Welcome to Total Drama: Space Adventure, where twenty-one contestants will be put in three teams of seven and will go on a quest all around the universe. The last one standing will receive one million dollars AND the ship that the show takes place on! Rules are like a regular camp. Please sign up!

Next Season: Total Drama: Space Adventure 2

Sign-ups (CLOSED)

Sign up with player name, gender, and stereotype. Chat it up after you sign up. 2-3 per user:

1 Paige - Female - Sweet Southern Girl - qngff Eliminated in Episode 12

2 Andrew - Male - The Awkward Guy - qngff Eliminated in Episode 12

3 Jacob - Male - The Speedy Youngster - Jomack Eliminated in Makin' Memories

4 Luke - Male - The Average Guy - Jomack Eliminated in Let's Take a Quiz!

5 Finn - Male - The Guy Zoey - CoreyCakeMan Eliminated in Ale-Alehandro

6 Michael - Male - The Hyper Fan - CoreyCakeMan Eliminated in We Have Liftoff!

7 David - Male - The Failure of a Man - Blaze Eliminated in It's not Paint... It's SPACE PAINT!

8 Knuckles - Male - The Determined Boxer - Blaze (if i recall it was me that played this guy. >:(

9 Raspucia - Female - The Sass Attack - Creator Eliminated in Episode 11

10 Nemo - Male - The Heroic Gamer (Intern of Season) - NLG DQed in It's not Paint... It's SPACE PAINT!

11 Gordon Ramsey- Male- The World Famous Chef with a Temper- RR44 Eliminated in Episode 10

12 Janielle - Female - The Wanna Be Princess- RR44 Quit in Beaten by a Buggy

13 Stella - Female - The Hot Chick - Lindsay Eliminated in Episode 9

14 Omen - Male - The Evil Gamer (Superior Intern of the season) - Usitgz Eliminated in Episode 13

15 Hi! - Female - The Ex-Assassin with a Soft Side for Hamsters - Usitgz

16 Drawkwa - Female - The Uhh... - Usitgz Eliminated in Episode 14

17 Gary - Male - The Nice Guy With a Dark Side - qngff Eliminated in Save the Ship!

18 Vanellope- Female- The Sweet N Sour- RR44 Eliminated in Episode 8

Debuters (Maybe. You cannot sign up if you already have a character. Up to 3.)

  1. Vins - Female - The Collector - IfraidGryphLW160BSF Eliminated in Episode 14
  2. Mariel - The Woman Who Thinks She's a Fish - NanoPower512  
  3. Joshua Punk - A Rebel and Cold Hard Scum - xaypay
  4. Kody - The Space Enthusiast - SSoH
  5. Kordan- The OC Based On His Creator- Kongaroo5497



Paige and Almost Everyone

Gordon and Raspucia



Nemo and Everyone


Andrew and Drawkwa (possibly one sided Andrew's side)


Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16
11th Vanellope Uranus Ensembles SAFE SAFE LOW IN IN IN SAFE OUT
12th Finn Shimmering Constellations IN IN WIN WIN SAFE WIN OUT
13th Janielle Space Tigers WIN WIN IN SAFE WIN QUIT
14th Jacob Shimmering Constellations IN IN WIN WIN OUT
15th Luke Space Tigers WIN WIN IN OUT
16th Gary Uranus Ensembles SAFE SAFE OUT
17th/18th Nemo Shimmering Constellations IN DQ1
17th/18th David Uranus Ensembles SAFE OUT
19th Michael Uranus Ensembles OUT

1 = The user who played Nemo was banned, so Nemo was disqualified and replaced with Vins the next episode.

2 = The Uranus Ensembles were dissolved in Episode 9: Gordon was placed on the Shimmering Constellations, while Omen was placed on the Space Tigers.


Inactivity Strikes

Dont do a challenge, you get a strike! Do three consecutive challenges, you lose a strike! Three strikes, you're out!


Jacob: 1

Finn: 1


Chris: Welcome to the nicest rocket ship in the universe! *wing slips* Second nicest rocket ship in the universe!

Jacob: Uhh Crhis I thought u said Five Star Ship

Chris: In the disclaimer it says that we can lie about little details like that. Not that we are! This ship is more like... 4.5 stars*

Jacob: Little Detail!? The Wing just felll off!

Chris: The interns are super-gluing it back on. Don't worry about it.

Jacob: I bet u lost about 12 interns seeing how dangerous this is

Chris: *ignores Jacob*

Jacob: Were is evryyone one else?

Paige: Ooh I just can't wait for this to start . It's gonna be oodles of fun!

Raspucia: Hmm...

Chris: Did you just use the word... Oodles?

Paige: Yeah, darlin. I just love outer space!

Andrew: ...

Chris: ...K

Nemo:*falls down from rocket* Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!! *lands* That's why I hate this job! It's too... Uh, why is everyone staring at me.

Chris: And there's our tenth contestant, Nemo!

Nemo: What am I doing here? I am a intern!

Chris: Not anymore. You're a contestanct now!

MIchael: Great ... A rocket ....

Finn: This Will be Totally fun...

Chris: These kids have the right attitude! Welcome Mike and Finn!

Michael: Hi. Can we have food?

Chris: If you feel like dying!

Finn: Um... Sorry but how do you die from eating?

Gordon Ramsey: *To himself* Why am I doing this? *not to himself* Hello everyone, I'm Gordon Ramsey, I'm a world famous chef, and I've been that way for quite some time....and I don't like people pissing me off, so I'm reminding you now, don't *bleep* with me.

Chris: Welcome our celeb contestant, Gordon Ramsey!

Gordon Ramsay: Aah, Christopher McClean! I've seen your ice skating show....And I must say, I found it........intresting.

Omen: *falls down from  a large rocket* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *lands on Nemo* That's why I love this job! *smirks*

Hi!: *approaches Chris* Are you feeling lucky?

Nemo: *punches Omen in the butt* I like to torture a evil guy! *smiles*

Vanellope: *Drives in her car seen from Sugar Rush all around Gorden Ramsey*

Gordon: What the bloody 'ell is this? *Janielle comes in from out of nowhere in the sky, singing scales that breaks his ears*.....Great, a bunch of nonsense wacks. (CONF) I'd rather be back at Amy's Baking Company than be in a spaceship with annoying racecar drivers, a princess want to be, A person that can't shut the (bleep) up.....and a person that doesn't give a rat's *** if he's eliminated or not.......but....I don't want to dissapoint the living public, so i'm going to try give this place a chance and try not to go crazy like Amy and Samy......*shudders* Those people are MONSTERS!

