Total Drama: World i$ Yours is a the sequel to Total Drama: War of the Camps, by TDISeriesFan.


Chris has brought 10 all-new contestants and 2 returnees from War of the Camps to compete against each other in challenges to win money. The team with the least money each week, will have to face elimination and evict one of their members! So remember, World i$ Yours!


  • If you want to debut, please, put your character's name and your signature here
  • This is a money style camp. These are the rules:
    • In challenges, each team of 4 will recieve a prize, which will be money, of course. There can be some exceptions, though.
    • The losing challenge will either have to vote out a member OR vote for a member to go to the winning team.
      • This can come in handy for successful teams: You can give them an inactive or unuseful team member to make the team suck. They can return you the favour, though.
    • You can make exchanges. Maybe your team needs something other team has, and you can give them money, another item, or even throw the challenge and give them a member of your team.
      • Make sure all exchanges are in the exchange zone, and make sure they also are in italic bold.
    • When a member is changed to the other group, the money of the team will decrease.
      • However, in the changes, the other team's money will not increase.
  • Godplay two times, and you are out. The first time you'll be warned here AND in your talk. Second time you'll be eliminated and won't have the chance to return at any time during the game.
  • There might be two debuters and two returnees, or all debuters, since there are only twelve.
  • Your money will be given out this way:
    • When you win a challenge with your team, you will recieve $40,000 for the team.
    • When you come in second place with your team, you will recieve $20,000 for the team.
    • When you lose the challenge with your team, you will recieve $10,000 for the team.
    • Maybe I'll give mini-challenges to give money to the teams. The money recieved will have to be specified when given the challenge. Otherwise, the challenge will not count, and, therefore, be fake.
      • If a contestant asks about the prize, their team's money will decrease $10,000.
      • If a contestant realises the mini-challenge is fake, and says "This challenge is fake", the contestant's team will recieve $15,000 as a reward.
    • When you make it to the merge, the team's money will be divided amongst all the members.
    • When you make it to the merge, you inidividually recieve $20,000.
    • When you win a challenge individually in the merge, you recieve $35,000.
    • The winner of the challenge will always have to choose another person to have immunity with them. This person chosen, besides having immunity, will recieve $15,000.
    • I'll also add mini-challenges after the merge, and the rules are the same.
  • Some things you can't do:
    • You can't quit.
    • You can't harsh characters (this rule can be exceptioned in the case you are an antagonist, but don't go too far).
    • You can't swear. Using asterisks (*) is okay, although I would prefer you don't use them to much, and try to say non-cursing words.
    • When I say the time has changed (I.E.: It's now 7:00 a.m.) Do not post above the post, if not below. This won't be applied for cases before this rule was created.
  • When you break rules, these will counted in this table.

More rules to be added later...

Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

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Retro Robbers

  1. Brandon - Zoomer72
  2. Jake - Tdifan24
  3. Lexi - Oatmeal


14th - Chuck - Rocks - Funny Cashiers - 2 votes against
13th - Rob - Survivor - Greedy Dudes - 3 votes against
12th - Jonathan - Joneboy - Funny Cashiers - 3 votes against
11th - Maria - TDISeriesFan - Fashionable Secretaries - 1 vote against
10th - Max - Mr. E  - Greedy Dudes - 1 vote against
9th - Sam - MrD - Fashionable Secretaries, Retro Robbers - 1 vote against
8th - Donna - Fanny - Retro Robbers - 0 votes against
7th - Iris - Kate - Fashionable Secretaries, Retro Robbers - 0 votes against
6th - Harriet - Sierra - Funny Cashiers, Retro Robbers - 3 votes against
5th - Albert - Alfan - Funny Cashiers, Fashionable Secretaries, Greedy Dudes, Retro Robbers - 0 votes against
4th - SG - SG - Greedy Dudes, Retro Robbers - 0 votes against


Chris: CONTESTANTS! Welcome to World is Yours! Talk here for a while.


Maria: Nice... (CONF) I'M OWNING THIS >=D

Jonathan: *shows up* (CONF) I cant wait for my third shot at a million dollars *grins* need to make an ally.

Jonathan: *to Maria* Wanna be allies?
SG: *walks up to Iris* Wanna form an alliance?

Iris: Sure, I guess. I don't like hurting people, but you seem really nice and sweet and-....nevermind. *blushes and turns away* (CONF) I've stepped up my game. Right now, no one can tell that I'm like, evil, or whatever. So, I'm playing as shy and innocent.

Sam: *leans against a tree, reading*

Jonathan: i dont know if anybody here knows me, but this is my third camp, and I can make a good ally, Im open to anyone as of now, considering that I dont know any of you?

Albert:Sure, why not?
SG: *to Sam* Wanna form an alliance?

Jonathan: *to SG* I'll be your ally bro

Brandon: Anyone want to ally with me?

Jonathan: (CONF) Look at this guy, I can probably manipulate him.

Jonathan: *slaps Brandon on the back really hard* Sure buddy, I'll be your ally

Sam: *looks up* I'm good.

Brandon: Sure Jonathan, but we both get even control, okay?

Jonathan: (CONF) I'll just use him later, but he seems nice, he might actually be a good ally

Jonathan: Alright, we're equal.

Maria: Hey, Jonathan... I thought about your alliance proposal... My answer is... yes >:)

Jonathan: Cool. (CONF) I think I might have enough alliances by now, but nobody here knows me, so this season wont be as easy as my last two.

Harriet:(CONF) *sigh* Another day, another ambush. *fans of Harriet sprint to the confessional* AGH! Nooo!* tries to lock the door of the confessional but the fans make it in*

Jake: *walks out of bus* I'm back for another season. And you're either my friend, or my enemy.

Jonathan: Jake, dude, allies?

(Joneboy704- FYI, this takes place after Total Drama Goes High School Style, so Jonathan and Harriet know each other.)
SG: (CONF) Iris looks a little suspicious. *shrugs* I should just try to survive this money-based season.

