Chris:hello contestants, last time on total drama island our final 3, zeke cody and trent, were in an all out war to get to the 1st place spot. in a tiebreaker, trent bested cody and got into the top 2., Zeke and trent had a heated battle, but in the end trent prevailed.But Eva was P.Oed about not gettin her gift card, and the money got eaten by a dolphin. So ive decided to keep some of the old cast, and mix in some new.This is TOTAL...................DRAMA.................ACTION2

remaining competitors





16.Dr. House


14 Momma














TD characters(OPEN, if you havent signed up PLEASE DO)

1 Justin Wes Holden out week 10

2 Ezekiel - First123

3 Harold Alejandrofan3000 out week 10

4 Trent-SethAllred343 out week 6

5 Noah-tdiLanceknox

6 Bridgette- Poppyseed56 out week 8

7.Owen-TheEvilOctorock out week 8

8:Eva-Teamnoah123 out week 9

9 Leshawna - The Vampire Diaries (Fanmade) out week 7

10 DJ: Codmister out week 5

11 Blaineley-Spacebuddies123 Out Week 3

12 Gwen-Kathleen123 out week 9

13 Cody-124oeo (Do not steal my character!) out week 7

14 Courtney-Alejandrofan3000

15 ? character(momma)- The Vampire Diaries (Fanmade) out week 4

16 ? Dr. House-teamnoah123 Out week 2


Screaming Canadians:

Gwen out week 9

Owen out week 8

Leshawna out week 7

Bridgette out week 8

Harold out week 10

Trent out week 6

Cody out week 7

Dr. House out week 2

The killer Chilians

Eva quit week 9

Justin out week 10



DJ out week 5

Blaineley out week 3


Momma out week 4

Episode summaries(instead of table)

  1. In episode 1, 16 teens arrived on the set of an abandoned film lot for another chance at the Million, alliances were formed, brotherships challenged, and tension formed.There first challenge of making a monster cause collateral dammage went really well, but in the end, our friend gwen won the challenge, picking her team, which became known as the Screaming Canadians
  2. In episode 2, Our cast was getting ready to undergo there first team challenge, which was finding miley cyrus on the alien set, everyone went on a wild goose chase through explosives, goo guns, and a 58 year old man with anger issues, when cyrus finally flew up in the air ,everyone made it there goal to catch her, but justin prevailed making the Chilians win the first challenge, and in a landslide vote Dr. House left
  3. In episode 3, each team had to make a party with a budget of ten dollars. Bothh teams ruthlessly started trying to put together a semidecent party, but they both kinda sucked, so in the end the chilians lost and blaineley was eliminated
  4. Episode 4, not much effort here, each team was givin a tv show to do a sketch of and in the end the chilians Finn and Jake sketch was the worst peice of crap i had ever seen, so momma went home
  5. In week 5, the teams were put in the craft service tent and were forced to try and get out. And 'surprisingly' the chilians lost again, it was a quick 4-0 vote for DJ
  6. This weeks challenge was to bomb a war bunker, the chilians had there first win in a very long time, and trent was voted out 3-0
  7. This was a double elimination week, the challenge was to open a bank vault, this was the first part of the challenge, the winners earned go cart parts, which they had to use to get to the bottom of the mountain, the canadians lost and cody-leshawna were voted out
  8. Another double elimination, the teams had to become superheroes, tensions were high, and some of us crumbled under the pressure, in the end Zeke or"the canadian hoodie" won the challenge for the chilians, and owen and bridgette left for aparent inactivity
  9. it was everyone for themselvees in the first merged challenge, the two winners of immunity were harold and ezekiel, and gwen was eliminated, but eva quit because she couldnt take the pressure
  10. This week you had to appease your loyal stalker fans, the winners were zeke and courtney,and beause of a tie we had to eliminate both harold and justin


Justin: Chris why are you talking my animals Killed you

Chris:trust me justin, celebritys have decent medical coverageE

Ezekiel:Hey eh.

Chris:eh ezekiel, hows it feel to come in 2nd and lose it all

Trent: Why you asking hIM?

(First123:Yeah I am new in this and playing as Ezekiel but I did read last season but thats it.)

Justin: because youy came in first not 2nd

Chris:sorry, heres your question trent, hows it feel to win it all and lose it because a homicidal russian chick wanted her giftcard

Ezekiel:That must have felt bad for Trent I am sorry for him,eh.

Trent: Chris, it felt sh*tty.H

Harold: Hi, Ezekiel!

Ezekiel:Hey Harold,eh.

Justin: Trent maybe Karma got you for lying to my face and then voting me off and I still helped you win last season too

Chris:well, if its any consolation it was eaten by a dolphin

Bridgeete: Hi guys!

Chris:i thought you got burned and died last season, but whatever, heres bridgette

Trent: Justin, told you I was sorry!

Chris:and heres blaineley, and Symone, some of the new characters i talked about

Blaineley: Hey Chris! Hey Bridgette! Uhm, why is Zeke, Trent, and Justin here? Get them out of here!

Eva:I STILL DONT HAVE MY GIFTCARD, and its great to be back.

Blaineley: Hey Eva! Wanna start an alliance, me, you, and Bridgette?


Blaineley: Okay, lets ask Bridgette.

Justin: Eva I'll be in that allaince with you

Eva:cool, justins in

Blaineley: Only if he will date me.

Justin: I'm already in the alliance so I will not date you

Blaineley: Fine.

Leshawna: Hey yall, Leshawna in da house. If I were yall I'd gone on head and let me win!

Justin: Why did you try to vote me off last season

Leshawna: My bad...that's just how you play the game

Justin: thats fine thank you for elaborating on this question that ponedered my mind

Leshawna: Come on man let's be friends here...wanna be in an alliance?

Chris:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, friendship, only 5 spots left

Bridgette: Sure Blainley, I'll join.

Gwen: Signing up for this was a mistake...but i'm in it for the Money

Blaineley: Thanks, Bridgette.

Justin: Sure Leshawna (CONF) Im in 2 alliances this will be so good for my health in this game

Chris:well everyone, seeing as your all cripppled with the horrible burden of expectations, and im gonna start the first challenge now(while the rest of the signups fill up)

Cody:Hi Chris! I am back again!!! *walks* Uhhh...........3rd Place last time. Hope I will do it again!

Owen:Crushs hannah montana*

Challenge 1:Monster Crash

Chris:*everyone gets in a bus*The first challenge is simple, in all monster movies a monster terrorizes tokyo or china or north korea or some other city in asia. But noone ever focuses on how much damage they must cause, we have given all of you plastic props, whoever makes our robot monster controlled by chef create the most damage wil get to pick thier team and GO

Gwen: *Notices the plastic car and starts to push it to the monster* Oh wow and this thing is supposed to be made of plastic! *trips while trying to push* Umph! *Muffled Scream*.

Leshawna: *Sees Gwen's face in mud* Look...I'll help you if you help me, deal? *Holds hand out*

Justin: *calls forest animals and they throw some buildings in the monsters mouth*

Eva:*throws a building at monster*DIE

Blaineley: *helps Eva* Yeah! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, Chris, are there teams?

Chris:*through a bullhorn*winner picks teams, whoever makes the monster cause the most damage wins

Justin: *has his forest animals bringhim up to the monsters eye level which hynotizes the monster with his beauty*

Leshawna: *Helping Gwen push the plastic car* Oh Mr. Monster down here!

