17 Characters From TDI, TDA, and TDWT Return for another Chance to Win! And this time, whoever Wins will win $100,000! There will be Drama,Romance,Action,and Adventure, so Hold on for the ride of your life!

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  • Chris McLean-Zannabanna
  • Chef Hatchet-Natedog14

Contestants (2 per person)

  • Justin-Zannabanna
  • Ezekiel- Newbie49
  • Eva-Izzynsierrafan12
  • Lindsay- Kokori9
  • Trent- Survivor321
  • Izzy-Zannabanna
  • Duncan-Natedog14
  • LeShawna-TDWTFAN_5
  • Cody-TDWTFAN_5
  • Sierra- Kokori9
  • DJ-First123
  • Tyler- Newbie49
  • Courtney-izzynsierrafan12
  • Bridgette- First123
  • Geoff- Survivor321
  • Heather-Natedog14


  • No Godplaying!
  • No making up fake characters without MY permission!
  • This means Chris or Chef Hatchet are talking
  • If you are Inactive for 3 episodes in a row you will be Eliminated!

Elimination Table (only I can edit!)

Teams Merge
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eliminated Justin None DJ Heather Bridgette LeShaw/Court None Duncan Hea/Sierra Lindsay Eva TBA
Place Voter Votes
2nd Geoff WIN WIN DJ WIN Bridgette LeShawna WIN WIN WIN Lindsay IN IN RUNNER-UP
3rd Izzy Justin IN WIN Heather WIN Courtney WIN WIN WIN Lindsay IN IN QUIT
14th/4th Trent Justin IN WIN NV WIN QUIT Lindsay IN OUT
5th Ezekiel WIN WIN DJ WIN Bridgette NV WIN IN IN Geoff IN OUT
6th Tyler WIN WIN DJ WIN Bridgette NV WIN IN IN Geoff IN OUT
8th Lindsay Justin IN WIN Heather WIN Courtney WIN IN IN OUT
9th Sierra WIN WIN DJ WIN Bridgette LeShawna WIN IN OUT
16th/10th Heather Justin IN WIN Izzy WIN OUT
11th Duncan Justin IN WIN NV WIN Courtney WIN QUIT
12th LeShawna WIN WIN DJ WIN NV NV
13th Courtney Justin IN WIN NV WIN NV
15th Bridgette WIN WIN NV WIN NV
18th Justin Duncan
  •      RUNNER UP: the person was the runner up.
  •      WINNER: Won the competition.
  •      WIN: Was on winning team.
  •      IN: Got a a marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony and was Safe.
  •      LOW: Got the final marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.
  •      QUIT/LEFT: Quit the competition in this episode.
  •      OUT: Voted off in this episode.
  •     : on the Killer Returners.
  •     : on the Screaming Debuters.
  •     : made it to the merge.

Episode 1: The Not So Happy Return!


Sierra: CODY!!!!!! cody? coooody? CODY!!! where are you?

Courtney: What the heck is wrong with you!?!

Geoff: *relaxes* Wonder where Bridge is?

Bridgette: *Arrives*Hey, guys!

Geoff: *sees Bridgette and waves* Hey Bridge! You're looking mighty fine today!

Cody: Here I am Sierra !!

Bridgette: *To Geoff*Thanks!

Geoff: *sits down by Bridge* How you doing?

Bridgette: Fine.

Geoff: That's nice! I'm doing fine too! Isn't it such a lovely day?!

Bridgette: Yeah its a real nice one too!

Geoff: *looks at her and puts his arm by her* But it ain't as nice as you Bridge!

Bridgette: *blushes*Thanks

Geoff: *begins to move his lips close to Bridge*

Bridgette: *Kisses Geoff*

Geoff: *makes out with Bridge*

Bridgette: *Continues to make out with Geoff*

Sierra: CODY!!!! *tackle-hugs cody so hard that one of his ribbes cracks* sorry cody

Cody: Arghh.....Don't....Worry....agh....I'm...Fine!!

Sierra: im really sorry, is there anything i can do?

Cody: Yes......Can you.......Buy some chocolates,Pleasee??

Sierra: *pulls choclates out of backpack she had* here, i brang them for you...

Cody: Thaaaank Youu!!! *Eats a chocolate* Mmmm!! Deliciouus!!! Want Some.....?

Sierra: no, they're yours

Cody: Thank youu so muuch....But...i was not talking about chocolates...i was talking about......K...

Cody: Some.......Kisses??

Sierra: *kisses cody on the cheek*

Cody: *Kisses Sierra on the cheek* You're pretty !!!

Geoff: Hi Cody!

Cody: Heey !! What's up Geoff?.....

Geoff: Just chilling! How about you?!

Sierra: proberly feeling a bit hurt from his broken rib

Cody: Yeah,But with the chocolate and....the other thing...that you give me.....the Pain dissapeared!!

Sierra: cool... (CONF: cody's birthday is tomorrow.... what to get him?)

Geoff: Cody, let me give you a little romance advice!

Cody: Suree !! (CONF: About Sierra? *Eats Chocolate*...She's Pretty Pretty!!*Eats Chocolate* and this chocolate is SOOOOO good !! *Eats Chocolate* Woo-hoo Tomorrow is my B-Day *Eats Chocolate* I want More Chocolates !!! I Love Them !!)

Sierra: can you excuse me? (CONF: cody likes chocalate, so i'll make a chocalate cake)

Geoff: *hands Cody necklace* I got this for Bridge, but she already had one. It is made of pure pearls. Give it to Sierra.

Sierra: *heads to kitchen* chef? can i use the kitchen?

Cody: Thanks Geoff !! I'm going to give it To sierra !! *Eats Last Piece of Chocolate*

Sierra: thanks chef *gets ingridents and starts baking the cake*

Cody: *Runs To sierra* Sierra!!! I have Something For youuu!!!!

Sierra: and i'm getting something for you

Cody: Here You go !! I hope you like it!! *Gives the Necklace to Sierra*

Sierra: Aw thanks... but my surprise isn't ready yet

Geoff: Sierra, I know what Cody would like. If you got a tattoo. I have a liscence for tattoo design and the needles and ink if you want one right now.

Sierra: i've already got two *shows tattoo of cody on her shoulder, and one saying Sierra loves Cody just below her armpit*

Geoff: Well he would really like it if you got one right above your buttcrack!

Sierra: please leave now, i'm baking

Geoff: I'll give you a tatto after you're done. *leaves*

Sierra: he so wants me, but i like cody *puts cake mix in oven*

Geoff: I already got Bridge. I'm just giving her advice.

Sierra: two hours *waits two hours* YAY *takes cake out and starts icing it*

Geoff: When you're ready for the tattoo please tell me Sierra.

Sierra: *kicks him in the kiwis* i don't want it

Geoff: Ouch! Okay! *walks away*

Sierra: *puts heart shaped choclates on cake then puts cake in fridge*

Geoff: (CONF) I thought Sierra would want a tattoo. They look good.

Sierra: *waits for tomorrow*

(S321: I deleted that part. So I would delete that line) (ok)

(S321: I say though that Sierra drunk something before and that makes her gassy)

(nope... no drinks)

(S321: Let's just say she gets gassy then)


(S321: Ok)

Ezekiel: Hey, guys, eh!

Geoff: Hey there Zeke! You know what would make you manly? If you got a tattoo! And I hae the kit and liscence to give you a tattoo!

Ezekiel: No, thanks, eh. My mom has a problem with me using a permanent marker, nevertheless a tatoo, eh.

Geoff: This isn't a marker, it's a needle. I would put it onto your skin and ink would go under it. And besides, your mom would appreciate you making a decision for yourself.

Intern: A BIG Pizza For Codyyyy !!!

Cody: Thank youu intern! Here you go *Gives money to intern*. SIERRAA !!! I have a Pizza !!!

Geoff: Hey Cody! Want a tattoo? I got the kit and liscence right here.

Cody: A tatoo? *Eats Pizza* Sorry Dude,My dad is a MONSTER WHO HATES THE TATOOS. So I can't Have One.*Eats Pizza*

Ezekiel: OK, Geoff. I'll have one, but a small, simple one on my left arm, if you don't do that, I'll do things to you in the night that should never be done, eh.

Cody: What's Up Zeke? Do you want some Pizza?

Ezekiel: Thanks, eh! (grabs a slice)

Geoff: Ok Zeke, coming right up. *puts on goggles and gets out needle* *applies needle to Zeke's arm and starts to draw out his tattoo*

Geoff: *finishes Zeke's tattoo* Ok, it's of the Canadian Flag.

Ezekiel: Wow! This is actually pretty good, and to think I had this giant fish hook and everything, eh. (throws Giant Fish Hook in the ocean) Thanks, Geoff, eh!

Geoff: No prob Zeke! (conf) Now Zeke is happy with his tattoo! I bet I could give a lot of people awesome tattoos.

Chris: After the last Few Contestants arrive We Will choose teams! Until Then, Chat like You've Never chat before!

Geoff: Also, I found this weirdo creature on the way to the island! he's called Cheese and he's really weird! (S321: Can Cheese be a compeititor too?)

(Zanna: You mean like Mr. Coconut did?)

(S32: No, Cheese is a sentenient being. He is from Fosters in case you never saw the show. Can he be a compeititor?)

(Zanna: oh! Cheese, who likes chocolate milk.....Umm........He can't compete, but can make cameos in your cabin)

(S321: Fine, he can be my pet. It's not like he would make it very far anyway)

Cheese: *looks at Zeke* Hi doggy!

Izzy: *arrives, swinging on a vine, and runs into cheese and falls to ground* HEY, Everybody! WHAT'S UP!!!!

Geoff: Hey Izzy! Meet my new pet! Cheese!

Cheese: *to Izzy* I like cereal!

Izzy: *looks at cheese weirdly* Cool!

Geoff: *ties Cheese to a post* Hey Izzy! I got a liscence to give people tattoos! And I got the kit right here! Want a tattoo?

Izzy: *gasps* Hec Yeah! *thinks* I want a Tattoo of a Green Vine going down my arm.

Geoff: *puts on goggles and puts the needle onto Izzy's arm* *begins making tattoo*

Geoff: *finishes Izzy's tattoo* All done! What do you think?!

Cheese: *sucks on the needle*

Geoff: CHEESE! *swipes needle from him and wipes it off* YOU CAN'T EAT THAT!

Cheese: *starts screaming*

Izzy: I don't like it! I Love It! Thanks Geoff! *Slaps cheese* SHUT UP!

Geoff: Sorry about that little monster. I found him on the boat on the way here. He has been driving me insane ever since!

Cheese: *looks at Geoff* WERE BROTHER LADIES!

Geoff: You're staying on that post all day Cheese! You're too much trouble! (conf) I can't believe I actually decided to keep that r*tard*d monster as a pet! He is so annoying!

Izzy: Got that right *laughs and walks away*

Cheese: *chews rope apart and runs off* I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK!

Izzy: *trips Cheese and throws him off a cliff*

Geoff: Izzy, did Cheese escape?!

Cheese: *climbs back up cliff* *looks at Izzy* Hi Horsey!

Izzy: *twitches one of her eyes and walks away*

Geoff: That's it you stupid moron! *kicks Cheese and he flies through camp and falls onto the ground*

Cheese: *gets up* I;m a Cowboy! Bee boo boop bee bo bop bee boo!

Izzy: *twitches again* Ugg!

Geoff: Hey Izzy! Let's just relax right now and ignore Cheese!

Cheese: *breaths heavily*

Izzy: ok *goes to beach to tan*

Cheese: *drinks chocolate milk through a flower pot* I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK!

Geoff: Stop that you moron! *swipes pot from Cheese*

Cheese: *starts screaming* AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff: SHUT UP!!! (CONF) I just want to slap Cheese across the face. He is extremely stupid and annoying!

Duncan: Hi losers! * Looks at Cheese* What the F*ck is that!?

Geoff: Hey Duncan! It's this monster thing I found on the way here. He is so annoying! Anyway, I have a liscence to give people tattoos. Want one? I got the kit right here.

Cheese: *looks at Duncan* I like cereal!

Lindsay: hi Denise (XD)

Cheese: *looks at Lindsay* I like chocolate milk!

Lindsay: i like choclate milk too

Geoff: He's crazy! Don't listen to him! And Lindsay, I got a tattoo liscence and kit right here. Want a tattoo?

Duncan: i want the Hardest Tattoo you can give me! and Cheese * Use Pocket Knife to Scratch him*

(S321: Dont godplay)

Geoff: Got it Duncan! *puts needle onto Duncan's arm and starts making tattoo*

Geoff: *finishes* Voila! I am finished Duncan! It's a tattoo of a skull and cross swords.

Cheese: *gets onto floor and starts spinning around* Bee boo bop bee boo bop bee bop be bop boo!

Lindsay: no thanks goerge (XD)

Duncan: Thanks Can you give me one on My Kiwis! (XD)

Geoff: My liscence legally prohibits me from creating tattoos on someone genitals.

Lindsay: cheese is cool *copies cheese*

Heather: hi Dweebs

Geoff: Hello Heather. I got a tattoo liscence! Want a tattoo now? I got the kit with me.

Cheese: *looks at Heather* I like CHOCOLATE MILK!

Heather: Get Away From Me Jerks, and wheres my money from TDWT!!!!!!!

Lindsay: heather...

Heather: Great- The Dumb Train has Arrived!

Geoff: F*ck you Heather!

Cheese: I'm a cowboy! Giddy up!

Heather: * looks at Duncan* Honey, Get Geoff and Kick his ass!

Duncan: * Kick Geoff in Butt*

Geoff: Ok whatever! (CONF) I'm sick of Heather. I'm the only strategist in this game!

Sierra: when's tomorrow going to come?

Cheese: *looks at Sierra* Hi bunny!\

Duncan: * Kisses Heather*

Heather: Hi Sierra! * Kisses Duncan*

Lindsay: seneca isn't a bunny, does anyone want some chocalate milk?

Geoff: Duncan, what happened to you and Courtney? And Gwen?

Duncan: i am with Heather now!

Cheese: *looks at Duncan* WERE BROTHER LADIES!

