Total Drama: War of the Camps is a camp created by TDISeriesFan

About the Camp

Chris and his new co-host, Samantha, have brought 25 teenagers to an old set of islands transformed into camps. Each week they will have to compete in challenges against each other, and finally, the losing camp will have to face dramatic eliminations to evict one of their members. After some time, one person will be standing, and will be declared the winner! Welcome to Total Drama: War of the Camps!


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Contestants (CLOSED)

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Merge Camp

  1. AJ - The Friendly Athlete - bridgette_dj10
  2. Sam - The C.I.T. - TDISeriesFan

Jury Camp

Wanna be a member of the jury? Contact me via talk page or Chatango

  1. Rafael - Alfan3000
  2. Nathan - TDIM
  3. Koops - Koops
  4. Felicity - TDISeriesFan
  5. Brittany - TDISeriesFan
  6. Irene - TDISeriesFan
  7. Olivia - TDISeriesFan
  8. Peter - TDISeriesFan

  1. Draven - Dra
  2. Rachel/Isabella - Snow
  3. Mister E

Episode 1 - Camp Division

Chris: Contestnts! Welcome to our fifth season! First, I'm dividing you into four camps. Look the list! ^^^^ (That means Owen was eliminated. Chosen by Random.ORG). Now go and meet your campmates in each of your islands, and then we'll meet in the central island!

Camp 1 Chat (1)

Tyler: *starts unpacking*

Elenaz: * Giggles* Hey there...

Rebecca:*unpacks on the girl side*

Tyler: *awkwardly looks at Elenaz and continues unpacking*

Rebecca:*whispers* I think she likes you.

Tyler: *looks even more awkwardly at rebecca and walks away*

Elenaz: Sigh.... He has problems... Just like Mr. Oinks!

Tyler: *sitting in front of the lake and looks back at Elenaz* ...

Elenaz: * Waves*

Tyler: *slightly waves and turns around*

(TDISF: I'm telling you he'll never talk xD Unless it's something important)

Rebecca:*comes out behind a tree slowly and makes a sound effect can be heard here* I was wrong. I can tell.

Camp 2 Chat (1)

Mrodd: Well. I guess this will have to do * Jumps on the closest bed*

Camp 3 Chat (1)

Jackson: *starts unpacking*

Harriet:*sits on my bed filing my nails*

Camp 4 Chat (1)

Sam: Camp 4 is gonna be the winner! (CONF) And, of course, I'M going to win!

Sami:*unpacks and starts reading*

Sam: How can we call it?

Sami:Call what?

Sam: The team, duh?

Challenge (1)

Chris: Well, today, you must choose your camp's names! They must follow this format: Camp _______. Got it? After this, we can start our second challenge.

Sam: I think I've got it. What do you think about Camp Victory?

Jake: How about Camp Chris? (conf) Oh trust me, sunds stupid, but not to Chris

Jose : Camp Chris Rules!!!

Sam: true. Victory doesn't seem to be a lucky name. we'll go by camp Chris by now, but let's just wait a while to see the other teams' choices.

Jude: Pfft. Camp Nerds Suck.

Mrodd: I dont care what we name our camp!

Elenaz: How about Camp.... Dream Boat...

Draven: What about,...Camp LIGHTING!?

David : Camp Chris is a god

Rebecca:No, not wrong.

Sam: I got it! Camp Chihilikilihui!

Chris: You must have your names decided in an hour!

Mrodd: I agree with Jose.

Jake: Sam, your camp is way to long. Camp Chris is awesome

Sam: Huh... Well, go with that, if you want. Maybe we could go as Camp Superstars, or Camp Natural, but if you want to do that, well... Do it...

Tyler: *lowly says* It must be something original.

Harriet:How bout Camp So-So?

Rebecca: Camp "Correct"

Alejandro:Camp All-Stars!

Cody:Camp Awesome!

Sierra:Camp Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Sam: Sierra... NO!

Jake: (conf) Not fond of Sierra's idea, but if it gets my team to immunity, so be it. I'll do anything to win.

Jude: WHAT

Jake: *slaps Jude* Camp Chris is really really really really hot is fine

Isabella: Camp Drama

Sam: No! It won't be Camp Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot! we'll be Camp Chris, I can agree to that!

Chris: Well, You must be done by now! What are your team names?

Tyler: ...

Sam: Camp Chris!

Elenaz: Our Camp Name is.... Camp Parfait

Jose : Camp Chris Rules

Alejandro:Camp All-Stars!

Chris: Camp 3?

(TDISF: I GTG right now, so I won't be able to judge until tomorrow)

Harriet:Since I don't take my suggestions, Camp Awesome.

Draven: Misty.

Misty: Win this for both of us. Chris,...I quit.... *runs to boat of losers area*

Jackson: Agreed, Camp Awesome!

Jake: Gee, Camp Chris. Shocker. Camp Chris and Camp Chris Rules? Same thing almost

Jude: Heck no. I'm not being on Camp Chris Rules. Either I switch teams or leave

Chris: Okay, then, we have Camp 1, or Parfait or whatever it's called! Camp 2, or Camp... 2! Camp 3, or Camp Awesome! and finally, Camp 4, or Camp Chris! And the winners are... Camp Parfait! Why? I won't fall again with that of "Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot". Camp 2 didn't decide a name and Camp Awesome isn't that Awesome... Anyways, Draven is getting the coconut!

Jake: What's the coconut?

Harriet:* SIGHS *

Jake: Is Sam a boy or a girl?


Sam: I'm a girl!

Chris: The coconut is something like your immunity idol. Each time your team wins, a randomly chosen contestant from the camp wins the coconut. remember you will only be asked to use the coconut before we start the ceremony. Of course, first everyone must vote. If you use it, you are immune. If you don't use it you can be eliminated. If you are eliminated, you cannot say "Wait! I use my coconut!". Got it?

Jake: Soooo, which team votes someone off

Chris: Nobody... Yet! Just be careful, Camp Chris! You could easily lose another member and be down to four!

Sam: I want a Camp swap!

Chris: Not until challenge 5! But we are on challenge 1! Today, also, you must choose one of your members to design the camp uniform, which must include their logos.

Sam: I will do it! Jake, I'm going to design it on you!

Jake: Thanks Sam (conf) It's a win-win? Hey, I could use her vote. Then, i'll be the last member of Camp Chris, switch to other teams, get them eliminated, and take my check home. (Back outside) Hey Sam. You wanna make an alliance? We could rock this show

Harriet:Oh sorry Sam. I got confused with another Sam.