Justin: Monster don't listen to them now go a destroy this whole set *monster listens and desroys everything on set* I guess I win because of my beauty

Chris:*glares*justin those are real ouses,, you just killed about 20 people

Leshawna: *Ashtonished* You little cheat...Chris willl never allow that! Right Chris

Chris:ya, killing people is wrong unless you have a contract(that was kindof godplaying, and for the newer users in this camp, thats when you win in one or two lines, dont do that)

Justin: Fine Monster don't destoy the whole set right now why don't you first start by killing Chris *Monster eats Chris*

Leshawna: *Gasps*

Chris:*from monsters stomach*WILL YOU STOP KILLING ME

Blaineley: *punches Justin and takes controll of monster* You are not in my alliance Justin!

Jusin fine *monster spits out chris and jumps on a few buildings* Blaniely you aren't beautuful to take control of it

Gwen: *Struggling with plastic building* *She's Leshawna standing there doing nothing* The point of this whole thing is for you to help me LESHAWNA!

Blaineley: Justin, shut up!

Gwen: Leshawna! *Throws rock, but the rock hits a squirrel* Crap! *Squirell looks mad and runs after her* Crap, CRAP, CRAP! *Runs away*

Leshawna: *She's Gwen running* If I were you I'd keep going girl that squirrel looks mad *Snickers* *Picks up plastic tree and throws it*

Owen*climbs up monster* Heavy enough

Eva:*trying to get monster to kill justin beiber*

Justin: *has the monster jump on a few more buildings

Leshawna: *throws a rock at Owen* You ain't winning that easy big guy!

Owen:Ow thats smarts

Blaineley: *throws plastic at monster and it dies* Yes!!!!!!!!!

Justin: *revives the monster and has it jump on a fe w more buildings and blaniey*

Leshawna: *See's the monster about to jump on Blaineley* Girl you better move *Pushes her out of the way*

Owen*gets on its head and breaks it*Yes

Justin: now that the monster is dead who won the challenge

Gwen: *comes back with scratches on her face* This sucks I didn't even get one single freaking point!

Cody:*makes a plastic gun to kill Monster and Justin Bieber*

Blaineley: *trys to kill Justin*

Chris:no more killing unless its teen pop celebrities*shoots jonas brothers*

Cody:Ready? *shoots Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez*

Gwen: *pushes the plastic bulldozer over to the monster* Look you stupid monster you will smash this thing now because I have to win* *Monster kicks her away* *Gwen screams the whole time as she goes through a series of plastic buildings*

Cody:*kills Monster and Miley Cyrus*


Chris:and it looks like gwen just got alot of points

Harold:*catches Gwen*

Justin: im bored *stars kicking the monsters body*

Harold:*lets Gwen down*

Owen:*farts in monsters mouth*Oh Oh Run its gonna blow

Leshawna: Nice job Owen *Runs away screaming*

Harold:*monster explodes* RUN!!!!!!!!!!

Gwen: *sees Harold run* Oh NO!!!! *runs behind him*

CHris:and with that i can call it coming in third is justin, second is owen, an first is.............................................................GWEN, pick your team of 8(make it a team of seven until we get 3 more signups)

Gwen: *victory dance* Yes! well first off I'd like to pick , Leshawna, Bridgette, Harold, Trent, Owen, and Cody

Oween:Woooooo Hoooooooo

Chris:Good, gwen your team name is*throws her flag*the screaming canadians, and the other teams name is*throws justin a flag*the killer Chilians

Justin Cool *catches the flag*

Gwen: Alright, *looks at her team* We will win this thing!

Harold: As soon as we get the next challenge!

Leshawna: *confused* What's the next challenge anyway?

Chris:thats for me to know and you to find out

Chat 2

Noah: what did i miss?

Eva:being put on a sh*tty team with me and justin

Justin: (CONF) Good Eva is on my side but Blainley hates me so I wonder whats going to happen

Leshawna (CONF) Being on team with Gwen is okay, but I didn't help her so I guess she's out to get me!

Eva:(CONF):noah, justin, and afew other crappy people, woopi, but noah and justin will help me win this time AND THAT GIFTCARD WILL BE MINE(you can be 2 characters now if you want, i want to fill the last three signup spots)

Gwen: (CONF) I think I have a pretty good chance at winning this time...I just need the right person.

Gwen: *Walks up to Harold* Wanna be in an alliance?

Ezekiel:Sup eh!

Harold: Of course! We should get Ezekiel and LeShawna, too!

Gwen: Only Ezekiel, Leshawna can't join because she ignored me and didn't help me...I want to get her back.

Harold: When we are in the final four, we know who to boot. Besides, we need all the help we can get.

Gwen: Fine, but only because you saved me from that monster throwing me into next week.

Blaineley: Listen, Justin, I don't wanna fight anymore~!

Justin: Yeah Me too am i still in the allaince

Gwen: Ezekiel would you like to be in an alliance with me and Harold?

Harold: LeShawna, I just saved you. Can we get anyone else?

Gwen: *nicely* And Leshawna, *Looks at Harold* Who else do you want?

Harold: Noah, and anybody who hates Justin and Blaineley.

Gwen: *puts hands on Harold's lips* Shush are you trying to get kicked off first, plus I don't want you gone just yet!

Justin: (CONF) What does Harold got against beautiful me. If he tries to get me out I must elimanate him

Ezekiel:*To Gwen*Sure I'll join,eh.

Leshawna: (CONF) That Blaineley chick she's cookoo she'll do anything to win, even if that means sucking up to a evil little cheat like Justin!

Harold:*to Justin* If they ally with me and Gwen, I can help you stay in!

Justin: Sure but just a second ago you said that you hated me and I know there are people in your allaince who hate my guts like LeShawna

Gwen: I wonder where Trent is

Harold: I never said I hated you! I don't know you that well.

Justin: I guess i misheard you then

Ezekiel:Hey guys I found something*looks at it*oh its a potato wait how are potatoes even here,eh!\

Blaineley: Yes you can be Justin, only if you'll date me.

Courtney: Can I join?

Harold: Sure.

Blaineley: Harold, I think she was talking to me, and if you were, yes, you can.

Courtney: I was talking to both of you.

Harold: Coutney could help us both.

Blaineley: Actually, the three of us, plus Justin, can form an alliance and get to the final 4.

Harold: Bring Gwen and Ezekiel to the final six and I am in.

Courtney: Only if, in the final four, we get rid of Justin. He is a major threat.

Noah: hmmmmmmm.

Challenge 2-2010:A Space Cyrus

Chris:Todays challenge is simple.we are on the alien set, the base of your challenge.Today everyones least favorite disey chanel star , Miley Cyrus, is hiding somewhere in the space set, first team to find her and bring her to me is safe from elimination and will all win a miley cyrus giftpack

Leshawna: (CONF) How hard can it be to find some wanna be star in a space set!

Leshawna: Wait a minute Chris you mean to tell me that there aren't any obstacles we have to dodge?

Chris:no.......................just chefs alien goo gun, minefields, and approximately 1000 pounds of dynamite scattered around the set

Gwen: Who cares about explosives and some whackjob of a co-host, we will win! *runs out to the field and nearly gets blown apart* Um....maybe we need a game plan?

Blaineley: I'll work with you, Gwen!