Omen: *punches Nemo in the crotch* I like to torture the nice guy! *smirks*

Drawkwa: *to no one in particular* Hi. I'm new here does anyone know where I can hide a couple of dead bodies?

Nemo: *pushes Omen into Vanellope with Omen flipping Vanellope's skirt*

Vanellope: *trying to cover up herself, confused* Uuuuuh...........Gibby!

Gordon Ramsey: *to Nemo and Omen pissed at that lack of manners*!.......WHERE THE **** ARE YOUR MANNERS?...........LOOK!.........LOOK!!!!!!....LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....*sighs frustratedly* ****ing sue me! (CONF) Amy and Samy if you're watching this.......*about to middle finger but does otherwise* **** OFF!

Nemo: Vanellope. *points at Omen* He did it.

Vanellope: ....I ain't a idiot, I saw that thing too.......*to Omen* I blame you. *runs off smiling*

Janielle: *shocked* Oh my! Why must the world be so cruel to Wreck It Ralph characters? I must sing about this. *Ahem* *singing horribly* Why must the world be so cruel to Wreck it Ralph char-act-teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssss?


Nemo: (CONF) I saw Vanellope's skirt flip and I saw what her underwear was like. Vanellope's underwear was white with green stripes. Hey, underwear with a pattern same to your stockings isn't that embarrassing. (END CONF)

Gordon: *CONF* I just had my ears raped by a crazed wanna be drama queen, and let me tell you; they feel like i've been shot to dead 30 (bleep)ing times in a row. But NOW I hear that someone is talking about UNDERWEAR?!........*mocks Nemo* OOOOH, I JUST SAW SOME GIRL'S UNDERWEAR, I'M A (BLEEP)ING GENIUS BECAUSE OF IT, OOOH YAY! *rage mode* SHUT UP!..........WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A SPACE SHIP DEATH MACHINE AND YOU'RE SITTING HERE TALKING ABOUT UNDERWEAR?!.....*sighs* (bleep) me..........

Omen: (CONF) Nemo thinks he's got one up on me for pushing me into that weird munchkin in a car... He'll see what happens when you mess with me *holds up Nemo's underwear* I'm sure he won't be needing these... *flushes them down the toilet and into outer space* Excellent.

Drawkwa: Oh well... I'll just launch them into space... *launches her suitcases into space*

Nemo: (CONF) What does this- What's this? *holds up boxers* My underwear? Don't worry. I'm wearing one. *puts it in a suitcase* (END CONF) *puts all of his suitcases in rocket ships into outer space* Excellent. *grabs all of Omen's suitcases and goes into the confessional* (CONF) *flushes Omen's suitcases down the toilet* What does this thing run on? (END CONF) *mocks Omen* You must have thought "OMG I SAW GIRLS UNDERWEAR, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY." And I thought "Uh..." And I could've thought saying in the Confessional Being Negative to a Sugar Rush Charecther. This is bad! Who's next? Rancis Fluggerbutter? Then Gordon would think "That Omen is starting to get on my nerve."

Raspucia (CONF): So...what exactly did I get myself into?! :|

Nemo: Gordon, it's the truth! You are sick of Omen!

Gordon: *to Nemo* ......If you and Omen were both a type of food....and you were being eaten by me.....what would it taste like?

Nemo: I would taste sweet and filled with happiness, good and joy. Omen would taste bitter and filled with sadness, evil and doom.

Gordon: ......You know what I think?.....I think you'd both taste like eating a bison's (bleep).....But I supposed you'd be the better dish....not by much though.

Nemo: True, Gordon, true. I am the better dish.

(Surfer: Since this is taking forever to fill, camp sign-ups are closed. I have set up a Debuters section.)

Episode 1: We have liftoff!


Nemo: I hope I am not in the same team as Omen!

Omen: I hope I am not on the same team as Nemo! (CONF) Not really... *smirks*

Raspucia (CONF): I just hope I'm on a good team!

Gary: (CONF) Are Nemo and Omen going to keep this up all season?

Drawkwa: I shall revel in all of your slow, painful deaths by my hands...

Andrew: (CONF) Drawkwa kinda freaks me out, but then again, she is kind of cute. I mean uhhhh. What is wrong with you Andrew *facepalm*

Nemo: I hope to be on Raspucia and Vanellope's team!

Omen: I hope to not be on Raspucia and Vanellope's team.

Nemo: Fine, you are on the bad team.

Gordon Ramsey: (CONF) Nemo and Omen may be both absolute pains in my neck, but Nemo could be the better asset on the show...Still, I'm going to keep a close eye on their........"underwear fetish"

Omen: Fine, you are on the worse team.

Nemo: I am on the best team! (CONF) Gordon Ramsey, if you are hearing this, Omen is the more "underwear fetish"

Omen: Correction, you are on the worst team.

Nemo: You are on the worst team, I am on the best! I just know! My team members are Jacob,Finn,Michael,Knuckles,Raspucia,Gordon Ramsey,Hi! and Vanellope. They are all Better. Don't complain

Gordon Ramsey: Question....just who the bloody ' Memo?, Is he Nemo's long lost cousin from Wawanakwa?

Nemo: My name is Nemo, Gordie.

Gordon: ........I must have checked the name wrong. (CONF) Genius can't be rushed. If it is rushed, then your resteraunt is in serious trouble.

Nemo: My teammates are Jacob,Finn,Michael,Knuckles,Raspucia,Gordon Ramsey,Hi! and Vanellope. I know that these are my team members. I don't know the team name.

Paige: Ya know, Nemo, even if we can't be on the sad team I know we can still be the best of friends! *hugs Nemo*

Nemo: OK, Paige is on my team too.

Gordon Ramsey: Nemo, We don't either know that yet. (CONF) Then again, he is too stupid to relize it, like all the other idiots out there......except for Finn (whose as dull as a rock anyway) and Raspucia (whose the ONLY sane person around here besides me)........*Sighs* I really need a *bleeping* vacation.

Paige: No need to be such a downer, Gordon. Back home we would bond by Going out duck hunting. Then, Mama would cook a huge pot of duck gumbo. We'd all sit around the TV and watch whatever sports game was on WAR EAGLE! GO AUBURN!

