Chris McLean takes 20 brand new teens to Camp Wawanakwa to compete in even crazier challenges than last season! There will be alliances, friendships, conflicts, relationships, and best of all.... DRAMA! And this time... it's women versus men! At the final 12, the teams will merge, and every contestant eliminated from then onto the final two will be jury members. Who will win and join Scott after his Season One victory??



  1. Indie - The Bollywood Diva - BlaineleyRox222 - Win In Jury Vote - Day 14 - WINNER
  2. Hanna - The Fun Girl - TotalDramaFan90 - Loss In Jury Vote - Day 14 - 2nd Place
  3. Erica - The Clueless Lionheart - Aimers - Loss In Jury Vote - Day 14 - 3rd Place
  4. Christine - The Tennessee Temptation - Puffles Rule - Eliminated - Day 13 - 5th Place
  5. Kourtney - The Nice Flirt - FameFlame - Voted Off - Day 12 - 6th Place
  6. Susan - The Jersey Girl - Natedog14 - Voted Off - Day 8 - 11th Place
  7. Stacy Ann - The Ghetto Model - Nduke - Voted Off - Day 6 - 13th Place
  8. 901 - The Anti-Ben - Ben109 - Voted Off - Day 5 - 16th/15th Place
  9. Kris - The Drama Queen - JustLittleOlMe - Voted Off - Day 5 - 16th/15th Place
  10. Ricky - The One Whose Parents Wanted A Boy - EnTrey - Eliminated - Day 2 - 20th/19th Place


  1. Avi - The Perfect Guy - AverageHero - Eliminated - Day 13 - 4th Place
  2. Vice - The Help - Mrodd - Voted Off - Day 11 - 7th Place
  3. Alex - The Guitarist - Flamethrower12 - Voted Off - Day 11 - 8th Place
  4. Zorbel - The Escaped Convict - Mister.. E. - Voted Off - Day 10 - 9th Place
  5. Ian - The Military Sweetheart - Bridgette_dj10 - Voted Off - Day 9 - 10th Place
  6. Jake - The Strategist - Jake R - Re-Voted Off - Day 7 - 12th Place
  7. Lucas - The Big Dreamer - Phyneo - Voted Off - Day 6 - 14th Place
  8. Rex - The Rich Kid - Wolfdragon Rex - Voted Off - Day 4 - 17th Place
  9. Gale - The Ruthless Antagonist - Owenandheatherfan - Voted Off - Day 3 - 18th Place
  10. Jake - The Strategist - Jake R - Eliminated - Day 2 - 20th/19th Place, Returns On Day 7
  11. Shmeezel - The Illiterate Rat-Bear-Bird Thing - Reddude - Voted Off - Day 1 - 21st Place

Inactivity Strikes

Miss three votes, and you're auto-out!

  • Safe: Indie

Contestant History

Contestant User Original Teams Second Teams Merged Team Status Total Votes
The Illiterate Rat-Bear-Bird Thing
Reddude Omega Out
The Strategist
Jake R Omega Out - Returns in Episode 7
The One Whose Parents Wanted A Boy
EnTrey Alpha Out
The Ruthless Antagonist
Owenandheatherfan Omega Out
The Rich Kid
Wolfdragon Rex Omega Winnings Out
The Drama Queen
JustLittleOlMe Alpha Superstars Out
The Anti-Ben
Ben109 Alpha Superstars Out
The Big Dreamer
Phyneo Omega Winnings Out
Stacy Ann
The Ghetto Model
Nduke Alpha Superstars Out
The Strategist
Jake R Omega None Omalpha Jury
The Jersey Girl
Natedog14 Alpha Winnings Jury
The Military Sweetheart
Bridgette_dj10 Omega Superstars Jury
The Escaped Convict
Mister.. E. Omega Winnings Jury
The Guitarist
Flamethrower12 Omega Winnings Jury
The Help
Mrodd Omega Superstars Jury
The Nice Flirt
FameFlame Alpha Winnings Jury
The Tennessee Temptation
Puffles Rule Alpha Winnings Jury
The Perfect Guy
AverageHero Omega Superstars Jury
The Clueless Lionheart
Aimers Alpha Superstars Third
The Fun Girl
TotalDramaFan90 Alpha Winnings Runner-Up
The Bollywood Diva
BlaineleyRox222 Alpha Superstars Winner

Elimination Table

Contestants Merge? Ep.1 Ep.2 Ep.3 Ep.4 Ep.5 Ep.6 Ep.7 Ep.8 Ep.9 Ep.10 Ep.11 Ep.12 Ep.13 Ep.14
Indie Yes WIN LOW WIN WIN Kris Stacy Ann Jake Susan Ian Zorbel Alex Kourtney SAVED WINNER
Hanna WIN WIN WIN Rex WIN Zorbel Jake Susan Zorbel Zorbel Indie Kourtney SAVED RUNNER-UP
Erica WIN WIN WIN WIN Avi Stacy Ann Jake Susan Ian Zorbel Alex Kourtney Avi/Christine THIRD
Avi Shmeezel WIN Zorbel WIN 901 WIN Zorbel Zorbel Ian Zorbel Alex Kourtney OUT Indie
Christine WIN WIN WIN Rex WIN Lucas Jake Susan Ian Zorbel Alex Kourtney OUT Hanna
Kourtney WIN WIN WIN Rex WIN Lucas Zorbel Zorbel WIN* Zorbel Indie OUT Erica
Vice Jake WIN Gale WIN Kris Stacy Ann Jake Susan Ian Erica Kourtney Indie
Alex Rex WIN Gale Rex WIN Lucas LOW Zorbel Ian Zorbel Indie/Vice Hanna
Zorbel Shmeezel LOW Gale Rex WIN LOW Jake Susan Ian OUT Indie
Ian Shmeezel WIN Gale WIN Kris Stacy Ann Jake Susan OUT Indie
Susan WIN WIN WIN LOW WIN Lucas Jake Zorbel Erica
Jake LOW OUT Returns in Episode 7 OUT N/V
Stacy Ann No WIN WIN WIN WIN Kris Indie
Lucas Shmeezel WIN Gale LOW WIN Zorbel
Rex Shmeezel WIN Zorbel Lucas
Gale Shmeezel WIN OUT
Shmeezel OUT

Episode: Welcome To Camp!

Alpha (1)

Ricky: *arrives, looks around* Not too shabby...

Susan: Hey guys hows it going?

Ricky: Pretty good, how're you? *spits into trashcan*

Susan: Whats your name?

Ricky: Ricky. Yours?


Ricky: *blushes* It's... a girls name sometim

901:*snickers* No need to go against each other yet. Can't get blood on cashmere can we?

Susan: (CONF) Ricky's mom is crazy like Lady Gaga. Does this meanS that Ricky's mom IS Lady Gaga?

Ricky: It's fine, really... I get that alot. My parents... kind of wanted a boy.

Erica: *looks around* Lyk...why are there no guys?

Ricky: The teams are boys vs. girls.

Erica: ooooh....lyk I get it...*looks around again* Hey Ricky...wanna be lyk, my friend?

Ricky: *smiles* Sure. (CONF): That Erica girl doesn't seem like the brightest bulb, but she seems nice.

901:Sorry about the whole wanted a boy thing. I'm a clone of an insane idiot

Erica: (CONF) I have a problem with saying lyk too many times...Not even "like" but "lyk"....I'm not actually stupid though!!!! I know the capital of the United States is Harrisburg and 2+2=5!

Kourtney: Hey, girls! :D

Ricky: Hey.

901:Hey Kourtney... welcome to h*ll

Hanna: Hello alphas great to be here :) (CONF) I hope to make good friends here.

Indie: *Walks in* Ugh, what IS this place?

Ricky: It's our new home, sadly.

Kris: *arrives wearing an elegant ballroom gown* Yo! Howdy all!! :D *spins around giddily and makes her dress poof out* ;)

Indie: Great.

Hanna: *Goes up to Kris* That is such a nice gown! :D

Stacy Ann: *snaps fingers* What cha'll talkin' bout? *pops gum*

Ricky: Nothin' in particular. Can I have some gum?

Hanna: Oh wait, here I have some gum! :) *Gives a piece of gum to Ricky*

Ricky: Thanks! *starts chewing gum* What's your name again? Hanna?

Hanna: Yep.

Christine: (CONF) I'm the boss right here! Beautiful, optimistic, sneaky son of a -----. If best was in the dictionary, it would be me. I want all eyes on me because it's better having negative attention than NO attention. If you wanna know how to do something, watch me be me! I never let anyone have the last word and I never really apologize. (endCONF) *walks in and starts looking for the girls* Ladies it's your girl, what's up, where you at, come show me your faces.

Hanna: Hi! I'm Hanna! ^_^

Christine: Oh my god! Nice to meet you...I know, I'm hot.

Ricky: Hey. Name's Ricky. Nice to meet you.

Christine: Hey, I'm Christine! (CONF) Today I'm vibing, I want to get cool with the girls y'now.

Hanna: Girls know what it's time for? *Brings out a noise maker and cupcakes* Party time!!!

Christine: (CONF) I'm gonna have fun, gonna party, got out, do my thing! (endCONF) I almost want someone to get in my face tonight, I'm so ready for this! *eats a cupcake* So where y'all from? If it wasn't obvious I'm from Nashville!

Hanna: I'm from California! Great place!

Ricky: I'm from Boring, Oregon. That's seriously the name of the town.

Kris: Thanks, Hanna! If you'd like to wear this sometime, you can! (referring to beautiful gown she's wearing) It's really nice to meet you! I'm from Rockies, Colorado! :) Could I get a piece of gum, too? *to Ricky* I wouldn't think anywhere in Oregon would be called Boring. :O Oregon's way sweet! Great air, trees, mountains, scenery, ... *suddenly notices cupcakes and noisemakers* Awesome, Hanna!! *takes a noisemaker and two sprinkle-topped cupcakes* Yummm!!! :D

Kris: Hi everyone that I haven't said 'Hi' to yet! ^_^ *waves at everyone* I'm Kris!

Christine: (CONF) I really like Hannah, I'm vibing with her, she's being excited and bubbly just like me! (endCONF) (to Kris) Did you get your name just like Ricky or is it short for something?

Kris: Kris is short for Kristina, cos my mom really liked that name and we've got a relative named that too, so I'm named after her. How'd Ricky get his name? Hey! *sees Christine's nametag* We're like cousins! Cos we've got the same names, almost! Kewlio! :D *high-fives Christine*

Christine: Y'all I think were going to take the boys down, they don't even know it!

Omega (1)

Avi: It's a pleasure to finally be here on Total Drama!

Alex: Cool! (CONF) I hope I can make it far like my idol, Liam. *strums guitar* Livin the good life, baring a great white,

Vice: My Masters, how might I be of service?

Shmeezel: Paramatowow himpapatawa mangoya lerita mequeque lopossososososmotossssosomis youlits kehits nitsowerta yololopartrigger bamboyas kla koya redddodod.

Alex: Vice, can you be my friend?

Gale: Finally here. It's a pleasure to be here, hopefully we can win our first challenge. :)

Ian: What's up everyone! I'm Ian.

Alex: (CONF) Who can understand Shmeezel? I sure don't.

Rex: *wearing a wooden crown* Hello everyone.

Zorbel: So... we're here, now what.

Alex: I am a big loser.

Mess Hall

Kris: *looks around the mess, since she's filling up on Hanna's wonderfully delicious cupcakes* This is a nice mess hall! *listens to her echo and keeps eating a cupcake*

Avi: *grabs some food from Chef and walks over to Kris* Excuse me? Is this seat taken?