Geoff: Don't you feel bad about cheating on Courtney? That's pretty scr*w*d up!

Sierra: you now she doesn't like you... she just used you

Cheese: *picks up a carrot* I FOUND A CAARRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ezekiel: (Yawning) Wow, that was a long nap! (Notices Cheese) Hey, Uncle Shelby! Didn't know you came to visit

Tyler: Hey, guys! (Trips over Cheese)

Cheese: *looks at Tyler* Hi doggy!!!!!!!!

Geoff: Don't listen to him Tyler, he's cuckoo in the head!

Trent: Hey everybody! *sees Cheese* Uh hello there, yellow thing.

Cheese: *looks at Trent* I like chocolate milk!

Cheese: *runs around in circle* I'm a spaceman! Yeehaaaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent: Does he act like this all the time Geoff?!

Geoff: Yeah! I found him on the boat on the way here! He's too much! *slaps Cheese* Stop it!

Cheese: *starts screaming*

Geoff: *gives Cheese a potato* I hope that works!

Cheese: *sucks on potato*

Bridgette: Do you think that will hold him?

Geoff: It should! That's all he talks about along with chocolate milk and cereal!

Cheese: *looks at Bridge* Hi Doogyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent: (CONF) That yellow thing is crazy! He should be on medicine!

Bridgette: Um...hi Cheese....

Cheese: *looks at Geoff* WE ARE BROTHER LADIES!

Geoff: But everything is easier when you're here Bridge. *kisses her*

DJ: Hey guys!

Lindsay: hi tyker (XD) hi tent (XD) Hi PJ (XD)

Geoff: Hey DJ! *keeps making out with Bridge*

Trent: Hey DJ.

Cheese: *looks at DJ* I like cereal!

DJ: Okay....

Trent :He's a little weird. Can you watch him? Geoff has had enough for now.

Cheese: I like the fair!!!!

Lindsay: *walks over to tyler but trips and knocks cheese into the water*

Cheese: *swims out* I'm a walrus! Bark bark!

Sierra: Shut up

DJ: *To Trent*Sure I'll watch him as I see Geoff is busy....

Trent: Thanks.

Geoff: *finishses making out with Bridge* Hey Bridge. I got a tattoo liscence and kit right here. Want a tattoo?

Cheese: *with DJ* I'm a horsey! Now you're a horsey!

DJ" *Sighs*God why did I say yes?

Bridgette: No thanks Geoff.

Sierra: SHUT UP (to cheese)

Geoff: Yeh. You're beautifal the way you are! *kisses Bridge again*

Cheese: (to Sierra) Goodbye bunny!

Trent: DJ! Put that thing on a leash!

DJ: *Puts Cheese on a leash and ties it to a pole*Play with the seashell!

Sierra: THAT'S IT!!! *kicks cheese and the pole into the water*

Cheese: *swims back* COCOA!!!!!!!


Cheese: *bounces back up* Floor tastes funny!

Trent: Give that thing a pill already!

Sierra: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts beating cheese up*

Ezekiel: Cheese, if you don't shut up I'll use the hook and you won't like it at all

Geoff: Let's just ignore him!

DJ: Yeah!

Cheese: *sucks on a pole*

Trent: See, he won't be a bother now!

Sierra: doesn't matter *throws cheese off a cliff* he's annoying

Geoff: If you don't listen to him, it won't be annoying. Let's try that first. THEN you can throw him off a cliff!

Cheese: *breathes on Geoff*

Sierra: too late, but if he comes back fine

Cheese: *has aluminum foil on his teeth* I have braces.

Sierra: *eye twitchs* can i throw him off a cliff now?

Geoff: Yes. Yes you can.

Sierra: thank you *throws him off the cliff again*

Bridgette: That has got to hurt.

Cheese: *comes out unharmed*

Geoff: Hey Bridge, I think someone needs to watch Cheese! Cause you and me should go that away! *points to shower!* If you know what I mean! Race you there!

Sierra: i hope it does

Sierra: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!! *kicks cheese in the crotch* (if he has one)

(S321: He does, but he can't feel pain)

Ezekiel: Want me to use the hook?

Bridgette: *To Geoff*Yeah I know what you mean, to avoid Cheese.*Starts running*

Sierra: yes, end him (evil sierra ^_^)

Ezekiel: OK! (Takes Cheese to a Shed)

(Ten Minutes Later...)

(Cheese is hurtling in fear, quiet as a mouse, crying in the inside)

Sierra: YAY! ^_^

Cheese: *comes out unharmed*

(S321: He's immortal)

Geoff: Bridge! Let's get into that shower togehter! You and papa here!

Ezekiel: Oh No, You Don't! (Grabs Cheese and ten minutes later... Cheese looks worse)

Ezekiel: If Cheese ever speaks again, I'll shut him up again and again and again

(Cheese enters deep depression)

Ezekiel: How awesome am I!

DJ: I don't know for one....

Geoff: Hey Bridge! Let's go into the shower and have some fun! *blink blink*

Tyler: (grabs Cheese's depressed body and puts him in the river) He deserves to relax (the river we discover is actually a raging waterfall)

DJ: *Looks at a snake*AH!*Accidently pushes Tyler,himself and Geoff into the river*

(Tyler tries to swim away but fails, and the waterfall makes Tyler land painfully on the ground)

Tyler:(weakily in pain on the ground) I'm okay

DJ: Uh oh!*Starts trying to swim backwards fast*

Cheese: *swims upwards and looks at DJ* Hey Horsey!!!!!!

(Zanna: Remember Each user Can have Two Characters.)

(S321: You got three)

Geoff: *sees Cheese* NOT AGAIN!

Cheese: I'm a horsey! Now you're a horsey!

(Zanna: Well, You Can Be Two Contestants and A Host or Co-host)

(S321: I'm two contestants and a idiotic pet)

Sierra: *dives into river and grabs cheese and punches him as the fall down the waterfall*

Cheese: *holds onto branch* I.Like.Cereal.

Chris: Well we only need 2 more Contestants to arrive! Once They arrive we will start picking teams! Until then Hang out with each other,make alliances, and maybe even Relationships! Oh and Geoff You Might want to control Cheese or I will have to! *laughs evilly and walks away*

Geoff: Ok Chris! I'll try!

Trent: That;s all you can do with that freak!

Cheese: I'm a horsey! BAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierra: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Stuffs cheese into a too small cage and locks it*

Geoff: Sierra, calm down. It won't help at all. (CONF) I want to give Cheese to someone else so I don't have to deal with him anymore!

Cheese: *breaks out* I like chocolate milk!

Chris: I'll take him! *takes cheese and gives him to Chef Hatchet, Who has a fish knife* *laugh evilly* Sorry Geoff

Sierra: THAT'S IT *grabs a hammer and starts hitting cheese with it*

Courtney: Shut up everyone!

Trent: I hate to say this, but Cheese cannot feel pain nor die.

Eva: *crushes the cheese with her shoe*

Sierra: I DON'T CARE *Whacks cheese over and over*

Chris: Geoff, Cheese can be A Real Problem for you. People will probably vote you off To get Rid of Cheese, since he likes you so much! So you better get rid of him some how.

Cody: *Eats Pizza* Wait For Me Sierra !!

Chris: Only one more contestant to arrive!

Geoff: *ties Cheese to a pole* That should do it! Courtney, I got a tattoo liscnecne and kit right here. Want a tattoo?

Chef: * Gets Cheese* i going to make a Cheese Sandwich! HA HA HA! * takes him to Kitchen*

Courtney: No way!

Eva: Give me one of your face torn in half!

Geoff: It;s not my fault he's a total moron!

Trent: Chef dont hurt him!

Cheese: *escapes*

Izzy: *appears, and shoots Cheese with a Tranquilizer gun*

Chef: * gets him* * Puts him in Fryer*

Cheese: *wakes up and runs out*

Chris: *angrily* Geoff!!!!

Cheese: Don't hurt him! It's all my fault!


Chris: Ok Contestants your first challenge is to First, find scraps of wood and etc, Second with those pieces of wood and Etc you must build a car that you can fit in, Third, ride it all the way to the other side of camp where you will find the finish line. We will pick teams after we vote someone off. Until then, your challenge starts.....NOW!

Geoff: *finds two scraps of wood*

Cody:*Finds 6 scraps of wood*

Sierra: *finds 10 pieces of wood, but cheese takes 5 of them* cody take these *give her 5 pieces to cody*

Geoff: *takes 5 pieces of scrap wood*

Lindsay: *finds a skunk* what's this *skunk blasts it's smell at geoff*

Geoff: *dodges and it hits Sierra*

Ezekiel: (Grabs 10 pieces, pick his nose and rubs it against the piece) No one will take them now!

Sierra: *dodges as well and it hits Zeke*

Ezekiel: *Zeke still running goes in shed* I lost my sense of smell a long time ago

(Zeke finds Tyler in the shed and the two starts fighting over the toolbox)

Geoff: *steals Zeke's pieces and starts assembling car*

Sierra: *dismantles shed and gets 40 pieces of wood* YAY *grabs toolbox and starts building car*

Geoff: *finishes building car and hops in*

Ezekiel: Oh, NO, you don't (Punches Geoff and steals the ride with Tyler in it too) Get your own wood, weirdo

Geoff: *gets onto car and throws the two out and drives it*

Sierra: *finishes and goes in with cody and starts riding*

Lindsay: *gets run over by Geoff's car*

Geoff: *keeps driving really fast and picks up Lindsay and puts her in the car*

(Ezekiel and Tyler jump into Geoff's car)

Tyler: Can all three of us work together, please.

Geoff: Fine, but I'm driving! *sees finish line*

Lindsay: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow *pushes geoff and zekeout of car then runs over geoff alot* (no double edits)

Tyler: Baby, Lindsay, me, Zeke and Geoff won already

Sierra: no quite *crashes into their car one metre away from the finish line*

Ezekiel: Oh no, you don't (pushes car with Tyler in it through the finish line)

Geoff: *is on car* Vicotry!

Ezekiel: Horrary, we all won (hugs Tyler and Geoff)

Sierra: oh no you don't * stops them just in time*

Lindsay: *pushes sierra's car across the line*

Ezekiel: We won already, Man, I'm so excited, I forget to eh, eh.

Geoff: Yeh! Give it up!

(i get like 10 edit conflicts before i can finally edit)

Tyler: Hoorary, we w... Hey, Zeke, you smell bad, man.

Cheese; Yeh! Thay did it! I knew they could!

Lindsay: wait, this isn't sierr's car, this is geoffs... that means sierra's car crossed first!


Ezekiel: Shut up, Cheese. Now when did that happen, Lindsay, in that long range of edits.

Sierra: YES! *kisses cody on the lips*

Lindsay: must have been when we crashed

Ezekiel: No, I pushed my, Tyler and Geoff's car, don't denie it, we won, eh.

Sierra: actually i think we got thrown into each others cars... you pushed mine

Cheese: Chris siad if you make it across first you win! He didnt say anything about a car!

Ezekiel: We won, it's over! And shut up, Cheese.

Geoff: Yeh! It's victory for us!

Sierra: yes he did we had to ride it... wait neitheir of us rided all the way to the end! our cars got swapped!

Geoff: You just had to ride any car across.

Sierra: we had to ride our car across

Cheese: Well, whatever car you were in at the time constitutes as "your" car.

Ezekiel: We got our car "across" without riding it, and besides the reason we couldn't ride our car is because you crashed it making you guilty.

Lindsay: and everyone must fit in the car, i was half out of the car, but cody and sierra fit in their car

Ezekiel: Chris, just give me, Geoff, and Tyler immunity already.

Cheese: Yeh! Just give them immunitry so they can shut up!

Ezekiel: Yeah, Cheese (taps him on the back)

Sierra: no give me and cody immunity!

Cheese: Hey a skunk! *it sprays Lindsay*

Skunk: *misses and hits chris*

Sierra: cheese is geoffs pet chris. he doesn't deserve immunity

Ezekiel: We, actually, it is Chris's pet, remember.

Sierra: your just jealous that we won and you didn't

Ezekiel: No, remember


Geoff: Sierra, calm down. It won't help at all. (CONF) I want to give Cheese to someone else so I don't have to deal with him anymore!

Cheese: *breaks out* I like chocolate milk!

Chris: I'll take him! *takes cheese and gives him to Chef Hatchet, Who has a fish knife* *laugh evilly* Sorry Geoff)

Lindsay: cheese is annoying *tapes cheese mouth with duct tape*

Trent: Wait a minute? If Cheese is stupid, how come he was talking in coherent sentences before?

Cheese: I like cereal!

Geoff: Maybye it's a trick (CONF) Maybye Cheese has been decieving me this whole time!

Cheese: Floor tastes funny! (CONF) I actually am tricking them. So if I wow them, they won't expect much and still think I'm some simpleton.

Sierra: (CONF: *was in here when cheese opened the door knocking her out* ow... but that was interesting)

Chef: * scratches Cheese*

(S321: Dont godplay. Cheese is immortal. He cant F*CKING die)

Cheese: *runs out* Now for my trick!

Sierra: *grabs cheese and hits him*


(S321 : I am trying to develop the chracter anyway)

Cheese: *walks away* Dadddddddyyyyyy.

Sierra: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH *stuffs cheese in a box and ships him to mexico*

Postman: *drops Cheese back*

Sierra: NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! *stomps on cheese over and over*

Cheese: *springs up like an accordion* Do it again! Do it again!

Sierra: *sells cheese online* YAY HE'S GONE ^_^

Another Postman: *drops off package with Cheese in it*


Airplane: *flies down and drops off Cheese* I like games!

Ezekiel: Hey, Chris, who won the Racing thing? (I hope it's me, Geoff and Tyler.)


Tyler: Here, Cheese have some medicine (Applies medicine to Cheese's bloddy bear trap wound)

Cheese: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crying)

Tyler: (Tyler discovers he put Rubbing Alchol on the wound) Dang!

Sierr: *stuffs chesse into a bathtub full of rubbing alcohol*

(S321: I play Cheese. Not you Tyler)

Geoff: *takes Cheese and ties him to a pole* Stay there!

Sierra: *gets some more rope and ties him up even more*

Cheese: I like this game.