Gordon: Duck Gumbo eh?......Back in my time i've eaten an beating snake's heart, fried tarantula, rancid scallops, sushi pizza, a bull's penis, carcoal in my mouth, some rotten shark, seen some disgusting kitchens, Helped out dying resteraunts in need, hosted my cooking show AND eaten some of the best food this world has to offer. (CONF) I also know how to do the right thing....sometimes.....

Hi!: You know what I don't like? Condesending celeberties who think they're better than everyone else. I took care of a few of them back in my hay day...

Paige: I'd love to try some of your cookin Gordon! I've seen it on TV and I must say, it looks tastier than the barbeque ribs at the county fair!

Andrew: Uh, Drawkwa, you um uh maybe uh wanna oh I dont know hang out sometime?

Nemo: I know all the teams. (CONF) Someone has to know them.

Gordon R: *to Paige* Hmmm....Well, i'll see what I can come up with. (CONF) I've seen what Total Drama has served to the contestants, and let me just looks awful, Absolutely...awful....Chef Hatchet is (bleeping) nuts to serve contestants skunk piss, a flip flop with a (bleeping) smilie face on it, That's just bloody lazy! And then there Pizza with anchovies and wait, actully, that would be good I guess.........If they were dead, but nothing top the skunk piss. I promise you that.

Nemo: (CONF) Gross food from Chef! Ugh! I tried sushi pizza, bison feet, Bomby fuse in peas and carrots, rotten egg, rotten fish and burrito cakes, and they all taste good then Chef's cooking.

Knuckles : (CONF) Chef's's i a freak for saying that?

Nemo: I know, he's making Spaghetti in Pen Ink. (Here's the funny part, you have to act as Pen when he's getting squeezed ink out of him.)

Drawkwa: If by hanging out, you mean helping me kill all of the annoying competitors, then sure.

Omen: Spaghetti in pen ink? I volunteer Nemo to taste test it!


Challenge starts tomorrow at noon. Teams will be determined randomly there.

Chris: Sorry for the delay, campers! Here are your teams:

Team 1: Omen, Venellope, Gary, Gordon, David, Michael

Team 2: Luke, Knuckles, Stella, Paige, janielle, Andrew

Team 3: Jacob, Nemo, Hi, Finn, Raspucia, Drawkwa

Your challenge is to name your team. You have 24 hours, and it should have something to do with space. Discuss in your own spots!

Team 1

Gary: Maybe something like Eagles or Hawks or Falcons or some other awesome bird.

Omen: How about the Evil Eagles?

Gordon Ramsey: How about this?....How about the I'm on a Team Full Of Absolute Idiots, Nutjobs and Weedheads, Either that or Hell's Nightmare.

Omen: How about the Horrible Chefs? I think it's pretty fitting...

Gary: Actually, Hell's Nightmare sounds really good.

Gordon R: Thank you Gary. It's nice to see somebody cares around here.

Nemo: Guys! *randomly appears in Team 1 room* Chris said it had to be about space! *leaves*

Omen: Yeah, no one cares, Nemo... we'll just go with Gordon's stupid name and lose the challenge...

Gordon R.: *sighs, to himself* (bleep) me....*to team* Alright then, How about....*sigh* I don't know, The Space Pansies, I don't really give a (bleep).V

Vanellope: Ooh! Ooh! Ik! Ik! How about, The Uranus Ensamble!

Omen: The Space Pansies... eh... that doesn't sound half bad, actually.

Gordon R: *Sigh* Not even the 2nd day, Already we've given up. Vanellope dear, That's a bloody good name.*to Omen* My team name idea was a (bleeping) joke man, GET YOUR BRAINS RIGHT OR GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!

Omen: *rolls his eyes* Yeah, let's just go with that name with Uranus in it. (CONF) Gordon is such an idiot... he can't even understand the simple concept of sarcasm. He just goes into a blind rage mode. *chuckles* He's almost as bad as Nemo...

Chris: You guys lose. See you at elimination!

David: losing, well that's happened most times in my life. (laughs awkwardly)

Team 2

Paige: Oooo! How about Hunting Squad! I can teach y'all how to shoot squirrels!

Andrew: Sure, sounds like fun. (CONF) I find it best to humor her.

Paige: Well, Chris says it has to be about space, so how does Space Tigers sound?

Janielle: I love it Paige! *singing off-key* Paige said our team should be named the Space Tigers, and I...a-greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: You guys won!

Knuckles: sweet!, nice job guys!

Team 3

Raspucia: How 'bout the Spectacular Spartans? -3-

Nemo: How about he Heroic Hawks? :3

Hi!: How about your name's are terrible? I'm thinking the Rising Tide.

Drawkwa: How about the Next to Die?

Nemo: Drawkwa, that name is terrible. Next Rising Spectacular Hawks!

Finn: How about the Harmless Peeps.

Raspucia: I agree! :S

Drawkwa: Nemo, you shall be the first to go...

Hi!: Hmmm.... maybe the Hit List?

Chris: Here's a tip: it should have to do with SPACE.

Nemo: Our name is the Saturn Stars.

Raspucia: The Big Bangs.

Nemo: Saturn Stars is better! It's final. We are the Saturn Stars.

Hi!: Umm... no, we're supposed to decide the name of the team as a team, not as a Nemo. So... how about the Shimmering Constellations? I think it fits.

Raspucia: Alright, I agree widju, gurl. .3.

Drawkwa: Anything besides what the destined to die wants is fine by me...

Hi!: You better agree! *coughs* I mean... glad to hear it! :3

Chris: Are you all in agreement?

Hi!: I'm for the Shimmering Constellations? Is everyone else okay with that?

Raspucia: I am.

Drawkwa: It doesn't tempt me to murder you, unlike Nemo's, so it is fine.

Chris; You guys got second place!

Elimination Ceremony: Uranus Ensembles

Chris: All your names were relatively good, so it was hard to choose but Uranus Ensembles was kinda weird. Vote in the confessional. (I should have a google docs form next time)

Omen: We probably would've been better off with the Space Pansies... (CONF) As annoying as Gordon is, at least he does something, unlike Mike. So, adios. Michael. *votes for Michael*

Gordon R: (CONF)'re a bunch of worthless (bleep)....If you ever go on Hell's Kitchen, I will immediatly tell you to (bleep) off. *votes for Michael*

MIchael: (CONF) I vote for Gordon R. He is mean D: (END CONF)

Chris: Hurry it up, folks! We don't have all year!