Kris: *makes a grand gesture and ushers Avi to a chair* Please! Sit! :) *sits in an adjacent chair* Nice to meet you. I'm Kris! :D

Avi: It's a pleasure! I'm Avi!

Gale: Hey, Avi, what's up? Do you and Kris mind if I sit here?

Avi: Go right ahead! *smiles*

Gale: Thanks. :) So, uh, what's on your mind?

Avi: *thinking of an answer for Gale's question* What the heck is in this food?

Kris: Hi Gale! I'm Kris! ^_^ Welcome! Please sit. :)

Gale: Thank you! :) Anyways, there's no time for chit-chat, time for the challenge!

Kris: You're right! Allonzy! *hurries out the door with Gale and Avi*



Chris: Today's challenge is simple, the first team to have six members jump off this cliff win immunity. *pushes Indie and Vice off the cliff* It's already 1-1!

Omega Jumping

Avi: *looks down the cliff* It looks perfectly safe. *jumps off*

Gale: Oh, gosh, this is a pretty long cliff. Alright, well... cannon ball! *jumps off of the cliff and lands next to Avi*

Vice: *Swims around in the water* It pleases me to serve my master.

Alex: This is great inspiration!!!! *jumps off cliff* Yeah!!!!!!!!! (CONF) *sings* Had to dive off a cliff, but tonight with a flip, I will be gone!

Alpha Jumping

Ricky: Here goes... *jumps off, and screams on way down*

Christine: (CONF) Y'all should know I'm scared of heights, but I don't want to be seen as a pathetic player. (endCONF) *looks down, and jumps* Woo!

Kris: *sees cliff and screams,* Whooooopiieeeee!!! :D *runs and jumps off cliff theatrically by waving her arms up and down*

Erica: lyk what? *jumps down* Am I falling?

Susan: *Jumps down and hits a rock* OUCH!!!!! *Hits the water* I think we win.

Christine: AH, that's 6!

Kris: *uses her ballgown as a parachute and lands gently on the shore* (CONF) Gosh! I'd better put on more appropriate clothing! You never know who might be looking up during a challenge! D: *hurries to change clothes*

Ricky: We win! Nice job, everyone!

Kris: *returns to the shoreline in a nice blouse and bicycle shorts* Hi everyone! I'm back! ^_^ Did anything happen while I was gone? o_o

Chris: Alpha wins immunity! Omega, I'll see you at the vote tonight!! >:D

Kris: *jumping up and down* Yaaaay!!! ^_^ *high-fives her teammates and heads back to the mess hall to eat something nutritious, maybe*

Ricky: Wait up, Kris! *follows Kris to mess hall*

(Sorry I missed the challenges alphas my mom was using the computer while it was going on) -TDF90

(Flame: I wuz out at dinner for my sister's b-day party, sorry. She's 17, and got a new car.)

Vote (1)

Chris: Omega, time to vote.

Avi: Although I wish we didn't have to vote off someone, I have to vote Shmeezel, because I cannot understand him. Sorry.

Alex: Since I am voting for someone who didn't bother to compete, I vote Rex. He's rich, what is he doing on this show?

Vice: My lords have gien me no commands, so I am afraid I had to judge based on your appearances, I vote for Jake.

Gale: I'm a little disappointed in my team, since most people didn't do the challenge, but it's all good. I'll side with Avi and vote for Shmeezel too, he didn't do the challenge and he doesn't seem like he'll help us in the future.

Alex: Hopefully other people vote!

Ian: Sorry but my vote also goes to Shmeezel, doesn't seem like much of a team player (Sorry guys I was out xD)

Lucas: I gotta vote out Shmeezel... what kind of name is that?

Rex: Shmeezel. I can't understand him >.< (I didn't know the time for it in Australia... >.<)

(JLOM: What time is it in Australia right now? Or you could go to the history page in "My Tools" and see when the challenge posted. Here in Colorado, US, it is 8:43 PM, and the challenge started at 7 PM)

Zorbel: The whole... Shmeezel thing... annoys me. So, I vote for that useless person.

(Rex: 12:46 PM so it started at... 11AM ... huh)

Alex: We know who's gone.....

Chris: Shmeezel, time to go! *releases Shmeezel into the forest* Uhh...

Episode 2: Say Eye 2

Alpha (2)

Erica: *sits calmly* Lyk, our team is amazing! Girl pride!

Kourtney: Yeah! *highfives Erica* (CONF) Where r teh boiz?

Kris: Ooh! What's up?

Omega (2)

Zorbel: This is great. One day and already down one... rat... human... thing.

Gale: True, but we need to step our game up. It would be nice if more people participated.

Lucas: So true...

Mess Hall

Avi: *sits down at a table with his breakfast* Morning, everyone!

Vice: *Joins Avi* Good morning.

Hanna: *Comes in* Morning boys! :)

Christine: Hey y'all! (CONF) I'm not sure how the boys are gonna think of us right now...

Gale: Morning, guys. (CONF) The ladies won the first challenge, but I'll make sure they won't win again.

Hanna: *Sits down and eats oatmeal*

Rex: *walks in, today wearing a stone crown* Hello everyone =3 *gets breakfast and sits down* what's up?

Alex: Hey guys!

Kris: 8D Good morning everyone!!! *sits with everyone and graciously eats her eggs, hash browns, grape juice, sausages, toast, some fruit, and smothers everything in maple syrup, washes everything down with lots of water*

Alex: Hashbrowns are good!

Avi: Morning, Kris! Oh, Gale said he had something to ask you!

Alex: Avi, can I talk to you?

Kris: IKR? @ Alex; Hi Avi! *walks over to Gale* Hi! What's up?

Avi: Sure, Alex, what is it?

Alex: If we lose again, wanna vote out Jake?

Gale: Hey, Kris. Not much, just eating. And you?

Susan: *walks over to Kris and Gale* HeY guys! Want to have an alliance?

Avi: @Alex - Okay.

Kris: Not much, Gale. Someone said you had something to ask me? *to Susan* Sounds good to me! :)



Chris: Your challenge is to simply say I. The last one on each team to say I will be eliminated. GO!

Susan: I!

Gale: I.

Avi: I.

Alex: I.

Gale: Hey, Susan, about that alliance... *gets interrupted*

Erica: I. (CONF) Lyk...what?

Kris: I

Stacy Ann: I

Rex: I

Vice: I... Master why do you ask such strange things of me?

Gale: Kris, I do have to ask you something. Do you wanna be in an alliance?

Kris: Sounds great, Gale! Susan asked me first, though, and I'm true to my word, so she's in too, kay?

Kris: Gale, I didn't realize you're a guy! I have to be allied with my own team, so I can't ally with you for now. Kay?

Avi: Sounds good, Kris! Incase you couldn't tell- *whispers* -I'm in the alliance too. And so are Stacy Ann and Alex, kay? This way, we have 3 alliance members on each team.

Lucas: I

Christine: I.

Kris: Ooh! I get it! Sweet!! ;) I'm in, Gale, Avi, Susan, Stacy Ann and Alex! 8D *does a little dance of joy*

Hanna: I! Hi guys!

901:I... think this challenge is un creative. (Ben:I am currently at a camp mooching the wife from my neighbors I believe I shouldn't leave)

Ian: I!

Christine: So quiet y'all. :)

Hanna: Hi Christine! :)

Christine: Howdy, I've been wanting to talk to you! Maybe we could make an alliance? (CONF) Hanna is the only one I trust right now, she's legit.

Hanna: Sure, why not? (CONF) I really need an alliance, and Christine is a good alliance buddy for sure!

Kourtney: I!

Erica: *sits patiently for everyone to finish* (CONF) Lyk...I know I may not be bright, but I still want our team to win! I just hope alliances don't crush our winning streak...

Indie: I!

Alex: ....How many guys need to say I?

Avi: Only Zorbel and Jake are left to say I for the Guys. And Ricky's auto eliminated because she's the last girl left, right?

Zorbel: I.

Gale: That means... Jake and Ricky are eliminated, right?

Rex: Nope. If they don't say the letter, then Zorbel and Indie would be out, since they were the last two to say it. (CONF: Just because i'm rich doesn't mean i'm selfish, or arrogant or dumb!)

Indie: W-What??? But Ricky hasn't said I so she is out!!!!! ARRGGGGHH!!!!!!!!

Ricky: Nope. You're out. Me purposely avoided saying... "that word"... because me saw this loophole. Sorry, Indie.

Avi: I did NOT see that coming! Indie! :(

Chris: Jake & Ricky, time to go!! Zorbel and Indie both said I, which is what they're supposed to say, Ricky and Jake hadn't even talked after Ricky said the word. *catapults Jake & Ricky*

Episode 3: The Blunder Games

Alpha (3)

Omega (3)

Mess Hall

Avi: *whispers to his alliance mates* Pst! Are we gonna have an alliance meeting?

Zorbel: *walks into the mess hall and sits directly next the the blatently obvious alliance meeting going on*

Avi: Uh, hi, Zorbel?

Christine: So...what's up? *looks around waiting for a reply*

Kris: *runs in* Whoopie!!! Alliance!! Alliance!! I'm in an alliance!!! :D *sits with her alliance group* Hi guys! What's up? :D

Alex: Hey, guys. Sorry, I was thinking up a new song.

Ian: *walks in* What's up everyone?

Zorbel: Eh.. you know, my usual plights of taking over the world failing... me braking the fourth wall alot.... *looks directly at camera* Remember kids... kill your family! *smiles crazily*

Alex: ....Zorbel, I know you are an escaped convict, but why must you be a bad influence?

Kourtney: Hey, guys. :D *flips hair* EVeryone's alseep at Alpha base, so I came here.

Indie: Hey guys, I'm sorry for my outburts yesterday...... I need..... anger managment... I feel terrible! *Cries*

Rex: *wearing a grass crown today* Hello everyone (I can't compete in this challange unless it's like the last one. I have NAPLAN tests on, so I can't do anything until school is over :/ Sorry)

Indie: Hi..

901:Hilarious what happened to the one with the "loophole" yesterday. Thought she out smarted the competition. I always hated lawyers.

Hanna: *Walks in* Hiya!

Erica: *sits with everyone else* Everyone ere is nice. i hope we all get along.

Avi: So, alliance mates, I was just wondering... who do we think should go next? I think it should be someone who doesn't really try to compete.

Zorbel: *to Alex* HOW'D YOU KN--I mean... no I'm not. *laughs nervously* (CONF) !@#$%^&* Zorbel... *facepalm*

Ian: *looking on scared* Alrighty then

Kris: Totes, Avi! *munches on a very crisp carrot*

Erica: *stares at Ian* mmmm you're lyk...cute! (CONF) Ian radiates the color pink...I lyk, don't know why...

Alex: (CONF) Something's up with Zorbel. Something tells me he knows a little more than what he says.

Ian: *shyly* Uh...thanks I guess m'am

Erica: mam? who says mam anymore?! *gets real close to Ian* Am I making you nervous ;D (CONF) I think Ian is a leprechaun because he just jumped over my rainbow ;)

Ian: *shyly* Uh I do m'am, and don't mean to be rude but just a little bit (CONF) That Erica is very...forward

Erica: Okey dok...*extends her hand* Let's be friends...lyk, you seem nice I guess...and you remind me of roses so I that.

