me why you, the only people not to post stories, should stay.

Webly: Darnet! I JUST FINISHED! I think I'm a better write than Jessica and I did not mean to not post a story. I didn't know the challenge was posted until Tuesday and got a late start. Now it's finished and I feel as if I deserve to be in because it was great and this is the FIRST entry I haven't turned in. Look at Jessica, who's missed how many 4! I just don't think she should stay and not me. And that's why I should stay.

Jessica: I think that I should leave. Webly is more deserving than me! Good-bye! I may have missed 4 but thanks to the experience here, I have improved as a writer. Thank you for accepting me as a competitor and making me a Best Seller. I have had a nice time and I think the final 5 are the most deserving.

Nalyd: I agree. Jessica, with four missed stories, you'll have to go. Congrats to the final five.

Reddy: Bye Jessica. Congrats Webly.

Usitgz: See ya, Jessica! Woot! Final 5, this is the farthest I've ever been!

Week Eleven Chat

Nalyd: Final Five...

Usitgz: Final five, WOOT!

Challenge Eleven

Nalyd: For this week's challenge, you have to write about five Total Drama contestants trying to survive on a desert island. You can pick any five. Due Friday. Judged on spelling, grammar, creativity, and originality. (NOTE: Mr. Coconut counts as a contestant)

Josie Amber's Story

An Unexpected Trip to Nowhere

Owen, Duncan, Courtney, Cody, and Sierra were in the mess hall away from the other few contestants. Owen and Duncan were quietly talking about plans to take Alejandro out of the game. Meanwhile Cody tried to ignore Sierra as he sat at the table thinking about Gwen. Sierra quietly sat next to Cody trying to make him feel better by patting his shoulder. Courtney walked over to Cody and Sierra while pretending to ignore Duncan to make him annoyed. "Hey Cody. Hi Sierra," Courtney said still trying to ignore Duncan.

Neither Cody or Sierra looked at her. The mess hall was silent except for the wispers between Duncan and Owen. Over the loud speaker came Chris' voice."We are having some techincal diffuculties please remain calm or panic if you want to," Chris began to say."Some of the things on the plane are not working right so be prepared for a bumpy ride," Chris said and then the loud speaker turned off.

Everyone in the mess hall froze for a breif second and began to head toward the door to the other rooms when the floor opened up from underneath them. The group all screamed as they fell out of the plane with no parachutes. The hatch to the plane door closed and Chris was on the loud speaker again."Sorry about that, the hatch in the mess hall opened so lets hope none of you were in there," Chris said over the speaker.

The group fell from the plane and landed on a beach with tons of trees behind it. Courtney was the first to regain balance and stand up. "Where are we? " Courtney asked.

Sierra was the next to stand holding unconcious Cody in her arms. Owen got off of Duncan who was flattened on the soft sand. "Oh sorry man,' Owen said helping Duncan get up. Duncan looked at the sandy beach and back at the group of semi dirty people."We are lost," Duncan said.

Courtney rolled her eyes and then began giving people insturctions. "Sierra get wood for a fire, Owen and Cody get food and water, and I will look for building materials," Courtney said.

"What about me?" Duncan asked purposly to get Courtney annoyed.

She just ignored him and walked into the trees behind the beach. Duncan smiled slighly and ran into the forest area. In the forest Sierra found plenty of wood and some vines and long leaves. She sat down on a rock and began to weave the vines and long leaves together making a basket that was big enough to carry loads of water or fruits. She continued making basket after basket having lots of fun while weaving, until she made about ten baskets total. "That should do it," Sierra said running to find the others with all ten baskets in her arms.

She found Courtney first and handed her two baskets which Courtney examined carefully."Impressive," She said with a happy smile on her face.

Sierra skipped off in search of another person and found Duncan up in a large tree cutting vines and branches off with his pocket knife. Sierra waved to him and he began to climb down the tree toward her. "What?" Duncan asked impaitently.

She then handed him two baskets as well and skipped off not waiting to hear his answer. The last to find was Cody and Owen who she easily found by the smell of Cody's hair she remebered. She climbed over a large rock and into the area where Cody and Owen were."Hi guys!" Sierra said with a wide smile on her face.

Owen smiled back and Cody cringed a little."I have some baskets for you," Sierra said her arms extended with four baskets two for each of them.

Cody took the baskets and handed two to Owen who said thanks. As Cody began to say thanks he noticed something in Sierra's pocket. "What's that," Cody asked pointing to the peice of brown in her pocket.

Sierra pulled it out of her pocket to reveal it was his hair. "How did you get that?" Cody asked scared of the answer. She giggled slightly and began to explain. "When we were in the mess hall you were sitting at the table and I was patting your shoulder and I figured I might as well get a hair sample for my blog," Sierra said in one quick breath then she added on. "Oh yeah i used it to help me find you here too," She said while smiling proudly.

Sierra then left and collected more fire wood. When she returned to the beach she saw Courtney starting on a tent for the group to sleep in. Owen and Cody arrived a few minutes later with baskets of food and water. "Where's Duncan?" Cody asked.

Everyone looked at the beach wondering the same. "I saw him in the woods cutting vines and branches off of a tree. I'll show you!" Sierra cheerfully offered.

The group followed her to the last place she saw Duncan. But instead of finding Duncan they found a large wooden house up in the trees. Courtney, Cody, Sierra, and Owen stood frozen staring at the house. Duncan came up from behind them carrying a large amount of fish on a wooden pole over his shoulder. "Like it?" Duncan asked the group. "It's Awesome!" Owen cheered running toward the ladder Duncan built.

Courtney pretended to be unimpressed by the amazing house as she stood there. Duncan showed the group around the house he built. First he showed the bedroom area that had wooden bed with soft grass and leaves over it to make it comfortable. Then he showed them the living room which was a big empty space except for a few chairs and a table he made. "How did you make all this?" Courtney asked confused to how he did it all.

He looked at her and grinned." Well being on the run and all can really teach you some neat tricks like making a house and building furniture," He explained all with the same grin still on his face.

Courtney nodded and then took a better look at his house and them compared her tent to his house in her head. "Hey man can we live here?" Owen questioned.

Duncan smiled and calmly answered back."Sure no problem I was kind of hoping you would like it and want to live here," Duncan admitted.

Sierra squealed and hugged Duncan and ran to the bedroom. Owen and Cody thanked him and went inside the bedroom while Courtney stood in living room. "You know there is room for you too," Duncan offerred. She smiled slightly even though she didn't want to and said thanks as she walked into the large bedroom where everyone else was already laying in beds. She climbed into an empty bed and fell asleep. Duncan put a large branch across the door to lock it and went to bed too. Meanwhile on the plane Chris just noticed that Courtney Sierra, Cody, Owen and, Duncan were missing by the end of the show. "Well that explains why the teams looked so small and uneven," Chris said while sitting in a chair in the pilot's room.

"Thats all for todays episode of Total Drama World Tour. Will we ever find the rest of the contestants? Will they even be alive? Is the faulty floor and techinical diffulculties ever going to be fixed? Probably not. To find out these answers be here next week to watch the next Total Drama World Tour episode!" Chris said ending the show that took place while some contestants were lost.


Reddy's Story

The Story of Izzy and the Abrupt Black Hole That Sort-Of Changes Plots Quick!

(Author’s Note: This is told from Izzy’s perspective. And Total Drama Action and after never occurred. I also connected it to the previous challenge, and how Izzy got her powers.)

It had all happened so fast that night. We were just four friends and a coconut boating down memory lane. Then that powerful storm hit. Which stranded us on an island and forced me to narrate.

“Izzy? Izzy?” Owen shook me from my light nap under a palm tree.

“Oh, hi Owen!” I exclaimed joyfully. I glanced over to Noah and Eva happily resting with Noah’s head on Eva’s shoulder, and then Mr. Coconut laid face down in the sand.

“Great Cheese Shaman!!” Owen hugged me tight. The lovable oaf couldn’t have been more happy!

“Huh uh ugh!” Eva snorted awake, rubbing her eyes, and shoving Noah off her shoulder.

“Gak!” Noah awoke, spitting out sand from his mouth, “Thanks for sanding me early, she-hulk.” Noah sarcastically remarked to Eva.

“Shut it, dweeb!” Eva stood up and brushed herself off.

“Now that we’re all safe-,” Noah began.

“No we’re not! Mr. Coconut!” Owen waddled as fast as he could and picked up Mr. Coconut, “Okay, now we are.”

“Why does that worthless coconut matter?” Noah asked with an irritated expression.

“Because! How would you like it if someone just left you in the sand?!” Owen yelled at Noah, rubbing Mr. Coconut. Noah glanced at Eva, and then face-palmed himself. He opened his mouth to respond, but Eva cut him off.

“Shut up! Both of you!” Eva screamed, “How are we going to get off this island?!”

“We could use the big guy as a boat.” Noah sarcastically pointed to Owen.

Ahaha, I remembered the days of me using Owen as transportation. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and remember all the times. Owen carrying me on his back for a while during the one hundred k race while carrying Noah too. The time he carried me in the horrific psycho killer challenge. Good times.

(Abrupt ending starts… NOW.)

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge black hole opened up! I was worried as I saw Eva, Noah, and Mr. Coconut being pulled into the vortex.

“Mr. Coconut! No!” Owen screamed. I wondered how something was humanely possible as this!

“Owen!” I screamed as he was sucked into the vortex. His atoms vanished before my eyes, while my grip on a near by palm tree loosened.

“I shall survive!” I screamed, as I let go of the palm tree. I was somehow able to stay intact as the vortex closed. After a huge boom, I was back on the island. I was in a black dress, and four mice were beside me, “Hi guys!” I exclaimed.

“Whatever,” one mouse said as he read a tiny book.

“You can talk?!” I screamed in excitement.

“I’m Noah! Me and the others were turned into mice!” the mouse squeaked at me. And that was how I knew, I would now be known as “Black Hole Queen”! Well, when I eventually found out I can control black holes… heheh.

Usitgz's Story

TDI Aftermath: Complete Chaos

"Yo, yo, yo, homies. It's me your host Big Z AKA Ezekiel," Ezekiel opened the episode, "We are comin' to ya live from Pla... scratch that, a deserted island, eh?"

"Why do I have to control the stupid camera?" angrily asked a gruff voice behind the camera.

"Well, because you're the only other person that's normal besides me, Eva," Ezekiel explained, "Besides we all know that the audience likes me more than you, eh?"