Chris: Cast your vote within the hour and a half or it DOESNT COUNT!

David: (CONF) i vote Michael i guess, i'd like to think that won't come back to haunt me but it probably will anyway... (shudders)

Chris: It's fairly obvious who's going home with 75% of the votes... See ya, Michael!

Nemo: No Micheal! You have been eliminated! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....

Episode 2: It's Not Paint... It's SPACE PAINT!


Luxury Pods: Space Tigers

Janielle: *yawns, American Dad theme song comes out of nowhere and she starts to sing it......a rather cringworthy performance indeed* Good morning USA!!!! I've got a feeling that it's going to be a wonderful day! *points to the large and hot sun* The sun and the *points to stars* Sky have a smile on their face, and their shining a salute to the American raaaaaace! *skips to the dining room* OH BOY IT'S SWELL TO SAAAAAAAAY, GOOD MORNING, USA!!!!!!!!...........

Normal Pods: Shimmering Constellations

Finn: Hi Guys! Are you doing ok?


Hi!: *slaps Nemo* Come back to reality, we need you for the next challenge! (CONF) If I had a hit on Nemo, it'd sure be an easy buck.


Drawkwa: If you don't shut up right now, I will slit your throat right here, right now.

Gross pods: Uranus Ensembles

Omen: (CONF) Yeah..... my team sucks, almost as bad as Nemo. I wouldn't be suprised if we lost the next four challenges...

Gordon R: *smells the pods, and looks disgusted* UGH! It smells like month old relish in here! And- *sees a dead rat in there* What the bloody 'ell is that?! *picks up rat* Oh.....(bleep) me, (bleep) me, (bleep) me. (CONF) *sigh* (bleep)ing hell....My team is hell.......this confessional is hell. EVEN THE WHOLE SHOW IS HELL! I don't know what I was thinking signing up for this show! *sighs*....I might as well make like Kitchen Nightmares and find a way to fix up this whole zoo.

Dining Room: Everyone


Starts tonight no earlier than 7

Chris: Today's challenge is like paintball, except with space paint (Paint). It takes one line to get one bullet of paint, and you can get multiple bullets by doing multiple lines. It takes one line to shoot. You can repost after someone else posts, I post, or if there is half an hour with no posting. First team to lose all players goes to elimination!

Nemo: *refills paint blaster with paint*

Stella: *Jump* Boooooo Yep Wow Lest Go

Raspucia: *Gets paint*

Nemo: *shoots at Omen*

Raspucia: *Shoots at Gordon Ramsey*

Omen: *tries to dodge* Are we allowed to dodge?

Drawkwa: *gets some paint* This better be lead-based paint.

Hi!: I'm an expert at shooting bullets, this'll be a piece of cake!

Finn: *gets some paint*

Raspucia: *Gets more paint*

Vanellope: *gets paint blaster*

Janielle: *runs off to get some paint*

Omen: Even if I am out, you never said I couldn't shoot people! *gets paint*

Hi!: *shoots Vanellope*

Drawkwa: *shoots Nemo in the mouth* Perfect.

Raspucia: *Shoots Gary*

Stella: Wooo Hooo

Omen: *shoots Nemo* Haha, Nemo's a loser!

Hi!: *gets more paint*

Drawkwa: *gets more paint*

Chris: Sorry, but losers can't shoot. Omen, Nemo, Gary, Venellope, and Gordon are out!

Raspucia: *Gets more paint*

Raspucia: It done been half an hour! *Shoots David* That's the last of the Ensembles!

(Surfer: Is Nemo gone for good?)

Raspucia: *Gets more paint*

Gary: Sorry, I messed up guys, I'm not very fast

Paige: *gets paint*

Andrew*gets paint

Raspucia: *Shoots Luke*

Chris: This has gone on long enough! Ensembles go to elimination.

Elimination Ceremony: Uranus Ensembles

Chris: So you guys are at elimination again, eh? Well today you have some power. First you will vote for who on the team is going home. Then you will vote on what to do about Nemo's... Predicament. We have a few options: DQ him, have some other user not in the game yet control him, have a user in the game control him, or have Sirferdude1219 control him. Vote! You have 24 hours.

Omen: I say we replace him with a debuter and place the debuter on the Uranus Ensembles! (CONF) I vote for David, he didn't help in the challenge... again.

Chris: That's another option! ^^^

Gordon Ramsey: It's unfortunate that Nemo is having a bit of a crisis, but I think the best thing is to put him out of his misery. But......I wish the best in all of his future endeavors, And hope to one day see him at Hell's Kitchen. (CONF) I vote for David, Inactivity is NOT an option in this team.

Chris: Vote! You have an hour.

Gary: I guess I vote for David. And as far as Nemo, well, alldrainss lead to the ocean.

Chris: Here's the deal. David is gone. Nemo is gone, but were replacing him with a Debuter. The Debuter will join Nemo's old team. Got it? Good.

Episode 3: Save the Ship!


Luxury Pods: Space Tigers and Shimmering Constellations

Finn: I love this pod!

Hi!: (CONF) Finally, with that idiot Nemo gone, we can get some peace and quiet, here! (OUT OF CONF) *relaxes* This is the life!

Drawkwa: Nemo's inevitable slow and painful death in space, fills me with the most wonderful satisfaction

Stella: Wow

Gross Pods: Uranus Ensembles

Omen: (CONF) Now that Nemo' gone, there's nothing stopping me from doing evil! Anyways, the debuter should go on this team, we need them more then Nemo's old team needs a new member

Dining Room: Everyone


Challenge starts tonight at 6 PM est.

Chris: Ok! Here's the deal: We have been hit by an asteroid and we have crash landed on mars. We have three tasks: Find the essentials such as food and water, which flew out of our ship, build a shelter, and repair the ship. Luckily, we have three teams:

Uranus Ensembles task: find food (15 lines as a team) and find water (10 lines as a team).

Shimmering Constellations task: find supplies (10 lines as a team), bring supplies back (10 as a team), and build shelter (5 as a team).

Space Tigers task: find broken parts (10 lines as a team), repair broken parts (10 as a team), and put the parts on the ship (5 lines as a team).

