Hey, guys, Chris McLean here and I'm back to start Season 2 of Wrath of Wawawnakwa. This camp will last for a month and 17 contestants will compete in thirteen episodes in the still radioactive island of Wawawnakwa! Things have changed since the last time we were here like Lazer, the three-eyed laser shooting dolphin, has joined the cast, mutant animals have arisen especially a monster that might be more fearsome than the Monster of Wawawnakwa! *Roar shakes the entire island and the cliff breaks in half* See? Think you can last? Find out in Season 2 of Wrath of Wawawnakwa!


  1. No Godplay (This means two lines in a row for a character)
  2. You MAY return, but ONLY WHEN MERGE STARTS!!!
  3. Confessionals are a secret, no one can just magically know what's happening unless the camper in it says so.
  5. If you miss three challenges another user will replace you!
  6. If you will be inactive, inform me and that person, if they or team lose, will have immunity three times only!
  7. No Swearing, but Crap, Dam (spelled like this!), and what the heck are okay.
  8. HAVE FUN!


  1. Chris McLean ~ CDF97/Redoalien
  2. Chef Hatchet ~ CDF97/Redoalien
  3. ALL Cameos ~ CDF97
  4. Monster of Wawawnakwa ~ CDF97/Redo
  5. Fang ~ CDF97/Redo
  6. Lazer ~ CDF97/Redo
  7. The Toxic Phantom ~ CDF97/Redo
  8. The Wawawnakwa Beast ~ CDF97/Redo

List of Cameos

If you wish to be a cameo, contact me, CodyDuncanFan97, or write on the Talk Page. You can be more than one cameo!

  1. Eric ~ Liam. Cameo in Return to the Island
  2. Sierra ~ Redo. Cameo in Through the Toxic Glass
  3. Ezekiel ~ Scienceboy0. Guessed Correctly by DJ (The Toxic Turtles). Cameo in Running with the Rats, and many episodes after.
  4. Cameron ~ Roy. Guessed Correctly by Harold (The Toxic Turtles). Cameo in On Top of Mt. Maggot
  5. Heather ~ Omgdeadpeople. Guessed Correctly by Dawn (The Ferocious Ferals). Cameo in Beware the Beast.


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Sign-Ups! (Closed)

R = Returnee

N = Newbie

R/NU = Returnee with a New User

S1 Winner

  1. Scott ~ Phyneo (R)


  1. Harold ~ Scienceboy0 (N)
  2. Tyler ~ ACTN (R/NU) Eliminated Ep. 12, 4th Place
  3. DJ ~ Omgdeadpeople (N) Eliminated Ep. 11, 5th Place
  4. Cody ~ ACTN (R) Eliminated Ep. 8, 8th Place
  5. Duncan ~ BlazeHead 51 (R/NU) Eliminated Ep. 8, 9th Place
  6. Justin ~ Phyneo (N) Eliminated Ep. 7, 10th Place
  7. Noah ~ Redoalien (R/NU) Eliminated Ep. 5, 14th Place
  8. Ezekiel ~ Scienceboy0 (R/NU) Eliminated Ep. 1, 18th Place


  1. Lindsay ~ Redo (N) Eliminated Ep. 6, 12th Place, Returns Ep. 8
  2. Gwen ~ Esther2108 (R) Eliminated Ep. 10, 6th Place
  3. Bridgette ~ Flamethrower12 (N) Eliminated Ep. 9, 7th Place
  4. Katie ~ BlaineleyRox222 (N) Eliminated Ep. 7, 11th Place
  5. Dawn ~ TotalDramaFan90 (R/NU) Eliminated Ep. 6, 13th Place
  6. Blaineley ~ BlaineleyRox22 (N) Eliminated Ep. 4, 15th Place
  7. Heather ~ Omgdeadpeople (N)Eliminated Ep. 3, 16th Place
  8. Anna Maria ~ Izzyndawnfan12 (R/NU) Eliminated Ep. 2, 17th Place

Inactivity Strikes


No Strike ~ Harold, Lindsay

1 Strike ~ Tyler

2 Strike ~ Scott


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  1. Dawn and Gwen
  2. Dawn and Noah
  3. DJ and Lindsay
  4. Lindsay and Harold
  5. Katie and Lindsay
  6. Blaineley and Katie
  7. Lindsay and Blaineley


  1. Anne Maria and Everyone
  2. Heather and Noah
  3. Harold and Lindsay
  4. Harold and Scott
  5. Harold and Tyler
  6. DJ and Tyler


  1. Duncan and Gwen
  2. Lindsay and Tyler
  3. Katie and DJ


  1. Blaineley's Alliance ~ Blaineley, Katie, and Lindsay (Ep. 1, Broke up due to differing teams)
  2. Lindsay's Alliance ~ Harold, Gwen, and Lindsay (Ep. 10, Lindsay and Harold had a fight and they both sided against each other)
  3. Scott and Tyler Alliance ~ Scott, and Tyler (Ep. 12, Harold and Scott team up against Tyler)
  4. Harold and Scott's Alliance ~ harold and Scott (Current)


  1. Return to the Island
  2. Through the Toxic Glass
  3. Running with the Rats
  4. On Top of Mt. Maggot
  5. Beware the Beast
  6. Simon Dies! >:)
  7. The Ferocious Feast!
  8. Trivia Toxic Time Redux
  9. Hide-and-Die
  10. The Toxic Phantom Project
  11. McLean's Mutant Monster Mayhem
  12. Journey to the Belly of the Beast
  13. Wrath of Wawawnakwa, Round 2

Elimination Chart


Place Contestant Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
1st/2nd Scott Debuts Ep 4 IN IN IND LOW WIN WIN IN LOW LOW Winner
11th/3rd Lindsay WIN LOW WIN WIN WIN OUT IN LOW WIN IND WIN 3rd place
15th Blaineley IND WIN LOW OUT
16th Heather IND WIN OUT
17th Anne Maria WIN OUT
18th Ezekiel OUT
  •      This contestant was on the "Ferocious Ferals".
  •      This contestant was on the "Ferocious Ferals/Females".
  •      This contestant was on the "Toxic Turtles".
  •      This contestant was on the "Toxic Turtles/Mutant Males".
  •      This contestant was on either "Toxic Turtles/Ferocious Females" or "Ferocious Ferals/Mutant Males".
  •      This contestant was inactive and was excused.
  •      This contestant was safe in this episode.
  •      This camper was in the bottom 2 but was not eliminated.
  •      This camper was eliminated
  •      This team or camper won the challenge.
  •      This camper won the challenge for their team.
  •      The camper won individual immunity
  •      This contestant was the Runner-Up.
  •      This contestant won the competition.
  • In Ep.6, A double elimination, and contestants only competed for immunity
  • In Ep.7, Boys vs. Girls


Chris: Okay, guys, this is where you chat. Remember, the camp won't get started until maybe next month or the end of this month. It depends on when Season 1 finishes.

Lindsay: I'm so excited. Wait, how come I wasn't in season 1?

Noah: Maybe because you're so annoying.

Lindsay: *slaps Noah* Jerk!

Noah: Hey.

Dawn: Hello citizens.

Lindsay: Hey, Dawn! I saw watched you last season! (XD) Too bad you didn't get that far... :(

Dawn: Yes. But I will try my hardest to win this game, and the money, and donate the money to help charities and find homes for homeless animals.

Lindsay: Aww, that's so sweet.

Noah: *obnoxiously disgusted* BLAGH! You both sicken me.

Dawn: Oh Noah, your aura has a deep dark color of black! That is not a good sign.

Katie: Like, hi!

Chris: Welcome, Lindsay, Noah, Dawn, and Katie!

Bridgette: Hey, how's it going?

Gwen: Hi guys.

Duncan: sup.

Dawn: Oh, I feel a great sense of connection between you two Duncan and Gwen.

Heather:ugh I'm stuck with a buch of losers ugh!

Dj: sup everyone

Gwen: Hi DJ!

Justin: *appears* Hello everyone!

Katie: Justinnnnnn <3

Dj: oh hey Gwen what's up

Justin: Ahh... yes... Hello Katie!

Katie: Umm, what do you, like, say to, like, an alliance?

Heather: ugh kiss up *rolls eyes*

Dj: (CONF) first CONF heck yeah! Oops sorry Momma

Duncan: (CONF) second confessional...whoop dee do...i've got a new game plan for this season, and this time there's no holding back!

Dj:(CONF) Imma going make my mama proud no scaring no being mean no trusting the eels ill make my mama proud

Lindsay: Yeah, Justin! I wanna be with an you in an alliance, too!

Noah: *barfs*

Heather: eww how do u think that justin is hot hes ugly * barfs as well*

Dj: Hey lindsey hey noah how are u guys

Chris: Hello Heather, DJ, Duncan, Justin, Gwen, and Bridgette. That's 10 people here out of the 17!

Heather: ugh hello Chris u look hunky in those shorts

Dj:*rolls eyes* sooo will chef be wearing those ugly dresses this season *steps on ant*NOOO!(CONF) *cries* I think I'm still cursed

Dj:(CONF) Chef does where ugly dresses or showgirl outfits*has a flashback while watching million dollor babies* oh Momma *barfs*

Justin: Now girls... one at a time!!!

Heather:*sees Justin * ugh ladies man (CONF) how many girl friends those justin have I just don't see it he looks ugly too me even Alejandro is hotter then him and he is a mutant Gimme the tape Gimme the tape!

Chris: Okay, an announcement, Anne Maria, Blaineley, Cody, Ezekiel, Harold, or Tyler will be team captains.

Blaineley: Whoopee. (CONF) This season, I'm in it to win it!

Katie: Umm, like, miss Blaineley, would you like, want to like, be in an alliancw with me?

Blaineley: Sure! :) (CONF) This girl Kate or whatever, is goin DOWN!

Cody: Alright!

Tyler: Extreme!

Lindsay: Yeah! Blaineley, I want to be in your alliance too! Please!

Heather: (CONF) Mildred is going down I'm soo going too wim

Noah: Hey! Don't I get to be captain? :P

Lindsay: Yeah, I'm the prettiest... :P

Harold: Hi guys! Gosh, a lot of people are here already. (CONF.) I don't have much luck. Last time I was here, I was thrown off the island by Chef. I guess he thought I was going to do something evil, but I was only doing what Chris told me. I think I still have seaweed in my pants from it.

Ezekiel: I might be a team captian! Nice! (CONF.) After my rehabilitaion before last season, I've gotten farther than ever before. I might win this thing!

Chris: Okay, Anne Maria and Ezekiel are team captains! The last two to speak got to be team captains and Season 1 Winner is yet to be determined. Ezekiel's team is the Ferocious Ferals and Anna Maria's team is the Toxic (Anne, pick an animal that starts with a T. Choose your teams but you cannot choose the Season 1 Winner!

Ezekiel: My first pick is...Duncan

Duncan: great...hey Zeke, please pick Gwen...

Chris: Ok, Ezekiel and Anne, pick your team color and Zeke, if Anne does not not pick in five minutes, pick another person, and so on and so on.

Ezekiel: I think our team color should be yellow. (CONF.) This seems a little unfair to Anne, because she hasn't even gotten here yet, but I'm taking any advantage I get.

Zeke: Well, its been five minutes, so I guess I'm picking Gwen now. A happy teammate is a good teammate!

Zeke: Its been a while, so I'm just going to pick three people and let Anne Maria pick when she gets back. I pick...Noah, Heather and Blaineley. (I'm done for tonight, so I'm just going to wait for Izzydawnfan12 to pick her people.)

Anne Maria: (Sorry. Did not know this started) What losers deserve to be on mah team? Uh, DJ. *sprays hair* My color is tan. (Yus, that color works :P if not than darkkhaki)

Blaineley: I want you to pick Katie and Lindsay. PLEEASE? ZEKE?

Gwen: Why would you want katie and Lindsay? they are so annoying. Its bad enough that Heather is now on our team...

Blaineley: Cos they are in my alliance DUH!

Gwen: Well, now the whole world knows you have an alliance. Well Done!

Blaineley: So? Heather's alliance in TDI wasn't exactly a secret was it now? Hmmm?

Gwen: Well i didnt know about it.

Heather: ew I have too argee with weird goth girl why choose lindsidiot and Katie and now I know about ur alliance Now Mildred (CONF) smart move grandma

Dj: awesome (CONF) first picked on Anna Maria's team alright

Chris: Ezekiel needs two more people on his team while Anna Maria needs six more. Anna, pick an animal that starts with a t, or you will be the Turtles.

Lindsay: Yeah. No one even picked me yet, that's stupid. Why didn't I get picked yet, "Zeke-ling?"

Heather: zeke pick the best people who are capeable for knowing 1+1 or strong and it's zeke lindsidiot

Heather: oh and blainely my allience sucked in tdi but I came far >:)

Zeke: Bridgette and Dawn will be our last players. (CONF.) Think I picked some of the best players eh?

Anne Maria: *finishes an entire can of hairspray on her hair* Yeah, doll. Keep talking all your fancy pancy alliance talk!

Katie: Yay! Annie Mabel's team!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Shes dumb in this xD ) Oh... sorry Bailey :(

Blaineley: Its BLAINELEY!

Katie: Sorry, Bluebell!

Blaineley: GRRRRRR!

Zeke: (CONF.) Thats why I picked Blaineley. I hope all that anger could help us.

Harold: Anne, that means you have me. A main ingredient in hair spray is Polyvinylpyrrolidone, which is also used in glue?

Anne Maria: *sprays Harold in the face with hairspray* Shut it dork, while I am pampering my hair. *sprays him again*

Dj:*is annoyed* then why didn't u just say glue! (CONF)*cries* I'm Turning into a monster! (NON CONF) *walks away*

Justin: So I am on Anne Maria's team... Wonderfull!#

Katie: Yeah, shut up Darryl! (Harold)

Blaineley: -_-

Gwen: *rolls eyes* This is going to be a long season.

Katie: Like, totally, Greta.

Gwen: No- Gwen.

Anne Maria: *glares at Justin* What's yo' problem?

Katie: Ohhhh, sorry Gretle.

Gwen: G-W-E...oh forget it

Katie: Ohh now i get it, It's Gwe!

Gwen: *death stares katie*

Heather:*laughs at Gwen * (CONF) ok since when does katie had brain damage Gwen is an easy name too remember but I prefer weird goth girl

Dj: hey Katie how are u

Katie: Heyyy CJ!

Dj: its Dj Katie how are u (CONF) *faceplams* she's not the brightest blub but she's nice

Lindsay: Tyler is so cute.

Noah: Shut up about Tyler already!

Lindsay: Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyl-icious, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, TYLER...

Gwen: Wow. Lindsays remembering names and Katies not. The world is back to front- maybe Heather will start being nice....

Duncan: HA!, that will happen when pigs fly babe!

Gwen: aka...never!

Duncan: haha!, year!

Katie: BJ you'r cute :)

Justin: *to Anne Maria* I was merely saying that its wonderful to be on the same team as a member of the final 5 from last season! Which means you can help carry our team to victory!

