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Week One

Sorreltail18's Story (1)

"Hey guys!" Trent said as he waved to the people in the crowd. They all cheered and clapped. "We had come to talk about Total Drama Action!". Right as he said that Izzy came and sat on the couch. "Oh, Hey Trent" she said with a smile. "We are here live from Total Drama Action Aftermath!" The contestants from Total Drama Island who didn't make it sat there. Geoff and Bridgette started to make out. Katie said "Is Justin still there because he's SO cute!" Sadie nodded her head in agreement. Lindsay stepped out from the curtain and say Tyler. "TAYLOR! I missed you so much!." she said. "Were you elminated yet?" asked Trent. "Of course not!" Lindsay said. Then Beth apperared. "Did anyone say Justin because he's mine and you guys know it." she said. "No! Thats not true." Sadie said. "Don't fight now or ill get my bear!" Izzy said and then laughed. Courtney glared at Izzy."You crazy beast!" she said. "NOone ever RESPECT me... EVER except Duncan of course" "Ya, ok than Courtney lets just end the show now because this isn't going anywhere," Trent quickly said. And Izzy randomly slapped the camera and never again it worked,


Zakkoroen's Story (1)

RockSK8R's Story (1)

"Hello out there dudes!", said Geoff. "Hey guys. Welcome to TDA Aftermath. Today we have our most recent losers, Lindsay and Beth. Say hi guys." said Bridgette. Beth and Lindsay happily wave at camera. "So why do you guys think you got voted off?" asked Geoff. "Well, everyone said we were getting too Katie and Sadie-ish, and that made us less useful and I MISS JUSTIN!" said Beth."HEY! THAT WAS MEAN AND JUSTIN IS OURS!" said Katie and Sadie.(Katie and Sadie start to have a catfight with Lindsay and Beth. Yay violence!) "I was too busy doing my hair to understand-icize everything. I'm really smart, you know." said Lindsay. "Riiiiight." said Geoff." Well, I guess we'll see you next time!" Right before the show ended, Katie, Sadie, Beth, and Lindsay scream, all in unison, "WAIIIT! JUSTIN IS MIIIINE!", and then while they fight they break the camera.


Sunshine's Story (1)

A deafening roar of applause rises from the audience as the camera pans over them to the talk-show setup on the stage in front. On a couch in the center sit Owen and Izzy, Owen downing a bag of chips, Izzy smiling and waving crazily to the viewers. Upon noticing the camera, Owen hides the chips behind him and smiles sheepishly. “Hey, everybody!” He greets with a mouth full of half-chewed chips. “I’m Owen, here with Izzy-”

“E-SCOPE!!!!!” The psychopath demands.

“Right. E-scope.” Owen corrects himself, quickly swallowing his chips in fear. “And we’re here to host your inside look to everything TDA… the losers, the challenges, and some other stuff I can’t think of right now…”

“THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW!!!!” Izzy declares. “No, wait, that’s not right, uh… TDA AFTERMATH!!!!” The audience erupts with applause.

“It’s so awesome to be here! WOOHOO!!!!!” Owen cheers.

“Why are you so happy??? You were the first one eliminated!” Eva’s voice shouts, causing the camera to pan over to her, sitting with the other seven who were unlucky enough to have to sit out the chance at a million dollars. Noah ignores everything, his nose buried in a book. Cody waves a small flag adorning Gwen’s name. Courtney mutters to her lawyer on her cell phone. Ezekiel picks his nose. Tyler adjusts a name tag with his name on it. Katie and Sadie not-so-discreetly wave to the camera.

“The food’s better here anyway…” Owen shrugs.

“Isn’t it???” Izzy laughs, grabbing some crackers and messily eating them. She giggles and brushes the crumbs off of her. “Now we’re gonna welcome our first loser and guest!”

“Yup!” Owen nods. “This contestant’s elimination was a shock to fans, though considering the challenge, I guess it’s not really a surprise. After all, working those camera controls does require some level of brains…”

“Something this competitor was surely missing!” Izzy adds. “Everyone, please welcome… BOB THE LEPRACHAUN!” Everything turns to dead silence as the audience, Owen, and non-competitors stare at her.

“Umm… I thought we were talking to Lindsay.” Owen comments.

“Oh, right. Please welcome LINDSAY!!!!” Izzy gives a dramatic gesture to the side of the stage, and the audience applauds as a confused-looking Lindsay strolls on and sits in a chair opposite Owen and Izzy.

“Where am I?” She asks in her usual ditzy voice. “I thought I was going home…”

“Nope.” Owen replies. “You’re on… TDA AFTERMATH!!!!” As if on cue, the audience bursts into cheers and applause. Lindsay still seems confused, but smiles and waves to everyone.

“So, Linsday, what was it like being eliminated? Did you expect you’d go farther?” Owen questions.

“Well, Omar,” Lindsay begins to answer, thinking. “I guess I really didn’t expect it. I thought Joff or Betty would be going home. At least I tried to work the camera! And it sooo wasn’t my fault when it blew up. I mean, how was I supposed to know that button said ‘self destruct’? Chris totally didn’t tell us about it!”

“Actually, Lindsay, we have a clip!” Izzy retorts. A large TV screen comes down and plays a clip apparently from the episode Lindsay was eliminated in. It shows Chris talking to the twelve contestants, newly separated into Gaffers and Grips.

“Also,” Chris states in the clip, “be careful what buttons you press on the cameras. There’s a big, red self destruct button on the top. Whatever you do, don’t press it.” The clip ends and the screen retracts into the ceiling, followed by an awkward silence.

“Oh.” Lindsay finally comments. “Well, I guess I missed that part!”

“Is there anyone in particular you’re rooting for now that you’ve lost?” Owen asks.

“Oh, totally Belle!” Lindsay chirps. “She’s my BFF! Oh, or maybe Dustin. He’s sooo hot…”

“Yeah…” Owen agrees. Izzy smacks him.

“Anyway,” Izzy laughs, “it’s time for our first game!”

“A game? Oooh, I love games!!!” Lindsay cheers, jumping up and down with excitement.

“All right!” Owen begins. “Our first game today is… ‘Which One’s Tyler?’!!!”

“Okay, this is a good one.” Izzy giggles. “Over there we have our eight losers, one of which is Tyler!” She explains, gesturing to the eight non-competitors. “Your job is to figure out which one is Tyler! If you guess right, you win!”

Lindsay strolls over to the non-competitors and stares intently at them, attempting to decipher which one is really Tyler. Tyler gives Lindsay a wave and gestures to his name tag. Lindsay stares over the eight people for a few more minutes before finally pointing to Eva. “Are you Tyler?” She asks.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me…” Noah mutters, resting his head in his hands.

Lindsay thus proceeds to guess all but one non-competitor is Tyler, then moves on to guess a few members of the audience, Izzy, and the ceiling. Finally, she appears almost to connect Tyler’s face to his name, but then turns to an intern who had just walked in with a broom. “Tyler!” She declares, leaping into the confused intern’s arms.

“Okay, FORGET THIS!!!!” Izzy screeches. “This is taking too long! Let’s go to the next guest!”

“Yeah.” Owen agrees, then turns to the audience. “Our next loser was ready to sneak her way through the competition just as she did last season, but her competitors sniffed her out and voted her off! Now, this master of alliances is here to talk to us.”

“Please welcome… Heather!” Izzy declares. Heather, wearing her wig, struts onstage, met with boos and catcalls from the audience. She glares at them as she takes her seat in front of Owen and Izzy.

“Heather! Nice to have you here!” Owen greets with his usual strange optimism and kindness.

“Whatever.” She growls.

“Okay, so. Instead of interviewing you, we’re gonna play a game and get answers out of you at the same time!” Izzy explains. “That’s right, it’s time for… TRUTH OR HAMMER!!!!” The audience cheers and applauds. “All right, Heather, we’re gonna let fans call in and ask you questions, and if you lie, A GIANT HAMMER SWINGS DOWN TO PUMMEL YOU!!!!!!” Izzy laughs maniacally, causing Owen to stare fearfully at her.

“…Okay!” He states after a moment. “Here’s our first question!” He pushes a button, and the screen from earlier comes down, showing a fairly nerdy boy with buck teeth, braces, and soda-bottle glasses. “Hey, dude! What’s your question?”

“Well, uh, Miss Heather,” the boy stammers in a stereotypical nerdy voice, “I was wondering, my friends and I were talking about Total Drama Island, and one of my friends said you sold your soul to look pretty. And, uh, I was just wondering, is that true?”

Heather stares up at the TV screen. “What kind of idiotic question is that???” The nerd simply shrugs and cuts off the transmission.

“Oooh, oooh! We’re getting another call!” Izzy declares, pushing the button. Static fuzzes on the screen, and a girl with long, dark brown hair and an emotionless expression appears on the screen.

Heather does a double take. “Emily???”

“Hello, Heather.” The girl greets in a monotonous voice. “I heard we could call in and ask questions, and I was wondering… in the episode you were eliminated, you were talking about finding ‘some suckers to do the dirty work for me’. Pray tell, is that why I was the one who got the heat for the missing cookies back in third grade, in spite of never knowing a thing about it?”

Heather gives her friend a stare. “You still REMEMBER that???”

“You haven’t answered…” Emily retorts.

Heather glares slightly at the girl, then groans, “Yeah, okay, that’s how it went.”

“All I needed to know.” Emily nods, cutting off the transmission.

“Okay then…” Owen chuckles awkwardly. “Here’s another question!” The screen turns to static, and then a short, orange-haired girl, wearing huge glasses and bouncing up and down with excitement, appears on screen.

“Hi! Hi! HI!!!!!” She chirps. “Am I on TV?”

“Yup!” Izzy replies. “Do you have a question for Heather?”

“Oh, yeah!!! Um, okay, Heather,” The hyper girl begins, “I was just wondering, before you were eliminated, did you have any romantic feelings for Harold?”

“NO!!!!” She quickly replies. A huge wooden hammer swings down and propels her, screaming, into the audience. Owen, Izzy, Lindsay, and the non-competitors stare, no movement is made except Owen pushing a button to retract the screen.

“…OKAY!!!” Izzy suddenly shouts. “We’re out of time now!”

“Really?” Owen asks, checking his watch. “I guess you’re right! Well everyone, we’ll see you next time, here on… TDA AFTERMATH!!!!” The audience applauds one more time, then begins to leave the area. The eight non-competitors leave to go wherever it is they stay. Owen looks around. “So, uh, now what?”

“Wanna go to Subway?” Izzy asks, shrugging.

“YEAH!!!!” Owen cheers, running out followed shortly by Izzy.

Much later, the area is empty, except for an intern sweeping up and Lindsay following him. “Seriously, you’re NOT Tyler?” She asks. “You look just like him…”

THE END!!!!!

Thebiggesttdifan's Story (1)

As a golden light titled “TDA Aftermath” shines upon a huge screen, Justin reads his lines carefully. “Welcome to TDA Aftermath, where me and Owen“ --Owen stares at him, absent to the world—“Er, at least I interview the eliminated contestants!”

When Owen doesn’t respond to his part, Justin continues. “Here we interview the eliminated contestants. First off, the third person eliminated, all because of what he did to make another mad, DUNCAN!” The audience claps as Duncan enters the room gruffly.

“So, Duncan, how did you feel when the “another” voted you off?” Justin asks sadistically.

“I felt really mad. I wasn’t gonna try and get Gwen to fall in love with me anyway! I was just, you know, keeping myself occupied until Courtney came there.”

Courtney, standing with the other contestants who didn’t make it to TDA, gasps. “I’m coming back?”

Duncan grins at the camera. “Well, I hate to make it a spoiler for you guys, but yeah, you’re coming back.”

“It’s impossible! YES!” Courtney cries tears of joy. Duncan turns back to Justin. “Well, as for “the another”, I wasn’t really hating HIM as much as he was hating ME. But for voting me off, I have a masters degree in revenge, so, WATCH OFF MY BACK.”

Justin steps back. “Whoa, harsh. Anyway, our next guest, one who was called a dork, a dweeb, a geek, a stringbean, a nerd, a fr—“

“Whoa whoa whoa!” shouts Harold from a screen. “Let’s not get into the insults!”

Justin rolls his eyes. “Whatever. Our next guest, HAROLD!”

Harold walks in, as cool as he can, but screeches to a halt when he sees Duncan. “No way! I’m not sitting in a chair next to HIM!”

Justin blinks. “Sheesh. Well, Harold, you had actually won the challenge the week Duncan was voted off, why do you speculate your fellow teammates voted you off?”

Duncan interrupts. “Because he’s a dor—“

“THAT’S NOT WHY!” Harold screams.

Justin checks his watch. “Ooh, almost out of time for this part. Time to listen to questions from fans!” He looks and sees all the male fans have left the audience. “O…kay. Well, we can still have the female fans, right?”

Duncan interrupts. “Wrong, eye candy, including Owen, they’re all gazing at YOU.”

Justin sighs. “Oh. Well, we’ll have to close this session of TDA Aftermath. But before we leave, can someone get this sack of fat to stop staring at me?”

Duncan points at Harold, who sighs. “Oh, all right. I’ll do it.”

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Good looks don’t take you far!

Ezekielguy's Story (1)

It was the second Total Drama Aftermath segment. Cody and Noah were hosting. "Welcome to TOTAL DRAMA AFTERMATH!" Said Cody. "The name's Cody!" he said. He then paused and waited for Noah to introduce himself. "And my name is 'A sane human being.'" said Noah. "Very funny." Cody menaced. "Anyway, we never returned to TDA all because of
Justin and his dumb parachute!" "Justin---" Noah said "The anti-me!"

"Who are you talking to?" asked Cody.

"No one." Noah replied.

"Anyway," said Cody, lets check out our guest! Here comes.... GWEN!

Gwen took a seat in a round red chair and blushed.

"So Gwen," Noah said. "Are you sad about you and Trent?"

"No way!" Gwen said. "I have a new boyfriend! His name is Matt and he's super cute!"

"Great.." Cody muttered to himself, "More competition is all I need."

Everyone in the audience could have sworn they heard Noah say "He's Mine!" very quietly to Gwen.

"Next" said Cody "is DJ!"

This DJ was not the same as the DJ we remember! He was 10 times bigger then the original DJ! When he shook Noah's hand it felt like it was being wrapped around by a million extra-thick sausages. DJ looked a lot more like Chef.

"DJ," questioned Cody, "What happened to you?"

"My mama gave me a special treat when I got home!" he responded.

"A really thick piece of meat?" asked Noah who's hand was still shaking.

"No..." said DJ "Forget about it.."

"What was up with the whole DEVEN JOSEPH thing, man?" Cody interrupted, "Is that your real name?"

"Yeah.." Said DJ. And before the two can bombard him with more stupid questions he was on his way.

THE END!!!!!


Anonymos's Story (1)

“And now it’s time for TDA Aftermath,” announced the host of TDA Aftermath, Bridgette, who was sipping a frappachino.

“Indubitably, old bean.” Replied Owen, the secondary host.

“Owen,” Bridgette started, “What are you doing?”

“Talking like a British person, chap,” Owen said, “Care for a crumpet?”

“No thanks, Owen…” Bridgette replied, “Anyway, let’s meet our commentators, you may remember them as the ones who got cut from season 1, let’s give it up for Ezekiel, Eva, Cody, Courtney, Katie, Sadie, Tyler and Noah!”

“Whatever.” Noah said sarcastically.

“EEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Katie squealed, “We’re on a talk show, Sadie!”

“EEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Sadie squeaked, “I know, Katie!” The two squealed together as a familiar, and threatening voice rose from behind the girls.

“I should have been on Total Drama Action!” Courtney yelled, “You’ll all be hearing from my lawyers!”

“You’ll be hearing from my fist if you don’t SHUT UP!!!” Eva bellowed.

“Ladies, ladies, there’s enough of me to go around.” Cody said.

Eva and Courtney turned to Cody, picked him up and tossed him out the window.

“Oh, you want me to serenade you from out here?” Cody asked, “I can dig that.” Eva slammed the window shut on Cody’s hand.

“I don’t think we’re going to be hearing from Cody for a little while…” Bridgette said.

“Pip, pip cheerio.” Owen sang.

“Do you wanna go out the window next, chubby?” Eva threatened.

“I’m fine where, I am thanks.” Owen replied, meekly.

“Alright then,” Bridgette said, “Let’s welcome the next commentators who were just eliminated from the show, Lindsay and Izzy!” The audience cheered as Lindsay walked on the stage.

“Ummmm, Lindsay, where’s Izzy?” Bridgette inquired.

“Backstage,” She replied. She went over to sit on the couch next to Noah. “Hi, Tyler.” She said.

“Lindsay, I’m not Tyler…” Noah said, “He is.” He pointed.

Lindsay walked over to where Noah was pointing, “Hi, Tyler!” She exclaimed.

“Keep going down the row, eh,” Ezekiel said. Lindsay walked down to the next person.

“Tyler?” She asked.

“My name is EVA!!!” Eva screamed.

“Oopsie…” Lindsay said as she walked down the line of people greeting each one.

“Alright then,” Owen said, “Let’s welcome, Izzy!” No one walked on, “Let’s welcome, Izzy!” Owen repeated, he sighed then called, “Let’s welcome, E-Scope!” Izzy walked on and the audience cheered.

“E-Scope is glad to be here Owen!” Izzy said. Lindsay then finally found Tyler, after walking into the audience and asking them.

“Let’s get on with the show,” Bridgette said, “So, Lindsay and Izz-, I mean E-Scope, how was it staying at Total Drama Action?”

“It was so fun, Brenda!” Lindsay said, “Plus, I just found Tyler!”

“Yes, yes she did, at long last…” Tyler said, exasperated at Lindsay’s stupidity.

“Well, Bridgette,” Izzy started, “For my four day stay, it was alright, the food was still pretty bad though.” She started scratching her head with her foot.

“Boy, we get all the crazies on this show,” Courtney muttered.

“YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!!!” Eva screamed, “Izzy’s a psycho!!!”

“Who’s Izzy?” Izzy asked as she got up off the floor.

“YOU!!!! YOUR SUCH A PSYCHO!!!” Eva yelled. At that point, Eva jumped off the couch and started chasing Izzy around.

“Katie, I’m scared!!” Sadie cried, “Hold me!” She jumped into Katie’s arms. Katie struggled for a few minutes, and then dropped her.

“You’re really heavy, Sadie.” Katie said.

“What’s that crack supposed to mean?” Sadie screamed. Eva was still chasing Izzy.

“That you’re fat.” Ezekiel said, “It’s natural for girls to be hefty, unlike guys, who are always thin,” He looked at Owen, then added, “Well, most of us anyway.” So Eva was chasing Izzy, Katie, Sadie and Ezekiel were in a fight with each other, Courtney was screaming with her lawyer and the phone, and Cody was still crying out in pain outside.

Owen then just randomly picked up Noah and threw him out the window. Lindsay went to the bathroom to make out with Tyler and it was complete insanity in the studio. Bridgette then leaned into the camera and whispered, “That’s all the time we have for today, join us next time on TDA Aftermath.”


Here’s what happened to all the individuals involved…

Izzy and Eva wound up in the hospital. Courtney got arrested for manipulating the legal system. Katie, Sadie and Ezekiel had to go into friendship counseling. Noah also wound up in the hospital. Cody came to visit Eva the next day in the hospital, and despite being immobilized, Eva beat him up and Cody also earned himself a bed in the hospital. Owen won the hot dog eating contest for the 7th year in a row. Lindsay and Tyler got married. And finally, poor, poor Bridgette wound up in a mental hospital after what she saw hosting TDA Aftermath.


Turnertang's Story (1)

“Welcome to a TDA Aftermath. Hosted by me and Lindsay.” Said Duncan as he and Lindsay walked up to a contestant.

“So Lequisha, how do you feel after being voted off?” Lindsay Asked

“It’s Leshawna and I thought I was going to make it far but I got out because I was to strong.” Replied Leshawna

“That’s to bad Lequisha.” Lindsay Said

“It’s… never mind.” Replied Leshawna who was very annoyed and walked away.

“Look it’s Courtney!” Yelled Duncan

“Hey Duncan!” Said Courtney as she ran up for a hug

“Are you upset about not being in the show?” Asked Duncan

“I’m so mad at that dork Harold! He switched the votes and got me out!” Screamed Courtney as she grabbed a pole and bent it

“Lets find someone else.” said Duncan to Lindsay as they backed away

“Hey lets go talk to Neah” Lindsay Said

“Its Noah.” Replied Duncan

“Whatever you say Dusan.” Lindsay Replied

“That’s not even a name! Anyways lets go talk to Noah.” Duncan Said as they walked to Noah

“Reading, buzz off.” Noah Said

“Okay Neah.” Replied Lindsay

“Look it’s JD!” Lindsay said excitedly

“She is so strange.” DJ Remarked as he patted bunny’s head

“Tell me about.” Replied Duncan

“So JD why did you get voted off?” Lindsay Asked

“Probably because I’m to nice and strong and a tough opponent.” DJ Replied

“See you around.” Duncan Said as they walked away to their last person to interview

“So, Ava how are you doing not being on the show.”

“If you mess up my name a gain I will kill you!” Yelled Eva

“We all want to do that, but how are you doing?” Duncan Asked

“I’ve been taking anger management classes!” Eva Yelled

“I don’t think there helping.” Replied Duncan

“WHAT!” Screamed Eva as she came running at them

“Security!” Duncan Yelled as he started running

“I got her!” Yelled a guard as he tackled Eva

“Ava is very pleasant.” Said Lindsay as they were walking

“It’s Eva!” Yelled Eva in the background

“Did you hear something?” Asked Lindsay

“Probably just the wind” Replied Duncan

“Well, that was the TDA Aftermath. Staring me and Dusan

“It’s Duncan!” Screamed Duncan as the camera turned off.


Tdi's Story (1)

"Welcome to another episode of Total Drama Aftermath!" Geoff said as he waved to the audience. "We will have more guests today." Bridgette said as she sat down on the couch. "Okay," Geoff said as he sat down. " Our first guests have been out for a while and was on last episode, welcome Justin and Leshawna!" The audience claps as Justin and Leshawna enter. Girls start chanting Justin "Thanks, girls." He said as he riped off his shirt. Katie and Sadie EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'd, and Noah put his hands over his ears. "So Leshawna. You have been out for a while. How has it been?" Bridgette said. "Well," Leshawna replied. "It's been less stressful." After Leshawna replied, Geoff said," Lets meet on of the most recent losers, Owen!" Everyone claps as Owen walks out. Cody gives him a thumbs up. "So Owen, how has it been since you have been voted out?" Bridgette asked. "It has been great except that lost one-million dollars," He replied. "We all are bummed." Geoff said "Not me," Justin said, "I'm already rich." "Justin, not all of us are rich." Geoff replied. "Whatever," Justin replied. "Our next guest is most recent loser, Gwen!" Bridgette said as everyone claps as Gwen comes in and sits down. "Nice to see you, Gwen," Bridgette said. "Nice to see you to," Gwen replied. "What's up, girl?" Leshawna asked. "Gwen, you had an unexpected elimination. What do you think of that?" Geoff asked. "I thought I would make it. I wonder why I was voted out," Gwen replied. "I totally thought it would've been Courtney." Katie said. "Me too." Ezekeil replied. "Hold on," Bridgette said," We have an unseen clip! Look at the screen above." The clip shows Chris and Chef. "Do you think the voting devices need to be fixed?" Chris asked. "No, they are guaranted to work for years," Chef replied. Everyone gasped. "I lost because the devise broke?!" "Ouch, that's bad," Geoff said. "That's SO unfair," said Sadie. Cody," Totally," Cody replied. "Sorry Gwen, but now it's time to say who we think is going home next," Bridgette said. "It's final six, with Duncan, Harold, Trent, Courtney, Heather, and Beth. I think it will be Beth," Geoff said. "Agreed," Bridgette replied. "I think it will be Harold, Duncan can get the others to vote him out," Justin said. "Ya," Owen agreed. "Heather needs to go," Leshawna, Cody, Eva, and Gwen said. Katie said," Me and Sadie think it should be Courtney." "So do I," Tyler said. "Me too," Ezekiel replied. "Well, saty tuned to next episode of Total Drama Aftermath with Gwen, Owen, the next losers, and the people who did not make it." Geoff said. It ends with Bridgette and Geoff kissing.

Ricky490's Story (1)

Owenguy101's Story (1)

As the title fades out, it’s shown in the TDA aftermath set and Geoff and Bridgette are there. "Welcome to today’s episode of TDA aftermath." Said Geoff, "I’m Geoff." "And I’m Bridgette." Said Bridgette, "And we’ll bring two guests who have recently been eliminated." "First up we have Gwen." Said Geoff. "Gwen!?" said Cody. He then faints with Noah looking at him confused. "Wow. That’s odd." Said Geoff. "Okay. Here’s Gwen!" said Bridgette. "Wait! Gwen!" shouts Trent as he catches up with here but slams into doors.

"Hi Geoff. Hi Bridgette." Said Gwen. "So Gwen. Why did you get voted off of Total Drama Action?" asked Geoff. "Well by when we formed teams, Trent got jealous and started acting weird, like his number nine obsession, and him throwing challenges for me. Then I broke up with him because he did that stuff. But the grips confronted me and I told them to vote Trent off." Said Gwen. Trent is crying a lot in the other room causing a flood. "Sir. You’re flooding the room." Said an intern. "Sorry." Said Trent. "So what happened next." Said Bridgette. "Well I think I should pay the Grips so my team lost the challenge and I voted myself off." "What?!" said Geoff. "You voted yourself off?" "Yep." Said Gwen. "I only did it because Trent was throwing challenges for me. Plus the grips confronted me, so I had to pay." "Very interesting." Said Bridgette. "Okay. Let’s now go to our good friend DJ." Said Geoff.

DJ walks over to them with Gwen and the peanut gallery watching. "Hello everyone." Said DJ. "Hi DJ." Said Bridgette. "So DJ. How did you think TDA was?" Asked Geoff. "It was fine. However, by the third challenge, Chef pulled me into this alliance to toughen me up. But by the horror episode, I told everyone about the alliance and voted myself off." Said DJ. "But I thought your team won?" asked Geoff. "I just had to do it." Said DJ. "That’s very interesting." Said Bridgette. "Man. Two people voted themselves off. Whoopee." said Noah sarcastically. "Okay. You’ve seen Gwen and DJ today for this episode of the TDA aftermath episode." Said Geoff. "So see you next time for the TDA aftermath episode." Said Bridgette. They start making out and Gwen and DJ shrug. It then shows a commercial with Chris. "This episode has been brought to you by the new Gilded Chris candies. A very tasty treat to eat." It then fades out and shows the credits.

THE END!!!!!

Sprinklemist's Story (1)

An unseen announcer proclaims, "And now, the moment we've all been waiting for! He's completely hot. I quit my job as an accountant just so I could get somewhat close to him. He's the one... the only... Justin!"

Justin steps from behind a curtain and says, "How is everyone doing?" The audience bursts out in applause. Everyone in the audience stands up, including the ones who arrived in wheelchairs who had been miraculously healed at the mere sight of Justin. The contestants who had been disqualified from competing in Total Drama Action also applauded. Katie and Sadie got up from their seats at the right of the stage, and banged their heads against the floor in an effort to contain their excitement. Justin now says, "You all know that I was unjustly eliminated first for taking my shirt off while everyone was voting. The only name the other contestants could focus on on their voting devices was mine, so they picked it. I guess that I have to admit that when I saw my one name on the voting device, I had to vote for myself." The audience gasps and Justin continues, "What? It was the sexiest name on there." The members of the audience then look to whoever is sitting next to them, nod at them, and agree with Justin's logic.

"That's true," Katie said. "I totally would have voted for you, too, Justin.

Sadie says, "I would have, too! Just to have Justin's name next to my fingers." Both girls let out a sigh.

"Let's get on with the show!" Justin says as he randomly flexes his biceps.

"Um, Justin?" A producer says over the sound system, "I'm so sorry to interrupt your hotness. I shouldn't have done that. Please forgive me. What I was going to say wasn't nearly as important as your flexing..."

Justin, who is visibly annoyed, says, "I'll let it slide this time. What is it?"

The producer says, "Thank you for showing mercy on someone as insignificant as I. I'm not worthy." Justin looks at his fingernails as the producer continues, "Anyway, the show is supposed to be hosted by the first two contestants eliminated."

"Oh right," Justin says, "Who was that, again? Was it Gwen?"

"No," The producer says, "Let me check my notes..." Rustling pages are heard over the sound system.

"Do I go on now?" Harold says as he tries to step out from behind the curtain. He fails to find the opening in the curtain and the imprint of his body is seen as he struggles to find his way on stage. The audience stares at the awkward situation staying completely silent.

Justin points to himself as he says, "Um... Everybody? I'm still right here." The audience cheers wildly.

Courtney stands up and says, "Since Duncan is still on the show, and we haven't seen each other in forever, I just decided to break up with him. I'm single, Justin!" The shocked audience stops applauding to stare at Courtney. Courtney blushes and sits back down. Noah slaps his forehead (leaving the majority still exposed).

"Um, right. Until the technology is developed that can clone me, I'm not too interested in dating, but thanks for the offer," Justin says as he points and winks at Courtney. Courtney folds her arms and scowls. Katie, Sadie, and Cody faint at the thought of two Justins.

"Is anyone out there? Can anyone help me?" Harold says as he still struggles to make his way on stage. This plea is ignored.

Justin says, "The third contestant to be eliminated is way less hot than I am."

Eva says, "It's true. No matter who it is." A disappointed Noah shakes his head at Eva.

"Let's bring out Gwen," Justin says.

Gwen steps on stage to an applauding audience (of course, the applause didn't measure on the Richter scale like it did for Justin). "Hey," Gwen says as she waves out to the audience.

"Welcome to the show," an uninterested Justin says. "Tell us about your stay on the show."

Gwen says, "Well, LeShawna found out that I schemed with Duncan to vote Harold out. She was mad at me, I guess. She said 'It's not like Harold and I are dating, but I'm throwing you in front of the next passing bus for betraying me, girl.' I felt threatened by the... threat. I voted myself off, even though the other team was still lost during the 'Children of the Maize' challenge. A million dollars isn't worth more than my life, right?"

"I'm bored, now," Justin says. A blade emerges from the curtain as Harold cuts his way out of the curtain. Katie, Sadie, and Cody wake up.

Harold says, "Using my sweet ninja sword, I have come out victorious in my battle against drapery. Yes!" The audience is ready to applaud, until Justin rips his shirt off. The audience claps and hollers for Justin. Katie, Sadie, and Cody faint again.

Ezekiel says, "Justin's body proves why guys are better than girls, eh?"

"Can we get back to the show?" an upstaged Harold asks. The audience blankly looks around.

"How about we bring out our next loser?" Justin asks. He turns his head and smiles. The audience applauds uncontrollably. A pregnant woman in the audience is induced to go into labor.

Harold sighs before he says, "Bridgette was the next player eliminated for accidentally burning down the girls' trailer, the set, and dropping a house on Heather. Everyone thought the last one was hilarious until Bridgette said she didn't do it on purpose. Bridgette felt that it would be safer if she left the show, so she had her team vote for her. Let's give her a warm welcome." The audience cheers.

A guy yells from the audience, "I love you more than anyone, Bridgette!" Justin flexes his pecs, and the same guy says, "Never mind."

"It's so nice to be here!" Bridgette says.

Harold says, "Hi, Bridgette. What was your favorite part of your experience on Total Drama Action?"

Bridgette thinks and says, "I'd have to say being close to Justin." The audience gasps and Bridgette says, "Did I say Justin? I meant Geoff! You all can understand my mistake, right?"

Sadie wakes up and says, "I totally understand. Where was I? Oh yeah!" She looks at Justin and faints, again.

Justin says, "We only have a few minutes left. What do you say," Justin addresses the audience, "Would you like to hear more from Gwen and Bridgette?" The audience cheers. Justin continues, "Or would you rather watch me pose?" The audience cheers and screams louder than they had the entire night. The theater begins to quake.

Harold says, "But we barely asked Bridgette or Gwen any questions. Gosh!"

"We don't care," Gwen and Bridgette say in unison as they gaze at Justin.

The last five minutes of the show feature Justin posing for the camera.

Tdifan1234's Story (1)

Codaa5's Story (1)

Redflare's Story (1)

“In five…four…three…two…one…ACTION!”

Tell Mom and Dad I’m doing fine You guys are on my mind You asked me what I wanted to be, But I think the answer is plain to see I want to be famous.

I want to live close to the sun, Pack your bags because I already won, Everything to do, nothing in my way, I’ll get there one day, ‘Cause I wanna be famous.

Nananananananananana I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous

“And we’re rolling!” called a camera man. Just then the camera turned to a red light, and then swerved around to two former TDA contestants. One of them had long red hair, and wore a green shirt, and a green skirt, while the other wore a blue sweater, and had jean capries. The red haired one was playing a hand held video game.

“Uh…Izzy…” said the one with the blue clothes.

“Who are you talking to Bridgett?” Izzy asked not looking up from her game.

“Izzy, we’re rolling,” Bridgett replied, but Izzy ignored her. “Oh yeah, E-scope we’re rolling.”

“WHAT!?!?!?!” Izzy screamed, and with the shock she launched her hand held game out of her hand, and it hit Bridgett in her face. “Bridgett…” But Bridgett wouldn’t move, and she just let out a wail. “I think she is in pain, so anyways welcome to TDA AFTERMATH!!!!!!!!!”

“Yeah hi…” Bridgett said attempting to stand up. Finally she caught her balance and began to get onto the sofa, but tripped right over it.

“Ooh, that’s got to hurt,” Izzy commented. All of a sudden a green light went on and Izzy knew what that meant. “Okay guys so as you know we are already down to our final five, here in total drama action, so let’s recap on the elimination order.”

“First voted out was Bridgett due to her constant making out with Geoff.

The next person eliminated was me because of my amazing skills that were too complex for the others.

In third place was Trent because he kept throwing challenges for his team.

The next person was Gwen because she lost the will to go on after Trent was voted out.

After Gwen, Geoff was voted out because of his sulking for Brid-“just then Izzy was cutoff by Bridgett who continued for her.

“After Geoff was voted off,” she continued. “Owen was voted off because he ate too much.

Then Duncan was voted off due to his threat that he made against Justin.

Then we merged, and Courtney and Eva joined. Right away Courtney was voted out since Eva won immunity.

Then Eva was once again spared when she won another immunity and DJ was voted out.

Then Harold was voted off cause Eva won her third immunity.

Next voted out was Lindsey due to her betrayal from Justin.

Now we are down to our final five Eva, Beth, Justin, LeShawna, and Heather.” Bridgett finally finished. Then Izzy began to talk.

“Now let’s introduce our speculators,” she said. The camera then turned to a row of chairs.

“Hello ‘Eh,” said a guy with a black sweater.

“Hello losers,” said a tan guy with a big forehead.

“Yo guys!” said a tan girl wearing a stripped shirt, and pink pants.

“Hello world,” said a guy wearing a red sweater.

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!” said a fat girl wearing something just like the tan girl. Then the camera moved back to Izzy.

“Okay,” Izzy started. “Now let’s introduce our first guest, Harold.” Harold slowly walked in and everyone began to cheer. “Hello Harold.”

“Hi,” Harold replied.

“Harold, why do you think you were voted off?” Bridgett asked.

“Because I was too awesome,” he replied.

“Okay Harold, before we ask you anymore questions, we want to introduce a game,” Izzy started. “It’s called TRUTH OR LAZER! We ask you questions, and if you lie you get hit by a laser.”

“Oka-“ Harold started to reply, but was cut off by Bridgett.

“Harold, do you feel like you should have done something differently so you could have stayed longer?” she asked.

“No! They were all jealous of my skills!” he yelled just then he was hit with a laser that sent him flying into the crowd.

“Okay, next we have Lindsey,” Izzy informed. Then she paused. “Where is she?” she asked the producers. Then a camera popped up and showed Lindsey in the aftermath of an earthquake with the words TDA on the ground.

“Wow…” Bridgett stated. But then she looked at her watch. “Looks like were out of time guys!”

“BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Everyone yelled in unison.

Kenzen11's Story (1)

Geoff and Bridgette on couch making out. Voice off screen 3 2 1 and action Geoff and Bridgette still making out. Voice off screen YOUR FIRED Geoff and Bridgette stand up and walk off Voice off screen Katie Sadie you are hired.

Hey welcome to TDA AfterMath said Katie

Today we will have Gwen and Dj visiting said Sadie

But first we will show you a clip not seen on the show said Katie

In the clip:

Dj:Chef i dont want to be in this alliance

Chef:That does not matter the only thing that matters the million


Chef:No you are winning the mill


Wow Chef is Mean i would feel so bad said Katie

Me to said Sadie

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yelled Katie and Sadie

Now Welcome Dj said Katie as the Audience applauded

Hello guys said Dj as he walked on

Dj how was it to be with Chef in that alliance said Katie

It was horrible and mama would not be proud said Dj

Speaking of mama now for a surprise guest Djs mama said Sadie

Hello Devon Joesph i am so proud of you said Djs Mama

Hi Mama said Dj

Well now for a new segment Mamas always right with Mama said Katie

Send in messages for questions about the show said Sadie

Ok said Mama

Question one is from Sandra Who do you want to win Mama said Katie

Well No one they all are liars i will say who i want to lose that Heather said Mama

Heather who doesn't want her to lose said Sadie

Well we will be right back said Katie

Welcome back said Sadie

We are here with the Karma queen Gwen said Katie

Hey said Gwen

Ok now for a Truth or be hit by a hammer said Sadie

Are you glad you got voted off asked Katie

Yes it was full of nutjobs said Gwen

Ok next do you wish you could go back asked Sadie

Ya i guess i mean one million dollars said Gwen

Well that is it we are out of time so bye said Katie

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bye see ya next time said Katie and Sadie

The End

Fadingsilverstar16's Story (1)

How Noah managed to get himself into these kind of situations, he would never know.