Gwen: No offense Blaineley but you're on the other team.

Dr.House:alright gwen,on cyruss blog it says she was recently fired, meaning shes depresseed, meaning shed be in hiding, so we should go left

Gwen: Good, let's go team!

Blaineley: *runs in*

Trent: Miley can't be tamed so she's hiding here! *looks around*

Gwen: *frustrated* Okay we'll find her if we divide into groups of one will be me, Owen, Leshawna, and two will be Harold, Cody, Dr. House, and Bridgette! Move out!

Eva:*throws down a prop wall*WHERE ARE YOU CYRUS

Leshawna: I have an idea what if we chant her name, like we're her fans!

Blaineley: GO MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miley: Hey!

Blaineley: Found her!

Miley: Yea, she did.

  • miley runs far away*

Chris:*throws them a goo gun*if you shoot her it will really help with catching her

Blaineley: *aims for miley but shootes Gwen* Oops!

Leshawna: *tries to shoot Miley but shoots Gwen* My bad girl!

Gwen: *mad* Stop shooting me *stomps foot and dynamite goes off* HELP ME! *flies away and lands on an alien*

Eva:wow, didnt see that coming

Bridgette: Nope, I didn't either. *starts looking for Miley*

DJ: Guess I better start lookin'. *starts to look*

Justin: *takes of his shirt and starts looking for miley* This is gonna be easy

Gwen: *the alien she fell on is following her* What do you want?

Alien: Wanna take a ride in my space ship?

Gwen: Back! Off!

Alien: So is that a yes

Gwen: Ugggh!

Leshawna: (CONF) If I can stay in this alliance with Harold and Gwen then maybe I could go all the way!

Leshawna: *sees Miley* There she is! *everyone see's Miley and starts running after her* I'm gonna get you Cyrus!

Justin: Miley look at my body *miley looks at justin and starts to chase him*

Eva:*starts chasing Cyrus*

Justin: Eva she \'s chasing after me so grab her *runs by Eva who is soon followed by Miley* GRAB HER

Leshawna: *reaches for Miley, but misses her hair and trips, a bomb explodes and sends Miley up in the air* CATCH HER! *everyone puts their hands out to catch her*

Justin: *reaches up and catches miley who then in trn kisses him 10,000 times* I guess I win

Blaineley: Justin! Will you date me?

Justin: Why do you wna t to date me so much any way your so rich and famous that you can date anybody you wnat so why me

Leshawna: (CONF) I totally lost the challenge, at least nobody hates me!

Blaineley: Because your cute, smart, and funny.

Gwen: *sees Chris with the other contestants* What did I miss?!? Who won the challenge?

Noah: *pops out of bushes*

Owen:Oh man we lost

Noah: quick justin take her back to chris!

Gwen: *prounces on Justin* Not so fast! *Miley falls* Get her! *her team runs to pick up Miley*

Owen:*chases Justin*

Gwen: *grabs Miley* Let's go! *see's Chris* Chris we're coming! *Trips and Miley slides next to the finish line* Nooooooo!

justin: *runs back to chris and Miley chases him and runs into both him ad Chris and kisses both of the a good thousand times* Chris heres Miley so we win

Gwen: *shaking furiously* No she was right there I had here, I lost I can't believe this!

Leshawna: *goes to Gwen* Look it will be okay, so what one of us is going home, how hard can it be?

Noah: Yes! Whoo-hoo! i thought we were gonna lose for a second there.

Harold: Do not worry, we shall win next time.

Courtney:*high fives Justin*

Gwen: *whispering to Harold* Help me vote Leshawna off if we have an elimination tonight!

Justin: (CONF) i love being beautiful

Harold: I prefer Dr. House. At least LeShawna tried to help us win.

Gwen: Fine you're right she did help us! Dr. House it is

Harold: And if it is a double elimination, Cody goes, too.

Dr. House:wait what are we talking about

Chris:The Killer Chilians win, i guess ill be seeing the Canadians at elimination

Screaming Canadian vote 1

Chris:ah the elimination room, where your team is for there preformance and heres why your here, Gwen:you dropped miley when you could have won, Harold:coming in and making fun of others after doing nothing before tisk tisk, Leshawna:forgetting to help gwen back in the first challlenge, not cool, owen:youve farted your way into losing another challenge, Dr.House:you have no friends and fail epically, Cody:hasnt been that much of a team player, Bridgette:likewise, and Trent:will being such a major threat prove costly, Its time to vote

Harold: I vote Dr. House.( Alfan3000: I was having lunch with my parents. Sorry.

Dr.House:ii vote cody because i know everything.(its fine, i know house is going and i just needed something to say about everyone, your very active there was just nothing else to say)

Gwen: I vote Dr. House, because even though Leshawna gets on my nerves, she could be useful

Trent: I vote Dr. House

Leshawna: I vote Dr. House

Owen:I vote for Dr.House

Chris:and with 5 votes against him, DR. HOUSE IS OUT*throws him in Lamozine*

Challenge 3:Super awesome Beach surfer epic 1950s cool fun best beach party ever

Chris:today we are back at camp Wawanakwa, your challenge is to make the best party ever, you have a budget off $10, spend anymore and find out what happens, winners are safe from elimination and get to enjoy their party, losers party will be crashed by a bulldozer, start party making

Justin: Okay *runs to the beach and makes a bondfire* No beach party is absoultly epic without a bond fire

Leshawna: I gotta win this for my team *takes a bowl, and two 75 cent sodas and makes a punch bowl* This is gonna be awesome!

Gwen: (CONF) We're down one player we need to step up the game!

Gwen: *runs and finds a tiki torch, brings it back and lights it* Yes!

DJ: *runs and gets a boombox*

Gwen: *whisperes to DJ* Would you like to be in an double-team alliance? Nobody has to know

DJ: *whispers back* Sure Gwen.

justin: *runs and gets some mad jams for the party and uses DJ's boombox to play them*

Gwen: *gets some lava lamps and sets them up*

Eva:*gets a disco ball andstarts dancing*PARTY

Courtney:(CONF) I still don't see why she wants a gift card so bad.

Harold:*builds a wooden statue of Dr. House out of driftwood* I need matches.

Leshawna: *brings chips and pizza* This challenge is ours.

Noah: *builds a dj stand*

Momma: (CONF) I need to get my head in this game!

Leshawna: *builds a tiki chris* Look Chris!

Chris:*(smiling*dont let that one catch on fire, okay

Justin: *shoots off fireworks*

Courtney:*sees the fireworks set the House statue and the tiki Chris catch on fire from the fireworks*

Harold:*saves the tiki Chris* How could you, Justin?

Chris:*eye twitching*justin you almost just cost your team the challenge

Harold: When are you going to judge the challenge?

Leshawna: *brings a boom box* Now! This is a party!

Harold:*starts dancing*

Courtney: We just lost.

Chris:actually, 9/10, and because the chilians sucked, they get 2/10, CANADIANS WIN

Eva:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*puts out bonfire and breaks the wood with her leg*

Killer Chialians vote 1

Chris:reasons why you should go homeJustin:no reason at all, everyone else:Did nothing

Momma: Who should I eliminate, oh yeah Blaineley, girl ain't did nothing all day!

Eva:wheres the homicidal cool momma i used to know, I VOTE MOMMA I vote Blaineley

Courtney: Eva, I will give you my $100 dollar giftcard I got for Christmas if you vote with me.