Sierra: *gags cheese and ties the knots tighter*

Geoff: That should do it! *walks away*

Sierra: not quite *ties cheese up with so much rope, you can't see him*

Cheese: Is this a fun game?

Sierra: *eye twitches* can i kill him?

Geoff: Not yet!

Sierra: fine (CONF: i wanted to set fire to the ropes)

Cheese: I like games and cereal. and chocolste milk.

Sierra: can i kill him now?

Heather: Kill Him!!!!!!

Duncan: Yeah!

Sierra: YES *sets rope alight*

Tyler: I'll save you (throws bucket of water at Cheese, only for Tyler to discover it is gasoline)

Sierra: YES!!! *throws more gasoline on the flames*

Tyler: I gotta stop helping Cheese.

Sierra: no, you should help us kill him ^_^

Cheese: *comes off rope with burn marks* Do it again!

Trent: What;s going on?!

Tyler: No offence, but you guys got issues?


Cheese: *licks Tyler* I pooted.

Geoff: He;s insane! I have had enough! (CONF) For real this time!

Tyler: Stop, Stop, STOP! Guys, you relies this is a camp, right, we're supposed to do cool challenges and activities and instead we're torturing a pathetic imaginary friend. That's sad!

Cheese: *touches Duncan* WERE BROTHER LADIES!

Tyler: Ok, nevermind, he deserves to die (throws harpoon into Cheese's Head)

Cheese: *pulls out harpoon* I'm a spaceman! Bee boo bop beee beee booo bop!

Chef: Sierra, catch this! * throws her Knife* Kill Cheese!

Geoff: *locks Cheese in a cage and puts a muzzle on him* There we go! Now we got some peace and quiet!

Tyler: Why did you bring him, here? He disgraced the island.

Geoff: It's not my fault, I didn't know he was a complete moron.

Heather and Duncan: * find enough wood to Bulid car*

Heather and Duncan* Finshes and Rides car*

Sierra: *catches knife* can i call the bomb squad? (XD)

Geoff: No. He can't bother us now.

Lindsay: what's this dog doing in a cage *lets cheese out* (i couldn't resist ^_^)

Ezekiel: Hey, Heather and Duncan, me, Tyler and Geoff already won the race, eh.

Sierra: Actually me and cody won

Geoff: *catches Cheese and puts him back in the cage*

Lindsay: *trips and breaks cage* (couldn't resiest again)

Cheese: *looks at a box that says "Uranium" and takes a bar our* I like chocolate mlik! *trips and the bar falls on Lindsay's back* *walks back into cage*


Sierra: gladly *grabs chainsaw and starts chasing cheese*

Geoff: I'll call a HAZMAT squad *calls HAZMAT Team* We got someone contaminated by Uranium! Come here quick!

HAZMAT squad: who called?

Geoff: I did! *points to Lindsay* She's the one you need to treat!

Ezekiel: Sierra, read the entire Challenge thing all over again and you'll see me, Geoff and Tyler won the race, eh.

Hazmat squad: *pulls lindsay into a chemical shower and everyone can see her* (XD)

Geoff :Doesn't hair need to be cut when this happens for safety?

Hazmat squad: we do that next *starts scrubbing lindsays arms*

Lindsay: WHAT'S GOING ON?!!


Hazmat Squad: *takes lindsays clothes off and starts scrubbing her private parts* (XD)

Geoff: *finds Cheese* You did a horrible thing! *takes a stick and hits Cheese with it*

Cheese: Ow.

Geoff :*kicks Cheese and he flies across the island*

Geoff: Guys, how's Lindsay doing?


Hazmat squad: *shaves all of lindsay's hair off*

Lindsay: MY HAIR *screams so loud all the windows break*

Geoff: *faints after seeing the horror that has happened*

Trent: Why did you have to do that?

Hazmat squad: he's been contaiminated too *points at tyler standing on the bar of uranium* *drags tyler into anouther chemical shower*

Geoff: I know what I'm doing soon, KILLING CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hazmat squad: *tears tylers clothes off and start scrubbing him*

Trent: Hey, why do I feel something on my back?

Hazmat squad: *pulls him into anouther chemical shower and starts scrubbing him after taking his clothes off* (XD bald contestants XD)

Geoff: Lindsay, are you alright?

Hazmat squad: *shaves tylers and trents hair off then pulls Geoff into one and starts scrubbing him* (you've been contaiminated XD)

Heather and Duncan: * Runs from Uanium and Dosent get contamited*

Geoff: Are you gonna make us wear cones?!

(S321: Say something as Lindsay)

Lindsay: *cries* MY HAIR

Hazmat squad: *pull sierra, duncan and heather into chemical showers and start scrubbing* you all got comtainated

Chef:GET OUT OF HERE HAZMAT, WE CAN HANDLE IT!!! *Pulls them out of shower*

Geoff: I feel bad for Lindsay.

Hazmat: sorry you've been comtainated as well *pushes chef into anouther shower and starts shaving duncan's, sierra's, geoff's and heathers hair*

(S321: Stop it! Just decon Lindsay! Remove the other crap!)

Chef: * hits hazmat with bat* *Saves them and Hids them*

(aw it was fun)

Hazmat: lindsay must come with us for a few days. Everyone else, here are some miracle hair growth potions *takes lindsay*

Geoff: *hair grows back* GET CHEESE EVERYOBDY!

Cheese: I like games.

Geoff: Why did you have to shave her hair off?


Geoff: *runs with baseball bat* We're playing baseball Cheese! And YOURE the ball!

Sierra: *attacks cheese, biting and clawing him*

Geoff: *hits Cheese in the head with Baseball bat*

Cheese: I like chocolateeeeee milk!!!!!! *faints*

Sierra: *bites cheese's ear*

Heather: *takes Knife and Cuts his eye out*

Cheese: *completely vanishes into thin air*

Geoff: Where is Lindsay going to be taken to?

Heather:HAZMAT HeadQuarters, thats where they take people

Trent: She must be really upset!

Hazmat: actually the gra- um labroatory

Heather: Gra what!

Geoff: *sees Lindsay wearing a cone*

Hazmat: uh Nowhere! *runs off*

Geoff: *runs after them* Really, is she alive?

Hazmat: uhh yes? *gets on helicopter and flies off* (mystery o_O)

(S321: Please speak as Lindsay to make it clear she;s alive)

Lindsay: bye, see you later

Hazmat: *shaking head* (oh O_o)

Heather: she is going to the Graveyard!

(they're already gone, and he won't kill her)

(S321: Cut to the HAZMAT place)

(cut to hazmat place?)

(Show a scene with Lindsay in the place wit hthe HAZMAT agents)

(nah, i'll do a flashback when she comes back on day 3)

(Just do one or two please)

(fine... but don't freak out ^_^)

  • at hazmat labroatory*

Hazmat guy: lindsay we just need to run a few tests

Lindsay: i hate tests *cries* and where am i?

Hazmat: the G.R.A.V.E

  • goes back to camp* (happy?)

(Just do one that is detailed and shows Lindsay being embarrased completely)

(that's day 2 ;))

(Please do it right now. How about two each day)

(fine... but after the elimination)

(How about some more lines and then you do it)


  • back at hazmat place*

Lindsay: what's this test?

Hazmat guy: the blood test

  • blood splatters everywhere*

Hazmat guy: sorry, i was putting ketchep on my sandwich

  • goes back to camp*

(happy? again?)

(Zanna: Ok That is It! Cheese is gone forever, the Hazmat Guy and squad are gone Two! Get back to the challenge so someone can Win, and we can pick teams!)

(Sierra and cody already won)

Chris: Sierra and Cody Won! Sorry Geoff, Zeke, and Tyler But I SAID you must make your own car that ONLY YOU can fit in. Know Time to pick Team Captains. *gets a hat with all contestants names and draws two names randomly* Umm...It Looks like Lindsay and Cody are our Team Captains! Cody You pick 7 People to be on your team, then Lindsay gets the other 7 people! Choose Wisely!

Geoff: Ok, new teams!

Trent: Now that freak is gone too! (CONF) I feel much more chill without that freak here!

Bridgette: Finally!

DJ: *Whimpering*

Trent: You hear what he did to Lindsay? That was bad.

DJ: Not that*Covers mouth*

(read back a little First123)

Bridgette: Ouch....

DJ: *Still covering mouth*

Geoff: She had to be put in a shower and everything!

Bridgette: Wow, I didn't know Cheese would do that.

DJ: Someone say my name three times!

Geoff: Hey Bridge, I'll meet you in the more pleasant shower in a few! Race ya there! If you know what I mean!

DJ: *Covers mouth and mumbles something like "Help Me!"*

Bridgette: Sure?

Geoff: *waits for Bridge by the shower*

DJ: *To Trent*Please say my name 3 times....

Bridgette: *Gets to the shower*

Geoff: Now let's get in!

Bridgette: Sure?*Walks inside*

DJ: *Stands there wondering if the world forgot about him(xD)*

Geoff: Now lets do the next step!

Bridgette: Which is?

(You know)

Geoff: *gets in stall and gets undressed*

Bridgette: *Doesn't seem to know what Geoff is doing(xD)*

Geoff: *in stall* Now you do it!

Bridgette: Okay...*Takes her jacket off*

Geoff: *still in stall* The whole deal.

(Wouldn't that be inappropiate for a Total Drama Show?)

DJ: *Stands there hoping someone will say his name 3 times*

(It's okay. They're teens after all)

DJ: Hello?Can anyone hear me?

Geoff: *in stall* Come on Bridge. Don't be shy.

Geoff: *walks into shower #3* Meet me in shower 3 when you're ready!

Justin: *walks in shower looking at self* I am looking good! *sees Geoff and Bridge and faints*

Lindsay's Team Pick

Chris: Lindsay, you will not pick your team. Cody will pick 7 people, and the other 7 people will automatically be put on your team.

Chris: Lindsay, your team consist of Justin,Courtney,Heather,Eva,Trent,Izzy,Duncan, and you. Now pick your team Name.

Heather: I want to pick The name, The Unstoppable Hotties!

Chef: Chris, Let me pick the Names!

Chris: Change of plans Chef Hatchet will pick names!

Chef: The Killer Returners

Courtney: I don't like that name!

Chef: Who cares!

Chris: Well the names have been picked! Lindsay's Team are the Killer Returners!

Courtney: *slaps Chef*

Chef: Youve just got your self into big troble. 100 Pushups!!!!

Chris: Since Cody and Sierra are both on the same team and Won the challenge.....There team Won today......So head to the "Marshmallow Ceremony" and vote!

Cody's Team Pick

Chris: Cody, pick 7 people to be on your team.

Cody: Thank You So very Much Chris!!. I Pick Sierra,Geoff,LeShawna,Bridgette,Ezekiel,Tyler and DJ.

Chris: Now pick A team name.

Cody: Erm...The Intrepid Surfers?

Chris: Change of plans! Chef Hatchet will pick names!

Chef: The Screaming Debuters

Cody: Erm....Chef,Can you please........Swap Names?

Chef: Nope!

Chris: Well looks like the names have been picked! Cody's team are the Screaming Debuters!

Sierra: Yeah with THE CODY LOVERS (XD)

Cody: Can we Choose the Team Color?

Chef: I do!!!!!!! and your Color is Rainbow

Chris: Well since Cody and Sierra Won the challenge your Team Won today! Yall Don't have to vote someone off!

Sierra: can our color be cody?

Cody: I think t should be Teal.....Yahooo We Win!!!

Chris: NO NO NO! It has all been decided already!

Sierra: and it's your birthday tomorrow, cody ^_^ your going to love your present ^_^

Cody: Thanks Sierra!!,Now,To Celebrate Our Victory.....PIZZA PARTYYYY!!!! Wooo-Hooo *Eats Pizza* I'm going to order a Pizza for each One right Now...

LeShawna: Wooooo!! I love this team!

Sierra: PARTY :D

Geoff: Let's play some rock music!

Sierra: PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY :) :D ^_^ ^o^

Geoff: Sierra, you want to make an alliance with me and some other people?

Sierra: as long as cody is in it ^_^

Geoff: Fine.

Marshmallow Ceremony (Killer Returners)

Chris: Vote!

Heather and Duncan: Justin

Trent: Justin!

Eva and Courtney: Justin

Lindsay: *through transmission from G.R.A.V.E.* Justin

Chris: What are you doing If you are on Cody's Team (Screaming Debuters) get out of here!

Izzy: ummm.....Justin? I guesss?

Justin: but i'm so hot! *looks at self in mirror* I vote for Duncan! (CONF: He has anger problems *looks at self in mirror*)

Chris: Well it looks like Justin is OUT! See Ya! *pushes him into the Boat of losers*

Justin: NOO *looks at self in mirror* I'm looking hot!

Episode 2: Over the River, and through the Woods!


Ezekiel: (CONF) Wow, I actually made it past the first episode, it's been a lucky day for me!

Sierra: *gets a chocolate cake* happy birthday Cody! *gives him the cake*

Cody: *Eats Cake* Thank YOUUUU Sierra!!,It's Very Deliciouuus!!!! :)

Sierra: it's Chocalate cake, with chocalte icing and chocalate toppings ^_^

Cody: Mmmm!! It's Chocolate-Licious !!!! And i have something for Youuu....*Gives Sierra a Box*

(CONF: I'm sure Sierra is going to be Happy with her new Ipod :D )

Sierra: aw thanks ^_^ *kisses cody*

Geoff: Cody wanna be in an alliance with me, Sierra, Zeke and Tyler?

Sierra: i'm not in it yet... cody has to be in it first

Geoff: Who would turn down an alliance?

(Please show a scene at the HAZMAT joint Kokari)

(just wait...)

Sierra: i would ^_^ *takes out computer and starts laughing* look at this video ^_^

Cody: Sure Geoff!! I'm In.

Sierra: i'm in too ^_^

Cody: Yay!! *Kisses Sierra*

Sierra: *pulls cody into a cabin and strts making out with him* (XD)

Geoff: This is great! (CONF) Now I got an alliance!