Day 1

Felicity: Contestants (except Jake), welcome to the place you are staying: This city! *camera shows all the city, and centers back to Felicity* Maybe you are wondering: Where is our awesome host Chris?.

Maria: uhh... Actually, no...

Felicity: Shush! Well, Chris is sick, so I'm taking his place. The teams can be seen in the list right nex to me *all the cast runs to see their teams* Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Anyways, soon we are making a challenge to make your teams earn more money! Each team will start with $50,000. Talk with each other for another while!

Max: So, um... Hi?

Jonathan: (CONF) The funny cassiers... seriously?

Jonathan: So what's up everybody?

SG: (CONF) Greedy Dudes rule! I hope the challenge isn't too hard. Mm.

SG: *to Max* Wanna form an alliance?

Max: *to SG* Sure.

Jonathan: (CONF) I dont know most of these people, so for now, I'm gonna just lay low, and stay in the game.

Jonathan: Is the challenge gonna start anytime soon?

Harriet:If only.

Day 2

Felicity: Hello! I'm Felicity and I'll be introducing you to all our new things. Chris is flying from the unknown place where those five islands are located to here, New York. You guys will be staying in this small hotel. Each room has four individual beds, where the teams will sleep. You'll have to get used to your new schedule *keeps talking while giving out schedules to the contestants* You'll have to wake up at 7 o' clock every morning, have breakfast, and arrive to the bank at 8 o' clock. First you will have to programme your clocks to wake you up at 7 o' clock, obviously. The team that arrives late will be penalized with either taking off some money from them or making the challenge harder to them. The bank is where you will work, which means, have your challenges. You will get out of work at half past 3 every afternoon. You will go back to the hotel until next morning. That will happen every day.*walks to the living room, along with the group* This is the place where eliminations will take place at. You will all seat on the sofas and you will go, one by one to the desk and write in the list the name of the person you want eliminated. The eliminated person will have to cross the Door of Shame. Let's have an example! *picks and intern and pushes him to the door. The door starts going round and round, injuring the intern* Ooh... We'll need more interns... Anyways, I think that's all... I'll tell you if I forgot anything... Anyways, your challenge will be soon, so prepare!

Marie: Uhh... I didn't understand the part where you-

Felicity: Shush! I never said you could ask me questions! *runs away*

Fashionable Secretaries Chat (1)

It's 6:00 a.m.

Marie: Umm... *starts unpacking things*

Jake: *throws stuff on floor and goes to bed*

Marie: You can't be sleeping! *wakes him up* We're going to work in an hour!

Jake: Fine. *gets back up*

It's 7:00 a.m.

Funny Cashiers Chat (1)

It's 6:00 a.m.

Jonathan: *unpacks his things, but keeps his switchblade and his lighter in his pocket*

It's 7:00 a.m.

Greedy Dudes Chat (1)

It's 6:00 a.m.

Brandon: You guys ready to win today?

SG: *nods shyly* *unpacks things*

It's 7:00 a.m.

Challenge (1)

Felicity: Well, people, it's 7 A.M. Today you'll have a special worktime, but only because it's the first day. Your first task is to give a photo of you (don't worry if it's too bad, I'll remake all of the pictures) to put in your work card. You will also have to say your full name and age. The best team will win immunity, while the worst will go to the voting ceremony.

Forgot Fashionable Secretaries Work Cards

  • Anne Maria Elektra Joker DiLeonard
  • 22
  • Iridiana "Iris" Cynthia Christopoulos
  • 21
  • Jake Smith
  • 19

Funny Cashiers Work Cards

Jonathan Mathis

Age: 1

Greedy Dudes Work Cards

  • Name: Sha Dow Geoff
  • Age: 16
  • Brandon McCarthy
  • Age: 16
  • Max Zorbel
  • Age 19

Felicity: and the winners of the challenge are... The Fashionable Secretaries! In second place, come the greedy dudes, and in third place, the Funny Cashiers, due to nobody filling in an application correctly. Anyways, you guys will have to go to the living room and vote somebody.

Voting Ceremony (1)

Felicity: Okay, guys, you will come behind the desk and write up the name of the person you want out of the game. Everyone else will be sitting here, in the living room to see how this is... *points at the rest of the people* (YOU MUST SAY ME YOUR VOTES VIA CHATANGO)

Maria: (CONF) *chuckles* Losers! *giggles*

Felicity: People have decided, and the eliminated person is... Chuck! Chuck, your time has come to cross the door. Anyways, FS have recieved $40,000. GD have recieved $20,000. FC have recieved $10,000. I'll see you guys soon!

Day 3

Fashionable Secretaries Chat (3)

It's 6:00 a.m.

Maria: *wakes up* Wow... This is strange...

Jake: *wakes up* Ugh, I can't believe i'm on another season. *gets up and goes to take a shower*

Maria: *takes a quick shower*

It's 7:00 a.m. Contestants should start getting prepared

Maria: *gets off shower and starts getting dressed*

Maria: *finishes dressing up and starts walking to the main hall* Come on, team!

It's 7:30 a.m. As minimum one member of your team already be prepared

Maria: *arrives to the main hall* Pheew! First one!

Jake: *sprays deo on and walks out* Another cruel challenge?

It's 8:00 a.m. Contenstants are ready to go to the bank

Funny Cashiers Chat (3)

It's 6:00 a.m.

Jonathan: *Wakes up* Cool... I'm poor all of a sudden.

Harriet:*waking up* How is that cool?

Jonathan: I was being sarcastic Harriet. And maybe if you did the challenge, we wouldnt have lost. Anyways, you gonna change out of those clothes? *Smirks*

Harriet:Yeah, in the bathroom.*gets some clothes and walks into the bathroom and locks door* ( You can change it to say, and closes door, if it's godplaying....:D)

Jonathan: *Sighs* D*** it.

(Joneboy704- No, it's not godplayying)

Harriet:*comes out 5 minutes later dressed and brushing her teeth*'

Jonathan: So... we are allies right?

Harriet:Uhh... I guess.......(CONF) I don't like him! Ugh!