As you can see, each team has 25 lines to do. If no one posts after 20 minutes, you may repost. You have twenty-four hours. Ready, set, go!

Oh, and I forgot! Vins will be joining Nemo's old team. Sorry Ensembles, but the Constellations shouldn't lose a member because of nemos stupidity.

Raspcuai: Oh no! I know we did not just crash on Mars! Uh-uh! *Finds supplies* (1)

Knuckles: I'll look for some broken parts, help if you want. (searches for broken parts) (1)

Vins: *finds supplies* (2)

Gordon Ramsay:'ll just cook something from whatever Chef Hatchet has in his fridge. That's all. (1)

Gary: *finds food 2*

Paige: *finds parts 2*

Andrew: *finds parts 3*

Finn: *finds food* (1)

Stella: *finds food* (1)

Remember, you count the lines AS A TEAM not on your own.

Raspucia: *Finds supplies* (3)

Stella: *Finds supplies* (1)

Raspucia: *Finds supplies* (4)

Vins: *finds supplies* (5)

Chris: Pick up the pace! We are on a very tight schedule!

Gary: *finds food 5*

Andrew: *finds supplies 6*

Paige *finds supplies 7*

Chris: Remember, you can repost after 20 minutes!

Raspucia: *Finds supplies* (8)

G. Ramsay: *comes back after sneaking in from Chef Hatchet's kitchen with nothing but vomit on his shirt* ........We shall never...speak of this.....again......... (Whatever number the team's on now.)

Vins: *finds supplies* (9)

Raspucia: *Finds supplies* (10)

Vins: *brings back supplies* Can't there be a quicker way? (1)

Raspucia: *Brings back supplies* (2) I don't know, but my feet is killin' me!

Stella: *Brings back supplies* (2)

Knuckles: (searches for parts) (4)

Raspucia: *Brings back supplies* (4)

Stella: *Brings back supplies* (3)

Raspucia: *Brings back supplies* (5)

Chris: That's it! Team with the least lines is going to elimination! I know there was some confusion so I will cont to make sure.

Chris: The Ensembles lose again! Let me just set up a google docs form...

Elimination Ceremony: Uranus Ensembles

Chris: Just vote here. Docs is going crazy.

Gordon Ramsey: (CONF) It's not my fault we lost the day...It's just that my team, is (bleeping) worthless enough not to do anything whatsoever! I wish I could vote for ALL of them! But the worst offender of all has to be Gary. I'm embarrassed to even say that name. I vote for that person who I will never say again....GET (BLEEP)ED!

Lets go, folks!

Omen: How did we lose? We had 6 lines, while the Tigers only had 4... (CONF) I vote for Vanellope, I feel like Gary actually contributes to the team, and deserves a chance.

Chris: We need those last two votes... You have half an hour.

Chris: OK, Gary and Vanellope tied so they both have until 3 PM EST to say "I'm in it to win it!" First to do so is safe. If neither do it... You are both going home.

Vanellope: I'm in it to win it!

Gary: "I'm in it to win it!" Vanellope disntt use quotes! I win! Haha TAKE THAT CANDY GIRL!

Chris: Sorry, Gary. I like your logic but you are eliminated.

Episode 4: Let's Take a Quiz!


(Interact please! You guys are all together. No separation today.)

Gordon R: Since we're all here. I might as well say it............At least 5 out of the most of you would be perfect for Hell's Kitchen. Ironically, 3 out of the 5 just suck plain donkey balls.

Stella: Woo Hoo

Raspucia (CONF): We might have won the challenge in the last episode, but my feet is killin' me! Phew! Glad that's ovah!

Vins: Who's the other two then?

Gordon Ramsey: Well, There's Raspucia, the only other one who seems to care about this contest and then there's........uh......*points to one of Mars's moons* THAT MOON!

Stella: The Moon? Fantastic

Andrew: That's Phobos, from the Greek god of Fear the other one is Deimos, the Greek god of Death.

Paige: Looks more like one of Ma's homw cooked taters than a moon to me.

Andrew: *is awkward*

Raspucia: *Hums a quiet tune* Well, I think Andrew's being awkward. :P

Andrew: *to Drawkwa* Hey, I got you this plant on Mars, but it's not as pretty as you are <3

Stella: Wow

Vins: I'm bored, what should we do?

Stella: Hmmm

Paige: My mama taught me how to make the yummiest apple pie that y'all're ever gonna eat! I'll go make it *makes delicious apple pie* *gives a piece to everyone* What do y'all think?

Andrew: (with mouth full) Wow this is really good!

Raspcuia: *Eats pie* MMMM!! Gurl, this is some good stuff! ^-^

Drawkwa: *examines plant* Thanks, this plant will be a perfect murder weapon. *takes a bite of her pie* This is terrible... Almost terrible enough to get me angry... *pulls out a steak knife and licks it*

Hi!: Anyone else want this pie? (CONF) After years of work, I know to never trust pies. I know they're the food item that is most likely to be drugged. Trust me, I've had plenty of experience in drugging pies...

Omen: *takes Hi!'s pie* I'll take it! *eats both his pie and Hi!'s pie* (CONF) Those pies are way better then anything that Gordon dude could ever cook. *snickers*

Gordon R: *CONF* Oh, I wouldn't say that. *With a pretty darn good looking cherry pie, snickers* (OFF-CONF) Anyone else want some pie?

Paige: *takes pie* Ooooooh this is scrumptious! I'll have to get your recipie!

Stella: *Jump* Yep


Starts at 3 PM EST.

Andrew: Well, it's 3:06 EST so *does challenge* I win!

(Creator *Raspucia*: I'm gonna be gone for this challenge. I won't have Internet access. :P Sorry, guys...:(   )

Chris: Sorry I'm late. Something came up. Anyways, we are doing a trivia challenge. First team to answer 5 questions win! First question: Who was the All Stars vs Underdogs Season 1 winner?

Vins: Bridgette?

Chris: Point Constellations! Next question: who is the current featured camper?

Vanellope: Conker is!

Chris: Point Ensembles! Next question: Name one of Conker's OCS.

Vins: Mack.

Chris: Point Constellations! Next question: Who was the first person eliminated after the merge in Total Drama Meltdown

Vins: Mia?

Stella: Whoooo

Chris: Point Constellations! Next question: Name the two camps that are on their final episode right now.

