Week One Stories

Anonymos' Story

“A large, white bus rode by on an empty road; on it’s way to a film lot. On board were fourteen teenagers. They had no idea what they were in for,” Chris McLean narrated, “But this story isn’t about them. It’s about our fourteen contestants, and most importantly, me!” He was pictured walking around an abandoned film lot, surrounded by empty trailers, “So, the reason they’re here is because they all competed for the million dollar case. None of them officially won, so we officially called it a tie, forcing them to compete for the one million dollars. Each week they’ll be put through rigorous movie themed challenges, and each week, one of them will walk the Red Carpet of Shame; get in the Lame-o-Sine, and leave. So, without further ado, let’s begin.”

Gwen anxiously tapped her foot on the edge of the curb, “When is he going to get here?” She wondered aloud.

“What’s your rush?” Trent asked, “We should enjoy what little free time we have left before Chris gets here.”

“I just want to get this over with,” Gwen sighed, “With all the drama from last season I was sort of hoping to go home. But I guess Chris had other plans for me.”

“It could be worse,” Trent stated.

“How so?” Gwen inquired.

“I could be here without you,” Trent smiled. Gwen leaned over and they kissed.

“Aw, isn’t that cute,” Duncan said sarcastically.

“Shut it, Duncan,” Gwen glowered. She playfully punched him in the arm.

“I don’t even understand why you came back,” Heather folded her arms, “It’s very obvious that I’m going to win.”

“The more you say that, the more we know it isn’t true,” Beth stated.

“Yeah, Heather,” Lindsay agreed.

“Like you two stand a chance,” Heather chuckled.

“We have a better shot than you!” Beth exclaimed.

“Oh, please,” Heather grinned, “You’re nothing but a wannabe and she’s nothing but a Lindsiot.”

“I am so more than a Lindsiot!” Lindsay exclaimed, “Wait, I’m not a Lindsiot!”

“You can keep telling yourself that,” Heather said. “I will!” Lindsay defiantly stated. Heather rolled her eyes.

“Girls,” Justin winked at them as they walked by. The three girls sighed.

“No, you’re the cutest!” Bridgette giggled.

“No, you’re the cutest!” Geoff playfully argued.

“Look, we all know that Li’l Ol’ Leshawna is the cutest!” Leshawna cut in, “So why don’t you two stop arguing over which one of you is cuter!”

“Okay!” Bridgette grabbed Geoff and they started making out.

“… At least they’re quiet this way…” Leshawna said.

“And then, when E-Scope was ready to dive,” Izzy babbled, “E-Scope’s grandmother came and she said that E-Scope shouldn’t jump, but E-Scope did anyway!”

“No way!” Harold exclaimed, “That is wicked!”

“I know, right!” Izzy laughed.

“Izzy, that’s amazing!” Owen exclaimed.

“My name is E-SCOPE!!” She roared

“You’re very weird,” DJ stated.

“That’s what my psychiatrist says!” Izzy giggled.

“Good morning, cast-mates!” Chris greeted the fourteen teenagers.

“You mean campers,” Duncan corrected.

“No, I’m pretty sure I mean cast-mates,” Chris repeated, “You see, now you’re cast-mates, as in a movie, whereas last time you were campers, like at a summer camp.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” Lindsay said, “Sort of…”

“As I was saying,” Chris spoke, “This season, you will be put through challenges based on movie genres.”

“So, what are we supposed to do this week?” Heather asked.

“Good question, Heather,” Chris replied, “This week’s genre is… the silent movie!”

“The silent movie?” Trent asked.

“The silent movie,” Chris repeated, “The challenge is to stay silent for as long as possible, and Trent, since you just talked, you’re out!”

“What?!” Trent exclaimed.

“Chris, that isn’t fair,” Gwen defended.

“You heard me,” Chris grinned. Gwen and Trent frowned. Chris continued, “Oh, and Gwen you’re out, too. The winner of this challenge will receive invincibility.”

Three minutes later, one of the other contestants cracked, “E-SCOPE CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!”

“Izzy, it’s been, like, three minutes,” Gwen stated.

“I do not answer to that!” Izzy hissed.

“I’m sorry, E-Scope,” Gwen rolled her eyes.

“That’s better,” Izzy folded her arms.

The other eleven teens sat around the room, Geoff and Bridgette making out, Leshawna lying on the ground from boredom, Heather with her nose in the air, Lindsay and Beth helping each other with their hair, DJ petting his bunny, Justin looking in a mirror, Duncan playing with a pocket knife, Owen eating some of Chef’s gruel, and Harold practicing kung-fu.

In practicing one of his kung-fu moves, he accidentally hit Leshawna.

“OW!” She cried, “Harold!”

“I’m sorry me bodacious beauty!” Harold knelt down at her side.

“Harold, Leshawna,” Chris grinned, “Sorry, but you two are out.” Leshawna glared at Harold, as the two of them joined the other three losers.

“Well now this is just unfair,” Leshawna sulked.

An hour had gone by without a peep from any of the nine remaining. Geoff and Bridgette continued making out on top of a table, until they fell off, and crashed on the ground. Bridgette and Geoff groaned in pain.

“That counts as an out!” Chris exclaimed. Bridgette and Geoff shot him a look. Just then, Owen farted, knocking both Lindsay and Beth unconscious.

“Uh,” Chris was desperate, as this was taking much longer than he anticipated, “All three of you are out!”

“What?!” Owen cried, “They didn’t do anything!” Chris shrugged, “Sorry, girls!” He dragged the two girls over to the loser area.

“And with that, we’re down to four,” Chris referred to Duncan, Heather, Justin and DJ. Just as he said this, Duncan accidentally tripped, more or less by accident, knocking Bunny out of DJ’s lap. Duncan started laughing.

“BUNNY!!” DJ cried, “NOOOOO!!!”

“Dude, chill,” Duncan said, “It’s just a rabbit.”

“Don’t you ever say that about Bunny,” DJ hissed.

“And now we’re down to two,” Chris stated, as he checked his watch, “Good thing, too.”

“Why?” Heather and Justin asked at the exact same time. They looked nervous, but pretended like nothing had happened.

“No particular reason,” Chris replied, “Now, since you two talked at the exact same time, I’ve decided that both win invincibility for this challenge.”

Heather grinned evilly at Beth, who cringed slightly. Justin shot a look at Izzy, who shot one back.

“Meet me at the Gilded Chris Theatre in twenty minutes for the ceremony,” Chris instructed.

Heather was gathering a small group of people around her, “We need to vote off someone. Someone who is a big threat to all of us.”

“Who?” Gwen asked, “And why should we listen to you?”

“I was thinking Beth. The nice girl routine can be very powerful. And because,” Heather went off into a dramatic moment, “I’ve turned good! I’m now one hundred percent nice, in and out!”

“We’ll think about it,” Trent sighed.

Meanwhile, Justin was doing the same…

“We need to vote off a big threat,” Justin stated.

“Whatever you say, Mr. Gorgeous,” Beth drooled.

“I was thinking Duncan,” Justin said, “He made it to the final four last season, and he seems like a force to be dealt with in future challenges.”

Lindsay, Owen and Beth nodded.

Later, at the Gilded Chris ceremony…

“So here’s how this is going to work,” Chris began, “If you don’t receive a Gilded Chris Award, you have to walk down the Red Carpet of Shame, get in the Limo of Losers, and leave. Please cast your votes.”

Everyone simultaneously pressed a button on the small metallic device.

“And the Gilded Chris’s go to…” Chris began, “Lindsay, Heather, Justin, Gwen and Trent,” He tossed the awards to the five contestants, “Geoff, Bridgette and Leshawna,” The awards were tossed, “Four nominees left,” Beth, Duncan, Izzy and Owen squirmed in their seats, “The final Gilded Chris’s go to… Beth and Duncan.” He tossed the awards to them.

“What?” Owen cried, “How could you vote for me?”

“Sorry, big guy,” Lindsay sighed.

“You were a bigger threat than Duncan,” Justin shrugged.

“But how did Izzy get the boot?” Owen asked.

“She scares me,” Heather explained.

“I heard rumors that I was going to be voted out,” Beth said.

“Me too,” Duncan growled, “Mind explaining?”

“Well,” Heather stated, “It’s not like you two are any threat to us. It was a big misconception on my part to conceive you as threats. It’s not like you two could, oh, I don’t know, make it to the final two or anything.” She and Justin started cracking up at that.

“Izzy, Owen,” Chris motioned for them to leave. The two left without another word, except Izzy screaming about how Chris forgot to call her E-Scope.

Cards777's Story

Merry Chris-mas!



            “Last time you saw me, was when twenty-two teens were hunting through Camp Wawanakwa to find a briefcase containing one million dollars! However, those losers knocked it into the water and it was “accidently” eaten by a shark. But, fourteen lucky campers were in the water when the case was eaten, so they are now on Total Drama Action competing for another million dollars!” Chris said as the introduction to the episode.

A bus pulled up in front of an old, abandoned film lot. The fourteen teens got off of the bus.

“This is crap!” Heather said, “And it smells like burnt hair.”

"I think it smells like fried chicken!" Owen said.

“Does anybody notice anything different about me?” Beth asked.

“I see you got your braces off,” Trent said.

  Justin was staring at Beth’s teeth, except he was only really looking at his reflection in her teeth. Then, another bus pulled up, driven by Chris McLean.  “Hello, cast mates!”

“Cast mates? I thought we were campers!” Lindsay said.

“That was last season, Linds-iot!” Heather said.

“Oh,” a very confused Lindsay said.

“Well, anyway, it’s time for your first challenge!” Chris said.

“Already?” Beth asked.

“Yes, already. First, hop into the bus, and I’ll drive you to your trailers.” Chris said.

Everybody grabbed their bags, and boarded the bus. Chris drove them through the film lot.

“Wait! We forgot Tyler!” Lindsay said.

“Linds, Tyler isn’t on season two,” Beth told her.

“Oh, okay Bella. So, when does Tyson get here?” Lindsay asked.

“He isn’t coming,” Beth told her.

“Oh,” Lindsay said, “Chip can you make Taylor be a cast mate?” Lindsay asked.

“First of all, it’s Chris. Second, no, he didn’t qualify for season two.

“Oh,” Lindsay realized.

“Chris, why does it smell like burnt hair?” Heather asked.

“Well, let’s just say that there was an end of the world movie shot here, and production didn’t go to well,” Chris explained. “As you can see, there are many, many different sets. There’s a space set, beach set, an alien movie set,” Chris said before being interrupted.

“Ooo, aliens. I’m very close to aliens!” Izzy said.

“Shocker,” said Heather.

“I’ve been abducted by aliens forty-seven times!” Izzy said.

“Forty-seven?” Gwen asked.

“Yeah,” Izzy said.

Heather said, “I bet every time, they messed with your brain.”

“Yeah, they did,” Izzy said.

“That explains so much!” Heather said.

“Shut it!” Chris said.

“Now as I was saying there are many different sets. Each challenge will be based on a different movie genre. Now today’s movie genre is the Christmas Holiday genre! As you know, if you lose the challenge, you vote somebody off at the Gilded Chris Ceremony. If you are voted off, you walk down the Red Carpet of Shame and take the Lame-o-sine to loserville! But, before the challenge, last season the confessional was an outhouse, this season, it’s a make-up trailer! Chris said as he parked by the trailers.

“So can we like use the make up?” Lindsay asked.

“Sure. Now, there are four trailers, one for the girls on the Killer Directors, one for the girls on the Screaming Producers, one for the guys on the Killer Directors, and one for the guys on the Screaming Producers. Beth, Harold, Lindsay, Geoff, Bridgette, Duncan, and Heather are on the Killer Directors. That means Justin, Leshawna, Gwen, Trent, Owen, Izzy, “said Chris.

“It’s E-Scope!” Izzy said.

“Okay, fine! E-Scope and DJ are the Screaming Producers!” said Chris.

“I really think that Justin likes me! It’s obvious; I mean he was staring at me!” Beth said in the confessional.

“Beth thinks I like her!” Justin said laughing in the confessional, “It’s so easy and fun to manipulate people in this game! No wonder Heather manipulated a lot of people last season!”

“Yay! Beth, we’re on the same team! EEEEEEE!” Lindsay squealed.

Geoff and Bridgette took a break from making out and Geoff said, “We’re on the same team babe,”

“I know,” Bridgette said then the two continued making out.

“Okay, your first challenge is to go into this building, and pick out a tree, and then decorate it!” Chris said

The two teams rushed into the building and picked out a tree. The Producers have a medium-sized tree, while the Directors have a large tree.

“Will you two stop making out and help us decorate the freaking tree?” Duncan asked Bridgette and Geoff.

The two continued to make out.

“Those two are going to be the first to go if we lose two challenges.” Duncan said in the confessional.

“Harold, you doofus, you put the lights on wrong!” Duncan said to Harold, the pushed him down, “Geekwad,”

“Gosh!” Harold said after getting up.

“Come on you two, the other team is almost finished!” Heather said.

The Screaming Producers were finished putting on the lights, and were starting to put on the ornaments. However, the Killer Directors were re-staring the lights.

“We’re finished!” Gwen yelled.

“Good for you,” Heather said.

The Killer Directors finished putting on the lights and started putting ornaments on when Chris said, “Times up! Screaming Producers, you have an awesomely decorated tree! The Killer Directors didn’t finish decorating, so that means that the Screaming Producers win the first part of the challenge, and an advantage in the second part!” Chris said, “Now follow me to the second part of the challenge!”

Then everybody, except Geoff and Bridgette, who were too busy making out, followed Chris to a field.  “For part two, you are going to have a snowball fight in your bathing suits!” Chris said laughing.

Everybody groaned and then changed into their bathing suits.

“Chris where are we going to get snow in the middle of the summer?” DJ asked.

“Good question DJ,” Chris pulled a rope and four hundred gallons of snow falls on the contestants.”

“Brrrrr!!!”  The contestants all said.

“Now, then, the advantage for the Producers is that they get a fort,” Chris pointed to a small fort, about a foot high.

“Gee, thanks!” Gwen said sarcastically.

“Okay, how it works, is if you get hit with a snowball, you are out. That’s pretty much it, so yeah, go!” Chris explained the challenge.

The two teams ran to opposite ends of the field.

“Duncan, you did awesome last season in the dodgeball challenge, so do the same with this challenge!” Heather said.

“Okay, here’s what we’ll do!” Duncan said then continued on with his plan.

Heather formed a snowball with a glob of snow and threw it at Gwen, “Take that weird, goth girl!”

Trent jumped in front of Gwen before the snowball hit her.

“Thanks,” Gwen said.

“No problem!” Trent said taking a seat in the snow on the sidelines of the field.

Leshawna threw a snowball at Heather, knocking her wig off her head.

“Who threw that?” Heather asked.

“I don’t know,” Leshawna said.

Heather screamed and sat down on the sidelines of the field.

“Okay team, start the plan now!” Duncan instructed.

The Killer Producers all threw snowballs at one person, DJ.

“Mama!” DJ screamed as he was pelted with snowballs.

Harold went aside from the plan and tried to hit Gwen with a snowball, but he missed. Gwen threw a snowball at Harold which hit him. Harold then walked to the sidelines. Duncan threw a snowball at Harold. The snowball hit Harold and knocked him over.

“What was that for?” Harold asked.

“For disobeying my orders!” Duncan said.

“Gosh!” Harold said.

“Oh no! Don’t you mess with Harold!” Leshawna said then threw a snowball at Duncan.

“Duncan is out! That leaves Beth and Lindsay for the Directors, and Gwen, Leshawna, Izzy,” Chris said before being interrupted.

“E-Scope!” Izzy said.

“Fine! Gwen, Leshawna, E-Scope, Owen, and Justin for the Producers.”  Chris said.

“Come on bestie, we can win this for the Killer Directors!” Beth said, and then she formed a snowball and threw it at Gwen. It hit Gwen.

“Yay!” Beth said, “Sorry Gwen,”

Lindsay threw a snowball at Owen, but missed. Instead it hit Justin.

“This snow feels like a moisturizer!” Justin exclaimed then plunged face first into the snow.

“How could you miss Owen? He’s huge!” Heather said.

E-scope threw a snowball at Lindsay, and it hit her.

“Ow!” Lindsay said then fell down.

Beth threw a snowball at Leshawna. It hit her.

“You’re going down!” Izzy said to Beth.

Izzy threw a snowball at Beth, and it hit her.

“We won!” Izzy exclaimed.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that!” Chris said pointing at Geoff and Bridgette walking to the field.

“Throw a snowball at her!” Duncan said.

Geoff did so.

“The Killer Directors win part two! Now for your third part of the challenge, you are singing Christmas Carols!” Chris said, “Now decide which song you will sing!”

The two teams decided their songs.

“Now you will have one hour to rehearse your song, starting now!” Chris said.

One hour later…

“The Screaming Producers go first!” Chris said.

The Screaming Producers stepped up and started singing Jingle Bell Rock, “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock

Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring

Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun

now the jingle hop has begun. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock

Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time

Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square

In the frosty air.

What a bright time, it's the right time

To rock the night away

Jingle bell time is a swell time

To go gliding in a one-horse sleigh

Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet

Jingle around the clock

Mix and a-mingle in the jingling feet

That's the jingle bell,

That's the jingle bell,

That's the jingle bell rock.”

“Okay, that was good, Killer Directors, you’re up!” Chris said.

The Killer Directors started to sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, “You know Dasher and

Dancer and Prancer and Vixen,

Comet and Cupid and Donder and Blitzen.

But do you recall?

The most famous reindeer of all? Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

had a very shiny nose,

and if you ever saw it,

you would even say it glows.

All of the other reindeer

Used to laugh and call him names;

they never let poor Rudolph

join in any reindeer games. Then one foggy Christmas Eve,

Santa came to say,

Rudolph with your nose so bright,

won't you guide my sleigh tonight?Then how the reindeer loved him as they shouted out with glee, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, You'll go down in history!”

“Okay, that was also good. Well anyway, the winners are… the Screaming Producers!” Chris said.

The Screaming Producers cheered.

“And you win, a warm dinner!” Chris said.

“YES!!” Owen cheered.

The Screaming Producers ate their dinner while the Killer Directors ate Chef’s slop.

“I love this food!” Owen said in the confessional.

“I couldn’t stop staring at Justin during dinner. I wonder if he noticed.” Beth asked in the confessional.

“Beth keeps staring at me,” Justin pretended to puke in the confessional, “This seasons going to be fun!”

“I just love being on the same team as Gwen!” Trent said in the confessional.

After dinner, Duncan, Harold, and Geoff went in to the Killer Directors’ boys’ trailer. Heather, Bridgette, Lindsay, and Beth went into the Killer Directors’ girls’ trailers. Justin, Owen, Trent, and DJ went in to the Screaming Producers’ boys’ trailer. Leshawna, Gwen, and Izzy went into the Screaming Directors’ girls’ trailer. All of the cast mates went to sleep.

“Well, that wraps up this episode of TDA, join us next time on Total Drama Action!” Chris said.

The End!

COKEMAN11's Story

Extreme Sports Takeover

An image of Camp Wawanakwa showed. Chris’s voice was projected. “I know what you did last season!”

Owen’s voice was then projected. “I WON!” Clips of Owen’s victory showed, along with the final marshmallow.

“That is what you did last season, Owen! You won the hundred grand. And it seemed like the end to the Total Drama shows…it seemed like the end. At a ‘fun’ reunion, the contestants - all twenty-two of them – went on a treasure hunt for ONE…MILLION…DOLLARS!” Clips from Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama, Island showed while Chris spoke a monolugue. “Justin’s evil side showed itself, Heather made a friend, and Lindsay actually did something astute! But the question remains; who got the million? NOBODY! It landed in the water…and got eaten by a shark. But! The fourteen contestants in the water when the case was eaten moved on to the next season!”

Chris appeared in front of a film set, in some sort of theatre. “Justin, Lindsay, Beth, Duncan, Heather, Harold, Leshawna, Owen, Gwen, Trent, Geoff, Bridgette, Izzy and DJ have been told to report to an abandoned film lot for 42 days of MAYHEM! And the prize? One…million…”

Chef walked on screen. “Chris? Where’s my paycheck at? I’m-ma needing my cash!”

“You’ll get one later!” Chris appeared in front of the film lot. “As I was saying, the winner gets a million big ones. Now, see what’ll happen on the first episode of the hottest new reality show on TV: Total... Drama… ACTION!” The theme song played.

The contestants were in a plane.

“You don’t expect us to jump out of this thing, do you?” Justin asked.

“Without parachutes?” Gwen followed up.

“Yes. Yes, I do. Get ready!” Chris smiled and handed everyone glasses. “Don’t worry, there’s a mattress at the bottom!”

“Ooh! A girl named Matt!” Lindsay laughed, dumbfounded.

“No, Lindsay, it’s what they have on your bed.” Trent explained.

“Ohhhhh…” Lindsay figured something out, for once. But before anyone could say anything, Izzy rammed through everyone and out of the plane.

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Izzy landed 0.5 millimeters from the mattress. “I’m okay!”

“Let’s see about that.” Justin jumped. Geoff and Bridgette jumped together, while making out.

“Not like life can get any worse.” Gwen jumped.

“You said it, Gwen.” Trent smiled, but DJ accidentally pushed Trent off of the plane.

“Oops…just like last season.” DJ had a flashback to when he pushed Trent off of a plane during the extreme sports challenge. Beth gasped. “Is he okay?”

“Only one way to find out.” Duncan jumped, followed by Harold, Heather, and Leshawna.

“I don’t wanna jump onto the bed! What if I don’t land on it, and I land on that fire?” Lindsay was actually pointing at Izzy’s hair.

“Just jump.” Chris pushed Lindsay out, and everyone else jumped out.

After everyone landed safely and were on their feet, Chris made an announcement. “That was the beginning of our…EXTREME…STUNT…MOVIE!”

“We’re filming a movie?” Lindsay asked.

“No! You’re competing in challenges based on movies.” Chris explained. “But first, over there is the confessional.”

“Extreme stunt? EPIIIIC.” Duncan said in the confessional.

“This challenge is a little dangerous, don’t you think?” Owen asked the viewing world in the confessional.

“This is so confusing! I just want to move to Franz!” Lindsay mistook France for Franz in the confessional.

Everyone met in front of the trailers.

“Your second challenge is to get on a tricycle, bike up this tree trunk that we cut in half that will lead to the top of the trailer, and jump to the other trailer using that ramp.” Chris explained.

“Isn’t there, like, a quirk or something if you win?” Trent asked.

“Yeah.” Chris confirmed. “You get to have a 11 foot head-start in the next challenge.”

“Sweet.” Owen ran toward a tricycle, which he broke.

“Loser.” Heather made a derogatory remark.

Trent was in the confessional. “I hope I can be on a team with Gwen. The only way to prove that we’re good enough to be on the same team is to win this challenge!”

Trent got on top of a tricycle and went up the tree ramp. He slowly made it to the top, and then jumped across. “Yes!” Trent said victoriously. Gwen smiled.

Gwen was in the confessional. “I like Trent…a lot. But I think he’s trying to impress me, and I hate boys who do that.”

Gwen got on a bike and started her way up the ramp. She fell backwards into another tree. “Gwen!” Trent ran towards his love life. “Are you okay?”

“Totally,” Gwen smiled, “as long as you’re around.”

“Cool.” Trent remarked.

Justin succeeded, Harold succeeded, and Heather succeeded.

“Trent, Heather, Justin and Harold get the head-start for our final challenge!” Chris announced.

Everyone was gathered a long road.

“What is the challenge?” Beth asked, eagerly. Suddenly, a huge shadow was cast. An electrically-powered robot monster towered over everyone. “That thing is huge!” Beth yelled.

“No. Way.” Bridgette said in the confessional.

“Hey, cool!” Geoff pointed at the monster, while Bridgette quit the challenge.

“Your challenge is to race while running from this monster. On a tricycle!” Chris announced.

“You’re KIDDING me.” Leshawna had a look of astonishment on her face.

“On your marks…” Chris said as the four previous winners moved up to their head-start place. “Get set…” Everyone prepared to race. “Go!”

At first, Harold was in the lead. But when he tried to take out his nun chucks and hit Duncan and Heather, the monster grabbed him. Heather took the lead, but Leshawna knocked her over. Heather was captured. Geoff moved up to second while Trent was catching up to him. Justin was caught by the monster but used his good looks to capture the monster’s heart. Izzy sped up very quickly and knocked Geoff to third. Leshawna blew a tire due to a tack in the road that Izzy threw. Izzy then hit the same tack and lost. Overall, surprisingly, Geoff won.

“Geoff wins the buffet!” Chris announced.

“Woo hoo!” Geoff yelled. He then ran over to make out with Bridgette.

The scene cuts to Chris in a suite. “Well, that concludes the premiere of TDA. Geoff’s enjoying his turkey dinner while everyone else sleeps hungry. Yeah, I have the power. Even though it might not have been as dramatic as I make it sound, trust me; it WILL get better. Want to find out? The real contest starts next time on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION!” Chris signed off.

Darkdonpatch's Story

Season 2, episode 1, Flat and Meaningless: Canadian Cliff

Chris:Last Season on Total Drama Island. Owen Won the 100,000 dollars for 1,000,000 Cash! But then the case got eaten by a shark,but we got another case for the 14 who got close to the million. On this abandon film lot on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION!

  • The Bus comes*

Duncan: Great a new season, new challenges, and more Chris.

Chris: yes yes you are now 1st I will split you in two teams.

Geoff and Bridgette: *Making out*

Trent: man you guys make out.

Gwen: why are we already doing teams Chris?

Chris: Because I feel like it!

Gwen: Ok.

DJ: So who is going to make the teams?


Geoff: Awwww man


"E-scope":I CAN RUN FAST

Chris: It’s racing Izzy

"E-scope": E-scope!

Owen: good I am no good running

Harold: Track? Cool I have mad racing skills you know.

Duncan: *kicks Harold* Shut it nerd!

Harold: Owwwwwch

Chris: okay here are the teams

Justin: (concam) This season is mine no loser this season is going to vote me off, GOT THAT!

Bridgette: great.

SCREAMING BULIDERS DJ, Duncan, Geoff, "E-scope" , LeShawna, Beth, and Lindsay

KILLER INTERNS Bridgette, Gwen , Heather, Trent, Justin, Harold, and Owen

Chris: There is your teams ……..for now.

Owen: Well what’s the challenge?

Chris: A 4 vs. 4 racing challenge! Tell 4 of each team to choose the racer.

Screaming Builders Duncan, "E-scope", Geoff, and DJ

Killer Interns Harold, Gwen, Trent, and Bridgette

Chris: and the rest are the other teams pit crew now ready set GO!

All 8: *zooms*

Chef: *shoots at all the racers knocking 6 out*

  • Duncan and Harold are left*

Harold: Hah I told you that I have Mad Racing skills

Duncan: I AM NO LOSING TO YOU *hits Harold and he crashes*

Chris: and the winners are the Builders! Interns vote someone off


Harold: Bridgette

Trent: Bridgette

Gwen: Bridgette

Owen: Bridgette

Justin: Owen

Bridgette: Owen

Heather: Owen

-Award Ceremony- Chris: the Gilded Chris’s go to Trent, Harold, very surprisingly Heather , Justin and Gwen Still on the chopping block Bridgette and Owen

Owen: *gulp*

Chris: The final Gilded Chris’s go to


Bridgette: *Walks away sadly*

Geoff: *runs up to Bridgette and makes out with here until chef picks Bridgette up and brings here to the Lam-o-zine *



Chris: Well wasn’t that shocking? No but we will see you next time on TOTALLLLLLLLL DRAMMMMMMMMMMMMMA ACTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

GM's Story

The Pirates at War

By: GM

"Last season on Total Drama Island, Owen and Gwen raced for $100,000. Then Owen wins from the sweet smell of brownies. Find out who wins and find who are losers right

here and right now on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION!!!" Chris yelled as the theme song plays.

“So, 14 contestants are returning this season,” Chris explains as the boat shows up at the lake.

 “This smells like woolly beaver poop,” Duncan grumbled at Chris. 

“I’ll give you CASTMATES a tour,” Chris demanded as he got into the golf cart.

 “Hey, a tour,” Trent said happily.

 “Don’t be so happy,” Duncan said to Trent.    

“Don’t talk to him like that!” Gwen shouted at Duncan rudely.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” DJ said to Gwen and Duncan.

“Don’t fight!” DJ yelled at everyone.

“That’s right brother!” Geoff shouted as Chris started talking.

“Do you guys just want to start the challenge?” Chris asked everyone while Duncan wasn’t paying attention.

“Yeah!” Everyone screamed except Duncan.

“What is it?” Heather shouted rudely.

“It is the pirate war movie!!” Chris yelled while Chef brought the ships to the lake.

“I’ll tell you the teams for this challenge,” Chris said while Chef built a medical tent.

“The Green Team is Beth, Lindsay, Harold, DJ, Geoff, Gwen and Trent.

“Well, I’m glad I’m not with Heather,” Gwen whispered to Trent.

“EEEEEE!!! I’m a Greeny!! EEEEE!!!!!” Beth screamed.

“No I think Greeny is spelled G-R-E-E-N-I-E?” Lindsay asked Beth confused.

“NO!!!! Beth and Lindsay!!! On my team!!!” Harold said in the confessional.

“The rest Duncan, Bridgette, Owen, Izzy, Heather, Leshawna and Justin is the Red Team!!!” Chris said loudly as Justin got a mirror.

“Ahhhh…….look….so………good,” Justin said getting hypnotized by his looks.

“Here he goes again,” Heather said in the confessional.

“Oh no. Not with Heather,” Leshawna gasped and sighed.

“Yep,” Chris said with a smile.

“Don’t smile!!” Leshawna said while running to Chris.

“This isn’t a fun day so far,” Owen said in the confessional gasping.

“I’m gonna win this pirate war challenge for our team!!” Izzy yelled at the Green Team.

“Here’s on thing, I won’t harm a fly so, I’m dead!!” Beth said in the confessional.

“I’m dead! What if a cannonball hits a dolphin!!” Bridgette said in the confessional sighing.

“Arghhh maties!! It’s a pirate war now!!” Chris shouted at the cast in his pirate outfit.

“NO!!!!!” Beth and Bridgette screamed.

“Time to board the ships maties!!”Chris yelled as everyone boarded the ships.

“Ready, GO!!!” Chris yelled as Izzy quickly fired the cannons.

“Cannons rule!” Izzy screamed.

“Don’t hit my chest, knee, arm or face area!” Justin screamed at the other team.

“Okay!” Harold yelled as he used a cannon on the other ship.

“I-I can’t do it,” Beth sighed and sat on a wooden stair.

“What’s wrong Beth?” Harold asked.

“I can’t hurt anyone, it’d be mean,” Beth explained to Harold.

“That doesn’t mean you don’t have to hurt anyone,” Harold explained to Beth.

“I’ll do it!” Beth shouted.

“Good!” Harold shouted as Beth shot a cannon.

“This is my time to shine,” Duncan said shooting 2 cannons and 1 hit the opposing ship.

“Don’t panic! This means AHHHH!!!!!!!!” DJ screamed as the ship sank.

“Everyone take a Raggedy Ann doll!!” Lindsay shouted as she gave everyone Raggedy Ann dolls.

“Seriously Lindsay, a Raggedy Ann doll?” Harold said throwing his doll at Lindsay.

“Ow! Harry that hurt!!” Lindsay yelled at Harold.

“It’s Harold and how does it help?” Harold asked Lindsay. ”It just makes you feel so much better,” Lindsay explained to Harold.

I know!" Lindsay shouted at Beth.

“I gotta make this fair,” Geoff said throwing his Raggedy Ann at Lindsay and shooting a cannon hitting the other ship.

“Nice dude!” DJ shouted at Geoff.

“Look out!” Leshawna yelled at Owen.

“E-Scope shall never let her team down,” Izzy said shooting 3 cannons.

“They’re already sinking,” Duncan said to Izzy as their ship got hit.

“Ohh… They are?” Izzy was confused.

“Well it looks like both teams are sinking,” Chris said, as the ships were fully underwater.

“Yeah, you should do double elimination tonight,” Chef said to Chris.

“Okay, castmates it’s double elimination tonight,” Chris explained to the contestants.

“Don’t just stand there VOTE!!!” Chris yelled at the castmates.

“Cast your votes,” Chris said to the castmates.

“How?” Beth asked Chris.

“You just touch their face on the control,” Chris explained.

“Okay, thanks,” Beth thanked Chris and voted.

“Your welcome,” Chris said as everyone voted.

“Okay!! The Gilded Chris’ go to… Beth, Harold, Owen, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Leshawna, Geoff, Lindsay, Bridgette and DJ,” Chris said throwing Gilded Chris’ to all of them.

“Justin, Izzy and Trent, this is the final Gilded Chris,” Chris said as everyone looked nervous.

“I don’t know, all of them are weirdos,” Duncan said in the confessional.

“And it goes to……..,” Chris waited as the music played.

“IZZY!!” Chris yelled.

“IT’S E-SCOPE!!” Izzy yelled at Chris.

“Okay, E-Scope! Trent and Justin the Lameo-zine is waiting,” Chris said to Trent and Justin.

“But I look good. Or am I ugly?” Justin asked as he got picked up by Chef.

“But…But guys?” Trent said nervously in the Lameo-zine.

“ No…..Trent!!” Gwen yelled running to the Lameo-zine.

“Gwen….bye,” Trent said softly as the Lameo-zine took off with Justin crying.

“Trent!!” Gwen yelled and then cried.

“Don’t worry, I’m here,” Harold said to Gwen.

“Ack! Nerd!” Gwen screamed and pushed Harold.

“Whoa!” Harold yelled slamming into a wall.

“Well, it’s been an interesting day, that’s over. But, come back next time for all the drama and all the action right here on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION!!!” Chris yelled as the credits played.

                                                THE END!!!

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

Losers in Love

The bus stopped at a wedding chapel and the fourteen teenagers were shocked.

"Um...Why are we at a wedding chapel?", Justin asked Heather.

"Don't ask me that! Ask Chris!", Heather rudley answered back.

"Hey! Where is Chris?", asked Beth.

"Better yet. Where's Tyler?", Lindsay also asked.

"Tyler's not in the game anymore Lindsay!", Beth replied.

Chris finally showed up in a tuxedo, and Chef was with him in a bride gown. The fourteen teens looked at them and laughed.

"Your'e probably wondering why your at a chapel, instead of the abandoned film lot I told you guys to go to.", Chris told the contestants.

"Because you like to mess around with our heads?", Duncan proclaimed.

"Actually, its because your first challenge is based off the romance movies. There are three things in romance movies. One, the couple go on a date at a fancy restaurant. Two, there's a proposal. And the third, and my personal favorite, the wedding is a total disaster." There's fourteen of you, so seven groups of two will do. The winning couple wins invincibility and the losing couple gets eliminated.", Chris announced to the contestants.

"Why am I always the first to use this thing?", Lindsay asked while she was in the confessional.

Chris started to announce the couples.

"Couple 1...Geoff and Bridgette."

"Couple 2...Trent and Gwen."

"Couple 3...Owen and Izzy."

"Couple 4...Justin and Beth."

"Couple 5...Harold and LeShawna."

"Couple 6...DJ and Lindsay.

"Couple 7...Duncan and Heather."

Everyone got to their assigned couples. Duncan and Heather were disgusted that they had to work together.

"Your first challenge is to do a date at a fancy restaurant. The two couples that have the best dates gets an advantage in the second part of the challenge.", Chris announced. "Justin and Beth! Your both up first!", Chris added.

"Ever since Justin called me an ugly piece of trash and dog crap, I've never really found him as hot as he was.", Beth said in the confessional.

"Beth is atrocious! I can't believe Chris partnered such a hot face with a nobody!", Justin said in the confessional.

"So um...Beth? How's life doing for you?", Justin asked awkwardly.

"Since when did you care about my life?", Beth angrily asked Justin.

"I JUST WANNA WIN THIS CHALLENGE!!!", Justin shouted, as he cried and left the set.

"That was pathetic! 1 out of 5! DJ and Lindsay, your both next!", Chris said.

"Hey Lindsay! Got you a gift?", DJ told Lindsay.

"Is it a gift card to the mall?", Lindsay asked dimwittingly.

"'s chocolate.", DJ said to Lindsay.

"Awww! Your sweet!", Lindsay told DJ.

"CUT! 3 out of 5! Next is Trent and Gwen!", Chris said.

"Hey Gwen. Your looking hot tonight.", Trent complimented Gwen.

"Thanks Trent!!!", said Gwen. They both started to make out.

"That will do! 3 out of 5! Geoff and Bridgette is up next!", Chris said.

All Geoff and Bridgette did was make out, which gave them a 2 out of 5.

"Next is Owen and Izzy!", Chris said.

"Your dessert, your a chocolate-covered Oreo pie with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles.", Owen complimented Izzy.

"That's so sweet Owen. Your a fruitcake, but with more sugar than fruit.", Izzy said to Owen.

"Not bad! 4 out of 5! Were finally getting somewhere! Next is Harold and LeShawna!", Chris said.

"You know what you remind me of LeShawna?", Harold asked LeShawna.

"What's that sugar baby?", LeShawna asked Harold.

"You remind me of my 5 premium collector's edition Princess Leia action figures.", Harold complimented LeShawna.

"Thanks baby!", LeShawna thanked Harold.

"Awkward, but effective! 4 out of 5! Duncan and Heather, if you get 5 out of 5, you get an advantage in the next round with either Owen and Izzy, or Harold and LeShawna!", Chris said.

"I hate Heather! For all she has done to us during TDI, noone would want to be a couple with her. That is, if they had to choose.", Duncan said in the confessional.

"Let's just kiss and get it over with.", Duncan said to Heather, sounding not so enthusiastic.

"Fine.", Heather snickered to Duncan.

They both kissed very awkwardly, but everyone found it sweet.

"YOU WIN!!! 5 out of 5!!! Just for that kiss! Now you both get to choose between Owen and Izzy or Harold and LeShawna. One of them will get an advantage, along with you two. So choose now!", Chris announced.

Duncan and Heather, without hesitation, picked Owen and Izzy.

"Duncan, Heather, Owen, and Izzy all get advantages in the second part of the challenge. A wedding ring.", Chris announced.

"That is my reward for kissing Street Boy? A wedding ring? A trip to a spa would've been nice!", Heather complained in the confessional.

"The next challenge is a proposal. Whoever does the most romantic proposal gets to be the two main stars in our final part of our romantic movie challenge. Since Duncan and Heather won, they get to choose who goes first.", Chris announced to the contestants.

"We choose Harold and LeShawna!", Duncan and Heather both said.

The scene cuts to Harold proposing to LeShawna.

"My dearest LeSweeta...

"LeSweeta? At least it sound better than her real name!", Heather said in the confessional.

"Will you marry me?", Harold proposed as he handed her a Ring Pop.

"A Ring Pop?", LeShawna asked.

"Since Duncan, Heather, Owen, and Izzy have the wedding rings, everyone else gets a Ring Pop.", Chris said as he laughed.

"Whatever. As I was saying, of course I will sugart baby!", LeShawna said to Harold. The two then made out.

"4 out of 5! Who do want to go next guys?", Chris asked Duncan and Heather.

"We pick...



...Justin and Beth!!!", they both said hesitantly.

"Justin! Beth! Get up there and start proposing!", Chris said to the beauty and the beast.

"This should be interesting, and....................ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", shouted the sadistic host.

"Um...Beth...We have...known eachother...for...a...long time...and...I was wondering if...


...marry me?", Justin stuttered.

"Give me three reasons why I should say yes!!!", Beth furiously said to Justin.

"I can't do it! She's too hideous!", Justin yelled to Beth. Justin, like last time, ran out of the room crying.

"Since that was funny as hell, 2 out of 5!", Chris said.

"Next we want, Geoff and Bridgette!", Duncan and Heather said to Chris.

"Hey Bridge, will you marry...", Bridgette interrupted Geoff, and simply put the Ring Pop, and started to make out with her.

"2 out of 5! Since this is taking forever, I'm deciding the rest. Owen and Izzy, then Duncan and Heather, then DJ and Lindsay, and finally Trent and Gwen. First is Owen and Izzy.", Chris announced.

"Oh, I wish we had the Ring Pop.", Owen said to himself in the confessional.

