After Total Drama Aftermath Season 1 Dakota came out on top and earned their spot in Season 2! 16 competitors, more laughs, more challenges and another million dollars up for grabs. This is Total Drama Aftermath Season 2!

Sign Ups (CLOSED)

  1. Lightning-ACTN
  2. Scott - BlazeHead 51
  3. Cameron-First123
  4. Jo-Zannabanna
  5. Heather- SinsMakePeople
  6. Courtney-First123
  7. Duncan-Omgdeadpeople
  8. Alejandro-Youre2490
  9. Lindsay- Scienceboy0
  10. Sierra- Scienceboy0
  11. Blaineley-Omgdeadpeople
  12. Owen-ACTN
  13. Gwen - BlazeHead 51
  14. Leshawna-Zannabanna
  15. Harold- Youre2490
  16. Dakota- TotalDramaFan90
  17. Bridgette-Redoalien
  18. Izzy-Zannabanna

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
2nd Izzy Debuts in Episode 7 IND WIN SAFE WIN WIN WIN SAFE RUNNER UP
10th Bridgette Debuts in Episode 7 IND WIN OUT
13th/14th Alejandro WIN WIN LOW WIN SAFE OUT
13th/14th Scott LOW IND WIN IND SAFE OUT
15th Leshawna SAFE IND WIN OUT
16th Dakota WIN WIN QUIT
17th Gwen SAFE OUT
18th Jo OUT

YELLOW= This contestant was on the Raging Wolverines

AQUA= This contestant was on the Screaming Salmons

GREEN= This contestant won the challenge

BLUE= This contestant won indivdual immunity

GRAY= This contestant was safe

ORANGE= This contestant was in the bottom 2

Episode 1: Welcome Back, Big Time

Pre Chat

Chris: Lets welcome the first couple of competitors!

Seirra: I'm the first one here? Sweet!

Cameron: *after Sierra* Um, hey Chris.

Lindsay: Hi Carman!

Cameron: It's Cameron, Lindsay.

Blainely: ugh I was suppose too be the host but I turned down the offer *too tv*I'm blainely and ur watching moi

Duncan: I'm here too win it I'll cream some dorks *looks at Cameron *

Chris: Congrats Sierra and Cameron you are team captains this season. You can start picking your teams. Cameron will pick first then Sierra and so on. Also think of a team color and name.

Cameron: Awesome! So, do we start picking now?

Chris: Yes you may start picking

Lightning: Whats good everybody?

Owen: Great to be back Chris!!

Seirra: My color is going to be yellow! Not sure of a name yet...

Courtney: It's great to be here, because this season is mine!

Cameron: My color will be Aqua and I pick Lindsay.

Blaineley: *laughs * sure Courtney

Duncan: Hahaha yeah Princess sure u never beat me I was in 4th first season 1st second season and third season 5th Hahaha

Courtney: May I remind you that I'm a CIT?

Duncan:*Rolls eyes* yeah cool story Bra it's a consular in training it's nothing special princess

Courtney: Whatever, I hope I'm not on a team with you.

Duncan: yeah I hope I'm not with a team with u too and Gwen Is million times hotter then u *walks away*(CONF) I hate Courtney soo much

Courtney: I'm glad he left. Talk about no class.

Blaineley: I guess ur forever alone.. Ur too feisty ....*walks away*

Courtney: Like I'd listen to the opinion of Blaineley.

Blainely:(CONF) Courtney will never get a guy she's too ugly and mean and feisty even Sadie gets guys and eva too

Courtney (CONF) Okay, I might have been a bit too angry when I was angry with Blaineley, but Duncan is still a heartbreaker. Whatever, I'm not going to worry about him I have much more important things to do.

Seirra: I pick Courtney.

Chris: That's good keep it going!

Lightning: Hey Sierra I could be a valuable asset to your team.

Owen: Oooo Oooo Cameron pick me please!

Cameron: Sure, I pick Owen, he's a nice guy.

Seirra: Sure Lightning! I pick you!

Cameron: I guess, I'll pick Harold.

Seirra: Blainley.

Cameron: Gwen.

Dakota: The winner of season 1 is here!

Seirra: Dakota, your going to be on my team!

Cameron: Good job on winning last season Dakota, and I pick Leshawna.

Seirra: Yeah, good job! Harold.

Cameron: I already chose Harold.

Seirra; Oops! Then I choose Heather!

Cameron: I'll pick Jo.

Seirra: Alejandro.

Cameron: I pick....Scott?

Seirra: Sorry Courtney, I tried, but you have Duncan on your team.

Courtney: Ugh! Thanks for trying Sierra.

Duncan: thanks for trying i guess *glares at courntey*

Seirra: Well thats all of the teams. What now Chris?

Cameron: We have to make team names, you can go first.

Seirra: How about team Raging Wolverines!

Courtney: Sure Sierra, *glares at Duncan*

Seirra: I picked Heather and she isn't even here yet! :)

Cameron: My team will be the Screaming Salmon.

Blaineley:(CONF) I'll he nicer this season I don't want karma

Heather: Sorry, I was late, Sierra. Now, what did I miss?

Cameron: You missed the team picking, you're on Sierra's team.

Duncan: thanks for Atleast trying Sierra I have too deal with the B I T C....

Heather: I alraedy kenw I was on Sierra's team.

Cameron: Oh then you didn't miss much.

Courtney: And I'm on a team with this loser.

Seirra: I just picked you to be on my team! Along with Courtney, Lightning, Blainley, Dakota, Duncan, and Alejo, oops. I should have though this out more.

Duncan: and I'm on a team with Miss lets throw challenges too get Gwen out

Blaineley: we can still win Sierra were strong

Seirra: *to Duncan* Hey don't make fun of the team!

Courtney: I'm not even going to say another word to you, I'm just not going to respond.

Duncan: I'm not making fun of the team I'm making fun of Courtney

Seirra: I meant team members!

Duncan: Fine! I'm only stop making fun of Courtney for u! (CONF) like I'm going too stop

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 1

Chris: Your first challenge is to tell me 1 fact about the 1st season. The team that has the most facts by 10pm EST wins!

Cameron: The first Aftermath or Total Drama Island?

Duncan: Ill do one fact about each mike was the last man standing in total drama aftermath zeke was the first person voted off in total drama history

Dakota: My boyfriend Sam was eliminated first ;(

Cameron: Cody quit in the Final 3.

Courtney: Dakota won the first season.

Blaineley: ill do one each like duncan because i dont know if its aftermath or total drama cody got in 3rd place twice and Eva is the only one who got voted off when she just came back

Chris: The Raging Wolverines win!

Elimination Ceremony 1: Screaming Salmons

Chris: Screaming Salmons welcome to your first elimination ceremony. You will vote in the confessional. In the confessional there are 8 pictures of you guys. Just pencil in an X on the person you want to eliminate's picture. Cameron has individual immunity

Cameron: (CONF) I'm sorry, but *puts an X through Jo*

Jo: (CONF: Scott *puts an X through Scott)

LeShawna (CONF: Sorry but Scott *puts an X through Scott)

Owen: (CONF) Sorry but *puts an X through Scott*

Gwen: (CONF) sorry, but your freaky...(puts an x through Jo)

Scott: saving myself here. (puts an x threw Jo)

Chris: Harold and Lindsay need to vote!

