I'm Chris McLean and I noticed that ratings have been dropping ever since I addded thirteen new contestants so I decided to mix them all up! There will be 13, both old and new, and one who will debut in a early episode. Get ready for the most awesome challenges that you have never seen. Yes, the island is still radioactive, but that is what makes it fun, especially for the Monster of Wawanakwa who is ready to eat up these contestants. To make it more interesting, I have added some cameoes which is why they are not in the game. Please join and stay away from Fang, Marshamallow of Toxic Loserdom, and the Monster of Wawanakwa. (I posted a preview on my user profile. Sign Ups were also on my talk page for people who wanted to be in this camp ahead of time.) Message me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!


  1. An instant spot in Season 2 (if you want)
  2. A Section in CodyDuncanFan97's Camp Winners! Page (if they let me make one)
  3. A Million Dollars (jk but the other two are true)


  1. No Godplay.
  2. You CANNOT return. EVER!!!
  3. Don't feel bad about elimination.
  4. Confessionals are secret! No one can just magically know what's happening unless the person in the confessional says so.
  6. If you miss three challenges, another contestant will replace you!
  7. If you will be inactive then you must informed me. That person will have immunity for one challenge only!
  8. HAVE FUN! (I can't believe I forgot this rule)

(I know who edited the rules and if you edit it again then I will have you blocked!)


  1. Chris Mclean: CodyDuncanFan97
  2. Chef Hatchet: CodyDuncanFan97
  3. ALL Cameoes: CodyDuncanFan97 (unless you ask me)
  4. Monster of Wawanakwa ~ CodyDuncanFan97

List of Cameos

If you wish to be a Cameo, contact me, CodyDuncanFan97, or write on the Talk Page! You can be more than one cameo!

  1. Bridgette ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Guessed correctly by Zoey (The Mutant Gaffers). Cameoed in The Radiolympic Games.
  2. Heather ~ Omgdeadpeople. Guessed correctly by Brick (The Screaming Mutants) Cameoed in The Sky's (Not) the Limit.
  3. DJ ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Guessed correctly by Cody (The Mutant Gaffers). Cameoed in Deep Sea Dying.
  4. Owen ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Guessed correctly by Cody & Mike (The Mutant Gaffers). Cameoed in Deep Sea Dying.
  5. Trent ~ BlazeHead 51. Guessed correctly by Alejandro (The Mutant Gaffers). Cameoed in Trivia Toxic Tag Time.
  6. Sid the Sloth ~ S321. Cameoed in My Maggots Are Freezing!
  7. Scrat ~ CodyDuncanFan97 Special Cameo in My Maggots are Freezing!
  8. Courtney ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Guessed Correctly by Anne Maria (The Screaming Mutants). Cameoed in Miner Traitor Niner.
  9. Supr Mario ~ BlazeHead 51. Guessed Correctly by Cody (The Mutant Gaffers). Special Cameo in Miner Traitor Niner.
  10. Duncan ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Special Cameo in Follow the Radioactive Road.
  11. Dakota ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Guessed Correctly by Cody. Cameoed in Have You Seen Mu Mutant?
  12. Zoey ~ Omgdeadpeople. Special Cameo in Mutant AniMAUL Hunting
  13. Zombie Contestants ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Cameoed in Night of the (Non) Living Contestants.
  14. The Escaped Psycho Killer with a Hook ~ CodyDuncanFan97 ~ Guessed correctly by Izzy. Special Cameo in Night of the (Non) Living Contestants.
  15. Larry ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Special Cameo in Say Uncle or Die.
  16. Owen ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Cameoed in Say Uncle or Die.
  17. LeShawna ~ CodyDuncanFan97. Cameoed in Say Uncle or Die.
  18. Liam ~ Flamethrower12. Special Cameo in Revenge of the Island.
  19. All Contestants ~ Cameoed in Revenge of the Island.

Sign-Ups! (Closed)

  1. Mike ~ totaldramamike13
  2. Zoey ~ Omgdeadpeople
  3. Cody ~ ACTN
  4. Alejandro ~ mypalben18
  5. Sierra ~mypalben18
  6. Duncan ~ S321
  7. Gwen ~ Esther2108
  8. Dawn ~ S321
  9. Brick ~Phyneo
  10. Ezekiel ~ ACTN
  11. Anne Maria ~Omgdeadpeople
  12. Izzy ~Esther2108
  13. Scott ~ Phyneo
  14. Noah~ ACTN
  15. Tyler ~ BlazeHead 51


  1. Hello, Island! Again (-_-)
  2. The Radiolympic Games
  3. The Sky's (NOT) the Limit
  4. Deep Sea Dying
  5. Trivia Toxic Tag Time
  6. My Maggots Are Freezing
  7. Miner Traitor Niner
  8. Follow the Radioactive Road!
  9. Have You Seen My Mutant?
  10. Mutant Animaul Hunting
  11. Night of the (Non) Living Campers
  12. Say Uncle or Be Eaten
  13. Revenge of the Island

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 21 3 4 5 62 73 84 95 106 117 12 13 Merge
1st Scott In Won Won Ind Won Won Low Won Low Ind Low Won Won Yes
2nd Izzy In In Low Won Low In Abs In In Won Ind Low Out Yes
3rd Alejandro In Won Ind Won Ind In Ind In Won Low In Out Yes
4th Tyler Debuts in Episode 8 Ind In In Out Yes
5th Anne Maria In In Won Ind Won Won Won Low Won Low Out Yes
6th Cody In Won In Won Abs In Ind In In Out Yes
7th Noah Debuts in Episode 5 Won Won Won In Out Yes
8th Brick In In Won Low Won Won Won Out Yes
9th Gwen In In Won Abs Won Won Out No
10th Mike In In In Won In Out No
11th Zoey In Won Ind Won Out No
12th Sierra In Won Won Out No
13th Ezekiel In Won Out No
14th Duncan In Out No
15th Dawn In Out No


  • LimeGreen= Was on The Screaming Mutants
  • Yellow= Was on The Mutant Gaffers
  • LightBlue= Was not on any team.
  • White= Contestant did not recieve or had the lowest amount of votes.
  • Orange= Contestant recieved the second highest amount of votes.
  • Red= Was Eliminated
  • Skyblue= Won Individual Immunity
  • Pink= Had an excuse absence.
  • Green= winning team or self-win.
  • Silver= Was Runner-Up.
  • Gold= Won Competiton.

1 There was no elimination the previous episode, forcing a double elimination.

2 Totaldramamike13 was temporarily blocked. The campers voted him off, not wanting to miss the challenges.

3 The Mutants won the challenge, but due to a VERY GOOD REASON from ACTN, they had to vote someone out.

4 All votes against a contestant were canceled, and Runner-Up in Votes was Eliminated.

5 Due to time contraints, the challenge had to end immediately.

6 If everyone does not vote, then elimination will be random.

7 Double elimination, but Scott gave Alejandro his immunity idol, thus causing him or Tyler to be eliminated next.


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Chris: I know what you're wondering. Why is an awesome host like me back at this loser island? The answer is simple. I"M GETTING PAID!

Chris: Where's the chit chat?

Zoey: yay I'm not late I hope mike will come this season

Chris: I invited him and as a special perk for chatting first, you will be a team captain. The next one to chit chat will be team captain as well!

Scott: OH! Well lucky me!

Chris: And Zoey and Scott are the team captains. Pick your teammates. Zoey, you start!

Zoey: can Scott choose first Im still desiding

Izzy: oooo! pick me! pick me! i have so many valuable skills and i can bite stuff and our names both end in Y!!!!

Dunc: Pick me!!!

Scott: I guess I chose Duncan!

Duncan: WOHOOO!!!!!!!

Scott: Nice to know that your on the winning team, eh, Duncan?

Zoey: I guess I'll choose izzy

Duncan: Yup. (CONF) He's on to something!

Chris: Zoey; I thought you will pick Mike.

Zoey: I'll choose mike

Anna Maria : duh Comeon Scott choose another person Comeon already

Scott: Easy there... I chose Gwen!

Dawn: Someone choose me!

Zoey : I choose dawn

Dawn: Wohooo!!!

Scott: I chose Brick

Zoey: I choose Alejandro

Anna Maria : pick me someone *grabs hairspray*

Alejandro: Thank you, my precious flower...*Kisses Zoey's hand*

Zoey: lalala

Zoey: O_O (CONF) me n alejandro no way the only guy I'll fall for is mike

Scott: I chose... Ann... Sierra!

Zoey: I choose cody

Anna Maria : grr *kicks Scott in the kiwis*

Zoey: *pulls Anna Maria away *

Sierra: NO! CODY!!! *Cries*

Chris: Scott, you decide whether Anne or Ezekie join your team.

Scott: Obvious! I chose... Anne Maria!

Anna Maria : thank u , u better not throw challenges like last season

Zoey: (CONF) sierras going too be mad I need too hide

Chris: ezekiel, you take the Hurl of Shame. Syke! Ezekiel goes on Zoey's team!

Zoey: soo what's the first challenge

Scott: DOn't worry team... I learned my lesson from last season...

Anna Maria: yeah ok sure

Chris: You're first challenge will be easy. I will give individual challenges. The team with the most completed challenges will win immunity. Scott and Zoey, the first one to give me their team's name wins a point.

Scott: The Screaming Mutants

Zoey: mutant gaffers

Mike: hey zoey glad to be on the team thx CONF: YES YES YES!!!! dancing with joy

Ep.1: Hello Island! (Again -_-)

Chris: The Screaming Mutants get a point! Leaders, choose who will get the next challenges.

Scott: I chose Anne Maria

Mike: hey zoey do me TURNS To vito Hey babe ya better pick me or there wont be a challange here Back to mike uhhh zoey pick me

Chris: Anne Maria, you're challenge is to head into Cave Radioactive and get a toxic marshmallow for tonight's ceremony. Mike, since you volunteered, you can join Anne Maria. Okay, if Anne Maria or Mike don't come back by 7:00 EST, then the Screaming Mutant win.

zoey: go mike u can do it :)

Chris: Let's hope he can, because then he'll be the reason you lost.

(omg deadpeople my computer is acting up )

zoey : yeah i hope so

anna maria: *gets attacked bye radioactive bats* AHH dont touch the hair

Chris: Who is going to win?

Mike: whats 7:00 est because i live in the west i live in oregon so what is that

Chris: Okay, that was a bust. No one won. We'll have one last challenge. Mike, you have to wrestle Fang before it turns 4:05 PST, if Anne doesn't come back.

Fang: *smiles evilly*

Mike: Scard Turns to svlana and jumps on fangs head till he blacks out ta da goes to mike HUH I WON uuhhhhh great

Chris: Okay, that was a bust. Both teams won. Tomorrow, we will have a double elimination. The challenges start at 6:30 EST (3:30 PST, 2:30 CST), unless I say otherwise.

Mike: hey zoey wispers how bout we get an alliance you me izzy dawn and cody i trust dawn and cody and izzy is un predictible its set we could go all the way

Mike: thats why physical challanges dont work we should do mental or trivia of past seasons

zoey: wispers back ok

zoey: well i have a feeling that ill go because i lost us the first challenge (because of my ipad wouldnt let it publish) should i worry or no

anna maria : *gets toxic marshmellow * *hands turns mutant * uh oh (CONF) thank god im out i know im next too go

zoey: ill say we get the weakest link * too mike*

Mike: no i say we get strongest alejandro should go he is so.......... gets lost in zoeys eyes CONF i wonder if she likes me like thats gonna happen i wish it would though

Zoey: *whispers* well we need too win challenges and alejandro was flirting with me *whispers* and we can keep him for a few days n vote him off but he is a flirt (CONF) i think im in love with mike i wonder if mike would like me im worried about alejandro like noah i argee he is a eel dipped in gease

Mike: CONF i have got to make my move if we are gonna be in an alliance i have to ask her we are friends enough right? zoey aljandro got it

Zoey: *whispers ok but votes are not going too be enough if alejando heres im a dead man i can trust u the most *hugs mike*

MIke: sighs in love thx zoey i got to ask you something (nervous) umm if you would like to go and *quickly talkng GO TELL THE OTHERS ABOUT THE ALLIANCE heh heh

Mike: CONF stupid stupid stupid i gotta do it

Zoey: mhm ok (CONF) i hope i dont get the boot i hope cody izzy n dawn accept the offer

Mike: hey zoey will you go with me

ZOey: of corse ill go with u with u :)

Mike: CONF: YES YES YES i did it i cant belive it DANCING* YES YES turns to vito THAT SEXY XHICK IS miNE!!!BACK TO MIKE YES YES YES

Zoey: well mike ur the greastest guy i ever ment * kisses mike on his cheek*

Mike: blushes turns to vito and runs off with joy hey dawn alliance okay bye izzy alliance with me and dawn and zoey okay bye and cody me you zoey and dawn izzy alliance k bye yahooooooooooooooooo ( oh and this is silent no one heard this just us

( I hope this gets more active soon)

Ep.2: The Radiolympic Games!

Chris: Tonight's challenge starts at 6:30 EST (3:30 PST, 2:30 CST). Chat among yourselves in the Boy's Cabin and the Girl's Cabin, please! I promise this challenge will be more fun. Oh, and someone will cameo! If you guess the person right, then you win an advantage!


Cody: Is Tyler the cameo?

Ezekiel: Is it Lightning?

Monster of Wawanakwa: *roars*

zoey: cody come i need too tell u something

Cody: Sure what is it Zoey?

zoey: ok (whispers) hmmm im not going tooo backstab u im wondering if u can be in a allience with me izzy dawn and mike

Cody: *whispers* I would love too! thanks Zoey

zoey: ok

Boy's Cabin

Scott: Hehe... I am ready for the challenge!

Girl's Cabin

zoey: *sleeping dreams about mike*

anna maria: *sprays hair*

Gwen: eww do you have to do that here?

zoey: *barfs from the smell of hair spray *wakes up* eww what is that glue O_O

anna maria: becuase i want too, nice hair did u cut it with a butter knife gothy

Gwen: well, once. (CONF) Shes nearly as bad as Heather.

anna maria : i know *sprays more hairspray at gwen*

Gwen: Im going for a walk.*leaves and slams door*

anna maria: ok buh bye

zoey; poor gwen

zoey: i need too go for a walk it smells like new jesery

zoey: *before i went too the forest puts a note on izzys bed asking her too be in a allience with me mike cody and dawn*

zoey: * (CONF i guess dawns not joining the allience)


Brick: *jogging around the woods*

Gwen: *walks through the woods*

zoey: *goes walking into the woods too get fresh air because it smells like new jersey in the girls cabin*

Monster of Wawanakwa: *unseen but sees Zoey, Gwen, and Brick getting closer to its home, licks lips and roars so everyone hears it. Gets closer to the three but still unseen.*

Gwen: Oh hey Zoey. Did you leave because of hair-spray as well?

zoey: yup uh oh i hear a roar.. * is freaked out*

Gwen: quick climb up this tree!

M.o.W: *licks lips and prepares to strike.

zoey:climbs tree

Gwen: look at that! *sses MOW* Throw branches!!!

Zoey: yup im used too it i been here last season *helps gwen*

M.o.W: *mysteriously vanishes*

Gwen: wow thanks heaps zoey. i wish you were on my team- instead of anne marie

zoey : no problem, same (CONF) me too i was about too pick gwen but i was too late

zoey: well im going back too the cabin see u later *walks too cabin*

Mike: hey zoey i lost the challange im a goner what do we do you have immunity i dont i could be gone!

zoey: i know i hope u dont go mike i have immunity and it looks like alejandro is winning at the boxing challenge

Mike: so if alejandro does not win we vote him but if he does my vote is for anne maria

zoey: it looks like alejandro is winning my votes for anna maria n it looks like sierras winning the swimming challenge

Mike: so zoey if dawn has not said yes than we have to vote her cause it does not look like she is gonna win so you talk to cody and izzy than we vote her

zoey : ok

zoey: soo cody mike who are u guys going too vote off

Mike: dawn

zoey: same she has never moved since day 1 we need active members

Mess Hall

Chef: *smiles evilly* Come and get the soup. *a tentacle pops up and tries to strangle him, but Chef hits it with a wooden spoon and it falls back into the soup.


Chris: The challenge will begin in an hour. The cameo has not been guessed correctly. Remember, you get an advantage if you guess correctly!

zoey : im guessing hmm noah

Chris: Wrong-o.

zoey: owen

Chris: Colder

Scott: hmmm... it is B!

zoey: jo?

Chris: No! Here's a hint. It is a veteran aka old contestant

Brick: *Jogs up* Could it be Geoff?

zoey:heather bridgette trent harold katie sadie

Chris: Zoey, wins the advantage!

zoey: yay i hope my team mates are going too be active

Chris: Hopefully

zoey: yup hopefully

(Sorry, but I have to leave the camp, it's been an honor, but I must leave. ~Cody&MikeFan1000)

(I'll play Alejandro & Sierra until someone takes them. Bye! CodyDuncanFan97 21:57, April 4, 2012 (UTC)CodyDuncanFan97)

(Hey I can play as Alejandro and Sierra! mypalben18)

(cool ones on one team alejandos on gaffers and sierras on mutants -omg)

izzy: *to zoey* of course i'll make an alliance with you. This is so exciting!

zoey: ok

zoey: (CONF) YES 4 people i hope dawn says yes we need too get out alejandro

Chris: We can start the challenge five minutes early. Zoey, pick one person to not compete in this challenge.

zoey: zeke

Chris: Both teams will send someone home. These challenges are based off the olympic games with some radioactivity. Why do we have to do challenges if both teams are sending someone home? The ones who win their olympic challenge will have immunity in tonight's vote. Zeke can win immunity by answering three trivia questions about his character. Zoey and Scott, pick two people from your teams to compete in the boxing challenge.

zoey: hmm alejandro and izzy

Chris: Okay, I random.orged it and Anne Maria and Brick will fight. You need five lines to knock someone out, but every five minutes you are allowed to hit someone else. Alejandro will fight Anne Maria, while Brick will fight Izzy. Begin under the boxing rink section, now! The others come with me at the Surfing Contest. You have up to 6:30 EST (3:30 PST, 2:30 CST) to complete the challenge.

Brick: *attempts to fight* This is messed up...

Alejandro: (CONF) It should seem that my teammate hold a grudege against me... so I must win immunity! (END-CONF) *begins to fight Anne Maria*

Brick: Comon Brick you gotta win this! *fights with Izzy*

Mike: hey zoey who do we got on alliance? ( to everyone go easy i have school 8:00 to 3:45 so make sure i can still do stuff)

Zoey: *whispers cody and izzy idk if dawns oh bored*

Mike: zoey so what do we do about me losing!!

heather: *lands in zoeys plane*

Boxing Rink

Brick: *attempts to fight* This is messed up...

Alejandro: (CONF) It should seem that my teammate hold a grudege against me... so I must win immunity! (END-CONF) *begins to fight Anne Maria*

Brick: Comon Brick you gotta win this! *fights with Izzy*

Alejandro: *Hits Anne Maria* Sorry girl... but I must win!

Brick: *hitting Izzy* This is so wrong...

Chris: Brick is ahead by three and Alejandro by two!

Alejandro: *pulls on Anne Maria's hair*

Brick: * hits Izzy* Pretend its Jo... Pretend its Jo...

Alejandro: *continues to hit Anne Marie*

Brick: *knocks Izzy out* Whew... that was rough...

anna maria : grr *hits ale*

Alejandro: *hits Anne Maria in face; knocking her out in the process* Too easy...

Chris: Too win immunity, Brick and Alejandro have to fight each other! Nice twist, huh?

Alejandro: *glares at Brick* Weren't you the one who pee'd in their pants?

Brick: ummm... maybe... *gets hit by Alejandro* ow..

Chris: Less chit chat and more punching

Fang, Chris, and Chef watch the fight while eating popcorn. M.o.W watches through a bush.

Alejandro: Very well *pummels Brick repeatedly*

Brick: ow... *falls too the ground*

Chris: Alejandro needs three more to win immunity!

Brick: *on the ground* I give... Al is too much for me... *sucks his thumb*

Chris: No quitting

Alejandro: *punches Brick* How dare you call me AL!!!

Alejandro: *continues to punch Brick*

Chris: Alejandro needs one more!

Alejandro: DOn't worry friend... it will only hurt alot!! *knocks Brick out*

Chris: Alejandro wins immunity!

Surfing Contest

Bridgette: How dare Chris makes me come back here? Well, I choose names of random and Gwen and Zoey must compete in a surfing challenge. For guessing right, Zoey gets two lines ahead! You have up to 6:30 EST (3:30 PST, 2:30 CST) to finish but be warned, there are toxic bombs under the water and if you explode then you have to redo the line again.

zoey: *surfs a line * explodes has too redo line 3 gets it goes too line 4*

zoey * surfs line 5* *and6 but has too redo line 7*

zoey: *surfs too line 8*

Bridgette: Zoey wins immunity!

Mike: way to go zoey!!

zoey: yay and thank u mike good luck * hugs mike ;)*

Swimming Contest

Chris: The challenges all end at the same. Dawn and Sierra have a swimming challenge. They have to reach the shore and swim back for ten lines! Be warn because mine bombs are in the way. The one who reaches the shore first wins immunity.

Sierra: *begins to swim*


Sierra: *dodges mines with ease*

Chris: Sierra has an early lead.

Sierra: *Swimming... still swimming*

Sierra: *swimming* Has Dawn even started yet?

Chris: No, but you win immunity because I figured Dawn might have give up on the camp. Sierra wins Immunity!

Sierra: YA!!!

Cycling Contest

Chris: Cody and Duncan have to cycle for five lines. The one who reaches the finish line first wins immunity but Fang and the M.o.W will mess you up.

Cody: *starts cycling fast*

Cody: *cycles line 2* Oh no not Fang please no! *redos line 2 and starts line 3*

M.o.W: *flicks tail and trips Cody*

Cody: Stupid monster! *does line 3 over again and starts line 4*

Cody: *finishes line 4 and starts line 5* Almost done!

Cody: Does this mean I win?

Chris: Cody wins immunity!

Track Race

Chris: Mike and Scott have to run across a track while answering trivia questions. Beware, Fang and the M.o.W are there to mess you up and you have to redo the line again.

Mike: runs really fast and comes up to fang Ready for action Freaked out* svelana comes and jumps over him *continues running*

Scott: *runs fast and sees Fang* Ahh... not you *runs fast away from Fang; catches up to Mike*

Mike: still running very fast sees scott behind him and says to self For zoey *ready for trivia question*!

Chris: Which one of Mike's personality first debuted? If you get it wrong, you are down one line.

Scott: Chestor... duh\

Mike: chester! by the way i knew that *continues running

Chris: Scott answered first so he is ahead by one! Next question: Who is the first to try and use a McLean Brand Chris Head?

Scott: Dawn

Mike: cmon! i cant have a chance Dawn groans but knows i am too late Only you would know that scott *starts saying do distract him* you loovvveee dawn!!!

Mike: runs up another line 1 line behind scott

Chris: Scott has one more line while Mike needs two.

