As usual we are back for another season of Total Drama Aftermath! Last season Taybina-Gunner won and now 18 new contestants will test their luck to win 1 million dollars by competing in challenges all over the world! That's right! Total Drama Aftermath (Season 4) is going back around the world! A new jumbo jet.....more episodes.....more challenges with users both old and new, this is TOTAL DRAMA AFTERMATH (SEASON 4)! This will be the best season yet!

Sign Ups (Closed)

  1. Chandler, The Heroic Friend, ACTN Eliminated Episode 20
  2. Matt, The Smart Guy, ACTN
  3. Jake, The Aspiring Actor, Zannabanna Eliminated Episode 2
  4. Raven, The Cocky Psychic, Zannabanna Eliminated Episode 14
  5. Tom, The Clumsy Guy, TrentFan Eliminated Episode 19
  6. Holly, The Energetic Nice Girl, TrentFan Eliminated Episode 21
  7. Isabella, The Cheerleader, Macktruck17 Eliminated Episode 11
  8. Dre, The Attractive Prodigy, TaygenTeagan Eliminated Episode 15
  9. Rosie, The Sweetheart, TaygenTeagan Eliminated Episode 13
  10. Madd, The Animal Loving Wanderer, TDBackAroundtheWorld Eliminated Episode 16
  11. Summer, The Nice and Sensetive Acrobat, TDBackAroundtheWorld Eliminated Episode 17
  12. Brandi, The Moody Strategist, Omgdeadpeople Eliminated Episode 12
  13. Brady, The Free Spirited Surfer, Omgdeadpeople Eliminated Episode 12
  14. Kimberly, The Female Athlete, XrosHearts Eliminated Episode 5
  15. Adam, The Creative Musician, XrosHearts Eliminated Episode 3
  16. Jaden, The Future Leader, Stars&Straps20 Eliminated Episode 9
  17. Leslianna, Katy Perry's Biggest Fan, Stars&Straps20 Eliminated Episode 22
  18. Ielenya, The Illiterate Freak, BlaineleyRox222 Eliminated Episode 4
  19. Norman, The Eccentric Inventor, Scienceboy0 Eliminated Episode 18

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Dre and Tom

Madd and Tom

Madd and Brandi

Summer and Matt


Everyone and Leslianna

Madd and Summer


Matt and Summer?


Elimination Table

Location New York City Jamaica Italy London Japan France Spain Peru Newfoundland Area 51 Sweden Australia China Alberta Chile Greece Mexico Yukon Germany Niagara Falls Egypt Hawaii
Eliminated No One Jake Adam Ielenya Kimberly No One No One No One Jaden Leslianna Isabella Brady and Brandi Rosie Raven Dre Madd Summer


Tom Chandler Holly Leslianna
Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22




6th Norman Debuts Episode 12 SAFE WIN SAFE SAFE SAFE OUT
16th Kimberly WIN IN LOW WIN OUT
17th Ielenya SAFE WIN SAFE OUT
18th Adam WIN IN OUT
19th Jake WIN OUT

Contestant Original Team Second Team Merge? Status
Jake Adventure Squad N/A NO OUT
Adam Adventure Squad N/A NO OUT
Ielenya Action Stars N/A NO OUT
Kimberly Feminine Fighters N/A NO OUT
Jaden Action Stars Screaming Travelers NO OUT
Isabella Feminine Fighters Killer Tourists NO OUT
Brady Adventure Squad Screaming Travelers NO OUT
Brandi Action Stars Killer Tourists NO OUT
Rosie Feminine Fighters Killer Tourists YES OUT
Raven Action Stars Screaming Travelers YES OUT
Dre Adventure Squad Screaming Travelers YES OUT
Madd Action Stars Killer Tourists YES OUT
Summer Feminine Fighters Killer Tourists YES OUT
Norman Killer Tourists N/A YES OUT
Tom Adventure Squad Screaming Travelers YES OUT
Chandler Action Stars Screaming Travelers YES OUT
Holly Feminine Fighters Killer Tourists YES OUT
Leslianna Feminine Fighters Killer Tourists YES OUT
Matt Adventure Squad Screaming Travelers YES IN

     This contestant was on Adventure Squad

     This contestant was on Action Stars

     This contestant was on Feminine Fighters

     This contestant was on Screaming Travelers

     This contestant was on Killer Tourists

     This contestant made the merge

Episode 1: Race To New York City

Pre Chat

Chris: Lets welcome our first contestants!

Daniel: Hey Chris!

Chris: Hello Daniel!

Chandler: Hey guys what's up?

Matt: Hello everybody

Rosie: Hi, people!

Dre: ....

Tom: Hey guys! *trips* Ow....

Chris: Lets welcome Rosie, Dre and Tom!

Summer: Hey Chris!

Daniel: *helps Tom up*

Tom: Thanks for helping me up.

Dre: Um, any more people?

Rosie: I think.

Daniel: *to tom* Anytime

Brady: Hey Dudes And Duddette's

Brandi: *Hide's behind Brady* (CONF) I decide too hide because I get Horrible MoodSwings and my brother Brady Knows about it..*Starts crying* and I don't want people too see me as a threat

Dre: Hey, dude?

Rosie: *Sees Brandi* Come on, stop hiding!

Jaden: Hello all.

Tom: Hey! *walks to shake hand, but falls and misses*

Dre: *Helps Tom Up And Giggles* Are you okay?

Tom: I'm fine, thanks, this happens everyday...

Brady: Sup My Name is Brady and Like Brandi is like totally my sister *Points too Brandi*

Brandi: *Bites her lip trying not too get emotional* Fine..and Yes! brady is my brother

Rosie: Are you okay?

Dre: Don't worry. It's fine. *Smiles At Tom*

Jaden: * I'm Jaden. As Courtney always said, i'm a CIT. Just not as annoying. Yeah. *Smiles*

Tom: Thanks again *to Dre*

Holly: Hi!

Dre: No problem. Just a girl helping. (Yes, Dre's a girl. XD)

Tom: (CONF) I hope I'm not eliminated first because of my clumsiness, that would suck.

Daniel: [Conf] Tom seems nice, about everyone seems nice, I am just worried about Brady, he seems, different [No Conf]

Leslianna: *Arrives singing Katy Perry's song Firework*

Brady: (CONF) Surfer's Are Normal People Too I'm Nice! *Starts crying* Ugh I'm starting too act like Brandi

Chris: Follow me contestants into the plane for our flight to New York City! But while you wait talk in the confessional about how you feel about other contestants and the competition so far!

Jaden: (CONF) Everyone here is great. They could use a little tweaking in their personalities though. And Brandi, I think she has some issues. And Leslianna, I dont even think she knows where she is. Nuff' said.

Rosie: (CONF) Brandi is hiding somethign that we don't know, Jaden sure is helpful, and Leslianna is really a Katy Perry fan!

Dre: (CONF) Tom is sure nice, and kind of cute, btu clumsy...I do not have a crush on him, though..yet.

Brandi: (CONF) Im not Like Eva Somtimes I get Moody I don't know anyone soo I'm not Sure...but Jaden could be a Possible Threat...

Brady: (CONF) Madd is Werid some way Like her name is MADD does that mean she is mad?

Tom: (CONF) Everyone seems nice so far, but I've only talked directly with Madd and Dre......and that's because they helped me up. I need to stop being so clumsy, it's going to get me eliminated

(Zanna: Hey ACTN, Macktruck17 can't make it. She just recently left on vacation and won't be back till Friday)

(ACTN: Okay thanks for telling me)

Leslianna: *Stops singing and looks around* W- where am I?

Brandi: Your in a plane on a show and your going too New York

Leslianna: Really? Wow! Didn't notice. *Puts earphones back on and sings Wide awake by Katy Perry*

Dre: (CONF) And she sings again!

Chandler: (CONF) I hope that girl doesn't get distracted during challenges

Matt: (CONF) I hope I can make new friends this season!

Jaden: *Sits down and realizes his seatbelt is broken* Oh that's not good. *Takes out his tools and fixes it* There we go. Don't wanna get hurt. *Sits back down*

Brandi: *Tries too sleep*

Brady: (CONF) I cant wait for the teams hopefully my sister wouldn't get hurt

Daniel: So... has anyone flown before?

Summer: I have, just once, to the teen olympics in Austria.

Holly: Cool! I've been on a plane before for a vacation!

Summer: Awesome!

Daniel: You know what would suck? If a song had to be sung right now like in Total Drama World Tour.

Brandi: Yeah that would suck and I flown lots of times with my Mom when I was a little Kid I went to china Florida brazil and lots of Trips until that Plane crash...

Jaden: I flown to Colorado before. It was my first C.I.T. camp. Ah. Good times.


Brady: *Ow..My ears ..Leslianna I'm trying too Read this surfer magazine could you keep it down please.

Leslianna: *Yells* OH, SORRY WHOEVER YOU ARE! {C .

Daniel: I can't hear out of my left hear! *hits head* Now I can, barely.

Brandi: *Puts in Earplugs*

Summer: When are we going to arrive?

Chris: Soon just wait and relax and mingle with other contestants

Dre: *Sits Down And Puts On Earplugs* Hey, Leslie! Can you get any louder?

Rosie: Leslianna, can you please be quiet?

Tom: *covers ears* Yeah, please.

Leslianna: *Takes off earphones* WHAT?

Dre: Please shut up!

Rosie: ....

Daniel: Leslianna will you please shut up! Before I throw up!

Summer (Imitating Leslianna): Trying to be the biggest geek on the plane by making everyone annoyed by me by singing and yelling.

Chandler: (CONF) Leslianna will probably the first eliminated

Matt: So how's everyone doing?

Daniel: Good.

Summer: Good, other than the part Leslianna has to yell about everything she says.

Matt: That's great guys. I wonder what the teams will be.

Summer: Well I know the opposite team of me is gonna go down!

Tom: Okay, you should be a good teammate to anyone.

Kimberly: I hope I have a good team. (CONF) I hope I'll win

Summer: *to Tom* Thank you.

Brandi: I Can't wait too see what team I am in. (CONF) If I Here Katy Perry girl yelling again Ill lose it *Mad* I'll lose it!

Brady:*Too Brandi* Me Too

Chris: Challenge will be soon which will decide the teams and I changed my mind. There will be no elimination ceremony tonight just a reward for the winning team.

Daniel: Cool!

Brady: Narly

Brandi: Sweet

Challenge 1

Chris: Challenge starts 7/19/12 @ 7:30pm EST

(ACTN: Challenge may be today if Aftermath 3 finishes and I will need all losers from Aftermath 3)

Chris: Alright welcome to New York City. Currently we are in Central Park. You have to run to Times Square. It will take 5 lines to get there. The 3 who finish first will pick the teams. GO!

