Welcome to Total Drama Athlete. This camp will test mostly your sport skills and some other stuff. The winner gets 1 million dollars and gets to become a professional athlete for any sport they want. 2 characters for person. You can be TDI or Custom characters. If you have a question please ask it in the discussion page.


Coach: Mark Steer - Minor League Football Player - Turnertang

TDI Characters

Duncan - Turnertang

Lindsay- Anonymous

Harold - Nalyd Renrut


Bridgette- TDI19

Cody - Ustigz

DJ - Tdifan1234

Custom Characters

Archie - Turnertang

Lexi- Anonymous

Jacob - Nalyd Renrut

Dyl - GordonNo.4the2nd

Stephen- Codaa5




Elian- TDI19

John - Ustigz

Roger - Tdifan1234



Day 1 Chat

Mark: Welcome campers.

Archie: Hi Mark I am big athlete and I am going to win.

Duncan: No your not. I am!

Harold: I've got better skills than all of you!

Jacob: I'm gonna win.

Lindsay: This is an athletic competition!! I thought it was a beauty pageant!!

Lexi: Well, you thought wrong. I'm just here for the money.

Jacob: *laughs at Lindsay*

Harold: I've got wicked skills so I'm going to win! GOSH!!!

Matt: I don't expect to win, but I'll give it my best shot. at least I'm a tad bit sane.

Lexi: No, you're not.

Lindsay: That was mean, Jacob.

Archie: I am going to win because I got mad sport skills!!!!

Mat: um.. just becuz I'm a nerd doesn't mean I'm not SANE!

Lexi: Yeah it does. There was once this guy I knew and he was SO nerdy and he was all like insane and stuff.

Matt: that was one person. I'm sane. but it's kind of weird that I am since I LIVE with a stick man, a ravioli pixie, and all 22 TDI characters!

Duncan: Actually I met a guy who was really nerdy and he was insane.

Archie: So have I.

Matt: exactly who was this paticular nerd? Oh, and Doo Can u stay out of this.

Lexi: Cody, he slowly went insane and exploded, but the fixed him with duck tape and superglue.

Lindsay: Oh yeah...Did you know you can't eat superglue?

Lexi: Yes Lindsay. I did know that.

Matt: I'm not Cody though. I'm someone different and if someone writes a story from ur point of view, you gotta be sane.


Lindsay: ITS ME LINDSAY!!!

Lexi: We know.

Matt: hi! do u think I'm sane?

Lexi: Yes.

Matt: well, I was asking Sorell but thanx.

Ezekiel: I think ur sane, eh? wait, what does sane mean?

Sorrel: Sane means crazy and kind off i guess i don't know!

Matt: no, sane means normal, INsane means crazy.

Lexi: Well, you're INsane.

Matt: no I'm not. I'm perfectly fine and I don't know what makes u think I am.

Duncan: I think your INsane.

Bridgette: Hey, guys.

Elian: Hi. I am ready to win!

Lexi: Well, everyone knows I'm getting the money. Even if I lose.

Jacob: Sup, Elian?

Harold: GOSH!

Mark: Hey everyone glad your here. The first challenge starts tomorrow.

Archie: Cool I'm ready to win.

Matt: I really doubt I will, but I'll try. I'm a terrible athlete I don't even know HOW to play sports. you'll probably win, Archie.

Lexi: I doubt it, I'll probably win.

(Ezekielguy: bye)

John: My life on the streets has made me tough!

Cody: Whats up?

Archie: I'm still going to win.

Day 1 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is simple its just a race around the camp. The team that has the most people across the finish line wins.

Mark: Ready set go!!!!

Archie: (starts running) So long everyone.

Duncan: (grabs Archie and throws him back) So long Archie!!

Lindsay: (Starts running but falls over.)

Lexi: (Runs past Duncan and Archie to the half-way mark.) I was the top runner at my school!! Bye losers!!

Lindsay: (Gets up and starts and trips again.) Why does this keep happening to me?!?! (Gets up but trips again.)

Duncan: Oh yeah. (throws a rock at Lexi and it hits her and Duncan passes her) So long Lexi.

Archie: (trips and rolls down a hill and into a river) That was fun.

Jacob: *jogs*

Harold: *has a heart pelpitation*

Stephen: *Starts to run fast* Hah suckers! I've won my team 10 straight football games!

Stephen:Â *Makes it to the halfway mark*

Stephen:Â *Is at the quarter mark, until he trips over his shoe*Â oww....

Jacob: *helps Harold to halfway point*

Stephen:Â *Gets back up and is running again*

Stephen:Â *Passes finish line* WOOHOO!

Duncan: Oh no yo don't. (runs super fast and crosses finish line) Yeah!

