&nbsp 24 tributes will fight to the death from different districts, they will have to train and train until they are on their own, there can only be 1 winner, who will win?, who will die?, and who has what it takes to kill?,

Character Sign-Ups

District 1=Luxury

1. Michael - The Mentally Disturbed Criminal - BlazeHead 51

2. Tank - The Silent Giant - Bigbro263<?strike>

District 2=Masonry

3.<strike> Link - the left handed hero - totaldramamike13

4. Fernando - the Backstabber - CodyDuncanFan97

District 3=Technology

5. Devon - The laid back dude - --TotalDramaFan90 13:03, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

6. Courtney - the Short Quick-Thinker - TDIfan83

District 4=Fishing

7. Arnie- The Weird Kid

8. Flower- The Agressive Beauty

District 5=Power

9. Manolya- The Forest Child- Esther2108

10. Amere - The Anti Hero - Vick0971

District 6=Transportation

11. Zach- The Guy with Hidden Talents- Cody&MikeFan1000

12. Nicholas - The Villain - Vick0971

District 7=Lumber

13.Bakura-Guy with a secret-Bakura13

14.Juri-Evil Girl-Bakura13

District 8=Textiles

15.Grace- The Eccentric - Cody&MikeFan1000

16.Vitani - The Scared Girl - TDIfan83

District 9=Grain

17. Rose- The Weak Girl- Bigbro263

18.Stier- The Hardcore Bully- Cody&MikeFan1000

District 10=Livestock

19. Seth- The Cold-Blooded Killer- CodyDuncanFan97

20.Mai-The EXTREMELY Hot Supermodel-Bakura13

District 11=Agriculture

21. Cody- ????? - ???

22. Hollie- The Sweet Girl - TDIfan83

District 12=Mining

23. Mina- The Miner 49er- CodyDuncanFan97


Death Chart



Cause of death

  1. of days survived



Stabbed in the back by a spear. Killed by Grace




Impaled by spear, then his throat was slit. Killed by Courtney



13th Stabbed and Joust multiple times. Killed by Zach 3


8th Eaten by a Mutant Lizard 3


14th Shot by an arrow. Killed by Link 3



Shot in the chest by bow and arrow. Killed by Seth




Blew up in his shelter. Killed by Mina




Exploded by a bomb. Killed by Mina



4th Stabbed by a sword. Killed by Zach. 4


3rd Stabbed in the back of the head by a knife. Killed by Juri. 4


1st Mauled to death. Killed by Beast. (JK :{D) 4


7th Impaled in the head by a sword. Killed by Zach 3


2nd Stabbed in the back. Killed by Zach. 4


11th Shot by an arrow. Killed by Hollie 3


12th Stabbed in the head by a spear. Killed by Hollie 3



Stabbed in the back by a sword. Killed by Michael



5th Drowned. Killed by a Hurricane 4



Killed by toxic gas released from a bomb. Killed by Mina



10th Shot by an arrow. Killed by Hollie 3
Hollie 6th Stabbed and beheaded. Killed by Zach 4
Cody 9th Stung by Trackerjackers. 3


Sliced in the back, but sets off an explosive. Killed by Vitani




An arrow was shot onto his neck. Killed by Flower



Link: hi all people

Announcer: Welocome to the best death arena ever in a million years!

Fernando: *walks up to Link and Announcer* They're all going down, because I know how to play-not that we were trained or anything *scoffs*

Courtney; Don't be so quick to judge, Mr. Full-of-Yourself. All you were training for was your death as soon as I walked in the door.

Michael: greetings fellow competitors...

Devon: I'm so scared.......

Announcer: So guys, are you guys nervous?

Fernando: Not really, it's these guys that need to worry.

Courtney: We'll see *rolls eyes*

Fernando: Yeah, we will see >:{)

Tank: *Walks in silently and sits down*

Courtney: Hello.

Fernando: *stares at Tank* Ignoring a lady like that isn't right. *leans closer to Courtney*

Courtney: *puts hand on Fernando's chest and pushes away forcefully* No thanks.

Tank: *Stares at Fernando*

Fernando: What are you staring at?

Arnie: * a pale kid with overallas walks in* *frowning in a monotone voice* Hey. *snorts*

Fernando: *disgusted by Arnie*

Arnie: *walks right up to Fernando* Hey *snorts* I collect lint *takes out a large lint ball* I got this from my pockets last summer, wanna touch it?

Fernando: *sarcastically* Sure, then I'll beat myself with a hammer *flicks lint onto the ground*

Arnie: *randomly hugs Fernando*

Fernando: *pushes him off* Normally, a person will scream, but I'm not like that. Excuse me for a minute. *walks into another room where he screams and cusses. walks back in.* See, all better.

Announcer: Now today, all you guys will train until the big day, 24 of you will enter, 1 will come out!. Good Luck

Fernando: My role model is Cato and he uses a sword. *Takes out sword* This sword has secrets which I will not reveal, but it's your worst nightmare >:)

Arnie: *tries to hug the announcer*

Fernando: *laughs at Arnie*

Flower: *comes in* I'm Flower.

Arnie: *walks right up to Flower and hugs him* Hey *snorts* Wanna see my lintballs? Or read food ingridients with me?

Fernando: What's up with you hugging people? *raises eyebrow*

Arnie: To be nice *snorts* *picks his nose and pulls out a booger* Wanna touch it?

Fernando: No thanks.

Arnie: *counts the grass spades* 1,2,3,4,5

Fernando: *slices grass spades with sword.* There's only zero.

Arnie: *snorts and reads ingridients on a m n m label* food coloring, sugar

Fernando: *slices up the m n m label* Where did you get that?

Arnie: *snorts* Home

(I'm gonna reveal that Arnie simply is pretending to be this moron who tricks people. Nobody knows it okay?)

Fernando: Hope you said goodbye because you're not going to be returning home.

Arnie: That's what you think, ya dunderheard.

Fernando: *puts sword under his neck* Sometimes I can't control my temper or my sword.

Arnie: *kicks the sword out of his hand and takes out his fishing pole* *holds the rusty sharp hook and puts it by his chest* Try that again please.

Courtney: *gets up and glares at both of them* Stop. Now.

Fernando: *quickly takes out knife and knocks fishing hook away. Steps on it.* Whatever you say. *Picks up sword*

Arnie: *picks up fishing hook again and knocks the weapons out of his hands* *ties the line around his neck extremely tight and he goes blue*

(Dude, please play along with it. It will go int othe plot for Fernando to be his victim)

Fernando: Game hasn't even start yet. If you kill me now, then you'll probably be killed too. I'm just saying.

Courtney: *walks past Arnie* *stops and whispers* If you don't stop annoying him, you'll be his first kill, so if I were you I'd stay out of his way.

Arnie: Ok, Princess whatever you say. *runs off laughing like a maniac*

Courtney: *waits until he runs out of earshot* God, can you get anymore annoying? *rolls eyes*.

Fernando: *To Courtney* Thanks.

Courtney: *turns to Fernando* If you don't kill him in the bloodbath, I will.