"Izzy, will you marry me?", Owen proposed to Izzy.

"Sure Big-O!", Izzy put the ring on and kissed Owen on the lips.

"5 out of 5! Next couple to get a perfect 5 gets an advantage in the final part. Owen and Izzy, I'll talk to you two in a moment.", Chris announced.

"Heather? I can't I'm saying this, but will you...marry me?", Duncan nervously proposed to Heather. Heather simply put the ring on and continued to look disgusted.

"4 out of 5!" Next is DJ and Lindsay!", Chris said.

"Lindsay, if you marry me, I promise I'll treat you fairly and gentlemanly. So will you marry me?", DJ proposed to Lindsay.

"Will you take me to the mall fairly and gentlemanly?", Lindsay stupidly asked DJ.

"Yes.", DJ silently said back to Lindsay.

"Then I do!", Lindsay said. She put the Ring Pop on, and started licking it.

"3 out of 5, I guess. Trent and Gwen, your the last couple! Get to proposing!!!", Chris said.

"Gwen? We known eachother for a while, and I was wondering if...", Trent gives Gwen a Ring Pop in a romantic-like way. "you will marry me?", Trent continued with his proposal.

"Yes!", Gwen gladly put the Ring Pop, and kissed Trent on the lips.

"5 out of 5! Owen, Izzy, Trent, and Gwen! You four get an advantage in the final round. Winning couple of the final round gets immunity, the losing couple will be automatically eliminated. Let's get to it!", Chris announced.

Chris and the 14 contestants arrived at the perfectly spotless inside of the wedding chapel. "Your final challenge is a disaster wedding. Trent and Gwen have to get married, before the rest of you destroy the chapel. Owen and Izzy get flamethrowers for winning the second round. If Trent and Gwen finish their wedding before everything's destoyed, they win immunity. The couple that does the most damage before Trent and Gwen finished their wedding wins immunity, and whichever sucked the most in all the parts of the challenge will be eliminated! Trent stand by Chef, and Gwen go over there. And...........................ACTION!!!", Chris announced.

Wedding music started to play as Gwen walked down the aisle. Everyone was destroying everything, except Justin and Beth who were yelling at eachother, and Geoff and Bridgette who were constantly making out.

"Were gathered here to celebrate Trent and Gwen's holy matrimony, I guess! Trent, do you take Gwen to be your "wife?", Chef asked Trent.

"Yeah, I do.", Trent replied.

Owen and Izzy were burning the walls and paintings, Duncan and Heather knocked the wedding cake down, DJ and Lindsay were re-painting pictures, Harold and LeShawna were punching and kicking everything, Justin, Beth, Geoff, and Bridgette still didn't do anything.

"Gwen? Do you take Trent to be your "husband?", Chef asked Gwen.

"I do! Totally!", Gwen replied.

"I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU "HUSBAND" & "WIFE!!!" YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE!!!", Chef yelled. Trent and Gwen then kissed.

"Time's up! Since all of you didn't destroy everything before the wedding ended, Trent and Gwen win immunity! Justin! Beth! Since you got 1's on the first two parts, and only bickered here, your out!!!", Chris announced.

"But this show is nothing without my handsome face!", Justin complained.

"THIS IS SO NOT FAIR!!!", Beth yelled.

Justin and Beth walked to the Lame-O-Sine, and left Total Drama Action.

"What will happen next time? Find out next time on another exciting episode of Total...Drama...ACTION!!!", Chris said as he signed off.

Turnertang's Story


“Last season twenty two teens came to this dump and eventually Owen, the fat dude was the last one. This season fourteen of the campers are going to compete in an abandoned movie lot.” Chris announced as a bus parked right in front of him “Welcome back guys.”

“I can’t believe I got dragged into this.” Heather mumbled as she got off the bus.

“Stupid shark at my million.” Duncan complained as he got off the bus.

“Welcome back everyone. The challenge is going to start in one hour.” Chris announced as he walked away.

“A challenge already.” Bridgette said.

“That’s not fair, dude.” Geoff complained.

“Why don’t you two stop complaining and make out or something.” Chef said as he threw the bags onto the floor.

“Fine.” They both said as they started making out.

“Come on guys, this will be awesome!” Owen cheered as everyone stared at him.

“The only reason we’re all here is for the money.” Gwen commented as everyone agreed but Owen and Lindsay.

“Don’t you guys care about making friends and having fun!” Owen cheered.

“I’m here to become famous!” Lindsay chirped.

“Campers, report to film lot for the challenge.” Chris announced over the loud speaker.

“Lets go.” Heather mumbled as everyone started walking.

At the film lot…

“You’re first challenge is based off Ninja Movies.” Chris announced.

“What Ninja Movies are there?” Gwen asked.

“Uhhhh…. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!” Chris replied “Anyways the challenge is to sneak past the cameras, motion censors, and lasers.”

“That’s easy.” Duncan said.

“Well, I’d like to see you come up with something better! Also, begin!!!” Chris yelled as everyone started running.

“I can do this.” Heather said as she tripped and fell right in front of a camera.

“Your out!” Chris yelled as Chef dragged Heather.

“That’s just sad.” Duncan said as he dodged the camera and the motion censors.

“Lets go BFF!” Lindsay chirped as she fell onto a laser “Ouch!”

“I can still win!” Beth yelled as she ran right in front of a motion censor.

“Lets move, maggots.” Chef said as he dragged Lindsay, Beth, Geoff, and Bridgette away.

“This is tricky.” Gwen mumbled as she dodged a couple lasers but knocked into Duncan and they both fell on a laser.

“Who’s mister big shot now?” Chris asked as Chef dragged Duncan away.

“Watch it!” Duncan yelled as Chef threw him into a cage.

“So close.” Justin said as he dodged the last motion censor and jumped over the finis line.

“Justin wins!” Chris said as Leshawna jumped over the line.

“But I finished, too!” Leshawna yelled.

“Fine you both win now go vote two people off.” Chris announced as everyone marched to the stage.

At the stage…

“Welcome to the first Gilded Chris Award Show!” Chris announced as everyone voted “The votes are cast and the people eliminated are… Beth and Justin.”

“Why me?” Beth asked.

“I don’t know. We just voted someone off.” Duncan said as they got onto the Lamo-Zine.

“Tune in next week for Total Drama Action!” Chris yelled as the camera shut off.

Weblykinly's Story

P.S. I Hate You!

Chris: Welcome back to the follow-up season of Total Drama Island! This season will have 14 of your favorite campers! Bridgette, Beth, Heather, Lindsay, LeShawna, Gwen, Izzy, Duncan, Owen, Geoff, Harold, DJ and Justin.

(theme song plays)

Chris: Hello, campers. Did you miss me?

Duncan: Not at all

Owen: I did

Chris: It's nice to see someone cares. Anyways, this season we will be playing at a abandoned film lot and every challenge will be based on a type of movie.

Lindsay: A SMOOTHIE!!!!

Bridgette: He said movie

Lindsay: Okay, Midget!

Bridgette: (CONF) Was she dropped on her head when she was a baby!? I want to know.

Chris: Moving On. This season season will be called "Total Drama Action". And, instead of marshmallow ceremonies we'll have Gilded Chris Awards! Which are made out of chocolate. also, Chef is returning.

Owen: Did you say chocolate!!!!!!

LeShawna: Yes, but knowing Chris I wouldn't dare to eat it.

Harold: She's probably right.

Beth: Awww! I love some lovebirds. That don't argure.

Justin: That's probably all you can say because you don't have a boyfriend.

Beth: Niether do you?

Justin: Im a boy

Beth: Yea, you are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin: Whatever, get away from me!

Beth: Whatever, your highness.

Izzy: Girls, relax!

Justin: I'm not a girl, AGAIN!

Izzy: Well, you sure act like one.

DJ: What's the first challenge, Chris?

Trent: YEAH!

Chris: It's a romantic film!

Beth: I love romance!

Lindsay: So do I

Heather: SHUT UP!

Gwen: I actually agree with Heather, for once

Heather: (Conf) Just a day with Lindsay and Beth is like a day in ****

Chris: Now, I will randomly pick couples for the challenge:

  • Heather and Geoff
  • DJ and LeShawna
  • Gwen and Owen
  • Harold and Izzy
  • Trent and Lindsay
  • Beth and Justin
  • Bridgette and Duncan

Now, there will be 4 rounds. And, each round the last couple/s to finish last are out. The first challenge is to say something to make your partner mad. 4 people will be out but this round it doesn't have to be both of you. Just the ones who trash the worst. GO!!!!

Heather: That's the easiest challenge I've ever heard of.

Owen: I'm starving

Harold: You know, he did say go!

Heather: Whatever

Heather: Your a dumb and crazy idiot

Geoff: Everyone hates you.

LeShawna: You're too nice

DJ: There's nothing bad about you.

Gwen: Your fat

Owen: Your a awesome friend

Harold: Your crazy

Izzy: Your a wannabe

Trent: Your dumb

Lindsay: Im bored

Beth: Your hot

Justin: your not

Bridgette: I hate you!

Duncan: Your to busy making out to play the game.

Chris: DJ, Owen, Lindsay and Beth are out. You can do better than that, you sound like pathetic children who don't know how to swim! Now, Justin's new partner is Gwen and Trent's new partner is LeShawna.

Now you and your partner have to kiss eachother for Round 2.

Gwen: *kisses Justin* Sorry, Trent.

Trent: (conf) I CANT BELIEVE GWEN DID THAT? Although, everyone thinks Justin's hot. But, Gwen's my girl! And, she'll always be mine!

Gwen: (conf) I hope Trent isn't mad!

Bridgette: I refuse

Harold: Me too

LeShawna: Me 3

Chris: Does everyone refuse?

(everyone else nods there head)

Chris: Well, I guess Gwen & Justin win immunity. The rewards is to pick the teams next episode. Meet me at the Gilded Chris Ceremonies, tonight.

DJ: Where are our cabins?

Chris: Oh, that's next episode's reward. Have fun sleeping on the ground!

Bridgette: I have a great disliking for you

Gwen: Me 2

Duncan: Hey, DJ and Geoff come over here.

DJ: Hey, Duncan!

Duncan: Keep Quiet. Would you guys want to join an alliance with me?

Geoff: Sure, Dude!

Duncan: K, tonight we vote Beth

DJ: Ok.

Geoff: We need to sabotage her first.

DJ: Sabotage! That sounds kinda mean

Geoff: Do you want to be safe?

DJ: Yes!

Geoff: Then, I guess you should agree with me!

Duncan: Well, I think it's a great Idea. *goes & rights a letter saying 10 things bad about everyone here and signs the name Beth and sets in on the ground*

Heather: *walks over and picks up* Hey, everyone come over you look what Beth said about us

(everyone reads)

Lindsay: I thought we were BFFL's

Beth: What are you talking about?

Owen: Your so mean!!!!!

Trent: Yeah!

Beth: *cries* I don't know what your talking about

Heather: It says

Dear No one, I hate the people in this camp! Their all idiots

Beth: That's not true

Heather: To shorten I'll only say 1 out of the 10 awful things you said about

DJ is a momma's boy
Heather & Duncan is evil
Owen & LeShawna are fat
Geoff & Bridgette are always making out
Lindsay is very dumb
Gwen & Trent's couple doesn't work out for me
Izzy is a nutjob
Harold is very weird
Justin is too hot to actually finish the challenge

Beth (the famous one)

Beth: You all don't even believe me *sobs*

Lindsay: I'm not stupid

LeShawna: And, my butt isn't big

Harold: She didn't say that, she said you were fat!

LeShawna: Even worse

LeShawna (conf): I just called my butt big that's some Heather points. UGH!

(while all this is happening Geoff & Bridgette are making out)

Justin (conf): A lot people say I'm too hot to be their friend and maybe that's what Beth was trying to say. Even though I really wasn't her friend

Duncan: It's time for Gilded Chris Awards

Duncan: (conf) I can't believe everyone fell for the letter. I mean Heather and Bridgette fell for it, Bridgette was making out though! I hate when they do that. It shows that there really easy to eliminate at any time.

Heather: (conf) I'm not stupid, I know Beth didn't write that but I kinda think she's a threat. So, she has to go!

Bridgette: (conf) I should really stop making out with Geoff. I need to step up my game


Everyone besides Beth: Beth

Beth: Heather

Chris: Hey, guys the Gilded Chris's go to: Bridgette, LeShawna, Lindsay, Duncan, DJ, Geoff, Trent, Izzy, Owen, LeShawna, Justin, Harold and...

The Final Marshmallow goes to: Heather

Heather: Why wouldn't it be!? Beth is a traitor.

Beth: Who wrote that letter? It wasn't me, I didn't mean any of it.

Harold: Then who was it?

Lindsay: Bye, Bev. I'm still mad at you. Oh, do you know where Tyler is?

Beth: *gets on Boat of Losers* Bye, Guys!

Chris: Well, that was a good way open a season. Will Lindsay find a new BFFFL? Or will she fail to do anything? Will the campers find out Duncan wrote the letter? Or will the campers stay as ordinary losers? We'll answer these questions next time on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YoshiPerson's Story

Total Drama Action and the Temple of Doom

   A tram pulled into the abandoned film lot. Fourteen contestants were being driven by Chris, Chef was running behind the tram, trying to keep up. Most of the teenagers were annoyed that they had to compete in yet another season. Chris enjoyed this, he wanted to see some drama.

   "Alright, cast mates!" Chris said with a smirk on his face, "This season we aren't doing random challenges, this time we are doing movie themed!"

   "Alright! Woo hoo!" Cheered Owen, he got an awkward stare from the other contestants.

   "I'm just as exited as you are, Owen!" Chris replied. "Now then, let's get started, we have something extra-easy planned for you guys! Today's genre, the Adventure movies!!!"

   Chef played a fanfare of trumpets over the intercom of the film lot. Everyone seemed annoyed. This will be a rough start to the season.

   "Your challenge is to go into the temple set up in that studio," Chris pointed to a grey building to the left of the tram. "Grab the Chris idol, and race out. There are six in there, the winners get a special prize, the losers get nothing. When this tram stops, go!" Chris immediatly slammed the brakes and all the cast mates ran in.

   "Ugh! Stop pushing me!" Heather shouted. Gwen was behind her, Gwen snatched Heather's wig and threw it to the top of the building. "You idiot!"

   "Girl, you owned Heather!" LeShawna shouted as she hi-fived Gwen.

   The first to enter the building were Heather, Gwen, Duncan, LeShawna and Harold. Harold was tripped by Duncan before he could enter the temple.

   "Wait!" Heather shouted as she shot her hands up, blocking the entrance to the temple. "Have you seen the movies?! Does everyone know what else might be in there?"

   "Booby traps." Everyone said together.

   "I think Goth Girl should go first." Heather said with a snarl.

   "What a jerk!" Gwen said in the confessional. "I can't believe she singled me out like that! She could have sent in Harold, or maybe Duncan!"

   Back outside, Justin, Beth, and Lindsay made it into the building. Owen was panting in the back, Trent was in between, Izzy, (or, E-scope) was playing with her tounge in the tram, and Geoff and Bridgette were making out in the tram, not even listening to Chris. Beth, Duncan and Justin ran in and entered the temple, not even listening to everyone else about the traps that awaited them inside. Immediatly after they entered, they almost fell into a twenty foot pit. "Whoa!" Justin shouted. Beth and Lindsay helped him from falling in.

   "Hey, no braces!" Justin said, noticing Beth's mouth.

   "Thanks..." Beth said as she blushed.

   The temple looked very realistic, there were hyroglyphics all over, fake vined were draped all over the place, it looked vary old. Heather, Gwen, Duncan, Harold and Leshawna entered, bumping into the others, and they knocked Justin into the pit. "Ow..." Justin moaned.

   The cast mates scanned the room and saw that there was a small vine over the pit, Harold jumped on it, and swung to the other side, he passed the vine to Gwen, then LeShawna, Beth, Lindsay, and Heather. He tied the vine to a plank. Leaving Duncan on the other side, revenge on the mean pranks Duncan has played on Harold in the past.

   The next part of the temple was a series of tiles with various Mayan drawings of Chris on them, and only a few of them were of Chef. Harold took a stick nearby and placed one on a Chris tile, a dart shot out and hit the stick.  Harold traced it back to the wall, where a bunch of holes were all over it. He tried a Chef tile, nothing happened. "Stand on the Chef tiles." Haold said. Everyone obeyed, ahead were the idols. Everyone shatched the idols and started celebrating. When all of a sudden there was quake, the temple started to collapse. Outside Chris was operating a shaking machine. Harold saw the exit caved in, Duncan was gone.

   Everyone started hitting the styrofoam walls and broke out with thier idols. Chris declared the six winners of the first episode, and sent everyone to thier new homes, the trailers. One for the guys, and the other for the girls. The winners' rewards were a head start on tomarrow's challenge. Which was unknown to the cast mates. "Well that wraps up the first episode of this season!" Chris said in front of the camera, "See you next time on Total, Drama, Action!!!"

Benthegame's Story

Title: TDA Gone Heart Broken.

Chris: Last Season On Total Drama Island. 22 teens. Cruel Challenges. Romance and one winner. And that person was.........Owen! Then they all competed for one last crazy TDI challenge. 14 of them tied for a million dollars. Those fourteen are now here to compete for another million dollars. This Is Total.....Drama......Action. (Theme Song)

Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine(Owen Farts On Chris)
You guys are on my mind(Beth is staring at Justin)
You asked me what I wanted to be(Izzy scares Harold)
And now I think the answer is plain to see(Duncan laughs at Harold)
I want to be famous(DJ cooking with Chef)

I want to live close to the sun(Lindsey watches Heather and Gwen fight)
Well, pack your bags cause I've already won.(Trent stares at Gwen)
Everything to prove nothing in my way(LeShawna talks on her phone)
I'll get there one day(Geoff and Bridgette make out)

Cause I want to be famous

Nanana'nanaana nana nana(Random Clips From Different Episodes)
I want to be, I want to be; I want to be famous(Random Clips From Different Episodes)
I want to be, I want to be, I want to be famous(Random Clips From DIfferent Episodes)

[Whistle's to theme](Shows the cast at the Gilded Chris Theater)

Chris: Ah here they come.*Watches the 14 arrive* Hello castmates.

Everyone:*Just Glare At Chris*

Chris: Well snce you guys are here I will put you into teams of 7. First Team is Trent, LeShawna, Izzy, Geoff, Beth, DJ and Heather. You guys are the Killer Grips. The rest, Gwen, Duncan,  Harold, Owen, Bridgette, Lindsey, and Justin are the Screaming Gaffers. OK. Your Challenge is Rom-Com. And if you didn't notice already, I split up the couples too.

Trent: Awwww Man.

Heather: Whatever just let me win the game.

Beth: Like we'll let you win.

LeShawna: Yeah.

Heather: Well I'll bet you that Beth is leaving first.

Duncan: Look at the Grips. They are complaining.*Kicks Harold*

Harold: GOSH!!!!!

Owen: Hahaaha.

Justin: Of course I'm gonna the male in the challenge. *Owen, Duncan, and Harold look at him* What? I'm hot.

Lindsey:  He is!

Trent: OK. Who is the boy. Me, Geoff, or DJ?

Geoff: I don't wanna do it.

Trent: Neither do I.

DJ: OK I'll do it.

Trent: Great! So who is the girl?

LeShawna: I'll do it.

Heather: Yeah, right.

LeShawna: Don't you sass me.*Slaps Heather*

Heather: Oww.

Geoff: Enough! Seriously.

Justin: So who am I paired up with again.

Harold: I'm doing it. I'm like the coolest.


Harold: What?

Bridgette: Let's just let Justin do it with............Lindsey.

Lindsey: YAY!

Chris: OK did you decide?

DJ: Yeah it is me and LeShawna.

Lindsey: Me and Dustin.

Justin: It is Justin.

Lindsey: I know Dustin.

Chris: OK then. Go to the dinner set over there.*Points to small shack*

LeShawna: How much did that cost? 1 cent?!?!

Chris: Just go on the dates.

DJ: So LeShawna. How have you been?

LeShawna: Great. And you?

DJ: Never better.

Lindsey: Dustin. Why am i here again.

Justin: IT IS JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more time and I'm gonna lose the challenge on purpose and vote you off.

Lindsey: OK Dustin.

Justin: ARAAHAHGH! I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Well with that the Killer Grips win.

  • Gilded Chris Theater

Chris: The votes have been cast. The Gilded Chris' go to......Harold. Bridgette. Gwen. Duncan. And Owen. The last Gilded Chris goes to......................................Lindsey.

Justin: WHAT!!!!!!!


Justin: Lindsey

Lindsey: Justin

Owen: Justin

Duncan: Justin

Harold: Justin

Gwen: Lindsey

Bridgette: Lindsey

Justin: This is not fair. I'll get my revenge.

Chris: Well this has been an exciting start to our new season. See you next week on Total.....Drama......Action.

Ezekielguy's Story

Chris and Chef's excellent reality show!

Theme:  80's flicks

The fourteen cast mates of Total Drama Action all let out screams of terror as there bus stops with a loud shriek. Heather's wig blew off her head and into the breeze where it was found in Alaska by a bald man who put it on and went to show his wife screaming, "It's a MIRACLE!". The only person who wasn't screaming was She was perched on top of Owen's head. "E-Scope is QUEEN OF THE WORLD!" she sang. Owen's brain "felt like a broken blender". Finally, the bus stopped moving, and the cast saw Chris and Chef waiting for them. Something wasn't right, though. Chris was wearing a little white shirt and ripped shorts. His red boxers were pulled all the way up. Chef had on a gray tee-shirt with a band logo on it, and he had a dark blue sweater tied around his waist. He had on a long blond wig. "Salutations, dudes and dudettes!" said Chris. "Are you ready for your most triumphant, most excellent first challenge!"

The bunch of teenagers just stared at Chris blankly.

Geoff decided to break the silence. "Hey, you guys look just like the two characters from my FAVORITE 80's flick, Shane's World!"

"Excellent guess, Geoff!" Replied Chris, "As you probably have not been informed, the main deal with Total Drama Action is...Movie themed challenges! And the first theme is... 80's flicks! Excellent!"

"What?" said Justin, "Is that even a GENRE?"

"It seems like it would be, considering how just about every 80's movie is about a group or duo of friends who do something totally stupid together! There also always a swear-fest, even if the movie is rated PG."


"My favorite 80's flick is probably the one about the two buddies who go on the road trip and pick up all these crazy strangers." said Trent, "But now that I think about it, that's the only 80's movie I've ever watched...Hmm..."


"What's my favorite 80's reel?" said Harold, "Well, it would have to be the Ty Kwon Do Kid! Huh! Ha!"


Duncan just sat at the stool. "What are you looking at?" he said, when he noticed the camera.

"Now, if there's one thing I know about 80's reels, it's that you NEED the look!" said Chris. "Chef and I hired trained professionals to give you a supreme 80's makeover! So, everyone into the confessionals now!"

The cast rushed to the confessionals.


"As if some people don't look 80's enough..." said Heather, who was having her bald top spiked up and dyed to look like a dirty blond fohawk. "Like Beth for instance. Those pants are absolouteley from SOME other period."


"Oh my god!" said Lindsay who was getting her hair put into little red braids, "The 80's fashions are SO cute! You'd think Duncan would be really happy! 80's are SO his period!"


"Yeah, you'd think I'd like 80's movies." said Duncan, who was having his Mohawk replaced by a green Jewfro, "I mean, it was a Punk-Rock period, but guys with...Hoop earrings? Really?" One of the makeup artist put a hoop earring on his left ear. "Oh, come on!"


Jason's Story

Season two, Episode One "Dawn of the Living Losers"

"Oh my gosh!" Lindsay exclaimed after getting off of the bus. "This looks so cool!" "Yeah, I know!" Beth says, after getting off of the bus.

Beth and Lindsay walk over to the side walk and sit down. "Man," Lindsay says. "I really wish Tyler was here." "Aw, it's okay." Beth says, trying to comfort her. "Well see him soon," Then Beth appears in the confessional. "Okay, I'd really hate to lie to Lindsay but, I don't think she'll see Tyler."

LeShawna, Duncan, and Heather walk off of the bus and look aroud curiously. "What is this place? Some kind of dump?" Heather asks rudely. "No, It's not." Chris appears and walks over to the trio. "This is an abandoned film lot. You will be spending the next...fourty-eight days here." Chris says to them. Duncan groans than says, "I signed up for this?" Gwen comes off the bus and punches Duncan playfully. "It will be okay." Gwen reassures him.

Trent and DJ step off of the bus and Trent runs up behind Gwen and covers her eyes with his hands. "Guess who?" Trent asks her. "Trent?" Gwen asks. "Ding, ding, ding." Trent says, as if he was trying to impersonate a game show bell going off. "Aw," Lindsay says. Gwen turns around and kisses Trent. Duncan appears in the confessional. "Man, those to remind me of me and Courtney."

Geoff walks off of the bus with Bridgette in his hands, making out. Bridgette is in the confessional. "Okay, seriously. I need to end this whole "Spring Fling" with Geoff. It's like he's the ONLY person in my life." Bridgette manages to pull her lips away from his. "Geoff, I think we should stop making out," She admits. "Okay, just for now. Right?" Geoff asks. "Uh, sure." Bridgette uneasily says.

Justin walks off with Izzy on his back. "Izzy!" He yells angily. "Get off of me!" He yells, while trying to push her off of his back. "No! Never!" Then Izzy laughs maniacally. Justin finally manages to grab Izzy's arm and throws her over. Justin walks over to Lindsay and Beth. "Hey ladies, ready to win one million dollars?" He asks them. "Yes," Beth says. "Well, if you're with me, I can guarantee it" He says. "Well, not really." Justin says in the confessional. "I don't know," Beth says. "Did you get your braces off? You look real nice." Justin lies to her. "Really? Really!" She exclaims. "Justin's not that hot. I don't really like him anymore." Lindsay says in the confessional. "Come on Beth, lets go see everyone else." Lindsay tries to get Beth to fallow her, but she is to distracted by Justin talking to her.

Harold and Owen walk off. Owen walks off first but his body gets trapped in between the doors of the bus. "Come on, Owen." Harold taunts him. "I-I-I can't! I swear-z!" Owen says. Harold pushes Owen as hard as he can to get him trough the door. Eventually, he pushes him out of the door. "Gosh," Harold says, wiping his shirt off. "Okay, that's all of us, correct?" Chris asks. "Yep." Heather says.

"Today's movie genre is a zombie movie, go!" He yells at them. Then the campers who didn't qualify for Total Drama Action appear as flesh eating zombies. "AH!" Lindsay screams. Noah starts to run after her. "Oh my-" DJ then faints to the ground. Katie walks over to DJ and kicks him. "Yep, he's a goner." She says. "Oh yeah, the only way we know who is out when you are covered in green paint, symbolizing you've been turned into a zombie." Chris announces. "Oh god." Duncan says. Suddenly, he is surrounded by Tyler, Sadie and Eva. He runs past Sadie, but Eva grabs him and smothers him in paint. "There we go." She says acomplished.

"AH!" Lindsay says running throughout the film lot. Noah sees Beth and goes after her. "Oh my gosh!" Beth screams. She tries to run after Lindsay but, due to her weight, she couldn't catch up. Noah caught her and covered her in green paint. "You're joking, right?" Heather says. After saying that, she is attacked by Courtney. Heather dodges her and bolts into the film lot. Since Heather ran out of Courtney's line of fire, she smashes into the bus. "OUCH! That really hurt!" She exclaims. "Wierd," LeShawna says. Courtney looks up at LeShawna with a angry face. She then charges at her. LeShawna looks around for somebody and finds Harold. She puts Harold in front of her, to block the blow. "LeShawna, what are you doing?" Harold asks. Then he realizes that LeShawna put him there to fend off Courtney. She plows into both of them causing them both to be covered in green paint. Heather runs past Katie, but is caught by her. "Okay the final seven is Lindsay, Gwen, Trent, Izzy, Bridgette, Geoff, and Justin." Chris announces.

"Where are those fools?" Eva asks. Eva looks around and spots Bridgette, Trent and Justin standing there. Eva charges after all three of them. "WATCH OUT OF EVA!" Justin yells. Bridgette turns around from talking with Geoff and realizes it. "RUN!" Bridgette says. Geoff turns around to late. He is captured by Eva. Justin and Bridgette run side by side around the film lot. Katie sees Gwen and Trent and starts to run after them. As Trent runs, he pushes obstacles for Katie to trip over. Katie trips over one of them and starts to run even faster. Gwen trips on a microphone and falls down. "Trent!" She calls his name. Trent thinks for a second then grabs Gwen, but it's to late. Katie had already gotten them both.

Izzy is shown running though the studio for "Beach Blanket Bogus" and Eva is chasing after her. "You'll never get me!" She yells. "Oh yes I will!" Eva talks back to her. Izzy turns around and lets Eva gets her. "You got me!" Izzy says. "Okay, fine. Eva would get angry at me if I didn't let her get me." Izzy confess' in the confessional. "Down to three. They are, Bridgette, Justin and Lindsay." "No!" Lindsay says running towards Chris, covered in paint. "I'm out too." She says sadly. "Okay, our winners are Bridgette and Justin." Chris announces. Soon, all the castmates, along with the campers, report to the trailer area. "Okay, Bridgette and Justin won. They won't pick teams though." "Huh?" Justin asks. "Are you serious?" Bridgette asks him. Chris totally ignores them.

"The non-TDA qualifying female with the highest "kill" rate will win a spot in Total Drama Action!" Chris announces happily. "What?!" The castmates asks. "Eva got three, Katie got four, Courtney and Noah got one. Katie is the newest castmate!" Sadie is in the confessional. "I'm gonna miss her!" During the confessional, Chris walks in and asks how Sadie got in. She bolts out without answering. "Time for suprise number two, you will be put onto teams." "That's not a suprise?" Heather says. "Boys verses Girls anyone?" Chris offers. "So Katie, Bridgette, Beth, Lindsay, LeShawna, Heather, Gwen, and Izzy, you are one team. The boys are on the other team." Chris says. The castmates gasp. "Oh my gosh! I love Katie. She's like my BFF." Lindsay says in the confessional. "Everybody, good night." The girls enter their trailer, and the boys enter their trailer.

Kenzen's Story

The Fast and the Failures

"Last time on Total Drama Island with the money up for grabs the campers scrambling all over the island, when the case was eaten by a shark. The fourteen closest to the case were give the chance at 'another' million dollars in new challenges based on your favorite movies, new chances, and Chef's even got new recipes. Who will win who will lose, who will start on fire. Find out now on Total Drama Action." Chris said.

The Bus arrived with the 14 contestants.

"Awesome, a movie lot" Harold said leaving the bus.

"Dweeb" Duncan pushed Harold through the bus doors, onto the ground.

"Don't go messing wit' Harold like you all tough" LeShawna commanded, she push Duncan out of the bus causing him to step on Harold! "Ow, Gosh" Harold said in pain. "Sorry Sugar pie" LeShawna said.

“How did I get into this” Gwen said getting of the bus.

“Don’t worry about it Gwen at least I am here with you” Trent said hugging Gwen.

“Thanks Trent” Gwen said.

“Ugh, How do you do it Gwen” Heather asked?

“Do what” Gwen asked?

“Be so pathetic” Heather said.

“What” Duncan, Trent, Gwen and LeShawna all said unanimously.

“Calm down guys” Bridgette said exiting the bus.

“Fine” Gwen said.

“Umm guys I think I am stuck” Owen said obviously being stuck.

Inside the bus, all of the other contestants were pushing on Owen. “Push” Izzy yelled. “Push” Izzy yelled again. “Pu”-“Shut up already” Izzy was cut short by the other contestants.

“Uhh, Guys” DJ interrupted we aren’t getting anywhere so lets just use the fire escape” DJ said.

“Lindsay tried it didn’t work” Beth said.

“I pushed it up as hard as I could” Lindsay replied.

“Your not supposed to push it up, your supposed to push it down” DJ said.

“Oh, that’s why the arrow pointed down” Lindsay said.

“LINDSAY” Everyone in the bus yelled.

After everyone was out even Owen with the help of the Jaws of Life, Chris welcomed them. “Welcome to Total Drama Action. Here at this abandoned movie lot is where you will sleep, compete, and possibly eat Chef Hatchet’s food, and after all that you will vote off one of your own at a Gilded Chris Ceremony. Then if you are voted out, leave in the lame-o-sine.” Chris announced as the toured the film lot.

The tour vehicle stopped, “Hey Chris, what the heck” Justin asked.

“We stop here, to start your first challenge” Chris said getting out of the vehicle.

The competitors followed Chris into studio eleven.

So what’s the challenge Chris” Gwen asked.

“This” Chris pulled a curtain open, reveling fourteen lawnmowers.

“Lawn mowing movies” Lindsay asked confused.

“No” Chris said “Racing movies”.

“I know racing, and that is not a racing vehicle” Trent said.

“Ya it is, I remember building a lawnmower racer when I was a kid” Duncan said “same day, I first raced it is the first time I spent a night in juvie”.

“Of course it was” Heather said.

“Cool” Gwen said to Duncan, completely ignoring Heather.

“Start working on these contestants” Chris said.

“Hey Lindsay, Beth wanna build my lawnmower racer” Justin said ripping off his shirt. “Sure” They both said.

By the time Duncan, Gwen and Justin were finished, Lindsay, Beth, Bridgette, and Geoff hadn’t barley even started. “You kiss really good, Heath-” Geoff said while kissing Bridgette. “WHAT” Bridgette yelled. “I was going to say Bridgette, Babe” Geoff said. Bridgette punched him and walked over to Gwen. “But…” Geoff said just standing there. “Not cool man, not cool” DJ said while he and Duncan walked up to him.

“Let’s go work on your mower” Gwen said.

“Ok” Bridgette said in tears.

When they all had finished, Chris and Chef arrived. “Ok. there are three rules to a good racing movie, one the Racer always has a nice ride, two they always win the race, and three they defeat they’re enemy. But in this case you have, a fixed up lawnmower, your mower might break down before you even finish, and you will eliminate someone.” Chris said.

“You will race a course from point A to point B. First person to cross the finish line wins. You got that maggots.” Chef yelled tossing them each a map.

“Sure, Cheffy” Duncan said under his breath.

“What did you just say” Chef yelled in Duncan’s face.

“Nothing” Duncan said.

“That’s right nothing” Chef said.

They all lined up at the starting line, they all started they’re engines. “Ready…” Chris said “Get set…” Chris got louder “and Go”

They all peeled out of the Starting gate, until they got ten feet when Harold engine just stopped.

“Gosh” Harold said as the other thirteen headed towards victory.

“Will Harold ever catch up, will Geoff and Bridgette ever get back together, and will I ever get a good hair stylist. Get the answer to these and many more questions, when we get back” Chris said. The screen cut to black.

The scene opens to Lindsay, Justin and Beth going five miles an hour.

“I thought you fixed mine up” Justin said.

“We did” Lindsay said.

“Ya” Beth agreed.

Lindsay’s engine stopped. “What happened Lindsay said as Justin and Beth’s Engine stopped.

“We lost that’s what” Justin complained.

Chris drove up next to them in the bus. “Hop in” Chris said.

Owen slowly trailed the other contestants. “Come on Owen, you can do it” Beth and Lindsay cheered from the bus. “Thanks guys” Owen said to them. “Owen do you wanna just forfeit, and come in the bus to eat…” Chris was cut short when Owen stopped and ran to the bus and squeezed in side. “Where the food” Owen said.

“Come on babe, I’m sorry okay” Geoff said to Bridgette.

“We are through get through you head, or go kiss Heather just get away from me” Bridgette yelled.

And clang, she rammed Geoff who hit Heather’s cart. “Leave me out of this” Heather yelled. Bridgette rammed Geoff again. “Babe please” Geoff pleaded. Geoff’s cart started to smoke. “Holy Crap” Geoff yelled, he jumped out of his cart. Then Heather’s cart started to burn she jumped out and was on fire, she dropped and rolled as paramedics swarmed to put her out. With Geoff, and Heather now out there were only seven were left.

“I wonder how the rest are doing” Gwen said as Bridgette drove up. “Girl what happened” LeShawna asked. “Oh nothing Geoff’s mower started to smoke, and Heather’s mower lit her on fire” Bridgette said tired. “I was once on fire; it was crazy, with my mom yelling call nine-one-one and my brothers searching for fire extinguishers, and my dad trying to make me stop drop and roll. Ah good times, good times.” Izzy said scaring every one.

Bridgette’s mower came to a halt. “I am done, I guess” Bridgette said.

“Not yet” Gwen tossed Bridgette a chain, she attached it to her cart. “Lets roll” Bridgette said.

Izzy’s mower started to clank, this marks the end for me” Izzy said she lit a match stuck it into her mowers fuel tank and it exploded.

“Awesome” Harold said as the bus came to a stop next to Izzy. “Get on Izzy” Chris said. “Ok” She climbed on to the roof of the bus. “Onward” Izzy yelled.

“Guys I don’t think I am going to make it much further” DJ said in a pillow suit.

“Don’t worry big guy” LeShawna said. LeShawna’s mower stopped and rolled in to DJ’s wrecking hers and his.

Chris rolled up next to them, “Get in” he yelled. They climbed in, with four more people to go the game had escalated to a whole new level.

“Well only ten more miles” Trent said.

“Ok music boy” Duncan said.

“I think I am going to drop out of the challenge” Gwen said.

“I agree” Bridgette replied.

The bus picked them up. “Two to go and only five more miles, the suspense” Chris said. “Sure” LeShawna replied to Chris. “Ba…” Geoff was cut short when Bridgette and Gwen passed him flipping him off.

“Bring it on Duncan” Trent said.

“Ok” Duncan said he rammed Trent.

“This is for Gwen” Trent Rammed Duncan blowing his own engine.

“Nice” Duncan joked.

He crossed the finish line. “Cool” Duncan said.

“As we all know Duncan is invincible so vote for anyone else” Chris said.

They all voted carefully deciding who should leave. “Wow, I am really shocked at tonight elimination” Chris said after reading the results.

“Duncan, Bridgette, Gwen, LeShawna, DJ, Lindsay, Beth, Justin, Izzy, Owen, Heather, and Trent” Chris said throwing them each a reward.

“Harold” Chris said.

“What, why” Geoff said.

“You know why” Bridgette said.

“Ok I will leave with my pride. I will see you guys later” Geoff said. He walked to the lame-o-sine. “I am sorry, Bridge” Geoff said. He climbed in and it drove away.

"Chris" Chef yelled walking on stage. "What" Chris said. The conversation turned to whispers as the contestants watched.

"Tonight is a double elimination, so vote again" Chris said. As the contestants voted in silence.

"Ok, I was thinking Harold was gone" Gwen said in the confessional.

"Wow, what a bunch of losers. They make it to easy" Heather confided in the confessional.

"Time to see, who will leave. Trent, Justin, Heather, Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, Lindsay, Izzy, Owen, and Bridgette" Chris said, rapidly tossing them there statuette of Chris.

"Leaving tonight is, Beth" Chris said.

"But, but" Beth said speechless.

Chef picked her up and walked her to the bus since the lame-o-sine had left. "Bye Bella" Lindsay yelled.

“Who will leave next, will Bridgette ever forgive Geoff, and will I ever my teeth whitened” Chris Said “Find out next time on Total Drama Action.”

NIzzy's Story

"Welcome viewers, to the second season of the Total Drama Series! We are bringing back fourteen lucky contestants from TDI and putting them through dangerous, epic movie themed challenges, and guess who is hosting? Me! Chris McLean!" Chris explained confidently with a cheesy smile on his face as he walked over to an old beige bus. "Here come our cast mates: Beth, Bridgette, DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Justin, LeShawna, Lindsay, Owen and Trent!" Chris shouted. Harold stepped out from the bus and started to breathe heavily.

"So, another season then..." Harold calmly said and picked up his red ant farm. Following shortly was Heather.

"Ungh, this place stinks more than Harold." She scolded, just after she finished with her insult Izzy ran out, flipped over Heather and landed perfectly.

"Uh... Izzy..." Chris said whilst staring at her awkwardly.

"My name is E-Scope from now on, and anyone who calls me Izzy is gonna get a round house kick to the stomach!" The crazy girl shouted while everyone carried on staring at her. "Are we on TV?" Izzy asked as she waved to the camera.