"Why I-" Eva angrily yelled as she was interuppted.

"Our first guest is... Noah!" Ezekiel changed the subject. Noah dizzily walked onto the screen, and rested his head on Ezekiel's shoulder.

"I love you Cody," Noah mumbled. Ezekiel looked at him with a concerned expression.

"Uh... Noah here kinda has a concussion. So... Noah what's your thoughts on your elimination, eh?" Ezekiel interigated.

"Turkey sure is tasty, right?" Noah asked in response. Ezekiel pushed Noah off his shoulder, and Noah collapsed on the ground.

"Moving on, our next guest is... Justin!" Ezekiel announced. He ran off screen, then came back dragging Justin onto the screen.

"He's so hot," Eva stated as she dropped the camera.

"Yo, snap out of it, Eva, eh?" Ezekiel demanded off screen.

"Huh, what?" Eva asked dazed, she picked up the camera.

"Well... uh... anyways Justin here got knocked on the head by a coconut while searching for food, homies," Ezekiel explained. Katie wandered onto the screen, crying.

"I miss you Sadie!" Katie whailed. Katie then wandered off the screen.

"That was our last guest, Katie, eh? Since we kinda woke up here this morning, we can't do our planned routine, so today we're doing a unexpected segment, homies. This segment is called 'Survive on a Deserted Island!" Ezekiel panicked. He proceed to start to blindly run around flailing his arms around, until he ran into a tree.

"You see what I have to put up with!" Eva angrily exclaimed as she turned the camera twords herself. She then heard some noises, and turned the camera back twords Noah, Justin , and Ezekiel.

"What just happened?" Noah asked as he slowly got up.

"You had a concussion, pipsqueak," Eva told Noah. Noah gave Eva a death leer and opened his mouth to say something when Katie walked back on screen.

"Oh, Sadie! Why did you leave me alone here!" Katie cryed.

"Well I guess its just Noah, me, and cry baby!" Eva stated in a frustrated manner. Helicopter noises were heard as Eva shifted the camera to the helicopter.

"Hello aftermath dudes, we have come to rescue you!" Chris announced as Chef Hatchet and him hopped out of the helicopter.

"But you kidnapped us and brought us here, I saw it then you knocked me out, and gave me a concussion," Noah interjected.

"Uh... um... that was our evil dopplegangers," Chris blatantly lied. Noah just rolled their eyes.

"What? This was all your fault!?" Screamed an enraged Eva. The camera was rushing closer to Chris and Chef Hatchet.

"Um... don't do anything you're going to regret." Chris squeaked out. The camera was then thrown at Chris knocked him in the head, then broke.

The End! (TBC)

Spenstar's Story

The Theif, the Geek, the Goth and her Lover... (and Katie)

"And how again did we end up here?" asked Gwen rhetorically, referring to the tiny, barren island she and her "friends" had crashed into. Standing next to the group was an airplane that was beyond destroyed.

"That intern trying to pass as a pilot must have suffered a heart attack," explained Duncan.

"Doesn't matter now," sighed Trent, "I'm going to go see what I can recover from the wreckage." Trent walked off into the remains of the plane. Gwen, Duncan, Cody, and Katie recoiled in horror at the loud crashes that followed.

"Is he going to be okay?" asked a worried Katie. A thumbs-up, courtesty of Trent, emerged from the rubble. Gwen and Katie breathed a sigh of relief. Trent left the epic failure of a plane with a lighter, a switchblade, a phone, and a giutar..

"This is what I got," sighed Trent, placing the items down in a pile.

"I knew crime would come in handy," said Duncan.

Gwen said, "Whatever.

Katie said, "If we're going to make it, we need a plan. That's what Sadie would do!" The others nodded. Cody rushed to his phone and found that it was broken.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Duncan rolled his eyes.

"I'll use the lighter to get a fire going," said Trent, snatching Duncan's lighter.

"Hey!" yelled Duncan, taking back his lighter, "Nobody can use this baby but me!"

Trent said, "All right, whatever. I'll use the switchblade to get some wood for the fire and some shelter."

"Count me in," Gwen smirked.

Cody said, "Me and Katie will see if we can get some food."

"Oh yay! I'm like, SO hungry!" exclaimed Katie, and the two ran off deeperinto the island. Trent and Gwen followed with Duncan's switchblade. Duncan sighed and lay onto the the sand, fiddling with his trusty lighter.

Trent flipped open the switchblade and started sawing away at the trunk of an oak tree.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" asked Gwen.

Trent replied, "Of course." He pulled away the switchblade, and frowned in realization that the blade barely made a mark at all in the tree.

"You were saying somethingfunny?" teased Gwen.

"Okay, you try it," Trent gave her the blade. Gwen stood on her toes and hacked the blade into a big branch of the tree, low to the ground. After just one swipe, the branch fell to the ground with a loud crash. Gwen smirked at Trent.


Meanwhile, Cody and Katie were walking aimlessly at another part of the island.

"Think we'll find anything?" asked a worried Katie.

Cody answered, "I hope so." Cody looked at Katie and smiled. In doing so, he walked right into a tree. Katie giggled. The tree shook, and a bushel of bananas fell into her arms. Meanwhile, a coconut fell onto Cody's head and landed on the ground.

Cody shook his head and said, "Come on, there should be more food nearby." Katie nodded.

"Sadie would be proud," she whispered.

When Cody and Katie returned to the "campsite', Gwen, Trent, and Duncan were at work making huts out of the huge branches the former two got. A pileof wood was set aside in a pile. Cody and Katie had bananas, mangos, and coconuts in their arms.

"This is sweet!" exclaimed Cody. He and Katie put their fruit in a wodden basket and helped their friends at work.

Around sunset, Cody was cooking something in a wodden pot over a fire.

"Dinner is served!" he said, pouring coconut-mango-banana soup into five wooden bowls.

"How'd you craft these bowls sowell anyway?" asked Duncan.

"My dad was awood-shop maniac," explained Trent, as he slurped his soup.

"This i really good1' exclaimed Katie.

"Thanks," Cody blushed. Duncan started laughing hysterically, but stopped when he saw Cody's death glare.

"What are you doing?" asked Trent, when he saw Gwen staring off into space.

"Wishing on a star," she explained.

"Care to tell us your wish?" teased Duncan.

"Let her keep it to herself," sighed Cody.

"Thanks," said Gwen.

"No problem." Cody lied down on the sand and closed his eyes.

Katie yawned and said, "I'm tired. Isn't it getting late?" She lied down next to Cody and cuddled him. Cody blushed hard, but cuddled Katie back.

"They are kinda cute together,' admitted Gwen. Trent nodded in agreement.

"I'm gonna hit the hay," said Duncan, and walked into one of the huts.

The next morning, the five castaways walked out of the huts to find Chris McLean there, along with his private jet.

"Congrats," he said, "You guys have completed your challenge!"

"You mean this whole thing was just a challenge?" asked a furious Gwen. Chris nodded. The five "castaways" glared at Chris and walked slowly towards him.

"Come on, this was great for ratings," chris attempted to reason, "Guys...? Guys? What are you doing with that switchblade?!"

Webly's Story

Am I Being Pranked?

Four popular teenagers, one plane, a coconut, and one traumatic experience, how did this all start?

Sadie, Harold, Bridgette, Owen, and Mr. Coconut had no idea they were all on the same flight. It was Flight 816 where they were flying to L.A. to film the last season of the Total Drama series. It was the 20th season and all haven’t been in a season since the fifth. It was the big all-star season but they picked big losers instead.

In the middle of the flight, the plane broke in half and the plane and it’s inhabitants fell on this deserted island. There the awful events would begin with the least most disastrous event.

“Ah…I’m bleeding,” Sadie shrieks discovering a big wound on her leg.

Bridgette replies raspy, “Well duh, we fell 200 feet. What did you expect ponies that eat butterflies?”

“Butterflies that eat ponies, actually,” Sadie says still a little hazy.

“Wait, how did you come on the plane?” Bridgette curiously asks.

Sadie pauses and answers, “It’s a long story but wait is that Mr. Coconut?”

A random coconut with a distressing face instead of joyful face appears on the side of Sadie’s leg.

“Mr. Coconut? Oh no, Owen is on the ground. Wait, Owen is here, how did I miss all of this?” Bridgette questions herself.

Harold also appears and yells, “Don’t fear, Owen I’ll save…

Harold was then immediately hit by a part of the ship that was stuck in a nearby tree.

Bridgette, holding Mr. Coconut, and Sadie run to the fallen Harold.

Bridgette starts to shed some tears and screams, “Is there a doctor here? Anyone, we need help. My friend has fell and is rapidly bleeding.”

A mysterious person who no one recognized came up to them. While this was happening, Sadie was counting the people there. She counted 21, not including the bodies that didn’t make it. When she counted the bodies, it was 40, but there were 39 people on the plane. A flight attendant, the captain and the rest of the people made 39. How could of she miscounted after her fifth time? This was getting worse and worse by the second.

At the night of the first day, Sadie was making a fire. She was angrily crying and confessing to every lie she ever has said. She figured her last day would be coming soon so there was no point to life anymore.

“Am I being pranked?” She yelled crying. “Why did this happen to me? I feel as if I was supposed to be on that plane, but why, why?”

Bridgette walked up to Sadie and she cried on Bridgette’s shoulder.

“It’s okay Sadie,” Bridgette says in an attempt to calm sadie down. “You’re not the only one scared. I’ve always been scared until one day a miracle happened my father was paralyzed and every night I prayed he would get some help and then one day he got the help he needed. Ever since then I never was so scared again and now whenever something like this happens, I can say it’s a sacrifice for what I helped my dad get out of.”

Sadie hugs Bridgette and stops crying. “You’re really more than a surfer girl, you’re a great friend. My only question is why is there an extra person. Is it a stowaway?”

On Day 2, their was a loud sound in the forest so the still severely wounded Harold, drinking a sip of Mr. Coconut, and Owen walked into the forest and were pulled into a vortex. Soon the whole island besides Sadie and Bridgette went into the vortex.

Bridgette and Sadie were left close to drowning in the deep water. Sadie almost drowned because she was a bad swimmer or so she would say not athletically capable. Bridgette grabbed Sadie and swam to a very close island called “Alcatraz.” After they got to the island, they saw the doctor from the island waving at them suspiciously.

After these disturbing events Total Drama Island’s last all-star season never started, instead they had a tribute to the three losses of some of the hardest working players.