(Please show the scene now Kokori)

(watch the video, that will be the scene ^_^)

Cody: *Makes out with Sierra* (CONF: *Makes out with sierra in the Confessional cabin*)

Sierra: (CONF: *makes out with cody*)

Geoff: *watches video*


  • video*

Lindsay: *clothes get pulled off and she's being filmed* STOP FILMING!

Hazmat: no *pours spray tan all over lindsay and she turns black*

Lindsay: MY SKIN!!! *screams so loud the lens shatter*

  • video ends*

Sierra: yeah some idiot at the hazmat centre accidentlyy posted that online

Geoff: Wow, she's going through some tough tests. At least her hair's back.

Sierra: that was a wig...

Ezekiel: Wait, I'm in an alliance... (CONF) Horray, eh!

Geoff: When she gets back, I got a formula to make her hair grow back to its normal length.

Sierra: we used all that up to grow our hair back

Geoff: Don't worry, I took a little extra when they weren't looking! *shows her bottle of hair formula*

Sierra: *looks at bottle* um... that's for hair removal

Geoff: It's all that stupid Cheese's fault! Wonder where he vanished too?

Sierra: i killed him ^_^

Geoff: He;s immortal

  • Fosters home for imaginary friends
  • Bloo: Ah that ididot is finally gone!
  • Cheese: *poofs in* I like chocolate milk!
  • Bloo: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(anybody want to join my camp, Spell City?)

  • Bloo: *begines to transport* What;s happening?! *teleports to the island*

Bloo: *teleports onto the island* Where am I?

Geoff: Youre on Total Drama Island!

Sierra: WHACK A MOLE *whack bloo with a hammer*

Bloo: OW! Whatcha do that for? I'm not a mole! I'm a bloo.... blob thing!

(survivor do you want to join my camp?)


Trent: I hope you're not annoying like that yellow freak!

Bloo: I sure am not. Once, he bothered me and my friend Mac.

Sierra: YAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH *hits bloo with a brick*

Bloo: *walks away* STOP IT! *sets up a whac a mole station* Now leave me alone.

Geoff: At least he can actually talk unlike hte other one.

Random Magician: *poofs in and make Bloo disappear*

Sierra: YAY!

Bloo: *poofs back to Foster's* That's better.


Chris: Ok Contestants, for your Second challenge you must Build a Boat from scratch (you may share boats) and ride it across the river, then you RUN all the way through the woods to meet my Gramdma at Her house at the top of a hill. After you meet her you must RUN all the way back through the wood, ride your boat across the river and pass the finish line! Good Luck!

Geoff: *starts assembling boat*

Sierra: *starts building* (CONF: i still have some leftover wood from yesterday ^_^)

Geoff: *hammers pieces together*

Sierra: *joins her boat with geoffs* allience ^_^

Geoff: *hammers our boats together* You bet we got one.

Izzy: *Starts assembling boat with the wood she found*

Sierra: *finishes her half* YAY *helps geoff with his half*

Geoff: *finishses the boat* *gets in*

Izzy: *finishes boat and starts flowing through the river*

Sierra: *Gets in and starts rowing*

Geoff: *rows faster and gets ahead of Izzy*

Sierra: *gets to other side* come on geoff *starts running through the forest*

Geoff: *starts to run through the forest*

Sierra: *finds a red hood* cool *puts it on and continues to run*

Bear: *comes out and attacks Sierra,Geoff, and Izzy*

Wolf: *chases sierra*

Sierra: where have i seen this before?

Izzy: Stay back Y'all! I got this! *karate chops the bear and the wolf's chest*

Bear: *whimpers and goes back into hibernation*

Izzy: *runs through the forest*

Sierra: *reaches house* hi Grandma Chris

Grandma McClean: Hello little girl

Geoff: Hey Grandma Chris!

Sierra: Bye grandma chris *runs back through woods*

(Zanna: Remember no Godplaying)

Izzy: *finally reaches house and enters* Hello Grandma McClean

Grandma McClean: Hello Children! NOT SO FAST SIERRA *trips sierra and locks them all in her house*

Sierra: are you a wolf in disguise?

Grandma McClean: No *evily laughs* You must all give me a foot rub *evily laughs*

Sierra: i seriously think i've seen these before

Geoff: Yeh me too.

Sierra: *opens closet* there's always something in the closet ^_^

Izzy: *slaps Geoff and Sierra* Duh! Little Red Riding Hood *starts to give granny a foot rub*

Sierra: *looks at red hood on her* i guess i'm little red ^_^ *opens a window and sneaks out*

Geoff: *rubs Granny;s feet*

Grandma McClean: *grabs Sierra* RUB MY FEET....Sweetie *locks everything*

Sierra: no *hits Grandma Chris with the hammer she was hitting bloo with*

Chris: *arrives and stops Sierra* Sierra!

Grandma McClean: *falls to the floor*

Izzy: *gasps* No! Granny! (CONF: I just love old know when there not mean)

Geoff: *runs out of house through the woods*

Izzy: *runs through the woods*

Grandma McClean: *wakes up and slaps Sierra to the floor* How dare you B**** *gets on a near-by helicopter and flies away*

Ezekiel: Yawn! (Wakes up in the hammock on the island) What did I miss? (relying what he missed) Oh s**t, gotta swim! (Ezekiel builds boat 30 minutes later...)

(Ezekiel goes in boat and rushes rapidly through the waters)

Izzy: *almost reaches boat, but trips and rolls into the lake* Ugg

Shark *swims near Izzy*

Izzy: *gasps* Ahhh *Jumps into boat and paddles as fast as she can*

Geoff: *jumps into boat and paddles ahead of Izzy*

Izzy: *speeds up*

Ezekiel: (Reaches Grandma's house) Hello, eh!

Geoff: *jumps out of boat and runs across finish line*

Izzy: *gasps*

Ezekiel: (finds house empty) Well, seeyah, eh!

Chris: Well it looks like the "Screaming Debuters" Win Again! Killer Returners, Y'all are lucky today because there is no Elimination Ceremony today!

Ezekiel: (Swims back to the island) Did we win?

Geoff: Yeh!

Ezekiel: Oh, Yeah, eh! So who's getting eliminated!

Geoff: Chris said this was a non elimination challenge. (CONF) I wish someone on the other side went home

Trent: We lost.

Izzy: I Know....Where were you?

Cody: Wooo!! We Woooon!! Pizza Party Again !! *Kisses Sierra*


Geoff: This is so awesome! *dances around*

Ezekiel: A lucky day to be a Debuter! WOOH!

Cody: Yeah!Yeah!Yeaaaaaah!!!

(S321: Zazanna, can I bring someone else into the competition?)

(Zanna: Who?)

(S321: I'm gonna bring Cheese back and he will reveal he is pretending to be stupid and there will be an epic fight that ensues!)

(Zanna: I'll think about. But, not in this episode)

Episode 3: Yummy in my Tummy!


Geoff: *relaxing* What a nice day it is! (CONF) I feel so chill today for no reason!

Izzy: *relaxes on beach by tanning*

Geoff: Hey Izzy, wanna go swimming?..

Chef: Courtney still has to do 100 pushups, if you dont, you will be faced with Automatic Loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy: Sure Geoff! *gets in swimsuit and jumps in*

Geoff: *gets on swimsuit and jumps in* *swims around* Nice green bikini!

Izzy: *laughs* thanks *swims*

Geoff: *swims* If you wore you're hair straight down, it would look better. But it looks fine now too.

Izzy: Ok *takes off swim cap*

Geoff: *sees the water bubbling by Izzy* Did you do what I think you did?

Izzy: No! Eww! I was blowing bubbles under water with my MOUTH *swims around*

Geoff: *swims around*

Izzy: *swims around*

Geoff: *swims to shore*

Izzy: *gets out of water and goes to the showers*

Geoff: *dries off and gets clothes on*

Trent: Today is a boring day

Izzy: *gets in shower*

Cody: *Listens To Music* The time of My Li-i-i-ife........and i swear this is Tru-u-u-e ........

Izzy: *gets out of shower and gets dressed*

Geoff: Hey Cody! There's a bee on your back!

Cody: *Listens To Music* We Just Want tomorrow to be better than Todaay.....Hi little Buddy,What Are You doing right There? *Kills Bee* Fine....That Bee isn't going to be a problem now..

Izzy: *goes to eat lunch*

Geoff: Hey Cody! Want a beer? I got one!

Chris: Hey Hey Hey under-age teen! No Beer! *takes beer and drinks it*

Geoff: Whatever.

Cody: *Listens to music* What's the point of livin' if you don't take a chance...

Chef: Geoff youve just earned yourself 100 PUSHUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff: *starts doing pushups*

Geoff: *3 minutes later* I did 100!

Chef: Did i say 100? i ment 100,000!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff: *does a lot more* Done

Ezekiel: (Swinging in the hammock) Yo, wake me, when the challenge starts! (Sleeping)

Chef: Youve just earned your Self a Obstacle of Death Run!!!!!!!!

Geoff: *does the whole obstacle course* Okay, ya pleased now?

(S321: Really Nate, you gotta stop it now)

Izzy: *swings on vines*

Chef: Your done for now, Who wants Chicken Cutlets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff: I do! *takes chicken cutlet* This tastes awesome! *eats it*

Chef: why thanks, its made Of Human Genital meat!!!!!! (XD)


Chris: Ok Contestants, today's Challenge is you must eat anything I give you! For Everything you eat you get a point. For anything you don't eat or throw up you get negative points! Whichever team reaches 3 points first wins! Good Luck!

(Zanna: Oh and some people have to not eat and throw up!)

Geoff: Awesome!

Chris: First meal is for Geoff and Izzy. You have to drink the most cockroach guts in one minute!

Izzy: Awesome!

Chef: First up: Chicken Cutlet made of Genatals (For Next Round)

Chris: Geoff and Izzy you may start.....Now!

Izzy: *starts drinking*

Geoff: *shoves it down his mouth and swallows quickly*

Izzy: *drinks her 100th one*

Chris: Yall still have 50 seconds!

Geoff: *drinks his 108th one*

Izzy: *drinks her 110th one*

Chris: 20 seconds!

Geoff: *drinks his 117th one*

Izzy: *drinks her 120th*

Chris: 10 seconds!

Geoff: *drinks his 126th one*

Geoff: *drinks his 139th one*

Izzy: *drinks her 140th*

Chris: Time's Up! Izzy won this round for her team!

Chef: (let me do this Round) Next Round: Sierra and Duncan you have to eat a chicken Cutlet made Of Genital Meat Go!

Scorekeeper: Killer Returners 1-Screaming Debuters 0

Chris: Next one is For Cody and Trent. You must eat as much octopus as you can in a minute

(Can i do One)

(Zanna: Yeah! We are going to do 2 at the same time)

Duncan: *Eats Chicken Cutlet*

Geoff: Come on Cody!

Duncan: *Finshes*

Izzy: Trent come on!

Scorekeeper: Killer Returners 2-Screaming Debuters 0

(N49: Can I be next?)

Chef: Ezekel and Courtney: You need to eat A rotten apple With Maggots

Heather: Courtney come on!

Chris: Next round is Heather and Bridgette must eat as much Dolphin they can in a minute!

Heather: *Shoves as Much Dolphin in her mouth as she can*

Chris: 50 seconds left!

Heather: *Eats more*

Chris: 10 seconds left!

Heather: *Eats everything on plate*

Scorekeeper: Killer Returners 3-Screaming Debuters 0

Chris: Well it looks like the Killer Returners Win! That Means The Screaming Debuters lost and have to vote someone off! Sorry!

Marshmallow Ceremony (Screaming Debuters)

Chris: Vote!

Geoff: DJ

Chef: Since Courtney did not do my orders for pushups she is already in the Bottom Three!

Cody: I vote DJ!

LeShawna: I vote DJ!!

Ezekiel: DJ!

Geoff: When is the voting going to end? It's been going on for quite a long time now.

Tyler: I vote DJ!

Sierra: DJ!

Chris: Votes are in.....Marshmallows go to...........LeShawna,Cody,Tyler,Sierra,Geoff,Ezekiel, and..........................................................................................................................................Bridgette! Sorry DJ! *pushes him on Boat of Losers!*

Episode 4: Dodgeball!

Chris: Today's Challenge is Dodgeball! Each team must pick five contestants for each round! The first team to win 2 rounds wins!


Chris: Both teams Hurry and pick the first five people!

Eva: I'll do it!

Heather and Duncan: we will do it!!!!!!!!

Sierra: ME

Lindsay: me too

Chris: Lindsay,Eva,Heather,Duncan, and Izzy go for Killer Returners! Sierra,Cody,Geoff,LeShawna, and Bridgette go for Screaming Debuters!

Bridgette: Okay.

Round 1

Chris: Round 1 starts.....Now!

Izzy: *picks up a dodgeball*

Heather: *Hits Sierra and Cody with Ball*

Sierra: *dodges and throws dodgeball at lindsay and hits her*

Lindsay: OW! (expected that didn't you :P)

Chef: Lindsay is out!

Heather: *Hits cody in Kiwis and it Hits*

Izzy: *throws ball at Sierra, but it misses* Dang It!

Bridgette: *Throws the dodgeball at Heather*

Sierra: *throws two balls at heather*

Chris: Cody is out!

Heather: *Dodges all three*

Geoff: *throws a ball at Eva*

Bridgette: *Throws a ball at Heather*

(Zanna: No Godplaying)

Geoff: *throws a ball at Izzy*

Heather: *It hits but It hits Her hand and she catches it* (Harold Powha)

Chris: Heather is out!

Duncan: *Throws Ball at Bridgette and it hits*

Geoff: *throws two balls at Duncan*

Sierra: YES!

Duncan: *Dodges*

Izzy: *dodges ball by inch*

Chris: Bridgette is out!

Eva: GRR *pegs ball at Geoff but misses*

Duncan: *Throws ball at Geoff*


Sierra: *throws alot of balls at eva* (stop god-modding nate)


Eva: *attemps to throw a ball at LeShawna*

Izzy: *throws a ball at LeShawna along with Eva*

Sierra: *throws a dodgeball at Izzy*

Eva: *attemps to throw a ball at Sierra*

Sierra: *does the splits and dodges it*

Izzy: *Dodges ball and throws a ball at Sierra but misses*

Eva: *tries to throw another ball at Sierra*

Sierra: *dances and dodges it* can't hit me :D

Eva: *throws yet another ball at Sierra* YOU GO DOWN!