Vins: TDASVU6 and TD Melee?

Chris: Point Constellations! Next question: What was the first camp I ever made? (It never filled up)

Hint: TDMT

Vins: Total Drama Meltdown?

ChriS: Nope! Total Drama M------ Tour

Vins: Total Drama Mansion Tour?

Chris: And the Constellations win! The last two teams will race to correctly answer 3 questions now. Next question: Who hosted the Big Family series?

Gordon R: That Lucky Kid.

Andrew: It was Chris in the first one though.

Chris: Point Ensembles! I was looking for the user. Next question: Who founded the Wiki?

Paige: Was it 1dra7? I've seen him/her in past camps I think.

Chris: Nope! N---- R-----.

Chris: If no one answers in ten minutes, the Ensembles win.

Stella: *cries*

Chris: I never thought I'd say these words but... THE ENSEMBLES WIN!!!

Elimination Ceremony: Space Tigers

Chris: Vote here.

Stella: (CON) I vote for Andrew (CON ENDS)

Andrew: (CONF) I vote for Luke

Paige: (CONF) I really hate to be mean and vote, but Luke's done less work than my brothers on Thanksgiving. Sorry Luke, but you have my vote.

Chris: Still looking for those last three votes...

Knuckles: (CONF) i guess i'll vote for Luke, sorry, but...well, you ain't done much, and i know i'm being hypocritical for saying that really think i'd vote for myself!?

Chris: Just waiting for Luke and Janielle... If Luke gets one more vote he's going home.

Chris: Forget it. Luke, you are going home!

Episode 5: Makin' Memories

Chris: There will now be inactivity strikes! Three strikes and your fate is in jeaprody!

Pre-Chat (Interact!!!)

Omen: (CONF) Inactivity strikes? That's almost as lame as Nemo!

Raspucia: Activity strikes..alright, then. I'll do my best to be active, baby!

Gordon R: Well it's nice to see that the show's finally doing something with the lazy donkeys in this ship.

Vanellope: Lazy? *to Gordon angrilly* YOU CALLING ME LAZY?

Gordon R: Well, you haven't done a lot to help the team Vanellope.

Andrew: *to Drawkwa* I uh think you're a really cool girl and uh I was really hoping you'd want to go on a date with me maybe?

Drawkwa: *to Andrew* If by date, you mean murder the innocent with this plant you gave me, and feast on their blood, then sure.

Omen: So, Vanellope, let me get this straight. You won't deny that you're a donkey, but you will deny you're lazy, right? (CONF) *facepalms*

Hi!: (CONF) Back in the biz, if you got one inactivity strike, they'd make you inactive... PERMANENTLY! So.. I don't plan on getting any of those anytime soon.

Andrew: *to Drawkwa* If by innocent you mean inactive players and by murder you mean shove them out of the ship then okay! (CONF) YES! She is really starting to like me! The whole murder thing is a bit weird, but I think it makes her cool, I mean what if she was in the CIA or something? Or maybe we could be heroes together bringing down all the evil in this world! *sighs lovingly* (END CONF)

Vanellope: *to Omen* I LOVE DONKEYS FOOL!

Vins: Welp time to being our A-games, and Ummm errrr I don't know. So how's it going guys?

Stella: Whooo Hooo

Omen: So... you love donkeys so much, that you are one? (CONF) Sometimes I question why I ever ask such stupid people these questions and hope for a logical response...

Drawkwa: *to Andrew* Hmmm... I suppose shoving people into the vacuum of space would be murder, but it wouldn't be quite as satisfying as bashing someone's skull in with a plant from Mars or stabbing someone to death...

Andrew : *to Drawkwa* I know! We can use the plant as a battering ram to shove them out! *holds plant with Drawkwa, their hands touching* One. Two. THREE! *shoves intern into space using the plant. We did it Drawkwa! *hugs Drawkwa awkwardly* (CONF) I've been watching that intern, and found out he was the one who stranded us on Mars and tried to kill all of us! Me and Drawkwa are heroes! (END CONF)


Starts at 3:30 PM est. Remember: if you aren't there, you will get an inactivity strike!

Chris: Look at the beautiful scenery! We need to take some pics of this stuff. *hands out cameras* Find the coolest picture of space you can. Post it here. (If you can't post in the gallery, just post a link) The player with the best pic wins it for their team. The player with the worst pic loses it for their team. Remember, if you don't post, you get an inactivity strike!

Gordon R: Ah yes. Photography.....if only people didn't use it like the psychotic human beings they are.

Janielle: (CONF) I feel like maybe I should drop out of the show. There just isn't even singing going on around here.

Knuckles: well, here's the link to my picture, hope you like it!

Vins: Here's mine.

Paige/Andrew (same user and team):

Stella: Whoo Hoo

Raspucia: Here's mine.

Stella: Wow

Chris: All right people, 5 down nine to go! Let's hurry it up!

Gordon R: How's this for a good picture?

Stella: Whoooooo

Chris: Stella, you're supposed to post a picture not gape at the other ones.

Stella: Wow 

Chris: Half of the people have yet to post... If the pics are not up by Noon EST tomorrow, then you will get a strike!!!

Vanelleope: MY PHOTO! :D

Chris: Even though janielle didn't do the challenge, she spoke, so she won't get a strike. The people who do get strikes are Finn and Jacob for not doing anything. I will now begin judging.

Knuckles: Kinda boring... 6/10

Paige/Andrew: Wow. That's really cool, but it would only be cool with the explanation. 7/10

Vins: that's really beautiful. 9/10

Raspucia: I don't even know what that is... Well, it's kinda cool so, you get some points, even though that couldn't actually ever happen in space. 5/10

Gordon: Since it's an actual planet AND it looks cool... 9/10

Stella: Woooooooo! 9/10

Omen: That's an amazing pic... But it's basically the same as Hi! And Drawkwa. 8/10

Hi!/Drawkwa: ^^^ 8/10

Vanellope: :D Awesome! 9/10

Chris: Well, the Space Tigers win with Stella's pic and the Shimmering Constellations lose with Raspucia's. Honestly, what was that thing?

Elimination Ceremony: Shimmering Constellations

Chris: Vote here. The wiki thinks the link to the poll is spam so... Sorry again.

Raspucia: Even though we lost, I vote for Jacob because he has yet to do anything for the team.