The End or is it?


Nalyd: I'll be reading each story and will decide a winner.

Elimination Cermony Eleven

Nalyd: Spenny, please nominate two authors.

Webly: Oh no! I just hope you don't base it on the past week because it was incomplete but this week I tried really hard. I'm totally going to be nominated, but it was worth a try.

Reddy: *crosses arms* I can take whatever you throw at me. :@ xD

Usitgz: Spenny? *waits for Spenny*

Jason: *sneaks in* Somebody told me hes at camp or something.

Spenny: That is not true at all, jay. I will be nominating... hm... tough call. No offense to any of you, but I'll nominate Josie and Usitgz.

Jason: Shanes a liar! *sneaks out*

Spenny: Usitgz, Josie, why do you two deserve to stay? Er... back to you, Nalyd XD

Nalyd: Usitgz and Josie? *sigh* Very well... Why do you deserve to stay and go onto the final four.

Usitgz: I wasn't expecting either of us to be in the bottom 2. But, we all must be here at least once, right? Congrats to Reddy, Webly, and Spenny making the final four. Well, anyways why I should continue on. Me and Josie are both great authors. Looking back at how much I've improved since TDA1, and the huge improvment of just this time around, I'm safe to say that this competition opened up my creative mind for writing. During TDA1 the stories weren't even close to the size they are, now, and I still got near tens. Well I hope you choose me to continue.

(Nalyd: JASON, cut it out.)

Josie: Well I believe that I should stay. I should stay because of my hard work, time, and effort thatI have put in every one of my stories. In the process of this competition I have never missed one story. In the beginning of this game my story's were not even near to how creative and better they have gotten. Throughout the challanges I have learned many ways to improve my stories to make them better. Even though I have never been in a TDA before I think I can surpass every ones excpectations for a new comer like me. I believe that I can win this competition if you allow me to stay. Thank you for hearing my side and I really hope to continue writing for this competition.

Nalyd: I have talked it over with Shane and Chimmy, and we have come to the decision that... Usitgz, you've had a good run in this contest but it's time for you to go... back to the dorms because you're staying. Same goes to you Josie. Webly, I'm sorry to blindside you like this, but it is time for you to go. You've had a good run and put in a lot of effort, but we have agreed that it is time for you to go.

Webly: I know, I know, I was probably going to go next week anyways. It's just that I hate to be blindsided coming this far. GO REDDY! :)

Week Twelve Chat

Nalyd: Well well well, final four.

Spenny: sorry webly, I didn't nominate you on purpose, actually. I felt that he deserved to stay. aw well.

Reddy: I'm here?!?! Wow... Am I like the only person left who's not in high school? O_o

Nalyd: *files papers in office*

Usitgz: Thank you judges! I'm so happy that I'm still here! :D

Reddy: Hold on, I need a moment... (CONF) OMGWTFHOWTHEHECKAMISTILLHEREWHERE'DEVERYONEELSEGOOHGYEAHTHEYGOTELIMINATED!!!! I'm psyched! heheh... heh...hehe..he....

Shane: (Conf) This is my first time being in here as a judge...I feel the need to say something very important....PANCAKES!

Spenny: I hope it counts for something that I was the first one to complete this challenge, less than 2 hours after it was posted. God, I'm so nervous right about now... ._.

Usitgz: Double elimination? D: Well at least this will be over by the time school starts.

Reddy: I'm so flacken nervous now! We've all come so far, but two of us are about to be pushed off the bridge to ultimate author ship, leaving the final two D: (XD D:)

Spenny: I'm nervous too. Good luck you guys... we'll all need it. But I gotta say, you three are pretty awesome writers! I look forward to competing against you guys (or judging your work, with any luck :DDD) in future seasons.


Nalyd: Either way we're waiting til Sunday. Nalyd's gonna be out-o-town from Thursday to Monday so... yeah!

Sunshine: I guess that means I'm in charge... maybe... sorta... I dunno... Nalyd? (I feel like I haven't done anything this season... XD)

Reddy: *horribly draws on Nalyd's office* Ohm... Doh urg uk *eye twitch* O.o *draw all of the eliminated azuthors perfectly* you people were goood O.o I have no friends left (XD jk) ahhhh!!!! D:

Challenge Twelve

Nalyd: This week, the challenge will be due Sunday, and two people will be going home. No final three, no nominations, Chimmy Shane and I will decide the two of you who did the worst. Each contestant will judge four stories written by other people over the course of the contest. Whoever we see was able to be fair, not be pointlessly cruel, and not be overly nice. Due Sunday. Please specify what story it is, and we'd like it if you could link to the story.

Josie Amber's Reviews

Reddy week 1

Reddy- Okay to start off, this story was great! I love how you made it so real and believable from the beginning. No complaints really except for a few spelling issues. Overall I loved the story and it's roller coaster of emotions with it. Trent's death was sad in my opinion but I like how you portrayed it. The hospital scene made me shed a tear because of the emotions and pain you could see Gwen felt. The ending was a great twist to throw in where Gwen and Cody got married. It made a great ending for a sad but happy story. Also I love the detail that you put into the story and the very last line. I found it a great ending sentence to a families tragedy that they overcame with a happy ending. I think this story could really have a great sequel that follows Gwen and Jarrett's life with their new members of their damaged but not broken family.

Jason week 4

Jason- This weeks entry was pretty good. It portrayed Lindsay's personality and her dumbness perfectly. Beth seemed a little to aggressive to me when it came to Lindsay. Also I'm not sure if Lindsay is really aware about her calling her friends incorrect names. But besides those little issue the story was really good. I love how Lindsay attempted to name people she knew even though she had failed miserably. I know that this challenge was pretty difficult with the limit of only one hundred words, but you made it really fun to read. I found it hilarious how Beth got annoyed with Lindsay and the on going corrections she had made. I didn't notice any grammar issues really, overall good story.

Spenny week 2

Spenny- I really liked this entry. I have some complaints though. In my opinion Lindsay (or Beth) seemed a little to emotion for her. She is usually very happy and all smiles, so I don't think she was as believable as Beth ( /Lindsay). This story was kind of short I would of liked to see more of the friend ship bonding that Lindsay and Beth shared. Nevertheless I found it to be a very good story that had little to no grammar issues. The school setting was a great idea for their personalities Lindsay being the popular girl and Beth being the nerdy girl. It reminded me of the stereotypical high school at first but then I found things changed for the better. Beth who was the popular girl showed that she was not a stereotype. I love how you brought Beth's ( /Lindsay's) kindness into full effect. Overall this story was pretty good.

TDAFan99 week 1

TDAFan99- I found this story a little confusing. The storyline itself was good but their was a couple of issues. The main issue I had was with the speaking parts. When someone speaks you don't always have to say she / he said before they even speak. It makes the story confusing and repetitive. Also every time a person finishes speaking a new paragraph starts. I found that the word "spoke" was used way to much, again it made the story repetitive. I have one more complaint which is about the wedding itself. To me the wedding scene was out of order. The flower girls are supposed to go first unless you were doing the ending scene, which in that case I would of preferred the mention of the flower girls in the beginning. But besides these issues I saw no noticeable grammatical problems. I really like the idea you were going for. Showing the wedding was different and a creative idea which I liked a lot. I also thought it was a great idea how you kind of did a little summary to catch up to date with where Bridgette and Geoff were heading. Even though the story had it problems I think it could of been better if the time was taken to correct those issues. I am sure you made an effort with this story, overall great attempt.

Reddy's Reviews

Okay, I am a redviewer (reviewer). I’m going rip your stories apart to see what they are truly made of. This is only my critique and point-of-view, so don’t take it the wrong way, authors of the four stories I review this week.

Sonik’s Challenge Five Story Review

  • Okay, where to start with this “story”. First off, It was horrendously short. I would have loved to see more! You just said Chris got bored one day… What kind of introduction is that? Sunset Beach… You could have elaborated with Chris having brainstorms that ultimately fail about having the ‘Stoked’ characters as contestants. Okay, this next part was absolutely terrible! Why would Chris kill a bunch of interns, which you misspelled as ‘inturns’ for no apparent reason!? Then, you didn’t give a hint anywhere as to where Chris was when he called Chef. The rest of the story was random. Where did Chris get the idea?! If you ever want to go far in this competition, you’ve got to elaborate! Okay, rant over. Please use this review to grow as a writer, not hold a grudge, Sonik.

Spenny’s Challenge Seven Story Review

  • Okay, first of all, Spenny, I supported Gwen and Trent before Total Drama Action massacred it. Anyways, I loved the Haiku. It was a great way to reflect how Trent still mourns over his break up with Gwen. I know you’re still my competition, but rock on Spenstar!

Webly’s Challenge Eight Story Review

  • This was a sad story, Webly. I had to keep myself from crying. Laugh out loud at Sierra Noodle! I loved nearly all of it, but I want to know exactly why Sierra became obsessed with the series!? Exactly why did she love Cody, out of them all?! Those questions could have been simply answered, and simply made this story epic-er then it already is! Good story, some faults, good job.

Spenny’s Challenge Eleven Story Review

  • I know this is my second review this challenge for you Spenny, but I’ve read this and I simply must review it! First off, the title was hilarious, in my opinion. I shed the epic lone tear when the intern had a heart attack while flying. I basically loved all of the characters in this, and Duncan with his lighter was epic! I always thought Duncan was just another wanna-be bad boy without his lighter. Haha. Trent with a switchblade… good thing Gwen and Duncan aren’t canon in this story, or else… Um… Moving on. The rest of the story was awesome, and I loved it just being a set up by Chris! Great story once again, Spenny.

Spenstar's Reviews

(Review of Reddy's Story from Week 11)

  • Reddy: I gotta say, your entry was unique in concept, and I'm not sure whether that's a good or bad thing. I guess I'll start with the technicalities. Tying this entry in with last week's challenge was an interesting and risky move to make, but I will say that it made for perhaps the most exciting plot of that week's challenge. The execution was well done; telling the story in the first person from Izzy's point of view was another interesting decision I enjoyed. (it also let you get away with saying "heheh.") It was very well written, and funny, and I did enjoy it. Having said that, I do have a few gripes. Personally, I feel that using Mr. Coconut as one of the five contestants is a way to cut corners, so I didn't like that you used him as a "character". Second, how the heck did Noah and the others (including a brainless Coconut) turn into mice from a Black Hole that should have killed them? It makes no sense, but hey, we're dealing with Izzy here. In addition, at no point in the story did anything happen to Izzy specifically that gave her the powers, which left me befuddled. Finally, the author's note in the middle of the story, "(Abrupt ending starts… NOW.)", largely took away from the rest of the entry. Overall, it was a good, yet confusing, entry.