Fang: *tackles Scott to the ground.*

(I my victims)

Mike: runs past scott and heading toward finish line

Chris: Last question, who are the Final Two in TD: RotI and why?

Mike: Cameron and lightning

Chris: Wrong! Revenge of the Island!

Scott: LIghtnig and Cameron because Lighting chose to eliminated Zoey to beat cameron in the finlae.

Chris: Scott, you need one more line! Mike, don't change answers next time and you win if you tell me why!

Scott: *finished Race* YEs... take that Mike!

Mike: i changed my answer before scott posted no lie!!!!! i seroiusly though it was tdi than i saw roti so i chaged it first

Chris: Scott wins! I'll tell you why. Mike had one line then Scott tied. Mike was then ahead but Scott answered the trivia question, being one ahead of Mike. Mike then tied it up and then got another line. Scott answered the question and they were tied with 4-4. However, Scott wrote first. Scott, you have immunity!

Mike: CONF oh im a gonner unless zoey and our alliance can vite off eziekiel and alejandro

Chris: I know, Mike but I asked for why and you didn't tell me.


Chris: Zeke, too win immunity you must answer three questions. You have until 6:30 EST to answer them.

1. When was the first time Zeke appeared in feral form?

Zeke: African Lying Safari

2. When was the last time Zeke spoke?

Zeke: If its in English then its his elimination in Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2, but he did a normal scream when he got tossed from the plane in I See London... but either or

3. When was the first time Zeke had human contact with the other contestants?

Zeke: If its in his feral state its African Lying Safari but if its his zombie state its I See London...

Chris: Three right! Zeke wins immunity!

Voting Ceremony

Chris: All votes will be in the confessional but do NOT start voting until the Swimming Challenge and the Cycling Challenge are complete. As of now, for the Mutant Gaffers, Zoey, Ezekiel, Cody, and Alejandro have immunity. For the Screaming Gaffers, Scott and Sierra have immunity. Remember, ONLY VOTE FOR YOUR TEAM

Mike: we can start now everyones done!

Chris: I made a list so everyone can see who can vote for and who they cannot. Remember, vote wisely and ONLY ON YOUR TEAM!

The Screaming Mutants: Vote only for DUNCAN, GWEN, BRICK, and ANNE!

The Mutant Gaffers: MIKE, DAWN, and IZZY

Chris: Voting ends 6:30 EST tomorrow unless the majority wins. VOTE ONLY IN THE CONFESSIONAL!

Mike: CONF: I vote Dawn sry girl

zoey: (CONF) dawn im sorry ur not active

Scott: (CONF) I am voting for ... Duncan... talk about a threat... and very usefull...

Brick:(CONF) I belive that this soldier... Duncan... is no longer active!

Cody: (CONF) I'm sorry Dawn, but you gotta go

Ezekiel: (CONF) Dawn hasn't been here eh? So she's gotta go

anna maria: (CONF) bye duncan

Fang: *comes out dragging Dawn*

Chris: *With a vote of 4, Dawn is eliminated! *Fang puts her on the Hurl of Shame and gives her a Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom.* Any last words? No, bye! *cuts rope and Dawn is hurled off the isalnd.* I need one last vote to see who goes home for the Screaming Mutants.

Sierra: (CONF) Duncan

Chef: *comes out dragging Duncan*

Chris: Bye Duncan. *cuts rope after giving him a Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom and Duncan is hurled off the island.* Good night, everyone. Come back tomorrow at 6:30 EST to compete in your third challenge!

Ep.3: The Sky's (Not) The Limit!

Chris: There is another cameo. Everyone except Zoey can guess, because she guessed correctly the last time. Here is a hint, it is a girl. Guess under the Cameo section.

(OMGDEADPEOPLE - my school goes too 8:30-5:00 soo make the challenge like at 6 or later)

Boy's Cabin

Scott: (CONF) Really it's simple... all I gotta do is "help" the gaffers get rid of old Al... all that needs to happen is that they don't win the next challenge and he is gone!

Girl's Cabin

zoey: yes im safe *thinks about mike* *smiles* well im glad i last another day

Zoey: (CONF) yes another day I should not feel safe I feel that imma threat I have a feeling that Alejandro will vote me out like I had a dream that I was shopping and alejandro killed me well ale is still a strong at challenges we could keep him too the merge or sooner

Zoey: *takes a nap*

anna maria : *sprays hair*

Zoey: hey Gwen good luck at the next challenge

Gwen: *sad* thanks zoey.

Zoey: Awh what's wrong


Mike: hey zoey we survived it i cant believe it i thought i was gone for sure thx zoe

Scott: Hey Mike... sorry I had to beat you during that race... you know immunity is everything in this game right? *whispers to Mike* You know Al... he is a serious competitor... you should do your best to make sure he fails at the next challenge! You would do us all a favor by eliminating him!

Mike: that was out plan wispers but dawn has not come for a while and al got immunity so we hope to get al out asap HES MESSING WITH ZOEY!! that is not gonna happen

Scott: That's right... you gotta make sure that Al dosent win the next challenge so you can get rid of him!!!

Fang: *looks behind a tree and snickers. Licks lips and jumps, pinning Scott and Mike down.

Mike: uh ow cmon scott gmie a hand lets pown him shoves fang of himself and turns to vito hey creature watch the abs got it!!!!!!!!!!!! back to mike sweet *fang runs away*

Scott: hmmm... not bad Mike!

Heavy footsteps shake the woods. Two trees fall down next to Scott and Mike. A roar shakes more trees.

Scott: Well... I think we better leave... *runs away*

mike: CONF i cant beleive my other personalites came back i thought i mentally got rid of dim!!! ugh

Mess Hall

Zoey: ewww *plucks nose tries too eat her gross breakfest *

Zoey: (CONF) we need too keep on winning I want alejandro too go he is an eel but we need too win challenges or if we lose one bye one we all go down

Chef: Eat this! *throws slop across Zoey's face.

Zoey: *vomits*

zoey: (CONF) it tasted like moldy cheese with b.O with * barfs 25 percent of my insides 8

Zoey:*eats slop but gags*

Mike: how do you eat that stuff zoey? igggg well anyway wispers next we vote alejandro if it comes to us at the ceromony okay check with cody and izzy okay than thats 4 against 1 im not sure what zke is thinking though (no one heard this)

Zoey: ok we need too win the new challenges because there's a lot of strong people on Scott's team we need too win but if we lose ale is going (whispers)

Cody: No need to tell me twice

Ezekiel: Same here eh! We take them out one by one as a team!P

Zoey: yeah ok


Cody: Lindsay?

Ezekiel: Leshawna?

Anna maria: oh please don't be jo

Scott: Courtney

Brick: Heather

Chris: The Screaming Mutants win an advantage!

Mike: whats a cameo?

Chris: It is a minor part that someone plays like Bridgette who only hosted the surfing competition.


Chris: Due to a certain circumstance, the challenge will not begin until 7:00 EST (4:00 PST, 3:00 CST).

Zoey: crap at 7pm where I live I was going too watch the total drama revenge of the island finale

'Chris: Isn't it airing on April 12? But the challenge is has been pushed back to 7:30 EST!

(well I live in Canada it aired at January at canada )

(um so what are the times in australia?)

mike: its 4:00 where i live so whens the cahllange then i live western oregon

Zoey: well now it's another episode of detention wire the finale is moved too 7:30 or next week :/

(you use the PST, I live in CA, so at 4:30 PST (7:30 EST, 3:30 CST) I do not know for Australia.)

Chris: Okay, the challenge begins in 20 minutes!

(so 20 mins whereever you are?)

(i'll announc it)

Chris: Okay your challenge has begun (5 minutes early)! Let me all tell you a story. I was polishing my Gemmie Awards when a mutant hawk thing appeared and stole them! Now, you guys have to get them back! To do that, you'll have to build an aircraft and fly up or you could just climb. They're are five Gemmies and the team who gets me all five wins an advantage for part two. Now, everyone, Heather is going to cameo so the Screaming Mutants are allowed to find materials through a toxic forest for five minutes before any of the Mutant Gaffers go there. If any of the Gaffers get there in less than five minutes, they WILL BE ELIMINATED. You need one line to find two materials. You can make a helicopter, mutant bird, hot air balloon, or a plane but you need five lines to get up there. If you choose to climb, then it'll take you ten lines. Remember, Fang and the M.oW will try to eat you as well as the Condors from TDWT, Mutants take your advantage!

Gwen: *runs to find materials*

Mike: okay that gives us time to stratagize okay zoey when its our time you get flying supplies so propellors and engin cody you get gas alejhndro something heaavy thats uselful and zeke just stand there and izzy be crazy ninja when its out turn and gget all the supplise you can get

M.o.W: *spies Gwen.*

Chris: The Gaffers can enter in two minutes! You only need two materials! One minute!

'heather: hi losers its heather *steals one million doller case and flies away with chris blimp * haha 'suckers!

mike: k lets go me and zoey will go youy guys stay and get ready and we can go after heather and if we catch her we might get advantage

Chris: Heather?! Okay, everyone, the new challenge is to hunt Heather down, but be warned she doesn't play by the rules!

(omgdeadpeople, ignore the message I sent you, thanks!)

mike: thats our que to go into the woods right?

M.o.W: *attacks Gwen*

Chris: Yes, but how will you catch Heather if none of the teams have any ingredients and need five lines to get the device up into the sky?

Mike: lets go zoey *goes into woods and finds supplies and tools* CONF whats a line TO CHRIS

(A sentance)

Scott: *looks for supplies*

Chris: Heather is getting away!

zoey: *runs in woods fines medel and propellers*

mike: gots tools and heads back to place to bulid craft *almost done*

Brick: Not on my watch *helps Scott*

Mike: cmon zoey where are you we need the propellers and than we can get this baby into the air (almost done)

Cody: *gets a tank of gas* here Mike!

Chris: The Gaffers need three more sentances to get the plane in the air.

Fang: *steals Zoey's devices*'

zoey : NO! *steals them back and runs too mike*

Fang: *bites tank*

Chris: Mutants still need their two devices.

Mike: lets go bulids it and the air craft ready for action

Scott: *yells* Hey Mike... remember... if you win... Al stays! *continues to find supplies for a plane*

Brick: *starts to build plane*

Chris: Gaffers, you need two more sentances to get your plane in the air.

Brick: YES SIR *finds a propellor*

Scott: That's not us!

Gwen: *screams and tries to fight of MOW* Somebody help me!!!

zoey ; *builds plane* *4th time now *

Brick: * throws junk at the monster*

Scott: *continues to build plane*

Gwen: *gets away from monster* wow thanks Brick

zoey: *finishes plane*

mike: okay lets go loads gas* in the air now go after heather!!!!!!!

heather: Muhaha *throws gemmies at mike*

zoey: ok *catches them is neck and neck too heather*

Izzy: Oh yay! Gemmie war! *throws gemmies back at Heather super fast*

Chris: Mutants, you need three sentances to finish plane.

Mutant Cody Jr.: *breathes fire out of its mouth and flies behind the Gaffers. Prepares to breath fire.*

Mike: cmon jumps on to chris blimp hetaher why are you doing this just give it back to us crazy chick

Mutant Cody Jr: *breathes fire, hitting the plane's propeller*

mike: wrestles heather for the case getting mad

Scott: *finds an engine*

Brick: *takes engine and builds it into the plane*

Mutant Cody Jr: *steals case*

Scott: *finishes the plane* DONE!

mike: jumps onto the birds talons *drops into mikes arms and hanging on his talons

heather : nooo *falls off blimp*

Brick: And we have lift off *the plane lifts off; in pursuit of the Gaffers*

mike: i got the case!!!!!!!!!! now wheres chris

Cody: Quick find him!

Ezekiel: Quickly!

Alejandro: *grabs case from Mike* Allow me teammate *runs to Chris*

mike: oh no you dont takes case from him your not gonna impress zoey i am turns to svlana and jumps all the way to chris and hands the case too him

heather: *lands in gaffers plane*

Izzy: Oh hey heather hows life!!

zoey: oh no the planes out of gas *falling * AHH!

heather: BAD !!

Izzy: weeeeeeeee!!!

Brick: How can this happen...

Mike: o mi gosh i'll catch you catches zoeuy are you okay we won the cahllange

Scott: Actually Mike... since Chris never said you won... you haven't won yet!

zoey *lands in mikes hands* thank u maybe heather landed in our plane

heather: *lands on fang*

Scott: Hey Brick... Let's get Heather!

Brick: OK!

zoey: *runs and gets heather*

Scott: *tackles Zoey*

Brick: *grabs Heather and drags her to Chris* Here sir...

heather: oh yeah *kicks brick in the groin and runs away*

zoey: *pushes scott off me* get off of me

anna maria : *chases heather*

Chris: By the way, whoever gives me gemmies can get individual immunity if their team loses.

Scott: *Runs to find the Gemmies*

Fang: *eats Heather*

Chris: I said to catch Heather, not the case. So, someone get her out of that shark. I am not being sued!

zoey: *kicks fangs stomach*

Fang: *barfs Heather up*

Scott: *carries Heather to Chris* Here you go!

Alejandro: *finds a gemmie and takes it*

zoey: NOO!!!

Chris: The Screaming Mutants win! Gaffers, you have five minutes to try and get individual immunity!

Alejandro: *shows Chris his gemmie*

Chris: Three minutes left and Alejandro has immunity!

zoey: *finds 2 gemmies * *shows too chris* the 2nd ones for mike

Alejandro: Yes but it is an individual immunity... meaning that mike should find it... not have you do it for him!

Chris: Time is up! Remember, no voting for Zoey or Alejandro. Mike has to get it himself, Zoey.

zoey: oh D: *gives chris back the 2nd gemmie here u go * (CONF) great just great i almost died in the plane got tackled by scott and i saved heather yet my team still lost i guess thats life

Elimination Ceremony #2

Vote only in the CONFESSIONAL


Alejandro: (CONF) My vote goes for Mike... he is annoying

zoey: (CONF) im sticking too my allience sorry ezekiel *passes out for using all my energy for heather and pushing scott off me

Cody: (CONF) I vote Izzy for doing the least

Ezekiel: (CONF) I vote Izzy

Izzy: (CONF) i vote for ezekiel. hes annyoying and says eh in every sentence. what a crazy dude right?

(omgdeadpeople- ill be busy like for like 2 days or more because of easter and im going some where on friday )

(okay, but next time just message me on my talk page)

Chris: Only Mike is left to cast a vote. He will decide either Ezekiel, or Izzy to go home.

Mike: i vote for sorry man zeke

Chris: Time is up! With three votes against him, Ezekiel has to go home!

Fang: *drags Ezekiel out of cabin and puts him on the Hurl of Shame*

Chris: So long Zeke! *cuts rope and Ezekiel is hurled off the island*

Chef: *snickers*

M.o.W: *roars*

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Ep.4: Deep Sea Dying

Chris: I have decided that no newcomers will cameo, only the veterans! There will be a Cameo, but Zoey and Brick cannot guess who it is! Guess under the Cameo section.

Chris: I have given this some thought and I am going to do it. Whoever has the most wins before the merge will get an immunity idol! As of now, Scott and Sierra are tied for it. Keep up the good work everybody! (And I'm happy this camp was successful)


Mike: leshawna?

Chris: No!

Scott: Obviously... umm... Harold?

Chris: Nuh-uh.

Mike: uhhh Trent (can we have a clue)

Chris: Nope and I will say that clues will be getting harder and harder as it goes on. Let's check your trivia history. This contestant has always been eliminated alongside Izzy.

Mike: eva???

Chris: No.

Mike: lindsay

Chris: No.

Cody: DJ!

Chris: The Mutant Gaffers win an advantage all thanks to Cody!

Mike: just as well i just watched episode 11 of roti nice one cody

Chris: I noticed something and all the ones who guessed the cameo correctly have won. Zoey won herself immunity and the Screaming Mutants won last episode. Maybe it might be good luck. Oh, and someone else is going to cameo.

Cody: Thanks Mike!

Chris: One more person is going to cameo. Who wants to guess?

Mike: ummm Tyler Staci Eva?

Chris: No. Here's a hint. This contestant has made the final three twice!

Cody: Owen?

Mike: yeah its owen i

Chris: The Mutant Gaffers win another cameo guess!

Boys' Cabin

Scott: (CONF) I did say that I would help the Gaffers lose.. heheh... too bad Al got immunity though... I guess they just have to keep losing to get rid off him!!!

Mike: (CONF) Chris really has to be more spicific about challanges i though you had to bring the million to him and alejandro was being jerk flirting with zoey i just wish he would stop getting immunity its like heather in season 1 kissing trent and gwen crying

Mike: hey scott you said we need to get rid of alejanhdro right? so how bout if he is not gone by the merge you join us at merge in our alliance idk if i can trust you but i'll take my chances to taKE OUT ALEJANDRO ( no one heard tis)

Scott: Well... lets have a chat Mike! *Whispers* The only way to get Al gone is to either make him quit or make sure he dosen't win individual immunity the next time you guys lose!

Mike: i cant make any promises to you though its tough to make a maor than 3 person alliance because you dont know who to take evryone thinks im boss of alliance but i just made it if anything zoey is the perfect boss

Mike: CONF ahhh its been nice for a 2 days off seroiusly we can stragize or hang out maybe i need to wash my clothes yea thats it takes off shirt Vito: hey wheres chris gotta show him whos boss for no aparent reason Mike: UMM YEA putting on shirt is anybody watching this?

mike: im annoyed gotta get rid of a;ejhander

Cody: Tell me about it dude

Mike: (CONF) so heres my plan me zoey and cody and izzy stick with the alliance gewt rid of alejhandro and than if the merge comes we tick off scott i like the guy but he is to unpredictable anne maria can stay (i dont know ehat make me want her to stay) TDM13: already know :D Mike: well anyway than we go on to any body after that but its still a working process) TDM13: to whoever play alehandro and cody isint weird to be in an alliance with somebody who is tring to vote you off :D sry just confessing hehe like that word

Girl's Cabin

Anna Maria: *is throwing like crazy* im sorry gwen about the first day (will be maybe gone for a few days)

Zoey: *gets the chicken poxs* *scarths like crazy* I don't think I'm well enough (also will maybe be goon in a few days because I'll be busy)

Zoey: wow I'm getting batter but I'm still dizzy

(Omgdeadpeople ok my account unfollow the page soo I'm posting too follow it)

Zoey: *yawns * imma going too take a walk


Zoey: (CONF) I guess I'll be gone for a few days since I have the chicken poxs I hope mike does not leave while Im gone

Zoey: uhhh mike I don't feel so good I'll be gone for a few days in real life I wish u good luck *itches* soo tired .. I hope u don't leave when I'm away *passes out*

Zoey: (CONF) ok I'm up I want too get rid of ale but we need too win I also think that Scott is on too somthing soo sleepy and itchy this will be hard too stay up I need too keep my one eye open

Alejandro: *notices Zoey* are you all right Zoey? Is there anything that I can get you?

Zoey: yes I'm ok *itches like crazy* *looks in minor* uhoh I have chicken poxs n I feel dizzy n tired

Mike: hey zoey whats the matter? are you hurt? i hope you feel well to zoey (no one can hear) next we get alejhandro chris said i got a vote and i dont think zeke voted for me so lets go for aljandro or al if that bugges him

Zoey: oh ok I hope u guys win a couple of challenges i just don't feel well... And Alejandro hates being called al ....

Mike: thats the point sweetie

Mike: (CONF) Sweetie???? really i think i have another personality

Zoey: oh.. I know.. Even some people from the other team hates she or he will do anything too get him out....

Zoey: like.. Sabotage or cheat *coughs*

Alejandro: (CONF) I find it cute that my teammates are trying their hardest too eliminate me... but be warned... I'm going all the way to the top!!!

Zoey:(CONF) ok I know that ale is strong but I'm strong mike is strong Cody is strong and so is izzy soo ale needs too go

Zoey:*Climbs on a tree*

Mike: what are you doing up there zoey?

Zoey: just thinking about stuff


Chris: The next challenge will take place tomorrow! I'll message each and every one of you with the details!

Mike: CONF i wonder when the next challange is

Zoey:(CONF) I hope the next challenge is soon

Cody: (CONF) Ugh when is the next challenge?

TDM13: i believe i was informed that the 13th is when the challange is glad to be back guys!

Chris: That's tomorrow! BTW, guess on the next cameo under the cameo section.

Chris: The challenge has started, but you have two days to complete it unless something happens. I have randomized the events and who will be leading them! Gaffers and Mutants will have to dive underwater and collect two tanks of toxic barrels, but Fang and mutant animals will stop you. The Gaffers get a five minute head start, before the Mutants but need five lines to find a barrel and the five lines to find another barrel. EACH CHARACTER CAN ONLY FIND ONE BARREL. The first team to take their barrels into the Mess Hall wins! Write under the Deep Sea when diving!

Deep Sea

zoey: *starts running*

zoey *trips but keeps on movin*

zoey: *is close *

zoey: phew im close *keeps running*

zoey: *finds barrel * yes *rolls it too mess hall*

Cody: *starts running*

Cody: *falls and gets back up* Damn

Cody: *runs faster* Nearly there

Cody: *still runs* where is it?

Cody: *trips over barrel* oh haha *brings barrel to mess hall*

Anna maria: *runs*

anna maria : *runs while spraying mutant animals with hairspary*

anna maria: *sparys and runs* (CONF)imma ninja with hairspray skills HOO HA *kicks tape*

anna maria: *runs*

anna maria: *finds barrel and runs*

Mike: found one takes it back

Mess Hall

zoey : *puts my barrel at the mess hall*

Chef: One down!

Cody: *rolls barrel into mess hall* Zoey look out! *whacks Fang and gets barrel back*

zoey: thanks cody (conf) i hope mike ans alejandro come on we may win this

Chef: All right, Zoey, pick someone to compete in this challenge.

zoey: hmm since cody is on soo cody

Chef: Cody, you have to find a way to put these toxic barrels into food that two of your teammates will eat! To help you is D.J!

DJ: Why am I back here? I thought. *Fang snarls* AH! *screams louder*

Cody: All right DJ what should we make?

DJ: I don't know.

(Tentacle comes out of barrel and slaps DJ)

DJ: I can't hurt animals! *cries*

anna maria: *comes with barrel * great im the only one whoopie doo

Chef: Okay, Cody and Anne, you have to make pizza with the toxic waste as your dump, but you need to do it in under five minutes and it takes two minutes to break. You also have to rotate lines and you need five ingredients (lines) just put throws (ingredient) into pot and set the oven!

D.J: *hands Cody and Anne a slice of cheese

Fang: *steals barrels*

anna maria: *sees fang attacks him with hairspray*

Cody: *gets barrels back* thanks Anne Maria! DJ how about some smoothies? *makes 2 smoothies*

Chris: Okay, this challenge was a bust due to me underexplaining stuff. Cody, Anne Maria, and Zoey have individual immunity. The next challenge will be head to the bottom of the ocean and collect shrimp, sea serpent, and monster crab. Write under the Challnge 2. I will explain it in FULL detail there. Thx! (Owen will still cameo)

Mike: im here!!!!!