Eva:*interested*what kind of giftcard

Courtney: The one you can spend on ANYTHING!

DJ: I'm with Momma, I vote Blaineley. Sorry.

Courtney: I vote Blaineley.

Eva:ill only change if you give me a WALMART brand giftcard

Courtney:*hands her a WALMART brand giftcard* If it is not the right one, I have six more. I get these instead of allowance. Thank you, Eva!(CONF) Blaineley made an alliance with Eva, Justin, and Bridgette, then plots with me and Harold. She is not trustworthy. And Justin is way nicer.

Justin: Blainley all the way. She is ugly and wants to date me of all people. Plus she thinks she is in charge of are alliance and this vote is to tell her she is Not. Plus she wants to date me and i must get rid of all the ugly girls who want to date me.

Courtney: Justin, Noah is next. He does little.\

Chris:with a 5-0 vote, blaineleyh is out

Courtney: Yes!

Justin: okay

Courtney: Cannot wait until the next challenge! The Screaming Canadians are going down!!!!!!


Courtney: We do not need to go that far...

(Alfan3000: Could you put up a new chat?)

Harold: Bye,Blaineley!

Chat 4

Harold: Fourteen left!

Bridgette: Hi Harold!

Leshawna: (CONF) I lasted this long, I can keep going all I need is to keep my alliance with Harold, Ezekiel, and Gwen

Momma: I'm gonna win this game!

Challenge 4:Acting challenge

Chris:For your challenge, each of you will be doing something we did last season, you will be given a television show or movie and be asked to act it out, Killer Chilians get Adventure Time, and The Screming Canadians get CSI, best acting wins

Chilians act:Adventure time

DJ: I'll be Jake. (Cod: Thats my real name!)


Courtney: Then I am Princess Bubblegum!

Lumpy space pricess(eva):im boreed

Princess Bubblegum(Courtney): I made zombies!

Lumpy space princess:oh my gosh no way*throws up*

Candaians act:CSI

Bridgette: I'll start looking for clues!

Harold: I found a piece of paper! It is a confession! The murderer is....EVA!!!!!

Bridgette: *cues epic chase scene*

Leshawna: Get the paint ball guns!

Bridgette: Let's get EVA!

Eva:OH CRAP*starts running

Chris:kay this has gone on long enough, the canadians win for having an actual plotline, chilians are going to elimination

Killer Chilians vote

Chris:noone did much this week so i cant single out one of you, vote

Noah: I vote for Momma.

Eva:i vote momma

Momma: I vote for Eva because she threatens everyone.

Courtney: I vote Momma. Sorry.(Alfan3000: When is the next episode summary going to be put up?)

Chris: and mommas out

Chat 5

Bridgette: I'm awake!

Cody:I had to respect my mom again!

Harold: Final thirteen! The next challenge will be awesome!

Eva:(CONF):final 13, farther than last season, im sure my millions of fans are happy about this

Courtney:*hands Eva two WALMART brand giftcards* DJ, then Noah.

Noah: what about me?

Trent: Hey guys, I'LL TRY TO BE ACTIVE NOW. Keyword being try :)

Harold: Hi, Trent!

Courtney: Noah, work harder, or you will get voted off soon.

Ezekiel: I can't believe I made it this far,eh!

Noah: (CONF) Im gonna work harder form now on. Then courtney will totally be impressed! that came out wrong.

Bridgette: I have to win this!

Noah: Time for me to get into this!

Bridgette: Hi noah.

Noah: hey Bridge.

Ezekiel:Its so peaceful and quiet now wow thats rare,eh!

Bridgette: Hi zeke.

Ezekiel:Hi Bridgette.*Hears a crashing sound*Is that Chris,eh?

Noah: He better not kick me off for not voting again.

Week 5: Spy movie

Chris:welcome contestants, todays challenge is a simple one, you are all trapped in the craft service tent and you have to figure out what the secret to getting out is

Noah: *follows wires to fuse box*

Ezekiel:Um Noah are you sure that will work I mean sometimes it doesn't,eh.

Noah: *gets shocked badly* Ouch, anyone have something for a burn.

Ezekiel:I think I do*Checks Pocket*I think I left it in the trailer.Sorry Noah,eh.

Noah: time for plan B *starts digging* We'll dig our way out.

Courtney and Harold:*starts digging like crazy*

Justin *takes off shirt* okay animals use your heads to make a hole in the wall* aniamal Astarte to make a hole*

Ezekiel:Chris are there explosives here,eh?*Starts digging cautiously*

  • Crazy moles start attacking everyone*

Noah: *hits one on head with shovel*

Ezekiel:*Gets out of digging*Good thing I dodged those moles,eh.Wait Sesame Street!*Door does ntohing*Nope didn't work,eh.

Harold: If this was the tent, we could just break it down.

Noah: *rams into wall of tent and finds out its surronded by a brick wall*

Owen:*digging*Oh this will take forever

Bridgette: Isn't it easy? *tries to walk out front door*

Justin *continues to get moles to dig for him*

Bridgette: *walks out front door* I win, don't I?

Trent: *uses knife to cut the tent* Canadians come on out :) Justin Bridgette I pretty sure that is the door to chef kitchen and he doesnt like you in there Justin*runs out of hole that trent made*ha chilans win

Trent: *outside* Hi Justin

Chris:an with that the canadians win

Harold: We cannot lose!

Chilians vote 3

Chris:ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, another elimination, you will all vote once with the knowledge iit could send one of your good friends home

 Justin I guess I vote dj for not helping us

Ezekiel:I guess DJ,eh.

Courtney: DJ.(CONF) DJ is a good friend, but a bad teammate.

Noah: Yeah i vote dj, no effort.

Chris:and djs out

Challenge 6

Chris:today your challenge is to use paintball explosives to destroy this military bunker, first team to do so wins, and GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ezekiel:*Grabs paintball explosive*Okay come on team,eh!

Courtney: OK!*helps set up the explosive*

Harold:*starts experimenting on the exposives, creating a stronger one*

Ezekiel:When I say fire,fire okay FIRE!,EH!

Courtney:*laughs as the explosion blows up the bunker*

Harold:*his bomb goes off, creating a giant crater where the wreckage of the bunker was*


Harold: If my team lost, THAT deserves safety.*pointing at the smoldering ruins*

Courtney: Wait, who won?

Eva:wait what just happened

Chris:guys that was a hospital, the bunkers over there*points to bunker*

Harold: UHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............*builds another super bomb*

Courtney:*on phone* If I go to jail. I swear....

Ezekiel:Chris lets hope you avoid that lawsuit forom the hospital,eh.

Harold:*sets the bomb up outside the BUNKER*

Courtney:*helps Ezekiel build a new bomb* Ezekiel:Almost finished*Notices Harold*Harold wrong bunker,eh!

Harold:*runs in front of the bunker Ezekiel is by and sets up the bomb*

Ezekiel:Its getting ready to explode RUN,EH!

Courtney and Harold:*run as fast as possible*

Ezekiel:*Watches bunker explode*Whoa,eh!

Courtney and Harold: Ezekiel, you are alright! Thank goodness!!!

Ezekiel:But which team's bomb made the bunker explode,eh?