Running a slightly sweaty hand through his brown hair for what seemed like the hundredth time that hour, the not-too-happy teenager sat down on the couch that was placed in the middle of the unlit stage. Wrinkling his nose at the musty smell of the sofa, Noah crossed his arms and leaned back against its firm back, shooting a glance at his co-host. Cody looked like he was attempting to be laid back. Bent forward with his right elbow supported by his knee, he'd balled his hand into a fist and was using it to prop up his chin. Having a sharper eye than anyone gave him credit for, Cody returned the glance with a gap-toothed smile of his own.

“So...have you done anything like this before?” he asked, trying to sound nonchalant although Noah could detect the hidden tinge of nervousness in his friend's voice. The dark skinned teen shrugged, turning his gaze toward the deep red curtain that looked black in the darkness. Soon, that curtain would open up, revealing the stage to the audience members that were currently taking their seats.

“Not really. Although, there was this one thing in the ninth grade-”

One minute, people!” came the shrill voice of the director, piercing the ears of everyone in the vicinity. The other cast mates, some of which had been standing around and talking, proceeded to sit down in the section for those eliminated or not allowed to compete. Noah sighed, kind of glad for the interruption. Maybe it was a blessing that he didn't have to revisit that day again, much less tell the story to someone who might blab it on national television.

“Well, good luck dude,” said Cody, straitening in his seat as the lights came on and the curtain parted. Noah gave him a quick nod in response before they both turned to the camera. The director held up his right hand, stretching out his fingers.

“In five...four...three...two...” he yelled, giving a signal to the cameraman, who proceeded to start recording.

“Hey, I'm Cody!”

“I'm Noah.”

“And welcome to another episode of Total Drama Action Aftermath!” The audience cheered at this, along with polite clapping from all on the stage.

“Now, we all know about Gwen and Trent's recent eliminations due to...relationship problems,” said Noah, tone a little more uneasy than he would have liked. “Why don't we bring out all who've been eliminated campers to discuss that? Please welcome Geoff, Bridgette, and DJ!” The audience cheered again to express their delight as the cast mates that Noah had just named off entered and sat down.

“Hey guys! How's it been?” questioned Cody as the eliminated contestants took their seats, but not before exchanging some high fives with Geoff and DJ.

“It's been dramatic, to say the least!” answered Bridgette, chuckling along with the audience. Courtney, who was sitting with those who not allowed to compete in TDA, cocked an eyebrow in confusion.

“Where are Gwen and Trent?” she asked. Noah pressed a button on the touch screen computer in front of him, making a split screen showing both Gwen and Trent in separate waiting rooms appear.

“We'll bring them out after discussing their situations a little,” he addressed her, to which the brown-haired girl nodded. The split screen disappeared as Cody pressed another button.

“Alright, what do you think about Gwen's elimination?” he continued. Katie raised her hand.

“It was a real shocker for me! I kind of expected her to get further in the competition. She did so well last season!” Sadie nodded.

“But she did kinda deserve it after what she did to Trent,” she said. Geoff wrinkled his nose.

“I really, really hate to bring up all of the stuff that we argued about in the last show, but Trent went nuts! Even if Gwen hadn't told the Grips to vote him off, it was his turn to go anyway!” he said, throwing his arms up to emphasize his point.

“Do you think that they'll try to make up?” asked Noah. DJ raised his hand.

“Now, I don't like to badmouth people and I like Gwen and all, but I don't think I would be ready to take her back if I were Trent—“

Puh-lease!” interjected Eva, who hadn't bothered talking for all this time. “If he was willing to throw the challenges for her, that means he should've also been willing to have his butt kicked off for her, too!”

“I agree.” Courtney sighed. “I mean, he probably didn't see it this way, but if he didn't want to risked being eliminated, he shouldn't have started cheating.” Not planning to say anymore, she plucked her cell phone from her pocket and phoned her lawyer, mumbling about some lawsuit that no one really cared about.

“Well, let's not wait any longer! Please welcome Gwen and Trent!” announced Cody. The audience thundering applause could be heard even outside of the building as the former lovebirds entered the stage from opposite sides. Upon seeing each other, both looked down at their feet and walked over to the couch for eliminated cast mates, silently sitting down on opposite sides of it. The audience quieted. Even Courtney, who was babbling on her cell, paused to look at Gwen and Trent. The cameras were still rolling, all eyes focused on the goth and the guitar player.

No one made a sound.

The two hosts exchanged uneasy glances. 'What do we do?' mouthed Cody, to which Noah shook his head and shrugged. Bridgette, sensing that both of them were out of ideas, decided to take matters into her own hands.

“Uh...Gwen! Trent! How are you guys?” she asked cheerfully.

“Fine,” they said almost too quickly, neither returning her enthusiastic smile.

“That's great,” the blonde teen returned, not discouraged at all. Anything to break the awkward silence. “So, why don't we take in some text messages?” Bridgette turned to look at the bookworm, who blinked in response.

“Uh...okay,” said Noah, looking around for the small blue cell phone that had once been on the table but had fallen off. As everyone fell quiet once again, he dug around in the seats of the couch for about two minutes. Sometime during those one hundred and twenty seconds, Courtney got bored began to gab on her phone again. Gwen's temper was also wearing thin. Huffing, she crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes, glaring at the floor as if it were the cause of this unfortunate situation.

Two more minutes passed. Backstage, the director was getting nervous. All of this silence was not good for ratings.

Gwen rolled her eyes.

“Are we going to sit here, or are we gonna talk? This is a talk show! You guys could bother asking some questions, you know,” she snapped, the frustration evident in her tone.

“Alright, why can't you two just get back together and you know, make out and stuff, eh?” piped up Ezekiel, to the surprise of everyone in the room. Gwen narrowed her eyes at him.

“Why would it matter to you, homeschool?”

“Ouch, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today,” muttered Noah. Cody jabbed him in the ribs with his elbow.

“Not helping,” he whispered softly.

“Well, I may not know much about girls and kissing and stuff, but I think dwelling on it is not gonna make things better, eh? I think you guys should get over it and stop being mad and stuff and you know, make up!” The audience clapped at this, the eyes of everyone on stage widening at Ezekiel's words. Trent, still looking extremely uncomfortable, stole a glance at his former girlfriend, meeting her eyes for a fleeting second. They both looked away immediately. Finally, Gwen let out a deep breath.

“Trent? Backstage, now. We need to talk,” she said, jabbing her thumb towards the exit. Trent, too surprised to protest, followed her out. Bridgette quickly rose and pushed Cody aside, touching the screen of the computer. On the TV hanging above their heads, a security camera image appeared, showing the the musician and the goth girl standing in a hallway. They stared at each other awkwardly, not sure who was going to talk first.

“Gwen, I—“

“Trent, I—“


“ go first.”

“Gwen, I'm so sorry this happened. I ruined our relationship and your chance at a million dollars...”

“Trent, this was my fault. I should've told you that it didn't matter who won—“

“But I was the one who went psycho! I messed up everything and oh God...I'm sorry...”

“Oh please, I was the one who told your team to vote you off.”

“I deserved it! I don't know, I just didn't wanna lose you. I thought that the competition would get to our heads and—“

The entire audience gasped, many girls squealing in delight as Gwen suddenly grabbed his shirt, pulling him close and crashing their lips together. The kiss lasted for a good thirty seconds, the girl letting go of the green fabric after a few moments and snaking her arms around Trent's neck. Both of their faces were flushed in embarrassment when she finally let go. Gwen, realizing what she had just done, hung her head, chuckling nervously.

“Uh...sorry about that. It was kind of spur of the moment and—“



“Shut up and kiss me.”

The crowd's applause was earth shattering. The director (who had just finished firing some random intern out of frustration at the plummeting ratings) let out a sigh of relief and gave the signal to wrap it up. The brown haired teen, covering his eyes with one hand in exasperation, waved his hand at Cody, who quickly got the message.

“Um...I guess that's it for today! Tune in next time for another episode of Total Drama Action Aftermath!” With that the cameras stopped rolling and the curtains fell closed, Noah getting up and leaving as soon as the stage was no longer visible to the audience. There were a lot of things that he understood, being a genius and all, but after this little event, he was sure he would never understand romance.


Usitgz's Story (1)

"Welcome to TDA Aftermath!" screamed Izzy.

"Um, yeah that was kind of scary Izzy," said Owen.

"Will you two stop talking, its really annoying!" demanded Eva.

"Nope, hehehe I'm Izzy and thats Owen, we're the host of this show a..." said Izzy.

"We know that Izzy," said Courtney

"As Izzy was saying, say Hello to the previous losers!" annouced Owen.

Cody and Ezekiel stood up and bowed. Courtney was talking to her lawyer on the phone. Eva was yelling at Noah. Katie and Sadie stood up and curtsied. Noah was reading a book and ignoring Eva. Tyler waved at the crowd.

"Say hello to the first guest... Wait who's the first guest?" pondered Izzy.

"Let's see here hum... Oh! It's Beth!" Owen figured out.

"Hi guys," said Beth.

"So Beth what was it like being betrayed by Justin?" asked Owen.

"Wha... Wha... What? I didn't know Justin betrayed me," cried Beth.

"What do you expect from a no good liar?" said Izzy.

"Hey I heard that!" Justin exclaimed over the loudspeaker.

"We forgot to tell you Justin is in the backroom," Owen said.

"OK, time to play the easy quiz, get one long and you DIE!" Izzy told creepily.

"Um, do I have to do this?" askedally scared Beth.

"YES!" Izzy exclaimed creepily.

"Question 1: what is 2+2?" asked Owen.

"Four," said Beth

"CORRECT! Question 2: If I have 3 apples and burn 2 of them how many do I have?" asked Izzy.

"One!" exclaimed Beth happily.

"Correct, Question 3: What is the square root of pi divided by x to the thirty-third power?" asked Owen.

"I don't know!" exclaimed a really scared Beth.

"You will now die, I'm sorry," said Owen

Suddenly the stage burst into flames. Everyone was running around ion panic. In the chaos Ezekiel and Cody ran into each other, Eva tripped Noah, and Tyler, Katie, and Sadie got stuck in the doorway.

"Sorry the show is cancelled, bye," said a freakout intern. Then the camera burnt to a crisp.


TDIMan7's Story (1)

“You Dudes and Dudettes out there!” said Geoff “Bridge won’t be with us today, She got the Flu.” Today we got two more visitors, “Please Welcome Gwen!”

Gwen Is in a Fetal position in the Green room,

“I got it” said Noah, A few minutes later , Noah carries Gwen to the Bench,

“So Gwen, How does it feel to be Eliminated?” Asked Geoff

Gwen stayed Quiet

“Uh, Gwen?”

Gwen didn’t say anything,

“Uh, okay, Please welcome, DJ!”

“Hi, Dudes!” Said DJ “

So DJ, Why did you agree to have an Alliance with Chef anyway?”

“I realized I needed to toughen up.” Said DJ “But I like being me!”

“Okay!” Said Geoff ” Bye!”

Week Two

Sorreltail18's Story

KAtie Playa des losers

Katie got of the boat, still crying, after her elmination and her seperation from Sadie her BFFFL. She got in her room and went down to the pool area and hugged a Sadie picture. Noah was annoyed by Katie's sobbing, Eva threatened Katie if she kept on crying Eva would chuck a dumball at her, and Ezekil just relaxed in the hot tub, picking his nose. After Tyler was voted off, he told her Sadie misses her and she was doing great. Katie just stared at Tyler and broke into tears. Justin walked by them. With his shirt off, Eva followed him and it caught Katie's attention. "Uh...Hi Justin", she said. Justin ignored and pretended there was a paperazi. He posed and smiled. "DUDE KATIE WAS SAYING SOMETHING TO YOU!!!", Tyler said. Noah just stared and said "Great, the anti-me!". Justin rolled his blue eyes and faced Katie. "Hi Katie", he said. When Sadie was voted off, Katie begged to go on the boat to reunite her BFFFL Sadie and they did, they shrieked with happiness.

Zakkoroen's Story

Duncan at Playa Des Losers

"Aaah! Wheww. Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Whew." Duncan continued the cycle of screaming and being relieved as Chef- or was it Sasquachenakwa- continued pulling off masks. Finally, Chef pulled at his mask-- but it wasn't a mask. A bit of skin ripped off of Chef as he shrieked in pain. Duncan cracked up. Chef pushed Duncan onto a dock, while Duncan continued laughing. "Good riddance!" Chef muttered as the boat put-putted away. "Duncan!" shouted a voice, and all at once Duncan felt himself being kissed. He opened his eyes to find Courtney beaming down on him. Around them was a beautiful resort. All the past losers played and goofed off, not a care in the world. "Well," said Duncan, "This is where the losers go? Heh. Shoulda gotten myself voted off day one." Courtney chuckled. "C'mon, you lug," she said, helping him up. "You can help me find Harold again and beat him to a pulp for voting me off!" Duncan grinned. "Just like old times," he said. "Just like old times." Hand in hand, they walked toward the pool, ready to bein the best eight days of their lives.

The End

Sunshine's Story

Justin's Transformation- A Playa des Author's Tale

Thinking… thinking… thinking…

Nineteenth place. Nineteenth place??? I thought, pacing in the early morning light of Playa des Losers. I’m not sure what I expected in this game, but I did expect to get farther than the fourth challenge. And the betrayal of my teammates, especially the female ones, stung. Especially considering, one, my amazing looks, and two, the fact that sitting next to me in the bottom two was Heather, who had that very night read another girl’s diary to the entire viewing world.

And here I was, at the loser’s resort, while she was happily seated among the final five back on the island.

Wondering… wondering…

How had she done it??? I thought bitterly, giving up my pointless pacing- it might affect my lovely feet anyways- and resting in a chair as the warm sun licked at my face and hair. I had to admit, it felt good. I pulled my shirt off to feel the heat on my chest, and could have sworn I heard some birds in the nearby trees sigh contently.

She would’ve needed at least five votes to get rid of me… I contemplated, closing my eyes as the rising sun’s heat brushed over my body. Who could she have gotten on her side? There was Heather, those two chicks in her alliance… who else would have voted with her?

I examined the faces of my ex-teammates in my head. The goth girl, who was the victim of the diary-reading, would have voted Heather. So would the guitarist, who was pretty much the goth’s boyfriend, and the short, nerdy kid, who was obsessed with the goth- I suddenly remembered her name was Gwen. There was also the African-American girl, who hated Heather with a passion. Three against me, four against her…

I rememberd the only two left that weren’t me- Owen, a large, chubby kid who seemed almost as obsessed with me as some women I knew, and Izzy, who was insane, and didn’t exactly have the best history with me. Izzy would have voted against me, and Owen didn’t seem like he’d be too hard to bribe. Five votes for me, four for Heather.

And of course, like an idiot, I’d stayed out of the vote against Heather, not wanting to make any enemies this early on. The result- me, staring at the cheap, dirty planks of wood that made up the Dock of Shame as I marched, confused and unhappy, to the Boat of Losers.

Nineteenth place.

Hating… hating…

It should have been Heather. I thought, rage flooding my head, like I’d just broken down a dam that had been shut for years. She should have been the one walking down that dock. I should still be there, practically to the win.

I should have won.

I smacked my forehead, trying to get these thoughts- these thoughts of anger, rage, and jealousy- to leave. I was starting to sound like that whiny, overachiever girl from the Bass, who commonly walked around this resort, complaining over and over that she was kicked off unfairly and should be in the game at that moment. Occasionally, seemingly when she thought no one was listening, she muttered things about a “Duncan” too. The name was familiar, but I couldn’t connect it to a face. That was beside the point, anyways.

I opened my eyes, and the sun was up in the sky, a few of my fellow losers strolling around the paradise. Most of them had accepted this more than I had. I was still brooding silently about my elimination.

Shoving these dark, hating thoughts out of my mind for now, I strolled over to the pool. A cool swim would help me get this mess of thoughts straight, I rationalized.

As I climbed up to the high dive, I was faintly aware of all the girls staring at my shirtless body. I was used to it. Things had been that way ever since I was young. I posed briefly at the top- a habit I’d gained from all my years of modeling- then dove neatly into the pool below. I pulled my head out of the pool, a few cool droplets of water clinging to my hair and skin, contrasting nicely to the warmth of the sun I’d felt not too long ago. I shook my head gently, watching my hair fling the droplets back into the water. I heard a sigh from behind me, and turned to find Katie and Sadie- two girls from the Killer Bass who were never apart for more than a few minutes- staring intently at me, like I was some great religious figure rather than a male model.

I stared with slight confusion at them. I never really had thought before of the way I attracted women. I’d just been doing it for so long, it seemed natural. But now that I was thinking about it, I never did see other guys my age being able to do the same thing.

A tiny seed of a thought formed in the back of my mind.

I flexed my muscles slightly. The two girls giggled and squealed, their cheeks flushed pink as they stared at me. I took in this reaction for a second, and then continued to experiment. I posed. I flexed. I dove into the water. I turned my head. I shook tiny droplets of water out of my hair. I blinked. No matter what I did, it resulted in squeals and murmurs from the girls- and jealous stares from nearby guys.

Realizing what all this meant, I grinned. The sight of my sparkling white teeth sent Katie and Sadie into complete hysterics. They obviously were not aware of the motive behind the smile. No longer would I be the nice background guy no one worried about. I had power. And I would use it.

Plotting… plotting… plotting…

The End...?

Thebiggestdifan's Story

An irrelevant note from the author: Seriously, what is wrong with people? I'M NOT TDIFAN1234!

Now for the story...

The Tyler and the Hare

Tyler brushed at the beads of sweat on his forehead. All day, all day he had been running, and he was never able to beat that punk Geoff. Now that was embarrassing, Tyler thought, as Geoff hadn’t done anything else except make out with Bridgette. He slumped down and let his feet soak in the giant swimming pool.

Suddenly, the sound of a motor rumbling aroused Tyler from his sadness. He jumped as a tall figure walked out, carrying a speaker which Beth eyed greatly.

“Here, take your stupid speaker back,” the figure said.

“You stole it from me, you delinquent!” Beth took the speaker, switching it from rock music to somewhat classical music.

Delinquent? Tyler had almost completely forgotten his former teammates once he had left until he had come here. But he instantly recognized this figure as Duncan.

“What do you want?” Tyler asked.

Duncan breathed like a gangster in a movie. “I want to challenge you to a race.”

Tyler panicked. “But—but—“

“Now get out of this pool!” Noah, Katie, Sadie, and Leshawna from another pool jumped. Noah screamed. He had met this shadowy figure before and did not exactly want to meet again.

Tyler jumped out of the pool and lined up next to Duncan. “What do I get if I win this race?” he asked carefully.

Duncan suddenly changed his voice tone and personality. “Well, I don’t think you’ll win, but, hey, I’ll help you with your dare for the next challenge.” All the eliminated contestants had gotten the memo about the dares and were scheduled to pick them tomorrow.

That was news to Tyler. He had always wanted to get revenge on Heather but never found the chance. His lack of creativity was saddening him about the dares, but with Duncan’s help he could make the perfect one.

Chef Hatchet, who occasionally passed by, volunteered to be referee. He blew a light gray whistle announcing the start of the race and the two losers took off.

They had run only about ten yards when Tyler slipped on a puddle. He tripped and hit his groin right on the edge of the pool and—

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The scream echoed through Playa Des Losers. Noah, Leshawna, Katie, Sadie, Izzy, Cody, and Trent cringed. Courtney stopped assaulting Harold and listened to the scream empathetically. Even Geoff and Bridgette, who were so engrossed in making out with each other, were startled.

But the race was not over yet for Tyler. He swam as best as he could, jumped out of the swimming pool and risked his life to pass Duncan and make it to Chef.

“Wow…” Chef was speechless. Then he turned back to his slunky, somber mood. “You could’ve gotten yourself killed.”

Chris, who had heard Tyler’s scream, called out on a screen. “Uh, Chef, take Tyler to the infirmary.” Chef whimpered.

“I don’t get paid enough for this job,” he muttered and walked away, dragging Tyler with him.

Duncan was bewildered. He slowly fainted after asking Chris for a replay, which he had gladly given Duncan the final look. Courtney went over and chewed Duncan out for losing, but Duncan was still conscious enough to grab her and kiss her.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Never give up if you wanna win the race!

Ezekielguy's Story

Anonymos's Story

The Playa Des Losers Dance

Leshawna, who was in charge of the dance, after Chef Hatchet quit in his position in charge of the dance, walked out to the outside of the Hotel Des Losers, where the competitors stayed, and placed a flyer outside, giving the details of dance, like where it was, when it would be and who to ask if you had questions. Tyler, who was also in charge of the dance, went with her. Leshawna cleared her throat and called out to those staying at the Hotel Des Losers, “Attention!” No one turned to face her, “Hey, guys!” Still no one gave her their attention, “HEY, Y’ALL!!! LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!!” She screamed. All the heads whipped around to face her.

Tyler was the next to speak, “We’re having a dance tonight in the dining hall in the hotel, at 7 at night.” Some faces lit up when they heard they were having a dance. “There will be a dance competition that night as well, during the dance. It will be a couples dance contest. All couples will compete, and one couple will be left standing.” All the other faces lit up when they heard that a contest would be held. Tyler and Leshawna then proceeded to return into the building to start deciding on decorations.

“EEEEEEEEE!!!” Katie squealed, “A dance!!!!”

“I know, right!!!!!!” Sadie squeaked.

“I am so winning,” Heather said, “But I need a partner.” She looked at all the eligible boys to dance with. There was Owen, Duncan and Justin. She first decided to ask Duncan. She walked over Duncan and batted her eyes. “Duncan,” She asked, “I need a date to the dance. I would be honored if you would join me to dance in the contest.”

“No can do, tutz,” Duncan replied, nonchalantly, “I’m asking Gwen.”

Heather was disgusted, “Ew! You can have your alien, you freak!” She yelled.

Gwen sided up to Duncan and said, “I take it she doesn’t take rejection well.”

“Yeah,” Duncan sighed, “Would you by any chance like to come with me to the dance?”

“You kidding?” Gwen inquired, a bit surprised. Duncan shook his head and Gwen replied, “Sure, Dunc!”

Meanwhile, Beth was in her bedroom talking with Katie and Sadie. “So who are you guys gonna ask to the dance?” Beth asked.

“Katie!” Sadie squealed.

“Sadie!” Katie squeaked. The two girls hugged and then Katie turned to Beth, “What about you?” She questioned.

“Oh, I was gonna ask Justin…” Beth sighed, “But I doubt he’d want to go to the dance with me…”

“Sure he would!” Sadie exclaimed, “His top two choices are already taken.”

“Who would those be?” Beth asked.

“Me and Katie, silly!” Sadie said, “Don’t you know anything? Anyway, I heard that Gwen is already taken, so that leaves you and Heather.”

“Yeah, you’re better than Heather!” Katie complemented.

“Aw, thanks guys!” Beth remarked. She went off to go ask Justin to ask, but that was exactly what Heather was going to do. Justin was by the pool, looking at himself in a mirror.

Heather arrived first, “Oh, Justin, you look so handsome,” She crooned.

“I know,” Justin conceitedly replied.

“Justin, if you’re not doing anything for the dance-“ Heather was saying, but Justin cut her off.

“I know who I’m going to ask,” Justin retorted.

Beth ran up, almost out of breath, “Is- is it too late to ask you to the dance?”

“No,” Justin replied.

“Justin, would you by any chance like to go to the dance with me?” Beth nervously asked.

Justin pondered this for a second and finally replied with, “Okay. I was going to ask Katie and Sadie to the dance, but I heard they had dates.”

“Yeah, they do,” Beth said.

“Well, no what am I gonna do?!?!!” Heather cried out in despair, “The only boy left is Owen!!! And I don’t want to ask him!!!”

At that moment, Owen, oblivious to what Heather was saying, walked up to her and asked, “Heather, would you like to accompany me to the dance?”

Heather grimaced, then finally muttered, “Fine…”

Owen broke out in a big grin and exploded, “YAY!!! Come on let’s go get ready!!!” He grabbed Heather by the wrist and dragged her away from Beth and Justin.

Heather had a frightened expression on her face as she screamed, “Someone help me!!!! He’s taking me to his cave!!!!!!!”

Beth and Justin were oblivious because they were staring into each other’s eyes.

Tyler and Leshawna then emerged form the hotel and Leshawna yelled, “ALL couples must be buy girl!”

Katie and Sadie exchanged a look, but then Katie’s face lit up with an idea, “Come on, Sadie, and let’s go get ready for the dance!”

After all the couples were ready, the dance was about to begin. The first pair to arrive was Justin and Beth. Justin was wearing a purple two-piece suit with orange pinstripes, a pink shirt and a seafoam green tie. Beth was wearing a green dress, with rhinestones decorating the bottom of the dress.

They walked to the dance floor and began to spin around and around.

The next pair to arrive was Owen and Heather. Owen was wearing a plaid suit, a plaid shirt and a plaid bow tie. Heather was wearing a purple dress, with a big blue bow tied around her waist.

They began to dance as well. Actually, Heather was dancing, Owen was eating cocktail weenies from the snack table.

The third couple was Duncan and Gwen. Duncan and Gwen more casual than the other couples. Duncan was wearing jeans and shirt without sleeves. Gwen wore jeans and a tank top.

They also began to dance.

The final couple of the night, Katie and Sadie arrived. Katie was wearing a dressy pink top and a matching purple skirt. Sadie was wearing khaki pants and a button down shirt……. And a fake mustache.

“Welcome to the dance, Katie and… and… who is this absolutely, amazingly stunning and gorgeous man?” Leshawna asked, mouth agape.

“This is… is… Sado,” Katie said.

“Sup?” “Sado” asked.

“Hey, Sado,” Leshawna drooled, “Need a dance partner? I’m eligible.” “I’m dancing with Katie,” “Sado” replied.

“Okay,” Leshawna moped, then turned to “Sado” and whispered, “Call me.”

As Katie and “Sado” walked past the other couples, Gwen, Beth and Heather froze completely after they saw this “handsome man”.

Tyler walked on the stage with Leshawna. “It is now time for the dance contest!” Leshawna cried out. All the couples were still gaping at “Sado”. “Oh, for crying out loud…” Leshawna muttered. She then whipped out a bullhorn and blasted it. All eyes were on her. “The dance contest is about to begin, and if Tyler or I tap you, clear the dance floor immediately. Ready, GO!” The music began to play. Tyler ran out in the midst of the couples with Leshawna.

Tyler tapped Gwen and Duncan on their shoulders and they were out. Owen fell on Heather by accident and Heather had to be medically evacuated. So they were out. That left Beth and Justin and Katie and “Sado”.

Thoughts were racing through Beth’s mind. “We might win this!” She thought, “Does this dress make me look fat? Justin had some onions before the dance, man his breath stinks.” She was thinking and thinking, but then the steam of thoughts were disrupted by a tap on the shoulder and they were out.

“Katie and “Sado” win!” Leshawna shouted. She gave them a crown and a tiara.

“EEEEEE!!!!” Katie squealed.

At that point, the dance was almost over and everyone had left except for Justin and Beth.

“It doesn’t matter that we lost the dance contest,” Beth reassured.

“I know,” Justin said, “But there’s one other thing that’s still on my mind.”

“What’s that?” Beth asked.

“You’re about to find out,” Justin replied as he leaned in, lips puckered, and the two of them kissed.

“Man, his breath stinks! I hate onions!” Beth thought.

Turnertang's Story

What the Campers do for Fun at the Resort

“What’s up everyone?” Chris asked as walked over to the contestants that lost “I need some interviews with you so stay here.” Chris demanded

“Why should we?” Duncan replied rudely “You haven’t done anything for us.”

“Well if you don’t I don’t get paid!” Chris yelled as he walked over to some other contestant “So Leshawna, what’s it like being here?”

“Well we play a lot of games here. Yesterday Heather and I played some poker.” Leshawna replied to Chris as Heather walked over

“We’ve became BFFs here.” Heather remarked looking as she was going to throw up

“Are you okay Heather?” Chris asked

“Just fine.” Heather replied as she threw up in the pool

“Gross!” Sadie yelled as she ran out of the pool with Katie

“I know it’s so gross!” Katie replied as she ran out of the pool

“EEEEEEEEEEE!” They both screeched, “We think the same stuff is gross!”

“Wait, I just remembered something.” Leshawna said, “Heather still owes me ten dollars from yesterday!” Leshawna yelled as Heather backed away

“Come here Heather!” Leshawna yelled “Don’t you run! You can’t escape me!”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” Heather yelled as Leshawna jumped on her

“Moving on.” Chris said to himself as he walked over to Gwen and Owen “So what have you been doing around here?” Chris asked as he grabbed some food

“Well I’ve been doing a lot of eating.” Owen replied as he grabbed some food

“Shocker.” Chris said sarcastically to himself

“I have been swimming, playing games, and o lot of resting.” Gwen remarked as she sat down “Now leave me be.”

“Fine Miss Grumpy Pants.” Chris said as he walked away

“Wait, one last thing.” Owen said to Chris

“What might that be?” Chris asked

“Are you going to finish that?” Owen asked staring at Chris’s food

“Knock yourself out.” Chris said as he tossed the food to Owen and walked over to Tyler and Duncan who were playing Frisbee “I see you’ve been enjoying yourself.” Chris remarked

“Of course. The only thing we do here is play games.” Tyler said as Duncan threw the Frisbee and it his head

“Nice catch.” Duncan said sarcastically trying not to laugh “Anyways being here is so much better than your lamo camp.”

“Well…” Chris started as he tried to find a reason that this place was worse than camp “Yeah, your right this place is much better.”

“Jump!” Duncan yelled as he jumped away as Heather and Leshawna came through fighting

“Give me those ten bucks!” Leshawna screamed as she through Heather into the pool

“AAAAAHHHH!” Heather yelled as she fell into the pool “Leshawna, you are so dead.”

“That’s what you get for messing with the wrong sister!” Leshawna said proudly as she walked away

“Looks like that settled.” Tyler commented as he missed the Frisbee and it hit Sadie’s head

“Ouch!” Sadie said as she rubbed the back of her head

“So girls what do you do here?” Chris asked as he walked to them

“Well, we stare at Justin the whole day.” Katie replied as Justin walked by “EEEEEEEE! He’s so cute!”

“I know Katie! EEEEEEEE!” Sadie screamed back while Chris backed away and went to Justin

“So what do you like to do here?” Chris asked

“Well, I swim, look beautiful, and avoid Katie and Sadie.” Justin told Chris as he jumped into the pool

“Okay I’ll catch you later bro.” Chris said as he walked back to the boat “Thanks for the interviews guys.”

“Get out of here!” They all yelled as they started to throw stuff at him

“Talk about some grumpy teens. Anyways those were the interviews I’ll see you next time on Total Drama Island!” Chris yelled as the camera shut off

Tdi's Story

Katie At PlayA De Losers

I was crying.


It wasn't that I was eliminated on Total Drama Island, and it wasn't the I got eighteenth either.

It was that I had been seperated from my best friend, Sadie

I knew she was crying too.

When I thought I was at the dock in my hometown, I found out I was at this nice resort near Total Drama Isand. Still, I was sad about being away from Sadie. Chef escorted me to my room in the hotel. When I walked in, there was a dead silence. The hotel was huge! The lobby is larger than my house, and my house is large! Chef told me my room was on the third floor, room number one-hundred. I went up the elevator and walked out. My room was conveniently near the elevator. I opened my door, and the room was larger than my living room! It had everything! A kitchen, bathroom, bed, T.V, everything! I laid on my bed, then got up to see everyone else who got eliminated. There wasn't many others, though. Ezekiel, who had made sexist comments. I hate him for that. Eva, the girl who needs anger managment classes. Better stay away from her. Noah. A guy who is smart, but doesn't excercise a lot. Justin, a mega hottie. I hope he gets to know me. Wait. Sadie also likes him. With no Sadie, I can get closer to him and I can have him! I walk out to the pool. Eva was lifting weights. Justin was at the smoothie bar. Noah was reading. Of course. Ezekiel was in the hot-tub.

"Wow. I knew one of you would be out," Noah said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I said. I knew what he meant, I was just angry.

"It was obvious one of you would be out tonight," Noah replied.

"Whatever," I said. Noah went back to reading.

I started walking toward Justin, but Eva was in the way. I could tell she didn't want to be near anyone, because the way she moved away from me. I didn't want to be near her anyways. I got in the pool, swam to the bar, and sat next to Justin. He is so hot.

"OMG! Sadie, look. It's Justin!" I said. I had forgotten Sadie was on Total Drama Island. Justin smiled. I couldn't tell if he was smiling because what I said and he was laughing on the inside. Mabye because he likes me! I went with the latter. I think I'll like it here.

Ricky490's Story

Owenguy101's Story

Duncan's tale-A Playa Des Losers story

The Contestants are now at the final three and nineteen losers are at Playa des losers. The newest person to arrive here was Duncan who was eliminated because of his grudge with Chef.

"I can’t believe I got voted off before the final three. Darn that Chef." said Duncan. "I sure hope either Gwen or Owen wins. Heather’s a jerk. Oh well. I’ll go look around."

Duncan goes into the main lounge to show a very nice lobby. "Wow. It’s like a hotel." said Duncan. "You said it ey." said Ezekiel nerby. "Well well. It’s the first one voted off. The home schooled sexist." said Duncan. "Please don’t hurt me!" shouted Ezekiel. "I’m not going to hurt you. I just need to know what to do here." said Duncan. "Oh. You do the same at Camp Wawanakwa, except with no challenges, no icky food, and pools and sports eh." said Ezekiel. "I like it already." said Duncan.

Duncan goes by some doors and finds one that says Duncan. "Is this my room" he asks. "Yes." said an intern going by. The intern gives him the key. "Wow. Nice room." says Duncan. He then notices something. "Hey. I forgot that Courtney’s here." he says, "I’d better find her."

As Duncan heads for the pool area, he comes toward none other than Harold. "Ahhh! Duncan. What do you want?" said Harold. "I’m looking for Courtney. If you don’t tell me, I’ll hurt you." said Duncan with his hand in a fist. Harold gulps. "Uh. She’s over at the snack area." Said Harold. "Okay." Said Duncan. He leaves Harold.

Duncan goes to Courtney. "Hey Courtney." he says. "Hi Duncan." she says, "If you see Harold, he’s totally dead." "Uh oh." says Harold near by. "What did he do?" asks Duncan. "He voted me off!" Courtney shouts. "What?! He’s so dead!" says Duncan. "Uh oh." said Harold noticing Duncan and Courtney tearing the lights out. Harold runs off. "Come back here!" shouts Duncan as he and Courtney punch in a lot off screan.

Later that night, everyone’s at the pool with Harold all beaten up. "It’s almost the final two. Who should win?" asks Trent playing his guitar. "Owen." said some people. "Gwen." said the others. "Definitely not Heather." said Duncan. "Yeah. Totally." Said everyone else. "Duncan. With you here, you made everything similar like on the island." said Trent. "Thank you." said Duncan. "Yo guys. Lets all boogie eh." said Ezekiel. Everyone dances in the night sky why near the fire lit lights and the nice shiny pool.

And that’s our story off Duncan’s arrival and the nineteen losers. It will soon be the final three.


Sprinklemist's Story

Anger. The only thing Heather was able to feel. She had made it so far into the competition, made enemies with people she barely knew, betrayed friends just for her own advancement. All to be eliminated on a technicality. Her fists were clenched as she rode the Boat of Losers. Now she had to face those people. The ones that she betrayed, alienated, and eliminated. The vessel arrived at its destination. "This is where those losers have been staying?" Heather thought to herself. She stepped off of the boat as a cabana boy took her luggage. Now the only emotion Heather felt was envy. "I could have stayed here the entire time, instead of enduring the cesspool that was Camp Wawanakwa?" Heather thought as she stroked what was left of her hair. "I might as well have been eliminated first, instead of that weird home-schooled kid. Third place is just as bad."

"Right this way, Miss," the cabana boy said to her. "I'll show you where you'll be staying." The Playa des Losers was a large resort with an enormous pool. In order to get to her room, Heather had to follow the cabana boy through the pool area. Unfortunately, that was where all the eliminated players were congregated. Heather took a deep breath as she walked through the area. She tried not to make eye contact with any of the losers. She knew what they were thinking. What they were staring at. For the first time in a long time, Heather felt nervous. Everyone there hated Heather. She knew it, they knew it, the cabana boy knew it. All they needed was an excuse to make fun of her, to laugh at her, to ridicule her. They had one.

"Nice haircut, heartless," a familiar voice said. Heather found it ironic that she was being insulted by the camper who was almost as hated as her.

"Drop dead, Noah," Heather retorted. That was the best she could do when she was confronted with the giggles and flat-out laughter. Heather had toyed with these people's emotions and their chances at winning. She had no idea what hurt she caused to many of them. To her they were all pawns that she used to further herself in the competition. The embarrassment of being eliminated and being beat by people that they thought should have been eliminated before them was something that Heather didn't even consider. She failed to realize that these were people. People with emotions, feelings, and lives. Lives they had to go back to. Lives that they didn't necessarily want to go back to. The embarrassment and shame that was felt by these eliminated campers was now something that Heather felt.

In what felt like an eternity, Heather finally was led to where she would be staying. The cabana boy spoke up, "Uh, since you're the last person to arrive... We kind of ran out of rooms. The housekeeper is currently on vacation. Something about a dying grandmother, so her room will serve as yours."

"What!?" Heather shouted in disbelief. "What are those rooms?" Heather pointed to two rooms across the hall that had pieces of paper that read "Reserved" taped to the doors.

"Those are for the winner and runner up. Uh," The cabana boy shrugged and said, "I guess we could make arrangements for you to stay with Katie and Sadie if you don't want to stay in the maid's quarters."

"This room is fine," Heather lied. Although, in her opinion it was better than the offered alternative. The cabana boy gave Heather a key, and walked away. Heather unlocked the door. If that room had a theme it would be "slate". The walls were gray. The floor was gray. It was depressing. Perfect for a person in Heather's position. If the person staying there was happy or optimistic, it would quickly change their attitude. Since Heather was already at the lowest point in her life, the room couldn't bring her down any further. Heather carried her bags inside and set them down. After she shut the door behind her, Heather let out a sigh. She looked around the dreary room and felt humbled. At least the room had its own bathroom connected. She wouldn't have to share with Owen once he arrived. She opened a compartment in her bag and pulled out a razor blade. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the sink. The water that came out was not the color water should be, but it didn't matter. Heather raised the razor to her head and cut off the first clump of hair. Heather cried as she shaved off the remaining hair on her head. She felt remorse. Thoughts raced into her mind, "Why did she do all of those things to those strangers? What made her become such a horrible person? Why was it okay for her to toy with people the way she did?" Heather gazed into the dirty mirror. Her hair, her most prized possession, was gone. The remainder of it was now in the drain of some disgusting sink in a rundown bathroom in a remote part of Canada.

