After 4 seasons of Total Drama, Chris McClean felt that he needed to give 15 contestants who didn't really compete as much as others or got voted out early to give them a chance to fight for the million. Alliances....Challenges.....Only one will win so stay tuned for Total Drama Aftermath!

Sign ups (CLOSED)

  1. Cody - Redo
  2. Noah-omgdeadpeople
  3. Tyler-omgdeadpeople
  4. Katie- TotalDramaFan90
  5. Sadie-TotalDramaFan90
  6. Ezekiel - Redo
  7. Zoey-ACTN
  8. Justin-S321
  9. B-Drama786
  10. Sam-Drama786
  11. Brick - Redo
  12. Dawn-Drama786
  13. Anne Maria- S321
  14. Dakota-TotalDramaFan90
  15. Mike-omgdeadpeople


  • You cannot come back EVER
  • I will always post the time and date for challenges and eliminations so if there is a problem please write on my talk page
  • No goddplay
  • Please be active
  • You are given one missed challenge and safe from elimination if you tell me why you won't be active for a day
  • Sometimes if you were really active in a challenge but your team lost, you MIGHT receive individual immunity
  • Winner of this season will have a free spot to compete next season
  • No voting for yourself EVER
  • There will be cameos and if you guess correctly your team wins an advantage for that particular challenge but if you get it right you can't guess the next episode
  • Have fun!

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
7th/8th Katie IN IN WIN WIN IND IN OUT
9th Anne Maria WIN WIN IN IN WIN OUT
12th Dawn WIN WIN OUT
13th Ezekiel IN OUT
14th Sadie OUT
15th Sam OUT

RED=This player has been eliminated or quit

WHITE=This player was not put on a team

BLACK=This player was on the Rattlesnakes

GOLD=This player was on the Fearless Hounds

GREEN=This player won the challenge of that day

BLUE=This player won individual immunity

GRAY=This player was up for elimination, but did not get voted off

Pre Chat

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Aftermath. Here I await 15 contestants for some more life threatening challenges.

noah:whoopie doo another season of hell *rolls eyes*.

Tyler: im in it too win it *trips* oh no worrys it happens all the time

mike: Hii....

Cody: Hey Chris! I'm glad to be back again for another season. I'm confident that I could really win this time. After all, I did place third in season three.

Chris: Let's welcome Noah, Tyler, Mike and Cody! What's up guys?

Cody: Just chillin', Chris.

Brick: Greetings, cadets! Brick McArthur, reporting for duty. It's truely an honor to be competing against such worthy competitors.

Chris: At ease cadet! Its good to see you guys again

Mike: nothing much I miss Zoey

Noah: meh

Tyler: oh nothing


Chris: Whoa down boy down

Ezekiel: FIIINE! I THINK I CANE CALMEZ DOUWN! *takes dep breaths and returns to his normal voice and behavior* All better.

B:*waves hi*

Dawn:Hello everyone.

Sam:*plays on his Nintendo 3DS*Grenade launcher upgrade.Now we're talking.

Justin: Hey people!!

Chris: Hey guys! We will start the first challenge when everyone is filled up. P.S. its really easy and simple

Dakota: Dakota Here! Hello everybody!

Katie: EEEEEE Sadie we are back for another season EEEEEEE!

Sadie: I know right? EEEEEEEEEEEEE

Dakota: Wait, where's the paparazzi?!

Cody: Woah! Dakota is... amazing! She's much taller in person.

Brick: Yeah, even I never noticed.

Cody: Too bad Gwen isn't here.

Mike: I know right Dakota is growing

Noah: meH

Tyler : *tries to do a backhandspring but lands on head* owww and I miss Lindsey

Anne Maria: Heeey Mikey!!

Justin: *rolls his eyes* Not this again!

Mike: hi...(CONF) I only like zoey

Anne Maria: I loved it when you let Scott have it!

Mike:have what?

Anne Maria: When you beat him up!

Mike: yup he deserved that

Anne Maria: I see you deserve Zoey more. I respect that.

Nike: really thanks

Chris: We are waiting for Zoey then we can start the first challenge. Challenges this season will be based off of all 4 seasons and the winner will also have a spot in next season with the veterans!

Chris: Ok people we are ready for our first challenge ever! Be warned today its a double elimination!

Episode 1: Lets See What You're Made Of!

Challenge 1

Chris: Okay its simple. I want to see who's gonna be active in this thing! So all you have to do is say "Here!" Last person to do so will be eliminated then I will explain the next challenge. Ready? GO!

Zoey: Here!

Dakota: Here and hot as always!

Sadie: Ooohh I'm here Chris!

Katie: So am I!!!

Chris: Congrats ladies! You're safe for now

Katie & Sadie: EEEEEEE!

mike: here

noah: here

tyler: EXTREME oops i mean here

Chris: Mike, Noah and Tyler are also safe for now. Nice job guys

Chris: We are still waiting on Anne Maria, B, Brick, Cody, Dawn, Ezekiel, Justin and Sam. Lets go guys I want to move on

Anne Maria: Here!

Dakota: Ugh, I'm getting burnt from the sun, can I please go to my cabin?

Justin: Here!

Chris: Congrats Justin and Anne Maria and yes Dakota you may go back to your cabin

Chris: B, Brick, Cody, Dawn, Ezekiel and Sam you have till 6pm EST to complete the challenge or else I will randomly decide who goes

Dakota: Good! *Goes to her cabin*

Challenge 2

Chris: Challenge 2 will start at 6pm EST sharp! This will decide who goes to elimination tonight and you will find out your teams! In the meantime you can go to your cabins and relax for now.

Cody: Oh, sorry I'm late!

Brick: My apologies, general. My absence was all of my doing.

Ezekiel: What he said, eh.

mike tyler and noah: works for us

Chris: Ok Sam you have been eliminated (I did this at random) Sorry Sam *hurls Sam* The teams are Brick, Noah, B, Dawn, Dakota, Anne Maria and Mike. You guys are Team 1. Team 2 is Zoey, Tyler, Cody, Justin, Ezekiel, Katie and Sadie. Your challenge is to create team names and colors for yourselves best team wins immunity. The other gets elimination. Ready? GO! Challenge ends at 9:00 pm EST

Team 1

Mike: i think the team color should be red.

Brick: I say black or camo green. We could be the "Fearless Hounds"

mike:Sure i say black

Noah : i say black too

Anne Maria: How bout gold?

Noah: well too shiney but thats a good idea

Mike:i have too agree with noah on this

Brick: Shows our honor and bravery with glare... definitely.

Anne Maria: Well it seems like gold is the winner.

Mike: if u guys like it im find with it.

Noah: ok

Chris: I like that. The Fearless Hounds and the color gold. You guys win immunity!

Mike:WoO HOo! Good ideas brick and Anna Maria

Team 2

Zoey: How about the Silent Assassins and we should be red

Tyler: YA i argee THAT NAME IS EXTREME *tries too do a flip but lands in splits* mommy... i argee

Justin: I think we should be the Rattlesnakes with black as our color and a large rattlensake as our mascot.

Tyler:*is still hurt* but red its niceee

Justin: Well, what do you think Zo? Are you willing to have black as a team color?

Zoey: I'm willing to do anything its if Chris likes it that matters

Justin: I would say it's really our decision however to name our teams.

Zoey: That's true, but also I think the other team is doing the color black

Justin: I heard they were doing gold. So black's all ours.

Zoey: Ok so our team name is the Rattlesnakes and our color is black?

Justin: Yup. *puts on a black headband and covers his face and chest in black war paint * WE'RE GOING FOR THE GUSTO!!!

Tyler: ok black i say I for the rattle snakes

Chris: I'm sorry but you guys are going to elimination tonight

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Elimination Ceremony 1: Rattlesnakes

Chris: Rattlesnakes, welcome to your first elimination. I'm sure you all know what to do at this point. I personally liked Zoey's idea. Anyways vote for the contestant you wish to eliminate in the CONFESSIONAL. Zoey, Justin and Tyler win individual immmunity for actually thinking of a team name. Voting ends and the next challenge starts at 5:00 pm EST April 24th.

Zoey: (CONF) I vote for Sadie

Tyler:(CONF) sadie she's annoying shes EXTREME! Annoying

Cody: (CONF) My vote is for Sadie. Sorry, Sades.

Ezekiel: (CONF) I vote for Cody, eh. Too much of a threat for homeschool homie. No hard feelings.

(ACTN: Zoey has individual immunity. You have to vote for someone else)

(Redo: Opps. Sorry. I'll change it)

Justin: (CONF) I vote for Sadie. Sorry girl.

(Sorry dude, I got immunity too lol XD)

(XD I change it. I don't want to vote for Sade or Kate since I want some votes different. So I'll vote myself. LOL)

(If Katie and Sadie both vote Cody, it will be a tie and I don't have an tiebreakers set up yet so I'll just change my vote to Sadie)

Chris: Welp that's 4 votes for Sadie, which is the majority so seeya Sadie! *hurls Sadie* 2 down 13 to go. Who will be voted off next? Find out next time on Total....Drama....Aftermath!