Sam: *smiles* (CONF) He is not dumb... Not at all... I can't see what's coming with him... But I have no more answer than... (NONCONF) Yes!

(TDISF:I'm using the Jake you posted in Total Drama Creators, is that okay?)

Rachel: Fine

Jadyn: Camp Victory

Chris: Know what? Forget it. We are done! (I have to wait at least a week to post next challenge, and that would be too much time) That means. Camp Parfait won. In second place, we've got Camp Awesome! In third place is... Camp Chris! Camp 2, for not deciding a name, you are ging to face elimination.

Jude: Crap.

Camp 2 Elimination Ceremony (1)

Chris: Are you ready, Two's? All the people who didn't do the challenge will be punished with 1 vote against them. Now, go into the confessional and carve one person's name on the coconut.

Jude: (conf) (Carves Trent's head)

Mrodd: I vote Jose *Carves*

Jadyn: *Carves Trent*

Chris: Okay, Trent is voted off and Duncan is also eliminated!

Episode 2 - Between the Green

Chris: Have fun until next challege starts!

Camp Parfait Chat (2)

AJ: Yeah Draven! Awesome work!

Rebecca:Pretty good job Draven*smiles in proudness*


Draven: Uuuh, what did I do?

Camp 2 Chat (2)

Jose: SO Camp Champions

Jayen: Really? WE HAVE NO NAME!

Camp Awesome Chat (2)

Harriet:We tried our best guys. We can work harder though! We have to beat Camp Parfait!

(TDISF: Duncan was eliminated because the user who played him was banned, therefore, could not participate)

(Sierra:I know. We could have done better though.)

Jackson: We have to do this guys! Believe!

Jude: The little nerd is right. Believe (conf) So I don't lose

Rachel: Thats It! Im the leader from now on!

Harriet:(CONF) Let's see how long she'll stay that.

Camp Chris Chat (2)

Sam: Camp 1 has advantage! We need to make sure they lose today!

Jake: We should make sure everybody loses, except us. But it'll be hrd to make sure they lose, since we don't know the challenge. But once we do, it's all ours. Were Camp Chris, we aren't going to lose!

Sam: BUT we can always sabotage the competition. No matter what it is. I did come to this camp once, however, so I know a lot, like that the island where Camp Parfait is has lots of piranhas in it's lakes.

Jake: Really? What's some secrets of this camp then?

Sam: They're... Secret... (CONF) Of cours I'm not telling him! I'm using these secrets for my own advantage!

Challenge (2)

Chris: Today, contestants, you will have to survive a whole day in your island's forest! Have fun!

Chris: Guys, I'll be giving you tips. First tip, you can pick your food in the lakes.

Chris: News! Two teams will be sent to elimination today! Camp 2, for being inactive all the day, and the losing team, that by now is Team Awesome!

Camp Parfait's Survival Day


Draven: Awesome!!! *Sets up a tent*

Rebecca:Yeah,............*puts wood in campfire form*

Draven: *sets in on fire*

AJ: Sweet looking good! What should we do for food?

Tyler: *puts his hand in the water and gets bitten by a piranha* Ouch!

AJ: Guys we can get our food at the lake! I'll go look for it *Wanders towards the lake*

Tyler: It's filled of piranhas... *thinking* Genius...

AJ: I wasn't going to go in the lake tyler... (CONF) Tyler doesen't seem mean, he's just...interesting

Tyler: Hm...

Draven: We'll win this with me as leader!!! *brings out a tray of chicken* I did a lot in my spare time when you guys slept last night.

Chris: *via megaphone* Ooh... That looks bad... *a mechanic bear comes out and eats the chicken* That will discount you some points. You only have to use things from the natural world, eh? So, try to catch something!


Camp 2's Survival Day



Chris: *comes down in a helicopter and takes all the Camp 2 campers to the elimination area*

Camp Awesome's Survival Day


Harriet:*enters forest and puts down my stuff*

Jackson: This can't be too hard, can it?:

Rachel: As leader ill win this!

Isabella: Yeah


Camp Chris' Survival Day


Jake: C'mon team. We shall go and win this challenge (conf) Not talking, eh Sam? So be it. I've got alliances, and your done Sam.

Sam: *walks next to Jake and whispers* Jake... Jake... Let me be the guide... There's a great place near here, and it's not dangerous at all. (CONF) Maybe I was wrong... But I AM keeping the best things for myself... (NONCONF) Sorry... I mean, for not telling you... I was mean...

Jake: Ya know what you could do to make up for it? How about voting off Sami if we lose. She's a threat.

Sami:How am I a threat?

Sam: *winks to Jake* No, he meant Sam, me. I did something wrong, and I'm sure gonna do it to make up for it.

Jake: Sami, why don't you vote for Jessica tonight? (conf) Hey, me and Sam are still voting for Sami. Then, Sami will vote for Jessica. But 2-5 won't be a yes. I need one more vote. But from who?

Sami:(CONF) I can totally get 2 people to vote against Jake. 3-5, will definetly take him down. I know 2 people.

Jake: Hey Sierra, can you come over here? Sami says she is the biggest td fan. Are you gonna deal with that?

Sami:Have I ever said ANYTHING about that?

Sam: (CONF) He's not stupid... Not at all... I'm gonna help him (NONCONF) About what? *picks up a stick and puts some bait at the end of it*

Sami:He says that I said I'm the biggest TDI fan. Which I KNOW I'm not.

Sam: Oooh... That's baad... (CONF) Haha! *plays recording of Sami saying "I'm the biggest TDI fan. Which I KNOW I'm-"* Sierra will hate it!.

Jake: Nice try Sami. It's morning now, lets go. (runs)

Sam: *puts the stick in the water and waits*

Jake: C'mon Sam, the other teams have probably beaten us, but we can still make it! Were Camp Chris, nothing stops us (picks up Sam and runs fast)


Sam: *already arrived to the place* Here it is! Now, Jake, try setting up the tents, Sami, you try to make a campfire, I'll be here trying to catch something from the lake to eat tonight.

Camp 2 Elimination Ceremony (2)

Chris: See you again here, eh? You all have a vote against you today. If you don't do next challenge, you'll get punished with 2 votes instead. Now, carve in the coconut the name of the person you want gone

Jude: (carves Alejandro's head)

Mrodd: ( Carves Jude's Head)

Jayen: Al

Chris: Okay, then, based on activeness, Camp Chris has won! Camp Parfait is second. That means Camp Awesome is voting someone off!