Katie: Annie Mabel, I'm soo honoured to be on your team :D We rule!

Anne Maria: *shoves Justin* I did. So respect me. *sprays her hair*

Dj: O_O guys dont fight

Anne Maria: I'm team captain, so YOU listen to me, doll!

Dj: Ok *too katie * Its Dj not Bj Or Cj or Aj or Ej Its DJ :) (CONF) Anna maria did awesome oh season one 5th place not bad but im not letting her brainwash me mama did not raise no dummie! and katie is nice i guess

Heather: (CONF) one by one they all go down!

Loser's Lane

Chris: This is where the losers talk. Sorry for the odd placement, but I ran out of room. Have fun, talking and there might be redemption. Who knows?

Zeke: There has to be a way out of here! I'm running for it! *Runs into the wood and starts living there with the animals*

Blaineley: *Sighs and sits*

Heather: *rolls eyes* (I just finally found the loser lane XD)

Noah: *Reads book* I might as well exercise my mind in-case Chris plans another season. I'm prepared for anything now. I've learned a lot from this season.

Heather:*Rolls eyes*

Blaineley: *Kills self*

Heather:.... o_O

Chris: Okay, here's the first challenge to see if you return in the game! The challenge takes ten lines, you may write another line if a person doesn't respond in five minutes. The challenge is to take one turtle, and one feral person to their respective places. There are three feral interns, and three turtles, so first come first serve!

Noah: *grabs a feral intern and a turtle and runs*

Noah: *runs some more* (it's been over 5 minutes)

Zeke: *grabs Feral intern by mouth and runs*

Heather: *Grabs a Feral intern and runs*

Zeke: *brings Feral intern to it's place, runs back and grabs turtle intern*

Heather: *brings Feral intern to it's place, runs back and grabs turtle intern*

Noah: *runs fast*

Zeke: *puts Turtle intern in place and runs back for another*

Heather: *puts a turtle intern in place and runs back for a feral intern*

Zeke: *gets the next Feral intern, but is tired and goes slower*

Heather:*Gets the next intern, but is taking her time*

Noah: *runs even faster*

Zeke: *keeps dragging intern*

Heather: * Keeps Dragging intern but is going faster now* (GTG)

Zeke: *makes it. Goes back to get another*

Zeke: *gets gets a Turtle intern and runs*

Zeke: *puts Turtle intern in place and runs back and gets another feral*

Noah: *runs*

Zeke: *places Feral intern and runs back to get his last one*

Noah: *runs super incredibly fast with intern and turtle* (You know you only need to place one of each, Science. Zeke is done with this challenge. :])

Noah: *moves quickly*

Zeke: *runs with last intern* (Oops, well, it's still 10 lines that I have to do, so I'm not done yet)

Zeke: *brings last intern and howls*

Noah: *runs with intern and turtle* (At least I'm sure that it's only one, since Chris said 1 intern and 1 turtle and he had only three of them)

Noah: *runs faster*

(Well, does that mean I lost?)

Noah: *runs* (No, don't think so)

Zeke: *runs to Chris* Me won!

Noah: *brings turtle and intern to finish* YES! SECOND!

Chris: I meant one turtle and one intern for each person, but it doesn't matter. Ezekiel won the challenge with Noah at a close second! Ezekiel, you are currently in the lead. The next challenge will be up soon.

Dawn: *With animals* Why hello everyone.

Heather: *Glares at Dawn* Hello...

Zeke: Rawg! *runs to Dawn*

Noah: Hey Dawn!

Chris: Here is the second challenge to see if you will return to the game! I have three ingredients, Toxic Marshmallows, Radioactive Roadkill, and Toxic Tacos. Whoever creates the best dish that uses all three ingredients will get a point! Write under your section!



  • Heathers Haterade toxic favored Tacos
  1. Put the Toxic Marshmellow's in the Microwave for a Minute ... Or maybe Less the Microwave Maybe go Ka-Blowy.
  2. Complain How Everyone is Loser and wait for the Marshmellow's too Melt.
  3. Take the melted Marshmellow's out.
  4. Complain How the Toxic Marshmellows are too Gooey Sooo Molds the Melted Toxic Marshmallows In too a Taco Shell.
  5. Get 1 Toxic Taco and Crush the Taco with a rock
  6. Put the Toxic Taco Mix In the Mircowave
  7. Watch Total Drama Wrath of Wawanakwa (Season 1) Until the Crushed Toxic Taco Heats Up.
  8. Take out Crushed Toxic Taco and Put it into the Toxic Marshmellow shell (That she molded*
  9. Find the radioactive RoadKill
  10. Rip the Fur off the Radioactive roadkill
  11. Cut the Radioactive roadkill in Muiltpule Pieces
  12. Boil the pieces in Hot water for five minutes
  13. Force People too Carve a Picture of Chris`s Face on too the Piece's of roadkill
  14. If the Taco's are horrible Add DJ`s MaMa Spice

NOTE: This Meal will Serve UP Too Three People IT Serves with a Glass of Haterade and a Side order of Chef Hatchets Special



  • "Noah's Mutant Masterpiece"
  1. Cook some toxic marshmallows at about 150 degrees, Fahrenheit, enough until it's hot and soft.
  2. Put marshmallows into a bowl and stir until the marshmallows are gooey. Adding liquids may help for better stirring.
  3. Seperate 4 toxic tacos into their original ingredients, including ripping the tortilla shell into small chips. Use gloves, as nuclear reactions may apply. (xD)
  4. Now mix this in with the marshmallow, piece-by-piece, until the ingredients form a satisfying assorted salad-type of some kind.
  5. Remove all fur from Radioactive Roadkill and freeze in water for 50 minutes.
  6. Grill it on, well, a grill to give it some classic pizzazz. On "high", for 15 mins. for that delicous well-done taste. Add seasoning if you'd like.
  7. Gut the roadkill and stuff-it with the toxic marshmallow/taco mix and serve it best as a family of 5. Or a for a great Thanksgiving prank.
  8. TASTY TIP: Chop the tail up into bits, then serve it on the side with lightly-spread butter or BBQ sauce. Zero caleries


  • First-off, don't even ask me what I was thinking. Hopefully, if I win it's because this is super hilarious. XDDD
  • "Lindsay's Amazing Toxic Scream-Your-Pants-Off Soup of Epic Party Celebrations!"
  1. Go to the mall.
  2. Buy lipstick.
  3. Put it on.
  4. Get arrested by mall security because they didn't know you already bought it.
  5. Go home.
  6. Call Tyler and Heather and have them over.
  7. Play "Angry Birds" until they arrive.
  8. Turn on the cooking channel and make Heather cook it all, while you make-out with Tyler the whole time.
  9. Add Tyler's shirt to the dish halfway through.
  10. When it's finished, add whipped cream and DJ's Mamma Spice to the disaster, I mean, the dish.
  11. Enter it in the Loser's Lane cook-off challenge.
  12. Pay Chris to accept it.
  13. Win other Loser's Lane challenges.
  14. Return to the game.
  15. Win Wrath of Wawawnakwa.
  16. TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!! >:D

Anne Maria



Chris: Okay, time is up and the winner of this challenge is Noah! I made Chef taste it and he almost died because of it. However, since I need four people for this final challenge, Ezekiel, Noah, Heather, and Lindsay will compete in order to return! The challenge is a combination of past challenges.

Final Challenge #1: Ezekiel vs Lindsay:

Chris: Okay, Ezekiel and Lindsay will compete in this first part of the final challenge. This is based of a TDI challenge: A Bicycle Race! Ezekiel and Lindsay will race across the Radioactive Road to the Big Cliff! It takes ten lines with three setbacks. If they don't write in five minutes, you can write again!


(When do we start??? -Redo)

(Science is on vacation and won't return until Sunday. That's when the match will begin. Sorry for any incovience.)

Lindsay: *gets on bike and begins to pedal* (it's Sunday and 1:13, so I guess I can start??? If not, I'll wait and start over.)

Lindsay: *hits a road bump and flies off her bike*

Lindsay: *gets back on her bike and rides*

Lindsay: *rides and the road has oil over it and has trouble steering*

Lindsay: *gains control again and continues riding* (I didn't post this all at the same time, because I kept forgeting, so it is fair if Science wasn't around at 1 PM but was later on)

Lindsay: *almost runs over a mutant armadillo, but sharply swerves out of the way, just in time, but wipes out in a ditch*

Lindsay: *climbs out of the ditch, gets back on her bike, and rides*

Lindsay: *rides*

Lindsay: *rides*

Lindsay: *rides and reaches finish line* YES! WOO-HOO! (Okay, it's 9:22 PM. I think it's clear by now)

Chris: And Lindsay wins! Sorry Ezekiel!

(That's not fair! I just got back! It's 3:00 where I live.Scienceboy0 (talk) 19:14, July 15, 2012 (UTC))

Final Challenge #2: Noah vs Heather:

Chris: Noah and Heather will settle their conflict in this challenge based off of TDWT's Niagara Brawls! Noah and Heather must enter a barrel and go down a Toxic Waterfall, making their way to the Big Cliff. You must include three setbacks and have a total of ten lines. If someone doesn't write in five minutes, then you can write again!

Noah: *enters barrel*

Noah: *rides and runs into a rock in the river*

Noah: *pushes barrel over and rolls it around the rock on the water with his body*

Noah: *barrel fills up with water since it is on its side*

Heather:*Enters Barrel*

Noah: *tries to bail the water out but falls over the water fall*

Heather: *Rides*

Noah: *falls and gets caught in a branch* DANG IT!

Heather: *Rides*

Noah: *holds the barrel and pushes back on the cliffside and kicks off falling down*

Heather: *Rides and Hits a Rock*

Noah: *lands with the barrel on the river's dangerous toxic rapids*

Heather:*Rides more*

Noah: *rides and sees the cliff*

Heather: *Rides more and Barrel Tips over*

Noah: *rides more and reaches the cliff, then jumps out of barrel and lands on shoe*

Heather: *Is riding but is still stuggling , See`s that Noah won* Darn oh well...

Noah: It's alright, Heather. *helps here out of barrel.

Heather: * Gets out of the Barrel and is shocked that Anyone helped* Wow thanks...

Noah: No problem.

Chris: Noah wins! The Final Challenge will be on Sunday against either Ezekiel or Lindsay!

Final Challenge #3: Noah vs. Lindsay: Final Battle

Chris: Congrats to making it to see who return. Since I really need to speed things along, whoever says Chris McLean is the greatest host ever will win!

Lindsay: Chris McLean is the best host ever!

Chris: Lindsay you may go back to the island now!

Zeke: *growls and runs back to the camp, determined to win*

Ep.1: Return to the Island!

Cameo & Chat

'Chris: This cameo is not a TD character.'

Bridgette: Liam again?

Chris: Close

Boy's Cabin

Justin: *wakes up* Ahh... good morning everyone!

Dj:*wakes up* morning Justin morning everybody else

Justin: Tell me DJ... what's your opinion of our team... dosent even seem Harold, Cody, or Tyler have done much...

Dj: well our team is not that bad we got Anna Maria she made it too the final 5 I think ur strong and worthy player and I like Harold Cody and Tyler but they rarely do anything we need active members

Justin: Thanks for the compliment pal! I think that if you can get me in Anne Maria's good books and my great looks can "convince" Lindsay and Katie... we five could make a great alliance!

Girl's Cabin

Katie: *Wakes*

Anne Maria: *Sprays her body with spray on tan and the birds chirp* SHUT UP! *birds fly away*

Gwen: Morning guys.

Dawn: *Comes in with birds following her* Hello fellow contestants.

Gwen: Where you in the forest?

Dawn: Why yes. Meditating with mother nature and her gift of life. The animals.

Heather:*rolls eyes at dawn* who do u think u are snow white *rolls eyes*

Dawn: I am glad to not be you Heather. You have a darkness surrounding you and karma will be hitting you soon.

Gwen: Thats what i've been hoping for...

Heather: like when HAHA Los__ Ah! *trips and faceplams *

Gwen: *hi-fives Dawn*

Dawn: *High fives Gwen back*


The Woods

Mess Hall

Challenge #1 ~ Island!

Chris: Okay, you know how other camps, say I in their very first challenge. Well, you have to say I Love Chris McLean and say an interesting fact about me. The team with the best facts win this first challenge. Yes, I know it's lame, but aren't first challenges, usually lame. You have until tomorrow to complete this challenge.

Justin: I love you Chris Mclean and you have worn more clothing than any other character on the show!!!

Dj: I love u chris and you were in a few movies Bad movies about talking cats And u were in a cooking show but in got canceled after one episode

Heather: I love u Chris and u have starred in a badmInton movie and u played a character called the flipper and your line is its not badminton it's goodminton

Katie: I Love You Chris McLean. You have your own tv show, total drama.

Blaineley: I love Chris McLean, and I was meant to be host of total Drama Island NOT you.

Lindsay: I love Chris McLean. Chris has won many Gemmie awards and is the best host ever.

Noah: I love Chris McLean. Chris's second-favorite drink is hot cocoa.

Dawn: I love you Chris McLean. Chris likes to watch us get hurt a lot.

Chris: Guess what? You eight have individual immunity if your team loses! Yep, and now the teams are tied. All you remaining people will now have to compete in challenge. Justin, DJ, Heather, Katie, Blaineley, Lindsay, Noah, and Dawn sit this out! The others have to save the cameo, Eric (Flamethrower 12) from Fang and Lazer, the three-eyed dolphin.

MoW: *stares at winners and licks lips*

Fang: *in the ocean with Lazer, licks lips and tries to eat Eric*

Cody: I love you Chris McLean and you have the coolest cars I've ever seen!

Tyler: I love you Chris McLean and I love the way you open every show!

Chris: Flattery will not get you anywhere. Do the challenge!

Harold: I'm comming Eric! *runs toward Eric*

Zeke: Don't worry Eric! I can save you! *punches Fang*

Cody: *punches Fang* Tyler go for Eric! I'll hold him off

Tyler: Whatever you say dude *runs towards Eric* You okay bro?

Eric: Owwwww, *looks around* Hey, where's Madi?

Bridgette: I'm coming Eric!

Fang: *jumps on Cody*

Lazer: *shoots the ground, opening a small toxic lake directly under Eric.*

Chris: You're going to need either jumping skills or surfing skills if you want Eric. Remember, the person who rescues Eric wins for their team.

Anne Maria: *sprays her hair* I have better things to do, than saving some little dork!

Duncan: this is insulting...

Harold: I can't jump. I guess I'm going surfing *gets on surfboard*

Zeke: Almost there! *jumps toward Eric*

Bridgette: Yeah! *surfs*

Eric: Madison! Madison! Help me!

Lazer: *shoots the rope holding Eric and he starts to fall.*

Chris: Whoever catches him wins the challenge for their team!

Anne Maria: *looks up and screams as Eric lands on her rockhard pouffe* HEY! NO TOUCHING THE HAIR! (Is that allowed? :P)

Chris: The Toxic Turtles win! Ferals, see you at elimination!