Episode 2: Total Drama Trivia Time!

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Ezekiel: I can't believe I actually survived an elimination ceremony. This ones going far, eh.

Noah:I hope I get too the merge this time

Tyler: I hope I'm not going next

Mike:*thinks about zoey*

Girls Cabin

Dakota: Ugh, I completely got sunburned from yesterday!

Zoey: That's too bad Dakota

Dakota: *Sunburn peels off* Eww

Cameo Guessing

Chris: Hey guys! We got previous contestants cameoing challenges everyday! Guess who it is and you win an advantage for your team! I will give you hints everyday. Here's your first one: This Total Drama contestant competed for 3 seasons and he/she likes to take charge.

Brick: Heather!

Chris: Nope but good guess!

Cody: Is it Lindsay?

Katie: EEEEEE it's Courtney! EEEEEEE

Chris: Katie is right! The Rattlesnakes get an advantage for tomorrow's challenge!

Katie: YAY!

Cody: Good job, Katie!

Challenge 3

Chris: Starts tomorrow 4/24/12 at 5:00pm EST

Chris: Okay today's challenge is very easy as long as you know our trivia! Now its a 15 question trivia game about the past 4 seasons. Since Katie guessed correctly they get 2 free points! Now Courtney will ask the questions!

Courtney: Question 1 Who got eliminated 3rd in Total Drama Action and why

Cody: Izzy was eliminated third because she was the actor for her team and she disappointed them when she lost the challenge.

Justin: *hoping it's right*

Courtney: Correct! Question 2 Who was the cameo in Grand Chef Auto and what did he/she do?

Justin: Duncan. First, he was chained up by Chris, then blew up a set.

Courtney: Correct again! Question 3: Who got injured in the disaster challenge in season 2?

Justin: Owen!

Courtney: Correct again! Question 4: Who WAS Chris' assistant? (veterans not newbies)

Noah: me

Mike: noah

Courtney: Correct! The score is 5 to 1. Question 5: Who got eliminated in Haute-Campture and why?

Justin: LeShawna. Everyone kept saying her name by accident!!

Courtney: Correct! Who surprisingly won season 3?

Zoey: Heather the queen of mean!

Mike: Alejandro in canada

Courtney: I'll accept both answers. The score is 7 to 2. Question 6: Name all the people who have returned to the game throughout all 4 seasons

Justin: Eva, Izzy, Owen, Duncan and Dakota. Also Ezekiel in the first episode of TDWT

Courtney: All correct! Question 7: Who got eliminated in Camp Castaways?

Brick: mr . Coconut

Noah: mr coconut

Courtney: Brick is correct! Question 8: What was the challenge and the song we sang in Japan in season 3?

Cody: Before we Die

Courtney: And what was the challenge Noah?

Noah: the candy fish tail challenge

Justin" Play human pinball and make a commercial adveritsing fishtails!

Courtney: Correct Noah! Question 9: Who won TDA and how?

Justin: Duncan won by gaining the most votes!

Courtney: Correct! Question 10: Who did not compete in TDWT?

Brick: Trent, Geoff, Eva, Beth, Katie, Sadie, and Justin.

Courtney: Correct! Question 11: Who did not compete in TDA?

Katie: Zeke, Cody, Me, Sadie, Noah, Eva!


Katie: Oh yeah and Tyler!

Courtney: You both get a point Question 12: Who got the boot in London in TDWTT?

Justin: Noah!!

Courtney: Correct! Question 13: Who got voted out 3rd in TDROTI unfairly?

Justin: Dawn

Brick: Mike?

Courtney: Nope and by unfairly I mean it was one of Scott's tricks

Brick: Dakota! (on her second elimination)

Courtney: No! Who took 12th place is what I'm asking!

Dakota: OMFG B!

Brick: That's right! It has to be.

Courtney: Thank you Dakota! Question 14: What place did Scott get in TDROTI?

BRICK; forth!

Courtney: Last question its worth 5 points! Name the episodes where Chris didn't host the show!

Brick: Are We There Yeti?, Mutiny on the Soundstage, All Aftermath Episodes, and partially in Basic Straining.

Dakota: Wrong, Chris hosted the last aftermath in the TDA finale.

Courtney: Ok the winners are the Fearless Hounds with a score of 13 to 11. Way to go Brick.

Brick: Always proud to serve.

Justin: Brick shou;dn't have gotten it right! Chris hosted the last TDA Aftermath!

Tyler: no chris only hosted one aftermath what justin said and bridgette and geoff host the aftermaths

Elimination Ceremony 2: Rattlesnakes

Katie: I vote for... Ezekiel. He didn't really help us at all.

Justin: Zeke, you're no use at all.

Tyler: (CONF) UGH ANOTHER LOST U GOTTA BE KIDDING me i vote for zeke

Zeke: Tyler, eh.

Cody: I vote for Tyler, he didn't do ANYTHING!

Zoey: I vote Ezekiel

Chris: Well Justin and Cody have individual immunity for doing the most but its clear that Zeke takes the hurl of shame!

Ezekiel: I'm not exactly shocked. You did what you had to guys. This is the furthest I've ever gotten and I'm proud. Good luck, ya'll.

Chris: *hurls Zeke* Another one bites the dust. Who will get voted out tomorrow at 4:30 pm EST? Find out next time!

Episode 3: All or Nothing

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Tyler: man we need too start winning

Girls Cabin

Dakota: Need.... Beauty....Sleep......

Katie: (CONF) I actually though I would be sad that Sadie was eliminated... But, I'm Actually okay with it!

Challenge 4

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow at 4:30pm EST 4/25/12 and elimination will probably happen at 9:15pm EST

Chris: Ok this challenge will have no cameo! And it will run till 9:05pm EST! Today we are recreating the bank heist movie. All you have to do is gain the most money for your team and you win! You can only take $1000 out of the vault at a time and it MUST take at least 3 lines to steal $1000. Example:

Chris: *sneaks past police*

Chris: *sneaks into vault*

Chris *takes $1000*

Chris: Got it? I will not accept those who rob $1000 under 3 lines Ready? GO!

Cody: *sneaks past guards* This is easier than disabling a rocket engine.

Cody: *tries to crack open the vault* *eventually succeeds* YES!

Cody: *tries to yank the vault open, but is too weak* It's too heavy! *to team* Guys, I need your help! *silence* Seriously... *rips shirt off and angrily pushes it open, with little struggle*

Cody: Got the $1000! *picks up money in his shirt that is still ripped off of him and collects it in like a robbing sack and carries it to his team*

Mike:*sneaks by police*

Mike *tries too open vault turns into vito* eyo I got this *opens vault*

Mike:*takes 1000$ for team*

Cody: *builds a miniture go-kart with awesome buttons*

Cody: *drives up to guards and presses a pontune inflating button and the pontune knocks the guards aside*

Cody: *presses a button and a giant spike pops out up-front and demolishes the vault door*

Cody: *presses a button that vaccums up the $1000 and fires it to the Rattlesnakes* *drives back to team and jumps off, crashing the kart to pieces*

Chris: Let's go gangsters! I wanna see more bank heisting!

Cody: *kicks guard in the groin and punches another*

Cody: *pauses for fan-girls to faint*

Cody: *opens up the vault easy*

Cody: *takes the grand and shoves it in his pockets and returns to his team, giving it to them*

Brick: *uses stealth techniques to avoid guards*

Brick: *runs to the vault*

Brick: *slowly opens the door using most strength.*

Brick: *grabs the $1000 and runs back to his team*

Zoey: *sneaks pass guards*

Zoey: *sneaks into vault*

Zoey: *takes $1000 for Rattlesnakes*

Tyler:*sneaks pass guards*

Tyler:*sneaks into vault*

Tyler:*passes too inpress lindsey*

Tyler:*takes 1000 bucks*

Dakota: *Makes guard Unconcious by her perfume*

Dakota: *Runs to vault*

Dakota: *Steals $1000*

Katie: *Sneaks by the guards*

Katie: *Opens vault*

Katie: *Gets the $1000*

Cody: *goes around the guards*

Cody: *runs to vault*

Cody: *opens vault and grabs the Rattlesnakes $1000*

Cody: *runs back*

Cody: *uses fake I.D. to trick the guards to let him in*

Cody: *opens the vault and steals $1000*

Brcik: *dives over guards*

Brick: *runs up to Cody*

Brick: *steals his money for his team*

Chris: And the Rattlesnakes win! Fearless Hounds i'll see you at elimination

Elimination Ceremony 3: Fearless Hounds

Noah;(CONF) I vote for dawn she's inactive

Mike:(CONF) dawn needs too go

Chris: Well welcome to your first elimination ceremony. You are to vote in the confessional. Mike, Dakota and Brick have individual immunity. Voting ends at 10:30pm EST latest'

Dakota: (CONF) Individual immunity? Yay! I vote for the aura reader Dawn.

Dawn:Sorry everyone!I got lost(i'll be on various times because im at a relatives house and we come here various times,so if im not active,im not here at my relatives,but i'll try to be as active as i can.)

Dawn:(CONF)Im sorry,but i have to stick to my guts so i vote noah.