Zorbel: *starts drinking a bottle covered in a paper sack* Meh. *head slams on table*

Ian: *shakes her hand* Alright, that sounds good (CONF) Uh... (NON-CONF) Zorbel sir, what is that I might ask?

Erica: (CONF) I have a feeling about him... (NON-CONF) *suddenly sees Zorbel slamming his head* Lyk.......what? Is this some new trend?

Zorbel: *to Ian* It's something you can't drink for a few more years... at least legally. *to Erica* I don't think you could handle the brain damage.

Indie: Erica?

Christine: Erica, stop flirting with the enemy! (CONF) Y'all I don't know what happened with Erica, but she's like all over the place.

Erica: Lyk what? Oh idk, I have issues...DOn't worry, he's still the enemy...Girl power D:< (CONF) I wonder if my team trusts me...I hope they do because lyk...I want us to succeed.

Kris: (CONF) I'm not sure who to tell, so I'll tell you, the viewers. *grins* Avi asked me who's been the least active, so I asked an intern, and he said that the producers want Stacy Ann and Lucas to get more screen time. They've been terribly inactive. :/ So anyway, that's that, until I can find Avi to tell him. Toodles, yo! :D

Erica: *looks around* Anyone see Stacy Ann? You'd thing she would a know louder? since she's supposedly...lyk...ghetto.

Lucas: Probably ran away... couldn't handle the stress of this show...

Erica: Whoa! It's Lucas!

Kris: Yo! Lucas! The producers of this show want you to talk more! Kay? And if anyone sees Stacy Ann, same thing! *sigh*

Christine: Ladies the challenge should start soon, so look pretty! *smiles*

Erica: Alrightie Christine! *high fives her and Kris* We got lyk this!

Kris: Totes! *high-fives Erica and Christine* I'm lookin' good for the cameras! *smiles for the cameras*

Hanna: I'm always looking pretty!

Christine: (to Erica, Kris, & Hanna) Y'all, I think us four are the strongest girls on the team. So should we work together? (CONF) We are the "Fab 4" of the team so we'd be purrfect!

Kris: Hi Hanna! You are beautiful! *smiles, then looks around* Didn't Chris say to be here by 8? He's almost a half-hour late! *frowns at the absent Chris, then smiles again for the camera*

Hanna: Sure! And thanks Kris!


Chris: Will happen WEDNESDAY, MAY 16TH @ 8 PM EST!!

Chris: Today's challenge is simple. You'll all be shooting each other with paintballs, you all get three dodges, and if the person you're shooting at doesn't respond within twenty minutes, you may eliminate them from the challenge. If there's six left from the same team, you win. If not, last one standing wins. GO!

Hanna: Let's go girls!

Susan: *Gets a Paintball and shoots Alex from a very far distance*

Hanna: *Grabs a paintball gun and hides in a bush*

Christine: Susan you just shot your own teammate girl. -_- (CONF) It's on! I'm from Nashvillie and I know how to shoot some boys. (nonCONF) *shoots Rex* Rex is our first target, if us 4 shoot him he'll be out!

Kris: *charges out from behind a bush* Yee-haaa!!! *shoots at Ian*

Kris: *shoots at Ian again*

Ian: *dodges both shots and shoots back at Kris* (CONF) Oh yeah, this is my challenge (NON-CONF) *shoots back at Kris*

Hanna: *Shoots at Zorbel* (CONF) The boys don't what hit them!

Hanna: Hey! Back off! *Shoots at Ian for Kris*

Kris: Thanks Hanna!! :D *shoots at Lucas*

Christine: *shoots Ian too, so now he's out*

Vice: As my lord commander demands *Shoots at Susan then runs off*

Ian: You can't shoot twice in a row Hanna! (CONF) Winning with dishonor does not count as winning

Hanna: Fine!

Christine: *shoots Vice* He's next!

Kris: Like you can talk! *at Ian, while shooting at him*

Vice: *Keeps running, only to turn and shoot at Kris*

Kris: *shoots at Vice*

Hanna: *Shoots at Rex* Bye bye Rex!

Kris: *shoots at Vice again*

Ian: I only meant to shoot at you once m'am, and I am out already (CONF) Girls...

Vice: I didn't sign up for this- I will be expecign a bonus *Dodges the two shots as he jumps into the rvier, firing once more at Kris*

Christine: Vice your out. *shoots at Rex* One more shoot for Rex.

Kris: *shoots at Rex*

Hanna: *Shoots at Lucas*

Ian: *sitting on the sidelines* You girls need to give us chances to dodge

Vice: (Please learn to read I am not out, three dodges imnplies it will take a fourth shot to be eliminated :)) *Shoots at Christine*

Christine: Ow. *shoots Vice getting him officially out*

Hanna: Great job Christine!

Vice: *Falls painfully to the ground* Again, I want my bonus!

Kris: *shoots at Lucas*

Hanna: *Shoots at Avi*

Kris: *shoots at Zorbel*

Christine: *shoots at Lucas* That's 4, your out.

Hanna: Were doing great girls!

Kris: Ian, Vice and Lucas are out! :D *shoots at Zorbel*

Christine: *shoots Zorbel*

Kris: *shoots Zorbel*

Hanna: *Shoots at Zorbel* He is now out! :)

Kris Yay!! *shoots at Rex*

Christine: *shoots Rex* That's 4 he's out too!

Hanna: Wohoo!

Christine: (CONF) We all came together like a team, unlike the guys! (nonConf) *shots Avi* 2 more for him

Kris: Whoo-hoo! Who's next? *shoots at Avi*

Hanna: *Shoots at Avi* Another for him!

Kris: *shoots Avi*

Christine: He's done, so that means Gale and Alex last. *shoots Alex*

Kris: Zorbel, Rex and Avi are gone now, too! :D *shoots at Alex*

Christine: *shoots Alex* One more and he's out!

Hanna: *Shhots at Alex*

Kris: Christine shot Alex at the beginning, so time to shoot Gale! :D *shoots at Gale*

Christine: *shoots Gale*

Kris: No, wait. Actually Susan shot Alex at the beginning! *shoots at Gale*

Erica: *shoots Gale* Let's go girls!

Christine: Y'all we won the challenge! *jumps up and down*

Hanna: Great job girls!

901:*pops out of a bush with war paint* Finally my legs fell asleep. >_>

Kris: Now Alex and Gale are out, too! :D I think that's everyone! :) *jumps up and down, too!* :D *high-fives everyone!* Yay, gals!!! Woot!! :P

Erica: *hugs the girls* We dominate!!!

Alex: *moans* My aching body.... One of the girls I like shot me! *falls over* WHYYYYYY?????

Kourtnye: You okay Alex? *helps him up, and smiles*

Indie: Hi, sorry i didnt help!!! (Was asleep :( ) Erica can I talk to you?

Rex: sorry... (NAPLAN IS OVER! Sorry that I couldn't compete :/)

Kourtney: Indie, can I talk to you and Erica in the mess hall?

Erica: *hears Kourtney* Hmm? Sure :)

Susan: Yay! We won!

Indie: Ok! *Goes to Kourtney*


Hanna: Yeah Great job Alphas!!! :D

Stacy Ann: YES! :D

Vote (3)

Chris: Omega, one of you is about to be history. ;)

Avi: (CONF) I'm gonna have to vote Zorbel... To be honest, he scares me.

Rex: (CONF: Zorbel. I'm too scared of what he might do if I say it aloud !!!0.0!!! )

Ian (CONF): I vote Gale, antagonists do not play with honor, and he is a huge threat

Zorbel: (CONF) I vote out Gale... he seems shifty. (Mr. E: I'm sorry for missing this challenge, I'm going through stuff at the moment. So... please don't vote me out this time... :c)

Vice: (CONF) My lord Master has called upon me to vote for Lord Gale. Best to you.

Alex: (CONF) Gale, I vote for you.

Lucas: (CONF) Has to be Gale...

Avi: So, Gale's out!!!?

Alex: It would seem so.

Chris: Gale, time to go!! *catapults Gale* NOW, IT'S TIME FOR A TEAM SWAP!!

New teams:

Superstars: 901, Avi, Erica, Ian, Indie, Kris, Stacy Ann, & Vice

Winnings: Alex, Christine, Hanna, Kourtney, Lucas, Rex, Susan, & Zorbel


Episode 4: Who Can You Trust?

Superstars (4)

Stacy Ann: New teams, are yu crazy McLean!?

Vice: New teams... Who shall my Master be now? *Sighs* Forever alone....

901:Don't worry Vice you can serve me ;)

Avi: Greetings, ladies! It's an honor to play along side you!

Vice: As my Lady... Ièm sorry, I have not picked up your name as of it yet...


901:It's um... 901.And as for you * turns towards Avid* You so much as look down instead of keeping eye contact I'll slap you into a new nationality

Indie: *Trashes the room*

Vice: *Begins to clean up the room* Yes Lady 901 as you demand.

Indie: *Stops* Grr... *Breathes heavily*

901:Um vice give that chika. Her meds

Erica: Alright onto team two phase! Hey team *hugs Kris* We're teamsies again! *sees Vice*'re interesting o.o

Indie: *Slaps self* Ouch! *Snaps out of rage* Oh... sorry guys.. heh heh..

Erica: .... Hey Indie *hugs* lyk....let's win this game!

Indie: :3 Want to team up? (CONF) Cannot believe I am saying this, but Erica is sweet :)

Erica: Lyk...sure? Let's hope our team wins the challenges though :)

Indie: Yeah... :)

Erica: Soo...I wonder how the other team is doing... I don't lyk...remember any of them

Ian: Hey everyone!

Erica: LYK IAN is on our team!!!! *pounces on him* Your pink aura is delicious...

Ian: Um...thanks? (CONF) Pink aura? Erica is kinda creepy (NON-CONF) So how is everyone doing?

Erica: (CONF) I don't lyk know what that pink a manly color??? (NON-CONF) sorry for lyk...pouncing on're still my friend lyk right???

Kris: Hi all! Sorry I wasn't here before now. I was watching a horse race! A horse called "I'll Have Another" won the second race of three horse races in the United States called The Triple Crown races! Whoo-hoo!! :D There hasn't been a Triple Crown winner since 1978. Even if you don't care about horse racing, you can't help but hear about what horse won which race on TV or in the news or from friends during chit-chats! Hi Erica! Yay gals!! ;) So now in 3 weeks will be the third race of the Triple Crown in New York. The two favorite horses finished nine lengths ahead of the third-place horse, and the two front horses finished basically neck-and-neck!! :D It was SO exciting!! I can hardly wait for the next race since they're such great racers! *takes a deep breath, and looks around* So we're in new teams now? Hmm... Hi everyone! I'm Kris! :D How are ya'll? :)

Indie: *Laughs* Kris... Thats a boy name! Hahaa!

Winnings (4)

Hanna: (CONF) Now that I'm on a new team, I kinda miss my all girls team. We were so powerful!

Christine: (CONF) I'm not sure how I feel about our team the only person I know is Hanna. (nonCONF) Hey boys, I'm Christine!

Zorbel: *looks up, uninterested* Oh, hey, I'm Zorbel.

Christine: (CONF) We see the guys and they're just lying around. Instead they should be getting to know us, but they are just having attitudes not wanting to get to know us at all. (endCONF) So are we hanging out tonight or no? Y'all want to? We could make it a fam night!

Hanna: Christine's right! Hmm, I can get some ingredients from the mess hall, make some cupcakes, lemonade, turn on some music, and we can have a party!

Susan: Yay! New team! (CONF) This is going to be a LONG season.