Camp Awesome Elimination Ceremony (1)

Chris: All of you who have been inactive will be punished with one vote. Same as Camp 2. If this happens next time, you'll be punished with 2 votes. Carve in the coconut the name of the person you want eliminated. Plus! Sam is getting a coconut!

Harriet:*carves Rachel's name*

Jackson: Rachel *carves Rachel into a coconut*

Rachel: Cody* carves Cody*

Isabella: *carves Cody*:

Chris: Okay, so Cody is eliminated! Go to your cabins (Next challenge will start soon)

Episode 3 - Building or Carving

Chris: Contestants! Team Awesome will recieve an additional member! Why? After Duncan's instant elimination, we needed a replacement, so in episode 5, we'll have a debuting contestant! Also, there will be a surprise there...

Camp Parfait Chat (3)

Camp 2 Chat (3)

Camp Awesome Chat (3)

Rachel: Hah im still here!

Camp Chris Chat (3)

Challenge (3)

Chris: Contestants, today's challenge will be building a "monster"! Each one of you will have to search in two different places, and, with the things you find, you will build a kind of monster... The best one wins! If you have any doubts, please, re-read the rules!

REMEMBER: Each person can search only TWO times!

Camp Parfait Searching Chat (3)

Tyler: *searchs near a tree*

(Tyler found a Coconut (Immunity Idol))

AJ: *Searches with Tyler*

(AJ found a long and thin stick)

AJ: Let's make a pile! *Puts long stick in pile* *Goes back to searching*

Tyler: Alright... *searchs on the top of a tree*

(AJ found a Coconut (Not Immunity Idol))

(Tyler found Plants)

AJ: Hmm this could be the head maybe? *Puts it in the pile* I'll look in that bush *Looks in the bush*

David : *looks in a cave*

(David found a Coconut (not Immunity Idol))

AJ: *Still looking in a bush*

(TDISF: AJ can't find any mroe items. As I stated above, each contestant can search in any place only two times).

Elenaz: *Looks by the beach*

(Elenaz found two short and thick sticks)

AJ: So lets see we have two coconuts, a long thin stick, two short thick sticks, and plants. Hmmm keep looking guys!

Camp 2 Searching Chat (3)

jose : (did not know)

Jadyn: *Searches by the bushes* (Snow: You cant pick)

(Jadyn found a big piece of wood)

(Jose found Plants)

Mrodd: *Searches in a tree*

(Mrodd found a big pieace of wood)

Camp Awesome Searching Chat (3)

Rachel: *Searches by the bonfire*

Isabella: *Searches by the stage*

(Rachel found Nothing)

(Isabella found Plants)

Rachel: Nothing!

Jackson: *searches the forest*

(Jackson has found 5 long and thick sticks)

Camp Chris Searching Chat (3)

Sam: *searchs near the water*

(Sam found Plants)

Sam: Team! Come one! Let's search! *searchs in a pile of leafs*

(Sam found a Giant Umbrella)

Sam: Umbrella? This isn't useful!

Draven: *searches Near Coconut Tree*

(Draven found nothing)

Jake: *Takes umbrella* It may be useful. For designs (conf) I need the immunity. Sam is gone!

Camp Parfait Building Chat (3)

Chris: Camp Parfait has found A LONG AND THIN STICK, PLANTS and TWO COCONUTS. They must build their monster with this. As a reward for not eliminating nobody yet, you'll get A BIG PIECE OF WOOD and PLANTS.

Elenaz: * stuffs some plants into the holes in the coconuts*

Draven: *begins stuffing with elenaz* You know Elenaz, you're kinda cute.

Camp 2 Building Chat (3)

Chris: Camp 2 has found PLANTS and TWO PIG PIECES OF WOOD They must build their monster with this.

Mrodd: *Snaps one of the pieces of wood* Hmm....

Jayen: Huh?

Camp Awesome Building Chat (3)

Chris: Camp Awesome has found PLANTS and 5 LONG AND THICK STICKS. They must build their monster with this.

Rachel; *Bulids a body using sticks*

Isabella: *Makes a head with Plants*

Camp Chris Building Chat (3)

Chris: Camp Chris has found PLANTS and A GIANT UMBRELLA. They must build their monster with this. As a reward for not eliminating nobody yet, you'll get 2 THIN AND LONG STICKS and PLANTS

Sam: Okay... I know what we can do... *nails the umbrella into the floor* Now, somebody but plants over the umbrella and we'll be, like, kinda done... (Nobody does it) *sighs* Great... Well, I'll do it... *puts 2 plants on the umbrella and she opens it* done...

Camp 2 Elimination Ceremony (3)

Chris: You are here once again, uh? Great... Jude has 2 votes against him already for being inactive. You know the drill...

Jayen: *Votes Jude*

Mrodd: *Votes Jayen*

Chris: Jude, the time has come for you to leave the camp. Camp 2, you are down to three members. A challenge awaits you.

Jude: Whatever. Who needs this crap anyway?!

Episode 4 - The C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E song

Chris: *wakes up the contestants in the early morning* Contestants, today, you won't sleep Camps Parfait, Awesome and Chris will stay here for a while until I call you. About you, Camp 2, please follow me.

Chat (All camps except Camp 2)

Elenaz: I wonder what's happening :s

Mrodd: Hey new teamies :D

Rachel: What team are you on?

David : Certainly not ours

Rachel: (CONF) One more person to get rid of.

David : come on relax have fun (CONF) I want to do the challenge already

Isabella: I know what to do. HAVE A PARTY!!!!!

David : If only everyone was here

Rachel: David what team are you on.

David : The first one but we should relax for a day

Jake: Whatever. That team is terrible

Camp 2 Challenge

Chris: Contestants, you will have a little contest. The reward? Stay in the game. The winner of this challenge will be going to Camp Chris. The other two? Hmm... I have yet to decide it, but it can be either being on their own two-people-team... Or being instantly eliminated! Anyways, the challenge is... A WAR! Exactly. War of the camps needs a war. So, everyone will start out with 30HP. With every damage you make against a person, their HP will decrease 5HP, 10HP, 15HP or even 20HP. So, start going!

