Welcome to the Camp!

Hello and welcome to Total Drama Anything! Its my first Camp ever, so have some patience. Okay? The rules are:
File:Total Drama Anything! 2.png

No swearing.

No editing if something is closed or you're not supposed to. (You make the call)

No godplaying.

There will be a challenge every week or so, and an elimination ceremony after each challenge.

Have fun, and be creative!

Oh, and one more thing: BE ACTIVE!

Character Sign-Up (Closed)

Add your player to the list, and if you want to you can add a brief description about them.

~Ty- The Host- Zoomer72

1. Erik- 124oeo

2.Harriet-The Retired Super Model-Sierra


4.Noaah- The Sarcastic Troublemaker-Poppyseed56

5. AJ- The Friendly Athlete- bridgette_dj10

6. Jon- The Villain- ZekeisDAman

7. Ike-The Mysterious Skillfull Person-First123

8. Shawna- The Lovely Lady- Puppyboy

9. Sam-The horror lover-Snow

10. Alex(girl)- The Cute Nerd- MidnightDan

11.Grumpy Old Man (GOM, or Grumpy) - The Grumpy Old Man - Mr. E


Teams (Do not Edit)

Crazed Canines:





-Shawna -2nd Time


Fighting Felines:






File:Teams 1.jpg

Camper Affairs


Everyone against Shawna



Alex and Shawna (The mortal enemies), Everyone and Shawna


Shawna and Ty (One sided on Shawna's side)

Draven and Harriet (One sided on Draven's side)

Elimination Chart (Do not Edit!)

Contestant Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 MERGE 7 8 9 10 Finale
Draven 1st WIN WIN WIN NV NV Grumpy YES Sam Alex Ike AJ WINNER
Harriet 2nd NV Noah Shawna WIN Alejandro WIN YES NV Alex Ike NV RunnerUp
Shawna 11/3rd Erik Noah OUT Returns at the merge YES Sam Alex AJ AJ QUIT
AJ 4th Erik Noah Sam WIN Alejandro WIN YES Sam Alex Ike OUT
Alex 6th WIN WIN WIN Jon WIN Grumpy YES Sam OUT
Sam 7th Erik NV Shawna WIN WIN WIN YES OUT
Grumpy 8th WIN WIN WIN Jon Alejandro OUT
Alejandro 9th WIN WIN WIN NV OUT
Noah 12th NV OUT
Eric 13th OUT

GREEN: This Camper is on the Crazed Canines team.

RED: This Camper is on the Fighting Felines team.


This Camper (or their team) won immunity and is save.


This Camper's team was put up for elimination, but they were safe.


This Camper was almost voted out.


This Camper was voted out.


This Camper quit.


This Camper made it to the merge.


Shawna returned at the merge.

Pre Chat

Ty: Hello and welcome to Total Drama Anything! So far we only need 1 more camper, and then we can get started! Here you can talk to eachother while we wait for the others too arrive.

Shawna: Hay YA'LL! I like you, babies! *Gives everyone hugs*

Ike: Are you okay?

Shawna: I'm okay, buddy! *Gives Ike a high-hive*

Ike: Okay...thanks for the high five...

Jon: Hello everyone.

Ike: *Grbas out his Pocket Knife*This might not be needed after all.

Ty: I'm going to edit in bold so you recongnize me. So, anyone excited! I know I am! :D


Ty: Um, Shawna, I really think you need to calm down.

Grumpy:Today is terible

Harriet:(CONF) Ike is a bad boy... he's sexy.

Jon: Whatever.

Ty: The teams have been made!

Draven: Can I be added to the teams and table yet plz!? XD

Ty: Yep! Your first challenge will begin soon!

Challenge 1: Let's Take a Picture!

Ty: Good day campers! Today you are going to play in your first challenge! The team that wins will be safe, and the losing team will vote someone out. Let's begin! The first challenge is . . . an art one! Every team member will draw a picture of themselves and submit it in the Challenge 1 Entries section. I'll score each photo out of 10, and the team with the highest total will WIN! So get going! (The challenge ends on Wednesday January 19th)

(First123: Can we use ones we have already made?)

Ike: Fine by me this challenge will be easy.

Ty: Um, I'm sorry but First123 you have to make a new one. So that way its fair for everyone. But if your already made them, it should be easy anyways. Right?

(First123: Good thing Ike has two outfits I can try making the other one!)

Draven: Umm, My art doesn't work good at all. And plus, the rules say to specify art and recoloring challenges before people join. I can't do this challenge. Microsoft art keeps freezing up, so yeah.

Ty: Its okay Draven. You could either draw it by hand and take a picture or I could give you a 5 as a score instead.

Harriet:I have alot of other outfits I'm just to bored to make them.

Draven: How would I import it to my computer? My scanner broke :( So either way i'm screwed.

Harriet:How have you not put up your character on the ENTIRE wiki yet?

Draven: I have a pic I drew before on my Computer, but it sucks. I'll upload it :(

Harriet:That's what you said 18 minutes ago.

Draven: Wonderful. The file is so big it won't even upload >.> Can I be excused?

Harriet:I hope so!(What does the character base on, like what figure?)

Draven: I had hand drawn it. Free handed. And it will not upload.

Harriet:Oh. i bet it looks really good.

Shawna:(CONF) TY IS SOOOO HOT! The camp is BEAUTIFUL! The people are nice I guess, except for Grumpy. He is GRUMPY!

Alex:(CONF) So far this camp dosen't look so bad *falls through toilet* I might of spoken to early....

Alex: *sits akwardly next to Grumpy* So are you really an old man or is that like your nickname?

Ty: Only 2 more days until your time is up, guys! Judging will start on Wednesday and the winner will be announced on Wednesday as well!

Draven: I wish it WAS specified at the start for recoloring challenges.

Grumpy:Well, I'm a 64 year old Marine. YES, I'm old! you kids need to respect your elders, I fought in war for future generations to stay in this country!

Ty: Draven, there will be a wide variety of challanges. This is just one of them!

Ty: You guys have until tonight!

Challenge 1 Entries/ Character Gallery

Challenge 1 Judging

Crazed Canines-

Shawna: There are nice colours and I can match her personality easily with her appearance, but it looks a little messy. Maybe next time try going a little slower? Shawna gets a 6.

Harriet: Wow. It looks really good and like you tried really hard. I also like how she has her own look, not like another contestants. Very creative. Harriet gets a 9.


