Last season Cameron came out on top. But things are different this season with new faces and challenges and another $1,000,000 up for grabs. Out of 16 contestants, 1 will top them all. This is TOTAL DRAMA AFTERMATH SEASON 3!

Sign Ups (CLOSED)


  1. Chandler-The Heroic Friend-ACTN
  2. Hwoarang-The Party Animal With An Attitude-Bakura13
  3. Norman-The Eccentric Inventor-Scienceboy0
  4. Dylan Sean (DS)-The Model-TDALindsayfan1
  5. Melanie-The Skilled Girl With Moodswings-TaygenTeagan
  6. Bria-The Ghetto Girl-FameFlame
  7. Maddie-The Sweet n' Sour-TrentFan
  8. Taybina-Gunner (TG)-The Hunteress-OMGDP


  1. Noah- Scienceboy0
  2. Mike- TrentFan
  3. Izzy - Hollywood
  4. Katie-Omgdeadpeople
  5. Duncan - TaygenTeagan
  6. Courtney - CodyDuncanFan97
  7. Tyler- ACTN
  8. Ezekiel- Roy

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Chris and Noah


TG and Any Animal



Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
5th Courtney IND OUT Returns In Episode 9 SAFE LOW OUT
12th Dylan Sean WIN SAFE IND LOW OUT
13th Hwoarang WIN SAFE LOW OUT
14th Bria WIN LOW OUT
15th Melanie WIN OUT
16th Duncan OUT

     This contestant was on the Plasma Psychos

     This contestant was on the Mutant Monkeys

     This contestant made the merge

     This contestant won a challenge

     This contestant was absent/excused from a challenge

     This contestant won individual immunity

     This contestant was safe at elimination

     This contestant was in the bottom two at elimination

     This contestant was eliminated

Episode 1: 3rd Times The Charm!

Pre Chat

Norman: Total Drama Aftermath! I can't believe I've made it this far.

Melanie: Hi! I'm Melanie.

Chandler: Hey guys the name's Chandler

Chris: Welcome Norman, Melanie and Chandler!

Maddie: Hey guys.

TG:Haii I'm Taybina Gunner you can call me TG I use a bow and arrow like Katniss Everdeen and I love too hunt

Katie:Oh my Gawd it's great too be here and where's Sadie *Cries*

Noah: Calm down whinney pants, I'm sure she'll be here soon.

Mike: Hey guys!

Hwoarang: *Arrives*

Norman: So many familiar faces!

TG:*Plays with her bow and arrows*

Katie: but..if I'm with out Sadie for 1 hour I get the hives! D:

Melanie: The hives?

Hwoarang: Well then you better hope that Sadie gets the last spot!

Katie:*Too the Camera* Sadie I need you ! I hope you can sign up D:

DS: I'm DS. *winks*

TG: I'm TG :D

Chris: Looks like we're having our first challenge tomorrow! @4pm EST

Duncan: Whoop dee doo...

Melanie: Cool!

Courtney: Great, you're all going down!

Duncan: *Stays Silent*

Norman: I'm sorry to tell you Katie, but Sadie won't be in the competition this season.

Katie:NOOO!!! D:

Noah: I'm suprised you were away from her long enough to sign up on your own. (Sorry, but I won't be able to participate today, tommorrow, or saturday, I have company over.)

Katie: I guess I can survive D:

Chris: I'm sorry the challenge will be at 8pm EST today! Not 4pm EST

DS: Almost challenge time!

Ezekiel: This is going to be fun, eh.

Boys Cabin

Ezekiel: Hello, guys, eh.

Girls Cabin

Challenge 1

Chris: Okay so this season its Fans vs. Favorites which means the teams for this season are Chandler, Hwoarang, Norman, Dylan Sean, Melanie, Bria, Maddie and Taybina-Gunner are Team A. The rest of you are on Team B. The first part of your challenge is to think of a team name, but it must be related to chemical waste. GO!

TG: How about the Toxic MockingJays

Mike: Radioactive Rodents?

Courtney: The Plasma Psychos!

Mike: I like the idea Courtney, anyone else agree on the Plasma Psychos?

DS: I agree with TG.

Maddie: I don't exactly like Toxic MockingJays, but if you guys want, I'll agree....

TG: who else agree's with me :3

Tyler: Radioactive Rabbits

Chandler: Mutant Monkeys?

Courtney: Okay, Mike is with me, who else?

TG: Mutant monkeys hmmmm.. Any other ideas


Courtney: Yes, three out of eight agree with me! Two more and the majority wins!

Mike: Well, hopefully we agree on a name soon.

Chandler: We need to agree on a name quickly!

Tyler: Sure I like that idea Courtney

Courtney: Yes! 1 more, and I-we-win!

DS: I agree with Chandler!

TG:i argee too since monkeys are epic

Chandler: Maddie lets say you?

Maddie: I like Chandler's's better than MockingJays, no offense TG.

TG: It's ok

Chandler: Ok so thats our team name and I'm guessing our color is yellow?

Tyler: Courtney what's our team color?

TG:Ok it's the color of Bananas soo ok

Courtney: Aqua or limegreen, but I prefer Aqua!

Katie: Aqua is great! :D

Mike: Yeah, aqua is a great color! I agree with aqua.

DS: I agree with a banana-yellow thing.

Chris: Ok Plasma Psychos and Mutant Monkeys you see those canoes over there. Well you have to race them down to the campsite. Last to arrive wins a brutal elimination ceremony. GO!

Chandler: *runs to canoe*

Tyler: *runs to canoe*

TG:*Runs to Canoe*

Katie:*Runs to canoe*

Mike: *runs to canoe*

Maddie: *runs to canoe*

Chandler: *starts rowing*

Tyler: *starts rowing*

Mike: *starts rowing*

Maddie: *starts rowing*

TG:*starts rowing*

Katie:*starts rowing*

Chandler: *continues rowing*

Tyler: *continues rowing*

TG:*Rows more*

Katie:*rows more*

Mike: *continues rowing*

Maddie: *continues rowing*

TG:*Rows more*

Katie:*rows more*

Mike: *rows*

Maddie: *rows*

Chandler: *rows*

Tyler: *rows*

TG:*Rows more*

Katie:*rows more*

DS: *runs to canoe and starts to row*

TG:*Rows more*

Katie:*rows more*

Mike: *continues rowing*

Maddie: *continues rowing*

DS: *continues rowing* (Are we all in different canoes and how many lines?)

TG:*Rows more*

Katie:*rows more*

Chandler: *rows more*

Tyler: *rows more* (10 lines as a team and you are in the same canoe)

Mike: *rowing* I think we're almost there!

Maddie: *rows*

DS: *rows* Are we close?

Mike: *rows faster*

Maddie: *rowing* I think so.

TG:*rows more*

Katie:*rows more

DS: *rows* Good... (I gtg... let vote go into early morning if my team loses, please...!)

TG:*rows more*

Katie:*rows more

Chandler: We're almost there! *reaches campsite* We win!

Mike: *rows and reaches campsite* Aw man, we lost! *turns into Chester* Dang kids!

TG:*Makes it* woo hoo!

Katie: aww we lost

Chris: Looks like the Plasma Psychos go to elimination town!

