OK this camp is going to be off the charts! Sign up when you want to and Turnertang and Usitgz will host!

You can be yourself. Sign Ups are closed!


  • Usitgz
  • Turnertang


Tdifan1234(Tdifan) -WINNER!

Elimination Order

  1. Kenzen11(Kenzen11)
  2. Tdi
  3. 2-D (Codaa5)
  4. Zakkoroen
  5. TDI19
  6. Ezekielguy (Zekey)
  7. RockSK8R (Rocky)
  8. TDADJ (Zach)
  9. Sorreltail18 (sorrel)
  10. Sunshineandravioli (Sunshine)
  11. Anonymos
  12. Sprinklemist

Day 1

Usitgz: Welcome to this state of the art pirate ship, this is where we will be staying! Our first contestant is... Codaa5

Turnertang: Where is Codaa5? maybe Zakkoroen is here.

Turnertang: Is anyone here?

* Codaa5 walks out. (Can I change Codaa5 to 2-D? because that's my kinda new official username)

Sorrel: *magically appears* hey!

Turnertang: Where did you come from Sorrel? (Yes you can switch your name to 2-D)

Turnertang: Is anyone else here?

Sorrel: long story turnertang! anyway im here horah!

Turnertang: Okay, well this is going to be a great camp. Now lets find someone else.

RockSK8R: (Jumps down from helicopter) Hey guys.

Turnertang: What's up? (Walks away) Now lets find someone else.

Turnertang: So does anyone here want to say something?

Sorrel: i hope i win and make amazing alliances and friends!

2-D: Sorrel! Let's form a alliance :D

Turnertang: We will start once we have at least ten people.

Sorrel: cool! *to 2-D*

Turnertang: One more!

(Zak arives)

Zak:Uh... hi?

Turnertang: Hi. Were just waiting for one more person.

Sorrel: cool! zak you should be in mine and 2-D's alliance

Sprinklemist: *a puff of smoke appears and Sprinklemist leaps out* Cough! I have arrived.

Day 1 Challenge

Turnertang: The first challenge is to enter a cool custom character. Best 2 design wins!! and gets to be the team captain.

Turnertang: If didn't mention I'd rather see a not new but not the one everyone has seen.

Turnertang: (Waiting) Is anyone going to post an entry?

Tdi: I don't get it.......

(Codaa5: I put in mine!)

Turnertang: TDI, you can enter one of your custom characters not many people have seen or you can redesign a TDI character.

Tdi: Ummm, okay

Sunshine: Here's mine!!! (Randomly appeared LOL)

Turnertang: Both of yours are good.

Usitgz: Great job of hosting Turnertang! (I chose pirate ship because it was the corniest thing I could think of!)

Turnertang: Ustigz, which character is your favorite? So far.

Usitgz: Its hard to decide, I'm probably going to say Sunshine and Sprinklemist.

Turnertang: I agree with you.Sorrel: WAIT!!! i have to post mine! *i wasn't here the last 2 days*

Turnertang: Entries are due April 29.

Ezekielguy: How's mine?

Turnertang: I like yours but she looks a little creepy.

Matt: It's a guy but he wants to be a girl.

Turnertang: Even creepier.

Sprinklemist: Ryan definitely fits the criteria if you're judging on ???

Sorrel: hi guys again!

Turnertang: Who's is picture is the duncan eating ravioli.

Sprinklemist. The Duncan picture was uploaded by Codaa5 (all you gotta do is click the picture and see who uploaded it).

Sorrel: hi!

Turnertang: Judging time! Ustigz who do you think are the best!

Turnertang: I like Sunshine and Sprinklemist the best.

Turnertang: Ustigz, who do you think are the best?

Usitgz: Sprinklemist and Sunshine probably are the best.

Turnertang: So they will be captains of the teams. Now who do you think should go home.

Sprinklemist: Yay! I'm a captain. (good job Sunshine)

Turnertang: I think Zakkoreon should go home.

Sprinklemist: Are you asking Usitzg or everyone who should go home? If you're asking everyone, I would say that RockSK8R or Zakkoreon should go home, since they didn't post a picture.

Turnertang: I'm asking everyone.

Rocky: Here's mine.