Chris:chilians win, and canadians are going to elimination

Courtney: YES!!!!*hugs and high fives Ezekiel*

Ezekiel:I hope Harold isn't voted off he did nothing wrong,eh.

Noah: *stumbles out covered in paint* ugh gross.

Justin: Cool (Wes: Hey sorry i missed the last few challenges but I have been out of town)

Ezekiel:Hey Justin I haven't noticed you for a while but at least we finally won,eh.

Noah: Yeha at least we won. (wipes paint off)

Ezekiel:Yeah,eh!*High fives team*

Noah: Its all uphill from here! all teamwork from now on!

Ezekiel:Yeah teamwork to the Killer Chillians,eh!

Canadians vote 2

Chris:vote here

Harold: Trent has done zip! I thought he was cool, but laziness isn't!

Bridgette: Trent.


Chris:nd trents out*throws him in lamozine*

Cha;t:challlenge tommorow

justin: cool

Courtney: If we lose, Eva goes.

Ezekiel:Trent is gone now,eh?

Harold: But we are gonna win!!!!!

Justin: Harold then that means i'm going to lose and thats not going to happen because the chillians are going to win.

Courtney: Don't count us out yet!

Justin: yeah your only now up one member and most of them don't participate in challenges whule most of our team participates

Ezekiel:I wonder who will win this time,eh.

Harold: Who knows? All we can do is our best. I just hope we stay friends.


Justin: yeah just make it to the merge first

Harold: Ezekiel, you don't have to say eh after every sentence! Normal Canadians don't say it as much as you!

Ezekiel:*Just realizes that*

Justin: (CONF) Well my best ally from the first season just got elimanted, I don't know why I was so loyal to trent anyway he constanly tried to eliomante me until he actually did elimanted me. Maybe he wasn't my ally after all so it was really good then that he got elimanted so he wasn't coming after me

Challenge 7:Bank Heist

Chris:good morning ontestants, your next challenge is simple, we have hidden wat you wnt most in the bank vault, the first tem to open their bank vault gets an advantage in the next part of the challenge

Justin: the popprazi no way. *tries to open safe but can't* Noah your bomb can open it

Ezekiel:I just hope he still has it,eh.

Justin: I still try while we wait for Noah and his bomb *takes off shirt and waits nfor vault to open but nothing happens* I guess it doesn't always work

Bridgette: A "save the dolphins" poster? *tries to get the combo lock*

Justin: I guess Noah isn't coming so I have to do this prteey much by my self and Zeke help me too I think isf we can steal the keys we can open the vault

Ezekiel:Alright,eh*Searches for keys*

Justin: I said steal and that female guard has them so I will distract her with my body and then you steal the keys

Ezekiel:Lets just hope she isn't immune,eh.

Justin: There hasn't been one women yet *distracts the guard by taking off shirt* Go Zeke\

Women Guard: Your So BEAUTIFUL

Ezekiel:*Snatches keys and gives the keys to Justin*Lets run for it,eh!

Noah: *blocks so justin has a clear path*

Justin: *runs and unlocks the safe* Yes we win and Noah where were you and that bomb you made in the last two challenges

Ezekiel:*High 5s team*

Justin: Merge here we come

Noah: I was in the infirmary aftert he spy escape challenge.

Justin: Fine thats a good excuse..... So chris what is our advantage in the next challenge

Chhris:*throws justin a bag of go-cart parts*this is your teams advantage, and this is a double elimination, first team to get to the crafts service tent wins

Ezekiel:Guys lets assemble this*Starts assembling Go-Cart*

Noah: we can do this! *assembling quickly*

Justin: *helps noah and zeke*

Ezekiel:*Finishes assembling the Go-Cart*HOP ON,EH!

Justin: Good *drives it twoard the craft service tent*

Noah: *drives it over hill and crashes itno craft services tent*

Justin: *picks everyboy up and throws them into the tent* We win

Ezekiel:YES WE WON,EH!

Justin: no double elimantion

Noah: Yay!!!! GO TEAM!!!!

Ezekiel: Our team has no elimination today!*High 5s team*GO CHILLIANS,EH!

Chris:and the chilians win, and the canadians go to yet anotherelimination

Justin Chris don't you mean a doulble elimanation



Chris:so, whos going to go home, vote now

Harold: Cody and Owen have done the least.(Are you going to finish the summaries?)

Owen:I guess Cody and LeShawna

Bridgette: Cody and LeShawna.

Chris:And cody and leshawna are out

Challenge 8

Chris:todays challenge is simple, you and your team will be making your super hero costumes, best overall score wins, this is the last challenge before the merge

Harold:*becomes Captain Alberta*

Courtney:*becomes the Preying Mantis*

Ezekiel:*Starts making costume*

Courtney: Ezekiel, final ...10? Never thought I would see it!

Eva:*starts making her sarah palin costume

Eva(CONF):palin is my idol, i am were i am today because of sarah palin

Bridgette: *becomes Surfer Girl*

Ezekiel:*Becomes The Canadian Hoodie*

Courtney: If we lose, Ezekiel, Justin goes.

Ezekiel: Uh...okay.

Noah: *starts making genius man costume*

Harold: What about the inactive others?

Noah: THey'll be disposed of later.

Courtney: Starting with Justin

Noah: Absolutely, i couldnt agree with u more.

Ezekiel: Well the merge is next episode,eh?

Harold: Can we finish the challenge soon?

Noah: I sure hope so.

Justin: *makes a cotume that intesfies my beauty 100 fold* Hey why do you wnat me gone you told me we were in an alliance to the final 6 courtney

Noah: Well we dont now.

Courtney: You stopped helping the team. Help, and you're safe.

Harold: I don't know you that well, either.

Justin: I call my costume Mr. alluremnt and Harold your not on my team

Harold: Justin, after the merge, our alliance takes over. Right?

Courtney: Of course!

Noah: Absolutely.

Ezekiel: I wonder when the challenge will be over,eh.

Justin: yeah and I'm in that alliance since the very begining so definitly we will go to the final 6

Harold: When Chris shows up.

Justin: can you at least tell me who we are going to vote out after the merge people

Ezekiel: Am I helpful?

Harold: Owen, Gwen, Eva...Then it depends.

Justin: Zeke you are very helpful becuase everybody on our team did the challenge while only half of the other did thiers

hris:Im ready to anounce the winner, 3rd is Courtney, second is Bridgette, and first is.............EZEKIEL, Chilians win

Noah: WHOOOO!!!


Courtney: Easy Peasy.(When are you gonna make the summaries. Just curious.)


Noah: Yeah! *hive fives zeke and justin*

Ezekiel: We are going to do our best!

Justin: we are going to win

Harold: Unless you fall in love with Courtney, betray me, get knocked of a tower, and nearly die. Or fall in a volcano.

Ezekiel: Yeah that could happen but I hope Harold isn't eliminated.

Noah: That would be painful.

Ezekiel: Nearly dying is painful,eh.

Justin: yeah our original final six was Me , Gwen, Harold, Courtney, Zeke and Blsinley. But since blainley is long gone and gwen is about to leave. Noah you can be in our final 5 alliance

Noah: Yes! Thanks!

Harold: If Gwen votes, I will change mine.

Justin: lets just knock out Bridgette, Eva and Owen and I guess Gwen because I haven't seen her in days

Noah: yes, lets get rid of them all.

Ezekiel: This will be the first alliance that worked,eh!