Fighting Felines-

Ike: It looks very neat and precise, and I like how he has his own clothes and colours. The only thing is that he looks a little too much like Trent. Ike gets an 7.

Alex: Again, wow. She is very original and creative, and I can easily see her matching with her personality. Alex gets an 8.

Grumpy: Despite the fact that he looks a little creepy, he is very original and creative. Grumpy gets an 8.


The winners are . . .

The Fighting Felines!

Crazed Canines, you have to go to the elimination ceremony and vote someone off. Everyone gets one vote. You don't have too much time, so vote as soon as you can. Fighting Felines, you can relax!

Vote 1: Crazed Canines

Ty: Vote now!

Shawna: Erik. He didn't do anything!!!! Neither did AJ Noaah and Sam though, but I still vote ERIKKIO!

AJ: I vote Erik

Ty: Anyone else? Noaah, Erik, Sam, or Harriet? You guys have until 7:00 pm EST tonight to vote!

Sam: Erik

Ty: And Erik of the Crazed Canines is gone! Thank you to the 3 of you who actually voted, and I'm sorry Eric but you are the first person voted out of Total Drama Anything!

Day 2 Chat

Ty: Good day to you, campers! Now is your time to talk to each other, get to now each other, and maybe even talk strategy! (ooh, juicy!) Your next challenge will begin shortly!

Shawna: (CONF) If I win, I'll share my money with Ty, and marry him, and we'll have A MILLION KIDS! TY, TY, TY, OH BABY!!!

TY: Shawna, you do know I watch your confessionals, don't you? And so does the entire world, so you might want to keep some things to yourself. *Slowly backs away from her*

Sam: *Laughs*

Challenge 2: The Search for The Inanimate Object

Ty: Good day Campers! Since NOBODY did the last challenge, I'm making a new and hopefully better one. On Tuesday January 25th (tomorrow) at 7:00 PM, we will have our first roleplay challenge. If you can't make it, please say so before it begins. And please, could SOMEBODY do this challenge! Or else both teams are going to elimination.

Ty: Okay guys! It's time for your challenge! Hidden on the island is 1 victory idol. Everyone will be searching for the idol, and when you find it your team wins the challenge. Check everwhere, who knows where it is! (We'll, I do, but you're not supposed to know that) (but I guess you do already) Start searching! *I will tell you when you've found it*

Draven: Is that it over there? *points to Idol sticking up out of the ground*

Ty: No, that's just my coffe mug. It looks like a trophy because I want to feel special. Search like this: (ex) *looks on the roof of the Canines cabin* or *checks tree*

Ike: *Starts searching on the roof of the mess hall*

Draven: *searches Ty for Idol* 0___0 Didn't need to see that,...

Ty: Nobody found it yet . . . and Draven, thats not half as bad as what Shawna did *shivers*

Draven: 0_0 Okay then,... *searches inside Ty's Cabin*

Ty: AHH! Not my stuff! Its NOT in there!

Ike: *Climbs down the roof and starts searching inside the mess hall*

Harriet:*looks through all the luggage for idol*

Ty: Nope. The closest is probably . . . Ike. But nobodies about to find it yet!

Ike: Hm...*Walks out of the mess hall and searches inside the trees*

Harriet:*checks the beach but doesn't find it so she swings from the trees into the kitchen safely from the window*

Alex: *searches inside the messhalls refrigiator*

Ty: No one yet! Here is your first hint: The idol is somewhere food is eaten.

Alex:*searches benethe table*

Ty: Nope! Sorry Alex.

Alex:*searches chairs*

Shawna`: SHAWNA'S IN THE HOUSE! Food . . . Food . . . *looks in the garbage can*

Ty: Um . . . No Shawna, thats wrong too. Second hint: The idol is in something circular.

Ike: *Grabs Chef's hat and looks inside it*

Alex: *searches plates*

Draven: *uses an X-ray to look inside Ty's Stomache*

Harriet:*looks inside all the cups*

Ty: No, no, no, and no! Here is your third and final hint: Only half of you have been there, and one of you will never be there again.

Ike: *Runs to the elimination ceremony place*

Draven: *follows Ike and digs next to the marshmallow plate*

Ty: So close! Its in the heart of the place!

Ike: *Searches next to the elimination ceremony seats*

Alex:*searches marshmallow plate*

Ty: Oh . . . It just warms my heart . . .

Draven: *searches in the dead center of the pit*

Ty: And Draven wins it for the Fighting Felines!

AJ: Crap!

Ty: Crazed Canines, I'll see you guys back here again tonight! *takes the idol back from Draven* Hmm, I guess this could be my other coffee mug. Meh, my other ones better. *tosses Draven the idol back*

Draven: YAY!!!!! *chokes on Idol* NOT CANDY!!!! GASP!!!

Shawna: The garbage is not good. NOAAH'S GOING DOWN!!

Vote 2: Crazed Canines

Ty: Go ahead guys! Vote now!


AJ: I vote for Noaah, has he talked?

Harriet: Who do you think I'm voting for?

Ty: And Noaah is outahere! See you next time on Total Drama Anything!

Day 3 Chat

Ty: Good day campers, yet again. I bet some of you guys are getting tired. And Crazed Canines, you guys need to WIN! The Felines are . . . well . . . kind of kicking your buts! Well actually its pretty good entertainment, but it probably isnt making you guys to happy . . .

Alex: HA! In your faces!

Draven: YAY!

Shawna *turns to Alex* NERDS DON'T BEAT SHAWNA!!! *tries to tackle Alex but Ty stops her*

Ty: Woah, Shawna! Relax! Take out your anger on the next challenge!

Shawna: Okay Ty. FINE! *glares at Alex*

Shawna: (CONF) ALEX IS SUCH A *********** ***** **** ********* ***** *** ******* *******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Draven: 4 on their team! We are the best team EVER!

AJ (CONF): Could that team be anymore obnoxious? We totally have to kick their butts

Alex: *high fives Draven* We are the best team EVER! *glares back at Shawna* (CONF) Shawna is the most stupid b**** ever, she is also the fatest f********** cow the whole f******** world! F****** her!

Draven: *high fives back* YEAH!

Sam: Uhhhhhhhhh

Alejandro:Hey guys!We're kicking butt so far.Sweet.

Challenge 3: That's Hilarious!