Albert:Sorry I missed the challenge and all....

Jonathan: Good. (CONF) She's totally into me. I have a girlfriend though, so she needs to lay off with all the flirting.

It's 7:00 a.m. Contestants should start getting prepared

Harriet: Be right back.*rechanges into a blue spaghetti string top, short shorts, and knee high socks*

Jonathan: *Eyes widen at harriet* (CONF) D***.

Harriet: What? I usually dress like this at school.

Jonathan: *Smiles* Your classmates are very lucky.

Harriet:*blushes very lightly* (CONF) Umm yeah. I don't like him!

Jonathan: *Grins* (CONF) Natalia, okay, look. I dont like her, she's just pretty. It doesnt mean she could replace you. *Looks away with a guilty look on his face*

Harriet:(CONF) Wait.... was that a compliment?

(Joneboy704- I wont be here for the week, dont vote me off because of not contributing, I will contribute, its just spring break and I wont be home)

It's 7:30 a.m. As minimum one member of your team already be prepared

Harriet:*is offically ready to go*

It's 8:00 a.m. Contenstants are ready to go to the bank

Greedy Dudes Chat (3)

It's 6:00 a.m.

Brandon: Good morning everyone!

Max: Mornin'

SG: *awkwardly* So... um... what's say we vote for Rob next? He's kind of... lazy. (Inactive.)

Max: Agreed.

Brandon: Agreed. But we still try to win, right?

It's 7:00 a.m. Contestants should start getting prepared

SG: *to Brandon* Yeah, I meant if we lose, we vote Rob. *steps into shower*

Brandon: Let's win this challenge, team!

It's 7:30 a.m. As minimum one member of your team already be prepared

SG: *gets dressed* Phew! Ready.

Max: *put shoes on* I'm also ready

It's 8:00 a.m. Contenstants are ready to go to the bank

Challenge (3)

Felicity: Great, nobody's late... This episode will be special, for some reasons I'm not telling you. Anyways, you'll see three tabloids, each will have your team's name and six pictures of people that will be your clients. You will have to attend these six people. They will ask you some things, they will want money, and some bank-related things. Once your client was been attended, he or she will be crossed out of the tabloid. Good luck! Remember you have until 3:00 p.m.

Attended Clients

Fashionable Secretaries - 5/6 (0 missed) | Funny Cashiers - 3/6 (1 missed) | Greedy Dudes - 1/6 (2 missed)

200px200px200pxClick the picture to enlarge and see the names better

Fashionable Secreataries Challenge Chat (3)

It's 8:15 a.m. People may start arriving in fifteen minutes

It's 8.45 a.m. People are already arriving

Joseph has arrived - These posts will count as "time posts"

Jake: Hi Joseph, it's nice to met you. I'm Jake. Lets take a walk, shall we?

Joseph: Uhh... I want my money =\

Maria: Let's give him his money better, Jake...

Jake: Ok.

Maria: Take... *give him the money*

Joseph: Thanks! *pays $5,000* MONEY! *starts biting the money*

Luna has arrived - These posts will count as "time posts"

Maria: Can I help you with anything?

Nick and Nicholas have arrived '(12:00 p.m.)

Jake: Hello Nick and Nicholas. What would you like?

Nick: *gives them some money* Keep it here...

Nicholass: Umm... Nothing, I... *runs*

Maria: *keeps Nick's money* Uh, okay...

Lola and Paula have arrived

Jake: Greetings Lola and Paula. *gives them both cash*

Paula: ah, thanks :D *keeps money* Now, I want MY money :D

Lola: Thanks... *leaves*

Maria: Uh.... Okay? *gives Paula her money*

Paula: U-huh >_> *leaves*

Luna: Oh, uh, sorry n_n Can I have some... Uh... My money?

Funny Cashiers Challenge Chat (3)

It's 8:15 a.m. People may start arriving in fifteen minutes

Harriet: Each of us take 2. I'll take Ian and Katy.

It's 8.45 a.m. People are already arriving

Kyle has arrived - These posts will count as "time posts"

Kyle: *cough* I've been waiting here for a while...

Marlene has arrived - These posts will count as "time posts"

Harriet:Oh fine. I'll take this for the team.*walks up to Kyle and Marlene* Hello I'm Harriet. I'm assuming you are 2 of our clients we were expecting. Please let's sit down.* pulls out chairs*

Kyle: Huh, *sits down* Wassup, babe?

Marlene: *shyly sits down* o.o

Harriet:(CONF) How do you talk to the guy who flirts with you???????????(NONCONF) So, Felicity told us you wanna ask us a couple things.

Kyle: Uh, yeah, I wanted to ask you out *winks*

Marlene: I just wanted my money :l

Harriet: Since Marlene is the one who actually formed a question. I'm gonna give her the money *gives Marlene the money* and Kyle, no.

Marlene: Thanks n_n *leaves without paying*

Kyle: I'll just pay you with the money I have in my account, and that's *counts* $3... nah, Just kidding, I have $10,000 in my account, so that goes for you -w- *leaves*

Harriet:Hey! Getback here! *BENNY HILL music starts and she chases them* 3$!!!!! 3$!!!!!!!!

Erika and Katy have arrived '(12:00 p.m.)

Harriet: Hello Erika. Hello Katy. Please sit. So, you have some questions? Or do you just want the money?

Erika: I Have one question... How does this bank work?

Katy: I want my money :l

Harriet: Here Katy. *gives her the money* $3 please. As for you Erika, you give us the money, and we have to keep it safe when you ask for it back.

Katy: What?! $3?! FORGET IT! *leaves* :@

Erika: Umm... Okay, thanks n_n

Ian and Ferrai Have arrived

Ian: Uh... Hi?

Harriet: Hello. You are the last 2 we are expecting. Please sit.

Ian: I go first... Umm... I... Hi!

Harriet: I'm Harriet. Did you have a question for us? Or did you come for your money or credit card?