Ferocious Farewells #1

Chris: Instead of Elimination Ceremonys, we will now have Toxic Tidings and Ferocious Farewells, based on the team. Okay, four of you have individual immunity, so vote! (I'll put a list on who can vote who)

Duncan: (CONF) i feel like an ass for not helping my team much. so i'm gonna vote for Blaineley. sorry, random vote.

Heather:(CONF) hmm soo much losers i want Zeke out

Gwen: (CONF) Blaineley.

Zeke:(CONF.) I have to vote off Blainely. Her Chris fact kind of freaked me out.

Noah: (CONF) I vote for Gwen. I'm pitying Zeke because he always leaves first, Duncan is a good player for our team, and Bridgette hasn't been much of a threat in seasons 2 or 3, but Gwen is the only other valid. Sorry.

Blaineley: I am immune. HA!

Dawn: Well, since I Blaineley is immune, I have a bad feeling about Ezekiel and I feel a strange awareness by him. So I vote out Ezekiel.

Zeke: I'm voting off Gwen. She didn't really do anything in the challenge.

Gwen: Ezekiel.

Blaineley: I vote Ezekiel.

Duncan: Zeke.

Bridgette: Please eliminate me.

Chris: Okay, Ferals, time is up and the ones who are safe are Heather, Duncan, Blaineley, Noah, Dawn, and Bridgette. Gwen and Zeke, one of you will go home and that is...

ZEKE! Sorry, dude, but you are the first one to go home in Total Drama: Wrath of Wawawnakwa (Season 2)! Write your thoughs under Ferocious Farewells, Aftermath #1.

MoW: *shoves Toxic Marshmallow in Zeke's mouth, spins him, and throws him off the island*

Chris: The next challenge will be at 5:00 PM PST (8:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM CST *America ONLY*) I don't know any other time zones except for America

Beast: *roars and campfire is set on fire*

Chris: RUN *runs away*

Ferocious Farewells, A1: Zeke's Thoughts on Game and Elimination

Chris: This is where you go and describe your experience from being eliminated and the game. It's a great way to get feedback!

Zeke: I can't believe they voted me off first AGAIN! I was their team captian! Unlike Gwen and Duncan, I actually participated! I'm going to find a way back in the competition. You hear me Chris? I'm coming back!

Ep.2: Through the Toxic Glass

Cameo & Chat

Boys' Cabin

Harold: I feel sorry for Zeke. He got voted off in the first episode AGAIN!

DJ:yup poor Zeke

Harold: I hope there is some kind of Playa De Losers for him. Lets get to the challenge.

Girl's Cabin

Anne Maria: *sprays on her fake tan* Ah, don't I just look tots hot? *sprays more on*

Gwen: as long as you dont get any of that stuff on me.

Heather: yeah i dont want too be look like an oopma loopa

Anne Maria: Uh, pasty. You need some color! *sprays Gwen with some spray on tan*

Gwen: Yuck! stop that! *leaves*

Dawn: *Meditating With Animals*

Gwen: *sees dawn meditating* does it stop the stress?

Dawn: Most of the time. I usually meditate 3 times a day, but with all these out of control humans, I must meditate more to ease my stress. Want to join in?

Gwen: Yeah, I'll give it a go *meditates with*

Dawn: *Meditates*

Challenge #2: Through the Toxic Glass

Chris: I'm sure you are familiar with Lewis Caroll's books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Well, this challenge draws from Through the Looking Glass. The team captains, (the second person who Zeke picked for Ferals) will send three of their players into Cavecicle and find the Toxic Mercury Hat after ten alternating lines. Some may be wondering why I'm using a book, and that is because I am still thinking of challenges, but don't worry they will get better. Now, the cameo will chase you guys all around. You have a day to complete this challenge

Anne Maria: What a stupid challenge. I ain't competing.

Duncan: shame for you then.

Chris: Pick who you want to go in Cavecicle, Anne, & Duncan

Harold:*to Anne* May I volunteer Ma' lady?

Dawn: *To Duncan* Duncan, I will do the challenge. Me and my animals will go in.

Duncan: alright Dawn....i'll send you....Noah and Heather in.

Dawn: Why thank you. Come on animal friends. *Dawn goes in the cave with birds, squirrels, and a racoon following her in*

Cody: Guess I'll do it.

Tyler: I'm gonna do it to the extreme woo!

Noah: *sighs* Here I go! *runs in the cave and slips on sime ice* WOAH! *slides*

Sierra, aka the cameo: Oh, Cody! I'm here to chase YOOOUUUU! *chases Cody into the cave*

Dawn: *Helps Noah up* My animal friends are telling me we should go right.

Heather:whatever *follows Noah and Dawn *

Dawn: *Goes to to the right path of the cave*

Chris: Okay, Cody, Harold, and Tyler are competing for The Turtles and Dawn, Noah, and Heather are competing for the Ferals. Make sure the Radioactive Rabbits don't attack you!"

Rabbits: *jump on Dawn*

Dawn: *Puts the rabbits in her hand* Why hello little fuzzy creatures. What is making you so tense?

Heather: *runs and catches up too dawn* what the heck are u doing dawn

Cody: *runs into cavecicle*

Tyler: *runs into cavecicle*

Noah: Wait-up, Dawn! *goes on the right path*

Sierra: RAWR! *runs after Noah, Heather, and Dawn*

Dawn: Come on animal friends and humans!

Heather: RUn its fanzilla *runs*

Dawn: *Searches in the cave*

'Chris: The Ferals are in the cave!

Rabbit: *grabs hat and runs away from Dawn*

Noah: Someone stop that rabbit!

Sierra: Not without going past me first! *blocks their path*

Cody: *looks around cave*

Tyler: *looks around cave*

Dawn: Oh noM where is that rabbit going?

Justin: Come on guys!!! You can win this!!!

Cody: *chases after rabbit*

Tyler: *chases after rabbit*

Heather:*runs and tackles rabbit but tackles Tyler instead *

Dawn: Oh Heather. *Chases after the rabbit*

Rabbit: *slides down a slide and nears the exit*

Chris: I wonder who'll win.

Dawn: Rabbit please get back here! *Slides down the slide*

Rabbit: *hops*

Dawn: *Runs to the rabbit*

Noah: Heather, quit playing with Tyler and do the challenge!

Sierra; I'm COMING!

Dawn: Noah, can you please help me with the rabbit?!

Noah: Sure thing! *runs after the rabbit and slips down a small bump*

Dawn: Noah!

Heather:I'm slowing Tyler down and u have a dirty mind Noah *gets up and runs after rabbit*

Rabbit: *stops, and throws the hat so it slides toward the exit*

(You can get the hat now)

Dawn: *Gets the hat* Thanks rabbit.

Heather: yeah thanks rabbit *runs too dawn*

Cody: *chases Dawn* Get back here!

Tyler: *sprints towards Dawn* I'll get it!

Heather:sorry losers but it's our day too shine *guards dawn making sure that Cody or Tyler does not get the hat*

Tyler: *gets pass Heather*

Cody: *snatches hat from Dawn* I got it! *runs towards exit*

Heather: no u don't sorry Cody *shoves Cody and grabs hat and runs towards exit*

Cody: *gets up*

Tyler: *takes hat from Heather* *sprints towards exit*

Heather: I don't think so! *runs too Tyler and shoves him and steals flag* thanks :D

Chris: Tick tock, whoever writes exits with hat wins (make sure you steal the hat if you don't have it)

Heather:*exits with hat*

'Chris: And the Ferocious Ferals win, which means, Turtles I will see you at elimination. Cody and Tyler have individual immunity due to being the only two of the three to compete!

Toxic Tidings #1

'Chris: Okay, vote in the confessional. Do NOT vote for Cody and Tyler. You have until tomorrow to vote.'

Anne Maria: (CONF) I vote Lindsay.

Justin: (CONF) Anne Maria, she is a strong player so she should get the boot early!

Dj:(CONF) I hope I don't go today I should go with Anna Maria ur smoother then my mommas gravy and she scares me

Cody: (CONF) I vote for Anne Maria

Tyler: (CONF) Anne Maria has to go

Chris: Harold, Katie, and Lindsay are left to vote!

Harold: I feel bad for not helping my team. I guess I'll vote off Justin. He didn't even volenteer. (Sorrry fo not competing. Had a school play to go to.)

Lindsay: (CONF) Uhhh, Anne Maria. She is too stuck-up to be focused on the game.

Chris: And let's read the votes. The ones who are safe are Cody, Tyler, DJ, Katie, and Harold. They didn't get any votes. Anne, Lindsay, and Justin got votes but the one who bites the dust is...

{C ANNE! The team captain is eliminated! But don't feel bad you get a prize! The Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom!

MoW: *stuffs marshmallow in Anne, and throws her off the island*

Chris: Okay, now, make sure you stay in at Night, Chef was mauled, but he's alive, well barely alive, by a creature far more dangerous the the Monster.

MoW: *whimpers and vanishes*

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow at 4:00 PST (7:00 EST, 3:00 CST)

Toxic Tidings, A1: Anne Maria's Thoughts on Game and Elimination

Anne Maria: Why would they vote off a hottie like me? They don't know what's coming to them! *crushes a can of hairspray*

Ep.3: Running with the Rats

Cameo & Chat

Chris: Okay, this cameo is an ex-competitor. Remember, guess right and you win an advantage!

DJ: that's easy it's Zeke

Heather: It's zeke ugh You took the words right our of my mouth Dj!

Chris: That's right DJ, The Toxic Turtles win an advantage to the challenge. It starts at 2:30 PM PST (5:30 PM EST, 1:30 PM CST)

Boy's Cabin

Girl's Cabin

Mess Hall

Chef (covered in bandages): Today's special is rotten rats. *holds plat with maggots that have maggots on dead rats*

Dawn: Oh my huntlings! Have you killed these rats?!

Chris: No Dawn, they were killed by the Rodents of Unusual Size. *gets note that the title was taken in The Princess Bride movie* I mean, Giant Rats. And luckily, they will also be in our challenge.

Dawn: Poor Rats!

Gwen: theres not going to be alot of environment left after this game...only mutants

DJ:*sees a bowl of rats and vomits a little in mouth*


Chris: Oh yeah, special announcement guys. DJ is now the captain for the Toxic Turtles and Duncan is the captain for the Ferocious Ferals.

DJ: ok Chris

Harold: Awesome!


???: *The slighthouse of an animal appears in the door*

???*it walks closer, into the light, and everyone notices who it is*

Harold: Zeke!

DJ: *is shocked* OH MY GAWD ITS ZEKE!

Zeke:*In feral form* Rawl! RAWL! RAWL!

Gwen: recovery is a long process....

Chef: *shoots Zeke with tranq*

Chris: Okay, we'll use Zeke for the challenge. If you want, then we'll start it tonight.

Harold: I'm afriad of Zeke. Lets wait until tommorrow. (AKA, I don't have time)

Chris: Okay, see you tomorrow! *takes Zeke away*

Zeke: *Snores heavily, dreaming of all the meat he will hunt down tommorow*

DJ:(CONF) Ok i Admit im scared of Zeke *sees bird* NO! NO! *runs out of the CONF*

The Woods

???: *growls*

Dj:*walks in woods*

???: *a shadow comes in front of DJ* ROWL!

Dj: AHHH! *runs back to camp*

???: *follows DJ back to camp*

Dawn: DJ? Are you here? I heard you!

Gwen: whats happening over here?

Duncan: DJ?, you OK man?!

Gwen: He's in the mess hall i think, so is rabid zeke! *goes to mess hall*

Duncan: oh crap! (runs to mess hall with Gwen)

Challenge #3: Running with the Rats

Chris: Okay, this challenge is simple. Teams will run across the woods while Rats chase you down. You have to avoid being caught by the Rats and the Feral Zeke who escaped leaving a note saying Fresh Meat! Yum! So, into the woods, you go! (All contestants enter the woods. Write here!) And a special treat, the winner of this challenge will pick someone from the losing team to get immunity. Now, run with the rats! Oh, and DJ's team win Tranq balls to make the rats fall asleep. One for each player!

Rats: *red eyes, chase the contestants*

DJ:AHHHHHH!!!!! *runs*

Heather: AHH! *runs*

Rat 1: *jumps in front of DJ and growls. Jumps to bite him*

DJ: AHHH * runs more*


gwen: (runs)

Cody: *hides somwhere random*

Tyler: *runs and hides*

DJ:*keeps running and hides*

Tyler: *hides in tree*

Cody: *hides near cave*

Dj:*runs and hides in hole*

Heather:*runs and hides inside the cave*

Dawn: Oh my gosh! *Runs*

Zeke: *jumps on Heather* u vt me ot!

Heather: what the heck I was just following now go away! *kicks zeke*

Harold: Bye! *runs away from rats and Zeke* How do we win?

Heather:*runs away* (soo is heather out of the challenge if zeke jumps on her?)

Zeke: *Jumps on Heather again, starts biting her*

Heather: Dang it *starts choking zeke* thats u get for messing with me!

Zeke: *Runs away* *sees Gwen* U vt me ot to

Heather: ugh creep.. *runs*

Zeke: *attacks Duncan*

Harold: *Also runs* Why isn't he attacking our team?

Chris: You can win if you manage to survive the Rats and Zeke. There are only three rats, each require two tranqs to knock out. You can win by knocking out all three rats as well or capturing Zeke, who needs four tranqs to knock out. Remember, the tranqs are in DJ's team, the Toxic Turtles. Ferals can steal the tranqs or just hide. You are out if someone catches you. (Sorry, doing Summer work)

Rat 1: *chases Harold*

Rat 2: *chases Dawn*

Rat 3: *chases DJ*

Dj:AhHh!!!! *runs*

Justin: *starts to hide from the rats*

Cody: *still hides*

Tyler: *still in a random tree*

Zeke: *runs around* Ferals must die!

Harold: I think he's mad because you voted him out. {C {C Dawn: Aww why do these rats hate me?! *Runs*

Heather:*runs* Ahhh!

DJ:*is still hiding*

Rats: *fins DJ*

Rat 3: *grabs Harold, because he was just standing there, not hiding*

Chris: Heather and Harold are out! (Eliminated users may control rats)

Duncan: rats are....the best! (laughs while running)

Zeke: *Runs after Duncan*

Rat 1: *Starts looking for hidden contestants*

Chris: People are using their tranq balls!"

Rat 2: *grabs Katie and runs away*

Chris: Three down, twelve to go!

Justin: *throws tranq ball at Zeke* Team aim at Zeke!

Rat 3: *jumps in front of Justin*

Rat 2: *finds hole and sniffs out Bridgette dragging her out*

Chris: Bridgette is out!