Scott: *puts Owen in the mess hall*

Challenge 2

Chris: Okay, the Gaffers have a five minute head start which starts after this message ends. The challenge is to dive underwater and find three types of animals. They are a shrimp, sea serpent, and a crab. The crab lives in an underwater cave which has cheese. You need five lines to find one animal. If it escapes, then you need five MORE lines to catch it again. Lines have to rotate.

Chris 2: Like This.

Chris: Correct. Fang will try and stop you, but there are a few surprises in store. If you are hit, then you must do another five lines? Any questions?

Cody: *waits for Chris*

Zoey: (CONF) phew im safe i hope we win im worried about mike getting voted out

zoey: *looks for crab*

zoey: *swims*

zoey: *swims more*

Cody: Wait don't the Gaffers have a 5 min lead?

zoey: *sees fang but hides and is close*

Fang: *flashes teeth to Zoey and swallows her.*

Chris: I did not say to go, Zoey. *Fang spits her out* ONLY GAFFERS GO!

Cody: Will you let us know when we can go?


Alejandro: *begins to swim*

Mike: swims and sees shrimp

Alejandro: *To COdy* Hey amigo... may we have a chance to talk?

zoey: *swims sees crab but is 4 feet away*

Shrimp: *reveals to have razor-sharp teeth. Bites Mike's hand and swims away*

Crab: I'm Owen (farts)

Scott: *on shore* When can we go?

Cody: Sure Alejandro *swims to catch crab*

Cody: *swims faster*

Chris: According to my watch that is broken, you, Mutants, go, right about, NOW!

Owen-Crab: *farts and rockets away*

Mike: Swims afetr shrimp

zoey: *is 3 lines away from owen*

Mike: Grabs shrimp and holds it tight

Alejandro: *swims* Well I just had a thought? *away from everyone else* Well Zoey and Mike seem to be the strongest players here. So if we should... break them apart... It would me a easier time for the both of us! You catch my drift?

Mike: swims to shore almost there

Scott: *swims*

Chris: You need alternating lines Cody! That last one hasn't count! Three to get shrimp, and three to get crab and sea serpent! Mike, you need two more lines!

Mike swims with shrimp

Mike: CONF i wonder what alehandro is up too i hope cody is strong with the alliance CONF OUT swims to almost shore

Sea Serpent: *eats shrimp*

Scott: *swims after crab*

Brick: *swims*

Sierra: *swims*

zoey: *kicks sea serpentin the groin* drop it drop

Scott: *swims chasing shrimp*

Brick: *helps Scott*

Owen-Crab: *farts killing the shrimp.* Oops.

Mike: ugh grabs sea serpent

zoey: *swims too shripe * come on mike the shrimp is dead

Mike i know swims towards shore

Sierra: *enraged* *attacks Owen*

Scott: rats... *swims looking*

M.o.W: *eats Sea Serpent and smiles. ROARS*

Mike: im done (i gotta go for a half an hour so take it easy on me i cant just stay on so go team

Scott: *looking for a crab*

Cody: *looks for crab*

Brick: *helps Scott*

Cody: *searches for crab* *catches crab*

Owen-Crab: HELP!'

M.o.W: *eats OwenCrab*

Chris: Hmm, you need five lines to catch the MoW and five lines to rescue him! ONLY CATCH THE OWENCRAB!

Alejandro: Great job amigo!!!

Scott: *swims after a crab*

Cody: Thanks Zoey

Mike: goes after mow

zoey: *swims after monster*

zoey: *swims is out of breath*

Scott: *swims after MoW*

Brick: *swims after MoW*

Chris: Three lines to find the MoW

MoW: *heads to shore*

Mike: saves zoey

Cody: *swims after MoW*

Scott: *chases after the MoW*

Brick: *right behind Scott*

Mike; brings zoey to shore

Chris: Three lines to rescue Owen! You can now attack the Monster. The one to throw Owen back into the water wins immunity for their team and themselves!

Cody: *attacks MoW*

MoW: *hits Cody*

Sierra: CODYYYYYY *tackles Cody*

Scott: *attacks monster*

Brick: *helps Scott*

Mike: attacks mow

Mike: grabs owen

zoey: *kicks monster in the groin and stomach* DROP IT DROP IT

Scott: *grabs Owen from Mike*

'Fang: *roars and eats Owen* Runs off*

Brick: *Grabs MIke*

Scott: *swims to shore with Owen in arms*

zoey: *steals owen*

Mike: puts him in the ocean

Chris: You do not have owen.

Fang: *eats Owen and punches Scott*

MoW: *roars*

Owen: Look, who has nachos?

mike now what

Alejandro: * Saves Cody from Sierra*

Brick: *chases after Fang*


Fang: *growls, but screams and runs away.

zoey: *sees fang attacks him*

Cody: Thanks Alejandro *attacks Fang*

Owen: *pops out* I was almost eaten.

Brick: *Grabs Owen and begins to swim towards the surface*

Mike: takes owen and braick were on the shore

mike: runs CONF ifwe lose alehandro ois gone

Chris: The Cheese Celler is thata way! *points to a direction that needs only three sentences to enter.*

MoW: *jumps out and chases after Owen.*

zoey: come on owen theres mountions of cheese chase owen too the cheese celler*

Mike: runs after celler with owen

Mike dodeges mow attacks run

Scott: *chases Owen*

Brick* CHases Owen*

Sierra: *tackles MIKE*

Mike shoves her off to cody this is a lie so dont think this is real if you attack me we vote off cody today (not real cody)

Mike: continuses with owen 1 line left

Mike: puts owen in cheese celler

Scott: *wow just happens to continue dispite the fact that Mike was pinned to the ground and Owen wasn't near him!*

Mike: umm no i was holding him when she attacked me i shoved her off

zoey: *yup he was*

Mike sooo therfore he is safe in the celler but wer are not safe from THAT MONSTER THAT TRIED TO EAT OWEN

Scott: But when you think about it logically! When Someone tackles someone when their not expecting it.... the ntend to Drop the thing their holding

Mike: but in total drama chris does not beleive in logic

Mike; so chris what do you think CONF ima goneer

zoey: u cant drop a human owens like 296 ppounds and we can complain all night or tell the winners

Chris: It is never written that Mike TOOK Owen from Zoey, so therefore, no one has won. Zoey still has Owen, the Monster has caught up to Zoey. Three lines for one character to put Owen in cheese cellar now in the mess hall. Write put owen in cheese cellar after three lines in the MESS HAll!

Scott: Well if there was a sudden shock could make a person lose their grip the person... so your saying that Mike was expecting to be attacked by Sierra?

zoey: *runs*

zoey: *is close*

zoey: *puts owen in mess hall*

ike: she did it!!!!!!!!

Chris: Zoey wins! Mutants, whoever gets there first wins individual immunity along with Anne Maria!

mike: what?

Scott: *runs into the mess hall*

Cody: Yay Zoey!

Zoey: YES!

Mike: woo hoo!!! runs in mess hall

Scott: (Thought CHris meant to write 'puts Owen in the Mess hall' in that section of the challenge... all well...)

Cody: Don't I have individual immunity as well?

zoey: wait i thought this was team immunity if i i won the challegne the gaffers win

Cody: Oh wait aren't we the Mutants?

zoey: nope were gaffers

Alejandro: Yes well done team for our first team win! *high fives Cody*

Zoey:well that challenge made me tried *yawns*

Alejandro: (CONF) Well... the best thing for me right know would to concede defeat... BUT... That is not in my nature! So... I will emerge stronger than those star-crossed lovers!!!

Alejandro: *TO CODY and only cody* So... what have you been thinking about my offer?

Elimination Ceremony #3

Chris: Gwen has informed she will be sick. Well, no one can vote for her in tonight's ceremony, Mutants. Anne Maria and Scott have immunity so only Brick and Sierra can be voted for. Vote ONLY in the CONF!

Scott: (CONF) Argh... we lost... a well... I'm used to losing anyways... I vote for Sierra... talk about crazy

Brick: (CONF) I am doing the honorable thing and still fighting to the end... I vote Sierra!

Anna maria: (CONF) *sprays hair* this is soo hard too peepy pooper or nutzy i choose peepy pooper

Sierra: (CONF) I know that Scott probably got Brick to vote for me... so I am just gonna vote for Sierra! That way it can make it easier for Cody to WIN!!!! CODY!!! *runs out of the CONF*

Fang: *grabs Sierra*

Chris: With the majority, it is with heavy hearts that we part with Sierra. *Fang puts her on the Hurl of Shame and gives her a Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom.* *cuts rope and Sierra is hurled off the island*


Ep.5: Trivia Toxic Tag Time

Chris: There are two cameos. Zoey, Brick, Cody, and Mike are not allowed to guess! I promise to be more clear on challenges and there are only two more episodes until the merge! Start forming alliances! Oh, and Alejandro, Cody, Scott, and Zoey are tied on who will get the immunity idol (s)! Oh, and someone will debut into the game! Guess the two cameos under the cameo section!


Scott: Trent

Chris: The Mutant Gaffers have won an advantage in the two-part challenge. I will inform when it will take place because I might need to get a gemmie award tomorrow.

Boys' Cabin

MIKE: CONF im going to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott: *to Mike and Cody* Hey guys listen up... we all want the same thing... we wan't Alejandro out right? SO the best thing would be if you guys lost the next challenge so you can vote him out! If you guys let him get to the merge... then he could pick up some allies and make it even more difficult to get him out! I promise that if you guys lose the challenge... I will do everything in my power to make sure Al dosen't get inidvidual immunity! SO... you guys in?

Cody: If its ok with Mike then yeah I'm in especially after you guys got rid of Sierra

Scott: Thanks Cody! What about you Mike?

Mike: im in how bout you join our alliance scott

Scott: If you guys keep your end of the bargain... then I'm in!

Mike: (CONF) i dont get it me and zoey are a thing but shes really acting like the stronger one lately and i just need to show her im strong like i did with anne maria but that means i have to pull out vito but that wont work

Girl's Cabin

zoey: (CONF) yay we surived this round i need too keep an eye on alejandro i hope our allience makes it too the merge

zoey: (CONF) im in love with mike i admit it but its harder and harder too save his but we need too keep on winning challenges im freak-in scared

Zoey: (CONF) I'm alittle scared zoey calm down we're going too win *repetes it 5 times* arrghh!

Izzy: So Zoey who are we voting for???

Zoey: hmm I don't know people are trying too get alejandro out (whispers too izzy)

Zoey: *packs bags*


Mike: yayayayayayayayayayayyayayayay

Chef: I will host the challenge, but it won't finish until tomorrow! Now, we will host a trivia challenge. Anyone who gets it wrong will be taken out of the second challenge. I will post the questions soon!

zoey: oh yes i know alot about total drama

Mike: me too!!!!!!

Cody: Alright!

Noah: Hello everybody I'm the debuter Chef which team am I on?

zoey: *gasps* (CONF) well more episodes noahs ok i guess

Chef: Noah is with the Gaffers. Zoey and Scott will pick the people to compete in the following categories. Music (hosted by Trent), Total Drama Contestansts, and Useless Facts About Total Drama. One person for each category.

Mike: i'll do useless facts!!!!!!!!!

zoey: ok mike will do useless facts im i allowed too pick myself for one of the categories or no

Chef: Yes, you are.

Mike: Yes thx zoey *kisses her on cheek*

Chef: Hurry Up, Zoey!

ZOEY: OK TOTAL DRAMA CONTESTIONS *blushes form mikes kiss*

Cody: I guess i'll do music

Noah: Scott can I do contestants?

Chef: Zoey and Noah will do contestants! Cody will do music! Alejandro and Izzy will not compete in this first part of the challenge. If Scott does not come then I will it!

Trent: it? is that even a website??...anyway, what's up guys?

Useless Facts About Total Drama

Mike: im going to win!!!!!

Mike: who will compte with me?

Chef: Anne Mria will compete next to you! Remember, whoever gets three wrong answers first will not compete for individual immunity! First question. Which vehicle was never seen on the show?

anna maria: a space ship

Mike: a mustang or a monster truck

anna maria: UFO

Mike: there was a ufo in world tour when they wre in area 51

anna maria: oh i only watched that episode once but that was a long time ago

Chef: Wrong. It was the Helipad of Losers. Next question. List where Total Drama Island and TDA took place.

Total Drama Contestants

Chef: Zoey and Noah will now answer three questions. Remember, if you get the most wrong then you will be adios. The first question is this. Which original contestant has been in two teams, but competed in one season?

zoey: katie

Chef: Zoey is correct. Next question. Who has been in the most teams? List ONLY The TEAMS THAT s/he WAS NOT IN.

zoey: lzzy and teams that she never been on are screaming gaffers and team victory

Noah: Izzy and Team Victory and Screaming Gaffers

Chef: Noah is right. Next question: Who were the only ones that rooted for Gwen in TDI?

zoey: cody trent leshawna eva

Chef: Correct. Next Question: Who were the only ones that rooted for Alejandro?

zoey: courtney lindsey tyler katie and sadie

Chef: Correct. Okay, since none of you got it wrong, then you are eligible to compete in the next challenge!

Noah: Alright! Nice job Zoey

Zoey: thanks u did a nice job too

Noah: Thank you (CONF) Zoey seems really nice

Scott: *to Noah* Well done teammate!

Noah: Thanks Scott!

Toxic Tag

Chef: Okay, everyone is going to advance to the next round becaus I'm feeling nice. Trent, Fang, and the Monster of Wawanakwa will all be hunting you and Trent doesn't play by the rules. The last person to get caught by the losing team wins individual immunity! The last person to get caught overall wins the challenge for their team! Now, here are your toxic tags. You can also get anyone out, but be fair. It's just like water tag except with radioactive material that might kill you. Run, Now!

MoW and Fang: *smile evilly while holding toxic tags.*

Zoey:*runs and hides under the cabin*

Fang: *looks around*

MoW: *aims toxic tag at Mike*

Scott: *runs into the woods* (CONF) Hopefully Mike and Cody keep their promise to lose this challenge...

Brick: *runs into the woods*

Alejandro: *follows Scott and Brick*

Fang: *sees Zoey*

MoW: *shoots, but misses.* ROAR! *goes to forest*

Zoey: *runs and hides it too under the other cabin and burriee herself with mud*

Scott: *begins to climb a tree, knocking down a big branch by accident*

Brick: *gets hit by the branch and is knocked uncouncis*

Alejandro: *stops by Brick*... this may be usefull...*picks Brick us... using him as a human shield; runs deeper into the forest*

Anna Maria: *hides in the mud*

MoW: *looks straight at Alejandro and Brick. Shoots the toxic tag*

Fang: *follows Zoey and is about to squirt her*


Zoey: *sees a hole jumps in and digs deeper*

Scott: *notices Zoey* Nice hiding spot Zoey!

Alejandro: *uses Brick as a human shield*

MoW: *whacks Alejandro to the ground and sprays the toxic stuff, but hits Brick* *walks toward Alejandro*

Chef: Brick is out and it is seems Alejandro is next!

Zoey: *diggers deeper in a secret tunnal*

Fang: *sees the hole and jumps in*

MoW: *moves closer to Alejandro*

Zoey: *diggs a hole but burriee the hole soo fang does not get in*

Alejandro: *notices Anne Maria* Look Amigo a free target* *runs away*

Scott: *thinking* *throws a branch at the monsters head*

MoW: ROARS *uses tail to knock tree down, throwing it to the lake. Advances toward Scott*

Anna Maria: *attacks the MOW with hairspray *

Scott: *runs to camp and notices Mike Standing their* Hey bud... how about you take one for the team! *throws Mike towrds the monster*

MoW: *roars and closes his eyes so he can't see**sprays but hits nothing*'

Fang: *super close to Zoey, but hears MoW* *Runs into the woods*

Zoey : *sets up booby traps*

Alejandro: *runs up the cliff*

Fang: *sprays Cody as he follows Alejandro*

Chef: Cody is out!

Zoey: ^is now under ground sets up booby traps and clovers hole*

Alejandro: *climbs up the hill*

Scott: *runs into Chef's kitchen*

MoW: *starts digging the ground put gets hit by a booby trap and roars*

Zoey: *digges deeper and makes more booby traps*

Scott: Wait a sec... Chef said we could tag others... hehe *runs outside nearing Mike*

Alejandro: *at the top of the cliff*

MoW: *keeps hitting dirt with its claws and grabs Zoey*

Fang: *spots Izzy*

Scott: *tags Mike* HAH Take that Mike!!!

Zoey: *kicks monster and runs*

Chef: Mike is out!

MoW: *hears Scott and grabs him*

Scott: NOOOO!!!

Brick: *runs from outta nowhere and tackles the monster*

MoW: *drops Scott and steps on Brick*

Fang: *tackles Zoey*

Scott: *runs into the woods*

Alejandro: *jumps off the cliff*

(omg dead people I'll be right back*

Alejandro: *lands in water and swims to shore*

Fang: *waits by the shore*

MoW: *follows Scott*

Zoey: * is now out of the hole and runs *

MoW: *follows Scott, and sprays but hits Gwen*

Chef: Gwen is out!

Zoey: wait I can tag people *sneaks by the other side of scott*

Zoey: *tags scott*

Zoey: *runs*

Scott: *didn't even give me a chance to reply...*

Alejandro: *tags Zoey*

Zoey: alejandro we were on the same team oh we'll

Alejandro: I am sorry Zoey... BUT it is immunity! *runs near Izzy*

Alejandro: *tags Izzy*

Fang: *squirts Anne Maria*

Alejandro: *runs near Fang* I am the last standing member off my team I get imunity!!!

Zoey: there's still Noah too catch

Alejandro: Yes... but Noah is one the other team... so... that mean that I get inidviual immunity since I was the last standing member of our team!!!

Zoey: well do u want ur team too be short a Member and if u tag noah the gaffers win

Alejandro: hmmm... on one condition! You guys must promise not to vote for me in our groups next elimination!!! PROMISE!!!

Zoey: fine whatever

Alejandro: *holds out pinky* Pinky promise?

Zoey: nope I promise if we still loose ur safe anyways

Alejandro: *glares* very well... *marches up to Fang* He dumb shark.... Here I am!!!

Zoey: then I'll do it *tries too find noah*

Zoey: *opens the door of boys cabin*

Zoey: *sees Noah *

Alejandro: *grabs the gun from Fang and Shoots himself* There we lose

Zoey: *tags noah*

Scott: *looks in doorway* Umm Zoey... Al just shot himself and Chef did say we could tag anyone he chose... so It looks like you guys lose and we WIN!!!

(wait a minute ur not ACTN Alejandro's not even ur charecter )

(I have been through this with Chris... The user who plays Al is my brother and he is away at an doctor's appointment... so I am playing as him! If you don't belive me then you can go ask him! by the way... Al is played by mypalben18... not ACTN!!!)

(oh ok I though ACTN was mypalben18 brother or sister sorry for not knowing sheesh :p)

(It's all right...)

Zoey:(CONF) I can't believe Alejandro threw the challenge I guess I'll be next too go home it's all my fault I should of just listen too ale soo we can win now it's either me mike Cody or izzy leaving

Scott: (CONF) HAHAHHA... How great is this? I try so hard to help the gaffers lose... and then get eliminated... and then AL of all people throws the challenge?!? How perfect...

Zoey:(CONF) and I thought that eel was usefull and helpful in challenges I should have listen too mike

Anna maria : HAHAHa

Anna maria: (CONF) I need too throw the challenge too get brick or Scott out soo that means I need too be nicer too Noah and Gwen Noah easy Gwen not so much

Chef: The Screaming Mutants win! I might get the teams mixed up, so don't get upset if I mix it up.

Alejandro: *To Izzy and Cody; away from Mike and Zoey* Listen amigos... since it is fairly obvious that you guys are in an alliance... but we need to vote out Mike or Zoey! Their are just using you to get farther in the game... they only want one of them to win... I say we crush their plans here before we get to the merge and dominate! So are you guys in?

Zoey:*away from alejandro * *to izzy and cody* bewere of alejandro he therw the challenge too get him self save soo alejandro will do anything too get u on his side i say we get him out like in season 3 like noah said an eel dipped in greese

Zoey:*to mike* away from alejandro**wispers* mike i think im on the chopping block alejandro won immuity because he therw the challenge soo if we loose and if he does not win immuity we get him out if we dont win the next too challenges were out

Trent: (sighs) how long am i here for McLean?

Zoey:*to mike* im guessing im leaving tonight we lost and im a bigger threat ill always remember u as the best guy i ever meet soo goodluck out there mike

Elimination Ceremony #4

Chris: I'm back and it seems that the Mutant Gaffers lost. So, Alejandro gets individual immunity. Oh, Cody can NOT be voted for due to a reason. The only ones eligible to be voted off are Mike, Izzy, and Zoey. Vote ONLY in the Confessional.

Alejandro: (CONF) Zoey is the biggest threat! So, she is the one going down!!!

zoey:(CONF) i like izzy and mike this is soo hard i choose izzy im sorry

zoey:(CONF) i think ill be next im scared right now

Izzy: (CONF) Well this ones tricky as i cant vote for myself duh and im in an alliance with zoey so i should stay loyal to her but that includes not voting off mike.....anyway, who cares about alliances!!! I vote for Zoey!!

Cody: (CONF) I'm sorry my dear, but Zoey your drive for challenges is unbearable, which is why I must sadly vote for you

Chris: So, with a majority of the votes, Zoey, is eliminated from Total Drama: Wrath of Wawanakwa.

Fang: *drags Zoey and puts her onto the Hurl of Shame. Gives her Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom*

Chris: Goodbye Zoey! *cuts rope and Zoey is hurled off the island*


Ep.6: My Maggots Are Freezing!

Chris: Okay, the challenge may not take place for a couple of days, but check every day. This is the second to last episode before the merge! Guess the cameo! Okay, Scott is currently this camp's strongest competitor so he is the only one currently eligible to get an immunity idol once we make the merge!

Cameo (s)

Cody: Can we have a hint?

Sid the Sloth: Ok, where am I? Manny? Diego? Ellie? Crash and Eddie?

Chris: Everyone, the cameo for TOMORROW's challenge, Sid the Sloth!

Sid: Hey people!! (CDF, can you come hre?

Boys' Cabin

Scott: *To Noah and Brick* Hey guys... I've been thinking... Anne Maria is getting annoying... well she always was... but if we lose the next challenge, I say we vote her off!

Noah: Perhaps I still need to think

Scott: (CONF) The gaffers will still want Al gone... maybe I can convince them to lose this challenge as well... After all the way Its looking... they will be after Al because he caused Zoey's elimination...

Scott: (CONF) I love this game... and my plan... Already I got the gaffers to throw the challenge... and then I help keep Al in the game!!! So let's see... me, Al, and Brick... we could go all the way! It's too good! And it seems that Anne Maria is acting strange?