Jonathan: *Shows up and sees harriet* Looks like you got this. *Walks up to her and kisses her on the cheek, then walks away*

Harriet: Not really. All 4 I've met with didn't even pay. Ferrai isn't even awake Jon. He's standing up, but he's not awake. I'm guessing he's part penguin.

Ferrai: You haven't asked me >_>

Ian: Hey! >:\ I'm WAITING!

Greedy Dudes Challenge Chat (3)

It's 8:15 a.m. People may start arriving in fifteen minutes

It's 8.45 a.m. People are already arriving

Loreley has arrived - These posts will count as "time posts"

Loreley: I'm still waiting!

Jessica has arrived - These posts will count as "time posts"

Max: Hello, um, *looks at board of names* Loreley and uh... Jessica.

Loreley & Jessica: yeah!

Brandon: What would like?

SG: *to Brandon* So, um, you can attend to Loreley. I'll help Jessica.

Brandon: Okay, SG! Loreley, how may I assist you?

SG: Um, Jessica, what can I do for you... ma'am?

Loreley: Umm, I want to have my credit card back. I saved it for my vacations.

Jessica: Do not call me ma'am >_>

Brandon: Just a minute . . . *gives her her credit card* Here you go!

SG: *sweats nervously* What can I do for you, Jessica?

Loreley: Thanks... *leaves*

Jessica: Uh... That's the way you treat your clients... Buh, bye! >.< *leaves*

Alexander and James have arrived (12:00 p.m.)

Brandon: Welcome . . . *checks list* Alexander and James! How may I help you two?

Max: Yes, how may we help?

SG: Alexander, James, how can I assist you?

Alexander: I want my Ca$h 8)

James: I want to keep some money here.

Shandi and Tyler have arrived

Shandi: I'm in a hurry >_>

Max: Hello, Shandi. How may I be of service to you?

Shandi: Umm, quickly, I want my money...

SG: *to Alexander* Certainly, sir. *gives money to Alexander*

SG: *to James* Certainly, sir. Can you hand me the money you want us to store?

Alexander: Thank$ 8)

James: take :| *gives him the money*

James:... So? This is the WORST bank. EVER >_>

Elimination Ceremony (3)

Felicity: Okay, once again, Fashionable Secretaries win the $40,000 bucks. In second place, winning $20,000, come the Funny Cashiers. And in last place, winning the $10,000, come the Greedy Dudes. However, both, Cashiers and Dudes, must vote, since they both lost clients. Get ready to vote! As last time, the Secretaries can stay here.

Remember you must vote here.

Felicity: I have just been informed Chris is about to arrive, but in the meanwhile, I'm still the host. Cashiers, if I was you, I'd vote someone who has been inactive throughout all the challenge *cough*Albert*cough* >:)

Felicity: Okay, the decision has been taken. The eliminated person from the Greedy Dudes is... Rob! The Funny Cashiers voted also, but they voted for... A team swap! Yes! The winner team (Fashionable Secretaries) will recieve the voted team member, which is... Albert! Congrats, Albert, you are on the pwning team so far! >:D I pity you, Cashiers xD

Jonathan: *Winks to Harriet* So you didn't vote me off. i wasnt sure if kissing you would make you mad or not.

Harriet: I have a reason. Albert didn't do either challenges. But you did the first one. *puts her finger under his head and strokes the bottom of his head and walks away*

Jonathan: *Sits for a while, then realizes how bored he is* Wait up. *catches up with harriet.* (CONF) Man, ever since i got into showbiz, all the ladies have been lovin me! This is awsome!

Day 4

Felicity: Chat here for a while. Rule change: Forget about the times.

Harriet: What is that supposed to mean Felicity?

Jonathan: *Sees Harriet* Hey.

Harriet: Hi.

Jonathan: So, we're the only two left on our team, what happens when we lose? *Smiles*

Harriet:Why are you smiling like that? And to answer your question, I'm guessing they decide.

Felicity: Harriet, That means that you don't have time to prepare at 8:00 and that stuff, you just wake up, and then whne I post the challenge you do it. Jonathan, it depends on what happens ;)

Jonathan: Well, I know I'm not voting you off.

Harriet: Oh... *heavily blushes*

Jonathan: If we do lose, I'm sending you to the winning team. Allies till the final two? (CONF) Luckily Natalia broke up with me, so I dont have to feel guilty about this.

Harriet:*silent for a little bit and immediatley kisses him but tries to catch herself* I'm sorry.....

Jonathan: Come on, you know me. You dont have to be sorry for that. *Kisses her back* I'm supposed to be the one that's usually sorry. *Grins*

(Joneboy704- I posted the challenge in TRI)

Harret: Natalia would know.

Jonathan: Oh. sorry, if I'm making you uncomfortable just tell me. Me and natalia brokae up, so dont worry about her.

(Joneboy704- compete in Total Reunion Island, the challenge is up)

Harriet:Oh.* kisses him* Alrght. Your making me feel great.

Jonathan: That's good. you're a good kisser, you know that?

Harriet: Oh really?

Jake: Get a room >.>

Harriet: OK.*walks with Jonathan into another room and continues making out* I've loved you ever since we first met

SG: *to Max and Brandon* We need to take the Fashionable Secretaries out somehow.

Jonathan: Really, we've never really even been friends up until now. (CONF) Honestly, I dont even know what's going on... but I like it.

Max: *to SG* Let's just hope we don't lose... :D

Maria: Great, Albert, our plan was successfully done. Now we are the strongest team!

Felicity: Oooh! That will hurt Albert's team!

Challenge (4)

Felicity: Anyways, since last episode was supposed to be only team swap, but both teams lost customers, and they both went to voting ceremony, today there will be no challenge.

Voting Ceremony (4)

Felicity: As I said before, there's no challenge, and, therefore, no elimination. Everyone is safe tonight :D

Day 5

Felicity: Talk it up, guys :D

Harriet:*sits down with my back against the wall*

Jonathan: *Sits next to her* So, how come we were never really friends before?

Harriet: To tell you the truth, it was probably that it was about Wayne and Natalia all the time. The first time you talked to me, you were about to flirt with me anyways.