Elimination Ceremony 1: Plasma Psychos

Chris: Ok welcome to the first elimination of the season! In the CONFESSIONAL you will vote for someone to be cast off the island. If you are safe you will receive a jar of regular plasma, but if you are eliminated you will receive a jar of plasma you DO NOT want to have. Izzy is safe along with Mike, Courtney, Tyler and Katie.

Tyler: (CONF) I vote for Duncan

Mike: (CONF) I vote for Duncan.....sorry, but I think Zeke has more potential.

Izzy: (CONF: Sorry but I vote Duncan)

Courtney: (CONF) Duncan has gotta go!

Katie:(CONF) Duncan sorry...

Chris: And the jars of plasma go to....... Mike, Courtney, Tyler, Izzy, Katie and Noah. The bottom 2 are Ezekiel and Duncan. The final jar of regular plasma goes to..........................Ezekiel! Duncan here you go *gives Duncan radioactive plasma and hurls him*

Episode 2: Relay For Life

Pre Chat

Ezekiel: (CONF) Oh my god, eh. I was almost eliminated... I got to be very careful to stay active... or I might be going out of here.

Boys Cabin

DS: Challenge time!

Girls Cabin

Challenge 2

Chris: Challenge starts at 8pm EST! And don't be late!

Chris: Ok today's challenge is a relay across the island! Teams will have to run the relay carrying your mascot. For the Psychos its a jar of plasma. For the Monkeys its a monkey! The order for the Psychos is Tyler, Izzy, Mike, Courtney and then Ezekiel. The order for the Monkeys is Maddie, Dylan Sean, Chandler, Melanie, Bria and then Hwoarang.Katie, Noah, Taybina-Gunner and Norman are all absent today which means they cannot be voted out. It will take 4 lines to run plus 1 line to hand your mascot to the next person. Since the Psychos have 5 and the Monkeys have 6, Courtney will have to do 8 lines plus 1 in order to keep things fair. If the person does not respond within 5mins you may write another line. GO!

Tyler: *begins to run with plasma*

Maddie: *begins to run with a monkey* Please stay calm, monkey.

Tyler: *continues to run*

Monkey: *sleeps*

Maddie: *tries to run gently with the monkey*

Tyler: *still runs* Gotta keep this up!

Maddie: *continues to run* Come on....

Tyler: *runs more* Almost there!

Maddie: *runs* Almost there too!

Tyler: *gives Izzy jar of plasma* Run Izzy!

Maddie: *gives DS the Monkey* Hurry!

DS: *starts running* Okay!

DS: *continues to run* *rips off shirt with one hand, showing six-pack*

DS: *continues to run and sweat*

DS: *nearly stops, but realizes Chandler is farther ahead* Almost...

DS: *passes the monkey to Chandler* Go, dude!

Mike: Come on Izzy, you can do it!

Chandler: *starts running* I got this!

Chandler: *continues to run*

Ezekiel: Come on, Izzy, eh. I'm waiting.

Chandler: *still runs*

Chandler: Almost there! *sprints*

Chandler: Melanie here take it! *hands Melanie the monkey*

Courtney: Izzy, hurry! (CONF) If we lose, Izzy takes the boot.

Chris: Okay that was pathetic! Both teams are going to elimination tonight and the only people who are safe are the people who were absent!

Elimination Ceremony 2: Plasma Psychos and Mutant Monkeys

Chris: Ok that was REALLY bad. Now both teams will vote in the CONFESSIONAL to eliminate their teammate. Now for the Monkeys if you are safe you will receive a regular monkey, but if you are eliminate you will receive a mutant monkey! The Psychos should know what happens to them because they've already had an elimination. Now VOTE!

Izzy: (CONF: *takes a hat and picks a random name* I'm sorry but the Random Hat has spoken. Goodbye Courtney....)

Ezekiel: (CONF) I'm voting off, Courtney, for not doing the challenge.

Mike: (CONF) I guess, I'll vote of.....uh, Courtney? No hard feelings, I just have no idea who to vote.

Courtney: (CONF) Izzy wouldn't pass the stupid plasma jar, causing us the boot! It is not my fault! I don't know who to vote for because Izzy has stupid immunity. I guess Ezekiel. He did nothing episode 1.

DS: (CONF) I vote Melanie. She didn't go when Chandler passed it to her.

Tyler: (CONF) I don't know who to vote for! But I guess Courtney

Chandler: (CONF) Melanie wouldn't run after I gave her the monkey so she's gone!

Chris: We need more voters from the Mutant Monkeys!

Katie: (CONF) *Cries* I miss Sadie I vote for..Zeke it's a random vote

Hwoarang:(CONF) Melanie

TG:(CONF) I vote for Melanie she did not do anything *Sees camera* EP! *Shoots an arrow at the Camera* (TG carries a bow and arrow everywhere you can take it way from her if you don't like the idea)

Chris: And the votes are in! Plasma Psychos you're up first! The jars of regular plasma go to Noah, Katie, Izzy, Tyler and Mike! the final 2 are Courtney and Ezekiel, but the final jar of regular plasma goes to......................... Ezekiel! Courtney you're out! *gives Courtney radioactive plasma and hurls her* Now for the Mutant Monkeys! I'm giving monkeys to everyone even the loser! But that is one monkey you do NOT want as a pet. Monkeys go to Norman, Taybina-Gunner, Dylan Sean, Chandler, Maddie and Hwoarang! The bottom 2 are Bria and Melanie, but the mutant monkey goes to.............................Melanie! *throws mutant monkey at Melanie and hurls her*

Episode 3: Are You In Or Out?

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 3

Chris: Challenge starts at 7:30pm EST! And believe me you MUST be here for this challenge!

Chris: Okay yesterday's challenge was horrible so i want to see who really wants to be here. So the challenge is to say I want to be here. The team that has more people say I want to be here is safe and wins a reward. GO!

Chandler: I want to be here

Tyler: I want to be here

Izzy: I want to be here

Maddie: I want to be here

Mike: I want to be here

Katie: i want to be here

TG: i want to be here

Ezekiel: I want to be here, eh.

DS: I want to be here.

Chris: Since Noah is absent that means the Plasma Psychos have everybody present which means they win! Since Norman is absent that means the Mutant Monkeys have 4 out of 6 which means they lose!

Reward Ceremony 1: Plasma Psychos

Chris: Since you guys won you win a sweet hot tub party, which you can rock for the rest of the season!

Noah: Yeah!

Tyler: Woo! Alright!

Noah: Sorry I wasn't here to help in the first challenges. I had.......obligations.

Chris: Its alright Noah. I saved your butt

Noah: *whispers to Tyler* Now do you see why I was his assistant?

Tyler: Yeah bro I do!

Noah: *sits in hot tub* So, what kind of stuff has happened since I left?

Katie:*Sits in hot tub* Too bad Sadie is not here....I'm joking I miss her but I'm having fun :D

Noah: Weren't you suposed to get hives or something?

Katie: let's not talk about that (CONF) *Itches face* Wow this waterproof makeup is working....OH no I'm all out (NONCONF) Meh...

Elimination Ceremony 3: Mutant Monkeys

Chris: Wow you guys lost again. Well you know what to do. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Norman and everyone who did the challenge is safe. GO!

Norman: (CONF) Well, I'm back. I have been watching the challenges so far, and Bria has to go.