Arnie: *in a cave scheming* I got it!! *laughs evilly*

Courtney: *To Fernando* So, are you gonna kill him, or should I?

Arnie:*runs off in the woods, making his scheme* A little bit of this! And that! PERFECTOO!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney: O_o *backs away slowly* isn't paying attention and flips backward over chair* Oof!

Arnie: *marks up his territory and makes a large wooden fence so no one can get over it*

Courtney: Uh, you know Arnie, the games haven't even started yet!

Arnie: I'm planning ahead unlike you and your boyfriend! *puts up a keep out sign*

Courtney: Boyfriend? *faces turns red* *gets angry* YOU'RE GONNA WISH YOU HADN'T SAID THAT WHEN THE GAMES BEGIN YOU LITTLE-

Devon: So people actually die here huh?


Courtney: *cools off* *turns to Devon* Yep.

Courtney: Lonely and bored. Isn't anyone else gonna talk?.......Guess not.

Arnie: *slides his hair back* Temper, temper. Wouldn't wanna raise my blood pressure too much. He may dump ya. *laughs*

Courtney: *laughs*Yeah........ *turns around and punches Arnie in the face*

Arnie: *ducks and hops the other direction* Missed me! *laughs*

Courtney: *blows my long brown bang out of my face* Whatever. *starts to walk away* *snaps back around suddenly* You just watch your back in the Games, or you'll be my kill.

Arnie: *mocking Courtney* You just watch your back in the Games or you'll be my kill *normal voice* Bullsh*t!!*laughs*

Courtney: And by the way, Fernando is NOT my boyfriend.

Arnie *sarcastically*: Suuuuuuuuure he isn't, and I'm a male hooker!!

(Can you make it where she actually does like him? It would be sweet.)

Courtney: Who the eff said that? And yes you are.

Arnie: *laughs and boards up the walls* Got my own lil paradise here!!

Coutrney: How could he even be my boyfriend anyway? We come from different districts if you didn't notice

Arnie: District shmistrict! That doesn't make a difference!

(Pleaseeeee. I think it would be nice if she had a crush on Fernando.).

Courtney: *looks down* Even if I did like him....he'd probably kill me anyway.

Fernando: *To Arnie* You got insane.

Courtney: Hear hear! Thank you!

Zach: *Arrives Late* S-Sorry I'm late...

Fernando: We still need more people, but you just missed the great part. *To Arnie* Is that paradise sound-proof?

Courtney: *To Zach* Finally, hopefully someone normal! *holds out hand* I'm Courtney.

Zach: *Doesn't know how to interact with people* Uh, *holds out hand* I'm Zach...

Courtney: *laughs and shakes hand* You'd think that you'd know how to interact with other people, since you're from the Transportation district.

Fernando: She's got a point.

Zach: *Blinks* Yeah...

Fernando: How long do you think you'll survive with maniac running around?

Courtney: If we work together, we can outlast him.

Tank: *Ignores the others and trains at the hand to hand combat station*

Fernando: All three of us? *Looks at Courtney* I wouldn't mind that.

Courtney: Who the Effie Trinket just erased an enitre paragraph of dialogue?

Courtney: *looks at Fernando* I'm sure you wouldn't.

(Seriously who just deleted all of that?)

Fernando: I have to break the fourth wall to say this but I did NOT delete the dialogue because my sister was using the computer. We only have one and have to rotate every thirty minutes. Just check the History.

Zach: I can't take it anymore! I accidently did it while I was trying to say something.... I'm really sorry...

Courtney: It's fine, Zach. It's just dialogue. No harm done.\

Flower: :/

Zach: *Leaves everyone alone*

Courtney: So, about the team, *whispers* who are we taking out first?

Fernando: *whisper* Someone who's the biggest threat. Basically, only you, Zach, Arnie, and me have been talking. I guess Arnie.

Fernando: Since no one is here, I'm going to train in secret. Hmm, not really a secret if you say it out loud with seven others listening.

Manolya: Hello everybody.

Devon: Hi.

Courtney: Hi Manolya. I'm Courtney.

Zach: *Hiding behind Courtney* I've never talked to someone from the Power District, what if they crush me with power? I'm not sure I know how to deal with that....

Courtney: They can't crush you with power, power for them is like mind power. But they can outwit you, so you still have good reason to avoid them.

Michael: (overhears Zach) go for it buddy, she'll like you more for it.

Courtney: Um, what do you mean by that, Michael?

Arnie: Hey people! Welcome to paradise! *opens doors* We got everything from jacuzzis, pools, tiki bars, complete with fake rocks!! *knocks on em*

Tank: *Rolls eyes and walks over to the fire building station*

Arnie: Fine! Miss out! But when you people are out starving, don't come crying to me!!

Michael: we won't.

Courtney: Sorry, I don't take the easy way in life. My group and I will be just fine.

Amere: So this is the Hunger Games, ok then

Arnie: Look, look. I get it. I see that you and your boyfriend want to do this the "tough guy" way! Personally *chuckles* I call it THE DUNDERHEAD WAY! But if you wanna be eaten by wolves, or kidnapped or something like that, be my guest! But don't say I didn't warn you! *smirks and laughs evilly*

Courtney: *glares, then softens look* You still won't get me to come in.

Arnie: Fine, fine, I told you so! *shuts the door and Gilligan's Island theme is heard playing in the background* *laughing hysterically*

Courtney: *gets angry and throws spear at door, causing it to collpase* I am going to CRUSH you!

Arnie: Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure ya are! By crushing me, you mean "throwing your diapers at me!" *laughs, throws the spear in a nearby river and locks up the door*

Flower: ??

Arnie: *builds another layer on the door, makes a roof and locks the door* Ahhh, privacy,

Tank: *Takes a fire starting kit to Arnie's fort and starts to set it on fire*

Arnie: AHHH!!! *bursts out quickly with his fishing pole, some water and snacks and runs away*

Tank: *Laughs and then continues training*

Arnie: *reaches a mountainous area far away from the others* I gotta set up my new camp here and blend in *starts building a new campsite hard to see*

Zach: *Hiding behind Courtney* I'm not sure I know how to deal with insane people....

Arnie: *cooks fish*

Courtney: *pulls Zach in front of her* I know you don't know how to deal with a lot of things, and I know I am an attractive person and that's why you're hiding behind me, but if you're gonna survive in these games, you'll need to learn to become less attatched. What if I die? What if Fernando dies? You'll have nobody to hide behind. So learn now how to be on your own and you won't have to worry when the Games begin.

Arnie: *fastens a spear*

Courtney:.......I'm gonna go see what Arnie's doing. *runs up the mountain to where Arnie is hiding*.

Arnie: *hears someone coming, makes a decoy and runs out into the woods with his weapons*

Courtney: *finds the real Arnie* What are you doing up here!? Aren't we supposed to be training instead of me chasing you down in this mountain?

Link: ugh im board when do we start i wanna kill! hehe

Courtney: You wouldn't hurt a lady?

Courtney: Are you, debating that or something?

Zach: *Breaks up the fight* Guys S-stop....