Lindsay: *closes eyes* Enie Minie Minnie Mo! *randomly picks Owen*

Chris: That just leaves Harold and he needs to vote fast!

Courtney: (CONF) So which competitor will cause this team to lose more challenges, I should pick a strong one. So, sorry, *puts an X through Jo*

Chris: I'm sorry Jo but you are gone! *hurls Jo*

Episode 2: Do You Know The Rules?

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Dakota: *Sleeping*

Challenge 2

Chris: Today's challenge is to create a set of rules for this season. What I mean is each player will give ONE rule they think should be added to the rule list. The team that has the better rules or the more contributers win! You will have the rest of the day to complete this challenge. Also I NEED ONE player from the Raging Wolverines to vote in the elimination from yesterday. Would any of you like to volunteer?

Courtney: I could, I guess.

Chris: Ok edit under the elimination ceremony 1 tab and vote for either Scott or Jo in the CONFESSIONAL and thank you

Lightning: The rule I'll add to the list is no goddplay

Owen: There should be a rule about being nice to other users!

Dakota: one rule should be is, if you don't compete in 3 challenges, you should be eliminated

Cameron: A rule could be, don't complain about eliminations, since you're trying your best to be fair?

Courtney: There should be a rule where you don't control other people's characters.

LeShawna: No Quitting. Be Active. No Swearing. Have Fun. No Fighting. Stay true to your characters. If you don't follow these rules, there will be consequences such as auto-elimination.

Duncan: No god modding (oops sorry I edited)

Cameron: Hold on, Chris only said to give one rule.

Blaineley: also no user too user fighting

Scott: meh. fair enough.

Cameron: Scott, aren't you going to give a rule?

Chris: Yes Leshawna Cameron is right only one of those rules will be accepted

Scott: godplaying.

Cameron: Um...Gwen, do you have anything?

Chris: The Raging Wolverines win again!

Elimination Ceremony 2: Screaming Salmons

Chris: So you guys lose again. In the CONFESSIONAL put an X through the picture of the person you want to eliminate. Vote for either Gwen, Harold or Lindsay.

Owen: (CONF) *puts an X through Gwen*

Cameron: (CONF) *Puts an X through Gwen*

LeShawna: (CONF: *puts an X through Gwen*)

Scott: (CONF: puts an X through Gwen)

Gwen: (CONF: I'm so gone....i was stupid to not give anything...i'm gonna just leave now...(leaves camp)

Chris: Later Gwen! *hurls Gwen*

Episode 3: Its Lovin' Time

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Duncan: ugh another day of hell I hope my team wins the challenge

Girls Cabin

Blaineley:morning girls

Dakota: Morning.

Challenge 3

Chris: Challenge starts at 7pm EST!

Chris: so I'm sure you remember the 1st episode of TDWT we sang a certain song called Lovin Time. We brought back scarab beetles. *releases scarab beetles* Now sing! the team with the most singers get an advantage in the next challenge

Lightning: No need to get crazy. Its Lovin Time at last!

Owen: You don't wanna eat us up!

Courtney: Ugh, why do I get the sucky part, whatever it's just a challenge. We're mostly full of gas, no, no!

Cameron: It's mating time for scarabs!

Duncan: Soo whatcha Waiting on

Lightning: Just ignore us humans

Owen: And make out to the break of dawn

Cameron: It's lovin time...

Courtney: Lovin time, lovin time....

Lightning: Scarab mating season!

Owen: Its lovin time

Blaineley:Lovin time Lovin time

Lightning: Scarabs, get busy now

Owen: Its lovin time

Cameron: Scarab Mating Season!

Lightning: Its lovin time

Owen: Lovin time lovin time

Cameron: Scarab Mating Season!

Lightning: Seasonal eh? No wait!

Courtney: Okay there, we finished. With only six singers.

Chris: Yes and you win a camel for the race! It will take 10 lines to finish. Ready? GO!

Lightning: *gets on camel*

Owen: *starts running*

Courtney: *also gets on camel* Okay, let's go team!

Cameron: *running with Owen* Hey Owen.

Owen: *runs* Hey Cameron!

Lightning: *rides on horse* See ya later you 2!

Courtney: *riding on camel* Good luck with your next elimination!

Cameron: *Running* Owen, we can't lose again, let's try to run faster!

Duncan:wait up courtney*gets on camel *

Blainely:yeah! *gets on camal*

Courtney: You're lucky, you're on my team, Duncan. Now let's hurry and go, we don't want the Salmons to get a win! *riding on camel*

Cameron: *Running* Where's a team, when you need them *sighs*

Owen: *runs faster* Lets go Cam!

Lightning: *rides on camel*

Duncan : yeah what ever *rides on camel*

Blaineley:*rides on camel*

Courtney: Ungrateful *rides on camel*

Cameron: Okay! *runs faster*

Duncan:*rolls eyes and riding on camel* whatever u say princess

Blaineley:*rides on camel *

Owen: *runs faster*

Lightning: *rides on camel*

Cameron: *Running* I wish our team was here....I can barely run, but I can't let the team down!

Courtney: *riding on camel* Just try and make the camel go faster!

Duncan:*kicks camel too go faster*

Blaineley:*rides on camel*

Chris: Both teams have enough lines to finish so hurry up!

Cameron: *running* Owen, I can see the finish, we might win! *passes the finish, then falls down* Exhausted.

Courtney: *on camel* I knew I shouldn't have waited for you.

Duncan: oh it's my fault is it -_- since we broke up u blame everything on me I get it now

Chris: The Screaming Salmon win!

Elimination Ceremony 3: Raging Wolverines

Chris: Raging Wolverines welcome to your 1st elimination ceremony. In the confessional you'll find 8 pictures 1 of each of you. Put an X through the player you want to eliminate. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Lightning, Courtney, Blaineley and Duncan are safe

Duncan:(CONF) YOU THINk ur soo Buddha huh! Here *marks an X on Alejandro)

Blaineley:(CONF)Justin is hotter *marks an X on Alejandro *

Courtney:(CONF) You haven't helped the team at all, so we need to cut you from the team *marks an X on Alejandro*

Lightning: (CONF) *puts an X through Alejandro*

Dakota: WAIT! I volunteer for elimination! I hate competing for a second time! (Even though it's the end of the school year, I still need to study for more tests DX so I have to quit sorry.)

Blianely:I'll miss u Dakota good luck in life

Courtney: Well, I guess since I have nothing bad to say about you, good bye, Dakota, it was good to have you on the team.

Dakota: *Sits on the catapult* Im waiting Chris!

Chris: Alright Dakota! *hurls Dakota*

Episode 4: Big Time Beach Party

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Cameron: Thanks for being a good teammate, Owen.

Duncan: **sleeps*

Owen: No problem buddy!

Cameron: I'm afraid our team hasn't been doing as well as I hoped, but it's only been three challenges, maybe we could turn this bad streak of ours into something better.

Owen: Yeah I know we gotta try harder!

Cameron: Problem is that the team doesn't know that. *sighs*

Owen: Yeah I know that *sighs*

Cameron: Well, let's just try our best and maybe everything will turn out good.

Girls Cabin

Blaineley: let's hope we keep on winning

Seirra: Me too.

Lindsay: No, your going down!

Courtney: Says the one on the team with only about six left.

Lindsay: Nummbers don't matter! I think.