Hi!: (CONF) Jacob is pretty useless in challenges, so I'll vote for him.

Drawkwa: (CONF) Jacob is the most deserving of a slow and painful death in the depths of space.

Chris: Well, see ya Jacob! *shoves Jacob off ship* Who will go home next? Will the Space Tigers ever lose? Find out next time in TOTAL DRAMA SPACE ADVENTURE!!!

Episode 6: Beaten by a Buggy


Hi!: (CONF) Wow, we actually lost... Can't say I'm going to miss that little squirt, Jacob. He's what I used to call an easy pickin'.


Starts at 3:00 PM EST tomorrow

(Usitgz: I'm more than likely going to miss the challenge if it's a line challenge)

(Ifraid: What Usitgz said)

(RR44: I've decided to drop Janielle out of the show to focus more on Gordon R and Vanellope.)

Chris: So, today will be a line challenge. You must run to the moon buggy (5 lines), drive to the moon base (5 lines), pick the lock (1 line), dodge the lasers (2 lines), grab a moon rock (1 line) and place it on the pedestal (1 line). First team to do all this wins!!! Oh, and by the way, janielle quit. Happy running... And driving and dodging and grabbing and placing etc.

Raspucia: *Runs to the buggy* (1)

Stella: *Runs to the buggy* (1)

Omen: *Runs to the buggy* (1) (CONF) One more loser gets me even closer to victory!

Drawkwa: *Hovers to the buggy* (1)

Hi!: *Runs to the buggy* (1)

Stella: *Runs to the buggy* (2)

Omen: *Runs to the buggy* (2)

Drawkwa: *Hovers to the buggy* (2)

Hi!: *Runs to the buggy* (2)

Stella: *Runs to the Buggy* (3)

Gordon R: *runs to the buggy* (1)

Vanellope: *runs to the buggy* (1)

Stella: *Runs to the buggy* (4)

Raspucia: *Runs to the buggy* (2)

Stella: *Runs to the buggy* (5)

Chris: If no one posts after twenty minutes, you may repost.

Chris: If we don't finish by 9:00 PM EST tonight, the winner will be the person who went the farthest!!!

Vins: *runs to the buggy*

Hi!: *Runs to the buggy* (3)

Omen: *Runs to the buggy* (3)

Drawkwa: *Hovers to the buggy* (3)

Hi!: *Runs to the buggy* (4)

Omen: *Runs to the buggy* (4)

Drawkwa: *Hovers to the buggy* (4)

Chris: Well this was pathetic. Anyways, I guess now is the best time to tell you... Since Janielle quit, there will be no elimination tonight! The merge is nearing! Who will rise? who will fall? Who will be the victor of them all? Find out on Total! Drama! Space Adventure!

Episode 7: Ale-Alehandro



Starts 8/3 @ 12 noon est. Sorry, I'm taking a vacation and 6 PM won't work.

Chris: Ok, so here's the challenge: each team must choose a song that describes the Relationship of Alejandro and heather. You have 48 hours to discuss. Provide a link. Go!!! And hurry!!!

Chris: You have until sometime tonight (I honestly don't know when I'm getting back to my hotel) to finish.

Space Tigers

Andrew: Maybe Hot and Cold by Katy Perry? Objections?

Paige: I found the link for y'all!

Shimmering Constellations

Hi!: Does this seem like a good song?

Uranus Ensembles

Gordon Ramsay: I for one hate that ratty arse 'ell couple of shite Heather and Al. They think they're so (bleeping) this, and so (bleeping) that, LA DEE DA DEE DA! They make Geoff and Bridgette more tolerable than THEM. To me, On TDWT; When they weren't being absolute fat (bleeped), They were competiting in challenges, and if the other didn't win they'd make a (bleeped)ing huge song and dance about it!....In comparison, SANJAY AND CRAIG WERE MORE TOLERABLE THAN THAT (Bleeped) IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING AND THAT SHOT OF THE DARK ONE TRICK PONY! TELL THAT (Bleeped)ING DONKEY, THAT IF I EVER SEE HIM IN PUBLIC, I WILL BEAT THE (BLEEPING) TASTE OUT OF HIS MOUTH AND MAKE HIM EAT WORM SCUM FOR THE REST OF HIS NATURAL BORN LIFE!....And let me tell about another guy I don't like, His name is Dave and he is a-

Vanellope: Ok! Ok already! Sheesh, you make South Park sound tame!

Omen: So... this pretty much sums them up, then, Gordon?

Chris: Oh my god... What a surprise. The Space Tigers win. Hooray. Omen, your song was HILARIOUS, but it just said that they were stupid. Constellations, that song didn't really describe them. So, BOTH the Ensembles and the Constellations are going to elimination. See ya there!

Elimination Ceremony: Ensembles and Constellations

Chris: Well, you can vote for someone on either teams AND also vote if you want this to be a single or double elimination. Get going!

Vins: I vote for uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Idk.

Hi!: How about a single elimination? (CONF) I vote for Finn!

Vins: I agree with Hi! (CONF) I guess I'll vote for Finn.

Raspucia: Single elim. (CONF) I vote fo' Finn.

Chris: Hurry.

Omen: Single... (CONF) I vote for Finn, and whoever I say is going home, goes home.

Chris: See you later, Finn! Two more episodes before the merge. Who will the two unlucky losers be???

Episode 8: ???


Drawkwa: (CONF) I've been busy... Something big is going to happen... I hope they're ready...


Starts Saturday at 5 PM est.

Chris: Ok, so today's challenge is to find if there is life on Europa, one of jupiters moons. First, you will drill into the ice (5 lines) swim to the sleeping alien (2 lines) take a DNA sample (1 line) and then swim back (2 lines). You can repost after 15 minutes with no posts. Go!