Turnertang: So who do you think should go?

Sprinklemist: Zakkoreon then.

Kenzen:Heres mine. Cool right it is hard to put wings on

Day 1 Vote

Turnertang: Sunshine and Sprinklemist are invincible.

Sprinklemist: I vote for Zakkoroen since he's the only one who didn't submit a picture...


Zak:I vote Kenzen. He is a jerk.

TDI19: I vote myself.... in case of World War III.

Anonymos: Oh, I want to vote for, uh, Turnertang! Oh, no wait, he's a host! Oh, uh, Anonymos! Oh, no that's me! Hold on while a figure this out... (Thinks.)

TDI19: Thanks for lightening the mood! :)

Anonymos: You're welcome! :D It's what I do... Sometimes.

Turnertang: No there is 2 for zak, 1 for kenzen, and 1 for TDI19.

Kenzen:Oh no

Usitgz: So Turnertang when will we end voting?

Turnertang: Beats me. How about you choose.

Usitgz: I think we should end it today @ 10 Eastern standard time. Does that sound good?

Turnertang: Thats sounds good!

Zach: I vote for KenZen...

Sprinklemist: Why don't you two hosts decide who goes home each time?

Kenzen:I mega agree

Usitgz: We will if there is a tie which will likely happen tonight.

Zach: Yawn... (Sprinlke, Could I use your pic for TDI wiki as my custom person?

Sprinklemist: Sure, just say "made by Sprinklemist" by it, please. Do you look like it?

Zach: Sorry.

Sprinklemist: It's alright.

Turnertang: Ustigz, I think Zak should go.

Kenzen:Ya i agree if he cant do recolor challenges and every recolor chalenge he wil just freak andf say NO do a different challenge

Turnertang: Thats why i think he should go because there most likely will be more re-color challenges.


Turnertang: What does that mean?

Zak:Kenzen just altered Zach's vote! And he tried to hide it!

Turnertang: Okay. I think he should go now! You can't cheat or do stuff like that!!

Kenzen:Whatever i am used to getting elimanated BYE*cries*See ya

Turnertang: Bye Kenzen.


Day 2 Chat

Turnertang: Well that was an interesting first day.

Sprinklemist: It certainly lived up to "Total Drama ???".

Turnertang: Yes it did and Sprinklemist you get to pick someone to be on your team.

Sprinklemist: I can't pick Sunshine, right? If not... I pick Ezekielguy.

Turnertang: Now Sunshine has to pick one.

Zach: So sleepy.... Sunshine shouldn't have.... -falls on ground sleep-

Sunshine: *remembers she was in this* I choose Sorrie!!!

Turnertang: Sprinklemist its your pick again.

Sprinklemist: TDI19

Sunshine: Then I pic Zakko, my man!

Sprinklemist: 2-D

Turnertang: Its Sunshine's pick

Tdifan: Hey, so what's goin' on?

Sprinklemist: Sunshine and I are slowly picking teams.

Zach: -wakes- WELL HURRY UP!

Sunshine: *falls asleep, wakes up* TDIFAN! *falls asleep again* (LOL I'm so slow XD)

Sprinklemist: Anonymos, please.

Turnertang: Sunshine's pick!

Zach: That's it! -walks over to sunshine's side-

Turnertang: This is taking to long! Zach and Tdi are and Sunshine's team and RockS8R is on Sprinklemist's team.

Sprinklemist: Okay, sure.

Turnertang: Challenge will be soon.

Tdifan1234:Does anyone go here anymore?

Sorrel: no

Sprinklemist: Seriously. Wait... Why are we here, then?

Sorrel: noon has tooken over

Day 2 Challenge

Turnertang: Well todays challenge is to write an audition tape for yourself! I can be any length you want but I would suggest about 200 to 400 words.

Usitgz: Nice job of thinking of a challenge Turnertang, I'm sorry I haven't been doing much, man.

Turnertang: Thank you and its fine.

Usitgz: Challenge ends tomorrow at 3pm eastern standard time!

Sorrel: finally!

Usitgz: OK, after a long silence the winner of this challenge is...Spriklemist's team!