Mrodd: * PuinchesJayden* Im sorry! (-15HP)

Mrodd: (( Waited a day :/)) * Kicks Jayden* (10HP)

Chris: And Mrodd takes the lead! Jayden is with only 5HP left! If she doesn't do something quickly, she might lose the chance of winning!

Jose : *Punches Mrodd* Sorry so Sorry (-5HP)

Mrodd: >.> Way to let me do alll the work- Like ALways! *Kicks Jose where it hurts* (-15HP)

Jose : I never liked you *kicks Mrodd and then spits on him* (-5HP)

Chris: Mrod is still in the lead, and it will be hard to beat him! Keep going, guys. Oh, who defeats Jayden, will have those 5 HP!

Jose : *punches Mrodd where it really hurts* take that (-5HP)

Chris: New stuff! Now you can recieve a countercharge. You attack, but that damage can go against you!

Mrodd: * Slaps Jayden* (-15HP)

Jose : *Kicks Mrodd then punches him where it hurts alot* okay

Mrodd: Ouch! ;(

Jose : so...

Chris: Ooh! Jose has got -5HP!

Mrodd: *Bites Jose*

Jadyn: *Hits Jose*

Jose : Are you just choosing favorites Chris

Chris: Nope... All just randomly... Jose, I'm sorry to tell you that you lost, along with Jadyn! Mrodd, congratulations, you just became a member of Camp Chris! About you, guys... I have come to the decision that you two, Jady and Jose... are eliminated!

Mrodd|: Cya Later, Teamies!... Though you all aren't the best team mates ever...

Jose : and how did I lose?

Chris: Mrodd bit you... Anyways, leave now. Mrodd, you can introduce yourself to your new camp.

HP Bars
Jayden -10HP LEFT
Mrodd 20 20HP LEFT

Challenge (4)

Chris: As you know, Camp Chris has a new member! Mrodd. Mrodd is immune for today, so he won't have to do the challenge. Oh, the challenge. Your challenge is throwing things into this small fire pit to make it grow larger.

Sam: Okay... *throws some of the wood from last challenge* (+10)

Elenaz: * Chucks some of the wood from the run-down Team 2 cabin* Well.. Finally a use.(+40)

Chris: Whoa! Camp Parfait takes a huge lead thanks to Elenaz!

AJ: Hmmm.....Oh i know! *grabs monster from the last challenge and pulls it apart* Now i can use the wood! *throws wood into the fire* (+20)

Elenaz: *Thinks* Well... I guess that could work... *Goes to the camp fire pit, where the eliminations are held, and carries a few sticks back, and drops them in the fire, but quickly moves back* Its getting hot! (+10)

AJ: Good idea! *grabs some more from the pit* Ok here we go! *Throws it into the fire* Wow that is hot! (+15)

Sam: *throws more wood in* Ugh! Team! Help! (+15)

(it suddenly starts raining)

Chris: Uh oh... Good luck!

Sam: yes! *uses the umbrella from the last challenge and protects the fire.

AJ: Lets build a shelter! *Grabs wood* Elanez get some leaves!

Chris: Your fire pit will be decreasing... Lucky, Sam!

Sam: *Throws more wood in her fire pit* (+30)

Elenaz: Crap! *Runs to pit once again, and grabs a few more sticks* Aj we need to hurry! The rain will wash the fire out, and were almsot out of wood here! AJ: *Builds shelter and is soaking wet* Finally the fire is protected! now back to wood collecting!

Jake: *throws news paper in* (+10)

Chris: Camp Parfait's pit is safe, but their fire has extinguished... A LOT!

Elenaz: Ugh! Dumb fire! *Goes to chefès kitchen and grabs the flambe oil, and runs back* Take this! * Pours oil on the fire*

Chris: Ha, ha! Tricked ya, that's water xD

Sam: Yes! *throws some papers" (+20)

AJ: Gahh were being sabotaged hardcore! *Throws some more wood into the fire* (+15)

Elenaz: (( xD Knew that would happen :P)) *Takes Chrisès Love letters to himself and chucks them in the fire (+40 - because they're sooo many xD)

Chris: Okay... >=\ Camp Parfait wins thanks to my love letters to myself... Camp Chris ends in second place, and Camp Awesome votes somebody off

Jake: *Throws tin foil in fire*

Elenaz: *Giggles* Im so sorry Chris... I want to win.

The bars will go from white to red. The objective of your team is to make the bar reach the red point, which means you have the highest "fire score"
Camp Parfait 115% 115/100
Camp Chris 85% 85/100
Camp Awesome 0% 0/100

Camp Awesome Vote (4)

Chris: Guys, you kinda know the drill. However, in next challenge you won't make an apart challenge, since another member will be with you. Carve the name of the contestant on your team you want to leave.

(TDISF: I'll keep using challenges that involve these tables. They're nice, and I love them n_n)

Rachel: *Carves Harriet*

Isabella: *Carves Harriet*

Chris: and, with 3 votes against her, Harriet is eliminated!

Episode 5 - Militar Security

(The guys wake up in somewhere they don't know)

Chat (5)

Sam: What's this place?!

Rachel: Like I know!

Mrodd: Im... Confused. (( Guys as in guys... or guys as in every one?))

(as in everyone. I should've put contestants :P)

Elenaz: Well... This seems fun.

Max: Where am I? Who are you people!!!!

Jake: It's a military base

Chris: Jake, you guessed it! Just wait till the challenge ends... Max, go with your camp, Camp Awesome

Isabella: Is this a Team swap?

Chris: No, Isabella...

Challenge (5)

Chris: Now, contestants, your challenge was going to be MUCH more difficult, but I decided to give you a break. Each team will have to make a video and give it to me. This video must say why do you want to be saved by me in my helicopter. The other two teams will have to face an elimination, right here. And remember: you can pratice and all that stuff, but the final video will have to be in ITALICS!

Camp Parfait Video (5)

Elenaz: Ok Team! We need to make this perfect... But Uh Why should we be saved?

AJ: Umm because we are the best team

Elenaz: .... But don't you think thas a little conseded?

Elenaz: Well Any ways.... Ill let you come up with a script. Ill get the music * Pulls out her MP3*

Tyler: Uh....

Rebecca: I can get some stuff out of my luggage for ladies clothing.

Tyler: Outfit?

Elenaz: Well I found some awesome music! * Plays If I die Youn, by the Band Pary* And OMG! CLOTHES!