Sierra: *ballerina jumps and dances out of the way*

Cody: Goooooo Sierra!!! You can do it!!!!!!

LeShawna: Do it for Cody!!!!!! *Throws A ball and Hits Heather*

Sierra: *spins and throws three balls at eva*

Heather: im out you B*tch!

Duncan: *Beams ball at Sierra*

Sierra: *dodges* can't hit me :D

Duncan: *Rubs Ball on Shirt and makes Electric ball* *Beams it at Sierra*

Sierra: seen it *ball goes around sierra and heads to duncan* yay for non-static clothes ^_^

Duncan: *Dodges and it hits Cody*

Sierra: NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *throws balls at duncan*

Heather: *Distracts Sierra*

Duncan: *Dodges two balls, and Catches one Ball*

Chris: Sierra is out! Round one is over and the Killer Returners Win Round 1

Duncan: *Throws ball at LeShawna and it hits*


Round 2

Chris: Round 2 starts know!

Scorekeeper: Killer Returners: 1----Screaming Debuters: 0

Heather: *Throws Ball at LeShawna*

Lindsay: *sigh* *throws ball at self and walks off*

Eva: *tries tot throw ball at LeShawna*

Izzy: *throws ball at LeShawna*

Eva: *throws another ball at LeShawna*

Heather and Duncan: *Does Same*

Chris: LeShawna is out!

Eva: *tries to throw ball at Sierra*

Heather and Duncan: *Beams it at Sierra*

Sierra: *is tired* *dodges by curling to sleep on ground*

Izzy: *throws at sierra*

Eva: *throws at Geoff*

Geoff: *dodges and throws a ball at Duncan*

Bridgette: *Hands another ball to Geoff*

(S321: I gotta go to school tommorow, can you hold the challenge until 3:30 for me?)

Geoff: *throws a ball at Eva*

(Zanna: I will end tonight*)

Eva: *dodges and throws at Geoff*

Geoff: *dodges and throws a ball at Heather*

Izzy: *throws ball at Geoff but misses* Dang

Cody: *Throws 2 balls at Izzy*

(Zanna:Holy Crap! For the LAST TIME! NO GODPLAYING!)

Izzy: *dodges both by doing a back-flip into the air*

Cody: *Throws another ball to Izzy meanwhile she is in the Air*

Izzy: *misses ball by an inch*

Cody: Oh no!!! My team Isn't going to Elimination AGAIN!! *Throws a ball at Heather*


Heather: *Dodges*

Cody: *Throws a Ball to Eva* TAKE THIIIIS!!!

LeShawna: *Cheers* C'mon Screaming Debuters!!! Cody,Geoff,Sierra You can Do it!!!!!!!

Bridgette: *Passes another ball to Cody*

Eva: *catches Cody's ball* Youre out CODY!

Cody: *Screams* What The H*LL?!? Ohh *Passes Ball to Bridgette* Bridge,It's all Yours....

LeShawna: Chris Did not says that You're Out....That means You're In!!!!!

Cody: RIGHT!!!! *Throws Ball to Heather*

LeShawna: Doooo It Screaming Debuters!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Chris: Cody is out!

Sierra: *still isn't hit even though she's sleeping* (XD)

Heather: *Catches it and throws that ball to Geoff *

Chef: Geoff is out! wait, he is not out, sorry! keep Playing MAGGOTS!!!!


(seriously nate, stop godmodding. you can't say it hits unless the character it hits is your own)


LeShawna: If You don't......erm......I'm going to Kiss Cody!!!!!!

Sierra: CODY *jumps up and starts throwing balls at leshawna* YOU WILL NEVER KISS CODY!

Heather and Duncan: *Both throw balls at sierra while she is not looking*

Sierra: *goes to hug cody and balls miss* CODY :D


Heather: *Beams ball at cody*

(i didn't god-play it's just luck :D)

Cody: *Catches the ball and gives it to sierra*

Sierra: Thanks *kisses cody and throws ball at duncan but mises terriblly* (CONF: Cody *sigh* is so cute)

Chef: Heather is out!

Cody: *Kisses Sierra* WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

LeShawna: Only Duncan and Izzy Remains!!!! Sierra Gooooo!!! Beat Them!!!!

Cody: *Kisses Sierra* Right!!! Please Baby do it...Win it!!!!!!!!

Duncan: *Throws ball at cody too*

Duncan: *Throws balls at Sierra*

Sierra: *throws ball at izzy* *does a matrix style dodge*

Heather: *Distracts Sierra* Hey! Lewshawna's kissing Cody!

Sierra: WHAT *tackles leshawna and starts slapping her*

Duncan: *Throws ball at Sierras head while she tackels Leshawna*

Sierra: *ball misses by a centimetre*



Izzy: *dodges ball*

Cody: GO SIERRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierra: *was ontop of leshawna slapping her* YOU LIE *throws a ball really fast at duncan*


Izzy: *throws a ball at sierra but misses*

Duncan: *Dodges by Millimeter and it hits Izzy*

Izzy: *gets hit by ball and falls to the ground at top speeds*


Sierra: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH *throws balls at duncan really fast*

Chris: Izzy is out!


Duncan: *Dodges and gets Ball and Throws it at Geoff*

Cody: *Catches the Ball* Phew!!!!

Heather: *Throws ball at Codys Kiwis*

Cody: *Catches That Ball* Got It!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Duncan is out!

Scorekeeper: Killer Returners: 1--------Screaming Debuters: 1

Chris: A Tie so far so the next team to win this round Wins!

Sierra: *grabs both from cody and throws them at chef* (XD)

Round 3

Chris: Round 3 starts................Now!

'Chef: Foul! Sierra has to Sit out this game for hitting me!

Lindsay: *throws ball at same time as Sierra and gets hit by her ball*

Sierra: *throws ball at same time as Lindsay and gets hit by her ball*

Cody and LeShawna: *Throws (Each One) a ball to Heather*

LeShawna: *Throws a Ball to Duncan*

Cody: *Throws a Ball to Eva*

Chris: Lindsay and Sierra are out!

Izzy: *gets a ball and throw it but misses*

Cody: *Throws A ball to duncan*

LeShawna: *Throws a Ball to Eva*

Heather: *Gets hit with Duncans and Her balls*

Chef: Heather is out!

LeShawna: *Throws A ball to Duncan*

Cody: *Throws a Ball to Duncan*

Duncan: *Dodges*

(Zanna: Im sick of GODPLAYING!)

Cody and LeShawna: *Throws (Each ONE) a ball to Duncan*

Duncan: *Gets hit*

Cody and LeShawna: *Each one Throws a Ball to Izzy*

Chris: Duncan is out!

Izzy: *dodges*

LeShawna: *Throws a ball to izzy*

Cody: *Throws a ball to Eva*

Sierra: *throws balls at chef* (XD)

Izzy: *dodges*

Chef: Thats it, youve just earned your Self Dinner Duty!

Sierra and Lindsay: *throws balls at chef* (XD)

Cody: *Throws a ball to Izzy*

LeShawna: *Throws a ball to Eva*

Chef:AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Ties them up to a pole By there Undies and every one Laughs*

Sierra and Lindsay: *continue to throw balls at chef* (XD)

Izzy: *gets hit and falls*

Chris: Izzy is out! And that means the Screaming Debuters win! I'll see the Killer Returners at Elimination Ceremony tonight!


Cody: *Makes out With Sierra Big Timee* (XD)

LeShawna: *Starts Dance* We Woon!!!! We Woooooooooooon!!!!!!

Sierra: *makes out with cody even bigger time*

Marshmallow Ceremony (Killer Returners)

Chris: Vote!

Lindsay: heather *continues to throw balls at chef* (XD)

Heather and Duncan: Izzy

Chef: one more time and automatic Elimanaton!

Chris: Chef Calm down, and no, maybe another episode

Chef: Ok

Izzy: Heather

Lindsay: so i can continue throwing?

Chris: Nevermind you play Heather! I'll do something else!

Heather: *Throws ball at Lindsay Hard*

Lindsay: *gets hit by ball in mouth and some of her teeth shatter*

Chris: It looks like Heather is out! *pushes her on boat of losers*

Heather: IT WAS A TIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay: My teeth

Chris: oh when I edited this it wasn't!

(Zanna: Why was TDIMAN here?)

Heather: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(My Brother, ne helps me out)

(Zanna: well he isn't in camp. You do know if you get eliminated you can return, and I think Heather is great to return, i think she just might)

(you broke lindsay's teeth >.<)

(I know)

Ezekiel: So who's eliminated, eh!

Chris: Heather *pushes her in Boat of losers*

Lindsay: hasn't i sufsferesd ensough (just take out the s's :D)

Duncan: Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 5: Go to Sleep, little Baby!


Sierra: *goes to sleep* (XD)

Duncan:*Mad at people who voted for Heather*


Chris: Ok Contestants, your fifth challenge is.........................You must stay up for 24 hours! The team with the most people still up wins! The Challenge starts know!

(Zanna: NO Godplaying...........And please could some of yall go to sleep!)

Duncan: *Keeps eyes open*

Sierra: *was asleep before the challange started*

Chef: Sierras out........ I think!

Chris: No

Izzy: *stays up*

Lindsay: *trips over sierra and lands in some poison ivy* (poor poor lindsay)

Izzy: ouch!

Duncan: *Concentrates*

Lindsay: *gets up and starts itching then and trips over a rock and lands in some 'mud'* (it's not mud)

Izzy: EWW!

Duncan: *Concentrates more*

Lindsay: *bird poops on her*

Izzy: *gags*

Lindsay: *runs off and runs into poison oak*

Izzy: (CONF: poor Lindsay)

Lindsay: *bear comes over and pees on here* (poor, poor, poor lindsay)

Izzy: *shoots bear with tranquilizer gun*

Lindsay: *gets sprayed by a skunk*

Duncan: *Throws up*

Izzy: *smells skunk and passes out*

Lindsay: *falls into a rose bush*

Cody: *Listens to Music on his Ipod* Please don't stop the music,Music,Musiic!!

LeShawna: Listens to music on his Ipod* Get outta my way!!!!,Get no more say......

Lindsay: *vat of rubbing achocal falls from an arioplane passing above onto lindsay* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

LeShawna and Cody: WOOoo WOOoo WOOoooo WOOoo

Cody: Now i know How to get down the Floor (Floor)

LeShawna: Experience in moves you can't Ignore (Ignore)

Cody: But Something About this beat that's got me Hooked (Hooked)

LeShawna: Come over here and take a closer Look (Look)

LeShawna: Cuz I can't get Enough I can't Get enough I can't Stay on the Ground

Cody: WOo I can't Get enough i can't get enough This is taking me NOW


Duncan:* Takes his Ipad 2 out*

Lindsay: *listens to her ipod, but it explodes*

Ezekiel: *is trying to prevent himself from sleeping* Don't sleep, eh! *Dazing but not sleeping yet*

Lindsay: *Bird spews on her* (poor, gross, smelly Lindsay)

Tyler: Come on, skunk, *Tries to lure skunk* Spray me, so I can't sleep with the bad odor *Skunk sprays Tyler in the face* AHHH!!!! MY EYES!!!

  • Ezekiel was about to go to sleep but Tyler's screaming woke him up*

Lindsay: *gets runover by chris's car*

Ezekiel: *Finds an iPod* Oh, maybe, some music will make me stay awake *Plays iPod*

iPod: Rock-a-bye, Lullaby!

Ezekiel: Oh N... (Falls asleep)

Lindsay: *falls off a cliff* (XD)

Tyler: Hey, Lindsay, don't worry, you won't get hurt anymore. I'll just lay you on this hammock and play relaxing music *Does just that*

Lindsay: *hammock breaks and stereo explodes*

Chef: Ezekiel is out!

Tyler: OK, that is it! (Grabs a giant mallet and bonks Lindsay on the head, making her unconsious)

Lindsay: *just cries and runs off*

Tyler: Lindsay, wait!

Lindsay: *gets sprayed by anouther skunk*

Tyler: Lindsay, wait, wait! Don't go, I'm sorry, I was stupid! Look just stay with me, trust me, nothing bad will ever happen to the both of us with me ar... *Skunk sprays Tyler in the face* OH GOD! NOT AGAIN!

Lindsay: *gets sucked up in a mini tornado*

Tyler: Oh no, you don't! *Gets Lindsay out of mini tornado?*

Lindsay: *gets sucked in again with tyler* (XD)


Lindsay: *gets hit in the head with a meteorite*

Tyler: OK, there is only one way to stop this madness *Sprays both Tyler and Lindsay with Sleeping Gas, causing both of them to sleep*

Lindsay: *wasn't in the cloud of sleeping gas and didn't go to sleep*

Tyler: *Almost asleep but still really droozy* Oh no, you don't! *Sprays Lindsay head to toe with Sleeping Gas* Now sleep!

Lindsay: That *sneezes* was *sneezes* sneezing *sneezes* gas *sneezes* *runs away sneezing*

Tyler: Oh No, you don't *Surrounds the forest with Sleeping Gas*

Lindsay: *was out of the forest*

Tyler: *Forced Lindsay to drink entire bottle of Sleeping Gas*

Lindsay: *gags* that was gagging gas (XD) *punches tyler's lights out and runs off*

Tyler: You know what I'm giving up, I was trying to help you get rid of your bad luck, but if you want to live life with bad luck forever, mine, I'm outta here! (Falls asleep)

Lindsay: *wakes him up bu kissing him*

Tyler: Ummm....thanks! By the way I never fall asleep!

Lindsay: it' ok ^_^ *gets struck bty lightning and lives* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: 1 hour left until the challenge is over!

Izzy: *yawns* Wow! Has it been 23 hours already?

Sierra: *is still asleep* (XD)

Geoff: *is awake*

Geoff: *drinks coffee* This is awesome!

(Zanna: could you make Lindsay fall asleep?)

(No, she collapses from exhaustion the second it's over ^_^)

Chris: 1 minute!