Girl's Cabin

Anna Maria : poor zoey oh well Atleast its not me but I feel bad

Gwen: Why do you feel bad? Your not even on her team

Anna Maria : oh I know it was just that Alejandro therw the challenge while she was trying too win she tried too save herself but her own allience except for mike because he did not moved the whole episode and I'm tired of being rude ill only hair spray outside

Anna Maria :and the guys are pretty tight they may take as out one by one

Mess Hall

Anna Maria :*gags*

Brick: Is something wrong Anne-Maria?

Anna Maria : nope it's just the food

Brick: Really? Cause I like it *eats some of CHef's food*

Anna Maria : UHm ok

Noah: *whispers to Anne Maria* Would you like to make an alliance?

Anna Maria: *whispers back too noah* ok

Brick: What you guys talking about?

Anna Maria : oh nothing he asked me too pass the salt *passes the salt too Noah *

Anna Maria:(CONF) brick is a nice guy but he is with Scott I need too stay as long as we can until the merge I can't be like a big threat like zoey that's how Alejandro got her

Brick: So guys about that Gwen... she kinda a loner... I wonder what she is up to?

Anna maria : well I mostly see her at the girls cabin

Gwen: *looks over at Brick* Did somebody say my name?

Anna Maria : not me

Brick: I did... I was just wondering why you are alone almost all the time?

Anna maria:I'm too the woods too spray my hair

Gwen: Because all my friends are gone now.

(Esther, please come to the chat:

(soz- cant)

Noah: Gwen would you like to join Anne Maria and I's alliance?

Gwen: Ok. (CONF) Normally i wouldnt, but its my only chance of getting further in this game.

Noah: *whispers to Gwen and Anne Maria* listen if we lose we vote Scott. You heard Chris he is the strongest player

Anna Maria: *whispers super quiet* ok

The Woods


Chris: There will be a challenge today! It will not start for another hour but keep on pre-chatting! Sorry if all the challenges are sorta of copied from last season, but I'm better at merged challenges. That's when the real wrath begins! Oh, and Scott is the strongest competitor as of now! Keep up the good work!' Do NOT chat in the Cavecicle, Mutant, Gaffers, or Snowball areas!

Chef: *comes running up with a note and hands it to Chris.

Chris: Looks like Mike has been blocked for a short while. I really don't want to wait because I wanted to finish this camp this week. Any thoughts on what I should do? Postpone the camp or kick him out. Campers that are still in, you can decide under the Mike: Stay or Go? Voting Ceremony.

Mike: Stay or Go? Voting Ceremony

Cody: Mike should go.

Noah: Mike should go i want to move one with the camp cause its fun and active

Scott: He should go!

Brick: Please remove Mike from the game!!

Alejandro: Mike is outta here... plus can we do the challenge Wed! I am busy tomorrow!

Chris: If Mike gets one more vote, then he will go. The challenge will be either tomorrow or in two days, unless you want to do it now.

Cody: I'm fine with whatever

Noah: Me too we can do it now or whenever

Chris: Mike is out! I'll post the challenge today, but it won't be due until Wed, because I have to accept another Gemmie! (I have a school club on Wed)

Fang: *comes out dragging Mike, who is changing personalities and put him on the Hurl of Shame*

Chris: *hands Mike a Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom.* Bye-Bye Mike! *cuts string and Mike is catapulted off the island.*


Chris: Due to me having to except a Gemmie and Chef has to go to court. I think it was about using radioactive material in our food? Eh, I don't care. Anywho, Fang will be hosting the challenge. Today will be a Reward Challenge. It is a reward that you all want! Immunity Idols! The first out of the three long challenges you have to do is explore Cavecicle. This cave is so cold that your masses or maggots will be freezing! Teams must stick together! There are slippery slopes, pointy icicles, a Yeti, and a baby seal that followed us from the Yukon. Oh, and Sid. The cave is long and trecherous and your journey, seperately, must feature three near-deaths from one of the above, and at least ten lines that alter. The Gaffers get to go in first, because they are short one player. I will now explain a simple journey using Fang and MoW. Here it is:

Fang: *walks, but slips and slides down the slippery slope. Hangs on for life* (Near-Death 1)

MoW: *hears Fang screaming and runs to help.* (Alternating Line)


Chris: To win an advantage for your team, have the most lines to get out. Put: EXIT CAVECICLE when you are done. If you still don't get it, then contact me in my talk page. Remember, Fang is the host. *gets into a car and leaves*

Fang: *smiles evilly*

Cody: *runs in and slides down the slope* Help!

Alejandro: *helps Cody*

Cody: Thanks Alejandro *whispers to Alejandro* If we lose we should vote Izzy. *dodges pointy icicles and runs*

Noah: *enters cave and runs and dodges icicles* Ahhh!!

Scott: *runs into cave, but slips on ice* aww...

Brick: *enters cave*

Alejandro: Unfortuantly COdy... this is a reward challenge... so their will be no elimination!

Cody: Ok next time *walks with a yeti behind him* *turns around and runs* Ahh!!

Noah: *slides down the slippery slope and walks*

Anna Maria: *slips and slides down the slippery slope *

Anna Maria: *slides * ahh!

Anna Maria: *walks*

Cody: *jogs*

Noah: *gets attacked by baby seal* Ahhh!! *sprints*

Cody: *sprints*

Noah: *jogs*

Gwen: *runs*

Izzy: *handsprings and knockes over Noah*

Cody: *walks*

Noah: *walks*

Cody: *hurdles over obstacles*

Noah: *hurdles over obstacles*

Anna Maria:*jumps over obstacles*

Cody: *jumps over gap and runs*

Noah: *jumps over gap*

Anna Maria:*jumps over GAP gets attack by yeti sprays hair spray* back off hairy

Cody: *hikes through cave*

Noah: *hikes through cave*

Anna Maria: *hikes through cave*

Cody: *sees light* Its the exit!! *falls and stumbles out of cave* Yes!

Noah: *trips* Almost there!


Noah: *tumbles out of cave* Aw you beat me

Anna Maria:* is out of cave* phew

Scott: *trips and falls in a hole* HELP!!!

Brick: *helps Scott up*

Scott: *runs* Thanks man!

Brick: Don't mention it soldier! *runs into baby seal* Aww... your so cute.... *seal chomps on his head* AHH GET IT OFF!!!

Scott: *rips Seal off of Brick* Your welcome... *runs*

Brick: Thanks!!!

Alejandro: *runs*

Scott: *continues to run*

Brick: *jogs right behind Scott*

Scott: *jumps over icicles*

Brick: *jumps over icicles*

Alejandro: *runs and jumps over Sid*

Scott: *runs into the Yeti* umm... Brick

Brick: *pees pants* Ye...Ye..Yes....

Alejandro: *rips shirt off and charms the Yeti away*

Scott: Thanks Alajendro! We owe you one! *runs*

Alejandro: *evil glare* Yes you do... yes indeed... *runs

Brick: *runs*

Scott: *runs and jumps over pit*

Brick: *follows Scott*

Scott: *slides on ice* Whoa!!! *sees the exit* Hey Brick were almost there!!!

Brick: YAH!!!

Scott: *runs to exit*

Brick: *right behind Scott*

Scott: *Exit Cavceicle*

Brick: *Exits Caveicle*

Gwen: *falls over rocks and gets back up and starts running*

Izzy: *Smahes head on rocks* Oh that hurt. YAY HEADRUSH! *runs throught cave*

Snowball Tournament

Fang: *holds up note that says:* Cody, Scott, Brick, Anne Maria, and Noah are outside. Gwen, Izzy, and Alejandro have not exited, but due to a misunderstanding of Chris's wording, Gwen and Izzy can still compete. Anne, you did not have alternating lines so you and Alejandro will be sitting out of the rest of the challenge.* IT WILL BE UP TOMORROW!

Alejandro: (CONF) Awell... at least at this point in the game... it would be horrible to act to strong...

Anna Maria:(CONF) I just can't make myself look like a huge threat I'm feeling when scott choose he choose me too target me

Fang: *holds up note* Good news, Cody and Noah won't be able to compete and we don't want Izzy to be doing all the work, so Alejandro can reenter the competition. And since Noah won't be here, than Anne Maria can join the competition too. All right, Scott and Brick had twelve lines so they won an advantage for their team. The challenge is a snowball tournament. Just throw a snowball, but you can only hit ONE person. That is the only rule! Remember, first come first hit. No Godplaying, like move behind snow hill. Besides, the winner only gets a immunity idol. No big deal.

Scott: So uh... what's the advatage? and can we hit anyone?

Fang: *holds note* The Advantage will be that Gwen ( was a TEAM ADVANTAGE) can automatically pick someone to be out. Yes, you can hit anyone you want, even if they are on your team!

Fang: *growls! Hold up note* DO NOT WRITE UNDER CASTLE SECTION!

Alejandro: *throws a snowball and hits Gwen*

Brick: *Throws a snowball and hits Anne Maria*

Scott: *throws a snowball and hits Izzy* (sorry... my bad!!)

Fang: *holds up note* Gwen, Anne Maria, and Izzy are out. Cody and Noah are going to eliminate either Alejandro, Brick, and Scott. *side note* Anyone noticed who these notes are so specific?

(Phyneo- Ok!!! Never mind my message!!)

Fang: *holds note* This is free time. Alejandro, Brick, Cody, Noah, and Scott can compete. Only hit once! The last one wins an immunity idol. If your team wins the overall challenge, then your immunity idol will be stripped from you! Begin!

Cody: *throws snowball at Alejandro*

Noah: *throws snowball at Scott*

Brick: *throws snowball at Cody*

Fang: *holds note* Brick and Noah are left, so Scott will decide who gets eliminated from the snowball tournament.

Sid the Sloth: *runs screaming through them*

MoW: *chases Sid and grabs him* ROARS and runs off*

Fang: *holds up note* Chris is back

Chris: I'm back everyone, how did Fang do? Who cares? The thing is that I am not be sued! Instead, we're playing Capture the Sloth! Both teams will have to knock out the Monster of Wawanakwa and put Sid in one of the your ice castles. You can attack with snowballs. Whoever puts Sid in their castle wins the immmunity idols! This is a five line sentence. One to run, one to attack, one to grab Sid, one to run inside castle, and one that says PUTS SID IN CASTLE. However, the MoW will not give up that sloth easy! Every time you get hit with a snowball, you cannot write for two minutes. You can only throw one snowball per line! If you get hit by the Yeti, Baby Seal, or MoW then you lose five minutes except for the first line! Go! (If you don't get it, then contact me) Write under the Capture the Sloth! section.

Capture the Sloth!

Scott: *runs toward Sid*

Brick; *throws snowballs at The MoW*

MoW: *roars and knocks the campers down with its tail. Runs into Cavecicle*

(Still write under here even if MoW goes somewhere)

The Yeti: *grabs humongous snowball*

Alejandro: *runs after the Monster*

Alejandro: *throws a snowball at the Monster*

The Yeti: *falls*

Sid: Let me go! Do you know who you're dealing with? I am Sid the Sloth *slips and falls down the Slippery Slope. Hangs on* HELP!

Baby Seal: *jumps on Brick's face*

Scott: *runs into the cave* Hang on Sid... I'm coming! *runs toward Sid*

Alejandro; *throws another snowball at the monster*

Scott: *reaches Sid and helps him up* *carries Sid towards the Cave's exit*

The Yeti: *tackles Scott and Sid*

Sid: *screams as he slides down the frozen river, nears Alejandro* Hi Al, Bye Al *screams and continues down the frozen river*

Brick: *rips Seal of of his head and runs into the cave* *sees Sid sliding by and follows*

Alejandro: *eye twitches as he follow sid* DON"T CALL ME AL!!!

Brick: *reaches up to Sid and picks him up* *runs back to the cave entrance*

Alejandro: *trips Brick and grabs Sid and runs to the cave entrance*

MoW: *attacks Alejandro down and jumps over the cliff* *lands in front of Brick and roars*

Sid: *screams as he slides in midair and falls into lake, next to Scrat.*

Scrat: *drops Acorn in hole that Sid made*

(Cavecicle starts to crack. A icicle above Brick and MoW starts to fall)

Scott: *tackles Brick out of the way*

Brick: Thanks comrade!!! *runs with Scott towards Sid*

Scott: *nearing Sid*

Brick: *right behind Scott*

Scott: *picks Sid up* Allright... back to the entrance *runs to the entrance*

Brick: *helps Scott carring Sid*

Alejandro: *following Scott and Brick*

Scott: *runs out of the cave, with Sid*

Brick: *running with Scott*

Alejandro: *still following the trio*

Scott and Brick: *nearing the castle with Sid in arms*

Alejandro: *attempts to tackle them, but falls in snow instead*

Scott and Brick: *enter the Mutants castle*

Gaffers' Castle

Mutant's Castle

Brick: *let's go of SID*

Scott: *places Sid in Mutant's Castle*

Noah: Nice job guys

Scott: Ya thanks Noah... by the way... I forgive you for throwing that snowball at me in the earlier challenge!!!

Brick: *To Noah* Nice arm soldier!! Especially since you hit Scott! Now that is a challenge... well done! *salutes Noah*

Chris: The Screaming Mutants Win! Come to the Reward Ceremony!

Reward Ceremony #1

Chris: The Screaming Mutants, welcome to your first ever Reward Ceremony, but since the Gaffers only have three players then only three of you can get Immunity Idols. I know what you're thinking. Chris, you said we all get immunity idols. Well, I LIED! Boo-Yah! Since Scott put Sid in the Castle, he gets an instant Immunity Idol. The rest of you will vote on who gets the second and third. You may NOT vote for yourself. Scott, you can still vote. I will explain the Immunity Idols later after the vote. VOTE ONLY IN THE CONFESSIONAL

Scott: (CONF) I vote for Brick to get another Idol

Brick: (CONF) I vote for Noah to get another idol!

Gwen: (CONF) i vote for anna marie, only because shes the only other girl.

Anna Maria :(CONF) I vote hmm idk between Gwen and Noah I vote Noah because he is trust worthy

Noah: (CONF) Anne Maria should get one

Chris: Okay, I have counted the votes. Noah and Anne Maria both recieved two votes and get immunity idols! *tosses immunity idols to Anne Maria and Noah* Now, I will explain how you use them, but first I need a vote. Come under the New Option Section!

New Option Section

Chris: Okay, I don't want to do emails, but you all can go on Private Chat, right? Just private chat me and I'll get the votes. I'm active on 4:00 PST (7:00 EST), then unactive at 5:00 PST (8:00 EST). I'm active again starting from 7:00 PST (10: EST). I will always be on chat, so you can vote. I'll make the challenge end tonight and then give me the votes tomorrrow where I shall type them down on a seperate profile and reveal who has been eliminated that night. Is that okay?

Cody: Yeah sure

Noah: Same here

Anna Maria: works for me but my school ends late and I have swimming but I'll try

Scott and Brick: Sure!

Ep.7: Miner Traitor Niner


Scott: *thinking* Gwen?

Anna Maria : hmm Courtney

Chris: Anna, you are right, but there is still one more. He is not a TD character but a popular video game character. By the way, there are new special cameos. Keep an eye on them as they will be needed to win Individual Immunity!

Cody: Is the other one Mario?

Noah: Is it Sonic?

Chris: cody is correct! vote on the new option section

Anna Maria: Way too go cody

Boys' Cabin

Scott: *to Brick, Alejandro, Noah and Cody* Hey guys... we need to team up! What I see here is the greatest final 5 right here! Becuase if we stay seperate... the girls will start picking us off one... by one... so are we in an agreement?

Scott: (CONF) Let's see here... Anne Maria is easy to beat... Izzy is insane... and Gwen is hard to read... Noah... eh.. but Cody can be of an asset... He was unfairly voted out in TDWT... So I know that I wont win cause some how... I am a good player... so I will do everything in my power to ensure that Cody WINS!!!

Girl's Cabin

Izzy: Morning Girls!!! (CONF) Ok while i was sleeping i had the craziest dream- that inspired me to get a chimpanzee! Theyre so cool! all you have to do is go to Africa and they are practically free!

Anna Maria : morning ok guys we need too get out Scott Alejandro and brick there the biggest threats in the game if we don't step up soon 1 by 1 we go we just need too get Cody and Noah on our side

Anna Maria:(CONF) this is hard people too get ridd of I want Scott gone so icon get him off my back but he has an idol soo I need too try too waste his idol or cody hmm no he's not a threat Noah no way I trust him the most brick he is just a gUinea pig for Scott I'm starting too like Gwen I don't know about izzy but hmm Alejandro is a eel he needs too goo

The Woods

Anna maria:hmmm

Mess Hall

Anna Maria:*eats*


Chris: Okay, the challenge will take place now, but it won't end until tomorrow night! Teams, welcome to your last team challenge. Teams must head toward Boney Island and make their way into the Cave of Terror. (There's a word before Terror, but I can't spell it). You can use anything but make sure that it takes you five lines to get there. I will be back at 5:30 PST (8:30 EST) to tell you about the second part of the challenge. Write under this heading! The Mutants' Advantage is that they get a boat! Gaffers, you're advantage won't be until the next challenge.

Anna Maria: * tries too find a motor too make the boat faster *

Anna Maria:*trips* arghh!

Anna maria: *finds motor*

Scott: Well done Anne Maria!

Alejandro: *looks for oars*

Anna Maria : thanks now for oars if the motor breaks *starts looking for oars*

Anna Maria :*trips* oof!

Anna Maria: *sees oars* *runs too them*

Anna Maria:*picks oars up*

Anna Maria: *runs too mutants boat*

Alejandro: *looks for a raft*

Cody: *looks for oars*

Cody: *finds oars* Lets go Alejandro! *rows raft*

Noah: Well done Anne Maria!

Anna Maria : thanks *puts oars in mutants boat*

Mario: (snores) marry me....Daisy....Peach!

Scott: Let's go guys there ahead of us

Alejandro: *rows with cody*

Cody: *rows quickly*

Noah: We better get a move on

Alejandro: *rows even quicker*

Scott: *starts engine*

Anna Maria :let's go there ahead whose driving

Cody: *rows raft towards Boney Island* Almost there

Noah: Hurry!

Anna Maria:*starts driving fast*

Anna Maria :*drives fast*

Anna maria:*sees rock turns over and drives faster*

Anna Maria:*drives fast is almost there*

Anna Maria :*drives fast sees wave and drives thru it*

Cody: *rows faster*

Cody: *washes up on beach* We made it Alejandro

Noah: They beat us

Anna Maria:*drives faster and is at boney island*

Alejandro: Well done amigo! *high fives Cody*

Cody: Nice job Alejandro

Challenge, Part 1: The Cave of Terror Mine Cart Race

Chris: The Mutant Gaffers have won another advantage for the next challenge! By the way, did I say that the winning teams gets something? Well, now I did! The reward will be under the Reward Ceremony! Okay, now your next challenge is yet another race. There are mine carts in the cave that lead to the heart of the Cave of Terror. There, you will find two cameos and many jewels. To get there, use mine carts! You need at least thirteen lines. Five to get on, eight to navigate with three life-threatening challenges. They can be a train, explosives, or bats. Gaffers, you can get a three minute head start which starts now!

(well I gtg good luck mutants -Omgdeadpeople )

(Thanks :) - Phyneo)

Alejandro: *races towards the carts*

Alejandro: *pushes cart* Come amigos!

Scott: *runs to the carts*

Brick: *runs with Scott*

Scott: *nearing the carts*

Brick: *right behind Scott*

Alejandro: *pushes cart*

Scott: *hops in Cart*

Brick: *Pushing cart*

Scott: : Let's go Brick!!! *cart is gaining speed*

Brick: *nods and hops in*

Alejandro: *still pushing carts*

Cody: *pushes cart*

Noah: *jumps in cart*

Cody: *pushes cart*

Alejandro: *hops in cart* Jump Cody!!!

Cody: *jumps in cart*

Alejandro: well done!

Scott: Guys look out for those bats *bats attack*

Cody: Look out for the bats! *ducks*

MoW: *jumps in front of the Mutant's Cart and knocks it into the river below* *grabs Gaffer's cart and throws it on top of the Mutants*

Scott: *dazed* Well that sucks *swims to shore and looks for another mine cart*

Cody: *looks for another mine cart*

Noah: *looks for another mine cart*

Brick: *looks for another mine cart*

Alejandro: *looks with cody*

(Mine carts start rolling in)

Alejandro: *hops in one*

Scott and Brick: *hop in one*

Alejandro: *starts riding*

Scott: *starts riding*

Brick: *whimpering*

Alejandro: *sees explosives* Oh... no...

BOOOOOOOOMMM! *gaffer's cart goes flying*

Scott: Thanks for clearing the way al!!! *zooms by*

Cody: AHH!

Courtney: *jumps from a stalacite* I want my revenge Gwen! *knocks Scott and Gwen off the cart*

MoW: *roars and follows the campers*

Chris: You all have past 15 lines and three threats!

Scott: *on ground* got it.... *runs towards the mine cart*

Brick: *throws Courtney from the Cart*

Courtney: *screams and lands near Scott. Kicks him in the area and jumps onto the MoW's back* Get that Cadet! *screams*

MoW: *grabs Brick*

Brick: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *pees pants*

Scott: OWWWW!!! *sees a stalacite hanging over the monster* HMMM... *throws a rock at the stalacite*

Cody: Thanks for taking care of him for us! *speeds past the mutants* Almost done

Cody: *reaches destination* We made it!

Scott: *hops on another Cart and speeds off*

Alejandro: YAY??? *I thought our cart was still in the air?*

Scott: *nearing the end*

Scott: *reaches desitination* YES!!!

Chris: The Screaming Mutants Win! It's on to the final challenge.

Courtney: *runs up* Get ready to lose!

'Chris: The Screaming Mutants get a drill (the ones that you stand on and it goes up and down) and the Mutant Gaffers get a 'hammer! Each person in the next fifteen has to do dig up how many jewels they can. It has to be alternating with one jewel found at the end of a three lines. EX:

Courtney: *digs fast*

Fang: *continues digging*

Courtney: *gets jewel*

Chris: Got it? Good! Write under the Challenge Part 2 Section! Fang, Courtney, and MoW will steal jewels! Good Luck!

(I keep forgetting to log in! CodyDuncanFan97 02:54, April 20, 2012 (UTC)CodyDuncanFan97)

Challenge, Part 2: The Cave of Terror Jewel Contest

Cody: *digs fast with hammer*

Noah: *digs fast*

Cody: *continues digging*

Noah: *continues digging*

Chris: Twelve minutes left!

Scott: Drilling fast*

Brick: *digging*

Alejandro: *digging*

Scott: *Found a jewel* Found one!

Brick: *also digging fast*

Alejandro: *digging*

Scott: *finds a jewel* Found one!!!

Brick: Well... done...

Scott: *keep digging*


Scott: *keeps digging*

Brick: *digging*

Scott: *found his third one*

Chris: And the Winners will be determined tomorrow around 4:00 PST (7:00 EST)

Cody: *finds jewel*

Noah: Nice Scott

Cody: *digging* *finds a jewel*

Noah: *drills te ground*

Cody: *keeps digging*

Noah: *still drilling*

Cody: *finds his third jewel*

Noah: *finds jewel*

Mario: (is now awake and is playing Mario Kart) damn it!. Bowser got in a my way!! take this Bowser!. Green a Shell! (two seconds pass) Mamamia!, it missed!