"Yes...Izzy." Chris replied.

"E-SCOPE!" She shouted.

"Okay, okay. Oh look, Geoff and Bridgette." Chris said. Geoff and Bridgette stepped out of the bus and smiled.

"Yo, Chris my man!" Geoff said.

"Geoff! Dude!" Said Chris, just as he tried to hi-5 him, Geoff and Bridgette were already making out. "Okay..." Chris said in a confused tone. Duncan walked out and looked around.

"Duncan! What’s up?" Chris said.

"Whatever..." Duncan replied half heartedly, he started to walk over to Harold. "Why is the dweeb here?" He scolded.

"Duncan! I am tired of-!" Harold was interrupted by Duncan.

"Not having a girlfriend." He said in an insolent tone. Harold scowled at Duncan.

"Oh I love drama!" Chris said.

"Kyle!" A familiar voice from off-screen called.

"Lindsay! Welcome! Oh and my name is Chris." He said as Lindsay walked on-screen.

"Oh my gosh! Is Tyson here?!" Lindsay asked.

"No, Lindsay we already talked about this..." He replied Lindsay looked at him blankly unaware of what was going on around her. Suddenly a squeal came from a short girl wearing glasses.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Lindsay!" She squealed.

"Betty!" Called Lindsay as she ran up to hug her best friend.

"Here come our other contestants Gwen, Trent, DJ, Justin, LeShawna, and Owen" Chris introduced.

"Hello, ladies... " Justin said whilst winking to the camera. It took no more than a second for Beth and Lindsay to come running up to him and start gushing over his marvelous good looks. Gwen and Trent just smiled sweetly at each other.

"Okay guys, challenge time! " said Chris.

"Awesome! I love challenges! " Owen said confidently it took him a minute to realize everyone else were staring at him. "Uhh...I mean challenges suck... " He said with a nervous tone.

"Okay, anyway the challenges will be movie themed and guess what theme our first challenge is? Its Rock and Roll time, baby ‘cause were gonna rock it out all over the stage, yes we are gonna live the lives of rock stars, baby! " Chris shouted.

"Can this show get any tackier? " Gwen whispered to Trent.

"First challenge is to rock it out on stage the castmate whose performance is the best will win invincibility! You’ve been given instruments each so start rockin’!" Chris said. The contestants grabbed their instruments and started to play, all except Harold, he was talking to his red ant farm.

"Oh, ants I think I’ll have to put you little guys away you might get hurt out here..." Harold said. He didn’t know Duncan was listening to him behind an old trailer and started to snigger. Harold placed his ants near Chris’ director chair and walked away to practice for the challenge. Duncan slowly paced towards the ant farm with a devil smile that swept across his face. He picked up the ant farm and walked away with it. Back at the stage DJ, LeShawna, Lindsay and Harold were practicing for the challenge.

"So I press this button to turn it on, right?" Lindsay asked.

"Yeah, Lindsay." DJ replied happily. Duncan ran onto the stage whilst laughing.

"What’s up with you?" LeShawna asked.

"Oh, oh, it’s nothing." He replied trying to hold back his laugher.

"Let’s practice guys!" Lindsay exclaimed.

"Nah, I’ll catch up with you guys later." Said Duncan as he walked away. Harold stroked his chin.

"Something is up..." He said.

"You’re tellin’ me." Said LeShawna.

"Okay guys, practice time is over! Line up and get ready to rock!" Chris exclaimed.

"Ugh...Kill me now..." Heather complained.

"Sure! Let me get my chainsaw, I’ll meet you in the space set tomorrow midday, okay? Don’t forget to write a will." Izzy said as a wide crazy smile appeared on her face, Heather seemed creeped out. The castmates lined up one by one however Duncan wasn’t there.

"Where is Duncan?" Beth whispered to Justin.

"Don’t care, caring is for ugly people." He replied.

"First round is Duncan and Harold versus Izzy and Lindsay. GO!" Chris shouted.

"E-SCOPE!" She shouted. Lindsay attempted to play her guitar but forgot how to, she strummed nervously not playing a single note correct however Izzy played quite well and ended her performance with a bang by smashing her guitar on Heather’s head.

"Whoops...Sorry." She apologized. Heather had to be brought to the infirmary.

"Okay, since Heather is unable to do the challenge she wins individual invincibility." Chris said with a sigh. "Okay Harold and Duncan’s turn!" He said. Harold looked around hesitantly and shuffled his feet.

"Chris, Duncan isn’t here..." He said. Chris looked around.

"You’re right. Where is-." Chris was interrupted by a smash of glass...On the floor were shattered glass pieces with dirt everywhere. A gasp came from Harold...

"NO!" He shouted. Harold’s ant farm had been destroyed and just a step behind the shattered glass was Duncan.

"It slipped." He said. Harold ran off.

"Hey Harold!" LeShawna shouted and ran after him. The others carried on with their unimpressive performances apart from Trent everyone else could hardly hit a correct note. Later at the award ceremony...

"Guys, I’m disappointed but anyway Heather wins invincibility and so does Trent since he was the only person here who can actually play." He handed Trent and Gilded Chris. "Okay I’m gonna call your name out if you’re safe... Beth, Bridgette, DJ, Geoff, Gwen, Izzy, Justin, LeShawna, Lindsay, and Owen... Harold and Duncan neither of you did the challenge so the others voted out one of you guys...leaving Total Drama Action is...Duncan." Chris said.

"What? How could you vote me out?! Harold won’t help the team he’s to nerdy!" Said Duncan.

"We voted you out because what you did to Harold was horrible!" Bridgette exclaimed.

"They’re just ants-." Duncan was interrupted by Chef dragging him to the Lame-O-Sine.

"There goes our delinquent but a guy who breaks rules like him could bend the rules and return, who knows. Don’t forget to tune in next time on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION!" Chris shouted.

Shane's Story

Episode title: The Sucky Spelling Bee.

Writen by: Shane.

Last time, in the Total Drama series, twenty-two campers from all over Canada came to Lake Wawanakwa to compete for 100,000 dollars. In the end, Owen, the underdog, won it all. A surprise challenge was in store for the worn-out contestants. They had to find a case for a million dollars. In the end, it was a tie and everyone who tied was forced to compete AGAIN for the cash prize. It’s now up to 1,000,000 bucks and anyone can win it. Could it be the lovable tub of lard, Owen, the gothic artist, Gwen, the mean chick, Heather, the delinquent, Duncan, the loud mouth, Leshawna, the party dude, Geoff, the insane girl, Izzy, the jock with heart, D.J., the dumb blonde, Lindsay, the surfer girl, Bridgette, the musician, Trent, the super dork, Harold, the nerdette, Beth, or the hot guy, Justin? Find out now on, Total Drama Action!

The scene opens up to a bus stop. Gwen gets out first and says,

“I can’t believe I got pulled into this!” Leshanwa appears right next to her and says,

“I know, and we have to do it with Heather.”

Trent walks past and says, “At least I can do it with my girl friend.” Gwen blushes hard.

“Don’t go all lovey-ducky on us like Geoff and Bridgette.” says Duncan as he puts down his bags. Bridgette and Geoff step out of the bus making out and fall over their luggage. They continue to kiss as if nothing happened.

“Awkward.” Trent finally says. Beth jumps out of the bus and says,

“You said it Trent. I’m never going to get how people get pulled into love like that.” Lindsay gets out of the bus and states,

“I know right?” Justin get off the bus and Lindsay and Beth squeal. They push, fight, pinch, and bite just to say hi first.

“H-h-hi-hi-hi Justin.” Lindsay finally says. Beth gets up and asks,

“Justin, you wanna go out with me?”

“There goes the whole ‘I’m staying strong’ thing.” says Duncan while rolling his eyes.

“Oh please Duncan,” says Heather as she gets off the bus. “We all know that you were all over Courtney last season.

“Shut up Heather. You never found anyone on the island. You’re definitely one to talk.” says Duncan, sarcastic as usual.

“Whatever. At least I got make-over before coming on this crappy show. Unlike two people known as Gwen and Leshawna!” retorts Heather while laughing.

“Shut up! Gwen is beautiful.” says Trent.

“And what about me lover boy?” asks Leshawna.

“Sorry, you’re not my girl friend.” Trent replies. Leshawna looks very angry.

“Leshawna is more beautiful than any girl I know!” says Harold. Everyone looks at him awkwardly. “Well it’s true!”

“Thanks String-Bean,” says Leshawna, “But we’re NOT getting back together.” Harold looks very disappointed at that comment.

“Another season! WHO-HOO!” yells Owen.

“Someone’s a little optimistic.” says Gwen as she rolls her eyes.

“It helps.” says Owen as he walks over to where everyone else is. Izzy gets off the bus doing flips and cartwheels.

“I can’t believe I have to do another season with IZZY!” yells Justin.

“Justin, you’re here? That sucks, how come?” Izzy asks madly.

“I qualified with you.” answers Justing.

“OMG! He is so smart.” says Beth.

“Smarterific!” says Lindsay.

“Uh Lindsay, I don’t think smarterific is a real word.” says D.J. as he gets off the bus.

“But can you spell it?” asks Chris who came out of nowhere.

“CHRIS?!?!” everyone says.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait,” says Duncan. “Why do we have a challenge on the first day?”

“Because I want to have a challenge on the first day, that’s why!” says Chris as he hands out dictionaries to the contestants. “This season, we’re doing challenges based of movie genres. This week, it’s a spelling bee!”

A lot of the contestants groaned at this challenge idea.

“Let me say the basics. You will confess your confessionals in that make-up trailer right behind you.” says Chris.

“And how did we not see that earlier?” asks Gwen.

“Cause you campers are idiots, wait! Now you guys will be called, castmates, instead because you’re on a movie set!” says Chris. When no one laughs at his comment, he continues, “Anyway, you guys have two hours to study those words. The reward will be the choice to select your team members. The next captain will be decided tomorrow.” Chris then leave as fast as he came.

“That, was spooky.” says Beth. The other contestants agree with her.

“A spelling bee? HA! I will win this challenge. My only threat is Beth, she’s pretty smart too. If I win this, maybe I can impress Leshawna!” Harold says while in the confessional.

“This should be very easy for me.” Beth says while in the confessional, “My only threat might be Harold but I think I can take him.”

After an hour and half spent of studying, Duncan finally cracks and says,

“I HATE this challenge idea. I mean who watches movies about spelling bee’s?”

“I do!” says Leshawna, “I was once in one.”

“You were?” says Lindsay.

“Yes I was. I was in, Erika and the Bee.”

“You were Erika in that movie?” D.J. asks, “My momma loves that movie.”

“That’s amazing Leshawna.” says Harold.

“My girlfriend is a movie star!” Harold says in the confessional.

After half an hour, Chris calls over the loud speakers, “Alright! Time’s up. Meet me in the mess hall now.”

“Finally!” says Trent as he puts down his dictionary.

“I thought my brain was going to bust.” says Lindsay.

“I think her brain already did break.” Justin says in the confessional.

“Lindsay has a brain? Never knew.” Harold says in the confessional.

The cast-mates arrive in the mess hall. The usual red flaps are replaced with brown ones. Fourteen chairs are lined up in rows of seven. Chris instructs,

“Take a number and sit in a seat.” The cast-mates do so. “Alright, D.J., you’re up first. Your word is, perseverate.”

“Perseverate, may I have the definition please?” D.J. asks.

“Perseverate, to repeat something insistently or redundantly.” Chris says.

“Perseverate, P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-A-T-E. Perseverate?”

“It’s correct. Lindsay, your turn, your word is, genesis.”

“Genesis, G-E-N-E-S-I-S. Genesis.” Lindsay spells.

“That was….. correct!” Chris says surprisingly. All of the other cast-mates were also, shocked.

“YAY! I got it right!” Lindsay cheers.

“Okay, Heather, get on up here. Your word is, optical.”

“Optical,” Heather says. “O-P-T-I-T-A-L. Optical.”

“Sorry Heather. That’s in correct.” says Chris.

“WHAT! And Lins-iot could get it right?” yells Heather.

“She got lucky.” Harold reassures her.

The scene switches to Trent spelling.

“Juvenile, J-U-V-I-N-I-E. Juvinile.” says Trent. A dinging sound is heard indicating that he is out.

The scene switches to Gwen,

“Atmosphere, A-T-M-O-S-H-P-E-R-E. Atmosphere.” Gwen says. A dinging sound is heard.

The scene switches to Harold spelling,

“Coyote, C-O-Y-O-T-E. Coyote.” Harold says. He gets a thumbs up indicating that he is correct.

The scene switches to Bridgette spelling,

“Urn, E-R-N. Urn.” Bridgette says. A dinging sound is heard.

The scene switches to Geoff spelling,

“Supersede, S-U-P-E-R-C-E-D-E. Supersede.” Geoff says. A dinging sound is heard.

The scene switches to Leshawna spelling,

“Linz, L-I-N-S. Linz.” Leshawna says, a dinging sound is heard.

The scene switches to Justin,

“Ezekiel, E-Z-E-K-I-A-L. Ezekiel.” Justin says. A dinging sound is heard.

The scene switches to Beth,

“Deformity, D-E-F-O-R-M-I-T-Y. Deformity.” Beth says. She gets a thumbs up by Chris.

The scene switches to Owen,

“Avuncular, A-V-U-N-C-U-L-E-R. Avuncular.” Owen says. A dinging sound is heard.

The scene switches to Izzy,

“Rendezvous, R-O-N-D-A-Y-V-O-U-S. Rendezvous.” Izzy says. A dinging sound is heard.

The scene switches to Duncan,

“Banzai, B-A-N-Z-A-I. Banzai.” Duncan says. He gets a thumbs up from Chris.

“Alright, we’re down to our final four. Lindsay, Duncan, Beth, and Harold. You four will battle it out to win this spelling bee. Lindsay, you’re up first. Your word is, legacy.” Chris says.

“Legacy, L-E-G-A-S-Y. Legacy.” A dinging sound is heard.

“Sorry Lindsay, but you’re out.” Chris says, “Duncan, you’re up. Your word is, Macaroni.

“Macaroni, M-A-C-A-R-O-N-Y. Macaroni.” A dinging sound is heard.

“Sorry Duncan, you’re out. Beth, you’re up. Your word is, Politics.

“Politics, P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S. Politics.” Beth says. She gets a thumbs up from Chris.

“Good spelling Beth, Anyway, Harold. Your word is, refinance.” Chris says.

“Refinance, R-E-F-I-N-E-A-N-C-E. Refinance.” A dinging sound is heard. Chris says,

“Wow, I thought you were smart. Anyway, Beth if you can spell refinance correctly. You win.”

“Refinance,” Beth says. “R-E-F-I-N-A-N-C-E. Refinance.”

“Beth. You got it…………………………………… CORRECT! You win this challenge and will be a team captain.” says Chris. ”As for the rest, you all will have to battle it out for the captainship. Alright, find out what happens next right here, on Total Drama Action!”

Tdafan123's Story

Everything Needs A Beginning

A rusty,smelly,paint chipping off bus pulled into an abandoned film lot with a broken gold sign on the gate.

DJ was the first one off,"Well,it`s better than Camp Wawankwa atleast".

Trent came off next,arm around Gwen,"It`s a good thing you`re here",he said to the goth girl,making her blush.

Heather had heard them and made a gagging noise.

LeShawna looked at everyone and noticed that Chris wasn`t there,"Where`s Chris?Is he even the host?"

"Hopefully not",Beth replied,then gasped,"Was that mean?"

Justin was smiling and said,"Well,lets enjoy the time without him".

"I second that statement",Harold agreed.

Then,to everyone`s dismay,Chris came in with a mini trolley.

"Hop on!" he yelled to everyone.

"So,what do we do?"asked Lindsay.

"Well,I`m about to give you guys the tour of...TOTAL..DRAMA...ACTION!"Chris announced.

"So,what are you gonna show us?"asked Heather.

"I was getting to that",Chris said,"Anyway,here is where you will stay for 6 weeks",he pointed to the trailers.

"That`s it?"asked Gwen.

"Stop interrrupting me!"Chris yelled,making everyone jump,"Anyway,here is where the eliminations will take place",he pointed to a giant stadium with a giant gold statue of himself,"If you don`t receive a Gilded Chris,you have been voted off the set and can`t return!"

"You let Eva and Izzy back last season",said Geoff.

"You people are rude,you know that",Chris said,"Moving on,instead of that crappy old confessional,you will have a makeup confessional!"

Justin was in the confessional,"Makeup confessional,eh?I like this season already! I know,I`m shocked too,liking a show with Chris McClean as the host,but I can work on my good looks in here!"

Lindsay then asked,"So...what now?"

"Well,I was about to finish!"Chris exclaimed,"Anyway,this season you will have reward challenges and elimination challenges,I know it`s a little different than last season,but since this tour took so long I`ll let you unpack".

In the guys trailer,they were picking bunks.

"Wanna share a bunk?"asked Geoff to DJ.

"Sure,I`ll get bottom",DJ replied.

"Ok,I`ll bunk with you,big guy",said Duncan to Owen.

"Alright!This is gonna be so much fun!"Owen exclaimed.

"On second thought I`ll bunk with Trent",Duncan said as Owen`s smile fell.

"Oh...ok",Owen mopped.

"I`ll bunk with you Owen",said Harold.

Owen smiled and climbed on the top bunk.

"Uh can I have the top bunk?"Harold said,think of Owen crushing him in his sleep.

Owen nodded and Harold sighed in relief.

"Ok,I`ll get my own bunk then",Justin said,climbing up on his.

In the girls cabin,things were going pretty good.

"I`ll bunk with Gwen",Leshawna said.

Gwen smiled and said,"Ok,I`ll get bottom,ok?"

Leshawna nodded,"No problem".

"I call Beth as my bunkie!"screamed Lindsay.

"I call Lindsay back!"she replied,running to the top bunk.

"Hey!"Lindsay exclaimed,"I wanted the top one!"

"Well,can I have it?"asked Beth.

"Only pretty girls get the top bunk!"Lindsay exclaimed,making everyone gasp.

Beth started crying,"I thought you were my friend!"

"I`ll bunk with Izzy",said Bridgette,trying to change the subject.

"Ok! Wanna have the bottom so when we wake up I can just look down and tell you stories of my childhood!"Izzy exclaimed.

"I`m fine with the top",Bridgette said quietly.

"Ok!I can climb up to tell you my stories!"Izzy exclaimed again.

"Fine,I`ll get two beds",said Heather.

"And that starts our season!Find out what happens next time on TOTAL...DRAMA...ACTION!"

Tdifan1234's Story

Harold Potter and the Prisoners of Action

"Hello, viewers! Welcome to the second installment in the Total Drama Series," Chris McClean said."This season, we bring back fourteen contestants and make tem participate in movie-themed challenges. From last season, we brign back Duncan, Bridgette, DJ, Gwen, Heather, Owen, Izzy--"

"IT'S E-SCOPE!" yelled a familiar voice from off-screen.

"uh..ok then, E-Scope…"Chris continued. "Geoff, Lindsay, LeShawna, Trent, Justin, and Harold,"

After that, a tall blonde girl with a blue headband in her hair approached Chris.

"Hey, Charlie! Have you seen Tyler? I've been looking for him all day!" she asked.

"He's not here this season, Lindsay," Chris replied.

"Oh…Tell me when he gets here, k? Thanks, Kyle!"

"It's Chris! Anyway, stay tuned for the exciting and dramatic first episode of TOTAL…DRAMA…ACTION!!"

As a couple of contestants were still taking their luggage off of the bus, some people were excited for a second season while others weren't.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe I actually made it to the second season!" Beth exclaimed.

"You actually wanted to be here for a second season?" Duncan asked sarcastically.

"How come Darrell is so mean to Betty?" Lindsay confessed in the trailer.

Gwen and Trent stepped off the bus.

"Oh look! If it isn't goth girl?" Heather said cruelly.

"Stop. Now matter how much you insult her, Gwen's still my girl. And I love her," Trent said, as he smiled at Gwen. She blushed back.

"Can we stop with the mushy-fest, here? It makes me sick," said Duncan.

"Oh, we know you be havin' that attitude just because Courtney ain't here," LeShawna replied.

"Yeah! Frankly, I'm glad she's not," Harold agreed, thinking of the terrible things that would happen if Courtney was there.

"Courtney and Duncan? They would probably team up and try to get back at me. But they don't know about my skills. See? I even brought my handy-dandy nunchaku this time!" Harold said in the confessional as he held up a pair of nunchaku. He started to swing them around, and accidentally hit his head, which caused his forehead to bleed a little. "Crap! That hurt bad!"

"Ok, contestants. Welcome to Total Drama--" Chris said as he was interrupted by the sight of Bridgette and Geoff making out.

"Can I not get through anything without getting interrupted by these contestants?" Chris said in the confessional.

"Uh...Can you two take that somewhere else?" Chris asked.

"Sorry, dude. We'll try to be quiet," Geoff said as he continued making out.

"Thanks..." Chris said sarcastically. "Anyway, Welcome to Total Drama Action. All 14 of you have a chance at winning ONE...MILLION...DOLLARS!"

(This is not the end. More coming soon!)

Tyedye's Story

TDA: The race, after the race

"Last season on Total Drama Island," Chris opens the show the same as it has always been, "Owen took home the 100 grand in an epic race, much to everyone's surprise. At La Playa De Losers, Owen gave up the money for a chance at some more- one million dollars! He, along with 13 other campers, were in the water when the case was eaten by a shark." Chris laughs as a flashback is shown with the 14 people in the water, while the case is eaten. "Now, they've all been 'invited' back," Chris emphasizes the fact that they were forced to come back with air quotes, "for another season, this time with movie-related challenges! This! Is! Total! Drama! Action!" The theme song plays, and when it is over, Chris is standing in front of an abandoned movie lot.

"We know you all know the castmates, but we're going to introduce them to you again. Here's Owen!" Chris says as a bus pulls up. An ecstatic Owen jumps off, and the bus' weight is relieved. The bus pulls away, and Owen says,

"Dude, Chris, this is awesome! WOO HOO!"

"I'm glad you're happy, Owen, please, go stand over there," Chris motions behind himself, "and wait for the other contestants to arrive." As Chris finishes his sentence, another bus pulls up.

"And please welcome Gwen!" Chris motions to the door, and Gwen, obviously displeased, steps off the bus.

"I can't believe I got dragged into another season of this crap."

"Well, believe it, and go stand with Owen." Gwen walks behind Chris, and another bus arrives, Heather stepping off of this one.

"Heather! So glad you could make it!" Chris says.

"Yeah, we're all so thrilled she's here'" Gwen said sarcastically.

"Oh shut it, Goth Girl," Heather replies, walking towards them. Another bus pulls up, and Duncan steps out.

"Duncan, what's up?" Chris asks. He gets no reply except a vicious glare. Chris steps back a few paces, saying,

"Okay, okay, just, uh, go stand with everyone else." The fifth bus arrives, this one carrying Leshawna.

"How do you feel about a new season, Leshawna?" Chris asks.

"Well, considering my unfair elimination last season, I think this one might be good. I might win," She walks over with everyone else, and the sixth bus arrives, Geoff in this one. He jumps off the bus and says,

"Dude! Another season! WOO! Is Bridgette here yet?"

"Nope, not yet, dude, but she'll be here soon."

"Yeah, then you two can have your make out fest again," Duncan said.

"Hey, shut up! At least my girlfriend is in this season!" Geoff replied.

"Oh, that's it, lemme at him!" Duncan charged at Geoff, but everyone held him back.

"So much drama already!" Chris laughed, "This is awesome!" Another bus pulls up, but when the doors open, no one steps out.

"Hey! Where's Izzy?" Chris asks the bus driver.

"That's not my name!" A voice replied from the luggage compartment. Chris sighed.

"Escope? What are you doing in there?" A bang is heard on the side of the bus.

"Okay, the door doesn't open from the inside. Can someone help me?" Chris opens the door, and Izzy jumps out. Chris sighs again.

"Izzy- I mean, Escope, what were you doing in there?"

"Oh, I dunno. I thought I got on the bus. I guess not, hehe. Anyone wanna see me flip my eyelids inside out?" This, of course, was answered by everyone there saying something along the lines of "ew". The next bus pulls up, and DJ steps off. Chris, greets him, and everyone else does, too. The next bus lets Lindsay off.

"Hey, Chip!" She greets Chris, getting his name wrong again.

"It's Chris"

"Oh, okay. Is my BFFFL here yet?"

"No, not yet."

"Oh. Is Tyler here?"

"No, he's not in the competetion. Go stand with everyone else, ok?"

"Ok!" The next bus pulls up and Bridgette steps off. Chris is about to greet her, until Geoff interrupts and runs up to her.


"Geoff!" They embrace, start making out, and the next bus arrives. When Trent steps out, he runs to Gwen.

"Hey Gwen! How's it going?"

"Suckish. I hate this stupid season already."

"Why?" Trent asks. Gwen responds by motioning to Geoff and Bridgette making out, and Heather.

"Oh, I see. You're not mad that I'm here, are you?"

"Of course not! Why would I be?" Before Trent could answer, the twelfth bus arrives, this one carrying Harold.

"Yes! another season! Another chance to showcase my mad skills!" he says as he steps off of the bus.

"Geez, Harold, stop stinking up the place with your dorkishness," Duncan insults.

"You're just jealous."

"Of what?"

"Can you recite the first one hundred digits of pi?"

"No, but I could probably eat a hundred pies!" Owen interjects. The last bus pulls up, with both Beth and Justin stepping off of this one. Beth is talking to Justin, and Justin is holding his head, obviously annoyed, and trying not to pay attention. In the confessional, Justin says,

"God! She will not shut up! We haven't even been placed on teams and she's already annoying as crap! She started talking about her life on the farm or something! I don't care abot that!"

"Okay! Now that everyone is here, it's time to get started! First, let me tell you that all of your challenges will be based on movie genres!" Chris told them, "Now, lets get teams started. Since I don't feel like being creative about teams right now, if you were in the top 7 of last season, you are now known as the Killer Actors! Everyone else, you are the Screaming Filmcrew!"

"Oh, that's just great, they're the ones that get all the cameras pointed at them. My body nees to be on film, too!" Justin complains.

"Yeah, but we're the ones working the cameras," Harold replied.

"Yeah! Final 7 team! WOO HOO!" Owen cheered. In the confessional, Heather expressed her dislike of the competetors,

"I'm on a team with the 6 other people I hate the most? Way to go, Chris." Chris puts everyone into a tram, and starts driving up a hill.

"Today's genre," he says, "is a racing movie!"

"Didn't we do one of those last season?" Heather retorted.

"No," Chris replies, "last season you guys raced on bikes. This season, you guys are racing in cars!"

"Cars? As in, vroom-vroom-crash racing cars? That's a first challenge I can get into!" Duncan said in the confessional. At the top of the hill, there are 12 racing cars, 6 green, and 6 red.

"Uhh... Chris? shouldn't there be 14 cars there?" Geoff asked.

"Oh, I forgot to mention, you guys are voting, one person per team, to not make the journey downhill. Right now." Everyone gasped. Chris said, after the collective gasp, "Filmcrew first. If you look under your seats, there are laptops. You can only do one thing on them, type names. Type the name of the person you are voting for, and that's how you vote." Everyone picks up the laptops, and the Filmcrew vote.

"Now," Chris said, "if you look at your monitors, you'll see a head of everyone on your team. In a moment, thier votes will appear next to them." A collective "WHAT?" is heard.

"That's right, you guys are gonna see who everyone voted for!" Chris laughed. On the screens, next to DJ's picture, Harold appeared. Next to Lindsay, Harold appeared. Next to Bridgette, Justin appeared. Next to Trent, Beth appeared. Next to Harold, Justin appeared, next to Beth, Harold appeared, and next to Justin, Beth appeared.

"With 3 votes, Harold will not be making the trip down the hill!" Chris said, "Actors, it's your guys' turn!" The screens showed that Owen voted for Heather, Gwen voted for Heather, Heather voted for Izzy, Duncan voted for Izzy, Leshawna voted for Heather, Geoff voted for Izzy, and Izzy voted for Heather.

"And with 4 votes, Heather will not be making the trip down the hill! Everyone else, go get a car, and race! I'll meet you down at the finish line." Everyone eagerly went to get a car, and when Chris said "go!", everyone zoomed down the hill.

"So," Chris asked Harold and Heather, "how would it feel, being the first ones voted out?"

"Honestly?" Heather replied, "It sucks."

"I agree," Harold said.

"Well, guess what?" Chris asked excitedly.

"What?" Harold and Heather sighed.

"You guys aren't the first ones voted out of the game!" Chris said, Harold and Heather gaining a confused, but happy, look on thier faces, "You guys are the team captains!"

"But you said we wouldn't be making the trip down the hill," Heather said, confused.

"Exactly," Chris replied, "You won't be. You'll be taken via helicopter to the bottom to see the winners of the race, which should be over soon. Hurry!" Chris motioned to a helicopter that just landed. Harold and Heather happily got on. As they were going down the hill, they saw everyone crashed but the winner. Geoff and Bridgette crashed first, because they were trying to make out while driving in seperate cars. DJ crashed with Lindsay and Gwen, and Izzy crashed by ramming into the back of Duncan. Owen's car broke down halfway through because of excessive weight, which made Heather and Harold laugh. Beth crashed with Justin, but it looked like Justin might have tried to caue the crash. At the very end, Trent's car was smashed, and Leshawna's had passed the finish line. The helicopter landed, and Harold and Heather got out to meet the castmates that were walking down to the bottom.

"Hey? Weren't you voted out, Heather?" Duncan asks.

"And weren't you voted out, Harold?" Justin inquires. Chris arrives at the bottom in the tram and replies,

"Nope! They're your new tem captains!" Chris laughs as everyone else, save Heather and Harold, stood there stupified. "And since Leshawna won the challenge, the Screaming Filmcrew will be voting someone out tonight! With one exception- since Harold is your team captain, you can't vote him out for this first week only. Also, since Trent got second in the race, you can't vote for him, either." At the Gilded Chris ceremony, Chris is on the podium.

"Welcome, Filmcrew!" He pulls out gold statuettes of himself, "These are your marshmallows.If you do not recieve a Gilded Chris, you are eliminated."

"How will you distribute them if everyone sees everyone else's votes?" Trent asks.

"Oh, you won't see the votes now until before the last Gilded Chris is given away. Now vote!" Everyone votes.

"Okay," Chris grabs a Gilded Chris, "the first Gilded Chris goes to... Harold, of course. And one for Trent, too," he tosses both of them a Gilded Chris. "And also... Bridgette," he tosses her one. "And two more go to... DJ and... Lindsay. This is the final Gilded Chris. Now we get to see who you voted for!" The screens reveal that DJ voted for Justin, Lindsay voted for DJ, Bridgette voted for Beth, Trent voted for Lindsay, Harold voted for Justin, Justin voted for Beth, and Beth voted for Justin.

"The final Gilded Chris goes to Beth," Chris says, tossing her one.

"But- but- I'm hot! You guys aren't supposed to vote me off!" Justin complained.

"Yeah, yeah, tell it to the Lame-o-sine," Chris retorted as Justin took the Red Carpet Walk of Shame. Chris ended the show by saying, "Tune in next time for another dramatic episode of Total! Drama! Action!"


Week Two Stories

Cards777's Story

“EEEEEE!!!” Lindsay squealed, “Santa comes tonight!”

“Yes he does!” Lindsay’s mom said.

“I hope he brings me a Sunset Sally Bike!” Lindsay said.

“I hope he does too, honey,” Lindsay’s mom said, “Now, off to bed!”

“I don’t want to go to bed yet,” Lindsay complained.

The two walked up the stairs to Lindsay's bedroom.

“Good night honey,” Lindsay’s mom said.

“Good night mom,” Lindsay said, “I’m not going to fall asleep,” Lindsay said, five minutes later, she was asleep. Later, there was a noise, and Lindsay woke up.

“What was that?” Lindsay asked.

Lindsay got out of bed and went downstairs, she gasped.

“Merry Christmas little girl!” Santa Claus said.

“Are you Tyler?” Lindsay asked.

“Um, no.” Santa said.

“I know who you are!” Lindsay said excitedly, “You’re oh, what’s his name?”

“Santa Claus?” Santa asked.

“No, that’s not it! You’re Steven Clase!” Lindsay said.

“No, I’m Santa Claus,” Santa said, “Here, come with me!” He went outside stood by his sleigh with Lindsay.

“Aw! Those oversized dogs are so cute!” Lindsay said.

“Lindsay, those are magical reindeer!” Santa said.

"Oh. Well then, those magical reindeer are cute!" Lindsay said.

They boarded the sleigh, and the sleigh took off. The magical reindeer flew the sleigh in front.

“Wow, this is so cool!” Lindsay said.

“Yes, it is! Just think, I do this every Christmas Eve!” Santa said.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think!” Lindsay said.

“Oh, well then, just imagine! Ho ho ho!” Santa said.

“I can do that!” Lindsay said.

“Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” Santa said.

They rode together until they reached the North Pole. The North Pole was very cold. It was covered with snow and snowmen. There were small houses everywhere, and one huge factory in the heart.

“Stan, what about the rest of the presents?” Lindsay asked.

“You were the last house in the world! Those were just in case of broken presents!” Santa explained, “Now, come in, meet some elves! Meet Mrs. Claus,” Santa said as he walked into his factory.

“Whoa!” Lindsay said, “This is awesome!”

“Yes it is!” Mrs. Claus said, “Um, Santa, dear. I thought we discussed about bringing mortals to the North Pole,”

“Don’t worry dear! I’ll just use Quincy’s Forget-a-ful Dust!” Santa said.

“Who’s Quincy?” Lindsay asked.

“He’s my head elf! He’s helped me ever since my first Christmas, long ago.” Santa explained.

A one and a half foot tall elf walked up to Santa and said, “Welcome back sir! Was the trip successful?” he asked.

“Yes it was, Quincy!” Santa said, “Thanks to my elves that made the toys and my wonderful, magical reindeer! It could not have been possible without all of you! Merry Christmas to all!” Santa cheered.

“Wow! Elves really are small!” Lindsay said looking down at Quincy.

“We don’t appreciate being called “small”,” said Quincy.

“Oh then, well, um, I guess you’re just haven’t hit your growth spurt yet!” Lindsay said.

“I already hit my growth spurt!” Quincy said.

“Maybe I should just be quiet,” Lindsay decided.

“Maybe that’s a good idea!” Mrs. Claus said.

“Now, we must open our presents!” Santa said.

Everybody cheered.

“Quincy, this one’s for you!” Santa said handing Quincy his present.

He opened it and said, “It’s just what I wanted! A toy car! Vroom, vroom! Honk, honk. Beep, beep! Thank you Santa!”

“Mrs. Claus and all of the other elves!” He said handing all of them their presents.

“Oh, honey! How did you know?” Mrs. Claus asked.

“I knew you wanted it!” Santa said.

Mrs. Claus held up a golden necklace with a heart on it. In the heart, were two pictures: one of Mrs. Claus and one of Mr. Claus.

“Lindsay, it’s time to leave,” Santa said.

“But I don’t want to leave!” Lindsay whined.

“If you’re gone to long, then your parents may start to worry about you,” Santa said.

“Okay! Goodbye all! Merry Christmas!” Lindsay said as she boarded the sleigh.

“Goodbye, darling. Merry Christmas!” Mrs. Clause said waving goodbye.

The two rode home on Santa’s sleigh. When the sleigh landed at Lindsay’s house, she got off.

“Goodbye Santa!” Lindsay said.

“Goodbye, dear!” Santa said, “Merry Christmas, ho ho ho!”

“Lindsay, wake up!” Santa said.

“What do you mean wake up?” Lindsay asked.

She woke up to see her little sister, Mary, in her face.

“Wake up Lindsay! Santa came!” Mary said.

“EEEEEEEE!!! So wait, was that just a dream?” Lindsay asked.

“Was what a dream?” Mary asked.

“Never mind,” Lindsay said.

The two ran downstairs to their Christmas tree. Under the tree, were tons and tons of presents. The two opened all of their presents, except for two of them. One of them was for Lindsay and the other for Mary. They both ripped the wrapping paper and revealed, “Oh my gosh! A Sunset Sally Bike!” They both said in unison.

“Looks like Santa got you both a Sunset Sally!” Lindsay’s mom said, “Merry Christmas!”

Lindsay noticed a note taped to her bike. She took the note off of the bike, ran up to her room, and read it, “Dear Lindsay, I hope you had fun! I know I did. Did you like the North Pole? I hope you did. Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy your Sunset Sally Bike! From Santa Claus.” Lindsay gasped, “Maybe it wasn’t a dream!”

She went back to her family and they sang Christmas carols. They enjoyed another Christmas as a family.


COKEMAN11's Story

"I thought you celebrated Hanukkah!" (A continuation of the GwenXNoah story I wrote last season)

Gwen had gotten used to Noah living in her neighborhood. Her father had become Noah’s father’s colleague. And Gwen’s mom and Noah’s mom were in a book club. So what were Gwen and Noah doing? They ate at a restaurant, did a science project, and discussed people, ones in their school, ones from Total Drama, and especially Trent. You could say Gwen had found a new boyfriend. Almost.

Gwen’s first Christmas since TDA ended was starting. All of the girls started wearing snow globe earrings, Christmas-y shirts and socks, snowflake necklaces – all except Gwen. All she wanted for Christmas was to get rid of her brother, and to kill Chris McLean. But that would be murder.

Noah had gotten the notice about Total Drama: the Musical. You might say he was excited, but he mostly wasn’t. Too much Chris, Noah thought. He had gotten over his laziness. Now was the time where all of the boys would look through magazines and go on the internet to search for video games and junk (that they probably wouldn’t need). All except Noah. He just wanted books, a car, and maybe a cat. And, secretly, a game to play with his underground gaming clan. But other than that, he wanted to know what to get Gwen for Hanukkah. What he didn’t realize was that Gwen was Christian.

Gwen knew Noah liked books, and knew he wanted a pet. Fish won’t do it, neither will any type of reptile… Gwen thought while shopping. She didn’t know that Noah wanted a cat. Gwen had thought about a kitten, but that meant the money for adoption, then rabies shots, de-worming, and other things. Gwen picked up a couple of books, Dragon Quest III: The Final Quest For A Dragon, a gift card to the Eastern Toronto Animal Shelter and left.

Noah knew Gwen was goth. He knew Gwen didn’t want much. But he thought about being a goth girl; what would Noah like if he were goth? Noah thought about some amethyst earrings. That seemed appropriate. He also got her some purple hair dye, as they were all out of teal hair dye. He exited the store.

On the third day of Hanukkah, Noah came over with Gwen’s gift. “Christmas gifts so early?” Gwen asked when Noah was at the door.

“I thought you celebrated Hanukkah!” Noah was confused. “Noah, it’s sweet of you to have thought about me for a gift,” Gwen commented, “but I’m not Jewish. No Hanukkah for this girl.” Gwen smiled and hugged Noah. Noah seemed confused.

“Um…thanks…?” Noah said, a little unsure. “But I’ll wait ‘till Christmas. Our stone at the park?”

“Our stone at the park.” Gwen smiled.

It was finally Christmas day. Everyone received their gifts. Gwen got a puppy for Christmas from her family. She cried. She never knew about a pet, or thought about one. “A dog seems just perfect.” Gwen thanked her parents.

Noah got a new computer, the newest one that he had always wanted since it was announced. He didn’t cry like Gwen did with her puppy, but he was happy. He also got a few books from his favorite series, The 43 Leads. “Now to meet up with Gwen.” Noah smiled and headed out the door at 2:10 P.M.

Gwen was waiting at their “special” rock. “What took you so long?” Gwen playfully pushed Noah.

“Life,” Noah smiled, “it gave me many gifts.”

“Life gave me a puppy!” Gwen smiled.

“Awesome!” Noah exclaimed.

Gwen laughed. “Merry Christmas, Noah.” She gave him the bag of gifts.

Noah gasped. “Dragon Quest III? How’d you know I wanted that?”

“I know a guy.” Gwen smiled.

“Thanks for the books and the gift card, too.” Noah handed Gwen her presents, looking a little unsure. “Don’t hit me, I wasn’t sure what to get you.”