Rebecca: Here Elenaz. * gives Elenaz a short sleeved shirt, and capres with shoes* And here is mine.*takes tank top and short shorts*

Elenaz: Awww, thanks!

Camp Awesome Video (5)

Isabella: What should we do?

Rachel: Hmmmmmmmmmm

Isabella: We can do it!

Rachel: Where is everyone!

Isabella: Hi Chris we need a ride i mean look at us. Think of the chridren.

Rachel: Call our phones oh wait there gone. And done!

Camp Chris Video (5)

Max: Okay guys, how will we start?

Mrodd: Well this should be fun :D

Sam: *brings a big barrel with lots fo clothes in it* Guys, first we must chaneg our looks. I have my make up bag with me, so I'm going to make up us and you'll dress with clothes you find here to get the impression we've been here a lot of time. Then, we will promise we'll give high ratings all the time, which will be the thing that makes Chris consider us as the winners of this challenge. Got it?

Jake: (gets into other clothing)

Mrodd: Well I have no idea how well this will be... But *Grabs a tie and goes to the change room*

Sam: *goes in a changing booth* I need privacy...

Sami:*takes a outfit and walks into the girls bathroom*

Sam: *gets out changed* Guys, each of you give an idea for the video. I already gave mine: promise high ratings all the time. what about you, Sami?

Sami:Maybe, we should say we give in the drama on the show.Y'know, because we basically do.

Sam: Great idea! Guys, you all must tell something!

Mrodd: * Comes out with only a tie and jeans on, his muscles showing in the sunlight* <3 I dont need toi say anything,

Sam: You do... *rolls eyes*

Mrodd: Just take a look at me. They know I need help. >.> Words are for poor people.


Sierra:*takes an outfit and wacks into girls bathroom*

Sam: so... I think we are done... I'l start the video *takes camera and starts recording* Hi... *starts crying* Please, save us! We have no contact with the exterior world, and... And... *stops crying* And if you keep us here we'll stop making drama, and therefore your ratings will go all down, got it? Now, take us outta here... NOW! *turns camera off* Done... hope that works...

Chris: Contestants, we're done... Last place goes to... Camp Parfait! Second place is for Camp Awesome and first place is for Camp Chris! As you know, you both Camp Parfait and Awesome have to vote somebody off...

Camp Parfait Vote (5)

Chris: Contestants, you must carve the name of the person you want out in these coconuts. Draven, Tyler, you both have coconuts. Would you like to use them? (To not let this change the game, you'll have to tell me via PM in chatango or TDIWiki) Also, today, for being the last day in your original teams, there will be no punishments... But that's only for today <_<

Tyler: Uuhh... I... Vote... for... David...

Elenaz: Draven.

Chris: A tie! Well, since Draven has an idol (even though he didn't specify he'd use it), David has been eliminated!

Camp Awesome Vote (5)

Chris: Contestants, you must carve the name of the person you want out in these coconuts.

Rachel: Jackson *Carves him*

Isabella: Jackson *Carves him*

Max: Rachel, sorry. *carves*

Chris: Jackson, your time has come... Bye!

Coconuts (5)

Chris: Contestants, I want to tell you that the contestants that currently have coconuts are: Sam, Tyler, Draven, Mrodd, Elenaz and Jake

Mrodd: Awesome ;)

Elenaz: I second that :)

Jake: Cool!

Rachel: Nooooooooooooo

Episode 6 - Lucky Charm

Chris: Contestants, today we're going straight to the challenge! Today's challenge will be a card challenge. Each contestant will have to take a card. These cards will determinate if the contestants loses, goes through the next round, has to do a mini-challenge or has a special ability to help them. Maybe it sounds hard, but It'll be easy later on. The last person standing will win immunity for their team.

Round 1

Sam: Oh, well... *takes a card*

Tyler: *takes a card*

Mrodd:*Takes card*

Elenaz* Takes the card on the left ( Or Bottom) Fun.

Draven: Hmm,.... *takes a card*

Jake: *takes a card*

Chris: To make it faster, I'm handing everyone a card, and then we're going on to the next round.

Elenaz, AJ and Sierra didn't pass. Rebecca, Jessica and Sam have a quiz. The rest made it to round 2

Jessica: Say the elimination order so far.

Sam: Say the stereotype of one of the eliminated contestants.

Rebecca: Name a relative of mine (Chris).

Sam: Jude, the Bully

Rebecca:Jerd Mclean

Jake: Uhhhhhh O_O

Round 2

Chris: Wait until the people answer the trivia questions.

Jessica is out. Rebecca, Rachel and Mrodd must answer a trivia question. Sami is out.

Rebecca: Name all the eliminated contestants in Total Drama Island in order, but making a boy-girl-boy-girl pattern. (I.E. (TDWT): Duncan, Bridgette, Ezekiel, LeShawna, Harold, Lindsay, DJ, Izzy, Noah, Gwen, Tyler, Blaineley, Owen, Courtney, Duncan (again), Sierra, Cody, Heather and Alejandro)

Rachel: Name all the eliminated contestants in Total Drama Action in order, but making a boy-girl-boy-girl pattern. (I.E. (TDWT): Duncan, Bridgette, Ezekiel, LeShawna, Harold, Lindsay, DJ, Izzy, Noah, Gwen, Tyler, Blaineley, Owen, Courtney, Duncan (again), Sierra, Cody, Heather and Alejandro)

Mrodd: Say reasons contestants were eliminated in War of the Camps

Rebecca:Ezekiel,Eva,Noah,Katie,Tyler,Beth,Harold,Eva(2),Trent,Bridgette,DJ,Izzy,Geoff,LeShawna,Duncan,Heather, and Owen is the winner.

Jake: GL Mrodd :D

Chris: Aww... Rebecca got this trivia question wrong. The real order being: Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Katie, Justin, Beth, Tyler, Izzy, Cody, Sadie, Harold, Eva (again), Trent, Bridgette, DJ, Lindsay, Geoff, Izzy, Duncan, LeShawna, Owen, Heather and Gwen. You are out!

Rachel: Geoff, Bridgette, Trent , Izzy, DJ, Gwen, Owen, Izzy (2), Justin, Heather, Harold, LeShawna, Owen(2), Lindsay, Duncan, Courtney and Beth.

Mrodd: Well, Owen was not chosen to be on a team, Whats her face quit.... Eh, Trent was no help in the challenge. Duncan was forced out.... I secretly think he was stealing all the cookies! Alejandro and COdy were voted off because they were useless, and we were trying to remove the original cats, since they are strong.