Harold:*speaks to Noah and Zeke in private* Just watch your backs from Justin.

Ezekiel:*High fives everyone in the alliance*We are in the Final 9!

Justin: you mean 8 since one more is about to be voted out

Harold: Yep.

Ezekiel: Yeah.

Noah: indeed. So is anyone out yet?

Ezekiel: No but, I think its either Harold or Owen going home.

Noah: I hope someone gets kicked off soon.

Ezekiel: Yeah,eh.

Canadians vote

Harold: Owen. I said if Gwen voted, I would change my vote.

Gwen: Okay I choose Harold! Plus I've been totally booked with work!!!

Chris:you know what, screw it, A for effort, you two are both safe and bridgeete and Owen are out, welcome to the merge

Challenge 9

Chris:Todays challenge is to explain to me why you should win, most random and pointless reason wins

Justin: because i am so beautiful

Harold: I was a Muskrat Boy!

Courtney:I was a CIT!

Ezekiel: I should win because I like pie.

Harold:Good one!

Courtney:Eva, Gwen, and Noah need to do it.

Eva:Because im human

Chris:I dont think gwen or noah are gonna do it anytime soon, so im gonna anounce the two winners who get safety, and they are.......................................................Harold and Ezekiel

Vote 9

Chris:Whos it gonna be, vote here, remember harold and zeke are safe

Harold:Gwen did not do it.

Courtney:Noah is my friend, so...Gwen.

Justin: Gwen

Ezekiel: Sorry Gwen,eh.

Noah: Im sorry gwen

Ezekiel: We are the Final 6 now,eh?

Justin: Yeah now we just need to vote out Eva

Harold:Then who?

Noah: Courtney, you consider me a friend?

Justin: beats me

Courtney:Of course...Maybe a little more than a friend, actually.

Noah: *smiling* really?

Ezekiel: *To Justin*Noah finally got Courtney he is probably happy or being manipulated.I go with happy,eh.

Noah: (CONF) courtney considers me, more than a friend? I can't believe it. i actually feel kinda.. happy.

Courtney:*kisses Noah*

Harold:Oh, snap!!!!!!!!!(XD)

Noah: *suprised face*

Courtney:Good night, Noah!And you guys, too!

Harold:You lucky dog!

Noah: *sweating* *tries to sneak off so as not to be noticed*

Ezekiel: *Uses computer*Wow already a Courtney x Noah fansite.Now I can catch up on all the news!

Noah: (CONF) i have a bad feeling about this.

Ezekiel: Noah what is wrong,eh?

Noah: *nervously* Nothing. nothing at all.

Justin: Noah you know she is just using you man to get to the finals

Noah: She's smart, but so am i.

Ezekiel: Good luck handling that Noah and Justin who do we get out after Eva is gone,eh?

Noah: I say we get rid of harold after eva.

Ezekiel: Okay but why?

Noah: One of his mad skills might take us down, he's smat enough that he could bcome too much of a threat.

Ezekiel: Good point,eh.

Justin: Yeah and that will take us into the final 4 but whay don't we just get rid of him before Eva becuase he is a much bigger threat

Ezekiel: Harold is my friend but so are you guys but since everyone left is my friend I will do it.So after the Final 5 alliance is over we make a Final 3 alliance?

Noah: might as well

Justin: So Harold, then Eva and then finally courtney since she actually broke up our final 6 allianced by voting Gwen instead of Eva

Ezekiel: But, we better watch out for Harold and Courtney because they might team against us.

Justin: thats why we need to get Harold out first instead of Eva

Ezekiel: Yeah, but I am saying that Courtney and Harold could convince Eva to vote witht hem which could cause to a tiebreaker or double elimination,eh.

Noah: Thats true we have to dump one of them quickly to keep the odds in our favor.

Ezekiel: After Harold is gone all the Screaming Canadians would be defeated.

Justin: Yes exactly

Noah: Indeed

Ezekiel: That will make Harold the highest ranking member of the Screaming Canadians leaving us the Killer Chillians left.

Courtney:*hits Justin* How dare you! I DO like Noah, you manipulative jerk!

Harold:Justin, you are traitor. Are you two gonna listen to someone so willing to betray his alliance?

Ezekiel: Uh...Noah any thoughts about this...?I am confused.Which side should I pick?

Harold:I was gonna share the money with us all. Justin is not. He is greedy, vain, and is only using you two.

Courtney: If you really think I would lie about my fellings, say it. At least Noah has a brain. And he is funny...

Harold:Justin would backstab you in a second.

Justin: Well these two can listen too you two who on at least one or more occasion courtney tried to get Noah elimanted and me and if she also had another chance try to get Zeke out. also she lied to one of her original alliance member, blaniely by pretty much elimianting her on the spot at our first elimantion. Then she broke our allinace twice by voting out blaniley and then leading the way for Gwen's elimantion which say she mainulated us and destroyed our final 6 allince. Now there mad they I not falling for there tricks anymore and Noah Cournty has said I love to Duncan but when he broke his ankle courtney here left him to die so if she has done it once she will do it again mark my words so elimante her before she elimantes you.

Courtney:Duncan der=served it! And you booted Blaineley and Gwen, too. If you asked, I would have changed my votes.

Harold;Plotting against me was just WRONG!

Justin: Next courtney your going to say that Noah desreved it but we go all the way back last season and I know I'm not greddy because last season trent offered me a half a million dollars and I turned him down. Why would I do that if I were greedy. Plus you had complete dictaorship over our team and have already said to our team to vote both me and Noah out.

Courtney:Then take charge!You are just a male Heather, making us do the work, then letting us take the blame!

Harold:You cannot win without this alliance!

Justin: Harold who said anything about leaving the alliance, I'm just kicking you two out

Harold:Go ahead! You are a traitor!

Courtney: Blaineley was an idiot for liking ugly old you!

Ezekiel: Uh...uh...*Runs off due to confusion*

Courtney:And all I said was if Noah didn't do the challenges, he would go!

Harold:Ezekel, I don't care if I win. Just beat Justin!

Ezekiel: *Hiding*Which should I pick they are both my friends and are confusing me.

Justin: all you two are doing is diging your own graves becuase you two are screaming at me which makes you two look bad and me look good so why don't you too just look at the facts..... Harolod has no alligance to anybody except to Courtney which means he'll tke her to the final 2 and then courtney has promissed mutiple people to take them to the final 2 which she has voted some of them out so why should she be trusted so it is simple really that one of you two needs to go.

Harold:Me?Allied to that...WITCH! Never! You know Noah called you the Anti-me!

Courtney: Keep Harold in and I will quit next week.

Ezekiel: *Jumps out of the bushes*Stop fighting,eh!

Justin: Well I'm tired and its now 10:30 so i'm going to bed sorry guys if sounded a bit harsh and I will see you tommorow for the challenge. See ya Zeke

Harold:The winner will be one of us...The winner should just share the winnings!...Whaddaya say?

Courtney:Fine...I guess.

Ezekiel: Unless a dolphin eats it again.

Harold:Ezekiel, do you want to win?

Ezekiel: Sure it would be nice I guess.

Harold:Then I am with you. I will help you out, vote with you, even quit for you. We are friends, and one of us should win.

Courtney:I will vote with you, too. I promise. If I don't, I will quit. We just wanna end the fighting.

Ezekiel: Thanks,eh.