B:(CONF):*writes on a piece of paper,looks with a sorry and regretful look and the note says Noah*

  • Sam appears*

Sam:Forgot my action replay for my ds.*lands in catapult and leaves the island*

Dawn:Ahhhh,thank goodness i'm here and not lost.*sam pulls her to him*

Sam:Hello dawn.

Dawn:I thought you were eliminated.

B:*nods as a sign of saying me too.

Sam:Well,i found a way how to come back to the island,my dummy was the one that was catapulted twice.


Chris: Its still anybody's vote! Its down to Anne Maria and Brick

Mike and Noah : *in shock* wow ur back welcome back

Sam:I have to go already.Ok.

Dawn:Well atleast you got to come back

B:*nods as a sign of saying yep.

Sam:Hey chris,can i be an intern and stay?

Chris: Well Sam you will be catapulted with tonights loser

Dakota: HI SAM!!!! *Hugs Sam*

(hi Noah Tyler and mike will be inactive for 2 days cus I'm going too the falls)

Chris: Well it looks like Sam and Dawn are getting hurled. *hurls Dawn and Sam*

Episode 4: Who Will Survive?

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 5

Chris: Today's challenge will start at 5pm EST and be warned both teams, Noah and Mike cannot be voted for tonight from the Fearless Hounds and Tyler cannot be voted for from the Rattlesnakes got it?

'Chris: Okay! Your challenge is to use these canoes to get to Boney Island and retreive any item you find. It will take you 10 lines to get there, 3 ''''to get an item and 5 to get back. I will be counting the lines. First team back wins immunity! GO!

Zoey: *gets canoe in water* (1)

Zoey: *rows canoe* (2)

Brick: *swims mediumly fast* (1)

Cody: *swims and an octopus begins to chase him* (3)

Dakota: *Gets a Canoe* (2)

Dakota: *Rows it* (3)

Zoey: *rows canoe* (4)

Zoey: *rows canoe* (5)

Cody: *to Brick* Why are we swimming anyway? *paddles faster* (6)

Brick: It's a great workout. *paddles past him* (4)

Cody: Whatever. *jumps in a canoe* (7)

Brick: Oh no you don't. *grabs the back of it and hitches a ride* (5)

Cody: *rows past the Fearless Hounds' canoe and shakes the boat to slow them with waves* (8)

Chris: Oh and when I say you need 10 lines to get there, I mean as a team but when you're on the island and finding items its on your own

Dakota: *Rows Canoe* (6)

Katie: *Gets Canoe* (9)

Katie: *Rows It* (10)

Dakota: *Rows canoe* (7)

Katie: *Rows Canoe* Almost there! (11)

Dakota: *Rows canoe* (8)

Chris: The Rattlesnakes have arrived and the Hounds need 2 more lines

Dakota: *Rows Canoe*

Dakota: *Rows Canoe*

Chris: Both teams have arrived

Katie: Hmm, what is here that I can take?

Dakota: Eeew, a dead bird!

Cody: *searches shoreline*

Brick: *searches rocks*

Katie: Ooh, a tiki!

Dakota: Hmm, a weird shaped rock! Yes!

Katie: *Puts tiki in her pocket*

Katie: *Goes back to Camp*

Dakota: Puts away rock*

Dakota: *Goes back to camp*

Brick: Woah, that rock looks like Celo Green, Dakota.

Dakota: *Rows back to camp*

Katie: *Rows back to camp*

Cody: Sweet! That wild boar tusk will make a great item! *grabs horn*

Katie: *Rows Back to camp*

Dakota: *Rows Back to camp*

Katie: *Rows back to camp*

Dakota: *Rows back to camp*

Katie: *Rows to camp* I'm here Chris!

Dakota: *Rows to camp* So... Am.... I......

Chris: And thanks to Katie the Rattlesnakes win again!

Cody: *returns* YES! We won! Good job Katie!

Brick: *returns* I'm here. What'd I- Aw, crap. (CONF) Looks like this soldier is dismissed.

Katie: Thanks Cody!

Elimination Ceremony 4: Fearless Hounds

Chris: Vote in the confessional. Brick and Dakota get individual immunity. Anne Maria or B is up for elimination.

Brick: Thanks, Chris. I thought I was going home tonight. (CONF) I vote for B, sorry.

Chris: You're welcome. You did the most for your team

(P.S. Could you fix the elimination chart for Dawn's elimination please? Thank you.)

(ACTN: Yeah I'm trying to work on that)

(Redo: If you copy her row in source mode, then paste it where her elimination was, make the "out" cell red and delete her old row, you got it. Make sure that you still have a hash mark still to seperate the rows.

(Drama:Im sorry but i might be on time to time.I diddn't come on just until right now.I'll be on various times,and i'll try to active as i can.)

Chris: Ok B is out. Seeya! *hurls B* Brick since you were the only person to vote on your team, you get an immunity idol, which can be used to get rid of any of the votes against you. *tosses Brick an immunity idol*

Brick: Gee, Thanks!

Episode 5: A Little Chinese Lesson

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Cameo Guessing

Chris: Guess the cameo! Hint: He/she is from the 4th season

Dakota: Lightning?

Chris: Nope!

Katie: Scott?

Chris: Nope!

Katie: Like, uh, can we have another hint please?

Chris: Hint: Its a guy

Dakota: Mike?

Chris: NO!

Katie: Wow this is a toughie, how about Cameron?

Chris: YES! Finally! Advantage Rattlesnakes guess by Katie again!

Katie: EEEEEE! I'm so smart!

Challenge 6

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow at 5pm EST Be there!

Chris: Ok! so your challenge is to race across the great wall of china using either your bare feet, a bike or skateboard. It will take 10 lines as a character to get there then I will explain the next part.

Cody: Not again!

Brick: So how do we get to the Wall? (LOL)

Dakota: Let's do this! *Runs on bare feet*

Katie: *Runs on her bare feet*

Dakota: Ow, ow, ow, *Runs on her bare feet*

Katie: *Continues to run*

Dakota: *Runs as well*

Katie: Ouch! *Runs on her feet*

Dakota: *Runs on her feet*

Katie: Ouch, this is like, hurting my feet! *Continues to run though*

Dakota: See ya later! *Passes Katie*

Katie: *Runs*

Cody: *jumps on bike and begins to pedal*

Brick: *jumps on skate board and pushes down a hill of the wall* AHHHHHHHHHH!

Dakota: Let's go Brick! *Continues to run*

Katie: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs

Katie: *Runs*

Dakota: Almost there! *Runs*

Katie: Oh no! Dakota's gonna win! *Runs*

Cody: *pedals*

Brick: *flies over the hill and hits the rock*

Brick: *continues on foot*

Cody: *bike breaks and runs*

Dakota: Almost there...... *Runs*

Katie: *Runs*

Dakota: YESS..... *Runs*

Katie: *Runs*

Dakota: Here Chris!


Chris: Nice! Your next challenge is to sing A Chinese Lesson in its entirety. Whoever sings the most gets a special prize

Dakota: So, we have to sing?

Cody: *sings* A little Chinese Lesson for you...

Dakota: *Sings* Manman chi means enjoy your meal....

Katie: *Sings* Manman chi means Bon appetite

Brick: *sings* Manman chi it's no raw deal...

Dakota: Manman chi is dinner for four......

Cody: Manman chi don't get the squirts...

Dakota:They love to eat on The Yangtze. Manman chi. Manman... Huh?


Dakota: Well, looks like we are done singing, wait, if me and Cody sang 3 lines, who wins?

Chris: Looks like you both win an immunity idol! *tosses immunity idols* And for the last part...

Cameron: Let go of me Chef! What am I doing here?

Chris: You are helping with the last part of the challenge! The eat off! Both teams must eat three dishes sitting in front of you. It takes 3 lines per meal for a total of 9 lines first team finished wins!

Dakota: Eew, but okay, so, what's the first dish?

Katie: Aw, man.

Brick: I've got a stomach of steel.

Cody: What could be worse than chef's cooking?

Dakota: Ikr?

Brick: I haven't eaten all day, let's get ths started.

Katie: Ooh, are we gonna eat chicken fingers?

Cody: .... It's Chin- you know what, forget I said anything. Can we get it over with?

Brick: I'm starved.

Chris: Your first dish is a bowl of wontons. Inside the wonton are maggots. Chinese delicacy!

Dakota: *Puts in her mouth*

Dakota: *Chews*

Dakota: *Swallows*

Dakota: Ewww

Chris: Dakota wins round 1! 1 more win and the Hounds win! The next dish is fish.....raw! Chinese delicacy!

Dakota: My team owes me!

Dakota: *Puts in her mouth*

Dakota: *Chews*

Dakota: *Swallows*

Chris: Fearless Hounds win!

Dakota: *Faints*

Elimination Ceremony 5: Rattlesnakes

Chris: Vote in the confessional. Katie and Cody have individual immunity and Tyler cannot be voted for.

Zoey: (CONF) I vote for Justin

Katie: (CONF) Like, uh, I vote for Justin. Even though he's hot!