Blaineley: Says the one who forgets her boyfriends name is it..Tyler

Courtney: Good one.

Blaineley:(CONF) Lindsey is going down I'm the only Smart blonde here

Lindsay: I knew he was Tayler! (XD)

Blaineley: Ok ur soo smart you got that soo right (CONF) that was all a lie (XD)

Seirra: Come on, lets have a fair game. No fighting.

Blaineley: Ok

Courtney: Well you can keep on fighting, unless you want to become Merge Targets on each other.

Seirra: Thats why they stopped.

Blaineley: the merge is not even close anyways

Lindsay: What is Chris comes in and says the merge has started. That would be funny, right!

Courtney: I doubt that.

Seirra: I wonder what today's challenge will be.

Courtney: Whatever it is, I bet we'll win it.

Challenge 4

Chris: Challenge starts at 7:30pm EST

Chris: Ok! So you guys are going to throw your own beach party! You will have to get certain items and whoever has the best beach party/most teamwork wins!

Owen: *goes to find a radio*

Lightning: *goes to get tiki torches*

Scott: (goes to get cocktails)

Blaineley:*goes too get snacks*

Duncan:*goes too get a boombox*

Cameron: A beach party, I'm sure I've seen it in a dictionary before *goes to get drinks*

Courtney: Hmm, I'll get a Beach Ball or something *goes to get a beach ball*

Blaineley: *gets snacks* ok here are the snacks

Duncan: and here is the boombox *puts the boombox down* what else do we need hmm

Scott: cocktails are here!, (places cocktails on the table) with a little salt for extra taste..hmhmhmhm....(sprinkles a little salt on the cocktails) what else....hmmm....oh! (goes to get wood to start building a hot tub)

Cameron: *brings back some drinks* Here are some drinks, I think they have drinks at parties, *shrugs*

Courtney: *gets Beach Ball* For entertainment of a small mind. Now what else is a key item at a Beach Party?

Owen: *gets food* Mmmm food

Lightning: *gets games*

Duncan: a volleyball net *goes and gets vollyball net*

Courtney: And a volleyball *goes to get a volleyball*

Cameron: Some sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun *goes to get sunglasses*

Blaineley: a piñata *tries too fine a piñata *

Duncan: we also need towels too get our tan on *looks for towels*

Cameron: *comes back with sunglasses* Okay, I got the sunglasses.

Courtney: *comes back with volleyball* There.

Duncan:*comes with vollyball net*

Blaineley:*comes with a piñata*

Courtney: *looks for a blindfold*

Cameron: *goes to get those umbrella things for the drinks*

Chris: The challenge ends at 9pm EST!

Blaineley:*goes get umbrellas*

Cameron: *brings the Mini Umbrella things* They should be handy for drinks.

Courtney: *comes back with blindfold* For the activities...

The Raging Wolverines win with 17 lines! the Screaming Salmons had 10 lines

Elimination Ceremony 4: Screaming Salmons

Chris: So you guys lose it again. Oh well you no what to do. Put an X through the picture of the player you want to eliminate. Owen, Scott and Cameron are safe!

Cameron: (CONF) Oh not again, well I have to vote Leshawna, I don't hear much of her *puts an X through Leshawna*

Lindsay: Again! I guess I'll vote Leshawna. She didn't do anyhting. *puts an X through Leshawna*

LeShawna: I haven't seen much of Harold so *puts an X through Harold*

(Zanna: I know I'm going home. But oh well, I don't have time for this wiki anymore. I've very busy on other wiki's)

Owen:(CONF) *puts an X through Leshawna* Sorry

Scott: (CONF) *puts an X through Leshawna* sorry Leshawna, but your time is up.

LeShawna: *gets in catapult* See Y'all Later

Lindsay: Bye LeShawna! I hope you had fun!

Scott: trust me, i'm sure she did. (grins evily)

Cameron: Bye Leshawna.

Chris: Seeya Leshawna! *hurls Leshawna*

Episode 5: Total Drama Racing

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Seirra: You ready for the challenge tonight?

Challenge 5

Chris: You have a choice of either having the challenge today or Monday (I'm busy Sunday) so vote!

Seirra: Lets have it Monday.

Lindsay: Yeah, Monday.

Cameron: Tonight is good, I guess.

Courtney: Let's get it over with so, tonight.

Blaineley: tonight

Duncan: tonight

Seirra: It looks like Chris decided on Monday.

Chris: The challenge is tomorrow at 7pm EST

Chris: Ok you will be making go karts and racing them! You will have to make your kart and post a picture of it (you can make it in paint or edit a picture) to the gallery which i will add. Your kart must have a name and when you post your picture don't forget to post your name so i know who's is who's! You have till 9pm EST to build your kart.

Chris: I changed my mind. The challenge ends tomorrow at 6pm EST

Chris: The challenge is over and there is a tie. There are 3 carts from both teams so Lightning, Owen, Lindsay, Sierra, Courtney and Cameron all win a reward!


Reward Ceremony 1:

Chris: Cameron, Courtney, Owen, Lightning, Lindsay and Sierra you all win a Gourmet Dinner!

Lindsay: Woo Hoo!

Seirra: Yes!

Courtney: Finally, something good to eat!

Cameron: I'm fine with that. Right Owen?

Owen: Who can turn down food?

Lightning: Time to refuel!

Scott: I wasn't hungry anyway...(CONF) WHHHHY!!!?!?, WHY DID I FORGET?!?!?!!

Episode 6: To The Extreme!

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Seirra: I'm glad no one got voted off yesterday.

Blaineley:me too

Courtney: I guess so, designing a kart was a pain.

Lindsay: Yeah, I had to put two "S"es on mine. It was SO HARD!

Challenge 6

Chris: Starts at 6:30pm EST!

Chris: Sorry about that. Your challenge is to climb to the top of a mountain, race through the forest all the way back here. It will take 6 lines to climb the mountain and 6 lines to run back to camp. Ready? GO!

Lightning: *runs to mountain*

Owen: *runs to mountain*

Cameron: *runs to the mountain*

Courtney: *runs to the mountain*

Lightning: *climbs mountain*

Owen: *climbs mountain*

Cameron: *starts climbing*

Courtney: *starts climbing* Everyone else, stop being lazy and help

Scott: (runs to mountain)

Courtney: *continues climbing* Not from the other team!

Cameron: *continues climbing* Good luck with that Courtney.

Blaineley:*runs too mountain*

Duncan:*runs too mountain*

Courtney: *continues climbing* Thank you!

Cameron: *Continues climbing*

Blaineley:*Climbs mountain*

Duncan:*climbs mountain*

Courtney: *Continues climbing*

Cameron: *Continues climbing*

Duncan:*climbs more*

Blaineley:*climbs more*

Courtney: *Continues to climb*

Cameron: *Continues climbing*

Lightning: *still climbs*

Owen: *still climbs*

Courtney: *begins to run back to camp*

Cameron: *begins to run back to camp* Oh physical challenges....

Lightning: *climbs*

Owen: *climbs* RUN CAMERON!

Cameron: *running* I will!

Courtney *running*

Lightning: *runs to camp*

Owen: *runs to camp*

Chris: Hurry this up! Lets go! We need to move on!

Lightning: *sprints*

Owen: Is that brownies I smell? *sprints pass Lightning and reaches camp*

Chris: Congrats Owen my man, but BOTH teams are going to elimination tonight!