(TDISF: You don't need to xD You already passed :P)

Mrodd: Oh... ok xD

Round 3

Chris: Wait until the people answer the trivia questions.

  • People still in are: Draven, Tyler, Isabella, Max, Rachel, Jake, Mrodd and Sam.
  • A new card has been added: SAVE (you get to choose somebody who can be eliminated - has QUIZ or FAIL - to not be eliminated, only in case there are more than one).

Isabella: Ill use my skip.

Chris: Smart! Isabella is still in!

Rebecca:I don't understand....

Mrodd: I made it :D

Round 4

Chris: Rachel, who do you choose to save?

Rachel: Out of who?

Chris: Tyler or Draven?

Rachel: Draven.

Chris: Everyone who got a skip, they can keep it and use it, or changing it for eliminating ANY person they want!

  • Max, Jake, Mrodd and Sam have SKIP.

Chris: From now on, only fails and passes! Mrodd, Jake, sam and max must tell me if they want to keep their passes OR eliminate someone of their choice.

Sam: I want to keep it.

Max: I'll keep it.

Mrodd:... I guess I have to keep it.

Chris: Mrodd gets the win! Camp Chris wins and Camp Awesome gets second place! Parfaits, you'll be evicting somebody.

CONTESTANT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
MRODD > > >> > > > > WIN
RACHEL > > > Ø > > X
JAKE >> > > > >> > X
MAX > > Ø >> > >>
SAM > >> > > > >>
ISABELLA >> > >> > X
DRAVEN > > > Ø X
TYLER > > > X

Color and Symbol Meaning
> (PASS) The contestants goes to the next round.
X (FAIL) The contestant lost and doesn't go to the next round.
>/X (QUIZ) The contestant is given a quiz question. > means they answered it right and passed. X means they answered it wrong and failed
>> (SKIP) The contestant goes to the next round and, in case they fail, they can decline it and go to the next round.
Ø (SAVE) You get to choose somebody who can be eliminated (has QUIZ or FAIL) to not be eliminated.
Ø This contestant was meant to be eliminated but was saved.
>> The contestant got a fail but used the skip card.

Camp Parfait Elimination (6)

Chris: You know the drill. Draven has immunity tonight because he was the Parfait to make it further. All inactive people will be auomatically eliminated.

Chris: Plans Change: Draven has quit the wiki so he is automatically eliminated. Also eliminated for not competing are Sierra, Jessica and Sami.

Chris: Meh we had enough eliminated for today. All of you are safe for tonight.

Episode 7 - Points and Surprises

Chris: WELCOME TO THE MERGE! Today, we're having a new contestant, Abby! Since you read the rules, you must know what the merge is like, so we're going to count points now. Wait a few minutes and I'll give you the results.

Chat (7)

Points (7)

Contestant Points
Jake 65
Sam 65
Mrodd 59
Elenaz 55
Tyler 55
AJ 40
Rebecca 40
Abby 30
Max 30
Isabella 29
Rachel 26

Elimination Ceremony (7)

Chris: This is how the votes will be: community votes. Anyone can vote. This week's nominated are... Abby, Max, Isabella and Rachel.

Who do you want eliminated?

Abby - 0 (0%)

Max - 3 (27,27%)

Isabella - 1 (9,09%)

Rachel - 7 (63,64%)

Chris: Vote ends between tomorrow or the next day.

Chris: Rachel, you are the first evicted from War of the Camps.

Episode 8 - School-O's

Chris: Before we can start, let's count the points. Sam and Jake will get 20 points more for winning last challenge. Mrodd, elenaz and Tyler will get 15. AJ and Rebbecca, 10. Abby, Max and Isabella will get 5. Plus, check this out everytime you need to know how points are given out.

Chat (8)

Max: Thanks for keeping me here.

Isabella: Youre next!

Chris: FYI, at least FOUR people must be nominated. Right now, the nominated people would be Isabella, Max, Abby, Rebecca and AJ, but it won't stay longer I think. after today's challenge everybody will have more points. By now, Sam, Jake and Mrodd are in the head. The winner will have Draven's 15 coconut points. Max, Isabella, Abby, you three are going to recieve 10 additional points, just so you are nearer of having 50 points. Prepare! Challenge will start soon!

Mrodd: Awesome!

Elenaz: I am so Winning this thing :)

Chris: Draven said he would like to give his 30 merge points to Max!

Challenge (8)

Chris:Contestants! Today, you are going to school! You'll have to do these things:

  • Put On Uniform
  • 'S'tart walking to school
  • Walk to school (x3)
  • Arrive to school
  • Open the door
  • Go into the class
  • Sit down

The trick? You have to do each of these with (at least) one line of another contestant (not played by you) between them (I.E.: One: Puts on uniform ; Two: Puts on uniform : One: starts walking to school). Any godplaying and you are out!

Sam: *puts on uniform*

tyler: *puts on uniform*

Abby: *puts on uniform*

Sam: *starts walking to school*

Max: *puts on uniform*

Jake: *puts on uniform*

Elenaz:*puts on uniform*

Mrodd:*puts on uniform*

Jake: *starts walking to school*

Elenaz: *starts walking to school*

Mrodd: *starts walking to school*

Jake: *continues walking to school*

Mrodd: *Continues walking to school*

Elenaz: *Continues walking to school*

sam: *continues walking to school(1)*

Tyler: *starts walking to school*

Jake: *contnues walking*

Mrodd: *Continues walking to school*

Elenaz: *Continues walking to school*

Jake: *arrives at school*

Tyler: *continues walking to schol (1)*
Sam: *continues walking to school (2)*

Jake: *opens door*

Mrodd: *Continues walking to school*

Elenaz: *Continues walking to school*

Jake: *walks in the classroom*

Sam: *continues walking to school (3)*

Tyler: *continues walking to school (2)*

Jake: *sits in seat*

Sam: *arrives to school*

Tyler: *continues walking to school (3)*

Chris: JAKE HAS FIRST PLACE! 2"0 points for Jake!

Mrodd: Arrives at School*

Elenaz: * Arrives at school*

Tyler: *arrives to school*

sam: *opens the door*

Mrodd: * Sighs, and Opens the door*

Elenaz: I hate school! *Opens the door*

Max: *walks to school*

Sam: *goes into the class*

Tyler: *opens the door*

Elenaz: History! * Walks to Class*

Mrodd: Ewww Math Walks to Class*

Sam: *sits down*

Chris: SAM SECOND PLACE! 15 points for her!