Ty: Today's challenge is simple. Find and choose the funniest quote you can find from any season of the Total Drama Show and post it right here. (And who it's by) The funniest quote wins! (And believe me, there are many really good ones) (This challenge is due on Friday)

Ty: (You could aslo post a link to a youtube clip if you want)

Harriet:"It's like talking, to an eggplant."

Alex: "Oh, you're going down! Were gonna bring the dinner to the table, and then we're gonna eat it!"quoted by Tyler in Dodgebrawl.

Draven: "Lindsay: I love being a loser! This is so much more my style. If I had known how phat this place was, I would've gotten my butt kicked off in the first episode! Plus, now Tyler and I can hang out...(kissing Tyler)...Which one's Tyler?"

Alejandro:No wait!So chips and dip will do!quoted by Owen.

Ty: Wow, guys, those were all great quotes, but I'm going to have to say . . . the Fighting Felines win, again! (Also becuase only 1 Canine entered) I'll see you guys tonight, again. Who will leave us this episode?

Ike: Sorry I didn't do the challenge but, I couldn't find one...Can I enter one late anyways?

Alex: Told you our team rules!

Ike: *High fives Alex*

Vote 3: Crazed Canines

Ty: Go ahead guys!

Harriet:Shawna. This was easy...

Shawna: Screw Poo HARRIET!
AJ: I vote Sam, where has Sam been?

Sam: Shawha

Ty: And Shawna is the 3rd voted out of Total Drama Anything! Who will it be next week? Will the Crazed Canines ever win? Will I have a celebration party because Shawna is finally gone? Find out next week on TDA!

Day 4 Chat

Ty: Welcome back campers! Oh, and yes, I did have a party. It was very fun, thanks for asking. Your 4th challenge will begin soon!

AJ (CONF): Were down to three players, how on earth are we going to win any challenges

Sam: We need a plan

Challenge 4: The Meal of Nastiness

Ty: Okay everyone! Your challenge for today is the Meal of Nastiness! 1 person from each team will take a turn having to eat something, and if you barf or aren't able to eat it, don't get a piont. If you do, then you do a get a piont! First team to 6 pionts wins! Let's begin! (you have a day from when I tell you what you have to eat to answer)

Harriet and Draven: Eat this mixture of snails, misquitoes, and milk. Oh wait! *puts it in blender for a few minutes* Drink up!

Draven: YUM!!!! *Drinks it all up* Uuuh ooh,... *burps so loud Harriet loses her hearing*

Sam: We're down 3

Draven: >:D

Harriet:HUHHH?*drinks it and holds puke in*

Draven: We'll win this!!!! *drinks more* Uuh ooh,...*about to barf* No,..I won't...*drinks more*

Harriet:HUH?*drinks next 7 cups*

Draven: You've put to much in you. Hold on for a bit. *drinks next 10 cups*

AJ: Go Harriet!

Alex: *drinks* UGH! That tastes horrible! *drinks another cup*

Ike: Come on Draven!

Alex: Come on Draven you can do it!

Ty: Okay! Okay! Wow, you only had to drink 1 glass! But since I'm such a good sport, I'll give the Felines 10 pionts and the Canines 7. Next!

AJ and Alex, eat these fish heads! 5 each! (Oh, and P.S., theyre gaint groupers)

AJ (CONF): Crap, I have a weak stomach and i don't like sushi as it is

AJ: *meditates* Ohmmm *puts food in mouth*

Alejandro:Yummy!500 Day Old Rat!*eats it*Mucho Caliente!

AJ: *Struggling*- O0f, Almost Done! Focus, ohmmm

Ty: And AJ gets 5 pionts for the Canines! Alex, you didn't eat any! Scores: Canines 12, Felines 10

Sam and Alejandro, have this nice platter of hairballs sprinkled with toenail clippings. 5 each, again!

Sam: Yum *Eats 1*

Ty: And Sam gets 1 more piont for the Canines! Now its Crazed Canines 13, Fighting Felines 10.

Harriet (again) and Jon, have a bowl of spaghetti! (Except it's actually worms and blood/droppings)

Ty: Fine, nobody have any! Canines: 13, Felines: 10. 2 more to go!

AJ (again) and Ike, have this nice sweet bread: Cow Brains. Yum! *barfs in a bag*

Ike: That's the best you got?*Begins to eat the cow brains*

Sam: Can i do this and AJ do the next one

Ty: Go nuts. AJ, you do the next one.

Ike: *Continues chewing the cow brains*

Sam: *Eats 9*

Ike: How did you eat so fast?*Continues eating*

Ty: Oh man! STOP! *barfs into the same bag* Euuu! Unless Grumpy wants to have some, The Crazed Canines WIN! For the first time! Congrats - *barfs agin*

Ike: Aw, crap!

Vote 4: Fighting Felines

Ty: Go ahead! Each of you state your vote! Who will be leaving us?

Ike: Jon, he tried nothing so I vote him!

Alex: I vote for Jon he's a useless piece of trash!

Grumpy: Jon, the little brat does nothing! I do more than him, and I have a bad hip!

Ty: And Jon is the first of the Fighting Felines to go down! Which team will win next week, and who will be going home them? Find out next time, on Total Drama ANYTHING!

Day 5 Chat

Ty: Good day campers, yet again. How you doing? If you're as miserable as I am, and you haven't been staying in a 5-star resort like me, you probably aren't so great.

Ty: Where is everyone? I bet you all miss Shawna . . .

Ike: No!

SAM: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ty: Your challenge will be tomorrow, so don't forget! (if it isn't tomorrow, its definantly soon)

Challenge 5: The Most A-maze-ing Challenge Yet!

Ty: Your challenge starts now! Before you all now is a ganit hedge maze! All in it are traps and nets that will try to catch you! Everyone has to be in the maze at all times *pushes them all in* if you are the last one not caught, you win invincibility for your team! So go ahead! *blocks off the exit*

Alex: *looks up to maze* I don't think this is very safe.....

Sam: *walks and jumps over a net*

Ty: Your right. It isn't. Now get a move on inside or I'll throw a net on you!

Alex:*starts running*

Net: *springs up on Harriet, Alejandro, and Grumpy*

Ty: You guys are out! (For not moving!)

AJ: Crap! *Runs faster*

Ike: *Walks into the maze*

Alex: *walks with Ike* So how are you doin?

Trap Door: *opens up under Draven and gets him*

Ty: You're out to bro!