Christine: *walks back here* (whispers to Kourtney & Susan) Y'all wanna make an alliance with me and Hanna? We could take down em' boys!

Lucas: *walks over to the girls* Hey new teammates! I'm Lucas!

Christine: Howdy Lucas!

Rex: Team swap already?

Alex: Hey girls, wanna hear a song I wrote?

Christine: Sure, show us what you got! (CONF) Maybe the guys aren't so bad...

Zorbel: (CONF) I don't get why people are so friendly here... we won't see any of these people in our everyday life.

Kourtney: (CONF) The boys on our team are somewhat cute... except Zorbel. Creep. Time to do some flirting! (NON-CONF) Sure, I love music! *sits next to Alex, then flips hair*

Mess Hall

Christine: (with Hanna) We just got here, ready to do this thing! One guy that I thought had an attitude though was the one that looks like he has escaped prison. Like what are you hating on?! You don't know me, your just mad at the world… (I just want Christine to have a conflict lol.)

Hanna: I totally agree. Now let's find the ingridients and make those cupcakes for tonight!

Christine: *starts baking cupcakes* Yummy. :) Should we make an alliance with the other girls?

Hanna: Sure! But hopefully they'll except it.....

Kourtney: *walks in* Course' I will!

Christine: That's purrfect. (CONF) If us girls stick together we'll all make merge and take the guys down!

Kris: CUPCAKES!!! :D I don't see any guys here, so we might not even need an alliance. xDDD If they usually show up late we'll always win anyhow. :)

Hanna: *Cupcakes finish* Cupcakes are done! Let's let this cool down and make some lemonade!

Kris: *adds some pink lemonade flavoring, since it's her favorite!* ;)

Kourtney: Cool! I love pink lemonade!

Kris: Awesome! *high-fives Kourtney*


Challenge (4)



Superstars Assembling

Avi: *chops at a tree* I'll get started on the wood!

Kris: I'll strip bark so we can tie it all together!

Avi: *completes chopping one tree down* Hope that didn't kill anybody...

Kris: *high-fives Avi and begins tying all the pieces of wood together* Now we just need some runners! :D

Kris: *stops tying the log, and begins chopping the log into planks instead*

Avi: What are you doing that for?

Kris: *to Avi* Are we just going to ride the log down?

Erica: *starts assembling parts of the sled* Let's do this!

Avi: *boards the sled* Onward, my team!

Kris: *hands every team member a chopped off branch as an oar for steering* Wheeeeeeeeee!!! :D

Avi: *pushes off the sled* Watch out for the trees!

Erica: *steers* Oh yea!

Avi: *steers around a tree* Told ya to watch out for the trees...

Kris: Party!!!! :D This is SO much fun!!!! :D

Avi: *looks towards the finish line* Are we almost there?

Kris: We're almost across the finish line!! :D

Avi: *arrives at the finish line* We did it!

Vice: Woo?

Kris: Woot!!!! :D Hi Vice! *high-fives Avi, Erica and Vice* Let's do it again!!! :D That was fun!! :) *looks around* Has anyone seen Stacy Ann?

Vice: *Grins at Kris* We did do good, *Bows* I'm glad I could serve you.

Erica: Our team is so good! *hugs Vice*

Kris: Aww! <3 *hugs Avi, Erica and Vice in a big group hug*

Vice: *Blushes but hugs the duo*

901: All right *turns to team* Status report?

Erica: (CONF) Vice and Erica are soo cute! I wonder if Vice likes eating?

Ian: Sorry I missed the challenge guys, but awesome work!

Winnings Assembling

Kourtney: *chops tree down*

Hanna: Oh no we lost! Well, what do we do now?

Susan: We have to vote of one of the boys.

Kourtney: Well, Alex is cool with me, and Rex is already rich. I say Rex, agreed?

Hanna: Agreed.

Susan: I also agree. Rex it is.

Zorbel: *walks up* Maybe we should think about... oh, I dunno, getting not lost?

Christine: Rex then y'all. (CONF) It stinks we lost the challenge, but the girls will stick together and vote for Rex so...

Rex: *walks into the area carrying a buch of wood* Drat I was busy collecting wood for a campfire >.< (Rex: Sorry... unforeseen changes to my schedule >.< Luckily there shouldn't be any more for awhile)


Vote (4)

Chris: Winnings, time to vote! >:D

Christine: Y'all this is the first time I had to vote. (CONF) I vote for Rex and I hope the other girls vote with me!

Alex: (CONF) I need to side with the ladies. Sorry, Rex.

Hanna: (CONF) I hate to vote out anybody at this point, since I'm just getting to know everybody here, but I don't really see why Rex needs to be here since he's already rich. So I vote Rex out. Sorry.

Alex: *plays Kourtney a song* At first I had a lonely feeling inside, but now I feel better with you at my side, Ohhhh yeah....

Kourtney: *Smiles* Aw... I love it! (CONF) I vote for Rex. Sorry, man. :(

Rex: (CONF: *sighs* I think I might be the one going today. I thought I would be able to impress my dad. Well I vote for Lucas, I haven't seen him or awhile)

Zorbel: (CONF) Uh.... Rex, I guess. I don't really know why...

Chris: Rex, time to go! *catapults Rex* 15 remain!

Episode 5: The Amazing DragRace

Superstars (5)

Kris: OooOOoooh!! A draaaag race! *puts on her Drag-King outfit and admires her/himself in a mirror* Not too bad! Maybe I should glue on a scruffy beard? Nah! *looks around for the rest of her Superstar pals*

Erica: Drag? *stares at Ian* Your kind of thing? :)

Ian: Nope, not that kind of thing m'am (CONF) Sure maybe I'm a bit confused about things, but I know I'm a boy (NON-CONF) But racing, that's awesome! *salutes Chris* Thank you sir!

Avi: Nice job last time guys! If we keep this up, we'll ALL make it to the merge! :D

Ian: Yes sir! We can do this!

Erica: *stares at Ian* I can see through you...I know the truth- *breaks out of trance* lyk....Ian you're my bffl :D

Winnings (5)

Hanna: (CONF) Are team really needs to step our game up if we want to win!

Christine: So how are y'all?

Hanna: I'm good Christine. :) How about you?

Alex: Morning, guys and gals.

Susan: Good Mroning (I might not be here for the challenge. I will try to make it.)

Mess Hall


Kris: I'm not a drag-king, but dressing in a t-shirt and jeans is SO comfortable! So why not? :)

Christine: I was shcoked that some of the guys voted for Rex, but good for the girls!

Alex: I do believe that Kourtney has a crush on me, but what are my feelings? So many conflicting emotions....

Kris: Girl Power!!! :D



Chris: Today's challenge is simple. Today, you guys will be competing in a drag race! The first contestant cross the finish line wins immunity for their team (You must have had at least 20 lines in order to win) GO!


Susan: *Gets in a Car* WOO!

Alex: *hops in a car* Let's go!

Kourtney: *hops in car next to SA's* Yeah... right.

Alex: *drives off*

Susan: *Drives off with Alex*

Avi: *gets in a car*

Avi: *drives off*

Christine: *jumps in car and starts it* LEts kick some superstar butt!

Alex: *drives* Yeah!

Hanna: *Gets in a car* This will be fun!

Kris: *jumps into a car and starts it, then looks around before she carefully peels out onto the racetrack*

Alex: *is driving still*

Alex: *drives on* I will win!

Kris: *decides that driving safely is good, but trying to crash other cars off the road is better*

Alex: *drives on*

Kris: Yee-ha!!

Alex: *drives* Yeah!

Kris: *shouting* Common teammies!! :D

Alex: *drives*

Kris: *floors it and starts to zig-zag across the track*

Alex: *keeps on driving*

Kris: :O

Hanna: *Drives* Wohoo!

Christine: *drives swiftly* (CONF) When they saaid "drag" race I had something else in mind lol...

Kris: *screaming and zig-zagging*

Alex: *drives*

Kris: *straightens out and drives on the track again*

Christine: *accidently hits Kris' car* Oh my god sorry!

Alex: *drives*

Ian: *begins driving* I love fast things!

Alex: *drives*

Kris: *Aaaaaiiiiieeeee!!*

Alex: *drives on*

Christine: *drives then hits Ian's car* Sorry again. :(

Avi: *weaves by other cars*

Hanna: *Looks around while driving* Where's my team?

Kris: *catches up to Alex and passes him*

Hanna: *Drives*

Avi: *drives faster*

Avi: *narrowly catches up to Alex*

Hanna: *Drives and yells* Come on Winnings! You can do it!

Kris: *waves to Alex*

Avi: Go, Kris!

Kris: *drives faster*

Avi: *drives with Kris*

Christine: *finally stays safe on track* Oh this is easy!

Kris: *driving great now!*

Avi: *keeps up with Kris*

Kris: *drives*

Kris: *drives*

Kris: *drives*

Kris: *drives*

Hanna: *Drives and catches up to Kris* Hi Kris!

Avi: *drives*

Alex: Drives*

Alex: *drives*

Avi: *drives*

Christine: *drives*

Alex: *drives*

Kris: *drives* Hi Hanna!

Avi: *drives*

Avi: *drives*

Avi: *drives*

Avi: *drives*

Avi: *drives*

Avi: *drives*

Kris *drives*

Kris *drives*

Kris *drives*

Avi: *drives*

Avi: *drives* Almost there!

Avi: *drives* Ima make it!

Kris: *crosses finish line* (CONF) I count 22 edits. Tell me if I miscounted. :)

Avi: *crosses finish line* I made it! I think?

Kris: That was fun!!! *strips off her t-shirt and starts whipping it in the air in celebration!*

Alex: *finishes*

Erica: Way to go Kris! (CONF) Wow she just carried our team! I gotta respect that girl...

Kris: What? I'm wearing a tank top underneath! ;)

Christine: Oh another loss. :( (CONF) I hope some of our team makes the merge!

Hanna: *Goes up to Kris* Congrats for the team win. :) (CONF) Even though we lost, we will win next challenge!

Avi: Chris (Duke) says that the Winnings win. Congrats!

Hanna: Really? Yay!

Erica: That doesn't lyk....make sense. BOth you and Kris crossed the line first and both of you are SUperstars...

Kris: Thanks Hanna! :) *high-fives Avi* Alex! You were fantastic out there! *hug*

Erica: ..Wait a minute...we got disqualified? (CONF) I can't believe Kris and Avi lost us the challenge....*sigh* this is a bit frustrating...

Chris: The Winnings win, because Kris & Avi both godplayed a ridiculous amount. :| Superstars, I'll see you at elimination.

Hanna: Yay great job team! I'm sorry though Kris and Avi.

Kris: Sorry about that, everyone. ;(

Avi: Sorry, If I don't get eliminated, I promise It won't happen again...

Christine: Shocker, y'all... (CONF) Maybe we still have some hope! *does a little dance*

Vote (5)

Chris: Superstars, time to vote. Avi & Kris, I'm very dissapointed in you two.

Avi: Sorry, Chris. My bad. I guess I'll vote for 901.

Stacy Ann: Kris, ya screwed up the challenge for us. Goodbye, foo'. *votes Kris*

Vice: As my lady 901 commands, I vote Kris.

Ian: I'm sorry m'am, but you tried to win without honor, and that isn't ok *votes Kris*

Kris: I'm really sorry, teammies. Sorry, Staci. Sorry Alex. I'll vote 901.

Erica: I really did not want to do this but I vote Kris... sorry girl, but the majority has spoken. I hope someday we can lyk do this're a good friend.