Jonathan: *puts head down* Oh... I'm sorry.

Harriet:*brings his head back up* Now that Wayne isn't here, and Natalia and you broke up, this may be your lucky day. *Harriet kisses Jonathan*

Jonathan: You know, you're just as cool as Natalia, i think I might love you.

Max: *rolls eyes*

Jonathan: *Sees Max* Hey yo Max, you gotta problem?!!

Max: No, not really... (CONF) Idiots, if thew teams merge soon, they both go down first...

Jonathan: Good, cause if there's a problem, *Puts hand to fist* we can settle it.

Max: You threatening me doesn't scare me... you try to use the scare tactic to persuade people, but you'll never scare me...

Jonathan: *Walks up to max* You know what, you'er not backing down, kinda reminds me of myself. *Extends hand* Allies?

Max: *shakes hand* Why not... (CONF) With my family having mafia ties, I know when a good deal arises... Jonathan is a good pawn, for now, and when I don't need him anymore, he'll go bye-bye.

Jonathan: *Smiles* Then I guess the problem has just been settled. (CONF) I don't know if I can trust the quiet guy, but I cant win this if my only ally is harriet... man, I love that woman.

Harriet: My head hurts. I gonna go lie down. *kisses him and goes to sleep*

Jonathan: Great. *Sits down* Now I have no one to talk to.

Harriet:*forgot to get up, and when she fell asleep, she leans against Jon*

Jonathan: *Eyes widen* (CONF) What do i do? (NON-CONF) *Lightly shakes her* Umm...Harriet? Are you asleep?

Felicity: May this be the start of a new alliance? Will the teams Merge? Find out right after the break!

Challenge (5)

Money Baskets
Fashionable Secretaries - $40,000 - 4/4 - WON
Funny Cashiers - $30,000 - 3/4 - LOST
Greedy Dudes - $35,000 - 1/4

Felicity: Okay, guys, there've been some doubts, and here are the answers: the teams won't merge. Now, onto the challenge. Today every team will have to choose an amount of money to put into this giat bowl. Each team will be assigned a game. If they win, the will win the double of the money. If they lose, they will have to pay the money they have given. The team that has the least money at the end will be sent to elimination.

Maria: How many money should we put there? I say we put $40,000. It's a decent amount, and, if we win the game we could win $80,000!

Jonathan: $30,000. if we win, we'll still beat maria's team. *winks to Maria* Sorry.

Harriet: *wakes up, and runs over to the place they are doing the challenge*

Jonathan: Sorry, I didnt wanna wake you up, but the challenge would be easier with a little help. *Smiles*

Felicity: Okay, the money baskets will be under the "Challenge" title. So, The Two Cashiers are giving $30,000!

Harriet: *smiles*

Jonathan: Just so you know, if we lose, i'm sending you to the winning team.

Harriet: You don't have to do this Jon....

Jonathan: Look, I dont need the money, i'm famous. (CONF) Actually, i'm pretty poor. I bet she's got a thousand times as much money as I do.... make that two thousand.

Jake: My team would like to donate 40,000 dollars.

Jonathan: (CONF) That's more like it. She's more like 40,000 times richer than I am.

Harriet: Jonathan, based on your clothes, I can tell you told me a lie right to my face. *looks down*

Jonathan: Alright, fine. but I dont deserve to win anyway. I'll help you win. I want to.

Harriet: Oh Jon....

Jonathan: Shh. It's okay. I dont need the money. Anyways, umm, out of curiosity, are you and Nate still together?

Harriet: Not anymore.

Jonathan: Really? Why? (CONF) I think she's lying. I never heard anything about them breaking up.

Felicity: fashionable Secretaries are putting $40,000 in the basket! Only Greedy Dudes are left

Max: I'd say $35,000... but how much should we do?

Brandon: $35,000 is good Max.

SG: *bites lip* We'll do it. :|

Felicity: We're preparing the games. Get ready in the meanwhile.

Jonathan: It doesnt matter. Let's win this... for you. *Smiles*

Harriet: I love you Jonathan. *smiles*

Jonathan: ... (CONF) Wow, she said she LOVES me, dude... wow. (NON-CONF) ...I love you too.

Jonathan: Hey, you know, if we win the challenge we'll be the team with the most money, so even though we bet the least, if we win, we come out on top.

Brandon: C'mon greedy dudes! Lets win this!

Maria: Wrong calculations, Jonathan... You now have 50,000. IF you won, you would have 110,000. We now have 90,000. If we win, we'll have 170,000 *winks* Get ready to be out...

Jonathan: Wait, i thought we had 80,000.

Felicity: Remember what I said?!


Today every team will have to choose an amount of money to put into this giat bowl. Each team will be assigned a game. If they win, the will win the double of the money. If they lose, they will have to pay the money they have given.

(end of flashback)

maria: That means that, if you win, the money you have given duplicates. If you lose, the money will be lost.

Felicity: Yes (conf) This girls knows a lot... TOO much...

Felicity: o_o' O...kay? Anyways, here are your challeneges!

Jonathan: Not fair! *Looks at Maria nervously* Allies?

Maria: Now you come to me? I guess... *shakes his hand* I will accept your offer...

Jonathan: *Nervously smiles* ... yea. (CONF) She keeps winning, it's kinda intimidating.

Fashionable Secretaries - Clues, Clues... What's That?

Felicity: Secretaries, this is your game. I will give you different clues and you will have to say what I'm talking about. Three hints will be free, the rest will have to be paid.

(TDISF: My character [Maria] will obviously not be able to participate since I?m the host and I know the answers.)

Jake: Ok. Lets start. I'm a smart guy, and we need to win. (CONF) If we don't win, we suck.

Felicity: Okay, first clue: It's ususally below

Jake: Shoes?

Felicity: CORRECT! Next one! We dance with it

Jake: A person?