Archie: (runs very fast but crashes into a tree right before the finish line) Ow!

Archie: (rolls over finish line)

Lexi: (Picks up a tree and throws it at Duncan and crosses the finish line.) Ha, take that Mr. Ugly-Juviepants.

Lindsay: (Trips over finish line.) Gee Lexi, I could have thought of a better insult than that.

Lexi: Nu-uh.

Lindsay: Yah-hu.

Mark: The Crazy Baseballs have 3 members and the Deadly Football has 2 members. Come on Deadly Footballs you gotta step up your game.

Matt: (runs past everyone and as fast as he can, speeds over the finish line) how was that?

all of sorreltail18 people- *crosses finish line!

Jacob: *crosses with Harold on his shoulder*

John: (Dives over finish line and hits a trash can)Â Why is there a trash can there?

Cody: (Crosses Three-Quaters and throws dodgeballs at Ezekiel, Dyl, and Bridgette and KOs them) Woohoo!

Mark: The Deadly Footballs win. So that means the Crazy Baseballs have to vote someone off.

Crazy Baseballs Vote

Archie: I vote for Dyl.

Duncan: I vote for Dyl.

Lexi: Dyl.

Ezekiel: Dyl

Roger: Dyl, sorry dude!

Mark: Since no one else is voting Dyl is out.

Day 2 Chat

Archie: I am so ready to win!!!

Roger: We gotta win today!!!!

Jacob: You're going down!

Harold: Yeah! Gosh!

Archie: No were going to win today!!!

Lexi: We're totally going to win.

Archie: not a chance Girl!!!!!!!

Lexi: We're on the same team, stupid!!!!

Archie: Oh, right.

Day 2 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a game of soccer. The rules are you try to get the ball into the other teams net. First team to 3 wins.

Mark: Ready, Set, Go!

Archie: (passes ball to Duncan)

Duncan: (takes ball down field)

Cody: (Steals ball and passes to Lindsay)

Lindsay: (Trips on the ball and it rolls over to Lexi.)

Lexi: (Kicks the ball past the goalie into the goal.)

Duncan: (takes ball down field and passes it to Archie)

Archie: (shoots ball into net)Â Yay!!

Duncan: (passes ball to Lexi)

Lexi: (Kicks ball to the goal but it bounces off of Lindsay's head and into the other goal.)

Lindsay: OOOOO! I scored!

John: [Takes the ball and trys to make a goal but Cody (Football's Goalie) catches it] Dang.

Cody:(Electricly charges ball and throws it at the goalie and goes in the net) Woohoo!

Mark: Its 2 to 2 next goal wins.

Archie: (passes ball to Duncan)

Duncan: (passes ball back to Archie)

Archie: (passes ball to Lexi)Â

Cody: (Steals ball and passes to Jacob)

Archei: (intercepts pass and passes it to John)

John:(Scores the winnig goal) In your face Cody!

Archie: All right John!!!

Cody: (Whips ball at John and puts him in a coma) Ha!

Deadly Footballs Vote

Cody: Harold

Roger: Harold

Lindsay: Harold.

Elian: Harold, weak

Mark: Bye Harold.

Day 3 Chat

Mark: Are you ready for another sports filled day campers?

Archie: Oh yeah!!!

Lexi: NO.

Lindsay: Wait, what?

Mark: Another day Lindsay.

Duncan: What a dummy.

Lindsay: Another day?! Uggh..are we almost done here? I need a pedicure.

Mark: Ummmmmmmmmm.. Okay Lindsay.

Lindsay: Oh, you need a pedicure too. I suggest French Tips.

Sorrel: yah ok!

Mark: You can go get your pedicures if you come back before the challenge starts.

Lindsay: Okay! (Grabs Sorrel and Mark and they go get pedicures.) See, Mark, isn't that better?

Mark: Not really.

Lindsay: Of course it is, silly-willy!

Mark: Not really!!!!

Sorrel: uh! I HATE pedicures!!!! Im a skater girl here!

Lindsay: FINE, I'll just go get more BFFs to get pedicures with. (Goes to camp and brings back Duncan and Archie.) THERE!! NOW YOU GET PEDICURES!!

(Conf.) Cody: Maybe we should've voted out Lindsay yesterday, shes gone insane and started giving everyone pedicures!

Lindsay: (Reaches in the confessional, grabs Cody and takes him to get a pedicure.) PEDICURES!! NOW!!!!!

Cody:I don't want to get a pedicure! (Trys to struggle free) Somebody help!

Lexi: (Sighs.) Fine. (Smacks Lindsay in the face.)

Cody: Thanks alot Lexi, it would have been horrible if you didn't do that.