Avi: WAIT, I volunteer to take Kris's place and leave the show!

Erica: O.o Interesting move....if you did this you really would be lyk...the perfect guy. Noble and chivalrous to girls....Well I change my vote to Avi. May the best future be with you

Kris: *hugs Avi* No Avi. I messed up and lost our team the challenge, so I'll leave. Thank you very much, though! :) Win this for our teammies, and for our redemption. I'm counting on you! I've learned my lesson about "flooring it" during challenges, and I'll never do that again. Bye teammies! Take care and win with honor! I will in the future. Sorry again. Maybe I'll see you in other campsites! :)

Indie: I vote Kris. Sorry.

Chris: Kris, time to go! But, since it's a double elimination episode, SUPRISE, 901 is out also! See ya both! *catapults 901 & Kris* Only 13 remain!

Episode 6: Making Afences

Superstars (6)

Stacy Ann: Hmm, 901's gone too for getting the second most amount of votes.. epic twist! And now, sassy Kris is out also, so I'm the biggest diva left! *snaps fingers and flips weave*

Indie: No, IM the biggest diva left, you wannabe.

Ian: (CONF) Poor Kris, I feel kind of bad voting her out

Avi: Come on, guys! We just need to brush off our sadness and win the next challenge with honor... for Kris! :D

Erica: Hey Ian! Want to check out this magazine I found! Look at all these hot men o.o

Vice: My lady master... she is gone. * Sighs*

Winnings (6)

Christine: Y'all I know we could win the challenge, even if it was with luck. *smiles* (CONF) Good news: we won the challenge with luck. Bad news: 2 girls were voted out off the other team!

Hanna: *To her team The Winnings* Guys, we really need to step up our game! We only won last time because Kris and Avi godplayed! So we'll need a game plan. Any ideas?

Christine: Being more active in the challenges?\

Kourtney: Working harder in challenges?

Hanna: Maybe...

Alex: Sorry that I lost, guys....

Hanna: It's okay. *Hugs Alex* You tried your best and that's all that matters. :)

Christine: You did the most in that challenge actually! (CONF) We can have Alex be on our side, since he's good in challenges.

Alex: *strums guitar* Put a smile on your face, for we can win this race for the million...

Kourtney: It's cool. :D You tried.

Alex: Thanks, Kourtney. *walks away*

Zorbel: *walks over to them, obviously hung over, and plops down in a seat* (CONF) I... hate... mornings.

Lucas: Zorbel... whats wrong?

Zorbel: Eh... I'm fine, I just drank to much.

Christine: I hope your ready for the challenge!

Mess Hall


Hanna: I really miss Kris. Her and Christine are my only friends here. :(

Alex: What am I gonna do? I screwed up last time! Well, I can only hope for the best.



(Flame: Can't be at challenge, we're goin' out for dinner. :/ )

(Liam: It's past 6, where could he be?)

(phyneo: kay... I got the message and I will not be here for the challenge... cause I'm at a senior tennis party)

Chris: Today's challenge is easy. Today, you will be building a large gate for the cast and crew, due to security threats. *silhouettes of Ezekiel and Sierra appear* So the team with the best fence wins! You can only finish your fence in a minimum of 35 lines! GO!

Superstars Building

Stacy Ann: *begins collecting wood* HURRY UP YA'LL!

Avi: *helps collect wood* I'm going!

Vice: What ever you say mi'lady *Collects Wood*

Avi: *sets wood on top of other wood* So now Stacy Ann's your lady?

Stacy Ann: You know it sugah! *kisses Vice on the cheek*

Avi: *moves more wood* Less smacking, more working please?

Vice: *Slows down* What... Huh... No...

Erica: *starts arranging things* Let's do this!

Avi: *stands some wood up* That's the spirit!

Erica: *ties some bundles together* Alright!

Avi: *hammers some nails into 2 pieces of wood* Yeah!

Vice: *Keeps getting more wood* No... Musn't break the first rule of being a Butler... No...

Avi: It's okay, Vice! Try new things! *stacks more wood*

Stacy Ann: *winks at Vice* You can do it sugah! *hands Erica more wood*

Erica: *ties more bundles* Avi Let's arrange these!

Vice: ... Stay away from me Stacy... I could lose my job!

Avi: Kay, Erica! *drives a post into the ground*

Stacy Ann: Sugah, 901 isn't here anymore, I'm your master now, and I command you to kiss me! >:S

Avi: Stacy Ann, focus! *attaches bundles to the posts*

Erica: *stares* Where is Ian? We need to compare magazines... *sets up a wall* Look!

Vice: Eh... Huh. What. Paradox... Can't decide...

Avi: We only need 14 more lines! *attaches more bundles to posts*

Erica: Vice listen to me you can do this :) *continues building*

Avi: Now we only need 11 more! *drives more posts into ground*

Erica: *finishes another wall* YES!

Avi: *ties more bundles together* Yeah!

Vice: *Looks at Erica* Do... What exactly? *Hammers in some wood*

Avi: *attaches more bundles to posts* I think she means step out of your comfort zone!

Erica: You should learn to be more independent....I trust you :) *works on another wall*

Avi: *puts up another wall* Almost done!

Vice: A butler is not meant to be independant.

Avi: If we can build this fence, than that will prove that you can be anything you want, Vice! *ties wood together*

Erica: Vice you are amazing! Never stop being indepedent and loving who you are *almost done last wall*

Avi: *finishes tying stuff* Put the final wall up!

Erica: *hammers the final nail, finishing the fence* Let's keep going- *realizes their done* O_O WE DID IT!

Vice: This only proves I can follow orders.. *Sighs*

Avi: Nice job, team!

Stacy Ann: Great job ya'll! *kisses Vice* See boo, you can be free, you just gotta believe! :D

Vice: *Pushes her away and storms off* I can't.

Erica: *starts fortifying the wall* We need to make it stronger!

Avi: Right! *loops barbed wire through part of the fence*

Stacy Ann: Boo, did you just reject me? OOOH! NUH-UH, SON! Vice, be free, 901 is gone.. your butler services are expired! D:

Avi: *continues looping barbed wire* You okay, Stacy Ann?

Stacy Ann: *cries* He... rejectedd. muh. :( *storms off crying, running into Vice on top of him* WHY BOO, WHY!?

Avi: She just needs time alone. *puts up a sign that says "Casa Del a Chris"*

Vice: Please. Just leave me alone.

Erica: Vice I hink you should just relaz on your own right now, take a little time off *continues fortifying*

Stacy Ann *hugs Vice* I love you, sugah.

Avi: *is tired* Are we done yet?

Vice: *Punches himself so he passes out*

Avi: This challenge is driving everyong insane!

Stacy Ann: *revives Vice* SUGAH, YOU FREAKED ME OUT! *kisses Vice* Just gimme one more chance!

Avi: Chris, why are you doing this to us?

Vice: *Slaps her* I want a restraining order, Chris!

Avi: So tired... *paints a piece of wood*

Winnings Building

Alex: *begins collecting wood*

Christine: Wait... wood for a fence?!

Alex: Yep... now help me out!!!

Susan: *Collects wood*

Alex: *tries to stand wood up but falls over*

Kourtney: *takes wood from Alex, and stands it up*

Alex: Ow. *takes more wood*

Christine: *collects more wood and gives it Alex*

Hanna: I'm here team! *Collects Wood*

Alex: *starts hammering wood* C'mon team!

Kourtney: *paints fence once Alex finishes hammering each piece*

Alex: *puts wood together*

Christine: *helps Alex put more wood together*

Alex: This is hard work!

Christine: It culd be more easier if we had more people, where is our team y'all? *puts wood together*

Alex: I don't know! *puts up pegs*

Hanna: *Helps putting wood together*

Alex: *stands wood up*

Kourtney: *helps stand up wood*

Alex: *rushes his work*

Kourtney: *paints more, make a sign saying 'Chris Rocks' on the fence*

Alex: They...won... *breaks down complety and cries*

Susan: It says the person with The BEST FENCE! We Still have a chance!

Alex: Really? okay! *puts up two walls*

Kourtney: *paints on a picture of Chris*

Alex: *puts up third wall*

Chris: And the Superstars win immunity!! :D

Stacy Ann: Vice I love you boo! *kisses Vice repeatedly and walks off*

Vote (6)

Chris: Winnings, time to vote!!

Alex: Lucas, your time is up.

Hanna: Hmm, this is a hard choice to make, but I'm really sorry Zorbel. You played a good game :).

Susan: I sorry Lucas. We wish you the best of luck!

(Voting me out when I had a reason that I couldn't compete??? this stinks...)

(Okay, your right. I'll change my vote. :)) -TDF90

(Thanks... Probably the last time... I know I haven't been very active... its just my senior year is coming to a close... so this has taken the backseat for the moment... for about 1 more week-Phyneo)

Lucas: I vote for Zorbel!

Christine: Sorry Lucas, but you haven't been active much...

Kourtney: Sorry, Lucas. I'm not voting you becuase you weren't at the challenge, but you have a better chance of winning then most of us. Sorry. :(

Chris: Lucas, it's time to go!! *catapults Lucas* Now, it's time for the Superstars to vote!! :D

Superstars Vote (6)

Chris: Superstars, time to vote!! After this vote, it will be the merge!!

Stacy Ann: I sadly vote for Indie, she just hasn't been helping in very many challenges lately. :(

Vice: Stacy Ann. I need a restrainign order, but if you aren't here, that would work too.

Ian: Sorry but I also vote Stacy Ann, with a merge coming up she is the bigger threat

Stacy Ann: Ya'll are voting me!? At least I participate in challenges! Ian didn't even work in the challenge! Nor did Indie! :|

Indie: I vote Stacy Ann, sorry i have not been around lately :( I will try harder :D

Erica: Lyk umm....Stacy Ann is kind of ghetto....WHich I like....but Ian is my bffl and we still need to compare mens magazines o.o so lyk....I need to be loyal to my bffl and vote Stacy Ann

Stacy Ann: Ah well, bye boo! *kisses Vice* We are a couple now, right? :D

Chris: Stacy Ann, it's time to go! *catapults Stacy Ann* Only 11 remain! IT'S TIME FOR THE MERGE!!! And welcome back Jake! *Jake arrives on the dock* WOW! FINAL 12, AND IT'S THE MERGE! AND YOUR MERGED NAME IS Omalpha!


Merge Chat (7)

Indie: Yayy! MERGE!! :

Vice: Thank you all, for voteing off that train wreck of a stalker, I am in your debt.

Kourtney: Merge! Cool! :D

Indie: Who, Stacy Ann?

Ian: No problem Vice! Oh yeah final seven!

Erica: See? We got your back Vice! Now you can be independent! *sees Ian* That reminds me, check out this magazine filled with hot men...lyk, aren't they haaawt!

Indie: *Sees hot men* Ooh, interesting :)

Erica: ikr? Ian! Isn't this amazing!!!! *sees Jake* lyk, he's back? ewww :|

Christine: Hey y'all it's your girl Christine! (CONF) I hope the Superstars don't go against the Winnings.

Erica: Lyk......where did everyone go?

Ian: Uh Jake is back? (CONF) That's not very honorable

Vice: *Smiles* Thank you

Ian: I wonder what the next challenge will be now


Erica: Ian look at these mens magazines with me :( They're sooo hottt

Hanna: Yay! Congrats everybody who made the merge! :D

Avi: It's so amazing to still be here at the merge! :D

Hanna: Totally Avi! *High fives Avi*

Mess Hall




Chris: Time for yo challenge! Today's is simple. To celebrate the merge, I want a great cake! I'll give you 25 minutes to cook your cakes, and if you don't have a cake to present, you'll be automatically eliminated from the challenge! Ready, set, go! You have until 9:35 to bake your cake!