Tyler: *goes into the class*

Elenaz: * Sits Down*

Mrodd: * Sits Down* Let the bore feast begin!

Max: *continues walking*

Tyler: *sits down*

chris: ELENAZ, 3RD PLACE! (10 PONITS), MRODD, 4TH PLACE (5 POINTS), TYLER, 5TH PLACE (5 POINTS), THE REST, NOTHING, btu still have to do the challenge. Otherwise, you are out!!

Max: *arrives*

Isabella: *does thing 1*

Points (8)

Contestant Points
Jake 105
Sam 100
Elenaz 80
Mrodd 79
Max 75
Tyler 75
AJ 50
Rebecca 50
Abby 45
Isabella 44

Elimination Ceremony (8)

Chris: Isabella, Abby, Rebecca and AJ are nominated this week. Vote ends tomorrow (as soon as I log in).

Isabella - 66,67%

Abby - 16,67%

AJ - 0%

Rebecca - 16,67%

Chris: Isabella, you were evicted from War of the Camps.

Episode 9 - Soap Operation

Chris: Contestants! Welcome to our final 9! Chat for a while until I finish preparing the challenge. (BTW, S2 sign-ups have started: Total Drama: World i$ Yours)

Chat (9)

Jake: Finally 9 baby :D

Points (9)

Contestant Points
Jake 120
Sam 115
AJ 100
Mrodd 89
Elenaz 85
Tyler 85
Max 80
Rebecca 50
Abby 45

Challenge (9)

Chris: AJ, Rebecca, Abby, today, you will have the chance to duplicate your points! You three will have a separate challenge from the rest of the campers.You see, there will be three pairs: Jake and Sam, Tyler and Mrodd, and Max and Elenaz. These pairs will have to act in a soap opera! The theme? A hospital, and there must be an operation also, hence the name of the episode >_>. Anyways, AJ will have to sabotage the Jake and sam pair, Rebecca the Tyler and Mrodd one and Abby the other one, the Max and Elenaz pair. If AJ, Rebecca or Abby accomplishr the mission of sabotaging their pairs, their points will be duplicated, and the pairs' points will decrease!

Challenge - Pair 1: Jake and Sam

Jake: I can be the sick person!

Sam: And... I'm going to be the doctor...

Jake: *starts lying on the bed*

Sam: So... *starts preparing the operation things :P*

Jake: *gets back up and gets cords.* :3

Sam: Let's start... *puts Jake on the bed* Sir, I'm sad to tell you that... You're gonna die in two months...

Jake: Oh. I see. What sickness do I have? D:

sam: You have, uh... Lula...Die...Pisses...Me...Off...Ititis... Yeah, Luladiepissesmeoffititis...

AJ: I dont know how to sabotage....uh....FIRE!!

Sam: O_O *turns the fire off with the extinguisher*

Jake: *blows everything*

Sam: BE CALM, JAKE! You must live these two months to the maximum! *kisses him*

Jake: *kisses Sam romantically* ;)

Challenge - Pair 2: Tyler and Mrodd

Mrodd This Sounds awesome :)

Tyler: I'll be the dead body..

Mrodd: Cool.

Rebecca: You guys aren't doing anything, I quit!

Challenge - Pair 3: Max and Elenaz

ELenaz: * Hugs max* Well do great!

Max: Yes, yes we will.

Elimination Ceremony (9)

Chris: Rebecca QuiT!But that won't stop us! Since AJ was the only one seen trying, his points will be duplicated! Jake and Sam were the only ones to, at least, start the Soap Opera, so they're both recieving 15 points. Mrodd and Tyler had the second to most lines. They both get 10 points. Max, Elenaz, you both recieve 5 points. Guys! This is getting boring! I have a point surprise! About the elimination, the nominated people are Max, Abby, Tyler and Elenaz.

Max - 10% (1 vote)

Abby - 40% (4 votes)

Tyler - 50% (5 votes)

Elenaz - 0% (0 votes)

Chris: Abby, Tyler, you both have been eliminated >:D

Episode 10 - Hmm... Six, maybe?

Chris: Final 6, wait for a while.

Chat (10)

sam: (CONF) At last! Tyler was a threat!

Points (10)

Contestant Points
Jake 150
Sam 145
Mrodd 103
AJ 100
Elenaz 85
Max 56

Elimination Ceremony (10)

Chris: Today, instead of making a long challenge, are recounting the points! All your points will be increased! Let's see who goes this time! Also, for each time nominated we're decreasing 10 points!

Max (Mister.. E. / 56 points)

Elenaz (Mrodd / 85 points)

(TDISF: I got confused and accidentally put rebecca in it, instead of Elenaz. I'm really sorry for this :( I'll add these people 2 votes to the final vote count)

Chris: And... The Eliminated person is... BOTH! Yup, you guys were ONE step to the finale, but you tripped over the rock... THIS ROCK! *throws them a rock* Buh-bye!

Episode 11 - Oops... I think I just won

Chris: Finalists! Mrodd, Sam, AJ and Jake! Talk in the four separate confessionals for each of you until our jury comes.

Sam's Confessionals

Ummm... They're lasting WAY too long.. I wonder if I'm in the finale or not...

Mrodd's Confessionals

I Made it this far, I wonder the jury is doing. Will I make it? Will I not? Much love if they choose me <3

AJ's Confessionals

Jake's Confessionals

Jury Vote

Chris: Jury, this is what this will be like. Next to your name, you will put the name of the two people you want to be in the final finale. start writing!

Rafael -Jake and AJ FTW!


Koops - I vote for AJ and Jake to be in the final two.

Felicity - Sam & Mrodd

Brittany - AJ & Sam

Irene - Jake & Sam

Olivia - Jake & Mrodd

Peter - Sam & Jake

Draven -I say AJ and Mrodd go to the finals! Sorry Jake and Sam.

Rachel - Sam and AJ

Mister E - Sam & AJ

Chris: Harriet, hurry up...

Chris: *counts the votes* Let's see!

AJ - 7

Sam - 6

Jake - 6

Mrodd - 3

Chris: Congrats! AJ made it to the finale, but it's a tie between Jake and Sam! A friend, Plat, came here to break the tie...