Fernando: *coming from nowhere* We should go train.

Arnie: Forget training! *runs off*

Fernando: Bye!

Arnie: Shut up!!! *launches a rock at him*

(Please don't godplay)

Fernando: Okay, I deleted it. I'm going to train *Runs off*

Arnie: Forget it *goes to his fort*

Zach: *Thinking* What should I train for?

Courtney: I'm going to train at the spear-throwing station. *throws spear, and hits a bullseye*

Zach: You're really good at that, Courtney.

Courtney: Thank you ^_^

Juri:Hey losers!*Practices spear throwing*

Zach: *Intimidated* *So quiet nearly no one can hear* I'm not sure how to deal with punks....

Bakura:I know right?

Zach: *nods*

Seth: *walks in* You might as well give up now. *spots an animal and runs up to it. Returns bloody* Meat. *licks lips*

Mina: *Scoffs* How dare you kill an innocent animal? Now, if you excuse me, I have to throw some mining bombs into the woods. *Opens purse with many bombs.* Don't worry, they're not filled with gunpowder, yet.

Fernando: *Looks at Mina in amazement* That's a lot of bombs.

Manolya: be wary of where you lay those bombs- there are deer and rabbits everywhere.

Seth: *licks lips* Delicious!

Fernando: *walks away and begins sword training*

Mina: *locks eyes with Manolya and nods. She begins to walk away*

Manolya: So how do you guys plan on winning?

Tank: *Looks at manolaya and cracks his knuckles while smiling*

Courtney: AWWW, you didn't save any meat for me!? >:(

Zach: W-Why would you eat it raw......I'm not sure I know how to deal with that.....

Rose: H-hi sorry I'm late...

Zach: No offense.... but this is character personality stealing.

(Don't worry her personality will be nothing like Zach's)

( Then sorry. :) From Zach.)

Michael: zzzz...(CONF) OK, reality check. my crimes are behind me. i'm nothing like my sterotype.......or am i?

Stier: *Poking Michael with a stick*

Michael: (wakes up, snaps Stier's stick in half, and falls asleep again)

Mai:Hey everyone!

Bakura:HOLY S**T! Your boobs are HUGE!!!!

Stier: I hate to break it to ya' *Gets Bakura in a headlock* This ain't a dating place!

Arnie: *hides in his fort* They'll never find me here!

Mai:*To Bakura* how about you help me? I'll let you live!


Stier: *Keeping Bakura* No way dweeb! I ain't done wit' you! *Noogies Bakura*

Mai:Don't be mean to him!*Punches Stier in the face*

Stier: *Covering his face* My nose!

Juri:Hmm... maybe the 3 of us should team up.

Bakura and Mai:Agreed!

Stier: So ya' gonna leave me out!? *Throws Zach at Them*

Courntey: Dont touch Zach!! *throws Stier*

Link: why am i with the back stabber?!

Day 0 Training (Chat)

Mai and Bakura:*Practices spear throwing*

Stier: What does she see in him? *Using Zach as an armrest*

Zach: Maybe.... because.....

Juri:*Practices using knives*

Courtney: I'd thank you kindly to get off of Zach *grabs Zach* Everyone knows he's MY peon.

Juri:*Sees Mai and Bakura* Wow....Mai must be really into albinos.

Stier: Who do they think they are stealin' mah' nerds!?

Juri:Calm down! Your voice is ridculously loud!

Stier: *Scoffs* Then obviously you dunno how to be powerful.

Juri:Oh yeah B***h?*Kicks Stier in the kiwis*

Courtney: *pushes Juri aside* Zach isn't your nerd, freak. He's my friend. Stay away. *holds spear under neck* Got it?

Mai:*Stares and watches*

Stier: *High Pitched* Yeah, got it....

Courtney: You'd better. *Turns to Juri* Continue.

Juri:*Kicks Stier in the kiwis again* Wanna help Courtney?

Courtney: I would, but I can't. I have more important business to take care of. But this is here if you need it. *lays spear on ground and nudges toward Juri*

Stier: *Yells as loud as he can and faints*

Juri:*Grabs spear and points it at Stier*BRING ME A SODA!!!!!!

Grace: *Quickly grabs Juri's spear and runs away*

Bakura:I like pudding!


Vitani: *pushes Courtney down* Out of my way Stub!

Courtney: Hey! Ow! *brushes off dirt*

Courtney: Give me my spear back Grace! I need it.

Grace: Ok! *Throws back spear but hits Zach's foot*

Zach: Ahh! AHHH! OH MY... AHHH!

Courtney: *helps Zach* I got the spear! *pulls spear out of Zach's foot*

Zach: Neosporin! Get me some Neosporin....

Courtney: *pulls Neosporin out of pocket and throws to Zach*

Grace: *Jumps down and lands on Zach's foot*

Zach: Agh!

Courtney: *glares at Grace* Are you TRYING to kill him!/ Because you're doing a good job!

Grace: Oops! Heh-heh! His fault!

Zach: You impaled and jumped on my foot! *Done bandanging foot*

Tank: *Laughs at Zack*

Zach: *Hiding behind a rock* I'm not sure I know how to deal with torment.....

Mina: *throws bomb. It explodes knocking Tank and Grace out of their feet.

Fernando: Nice throw.

Mina: *smiles* Thanks

Seth: Who has meat?

Zach: *looks out from rock to see Mina and Fernando and shyly comes out*

Devon: This is too easy.

Tank: GRAAAAAAHHH *Gets back up and tackles Mina*

Mina: *screams*

Seth: MINA! *gets hunting knife out, but spots rabbit.* MEAT!

Fernando: *tackles Tank, but falls backwards.*

Zach: *Undercoinfident but tries to attack Tanks but gets flinged across the forest*

Tank: *Gets off Mina* YOU ARE ALL LUCKY THE GAMES HAVEN'T STARTED OR YOU WOULD ALL BE DEAD BY NOW!!!! *Stomps off over to the spears and throws them at dummies*

Fernando: *gets up and returns training*

Mina: *gets up* First target has been decided.

Rose: A-are you guys allright?

Mina: *rubs dirt off* I'm okay, thanks for caring.

Seth: *returns* Who wants meat?

Fernando: All you're going to do is hunt animals?

Seth: Yeah, why?

Zach: *Comes back from woods covered in something black*

Arnie: *in his fort, far away from everyone else*

Rose: Ummm.... is there anyway I can help you guys?

Zach: Uh, N-no not really.... Not to make you feel useless but.... um.... I'll just go....

Rose: Oh, ok, I just thought that you would take as much help as you could to take down those 2 psychos Tank and Arnie but if your fine without me I'll just leave. *Turns to leave*

Zach: W-Wait no! *Face turns a little red* Y-You don't deserve to go alone...Y-you're important to me at least... *nervous and starts to walk away*

Mai:*Whispers to Zach* Don't give up! If she's important you, help her in the ring.

Manolya: Somebody mentioned hurting animals? Well- not on my watch! *kung foo kick and flies through air* Oh yes! Hey- anyone looking for an alliance? I'd be happy to help you!