Chandler: *begins to run*

Matt: *begins to run*

Kim: *runs*

Tom: *starts running*

Holly: *starts running*

Dre: *Runs*

Rosie: *Runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Rosie: *Runs*

Dre: *Runs Quickly*

Chandler: *runs*

Matt: *runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Kim: *runs*

Adam: *runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Madd: *runs*

Summer: *runs*

Dre: *Runs*



Dre: *Runs*



Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Dre: *Runs Swiftly*



Dre: *Runs Swiftly* Almost there...

Tom: *falls*

Holly: *trips before the finish*

Madd: *runs*

Summer: *runs*

Dre: *Stops In Times Square*

{C Brandi:*Runs*


Madd: *runs and makes it to Times Square* Here!

Summer: *runs*

Chris: Congrats Daniel and Dre. I need one more person to finish

Holly: *makes it to Times Square*

Brandi:*Runs and makes it to time Square* Dang! xD

Summer: *arrives* No! Darnit!

Chris: Okay Dre, Daniel and Holly are captains. You will pick in that order so Dre make your first pick

Dre: Tom...

Madd: I pick Jaden.

Holly: I choose Summer.

Dre: Brady.

Madd: I pick Brandi.

Brandi:*Walks over too Madd* Brady...Goodluck

Holly: Rosie.

Dre: Kim.

Madd: Lelenya.

Holly: Matt.

Dre: Adam.

Madd: Chandler.

Holly: Isabella.

Dre: Jake.

Madd: Chris, we decide to pick no more team-mates.

Chris: Raven is on Madd's team and Leslianna is on Holly's team. Dre's team is called Adventure Squad, Madd's team is called Action Stars and Holly's team is called Feminine Fighters. Adventure Squad please join me for your reward.

Reward Ceremony 1: Adventure Squad

Chris: I'll wait till the whole team is here.

Dre: I'm here.

Brady: I'm here as well

Tom: I'm here. Thanks for picking me, Dre.

Matt: I'm here

Chris: You guys win these handy dandy surfboards. Why do you need them? Find out next time on Total Drama Aftermath (Season 4)!

Brady: Were Surfing I'm soo good at Surfing! I can't wait!

Dre: I won hundreds of surfing contest, so surfing is easy for me.

Chris: You also win first class to our next destination

Episode 2: Jamaican Me Crazy

First Class

Dre: I love first class!

Tom: First class is nice, nice job on finishing first.

Dre: *Smiles* I've gotten first place in marathons..

Tom: I've tripped in races. So, yeah, I was expecting to be the last place runner.

Dre: Don't worry. I think you'll be okay.

Tom: Thanks, I hope you're right.

Dre: Hope for the best! *Chuckles*

Brady: *Smiles* (CONF) Im soo good at making couples Tom and Dre are prefect for each other !

Tom: I guess so, thanks again.

Dre: Let's try to win, I don't want anybody here eliminated!

Brady: Oh Yeah! we have a advantage We have Surf Boards!

Dre: *Laughs* Somebody sure loves surfing.

Tom: *to Brady* Yeah! But if it's surfing, I may fall off...

Dre: Come on, you can survive! Have faith in yourself!

Tom: No I'm just warning you in case I fall off.

Brady: Yeah Dude! It's just like standing but way Narly and fun dude! but it's way easy too have a six pack when your surfing but always fine a great spot!

Dre: You have a six pack?

Brady: Yeah I work out a lot (Brady never where's a shirt I forgot too mention)

Dre: That's nice to know. *Gives Warm Smile* (Somehow, that creeps me out. XD)

Brady: Well I'm going too have some ShutEye soo Good night *Falls asleep*

Dre: Nighty night.

Brady: *Wakes up* Morning

Dre: I was awake the whole time, by the way. *Stares At Tom* (Dre is such a stalker. XD)

Brady: really *Whispers Too Dre* Do you like totally like Tom?

Dre: Yeah, and...*Blushes* Maybee...

Economy Class

Madd: I feel so disoriented. Ugh these seats are so uncomfortable! *tries shifting possition to make self feel comfortable*

Jaden: *hands Madd a pillow* Here's a pillow. It'll keep your back comfortable. :)

Brandi: *Waits for the challenge too start*

Chandler: We need to win the next challenge

Madd: Thanks Jaden! *lays down on pillow* Aaaaahhh... feels so much better.

Brandi: Yeah If we win hopefully First class will be Better I know it will. *Bits lip*

Madd: Right. Nice enthusiasm Brandi.

Summer: I wonder were we are going. Jamaica? I don't know I am just guessing, not like I have a secret source or anything. *nervouse laugh*

Brandi: Summer are you Ok *Twitches eye* Are you Ok! are you hiding somthing!Tell us...

Summer: Nothing! Your not on my team! WHY SHOULD I TELL YOU?!


Madd: Uh, Brandi?

Summer: Woah.

Brandi: (CONF) Okay I did not mean too do that I had a dumb Blonde moment there but I hate how people are trying too hide somthing and making it soo Obvious It annoys me

Madd: Uh, Brandi do you happen to have, *whispers to Brandi* Mood Swings?

Brandi: *Whispers back* Yes..Yes I do (CONF) that was not my Secert I don't care who people think of me!

Matt: (CONF) I actually like being on an all girl team. Girls are easier to talk to and more supportive

Chandler: You alright there Brandi?

Madd: *whipsers to Brandi* I think I can help you cure it.

Brandi: *Too Chandler* I'm ok *Too Madd* Really (CONF) *Shows big dent on her forehead*

Madd: Yeah, just when you fell like your going to have a Mood Swing just tell me.

Brandi: Ok *Smiles*

Madd: Anytime to help. *smiles back*

Summer: Hey! Hey! Who took my lucky Gold medalion?!

Madd: Really?

Brandi: Yeah Really

Chandler: I wonder if we're landing soon

Matt: I hope my team wins today

Brandi: I'm bored..

Chandler: Yeah me too

Rosie: *Eats Chocolate Bar*

Leslianna: *Stares at Rosie* I never ate for three hours... And that chocolate bar looks pretty tasty........ Yum.. *crazy eyes*

Challenge 2

Chris: You may vote whether to have the challenge now or tomorrow

Tom: Tomorrow....

Holly: Tomorrow.

Summer: Now

Madd: Now

Rosie: Now..

Dre: Now!

Chris: I guess now wins! So right now we are landing in Jamaica in about 15 minutes so I'll explain everything later (9pm EST). But for now relax in either the first class or economy class. Adventure Squad is in first class everybody else is in economy

(ACTN: Sorry but the challenge will have to be pushed till 7/19/12 @7:30pm EST. I have to go)

Chris: Welcome to Jamaica! Your first challenge is to hang 10 on a surfboard in the ocean! Oh wait wasn't Adventure Squad the only ones with surfboards? Well the rest of you have til 8pm EST to find a surfboard. It will take 5 lines. GO!

Chandler: *looks for surfboard*

Matt: *looks for surfboard*

Jaden: *looks for surfboard*

Brandi: *Looks for a Surfboard*

Chandler: *looks for surfboard*

Matt: *looks for surfboard*

Lesliann: *Looks for surfboard*

Jaden: *Looks for a surfboard* Time for my instincts to come in....

Brandi: *Looks for a Surfboard*

Chandler: *looks for surfboard*

Matt: *looks for surfboard*

Jaden: *Looks for a surfboard*

Chandler: *looks for surfboard*

Matt: *looks for surfboard*

Jaden: *Looks for a surfboard*

Brandi: *Looks for a Surfboard*

Chandler: *finds surfboard*

Matt: *finds surfboard*

Brandi: *Looks for a surfboard*

Leslianna: *looks*

Jaden: *looks* Found one!

Brandi: *Finds a SurfBoard*

Leslianna: *looks*

Chris: Adventure Squad, Chandler, Matt, Jaden and Brandi can participate. Now you must hang 10 on these surfboards. It will take 5 lines. You have until 8:30pm EST GO!

Chandler: *swims towards the ocean*

Matt: *swims towards the ocean*

Jaden: *Surfs toward ocean*

Chandler: *swims towards the ocean*

Matt: *swims towards the ocean*

Jaden: *Continues to surf*

Brandi:*Surfs Towards oCean*

Brady:*Surfs Towards Ocean*

Jaden: *Continues to surf*

Brady:*Surfs more*

Brandi: *Surfs more*

Jaden: *Continues to surf*

Brandi: *Continues to surf*

Brady: *Continues to surf*

Jaden: *Finishes surfing and makes it to the shore* Well, that was some fun.

Brandi: *Continues to surf*

Brady: *Continues to surf*

Chandler: *surfs*

Matt: *surfs*

Brandi:*Finishes Surfing and makes it to the Shore*

Brady:*Finshes Surfing and makes it to the Shore* That felt Awesome!

Chris: Very nice, but since Jaden finished first his team wins immunity, but now its time for a little songy song action. The song is called Jamaican Me Crazy and it must be about how the money is making you crazy! Do a good job and i'll give a nice reward for the team that sings the most. The song will end by 8:50pm EST the latest now sing!

Song 1: Jamaican Me Crazy

Matt: Oh the money is Jamaican Me Crazy

Chandler: I don't know how but the money seems to phase me

Brady: "Ohh! but Bro's How the money makes people too do ..."

Matt: The money is just Jamaican Me Crazy oooo

Brady: " OOO! like TG Season three winner went Jamaican Me Crazy...."

Jaden: I need that money or else it'll make me Jamaican Crazy.....

Brady: "I need that money For Me..and my sister or our Family...Will go Jamaican me crazy"

Matt: Jamaican Me Crazyyyy ooooo yeahhh

Brady:"Yeahhhh Yeahh JAJAJA Jamaican me Crazzyyy"

Matt: Jamaican Me Crazy for this money

Chris: Well since Matt sang the most lines and talked about the money in all the lines his parts his team gets 2nd place. Adventure Squad see you at elimination

Elimination Ceremony 1: Adventure Squad

Chris: Welcome to the first elimination ceremony this season. Just stamp the contestant you wish to eliminate in the CONFESSIONAL. Tom was absent so he's safe. VOTE!

Brady: (CONF) I Understand That Tom is absent I was the only one who did the challenge Hopefully my team is nice and Understand how I hard my Biscults off at the challenge like the Saying Two brains are better then one! I vote for Jake *Stamps Jake's Passport*

Tom: (CONF) I wish I could've helped my team by not being absent but yeah, I vote for Jake *stamps passport*, sorry.

(Zanna: I was absent also!)