Sierra: i was never asleep ^_^

Izzy: *yawns*

Chris: And 24 hours has past! Looks like the Killer Returners Win! See the Screaming Debuters at the Elimo Ceremony!

Lindsay: *collapses and sleeps onto a hedgehog* (XD)

Izzy: *collapses next to Lindsay*

Marshmallow Ceremony (Screaming Debuters)

Chris: Vote!

Sierra: bridgette, she didn't try ^_^

Geoff: Bridge

Chris: Maybe so! But will It be Ezekiel, who fell asleep? Bridgette who didn't try, or all the other people that didn't try? Let's vote and find out!

Tyler: Definately, Bridgette

Ezekiel: Bridgette, at least, I tried not to fall asleep!

Geoff: Farewell Bridgette!

Chris: *pushes Bridgette into Boat of Losers*

Episode 6: All about the Voting!


Duncan: we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy: Yep!

Trent: *relaxing over fire* Yeh we did!

Geoff: *walks back from Tribal Council*

Izzy: *gets in swimsuit and jumps in water*

Ezekiel: Hey guys, eh! (CONF) I can't believe I made it this far in the game, eh! Well, maybe, it's good to be home-schooled, eh!

Geoff: *gets on swimsuit* *jumps in* A little late night swim!

Trent: *stokes the fire*

Tyler: *In swimsuit* Cannonball! *Causes big splash that takes out Trent's fire*

Geoff: *swims around* This is fun!

Trent: Whatever. *relights fire but inhales some smoke and falls on it unconcious*

Izzy: *swims around*

Trent: *wakes up and his hands are severley burned* AHHH!!!!!!!!!!! HELP! MY HANDS ARE BURNED! CALL THE MEDICS!

Izzy: *gets out of water (still in bikini) and picks up Trent and throws him in water*

Trent: I can't take this pain! I can barley even move my hands!

Geoff: *sees Trent in the water* Can someone call an ambulance for Trent?

Chris: He's ok! Izzy is helping him.

Izzy: *takes Trent's hand and washes it in the pool*

Trent: It hurts to move my hands. I can;t help you guys in this state. I quit.

Izzy: *gasps*

Chris: Are you sure?

Trent: Yeh. *tries to picks something up but can't* See. Yes Chris. I NEED SURGERY!

Tyler: Really dude, you just burned your hand. We have people, like Lindsay, that face critical injuries every day and they take it like strong people. You're a wimp!

Chris: Ok Bye Trent! *pushes trent in Boat of losers* There is a hospital where all the losers are! Bye!

Geoff: Bye Trent! (CONF) Now we have one more person than their team!

Ezekiel: Wow, he was pathetic!

Tyler: I'll say!

Duncan: Not cool, Dude not cool

Lindsay: *runs from a small raincloud that's chasing her* AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Geoff: Let's go swimming again! *jumps back in*

Izzy: ok! *jumps in*


Chris: Today we aren't really having a challenge. Each team will just vote off one person! Good Luck! Choose wisely! People who aren't active will be the best to eliminate first!

Marshmallow Ceremony (Killer Returners)

Chris: Vote!

Duncan: Courtney.. she never does anything!

Lindsay: Courtney

Izzy: Courtney

Chris: Well Courtney is eliminated! *pushes her on boat of losers*

Marshmallow Ceremony (Screaming Debuters)

Chris: Vote!


Geoff :Leshawna

Chris: Well LeShawna is eliminated *pushes her on boat of losers*

Geoff: *walks out* (CONF) I am happy the merge is almost here! I just can't wait!

Ezekiel: Well, I'm going to hit the hay, eh! (CONF) Wow, one more episode 'til the merge, I can't wait!

Geoff: Ok! Me too! *goes to sleep*

(When's the next episode?)

(Zanna: in a few minutes)


Episode 7: Man up, and Face your Fears!


Duncan: 4 left, i wish Heather was here

Geoff: *wakes up* What a nice day!

Sierra: my fear is going a day without cody :D

Lindsay: i'm scared of Spiders :|

Duncan: i am Scared of Being Scared! (XD)

(Zanna: in about an hour I will be leaving until tomorrow. I will try to get on the computer at where I am going, but if not we will finish episode tomorrow)

List of Fears

Chris: Please only put your name, then fear under this heading!

Izzy: Heights

Duncan: Being Scared

Sierra: A day without cody

Lindsay: Spiders

Geoff: Needles

Facing your Fears

Chris: Time to face your fears! First up Izzy

Izzy: Crap!

Chris: *pushes her in plane* See Ya later! You gotta stay in there for an hour!

Izzy: Ahhh....Nooo

Chris: Know Geoff!

Nurse: Geoff you gotta get a shot!

Duncan: Hope i go last!

Geoff: *sits down calm and gets the shot* That didnt hurt! And it wasnt bad at all!

Chris: Know Sierra *pushes cody in Limo that takes him away for the day*

(Zanna: I'm trying to speed through this episode! Sorry!)

Geoff: Do I get a point for my team since I faced my fear?

Sierra: CODY!! *breaks down* i need cody, i need cody

Chris: Yes!

Scorekeeper: Killer Returners: 0------Screaming Debuters: 1

Duncan: Me next!

Chris: *gets cody back* Sierra does not get her team a point! Know Duncan! Hey duncan look at Sierra she is SOOOO SCARED!

Duncan: doesnt Fase me

Sierra: but i could handle it, i was talking about my cody doll ^_^

Geoff: Go on Sierra!

Scorekeeper: Killer Returners: 1------Screaming Debuters: 2

1 hour later

Izzy: *jumps out of plane and hits the ground and kisses it*

Scorekeeper: Killer Returners: 2------Screaming Debuters: 2

Sierra: *pushes cody back into limo* i can handle it

Chris: Know Lindsay *puts 10 spiders on her body*

(S321: Dont do it korkori, let Geoff;s team win)(

Lindsay: GET THEM OFF *screams and gets bit so many times she is paralized*

Chris: Well It's a tie! No Elimination tonight!

Geoff: Are we still merging tommorow?

Chris: Yes!

Sierra: but i'm facing my fear... i have seen cody for excatly 7 hours ^_^

Chris: I already counted you

Geoff: Awesome! (CONF) Tommorow is the merge! Now my tribe can pick off the other one one by one!

Sierra: i was looking for my Cody Doll

Chef: we are going to have a Visitor tommorow (You know Zanna) i will give you a Hint: its a contestant

Chris: Yep Tomorrow we will have contestant return!

(Please bring Bridge back!)

(Its H________ she told me)

(I'll believe it when I see it)

(I wish Bridge would come back)

Geoff: *gets his shirt off and gets his swimsuit on* CANNONBALL! *jumps in pool* Wohoo!!!

Cody: Poor LeShawna.......Oh yeah!!! *Takes his Backpack* Sierra!!! Here's your Doll!!

(Zanna: Just to tell y'all I'm a Boy)

Izzy: *jumps in pool*

Geoff: You're looking mighty fine today Izzy! Is Izzy short for something?

Cody: *Listens to Music on his Ipod* You got It? You're Wow Wow Wow Wow!!

Geoff: *in the water* Cody! Wanna come swimming?

Cody: No,Thanks Geoff!!!

Geoff: Ok! Follow me for a moment. *pulls Cody into the CONF* (CONF) We are voting out Duncan when the merge hits tommorow. Got it?

Duncan: *Knocks on CONF* Come on!!!

(You can't hear what me and Cody said in here. Got it?)

Geoff: *gets out of CONF with Cody*

Cody: Got it But.... *Whispers* Rumors says Heather is going to return tomorrow....I was thinking about voting heather off again.....

Geoff: *whispers* Okay. But if Heather wins immunity, we will vote out Duncan. And I will sway Izzy to our side to ensure we have the advantage.

Cody: Got It!! You're a Genius!! Im going to tell sierra about the Plan......

Cody: Hey Sierra!!!!!! Please come here Baby!!!!

Geoff: *relaxes and smiles*

Ezekiel: Hey, guys, what did I miss?

Cody: Let Me inform Him Geoff!!!

Tyler: Inform him, what!

Geoff: *whispers to Tyler and Zeke* We are voting out Heather when she returns tommorow. If she wins immunity, we are voting out Duncan. We will sway Izzy to our side so we have the advantage.

Cody: Got It?

Tyler and Zeke: Yep!

Tyler: We'll do it!

Geoff: Good!

Tyler: (CONF) I never liked Heather or Duncan anyway!

Geoff: Hey I remember this epic story that happened long ago! Anyone want to hear it?

Geoff: I'll tell you later. But there is something else I have to share. Owen is hiding out on the island in the forest somewhere! I heard him the other night and saw him! He said he wished he was in he game and is hiding out until he gets his way!

Duncan: *Heather Calls* Oh, ok. wow, you are!!! thats Great! *Hangs up*

Geoff: So Duncan. What do you think about Owen hiding out on this island? He's in the stae Ezekiel was last season!

Duncan: well, is Creppy, but i love the Story!

Geoff: Trent was an idiot to quit the game.

Duncan: yes, he was

Geoff: I bet if you burnt your hands that badly you wouldn't quit the game. Owen broke his jaw and he didn't quit. But then again, he made a lot of idiotic choices in the game.

Duncan: i know, i broke my hand and i didnt need to Quit SkateBoarding! i still have the Broken hand today! and i didnt need to go to the Hospital either!

Geoff: Wait, your hand is STILL broken?

Duncan: yep!

Geoff: How is that even possible?

Duncan: it is still broken but it is put back into place.

Geoff: Down in Texas where I live, I am always careful! But I am a daredevil too! Where you from?

Duncan: New Jersey

Geoff: You got that accent. Trent said he's from Kentucky.

Duncan: heather is from china!

Geoff: Wait you mean she used to live there or still does? Bridge also lives in Texas.

duncan: still does

Geoff: Owen's from Michigan.

Geoff: What do you think we should name the merged tribe?

Duncan; the Mergers!

Geoff: I found this sea snake a few days ago and named it Balboa. Why don't we call the tribe that? *shows him Balboa the snake*

Ezekiel: When is this day going to end, eh?

Geoff: I don't know.

Duncan: Sure!

Geoff: I wish we would merge already!

Duncan: i Know!

Chef: Dinners ready! *Brings People Chicken Culet with Genital meat* Enjoy!

Geoff: Anyone wanna here that story now? It;s a real one that actually happened.

Geoff: Let me begin. Okay, long ago, before most of us were alive about 30 years ago, there was a host of a game show on this island. His name was Henry Weinstein. The show was a lot similar to this one. Only everyone lived in the woods. One of the contestants name was Derik, but he is better known as the Hash Slinging Slasher! He was clumsly and got hurt often and he was short and thin. One night while he was walking in the woods, he took out a blade and he tripped. And then He ACCIDENYLLY CUT OFF HIS OWN HAND! He frantically tried to glue it back on, but when he did, it was BACKWARDS! He went up to Henry and stabbed him to death! He then ran into the woods and fell behind a bush. He was never seen again. Legend has it that he is still out hiding in these woods! But nobody knows! Although some have claimed to see his body lurking in the woods on foggy nights! And Henry's zombie is said to also lurk the island as well!

Duncan: ................................................

Geoff: What do you think of my story?

Ezekiel: Oh sorry, I was looking at a bird, can you repeat that sorry, again, eh?

Geoff: *shows him a written down copy of the story* Here it is. Now can we JUST MERGE ALREADY!

Izzy: Hey Guys *sits at table*

Episode 8: Be a Star!


Chris: Ok guys today is The Merge! We will start the challenge in a few minutes! Until then, Chat! oh And Welcome back Heather!

Heather: Thanks! (I posted on your talk page that can i have the only Vote)

Geoff: I call the merged tribe Balboa! And I say our color is black!

(Zanna: I'll see)

Izzy : *jumps in pool*

Geoff: *jumps in pool* Hey Izzy. *whispers to her* Jump on to my team's side. We'll keep ypu safe. Vote out Heather, if she wins immunity, vote for Duncan.

Izzy: Team? You mean Alliance. Sure! *swims around*

Duncan: Tyler told me that you had an Allince, can i join?

Geoff: Fine. But vote out Heather. If she wins immunity, vote for Lindsay.

Duncan: i am not voting heather!

Geoff: Fine, vote Lindsay or Eva.

Duncan: Deal

Geoff: Good.

(Change the color to black for the people who made it to the merge)

Izzy: *swims around*

(Zanna: ok)

Geoff: *swims around* *sees a bikini bottom in the water* Uh Izzy?

Izzy: Oh! *picks it up* That was just by skirt. *swims around*

Geoff: Heather. May I speak to you?

Heather: Yes?

Geoff: *walks Heather to the CONF* (CONF) Please vote out Eva or Lindsay.

Heather Deal.

Geoff: Good. *walks out*

Geoff: *gets in hottub* Izzy, come on in the hottub! It's nice and warm.

Ezekiel: (CONF) I can't believe I made it to the merge, this is the luckiest day in my life!

Tyler: By the way, Geoff, I did not tell Duncan about the alliance! He just heard me speak of it while I was sleeping, creep!

Geoff: *pulls Tyler into the CONF* (CONF) Then were still voting out either Heather or Duncan. This is confidential.

Duncan: *Pulls out Tape Recorder Proving that tyler told him about the Allince*

Geoff: *walks out of CONF with Tyler* We're still on board with you.

Heather: * to Izzy* They want to Vote you out *Pulls out tape recorder proving that they want to Vote Izzy* if you cote with me and Duncan: you will have a Chance at winning!

Geoff: *pulls Izzy intO CONF* (CONF) Vote out Heather or Duncan. You must be with someone in the alliance at all times to ensure this.

Tyler: *Tyler joins CONF* Hey, can Lindsay be in the alliance?

Geoff: (CONF) Yeh. We will not go near them to ensure no one from here is in danger.

Izzy: *gets in hottub* Come on Geoff hop in!

Geoff: *gets in* You know the drill right?

Izzy: Yeah! *lays back in hottub and relaxes*

Geoff: *relaxes* You would look good in a white bikini.