Chandler: (CONF) Yeah that Bria chick. Haven't heard her say ANYTHING

Taybina-Gunner:(CONF) Hmph I need too kill somthing like Hunt :D soo I choose Bria sorry but you said nothing

Maddie: (CONF) I vote Bria, sorry, but you do nothing to help the Monkeys.

Chris: And regular monkeys go to Norman, Taybina-Gunner, Chandler, Maddie and Dylan Sean. The bottom 2 are Hwoarang and Bria, but Bria gets the mutant monkey! *hurls Bria*

Episode 4: Friday Night Fright

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Norman: It's good to be back.

Chandler: Its great to see you dude!

Norman: Thanks. I was busy making a new invention. Africa will never be out of water again!

Noah: The challenge is starting soon.

Girls Cabin

Challenge 4

Chris: Challenge starts at 6pm EST!

Chris: For today's challenge you must run through this spooky forest. You must get a jar of plasma or a monkey from a tree based on your team and run through a cave. It will take 5 lines to run to a tree and 5 lines to run through the cave. First out wins immunity. GO!

Tyler: *starts running*

Chandler: *starts running*

Norman: *starts running*

Noah: *starts running*

Katie:*Starts running*

TG:*Starts running*

Norman: *keeps running*

Noah: *keeps running*

Mike: *starts running*

Maddie: *starts running*

Noah: *runs farther* See you later losers!

Norman: *runs faster*

TG:*runs more*

Katie:*runs more*

Norman:*keeps running* almost there!

Noah: *runs faster* As am I!

Tyler: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*

TG:*runs more*

Katie:*runs more*

Noah: *stops at tree* I made it!

Norman: *arrives at tree* So did I!

TG:*runs more*

Katie:*runs more*

Noah: *climbs tree* I bet I can get Plasma from this toxic tree.

Norman: Here little monkey!

Mike: *runs faster*

Maddie: *runs faster*

Tyler: *runs faster*

Chandler: *runs faster*

Mike: *runs faster*

Maddie: *runs*

TG:*Stops at tree* phew

Katie:*stops at tree*

Noah: *taps tree* I got it! *runs into cave with plasma*

Norman: *sees monkey* Got Ya! *catches monkey*

TG:Come on! Stupid monkey *climbs tree*

Katie:*climbs tree too get plamsa*

Tyler: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*

Norman: *rides monkey* Yeeeeeeeee Haaaaaa!!!!! *rides monkey into cave*

Noah: *runs* I'm about half way

Mike: *runs*

Maddie: *runs*

Norman: *keeps riding*

Noah: *keeps running* Almost there!

Mike: *arrives at tree* Finally.

Maddie: *arrives at tree*

Noah: *runs out of cave* I made it! Yes!

Norman: *rides out of cave* Chris! I brought my monkey!

Chris: Victory to the Mutant Monkeys!

Noah: What? But I brought my plasma first!

Chris: My mistake Noah

Elimination Ceremony 4: Mutant Monkeys

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Everyone who participated in the challenge is safe.

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Hwoarang

Maddie: (CONF) I'm sorry but I vote for Hwoarang.

Norman: (CONF) Sorry, Hwoarang, but you've got to go.

TG:(CONF) owww D: when I was trying too get the monkey it attacked me D: I vote Hwoarang

Chris: Looks like Hwoarang is eliminated! *hurls Hwoarang*

Episode 5: Can You Handle It?

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Noah: Wow, the first day I get back, I win it for the team. You all need me.

Norman: But, remember, I came in a close second. So close that Chris thought I won.

Tyler: Way to go Noah

Chandler: It seems like we have quite the activeness on our team Norman

Norman: Yes. Hopefully a team challenge will be next.

Noah: That just gives me time to vote out my weakest players.

Tyler: Who are we gonna vote off if we lose next Noah?

Chandler: Yeah same question Norman

Noah: Izzy will be gone. She has barely done anything.

Norman: *whispers* Neither has Dylan-Sean.

Tyler: Okay.

Chandler: Sounds good!

Girls Cabin

Challenge 5

Chris: Challenge starts at 7:30pm EST!

(Zanna: I can't make it. Sorry)

(ACTN: This is your last absence. You only get 3)

(Zanna: Well I'm helping with a VBS every morning till Friday (friday the last day) and camp till Thursday at night.

Chris: Okay you will be given 3 challenges tonight. Whoever wins 2 out of 3 wins immunity. The first challenge is to jump off this cliff landing in the safe zone of the ocean. Whoever has more jumpers by 8pm EST wins this challenge. It will take 3 lines GO! By the way Izzy is absent today.

Tyler: *runs towards cliff*

Chandler: *runs towards cliff*

TG:*Runs to cliff*

Katie:*runs too cliff*

Mike: *runs towards cliff*

Maddie: *runs towards cliff*

Tyler: *jumps off cliff*

Chandler: *jumps off cliff*

TG:*Jumps off cliff*

Katie:*Jumps off cliff*

Mike: *jumps off cliff*

Maddie: *jumps off cliff*

Chandler: *lands in safe area*

Tyler: *lands in safe area*

TG:*Lands in safe area*

Katie:*Lands in safe area*

Mike: *lands in safe area*

Maddie: *lands in safe area*

Norman: *runs toward cliff*

Noah: *runs toward cliff*

Chris: Anybody who attempted to jump the cliff is safe. The Plasma Psychos had 4 out of 5 jumpers and the Mutant Monkeys had 4 out of 5 so you each get a point. Now the next challenge is to go through this military obstacle course. It will take 5 lines now GO! You have until 8:30pm EST!

Tyler: *starts running*

Chandler: *starts running*

TG:*Starts running*

Katie:*Starts running*

Tyler: *continues running*

Chandler: *continues running*

TG:*Runs more*

Katie:*runs more*

Tyler: *runs more*

Chandler: *runs more*

Norman: *runs*

Noah: *runs*

Tyler: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*

Noah: *runs more*

Norman: *runs more*

Mike: *starts running*

Maddie: *starts running*

Tyler: *finishes course*

Chandler: *finishes course*

Norman: *runs more*

Noah: *runs more*

TG:*Runs some more*

Katie:*Runs some more*

Noah: *runs*

Norman: *runs*

Katie:*runs more*

TG:*Runs more*

Noah: *finishes*

Norman: *finishes*

Chris: I declare the Plasma Psychos the winners because Tyler finished first!

Noah: Yes!

TG:*Finishes* NO! Soo close

Katie:*finishes* YAY!

Elimination Ceremony 5: Mutant Monkeys

Chris: You guys lose for a 3rd time? that's lame! Anyways vote in the CONFESSIONAL.

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Dylan Sean

Norman: (CONF) Dylan-Sean is who I'm voting for.

Maddie: (CONF) I vote Dylan Sean, sorry.

Chris: And with a majority of the votes its Dylan Sean who is out! *hurls Dylan Sean*

Episode 6: Cooking For Dummies

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Noah: These challenges have been fun lately! Not dangerous at all!

Norman: yeah, well your not the one who got biten by a shark. (CONF) Chris ended the challenge before I landed, so you might not have seen. I landed right in a shark's mouth. I have no idea how he got in the hoop!

Chandler: Norman I can't believe there's only 4 of us left!