(Review of Josie's Story from Week 8)

  • Josie: I'd like to start with this entry's bad points first. I found the entry to be kind of short, first of all. Second, the awards ceremony seems to be out of nowhere. Not once during TDI or TDA was there mention of an Awards Show at all. Another thing I'd like to mention is that you said Sierra took "two buses, a taxi, and a plane" to get to the awards show, on a whim to please an online friend. I'm just saying, wouldn't it be hard to get a last-minute plane ticket if you're traveling alone, unsupervised by any parent? It feels weird to me is all. Having said that, I have to say, I loved this entry. While in most challenges, the first-person route is a risky route to take, this week it fit like a glove. I specifically enjoyed the subtle description at the very beginning of your entry, because while you didn't flat-out say it, we figured out that Sierra was kissing pictures of Cody. (which also highlights her stalker attitude even more) Sierra (and all the minor characters) was perfectly in character, and I gotta admit, I grew a little jealous of Cody when Sierra smothered him in kisses. Overall, while a little odd, your entry was my favorite this week.

(review of Usitgz's Story from Week 7)

  • Usitgz: Haiku is my least favorite type of poetry for many reasons, including its difficulty to write and how short it is. Rarely do I ever read a really good haiku, but I have to say, yours is one of them. You basically summed up Izzy and Owen's relationship throughout TDI and TDA in 17 syllables, which I applaud you for. I guess the only real negative thing I have to say is that it didn't seem in character for Izzy. From my understanding anyway, Izzy is not the romantic type, but rather, the crazy random girl that barely even gives the relationship a second thought. Personally, I think it would have worked better if it was from Owen to Izzy. Overall, as far as haikus go, yours was really good.

(Review of Codaa5's Story from Week 1)

  • Codaa5: I thought this was a really good entry. While DuncanxCourtney is my least favorite pairing, both were very much in character. I specifically enjoyed that Duncan was annoyed yet fatherly throughout the entry. Very nicely done! On a side note, I am particularly fond of the name "Max" for some reason. I'm also really glad you chose to portray Courtney as the nice girl from TDI instead of the snotty one from TDA. It really does make all the difference. The whole story was also pretty funny. (I LOL'd at the adoption part) Having said all that, I had some issues. Dude, you switched tenses in the middle of the story. You're supposed to keep the tense the same throughout it. Watch out for that in the future. Also, you said that Max was "just born" and yet he's drinking out of a baby bottle. Shouldn't Courtney be breast-feeding her newborn baby? That kind of didn't make sense to me. And, I knew that the Chris scene at the end was an attempt at humor, but honestly, it really was just a "WTF?" moment. Overall, while not my favorite entry that particular week, yours was, without a doubt, great. You have a lot of potential in this game, and I look forward to future work from you.

Usitgz's Reviews

Review #1 - Reddy's Story from Week One

  • This was a great story. I think it was one of your best. I liked how you chose Gwen and Trent, they were the perfect couple for this. I also liked how the story was just high points of their marriage. I love how you made gret menta pictures of how LeShawna and Gwen look like. Trent's dad, and Lindsay were in character.There was also some minor bad points. I didn't like how quickly Gwen got over Trent's death and forgave Cody, in my opinion it would of been better if you extended that part of the story. I also didn't like how at her husband's funeral she kissed Cody's lips, a hug or peck on the cheek would have been more appropriate in my mind. Overall I really liked it, and thought it was a great story.

Review #2 - Webly's Story from Week Five

  • I like the concept of how Chris is related to hillbillies, it seemed very unique to me. Chris has been away from his family for ten years and can't even remember they were hillbillies? That was in character, in my opinion, for Chris. The Total Drama Thailand moment was pretty funny. It seemed kind of short to me, I wish you could have expanded more on the idea, it seemed to end fairly abruptly, and felt cut off. By that I mean it was missing a conclusion. Also, it doesn't go along with the story, as Chris was born in Newfoundland, but thats okay, because I know you wrote this story before that episode came out. So, overall I think it would have been better if you would have gave it a conclusion.

Review #3 - Jason's Story from Week Six

  • Well, Noah was pretty much Noah in this episode. But in the real Total Drama I don't think they would hav Ke$ha in it, let alone her exact songs, but thats okay, though. Anyways Owen's crush was pretty funny and weird, just like Owen. The Gwen and Cody moment was pretty random, but is acceptable. Sierra being depressed was pretty extreme, but I guess moved the story along. Heather's New Jersey joke was pretty funny. I didn't like how the songs were all just parodies of older songs, if you made them up completely that would have made the story so much better. Ke$ha hosting was weird. Alejandro was in character. The whole thing was fake? Wow, that was a twist. So, overall I thought the characters were all in character, but Ke$ha was just strange.

Review #4 - TBTDIF's Story from Week Seven

  • This is a pretty simple haiku, but I like it. It's straight to the point, and sums up Harold and LeShawna's relationship pretty well. You got the correct format of a haiku, unlike some people, which is great. Harold is pretty crazy, and is definitely a major nerd.So overall I think this was a great haiku of Harold and LeShawna.

Elimination Ceremony Twelve

Nalyd: The person who did best this week, and is definitely going to the final two... Reddy. Congratulations, you're in the final two. The first person to be eliminated is... Usitgz. Sorry, Usitgz, you've had a great improvement since the beginning of this competition, but we feel that your reviews were a bit under par. *shakes Usitgz's hand* You've done well, my friend. *turns back to Josie, Spenny, and Reddy* One of the three of you is going to go onto the be the sixth winner of Total Drama Author (Nonny won in the Japanese ending of TDA3.) Reddy, you're safe... Spenny, Josie, the person going is... JoSp. (AKA, we're still deciding the second person)

Reddy: *drops to ground* Yes! I made it! :DDDDDD

Spenny: Congrats Reddy!!!!!

Shane: Congrats Red!

Reddy: Thanks! :D

Nalyd: And the person who goes... Spenny. I'm sorry, Spenny, it was this close. *holds up fingers, signifying it was "this close"* You're a great author, Spenny... Don't give up.

Spenny: -_-' yeah, nice. Just... nice. Good luck to you Reddy, hope ya win.

Week Thirteen Chat

Nalyd: The 18 eliminated authors can pick to support one of the members of the final two... JOSIE OR REDDY! ... *looks at Chimmy* I said... Josie or Reddy!... Chimmy, where's the confetti cannon?! o.O

Spenny: I ate it :3

Nalyd: Hm... *presses a button, a large amount of confetti flies out of Spenny's mouth* Wicked!

Chimmy: Cannon...right! >:D *aims real cannon at the sky* FIRE IN THE HOLE :D

Spenny: I also ate the prize medal, the entire hall of fame, and Nalyd's hoodie! >:D

Nalyd: *is holding the real hall of fame, is wearing the real hoodie and...* Wait, theres a medal? o.O

Webly: I support Reddy! Although Josie has grown to be a buddeh, Reddy will be the one I'm roting for. (2 edit conflicts FTW!!!)

Shane: YAY! Final two! *sits back and eats popcorn*

Sunshine: *realizes it's final two, puts on Reddude shirt and Josie hat* YEAH YOU ROCK... PERSON! (Fail. XD)

Usitgz: Fourth, farthest I've ever been, but enough about me... Go Reddy!

Kenny:I was once part of the 18 eliminated, does that count?

Reddy: Thanks for the support everyone! [(/|\), <3, & Humanity! XD]

Jason: I'm on Josie's side. Along with All State. (XD Fail)

Reddy: Good speech Josie! :D I'd like to defend myself on my missing story... That week I was at camp with absolutely no internet access. I would have attempted to write the story before I left that week but it was posted too late. Just thought I'd say that, and good luck Josie! :D

Sonik: GO REDDY!!!

Jessica: I lost to both of you...HMPH! (XD, JK! GL 2 BOTH O' U!)

Trashy Can: * falls over and rolls to the other contestants* *rumbles and Growls*

Ben: * jumps out of trash cans and eyes are red and's wearing a creepy cloak* *in deep dark scary vioce* For weeks I've been hiding in a trash can you know how much it stinks in there. Now I have returned for revenge! I WILKL DESTROY ALL OF YOU * growls and sinks inot a seet*

Ben: Basically I think for one I shoulda won! SO I hate all of you

Reddy: So we have team Josie, team hunky dory hot me (XD), and team Ben... XD

Ben: It's obvious that I shall win. Or I'd just be a meanie and steal your medal xD

Kev: Go reddy

Ult: In the role as a random bystander looking on, I bid both competitors good luck (and a warning to watch out for next season :) ... ).

Usitgz: *rolls eyes* Talk is talk, but doing something is much harder.

Ult: It is as you say.

Reddy: *looks at Josie's entries* Uh... (CONF) I coulda won by now. Saturday I almost won until the tragic news, and then Monday but, that changed, so now Friday. This will be interesting. It could be anyone. :)

Challenge Thirteen

This is gonna be the biggest, craziest, most super epic challenge of all time! The hosts will all make a challenge for you to complete, and all of it is due by next Saturday! (Not September 4, the next Saturday, its like September 11 I think but I'm not sure.)

Chimmy's Challenge

Erm...write about something. :P

JK, JK...Anyways, I read most of TDA2 in my time thinking of a challenge for inspiration, and I found one of my favorite challenges-the parody challenge, which was also used in TDA3...if I remember correctly, and if it isn't, slap me for not remembering my only season. You must make a parody of a movie, book, or episode of a television show with TDI characters. Please post the cast list as well. This will be judged on the usual things.

Josie's Entry

Zoey 101 Spring Break up

Cast Zoey – Courtney

Lola- Bridgette

Logan- Geoff

Chase- Trent

Michael- DJ

Quinn- Beth

Dustin- Cody

Nicole- Izzy

It was the morning of spring break and everyone was so excited. Courtney, Izzy, Bridgette, and Beth were just finishing packing for the vacation at Geoff's house. As soon as they finished they left their dorm and ran to meet the guys in front of PCA. One by one everyone arrived in front of the campus. Everyone talked amongst themselves when a van pulled up.”Awesome we get to go in that?” Courtney asked.