“Purple hair dye,” Gwen said, looking at the dye. “Nice. And…amethyst earrings?” Noah nodded. “These must have cost a fortune! Thank you so much, Noah!” She kissed him on the nose.


There was an awkward moment of silence for about a minute. Finally, Noah spoke up. “Merry Christmas.” And with that, the duo continued their best Christmases, respectively.


Darkdonpatch's Story

Wait this isn't thanks giving! (Owens and Izzy very awesome Christmas)

On a Dark Christmas Eve....

"Hey Izzy can't you wait it's almost Christmas! "says Owen who is very excited.

"I know Owen can't you wait?Because I can't in fact I want to open my presents now!" Izzy said with happiness.

Owen say,"Well Izzy It is almost time for Christmas!"

" Remember last years Christmas?" Izzy says with glee.

"The Christmas Reunion? Owen says,then Izzy nods."The one we told are engagement to?

Izzy says "Yes Owen man I can't believe that we can't see Duncan tomorrow."

Owen says confused "Why can't we see Duncan?

"Remember he went to China to .......uhhhh steal that Jade dragon?" Izzy says.

"I can see the news now Canadian Millionaire steals the Jade Dragon," Owen says depressed.

Izzy says " I know your sad Owen you haven't seen him for 1 year now."

"Well at least we can see everyone else now,right? Owen said happily.

"Well come on it's time to go to bed now Owen." Izzy said tiredly.

"Okay",then Owen goes to bed to wait for tomorrow.

They then went to sleep,but they didn't know that there was a blizzard coming.Then later they woke up to find a message that says that no one can come.

"Aw,man no ones coming Iz." says Owen who sounds depressed.

"Well we can open are presents now Big O." says Izzy.

"Okay, Izzy!" *Owen open Izzy's presents and he got a chainsaw*," Uhhhhh thanks Izzy."

  • Izzy opens here present and got a coupon at Psychos R U* "Awwwwww Thanks Big O,now lets have a snow ball fight!"
  • then they had a snow ball fight and they lived happily ever after, oh and Izzy won 824 to 1*

"Owen, Is that a car?" Izzy points to a fast car.

"You'll never take me alive coppers!" said some guy in a car.

"Is that Duncan?"then the car stopped and he opened his window.

"Yo,Owen why are you in China town?" Duncan said with a very serious look.

"We have no idea ,but Izzy wanted to come here here and......" Owen said.

"Heh are you married yet with Izzy?" Duncan said .

Owen said "yes I am,thank you.Are you with Courtney?"

"Not yet me and her haven't had a good relationship yet shes always yelling at my mistakes."

Owen said "Wasn't there coppers?"

Duncan said "Nope just playing a prank ,but I can't stay with Miss Bossy of Canada over there."

"Oh,do you want to stay with us for Christmas,Duncan?" Izzy butted in.

"Sure why not?" Duncan got out of his car.

-They all went inside-

"Whoa Izzy This isn't Thanksgiving!" Duncan said while looking at the feast.

" I know Duncan ,but you know Owen he eats about everything!" Izzy says with no emotion what so ever.

-They both looks at the food and half of it is gone!-

"That food was so healthy " said and barely awake Owen.

-Then Duncan and Izzy drew all over Owen and then laugh-

"AHAHAHAHAH that was so good" laughs Duncan.

"I know I know man this was like this time when....

-One very long and boring story later-

And thats how I became a world class paint ball gunner!!" said Izzy.

-Duncan and Owen were now asleep-

"Oh it's bed time already" Izzy said then she felled asleep.

"Wow that was one strangely awesome Christmas and no Chris in sight" Chef said while closing the book.

"What did you say Chef? " Said Chris.

"Uhhhh that your awesome?" Chef said while lying.

"Okay Chef" Chris said and left.

"That was a close one!" Chef said


Author's note "Unless If i get voted off it's not...Holy Sh*T I broke the 4th wall...oh well."

GM's Story

A Christmas In Juvi

"I have a visitor? I never have visitors!" Duncan yelled at the cop.

“Sit down and shut it!” The cop yelled back at Duncan as he sat down.

“Okay, Mr. Meanie,” Duncan growled as a familiar lady sat down.

“Hello, Duncan,” the lady said to Duncan.

“Who are you?” Duncan asked the lady.

“Courtney,” Courtney said to Duncan glaring.

“You?” Duncan glared back at Courtney.

“Yeah, you know how Christmas is coming?” Courtney said to Duncan.

“Yeah,” Duncan said glaring.

“Use the million bucks to get out of juvi,” Courtney explained to Duncan.

“I spent it,” Duncan said to Courtney.

“What?” Courtney said confused.

“I spent it,” Duncan replies to Courtney.

“On what?” Courtney said, looking mad.

“Getting me in juvi,” Duncan said to Courtney.

“You’re crazy!!” Courtney screamed at Duncan.

“I know, I know,” Duncan repeated five times.

“Good, because you are here for Christmas,” Courtney growled at Duncan.

“Okay, then,” Duncan said to Courtney and walked away.

“What a jerk,’ Courtney growled and walked away.

“Get over here Duncan,” the cop shouted.

“Fine,” Duncan said, walking to the cop.

“We’re putting up Christmas trees,” the cop said to Duncan.

“I’ll pass,” Duncan said walking away.

“But, if you do it, you get out of juvi,” the cop explained to Duncan.

“I’m coming,” Duncan said following the cop.

“Okay, here is the tree,” the cop said grumbling.

“It’s metal,” Duncan said confused.

“I know, its juvi,” the cop explained to Duncan.

“Okay now put up the ornaments,” the cop yelled at Duncan.

“I’ll put up the ornaments,” Duncan grumbled as he put up the ornaments.

“Do that!” the cop said getting other people to put up ornaments.

“No way!” A voice yelled.

“Get over there, Trent!” The cop yelled at Trent.

“Okay!” The voice yelled again.

“Whoa, Trent,” Duncan said confused as a boy with the orange hoodie.

“You’re not Trent,” Duncan said turning toward the tree.

“I’m Brent,” Brent explained to Duncan.

“Who?” Duncan said confused.

“Brent!! From Total Drama Reality,” Brent said to Duncan.

“I’m Trent,” another guy walking in with an orange and camo shirt.

“Who! What! Hey!” Duncan said confused and then shouting.

“Hello?” Trent said to Duncan.

“How are you in here?  Wait, who are you and what have you done with Trent?” Duncan said putting a candy cane on the tree.

“I’m Trent and I’m here because……….,” Trent said, stopping as Brent accidentally pushed the tree.

“Dude!” Duncan yelled as the tree hit the ground.

“Ya know?” Trent asked to Brent.

“What?” Brent replied to that question staring at the tree.

“This would make a great Christmas card,” Trent replied to Brent as Duncan was glaring at both of them.

“Why are you glaring at me?” Brent asked Duncan.

“Because you knocked down the Christmas tree!!” Duncan yelled at Brent kneeling to the ground.

“What happened?” The cop asked running into the room.

“This is what happened!!” Duncan yelled then turning to Brent.

“You!!” Duncan yelled at Brent.

"Well, I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!! Just don't celebrate in Juvi," Trent said as Brent got a broom and started cleaning up.


KoopaKidJr.'s Story

Great Minds Think Alike: Starring Duncan and Courtney

It was December 25, 2009, and Duncan's alarm clock went off.

"I gotta call Courtney.", Duncan said to himself.

Duncan did just that. He picked up his cell phone and called his Courtney. She quickly answered the phone.

"Hello? Oh hey Dunky!!!", Courtney said to Duncan from the other side of the phone.

"Wanna come over to my place so we can celebrate Christmas?", Duncan asked Courtney from his side of the phone.

"Sure, I'll be right there!", Courtney said. She hung up the phone and rushed to Duncan's house to celebrate Christmas with him. She made it to Duncan's house in a matter of seconds.

"Hey Princess, come on in!", Duncan politely said to Courtney.

Before they started to talk about other things, they went to open the presents. Duncan gave his first present to Courtney, while she gave her first present to Duncan.

"Here's your present Dunky.", Courtney said to Duncan. "Here's yours Princess.", Duncan said back to Courtney.

They both opened up their first presents. Duncan got an electric guitar, and Courtney got an iPod Touch.

"Here's your second present!", they simultaneously said to eachother. They opened their second presents. Duncan got a PSP Go, and Courtney got a laptop.

They handed eachother their last presents.

"Courtney? I hope you know all the trouble I went through to get this present!", Duncan said to his A-Type girlfriend.

"Me too. I had to sell my GPS to get you this.", Courtney replied.

"And I had to sell my drumset to get you my gift.", Duncan replied back.

Duncan gave Courtney her last gift, and it was PDA mkII.

"Duncan?! How did you know I wanted this?!", Courtney excitingly asked Duncan.

"You kept talking about it everyday. I just hope I get that $1000 gift card to Music R' Us.", Duncan said to her and to himself.

"I guess you can say great minds think alike.", Courtney said to Duncan as she unwrapped his gift to reveal his gift card.

"I can't believe you got this for me!", Duncan excitingly told Courtney.

"I see. I told you. Great minds think alike!", Courtney replied. They both made out under the mistletoe, and Peter Griffin randomly saying, "HA! You said the title of the story! I love it when that happens!!!" Peter than ran back to Quahog with half of Duncan's beer bottles.

"Who the hell was that guy?", Duncan awkwardly asked Courtney. She shrugged and continued to make out.


Turnertang's Story

Weblykinly's Story

Owen's Christmas Spectacular!

Owen wakes up and runs downstairs and says "Merry Christmas". Although, his holiday wasn't the merriest or at least the beginning.

"Guess what Santa got me.......... a lump of coal", Owen yells.

"Ha Ha", his snotty brother laughed.

"Whatever Cole, time to open presents!" Owen shouted.

He glanced under the tree and cries. Then before Owen could say anything his mom rushed downstairs.

"Owen, are you alright?", his mom quick asked.

"Yes, I just wanted a plain Cheeseburger from Cole & he gave me nothing", Owen cried.

"It's OK honey. Cole got ketchup from us and we got you Steak.", His mom said.

Owen stopped crying and smiled.

"At least someone got me something", Owen said rubbing it in Cole's face.

"Hey, what's all the racket?", his dad said as he fell down the stairs. Owen's father slowly gets up, to fall down again.

"Owen didn't get a cheeseburger from Cole", his mom replied.

"WHAT? That's absolutely awful!", his dad yelled.

"Who cares about about frickin cheeseburgers? I for one don't. You all are a bunch of nutjobs", Cole yelled.

"What did you just call me", his dad questioned.

"A NUTJOB, idiot!", Cole replied.

"Calm down. Let's have some fun", Owen shouted.

"You started it in the first place, Owen!", Cole quickly said back.

"Whatever, let's sing!"

They all started singing Jingle Bells and O Food of Trees besides Cole. Cole was wondering what O Food of Trees was. And, how his family could be more retarded than they are now.

"Oh my gosh! It's time for food eating contest!", Owen yelled.

"To think we almost missed it! That's just plain awful", Owen's mom said.

You see instead of having a normal tradition like having a big breakfast. Owen and his family had a food eating contest. That Cole would actually participate in. What the maing goal was to eat the whole christmas feast the fastest and get a have $5 gift card to McDonalds to celebrate the victory. (FEC is short for Food Eating Contest)

"I love FEC, it's the best part of the day. There's 5 Cheeseburgers, 2 Hot Dogs, 3 Chicken Breasts, 1 Box of Garlic Mashed Potatos and 10 Cookies for dessert", Owen said cheerfully.

"I forgot the meal was that big! I've been kinda trying to lose weight. But, this year I'll win", Cole says proudly.

"I don't know Cole", his father groaned.

They all set the big table. Now, their all ready to start.

"OK, since I tied for 1st last year. I'll do the countdown! In 5,4,3,2,1......YUM!", Owen yelled.

Now, the contest was on. Owen was gulping them down, Owen's Mom ate faster than I've ever seen a fat lady eat, Owen's Father was having 10 of a regular portion bites and putting them into one and Cole was eating like a regular person in a food eating contest.

5 minutes later.......

The competiton was rising with 5 Cookies for Owen, 2 Chicken Breasts for Owen's Father, 1 Box of Garlic Mashed Potatos for Owen's Mom. And, well Cole had so much to eat you wouldn't want to know. It was really down to Owen & Owen's Mom. Owen now had 3 Cookies and his mom had half the box. It's Owen, Mom, Owen, Mom, Owen, Mom, Owen, Mom, Oweb. The Winner is:


One strange, tall man walked in the room.

"You Owen, just won the record for eating that much food the fastest!", the strange man said.

"I did?", Owen replied.

"Yeah, I'm the record person. I find every record and we always observe your house for FEC", the record dealer said.

"That's AWESOME! How fast did I go?", Owen anxiously asked.

"6 minutes and 23 seconds", the record dealer replied.

"Now you get....", the record dealer almost finished.

"Everything free on the menu from McDonalds", Owen disrupted.

"Sure, I'll go get it", the record dealer answered.

"Awesome!" Owen said.

  • the record dealer walks out and enters car* "Well, at least I don't have to give him the 10,000 bucks", the record dealer said to himself.

"This is the best christmas ever!"


(Deleted Scene: 12 Days of Foodmas)

On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me a bowl of candy

On the second day of christmas my true love gve too me a 2 Choclate Doves and a bowl of candy

On the third day of christmas my true love gave to me 3 Fat Chickens

  • 2 Choclate Doves

and a bowl of candy

On the fourth day of christmas my true love gave to me 4 Pretzel Words

  • 3 Fat Chickens
  • 2 Turtle Doves

and a bowl of candy

On the fifth day of christmas my true love gave to me 5 ONION RINGS

  • 4 Pretzel Words
  • 3 Fat Chickens
  • 2 Chocolate Doves

and a bowl of candy

On the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me 6 Big Feasts Waiting

  • 4 Pretzel Words
  • 3 Fat Chickens
  • 2 Chocolate Doves

and a bowl of candy

On the seventh day of christmas my true love gave to me 7 Hot Dogs Limping

  • 6 Big Feasts Waiting
  • 4 Pretzel Words
  • 3 Fat Chickens
  • 2 Chocolate Doves

and a bowl of candy

On the eigth day of christmas my true love gave to me 8 Maids a Milking

  • 7 Hot Dogs Limping
  • 6 Big Feasts Waiting
  • 4 Pretzel Words
  • 3 Fat Chickens
  • 2 Chocolate Doves

and a bowl of candy

On the ninth day of christmas my true love gave to me 9 Steaks from Lansing

  • 8 Maids a Milking
  • 7 Hot Dogs Limping
  • 6 Big Feasts Waiting
  • 4 Pretzel Words
  • 3 Fat Chickens
  • 2 Chocolate Doves

and a bowl of candy

On the tenth day of christmas my true love gave to me 10 Eggs a Hatching

  • 9 Steaks from Lansing
  • 8 Maids a Milking
  • 7 Hot Dogs Limping
  • 6 Big Feasts Waiting
  • 4 Pretzel Wods
  • 3 Fat Chickens
  • 2 Chocolate Doves

and a bowl of candy

On the eleventh day of christmas my true love gave to me 11 Crackers Cracking

  • 10 Eggs a Hatching
  • 9 Steaks from Lansing
  • 8 Maids a Milking
  • 7 Hot Dogs Limping
  • 6 Big Feasts Waiting
  • 4 Pretzel Words
  • 3 Fat Chickens
  • 2 Chocolate Doves

and a bowl of candy

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 12 Suckers Sucking

  • 11 Crackers Cracking
  • 10 Eggs a Hatching
  • 9 Steaks from Lansing
  • 8 Maids a Milking
  • 7 Hot Dogs Limping
  • 6 Big Feasts Waiting
  • 4 Pretzel Words
  • 3 Fat Chickens
  • 2 Chocolate Doves

and a bowl of candy!!!!!!!!!!!

YoshiPerson's Story

Benthegame's Story

         Cody was in the kitchen writing his Christmas List. He wanted lots of video games. And the new Calcu9001. All together it cost about 7,000 dollars. "Darn! If only I won TDI" he groaned. He sat there for a while thinking of ways to help his mother pay off the gifts. "I got it!" he said. "I'll ask Duncan for 8,000 dollars. That works out." So Cody left to go to Duncan's house. After the third season, all the contestants of the series moved into the same neighborhood as Cody. TBC.

Ezekielguy's Story

Ezekiel's Chanuka

Ezekiel and his brother, Joseph were bored to death as they're mother taught them math.

"See?" she said, trying to get the boys to understand, "If you add one, a number will go up one higher!"

"But," asked Joseph, "What would happen if we added two?"

"Oh, the earth would probably explode." said his mother. "Anymore questions? No? Oh...OY! We're out of time! Come, boys! It's time to light the Menorah!"

Ezekiel and Joseph cheered. They were so glad that school would be done for a very long time, and then come back again. But they were completely clueless why. When they asked they're father, we would respond with, "Because all teachers are women, right? Everyone knows that! So, since the women are so weak, they can have time to relax!"

Ezekiel really wasn't sure about this. His mother had saved him from a huge Polar Bear when he was six, and all he could do the whole time was cry.


Jason's Story

I orginally posted this on the fanfic wiki. I thought It'd be good for this challenge.

Her Christmas tree gleamed in her eyes. Izzy was fascinated by how fast the tree's lights flashed. She would follow each one and see what lights flashed when. She would sit there for hours, staring at the tree in amazement. “Izzy,” Her adoptive mom called her. “Hold on, hold on,” Izzy said, putting one finger in the air, symbolizing “one minute”.

“Whoa.” Izzy said in aw. She bolted up the stairs, from the basement, huffing and puffing, she asks if she was out of time. “Honey it's okay, you don't look so fine.” “Oh mom, I'm fine.” Izzy said, plopping herself on a stool, next to Sierra. Sierra was Izzy's cousin, her real cousin. “Who's ready for Christmas Karaoke?” Izzy's adoptive dad said. Izzy eagerly raised her hand, wailing it in the air wildly. “How about Sierra? Would you like to?” Dad asks them. “Sure.” Sierra says, willingly. She walks up into the center of the room and takes the microphone. Izzy slams her hands on the table and stomps her feet on the ground. “Honey, don't throw a tantrum.” Mom says. “BUT I WANTED TO GO!!!” Izzy whines like a little baby.

“I want to wish you a merry Christmas, I want to wish you a merry Christmas, I want to wish you a merry Christmas, from the bottom of my heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!” Sierra sings. “Okay, girls, I think it's time for bed.” “That means Santa will be coming sooner!” Izzy exclaimed. “Yes, so get to bed.” Izzy's mom said softly. Izzy ran to her room, with Sierra following her. “Honey, you stay with the kids, I'll get the presents?” The dad asked the mom. “Sure.” She agreed, then walked into Sierra and Izzy's room. “Okay girls, Santa won't come if you two aren't sleeping,” She says. “Okay,” Sierra says happily, then she rolls over and goes to bed.

“Izzy, now you have to go to sleep.” “Fine.” Izzy says. She turns over on her stomach and pretends to sleep. Here mom slowly walks out of the room not closing the door. Izzy rolled over and looked in front of her. The T. V's light distorted the room color from pink to blue. Izzy slowly crept from her bed to the door. She peeked out and saw the Christmas tree. Izzy couldn't help but get amazed.

“Izzy, wake up, or move.” Her dad said, repeatedly hitting her with the edge of the door. Izzy passed out right at the door and nobody could get in. She lie there in a crumpled heap, until Sierra kicked her out of her way to get to the presents. Sierra ran after the big blue box. She tore it open to reveal a Barbie Dream house. “EEEEEEEEE!” Sierra squealed. Then she read the tag: “From Santa, To Izzy”. Sierra looked at Izzy with a evil grin. She hugged the box and said “Mine!”

Izzy arose from her position and ran at Sierra. “That's my Barbie Triple Double Deluxe Dream Suite House!” Izzy screamed. “No it's not!” Sierra fought back. They started rolling around with each other in their arms. Soon, they both rolled into the Christmas tree, causing it to hit the fire place, therefore, creating a fire. “OH MY GOSH. HONEY, GET THE KIDS!” Mom yells. The dad grabs Sierra and runs out the door with her. Izzy stands there, staring at the fire. “Whoa.” She said in amazement. She tries to poke the fire, but before that can happen, her mom grabs her and bolts out the door. That day, Izzy or Sierra didn't open any presents. Well, Sierra opened Izzy's Barbie Triple Double Deluxe Dream Suite House. Luckily, Izzy ran in a grabbed it before the firemen got their. That was one Christmas gone bad.

Kenzen's Story

A Christmas To Remember

Five years after Total Drama, eight twenty-one year olds were meeting at an old house.

“Courtney, stop rushing me” said the now handyman, Duncan.

“Oh deal with it Duncan, we are ten minutes early, we should be fifteen minutes early” Courtney nagged.

“Hurry up” Izzy said to her husband.

“Honey, this Jeep is built for speed but it is snowing and we did stop in that parking lot to do donuts” her husband, Kenzen responded.

“Yeah, completely true” Izzy had lost a lot of her craziness, but she was still one for fun.

“Hey Eva, can you pass me my Snickers” Noah said to his newlywed Eva. “Sure” Eva gave him the candy. She had grown to be a lot nicer than in Total Drama Island, after receiving a dog from her past fiancé.

In the house were Katie and DJ, they had just bought and invited their friends to a Christmas party on Christmas Eve.

“EEEEEEEEE!” Katie screamed.

“What happened?” DJ asked running in the room.

“A mouse” Katie said.

DJ found the mouse and put him outside. “Thanks DJ” Katie said kissing him. DJ and Katie had just moved into the house after getting married eight months earlier.

A knock was heard, Katie walked to the door. “Izzy, come in” Katie said poking her head out the door.

Izzy and Kenzen walked into the house. “OMG!” Izzy said, seeing that Katie was pregnant.

“What?” Katie said.

“You’re pregnant” Izzy said.

“Yeah” Katie and Izzy hugged in congratulations.

“Hi” Eva said walking through the open door. “Hi Eva” Katie said greeting her with a hug. “What about me?” Noah walked through the door. Katie hugged Noah and closed the door.

“Hey guys” DJ said walking in the living room from the kitchen.

“What’s on the stove?” Kenzen asked.

“Burgers” DJ replied.

“Cool” said Kenzen.

“We are here” Courtney said rushing through the door pulling Duncan like a rag doll.

“Courtney, Duncan” Katie said, hugging them both.

“Duncan, my man” DJ said.

With all of them there and dinner ready, they began to eat.

“Yummers” Izzy said swallowing some of her burger. “I really like these DJ, what’s in them?” Kenzen said. “I don’t know, they are veggie burgers from the store” DJ said. “Low carb I hope” Courtney said to herself.

Suddenly, the window flew open, letting in the blizzard that had arose outside. “Holy crap!” Kenzen yelled, running to close the window.

“Katie, are you alright?” DJ said to Katie seeing that Katie grimaced.

“My water broke” Katie said.

“What?” Duncan asked.

“She’s having a baby” Courtney said.

“Oh, I will just go over there” Duncan stood up, walked one step, and fainted. “Wimp” Courtney said, forgetting about what was happening. “Let’s go to the hospital” Noah said. “Umm, we are snowed in” Izzy said, opening the door. “We need towels, blankets, water, and anything useful” Eva said.

They all scrambled through the house getting supplies for the delivery, soon to come. Eva sat in the living room with Katie. Being a trained nurse, Eva was ready, but Katie was not. “Get this baby out!” Katie screamed. “Don’t be in such a rush Katie” Eva comforted. Katie calmed down as much as she could.

Katie began to push with all her might. She pushed, she wanted this baby very badly. “How is it coming?” Kenzen said from the other room, along with Noah, as they wanted to let Katie have privacy. “The baby is out to his or her neck” Eva said to them.

“What happened?” Duncan said waking up, with Katie in the middle of labor. “Oh” he fell to the floor, out cold.

An hour later, the little baby girl is in Katie’s arms. “What should we name her?” Katie asked DJ.

“I think you should give her a name” DJ said.

“Okay, I know! Let's name her Jessica” Katie said, holding little Jessica.

“I love it” DJ said kissing her on the cheek.

“This really is a Christmas to remember” Izzy said.

They began to sing.

The End

NIzzy's Story

"Tyson! It’s Christmas!" A tall blonde girl wearing a Santa costume shouted as she ran into the room filled with festive decorations.

"Yeah, yeah it is..." He said with a slightly disappointed face on. "Lindsay... Merry Christmas." He said whilst putting up Christmas decorations. The room was filled with festive colors, everywhere you turned the walls sparkled with green and red tinsel.

"You okay?" She asked as she knelt down and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Y-Yeah...I'm fine." He replied and smiled at her. "Well, c'mon we need to get these decorations up!" Tyler said.

"Okay!" She replied and threw her arms around him and they smiled sweetly at each other. "This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!" She said.

"If only it were..." Tyler whispered under his breathe.

"Hmm? What did you say?" Said Lindsay.

"Oh, it’s nothing..." He replied and stood up to finish the decorations.

"Tyson, wait! I mean Tyler!" She said as he turned to face her. "Can I do the tree decorations, please?!" She asked whilst staring at him with cute puppy dog eyes.

"Sure!" He answered. "Just be careful." He said and walked out of the room. Lindsay quickly ran around gathering tinsel and other decorations.

"Okay...How do I do this again?" She whispered to herself. She stepped onto a step ladder to help her reach the top of the tree but suddenly a young boy wearing a red Christmas sweater ran into the room and glared at Lindsay noticing her wearing a Santa costume.

"You're one of Santa's helpers aren't you?!" He shouted.

"Uhh...No but-." Lindsay was interrupted by the young boy having a tantrum.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU GET ME A BIKE LAST CHRISTMAS?!" He screamed at the top of his voice and pushed the tree over causing it to land on Lindsay.

"Arggghhhhh!" She screamed just at that moment Tyler burst into the room.

"What the heck is going on?!" He shouted.

"Santa didn't get me a bike and it’s all her fault!" The little boy shouted and pointed at Lindsay underneath the Christmas tree.

"Lindsay!" Tyler exclaimed and lifted up the Christmas tree. "You okay?" He asked. Lindsay got up and rubbed her head.

"Oww...Yeah I'm fine. Who is that?" She asked. Tyler glanced at the young boy.

"That is my second cousin Matt." He said. "Come on Matt, into the other room." He said. Matt pulled an unsatisfied face and left the room. "Kids, huh?" Tyler said with a chuckle.

Shane's Story:

Title: The Christmas To Remember

Author: Goldenshane

It was a cold December day, the 24th to be exact. Snow was falling, Hot-cocoa was being made, and kids were riding down hills on sleds. However, this story tells the tale of an unlikely story of a couple on Christmas.

“You know, Gwen,” a boy in camo says, “I’m so glad that your family moved here this summer.”

“Me too, Trent.” Gwen says. The two were on the steps of Gwen’s front porch sipping hot-cocoa. They watch the snow fall and kids sledding down hills and making snowmen.

“This will be our first Christmas together.” Trent says excitingly.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow. I heard your mom makes the best pumpkin pie.” Gwen says.

“And I hear that your mom makes really good cookies.”

“That is true.” the two cuddle up close to each other. They look out and they see the snow glisten in the sun light. The two go inside and go to the table full of cookies. Trent takes a cookie coated in blue frosting and Gwen takes a cookie coated in black. After seeing what colors their cookies were, they burst out laughing, as black and blue were Gwen’s favorite colors. After they ate their cookies, they sat by the fire in the living room. Trent says,

“I can’t believe that your family moved in the house right beside mine. It’s almost like destiny telling us something.”

“I know, right? It’s crazy.” Gwen says. All of a sudden, the phone rings and Gwen gets it. “Hello?” she asks over the phone.

“Hey Gwen, it’s me, Suzy.” says Suzy over the phone.

“Hey Suzy! Good to finally see you.”

“More like hear me but I know what you mean.”

“Haha, yeah I guess so. So what do you need?”

“Well, I need to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“Would you like to go Christmas caroling with me and a few of my friends?”

“I don’t know, Suzy. Can Trent come?”

“Of course.”

“Great, I’ll ask him if he can.” Gwen puts the phone down and asks Trent,

“Do you….”

“Yes, I do.” Trent replies.

“Were you eavesdropping?”

“No, but you talk quite loud.”

“Oh.” Embarrassed, Gwen goes back to the phone, “He said yes.”

“Great! Meet me at the school at seven. See you there.” Gwen hangs up and says,

“You have to be at school at seven.”

“Okay, what a second. I thought you said you were going.” Trent says.

“Well, where I’m from, people like me, never hang out with people like them.” Gwen sadly states.

“Well, I don’t think you’re in Kansas anymore so you can hang out with people like them.”

“Aw, thanks Trent. You know, I guess I’ll go with you tonight.”

“Well we’d better hurry. It’s six-thirty right now.”

“But it’s only a five minute drive.”

“It takes twenty minutes to fully get ready.”

“True.” the two get ready and they walk out the door. Trent drives to the school, along the way, Gwen says,

“You know, two years ago, if you told me that I’d meet you, I’d say you’d be lying to me.”

“I didn’t think I’d find love either.” Trent says.

“It’s funny how a game that tormented us two years ago, brought us together.”

“I know, right?” they say nothing else for the remainder of the ride. When they finally get to the school, Suzy greets them. She has on a pink jacket and scarf, a blue beanie and pants, and a black scarf. A few more people show up and they start. After a couple hours, they all go home. The next day, Trent and his mother walk over to Gwen’s house and ring the doorbell. Trent’s mother questions,

“Are you gonna do it when she answers the door?”

“Not yet mom, soon.” Trent replies. He rings the doorbell a second time and Gwen’s voice is heard saying,

“Coming, coming.” she opens the door and exclaims, “Trent, you’re early! I haven’t even gotten out of my night gown yet!”

“I was really excited.” Trent nervously states. Trent’s mother elbows him.

“So where’s your dad?” Gwen asks.

“On a business trip in Atlanta.” Trent’s mother answers.

“Oh, well come inside.” Gwen says. They do so. The rest of Gwen’s family gets up and the day starts. First, they play a few games. Then they eat some lunch. During the lunch, Gwen and Trent slip away unnoticed by the rest. They go outside and sit on the steps like they were yesterday.

“So, Trent, why did you pick me to be your girlfriend?” Gwen asks.

“Why do you want to know?” Trent asks looking uncomfortable.

“It’s been in my head, ringing. Even after the break up, we patched up the relationship and acted like nothing happened. Why did you stay so committed?”

“Well, if you must know. You look like my sister.”

“You have a sister?”

“I did, she looked just like you, except with brown hair. She also acted like you do.”

“Why haven’t I seen her? Is she in college?”

“No, she,” Trent struggles to say the next part, “she died in an accident. She was driving and I was in the front seat. We driving on the interstate and there was a drunk driver on the loose. He crashed into my sister’s car and we tumbled of the road. She died instantly. Ever since then, my life has been nothing but horrible. Dad started pressuring me to follow in his footsteps, mom got sick a lot, my dog died. It was chaos in my house. Until I met you.”

“Wow. I had no idea, Trent.”

“So why did you choose me?”

“You remind me of my dad. You see, he left us because of his job. I have more than one sibling. But he took two of them with him. So now it’s me, my mom, and my brother, Randy.”

“How do I remind you of your dad?”

“You look like him when he was younger and he loved to play the guitar to me and my brother when we were younger right before bed.”

“What was his name?”


“No way, Lance is my middle name!”

“Get out! So what was your sister’s name?”


“Raven’s my real name! Gwen’s my middle name.”

“I see now. Wow, we have a lot in common I guess.”

“I guess so. You wanna go back inside and drink some cocoa?”

“You can read me like a book, Gwen.” they go inside and help clean up from lunch and have some cocoa. After a while, they open up some presents. Gwen had gotten some clothes, some blue lipstick, which she used right away, and a trumpet as her old one broke. Trent got some clothes, guitar strings, and a GPS for his car. After everything was cleaned up, Trent announces,

“What Gwen, I have one more surprise for you.” He takes out a box and opens it revealing a diamond ring. He gets in a proposal stance and asks,

“Gwen, will you marry me?” Gwen looks shocked at first, but her eyes begin to tear up and she answers,

“Yes. Yes I will.” The two hug and Gwen puts on the ring. It fits perfectly. Gwen wipes a few tears from her eyes and tearfully states,

“This is the best Christmas ever, hands down.”

“Yes it is, Gwen,” Trent says, “Yes it is.”

Tdafan123's Story

Christmas With the EEE Twins

It was freezing outside in the December snow.

The snow like a blanket,filled driveways and roads.

There were two particular houses,right next to each other,one blue,one green,that had two girls living there that spent each and every hour of every day together that were about to have a Christmas adventure.

It was December the 24th and Katie,a skinny girl with black hair tied up into two black ponytails walked out her front door and looked at the glistening snow.

She walked over to the green house next to her and knocked on it.

The person that opened it and like her had black hair tied into two ponytails.

They hugged and gave out an earsplitting,"EEEE!"

The plump girl's father,a man that was tall and balding,who didn't like the "EEE" sound they make sighed and said,"Just let her in!You don't have to act as dolphins!"

"Oh my gosh!Daddy!Why are you so mean?"Sadie half exclaimed,half asked.

"Look,Sadie,I love you but I just don't like it when know...",he then made a sound that sounded like a dying whale.

Katie giggled,"You do it wrong Mr. Robinson",and they did it again to show him how it's done.

Sadie's dad said,"Ok,have fun you two."

The two best friends ran outside and looked around at the gleaming blanket of snow.

Suddenly,a small fairie popped out of nowhere,"Hello you two".

It frightened them both,causing them to scream.

The fairie chuckled and said,"I am Gavin,the fairie".

They both waved and Katie exclaimed,Oh my gosh!Sadie!He's sooooo cute!"

The fairie blushed and said,"Follow me,you two".

They followed him into a small cave,there they saw St. Nick himself,sitting on a seat of snow.

"Ho Ho Ho!"he exclaimed.

"SANTA!"Sadie screamed and hopped onto his lap.

Santa grunted when she got on him and asked,while holding back pain,"What do you want for Christmas?"

Sadie smiled and said,"I want these pearl blue and gold earrings,and to save you the time,Katie wants that,too".

Then,Sadie woke up.

She looked at her clock:6:45,Dec.25th 2009

She smiled and said,"Katie,wake up",she shook her and Katie  woke up as if being sprung to life.

"What Sadie?"She asked,rubbing her eyes.

"IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" Sadie screamed.

Katie smiled and exclaimed,"Lets go downstairs and see what we got!"

They sped down the spiral staircase of Sadie's house.

When they got down,they saw Katie and Sadies' parents talking at the kitchen table.

"Merry Christmas girls",said Sadies' mom,hugging the girls.

"Go look what you got",said Katies' dad as they sccuried to the Christmas tree.

They opened two small boxes and in them were what they each wanted for Christmas,pearl blue and gold earrings.

When they saw what they got,they put them on and EEE'd together.

Sadies' dad made the same sound he made in Sadie's dream and Katie giggled saying,"Mr.Robinson!You do it wrong!"

The End!

Tdifan1234's Story

A Very Courtney Christmas

(Coming soon!)

Tyedye's Story

Note: This whole story is told from Paula's (Lindsay's sister) perspective. Also, TDA never happened. There was never a Haute Camp-ture, and once contestants were eliminated, they were taken home. Now that we got that part out of the way...

"Omigosh, that was totally the best Boxing Day ever!" My little sister squealed.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," I wasn't really in the mood to hear one of her stories right now, but I knew just about any response would provoke one.

"Did you see the sales there? It was like, omigosh, so amazing! There were so many pretty shoes..." I was not in the mood to hear one of these stories. I was with her, for Pete's sake! I zoned out, nodding my head occasionally, just thinking about how my life would be different if Lindsay didn't make it onto Total Drama Island.

If she never made it on, she wouldn't have admitted to the whole viewing world about that date. If she hadn't said that, I'd still have a date. If she never made it on, Daddy wouldn't be so mad because she didn't win. He wouldn't have taken away my phone if he wasn't so mad. Even if I didn't have a date when she let the accident leak out to all of Canada, I would be able to get one now. But she ruined it all. Every little bit of it. It was all her fault.

"...and I was like, 'no way, how much?' And that's why I love Zellers so much, because-"

"Shut up! Okay, I was with you, you told me everything at Zellers, okay? I get it!"

"Jeez, calm down, Paula, don't be such a Gretta."

"It was Gwen. And you know what? I won't calm down! You ruined my social life!" I was ready to break down into tears, "If you hadn't gotten on that dumb Total Drama Island..."

"Oh, so that nightmare was my fault now? Did you see the people I was with? I'm glad I was voted off!"

"If you weren't voted off, Daddy wouldn't be so mad at us right now."

"You know, I thought you were nice, like Tyson-"

"Tyler," I sniffled

"Whatever. I thought you were nice like him, but now I think you're just like Heather! So evil and selfish! And to think, I bought you something really cool today." I was in disbelief. She was too busy shopping for herself, when could she have possibly bought something for me? If it was true, I really would feel selfish, the thing I had gotten her was not ready to be picked up yet.

"R-really? You got me something?" I calmed down a bit, "You'd be the nicest sister in the world if you didn't change your mind about giving it to me after what just happened. I feel awful now."

"Aww, don't be sad, I know whatever you got me is probably three times as better than this."

"It should be ready for you in about an hour. We can go pick it up then."

"It has to be prepared? Now I know mine isn't as good." She pouted a little, but I could tell she was happy because both my mood was lightening, and she knew that her older sister cared about her. She handed the box to me, and as I opened it, I was speechless.

"Oh... my... gosh..." I barely got the words out of my mouth. I embraced her, and hugged her so hard it might be considered suffocating. Inside the box were the most beautiful pair of high heels I had ever seen in my life, "You are the best little sister in the world!"

"Aww, thanks Paula. I have a question for you though,"

"What is it?" I was still hugging her. I wanted this moment to never end, I had regained all respect for my sister, and regret and take back all the things I said about her earlier this morning.

"Why did they name it Boxing Day?"

"I have no clue."

The end

Author's note: Yes, this was girly, corny, and short. So what? XD

Week Three Stories

Cards777's Story

COKEMAN11's Story

(Not So) "Super" Courtney

Courtney Telks walked into her second year of school - Junior Kindergarten. "Mommy, where are we going?" The toddler said in the backseat in her mother's Audi, heading off to Northern Ottawa Preschool. "We're going to school, Courtney, dear." Mrs. Telks told her. "But you said back in...that month what there was no more school!" Courtney pouted. "Honey..." Mrs. Telks tried to explain the concept of summer vacation to her daughter. "You said! Hmph!" Courtney cried. "Courtney, that was a time where all of the little kids have no school. You go back after that, and then after school is over in June, you get the time, and it keeps going." Mrs. Telks tried her best. "So...there's school. Then they end it...and then..." Courtney wasn't as smart as she is now...yet. But that happens around first grade. "School happens again in September." Mrs. Telks finished. "When is that?" Courtney asked, "Is it after June? When is June?" "June is when your birthday is, sweetie." Mrs. Telks explained. "Then...when's September? And what month is June?" Courtney continued on and on with questions. "January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September - which it is now - then October. Then November and December." Mrs. Telks told Courtney the order of the months. But Courtney didn't get it. "I know those are the months," Courtney explained, "but what is the order?" "That is the order, honey." Mrs. Telks confirmed. "Ohhhh...." Courtney figured it out. Mrs. Telks exhaled deeply.

Courtney arrived at Northern Ottawa Preschool. Her mother got out of the car and opened Courtney's door. "We're here, Courtney! Isn't it exciting?" "Yeah!" Courtney giggled. "Now let's go!" Mrs. Telks lifted Courtney out of the car and walked her to the door that read, Junior Kindergarten - Room 7 - Ms. Rell. "Where are we going?" Courtney asked. "School," Mrs. Telks pointed to the door, "this is your classroom." Courtney walked in, but noticed her mother wasn't coming. "Come, mommy!" Courtney giggled. "Sweetie," Mrs. Telks explained, "remember that you have to be there without me." Courtney started crying. "It's okay, it's okay..." Mrs. Telks walked to the teacher, Ms. Rell. She told the teacher about Courtney's situation. After the conversation, Mrs. Telks left. Courtney cried harder, and Ms. Rell picked Courtney up. "Now what's your name, sweetie?" Courtney barely made a sound, as she was crying. "What's your name?" "Cour...ney..." Courtney just continued crying. "C'mon, you're cooler than that!" Ms. Rell tried to cheer her up. "" Courtney stopped crying. "Yeah, you're Super Courtney!" Ms. Rell encouraged. "I'm Super Courtney! Yay!" Courtney cheered and ran off to tell the class that she was "Super Courtney." "I'm Super Courtney! I'm Super Courtney! I'm Super Courtney!" Courtney sang. "I have a feeling that was big mistake." Ms. Rell said to herself.