(Whens the Challenge)

Izzy: Ok! *gets out and changes into white bikini and hops back in hottub*

Ezekiel: Hey, sorry to ruin the moment, but there's a giant fish in the hot-tub that looks hungry, eh!

Geoff: *gets out of huttub*

  • Shark is near Izzy*

Ezekiel: Oh no, you don't! *Throws hook in the Shark's eye* This fish is getting the hook! *Starts beating up the shark*

Geoff: *grabs Izzy out of hottube and gently puts her down*

Ezekiel: *Drags shark into the shed* Time to get the hook, shark!

  • Ten Minutes Later...*

Ezekiel: *Comes out of shed with a big bowl of sushi* Sushi, anybody, eh!

Izzy: *looks at Geoff* you.....You saved me.....

Geoff: Yes I sure did.

Chef: Dont Eat That, Thats The Posion Sack!

Izzy: *grins* ....... *gets back in hottub*

Ezekiel: *Wipes shark blood off sweater* Oh, come on, I fought the shark, d*mnit!

Geoff: *gets back in hottub* Izzy your hair would look better straight down.

Izzy: Thanks *pulls down hair*

Geoff: And I think if you wore makeup then that would also help.

Izzy: Really...In the pool....No! *laughs and lays back in hottub*

Geoff: *laughs* No I meant in general.

Ezekiel: Oh, you're ignoring me, fine, the next time a shark comes in the hot-tub, I'll just let you die! Bye, eh!

Izzy: *laughs* I Know *lays back and relaxes in hottub*

Ezekiel: *Notices another shark* Let 'em die, eh! *Just walks away, eating sushi*

Izzy: *punches shark*

Shark: *jumps into ocean out of hottub*

Izzy: *lays back in hottub* ............

Geoff: *Lays back in hottub*

Izzy: Soooooooooo...........

Ezekiel: *CONF* There's no respect for the Ezekiel, eh!

Geoff: How are you and Owen?

Izzy: Broke-up a long time ago......

(Zanna: This is different from Total Drama)

Geoff: Why do you always wear that twisted thing for pants?

Izzy: don't like it? *laughs and lays back in hottub*

(When is the Challenge!?)

(Zanna: few minutes)

Geoff: No it looks fine. But a skirt would fit you better.

Izzy: it is pretty much a skirt *lays back in hottub*

Geoff: But your shirt is fine. Where did you get a shirt with an opening in it in the first place?

Izzy: That's for me to know, and you to find out *laughs and relaxes in hottub*

Geoff: *relaxes*

Izzy: *lays back in hottub*

Geoff: This is good.

Izzy: Yep! Sooooooooo..............

Geoff: Not much going on right now.

Izzy: Sooooo....How are you and Bridge?

Geoff: We're still together and doing great!

Izzy: Ohh.....well....I'm going to take a walk in the Woods *gets out and heads for the forest, still in her bikini*

(Um, you forgot the Challenge)

(Zanna: The challenge is in a few minutes)

Geoff: *to Izzy* Wonder how the challenge will be?

(Make sure I win it.)

(Zanna: I dont know about that)

Izzy: *walks through the forest in bikini, alone*

(TDWTF5: Maybe i'm not going to be here.So Just To let you Know I VOTE HEATHER,AND IF SHE HAS INMUNITY,I VOTE DUNCAN.)

Izzy: *walks through the forest in bikini, alone*

Geoff: I'm ready for this challenge.

Eva: *listens to mp3 player* (CONF) I am going to make it far this SEASON! Good thing my anger management has improved. Now, I heard the snobby Heather has returned so I am going to need and alliance to DESTROY HER! (non Conf) Geoff, Izzy, alliance to tackle Heather?

Izzy: Sure! You can join Geoff's alliance with me

Eva: Whos IN IT??!!??!!

Geoff: I am!

(Make sure I win the challenge Zanbanna)

(Zanna: I Don't know about that, depends on how good Geoff is)

(INSF: If you purposly get Zanna to make you win, that is cheating and wouldn't be fair on the others)


(Zanna: Yeah! I don't really know....maybe you should be DQ, but i wont DQ you if you stop! Oh and thanks INSF for your help! Your a great friend!)

(Ok I'll stop amd play fairly)

(So am I DQ'd or not?)

(Zanna: You are not DQ'd but you have a warning!)

Geoff: (CONF) I miss Bridge so much! I just want to at least hear her again!

(Hey, are we going to continue this Talent Show like thing yet?)

Geoff: *takes out cell phone* *calls Bridge* You there Bridge? It's me Goeff

(Send this meesage to the loser joint Zann)

Geoff: *walks through forest* I miss Bridge so much!

List of Talents

Chris: Place your name then talent! You can not chat under this heading!

Izzy: Snake-Dancing

Eva: Nose Breaking xD

Geoff: Drumming

Ezekiel: Can sing the Canadian Anthem

Tyler: Expert at Yo-Yoing

Heather: Can sing Who Says By Selena Gomez

Ducan: Guitar Playing

Cody: Skateboarding

Lindsay: having bad luck (XD)

Sierra: Stalking

Talent Show

Chris: It is time for our talent show! First up is Izzy with her Snake-Dance!

Izzy: *does her snake dance*

Chris: *watches the dance*

Izzy: *finishes dance*

Chris: *claps* Next is Eva with her Nose-breaking!

Ezekiel: Oh, I don't want to be around for this? *Ezekiel runs out of the crowd during Eva's performance*

Cody: Can i perform My Skateboarding?

Geoff: I wanna drum now!

(Zannabanna I know you're on here. Resume the challenge now)

Chris: Well Eva, is in the bathroom, so she will do her talent later. Next is Geoff with drumming!

Geoff: *gets out his drum set* Here it goes! *plays the Moby Dick drum solo*

Chris: *listens to the drumming*

Geoff: *finishes the solo* *sticks his head through drum set* Awooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: *claps* Next is Ezekiel with singing the Canadian Anthem!

Geoff: Hey Chris. It seems like this challenge is going rather slowly. Do you think you should just declare the winner now?

Cody: HEY!!!! What about me??

Chris: Well Ezekiel is hiding from Eva still so, Cody is next with skateboarding!

Cody: Ok!! *Starts Performing* *Listens to Music on his Ipod* No ain't Going Home!!! Oooohhhoo!! *Performs acrobatics in the Air* *Listens to music on his Ipod* But i won't be Alone!! Ohhhoooo!!

Chris: *watches Cody skate*

Cody: *Performs 4 Acrobatics in the Air* *Listens to music on his Ipod* This is what'll happens if you ain't giving your girl what she needs *Performs another acrobatic* Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!! *Finishes*

Chris: *claps* Next is Heather singing "Who Says" by Selena Gomez

(If Natedog doesn't perform within ten minjutes, can you decalre he winner?)

Chris: Well, this challenge has been up for TWO days and should have been done Yesterday! So, everybody who competed today wins! That is Cody,Geoff, and Izzy!

Geoff: Yes! (CONF) You know what I hear now? The bus taking Heather back to the loser joint! Ha ha!


heather: I didnt Sing! *Sings like Selena Gomez*

Heather: *Finshes*

Chris: *claps* That was very good, well I guess Heather wins two! But no more people can get immunity, cause I'm declaring we are finished

Marshmallow Ceremony

Chris: Vote!

Cody: I vote Heather

Geoff: *writes down name* Heather. Your time is up tonight. Here is your ticket back to the loser joint. *kisses vote* From Geoff with love. *;puts the vote in urn*

Heather: Eva (Did you get my message about having Immunity, its unfair)


Duncan:you know what, I Quit! *Leaves on Boat of losers*

Cody: Then if i can't,and Beacause Duncan Quits,I vote Eva.

Chris: Well, No more Elimo Ceremony today! Duncan Quit! NO More voting! Bye Duncan!

Cody: (CONF) Well,Heather Isn't Eliminated,But At least happened just as Geoff and Me Wanted. Farewell Duncan!!! Heather,You're on the List......

Heather: well, you will see me another day

Cody: I'm Tired...I'm Going To sleep Right Now.......

Izzy: *goes to cabin and sleeps*

Cody: *Goes To the cabin and Sleeps*

(TDWTF5: Hey Zanna,When does Start the next Episode?)

Heather: *in nice voice* hey izzy take this *Gives her a 1,000 dollar watch* Keep it! its made of Gold!

(Zanna: right now)

Episode 9: The Good, the Bad, and the Heather!


Heather: *in the Nicest voice ever* how do you like your watch Izzy!

Izzy: It's cool

Heather: if you Cash it in its worth 50,000 dollars! (no Joke, i have one in real life)

Cody: Good Morning Ladies!!

Heather: *Blushes* Hey!

Izzy: Hey! *gets in bikini and gets in hottub*

Heather: *Does Acrobatics Perfect*

Geoff: *gets on swimsuit* Im coming in! *gets in hotub*

Geoff: *to Izzy* You know the drill right? (CONF) Heather better be scared. The only thing that saved her last night was Duncan quitting. If that wasn't the case. There would have been a tie between her and Eva. and since Heather had more votes agaisnt her in the past, she would of been sent home. Tonight, she is getting her ticket on the bus back to the loser joint. Give by yours truly!

(Nate! Dont screw up my lines!)

(Sorry, i just wanted to talk to you)

Geoff: *lays back and relaxes* What a life!

Heather: May i talk to you Geoff?

Geoff: *gets out of hottub* yes Heather?

Heather:*in nice voice* i aplogize for what i did, if you dont vote for me, i will be the nicest person you will ever know! please!

Geoff: Uh... Okay. *gets back in hottbu* (CONF) You think I actually trust Heather? No. I am still getting her ticket ready for her to be sent back to the loser joint. I dont give no one a break in this game.

Heather :Great! (CONF) if i win this challenge i will give my iimmunity to Geoff.

Geoff: *lays down in the hottube* *to self* This is excellent! And it's a sunny day! How long have we been here now? 22 days?

Ezekiel: Hey, guys (CONF) How come Heather gets an episode named after her, that kind of sucks?

Geoff: Hey Zeke. *whispers to him* You know the plans right?

Ezekiel: *Whispers* Yeah, but just one question, if my chance Heather gets immunity today, who are we voting off?

Geoff: *whispers* Lindsay. She's a loose cannon.

Geoff: Bye the way I miss Bridge so much! I have a inflatable decoy of her so I dont get too upset.

Tyler: *Hears Geoff say they'll eliminate Lindsay* NO! Please don't eliminated Lindsay, she isn't a loose cannon. If fact, she hasn't done anything remotely loosy cannony in a long time! Please don't eliminated Lindsay!

Geoff: Fine. We'll eliminate Eva as a second choice. By the way. ME and Bridge are reality starts and have racked in a lot of money. And we're 18 now. So in 5 months, me and Bridgette are GETTING MARRIED!

Tyler: Oh, well...thanks. I though it would have been a lot harder than I though it would be... *Shows Geoff pillow* I had this pillow and everything!

Geoff: Did you hear one word about me and Bridge getting married?

Tyler: How couldn't I, you had them CAPITALIZED! But I thought you had "special" something with Izzy?

Geoff: Well do you have anything to say about that? And no. Me and Izzy are just friends. Nothing more.

Tyler: I don't know, I just think you and Izzy have a better bonding than you and Bridgette? Just saying.

Tyler: Well, you both seem to spend A LOT OF TIME IN THE HOT-TUB!

Geoff: I was in the hottub with Bridge when she was here. Nothing romantic between me and Izzy. Just friends.

Tyler: OK, that's fine, if she makes you happy...than I won't budge, anyway. Thanks for not voting off Lindsay. You rock! See ya! *Walks away to lift weights*

(Hey, when is the challenge going to start)

(Tell Zanna not to start until 6:30 EST and 3:30 EST each day this week)

Geoff: *relaxes in his chair* *looks at his face in his mirror* Wow. I am getting pretty scruffy.

Izzy: *gets in hottub and relaxes* Geoff and Tyler come on in! The hottub feels GREAT!

Geoff: *gets in* Hey Izzy. Me and Bridgette are getting married in 5 months.

Izzy: Good for you! *relaxes in hottub*

Geoff: We're 18 now and we are reality stars with a lot of money. And anyway, everyone in the camp is invited to the wedding!

Izzy: Cool! *lays back in hottub* I'm 17

Geoff: What do you want to do when you're older?

Izzy: Idk *laughs and relaxes in hottub*

Cody: You and Bridgette will Get MARRIED??! That's So cool for You!!! i'm going to tell it to LeShawna!!! *Calls LeShawna* Hello? It's You? I have a big New!! Guess who is going to be Married? No!!! Geoff and Bridgette!!!! Yeah it's Cool!!! Well Bye!!.

Geoff: Yeh. I got her a 14 karrot ring with a solid diamond on it.

  • Eagle swoops in and steals the ring*

(I already gave it to Bridge)

Geoff: i cant wait,

Chris: *an eagle takes Chris away* HELP! HELP!

Izzy: Geoff! Come on! We have to save Chris

Geoff: *runs super fast* *grabs Chris and we fall into the water* *swims out* I saved you!

Izzy: *beats up eagle and puts it in cage* I helped!

Chris: Well since y'all saved me Y'all get Immunity! There is No Challenge Today! Oh and Heather gets To pick who goes home today!

(If Natedog doesnt arrvie within 10 minutes can I choose who goes home?)

(Zanna: Nah!)

Geoff: yes! (CONF) I hipe Heather gets rid of lindsay

Heather: i Pick........ Geoff!

Chris: Geoff is Safe! and So is Izzy!

Geoff: Since Heather has been gone for a while, can me or Izzy decide?

Chirs: Fine! Geoff pick someone to go and Izzy pick another

Geoff: I pick Heather

(Izzy, choose Lindsay)

Izzy: I pick............

(Izzy pick Lindsay)

Izzy: I pick........................*Izzy hears a voice telling her to pick Sierra* Sierra!

(Just pick LINDSAY!)

Cody: Whaaaaaaaaaaat??! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!! My Sierra!!!!!!

Episode 10: Here comes the Bride


Chris: Welcome back Trent!

Trent: Hey there people! My hands are better!

Cody: Thats cool Bro...*Starts to cry* Haw-Haw-How-Haw......SIERRAAAAAA!!!