Day 3 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a game of baseball the Deadly Footballs are fielding and trying to stop the Crazy Baseballs from scoring 3 runs. You know the rules 3 outs and the game is done.

Mark: First up pitching is......... Lindsays and then Cody finishes the game everyone else is fielding. Batting first is Archie, then John, and then Lexi.

Archie: (steps up to the plate) I am so ready!

Lindsay: (Throws ball, but it hits Archie in the face.) Ooopsie...sorry, Archie.

Mark: Archie goes to first base. Now John is up.

Cody: (In fetal postion in a corner) Lindsay is evil, LINDSAY IS EVIL!

Mark: Cody you better start pitching your against John.

Cody: Fine, (Strikes out John since hes in a coma) that was fun!

Mark: okay Lexi is up with Archie on first.

Cody: [(Pitches) First 2 are strikes the next 3 are balls] OK full count bases not so loaded, pressures all on me. (Throughs ball Decide what happenes)

Lexi: (Smacks the ball and it hits Cody.) Sorry, LOSER!!

Cody: Lesi q sock! (Faints)

Mark: Okay, the next one up is Duncan and Lindsay is pitching again if Duncan hits home run his team wins if he gets out there still one more chance.

Duncan: Bring it on Lindsay!!!!

Lindsay: (Pitches the ball insanely fast over the plate.) That wasn't like me at all...

Duncan: (Swings and hits the ball and it lands right behind Lindsay) Gotta get to first!

Lindsay: (Picks up the ball and throws it to first base.)

Duncan: (Dodges the ball and it boomerangs back at Lindsay) I'm on first!!

Mark: Roger your up.

John: (Wakes up from Coma) whats happened since I've been asleep?

Mark: Nothing much.

Mark: Watch out! (dodges baseball and it hits John)

John:(Ball hits John's head) Not again! (John goes into a coma)

Duncan: Ha ha ha!!!

Cody:(Wakes up) He's on your team!

Duncan: (Hits Cody hard in the head) So?!?

Cody:What was that for? (hits Duncan in the head with a baseball bat)

Duncan: For doing that! (Picks up Cody and throws him into a river) So long dork!

Cody: (Pushes Duncan off the base and someone tags him) You're out!

Mark: That's cheating because of that your team just lost.

Cody: he started it!

Mark: I really don't care!

Deadly Footballs Vote

Lindsay: Cody, he cheated and made us lose.

Cody: Lindsay, shes EVIL! and psychotic!

Matt- Cody

hollyn- cody you cheater!

Mark: So long Cody.

Day 4 Chat

Mark: you guys ready to play sports!?!

Duncan: you know it!

Archie: You bet!!!

Sorrel: *sings randomenly* on top of my spaghetti all covered with sauce and blah blah blah blah blah

Hollyn- so what are we gonna do!


Phil: I'll give you a hint Hollyn were going to play sports.

Matt: hmm. what kind of sports?

Mark: A sport.

Matt: (sighs)

Mark: Were almost ready to start.

Matt: (CONF) whenever the answer to the simple question, "What should we do today?" is "Sports" I know it's going to be a terrible day.

Day 4 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a two on two game of volleyball.

Mark: Lindsay and Matt for the footballs and Archie and Lexi for the baseballs. Baseballs serve. BEGIN!!! First one to 5 wins.

Archie: (Serves it to Matt)

Mat: (CONF) I've never played Volley ball before. obiously implying I don't know how to play. I'm sure if I just use good ol heart it might work out.

Matt: (does whatever ur supposed to do in volleyball and does it well)

Mark: Matt you just have to hit the ball over the net.

Archie: (Sets ball for Lexi to spike it) Get it Lexi.

Lexi: (Smacks it back and it lands on Lindsay's foot.)

Lindsay: OWWWWW!!!!!!

Mark: Its one to nothing, baseballs serve. Lexi's serve.

Matt: (sings really well (this is not cheating) and is able to make lexi mess up)

Mark: It's one to one and its Matt's serve.

Matt: (uses his singing voice to serve the ball very well with hardly touching it)

Archie: (Hits it back to Lindsay)

Matt: (sings the ball over and over and back and fourth and finally, wins the game)

Mark: Nows that cheating but the score is 4 to 4 next point wins.

Archie: (Serves the ball to Matt)

Matt: (serves back)

Archie: (Sets the ball to Lexi) Spike it!!

Matt: (prevents lexi from spiking. wins game)

Archie: Oh no you don't! (stops ball from hitting ground and wacks the ball to Lindsay)

Matt: (swereves ball away from Lindsay. makes the final point)

Mark: Deadly Footballs win. You know what that means Crazy Baseballs.

Crazy Baseballs Vote

Duncan: Dj, he's no help.