(ACTN: You must tell me before the challenge!)

(Zanna: Dang)

(TT: I was absent also, and I feel like a fool. :P But I will also be absent this weekend. Sorry. D:)

Dre: (CONF) First time I didn't participate. That's alright. I should vote for myself, but just to be safe..*Stamps Jake's Passport*

Chris: And Jake takes the drop of shame! *pushes Jake out the plane* 1 down 17 to go!

Episode 3: A Piece of Italia

First Class

Chris: Welcome to first class Action Stars

Jaden: It was a pleasure winning first class for my fellow teammates.

Chandler: Thanks dude!

Brandi: Yeah Great job.

Madd: Good job guys!

Jaden: *Eats a cookie* What a delight this is!

Madd: Indeed! *eats cookie* Listen, we need to win again, or else we are going to get crushed! So everyone of us needs to be on top of our game and active!

Jaden: Always!

Brandi: *Eats cookie* Yum hopefully maybe we will have a winning steak if we work our Bums off.

Madd: Right.

Chandler: *wakes up from nap* are we there yet?

Economy Class

Brady: *sighs* (CONF) I Feel bad....

Leslianna: Does anybody have any food- *sees Katy Perry has tweeted to her* OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! KATY PERRY HAS TWEETED TO ME! OMG! :D

Brady: Cool Story...Now please be shush up im reading this book about seaweed and Surfing soo Bro shush it *Thorws her a Seaweed bar* Its fish flavor

Leslianna: *Her shoe accidentally flies off her foot and causes a weak window to break* Uh-oh that's not good.

Brady: Great...-_-

Summer: *is getting sucked out of the plane* C'mon!

Matt: I'll save you! *pulls Summer back into plane*

Summer: Thanks Matt! Leslianna is going down...

Matt: My pleasure to help a beautiful girl such as yourself and I'll totally help you vote her out

Summer: Thank you *blushes*

Matt: You are very welcome Summer :)

Brady: Well im going too try too block the hole * Gets all his seaweed bars from his bag and molds them too cover the window* (CONF) Now im all out of food all 12 bars gone! T_T

Leslianna: Heh sorry guys. But can you believe Katy Perry tweeted to me! OMG!

Summer: Yeah... Greaattt... [Conf] Fan girl is gonna' get a beat down! [No Conf]

Matt: So Summer how are you besides the fact that you almost got sucked out of a plane?

Summer: Yeah?

Matt: I said how are you?

Summer: Sorry I can't hear you very well because my ears are popping like crazy from almost being sucked out of a plane. And I am doing gymnastics before I came on the show. Why what is your job?

Matt: I don't have a job that's why I'm here

Summer: Your hear before your mom forced you?! That sucks...

Matt: Summer i think your hearing is messed up!

Summer: What?! Your grades are going up?! That is good!

Matt: Wait hold on *fixes Summer's ears* How's that?

Summer: My ears on pooping anymore! Thanks Matt!

Matt: You're very welcome (CONF) Summer is really nice :)

Brady: *Grins* (CONF) Ooo an other fling maybe i can try too hook up Matt and Summer im a surfer but im a love doctor too Dre and Tom now Matt and Summer i love the smell of seaweed and saltwater! (Ill be Checking here my cousins are changing out of there chothes and too there swimming suits)

Challenge 3

Chris: Challenge starts 7/21/12 at 6pm EST!

(Zanna: Me and Macktruck17 cannot make it.)

(TrentFan: I can't make it either, I have to go to an amusement park today, sorry. Hopefully it's the last time for a while)

(OMGDP AKA EMMA: ME either i have family over and i dont want too be rude since there my cousins)

(TDBAW: I won't be able to make it my characters are Summer and Madd excuse them because I am going to see a movie)

Chris: Challenge is postponed to 7/22/12 at 6pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Italia or Italy. We our going to start with a nice song called A Piece of Italia. Song ends 6:05pm EST Now sing!

Chris: Now you all must go around Italy and takes pictures of the Leaning Power of Pisa, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. It will take 3 lines to get to each location, but Feminine Power was the only team who has a map of Italy so everyone else will have to wing it now GO!

Matt: *runs to Leaning Tower of Pisa*

Chandler: *runs to Leaning Tower of Pisa*

Brandi: *Runs too the leaning tower of pisa*

Brady:*Runs too the leaning tower of pisa*

Matt: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*

Brandi:*Still runs*

Brady:*Still runs*

Tom: *runs to Leaning Tower of Pisa*

Holly: *runs to LToP*

Matt: *arrives at LTOP and takes picture*

Chandler: *arrives at LTOP and takes picture*

Brandi:*Arrives at LTOP and takes picture*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Matt: *runs to Pantheon*

Chandler: *runs to Pantheon*

Brady:*Arrives at LTOP and takes picture*

Matt: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*

Tom: *arrives at LTOP and trips, but takes picture*

Holly: *arrives at LTOP and takes picture*

Brady:*runs to Pantheon*

Brandi: *runs to Pantheon*

Tom: *runs to Pantheon*

Holly: *runs to Pantheon*

Brandi:*runs to Pantheon*

Brady: *runs to Pantheon*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Matt: *takes PAntheon picture*

Chandler: *takes Pantheon picture*

Brandi:*Takes picture of pantheon*

Tom: *takes picture of Pantheon*

Holly: *takes picture of Pantheon*

Brady: :*Takes picture of pantheon*

Matt: *runs to TF*

Chandler: *runs to TF*

Tom: *runs to TF*

Holly: *runs to TF*

Matt: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Matt: *takes picture of TF*

Chandler: *Takes picture of TF*

Matt: Chris I finished first!

Chris: Feminine Power wins with Action Stars in 2nd place which means Adventure Squad goes to elimination again!

Song 2: A Piece of Italia

Matt: All I really want is A Piece of Italia

Chandler: Hopefully I can get some Italian memorabilia

Holly: Or some pizza

Brandi: Or see the leaning tower of pisa..

Brady: Sooo hopefully we all will get a piece of italia

Matt: Brandi its really nice to meet ya!'

Chandler: Hopefully my team is going to beat ya!'

Chris: Feminine Power wins an advantage in the next challenge. A map of Italy!

Elimination Ceremony 2: Adventure Squad

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Stamp the person you wish to eliminate's passport. Now VOTE!

Brady: (CONF) Really! Hopefully we wouldnt be Team victory! Ugh! *Stamps Adams passport* Soo sorry you did nothing and tom kudos too you for doing the challenge!

Tom: (CONF) Aw we lost, and I didn't trip much. *Stamps Adam's passport* Sorry.

Dre: (CONF) *Stamps Adam's passport without saying anything*

Chris: And peanuts go to Brady, Tom and Dre! The bottom 2 are Kim and Adam, but Adam takes the drop of shame! *pushes Adam out the plane* We're down to 16!

Episode 4: London Bridges Falling Down

First Class

Chris: Welcome to First Class Feminine Fighters

Economy Class

Brady: *Too Kim Dre and Tom* Listen! dude and Dudettes It's only four of us left! soo We need too Work Hard too like Win Soo we need too be Active or we maybe be like Team victory!

Tom: Don't worry I'll try.

Chandler: Yeah you should neither my team or Feminine Fighters have faced elimination yet

Dre: *To Chandler* Can you get out of here, please?

Chandler: Where am I supposed to go?

Dre: At least away from us.

Chandler: Fine (CONF) I wonder what's bothering her

Dre: (CONF) It'd be tough if it was only me, Brady, and Tom left in my team...(NON-CONF) Thank you.

Brady: Let's hope we win the next challenge!

Dre: I heard that the next challenge ahs a rewward.

Brady: Yeah..We need too win this next challenge Because we're Not some Team victory.

Dre: If we lose, I'm voting Kim. We don't have many active players.

Brady: Me Too if she's not active..(CONF) We need too win! if We lose Kim and lose the other challenge then goodbye Brady....

Brandi:(CONF) In the last song last episode Matt said it was nice too meet me But I did not say anything back! Man what's wrong with me *Blocks tears* warning I don't have a crush on Matt...

Tom: (CONF) I hope we don't lose, that would suck, but I did make it past my goal on not being first eliminated.

Dre: Anybody want food?

Challenge 4

Chris: Challenge starts tonight at 8pm EST!

(Zanna: I might or might not be able to make it, and Macktruck17 for sure can't make it)

(Same here I wont make it. Sorry.) - Stars&Straps20

Chris: Welcome to London, England well you see I did have another challenge planned but Chef landed the plane on a bridge which is now half destroyed. So you guys are going to rebuild the bridge, but first a little song, which is called London Bridges Falling Down (not the kiddie song). You have until 8:10pm EST SING!

Chris: Now Feminine Power has the advantage: Their own materials! Everyone else has to find their own materials to build the bridge. It will take 3 lines to find materials. It will take 5 lines to build the bridge. First finished wins immunity, first class and a reward ceremony that EVERYONE must be at. GO!

Chandler: *looks for materials*

Matt: *builds bridge*

Brady: *Looks for Materials*

Brandi: *Looks for Materials*

Chandler: *looks for materials*

Tom :*looks for materials*

Holly: *helps Matt*

Brady: *Looks for Materials*

Brandi: *Looks for Materials*

Chandler: *finds materials and builds bridge*

Matt: *builds bridge*

Brady:*Finds Materials and Builds Bridge*

Tom: *looks for materials*

Holly: *helps build bridge*

Brady: *Builds Bridge*

Chandler: *builds bridge*

Matt: *builds bridge*

Tom: *finds materials*

Holly: *helps build bridge*

Brady: *Builds bridge*

Brandi:*Builds bridge*

Dre: *Finds Materials* (XD)

Brady: *Builds bridge*

Brandi:*Builds bridge*

Chandler: *builds bridge*

Matt: *builds bridge*

Tom: *helps build bridge*

Holly: *helps build bridge*

Dre: *Finds Materials*

Brady: *Finishes Bridge* (He Builded the Bridge for 5 Lines)

Brandi: *Builds Bridge*

Dre: *Finds Materials*

Matt: *finishes bridge 2nd place!

Dre: *Builds Bridge*

Chris: Adventure Squad wins now everyone please join me for a reward

Song 3: London Bridges Falling Down

Matt: London Bridges Falling Down

Chandler: Now my smile turned to a frown!

Brady: Turn your Frown Upside down!"

Matt: Now lets rebuild the London Bridge

Chandler: Cause London Bridges Falling Down

Brandi:"Why Oh Why London bridges is Falling down"

Brady:"Oh Yes Let's Rebuild the London Bridge Tralalaa"

Matt: Cause Chef doesn't know how to fly!