Felicity: Nope :\ Second clue: It involves people's voices

Maria: Oh, this is SO easy -w-

Jake: A song

'Felicity: CORRECT! Next: People are watching you in it ^-^'''''

Jake: TV

Felicity: CORRECT! Last one, and this one is the most difficult. It comes in a flight

Jake: Peanuts? As in airplane food

Felicity: No, second clue: It looks good

Jake: A woman in a short dress? ;)

Felicity: Good... But now... Last free clue: It tortures people >:)

Jake: A kid kicking the chair?

Felicity: This is more difficult than I thought :|. Okay, here are the clues prices: Difficult clue - $5,000 ; Normal clue - $10,000 ; Easy clue - $20,000

Jake: Difficult clue

Felicity: Okay... It likes it's hair

Jake: Pillows? If that's wrong, then buy me an easy clue.

Felicity: Okay, this is your Easy clue: He hosted Total Drama

Jake: Chris Mclean :D. (I hope my team doesn't lose :()

Felicity: CORRECT! Your team has just won the challenge!

Funny Cashiers - Which Songs are Those?

Felicity: Okay, this is how this will work. I will give you a part of a song and you will have to say which song it is and by who. Hints will have to be paid.

Jonathan: I'm ready. i'm the biggest music expert in the world. (CONF) I'm a rapper myself, havent been signed yet though.


Said I'll always be a friend; took an oath; Imma stick it out 'til the end

Jonathan: Rihanna- Umbrella!

Felicity: Correct! next!:

Why am I doing this to myself?; Losing my mind on a tiny error

Jonathan: Jesse J- Who You Are.

Felicity: Ummm... yeah... next -.- This is onyl one phrase and, the last one, will be one WORD! >:D

I was looking lost, it was cold outside

Jonathan: Easy. Kesha- C.U.N.T.

Felicity: Ummm... There's no Kesha song called like that ._.

Jonathan: Yea, there is. C U Next Tuesday.

Felicity: Still, no C.U.N.T. Song... So, C U Next Tuesday, by who?

Jonathan: I already said, It's by kesha!

(Joneboy704- It's officially called C.U.N.T., my little sister has the cd.)

(TDISF: I know it as C U Next Tuesday)

Felicity: I'll take it -w- But it's Ke$ha... Anyways, here are your three hint words. You must pay $25,500 if you one phrase.

outside, love, begging

Jonathan: Why do you hate me? Okay, i need a phrase, casue that could be almost any song.

Felicity: Well, You are paying 25,000. Your team now has $55,000. You better win ^-^

Oh baby baby baby

Jonathan: Like every girl used to sing that all the time at my old sschool. Baby, by Justin Bieber, featuring Ludacris.

Felicity: UGH! NO!!! I would never mention THAT -w-

Jonathan: How about... Smokey Robinson and the Miracles- Oh baby baby? (CONF) Well that's definetly wrong.

Felicity: Ummm... Last chance ;)

Jonathan: I told you the answer, please just go with it! It's gonna take a while to figure this one out.

Felicity: Okay... YOU lost the money ^-^ It was supposed to be hard... And it was! It will be hard for any of the other teams to reach lower than $25,000, so I think that your lost is almost guaranteed. ;)

Jonathan: Then what song was it?

Felicity: I won't tell. Maybe it's your comeback challenge when you are out >:D

Jonathan: Jonathan: What, I'm gonna be stuck with that song... it could be anything! *Runs up to her and kneels* Please tell me. Please.

Harriet:Think Harriet think! (CONF) Oh my god, I don't know!

Jonathan: *Runs to Harriet* I'm so sorry, I just didnt know what it was, but if we lose, I'm voting you to the winning team. (CONF) Hopefully she'll do the same.

Harriet: Me neither..... I'll send you with me. *kisses him*

Jonathan: *Smiles* Thank you. It's obvious she wants us to lose cause everyone else are getting easy questions.

Jonathan: Felicity, why did you cheat like that? You gave me a phrase that could be from any song in the world. Can you give me one more phrase? Please? We've already lost every challenge so far. Please.

Felicity: I did not cheat. You said you were a song expert, okay, I gave you the challenge, and you got it all right, except for the last one, and you lost ;) No second chances. Except if you get it right in the comeback challenge.

Greedy Dudes - What and Where?

Felicity: Okay, this is your game. I will give hint words, and you will try to say what thing I'm talking about and where it is. You have three free hint words. The rest will have to be paid.

Brandon: Okay!

Max: Kai...

SG: *nods slowly*

Felicity: Okay, here are the three hint words: Shoe, Long, thread

SG: Shoelace?

Felicity: CORRECT! Next item, three to go!: Green, Competition, Finale

SG: The money you get for winning a reality show?

Felicity: Not exactly, but REALLY near.

Max: Money?

Felicity: CORRECT! You got only two to go! Next: Viewers, Channels, People

SG: TV fans?

Brandon: A talk show? T.V.?

Max: Studio Audience?\

Max: Ratings?

Felicity: CORRECT! It was TV. Now for the last one, and it's difficult. Words, Person, Fan

SG: Cheering?

Brandon: Fanfiction? Fanclub? Fansite?

Felicity: Nope. Wat any more hint word?

Brandon: How much? I also guess Singer, Songwriter, Famous Celebrity, Famous Author, Writing, and a Speech-Giver.

Felicity: Sing was the correct answer. Now you have ALSO won your money! Chat for a while ^-^

After-Challenge Chat

Jake: Great -.-. My team sucks. Be more active.

Brandon: Ya, well you guys haven't lost once!

Max: (CONF) Meh, We got 2nd, so I don't care how the other teams did...

SG: *to Brandon* I know, right? It's like some sort of god or whatever is making the Fasionable Secretaries win. Maybe the same one that made Sam win last season. (:|)

Maria: But remember that any team has a weak point. You only must find it... One of them could be inactives (*cough*AlbertIrisSam*cough*)

(TDISF: If what you pretend is that I'm rigging this, you're wrong. Seriously, I don't care if I win or not, and I would not rig my camp, because it totally ruins it.)

(Joneboy704- i dont think you're rigging it, I just think that its kinda unfair that you gave me a phrase that could be in a million songs.)