Harold:Eva is next, right?

Ezekiel: Yeah.

Courtney:But then who?It would either be Justin, Noah, or one of us two?!

Ezekiel: I don't know when the time comes we will know I guess.

Courtney:Awww, Zeke!You are such a good friend!

Harold:If the winner is decided by a vote, we would vote for you!

Ezekiel: I really don't know because everyone left is my friend and Eva.

Harold:Guess it depends on who gets invincibility.

Courtney:Ezekiel, could you convince Noah that I REALLY like him? I don't think he trusts me.Please?

Ezekiel:*Goes to Noah*Noah, Courtney really likes you.

Courtney:Thanks, Ezekiel!

Harold:He really cares about us!

Noah: *comes out from behind tree* Wow what a convo.

Harold:Just keep an eye on Justin, Noah. Just in case.

Noah: I've ben watching the anti-me this whole time.

Harold:You realize you could boot Justin and lead the alliance, right?Not saying you should, but have you considered it?

Ezekiel: According to what is happening I predict after Eva, Justin will be gone.But its my prediction though.

Noah: Its impossible to tell what could happen.

Harold:Noah, just know Courtney DOES like you. She told Blaineley in secret.

Noah: Really?

Harold:Ever since the first season. She never had much of a chance to tell you because you were never on the same team.

Noah: wowi never had a girl like me before.

Ezekiel: *Watches Noah smile*You see, Noah if you try it will work or something like that I just got it from this book.*Shows a random book*

Courtney:Hey, Noah!Want a cute nickname?I just read a book called How To Avoid Annoying People!

Noah: *nervously* sure.

Courtney:Then I will think of one.

Harold:Where are Chris and Justin?

Noah: *looks thru binoculars* Chirs si in his tent get a massage, justin is admiring himself in a mirror.

Harold:Why am I not surprised?

Noah: Come on Chris kick gwen off already!

Justin: Come on

Justin: So bored

Ezekiel: Maybe he forgot.

Noah:: He better not have.


Justin: Hi

Harold:Eva is gone, next!Right?

Justin: Don;t ask me, ask Noah and Zeke who now seem to be in control of the allaince

Noah: Yes she is, that is if we ever get rid of gwen.

Ezekiel: Yeah,eh.

Chris:and gwen is out

Eva:*grabs her head*I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE*jumps in lamozine with gwen*

Challenge 10:stalkers

Chris:your next challenge is to keep this box of stalkers happy, whoever impresses me most with how they handle the stalkers wins..............................................GO*lets a box of stalkers out*

Ezekiel: Yikes,eh!

Zeke Stalker: ZEKE!*Chases Ezekiel*

Harold:Hey, stalkers!

Courtney:Grab me and I will sue!

Ezekiel: Well the alliance worked,eh.Stalker here is an autograph.*Gives the Zeke stalker an autograph*

Courtney fan:*grabs courtney and hugs her*

Harold fan:*starts talking about magic steves magial summer camp*

Justin: *takes off shirt and lets fans admire him*

Zeke Stalker: *Hugs Ezekiel and walks away happily*

Ezekiel: I never knew I had a stalker,eh.

Noah: *puts on headphone so he cant hear the stalkers*

Harold:*gives his stalkers pictures of himself in cool poses*

Courtney:Leave or I will be nice!

Noah: *sneaks off without drawing attention*

Justin: *gives his stalkers autographs and restraining orders* Just what every celebritry gives their fans

Ezekiel :*Gives the Zeke Stalker a piece of pie and a picture of Ezekiel*There.

Harold:See ya at Steve's Casmp, guys!

Courtney:I will be nice!

Ezekiel: This was the first alliance actually to work,eh.

Harold:Until the vote!

Ezekiel: Who's leaving,eh?

Harold:Who are you gonna vote for?


Ezekiel: *Shrugs*

Courtney:Please not Noah!

Ezekiel: You guys can decide this one,eh.

Harold:The only other one to vote for is Justin.

Courtney:Justin, I guess.I hate to do this to him, but...

Ezekiel: So we are voting Justin?

Harold:Unfortuneatly.(Hard to spell!)

Courtney:I guess...At least Noah will know I do like him.

Noah: *gets up from out of sewer* whew glad that's over.

Courtney:Are you in with us?

Noah: Absolutely.

Ezekiel: Well Justin has been a good teammate but, we have no choice,eh.

Courtney:Final Four, here we come!

Harold:Ever notice the final four always consists of 3 members from one team, and one from another?

Noah: Weird how that stuff happens.

Harold:Wonder what the next challenge is?

Noah: I dont care.

Harold:Now we wait for Chris.

Ezekiel: That will be about a day,eh.

Courtney:I guess...

(my computer wasnt working very well the last few days, but now ill be here every day)

Chris:im ready to anounce the winner, the 2 people who get immunity are.............................zeke and courtney

Justin: Noah and Zeke remeber that we need to get rid of the power couple of Harold and Courtney

Vote 10

chris:zeke and courtney are safe, whos it gonna be

Courtney:Noah is my BF.Ezekiel is my friend.I vote Justin.

Harold:Zeke said Justin, so I have to vote him.Justin, I mean.

Justin: The plan is Harold because he is a big threat

Harold:I would like to point out if Justin goes, Courtney and I will stop working together.

Justin: Well if they take me their pretty much garenteed a spot in the final 3 because then courtney will again target meand then the othere Noah and Zeke and just vote off the other person who makes it to the final three while you two Will gang up forcing a tie

(I plan on Harold leaving after Justin, so the final 3, if you go, is Courtney, Noah, and Ezekiel.)

Harold:When Justin goes, I will be next after that.I just do not want to lose to him.

Justin: Well if harold is just going to qiut you should bring me to the final 4 because I want to play the game and apparently Harold doesn't so just vote him off and give him his wish to leave so he is not rediquled as a quitter

Harold:I am not quitting. I will be voted out. Courtney and Noah will vote against either me or Ezekiel, and Zeke is their friend, so I am most likely gonna get voted off next.

Justin: K then well I haver said my piece and now lets see who Noah and Zeke vote for.

Harold:Well, at least we put the DRAMA in TOTAL.......DRAMA........ACTION!!!!!!I know why Chris loves that!

Justin: Yeah and at least if I get voted out I know because of the drama I caused chris will let me come back for a third season

Harold:Exactly! Plus, whoever wins is gonna share the prize money, so it is all good, in the end.

Chris:so 2 votes justin 1 vote harold, i close the vote in 1 hour

Courtney:If it is a tie, are you gonna eliminate both?

Ezekiel: Uh...well if Justin goes then Harold will go but, then Noah and Courtney will team against me but if Harold and Courtney go who knows what will happen so I don't know but, uh...I am confused,eh.

Courtney:I promise not to team up against you!Please let Harold stay a little longer!

Justin: But we were friends from last season and friends stick together

Ezekiel: Uh...uh...

Harold:Zeke, please?

Justin: I think the choice is sbvious, the jury hates me and loves Harold

Ezekiel: I don't hate any of you guys but, it is really hard and the winner will still share the money *Hesitating*Justin.

Harold:Justin, you played a great game!

Ezekiel: Yeah you were one of my friends here,eh.