Chandler: Now rebuilding the bridge will make time fly by!

Brady: Hey Now! let's Rebuild the London Bridge That will make!

Brandi: Timmmmme Flyyy!!!!

Chris: Very nice, but I'm giving the advantae to Feminine Power cause I liked the way you made fun of Chef's flying

Brady: Aww Man! -_-

Brandi: Meh..,

Reward Ceremony 2: Everyone

Chris: Adventure Squad please pick a number 1 through 3

Brady: Two

Tom: 2.

Dre: 3?

Chris: Brady picked 2 so you can swap a teammate for someone on a different team. Talk amongst yourselves in the meantime Feminine Power pick a number 1 or 3

Holly: 3?

Rosie: 1.

Chris: Feminine Power you vote who goes home from Action Stars tonight which leaves Action Stars with an immunity idol that can prevent them from facing elimination the next time they lose, but Feminine Power please go vote someone from Action Stars out of the game

Elimination Ceremony 4: Action Stars

Chris: Feminine Power in the confessional please stamp the passport of the person from ACTION STARS you want eliminated.

Rosie: (CONF) *Stamps Raven's Passport*

Matt: (CONF) *stamps Raven's passport*

Chris: My mistake you cannot vote Raven or Jaden

Matt: (CONF) *stamps Ielenya's passport*

Rosie: (CONF) *Stamps Ielenya's Passport*

Holly: (CONF) *Stamps Chandler's passport*

Ielenya: (CONF) *Stamps Chandler's passport* (i will try to be active :))

Raven: (CONF: *stamps Chandler's passport* Sorry)

Chris: Ielenya and Raven you guys do NOT vote so there votes don't count so Ielenya gets the boot! *pushes Ielenya out the plane*

Episode 5: A Japanese Tale

First Class

Chris: Adventure Squad pick a someone that you want from the other 2 teams and one teammate you will be trading

Tom: Um, Matt seems like a good guy, how about Matt for Kimberly?

Brady: Good choice How about hmmm Jaden he is smart but Matt is good too let's let Dre deside

Tom: I don't mind Jaden either, so I'm good with either option.

Chris: It doesn't matter. One of you just pick

Brady: Soo Tom Who is Better Jaden Or Matt I'll go with Matt The Other team is winning because of him! soo I'll go with Matt

Chris: Tom pick

Tom: I don't mind either, so, um, Matt so we can end this?

Chris: Matt is on your team and Kim is on Feminine Fighters

Summer: Bye Matt.

Economy Class

Challenge 5

Chris: Challenge starts at 8pm EST!

Chris: Welcome to Japan, but before we start how about a song called A Japanese Tale! It ends at 8:17pm EST

Chris: Okay you must play this Japanese game you will race from start to finish. It will take 7 lines, but Adventure Squad can do it in 5 lines. GO!

Matt: *starts running*

Chandler: *starts running*

Jaden: *Runs*

Matt: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*

Jaden: *Runs* Cmon team! We can do this!

Leslianna: *Runs*

Madd: *runs*

Summer: *runs*

Jaden: *Runs*

Leslianna: *Runs* Katy Perry is my inspiration!!!!!

Madd: SHUT UP! *trips Leslianna and runs*

Summer: *runs*

Jaden: *Runs*

Leslianna: *Runs* Oww!

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Jaden: *Runs*

Leslianna: *Runs*

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Jaden: *Runs*

Leslianna: *Runs*

Matt: *finishes* 1st!

Chandler: *runs*

Madd: *finishes* Second!

Summer: *finishes* Third!

Chandler: *runs*

Jaden: *Finishes*

Leslianna: *Runs*

Chandler: *finishes* 2nd! (Madd and Summer did not have enough lines)

Tom: *runs*

Leslianna: *Finishes*

Chris: Adventure Squad wins with Action Stars in 2nd place!

(My computer says I have six -_-)

Song 4: A Japanese Tale

Madd: A japanese tale will prevail!

Matt: We're here in Japan so its A Japanese Tale

Chandler: Hopefully my team won't fail!

Tom: Hopefully we do pretty well.

Matt: Because its A Japanese Tale!

Chandler: My team will not fail!

Summer: Don't bet on it because it is a japanese tale!

Matt: I'll try my best and will prevail!

Chandler: So here we are in A Japanese Tale!

Madd: Because most likely you know your going to faaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaa-aaail!

Matt: Maybe not because its A Japanese Tale!

Chris: Adventure Squad wins the advantage!

Elimination Ceremony 4: Feminine Fighters

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL by stamping the person you want gone's passport

Holly: *stamps Kimberly's passport*

Summer: *stamps Leslianna's passport*

Leslianna: *Stamps Kimberly's passport* Cause baby your a FIRE - FIRE- FIRE - WOOOOOORK!

Chris: And peanuts go to Holly, Summer, Rosie and Isabella. The last bag of peanuts go to Leslianna! Bye Kim *pushes Kim out the plane*

Episode 6: Falling in Louvre

First Class

Brady: It's nice not too be in the losing team! hopefully we will win and Welcome too the team Matt!

Tom: Yeah, welcome, Matt.

Matt: Thanks guys! :)

Economy Class

Leslianna: Yeah, yeah, i'm still here, YEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

Brandi: And Nobody Cares! and Your Loud ,Louder Then the IMAX Theather!

Challenge 6

Chris: Challenge starts tonight at 8pm EST!

Chris: Welcome to Paris, France. We are outside the Louvre where you will sing a little song called Falling In Louvre. It ends at 8:10pm EST

(TDBAW I cant make the challenge)

Chris: You must take a picture of a famous sculpture in the Louvre. Adventure Squad you have The Thinker. Action Stars get the Venus De Milo and Feminine Fighters get the Statue of David. Adventure Squad wins a map of the museum. It will take 5 lines to find your sculpture and 1 to take a picture. GO!

Matt: *begins to run*

Chandler: *begins to run*

Brandi: *Begins too run* Uhh I got too go too the...

Brady: *Begins too run*

Jaden: *Runs*


Jaden: *Runs*

Leslianna: *Runs* Sculpture here I come!



Jaden: *Runs* Where is it?

Leslianna: *Runs*

Matt: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*


Jaden: *Runs*

Brandi: *Finds sculpture*

Brady: *Runs*

Jaden: *finds sculpture*

Brandi:*Takes picture* I Took the picture!


Jaden: *Takes picture*

Tom: *starts running*

Holly: *starts running* (sorry I didn't notice what time it was)

Brandi: Can't..Hold it in *Pees pants*


Matt: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*

Brady:*Finds sculpture*

Chris: Adventure Squad wins with Action Stars in 2nd!

Brandi: Not so Fast me and Jaden both took the picture and Brady just reached the Sculpture?

(ACTN: My fault i thought Brandi was on Adventure Squad)

(Emma: It's ok I know it's Confusing Because Brandi and Brady are like Brother and sister and there names are almost a like)

Chris: Okay Action Stars win but we need a 2nd place team so hurry!

Brady:*Takes Picture and shows it too Chris*

Chris: Adventure Squad takes 2nd!

Song 5: Falling In Louvre

Matt: I think I'm Falling In Louvre with France

Chandler: Well what do you expect but I kind of want to dance!

Leslianna: In,5 th grade i liked this boy named Lance!

Brandi: I don't think I'm Falling in louvre with France,Love is soo Overated it makes me Wet my pants.

Brady: Oh Brandi I would not be talking in Grade four you liked totally liked this Boy..oh wait I forgot!

Matt: Well I feel France is the perfect place for Falling In Louvre

Chris: Adventure Squad wins an advantage for having the most lines as a team

Elimination Ceremony 5: Feminine Fighters

Chris: Well you guys lose again well you know what to do. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Summer is safe

Holly: (CONF) I vote Isabella, sorry.

Leslianna: I vote for what's her face Isabella.

Summer: [Conf] I vote Leslianna [No Conf]

Isabella: (CONF) I vote Leshlianna

Chris: Well the votes are in and peanuts go to Holly, Summer and Rosie. The bottom 2 are Isabella and Leslianna, but there's a tie in votes so the first person to say "I" is safe.

Leslianna: I! Eeeeeee!

Rosie: WAIT! How about me? D:

Summer: Okay that is it I can't take this! *pushes Leslianna out of the plane*

Rosie: *Grabs Leslianna's Hand And Pulls Her In* Summer!

Summer: Wow nice going! *rolls eyes*

Madd: *runs in* Is someone okay I heard scr- oh it was Leslianna! Ugh I can't take it anymore! *pushes Leslianna out of the plane*

Rosie: *Pulls Leslianna In And Pushes Summer All the Way out*


Brandi: *Walks in* What's going On! I Wanna Know! *Sees Summer* Ugh.. (keeping the conflit going XD) Now what's going on!

Chris: Just because I LOVE the drama I've decided this is a non elimination night!

Rosie: *Accidentally Pushes Leslianna Out* Oops!

Madd: Why don't you go with her! *pushes Rosie all the way out of the plane*

Brandi: What! this is an Outrage! Curse you Summer and your Drama and Off with your head! *Walks away*

Episode 7: There's No I In Spain (Oh Wait There Is)

First Class

Brandi: Oh Great new teams...I better not be with summer!

Jaden: Or Leslianna...

Brandi:*Hears PA* I'm with Both *Sceams on top of her Lungs* It's going too be Hell!

Chandler: I feel bad for you Brandi

BrandI: *Crying* Really Chandler you don't have too I just hate Summer soo much and I hated her what she did first episode *Blocks tears* (CONF) Chandler is a nice friend..

Chandler: I'm gonna miss being on the same team as you Brandi

Brandi: Me Too...

Economy Class

Challenge 7

Chris: Guess what! New teams! I am still deciding on the teams but the challenge starts at 8pm EST! YOU ALL MUST BE HERE! Okay the teams are Holly, Madd, Summer, Rosie, Leslianna, Isabella and Brandi. You guys are the Killer Tourists. The rest of you are hereby dubbed the Screaming Travelers!

Chris: Okay welcome to Spain! But today is an activity challenge! Just say "I want to tour the world". The team that has the most active players wins! GO!

Matt: I want to tour the world!

Chandler: I want to tour the world!

Tom: I want to tour the world!

Holly: I want to tour the world!

Summer: I want to tour the world!

Madd: I want to tour the world!

Jaden: I want to tour the world!

Leslianna: I want to tour the world!

Brandi: I want to tour the world!

Brady: I want to tour the world!

Isabella: I want to tour the world!

Raven: I want to tour the world!

Chris: Challenge ends at 9pm EST! I love the activeness good job!

Rosie: I want to tour the world.

Dre: I want to tour the world!