Alex's Station

Avi's Station

Avi: Um... okay. I guess I'll just start making a batter. Maybe a vanilla cake with fruit in it? *mixes a batter*

Avi: Now to add the fruit to the mix! *tosses strawberries and blueberries into the batter*

Avi: Now I got to cook the base cake! *puts it in the oven for 15 minutes*

Avi: *takes the cake out of the over* Now to add frosting! I'll make my mom's special recipe!

Avi: *mixes up a frosting* Probably won't be as good as when my mom makes it...

Avi: *frosts the cake* Looks good! Now for toppings!

Avi: *adds sprinkles to his cake* And maybe... I could drizzle an orange's juice onto it?

Avi: *juices an orange* Better hurry!

Avi: *drizzles the juice on his cake* Presenting a vanilla cake filled with strawberries and blueberris with my mother's french vanilla frosting and drizzled with orange juice!

Christine's Station

Erica's Station

Erica: *starts baking*

Erica: *puts the ingredients in the bowl* Need to mix X__X

Erica: *stirs* A couple more stirs :@

Erica: *finishes stirring* where be that oven? x__X

Erica: *finds the oven* In you go :D

Erica: *is about to push the button* O_O WAIT *takes Cake out* I forgot to add flavors DD:

Erica: *mixes vanilla into the batter* thar!

Erica: *puts cake in oven and cooks it* come on! FASTER!

Erica: *takes cake out* DOne like my grandmother! Now I need to decorate it ^__^ *makes some icing*

Erica: *makes the icing* Alright NOW I FINISH THE CAKE!

Erica: *decorates the cake* FINISHED!!!!

Erica: Lyk....This cake looks fan..tastic!

Hanna's Station

Hanna: Awesome I love baking! ^_^ *Gets Flour, chocolate icing, water, sugar, a bowl, and a pan*

Hanna: *Makes the cake batter* I'll make a chocolate cake!

Hanna: *Pours in the flour* Only 4 cups of flour!

Hanna: *Puts in the water* 2 cups of water.

Hanna: Oops, forgot the eggs! *Gets 2 eggs*

Hanna: *Cracks 1 egg and puts it in the batter*

Hanna: Almost done with the batter!

Hanna: *Cracks a 2nd egg and puts it in the batter* Mmm, it smells so good already!

Hanna: Time for sweet, sweet, sugar! *Gets 2 pinches of sugar and puts it in the mixing bowl*

Hanna: And now, time to stir! :) *Gets a beater and mixes the chocolate cake batter* Chris is gonna love this!

Hanna: *Continues to mix the cake batter* I love baking, I love baking! :D

Hanna: Done stirring! *Gets the cake pan and pours in the chocolate cake batter*

Hanna: Time to put this baby in the oven for 20 minutes! *Puts her cake in the oven*

Ian's Station

Indie's Station

Jake's Station

Kourtney's Station

Kourtney: *take flour and sugar, and mixes them*

Kourtney: *puts cocoa the mix*

Kourtnney: *with another mixer, does red velvet*

Kourtney: *puts vanilla in 3rd layer*

Kourtney: *forms the cakes, vanilla as biggest, chocolate in the middle, and red velvet smallest*

Kourtney: *bakes the cakes*

Kourtney: I need ice cream! *takes cream, milk, cocoa and vanilla, then makes two ice creams*

Kourtney: *takes cake out, layers it up from iggest to smallest, puts ice cream around it, and cut strawberries and puts it on top*

Susan's Station

Susan: My Dad taught me is best cake recipe when I was little! Now its the time to show it off!

Susan: I need Two Cups of flour, one stick of butter, one cup of corn starch, a half a cup of oil, and a cup of water!

Susan: I need to mix that together in the mixing bowl and mix it for three minutes!

Susan: Now that I am finished, put it into a cake/baking sheet and or mold. Make sure you butter the pan so it does not stick.

Susan: Once I am finished, Put it in the oven for 25 minutes! *puts the cake in the oven*

25 Minutes later

Susan: Now let the cake cool off!

5 minutes later

Susan: Now put on some icing! *puts on vanilla and chocolate icing on*

Susan: And I'm finished!

Vice's Station

Vice: Elenaz used to make me bake her birthday cakes, but then she started going to the Cake Boss... *Sighs* But what flavour...

Vice: Well, I was on the Super Star team.... *Goes off to find the batter materials and cocoa* :D

Vice: *Returns* And now ladies and gents, the real magic starts! *Mixes it all together to create a dark looking batter* Now, you see, this has a rich chocolate taste to it, now we to make a nice fudgey cream.... *Goes off to get more stuff*

Vice: Guess who has returned!? The next step is to make this fudgey cream, to do this we need this thing called a bowel *Pulls out a bowel* and we will also need some cream *Shows 2%Cream* Now we mix in all these things *Starts putting things into the bowel* and we mix *Grins and mixes it all*

Vice: Step number... Ah, who's counting? Now we pour the batter into this cake holder thing, but only a little bit, after that we pour in some of the cream, and you repeat! *Does multiple times until the entire cake-holder-thingy is full* Now we put it in the oven for Elenaz and Me *Laughs*

Vice: While that is cooking *Turns the oven on* We need to creating the perfect cover *Pulls out black and yellow foundent* But I have a secret weapon! *Pulls out star-shaped cookie cutters and begins to slam it into the yellow*

Ten minutes later

Vice: *Ding* Well it looks like the cake is ready! *Pulls it out and gives a great sniff* Amazing! *Places the black ontop of the cake and scatters the stars on top* it's night time :D

Zorbel's Station




NO CAKE! 0/10


THIS WAS FANTASTIC! But the orange made it tangy! 8.5/10


NO CAKE! 0/10


Well it was a bit undercooked, but I love the decorating! 8/10


Well, there was too much flour and not enough sugar, and the icing was a bit sweet also! 7/10










A bit too done, and it was kinda dry. 7.5/10


It was pretty good! Good flavors as well! 9/10




Chris: Well, I grant Avi, Erica, Hanna, Kourtney, Susan, and Vice immunity, because they actually participated in the challenge! You 6 are safe!!

Vote (7)

Chris: Alex, Christine, Ian, Indie, Jake, and Zorbel are up for elimination. Also, whoever gets eliminated picks a person from the losers to be eliminated as well!

Avi: This is getting tough to choose. I guess I vote Zorbel. Sorry...

Erica: Lyk I vote Jake...He does NOT deserve to return!

Hanna: I vote for Jake. Sorry.

Kourtney: Zorbel, he's a jerk!

Vice: Jake. My new masters have commanded me,

Susan; Jake

Christine: I vote Jake, I didn't really know you that well sorry.

Ian (Sorry I missed the challenge guys, I was out): I vote for Jake, sorry man

Zorbel: I guess I'll vote Jake... sorry man. *frowns*

Indie: (Really sorry, was out with friends!) I vote Jake. Sorry dude.

Chris: Althought I promised a double elimination, the producers have been complaining about having too many double eliminations already.. So Jake, you're out again bro. Sorry. *catapults Jake* ONLY 11 REMAIN!

Episode 8: Welcome To The Jungle!

Merge Chat (8)

Avi: Wow, Final 11! It's getting down to the wire!

Hanna: I'm glad to still be here! :D

Alex: Hey guys.

Hanna: Hi Alex! How are you? ^_^

Vice: *Sits* It's so calm in here.

Alex: Good. *sits near Hanna*

Hanna: *Smiles to Alex*

Mess Hall


Avi: Well... Me, Vice, Susan, Alex, and Kourtney AKA our still un-named alliance are all still in the game! So, that's pretty cool!

Erica: I am totally neutral in this game....But I do have friends....and I wonder if Avi still likes me :|

Alex: To everybody out there, please don't tell all the girls that I like them. This may hurt me.

Susan; I have a chance at winning this game! I never thought that i would make the merge! It's a Miracle!

Zorbel: Meh... I have no chance of winning... so, I may as well troll as much as I can before the inevitable end. *smiles deviously*

Alex: Change of plans. Kourtney and Hannah...




Chris: Today's challenge is simple! Escape from moving quicksand in the jungle! *knocks contestants in a pit of quicksand*

Alex: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! *tries not to struggle* (How many l;ines?)

Avi: Oh, gosh! *tries to grasp the nearby ground*

Alex: *lifts hand up and puts it on ground*

Avi: Alex, please help! I'm stuck in the middle!

Alex: Avi, grab this stick! *holds onto a stick and puts it near Avi*

Avi: Okay! *grabs the stick* Pull!

Alex: *pulls on the stick* I gotcha buddy!

Avi: Alright! Now, let's get push out of the quicksand at the same time! 1... 2... 3! *pushes out of the quicksand at the same time as Alex*

Alex: Oof! *slips back in* Aw,crap!

Avi: I'll get you out, bro! *puts out a stick for Alex to grab* Grab on!

Alex: Gah! *grabs stick*

Avi: *pulls Alex out with the stick* We did it!

Alex: Whew! Thanks buddy.

Avi: No prob.

Vice: *Stays still* A hand could be nice.

Avi: *puts out a stick* Here, Vice, grab on!

Vice: *grabs onto the stick* Thank you my lord.

Avi: *pulls Vice out* Vice, can we stop with the lord stuff and just be friends?

Vice: Friemds? I don`t think I understand the word? *Is pulled out*

Avi: Friends? People who are considered equals and help each other just for the sake of helping each other?

Vice: Equals? I am sorry, but that is not possible, I live to serve *Bows*

Avi: *sighs* Okay, then...

Ian: *slowly begins to wiggle out, lying on his back*

Avi: I wonder why he hasn't declared a winner yet... Did we do something wrong?

Erica: Lyk.....What? Avi help me! You won the challenge :D I'm stuck :c

Avi: Curse my niceness... *holds out the stick* Grab on!

Erica: *grabs on* THanks Avi! You're a great friend :)

Hanna: This is so sticky! DX

Ian: *continues slowly wiggling out* (CONF) You have to face quicksand in army training sometimes

Erica: *gets out of quicksand* Avi I owe you one :)

Zorbel: *grabs onto plants that are just outside the quicksand, and begins to pull himself out*

Hanna: *Gets Relaxed*

Erica: Hannah Grab my hand! *extends arm*

Ian: *continues slowly making his way out, relaxing*

Kourtney: DO it like my sis, Kennedy did... ERICA! Can you help me?

Hanna: *Grabs Erica's Hand*

Erica: *pulls Hannah out* THere we go! Hey that's what friends are for :)

Hanna: Thanks Erica! :)

Erica: Kourtney! *extends hand*

Kourtney: *grabs her* Thanks! I got ur back, gurl! :D

Erica: Thanks gurrrl :) You're awesome!

Chris: Avi wins immunity!

Vote (8)

Chris: Avi is immune!

Vice: My master demands it *Frowns* I truly am sorry. Susan.

Ian: I am sorry, but I have to vote for Susan *salutes* Good luck m'am

Indie: I vote Susan.

Hanna: This is another tough choice but, I vote for Susan. I'm really sorry :(

Christine: I gotta go with the flow, so I vote Susan. :/

Zorbel: Meh. Susan.

Erica: I vote lyk...Susan! Where did she go o.o

Susan: Well, Thanks guys for taking me too the merge! It's been a pleasure to be with you guys! Well, I vote for Zorbel Anyways.Good luck guys!