At lunchtime, the lunch was carrots, rice and ham. Courtney walked up to get her lunch. "Now let's see what Super Courtney's lunch is!" Courtney obtained her lunch. "What? I can't get what everyone else gets! I'm Super Courtney! My mommy can get you in big trouble!" Courtney started crying. Ms. Rell came over. "Courtney, you see, everyone gets the same lunch. Remember the motto?" Ms. Rell asked. "You get what you get..." Courtney started. "And you don't get upset," Ms. Rell finished, "so don't get upset. You're Super Courtney! Normal girl by day, hero at night! You have to keep your identity a secret!" "Yeah!" Courtney shouted. "I have to blend in with the rest! Yeah!" Courtney went off to have lunch. "I have a feeling that was a bigger mistake than before." Ms. Rell said to herself.

After school, Courtney's mom picked her up. As Mrs. Telks approached Courtney, she began to hear yelling: "I'm Super Courtney! I'm Super Courtney!" "Oh, great..." Mrs. Telks said to herself. And a year of peril, egos and multiple meeting with teachers began.


Darkdonpatch's Story

Duncan's 1st prank

On a cold cold Christmas eve 1 house was very excited except one boy was was a little bit of a pint.

"Hey!" Duncan said angrily.

Mom said "Hey Dun-bear (embrassing nickname for win XD) What do you want for Christmas?"

Duncan said "A Super Mario game!" (Video games for babies for the win)

Dad said "Well Santa got it for you."

Duncan said "Santa doesn't exist well he did ,but he died a long time ago so parents just say he's real so that that the kids won't see what there going to get!"

-His parents were speechless-

" Mom and Dad is that true" said Cameron.

Mom said "No Cici it isn't.Now Duncan go to bed now!"

-So Duncan did-

Dad said"How does are kid know about that?"

"I don't know Greg I don't." said Mom

-Then on that cold Christmas day everyone opened there gifts ,but then Duncan was angry-

"I didn't get the game all I got was clothes!" Said a very angry Duncan.

Mom said "Sorry ,but looks like Santa didn't get you anything."

"SANTA ISN'T REAL!" Duncan said

Duncan the left.but then a water balloon hit his fathers head and he looked up and see Duncan laughing like a maniac.

Dad said "Hey Duncan you go to your room your grounded for the rest of the year so Duncan did.


(not my best work ,but at least I completed it....I wish I had more time :P)

GM's Story

The Life of Three Young Kids on Missions

“3 kids, Trent, Duncan and DJ were a detective team and there are only in Kindergarten. Their boss, Bob was very mean and yelled at them every time they fail or pass a mission.” Here’s a video about their hardest and most evil mission.” A guy said putting a video on. “Trent!!” A male voice yelled at a little boy. “Yes?” The little boy asked the loud male voice. “Get Duncan and DJ!! It’s time for a mission!!!” The male voice yelled again. “Okay.” The little boy said. “GO!!!” The male voice yelled at Trent. “I’m going.” Trent said leaving. “Mom, can I use the phone?” Trent asked his mom. “Sure.” Trent’s mom replied picking the phone and giving it to Trent. “Thank you.” Trent said as his mom was smiling. “Okay 444-444-4444 for DJ.” Trent said pressing 4 repeatly. “Hey, Trent.” DJ’s mom picked up the phone. “Can I talk to DJ?” Trent asked DJ’s mom. “Why sure.” DJ’s mom said giving the phone to DJ. “Hello?” DJ said. “Hey I need you over here now!!!” Trent yelled into the phone. “Now for Duncan.” Trent said dialing his number. “Hey, Trent.” Duncan said into the phone. “Hey, I need you over here now!!”  Trent said hanging up.

 At DJ’s house…

“Mom!! I need to go to Trent’s house!” DJ yelled to his mom. “Okay!!” DJ’s mom yelled back. “Get in the car!!” DJ’s mom yelled at him. “I’m going!!” DJ yelled getting in the car. “Let’s roll!” DJ’s mom yelled speeding out of the driveway.

At Duncan’s House…

“Take me to Trent’s house!!!” Duncan yelled at his mom. “Okay!!” His mom yelled back. “I’m going to.” Duncan’s dad said getting in the car. “Okay, but be careful driving!! There’s ice on the road.” His mom said to his dad. “Let’s go already!!” Duncan shouted stopping the talking and they started to leave.

Back at Trent’s House…

“Where are they?” Trent asked as the doorbell rang. “Hi.” Trent said answering the door. “Hey!” Duncan said coming in the house as DJ ran up the walkway. “Wait!” DJ yelled at Trent. “Come in!” Trent said greeting DJ in the house. “Come to the headquarters.” Trent said walking to the headquarters. “Another mission.” Duncan groaned, but continued walking. “Get in here!!” The male voice yelled. “We’re coming!!” Trent yelled back at the voice walking into the headquarters.

In the headquarters…

“Okay you’re mission is to plow the whole neighborhood.” The captain said. “Wow, that will be pretty hard.” DJ said. “Just go! There’s only 3 streets!!” The captain yelled again. “Let’s go guys!” Trent said getting his coat and boots. “Yeah, DJ!!” Duncan yelled at DJ getting his gloves, coat and boots. “Okay, I’ll go.” DJ agreed and got his hat, gloves, coat and boots. “I’m going out there!!” Trent said walking out the door with Duncan and DJ. “It’s cold.” DJ said shivering. “It’s winter, so it’s cold.” Duncan said to DJ. “Okay here’s the plan, we all take one street.” Trent said to Duncan and DJ. “I get this plow!!” Duncan said getting in and driving his street. “I get this one!!” DJ called and got in. “Do you know how to drive?” Trent asked getting in his plow. “Of course.” DJ said driving to his street. “ I’m going.” Trent said driving to his street.

At 5:00…

“This is pretty hard, but I’m good at it!” Duncan said being halfway done. “I get a coldasack?” DJ groaned arriving at his street. “I’m awesome at this!” Trent said speeding through the snow. “I’m almost there.” Duncan said as he got stuck. “Oh great!” Duncan yelled starting to cry. “What’s that sound?” Trent said finishing and driving to Duncan’s street. “I-I’m stuck.” Duncan said still crying. “Here!” Trent said thinking of a plan. “Take mine and go to DJ’s street!” Trent told Duncan getting out of his plow and getting in Duncan’s. “Get in mine!” Trent yelled starting to get Duncan’s plow unstuck. “I’ll go help DJ.” Duncan said driving to DJ’s street. “ I’m almost out!” Trent said getting out and finishing plowing Duncan’s street. “Okay, DJ!”Duncan shouted arriving at his street. “I’m done already.” DJ said to Duncan. “Let’s go home then.” Duncan said driving to the headquarters. “I’m coming back!” Trent yelled driving back to the headquarters.

At 8:00…

“You guys are done?” The captain asked. “Yep.” Everyone said except the captain. “I’m surprised!” The captain said as the video went off. “Well, that’s the mission and the first time the captain was surprised and happy.

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

Owen's First Steps

It was Owen's 2nd birthday, and his parents wanted to do something special for him.

Owen was currently sleeping in his crib, while munching on a cookie.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!!" his parents shouted at him. Baby Owen started to cry.

"It's okay Owen, have a Fudgesicle." Owen's Mom said as she handed him a Fudgesicle to lick to stop him from crying.

"Now were going to do something special today. Were going to teach how to walk." Owen's Dad said as he revealed a path with a camera by it.

Owen tried to run away, but his parents set up gates so he couldn't get away.

"Okay Owen, we're going to teach you how to walk like a big boy." Owen's Mom said to his baby boy.

Owen's Dad set up the camera, and Owen started to take his first few steps.

"He's actually walking. Come to me Owen!" Owen's Mom said to him. Owen started to talk towards his mom like she said.

"Now come to me." Owen's Dad said. Owen now went to his dad. He then started to walk to the kitchen for some cookies.

"He's growing up so fast, isn't he?" Owen's Dad asked his wife.

"Yes! Yes he is!" Owen's Mom replied. They left the room as Owen got himself cookies to eat after an hour of learning how to walk.


Turnertang's Story

Duncan's Playdate

“Now while Daddy and I go to the party you are going to stay here with a Mary and she’s bringing her daughter for you to play with.” Duncan’s Mom said as they walked out the door while Duncan sat in his crib.

“Bye bye!” Duncan yelled as he beat a stuffed animal with a rattle.

“I’m here Duncan!” Mary chirped as she walked in with her daughter, Gwen.

“I made a wee-wee!” Duncan yelled as he wet his diaper.

“Stay out of trouble while I change Duncan.” Mary said as she walked away with Duncan.

“Hungry!” Gwen complained as she climbed up onto the counter and then onto the fridge.

“Now I need to go get Gwen something to eat.” Mary said as she walked downstairs.

“I’m bored!” Duncan complained as he climbed out the open window.

“Gwen get down from there!” Mary yelled as she climbed on top of the fridge and got Gwen down.

“That was fun!” Gwen laughed as Mary fell off the fridge.

“Where are you Duncan?” Mary yelled as she saw Duncan from inside.

“This is fun!” Duncan yelled as Mary climbed onto the ledge.

“Stand still.” Mary said as she put Duncan back inside.

“Rattle!” Duncan yelled happily as she hit Mary with his rattle and she fell off the ledge.

“Gwen, where are you?” Mary yelled as she found Gwen playing with a light, “Put that down!”

“Okay dokey!” Gwen chirped as she threw the lighter at Mary and her shirt caught on fire.

“Stop, drop, and roll!” Mary yelled as she started rolling on the floor.

“Turn the water off!” Mary yelled as the tub overflowed and Mary slipped on the water.

“I like baths!” Duncan yelled as he ran around the house.

“Put on some clothes!’ Mary yelled as she chased Duncan but tripped over Gwen.

“Blanky!” Gwen chirped as she found her blanket.

“That’s not a toy, Gwen!” Mary yelled as she grabbed the five pound weight before Gwen got but dropped it on her foot.

“Funny!” Gwen laughed as she clapped her hands.

“Stay away from the rabid raccoon!” Mary yelled as she pushed Duncan.

“But I want to play with Fluffy!” Duncan cried as the raccoon but Mary.

“You two better stay there because and take a nap!” Mary yelled as she dropped them in a crib, “I’ve gone to the hospital three times and gotten rabies shot!”

“Not tired!” Duncan complained.

“Don’t make me get the chloroform!”Mary yelled as she stomped out of the room.

“Let’s go.” Gwen whispered as they climbed out of the crib.

“What’s this?” Duncan asked as he picked up the fire extinguisher.

“Let’s show it to Mary.” Gwen suggested as they walked to Mary.

“What are you doing with that?” Mary yelled as she grabbed it from them.

“Waaaaaaaaaaahh!” they both cried.

“Fine you can have but just down do anything!” Mary yelled as she gave them the fire extinguisher.

“What’s this?” Gwen asked as she pulled the trigger and the foam hit Mary and shot her into the wall.

“We’re back!” Duncan’s Mom announced as walked into the house and saw Duncan and Gwen playing together.

“What happened to you?” Duncan’s Dad asked as she saw Mary.

“Nothing happened.” Mary replied sarcastically, “They were angels.”

“Well here’s your pay.” Duncan’s Mom said as she handed Mary a check, “Also, are you free next Sunday?”

“Sorry, I’m not.” Mary replied as she grabbed Gwen ran into the car and drove away.

“Did you have fun?” Duncan’s Mom asked.

“Yes!” Duncan chirped as his Mom put him in his crib.

Weblykinly's Story

Lindsay's First Day of Kindergarten

It was a sunny day in Vancouver, British Columbia (a province in Canada). Lindsay awakened with her mother screaming in her ear to wake up! After all it was Lindsay's most important day in her young life, it was the first day of Kindergarten.

"Do I have to go?" Lindsay questioned her mom as she got in the car.

"It's your first day of Kindergarten! You'll make new friends and learn how to count and other stuff", her mom replied.

"Alkite!" Lindsay said.

The weather was in a very hot tempature as they arrived at Lindsay's school. After they got in, Lindsay was begging to go out.

"Remember Preschool, well this is even more fun", her mom assured her.

"You mean it", Lindsay said as she formed a smile on her face.

"Why would I lie? Hey, Lindsay look it's your teacher Mrs. Burke" Lindsay's mom told Lindsay.

"Hey, is this my new student Lindsay?" Mrs. Burke said as she heard Lindsay and her mom's conversation.

"How'd you know my name, by the way it's Lindsay", Lindsay asked.

"I'm good at knowing names", the teacher replied.

Lindsay walked into the room to see a lot of new faces. Then, one strange, small girl walked in front of her.

"Hi, what's your name?" the small girl asked.

"Lindsay. What is your name?" Lindsay asked.

"Martha", the small girl named martha answered.

"Hello students, my name is Mrs. Burke the first thing we're doing today is counting any volunteers", the teacher told them.

Lindsay raised her hand.

"Lindsay" the teacher called on her.

"1, a, 9, t, 6, l ,7 ,k ,d, b, p, 4, 2, o" Lindsay said proudly.

"Ummm..... that was pretty good, anyone else want to count?" Mrs. Burke asked.

A student that Lindsay didn't know raised their hand.

"Evonne" the teacher called.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10", Evonne said mentally.

"Good Job!" Mrs. Burke clapped.

It was then time for recess. Lindsay walked over to play with Martha.

"Hi, Marfa" Lindsay called.

"Hi, Lindsay" she called back.

"Do you want to go on the swing?" Lindsay asked.

"Sure" Martha replied.

10 minutes later, the bell rang.

(probably won't finish because of holiday, this story stinks anyways because i didn't spend a lot of time on it)

YoshiPerson's Story

Benthegame's Story

Jason's Story

Katie's a Klutz!

(Comming soon...)

Kenzen's Story

The Tale of Toddler DJ

Cant get it done this week sorry

NIzzy's Story

Everything has a start, even insanity...

(Okay, okay I know that on TDI Interactive it says that Izzy was born mental, blah, blah, blah, however I wanted to do a story about how she went insane, so there! XD)

It was a cold winter’s night, one that Isabella’s parents would never forget...

A young girl ran into a room filled with beautiful, festive decorations but stopped and stood, she watched the decorations glitter and sparkle in awe.

"Whoa. It’s amazing." She said as a wide grin swept across her face. A tall woman with curly red hair walked into the room and smiled at the young girl.

"It looks great, doesn’t it?" She said.

"Yes, it does." The girl replied.

"C’mon, your Dad has the lights ready." The woman said.

"Okay, mom." The young girl said as she walked outside with her mother. There was a man messing around with some lights. He smiled at the two and flicked a switch. Suddenly the whole house shone brightly with many colors almost like a rainbow of light.

"Hey its little Izzy, what do you think?" The man asked.

"It’s great, thanks Dad." She said with a smile. The man lifted her up onto his shoulder and smiled proudly. The three stood and watched the lights dance and flicker until...CRASH! A car had lost its grip on the icy road and started to spin out of control, it span hectically until it hit another car which was sent flying towards the family...

"NO!" The woman screamed. The car had missed her by inches however Izzy and her father weren’t so lucky...

(I ain't done yet! DX)

Shane's Story

The Beauty, the Beastella, and the *****

“Beth! Are you almost ready for your first day of school?” Beth’s mother asked.

“Almost Mom, just have to finish prettying myself up!” Beth replied, Beth then came down the stairs. She was quite a sight. She had clunky glasses, her braces, A side pony tail that was really a ribbon with a few strands of hair, way too much make-up, lipstick in all the wrong places, and was wearing a girl scout uniform.

“You love lovely, Beth! But where is your bow?”

“Whoopsie! I forgot about it. I’ll get it right now.” Beth then walked up the stairs and found her bow on her bed. She put it on her head and looked in the mirror. Her bow was bright orange with purple dots. She said to herself, “I look astounding.”

“Beth! You’re going to be late to your very first day of Pre-K! Come on down and get in the car!”

“Coming mother!” Beth bolted down the stairway and got into the car. The car was absolutely hideous. It was bright pink. Many people stared at the car while it was on the road. Finally, the car drove into the parking lot and Beth got out. She went inside the building. Along her way, some of the kids laughed about her appearance. “They must be laughing because I’m so pretty. Yeah, that’s what it is.” Beth said to herself. She finally got to her classroom, room 12. As she opened the door, she saw a pretty girl with golden hair. She walked over and said,

“Hi! My name is Lucinda!”

“No,” a girl with black hair said, “Your name is, Lindsay.”

“Oh that’s right! Thank you Helga.” Lindsay said.

“It’s, Heather.” Heather reminded.

“Oh yeah!” Lindsay said, “Thanks Helen.”

“Whatever.” Heather then turned her attention towards Beth, “Hi there new girl, what’s your name?”

“Bethany, but all my friends, and my Mommy, call Me Beth.” Beth said.

“Hello there, Bethany.” Heather said. Beth looked sad at what Heather just called her.

“Aren’t we friends?” Beth asked.

“Sorry, forgot your name for a second, Beth.” Heather said.

“Hey,” Lindsay said, “isn’t that the girl that you laughed at this morning? Calling her ugly and pig headed?”

“Lindsay, I would never say anything like that to our little friend, Beth.” Heather said, “You’re totally, beautiful.”

“Really?” Beth asked.

“Really,” Heather said, “Like so, not.” she thought.

“All right class, time for snack time! Today we have, cookies because it’s our very first day.” A woman said.

“Who’s that?” Lindsay said while pointing at the teacher.

“Lindsay, never point, it’s rude. My name is Mrs. Hale, the teacher.” Mrs. Hale said.

“Oh! You’re Mrs. Hell, the teacher.” Lindsay said.

“Lindsay May, Martin! Those words are not tolerated! I will call your parents, young lady.” Mrs. Hale screamed. Lindsay cried.

“Beth. Go get me some cookies, I’m starving.” Heather bossed Beth. Beth did so and Heather greedily ate all the cookies.

“Aren’t you going to share?” Beth asked.

“Oh silly me, I forgot my manners. Here you go.” Heather said while giving Beth a crumb of the cookie. Beth ate it and winced, “That is so not a cookie crumb!”

“Yes it is. I found it on the floor.” Heather said.

“EEEEWWWWWWWWW!” Beth screamed.

“Beth! Inside voices!” Mrs. Hale said.

“But….” Beth was cut off by Mrs. Hale.

“No ifs, ands, of buts young lady.” The class erupted in laughter.

“She said butt!” a random kid yelled.

“Mrs. Hale said a bad word!” said a girl.

“Everyone! Mrs. Hale would never do that.” Heather said.

“Thank you, Heather. Class, make, Heather, your role model.” Mrs. Hale said. She turned around and Heather stole a cookie from a little boy.

“Hey, that’s mine!” the boy said.

“Zip it, Trent. I’m your role model.” Heather smirked.

“But that’s my cookie!” Trent cried. Mrs. Hale turned around and yelled,

“What’s going on here!”

“Trent stole my cookie, so I took it back.” Heather said through fake sobs.

“She’s lying! I’d never do that!” Trent pleaded.

“Trent Todd, Smith, to the principal’s office!” Mrs. Hale said.

“But I didn’t do it! I regret nothing!” Trent yelled as he was carried to the Principal’s office.

“Heather, that wasn’t very nice.” Beth said.

“So what, Ugly, I got a cookie out of it.” Heather said.

“I’m not ugly.” Beth said.

“Have you looked in a mirror lately? You look horrible!” Heather said. Lindsay came over and said,

“Hey! Belle might be ugly on the outside, but on the inside, she’s prettier then you will ever be, Harpo!”

Mrs. Hale came back in the room. Beth said to her,

‘Mrs. Hale, Heather’s lying. She stole Trent’s cookie. I saw her.”

“She did! I saw it too!” Lindsay said.

“Oh what do you two know, Ugly and Lindsiot.” Heather retorted, she quickly covered her mouth and said, “Ops.”

“MS. HEATHER NELLY, OLSEN, detention for you!” Mrs. Hale screamed.

“I didn’t do anything. I promise!” Heather lied.

“Yeah right, TRENT! Come back in here. You’re free to come back in the room.” Mrs. Hale said.

“YAY! Good luck, Heather. You’re gonna need it.” Trent said as he walked into the room. Heather was carried out of the room while screaming.

“Gather ‘round, kiddies. Time for a story.” Mrs. Hale said.

“YAY!” the kids said. Beth sat next to Lindsay. This was going to be a fun year.

Tdafan123's Story

Eva as a Toddler,Dear God!

A little girl woke up to a foggy morning,6 AM,September 1st,1998.

"MOM!Where's my backpack!!"Little Eva,half asked,half yelled,well,more like 99.9% yelled.

"R-R-Right here,honey",her mom hesitated,handing her her blue backpack.

She grabbed it,slung it over her shoulder and stepped out the door,no words,nothing.

She walked 2 houses down to a gray lightpost.

Already,there were 2 kids there,one small and with orange hair,his eyes gleamed in the September sun,he smiled to Eva,who ignored the friendly gesture and looked away.

The other one was a black haired girl,she was tall for 5,but smiled and said,"Hello".

Eva growled,making both kids cry.

"Why are you so mean?"The orange haired kid asked,crying.

Eva just kept quiet and growled at the 3 other kids that came to the bus stop.

Then,the bus came around the corner.

It was brown,from mud stains and only bit of the bus were yellow.

(In the Works)

Tdifan1234's Story

Tyedye's Story

The boy's first day of school

A group of kindergarteners were standing at a street corner, waiting for the school bus. Its was the first day of school, and most of them were nervous. Most, except for a group of three. One had a green t-shirt with a right hand on it, and black hair. Another had a black shirt with a crude skull on it, and short, black hair, that looked like he tried to dye a green mohawk in it hiself. The last boy was wearing a pink coat and a cowboy hat. The bus pulled up, and everyone got on.

"You guys ready for kindergarten? Geoff?" The boy in the green shirt asked.

"Dude, totally! But I heard this creepy story about the principal's office," said the boy in the pink coat.

"How'd you already hear a story? We haven't even seen school yet!" The boy in the black shirt said.

"Oh, be quiet, Duncan, it's called a party, maybe if you went to one once, you'd know what I'm talking about."

"Oh snap!" The boy in the green shirt low-fived Geoff, while Duncan just rolled his eyes.

Idiots, he thought, I'm the one that does all the dirty work. Trent has the brains, and Geoff... I just don't know about him sometimes. He laughed. The bus pulled up to the school, and the boys stepped off, as well as everyone else.

"Okay guys," Trent said, not three feet away from where the bus stopped, "what teacher do you guys have? I got Mrs. Kelley."

"I got Ms. George," Geoff said.

"Dude, I heard she's the ugliest teacher in the whole school, no wonder she's single!" Duncan laughed, and Trent and Geoff joined in.

"Hey, who's your teacher?" Geoff inquired.

"I got Mrs. Wood"

"Ouch, dude, she's the oldest and strictest teacher here, I heard, she's so strict, her class is right next to the principal's office!"

"Eh, I've had worse."

"We're in kindergarten. How have you had worse already?"

"Don't question what you're unable to understand," Trent interrupted.

"Heck yeah," Duncan added.

"I hear ya. Now we got to get to class before we're late. After school, I'll probably have another party. Let's see how Duncan'll get out of this one!" Geoff said, and both he and Trent laughed, and all three went thier separate ways for the day.

"Okay, class, welcome to kindergarten!" An elderly woman said to a group of nervous kids, "I'll be your teacher this year, Mrs. Wood."

Typical teacher stuff, Duncan thought, in a week, she'll be yelling her head off. That is, if she's actually as bad as Geoff says. Doubtful. Then again, that does look like the principal's office through that door over there. Duncan was in a daze the rest of the day. It didn't matter to him, it was the first day of school. Teachers couldn't get anyone in trouble.

"Welcome to kindergaten everyone! I know this is all your first day here-" a young woman was interrupted by someone raising thier hand. "Uhh, yes, what is your question?"

"Well, Mrs. Kelly, it's not really a question, but more of a statement. This is not my first day here. I was held back."

"How do you get held back in kindergarten?" Another boy, this one rather chubby, asked, "Although, I can't see a downside to it, you get free food!" He chuckled.

This class isn't so bad so far, Trent thought, I wonder how Geoff's doing.

"We're going to start off your first days at a new school right," said Geoff's teacher, "with cookies!" She pulled out a plate of cookies from under her desk.

"I have some music, can I play it while we all eat?" a student asked.

"Sure, we're not going to do anything important this first week. Anyone who wants to bring in anything for later days, can. As long as it doesn't explode."

Best. Teacher. EVER. Later, on the bus, the boys discussed thier teachers.

"Dude, I got a party!" Geoff happily told Trent and Duncan about Ms. George.

"I met a cool new friend, his name's Owen. He talks about food a lot, and he's really funny," Trent said.

"I took a nap," Duncan stated.

"Mrs. Wood let you sleep?" Geoff asked, dumbfounded. The bus pulled up to a stop, and as Duncan got off, he said,

"Who said she let me?" The bus pulled away, and the next stop came. Geoff and Trent got off, and Geoff said,

"Best school day ever?"

"Definitley." They both walked to thier houses, eager to see what was going to happen the next day.

The end

Week Four Stories

Cards777's Story

A Haiku about Katie and Sadie!

Katie and Sadie

are best female friends for life...

that will never change!

COKEMAN11's Story

The Total Drama Action (and onward) FoodTheftShipping Haiku Where Total Drama, the Musical is Nonexistant <- An original title :P (As you can tell, I really like Courtney. XD)

Courtney plus Duncan...

It started when they stole food,

And now has blossomed.

Courtney sued the show,

And won the rights to compete.

But she lost the game.

It seemed they were done

When Duncan voted her off.

'Cause she lost the game.

But then Duncan won.

And because of a contract,

They split the money.

A kissing occurred.

Then they were back together.

That's where they are now.

But living apart

Meant no signs of their loving

To one another.

Although, one strange day...

They met at a restaurant.

It was complete chance.

They were kind of stunned

But nonetheless were happy

A simple reason:

They lived close - that meant

They could still be in love

And they were happy.

Although reluctant,

And it seems impossible,

They are still in love.

The End

Darkdonpatch's Story

Ummmmm Random Haiku stuff?

"Once a upon a time,

there was a smart boy who read,

his name was Noah,

and he had a cynical,


he judged summer,

with out a care in the world,

he was a little,

low-down cheap snob,and that's done.

(that was probably my best haiku ever........I don't know if that is one)

GM's Story

Owen Farting Limerick

One day Owen farted on Cody's head.

And he replied, "Go do that on a bed!"

     Duncan asked,"What's that smell?"

     Owen replied, "A jail cell!"

Duncan said "Pretty soon, I'll be dead!"


KoopaKidJr.'s Story

Poor, Poor Gwen

  • There once was a girl named Gwen
  • whose friends thought she could win.
  • She once was glad,
  • but now is sad,
  • because she knew her chances were slim.

Turnertang's Story

Goth and overweight.

A surprising final two.

The fat one won it.

Chris made a surprise.

He started a new season.

The show started to end.

The nerd and the punk.

The new seasons final two.

The punk won the prize.

Weblykinly's Story

Gwen to Trent (this was only about Total Drama Island)

When I saw you I couldn't stare
because my mind was everywhere
like a broken chair

When we started the game at the cliff
I knew if I didn't make it
You'll catch me like a stick

After that, at the sleeping challenge
You helped me stay awake
But then you feel asleep then i won
I then owed you a ton

The next few challenges my love for you got bigger
But some people were interfering
And wanted to pull the trigger

Your last chaalenge is when my heart broke
You were smooching with the girl I hated the most
Then you were voted off by the wrong reason and I wasn't stoked

My heart's now broken
You can try to fix it
I know I'll miss it

(mine sucks! I hope this is a poem XD)

YoshiPerson's Story


You could say that she's a jerk or meanie,

Or she will make you yell a screamie,

Pale, creepy, and also crazy,

You may know who I'm describing,

But if you don't you know I'm trying

This girl would do anything to win,

Or get out of the trouble she is in,

Her eyes are pure black and bottomless

And she makes you want to curse.

Benthegame's Story

Jason's Story

They Were

Sadie and Katie; Total Drama Maybe

They were out early

But they stayed with me dearly.

They were adorable, they were cute

Too bad they got the boot.

Their pigtails erected high

But we had to say good bye.

The End.

Kenzen's Story

The Haiku(<- Original Title)

The twenty-two arrived.

One goal in mind, the cash prize.

Winning it all, today.

One by one they fell.

Closer and closer, some got.

Only one can win.

Owen and Gwen.

The final two, faced off.

Owen won it all.

Alternate endings: Duncan and Gwen.

The final two, faced off.

Duncan won it all.

Izzy and Gwen.

The final two, faced off.

Izzy won it all.

Owen and Gwen.

The final two, faced off.

Gwen,she was happy.

Weird alternate endings:

The final two, here.

Shadow and Duncan.

Shadow won it all.

Nalyd and Beth.

The final two, faced off.

Nalyd won it all.

Weird Al and Gwen.

The final two, faced off.

Weird Al won it all.


(Hope you guys enjoyed the main ku and the alternate ending ku's, Haiku)

A Limerick(<Another Original title)

One foggy Day,

Izzy hit the hay,

She had dreams of vines,

She had dreams of mines,

She woke up to the fact,

They were the best dreams intact.

Another Limerick(<- Yet Another Original title)

Kenzen and Izzy quite a pair,

Made for each other no despair,

They love and cherish in every way,

Dreaming of marriage some day,

Kenzen proposed a romantic way,

They are together everyday.


(sorry for so many XD i couldn't resist)

NIzzy's Story

Shane's Story

Title: Katie and Sadie.

Some will really say

That they are really dolphins

Dolphins in disguise

One is very vain

While one is kind of fat

They are both best friends

They can annoy you

They can also shatter glass

And can make you deaf

They annoy people

With their oh so mighty EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Aren't they wonderful?


I'm sorry if this haiku sucks.

Tdafan123's Story

A Limerick,About Tyler

One day Tyler went to the park.

He saw a dog bark.

He went to pet the dog.

But,tripped on a log.

Later on,he was bitten by a crab.

And all he got was a scab.

The End

(It sucks,I know,but I ussually don't write poetry)

Tyedye's Story

Tyler and Lindsay- A group of haikus that probably suck.

Tyler and Lindsay,

Entangled in yo-yo string,

Ignoring Heather.

Tyler is denied

for Total Drama Action,

Lindsay is confused.

With Tyler again,

Will Lindsay be confused more?

In TD,tM.

Author's note: Told ya it'd suck! XD

Week Five Stories

Cards777's Story

COKEMAN11's Story

Court-punzel (682 words...sorta. Microsoft Word counts "s as words.)


Rapunzel - Courtney

The Prince - Justin

The Villain - Chris

Some random unseen guy - Duncan


Courtney. She was a teenager with wealth, lawyers, and long hair. Duncan loved her so much. So, so much – but an evil hypnotist, Chris McLean, hypnotized her into loving Justin instead of her following her destiny of loving Duncan. Chris McLean had her trapped in a tower (it was a set, but still a tower), calling out to Justin for help – and so our story begins.

Courtney was trapped in the tower with Chris McLean. They constantly bickered until Chris inserted a soundproof wall. Courtney took out her PDA.

“Ugh!” She yelled. “I will sue if Justin doesn’t get here! I’m calling my lawyers RIGHT NOW!”

Chris’s voice emerged from a speaker. “Courtney, you could just call Justin.”

“No! I’m waiting to see if he really does love me…and plus, this is the only form of electronic communication allowed on TDA.” Courtney said back.

An hour passed, and Justin never did come. Two more hours passed – no Justin. Courtney had screamed at this point and e-mailed her lawyers, asking to sue Justin. Finally, a hot guy in a suit of armor approached the tower.

“I’m here for you, princess!” Justin called to Courtney.

“Prince Justin! You have to rescue me! Chris wants my long hair!” Courtney shouted to Justin.

“Since when did you have long hair?” Justin asked.

“Chris made me use a fast-working shampoo!” Courtney yelled.

“Courtney, Courtney, let down your hair!” Justin yelled.

“No! Then I’m afraid it will get caught on something and rip all of the hair out!” Courtney worried.

“Courtney, princess, trust me!” Justin yelled.

“Not even my love interest can I trust to have my hair!” Courtney responded.

“But princess-“ Justin said.

“That’s enough, I’m calling my lawyers!” Courtney dialed a number on her PDA. “They’ll come and get me out of this tower AND take Chris into court – AGAIN!!” A constant beeping sound sounded on her phone. “They’re on a seven-month VACATION? GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

“No, Courtney, don’t yell so loud, I didn’t by a spare for this soundproof wall yet!” Chris said through the speaker. But Courtney had yelled so loud that all thoughts, sounds and everything in between were blocked out by her rage.

“THEY! ARE! SOOOO! DEEEEAAAAAAD!” Courtney continued. The wall had broken and Chris had evacuated.

“Princess, calm down!” Justin yelled.


“She’s does have a point…I’ve got no choice!” Justin started climbing up the set. “I’m coming princess-“ Justin fell. There were only a few feet even remotely climbable on the set.

Courtney stopped yelling. “He fell! He tried to come up!” Courtney pondered for a while, trying to figure out whether or not to let down her hair.

“I’ll say it again; Courtney! Courtney! Let down your hair!” Justin tried to get Courtney to let down her hair.

“I’m sorry, Justin, but I do want to get out of here!” Courtney reached a conclusion. “Here’s my hair. Proceed with the cutting.”

“I don’t want to cut it, I want to use it to get up there!” Justin explained.

“What? But I don’t want this hair! So cut it!” Courtney said. “Come up here and cut it for me!”

“If I came up there and cut it, then how would we get down?” Justin asked.

“Simple – you would fall and cushion my landing!” Courtney explained.

“Well, if it’s really the most efficient thing…” Justin started climbing.

“OWWW! OWWWW!” Courtney yelled. “Stop pulling my hair!”

“Uh, I’m climbing.” Justin said.

“Fine. Whatever it takes.” Courtney put up with the pain. Finally, Justin reached the top.

“My princess!” Justin hugged Courtney.

“Oh, Justin, thank you!” Courtney kissed Justin.

“You’re welcome, my princess.” Justin said.

“This has been great. I’m finally free!” Courtney’s eyes sparkled. Then she ruined the moment. “Now go cushion the landing!” Courtney pushed Justin out of the tower set and then jumped on top of him a couple seconds after. The plan worked.

Justin went into a full-body cast, Duncan’s heart was crushed, Chris was MIA, and they all lived happily ever after…sort of.


Darkdonpatch's Story

The Dumb Yellow and the temple of teens(parody of Show White)

Once a upon a time,There was a dumb princess who's name was Lindsay who was about as dumb as a fact the rock is smarter.

"la la I am suppose to be looking at someone right now" Lindsay said.

"hello Lindsay!" Tyler said.

"You make me look ugly take this" *Heather throws a apple at Lindsay* .

"Look an apple." *eats in the falls in a coma*".

7 teens said, "Hey look a girl in a coma *they grab here and put her in a glass table.

5 Years later.

"I am here" Tyler said.

One very long kiss later.

"Wow I can't believe this you saved me prince Tyson!" Lindsay said.

They then went off to kill Heather and then she died.

"YEAH WE WON!" they all said.

Then Tyler and Lindsay lived happily ever after.


"wow that was a stupid book..I mean it's was like 5 pages!"I said

(really this is what I read to my niece XD)

GM's Story

The Gingerbread Duncan

There was once a old little woman and an old little man, who lived in a house in the edge of the woods. They would have been a very happy couple if they didn't have any kids. So they let there little boy, Duncan made of gingerbread, run free.

"Yes! That little thief is finally gone!" The little old woman said who turned out to be Chef.

"About time! I can't wait to see him in prison in 5 minutes!" The little old man said who was Chris.

"Good bye everyone!" The little gingerbread boy said. "I'm free!"

So ran and he ran till he saw a hungry bird staring at the little gingerbread boy.

"I'll get that little gingerbread boy!" The bird said showing up as Justin.

"Run! Run! As fast as you can!" Duncan said running away as Justin starting chasing the little gingerbread boy.


KoopaKidJr.'s Story

Little Blonde Riding Lindsay

Lindsay was just ready to go on her trip to see her grandmother. She had a long walk ahead of her.

"La de la de lu de la." Lindsay sang merrily to herself.

After a long walk, she finally reached her grandmother's house.

"Hello Lindsay, so nice to see you again." Lindsay's grandmother said to her, as she was unaware of it actually being Heather in a grandmother outfit.

"Grandma, what big eyes you have." Lindsay said to her.

"Those are my glasses." Lindsay's grandmother replied.

"Grandma, what big ears you have." Lindsay said again to her.

"Those are my hearing aids." Lindsay's grandmother replied again.

"Grandma, that's a really small butt you have." Lindsay said to her, only to make her angry.

"Young lady, if you don't stop saying these rude things, I'm going to eat, I mean punish you tonight!!!" Lindsay's grandmother shouted to her.

"I'm so confused. You're going to eat me or punish me?" Lindsay asked her grandmother, as she was completely confused, being the dumb blonde she is.

"You're such a twit! I'm not really your grandmother; I'm really Heather!" Heather shouted, as she took off her disguise.

"Grandma, you look a lot like Heather. Have you lost weight?" Lindsay asked yet again, even though it's actually Heather.

"It is me you idiot! Who made you the main character of the story?" Heather asked furiously.

"The author." Lindsay replied.

"On second thought, just go." Heather said awkwardly to Lindsay, as she left the house and merrily went back home.

Turnertang's Story

Duncan and the Three Nerds

Parody of The Three Little Pigs

“Now let’s get to work guys.” Harold said as he grabbed some straw.

“Time to build our houses.” Beth said as she grabbed some wood.

“This is to heavy.” Cody complained as he kept dropping his bricks.

“I need to beat up someone.” Duncan said as he searched for food, “Is that three nerds I see.”

“Just another brick.” Harold said as he watched Cody try to pick up the last brick.

“I see a bully!” Beth yelled as she ran into her wood house.

“Uh oh!” Harold yelled as he and Cody ran into their houses.

“Come out here you nerd!” Duncan yelled as he banged on the door.

“Not on the buttons of my calculators!” Harold yelled from inside his straw house.

“If you don’t, I’ll huff, I’ll puff, and I’ll chop the house down!” Duncan yelled as he took out an ax and chopped down the house.

“Don’t hurt me!” Harold yelled as Duncan grabbed his underpants.

“One down, two to go.” Duncan said as he knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Beth asked from inside the house.

“The glasses salesman.” Duncan replied.

“I’m not stupid!” Beth yelled.

“Let me in!” Duncan yelled as he banged on the door.

“Not on the buttons of my calculator!” Beth yelled from inside his wood house.

“If you don’t, I’ll huff, I’ll puff, and I’ll chop the house down!” Duncan yelled as he took out an ax and chopped down the house.

“Please, don’t hurt me!” Beth yelled hid in fear.

“I’ll think about.” Duncan said as he licked his finger and stuck it in her ear.

“Help me!” Beth yelled as Duncan gave her a wet willy.

“One to go.” Duncan mumbled as he knocked on the door.

“Go away!” Cody yelled.

“You better let me in!” Duncan yelled.

“I’d like to see you try!” Cody yelled back from inside his house.

“Let me in!” Duncan yelled again as took out his ax.

“Not on the buttons of my calculator!” Cody yelled as he drank some hot cocoa.

“If you don’t, I’ll huff, I’ll puff, and I’ll chop the house down!” Duncan yelled as he took out an ax and tried to chop down the house but couldn’t.

“Nerds rule, bullies drool!” Cody yelled as he played some video games.

“Forget it.” Duncan said as he walked away, “I’ll just go to the gym.”