Chris: Impressive. We had all 14 contestants participate so I guess both teams will go to elimination! Killer Tourists you are up first!

Elimination Ceremony 6: Screaming Travelers and Killer Tourists

Chris: Killer Tourists you are up first. Stamp the passport of the player you want eliminated's passport in the CONFESSIONAL.

Brandi: (CONF) *Stamps Isabella's passport* your not that active..

Chris: I need more people from the Killer Tourists to vote here...

Summer: (CONF) *stamps Leslianna's passport* Get out of here please!

Madd: (CONF) *stamps Leslianna's passport*

Isabella: (CONF) *stamps Lesliannna's passport*

Holly: (CONF) *Stamps Isabella's passport* Sorry!

Leslianna: (CONF) *Stamps Isabella's paasport* HAHA!

Chris: Okay! Peanuts go to Brandi, Holly, Isabella and Leslianna! (I have to cut Summer and Madd lose due to TDBATW quitting the wiki). That's all for tonights elimination!

(I said I'd finish my camps too XD -TDBAW)

Episode 8: Escape To Peru

Economy Class

Brady: (CONF) My Old team aka Dre,Tom and Matt and me should make an a alliance but I don't know of there going too say yes.

Brandi: (CONF) Summer is Gone YAY! But I'm Sad about Madd she was a Great friend and I'll never Forget about her....MADD was a Great friend too me...

Chandler: (CONF) So I made it to the final 12. Not too shabby

Matt: (CONF) I hope my team wins today. I don't want to lose any team members

Chris: Please welcome back Madd and Summer

Brandi: Grrr...Summer is back! UGH! But im Really happy that Madd is back..Welcome back Madd!

Madd: Hey Brandi!

Summer: *sacrcastically* What a warm welcome!

Brandi: Oh Hey Madd One Second.*Does a Sarcastic Smile and does a Sarcastic voice* Oh No Problem *Rolls her eyes*

Brady: Oooo girl drama * Too Dre,Tom and Matt* Wanna make an allience we use too be in a team on just four of us and we worked great together and were still on the same team...What do you say? Yes... Or No... :l

Summer: You wanna' go Brandi?

Brandi: No. You just Disgust me...(CONF) I never that mean im mostly nice only the people who are worthy Which are Most people ... but not Summer....Im going too try not too Sceam in her face......

Summer: Didn't think so... [Conf] That girl creases me. And I heard what Madd and Brandi were talking about the other day. [No Conf] Your lucky I could do some serious damage to you, and I know your little secret too.

Brandi: *Sceams at her face* Oh YEAH!? WHATS MY SECERT!? HUH HUH HUH!? AND YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IM CAPABLE OF! (CONF) This time im going too show her how im Capable of im not Capable too be a motor mouth im Capable of other things..

Summer: You. Have. Major. Mood. Swings.

Madd: Why don't we just chill out... and let things go?

Summer: I am going to let my fist go right through Brandi's face.

Brandi: And Im going too let my Hands pull Summer's Hair ...

Summer: Ooooh I'm so scared! *pushes Brandi down* Lets go then, huh?

Brandi: Ooooo Bring it * pushes Summer off*

Brady: Girls! Girls Stop!

Summer: *reverse pile drives Brandi*


Summer: Well Brandi has freaking extreme mood swings.

Dre: Who CARES? You need to respect that! (I'm sorry. XD ~TT)

Brandi: *Is Bleeding* And Summer is Extremely Rude and Selfish.

Dre: And you need to knock the crap out of Summer. And you need to tell everyone you have mood swings. If everybody knows, they will care! Well, some people won't like Summer.

Madd: *walks up to Summer and punches her in the face and kncocks her tooth out and knocks her out* *helps Brandi up* C'mon lets go get that ptached up.

Brandi: Ok Dre...I Will and Ok Madd! :)

Madd: *pulls up bandage from backpack and heals Brandi*

Brandi: Thank you Madd for helping me!

Madd: Anytime.

Brady: *Sees Summers Unconscious body* Oh my a dead body.....i need too hide it *Picks up Summer and hides it* There maybe nobody can get in Big Doo-Doo (Which is Trouble and i know Summer is not dead But Brady can be Dumb at times)

Madd: So... anyone want to say their number one fear?

Dre: Why?

Brady: *Whispers* Daisy Dukes on Men.

Rosie: Same here.

Madd: I'm Afraid of walking in a minefield in heels.

Brandi: Mine is Sharks..

(ACTN, can you create a spot to make pictures of what our characters look like?)

Madd: Agreed sharks, CAN be scary.

Challenge 8

Chris: Challenge starts 7/30/12 at 8pm EST!

(Zanna: Me and Macktruck17 cannot make the challenge. I will be at the next one though. Sorry)

Chris: Welcome to Peru! You'll be racing to Machu Pichu to search for treasure! But first a song! Called Escape To Peru. It will end at 8:10pmEST

Chris: Ok it will take 5 lines to get to Machu Pichu and 3 to dig up treasure. The Screaming Travelers get a metal detector. Last to find the treasure suffers elimination. Now GO!

Matt: *starts to run*

Chandler: *starts to run*

Jaden: *Runs*

Madd: *runs*

Summer: *runs*

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Madd: *runs*

Summer: *runs*

Brandi: *Runs*

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Madd: *runs*

Summer: *runs*

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Madd: *runs*

Summer: *runs*

Matt: *arrives*

Chandler: *arrives*

Brandi: *Runs*

Madd: *arrives*

Summer: *arrives*

Matt: *digs* Thank god for the metal detector!

Chandler: *digs*

Madd: *digs* Ugh! This is ridiculous*

Summer: *digs* Ow! What the? A boulder? Now my hand is swollen!

Matt: *digs*

Summer: *digs*

Chandler: *digs*


Summer: *finds treasure* Ig ot it!


Matt: *finds treasure and brings it to Chris* We won!

Chris: Screaming Travelers win! Killer Tourists meet me for elimination!

Song 6: Escape To Peru

Matt: Escape to Peru? That's not a good idea

Chandler: Escape to Peru? I'll be running so seeya!

Brandi: Escape to Peru? I'll Take off soo Peace!

Matt: Escape to Peru? Chris is an eel dipped in grease!

Chris: Advantage Screaming Travelers!

Elimination Ceremony 7: Killer Tourists

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL by stamping the person you want eliminated's passport. Isabella is safe

Madd: [Conf] *stamps Leslianna's passport ten times* [No Conf]

Summer: [Conf] *stamps Leslianna's passport and throws it out the window* [No Conf]

(ACTN, can you create a spot to put pictures of what our characters look like? -TDBAW)

(ACTN: I just did under sign ups)


Brandi: (CONF) I'm not letting summer get away what she did but..*Stamps Leslianna's Passport and Bites it*

Isabella: (CONF) *stamps Leslianna's passport*

Rosie: (CONF) *stamps Leslianna's passport*

Chris: Well the votes are in! Peanuts go to Madd, Brandi, Rosie, Holly and Isabella! The bottom 2 are Summer and Leslianna, but Summer's safe! Leslianna the gang has spoken and I guess this would be a good time to watch Leslianna jump out of the plane if this were an elimination episode, but its not! The rest of the episodes this season will have someone be eliminated so be warned!

(Zanna: ??? Really ??? 3rd episode without an elimination. That's kinda messed up :P)

(TDBAW: That is three episodes in a row without elimination)

(Emma: Yeah Really.... I have like Less then Two Weeks until I go too the States Soo there should be a Triple Elimination I got an Idea for a Challenge for that :3)

(ACTN: Tell me on my talk page Emma, but in order to have 2 people in Ep 22 there would've had to been a non elimination challenge so I decided to do it now rather than later)

Episode 9: Newf Kids On The Rock

First Class

Matt: First class sure is nice

Chandler: Let's just hope we win again

Matt: (CONF) At least Summer didn't get eliminated! I kinda like her

Summer: *plane tilts and she starts rolling pass first class* Aaaaaah! This is ome major turbulance! *falls back to economy class*

Matt: Chandler I'm gonna see if Summer's okay

Tom: Sorry for not helping guys.

Brady: Tom May I talk too you for a Bit?

Tom: Sure *walks to Brady, but then trips*

Brady: *Too Tom* Ok Dude I have this Idea Wanna Be in an Allience with me I was Planning too Ask Dre and Matt too because we were on a Team together before they were new teams..You Me Dre and Matt worked Great together...What do you say?

Tom: Um, sure. That sounds good.

Jaden: *Has his head down* I'm sorry I haven't helped much. I promise to help more!

Brady: Its ok Jaden.

Dre: Same with me, Jaden. I'm sorry too. (The only reason why I'm not participating in the challenges is because I forget the time. Hope you can forgive me. >.<)

Brady: (CONF) I Wonder when Matt is coming Back...I want too tell him somthing and Why does Brandi hate Summer soo Much..Summer is a angel ( Warning: Brady does not have a Crush on Summer)

Matt: *walks in* Brady your sister hit Summer with a rock

Economy Class

Brandi: (CONF) Dre Said I need too Beat the Crap out of Summer! Like she is getting all the attention and she Made me Bleed now this Means War!

Matt: *walks in* Summer are you okay?

Summer: *stands up* If by getting a mild concussion is okay. Then yeah, I'm okay.

Brandi:*Is Holding a Rock Behind her Back*

Madd: *to Brandi* No deaths please, just knock-outs.

Matt: Well at least you're okay :)

Brandi: Ahh! *Thorws the rock at Summer* That's what you get! YOU WERE MEAN TOO ME AND A JERK AND YOU MADE FUN OF MY MOODSWINGS NOW YOU GET REVENGE! *Too Matt* Sorry but that was needed She was a Monster too me *Walks way*

Madd: Brandi! Get over here! *is mad*

Matt: Oh dear Summer! I've got you *carries Summer*

Brandi: What!? *Storms off too Madd* She Deserved Revenge im soo sick of Summer Shes Always Soo Prefect She hurts me Inside and outside,She is Mean! i wanted too get Revenge....On her since the first episode..*thinks that the thing she did is wrong* I WAS A MONSTER EVEN KNOW I WAS MAD I WAS THE MONSTER I SHOULD OF USED MY WORDS! (CONF) I Went too far...

Madd: *to Brandi* No! I was mad because you didn't knock her clean out!

Brandi: *sees that Summer is bleeding* WELL SHE MADE ME BLEED NOW WERE EVEN...but i should have used my words or hands...too not make it bloody. Like she gets Attention i get more Anger....

Madd: It's okay. She is a real *whispers* Bit**.