TDI19's Audition Tape

Anonymos' Audition Tape

Anonymos is shown on a couch, "Hey, Total Drama ??? people! I think you really need me on your show because I'm funny, smart, talented, and amazing. Also, to top it all off, I'm humble too!"

Anonymos' friend walks, "Don't listen to him, he's stuck up!"

"You're just jealous!" Anonymos argues.

"Am not!" The friend persists.

"ARE TOO!!" Anonymos disagrees.

"AM NOT!!!!!!" He pulls a samurai sword out of his pocket.

"ARE TOO!!!!!!!" Anonymos pulls a samurai sword out of his pocket. They get into a samurai battle, and the camera shuts off.

Zach's Tape

-Zach turns on the camcorder-

-setting is his bedroom and he is on his bed-

ello' folks! My name is zach and I am perfect for TD Question Mark x3! I am so random!

-Starts speaking gibberish-

I also got mad video game skills. I was the top in Pac-Man in my local arcade. I also won 20 video game tourneys! I am so awesome! If you don't pick me, I will find you one way or another.

That reminds me of the song.

-starts to sings part of "One way or another" by Blondie-


Alright, Well it's best if you do pick me. -evil but innocent face- Bye!

Rocky's Tape

*camera shows on Rocky, he's singing and playing guitar, then he stops*

Hey guys! Rocky here! I'm not sure if I'll get picked but if I did that would be awesome dude!

My talents are skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, guitar playing, and singing. I have lots of buds here at home, and I like reading as well as sports.

I get good grades and am also a good writer, along with being a good student.

I promise to play the game fairly and take eliminations fairly, even if it's mine.

Sprinklemist's Audition

*turns on the camera and runs to the other side of the room*

Hi, I am Sprinklemist. *takes a bow*

If you let me on your show, I'll give it my all! I love to draw, most of all, but I'm good at other things. I think.

I don't care about the prize money. I really want to have good experiences, and make new friends. There is prize money, isn't there?

*does jitterbug*

Are you impressed, yet?

*Camera explodes but the memory card is saved*

Sorrel's Audtion Tape

Hola Amigos Sorrel is here! I have a lot of talents, i play piano,drums, and bass oh yea i surf, i write, get good grades, and i do cross country

Im very friendly and crazy and random but still you would seriously regret not accepting me!

(carmella- yea SORREL SOMEONES HERE)

JUST WAIT!!! anyway I wanna join to make friends and well get money

(Caramella is heard saying "SORREL!!!! THE FBI WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!!!)

oh crap! lets pertend she did not here that

so please accept me for your show

Zak's Audition

(Zak is adjusting a camera)

Yo! I'm Zak Koroen, but you can call me Zak! I've been wantin' to be in a reality show for years now! I wanna be on Total Drama ???, obviously, for the friends, the experiences... AND THE DOUGH! KA-CHING! Ahem. But I think I'll add some much-needed southern spice to your show. So see ya soon, y'all! YEE-HAW!

(Zak accidentally lassoes the lens off the camera. Static plays as Zak says "Oops.")

Matt/Zeke's Audition

Background Music: [[[}-0000}-0000}-0000}-0000}-0000}-0000}-0000}-0000}-0000]] Don't get lost in heaven demo.]

(Matt is sitting down and meditating in 'The Capsule Hotel'.)

Matt: Hello, My name is Matt. I am a popular musician and brilliant strategist... I would appreciate it I was chosen for the game. Kudos and goodbye! *Waves*

Day 2 vote

Usitgz: Sunshine's team its time to vote.

Sorrel: how did we lose?

Usitgz: less people made audition tapes on your team, and Sorrel, Zach, and Zak are safe for having audition tapes.

Sorrel: oh i choose tdi because i neva saw him

Tdifan: Tdi.

Tdi: Wait... I was in this camp? I dont feel like staying

Usitgz: OK, Tdi has been voted out, buh bye now.

Sorrel: that was quick

Usitgz: Well, I don't care as long as I'm paid, now go to your cabins and I'll see you tomorrow, K!

Sorrel: i know

Day 3 Chat

Sorrel: *sees a lizard* cool lizard!

Usitgz: *whispers to turnertang* what do you think the challenge should be for today?