Avi: Well, I'll vote for Zorbel, mostly because Susan was my alliance mate. Also, Kourtney has told me he also votes for Zorbel. (you can see on my talk page that he asked me to vote for him)

Alex: I vote Zorbel.

Chris: Susan, time to go! *catapults Susan* 10 REMAIN!!

Episode 9: Say Eye 3

Merge Chat (9)

Mess Hall

Hanna: *Eats an omelet* Where is everybody in this wonderful morning?

Erica: Hey Hannah! Last challenge was tough! I bet you are ever happy I saved you ;) Hahah just being weird xD *turns to Vice* Hey Vice! How's that independence thing going?

Alex: Morning, sunshine.

Vice: I can not be independant.... It just is not possible. The world, it will collapse, I am sure.

Erica: You can do it! Or at lest, find new masters.....Don't let them push you around like that :c

Zorbel: *stumbles in, and plops down in a seat next to all of them* Hey... guys... what's u-up? *burps*


Avi: Well, now that Susan's unfortunately gone, the alliance is down to me, Vice, Alex, and Kourtney...

Zorbel: I'm getting sick of these people voting for me constantly...

Erica: I want to get on Avi's good side but I think he dislikes me....At least Kourtney is fond of me :c

Vice: My master... they demand such cruel things from me... *Frowns*

Alex: ....I am screwed.

Christine: Another girl bites the dust and now the genders are even. It's anyone's game right now though!



Chris: You're challenge is to say I! The first sixz people to win immunity! The last 4 are up for eliminiation!

Vice: As my Lord Master demands, I.

Hanna: I still want to stay in the game so I!

Indie: I!

Erica: I!

Kourtney: I!

Avi: I!

Chris: Vice, Hanna, Indie, Erica, Kourtney, and Avi win immunity!!

Vote (9)

Chris: Vote for either Alex, Christine, Ian, or Zorbel!

Hanna: I have to vote for Zorbel. Sorry :(

Vice: I need to think for my own, for once. I vote for Ian.

Christine: I vote for Ian, your a big threat. (I was here, but the challenge was never started!)

Erica: I vote for Zorbel...That convict scares me O_O He appears drunk everyday!!! Do we really lyk...keep him over this flamboyant soldier? At least, Ian is more normal....ish

Alex: Sorry, but I have to vote....Ian.

Zorbel: Ian. Because I feel like it.

Indie: I actually vote Ian, major threat!

Erica: Lyk....actually I vote Ian...You're not around much anymore and my magazines are getting old and you haven't looked at them so your a meanie :( I need a new bffl *stares at Vice* Mhm maybe. maybe not.

Avi: Well, I'm not sure if this will keep Ian from getting eliminated, but I'll vote Zorbel.

Erica: It's a bit late now Avi.....but if you really want Zorbel out, shouldn't you have told your alliance to vote him out?

Avi: Yeah... (I didn't wait for voting yesterday, I just did the challenge & left cuz I just got off of work & was tired.)

Erica: Mhm, Why does he get so drunk all the time? If you really want him out, you should tell your alliance to vote for him next time BEFORE the actual vote... *stares at Zorbel* He probably means no harm....but.....idk lyk, why is he always drunk?

Chris: Sadly Ian, it's time go! *catapults Ian* ONLY 9 REMAIN!! And guess what campers... it's time for another vote... carried over to the next episode.. And Nobody is safe!

Episode 10: Nobody Is Safe Anymore

Vote (10)

Chris: You all may vote, here! Remember, anyone can go home!

Vice: *Breathes* I can do this... I am... Independant. Please, I beg you all vote out Erica she has been trying to make me do things. I need to be independant... Please? *Votes Erica*

Hanna: This is a hard choice but, I. Vote for Avi. Sorry he's just a big threat right now. Sorry. :(

Erica: What? Vice I have done no such thing.....You...confuse me...Well at least if I go home tonight, watch out for Vice, he's playing everyone here...I vote Zorbel for being a drunkard...Avi, Alex, Kourtney, help me vote Zorbel, you guys have tried voting him out multiple times...Now is your chance!

Hanna: Wait a minute, nevermind Avi. I have to vote for Zorbel. I voted for him so much times and he's still here. So I vote out Zorbel. Sorry. :(

Alex: Good point Hannah. I vote that ESCAPED CONVICT!!!! YEAH! YOU HEARD ME! GO BACK TO JAIL, ZORBEL!!!

Christine: Y'all, I have to go with my gut and vote Zorbel. :(

Avi: I guess Zorbel.

Chris: Well, majority rules. Zorbel, it's time go! But, Kourtney and Indie may still vote, but for now they'll recieve an inactivty strike for not voting. But when they do, I'll remove them. 8 REMAIN!!

Kourtney: I was gonna vote for that creep Zorbel.

Indie: I was also going to vote Zorbel.

Episode 11: Writer's Block

Merge Chat (11)

Hanna: Final 8? Yay!!!!!! :D

Erica: Final 8!....But... *turns to Vice* I am sorry if I did something...I respect your independence and since I am blocking it, I promise to not interfere if I did something....In fact I'll stop talking to you if you want that.

Erica: *while waiting for Vice to respond* Hey Avi, how's it going?

Avi: Hey, Erica! Pretty good. How about you?

Indie: Erica! Got any hot men magazines?

Erica: Yep Indie *passes them around* haha, *turns to Avi* I'm good.....but I just...Vice confuses me, I don't know what I did to him to make him dislike me...

Indie: *Looks through magazines* Ooh!

Erica: IKR? Avi I have some magazines with hot girls for you since you're the perfect guy apparently! *hands them out*

Avi: Thanks, Erica! *looks through them* Wow, she's beautiful!

Erica: IKR? I'm so jealous of her.....Ugh, now what...there's only eight of us left? I really wonder who's going home...

Avi: Yeah, it's gonna be so hard to vote for someone now...

Christine: Y'all I'm glad we made it this far!

Erica: Avi can I ask you something.....I heard you are in an alliance with Vice....But have you noticed he's getting really....independent? I think he might go rogue soon...What if lyk, he starts betraying people?

Alex: Hi guys! Hey, Avi.

Avi: *to Erica* Uh, I dunno. I have faith in him that he won't turn to betrayal! :)

Vice: *sits alone* sigh...

Alex: *sighs* I am the next one to go. Vice, what's wrong?

Avi: Are you sad because you thought we were ignoring you?

Alex: I know how that feels.....Hey, Avi, can I talk to you?

Avi: Sure, Alex, what's up?

Vice: it is nothing.... My lords.

Alex: *talks to Avi* We gotta get Vice in a better mood. Plus, Indie has gotta go, she has it in for me. *talks to Vice* I will write a song to make you feel better!

Avi: IDK, it's hard for me to pick anyone to go home.

Alex: Okay, try to think. Who annoys you most of all?

Vice: Thank you my lord, that would be very pleasant.

Erica: *walks over* Avi- Uh....I see this isn't a good time...

Christine: Hey Avi, nice to meet ya'. (CONF) I've never spooken to this guy since I've been here, so I might well get to know him and see where his head is at. He seems to be running this whole shindig!

Erica: Christine! you're just in time! Avi might sing a song... (CONF) Avi is confusing me.....but i just lyk, don't know what to do...

Avi: Uh... No one annoys me. Did you want to say something, Erica? Sorry if I'm confusing you guys, it's just that everybody's talking to me at once...

Christine: With Zorbel gone, it's gonna be harder to vote, but I hope it's not me... (CONF) Might as well just put out there y'all then keeping quiet!

Erica: Oh yes, see, I really like you as a friend and I thought we were good friends, but lately I've been getting the feeling that you dislike me...Is that true?

Avi: Not at all! I thought we were good friends, too... Unless, you think different of me now... :(

Erica: No Not at all *smiles* I just had this weird feeling....but it's good to hear that....

Indie: Wow, it's gonna be so hard to vote tonight!

Avi: :) Hey, Erica, how'd you like to be in my friend alliance with Kourtney, Alex, and Vice?

Erica: Alliance? I didn't know there was one....but, you just told everyone out loud you are in an alliance o.o

Avi: Well, I'm pretty sure everyone else already knew somehow... Anyways, what do you say?

Erica: Mhm, I really want to say yes...but I don't know if I much as I'm good friends with you, Vice hates me, and it scares me to be in an alliance with him :( Chances are if I join your alliance he will vote for me and ruin your numbers this vote, sending one member of this alliance home...It almost seems too risky to keep him x__X

Avi: But, if you don't, he'll still vote for you I'm sure... What do you suggest we do?

Erica: Exactly, and that's what concerns me...Your own alliance member has a mind of his own because he wants to be independent. I don't think he will "betray" but I think he will not vote with the alliance because of his independence which makes him risky....I feel like we should vote him out lyk....because he is crazy...but I know you are friends with him so I know that most likely won't happen...What do you think we should do?

Indie: Shouldn't we see who actually has immunity before deciding who to vote on?

Avi: I guess.

Erica: you still think Vice is a useful ally?

Avi: Well, I guess not so much lately.

Indie: Wow, so much drama X_X

Erica: Hmm, I guess Vice is becoming a servant again...That's...odd? Well I guess that means all this talk about voting him off was uneeded!

Avi: Alright, everyone, I have an announcement....... I'm breaking up my alliance! Things are just getting so crazy that I think it might be easier for all of us to be going it solo!

Erica: Interesting!

Indie: Wow. Dramatic!!

Alex: Eeep. I am so gone next.

Vice: What shall we do lady Erica?

Christine: No, no, no! Y'all this game has just changed... (CONF) This could actually be perfect to my game, but maybe he'll change his mind again lol.

Erica: IDK Vice, let's wait for the challenge I guess...

Mess Hall

Hanna: *Eating Pancakes and singing* Final 8, Final 8, Final 8! Final 8, Final 8, Final 8!

Christine: I know right Hanna! So have you heard the news yet? Some people wanna gun for Alex and others for Vice, but I'm not sure who yet.

Vice: I am sorry for being unloyal Erica, it will not happen again *Bows*

Alex: Guys, I am in deep trouble. You help keep me safe!

Erica: Thank you Vice :) that means a lot...


Avi: So, with 8 left, my alliance makes up half of the remaining contestants! :D I'm not the type to go all control freak and trick people, though. I'm just nice, and I hope our alliance can have a frendly final four! But, if we don't, that's cool too... I don't want the others to think that I'm a villain when really I'm just a nice guy. :P

Vice: ... When I want my independance they all refuse to help, yet when I choose to obey they tell me to fight for my own independance...

Indie: I'm so happy to be here, but Alex needs to go next. He doesn't do much.

Vice: I no longer know what to do...

Avi: I don't know what to do... Alex is being targeted, so is Vice, and so is Erica, but I want them all to be safe! Everything's so crazy now that it's the final 8!

Alex: This is just getting to crazy. Chris should just catpult me now!



Chris: Today's challenge is simple! Make up a challenge! There will 15 challenges submitted allowed, and 3 per contestant. THE PERSON WITH THEIR CHALLENGE PICKED WINS! GO!!!

Alex: There should be a challenge where we cook!

Avi: A game of Simon Says while we all stand on Totem Poles!

Christine: A log roll challenge where one person must roll off the other person in order to win. We do it in Nashville all the time!

Indie: Talent Contest?

Alex: A challenge where we go on a treasure hunt!

Avi: An Awake-A-Thon where we have to talk every minute or we lose!