(Is this the episode where Bridge and Geoff get married?)

Geoff: Hey there Trent (CONF) With Trent back, he can be my new ally! This will be great!

Geoff: Trent, wanna be allies?

Trent: Sure.

Cody: *Whispers* Hey Geoff...I still in the Alliance...Right? *Eats Chocolate*

(Zanna: Yes! But first we will have a wedding-theme challenge! Also, every eliminated contestant gets to come back for the wedding, but not back to compete)

Tyler: Hey, look who's back, Mr. I-Got-A-Little-Blister-And-Because-Of-That-I'm-Gonna-Quit-Like-A-Little-Pansy-Man

Geoff: *pulls Cody and Trent into a bush away from Tyler* Lindsay is going next, Then Tyler.

Tyler: Umm...guys, I'm standing right here!

(Were in a bush AWAY from you! You CANT here)


Character Player
Bride Izzy
Groom Trent
Bridesmaid #1 Lindsay
Groomsman #1 Geoff
Father of Bride Tyler
Pastor Cody
Bridesmaid #2 Eva
Groomsman #2


Chris: For your Challenge you must put on a fake wedding, by acting! Me and Chef will judge The Fake wedding! The two contestants that are the best actors/actresses Win!

Ezekiel: Wait, what's a groomsman?

(Zanna: This is the challenge! After the Elimination Today, we will have the REAL wedding!)

(So Im guessing Geoff is safe then?)

Trent: So I'm getting married to Izzy in this?

Ezekiel: *Checks Wikipedia article* Oh that's a groomsman. Hey, Trent can I be your best man? I've never been best at anything, nevertheless, being a man.

Cody: Where are My Sheeps?

(Zanna: No Survivor)

Chris: Well Trent....This is a Fake wedding. Consider it as a play, because the Two best actors Win!

Trent: Okay Zeke

Goeff: At the real wedding, Trent is my best man

(Wheres the person who plays Bridge)

(Zanna: he doesn't have to be here yet!)

Chris: The Fake wedding Begins NOW!

Trent: *beings to walk down the aisle with Izzy*

Izzy: *walks with trent*

Trent: *continues walking*

Izzy: *reaches alter*

Trent: *reaches alter*

(What about the honeymoon with Geoff and Bridge)

(Zanna: Not Yet! Cody You are the pastor get to the alter!)

Cody: *Walks To The Alter* *Reaches The Alter* *Goes up Stairs* Ok!

(Zanna: Now say the stuff I do to trent and Izzy)

Ezekiel: This is so romantic *Is crying on Eva's shoulder*

Trent: *waits on the alter*

(Izzy come back)

Izzy: *waits at alter*

Tyler: Hey, I'm Father of the Bridge, cool. I've always wanted to wear this... *Puts on fake moustache* Cough, Cough, Cough! *Ruff voice* My daughter isn't going to marry some sluggish green slime like you. *Points to Trent*

Trent: It's not your decision!

(Zanna: I will Be Cody since TDWT_5 isn't here and I want this to be quick)

Cody: Do you Trent take Izzy To be your Wife?

Trent: I do.

Tyler: *Ruff voice* I reject this wedding, D*mnit! I'm the Bride's father!

Cody: Izzy do you take Trent To be your Husband?

Izzy: I do

(Zanna:This is the fake wedding Geoff and Bridge's is after elimo!)

Ezekiel: This is so beautiful! *Crying on Eva's shoulder and then blowing his nose on her shoulder* Sorry!

Cody: Trent you may know Kiss the bride

Trent: *kisses Izzy*

Izzy: *kisses Trent*

Ezekiel: Oh my God! This is like a romantic novel, except this is happening in real life!

Geoff: *claps*

(Can you end the challenge now?)

Chris: Well, That was TERRIBLE! There was only ONE good actor.......Ezekiel! Ezekiel You win the challenge! The rest of you vote!

Marshmallow Ceremony

Chris: Vote!

Geoff: Lindsay

Izzy: Lindsay

Trent: Lindsay

Ezekiel: OH MY GOD, eh! I WON THE CHALLENGE, eh! HORRAY, EH! Anyway, I'm voting for Geoff, because I think that Bridgette and Geoff shouldn't be seperated my this evil island, if they want to be in love!

Tyler: Geoff, he was cool, once. But now he's a jerk!

Geoff: Zeke. Please change your vote to Lindsay.

(Can you end this early for the wedding?)

Chris: Well Lindsay is Gone! Sorry *pushes her on boat of losers*

Geoff and Bridgette's Wedding

(Where is First?)

(Adnd what about the honeymoon?)

Ezekiel: *Pours flowers down in aisle in a suit* Here comes the bride, eh. Here comes the bridge, eh.

Izzy: *walks down isle as Bridge's Bridesmaid*

Geoff: *walks down aisle with Bridge*

(Can you play Bridge zan?)

(Zanna: Sure!)

Bridgette: *walks down aisle*

Geoff: *gets onto alter with Bridge*

Pastor: Geoff do you take Bridgette to be your wife?

Geoff: I do!

Pastor: Bridgette d you take Geoff

Bridgette: I do!

Pastor: You may know kiss the bride

Geoff: *kisses Bridgette*

Bridgette: *kisses Geoff*

Izzy: Awwww

Ezekiel: *Crying on Eva's shoulder* This is just like our previous challenge except this is for real. *Sneezes on Eva's shoulder) Sorry, again!

(Are they going on a honeymoon?)

Geoff and Bridgette Honeymoon

  • plane gets off in Honolulu, Hawaii*

Geoff: We're here Bridge!

Tyler: *CONF* Oh celebrate, your "honeymoon", Geoff, because I'll always remember that you eliminated my boyfriend and tommorow... I will have your head!

Bridgette: What are we gonna do here?

Geoff: There's the beach!

(Can Geoff decide who goes home since he got married?)

Bridgette: *gets in bikini*

Geoff: *gets in swim trunks* This reminds me of the beach you do your surfing show on!

(Come back Zanna)(

(I mean it come back)

Bridgette: *lays down on beach*

Geoff: *lays down on beach by Bridge*

(Since I got married, can Geoff get to decide who goes home?)

Bridgette: *kisses Geoff*

(Zanna: No! Lindsay was already Eliminated! Hurry Your honeymoon up so we can start the next episode!)

Geoff: *kisses Bridgette*

  • 3 days later*

Geoff: *gets back onto the island* Bye Bridge. See you again!

Episode 11: Dance, Dance, Revolution!


Geoff: *relaxing*

Trent: Im guessing you guys had a good time?

Geoff: Yeh! I won a lau! And we dove for pearls and surfed!

Izzy: *gets in Bikini and hops in hottub* Hey Trent come on in!

Trent: *gets in swimsuit and gets in hottub*

Geoff: *gets on swimsuit and gets in* Hey Izzy. Here;s the plan.

Geoff: *whispers* Either Tyler or Zeke will go. They almost got me out the other day.

(Say something Zan)

Ezekiel: Hey guys, please don't eliminate me, I'm sorry I almost got you eliminated, but let me make it up for you. I'll eliminate Tyler today, if he doesn't get eliminated, eh.

Geoff: I hope you mean it.

Tyler: *Comes out of a bush* Hey guys, look, I feel really bad about what I did. I was kind of a jerk to you, Trent, and I purposely wanted you eliminated, Geoff. But seriously, I was in a really bad mood and if you don't eliminated me, today. I'll leave both of you, alone. I promise!

Geoff: I hope you mean that. (CONF) If Tyler thinks he can fool me, wait and see! He is still not trusted and is still getting the boot from me tonight!

Trent: Yeh

Ezekiel: *Waits for Tyler to walk away* Well, anyway, please don't eliminate me. I'm not as stupid as Mr. Dumbell over there *Pointing to Tyler* Please, eh!

Geoff: Fine. You're perfectly safe! *whispers* Cause Mr. Dumbell is getting the first ticket back to Loserville!

Cody: Whispers* Hey Geoff...I'm Safe Too Right ? (sorry about last challenge,i have a little trouble with the internet)

Geoff: Yeh. *whispers* Tyler's next on the chopping block.

(Zan come back!)

Cody: Ok Got It,oh! and Don't Worry Zeke,I'm not going to vote you out.(at least for now).

Izzy: Lays back in Hottub*

Trent: So Izzy. Tyler is getting canned. Okay?

Izzy: Ok! So about the fake wedding we did.......*lays back in hottub*

Trent: Yeh?

Izzy: So how are you and Gwen going?

Trent: Me and her are done.

Izzy: Same with me and Owen *has flashback of the kiss between Trent and Izzy*

Trent: Well I think your a nice gal! *kisses Izzy*

Izzy: *blushes* Oh *kisses Trent in hottub*

Trent: Meet me by the showers! (CONF) I really like Izzy now! She's excellent!

Izzy: Ok?

  • At the showers

Izzy: *arrives*

Trent: *arrives* *goes in* Let's do the next part!

Izzy: ? (CONF: I'm 17.....)

Trent: *gets in stall and takes off swim trunks* No you do it!

Izzy: Ummmm...? (CONF: I don't know)

Trent: Come on. Dont be shy

(Wiat until about 4:30 EST to start the challenge tommorow)

Geoff: (CONF) This is perfect. Now that Trent will do all the dirty work, I am sure to get more jury votes! This is EXCELLENT!

(Come back Izzy)

Izzy: *kisses Trent while still in Swimsuit* I'm sorry but I'm not doing that *leaves*

Trent: That;s fine. I respect your option. *gets clothes on*

Geoff: Wow. *checks off another day on calnedar* 30 days already!

(Please start the challenge Zan)

(Chris please start the challenge)

(Chris please start the challenge already)

Geoff: Can we begin the challenge already?!


Chris: Today your challenge is A Dance-off! First up is Geoff vs Trent!

Geoff: *does the cotton eyed Jo*

Trent: *is doing the Macarana but trips*

Geoff: What do you think?!

(Come back Chris)

Chris: Geoff You Won! Trent you lost! Next Izzy vs. Eva!

Izzy: *does snake dance*

(Since no one else is going to post can you end the challenge now Chris)

Chris: Well! Everybody who hasn't been Active the past three challenges are eliminated. That person is Eva! Sorry *pushes her on boat of losers*

(Start the next episode please Chris)

Episode 12:And then there were 3

Chris: Today no Challenge! 3 people will be eliminated today! 3 people will make it to the final 2! All you have to do is vote!

(Its a three way tie bettween Izzy, Geoff and Cody. Can you jsut end the poll now?)

(Now it's just Geoff and Coyd. Can they be the final two?)

Who should make it to the Final 2

The poll was created at 19:14 on August 9, 2015, and so far 0 people voted.

Chris: Well Izzy, Trent and Geoff Y'all made it to the Final 3!

Cody: What??! But trent did not have any vote,Geoff has 1,Izzy 1,and me 1,I must be on the final 3!!!

Chris: Oh sorry I meant Cody!

Izzy: Bye Trent *kisses him*

Cody: Pheww...Thanks...I'm Really very sorry dude,You do a good Job.

Geoff: Awesome! Final 3! Will there be a challenge?!

Cody: Yahoo!!! Final 3!!! I don't Know...... (Hey survivor,after this camp ends,Let's create a new camp you and Me)

Izzy: Yay Final 3 *kisses Cody and Geoff on Check*

Geoff: Hey Chris, will there be a challenge?

Chris: Yes

Cody: I'm going to try Hard,I want to win this,Or at least came in 2nd Place for Sierra...

(Zanna: Cheese will return but I will play him!)

(TDWTF5: But,He isn't Going to be a contestant...Right? he is only going to cheer the final 3??)

(Zanna: Right)


Chris: Who ever captures Cheese first Wins!

Izzy: Well I quit! I'm sorry but I've made it this far and I'm happy! *smiles* Thanks for having A good Season! Bye! *kisses Geoff and Cody* Good Luck! *swings away on vine*

Cheese: Ahhh *runs*


Geoff: *trips Cheese*

Cheese: *runs*

Cody: *Runs as faster as he can*

Geoff: *puts him in a cage*

Cheese: *escapes cage and runs*

Cody: *Runs Faster* *Touches Cheese*

Chris: You have to actually bring me him in a cage!

Cheese: *runs*

Cody: *Takes A cage* *Runs so very Faster*

Geoff: *grabs Cheese*

Cheese: *bites geoff and runs*

Geoff: *locks hgim in cage*

Cheese: *escapes and runs*

Cody: *Jumps Into Cheese* Waaaaaaah!!! *Puts cheese in the Cage*

Cody: *Runs to chris* I get It!!!!!!!!

Cheese: *escapes and runs*

Geoff: *gives Cheese sleeping pills and grabs him*

Cheese: *chokes sleeping pills up and runs*

Cody: *Jumps into Cheese* *Puts it into a cage* *Runs faster to Chris* CHRIIIIIIIS!!!!

Cheese: *escapes and runs fast*

Cody: *Runs VERY FASTER* *Jumps Into Cheese* *Puts him in the cage* *Runs to Chris Again*

Cody: *GIves cage to chris*

Geoff: *grabs cage* *gives it to Chris*

Cody: *Gets Back The Cage* *Gives it To chris*

Chris: Well It looks like Cody Wins Total Drama: The Return! Here's 100,000$



Geoff: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ISNT FAIR!

Cody: I'm Sorry Geoff *Takes the 100,000 $*

Geoff: *cries* I did all this for nothing! It';s not fair! I got it to Chris first! Can we split the money?

Geoff: *cries in despair* The horror! The total horror! I wanted to win so badly!


  • Geoff is the first contestant to bring a sentient being into the competition.
  • The Gwen-Heather-Courtney-Trent-Duncan Affair is the largest affair in TD History
  • Cheese is the first living being who is a non-competitor in the series.
  • Cody now like Sierra (unlike TDWT)
  • Lindsay has had her teeth shattered, her skin turned black, her hair cut off and a bar of uranium on her back.
  • LeShawna,Cody and Sierra have Ipods.
  • Duncan has an Ipad 2.
  • Lindsay has a bad luck curse.
  • Geoff has a golden tooth.
  • Eva has an mp3 player.
  • Eva's anger management has improved alot.

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