Heather experienced a new feeling as she looked at herself in the mirror. The feeling was resolve. She was resolved to move beyond this moment in her life with her head held high. She was resolved to make a change. She knew she would face opposition from the other campers and those who had already judged her by viewing 22 minutes of her summer every week. Her efforts to change would be discarded as being fake. She would have to use all of her internal strength to be nice, genuinely. Heather knew it would be a struggle and that she would most likely fail. She couldn't wait to get home to try to start her life over, again. It would be impossible to turn over her new leaf with the surrounding campers. But Heather knew, as all sorts of conflicting emotions battled inside of her, that she needed to make that change. She was ready. There were a few days left, though, as Gwen and Owen still were competing for the 100,000 dollars. Heather still felt the need to take her revenge on Gwen. She was told by the Boat of Loser's driver that the eliminated campers would all return to watch the final events take place. Heather tried to think up some ways to act against the girl who had caused her elimination by teaming up with Owen. A fiendish smirk appeared on Heather's face. Heather was still determined to change her ways... Once she returned home.

Tdifan1234's Story

Codaa5's Story

Redflare's Story

Why me?

Why not Heather?

Why am I the one that it happened to?

I thought everybody liked me?

But I guess I was wrong…

I stepped off the boat almost in tears; Chef had told me that the losers voted me off. They chose to get rid of me instead of Heather. There had to be some reason behind it. Did they like me so much they couldn’t stand to have me stay with Heath-wait…this isn’t home this is a spa. I turned around, and I could still see the “Total Drama Island” from here. What was going on? Was this a resort for me, did they not really vote me off and just voted to send me for a spa getaway. Wait…how could there be a spa this close to that cruddy old camp, there must have been a trick.

I stepped in, my hands on my hips, and making sure my booty was sticking out. I could feel my black hair brush against my dark skin, but I tried to ignore it. As soon as I stepped inside the door I saw an intern. I even recognized him, it was Phil one of the camera men, what was he doing here? I looked around and saw a board with a name painted on it. It said ‘Playa Day Losers’. What? What could that mean? I wondered as I kept walking.

I was shown to a room, and it was huge! It was bigger then my house back in Toronto. Well I did live in a small apartment with my mom. But with all that behind, it was huge! My room had red walls and a red roof, I don’t really like the color red, but it was okay. I saw a refrigerator, and when I opened it I saw more food then I could imagine. I was really happy to have something edible instead of the regular slob chef fed us. I ran and jumped onto the bed, but before I was able to sleep I was woken by a knock on my door. I opened it and I was surprised at who I saw.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Katie and Sadie squealed as they saw me.

“Like it’s so totally great to have you here.” They both said it at the same time almost as if in sync.

“It’s great to be here,” I replied, but then I realized I had to bring up ‘The Question’.

“Girls, how did I get eliminated?” I asked, and both of them turned red.

“Uh…Heather tricked us into eliminating you!” Sadie exclaimed nervously. I could tell they were lying, but I didn’t dare to say anything.

“C’mon LeShawna,” Sadie started. “Let’s go see the others.”

I followed them with my usual way of walking, hands on my hips and my booty sticking out. As I walked I couldn’t help thinking about the game. I was eliminated to soon for my liking. At least I got 5th place I got farther then I thought I would. I really thought I would be out before I could even make it to the merge. But at least I did.

As I walked I saw the other eliminated campers one by one, staring at me. I saw Courtney beating up Harold with a lamp post, and I waved at Harold who attempted to wave back, but was unable to thanks to Courtney. I brushed it off, and kept walking.

The next person I passed was Noah. He was reading ‘War and Peace’. He looked up saw me, I growled acting as if I believed Katie and Sadie, and Noah hid his face in the book. Before I could comment he began to walk away. His large forehead shone in the light, and I couldn’t help but insult it under my breathe. I also giggled that Cody probably found it attractive.

The people I passed after that were Bridgett, and Ezekiel. Ezekiel looked like he was flirting with Bridgett, and Bridgett was defiantly not flirting back. She punched him in the face. The impact sent him flying where he hit Noah and both fell moaning. Then Bridgett ran to Geoff and they began to make out. At least they got back together.

After that I passed Eva lifting weights. She growled at me, and threw a dumbbell at me. I ducked, and it missed. I turned around and picked it up and threw it back at her. She growled and threw it back at me. Pretty soon we were throwing it back and fourth. I swear she even threw a shoe at me in the midst of it. After I got tired out she began to laugh, and went back to exercising.

Then I passed Justin. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and I found myself drooling. He looked so fine! I was about to run up and admire him, but Katie and Sadie beat me to him.

“Like Oh my gosh Justin you look so cute!” Katie exclaimed. Sadie nodded and added.

“He is like so gorgeous.” Then Lindsey and Beth came to join them. It seemed like Lindsey got a tan, but it looked fake. Well can’t change them.

“You look sooooooooooo good Juslint!” Lindsey exclaimed, and all the campers looked at her weirdly.

Then I kept walking and I saw Trent and Cody sitting side-by-side. I went and joined them,they didn’t say anything, but they just smiled at me, and Trent began to sing a song.

“I felt so alone before
But then I met you
You changed my world forever
And then I knew I loved you
You make me feel so cool
And you look so good
I wish I could have stayed with you
I’d be your strength when you were weak
I’d be your voice when you couldn’t speak
I’d be your eyes when you couldn’t see
I hope you see the best in me
I’ll lift you up if you couldn’t reach
I’ll give you strength because you believe
I’m everything I am because I met you.” Then I clapped when he finished. I and Cody looked at each other, both of us knowing that Trent wrote that song about Gwen. Now that I’m out I hope that Gwen wins. Or at least gets rid of the snake Heather. I know I’d rather be in the competition, but now I know that I did my best. And hey, this place ain’t so bad.

Fadingsilverstar16's Story

No one talks to her when she arrives. Instead, they all avert their eyes, mumbling amongst themselves as she passes. No laughter. No comments about how she deserved everything she got on that forsaken island. No point in telling someone something that they already know.

She can feel their stares on her back, and she knows that their eyes are all dulled with a silent, burning hatred. It doesn't bother her or make her angry, although she knows it should. In any other case, she would direct some biting comment at them, but there is a certain numbness that restrains her from doing anything at all.

She receives her key and walks stiffly to her room, not bothering to slam the door shut in some immature tantrum. She does not take any comfort in the fact that her new temporary living quarters are clean, free of mosquitoes, and actually kind of nice. She just lets her bag fall to the carpeted floor, slips off her shoes, and curls up on her bed, creating wrinkles in the blood red sheets. For the first two hours, she does not rage. For the first two hours, she does not plot her revenge. For the first two hours, she does not try to collect the pieces of her shattered thoughts. For the first two hours, she does not even feel.

For the first two hours, there is just silence.

Finally, she rises, retrieving her bag. With a heavy slowness, she makes her way to the washroom. She looks in the mirror, which taunts her with the image of a loser with no friends, half a head of hair, and nothing left to cut her down save for her own mind.

She sighs. Might as well get it over with.

She switches on the razor, shaves, and the last of her shredded black hair falls to the floor. Her now bald scalp feels uncomfortably cold, but she ignores it, averting her eyes to look at anything but her own reflection.

I should be on that island. I should be in the final three. It should be me, she thinks, gripping the washroom counter-top as if it could provide some sort of support. I shouldn't be here.

She trembles, her fingertips digging into the granite, teeth clenched, eyes shut in self-restraint. A torrent of emotions swirls without control in her chest and it's horrible and and nauseating and awful all at the same time. She wants to lash out, to crash her fist into the mirror and unleash the storm inside her in one burst of raw power. She wants to yell, to fume, to scream her white-hot anger to the dying sun outside of her small window, but her fury manifests itself in only a few choked, held back sounds that perish in her throat before they could take form.

Playa des Losers. Perfect name for a place like this, hmm? Perfect place for a person like you, her own voice taunts her. Stubborn, she angrily bites her lip to keep any undignified sounds from escaping her mouth, although it makes blood from torn flesh drip down her dry throat and the burning sensation in her swollen eyes only worsens. The comment makes the imaginary mental wall she's built as a means of defense start to crumble, but it is the next thing it says that tears her apart and sends her spiraling down. The worst thing about the next remark? There is not one word that doesn't drip with horrid, slimy, disgusting truth.

And remember, it says, pausing to chuckle momentarily, you deserve it.

Feeling that its point has been made, the voice leaves her, and although such a shameful act makes her face burn, Heather, caught somewhere in between the real world and the black depths of what could be insanity, buries her face in her hands and sobs.


Usitgz's Story

Tyler's Playa De Losers Story

When I stepped onto Playa De Losers I was crying like a baby. How could've I been voted out so early? My dad probably thinks I'm a big loser now. When I saw Katie crying because she missed Sadie I felt so bad for her. I was sad that now I'm even more seperated from Lindsay. Then I saw the killer pool, it was so off the charts, man! I got changed into my bathing suit and jumped right in. Noah and Eva were drinking smoothies and commenting about Justin and there eliminations, and Ezekiel was relaxing in the hot tub. I wanted to use the diving board, but then I remembered what happened in my audition tape and decided not to. I couldn't swim on the deep end because Justin wouldn't stop diving on the diving board, so I decided to go into the hot tub and talk to Ezekiel.

"So... Ezekiel, how did it fell to be the first one voted out?" I asked.

"Not very good if I have to say so myself, and call me Zeke from now on yo," Ezekiel said while pointing to his gold "Z" necklace.

"Are you still a sexist, dude?" I asked

"Nah man, I realized that girls are equal to guys and that my dad was wrong," he answered. I was suprised that he hadn't said eh at all.

"Sweet, dude," I said. Me and Ezekiel talked to each other for the rest of the day. Justin used the diving board all day and got very pruned skin, that made me laugh. Eva and Noah kept yapping all day, and when I listened it gave me a headache. Katie finally stopped crying and started admiring Justin for the rest of the day. Well my first day went very well and I can't wait until tommorow. I am starting to think being a loser insn't too bad now, well goodight people see you tomorow.

The End!

Week Three

Sorreltail18's Story

Duncan vs. Harold

As you guys know Duncan HATES Harold for what happened to Courtney (er... the voting) anyway as i was saying Duncan hates Harold.

But if they resolved this problem? Well heres the story!

Duncan was talking to LeShawna why she likes Harold. "That little weakling vote my girlfriend off!" he said. Leshawna just stared at Harold and back to Duncan. "You have no proof er... yea but still you bullied him." After a couple weeks or so... Leshawna had thought of a great idea to bring Duncan and HArold closer and become good friends. Duncan glared at Harold and said "Why Leshawna, why?". "Just doing my job now you two get along and Harold please be friends with Duncan for me." "What! That bully!" Harold said in his geeky voice. So they just sat there, glaring at each other. Harold sighed and said he was very sorry he switched votes and Duncan said he was very sorry for bulling him. Leshawna went ot see Duncan and HArold and saw them shake hands and she just smiled.


The truth is Duncan hates Harold but Harold nevers knows and probably never will.

Zakkoroen's Story

Gwen and Heather: Total Drama Race

"I cannot believe this." Gwen scowled at the letter. It's bad enough Chris has used yet another contract loophole to force me to compete on his stupid new season, he's paired me with Heather?!! Talk about adding insult to injury!" She reread the letter: Dear: Gwen

I am pleased to inform you that due to a part of your contract's fine print, you will be particpating in season five of Total Drama: Total Drama Race! You will be partnered with another contestant, and you two will race around the world, completing challenges and staying one step ahead of the others. The prize? A million bucks! Your partner will be: Heather.

Have fun! Chris

Gwen sighed and packed.

Throughout the season, Gwen and Heather became closer. Though obviously initially distrustful of each other, they grew to respect each other after an incident involving tacos and frozen pizza. By season's end, they were friend and split the million dollars they won. They maintained contact through their riper years, and died next to each other at the age of 91. The End.

Sunshine's Story

Ezekiel VS Eva

‘Why me?’ thought Ezekiel.

His shoes clumped against the floor as he paced through the lobby of Playa des Losers. The home-schooled boy, holding the title of first eliminated from TotalDramaIsland, didn’t dare go outside, where the object of his nightmares awaited. Light filtered in from the open window nearby, taunting the boy who’d grown up in the cold, barely seeing sunlight. But in spite of his longing to lounge in the sun, relax in the warmth of the resort, the person awaiting him outside was fearsome enough to keep him indoors.

Outside, lifting weights by the pool, was Eva.

Just thinking of her name made Ezekiel break out into a cold sweat. On his first day of social interaction, he’d blown his chances completely by making a few simple and rational- to him, at least- comments about girls. His female teammates- Eva in particular- were not pleased. That night, he’d found himself in the boat of losers.

Slowly, carefully, the country boy peeked out the window at his nightmare. She was calmer than before, staring off into space as she rhythmatically lifted the weights in her hands. One, two, one, two.

Ezekiel stared for a minute, then breathed in deeply. He couldn’t keep avoiding this. He would have to face the girl eventually. Might as well be now, while she was gone.

‘Besides,’ Ezekiel thought to himself, ‘she’s just a girl, eh?’ He froze as he thought that, remembering it was thoughts like that which had gotten him into this situation in the first place.

Pulling as much air into his lungs as they could hold, Ezekiel stepped out into the air of Playa des Losers, reminding himself to watch his thoughts.

At first, he simply stood by the buffet, snacking on some crackers as he did so. ‘Best to keep a distance at first,’ he decided. He watched Eva as she lifted weights, pulling them up at a steady rhythm. One, two, one, two. The steady beat of lifts distracted the boy for a time.

“I SEE YOU THERE!!!!” Eva’s voice suddenly bellowed, pulling Ezekiel out of his trance. He barely had time to duck as a dumbbell flew past his head. He considered bolting for the inside, but was frozen.

“I-I just wanted to… say hi, eh?” He stuttered after a moment.

“Hi. Now leave.” Eva growled in reply. After a moment of considering doing so, Ezekiel began browsing the buffet again. Eva tossed her remaining dumbbell away and began lifting a larger weight, continuing the same rhythm. One, two, one, two. The home-schooled boy watched in amazement.

“Wow.” He commented. “You’re really strong-” he was about to add, ‘for a girl’, but held his tongue.

Eva gave him a half-suspicious, half-confused glance. “…thanks.” She muttered after a second, continuing her workout. One, two, one, two. The area was silent for another moment.

“So, uh…” Ezekiel mumbled awkwardly. ‘I might as well get to the point, she doesn’t seem mad. Be a man, eh!’ he pep-talked to himself. Taking a deep breath, he turned towards Eva. “Are you still mad about the whole… comments thing?” He asked, turning paler with each word that escaped his mouth.

Eva stared at him, the left side of her unibrow raised as she did so. “Yeah, actually.”

“Oh.” Ezekiel looked away, feeling awkward and ashamed. “Well, uh, I wanted to apologize. I guess I didn’t realize how offensive they were and stuff. I mean, I’ve never actually talked to a girl before, eh?” Eva gave him an incredulous stare after his apology, giving him a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“You’ve NEVER talked to a girl before?” She asked in disbelief.

A silent sigh of relief escaped his lips as he realized her incredulous stare was in response to this claim. “I dunno…” He replied. “Does my mom count?”

Eva chuckled in spite of herself. “Not really.” She commented through this awkward laugh. The two stared at each other for another moment, a tense atmosphere clouding the resort around them. Ezekiel had to concentrate on his breathing to keep himself from breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Well, uh…” Eva finally commented, looking away. “I’m gonna go inside.” She placed the large weight back on the ground and replaced it with her two dumbbells, walking inside as she continued to lift them at a steady beat. One, two, one, two.

Ezekiel sighed, half with relief and half with disappointment, and went to enjoy the warm sunlight.

That night, Ezekiel had resumed his earlier position in the lobby, though instead of pacing, he lounged on a chair, composing a letter to his parents. He left out his incident with the sexist comments. He didn’t want to raise any tension with his dad.

“Hey.” A voice suddenly interrupted him. He looked up to see Eva leaning against the doorway. She was looking away from him, an unreadable expression on her face.

“Did you need something, eh?” Ezekiel asked, ready to do anything she might have wanted. They seemed all right that afternoon. He didn’t want to raise the tension between them again.

“Well, uh…” She glanced around the room uncomfortably, and then sighed. “I guess I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted earlier. And to say I accept your apologies for those sexist comments. Truce?”

Ezekiel smiled. “Yeah. Truce, eh.” They smiled at each other for a minute, then Eva turned and walked back upstairs to her room. Ezekiel looked back at his finished letter. Before signing his name and stuffing it in the envelope, he scrawled a last sentence at the bottom of the page.

I made friends with a girl today.

Thebiggesttdifan's Story

Quentin stretched, yawned, and got up from the Smiths’ old couch. After his favorite show, Total Drama Island, rolled its credits, he always liked to write letters to his cousin. He knew it was illegal—Playa des Losers didn’t allow communication except in person—but how else could he contact his loved ones? After his mom had passed away and his dad had gone to the hospital from “arm issues”, his cousin was the only thing left.

Quentin had to face it. He was living illegally, thinking about. He was an orphan except for his cousin. So he got up and produced a pencil and pad of paper. Sighing, he began to write. A few days later, his cousin subtly got the letter from a small cardboard box which represented a mailbox. He knew he couldn’t write back, for Chris and Chef prohibited any mail except to themselves, as I told you before. But he decided to write a response anyway. He took out his own pad and pen and began to write.

“Dear Quentin, Small world, isn’t it? So we’re both doing stuff illegally now. One person here in particular has been doing a LOT illegally—well, two, actually—but I’m going to tell you about ONE of them. You’re probably watching the credits of TDI right now. Look carefully at Rachel Wilson when her name comes up. Yup, that’s Heather. Everyone else has their real name on there—Ezekiel Fanston, Gwen Raven, Harold Johnson, Duncan Nelson, T—you get the idea. But Heather’s the only one who has a pen name. And WHY does she do it? To keep herself undercover. If any of the fans saw her, they’d report her to the Prime Minister of Canada. But they don’t.

Remember what ‘Rachel’ did to Gwen? You’d remember that clearly. She made me break Gwen’s heart. What’s even worse is that I’m still beating myself up over that.

But even so, now there’s only two campers left. Heather is not one of them, as you know, and therefore I actually got to talk to her.

First, she was completely bald. That horrorstruck me. But then she explained she had to shave the rest of it off, and it made me a little less struck. But I was still angry at her.

‘Look,’ she said. ‘I’ve wanted to get out of the competition since the beginning. My parents hate me, and…I can’t say much more.’ A tear rolled down her pale skin.

‘So why did you deceive everyone?’ I was still angry, but her story turned my white-hot anger a little blacker.

‘Because that was the only way I could take my anger out. At least I could take it out on someone worse than me, like Chris or Weird Got—‘ She caught herself. ‘Greg.’

‘Greg?’ I was confused.

‘The pizza guy. Remember the camping trip?’


‘That was Greg. But anyway, can’t you understand? It’s been this way my whole life.’

‘I’m really sorry this happened to you, Heather. I thought you were just truly evil. But I want you to do one thing for me—‘

‘What’s that?’

‘Forget we ever talked.’ Heather nodded and smiled, and we actually shook hands. But I’m still with Gwen, don’t worry.

In two days is the big finale, and I hope Heather sticks to her promise. I know she doesn’t like Gwen, but I hope she at least respects me.”

He put the letter down and yawned. The writing had made him very sleepy, and his bed was standing next to him. He slumped toward it--

But wait.

He had forgot something.

He ran over back to the letter. He carefully put, “Your cousin” on the paper, hoping that somehow he could mail it back to Quentin. Then, in his best handwriting, he wrote:


Ezekielguy's Story

GAH? Cody and Courtney are DATING??!!! The story of how Courtney and Cody went from enemies (in the special if you've never seen it) to a pair!

Anonymos's Story

Harold and Courtney: A Medical Drama


Courtney as Courtney

Harold as Harold

Duncan as Doctor Duncan


Lindsay as Nurse Lindsay

Harold and Courtney had never particularly liked one another. But, as if fate had planned it, Harold and Courtney were both at the same supermarket.

Harold had his list in hand, and he double-checked that he had everything he needed. He needed one last item… A can of tuna fish.

Coincidentally, Courtney was expecting company that evening, and she wanted to make her special tuna casserole. It actually wasn’t all that special, more like vomit inducing.

Anyway, the two reached for the same can of tuna fish, and both grabbed it. They looked at one another, and finally Courtney said, “YOU!!”

“You!” Harold suddenly began shaking in fear. They stared into each other’s eyes for a minute, and finally Courtney flipped Harold over and grabbed the tuna.

“The tuna is mine!” Courtney yelled. Harold tripped Courtney next.

“You wish! The tuna is mine! Gosh!” Harold ran away to the cashier. Courtney tackled Harold and soon it turned into an all out fight.

Later that day, the two had to be brought to the hospital, and due to budgeting, were put in the same room.

“Ugh!” Courtney complained, “Why can’t we be in separate rooms?”

“Why couldn’t you have broken your mouth?” Harold retorted.

“Shut up, both of you!” Commanded a familiar voice. The two turned to face their doctor, and Harold fainted dead away. The doctor was Duncan.

“Hi, Duncan,” Courtney said.

“Gosh! Can this day get any worse?” Harold whined.

“Shut it, Harold!” Courtney demanded, “Sorry, we got stuck with such a dork, doctor.”

“That’s all right princess, I’ll take care of it… Nurse Lindsay!” Duncan called, “We need a defibrillator in here!” Lindsay stumbled into the room, carrying a defibrillator.

“I’m here, Duncan!” Lindsay said, “Gimme some room!” She rubbed the two metal parts together to create the electricity, “CLEAR!” She yelled as she shocked Harold.

“Gosh, Lindsay!” Harold shouted.

“We need more juice, Nurse Lindsay!” Duncan said.

“On it, Doctor Duncan!” She turned a knob on a side of the defibrillator to increase the power, “CLEAR!” She yelled as she shocked Harold for the second time.

“GOSH!” Harold screamed.

“MORE JUICE!!” Lindsay yelled, “CLEAR!!” Lindsay shocked Harold again.

Harold’s hair puffed up and he was knocked out.

“Good work, Nurse Lindsay,” Duncan complemented.

“Thank you, Doctor Duncan,” Lindsay replied. She and Duncan left the room with an unconscious Harold and a frightened Courtney.

When Harold awoke, he said, “Courtney, Duncan is a jerk,”

“You’re right, that was pretty mean,” She replied.

“You know, Courtney, I’m starting to like you more, because it being just the two of us, without other people, you’re a lot nicer,” Harold said.

“Uh, thanks, Harold…” Courtney replied.

The two talked for hours and hours, and they grew to like one another more and more.

“Courtney, I hope this never ends,” Harold said.

“Me too, Harold,” Courtney returned.

That second, who should walk in, but Doctor Duncan and Nurse Lindsay, who was carrying the defibrillator.

“Harold, we have some-“ Duncan began to say but was cut off by…

“CLEAR!” Lindsay shouted, and shocked Harold.

“Gosh! What was that for?” Harold asked.

“I dunno, I had defibrillator, and I wanted to use it real bad!” Lindsay responded.

“Are you finished?” Duncan questioned.

“Almost, CLEAR!!” She shocked Harold again, “Okay, now I’m done.”

“Okay, as I was-“ Duncan said.

“CLEAR!” Lindsay shouted, and shocked Harold.

“GET HER OUT OF HERE!!!” Harold screamed.

Duncan grabbed Lindsay, who was playing with a syringe that she found on a table, filled with medicine to make people unconscious.

“As I was saying,” Duncan continued, “Courtney, you must undergo an operation, because in that fight, you shook your stomach a little loose, now we have to return it to it’s proper position.”

“NO!” Courtney cried, “This kind of thing always happens to the Counselor in Training!”

“Don’t worry, I have an advanced medical degree, so everything will work out okay,” Duncan reassured. Duncan left the room to prepare for the operation, when out in the hall; you could here a thump, a stab and another thump.

Courtney and Harold went to investigate, and found Duncan and Lindsay on the floor, and Duncan had the same syringe filled with medicine stuck in Duncan’s arm.

“Oh no! Now who will do my operation?” Courtney panicked.

“Well, I am Duncan’s assistant,” Lindsay said, “So it’s my job now!”

Courtney moaned, but some burly nurses brought Courtney down to the operating room.

“We’re going to need you to sign this waiver,” Lindsay offered Courtney a document, and she signed it, “Now to get you unconscious,” Lindsay whipped out a mallet and slammed it on Courtney’s head. Courtney was halfway knocked out, but the operation went underway.

Courtney could hear Lindsay say things like, “Where does this go?” and “What does this do?” Then she blacked out from fear.

When she awoke, she was in a bed, with Harold standing beside her.

“You alright?” Harold asked.

“Yes,” Courtney said.

“I guess I did an all right job with your operation after all,” Harold sighed.

“You?!” Courtney was in shock.

“Yeah, I didn’t especially want Lindsay to operate on you, so I did it,” Harold admitted.

“You saved my life, Harold,” Courtney thanked, “Listen, if you’re not doing anything tonight, I’m having a dinner party, would you like to come?”

“Yeah, thanks!” Harold exclaimed.

The two happily walked away from the hospital.

EPILOGUE: Courtney served her tuna casserole at the party, and everyone ate it, got sick, and were taken to the hospital……… They all had to be operated on by Lindsay.

Turnertang's Story

Heather and Leshawna Become Friends

“You think I’m annoying! Well everyone thinks your annoying!” Leshawna yelled as she and Heather went inside the hotel

“Well at least I’m popular!” Heather yelled back as she sat down

“That’s the only come back you have!” Leshawna screamed as she pushed heather “Take that!”

“That was the biggest mistake of your life!” Heather yelled, as she started walked away “I’m going to get a snack.”

“Yeah, you better run!” Leshawna yelled after Heather “So anything new with you two?”

“Nothing much.” Gwen replied because DJ and her were sitting there for the whole fight.

“I’m tired of them fighting.” DJ said to Gwen “We need to get them to get along.”

“I know. They are so annoying.” Gwen agreed as she got an idea “I have an idea DJ”

Later that day Leshawna and Heather walked into Gwen’s room

“What do you want?” Heather asked impatiently “I have better things to do then be here.”

“I doubt that.” Gwen replied rudely “Anyways just put your coats into the closet and then come sit down.”

“Sure.” Leshawna said as she and Heather walked into the closet

“Now DJ!” Gwen commanded as DJ came running and closed the closet door and locked it

“Let me out of here!” Heather demanded as she banged on the door “I can’t be with her in here!”

“DJ and I are not letting you out until you work out your problems.” Gwen said, “Isn’t that right DJ. DJ where are you?”

“Right here.” DJ replied as he ran out of the room

“Looks like it’s just me now.” Gwen said to herself\

“Okay Heather, you heard he we need to get along.” Leshawna said to Heather “So any ideas of how to start.”

“Nope. Except that your jewelry is hideous.” Heather replied looking at Leshawna’s bracelet “What did you say?” Leshawna replied as she stood up

“I said that the jewelry is hideous.” Heather said back to Leshawna as she stood up too

“You think my jewelry is hideous! Well look at yours!” Leshawna yelled back as she threw a coat at her

“Well, take this!” Heather yelled back as she threw some shoes at her

Leshawna and Heather kept doing this for a while.

“They’ve been arguing for three hours straight!” Gwen mumbled to herself “Wow. I’m getting tired. I guess I’ll take a nap.” and then she closed her eyes

“Okay, I think now we can talk.” Leshawna said to Heather as she breathed hard from all the fighting

“I guess.” Heather replied “Okay, so don’t you think Goth girl is so annoying.”

“I know. She is all like “You have to work this out.” and she locked us in a closet.” Leshawna replied as heather started to laugh

“I know she is like “I’m going to but into your business for no reason and lock you in a closet.” That is so immature.” Heather agreed as they started laughing harder

“I used to be friend with her but now that she is dating Trent she is so much different.” Leshawna said back to Heather “Anyways Heather, you’re actually pretty funny once you get someone gets to know you.”

“Really. Well same with you.” Heather replied, “Okay Gwen, you can let us out. We’ve become friends.”

“Do you hear anything?” Leshawna asked impatiently

“All I hear is snoring.” Heather replied “Uh-oh. Gwen is asleep.”

“We’ll have to find another way out.” Leshawna told Heather as she potted an air vent “Here get on my hands.”

“Okay.” Heather replied as she stepped on Leshawna’s hand carefully and got lifted up into the vent

“Climb through there, find the vent into Gwen’s room, jump in and unlock the door.” Leshawna instructed Heather

A couple minutes later the closet door opens and Heather and Leshawna walk over to Gwen

“Wake up Gwen.” Leshawna said as Gwen woke up

“Who’s there?” Gwen asked as she saw Heather and Leshawna “Uh-oh.” said Gwen as she started to run

“Oh no you don’t!” Leshawna said as she grabbed Gwen “Hit her Heather!”

“Fine with me.” Heather said as she walked over to Gwen

“I came back Gwen.” DJ said as he walked into Gwen’s room and saw Heather and Leshawna holding Gwen “Bye again.” said DJ as he ran out of the room

All through the day Heather and Leshawna took turns hitting Gwen and then they locked her in the closet for the night and had a sleep over. That is the story of how Heather and Leshawna became friends.

Moral: To get to enemies to be friends is to lock them in a closet but don’t forget to unlock the closet or else the will get mad at you and then lock you in a closet.

Tdi's Story

Justin and Noah: Enemies to BMFFL's

One day, it was a nice day. That is, until Justin and Noah walked by each other.

"Oh look," Noah said," It's the anti-me."

"Uh, what is that supposed to mean?" Justin replied.

"That means that girls think you're hot and I'm not," Noah said.

"Whatever," Justin replied. Noah got mad at Justin's remark and punched him. Justin fell to the ground, and got up. He then tried to punch Noah, but missed. The fight went on for a half hour. By that time, Katie, Sadie, Trent, Gwen, Heather, Cody, Ezekiel, and Eva were watching. After a few minutes, Eva screamed," YOU TWO BETTER STOP OR I'LL JOIN!" Noah and Justin stopped fighting. Noah looked fine, but Justin was a mess. His nose was bleeding, his hair was messed up, and he had a black eye. The others were snickering of the thought that Noah had beaten Justin up.

"You two better go to counseling," Trent said. Everyone agreed.

"No way! I have a busy scheduel," Justin replied.


"Uhh, okay," Justin said, scared. The next day, Noah and Justin went to counseling. Noah talked about his problems with Justin and Justin talked about his problems with Noah. He also talked about how he looked because of Noah. After a few hours, they came out, smiling.

"How did it go?" Cody asked.

"Great! Me and Justin are now BFF.... BMFFL's!" Noah replied.

"Best Male Friends For Life," Justin said.

"Uhh, wierd," Heather said. Katie and Sadie squealed.

"We can be all friends!" Katie said.

"Oh! Justin! Want to be my boyfirend?" Sadie said

"Sure!" Justin said.

"Gasp! You bully! You stole Justin from me!" Katie said to Sadie.

"Gasp! You bully! You stole Sadie from me!" Noah said to Justin. Katie and Sadie got into a fight, as Noah and Justin did. Eva screamed and left. Everyone else left except Ezekiel.

"Anyone want to my friend?" Ezekiel asked.

"NO!" Katie, Sadie, Noah, and Justin said. Ezekiel left, sad. Soon the fight ended, they worked things out. Justin moved next to Noah, Noah started dressing like Justin, and Katie and Sadie pretty much stayed the same. Justin and Noah stayed BMFFL's for the rest of their lives.

The End. Or is it?

Owenguy101's Story

Heather vs. Leshawna, A conflicts’ decision

Taking place after Full Metal Drama (go to the TDI wiki if you don’t know what it is), It’s a rainy night on the film lot and all the girls had gone to the craft service tent to have dinner. All except for Heather, who had stayed behind for an unknown reason. Harold stayed behind too and went into the girls’ trailer.

“Having a problem?” asked Harold. “A little.” said Heather. “What’s your problem?” asked Harold. “I think that I’ve been mean to everyone. Especially Leshawna.” said Heather. “Yeah. That is true.” said Harold. “What do you think I should do?” asked Heather. “Maybe you should apologize.” said Harold. “That’s what I should do.” said Heather. She marches out but gets rained on. “I think I’ll wait tomorrow.” said Heather.

The next day, everyone is having breakfast at the craft service tent. Heather was the last to get her food. The gaphers team was at their table and Heather was the last to sit. Leshawna notices Heather near here. “What are you doing near us?!” asks Leshawna mad at her. “I just wanted to…” Heather gets interrupted by Leshawna. “Well leave me alone before you make me mad!” shouts Leshawna. Heather walks out of the craft service tent with Harold following her.

“It didn’t work I guess.” said Harold. “It didn’t.” said Heather, “If she doesn’t want me to apologize, I have to fight it out.” “I don’t think I want to be here during this.” Said Harold.

At around noon, Leshawna was talking to the girls near the trailers but Heather goes over to her. “Heather! I told you not to bother me!” shouted Leshawna. “I’m trying to tell you something but we’ll have to fight it out!” shouted Heather. “Then we’ll do it!” shouted Leshawna. Harold meanwhile hides behind one of the trailers watching what’s happening.

Heather and Leshawna begin to wrestle each other with Harold and everyone else watching. “I can’t cheer or anything because of my broken jaw.” said Owen. Heather and Leshawna wrestle each other so much that Harold jumped out. “Heather just wants to apologize!” shouted Harold. “Really?” asked Leshawna. “Yes I did.” said Heather “Just want to make up for all this stuff.” The two hug each other and everyone cheers.


Heather and Leshawna pass each other near Harold. “Leave me alone Leshawna!” shouted Heather. “I will!” shouted Leshawna back. “I knew it wouldn’t last long.” said Harold. He smiles at the camera as the story ends.


Sprinklemist's Story

July 5th

Dear Diary,

Well, that was quite an adventure. Too bad it's, like, already over. It was really difficult coping without Katie for the first day or two after she was eliminated (totally unjustly, I might add), but I managed to make some new friends. Maybe I wouldn't have made friends with people like Lindsay, Bridgette, or Harold if Katie didn't get eliminated so early, ya know? But still, I'm so excited to get to see Katie, again.

I still wish that I could have stayed in the competition a little longer. I think I had a real chance at winning. After Katie was eliminated I made a total effort not to start any conflicts with anyone and not say anything that would offend anyone. Then the "Trust" challenge came along. I was so excited to prove myself as an asset to my team by doing the slingshot challenge. I really am a good shot. Maybe I was nervous or overly excited or something. Man, did Courtney ever get mad. I only hit her with one extra apple. That's not so bad, right? I mean, I totally apologized. I was so focused on my part of the challenge, that I didn't notice that the other team won. It still seems like a totally minor mistake.

I wish that I could have come up with a strategy to take out Courtney... I hope she goes next, but she won't. She's so popular on my team... I mean, my old team. I have no idea why. She's so bossy and mean. She'll probably win the whole thing. She's able to control the whole team, except for maybe Harold. I try to get along with everyone, but I really hate Courtney. Oh my gosh! I can't believe I just wrote that. I'm so sorry. TTYL.

July 6th

Dear Diary,

Katie and I spent the entire day by the pool. The pool is so uber-awesome. This whole resort is so nice. It's almost better than winning the 100,000 dollars. I still can't believe Courtney got me eliminated. I was always so nice to her, and only did my part of the challenge...

Anyway, me and my BFFFFL got to know Noah, today. He's really smart and really funny. Although, I don't always understand some of his jokes. He asked if I bought my bathing suit at Babies 'R' Us. I totally didn't get it. I laughed, anyway.

I wonder who'll be coming here next. It will probably be Harold or Heather. Oh gosh, it would be so fun if it was LeShawna, though. It would so, like, be a nonstop party here. I wouldn't mind if Courtney got eliminated, preferably after she got bitten by a rabid raccoon. That would be so hilarious! Oh my gosh, that was so totally mean of me! I guess I'll talk to you, tomorrow. You know I totally will!

July 7th

Dear Diary,

Oh my gosh, Justin is so gorgeous. Looking at him tan makes goosebumps appear on my arm. Don't tell, Katie! If we fought over the same guy we might damage our friendship, or worse. That would be the worst thing ever! Almost as bad as getting voted out of a chance at 100,000 dollars for no reason.

Izzy scares me a little, I mean, I love her forever for switching with Katie in the beginning of the game. It's just that she doesn't seem to care about what other people think of her, or what's popular, ya know? I think she kind of likes Justin, though. Everyone can agree on his gorgeousness. I could stare at him all day. I pretty much did. It, like, helped me get my mind off of what that evil witch did to me. I swear, if I see her again, I might stuff a marshmallow down her throat just to wipe that smug expression off of her face! Um, sorry... I'll write again, tomorrow. I wonder who'll be coming on the Boat of Losers?

July 8th

Dear Diary,

You'll never guess what just happened! I couldn't believe it! Guess who got eliminated! Come on, guess! Okay, I'll tell you... Are you ready? It was Courtney! Oh my gosh, I was so excited when I saw her step off the boat, that I couldn't help but let out an "Eeee!" Just a little one, though. I mean, I'm not going to be completely obnok... obnocti... Rude. She was so mad, too. She was yelling about how she was unfairly eliminated, that someone must have cheated, and that she was going to call her lawyer. It was so funny! She totally got what she deserved, right? Talk to you, tomorrow.

July 9th

Dear Diary,

Courtney is still going on about how she should still be competing. She is such a crybaby. I hate crybabies. Everyone feels really awkward around her. Almost anything someone says to her gets her upset. I thought I was unfairly eliminated, but maybe there is some truth to her accusations. About the cheating, I mean.

I feel kind of bad about the mean things I wrote about her. She's not so completely evil. My focusing on my bad feelings toward her is starting to wear at my cheerful mood, like. Thankfully, I have Katie here to help keep me positive.