Norman: I know. I hope the merge comes soon.

Chandler: Yeah me too but we should stick together and I hope we win because I don't know who to vote for next!

Norman: I know. But, everyone is participating now. Hopefully that will be enough to win it for us.

Mike: So guys, hasn't this been fun?

Noah: Yeah. Like I said! No danger!

Norman: *points to butt*

Mike: Well, I guess besides that....but yeah, I'm pretty confident in our team.

Noah: Yeah, HUGE winning streak. AND more players!

Mike: Yeah, go Plasma Psychos! *high fives Noah*

Tyler: Mike I think Izzy should go after this

Noah: Yeah.

Mike: Yeah, Izzy hasn't been here a lot.

Tyler: She's also pretty annoying.

Chandler: I really need to think who goes from our team next

Noah: You know, maybe we should vote off katie instead. She REALLY misses Sadie

Tyler: That's true.

Mike: Yeah, she does miss Katie.

Norman: You can't decide who to eliminate. We can't decide who we CAN eliminate!

Chandler: Maybe we should stick together and discuss who to eliminate and for what reasons.

Norman: Well, you and I have been both of the most active players, so that rules us out.

Chandler: That is correct my friend

Norman: So, it's down to Millie or TG. I would choose TG.

Chandler: Yes I agree but we have to keep winning. If we lose there's 4 of us so 2 votes for TG and 2 votes for probably one of us which will end in a tie. We must keep winning till the merge comes

Norman: Your right. Keep winning!

Chandler: Worst case scenario is we lose and it ends in a tie, Chris will probably bring someone from the other team to vote

Norman: You know what, Millie seems less active than TG. She will go out.

Mike: Hey Noah, what do you think the challenge is?

Noah: Well, according to the title, it's something about cooking.

Mike: Hopefully we can cook up something good, then.

Norman: Let's find out. The challenge is about to start!

Girls Cabin

TG:UGH I hope my teammies and I win the challenge.

Katie:Yeah like that's going too happen your team is like team victory XD

TG: Shut up Katie! Atleast were.. Nevermind *Tries too shoot an arrow at Katie but the bow breaks* Crap! *Snaps arrows* (CONF) Stick pick ding it Pookit sneeze it UGH!! (Taybina gunner is trying too swear soo that's what are the words)

Katie: Psycho... (CONF) I got the hives I miss Sadie ive been whering this makeup soo I have been not been very truthfull soo yeah..

TG: I'm not Psycho.. Any other girls here ....

Maddie: I'm here....

TG:: Oh hi Maddie

Katie:*Sees the makeup is wearing off*

Maddie: Hi, TG- Uh.....Katie....

Katie: What?

Maddie: Your face.......

Katie: Well your mean..*Gets mirror* Ahhhh! What's this monster looking at ! *Starts crying* Sadie I miss you D:

TG: That monster is you...

Maddie: Yeah......

Katie: *Begins crying and see if she has that special makeup left* NO! The tube is Empty !

Maddie: Hmm, she must have not been kidding about not being with Sadie giving her the hives.

TG: Yup and worse the challenge is today and she looks like a fish that we mostlly eat where I'm form.. And the challenge is today...(CONF) Which is a puffer fish and I'm not saying that Katie looks tasty...

Katie:(CONF) Stupid game! Now I look like a pufferfish and people will think I look like a pufferfish and try too vote me out D:

Maddie: Just try and calm down, Katie.

Katie: I can't *Sees that her boil is oozing* I also get boils sometimes *Starts crying* well 2-4 boils

TG: Ewww.....(CONF) People here are annoying me! Soo I need a plan I have a sense that me and maddie is in trouble sooo we need too try too pick people off I'm active I try my best in challenges people don't know me im a hunter! I kill animals I almost killed my sister Taybin Gunter before by shooting an arrow at her arm I got grounded and I did not use my arrows and bow for a mouth I can be bloodthirsty soo watch out wimps.

TG:(CONF) Maybe the challenge is cooking YES! Hopefully it will I can make a goof goat cheese apple tart and Lamb stew :D

TG: Maddie can I talk too you for a secoud

Maddie: Sure, what do you need?

TG: We have four people left in our team I think the boys are targeting us soo Allience? And we need too win the next challenge.

Maddie: Sure to the alliance and I'll try my best in the challenge.....if we lose, who do we vote?

TG: hmm its hard it's between Chandler and Norman...

Maddie: Hmm.....want to flip a coin for it?

TG: Ok *Gets her special coin that she got from her mom* if it lands on Jabberjays it's chandler and it lands on a loaf of bread it's Norman *Thorws coin up in the air*

Maddie: *looks at the coin*

TG: And it landed on ....(Tune in part 2 XD if we lose)

Challenge 6

Chris: Challenge starts at 8pm EST!

(Zanna: Won't be able to make it. Busy. Dang)

Noah: I'm ready for the challenge, Chris!

TG: Me too!

Katie:*Comes out with out makeup* Me three...

Norman: Are you there?

Mike: Here we are Chris!

Maddie: We're ready!

TG: 9 minutes late Chris TSk?.Tsk.. D:<

Chris: Today you will be making edible food from items you find in the woods and of course it's mutated! You each must have your own dish. Best dish wins!

Tyler: *goes into woods*

Chandler: *goes into woods*

TG:*Goes into the woods*

Katie:*goes into the woods*

Noah: *runs into woods*

Norman: *runs into woods*

Mike: *goes into the woods*

Maddie: *goes into the woods*

Katie:*Keeps on running into the woods*

TG:*Keeps running into the woods

noah: Now, what to make?

Norman: What should I get?

Mike: *searches* What should we get?

Maddie: *looks around*

Norman: Oh! Nuts! *climbs in toxic tree*

Noah: I guess I could try and hunt something. *searches for animal*

TG: I should make Hmm Got it I may need too do some killing *Grabs a stick from the ground and keeps on running*

Katie:Got it *Runs some more*

Chandler: *looks around*

Tyler: *looks around*

Noah: *sees toxic pig* Now, I'll try and kill it. *jumps on pig*

Mike: *looks in bushes* Maybe some berries!

Maddie: *looks around*

TG: *Picks up a rock* I need too sharpen my stick

Mike: *looking in bushes* I need some berries.

Maddie: *looks around*

Katie: I got it :3 *Finds some mutant mushrooms at the bottom at the tree* then I need loads of lefts wait thre poison *Keeps on looking*

Chandler: *gets ingredients*

Tyler: *gets ingredients*

Mike: *finds some berries* I found some! But are they poisonous?

Maddie: *sees a nut* A nut......?

TG:My spear is sharp hunting time *Sees a mutant goat but it's in the tree tops* Ok *starts climbing trees*

Mike: *grabs more berries and looks for Noah*

Maddie: *picks up nut* Well we could use a nut?

TG:*Keeps on climbing*

Mike: *looking for Noah* He must know if these are poisonous.

TG:*Keeps on climbing the tree is close up*

Chandler: *makes mutant turkey soup*

Tyler: *makes mutant fruit smoothies*

Maddie: A nut......what else? *looks around* I could hunt.