Courtney: Uh, Zach, why is there swamp muck on you?

Rose: Th-thanks. *Blushing* I'll help anyway I can! *Runs away to train*

Flower: *to Rose* Hello. My name is Flower.

Zach: *To Courtney* This isn't swamp muck...

Link: practicing with master sword (jk)

Michael: (doing target practice with a sniper rifle)

Mai:*Approaches Zach and Rose* Do you mind if we join you guys? Juri's a bit too....evil....

Arnie: *practicing with a fishing hook in his fort*

Zach: *Blinks* Um, sure Mai..... If it's ok with Rose I mean.....

Rose: Oh, uh, Y-yeah. If Zach's ok with it I am too.

Stier: Zach's got a girlfriend! Zach's got a girlfriend! *Gets Zach in a headlock and noogies him*

Zach: Cut it out!

Fernando: *unsheathes sword* Let him go, Stier!

Seth: *holds up dead animals* Who wants meat?

Mina: *activates bomb, stands next to Fernando* I'll use this!

Stier: What? I can't tease my little bro?

Zach: *Nervous*

Fernando: You can, but sometimes it goes too far.

Mina: Yeah!

Seth: I want meat! *bites meat, spilling the blood near Stier*

Stier: Well check this out! *Cuts Zach with a knife*

Zach: *Black blood sprays near Stier and cringes*

Flower: Leave Zack Alone!

Stier: *Throws Zach on the ground* As If I need the dork!

Zach: *Crawls behind a rock*


Stier: Calm down, beauty.

Flower: *blushes a little* Uuuh well.........I'll.........nvm...............*walks off*

Stier: *Picks Zach up behind Rock* Prepeare for pain! *Punches Zach repeatedly*

Zach: Ugh...

Courtney: GET AWAY FROM HIM! *punches Stier and stabs him with a spear*

Michael: ENOOOOOOOUGH!!! (shoots Stier in the head with the gun)

(Nope. I thought there were no guns in the hunger games? And you can't say he snuck one in)

Courtney: *hugs Michael* THANK YOU SO MUCH! HE WAS SO ANNOYING! *realizes what she is doing and quickly backs away*

Michael: your very welcome. (CONF) (smiles in shock)

Zach: *By Stier's dead body* Big bro.... *teary eyed* Big Bro! *Slaps Stier's face* Wake up! WAKE UP! *drops Stier's body* Big bro.....

Bakura:WAit you two are actually brothers?

Mai:This is sad....

Michael: now i'm going into the woods, and if anyone follows me..(does the cutting throat motion, then walks away)

Zach: *Before Micheal leaves he grabs him by the collar* How could you kill big bro!? How!?! TELL ME HOW!?!?

Michael: (slaps Zach's hands off of him and pins him to the wall) he....HAD IT do me a favour and leave me...alone....(walks away and vanishes into the woods)

Zach: You're first. Prepare to die. In the name of Stier I will avenge Big Bro.

Courtney: *follows Michael into the woods*

Zach: *Sitting by Stier's Body* I'll never leave your side....*Teary Eyed again* Big Bro.....

Courtney: *scares Michael and laughs*

Training Day 2

(The creator asked me to change everything becasue of complaints of godplay everyone is alive again and we're restarting, training ends April first)

Fernando: *trains in sword arena*

Seth: *practices hunting skills*

Mina: *practices throwing bombs. Walks up to Fernando and Seth.* Wanna be in a alliance?

Seth: Sure!

Fernnado: Whatever you say, Mrs. I Throw Bombs

Mina: *sarcastic* Cute. *continues training.*

Zach: *Training at the sword area by practicing his jousts and stabs*

Fernando: You're getting better Zach. Keep it up! *cheering not sarcastic*

Zach: *shy smile and keeps jousting and stabbing but much faster*

Seth: I use a bow and arrow, a knife, and my senses. *sniffs Fernando.* You had a peanut butter sandwich before you came.

Fernando: How'd you know?

Seth: I was raised by animals ever since that tragic day. They taught me how to sharpen my senses. I can find you wherever you are with a smell sample.

Mina: I'm a miner. I invent my own bombs and wear the new mining suit. It can't be broken by anything sharp.

Fernnado: *thrusts sword at Mina, but it bounces back* Impressive.

Zach: *Hiding behind Stier* I've never seen a miner before....She has bombs too, I'm not sure I know how to deal with that....

Stier: It'll be fine little bro.

Tank: *Laughs at Zach*

Grace: *Randomly sits on Tank's shoulder*

Devon: *Trains with a bow and arrow*

cody: so hungry can we just start so i can win?

Devon: Yeah I'm hungry too, what is there to eat?

(To whoever is Cody, please sign your name in the sign ups and tell us your username so you're actually considered a competitor)

Mai:I'm so bored........

Juri:*Practices spear throwing*

Manolya: *Flies through air throwing knives at dummies* Oh yes!

Michael: (punching a punching bag)

Devon:*Looks Around* Wow, tough competition here.

Vitani: *throws knives*

Courtney: lol Cody, you don't stand a chance. *throws spears*

Stier: *Practicing with an axe*

Grace: *Practicing spear techniques*

(Whoever is editing the death chart and character sign-ups other than ME or the creator please stop. Final Warning or I will ask the creator to remove your characters ~Zach)

(Why should YOU be the only one to edit the death chart other than the creator? It's not like you'd record any of MY kills. And besides, if it weren't for ME, YOU wouldn't even know about this camp. And btw, the only reason why I updated the sign-ups was because we didn't know who Cody was and I wanted to make another character. So zip it.)

(And plus, you never update it. SOMEONES gotta be the tough guy and take control here. And I'm not even a guy! How are we gonna know who's playing officially if you or the creator never update it!? I took control and put the latest names in the death charts. I only did what's good.)

(First of All,*sarcastic* that's really cute, second of all the creator told me to do it smart one. I would have updated it, but I couldn't find the time, I was waiting for a response from the user that's Cody, so that I could update it, and now say goodbye to your characters unless the creator says otherwise. ~Zach)

(OK, you know what? Everyone can just go about their buisness in this Camp, I'll handle it later. So Resume Training! ~Zach)

Link: still trainng: hey fernando i think i know you are you in the total drama the adventure season your

Zach: *Walks up to Courtney* Look....I'm sorry...can you forgive me?

Mai:Man this is boring! It's the worst 24 way I've ever been a part of!

Bakura:Too much info.

Zach: You need to have patience, patience is a way to see, what you couldn't before, so you need to open your eyes, and see what you couldn't before.

Courtney: Of course I can forgive you Zach! :)

Zach: *smiles* Well, that's great. I'm going to go back and practice with my sword.

Manolya: Can we use guns in this?

Fernando: *training*

Seth: My animal tracking senses are tingling.

Mina: *throws bombs*

Manolya: *dodges bombs* thats all you got? *sees cannon* cool! *fires cannon into distance* oops.

Mina: I visited a radioactive island and made some nuclear bombs. I think the island was called Wawanakwa.