Cody: (CONF) I vote for Justin. Sorry, dude. But I think your looks are messing the game up for yourself and everyone else, too.

Chris: Well seeya Justin! *hurls Justin* Come back tomorrow at 6EST!

Episode 6: Surprise, Surprise!

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Dakota: (CONF) My team so owes me from last time!

Challenge 7

Chris: Okay! Well surprise! I'm merging the teams! Welcome to the final 9! Now your challenge you must go through a spooky cave and sing Before We Die! The first part is singing before we die then it will take 10 lines to get through a cave, BUT you must have 1 setback, example *attacked by bats* And remember Brick, Cody and Dakota have immunity idols so you might want to win. GO!

Zoey: *sings* We're singing as we're falling!

Dakota: *Sings* Well some are cannonballing!

Katie: *Sings* Our life is flashing right before our eyes!

Dakota: *Sings but falls over a rock* Ow!

Katie: *Sings* We might just go Ka-Plooey!

Dakota: *Sings* Get smushed and become chewy!

Katie: *Sings but gets attacked by spiders* AHHHH

Dakota: *Sings* Cept' there's tons we wanna do before we die!

Brick: *sings* Billionairess! *trips and falls*

Katie: *Sings* Billiards Champions!

Cody: *sings* Make it home to see my mama! *runs*

Katie: *Sings* Marry Cody!

Katie: *Sings* Catch a Barrel!

Katie: *Sings* Be an actress in a drama!

Cody: *sings* corparate lawyer! *falls in a pit, but climbs out*

Brick: *sings* Prom destroyer!

Katie: *Sings* Prom Destroyer!

Dakota: *Sings* Be a ninja with throwing stars!

Cody: *sings* Lion tamer!

Brick: *sings* New-food-namer!

Cody: *sings* Repairman for the parallel bars!

Katie: *Sings* But first we must cease dropping, our goal here would be stoping.

Dakota: *Sings* Before we smash into the ground From the sky!

Katie: *Sings* Flat into little pieces!

Cody: *sings* Heads merge with our feet-ses! {C {C {C Brick: *sings* That would really suck and here's why!

Katie: I'm here Chris!

Dakota: We'd like to keep on living,

Brick & Cody: *sings* So Chris, we hope you're giving!

Dakota: Some wings!

Brick: A Jetpack!

Cody: A rift in time!

Zoey: A parachute!

Dakota: A jet pack!

Brick: A Water bed!

Cody: ATrampoline

Dakota: A rift in time!

Dakota: Springy Shoes!

Cody: Rocket boots!

Brick: Flying squirrels!

Dakota: I'm out of the cave Chris!

Cody: Bubble bath!

Brick: I changed to bubbles, too!

Cody: I made it out, Chris!

Katie: Good job Cody and Dakota!

Cody: Thanks, Katie!

Brick: Mamma!

Brick: Pizza! No! Chips and some dip with dooooooo!

Brick: Finished, Chris!

Chris: Very nice now you need 10 lines to make it out of the cave plus 1 setback. First one out wins! GO!

Cody: *Runs but trips on a rock*

Brick: *runs fast*

Cody: *gets up and runs again*

Brick: *passes Cody*

Cody: *passes Brick

Brick: *passes Cody*

Cody: *passes Brick*

(I can't compete for the 2nd part Im going out) -TDF90

Brick: *passes Cody*

Cody: *passes Brick*

Brick: *swarmed and slowed down by bats*

Cody: *runs way ahead of Brick*

Brick: *fights off bats with a stick*

Cody: *runs faster from him*

Brick: *chases Cody*

Cody: *stops for breath*

Brick: *barely passes Cody*

Cody: *notices and begins to chase him*

Brick: *stops to tie shoes, but then runs and catches up to Cody*


Cody: Uh, Chris. We've a got a situation. What are we going to do about the tie? A tiebreaker challenge?

Chris: nope you both win!

Both: YES! Thanks, Chris!

Elimination Ceremony 6

Chris: ok for elimination you guys will private chat me your votes. Brick and Cody have immunity everyone else is fair game

(even Mike, Noah, and Tyler. Is Omg [-deadpeople] still at the falls? - Redo)

(Ok, I'm back, we just rented the movie :P) -TDF90

Dakota: (CONF) I vote Anne Maria

Katie: (CONF) Like uh, I vote for Anne Maria.

Brick: (CONF) I vote for Anne Maria. She barely participates.

Cody: (CONF) The teams are disbanded and if I take out Zoey before she wins immunity, I have a big roadblock out of my way. So I vote Zoey.

Zoey: (CONF) I vote Anne Maria.

Anne Maria: (CONF) I vote for that Cody thing, he's a merger threat. (this vote is technically void since Cody has immunity but if Omg is gone, there is only six votes and Anne Maria has four.)

Mike: (CONF) I'm back yay soo I vote for Anna Maria sorry

Tyler:(CONF) I vote for Dakota

Noah:(CONF) I vote for hmmmm I'll waste my vote soo brick because I just want too waste my vote

Brick: This ceremony is taking a long time..

Chris: Anne Maria is out and tomorrow is a double elimination since we don't have a challenge today! Come back todmorrow at 8pm EST!.

Episode 7: Double Trouble

Pre Chat

Brick: Ah, today is so nice.

Mike:*walks too Zoey* *whispers* psshhh zoey can I talk too u in private

Zoey: Yeah sure

Mike: *whispers* urrr soo well were in the merge I'm wondering if u can join my allience with me Tyler and Noah if we don't stick together one by one we go

Zoey: Yeah sure

Mike:(CONF) yes! I hope she means it she is soo ... With her beautiful red hair and beautiful ..GAH

Mike: *whispers to zoey* soo who do u want out of the game

Boys Cabin

Cody: (CONF) Wow. I made it ot the final 8. It feels great. I'm still a little scared, though.

Mike:(CONF) ok I just need too make an allience I already have Tyler and Noah maybe zoey would be a great fit

Noah (CONF) soo I hope Zoey acceptS the offer

Girls Cabin

Dakota: *Sleeping*

Katie: EEEEEE final 8!!!!!!!

Challenge 8

(Redo: Just so you know, I have a Scout meeting tonight and won't be able to do the challenge today if ithe challenge doesn't go past 8 P.M. (in my time-zone) If I am on, the meeting ended early enough, or I managed to get around it. But I most likely am going otherwise and I don't want to get voted out either. I have scouting every Monday except for certain days or if I don't go. I don't know what ould be done about that, except that you post the challenges a little sooner like 4:30 or 6:00 p/m/)

Chris: Okay! So today we have double trouble which are 2 rough challenges. The first is a race that takes 10 lines and 3 setbacks and then you must find and trap an animal that takes 3 lines to find and 3 lines to trap. First one done wins! Remember today is a double elimination!

Mike: *runs *

Noah:*runs *

Tyler :*runs *

Noah: *runs * I don't get the challenge oh we'll

Tyler:*runs* me too

Mike:*runs * me three

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs but trips*



Tyler *trips*



Tyler *runs*

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs*

Katie: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs but falls again*

Dakota: *Gets back up and Runs*

(I'm trying too post can u stop for 1 minute)


Tyler :*runs*


(Oh, sorry XD)







Dakota: *Runs*

Katie: *Runs*




Dakota: *Runs*

Katie: *Runs*







Katie: *Trips*

Dakota: *Runs*




Dakota: *Trips*

Katie: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs*




Dakota: *Runs*

Katie: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: Tine to find an animal!

Katie: *Runs*




Dakota: *Makes an animal trap*

Dakota: *Puts food in it*

Dakota: *Places trap on floor*

Katie: *Runs*

Dakota: *Waits for an Animal to come*

Dakota: *Still Waits*

Katie: *Runs* Almost.... There......

Dakota: *Waits*

Dakota: *Sees a squirrel get into the trap*

Dakota: *Closes trap door*

Dakota: *Puts it by her side*

Dakota *Runs to Chris* I got a dirty Squirel!

(sorry I can't do 3 challenges at once*

Chris: And Dakota takes the win and immunity!

Elimination Ceremony 7

Chris: Okay vote ONLY in the confessional. You know the drill, and vote for 2 people! GO!

Dakota: (CONF) I vote for Noah and Tyler.

Noah:(CONF) well I cant get Dakota out Cody is cool soo mike and Katie

Mike:(CONF) sigh Noah and Katie

Tyler:(CONF) Noah and Katie need too go I hope zoey accepts the deal

Katie: (CONF)) I vote for Brick and Noah.

(Redo: What the heck? I told you BEFORE the challenge even started that I couldn't compete! It's not my fault that I couldn't. You gave Omg immunity for a round because he couldn't. So not giving me immunity when I can't compete for a round and told you before it even started (on this page) even though you did it for Omg, is totally unfair to me.)

(Omgdeadpeople: well sorry what was I suppose too vote of my own charecter I guess I'll do that but that will break my allience )

(ACTN: I didnt give Brick and Cody immunity becuase they have immunity idols so it doesn't matter)

(Redo: It actually does, because if they did compete there might have been a chance that they might've won and wouldn't need to use theirs. But I guess it'd be fair and I'm being a little selfish)

(Omgdeadpeople - well I voted off a member of my allience happy)

(Redo: I'm not saying I wanted you to. But since you did, thanks for not voting me. Omg, you are a really nice guy.)