Geoff laughed and then explained.”The van is for our bags. That is for us,” Geoff said pointing to the limo. ”Oh yeah when we get to my house we have a surprise waiting for us,”Geoff explained.

They all climbed into the limo and they drove off. When they arrived they were greeted by the butler. Everyone was then shown to their rooms. They then changed, ate dinner and then went downstairs to see the surprise. Geoff's dad walked in. “ I want all of you to be on my new show called Gender Defenders,” Geoff's dad said.

Small talk and whispers broke out in the group.

“To show my gratiude, I want to give you this in advance,” Geoff's dad said, opening up a brief case.

“What are they?” Bridgette asked.

Everyone repeated her question. “They are techmates, cell phones, ipods, computers ect.,” Geoff's dad explained.

Courtney, Bridgette, Trent, Beth, Cody, Izzy, DJ and Geoff grabbed a techmate.

“Now who will be the captains?” Geoff's dad said.

“I will.” Courtney offered.

“Obviously I will be the captain of the guys,” Geoff said.

“Not happening. I think Trent should be captain.” DJ said.

The two captains met later that night. Courtney and Trent went over the rules.

The next day, the teams gathered for the challenges. “Okay, your challenge is to re makeover a nerd.” Geoff's dad said.

The boys and girls grabbed their nerds and began to work. Outfit after outfit they tried on the nerds. Time was up and it was time to judge. The boys presented their nerd and the girls did too. “The winner is the girls!” Geoff's dad announced.

“Time to start the next challenge?” Cody asked.

Geoff's dad grinned and nodded his head. “What's the next challenge?” Geoff asked.

Everyone walked toward the pool and then found out the challenge Geoff's dad explained that each captain will have to fight eachother and first one to knock off the other, wins. Trent and Courtney got onto the platforms and began to hit eachother with the giant foam sticks.

Trent threw one hard hit and knocked Courtney off the platform. Round two Courtney won making Trent get wet. The final round Trent fell off the platform making the girls the winners of Gender Defender. Geoff's dad gave both teams a trip to Hollywood where they would vacation

The end.

Reddy's Entry

Reddy's All Eds Are Off Parody

  • Geoff as Ed
  • DJ as Edd
  • Duncan as Eddy
  • Izzy as Sarah
  • Cody as Jimmy
  • Ezekiel as Rolf
  • Harold as Johnny
  • LeShawna Doll as Plank
  • Alejandro as Kevin
  • Courtney as Nazz


“Swimming class is sure a nifty way to start the day, don’t you agree Duncan?” DJ asked as he treaded water while wearing a life vest at Peach Valley High School’s pool. He looked over to Duncan, who was sleeping in the water, and slowly sunk down… until he finally woke up and bolted back up.

“Gah! Damn! This early morning stuff’s killing me!” Duncan screamed. Someone off-screen threw a stereo at his head, “Hey watch it party-head!” he screamed. The scene showed Geoff surrounded by hot senior women, partying, “I’m trying to catch a few z’s here!”

“Geoff, don’t you think that you’re partying is out of control?” DJ asked. A whistle suddenly blew and all the kids lined up. Harold jumped into the pool in his floaties holding his LeShawna doll, Courtney did an excellent dive into the pool, Alejandro lavishly dove into the pool, followed by Ezekiel, Duncan, and DJ. Geoff, who was carrying a stereo, jumped into the pool. While he was jumping, he accidentally dropped his stereo, and when it fell into the pool seconds after him, it exploded and ejected everyone out of the pool.

“Oops, sorry dudes.” Geoff laughed.

“Geoff, really?” DJ asked Geoff sternly.

The scene showed the teens heading onto the bus at the end of the school day. Alejandro were mumbling and grumbling about the pool explosion, and Duncan comes on as mad as ever.

“Great, so I get a detention because of your stupid partying habits!” Duncan slammed his detention slip in Geoff’s face.

Geoff smiled and said; “Is it that time already?” he pulled a stereo out of his coat and cranked it up. “Rock on!” Alejandro swiftly smashed the stereo. “Aw man.”

DJ was walking onto the bus as this was happening, and said; “Excuse me, Geoff, but don’t you think this constant partying habit of yours is bad for your health?” he sat by Geoff in a seat.

“I swear he’s obsessed with the thing!” Duncan screamed from the seat behind them.

“I bet he couldn’t even go one LOUSY DAY without your stupid parties!”

“But I thought you liked my partying.’ Geoff said grimly.

“It’s gotten old!” Duncan screamed.

“Well, I can go a day without partying.” Geoff said, gently tap dancing with his feet.

“SO PROVE IT!” Duncan blared into Geoff’s ear.


“I agree, Geoff,” DJ said, “I’ve always wondered if Duncan could speak in a normal tone, that didn’t destroy the eardrums of everyone within a four block radius of him.”


“LeShawna says DJ would go coocoo if he only used words with one syllable!” Harold entered the conversation.

“Ha! Even No-Life’s got you pegged!” Duncan laughed at DJ, who stifled tears.

“Aw, Loser, Loser, and Losery are having a little quarrel.” Alejandro laughed from his seat with Courtney.

“Always with that loser word, Al boy, eh?” Ezekiel asked as he pointed at Alejandro. “I would wager both my chickens, mama’s special teapot cover and twenty five dollars that you cannot avoid using this label for the mismatched bad boys, eh?”

“Money?!” Duncan’s eyes suddenly turned into green dollar signs.

“I can give up saying loser,” Alejandro snapped his fingers, “Just like that!”

Duncan jumped over to Harold’s seat, “Think you can go a whole day without that never-gonna-love-you girl puppet?

“Easy as pie, Duncan.” Harold held his dolly away from him. “Right LeShawna?”

“Looks like we got ourselves a bet!” Duncan screamed, “I can’t scream, DJ can’t use big words, Alejandro can’t say loser, Geoff can’t party, Harold can’t have his dolly, and how about we throw in Ezekiel not saying ‘Eh’?”

“You’re on!” Ezekiel said confidently.

“Just to clarify, the winner gets twenty-five dollars from the losers.” DJ said.

“Let’s go.” Duncan held his hand out as the other betters placed their hands on top of his.

“Hey Courtney, want in on this action?” Alejandro asked Courtney.

“No thanks.” Courtney blushed.

“Then may the best man win!” DJ declared.

The next day, Ezekiel is shown emptying his locker of all his Canadian dictionaries as the bell rang. Izzy is walking along the walls, she glances at Ezekiel for a moment, and then suddenly slams into Duncan.

“Hey! Hey!” Izzy screamed and pointed at Duncan, “Watch where you’re going klutz-face!”

Duncan pulled in air to scream back, but right before he screamed he bit his tongue, remembering the dare. Ezekiel and Alejandro came around the corner.

“Hello, eh?” Ezekiel laughed. Then a horrified look came on his face.

“You’re out-,” Alejandro covered his mouth before he said anymore.

“Ahem,” Duncan coughed, “Nice try.” He flicked Izzy’s nose and walked away coolly.

“Jeepers Izzy!” Cody walked up to Izzy, “What was that all about?”

“Cody!” Harold tackled Cody, “Order me to do something! Anything!!!”

“Oh, uh, okay?” Cody looked around nervously, “Do my language homework for me?” he protected his face, but Harold was already speeding through Cody’s ton of homework.

“I’m my own person, LeShawna!” Harold screamed at his dolly as he carried Cody’s piles of homework into the cafeteria.

Duncan smirked as Harold walked into the cafeteria. He huffed up to scream, but gives up, figuring someone would hear him. He walks angrily off screen, and comes back and throws DJ at the door of the cafeteria. “Check it out, with no doll, Harold’s losing it, begging to be bossed around by someone.” He smirked as DJ, fell from the wall, but got up quickly, “Ready to chicken out?”

“Uh…” DJ looked around oddly, “No, I am not gonna-,” DJ bit his tongue.

“Yes!” Duncan fist pumped himself. “One spot closer to the prize!”

Geoff rammed into Duncan, causing them to fall over each other.

“Needa party, man!” Geoff screamed with bags under his eyes. He ran to DJ, “How much longer, Deej?” he cried, “Help me!!!”

“Hehehe.” Duncan laughed.

“Augh!!!” Geoff ran down the hall screaming.

Alejandro is shown eating his sack lunch, uninterestedly. Suddenly, a spitball impacts him in the back of the head, he continues to go on, saying nothing, until he is hit by many more when Courtney walks by, “Stop you-,” Alejandro cringed, and turned away from the smiling Duncan.

Duncan laughed manically, banging his head on the table, sitting next to DJ.

“Y’know, Duncan, somebodies gonna eventually beat you at this bet.” DJ said.

“They wish.” Duncan laughed.

“Here ya go, Duncan!” Harold yelled as he slammed a huge pile of piercings by Duncan, “All polished!” he turned to his doll sitting at a different table, and plugged his ears, “I’m not listening!” he walked away screaming.

DJ worriedly turns to see Geoff cradling in a ball form on the table.

Duncan picked Geoff up by his collar, “Geoff, if you can’t take it…” Duncan pointed to a stereo on another table. He easily walked over to it and turned it on, everyone started gathering around him.

“No!” Geoff screamed, “You loser!” Geoff shoved Duncan out the stereo area and started dancing.

“Ha! I so beat you!” Duncan screamed evilly.

“Oh, Duncan, did I just here a scream?” DJ asked. Duncan looked around in horror.

“I told you they were all losers, they always- crap.” Alejandro face-palmed himself as he talked to Courtney.

“Wait, so if we’re all out, that means…” DJ and the others gasped as they turned to Hsrold.

“I won?!” Harold screamed, he snatched his LeShawna doll, yes!!!”

The next day, everyone gave Harold their twenty-five dollars, adding up to Harold winning one-hundred-fifty dollars from the bet.

“Congrats, Harold.” DJ congratulated Harold.

“Thanks.” Harold smiled.

Duncan grumbled miserably at Harold.

All the gamblers had learned something from this bet; if you ever want to win a gamble, you better never forget about what your part of the bargain is! And, to gamble with some idiots so they forget what their bargain was.

Shane's Challenge

For my challenge, you will write a story based on Cody and Sierra! You can do whatever you want with Cody and Sierra, as long as they stay in character. You'll be judged for spelling, grammar, and if Cody and Sierra, and anyone else you decide to put in, are in character. Also, I want this story to be more than 1000 words.

Josie's entry

Stuck up Superstar

(Word count: 1,189)

After Total Drama World Tour Cody went back home to his life before Total Drama had started. When Cody woke up after his first night's sleep at home, he sat up in his bed starring at his room. "It's good to be home," Cody said while stretching.