I was thinking of talking to Courtney, about what she did to me... But I wasn't able to talk to her today. I'm so scared that I might get mad and make myself look like a total doof, or something. I'll do it tomorrow, I swear. I'll tell you all about it.

July 10th

Dear Diary,

I'm a total jerk. I pride myself in not being mean to people, yet I made an exception with Courtney. I talked to her, today, if you couldn't guess. She told me all about her suspicions of her elimination. I told her how upset it made me when she voted for me, and that I was over it. I lied. About being over it, that is. She actually said she was sorry. I was not expecting that. She said that she knew that she was being selfish and unfair when she got her friends to vote me out, but didn't consider how it made me feel until she experienced an unfair elimination. She was still so mad about her elimination, though.

I can't believe I let my anger toward Courtney eat away at me like that, ya know? I was acting just like her, not letting go of something that had already happened and couldn't be fixed. My dwelling on it was totally turning me into a resentful, negative, ugly, old meanie! I'm so not saying that Courtney is like that, but I don't want to be like that. I love not getting mad at people, or judging them. Looking back at my entries for the last few days, I was totally beginning to judge some others, like Izzy. No more! I'm going to start being cheery, even when I write to you, again. I don't want to rage about it. I don't want to become obsessed with my elimination like Courtney is.

Oh, about my little feud with Courtney... I'm so completely over it. See you, tomorrow!

Tdifan1234's Story

Noah Vs. Katie & Sadie

Sometime in the middle of TDI and TDA, Some of the campers got together to talk about the new season at Playas des Losers. "The new season's gonna be a party, dudes!" Geoff said as he highfived Duncan and DJ. "Ohmigosh! I can't believe there's gonna be a new season!" said Katie. Sadie said," I know! I can't believe it either!" They both start squealing cheerfully, which interrupted Noah, who was reading a book. "Shut up! You're not even in the new season!" Noah shouted. There was an awkward silence for about 10 second until Katie said, "Well, you're not in it either, smartypants!" "Oooohhhhh! Good comeback!" Sadie said. Katie replied, "I know. I just thought it, and then I said it!" Katie and Sadie started sqealing again and "Wow. It took you that long to think of a comeback? You're so smart..." Noah said with sarcasm. Katie started to cry from Noah's mean comments. She said, "Ohmigosh, Noah. You're such a downer." "Yeah, a downer." said Sadie. Geoff said, "Noah, tell 'em you're sorry, dude!" Noah said, "Whatever..." and coughed out the word sorry. "C'mon, man." said Duncan. Noah finally succumbed and said, " Ok, I'm sorry, Katie." Katie and Sadie then came out of their misery and sqealed. They walked over to Noah and gave him a big hug. Noah looked over to Duncan and Geoff and mouthed out the words Help me! Duncan and Geoff just lughed and shook their heads. The conflict between Noah, Katie and Sadie was finally over. At least on one side...

The End!

Codda5's Story

Redflare's Story


Fadingsilverstar16's Story

I had meant it to be a simple trip to the park. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Granted, it wasn't the most creative way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but there wasn't much else I could think of to do with my time. Usually, I would've done my weekly routine of downing however many cups of coffee at my local Starbucks and reading the paper ten times over, but there was something different about today.

Actually, it was no something, it was the weather.

Sure, there had been sunny days in the big city before, but everything about this particular day's weather was startlingly perfect. It was almost like being in a fairytale. The sun, seeming to be extra generous, casted its radiant glow upon everything with unbelievable force, and it would've been extremely hot if there hadn't been a kind wind to balance the temperature out. And of course, this seemed to put everyone who lived around in a good mood, which wasn't a bad thing at all.

As I rolled up a blanket I'd grabbed from my little apartment and stuffed it into the trunk of my sedan, I wondered if this whole nice weather thing was really all in my head. Maybe the grittiness of city life had finally gotten to me. Normally, there seemed to be an endless gray haze hovering over downtown, complemented by the dull colors of the uniformly painted buildings and the cold and uncaring atmosphere. Generally, most walking up and down the busy sidewalks would never think of making eye contact or even acknowledging the presence of those in the general vicinity, myself included. One can guess that it was a real big shock when I got at least five smiles and a “how ya doin'” that day as I ventured to my car earlier that morning, not that I minded or anything. Yep, times like that are certainly rare. Why waste such a gorgeous day?

After checking for my keys, money, and ID, I sped away from the apartment building parking lot, letting “Perfect Day” by Hoku blast from my car's speakers. Whistling along, my hand tapped the steering wheel to the beat while gusts of wind coming in from the open windows blew threw my short hair. Sometime during the ten minute drive, I tried to pull up some memories of the last time I had paid a visit to any park whatsoever, but I was only able to summon images of the lake and feeding some ducks with my parents when I was a kid, nothing specific.

My eyebrows furrowed as I remembered my mom and dad, who'd oh-so-lovingly kicked me out of the house on my eighteenth birthday and told me that if I wanted to finish college and make a living, I would have to do it on my own. Apparently, my little adventures two years before on that forsaken reality show who's name shall not be mentioned had assured them that they'd spoiled me way to much when I was younger and that I needed to be taught a lesson or whatever on how to fend for myself. Since then, I'd moved to the big city and managed to find as a simple bank teller. It wasn't the most glamorous of jobs, but college isn't cheap. Yes, my parents were just wonderful to me, weren't they?

I shook my head, banishing those thoughts to the back of the mind. Now, where was I?

Oh yeah, the park.

It didn't take me long to park once I reached my destination, just taking the first available space. The first thing I did upon stepping out of my car was take a deep breath, extremely thankful for the fresh air. I couldn't take my time with retrieving my blanket and my precious iPod, though. The park was packed, from people feeding the squirrels to children riding bikes with their parents. I would be fortunate to even find somewhere to sit down. However, either fate had decided to take pity on me or luck was on my side today, for my eyes spotted a vacant area almost immediately.

It was a tree. A big, strong tree, its branches thick with green leaves that shielded the surrounding area from the blazing sunlight. Perched upon a tall hill, it was almost as if it was watching over everything. Blanket bundled up in my arms, I started to jog towards it, not wanting to lose this perfect space. It took my only about fifteen seconds to reach it, and I quickly set down the blanket and iPod on the soft grass, breathing a sigh of relief. Looking around, I realized that the tree really did seemed to be watching over the park. I could literally see everything. The rays of the sun shone brightly on the lake, the cool water sparkling as it reflected the golden light. It was a spectacular sight. Content, I sat, flipping on some music and relaxing as the playful breeze placed light kisses on my bare shoulders—

I raised my eyebrows, stopping myself from completing the motion of laying back on the blanket. There was something peeking at me from around the tree, and I instantly recognized it as a book. My first reaction would have been to leave it alone, but instead, I sat up, taking a closer look at it. It was a hardback, colored a dark shade of green, and I was intrigued at how well a stray leaf that had fallen from the tree and landed on the object blended in with its cover. From what I could see, its pages were lined with gold.

Now, I'm not really a bookworm, but I actually had to make an effort to keep from being nosy. Clenching my teeth, I jacked up the volume on my music player and tried to forget about it. Temptation was already worming its way into my brain, consuming me. Just one look wouldn't hurt...right? I could just read a page or two and decide whether it was worth a trip to the library later. Just pick it up, get its title and author and put it back down. Yeah, just one look....

I sighed, getting on my knees and crawling towards it, picking it up ever-so-gingerly. The title was imprinted with graceful gold text: The Last Thirty Seconds by Amy L. Morehouse. I blinked, carefully placing my hand on the book's smooth cover and lifting it, skipping ahead a few pages to the start of the first chapter and beginning to read.

Time passed, but I paid no mind to it, eyes intently taking in every word of this magnificent work. I swear, whoever the heck wrote this thing is a genius. Everything around me became a dull blur, and there seemed to be nothing else in my world other than the book and my hands flipping the pages. Each chapter was more gripping than the last, so much that it took me a while to realize that the clear drops of liquid landing on my right hand were my own tears. I didn't bother to wipe them away, hoping in the back of my mind that I would finish the book before its owner came looking for it—


Speak of the devil.

My head shot up, immediately recognizing that voice. Eyes wide in surprise, I turned away from where the voice had come from and clumsily dragged my arm across my face, wiping away the wet streaks that had stained my red cheeks. I closed the book, bowing my head and letting my hair fall over my eyes so whoever was coming towards me couldn't see my embarrassed expression.

“Uh, this yours?” I muttered, refusing to meet the eyes of the obviously male owner standing next to me. Biting my lip, I held the book up, offering it to him. Our fingers brushed momentarily as he took it from my hands. The man's skin was tan and his identity confirmed in my mind, but I didn't look directly at him, not wanting the him to see my face.

I shut my eyes, sensing that he was still staring.

“I don't blame you for reading it, y'know. It really is a good book....” I opened my eyes, blinking when I saw that he was holding a tissue in front of my face.


My hand stopped, frozen in the middle of reaching out to accept the Kleenex. Turning my head stiffly, I faked a smile in his general direction, refusing to meet his eyes.

“Yes, it is, Noah,” I said, hoping he could hear the distaste in my voice. I stood, took the tissue, and began to roll up my blanket. Biting my lip, I decided there was no way to get out of this without it seeming extremely awkward, but I had to get out of there.

“Well, it's been fun, but I have some papers to fill out at the bank. Seeya,” I mumbled, turning my back to him and walking away, breathing a sigh of relief. That was a close one—


Oh, God. I still don't know why, but I was quickly losing my patience. He was probably asking me to stop so he could cut me down with some snarky comment before I left.

“Yes?” I answered. Seemingly unsure of what to say, he was quiet for a few more seconds.

“There are tear stains on the fifty-sixth page.”

I grimaced in embarrassment.

“Yeah, Chapter Five kind me.”

Noah chuckled, making me cock an eyebrow.

“I would never have pegged you as a book lover.”

I turned, regarding him curiously. Could this possibly be an attempt at....small talk?

“I'm not, but it isn't my fault that thing is so darn interesting. I might check it out later so that I can finish it. What brings you here, anyway? Haven't seen you around town before,” I said, regretting it almost instantly. Like I wanted to stay and chat with someone whom I'd met while living in that wretched summer camp. After all, I had so many of wonderful and happy memories from that TV show that would certainly last a lifetime. We weren't even really on good terms.

“Eh, I just came out here because of the weather. It's nice today,” he replied, to which I nodded. As our gazes locked together, I finally got a good look at what had changed about Noah. His hair was a bit longer now, and his clothes were noticeably less awkward. Other than that, though, he was still the same Noah. A couple more tense moments passed between us as we studied each other. After mulling it over, I sighed in defeat and set down my blanket on the soft grass once more, inviting him to sit down.

“'s life?” I asked. Noah shrugged.

“It's fine. I moved here about a month ago and tomorrow I'm supposed to attend a job interview. You?”

“It's been bearable,” I lied through my teeth. “Apparently, karma from Total Drama Island still isn't done with me. The last college class I needed to complete my degree was canceled a day before the final last week. Now, I have to take it over again during the summer.”

“Ouch,” he replied, giving me a sympathetic look, which surprised me. “ far have you gotten?” He patted the book. I blinked at the sudden change of subject.

“Chapter Seven.”

“That's pretty far,” he said, raising an eyebrow. “How long have you been here?” I frowned in uncertainty together, looking towards the dying sun.

“I've kinda lost track, although I know it's been hours,” I admitted, giving him a sheepish look. He nodded, leaning back on his elbows and joining me in watching the sunset. The closest star to Earth was slowly disappearing over the horizon, its bright rays tinting the sky pink. I sneaked a glance at Noah, seeing that that he had closed his eyes and let his head lean back a little, taking in the last of the sun's light and warmth before night shrouded all in inky blackness.

“Noah?” I said, breaking the silence. He opened his eyes, looking at me.


“Aren't we supposed to be enemies?” I asked. Unsurprisingly, he was taken aback at the question, letting my words hang in the air for a second before answering.

“Because of the stuff that happened on that stupid TV show? Heather, it's been three years.” Now it was my turn to be taken aback.

“Hm...funny. I was thinking that maybe you don't hate me because you weren't in the competition long enough to have a real conflict with me.”

“Meh, Total Drama Island was never that important. I'm still trying to push out the memories of the awful food.” I shuddered, images of Chef's nasty slop coming alive in my mind.

“Yeah, that's something I'd rather not revisit. In fact, I say we just forget that crappy summer altogether.”


“So...” I said finally, “does this make us...”

“Friends?” he finished for me. “Yep.”

We didn't need to shake hands to confirm it or anything. The way we looked at each other at that moment said all that couldn't be expressed with words.

“And Heather?”


“You can borrow the book. I've read it ten times already, so there's no rush in returning it.”

We turned our gazes back to now dark horizon, the sun just having slipped away from view.

I let a small, hidden ghost of a smile drift over my face, soft as the breeze combing its slender fingers through my hair.

“I would like that.”

I don't know if it was for real or just my eyes playing tricks on me, but out of the corner of my eye, I could've sworn I saw Noah smile, too.


Usitgz's Story

Place Title Here!

When Sadie was voted out she couldn't process her thinking very well. She said ", Fine, you marshmellow eating freaks!"

Then she saw Katie. She was so happy. They screeched, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Three days later, that mean girl that got Sadie voted out was stepping off the boat crying. She was clutsching a skull carved from wood. Sadie thought that karma served that girl right. Sadie was gossiping about her with Katie.

"Hey, you apple girl, I bet you thought karma served me right, huh?" said the mean girl. Sadie was suprised by the tone of her voice, it sounded as if she was apologizing in a way.

"No," Sadie answered.

"What, I thought you thought I was a marshmellow eating freak," sobbed the mean girl a. k. a. Courtney.

"I didn't mean it that way I was just sad about the elimination and all," answered Sadie. Sadie and Courtney hugged.

"Aww!" said Noah sarcastically and Katie.

"I'm so sorry," Sadie and Courtney sobbed.

The End!

Week Four

Sorreltail18's Story








Spongebob walked out of the Krusty Krabs with his BIG smiley face. "Oh, Boy what fun day it will be with Squidward! OH SQUIDWARD!!!!" he said than screamed. Squidward with his usual grumpy face opened his window and said, "BE QUIET LITTLE SMILY SPONGE!" That harch comment didn't wipe the smile off of Spongebob's face so he carried on to Patrick's.

Zakkoroen's Story

Drama Wars

Starring: Geoff as Luke Skywalker Chris as the Emperor Chef as Darth Vader Cody as R2-D2 Noah as C-3PO


Harold as Stormtrooper TK421

The battle raged on the distant world of Wawanakwa. lasers flashed and clashed as Geoff Skywalker raced through enemy lines toward the Emperor's stronghold. A stormtrooper materialized in front of him. "Stop right there," ordered the trooper. Geoff cut him down. "Gosh!" complained the stormtrooper. Geoff continued on. Meanwhile, the droids N-OAH and CO-DY were observing the battle. CO-DY whistled. "No, we should most certainly not go in and help!" snapped N-OAH. "Do you want us to get killed?" CO-DY lowered in its pitch.

"Got any threes?" asked Emperor Chris, holding his cards up. "Go fish," came the reply from the wheezing machine-man in front of him. Emperor Chris sighed. "Honestly, Darth Hatchet, you are so not any fun at Go Fish," he rambled. Darth Hatchet wheezed. "The Geoff boy is here," he said, not looking up. "Ah, yes," smirked Emperor Chris. "We musn't keep him waiting." The two villains turned and went down the repulsorlift, chuckling wickidly....

Sunshine's Story

Duncan Alone (Based off "Avatar: The Last Airbender", episode 27, "Zuko Alone".)


Duncan as Zuko

Heather as Azula

Justin as Fire Lord Ozai

Beth as Fire Lady Ursa

Chef as Fire Lord Azulon

Courtney as Mai

Lindsay as Tai Lee

Chris as Uncle Iroh

Ezekiel as The Earth Kingdom Boy

Waves of the afternoon sun beat down on a teenage boy, riding alone through a barren land. The bird-like creature he rode groaned in protest, just as uncomfortable and exhausted as the boy riding him, but it was pressed on. The boy tilted his hat slightly, looking up at the hot sun, trying to estimate the time. As he did, his face was revealed from underneath the shadow of his cap. His eyes were a light, metallic blue; his hair, stuck to his sweat-covered forehead, was black, though strands of green were among it; his ears, nose, and eyebrows were adorned with piercings.

But the most notable feature of this teenager’s face was the huge red scar over his left eye, a burn from long ago, a lesson he would never be allowed to forget. No matter how hard he tried.

He pulled his hat back down with a sigh and continued onward.

I did what I had to do. The boy assured himself, still not close to believing the words. That last look was burned into his mind like his scar was burned into his face- his uncle, so laid back and goofy, staring at him seriously as he rode off for good.

We had nothing more to gain by traveling together. He assured himself again, the same words he had said to his uncle, just before he turned his back on him and left for good…

He was snapped out of his thoughts as his steed took a step onto the bridge in front of them. The board under its foot broke, and its foot slid through the hole. The animal screamed and stumbled backwards. The boy yanked on the reins to calm it down, urging it on again. If only he had someone to calm him…

The sun continued to beat down on both boy and steed as they continued to move on. A loud rumble came from the teenaged boy’s stomach. He grabbed it with one hand, still gripping the rains with the other; he was so hungry it was painful…

These thoughts were interrupted by a pleasant scent- the scent of meat cooking over a fire.

The boy’s head snapped up, and he gave the creature underneath him a nudge with his calves. He moved it towards the source of the smell, stopping where one piece of land sloped upwards, the other flat. Looking over the neck of his steed, his eyes landed on a small campfire, meat cooking over it. An Earth Kingdom man stood nearby, cooking it. He was unarmed, it seemed.

His hand moved to his side, and he grabbed the hilt of his sword. If the man surrendered quickly, he wouldn’t be hurt…

As his eyes moved up from the weapon, he noted something he had not before. The man had moved to a woman lying against a nearby tree, her hands folded over her large belly. The man smiled at her, one of his hands on her stomach. This wasn’t just any pair, it was a soon-to-be family…

The boy released his hold on his sword and moved on.

Continuing on, the hot sun and long day of traveling began to take its toll on both boy and beast. The boy grabbed his water-sack and brought it to his lips, desperate for a drink. No water slid down his throat. He sighed and looked outwards to the horizon. He thought he could see a town somewhere ahead… just a bit further…

After a while longer in the burning sun, the boy stumbled into the town on the back of his exhausted steed. A few men, playing a dice game, watched him suspiciously from their place outside a building. He ignored them, jumping off the back of the bird-like creature and leading it to a store window, where the storekeeper watched him. The boy pulled a coin out of his pocket and placed it in front of the man.

“Can I get a bag of feed and a hot meal?” he asked, his voice coarse from thirst and exhaustion.

The storekeeper stared at the coin, then looked up at the boy apologetically. “Not enough there for a hot meal…” he explained, “…but I can get you two bags of feed.”

The boy considered this, then nodded. He could last a bit longer without eating, but if his steed was lost from hunger, he could go nowhere. The storekeeper moved inside to grab the feed.

The boy glanced around the town, not really looking at what he saw, nor caring. The one thing he truly took in were two young boys, hiding near the store he was at. One had light brown hair that fell in his eyes, a blue cap, and was holding an egg. Before the teenaged boy could react, the younger boy had tossed the egg past him, towards the men who had been glaring at him as he came into town. It hit one in the back of the head, and the young boy skittered off like a scared kitten. The teenager looked back to the storekeeper, who had come out again with two bags of feed.

“Hey!” A deep voice declared.

The teenaged boy didn’t even have to turn around to know the voice was the man who had been hit by the egg.

“You throwin’ eggs at us, stranger?” The man accused, voice hard and cruel.

“No.” He replied.

“You see who did?” He asked, the edge to his voice still not leaving.

“No.” He stated again, internally wondering why he was helping the boy.

“That your favorite word? No?” Another member of the group of men asked.

“The egg had to come from somewhere.” The first man stated gruffly.

“Maybe a chicken flew overhead.” The boy stated. There was no humor in his unchanging voice. One of the men chuckled at the comment, but was quickly silenced as the first man, obviously the leader, glared at him. He then stepped in front of the boy and took the two sacks of feed in front of him.

“The army appreciates your generous donation.” The man stated mockingly, grinning triumphantly as he handed it off to another of his group. “You better leave town. The price for staying’s more than you can afford, stranger.” He smiled darkly as he patted the mallet hanging from his hip, then turned and left with the other men.

“They’re supposed to be protecting us from the Fire Nation,” the storekeeper sighed as he watched them walk away, “but they’re just a bunch of thugs…”

The boy turned back to his steed and grabbed the saddle to climb on. Just as he did, a face popped up from the other side. It was that of the boy who had hit the man with an egg.

“Thanks for not ratting me out, eh?” He thanked the teenager in a voice that definitely had a country tone. He grinned hugely as he stared at the stranger. The teenager simply stared back, then leapt onto the saddle of his steed and pulled the reins to leave the town. Suddenly, there was a tug on the reins, coming from in front of the animal. The teenaged boy stared over the creature’s neck. The young boy was tugging the creature forward, the teenager with it.

“Why don’t you come home with me? I can feed your ostrich-horse for you.” The boy offered. The teenager hesitated, but the young boy continued to pull him forward. “Come on, I owe you one.” He insisted. The teenager gave in and let the boy drag him along. His stomach snarled again, and he clutched it in what was nearly pain.

The boy led him to what seemed to be to a small farm. Not surprising, considering how he looked and spoke. As they approached, dozens of pigs ran to the edges of their pens and began squealing loudly, apparently taken aback by the arrival of the stranger.

“No one can sneak up on us, eh?” The young boy laughed, grinning apologetically. The teenager had no reaction.

“Are you a friend of Zeke’s?” A man stepped out of the barn next to the two boys. He appeared to be the young boy’s father.

“This guy stood up to the soldiers, eh!” The boy, Zeke, stated before the teenager had a chance to speak.

“And does this ‘guy’ have a name?” A woman that was apparently Zeke’s mother, having walked over from somewhere else on the farm, asked. The teenager started. If they knew who he really was…

“I’m… uh…” he hesitated, stumbling over his words.

“He doesn’t have to tell us who he is if he doesn’t want to.” Zeke’s father commanded. He grinned at the boy. “Anyone who can stand up to those bullies in town is welcome here.” A silent sigh of relief escaped the boy’s lips.

“Can you stay for dinner?” The woman asked. At the mere mention of food, his stomach started, begging the boy to accept.

“I really should be moving on.” He replied, looking towards his ostrich-horse. The family liked him now, but if they knew who he was, they would be chasing him out of the town that second.

There was a brief silence, then Zeke’s mother spoke again. “One of the roofs needs fixing. Maybe you can work on that, then come eat.”

Just like her son, it seemed she would not take no for an answer. The boy reluctantly nodded. At least he would be working for the food…

“So where do you come from, eh?” Zeke asked the stranger as he worked on a barn roof with his father. Not even the pounding of hammers could drown out his eager, friendly voice… as much as the boy wished it would.

“Far away.” He stated simply, doing his best to focus on his work. Hopefully this kid would get bored soon, and go play with his pigs or something.

“So why aren’t you there?” The child seemed oblivious to the stranger’s annoyance, still watching him curiously, trying to fit together the puzzle pieces that were his identity.

“I’ve been traveling.” The stranger answered grudgingly. The simpler the answers, the less it would reveal. Go away, kid… his mind groaned.

“Oh…” There was a pause, and the stranger felt a surge of relief as it seemed the boy was done with his interrogation. “…why were you traveling so much?”

“Zeke,” the boy’s father stated firmly before the stranger could make his annoyance vocal. “Stop asking the man personal questions.”

“All right.” Zeke agreed grudgingly, flopping his head down on his arms as he watched the men work. For a moment, all was silent except for the pounding of hammers. This pleased the stranger, as there was just enough noise to keep him from having to think…

“How’d you get that scar?” The boy chirped after a moment. The sound of the boy’s voice, coupled with the start that question gave him, distracted the stranger just long enough for him to land the head of the mallet on his thumb. It took all his self-control not to scream in pain.

“Zeke.” The father’s voice was firmer this time. The boy took the hint and climbed back down the ladder he’d used to get up. Glaring at the board he was hammering down, the stranger continued his work, though not even the loud sound of the hammer could dispel the memory which leaked into his head…

A woman with light brown hair and glasses knelt by a pond. She was not quite beautiful, but not unattractive by any standards. In her hand she held a small piece of bread, lowered slightly into the water. A baby turtle-duck swam up to her, nibbling at the offering. Beside her, a young boy with black hair and steel-blue eyes, watched.

“Hey, mom,” he stated, gripping the loaf of bread he held. “Want to see how Heather feeds turtle-ducks?” Without waiting for an answer, he chucked the full loaf into the water, where it landed on top of the duckling.

“Duncan!” she gasped at her son. “Why would you do that?”

The duckling resurfaced, swimming to its mother. The mother quickly made a beeline for the edge of the water, where it climbed out and clamped its beak firmly around Duncan’s leg. He shouted in pain, trying unsuccessfully to shake the creature off. His mother grabbed the turtle-duck gently, depositing it back in the water. It turned and swam away, though it paused to turn its head and quack at Duncan, seeming to insult him. Its children followed in a line behind it as it swam off.

“Stupid turtle-duck!” Duncan hissed, rubbing his leg. “Why’d she do that?!”

“Duncan…” his mother sighed, resting her hands on her son’s shoulders. “That’s how mothers are. You hurt their babies…” She paused to playfully snap at him. “…they’re gonna bite you back!” Duncan laughed with his mother, then relaxed into her arms.

The mother and son strolled past the courtyard. There, Duncan’s sister, Heather, played with her friends near some trees and a fountain. Heather attempted a cartwheel, but slipped at the last second and ended up on her rear. Her friend, Lindsay, quickly proceeded to cartwheel perfectly over the ground, cheerfully adding a midair somersault at the end. Heather stared at her friend, who was quite proud at her accomplishment, then proceeded to shove her down and laugh.

“Heather!” Lindsay groaned, giving her clothes a quick inspection as her friend stood over her in hysterics.

Sitting under a tree nearby, ignoring the shenanigans, was Heather’s other friend Courtney. As Duncan and his mother passed, Courtney took a moment to stare at him. Their eyes caught for the briefest of seconds, and Courtney turned away, cheeks flushed and a sheepish grin on her face. Heather noticed this, and turned to Lindsay to whisper something in her ear. Lindsay smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

“Mom,” Heather chirped as she rushed over to meet her mother and brother. “Can you make Duncan play with us? We need equal teams to play a game!”

“I’m NOT cartwheeling.” Duncan growled.

“You won’t have to.” Heather snapped back, her façade of cuteness slipping slightly. “Cartwheeling isn’t a game. Dum-dum.”

“I don’t care! I’m not playing with you.”

Heather quickly proceeded to give her most innocent smile as she looked up at her mother. “We are brother and sister,” she crooned, regaining her disguise, “it’s important we spend time together! Don’t you think so, mom?”

“Yes, sweetie.” Her mother agreed, tapping Duncan’s shoulder. “Go play with your sister.” She began to walk away, and Duncan stared after her. “Go on now, just for a little while.” As she left, Duncan sighed and joined his sister.

“Okay, here’s what we do.” Heather stated, plopping an apple down on Courtney’s head. Courtney looked at it for a minute, then stared incredulously into space, seeming to anticipate a catastrophe at any moment. “One person has to knock an apple off the other person’s head, like this.” She backed up a step, then shot an arrow of fire at the apple. It flew right by it, but lit the leaf of the fruit ablaze. Duncan quickly looked to Courtney, the fire on her head, and the fountain behind her. Barely thinking, he charged. Courtney screamed as he tackled her, knocking both of them into the fountain. They landed with a splash, Duncan lying on top of Courtney as, behind them, Heather laughed.

“See, I told you it would work!” She shouted to Lindsay through laughter.

“They are sooo cute together!” Lindsay crooned. Duncan, cheeks flushed bright red, pulled himself up and stormed off.

Courtney pulled her wet body out of the fountain and glared at her friends, blushing madly. “You guys are such… ugh!!!”

Duncan’s mother stepped out of their home just as Duncan stormed toward her. “They you are, I was just coming to get you. We got a letter from-” She paused as she noticed her son storming by in his wet clothes. “You’re soaking wet.”

“Girls are crazy!!!” He exclaimed to no one in particular.

“‘If the city is as magnificent as its wall,’”, Duncan’s mother read as her eyes moved over Uncle Chris’s letter, “‘then it will be a magnificent sight to see… if we don’t burn it to the ground first.’” The children and their mother laughed at their uncle’s joke

“‘I’ve sent both of you gifts from Ba Sing Se.” She continued. “‘For Duncan, the knife of the Earth Kingdom general, who surrendered to us when we broke through the outer wall. Note the superior craftsmanship and the inscription.’”

Eyes bright with excitement, Duncan rushed to the servant holding his present. He ran his fingers over the knife’s smooth hilt before sliding it out of its case and staring at the pearly white blade. His eyes traced the four characters etched onto it.

“‘Never give up without a fight.’” He murmured aloud.

“‘…And for Heather… a new friend.’” His mother continued as the second servent handed Heather a doll, dressed in a green gown. “‘She wears the latest fashions for Earth Kingdom girls.’” Heather stared in disgust at the toy and stuck her tongue out.

“So, if Uncle doesn’t return from the war, father will be next in line for the throne, won’t he?” Heather chirped, ignoring the doll in her hand.

“Heather, we don’t speak that way.” Her mother snapped back. “It would be awful if we were to lose Chris.”

“Well,” Heather retorted, “I think father would make a much better Fire Lord than our tea-loving uncle.”

And, with a smirk, she lit the head of her doll on fire.

Zeke slipped quietly into the barn, the only light behind him that of the moon and stars. The stranger slept soundly on a haystack, his hat beside him, leaving his black and green hair falling over his scarred face. None of this mattered to Zeke at the moment, though. What mattered was the other item lying on the haystack. Silently, Zeke grabbed the duel sword and rushed off.

Just after he left, the stranger’s eyes snapped open, awakening from the memory...

Farther away, in a field filled with sunflowers and lit by the moon overhead, the boy’s silent stealth seemed a near impossibility as he wildly swung the two swords, yelling out as he did. With each war cry, he swung one or both of the swords, sending the heads of unfortunate flowers flying off into the starlit night. Spying the remains of a long-dead tree, he jammed the swords into the trunk, one after the other, panting from exhaustion as he did.

“You’re not holding them right.”

The boy gave a startled yell as the sudden voice came from behind him. He fell backwards and landed in a sprawl among the flowers. He peered out at them at the stern, scarred face of the stranger, a guilty look in his eyes and a severed sunflower on his head. Silently, he stood and held the swords back to their owner.

The stranger stared at the boy for a minute, taking the swords, then took a step back. “You have to remember- these are duel swords.” He explained to Zeke, holding up the blades. “They seem separate, but they’re not.” He swung them together to demonstrate. “They’re just two parts of the same whole.”

After a few more demonstration swings, he handed the swords back to Zeke. He stared down at the swords for a moment, then swung them as he had been shown. He removed the heads of several more sunflowers, then leapt towards the dead tree, removing a twig with the blades. He stared back towards the stranger. The stranger nodded in approval, and, in spite of himself, gave a faint smile.

And the boy smiled back, his face lighting up in the moonlit night.

“I think you’d like my older brother, eh.” Zeke commented as the two walked back through the field of flowers. “He used to show me stuff like that all the time…”

Morning came sooner than he’d expected, and he was back on his ostrich-horse, ready to take off again. Zeke’s family stood nearby, seeing him off. His mother approached, handing the stranger a box. “This should get you for a couple meals.” She explained. Remembering his near-starvation the previous day, he took it gratefully, though his unchanging face did not reflect this. Suddenly, his eye caught something in the distance. Something was kicking up a cloud of dust on the path ahead…

The pigs caught it almost the same instant he did, rushing to the edges of their pens and squealing loudly. The dust in the distance cleared somewhat, and the stranger could make out four figures on armed ostrich-horses… the soldiers from the previous day.

“What do you think they want…?” Zeke’s father murmured as he too caught sight of them.

“Trouble.” The stranger’s eyes narrowed as he growled the single word.

The four men stopped their steeds when they reached the farm. Zeke’s father stepped in front of his family, glaring at the so-called soldiers. “What do you want?” He asked roughly.

“Just thought you’d like to know,” the leader chuckled, “that your son’s battalion was captured…”

The father’s eyes widened as emotions ran through them. Shock… fear… loss… sadness… fury… helplessness… pain…

“Did you boys hear what happened to the last group of soldiers they captured?” The man asked one of his followers, though it was obvious he was taunting the helpless family.

“Dressed ‘em up in Fire Nation uniforms and put them on the front lines… unarmed.” One of the men chuckled. “Then they just watched…”

“Stop it!” demanded Zeke’s mother, tightening her grip on her son’s shoulders. Her voice was a painful mixture of fury and anguish.

The leader glared at her outburst and moved forward, his men following. Suddenly, the stranger and his steed cut in front of them. He gave them a hard glare, and the leader glared back.

“Why bother staying here with these pigs?” The leader sneered after a moment, turning his animal around. The group took off as quickly as they came, the pigs squealing after them. As he watched the cloud of dust they rose as they fled, another memory arose in the stranger’s head…

It was like any ordinary day. Duncan and Heather chased each other around the courtyard playfully, while their mother sat under a tree nearby, watching them. Suddenly, it all changed as a servant handed her a letter. She thanked him and let her eyes move over it. As she did, her hands, still holding the paper, fell into her lap, and tears rolled down her face. Duncan and Heather noticed, stopping their game and staring at their mother.

“Chris has lost his son.” She explained through her tears. “Your cousin did not survive the battle.”

And Duncan’s blue eyes widened as a million emotions ran through his head.

“What’s going to happen to my brother, eh?” Zeke asked in a small voice.

All was silent for a moment. “I’m going to find him,” his father finally murmured, “and save him.”

Zeke’s mother let out a choked, desperate sob.

Zeke’s mother and father turned back to the farm, his father to prepare, his mother to mourn. Zeke quietly walked up to the stranger, who was staring off into the sky, not at anything in particular, it seemed.

“If my father goes…” Zeke asked in a pleading voice, “…will you stay?”

For a second, the desperation, the sincerity in the boy’s voice made the stranger’s heart pang for the first time in a while. “No.” He forced himself to state as he reached inside his pocket. His fingers brushed the familiar item for possibly the last time before he pulled it out and handed it to the boy. “I want you to have this.”

The boy held his hands out, and the old knife was placed in his hands.

“Read the inscription.” The stranger explained, still not turning to look at the boy.

The boy looked at the words on the pearl-colored blade. “‘Made in Earth Kingdom.’”

“The other inscription.”

Zeke flipped over the blade and let his eyes move over the four characters etched into the blade. “‘Never give up without a fight…’”

When he looked up, the stranger who was no longer a stranger was already racing away path on his ostrich-horse, kicking up a large cloud of dust.

And as he rode on the creature’s back, another memory billowed up like the cloud of dust, filling his mind…

Duncan smiled and laughed as he swung the pearl-colored knife. He clutched his chest as if he’d been hit, and fell dramatically to the ground. His sister watched, rolling her eyes.

“Don’t bother playing with knives.” She snickered. “You’re not even good.”

“Put an apple on your head and we’ll see just how good I am.” He growled.

Heather brushed off the comment, strolling meanlessly around the room. “By the way,” she commented, “Uncle’s coming home.”

This news took Duncan by surprise. “Does that mean… we won the war?”

“No.” Heather replied. “It means Uncle’s a coward. A real general would have stuck it out, not backed out and come home crying.”

“That’s not true!” Duncan retorted, glaring at his sister, who seemed to have less and less care for the way people felt each day. “He’s probably just upset about losing his only son…”

Their conversation was interrupted as his mother came into the room. “Come, you two. Fire Lord Hatchet has called us to his chambers.”

“‘Fire Lord Hatchet’,” Heather mocked as she stood. “Can’t you just call him ‘grandpa’? He’s not the powerful Fire Lord he used to be. Someone’ll probably end up replacing him soon...”

“Young lady,” her mother snapped. “Not. Another. Word.” Heather sensed she was in over her head, closed her mouth, and rushed out of the room with her brother. “What is wrong with that child…?” She murmured as she looked after Heather.

“…and so how did he win the battle?” Duncan’s father asked as he, his wife, and his children knelt in front of Fire Lord Hatchet’s firelit throne.

“He won… because…” Duncan hesitated, searching his mind, the lessons he had been taught, for the answers.

“He won because, even though he was outnumbered, he calculated his advantages.” Heather answered quickly. “There was a drought, and the enemy was downwind. Their defenses burned to the ground in minutes.”

“Excellent, Heather.” Her father complimented. “Now show grandfather the new firebending moves you’ve learned.”

Heather nodded and stood, stepping forward to stand in front of her grandfather’s throne. With almost no hesitation, she began a beautiful, perfect, fiery dance; her arms whirling through the air, legs twisting and moving at all the right moments, fire twisting and turning through the area around her. Duncan watched in amazement, with a tiny touch of jealousy also leaking through the wonder. Duncan’s father watched her also, and as he did, his lips twitched into a smile. Heather finished with a flying kick through the air, sending a flash of fire into the inferno in front of her grandfather’s throne.

“She’s a true prodigy.” Her father boasted. “Just like her grandfather.”

Heather bowed, then returned next to her spot next to her brother. “You’ll never catch up.” She hissed to him as she sat. His eyes widened for a moment, then his mind flared with jealousy and rage. He stood.

“I’d like to demonstrate what I’ve learned.” He explained. The smile disappeared from his father’s lips.

Stepping forward as Heather did, he began his own firebending dance. It was much slower, much less natural than his sister’s, but small, slow bits of fire flowed around him nonetheless. He leaped, trying to shoot a blast of fire, but slid and landed sideways on the ground. His mother, behind him, tensed as she watched, resisting the urge to go help him up.

Duncan pulled himself up, panting with exhaustion, but attempted the move again. He slipped once more, landing on his face.

“That’s enough.” His mother declared, stepping up to put her hands on her son’s shoulders. Duncan refused to look up at the people staring at him.