Brandi: Even im seeing Matt Mourning over Summer.....its making me Feel Bad She does not even Deserve matt.....Matt is Smart and Summer is Dumb... Boy Do i miss the old teams...

Leslianna: *Barges in* HEY! I WANNA TALK TO YOU GUYS!

Brandi: What do you want too say Leslianna...If its about Katy perry no need too yell.

Madd: With our luck it is.

Brandi:*picks up a rusty nail* hmmmm....

Madd: What?

Brandi: Hmmm Well im planning too think of my next plan.....for Summer

Madd: Stabbing her with a nail?

Brandi: No its too dull *Thorws the nail away* (CONF) More Revenge that is until she learns her Lesson...

Madd: Okay...

Brandi: (CONF) I need too plan..Something only if i can get Brady's Razor...That he use too Shave.....his arm..Pits...I WISH PEOPLE COULD SEE THE BAD SIDE OF SUMMER EVEN MY OWN BROTHER THINKS SUMMER IS NOT MEAN!

Madd: [Conf] If Brandi really wanted to do some damage, I could teach her black-belt moves for Karate and Jun-Sin's Custom Moves [No Conf]

Challenge 9

Chris: Challenge is 7/31/12 at 8pm EST

(Zanna: I can't make it. Sorry. I'll be here tomorrow though :D)

(ACTN: You said that yesterday...)

(Emma: I Cant Make it too im going on a bikeRide with my friend im Really sorry i promise too be Active)

(TrentFan: I only got a few more minutes before I log off, because I have to go to a store.)

(TDMAW: I might not make it either)

Chris: Challenge is postponed till 8/1/12 at 8pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Newfoundland! Please start by singing a song called Sea Shanty. It will end at 8:15pm EST

Chris: Okay you must race to my cousin's house. So you will take row boats except the Travelers get an electric motor! It will take 5 lines then i'll explain the next part. GO!

Matt: *starts the motor*

Chandler: *starts the motor*

Madd: *rows boat*

Tom: *starts the motor*

Holly: *rows boat*

Madd: *rows boat*

Matt: *rides in boat*

Chandler: *rides in boat*

Madd: *rows boat*

Tom: *rides in boat*

Holly: *rows boat*

Madd: *rows boat*

Holly: *rows boat*

Tom: *rides in boat*

Madd: *arrives* Yes!

Matt: *rides in boat*

Chandler: *rides in boat*

Tom: *rides in boat*

Holly: *rows boat*

Matt: *rides in boat*

Chandler: *rides in boat*

Summer: (CONF) I'm not letting anyone get ahead of me! (NO CONF) *jumps in Chandler's baot* Ride please?

Tom: *rides in boat*

Holly: *rows boat*

Matt: *arrives*

Chandler: *arrives*

Chris: Okay now you must make my cousin and I a nice fish dinner. It will take 3 lines.

Matt: *cooks fish*

Tom: *arrives*

Holly: *arrives*

Summer: *arrives*

Madd: *cooks fish*

Matt: *cooks fish*

Tom: *cooks fish*

Holly: *cooks fish*

Madd: *cooks fish*

Tom: *cooks fish*

Holly: *cooks fish*

Madd: *finishes fish*

Tom: *finishes fish*

Holly: *finishes fish*

Madd: *gives to Chris and Jerd*

Chris: The Killer Tourists win!

Madd: Yes! We did it!

Song 7: Sea Shanty

Matt: I do love a good old Sea Shanty

Chandler: That's great and all but I'm hungry where's the pantry?

Madd: It's a Sea Shanty and it's darn catchy.

Matt: No one can match me with a Sea Shanty!

Summer: You know you can't beat me, with my type of singy!

Matt: Summer do you think we'll have a flingy?

Summer: We'll be lucky if we have a dingy.

Matt: But still its a Sea Shanty and it's darn catchy!

Chris: Advantage Screaming Travelers


(more lines)

Elimination Ceremony 8: Screaming Travelers

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL by stamping the person you want eliminated's passport.

Raven: (CONF: I'm sorry but I vote Jaden, nothing personal)

Dre: (CONF) *Stamps Jaden's Passport*

Matt: (CONF) *stamps Jaden's passport*

Chandler: (CONF) *stamps Jaden's passport*

Tom: (CONF) *Stamps Jaden's passport*

Brady: (CONF) Man i really need too talk too Dre and Matt..I got Tom with me... * Stamps Jaden Passport* ( And Sorry for being Awkardly Absent.! >_< I was watching big brother)

(Same here, but I'm busy..)

Chris: Peanuts go to Matt, Chandler, Dre, Raven, Tom and Brady! Jaden you're out! *pushes Jaden out the plane*

Summer: *around corner* *relief sigh*

(Double elimination)

Episode 10: Area 51 (Or Is It 52?)

First Class

Summer: (CONF) Matt is up for elimination. For all I know he could be getting eliminated right now. *gasps and runs out*

Brandi: (CONF) I Think i did enough Damage too Summer and I forgot what me and summer were fighting about... T_T What is wrong with me..I GOT IT! :D HOW ABOUT I CAN HELP MATT AND SUMMER BE TOGETHER I NEED TOO HIJACK THE PLANE THEN MAKE THE PLANE STAND AND SUMMER WILL ROLL INTO LOSER CLASS THEN MATT WILL CATCH SUMMER! It All Work out!

Madd: *looks at Brandi* What'chya plannin'?

Brandi: Oh its a suprize... *Begins too walk too the cockpit with a rock*

Madd: *knows what Brandi is doing* Good for her!

Leslianna: *Glares at everyone* Katy Perry. Give me strength.

Madd: SHUT IT!

Brandi: *Opens the door of the cockpit and breaths Heavily*

Leslianna: I'm mad at you guys. See, I gave Chris a free Katy Perry concert ticket, and he let me see who you all voted for in Peru, and you all voted for me. *Drops a tear* And now I cant see Katy Perry at her next concert. Aw.

Madd: *tries to hide laugh*

Leslianna: Then again, i'm not really aloud at most of her concerts since i'm "potentially hazardous to Katy" but pshh. What does the security know.

Madd: They must know alot.

Brandi: *Too Leslinnna* SHH IM TRYING TOO PLAN A HIJACK...oops..

Leslianna: OOH! Do you guys want to see what I got in Peru? *takes out a shotgun* Fun huh?

Brandi: *Too Leslianna* You Better not kill anyone with that.

Leslianna: Well if you want to be a little bad.... *Points at her shotgun and smiles*

Brandi: WHAT! YOUR CRAZY.....

Leslianna: HAHA IM not that crazy. But if i'm out this episode, I'D BE REALLY UPSET.


Economy Class

Matt: (CONF) It sucks that me and Summer are on different teams. How am I supposed to bond with her!

Brady: *Too Dre* Can i talk too you for a Second

Dre: Yeah, actually, I feel sorry for not being active that much in the challenges I'll try to be active, though...

Brady: *Too Dre* Ok i was thinking that we were on the same team on the first episode and we worked great together soo i was thinking that we can make an Allience and I asked Tom too and he said Sure Soo he is in the allience too.

Challenge 10

Chris: Challenge starts 8/2/12 at 8pm EST

Chris: Welcome all to Area 51! You have to race to find an alien artifact that's still intact. It will tale 5 lines to get to the warehouse and 3 to get back here now GO!

Matt: *begins to run*

Chandler: *begins to run*

Tom: *begins to run*

Holly: *begins to run*

Raven: *begins to runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Raven: *runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Raven: *runs*

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Raven: *runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Raven: *runs and finds an alien artifact*

Holly: *arrives at warehouse*

Tom: *arrives at warehouse*

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Raven: *begins to run back*

Tom: *finds alien artifact*

Holly: *finds alien artifact*

Madd: *runs*

Summer: *runs*

Raven: *runs back*

Matt: *arrives and gets artifact*

Chandler: *arrives and gets artifact*

Tom: *runs back*

Holly: *runs back*

Raven: *arrives back at the start*

Chris: The Screaming Travelers win! But to win a reward you must sing a song called Space Race! The team with the most lines win! You have until 8:30pmEST

Song 8: Space Race

Matt: We just won the Space Race!

Chandler: Thank god Raven had a great pace

Madd: Shut up or I'll put your face out of place.

Summer: You can see why I clearly hate space.

Raven: I won the race so my team can keep up there pace.

Madd: Shut up because I had a great pace

Summer: Your ugliness comes from your face.

Chandler: Someone should spray Leslianna with some mace

Matt: Summer you have a beautiful face

Holly: It would be a great chase.

Madd: You must just loosten your pace

Summer: I am going to pummel your face.

Matt: That's why this is a Space Race

Madd: Just shut up so I can slappeth your face.

Summer: That is why this is a space race.

Chris: The Killer Tourists win Swedish Massages tomorrow. A little hint on where we are going, but time for elimination Killer Tourists

Elimination Ceremony 9: Killer Tourists

Chris: Stamp the person you want eliminated's passport in the CONFESSIONAL

Isabella: (CONF) *stamps leshlianna's passport*

Brandi: (CONF) I feel bad what i have did too summer *Tears up* Anyways *stamps Lesliannas passport* ( Sorry that i did not do the Challenge i tried but i got edit conflited the whole time)

Holly: (CONF) Well, we may have not won but we won the reward! Anyways, who do I vote? Brandi? No. Summer? No. Madd? No. Isabella? No. Leslilanna? Yes. *stamps Lesillanna's passport*

Madd: (CONF) *Stamps Leslianna's passport*

Summer: (CONF) *stamps Leslianna's passport and then throws it out window*

Chris: Well the votes are in! Peanuts go to Brandi, Holly, Madd, Summer and Isabella! The bottom 2 are Rosie and Leslianna, but the lucky loser is Leslianna! *hurls Leslianna* Well say goodbye to drama or do we? Come back next time on Total Drama Aftermath (Season 4)!

Summer: Woooooooooooooo!

Madd: High five Brandi!

Episode 11: Sweden Sour

First Class

Matt: *prays Summer doesn't get eliminated*

Brady: *Walks too See Matt* Hey are you ok? If you want too be Alone thats fine.

Matt: Yeah I'm fine I just hope this girl I like doesn't get eliminated

Brady: *Whispers* Soo im guessing you like Summer.. i remember that you Saved her from almost getting Sucked out a plane...

Matt: *whispers* Yeah I do but I don't know if she likes me

Madd: *walks into First Class* Matt? Can I talk to you?

Matt: Yeah sure Madd what's up?

Madd: Want to trade spots with Leslianna? I know you like Summer.

Matt: Well she might be being eliminated right now.

Brandi: *runs in* Brother! Brady i have a couple things too say too you. Madd: Might as well get the best of it.