He climbed out of bed and went to the kitchen for breakfast. In the kitchen was his mother and father. His father was sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Meanwhile Cody's mom prepared pancakes for everyone. Cody took a seat across from where his dad sat quietly drinking his coffee. A few quiet minutes went by before the pancakes were done. Cody's mom put them on a platter and carried them to the table. She placed the platter down and kissed her husband on the cheek. She took her seat and began to pass out the pancakes. "I made these especially for my little superstar's first day home," Cody's mom said smiling.

"Mom !" Cody said embarrassed.

She apologized and they all ate their pancakes. The room was quiet except for the sound of the knives and forks hitting the plates making a slight screeching sound. They casually made small talk as they ate talking about things that both have missed. After a while Cody's father stood up kissed his wife goodbye and waved to Cody as he left for work. “Bye Dad,” Cody said as his father closed the front door behind him.

After breakfast was finished Cody went to his room, changed into his bathing suit and went to the town pool. He got to the town pool gate and walked in. With in a few seconds of being at the pool Sierra had already found him. "Cody kins!" Sierra said as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Get away from me Sierra!" Cody screamed making the whole group of people go silent.

"But Cody,"Sierra began to say when he interrupted her her.

"But nothing, now leave me alone," Cody said firmly.

Sierra took one look at him sighed and walked away. Everyone else just watched as Cody the once normal kid they had known turned into a stuck up superstar they expected him to turn into. As Cody walked to his old friends he heard whispers and his name being said. “Hey guys hows it been?” Cody asked the group of boys who were lounging on the lawn chairs.

The one boy sat up, took off his glasses and looked at Cody with no emotions. The boy shook his head and said something to the other guys who quickly got up and jumped into the pool ignoring Cody completely. The only boy who was still there was the boy with the sunglasses. “What was that about Zack?” Cody asked the boy with the sunglasses.

“It's about you, That's what it's about Cody. About ow your not the same guy you used to be because your famous now,” Zack said to Cody with an attitude.

Cody thought for a minute before responding. “What do you mean Zack?” Cody questioned due to being puzzled by what Zack said.

Zack rolled his eyes and let out a chuckle. “You really don't know? Wow seriously dude? We all saw what you did and said to that poor violet haired girl,” Zack answered.

Cody looked at Zack shocked and before he could say anything else, Zack ran and then jumped into the pool. “I wonder what he meant by that?” Cody said while scratching his head.

He walked over to another set of chairs where some people were sitting, placed his towel down ad took a seat. The girl next to him stood up with her stuff in her hands, mumbled something under her breath and then left. Cody begins to realize that all his friends are gone. From a distance Sierra is watching everyone shun Cody. “Oh my poor Cody I have to help!” Sierra declared.

Even though Cody hurt her feelings she couldn't bare to see him unhappy. As she sat in a lawn chair she began to think of a plan. While Sierra hatched her plan Cody planned to leave. He grabbed his stuff and began walking to the gate. Sierra noticed and ran to Cody attempting to stop him but failed. “Let go of me!,” Cody said.

Sierra didn't listen to him and clung tighter to him. “This is all your fault! Now let go of me!” Cody screamed.

Sierra froze for a minute then dropped her hands to her side and let him go. Cody left and went to his house where he stayed in his room away from everyone else. Night came and the sun disappeared into the darkness. In it's place was the moon that lit the darkness up a little. Cody laid in his bed thinking about the day. Soon enough he was fast asleep in his bed.

Morning came and Cody was still sleeping. Sierra woke up early and worked on her plan at the town pool. When she finished with part one of her plan she went on to part two which was getting Cody. Sierra walked out of the town pool and headed for Cody's house which she had a mapped out. It didn't take too long before she was there and could begin her second step. She quietly walked to the side of the house where a small shed stood. From there she climbed up the side of the shed onto the lower halves roof. With no time to spare she tiptoed across the roof to the second floor window where Cody's bedroom was. She peered through the window and saw Cody was still fast asleep. She tapped on the window a few times but got no response. “Cody! Cody wake up!” Sierra said trying to wake him up.

Cody shifted in his bed and then sat up freaking out when he saw Sierra. “Sierra? What are you doing here?” Cody asked her as he opened the window.

Before she answered she climbed in and took a seat on the edge of his bed.”I have something I need to show you. Come on!” Sierra said pulling Cody out the window and down the shed.

Cody stumbled as she dragged him back to the town pool where his bad day had occurred. When they arrived at the gate Cody hesitated but Sierra reassured him and he went in. Inside the town pool stood everyone who shunned him the day before. Zack and the group of guys who were with him yesterday approached Cody. “Hey about yesterday we though you were just like all those stuck up superstars and well were sorry. Friends?” Zack asked with a worried expression on his face.

“Friends,” Cody agreed.

After that everyone started approaching him and apologizing becoming friends. Cody turned to Sierra and hugged her. “ I guess your not half bad, and I'm sorry about yesterday. Forgive me?” Cody asked Sierra.

She smiled slightly and said yes and with that the rest of the day went by smoothly.

Reddy's Entry

A Tale of Two...And Ezekiel

Word Count: 1370

Cody sighed in his dark room, lit only by the small light from the afternoon day that sneaked its way in through his window blind. He thought he had gotten rid of her, ever since Total Drama World Tour ended and she went back to her old ways, five years ago. His past was closing in on him, and he didn’t like it one bit. He barely saw any of the old contestants, and his only reminder of the show was an old, worn out posted of Gwen, seven years ago for the Total Drama Island finale. Cody’s father knocked on the door slowly.

“What is it?” Cody sighed, sitting up on his bed, not-so ready to face his near future.

“Liz is going to be here in twenty minutes. Please get ready.” His father replied. Footsteps followed; Cody’s father was walking away.

Cody sighed. He gazed at his Gwen poster, mourning the last day he saw her…

It was a sweet day in Hawaii; Cody was in the final three of Total Drama World Tour. But, Alejandro had swiftly defeated Cody in their tiebreaker, and humiliated him at the same time. His only confrontation with Gwen had been a quick glance, not that either one new what to say, with Cody’s crush on Gwen and Gwen’s relationship with Duncan. After that, they never acknowledged each other again.

Cody stared off into blank space for a good fifteen minutes, when a car horn beeped in his families drive way. A tall, black haired woman stepped out of the driver’s side, and ran up to hug Cody’s father. She was followed by her daughter, Sierra, and… for some reason Cody would learn later, Ezekiel. Sierra’s twenty-one year-old self hadn’t changed much. And, Cody would have to spend the next four years with her, as both their parents agreed that children shouldn’t leave the house until age twenty-five.

“Cody!?” Sierra yelled throughout the house, “Cody!?”

“Cody, eh?” Ezekiel asked. Cody sauntered down the stairs into the living room, where Ezekiel and Sierra were waiting.

“Hi.” Cody plastered a smile to his face. He turned to Ezekiel, “You’re not a zombie anymore?”

“Oh, that was just a stunt double, since like, the first episode of World Tour, eh.” Ezekiel chuckled, “I got paid five million dollars to be the first eliminated and stay out of the camera shot.”

“Wow!” Cody gasped.

“Enough about him!” Sierra shoved Ezekiel into another room harshly. “So, how’ve you been?” she hugs Cody gently.

“Um, fine.” Cody weasels out of Sierra’s hug, “Exactly why is Zeke here?”

“His parents died in a fire during Total Drama World Tour, and we adopted him.” Sierra giggled, blushing at Cody.

“Listen, Sierra,” Cody began, “I’m not feeling the same vibe from you as we did back on the show. I mean, when we were on the show, we were a team, and then, after it all ended, we kinda… lost touch.”

“What are you saying?” Sierra asked quietly.

“I don’t think we’re meant to be anymore,” Cody sighed, “And plus, with my dad being in love with your mom, how awkward would that be.”

Sierra didn’t have time to reply, as Cody’s Father walked in.

“Supper time, folks.” He said. They all three nodded and went to the dining room.

After the group finished their meal, Cody’s father brushed himself off, cleared his throat and stood before his son and guests. “I have an announcement.”

“Okay…” Sierra said somberly. She glanced at Cody and gave a bittersweet smile.

“Liz and I will be heading out to Hawaii, where we will get married,” his father said. Cody gaped in disbelief. Years ago, he was worried about marrying Sierra, and now she was going to be his step-sister?! He can’t say he didn’t expect this to happen, but he had a whole plan to demolish the wedding if it got that far. But now, with the almost-newly-wed couple taking off to Hawaii, he had no way of pulling off his plan!

“What about us, eh?” Ezekiel asked.

“You three, will be going on a trip to Oaklenburg National Province. You’ll camp there.” Cody’s father replied, “I bought you all bus tickets in advance.”

“It’ll be just like Total Drama Is-,” Sierra glanced at Cody, and shut her mouth.

“Is something wrong, honey?” Liz asked her daughter.

“No.” Sierra sighed.

Cody’s father handed them each a bus ticket, “Our plane takes off tonight, your buses get here eight ‘o’clock sharp.” Cody’s father said. He and Liz walked out the door, leaving the geek, home-schooled dud, and the super fan alone.

The next morning, the three boarded the bus, and arrived at their campsite in Oaklenburg National Province by one ‘o’ clock that afternoon.

“So this is it? Hehehe.” Cody tried to make conversation with Sierra, who was still not talking. “Sierra, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Sierra’s voice cracked. She sat by Ezekiel on the picnic table, who had by then already pitched a tent.

“Hey, Zeke, how about you go get some firewood?” Cody asked Ezekiel. Ezekiel nodded approvingly and ran off.

“I don’t get it.” Sierra corssed her amrs and looked away from Cody.

“Get what?” Cody asked grimly, although he knew the answer, he also knew girls liked talking.

“That you don’t like me!” Sierra threw her arms up into the air, “Yet, you still like that slimy, cheating Gwen.”

“B-bu-b-,” Cody stammered.

“No buts!” Sierra said, “You never liked me, you just used me in the final three!”

“I didn’t use you!” Cody screamed. Time elapsed, with the two still arguing at nightfall. Until they noticed something.

“Where’s Ezekiel?” Sierra asked.

Suddenly, a bear walked up to Cody and Sierra wearing Ezekiel hat. He burped and a small bone came out of his mouth. The two gasped in disbelief…


“Let’s go!” Cody screamed. He tried to run while Sierra was clinging to him, but he instantly fell over. A deep voice played.