Plat - *votes Sam*

Chris: Sam and AJ made it to the finale! Mrodd gets 4th place, while Jake gets third (Antagonist place :D)


Chris: Contestants, this is the finale... So, you must try as hard as you can... In the end, it will be a public vote, but, the winner of this challenge, will recieve, as a reward, 1 vote to win, so... The challenge is related to our next season: search the box with the ONE... MILLION... DOLLARS!!! This is what you've been fighting for, and THIS is the real deal, so, GO!

Sam Searches

This is how this will go: you will type in soemthing like, *searches in [SOMEWHERE]*. As soon as I see it, I will say what you found

Sam: *searches in bushes* (you found a box with... nothing :D, keep on searching)

Sam: *searches in Chris' Cabin* (you found a box with some money, keep on searching)

Sam: *searches in the eliminated people table* (you found a box with some money, keep on searching)

Sam: *searches in Camp Chris Cabin* (you found a box with... nothing :D, keep on searching)

Sam: *searches near the lake* (you found a box with some money, keep on searching)

AJ Searches

This is how this will go: you will type in soemthing like, *searches in [SOMEWHERE]*. As soon as I see it, I will say what you found

AJ: *searches at the lake* (you found a box with some money, keep on searching)

AJ: *Searches up in a tree* (you found a box with some money, keep on searching)

AJ: *Searches at the elimination ceremony*(You found Ke$ha's CD: Animal! Tik Tok, on the clock...)

AJ: *Searches Camp Parfait's campsite* (Oohh... You found a golden box... It's unuseful, keep on searching)

AJ: *Searches at Camp 2's campsite* (CONGRATS! YOU FOUND THE MILLION DOLLARS BOX! :D)

Finale Voting

Chris: remember AJ has 1 more extra vote.

AJ - 8 votes

Sam - 9 votes

Chris: And... The winner of War of the Camps is... SAM!. Sam, congratulations, you've been awarded with the Camper of the Year award... and... *takes Million dollars from AJ* A MILLION DOLLARS!

Sam: OMG! I have always dereamed of this day!

Chris: And to you, people watching us, catch up soon, on Total Drama: World i$ Yours!

Elimination Table

Camp Phase Merge Phase Finale
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Place Contestant/Eliminated Owen
Jude Jayden
Rachel Isabella Rebecca
4th Mrodd Jose Jude4 Jayden WIN WIN WIN IN IN IN IN OUT 4th Place
5th Max Debuts in episode 5... Rachel IN NOM IN NOM NOM 6th Evicted - Episode 10
6th Elenaz WIN IN IN WIN Draven LOSE IN IN NOM NOM 5th Evicted - Episode 10
7th Abby Debuts in episode 7 NOM NOM NOM 4th Evicted - Episode 9
8th Tyler WIN IN IN WIN David LOSE IN IN NOM 3rd Evicted - Episode 9
9th Rebecca WIN IN IN WIN NV LOSE IN NOM QUIT 2nd Quit - Episode 9
10th Isabella IN Cody IN Harriet4 Jackson IN NOM NOM 2nd Evicted - Episode 8
11th Rachel IN Cody IN Harriet4 Jackson IN NOM 1st Evicted - Episode 7
12th Sierra IN WIN WIN IN WIN OUT 8th Eliminated - Episode 6
13th Jessica IN WIN WIN IN WIN OUT 7th Eliminated - Episode 6
14th Sami IN WIN WIN IN WIN OUT 6th Eliminated - Episode 6
15th Draven WIN IN IN WIN NV OUT 5th Eliminated - Episode 6
16th David WIN IN IN WIN NV 7th Voted Off - Episode 5
17th Jackson IN Rachel IN NV4 NV 6th Voted Off - Episode 5
18th Harriet IN Rachel IN NV4 5th Voted Off - Episode 4
19th Jose NV NV4 NV OUT 4th Eliminated - Episode 4
20th Jayden Trent4 Alejandro4 Jude OUT 3rd Eliminated - Episode 4
21st Jude Trent Alejandro4 NV5 4th Voted Off - Episode 3
22nd Cody IN NV4 3rd Voted Off - Episode 2
23rd Alejandro NV4 NV4 2nd Voted Off - Episode 2
24th Duncan3 OUT 2nd Eliminated - Episode 1
25th Trent3 NV4 1st Voted Off - Episode 1
26th Misty QUIT 1st Quit - Episode 1
27th Owen1 OUT 1st Eliminated - Episode 1
Nominated Non-existant Abby
Eliminated Non-existant Rachel Isabella Tyler
Safe Non-existant Abby


1 : Owen wasn't on any camp, so was automatically eliminated.

2 : This contestant has a coconut (or more, depending on how many 2's are) in their possesion.

3 : Duncan and Trent were automatically eliminated after DuncanisCool's ban-

4 : A vote was added to them as a punishment in this elimination.

5 : Two votes were added to them as a punishment this elimination.

Contestants' Statistics

Contestant Camp Place Status Total Votes Recieved Merged Finale
Sam Camp Chris 1st Winner 0 MERGED FINALIST
AJ Camp Parfait 2nd Runner-Up 0
Jake Camp Chris 3rd Eliminated 0
Mrodd Camp 2 Camp Chris 4th Eliminated 1
Max Camp Awesome 5th Evicted 6 NON-FINALIST
Elenaz Camp Parfait 6th Evicted 3
Abby N/A 7th Evicted 5
Tyler Camp Parfait 8th Evicted 5
Rebecca Camp Parfait 9th Quit 1
Isabella Camp Awesome 10th Evicted 6
Rachel Camp Awesome 11th Evicted 11
Sierra Camp Chris 12th Eliminated 0 NON-MERGED
Jessica Camp Chris 13th Eliminated 0
Sami Camp Chris 14th Eliminated 0
Draven Camp Parfait 15th Eliminated 1
David Camp Parfait 16th Voted Off 1
Jackson Camp Awesome 17th Voted Off 2
Harriet Camp Awesome 18th Voted Off 3
Jose Camp 2 19th Eliminated 2
Jayden Camp 2 20th Eliminated 2
Jude Camp 2 21st Voted Off 5
Cody Camp Awesome 22nd Voted Off 3
Alejandro Camp 2 23rd Voted Off 4
Duncan Camp Awesome 24th Eliminated 0
Trent Camp 2 25th Voted Off 3
Misty Camp Chris 26th Quit 0
Owen No Team 27th Eliminated 0 No teams formed

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