Archie; DJ.

Lexi: DJ.

John: (Wakes up from coma) DJ

Phil: So long DJ.

Day 5 Chat

Mark: Welcome for another day of sports.

Archie: I am so ready.

Duncan: Whatever.

SOrrel: I don't know IM glad I wasn't voted off

Hollyn:me neither though I never talked

Mark: You never do talk.

Archie: I am still ready for the challenge.

Hollyn: now i am mark

Mark: No your not.

Hollyn: i don't get it

Sorrel: *bounces* hello!

Archie: Hi.

Sorrel: MmMmMmMmMm

Archie: Okay...

Sorrel: its me and my wierdness!

Archie: I can see that.

Lindsay: Good morning, everyone!!

Sorrel: i haven't removed that icky nailploish but anyway

Mark: Neither have I.

Lindsay: Yah, sorry about that, I went to see a therpist, now I'm all better.

Duncan: Yeah right.

Sorrel: so do you remeber our names

Lindsay: Sharon and Dylan!!!

Duncan: Thats closer than usual.

Lindsay: Yah-hu!

Sorrel: its *says it slowly* ITS SORREL!!!!

(sorreltail18- anonymous did you watch american idol?)

Day 5 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a game of hockey.

Rules: You skate on ice and try to score on the other teams net and you are allowed to bump people against the wall.

Sorrel: NOOOO!!!!!!!

HOllyn: YESSSSS!!!!

Lexi: No bumping? Darn!

Archie: (Passes puck to Duncan)

Duncan: (Passes puck to Sorrel) Go Sorrel!!

Lexi: Oh, wait, we are! (Punches Archie.)

Archie: Were on the same team Lexi!!

Lexi: Don't care! (Punches Archie again.)

Sorrel: haha *chucks the puck in the goal*

Lexi: Nice! (high fives sorrel.)

Archie: (Grabs puck but trips and it goes to Lindsay) Oops.

Lindsay: (Slips on the puck but it squirts out from under her and into the goal.) What, oh I scored!!!!

Lexi: How's that for dumb luck? And I mean really, really dumb luck!

Duncan: (Takes puck and hits Lindsay down but the puck slips and it goes to Holloyn)

Archie: (Takes puck from Hollyn and passes to Sorrel)

Sorrel: funarfic

Hollyn: not for *slips and ggets a bloody nose*

Duncan: (Grabs puck and shoots it at the goalie)

Sorrel: time out! isn't anyone going to help hollyn

Hollyn: my leg hurts *screams in pain*

(An ambulance come on the ice and drags Holloyn off and takes her to the hospital)

Duncan: (Whacks the goalie and the puck goes in)

Mark: There's only 5 minutes to go!

Sorrel: skates to the puck and scores a goal again*

Duncan:Shoots and hit the golie in the face and scores.

Mark: Time and the Crazy Baseballs win with 4 goals to one so the deadly footballs have to vote someone off.

Deadly Footballs Vote

Mark: Deadly Footballs you have to vote someone off.

Jacob: Lindsay.

Elian: Roger

Roger: Lindsay

Matt: Lindsay.

Mark: So long Lindsay.

Day 6 Chat

Mark: You guys ready for some sports?

Duncan: Oh yeah!!

Archie: I am always ready for sports.

Matt: (klonks self in head with baseball) ready.

Mark: Thats good because there's a challenge soon.

Archie: Awesome!!!

Matt: (To Archie) you know those shoes with the metal cleets you have? ring my neck with them pleez.

Duncan: I have a better idea. (Grabs Matt and throws him off a cliff)

Matt: (falling off cliff) THAAAANK YOUUUU!!!!

Duncan: Any time!!!

Roger: *yelling to matt at the top of the cliff* Are you feeling ok today, Matt?

Archie: I think he's doing fine.

Matt: (CONF.) what sports AM I good at? very little. just DODGEBALL and that's it.

Mark: Todays challenge is my favorite all team dodge ball.

Day 6 Challenge

Mark: The whole team is playing in a game of dodge ball last one standing team wins. BEGIN!!!!

Jacob: Should we make a strategy?

Duncan: (Picks up ball and nails Stephen in the face) HA!!!

Matt: you guys got lucky. you have the best dodgeball player ever. (throws the ball in Stephesn face casuing him to suffer huge pain)

Archie: (Picks up ball) Who to hit?

Roger: Matt, why'd you just hit someone on your team?

Archie: I know who to hit. (Throws ball a Jacob)

Roger: *throws ball at Bridgette* WOOT!

Matt: Stephen isn't on my team... oh wait yeah heis. oops.

Duncan: (Grabs a ball and throws it a Elaine) I am on fire!!!