“I’ve failed…” He murmured, hatred slipping through the words.

“No. I loved it.” His mother reassured him. “That’s who you are. Someone who keeps trying no matter how hard it is…”

“Why are you distracting me with this, Justin?!” Fire Lord Hatchet snapped at Duncan’s father. “Say what you want. Everyone else go!”

Duncan, Heather, and their mother stood and turned to leave. Just before they exited, though, Heather grabbed her brother’s arm and pulled him behind the curtain decorating the back of the chamber.

“What are you-”

“Shh!” Heather commanded him. The children peered out from the curtain as the two men, one Fire Lord, one prince, spoke.

“Most honorable Fire Lord. Chris is at war, and his son lost. But I am here, and my children are alive…”

“Speak what it is that you want!” Fire Lord Hatchet demanded.

“Revoke Chris’s birthright.” Justin finally asked. “Make me heir to the throne.”

There was a tense shock in the air for a moment. “You ask me to betray Chris?” Fire Lord Hatchet snapped. “My firstborn son? Right after the death of his only child?!” The flames in front of his throne rose and heated as he spoke.

“Please, father. I am but your humble servant…”

“I believe Chris has suffered enough…” The flames rose to a maximum at this point, completely obscuring the Fire Lord from view. “…but your punishment has scarcely begun!!!!”

Duncan tore away from the curtain, running as fast as his legs would carry him. Heather gave him only a moment’s glance, then turned her attention back to the argument, her face alit by the fire.

Duncan was awakened from his troubled slumber not long afterwards. His sister was standing in the doorway, leaning casually against the frame.

“Dad’s going to kill you.” She stated in a sing-song voice. There was silence for a second, and then her voice was serious, yet triumphant. “Really, he is.”

“Ha-ha, Heather. Very funny…”

“I’m serious. Grandfather said father’s punishment should fit his crime. ‘You must know the pain of losing a firstborn son…’” She imitated Hatchet’s voice as she spoke. “‘…by sacrificing your own!’”

“I know you’re lying.” Duncan snapped, though panic was beginning to leak through the edges of his voice.

“I’m only telling you for your own good.” She replied. “Say, maybe you can find a nice Earth Kingdom family to adopt you!”

“Stop it!” Duncan demanded, clamping his eyes shut as panic began to overcome him. “You’re lying. Father would never do that to me…”

“Your father would never do what to you?”

Duncan opened one eye, and saw his mother standing in the doorway. “What is going on here?” She asked, eyes moving to Heather.

“I dunno.” Heather chirped, attempting to be innocent. Her mother grabbed her arm, obviously seeing through her ruse.

“It’s time for a talk.” She demanded, dragging a shocked Heather away.

As they left, Duncan clamped his eyes shut again and mumbled to himself. “Heather always lies… Heather always lies…”

“Heather always lies… Heather always lies…”

The sound of cart wheels rolling over the ground awoke the teenaged boy from his nightmarish memory. Sitting up from the cool grass, he saw Zeke’s mother in a cart pulled by an ostrich-horse, her eyes panicked.

“Thank goodness I found you.” Her voice was panicked and desperate as she climbed down from the cart. “The soldiers came back. They demanded supplies, and when they did, Zeke pulled a knife on them! I don’t know where he even got a knife! They took him away, they said if he was old enough to fight, he was old enough to join the army…! I know we barely know you, but you’re the only one that can save Zeke…!!!” Her voice was bordering on hysteria as she finished her explaination.

The boy pulled himself up and looked her in the eyes with his serious, unchanging face.

“I’ll get your son back.” He stated simply, no hint of fear in his voice.

He arrived in the town not much later. There, the leader of the soldiers stood near a water tower with three of his followers. Zeke was tied to the water tower. He caught sight of the boy and his face lit up. “There he is, eh!!!” He chirped triumphantly.

The teenager jumped off his steed and approached the men, pulling out his swords as he did.

“Let him go.” He growled. The men did not respond, so he continued. “You don’t need him for the army. You’re just taking advantage of a family who’s already lost one son to the war. You’re not soldiers, you’re just a bunch of thugs…”

There was silence for a moment. “Are you gonna let this stranger stand around and insult you?!” The leader finally asked one of his men. The man shook his head and charged for the stranger, holding a spear. With a quick flick of his sword, the boy sliced the spear in half. Staring at his broken weapon, the man looked at the stern-faced teen and ran for his life.

The other two followed in the charge on the boy. Their weapons were destroyed similarly, and they fled like the cowards they were. It left only the boy and the leader. By this time, a small audience had arrived, and were watching the upcoming battle with anticipation.

The leader grabbed the two mallets at his hip, and held them up, ready to battle.

The boy tightened his grip on his duel swords.

The battle began.

The leader swung his mallets, earthbending, tossing boulder after boulder at the boy. The boy smashed each one away with his swords, and the one that did hit him had almost no effect.

“Give ‘im a left! A left!” An elderly man in the audience called.

“It’s not a fist fight!” An older woman next to him shouted in exasperation.

“Well, he’s got two swords, don’t he?”

The leader swung the mallets over and over, not tiring in the least, each rock larger than the other. The boy struggled to keep the rocks away, grunting as each one hit his swords harder than the one before. Finally, a huge rock smashed into his gut. He flew through the air, and as he landed on his back, was thrown into another memory.

Duncan’s sleep was interrupted as his mother pulled him upright in the middle of the night. It took him a moment to comprehend in the slightest what was going on. “Mom?” He asked, voice quiet.

“Duncan.” She breathed, hugging him tight. “I just want you to know, all that you’ve done, I’ve done to protect you. And I want you to promise me.” She said firmly, holding him up as she stared him in the face. “Never forget who you are.”

Duncan stared sleepily at his mother, uncomprehending in his sleepy state.

She turned with a smile, pulled a hood over her head, and walked away into the darkness.

The stranger laid on the ground, shattered rocks around him. His eyes were closed, and he still clutched a sword in each hand. The so-called soldier, gripping his mallets, walked towards him.

“Get up.” Zeke breathed, eyes wide in fear as he watched certain doom approach this boy each second.

The leader raised his mallets, ready to deliver the final blow.

The boy’s eyes snapped open, wild and crazed, and he leapt to his feet.

With a shout of fury, he swirled his swords in circles, a whirlwind of fire materializing around him. The force of it blasted his opponent backwards, and the boy stood among the flames, panting heavily, eyes dark and face twisted.

Zeke’s eyes widened, no longer in fear for the teenager, but in fear of him.

The boy swung the swords in front of him, blasts of fire shooting towards the man. He struggled to protect himself, to put up shields of rock, but the blasts were too quick and strong. He was blasted into a wall behind him, the foundation of it collapsing onto him. He stared up at the boy standing above him, face twisted in fury, steam rising from his swords.

“Who are you…?” He asked weakly.

“I am Duncan.” The stranger stated without hesitation as he put away his swords. “Son of Justin and Beth. Prince of the Fire Nation, and heir to the throne!”

The town was covered in silence for a moment, then a man in the audience spoke. “Hey, I’ve heard of you! You’re no prince! His own father burned and banished him!!!”

Ignoring the truth of this statement, Duncan walked back to Zeke, who was being untied by his mother. Seeing him approach, she turned, keeping Zeke protectively behind her.

“You stay back.” She warned, fury in her eyes. Zeek peered around her.

Duncan picked up the knife he had given the boy, and held it out. “Take it.” He murmured. “It’s yours.”

“No.” Zeke shouted, glaring at him. “I hate you!”

And he turned and walked away as another memory flooded Duncan’s mind.

Duncan snapped awake, lurching out of bed as memories from the night before flooded around him. He tore out of the room and down the hall.

In another room, Heather stood, admiring Duncan’s knife. Duncan tore in, and Heather quickly hid the knife behind her back. Duncan caught her before she could escape.

“Where’s mother?!” He demanded, panic in his eyes.

“No one knows.” She replied, admiring the blade. “And by the way, last night, Grandfather passed away.”

“Stop it. And I want my knife back!” He dove for it, but Heather slipped away and dangled the knife in front of her, taunting him.

“Who’s going to make me- mom?”

Duncan’s face twisted into a mask of pain and shock. Forcing himself into composure, he snatched the knife from her and ran off.

He tore into the courtyard, where his father stood, facing away from him.

“Where is she?” He asked, his voice distorted with panic and pain.

His father did not answer, did not even turn to look at him.

And Duncan dropped his head and let the pain overcome him.

As an entire town glared after him in hatred, Duncan mounted his ostrich-horse. He gave Zeke one last glance. Zeke looked away, glaring at the ground.

And a pained young man, confused and hurt and betrayed, rode into a setting sun.

(Apologies for the length!)

Thebiggesttdifan's Story

Madagascar: Escape 2 Wawanakwa


Cody as Alex the Lion

DJ as Marty the Zebra

Leshawna as Gloria the Hippo

Harold as Melman the Giraffe

Izzy as King Julien

Geoff as Zuba

Heather as Makunga

Courtney as Skipper

Noah as Kowalski

Duncan as Rico

Ezekiel as Private

Justin as Motomoto

Gwen as Nana

The Bear as Titzi

Story: “C’mon, Conashay!” smiled Conashay’s father, Geoff. “If you’re gonna be the planner around this camp, you got to learn how to plan!” Conashay sat three feet away, putting together a gadget. “Conashay—“

A figure emerged from behind them. “Hello, Geoff,” smirked a girl named Heather. “Seen your pathetic son around? Oh, there he is. Must have not seen him, seeing how small he is. And you plan to have HIM become the head planner?”

“What makes you think you can become the head planner?”Geoff’s eyes pierced out.

“Oh, I’m deceiving, pretty…and I like to order people around.”

“You may be hot, and you may be deceiving, but you WON’T get to order people around!”

“Not until your son blows it for you,” said Heather, glancing at Conashay, who was now zapping his gadget he had put together.

That did it. Geoff started punching Heather, and that led into a fight while Conashay played with his gadget until he found a small rock. He was just about to use it as ammunition for his weapon when—

Oof! Conashay tripped, wearily grabbing onto a rope. The rock left a scar on his ankle. The rope pulled him into a truck, where two people inspected him. Conashay screamed, but Geoff was still fighting with Heather.

“He’s amazing, ain’t he, Lindsay?” asked the man.

“Sure is, Tyler,” said Lindsay.

Tyler grabbed Conashay and put him in the back of the truck. During the drive, Conashay whimpered but glistened as he saw Geoff running past him with his wife who had been told about this. Panting, Geoff and his wife Bridgette grasped Conashay, who had been tied up, but a crack and both were shot unconscious. Bridgette tumbled down a hill, crashing her head into a rock.

Conashay, renamed Cody, was shipped to a museum in Toronto as one of the entertainers. Realizing he still had his gadget with him, he entertained the crowd with it, who went wild. But three other entertainers were not so pleased.

“He’s a show off,” said a boy named DJ.

“What do you expect?” commented a girl named Leshawna. “It’s his first day here.” “Do you think he can fix these?” asked a boy named Harold, holding up his broken glasses.

Thirty years later, everyone was still pretty much the same, but Leshawna, DJ, and Harold had become good friends with Cody.

“You know, he STILL is kind of a show off,” said DJ.

“You gotta give a bit of credit to him,” answered Harold. “He fixed my glasses.”

“We all need a break. A vacation, maybe.” DJ had been known for being a big traveler.

“But where would we go?” asked Leshawna.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I want to go to Alberta!”

A couple so-called pilots—a group of four members with a girl named Courtney and three boys named Noah, Duncan and Ezekiel--claimed Alberta didn’t allow flights in a private plane, so the four decided on going back to Madagascar, where they had met Queen Izzy.

“Welcome!” Queen Izzy said warmly. “I would just like you to know that I am coming WITH you back to Toronto!”

“Uh…no thanks,” said Cody, backing away.

Izzy’s eyes glazed. “Yes, thanks, I’m a QUEEN! I make the decisions! You all are just FREAKS!”

DJ’s eyes glazed in confusion. If there was one thing scary about Izzy, it was her sudden mood swings.

“Well, let’s go!” she said, happy again.

So Cindey—the gang of pilots—started up the plane, and the four were looking towards home. But some time during the ride, Noah reported to the gang. “We’ve lost fuel,” he said urgently.

“What makes you think that?” asked Courtney.

“We’ve…um…lost Engine One.”

“And Engine Two?”

“We…didn’t get an Engine Two, Courtney,” sighed Ezekiel. “Just the thing of girls. Always forgetful…”

Courtney ignored this and put on a speaker, shouting to Cody, DJ, Harold, Leshawna, and Queen Izzy. “I’ve got good news and bad news,” she said. “The good news is we’ll be landing immediately.” Everyone cheered. “The bad news is—we’re crash-landing.”

So as she and Noah tried to make it safe, everyone said their last wishes. “I love you, Leshawna, I always have!” came one. Leshawna, half asleep, didn’t hear this. He chuckled awkwardly. “You know, like a friend…or a celebrity…or a friend.”

Finally, a parachute dropped, promising a safe landing. Courtney praised her gang. As the plane gently touched the ground, everyone stared in amazement. There was complete, utter silence for a minute—not even the sound of the distant chatter could reach their ears and take them out of the trance.

Leshawna woke up, startled. “Wait, this isn’t Toronto…see, I can’t even sleep here!” The other four were startled out of their trance. Harold fainted. Dragging Harold, Courtney got out and motioned the others to.

“This…this is…this is like…this is déjà vu. Like I’ve been here before. It’s just—it’s like déjà vu. It’s like I’ve been here before.” Cody managed the second puzzling statement.

“You got too much traveling in your blood, Cody,” teased DJ. “We’re back in Toronto, I’m sure.”

Suddenly, a Jeep passed by. “Wait!” shouted Cody frantically. “Wait!” Cody chased the Jeep, running like heaven. Gasping for breath, he saw a familiar person—an angry camper who had visited the museum several times.

“I know you,” he said.

“You,” Gwen whispered. Suddenly, she hustled out of the Jeep and started beating up Cody. Then she got back in and the car drove off.

“Are you out of your mind?” asked Leshawna.

“Out of my mind?” Cody mocked. He grabbed a stolen cell phone and dialed a Toronto number. “How’s THIS for out of my mind?”

The phone rang a few times and then went to an answering machine, but it didn’t matter. There were people all over the place!

Slowly, the four stepped in the crowd. The people immediately started chattering to them.

Suddenly, a huge man stepped in and roared. “What is all this chatter about?”

A meek boy said, “There’s a new guy here. So…we were just talking about his arrival.”

“Who is this new guy?”

Cody walked up to the big man. He wore a cowboy hat and an unusual jacket. “Me,” he said.

“Where have you come from?”

“Toronto. You know, huge stuff, Blue Jays, hockey…”

“So you mean you came from out of city? Only animals come from out of city. And we fix ‘em up real good.” He grinned slyly. “Right, Frank? Anyway—wait.” He inspected Cody’s ankle—Cody was wearing shorts.

“What are you doing?” asked Cody suspiciously. The man pointed at the scar on Cody’s ankle. “Oh, that? I’ve always had it. Don’t know how I got it, but—“


“Actually it’s Co-dee, like Toronto Maple Leafs—“

“Son.” The man gleamed.

“Dad?” Alex was confused at first. “Dad? Dad--dad! Dad!” The two hugged and everyone cheered.

Soon, they all found their own groups—DJ found a society of other guys like him, Harold found a club of dweebs, and Leshawna hung out at a burger joint. Of course, they knew that Cody was the luckiest of them all, having found his dad—but at least they had friends.

“What?” asked Harold, confused. “You don’t have cooks here?”

“Nope,” said a boy with an afro and a shirt that said GOSH! on it.

“But what if you’re starving?”

“We go over to the craft services tent and we eat disgusting food.”


“But we have an opening,” said a young boy who the GOSH! man called Doug. “Are you interested?”

“Well, sure!”

Leshawna was having a conversation with three other girls when a tall figure got out of a lake and took his shirt off.

“I think Justin likes you,” one girl said.

Justin walked out and went over to Leshawna. “See you’re fine,” he said.

Leshawna, hypnotized by him, just stared.

“Is this where I used to sleep?” asked Cody. His father toured him around his old house. “And—“ he stared at a handprint on a wall “—is that me?”

“It sure is, son. It sure is.”

“But what happened to my mom?”

Pain struck over Geoff’s face. “It was hard. I’ll tell you eventually. Good night.” He walked away.

Heather slowly sneaked into Cody’s bedroom. She had plans. “Hey, Conashay, hope your father doesn’t banish you.”

Cody woke with a start. “What?”

“If you don’t win a fight tomorrow, you’ll have to be banished.”

“Oh…well, who do you think would be a good pick?”

“Well, I would have to pick…Rabe.”

“Rabe? Okay, Rabe. Got it.”

“’Night, Conashay. You’ll need all your strength.” Heather snickered.

The next morning, Cody was ready to fight. “I choose…um…Rabe,” he said.

Everyone gasped. “Rabe?” “You can’t choose Rabe!”

A huge bear rose to his height and quickly attacked Cody. “Oh…oh…”

Harold was ready for his first time cooking breakfast. “Remember, I want waffles with chocolate chips, not blueberries,” said his customer. In five minutes Harold had returned his breakfast.

“Hey, our last cook had a skin tone just like that,” said one dweeb. “Tuesday show, Wednesday no show.”

“Wednesday no show?”

“They call it the cook’s disease. Don’t worry, you’ve got at least 24 hours!”

At the society, DJ was showing off one of his talents: screaming with his mouth closed. “Can you do that?” he asked to everyone else. “Betcha can’t. Takes a lot of years to learn all that. You have to—“

Suddenly, everyone screamed. It broke every piece of glass in the building. “Huh?” DJ said sadly. “I thought I was a bit unique.”

“We are unique,” said everyone.

(Possibly to be continued, if anyone pities me...)

Ezekielguy's Story

Duncanstine! A modern-time Frankenstein starring Duncan as the monster, Cody as Igor, and Noah as Dr. Frankenstine! Guest staring Chris as the mayor, Gwen as the girl at the cemetery and Ezekiel as the village idiot.

"Codor," said Dr. Noah, "Please go to the Wawanakwa cemetery and bring me a brain."

"Like, Totally, dude!" Said Dr. Noah's assistant Codor."Like, Yeah, dude! Like---

"Aw, shut you're face!" said Dr. Noah. "Now go! Go! Knock 'em out! Throw 'em out! Rah Rah!"

Codor walked down to the old town cemetery to see a hot goth girll wtih blue and black hair holding a journal.

"Hey," flirted Codor. "What's in the journal?"

The goth girl replied with a scoff.

"Oh, yeah, I get it! Private stuff! Oh, I'm down with that! It's cool, bro! Yeah!"

The goth girl walked away and scorned at him meanly.

"Geez," Said Codor. "Ex-Squeez me?"

In fact, Codor, (Or the Cod-Mister as he liked to call himself," Was so busy paying attention to his rejection, he by mistake dug up an ad-normal brain.

"Yeah, dude!" He scorned "I'll win her heart, man!"

So he walked home and gave the brain sample to Dr. Noah.

"This brain looks good." He said. "I'm impressed Codor. What did the label say when you picked it p? Who's barin was it?"

"Abby..." Said Codor idiotically.

"Abby Who?" Said Dr. Noah.

"Abby Something... Abby Normal!" Said Codor.


"Yeah..." Codor said. "That's what it was... Ab-Normal."

Dr. Noah strangled Codor, as he, without noticing, put the brain into the machine.

And.... *Insert censored slauther here.*

Duncanstine took over the whole city!

"Eh," Complained the village idiot. "That monster stole my pasta, yo!"

So, Mayor Mclain killed him. Heh... How's that for a happy ending?


Anonymos's Story

Grease! : TDI Style!


Duncan as Danny Zuko

Courtney as Sandy Olsen

Heather as Betty Rizzo

Lindsay as Frenchy

Chris Maclean as Miss Lynch

Frenchy aimlessly wandered around the cafeteria, dragging Sandy behind her, “Hi, this is Sadie!” She squeaked as she introduced Sandy to Rizzo, Kenicke and Danny.

“My name is Sandy,” Sandy reminded, “It’s a pleasure to meet you all.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Rizzo grunted, clearly showing an instantaneous dislike for her.

“Hey,” Kenicke snorted. He turned to Rizzo and the two of them started to talk.

“Hi, San-“ Danny stopped. He remembered this girl, they had met at a beach over the summer, and they had been in a relationship.

“Danny!” Sandy squealed, as she ran over and hugged him.

“You know this chick, Zuko?” Kenicke asked.

“Uh, hi, Sandy,” Danny looked uncomfortable, he turned to Kenicke, “Yeah, our dad’s work together.”

“Danny?” Sandy questioned, as she had no idea what she he was talking about, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you do, Sandy,” Danny lied, “Come on, Kenicke, let’s blow.” The two left.

“LUNCH TIME IS OVER!!!!!” Miss Lynch burst into the lunchroom with a bullhorn, yelling, “GET TO CLASS!!!!”

The girls scuttled out of the room as fast as they could, “Hey Sandy, why don’t you come over to my house tonight? It’ll be just us girls,” Frenchy asked.

“I’d like that, Frenchy,” Sandy said. “Those guys are all a bunch of creeps anyway,” Rizzo said.

Later at the sleepover…

“So Sandy, do you smoke?” Rizzo asked.

“No,” Sandy replied.

“You ever tried?” Rizzo questioned.

“Well, no…” Sandy said meekly.

“Why don’t you give it a shot?” Frenchy asked, “When you get good at it, I can teach you how to French inhale! That’s how I got my nickname, Frenchy.” She lit a cigarette and handed it to Sandy. Sandy inhaled and started gagging.

“I forgot to tell you, don’t inhale if you aren’t used to it,” Rizzo burst out laughing at her.

“Hey, Sandy,” Frenchy tried to change the subject, “Do you have your ears pierced?” Sandy shook her head, “I could do them for you. I’m studying to be a beauty-a-tician!” and Frenchy lead her into the bathroom to get her ears pierced.

Soon, there was an audible, “BLEAUGH!” from the bathroom.

“What was that?!?!!” Rizzo screamed.

“Sandy’s throwing up! Eww!” Frenchy squealed.

“She’s such a baby,” Rizzo complained, as she pulled a wig, which resembled Sandy’s hair, off of the bed, and placed it on her head. Strangely enough, music began to play in the background. In particular, the song “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee.” Rizzo sang along.

Frenchy and Sandy and Rizzo soon drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Danny and Kenicke were talking…

“She such a dork,” Kenicke said, referring to Sandy.

“She’ll cramp my style!” Danny announced, “I need a better girl!”

“A tougher girl,” Kenicke agreed, “A meaner girl.”

“Exactly,” Danny agreed. The two also drifted off to sleep.

The next day…

Danny had finally convinced Sandy to go to the drive in movie with him.

“I just wish you could’ve been a little nicer to me in front of your friends,” Sandy said.

“Look, I’m sorry, Sandy,” Danny reassured. He pulled something out of his pocket, “I think you should have this.” It was a box, with a ring inside.

It wasn’t long before Danny started to get tired and extremely irritable.

“Danny, let’s just forget about it for now,” Sandy gave the box back. Danny looked very sad, and he cried about it later.

Meanwhile at home, Sandy was talking to Frenchy on the phone, “I just don’t think he wants me, I think he wants a meaner girl. Not a quiet girl, still so scared and unsure. Could you come over tonight with your make-up kit?” Sandy put down the phone and triumphantly and spoke out loud, “Sandy, you must start anew. Don’t you know what you must do? Hold your head high, take a deep breath and cry, ‘Goodbye, to Sandra Dee.’”

The next day, at the Rydell High carnival…


The kids shied away from her.

“WELL!! COME AND GET IT!!!” She continued to yell.

Then, out walked Sandy, head to toe in leather, and various music began to play as the teenagers and Miss Lynch began to randomly dance and sing. They were all having fun, until Miss Lynch took the stage and began to sing and dance in a weird way, and the teens ran away.

“WE GO TOGHETHOR LIKE A WOP BOP A LU BOP A WOP BAM BU!!!! JUST LIKE MY BROTHER IS SHA NANANANANA YIPPITY DIP DEE DO!!! CHANG CHANG CHANGITTY CHANG SHA BOP!!! THAT’S THE WAY IT SHOULD BEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Miss Lynch sang and danced well into the night. She was later brought to an asylum for her crazy dancing.

Turnertang's Story

Total Drama Island Wars

Cody as Luke Skywalker

Lindsay as Princess Leah

Trent as Han Solo

Duncan as Darth Vader

Owen as Yoda

Ezekiel as R2-D2

Noah as C3P-O

“Anything in sight R2?” asked Luke as they were flying in the galaxy looking for this special planet that Obi-Wan told them about before he died

“Beep boop eh.” R2-D2 replied as he saw the planet

“I’m going in for the landing! This might be a little bumping!” Luke yelled as he charged down to the planet and started to land the plane

“Beeeeeeeeep!” screamed R2-D2 as they crashed into a rock

“Now where is this Jedi we are looking for?” Luke asked himself

“Here am I.,” replied Yoda as he walked to them “Yoda am I.”

“I’m Luke Skywalker and this is my robot R2-D2.” Luke replied, “We are looking for a Jedi? Do you know him?”

“Jedi I am.” Yoda said “With me to house.”

“Beep eh?” R2-D2 asked Luke

“I think he said “Follow me to my house.” I think.” Luke replied to R2-D2

“Talks funny your robot does.” Yoda added as he started to walk to his house “Carry me you must.”

“How does that help me learn to be a Jedi?” Luke asked

“Just don’t want to walk do I.” Yoda replied as he climbed on to his back

“Ouch!” Luke said as he fell down with Yoda on him “You way a ton!”

“Doughnuts I like.” Yoda told Luke

“We are so ought of here.” Luke said as he started to walk away “Come on R2.”

“Beep boop eh.” R2-D2 replied as he started to walk away

In outer space Luke saw another ship “R2 lets go see who’s ship that is.” Luke commanded as he turned the ship

“Beep boop beep eh.” R2-D2 replied

“Relax R2.” Luke said as he got near the ship “Look its just Han Solo and Princess Leah.”

“Come on into my ship.” Han said as R2-D2 and Luke walked into the ship

“Hey D2-R2.” said Princess Leah as she saw Luke “Oh, look its Blake.”

“Its Luke.” Cody replied angrily as he sat down “So Han what are you doing in this area?”

“My ship went out of control and here we are.” Han replied as he grabbed a soda “You want one?”

“Sure.” Luke replied as Han tossed him a soda

“Beep boop eh?” R2-D2 asked

“R2 wants to know if he can have a soda to.” Luke said

“Sure.” Han replied as he grabbed a soda and gave it to him

“Blake, are you going to stay here for a while?” Princess Leah asked as she grabbed a soda too

“No, I have an appointment to fight Darth Vader right now.” Luke said as he got up “I’m letting you keep R2 for now. Its to dangerous for him.”

“Yay! We get to play with D2-R2.” Princess Leah cheered as she hugged R2-D2

“Beep!” R2-D2 said as he ran away from Princess Leah

“I’ll see you around.” Luke said as he got into his ship and flew to Darth Vader’s ship “The Death Star”

“I hear someone coming.” said Vader as he pulled out his light saber

“Its me, Luke Skywalker!” Luke announced as he walked up to him

“I know who you are so lets just fight!” Vader commanded as he swung at Luke

“Ha! You missed!” Luke yelled as he blocked Darth Vader’s second swing

The battle went on for a while until... “Take this!” Vader yelled as he chopped off Luke’s arm and he dropped his light saber

“Ouch! That really hurt!” Luke yelled as he fell to his knees

“I am so sorry.” Vader said sarcastically as he walked up to Luke and put his light saber away

“Really?” Luke asked

“No, of course not!” Vader said as he took out his light saber again “Before I kill you I have to tell you one thing. I am your Father’s brother’s sister’s friend’s roommate.”

“So what does that make us?” Luke asked as he started to back away

“Well, after you think about it makes us nothing!” Vader said as he swung at Luke and missed

“So long Vader!” yelled Luke as he jumped off the edge of the platform and ran out of the ship and flew away until he got back to Han Solo’s house

“I’m here for R2,” said Luke as R2-D2 came out wearing a bunch of girly clothes

“D2-R2 and I played dress up.” Princess Leah announced

“Beep boop eh.” R2-D2 said as he ran out the door and into Luke’s ship

“Well, I’m going to the hospital to get a new hand.” Luke announced as he started to leave

“I see you later!” Han yelled as Luke flew away to the hospital

A while later he came out with his new hand “I’m still not done with you yet, Vader!” Luke yelled as he went to his ship and flew back to his home

Tdi's Story

Phineas and Ferb: Put That Putter Away

Cody as Phineas

Ezekiel As Ferb

Bridgette as Isabella

Heather as Candace

Courtney as Stacy (I know they aren't friends, but this is the best)

Noah as Beljec

Duncan as Bufford (He's mean, but has a sweet side to him)

Gwen as Mom

Harold as Little Doufer

Eva as Naggy Wife

Heather sneezes. Courtney come in with a bag.

"Hey Heather! Your mom told me you weren't feeling well. Here is a pack for you," Courtney said.

"Thanks," Heather said," What are my brothers doing?"

"Oh, they went miniature golfing. How lame is that," Courtney said.

Cody and Ezekiel are seen riding bikes. "I can't wait to get there!" Cody said. When they get to the course, their friends, Bridgette, Noah, and Duncan are sitting on the sidewalk.

"What happened guys?" Cody asked.

"They closed down Little Doufers," Bridgette said," I was ready to cream you guys at the windmill."

"Yea, and I was going to beat you guys on the fairway," Duncan said.

Owenguy101's Story

Bubblestand (TDI version)

Cody as SpongeBob Owen as Patrick Noah as Squidward It’s a nice day in bikini wawanakwa and SpongeCody comes out of his house. “What a beautiful day.” He said. All of a sudden, he starts making a stand annoying his neighbor Squidnoah. “Can you please quiet down?!” he shouted. “Sure thing Squidnoah!” said SpongeCody. He starts doing it more quietly. Squidnoah starts to practice his clarinet. NOTICE: The following music is so bad that the author will not mention it. But SpongeCody began to build fast again, reveling a bubblestand. “Hey Squidnoah! Want to blow some bubbles? Only twenty-five cents.” said SpongeCody. “Oh please. Who would pay twenty-five cents to blow bubbles?” said Noah. Their other neighbor and SpongeCody’s best friend Patowe comes up. “Good morning.” He said. He falls off his rock. “Of course.” said Squidnoah. “Good day sir. Would you like to blow a bubble?” asked SpongeCody. “How much is it?” asked Patowe. “Only a quarter.” said SpongeCody. “I think I need to borrow a quarter.” Said Patowe. “Sure thing.” said SpongeCody. Patowe then gives the borrowed quarter to SpongeCody. “Thank you.” said SpongeCody. He gives him the bubble wand but he has a bad time blowing the bubble. “Can I interest you with some lessons? Only twenty-five cents.” asked SpongeCody. “Uh can I borrow another quarter?” asked Patowe. He gives him another quarter. “Thanks.” Said Patowe. SpongeCody shows him a long style on how to do it and blows amazing bubbles. However, one went into Squidnoah’s house and caused a huge burst. Then Squidnoah came out very angry. SpongeCody and Patowe hide. “Excuse me but we’re closed.” SpongeCody said to Squidnoah. “What are you possibly doing?!” exclaimed Squidnoah. “We’re making bubble art.” Said SpongeCody. He shows Squidnoah how to do it but annoys him. “That’s not art. That’s just annoying. That’s the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.” said Squidnoah. SpongeCody and Patowe head back to SpongeCody’s house. Squidnoah then decides to blow a bubble but SpongeCody and Patowe are suddenly back. “That’ll be twenty-five cents sir.” said SpongeCody. “Who will pay twenty-five cents to blow bubbles?” asked Squidnoah. “We also have lessons.” said SpongeCody. “Here’s your twenty-five cents.” said Squidnoah. He starts blowing a bubble but it falls to the ground and pops. He keeps putting quarters on the stand and keeps trying. SpongeCody and Patowe keep telling him to do the way to do it. He then does it and blows a gigantic bubble. “Woah!” said SpongeCody and Patowe. Squidnoah falls off of the bubble. “Now that’s a bubble.” he said. “You said it.” said SpongeCody. Squidnoah then goes back inside while SpongeCody and Patowe dance. But the giant bubble comes back and takes Squidnoah’s house. SpongeCody and Patowe try to tell him but he can’t hear them. “Hello friends! You’re looking at a…” he looks down. “Squidnoah!” said SpongeCody and Patowe below. “Genius.” he said afterward. The bubble pops in a huge burst. SpongeCody and Patowe head back in and Squidnoah’s house falls back down with his clarinet muttering. THE END!

Sprinklemist's Story

Total Drama Cast in "Jeepers! It's the Creeper!"

Owen as Scooby Doo

Harold as Shaggy Rogers

Beth as Velma Dinkley

Bridgette as Daphne Blake

Geoff as Fred Jones

Phil as The Security Guard

Chris McClean as Mr. Carswell

Sasquatchanakwa as The Creeper

Darkness had enveloped the countryside. On a lonely road, an outdated model of a green automobile slowly made it's way down the street, its headlights shining through the darkness. Something strange in the road was revealed by the beaming light. Something that ordinarily shouldn't have been there. It was a tree blocking the way, a very large tree. The driver of the vehicle was forced to step out of the vehicle. Phil, the security guard at the local bank, got out of his car and approached the large tree to attempt to move it. Still dressed in his work uniform, he unsuccessfully tried to push the collapsed tree out of the way. As he continued to struggle with the obstacle he failed to hear the rustling coming from a nearby bush. He failed to notice the bizarre creature that emerged from the bushes. He failed to see the creature slowly approach him. He failed to stop the creature from striking him. He failed to remain conscious.

Later, a group of teens were riding in a rather large van on the same lonely road that the security guard was traveling. Geoff was the one driving the vehicle. Bridgette was sitting closest to Geoff, Beth next to Bridgette, Harold next to Beth. Owen Doo was sitting in the empty space located in the back of the van. "Is everyone excited for the hoedown at the abandoned barn?" said the awkward Beth, dressed in an orange sweater that was way too big for her.

"Oh sure," said Bridgette, a pretty girl who was prone to causing clumsy accidents, "I'm sure it's going to be groovy!"

Harold added, "Yeah, it's pretty much going to be wicked sweet. All the ladies are going to flock around me to see my awesome dance moves." Harold began moving his arms in an attempt at 'The Robot', hitting Beth with his arms in the cramped seat in the front of the vehicle.

"Hey, stop it!" Beth exclaimed. Harold complied with the command.

Harold turned his attention to the back of the van. "What you doing back there, Owen Doo?" He addressed the strange teenager. Owen Doo was a young man that was fully convinced that he was a dog that was able to talk. He only wore a blue collar with the monogram 'OD' printed on the tag. Most people would be offended at the sight of an overweight, naked teenager, but his friends were used to it, and all strangers were too stunned or disturbed to mention the subject.

Owen Doo was looking in a mirror that was previously not in the back of the van. He was trying on a bow tie. "I'm retting ready ror the rig roedown!" Owen Doo said, "I rant to rook rice ror all the relicious rood. Haha!" No one questioned the strange way Owen Doo spoke. There were rumors that he had been hit in the head by a shovel when he was younger. The three front seat passengers looked back at the deranged Owen Doo.

"Looking good, man," Harold lied. He knew it was useless to tell Owen Doo to put some clothes on.

"Like, what's that up ahead in the road?" Geoff said. He was a strong looking young man with very little fashion sense. He never removed his red ascot, despite ridicule from his schoolmates. After Geoff's question, the other teens turned around to look at what was blocking the road. The van came to a complete stop. There was an empty green car and a large tree blocking the road, but in front of the tree was a non-descript man wearing a security uniform. He had a sheet of paper under his right hand. The teens exited their van to inspect the scene. Bridgette had experience in first aid, so she checked to see what was wrong with the unconscious man. "Is the dude alive?" Geoff asked.

"He's alright," Bridgette said, "Other than the bump on his head."

"I think he got hit on the head by something," Geoff volunteered. The others ignored his attempt at saying something useful.

Harold, Beth, and Owen Doo were investigating the ransacked vehicle that belonged to the security guard. "Gosh! I mean, Zoinks!" Harold exclaimed as he looked at the trashed interior of the vehicle, "It looks like some mythical beast attacked this vehicle. It's been torn apart."

"Or maybe," Beth said, "Someone was desperately looking for something."

Attention was now turned toward the unconscious security guard who had just regained conciousness. He said, "I - I don't know what it was. Some creature snuck up behind me when I was trying to move this tree. I turned around and it knocked me out." He then held up the piece of paper he was clutching and handed it to Geoff. The guard explained, "This is a statement that talks about the large sum of money that was disappearing from the bank I work at."

Geoff excitedly stated, "This piece of paper says that a large amount of money was missing from the bank." Beth rolled her eyes at the utterance of old information.

Harold had found another piece of paper and said, "Look at what I found. It's the address of the bank president."

Beth added, "If anyone can help us figure out what happened here, it's this guy."

The scene changes to the outside of the bank president's mansion. Inside, the teens brought Phil to recover inside the mansion. "What happened to Phil?" Chris Carswell, the bank president, asked.

"We found him passed out in the middle of the road," Bridgette said. "He said he was attacked by a hideous monster."

"A hideous monster?" Chris said. "It could only be The Creeper."

"Jeepers! Creeper?" Bridgette said. "What's that?"

Chris explained in a spooky voice, "The Creeper is a mysterious creature that is said to creep extremely slowly due to a limp, or something. He appeared in the woods recently, scaring the locals. You kids should leave this town. You're in extreme danger if you stay here!"

Beth said, "Oh please. Everyone knows that there's no such thing as monsters."

"Besides," Geoff adds, "We're not going to miss the party. It's going to be awesome!" Chris slaps his forehead.

"Roohoo!" Owen Doo said.

"Tell us about the recent bank robbery," Beth said.

"Well, it's really none of your business, but I'll tell you, anyway," Chris said. "The robberies are very mysterious. The money disappears in broad daylight and the security cameras never pick up any footage of the crimes." Chris speaks in his spooky voice, again, "They say the robberies are connected with The Creeper! I'm going to have to ask you kids to leave, I have an important business meeting to attend." The teenagers leave the mansion.