Justin: your just like Trent last season who voted me off. At least I'm still a multi-millionair and your not. Plus I don't lie to people faces so I'm leaving and I state my name that Zeke will not be winning this competion. And all of you tratiors are going to lose Except the winner Noah

Ezekiel :Sorry but, I couldn't think with all this arguing.

Justin: whatever but do you think courtney of all people will keep her word

Ezekiel: *Starts thinking*

Justin: Chris I got three votes just elimante me but can I take somebody with me

Ezekiel: Wait I change my vote to Harold.

(First123: Sorry Alfan but, you have two characters in the Final 5.)(I want Harold and Justin to leave at the same time!)(So I just let it be a double elimination?)

(Teamnoah, could Justin and Harold leave?)

Ezekiel: Where is Noah,eh?

Harold:Chris?Where are you?!!!!!!

Ezekiel: Will there be a tiebreaker between Justin and Harold?

Chris:harold and justin are out

final 3 chat:noah, courtney, zeke

Courtney:*hugs Noah and Ezekiel*I knew we could do it! Now, it is every person for themselves!

hris:yes, yes it is, you all better know who you want to take to the top two because the winner of this weeks challenge determines the finalists

Ezekiel: *Gulps*(CONF)The Final 3,eh.I feel bad for Justin and Harold though.

Courtney:Do not worry, Zeke!

Chris:oh no, he should worry, this weeks challenge may be the hardest and most difficult of all*throws them all GPS's*these will help you in the hallenge, thats all im saying now

Ezekiel: Wow the Final 3,eh.But, this will be the hardest challenge like Chris said.

Courtney:Noah better wake up soon.

Chris:*hits noah with a hammer*yeah, he's dead, probably dead

Ezekiel: If Noah is dead, Courtney would scream.


Ezekiel: Is Noah dead?

Courtney:I have no idea.*hammers him in the kiwis**Noah screams in tremendous pain*He's alright!

Ezekiel: *Hears Noah scream for 10 minutes straight*That must have hurt,eh.

Courtney:*hammers him in the head, knocks him out*Bad things happen to him when he's asleep.

Ezekiel: Why do you keep doing that to Noah,eh?

Courtney:To let him sleep. When he wakes up, he will be sore. But he will feel a lot better!

Ezekiel: He will feel bad and good at the same time?

Courtney:No.He will feel better!

Chris:he probably will feel better, but sleeping could make this next challenge alot harder


Chris:Good morning competitors, your next challenge will test your overall ability to compete, think, and win. The challenge will start here at the set and end way over to the south , thats right were going to.................................................................THE SOUTHERN TIP OF CHILI, we wanted to do it in the north pole, you now with christmas and all, but this is the losest we could LEGALLY get, our three finalist will have to get to the island using there GPS's and one of our vehicles, a plane a tricycle and a box full of subway coupons, first come first serve, and winner of this challenge picks the finalist.......READY...............SET.......GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney:No more tricycles!*gets on the plane and starts flying south*

Noah: *puts motor on trke* IM BACK BABY!!! (lance: sorry i had surgery yesterday thats why im so late)

Courtney:*is flying over Texas*Come on, Noah!

Noah: *attaches rope to courtney's plane* Too easy

Courtney:*cuts rope*Gotta do it yourself, honey!If I get there 1st, I will bring you to the final 2!

Chris:*calls them on GPS*it looks like courtneys leading right now, with noah close ehind, and zeke is still aat the start with his o of subway coupons

Courtney:*is over Mexico*Finally!

Noah: ugh, if you wanna do something you gotta do it urself. (goes 120 mph into mexico's border*

Courtney:*is nearing Brazil*YES!

Chris:*GPS*heads up, you guys are approaching the chilian mountain range, you know the one that can get around -10 degrees farenheit

Noah: *halfway thru mexico eating a taco*

Courtney:*is wearing a heavy coat*Is over Argentina*So cold!Nearly there!

Noah: *leaving mexico* *calls courtney* COurtney?

Courtney:*is about to land in Chili*What?

Noah: You're headed for a brick wall. (leaves mexico)

Courtney:*goes around the brick wall and lands on the southern tip of Chili*YES!!!!!!!!!!

Noah: *crosses border of south america* by the way its spelled chile.



Chris:so courtney, when our two losers get here ask them both why they should go to the top 2, and then decide who goes along with you to the finals

Courtney's User:*was too lazy to find the e*

Noah: *crashes into amazon river in brazil* well this is gonna set me back

Courtney:*sees a video of Ezekiel in Norway while saying"How is that even possible, eh?"

Chris:How did zeke teleport into norway with a box of subway coupons

Noah: *gets out of amazon in pain* *rolls slowly toward finish line*

Chris:*noah rolls past finish line*someone go get zeke from norway*chef jumps in the plane to get zeke*

Courtne":Finally!Dumb subway sytems!

Noah: *falls over finish line*

Courtney:*sees Zeke thrown in*Finally!

Chris:so courtney, try and decide who to take to the final two, zeke or noah

Courtney:Noah, if i bring you to the final 2, would you be willing to tie for the victory?

Noah: yes, indeed.

Courtney:I choose Noah, and want to tie with him because we oth worked really hard!

Noah: *hugs courtney*

  • they share a kiss*

Chris:YOU BOTH TIE FOR FIRST*gives courtney the check*

Courtney:*splits the money between herself, Harold, Noah, and Ezekiel*Justin made me cry, and is already rich!

Chris:*becomes wide eyed*uh...............courtney you cant tear a check in 4 peices, you just broke the check

Courtney:Yeah, right?My lawyers already cashed it. Nice try!

Chris:well guess theat raps that up, thanks from me, your beloved host, and see you next time on TOTAL.........DRAMA.................WORLD TOUR

Noah: wait dont i get my money yet?

Chris:courtney already gave you your money, she had already cashed the check

Justin: Liars *blows up courtnys bank and chraches the data stream and makes all the money dissaper*


Justin: *takes remaining money from courtney, Harold Zeke and Noah and burns it all* Ha none of us gets the money now*


Cops:*kill Justin for killing innocent people*

Justin: Huh *bribes cops*

Cops: Noah you are under arrest for the murder of Blainley

Courtney:Beats Justin so bad, Sadie is hotter than him*

Noah: You cant arrest me!

Justin: I the hottest sorry and now I'm still rich and you are a poor wannabe courtney

Cops: Probally not but we are still doing it with or without a warrent becuase we have probale cause

Courtney:*destroys Justin's money**Kills Justin*

Noah: wow courtney i didnt know u had it in you.

Justin: sorr you fail yet again beciae I'm always have a stunt double handy and my money is iffently backed and you can never destroy it

Justin: Well I see you two later on TDWT Poor losing scum *leaves in a jet*

Noah: O h well as long as we have each other. wow i cant believe i just said that. *shoots down jet*

Chris:look guys lets try and solve this nonviolently, courtney appologize for killing justin and justin give them their money back.......................this wont be easy will it

Courtney:I will apologize when I have my money!

Justin: sorry she didn't kill me plus I already crahsed the digital account of the money plus burned the real money

Courtney:You can replace the money!

Justin: Never

Cops: *arrests Noah and Cournty and places them on death row*

Chris:nice try justin, but their isnt a canadian or chilean death penalty, only america mostly

Justin: Fine I'm walking across the street to the TDWT plane

Noah: Courtney better be ok. for all intents and purposes that is.

Justin: Of course she is *transports courtney to pluto*

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