Zeke: *Gets hit by Tranq ball* RAWG! *runs towards Justin*

DJ:*Throws a tranq ball at Zeke*

Zeke: *sees the tranq ball comming and runs away. It hits Justin*

Duncan: Zeke look!, it's Anne Maria! (points into a cave)

Justin: NOOO *knock uncounsious*

DJ: NO!!! D: I'm sorry dude we need too win this *picks up Justin soo Dj and him can find a hiding spot*

Justin: *mumbles; while drooling*

DJ:*sees tree climbs it with Justin on me*

Rat 1: *sees Dj and Justin hiding in the tree. Claws up the tree and pounces on them*

Zeke: *to duncan* U vt me Ot! *jumps towards him*

DJ:AHHH! *falls off with Justin* (I got too go too sleep soo Bai :D)

Rat 1: *after getting DJ and Justin, the rat looks for more competitiors. It looks up and finds Tyler in another tree*

Zeke: *Jumps on Duncan*

Duncan: ugggh...i guess the Anne Maria thing didn't work...(throws Zeke off of him and runs off)

Rat 1: *Punces on Tyler, and starts chewing on his leg*

Noah: No way! I am not getting mauled by rats! *runs from rats*

Lindsay: *screams* RATS! DIE YOU FREAKS OF NATURE! *kicks rat in Zeke's face by accident* Opps, sorry Zeke. *screams and runs*

Noah: What a wimp. *notices rats and hides in a bush*

Zeke: *gets mad* RAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *Zeke runs toward Lindsay*

Lindsay: *nervous* Um, Zeke? AHHH! *sprays him with perfume*

Zeke: *waves off perfume* EEWW! *Attacks Lindsay*

Rat 1: *After finishing off Tyler, it starts looking in bushes for contestants*

Lindsay: *punches Zeke HARD* Take that!

Zeke: *Gets angry* DIE! *Zeke gets on top of Lindsay and starts scratching her face* (If I attack them, their out, right?)

Cody: *hides somewhere else*

Justin: *recovers* Oww... where am I?

Chris: Okay so if Zeke says he jumps or tackles or attacks, you ARE out! So, DJ, Duncan, Lindsay, Justin, Heather, Harold, Bridgette, Tyler, and Katie are out. (Eliminated Users can control rats)

Rat 1: *chases Noah*

Rat 2: *chases Blaineley*

Rat 3: *chases Cody

Chris: Only Cody is left for the Ferals.

Zeke: U VT ME OT! *runs toward Cody*

Justin: Wait ZEKE!!! COdy is on the Toxic Turtles... he never voted you out!

DJ:yeah Noah and Blaineley voted for you! *too Justin* im sorry I threw a paintball at u Justin It was ment for zeke but lets hope that Cody does not get catched

Justin: It is alright DJ... I know you didn't do it on purpose...

Zeke: No vt me ot? *sees Blaineley* U VT ME OT!!!!!!!! *runs straight towards Blaineley*

Rat 1: *Starts gaining on Noah*

Justin: *to his team* Hurry! Someone throw a trang ball at Noah and Blainely! It will make it easier for Zeke to get them out!

Noah: *runs from rat* You stupid rodent!

Justin: Hey Lindsay... How about you throw that trang ball at Blainley?

Lindsay: What's a tranq ball? Is that French?

Rat 4: (jumps on Justin's head)

Justin: AHH!!! The thing in your hand!!! *runs around in a panic* GET IT OFF!!!

Rat 2: *tackles Noah to the ground*

Chris: So, DJ, Duncan, Lindsay, Justin, Heather, Harold, Bridgette, Tyler, Katie, and Noah are out. (Sorry for confusing Cody's team, it's still a little new to me) Cody, Dawn, and Blaineley are still left! ( time)

Rat 1: *grabs Blaineley*

Chris: Okay, Cody and Dawn are left

Lindsay: *holds up tranq ball* Oh! THIS THNGY! *throws tranq ball at Dawn*

Zeke: *Attacks sleeping Dawn* U VT ME OT!

Chris: And the winner is Cody for the Toxic Turtles. Ferals, vote out whoever you want but Dawn has individual immunity. Cody, pick who else you want to win immunity.

DJ:Good job Cody

Cody: Thanks DJ. Chris I want Noah to have immunity

Noah: Thanks, Cody. :)

Ferocious Farewells #2

Chirs: Okay, Ferals, vote out anyone except for Dawn and Noah.

Noah: (CONF) I vote for Heather. She's scary and not much use around here lately.

Gwen: (CONF) Blaineley- shes really cruel

Dawn: (CONF) I vote for Heather. Her aura gives me chills at night.

Blaineley: (CONF) Heather.

Heather: (CONF) I vote for Bridgette she Never does anything its like she does not want too be in the game.... Anymore *has a flashback* yeah surfer girl should go

Zeke: (CONF) *Bites Camera*

Duncan: (CONF) Heather, she can't get further then this! (laughs)

(Sorry, but I won't be able to participate this weekend Scienceboy0 18:43, June 8, 2012 (UTC))

Chris: Noah, Gwen, Dawn, and Duncan received no votes and are safe. The last three are Blaineley, Bridgette, and Heather. And the one leaving is....

{C HEATHER! Goodbye Queen of Mean, but communicate in Loser's Lane if you want.

MoW: *grabs Heather and shoves Toxic Marshmallow in her mouth. Throws her off the island*

Chris: Aw, you guys lost a competitor, but don't worry because someone sued for not getting their wins from the last season, you guys get SCOTT! How great is that? Well, next challenge will be on Monday!

Scott: Hello Team!!!

Zeke: *grabs Chris by the neck* U LT ME BK IN!

Chef: *shoots Zeke and puts him in a cage*

Ferocious Farewells A2: Heather's Thoughts on The Game and Elimination

Chris: Heather, write your thoughts about the game and your elimination here.

Heather: Ugh soo called Team! they got rid of there strong player i did stuff i won them the 2nd challenge ugh i hope they get karma and P.s ill be back Muhahaha!!!!

Ep.4: On Top of Mt. Maggot


Chris: Guess the cameo

Cody: Owen?

Tyler: Lightning?

Harold: My babe LeShawna?

Dawn: Heather?

Harold: Maybe Cameron?

Chris: Harold wins the advantage for his team!

Boy's Cabin

Harold: *lays face down on bed* (CONF) My plan failed so hard yesterday. I thought if I stood still, Zeke wouldn't see me. I forgot about the rats.

Noah: It's okay Harold, I got out, too.

Cody: Yeah but you had individual immunity yesterday Noah

Tyler: Harold you won an advantage for our team today

Harold: Sorry, its just...its just.... *hears roar from woods* What was that? Whatever. There are lots of toxic animals. It could have just been one of them.

Scott: I don't know... dosent sound like any mutnat animal from last season...

Harold: That might be the thing that attacked Chef!

DJ: hello everyone

Duncan: zzzz...(puts pillow over head)

Harold: Hey DJ! (CONF) I have to say, this camp is the most active I've ever been on. This brings more competition though. (Non-Conf) When is this challenge going to start already?

Girl's Cabin

Gwen: Morning girls

Dawn: Morning Gwen. How are you this fine and deluxe morning?

Lindsay: I'm feeling fabulous!

Dawn: That's good Lindsay. *Meditates*

Lindsay: *hears the roar from the woods* What was that?

Gwen: Im great Dawn. Thanks to your meditating i can finally properly relax

Dawn: No problem.

Katie: *Wakes, yawns* Good morning friends :D

Bridgette: *wakes up* Hey, guys.

Mess Hall

The Woods

Chris: Yeah, Ezekiel escaped and is now loose in the Woods.

Zeke: *is chasing squirrle, and is smiling* *suddenly, a huge shadow comes over him*

???: *huge roar can be heard throughout camp*

Zeke: *whimpers away*

Challenge #4: Maggot Mountain Mania

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow! (Sorry, family stuff has been happening and I don't have time, but don't worry! :{D ~CDF97) Okay, your challenge is to climb the Mt. Maggot. Harold won an advantage for his team which is climbing gear! *throws climbing gear at Harold's team* It takes ten alternating lines and one setbacks. Seven if you have climbing gear. There's a cave called Cave Creepy where you have to find a family of maggots and collect their slime. Gross, right? The slime is what we put for the Marshmallow of Loserdom and for your food. *hands vials* First team to hand Chef ALL OF THEIR VIALS WIN! (Ten Lines PER TEAM)

Dawn: I have a bad feeling about this. *Climbs*

Chris: And let's not forget the occasional boulders! Oh, and Cameron will be messing with you throughout the challenge.

MoW & Fang: *throws boulders down*

Dawn: *Gets hit with a boulder* Ow, my predictions were right.

Justin: *starts climbing*

DJ:*Starts climbing *

Lindsay: *climbs, but slips on lose rocks and is hit by boulder* OW!

Noah: *climbs up and gets hit in the face*

DJ:*Climbs up*

Noah: *begins to climc back up*

Lindsay: *uses climbing gear to climb*

DJ:*Climbs but slips*

Lindsay: DJ! *grabs DJ's hand as he falls, stopping him, and helps him up* That was close! *continues climbing*

Noah: *climbs*

DJ: Thank You Lindsay *Climbs some more*

Lindsay: You're welcome, DJ! *climbs up some more*

Noah: Dawn? I could really use some help here. *climbs more and dodges a boulder*

DJ:*Climbs More *

Cody: *climbs*

Tyler: *climbs*

Lindsay: *climbs and smiles at Tyler* Hey, Tyler!

Noah: *climbs up some more*

DJ:*Climbs Up*

Duncan: (climbs)

Noah: Duncan! Finally, I get some help! *climbs more*


Lindsay: *climbs*

Noah: *climbs*

Tyler: Hey Linds *climbs faster*

Cody: *climbs quickly*

Noah: *climbs, avoiding boulders*


Harold: I better get started. *uses climbing gear*

Blaineley: *Climbs up the mountain*

Katie: *Climbs* Meep! So high 3:

DJ:*Climbs* Come On Katie you can do it! I know you can!

Harold: *climbs higher* THis climbing gear gives me great time.

Tyler: *climbs higher*

Cody: *climbs higher*

DJ:*climbs higher*

Harold: *tries to climb higher, but foot gets stuck in a hole* HELP!

DJ:I'm coming *goes lower and helps Harold*

Harold: Thanks. *climbs higher*

Cody: *climbs avoids boulders*

Tyler: *climbs avoids boulders*


Cody: *slips and falls*

Tyler: *slips and falls*

Harold: *climbs faster* Lindsay: *climbs* DDR Noah: *climbs even faster*

DJ:*Climbs fast*

Lindsay: *climbs and reaches Cave Creepy*

Noah: *climbs more and reaches Cave Creepy*

Lindsay: *searches for maggots*

Cody: *climbs faster*

Tyler: *climbs faster*

DJ:*Climbs more and reaches Cave Creepy*

Noah: *looks for maggots* Here maggots, come to Noah!

DJ:*Helps Lindsey too look for maggots*

Lindsay: *finds the maggots* DJ, I found them!

Noah: *looks*

DJ:Ok *Runs over too Lindsay*

Noah: *finds some maggots* YES!

Lindsay: *begins to collect slime*

Dawn: *Climbs* This is hard.

DJ:*Helps Lindsey collect Slime*

Dawn: *Climbs Faster*

Lindsay: *collects more*

Noah: *begins to collect slime*

Dawn: *Climbs*

Noah: Hurry, Dawn!

Cameron: I'm sorry, guys, but... *Uses a machine to cause the mountain to shake horribly*

DJ:*falls on bum and bites Tounge* OW!

Dawn: *Struggles to climb up*

Cameron: *Makes a wild animal call that summons bear to chase after the contestants ant their maggot* Sorry.

Dawn: oh no! *Climbs faster*

Noah: *roundhouse kicks the bear*

Dawn: *Climbs*

DJ:AH!!! *runs too find another maggot*

Dawn: *Climbs*

Noah: Dawn! I need some help here! *punches bear*

Dawn: *Makes it* Sorry Noah.

Noah: It's okay! Talk to the bear.

DJ:*picks up a maggot*

Harold: *Keeps climbing*

Noah: *collects slime*

Lindsay: *finishes collecting slime*

DJ: Ok Lindsey since were down collecting we should get a move on

Lindsay: Okay! *runs to Chef*

Noah: *finishes collecting slime*

Lindsay: Chef, I have my slime! *hands Chef her vial*

DJ:*collects smile*

Noah: *takes his vial and runs over to Chef*

Dawn: Oh maggots!

DJ:*collects slime*

Dawn: *Sees Maggots*

Noah: *hands his vial to Chef* There's the slime, Chef.

DJ:*collects more slime*

Harold: Made it! *runs into cave*

Dawn: *Collects slime*

DJ:*Collects more slime*

Noah: Faster DAWN!

Dawn: *Collects slime faster*

Harold: *finds maggot* Yes! *starts to make slime*

DJ:*Collects more slime*


Harold: Yes! *gets his vial of smile and starts climbing down*

Dawn: *Runs To Chef*

DJ:*gets his vial of slime* (I did not know we had too climb down and give it too chef -_- so I took ten lines too fill the vial up*

Harold: *brings vail to Chef* Here you go

Dawn: Here is my vial chef! *Gives vial to chef*

DJ:Herea my vial chef *Gives Vial to Chef*

Harold: So...who won?

Cameron: No. *Makes a magnet that causes every slime vial to get stuck to it*

Lindsay: Nobody, yet. Everyone on the team has to bring theirs to win.

Harold: To bad, Cameron. I already gave mine to Chef!

DJ:Me too

Noah: Me 3.

Lindsay: Me 4.

Cameron: I'm really not good at sabotage. *Faints*

Gwen:*gets slime vial* ewww....

Duncan: don't worry's fine??.

Cameron: Look, Chris, I really tried to sabotage the challenge but I wasn't able to... can I go, now?

Chris: Sure *smiles as the M.O.W throws Cameron off the island* Hurry Up, it only takes three lines to fill a vial sorry. Challenge ends soon so pick up the pace. Only Harold, DJ, Noah, and Lindsay have delivered their slime to Chef.

Cody: *collects slime*

Tyler: *collects slime*

Cameron: *Screaming in the distance* AH! This is not fun. *A splash is hear offscreen*

Gwen: *collects slime*

Cody: *runs to Chef* Here Chef

Tyler: *runs to Chef* Here take it!

Bridgette: *finds a maggot* Cool!

Gwen: *gives slime to chef* take it....

Bridgette: *gets slimed, and then collectes slime*

Dawn: Oh maggots! *Collects Slime*

Bridgette: *gives vial to Chef* I was slimed!

Dawn: *Continues to collect slime*

Justin: *climbs*

Scott: *climbs*

Justin: *still climbing*

Scott: *still climbing*

Dawn: *Continues to collect slime* Thank you maggots.

Justin: *reaches top*

Scott: *reaches top*

Dawn: *Collects Slime* Now I just have to give this to Chef.

Duncan: (climbs quite quickly)

Dawn: *Runs to Chef* Here is my vial chef. *Hands her vial to Chef*

Chef: *collects all the slime*

Chris: Okay, Harold, DJ, Noah, Lindsay, Gwen, Bridgette, Dawn, Cody, and Tyler have delivered their slime to Chef. Duncan, Scott, Justin, Blaineley, and Katie are left did not deliver the slime in time. And the Toxic Turtles win another challenge with only Katie and Justin not completing the challenge. Dawn and Noah win individual immunity. Dawn exceded the line limit and Noah was the first one to hand his vial for his team. Voting ends on Monday or Tuesday!