Elimination Ceremony 6: Screaming Salmons and Raging Wolverines

Chris: You know the drill. Put an X through the picture of the person you want to eliminate. Owen, Lightning, Cameron, Courtney and Blaineley have individual immunity. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL

Duncan:(CONF) *puts a X though Alejandros picture*

Blaineley:(CONF) Justin is hotter *puts a X though Alejandros picture*

Courtney: (CONF) I'm sorry but you haven't done too much so, it's the only reasonable choice *puts an X through Alejandro's picture*

Lightning: (CONF) *puts an X through Alejandro*

Owen: (CONF) I vote for Scott *puts an X through Scott*

Cameron: (CONF) I guess I vote Scott, sorry *puts an X through Scott*

Scott: (CONF) later Al! (puts an X threw Alejandro)

Chris: And Alejandro and Scott get the boot! Seeya! *hurls Alejandro and Scott*

Episode 7: Sports-O-Rama!

Pre Chat

Chris: Welcome final 12! Yes that's right! 12! Please welcome Bridgette and Izzy.

Bridgette: Hey, guys. Howsit going?

Blaineley: Hello Bridgette remember me *gives her an evil glare*

Bridgette: Blaineley. *glares* How could I forget you? You shipped me to Siberia!

Blaineley: Yup i did MUHAhAHa! (CONF) i was planning too be sweet this season since bridgette is here i have no choice

Bridgette: *hits Blaineley with her surfboard*

Chris: The challenge with you 2 against each other is going to be great for ratings!

Bridgette: That's probably why you paired us up.

Blaineley:Prefect and owww *takes off heel and thorws it at Bridgette*

Bridgette: *gets hit in the eye by Blaineley's heel* OWWWW! Why don't we quit fighting now and save it for our round in the challenge?

Blaineley: Ok whatever you say surfer girl

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Sierra: Welcome back Bridgette!

Bridgette: Hey, Sierra!

Sierra: Hi! How's it going with Geoff?

Lindsay: Hello Bridgette!

Bridgette: Hi Lindsay. Geoff's fine, he misses me a lot, though.

Seirra: So, I heard Chris say you were going up against Blainnly. What do you think you will have to do?

Bridgette: Who knows? If it's a surfing challenge, I might win, but I hope it's something I can win easy.

Seirra: Well, the challenge is in an hour and a half, so we should know by then.

Lindsay: Hey, shouldn't Izzy be here?

Challenge 7

Chris: Challenge starts Monday at 8pm EST!

Chris: Ok you 12 will be versing in 2 vs. 2 events!

Chris: If your opponent doesn't respond within 5 mins you can strike again!

Chris: We have a tie! So now I will need one volunteer from each team

Bridgette: I volunteer. I know if I mess up, my team will have me to blame.

Chris: I need someone from the Raging Wolverines to step up here

(Lightning is on the Wolverines, so you could, plus I would like to see a battle between Bridgette & Lightning)

Lightning: I'll do it. Sha-Lightning!

Chris: There is an team immunity card down there if you reach it first your team is safe. It will take 5 lines GO!

Lightning: *runs*

Bridgette: *runs* (have to shut-down for the night. I just debuted, though, so if we lose can me & Izzy have immunity for just entering.

Chris: Looks like the Raging Wolverines win!

Lightning vs. Harold

Chris: You 2 have to play soccer! First to 3 wins!

Lightning: *kicks ball towards goal

Lightning: *scores point* YEAH!!! SHA LIGHTNING

Lightning: *goes to score another point*

Lightning: *scores* Yeah 2-0 alright!

Lightning: *goes to score point*

Lightning: *scores* And that would be game my friend.

Chris: Lightning wins!

Owen vs. Duncan

Chris: You 2 have to play basketball! First to 3 wins!

Owen: *dribbles ball*

Duncan: *blocks Owen and tries too take ball*

Owen: *shoves Duncan and heads to basket*

Duncan:oof! Watch it Tubby *steal ball from Owen and dribbles too Owens net too score a point*

Owen: *blocks shot and makes a slam dunk* YEAH!

Duncan: well its 1-0 and it's my ball soo *starts dribbling ball too Owens net*

Duncan:*dribbles closer too the net*

Owen: *steals ball and goes closer to net*

Duncan:*runs and steals balls and goes closer to the net*

Owen: *steals ball and gets closer to net*

Duncan:*runs and steels ball and gets closer too the net*

Owen: *steals ball and blocks Duncan*

(Sorry I got too go too sleep- Omgdeadpeople)

Chris: With a score of 1-0 Owen! (I'm trying to speed things along)

Cameron vs. Sierra

Sierra: What do we do?

Chris: You 2 will fight for the gold in the sky using these wings made of feathers! Whoever gets them first wins!

Cameron: *grabs wings* Thanks Chris, good luck Sierra.

Sierra: It's on bubble boy! *grabs wings and flies*

Cameron: Wait, we were supposed to start? *flies*

Sierra: YEAH! *punches Cameron* (What are we suposed to get?)

Cameron: Ow! Hey! I'm not throwing any punches! *continues to fly*

Sierra: Oops! I took "fight for the gold" literally. I better catch up! *flies in front of Cameron*

Cameron: It's okay, friends? *flies faster*

Sierra: Sure. *flies faster* (CONF) I think Cameron adn I can acctually become friends! Well, we will have to wait until the merge though.

Cameron: *continues to fly* So, what do you think of your team? I wish mine would work better with each other....

Sierra: I'm sorry about that. My team is getting along great though. No enemies yet. Bye! *flies ahead of Cameron*

Cameron: Wait, I forgot this is competitive! *flies neck to neck with Sierra* Well, good luck!

Sierra: Thanks! *flies super fast*

Cameron: *catches up with Sierra* Ugh.....I can barely keep up *continues flying* I think we might be near!

Sierra: Your right! I think that might be the finish line there! *flies as fast as she can*

Cameron: *flying as fast as he cans but flies into Sierra* LOOK OUT!

Sierra: *gets hit by Cameron* AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *head passes finish line* Ow! That hurt! *sees gold metal around neck* Wait, did I win?

Cameron: Good job, Sierra, my head *puts hand on head*

Chris: Sierra wins!

Heather vs. Lindsay

Lindsay: Umm, Chris? Where are you?

Chris: You 2 will be playing badminton! First to 5 wins!

Lindsay: Yay! *picks up birdie and its in over the net*

Lindsay: *Birdie hits Heather's side* I did it! *hits it again*

Lindsay: *Birdie hits ground again* I must be amazing!!!!!!!!! *hits agian*

Lindsay: *Birdie hits ground* Take that Heather! *sits down*

Lindsay: *stands back up* I'm ready again. *hits birdie*

Lindsay: *Birdie hits ground AGAIN* Only one more point! *hits birdie*

Lindsay: *birdie hits Heather's side a fiifth time* YAY! Chris! Look! I won! I won!

Chris: Lindsay wins!

Bridgette vs. Blaineley

Chris: You 2 will be boxing! First person to be knocked out loses!

Blaineley: Easy *Punches Bridgette in the face*

Bridgette: Bring it on! *punches Blaineley in the face and shoulder*

Blaineley:*punches Bridgette in the face and upper part*

Bridgette: *holds arms out and spins like a tornado, hitting Blaineley multiple times*

Blaineley:OOF *uppercuts Bridgette multiple of times with two arms *

Bridgette: Hi-yaa! *jumps up and kicks Blaineley in the face really hard, knocking 1 of her teeth out*

Blaineley: it's not wrestling it's boxing buti understand you like too play that way *tackles Brigette and uses my fallen out tooth too Shove it inher mouth * EAT IT!!