Weblykinly's Story

Harold & the Beanstalk

One day in a small village Harold, was sent out to sell his cow for money. Harold and his mother, Bridgette were almost bankrupt. So, he went out to get some nice dough so they could pay their pricey bills.

Harold had spent all day trying to sell the cow. But, just then one old farmer named Chris came up to him and asked

"Do you want to trade your cow for these seeds, they're magic?"

"Sure, they look like beans. Beans are my favorite vegetables", he exclaimed.

Harold ran home to tell his mom.

"Mom, look what I got, some seeds." Harold yelled excitedly.

"WHAT! You were supposed to sell the cow for money." His mother yelled.

"Go and plant them in the backyard and then go to your room!" his mother screamed.

"Ok", he said staring at the ground.

He planted the seeds and went to his room and fell asleep. A couple of hours later, he woke up to see a humongous beanstalk where he planted his seeds.

"Whoa, that beanstalk is huge. I gotta go climb it!" He thought.

Then, Harold snuck out of his room and went outside to climb up the giant beanstalk. After, Harold was halfway up, he heard giant thumping! He almost fell but Harold hung on tight. Finally, when he got all the way up he found himself walking on clouds. Ahead he saw a humongous door and more loud thumping.

"Fe Fi Fo Fome, I smell the sound of an englishmen", the mysterious man screamed.

The door where he came in read "Owen's Lair".

"That must've been the loud noise but, that noise was too big for a person he had to be a giant!" Harold thought to himself.

He walked inside to see a pot of gold. It was weird because it was the only thing that he could carry in there. But, before Harold got to it. Harold heard the giant say

"Fe Fi Fo Fome, I hear the sound of an englishmen!"

"Oh No!" Harold thought to himself. He then ran to get the pot of gold. He was getting closer by the minute. The gold was located on a nearby shelf that Harold could barely reach. When he reached the pot of gold he grabbed it. Then he started running out so he wouldn't be caught, right before he reached the door the giant boomed

"Fe Fi Fo Fome, I see the blood of an englishmen!"

Harold then ran as fast as he could. But, then the monster started chasing after him. He climbed down the beanstalk and reached the ground. He saw the monster was not that far behind. He grabbed a nearby chainsaw and cut the beanstalk down before the giant could get to the ground.

"AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" The giant yelled.

He ran inside and awoke his mother and told her he got a pot of gold.

"Yay! We're rich" the mother sang.

"What about me?" The giant's ghost asked.

"Your dead", Harold replied.

"I thought this was a kids story!" The giant's ghost said.

And they all lived happily ever after...............or at least that's what I think.


(thats around 500 words or something last time i checked)

YoshiPerson's Story

Jason's Story

"When is this friggin' prince comming?" Heather said, tapping her foot on the ground.

She stands up, fixes her crown and walks to the window.

"Where the hell is he?" She asks herself.

Soon, a man on a horse coming down the old cobble stone path.

"Finally." Heather says.

The horse stops in front of the castle, and the rider steps off. "Rapunzel," He said.

He took off his head armor and looked at her.

"Let down your hair," He said.

Heather looked back at him.

"Is that some kind of joke?" She snarked.

"Why no, my beautiful." He winked after he said that.

Heather walks away from the window and she ruffles though a trunk in her room.

"No, this isn't it." She said pulling a torn dress out and throwing it behind her.

"Where is this stupid thing?!" She yelled.

After moving a piece of cloth to the left, it revealed what she was looking for.

"Oh, here it is." She pulled out a wig with a 6 foot braid on the end, tied with a bow.

She started towards the window.

"I got it!" She said.

She threw the bottom of the wig out the window and it hit the prince in the head.

"Should of caught it!" Heather yelled at him.

"Wait a minute. Wasn't I supposed to sing?" Heather asks.

"Some where, over the rainbow," Heather sings

"Way up high. Some where, over the rainbow, skies are blue." She continuted.

"Hey, Rapunzel," A man yelled.

"Keep it down! We don't have insurance on our windows!" He complained.

"Thats to bad!" Heather yells back.

"Rapunzel, may I marry you?" The prince yelled to the castle.

"Oh, yes!" Heather exclaimed with joy.

Soon, the prince climbed into the window of the castle and gave Heather a kiss.

"My darling," He said.

"My prince," She responded.

Soon after that, Prince Justin proposed to Heather. After that, they had a baby, named Joshua. They lived happily ever after.

(It was short because I was worried that it would be over 700 words.)

Kenzen's Story

A Gwen Story (A Modern Cinderella)

I woke up, got dressed, ate, and went to my car a usual day, I drove to work and heard we were having a Halloween party and to come dressed as your favorite ghoul. Yes I was exited; I drove home and got dressed as the Grim Reaper with my mask and everything!

“Hey Bridgette” I said on the phone, as I see it they said we could bring someone and I am not dating so I called my best friend. “Hey, what’s up Gwen” she said on the other line.

“Want to come to a Halloween party” I said.

“Sure, what can I go as?” she said, “Any Ghoul” I said.

“Cool, meet you there” she said.

I drove to the office, “Hey Gwen” Bridgette said. I took my mask off “How you know it was me”.

“You the Grim Reaper” she laughed, “Yep” I laughed.

I walked in to see Beth and Heather. “Look who’s here, it the grim creeper” Beth said and Heather laughed. “Ah the jerk twins” Bridgette said. “Who invited you” I said. “Our boyfriends” Heather said. “Us” two of the biggest office jerks said.

I walked away, and sat in the corner, “Hey you want to dance” Carter my crush said. “Sure” I said. We danced and it felt like instant love, “Hey idiot enjoying you dance” Heather said, “Get out of here before you embarrass yourself” Beth said she threw punch on my black dress.

I began to cry as I ran out, my mask slipped off. “Where are you going” he yelled, he picked up my mask.

I got in my car and drove away; “Gwen” Bridgette said chasing after me. “That was Gwen” Carter said “I have to find her’.

“She lives on second and fifth” Bridgette said. “Ok thanks” Carter left.

I was crying in my bedroom, and then I heard a knock on the door. “Gwen” I heard Carter said. “What” I muttered opening the door. “I am sorry” Carter said he kissed me.

“This is yours” He put the mask on me a perfect fit.


(Sorry for the sucky punctuation and Grammar i was tired)

NIzzy's Story

Sleeping Beauty Parody

Princess Aurora – Gwen

Maleficent – Heather

Flora – Katie

Fauna – Justin

Merryweather – Sadie

Prince Phillip - Trent

Once upon a time there was a handsome prince, his name was Trent. He longed for the beautiful princess Gwen since they were children; however she had gone missing some time ago and wasn’t seen for years. The memories of her daunted him; will he ever see his princess again?

It was a sunny day and Prince Trent decided to go for a ride in the woods.

“Trent, you’ll need to find your princess soon, you know that but... Anyways just be careful you’re our prince and you’ll inherit the title of king one day.” His father said glaring at him in hope that he listened. The prince had gotten up onto his horse and didn’t even look at his father.

“Sure...” He said whilst staring at the floor and with that he cantered on towards the woods.

Meanwhile in a cottage three fairies were busy preparing for a big event.

“Gwen, could you get us some berries?” Said one of the fairies.

“Okay.” She replied and walked out of the house to do as she was asked.

The young girl was collecting berries and just as she had finished she bumped into a handsome young man.

“Oh, sorry my lady.” He said and blushed. Gwen giggled and they exchanged glances.

Back at the cottage the fairies were still getting things ready.

“Katie I can’t wait ‘til Gwen’s birthday” Said one of the fairies.

“Me too. EEEE! What about you, fairy Justin?” Said Katie.

“Ungh, I’m not a fairy!” He said.

The three made haste in preparing for the event, decorations, cake, and a beautiful birthday present. Eventually after a lot of work they had finished and went to hide.

“Damn, when is she coming?” Justin said.

“Quiet, fairy Justin, we can’t let her hear us.” Said Sadie.

“For the last freakin’ time I ain’t some stupid fairy! I’m a guy!” He shouted.

“Poor Justin, she’s delusional.” Katie said with a sigh, Justin however seemed like ‘her’ head was going to explode in anger.

Just then someone walked into the room.

“Guys?” Just as Gwen finished her sentence they jumped out and wished her a Happy Birthday.

At the castle the prince sat on his bed thinking about the day Gwen was cursed...

“What pin prick? What did she mean...?” He whispered.

Trent walked out of his room and saw the guard asleep on the floor as he walked through the halls he came across more guards asleep, knowing something was wrong he ran off towards the evil castle of Heather.

He snuck his way past Heather’s goons and into the prison cell.

“EEEE Prince Trent! You came!” Katie and Sadie squealed. Justin sat there in annoyance.

“What do I have to do?” Trent said.

“You must travel back to your castle and awaken the Princess Gwen from her deep slumber, with love’s first kiss!” Katie said.

“This is so cheesy...” Justin said as he slammed his head into the wall repeatedly.

“So why the heck did I come here just to find out I have to go back again?!” Trent shouted.

“To free us so we can give you a sword and shield, duh!” Katie replied.

“But...I already have a-.” Trent was cut off by the fairy’s scream.

“No! They have to be magical!” She said.

“Please, kill me now!” Justin said. After that they gave the sword and shield to the prince, he set off to find Heather and free the princess.

Later he came across the evil sorceress Heather.

“So looks like you found me, huh? You’ll never defeat me!” Heather shouted.

“Shut up you witch!” Trent scolded. Heather was surrounded by a orb of darkness that grew and grew until she was completely covered in darkness and what emerged from it wasn’t human...

A giant dragon charged at the prince and snapped its razor sharp jaws. He jumped backwards dodging the attack and with a thrust of his sword, it impaled deep into the beast’s chest. It screamed in pain and finally fell to the floor, stone dead.

(I'm not finished! DX)

Shane's Story

Fairy tale it is based on:  This will hopefully be a modern take on Snow White.

Snow White: Gwen

Prince Charming: Trent

Wicked Queen: Heather,

Once upon a time, a gothic girl lived in a house. Every day, a paper boy would come out and throw a paper on her front door step. She would always watch and sigh as her heart melted.

“Isn’t Trent dreamy?” the gothic girl asks another girl in small clothing.

“Yeah, yeah, so hot, Gwen, you’re way better off without him.” the girl in small clothing sarcastically says. All of a sudden, the paper boy takes off his shirt and wipes his head. He rides off and Heather stares, “He’s gorgeous.”

“Trent’s the hottest.”

“Hey Gwen!” Trent calls, “Wanna ride on my handlebars?”

“Sure, Trent.” Gwen replies. Gwen goes out and sits on his bars. Trent goes to put his shirt back on but Gwen tells him, “You can leave it off.” The duo ride off.

“THAT SCUMBAG! He’s totally mine.” Heather yells. An idea suddenly pops in her head, “I know what I can do.” Late that night, Heather was working on something. In the morning, Gwen was about to have breakfast. Heather comes out with her finished project and says, “Here, Gwen. Want to have a bagel?”

“Sure, Heather.” Gwen says. Heather puts it in the micro wave and she talks to herself saying,

“That idiot, the bagel is poisoned so that when she eats it, she will get knocked out!” Heather begins to laugh quite loudly.

Gwen calls out, “Heather, you okay in there?”

“Fabulous! You want regular or strawberry cream cheese on your totally not poisoned bagel?” Heather asks.

“Strawberry.” Gwen answers. The bagel is done and is served to Gwen. She eats it and is immediately knocked out. Heather laughs and walks outside.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA! My plan is foolproof. Unless her true love comes by and kisses her, she will be asleep for eternity!” Heather then notices some people staring at her, “What?” she asks, “It’s total tradition.”

Later in the day, Trent comes by. He calls to Gwen and nothing happens. Finally, he walks to the door and knocks on it. Heather comes out and asks, “Why, Trent. What a surprise.”

“I come here every single day at the same time. Where’s Gwen?” Trent asks concerned.

“Oh she’s just, taking a nap. Forever! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Heather laughs. Lightning suddenly booms out of nowhere during her laugh.

“What did you do to her?” Trent asks.

“I just gave her a poisoned bagel and she went out like a baby.” Heather evilly says. Trent pushes her away and rushes inside. He looks around and finds her on the couch. He runs to her and feels her pulse.

“Thankfully there is a pulse.” Trent says, obviously relieved.

“You can’t do a thing! Only true love can break the spell!” Heather says.

“You know, you give a lot of obvious hints.” Trent says.

“What? It’s total tradition.” Heather says.

“Gwen, if you don’t make it out of here, I just want to let you know, that I love you so much. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve even seen. I want to be with you.” Trent says. He suddenly kisses her on the lips.

Gwen’s eyes opened and she coughed. She asks, “What happened?”

“Heather poisoned your bagel.” Trent says.

“WHAT!?! Heather!” Gwen yells.

“Oh crap!” Heather screams. Gwen chases Heather while Trent calls the cops. The police get there and they arrest Heather. The sun sets and Gwen and Trent are looking at the sunset.

“Trent, how did you free me? You know, from the spell.” Gwen asks.

“I kissed you on the lips.” Trent explains.

“Can you please do it again? I think the spell’s coming back on to me.”

“Oh you joker you.” Trent says. The two lean in and they kiss. They lived happily even after.

                                           THE END

Tdafan's Story

(Note: This is a parody of  The Three Little Pigs)

The Three Little Teens

Once upon a time, there were three teens, Geoff, Tyler, and Harold.

They had just moved out and moved along with their lives, including building their own houses.

But, one evil teen cannibal, Duncan, wanted some dinner, and knocked on Geoff’s door of his house of straw.

Geoff opened, ”Sup, dude”.

“Hello, little party boy”, the sly wolf said, grinning, Geoff immediately shut his door and panicked.

“Can I come in?”

“No. Not by the no hair on my chinny chin chin dude”, Geoff replied.

“Well”, Duncan began ,”I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!”

And he did, gobbling up Geoff.

Next was Tyler, his house made of sticks stood high.

Duncan knocked the stick door, ”Little wannabe jock, little wannabe jock, may I come in?”

Tyler gulped and screamed, ”NO NO NO!”

Duncan laughed, ”Well in that case”, and the same thing that happened to Geoff happened to poor Tyler.

Lastly, Harold, the only one who passed his SATs had made his house of brick, Duncan knocked, smiling wickedly “Little nerd, little nerd, may I come in?”

Harold gasped and replied, ”No, Not by the awesome goatee on my chinny chin chin.”

“Well”, Duncan said, “Time to blow down your house!”

And he did just that to the brick house, blowing harder than he ever blew in his whole life.

Harold gasped, ”Don’t hurt me, please, oh please”.

Duncan laughed, picked him up and started giving him a wedgie.

“OW!” Harold screamed, in pain.

“I’ll let you go”, Duncan said, “Don’t tell anyone”.

Harold had on a wicked smile, and called everyone he ever met and told them about what happened.

Duncan heard about it, and ran to Harold’s new house, he wasn’t feeling like blowing down his house again, so he climbed down the chimney.

He landed, in a small pool full of sharks.

“Hello, Duncan” ,Harold said, ”I saw you coming here, so, obviously I did this”.

“Get me out!” Duncan screamed.

“Nah” ,Harold replied walking away as the sharks ate Duncan till he was no more.


Tyedye's Story

Week Six Stories

Cards777's Story

Cokeman's Story

Geoff and Bridgette's Road Trip O' LOVE

Geoff was lying in bed. "I'm so bored these days...I wish Bridgette was around." Geoff grieved. He then perked up when he looked at the calendar. "What? It says...'Bridgette picks me up for a road trip to the United States'. That's strange." His doorbell rang. Geoff quickly got dressed and ran downstairs.

"Hey, Geoff." Bridgette was at the door. "Ready for the road trip?"

"Totally, babe. Life's a party." Geoff started to make out with his girlfriend.

"Break it up, blondies. We've got 7 days of hell to get behind us." a voice shouted.

"Who's the party pooper?" Geoff asked.

"Oh, that's my little brother, Evan." Bridgette explained.

"You got my name wrong!" Evan shouted.

"Oh, yeah. He apparently watched too much Total Drama and now demands that he be called 'E-Scope, commander of Bridgette and the Hamilton family'." Bridgette explained again.

"And I know what happened on TDA. You made out too much. I'll try to make sure that it doesn't worsen the hell week." Evan explained.

"Evan!" Bridgette was about to reprimand him, but was interrupted.

"E-Scope, commander of-" Evan was cut off.

"Whatever - thing is, you're ruining my spring break. I don't get breaks often at Toronto High." Bridgette scolded Evan.

"Fine," Evan said. Bridgette smiled, but then frowned. "but you owe me thirty dollars."

"Bridgette, Evan, come on!" Bridgette's mom shouted. "We'll be caught in traffic if we keep dawdling!"

"Coming, mom!" Bridgette shouted. She grabbed Geoff's hand and the collar of Evan's shirt. She went to the car and opened the door. She (literally) threw Evan in the car and got into the "way back" seats to make out, all the way to Buffalo, New York. That is, almost all the way, They had numerous stops to make, including fast food and bathroom breaks.

"Mom, I'm thirsty and the dumb blondes won't give me any of their Coca-Cola!" Evan complained.

"Well, honey, you should have thought ahead." Bridgette's mom responded.

"I did! I brought my DSi, my PSP, everything!" Evan retorted.

"But not any necessities." Bridgette's mom said and looked back on the road.

"I hate my life." Evan grumbled.

Two hours later...

"We're coming up at a McLean's. Want anything?" Bridgette's mom asked.

"A six-piece chicken tender kid's meal." Evan said while staring into his DSi.

"A bacon cheeseburger." Geoff said. He then proceeded to make out with Bridgette.

"Nothing for me, mom." Bridgette said. She stopped for a moment. "Geoff, don't you think it's a little...unhealthy to make out all the time?"

"Maybe." Geoff looked down.

"...Whatever, it's a maybe!" Bridgette smiled and grabbed Geoff to proceed with the kissing. And this is how it was all the way to Buffalo, New York.

Five Hours Later...

"We're at the US!" Geoff looked out the window.

"Awesome! Now we can meet up with DJ!" Bridgette exclaimed.

"He lives here?" Geoff asked.

"Yeah, he sent the invitation to ALL of his friends. Did you see that list of people that e-mail was sent to?" Bridgette stopped for a moment.

"That means that I'm not his friend." Geoff looked down.

"Well, the aftermath really changed everything..." Bridgette agreed. Tears started to well up in Geoff's eyes. "Oh, it's okay, baby." The making out continued. The entire week. Plus some meeting up with DJ. Some sightseeing. And everything in between.

The End

(I know, it was short and crappy. I'm just bad at this type of story.)

Dark's Story

Some random road story that's short as heck

On a blimp far away from Texas.


"Then eat some pie Owe" said Izzy.

"Ugh!", said an angry voice then Duncan comes out in his boxers."I got kicked out of my room!"

"Did Courtney break up with you, again?" said Izzy sounding sad.

"YES! you don't have to put 2+2 to figure that out!" said an annoyed Duncan.

Then they spent an hour talking about their lives.It turns out Izzy was only 9 when she blew up the RCMP's base. Owen had eaten more then 8,127,231 food a week! Duncan just said that he burned down a police station......go figure.

"Well then thanks for this talk I should be going to sleep."Duncan said.

"We are almost at the destination! this is a good blimp trip!" said Owen.

They arrive at the Grand Canyon.

"WHO HOO!" then Izzy blew it up and got arrested,and so did Duncan because he is wanted there too.

(THE END, this was rushed yet I hope you kinda like it)

Greenmagic's Story

Harold and the Trip to Springfield

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

DJ's Road Trip to the Bunny Farm

"Poopydoo, get in the car. We're leaving!" DJ's mom told his son.

"Coming mama; I can't wait to see the bunnies like we do every year." DJ said.

DJ rushed downstairs and hopped into the car, and his family drove off to the bunny farm.

"So when will we see the bunnies?" DJ anxiously asked his parents.

"Soon Devon Joseph; the bunny farm is 2 miles away from us." DJ's father replied.

"But I wanna see the bunnies!!!" DJ shouted.

"DJ, you act like this every time we go to the bunny farm!" DJ's mom shouted to DJ.

"Sorry mamma, I'm just so excited." DJ told his mom.

"You're 16 years old, not 6. So start acting like it." DJ's father ordered.

"Yes sir." DJ said with a guilty look on his face.

1 hour later...

"Are we there yet?" DJ asked his parents.

"DJ, I swear to God, I'll ground you if you do that 'Are we there yet?' joke!!!", DJ's father angrily yelled.

"Just trying to have some fun." DJ said.

"Just apologize, so we can leave this conflict behind." DJ's mom said to her husband.

"Fine, I'm sorry." DJ's father said to his son annoyed.

"Apology accepted; so when will we be there?" DJ asked his parents.

"We're almost there!" DJ's mom told his son.

"YES!!!" DJ shouted excitingly, as he bounced up and down in his seat.

2 hours later...

"We're here!!!" DJ shouted, as they reached the bunny farm.

"Well we'll be at our cabin, you enjoy yourself Poopydoo." DJ's mom told his son.

"Okay mama." DJ replied.

DJ's parents went into their cabin, and DJ got to play with the bunnies after a long, long car ride.


Turnertang's Story

Cody's Pokemon Battle in Bermuda

“Bermuda here I come!” Cody yelled as he ran into got off the plane.

“I’m so excited!” yelled Cody’s best friend Dexter, “We’re going to find some aliens!”

“Oh yeah!” Cody yelled as they did their secret handshake.

“You boys do that.” Cody’s Mom said, “We’re going to do some site seeing.”

“Your loss.” Cody said as they got into the taxi.

At the beach…

“Here’s are boat.” Cody said as he showed Dexter an old rowboat with holes and cracks in it.

“I think we need to do some modifications.” Dexter commented said as he pulled out a blowtorch, saw, and stapler.

“Awesome! I’ll go make some mayonnaise sandwiches.” Cody said as he went back to the rented house.

“Almost done!” Dexter yelled from the boat.

“Cool.” Cody said as he brought the sandwiches back, “Well, hello ladies.”

“Uhhh… hi.” said one of the girls, “Is that your boat?”

“Yes, yes it is.” Cody replied, “Want to come for a ride?”

“In that thing? No way.” The other girl replied as they walked away.

“Why not?” Cody whined as he turned around and saw that the boat had an Albert Einstein head and was painted like a lab coat.

“What do you think?” Dexter asked as he ate a sandwich.

“How are we supposed to get the ladies with this thing?” Cody asked as they got in the boat and started rowing.

“Are we in the triangle yet?” Cody asked as Dexter wrote some stuff in his journal.

“By my calculation we are in the center of the triangle.” Dexter answered as the sky became foggy.

“I don’t like the looks of this.” Cody mumbled as he heard a splash, “What was that?”

“It’s a… it’s a… it’s a!” Dexter stammered as a giant beast came toward them, “A Kyogre!”

“No way! That’s so cool!” Cody yelled in happiness as he took pictures of the Kyogre.

“It’s coming at us!” Dexter yelled as he cowered in fear.

“I don’t know!” Cody cried as two red and white balls fell from the sky.

“This is so cool! We have our own Pokemon!” Dexter yelled as they both threw their Pokeballs and a Pikachu and a Charmander appeared.

“Use thunderbolt!” Cody yelled as Pikachu used thunderblt and everything blew up and they landed on the beach, “Hey ladies, do you want to see my Pikachu?”

“Nerd.” One of the girls replied as they all walked away.

“What a trip.” Dexter said as he stood up, “Want to go play some Bakugon?”

“Your on!” Cody replied as they both took out their Bakugon.

Weblykinly's Story

Izzy's Road Trip (unrated! (not actually XD))

"Izzy, I have a surprise for you!" Izzy's Father called to her.

"What?!" Izzy screamed excitedly.

"You get to drive us to our first camping trip." Her dad told her.

"Oh...." Izzy's sound of excitement stopped as fast as a bicycle would reach the 0.00000001 mark of a mile.

"You and your mother are so proud of you that you have your driver's license. Now, bust your butt and let's get ready for your first ride being a licensed driver!" Her dad yelled excitedly while she knew this wasn't a good idea.

Izzy stepped in the car forcing a smile on her face. Her mother and father got in the car even slower so it was harder to keep the same weird expression on her face. She started the car and went 50 miles per hour down the driveway.

"Izzy, what are you doing?" Her dad yelled.

"Driving." Izzy said as she tried to look away.

She turned on the radio to hear the car blasting. She turned to finally get on the road to get to the campsite. Then all of a sudden she rammed into a squirrel. During all of that a mouse jumped into the car door which wasn't closed all the way.

"A mouse! I've always wanted a pet mouse!" Izzy screamed with excitement.

"Izzy what are you doing? You just ran over a squirrel." Izzy's mother yelled with anger.

"I was seeing if you notice." Izzy said like there was nothing wrong.

She then turned on the main road that would take her to the campsite. She was going 150 miles per hour and swerving through cars.

"DRIVING IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEA!!" Izzy yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Izzy what in the sam h*ll are you doing? You keep on swerving around cars about to hit them." Her father yelled. Right then a police officer started chasing them down the road.


"Oh, hi Police!" Izzy said with laughter. She then hit a tree and her new mouse jumped out of the car.

"We're here! Wait where's mousey?" She says as a tree falls down on the van. The police officer came up to the van and then said

"Your under arrest! I'm taking your driver's license away from you forever!" The police officer said angrily.

"That's what I was trying to tell you mom and dad!" Izzy said impatiently.

"What do you mean by that? That last sentence didn't make any sense!" Her mother questioned her.

"Here's the story. So, when I was done with the driving test the teacher said I was the worst student he'd ever seen! Then I slapped him with a fish untill he would give me my drivers license." Izzy explained.

"Oh......." Her father's voice got fainter and fainter by the second.

Izzy then opened the door and ran out to make a run for.


"That's one crazy kid you have Mr., real crazy!" The police officer said.

"Well she's mine! So, BYE BYE SUCKER!" The dad said as he and the mother also made a run for.


Yoshiperson's Story

Duncan and Disney

If you ever get annoyed with your parents about taking you someplace too young for you for vacation, be happ you're not Duncan. In between TDI and TDA, he went on vacation to disney world.

When they arrived to disney world, Duncan began complaining too his parents. "Mom, Dad, don't you guys think I'm a little old for this kind of thing?" He said, getting out of the car.

"It's for your own good, sweetie." Said his mom. Obviously she was going to make him listen to all of the songs that Disney had to offer. Duncan merely rolled his eyes.

"It's punishment for your 'Happy Nude Year' prank you pulled last year." Said his Dad.

A little girl walked by and came up to Duncan. She had a Cinderella dress on and sparkles on her face. "Are you exited? Mickey Mouse is here! And I get to meet him! Do you want to, too?"

"Listen, Princess Blabsalot." Said Duncan, "Mickey Mouse isn't real. It's just a nerd in a dumb costume."

"DUNCAN!!!" Shouted his mom.

The girl's lower lip twitched. Then she started crying. The girl's parents gave Duncan a look and led thier devastated daughter away from him. Duncan chuckled.

"I will not stand for that kind of attitude." Said Duncan's Mother, "If you don't perk up we will come here again next year."

They entered the park, right in time for a walkabout to come up to Duncan. Donald began to wave at Duncan and moved towards him to hug him. Duncan's eyes widened, and he punched the walkabout in the groin. He moved away, grunting with little kids running after him trying to get Donald's atuograph. Duncan got the stare from his parents. The Magic Kingdom was going to have it's worst buisnessday ever. His parents didn't even let him on the thrill rides of the park. They made him ride "Small World", "Snow White", and "Peter Pan" and the other corny rides of the park. The worst part was Winnie the Pooh.

(More comin' soon!)

Jason's Story

Heather and Lindsay's Camp Trip

(Comming soon..!)

Kenzen's Story

Road Trip “DUNCAN!” Courtney screamed, grabbing her purse.

“Court, calm down, we still got like, an hour” Duncan said working on his now red mohawk.

“We have five minutes” Courtney said, taking a glance at a small wristwatch.

“Oh” realizing what time it was, Duncan grabbed his guitar and duffle bag and ran out the door.

“Let’s get on the road” DJ said from a motor home.

“Come on slow pokes” Katie said, poking her head out the window.

“You guys pick up Noah and Eva yet?” Courtney asked.

“Yeah, Kenzen and Izzy are next” DJ responded. Courtney and Duncan got in.

The motor home zoomed off to Kenzen and Izzy’s apartment, but no sooner did they honk then have Kenzen and Izzy run out and jump in. “'Sup guys?” Noah said, reading history through the middle ages.

“Not much” Kenzen said, “to the beach”. The eight headed to the North Carolina beach.

“I've got to take the win, the win to win it all” Duncan sang playing his guitar as Kenzen used his drum sticks to tap the table to the beat. “How much longer?” Katie said, rubbing her stomach. “We've still got a good hundred miles” DJ said “you hungry.” “We all are” Courtney complained.

The bus stopped next to a diner and they went in to eat, when suddenly their motor home started rolling away. “Uh… guys” Izzy said as the others talked. “Yeah Iz… THE BUS TYPE THING!” Kenzen yelled. They ran out to save their ride, sadly it hit a tree, breaking the engine.

“Now what?” Duncan said. “Lets just camp here, who needs a beach with sand and swimming and fun?” Noah says, realizing they had lost all chances of a beach.

Kenzen got in the home and pulled out eight sleeping bags. “Oh crap” he pulled Duncan’s mangled guitar and his broken stick out. “Aw ****” Duncan said, breaking out in tears. “We can get a new one” Courtney said. “Wasn’t that your dad's Les Paul he gave to you on his death bed?” Eva said.

“Yes” Duncan said in tears.

“I will stay up and help fix it” DJ said. “Me to” Noah said.

“Me three” Eva said.

“Me four” Kenzen said.

“Me five” Courtney said.

“Me six” Izzy said.

“Me seven” Katie said.

“Thanks guys” Duncan said, he wiped the tears from his eyes and then started working with a heater and a lamp. They worked all night, well the guys did, Katie, Izzy, Courtney, and Eva slowly fell asleep.

It was day break. “And done” Duncan said, winding up the strings.

“This ain’t half bad” DJ said, grabbing the guitar. “Well, I called a tow truck” Courtney said, getting off a small Nexus One cell phone.

“Well, let’s go then” Eva said. She got into a tow truck with the label U TOW on the side.

They headed home.

(It is only 477 word sorry)

NIzzy's Story

"Ayai, ayai, ayai I’m your little Butterfly! Green, black, and, blue make the colors in the sky!" A squeal came from outside Tyler’s room.

"Ungh..." He moaned, just then Lindsay burst into the room.

"Taylor it’s time for the road trip! EEEEE!" She squealed. Tyler frowned and looked away.

"I don’t wanna go on some stupid road trip, Linds." He complained. Lindsay glared at him in confusion.

"Okay, tell me when you’re ready to go." She said and skipped out of the room to greet her friend Beth.

"Oh, hey Lindsay!" The short girl with glasses said.

"Hi, Beth! Where is Brady?" She asked.

"He’s in the van." Replied Beth. The two girls walked outside towards the van shortly followed by a groggy Tyler.

"Why do we have to go on a road trip?" He said whilst yawning.

"It’s a good way for me to find out more about you and the rest of Lindsay's friends, plus we haven’t had any quality time in ages." Lindsay’s Dad said in a cheery tone. Tyler frowned and looked out of the window as he saw the building go past he grew tired of Lindsay’s Dad talking about the history of Canada, which frankly he didn’t care about.

"Okay, kids. Out of the car!" Lindsay’s Dad shouted.

"Kids?" Brady said. He gave Tyler a nudge to see if he was awake. "You okay? You’re acting like a zombie." He whispered.

"Ungh...I’m just tired..." He replied. Brady shrugged and got out of the car to see what Lindsay’s Dad wanted.

Shane's Story

Title: The Raven’s Road

Note: This story is based on Gwen’s point of view. This is non-canon. Anyway, let us begin!

“Alright, Gwenny! Let’s go!” My mother said.

“Coming!” I yelled. Ugh, not another one. My family always do some sort of road trip to the Grand Canyon. They’re nothing to do there but watch people fall off.

I ran to the car and got in the passenger seat. My brother and dog, Star, got in the back seat.

“Isn’t this exciting, kids?” my mother asked in her dorky voice.

“Yeah, bundles.” I sarcastically said. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t get it.

“Mom, why do we go to the Grand Canyon?” my little brother asked, “A few years ago when we went, Dad fell off.”

“Jason!” I yelled. I looked at my mother and there were tears in her eyes.

“What? I don’t feel good going to the Grand Canyon.” Jason said, oblivious to the hurt those words were causing my mother. How could he be so insensitive?

“You know, we should just start going on our merry little way.” my mother said.

“That’s a good idea.” I said. We started our trip and two hours into the trip, Jason had to pee. I looked at my mom and she was crying.

“Mom, are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s just, Jason’s words hurt me.” my mother said.

“Mom, don’t let his words get to you.” I said.

“I try not to, but they keep ringing in my head.”

“I know. You know, I’m gonna take Star out. See you in a minute.” I think that was a good move. She wanted to be alone.

I was waiting for Star to hurry up and find a freaking spot when I saw Jason and my mother talking. I saw them hug and get into the car. “I guess they made up.” I thought.

Star and I got into the car and we drove off. Jason went to sleep and I asked my mother, “Mom, what were you and Jason talking about?”

“You saw?” she asked.

“Yeah, did he apologize?” I asked.

“Yes, he said that he misses his daddy and I understand. We’re still going to the Grand Canyon, though.”

“That’s cool. Hey! We’re finally in Montana!”

“Finally out of Canada.” We stopped at a rest area and I went to the bathroom. When I came out, I saw my mother talking with Jason again. I got back in the car and I asked my mother another question,

“What were you and Jason talking about?” I asked.

“Nothing for you to know.” my mother snapped.

I was surprised at her remark. She never snapped unless angry. I saw that she wasn’t angry so I figured it was a secret. I finally asked,

“Is it about your boyfriend?”

“Yes.” my mother sadly said. “He’s not taking it well and I wanted to clear some stuff up. You just relax, sweetie. I’ll keep driving, okay?”

“Okay.” I grabbed Star and pulled her up to the front seat. I put my IPod headphones in my ears and I fell asleep.

In my dream, I saw myself with Star, Jason, and my mom. We were at the Grand Canyon and we were looking down. I was looking after Star who was sniffing, trying to find a place to go out. I looked at my mother and she was admiring the Grand Canyon. I looked at Jason and he looked at me. He smiled then he jumped off. My mother yelled, “NO!” and rushed to grab him, but it was too late. I was in shock. My brother just committed suicide right in front of me. I woke up with a scream. My mother looked at me and asked,

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“I had a horrible dream.” I said.

“Care to tell the details?” Jason asked. I looked behind me and he was playing on his Nintendo DS.

“Sure. You were there, I was there, Star was there, and Mom was there. We were at the Grand Canyon and you jumped off.” I revealed.

Jason looked shocked and yelled, “Why did I jump?”

“I don’t know, maybe you were tired of life. I have absolutely no clue.” I said.

“I don’t know the reason but it concerns me.” my mother said. “We are still gonna keep to the tradition of going to the Grand Canyon.”

“You know, why are we going back?” I asked.

“I don’t know I just want to.” my mother said.

We stopped at a hotel and we spent the night there. We always stay there because they let dogs in the hotel. I think that’s why it’s called, Dog Days and Nights. We got back in the car in the morning and we drove on the road for about an hour and Jason farted a silent but deadly.

“JASON!” I yelled.

“Honey, we will tie you up on the roof if you rip another one like that.” Jason apparently saw that as a challenge and farted again. It turns out that Mom was right about tying Jason up on the roof. The next rest area, she tied him up and put him on the roof. He screamed but he shut up, due to the duct tape. When Mom got back in, I asked her,

“When is he coming back in?”

“In an hour when he stops farting.” my mother said nonchalantly. I was worried but I got over it.

In an hour, we did indeed get Jason down from the roof and he thanked us for hours, literally.

We had a good rest of the ride. Star only had to go out four times and Jason farted only three times. We finally got to the Grand Canyon when we saw a sign that read, Grand Canyon closed for repairs.

“Well this stinks.” I said.

“I know, I was looking forward to this.” my mother said.

“No, I mean, really. It stinks in here.” I said.

“Whoops, sorry.” Jason said.

“JASON!” I yelled.

“Don’t make me tie you up, son.” my mother threatened.

“No! Please don’t!” Jason pleaded.

I settled back in my seat and I hugged Star. I looked into Stars eyes and they shone. They seemed to say, “I love this family.” I laughed. This will be a long road trip.


Tye's Story

Heather's Family Road Trip

This (^) means that it is from Heather's vantage point.

The alarm beeped. I groggily reached over and hit the snooze button.

It's summer, I thought, I don't need to wake up this early anymore.

"C'mon, sweetie, you need to get up, or we'll be late!"

"Mom? Where are we going?" Parent stuff. There's probably nothing to be late for. I sat up and rubbed my eyes to see my mom standing at my bedroom doorway holding my suitcases.

"Get dressed, honey, hurry."

"Where are we going?" I repeated.

"To Yellowstone!"

"To Washington? From Toronto?"

"Yeah, it'll be fun! C'mon, get dressed, everyone else is already ready!"

"Please don't tell me Damien's coming with us."

"Of course he is! Where would we put him if we left him?"

Oh great. My little brother's coming with us. This ought to be a fun trip. Ugh. "At the kennel, like Mister Fufu!"

"We already went to the kennel and we're not going back again. Plus, we could be sued for child abuse!"

No skin off my nose, I thought. Reluctantly, I got up and dressed. I got in our van, and since the seats were all filled with luggage, I had to sit in the trunk.

Yeah, child abuse. 3 days of this. Wonderful. The three days passed by slowly for me. Damien was a pain, like always.

"Hey sis," His obnoxious, high-pitched voice made me want to puke, "how does it feel to sit in the trunk when the rest of us are in seats?"

"Oh, shut up."

"Hey!" My mom called, "You be nice to Damien, Heather, or we'll drop you off at the next pit stop and leave you there!"

Yes, please do that. Please. She shut up, though. Of all the things she's learned, one of the most important is to listen to your parents. Even if you're going to lock them in the dungeon once you rule Europe. Until then, you listen to them. Damien blew a raspberry at her. As much as she wanted to hit him, she didn't. Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into more hours, until finally, Heather heard the words, or at least, close enought to the words, that she wanted to hear.

"Okay, kids, we're almost there. It should be a couple more hours." Heather sighed a sigh of relief.

Finally, we'll get to the campsite, and I'll have a tent to myself. Away from these freaks. Away from everyhting that bugs me.

"Heather, could you check all of the bags back there to make sure that all the tents are there?"

"Okay, mom." She did. She found her own tent, her mom's, her dad's, but not Damien's.

"Mom, Damien's isn't here."

"Oh, did you leave it back at the house?" She asked him.

"I guess so. I'm sorry." He answered innocently. He turned around to me and grinned evilly. My eyes widened. This could only mean one thing.

"Okay, I guess you'll have to share a tent with Heather." I nearly fainted.

No. Not this. Anything but this. Drop me off at a pit stop or something, but please, don't make me spend a week at Yellowstone with him.


Author's note: I know it ended sort on abruptly, but I think I covered the absolute mayhem pretty well without actually arriving at Yellowstone. I think I might write for Heather more now, that was pretty fun. XD

Week Seven Stories

Cokeman's Story

Dark's Story

Antagonist(spoof on Villain which is a spoof on Hero)
Would you lose if I asked you to lose?
Would you vote your self off from my awesome might?
Would you cry if I voted you off?
May I devour your dignity tonight?
Would you tremble if I won the show?
Would you scream if I beat you in a challenge?
Now would you get voted off for the one you hate?
It's a rhetorical question. Now walk on the Dock of Shame!
I can be your antagonist baby
I'll accentuate your pain,Gwen
I will torture you forever,LeShawna
I will take your breath away,Owen
Would you swear that I will not win?
Would you win a challenge, would you vote me off?
Am I insane? Have I crossed the line?
Well that's a good question, let me ask your friends, OH WAIT I VOTED THEM OFF!
I can be your antagonist baby
I'll accentuate your pain,DJ
I will torture you forever,Bridgette
I will take your breath away,Trent
Oooh I just want to control your brain,Lindsay
I just want to use your mind,Beth Oh yeah

Am I insane?