Ferocious Farewells #3

Chris: Ferals, vote in the CONF and Dawn and Noah has individual immunity!

Dawn: (CONF) I vote Blaineley. Her blank aura gets me wondering if she is human. Also, she doesn't help out much.

Scott:(CONF) My vote goes for Blaineley

Gwen: (CONF) I vote for Blaineley

Noah: (CONF) Blaineley, that repulsive beast, she will be a threat to us and hold us back, she will try to get anybody eliminated, even my friends! So anyways, Blaineley.

Chris: AND

BLAINELEY IS ELIMINATED! Challenge starts on Wednesday, around 5:00 PM PST (8:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM CST)

Fang: *grabs Blaineley and shoves Toxic Marshmallow into her mouth*

MoW: *throws Blaineley off the island*

Ferocious Farewells A3: Blaineley's Thoughts on Game and Elimination

Chris: Blaineley, this is where you describe your thoughts on the game and elimination. Don't forget to write under Loser's Lane, where someone will win a chance to return!

Ep.5: Beware the Beast!

Cameo & Chat

Harold: So, Chris. What's the next cameo?

Chris: The next cameo is an eliminated contestant, who is known as a beast.

Cody: Its Ezekiel!

DJ:Err....*Knows the Awnser but can't say it because he guessed a cameo on episode 3 right*

Harold: (I diddn't know you couldn't guess twice.)

Dawn: Heather.

Chris: Dawn wins an advantage for her team, and DJ, you can only NOT GUESS IF YOU ANSWERED LAST EPISODE'S CAMEO. Dawn cannot guess next episode.

Boy's Cabin

Girl's Cabin

Mess Hall

The Woods

Dawn: *With animals* Oh hi Mr. Bird and Ms. Squirrel. What?! Oh no, that's sad! :(

Gwen: Whats up Dawn?

Dawn: Oh hi Gwen. The animals have told me something very sad.

Gwen: What did they tell you

Dawn: That all this toxic waste is killing their friends. :(

Gwen: That is sad. Chris isnt very kind to the environment

Zeke: *Walks over to Dawn and Gwen, now with a small tail* RAOR!

Gwen: *freaked out* what is wrong with you?

Zeke: *now has a deeper voice* ME HV PWR! *pounces on Gwen*

Dawn: Calm down Zeke...... Calm Down....

Zeke: *sits and barks like a happy dog at Dawn*

Gwen: Wow...thanks heaps dawn! your like an animal zeke whisperer!

Dawn: *Pets Zeke* Yep.

DJ:*walks into forest*

Zeke: *barks like he is trying to say something to dawn*

DJ:*Steps on a squirrel* NO!! I'm still cursed *begins too cry*

Dawn: *Listening to Zeke* What is it boy?

Zeke: *barks and tells Dawn this: Something is attacking the entire forrest! It is even worse than the Monster of Wawanakwa! Help! Help!*

Gwen: Its ok DJ, Dawn what is Zeke doing?

DJ:*Too Gwen* Ok ;(

Dawn: Oh no! Something horrible is attacking the forest!

Gwen: What is it?

Challenge #5: Beat the Beast

Chris: Your challenge is to head into the woods where a beast, the cameo, Heather, will be hunting you, but to make it more exciting, I have released all of the mutant animals especially the Beast of Wawawnakwa. This Beast is so gruesome that he eats sharks, which is why you haven't seen much of Fang or Lazer lightly, but they're okay. Well, I hope. Since no one has ever seen the Beast, we will take a picture. Toxic Turtles will be given only two cameras and the Ferocious Ferals will be given one for each member. The team with the best picture of the Beast will win immunity. It takes ten lines to find the Beast, five to take one picture, and seven to come back for A TEAM. Challenge ends when everyone finishes or on Friday. (OMG and SCB0, you can control Fang, MoW, and Lazer, they are the cameos, Heather and Zeke).

Katie: Like, I quit. Bye :( *Kisses DJ*

Gwen: Ok then...ferals, lets split up into smaller teams so we can cover more ground

DJ:O_O oh my....well nevermind about that Ok guys we can do this soo Which two people who would like too hold the cameras I can hold one.

Heather:*Glares at everyone*

Katie: I'm just joking :D DJ will you go out with me? *Hugs*

DJ::D thank god you did not quit *whispere too Katie* I'll think about it I don't want people seeing us as a threat

Heather:*Gets her Trauq gun loaded soo she can hunt down campers*

Katie: Yay! Let's look for the beast together. *Kisses DJ on the cheek* :D *Goes off into the woods and starts looking*

DJ:*Blushes a little* Ok *Follows Katie*

Heather:Hehehe *Stalks DJ and Katie*

Harold: *runs toward DJ* DJ, can I have a camera? Bet I can get one.

Zeke: *Looks for campers* (Sorry, but I won't be able to participate until sunday. I have company over)

DJ:Ok Harold*Passes him a Camera and looks for the beast*

Heather:*Follows DJ Harold and Katie*

Justin: *heads into the woods*

Scott: *heads into the woods*

DJ:*Looks for the beast* Comeon beast come out come out where ever you are....D:

Heather:*Follows DJ Katie and Harold * HeHEHe*Gets ready too aim*

Fang: *roars and jumps in front of Scott

Beast: *cage opens and it moves around faster than the speed of sound, knocking over trees. ROARS, and bounds toward the cliff.*

Chris: The beast is on the move!

Duncan: you mean Owen!?, or that thing!? (fires a slingshot at the beast while running)

DJ:*Runsa after the beast* Owen eats sharks what!

Beast: *runs in front of Duncan, hiding, and flicks its paralyzing tongue, but misses and runs away toward the cliff*

Tyler: *heads into woods*

Cody: *heads into woods*

DJ:UGh! Wheres the beast!*Looks for the beast*

Gwen: This is alot like finding the bear in Greece....*looks for beast in forest*

Tyler: *looks for beast*

Cody: *looks for beast*

Lindsay: *looks for beast*

Noah: *looks for the beast*

Dawn: BEAST? Oh BEAST? Remember me? Dawn? We had tea yesterday! (I can post this one line then I must go again DX)

Heather:*Runs too Noah and Pounces on him* Hello Noah going somewhere >:)

DJ:*Looks for the beast*

Cody: *continues looking for beast*

Tyler: *continues looking for beast*

Katie: *Looks for the beast*

DJ:*Looks for the beast* WHERE ARE YOu BEAST *Starts too cry*

Heather:*Shoots Noah with her Tranq gun* Time too hunt some more *Looks too hunt more campers*

Chris: Guys, when I said ten lines to find, five to pic, and seven to hand me the photo, I meant a toatl of ten lines for each team, not ten lines for one person!

(Sorry about that soo DJ can try too take a picture of the beast now since who knows how much~Emma :3)


Chris: Okay, the first person to take a picture, and hand it to me in one line wins the challenge for their team!

Beast: *jumps and poses for a picture where every contestant is at

Tyler: *takes a picture of beast* *runs to Chris* Here dude!

Chris: And Tyler wins another win for the Toxic Turtles. Ferocious Ferals, I'll see you at elimination again.

Harold: Awesome Tyler!

Ferocious Farewells #4

Chris: Okay Dawn is absent so none can vote for her, and Gwen wins ind immunity for writing two lines, the most for this team. Vote in the CONF

Dawn: (CONF) Sorry I was gone, (I got grounded >.>) I vote Bridgette. She has got a nice soul, but doesn't help out much.

Gwen: (CONF) Noah....he's not very athletic

Chris: Hurry up, or there will be a double elimination tonight!

Noah: (CONF) I vote for um Bridgette.

Scott: (CONF) My vote goes for Noah! He is a threat!

Duncan: (CONF) honestly...Noah has to go.

Noah: Wait! Actually Bridgette doesn't NEED to vote, since she can't vote herself off (I believe that's the rule; even if she could she most likely wouldn't) and 3 votes would mean she either voted me or somebody else, but either way I'm eliminated.

Chris: Noah, you were easedropping on people's CONF? Well, anyway, you're eliminated!

Beast: *tongue grabs Noah and he is taken away where a loud burp fills the air*

Chris: Well, Chef, go rescue him and shoot him off the island

Noah: *waves to everyone* Well, Goodbye, everyone. This was a fun experience, and Dawn, thanks for being such a good friend. I figured I wouldn't make it far, but, oh well.

Noah's Thoughts on Elimination

Noah: Well, I guess I could've been more enthusiastic about the challenges, but I think I did pretty good this season. One of my votes were actually because I was a "threat." I earned indivisual immunity every elimination until I was eliminated. I don't mean to brag. The Ferals don't realize what they're letting go. I had potiential, I could've been something BIG. But, whatever. Hey, anybody know the way home from here?

Chris: Well, if you write under Loser's Lane, then you might be able to return. It's basically Playa de Losers.

Ep.6: Simon Dies


Boy's Cabin

Harold: (CONF) I'm happy I made it this far! I might win!

Duncan: (CONF) blah, blah, blah Harold...he's been going on and on about getting so far...pretty's soon he'll get far with my fist if he doesn't shut up!!

Girl's Cabin

Mess Hall

The Woods

Lindsay: *explores*

DJ:*Walks in the woods* (CONF) I'm soo happy my team is doing soo well *Smiles*

Dawn: *Meditates with birds*

Zeke: *runs to Dawn and barks to her* Thank you all! The beast has been contained! Well, mostlly.

Gwen: Did Zeke just talk to you?

Dawn: Yes. He thanked us for keeping the beast contained. *Pats Zeke*

Gwen: That is so cool

Lindsay: Yeah. If only we could help him return to his previous form.

Katie: Hii DJ! *Kisses*

DJ:*Blushes* Hiii...Katie

Zeke: Bleah! *runs away*

DJ: (CONF) Im starting too like Katie shes just soo nice sweet Beautifel im Crazy over katie :3

Katie: (CONF) I love DJ!!

Challenge #6: Simon Dies

Chris: Okay, this challenge will be up for two days. The challenge is Simon Says, but with a twist. You see, Simon, died for doing many things, and we will be doing those. I will post three simon says challenges, that each member of the team has to complete. They may choose not to it, due to the fact that it is deadly. One of the twists is that Simon will say when a certain challenge will finish. Everyone who completes the challenge before the time runs up gets individual immunity! Now, let's begin!

Simon Dies #1: The Marshmallow Meal!

Chef: All right brats, this challenge ends at 4:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM CST). Your challenge is to eat an entire plate that holds three Toxic Marshmallows of Loserdom! It takes five lines to eat one marshmallow. However, Fang, and the Cameo, may put some more stuff that you have to eat! Go!

Scott: *pokes marshellow with a stick* Do we have to Chef???

Chef: If you don't then, you may get voted off. Winners of this challenge, get individual immunity!

Bridgette: *picks up marshmallow*

Gwen: What good is immunity when your dead.... *pokes marshmallow*

Tyler: *picks up marshmellow*

Cody: *picks up marshmellow*

Dawn: *Picks up Marshmallow*

Tyler: *puts marshmallow in mouth*

Cody: *puts marshmallow in mouth*

Dawn: *Has it in mouth*

Cody: *eats marshmallow*

Tyler: *eats marshmallow*

Dawn: *Chews maeshmallow* This is unsanitary.....

Scott: *puts marshmellow in mouth* Urghh...

Justin: *picks marshmellow up*

Tyler: *chews marshmallow*

Cody: *chews marshmallow*

Dawn: *Continues to chew*

Scott: *chewing*

Justin: *chewing*

Cody: *swallows and picks up another marshmallow*

Tyler: *swallows and picks up another marshmallow*

Dawn: *Swallows and picks up another,*

Tyler: *puts marshmallow in mouth*

Cody: *puts marshmallow in mouth*

Scott: *keeps chewing*

Justin: *keeps chewing*

Cody: *eats marshmallow*

Tyler: *eats marshmallow*

Dawn: *Puts Marshmallow in mouth*

Scott: *Chewing*

Justin: *chewing*

Tyler: *chews marshmallow*

Cody: *chews marshmallow*

Scott: *swallows and grabs 2nd marshmellow*

Justin: *swallows and grabs 2nd arshmellow*

Dawn: *Chews*

Tyler: *swallows and picks up 3rd marshmallow*

Cody: *swallows and picks up 3rd marshmallow*

Gwen: *chews*

Scott: *puts marshmellow in mouth*

Justin: *puts marshmellow in mouth*

Dawn: *Continues to chew*

Scott: *chewing*

Justin: *chewing*

Dawn: *Swallows and picks up another marshmallow*

Scott: *chews quickly*

Justin* quickly chew*

Dawn: *Chews the 3rd marshmallow*

Scott: *starts to swallow*

Justin: *starts to swallow*

Cody: *eats marshmallow*

Tyler: *eats marshmallow*

Scott: *swallow*

Justin: *swallow*

Dawn: *Chews*

Scott: *pust 3rd marshmellow in mouth*

Justin: *puts 3rd marshmellow in mouth*

Scott: *chewing*

Justin: *chewing*


Scott: *chews faster*

Justin: *quickly chews*

Dawn: *Finishes chewing*

Scott: *starts to swallow*

Justin: *starts to swallow*

Harold: *picks up marshmellow*

Scott: *swallow* Done Chef!!!

Justin: *swallows* Finished... why do I feel light headed??? *faints*

Tyler: *eats quickly*

Cody: *eats quickly*

Chef: Time is Up! The winners are Scott and Justin! Everyone else still has two more chances to win individual immunity!

Scott: (CONF) *whitlting a stick* Thing about this season... There is no immunity idols and obviously I am a huge target... so all I gotta do is keep winning immunity and start my "other" plan!

Simon Dies #3: Say Simon Says

Chris: To make thing even, two Turtles and One Feral must say Simon Says. GO!

DJ: Simon Says ( Well im back from my cousins party soo i think i can do the challenge now)

Cody: Simon Says

Duncan: Simon Says.

Katie: Simon Says! Oh, wait....

Simon Dies #3: Hop or Drop

Chris: This challenge is that two people except Scott and Justin, at a time will try and get your team's flags while hopping on one leg across a log over a giant lake filled with Toxic Barrels, Lazer the Dolphin, and Radioactive Water! The MoW and Beast will also try and get you to fall off. We noticed the Beast can drop every single one of you with a roar, so try to keep it entertained with a song! Challenge ends on Monday!

Harold: *hops on leg and sings* Chriiiiiiiiis why do you do this to us?

Bridgette: *hops and sings* I will win this!

Harold: *hop sings* No, I will win this! Gosh. *gets about half way*

Bridgette: *hops farther and sings* You wish!

Harold: *hops more* Almost there!

Lindsay: *sings cheers for Harold* Harold, you can get there!

Harold: * makes it to the end, and is still singing* Yes I did it! Come on, someone else go!

Bridgette: *hops while singing* I can make it for my team!

Tyler: *hops and sings* Dude please let me win this game!