Ike: *Walking*I've seen worse.

AJ: *Out of breath* Didnt i just past this spot? Oh well *keeps running*

Ike: *Looks around and continues to walk carefully*Hmm...

Sam: *Walks carefully* How long is this

Alex: *walks carefully* I don't know, probably who ever is left standing

Ike: *Still walking carefully*While getting into this maze I saw Harriet,Alejandro,and Grumpy get trapped.

Alex: So are we the final three in this challenge?

Ike: I don't know if Draven or AJ is still in this though.

Sam: AJ is but Draven is'nt.

Alex: So were the fina-,*bear trap activates* Look out!

Ike: *Stops*Wow...

Sam: *Jumps over it* That was easy.

AJ: *Jumps over also* Yeah gotta keep up guys! *Sees a faint light in the distance* Gotta run!

Alex: *to Ike* Should we start running, like since were on the same team

AJ: *Running closer to the light* Come on Sam lets do this!

Sam: *Runs so close to light* Im done

Ike: *To Alex*Sure but be on the look out for traps.*To AJ and Sam*It could be a trap.

Sam: *Still Running* Nice try

Alex: *yells to Sam* How can you be so sure you won!

Ike: *Shouts to Sam and AJ*There is usually a twist!

AJ: I don't think theres a twist when weve been running forever! *Runs out and sees Ty* Yes we did it *High fives Sam*

Sam: *High Fives back* Yay

Ike: He said the last one not caught!

AJ *To Sam*: Aww crap! *Goes back to running*

Alex: *to Ike* No wonder were the superior team

Ike: *To Alex*Yeah, we only lost one and that guy was worthless but at least we can hear

AJ *Running*: Whatever, your not superior its called LUCK, but you probably couldn't see it over your HUGE EGOS

Ike: *Sarcastically*Sure it is.*Not sarcastically*But at least we didn't have so many eliminations and had Shawna once in our team.

AJ *to Sam*: Let's just ignore them, we need to be nice to each other, *hides for a second then runs more*

Ty: Ya get back in the maze! Gosh, how did they find my exit?

Net: *swings down from above towards Ike*

Trap Door: *opens up underneath AJ*

Ty: How will they get out of this one?

Alex: *to Ike* Uh, Ike I think we better start running

Ike: *Takes out pocket knife and starts running*

Trap Door: *AJ falls through*

Ty: And AJ is out! Only Ike, Alex, and Sam left!

Alex: *runs with Ike* So are we like friends now?

Ike: Sure but lets try and win this for our team.

Alex: Ok, *keeps running*

AJ *From the bottom of the trap*: Come on Sam you can do it!

Ike: *Running*Hopefully we can make this.

Alex: *running* Yeah hopefully

Ike: Hmmm....When's the host coming?

Ty: Excuse me? *presses a button*

Trap Door: *collapses underneath Ike*

Sam: Hah

Alex: *runs faster* Oh crap!

Ty: Only 2 left. Since both of you are pretty good at this, I'm going to make a twist. The person out of you two who can do the best dance routine wins it for their teams! And NO exceptions. So get going. I said GO!

Alex: ....... this is kind of akward.... *starts dancing* This isin't so bad.....*does backflip and dances some more*

Ty: Sam? And Alex: Don't stop! I'm lovin this . . .

Sam: *backflips and turns at the SAME TIME*

Ty: Yah! Its a dance-off! First one to knock me over with complete wow wins this!

Sam: *Does a break-dance move that is so hard*

Alex: *breakdances and does 2 backflips* I forgot that I really enjoyed dancing! *head stands and spins on the floor*

Sam: *Does the coolest dance EVAH*

Alex: *gets up without using hands, and breakdances* I freaking love dancing! *does a split and spins around with her hands in the ground, and spining her legs* Take that Sam! *gets up and break dances infront of Sam, then does 3 backflips, and meets up with TY, moonwalks backwards and breakdances*

Sam: *Break dancing while spinning*

Alex: *jumps and spins and midair, and backflips backwards when lands*

Sam: *Does kickline and breakdancing at the same time*

Ty: Wow! Okay, okay, since both of you guys were so skilled, you are both safe! And everyone who got caught are going to vote! And it's not the merge, but it doesn't matter what team you are on. Alex and Sam, you guys don't vote. Harriet, AJ, Alejandro, Ike, Draven, you guys do. So go ahead! And nice dancing guys, it made my week.

Vote 5: The Captured

Ty: Okay Harriet, AJ, Alejandro, Ike, and Draven, you guys vote for each other. Alex and Sam, you guys don't vote, but you can listen in! So . . . Go!d

AJ: I vote Alejandro, he got caught first

Harriet: Alejandro

Alex:*to team* Uh guys vote for either AJ or Harriet so we can vote off one more person from their team....

Grumpy: Alejandro

Ty: Anyone else?

Ty: Okay! Alejandro is the 5th camper outta here! Who will it be next week? Will these guys ever get out of the maze? *sees them walking through the door marked exit* Darn it! Anyways, find out next time on Total . . . Drama . . . ANYTHING!

Day 6 Chat

Ty: Okay guys! The merge is coming up fast! What do you think of THAT?

Alex: I don't really mind the teams, but its kind of a relief to not be on teams anymore

Ty: Not this week. Soon!

Ike: Oh.

Alex: What are we doing this week?

Ty: Another challenge! What else? But I need my beauty sleep first. *walks into cabin and slams door*

Ike: OK...

Alex:*to TY* Well then! Gosh so rude!

Ty: Oh, and I forgot to mention! If you guys are good . . . *looks at Alex* Then we can have someone in the game comeback! But only if . . . Anyways! It's time for your challenge!

Challenge 6: To Door Or Not To Door, That Is The Bad Title

Ty: *lines everyone up in a room with 2 doors* Okay. This challenge is a hard one. At every room, there will be two doors. One will lead to the next room, and the other is a broom closet. If you end up in the broom closet, you lose and are out! If you make it through you keep on going to choose and go through doors until . . . Last one left wins this thing! So choose:

The Red Door or the Green Door? (you have a day to choose)

Sam: Green.

Draven: Well,... I choose Red. Red is the color of fire,...Which would only be common sense to go inside, because this is a trick!!!!!!!! or,...Is it the other way around? Well,.....*goes inside*

Alex: I'm gonna go with green, *walks inside*

AJ: Green sounds good! *goes in green*

Ty: Anyone else?

