This is where those eliminated from Total Drama Author 4 come to stay. Fans can also visit if they wish. If you are in the competition and still edit here, you are automatically eliminated!

Eliminated Authors

  1. Anonymos- I've made my decision! I'm competing, so ya'll better watch out, cause nobody's going to stand in my way this time
  3. Tdifan1234-Maybe I'll get farther in this season than last.... XD
  4. Benthegame-Finally in. I'm goin all the way!
  5. Cards777- I did good last season!!!
  6. Kenzen - Bring it on , Wait is that a bull dont bring it on ahh*runs away from the bull*
  7. YoshiPerson (This should be fun! I love writing! All I need is the time to do it... (XD)
  8. NIzzy (NIzzy is back! XD)
  9. GM -(Hopefully I can win adminship)
  10. Tyedye Oh my god! I'm on a TDAuthor! Expect me to fail! (Also expect occasional British English spelling, Britain is just awesome like that XD)
  11. Jason -My first time!
  12. Darkdonpatch (I am here to improve my writing skills)
  13. Tdafan123-I`ve improved my writing, so I`m ready
  14. Weblykinly (i expect to get pass the first couple of eliminations then fail, this is going to be fun!)
  15. KoopaKidJr.- Time to put my writing skills to the test!

Week Nine Chat

Nalyd: *opens gates* Welcome, all!

Kenzen:This is where the bus takes us..... AWESOME

Chimmy:*comes through gates* Woah, this looks so much better than last season's resort!

Nalyd: Sunshine spent a large amount of the budget on pictures of Duncan's mohawk.

Chimmy:Oh well! *goes to look at the hall of fame*

Tdifan: Well, I'm here now. Hold the applause

(CONF) Tdifan: Now that I've been voted out 3rd and there's a Playa des Losers for here, I'm gonna act like a total Noah while I'm here! YES! --I mean... "Woo. Hoo."

Chimmy:*doesn't applaud* WOO-HOO!!!

Tdifan: Ok, go ahead. Applaud. ;)

Chimmy:*claps relentlessly XDD*

Tdifan: You rock, Chim. XD *high five*

Chimmy:*fist bump* Wanna pig out on Nalyd's secret stash of cookie dough? (XD, JK to the Renrut)

Tdifan: Why not? But--Before we start this mission, Disguises! *tosses Chimmy a gray hoodie* (XDD)

Chimmy:*puts it on*...I feel depressed....(XD JK)

Tdifan: Hmm....Disuguise...I know! *jumps into a trashcan* Probably not the best idea..... :\

Chimmy:I got it! *tosses Tdifan a purple afro-like wig XDDD*

Tdifan: Good thinking! *puts on wig* hmm...I feel so....antisocial :( (XD)

Chimmy:Let's go! *crawls into Nalyd's office*

Kenzen:Can i come

Chimmy:*nods, tosses Kenzen spare hoodie*

Tdifan: *starts to hum Mission Impossible theme*

Chimmy:Hmm...(Guess the song I'm about to hum! :D)

Tdafan:*sighs* I hope one of us can return

(Tdifan: Chimmy, is it the ninja glare? :D)

(Kenzen:Is it the Hmm song or The Gray Hoodie song)

Kenzen:Why do you hope one of us returns

Chimmy:*bursts out in song slightly quietly* NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN, NEVER GONNA TURN AROUND! *shuts up* (XD, rickrolled.)

Tdafan:*plugs ears*AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Week Ten Chat

Nalyd: Everyone who wants to submit a poem from this week's challenge can put it here, and the best one will return. Two people will return; a contestant who was eliminated and a fan who didn't get a chance.

Tdafan:Sweet! But, I suck at poetry :(

Spenny: Sweetness! Here's my poem:

Beth had a secret to say
A boyfriend from far away
Everyone said,
"It's all in your head."
Until he showed up one day!

What do you think?

Tdafan:Here's mine, it sucks badly

Eva has an evil stare

She even gave Cody a scare

She makes people mad

She makes people sad

And she MAY be allergic to pears

Webly: Hmmmm....I wonder who's going to win?

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