Mark: The Crazy Baseballs are killing come on Deadly Footballs!

Matt: (thorws the ball really hard at Archie and knocks him out) BANZAI!!!

Duncan: (Throws ball at Roger)

Archie: Lets beat them team!!!

Matt: (throws a ball and hits Archie in the nuts) OOPSIEEEE!!!

Duncan: Your going down!!! (throws and knocks down Hollyn)

Lexi: (Throws the balls at everyone at the other said.) Ha!

Deadly Footballs Vote

Mark: Thats two losses in a row but you still have to vote someone off.

Jacob: Hollen.

Stephen: Matt. You'll pay for hurting me!

Hollyn: jacob

Elian: Hollen

Mark: Get out of here Hollyn!!!

Day 7 Chat

Mark: Who's ready to use there strength?

Duncan: I am!!!

Archie: Me too!!! I am so good at sports!!

Roger: I'm not just Ready, I'm Ready-Freddy!

Matt: (reffering to Rodger) sometimes, I worry about that boy.

Lexi: Why worry about him? He's not my problem.

Archie: Roger, scares me.

Jacob: Let's do this!

Lexi: Yeah, Mark, what's the challenge?

Mark: How about right now?

Day 7 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a 3 on 3 game of basketball.

Crazy Baseball Players Lexi, Archie, and Sorrel.

Deadly Football Players Jacob, Matt, and Elian.

Score Crazy Baseball: 6, Deadly Football: 0

Mark: Begin!! Deadly Football serve first.

Jacob: *starts dribbling*

(CONF) Jacob: I'm not that good at basketball.

Lexi: (Punches Jacob and steals the ball and passes to Archie.)

Lexi: (CONF) I am the best in my grade in most sports.

Archie: (Shoots and scores) 2 points!!!

Mark: Jacob's ball.

Jacob: *passes to Elian*

Archie: (Steals it and passes to Lexi)

Lexi: (Shoots and scores.)

Mark: Jacob's ball again.

Jacob: *dribbles towards hoop quickly*

(CONF) Jacob: I bette rnot be voted off! I was the only one trying!

Archie: (Go's for him but trips) Ouch!

Mark: Time is half way up!!! and the Baseballs might win there third in a row.

Archie: (Steals ball and dribbles up court)

Archie: (Shoots and scores) Yeah!!!

Mark: Time is up!! Crazy Baseballs win again.

Sorrel: *hugs LExi and Archis* yah we won!

Lexi: Yeah, but you didn't do anything!

Sorrel: but we won!

Deadly Footballs Vote

Mark: Its time to vote someone off for the third time in a row.

Jacob: Elian... sorry...

Roger: Elian

Stephen: Elian

Mark: Get out of her Elain!!!

Day 8 Chat

Mark: Is everyone ready to play some sports?

Archie: I am always ready!!!

Duncan: I am too!

(Tdifan1234: I'll be ready tomorrow. That's when my school finally starts spring break!)

Archie: Whats todays challenge?

Mark: You will see.

Archie: Okay.

Sorrel: *comes in eating a candy bar* what are we doing?

Archie: Waiting for the challenge.

Day 8 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge time is a two on two game of foosball.

Jacob: I'm really good at human foosball! (soccer)

Sorrel: cool

Deadly Footballs: Jacob and Matt

Crazy Baseballs: Lexi and Sorrel

Mark: BEGIN!!! First one to 3 wins.

Sorrel: me again yah! *scores a goal*

Lexi: Nice job...

Matt: (Sings the football back and forth (Not cheating! he is using the muscles of his lungs!) and makes his first touchdown!)

Mark: Matt, your playing the wrong sport. We are playing Foosball.

(Ezekielguy: Sorry for being stupid, but what's FOOSBALL? I thought you just mispelled football!)

Sorrel: yah *passes the ball to lexi*

(Turnertang: Foosball is were you control soccer players on a table and you use them to shoot the ball into the other team's goal.)

Lexi: (Scores.)

Sorrel: Yah!!!!!!

Mark: I decided since the footballs are doing horrible Lexi is out of the game.

Sorrel: what!!! that not fair its there fault for not doing anything and here *scores goal *

Mark: Wow... the baseballs won again.


Deadly Footballs Vote

Mark: There are only 4 of you left right now. So you need to step up your game.

Matt: Stepehn (Sorry, man.) (Please don't vote me! I thought i could acomplish something!)

Jacob: Stephen. Never here!

Mark: Sorrel is on the winning team. I would vote for Stephen or Roger cause there never here.

(conf.)sorrel: the football's are getting much worse

Mark: Get out of here Stephen!!

Day 9 Chat

Mark: Since there is only ten of you left it is time to merge the teams.