Ike: Gotta go with green.

Harriet:Wait, lemme think.Red, the color of embarassment, might be the trick to go into the broom closet. With Green on the other hand, the color of trust.*walks inside the Green door*

*Draven walks through the Red Door, and a mop falls onto his head*

Ty: Sorry Draven! It was green, so the rest of you go on in! (Except Grumpy, you're out too)

*The next room has a yellow door and a purple one*

Ty: Go ahead and choose Sam, Alex, AJ, and Ike. Sorry, and Harriet! Purple or Yellow?

Harriet:I walked through the green door!*opens purple door and walks in*

AJ: Hmm, this is a toughie, I might as well take the opposite of my Teammate, that was at least one of us is right *opens yellow door and walks in*

Ike: Seems like the color of the Lakers.Hmmm, I pick*Walks inside the purple door*

Ty: Sam, Alex?

Alex: Ill go with yellow *walks inside yellow door*

*Harriet and Ike walk into a shelf and all the cleaning materials fall on them*

Ty: Oh, and Harriet and Ike are outtahere! It's only Aj left for the Canines and Alex for the Felines! Who will win? Go ahead on into the final room!

There's an orange door and a blue one.

Ty: So for the final time, and the WIN,

Orange or Blue?

AJ: Oof thats so stressful! I'm going to go *walks inside blue door*

Ty: Alex?

Alex: I pick the orange one *walks inside orange door*

Ty: And the winners are ....................................

*Alex walks into a plank of wood on it's side*

The Crazed Canines! Sorry Felines, but it's time for you to vote someone off. Canines, for once the teams will be even! That worked out well, didn't it?

Vote 6: Fighting Felines

Ty: Go ahead guys! Who will it be this week?

Alex:I vote for grumpy

Draven: I vote for,........Grumpy!

Grumpy: I vote for Ike! (I don't really don't care about this camp anymore)

Ty: Well Grumpy, its time for you to vamoose! And even if you hadn't been voted out, anyone who doesn't care about one of MY *pionts to himself* shows, then you can leave! Humph! Who will it be next week? Will I ever recover from Grumpy's shameless act of violence? *wipes away a tear* Find out next time on Total Drama Anything!

Day 7 Chat

Ty: Okay remaining Campers! Today, the teams are officially dissolved! It's the MERGE baby! And guess what? As a surprise gift for those of you still in the game, one of your campmates you voted off will be returning! Guess Who . . .


Shawna: *swings in on a vine and lands on the dock* WOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'M BACK BABIES!!! *goes up to Ty and hugs him as hard as she can*

Ty: Shawna! Remember what you're contract said . . .

Shawna: OH YA!?!?! *hugs everyone* HEY BABIES REMEMBER ME!!!!!!

Harriet:Yeah,especially when you probably crushed my ribcage.

AJ: Yep, we definitely remember

Alex:*glares at Shawna* (CONF) I cant belive that fat cow is back!!! Ugh!

Sam: WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Draven: (conf.) YES! The Merge! AWESOMEITUDE!!!!!!!!!! *leaves Confessional* Hey Shawna!


Ty: Shawna, please calm down, your scaring the other campers.

Ike: (CONF)Shawna is back?NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harriet:(CONF) Also known as, RIGHT NOW!

Draven: IM A SEXY TURTLE!!!!! Just kidding. *kisses Harriet* MMMEEEEERRRRRGGGGEEEE!!!!!

AJ *confused*: Alrighty then, but WOO MERGE!! *hugs everyone*

Draven: Hey Aj, Harriet, Shawna. Wanna have an alliance?

Ike: *To Alex and Sam*Want an alliance?

Draven: An alliance? Can I be in? AJ And Harriet don't seem to active right now.

Ike: Sure.

Draven: Great! Who do we vote off first?

Alex: I say we got Shawna out next *trips Shawana but makes it look like an accident* Oh sorry!

Ike: Agreed.

Draven: Eh,.......Sure.

Harriet:OK Draven.

AJ: Sorry guys, i was away, but i'm totally in for an alliance!

Challenge 7: So You Think You Know Ty?

Ty: Are you guys ready for this? Today, we are doing the Ty Is Awesome Quiz! I'm so excited. Everyone round, I am going to ask a question about myself, and I will give about half a day for everyone to answer. If you get it right, you get a piont! I think I'll do about 7 or 8 questions, so get ready! Oh, and it's individual immunity this week! *holds for dramatic pause* Let's Begin!

Round 1

Ty: Who is my favourite male character on the show Total Drama?

Harriet: Cody!

AJ: Hmmm Cody.

Alex: I think its Cody also.

Shawna: CODY!

Sam: Cody!

Ty: Yes! It's Cody! You all get a point! (Except Draven . . .)

Harriet 1, AJ 1, Alex 1, Shawna 1, Sam 1, Draven 0.

Round 2

Ty: Who is my favourite female character on Total Drama?

Shawna: I'm going to take a random guess and say LINDSAY!

Sam: Sirrea.

Draven: Gwen!

Alex: I guess Ill go with Gwen also

Ty: I like all those characters a lot! (there all in my top 8) But it was LIndsay! Shawna gets another point!

Shawna 2, Harriet 1, AJ 1, Alex 1, Sam 1, Draven 0.

Round 3

Ty: Okay, here's an easy one. Name at least 1 of my few favourite songs from TDWT. You can guess 3 times to get multiple points! 1 for each correct answer.

Alex: "This is how we will end it", "Versus", and "I'm gonna Make it"?

Shawna: "Strip them down", "Loving time/Rowin Time", and "What's not to love". I LIKE MUSIC!

Ty: Anyone else?

Sam: Come fly with us, This is how we will end it and Versus?

Draven: Well,...Gwen's Face, This is how we will end it, and before we die?

AJ: "Come Fly with Us", "This is how we will end it", and "I'm gonna make it"?

Ike: "Condor", "Shearing Sheep", and "I'm Winning This"?

Harriet:Blainerfic,New York City, and Save This Show?

Ty: Great guesses guys! Here are the scores now:

Shawna 5, Harriet 3, Ike 3, AJ 2, Alex 2, Sam 1, Draven 0. Its close! Kind of.

Round 4

Ty: Put the teams from TDWT in order of how I liked them: (ex. Team Victory, Team Chris, Team Amazon.) That may be the correct order or it may not be!