Sorrel: *explores the campgrounds*

(Over loudspeaker) Usitgz: come to the mess hall for debriefing on today's challenge.

Everyone:*walks tword the mess hall*

(Over loudspeaker) Usitgz: Just kidding!

Turnertang: *whispers to Ustigz* I'm not sure yet.

Usitgz: I got it.

Day 3 Challenge

Usitgz: Your challenge this week will be to go on a scavenger hunt!

Sunshine's team's

  1. Orange-colored Banana
  2. Chis McClean
  3. A model of the mess hall
  4. 5 silver bullet

Sprinklemist's team's

  1. Golden Apple
  2. Robotic Chef
  3. A shirt that says pull my finger
  4. 5 wooden stakes


Sorrel: *murmers to self* where in the world do you find a golden apple and an orange bannana *sees a silver bullets*

(conf,.)Sorrel: i feel kinda unsafe here considering there are bullets here!

Tdifan:*searches for Chris McClean* I WILL FIND YOU, CHRIS!!!!!

Sorrel: *sees another bullet* dang did this used to be a crime scene?

(conf)Sorrel: i rember when i used to be ballistic and hung out with great friends but one of my friends accidently shot one of her other friends and she went to jeuvi for that....

Rocky; Hmmm....Ahah! *finds shirt that says pull my finger* Awesome!!!!! (Leave it to me to find that. XD)

Tdifan: *finds Chris McClean* There you are!

Chris: Duuuuuude! Watch the hair!

Tdifan: XP

Sorrel: I FOUND THE BULLETS and they are starting to scare me and now the mess hall!

Usitgz: All sunshine's team needs to do to win is find the orange banana

Sorrel: where in the world do you find a orange banana

(conf.)Sorrel: I know a banna song and the moose song to

(conf.)Usitgz: I have a side bet with an intern that no one will ever find the Orange Banana.

Sorrel: *looks around for a bannana* wait a minute there is no such thing as a bannana

Intern: (gives Sorrel a banana and Orange spray paint, then runs off)

Usitgz: *Takes banana* it looks like you can't win now, intern.

Tdifan:*draws a picture of a banana with an orange crayon and gives it to usitgz* Here it is, the orange banana!

Usitgz: Dang it... (mumbles to himself) Sunshine's team wins!

Day 3 Vote

Usitgz: Sprinklemist's team's time to vote. Rocky is safe for finding something.

Sprinklemist: 2-D. He hasn't been here in so long...

Usitgz: I guess 2-D is out since no one is voting.

Day 4 Chat

Usitgz: Talk now or else!

Sprinklemist: Sir, yes, sir!

Turnertang: Thats a strange command.

Intern: A very strange command.

Tdifan(CONF):I'm pretty sure everyone'll want my autograph after this camp is over. Since I won the last challenge for the team...... (Harold moment! XD

Usitgz: Challenge time!

Day 4 Challenge

Usitgz: Your challenge is to think of a punishment for the intern for cheating, no just kidding. Your actual challenge is to swim across a 4,000 yard long lake, first person there wins the challenge for there team. GO!!!!!

Tdifan:*starts swimming*

Tdifan(CONF): Luckily, I'm a pretty fast swimmer.....

Anonymos: (Rents a motorboat.) I'm not swimming in a lake! Lakes are icky!

Intern: (takes motor off boat)

(Conf.) Usitgz: Its good I have this unpaided intern around.

Sprinklemist: *starts doggie paddling*

Sprinklemist (Underwater CONF.): I used to be a pretty great swimmer, but over the years... Er... I kind of forgot how to.

Sorrel: *does the front crawl* this is so hard....

(conf.)Sorrel: this water is freezing!!!! but ah-mazing!

Anonymos: Fine... I'll canoe there. (Puts the boat in the water and starts paddling.)

Sorrel: *stares at anonymos in shock* thats not fair *swims faster as if there was no tomorrow*

Anonymos: It is so fair! I'm not swimming in a lake! (Paddles faster.)

Sprinklemist: *doggie paddles some more*

Turnertang: This is fun to watch. (Pulls out popcorn)

Usitgz:(Scubadiving under Anonymos' boat, and pulls out drill, then drills holes in the bottom of the boat, then surfaces) I love my job!