Have I crossed the line?
Didn't you just ask me that?
Your friends are still voted off, by the way.
I can be your antagonist baby
I'll accentuate your pain, Gwen (and Harold,too!)
I will torture you forever,LeShawna
I will take your breath away,Owen
I can be your antagonist?
And I'll accentuate your pain,Duncan
And I will torture you forever,Geoff
I will take your breath away,Izzy
I shall take your breath away,Chris McClean!
I can be your antagonist!

Greenmagic's Story

Livin' on Wawanakwa parody of Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

Food Tray #5 (Parody of Mambo #5)
Waiters and Waitresses, where is Food Tray number five?
  • One, two, three, four, five, everybody in the diner let's get inside.....
  • To the table around the corner.
  • I really want some tacoes but I think I don't wanna.
  • I'll get diarrhea like I had last week.
  • I'll try to eat healthy, but I will be cheap.
  • I like pizza, burgers, ice cream and french fries
  • And as I gorge down, I'm gonna gain in size.
  • So what can I do? It all looks yummy.
  • I'll eat it and it will land in my tummy.
  • Anything happens, before I even start.
  • Please cover your ears, because I will fart.
  • A big plate of hot dogs in my life,
  • A big plate of cupcakes by my side.
  • A big plate of pretzels is all I need,
  • A big plate of donuts is all I see.
  • A big plate of pancakes on my lap,
  • A piece of pie makes me crap all night long.
  • A big cheese wheel will make me pleased,
  • An all-you-can-eat buffet will make me more obese!!!!!!!!
  • Food Tray number five.
  • Shake it up and down and move it all around.
  • Now squeal in pain, as your crap goes down the drain.
  • Take one step back and put your feet apart.
  • Now stand back, because I'm gonna fart.
  • Laugh a little once and laugh a little twice
  • And if it all looks wrong, then you're gonna restart.
  • A big plate of hot dogs in my life,
  • A big plate of cupcakes by my side.
  • A big plate of pretzels is all I need,
  • A big plate of donuts is all I see.
  • A big plate of pancakes on my lap,
  • A piece of pie makes me crap all night long.
  • A big cheese wheel will make me pleased,
  • An all-you-can-eat buffet will make me more obese!!!!!!!!
  • Food Tray number five.
  • Wind, blow more wind.
  • Food Tray number five; ha, ha, ha.
  • A big plate of hot dogs in my life,
  • A big plate of cupcakes by my side.
  • A big plate of pretzels is all I need,
  • A big plate of donuts is all I see.
  • A big plate of pancakes on my lap,
  • A piece of pie makes me crap all night long.
  • A big cheese wheel will make me pleased,
  • An all-you-can-eat buffet will make me more obese!!!!!!!!
  • I would do, all that I could, to fall in love with food that's good.
  • I should eat healthy, but I won't try,
  • I'll get a heart attack and surely die.
  • Food Tray number five.
I need more food, I'm not full yet!!!!!!!!
(If you didn't know already, this is a song about Owen and his love of food. XD)

Turnertang's Story

Teenagers (Came to Compete), Parody of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Teenagers came to compete
Who I am I to disagree
They all came to this camp to compete
Everybody wanted the money

Some of the got out early

Some of them made farther
One of them got the money
The rest of them lost it all
Teenagers came to compete
Who am I to disagree
They all camp to this camp to compete
Everybody wanted the money

(Compete in challenges)

Getting out
(Eat gross food)
Voted off
(Make some friends)
Getting out
(Make some enemies)
Voted off
(Lose the money)
Getting out
(Win the money)
Voted off
(Come for two seasons)
Getting out
Twenty two came to compete
All of them wanted the prize
Some of them thought you were a loser
Others thought you were cool

Teenagers came to compete

Who am I to disagree
They competed in crazy challenges
Only one of them got the money
Everybody wanted the money
Teenagers came to compete
Who am I to disagree
They all wanted to win
Only one got the money
Everybody watched them
Teenagers came to compete
Who I am I to disagree
They all came to this camp to compete
Everybody wanted the money
Fourteen of them fell in the water
Came back for another season
They went to a movie lot
And competed in more challenges
Everybody wanted more money

Weblykinly's Story

"That's Not Your Name" (parody of "That's Not My Name" by: The Ting Tings)(i'm going to skip the boring parts XD)
Five letter word called Drama not a song!
It's a difficulty
And I'm hitting your thong
I keep waiting for a Challenge to keep together
Eva looks really bad in a sweater!
But you didn't know your name
They call you girl
They call you Bridgette
But she's not a midget
They call you lame
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
They call you Sadie
And sometimes Katie
Never the same
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
They call you Lindsay
Even Izzay(1)
But that's not right
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
Are you calling her Heather?
Are you calling her Gwen?
My darling
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
That's Not Your Name
1: Izzy is purposely spelled wrong (only to go with tune of song)(it is pronounced Izz-A)
(finished song)

YoshiPerson's Story (Based off of the Cup of Life by Ricky Martin)

Do you really want it? (yeah!)
Do you really want it? (yeah!)
Do you really want it? (yeah!)
(keyboard solo)
Go! Go! Go! Race to the finish line!
You're in the final two! Come on! Lets go! Win!
If you get number two, I know you'll still be fine.
(Trumpet fanfare solo)
The gandest prize, this is the one!
Now is the time, don't ever stop!
A hundred grand, at your grasp!
Come on, come on, just have fun!

Come on, come on, let's win
You're the one, I know.
It's the greatest prize, and you know you want it!

Jason's Story

Your ugly You have a disease I hate your everything As long as it’s not me I needa pee! pee-pee-pee I needa pee!
Looks like you walked out of bed You need some hair on your head I needa pee! pee-pee-pee I needa pee!

Kenzen's Story

Don't wanna be a Total Drama Idiot
I hate that manipulative, antagonut
And never ever can return, or will they?
I learned how to burp my alphabet from A to Zed eh.

They all play games with your head
And they always have it said
Keep your friends close, and enemies closer.
And you know what else is too funny?
Their stupid canoe full of money
Can't take 'em seriously at all

All you eat is bugs and dirt
They treat injuries just like your not hurt
Can’t get a moment of peace, makes me wanna’ shout
Can't stand a thing they're talkin' bout

Sure they got their thousands in cash
Cheaper labor, marshmallows and flash
Then again well they got Chris McLean
Eat their grub in the morning heck its routine.
And dream of bein' a super star
Having there face on a jelly jar

Don't wanna be a Total Drama idiot
Won't figure out their names
See the cameras, they're always' a pest
Tell you the truth, it makes me kinda obsessed

Never watched this kind of Show
Review are so great there producers are saying “whoa”.
Keeping the series going is vital
It's gotta mean they're all up to a sequel
So quick, before they ruin the series’
Go to make wikis!
(mouse clicks)

NIzzy's Story

Parody of this song :D
Come with us, come with us
To a place you’ve never been.
That is far, far away
It’s the island of you screams.
You will see, you will see
Where the seagulls fly
And the beautiful Lindsay sings so high!
"La, la, la, it’s a fairy tale"
She will swing her hips and dance the night away,
She will climb so high
To the TDI sky
And will sing her heart out.
"Are you"

Follow us, follow us

In Lindsay’s dream we must
Sing along with her dance
And her melody and song.
Hear her sing and dance in her mini-skirt
While her fingers text and call, she's a real flirt.
"La, la, la it’s a fairy tale"
She will swing her hips and dance the night away
She will climb so high
To the TDI sky
And will sing her heart out.
"Are you"
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Lindsay sings and plays her melody.
Lindsay sings and plays her melody.

AUTHORS NOTE: Ok, I realize that I missed a whole verse, but frankly I thought that part was cheesy, so deal with it! XD and if you don't get the "Are you" part, well it's meant to represent Lindsay's stupidity in asking where Tyler was and trying to keep in time and rhyme the song lyrics at the same time. ;)

Shane's Story

This is based off of Busted from Phineas and Ferb.

Leshawna: I’m writing down the things you do.

It’s kinda hard not to do.
You think you can just stab my back
I’ll just have to attack

Heather: You think you got me cornered

Well you are oh so very wrong
I will be the one with the last laugh

Both: And I will finally get to sing that song!

You had better watch your darn back!
Cause you better believe that I’m gonna get my revenge!
I’ll get ya! (yeah)
I’ll get ya!
Once I do you’ll face social suicide!

Leshawna: I don’t wanna put the hurt on you!

But you better believe me

Both: When I tell you that I finally got the dirt on you,

You’re dead meat!

Heather: Yeah she’s such a dork to think she can win

Both: But I feel that it’s a sin

Remember all those good times we spent
Still you’re dead!

I know, it sucks. I had a very hard time with it.

Also, I know I didn't do the full verison, and the fact that it's in script format. The thing is, Leshawna and Heather are singing against each other, planing to take each other down. Again, I really hope my team wins.

Tye's Story

Parody of: Starlight by Muse
Far away
This ship is taking me far away
Far away from all the idiots
The idiots who decided to vote me off

The money
I will be chasing the money
Until the end of the season
I don't know if it's worth it anymore

Only one can win it all
I just wanted to win
And get the mil

The host
The evil, egomaniac host
So sadistic and wrong
Goes by the name of Mr. Chris Andre McLean

Now I'll never vote you off
If you promise not to go away
Never run away

Our host and celebrations
'Mallows and eliminations
Our host and celebrations
'Mallows and eliminations

Only one can win it all
I just wanted to win
And get the mil

Far away
This ship is taking me far away
Far away from all the idiots
The idiots who decided to vote me off

Now I'll never vote you off
If you promise not to go away
Never run away

Our host and celebrations
'Mallows and eliminations
Our host and celebrations
'Mallows and eliminations

Only one can win it all
I just wanted to win
And get the mil
I just wanted to win...

Author's note: This is going by the lyrics, where there is no punctuation whatsoever. I am sorry if that's not what you guys wanted.

Actual lyrics
Far away
This ship is taking me far away
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die

The starlight
I will be chasing the starlight
Until the end of my life
I don't know if it's worth it anymore

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold
You in my arms

My life
You electrify my life
Let's conspire to ignite
All the cells that would die just to feel alive

Now I'll never let you go
If you promise not to fade away
Never fade away

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations
Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold
You in my arms

Far away
This ship is taking me far away
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die

Now I'll never let you go
If you promise not to fade away
Never fade away

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations
Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold
You in my arms
I just wanted to hold...

Week Eight Stories

Cokeman's Story

You're a Good Host, Chris McLean

Chris sat on the aftermath couch, and the audience from the aftermath went wild. "Thank you, thank you...Last time on Total...Drama...Action...!" Chris directed for the aftermath screen to descend, and it started showing clips. "Maaaan, did they ruin it! I had planned to go on a short vacation after one of them won-which didn't work out like I thought-and then lure them into season three. We had to do ANOTHER aftermath, which, while I admit did go well without me for the first half, ruined me! Now the whole world knows that I'm BALD! And who cares if I like messy hoagies? And everyone sleeps with a teddy bear! UGH!" Chris complained constantly, then a producer came up from behind the couch.

"Dude, they want to know about the contestants!" the intern whispered.

"Ugh, fine. I'm getting paid extra for this." Chris whispered back.

"On it." The intern left.

"Ahem! Also last time on Total Drama Action, when Beth and Duncan tied, we had MADNESS! So many sub-challenges that ended in ties! But it all cleared up when I came around - I said, 'Hey, eliminated contestants, ask the final two questions and then you'll vote for a winner!' And it worked. Duncan emerged in a 5-4-1 vote with a million dollars! Now, I know what you're thinking, there can't be an extra vote. But Izzy voted for 'Explosivo.'" Chris went on. "But now! There's more than just a reunion! It's a trap-I mean, the best episode yet!" Chris sweated. "It's Total, Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Action!"

The theme song played.

"Welcome, cast members...well, former cast." Chris said. Geoff, Bridgette, Izzy, Trent, Gwen, DJ, Owen, Heather, Leshawna, Justin, Lindsay, Harold, Courtney, Beth and Duncan entered and sat in the VIP section and the couches, depending on how much room there was.

"Yo, Chris." DJ waved.

"Hey, Deej." Chris answered.

"Whoo!" Izzy said. "Nice to be back here! The couches are actually nice and stuff!"

"Agreed." Heather sat down.

"It's okay." Courtney cautiously sat down.

"Sit down, sit down, we've got a reunion to get over with." Chris told everyone to sit down.

"It might hurt my beautiful butt bones..." Justin complained.

"Shut up, boy, you ain't hot anymore anyway." Leshawna snapped.

"Why do I need to be here? I'm already a millionaire..." Duncan said.

"SIT! DOWN!" Chris scolded. Everyone did so immediately. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Gwen said sarcastically. Chris ignored this.

"Anyway, today, we have a reunion. We've gotten questions from the fans, and Chef is her to make sure you answer truthfully." Chris explained.

"Dude, there's always the 'Truth or' things we used on the aftermaths." Geoff recommended.

"Yeah, but Chef'll inflict more PAIN!" Chris said.

"Eeek!" DJ squealed.

"C'mon out, Chef! Let's get to Bridgette." Chris ordered Chef Hatchet to come out, to which he responded.

"Where's mah paycheck at? I will quit-again-if I ain't gettin' mah paycheck today!" Chef said.

"Man, I thought we were all good with this stuff..." Chris said to Chef.

"We are. I just need that overdue paycheck." Chef said.

"Fine." Chris took out his checkbook and wrote a check for one thousand dollars. He gave it to Chef. "This should keep you quiet for the next few seasons."

"Got it." Chef smiled.

"Okay, Bridgette, get over here!" The aftermath crowd cheered as Bridgette came and sat on the couch.

"Hey, Chris." Bridgette said in a vaguely bitter tone.

"Yo. So, on with the questions. Chef, get over here." Chris said, as Chef came over with an anvil to smash on Bridgette's head if she was wrong.

"Ack!" Bridgette looked at the anvil.

"On with the questioning," Chris said, "Bridgette, do you blame Geoff for getting you voted out?"

"Yeah, pretty much. But now we have all the time in the world to be together, so it's all cool." Bridgette gave a thumbs up to Geoff, who gave a thumbs-up back.

"Cool." Chris said. "Now..." Chris took out a dolphin hot dog. "Bridgette, would you eat this dolphin hot dog if I were to give you...five thousand dollars?"

"Totally!" Bridgette took a bite as the entire audience, even Chef, Chris, and the castmates, gasped.

"I never knew you were the type. Why didn't you eat it back on TDI?" Chris asked.

"Well, Chef's there, and he knows that I want it for the money, and I originally would have said no, but then I'd have a concussion by now." Bridgette explained.

"Oh." Chris blinked. "You can sit down. Next up is Geoff."

"Hey, Mclean Man! How goes it?" Geoff asked as he sat on the couch.

"Cool, Geoff. So, do you blame Bridgette for your elimination?" Chris asked.

"Who wouldn't? I'd probably have the cash right now instead of juvie freak if it wasn't for her make out mania!" Geoff admitted.

"Geoff! I'm hurt!" Bridgette came over, slapped Geoff but then proceeded to make out, and Bridgette dragged him back to their seat.

"That was...weird." Chris blinked. "Next up is...Explosivo!" The room was quiet. "Explosivo?" Chris looked around, and shrugged. "Mmkay. Onto Trent."

"Hey." Trent said bitterly.

"What's wrong, Trenty-boy?" Chris asked.

"Gwen won't get back together with me." Trent looked to the side.

"Oh, I'm sorry, is this a bad time?" Trent opened his mouth, but never got to speak. "Moving on! How was your short time trying your win the mil?"

"Weird." Trent responded. "Can I go now?"

"Sure, we don't have that much time anyway." Chris responded. "Man, I'm too nice today."

"I'm guessing I'm next." Gwen said.

"Nah, we're skipping you. You were boring, anyway." Chris smiled. "And DJ...we got all of you from the aftermaths...and Owen...? We need to have a talk with him! Give it up for Owen!"

"Aw, thanks, Chris! I love ya!" Everyone stared. "I mean, not in that type of way! Honest!" Owen said.

"That was awkward...anyway, how did you feel when you got fired?" Chris asked.

"Well...I mean, I didn't like doing that, but for the extra cash... I never got it." Owen said.

"Our contract stated that you had to win to get it, and then we'd reveal your position and give the runner-up the cash." Chris explained.

"Well, whatever! Ha ha! Listening to Courtney blab on and on was hi-larious!" Owen laughed.

"I know, right? Moving on." Chris said. "Not much to say about Heather, or Leshawna. We need the biggest controversies....which'll start with Justin!"

"Hey." Justin got up and walked to Chris.

"How's it going?" Chris asked.

"Waiting for the results about if I'm getting plastic surgery or not. I need to be beautiful again." Justin explained.

"Cool. How did it feel finding out that Courtney pretending to like you was all an act?" Chris asked.

"Made my heart break, man. She's still as hot as ever-" Justin got punched to the ground by Duncan.

"Oooh...moving on." Chris said, as an intern got Justin on a cot and dragged him away.

"My turn!" Lindsay said, walking to the couch.

"Okay! Lindsay! Whoo-hoo!" Chris said.

"Bring on the questions, Kyle!" Lindsay said.

"It's Chris, and how did voting yourself out feel?" Chris asked.

"Horrible! But now, I've got a whole bunch of friends! Even Cara!" Lindsay said.

"You're mistaken." Courtney remarked.

"Cool! Is that, like, steak mixed with bacon? Because they both rock!" Lindsay said. Courtney rolled her eyes.

"Moving on, and thank you, Lindsay." Chris tried to keep things moving. "Harold! Get out here!"

"Hello, Chris." Harold walked off of the couch.

"Hey, H-bomb." Chris said. "So what did it feel like to get voted out-especially when you lost to a traitor?"

"Dumb. Why was I voted out? The only vote I'd have gotten would be from Owen and maybe Courtney!" Harold explained.

"Wow. So, what did it feel like when your predictions were correct? That Owen really did backstab all of you?" Chris asked.

"It felt cool. I never knew that I'd be so precise." Harold said.

"Epic, man. But we're running out of time. Let's give it up for Beth!" Chris said.

"What about me?!" Courtney asked. Chris ignored this.

" did it feel to lose? How did it feel to be proved right about your boyfriend? And most importantly, how did you take it when the audience learned of the real you?" Chris asked.

"Answer number one?" Beth started. "I wish I had won, but now, I'm still happy as ever. Two - it felt epic. Everyone gawked over him! And I proved them all wrong! still stings."

"Okay." Chris said. "Onto our final interview, and our winner, DUNCAN!"

"Why am I here again?" Duncan got onto the couch.

"Because it said so in the fine print." Chris smirked.

"Whatever." Duncan said.

"This is the big one. How did you spend the moolah?" Chris asked.

"I spent one eighth of it getting out of prison, I spent some buying myself a car, and I still have the rest." Duncan explained.

"Nice. Well, that's almost all the time we have for today!" Chris said.

"Almost?" Gwen asked.

"Yep. Almost. We've got season three invitations to dish out!" Chris explained.

"SEASON THREE?!?!" All of the castmates gasped.

"That's right - it's Total Drama, the Musical." Chris explained.

"I'll never, ever sing." Gwen said.

"Tough luck, you're in it." Chris said. Then, an intern came and whispered into Chris's ear.

"Dude, the dancing piranha seniors band is booked for right now!" The intern whispered.

"And that's all the time we have for today! I'll e-mail you if you're in TDTM! See ya!" Chris picked up his suitcase.

"Talk about a party pooper..." Geoff grumbled.

"But I thought we'd do more interviews!" Beth complained.

"Finally..." Duncan left.

"You skipped me!" DJ, Heather, Leshawna, Gwen and Courtney said simultaneously.

"Who cares? My rental of this studio is over!" Chris said. He ran offstage.

"You're a good host, Chris. A really good one." Chef said, sarcastically.

"We second that." the entire cast and audience said in unison.

The End


It wasn't like most of the aftermaths. Trust me. Although it may seem like a rip-off. It's not.

Dark's Story

Will this show ever end!

4 years after TDtM.

"Hello and welcome back to Total Drama Reunion!" said Chris.

"Sir,It just started" said Intern number 1 (or Spense).

"SHUT UP SPENSE!" Chris yelled.

"Fine,"Spense said and mutters to self, "stupid job!"

Chris then walks on stage, "Hello and welcome to the TDR or TOTAL DRAMA REUNION!"

The audience cheered.

"I know, I know, you all love my beautiful face!" Chris said.

The audience went silence.

"Touche" Chris said.

"WHAT THE ****!" Irika(from Naruto) said.


"Sorry, remember half of this audience is anime characters......" Intern 2 says.

" we don't have much fans do we?" Chris said.


"Well uh, bring in Ezekiel!" Chris said.

Then Ezekiel comes out with girls booing.

"Uh, I don't want to come out anymore,eh." Ezekiel said.

"OH NO YOU DON'T" said Eva pushing him in the stage.

"Uh, hi I am renouncing my sexism,eh." Ezekiel said.

The girls stop booing.

"Why? That just made great TV!" Chris exclaimed.

"I don't know........I just hate everyone hating me for my mistakes!" Ezekiel said, "I mean everyone remotely forgives Heather, but not me? WHY!"

"Hm,you may have a point, but it's time for Noah!"

Noah walked out.

"This is a drag!" Noah said looking far more different.

"Why do you look like a goth ,eh?" said Ezekiel

"Things change,I changed now!" Noah exclaimed

"Sheesh,shut up Goth!" Chris said.

"Ugh, Life is mealiness!" Noah said.

"Emo......" Ezekiel said.


"They didn't come" Spense said.

".....OH GREAT!" Chris said.

"HEY!" Eva said walking out.

"Why are you here?" Chris said.


"That's because your body guard of the rich, Princess Lindsay!" Chris said.

"She's a princess now?" Ezekiel said.

"Sadly,yes." said Chris.

"Hmmmmm this is getting to long........" Chris said.

All the contestants appear from a broken curtain.

"SPENSE YOUR FIRED!" Chris said.

"THANK YOU,LORD!" Spense said while he walked out.

"He, n00b!" Duncan said.

"Well, this ended fast!" Chris said.

"WHAT?!" said the contestants.

"Guess what?" Chris said.

"What?" they all said.


"WILL THIS SHOW EVER END!" said the contestants.

(THE END sorry it's short tough (XD)

(I have to keep on saving because of virus)

GM's Story

Are We Leaving Yet?

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

The Unqualified's Side of the Story

It was the end of the TDA finale. Duncan won not only the million, but he won Courtney back too. Beth won Brady, and the qualified contestants had another good season, but Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Katie, Tyler, Cody, and Sadie had something else in mind after the show was over. They decided to talk.

"It sickens me that I didn't do crap this entire season!" Eva shouted angrily.

"I know, I had to put up with disgusting food, an annoying host, life-threatening challenges, and Owen's farts on Season 1, and they don't tell me I'm on Season 2 after all I did." Noah said, agreeing with Eva's statement.

"But you were only there for 4 episodes Noah, all the fangirls who loved me on Season 1 are breaking their TV's and hugging their Cody dolls with fury when they heard I didn't qualify for Season 2." Cody said to Noah and the others.

"Well, I heard that Chris is having a third season, and we all might have a shot at qualifying fr it, eh?" Ezekiel explained to the other rejected campers.

"No they won't, those producers will only qualify dudes like Owen, Duncan, Heather, or Gwen etc.," Tyler said, "It's kind of getting annoying that they prefer those contestants to us who were only on Season 1 and not even long for that matter!"

"To top it all off," Eva ranted, "Season 3 is a stupid musical! And they said that whoever sings is automatically out! I DON'T SING!!! Which means...I'LL GET OUT EARLY AGAIN!!!

"Who wants to sing stupid songs for an entire season?" Noah rhetorically asked the other rejected campers.

"WE DO!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Katie and Sadie squealed loudly.

"Wow; not only would I have to deal with crappy musical numbers, but these girls' constant squealing for an entire season. I wonder if any of us will make it." Noah proclaimed.

"I think some of us will; however, I heard 2 new contestants named Alejandro and Sierra will appear to shaken things up." Cody said.

"I think Alejandro has no originality at all. He's just Justin and Heather in a blender." Tyler said.

"You're just saying that, because he's going to flirt with Lindsay." Cody replied.

"True, but still." Tyler said back.

"I guess that's true, eh?" Ezekiel proclaimed.

"I know we're supposed to be all peppy and squealy Sadie, but I think none of the people who watch TDI or TDA even recognize." Katie told Sadie.

"What do you mean Katie?" Saide asked her BFFFL.

"Out of all 24 contestants, we've got to be the least known out of all of them. We didn't do much on TDI. We didn't appear on TDA. I don't even know if we're going to have any role in this musical season." Katie explained to Sadie.

"She has a point." Cody said.

"That is true, besides they screwed up a lot of their personalities on TDA." Noah told the other rejected campers.

"What do you mean, eh?" Ezekiel asked Noah.

"I mean that Trent was mentally insane." Noah answered. Everyone then jumped in and started listing everyone who lost their normal personalities.

"Gwen was a jerk when she broke up with Trent." Cody answered.

"Justin is evil, but then again, he didn't really have a personality on TDI, so I guess that one is an excuse." Tyler answered, but then thought to himself.

"LeShawna became a witch when she faked cried for the reward and I want to beat her up now!!!" Eva answered shouting.

"Courtney became a stuck-up, arrogant, bossy little putz who always has her "lawyers" do whatever the hell she wants them to do. She also hogs the invincibilty challenges and constantly shouts 'Yes' when winning. To sum it up, she's a crappy villain, and now a crappy contestant." Noah explained, leaving a quick state of shock on everyone's faces.

"Don't forget to mention they made Owen evil too." Tyler answered.

"Also, they made Geoff into a jerkface." Katie and Sadie answered simultaneously.

"They made Bridgette dumb; but I can care less, since I want to rip her face off!!!" Eva answered shouting again.

"And Duncan turned into a multiple personality disorder-ridden poseur." Noah answered.

"Also, Justin is evil, but that's an excuse because of his short time on TDI and lack of personality, but they turn him into a whiny prima donna later on." Cody explained.

"True, eh?" Ezekiel said.

"I'm getting bored, I just hope I make it to that stupid musical season, even if we have to sing." Noah said to the others.

The others simultaneously said, "We agree."

Everyone left the aftermath room with looks of satisfaction on their faces.


Turnertang's Story

The Final Aftermath Show

“Welcome to the final Total Drama Action Aftermath!” Bridgette announced as the audience exploded with applause.

“We have interviews with Duncan, Beth, Courtney, and Chef!” Geoff announced as the audience applauded, again.

“Let’s bring Courtney out!” Bridgette yelled as Courtney walked onto the stage.

“Boooooo!” screamed the audience.

“Yay!” yelled as a little boy in the audience.

“Get him!” yelled someone in the audience as everyone started chasing him.

“This is an outrage! I’m calling my lawyers about how everyone hates me!” Courtney announced as she took out her phone and dialed her lawyer’s number.

“While we wait for the crowd and Courtney to calm down let’s watch some “That’s Gotta Hurt!”” Geoff yelled as the T.V. played a bunch of clips of the contestants getting injured.

“Okay now that everything’s back to normal, let’s start that interview.” Bridgette said a couple minutes later as Courtney’s supporter was getting lifted onto an ambulance.

“Now Courtney, if you lie then this giant hot dog will fall on you.” Geoff announced as he pointed to the giant hot dog attached to a string.

“What happened to the hammer?” Courtney asked.

“We were looking for something new.” Geoff replied, “Now why do you think you got out.”

“I don’t know. I should’ve stayed in and won the million dollars but I guess Duncan will share some with me so it’s not that bad.” Courtney replied as the hot dog didn’t budge.

“If you won the money what would you spend it on?” Bridgette asked.

“I would spend it on better lawyers because my lawyers are really stupid!” Courtney screamed as the hot dog stayed still.

“Great interview but now it’s time for Beth’s interview.” Geoff said as two bodyguards threw Courtney off the stage.

“I’m suing for that!” Courtney yelled from offstage as Beth walked onto the stage.

“What’s up Beth?” Geoff asked as the audience applauded.

“I’m fine.” Beth replied as she took a seat.

“Now if you lie then your seat will eject and shoot you in the air.

“So how are you and Brady doing?” Bridgette asked.

“Great! He took me out to dinner yesterday!” Beth chirped as she took out the bill from her dinner.

“You kept the bill?’ Geoff asked.

“Yeah, I like to keep stuff from our dates.” Beth replied as she hugged the bill.

“Ummm… okay.” Geoff said as he made the crazy signal and pointed at Beth, “So are you upset that you lost the money?”

“I’m fine.” Beth replied as the chair ejected her into the ceiling, “Ouch.”

“Now let’s bring out Duncan.” Geoff said.

“What about we talk to fans of the show over a video link.” Bridgette suggested.

“We’ve gotten complaints about the people who we pick so we’re going to skip that.” Geoff said as Duncan walked onto the stage and the audience burst into applause.

“Let’s just get to the questions.” Duncan said.

“Okay, but if you lie then this giant wooden table will fall on you.” Geoff said as he pointed to the giant wooden table.

“What are you spending the money on?” Bridgette asked.

“I’m going to buy my prison and turn it into a baseball field.” Duncan replied as the table stood still.

“That’s interesting.” Geoff commented, “So are you giving some of the money to Courtney?”

“Defiantly not.” Duncan replied as the table fell but Duncan broke in half before it hit him.

“Okay…” Geoff said as he stared at the table, “Now we’re going outside to interview Chef.”

“So Chef how are you doing?” Bridgette asked as Chef got onto a bus.

“Horrible, maggot!” Chef yelled as he put the keys into the bus.

“So are you going to keep your job or are you going to work on the cruise ship?” Bridgette asked.

“Unfortunately, I’m staying with this show!” Chef yelled, “Now I need to drive the bus back to the contestant’s home.”

“Hey guys!” Owen yelled from the window as the bus started moving, “Bye guys!”

“That was the last Aftermath Show!” Geoff screamed, “Wait, that was are ride home!”

“Come back bus!” Bridgette screamed as they chased the bus as the camera shut off.

The End

Weblykinly's Story

The Last Aftermath (really)

Previously on TDA: The voted off contestants vote for the winner and Duncan wins, we also find out Brady is real! Now, that was a shocker no one saw coming! It's Chris McClean signing in saying that was not the last aftermath this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hello, welcome to the official last aftermath!" Bridgette says as the theme song goes off.

"This sure was a dramatic season! So, come on don't turn the channel because Duncan wasn't the winner," Geoff says with a gigantic, rigid smile stuck on his face.

"Yep, you heard us Duncan didn't win we thought that would be fair but everyone knows Beth has the least friends making it a popularity contest!" Bridgette says.

"Hey, I'm offended by that last sentence!" Beth says over at the eliminated players place.

"I'm pretty sure I deserve the million the most!" Duncan says as he starts to get angry.

"Let me explain! DJ was in an illegal alliance with Chef and Chef made you win some of the challenges. Which is unfair because you could've lost! So, you don't get a million instead you are a part of next season with 15 other campers here either on TDA or TDI we are calling it "Total Drama: The Musical," Geoff explains as Duncan glares at him.

"That is unfair, I won! And one question how are we going to find out who else is going to be in next season?" Duncan asked.

"I should be the one mad blaming the whole last season on me! I know I did something wrog but it wasn't that bad," DJ says.

"Geoff, let me explain this time. Now we are hosting a competition telling us why you will make the show more dramatic next season. Geoff and I will take a part in it too! The produces will tell us the results oh and 2 new people will be coming next season some of you are getting kinda boring," Bridgette explains as she ignores DJ.

"Fine. I get a free spot next season anyways," Duncan says while he tries to hide his anger.

Everyone got prepared for their speeches why they should be in next season and began telling them.

"We will go in order by what place you got in Total Drama Island! First up is Ezekiel," Geoff says.

Ezekiel's Dramatic Speech I think I'm smart and cool and funny, eh! Put me in next season and less sexist coments! I think I've learned my lesson, eh!

Eva's Dramatic Speech You are all ***holes! I deserve the million! I'm the best at everything, chumps!

Noah's Dramatic Speech I like shouldn't of been voted off too early! I don't know what I did wrong! Sure I didn't play Dodgeball that didn't give my team a right to vote me off. If I'm in next season my game will be tooken to the limit gotcha idiots.

Justin's Dramatic Speech If you look at me you have a reason!

Katie & Sadie's Dramatic Speech Were still BFFFL's! So, we could dominate next season if you put us in we are awesome!

Tyler's Dramatic Speech I'm a hot jock and Lindsay was looking for me last season and so was I. If you put me in I'll shut her up.

Cody's Dramatic Speech Girls think I'm hot, so yea drama right in that sentence I could be in a couple (*crosses fingers for Gwen*)

Beth's Dramatic Speech I don't want to be in next season actually! I'm afraid I'll fall under Justin's spell again and lose Brady for good. You don't know how mad he was when I was in love with Justin. He said it was like being in Boney Island but the Boney Island story takes too long to talk about. So, c'ya TV!

Courtney's Dramatic Speech If you don't put me in I will sew you just like last season but worse! My lawyer Michael is very capable of making this show go bankrupt for good!

Harold's Dramatic Speech I have some mad skills my brother Herman even thinks so! (Total Drama Reality reference) LeShawna is so hot. Wait what was the question?

Trent's Dramatic Speech I feel like I need to be in next season because my competition really went goodbye last season. So, pick me and restore my dignity!

Bridgette's Dramatic Speech The last 2 seasons I have either been eliminated because of making out and niceness. The first season my game was high but Duncan saw it in me and I was eliminated before I could've done anything else! This season I was so pathetic I don't like mentioning it. Next season I will really improve my game and show that I deserve the $1,000,000.00 the most. So, if you keep me in you'll get a tough competiter and a non-rulebreaker.

Lindsay's Dramatic Speech I love this show! Beth is like my BFFFL I'mso happy for her and Brady. They're such a good couple! Oh, Chris did you say something to me.

The cameras are all pointed at Chris as he rolls his eyes and looks very dissapointed at the small speeches that don't help him and the produces pick the new contestants.

"You know what! I'm skiping the next few contestants because I've already figured out my cast! Oh, and those sucky speeches sucked on ice and aren't based on why I'm picking you," Chris says.

"I worked so hard on my speech! I don't think it could've been better," Bridgette says dissaprovingly.

Chris looks like he's in a daze but then gets back on topic.

"Quit your blabbering your in next season anyways," While Chris was announcing this he was interrupted by a scream of joy by Bridgette. "OK! The cast of next season is Owen, Izzy, Duncan, Courtney, Bridgette, Gwen, Cody, Harold, Noah, Lindsay, DJ , Heather, LeShawna, and Tyler and our two new characters Alejandro & Sierra," Chris says this while the crowd is sceaming.

Trent, Geoff, Justin, Eva, Katie, Sadie and Ezekiel all glared at Chris angrily.

"Well, that wraps up our exciting season tune in for next season Total Drama: The Musical. Oh, and remember root for me," Bridgette says as she wraps up the very last episode of Total Drama ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End!

Jason's Story

The End of Total Drama...

"Well, after I won one million dollars," Beth stated in her interview with Total Drama Pictures Inc. "I was very excited."

"And how did you feel you answered the questions that the eliminee's asked?" The interviewer asked.

"I think I did great with them. I'm glad I didn't have to answer Courtney's question. She'd probally ask really hard questions, knowing her." She replied.

"Good, good," The reporter said. "This concludes my interview with Beth from Total Drama Action." She finalized.

"And...cut!" The director requested. "Let's wrap it up people." Another off-screen person said.

Soon, the back-drop was moving, the interviewer stood up and streched and the directors were directing staff around.

Everything just seems a bit too...crazy. After I won Total Drama Action, my life got hectic.

Later, Beth is shown talking on the phone in her night gown. "Aw, baby." Beth said. "You don't really have to," Beth flirted.

A voice was heard though the phone, but it couldn't be comprehended.

"Well, I'm gonna go, okay, baby?" Beth told him, seductively. "Okay, night." A voice said.

"Night." "Night." Beth hung up, then placed the phone on the charger.

"Hm." She pondered, as if she was thinking hard. "No, no, no." She reassured herself.

Then she rested her elbow on the desk and put he knuckle underneath her chin.

After a few miniutes of thinking, she logged on to her email account to be in awe about how many emails she got. She scrolled down the list. One that caught her eye, was a email that said "Beth, I missed you so, so, so, so, much! ♥,". Because of that heart, she knew it was Lindsay.

She hastily clicked on the title. "Hey, Beth, I hope all of this "fame," doesn't go to you're head! Jk, Luv ya, miss you!" The message read. The message put a smile on Beth's face. Her eyes beamed with joy.

Momments later, her mobile phone rang. The melody of Britney Spears' "3" came from the phone. She picked it up and answered.

"Hey, who is this?" Beth investigated. "Yo, Beth. Were havin' a Total Drama :Totally Dramatic Reunion." Chris said.

"Really? I guess I'll show up." Beth complied. "See ya tomarrow...dude!" Chris said.

"I'm am not a dude!" Beth waited for a responce. She was greeted with a ear-piercing beeping noise.

"Well, Looks like I'm busy tomarrow." Beth says. She turns her light off, turns her computer off and tucks herself into bed. Soon, she drifted to sleep.

"Morning," A voice was heard. "Huh?" Beth wondered. "It's Brady," He said, then he kissed her cheek.

"Brady!" She bursted out of bed and hugged him. "You ready for the reunion?" He asked. "No, I'm not even dressed."

"Then whatya doing, silly?" Brady said. He stolled out of the room and closed the door.

Twenty minutes passed, and Beth was done and ready for the reunion. Beth walked out of her room in 3 inch high heels, a red mini-dress, and her hair let down, and curly. "You look simpily amazing," Brady commented.

"Thanks," Beth said. Brady took Beth's hand and walked he down the stairs.

"Aw, she looks beautiful!" Beth's hysterical mother said. "Brady, you're a lucky man." Beth's father said. Brady gave a smirk at her dad and mom.

"Good luck, we'll be watching you on television!" Beth's mom said, as Beth walked out the door.

"I'm taking you to lunch, today." Brady said, opening the car door. "Yeah, you told me on the phone." Beth tells him.

"Oh, I didn't know...I was to busy thinking of you," He looked up at he with a big grin, then sat in the car. Beth did the same thing.

Soon, Beth and Brady walked into the Café.

I noticed that everyone was wearing casual clothes...and I was in this mini-dress, all prettied up. You know how awkward that feels?

Beth's heels made a clacking noise every time she steped, attracting wandering eyes and ears. The couple took seats at the far courner. "Yeah I would like to order a salad, thanks." Beth said sweetly.

"Same here, just with chicken." Brady said. "You mean a Caesar Salad?" The hormone-filled teenager said. "Yeah, I mean that." Brady complied.

The waiter walked away and Brady started talking about him.

"Did you see his pimples! It was really gross!" He said, quietly. Beth giggled.

Ten minutes later, the teenager came back.

"Here's your food, sir." His voice cracked when he said 'food'. "Thanks, Brady said, grabbing both of the Entrée's. He placed Beth's in front of her, and his, in front of him.

They started to chow down on thier food. "I'm so excited to see everyone again." Beth said, poking her last tomato on her plate, with a spork.

"Yeah, me too." Brady agreed.

2 Hours later, they arrived at the taping for the reunion.

"Welcome to the reunion!" Chris welcomed. "All twenty-two campers are here from season one."

The camera pans out and twenty two campers are seen sitting in which order they were eliminated, begining with campers who didn't make it to season two. Going down the row, it was, Ezekiel, Eva, Katie, Tyler, Noah, Cody, Sadie, Geoff, Bridgette, Trent, Gwen, DJ, Izzy, LeShawna, Justin, Lindsay, Harold, Courtney, Owen and Duncan.

"Welcome our winner of season two, Beth and her boyfriend Beth!" Chris said. The former-campers clapped.

Beth walked out, waving her hand, while Brady held the other. They sat on the couch, hand and hand.

"So, What did you do with the million?" Chris asked Beth. "Well, I spent it on my hair and make-up and-" Before she could finish, Chris cut in. "See you next season on Total Drama the Muuuuuusical!" Chris said.

The screen goes dark. and the tv screen read "Fin."