Sam: Amazon, Victory, Chris.

Draven: Amazon, Victory, Chris. (Can I have like, a chance to earn like, 5 or 6 points? Please, I wasn't on for the first challenge, and I'm sucking now >.>)


Alex: Amazon, Victory, Chris

AJ: Amazon, Victory, then Chris

Ty: Fine then! Everybody say the same thing! (Which is right, by the way) Here are the standings now! (To Draven: Maybe later, you could still catch up)

Shawna 8, Harriet 6, AJ 5, Alex 5, Sam 4, Draven 3, Ike 3.

Round 5

Ty: Which is my favourite TDA episode out of these three? Choose one people!

3: 10 To Crazy Town, Get a Clue, 2008: A Space Owen

Draven: Get a Clue!

Sam: 2008 a Space Owen.

Alex: 3: 10 To Crazy Town

Ike: Get a Clue!


Ty: Okay, and it was . . . Get a Clue! My second favourite person is Lindsay . . . Here are the scores so far! And wow, does Shawna have a lead! You guys got to catch up to her!

Shawna 9, Harriet 6, AJ 5, Alex 5, Draven 4, Ike 4, Sam 4.

Round 6

Ty: Okay, if you can name anyone of my made up character's names, other than the ones on this Wikia, than you can get 2 points. But just guess once! And there are a lot! So go and guess, and this may be one of the final rounds!

Sam: Tyler.

Shawna: BRANDY!

AJ: Tyler?

Draven: Tyler. Can I have a chance to catch up NOW!?

Ty: Fine. You get an extra point. But nobody else complain! A bit of time left for the others to enter . . .

Draven: YAY!!!


Ty: So, everybody who said Tyler is wrong. Did you guys just all copy each other? Well anyways, wierdly enough there is a Brandy: and Shawna now has 10 points! How the heck did that happen? Well, there you go. Don't copy each other unless you are sure of something!

Shawna 10, Harriet 6, AJ 5, Alex 5, Draven 5, Ike 4, Sam 4.

Draven: So,.... Are the lowest points gonna go to elimination? 4s? or the lowest score to be eliminated?

Ty: Nope! Everyone is! Well, except for Shawna. She wins our first ever individual immunity! Congrats! And remember, its Canines and Felines no more, so you can vote for whoever you want. Go ahead, I'll see you tonight!



Vote 7: Merged Team

Ty: Go ahead! I can't wait to see what happens now that SHAWNA is safe . . .

Shawna: SAM!! That's REVENGE for voting ME OUTZ!!!!!!!!!!

AJ: I vote Sam too, big threat

Alex: Well since I can't vote Shawna off I vote for Sam

Ty: Anyone else?

Ike: See ya Sam!

Draven: Bye Sam!

Sam: AJ

Ty: I guess the boat of losers awaits, Sam. Say goodbye to your "friends" and then your outta here! Wow, only 6 left! Shawna, AJ, Alex, Ike, Draven, and Harriet! Who will it be next week? On Total Drama ANYTHING!

Day 8 Chat

Ty: Were baaaaack! So, what do you guys think of Shawna winning the challenge last time? Annoyed? Angry? Terrified? Because I sure am.

Shawna: I'M SO HAPPY I ACTUALLY WON A CHALLENGE!!!!!!! *hugs everybody* OOH YAA!

Ty: Calm yourself Shawna!

Alex:(CONF) I could just kill that girl, she is so anoyinng, and freaking ugly! GRRRRRRR!!

AJ: Woo guys! Final 6!

Ike: (CONF)Hopefully Shawna goes soon, she is really annoying.

Draven: (In CONF with Ike and Alex) Listen guys, we have to get rid of Shawna. But not today. She won the last challenge, so she might be useful to us. We need to find someone else to target.

AJ: Hmm (CONF) Crap, now im allianceless and its the final 6, lets just hope there is not much voting left, me and harriet have big targets on our backs.

Draven: (In CONF with Harriet) Alliance to the final 4?

Harriet:(In CONF with Draven) Umm ok.

AJ *To Harriet*: I wouldn't trust Draven Harriet, once you get to the final four you will be the first to go.

Draven: *to Harriet* Don't trust AJ. He'll only trick you.

AJ: Yeah because the guy with the "friendly athlete" stereotype would trick someone.

Draven: DOES THIS LOOK LIKE ID TRICK HER!? *makes out with Harriet*

Challenge 8: Lalalalalalalala!!!

Ty: Welcome back! Today's challenge is . . . song selecting! There are going to be three different rounds. Every round I will give you guys the name of a TD character, and you'll give me a song that represents them! (just give a youtube link) Every round 2 people will be out, and then one will win on round three! And this is for IMMUNITY, so you don't want to miss out! And no duplicating songs, its first come first serve. Okay?

Round 1

Ty: Give me a song that represents . . . Izzy! Come on people, enter! And Harriet, yours didn't really work.


Harriet:[[1]] ( Just get to 1:20.)


Ike: (My linking doesn't work) Ty: If it doesn't, just tell me the song. You too, Harriet.



Ty: Okay, this is taking way too long! AJ, Alex, you're out. Harriet, Shawna, Ike, and Draven move on.

Round 2

Ty: Give me a song for . . . Duncan and Courtney. (their relationship) Go! And ENTER or your out!


Harriet:Avril Lavigne

Ty: Both good choices! Since Ike and Draven didn't enter, you guys are the final 2 in the challenge! Last round . . .

Round 3

Ty: Okay! Final round guys! Give me an amazingly awesome song for . . . Katie and Sadie!


Harriet:(From the personality) Pussycat Dolls

Ty: And, even though it was pretty close, both songs were great . . . Shawna wins! AGAIN! Oh dear, that's really messed up. But it's true! Okay, everyone gets to vote, but you can`t vote for Shawna. Why is this happening? Why does Shawna keep on winning? I don't now! Come on you guys, gosh!

Shawna: HOLY !@#$%^&* TY TY TY TY TY TY TY THANK YOU BABIES!!!!! *hugs him*

Ty: Oh my.

Vote 8: Merged Team

Ty: Go ahead, guys! Shawna is safe! So, go ahead and vote!


Ty: C`mon you guys! Vote!

Harriet: I vote for AJ.

AJ: thanks harriet... I vote alex.

Draven: Sorry Alex.

Ike: AJ.