Anonymos: (Looks through one of the holes, but water squirts in his eye.) Ow!! Holes in the boat?! NEVER FEAR!! I BROUGHT DUCT TAPE!!! (Completely tapes the bottom of the boat and paddles faster.)

Sprinklemist: *doggie paddles past Anonymos*

Anonymos: (Throws duct tape at Sprinklemist.) Oh, wait... we're on the same team...

Sorrel: *goes past Sprinklemist and Anonymos* brrr....

Usitgz: (On a motor boat circling Anonymos' boat, and shooting Golfball at Anonymos)

Intern:(Straps Underwater TNT to the bottom of Anonymos' boat)






Usitgz: (Over Walkie talkie to intern) Nice job, dude!






  • Boom!*
  • Anonymos goes flying past finish line*

Usitgz: The winning team is Sprinklemist's team!

Day 4 Vote

Usitgz: Sunshine's team, time to let someone loose.

Usitgz:Anyone alive out there?

SOrrel: yes i am anyway i would choos um Zak i guess

Usitgz: finally... See ya Zak!

Day 5 Chat

Usitgz:Well, Well, Well Campers There are only nine of you left, we are nearing the end.

Sorrel: should we clap

Usitgz:If you feel like it I guess...

Sprinklemist: Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Usitgz:Wheres Turnertang when you need him?

Sorrel: *claps*

Anonymos: (Claps.) Turnertang is at his first day of school at his new school!

Usitgz: Then I'll think of a challenge myself...

Sorrel: *claps again*

Turnertang: Don't worry! I'm here!

Day 5 Challenge

Usitgz: This might be a stupid challenge, but you're challenge is to get at least one more team mate to clap, not counting Sorrel, Sprinklemist, and Anonymos.

Sorrel: darn it (nice challenge..... lawl)

Usitgz:Yeah, LoL.

Tdifan1234:Oh, Well that's sort of easy....*claps*

Intern:That was a quick challenge...

Day 5 Vote

Usitgz: Sprinklemist's teams time to vote, Sprinklemist, and Anonymos are save >:( !

Sprinklemist: You look angry that we are safe. I vote for TDI19.

Anonymos: Yeah, TDI19 hasn't been here.

Usitgz: Buh-bye TDI19 (Pushes TDI19 off the plank), Well thats that now with only eight contestants left what will happen next. Tune in next episode of Total Drama ??? !

Day 6

Usitgz: You guys have almost made it to the merge, the challenge will start soon.

Intern: (Goes up to Usitgz) Umm, sir, the producers owant a double elimination!

Usitgz:Fine, contestants what do you think about that?

Sprinklemist: That's fine. *mumbles* Unless I'm eliminated as a result...

Sorrel: ZOMG YES!!! wait double elmination???

Anonymos: I'm always up for a twist!

Challenge 6

Usitgz: You guys ready for the hardest challenge ever?  This is it, you need to at least talk once to make it to the merge!

Anonymos: Um... Okay... Interesting challenge... Do I win? O.O

Usitgz: Your prize for first talking is an immunity doll, and you made it to the merge!

Anonymos: YAY ME!!! AND YAY DOLLY!!! (Snatches the doll from Ustigz and cuddles it. Notices people are staring.) DON'T JUDGE ME!!

Intern: O_O Oh, I'll judge you.

Sprinklemist: Woohoo! Am I in the merge, now? *what if only two of us talk?*

Usitgz: *Shrugs* I don't know?

Turnertang: Am I in the merge? Oh... right I'm a host.

Intern: *Runs around on fire*

Usitgz: theres plenty more where that came from (winks).

Another Intern: 0_0

Usitgz: Challenge ends tonight!

Tdifan: Hey, I like this challenge! ^^ LOL

Usitgz: Challenge over, and now to pick who else moves on with previous talking!

The Results

Usitgz: Time to tell who has lost, Sorrel... you are safe, by talking 34 times! Zach is the next one with... 6 times talking. RockSK8R, Sunshine, and Ezekielguy, one of you guys are safe, and that is... Sunshine, with 4! RSK8R, followed with 3, and Ezekielguy with 2...

Day 7

Usitgz: Today there is going to be something special!