Bridgette: No thanks, I'm on a diet! *spits tooth out at Blaineley's eys and pins her*

Blaineley:*gets tooth in eye and eye starts too bleed* AHhHhh! your going down *takes brigette off her and tackles her and punches her*

Bridgette: *pulls out Blaineley's extentions and throws them out of the ring*

Blaineley:ThAts it *runs into Bridgette and head butts her*

Bridgette: Owww! *punches Blaineley in the gut*

Blaineley:Owww! *punches Bridgette in the upper part*

Bridgette: You pervert! Quit punching me there! (Just kidding XD) *throws Blaineley out of the ring*

Blaineley:*is in mid air from bridgette therw me* Oh yeah!! I'm doing it because there fake! *falls* Owww! *Runs too Bridgette and grabs her head and smashes her head on the floor*

Bridgette: *hazey* Not so fast! THESE *pulls out them with a pixelation box around it for viewers* ARE NOT FAKE! *punches her hard with her foot behind Blaineley's so she trips*

Blaineley: OOoOoOooOoOooOw!!!!!!!! *Sceams*your going down *runs and puts her in a headlock*

Bridgette: *struggles, then grabs Blaineley by her head and flips her over forward*

Blaineley: Oww! *pushes Bridgette down and jumps on her*

Bridgette: *uppercuts Blaineley when she comes down*

Bridgette: *punches Blaineley and knocks her out* (It's been 5 mins. :P) I WIN!

Chris: Bridgette wins!

Izzy vs. Courtney

Chris: You 2 have to run a mile! (4 laps on the track) Whoever finishes first win!

Courtney: That will be easy, it's Izzy who should watch out! *begins to run*

Courtney: *continues running* Ha! Looks like I will take this win!

Courtney: *running* Looks like someone has already accepted defeat!

Izzy: *starts running with her hands in the air*

Izzy: *sees Courtney in the distance*

Izzy: *catches up with Courtney*

Courtney: Oh hey Izzy, nice to see you join in! *runs ahead of Izzy*

Izzy: *runs faster*

Izzy: *cartwheels and then runs faster*

Izzy: *sees the finish line*

Izzy: *finishes 1 lap and runs*

Izzy: *runs*

Izzy: *runs faster*

Izzy: *finishes 2 laps*

Izzy: *runs fast*

Izzy: *runs very fast and sees the finish line*

Izzy: *finishes her 3rd lap*

Izzy: *runs*

Izzy: *runs faster*

Izzy: *runs*

Izzy: *finishes the whole mile and starts jumping up an down* Yay! I won :D

Courtney: Hold on! The host said you had to wait five minutes for me to respond for you to do another line.

Chris: Courtney wins because Izzy goddplayed

Izzy: Chris said that in a different section I never saw, besides the person who plays Courtney was never here so Izzy was really the only person who competed -_-

Courtney: You were edit conflicting me, that's why I wasn't here.

Elimination Ceremony 7: Screaming Salmons

Chris: Well you guys lose again and since everyone has individal immunity (Lindsay and Owen won their events and Bridgette and Izzy just debuted today) Harold is eliminated! *hurls Harold* Cameron I spared you (I felt everyone would've voted for him instead of you)

Episode 8: Grand Chef Auto

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Lindsay: I won! did you see me?

Bridgette: Yeah! You owned Heather no problem!

Lindsay: she didn't even move!

Sierra: Yeah, I think I'll vote her off the next chance I get.

Challenge 8

Chris: Challenge starts at 7:30pm EST!

Chris: Ok you guys will be racing go karts to locations and initial your name with graffiti! Everyone pick a number 1-11!

Owen: 5

Lightning: 10!

Sierra: 7

Lindsay: 12!

Sierra: He said 1-11

Lindsay: Oh, 2!

Duncan: 6


Cameron: 4?

Courtney; 1! As in Number 1!

Chris: Blaineley and Lindsay have the fast karts, Courtney you sadly have the slowest kart and everyone else has a medium speed kart. Now take a can of spray paint and go to Mount Chrismore and then YOUR team's totem pole and make some graffiti! First to do so wins

Owen: *gets spray paint and drives*

Lightning: *gets spray paint and drives*

Lindsay: Yay! *grabs spraypaint and drives farther than Owen and Lightning*

Cameron: *grabs spray paint and drives*

Courtney: *grabs spray paint and drives slowly* Stupid kart!

Sierra: *grabs paint and drives past Courtney* Sorry! I'll win it for us!

Blaineley: *grabs spray paint and drives fast* Soo long bridgette

Courtney: *continues driving slowly* Thanks Sierra! Number 1....more like number 2!

Cameron: *continues driving*

Lindsay: *sees Mount Chris in the distance* This won't take long!

Sierra: *tries to drive faster*

Cameron: *continues driving* Well.....Go Lindsay!

Courtney: *still about two inches from the starting line* Ugh!

Owen: *still drives*

Lightning: *still drives*

Blaineley:*drives fast pasting Courtney*

Courtney: That isn't an achievement, Blaineley *driving slowly*

Cameron: *driving* Come on Lindsay, don't get your eyes off the road!

Lindsay: *looks behing her* Oh! Hey Carmine!

Blaineley:I know *Drives fast pasting Owen and lighting*

Cameron: *driving* Lindsay, look at the road!

Courtney: *driving slowly*

Blaineley:*drives fast passes duncan and heather *

Courtney: *driving slowly* Chris, I'm not even a yard past the starting point!

Cameron: *driving* Come on Lindsay!

Owen: *drives up to Cameron*

Lightning: *speeds up*

Lindsay: Oh yeah! *drives closer to the mountain*

Sierra: I'm catching up! *passes Cameron*

Blaineley: Me too *passes Cam*

Cameron: *speeds up* Hey guys! What's up?

Lindsay: I'm almost there! *is right in front of chris mountain*

Sierra: I'm not going to make it in time!

Blaineley: But I am! *uses full speed and is 2 miles behind Lindsay*

Cameron: *driving* Wow, Lindsay's kart really gave her the advantage!

Courtney: Ugh! This kart is a horrible name for all karts!

Lindsay: *reachs mountain and totem pole* I made it! *gets out spray paint*

Cameron: *drives past Sierra* Good job, Lindsay, now hurry!

Owen: *arrives* *writes Owen on Mount Chrismore*

Lightning: *draws Lightning bolt on Mount Chrismore*

Cameron: *arrives* I'll help, Lindsay! *spray paints some of Mount Chrismore aqua*

Lindsay: Does this mean we BOTH won? (I would have gotten first. STUPID EDITING COLFLICT!)

Cameron: No we need to spray paint Mount Chrismore, more than Lightning, so come on, we can do it! *sprays more of Mount Chrismore aqua*

Bridgette: (I had a baseball game at six, sorry :S) *drives cart with aqua spray paint*

Lindsay: *Sprays totem pole* Shouldn't we spray this? *covers about 1/4*

Izzy: 3 *drives*

Bridgette: *drives*

Chris: And thanks to Lindsay's speedy kart the Screaming Salmons win!