(OK A note from Zach; Guns actually aren't allowed, the creator told me. ~Zach)

Link: so how is this going to work are we going to vote who to kill or are we just gonna kill whenever we want?

(You just kill whoever you want, when the bloodbath starts, AKA Tomorrow. ~Zach)

(are there animals in this arena?)

(In the bloodbath, but not in the Training Sorry for late response, ~Zach)


(Why isn't Seth's name on the death chart? ~CodyDuncanFan97)

(Oh, sorry, I will put that in immediately. ~Zach)

Grace: Not as much as I do!

Link: spots grace and is in bow and arrow range

Bloodbath Day 1= (Ends at 10:50)

Anouncer: Get ready guys!, 10......9......8.....7.....6......5.....4.......3......2....1., FIGHT!!!!

Zach: *Getting a head start on running a safe distance from everyone, and starts hiding out of sight*

Link: grabs master sword knife water and crackers and bread pack tent and bow and arrown and hides on the far side of the isle

(are we talking about 10:50 in america or something???)

Manolya: *runs and jumps high into a tree*

Michael (hides in the woods)

Mai:*Drags Bakura* into the woods*

(Yes It started 7:00 PM EST in America and Ends 10:50 EST in America ~Zach)

Link: spots zach he cant hear me

Bakura:*Finds a cave* I think we can stay here Mai.

Mai:I'm tired......

Bakura:You go to sleep I'll keep watch.

Mai:*Falls asleep*

Zach: Well, I better keep running. *Runs away from everyone until he is DEFINTIELY out of sight*

Mina: *watches through binoculars as Zach goes out of sight.* We have to stick together everyone.

Seth: *slides down trees* I got a bow and arrow and meat!

Fernando: *unsheaths sword.* Let's go get them!

Mina: *Hides where no one could see her.*

Seth: *hides in trees where no one could see him.*

Fernando: *hides with Mina.*

Flower: *runs*

Mina: *whispers* My bombs are fully loaded so whoever kills me will die instantly.

Fernando: *moves further from Mina*

Seth: *whispers* I can see everything. *spots Flower running, Link walking, and a cave.* *aims bow and arrow*

Flower: *aims a bigger bow and arrow*

Juri:*Creeps towards Seth and kicks him in the back of the head*

Seth: *falls but shoots bow and arrow. It misses Juri, but he lands into a stream and is lost from view.*

Mina: *gets bomb ready.*

Bakura:Hm......I should probably find another ally. I can't protect Mai all by myself. I should go find Zach!

Seth: *pops out of water. SUPER FAR from everyone else.* Where am I? I don't see anything or anyone. *looks around and hides*

Fernando: What's the plan?

Mina: You'll see *smiles*

Mai:*Wakes up* Bakura what're you doing?

Bakura:We need another ally, so I'm going to look for Zach.

Mai:I'll come too!

Fernando: Look. *spots Bakura and Mai coming out of the cave.*

Mina: I don't care about them. I have a bigger threat to kill.

(Um, I think you meant that it was Mina talking)


Bakura:Zach? Where are you?

Mai:Not so loud, anyone could be watching us.

Fernando: They're getting close. *rus but in between bushes.*

Mina: Coward *Looks at clock. Killings are about to begin*

Bakura:*Sees clock* oh crap, killings are soon!

Mai:Let's just find Zach and get back in the cave!

Mina: Caves are my speciality. *throws bomb inside cave. It explodes.*

MIna: *Runs after Fenando. Throws bombs as she runs, setting the forest on fire. Makes it out alive and hides in a different cave far away.


Courtney: *scoops up Vitani and carries, running* We're out of here! *hides deep in the woods where nobody can find them.* *sees Zach* Please don't kill us! *pleads*

Bloodbath Day 2

Mai:*sees cave explode* No it's gone!*Cries*


Mina: YES! Whoever is in that forest better get out, because they will be dead!

Fernando: *runs into cave.* Mina, who do we kill?

Mina: SHUT UP *points to Mai who is crying* She'll hear us.

Mina: *leaves cave through back entrance along with Fernando. Gasps. Arnie's shelter is right in front of it. Hears Arnie laughing. Throws bomb inside shelter. Flanes erupt killing Arnie and destroying the shelter.

Stier: *Gets Mina in a headlock* Listen, you're not gonna kill me, *Takes out knife* If you do I'll kill you, if Fernando or anyone else tries to kill me, you'll die too.

Mina: If you kill me a bomb goes off, killing you too. I explained that in Day 1.

Fernando: *shoots a dagger knocking the knife out of Stier's hand and into the fire.

Mina: *escapes and puts on her hood. Take sout bomb* This bomb is a Toxic Gas bomb. It can kill you instantly. Fernando, put on your mask.

Fernando: *puts on mask and runs*

Mina: *throws the bomb at Stier exploding on impact. Runs and throws bomb making rocks trap Stier on both sides. Runs out of the cave and makes a U-turn to Arnie's shelter. Waits a few minutes and opens cave. Sees Stier's dead body.*

Fernando: Let's go Mina! *runs and hides*

Mina: *runs and hides*

Juri:*Kicks Stier in the back of the head and takes his knife*

Bakura:Mai what's-*Sees cave exploding*

Mai:What are we gonna do now?

Mina: *far away from Bakura, Juri, and Mai* I know for a fact that Stier is dead, but not to sure about Arnie.

Fernando: Who cares? We have to survive and find Seth! *takes of mask*

Mina: *takes off mask and throws bomb to the left. Runs the opposite direction and enters a dirty stream*

Fernando: *follows Mina into a stream.*

Stier: *Giving his last dying breath* Zach...I was....a fool...*Is now dead*

(I'm not going to kill for a while so try and find me ~CodyDuncanFan97)

Mina: Oh, no! I forgot one of my bombs.

Fernando: I have my sword and daggers.

Seth: *looks around and spots Zach. Runs away without being spotted*

Zach: *Hears the russeling of leaves and quickly unsheathes sword* Who's there?

Seth: *swings from tree to tree leaving Zach behind.*

Bakura:*Finds Zach* Oh Zach I'm so glad I found you! Do you want to join us?

Mai:*Looks on the ground* Hey, a bomb!*Picks it up* This'll come in handy!

(River is so dirty it is not seethrough)

Mina: Did I just hear somoone found my bomb?

Fernando: *swims downstream*

Mina: *swims downstream*

Fernando: A waterfall! *screams

Mina: *screams but dives underwater. Goes up to see an underwater cave. Enters to see a small cave, but goes up to see it has a small hole for oxygen and part of it is not underwater.* Where's Fernando?

Fernando: *keeps going downstream. Jumps out but is very far from Mina and the others.*

Grace: *Jumps in front of Fernando and swipes him with a knife but doesn't kill him* Ooh! FUN!

Fernando: What do you want Grace? *holds sword for protection*

Grace: Just your meat! *Swipes Fernando Again*

Fernando: *blocks and uses sword to send sand onto Grace's eyes. Runs behind her and kicks her down, but does not kill her and runs off.*

Grace: More running? Fun! *Jumps from tree to tree then pounces at Fernando*

Zach: *Blocking Grace with his sword amd then swipes at her*

Grace: Fine! *Jumps away*

Fernando: Thanks Zach, but where's Bakura and Mai? *holds sword for protection*

Zach: I left them for a bit...I-I'm f-fairly sure they'll be fine...