Hank: Awesome!!!!

Duncan: I am going to win!!!

Sorrel: no i am!

Lexi: Yeah, you wish.


Duncan: We all know that I am going to win!!!

SOrrel: me an lexi will do the best!

Lexi: Duh!

(CONF) Jacob: I hope some baseballs flip sides and help us footballs.

Matt: (Pops up randomly) PEACE AND LOVE!!!

Mark: Challenge!!!

Day 9 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a game of paintball. If your hit your out.

Mark: Go!!!

Archie: (Runs into the woods) I'll be hidden here.

Duncan: (Starts climbing up a mountain) I am so winning!!

Matt: (Hides in a chicken salad sandiwch!) OH YEAH!

Lexi: (Hides in the camp kitchen's fridge.) Mmmmm....There's cake in here...

Archie: (Goes to a cabin) Lets find some food in here.

Duncan: (Looks for people to shoot)

Matt: (Shoots Duncan)

Jacob: *shoots Matt* SNIPE!

Archie: (Shoots Roger) Take that!!!!

Lexi: (Eats cake.)

Matt: Crud I don't wanna go out. Mighties well get something to eat. (Opens the friege revealing Lexi's hiding spot to everyone.) Ohh

Archie: Hey Lexi.. Wait!! (Shoots Lexi)

Jacob: *shoots Lexi again and hides under a rock*

Hank: (Shoots Ezekiel) What now!?!

Jacob: *shoots hank* Who's next?

Mark: Jacob, Sorrel, John, and Bridgette are left.

Archie: (Traps John and Bridgette in a cage) Over here Jacob!!

Jacob: *shoots them* Where is Sorrel?

Sorrel *shoots jacob*

Mark: Sorrel wins invincibility.

Amazing Athletes Vote

Mark: Time for the first merge vote.

Duncan: John. He is never here.

Hank: John.

Jacob: John.

Sorrel: JOhn

Lexi: John.

matt: John the john.

Mark: Bye John.

Day 10 Chat

Mark: Welcome to the final 9!!!

Duncan: I am ready for the next challenge!!!

Archie: So am I!!!

Jacob: Former basballs, can I join your alliance?

Matt: bleh.

Hank: Sure.

Duncan: Fine.

Duncan: (CONF) This alliance will help me go farther.

Mark: Be prepared. Challenge soon.

Archie: I am so going to win it!!

Sorrel: CHALLENGE!!!

Day 10 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a obstacle course.

The Course: You have to climb over a rock wall, then you have to swing over a river, and dig a hole to find a key and run to the finish line and open the invincibility chest.

Mark: Go!!!

Archie: (Starts climbing up the wall)

Duncan: (Grabs Jacob and Hank and climbs faster) Lets win already.

Lexi: (Starts climbing.)

Sorrel: *at top of wall but looks down and is scared* ok sorrel we can do this

Duncan: (Gets to the top and leaves Jacob and Hank behind) So long!!!

Archie: (Starts running to the vines) I am going to win.

Jacob: *charges at wall* I LOVE rock walls! *swins on vine, but falls in river*

Duncan: (Swings across river but crashes into a tree) Ouch!

Archie: (Reaches vine) Time to swing!!!

Sorrel: *digs a hole* I FOUND THE KEY and see ya *runs in a tree*

Duncan: (Starts digging)

Archie: (Finds key and starts running)

Sorrel: owie

Duncan: (finds key)

Sorrel: much better but wheres the key?

Archie: Almost to the chest!!

Sorrel: I found the key *runs*

Lexi: (Finishes climbing, swings over the river and digs up key.)

SOrrel: *runs but sees a squirrel with a broken leg* I still have time come on little- *bit by a squirrel and falls*

Duncan: (Trips) Darn'

Archie: (Is about to open chest)

Sorrel: *bits archie and is close to opening the chest*

Duncan: (grabs Sorrel and throws her away from the chest and is about to open it)

Archie: (Goes back to chest) I am going to win!!!

Sorrel: *shoves duncan and bites archie and sticks key in chest and.....*

Mark: just turn the key Sorrel!!!

Sorrel: *turns the key* YES I WON and half the invincibillity can go to....

Day 10 Vote

Mark: Its time to vote someone off again.

Duncan: Ezekiel.

Archie: Ezekiel.

Sorrel: bridgette

Lexi: Ezekiel.

Mark: Get lost Ezekiel.

Day 11 Chat

JAcob: Wow! I made it so far!

Archie: Neither can I!!!

Duncan: I can.

Mark: Welcome to the final 8!!

Archie: (CONF) I can't believe I'm in the final 8!!