Christine: Maybe you could hang these poles above water, and soon everyone will slip down. The last person holding on to the pole wins the challenge

Avi: Rap Battle! There I'm done.

Erica: Two of my challenges are these: Challenge One: An Obstacle course through a forest. there can be traps everywhere that block contestants form progressing. Once someone crosses the finish line at the other end of the forest they win. Challenge Two: A Kiss-Up to Chris Contest. Contestants will try to compliment Chris and contestants will progressively get eliminated if their compliment is not good enough. Contestants will be eliminated until one is left. That person wins immunity.

Vice: I remember signing up for this show for one reason, to find my True Colours. I wanted to know if I was only meant to live my life as a Butler... if that was all that I was good enough to be. But since day one, it has seemed like that's all I truly am, because I'm unable to do anything else. But before I leave this competition I would like to be able to be some one else... I don't want to go back to Elenaz knowing that I learnt nothing. That is why the challenge I have created is that for an entire day we must walk in the shoes of another contestant here on the island. The contestant who acts the most like their chosen one would win the challenge. The moment you step out of character however you are eliminated from the chalenge. So it's possible that only two contestants make it to the end where the best one will win.

Alex: My final challenge is where we all go on trampolines, and we have to stay bouncing on there while we do a lot of wacky stunts! Sonds great, huh?

Vice; yet. At the same time I think that if I am going to stay here any ways we may as well do what I am used too, you know? My second challenge idea is that we all must wait hand-and-foot for Chris, doing everything he asks or demands from us. I mean, wouldn't that be spledid?

Erica: Third challenge idea: A game of....strip poker!

Indie: Say I! Ha.

Chris: Well Avi, Christine, and Erica win immunity!!

Vote (11)

Chris: Avi, Christine, and Erica are immune. And the person that gets eliminated tonight, well get to eliminate another contestant!

Indie: I think this person is AMAZING, but I vote Alex. So sorry.

Alex: Indie, you must go.

Avi: Sorry, but I'm voting for Alex.

Christine: I was thinking on it for the longest time. Now that the alliance is broken up, I could possibly do some damage in this game instead of sitting on the sidelines! It was between Vice and Alex from the beginning of this epsiode, but Vice is useless so he's good to keep around, so y'all I have to vote off Alex. I am really sorry, but you happen to be a threat to my game!

Vice: My master... *Chuckles slightly* who am I kidding? I don't need a master any more. Erica, vote Alex out on your own, I vote for Kourtney.

Erica: I vote Alex...really did not want to do this dude, and I know we were really good friends but this is the majority D:


Hanna: Sorry for my vote delay!!! I was gonna vote Indie. :(

Kourtney: Indie... sorry sis. :(

Indie: (CONF) I'm so gone.

Christine: Y'all, Alex is already out so those votes don't count, and now we're waiting for Alex to take someone out with him.

Alex: No! Well.... I will bring......Vice. Sorry.

Vice: ... And Back to Elenaz I shall go.... Oh dear gawd help me now.

Alex: Avi, as the only guy left, show the girls who is boss!

Erica: (CONF) I think I know what needs to be done next...

Chris: Alex and Vice, it's time to go!! *catapults Alex & Vice* FINAL 6, 5 GIRLS, 1 GUY, WHO WILL WIN?

Episode 12: Simon Says. ;)

Merge (12)

Erica: ...

Avi: I did NOT see this coming...

Christine: Well, so what do we do?! (CONF)I was expecting Alex to pick Indie or Hanna, but they're safe and I can relax!

Erica: This final 6 is really the end no matter what, someone is getting backstabbed.

Avi: I'm guessing the challenge is the one I recommended last time because the name of the episode's "Simon Says"...

Kourtney: IKR? It's a close game...

Christine: Hi Kourtney, long time no see! (CONF) I don't know where Kourtney is at in this competition...

Kourtney: Hey, Christine! :D

Christine: So...what's your gameplan?

Kourtney: ATM, I'm tryin' get Indie out. (CONF) Why would I tell her my REAL gameplan, when we haven't talked since like, day 2?

Christine: Oh Indie, cool beans. (CONF) If I make the finals, maybe Kourtney could be a jury vote for me! As an ally, no.

Hanna: Hi guys! :)

Christine: Hanna I'm so excited you and me made it to final 6 girlie! (CONF) Hanna is one of the top people I trust in the game right now.

Hanna: Aww, Thanks Christine! :D

Mess Hall




Chris: Today's challenge is to say I! Last two to say I will be up for the vote!! (Sorry guys, I need a quick challenge, because I'm grounded from the comp, so I have to sneak on when nobody's home. :/ )

Erica: I! (LOL XD)

Hanna: I!

Christine: I! (then change the simon says title lol)

Avi: I!

Erica: So Indie and Kourtney are up for elimination.....This will be a tough vote.

Hanna: Yeah. :(

Indie: Arghh! I missed it! (I'm sorry, I was grounded from the computer ;(

Kourtney: I! missed it... (I grounded as well because of my dumb social studies teacher. :/ )

Chris: Well Erica, Hanna, Christine, and Avi win immunity!

Vote (12)

Chris: Vote for either Indie or Kourtney!!

Avi: Sorry, but I'm voting Kourtney.

Indie: Kourtney, sorry girl!

Erica: Alright, Kourtney, I really did not want to vote you off since we became really good friends recently but the majority is voting for you and I'm 99 percent sure Christine and Hanna will not vote Indie...So I vote Kourtney.

Hanna: I vote Kourtney. I'm very sorry!

Christine: I have to vote Kourtney, you really aren't that active. :(

Chris: Kourtney, it's time go!! *catapults Kourtney* IT'S THE FINAL 5!! 5 remain, and with next episode determining the final 3, who will be eliminated?

Episode 13: Chris Says

Merge (13)

Erica: FInal Five! But two are going home tonight D:

Hanna: Yay! But I hope I dont get the boot :(

Erica: Me too....I'm lyk...scared :(

Mess Hall




Chris: You're challenge is easy. Pick a number between 1-5. The winner will eliminate two people, and will take two others to the finale, will the 9 jurors will vote! GO!

Hanna: 4?

Avi: 2?

Erica: 5 :c

Chris: And 5 is the correct answer!! Erica, you must now eliminate two contestants! You will give one person 5th, and one person 4th! Congratulations, you have a shot at the million in the jury vote!

Erica: I have made my decision....sort of. I have decided to do this: I am friends with EVERY single one of you EQUALLY and I do not want to single someone over another. Therefore, rather than pick people to eliminate, I want to give all of you a chance to get to the final three. Please give a speech on why you should be in the final three. Next "vote off" one other final five member (Besides myself). That person should be someone you don't want to be in the final three. These will greatly help me decide who to pick

Indie: May I um.. make a speech? Here goes... *Smiles at Erica* I thinks I should be in the final three because over the course of the show, I have stopped having anger issues, which is great...... And made new friends. It's benen a wonderful experience which if I was allowed to do it again, I woud. People saw me as a diva... brat.... evil peron, but inside, I'm as nice a you can get! know I haven't been here much, but forgive me. I will try my greatest to win this thing! Thanks all. May the best Woman (And Man!) win.

Hanna: I'll go next. *Clears her throat* I had a majorly awesome time here on Total Drama. Erica, you are a wonderful friend and a great competitor and I respect whichever decision you make. I would like to be competing for the prize money not just for myself, but the for the people in my charity. I signed up to donate the money that I will win on Total Drama to stop child hunger because I knew I was gonna win for them. This was my chance to be a hero, and be the bigger person I always wanted to be in life. And if I dont win I will surely leave with dignity and knowing I tried my hardest. And, I will sacrifice all my college money just to save a child's life out there. I came to this camp to make friends test out my outdoorsy skills, and become one with mother nature. But I failed at one goal: to make friends. I didn't make friends I made family. I has been really epic to make it this far and if this is my time to go I understand. Im just glad I made family, tested out my skills, and tried my hardest.

Chris: Erica, pick two people already!! You have until 1 PM EST TO DECIDE! :/

Erica: Alright I have made my decision. But first I would like to say this: EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU. wants me to take them to the final 3. Every single one of you wants me to pick someone over another. But I can't decide because each and every one of you became an alliance mate and a friend at different times throughout this competition. So to help me make my decision I decided to institue a speech system. However, due to Chris spazzing at me (In PM Nduke went HAM on me for not voting already >.>) I lyk....have to choose now. You are all equal in my eyes and I want to take all of you or at least not be responsible for you going home. But I have to pick the two people who made speeches as that was the key factor in my determination of who to pick out of you four since I want you all to move on but can't let that happen. So, I pick Hanna and Indie to take to the final three. Avi, Christine. If you take this personally, that sucks for me. It was the hardest decision I had to make because I wanted to go to the end with you two in different scenarios....But I also wanted to go to the end with these two. And all of you EQUALLY expected me to take you so it really came down to those jury speeches. Had you spoken, there would have been a good chance I would have taken you...I can only beg you are not bitter on the jury since this situation was totally unforseen but proud of how far you amde it and very considerate when you vote for the winner, by looking for who played the best game. That is all.

Chris: Well, it's time to go Avi and Christine! *catapults Avi & Christine* ONLY 3 REMAIN! IT'S TIME FOR THE JURY! WHO WILL WIN!? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!!

Episode 14: The Grande Finale

Final Three Chat (14)

Erica: I just hope they realized I played a good game...I was set to go home second at the merge but I survived...I managed to win every single merge immunity challenge but one....but if they don't see it and truly believe I didn't play a good game...I guess there is nothing I can do :( Good luck Indie and hanna! You two are great friends....Although I feel horrible about Avia and Christine. They deserved to be here too. There should have been a final five jury :(

Jury Vote

Chris: Jury, you may now cast your votes!! The final 3 have NO chance to plead their case!!

Kourtney: Out of the three of you, I've made the greatest bond with Erica, so you have my vote.

Susan: This Is a hard decision, but I have to vote Erica. She was really nice to me all the times we hang out together, so yeah, I vote Erica.

Vice: Indie, the only one who never forced me to bow or beg.

Zorbel: As much as I despised all of you, I vote for Indie, because I feel like it.

Avi: I'm not exactly thrilled that Erica betrayed me like that, being I would have definately taken her to the final if I had won the semi-final challenge, and now I'm not even sure if we even had an alliance. Maybe you were just lying to me while you were in cahoots with Hanna or Indie. So, I guess I'll vote for Indie, because she didn't make any enemies really. Neither did Hanna really, but I chose Indie.

Ian: Sorry but I vote Indie, Erica knew my secret and was always trying to tell everyone

Christine: Well y'all, I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I vote Hanna to win because me and her have been allied since day 1, grats!

Alex: First of all, I should be the one in the finals. Second, Hanna gets my vote.

Susan: Excuse me, but are we allowed to change our votes? If so, i revote for Indie.

Chris: Nope! *catapults Susan* Jeez she was annoying! Jake, you have until 8 PM EST TO VOTE!!

Susan; CHRIS YOU B-I-T-C- *Hits the ground* OWW!!!

Chris: Well... The votes have been tallied and Jake refused to vote.. >_> So... 3rd place goes to..









ERICA! Even though you tied with Hanna, we had to base 3rd and 2nd off of how many votes you had against you this season... and you had 1, Hanna had 0. Second place goes to...














HANNA! Which means that Indie wins Total Drama: True Colors 2!! *hands Indie 1 million dollar check* We'll see you next season! Goodnight everybody! *screen fades to blank as eliminated contestants are shown cheering for Indie*

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