Harold: You can do it Tyler!

Bridgette: *hops to end and sings* I made it!

Tyler: *hops and sings* Still Gotta give it my all!

Harold: Hey, Chris, how many team members have to do this?

Tyler: *almost finishes and sings* Almost there!

Harold: Come on!

Chris: Almost done? Scott, Justin, Cody, Duncan, and DJ DONT HAVE TO DO THIS!

Tyler: *finishes and sings* I finally made it through!

Lindsay: *sings and hops* My turn! Here I go-o-o-o!

Harold: I can't find the melody of this song-g-g!

Lindsay: *hops and sings* Songs don't have to rhyme and we don't have the time!

Harold: Yeah, I guess your right.

Chris: And the challenge is over. As a special surprise, today will be a double elimination! One Feral and One Turtle will be eliminated tonight!

Ferocious Farewells #5 & Toxic Tidings #2

Chris: Ferals, you get to vote which one of the Turtles gets the boot! Dawn, since everyone else has immunity, you are the only one that can be eliminated. I'm very sorry, but you can still compete for a chance to return under Loser's Lane!

Dawn: It's alright Chris. I had very much fun reading everyone's aura! :D

Chris: Bridgette, Duncan, and Scott have to vote out either Katie or Lindsay.

Scott: (CONF) My vote goes for Lindsay

Duncan: (CONF) sorry Lindsay but you're just useless.

Harold: (CONF) I vote for Katie. She didn't do the challenge. Sorry DJ.

Bridgette: (CONF) I vote for....Lindsay. Sorry, majority goes.

Chris: Harold, you weren't supposed to vote, but anyway, Lindsay, you have been eliminated. But, you can still compete for redemption in Loser's Lane!

Fang: *shoves Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom in Lindsay's and Dawn's mouth*

MoW: *throws Lindsay and Dawn off the island*

Dawn's Thoughts on Elimination

Dawn: I'm not really bummed about getting the boot. As I said before, I had very much fun reading everybody's aura. I got a feel of their personality. Also, my animal friends are very proud of me for making it farther than last season. If it wasn't for them, I still wouldn't be here right now! I love you mother nature and animals.

Lindsay's Thoughts on Elimination

Ep. 7: The Ferocious Feast


Chris: Good new everyone! Today, you will be switched in teams. It is now Boys Vs Females. However, since there are more Boys than Girls, some boys will be on the Girls Team. Look below to see which team you went in! (

Ferocious Females: Bridgette, Gwen, Katie, Duncan, and DJ.

Mutant Males: Cody, Harold, Scott, Tyler, and Justin.

Boy's Cabin


Harold: *sleeps* (I won't be here until next sunday bacuase my family is on vacation-Science)

Girl's Cabin

Katie: *Wakes*

Mess Hall

The Woods

Challenge #7: The Ferocious Feast

Chris: Okay today's elimination will have a twist! But let's start the challenge. By the way, Harold will be absent so he is excused. This challenge will include three meals! The team with the most players to eat the meal win a point. Get two points and you win!

Chef: Our first meal is Fried Vulture Eggs with Radioactive Roadkill Sausages! Our drink is Milk from the Beast which includes toxins that may kill you. Eat!

Cody: *eats vulture eggs*

Tyler: *eats vulture eggs*

DJ: *Eats Vulture Eggs*

Katie: *Eats vulture eggs* Just like my Aunt Lily's Crow eggs!

Cody: *still eats eggs*

Tyler: *still eats eggs*

DJ: *Still eats eggs* Uh.....

Cody: *swallows eggs and eats sausages*

Tyler: *swallows eggs and eats sausages*

Bridgette: *eats eggs and sausages*

Cody: *still eats sausages*

Tyler: *still eats sausages*

Bridgette: *swallows eggs but continues to eat sausages*

Cody: *swallows sausages and drinks milk*

Tyler: *swallows sausages and drinks milk*

DJ:*Swallows Eggs and Eats Sausages*

Chef: Sorry for not mentioning it, but it takes one line to eat everything. That being said, The Ferocious Females win the first round thanks to Bridgette, DJ, and Katie! Lunch is a Radioactive Sandwich with a side of Toxic Fries with Maggot Slime Soda.

DJ:*Eats Sandwich*

Chef: Wow, you guys are lame. Because the challenge is over, the Ferocious Females win! Mutant Males, vote someone out by tomorrow!

Mutant Males: Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Mutant Males, vote someone out. Harold, Cody, and Tyler are immune. And there was a twist in this elimination, but since someone has received three votes, Katie is out Sorry, girl.

Fang: *puts Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom in Katie's mouth

Beast: *takes Katie away and a burp is heard over the island*

Chris: Harold, Cody, Tyler, Justin, and Scott need to vote. Harold, Cody, and Tyler are immune! I will choose randomly who goes home if no one votes.

(ACTN: Who can we vote for cause of new teams?)

(You can vote either Justin or Scott ~CDF97)

Cody: (CONF) I vote Scott

Tyler: (CONF) Scott must go

Justin: (CONF) I vote for Justin

Scott: (CONF) I vote for Justin

Chris: All right, since we need to get a move on, I will decide who goes home by a flip of the coin. Justin is heads, and Scott is tails. Here we go! *flips coin in the air* And the one going home tonight is.............

JUSTIN! Sorry, but the coin has spoken.

Beast: *grabs Justin and another loud burp is heard over the island*

Katie's Thoughts on Elimination

Katie: Byeee DJ! *Blows kiss*

()'s Thoughts on Elimination

Ep. 8: Trivia Toxic Time Redux



Lindsay: Hi everyone! I'm back! :D

Challenge 8: Are You Smarter Than Chris McLean?

Chris: Your challenge is to answer trivia questions about Wrath of Wawawnakwa. The first two to five points win immunity. Q1: Who was eliminated first in Season 1 of Wrath?

Scott: It was a double elimination with Dawn being eliminated first with Duncan!!

Chris: Correct! Q2: When was the Hurl of Shame dismantled?"

Scott: In episode 8, Follow the Radioactive Road!

Chris: Correct! Q3: Who competed and didn't make the merge in both seasons?

Scott: Ezekiel and Dawn.

DJ: Ezekiel and Dawn i think...

Cody: Ezekiel and Dawn

Tyler: Its Ezekiel and Dawn

Chris: Scott gets another ponts! The next two questions are: Who made the merge in both seasons and What episodes featured a double elimination?

DJ: Hmm Scott Tyler but he debuted last season and Cody hmmm Simon dies,Ferocious feast And if you mean first season too it's The night of the (NON) Living campers

Cody: Me Scott and Tyler and the episodes are Simon Dies and Ferocious Feast

Tyler: Me Cody and Scott and the episodes are Simon Dies and Ferocious Feast

Harold: Cody, Tyler, and Scott made the merge in both seasons, and The Night of the (NON) Living Campers featured a double elimination.

Chris: DJ gets the two points! Okay, the next three questions are: Who won the most challenges in Season 1? Who won the most challenges in Season 2? And who were the final two of Season 1?

DJ: Me i think and Scott and Izzy

Chris: Correct! You get two points! The second one, who won the most challenges in Season 2? is still in play!

Tyler: Me and Cody

Cody: Me and Tyler


Chris: Oops, sorry, I mean who won the most challenges in SEASON 1 is still in play. DJ has won the most challenges in Season 2!

DJ: Hmm a Three way tie between Anna Maria Scott and Brick

Chris: Wrong!


Tyler: Alejandro

Cody: Scott

Chris: Correct DJ! The next two: Who are the only Ferals left? Who are the only Turtles left?

DJ: The Ferals are left are Duncan Scott Bridgette and Gwen and the turtles are left are DJ Cody Tyler Harold and Lindsey who returned

Harold: He's right.

Lindsay: Yeah, Chris!

Harold: What happened?

Duncan: DJ knows his Total Drama alright (snickers)

Lindsay: *whispers to DJ, Gwen, Cody, and Harold* Hey, guys wanna form an alliance? :3 (I don't make alliances much XD)

Gwen: 5 people- isnt that a bit much?

Harold: I don't care. I'll join.

Lindsay: I guess. But at least we have majority in this week if everyone was willing to join. Maybe Cody won't be in. (Since ACTN isn't always active sometimes, and Science is.) *to Cody* I'm sorry, Cody, but I changed my mind. :(

Lindsay: Chris? Hey, can we just say Scott, DJ, or both of them win immunity? Cause this challenge is taking forever and you never said how many questions it was.

Harold: *looks around* I think he left us.

Chris: NOPE! And yes Lindsay: Scott and DJ win immunity! (Sorry, but I had summer homework and summer camp and couldn't run the camp, but will make things intresting) Tonight will be a double elimination!

Elimination Ceremony #8

Chris: Okay, so DJ and Scott have immunity, so everyone else is fair game. Vote for two people in the CONF, and this camp will be updated every Saturday. I may need an assistant host, so if anyone is intrested? (I have offered the job as CO-HOST to Redo, if he declines, it will be open).

Chef: *starts planning how to take over the camp*

Lindsay: *whispers to Harold, Gwen, and DJ.* Okay, if you guys still want to be in that alliance (minus Harold who confirmed he was in), I'm going to vote off Duncan and Cody. Duncan I think he's a little mean sometimes, and Bridgette is the only female besides me and Gwen left so we can't cut much into girls. (CONF) I vote for Duncan and Cody. (And P.S. I accept the offer. :D)

Scott: (CONF) Well lets see here... Cody is a threat with his popularity and...Tyler is starting to actually not fail at challenges... so I vote for Cody and Tyler!

Cody: (CONF) I vote for Duncan and Gwen

Tyler: (CONF) Duncan and Gwen have got to go

Harold: (CONF) I vote for Duncan and Cody. I hope this alliance thing works.

Chris: Okay. Since Scott and DJ won the challenge, the get the first marshmallows of the night. The following also are safe: Harold, Bridgette, Lindsay, Tyler, and finally..... Gwen! Which means Cody and Duncan have been eliminated. (Cody with less votes than Dunc places 8th)

Beast: *grabs Duncan and hurls him at some artic island in the distance*

MoW: *picks up Cody and a large burp suddenly causes the island to quake*

Harold: Woah.

Ep. 9: Hide-and-Die

Chris: Well, that was an intresting elimination. Today's challenge will be even extremer! (Redo, we can alternate episodes, I'll do this, and you do the next. We'll both work together for the finale, sounds okay?) It starts at 5:00 PM EST (2:00 PM PST, 1:00 PM CST)!


Boy's Cabin

Girl's Cabin

The Woods

Mess Hall

Challenge 9: Hide-and-Die!

Chris: All right campers, you will all need to hide somewhere along the camp. Write under the sections, for wherever you are. However, you also need to find one McLean Brand-Immunity Pass, hidden in the Wawawnakwa's Beast Domain and return it to the Elimination Ceremony section. It takes twenty lines, five for each section, with at least two setbacks in total. Every five minutes, if someone doesn't respond, you may write again! Fang, Chef, MoW, and Lazer will be hunting you, and the Wawawnakwa Beast has gone rogue so be careful! (Redo, take over, sis woke up and turns on lalptop starts. I'll be back exactly thirty minutes

The Toxic Woods

Animals of all sorts reside looking at the campers as they run through

Tyler: *looks for McLean idol*

Scott: Well I know where I am not going to go! *starts searching* (1)

Scott: *still searches for the Mclean pass* (2)

Scott: *Looks but notices a mutant gopher* ARRGH!!! *runs away* (3)

Scott: *looks back to see if the gopher is chasing him but runs into a wall* Oww... (4 and 1 setback)

Tyler: *looks for McLean pass and trips on a rock*

Scott: Nothin here... might as well check another area... *leaves Woods* (5)

Tyler: *looks for McLean pass*

Lindsay: *looks for McLean pass*

Lindsay: *looks for McLean pass*

Tyler: *looks for McLean pass*

Harold: *looks for Mclean pass*

Harold: *looks in tree* No. Not there. *mutant tree grabs him and smashes him on the ground*

Harold: *karate chops tree and it lets go* Well, if it's not there, it must be, um. *hears something cvommign* I've gotta hide! *ducks in bushes*

Harold: *sees a squirrle pass by* Gosh. I was scared for nothing.

Bridgette: *starts running* (1)

Tyler: *looks around* Nothing

Harold: It must be somewhere else. *leaves*

The Underground Mines

Bombs and explosives are everywhere, one small step unleashes huge naked mole rats, Ezekiel, and real Vampire Bats!

Tyler: *looks for McLean pass*

Scott: I guess this is the next place to look...*enters the mine* ((6)

Scott: *moves swiftly around the bombs* (7)

Scott: *jmps over the bombs and looks behind some rocks* not here... (8)

Scott: *begins to make his way back around the bombs* (9)

Scott: *reaches the entrance and picks up a rock* And make things more interesting for the others...hehe *He throws the rock and the bombs go off upseting the creatures within* *Scott then runs away* (10)

Harold: Gosh, this is dangerous.

Tyler: *looks for pass*

Tyler: *looks for pass*

Tyler: *looks for pass*

Tyler: *lools for pass* Nothing here either

Harold: *looks for pass*

The Underwater Lair of Fang

Pages of plans to kill Scott lay on the ground, sharks surround the lair as a mutant octopus lays, ready to strike

Tyler: *looks for McLean pass*

Scott: Maybe its in here? *starts to swim to the lair, not knowing its Fangs* (11)

Scott: *swims and notices a paper* *he grabs it and surfaces* Whats this... Ah! This must be Fang's home! (12)

Scott: *swims and looks for the pass but notices the octopus* (13)

Scott: *is forced to dodge the Octopus's tentacles* (14 and 2 setbacks)

Scott: *Swims back to the surface* Okay...there can only be one place left! The Beast's lair! *runs to the place* (15)

Tyler: *looks for pass and dodges octopus' tentacles*

Tyler: *swims around*

Tyler: *swims around*

Tyler: *swims around* Nothing again!

The Wawawnakwa Beast's Domain

A squirrel jumps through a glade of flowers and points. Jagged rocks fill the entrance to a cave shaped like an M. Blood trickles as lakes as two red eyes gleam out from the darkness, surrounded in mist

Tyler: *looks for McLean pass*

Scott: *enters the Beast's Domain* (16)

Scott: *nictices the Beast's eyes* Well... no I know where not to look (17)

Scott: *searches for the pass* (18)

Tyler: *looks for pass and runs into tree*

Tyler: *looks for pass*

Tyler: *looks for pass*

Tyler: *finds pass* Yes I win!

Scott: *finds a Mclean pass* Yes! *swims back to the surface* (19)

Tyler: Nice job Scott!

Elimination Ceremony #9

Scott: *gives Chris the Mclean immuntiy pass* Just like you said Chris, first 1 to deliver it to you in elimination ceremony section wins right! (20)

Tyler: *gives Chris the McLean pass* Looks like Scott and I won!

Scott: Ya congrats dude!

Tyler: Congrats man!

Chris: Wow! Looks like you 2 won. And tonight we're cycling back to the single eliminations again. Now, everyone vote for somebody but Scott or Tyler.