Cody: *begins to tire but still digs*

Noah: *drills*

Cody: *digs quickly*

Noah: *finds jewel*

Scott: *digging* Huff... huff...

Brick: *digging*

Scott: *found another jewel*

Cody: *finds another jewel*

Noah: *drilling*

Scott: *digging*

Brick: *digging*

Scott: *found a jewel*

Alejandro: *digging*

Anna Maria:*digging*

Anna Maria: *finds jewel*

Brick: *digging*

Scott: *digging*

Brick: *finds another jewel*

Scott: *digging*

Anna Maria :*digging*

Anna Maria: *fines jewel*

Scott: *digging*

Brick: *digging*

Scott: *finds another jewel*

Brick: *digging*

Scott: *digging*

Brick: *finds another jewel*

Anna Maria:*digging*

Chris: Stop digging! In am about to announce who won!

Chris: Cody and Noah, you both found jewels every other line, which is not allowed. I talleyed the scores and Alejandro found none, Anne Maria found one, Brick found three, Cody found one (the others were not after three lines), Gwen found none, Izzy found none, Noah found one, and Scott found six. The Mutant Gaffers got a score of 1, and the Screaming Mutants got eleven! They win!

(Cave starts rumbling)

Courtney: Hahahahaha! Gwen will die and so will you losers, then I'll get the million! I'm not crazy, I'm PSYCHOTIC! *jumps in a mine carts and threws dynamite, trapping the campers, Chris, and MoW inside the cave.*

Chris: What?! I can't be sued again! Campers, we all have to get out so you need to race out. You just need five lines! Gaffers, only Alejandro and Cody can be eliminated. The first one out is safe!

Alejandro: *runs like mad*

Alejandro: *runs faster* (So... why can't Izzy be eliminated?)

Alejandro: *runs faster still*

Scott: Look at Al go...

Anna Maria : *slips * owww my leg

Chris: Hurry Up! *pushes Alejandro down and keeps on running out*

(Esther2108 said she had to go somewhere, but you can only be excused once so after this episode, she's fair game to be eliminated)

Alejandro: grrr *get's up and continues to run*

Scott: *stops by Anne Maria* Would you like some help?

Anna Maria : nope but thank u for the offer * gets up and runs *

Chris: *makes it out* Phew!

Alejandro: *runs out right behind Chris*

Anna Maria: *runs like a psyho *

Scott: *notices something on the ground* eh... what's this? *picks it up* hmmm... *runs*

Brick: *running behind everyone else*

Anna Maria : *runs like crazy* Courtney ur psyho

Anna Maria : *sees Gwen picks her up and runs*

Anna Maria: *makes it out* thank goodness

Courtney: *hits Anna Maria*

Chef: *shoots Courtney with tranqulizer* I'm BACK!

MoW: *picks up the rest of the campers and throws them outside as the cave crumbles to nothing*

Anna Maria : *slaps countney back* Shoot she's knocked out cold she did not feel that thanks chef

Anna maria: (CONF) it looks like Cody's out but it's a win-win I'll make sure its me izzy Gwen and Noah too the end and the gaffers are crumbling I wonder what zoey is thinking

Brick: Wow... *to the MoW* Thanks you sir! *salutes the monster*

Alejandro: (CONF) Well... if it ever comes to a vote... Izzy is out... Cody deserves to be here more than Izzy

Elimination Ceremony #5

Chris: Cody is still in the game! I know it may be a shocker, but if you visit my talk page, then you'll find out why. Instead, I'll let him have individual immunity (he was the only one in his team who found an idol) along with Alejandro (was the first one to get out of the cave) but Izzy cannot go. Mutants, I am so sorry, but you're going to have to vote someone to get out. It is a really good reason why Cody should stay. Remember, Private Message me!

Anna Maria : get on chat so I can pm u

Chris: Only three people have voted? There's still three people left to vote. Gwen and Izzy have not voted. Remember PM me.

(Wait... This was a team challenge and the Screaming Mutants only have 5 people and Both of my characters havent voted... or is this everyone voting?)

(Everyone is voting, I knew I forgot to explain something! You see, ACTN's mom was in the hospital and he/she was visiting her so I decided to let everyone vote.)


Chris: Okay, all the votes are in! The ones who are safe are Izzy, Cody, Alejandro, Noah, and Brick. The other three recieved votes, but one person will be eliminated. It will either be Anne Maria, Gwen, or Scott. The one who recieved the lowest amount of votes from these three is Anne Maria. Scott or Gwen will be eliminated. And the one eliminated for today is

Scott. However, he can use his immunity idol.

Scott: *rolls eyes* Wow! I totatly did not see this coming! *uses idol*

Cody: Wow

Noah: Nice Scott

Anna maria: bold move

Chris: Okay, then, looks like Gwen is out!

Fang: *drags Gwen onto the Hurl of Shame and hands her a Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom*

Chris: Goodbye Gwen! *cuts rope and Gwen is catapulted off the island*

Reward Ceremony #2

Chris: Okay, so as promised, I said that the one with the most wins will get an immunity idol and thanks to that handy-dandy elimination chart that I don't understand, Fang tells me the one with the most wins is Scott! *throws Scott an immuntiy idol* That's right the teams have been merged! But thanks to a request, someone else will debut. No complaining or you'll get eaten by Fang and the Monster of Wawanakwa, is that understood?

Fang & MoW: *licks lips*

Scott: So I get another immunity idol? AWSOME!!!

Chef: *gives Chris a note*

Chris: *reads note* Oh, looks like two other people tied with Scott and that's Anne Maria and Brick! They also get immunity idols! *throws two more to Brick and Anne Maria* Hmm, that means only Alejandro, Cody, and Izzy don't have immunity idols. Oh, well. Challenges will start today but not until 7:30 EST (4:30 PST)!

Anna Maria: woo hoo

Ep.8: Follow the Radioactive Road!


Anna Maria: dorthey Katie and sadie

Anna Maria: a NASCAR driver

Boys' Cabin

Girl's Cabin

Anna maria:(CONF) oh no im soo scerwed i only have one more chance too stay alive my chances are cody noah and izzy like cody is going too side with me

Izzy: Morning!!!!*jumps off bed and bangs head on floor*

Anna Maria: morning

The Woods

Mess Hall

Anna maria : *sprays hair nersously*

??? : wow!. your hot!

Anna Maria:who there's! :O

Chris: Everyone give a warm welcome to the debutee! It's.....

Tyler: ME!!!! the T Man Tyler!!

Anna maria: welcome Tyler

Cody: DUDE! Whats up man!

Noah: Hey Tyler good to see you!

Tyler: what's up Anne Maria!. and it's great to see my boys Noah and Cody! (high fives Cody and Noah)

Anna Maria :nothin much u (CONF) yes somebody who's not evil came

Tyler: not much has been going on since last time. me and Lindsay have kinda fallen out...

Anna maria: oh what happened did she forgot ur name

Tyler: no!....she was..........cheating on me.

Anna maria : oh im sorry

Tyler: it was with some guy who looked like me!

Anna maria: awhh thats sucks u deserve better then lindsey

Tyler: i guess....

Anna maria:*whispers too tyler* theres lots of threats here soo bewere *is refering too alejandro*


Chris: You'll each have until tomorrow at 4:00 PST (7:00 EST) to complete the first part of today's challenge. The first challenge is to design your own racecar. Just tell me the name, the color, and one special trick. The first one totell me will win an advantage until part two. By the way, you need at least one thing that makes it vulnerable and one thing that makes it easy while in radioactivity. Ex. The Chrismoblie, black and blue, can jump over MoW. Vulnerable to water, and can speed up throughout green slime. Now, Create-A-Car!


The Spainish Eel

Green and Blue

Speical Trick-Shocks nearby cars

Strength- Speed up over toxic waste

Weakness- Easily damaged

Anne Maria

Car name: the jersey mobile

Color : purple

The special trIck: too spray bottles back of the car used too blind and get drivers lost

Weakness: its hard too steer and turn

Strength : is fast and engines are strong

Chris: Great! Anne Maria wins an advantage!

Anna Maria: cool


The Great Cadet

Red, White, and Blue

Special Trick- It has a spring jump ability

Strength-Absorbs Toxic Waste to increase overall speed

Weakness- Poor Control


Cody: The Cody-O-Lite, Color: blue Special Trick: super speed Vulnerbility: its light and may get hit by bigger cars

Chris: Where's the strength to radioactivity?

Cody: Wheels do not run well on radioactive slime

Chris: I'll say they go fast on radioactive slime! Cody, you have finished second!


Crazy Llama

Orange and green

Special Trick: can fly short distances

fly powers are weak around radioactivity

Vunerability: needs petrol reloads after not long


Noah: The Smart 1 Color: Red Special Trick: Has an invisible forcefield Vulnerbility: slows down offroad

Chris: Where's the strength toward radioactivity?

Noah: forcefield goes away on slime

Chris: Same as Cody. Noah, you have finished third, behind Cody and Anne Maria! Now, we wait for Alejandro, Brick, Tyler, Izzy, and Scott.


The Lethal Flame

Red and Orange

Special Trick- A sharp drill on the front!

(strength) Perfect drift on toxic slime

(weakness) Poor Acceleration


The Jock O Tronic

Red and White

it can use it's mechanical arms inside it to leap itself over objects ;) (Strength)

it struggles with turning corners and is quite vulnerable (Weakness)

Chris: Sweetk, dude! Now, all I need is the weakness and the strength during radioactivity. Refer to the example if you are confused. Once you have this, then you win an advantage.

Tyler: the Jock O Tronic will.....hopefully....have no limits!

Chris: Explain the no limits and then you can finish third. Cody and Anne Maria are done.

The Radioactive Road Race!

Chris: Everyone had sweet cars, but like greatness repeats itself, you will NOT be riding on your own car. All contestants will race random cars ( and race on the first track: Fury of Fang! This is a underwater course and must take ten alternating lines. You have to be last and first at least once! Radioactive stuff will be thrown at you and will either slow you down or cause you to take the lead! All five items of the car will be used in your lines, is that clear? To decide who gets which car will be Duncan!

Duncan: I lost and now I have to cameo? Well, that's show biz. Okay, Alejandro will drive in Cody's, Anne Maria, will drive in Tyler's, Brick will drive in Anne Maria's, Cody will drive in Scott's, Izzy will drive Brick's, Noah will drive Alejandro's, Scott will drive Izzy's, and Tyler will drive Noah's. Anybody who doesn't get it must message CodyDuncanFan97, got it?!

(This camp is the most visited on the wikia! I'm really proud of all you guys for letting my first camp be a success!)

Course #1: Fury of Fang

Chris: You have up until tomorrow to finish this challenge!

Anna maria : soo do we go *gets ready*

Izzy: well i hope bricks spring jump works underwater...

Anna maria: i hope tylers car is useful

Chris: GO! (I won't be back for an hour!)

Anna maria: *drives fast* (1)

Anna maria: oh no slime *uses arms too get over smile* AHa

Anna maria: this thing is hard too drive *keeps on driving*

Anna maria: *sees a bird* aHHH *runs over bird* sorry birdy

Anna maria: *sees mini larry thorwed at mee* OH NO! gets attacked AHH! *but keeps on driving*

Tyler: come on Noah's car!, show me your magic! (drives) (1)

Anna maria: *sees radio active puddle uses arms too get over the puddle* (2)

Anna maria: small conors great *gets stuck but gets out*

anna maria : *drives*

Anna maria : *gets stuck*

Anna maria: *drives is more then haft way* (dont worry ill make alt lines)

Anna maria: *gets attacked by little guppies*

Anna maria: *makes it alive by a little mile gets attacked by eels* NOO NOT MY POUFETTE

Anna maira: *gets blinded by ink * *

Tyler: stupid shield! (continues driving) (2)

Anna maria: whats next EEls diguies as total drama contestions *sees one gets attacked by one that looks like staci* (3)

Anna maria: *drives but has too wait because a school of fish comes by*

Fang: *shoots Anna Maria with radioactive slime, knocking her off course.*

Anna maria: *grrr redos alt line number 7* (4)'

Anna maria: *sees small conor gets stuck*

Anna maria: *sees cookie cutters* NOOO!!!!!!!!!!! *is still stuck*

Scott: *starts to drive* (1) Alejandro: *starts to dive* (1)

Brick: *starts to drive* (1)

Fang: *attacks Brick's car*

Electric Eel: *zaps Scott and Tyler*

Three-Eyed Dolphin: *shoots toxic lazers from his eyes*

Chris: Welcome, Lazer the Three-Eyed Dolphin! We shipped him in special.*

Brick: *uses Anne Maria's car abiity to blind Fang* (2)

Alejandro: *spins out of control* (2)

Scott: Let's see what this baby can do *uses Izzy car to fly over the Dolphin* (2)

Lazer: *growls, and shoots toxic lazers, melting one of Scott's wheels.*

Anna maria : ok just *sees more fish gets stuck* (5)

Anna maria: i got it *gets out of conor and keeps on driving*

Anna maria: SOOO CLOSE ( ill do an extra 5 lines)

Anna maria: *uses arms too go over a group of fish*

Anna maria: *keeps on driving*

Anna maria: *rans out of gas *

Anna maria: dang and i can see the finish line in a mile

Anna: AHa * puts hairpspray in engine and drives*

Anna maria: *drives is a hop and a skip too the finish line *.

Anna maria: *goes thru the finish line i dont know how much lines i did *

Scott: *lands; dosnet know the wheel pop* (2, wheel popped)

Brick: *drives* (3)

Alejandro: *drives* (3)

Chris: Anne, I don't care how many lines you did, because the instructions said alternating lines. You can't alternate lines yourself. Only five of those counted because you alternated. Keep going!

Lazer: *blows up Anne Maria*

Fang: *crahses into Alejandro*

Electric Eel: *shocks Brick*

(ohh sorry)

anna maria: AHHH# (6)

Tyler: HAHA!, the T Man is back in the game! (goes faster) (3)

Anna maria: *keeps are driving uses arms * (7)

Anna maria : *keeps on driving*

Anna maria: *keeps on driving*

Anna maria: *keeps on driving*

anna maria: *drives some more*

'Chris: You only have six!

Fang: *attacks Anne Maria*

Lazer: *blows up Scott's other wheel*

Anna maria: AH! *loses control*

Anna maria: *drives * (8)

(brb taking a shower)

(i'm going to bed now. bye - Blaze)

Anna Maria:*drives and uses arms too go over big things* (9)

Scott: Why am I slowing down??? (2, wheel popped)

Brick: *still driving* (4)

Cody: *drives fast* (1)

Noah: *drives fast* (1)

Cody: *drives over slime and slows down* (2)

Noah: *drives over slime and slows down* (2)

Anna Maria: *drives* (10)

Scott: *drving but slowing down* (3)

Brick: *driving* (5)

Cody: *speeds up* (3)

Noah: *speeds up* (3)

scott: *drives* (4)

Brick: *drives* (6)

Anna Maria:*drives* (11)

Scott: *flys over toxic obsatcles* (5)

Brick: *drives and uses gas to distract other contrestants* (6)

Scott: *lands and drives* (6)

Brick; *drives* (7)

Lazer: *blows up another of Anne's wheels*

(If you lose a wheel, then you lose a line!)

Fang: *punctures Brick's wheel* (3)

Anna Maria: Awhh crap *keeps on driving* (10)

Brick: NOO *drives* (6)

Scott: *drives* (7)

Alejandro: *drives fast* (4)

Scott: *drives* (8)

Brick: *drives* (8)

Anna:*drives* (11)

Scott: *drives as fast as he can go* (9)

Brick: *drives* (9)

(Please stop writing. I'm going to count the lines CodyDuncanFan97 01:26, April 26, 2012 (UTC)CodyDuncanFan97)

Lazer: *blows up Anne Maria's second wheel*

Fang: *grabs Anne Maria*

Anna Maria: ?

Brick: *drives*

Scott: *crosses finish line* YESS

(soo what happened I'm I going too the hurl of shame -Omgdeadpeople)

Cody: No!!!

Noah: Aww man

(I don't think so.-Phyneo)

(ohh now I get it I went over the limit -Omgdeadpeople)

Alejandro: Well done Amigo! *pats Scott on Back*


Chris: I'm not doing a instant elimination like in three seasons. It will still be a vote. Scott won the challenge and Tyler has individual immunity for debuting. Vote on Private Chat!

Elimination Ceremony #6/Reward Ceremony #3

Chris: All votes against Scott will be canceled so don't waste your vote. Vote on Private Chat or Message Me!


(how do you message)

(Go to my talk page and vote)

Chris: tick, tock

Chris: Anne Maria, Izzy, and Tyler still need to vote!

Chris: Here is the rule, guys. When I announce who gets eliminated, that person, if they have one can use an immunity idol to save themselves, but the next one with the majority of votes will be ELIMINATED EVEN IF THEY HAVE AN IDOL. I only did this, because if Scott got out, he uses idol, then Noah, got out, but he uses idol, and etc. This will be easier. No hard feelings. If someone with an idol does get eliminated, we will have a trivia challenge and the one who answers first will get the idol. Okay, two people are left to cast their votes. Rewards will be given out to help in the next challenge!

Chris: I have counted the votes and the one who will be going home tonight is.....

ANNE MARIA! However, due to Omgdeadpeople informing they will be at the faults, all votes against her were canceled. So, Brick has been eliminated instead. We will miss you Brick!

MoW: *pats Brick and throws him off the island*

Chris: Yeah, the Hurl of Shame is now the Monster of Wawanawka throwing you off the island. The Safety Patrol made me dismantle it. Well, now we get to hunt for Brick's Immunity Idol in tommorow's challenge!

(I was at the movie. :{D)

Chris: Scott, you have to choose either Idol 1 or Idol 2, one of them has a paintball gun for tomorrow's challenge. The other has a slingshot. Choose carefully. (I which one you will get.)

Scott: hmm... Idol 2

Chris: You got the Paintball Gun, but there is no paintballs in it. You'll have to get that yourself. *tosses Scott the paintball gun*

Ep.9: Have You Seen My Mutant?


Chris: This cameo is a newcomer.

Scott: Lightning

Chris: Not even close

Scott: Cameron

Tyler: Mike?

Cody: Dakota?

Noah: B?

Chris: Cody, you are correct! You will get the prize that Scott did not choose! Challenge starts tomorrow at 5:30 PST (8:30 EST). I might change the time.

Chris: Here you go Cody! *hands Cody the slingshot*

Boys' Cabin

Scott: *to Tyler* Hey man! How's it going?

Tyler: hey Scott!, i'm fine thanks.

Girl's Cabin

Izzy: HI! I cant believe im still here ok this is so exciting!

Mess Hall

Cody: *searches for paintballs*

Noah: *searches for paintballs*

Cody: *searches for paintballs*

Noah: *searches for paintballs*

Chef: *grabs pot and smacks Noah with it, knocking him out*

Cody: *searches for paintballs*

Cody: *searches for paintballs*

Chef: *follows Cody* You're not getting the paintballs! *holds paintballs*

Cody: Uhh ok? I guess I'll go outside then

Anna Maria: ok now here I need too set some booby traps*

Scott: *enters Mess Hall*

Alejandro: *enter Mess Hall*

Anna Maria:*sets up booby traps*

Anna Maria:*serches*

Scott: *Searches around the traps*

Alejandro: *enter's Chef's Kitchen*

Scott: *finds a paintball under the table*

Anna Maria :*serches cupboards*

Anna Maria: *looks for paint balls*

Alejandro: *opens fridge and finds a paintball*

Anna Maria:*looks for it*

Scott; *leaves Mess hall*

Alejandro: *leaves*

Anna Maria: *finds paint ball in stove and leaves*

Chef: *grabs Anna before she leaves and locks her in the freezer with open windows*

Anna Maria: brr it's freezing tries too use her metel hair too get out* (CONF) aww *BEEP* I guess I'm going home next

Anna Maria: ARGGG let me out GRRR CURSE U

Chef: Wait, I left a window open that she can escape through! Ah, she won't notice.

Anna Maria:*tries too find a place too get out*

Anna Maria:*finds escape and escapes* *HA! Peace out sucka *kicks chef in the groin and runs*

The Woods

Chris: Okay, you're first challenge will take place anywhere! Chef, Fang, and Monster have hidden radioactive paintballs somewhere around these three areas. They are the Woods, the Mess Hall, and the Super Secret Hiding Place which I will reveal later. They're are 30 paintballs. You can find a maximum of five so someone will NOT get paintballs. You need five lines and different locations to find the five. That is it! Oh, and Dakota has lost her mind, so if you get kidnapped then you are out of the game. (As always, I will If someone is captured, you need three lines and can steal ONE of their paintballs. BEGIN!

Tyler: Let's do this! (searches for paintball)

Izzy: Yes! paint ball treasure hunt!

Tyler: (continues searching)

Chris: Yeah, there are no weapons just paintballs. See if you can throw them hard enough.

Fang: *spots Tyler and licks lips*

Dakota: *roars*

Fang: *screams and runs off*

Chris: More competing!

Tyler: i was always competing! (continues searching)

Chris: You do not need alternating lines!

Chris: It seems people forgot about this camp. That's sad. I almost reached the end.

Scott: *searches for paintballs*

Alejandro" *looks for paintballs*

MoW: *looks at Scott and Alejandro*

Scott: *looks deeper in the woods for paintballs*

Alejandro: *continues to look*

Anna Maria: *is sneaking around looking for paint balls and is holding hairspray*

Fang: *jumps in front of Anne Maria*

MoW: *jumps in front of Scott and Alejandro, a bag of paintballs stuck around its tooth. roars*

Alejandro: *rips shirt off and distracts the monster*

Scott: *grabs the bag* HAHA... uhoh... *trips and the paintballs scatter* NO!!!

Anna Maria: AHHHH! *gets hairspray sprays fang and serches*

Anna Maria :*looks for paint balls*

Anna Maria :*tiptoes pass everyone * Comeon if I were a. Paintball where would I be

Scott: *looks for paintballs*

Alejandro: *looks for a paintabll*

Scott: *found a paintbal behind a tree*

Alejandro: *finds a paintball in a bush*

Anna Maria: *wait a minute starts too run*

Anna Maria: aha! *finds a paint ball in a hole*

Scott: *head toward the cave*

Alejandro: *walks through the woods*

Scott: *enters cave and looks for paint balls*

Alejandro: *climbs a tree*

Chris: Only 4 will be able to compete for immunity. Fang, Dakota, and Monster will attack!

Scott: *runs and hides*

Alejandro: *hides* (so... who is all in? Do we target them and attack with our paintballs?)

(No, the challenge is almost over, just hide)

Fang: *follow Scott's footprints*

MoW: *grabs Tyler and throws him in a tent with Noah*

Scott: *crawls behind some bushes*

Alejandro: *climbs a tree*

Chris: Anne Maria has two paintballs, Scott has two, Alejandro has two, Izzy and Cody have none. Hmm, I said five linbes for FIVE Paintballs. Only 6 out of the 30 have been found? That's just sad.