(conf.) SOrrel: THE FINAL 8 all right! ill be in the final 2 and win!! but i have to beat LExi though

Day 11 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a tournament of ping pong. The first matches are Lexi and Sorrel, Duncan and Archie, Jacob and Bridgette, and Matt and Roger. Games to five.

Lexi and Sorrel's Game

Lexi: (Smacks the ping pong ball to the other side of the table)

Duncan and Archie's Game

Duncan: (Hits ball to Archie)

Archie: (Hits ball back)

Duncan: (Slams the ball and Archie misses) Point 1!!!

Duncan: (Serves ball to other side)

Archie: (Returns serve)

Jacob and Bridgette's Game

Matt and Roger's Game

Mark: Since no one is saying anything we will pick the two that actually did stuff. Duncan vs. Lexi in the final match.

Lexi and Duncan's Game

Duncan: (Hits ball to Lexi)

Mark: First point wins!!! and if anyone wants o take Lexi or Duncans place o ahead and ask.

Archie: I'll replace Lexi!! Mark: Fine.

Archie: (Returns hit)

Duncan: (Slams it and scores) I win!!!!

Amazing Athletes Vote

Mark: Duncan is invincible.

Archie: Roger.

Duncan: Roger.

SOrrel: sorry roger you leave us no choice

Mark: Bye bye Roger!!!!

Day 12 Chat

Mark: Welcome to the final 7 campers!!!

Duncan: I am still going to win!!!

Archie: I can't wait for the challenge.

SOrrel: chacnes of my winning VERY BIG and u know that duncan

Duncan: Yeah right!!!

Mark: There's a challenge soon.

Archie: Awesome!!!

Sorrel: i bet you a quater of the money that i will win duncan

Duncan: Fine. I bet you a quarter of the money that I will win!!!

Mark: Lets have a challenge.

Day 12 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is nascar race.

Rules: Ten laps around the track and you can crash and knock people's cars.

Mark: Begin!!!

Archie: (starts car)

Duncan: (Begins race)

Archie: (Takes lead) I am so winning!!!!

Duncan: (Knocks Archie's car) Ha!!!

Jacob: *goes to fast, hits Archie, explodes out of car, screams* It was totally worth it!!!!!...... *crashes*

Mark: It looks like Jacob and Archie are out of the race.

Duncan: (Keeps driving and finishes first lap) I am winning!!!

Archie: (To Jacob) Lets steal Bridgette's car and win together.

Jacob: *shrugs* Sure, why not?

Archie: (Jumps on Bridgette's car. Throws her out and pulls Jacob in and passes Duncan) Who's winning now!?! (Finishes 3rd lap)

Lexi: (Finishes first lap.)

Duncan: (Knocks Lexi's car and finishes 2nd lap) Ha!!!

Archie: Jacob take out Duncan's car!!!

Jacob: *jumps onto Duncan's car, but rolls off* (BRB, 15 minutes!)

Duncan: Thats gotta hurt.

Archie: (Picks up Jacob and finishes fifth lap) Were half way done!!!!!

Duncan: (Jumps on Lexi's car) Your going down!!!!

Sorrel: Im here to win *goes full speed*

Archie: (Speeds up) I'm on my 6th lap!!!

Sorrel: me too *behind archis so shes in 2nd!)

Duncan: (Throws Lexi out of her car) Ha!!!

Archie: (Finishes 8 lap) So close!!!

Archie: (Is on last lap) Were about to win Jacob!!!

Duncan: (Jumps on Archie's car and throws Jacob over finish line and hops in) No I'm going to win!!!

Mark: No Jacob crossed the finish line so he wins.

Duncan: What!!!

Amazing Athletes Vote

Mark: Jacob is invincible.

Duncan: I vote for Bridgette.

Archie: Bridgette. Your never here.

Lexi: Bridgette.

Jacob: Later Bridge.

Mark: Bridgette is gone.

Day 13 Chat

Mark: Welcome to the final 6!!!

Duncan: Thats not a surprise.

Archie: My athletic skills will take me all the way.

Lexi: I knew I could make it this far.

Sorrel; *to lexi* we both should hae an alliance... we both can get into the finals

Lexi: Sure Sorrel. We are the only girls left, anyway.

Mark: Challenge.

Day 13 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a rock wall climbing challenge. First one to the top wins.

Duncan: (Starts climbing)

Archie: (Climbs)

Sorrel: im scared of hits but i gotta win *starts climbing*

Mark: (Presses button and the wall explodes in area) Did I mention explosives.

Archie: (Falls)

Duncan: (Keeps climbing)

Lexi: (Starts climbing.) I need invincibility.

Jacob: *climbs furiously*

Archie: (climbs madly) Half way there!!

Lexi: (Keeps climbing.)

