The other one got too big...

Week Eight

Sunshine's Haiku The Gophers were found

By a big scary brown bear

But it was Izzy

Thebiggesttdifan's Limerick A Shakespeare sonnet? What the heck is THAT?

A poem for TDA Aftermath: II

When Geoff was still narcissistic,

he was surprised to see Bridgette so quick

of accusing him of

bad character—that’s tough

and so Geoff stopped being sadistic.

Anonymos's Haiku The prep and convict

Love that no one thought would be

Duncan and Courtney

Turnertang's Limerick When Heather saw she had to jump off a cliff

She became really stiff

She would not move until Leshawna gave her a nudge

Then Heather started a grudge

They became enimies in a jif

Owenguy101's Poem (Someone tell me what kind of poem this is. I think it's haiku.)

Duncan told a story

The bass were scared

The tent got burned down

The bass were mad.



Sprinklemist's Haiku Unrequited love,

Cody felt that way for Gwen.

He remained humble.

Usitgz's Haiku Cody is a geek

A techno geek so to speak

That is what he is

Tdifan1234's Limerick There once was a guy named Noah

Who signed up for a reality show-ah

His brain was not ill,

But in sports he lacked skill,

So on the Boat of Losers, he'll go-ah

The End XD

Kenzen11's Hiaku Broken up for good

Just to be friends forever

Gwen and Trent Love gone

(sorry i am majorly late)

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