Lindsay: *to Harold, Gwen, and DJ* We can only vote of Bridgette, I guess. (CONF) I vote for Bridgette. Sorry.

Tyler: (CONF) I vote for Lindsay. Sorry girl

Scott: (CONF) My vote tonight goes for...Lindsay! She suddenly seems to smart for her own good!

Tyler: *whispers to Scott* I feel like we are being gunned for. We should stick together

Scott: *thinks it over* *whispers back* Sure!

Chris: All right, voting's over, and now, we will see who goes home! Lindsay, Tyler, and Scott were the only ones that voted, so *hands marshmallows out* Scott, Tyler, Harold, DJ, and Gwen are safe! The one to go home is..........Bridgette! Sorry, but you didn't compete last episode, and three strikes, you're out!

Fang: *shoves Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom into Bridgette*

MoW: *throws Bridgette into the woods*

WB: *roar shakes island as a burping sound fills the ears*

Scott:(CONF) Now that Tyler on my side... what to do... maybe it would be best if I could convince on of the others to also join our alliance snce were down to the final Harold? Too nerdy for me. Our best bets would be DJ or Lindsay!

Bridgette's Thoughts on Elimination and Game

Ep. 10: The Toxic Phantom Project


Boy's Cabin

Lindsay: *walks in* Hiii, Tyler, Scott, DJ, and Harold.

Harold: Woah, you can't be in here. This is the only place we have privacy.

Lindsay: I'm sorry, guys. But Gwen is the only other girl left and I was just a little lonely.

Lindsay: Oh, Tyler. Please forgive me for starting an alliance behind your back? I was thinking that you and me should just start our own alliance. DJ and Harold can make it on their own. They're nice people.

Harold: Hey, what about our deal! Tyler can get his own alliance.

Lindsay: Okay. Fine. Sorry, Tyler. I know you can do it! *kisses him*

DJ: *Wakes up* Uhh.. how long I was sleeping?

Lindsay: A while.

Harold: Okay, now OUT.

DJ: *In Bed* Who me?

Lindsay: No, not you. *runs out sobbing and into the woods*

DJ: Oh... (CONF) I need too stay out of this drama that's what my momma tells me.

Tyler: Harold you'll pay for that!

DJ: I'm going for a Jog. * Goes too the woods*

Harold: Great. Now everyone hates me. It's like freshman year all over again. Well, my only chance is to side with DJ and Gwen. DJ was in the woods, I better go to him. *walks into forrest*

Girl's Cabin

Lindsay: Good morning, Gwen! I'm going to see how Tyler's doing. Okay? *leaves*

The Woods

Scott: *walking in the woods* (CONF) Now that was very harsh of Harold to kick Lindsay out of the cabin like looks like she needs someone to comfort her...

Lindsay: *looks up and sniffles* Scott?

Scott: *sits next to Lindsay* Hey...I just wanted to apologize for Harold's behavior. I mean with you just wanting some friends right now with the other girl, Gwen not being very social now.

Lindsay: Yeah. And I really like Tyler and DJ. They're so nice. Harold usually is, too.

DJ: *Is not Close too Lindsey and Scott,Jogging* What a Beautifel day! *Trips* OOF!

Scott: *to Lindsay, first checking for eavesdroppers* Say...Tyler and I made an alliance...would you like to join don't have to tell Harold and DJ? What do ya say?

DJ: *Looks* At a Bunny what a cute Bunny it Reminds me of Katie's Personality (CONF) When is the next Challenge I need too stay Safe.. I don't really Trust Harold We never Talk I don't talk too Tyler Anymore I never talked too Scott Me and Gwen are friends but we never talk soo the only person I Really talked too is Lindsey But I guess I'll be Alone for a Bit.,

Scott: (CONF) I hope Tyler is Okay with Lindsay maybe joing us...because just taking a guess from Harold's outburst in the cabin... He, Lindsay and possibly DJ were in an alliance...this way if Lindsay joins we have the advantage...if she dosen't well...then we target Gwen!

DJ: (CONF) I'm not winning just too Win I'm Winning for My Momma and Also Katie.. I miss Katie.... (I Don't Remember DJ Being in a allience I think I was gone that Time)

(Scott is just guessin that DJ is in an alliance! He dosen't know if he is or not in one.)

( Oh... ok Sorry I just came back a few days A go from vacation)

Lindsay: *to Scott* Wow, really? I guess so. But who would we vote for first?

Scott: Well... after you left the cabin...Tyler mention something about targetting Harold...

Lindsay: Sounds good.

Harold: *walks to Lindsay* Hey. I'm sorry for what I did. I guess, I just didn't want to lose, wait, no, that's not what I meant. I'm sorry.

Scott: Well later Lindsay...Harold *Scott heads off into the woods*

Lindsay: That's okay, Harold. *walks back to her cabin*

Harold: *finds DJ* Hey, DJ. I'm sorry about that outburst in the cabin that woke you up.

DJ: It's alright.

Harold: Well, I have the feeling Lindsay might want to vote me out. She was talking to Scott just now, and they were probably talking about me. My best guess, alliance. Tyler would also be in it, since he's Lindsay's boyfriend. My only chance is to team up with you and Gwen. So, will you help me?

DJ: May I think about it Harold Gwen does not do much...

Harold: That's why I need you! Help me, buddy. *hugs DJ*

DJ: Well...Hmmm...

Harold: Please, man?

DJ: Well can I have more time?

Harold: Sure. *walks to Mess hall*

DJ: (CONF) If I want too win I need too tell Lindsey that She needs too know that Scott won First season and Scott would Treat Lindsey like a Toy like his sockpuppet and Tyler is with Scott so I need too tell Tyler and Lindsey but I dont want too get Blood on my Hands And I'm not in any allience since Katie got voted out So hmmm....

Mess Hall

Challenge 10: Toxic Phantom Chase!

Chris: Good morning, final 6! Today's challenge is called the Toxic Phantom chase! It seems as though some sort of supernatural occurences have been happening down in the old toxic mining tunnels. We sent some interns down there and the reported that they saw a phantom-like figure with a toxic glow. We call him the Toxic Phantom. Your job is to go down there and chase it to find its lair. The lair is full of stolen Toxic Marshmallows of Loserdom. First one to bring me them wins. Go!

Lindsay: *searches for the Phantom's lair*

Toxic Phantom: *chases Lindsay and the others through the mine*

Lindsay: *runs from the Phantom*

Lindsay: *jumps in a minecart and rides from the Phantom*

DJ: *Searches for Phantoms lair*

Harold: *searches for phantom's lair*

Lindsay: *jumps out of the minecart and kicks the Phantom into Harold on accident*

Toxic Phantom: *gets up and throws toxic chemicals at DJ*

Harold: AAAAAHHHH!!!!!! *runs*

DJ: Oh crap *Keeps on running*

Harold: *searches*

DJ:*Looks for*

Harold: *Searches*

DJ: *Looks for*

Harold: *finds lair* Yes! *heads in*

DJ: *finds lair and goes in*

Harold: *looks for marshmelow*

Lindsay: *finds marshmallows*

DJ: *Looks for Marshmellow*

Harold: *finds marshmallow* Yes! *picks marshmallow up with shirt and heads back*

Lindsay: *heads back*

Lindsay: *brings it to Chris*

Harold: *brings marshmallow back*

DJ: *Gets Marshmello*

Chris: Harold and Lindsay win!

DJ: *Brings Marshmellow Back* Aww I'm too Late Good job Lindsey and Harold :).

Lindsay: Aw, thanks, DJ.

DJ: No Problem! (CONF) I know who I'm voting off it's not Lindsey or Harold or Gwen or ....

Tyler: Nice job Linds! (CONF) I think I know who I'm voting for (NON CONF) Hey Chris isn't Gwen automatically eliminated for missing 3 challenges?

Harold: Yeah! (CONF) Now that I have immunity, I can't be out because of Lindsay and Scott's allaince, and I know exactly who to vote for.

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: Okay, Harold and Lindsay are safe. And so are Scott, Tyler, and...... DJ! Gwen is out since she hasn't participated in 3 challenges.

'Beast: '*shoves Marshmallow of Loserdom in her mouth, grabs her and chucks her off of the island*

Harold: (CONF) I am so out next episode.

DJ: (CONF) I have a Good plan.

Harold: Wait, can't we still have an elimination?

Chris: No, we just did.

Harold: Okay.

Chris: Sorry, but double eliminations are over for now. There may be one next time but the finale could have 3 people. I don't know yet. (CDF97 will be doing the next episode so it may be or not)

Harold: Well, okay

Scott: (CONF) *whittling* So...the final five...Again! My only wish is to help Lindsay and Tyler suceed...seeing as how I won the first season. I hope that they realize that if they decide to backstab me...then their games gonna get a lot tougher...

DJ: (CONF) Well then i need a chance too tell Lindsey and Tyler that Scott won im not trying too vote him off! But us Noobies need too win as well.. Tyler was not really a Noobie i just dont want too be in a Same place as Anna Maria which is Fifth place..

Scott: Hey DJ...Hows life going?

DJ: Good but Very hard.... O_O

Scott: I know the feeling...and life can't be any easier since the two of us are the prime targets!

DJ: Yeah... (CONF) Wait a minute Scott is not a Target he is Kinda running the show because he has Lindsey and Tyler but im playing along.

Scott: Besides...sooner or later the others are going to begin to notice that were targets...your a powerhouse...and I won last season!

DJ: Yeah.. (CONF) As much that i want too trust scott its hard he could be playing me all of my allys did not make the Merge so i need too watch my back

Scott: So all I'm saying is to watch out who to trust! Especially ones who like to throw girls out of cabins!

DJ: Ok...

Harold: (CONF) Okay, I need to win the next challenge or I'm done for sure.

Scott: (CONF) Let's see here...DJ or Harold...dosen't matter which one goes...maybe I will let Lindsay or Tyler decide!

DJ: (CONF) I know I'm done but I need too do a little somthing...

Scott: *whittling* So...when's the next challenge?

Gwen's Thoughts on Elimination

Ep. 11: McLean's Mutant Monster Mayhem

Boy's Cabin

Scott: *to Tyler, whispering* So Tyler...who do you think we should vote off next?

Tyler: *to Scott* Whoever you want to vote off is fine with me

Scott: *shrugs* just depends on who wins this challenge!

Harold: *to DJ* So, have you decided on my offer yet?

DJ: *Nods Head*

Harold: Good, but it still won't be enough. Now that Gwen's gone, I don't have a chance. Unless I win immunity AGAIN, but what are the chances of that? If only they could notice that Scott is just using them.

DJ: Yeah...I hear Animals My Curse Better not Start again! *Runs too the forest*

Girl's Cabin

The Woods

Zeke: *sees Toxic Squirrle* Rawg phleg whoooz.

Toxic Squirrle: *nods and goes around gathering the other animals*

Scott: (CONF) I looked out the window and saw some animals looking wierd...maybe wth a bit of luck DJ's curse started up again!

DJ: *Walks around the forest*

Animals: *all in a group, seem to be planning something, and Zeke is right int he middle*

DJ: *Hides in a bush*

Mess Hall

Challenge #12: Monster Mayhem Madness

Chris: Challenge starts today and will end either today or tomorrow! Your challenge is to head back into the Franken-Forest, and find mutant beasts. It takes five lines and one setback. First person to return wins the first part of the challenge!

The Franken-Forest

Harold: *looks for mutant animals*

Tyler: *runs into forest*

DJ: *Runs into the Forest*

Harold: *keeps looking*

DJ:Looks for an animal*

Harold: *sees all the animals together* Hmmm, now all I need to do is pick one. I'll try the squirrle. *runs towards squirrle*

DJ: *follows Harold* I guess I'll get the Bear. *Runs twoards bear*

Scott: *runs into the forest*

DJ: *Trips* OOf!

Tyler: *runs into tree*

Scott: *chases chipmunk but trips*

Harold: *grabs squirrle* Yes! *all the other animals, and zeke attack him* AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Zeke: *attacks*

DJ: *Chases after bear*

Scott: *chases the chipmunk*

Harold: *runs away with squirrle*

Zeke: *growls*

Scott: *grabs the chipmunk and strts to head back to Chris*

Harold: *makes it back to Chris* Here!

Tyler: *grabs a chipmunk*

Scott: *also reaches Chris holding the chipmunk* Here...*notices Harold* Oh...nice job Haorld!

Harold: Your welcome.

Zeke: *attacks Tyler*

DJ: *Grabs a Bear*

Zeke: *attacks DJ*

Tyler: *runs with chipmunk*

Scott: (CONF) I hope these guys realize that since the finale is probably going to be a vote...then it would be wise to keep me around!

Zeke: *growls and tries to protect the rest of the animals*

DJ: Comeon Mr bear you can trust me now GO GO! *Grabs bear*

Scott: Nice One DJ!

DJ: thanks... *Hops on Bears back* Now.. That's Better. Chris: Harold wins the first part of the challenge. Here you go, this is a nifty guide! McLean's Guide to Training Your Mutant Animal! You'll teach your pet a trick for five lines, and then I will decide who has the best one. That one will an advantage.

Training Field

Scott:Okay..what trick to teach ya?

Harold: *reads guide* So, this can teach you how to use your laser eyes to help me!

Scott: *gets an idea* hehe..this is te best idea...*begins whitling

Harold: *teaches*

Tyler: *teaches*

Harold: *reads book*

Scott: *holding a wooden copy of a gemmy award* Okay little is a hold it like this *teaches the chipmunk how to hold a cleaning rag*

Harold: *keeps teaching*

DJ: *Sees bear* Aha! I got it!

Harold: *finishes* Okay, now write!

Squirrle: *writes "I love Harold" in the ground with laser eyes*

Tyler: *teaches*

Harold: Now, write to impress Chris!

Squirrle: *writes "Chris Mclean is the best man in the universe*

Harold: Good Boy!

Tyler: *teaches*

DJ: *Gets a Block of Wood* Now Mr Bear I'll Teach you have too Crave Chris's Head By using your sharp claws! *Teaches Bear Ways too crave with his Claws Step one*

Scott: and here is how to clean this gemmy award! *teaches the chipmunk how to clean gemmy awards*

Tyler: *teaches*

Chipmunk: *cleaning the gemmy award*

Scott: What do you think Chris? Someone for you to clean your collection of gemmie awards that you worked so hard to earn!

DJ: And Also do the Out lines of Chris's face that's Step number two!

Tyler: *finishes teaching*

DJ: Then you Crave the Ears Mouth and eyes that's step three.

Harold: *walks to Tyler* Hey, can I talk to you for a moment?

Chris: Time is almost up! 5 minutes left!

DJ: Then you do the hair *Shows the Bear how too cut*

Harold: *to Tyler* I just have to say that Scott isn't helping you. You know how he is! He'll stab you in the back and win for himself. I know we'er enemies, but I'm just trying to help you. You may not believe me, but don't say I didn't warn you.