Fang: *follows Scott's knee tracks and looks near bushes*

Scott: *keeps moving silently; away from Fang*

Alejandro: *jumping from branches*

Anna Maria:*runs in cave and starts looking*

Anna Maria: *looks for paint balls*

Alejandro: *climbs down tree* Well lookie here... *finds 4 other paintballs hidden in the grass*

Scott: *jumps up and runs from Fang*

Anna Maria:*looks under rocks*

Anna Maria:*looks for paint balls*

Scott: *runs toward the cabin and falls in the hole that Zoey had dug a few challenges ago!*

Anna Maria: *looks for paint balls*

Anna Maria: *finds a paint ball*

Fang: Chases Scott

Anna Maria: *jumpa in a hole*

Scott: *jumps out of the hole and dives beneath the cabin*

MoW: *lifts Cabin and grabs Scott* *takes him too Tyler and Noah*


Chris: Okay, the challenge was originally to attack Dakota, but I'll let things easier. Attack each other, but Dakota can still grab you. The person who is the last one standing wins immunity!

Anna Maria:*starts too attack Scott *

Chris: Anna, Scott is out!

Alejandro: *attacks Anne Maria*

Anna: *attacks alejandro*

Anna:*attacks Alejandro more*

Anna Maria:*attacks Alejandro even more*

Alejandro; *throws Paintball at Anne Maria's eyes; blinding her*

Alejandro: *attacks Anne Maria some more*

Anna:*tackles Alejandro *

Chris: Hurry UP!

Alejandro: *upper cuts Anne Maria's Face*

Alejandro: *takes a tree branch and smacks Anne Maria's head with it*

Chris: Okay, Anna, and Alejandro both win immunity! Message me to vote!

Anna Maria: owe my head can I have revenge with ale *puts hand on head sees blood on hand*

Scott: *to Anna Maria* Hey... sorry to hear what Al did to you? But you know what... I think we should vote out the ones who aren't here often... Ya know what I'm saying?

Anna Maria:*is still messed up from alejandro* McKay

Scott: *looking concerned* You want some ice for that?

Anna Maria: Yes please (CONF) ok I know it was a challenge but ale did extreme moves but who cares I won the challenge

Scott: *ran to the kitchen and grabs some ice* *runs back to Anne Maria* Here you go!

Anna Maria:*puts ice on my head* thank you Scott

Scott: You welecome Anne Maria!

Elimination Ceremony #7

Chris: Sorry for rushing, but this challenge has been going on forever! Message me your votes! Remember, Anna and Alejandro have immunity!

Anna Maria: ok I voted

Chris: Okay, TIME IS UP! There is a super secret surprise twist that I random.orged between this episode, Ep. 10, and Ep. 11. The ones who did not receive votes were Alejandro, Anna Maria, Cody, and Tyler. The super secret surprise twist was that the one WHO WAS VOTED THE LEAST IS ELIMINATED! Yep, and the one who received one vote is eliminated. It's

NOAH! I am sorry Noah, but you have been eliminated from Total Drama: Wrath of Wawanawka!

MoW: *grabs Noah and throws him across the ocean.*

Chris: Who will get Eliminated next? Find out in Mutant AniMAUL Hunting!

Reward Ceremony #3

Ep.10: Mutant Animaul Hunting


Boy's Cabin

Scott: (CONF) That was close... If Chris didn't do that twist... I probably wouldn't be here right now... well... the biggest threats right now are Alejandro and Anne Maria... but it would be best to have a final three with those 2... there are acutally active!!!

Girl's Cabin

Anna Maria:(CONF) yes final 6 let's hope I can make it too the final 5

Anna maria(CONF)Too make it too the final 5 it's going too be hard cus I don't really have much friends I trust Noah I don't know about the rest I kinda trust Scott but not really but I'm gunning for Alejandro he's really strong he's a threat

Anna Maria:(CONF) Woopy doo

Mess Hall

Anna Maria:*waits for challenge*

Challenge: Hide or Die

Chris: Challenge will be tomorrow at 5:30 PST (8:30 EST, 10:30 in Australia)

(I hope I got Australia right)

Chris: The Challenge will start in an hour and a half.

Anna Maria: soo who's out

Chris: It's Challenge Time! This one is an easy one! The Monster of Wawanakwa was always hunted due to being rare so now it wants revenge! He will capture four contestants. The four who are captured, to win Individual Immunity, you need to capture the most mutated thing you can find! (It takes ten lines to catch one. YOU MUST HAVE LOST TO START THE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE) All right, This challenge will only take 30 minutes so get started! (I my vitims) Final two left get an advantage in the next challenge!

MoW: *chases Izzy, Scott, Alejandro, Cody, Anna Maria, and Tyler*

Anna Maria:*runs*

Alejandro: *runs into the woods*

Scott: *runs away*

Chris: Oh by the way, Zoey became insane from being voted off and has come back to attack you guys as well!

MoW: *roars and stomps, almost hitting Tyler*

Fang: *pops up behind Scott*

(Omg is Zoey. Make sure you use five lines to get at least one!)

Zoey:Aahhhh Alejandro I'll get u *runs too alejandro and tackles him*

Anna Maria:*runs away*

Anna Maria:*runs and hides*

MoW: *follows Anna Maria*

scott: *runs from Fang*

Alejandro: *pushes Zoey off and runs*

Anna Maria:*climbs two the highest tree and throws stuff at the mow

Scott: *runs deep in the woods*

Alejandro: *runs into the woods*

Anna:*hops too tree too tree*

Zoey:*runs after Alejandro and scott* MEZ will Getz youzzz

Anna Maria:come on Comeon *looks for somthing mutant*

Zoey:*gets bee hive puts it in bag*

Scott: *runs away*

Alejandro: *runs near tree*

Scott: *climbs a tree*

Alejandro: *runs*

Anna Maria:*looks for somthing mutant*

MoW: *roars and knocks all trees down*

Anna Maria:*runs*

Scott: *falls to the ground8 oww... *runs*

Ale: *runs dodging trees*

Zoey:*thorws bee hive at alejandro*

MoW: *grabs Beehive and kicks Ale into the air, grabs him too*

Anna Maria:*runs like crazy*

Scott; *runs*

Ale: *kicks monster in kiwis*

Anna Maria:*runs and looks*

Scott: *runs up the cliff*

Anna Maria:*runs*

Scott: *nearing top of the cliff*

Anna Maria:*looks for mutants*

Scott: *reaches top of the cliff*

MoW: *grabs Anna and puts collar on her*

Scott: *waits on the cliff; listening*

Anna Maria: crap

Alejandro: So am I and Anne Maria out of the challenge?

Scott: *sits* YAWNNN

Chris: If you have a collar, then you are out!'

Fang: *tackles Scott and puts a collar on him*

Chris: Zoey, you chose which two you want gone, but you must have five lines to get them out!

Scott: *walks in the woods*

Alejandro: Wait! I don't have a collar!!! *runs*

Scott: *runs in the woods*

Zoey:*chases alejandro and Scott *

Zoey:*runs after them*

Scott: I am already out!!! *walks*

Alejandro: *rolls eyes* Of course she would target me

Scott: *walks deeper in the woods*

Scott: *heads near the cave*

Zoey:*runs after alejandro*

Zoey:*sees Alejandro and runs after him more *

Scott: *runs in the cave*

Alejandro: *kicks Zoey*

Scott: *leaves the cave*

Scott: *looks around and heads toward the cliff*

Zoey:*tackles alejandro and puts a coller on him*

Scott: *looks near cliff*

Scott: *finds a mutated Fungi* Hey there little fella *picks it up*

Scott: *walks to Chris and shows it to Chris* Tada!

Chris: Scott wins individual immunity!

Scott; YES!!!

Anna Maria: way too go Scott

Scott: Thanks Anne Maria *whispers to her* Hey.. we vote Alejandro out!!!

Chris: Izzy wins! *MoW holds Cody* Vote on my Talk Page!

Scott: Got it!!! hehe

Elimination Ceremony #8

Chris: Okay, Noah couldn't use his immunity idol, due to the fact that it was an instant elimination. Scott and Anna Maria still have immunity idols and can use it for themselves or someone else. Voting ends tomorrow at 3:30 PST (7:30 EST)!

Anna Maria:*waits*

Chris: Okay, the votes have been cast and instead of doing the votes, I will randomly choose who gets eliminated. And the loser is....

CODY! Sorry, amigo but you have been eliminated!

MoW: *grabs Cody and throws him off the island*

Chris: We have now reached the final five, but every elimination will now have a twist! Well, challenge will be tomorrow!

Ep.11: Night of the (Non) Living Campers

A dark and stormy night.

Reward Ceremony #3

Chris: Okay, Izzy, since you're here. I have a trivia question for you. It's about this season and if you get it right then you win a special advantage to this challenge. Who has won the most challenges?

Izzy: Is it Scott and Anne Marie?

Chris: You are correct! *hands Izzy a de-zombiefyer* This will let you turn five zombies into YOUR ALLIES. You control their every move and could be used to do alternating lines. It only takes one spritz. *sprays Zombie Fang.*

Fang: *confused but wants meat*

Izzy: Wow thanks. Best reward ever!

Guy's Cabin

Girl's Cabin

Izzy: Check out the awesome weather! I hope that the physco killer is back. he was so fun!

Scott: um... no... he didn't look like fun...

Izzy; You had to be there to capture the moment. its was totally fun!

Scott: Sure... *leaves cabin* (ok I just realised that we were chatting in the girls cabin... oops)

Anna Maria :*wakes up* wow final 5

Anna Maria :(CONF) I have a plan I don't need stuff I have hairspay if theres a zombie zoey I can hook her up with zombie mike

Mess Hall

Killer with Hook: *runs inside*

Alejandro: *enter Mess Hall* I belive you have something that i want!!! (1)

Killer with Hook: Oh yeah! *raises hook and prepares to slam onto Alejandro's head*

KwH: *kicks Alejandro through the window*

Fang: *beats up Killer with a Hook*

Chris: Okay, time is sacred so Fang wins! Tonight is a special type of elimination, but make sure that you vote wisely because Izzy has won immunity!

The Shrieking Shack

Chris: You can get another item if you trade in your immunity idol. Oh, since Brick and Noah are out, their immunity idols are scattered around the Zombie Woods. If you have an immunity idol, then you cannot find it. You need an additional ten non-alternating lines to find the idol. Okay, you can get a Toxic Blaster, A Radioactive Knife, A Chainsaw, Scissors, and a Slingshot with THREE Paintballs. Once someone gets something, then you cannot get another one, unless you trade in your immunity idol!

The Zombie Woods

Chris: Okay, campers, the challenge starts tonight to give Esther2108 a chance. So, you all know our previous contestants right? Well, they have been zombified because of the toxic mercury poisoning in Chef's food. Now, there is only one substance that can stop this and that is the Anti-Zombie Plant. Your challenge is to travel deep into the Zombie Woods (fifteen non-alternating lines to get there and fifteen Alternating lines to get back with three encounters with DIFFERENT zombies.) and retrieve it. You must then go to Chef's Mess Hall and cook it. However, the Zombies will go after you. You can go to the Shrieking Shack and get ONE weapon to help you defeat them. You can only use the weapong once. Oh, and the killer from Season 1 has escaped and is back here so don't get anything bad.

Zombie Zoey: Alejandro will go down.

Zombie Mike: Brains!

Zombie Noah: I still have brains.

Scott: *runs toward the Shrieking Shack*

Alejandro: *runs to the Shack*

Scott: *enters Shack*

Tyler: (enters shack)

Anna Maria: *runs too shack*

Izzy: *runs to shack* Come on zombies- do your worst!

Tyler: (runs out with a chainsaw) POWER!!!!

Anna Maria: meh I don't if I have my idol *walks out*

Scott: *grabs the blaster*

Alejandro: *grabs the slingshot and ammo*

Scott: *leaves the shack*

Alejandro: *leaves the shack*

Scott: *head towards the woods*

Alejandro: *follows Scott*

Scott: *enters woods* (1)

Alejandro: *enters woods (1)

Zombie Zoey: Reveennggee! *follows Alejandro*

Alejandro: NOOO *runs away* (2, 1 Setback)

Scott: *laughs and continues to run* (2)

Anna Maria :*runs* *laughs* ha! Ssoo al I guess zombie zoey really likes u ha! (1)

Alejandro: Silence!!! *runs away* (3, 1 Setback)

Scott: *runs* (3)

Zombie Cody: BRAAIINS *reaches Anna Maria and turns around to see Scott.* BRAAIINS.

Anna Maria:*sceams* noo not the pouffe *runs* (2, 1 Setback)

Scott: *uses his blaster to blast Cody* Take that nerd... (4, 1 Setback)

Alejandro: *runs away* (4, 1 Setback)

Scott: *Runs deeper in the forest* (5, 1 Setback)

Anna Maria :*runs with hairspray* (3, 1 Setback)

Alejandro: Ohhh... I'm so scared of hairspray!!! (5, 1 Setback)

Scott: *looks for the plant* (6. 1 Setback)

Zombie Mike: *turns into Svetlana and jumps in front of Alejandro.* *kicks* One, two. Svetlana gotta strech. *kicks Alejandro in the groin.*

Alejandro: *heads deeper into the forest* (6, 2 Setbacks)

Anna Maria: *runs more * (4, 1 Setback)

Scott: *runs deeper into the woods* (7, 1 Setback)

Alejandro: *groans* (7, 2 Setbacks)

Zombie Feral Ezekiel: *jumps in front of Anna and growls*

Scott: *runs fast8 (8, 1 Setback)

Alejandro: *gets up and runs* (8, 2 Setbacks)

Anna Maria :*runs* (5, 2 Setbacks)

ZFE: *tackles Anna to the ground*

Anna Maria : what do u want with me! *sturuggles* (6, 2 Setbacks)

ZFE: *remembers all the times Anna Maria sprayed him in the eyes with hairspray* GRR *starts destroying Anna maria's hair with his claws

(I'm going to start counting please don't edit.)

Chris: Okay, Scott has eight lines with one zombie encounter: Cody. Alejandro has eight also but with two zombie encounters: Mike and Zoey. Izzy has no lines and no encounters. Anna Maria has six lines with two zombie encounters: Cody and Feral Ezekiel. Tyler has no lines and no encounters. START EDITING AND BOLD YOUR LINE AND SETBACKS. EX:

Fang: *runs* (1, 0 ZE)

Zombie Dawn: *walks up to Izzy*

Zombie Noah: *tackles Alejandro to the ground*

Zombie MoW: *roars*

Zombie Fang: *tackles Scott off a short cliff*


Zombie Duncan: *beats up Tyler and turns to Gwen* GWWEEEN!

(They kiss)

Chris: That's disturbing. On with the challenge. Oh, Izzy you can also de-zombify Monster of Wawanakwa and Fang to your personal use! NO STEALING! *looks at Killer*

Escaped Killer with a Hook: *walks away*

Chris: Hurry UP!

Anna Maria: *runs*

Anna maria :*keeps on running*

Scott: *gets up and runs from Fang* (9, 2)

Alejandro: *runs* (9,2)

(Omgdeadpeople - I got too go bye)

Scott: *sees the Anti-Zombie plant* YES *runs to it* (10, 2)

Alejandro: *looks in the woods* (10, 2)

Scott: *picks up the plant* Man this thing smells (11, 2)

Alejandro: *walks in the woods*

Scott: *heads back to camp* now... where is the exit??? (12,2)

Alejandro: *sniffs the air*(12,2)

Scott: *finds a path* (13,2 Cody and Fang)

Alejandro: *walks on a path* (13, 3 Zoey, Mike, and Noah)

Scott: *runs but comes to a halt as he notices Zombie Brick in front of him* (14, 2)

Alejandro: *heads toward the cave* (14, 3)

Scott: *moves silently around Zombie Brick* (15, 3)

Alejandro: *looks in the cave; but leaves* 15, 3)

Scott: *leaves the deeper woods* (16, 3)

Alejandro: *heads toward the cliff* (16, 3)

Scott: *continues to run with the plant* (17, 3)

Alejandro: *climbs the cliff* (17, 3)

Scott: *trips, but gets up and runs* (18, 3)

Alejandro: *nearing the top of the cliff* (18, 3)

Zombie Sierra: *tackles Alejandro off the cliff.*

Zombie Fang: *tackles Scott and the plant rolls down the path.*

ZFE: *grabs the plant and heads into deep woods*

Scott: NOOO *pushes Fang off of him and chases ZFE* (19, 3)

Alejandro: *lands in the water and swims to shore* (19, 3)

(Anyone can steal the plant)

ZFE: *climbs the top of Mt. Radioactive, a volcano)

Lazer: *zaps Alejandro five times*

Zombie Sierra: *chases Alejandro*

Zombie Dawn: *tackles Tyler*

Zombie MoW: *grabs Izzy*

Scott: *runs after ZFE* Where did this Volcano come from? (20, 3)

Alejandro: *shoots Sierra with His slingshot* (20, 3)

Chris: It was brought in special for Zeke.

ZFE: *roars and reaches the top of the volcano.*

Zombie Sierra: AGH! *water swallows her* COOOODDYYY!

Zombie Noah: *growls and sees Alejandro* BRRAAIINNSS!

Zombie Brick: *tackles Scott*

Escaped Killer: What's happening? *gets bitten by Zombie Fang*

Scott: *pushes Brick off of him * ( 21, 4)

Alejandro: Amigo... Izzy has a higher IQ than me... go find her! (21,4)

Scott: *reaches top of volcano* huff... huff... Zeke... give it to me... (22, 4)

Alejandro: *looks behind some rocks* Yes... An immunity idol *picks it up* (22, 4)

(No Immunity idol yet Alejandro! You need a min of 40 lines! 15 to get in, 15 to get out, and ten to find an idol)

ZFE: *growls and reaches the edge.* *is about to drop plant*

Chris: Apparantly, this is more dangerous then I thought. Boo-Yah, ratings! *gets hit by Zombie Duncan* Okay, that was so not cool! HURRY UP!

Scott: Wait!!! What do you want... wait! You liked anne Maria right? Well you can have her... if you get me the plant! (23, 4)

Alejandr0: (sorry... overexictd) Rats... its a fake (23, 4)

Scott: So what do you say? (24, 4)

A;ejandro: *looks around* (24, 4)

ZFE: *growls and throws the plant over Scott*

Killer with Hook: *whistling* *plant drops into his arms* What?

Zombie Zoey: *corners Alejandro*

Zombie Brick: *walks to Scott, and keeps advancing*

ZFE: *rolls down the volcano and jumps on Anna Maria*

Zombie Dawn: *corners Izzy*

Zombie Noah: *corners Tyler*

Zombie Gwen & Duncan: *making out*

Zombie Sierra: *holds Zombie Cody down and makes out with him*

Chris: A lot of zombies, you guys better hurry up!

Scott: *runs down the volcano* (25, 4)

Alejandro: Zoey... where is mike? Don't you miss him? (25, 3)

Zombie Brick: *pushes Scott back up the volcano, by walking*

Zombie Mike: *tackles Alejandro*

Zombie Zoey: *tackles Alejandro as well*

Chris: Okay, then, the challenge will finish tomorrow at 5:30 PST (8:30 EST), remember you do NOT need alternating lines!

Scott: *knees Brick in the groin* (26, 4)

Alejandro: *lifts Mike up and throws him at Zoey* *runs* (26)

Zombie Brick: *groans but gets up and pushes Scott until he is almost at the edge*

Killer with Hook: *runs with plant* What if I win the challenge?

Scott: Wait Brick... It's me Scott Your friend!!! Don't do it!!! (27)

Alejandro: *runs toward the Killer* (27)

Alejandro: *nearing the Killer* (28)

Zombie Brick: *picks up Scott and nears the edge*

Zombie Zoey: *tackles Alejandro*

Killer with a Hook: What was that?

Scott: Please Brick... no... Don't do it!! (28)

Alejandro: Ugh... you and your grudge.... Go away Zoey! *pushes her away* (29)

Killer with Hook: *exits woods and writes under Mess Hall*

Chris: Chase him Al, you're closer!

Alejandro: We you try chasing a killer while being chased by a Zombie stalker!!! *runs toward the Mess Hall!! (30)

Scott: BRICK!!! DONT!!!! (29)

Alejandro: *rightoutside the Mess hall* (31)

Zombie Brick: *throws Scott into the volcano*

Chris: Yeah, no deaths so the volcano isn't a volcano, it's just an inescapable trap. Whoopsies (It's escapable but someone has to win.

(I it, sorry Phyneo)

Zombie Noah: Zombies, gather around at the Mess Hall! Make sure that no one wins! I'm the leader of the zombies, muahahahahaha!

Chris: Whoa! A twist! The Zombies are now under Noah's control! Whoever defeats or turns Zombie Noah into good wins individual immunity! Izzy, Tyler, and Anna Maria, either turn Zombie Noah back into Noah or defeat him. Remember, Izzy, Tyler, or Alejandro can get ONE immunity idol if they reach a min of four lines. If you win the challenge, then you cannot get the idol! Remember, no alternating lines!

Zombie Monster of Wawanakwa: *picks up Izzy and is about to eat her*

Chris: Izzy! You can't get eaten, because then I'll be sued! Use your De-Zombiefyer!

Izzy: Good call! *sprays zombie*

Zombie Noah: *gasps* the monster is now under Izzy's control! Get teh de-zomifyer! *jumps and is about to kick Izzy*

Izzy: *srays zombie noah* Yeah! This is War!

Chris: Izzy has won individual immunity! And the Monster and Noah are under her control!

Izzy: yes! Zombie Boogie! *Dances to thriller with zombies*

Chris: The challenge is almost up and it seems that Izzy will be the only safe from tonight's elimination!

MoW: *looks around and leans on Volcano. The prop breaks, causing a hole the size of a person. Walks away*

Zombies: *chase Tyler, Scott, Izzy, and Anna Maria out of the Zombie Forest.*

Chris: Okay, due to time constraints, the challenge will end in a few minutes! You only need fifteen lines UNDER THE MESS HALL SECTION to defeat the Escaped Killer with a Hook. The winner is safe from tonight's vote! YOU NEED ALTERNATING LINES!

Elimination Ceremony #9

Chris: Vote on my talk page! The challenge is over! Make sure to choose wisely because tonight's elimination is a very important one!

Chris: Surprise, Surprise, today's episode is a double elimination! The ones who did not receive votes was Izzy, Scott, and Tyler. They are safe which means that Alejandro and Anna Maria have been eliminated! However, someone can still give an idol or use an idol. The first one to use the idol is safe from the double elimination!

Alejandro: *ues the idol that Scott gave him!!!*

Chris: Yep, so Anna Maria has been eliminated, but Izzy still has a vote to cast. That means that either Scott or Tyler will be eliminated! Izzy and Alejandro, congrats to be on the final three!

Anna Maria : well being in the final 5 is great I think I had a good run soo goodluck everyone

Alejandro: *hive fives Anne Maria* Hey... you were a great competitor!!! Congrats!

Anna Maria: thanks Alejandro u too

Chris: Alejandro, you have made the Final Three! Wow, I thought you'd be eliminated first.