(Mr. E: I just think the Greedy Dudes and the Funny Cashiers should merge...)

Voting Ceremony (5)

A helicopter can be heard

Chris: It's me! Chris McLean! *gets down of helicopter* Okay, I'm back to bring the ratings... I've been following you. Anyways. Jon and Harriet, you guys are a team of two, so I decided that Greedy Dudes are voting one of the Cashiers. And, because it brings ratings, Fashionable Secretaries are voting someone too ;)

Maria: but we WON the challenge!

Chris: BUT I care about ratings only >_>

Maria: Ugh!

Max: (CONF) It's kinda obvious who I'm voting for....

SG: (CONF) :|

(TDISF: I forgot, send your votes in here)

Chris: Okay, confusing ceremony. Here's what happened. Greedy Dudes voted for somebody to be eliminated from the Funny Cashiers, which was Jonathan. However, Fashionable Secretaries voted for somebody else to be swapped to the Greedy Dudes, and he was Albert. Have fun! ;)

Harriet:Jonathan!*kisses him goodbye* I'll try and win. *smiles*

Jonathan: *Holds her* I'll be back, dont worry about it, just stay in the game as long as possible, you can win this. *Leaves*

SG: So, I guess we've got a new member. *shrugs* KK.

Max: Welcome aboard, Albert!

Brandon: Ya, Hi Albert!

Day 6

Chris: Okay, today, double elimination! We're nine and, by the end of the challenge, we'll be only 7.

Challenge (6)

(TDISF: BTW, this will go way faster now. I just can't wait to start next season! :D)

Chris: Today's challenge will be the next: As you can see, there are 9 platforms. Each of you will stand in one of the platforms. I, along with Felicity, will throw you these giant balls with this giant catapult. Don't worry, the balls are soft. Then, (decided by fate) you will fall ar you will stay on your platform. The last two standing wil choose the person they want to eliminate... But they won't get immunity! ;) By the way, if you JUMP, you get higher chances of staying on your platform.

Brandon: Let's get this challenge started!

Max: *jumps onto his platform* Let's do this.


Jake: *jumps*

Brandon: *jumps&* (Are we supposed to do that now?)

SG: *jumps*

(TDISF: yes @Zoomer)

  • Harriet - JUMP
  • Brandon - JUMP
  • SG - JUMP
  • Max - FALL
  • Albert - JUMP
  • Iris - FALL
  • Jake - FALL
  • Maria - FALL
  • Sam - JUMP


(Only Harriet, Brandon, SG, Albert and Sam are here)


Brandon: *jumps*

SG: *jumps*


Harriet: *jumps*

  • Harriet - STAY
  • Brandon - STAY
  • SG - FALL
  • Albert - FALL
  • Sam - FALL

Chris: Okay, we have our two winners! Harriet and Brandon! Each of themm will choose ONE person to be eliminated!

Elimination Ceremony (6)

Chris: Okay, let's wait until Harriet and Brandon choose the people who are going to be eliminated...

Maria: (CONF) SERIOUSLY?! I LOST?! This show is SO going to be sued if I become eliminated!

Albert:*quits* ;)

Chris: Okay, people, Brandon and Harriet (Sierra didn't vote, therefore, I decided the second eliminated through random.ORG) have casted their votes. Brandon, Harriet, you two are safe, as you know, for winning the challenge. Next person safe is Albert, followed by SG, Iris and Sam. This leaves three people... Jake, Max, Maria, one of you will continue through the game, while the other two will have to leave it... FOREVER! The first person... That MUST. Leave. The game is...

MARIA! Maria, I'm sorry, but you must leave the game forever... Now the second eliminated person is between Jake and Max, and that is...

MAX! Jake, you are safe this week. Max and Maria, you two have been eliminated.

Day 7

Chris: Welcome, people, to. The. Merge day! Today we're having two people debut, and these are... Lexi and Donna! What? We needed girls -w-

Chat (7)

Lexi: HAYYY GUYS~ -waved hand around, but then suceeded to falling on the ground- Whats up?! -she said while looking up from the ground-

Challenge (7)

Chris: Today I'm keeping it simple: Choose a team name for the merged team. It has to be money.related and have at least TWO words ;)

Jake: Bad Bankers?

SG: Currency Crushers?

Harriet: Depositing Demolishers

Lexi: The, Balistic Banking Bombers

Brandon: The Krazy Ka-Chings or The Extreme Bank-Tellers or The Bankers Extraordinaire!

Jake: Oh, and how about the Crappy Cashiers? Or the Retro Robbers?

Chris: And the winner of the challenge is... Jake! With the Retro Robbers. It's an awesome name, dude :3

Elimination Ceremony (7)

Chris: Jake is the winner. Harriet, Brandon, SG and Lexi submitted, so they are also safe by default. They all get $15,000 each. Now, Jake must choose one person between Iris, Sam, Albert and Donna to be eliminated. Who will it be? Only Jake will tell!

Chris: Jake has decided the eliminated person... It is... Sam... Sam, I'm sorry, you are the first person eliminated from the merged team.

Day 8

Challenge (8)

Chris: Okay, today we're having a super special guest... KATY PERRY! we were supposed to bring Ke$ha, but she was too busy brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack -w- Yeah, Weird... Anyways, I want you to give me the best Katy Perry song you have. Worst two songs are auto-out.

Jake: Firework

SG: E.T.

Lexi: I want to be the one out of the crowd, so thats why I chose this song. This song I believe, represents the 'mistake' boyfriend, and no one knows this song. Circle The Drain, is my choice. Which she possibly sang that for TRAVIE McCoy

Harriet: Teenage Dream!

Brandon: California Girls!

Albert:I Kissed a Girl. :P

Elimination Ceremony (8)

Song Submitted by Results
Firework Jake SAFE
Circle The Drain Lexi SAFE
Teenage Dream Harriet SAFE
California Gurls Brandon SAFE
I Kissed A Girl Albert SAFE
- Iris OUT
- Donna OUT

Chris: Okay, since only 2 people did not submit, they're auto-out! Iris and Donna have just been eliminated from Total Drama: World i$ Yours, bringing us to our final 6! since all songs were good, Nobody wins, and you all are SAFE.