{C {C (no problem -Omgdeadpeople )

Brick: (CONF) I vote for Mike and Cody. They are both really big threats in this game.

Cody: (CONF) I vote for Noah and Mike. You guys are my bros, but are a big roadblock for me.

Mike:*waits for zoey too vote so everyone has voted* (CONF) I'm nersous

Zoey: (CONF) I vote for Brick and Katie

Chris: Ok so Brick and Katie got the most votes but Brick has an immunity idol so the votes against him are gone. So the lucky losers are.................... Katie and Noah! Seeya! *hurls Noah and Katie* Tomorrow is a reward challenge at 6pm EST


Brick: (CONF) Wow, my first reward challenge! I figure maybe I don't have to trie, but the reward might be sweet or could help in the next elimination challenge. Besides, Chris might be tricking us and it actually is an elimination. Not taking any chances.

Episode 8: Rewards, Rewards!

Pre Chat

Brick: (CONF) First reward challenge! SO PUMPED!

Boys Cabin

Cody: I cannot wait for today's challenge!

Girls Cabin

Challenge 9

Chris: Ok this is 1 out of 2 reward challenges. I'm not telling you when the next one is. Your challenge is to track down 4 campers who did NOT compete this season in different locations. It will take 3 lines to search a location and 4 to track them down and have them sign their name. First one to get 4 signatures wins the reward! GO!

Zoey: *runs to mess hall*

Zoey: *goes up to mess hall*

Zoey: *is inside mess hall*

Cody: *searches forest*

Brick: *searches lake*

Cody: *searches inside a tree*

Brick: *searches in a coral cave*

Brick: *searches in a shark's mouth*

Brick: *notices Izzy trying to talk to the fish near-by* IZZY! IZZY!

Brick: *chases her*

Cody: *searches under a rock*

Cody: *searches on a branch*

Brick: *chases Izzy out of the water* Come back! I just need your signature!

Cody: *notices Brick running after Izzy* HEY! You don't get ALL of the girls! *tackles him*

Brick: *strugles* I'm... not even sure if... Izzy's... actually human! *escapes and runs after her*

Cody: What do I do now? Well, what if I... *takes of shoes and waits* *Sierra arrives and picks up the hoes to sniff them* SIERRA!

Sierra: CODY! *hugs him* I missed you SOOO MUCH!

Cody: Yeah, that's great, but can you please give me your signature? *struggles*

Sierra: Okay! *signs his forehead along with goofy marriage doodles, hearts, and her phone number* Oh, you are sooo Codilicous!

Cody: Great to know. *runs away*

Brick: Get... back... here.... that's.... an.... order! *stops and pants*

Brick: I just want your autograph!

Izzy: WHATZYA SAAY?! *runs to him fast* My fans still love me! This is the light of comeback for the SuperStar! Explosivo likey!

Brick: *faints forwards*

Izzy: *signs the back of his shirt with "IZZY-MAZING IS BACK!" and leaves*

Cody: *searches in the sand*

Cody: *searches the boats of the dock*

Brick: *searches the cabins*

Cody: *searches the outdoor stage*

Brick: *searches the bunk-beds*

Brick: *searches dressers XD*

Cody: *searches behind the curtains and finds Trent practicing with his guitar* TRENT!

Trent: Cody?! Ah crap! *runs*

Cody: *chases Trent* No, I need you to sign- *hits a tree*

Brick: *searches the top section of the bunks* *finds Cameron in the covers, shaking*

Cameron: Is... is... Izzy gone?

{C Brick: No worries, cadet. I took care of her. You're safe with me. Now can you sign your name on this sheet of paper?

Cameron: Chris told me to avoid it, so you have to catch me first! *runs*

Cody: Come... on! *runs at high-speed and is practically a roadrunner* WOAH!

Cody: *crashes into Trent and knocks im down* Opps. Sorry!

Cody: *holds out paper* Sign-it!

Trent: Okay, okay! *signs and runs away*

Brick: *chasing Cameron* Cameron, please!

Cameron: Well, maybe... not yet! *climbs up a tree*

Brick: ... seriously?

Mike: *sees Cameron * ohh Cameron remember me

Cody: *searches for more on the cliff*

Brick: *shakes tree and Cameron falls in his arms*

Cameron: Okay, you've bested me! *signs and leaves*

Cody: *continues searching* This is SO not fun!



Cody: *accidently walks off of the edge* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Mike:*looks* well I'm at the mess hall anyone here

Courtney: *catches Cody* Ewwwwwww, you're not Justin! *drops him in the water*

Cody: COURTNEY! *swims after her*

Mike: Courtney *acts like justin* ohh Courtney

Courtney: *runs* Get away, Cody! I'm not signing yours!

Mike: Courtney *runs too her* if u sign mine I'll tell u where Justin is I promise

Courtney: *pauses* For real?

Mike:yup I promise

Courtney: Well... you are a little cute..... OKAY! *signs*

Mike: ok Justin got elimationed soo he is out playa de losers

Mike:well nice seeing u *runs *

Courtney: Thanks! *leaves*


Mike*looks around*

Dakota: *Looks in Boy's cabin*

Dakota: *Looks In girls Cabin*

Dakota: Man, where are they?!

Dakota: *Searches in woods*

Dakota: *Sees Bridgette*

Dakota: You!

Bridgette: *Runs*

Dakota: Get back here!

Dakota: *Try's to tackle Bridgette but fails*

Bridgette: See ya!

Dakota: *Throws rocks at Bridgette*

Dakota: *Throws her shoe* Dang!

Dakota: *Tackles Bridgette again and succeeds*

Bridgette: Fine, you caught me.

Dakota: Please sign my book!

Bridgette: Hmmm,

Dakota: Please?

Bridgette: Fine. *Signs*

Dakota: Thank you!

Bridgette: No problem

Dakota: *Searches Dock* Nope.

Dakota: *Searches Mess Hall*

Dakota: *Searches Water and sees Geoff*

Geoff: *Sees her and swims away*

Dakota: Hey! *Swims after Geoff*

Geoff* Swims Faster*

Dakota: *Swims*

Geoff: *Gets on land*

Dakota: *Follows him on land*

Geoff: *Runs*

Dakota: *Tackles Geoff* Sorry, but please sign this book. I already got your girlfriend's signature!

Geoff: I don't know man....

Dakota: DO IT!

Geoff: Okay, okay, geez man *Signs her Book*

Dakota: Thanks! *Hugs Geoff and keeps searching*

Dakota: *Searches Confessional*

Dakota: *Searches arts and crafts center* (CONF) Where else could they be?

Dakota: *Searches Bathroom and sees DJ*

DJ: AHHHHH! *Runs Away*

Dakota: Wait! Ugh, scaredy cat *Runs after him*


Dakota: *Runs after DJ*

DJ: *Runs*

Dakota: *Throws her other shoe at him*

DJ: OW! *Runs but falls*

Dakota: *Gets on DJ*

DJ : What do you want?!

Dakota: Sign my book!

DJ: Then will you get off me?

Dakota: Yes! Just sign!

DJ: Fine! *Signs* Now let me go!

Dakota: *Gets Of DJ*


Dakota: Just one more signature!

Dakota: *Searches a tree*

Dakota: *Searches A bear cave*

Dakota: *Hears moving around in her cabin*

Dakota: What the?

Dakota: *Goes in and sees Owen*

Dakota: Fat Guy!

Owen: Oh no! *Tries to run but Accidently farts*

Dakota: Eeeewww

Owen: *Escapes*

Dakota: Hey! *Tries to run after him*

Owen: *Trips and just rolls*

Dakota: *Runs*

Owen: Aaahhhhhh *Rolls*

Dakota: *Keeps Running*

Dakota: *Trips over Owen and Is on top of him*

Owen: Oh, you caught me hahaha

Dakota: Never mind that just sign my book!

Owen: What if I don't want to?

Dakota: I'll give you a chocolate bar.


Owen: *Signs*

Dakota: Yay! *Gives Owen chocolate bar*

Owen: *Eats it*

Dakota: *Runs to Chris*

Dakota: I got.... 4.... Signatures...... Ugh.......

Chris: Dakota wins!

Reward Ceremony 1

Chris: Dakota you won a nice relaxing trip away from here for one whole night! (challenge) Which means today Dakota can't be voted out hahaha! *shoves Dakota in limo*

Episode 9: We Are Going On A Zeke Hunt!

Pre Chat

Brick: (CONF) Whewie! What a night.

Mike:(conf) im nersous i hope one of my members of my allience will be safe

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 10

Chris: Challenge starts at 7pm EST!

(Redo: Will I get to play Zeke again in this episode? I assume he'll be part of it, beause of the title.)

Chris: Ok (no Redo you do not) All you have to do is find Zeke who has returned and find him in 1 of 6 locations: The Woods, Mess Hall, Boys Cabin, Girls Cabin, Elimination Ceremony Fire Pit or the docks. Everyone must look in 1 location. NOBODY LOOKS IN THE SAME PLACE. The person who finds him wins! By the way it will take 3 lines to find him and 2 lines to catch him WITH one setback for a total of 6 lines.