Fernando: Oh...okay. Hey, have you killed anyone?

Zach: *Eyes widen* No....I don't believe in killing things....That's why Stier was in this with me....He was my older brother....*sniff* I can't believe he's dead....I will try to kill someone....for him.

Fernando: I haven't killed anyone either.

Mina: *in cave* Two down, twenty to go. *marks two lines in her cave.*

Seth: *jumps to a burned tree overlooking Zach and Fernand. Zach's sword is raised but Fernando isn't.* FERNANDO! *shoots arrow at Zach, but misses. Jumps down.* Get away from my friend.

Fernando: Stop Seth!

Seth: Was it a misunderstanding?

Fernando: Yes

Zach: *Panicing and slashes but doesn't kill Seth* Whoops! I-I'm really sorry...*sweating* I'll help you... *bandages Seth's wound*

Seth: Thanks, but I have a piece of advice for you. When I get really injured or when I get mad something happens due to me living in Wawanakwa.

Fernando: Aren't you from District 11?

Seth: Mina found me when she ran away, but she helped me sneak into District 11.

Zach: Can I tell you guys something...?

Seth: *leaves*

Fernando: *tightens his grip on sword.* What?

Zach: My blood is black...

Fernando: *hears rustling and turns. Runs off*

Mina: I've noticed that Mai and Bakura have a bomb. My bombs are wet and I need to find a mine and refill them. *plants bomb in cave and a remote on her arm.* Just in case. *swims underwater.*

Seth: *spots Cody and Link while in tree. Aims bow and arrow*

Link: spos seth pulls bow and arrow at him and launches hit in leg but not enough power to kill him *flees out of sight and into hiding spot

Link: spots mina ready to shoot from hiddin tree nobody can see me

Mina: I forgot my bomb. *enters cave which protects her from all attacks. presses button turning bomb off when she enters.* No one can sneak up on me.

Seth: I"M MAD! *eyes glow red and starts drooling. stops. looks around to see Cody. Shoots bow and arrow but misses. Jumps into a different spot where no one can see him.*

Fernando: *heads to the tree near Link, but can't see him. Hides where no one can see him. Throws a dagger which cuts leaves, exposing Link. Fernando smiles and readies a dagger from a spot where no one can see him.*

Fernando: *throws dagger. It hits Link's arm that holds the bow. It doesn't killed Link, but injures him*

Courtney: Time to finish this Cousin V! If I die, run. *throws spear at Fernando, impaling him*

(Did I die?)

Fernando: *falls but throws dagger by accident, hitting Courtney in her throwing arm.*

Seth: *hides where no one can see him*

Courtney: F*ck! *runs to to Fernando and slits his throat with one of Vitani's knives*.

Seth: *shoots arrow, hitting Courtney through the chest, killing her. Dives into the water that is so dirty no one can see him.*

Flower: *shoots a arrow hitting Seth through the neck, killing him* Phew!

Mina: *watches through the hole and throws bomb next to Flower, exploding and killer her on impact. *

Vitani: *throws a knife into Mina's face, killing her* Wow... I didn't think I would do that. *runs deep into the woods where nobody can find her*.

(Mina is in a cave with only one entrance that is blocked. How did you kill her if the hole is small only for a bomb?)

(She threw the knife at her face through the hole. It makes sense. ~Courtney)

Vitani: *hides from everyone, watching back at all times. Has knife in hand*

(Well, if you read above, Mina can't be killed by stabbing. Can EVERYONE NOT KILL her while I get this resolved by Cody&MikeFan1000? Don't worry, if she is dead then I'll upload the death. Thanks, but have fun killing.)

What you're doing is godplaying, and quite frankly it's bullsh*t. You need to accept your death. Vitani stabbed you in the face fair and square.

(You juts changed it! It said, she sliced Mina's back! Why did you change it? I was getting it resolved by Cody&MikeFan1000! He was about to reach a decision! And by the way, if you did kill Mina then when she is killed your character is also killed. Try reading stuff that had already happened! She has a bomb that kills whoever killed her it is clearly stated! He said it will slide. Who cares? Just go, I hope you are killed! Zach, kill her for me!)

Michael : (sneaks behind Vitani and stabs a sword threw her back)

Vitani *gasps* *falls to the ground* Why would that? *dies*

Michael: (holds Vitani in his arms and kisses her on the cheek) i'm sorry my dear...

Grace: *Stabs Micheal with a spear* Micheal-Ka-Bob! *Laughs maniacally*

Michael: (growls in annoyance and dies)

(Godplay Nice try, not working. ~Cody&MikeFan1000)

(OK, OK i'll delete it.)

Mai and Bakura:*Catch up to Zach*

Mai:Man that was large run...

Zach: Hey guys...

Bakura:Hi Zach!

(Killing will be put off until I make Day 3, you can chat amongst yourself but strictly no killing Have a good day everyone. ~Cody&MikeFan1000)

Manolya: I'm safe!!! Thank God!!! That was the worst thing i have ever seen.

Vitani's ghost: I KNOW! That was disgusting! Especially when I died.

Michael's ghost: jeez Vitani!, you shouldn't be talking to people as a ghost!. you'll scare the living daylights out of them!

Manolya: *statres at ghost with mouth wide open(

Stier's Ghost: *Noogies Zach*

Zach: Even in the dead you bully me. *smiles*

(Does the bloddbath start?)

(Uno momento!)

Bloodbath Day 3

Link: hides in tree un seen out of sight spots devon and aims bow and arrow

Hawk: *flies in and starts screeching at Link, messing his aim*

Bear: *roars

Link: regains control and shoots for devons kill

Hawk: *grabs arrow* (When you say kill, did you mean he is killed?)

Bees: *start stinging Link*

Link: puts on bee repellant bear repelant and he puts on creature repelant how bout that huh

Link: shoots devon and has contact

Hawk: *steals Link's bow and arrow and goes on cliff*

Link: hey i put on animal and creature repeelant okay so makes spare really quick *cannons go off* haw take that you stupid hawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zach: *Behind Link* My blood is black....*Stabs and Jousts Link many times*

Courtney's Voice (Jabberjay): You left me Zach!

Fernando's Voice (Jabberjay): We were friends! I thought you will protect me!

(Jabberjays can't be seen)

LinK; crawls to escape and hide for first aid kit

(No godplaying Link, but you still have Cody)


(Jabberjays make people feel gulity and sad because they missed their loved ones and may lead to suicide)

Stier's Voice (Many Jabberjays): Little brother, why weren't you there for me?

Zach: *Panting and near to crying* How was I supposed to protect them if I was so far away....? *Grabs Head*

Stier's Voice: I thought you will be there for me! Go on, do it. Don't you wanna join me, be reunited with your big brother?

Bears: *surround Bakura and Mai*

Courtney;s Voice: Yeah, join us. I bet you want to see all your friends again. The ones who CARED about you.