Ty: Bye bye Alex! Any last words for Shawna or anyone else? I also knew you two would fight, but I can't believe Shawna won! Well, anyways, find out what happens next time in the final five, with Total Drama Anything! Ta da!

Day 9 Chat

Ty: Final five! What's up? Any thoughts on getting it this far? Have anyone to thank? Need to talk to your allaince? Challenge should be up soon. I just have to think of ways to make it more interesting . . . And AJ, youve been in the bottom for 2 weeks in a row? Whats happening, man?

Harriet: Someone I really have to thank would be Draven. The one person. Just Draven. He asked me to be in that alliance and look..... he hasn't betrayed me! Thank you Draven. * kisses Draven and walks away*

AJ: I would also like to thank draven, as he had the chance to boot me last episode but voted against alex with me!! Thanks man!

Draven: I have to thank all of you. Harriet, you're the best girl here! AJ, You are TOO nice. I couldn't boot you. Ike, awesome dude. Shawna, I see the light in you. Somewhere. *hugs everyone* Best of luck! *drags AJ, Ike, and Harriet into a bathroom* Alliance meeting. Who to vote off?

Harriet:Who do you think? Shawna. She took things way too far.She's over I'm SERIOUS! Just who do she think she is?

Draven: Sure,....I guess,....(CONF) So now, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. CRAP! (CONF)

Challenge 9: The Dirt-Dishing Extravaganza

Ty: Okay final five! It's time for your easiest challenge yet. And one that will get you to dish some dirt on your fellow competitors! Okay, everyone is going to go on a rant about why one of their fellow campers should be voted out next and sucks, and why another competitor is awesome and deserves to win. You cannot choose yourself either, and if you don't enter you may be eliminated. So, contestants, start your ranting!

Draven: Harriet is the best. Along with AJ! But Shawna, she is mean. Mostly!

Harriet:Shawna, you suck. Draven, you are just plain awesome. AJ, I apoligize. Ike, you can be better.

Draven: Shawna, you are horrible. Ike, worse! UUGH!

Ty: That's all you can say? Why do they suck? Why are they awesome?

Draven: Well, Shawna has been here 2 times. 2 TIMES OF TORTURE! SO ANNOYING AND LOUD!!! Harriet, sweet person. Me and Harriet are done,..

AJ: Shawna is wild and crazy, theres no controlling her, the faster her butt gets booted the better, Ike is a little untrustworthy manipulative person thats why he should get booted. Harriet and Draven are awesome though, i would love to go against them in the final 3.

Shawna: EVERYBODY! because they are soo meeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harriet: Shawna. 2 words, SPAZTIC NERFBAG.

Draven: I agree with Harriet.

AJ: Agreed. Shawna kind of scares me



Draven: *cough**cough**cough* (xD) I'm done. Shawna, Terrible, AJ and Harriet, Awesome.

Ty: And . . . Shawna wins immunity! AGAIN! It was a trick challenge, the one everyone hates is safe, and all the ones who everyone seems to like are, well, not safe. So everyone, its time to vote! But don't vote for Shawna! And trust me, I did not rig this, you think I want her to stay?

Vote 9: Merged Team

Ty: So go ahead and vote you guys! It could be anyone! Well, except Shawna. I'm starting to wonder how she is still in this game?

Draven: I have to vote Ike. Sorry man.


Harriet:I'm voting with Draven. I have to vote off Ike. You are too inactive.

Draven: Bye Ike.

Harriet:Let's see, who is IKE going to vote for? AJ probably, meaning we know that Ike is a dead man.

AJ: Sorry it's gotta be Ike

Harriet:Now it just doesn't matter.

Draven: Goodbye Ike.

Ty: Yep, bye bye Ike! *shoves him onto the boat of losers* And Draven is the only surviving member of the Fighting Felines, and it's the final three! What will happen next time? On TOTAL DRAMA ANYTHING! Cause you know anything could happen! LOL.

Day 10 Chat

Ty: Welcome back guys! Final four! Pretty awesome, right?

Draven: It sure is. And we know who to get out next, right Harriet? AJ?

Harriet:I can't wait. (Conf:I have been waiting for this since day 7........)

Draven: *pulls Harriet into Confessional* (CONF) *makes out with Harriet*

Harriet:*in CONF and is suprised but just goes with it*

AJ: I'm ready! (CONF) Shawna is a strong competitor, beating her will be tough, but i know me Harriet and Draven can take her down

Harriet:*stops making out with Draven and talks to AJ* Umm, can you go?

AJ: (CONF) *Realizes things are awkward* Oh...i just...COMING MOM! *walks out of the confessional*

Shawna: (CONF) *smashes through the door* I CANT BELIEVE IM FINAL FOUR! 1 2 3 4 TY TY TY TY!!!! I SAID TY FOUR TIMES! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Harriet:*flinches back with fright and is still in CONF with Draven still* You said "LOL" 7 times.(XD)

Draven: (CONF) Harriet, AJ. Shawna has to go this time.

Harriet:(CONF) Draven, Shawna is right there.*points at Shawna*

AJ (CONF): *Still scared at Shawna* Yeah...i agree Draven

Harriet:(CONF) Well, um, TIME TO GO! Bye Shawna!*runs out of the confessional and onto the beach*

Shawna: *calling after her* BYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYE!!!

Harriet:Oh yeah.*runs back in and walks out with only Draven and continues making out*

Challenge 10: The Challenge that got changed in the making

Ty: Okay, everybody! Time for your final four challenge! *sits a statue of each player on their own pedastal and lines the real campers up in front of it* Okay, I'm going to ask trivia questions, and the first person to answer it correctly gets one bullet. No gun, though! Sorry . . . Anyways, you choose one statue to throw it at, smashing part of it. 3 smashes to a statue and it breaks, meaning that player is out! Last person left wins immunity!

Question: Actually, this starts Wednesday at 7:00. Okay? EST time.

Draven: NOT OKAY! I answered. Gimme my bullet!

Ty: Be patient Draven! Its not fair if the others aren't here! And remember that time I gave you an extra point becuase you werent there? Well, the others arent there this time!

Draven: Why wednesday though? :o

Ty: Meh. That way everyone has time to prepare for the pure awesomeness of my my challenges!

Harriet:No! Do it today! (My brother will have a reason to kick me off the computer!)

Ty: You guys ready to start!

Draven: Yes!!!!!