TG: Ok! *GUlps is on top of the tree tops and jumps on the Mutunt goat but is having a hard time staying on*

Maddie: *looks at a mutant squirrel* Sorry *runs after it*

TG:*Starts stabbing the mutant goat with a stick that she found but is having problem staying on the goat*

Chandler: *puts finishing touches on soup*

Tyler: *finishes smoothies*

TG:*Stabs mutant goat in the stomach and falls too the ground with the mutant goat* hmm where is the goat chesse hmm?

Mike: *runs out of the woods with berries* Oh good, I'm not too late!

Maddie: *grabs the squirrel and grabs a sharp rock* Sorry.

Norman: *gets nuts* Now, some leaves, *collects leaves from toxic tree*

Noah: *kills pig* Now, how do I get it un-toxiced?

Tyler: *tastes smoothies* Delicious!

Chandler: *sips soup* Very good!

Mike: *smashes the berries* Hey I can make Fruit Sauce!

TG:*Stashes Most parts of the goat with her stick* Wheres the milk -_-

Norman: *collects various berries and fruits* Now, to put them in my un-toxic machine. I knew I would need to use this. *makes food good to eat*

Maddie: *kills the squirrel* Sorry, but I need something *puts nut in squirrel's mouth*

Noah: Maybe if I cook it, it will go away! *starts fire*

Norman: *makes salad* Yes!

TG:*Stashes the final part of the goat and finds Mutant goat cheese * it's goop hmm *Molds goat cheese into a cake shape*

Norman: I'm going to see if my team needs any help. *walks over to TG*

Maddie; Now how do I cook this? *grabs two sticks and starts a fire*

Mike: *smashes more berries* Almost done!

Chandler: I'm done Chris!

Tyler: Me too!

Norman: As am I!

Noah: *cooks Pig* I hope this is edible.

TG: Got it now I need Berries for flavor *Runs and sees berries but is 3 feet far from them*

Norman: *runs after TG* Need some help?

Chris: Challenge ends at 9:30pm EST!

TG: Yes please I need help getting berries.

Norman: Sure! what are you making? *collects some berries*

Mike: *finishes smashing berries and puts into a plate* Done!

Maddie: *starts a fire and puts the squirrel*

Norman: *collects more berries*

Maddie: *starts roasting the squirrel with a nut in the mouth*

TG: I'm making goat cheese cake I already molded the goat cheese too make it look like a camp *Collects a little bit of berries*

Maddie: *finishes roasting the squirrel* Darn squirrels.....

Norman: From a mutant goat? That's not edible! Put it in my machine to make it edible! *holds out machine*

Maddie: *finishes* This looks......okay.

norman: *calls over Maddie* Maddie! Hey! wanna put your squirrle through my machine? It will remove the toxic waste!

TG:Ok * puts Mutant goat cheese cake in the Machine*

Maddie: Sure, thanks Norman! *walks over to the machine* I'll go after TG.

Norman: *cake comes out of Machine* There. ready to be eaten.

TG: Thanks *Takes out berries that she collected and juices them for flavor*

Maddie: *Puts Roasted Squirrel in the Machine* Okay, then.

Norman: *squirrle comes out of machine* Good! Now our whole team is done! Except for Chandler. Where is he?

TG: He is done is he was the first one *Puts the rest of her berries that she found on the cake*

Norman: Yes! We did it!

Maddie: We finished.....phew.

Noah: *sees pig is glowing green* Great. Would a mirical come, please?

TG:*Is holding the goat cheese cake she made*

Chris: Ok! here are the results. Chandler: 9/10 Tyler: 8/10 Maddie: 8/10 Norman: 9/10 Noah: 7/10 TG: 10/10 Mike: 9/10. The Mutant Monkeys win!

Elimination Ceremony 6: Plasma Psychos

Chris: Haven't seen you guys here in awhile. Anyways vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Tyler, Noah and Mike are safe. VOTE!

Noah: (CONF) Sorry, Zeke, but this is what happens what you don't do anything.

Katie:(CONF) Zeke..

Mike: (CONF) Sorry Zeke, but you had many chances to prove your potential.....sorry Zeke, but I vote you.

Tyler: (CONF) Bye Zeke

Chris: Zeke you're out! *hurls Zeke*

Episode 7: Total Drama Boot Camp

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

TG:(CONF) Last challenge was fun I got too hunt I got mutant Goat blood on my hands from stabbing it from a sharp stick and I got a 10/10 from my cooking :D....I'll win for my Sick sister TG not me or Taybin Gunter my other sister Taylor Gina... :3

Katie: zz *Is sleeping*

Challenge 7

Chris: Challenge starts at 5:30pm EST!

Chris: Today you will be forced to do a boot camp run by Chef. There will be 3 challenges. The first is a muddy obstacle course. It will take 5 lines plus 1 setback GO!

Tyler: *runs fast* Yeah lets go!

Chandler: *runs fast*

Mike: *starts running* Come on Tyler, let's win this!

Maddie: *starts running*



Mike: *runs faster*

Maddie: *runs*



Mike: *starts slipping on the mud* Oh no!

Maddie: *runs*

TG:*Slips in mud lands on face *


Mike: *regains balance and runs* I can do this, I can do this*turns into Svetlana* You can't but Svetlana can!

Maddie: *trips and lands in the mud*

TG:*Gets up* FOR MY SISTER Taylor Gina *Runs*

Katie:*Slips and lands on face* It feels good on hives...

Mike: *runs faster*

Maddie: *gets up and runs* Okay then, Katie.

Tyler: *still runs*

Chandler: *still runs*

Mike: *as Svetlana* HaHa! *runs fast*

Maddie: *runs faster*

Katie:*Gets up and runs*


Maddie: *sprints*

Tyler: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*



Maddie: *finishes*

Tyler: *sprints*

Chandler: *sprints*

Chris: And Maddie wins it for the Monkeys! you need to win 2/3 to win

TG:*finshes* Yes!


Chef: Now you must eat these 3 dishes. Mutant Salad, Mutant Turkey and finally Mutant Cake for desert! First to finish wins!

TG:*Starts with the mutant turkey*

Tyler: *eats mutant salad*

Chandler: *eats mutant cake*

Mike: *turns into Mike* Oh what? Oh, the challenge *starts eating mutant cake*

TG:*Eats mutant turkey* (How many lines)

Katie:*Eats mutant turkey*

Mike: *eats mutant cake*

Maddie: *eats mutant salad*

TG:*Eats mutant turkey*

Katie:*Eats mutant Turkey*

Mike: *eats mutant cake*

Maddie: *eats mutant salad*

TG:*Eats mutant turkey*

Katie:*Eats mutant turkey*

Mike: *eats more mutant cake*

Maddie: *eats more mutant salad*

TG:*Eats mutant turkey*

Katie:*Eats mutant turkey*

Mike: *eats mutant cake*

Maddie: *eats mutant salad* (How many lines?)

Katie:*Chokes on turkey*

TG:*chokes on turkey*

Mike: *takes a break from eating* What is in this?

Maddie: *takes a breath* I liked yesterday's challenge better.

TG: it was fun I got a 10 for my goat cheese cake *Eats turkey*

Katie:*Eats turkey*

Chandler: *eats mutant turkey*

Tyler: *eats mutant turkey*

Mike: *eats cake*

Maddie: *eats salad* Yeah, it was better than this.