Fernando's Voice: Just put that sword near your throat.

Stier's voice: Yes, do it little brother. Don't you wanna be with me? Just one quick slice and we'll see each other again.

Links voice: hey host i was killed by mistake i was about to type me hiding in a cave before he killed me but it said edit error so i was going to escape but it cheated me out

(The voice is only for the jabberjays. Put () if you're talking as a user)

BUZZZ! (Trackerjackers start swarming)

Courtney's Voice: Join me Zach! We can be friends again..... do it!

Trackerjackers: *start ambushing all of the remaining people*

(Everyone runs away screaming)

(Hey, Courtney, is it just me or did all the drama die down when you and I were killed?)

(Trackerjackers can make you hallicunate. Get too much and you are dead!)

Zach: *Shrieks incredibly loud it hurts everyone's ears, even the Trackjackers*

Trackerjackers: *one stings Zach. The others fly away*

Jabberjays: We will find you Zach. *fly away.*

Bees: *start stinging*

(To whoever is playing as Courtney's voice, I'm the only one allowed to play as animals. Join chat so we can discuss with the original host)

Hawk: (mate of the one that died) *steals Zach's sword*

Hollie: *shoots Hawk down with bow and arrow* Stupid bird!......*sees Zach and blushes* Sorry..... *turns and runs away to a deep corner of the woods where nobody can sneak up on her from behind.*

Bees: *sting Hollie*

Hollie: *screams and keeps running* *jumps in stream and goes underwater*

Fish: *stares at Hollie*

Grace: *Kills the fish and Eats it* Oh, Hi! *Prepares her spear to attack Holly*

Bees: *sting Grace*

Hollie: *takes out arrow and stabs Grace in the head with it* OH NO YOU DONT!

Hollie: *pulls Grace into the water and drowns her until she is dead* *gets out and runs to the farthest corner of the woods where nobody can sneak up on her*

Bear: *hits Hollie*

Hollie: *pulls out bow and arrow and quickly shoots the bear in the head with her only poison laced arrow, killing the bear almost instantly*

(Advice: Animals can start killing after 8:30 EST, but only those with multiple characters, so look out!)

Bee: *stings Hollie*


(I know. I was warning the ones who DID have multiple characters. I can still toy around with the others.)

Bee: *stings Hollie again*

Bear: *gets closer to Bakura and Mai*

Bear: *roars and swipes at Bakura*

(More bears come)

Hollie: *ignores bees and fires arrow at Bakura* *reloads and shoots Mai, killing them both*

Bears: *surround Hollie*

Trackerjackers: *surround Cody*

Hollie *fire arrows at 3 of the bears to clear a path* *runs away as fast as possible until she loses them*

Jabberjay (Hollie's Mom's Voice)" Sweetie! Stop killing! You're making your poor family look bad!

Trackerjackers: *zoom closer to Cody*

Wolves: *run toward Hollie, Tank, and Juri*

Trackerjackers: *sting Cody everywhere and he is killed*

Hollie: *shoots wolves with arrows before they can kill her*

Hollie: It's all in your head..... it's not real.....

Many Jabberjays: *repeat previous jabberjay line but with all her relatives*

Screeching is heard. (Mutant Monkies with razor sharp teeth and swift agility that are half the size of a human enter the arena.)

Monkey: One jumps all the way onto Hollie, but it turns and runs*

Bakura:*Stabs bear with his spear* Let's get out of here!*Runs away with Mai*

Juri:*Sees wolves* Oh crap!

(No godplay Bakura and Mai)

(Mutant Lizards are released. If they say you're name, the you may die and so does anyone who gets in the way.)

Lizard: *creepy and chanting* Hollie

Lizard: *creepy and chanting* Zach

Lizard: *creepy and chanting* Tank. Tank.

Monkey: *jumps in front of Tank and jumps in midair to dodge all weapons.*

Lizard: *finds Zach, Tank, and Hollie.*

Juri:*Finds Bakura and Mai* I'm been looking all OVER for you two! You guys are my biggest competition!

Mai:What are you talking about? WE SUCK!!!

(Sorry, didn't Bakura and Mai died)

(No Godplay, but Bakura and Mai are dead)

Squirrel: *pops up in front of Juri*

Juri:AAAAAAHHH SQUIRELLL!!!! THAT'S MY ONLY FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Runs away screaming*

Hollie: *holds up spear and Juri runs into it, impaling her and killing her*

Announcer: Listen up everyone. For these Hunger Games, we have gone back to the old ways so be careful of golden squirrels and cotton candy feathered birds. Also, the Beast has accidentally been released, so try not to get caught!

Golden Squirrel: *smiles evilly releasing razor-sharp teeth and jumps on Hollie, but she does NOT die*

Lizard: *knocks Tank down. Bares Teeth*

(Two eyes pop up, staring at Hollie. It is the Beast)

Lizard: *finds Zach.* Zach!

Zach: *Holds up sword ready to deflect any attack the Lizard has to offer*

(Weird all my characters were killed by the same person O_o)

(Wait, but Hollie controlled YOUR moves, isn't that godplay?)

(IDK, all I know is that she killed them)

(I say it is)

Bird: *dives for Zach with razor sharp beak*

Lizard: *jumps*

Zach: *Dodges*

Bird: *impales Lizard, killing each other*

Lizard: *hits Tank with claws*

Beast: *stares at Hollie and smiles*

(Juri, you are still in the game because Hollie controlled your actions. I have talked with the assitant and he says it was godplay. You are back)

Lizard: *comes near Tank*


Juri:*Finds a knife on the ground* This should come in handy!

Bird: *heads toward Juri*

Juri:AAAAAAH BIRD!!!!! MY ONLY OTHER FEAR!!!!! Oh wait I have a knife!

Monkey: *jumps in the air and lands on Juri, but she is not dead*

Juri:Get off me!*Pries the monkey off her and runs*

Monkey: *jumps and lands in front of Juri. Slaps her but she is not dead*

Lizard: *knocks Tank down*

Lizard: *spots Juri*

Beast: *smiles*

Juri:Oh no.......This could be the end!*Raises knife* Come at me and see what happens!*Scared*

Lizard: *runs from behind Juri*

Monkey: *charges toward Juri*

Lizard: *tears Tank's torso with claws.*

Juri:*Stabs the monkey*

Lizard: *leaps*

Announcer: We are now releasing weather. Here's lightning!

Lizard: *strucked by lightning and falls dead.*

Golden Squirrel: *jumps toward Juri*

Monkey: *attacks Nicholas*

Bird: *attacks Rose*

Wolf: *attacks Manolya*

Juri:*Rises knife towards golden squirell* You wanna go!? *Jumps towrds squirell*

Beast: *grabs squirrel and spits it out revealing a pile of bones*

Juri:Hey I was gonna kill it!

Lizard: *claws Tanks' flesh and scrapes skin off with feet. Forces him to fall and eats his head.*

Beast: *goes away*

Announcer: 7 Tributes are left!