“Epic Fail.” The voice said.

“What was that?” Cody asked. Sierra helped him up.

“Who cares!?” Sierra screamed as the bear edged closer to them, “Run!” Cody and Sierra ran from the bear as it tailed them from behind.

“Gah!” Cody fell in mud as he was running. Sierra, who was leading the pair, slid to a stop and looked back to see the bear sniffing at Cody.

“Cody!” Sierra screamed.

“Um, is this going to be Total Drama Island all over again but worse!?” Cody screamed back.

The bear raised it’s paw to slash at Cody’s face, but a huge rock was thrown at its face, knocking it down.

‘Huh?” Cody turned to see Sierra throwing and catching a rock with one hand, smirking.

“NO ONE EATS MY CODY!” Sierra threw three more rocks at the bear. But, it got up, still unaffected.

“Oh no…” Cody, who had recently gotten up from the mud during the bear’s small dilemma, was walking slowly backwards as the bear walked towards him.

“Oh. No. You. Didn’t!” Sierra screamed, her eyes getting filled with hatred with every word. She tackled the bear, and Cody was shown gaping at the event before him.

After Sierra had finished her brawl with the bear, the bear ran away and she was covered in cuts and bruises.

“Sierra…” Cody began.

“Yes?” Sierra weakly coughed out.

“That was… amazing!” Cody hugged Sierra, thinking of all the possible things that could have happened to him if Sierra had been absent that day… Well, then he saw how he would never be in the park if his father wasn’t getting married, but that was besides the point.

“Really?” Sierra smiled.

“Yes!” Cody hugged Sierra. The next week, everyone was shown at a double wedding. One for Sierra and Cody’s mother/father, and another for Cody and Sierra. They had found at that there was no law against marrying your step-sibling, and Cody was so grateful for Sierra, how could it have been different?

However, three weeks after the weddings, the families held a funeral for Ezekiel, putting his one remaining bone into a casket.

That week had taught something to Cody; no matter how miserable someone makes, or made, you, there’s always good inside them…

Sunshine's Challenge

First of all, congratulations to our final two authors, Josie and Reddy! I think it's going to be tough choosing a winner between the two of you, and you both deserved to make it to this point! :D

Now for the challenge... some of you may recall TDA3's finale challenge, one that had not been used before or since. In this challenge, the final two were given a group of original characters and asked to write the premiere episode for a Total Drama season involving these characters.

Two seasons later, I ask you two to take the same characters (in the gallery below with a picture, name, and basic description of their personality) and write the finale episode of a season involving the characters. You can choose any two characters to be the final two, and I ask you not to use the same season name or basis that Nonny and Chimmy used in their entries; make your own story up! I'm looking for creativity, originality, how well you used the characters, et cetera. Good luck, you two!

(Notice: Some of these characters, drawn by Sprink, have since been used in his fanfic Total Drama Tropics. Please do not use the TDT name/personality of any of these characters; use the name and personality shown here. Also, big thanks to Sprinklemist for allowing me to use his character pics again!)

Josie's Entry

Mini Game Race to Fame

The camera shows Chris standing in a stadium in the center smiling he takes a few steps forward and begins to speak.

“Last time on Total Drama Unlimited, the final three battled each other in an obstacle course. It stopped Josh right in his path to victory,”

He continued to speak. “Two contestants remain; Andrew and Ichigo. Who will win? Who will be the next to fall? Stay tuned to watch a battle to the finish and some gamer guest on Total...Drama...Unlimited!”

(Theme song plays)

When the theme song finishes, the camera pans out to a set of cabins in the woods. One for Chris and the other for the remaining contestants.

Inside the cabin, the contestants were quiet and tense. Ichigo sat on the bed with a notebook in her hand, writing. “What's that for?” Andrew asked.

Ichigo looked up from her intense writing and closed her book. “Oh this? Nothing, just a think I'm working on,” Ichigo answered.

Within a moment of awkward silence, Chris called them to the stadium for the challenge. When they stepped out of the cabin, there was a Jeep waiting for them to go to the stadium.

“What do you think the challenge challenge is?” Ichigo asked. Andrew turned to Ichigo and grinned. “Statistically speaking, I can not tell you a deffinate answer due to its a one, one hundredth of a chance I'll guess it right,” Andrew answered.

Ichigo looked at him and when she looked back she say the large opening to the stadium. “Hey, pay attention Ichigo!” Andrew panicked.

She glared at him slightly and rolled her eyes. “I'm, a good driver now leave me alone!” Ichigo stated.

The jeep pulled u[ then both got out of the car and walked into the stadium As they entered into the stadium ring the room opened up to a large room, filled with familiar faces.

“Welcome everyone!” Chris said though a mega phone. “Yeah, yeah, what are we here for?” Midnight asked annoyed while Olivia and Stasha whispered to one another.

“Okay Ichigo, Andrew both of you are to pick two people each and the four after that,” Chris said.

A few whispers rustled through the eliminated contestants. Andrew was up first and picked Amber and Tom for the first two and Sakaki, Josh, Ben and Lizzy for the second half. Next was Ichigo who picked George and Derek. Then she picked Stasha , Olivia, Midnight and Jared. “Yay!” Stasha and Olivia said in unison.

“What do we have to do?” Jared asked bluntly. “The first two people who were picked were Tom and Amber for Andrew's pick and Derek and George for Ichigo's pick. These four people will each come up with a challenge for the final two,” Chris stated.

“What about the rest of us?” Lizzy asked while everyone piled out of the stadium stands.

Chris thought about the question for a brief second and then spoke. “You are on the person's helpers list. That means you can help them for a challenge but your not a team. And with that go to your person who picked you.” Chris said.

Everyone split up into groups. Andrew, Sakaki and Josh, Ben and Lizzy for one group. Ichigo, Stasha, Olivia, Midnight and Jared for her team.

The challenge people were ready and the mini games began. First up was Tom. “Your challenge is to be the first one to put a statue of me together out of this rock,” Tom said.

Ichigo and her group got ready while Andrew waited for Tom to say go. The challenge began and everyone ran to build. “This will be great exercise for my muscles “ Jared said happily.

The challenge moved by quickly with Andews great strength winning him the first challenge. With no time to spare challenge two was up. Derek walked forward and announced his challenge. “In those buckets of slime is a carburettor. You need to find it and bring it to me. First one to do so wins the game.” Derek stated.

The challenge began and everyone went diving into the slime. Olivia pulled out a screw, Ben a muffler until Stasha's out of everyone found it “Is this it?” Stasha asked.

Derek nodded and she gleefully skipped to him and won the challenge for Ichigo. “How is that possible?” Ben asked himself outloud.

Sakaki just shook her head. “I have no idea,” Josh answered.

Challenge two went to Ichigo allowing three to start. Amber stepped forward and Derek stepped back. “Okay your challenge is to find three tiki men and place it in your color basket before your competitor does. Ichigo your red and Andrew your blue. Ready go!” Amber instructed

The group split up and searched everything. “Found one!” Sakaki yelled as she ran back to her basket.

The next one was found by Ichigo who put it in her basket.

Then Lizzy found a tiki and so did Midnight. The groups were tied. Who will find the last tiki man. The heat was on as the teams desperately searched to find theirs first. Olivia and Josh found the last tiki's at the same time making it a race to the baskets. Olivia sprinted with Josh behind her by a few steps. But because of that few step advantage Olivia reached her basket first giving the win to Ichigo again. “Yes I'm ahead!” Ichigo cheered. The last challenger stepped forward. “My challenge is to put this huge puzzle together!” George said.

“I feel like I don't get to host enough,” Chris admitted. ”So I'll say go. Ready Set Go!” Chris announced.

For the last time the groups were off. Andrew's group was in the lead with their group working smoothly together. Ichigo's group struggled until they got a rhythm to it managing to catch up with Andrew's impressive group.”Your going down!” Andrew cheered. “With my brain there is no stopping me from winning,”Andrew stated.

Olivia worked harder and harder on the puzzle until one of the groups finished. “The winner of this season is..................Ichigo!”Chris yelled.

Ichigo stood up and cheered as she bounced up and down. Chris walked up to her and presented her the one million dollars in the case. The End

Reddy's Entry

“Last time on Total Drama Hula Babies,” Chris said from his long chair on the shores of Hawaii, “Our final four battled it out in a tropical race to the finals. However, due to a major turn of events, all four contestants moved onto the final…er…two…” Chris looked around awkwardly, “But now, they’re on the Hawaiian path to the jury, while they pass statues of the ten losers and give their views on them, while they have no knowledge that the losers are watching! Stay tuned to see who wins it all, on Total…Drama…HULA BABIES!”

(Theme Song)

George, Midnight, Olivia, and Sakaki are shown walking down a path together.

“I cannot believe Chris didn’t have some way of making the final two, the final two!” Olivia griped to the other three.

Midnight rolled her eyes at Olivia’s statement, and Sakaki simply walked quietly.

“Oh c’mon, Olivia! Lighten up!” George hugged Olivia, despite his conflict with her, “Isn’t better that we all still have a shot at the million!?”

“Only if you wanna lose,” Olivia crossed her arms in the confessional.

“Oh yeah, Lizzy!” Midnight exclaimed as the group came upon a pink statue of Lizzy, the first eliminated contestant, standing triumphantly. “Despair and spite tok her out, but she still showed her light.”

“She’s a total poser.” Olivia crossed her arms once again.

Sakaki stayed quiet.

“I like her.” George giggled.

“Why?” Olivia asked.

“She’s pretty.” George made an obnoxious face, making his three fellow finalists roll their eyes.

“Let’s get moving.” Olivia moved ahead as the rest of the group followed. After ten minutes or so of hiking in silence, they come upon a blue statue of Josh, lazily laying on a long chair.

“Not this lazy mess.” Olivia rolled her eyes.

Sakaki slowly blushed at Josh, “I actually kind-of have a crush on Josh.” She says quietly in the confessional.

“Meh.” Midnight shrugged. George gave a thumbs up to the statue, as if it were the real Josh.

The group moved on silently, as if silenced by their soothing trip down memory lane. They came to another blue statue, this time on Andrew, standing idle.

Olivia stared in shock at the statue. “Andrew has been haunting me forever,” Olivia sighed in the confessional, “I’ve been taking out people in this game since the beginning, and Andrew was my first try, which I really screwed up. He was in love with me, and I took his heart and smashed it into pieces…” Olivia let a few tears stream down her face, “While laughing…”

“Never got why his team voted him off,” George sighed.