Katie:*Eats turkey*

TG:*Eats turkey*

Mike: *eats cake*

Maddie: *eats salad*

Katie:*Eats turkey*

TG:*Eats turkey*

Mike: *eats cake*

Maddie: *eats salad*

Katie:*Eats turkey*

TG:*Eats turkey*

Mike: How much longer, Chris?

Katie:*Eats turkey*

TG:*Eats turkey* yeah (I have too go soon I'm going too the movies with my friend*

Chris: Its over! The Mutant Monkeys win! They had a total of 21 lines. The Plasma Psychos had 19 lines. Congrats to the Mutant Monkeys for making the merge! But someone from the Plasma Psychos will not!

Elimination Ceremony 7: Plasma Psychos

Chris: Welcome to your last elimination ceremony as a team. You know what to do. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Izzy and Noah are up for elimination.

Mike: (CONF) I have to vote for Izzy.....she hasn't been here a lot and Noah deserves to be here a little more, not saying you don't deserve to. Sorry, Izzy.

Tyler: (CONF) I vote for Izzy

Katie:(CONF) the mud almost made my hives go away anyways I vote off No.....Izzy! haha!

Noah: (CONF) Sorry. Izzy.

Chris: And Izzy gets the shove! *hurls Izzy* Tyler, Mike, Noah and Katie welcome to the merge!

Noah: (CONF) This is the first time I've made it to the merge. It's suprising, really.

Mike: We made the merge! Cool to still be here.

Noah: You know, this does mean we are are against each other. Right?

Mike: Yeah, I know we have to go against each other, I've been here before. I'm just glad it's with you guys.

Chris: One of you 2 please pick a color to represent the people who made the merge (one that's not on the elimination table)

Mike: Umm.....Tomato? Gold? Purple?

Noah: Dark blue?

Episode 8: Wild Goose Chase

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Norman: Congrats on getting into the merge everybody!

Chandler: Congrats Norman!

Girls Cabin

TG: HOORAY! WE MADE IT TOO THE MERGE! (CONF) hmmmm i feel like an target but atleast i have maddie if were still doing the allience...

Katie: Woo Hoo! Sadie will be proud its my first time making it too the merge!

Maddie: We made the merge, that's nice.

Challenge 8

Chris: Challenge starts at 8pm EST!

(Sorry, but I can't make this one.-Science)

(ACTN: Alright you'll be safe)

Chris: Ok you guys must go into woods and will find mutant geese. 2 of these geese will lay an egg with individual immunity. Noah and Norman will not be joining us today so they are safe for a total of 4 out of 8 people safe. It will take 4 lines to find a goose and 3 to bring it back here! GO!

Tyler: *runs into woods*

Chandler: *runs into woods*

Mike: *runs into woods*

Maddie: *runs into woods*

TG: *Runs into woods*

Katie:*Runs into woods*

Tyler: *enters woods*

Chandler: *enters woods*

Mike: *enters woods*

Maddie: *enters woods*

TG:*enters woods*

Katie:*enters woods*

Mike: *looks for goose*

Maddie: *looks for goose*

Katie:*looks for goose*

TG: *looks for goose*

Mike: *looks around*

Maddie: *lookas around*

Tyler: *looks around*

Chandler: *looks around*

TG: *looks around*

Katie:*looks around*

Tyler: *grabs goose*

Chandler: *grabs goose*

TG:*grabs goose*

Katie: *grabs goose*

Mike: *grabs goose*

Maddie: *grabs goose*

TG: * Runs back*

katie: *runs back*

Mike: *runs back*

Maddie: *runs back*

Tyler: *runs back*

Chandler: *runs back*

Katie: *runs back*

TG:*runs back*

Chandler: *runs back*

Tyler: *runs back*

Mike: *exits woods*

Maddie: *exits woods*

TG:*Exits woods*

Katie:*exits woods*

Mike: *gives goose to Chris*

Maddie: *gives goose to Chris*

TG:*Gives goose to Chris*

Katie:*Gives goose to chris*

Tyler: *gives goose to chris*

Chandler: *gives goose to chris*

Katie's Goose: lays normal egg. TG's Goose: lays immunity. Tyler's Goose: lays normal egg. Maddie's Goose: lays normal egg. Mike's Goose: lays normal egg. Chandler's Egg: Lays immunity.

Chris: Congrats TG and Chandler! Now time to vote!

Elimination Ceremony 8

Chris: Noah, Norman, Chandler and TG are safe. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL!

Maddie: (CONF) Katie, sorry, but without Sadie, you are sad on this island, you'll go back with Sadie :)

Mike: (CONF) Hard vote, but I have to vote Katie, she hasn't been happy without Sadie. (Sorry I was confused on who to vote XD)

Tyler: (CONF) I gotta vote Katie sorry

Chandler: (CONF) Tough but I vote Katie

TG:(CONF) Katie... Sadie will be proud for you making it too the merge :)

Katie:(CONF) Maddie...random vote

Chris: Katie gets the boot! *hurls Katie* Only 7 left!

Episode 9: How Lucky Are You?

Pre Chat

Courtney: *arrives at the camp again* Hey, everyone! I'm back, and this time I am going to win! (I can't compete on Sunday, sorry, little sis' birthday. ~CDF97)

Noah: How many times have you said that?

Norman: I thought we voted you out.

Chris: Yes but now she's back and cannot be voted out today.

Courtney: Yup! So, prepare to taste defeat! Noah, you're right, I do always say that.

TG: *Smirks*

Boys Cabin

Noah: Courtney's back. She probably sued again.

Tyler: Looks like we're back to the final 8. Who should go next?

Norman: I don't know. (CONF) I was actually planning on voting HIM out.

Girls Cabin

Challenge 9

Chris: Challenge starts MONDAY at 8pm EST!

Chris: So today's challenge is about luck. We brought in a slot machine and your objective is to obtain 3 seven's in a row. You will pull the handle on the machine and that spins the slots which will land on 1 seven 2 seven's and 3 seven's (I will be pulling a piece of paper with 1 seven, 2 seven's or 3 seven's written on it out of a hat so that is random like a slot machine. If you get 3 seven's then you win! Who wants to go first?

Chandler: I will *pulls lever*

Slot Machine: *2 Seven's appear on screen*

Tyler: Me next! *pulls lever*

Slot Machine: *1 Seven appears on screen*

Mike: I'll go! *pulls lever*

Slot Machine: 3 Seven's appear on screen*

Chris: Congrats Mike!

Norman: What about me?

Noah: Yeah! We didn't even get a chance!

TG: * Pulls Lever* maybe theres more then 1 winner

Slot Machine (TG's turn): *2 seven's appear on screen*

Chris: Noah, Norman you must pull the lever first!

Maddie: I guess I go last.

TG: Oh Well i was close... But Congrats Mike for winning

Mike: Thanks!

Chris: Maddie go!

Maddie: *pulls lever*

Slot Machine: *2 Seven's appear on screen*

Courtney: My turn! *pulls lever*

Slot Machine: *1 Seven appears on screen*

Chris: Courtney you are already safe due to you returning today

Courtney: So, the challenge is over?

Chris: When Noah and Norman go

Noah: *pulls lever*

Slot Machine: *3 Seven's appear on screen*

Noah: Yeah!