Day 9

Challenge (9)

Chris: Today we will be holding a simple jury vote... I will post all of the votes below in a gallery so that there are no doubts. We will also keep the votes anonymous. The most voted person will be automatically eliminated.

Chris: Huh... Yeah, we're done voting. (One vote was decided through Random.ORG) Let's see... One vote Harriet... One vote Lexi... One vote Harriet... One vote Lexi... The last vote goes to...

HARRIET! Harriet, your time to leave has come. This makes Lexi the only female left, Albert the only Funny Cashier left, and Jake the only returnee left! Jake, you have made final 5 AGAIN -_- Anyways... What kind of challenge will the fina 5 face? Will it be hard? Or will it be EASY?! We'll just find out on the semifinals of TOTAL. DRAMA... WORLD I$ YOURS!


Day 10

Challenge (10)

Chris: You only have to say safe. The last two people to do so, are doomed >:D

Jake: Safe!

Jake: Also, I wanna add that I am the last from my team. Just saying >.>

Chris: Yeah, but Harriet's elimination didn't cause that ;)

Brandon: Safe!

Lexi: Safe.

SG: Safe!

Chris: We've got our three finalists!

Jake: Bye SG and Albert. SG, you were a good ally. But see ya!

(SG: I was at school. -_- Good luck, Jake!)


Chris: The jury will decide tonight who will become the winner of the million dollars... Any final speech, you guys?

Jake: Well, I didn't expect to be here. Anyway, I made it a long way to get here. I was the last fashionable secertary. I also was active and helped others. And, I made it to the final 3 again. I did it last season, and this one. So I made it a long ways. Hope you pick me!

Brandon: Well guys, I'm here. Aren't I? I worked my but off from day one. I always tried my hardest, whether it was during the bank teller's challenge with my team mates... *winks at SG* Or during the jumping challenge thingy, I always did my best. And most of the time, I won! I was always there for my friends and team mates, and I guess all my hard work paid off. I'm here, in the finale, right now! And if I can just get the support of the jury, I might even win! So please, vote for me to win Total Drama World I$ Yours, and you'll know you made the right choice. *smiles at everyone* Thanks guys. :D

Chris: Okay... The time has come... Who wil NOT win this game is...

LEXI! Lexi, you have been a great player, but your fellow contestants have decided you are not worthy of this award, which leaves only Jake and Brandon for the win... Guys the PERSON who will WIN a million dollars IS....

JAKE! The jury has decided, and JAKE is the winner of Total Drama: World i$ Yours! Jake, congratulations, you have won *hands him the million dollar case* THIS AWARD!

Winner Chat

Maria: YES! *hugs Jake* YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT! You made it to the finale and showed all of these losers what Fashionable Secretaries ARE about!

Jake: I played to win. And that's what I did!

Jake: Wanna go grab something fancy to eat Maria?

Maria: *blushes and shrugs* O- Okaty c:

Brandon: Great job Jake! Congrats! *highfives him*

Jake: *highfives Brandon* Thanks man. Limo? Over here. *enters limo with Maria*

SG: *waves good-bye to Jake* *turns to Brandon* Sorry, dude, Jake and I had an agreement. (I kind of flipped a coin for it...)

Elimination Table

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 FINALE
$ # Contestant N/A Chuck Rob N/A Jonathan Maria Sam Iris Harriet TBA Jake
Albert Albert Max Donna TBA Brandon
$1,000,000 1st Jake IN WIN WIN IN Albert SAFE Sam IN IN IN WINNER
$65,000 2nd Brandon IN IN Rob IN Jonathan Maria IN IN IN IN RUNNER-UP
$65,000 3rd Lexi Debuts in Episode 7 IN IN LOW IN THIRD
$65,000 4th SG IN IN Rob IN Jonathan SAFE IN IN IN OUT Jake
$50,000 5th Albert IN Chuck Albert IN NV SAFE LOW IN IN OUT Jake
$65,000 6th Harriet IN NV Albert IN IN Max IN IN OUT Harriet
$35,000 7th Iris IN WIN WIN IN NV SAFE LOW OUT Lexi
$35,000 8th Donna Debuts in Episode 7 LOW OUT Donna
$35,000 9th Sam IN WIN WIN IN NV SAFE OUT Sam
$0 10th Max IN IN Rob IN Jonathan OUT
$0 11th Maria IN WIN WIN IN Albert OUT
$0 12th Jonathan IN Chuck NV IN OUT
$0 13th Rob IN IN NV
$0 14th Chuck IN NV

Contestants' Statistics

Contestant Team Place Status Total Votes Recieved Money B.E. Merged Finale
Jake Fashionable Secretaries 1st WINNER 0 $1,000,000 MERGED FINALIST
Brandon Greedy Dudes 2nd RUNNER-UP 0 $65,000
Lexi N/A 3rd THIRD 2 $65,000
SG Greedy Dudes 4th 4TH FINALIST 0 $65,000
Albert Funny Cashiers 5th 5TH FINALIST 4 $50,000
Harriet Funny Cashiers 6th 6TH FINALIST 3 $65,000
Iris Fashionable Secretaries 7th VOTED OFF 0 $35,000 NON-FINALIST
Donna N/A 8th VOTED OFF 0 $35,000
Sam Fashionable Secretaries 9th VOTED OFF 1 $35,000
Max Greedy Dudes 10th VOTED OFF 1 $0 NON-MERGED
Maria Fashionable Secretaries 11th VOTED OFF 1 $0
Jonathan Funny Cashiers 12th VOTED OFF 3 $0
Rob Greedy Dudes 13th VOTED OFF 3 $0
Chuck Funny Cashiers 14th VOTED OFF 2 $0

B.E. = Before Elimination

Rule-Breaking Table

Contestants -$5,000 -$10,000 Elimination
Harriet X
Albert X

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