Juri:*Finds a HUGE tree* This'll be a perfect shelter*Stars climbing the tree*

Zach: *Impales Nicholas through the head with his sword, and then kills the Monkey by doing the same*

Juri:*Climbs to the top of three, then finds bow and arrows* Just my luck!

Bird: *steals bow and arrow*

Juri:*Stabs bird with her knife and catches her bow and arrows* That was close!*Aims bow at Zach*

Golden Squirrel: *jumps on Juri's face, messing up her aim*

Monkey: *jumps on Zach*

Zach: *Stabs Monkey off and get's behind a tree*

Announcer: Release the fog!

(Super high poisonous fog that blocks all view comes into play)

Zach: *Wears a mask he found from Mina that protects him from poison*

Juri:*Aims bow at Zach*Goodbye my sweet...*Shoots arrow*

Announcer: For everyoe out there, the fog causes a muscle spasam and is breathable. Only salt water can prevent it. It also prevents correct aim from bow and arrow. Read the book if you don't believe me. Sorry for the confusion! :{D

Bird: *takes arrow*

Juri:*Finds a mask* Does this tree have everything*Wears it* GIVE ME BACK MY ARROW!!!!!*Stabs bird and takes arrow*

Announcer: Fog causes muscle spasam. Only saltwater makes it go away. :D

Monkey: *jumps on tree and looks down to see Juri*

Zach: *While walking has some spasms before coming across water...only to unfortunately realize it's fresh water and continues his search for saltwater*

(fog dies. It starts to rain blood)

Juri:*Aims bow at Zach* This time you're dead! Good bye my love...*Shoots arrow*

Michael's ghost: (is drinking the blood rain)

Monkey: *jumps on Juri*

Golden Squirrel: *attacks Manolya*

Lizard: *attacks Rose*

Beast: *spies Hollie*

Trackerjackers: *surround Amere*

Jabbrjays: *surround Zach and repeats lines from the beginning* Jabberjay: *dies because of an arrow*

Juri:*Stabs monkey* Dang it I missed!*Shoots arrow at Zach again*

Jabberjay: *dies*

Announcer: Time is Up!

Zach: *Deflects Arrow with Sword* Nice Try...

Juri:*Hugs Zach* I'm so sorry!*Cries*

Announcer: Tomorrow will be the biggest baddest blood bath yet with mutts and tsnumais as well as the Beast!

(Sorry for using the Announcer more than once)

Mai's ghost:*Sees Juri and Zach* This so cute to watch!*Disapears*

Stier's Ghost: *Comes out of Zach's Back and noogies him*

Zach: Cut it out! *smiles*

Juri:*Nervous* Well, I guess I'll see you later...

Mai's ghost:*Whispers* Come on Juri! you gotta join forces with him!*Winks and disapears*

Manolya:*emerges from caves* Come on creepy voices!! have you got any advice for me???

Mina's ghost: Beware the Beast and Hide from the H

Manolya: H? Do you mean Hollie?

Mina's ghost: manolYa, i cannot say if it is hEr, but beware the beaSt. (bad typing)

Manolya: Oh....thank you Mina *winks*

Mina's ghost: What? *winks*

Manolya: *climbs up a tree for safety*

Hollie: TIME TO END THIS! I WILL MAKE IT TO THE TOP 5! *throws spear and impales Manolya through the chest, killing her* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

Juri:Her again?*Shoots bow and arrow at Hollie, killing her*

(You might just be playing around but there is NO KILLING until 7:00 EST (4:00 PST, 3:000 CST) Those deaths do NOT COUNT)

(OK Zach. You should be dead and that's clear. You cant deflect the arrow. As you always say, "that's godplay". ~Courtney)

(Time ran up after Juri launched it. Check history if you don't believe me and I'm not Zach.)

Bloodbath Day 4

Beast: *spies the remaining six*

Zach: *Sneaking behind Hollie* Sorry.... *Quickly stabs her multiple times and beheads her to be sure*

(I just wanna say that I killed Juri twice. Once I shot her in the head with an arrow, and she deleted it. The other time I hit her with a spear, then she deleted it and AFTER that it was said it didn't count. It's bullcrap. ~TDIfan83)

(I can understand why you think that, but when the Announcer says; Time's up! Killings are over. Sorry. ~Cody&MikeFan1000)

Announcer: Mutts are now being released and rumor says they look just like old competitiors.

Mutt: *walks up to Zach, but looks like Stier*

Mutt: Zach! *attacks Zach*

Lizard: *sees Manolya*

Monkey: *sees Rose*

Golden Squirrel: *jumps on Juri's face*

Trackerjackers: *surround Amere*

Birds: *attack all of them*

Beast: *spots Juri*

Zach: *Quickly scrambles and attacks the Mutt with his sword multiple times*

Bird: *attacks Zach*

(A hurricane starts. Everyone not in a tree will be elligible to be dead. I will use random.orged to choose)

Zach: *Quickly stabbing the bird, he gets into a tree*

Hurricane: *crashes passing by Zach and Manolya who are on trees. Crashes into Rose and drowns her.*

Zach: *Quickly jumping from tree to tree appears behind Manolya and Stabs her multiple times as well*

Lizard: *jumps on Zach, pushing him off the tree.*

Juri:*Starts climbing the tree she was on earlier*

Golden Squirrel: *attacks Juri's face*

Lizard: *starts to choke Zach*

Juri:*Pries it off her face and stabs it* Oh god how much more of this can I take?*Aims bow at arrow at Amere*

(Blood rain starts to pour. Lightning will kill anyone on trees. Lightning starts to strike)

Bird: *takes arrows*

Juri:*Jumps off tree and lands on her feet and chases Amere*

Zach: *Finally gets Lizard off*

Juri:*Stabs Amere with knife on back of head*

Zach: *Quickly stabs Juri from behind* I'm so sorry...

Juri:Ugh........*Kisses Zach before she dies*

Announcer: We have our winner!

Beast: *comes from behind and slices to Zach to pieces and mauls him. Just kidding :{D*

Juri's Ghost:NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mai's ghost:So what happens now?

Zach: I won....

Stier's Ghost: *Noogies Zach* Yah little runt!

Zach: *Smiles*

Juri's ghost:*Winks at Zach and disappears*

Bakura's ghost:Let's go Mai.

Mai's ghost:*Nods, the couple venture on into their afterlife*

Courtney's Ghost: *smacks Zach in the face* THATS for abandoning me..... *hugs* That's for winning. *ventures into the afterlife with Vitani*

Zach: Wow, everyone is just...gone.

Flower's Ghost: *teary eyed, trying to hold back to tears* Congratuations Zach......*sniff* I'm so proud of you...........*cries tears of joy*

(i was gone for like 5 hours and my person got killed without any chance to defend. anybody could go and kill \anyone in a second but they also need to interact and defend themselves. otherwise its not fair.- i dont want you to change it now but im just saying zach killed me without any chance.)

(Oh, I'm really sorry. :( I didn't know that, I'm really sorry again, no hard feelings though, right? ~Zach AKA Cody&MikeFan1000)

(its ok. just saying for future and it wasnt just you. no hard feelings.)

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