Norman: Let me try. *pulls lever*

Slot Machine: *1 Seven appears on screen*

Chris: Well Noah and Mike are safe along with Courtney now time to vote!

Elimination Ceremony 9

Chris: Okay vote time! Now tonights vote is going to be different. You will send me your votes via wiki chat or on my talk page so no one will know who you are voting for. Noah, Mike and Courtney are safe

Chris: I'm just waiting for Courtney, Maddie and Mike to vote. (I know TrentFan is on vacation)

Chris: I'll keep you guys updated. We have a tie in votes, which means Mike and Maddie could possibly be the deciding vote

Chris: Okay so marshmallows for Mike, Noah, Courtney, Maddie, Chandler and TG. The bottom 2 are Tyler and Norman but the final marshmallow is for..............................Tyler! In a 5 to 3 vote! *hurls Norman*

Episode 10: Find The Camper!

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 10

Chris: Challenge time! Welcome final 7! Now your job is to find a camper who has an invincibility card. There are 3 of them (I picked out of a hat who has them). The caampers that could have them are the 1st generation cast aka TDI to TDWT. Another hint it is not anyone who competed in this season TDA(Season3). GO!

Tyler: *looks for Heather*

Chandler: *looks for Alejandro*

TG:*Looks for Cody*

Mike: *looks for Heather*

Maddie: *looks for Cody*

TG:*Keeps looking for Cody*

Mike: *keeps looking for Heather*

Maddie: *keeps looking for Cody*

TG:*Looks for Cody*

Heather: Ugh no I don't have it where's the hurl of shame so I can get out of here?

Alejandro: Hey bromigo! Sorry I don't have it.

Cody: Hey you found me! (TG found him first and make sure you all look for a different camper! btw it takes 1 line to find a camper)

Tyler: *looks for Leshawna*

Chandler: *looks for Sadie*

Mike: *looks for Trent*

Maddie: *looks for Gwen*

TG: Soo Cody do you have it

Cody: Yeah here *gives TG invincibility card*

'Leshawna: Hey Tyler no I don't have it sweetie'

'Sadie: No Chandler I don't have it but have you seen Katie?'

'Trent: Sorry dude but I'm looking for Gwen. Have you seen her?'

'Gwen: Sorry I don't have it, but where's Duncan?'

Chandler: *looks for DJ*

Tyler: *looks for Lindsay*

TG: Thanks! *Walks away*

Mike: *looks for Eva*

Maddie: *looks for Justin*

DJ: Yeah here you go buddy! *gives Chandler invincibility card*

Lindsay: Hi Tyson I mean Tyler, but no I don't have it.

Eva: Yes here just take it! *throws card on ground*

Justin: No sorry, but do you have a mirror?

Chris: We have our 3 winners!

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: Well what a day. Anyways vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Chandler, Mike and TG are safe

Courtney: (CONF) I vote Noah! He got me eliminated last time.

Tyler: (CONF) Bye Noah

Chandler: (CONF) Sorry Noah

Mike: (CONF) Noah, sorry.

Maddie: (CONF) Noah.

Chris: Noah is gone and only 6 remain! *hurls Noah*

Episode 11: Who's Your Buddy?

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Mike: Hey guys, doesn't it feel good being in the final 6?

Tyler: Yeah it does bro!

Mike: Yeah, good luck guys!

Girls Cabin

Challenge 11

Chris: The challenge will be today at 8pm EST! (I apologize for the delay).

Chris: Okay today's challenge will be both a reward and elimination challenge. You must find an animal in the forest and teach it to be like you. It will take 5 lines to find an animal and 3 to teach it to be like you. GO!

Chandler: *goes to woods*

Tyler: *goes to woods*

TG:*Goes to woods*

Mike: *goes to woods*

Maddie: *good to woods*

TG:*Tries too find an animal*

Mike: *looks for animal*

Maddie: *looks for animal*

TG:*Looks for animal*

Mike: *keeps looking*

Maddie: *keeps looking*

TG:*Looks more*

Mike: *looks*

Maddie: *looks*


Mike: *keeps looking*

Maddie: *keeps looking*

TG:* Finds an animal*

Mike: *finds a duck*

Maddie: *finds beaver* (do we have to be specific? XD)

TG: hmmm (I dont know if we control the animals or ACTN Does )

Chandler: *enters woods*

Tyler: *enters woods* (No I do not control the animals and it can be anything you want)

Maddie: *starts teaching beaver*

Mike: *starts teaching duck*

TG: *Starts Teaching Raccoon*

Maddie: *continues teaching beaver*

Mike: *continues teaching duck*

TG:*Continues Teaching Raccoon*

Mike: *continus teaching duck*

Maddie: *Continues teaching beaver*

TG:*Continues teaching Raccoon*

Mike: *finishes teaching duck*

Maddie: *finishes teaching duck*

TG:*Finishes teaching Raccoon*

Mike: *leaves woods*

Maddie: *leaves woods* (do we do that or what? XD)

Chandler: *looks for animals*

Tyler: *looks for animals*

Courtney: I know where to find the perfect animal for me! *runs through the woods*

Chandler: *still looks for animals

Tyler: *still looks for animals*

Chris: Well that's enough time. Chandler, Tyler and Courtney are out for the rest of this challenge. Mike, TG and Maddie show me how your animal is like you and I will be the judge.

Maddie: *shows her beaver* This beaver acts like me because she's sweet when nobody's being mean, but when someone is *beaver yells* it goes sour. It also, is a good friend.

Chris: Very nice. I give it a 9 out of 10

Mike: I have a duck *shows duck* It's nice, and it can my acts.

Duck: *turns into an old, annoyed duck* QUACK!

Mike: It's also a very good companion.

TG: *Shows her Raccoon* This Is A Disgusting animal But it's like me because I Hunt for Living by Using anything Like Rocks Bow and arrows and a Knife soo does this Raccon and I also Made this Bow with a Hair band and a small stick and it's going too use a Trig *Raccon Shoots a Sharp Twing at an Random Animal* See!

Chris: I give both an 8 out of 10 which means Maddie wins immunity! I will tell you your reward before the next challenge, but for now its time for elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 11

Chris: You know what to do. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Maddie is safe.

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Tyler

Tyler: (CONF) I vote Courtney

TG:(CONF) I vote for Tyler

Maddie: (CONF) Tyler.

Mike: (CONF) Courtney, I guess? Sorry.

Chris: And Tyler is the lucky loser! *hurls Tyler* Now we're down to 5!

Episode 12: Five Sided Fistagon

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 12

Chris: You can choose whether to have the challenge today or tomorrow

TG: Today too get it over with!

Chris: Okay so today's challenge will be a brawl. Maddie's reward is an automatic pass into the final 4! Due to there being 5 of you Maddie will sit this challenge out so we have an even number of people. Now its Chandler vs. Courtney and Mike vs. TG. (I pulled names out of a hat to see who versus who). The challenge ends at 8pm EST! If your opponent does not respond within 5 minutes you can hit again. The person with the most lines by 8pm EST or K.O.'s their opponent will win. Remember wait 5 minutes!