Mike:*looks in woods*

Mike: *walks*ahhhhh *falls in hole*

Mike:*climbs out of hole and walks some more* OH ZEKE!

Mike: ZEKE are u even here

Mike: *sees zeke* AHA!

Mike: oh its just wood *sighs*

Mike: *keeps on looking*(ACTN are u even here-OMGDEADPEOPLE)

Mike:(meh it said 3 lines too find him and i did 3 lines)*sees zeke*

Mike: *tackles zeke but misses*

Mike:*tackles zeke but does not miss* i hope i got him

(i did 8 lines not one edit soo does that count or zeke makes the setbacks)

Chris: Congrats Mike! You won the challenge!

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: You know the drill vote in the CONFESSIONAL! Mike and Dakota are safe.

Zoey: (CONF) I vote Tyler. Where'd you go?!

Mike:(CONF) Cody is has an idol I'll never vote off Zoey or backstab her so I gotta vote for eenie meanie mighty mo *sighs* sorry Tyler I can't carry you to the final 5.

Tyler:(CONF) Hmmm I guess brick

(Fixed the page :{D Somone accidentally erased it. ~CDF97~)

(Sorry that I didn't participate. I couldn't get online. ~Redo~)

Brick: (CONF) I vote for Tyler. And since he has been giving the game his all, I'll assure his departure will not go un-avenged!

Cody: (CONF) I vote for Tyler. Sorry, man.

Dakota: (CONF) That was such an amazing day! Anyways, I vote for Tyler.

Chris: Tyler is out! Seeya! *hurls Tyler* Come back tomorrow at 6pm EST!

Episode 10: Wake Up!

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Mike:(CONF) oh crap oh crap oh crap it's 3 too 2 I'm nervous

Girls Cabin

Dakota: (CONF) Almost to the finale! :D

Brick: *walking in* Hey, Dakota. I'm honored to be competing with youin the final five! Maybe you could join me and Coy in an alliance just to reach the final three. Then we'll go solo from there.

Dakota: Hmm, (CONF) I definitely need an alliance at this point, but there's no one really I can connect with. But, Brick and Cody could be useful alliance members. (NON CONF) Sure Brick!

Brick: Thanks. I'm going to have left-over slime-burgers! *leaves*

Dakota: Uh, ok then. (CONF) Left over slime burgers? Ew!

Challenge 11

Chris: Ok! you guys have to run through an enchanted forest! It will take 3 lines to enter and 5 to exit plus you must have 1 setback. You must sing Wake Up when you enter the forest! First one out wins!

Zoey: *runs*

Zoey: *runs faster*

Zoey: *enters forest*


Mike:*runs quick*

Mike:*enters forest*

Mike:well its a beautifel day in the serengati perfect time too snag a pup ill find zeke and win this dumb game soon as my leg wakes up AH! *keeps on running*

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Keeps Running*

Dakota: *Enters*

Dakota: *Runs but falls on a mutated squirrel* Ew, sorry squirrel

Mike: *runs* going alone just makes u sad and pathetic plus youll die with out a trace

Mike: HEY! *trips*

{C Dakota: *Runs* We teamed up and almost had a Zeke. I could see the zits right on his face. Really! We were that close!

Mike: almost gets u nowhere around here ur just a loser duo *runs*

Dakota: *Runs* Lose is what the lion called you, when you couldn't find your balls. Tranq balls, that is. I wonder where they went?

Dakota: *Runs* I better sing or I get kicked out. (faints) I got something I want to say. Cody? Cody? Cody? I ca- I can't feel my face. Where'd you put it? Cody?! Cody?! Co...(faints)

(can u stop editting for 1 minute and i cant edit )

Mike:well its a beautifel day at the serngati the prefect time too snag a pup soon as my leg wakes up *runs*

Dakota: *Runs* My hand!

Mike: my arm * *runs*

Mike; *ugh my face

Mike: WAKE UPP !!!! WAKE !!!! *runs*

Dakota: WAAAKEEE UP! *Runs*

Dakota: *Gets Out* Dang I lost!

Mike: *gets out* if i win ill own u one im on the chopping block it looks like

Dakota: Congrats on the win Mike :)

Mike: thanks even know i did 5 posts but u got out first but lets see until chris comes back

Chris: Mike wins!

Elimination Ceremony 11

Chris: Lets make the final 5 the final 4. Vote in the confessional!

Zoey: (CONF) I vote for Brick

Dakota: (CONF) Since Mike won, and Brick and Cody and I are in an alliance, I have no choice but to vote Zoey.

Mike:(CONF) ok two challenge wins in a row yay me I vote for brick sorry dude all I need too do is keep on winning.

Brick: (CONF) I vote for Zoey.

Cody: (CONF) I vote for Zoey. Dakota and Brick already did.

Chris: Zoey I'm sorry but you're out! *hurls Zoey* What's next in store for our final 4? Tune in tomorrow at 6pm EST to find out!

mike: (conf) oh well all my alies are out i guess its me againest the island

Dakota: (CONF) Final 4 baby!

Mike:(CONF) i just need to win challenges

Cody: (CONF) Wow. Final four? I might actually win this! I don't want to place third again. That would be boring.

Mike:(Cond) just need too tell cody and dakota that brick is a threat hes strong

Brick: (CONF) Man, I have no clue what will happen next. But something tells me I'll like it.

Episode 11: Its Rowin' Time

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin.


Cody: *skateboards on a half-pipe*

Mike:(CONF) I trust Dakota the most

Mike:*walks out of girls cabin goes too guys cabin* *writes in book if dakota says no i guess ill just be a villian >:)*

Dakota: *Walks In* I thought about it and... Hello new alliance buddy!

Girls Cabin

Dakota: (CONF) Final 4!!! :)

Mike: *knocks on door* Dakota can i ask u somthing

Dakota: Wut?

Mike: *whispers* well were in final 4 alright u can turn the game around if u go with the final 3 with brick he will take cody too the final 2 im just saying u can turn the game around ( im just playing the game) *walks away*

Dakota: Huh? *Continues to paint nails* (CONF) Wait did Mike just try to make an alliance with me?

Mike: *walks back* well u can paint ur nails all u want but when the final 3 comes brick will take cody too the end there tight

Mike: u could change the whole game everything will be easier

Brick: *walking in* That's not true. Cody's way more of a threat because he made it to the final three. If we stick together, we can put him back in third and go to the finals, together.

Dakota: Hmmm....

Brick: PLEASE.

Dakota: *Whispers to Brick* Fine.

Mike:*walks back too Dakota * *whispers too Dakota * look brick is messing with ur mind he is a huge threat u do t have too go with me it's ur choice and I know ur going too make the right choice if both of us go too the end with brick or Cody who ever is safe to tonight and either choice I'll take u too the end


Brick: Okay.

Challenge 12

Chris: Okay! I'll tell you today is a reward challenge. You will be in teams of 2. The teams are Mike and Cody and Dakota and Brick. First you will play tackle football. First to 3 points gets an advantage in the second challenge. You need 3 lines to score a point. Ready? GO!

Mike: *runs and pushes brick too slow down*

Mike:*trips * crap *but comes back up*

Mike:*runs sees people not moving*

Mike:*thorws ball too the goal post (i dont know about tackle foot ball) and scores*

Brick: (me either LOL) *runs and pushes Cody aside*

Brick: *passes to Mike*

Mike: * runs with ball* IM not on ur team XD

Mike: *runs with the ball like a mad man*

Mike: *Trips but comes back up and runs*

Brick: *blocks Mike's path*

Mike: * pushes brick away form the path * Sorry *throws the ball in goal soo do i score*

Cody: *runs with ball*

Brick: *blocks path*

Cody: *passes to Dakota*

Dakota: What do I do?

Mike: *runs too dakota steals ball from dakota and runs * sorry

Cody: *steals it back*

Cody: *runs to goal post*

Cody: *throws it over the goal post and scores*

Dakota: Go Cody!

Mike: *steals ball and runs with it *

Mike: *runs with ball*

Mike: *trips*

Mike: *thorws the ball in and scores*

Dakota: Hmm, *Grabs a ball*

Dakota: *Falls* Ouch!

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Scores*

Dakota: This. Easy! *Grabs another ball*

Dakota: *Runs but trips*

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs with ball*

Dakota: *Scores*

Mike: i think i did score 3 points soo i guess ill just wait until chris comes

(IDK if I did the challenge right XD)

( u i think u did )

Chris: Okay now you will row a canoe to Boney Island and since Mike won his canoe gets an electric motor. First won there wins the reward!

Mike: sooo how many lines gets in boat since i have a motor how much lines do i get and set backs

Mike: *gets in boat*

Dakota: *Gets in her boat*

Dakota: *Falls in water* Aw crap

Dakota: *Gets back in*

Dakota: *Continues to row*

mike:*turns on motor and drives beside dakota*

Dakota: Hi ALLI buddy!