Matt: I'll tell you what. Wait after tonight's elimination to see who gets eliminated I'm sure Brandi would switch to get to be with her brother

Madd: Deal.

Brady: Woah what Brandi? What do you want too say too me.

Madd: Matt and Brandi will switch teams. *back from elimination* Trade?

Matt: If Brandi is fine with it, but do you think Summer likes me?

Madd: Nothing like watching the confessionals to prove it. *throws Matt a tape of Summer talking about Matt in the confessional* Watch it.

Matt: Well alright I'm trusting you. I'll swap teams with Brandi

Madd: Alright.

Brandi: Hmm may I please Like think about it...I only know like one person Beside my Brother on this team....And Can you give me this Episode too think about it please...*Too Brady* I feel bad what I did I don't know what too do..

Brady: *Too Brandi* Ok Try Telling her how she feels..

Madd: (CONF) Ugh! I'm trying to get Summer and Matt together, and getting Brandi to be with her brother. (NO CONF) Well, Brandi, this teams wins more than ours. It'll also increase your chances of not getting voted off.

Matt: Madd has some good points Brandi

Brady: If Brandi says no....She does not have too Switch Teams and Summer can Switch too our team and one of our teammates too the other team..Ugh! this is Hard Only if there were Three teams of Four that would be easy...(CONF) i love brandi as a sister and all if we stay together for a long time we fight....

Brandi: May i have some time too think ..... like One Episode.. Maybe will I say yes.. (I Kinda like my players too be on a Diffrent Team and Holly,Isabella Madd or rosie can switch but can like Brandi have like one episode too like think :l)

Economy Class

Challenge 11

(TDBAW: ACTN, I won't be here for a whole week for a cruise, so please excuse me D: Starting Saturday) Chris: Challenge is 8/3/12 at 7pm EST

Chris: Alright welcome to Sweden. You will build a boat! It will take 5 lines to build and you will race to grab the flag at open water. That will take 3 lines. GO!

Matt: *builds boat*

Chandler: *builds boat*

Tom: *builds boat*

Holly: *builds boat*

Matt: *builds boat*

Chandler: *builds boat*

Tom: *builds boat*

Holly: *builds boat*

Matt: *builds boat*

Chandler: *builds boat*

Tom: *builds boat*

Holly: *builds boat*

Matt: *builds boat*

Chandler: *builds boat*

Brandi: *Builds boat*

Tom: *builds boat*

Holly: *builds boat*

Brady: *builds boat*

Tom: *builds boat*

Holly: *builds boat*

Brandi: *builds boat*

Brady:*Builds a boat*

Tom: *finishes boat*

Holly: *finishes boat*

Brandi:*Builds boat*

Brady:*builds boat*

Matt: *finishes boat*

Chandler: *finishes boat*

Holly: *rides in boat*

Tom: *rides in boat*

Brandi:*Builds Boat*

Brady: *Builds boat*

Tom: *rides in boat*

Holly: *rides in boat*

Matt: *rides in boat*

Chandler: *rides in boat*

Tom: *grabs flag*

Brandi: *finishes boat*

Brady:*Finishes boat*

Chris: The Screaming Travelers win!

Song 9: Sweden Sour

Elimination Ceremony 10: Killer Tourists

Chris: You know what to do. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL

Brandi:(CONF) *Stamps Isabellas Passport* You dont do much sorry (NONCONF) *Too Summer* Im sorry for being a Jerk too you It Turned out i was being mean you were not soo im going too Switch with Matt because he wants too be with you and Second of All He asked me soo im going too accept his and Madd's Offer and Matt likes you Summer *Too Madd* I thinked about it and ill say yes.

Holly: (CONF) *Stamps Isabella's Passport* Sorry! You don't do much! But, you were still a good person! Or at least, I think, but yeah you were a good teammate!

Chris: Okay! Peanuts go to Brandi, Holly, Madd and Summer! Rosie, Isabella you are the bottom 2 but Rosie is safe! See ya Isabella! *pushes Isabella out the plane* But before we leave Sweden I would like to hear a little song called Sweden Sour from you losers. I will stop the song at any time

Episode 12: In The Land Down Under

First Class

Economy Class

Challenge 12

Chris: Challenge is 8/6/12 at 7pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Australia! Before we start Killer Tourists has some singing to do! The song is called In The Land Down Under! The song ends at 8:10pm EST

Chris: Well now the Killer Tourists need to make up 3 songs. But you must race emus to Hanging Rock. First there wins a nice reward and immunity! It will take 5 lines. GO! Also please welcome Norman who is on the Killer Tourists

Matt: *gets on emu*

Chandler: *gets on emu*

Matt: *rides on emu*

Chandler: *rides on emu*

Leslianna: *Appears* HEY GUYS! It's so great to be back. Chris let me cameo! Hehehe isn't he nice!

Tom: *gets in emu*

Holly: *gets on emu*

(Zanna: I can't make it. Sorry)

Matt: *rides emu*

Chandler: *rides emu* Hey Leslianna!

Tom: *riding emu* Huh? Oh, hi, Lesilanna.

Holly: *rides emu* Hi!

Matt: *rides emu*

Chandler: *rides emu*

Tom: *rides emu*

Holly: *rides emu*

Matt: *arrives*

Chandler: *arrives*

Chris: The Killer Tourists lose again!

Leslianna: Hey Chandler! Hey Holly! Hey Tom! Interesting fact, I hid in the plane until now!

Song 10: In The Land Down Under

Elimination Ceremony 11: Killer Tourists

Chris: Wow you guys lose again oh well vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Holly and Rosie are up for elimination

Chris: I have just found out that Brady and Brandi are resigning from the competition so they are both out.

Leslianna: Oooh, oooh, can I do the honors? *Pushes Brandi and Brady out the plane* Bon Voyage!

Chris: Leslianna why don't you rejoin the competition.

Episode 13: The Great Run Of China

First Class

Economy Class

Challenge 13

Chris: Challenge starts tonight at 8pm EST

Chris: Alright welcome to China! First off I'll tell all of you that you made the merge! Now you have to run across the Great Wall (5 lines) and then I'll explain the next part. GO!

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Norman: *runs* Hey everyone! Sorry I wasn't here last episode! I sort of dozed off. I do that sometimes.

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Chris: By the way welcome back Leslianna!

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Norman: *runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Norman: *runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Norman: *runs* Almost there!

Matt: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Norman: *finishes* Yes!

Leslianna: Feels great to be back!! Oh. *Runs*

Tom: *runs*

Holly: *runs*

Matt: *arrives*

Chandler: *arrives*

Tom: *arrives*

Holly: *arrives*

Leslianna: *Runs*

Chris: Alright you must eat 3 dishes. Wontons, Fried Rice and Chicken Wings. It will take 3 lines. 1 line per dish. The winner receives immunity and may bring the loser of their choice to first class.

Matt: *eats wontons*

Chandler: *eats wontons*

Tom: *eats wontons*

Holly: *eats wontons*

Norman: *eats wontons*

Matt: *eats fried rice*

Chandler: *eats fried rice*

Tom: *eats fried rice*

Holly: *eats fried rice*

Norman: *eats fried rce*

Tom: *eats chicken wings*

Holly: *eats chicken wings*

Chris: Tom wins! Now who do you want to take to first class?

Norman: What do I get? I won the first challenge!

Chris: The satisfaction of winning part of a challenge!

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Vote in the CONF by stamping someone's passport. Madd, Summer, Leslianna and Tom are safe.

Norman: (CONF) I'll vote for Rosie because she didn't do the challenge.

Tom: (CONF) I vote Rosie, sorry.

Holly: (CONF) Rosie, sorry!

Leslianna: (CONF) I vote Rosie of course!

Matt: (CONF) Rosie!

Chandler: (CONF) Sorry Rosie

Chris: Peanuts for everyone except Raven and Rosie! Rosie I'm sorry but you're out! *pushes Rosie out the plane* Someone pick a color to represent those who made the merge (And can someone add Norman to the E.T.?)

Leslianna: Ooh how about Purple?

Episode 14: Stuck In Drumheller!

First Class

Leslianna: (CONF) Gee it's great to be back! Although, I think I should be less annoying cause I think that's what lead to my elimination. Hmm... I might need one of those alliance friendy things. Is that what it's called?

Economy Class

Challenge 14

Chris: Challenge is tonight at 8pm EST!

Chris: Well welcome to Drumheller, Canada. We ran out of fuel so finding oil is the challenge! It will take 5 lines. First 2 to find oil will win immunity. GO!

Matt: *looks for oil*

Chandler: *looks for oil*

Norman: *looks for oil*

Tom: *looks for oil*

Holly: *looks for oil*

Norman: *looks for oil*

Tom: *looks for oil*

Holly: *looks for oil* Where's the oil?

Leslianna: *looks*

Norman: *finds oil and starts to dig it out*

Leslianna: *looks*

Norman; *keeps digging*

Tom: *looks for oil*

Holly: *looks for oil*

Leslianna: *looks*

Norman: *digs out oil and brings it to Chris* I got it!

Leslianna: *looks* Hm. Can't find anything!

Matt: *looks for oil*

Chandler: *looks for oil*

Leslianna: *Finds oil* Finally! *Tries to dig it out*

Tom: *finds oil and starts digging*

Leslianna: *Digs it out* H-h- here Chris!

Chris: Leslianna and Norman win immunity and first class

Elimination Ceremony 13

Chris: You know what to do. STAMP THE PERSON'S PASSPORT THIS TIME! Norman, Madd, Summer and Leslianna are safe

Matt: (CONF) *stamps Raven's passport*

Chandler: (CONF) *stamps Raven's passport*

Tom: (CONF) *Stamps Raven's passport*

Holly: (CONF) *Stamp Raven's passport*

Norman: (CONF) *stamps Dre's pssport*

Raven: *looks into the future* Looks like I'm outta here! Oh well, I made it farther than I thought I would! Bye! *leaves happy*

Chris: And peanuts go to Norman, Leslianna, Madd and Summer! Matt, Chandler, Tom and Holly are also safe. The bottom 2 are Dre and Raven, but Raven is out!

Episode 15: Easter Island Egg Hunt

First Class

Leslianna: Wow I LOVE first class! How about you Norman?

Economy Class

Challenge 15

Chris: Challenge tonight at 8pm EST!

(Stars: Sorry I can't make the challenge today.)

Chris: We are at Easter Island in Chile. You must find 3 eggs then race to the top of a mountain! IT will take 3 lines to find eggs (1 per egg) and 5 lines to race to the top. GO!

Matt: *finds egg*

Chandler: *finds egg*

Tom: *finds egg*

Holly: *finds eggs*

Matt: *finds egg*

Chandler: *finds egg*

Tom: *finds egg, and nearly trips* Woah!