Harold said, "So what are we going to do, now?"

"Let's investigate the weird goings-on!" Beth excitedly said. Harold and Owen Doo looked nervous.

Geoff said, "Yeah! After we attend the hoedown! Woohoo!"

The next scene shows the kids dancing badly in an old barn with other unnamed teenagers. Harold and Owen Doo stopped dancing to eat at the buffet table. Outside, The Creeper was angry that he wasn't invited to the hoedown. He flipped a switch and made the lights go out inside the barn. Back inside, everyone stopped dancing. Owen Doo jumped into Harold's arms because he was frightened. Harold collapsed.

"Get off me, man!" Harold demanded. Owen Doo got up, and all the other teens left the barn and got into their cars. Geoff, Bridgette, and Beth got into the van.

Bridgette said, "Guys, hurry up! The others are going to the local soda shoppe."

"Rust a rinute," Owen Doo said. "Re ran't reave ris rood!" Owen Doo ate all of the food off of the buffet table. "Rokay, row re ran reave."

Harold said, "I have no idea what you just said, but we can't leave all of these plates and tables and stuff. That would be rude."

"Rokay," Owen Doo said as he helped Harold lift some heavy boxes of supplies through the back door of the barn. The boys were taken by surprise when they saw The Creeper, a large, hairy, purple creature. It was wearing old, gray pants, and a green sports coat for some reason. It slowly approached the teens as they turned and ran back into the barn. They ran through the building and out the front. Beth was standing outside and was hit by Harold as he ran passed her. Her glasses fell to the ground.

"My glasses! I can't see anything without my glasses!" Beth was kneeling on the ground as she blindly searched for her spectacles.

Bridgette asked Geoff, "Shouldn't we help her?"

"Nah," Geoff said as he and Bridgette stood idle. "She can find them on her own." Harold and Owen Doo were hiding in the van.

Harold said, "I think you should come hide with us! The Creeper will be here any minute!"

Twenty minutes later, The Creeper finally caught up with the teens. Beth was still looking for her glasses, and on seeing The Creeper, Geoff and Bridgette ran to hide with Harold and Owen Doo leaving Beth to grasp for her glasses. The Creeper was about to grab Beth when she finally found her glasses. She put them on and exclaimed, "Jinkies! The Creeper does exist! Unless, you know, he's really a guy in a costume like the last twenty-three mysteries we solved." Beth got up and ran before The Creeper was able to grab her. She got in the van with others.

"What'll we do now?" Harold asked.

Geoff said, "I say we get out of the van and hide in that chicken coop over there." He pointed to a chicken about twenty feet away.

"Alright," everyone agreed. They got out of the van and hid in the chicken coop. Owen Doo put a rubber glove on his head in order to disguise himself as a chicken. The others hid behind the chicken's cages. Then they waited for The Creeper for about a half an hour. The Creeper finally entered the coop, and easily spotted Owen Doo despite his clever disguise. The teens ran out of their hiding places and the Creeper was unable to catch them. He just gave up, and started walking back to the barn.

"What'll we do, now?" Harold asked.

"Hm..." Beth said as she looked around the scene. "Did anyone notice that abandoned car earlier? Let's check it out."

"Okay, let's split up," Geoff said. "Bridgette and I will investigate the car while the three of you follow the Creeper back into the barn."

Harold objected, "That makes no sense! The Creeper might kill us! You and Bridgette are probably the strongest ones. You should go with Owen Doo into the barn. Gosh!"

"Yeah, that's not going to happen," Geoff said as he put his arm around Bridgette and walked away.

"Come on," Beth said. "Maybe we can spy on The Creeper." She grabbed Harold and Owen Doo by the color and was miraculously able to pull them inside the barn.

Geoff and Bridgette looked back to see the others out of sight. "Now that we ditched the others," Geoff said, "Wanna make out?"

"Sure!" Bridgette said. The two started kissing outside of the abandoned car.

As the other three teens entered the barn they saw The Creeper in the corner of the large room. "Quick, let's hide in this bale of hay!" Beth said. The three jumped inside the hay bale.

"Rouch!" Owen Doo said when he jumped in.

"Quiet!" Beth yelled as she covered over Owen Doo's mouth. "We don't want the Creeper to hear us."

"What's that guy doing?" Harold asked as they spied on The Creeper.

"I have no idea," Beth said. "It looks like he's just waiting to be captured because the stories almost over."

Just then, Bridgette and Geoff entered the barn. "Babe," Geoff said, "I said I was sorry about calling you a klutz! Why do you got to ruin a good make out session?" He tried to put his arm around her, but she jumped out of the way. The Creeper started to run after the teens after hearing all of the noise.

"Whoa, whoops!" Bridgette exclaimed. When she jumped she crashed into a ladder that led to the second floor of the barn. It started to wobble, and she fell on her butt. The Creeper was about to capture Bridgette, but the ladder fell on the creature, trapping it between two rungs.

"Ow!" The monster exclaimed.

"What kind of monster says 'Ow'?" Bridgette asked.

Beth said, "The fake kind. Let's see who this monster really is."

"I bet that it's the security guard," Geoff guessed. "He could have made up the story about being attacked by The Creeper, just to throw us off the trail."

"Wrong," Beth said.

"What about Mr. Carswell?" Harold asked. "He owned the bank. He could have been embezzling money, and covering up his crime. Then he dressed up as The Creeper to keep people from investigating."

"Reah!" Owen Doo agreed.

"Wrong, again," Beth said.

"What?!" The other teens yelled, except for Owen Doo who said, "Rhat?!"

Bridgette said, "Who else could it be?"

"That's easy," Beth said. Beth removed the mask from the villain.

"Heather?!" The other teens exclaimed, as they saw the girl's face.

"That's right," Beth said.

A befuddled Geoff asked, "But why?"

"I don't know," Beth said. "I guess it's just because she's mean."

"I'll tell you why I did it," Heather said. "It's because I wasn't invited to this stupid party! I tried to ruin your good time. And I would've gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!"

"Oh man," Bridgette said, "All this time it was so obvious. You guys wanna head to the soda shoppe?"

"RI'm in!" Owen Doo said. The teens started to head for the van.

"Wait!" Heather exclaimed, "Can I come?"

Beth said, "Sure!"

"Really?" Heather said.

"No, not really," Beth said. "I randomly found time to call the police. They will be here any minute to take you to prison for robbing the bank."

Heather exclaimed, "I didn't do that crime, though!"

"It turns out," Beth said, "The police don't like you, either. In other words, they don't care if you're guilty or not."

"But," Heather said, "That's not fair!"

"Rem's the reaks, Reather!" Owen Doo said. The teens, excluding Heather, all laughed. The police arrived and arrested Heather and Owen Doo for his display of public nudity. Then the episode ended.

Tdifan1234's Story

Hair Gel!(Parody of Hairspray!)

Sadie-Tracy Turnblad

Justin-Link Larkin

Lindsay-Amber Von Tussle

Heather-Velma Von Tussle

Lesawna-Motormouth Maybelle


Katie-Lil' Inez

Izzy-Penny Pingleton

Chris MaClean-Corny Collins

Courtney-Enda Turnblad(I know she's not fat, but You'll see how I twist it around.... XD)

Cody-Wilbur Turnblad(LOL! XD)

Owen-Mr. Pinky(LOL X 2! XD)

(Someone tell me if I forgot anyone)

Redflare's Story

Fadingsilverstar16's Story

Bridgette – The Little Match Girl

Leshawna – The Match Girl's Kindly Grandmother

Gwen, Trent, and their children – The Family at the Toystore

“Matches!” the girl shouted repeatedly, holding up a box filled with said items and smiling although the icy wind bit her cheeks and made her want to curl up in a ball and shiver. She resisted the urge, though, knowing that she would have to sell at least one match if she were to eat that frosty Christmas Eve. Night was falling, the blanket clouds in the sky slowly changing from light silver to dark gray, soft crystals of snow drifting down from them all the while. Everyone was going home to their families, probably to have a big Christmas Eve supper—

Feeling her stomach wrench painfully at that thought, little Bridgette shook her head, trying to focus her attention on selling the few matches she had. Seeing a tall, gruff looking man with a top hat and a pipe, the six-year old grabbed one out of her cardboard box and ran up to him, holding it up with a bright, hopeful look on her face.

Regarding the poor girl with a mildly sympathetic look, the man pulled a match out of his pocket, lit his pipe, and continued on his way.

Bridgette's face fell, but she did not completely lose hope, for there was another man coming her way. He was also tall and had a pipe, air was clean shaved and had a charming air about him.

“A match for your pipe, sir?” she asked as politely as possible, offering him one. This man ignored her completely.

Little Bridgette turned her head left and right, hastily searching for another potential customer before it became too dark to see anything. The lights illuminating the windows of the stores that surrounded the square were being put out, and the area seemed devoid of people. Well, save for the local toy maker's shop. The kindly old man that ran that shop always kept his doors open a little later than normal on Christmas Eve.

The tiny female stared at the small building, eyes fixated on the wonderful trinkets and playthings that were visible through the clear glass windows. Ballerina dolls, toy soldiers, building blocks...the sheer wonder of it made Bridgette forget the fact that she was penniless and starving for a fleeting moment. Of course, the chill that shot through her spine as the wind picked up a bit brought her back to reality, reminding her that privileges like warmth, shelter, food, and happiness were reserved only for children who were lucky enough to have people who actually cared about their existence. No one cared for Bridgette. Well...not anymore.

Unhappy memories came rushing back as the match girl watched a happy family exit the toy store, the children's arms filled with toys of all kinds and the parents beaming at their little angels. Unlike those lucky children, Bridgette's mommy died in childbirth and because of that, Bridgette was a monster. She knew she was, her daddy told her so. He told her how it was her fault that mommy was gone forever. He told her how she shouldn't be alive. Sometimes, daddy would hit her and sometimes, daddy would punch her and make her bleed. Daddy never said 'I love you' to Bridgette, but Bridgette would always say 'I love you' to daddy, hoping that one day daddy would love her back. That never happened though, for Bridgette was a monster. She'd been told that too many times and couldn't believe anything else at this point. Her grandmother was the only person in the whole world that ever loved her, but she'd died a long time ago....

The girl only had time to watch the family for a few more minutes before they got in their horse-drawn carriage and rode away. Once they were out of sight, the girl sighed, bowing her head and letting her long blond hair fall over her eyes. It looked like she would have to go another night without food. The streets were clearing quickly and darkness loomed over the land, enveloping all in its sweeping, cold embrace. Silently, Bridgette turned around and started toward the gates at the edge of the square.

The alley was dark, dirty, and absolutely disgusting, but at least it wasn't too far from the heart of the city. It took her only a minute or two to reach it, all the pent-up depression finally settling in.

The cold, bitter wind seemed to be extra cruel on this chilly Christmas Eve, taking no pity on the match girl as she curled up in a dark corner. The tattered rags that could barely be called clothes hung on Bridgette's frail form, doing little to warm her. Hair wet with frost, she pressed her hands together and rubbed them in an attempt to create heat, but she found the effort futile.

The little girl looked down at the box in her lap, gasping in horror when she saw it nearly empty. Frantically, she pushed her hands into the freezing snow, digging around to find the lost matches. Turning up an empty-handed, she let out a sniffle.

A thought came to her. What if she used the match—

No, she thought, shaking her head, I have to sell it. How will I buy food without it?

But her mutinous hands did not listen, for after a few minutes of trying to control herself, Bridgette finally reached inside the wooden box and grasped the match. Letting out a shaky breath, she ran it across the cold stone wall, giving a small smile when it lit successfully. Cautiously, she cupped her hand over it, protecting the flame from the harsh elements. Sighing, she closed her eyes, taking in the little warmth the fire provided. Granted, Bridgette was still cold, but at least she had a little heat now. For a few minutes, she just sat, but before too much time passed her by, the little girl's eyebrows furrowed. Something was wrong.

She opened her eyes....

...and all reality faded away....


She was floating, somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness, not exactly sure why she didn't feel so cold anymore or why the match in her hands had disappeared. Everything was blurry, her entire surroundings nothing but a indescribably bright vortex. Soon, however, an image began to take form....

The six-year old girl took a cautious step forward out of the yellow haze, entering the scene that had come to life before her. It was a marvelous feast, with cranberry sauce and lots of stuffing and many other delicious foods on a large wooden table, but that wasn't even the best part. In the exact middle of the table sat a ridiculously fat turkey, unlike any other she'd ever seen. Eyes fixed on the delightful food, Bridgette licked her lips, running toward the Christmas dinner and climbing up on a chair. However, the table was big and she was very small, so she could not reach the beautiful roasted turkey. Grunting, she reached out as far as she could, but her tiny fingers were still at least a foot away from the good-smelling supper.

Bridgette was in the middle of deciding whether to let her manners slip for a moment and climb up on the table to get to the feast when a large, a hand gently laid itself upon her shoulder.

“Hello, Bridgette.”

The girl raised her eyebrows, face lighting up and blue eyes sparkling with mirth as she immediately recognized the voice.

“Gramma Leshawna!” she yelled, turning in her chair and laughing as she was met with the warm arms of her grandmother encircling her shoulders in a hug. After kissing her granddaughter on the forehead, Grandma cut a large drumstick from the turkey, serving it to Bridgette on a china plate.

“Eat up, sweetie.”

Not needing any more invitation, the little blonde female dug in, ravaging the turkey leg with all of her might. Once she finished that, Grandma Leshawna served her chicken, mashed potatoes, and many other wonderful foods. The dinner was the best that Bridgette had ever had.

“Would you like to go decorate the tree, hun?” said her grandmother after the tiny girl's stomach had been filled.


The little match girl hopped out of her chair, eyes widening at the new sight that greeted her. A huge, gorgeous Christmas tree and a box of ornaments sat waiting for her. Running towards it with a bright grin on her face, she ran to it, taking in the smell of sweet pine. After looking to Grandma for approval, Bridgette picked out a pink ballerina ornament from the box, hanging it on the tree very carefully. This went on for a while until the decorating was complete, both Bridgette and Grandma Leshawna standing back to marvel at the sight.

“It's beautiful, Gramma,” whispered the girl, cuddling up to said old lady. Leshawna nodded.

“You can stay here forever, you know,” she replied, looking down at Bridgette lovingly. “I promise I'll never leave you....”

Bridgette looked up, features twisting into a confused expression as she saw her grandmother's image getting watery and slowly starting to fade....

“Gramma...are you all right?”

“You have such a big heart....”


“I care about you so much....”

“No! Gramma please, don't go! I'm nothing without you!”

“I'll always love you....” the voice echoed in her quickly unraveling mind....


The darkness was consuming her...

“I'll never leave....”


The little match girl shot up, completely covered in freezing snow, reality once again grasping her in its icy claws. No more arms wrapped around her. No tree. No food. No love. It was just her and nothing else but the silent, all consuming emptiness.

“Gramma....” Bridgette whispered hoarsely, no one but the wind hearing her desperate pleas.

“Don't leave me....”

“I said I would never leave you.”

Bridgette looked up, the shock evident on her face.


It was true. The stone wall before her was no longer there, replaced with Grandma Leshawna, her essence casting a golden luminosity on the little match girl.

“Come, child.”

The figure stepped out of the heavenly light, seeming oddly transparent as she walked on the snow. Slowly, she gathered the child up in her arms.

“Where are we going?”


Bridgette looked down, studying her now transparent hand.


“Home,” Leshawna confirmed with a smile.

With that, they walked away.


All was silent as the gravediggers lowered the wrapped body into the ground. There had been no funeral, for they couldn't find any relatives or friends to come mourn for the six-year old child found dead in the snow on Christmas Day. There was only one comment made about the little match girl that chilly morning...just a short sentence by an old passerby that seemed to say it all:

“-And they say the she died...that they found her...with a smile on her face.”

The End.

Usitgz's Story

The Werelion, the $%&#@, and the Closet (The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe)

DJ as Peter

Eva as Susan

Cody as Edmund

Izzy as Lucy

Heather as the White Witch

Owen as Aslan

Ezekiel as Mr. Tumnus

Noah as Proffessor Digory Kirke

Tyler as Santa Claus

Four kids are debarking from Finchley, England They are moving to a mad scientist's house as a precaution from the nazi's bombs. The eldest and most easily frightened child is DJ, The next eldest and the one with anger management is Eva, The second youngest and somewhat normal one is Cody, and the youngest, and most physcotic one is Izzy. When they arrived at the mad scientist's house they were greeted by Proffessor Noah, the mad scientist.

One day the kids, and Proffessor Noah's Frankenkirke (Frankenkirke is Noah's frankenstien) were playing hide and seek. Izzy was chased into a closet by frankenkirke, and saw that the closet had no back and shae kept walking and ran into a winter wonderland. While she was dancing around in the winter wonderland she bumped into a goatman.

"Gjflkjkla fjhlauirglr thjashk sdadsgajdslh egghj gksfydf daysghf dtahdgf fcdfdgfcg afcgd gfc fdxfsg sfxgfxdd sdgr eh!," said the goatman.

"What?" asked Izzy.

"Sdashdfjdh a asdygfalejbfd afafdgfejhaveaf, I mean are you a daughter of Eve eh?" asked the goatman.

"I don't understand, what did you say your name is?" asked Izzy.

"Ezekiel eh," answered the goatman.

"How do you move with goat legs?" asked Izzy.

"What, I have goat legs!" answered a terrified Ezekiel. Ezekiel then ran away screaming. Izzy stalked Ezekiel all the way to his home. Izzy thought it was about dinner time so she went back to the closet door. When Izzy came back to the house she noticed that they were still playing hide and seek.

"Guys I have to tell you something, the closet in that room is really another dimension," Izzy told everyone.

"Yeah right," replied Cody, and Eva.

"Is there monsters?" asked DJ.

" Yes there are goatmen who speak in tongues, I met one and followed him home," answered Izzy.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed DJ who was in the fetal position. They then debarked to have dinner. the next day Cody was following Izzy around and saw her go into the closet. He followed her in. While Cody was venturing around when up came a sleigh pulled by elves with a lady and a polar bear riding in it.

"Would you like some turkish delight?" asked the polar bear.

"Holy crap a talking polar bear!" exclaimed Cody.

"I'll teach you for calling me a bear!" yelled the polar bear.

"Want some berries?" asked Cody. When Cody woke up he noticed Izzy was dragging him back through the closet door and he was completely mauled.

"What happened to you?" asked Izzy.

"Polar bears, turkish delight, and gnomes!" screamed Cody. Then they walked through the closet door and Cody was healed.

"Told you I was a quick healer," Cody said. The next thing they knew DJ, Noah, and Eva came rushing through the door. They started to barricade the door.

"What are you guys doing?" asked Izzy.

"Monster!" screamed DJ. They all could here Frankenkirke pounding on the door. Izzy told everyone about her adventure in the other dimension, then nudged Cody. Cody was thinking about if he should tell his embarrassing story. Cody started to tell about how the other dimension was so fake, and Izzy started to whimper.

"Which one do you think we should believe?" Eva asked DJ.

"Either your sister is mad, or she's lying, or she's telling the truth. She's not mad and you say she never lies, so we must assume she is telling the truth," said Noah.

"He must not know are sister," Eva whispered to DJ.

"I think she is lying,"DJ whispered back. Suddenley the closet door broke down and out came Santa and A man with a lion's mane.

" I am Owen... I mean Aslan,I'm a werelion, and this is St. Tyler" said the man with a lion's mane.

"You mean St. Nick," said Cody.

"No I am St. Tyler, Here kids take these highly dangerous explosives," St. Tyler said while giving the kids weapons. DJ got a Grenade launcher, Eva got a rocket launcher, Cody got a grenade, and Izzy got a tranqualizer gun.

"Wait, why is Santa clause giving us weapons?" asked DJ.

"He's from the alternate dimension, duh," Eva smirked.

"It's not an alternate dimension its Gnarnia," said Aslan.

"Why don't I get a weapon?" asked Noah.

"Here take this, it shoots out water that heals people," said St. Tyler while handing Noah a squirt gun.

"Your mission is to kill Frankenkirke and The white witch," stated Aslan. Right after that Frankenkirke came bursting through the door. Ena shot him down with one rocket, then the sled with elves pulling it came through the open closet door.

"I have gotten back into my true form!" exclaimed the white witch. Suddenley the elves turned into dust.

"WTF just happenned to my army!" shouted the white witch. The white witch's polar started to maul Cody, and Aslan, the white witch, and St. Tyler started a yo momma contest.

"Yo mama so fat she put on her lipstick with a paint-roller," said the white witch.

"Well, yo mama so fat when she steps on a scale, it read 'one at a time, please'," said St. Tyler.

"Well, yo mama so fat she's got her own area code," said the white witch.

"Well, yo mama so ugly when she walks down the street in September, people say 'Wow, is it Halloween already?'," said Aslan.

"I think we all know who won this... Aslan and St. Tyler," said Noah, "so the loser get sprayed with water!"

"I'm melting!" screamed the white witch. She turned into a puddle of water. The others saw that cody was just little scraps now, and the polar bear was charging them.

"Not Cody!" screamed Izzy.

"I'll take care of this bear," said DJ as he shot a grenade at the Polar Bear. The polar bear blew up into many pieces.

"We won!" exclaimed Eva.

"It came at a great cost," said Aslan pointing to Cody.

"I can just heal him," said Noah, then he shot Cody with a squirt gun. Cody formed back into regular Cody.

"I'm actually alive!" exclaimed Cody. Then the group all rejoiced.

The End... or is it... coming soon Gnarnia: Prince Caspian... (J/K)

Week Five

Sorreltail18's Story

(sorrel-won;t be here this week sorry:( )

Zakkoroen's Story

(Can't do one this week...)

Sunshine's Story

(1,789 words)

Control your temper, I thought to myself as I clutched one fist tight around the item it held, the other even tighter against bare skin. I thought I felt my nails dig into the skin, felt a few drops of blood leak out of my palm, but I ignored it.

Right now, nothing could distract me.

As the boat continued its course to wherever I was going, I forced myself to move just enough to rewind the tape a few minutes backwards, and then press play. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to perform the simple task. I felt like if I didn’t concentrate, my fingers would pound right through the buttons, cut through the entire VCR, and my arm would break through the other side. The tiny part of my brain that was still thinking rationally tried to explain that I was not nearly strong enough to do that, that the worst I could do was push the button a little too hard and make it stick. Hard as that part of my mind tried, the majority of my mind was overwhelmed by fury, and that made me feel unnaturally powerful.

The video began again, and the familiar face, which I had disliked somewhat before and hated passionately now, moved across the confessional again. He twisted the vote box open, pulling out the papers inside it and replacing them.

“You guys think you’re SO funny.” He mumbled. “Let’s see how you like it when someone messes with your love life…”

Oh, I’d tell him how I liked it, all right…

I clenched my teeth tight, so tight they might have started bleeding in protest, though if they did, I did not notice. I inhaled deeply through my nose, trying desperately not to release the oxygen in a scream as I propelled my fist through the television screen. The rational part of my brain panicked again, telling me desperately that I should not do that, and probably couldn’t. Trying to explain that, even if I did manage to shatter the glass of the screen, it would only result in a multitude of stitches in my arm.

But even that tiny remaining voice was beginning to be consumed by hatred and rage.

The slowing of the boat, then the slight jostle of it as it stopped, temporarily caught my attention. I took a deep breath, released it slowly, and prepared… prepared to act my rear end off for my parents. If I didn’t put up a good façade, they would catch me. Once I was in my room, alone, I could release my rage all I wanted…

I turned to step off the boat, and was promptly surprised.

This definitely wasn’t Quebec City.

The rage in my head turned temporarily to shock. My eyes took in the palm trees, the clear, starry sky, and the huge resort that stood in front of me. The cold night breeze confused me further. It looked like I was somewhere tropical, warm- maybe down in the US, Florida or California or something. But the cool Canadian air brushed my skin, touched at my shoulder-length brown hair. I was definitely still in Canada, perhaps even still in Ontario. All the different facts attacked each other, nothing quite making sense, and the dull burn of anger still in the very back of my mind sure wasn’t helping things.

“Where the heck am I?” I finally asked, not looking to see if anyone was listening. The sound of my voice was strange, as I’d spent most of the boat ride in silence… that is, after my angered ranting had worn itself out, left me exhausted in the back of the old, run-down boat.

“Playa des Losers.” A voice explained. I was pretty sure it was the intern who’d driven me here, but I wasn’t yet coherent enough to turn and check. I would admit, he was a brave man; anyone else might have jumped ship after an hour of my deranged, enraged ranting. “It’s where all the losers from Total Drama Island come. You’ll stay here until the end of the competition.” The name of the place I’d just been eliminated from caused a slight jolt of pain in my chest, and the anger in my head washed forward for a second, like a wave crashing against the shore before pulling back into the ocean once more.

All was silent for a while, and then I heard the motor of the boat start up again, the intern apparently having decided I was not going to speak again. The boat’s engine roared loudly, the sound overwhelming everything for a moment, before the sound faded slowly into the distance. I did not bother to look up and watch the boat leave me behind, though a part of me longed to twist myself around, rush to the end of the shore and wave my arms into the sky, begging the intern to take me back to the competition, to continue my claims that the whole thing was unfair.

But I didn’t. I just stood there in silence, my eyes lingering on the stars.

I was faintly aware that the ten eliminated before me had come out to stare, though I paid them no attention. My mind was strangely blank, though it seemed like a cloud-covered sky; nothing bad was happening at the moment, but the grey clouds flowed over everything, a looming threat.

My eyes slid away from the stars to look at- I struggled to think the words ‘my fellow losers’, I still hadn’t quite comprehended I had lost this contest. As I looked to them, the jolt of pain shot through my heart again, even harder than the last time, and the clouds in my mind began to thunder, threatening to storm.

They were all staring at me, expressions varying from fear to disapproval. And all of them were mumbling among each other. Talking about me.

A flash of lightning blasted through my head, and the rage I had struggled to keep locked up burst free.

“SHUT UP!!!!” I screamed, the fierceness of my voice surprising everyone, myself included. “JUST EVERYONE SHUT UP!!! It was- I was-” my voice began to break, and I felt my joints begin to disappear, threatening to dump me onto the ground at any moment.

I whirled away from the shocked stares and ran.

Plants and twigs smacked against my skin as I tore away from the other losers. I could practically feel the bruises and scratches forming. The starry sky disappeared under the tops of the trees. The ground crunched underneath my feet too quickly, I was running faster than I ever thought I could. But right now, I did not notice any of it. Nothing was important. Nothing could distract me.

I burst through the flora, and found myself near the shore. I thought for a moment I had run in a huge circle, and turned around to see the faces silently criticizing me once more, but saw only more trees and flowers. Good. I had reached another part of the shore.

I stared out into the water for a single moment, then the rage seared through me like I’d been lit on fire.

I screamed wordlessly, kicking a nearby rock as hard as I could. It flung into the air, and then splashed into the water. I picked up another one with my free hand and flung it into the air. It skipped across the water several times, and then sunk.

The anger consumed everything within me, flowing through my veins, consuming my mind, as my wordless shrieks and abuse of random rocks continued. Finally, I kicked a somewhat large rock rather hard, and felt my toe crunch with the impact. The rage was replaced by pain for a brief moment, and was just barely enough for me to shove away the anger and slide to the ground, clutching my foot as I watched the toe bruise and swell.

My heart ached as I moaned and stared up to the sky. As the light of the stars filtered through my eyes, I felt the strangest combination of confusion, pain, and illness. A tiny bit of the anger seeped back into my mind, though the new emotions overshadowed it.

I sighed and let my eyelids droop. It was beginning to hit me now. I had lost.

But then a new thought slipped through the cracks of my mind, tiny and meaningless, and quickly blew itself up to enormous size, clouding out everything else in my crowded brain.

It wasn’t losing that was bothering me.

My hand tightened slightly around the object it was holding, then the fingers uncurled, one by one, to reveal the precious object.

I stared at it, and the hollow eyes of the wooden skull stared back.

And I knew I had truly broken down the dam now.

Everything overwhelmed me very quickly then. His blue eyes; his smirk when he looked at me, like he’d just won a contest’s grand prize; the way he laughed…

No, no, no. As much as I had ignored my voice of reason before, when it was rage that was overwhelming me, I searched desperately for it now, begging vainly for it to snap me out of this, only to find it, too, was overwhelmed by this.

The way his face lit up when I came to see him; that first taste of being bad; that first kiss outside the cabin; the way he placed his arm around me…

His desperate, confused face as he waved goodbye.

Oh, god, I missed him. Though it was irrational, unnatural, impossible in every way, I knew it was true. I didn’t care at all about losing the contest… I cared about losing him.

“Duncan,” I choked out, and my voice sounded horribly strange. It was scared and desperate and pained, breaking several times throughout the single word.

And with that, both my mind and my body gave up the struggle it had been putting up for so long, trying to keep me standing tall and strong. Feeling very small and weak and alone, I let my head fall into my arms as the sobs broke free. Tears streamed down my face, wet and hot, as my chest heaved with my wordless cries and each breath I took slid slow and hard down my windpipe. I cried for a long time, the sleeves of my shirt becoming stained with salt water, and clutched the skull carving closely to my chest as the tears I had held back for a long time exploded out of me.

Somewhere in my hysterics, my body drooped to the sand, and I slipped into the quiet nothingness of sleep.

Thebiggesttdifan's Story

Word Count: 1,731

Ridiculous. Just ridiculous, Duncan thought. Where were they? The wind howled and Duncan adjusted his Mohawk. Ever since the endless fall had begun, Duncan could never get his Mohawk straight. The wind was always messing it up—but not matter how much his parole officer suggested, Duncan never changed his hairstyle.

Although he had never met Noah and Cody except on Total Drama Island, he thought they ought to have come back by now. They had left him a couple hours ago. Although Duncan was not the waiting type, he talked himself into waiting—and since then the thought of leaving had never crossed his mind.

Suddenly, Duncan’s cell phone rang, another thing he had talked himself into doing. It was Noah. “Come here, you idiot!”

“I have no idea where you are.”

“I’m over at Joe’s business. Get over here!” Joe Williamson was the only real connection between Duncan and Noah before this. He was a former classmate of Noah, and Duncan had “met” him once—make that stole his wallet. But Duncan knew where Joe’s business was all right. It was a landmark to the city—selling the best pastries in town.

“Fine, but tell me where you are. You couldn’t stand out in a crowd of people dressed completely different from you.” Duncan hung up the phone.

When Duncan entered Joe’s pastry shop, there were a lot of people crowding around a booth. Suddenly, Duncan felt a vibration in his pocket. He flipped out his phone and saw a text message. “I’m at the kitchen, near the cookie dough.” Apparently Noah had taken Duncan’s statement literally. He sighed, maneuvered around the bustle in the crowd, and flipped open the doors to the pastry kitchen.

“Now tell me what’s going on.” Duncan stared angrily at Noah, who was casually leaning against the kitchen counter.

Quietly, but keeping his voice dripping with his trademark sarcasm, Noah said something that changed Duncan’s mood completely. “Cody’s been murdered.” Duncan shifted. Sure, he had heard of murders. He had even experienced the feeling of someone being murdered when his mom had been hit by a rock thrown at her in the head a couple years ago. But this…who would want to murder a guy who was useless unless you wanted to learn how to be a geek?


“Sorry to break it to you, but yeah. I usually wouldn’t be feeling sympathy for you, but right now I know how you feel.” There was a faraway look in his eyes.

“Wait—what? I was just sad that he was murdered. How long has it been?”

“If it had happened earlier, do you think I would have let you know?” Noah sighed. Duncan had no answer. “You want to go see the scene of crime?”

“Sure.” So Noah got up and led him out of the kitchen and near the hubbub of people. In between was scariness—something Duncan hadn’t seen since the days of Total Drama Island—Cody, sitting there, with his arm over his chest. Blood lay on his ankle, and it seemed to be leaking into his socks. “Wow. Shouldn’t we call someone? I couldn’t have been the only person you let me know.”

“Don’t worry,” Noah grinned wickedly as he eyed his BlackBerry. “I got another person underway.”

Leshawna Hamilton sat at her desk, fingering through packets of sugar. “Girl, you know I hate this kind of coffee,” she said to her assistant. “So why in the dang world did you get me it?” Suddenly her phone rang. She fumbled for it but got it on the third ring. “Noah Kolaski,” she muttered. “Do I know him?” But Leshawna rolled her eyes and put the phone to her ear anyway. “Leshawna Hamilton, the head of Muskoka police, what do you want?”

“There’s been a nearby murder. You heard of Joe Williamson?” Noah grinned.

“Is he the guy who was murdered or something?”

“No, but his pastry shop is the location of the murder.”

“Oh. THAT Joe Williamson. So, who was murdered?”

“Cody Ganatik.”

Leshawna remembered instantly where everyone had come from. “Wait—so you’re Noah and he’s Co—There is no way I am talking to someone I met sixteen years ago. So Cody was murdered?”

“Yeah. Joe’s pastry shop—come here. You know where it is, right?”

“Right. Bye.” Leshawna hung up, and then Noah did too. Duncan was enraged. “You called a police officer?”

“Well, duh,” Noah said. “Who would you call first if your boy—best friend had been murdered?”

“Courtney.” But they were interrupted as a police car pulled up. “I gotta hide!” Duncan panicked. “That police officer might recognize me!”

Leshawna cleared her throat. “So there’s been a murder here?” The crowd chanted in approval. “Okay. Are there any eyewitnesses?”

A girl spoke up. “I’m a worker here, and I was just working here when Cody came in. I honestly can’t say I know exactly who killed Cody, but he looked about thirty, maybe thirty-two, and he had green hair. I couldn’t tell what style it was, though.” Everyone eyed Duncan.

“Great, great. What’s your name?” Leshawna wrote something down.

“Um…Rachel Wilson.”

Rachel Wilson. Where had Duncan heard that name before?

“Great, we’ll remember to put you as the witness for the trial. Get him in our car. Rachel, too.” Rachel walked in, while two security guards grabbed Duncan, who at that moment was entirely clueless. “What? Why am I—“

But Duncan was in the police car, and soon he was driven to a jail. Noah watched with fear and anger. He knew that Rachel Wilson from somewhere. But the question was—where?

Duncan cried. Really cried. He cried so hard, his Mohawk lost a bit of its dye. Duncan shifted it back and grumbled. He thought in rage. Murdering somebody? BS. Although Duncan had stolen stuff before, he never actually thought of murdering anybody. And then an emotional thought crawled through his head: ‘’I wish Mom were here.’’

After Duncan’s mother had died from getting her head hit by a rock, Duncan was left with his father, who thought that he was a criminal as much as his parole officer did, his parole officer, and…that was it. Finally, Duncan escaped to a small town, where somehow the atmosphere changed him. He wasn’t a criminal anymore. He had been framed.

Noah sat back in stress. He had ordered himself a chocolate croissant, but that didn’t help him feel any better except hunger-wise. He knew there was nothing he could do except provide useful information. He was near giving up…

“Girl, I STILL hate this coffee! Can’t you get me the right thing?” Noah awoke to the sound of Leshawna. He realized he must’ve fallen asleep at the pastry shop. “You’re still here?” he asked Leshawna.

“Well, yeah.” Leshawna rolled her eyes. “I need to investigate this place!”

“And…you brought your assistant.”

“Look, I stayed here overnight too. I feel like you’re onto something. You can be a w—“

“I didn’t see anything! I can’t be a witness.”

Leshawna snickered. “Well…how would you feel about THIS?” She handed him a paper.

“Well, I can go with it, I guess…”

“Attention! We are here today to announce…The People of Muskoka vs. Duncan D. Nelson.” A judge struck his gavel as Duncan and Noah sat on one side of the room. A hired lawyer, Fiona Comaka, sat on the other side of the room. The jury blinked simultaneously. “Are there any opening statements?”

Fiona started out. It was a good one, but Noah had planned a good one as well. He’s smart, all right, thought Duncan. Good with strategy, too.

“I would like to call my first witness, Joe Williamson,” said Fiona robotically. Duncan gasped, but Noah tapped his pocket. “They took away my BlackBerry,” Noah whispered, “but they can’t take away my knowledge.”

“Your knowledge is in your pocket?” Duncan asked. But there was an interruption as Fiona said, “Your witness.” Noah went up to question him.

“So, you are the owner of the pastry shop of the scene of crime?”


“Did you see who killed Cody?”

“Ummm…no, but I heard him scream.”

“So you do not know who killed Cody?”


“Okay then.” Noah signaled to Duncan: “We’ve won round one.” He went back to his seat.

“I call…Matt Tollin to the stand,” said Fiona next. She questioned him, but he didn’t seem to know much. Noah, on the other hand, he shot down right away. “We’re in jeopardy,” whispered Duncan. “The jury is sure to call me guilty!”

“Hold on,” Noah grinned. “I’ve been waiting for this.” Duncan admired Noah. He always had a plan for everything.

“The Prosecution rests, Your Honor,” Fiona said. Noah and Duncan both knew that was a dumb move. Because Fiona had missed her most important witness—the one who Noah and Duncan were about to call.

“I call Rachel Wilson to the stand.” Fiona’s eyes widened in bewilderment. Rachel shot her a glance as she slumped in.

“So you say you saw a guy with green hair, but you couldn’t tell what style it was, kill Cody.”


“Are you aware that the gun you had in Joe’s pastry shop was about to reload?”


“So while you were putting bullets in the gun, you should’ve caught his hairstyle—IF he had actually been in the store.

“Hey!” Rachel yelled accusingly. “Are you saying that I killed Cody?”

“Yes, yes I am. Your witness, Fiona.” But Fiona was too stunned to say anything.

“O…kay then,” said the judge. “Any more witnesses?”

“No. The Defense rests, your honor.”

“Any closing statements?”

Noah gave his, but Fiona was still stunned.

“All…right. Has the jury reached a verdict?”

“Yes. We say that Duncan Wilson is, in fact, not guilty of murdering Cody,” said the Head of the jury. “Rachel Wilson is.”

“Wow, that was great!” shouted Duncan as he and Noah were on their way out.

“Love to see that happen. You must feel like a winner now, huh? More of a man.” Noah smiled.