Chandler vs. Courtney

Chandler: *punches Courtney*

Chandler: *punches Courtney again*

Chandler: *kicks Courtney*

Courtney: *punches Chandler*

Courtney: *kicks Chandler in the face*

Courtney: This is too easy! Hand me the mil right now! *punches Chandler*

Courtney: Too tired to fight back? *kicks him in the groin*

Chandler: *punches Courtney*

Courtney: *continues punching Chandler*

Chandler: *punches Courtney*

Courtney: *punches Chandler in the face* I'm winning this!

Chandler: *punches Courtney*

Courtney: *punches Chandler in the face again* I'm not going down!

Courtney: *punches Chandler*

Chandler: *punches Courtney*

Courtney: *punches Chandler* Wait, isn't the challenge over?

Chris: Courtney moves on to the finals!

Mike vs. TG

Mike: Aw man, seriously?

TG: Come on! Mike cant take on a girl ?

Mike: No, I just don't like fighting. (CONF) Unlike Vito.

TG: Oh....*punches Mike* Sorry.. D:

Mike: *punches TG* Sorry, too. Whatever happens, it's okay, right?

TG: Its ok somtimes i get Crazy by Fighting too i hunt alot *Kicks Mike in the groin*

Mike: Ow! Seriously? *punches TG* Sorry!

TG: Its Okay!!!!! *Runs Over too Mike and starts Biting him on the neck*

Mike: Ow! *turns into Chester* DARN KIDS, THESE DAYS! *Hits TG with a cane* Off my lawn!

TG: OW!! * Tackles Mike/Chester* FOR MY SISTER TAYLOR GINA!!! *Punches him in the eye*

Mike(Chester): OW! RESPECT YOUR ELDERS! *Whacks TG with a cane*

TG: *Sceams with Rage* Never! * Grabs Mikes Neck and starts choking him*

Mike(Chester): What's wrong with these kids? *throws her off of him and hits her with a cane* OFF MY LAWN!

TG: This is not a Lawn *sighs* ONLY IF I HAD NOT BROKE MY BOW AND ARROW!!! *Kicks Chester in the groin*

Mike(Chester): OW! DARN KID! *Uses cane to hit TG's head*

TG: AGH! USE YOUR HANDS ...MIKE!! *Gives him a twisty*

Mike(Chester): AGH! DARN KIDS! *kicks her*


Mike(Chester): I HATE KIDS! *Gets up and hits her with a cane* I'M CALLING THE COPS!




Mike(Chester): *whacks TG with a cane* BE QUIET, DARN KID!

TG: * SCEAMS* NO! *Kicks him*


TG: NEVER! AND YOUR THE SAME AGE AS ME MIKE! *Kicks him in the stomach*

Mike(Chester): *about to hit TG with his cane but randomly pulls out a watch* Meh, it's time to sleep it's 4 PM(My time), good night, you darn kid *falls asleep*

TG: Night * Kicks Chester More*

Mike(Chester): *wakes up, and grabs cane and whacks her* I'M TRYING TO SLEEP *Falls asleep again, kind of knocked out? XD*

TG: Im trying too knock you out * Kicks him more*

Mike(Chester): Shut up! Darn kid! *whacks her with a cane* I'm trying to sleep!

TG: Im Doing a favor im knocking you out too go too sleep! XD *kicks him more*

Mike(Chester): *whacks TG with Cane* BE QUIET!

TG: *Sings* LALALALA * Kicks Kicks mike in the Head*

Mike(Chester): TURN OFF THAT RACKET *Whacks TG's face with a cane*

TG: *Stops* .....

Mike(Chester): *whacks TG's face with a cane again* Finally, darn kid! *falls asleep, kind of knocked out, maybe? XD*

TG :....

Chris: You guys tied in lines so I will flip a coin. One of you pick heads or tails

TG: Mike aka Chester fell asleep but oh well i pick Heads..

Chris: TG moves on!

Courtney vs. TG

Chris: You 2 will fight for immunity. Brawl ends at 8:45pm EST

TG:*Kicks Courtney* Sorry..

TG:*Slaps Courtney*

TG:*Bites Courtney* (It also has been over 5 Minutes)

Chris: TG wins immunity!

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. TG is safe.

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Courtney

Mike: (CONF) What? Where? Um, I guess I'll just vote Courtney, sorry.

Maddie: (CONF) Courtney.

TG:(CONF) I hate too say this but Courtney

Chris: Courtney is gone. For good this time! *hurls Courtney* Welcome to the final 4!

Episode 13: 4 The Record

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

TG: I hope there's no more Fighting challenges (CONF) I know I hunt animals and hunt but I don't do that too peopleDX

Maddie: Same here, but at least I didn't get to fight.

TG: Lucky....DX...Any Who...Wanna Form an Allience too get too the Final two or..No I think we have a great chance

Challenge 13

Chris: Challenge will be 7/17/12 @ 8pm EST

Chris: Alright today's challenge will be to capture the most mutant animals you can in the forest. You have till 9pm EST. The person who captures the most animals will win and it takes 3 lines to find an animal. GO!

Chandler: *runs into the forest*

TG:*Runs into the forest*

Chandler: *looks for animal*

TG: *Looks for a animal*

Maddie: *runs into forest*

Mike: *run into forest*

TG:*Looks for an animal*

Chris: Okay that was bad but since Chandler and TG were the closest to capturing an animal they will play heads and tails to see who wins. TG pick first

TG: Heads

Chris: TG wins! Now please join me for a special elimination ceremony

Elimination 13

Chris: Lets make 4 become 3! Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. TG is safe

TG: (CONF) Hmmm well I kept my word for Maddie soo I refuse too Vote her off I vote for...Mike because he is nice sweet and has lots of friends soo my vote goes too him

Mike: (CONF) I vote Maddie.

Maddie: (CONF) I vote Chandler. (If you have to vote me off, please choose Maddie XD)

Chandler: (CONF) Maddie

Chris: Well marshmallows for TG and Mike. Chandler, Maddie the last marshmallow is for Chandler! Sorry Maddie *hurls Maddie* Now TG here's the twist! You pick someone else to go home! That's right double elimination!

TG: I'm sorry if I pick you too leave I pick chandler sorry..lD:

Chris: Chandler sorry but you're gone *hurls Chandler*

Episode 14: MPD vs. Hunteress: The Ultimate Battle

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Mike: Well, looks like it's just me.....

Girls Cabin

TG: *In Bed* I can't believe I did it..

Final Challenge

Chris: Final challenge starts 7/18/12 @ 8pm EST

Chris: Okay i've decided to let the losers vote so vote in the CONFESSIONAL losers!

Katie: (CONF) I vote for TG I hate her but She Had not had a vote this season well....a vote too get the boot bit I vote for TG too win

Chandler: (CONF) I want TG to win

Tyler: (CONF) TG sorry Mike

Duncan: (CONF) TG.

Melanie: (CONF) I'm giving Mike a chance, so I want Mike to win.

Izzy: (CONF: *randomly picks TG to win)

Maddie: (CONF) TG, she carried me to fourth place, sorry Mike.

Noah: (CONF) I want Mike to win. We were good friends.

Norman: (CONF) TG all the way!

Final Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Let me count the votes..........................Now the winner of season 3 of Total Drama Aftermath is.........Taybina-Gunner! Congrats! Here's your million dollars! *hands TG the case*

TG: *Cries* Thank you Everyone who voted for me! And Mike you played a wonderful game *Exits*

Norman: Great job TG!

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