“Thank God I’m the only one of my team left.” Olivia said in the confessional.

“I never got to know him.” Sakaki shrugged somberly. Midnight nodded in agreement with Sakaki.

The group sadly moved onto another blue statue. Derek, on a bike, was the statue.

“What a weakling.” Olivia glared at the statue.

“He always tried to force everyone to love exercising.” Midnight shook her head in shame at Derek.

“Amen!” George cheered. Sakaki shrugged.

The all ran to the next statue, as it started to lightly sprinkle. The statue is a pink, idle Amber.

“Another person I took out,” Olivia rolled her eyes in the confessional.

“Oh, Amber,” George looked up at the statue and started crying. Sakaki patted him on the back.

“It’ll be okay, You’ve both moved on since your break-up.” Sakaki said soothingly. George nodded and gathered his wits.

“The girl bugged me, in all honesty.” Midnight said.

The group ran faster to the next statue, as it started to pour harder and harder. A blue statue of Tom in only his underwear is next.

“His brightness, began to stink, so we through him down the sink.” Midnight smiled happily, “I never did like Tom.” She said in the confessional.

“Tom was okay.” Olivia shrugged.

“Agreed.” Sakaki nodded.

“Tom was my right hand man in this.” George sighed.

The group ran even faster to the next statue, as it started to thunder and lightning.

This time, was a pink statue of Stasha, crossed arms and smiling.

“We all know what happened to her.” Midnight said. They all glared at Olivia.

“So? We’ve all blindsided our closest friends!” Olivia screamed, “In all truth, I was only using Stasha.” Olivia rolled her eyes in the confessional.

“I’m beginning to think Olivia isn’t so sweet as she claims!” George yelled in the confessional, “But she’s been nice to me the whole competition. Could she be the snake Stasha warned us about? I mean, we’ve all pulled blindsides before.”

The four ran onto the final three statues, right before the campfire where Chris was standing. Blue statues of Ben and Jared are there, and a pink statue of Ichigo.

“Couldn’t you have had more suspense?” George asked Chris.

“This island isn’t a mile long y’know!” Chris screamed, “now into the hut!” the final “two” ran into the hut and saw the ten eliminated campers, mostly all glaring at them.

Chris walked into the hut, closing the door.

“Huts have doors?” Sakaki’s eyes wqidened.

“They do when you spend the prize money of a reality show on them!” Chris laughed. The final “two” gasped. “Just kidding! You should have seen the look on your faces!”

“Not cool.” Midnight crossed her arms in the confessional.

“So how is this going to work?” Olivia smiled confidently as she asked Chris.

“I was getting to that!” Chris snapped, “Geez, you can’t get patient reality show contestants these days.”

“What would be the fun in that?” George laughed.

“Good point.” Chris gave George a thumbs up. “Okay, each of the final two will get to make an opening speech that you will try to convince the ten losers to vote for you in. Then, once the speeches are finished, the losers vote for who they want to win. I play the votes, and we’ll have a winner.”

“I’ll go first!” Olivia jumped in excitement.

“Nope, we’re going in alphabetical order. George, then Midnight, then Olivia, and finally Sakaki. George, your up.” Chris said. George nodded and stood behind the podium and held a microphone.

“Fellow losers!” George began his speech.

“That’s such a great way to start your speech,” Olivia rolled her eyes, “And you just called yourself a loser, FY-,” Chris threw roll off duct tape at Olivia to shut her up. Olivia glared at Chris, who put up the ‘shush’ sign.

“Not all of us got along,” George glanced to Amber, “But that doesn’t mean, kill my chances of fortune. Heck, I believe any one of us good be up here making this speech!” he kicks over the podium, “But, if you were right here, I have a question; Would you wanna win!? So, support who you think as best to win, and the person, who lived their life in the game!” George smashed the microphone down on the podium, destroying both.

“That was so beautiful…” Amber said in the confessional, tears of joy in her eyes.

“Hey, we needed that for the other speeches!” Chris whined. George blushed and walked to the side.

Midnight walked up to where the podium would be, looked down at the shattered podium, and then glanced at George. “Well, I don’t feel like giving a speech, so you’ll get more time on the beach.” Midnight walked over by George, “When this is all over.”

Olivia walked up to the podium happily, but Chris shoved her over to George and Midnight, “What!?”

“I don’t feel like listening to you try and convince these people to forgive and forget what you did.” Chris laughed. Olivia’s eye twitched angrily.

Sakaki walked past Chris and over to the other three.

“Well, looks like our final two isn’t the speech-giving pair,” Chris laughed, “The ten losers will now vote, right after this!” Chris exclaimed.

A commercial for Chef’s Road-Kill Café played and ended.

“Lizzy, go vote.” Chris ordered. Time elapsed to after the ten losers had all voted for a winner.

“And now, the moment of truth!” Chris turned on the up-until-now unotice television that showed the votes.

Lizzy voted for George to win, “Finally! Someone crushes on the retro!”

Josh is shown, voting for Sakaki to win, “I really like you too…” he blushed.

Andrew votes for George, “I think you’re really cool guy.”

George smiles, while Sakaki and Josh cuddle on the sofa.

Derek votes for Sakaki, “You’re the only one to not insult me upon my statue!”

Amber votes for George, “I want you back...” she says in tears, “I’m sorry for everything I did. Hope you win Georgey.”

George gasps and turns to see Amber blushing. He smiles wide and rapidly nods to Amber.

Tom voted for George, “What are we supposed to say here again?”

Stasha voted for Olivia, as she wasn’t informed this was a vote to win, “You traitor!”

Ben votes for Midnight, “We’re in a relationship.”

Jared votes for Olivia, “She’s so hot!”

Ichigo votes for George, “You rule.”

George and Olivia both gasp.

“Yep, you saw it right on that television, George is the WINNER of Total Drama Hula Babies!” Chris handed George the million dollar case. Amber ran up to George, embraced him and then kissed him.

“Oh well,” Sakaki sighed under the thundering cheer that filled the air.

“Hey, don’t worry.” Josh slowly moved in and kissed Sakaki.

The scene slowly moved out of the hut, ending another season the Total Drama. The screen went black, and the credits played.

Nalyd's Challenge

I think this is an easy challenge, but it can decide a lot. I want to know why you deserve to win. It doesn't matter how long your entry is, but rather the quality of this. Why do you deserve to win?

Josie's Entry

Why I should win

Wow where to start, I would like to say that I worked really hard to make it to the final two. Now that I have said that I can continue with my speech. I have come a long way since the beginning of this competition and I know that I can win. I have many reasons why I believe I should win.

First of all, I am a great author. If I wasn't than I would not be here now. When this competition first started I honestly thought I wouldn't make it far. But things have changed since then and my stories have grown and expanded in many different ways. I'm not the same person who I was in the beginning, the one who thought that I would never make it far. Instead I am the person who is saying I can do this, I just know I can. Like I have said in past times I can surpass the expectations for a new comer like myself. Even though I have no internet access at my house due to compuer issues, I have still managed to enter my stories by going to Jason's house and typing them there. I make so much effort trying to win this competition that I believe I can succeed. Also to prove the statement about my computer, for evidence you can simply just ask Jason about it. I would never put so much effort in to this if I didn't want to win.

Further more, If I win I would definately want to be a judge and help other authors become better at their writing skills. I would really love helping authors expand and grow into their own person like I have in this competition.

Most importantly, I would like to point out a fact. Unlike Reddy I have submitted my stories every single challange. Even though it was just one story missing, I thought it was an important fact to mention. To me one story missing is very crutial if your aiming for excellence and to win. No offense to Reddy but if you want to win you have to be dead on with every challange. By that I mean you have to continue to enter stories and not miss any. For instance, look at me I have no internet access and yet I still manage to enter my stories every time thanks to my great friend Jason.

Nevertheless, I believe I should win in the end and I know that I definately want to win. Thank you so much for considering my side as well as Reddy's even though you have to decide on the final winner.

Thanks so much for reading!



Reddy's Entry

Reddy's "Why should I win?" Speech

The final two... I always thought I'd get fifth. Hahaha! But, let us move onto the true meaning of this speech. Why should I win Total Drama Author Five?! Well, there are many reasons, in my opinion, that I should win.

First off, my scores in the competition. I have had three BOWs and no nominations. That's one more BOW and one less nomination then Josie. I feel that my scores in this competition could help me right now. They helped me to the final two, right!? Hahaha.

Second-of-all, I've outlasted some epic authors! Now, I've outlasted eighteen authors, some of which were epic, and others, not so much. I found most of the final ten to be great authors. Not many people get to be here in the final two, so I must have some talent, right!? Hahaha. (You don't now how bad I want to type "XD" in this speech...)

Third; I think I am honestly a better writer then Josie. Now that may or may not be true, 'cause this is one man's ego-induced opinion. Josie, you are a great author. Now time for my challenge... Think you can beat me? If you can, great! If not, hey, the judges are just four people's opinions!

Fourth and final note; I want to help out with Total Drama Author 6. I would be a dedicated judge and show the same attitude I did on the review challenge.

I sincerely hope you judges take my speech into consideration while deciding the ultimate winner.


Final Judging

Nalyd: Judges, please go over your challenge and tell me who you think wins (not here, tell me privately).

And The Winner of Total Drama Author 5 Is...

Nalyd: Each of you will turn the handle to your door. The winner's door will open. On the count of three, turn your handles. One... Two... Three. *both turn the door handles*

*Reddude's door opens*

Nalyd: Congratulations to Reddude, the winner of Total Drama Author 5!

Reddude: Yayz!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD :DDDDDDDDDD

Sonik: Yay REDDY!!!!

Red: THX!

Reddy: Good game Josie! :D

Sunshine: *can't believe Nalyd's so cheap that he just reused the doors from TDA2* ...congrats for winning, Reddy, and congrats to Josie for making it this far! :D

Usitgz: Awesome job Reddy!

Nalyd: Same doors from TDA4 too! ^_^

Reddy: XD thanks everyone 8D

Shane: Congratulations Reddy! *hugs Reddy* You deserved it, man! Goldenshane 19:12, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

Chimmy: Congrats...and in celebration, I made a pic! ^_^ Sorry for bad quality, this was the best version I could take...

Webly: Congrats! You totally deserved to win and I just hope that you will be a great admin!

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