DJ: Final Step you add the finishing touches *Shows bear how too Paint*

Bear: *Craves wood with Claws into a Chris shape then adds the finishing touches*

(Science: GTG for tonight!)


Chris: Okay Losers, it is time for you to show me what your pet can do! First up is DJ, since we are going alphabetically!

Bear: *Craves wood with Claws into a Chris shape then adds the finishing touches*

Chris: Perfect! Next, is Harold!

Squirrle: *makes Chris's head in the ground, inside a heart. Underneath, it says, "I love Chris Mclean!"

(Redo: I was gone so I don't have an animal I guess. What do I do, sit out the episode??)

The Showdown Stadium

Chris: I just love all the things you made, but I'm going with DJ! *hands him a necklace* This will strengthen your animal's power, turning them into a vicious beast! *Beast roars* Now, Harold and DJ will fight since they're only ones who actually completed the first two challenges! Now, go, and they're are animals that would be added for my amusement! BEGIN! *presses Button and Fang, Lazer, and MoW comes out from the floor, roaring* Now, usually the second place winner will get individual immunity, but then you won't try as hard, so the three, Tyler, Lindsay, and Scott will compete for individual immunity under the II Challenge. Fighters, BEGIN!

Harold: Now, use your lasers on DJ's bear!

Squirrle: *zaps the bear*

The II Challenge

Chef: Today's Immunity challenge will be to make a challenge for Wrath 3, best one will win immunity. You have until the showdown finishes

Scott: All right here is my thought for a challenge! The contestants have to reach an island that is surounded by a toxic lake! The catch...they have to cross over to it on rotating platforms! It could be something like 12 alternating lines to make it and 2 mishaps or something like that. What do ya think Chris?

Tyler: My thought for a challenge is the contestants row to Boney Island in search for someone or something that is terrorizing the inhabitants of Boney Island. Of course it's Ezekiel terrorizing them but the contestants don't know that. They must find the cause of the terrorizing and catch it and bring it to Chris. But the creature (Ezekiel) is also catching them. One by one the contestants vanish until one of them finds his lair with all the contestants and catches him! By the way you blow up the canoes and leave them stranded on Boney Island until the creature (Ezekiel) is caught and hurled off the island for GOOD

Lindsay: Mine is to run through an opstacle course that is full of toxic chemicals and waste and mutant animals that will attack you. There's underground mines, stepping stones over a toxic pool, a rope swing over Lazer who is in a pool and shooting lasers at you from below, and other deadly events!

Elimination Ceremony #12

Chris: Okay, since I need to head out for-uh-various reasons the challenge ends right now! The winners are Harold and Lindsay, so they have immunity! Vote either Scott, Tyler, or DJ in the confessional! (Redo, you can take over from here, single elimination, no double)

Harold: (CONF) I vote for Scott. I just hope Tyler and Lindsay believe what I meant. DJ doesn't deserve to leave now.

Scott: (CONF) I vote for DJ! Tyler and I are in an alliance! so voting out DJ is the only option!

Tyler: (CONF) I'm sorry pal but DJ I vote for you. I have a lot to consider with Harold making his point, but for now I have to stay safe

DJ: (CONF) I vote for Scott he is a Huge threat and he won a Season soo I vote Scott I hope Lindsey makes the Right choice...

Chris: Lindsay is the only one left to vote. Now, I will hand out marshmallows. *throws marshmallows to Harold and Lindsay* Harold and Lindsay are safe! Lindsay can either waste her vote and vote Tyler so we can have a tiebreaker or decide Scott or DJ to leave! She has until 12:30 PM PST (3:30 PM EST, 11:30 PM CST) to decide!

Chris: Okay, so, the tiebreaker challenge is: DJ vs. Scott, the first one to say I will not kill the Beast, wins!

Scott: I will not kill the Beast!

DJ: I will not kill the Beast, ( Aww i know Scott was first but im doing it anyways because i had too do homework)

Harold: No! Stupid Scott!

Scott: *rolls eyes*

Chris: And DJ is out! Sorry, but the Beast doesn't harm anyone who says those magic words!

MoW: *shoves Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom in DJ's mouth

Beast: *takes DJ and a burping sound is heard

DJ's Thoughts on Game and Elimination

DJ: Oh well I lost Boohoo Well I hope that Tyler Has some Braincells too Vote out Scott and Lindsey but this game was fun I won challenges for my team and I'm proud!

Ep. 12: Journey to the Belly of the Beast


Boys' Cabin

Scott: (CONF) Well...the final 4...again! Almost at the finale!

Harold: (CONF) Well, I'm basiclly screwed. Scott , Lindsay AND Tyler are after me. I have to convince Lindsay and Tyler to turn on Scott.

Scott: *begins whittling a stick* is it just me or are the animals acting stange lately?

Harold: Yeah, Zeke seems to be gathering them all up, but for what?

Scott: (CONF) I really don't know who is going to make it to the final three? Tyler and Harold are strong players, I won last season and Lindsay... well...its Lindsay!

Harold: Look, Scott, I have to ask you something.

Scott: What's that Harold?

Harold: Well, the thing is, I want a chance. I want a fair chance to win this game. You, Lindsay, AND Tyler are against me. And, you already won. I'm sorry for what I did, I really am. And since you already won, it's not really fair. I'll make you a deal. I stop being mean, and Lindsay, Tyler, and me go into the final 3.

Scott: Well haow about this...Lndsay isn't really active anymore so she isn't a threat...the real threat is Tyler! Besides you do realise that Chris will do everything in his power to make sure that I don't win!

Harold: True, but I do want make things up with them. I don't want them to hate me anymore.

Scott: Dude...believe me I doubt they hate you!

Harold: Really? Well, that's a relief. Okay, than the plan's on! The challenge is about to start, let's go.

Girl's Cabin

The Woods

Zeke: *with all the other animals, they make a plan to head toward the beach*

Fang and Lazer: *relaxing on beach*

Zeke and animals: *talks to fang and lazer*

Fang and Lazer: *nod, and follow them back into the woods*

Challenge #12

Chris: Challenge starts on Friday September 21, 2012 at 4:00 PM PST (7:00 EST, 3:00 PM CST)

(So, it doesn't seem like the challenge is on. When will it be?-science)

(Okay, what now? Is this dead?-Science)

( im not in this camp but im just informing that hes been un active for a while now CodyDucnanFan97 so you can hope that it continues-TDM13)

Chris: No it's not dead. I thought Redo had taken care of this challenge. Oh, well, I'll post it right now. Okay, the Beast has decided to destroy my hotel, but that can't happen. So, he demanded a sacrifice, that or to be part of the game. It doesn't matter, so we need a sacrifices!

MoW: *grabs the remaining contestants and throws them inside the Beast's Cave*

Fang: *moves rock to trap them inside*

Chris (with megaphone so campers hear): Your challenge is to escape the Beast's wrath. If you get kidnap by the Beast, you'll live, but be trapped inside the Beast's Belly so that is where you go. To escape, you need to face either the Beast, Fang, Lazer, or MoW. It depends on who you get. Y'know, I'll be nice. You pick, but one for each. Ten lines, alternate to escape, encountr with your chosen villain, and at least two deteours in your ten lines. And, good news, today's challenge is instant elimination, after one person is left, the other three have to alternate three lines to escape. Last one gets the boot. START!

The Beast's Cave

Scott: *starts running*

Chris: You haven't chosen who you're going against!

Scott: hmmm...Fang sounds the least lethal among ll those beasts... I choose him!

Harold: I will choose...the Monster of Wawanakwa.

Lindsay: I choose... Lazer! *Begins running*

Harold: *runs*

Lindsay: *Runs*

Lindsay: *runs, but trips on a rock*

Harold: *runs* Why does this cave have to be so big?

Lindsay: *gets up and keeps running* I don't know.

Harold: *keeps running* At this rate, I'll beat Lindsay in no time! *sees something on the wall* Gosh, is that....*stops* It is! *picks it up* It's my old wizard from Dungeons and Dracoons! I thought I lost this moths ago.

Scott: *runs*

Harold: Oh, yeah. *runs again*

Scott: *continues to run*

Lindsay: *runs but stops to do makeup*

Scott: *runs but gets attacked by bats*

Lindsay: *finishes doing her make-up and keeps running*

Lindsay: *exits cave, encounters Lazer, and kicks him multiple times*

Lazer: *fires a laser at Lindsay*

Lindsay: *dodges Lazers by hopping and dogging, then jumps on Lazer's back*

Lazer: *struggles to get Lindsay off*

Lindsay: *kicks him so he stops squirming*

Lazer: *pauses in pain but continues to struggle*

Lindsay: *plugs up his air hole with a stick of lip stick, knocking him out* YAY I WIN!!

Chris: Yes, you do, Lindsay. And since nobody was caught by the Beast yet, that means that Harold, Scott, and Tyler will have to compete inside the belly of the beast!

Beast: *grabs Harold, Scott, and Tyler and swallows them whole*

Beast's Belly

Chris: *on an 'intercom'* Welcome to the Beast's belly. It is full of slippery and sticky goop and many toxic, harmful substances that you don't want to touch. Harold, Scott, and Tyler, you will have to find a way to escape the Beast or try with 3 lines, the last to do so will be eliminated imediately. GO!

Scott: *looks for a way to escape*

Harold: Well, there are two ways. The challenging way. *looks up* Or the gross way. *looks down* I'll have to go with the throat. *climbs up*

Scott: *dodges lethal toxic substances*

Harold: *climbs up throat*

Scott: *tries to open mouth* Hey Haorld! Help me open this mouth and we both can escape and Tyler's gone!

Harold: I'm sure he will be fine. There is another exit....*opens mouth and they climb out*

Chris: And Scott and Harold win, so Tyler, you're out! No need for a elimination ceremony since you'll probably be dead anyway! Speaking of which, let's get out of here! Beautiful hosts first! *campers and Chris leave the Beast as it eats Tyler* Join us next week on Saturday for the Gran Finale!

Ep. 13: Wrath of Wawawnakwa, Round 2


Harold: (CONF) I've made it! Gosh, the finalie. After Scott teamed up with Lindsasy and Tyler, I was sure I was beat, but look at me now!

Zeke, Fang, Lazer, and other animals: *approach the monster of wawanakwa*

Chris: I wonder where they are going. Anyway, I can't wait until Saturday when this season ends!

Harold: Really? It's not like you to be excited. What do you have planned?

Challenge #13, Part 1 (Redo's Part):

Chris: Sorry for the delay, but welcome, Harold, Lindsay & Scott to the finals! Your first challenge, to see which 2 of you 3 finalists will move on to the final challenge, is to navigate through the toxic forest to the other side. Beware, there are toxic land mines scattered throughout the forest, and toxic creatures will attack you, too. Takes 10 lines, including 1 setback and... GO!!

Lindsay: yay! *starts running through the forest*

Mutant gopher: *chases after her, stepping on Scott and Harold*

Lindsay: *trips on a rock and falls over* OUCH!!

Mutant gopher: *claws at her, leaving scratch marks on her boots, tattering her clothes and messing up her hair*

Lindsay: AHHHH! *screams and gets up and runs away*

Lindsay: *runs*

Mutant bear: *Runs after Harold & Scott in the opposite direction*

Lindsay: *continues to run*

Lindsay: *runs*

Ezekiel: *runs up and tackles Lindsay*

Lindsay: AHHHH!! *freaks-out, kicks him off of her and runs*

Scott: AHHH *starts running*

Scott: * trips on root and falls* Crud...

Harold: *runs through forest* (Sorry, power is out everywhere because of the hurricane and I've had family over every night.)

Harold: *sees Mutant bear behind him* Ah! *runs faster*

Scott: *continues running, dodging animals*

Scott: * dodges land mines and keeps running*

Harold: *keeps running* I really need to catch up.

Harold: *runs more* See you Scott! *runs ahead of Scott*

Scott: *continues running*

Harold: *keeps running*

Scott: *dodeges Mutant monsters and runs*

Harold: *keeps running* Almost there!

Scott: *keeps running* FOR PAPPY!!!

Harold: I'll beat Scott by a mile at this rate! *head hits a branch and he is knocked out*

Scott: *runs past Harold* Wow...that must have really hurt... awell... *keeps running*

Harold: *wakes up* BLEUW. Uh, what happened? *sees Scott* Oh yeah! I'm in a race!

Scott: Almost there!

Harold: *runs* Almost!

Harold: *makes it to the other side of the forest* Yes! First one! (I've gotta go. Hope we can do the finalie some other time.- Science)

Scott: *also reaches other side of forest*

Chris: Congrats, Harold and Scott, the two finalists! And now, our peanut gallery is back! Please welcome... Anne Maria, Heather, Blaineley, Noah, Dawn, Katie, Justin, Duncan, Cody, Bridgette, Gwen, DJ, and Tyler!

Lindsay: *kisses Scott and Harold on the cheek* good luck you guys! *walks over and joins the peanut gallery, on Harold's side*

Harold: Gosh...

Challenge #13, Part 2 (CDF97's Part): The Beastly Brawl [Final 2 vs Beast and Monster]

Chris: Sorry for the delay as well, but let's wrap up this season with the Beastly Brawl! The objective is simple. Scott and Harold are going to fight against the Beast and Monster of Wawawnakwa in this stadium! *points to a shack* Okay, maybe not. Anyway, the peanut gallery are here and they may or may not be captives. Your job is to knock out the two mosnters, each takes ten lines. If they do not respond in five minutes, attack again! Also, the one who defeats and rescues the most peanut gallery members will win! Now, begin!

Fang: *Jumps and tackles Tyler, DJ, Gwen, Bridgette, Anne Maria*

Lazer: *shoots lasers to Cody, Duncan, Justin, Lindsay, and Katie*

The Toxic Phantom: *haunts Dawn, Noah, Heather, Blaineley, Ezekiel*

Beast: *punches Scott*

MoW: *punches Harold*

Noah: AHHH!!

Lindsay: Like, help!!!!

Harold: *punches MoW back* Now you have to deal with my Kung Fu!

Harold: *sees his friends in trouble* I'll deal with you later. *punches MoW in the face and runs toward The Toxic Phantom*

Ezekiel: *fights off the phantom, and call his animal friends*

TDM13: recently harold AKA ScinceBoy0 has quit the wiki saying he has grown tired of it. Therefore He is not playing anymore

We have 3 Options

1: Scott has automatic Win

2. Someone Else Fills his Shoes

3. I Fill his shoes! :D

Scott: I'd prefer option one!

TDM: Id say let him have the win End the season 

Duncan: (from peanut gallery) just get on with it!

Chris: You do have a point. But Harold has used the most lines in the challenge so far so, if anything, I think he should win! Whether active or not anymore, he's earned it and deserves this more than anybody else that competed in the season. Not to mention Scott has already won the last season and is the same user as last time too. Those aren't the only options either. We could end this in a tie and both finalists go home happy win $1,000,000.

Scott: I'm fine with a tie!!

Chris: Okay! Scott and Harold tie for the win and both win $1,000,000! Congratulations! *hands them both a check* See you next time (maybe) on Wrath of Wawanakwa... Season 3!

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