“Not enough of a man to take your head off, geek.” Duncan laughed.


Rachel confessed that she had killed Cody, and had framed Duncan for it. Her real name is Heather. When she came across an actress’s name—Rachel Wilson—she used it as her name so people wouldn’t know who she was.

Ezekielguy's Story

Anonymos's Story

WORD COUNT: 1756 words!

There were only seven campers left standing in Total Drama Island. Chris had thought and thought about what he wanted to do for a challenge. He decided he would bring back five of the original challenges, one camper would win each one, and one would win invincibility every time, which would bring it down to two. The five who won invincibility would vote one of the two out.

The seven remaining finalists sat in the cafeteria as Chef Hatchet put a pile of slop on each of their plates.

“Do we really have to eat this?” Gwen moaned.

“Eww! This is not going to help my diet!” Heather whined.

“I don’t do carbs,” Lindsay retorted, “They’re bad for my figure.”

“YOU WILL EAT IT,” Chef ordered, “AND YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!” The three girls cringed.

“Um, excuse me,” Duncan interrupted, “I’m on a strict “no crud” diet.”


“Thank you, Master Chief Hatchet, sir!” The three girls cringed.

“Your welcome, privates!” Chef replied.

“Done, Chief Hatchet,” Duncan got up off of the floor. Chef glared at him, and Duncan sighed, “Master Chief Hatchet.”

“MUCH BETTER, CADET!!!” Chef shouted, as the four sat down, and they other three went to get their “food.”

Chef slammed some glop onto Cody’s plate.

“Um, Master Chief Hatchet?” Cody quivered, “I think my food just moved…”

“THAT JUST MEANS IT FRESH!!” Chef shoved Cody into his seat, as DJ went to get his food.

“Here you go,” Chef said, slamming goop onto his plate, “TAKE THIS AND EAT IT!”

“Yes, sir!” DJ obediently ran over to his seat.

“Excuse me!” Leshawna piped up.

“WHAT?!?!!” Chef whirled around, spatula and whisk in hand, and they almost smacked Leshawna in the forehead.

“Oh! I know you are not waving your kitchen utensils in my face!” Leshawna sassed back. Soon, Chef and Leshawna got into an all out argument. All the while, Chef was waving his kitchen utensils in her face.

“Good morning, campers!” Chris burst into the cafeteria, with a bullhorn. He walked right over to Leshawna and Chef, and blew the bullhorn in her face.

“Oh! I know you are not waving your bullhorn in my-“ Leshawna was cut off by the bullhorn again.

“I thought hard about the challenge for today, and we’re going to recreate five previous challenges, the winner of each one will win invincibility, which will bring us down to two without invincibility. The five who won the challenges will vote on who they want to leave. First challenge is dodge ball!” Chris stated.

“Oh, no!” Lindsay gasped, “I still have bruises from the last time we did that! And I STILL don’t know how to play!”

“There’s a shock…” Heather muttered.

“As I was saying,” Chris continued, “There will be no teams, and it will be every man for himself,” He could feel the stares from the girls, “Or herself,” He quickly added, “Everyone will get one dodge ball, if you’re hit your out. If you catch a ball, the person who threw it is out. You can use your dodge ball to block another one, but if it gets knocked out of your hands, then you’re out.”

“Wait, what?” Lindsay was being her usual ditzy self. Chris handed everyone a dodge ball.

“What do I do with this?” Lindsay asked.

“One, two, three GO!” Chris started the game. Immediately everyone turned to Lindsay and threw dodge balls at her.

“Your going down, Leshawna!” Duncan shouted, and he was about to throw his dodge ball at her, but Gwen threw one at him first. Heather whirled around to thrust a dodge ball at Gwen, but Leshawna hit her first. DJ didn’t especially want to hit anyone, but he brought himself to throw a dodge ball at Cody.

“Hey, Cody!” Gwen gave him a flirtatious wave to distract him, and she threw a dodge ball at him. Bu, Leshawna threw a dodge ball at Gwen, before she could hit her.

“Leshawna is the first one to win invincibility!” Chris exclaimed, as he motioned her to come with him, “She no longer has to participate in any challenges,” Leshawna heaved a sigh of relief, “As for the rest of you, let’s go see Chef Hatchet for out next challenge.”

“ATTEN-TION!!!” Chef commanded, “AT EASE!! If you remember my boot camp was the best challenge anyone on this worthless planet had seen, so were recreating it. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!!” Even Duncan looked scared.

“We’ve shortened it down to one challenge,” Chris explained.

“DON’T INTERRUPT MASTER CHIEF HATCHET!!” Chef exploded, “WE’RE GONNA HANG YOU UPSIDE DOWN AGAIN!!” Chris and Chef Hatchet forced everyone to climb up onto the tree and hang upside down.

“NOW, GO!!!” Chef yelled.

“Um, I have problems with stuff like this,” Cody piped up.

“QUIET, SOLDIER!” Chef shouted.

“I tend to get a little… a little… dizz… dizz… dizzy…” Cody plummeted off of the branch.

“That’s it!” Heather protested, “I’m done,” She jumped off of the branch.

“I can hang here forever!” DJ exclaimed.

“I’ll bet…” Gwen muttered, then fell.

Lindsay was listening to music, “Oh, I love this song!” She started waving her arms and legs and she fell off of the branch, but her skirt snagged onto a branch.

“Technically, she’s still in the game,” Chris stated, as Duncan fell.

Lindsay was still kicking her legs, and she accidentally kicked DJ in the nose and grabbed onto it and fell.

“LINDSAY WINS!!” Chef boomed, “I’d fight a war with you any day, soldier.”

“Um, sounds… great!” Lindsay smiled, as she joined Chris and Leshawna.

“Moving along,” Chris signaled for the non-invincible campers to follow him, “Our next challenge is the cook off. You each will make me an item of food. I will judge each one and the best one wins. You can use whatever you find in the kitchen.” There was a mad dash for the food, and each person had ingredients in hand.

“What are you going to make, Gwen?” Cody asked.

“None of your business,” Gwen retorted.

“I can dig that. I’m down with that, yo,” Cody replied as Gwen stared at him with a blank expression on her face.

“I know what I’m gonna make,” DJ said, triumphantly.

“Me too,” Duncan agreed and the two both went to cook their meals. Heather also began her meal.

“You know, Gwen,” Cody was trying to give her some advice, “If you hold the chicken like that, you’ll burn it.”

“I don’t need your help, dork,” Gwen turned away from Cody. She also burnt her chicken.

“Told you,” Cody said.

“Shut it!” Gwen shouted and stormed out of the kitchen.

“Looks like Gwen loses,” Chris stated, “Time up!” The contestants brought out their meals; Cody had nothing to show for himself, unlike Duncan, DJ and Heather. Chris tasted their food and made a decision, “The winner is DJ!” DJ ran over to where Leshawna and Lindsay were, as Chris signaled the other four to come with him.

“There are only two more chances to win invincibility, so look alive!” Chris stated, “We are now going to recreate our first challenge ever, cliff diving!” The four moaned.

“The only difference is there is no danger zone, it’s all safe!” Chris exclaimed and some faces brightened up knowing there would be less chance of death, “It’s now a target, and the one who hits the closest to the center is the winner!” First Cody started running off the edge, and tripped, and hit a zone on the edge.

“Smooth…” Gwen said, sarcastically, preparing to jump. She ran off and came close to the center, and was the candidate to win. Heather jumped and she snagged on a rock, sort of like Lindsay on the tree, and didn’t even get into the water. Duncan jumped last and he hit the center exactly. He climbed out of the lake and went over to Leshawna, Lindsay and DJ.

“Heather, Gwen and Cody, only one of the three of you can win this last challenge, and only one of you can get invincibility,” Chris stated, “So here’s the challenge… You have to redo the bike race. We still have all of your bikes from the first one, so here,” He gave them their bikes, and they went to the starting line, “On your mark, get set, GO!” The three took off. Gwen was leading, with Cody right behind and Heather trailing in last, but then, Heather pushed a button on her bike and sped past Cody and caught up to Gwen. Heather got slightly ahead of her and silently dropped a nail on the track and Gwen’s tire popped. Heather crossed the finish line for invincibility.

“All right, Heather, DJ, Duncan, Leshawna and Lindsay, you can decide on who goes home,” Chris stated. The group of five broke up in two groups, Heather and Lindsay in one, and Leshawna and Duncan in the other. Heather and Lindsay wanted to vote for Gwen, and Leshawna and Duncan wanted Cody gone. DJ was in the middle and he had to choose. Heather and Duncan both tried to manipulate him, Heather saying she was a threat, and Duncan protesting that he was too annoying to be kept around. DJ did seem to see logic in both sides of the argument, but before he could say whom he supported, it was time to vote.

“Alright campers,” Chris started the ceremony, “You know the drill, if you don’t get a marshmallow, go down the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and leave. Now for the marshmallows, all invincibility winners get your marshmallows,” The five got their marshmallows, “Gwen and Cody, this marshmallow will go to one of you,” He held up the marshmallow, “Now I will read the votes: One for Gwen… One for Cody… One for Gwen… One for Cody. This last vote will decide it all,” Cody and Gwen held their breath as he pulled the final vote out of the box, “The final vote is for…. Chef Hatchet?!” Chris was surprised, but Chef was even more so, “Um, since there’s no way for a tie-breaker, it looks like, Chef Hatchet is out…”

“THIS ISN’T THE LAST YOU’LL HEAR FROM ME SOLDIERS!!!” Chef screamed as he trudged down the Dock of Shame and onto the Boat of Losers. The boat left the dock with Chef on board.

“That was sort of… unexpected…” Chris said, still in shock, “Join us next time on Total… Drama… Island!”

Turnertang's Story

Word Count: 1,529

The All Boys TDI Sleep Over

“Welcome to my house!” Geoff said excitedly to his TDI friends because today was the day he was having his only boys sleepover with his friends “Nice place you got here.” Duncan commented as he walked into Geoff’s house with his bag “Wow, this is a big house.” DJ said as he came into the house “Thanks guys. You can put your stuff in the in my bedroom. Geoff replied as Duncan and DJ started to walk up the stairs “Are these all your guests?” Geoff’s Mom asked as she walked down the stairs “No, there are still eight more to come.” Geoff replied, “Okay then. I’m going out to shop. I’ll be back in the by ten o’clock.” Geoff’s Mom said as she walked out of the house “See you later.” Geoff said as three more cars pulled up “Gosh! This is a nice place!” Harold said as he went up the stairs “Great place eh.” said Ezekiel as he walked into the room “Wow man, this is a great place. I bet it has a lot of food too.” Owen said “Good to see you guys. Just put your stuff in my room.” Geoff said as another three cars pulled up “Hey Geoff. What’s up?” Tyler asked as he walked in “Nothing much. Just go up into my room and you can wait with the other contestants.” Geoff replied, “Cool.” Tyler said as he walked away “Great place you got here.” Trent said as he walked in with Justin “Hey guys. Just head up to my room.” Geoff said as he saw the last two cars come up “Hey Geoff. Were are the ladies?” Cody asked, “This is a all guys sleep over.” Geoff replied, “Okay then.” Cody said disappointedly as he headed up the stairs “Welcome Noah. You’re the last guy.” Geoff said as Noah walked into the house “Lucky me.” Noah said sarcastically as he went up stairs. Later in Geoff’s room they were deciding what to do. “I say we play some football!” Tyler yelled “No way! We should play video games!” Cody yelled back “Okay first we’ll play football then we’ll play some vide games.” Geoff compromised as they headed to the backyard “Okay I’ll be a captain and Geoff because it’s his house.” Tyler said, “You pick first.” Geoff insisted, “I’ll take Duncan.” Tyler decided, “I’ll take DJ.” Geoff said, “Okay I’ll take Trent and I guess Owen.” “Woo-hoo!” Owen cheered as he ran over to Tyler’s side “I guess I’ll take Justin and Cody.” Geoff said, “Good pick.” Cody said as went to Geoff’s side “I’ll take Ezekiel.” Tyler decided, “I guess I’ll take Noah.” Geoff aid “Gosh! Why am I always last?” Harold asked as he went to Tyler’s side “You start out since we have an extra player.” Tyler said as Geoff grabbed the football “I’m open!” Cody yelled as he ran into a free spot “I’m not.” Noah replied as he walked out of the field and began to read “Heads up Cody!” Geoff yelled as he threw the ball and it hit Cody but he still caught it “I caught it? I mean I caught it!” Cody cheered “Hut Hike!” Geoff yelled as everyone started to run “This is to you DJ!” Geoff yelled as he threw the ball to DJ really hard but instead it hit Harold and he fell to the ground unconscious “I think we should call 911.” Trent said as Geoff ran inside as and grabbed the phone and came back out “They said they would be here as soon as possible.” Geoff reported, “Maybe we should play video games.” Tyler said “Good choice.” said Justin as they walked back inside “Should we play Super Smash Bros are Mario Kart?” Cody asked, “Lets play Mario Kart. It sounds less dangerous.” DJ said as Cody put in the game. They played for hours and hours. “So what do you girls want to do?” Leshawna asked because the girls were also have a sleep over “Lets go sneak in to the boys sleep over and ruin it and take embarrassing pictures.” Izzy said, “That’s not a bad idea.” Gwen said, “I agree with Izzy.” Beth said “Me too. Which one is Izzy?” Lindsay asked “Come on.” Leshawna said as they went to Geoff’s house “I win again!” Cody cheered because he just beat Duncan, Tyler, and Trent at Mario Kart “I don’t care!” Duncan yelled as he threw the control but it hit the TV and it fell on Justin “I’ll get the phone again.” Geoff said as he grabbed the phone “I wonder why there are ambulances here?” Beth asked “I’m leaving.” Heather said as she walked away “Okay.” Gwen said as she rang the doorbell “Who is it?” Geoff asked as he opened the door “I’m the pizza man.” Gwen said because she had a mustache on and a pizza box “Let me go grab some money.” Geoff said as he ran into the house “Now! Gwen commanded as the other ten girls and Gwen ran into the house “Here you go.” Geoff said as he gave the money to the pizza guy “You know you look a little different form the first time I saw you.” Geoff commented because as the girls went into the house the real pizza man just came “I just got here.” said the pizza man as he grabbed the money and ran away “That was weir said Geoff as he went back to his room “Okay girls, we have to be very quiet.” Leshawna said as Lindsay bumped into the wall and knocked over a bunch of stuff “Did you hear that?” Owen asked as he grabbed his fifth slice of pizza “I think its robbers.” Duncan said “I’ll take them down.” Geoff said as he grabbed a baseball bat and ran down stairs “There they are!” Geoff yelled as he saw the girls dressed as robbers “Uh-oh.” Gwen said as she started to run “Take this!” Geoff said as he swung the baseball bat and hit Gwen “Lets get out of here!” Beth said as all the girls ran away except for Gwen because she was unconscious “This robber looks familiar.” Geoff said, as he took off the mask “Oh great it’s Gwen.” Geoff said as he grabbed the phone and dialed 911 “The robbers were just the girls trying to sneaking but I hit Gwen unconscious.” Geoff said as he walked back into the room “You did what?” Trent yelled as he stood up “Come down.” Geoff said “No way! You hit my girl!” Trent yelled as he ran at Geoff but Geoff dodged it and he hit Ezekiel and they both flew out the window “It’s a good thing I had the phone with me.” Geoff aid as he called 911 for the fourth time “Maybe we should go to sleep.” Geoff said “Good idea. This way no one can get hurt.” DJ said as he went into his sleeping bag “I guess.” Duncan said as he whispered something to Cody, Tyler, and Geoff before he got into his sleeping bag “Good night everyone.” Geoff said as he turned off the lights. Later the boys woke up at 9:30 “Okay lets pull a prank on Owen or Noah.” Duncan said “Owen.” Geoff, Tyler, and Cody said as they went down the stairs and boiled some water to make it really hot and then went back up the stairs “Okay put Owens’s hand into this.” Duncan said as he handed Cody the cup of really hot water “Okay.” Cody replied as he tripped and the water spilled on Owens’s face “It burns!” Owen screamed as he woke up “Don’t worry I have the phone.” Geoff said, “No more pranks.” Tyler said “No way. We still have to pull one on the girls.” Duncan said as he pulled out a firecracker “We are going to light this and fire it into the girls room.” Duncan said, “This will be fun.” Geoff said as they lit the firecracker “Three, two, one!” Cody yelled as the firecracker went off and woke everyone up “Look out!” Leshawna yelled as the firecracker crashed threw the window and hit Beth and then blew up “That’s got to hurt.” Leshawna said as she saw Beth unconscious “I’ll go grab a phone.” Leshawna said as she left the room “Good job guys!” Duncan said proudly “What happened?” DJ asked “Nothing.” Cody replied, “We are all just going to sleep.” Geoff said as he turned off the lights and in the morning the boys came down stairs “What happened to some of your friends?” Geoff’s Mom asked, “They left at night.” Geoff replied, “Well everyone moms are here.” Geoff’s Mom said “See you guys later.” Duncan said as he left “Bye Geoff.” Tyler said as he left “I had a great time.” Cody said as he left “I have to say it was pretty fun.” DJ said as he left “I finished a lot of books.” Noah said as he left “So was this an exciting sleep over?” Geoff’s Mom asked as she shut the door “It was an average sleep over.” Geoff replied

Owenguy101's Story

Sprinklemist's Story

Word Count: 1614

I walked into the bar hesitantly. This wasn't the sort of place I'd normally show up for a date. The atmosphere was... droll, to say the least. My only remaining friend Joey had set me up on a blind date. I had never been on one before, but something made me agree to it. I knew what it was, I was lonely. It hurt, being twenty-seven years old and still single. I so desperately wanted to share my life with someone, but had alienated everyone that tried to get close to me. I lost touch with old friends because I didn't know how to speak to them without insulting them. These feelings were entirely internal as I didn't want to break my shell. I didn't want to appear weak. I didn't want to appear human.

I took my seat on a stool at the bar. Joey didn't tell me anything about my date, but I had deduced that she wasn't there. My main tip off was the fact that I was the only person in the bar that night that was alone, other than the bartender. I'd sneak glances at the happy couples as they giggled and caressed each other. Such public displays of affection were so juvenile. I was secretly jealous, though. Why hadn't I found my soul-mate? Why did I have to be alone? It cut me on the inside every time I saw a happy couple. Why was I exempt from such happiness?

A new presence entered the bar as a small bell was struck as the front door opened. I didn't turn around. I could hear faint voices in the background. I only heard noises, not words, however. The words were too far away to be clear. The speaking stopped, and I could hear another conversation begin, but the words were still inaudible. This conversation stopped, as well. Next, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was very rigid, I turned and said, "Don't touch me." I had become vocal about my disdain for touch. I secretly longed for the gentle touch of another human after so many years of avoiding physical contact.

"Oh gosh, sorry!" an incredibly feminine voice said. I recognized it, and the one who possessed it in an instant. She didn't seem to recognize me, however. She held out a piece of paper and showed me the letters scrawled on the scrap of paper and said, "I'm looking for someone. His name is 'HVON'. It sounds foreign, or something."

I thought to myself, "She is such a moron." Out loud I said, "You're holding the paper upside down." I was determined to not allow another relationship to fail from the beginning, because I couldn't control my sarcasm.

I saw her confused expression change as she turned the paper around to one similar to someone who just had a revelation, "Ooh! Duh! It says 'Noah'. I can be such a ditz sometimes." I was annoyed with Joey for setting me up with her.

I thought, "Don't give yourself so much credit." Instead I said, "Mistakes happen to the best of us, right? I'm Noah. You must be Lindsay." I was waiting for her to recognize me. It didn't seem like she did. We both generally looked the same as we did eleven years ago. She had a dyed pink streak in her hair which looked completely natural. I had grown out my facial hair. I officially had a soul patch.

"Oh! So your Noah! That sounds so familiar." Lindsay said.

I thought, "I was the one you voted off your team first on Total Drama Island, instead of the one that you foolishly followed in spite of her complete lack of any ounce of care toward you." Instead, I said, "I was on a reality show a few years ago."

"No," she said, "That's not it... I know! It's that guy from the Bible, or something!"

My mouth dropped open in disbelief. "She really is a complete idiot," I thought to myself. "Lindsay, I was on Total Drama Island with you."

"Oh!" Lindsay said, "I'm so dumb."

"For once," I thought, "I agree with you." Instead, I said, "No you're not, Lindsay."

"Aw... Thanks!" She said. "So how've you been since the last time I saw you?"

I thought, "You mean, when you were busy ignoring me?" I said, "I graduated from college and I'm now a micro-physicist." I could tell by her expression that she had no idea what that meant.

"Really?" Lindsay said, "You must be so totally genius."

"Thanks," I said. I thought, "You couldn't figure how smart I was from the time you spent in my vicinity? Oh yeah, you were making out with a guy who's name you couldn't remember." I said, "So what have you been doing since the show?" As if I hadn't watched her career, and wasn't jealous of her spot in the limelight.

"I'm a model," she said, "That is, I was. Twenty-seven is way too old in the modeling industry. I was forced to retire."

As I gazed at her face, I could see no reason that she couldn't model, anymore. She was still aesthetically beautiful. The world's impression of what was beautiful was so incredibly shallow.

"What are you thinking?" She asked.

"Nothing," I lied. "So, it didn't work out with Tyler?" I awkwardly changed the subject. She was taken aback by the question as she looked down. "I'm sorry," I said. "Conversation isn't my strong suit."

"That's alright, Noah," she said, "We actually dated for a couple of years after Total Drama. I thought we would be together, forever."

"What happened?" I asked. I was genuinely curious. I tried to disguise that in my tone.

"After a while," Lindsay said, "I thought I was ready for marriage. Can you believe it? Someone as naive and superficial as me?"

"Superficial is a big word for someone like you," I thought.

"The day came when Tyler invited me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant," She went on. "I was so sure that he was going to propose to me. It was the happiest feeling I had ever experienced." From my standpoint it was obvious that this story didn't have the traditional happy ending. I was right. "Tyler died on the way to meet me at the restaurant. He was in a car accident. I feel so stupid now. When I was waiting for him at the restaurant thinking he had stood me up. I was so angry at him, thinking he had betrayed me. When someone from the hospital informed me of the accident... I cried. I've cried every day since." She wasn't lying, as the tears began to flow from her eyes. I felt like a complete jerk for bringing up the subject. I hadn't heard about what happened to Tyler. "It was so naive of me, to think that I would end up happy. Now I'm all alone. Desperate to find someone to share my life with."

"You aren't naive, Lindsay," I said. "Since the last time I saw you, you've grown as a person, and I've stayed the same."

"No," she said. "You're nice now, and I'm as stupid as I always was."

"It's not true, Lindsay," I said. "Give yourself some credit. You're not the same girl you were eleven years ago. I am the same. I had prejudged you from the experiences I'd had with you before. I was being critical of you, on the inside. It didn't occur to me that you could be any different from the time I had seen you last. But life has made you more aware, while it has made me more cynical, more withdrawn... You're beautiful, Lindsay. The way you are. You don't deserve to be by yourself... I do."

"Nobody does," Lindsay said, "Especially you. You've got a lot going for you, you're smart... You're..."

"See?" I said, "That's the only thing you could think of. I have nothing else going for me." For the first time in my entire life, I cried.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, Noah," Lindsay said. "You're a great person. I'll be able to move on, don't worry about me. Worry about yourself. Don't allow your own sadness to block off any attempts at friendship." She stretched out her arm and placed her hand on mine. I had assumed that Lindsay didn't have the same feelings that I did. She was hiding her inner feelings just as I had. She knew what hurt was on a deep level, probably even more than I did, but I allowed it to make me attempt to cut off all ties to others. I had learned a lesson. Lindsay, the person who I never thought could teach me anything, ever, taught me that It wasn't my sarcasm that made people stand their distance from me. It was the way I tried to appear superior to everyone. What Lindsay called 'sadness' was manifest in the way I spoke to people. I also learned not to judge someone on what they were like in the past. Not to write someone off just because you didn't like them, once. Not to ignore all opportunity for a connection just because someone is different from you. It was getting late.

"Thanks for talking to me," I said. "I rarely... never open up to anyone like that. I'd... I'd like to see you, again. Would you like to meet somewhere more romantic sometime for another date?"

"Aw," She said. It was a pleasant sound. I smiled. It wasn't even a cruel smile. "That's so sweet, Noah. You're so nice. But I don't date short guys." She got up from her seat, kissed me on the nose, and waved as she left the bar.

I had learned another lesson that night. Lessons are not universal.

Tdifan1234's Story

Fadingsilverstar16's Story

Turns out that I'll be alot more busy than I thought. Sorry, Gophers. ;_;

Usitgz's Story

Word Count: 1,024

Total Drama Island meets a magical egg?

One day after Owen won Total Drama Island, Cody was walking around the outside of Playa Des Losers. He suddenly stumbled on a really big purple egg that had wings. He wondered if he should pick it until it flied to him and licked him. Cody thought this was strange and decided the egg was magical. He picked up the egg and hid it in his shirt, so no one would see it. When he was walking back Gwen noticed the bulge in his shirt and decided to ask him about it.

"So uhh... Cody see you gained some wait," Gwen said pointing to his bulge.

"Umm.. uhh... what are you talking about Gwen?" asked a very nervous Cody.

Suddenley the egg flew out of Cody's shirt and licked Gwen. Everyone else was distracted when Justin took off his shirt and only Heather saw the egg. She walked over stealthily and peeked through the bushes to see Cody and Gwen chasing after the egg.

"Aha I knew you two were up to something!" Heather exclaimed very loudly.

That exclamation got everyone's attention and they all saw the egg. Justin, Courtney, and Heather thought if they got it they could sell it and get major money. Most of the girls besides Heather, Courtney, Gwen, and Leshawna thought it was cute and wanted to pet it. Most of the guys, Gwen, and Leshawna besides Owen wanted to see what was inside. Owen just wanted to eat the thing.

"Awwwwwwwww its so cute!" eeked Katie and Sadie.

"I know right," said Lindsay.

There was a mad rush for the egg until it was cornered by everyone. Suddenly the egg started to have cracks going all around it. A head poked out of the egg, it was furry with large ears and small eyes. The creature broke out of its shell and started to fly around screeching all the way. Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay all started to puke.

"That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen, I mean a bat, seriously weird!" said Lindsay pointing to the furry creature with large ears and small eyes.

"That is awesome!" exclaimed Duncan.

Suddenly the bat dove down and ate a bug. Everyone besides Duncan thought it was gross. Chris and Chef came out from inside the resort. The bat then turned back into the egg and flew off.

"Some magical egg that was," mumbled Cody under his breath.

Noah thought it was strange that a bat hatched from an egg, so he kept a note in his mind. Everyone else thought it was strange the bat turned back into an egg and disregarded the whole ordeal. A few days later Chef was walking around the outside of Playa Des Losers. He stumbled on the egg and thought, I wonder what this will taste like if I cooked it. On the way back to the kitchen Duncan saw him walking and decided to inquire him.

"So Chef, what are you doing?" asked Duncan while he noticed the egg under his arm.

"Nothing, just walking into the kitchen, maggot. MIND YOUR OWN BUSSISNESS!" Chef screamed to Duncan.

"Yes, Sir!" answered Duncan, suprisingly being obedient.

Chef slowly crept away from Duncan. When he was out of Duncan's eyesight he made a break for it. Halfway to the kitchen Chef decided to take a breather. He looked down to his arm were the egg was to notice an egg shaped rock instead of an egg in his arm. One day when I get my hands on you, you grimy maggot, thought Chef. During this time period Duncan was on the move holding the egg tightly to his chest. Suddenly he felt a sting on his chest. What the heck was that, thought Duncan while looking at his shirt. he recognized he had a beehive instead of the egg on his shirt. The bees all streamed out of the hive and started to chase him around. Who could have the egg Duncan thought while the chase was on.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Duncan as he was being chased by the swarm of bees.

While all of this chaos Molotov the bear was running around trying to find a good tree to eat his honey. When he finally found that perfect spot he looked down at his beehive and noticed there was an egg in its place. Then very slowly the egg started to crack, suddenly a pixie bursted out of the egg.

"I will grant you one wish huma.... I mean Bear that umm... freed me," said the pixie.

"Hum?" said Molotov as he put on his glasses.

"Ohh, nevermind silly bear, here take this," said the pixie as she gave Molotov ten pickle jars full of honey.

The pixie went into her egg and flew off. From that day on Molotov has been trying to open those pickle jars. The day before Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Duncan was still being chased around by bees he was climbling a hill when over the horizon he saw the egg. He jumped up in the air and caught it, but the bees were still chasing him.

"Oh come on, will anyone help me!" screamed Duncan.

He kept running, and running, and running, until he bumped into something. Duncan looked up slowly and saw the gigantic shadow of the thing's head.

"Ahhhh, a monster!" screamed Duncan.

"Relax its just me," sacastically said Noah, "Hey, I thought you disregarded the egg!"

"What, what egg?" stammered Duncan.

Noah grabbed the egg and studied it. He relized there was two cracks on it.

"It looks like it hatched again and acording to me it is going to hatch into a bomb this time," guessed Noah.

"How would you know this, know it all?" asked Duncan.

Courtney stepped into the conversation and said ", I heard you guys talking about explosives and why do you have that egg Noah?"

Then a sound came out of the egg. It sounded like beep, beep, beep, BEEP, Beep, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Courtney, Noah, and Duncan ran as fast as they could from the egg. The gigantic bang went off in the distance.

"Told you so," said Noah.

Later in the confessional Chris laughed," I planted that egg all along, I never thought that anyone would find it!"

The End!

Week Six

Round One

Sorrel vs. Zak

Sorreltail18's Story

Izzy's Special Bear!

Izzy... as you know LOVES bears. Her new one she had just got ran lose and was shot dead and she feel into deep depression. Lindsay was talking to her howbad depression can make your skin and lose a lot of weight but Lindsay got the idea that she should go into depression (LOL) so she can lose weight. Owen walked in watching his true love Izzy cry her eyes out over the bear.

"Its okay Izzy", he said.

"Oh really Owen you think this is okay? You really think so?", she said... yelled.

So Owen decided to ask Duncan to try to steal a bear... after all he is a trouble maker.

"Here dude, now where's my..."Duncan said, but Owen gave him a plate of sticky buns. Owen rushed to Izzy to give her a bear but when he got to Izzy it was already gone.

"Oh,Hey Owen.",she said with her happy, crazy voice. Owen just relazied that she had... a... SPARE BEAR!

"Umm... Izzy I was gonna give you a bear but its in my stomach."he said looking down.

"Thats so sweet owen",Izzy said.


Zakkoroen's Story

Sunshine vs. Turnertang

Sunshine's Story

Duncan Bakes A Cake

198 words. I wanted to write so much more... ><; (For those of you wondering, Duncan is actually using a recipe for sponge cake I found online. XD)

It was Saturday, November 6. Usually nothing special, but it was to Duncan Donnet- today his girlfriend, Courtney, turned seventeen.

He had been looking for a present for her since September. Courtney wasn’t particularly lacking in anything (except a good lawyer, which he couldn’t find), so it was hard to figure out what she might like. A few days ago, Duncan finally decided on his gift- he would bake a birthday cake for her.

“It can’t be that hard,” He rationalized as he pulled out a cookbook. Six eggs, it instructed. He cracked them and chucked them into the bowl, ignoring the bits of egg shell that fell in. 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour. He dumped some sugar and flour into the mix. 1 tablespoon lemon juice, ½ tablespoon grated lemon rind. What the heck was a lemon rind?!

By the time he had finished the cake and baked it, the entire thing was a sad, soggy mess. With a growl of frustration, Duncan chucked the cake, pan and all, out the window.

In the end, he took Courtney out to dinner instead, explaining the mess with the cake, causing her to laugh for ten minutes straight.


Turnertang's Story

Word Count: 200 words

Alternate Ending to Are We There, Yeti?

“Those girls stole the map!” Duncan yelled after he woke up and the girls and the map were gone “We tricked them good!” Gwen yelled as she ran with Heather “I see camp!” Heather yelled, “We won!” Gwen said as the totem pole came into sight “Run faster, Owen!” Duncan commended “I see the girls!” Owen yelled as he tripped and started rolling “Oh no, I hear the campers.” Chef mumbled as he walked to the totem pole “Watch out!” Owen yelled as he rolled into the girls “Good job, Owen!” Duncan yelled as he touched the totem pole “I hate you, Owen!” Heather yelled as she got up and walked away “Okay soldiers, I have marshmallows for The Delinquent and The Chubby One!” Chef yelled at the campfire “Oh yeah!” Owen cheered as Duncan high fived him “Final three here we come!” Duncan cheered, “The last marshmallow goes to Mouthy Girl!” Chef yelled as he threw Heather the last marshmallow “Bye Gwen.” Duncan said as Gwen walked down the Dock of Shame “Bye Goth Girl.” Heather said “Bye Gwen.” Owen said as he burst into tears and hugged “Bye guys.” Gwen said as she boarded the Boat of Losers

TBTDIF vs. Tdifan1234

Thebiggesttdifan's Story

200 words exactly. I could've spread this out...

“Okay, Number 36, here is your final word. If you get it right, you win,” said the pronouncer. “Your word is barrage.”

After a series of long questions, Noah answered. “Barrage,” he said into the microphone that was several inches taller than him. “B-A-R-R-A-G-E.”

“That is correct! Noah Kolaski will advance to the National Spelling Bee!” Noah’s parents clapped and cheered. Even Jerry Crackalakin, the other speller, shook his hand. Noah grinned.

For the next month, Noah used every inch of free time he had to study. He even disconnected his video game system so he wouldn’t get tempted. He wanted to win the spelling bee, something he had gotten into since fourth grade. But now this was his last year, and he had never won before. So he would have to win this year.

The day came. “From Granton Middle School in Baltimore, Maryland, Noah Kolaski!” Noah sat down and watched several people get out. He noticed his parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, and even Jerry Crackalakin in the audience.

“Alfalfa…mesmerize…Meistersinger…” Noah spelled every word correctly. Finally it was the final two. A girl spelled hers wrong and Noah went to the stand.



“Correct.” Noah had won!

Tdifan1234's Story

Sorry. I was really busy last week. If by some miracle you guys keep me on, I'll try my best to write my stories.--Tdifan1234

P.S. Oh My Squash! TBTDIF, I <3 ur story! Antidisestablishmentarianism is my favorite word!

Anonymos vs. Usitgz

Anonymos's Story

Lindsay Wins a Cell Phone

WORD COUNT: 200 Words!

Lindsay was sitting on her bed with Beth by her side, as she stared at her lottery ticket. The announcer on the television read the numbers of the winning ticket, slowly, for suspense, “19… 42… 57… 32…” Lindsay’s fingers crossed as the announcer read the final number, “15.”

Lindsay uncrossed her fingers and sighed. She stared at the final number on the ticket, “WHY AREN’T YOU A FIFTEEN?!!” She screamed.

“Lindsay,” Beth pointed out, “That’s a fifteen…”

“Oh,” Lindsay said. After 5 minutes, she realized she had won. She screamed in delight.

“Will the lucky person with those numbers please come down to the station and collect their very own cell phone!” The announcer requested.

Lindsay dragged Beth to the station to collect her prize.

After an hour, the girls returned.

“Wait, how do I use this?” Lindsay asked, in her usual ditzy way.

“You press the numbers in the order that you want to call, and then press the green button,” Beth explained.

“Oh,” Lindsay replied.

Hours later, Lindsay still couldn’t understand the phone.

“You push THESE buttons!” Beth was exasperated. Lindsay kept pressing the off and on buttons.

“Wait, what?” Lindsay wondered.

Beth screamed in exasperation, and left.

Usitgz's Story

A Ditzy Day

Word Count: 133

One day Cody was "hanging out" with Gwen. He kept trying to ask her out, but kept striking out. He was trying one new corny pickup line when Lindsay and Tyler came walking by. Lindsay came up to gwen, and asked, "Are you Tyler?"

Gwen face palmed herself, Tyler went red in the face, and Cody started to laugh.

"What's so funny Tyler?" asked Lindsay.

"Umm... I'm not Tyler," said Cody.

"I'm Tyler!" Tyler screamed.

"No stupid, your Cody!" exclaimed Lindsay.

Cody and Gwen back away slowly then ran off. Geoff suddenly popped up between Lindsay and Tyler, and said,"Okay you two lets settle down this is getting way too heavy."

"Okay fine, sorry Lindsay," said Tyler.

"Okay, sorry Cody," said Lindsay.

Tyler got this really wierd expression on his face and stormed off into the woods.

"Whats Cody's problem today?" asked Geoff.


Owenguy101 vs. Sprinklemist

Owenguy101's Story
Sprinklemist's Story

Word Count: 200

Once upon a time there was a mighty warrior. His name was Trent and he was quite gifted in the use of the sword. He served in the king's palace and became well known by all in the palace. News of his skill came to the king himself. The king needed someone to protect his daughter, Gwen. In order to secure the loyalty and usefulness of the young swordsman the king arranged for a magician to enchant the swordsman. Thus, Trent was enchanted with a spell that made him focus on nothing but protecting the princess.

The princess had many adversaries, most notably a wicked and jealous queen, named Heather. Heather would constantly hire good for nothing people to kill the princess. They would attack her, and yet Trent would protect her. The attacks became fiercer, however, and Trent was unable to leave the princess unharmed, she sustained a minor wound. He had fallen in love with the princess, but the enchantment controlled Trent's actions. He realized that the only way to absolutely protect the princess from harm was to kill her. Death was the only way he could be sure that her enemies could no longer harm her.

Round Two

Sorrel vs. TBTDIF

Sorreltail18's Story
Thebiggesttdifan's Story

(Really, stop it with the length challenges. You're hurting my writing ability.)

Word Count: 100 words

“Of course I can read music!” shouted little Nick Wormweiser to William McGrady. “But do I LOOK like I can sing?”

“Umm…no, you don’t. You might as well quit,” William answered. So Nick quit.

When William told his son Harold this story, Harold was mad. “You should’ve tried to teach him! I’m going to teach him.” Harold got Nick’s address and went to his aunt Courtney’s place.

“I can’t sing!” Nick shouted.

“Just try,” said Harold.

So Nick sang hard, but his voice was terrible.

Courtney was mad at Harold for it. She beat him up.