Dakota: *Continues to row*

Mike: *puts motor too full speed drives*

Dakota: ALLIANCE BUDDY! *Rows faster*

Dakota: *Continues to row to Mike*

Mike: oh hi dakota * contiunes too drive a little slower*

Dakota: *Continues to row* Looks like were in first place together.

Mike: *contiunes too drive with motor* yup

Dakota: If either one of us wins immunity, who do we vote off? *Continues to row*

Mike: brick or if we fail too win and brick wins cody * continues too drive with motor*

Dakota: *Continues to row* Alright.

Mike: * continues too drive with motor*

(There is no immunity; it's reward. Just because last challenge was immunity for the next, doesn't mean this is.)

Brick: *rows boat*

Mike: *drives with motor * lalala (i guess ill do 10 lines and 1 set back*

Cody: *rows boat*

Brick: *rows boat more*

Brick: *rows faster*

Cody: *rows*

Brick: *rows as fast as possible*

Cody: *rows, but breaks his oar*

Brick: *rows and stops for a break*

Dakota: *Rows*

Brick: *rows faster*

Cody: *tries to fix oar*

Brick: *rows*

Brick: *rows*

Brick: *rows*

Cody: *still tries to fix oar*

Dakota: *Rows faster*

Dakota: *Rows*

mike: *hits rock*

Brick: *rows*

Brick: *rows*

Cody: *rows*


Cody: *rows*

Brick: *rows*

Brick: *reaches island*

Mike:*drives with motor more*

Cody: *rows*

Mike: *rows is close too island*

Mike: *reaches island*

Cody: *rows with a little struggle*

Cody: *rows*

Cody: *reaches island* YES! I'm not last this time.

Mike: *waits for chris*

Cody: *waits for Chris and Dakota*

Mike: *wonders about dakota waits for her too*

Brick: *waits*

Dakota: *Recahes island* Here.......


Mike: WOO HOO now everyones here :3

Dakota: So, where's Chris?

Brick: Who knows. Let's play tag until he arrives. XD *tags Mike* You're it!

Dakota: Can't catch me Mike!

Mike:*runs and tags dakota*

Cody: Dakota's it! (this is so ridiculous. XD)

Dakota: *Tags Cody* Cody's it!

Chris: Ok! Brick and Mike won the reward which a fabulous dinner! Everyone else I'll see you tomorrow at 6pm EST!

(Hey. Redo, here. It just wanted to say I, as Brick, reached the island before Mike, then after Mike, Cody came, then Dakota. So Mike and Brick won. :P I changed it for you :)

Episode 12: A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Mike:*relexs* (CONF) Dakota is soo nice :) hopefully we will make it too the end.

Brick: *eating left-overs of fancy dinner* Yum. I love this stuff. Five stars time two!

Girls Cabin

Dakota: *Sleeping*

Chalenge 13

Chris: Ok today you will go into an abandoned mine and must retrieve one of my gilded Chris awards. It will take 3 lines to get to the mine cart and 5 lines to find the gilded Chris with 1 setback! GO!

Dakota: *Runs to mine cart*

Dakota: *Falls*

Dakota: *gets up and runs*

Dakota: *Continues to run*

Dakota: *Gets in*

Dakota: *Rides*

Dakota: *Gets out*

Dakota: *Looks around*



Mike:*trips and faceplams ground*oww

Dakota: *Falls on a rock*

Mike:*gets in cart*


Mike:*gets out and starts looking*

Mike: I can't see *walks into wall* ooh!

Mike:*looks * err hello anyone here

Dakota: *Seraches under a rock*

Mike:*looks under rocks*

Mike:*looks around *

Mike:*trips scraps knee still looking*

Mike: AHA *looks its just a rock* oh

Mike: *looks for gilded chris*

Dakota: *Looks around*

Dakota: *Looks in a puddle*

Dakota: *Sees under a mine cart* Yes!

Mike: oh well I lost congratulations for making it too the finale 3 Dakota

Dakota: Chris I found it! *Whipsers to Mike* So who do we vote off?

Mike:*whispers too Dakota * brick

Dakota: *Whispers Back* Alright.

Chris: Dakota wins!

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Vote in the CONFESSIONAL. Dakota is safe

Mike:(CONF) brick sorry dude (the wrath of wanwanka or whatever finale is going on)

Dakota: (CONF) I vote Brick.

Brick: (CONF) I vote Mike, sorry, bro.

Cody: (CONF) I vote for Brick. Sorry, man. You've been good to compete with.

Chris: And Brick is out! *hurls Brick* Come back tomorrow at 8pm EST

Mike: woo hoo final 3

Cody: (CONF) Boo-yah. Final 3. I could win this, but I think Dakota and Mike are teaming-up on me. Oh, well. I still will win this!

Mike:(CONF) I think me and Dakota got this in the back I think me Dakota and Cody deserve too be in a final 3.

Cody: (CONF) Mike... is....... going down. MWAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Mike:(CONF) with me and Dakota together we will slice Cody's throat MWAHAHAHA! (I'm being mike it's nothing persoul )

(Oh, totally. Same here. Good luck! :) - Redo)

Mike:(CONF) Muhaha I got this Hahaha! Off with his head Muhaha *chokes On fly* ha ha *turne blue and chokes on fly*

Chris: Due to a recent change in events the challenge will take place tomorrow same time

Mike: *walks out* aww man I'm busy at weekends

Dakota: Yes! I can have more beauty sleep! *Whispers to Mike* It's okay I'll win for the both of us so don't worry about missing the challenge ;)

Mike:*whispers back* ok thanks (CONF) I hope Dakota wins soo me and her can go too the finals if not I'm done because I think Cody wants revenge

Chris: Yes Mike and I'm making the challenge for good on Monday at 6pm EST

Episode 13: The Enchanted Franken Forest

Pre Chat

Boys Cabin

Girls Cabin

Challenge 14

Chris: Alright you have to run through this forest! IT'll take 10 lines to run through with 1 setback. First one to finish wins immunity! GO!


Mike:*still running*

Mike:*runs for my life*

Mike:*runs more*

Mike:*trips but gets up*

Mike:*runs mutters * must get too final 2...


Mike:*is tired but keeps on running*

Mike:*takes a 4 post break*

Mike:*takes a break 2 more posts left until I go* wow I'm the only active one

Mike:*takes break with 1 more posts left* that cloud looks like zoey *sighs* zoey..

Mike:breaks over *runs*


Mike: almost there * runs*

Mike:*gets out of forest* Yes! (soo did I do it)

Cody: *runs*

Cody: *runs faster*

Cody: *runs quickly*

Cody: *keeps running*

Cody: *stops to watch a worm*

Cody: *continues running*

Cody: *tries to run fast*

Cody: *runs even faster

Cody: *stops to catch breath*

Cody: *runs again*

Cody: *runs faster*

Cody: *slows down*

Cody: *keeps running*

Cody: *runs faster*

Cody: *trips on a tree stump* OW!

Cody: *gets up*

Cody: *runs faster*

Cody: *runs slower and panting*

Cody: *speeds up*

Cody: *gets out of forest* Oh, well. Not last, right?

Chris: Alright Mike wins! Go to the elimination ceremony where there'll be a special twist!

Elimination Ceremony 13

Chris: Okay! so since Mike won he chooses who goes home!

Mike: this is hard *sighs* well me and Dakota made an allience I always stay loyal too my ally's sooo I choose Cody (I'm sorry I always stay loyal too my ally's ) I'm soo sorry Cody

Mike:*too cody* dude well u played a great game and u got far but dude u had too go

Chris: Well Cody 3rd place again oh well *hurls Cody* Tune in Thursday at 7pm EST for the finale!

(Woah Woah WOAH! I still have my idol, which means Dakota is eliminated since I can only vote for her, as the rules are not to vote yourself. -Redo)

(Don't we both still have our immunity idols?) -TDF90

(Exactly. But how will it work. If ACTN even allows me to use it now, but still we'll have to wait for him)

(kk) -TDF90

Chris: Due to a misunderstanding Cody is still in and the final 2 will be decided on Thursday as well.

(LOL THanks, BTW.)

Mike: soo it's a redo I have too fight for being in the final 2 again or a tie breaker

Cody: I'm afraid so, but Dakota still has her idol so even if you don't make, she'll still be able to win it for you. Good luck.

Mike: *sigh* thanks (CONF) if it's a redo I'm screwed if I don't win I won a lot of challenges I'm going this for Zoey

Chris: Dakota has informed me that she must quit so we have our final 2! *hurls Dakota*

Mike:bye Dakota u were a great ally *looks too cody* good luck >:)

Cody: You, too. >:) (@ACTN, Can we re-schedule the challenge to Firday? I have baseball practice tomorrow and I was planning to quit, but since Dakota had to, then I won't. Either we move it or Mike can win the game easily)

Mike:*gives Cody the slice thort sign* ok MUAHAHAH (I'm busy on Friday I go too the trailer every weekend except some weeks)

Chris: I have to make the final challenge and vote on Monday due to me being busy this weekend. Its on Monday at 7pm EST

Episode 14: Revenge of the Island

Pre Chat

Chris: Get ready the final episode takes place at 8pm EST! And EVERYONE must show up

(Yeah. I'm going to have to quit this. Sorry. Just Hurl Cody soon, please. XD - Redo)

Boys Cabin

Mike: *does pushups *

Dakota: *Comes in* Hi finale buddy!!