Holly: *finds egg*

Matt: *finds last egg and runs to mountain*

Chandler: *finds last egg and runs to mountain*

Norman: *finds egg*

Matt: *Runs to mountain*

Chandler: *runs to mountain*

Norman: *finds another egg*

Matt: *Runs to mountain*

Chandler: *runs to mountain*

Norman: *finds last egg*

Matt: *Runs to mountain*

Chandler: *runs to mountain*

Chris: Alright that's enough. Matt wins immunity and can bring a guest to first class

Matt: I choose Summer obviously

Elimination Ceremony 14

Chris: Stamp the person's passport you wish to eliminate in the CONFESSIONAL. Matt, Summer and Madd are safe.

Leslianna: (CONF) *Stamps Dre's passport and shrugs*

Matt: (CONF) *stamps Dre's passport*

Chandler: (CONF) *stamps Dre's passport*

Chris: Peanuts go to Matt, Madd, Summer, Chandler, Tom, Norman and Holly. The last bag of peanuts goes to Leslianna! Goodbye Dre *pushes Dre out the plane* Welcome final 8!

Episode 16: Aftermath Olympic Games!

First Class

Economy Class

Challenge 16

Chris: Challenge starts tonight at 8pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Greece. You guys will be facing off in challenges against each other. If you win you win immunity.

Matt vs. Madd

Chris: You guys will play soccer. First to 5 wins!! 1 line equals 1 goal. You may write another line if your opponent doesn't respond within 5 mins

Matt: *scores a goal*

Matt: *scores a goal*

Matt: *scores a goal*

Matt: *scores a goal*

Matt: *scores a goal and wins* YES!

Chandler vs. Leslianna

Chris: You will play basketball. first to 5 wins. 1 line equals 1 basket. You may write another line if your opponent doesn't respond within 5 mins.

Chandler: *scores a basket*

Chandler: *scores a basket*

Leslianna: *Shoots A Basket*

Leslianna: *Shoots A Basket* Yeah!

Leslianna: *Shoots A Basket*

Leslianna: *Shoots A Basket*

Chandler: *scores a basket*

Leslianna: *Shoots a last basket* I'm finished Chris!

Norman vs. Tom

Chris: You guys will play beach volleyball. 5 points wins! 1 line equals 1 point. You may write another line if your opponent doesn't respond within 5 mins

(Science told me he won't be here for this challenge - TrentFan)

Tom: *spikes ball*

Tom: *spikes ball*

Tom: *spikes ball*

Tom: *spikes ball* Almost done!

Tom: *spikes last ball* Yes, I did it! *trips* .....Well I finished.

Holly vs. Summer

Chris: You guys will race canoes. 5 lines to the finish! You may write another line if your opponent doesn't respond within 5 mins

Holly: *gets in canoe*

Holly: *rows canoe*

Holly: *rows canoe*

Holly: *rows canoe*

Holly: *finishes canoe race* I did it! Yay!

Elimination Ceremony 15

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Matt, Leslianna, Holly and Tom are safe.

Matt: (CONF) *stamps Madd's passport*

Chandler: (CONF) *stamps Madd's passport*

Leslianna: (CONF) *Stamps Madd's Passport*

Tom: (CONF) *Stamps Madd's passport*

Holly: (CONF) *Stamps Madd's passport*

Norman: (CONF) *stamp's Madd's passport*

Chris: Peanuts go to Matt, Leslianna, Holly and Tom! Chandler and Norman are also safe. Madd, Summer the last bag of peanuts goes to Summer! *pushes Madd out the plane*

Episode 17: Viva La Mexico!

First Class

Economy Class

Challenge 17

Chris: Challenge starts tonight at 8pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Mexico! Your challenge is to decipher one of two sentences from Spanish to English. Here are your choices: Voy a llegar a la final seis or El siguiente destino es el Yukón. Decipher either of those phrases and you win immunity! GO!

Tom: For the first one: I will go to the final six?

Leslianna: And for the second one: The next destination is Yukon.

Chris: Answers will be posted after everyone posts their answers

Matt: The first one says I will make it to the final six

Chandler: The second one says The next destination is the Yukon

Chris: Matt, Chandler, Leslianna and Tom have immunity!

Elimination Ceremony 16

Chris: Stamp the person's passport to eliminate them. Matt, Chandler, Tom and Leslianna are safe.

(XX: I know I'm not in the camp but I just wanted to inform all the camps TDBAW is in that she is in the hospital D:)

Chris: Due to TDBATW in the hospital this leads to our first elimination by injury so Summer is out

Norman: we still need an elimination?

Chris: No we do not

Norman: Yes! So, off to Yukon!

Episode 18: Anything Yukon Do I Can Do Better

First Class

Economy Class

Challenge 18

Chris: Challenge tonight at 8pm EST

Chris: Welcome to the Yukon! You have to jump these ice floes and then race to the finish line! It will take 3 lines to jump the ice floes and 5 lines to the finish line! GO!

Matt: *jumps ice floe*

Chandler: *jumps ice floe*

Leslianna: *Jumps Ice Floe*

Matt: *jumps ice floe*

Chandler: *jumps ice floe*

Leslianna: *Jumps Ice Floe,* Too easy!

Matt: *jumps last ice floe*

Chandler: *jumps last ice floe*

Leslianna: *Jumps Last Ice Floe*

Tom: *jumps ice floe*

Holly: *jumps ice floe*

Chris: Alright this is taking too long! Meet me at elimination

Elimination Ceremony 17

Chris: Alright that was kind of pathetic, but since Norman is the only one not to do the challenge I say he's eliminated!

Episode 19: German Alps Party

Economy Class

Leslianna: Final 5! Yes!

Matt: Isn't it exciting?

Challenge 19

Chris: Challenge is 8/20/12 at 8pm EST!

Chris: Welcome to Germany! You have to make a sausage sled (3 lines) and race it down the mountain (3 lines) First done wins immunity!

Matt: *builds sled*

Chandler: *builds sled*

Matt: *builds sled*

Chandler: *builds sled*

Leslianna: *Builds Sled*

Matt: *finishes sled*

Chandler: *finishes sled*

Leslianna: *Builds Sled*

Matt: *races sled*

Chandler: *races sled*

Matt *races sled*

Chandler: *races sled*

Matt *races sled* Yes i won!

Chandler: *races sled* 2nd place!

Chris: Matt wins immunity!

Elimination Ceremony 18

Chris: Well Matt won immunity and suprise! He gets to choose who gets eliminated! So Matt who will get shoved out of the plane?

Matt: I'm sorry but I pick Tom.

Chris: Alright *pushes Tom out of the plane*

Episode 20: Brawl at the Falls

First Class

Economy Class

Leslianna: Final 4! *Happy Dance*

Challenge 20

Chris: Challenge is tonight at 8pm EST and you MUST be there

Chris: Welcome to Niagara Falls! Today you will be in pairs of 2. There will be a husband and a bride. The bride must grab a dress while being blindfolded! It will take 5 lines. You have til 8:45pm EST. If your opponent doesn't respond within 5 mins you can post again. The teams are Matt and Leslianna and Chandler and Holly

Leslianna: *Looks For Dress* Hmm.....

Leslianna: *Continues To Look*

Leslianna: *Still Looks,*

Leslianna: *Continues to look\

Leslianna: *Finds Dress* Ooh! I found the dress Chris!

Chris: Matt and Leslianna move on! Matt must carry you across the falls! 3 lines!

Matt: *carries Leslianna across bridge*

Matt: *carries Leslianna across bridge*

Matt: *carries Leslianna across bridge*

Chris: You guys win immunity!

Elimination Ceremony 19

Chris: Matt and Leslianna have immunity so don't vote for them. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL

Leslianna: (CONF) *Stamps Chandler's Passport*

Matt: (CONF) *stamps Chandler's passport*

Chandler: (CONF) *stamps Holly's passport*

Chris: Well here are the votes! Peanuts go to Matt and Leslianna! The final bag of peanuts goes to....Holly! Sorry Chandler *pushes Chandler out the plane*

Episode 21: Fun In The Sun Egyptian Style

First Class

Leslianna: Oh I love first class!

Matt: Me too!

Economy Class

Challenge 21

Chris: Challenge is tonight at 8pm EST!

Chris: Okay you guys are in Egypt! You must either go over or under the pyramid. It is a race to the finish. The first 2 will go to the finale. It will take 5 lines. If your opponent doesn't respond within 5 mins, post again.

Matt: *runs under the pyramid*

Leslianna: *Runs Under Pyramid*

Matt: *runs*

Leslianna: *Continues To Run\

Matt: *runs*

Leslianna: *Runs under the Pyramid*

Leslianna: *Runs* Almost there!

Leslianna: *Finishes* I'm done Chris! Yee! Final 2!

Matt: *runs*

Matt: *finishes*

Chris: We have our final 2!

Elimination Ceremony 20

Chris: Well Holly is automatically eliminated because Matt and Leslianna were the first 2 to finish the challenge. *pushes Holly out the plane* Welcome to the final 2!

Episode 22: Grumble Volcano

Pre Chat

Chris: Alright losers time to vote! Vote in the CONFESSIONAL

Chandler: (CONF) I vote Matt cause he deserves to win

Jaden: (CONF) Leslianna. She got less annoying when she returned.

Norman:(CONF) I vote for Leslianna to win.

Brandi: (CONF) Oh my Gosh im mad about resigning but me and Brady had a Reason too ( Is this the last Season By the way?) But i vote for Leslianna she is better then Matt!

Brady: (CONF) MATT!

Isabella: (Conf) i vote matt to win the whole show!!!!!

Jake: (CONF: I vote Matt)

Ravne: (CONF: I vote Matt)

Chris: Congrats Matt! You win! advantage in the final challenge!

Final Challenge

Chris: Final challenge starts tonight at 8pm EST and I will need ALL losers!

Chris: Alright you must build a statue of me and run it up to the volcano! Matt's advantage is that he has all the parts to make the statue! Leslianna will have to find her own supplies. It wil take 3 lines to build and 3 lines to run to the volcano! If your opponent doesn't respond within 5 mins post again! GO!

Matt: *builds statue*

Matt: *builds statue*

Leslianna: *Builds Statue*

Matt: *finishes statue*

Matt: *runs up the volcano with statue*

Norman: Come on Leslianna! You can do it!

Matt: *still runs with statue*

Matt: *reaches the top* I win! I really won!

Chris: Congratulations Matt! Now there's only one thing left to do!

Norman: Oh come on!

Final Elimination Ceremony

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