“Keep trying,” gasped Harold.

Sunshine vs. Anonymos

Sunshine's Story

When DJ Met Christin

Word Count: 100 words (I liked the thousand-word challenge better!!! X() (For those of you who don't know, Christin is my custom character)

DJ was dropping his bunny off at home before Total Drama Action. He went to get some carrots, but there was only one package. Another hand reached for it at the same time as DJ’s. He got angry and glared at the person, but stopped when he saw it was only a teenaged girl.

“Sorry.” He apologized. “It’s just that these are for my bunny.”

“Really?” The girl said, looking surprised. “I wanted them for the rabbits in my yard. I’m Christin, by the way.”

“I’m DJ.”

They smiled at each other, and decided to split the package of carrots.

The End

Anonymos's Story


WORD COUNT: 100 WORDS!! (Title not included.)

Eva marched onto the stage; she chose to audition for her school musical. She frowned at all around her.

“Next up is Eva!” Clyde, the director, announced, “What will you be singing?”

Eva declared, “My own composition called MY ANGER ISSUES!”

Snickers were heard from the audience. Eva glared at them, and yelled, “YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!?!!” They stopped snickering.

“Nobody does, Eva,” Clyde reassured, “Please sing,”

Eva opened her mouth and a beautiful sound came out. The auditorium rang with applause.

“WONDERFUL, Eva!” Clyde praised.

That night, the cast list was posted. Eva got the lead role.

Sprinklemist vs. Usitgz

Sprinklemist's Story

Word Count: 100 (Not including title)

Owen's Audition

Owen turns on the camera and it shows an empty bedroom with a sunken bed. Owen runs to that side of the room and starts speaking to the camera, "Hey there! I'm Owen. I'd love to be on your television show. I love food, and eating, and lunch, and dinner, and supper, and dessert... Mmm... Dessert. Anyway, I don't think I could ever win, but I really love meeting new people. I've never met anyone I didn't like, so I get along with everyone. I'm so excited about the opportunity to be on your show. Woohoo! Pick me! Uh... Woohoo!"

Ustigz's Story

Word count: 99 words

A Very Short Story

On one very dismal night, a storm was rolling over Muskoka. It was on that very night the final seven of Total Drama Island excluding Heather were talking to each other in the mess hall. They were discussing what had happened on the island, their friends back home, and what they would do if they won the competition. Geoff was at the one hundred eighty-seventh on his list of friends when suddenley Heather walked in. She was dripping in water and was really angry.

"You look like death, Heather!" said Geoff.

Heather just kept walking, and then tripped. everyone started laughing.

The End!

Round Three

TBTDIF vs. Anonymos vs. Usitgz

TBTDIF's Story

NALYD! PLEASE STOP!! Oh, and is this the actual finals for the whole TDA2?

“You want me to put on THIS play?” Chef wanted DJ to put on a macho play instead of the one that DJ chose. But DJ gave in.

In the middle of DJ’s performance, he started crying. Chris sighed. He allowed DJ to put on his play, and DJ finished.

Anonymos's Story


Word Count: 50 (Not counting title.)

Lindsay was at the mall one day. She had bought out everything in the stores she liked, so she went to the bookstore.

Lindsay wandered in. A salesman stopped her, “Hello, I’m Doug and I’ll assist you today at the bookstore.”

“This is a bookstore?” Lindsay realized and walked out.

Usitgz's Story

Word Count: 50

E-scope or Explosivo?

During the time between Riot on the Set and Full Metal Drama, Izzy was deciding on what her new nickname should be. Izzy remember back in Total Drama Island when she made a sap bomb, so she thought of the name: Explosivo. She decided that would be her new name.

The End

Week Seven

Sorrel's Story Sunshine's Story Izzy Goes to Law School

After an especially long therapy session with her newest psychiatrist, a new method of curing Izzy’s mental conditions was conceived.

“See, I think her problem is that she doesn’t participate in activities that are beneficial to a stable mental state typical to today’s teenagers.” the psychiatrist explained.

“AND WHAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH THAT???” Izzy’s mother screamed in what was, strangely, her normal tone of speaking. Her less-mental husband put a hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down.

“Anyways,” the psychiatrist continued, “I think she needs to spend time at a place where a more linear approach of thinking is encouraged. I have a niece who is currently attending some classes at a law school, and if possible, I think Izzy would benefit from spending a day there with her.”

“COME AGAIN?!” Izzy’s mother screeched.

“IZZY WILL GO TO SMART-PERSON SCHOOL.” Her father explained as if trying to order food in a foreign country.

“Oh.” There was dead silence for a moment. “WELL WHY DIDN’T HE JUST SAY SO, HUH?!”

The next day, Izzy was dressed up in her most normal-looking clothes, sent off to the law school with the psychiatrist’s niece, who happened to be none other than Courtney.

“Please, please don’t mess this up,” Courtney groaned as she walked to the law school with Izzy. “I’ve been going here for months, and I think they might give me a college scholarship if I keep doing well. So behave yourself.”

“Not a problem!” Izzy chirped. They walked in silence for a while. “So, uh, do we feed the bears before or after lunch???”

“Izzy, we don’t feed any bears…”

“Oh. Well, when do we exercise the sharks?”

“We don’t.”

“Do we dissect anything???”

“Gross! No!”

“WELL THEN, WHAT DO WE DO???” Izzy screamed, one green eye twitching.

“We sit in our seats, listen to the teacher, take notes, eat lunch, and repeat.” Courtney explained calmly.


“Izzy!” shouted an exasperated Courtney. “Look, just sit still, be quiet, and at least PRETEND to pay attention. AND DON’T DO ANYTHING CRAZY. Got it?”

Izzy gave her a look, but sighed and nodded. She knew she didn’t have a choice. Well, okay, she did, but it would probably only result in a very angry Courtney and yet another psychiatrist in the local asylum.

Courtney gave the mentally-unstable redhead some quick tips on sanity before the teacher walked into the class. While Courtney explained that Izzy was a patient of her uncle’s, Izzy practiced a few of the tips. Sit up straight. Keep a blank notebook in front of you. Smile. Keep your eyes looking in one direction at a time. Don’t put your legs behind your head or do handstands in your seat.

What kind of torturous institution was this?!

“Settle down, class.” The teacher commanded to the already-practically-silent group. Izzy fought to keep her eyes from twitching as she turned to face the front of the class. “Today we’ll be going over the first twenty amendments to the US Constitution.”

And so, as the teacher prattled on about the right to bear arms and voting for a president and freedom of speech and blah blah blah, Izzy struggled with this strange thing people called “composure” and “sanity”. “Composure” and “sanity”, my foot! She thought bitterly. This is just another name for torture!!! And I should know, since I’ve been taught exactly 382 different kinds.

Still, she pressed on, for the sake of her parents, Courtney, and her overworked psychiatrist. She barely kept her eye from twitching. She had to press her feet hard onto the ground to keep them from tapping. Her fingers only avoided tapping on the desk by gripping them to the side. What was pressed into a gentle grin on the outside was gritted teeth on the inside. She had to bite her tongue to avoid shouting something into the eerily quiet classroom. The entire ordeal had her pulse thrumming violently through her ears and beads of sweat rolling gently down her neck.

How much time had passed? Minutes? Seconds? Hours? Days? Years? ETERNITIES??? She didn’t dare turn her head to read the clock, fearing the slightest movement would set her off, like a powerful time bomb of pure, raging insanity. Her eyelid twitched just in the slightest, and she was barely able to reign it back to maintain her composed façade.

She hadn’t a clue what this woman was talking about. Blah blah blah third amendment blah blah blah this is important because blah blah blah take notes on this class blah blah blah Courtney are you sure your friend’s all right blah blah blah now turn to page 15 blah. Nothing had meaning, nothing made sense. Not that this was any different from usual. But still, something was off about this particular nonsense. It was painful to listen to, impossible to understand even if she tried. It made the time tick along even slower, more beads of sweat rolling down her neck, pulse a violent, irregular beat in her head.

“Have a good day, class.”

The familiar words snapped Izzy out of her own personal underworld. The class was over? Oh, thank goodness. With a triumphant grin, Izzy raised herself from her chair and began to leave.

“So, Izzy.” The teacher interupped her. “How did you like the class?”

There was a dead silence as Izzy stared blankly at her. Suddenly, her eye twitched violently, and she screamed at the top of her lungs, “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!”

Izzy then proceeded to explode, tearing across the room, knocking over a few tables, doing back-flips and cartwheels over and off of them. She chucked a chair out the window, quite literally bounced off the walls, and ate a sheet or two of paper from her still-blank notebook. Once the fit of insanity was done, Izzy sat in the middle of the room, sweaty and disheveled, and gave the shocked teacher a grin.

And thus, Courtney had to find a new law school, the teacher was sent for psychiatric help, and Izzy’s family once again began a search for a new psychiatrist.


Thebiggesttdifan's Story Muskoka, Ontario, Canada: The Ellisons’ House

Trent Ellison sat at his desk. He nervously dialed the number on the piece of paper and waited for the answer. The phone answered on the second ring.

“Muskoka General Hospital, Nurse Alexandra Raven speaking.”

“Hi, this is Trent.”

The voice on the other end grumbled. “Oh, not you. You aren’t asking my daughter for a date again, are you?”

“No, I want to talk to my parents, up in Room 162.”

“Oh, that’s your other side. Well, I’ll check on them. But you can only talk for a few minutes.”

“All right.” Trent was happy he was allowed to talk to them. There were footsteps heard as Nurse Raven handed the phone to Wesley Ellison.

“Hi, son.” Wesley’s voice sound shriveled and pained. He coughed.

“Hey, dad. It’s Trent. How are you going?”

“Not so good. Your mom isn’t in that much shape either.” Wesley’s voice got more shriveled with every word. He coughed several times. “I hate to tell you this, Trent, but you’re gonna have to—“ The line paused.

“Dad? Dad? Dad? DAD! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Trent cried, pounding the floor with his bare hands. He looked like he’d just murdered someone in the end—his eyes stained with tears, his hands soaked with blood, and his nose running. He cried some more.

A few minutes later, someone knocked on his door. Trent sniffed and said, “Who is this?”

A deep voice answered, “This is Wesley Ellison’s lawyer. Although you are the inheritor to all your parents’ money, there is one thing your father said to give up.”

Trent was worried. “W-w-what?”

“Your guitar.” Trent screamed and went back to crying. “He said he wanted you to be an accountant, and a guitar is the last thing you need when you’re one.”

Trent used his trademark four words. “NOT-IN-THIS-LIFETIME!”

“Sorry, son.” The deep voice swiped his guitar, leaving Trent still having a tantrum.

New York City, New York, USA: The Streets

“This is the LIFE!” screamed Geoff. “I love being in New York!” He hummed along to “New York, New York” as a nearby radio played it.

It may have been midnight, but the streets were packed with every culture. Several Canadians were there, including Geoff. “This is the LIFE!” he whooped again.

Geoff ran around in circles freely. He could’ve sworn he saw a few hotshot politicians around the streets. He knew why the streets were packed very well. In 5 minutes “The Party of the Decade” as many people called it would start. Geoff screamed and yelled and shouted. There was nothing in the world that could worsen this night…

Except a cold, firm hand placed on his shoulder. Geoff stopped, surprised. “Come with us, kid,” a teenage boy grunted. He lit a cigarette and dragged Geoff away.

“HEL—“ Geoff tried to scream, but his mouth was covered by the boy’s hand. They crept toward an alley, and the boy picked Geoff up and threw him straight in there. He bolted up a door and locked it. “Now let’s go to that party,” the boy snickered, loud enough for Geoff to hear. He left.

Geoff, full of rage, tried as hard as he could to unlock the door, but it was barricaded. At 3:00 AM Geoff tried to get some sleep, but he didn’t sleep very well.

Key Largo, Florida, USA: The Beach

Was there anything more that Justin loved then being taken pictures of? No. He sighed and sat in the sand, waiting for another female to gush over him.

But this one was…sobbing? Justin sat up and lifted his sunglasses off. No, it wasn’t because of his face. It was just that nitpicky idiot who was obsessed over him back in TDI. Katie Swithtongue. But where was her twin Sadie? Justin decided to ignore Katie and walked out into the waves. He sighed in satisfaction, letting the cool water rush over him. Then…

“OW! OW! AIHEEEE! SOMETHING’S BITING MY PERFECTLY TAN LEG!” Justin screamed. A small crab pinched at him. “OW!” Justin tripped, and fell headfirst into the ocean. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOW MY FACE IS DENTED!” Justin cried.

Katie wasn’t sobbing for Justin—she had moved away from Sadie. Katie’s dad had recently been in the military, and there was a base in Key Largo. So Katie stayed with her parents, while Sadie stayed in Muskoka. Katie heard Justin’s cries and this only made her feel worse.

Ellis Island, New York, USA

Geoff yawned. He remembered the escape—he had worked on it all night. When he approached Ellis Island, he was extremely happy. He asked for a drink of water and he drank like there was no tomorrow. But the real reason he had come to Ellis Island was to go back to Canada. After the party incident, he figured he needed to go back to his friends in Muskoka. Geoff sighed in relief and asked for some more water.

Muskoka, Ontario, Canada: Lake Ontario High School Outdoors

Trent glanced up at the grand letters: WE WELCOME ANYONE-FROM TOTAL IDIOTS TO ORPHANS. Remembering the guitar incident, he gritted his teeth, hoping he wouldn’t cry.

And then he saw a pink shirt flying through the air, with a cowboy hat to complete it. The figure was blurry, but it tackled Trent down and smiled at him. Trent recognized instantly who this figure was.

“Geoff!” he grinned. “Where have you come from? I thought you immigrated to the US.”

“I did, but then I missed “The Party of the Decade”. I figured I needed some time to settle down, but it hasn’t been working out for me. At least there’s you.” He paused. “What happened to you? You look like you just murdered somebody.

Trent couldn’t resist tearfully recapping everything: his father’s death, the loss of his guitar, the deep voice. Geoff, showing no sign of whatever narcissism he had in Total Drama Action, nodded sadly. “Oh…oh. What are we gonna do?”

Trent pointed up at the grand sign. “Go back to the high school we went to last year together.”

“Lake Ontario, man! YES! YES! I still remember that time when you killed that bee with a fire extinguisher.”

“I had to get STITCHES for that!” Trent grinned. At least he had a few friends.

Key Largo, Florida, USA

Justin wiped at his face. “NOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO!” He had already looked in the mirror. His face was a mess, and there was really no way to fix it. He kept pawing it, all the while watching Katie sob. Katie sat at a beach chair, crying as hard as a cat who lost a last bite of fish. Justin obviously thought that the crying was for him, but then Katie cried out, “I MISS SADIE!”

Darn it. Katie didn’t like him at ALL. Justin had to get through this. The question was…how?

Lake Ontario High School

As Trent and Geoff passed through the classes, they noticed some of their old TDI friends sitting in one room. Izzy clawed through her orange hair, Lindsay desperately took a hard exam, and Ezekiel sat at his desk, looking robotic, but dumbfounded. “HI!” shouted their teacher, nicely, but she didn’t spread it out like some permissive teachers. “Where do you want to sit?”

“Uh, I…guess we can have two seats next to each other,” said Geoff.

“That’ll be fine.” From this view, Trent leaned over and saw what test Lindsay was taking: 4th Grade Math.

The teacher talked. Trent and Geoff listened. It was going to be a long, but good, year. For them, anyway. But for someone else, it wasn’t going so good…

“IT’S NOT FAIR!” screamed Sadie. “I MISS KATIE!”

“Come on, Sadie, think. You can still communicate with her,” a counselor explained.

“I can?” Sadie looked up.

“There are millions of ways! You can talk to her on the phone, you can e-mail her, you can write her a letter…”

“YAY!” Sadie screamed. “But I miss talking to her in person.”

“Well, hmmm…do you have a 2016 DSi?”

‘’’New York City, New York, USA: The Streets’’’


“I’m here,” he responded.



“Stephen? Stephen?”

“Sure, whatever.”

“We need to get the Jim kid,” the leader of the group, Dylan, muttered. “Knowing him, he’s probably escaped and immigrated to Mexico or something.”

“I think Canada would be a better choice to go to,” mumbled Matt.

“Fine, let’s go to Canada,” he concluded. Snapping, the four left.

Key Largo, Florida, USA

Justin still ranted over his ugliness, but let’s focus on Katie. She was still crying—she hadn’t stopped— when she heard a Buh-bleep from her pocket. It was her phone.



Katie recognized instantly who this was. “SADIE!”

“Hold on,” Sadie said. “Did you bring your DSi?”

“I have a 2009 one,” Katie answered. “But all the DSis got updated to the 2016 version. The reception will be terrible, but other than that it’s fine.” In a few minutes she was ready. Sadie’s face appeared on the screen. “Hi Katie!” she jubilated. “I’m on TV!”

Lake Ontario High School, Canada: Five months later

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Trent shouted.

“I agree completely,” nodded Geoff. “I learned how to play the bass here. Wanna go play out—“ Trent’s face looked pained and stricken. “Oh…I forgot…”

“Y-yeah. Don’t mention that—“ Geoff smiled and began splitting in half. “Geoff, what are you doing?” Trent looked worried. “This isn’t one of your sick pranks again, is it?”

The snapping began. “Oh no, you guys look familiar.” Trent backed up. “What did you do to Geoff?”

“Oh, Geoff is safe,” snickered Dylan. “He’ll stay safe. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re the Planes. I’m Dylan, and the other three are Matt, Greg and Stephen. As I said, your friend Geoff will be safe.”

“Oh, phew.”

“It’s you that’ll be hurt.”

Oh no. Now Trent was really worried. ‘’Think happy thoughts’’, he thought to himself. ‘’You can’t die. What about your parent’s history’’?

Then his eyes fell upon the bulky, brown instrument sticking out of Matt’s backpack. His guitar.

“WAIT!” Trent screamed.


“I want to make a last request. Give my guitar to Geoff, okay? And promise you won’t kill him.”

Dylan nodded glumly. “I guess that’s a reasonable price to pay. Stephen, fetch me that AK.” Stephen obeyed. Dylan pointed it in front of Trent and…


Trent felt poisoned. A swirl of thoughts came through his mind. Geoff, TDA, guitar, accountant, Nurse Raven.

Then he dropped. His head hung off the floor, his torso on the chair. “That was just wrong,” gasped Greg under his breath.

“I hate him, but he’s innocent,” Matt whispered.

“Since when were any of our victims guilty?” asked Stephen.

“Now that you think about it, when WERE any of the people you shot guilty?” Matt accused. The other two agreed and walked away, leaving Dylan.

Alberta, Canada: The Cemetery

The funeral was very epic. Trent’s death scared most of the people who had been invited. That included the TDI campers, and the surviving family Trent had. Stephen, Matt and Greg were all there. Dylan was in jail.

Katie and Sadie were the saddest. Although they had gotten back together, they weeped and weeped and weeped and weeped, and they stayed at the cemetery. Trent was buried next to his parents.

Suddenly, at the end of the funeral, Geoff volunteered to play a song on the guitar. “Trent taught me to play the guitar,” he said. “Where is his guitar, anyway?”

For a second, they could’ve sworn Trent mouthed “My dad’s lawyer has it,” but they figured it was a hologram. Geoff continued on with his song. It was beautiful.

After everyone left, Geoff wrote a note and laid it beside Trent’s grave. “Hi, Trent. What’s heaven like?” That was what the note said.

Although no one noticed, a few days later another note turned up by Trent’s grave. “Pretty good. At least I can see my dad again.

Your friend,


Anonymos's Story Eva at Anger Management Classes

Eva slowly walked into the classroom, glaring at all the other students, who all glared back at Eva.

“All right, class,” The teacher stood up, and wrote her name on the board, “My name is Miss Marianne.”

“Ugh, what a stupid name,” Eva muttered.

“What was that?!” Miss Marianne snapped.

“Nothing, Miss Marianne,” Eva growled.

“As I was saying,” Miss Marianne continued, “Let’s go around in a circle and share something about ourselves.

There were three students in the class, and a small, fair-haired boy stood up and cleared his throat. He started to speak, “My name is Chuck, and I have an anger management problem.”

“Now, Chuck,” Miss Marianne said, “Why don’t you share something about yourself.”

Chuck glared at her, then said, “I like to collect comic books.”

“How lame!” A tall, blond girl interrupted, “My name is Veronica, and I have no anger management problem!”

“Then why are you here?” Miss Marianna looked over the rim of her round glasses to glare at her.

“Cram it, Marianne!” Veronica protested, “I’m here because my parents made me.”

“Why?” Miss Marianne asked.

“I said CRAM IT!” Veronica bellowed.

“Why don’t you cram it, sister!?” Eva shouted, standing up from her chair.

“Oh, I know you didn’t just interrupt me!” Veronica retorted.

“WELL, BELIEVE IT!!” Eva shouted.

Veronica responded to this the same way a bull would respond to a red cloth: Veronica flared her nostrils, got down on all fours, then charged.

Eva dodged it and kicked Veronica in the face.

“Ladies, ladies, there’s no need to fight over me!” Chuck got in the middle of them.

Eva bit him, and Chuck started running around the classroom with Eva still clinging to his arm, yelling, “GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!”

“That’s enough!” Miss Marianne commanded, “Back to your seats!” She pointed, and Veronica and Chuck returned to their seats. Eva stuck her tongue out at Miss Marianne, and Miss Marianne stuck hers out back at Eva.

“REAL MATURE, MISS MARIANNE!” Eva sat back down.

“As I was saying,” Miss Marianne continued, “Let’s start with some deep breathing exercises.”

They all took deep breaths, one after another, until Veronica passed out.

Chuck ran to her side, “WE NEED CPR, NOW!!”

Miss Marianne ran over and said, “I know CPR!” She puckered up and leaned over to give the kiss of life.

“I’M AWAKE!” Veronica instantly woke up.

“Good!” Miss Marianne perked up.

“DARN IT!” Eva yelled, “NOW SHE CAN BUG ME AGAIN!!!!!”

“SHUT IT EVA!!” Veronica yelled.

“NO, YOU SHUT IT, VERONICA!!” Eva yelled.

“NO YOU!” Veronica screamed.

“NO YOU!!” Eva screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAHH!!!!” Veronica screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAHH!!!!” Eva screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAHH!!!” Chuck screamed.

Eva and Veronica just stared blankly at Chuck.

“CHILDREN!” Miss Marianne shouted, “Let’s move on to another exercise. You all want to beat each other up, right?”

“YES!” Eva yelled.

“TOTALLY!” Veronica screamed.

“AAAAAAAHH!!” Chuck shouted.

“Well,” Miss Marianne said, “You can beat each other up.”

Eva reached for a baseball bat, as Veronica reached for a crowbar.

“But!” Miss Marianne exclaimed, “You have to battle each other with these weapons!”

“What kind of weapons?” Eva was so excited at the idea of hurting Veronica.

“These weapons!” Miss Marianne whisked a cart out of her closet that had a gun, and a sword on it.

“YES!” Eva grabbed the sword and hit Veronica in the head, hoping to cut her head in half. The sword squeaked.

“HA!” Veronica grabbed the gun and fired at Eva’s heart. The gun shot out bubbles.

“WHAT GIVES?!?!” Eva protested, “THESE WEAPONS STINK!!”

“These are pre-approved weapons!” Miss Marianne explained.

“What do I get?” Chuck asked.

“You get a very special weapon,” Miss Marianne said, “You count to ten if you get angry.”

“1-2-3-4-5- this doesn’t DO ANYTHING!” Chuck shouted.

Eva was still waving her squeaky sword, and accidentally tripped Veronica.

“What did you do that for?!” Veronica growled.

“NO REASON!” Eva retorted.

Veronica shot the gun, but the bubbles accidentally hit Chuck in the eye.

“MY EYES!!” Chuck cried.

The three growled at one another, and they all tackled each other.

“Oh, dear…” Miss Marianne mumbled, as a giant cloud of bubbles covered the classroom, making it impossible to see inside.

“Uh-oh…” Miss Marianne muttered as the bubbles cleared.

“ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN!” Chuck yelled, angrily.

“Take that!” Eva screamed, banging her squeaky sword on the ground.

“HA HA!!” Veronica shot bubbles everywhere.

“Great job!” Miss Marianne applauded them, “You all earned your diplomas!”

Miss Marianne gave them each a piece of paper saying they had passed her class as they left.

That night, Chuck, Eva, and Veronica all did the same thing: Shredded their diplomas.

Turnertang's Story Noah Tries out for the football team with Tyler

“What is this place?” asked Noah as he walked into a big room “It’s called a gym.” said Tyler because Tyler was making Noah try out for football “I still don’t know how you dragged me here.” Noah commented as he put on some football equipment “I took all your books and then told you I would give them back if you tried out for the football team.” Tyler replied as he tied his shoes “Oh yeah.” Noah said as the Coach John came into the gym “All right everyone, its time to start tryouts! Start by doing fifty push-ups!” yelled Coach John “What’s a push-up?” Noah asked Tyler “First you get on all fours. Then you go down and up.” Tyler replied as he slipped and fell on his stomach “That seems simple.” Noah replied as he did fifty push-ups perfectly “Nice work!” Coach John yelled at Noah “I taught him.” Tyler said proudly “How have you done?” Coach John asked Tyler “Well… um… none.” Tyler replied “You Stink!” Coach John yelled as he blew his whistle “Now everyone go run a lap!” demanded Coach John “I rock at running!” Tyler yelled as he ran really slowly and then tripped “I doubt I can run that fast.” Noah said as he ran the lap and beat everyone “You’re a good athlete.” Coach John said as walked up to Tyler “Did I do good, Coach?” Tyler asked as he got up “You are a disgrace to athletes!” Coach John yelled “Thank you Coach!” Tyler said as he walked away “I think the Coach likes you.” Noah said as he followed Tyler “Now its time to play some football!” screamed Coach John as he assigned teams “I’ll be quarterback.” Tyler said as he grabbed the football “Lets play some football!” Coach John yelled as he ripped off his shirt and under it was a referee shirt “The wide receivers will go all the way to the end zone.” Tyler said as everyone lined up “Ready Tyler?” asked Noah as he stood beside Tyler “I’m always ready.” Tyler replied as he hiked the ball and looked for an open man “Look out!” Noah yelled as three members of the other team charged at Tyler “What?” Tyler asked as he got tackled but the ball slipped from his hand and he kicked it by accident and it flew all the way into Noah’s hand in the end zone “That was an amazing pass!” Coach John yelled as he walked over to Tyler “I’m just that good.” Tyler said as the other three kids got off of him “Good job, Tyler!” Noah cheered as he handed Tyler some ice and everyone continued playing except for Tyler for another hour “Everyone its time for the final part of the tryouts!” Coach John announced as the football game ended “I wonder what it is.” Noah commented “An obstacle course!” yelled Coach John as he showed everyone the course “How do you do it?” Tyler asked, “Figure out yourself!” yelled Coach John “This look pretty easy.” Noah commented as he walked over to the course “If you don’t finish the course you are off the team!” Coach announced as he blew his whistle and everyone ran “We have to climb over this wall.” Tyler said as he grabbed one of the ropes and started climbing “I don’t think I can do it.” Noah said as he ran and jumped over the wall as Tyler fell “Keep going Noah!” Tyler demanded as he started climbing again “Okay.” Noah said as he ran to the next part, which was to swing across a pit “I got it this time!” Tyler said as he made it to the top of the wall “I’m king of the world!” Tyler cheered as someone threw a football at him and he fell off the wall “I can do this!” Noah said to himself as he grabbed the rope and swung over the pit “Now I have to climb through this tunnel.” Noah said as he crawled into the tunnel “I can swing over this pit.” Tyler said proudly as he grabbed the rope and jumped but let go of the rope and flew over the entire course and landed across the finish line “Your starting to turn into a good athlete!” Coach John said proudly as he walked over to Tyler “I told you, I’m just that good.” Tyler replied as he limped over to a bench and grabbed the ice pack “Which way to I go?” Noah asked himself as he came up to two paths “Time to go into the cave!” said one of the players “Oh no they caught up to me!” Noah said as he picked a path and crawled out of the cave “Now all I have to do is go over, under, and around these barriers.” Noah commented as he started running really fast and dodging every barrier “Look its Noah!” Tyler cheered as Noah ran across the finish line “How did you beat me?” Noah asked Tyler “I went so fats you couldn’t see me.” Tyler said proudly “You really are that good.” Noah replied “Very impressive!” Coach John said to Noah as a bunch of other people finished “Everyone who jus finished is on the team!” Coach John announced, “I did it!” Tyler cheered “Are star players are Tyler and Noah!” Coach announced, as he handed Tyler and Noah the captain badge “No.” Noah said as he handed back the badge “Why not?” asked Coach John “Sports is not my forte.” Noah replied as he walked away as everyone stared at him

Owenguy101's Story Sprinklemist's Story A piece of cardboard is shown in front of the camera. Chris Mclean's voice can be heard saying the words on the card, "This episode of 'Mr. Mclean's Happy Kiddie Funhouse' contains stunts performed by animated kids..."

Chris is quickly interrupted by a voice that says, "Uh, Chris? The stunt segments you suggested were not approved."

"Aw, man!" Chris says sadly. He removes the piece of cardboard to reveal a bright colored room. The walls are bright orange, the carpet is bright yellow, and the fluffy, oversized, sofa toward the back of the room is hot pink. Chris sighs and says, "Welcome to 'Mr. Mclean's Happy Kiddie Funhouse'! I'm Mr. Mclean. Let's meet some of my special, adorable, sweet, prepubescant cohosts." Chris unintentionally gags. "Meet Mandy."

A girl with blond pigtails and bright blue overalls runs out and cheerily waves to the camera. She folds her arms, turns slightly to the left, and says, "Hi, I'm Mandy! I'm eleven years old and I love summer, rollerskating, and..."

Chris interrupts Mandy by saying, "Meet Brody."

A boy with black hair, wearing a green T-shirt and khaki shorts, runs out and says, "Hey, I'm Brody! I'm ten years old. I love dinosaurs, soccer, and taking money out of my mom's purse!"

Chris says, completely aloof, "That's nice, Brady. Go stand in the corner by Mandy. Now kids would you like to play a game, or something?"

The off-screen voice that corrected Chris earlier says, "Uh, Chris? There's one more child for you to introduce."

Chris says, "Man! Two is bad enough." Mandy and Brody look over at Chris with sad eyes. "Don't look at me like that! You're making my soul hurt. Let's see..." Chris says as he looks at a piece of paper, "The next kid is Corrina."

A girl with red hair, wearing a white dress with a yellow flower on it, runs on set and says, "Hi, there! My name is Corrina. I'm ten years old. I love cats, puppies, and sky."

Chris says, "Where did we find these kids? Is that why the short bus is parked in front of the studio?" Chris looks at the children pouting. "Lighten up, little guys! It's time to have fun."

"Yay!" Shout Corrina, Brody, and Mandy simultaneously.

"Do you kids like teddy bears?" Chris asks with a sinister smile.

Corrina and Mandy excitedly say, "Yea!" Brody shakes his head 'no' but this is ignored.

Chris says, "Well, then you'll love meeting this real, live bear!" A bear breaks down a door, mysteriously on cue, and roars. The children scream in terror and run to the other side of the room.

The unseen voice speaks, yet again, "Chris! This wasn't approved! Get that thing out of here!"

"Aw, man," Chris says as he guides the bear out of the studio, "This is the lamest show, ever! Why did I even agree to host this?"

The unseen voice says, "It's the off season of the 'Total Drama' series, and it's nowhere near award season. You can always push around one of your brother-in-law's hot dog carts."

Chris shudders and says, "Who wants to do some fingerpainting?"

"Yea!" The children yell as a short purple coffee table mysteriously appears on set. Four pieces of paper are on the table, along with various jars of fingerpaint. The three children, along with Chris, begin painting.

Chris says, "I hope you're joining along at home. That is, if you have these supplies readily available, and you're skipping school to watch this show. Hey Brandon, can I have that jar of red paint?"

Brody says, "No! I'm using it!"

"Come on, man!" Chris says. Chris tries to pull the paint out of Brody's tiny hands. He successfully takes the paint from the now crying child. Chris finishes his painting and gives the jar back to Brody. "Quit your crying, Grody! Take the red paint."

Brody says, "Fine!" He takes the paint. He now grabs the apricot paint, black paint, and turquoise paint. "I'm done!" Brody says.

"Okay, kids," Chris says, "Let's show our pictures to the viewing audience."

Mandy says, "But I'm not done!"

"This show is only 22 minutes long," Chris says.

Mandy sighs and says, as she holds up her picture, "It's half of a zebra."

"Ha ha! That sucks!" Chris says. Mandy starts crying.

Corrina holds up her picture and says, "I made a picture of a puppy!"

"Why does it look like a tarantula?" Chris says. Corrina starts crying.

Brody says, "Well, I originally was making a picture of a fire truck, but I added Mr. Mclean to the painting."

Chris says, "Aw, I'm flattered, little guy." Brody holds up his painting. The picture shows a firetruck with Chris, underneath. Chris says, "Can I see that?" He snatches the piece of paper out of the young boy's hands and tears it into pieces. Brody begins crying. "Kids, quit your crying. It's time to look at Mr. Mclean's painting." The children stop crying, sniffle, and look at Chris. Chris holds up the painting and explains, "It's this studio on fire. Ha ha! Isn't it awesome?"

Corrina says, "Mr. Mclean?"

Chris says, "Yes, Corrina?"

Corrina says, "You are a horrible, horrible man!"

Chris looks surprised and a tear comes to his eye and he looks down, "That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!"

"What's wrong with you?" Mandy rhetorically asks. "Come on guys, let's get away from this psycho." The kids walk out of the hole in the wall made by the bear.

Chris turns to the camera and says, "Well, that wraps up this episode of 'Mr. Mclean's Happy Kiddie Funhouse'. Tune in to next week's episode."

The unseen voice from earlier says, "I have some bad news about that, Chris." The ending credits quickly fly up the screen.

Usitgz's Story What Happened to your face?

It was down to the semi-finals of Total Drama Action and the final three contestants were ready to get this over with. The challenge? Well... you'll find out later. Lindsay, and Justin were getting thier makeup on and Duncan was carving a skull out of a log. They entered the mess hall where they found something peculiar going on, Chris and Chef were gone. They searched most of the film lot but couldn't find them. When they were starting to climb up the hill, a helicopter lowered Chris and Chef.

"Our challenge today is... a reenactment of the semi-finals of Total Drama Island, don't you love it!" Chris told them, "And here is your breakfast for today , dog chow!"

Lindsay puked, Justin looked very sick and Duncan just looked away. Slowly the nineteen other contestants lowered from the helicopter. First Leshawna and Gwen lowered them self to the ground,then Cody got half way down the rope ladder and fell off, landing on Cortney who just got to the bottom. When the others all got down they sat on the peanut galleries of failure and watch Chris set up the original challenge table, and spinner.

"Each of you final three get to choose one of the final three from last season to help you with your dares , Lindsay, you can choose first," explained Chris.

"I choose Owen!" said Lindsay.

"Duncan, your up,dude," said Chris.

"I'm going to have to say, Gwen," said Duncan. Cody looked very depressed at that. Heather got stuck with Justin.

"Okay, this is how it works, I'll call on one of the people sitting on the peanut gallery of failure and they will dare you, you or your partner have to do the dare, if your partner backs away from the dare or you do you team loses three points, if you complete a dare you get one point. First team to five wins, or first team to negative ten loses, kapeesh," explained Chris.

Chris spun the spinner and it landed on Justin.

"Justin, your first dare will come from... Beth!" Chris told Justin.

"Kiss me on the cheek!" exclaimed Beth.

Justin held back the puke that was coming out, and said, "No thank you, I'm good."

Beth tried to hold back the tears and ran into the bushes near by.

"Okay that was strange," said Chris as he spun the spinner. The spinner landed on Duncan.

"Okay, the person to dare Duncan is Trent," said Chris. Trent showed an evil grin.

"I dare you to slap Gwen, in the face!" dared Trent.

Everyone in the crowd gasped. Duncan raised his arm slowly, then put his arm down.

"I can't do it," said Duncan.

"Okay, last person for the round is... Owen!" exclaimed Chris after he spun the spinner.

"Lucky you, you get the staff dare!" creepily told Chris.

"What's the staff dare?" asked Owen.

"Its the best dare from last season, shave your head!" Chris explained. Chris handed Owen a shaver and Owen finished shaving his head. He was as bald as an eagle, all the girls laugh at him.

"Finally, I can get that cool wig!" happily exclaimed Owen.

"After the first round the score is: Owen and Lindsay: 1 All others: -3." stated Chris

After four more gruling rounds the score was: Owen and Lindsay: 1, Duncan and Gwen: -4, and Justin and Heather: -7. Chris spun the spinner around and it landed on Gwen.

"I choose Cody to dare you," said Chris.

"My dare is the same as Beth's was," said Cody.

Gwen leaned in to kiss him then started to back away, and said, "Sorry guys I can't do it."

Chris grinned as he spun the spinner again. It landed on Justin.

Chris' grin grew wider as he said, "You're dare is now going to come from a very enraged Beth!"

"I dare you to dip your face in very hot boiling water for one minute!" exclaimed an enraged Beth.

"I'm going to hav..." said Justin.

"We need this point, Justin!" interupted Heather.

"Fine, I've heard its good for the skin," said Justin as he put his face in. He held it in there until he found it to hot,

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" screamed Justin in pain as he pulled his head out of the water. Everyone screamed when they saw his face.

"What happened to your face?" asked Lindsay.

"What do you mean Lindsay?" asked Justin. Chris laighed as he pulled a mirror up to Justin's face. Justin screamed when he saw his reflection, he was bald, and covered in wrinkles, and pimples. Justin ran as fast as he could to his trailer.

"Too bad for Justin, he only lasted for 59.9999999999999 seconds, the lame-o-sine awaits," said Chris.

Justin came back with a bag over his face, to hear the bad news. He asked Beth what she but in that water, and she replied with a grin on her face, hair removal gel. Justin slumped as he walked to the lame-o-sine, and entered it.

"Well we are now down to two see you next time on Total Drama Action!" said Chris. From that day on Justin wore a bag on his face.


Week Eight

Week Nine

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