Ty: Name the two Total Drama competitors to ever have afros!

Shawna: Leshawna and Heather!

Ty: Correct! Good job Shawna!

Ty: Next question: Who has been been on the most teams in the whole show?

Draven: Izzy.

Ty: Right! It's 1-1~ Next question: How many episodes has Heather competed in, total?

Draven: 68?

Shawna: 96 minus 30

Draven: No! 66 episodes!

'Ty: And Shawna got it first! She competed in 66 episodes, but she was in '72. 2~1!

Next Question: What is the name of Season 4?

Shawna: Total Drama RELOADED!

Draven: Total Drama Revenge of the island!

Ty: Draven is right! Its 2~2. First to 5 wins!

Next Question: Who is the third person to be out of TDWT on team Chris?

Draven: Tyler!

Shawna: Tyler!

Ty: Right! 3~2 (And Draven, I know Shawna was before you: no cheating or your out)

Q: What song does Owen sing when Alejandro hypnotizes him?

Shawna: Take me OUT TO THE BALL GAME!

Draven: Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd.

Ty: Sorry, Shawna got it right first. 4~2. Shawna gets one more, and she wins invincibilty! And the question is . . . What dance do the campers do in Basic Straining?


Draven: The Thriller dance. And part of the wildcats dance if you look close enough.

Ty: And Shawna win IMMUNITY!!! For about the millionth time! Well, not really. Who's going to make it to the final three? Well find out soon enough. So go ahead and vote! But again, you cant vote for Shawna! And Draven, you were really close, so dont sweat it. Plus Shawna likes you more than the others, so you get immunity too! For actually being here also! So vote! *barfs* I cant take this Shawna stuff . . .

Vote 10: Merged Team

Ty: Vote final four, and make it the final three!

Shawna: AJ is TOO GOOD FOR ME!! I WILL NEVA EVA WIN! (ooh i said evalla) I VOTE FOR AJ!!!

Draven: Immunity! Yes! But,...Harriet or AJ? I vote,....for,......uugh.....Sorry AJ. Forgive me.

Draven: Theoriaticly, Aj would vote for Harriet. Harriet would vote for AJ. It doesn't matter anymore.

AJ: Sorry guys! I guess im out, good luck Draven good luck Harriet, and can...yeah go Harriet and Draven

Ty: *watches him leave* Wow, what a peaceful elimination. And kind of a boring one . . . but I'll take what I can get!

Day 11 Chat


Harriet:The Final 3!Wow.( I was busy with a program at my church, and my mom was starting her first day as a teacher so she was bringing her lesson to me so she could practice....Sorry :) )

Draven: Well,...........

Harriet:*to Draven* Draven, you have to beat Shawna. Then I'll vote for Shawna and you of course will vote for Shawna, giving her elimination. Then we'll get to the final 2. I love you Draven. * kisses Draven*

Draven: I'm gonna win this!

Ty: Oh, and I hope you guys know that the winner will be decided by the jury, which is all your friends, but mostly enemies, who you voted out? (Sorry about the pause, I have been really busy IRL)

Shawna:*to Draven* Draven, you have to beat Harriet. Then I'll vote for Harriet and you of course will vote for Harriet, giving her elimination. Then we'll get to the final 2. I love you Draven. * kisses Draven* (CONF) I AM SOO SMART!! MY PLAN IS LIKE TA BOM DIGGIDY!

Harriet:Uh????????????????????????????????????????????????????? What the **** was that? You just said EXACTLY what I said. (CONF) Alex, this one is for you.

Draven: O_O EWWW!!!! *wipes off Shawna spit* gross!!!! Fine. I'll vote Harriet with you. *yanks Harriet into confessional* (CONF) I would never do it. Shawna has to go home today!!!! I AM SOO SMART!! MY PLAN IS LIKE TA BOM DIGGIDY!

Harriet:( CONF ) *sigh* You are so cute in so many diffrent ways. * kisses Draven *

Challenge 11: And the winner of Total Drama Anything is . . .

Ty: Okay, you know what you guys? Forget the final challenge. We are having the finale vote RIGHT NOW! So, each of you give a little speech for your previous competitors about why you should win, and each of them will vote for one of you to win the 100,00 dollar prize! Are you ready for this? For the last time . . . GO!

Shawna's Speech: OH WELLZZ!!! ME GIVES UP!! BUT IM A STILL LOVIN YA DRAVEN!!! *gives him a big smooch on the lips* I QUITZ!!

Harriet's Speech: I can't believe it.... I'm finally here. And I worked so hard. Something actually DID go my way. I don't want this to slip through my fingers! PLEASE vote for me! Because I'd vote for you. And if you wouldn't understand, I wouldn't either. Vote for me. Don't make a mistake. I beg of you.

Draven's Speech:

This is has been an enchanting way throughout this game. All of you were such great players. I believe that I deserve to win for my responsibility, and capability. I would vote for ALL of you. Except Shawna...But, you all know me! Vote for me, and you will feel wonderful.

Jury Votes:

Ty: Everybody gets one vote, so make it count! Shawna, the Lovely Lady who made everyone go crazy, Harriet, the Retired Supermodel who worked her way to the top (pretty much), or Draven, the final standing member of the Fighting Felines! So, go ahead and vote!

Alejandro: Draven.

Grumpy: I don't care. Draven or whatever his name is.

Alex I vote for Harriet and by the way Shawna *fips her off* F**** you you WH***!

Sam: Harriet

AJ: Sorry Harriet, but i vote Draven

Ty: Well, it looks like this is the end of Total Drama Anything! And, the ultimate winner is . . .


CONGRATS!!! You have just won Total Drama Anything and 100,000 dollars! (Use your imagination!) Harriet, you came in second, and it looks like Shawna comes in third, as she quit in her speech. So, this is the end: of Total Drama Anything!!

Sam: Yeah its not Shawna!

Harriet:*walks away from everyone and enters cabin and starts crying*

Draven: :D YAY!!!!!!! *jumps up and down happily* WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! *runs to Harriet in her cabin*

Draven: You okay?

Harriet:*knows he is there and makes it look like she isn't* I'm fine.*smiles*

Draven: *kisses Harriet* Looks like this is our final goodbye. So long! *runs to boat and leaves the island*

Harriet:*sigh* Goodbye.....

Draven: *yells from the sea* I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU! *dissapears from beyond the horizon*

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