Lindsay: YAY! I won again!

Cameron: Nice job, Lindsay!

Bridgette: *arrives* We won? Thanks Lindsay!

Elimination Ceremony 8: Raging Wolverines

Chris: Vote for you want in the CONFESSIONAL by putting an X through their picture. Everyone who competed in the challenge is safe

Courtney: Then wouldn't Heather be eliminated? She was the only one who didn't compete.

Sierra: (CONF) I vote Heather. I'm not sure if this will even count though.

Chris: Duncan just picked a number which doesn't count! Its either him or Heather

Lightning: (CONF) Heather's going Sha Bye Bye

Blaineley:(CONF) Heather where are you

Courtney:(CONF) Two people I really hate, but I'll spare Duncan and vote Heather. For now.

Chris: Ok I got the votes and the marshmellows go to Sierra, Blaineley, Courtney and Lightning! The bottom 2 are Duncan and Heather and the lucky loser is........................................................Heather! Good bye! *hurls Heather*

Episode 9: 10 Times The Fun!

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Sierra: Things are getting really hard now.

Lindsay: Not for me! I have had a huge streak of luck!

Challenge 9

Chris: Challenge tomorrow at 7pm EST!

Chris: You must have to talk about your feelings of the competition this far. Best response wins!

Chris: Hurry up campers!

Chris: The Raging Wolverines got a score of 77% and the Screaming Salmons got a score of 64% so they lose and face elimination


It was Great the best part was the westling challenge you know why.. Anyways it's been great most people are ok like Sierra and courntey and Chris you are a great host (Not done)

Chris: Half done 5/10


Chris: 0/10


Cameron: It feels great, I never felt I'd get this far again! I mean let's face it, I'm a Bubble Boy, but I try to do the best for my team. My favorite challenge was It's Lovin' Time, as I broke my stamina limit, even though I nearly fainted when I won. It feels great to be in the final 10 and I'm glad I'm here, I also made many buddies like Sierra and Owen. I'm proud to be here, thanks everyone, especially Owen, he's been doing challenges with me, even if the outlook looks grim, thanks big guy, even if my team hasn't been as good as the Wolverines, I still feel good being here.

Chris: LOVE IT! 10/10


Courtney: I deserve to be here. I did every challenge and helped out my team, I haven't gotten a vote against ONCE! Despite my urge to strangle you, Chris, in the racing challenge yesterday, I actually tried to keep going so I could help my team. I'm not proud to be here, because I earned my part in the final 10, okay maybe a little proud, I got rid of Heather and soon *quietly* Duncan. This has been a great competition, I will win! But you know, final 10 isn't that bad too.

Chris: Great speech! But since you said you wanted to strangle me 9.5/10


It's great the Beach party challenge was fun even know I Have not made any friends but I know. Can do this (not done)

Chris: Half done 5/10


Izzy: This competition is awesome. *jumps up and down* It is very interesting and fun. *swings from vines that appear out of no where* It's also filled with twist and turns. *hits a tree but gets back up* So anyway, it's just a fun competition. *cartwheels a few times* Oh my, I'm feeling a little dizzy *twirls around the place and passes out*

Chris: Ugh 6/10


Lightning: I feel that the Lightning has done a great job in the challenges this season. I just hope that there are more athletic challenges to meet my standards. My team has been great! We have won a lot of challenges and lost about 3 teammates. Now if anybody doesn't do this challenge they are going Sha Bye Bye but anyway yeah I've had fun so far and I'm going all the way! Sha Lightning!

Chris: You stayed very much on topic 9/10


Lindsay: I am loving the competition so far! I've had so much luck, I think it will make me win! I am sad that Tyler isn't here, though. Him and I were together. And now he's not here. But, I don't know. I guess I can buy him something if I win. Maybe a car, or a house, or...or a bunny! He loves bunnys! Well, I love them. They are so cute, and cuddly, and...what was I talking about?

Chris: Didn't talk much about the competition 7/10


Owen: Well everyone has been super awesome! Its just that my team hasn't been THAT active in challenges. I'm really happy that I've made it to the final 10! I feel that my best friends this season would be Cameron and Lindsay. Chris has been a great host this season and the challenges have been so fun! I hope to make it far this season and party on!

Chris: Not bad Owen my man 9/10


Sierra: I don't now about this season. Myy team hasn't been working well together. Maybe I should have picked better people. I at least am doing better than Cameron. I feel bad for him. I might actually betray my team and help him. His team is REALLY inactive. But, now it seems he is getting some luck. Owen is helping him out a lot. I hope Cameron wins this competition. He is a really nice kid, and even though he won already, he deserves it again. But....I'm still going to try to win the million for myself.

Chris: I love your honesty 10/10

Elimination Ceremony 9: Screaming Salmons

Chris: Put an X through the player you wish to eliminate in the CONFESSIONAL! Owen and Cameron are safe for getting the highest scores.

Blaineley: (CONF) *puts a X through Bridgette*

Duncan(CONF) *puts a X throught Bridgette*

Chris: You guys won so you don't vote!

(whoops I thought it was the merge XD awkward)

(ACTN: Well I can tell you that you did make it to the merge! Next episode with the final 9!)

Izzy: (CONF: Sorry but I vote Bridgette. You didn't do the challenge. Sorry)

Cameron: (CONF) I vote Bridgette, sorry, but you were the only one who didn't do the challenge.

Owen: (CONF) Yeah that Bridgette. She didn't do the challenge! *puts an X through Bridgette*

Chris: Bye Bridgette! *hurls Bridgette* Congrats you have all made it to the merge! Now someone pick a color that's not aqua, yellow, blue, red, green or orange!

Blaineley: I choose     

Duncan: I choose     

Chris: Lime Green will do. That's the color to symbolize you making it to the merge!

Episode 10: Welcome To The Merge!

Pre Chat

Lindsay: I made it to the merge!

Sierra: I can't rely on the rest of my team anymore. This is going to be hard.

Cameron: The merge? That's great!

Courtney: Well, the merge is here and I guess it's fine, but I'm not going to back down!

Sierra: *whispers* Cameron, lets work together.

Cameron: *whispers back* So like an alliance?

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 10

Chris: Challenge starts 6/14/12 at 7pm EST!

Chris: Ok so I want the merge to be a nice group of competitors to be ACTIVE not competitors who will be INACTIVE and take spots from people who want to be here. So I want you to say "I want to stay in the merge" Last person to do so will get the boot. But be warned some time around there will be a double elimination! I won't say when but be warned!

Owen: "I want to stay in the merge"

Lightning: "I want to stay in the merge"

Sierra: "I want to stay in the merge"

Lindsay: "I want to stay in the merge"

Cameron: "I want to stay in the merge"

Courtney: "I want to stay in the merge"

Izzy: "I want to stay in the merge"

Chris: Duncan and Blaineley hurry up or you are both eliminated!

Chris: Ok I need one volunteer!

(I was doing a school play and after that there was a dance but you can Eliminate them-Omgdeadpeople)

Chris: Duncan is gone!

Courtney: YES!

Duncan: Whatever

Blaineley: I can't believe I'm still safe

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: Duncan is gone and now we have our final 8! What are your thoughts?

Courtney: I deserve to be here! But you know, it's.....nice.

Cameron: It feels great to be in the final 8!

Lindsay: I'm suprised I made it this far.