Duncan: (Passes Archie) I'm winning!

Matt: (Passes Duncan) Not for long, darling!

Archie: (Passes Matt) I am getting invincibility!!

Duncan: (Almost there) So close!!!

Archie: (Takes the lead) I am winning!!!

Matt: (Speeds past Archie up to the top of the mountain) NOT!!!!

Amazing Athletes Vote

Mark: Matt wins invincibility.

Archie: I vote for Duncan.

Duncan: I vote for Matt.

Matt: I vote for Duncan.

Lexi: Duncan

Mark: So long Duncan.

Day 14 Chat

Mark: Welcome to the final 5!!!!

Archie: Final 5!!!! Oh yeah!!!

Matt: How did I get here? IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!!


Archie: I am going to the finals!!!

Matt: I don't think so, jocky mcjockster!

Sorrel: so am i and lexi! we both are the best athletes here

(conf.)Sorrel: Its true... me and lexi are pretty much the best one heres

Archie: I am so going to win!!!

Sorrel: think again archie... you don't have an alliance so HA and Me and Lexi are the best ones here!

Matt: Hmm...

(CONF.) Matt: It's like talking to Shawn Ryder in that music video, DARE for the Gorillaz!

Archie: Matt do you want to form an alliance?

Matt: Sure, Archie!

Day 14 Challenge

Mark: Todays challenge is a shooting game. You have a minute to hit as many targets as you can. Most targets hit wins incivility. GO!!!

Archie: (Starts shooting at different places)

Archie: (Hits a target) Bulls-eye!!!

Mark: Come on and shoot already!!!

Sorrel: *shoots bulls-eyes* ha!

Archie: (shoots another bulls-eye) What now!?!

Lexi: (Shoots bulls-eye.) That.

Sorrel *shoots 5 more bull-eye* now what archie

Mark: Sorrel wins!!!

Super Stars Vote

Mark: Vote for anyone but Sorrel.

Archie: Jacob.

Lexi: Jacob.

Sorrel: i don't know archie or jacob? err Jacob because i would rather kick archie's butt in the games!

Mark: We need more votes.

Mark: So long Jacob.

Day 15 Chat

Mark: Welcome to the final four!!!

Archie: I am going all the way!!!

Mark: Is anyone ready for the challenge?

Sorrel:final four NO WAY!!

Mark: Challenge.

Day 15 Challenge

Mark: Since there are two alliances we will pair you up. You have a race winning team is in the final two. GO!!

Archie: (Grabs Matt and starts running)

mark: looks like Archie and Matt are going to win.

Sorrel: *grabs lexi and runs really fast* (Im really fast!)

Lexi: Shut it Mark! They are not! (Keeps running and goes past Matt and Archie.) There is no way we're gonna let them win!

Sorrel: yep!

Archie: (Passes Lexi and Sorrel) So long suckers!!

Lexi: (Takes Sorrel and crosses the halfway point and passes Archie and Matt.) Halfway!

Archie: oh no you don't! (Passes them)

Lexi: (Trips them.) In your face! (Keeps running)

Archie: (Gets up and throws Matt at them) Take that!

Lexi: (Kicks away Matt.)

Archie: (grabs Matt and passes them) We are so winning!

Sorrel: *kicks matt and archie and grabs lexi and is winning really bad* WE ARE WINNING LEXI

Archie: (Almost catches) Not for long!!

Sorrel: *passes the finish line* HA!!!! see I kicked you little boo-tah!

Archie: What!!!

Mark: Really... they won. Okay here is your final two.

Day 16 Chat

Mark: Welcome to the final two!! Lexi and Sorrel!

(conf.)Sorrel: i can't beleive i made it this far... I just wanna thank all my friends and of course my wonderful team... good job matt and *sighs* Archie for comeing in 3rd and 4th.

Sorrel: Yah we did it Lexi!!!!

Lexi: Yah we did!!

Lexi: (CONF) I am so winning.

Sorrel: even though i lose at least we are like best friends!

Day 16 Challenge

Mark: The final challenge will be a some what sport thing. you have to make a TDI character a cool sport outfit. Best one wins!

Sorrel: cool!

Mark: Is anyone going to post an entry.

Lexi: I'll probably have mine by the end of the day.

Sorrel: you know markI won't do it.... I give the money to Lexi cause she's my best friend here and she totally deserves it!

Mark: Okay... Lexi wins!

SOrrel: *hugs lexi* you did good!

Lexi: You too!

Lexi: (CONF) I knew I would win. Called it!

Sorrel: Time to party!

Mark: Got it. (Presse button and snacks and a stereo player come out) Party time and Sorrel for finishing second place you get a gift card to Baskin Robins!

Sorrel: great.......

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