Alejandro: Well Chris... let's just say I am that good... (Ya I thought people would vote him out early as well!-phyneo)

Chris: Izzy you still need to choose. *waits* Izzy, where are you? I have to start the next challenge! Izzy, just announce your vote here.

Chris: If Izzy does not choose who gets eliminated, Tyler or Scott, then I will it and see who will go home and who will stay!

Izzy: This is a really hard choice......sorry but im going to vote for tyler

Chris: Okay, Tyler, you are out!

MoW: *grabs Anna Maria and Tyler and throws them out of the island*

Chris: Now, say hello to the Final Three: Alejandro, Izzy, and Scott!

Ep. 12: Say Uncle! (Or Be Eaten! >:)

Cameo & Chat

Chris: Guess who the next cameo will be!

Alejandro: hmmm.... Geoff

Scott: um... Cameron

Chris: Okay, so today we will be competing in Say Trivia! Now, I will have a assitant, the cameo. The assistant and I will ask you Trivia or Dare, but be warned the Dares will get harder and harder and the trivia will get harder and harder. You three will be sitting on chairs and every time time you fail a dare or a trivia, then you will be dropped. As soon as you get five, then you will be at the mercy of Larry. You have five minutes to say uncle or you'll-read the title-. If you don't say uncle then you will be out of the challenge. If you do say the title, then you will be brought up three more levels. If you lose again, then the pattern repeats until you're up one level. If you lose again, you'll be out. The winner will not only win a spot in the Final Two, but decide who goes home!


Chris: Trivia or Dare?

Alejandro: Dare*

Chris: Great, your dare is to listen to Owen call you Al for five minutes!

Owen: Hey, Al! What's up Al? Why don't you look good, Al. Huh, Answer me Al! Al, AL, AL, AL, AL, AL. *raised by a forklift and pokes Alejandro* Hey, Al, Al, Al, Al!

Alejandro: *twitching*

Owen: Al buddy, you don't look so good. Hey, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al, AL *screams* AL AL AL AL AL AL!

Alejandro: (CONF) I swear... living in a metal suit was easier than this *pukes* (END-CONF) Take it easy... al... *pukes*

Owen: AL...AL....AL....AL....AL....AL....

Alejandro: *pukes on Owen* This... is... Torture... *shakes*

Chris: Owen you're done. Okay, Trivia or Dare?

Alejandro: *shaking* Dare...

Chris: Okay, indure a beating by two of the girls you woo.

LeShawna and Bridgette: *glare at Alejandro*

Alejandro: *gulps*

Alejandro: Ladies??

LeShawna: *slaps Alejandro's face.*

Bridgette: *slams her surfboard down on his head.*

LeShawna: *kicks Alejandro in the groin*

Bridgette: *slams surfboard on his face*

Alejandro: Ow... Ow.. Not the face!!!

LeShanwa: Okay, *slaps Alejandro in the face* Take that, Al!

Bridgette: *slams surfboard onto Alejandro's face*

Chris: Okay, that's enough.

Alejandro: Thank you Chris...

Bridgette: *slams surfboard in Alejandro's face*

Chris: Heh, heh, Trivia or Dare!

Alejandro: Dare

Chris: Okay, so you have to endure five minutes, holding the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom without radioactive suit. By the way, this marshmallow will take away all of your hair, your looks, and will probably put you in the Drama Machine. Just saying. *throws the marshmallow at Alejandro's hands*

Alejandro: WHAT!!!! *drops the marshmellow* I cant risk my looks... again!!!

Chef: *touches Marshmallow and falls*

Chris: He's not moving or breathing. *claps hands and MoW appears* There's a shovel in the crafts, make sure no one follows you.* Okay, Alejandro, you chickened out so *pulls lever* Four more and you're out! Trivia or Dare?

Alejandro: Trivia

Chris: When we visited Newfoundland, what are the phrases my cousin said to you guys? Say them in Newfoundland, not English.

Chris: Okay, I'm sorry Alejandro, but this challenge has been up since Friday or Saturday so you go down one more.

Alejandro: Very welll... give me a dare!

Chris: Okay, then, swim in a tank of radioactive eels that zap and shock for a few hours. *MoW grabs Alejandro and locks him in a tank* Yeah, there's no air in there.

Alejandro: AHHHHH!!! *getting shocked*

Electric Eel: *zaps Alejandro in the face*

Alejandro: AWWW IT BURNS!!!!

Alejandro: This is the meaning of evil!!!

Electric Eel: *zaps Alejandro in the groin*

Chris: That must hurt. If Alejandro wins, but Izzy loses then we will have a tiebreaker. Let's see if Alejandro can hold his breath. *presses a button and the tank closes.* Yeah, you'll have to escape from that. By the way, the water is toxic.

Electric Eel: *zaps Alejandro with a Toxic Ray strapped to it*

Alejandro: *rips the eel off of him* (CONF) My uncle Carlos was an escape artst... true he never had to escape from toxic water... but I learned a trick or too from him!

Alejandro: *swims toward the top of the cage* How does one open this?

Alejandro: *beats against the side of the tank*

Alejandro: *hears something* I think it's breaking *beats against it some more*

MoW: *grabs the tank*


Chris: Trivia or Dare?

Izzy: Trivia

Chris: Izzy, you're here, finally! Okay, so, in TDWT name the episode where Noah got eliminated...

Izzy: I See London...

Chris: Okay, Trivia or Dare?

Izzy: Im going to say...dare!

Chris: Fight Chef-Robot! It takes five lines to beat him!

Chef-Robot: *blasts Izzy off of her chair* Get me now! *glares*

Izzy: I've taken down Chef! I can handle you! *kung fu kicks in the head*

Chef-Robot: OW! *jumps and kicks Izzy in the back* Take that!

Izzy: OK! but can you take this! *pours redioative stuff on robot*

Chef-Robot: NOOO! *blows up*

Chirs: Okay, Izzy, Trivia or Dare?

Izzy: Trivia!

Chris: What are the lyrics to Versus?!

Izzy: This may take some time...My ladies,'Please head straight,'That's it,'You're doing great!'Search through that wood,'Tout de suite,'Find me some giant feet!'Come on guys,'Move it fast!'Quick, quick,'I won't be last!'Grab logs to match his frame,All overbuilt and lame! I'm gonna win it (Yeah!)'And you can't take it (No!)'I'm right here in it (Yeah!)'But you just fake it! (Oh!) Is this thigh fat enough?: Uh-huh. Hey! Gosh, is this neck thick enough?Bam!Now it's evil versus wicked,'Heather's cool but Al is sick and ''All this aggro for the cheddar,'She'll put Al here through the shredder!'That's it now, hurry back,'I need arms weak and slack,'Her butt is scrawny and flat,'And she ain't all that! Get me two knobby knees,'and arms like logs of cheese!'Bring me a big fat head,'move quicker or you're dead!'I'm gonna win it (Yeah!)'And you can't take it (No!)'I'm right here in it (Yeah!)'But you just fake it! (Oh!):Arms so right, it's ill!'Worth one-fifth of the mil!Ill pay you back somehow!'Pineapple-head me now! I'm gonna win it (Yeah!)'And you can't take it (No!)'I'm right here in it (Yeah!)'But you just fake it! (Oh!)'I'm gonna cash it (Yeah!)'You'll never hit it (No!)'You should trash it (Yeah!), Cause I just did it!

Chirs: My favorite song of the whole season, okay, Trivia or Dare?

Izzy: Trivia!

Chris: What's up with the Trivia? Anyway, list all the episodes for Total Drama: RotI and name the contestant who got eliminated after each episode.

Izzy: episode

  1. Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!- Staci
  2. Truth or Laser Shark- Dakota
  3. Ice Ice Baby- B
  4. Finders Creepers- no one
  5. Backstabbers Ahoy!- Dawn
  6. Runaway Model-Sam
  7. A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste- Brick and anne marie
  8. The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean- Dakota
  9. Grand Chef Auto-Mike
  10. Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon- Jo
  11. Eat, Puke and Be Wary-Scott
  12. The Enchanted Franken-Forest- Zoey
  13. Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown- Lightning (or Cameron)

Chris: Izzy, Trivia or Dare?

Izzy: Trivia

Chris: Jeesh, safe side, huh? Okay, name the order of ALL Eliminations!

Izzy: Sure!

TDI: (first to last)

  • Ezekiel
  • Eva
  • Noah
  • Justin
  • Katie
  • Tyler
  • ME!!!
  • Cody
  • Beth
  • Sadie
  • Courtney
  • Harold
  • Eva
  • Trent
  • Bridgette
  • Lindsay
  • DJ
  • ME!!! again
  • Geoff
  • LeShawna
  • Duncan
  • Heather
  • Gwen/Owen (country depending)


  • Geoff and Bridgette
  • Trent
  • Gwen
  • DJ
  • ME!!!!!
  • Heather
  • leshawna
  • Justin
  • Lindsay
  • Harold
  • Courtney
  • Owen
  • beth/duncan (country depending)


  • Ezekiel
  • Harold
  • Bridgette
  • Lehsawna
  • Lindsay
  • ME!!!! (though techniquely not a elimination)
  • DJ
  • Noah
  • Tyler
  • Gwen
  • Owen
  • Blaineley/Courtney
  • Duncan
  • Sierra
  • Cody
  • Heather/Alejandro (country depending)


  • Staci
  • Dakota
  • B
  • Dawn
  • Sam
  • Brick/anne Marie
  • Dakota
  • Mike
  • Jo
  • Scott
  • Zoey
  • Lightning
  • Cameron

Chris: I said all, and you did not write Mr. Coconut, or you're first elimination on TDA. So, sorry, Izzy. *pulls lever and Izzy's chair is now next to Alejandro's.* Four more and you're out. Okay, I decided to make it the one with the most losses by tonight will lose since it's taking way to long. Trivia or Dare?

Izzy: Trivia.

Chris: Okay, list all of the episodes and the original airdates.

Izzy: Ok then- but what exactly do you mean by original airdates? some episodes aired in places before they did in Canada- but i'll just put Canada because thats the place or origon.

  • Not So Happy Campers Part 1- July 8th 2007
  • Not So Happy Campers Part 2- July 8th 2007
  • The Big Sleep- July 15th 2007
  • Dodgebrawl- July 22nd 2007
  • Not Quite Famous- July 29th 2007
  • The Sucky Outdoors- August 5th 2007
  • Phobia Factor- August 12th 2007
  • Up the Creek- August 19th 2007
  • Paintball Deer Hunter- August 26 2007
  • If You Can't Take the Heat...- September 2nd 2007
  • Who can you Trust?- September 9 2007
  • Basic Straining- September 16 2007
  • X-Treme Torture- September 23, 2007
  • Brunch of Disgustingness- September 30, 2007
  • No Pain, No Game- October 7, 2007
  • Search and Do Not Destroy- October 14, 2007
  • Hide and Be Sneaky- October 21, 2007
  • That's Off the Chain!- October 28, 2007
  • Hook, Line, and Screamer- November 4, 2007
  • Wawanakwa Gone Wild!- November 11 2007
  • Trial by Tri-armed Triathlon- November 18 2007
  • Haute Camp-ture- November 25 2007
  • Camp Castaways- December 2 2007
  • Are We there Yeti?- December 9 2007
  • I Triple Dog Dare you!- December 16 2007
  • (some countries) TDI Recap/Rundown- January 4th 2008
  • The Very Last Episode, Really!- January 4 2008
  • Total Drama,Drama,Drama,Drama Island- November 29 2008
  • Monster Cash- Jan 11 2009
  • Alien Resurr-eggtion- Jan 18 2009
  • Riot On Set- Jan 25 2009
  • Beach Blanket Bogus- Fab 1 2009
  • 3:10 to Crazytown- Feb 8 2009
  • The Aftermath I: Trent's Descent- Feb 15 2009
  • The Chefshank Redemption- April 5 2009
  • One Flu Over the Cuckoos- april 12 2009
  • The Sand Witch Project- April 19 2009
  • Masters of Disasters- april 26 2009
  • Full Metal Drama- May 3 2009
  • The Aftermath II: Forgive and for-Gwen- May 10 2009
  • Ocean's Eight- or Nine- June 24 2009
  • One Million Bucks, B.C- September 10 2009
  • Million Dollar Babies- Sep 17 2009
  • Dial M for Merger- Sep 24 2009
  • Super Hero-Id- October 8 2009
  • The sftermath III: O-wen or Lose?- October 22 2009
  • The Princess Pride- November 5 2009
  • Get A Clue- Nov 12 2009
  • Rock n' Rule- November 19 2009
  • Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen- Nov 19 2009
  • 2008: A Space Owen- Nov 26 2009
  • Top Dog- Nov 26 2009
  • Mutiny on the Soundstage- December 3 2009
  • The Aftermath IV: Who wants to Pick a Millionere?- December 10 2009
  • Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special- June 10 2010
  • Walk Like An egyptian- Part 1- June 10 2010
  • Walk like an Egyptian- Part 2- September 9 2010
  • Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan- Sep 16 2010
  • Anything Yukon Do, I can do better- Sep 23 2010
  • Broadway, Baby!- Sep 30 2010
  • Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Waters- October 7 2010
  • Slap Slap Revolution- October 14 2010
  • The Am-AH-Zon Race-Nev 4 2010
  • Can't Help Falling in Louvre- November 18 2010
  • Newf Kids on the Rock- November 25 2010
  • Jamaica Me Sweat- Dec 2 2010
  • Aftermath: Revenge of The Telethon- Dec 9 2010
  • I See London...- Dec 16 2010
  • Greece's Pieces- Dec 30 2010
  • The Ex-Files- Jan 6 2011
  • Picnic At Hanging Dork- Jan 13 2011
  • Sweden Sour-Jan 20 2011
  • Aftermath Aftermayhem- Jan 27 2011
  • Niagara Brawles- Feb 3 2011
  • Chinese Fake-out- Feb 10 2011
  • African Lying Safari- Feb 24 2011
  • Rapa Phooey- March 3 2011
  • Awwwwww, Drumheller- March 10 2011
  • Hawaiian Style- March 20 2011
  • Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles- March 27 2011
  • Hawaiian Punch- April 24 2011
  • Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!- January 5, 2012
  • Truth or Lazer Shark- Jan 12 2012
  • Ice Ice Baby- Jan 19 2012
  • Finders Creepers- Jan 26 2012
  • Backstabbers Ahoy!- Feb 2 2012
  • Runaway Model- Feb 9 2012
  • A Mine is a terrible thing to waste- Feb 16 2012
  • The tresure Island of Dr. MacLean- feb 23 2012
  • Grand Chef Auto- March 1 2012
  • Up, Up and Away in my Pitiful Balloon- March 8 2012
  • Eat, Puke and Be Wary- March 22 2012
  • The Enchanted Franken-Forest- March 29 2012
  • Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown- April 12 2012

(ps that was not copy and paste- it took forever...)


Chris: Trivia or Dare?

Scott: Trivia

Chris: Who wins the challenge for their team in Dodgebrawl (I think that's what it's called)?

Scott: Harold duh... he caught The ball Owen threw at him, winning the challenge for the Killer Bass...

Chris: Correct, Trivia or Dare?

Scott: I think I'll stay on the safe side... Trivia

Chris: They're going to get harder one by one. Okay, what are the lyrics to Courtney's Song in the Princess Pride?

Scott: How they heck am I suppose to know that t the top of my head!!! ( i could find the lyrics online... but we gotta add drama for the semi-finals right?)

Chris: I don't care where you find them! Answer them!

Scott: OK... I think I remember this... *sings* When I was a little girl, I'd dream of my first kiss, it would come from my perfect prince, and in my dream, it went like this... My prince will be tall and handsome. My prince will be tough as nails. My prince will have lots of money. My prince will tame wild whales. When we kiss, my prince will be you.

Chris: Correct, Trivia or Dare?

Scott: Trivia please...

Chris: Okay, In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, list all the cameos and how many times they appeared, minus the ones from the first episode. List the episodes in which they appear in as well


  1. Izzy-1 time in Finders Creepers
  2. Bridgette-1 time in Backstabber's ahoy
  3. Lindsay-1 time in Run Away Model
  4. Eziekiel- 3 times in A mine is a terrible thing to waste, The enchanted- Franken Forest, and Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown
  5. Gwen- 1 time in The treasure Island of Dr. Mclean
  6. Duncan- 1 time in Full Chef Auto
  7. Heather- 1 time in Up, up away in my pitful balloon
  8. DJ- 1 time in Eat, Puke, and be wary

Chris: Okay, Trivia or Dare, man, people need to get some wrong. I think the first one to fail will lose. I'm still debating.

Scott: Dare

Chris: *smiles* I was hoping for this. Fang, you're turn to shine. Fang is going to get one of your teeth. I don't know how, but he will.

Fang: *jumps on Scott and starts punching him in the face*

Scott: Ow... No!!! *getting pummeled*

Fang: *punches Scott's jaw three times*

Scott: Ow.. why me... *getting bruised badly*

Fang: *knocks Scott down, and takes out pilars*

Chris: Yeah, Fang's not a dentist.

Scott: *screams*

Fang: *shoves pilars into Scott's mouth*

Chris: You could always say stop, this won't end well.

Scott: *groaning* no... I will Survive!!!

Fang: *shoves pilars into tooth and starts to yank, but it's stuck. Keep on pulling, but it won't come off.

Fang: *pulls the tooth out, drawing out blood.

Scott: *hand over mouth* aWW crap... that sucks...

Fang: *punches Scott so he draws out blood*

Chris: Trivia or Dare?

Scott: dare...

Chris: Okay, you're dare is to *thinks*

Scott: *dramatic music plays* WHAT!!!!!

Elimination Ceremony #10

Chris: This challenge has been going on forever, and I am sorry, but it's time to announce who made the Final Two. It's-

Scott! I will decide who makes the Final Two after their respective challenge. The challenge will end TONIGHT!

Scott: (CONF) Heh... the final two... who would've guess that I would have gotten this far?

Chris: Okay, I have an important announcement to make. I will judge on how many Trivia and Dares the person did. I will announce who made the Final 2 along with Scott!

Scott: *sits and waits*

Chris: Okay, I have an important announcement to make. I will judge on how many Trivia and Dares the person did. I will announce who made the Final 2 along with Scott! I counted all the trivias and dares they performed and the won who got the most is

IZZY! Alejandro that means you are eliminated!

MoW: *throws the tank off of the island so it lands in the middle of the ocean, barely missing Playa de Losers.*

All Players, but Courtney: Bye Alejandro! (Alejandro sinks in the ocean, still trapped in the tank)

Alejandro: *begins to mutate from the toxic waters* ARRRGHH *breaks glass; looking like a male version of mutated dakota*

Chef: *shoots tranq at Alejandro*

Ep.13: Revenge of the Island

Cameo(s) & Chat

Chris: This is where you chat, the cabins have been destroyed. You can also guess on the Cameo.

????: Hello, can you guess who I am? I am glad to see Scott and Izzy.

Scott: Cameron

????: Nope. Here's a hint. I love hockey!

Scott: Eva

????: Nope. I have not competed on TD before. I was on on Total Drama: True Colors.


Liam: Bingo, dingo! Hey finalists!

Scott:.... hey what's up

Chris: Okay, Liam, go under the Revenge of the Island section, and announce who won the Thoughts Challenge. You are the creator of Writer of Fame, right?

Liam: I sure am!

Izzy's Thoughts About the Season

Chris: Izzy, this is where you say your thoughts about the season. A cameo will pick which one is the best.

Izzy: Ok This is so exciting! I think im going to hyperventilate! I actually got to the final 2! New record for me! This season had been wild! I feel like i have had an overdose of Drama! Cause i have! The challenges have been totally brutal- but i just love the whole radioactive thing! and the Monster of Wawanakwa! This is totally the most epic season ever! Meeting the new cast is so exciting, theyre so cool!*whispering* but some of them are kinda crazy!*non-whispering* Root for me guys!

Scott's Thoughts About the Season

Chris: Scott, this is where you say your thoughts about the season. A cameo will pick which one is the best.

Scott: What can I say about this season? Well it has been a remarkable time! This camp was a great experiance. From the first challenge on, I knew that this was going to be a interesting time! I just want to let some people know what they meant to me! Anne Maria, Alejandro, and Zoey... you guys were great competitors and I thank you for helping make this camp successfull... even though Al went psycho at the end. Izzy, congrats on making it to the end with me! I can't wait for our last duel! Brick... you were a good friend! Chris, thank you for creating this wonderfull season and I hope that the sequel is just as good! And Fang... get a life...

Loser's Lane

Chris: If you competed in the season, this is where you chat. CHAT ONLY HERE UNLESS...*waits as he is about to spill something* Okay, chat.

Anna Maria: soo who are u guys going too root for *sprays hair* well I'm kinda happy that I got into the final 5 but I got out oh well

Zoey: Go izzy ! All the way

Anna Maria : why are u voting for nutzy I'm rootin for Scott he outwit outlast outplayed almost everyone except izzy for now

Brick: I agree with You Anne Maria! Scott certainly has improved from the last season where he was a complete jerk... by now he is at least... All right..

Zoey: meh Scott's alright he was an underdog but It would be awesome if a girl won

Alejandro: *in mutated form* ME WIN!!! NOT GIRL OR BOY!!!! *smashes tree*

Zoey: This will be hard too choose *sees Alejandro * Ahhh!

Alejandro: *sees Zoey* YOU!!! YOU TRY HURT ALE!!! ARGHH* Runs toward Zoey*

Zoey: OH yeah *turns into commando zoey* MUAHAHAH *starts running*

Anna Maria: well who else is here mike sierra Cody Noah Tyler u guys there?

Liam: Hey everyone how's it going?

Anna Maria : good who are u

Liam: I'm Liam, the special cameo for the final episode! I came 5th in Total Drama: True Colors.

Sierra: That's nice and all... BUT WHERE IS CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandro: *chasing Zoey*

Liam: Al, quit it!

Commando Zoey:*jumps and kicks alejandros kiwis in slow motion*

Anna Maria:*hes here gives Sierra a cardbored cutout of cody*

Sierra: CODYYY!!!!! *makes out with it*

Alejandro: WHY U KICk slow? *grabs Zoey and throws her*

Liam: *shoots a puck and hits Zoey by mistake*`

Tyler: watch your aim bud!

Zoey:*walka back* Ow!

Liam: *snickers*

Zoey: grr (only if TDM13 was on too play mike )

Tyler: (slaps the back of Liam's head)

Anna Maria :*sprays hair*

Zoey: only if mike were here

Alejandro: *itches head* MIKE???

Tyler: yeah, the dude who had multiple personalities.

Zoey: yeah him he's soo *gets lost*

Alejandro: *looks at Tyler* MIKE!! *hugs Tyler*

Zoey and Anna Maria: that's not mike that's Tyler

Tyler: yeah dude!...this kinda looks wrong!...

Alejandro: *drops Tyler* NOT MIKE... FIND MIKE *walks away*

Anna Maria : :/

Liam: ......

Gwen: Hey guys. um...whats going on here?