NIzzy's Story

TDA Aftermath, Aftermath

"Two brave finalists fought it out for the million, with only one winner, Duncan! Now 15 contestants from TDA will tell us what really happened on set! Oh I love me some drama, you can only find this on TDA Aftermath, Aftermath!" Chris announced.

"Why am I here? I already won and I don’t want to go through another hour with these losers." Duncan said. Courtney scoffed and glared at Duncan with an annoyed look on her face. "Oh, sorry what I meant to say was I already won and I don’t want to go through another hour with these losers...And Courtney." He said and smiled. Courtney folded her arms and looked away.

"Okay guys I’m not getting paid to sit around and do nothing while you take jabs at each other... So let’s bring our first victim up, Geoff!" Chris exclaimed.

"Okay Chris why am I being interviewed? I’M meant to be the host!" Geoff said in an angry tone. Bridgette scowled at him. "Uh...I mean, me and Bridg are meant to host..." He said apologetically.

"Shut up, this is my job. Okay Geoff during TDA Aftermaths you and Bridgette have had some relationship problems, do you think this was your fault?" Chris said and smiled evilly. The audience gasped and Bridgette blushed a little. Geoff stared at the floor in silence.

"You’ll have to answer or you won’t win the million..." Chris said. The contestants gasped in shock.

"You mean whoever answers the most questions wins a million dollars?!" Heather shouted.

"Move it!" Courtney shouted as she jumped up from the audience and made her way towards the sofa.

"Courtney, I didn’t call you up and-!" Chris was interrupted by Courtney.

"I’m winning that million, I promise you that!" She said.

"Okay? Courtney, you and Duncan broke up in Top Dog, do you think you were too much of a rampaging, psychotic, over-obsessive, competitive girlfriend and do you think that’s why Duncan voted you off?" Chris asked. Courtney growled a little and folded her arms.

"Does it matter? Me and Duncan are back together now." She said.

"Yeah, yeah, Whatever, I want to know and so do our views, right?" He said as he turned towards the audience. Courtney scowled at them and the audience fell silent. "I’ll take that as a yes. Answer the question, Courtney." He said. Courtney sighed.

"I guess... I was a little competitive..." She said.

"And...?" Chris said.

"Well... I could have been...A little nicer... Duncan was... Probably right..." She said, glancing at Duncan and the others.

"Okay, that’ll do for me, next up is Lindsay!" Chris exclaimed. Lindsay jumped up from the audience.

"EEEEEEEEEEEE!" She squealed as she made her way to the sofa.

"Okay, Linds. Before we start, you do realize that Tyler was never in TDA, right?" Chris asked.

"Oh my, is Taylor here?" She asked as she scanned the studio, looking for Tyler.

"No, Lindsidiot!" Heather scolded.

"Uh-huh, Lindsay your question is... During your time on TDA, who did you hate the most?" Chris said and smiled.

"Umm...Well Heather and I are, like, enemies and Courtney wasn’t nice to me at all..." She said.

"Okay then, I guess were done, these lucky 15 contestants have qualified to be in our next season Total Drama, the Musical!" Chris exclaimed.

"What?! We have to do another season!" Gwen shouted.

"Hey what about the million you were gonna give us and I didn’t even get a go to be asked!" Heather complained.

"Uh...Yeah about that...Me and the producers decided instead of giving away a million dollars in one special we’ll stretch you guys to do another season. You know, for more drama!" Chris said.

"What?! When my lawyers get-!" Courtney was muted in the press of a button on Chris’ remote that controlled the crew’s equipment.

"Be sure to tune in on the next season, TOTAL DRAMA, THE MUSICAL!" He exclaimed.


Shane's Story

The Last Episode of TDA, or is It?

Chris appears on a stage, the stage is dark. All of a sudden, the lights come on to reveal that the twenty two original contestants are there.

Chris says, “Welcome, to the Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action Reunion!”

“Like anyone would wanna watch this show.” Noah says. Everyone laughs at Noah’s comment.

“NOAH! Seriously?” Chris angrily asks.

“Yep.” Noah says.

“Moving on. Anyway, we have called all of you back because we have, a reunion!”

“As if that wasn’t obvious.” Noah smirks

“Okay, I’m this close to throwing you out of here!” Chris shouts.

“Fine, fine. I’ll shut up.” Noah says.

“Thank you, anyway, it’s been one day since TDA and our fans have sent in some questions that I think that you all should answer. Let’s start with Home-School. So, Ezekiel, have you always been homeschooled?” Chris asks.

“Well, Chris, yeah. I really don’t see what the big deal is, eh. I mean, I learned what I learned. Only I did it at home. What’s the difference?” Ezekiel says.

“Um, yeah, it is. When Chris asked you on the first day, what’s up, you actually pointed to the sky.” Gwen says.

“Well, um, I uh, I didn’t know any better.” Ezekiel defends.

“Right…..” Gwen says.

“So Ezekiel, how did it feel to be the first one out of TDI?” Chris asks.

“It just plain hurt, eh. I mean, if I offended you girls, why didn’t you say something?” Ezekiel asks.

“Moving on! Why do you wear such warm clothing in summer?” Chris asks.

“Well, it’s cold where I live.” Ezekiel answers.

“Wow. What are you, an Eskimo?” Chris sarcastically asks.

“Nope, I’m a Canadian.” Ezekiel answers, oblivious to the sarcasm.

“Whatever, Eva! We have quite a few questions for you. How many hours a day do you work out?” Chris asks.

“I work five hours a day.” Eva says. Many of the audience clap for her.

“Wow, anyway, if you could change one thing that you did on the show, what would it be?” Chris asks.

“Probably over reacting at Heather stealing my MP3 player, that alone got me eliminated.” Eva answers.

“That’s a given” Chris says. Anyway, another question, “Have you ever been compared to the Female Hulk?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Eva asks angrily. She punches one fist into another in annoyance.

“Um, uh, nothing. Absofrickenlutely nothing.” Chris says. “I think we better get to our next person before my beautiful face is ruined.” Chris walks over to Noah. “So Noah, what’s life like with eight other older, stronger, better looking brothers and sisters?”

“Wow, real deep man, real deep.” Noah says. “Anyway, to answer your question, it’s difficult. Eight others, so much stronger than you fighting for everything, heck, I barely got anything when I was little because I was weak. I developed my sarcasm and well, I got stuff in return. I was able to hurt my older siblings and actually get some food.”

“You didn’t get any food?” Eva asks surprised.

“Not much of it. But when I talked them down, I got a lot more, so I thought that if I was always sarcastic, I could get what I wanted. I was wrong, so very wrong.” Noah says. A few tears fall from his eyes.

“It’s alright, buddy.” Eva says, she places her hand on his shoulders and Noah smiles.

“Thanks Eva, you know, you you’re my first friend I’ve made in a while.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Wait a second!” Courtney says, “Didn’t you have a friend named Joey?”

“Um, well, I paid the kid to be my friend for the video.” Noah admits.

“MOVING ON!” Chris says. Noah looks angry as Chris moves on to Katie. “So, Katie, why are you and Sadie half a friendship?”

“We’re people!” Katie yells defensively.

“Right, you two couldn’t last a day without each other.” Noah smirks.

“OMG, you did NOT just go there!” Katie yells.

“What if I did, Dolphin Girl?” Noah retorts. Katie is about to say something, then she sits down, fighting to hold back tears.

“Well, the reason is… When Sadie came, I had no friends. When she came, we were mortal enemies. If you knew us six years ago, you would not think that we’d be BFFs.”

“Wow! I had no idea.” Courtney says.

“Whatever, like you’d know Miss, Oh I Have To Do Everything! You’ve always been popular, pretty, bossy, mean and overall an unlikable *****!”

“A few tears fall from Courtney’s face. “Like I haven’t heard those words before.” She says silently to herself.

“Lay off the girl, Will ya?” Leshawna asks.

“Whatevuh. Anyway, can we please get down soon! I wanna go home!” Katie whines.

“In an hour, for some…..” Chris says sneakily. “Anyway, Tyler, why do you believe you’re so awesome at sports?”

“What? I’m the man at sports dude!” Tyler says, a sea of, “In your dreams,” and, “Yeah, right, whatever.” are heard.

“Anyway, why are you afraid of chickens?”

“Oh crap, I knew I’d have to say this. Anyway, one day, my mom was making me chicken, when she served it, I ate some of it. All of a sudden, I realized it tasted funny when I found out, IT WAS RAW!” Tyler runs back stage and pukes in a bucket when he says those words.

“That’s totally gross!” Heather says.

“You said it.” Beth agrees.


“Queen of Mean.”

“GIRLS!” Chris says. Both Heather and Beth stop talking and look surprised. “That’s better, anyway, let’s move on to Cody before I start blowing chunks.”

“Oh yeah, that’s like, totally bad for your teeth.” Lindsay says. Everyone looks surprised at Lindsay’s sentence.

“Lindsiot actually got it right?” Heather asks.

“Maybe she does got some brain cells.” Leshawna says.

“I SAID MOVING ON TO CODY!” Chris yells.

“Dude, you know you don’t have to shout.” Duncan says.

“If you all stop interrupting, we could hurry this up and some of you will be going home!”

“Some?” Gwen asks.

“I’ll explain later. Anywho, Cody, we got some fans asking us, why do you think you can score a hot girl? And do you have the hots for Beth?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course I can score a hot gal. I mean, I’m the hottest guy here!” There are a lot of snickers heard from the girls and Owen. “What? Anyway, about, Beth, we’re just friends.”

“Right. Anywho, a lot of girls seem to love you. In fact, one drew you and posted it on the internet.” Chris says, he shows Cody the picture.

“Wow, I’m even hotter than I realize.” Cody remarks.

“Anyway…” Chris says weirded out. “Sadie, how did you feel about having to go five episodes without Katie?”

“It had difficult but, I managed. I met some great girls like Bridgette and Leshawna.” Sadie says.

“How did you feel about Courtney getting you eliminated?”

“I was at first enraged but, I let it go. Mainly since she got eliminated right after me, we became great friends but after her performance in TDA, well, our friendship is toast!” Sadie yells.

“Wow, wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that remark! Haha!” Chris laughs. “Anyway, how did you feel about Justin deserting you in the million dollar case special?”

“Oh my gosh! Me and Katie now hate him! Despite his hot bod, we realized that he was a total jerk face!”

“Wow, am I really that mean?” Justin asks.

“YES! You practically used my love for you to get further in the game!” Beth says.

“Excuse moi?” A voice says.

“BRADY! Hey sweetie! And um, I’m guessing you heard that. Didn’t you?” Beth laughs nervously.

“Um, heck yeah. But, I’ll forgive you if you give me a little love on my cheek.” Brady says as he points to his cheek.

“I’ll do one better!” Beth then starts to make out with him. Everyone is disgusted by their kissing. Chris signals to an intern and the intern pulls a rope that releases a trap door right under Beth and Brady. Beth and Brady don’t notice it and they fall down. The door closes but their kissing could still be heard.

“Anyway,” Chris says before he is cut off by kissing noises. “GEOFF! BRIDGETTE! Please stop with the making out!”

“But, that isn’t us.” Bridgette says as she points to Beth and Brady making out.

“How did you two get back up here?”

“There was a sign that said, ‘Stairs’ in bright lights.” Brady answers. He and Beth continue making out.

“Who’s bright idea was it to put a big neon sign down there?” Chris asks. All of the intern point at him. “Oh yeah, sorry guys. Anyway, Geoff, why did you and Bridgette make out so much?”

“Hey, what can I say? We’re in love.” Geoff answers.

“That’s for sure.” Bridgette answers.

“So, Bridgette, how did you and Geoff manage to stay together when Geoff was a jerk?”

“Well, I just knew that the real Geoff was in that pile of Chris somewhere.” Bridgette answers.

“Thanks, I guess.” Chris says.

“That wasn’t supposed to be a compliment.” Bridgette says.

“Okay……… This is a question for both Geoff and Bridgette. How did it feel to be the first ones out of TDA?

“It did hurt, but we had each other.” Geoff says.

“Yep, he just said it.” Bridgette says.

“Why aren’t you two making out?” Chris asks.

“Well, we decided to refrain from making out for a while. I mean, we lost out on a million bucks because of kissing!” Bridgette explains.

“Oh, not with the money.” Geoff says.

“Oh, it’s my fault we were eliminated! You liked me first!”

“Hey, I can just as easily un-like you! We’re breaking up!”

“Oh, that’s just great! I think we need a break!”

“Okay, as much as I hate to disrupt this ratings boosting, uh, I mean, happy moment. We need to move on. Izzy-“ Chris starts.

“IT’S E-SAY!” Izzy corrects.

“Okay, E-Say, what did you see in Owen?”

“Well, he’s funny, totally adorable, and he makes a great snacking parner, even if he did eat everything.” “E-Say” says.

“Okay, um. Yeah.” Chris says.

“OH! OH!” “E-Say” interrupts. “Anyone wanna see me roll my eyes to the back of my head?” Izzy doesn’t wait for an answer as she rolls her eyes to the back of her head. “Wow! It’s really dark in here!”

“Really? WOW!” Owen says.

“Yeah…. Anyway, Trent, why the freaken’ heck did you go crazy!?!” Chris asks.

“Um, well, I saw that she was loving Duncan so I wanted to get her attention again. I did because, I love her.” Trent confesses.

“AW! Thanks Trent!” Gwen says.

“Right, right, who cares, you have so many fan letters from girls! You have the pick of the litter!” Chris says.

“But, there’s only one girl for me.” Trent says. He hugs Gwen and Gwen smiles.

“So, are we cool?” Gwen asks.

“Yeah, we’re cool.” Trent says, the crowd cheers and Trent waves while Gwen just giggles and laughs.

“Alright, we’re done with you, Trent. Gwen! Are you really goth? You don’t act gothic.” Chris asks.

“Well, um, uh, well, I ah,” Gwen tries to find an answer but can’t find one.

“Out with it!” Chris orders.

“I’m not goth. I just did so I wouldn’t get sucked into something or get attached to something or someone in hopes they’d vote me out first. But, I was runner up in the first season so I decided to be myself and I didn’t get that far.”

“So I called you weird goth girl for nothing?” Heather asks.

“Um, yeah….” Gwen says.

“Eh, I already knew. You told me in that one episode where a coconut is eliminated.”

“Oh yeah.” Gwen says.

“Well that was interesting. Anywho, do you really have two lizards?” Chris asks.

“Yeah! I love reptiles!” Gwen says.

“That’s a surprise. Anyway, DJ, how do you feel about your illegal alliance with Chef?” Chris asks.

“I hate it! I really wish that I never accepted. However, I still have my dignity!” DJ says.

“We also have your mother here live!” Chris says. A screen suddenly appears and DJ’s mother appears on the screen.

“Hello? Hello?” DJ’s mother asks. “Is this thing on?”

“Yes, momma! Yes it is!” DJ yells.

“Devon Joseph! Poopydoo!” DJ’s mother says.

“Momma! Momma! I miss you so much! I can’t wait to go home and see you!”

“I can’t wait to see you too! I also wanna say that although you didn’t win, I just wanna let you that I love you and that I’m so proud of you!” Courtney begins to fidget in her seat.

“Momma, I’m glad I didn’t let you down!”

“And I proud of you for that! I love you!”

“I love you too momma!” DJ says. The screen turns off and Courtney has some tears in her eyes. Some tears fall from her face. No one notices, though.

“Alright! Let’s get on to Owen. Owen, how much do you weigh now?” Chris asks.

“I now weigh 290 pounds!” Owen proudly announces.

“You weighed 296 the episode that Izzy was eliminated again.” Heather reminds.

“You only lost six measly pounds!” Duncan yells.

“At least I lost weigh!” Owen points out.

“That is true.” Geoff says.

“Owen, are you disappointed that although you won TDI, you got no money?”

“A little, but hey! I won a season! How many people do you know can saw that?” Owen says.

“I can!” Beth says.

“Alright!” Owen exclaims while high-fiving Beth.

“Okay! Enough with the mushy stuff! Heather, are you really that mean?”

“Um, well. Not exactly, I guess. I came here only to win. I didn’t care about friends. But then, at my elimination, I found out that Leshawna’s a great friend.”

“AW! Thanks girl! But if you even think about scheming, I’ll whoop your butt.” Leshawna says.

“Okay…….Whatever. Anyway, anything else you want to ask me?” Heather asks.

“Yeah, your little brother, Damien, told us that you were once fat and pimply. Were you ever like that?” Chris asks. Heather has a look of shock on her face.

“Yes….I CAN’T BELIEVE HE TOLD YOU THAT! I worked my butt off to get to where I am now.” Heather exclaims. She begins crying and Leshawna puts her hand on her shoulders.

“It’s alright, let it out girl, let it out.” Leshawna says.

“You are such a great friend.” Heather says through tears.

“Anyway, do you regret anything that you did on the show?” Chris asks.

“Yeah, letting Chef shave my head!” Heather yells.

“Okay, moving on. Leshawna, do you think that Heather’s really a true friend.” Chris asks.

“Well, I guess. She defended me but she could still be playing a trick on me.” Leshawna says.

“Oh, Leshawna, you know we’re total BFFs!” Heather says. She rolls her eyes but no ones notices.

“Anyway, do you and Harold have any chance?” Chris asks.

“YES!” Harold yells.

“Oh sweetie, you know you’re my Captain Alberta. But it’ll never work out.” Leshawna says.

“Darn it.” Harold mutters under his breath.

“Anyway, what do you think about Gwen, now? Same question goes to you too Bridgette.” Chris says.

“We’re friends again.” Leshawna says.

“Same here, we’ve made up.” Bridgette says.

“Alright! Justin, how the heck did you think you could win by using your looks?” Chris says.

“Well, I thought that I could win by using the girl’s attraction to me to my advantage. However, Courtney had to come back and she ruined everything!” Justin yells.

“Wow, anyway, what do you think about Beth’s win?” Chris asks.

“How the heck did an ugly girl win TDA? That’s my thoughts.” Justin says, Beth begins to cry and Brady comes over to Justin and beats him up.

“Thanks Brady.” Beth says.

“You’re welcome sweetie-poo-poo.” Brady says. Beth and Brady hug and the audience AWs!

“WHAT WAS THAT FOR? Now I’ll never model again!” Justin yells.

“Like we care, anyway, how did you feel about Lindsay and Beth betraying you?” Chris says.

“It hurt. I mean, I thought that we really had something.” Justin says.

“Like you ever cared!” Lindsay yells.

“Wow, when did you get so smart?” Justin asks.

“I was always smart.” Lindsay answers. The audience and the former contestants all laugh at her, including Beth. “Beth!?!” Lindsay asks hurt.

“Sorry, Lindsay, it’s just hard to see you smart!” Beth laughs.

“Well, looks like I win that bet.” Chris says. Lindsay reluctantly gives Chris five dollars.

“What the heck?” Heather asks surprised.

“Chris and I had bet. You see, I only acted dumb so you guys wouldn’t see me as a threat. I thought I could win if no one thought of me as a threat.” Lindsay explains.

“Wow, I never knew.” Beth says.

“No one did. That’s what made it so much fun!” Lindsay says.

“Anyway, Lindsay, are you really a blond?” Chris asks.

“No, I’m a brunette.” Lindsay answers.

“Oh, well, next question. Did you ever find Tyler?” Chris asks.

“Of course! Tyler’s right here!” Lindsay answers as she hugs Tyler who is sitting right next to her.

“Wow, anyway, what was your favorite thing in TDI or TDA?” Chris asks.

“Oh, that’s an easy one. It’s definitely cussing Heather in front of her face.” Lindsay answers.

“Yeah, all those words you said are STILL ringing in my head!” Heather yells.

“Anyway, moving on to Harold, Harold, why do you have such a high opinion of yourself?” Chris asks.

“Well, I’m a stud! Duh!” Harold answers.

“Uh huh, anyway….. Do you really have any mad skills?” Chris asks.

“Of course!” Harold says. “I can jiggle cards with my butt!” Harold says as he demonstrates.

“Um, Harold, not that I don’t like your butt in my face but, CAN YOU GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF MY FACE?” Courtney asks.

“Alright, we’re done with you Harold, Courtney, I noticed you crying when DJ’s Mother came on the screen. What’s wrong?” Chris asks.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I never heard the phrase, ‘I love you.’” Courtney admits. “They only even showed me the tiniest amount of affection whenever I did something right. Like if I got good grades, they’d love me. But if I got a B plus, they wouldn’t even talk to me.” Courtney admits.

“Wow, that’s difficult, never receiving any affection from your parents if you do something a little not perfect.” Leshawna says.

“My older sister helped me, though. She’s awesome. She said by my side the entire time.” Courtney says.

“Okay, how do we know you’re not lying?” Justin asks.

“Would I lie about something like that?” Courtney asks.

“You lied about your feelings for me!” Justin yells.

“You did the exact same thing to Lindsay and Beth!” Courtney yells.

“She does have a point.” Beth comments.

“She’s right on that point.” Lindsay says.

“Alright, we have one more question for you. Why were you so mean?” Chris asks.

“I’m not mean! At least, not in the real world, you’ve seen reality shows! So many times people who are nice in the real world, are mean in the show because they want to win. Same here, you saw me in the first episode in TDI. I was nice, then, the game settled in.” Courtney sadly admits. “I’m sorry to everyone who I’ve hurt. Especially you Dunky.” Courtney says.

Everyone but Courtney says, “It’s aright.”

“Well, after that, let’s go to Duncan. Duncan, how much did it hurt to lose a million bucks?” Chris asks.

“Let me tell you, it hurt. Getting to the final four two times and still losing it!” Duncan yells.

“Well, anyway, what would you have done with the money?” Chris asks.

“Get out of juvie, which, conveniently, is exactly one million dollars.” Duncan says.

“Speaking of juvie, what did you do to get into juvie?” Chris asks.

“Ugh, note to self: Never talk about juvie in front of horrible reality show host. Anyway, I guess it’s time I told you all. You see, some of my friends and I were planning on vandalizing some random music store. We had on the cool black outfits and those black masks on our heads. We had done everything, and there were no cameras, so I took off my mask but there was a hidden camera, in other words, in a Celine Dion music store standee. So because of my stupid move, I was the only one caught.” Duncan admits.

“Wow, anyway. Now, the winner of Total Drama Action will now be interviewed by the greatest host of all time! ME!” Chris yells.

“Um, Chris, I’m over here.” Beth says. Chris turns around.

“Well, now for some questions, have you ever considered getting a make-over?” Chris asks.

“I-I got a make-over right before the reunion.” Beth says. She begins to vry but Brady comforts her.

“It’s alright, babe. You’re the hottest girl in the world to me.”

“Thanks Brady!” Beth says. They hug.

“Alright, now, BACK TO THE GORGEOUS HOST! Anyway, what will you do with the money?” Chris asks.

“Well, I’m thinking about putting it all into savings for college.” Beth says.

“What moment in TDI or TDA would you take back?” Chris asks.

“Oh, it would so be distracting Lindsay from voting off Courtney.” Beth says. Courtney looks like she’s about to cry. “This is before, you know, we made-up.”

“Well, that’s all the questions! Now, I have a surprise! We have a third season! Total Drama: the Musical!” Chris announces.

“Oh no, heck no! I am not doing another season!” Leshawna yells.

“I’m with you Leshawna!” Gwen says.

“But your contract says that if I want to have a another season, you guys will be in any season I want!” Chris says. “Anyway, meet two new contestants! Sierra and Alejandro!”

“OH MY GOD! CODY!” Sierra yells. Sierra hugs Cody tightly.

“You’re….Chocking….Me.” Cody says.

“Oh my goodness, you’re so hot Alejandro!” Saide exclaims.

“Yeah, so much hotter than Justin.” Katie comments.

“Um, okay.” Alejandro says.

Justin walks up near him and whispers, “Easy bait.”

“Hello, Kara and Sally.” Alejandro says.

“Um, it’s Katie and Sadie.” Katie corrects.

“Yeah, who cares. You girls wanna go out?”

“OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! YES!” Katie and Sadie yell while jumping up and down.

“Alright, when I call your name, you are in Total Drama: the Musical! Alright, so. Alejandro and Sierra are obvious. Courtney, Duncan, Lindsay, Tyler, Bridgette, Cody.” Sierra squeals when Cody’s name is called. Cody looks frightened. “Izzy, DJ, Heather, Harold, Leshawna, Owen, Gwen, and Noah will all be competing. Now the ones who I didn’t call out, you can go home.” Chris says.

“Kristen and Sonja, we’re done.” Alejandro says, he walks away and Katie and Sadie begin to cry.

“Now, see you next time, on Total Drama: the Musical!” Chris says.


Tye's Story

Week Nine Stories

COKEMAN11's Character

Giles, labeled The Nice, Mildly Punk Guy, auditioned for Season Five of Total Drama and is waiting for the results. He is 16 years old.

Background and Reason for Joining Total Drama:

As a child, Giles was very smart. He studied the material he had to learn, even in Kindergarten. He was nice to everyone he knew, and read in his spare time. In the third grade, he was a good musician. In the fourth grade, he was an excellent singer. In fifth grade, he wrote his own songs. But in seventh grade, his friends changed to "bad boys." Giles had a rapid decrease in popularity and even friends. Before he went in to high school (which he claimed as "starting a new life"), he got his ears pierced and got a denim jacket. He never buttoned it up, and started mildly misbehaving in his life. He auditioned for Total Drama to see if the rest of the world demanded the changes he went through.


Giles is still smart, he's just...different from before. He's nice, just not to everyone. There are some people that's he's nice to one day, and constantly insults the next. He enjoys sports, but it actually bad at them. Basically, he's a minor punk wannabe. But if you're on his good side, he'll be nice to you.

Audition Tape:

"Hello." Giles had a zoom in on his face. "The Giles." There was a zoom-out to reveal him in a garage with a drumset in the background. He was leaning on a guitar. "I could be considered a bad boy if you think of it the right way. Piercings and all. But I'm pretty nice...unless you're on my bad side. I'd like to join this 'Total Drama' show for one sole reason; I want to see how the world changes when you get into seventh grade. And I need new friends..." Giles rolled his eyes, but he fell over. His guitar broke in half. "Aw, crap! The band'll make me pay for this!" Giles ran up to the camera. "I never did this audition!" He broke the lens, and turned the camera off.

Darkdonpatch's Character

L.D- "The Trustworthy Drawer" of the group.He is auditioning for the 6th season.He real name is L Dundas.


L.D was always treated weirdly.His parent's never acknowledged him.He always tried to win something, or become famous....but he was always ignored.So he took art class ,and made the biggest,best art piece in the entire town!His parents didn't care, though. His Father wants him to do sports, while his mom wants him to do chores. He then become a goth and his parents abandon him.He then stopped being goth after a while,though.He join Total Drama Blowout to win his own house.


At the orphanage and kid was drawing then looks at the camera.

"Hi my name is L.D," he said.

"Okay,why do you think you shout join this show?" the Camera person says.

"Well, I think I can get a house if I win!" L.D exclaims.

" that all?" the camera man says.

"Um, yeah" L.D says.

"That was quick," The camera man says and walks away.


Well L.D is homeless, except for the orphanage, he has no place to go.So he joins to get the money to buy a home for him ,and a few friends


L.D isn't the type that let's you do all the work.Neither he is the type that will stab you in the back either. He keeps his word about everything.He sometimes doesn't care what people do unless if it's part of the team, he is only oblivious to everything around him, when he is drawing


  • Trustworthy
  • Helpful
  • Does challenges
  • Friendly


  • Oblivious to everything around him when Drawing
  • Doesn't care much
  • Hates lying

GM's Character

Daris, or The Weird Prone is a six-teen year old boy and watches the Total Drama series everyday, and now auditioned for the ninth season.

About him and reason to join

Daris was a goth at a point in his life and started a goth group, and sadly his father died and they kicked him out of the group. Later he said, that he would stop being a goth and five minutes after that the house caught fire and his mother died and Daris survived. So he had to live with his Aunt Georgia and Uncle Bobby. Life with his aunt and uncle was alot harder, he went to a different school and didn’t know anybody. He made friends with two people: Josh and Tony. At first he thought Josh was the most popluar kid in the school, but Tony was actually. After he met them his life got a little better, but he turned into a prone. He signed up for Total Drama for a better life.


Daris is, well, a prone. He has no sense of humor or won't take a joke seriously. Once, his teacher made fun of him and the teacher got fired becase he had a nervous breakdown. He has had a lot of injuries and the one that happens the most are stubbed toes. He got the worst stubbed toe ever, it swelled and popped which caused a $2,000 surgery.

Audition Tape

“Hi, I’m Daris and I want to sign up for Total Drama because I need a better life,” Daris begs, starting to cry.

“My mother and father are already dead……. I need the money and I want to be in Total Drama,” Daris is starting to calm down.

“And I’m the whole reason their dead!!” Daris yells then trips as the camera blacks out.

"What's wrong?" Daris says and a loud sound is heard.

"AHH!!!!!!!!!! I ST-STUBBED MY TOE!!" Daris whines, then falls face-first to the ground.

Daris stands up, with blood pouring down his nose. "Stop recording......," Daris sighs as the camera falls to the ground.

"CURSE YOU!" Daris says looking angry.

KoopaKidJr.'s Character

Davis the Openly Gay Guy.


Davis was like every boy at their kiddy age. Later, when he turned 13, he started liking guys. Despite being gay, he is very popular to the girls and guys of his school, because he is very athletic and gets guys the girl of their dreams. Davis; unfortunately, wasn't great at school, as he got mostly C's, D's, and F's. His parents grounded him from most of his items; however, he soon heard about a reality show called, Total Drama Insert Season Name Here. He bet his parents $100 that he can get to the end, despite doing poorly in school.


Davis is openly homosexual, but is very likable. He is a professional matchmaker and is a very athletic individual. Unfortunately, he isn't very smart.

Reason for Joining

To prove his parents he can be smart. He even bet $100 that he can get to the end.

Audition Tape

Davis is running on a track with his friends.

"Hey'all! It's me Davis!" Davis shouted.

"This is Davis, and he's awesome!" Davis' friend said.

"As you know, I'm openly gay. But I'm one of those few people that get respect for it." Davis explained.

"Pick him for Total Drama Insert Season Name...OR ELSE!!!!!" Davis' friend shouted.

"What he said. Let's run so superly guys!!!" Davis shouted to his friends, as he turned off the camera.

Turnertang's Character

Bessie The Country Girl is a country talking, horse riding, pig wrestling, tomboy.


Bessie was born on a farm in Tennessee. She always liked doing boy stuff more than girl stuff like sports but she really loved horse riding. When she became an expert on that she decided to try something new, and that was pig wrestling. She chooses the biggest and toughest looking pigs and brought them to the ground. She has learned to talk with the funny country accent and words so people some times make fun of her. She usually stays at the barn and helps take care of the animals.

Why She Wants Join the Total Drama series

Her parent's farm is going through a tough time. The cow went dry and stopped giving milk and some of the chickens escaped and ran away. So now they make a lot less money and can't afford another cow and chicken. So Bessie decided to audition and win the money to buy a lot more animals for her parent's barn.

Audition Tape

"Hey ya'll! I'm Bessie and I want to join the Total Drama series to help my parents out." Bessie says to the camera as she walks over to the cow and pulls on the utter, "See, nothing comes out since our cow went dry. We really need the money badly."

"Show them the pig wrestling thing." the guy recording the camera whispers to her.

"Good idea!" Bessie chirps as she sprints over to her horse, gets on it, rides it over to a pig, jumps off the horse, and pins it to the ground, "See that? If you pick me, I'll bring a ton of excitement to ya'll show. So pick me!" the camera shuts off.

Weblykinly's Character

(the girl)

Sandra is labeled as The Girl Who Looks Nice in the Total Drama series.

Why Did Sandra Join the Total Drama series

Sandra joined the series for various reasons. One reason is because she wanted to reunite with her old pal, HEATHER! Heather was her best friend and then she had to move to Vancouver, British Columbia. Another reason why she joined is she wants money. Obviously, she wanted the money to spend it on junk she didn't need. But she also wanted to buy a show with Heather and call it "How to Manipulate Retards". The show would showcase what the real meaning is to being mean.


Sandra was born and raised in Quebec. She is known for picking on new kids and being mean. She went to school with Total Drama's fellow contestant Heather and taught her all she knew. One day she had to move to Vancouver, British Columbia leaving Heather lonely and friendless.

Audition Tape

(turns camera on)

"Hey, my name is Sandra!" Sandra yells. "I'm auditioning for the Total Drama series! I e-mailed my ol' pal Heather who is also auditioning for this show. If you think I'm nice be aware I'm not. So, don't mess with me or else..." Sandra says.

"Sandra, 6 kids covered in blood are saying he threw them off a cliff," Her mother interrupted.

"I um gotta go! C'ya later, TV," Sandra says as she jump out her window and runs away from home.

(the camera falls to the ground and turns off)

Jason's Character

(The girl)

Betsy is labeled as The Writer.

Why Total Drama?

Betsy joined Total Drama because she wanted to expand her writing skills. Ever since she was a little girl, she lived in the city. She was always facinated with Western movies. She felt like she wanted to write about the west. So, when she became 15, she moved out of her parents house and headed towards the west. There, she felt more secluded to write.


Betsy is more of the laid-back girl. When she is told to do something, she does it correctly and swiftly. If she isn't busy, she'll just sit around, or be riding a horse; just looking for inspiration.

Audition Tape

Betsy is shown writing on her desk, when the camera is turned on. "Oh hey there," She said. She looked up at the camera.

"I'm Betsy. I like to write, explore the wild west...I also like to draw, occasionally. So pick me for Total Drama!" She revealed. The camera suddenly went dark.

Shane's Character

(I'm doing the girl character)

Laura is The Pioneer of the group

Biography, Reason For Joining Total Drama, and Personality:

Laura has always been a country gal. She is fascinated by the Old West. Laura’s ancestor is Laura Ingalls Wilder and she wants to be just like her. This is not possible as she lives in the city. She is often picked on by other kids in her school, calling her a freak and stuff like that. Her childhood friends have started to avoid her. Laura doesn't mind, she likes being in her own world.

Laura is a sweet and kind girl. She is also delusional because she thinks that she is a real pioneer. Her parents wish that she would just act normal. Laura doesn't like the fact that her parents try to change her.

Laura joined the Total Drama series to win the cash prize and use it to build a house in the wilderness and live like her ancestors lived.

Audition Tape:

Laura is shown in her room. It is filled with pioneer stuff. She is sitting on her bed that is really a wagon and her mattress is really a bunch of boards and a blanket.

“Hi ya’ll. I’m Laura! I’m a real life pioneer!” Laura said to the camera. “I want to join your show to win it all and build me a house! You see, my ancestor is Laura Ingalls Wilder! I’m named after her!” Suddenly, a howl from some random dog is heard and Laura dived under her “bed”, “Sorry I have to end so soon. The wolves out there can eat a little girl like me!” Laura whispered. The tape ends there.

Tyedye's Character

Caroline, labeled as the country singer, is auditioning for the Total Drama series.


Caroline was a born singer. When she was in middle school, she got some money from singing in clubs that her parents brought her to. Unfortunatley, her parents always got drunk and were unable to bring her home at a normal time. This wasn't a bad thing for her, though, as then she could sing more.


Caroline is nice, friendly, and smart. She is not easily manipuated, but thinks of everyone as her friend.

Why Total Drama?

Caroline wants to show the world her country singing, and use the money she wins to get a recording contract. She also wants to starts a rehab center to help her parents, and anyone else that needs it.

Audition tape

"Hey y'all, I'm Caroline, and I want to be on your show!" She starts, "I want to prove to the world that I'm a good singer, and I'm trying to get a recording contract!" She starts singing, and when she finshes, she says,

"Hope y'all pick me! Bye!" The camera turns off.

And now, for the fun of it, I'll post the other person's audition!

David, labeled as the wannabe punk, is auditioning for the Total Drama series.


David was once nice and always listened to everyone, until he got a CD for Breaking Benjamin. Since then, he has tried to act bad, and even got a piercing on his ear. He tries to intimidate people, but always ends up bullied in the end.


David tries to be bad and act intimidating, but it rarely works. He shields himself from everyone, and tries to act like he never cares about anything.

Why Total Drama?

David wants to prove to everyone at his school that he can be intimidating and mean by "scaring the competition away". He also wants the money to wave it in his enemies' faces.

Audition Tape

"Hey," David starts, "you better pick me for this, or else!"

"Or else what?" The person filming asks.

"Hey! Don't make me come over there!"

"Ooh, I'm so scared." The camera turns off, but the sound of laughter from the cameraman is barely audible. Then, the whole audition tape ends.

Week Ten Stories

COKEMAN11's Story

Note: I wrote multiple because I felt that this challenge was too simple, and I wanted to write more.

Cliche Izzy Limerick

There was a girl named Izzy

Her soda was always too fizzy

She took off the top

And then she flopped

She was on the floor and was dizzy

Cliche Heather Limerick

There was a girl named Heather

Her boots were made of leather

She was very rich

But she fell in a ditch

Now she is under the weather

Limerick About Total Drama Action

Season two was Total Drama Action

Season one was better by a fraction

Wait, that was a lie

No need to cry

Very few got satisfaction

Limerick About Gwen

Gwen was the runner-up

Trent was her sweet little pup

But then then TDA

Made them go separate ways

And now they have broken up

Limerick About Duncan

Duncan was a strong player

Maybe even a dragon slayer

He won TDA

And then we said, "Yay!"

Now he's back for a new layer

  • Note: The "new layer" is TDtM. I know that it's still a mystery as to whether he is in or not, but I couldn't think of something that rhymed with player that would fit.

Darkdonpatch's Story

Noah always read books,

he thought they just took,

All of his problems away,

He just wants to have it his way,

Till on day, a bully took all of his books away

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

A Harold Limerick

  • Harold is a big nerd,
  • the camps he went to are absurd.
  • LeShawna was his pup,
  • and Duncan still beats him up,
  • When Courtney's elimination occured.

A GwenXTrent Limerick

  • On TDI, Trent was just fine,
  • on TDA, he got obsessed with nine.
  • Then he got Gwen,
  • but let her win,
  • And when they broke up, it was a bad sign.

A Courtney Limerick

  • Courtney used to be nice and sweet,
  • but on TDA, she turned up the heat.
  • She lost many fans,
  • but it was the producer's plans,
  • When she came back to compete.

A LeShawna Limerick

  • LeShawna used to be one of the best,
  • until she got one evil thing off her chest.
  • It angered her friends,
  • but tried to make amends,
  • But they still really detest.

Turnertang's Story

Owen Limerick

  • A fat teen camp to compete
  • He could barely see his feet
  • He was nice to everyone
  • Which helped him in the long run
  • He won the money and he didn;t even cheat

Heather Limerick

  • The meanest girl at the camp
  • She thought that she would be champ
  • She had no friends at all
  • Which caused her mighty fall
  • She was mad at a goth tramp

Weblykinly's Story

Katie & Sadie Limerick

Two BFFFL's tried out for a reality show
If they won they could earn some dough
One was named Katie
The other Sadie
But in the end their rankings were very low

Geoff & Gwen Limerick

One day I asked my friend Lindsay
Remember that couple on Camp TV?
The guy was the party dude
And the girl looked as she was in a grumpy mood
But, were they ever meant to be?

  • Camp TV was what Total Drama Island was originally going to be named. I thought this one was good because it is different from others and yes Geoff & Gwen were shown was a couple on the preview.

Eva Limerick

Eva is the meanest person I know
She's so mean, she may be related to Joe
Her mean may have started during "The Big Sleep"
Where her team lost and everyone fell asleep
Speaking of Eva, don't you wish she was never on the show

(maybe more limericks are coming soon)

Jason's Story

Beth rebels against Justin

Stop toying with my emotions

Stop feeding me love potions

I will not let you use me

abuse me, do anything you want to me

I will set myself free.

Shane's Story

Lindsay Limerick

Lindsay is a very dumb blonde

She can't have a very strong bond

She gets stabbed in the back

And she feels like a sack

Because she's always in good cond.

(Cond is an abbreviation for condition)

GwenxTrent Limerick

She was a girl, he was a boy.

They would always had such a great joy

Whenever they were together

Then they stopped seeing each other

So then they were used as a dumb toy

(By toy, it was when Justin got Gwen to convince them to vote out Trent)


Tye's Story

Week Eleven Stories

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