Sprinklemist: *eyes sparkle* Really?

Usitgz: Yes, really.

(Conf.) Usitgz: I'm shocked that Sunshine, and Zach are still here, they haven't talked since like day 2 or something!

Tdifan: Special? That's what my friends, parents, teachers, and doctor call me! heh heh! *eye twitches*

Anonymos: I love special stuffs!

Usitgz: The super awesome special thing will be announced when the challenge starts!

Challenge 7

Usitgz:Hehe, there will be no, elimination tonight, instead you will vote 1 player who you think deserves to shine back in!

Another Intern: Umm, sir apparently we can't afford more than 11 days of action.

Usitgz: fine, no challenge.

Vote 7 

Usitgz: vote someone out, now!

Sprinklemist: are we voting someone out or in? I'll vote for Sunshine since she never posts here.

Anonymos: I vote for Zach. I think he quit the wiki...

Sprinklemist: If that's the case, I change my vote to Zach.

Usitgz: Bye, Zach! *Push him off the plank*

Day 8

Turnertang: Welcome to day 8!!! YAY!!!!

Usitgz: Only five campers left, who will win?

Another Intern: I quit, you killed intern a few days back!

Usitgz: You can do that, just step out that door

Another intern: Fine! *Goes through door, and steps on bear trap, then falls into pool of pirahnas*

Usitgz: Hate to see that happen, challenge time!

Tdifan:I that intern gona be alri--*gets distracted with her ADHD-ness* Oh look! Is that a chicken? ^^ (lol)

Usitgz:I don't think so, and yes thats a chicken. *medics evacuate intern who is just a pile of bones*

Challenge 8


Usitgz: Your challenge is to recolor Mr. Coconut, in any way, me and Turnertang will judge!

Sprinklemist: Awesome challenge. Can I erase everything but his face? (to add something to it)

Usitgz: Sure!

Turnertang: I can't wait to see the entries.

Sprinklemist: Here's mine. o_O

Usitgz: Nice job, can't wait to see more.

Vote 8

Usitgz: Sprinklemist wins! Time to vote someone out.

Anonymos: Uh... Sorrel?

Usitgz: OK that settles it, bye-bye Sorrel!

Tdifan: WOO-HOO! Final 4! ^^

Sprinklemist: Yay! We did it! XD

Day 9

Usitgz: What a beautiful morning!

Usitgz (Conf.): O_O I can't believe Sunshine beat Sorrel!

Sprinklemist *randomly able to see the conf.*: Now in the elimination chart, each name of the remaining people is a different color. Yay!

Challenge 9

Usitgz: Final four, your challenge is to find is to organize the wooden replicas of the losers' heads in order, and the last to do so is outta here!

Sprinklemist: *starts assembling*

Anonymos: *Balances Tdi's head on Kenzen's.*

Sprinklemist: *looks at the elimination table for reference*

Turnertang: Shouldn't we do something about the elimination table?

Tdifan: *starts to assemble*

Usitgz: *eyes dart back and forth* maybe...

Intern #3: Reporting, sir!

Usitgz: Great, now help the other contestants finish!

Tdifan:*balances Sorrel's head on top of Zach's* Done! :D (Only took a couple months XD)

Usitgz: Tdifan wins the challenge... and the camp, too, I guess! Every cheer for Tdifan! *hands Tdifan a golden Banana*

Everyone: *claps*

Usitgz: And, with that, this camp is over! *The pirate ship sinks*

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Tdifan Safe Safe Win Safe Win Win Safe Low Win
2 Sprinklemist Win Win Safe Win Safe Win Safe Win Elim
3 Anonymos Safe Win Safe Win Safe Win Safe Safe Elim
4 Sunshine Win Low Win Safe Win Low Low Safe Elim
5 Sorrel Safe Safe Win Safe Win Safe Safe Elim
6 Zach Safe Safe Win Low Win Safe Elim
7 RockSK8R* Safe Win Safe Win Safe Elim
8 Ezekielguy* Safe Win Safe Win Low Elim
9 TDI19 Safe Win Low Win Elim
10 Zakkoroen Low Safe Win Elim
11 2-D Safe Win Elim
12 Tdi Safe Elim
13 Kenzen Elim

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