Anna Maria : I don't know now a minute ago mutant ale is looking for mike now I don't know

Gwen: Ok then. Has anyone seen Duncan around?

Harold: (I hope it is Ok for me to do this because I have him in season 2) Hello everyone! I just came here to see the final episode.

Anna maria:*sprays hair*

Zoey:*thinks about mike * oh *sees Harold * hi

Zoey and Anna Maria: *waits*

(I wound be a bad idea too choose zoey or Anna Maria because Im busy on the weekends good luck Scott and izzy)

Harold: Sorry, but I have to go. I'm going to watch closer. (CONF.) I'm going to do more than watch. *Starts to laugh*

Chef: *enters CONF and shoots Harold with a tranq so he falls* No ruining the Final Challenge! *drags him to the MoW.*

MoW: *grabs Harold and throws him off the island*

Anna Maria : *watchs* woo hoo go Scott

Zoey:* is sitting next too mike* woo hoo Gah I don't know who too root for

Chef: *picks up Zoey* You are supposed to be helping Izzy!

Revenge of the Island! (Final Challenge)

Liam: I am gonna give you your scores, WOF style.

Izzy: ....Kinda spooky. But good! 8.6

Scott: Meaningful. 9.5

LIam: That means I think Scott's is the best.

Scott: Sweet! Thanks Liam!

Izzy: Butt.

Chris: Okay, Scott, you win an advantage in this final challenge! The last challenge is a race around the island! It must take fifteen alternating lines to get to your first destination, five nonalternating lines to walk through, and fifteen to get to the next one and so on and on. To make this even, you two will pick two helpers to help you. Why do they need to help? however, all contestants that didn't compete (controlled by me) will attack you and can do whatever they want. Liam, you can do stuff too, but don't focus on any one camper. Choose your TWO helpers, Scott and Izzy, and I'll reveal more!

Liam: I have trust in both of you.

Scott: I pick Brick and... Sierra!

Izzy: I pick Zoey and Alejandro!

Scott: Good luck Izzy

Izzy: Likewise.

Chris: Okay, the first stop you have to reach is Cavecicle. I'm sure you're familiar with the setting. While in there, I will have you guys compete in challenges from the last episodes. Scott, you get a five-minute head start. Go!

Scott: *begins to run to Cavecicle*

Izzy: Lets own this challenge! *starts to run to cevecicle*

Scott: *Continues to run*

Liam: *puts a stink bomb near the Caveicle*

Scott: *runs along a trail*

Chris: I thought the challenge will be over by now. Your helpers are there to be used as alternating lines and to help you compete in the first challenge which will be when you reach five lines. Scott has three, and Izzy has one. Oh, and keep a lookout for Beth, Bridgette, Courtney, DJ, Eva, Harold, Heather, Justin, Katie, LeShawna, Lindsay, Owen, Sadie, and Trent. (controlled by me).

Fang: *tackles Scott to the ground*

MoW: *sleeps in his cave*

Brick: *tackles Fang*

Scott: Thanks Brick: *runs to the cavecicle*

Alejandro: GO!!! IZ!!

Scott: *continues to run*

Chris: Scott, it's time for you to compete in the first challenge. Swim through this toxic lake and get the Olympic Medal on the other side and return. It will take you three lines to get there and five to get back. Now, since you won the advantage, you can pick two people to compete! Yourself, Brick, or Sierra, but be warned because something lays in the Toxic Lake. GO! Izzy, you still need four lines!

Izzy: *sprinting*

Brick: I shall volunteer myself for my comrade Scott *jumps in the lake*

Scott: .... Seirra would you like to join him?

Sierra: *looking at a photo of Cody* What?

Izzy: *continues running*

Brick: *swimming as fast as he can go*

Izzy: *running* Nearly there...

Brick: *reaches the other side ang grabs the medal* *starts to swim back*

Izzy: *reaches the first challenge, puffing* Chris! I did it! Im ready for the next challenge!

Brick: *swimming* Umm... guys... something just touched ny leg!

Scott: Well ignore it and hurry! Izzy's here!!!

Chris: Izzy, your challenge is the same as Scott. Three lines to get the medal, and five lines to get back. Go!

Fang: *swallows Brick whole, but not the medal*

Sierra: *sees the medal*SHiny.. *swims toward the medal*

Fang: *swims closer to the medal*

Izzy: *swims towards the medal*

Sierra: *closing in on the medal*

Brick: *punching Fang from inside*

Fang: *stops swimming and with his tail hits the water so the medal flies in the air.

Bridgette: *surfing from out of nowhere and grabs medal* Sorry! *surfs away*

Sierra: *swims after Bridgette*

Izzy: Thats Ironic. *swims after medal* (theyre both going after the same medal right?)


Lazer: *shoots lasers at Sierra and Izzy*

Chris: Yeah, that dolphin didn't want to leave. He's a laser-shooting mutant animal! I'm not doing anything!

Izzy: *hit by laser* Ouch! That burns! *continues swimming*

Sierra: *continues to swim*

Izzy: Competitions on Sierra! *swimming reallly fast toward bridgette and the medal*

Sierra: OK!!! FOR CODY!!! *swims right next to Izzy*

Lazer: *shoots lasers*

Izzy: *dodges laser* Watch it! *tips Bridgettes surfbaord over and grabs medal* Sorry Bridge!

Sierra: Tha medal belongs to Cody! *jumps out of the water like a dolphin and grabs the medal* *swims back to shore*

Izzy: Um, uh, Look! Sierra! Its Cody and Gwen making out on the beach! *swims after Sierra*

Sierra: GWEN!!!!! *swims even faster in a rage toward shore*

Izzy: *rolls eyes* *swims after sierra again and tackles her for the medal* Let it go Sierra!

Sierra: NO this medal will make Co dy Happy!!! *pushes Izzy away*

Izzy: NO! What will make Cody happy is if you stop stalking him an he gets with Gwen! *bites Sierra really hard*

Sierra: OWW!!! YOU!!! HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!! *Punches Izzy has hard as she can*

Izzy: Now i have a black eye! Cool! But if i can handle Chef then i can handle you! *grabs onto Sierras hair*

Sierra: ARGH!!! *throws the medal toward the shore*

Scott: *swims out and takes the medal* hehe... *swims back to the shore*

Tyler: (from audience) you got lucky dude!

Scott: *reaches shore* Thanks... I know!

Alejandro: MIKE???

Izzy: What about Mike?


Izzy: Just like im going to do to Sierra! *tackles Sierra*

Brick: *inside of Fang* Chris... it's dark in here.... help...

Chris: And Izzy wins! Scott, i said only TWO people. Brick and Sierra were already thre. *gives Izzy the medal* Now, you get five lines to get to the next challenge. Scott needs five. ALTERNATE!

Scott: *starts running*

Brick: *trying to escape from Fang*

Scott: *continues to run*

Izzy: Yeah! *runs*

Scott: *runs very fast*

Izzy: *running faster*

Scott: *runs near the next part of the challenge*

Izzy: *continues running* Nearly there!

Scott: *is ready for the next challenge*

Izzy: *still running* (CONF) This challenge involves more running than most.

Liam: Scott, Fang is right behind you!

Izzy: Better run Scott. That shark wants revenge!

Liam: Izzy, there's a cop after you!

Izzy: Crap! *runs really fast*

Brick: *kicking Fang in the stomach*

Fang: *barfs up Brick and chases after Scott and Izzy.*

Chris: Okay, Izzy ran on ahead for no reason, but the challenge is to avoid these mine bombs from Miner Traitor Niner!

(Bomb explodes under Izzy and Scott)

Chris: Oh, and you have to dodge a psycho.

Courtney: *screams and knocks Scott to the ground*

Izzy: Bombs! This is my kinda challenge!

Scott: *get's up and starts running around the boombs*

  • Bomb explodes under Scott*

Chris: Heh, heh, he exploded. *explodes* All right, who did that?

Courtney: *screams and knocks Izzy to the ground where a bomb explodes*

Scott: AHHHH *flys through the air and lands painfully on the ground* Oww... *gets up and continues to dodge bombs; however he is moving slower*

Izzy: Ouch! *crawling around the bomb*

Scott: *contiues to dodge bombs*

Izzy: Idea! *throws rocks to see where bombs are*

Scott: Ya.. Great I dea Izzy!!! *runs through the area that Izzy cleared with the rocks*

Izzy: This is my zone Scott! Izzy-territory! And your an invader! *jumps over mines*

Scott: Sure sure... *continues to run , doding mines*

Izzy: *chucks rocks at scott*

Scott: *ducks* Temper Temper *continues on*

Izzy: *finds safe zone where bombs have already exploded*

Chris: The one who writes the next line will win arrive first to the third challenge in Cavecicle!

Scott: *arrives at Cavecicle*

Chris: Wow, you and Izzy picked bad helpers. Where's Alejandro, Zoey, Brick, and Sierra? Anyway, Scott, your challenge is to kidnap the Yeti that lives in here. It takes two lines to find, three lines to fight, and two lines to get out. Oh, Izzy will also be competing in that challenge when she gets here. GO! *gives Scott a snowball and pushes him inside.

MoW: *comes out carrying Fang, Sierra, Zoey, and Alejandro*

Fang: *barfs up Brick*

Chris: Hurry Up Izzy.

Scott: *looks for the yeti*

Brick: THANK YOU!!!

Izzy: *puffing* im here now!

Scott: *sees the yeti*

Alejandro: GO IZZY!!!

Chris: Izzy, get in there *points to Cavecicle* and capture the Yeti, two lines to find, three to fight, and two to get out.

Yeti: *roars, punches Scott so he hits an icicle, forming a sculpture of Scrat*

Scott: oww... *get's up and jumps on the Yeti's back*

Izzy: *entres cavicle* Here yeti yeti yeti....

Scott: *punching Yeti on the head*

Izzy: *hears yeti* *follows sound*

Scott: *pulls the yeti's fur, leading it toward the cave exit*

Brick: *enters cave*

Izzy *finds yeti* Yeti Wars!!!! *jumps onto yeti*

(do they both have the same yeti)

Alejandro: *enters cave*

Scott: *tries to push Izzy off* HEy!!! Find your own Yeti!!

Alejandro: *sees the Yeti* MEAT!!!

Izzy: This is my yeti Scott! *tackling Scott and yeti*

Scott: Well I was here first!!! *tackles the Yeti toward the cave exit*

Izzy: Well i am awesomer! *strangles yeti*

Zoey:*runs in cavecicle* izzy I'm here too help u ! Chef told me too *climbs on yeti *

Yeti: *punches Scott and Izzy and slams Zoey onto an icicle* ROAR! (yes same yeti)

Zoey:*grabs on too icicle but slips off *

Scott: Oww... *grabs the Yeti and drags it*

Brick: *helps Scott drag the Yeti*

Scott: ALmost there... Brick!!!

Izzy: Wow thanks zoey you rock! Now lets trash these guys! *attcks yeti*

Brick: *tackles Izzy*

Scott: *drags the Yeti out of the cave* Yes!!!

Chris: Scott, move along, your next destination is the Zombie Forest. It takes fifteen alternating lines to get there but every fifth will be a mini-challenge!

MoW: *roars*

Fang: *quickly tackles Scott*

Brick: *pushes fang over and helps Scott up*

Scott: Thanks *runs away from Fang*

Brick: *runs with Scott*

Scott: *continues to run*

Zoey:*gets up and runs too catch up too izzy*

Izzy: *running* (are they doing the same challenge)

Zoey: hi izzy I'm helping u I'm making sure that u win *runs next too izzy* (yup since dawn is inactive i can help u I think)

Scott: *running*

Brick: Nothing to worry about! Were a mile a head of them!!!

Zoey:I'll put u on my back *puts izzy on my back too give her a piggy back ride and runs *

Scott: *continues to run*

Zoey:*contnues too run with izzy on my back is close too scott and brick*

Scott: *ready for the 1st mini- challenge*

Zoey:*comes after Scott and puts izzy down soo she can get ready for next challenge*

Chris: Okay, I have three trivia questions and the first to two gets a toxic blaster from Trivia Toxic Tag Time so they can spray anything that can mutate and help them! Sierra and Zoey can give hints if they know it. First Question. where is Camp Wawawnakwa located?

Izzy: Muskoka Ontario, Canada, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Earth...

Chris: *shocked* Um, yeah. Next question, in elimination, which person was the most in danger (ie the one before the eliminated contestant)

Izzy: Which elimination are you referring to?

Scott: The person who had the second highest amount of votes.

Chris: All of them! Here's an example. Heather was in the bottom two the most in TDI.

Chris: This challenge has lasted long enough! Izzy, since you answered the first question, you win and only need three lines to get to the next mini-challenge while Scott needs five! GO!

Izzy: Yeah Izzy got skillz! *begins running to next challenge*

Scott: *runs*

Brick: *runs with Scott*

Scott: *contines to run*

Izzy: *running*

Scott: *jumps over a rock and runs*

Alejandro: *jumping from tree to tree to catch up*

Scott: *running*

Izzy: **runs* im here Chris!

Scott: *stops next to Izzy* Ditto

Chris: Okay, remember the cars from the racecar episode? Well, Scott uses Izzy's, and Izzy's uses Scott's. In Five lines, you'll have to get to the Zombie Forest! GO!

Scoot: *gets in Izzy's car and drives* YEAH... oh no *bumps Scott's car; damaging it*... so sorry Izzy!

Brick: GO SCOTT!!!

Scott: *uses Izzy;s car's ability to fly to fly a short distance* YEAH!!!

Lazer: *from a lake, shoots lasers, blowing up one of Scott's wheels*

Fang: *dives in between the small lakes and lands in front of the road, blocking Izzy and Scott.*

Izzy: *drills under the earth and continues driving*

Scott" NOOO!!! NOT AGAIN!!! *continues to drive, but slower*

Brick: Fly Scott Fly!!!

Scott: *flys over Fang* Haha *lands and drives*

Alejandro: DRIVE IZ!!!

Scott: *reaches the Zombie Forest* Yes... oh no... not here again...

Chris: Welcome Scott to the Zombie Forest. You're challenge is to walk on through, but if you're caught by a zombie, then you have to restart. It'll take seven lines. Izzy, you need two more lines to get through. Go!

Zombie Contestants: *stare as Scott enters*

Scott: Hey guys... what's up! *walks*

Zombie Noah: Kill him*

Zombie Contestants: *jumps on top of Scott*

Scott: Well that sucks... (I'm gonna do the line count thing from before) *returns to the beginning and starts again* (1)

Scott: *runs through the woods* (2)

Scott: *climbs a tree to get away from the zombies* (3)

Izzy: *drives*

Scott: *swings from a vine* YEAHH *lands and continues running* (4)

ALejandro: *enters forest*

Scott: *running* (5)

ALejandro: *randomly punching zombies*

Scott: *still running* (6) YEs!!! I see the exit!!!

Brick: *outside the woods* Good job Scott!!

Scott: *leaves the woods* (7) YES!!!

Chris: Scott, now you can get a head start. Ten lines to get to Cave Wawawankwa!

Scott: *starts running to the cave* Man... this challenge is exhausting...

Izzy: *arrives* ready chris!

Scott: *still running*

Chris: Izzy, you still need five lines to get through the Zombie forest. Scott needs eight lines to get to Cave Wawawnakwa!

Lazer: *zaps Scott's legs with laser*

Izzy: *running through zombie foprest*

Scott: *trips* OWWW!!! Stupid Dolphin!!! *gets up and runs, though is limping*

Chris: Four for Izzy, Nine for Scott!

Three-Eyed Mole: *jumps out from ground and grabs Scott*

Izzy: *continues through zombie forest*

Scott: REALLY!!! I Mean REALLY!! *kicks the move in the face* hehe... take that! *contiues on his way!*

Izzy: *still running*

Scott: *also still running*

Mole: *bites Scott's leg really hard*

Zombie Contestants: IZZY *chase Izzy*

Chris: Izzy needs two lines to get out and Scott needs seven to get in.

Scott: ARGHH!!! Stupid mole get off!!! *punches the mole*

Izzy: *runs from zombies* Go eat Scotts brain zombies!

Scott: *slams the mole into a tree* HAHAH!!! *runs off*

Izzy: *runs out of zombie forest* Yes yes yes!

Scott: *still running as fast as he can go*

Brick: Go Scott Go!!!

Scott: *trips* oww... *gets up and runs*

Alejandro: *leaves the Zombie forest*

Scott: *runs like mad*

Chris: All right Izzy, you need ten more lines to reach Cave Wawawnakwa! Scott needs two more lines!

Mole: *jumps on Scott's face*

Fang: *comes out and dogpiles Scott*

Lazer: *shoots lasers at Izzy, hitting her leg*

Scott: AHH!!! Someone help!!! *trying to pull the mole off of his face*

Sierra: *comes out of the woods and tackles Fang*

Izzy: *running to cave wawanakwa*

Scott: *gets up and as he is trying to pull the mole off of his face, trips into cave Wawanakwa*

Izzy: *running and laughing at Scott*

Chris: We bought bombs in special. *Activates TNT and Izzy explodes. A cage traps Scott* Welcome to Cave Wawawnakwa where the Monster of Wawawawnakwa resides. This is his turf and he can do whatever he wants with you guys with help from Fang. Scott, since you got here first then you win an advantage, but stay in the cage sine again, the Monster can do WHATEVER he wants. Izzy you still need eight more lines!

Izzy: *running*

Zoey:*runs with izzy and makes sure that nothing slow izzy down*

Izzy: *continuing* Thanks heaps Zoey! You rule! now lets win this!

Zoey:*keeps on running* your welcome and yeah let's win this

Izzy: Wooohoo! *running*

Zoey:*is running*

Izzy: *running and does cartwheels*

Zoey:*runs as fast as she can with izzy*

Izzy: *running*

Zoey:*runs* were soo close

Izzy: *runs* i can feel it! im coming scott!


Izzy: *runs*

Scott: *in cage* I'm waiting... so Chris... how are you doing?

Izzy: *arrives* ready Chris!!!!

And the Winner is....

Chris: Okay, you will write in this section from now on. Scott, *releases him from cage* You get a head start which means you can start five minutes before Izzy. You need twenty alternating lines to get to the center of the cave and twenty back to get out and win. Both of your challenges is to head to the center and grab one of the MoW's eggs. You must dodge Fang, Lazer, Mutant Animals, MoW, traps, and something far more horrible than each of them.

Scott: *runs into the cave* (1)

Brick: can the helpers help?

Scott: *jumps over a rock and runs* (2)

Alejandro: *pushes Izzy into the cave* GO IZZY

Scott: *continues to run* (3)

Chris: Helpers and Liam, you will release booby traps that will trap the other contestant. Choose carefully!

Mutant Snakes: *shoot toxic out of their mouth and sprays acid at Scott.* HISS! *comes out of the hole revealing to be a giant, that blocks all of Scott's paths.

Izzy: *runs* (1)

Chris: Hurry UP! Oh, you only need TEN alternating lines now. Scott has three and Izzy has one.

Izzy: *running* (2)

Scott: *duck under the acid* Now what??? (4)

Izzy: *keeps running* (3)

Brick: Hey Alejandro... you shouuld beat up that snake!

Mutant Alejandro: ROARRR *beats up the snake*

Scott: YES!!! *runs past the snake* (5)

Izzy: *running* (4)

Mike: RETURNS sry i coulkd not be here lately so heres what happend so i was blocked for 2 weeks so got kicked out of the game than the 2 weeks ended than my editer would not work so i have not been on so im at my firneds place so can someone tell me how i can fix my editor it wont let me edit it keeps saying loading loading so yea

Mike: on an unrelated note back to the game chris Whasts going on?? and zoey i miisss yaaa

Izzy: Oh hey Mike! We're running! *running* (5)

Scott: Welcome back Mike *still running* (6)

Izzy: *running* (6)

Scott: *Running* (7)

Izzy: *running* (7)

Scott: *dodges mutant bats and continues to run* (8)

Izzy: *runs* (8)

Scott: *is nearing the centor of the cave* (9)

Zoey: Hmm *looks at booby traps * which one too pick hmm oh and welcome back mike

Scott: *grabs on of the MoW eggs* Yes *turns around and runs back the way he came* (10)

Zoey:Got! It! *sets off booby trap *

Scott: *contiunes to run* (11)

Izzy: *runs* (9)

Chris: Okay, Izzy can now get an egg, but Scott is one line ahead!

Monster: *roars and traps Scott, as huge spiders come from out of nowhere, blocking Scott* ROAR *Fang jumps in front of Izzy*

Scott: Really? Come on get out of my way... (11)

Brick: *pushes a boulder that rolls over the spiders*

Izzy: *starts running with the egg* (10)

Scott: *runs past the rolled over spiders and the Monster* HAHAH (12)

Izzy: *runs* (11)

Scott: *runs* (13)

Brick: *prepares a booby trap to trap Izzy*

Izzy:*running* (12)

Scott: *running* (14)

Brick: *booby trap ativates* YES!!! *a net is launched at Izzy*

Izzy: *jumos away from net* it'll take more than that for me Brick! (13)

Chris: Okay, Scott needs six lines to get out and Izzy needs seven!

Fang: *tackles Brick and stuffs him in a cage, jumps onto Izzy*

MoW: *uses tail to trip Scott while ontop of a high cliff*

Izzy: *bites Fang*

Scott: *gets up* Nice try monster *runs between the monster's legs* (15)

Izzy: Look Fang Scott! *distracts fang and continues running*

Scott: *contiues running* (16) (Do we only need to do twenty to win?)

Brick: *in cage* Help!!!

Scott: *running fast* (17)

Izzy: *running* (16)

Fang: *pushes Scott in Brick's cage*

Scott: You think this will hold me? Sierra!!! Cody is trapped in here with us!!! (18)

Sierra; I'MMMMMMMMM COMING CODY!!! *runs in cave*

Zoey: not on my watch Izzy For the win *chases Sierra*

Izzy: *runs*

Sierra: *sees cage* CODYYY *breaks the cage*

Scott: *runs out* Thanks Sierra (19)

Fang: *knocks Sierra out cold*

MoW: *jumps om Izzy*

Snake: *traps Zoey, and squeezes the cage so it breaks, but grabs Brick and Scott in one fluid motion.

Izzy: *fights MOW*

Mow: *grabs Izzy*

Mutant Alejandro: *grabs snake by the throat and throws it, Relasing Scott, Brick, and Zoey*

Scott: *runs* Thanks Al

Izzy: Izzy Has strength! *runs dragging MoW*

Chris: Whoever writes exit, wins!

Scott: *Exit*

Chris: And SCOTT IS THE WINNER OF TOTAL DRAMA: WRATH OF WAWAWNAKWA! HERE IS THE $1,000,000 *throws it but it falls and gets eaten by the Monster* Oh well, Izzy thanks for playing, but you get a souvenir , *hands Izzy Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom*


Zoey:good job Scott and sorry izzy that I was not helping u that much but u should be proud u were in 2nd place

Chris: No more writing. This is over. Tune in next time on Total Drama: Wrath of Wawawnakwa (Season 2)!

                                                  THE END