Mike:heyy Dakota :D

Mike:(CONF) I can't believe I did it final 2 ! I'm glad Dakota's with the final with me I'm a little scared but I'm proud of myself

Dakota: I just heard Cody quit. So we're in the final 2! :)

Mike: oh my but we're in the final 2 woohoo! :D

Girls Cabin

Losers Vote

Chris: Ok so Cody quit which means we have our final 2! The losers were originally gonna vote the final 2 so instead they'll vote who gets an advantage in the final challenge! So losers vote for who you want to have an advantage in the CONFESSIONAL

Noah:(CONF) well.. Mike is a strong guy he took me under his wing and I made it too the merge thanks too him soo mike

Tyler:(CONF) mike and Dakota are threats even know mike kinda got me out but I was just slacking soo Dakota's just too girly soo Mike but I don't know good luck dakota

Ezekiel: (CONF) Dakota's got girl power and I know she can win this. So I vote Dakota, eh.

Brick: (CONF) Dakota's my pal. I told her I would stick with her and I'm a man of my word I know she betrayed me, but still.

Cody: (CONF) I vote Dakota, she is a tough girl.

Chris: Still waiting on those votes!

Final Challenge

Chris: Challenge starts at 7pm EST!

Chris: Ok so first you must run 15 laps around the island and then I'll explain the next challenge. Ready? GO!

Dakota: Ok! *Runs*


Dakota: *Runs*


Dakota: *Runs*


Dakota: *Runs*



Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs* Mike:*runs*

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs*



Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs*



Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: *Runs* Mike:*runs*



Dakota: *Runs*

Dakota: I did it! :D


Dakota: I wonder what's the 2nd challenge?

Mike:*makes it* me too

Dakota: Chris?

Chris: Congrats Dakota! You win a shield! Why? Because you must fight on top of a pillar! Whoever falls off first wins! You may attack again if 5 mins have passed and your opponent hasn't fought back then you may attack again! It will go as long as tomorrow! GO!

Dakota: Sorry Mike *Attacks Mike*

Dakota: Woah woah woah, did Chris say whoever falls off FIRST wins?

Mike: sorry *shoves dakota *

Dakota: Hey! *Pushes Mike*

Mike: sorry I need too win *tackles dakota *

Dakota: *Uses her shield* Sorry Mikey boy!

Mike:*tackles her and tries too push shield away*

Dakota: *Kicks him with her foot* Sorry to do that!

Mike:*uppercuts Dakota * sooo sorry

Dakota: Ouch you don't hit a girl! *Slaps Mike and punches him in the stomach*

Mike: oh yeah *kicks Dakota * soorry I need too win *cries a little bit*

Dakota: *Slaps Mike with her shield* Hmm, this thing comes in handy!

Mike: oh my god it's a sale at the kacky barn ... Nope *shoves dakota too the ground*

Dakota: Uh, I didn't fall for that. *Smirks* and, my pants caught on to the pillar! *Climbs up and hits Mike with her shield*

Mike: Oww *slaps Dakota across the face* I know ur a girl but what else was I suppose too do sorry..

Dakota: *Kicks Mike* *Has a bruise* Oww, *Cries*

Mike: owww sorry but * pushes Dakota *

Dakota: *Almost falls* This... Is...For...Sam! *Pushes Mike*

Mike:*almost falls as well* And this is for Zoey!!!!!!! *runs and jumps on dakota*

Dakota: Big mistake Mike! *Pushes Mike to the ground*

Mike: oh yeah *gets up and grabs Dakota's neck and punches her nose* sorry

Dakota: *Pushes Mike to the ground* You don't abuse a girl! You'll be lucky if I don't press charges when I win!

Mike: WELL IM TRYING TOO WIN IM SORRy I JUST SHOULD OF picked *is shocked * no no never mind what I said *is beginning too cry a little bit* *pushes Dakota down*

Dakota: *Dodges it with her shield*

Mike: I need too win sorry Dakota nothing persoul *gives Dakota a purple nurple* u played a great game

Dakota: Your sick! And giving me a purple isn't really gonna help you know. *Punches Mike in the face* I'm telling Zoey after.

Mike : ATLEAT ZOEY IS CHILL AND THAT'S IT *runs and rams Dakota *

Dakota: OUCH! *Slaps Mike with her shield*

Mike:*feels bad thinking that this episode could ruin my life* *slaps Dakota *

Chris: I'm sorry i meant whoever falls off first loses. My bad

Dakota: *Kicks Mike in his kiwis* How do you like that? And, ok Chris ^^

Mike: MOMMY!!! Thats it your going down *tackles Dakota and starts punching her*

Dakota: AHHHHH! *Slaps Mike with her shield and throws him back to his pillar* Huh! My hair extensions!

Mike: AHHH *runs too Dakota picks her up and drops her*

Dakota: Ow! *Kicks Mike off her pillar*

Mike:*hangs on* (soo I lost :P)

Dakota: Mike? Where'd you go?

Mike:*gets back on puller slowlly (I was hanging on) HERE! *pushes dakoata *

Dakota: Hey! *Hangs On* I'm coming back on! *Gets back on* HERE TOO! *Punches Mike*

Mike:*pushes Dakota too the edge *

Dakota: Woah! *Hits Mike and Slaps him* How long we will have to do this?!?!

Mike: YEAH THIS IS MESSED UP *uppercuts Dakota *

Dakota: *Punches Mike in the nose*

Mike:*is losing a lot of blood* *pushes Dakota too edge * ( it's my bed time soon !

Dakota: *Kicks Mike and Slaps him*

Mike:*picks up Dakota and drops her hard*

Dakota: *Lands on her pillar* Bd karma ahead! *Drops Mike Hard* :3

Mike:AHH u too *tackles Dakota and bangs her head*

Dakota: Ouch! *Throws Mike to the ground* Ahahahha!

Mike: (do I lose) *gets back up * picks Dakota up and thorws her *

Dakota: Ahh! *Almost falls off* Phew. *Kicks Mike*

Mike:*grabs dakotas leg and spins her around*

Dakota: Bad news Mike, I took ballet when I was younger! :D *Slaps Mike's Cheek and hits him with her shield*

Mike: *is losing a lot of blood starting too feel dizzy * owe *pushes Dakota near the edge* (my arms are aching*

Dakota: Woah! *Dakota takes off her shoe and throws it at Mike*

Mike:*gives Dakota a purple nurple pulls her pants down and pushes her too the edge*

Dakota: Seriously Mike? *Pushes Mike with her Shield and spins and kicks him* Hahaha! >:)

Mike: sorry I need too win I'm losing haft of my blood *tackles her and starts punching her*

Dakota: Mike you really need to learn how to spell! (lol) *Kicks Mike off of her and sprays her perfume in his face! Clump Nugget!

Mike : Oh! Clump nugget really*laughs *Pushes her down and jumps on her* (Sorry I'm tired in real life)

Dakota: *Sprays more perfume on his face*

Mike:*pushes perfume out of Dakotas hand and uppercuts her*(wanna do this tommorrow it's 10pm where I live I'm tired I'm going too sleep *

(Ok see you tomorrow)

Chris: The challenge will start again at 7pm EST

Mike: ok Chris and (how many lines too knock out a person this challenge lasted for a day XD)

Dakota: *Looks at her shield and realizes there's blood on it* Eww.

Mike: *looks at shirt and sees blood * nasty well dakota good luck I don't care who really wins I'm cool if u win but that does not mean I'll stop trying good luck Dakota

(Ok soo when will the challenge restart again )

Final Elimination Ceremony

Chris: I've decided that both Mike and Dakota have fought hard, so you losers will decide the winner. Vote for who you want to win in the CONFESSIONAL!

Zoey: (CONF) I vote for Mike

Sadie: (CONF) Ooh, I vote Dakota! Girl power!

Katie: (CONF) Ooh, I vote for Dakota too!

Noah: (CONF) I vote for mike

Tyler:(CONF) I vote for mike He worked his buttocks off


Cody: (CONF) Dakota, I keep my word.

Ezekiel (CONF) Uh, howsah 'bout Dakota, eh?

Chris: We need 3 more votes to decide the winner! Anne Maria, B and Sam hurry up you have till 8pm EST to vote!

Chris: Lets tally the votes shall we? 1 vote for Mike, 1 vote for Dakota. Another vote for Dakota, another vote for Mike, another vote for Mike, another vote for Dakota. That's 3 votes for Mike and 3 votes for Dakota. Another vote for Dakota and the last vote is for..................................................................................... Dakota! DAKOTA WINS TOTAL DRAMA AFTERMATH! Congrats Dakota you win 1,000,000 dollars and a free spot in season 2! See ya next season on Total Drama Aftermath(Season 2)

Cody: Congratulations, Dakota!

Brick: Great job, Dakota!

Ezekiel: Ya played good, Dakota.

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