Sierra: This is amazing!

Episode 11: What A Laugh

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 11

Chris: You have a choice. You can have the challenge today or tomorrow. (Its an easy challenge)

Sierra: I guess I'll do it today.

Lindsay: I want today!

Owen: Today!

Lightning: Lets do it today!

Blaineley: Today!

Chris: well majority rules! You must find me the funniest picture of Total Drama from any episode! I will rate them out of 10 and highest score wins! Put the pictures in the gallery!

Chris: Izzy wins immunity and I say that the players who got an 8/10 are up for elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 11

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Izzy and anyone who got a 9/10 is safe.

Blaineley:(CONF) *Sighs* Great I have no Allys and Im not safe I vote for Lindsay *puts an X thru Lindsay*

Lindsay: (CONF) I vote for Bailey. She has been so mean all season. *puts an X through Blaineley*

Sierra: (CONF) I'm going to vote Blaineley. She is a real threat. *puts X through Blaineley*

Owen: (CONF) *puts an X through Blaineley

Lightning: (CONF) *puts an X through Blaineley*

Cameron: (CONF) *Puts an X through Blaineley*

Courtney: (CONF) *Puts an X through Blaineley* Sorry Blaineley!

Izzy: (CONF) *puts an X through Blaineley*

Chris: Ok! The people who are safe are.......... Izzy, Owen, Lightning, Cameron, Courtney and Sierra! Lindsay, Blaineley you are in the bottom 2 but the person who is safe is............................. Lindsay! Sorry Blaineley. *hurls Blaineley*

Episode 12: Lucky 7

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 12

Chris: Challenge starts at 7:30pm EST!

Chris: Welcome final 7! Now Courtney and Cameron won't be joining us today so they are safe from elimination. Now the challenge is to go in the woods and find either a horse or a rabbit and bring it back here. The reason is because either a rabbit or a horse ate the marshmellow of immunity and whoever has that animal that throws up the immunity wins! There are 3 horses and 2 rabbits. There are 2 marshmellows of immunity and of course I won't tell you which animal has immunity. It will take 3 lines to find a horse or rabbit and 3 lines to bring it back here. GO!

Lightning: *runs into woods*

Owen: *runs into woods*

Lightning: *enters woods*

Owen: *enters woods*

Izzy: *enters woods*

Lightning: *finds rabbit*

Owen: *finds horse*

Izzy: *finds rabbit*

Lightning: *runs back to camp*

Owen: *runs back to camp*

Izzy: *runs back to camp*

Lightning: *sprints to camp*

Owen: *sprints to camp*

Izzy: *sprints to camp*

Lightning: *arrives at camp*

Owen: *arrives at camp*

Izzy: *arrives at camp*

Lightning's Rabbit: *pukes up immunity*

Owen's Horse: *pukes grass and hay*

Izzy's Rabbit: *pukes up immunity*

Chris: Well looks like Lightning and Izzy win!

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Ok Lightning, Izzy, Courtney and Cameron are safe. Vote in the CONFESSIONAL!

Lightning: (CONF) *puts an X through Sierra*

Owen: (CONF) *puts an X through Sierra*

Izzy: (CONF: Sorry but I vote Sierra *puts an X through Sierra*)

Cameron: (CONF) I'm back, but apparently Lightning and Izzy are safe. Well, I'm sorry but I vote *puts an X through Lindsay*

Courtney: (CONF) Look, you're my friend and all, but you're a big threat with your knowledge of all of us. *puts an X through Sierra* (I'm back)

Chris: Ok the people that are safe are Lightning, Izzy, Owen, Cameron and Courtney. The bottom 2 are Sierra and Lindsay and the person that goes home is...........................Sierra! *hurls Sierra*

Episode 13: Do You Recall?

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Lindsay: I can't believe I made it this far! (Sorry I wasn't here yesterday. Fathers Day party went a little to long. It looks like I paid the price, one of my characters didn't make it.)

Challenge 13

Chris: Challenge starts 6/18/12 @ 7pm EST

Chris: Ok so you have to answer my questions about this season! There are 10 questions whoever gets the most questions right wins immunity! Question 1: What was the name of the episode where Dakota quit?

Lightning: Its Lovin Time

Chris: Question 2: What was the name of the episode where we had a double elimination?

Cameron: To the Extreme?

Chris: Correct Question 3: Who got voted off in the double elimination?

Owen: Alejandro and Scott

Chris: Question 4: Who were the 2 debuters this season?

Cameron: Bridgette and Izzy.

Chris: Question 5: Who was the first debuter to get eliminated?

Lightning: Bridgette

Chris: Question 6: Who was the first person to get eliminated?

Courtney: Jo.....

Chris: Question 7: What episode had the only art challenge this season?

Lightning: Total Drama Racing!

Chris: Question 8: Who were the 2 team captains this season?

Cameron: Me and Sierra! Too bad she's gone....

Chris: Question 9: Who are the last 2 members of the Raging Wolverines?

Lightning: Me and Courtney

Chris: Question 10: Who has won the most challenges/had the most team victories this season?

Owen: Lightning

Chris: And Lightning wins and you all must join me for a very special elimination ceremony

Elimination Ceremony 13

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Lightning is safe.

Lightning: (CONF) I vote for Izzy *puts an X through Izzy*

Owen: (CONF) *puts an X through Izzy*

Cameron: (CONF) Sorry, Izzy *puts an X through Izzy*

Courtney: (CONF) It's an obvious vote *puts an X through Izzy*

Chris: Well Izzy's out *hurls Izzy* But now Lightning has to pick someone to be eliminated. Everyone can be counted for.

Lightning: Well I have to say Lindsay gets hurled.

Chris: Well Lindsay's finished *hurls Lindsay* We are now down to the final 4 with the finale up next.

Episode 14: The Finale

Pre Chat

Cameron: Wow......I'm still here. That's amazing!

Owen: Yeah we made it this far!

Cameron: I'm glad to be here with you guys.

Izzy: *arrives with Lindsay* We're back!!!! *does a cart-wheel*

Chris: Yes please welcome back Lindsay and Izzy to the finale.

Lindsay: Yeah! Chris gave us another chance!

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 14

Chris: Challenge starts 6/19/12 @ 6pm EST

Chris: Okay now that we have 6 people we need to get to 4. So the first part of the challenge is to run around the island. It will take 10 lines plus 1 setback. The last 2 people to come back here is eliminated.

Lightning: *begins to run*

Owen: *begins to run*

Lindsay: Yay! *runs*

Courtney: *runs*

Cameron: *runs*

Lindsay: *runs farther*

Cameron: *runs faster*

Courtney: *runs faster*

Lindsay: *runs even faster*

Cameron: *continues running*

Courtney: *Continues running*

Lightning: *continues to run*

Owen: *continues to run*

Lindsay: *runs and trips* No!

Cameron: *continues to run*

Courtney: *Continues to run*

Lindsay: *gets back up and runs agian*

Courtney: *continues to run*

Cameron: *trips over a branch* Oh no!

Lindsay: *runs farther*

Cameron: *gets back up and runs*

Courtney: *trips* Ugh! Why now?

Lindsay: *runs faster*

Cameron: *runs faster*

Courtney: *gets back up and runs*

Lindsay: *runs farther* Almost there!

Cameron: *regains speed and runs*

Courtney: *runs faster*

Izzy: *runs*

Owen: *falls in hole*

Lightning: *falls in hole*

Izzy: *runs*

Cameron: *runs faster*

Courtney: *runs*

Izzy: *runs*

Lindsay: *runs farther* I can see the finish line! (Sorry, but I have to eat dinner now. I guess I lostScienceboy0 22:12, June 19, 2012 (UTC))

Cameron: *runs*

Courtney: *runs*

Izzy: *runs*

Lindsay: *passes finish line* Yay! I won!

Izzy: *runs*

Cameron: *passes finish line* Yes I'm still in!

Izzy: *runs*

Courtney: *passes finish line* YES!

Izzy: *runs*

Owen: *runs*

Izzy: *runs*

Lightning: *runs*

Izzy: *runs*

Owen: *runs*

Izzy: *runs and sees finish line*

Lightning: *runs*

Izzy: *finishes*

Chris: Looks like Owen and Lightning are out and the next part of the challenge will begin when Scienceboy0 returns.

(Zanna: I'm going to an acting camp. It won't end till about 3 hours. Can we continue the challenge tomorrow? Please)

(I'm back! But, I want towait for Zanna. It wouldn't be fair if you didn'tScienceboy0 22:32, June 19, 2012 (UTC))

(Zanna: I'm back but, I think we should still wait till tomorrow afternoon to do this challenge.)

(Zanna: Can we start soon? :D)

(ACTN: It will start at about 5pm EST!)

(Zanna: Can we start know please :D)

Cameron: I can't believe I made the final four! It's been an honor competing with you guys.

Izzy: Same here! *cart-wheels over to Cameron and gives him a hug*

Cameron: It's been great and it's all about to end. Whoever wins, deserves it.

Chris: Challenge starts in 13mins!

Izzy: Yep :D

Cameron: Well, good luck guys.

Izzy: Thanks and Good Luck to you :D

Chris: Well it has occurred to me that Courtney wants to give someone her spot preferably Owen but I decided that she gets 4th place and now we are down to 3! Now you see these pictures over there? Those are your fellow competitors from this season. You must arrange the pictures in order from which they were eliminated. If there was a double elimination then it doesn't matter what order you put them in. You must include the debuters and returnees. Last person to do so takes 3rd place! GO!

Cameron: *puts Jo's picture on the bottom*

Izzy: *puts Jo's picture on bottom*

Cameron: *puts Gwen's picture above Jo*

Izzy: *puts Gwen's picture above Jo, and then put's Dakota's above Gwen's*

Cameron: *puts Dakota's above Gwen's picture, then Leshawna's above Dakota's*

Izzy: *places LeShawn's picture above Dakota's, then Scott's above LeShawna's*

Cameron: *puts Scott's above Leshawna's, then Alejandro's above Scott's*

Izzy: *puts Alejandro's above Scott's, then Harold's above Alejandro's*

Cameron: *puts Harold's above Alejandro's, then Heather's above Harold's*

Izzy: *puts Heather's above Harold's, then Bridgette's above Heather's*

Cameron: *puts Bridgette's above Heather, then Duncan's above Bridgette*

Izzy: *puts Duncan's above Bridgette's, then Blaineley's above Duncan's*

Cameron: *puts Blaineley's above Duncan's, then Sierra's above Blaineley's*

Izzy: *puts Sierra's above Blaineley's, then Lightning's above Sierra's*

Cameron: *puts Lightning's above Sierra's, then Owen's above Lightning*

Izzy: *puts Owen's above Lightning's, then Courtney's above Owen's* I'm in the final 2! Yay! *jumps up and down*

Cameron: *puts Courtney's above Owen* I'm done!

Izzy: *hugs Cameron* It's just me and you in the final 2 :D

Cameron: Yeah....sorry Lindsay. (CONF) I'm in the final 2, wow! It's great, just scared of what the challenge is going to be.

(Zanna: Can we do the final challenge or jury vote tomorrow. I have to go get ready for something. How about tomorrow at 2:00 central time?)

(ACTN: Yeah sure)

(Zanna: Okay see y'all tomorrow at 2:00)

(Sorry that I wasn't here. A party ran a little late. But it was worth it, the party was awesome. Scienceboy0 01:03, June 21, 2012 (UTC))

Chris: Okay final 2 you must write a speech about why you deserve to win and then the losers will vote. GO!

Cameron: Well....I think I should win, because I always tried to win for my team, even if they weren't there. I really tried my best to be here. I have been nice to everybody and I really don't want to come this far to lose. Izzy is a nice gal, so she also deserves to win, but I've also been playing from the start. Everyone was an awesome competitor. Jo, Gwen, Dakota, Leshawna, Scott, Alejandro, Harold, Heather, Bridgette, Duncan, Blaineley, Sierra, Lightning, Owen, Courtney, and Izzy, you guys were a lot of fun to be pitted against and great at this game. I mean, it's been a lot of fun!

I'm what is known as a Bubble Boy, so I wasn't expecting to get any further after the merge, but I did.....and I'm proud. I don't even want all of the prize fact I'll share it with all of you guys! Thanks for teaching me more experiences than books could. You guys are the best! Chris, you were a host who showed me that there are some things your bubble can't protect you from and now I have a little more of an idea of the real world, not just my bubble.

I really think, I played this game well.....I hope I win. If not, Izzy deserves it. Thanks guys, for everything.

Izzy: I think I should win because I'm a very hard-working and dedicated contestant. Every since I debuted I've helped my team win challenges, and made them laugh with some of my tricks. Though I'm crazy sometimes, I really am a regular person like every one else. This camp has been an awesome experience. Every one here is special in there own way and they are all winners to me. If I don't win it should be Cameron. I had a fun time. Thank you every one for...well Everything. :D

Final Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Ok you've heard the speeches now its time to vote! Vote in the CONFESSIONAL who you want to win. GO!

Jo: (CONF: I guess I'll vote Izzy.......)

LeShawna: (CONF: I'm totally voting for my girl Izzy *dances*)

Courtney: (CONF) I vote Cameron, he is way more nicer and sane.

Harold: (CONF) I"m gonna vote for Izzy.

Alejandro: (CONF) My vote goes to Izzy.

Duncan: (CONF) Cameron...Boys rule (Still thinking who Blaineley should vote for)

Owen: (CONF) I vote Cameron

Lightning: (CONF) Cameron

Blaineley:(CONF) I know who I'll be voting for ................................. It was Hard :/ trust me it was Izzy and Cameron.... Izzy you are a smart young lady you may be Loco but your funny sweet and a Strong young lady but I could not vote for you it was hard I vote for Cameron he Is smart Nice Gentleman Cameron was unpredictable young man soo I vote for him sorry izzy there could only be one winner but secoud place is great you played a great game Izzy but Cameron played it a bit better.(It took me awhile too think about it soo sorry if I did not vote for you)

Chris: More people need to vote! Cameron leads by 1 vote!

Dakota: (CONF) I vote Cameron. He worked hard.

Bridgette: (CONF) As much as I want Cameron to win, I vote for Izzy because I think she deserves it more.

Chris: Okay Lets count the votes. There are 5 votes for Izzy and 6 votes for Cameron so Cameron wins!! Congrats Cameron! *hands Cameron case for $1million* See ya next time!

Cameron: I won? Wow! Thanks guys! *trying to hold the case* The heavy *drops to the ground*

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