Paige: *drills 1*

Andrew: *drills 1

Vins: *drills* 1

Stella: *drills* 1

Paige: *drills 2

Andrew: *drills 2

Knuckles: (drills) (1)

Stella: *drills* 2

Paige: *drills 3*

Andrew: *drills 3*

Stella: *drills* 3

Hi! *drills* (1)

Omen: *drills* (1)

Drawkwa: *drills* (1)

Hi! *drills* (2)

Omen: *drills* (2)

Drawkwa: *drills* (2)

Paige: *drills 4*

Andrew: *drills 4*

Stella: *drills* 4

Hi! *drills* (3)

Omen: *drills* (3)

Drawkwa: *drills* (3)

Vins: *drills*

Raspucia: *Drills*

Paige: *drills 5*

Andrew: *drills 5*

Stella: *drills* 5

Raspucia: *Drills* (2)

Vins: *drills*

Paige: *swims 1*

Stella: *swins* 1

Andrew: *swims 1* OW THIS IS COLD

Paige: *swims 2*

Andrew: *swims 2*

Stella: *swins* 2

Paige: *gets dna*

Andrew: *gets dna*

Stella: *gets dna*

Chris: The Space Tigers are in the lead!

Chris: let's go!!!

Vins: *drills*

Chris: And the Tigers win! The Ensembles lose for only having one active player: Omen. And for being that active player, Omen has immunity. So Gordon and Vanellope are up for elimination, and Omen will choose who will go with him to the top 10! After this elimination, the two remaining Ensembles will split up, one going to the Constellations and another going to the Tigers!

Elimination Ceremony: Vanellope and Gordon

Chris: So, Omen, who's going home?

Omen: I pick Vanellope, she's less useful then Gordon...

Chris: I'm sorry, but you're going home. Oh, and by the way, Omen will be going to the Tigers while G. Ramsey will go to the Constellations. See y'all tomorrow, top 10!

Episode 9: ???


Stella: Yes

Omen: Hello, new teammates. (CONF) They're probably going to be as bad as my old ones... or even worse.


Starts Wednesday at 3:00 PM est. Be there!

Chris: Here's the deal. You must answer some questions about the merge. The best answers win it for their team. Here they are:

Do you have a post-merge strategy? (You don't have to tell what it is.)

Why do you deserve to make it to the merge?

Who do you think, besides yourself, most deserves to make the merge?

Who least deserves it?

Who is your favorite other competition? Why?

Least favorite?

Finally, what is a cool idea for a challenge you have?

Give reasons as well!

Paige: My strategy is to just compete. I think I should make the merge because I am a good competitor. I would take everyone to the merge if I could. Nobody doesn't deserve it. I love all my competition. I don't hate anyone! I think some kind of shooting or hunting challenge would be fun!

Andrew: I don't have a strategy. I think a lot of us deserve it. Omen had been kind of a jerk, so has Gordon. My favorite competition is Drawkwa <3. Also Paige and Raspucia. I really don't like Omen. A cool challenge would be another picture finding one.

Stella: Omer is Cool but is smart is Fantastic Andrew is Awkward Luke and her sister Hannah Gordon R is Awesome Hi! is My Favorite Vins is cute Drawkwa is Cool Raspucia and Paige is Fantastic Knuckles is Cool Jacob is Cool Finn is Awesome and Nemo has been blocked

Gordon Ramsey: My strategy?......Who cares about strategy? I'm just here to bloody kill everyone and make sure they all bow down to me. Other than me of course I'd bring along Paige and Raspucia along with me. It appears that THEY are the only ones who give a crap about this contest. Omen never deserved to even make it out of the pre-chat; He's just a punk arse little kid who likes to (bleep) and complain about how Nemo ruins his life, Oh brother. The only person ruining your life is your's; And to be honest, I can't wait to see you get eliminated by Chris so you can piss off for God's sakes! Hell's Kitchen is my baby boy, And it will always be my favorite competition. Cooking for life! I've however always found the wrestling competitions to be rather dumb at best. It's like two homosexuals rolling around in gray suits and white headbands in front of many uncultered possible perverts from a school. The best challenge that I think you should do is a challenge to save the earth from the red giant sun.

Chris: Stella, you have to answer the questions. We need 6 more (not including Stella).

Raspucia: My post-merge strategy just see how far I am able to make it. I guess I should make merge because I'm nice and I tell the truth to people. I think everyone who's made it this far desrves to make merge. I don't think anyone deserves it the least, everyone here is awesome! My answer to the next question is: I have no enemies here as of yet, therefore I have no reason to classify anyone as favorites, although it is fun to be around Gordon a, Paige and Hi!. That also answers the next question: I don't have a least favorite. I think a cool idea for a challenge would be one where we all have to save the ship from aliens that are trying to hijack it by shooting them with weird goo or whatever.

Omen: Well, I have a special stratgy.. hehe...  I deserve to make it to the merge for making it out of the Uranus Ensambles alive. That team was full of a bunch of idiots, except me, of course. Maybe that Paige chick, I dunno... there aren't many people that really deserve to make the merge. Hmmm... Who deserves it the least? I'd have to say that nasty chef, Gordon. *gags* My favorite other competitor would have to be Knuckles, cause he never bothers to open his mouth and waste his breath like a lot of these people. My least favorite would have to be Gordon, that guys never shuts his yapper! He's almost more annoying then Nemo! A cool challenge would be something llike I dunno, intergalactic wrestling or something else that would piss Gordon off. *chuckles*

Knuckles: post merge strategy...well...i don't think i'll say right now, but i'm hopeful that it will work, which ain't good really...i don't really think i deserve to be at this stage of the game, there were others who should have been here, but i personally think i've been fairly active and a good contributer to my team, who else deserves to be in the merge?, i guess Andrew, mainly cause he's been pretty active in the group and a great contributer to the team, who least deserves it?, i'd say me but if i had to pick someone else i'd probably pick Gordon, that dude never shuts up!, he's one of the reasons why i don't waste my breath talking to people like him, like Omen pointed out, actually, i'd say for the next question, Omen is my favourite competition, i don't really know why to be honest, least favourite is probably Drawkwa, mainly cause i'm suspicious of her, and as for the coolest challenge ever....(thinks)...why not a combination of all the challenges this season?, yeah, i know it's original, but i don't care, i can't think of anything else to be honest, but seriously, if we did a massive combination of the challenges then that would definately bring in a sh*t load of money!, i know it would! 

Chris: Three more! And Stella...

Vins: No strategy here, though I wasn't really the most active, and I skipped a few episodes, I think I played a good game and could make the post merge. I think Raspucia deserves to make to the merge. She played a great game. My favorite here is Hi!. I dunno why though. My least favorite is Gordon Ramsey. No offense, but you make violent stuff sound tame. I think everyone here has an equal chance of going to the merge. For a challenge, how about something where you start from Mars, go to Jupiter, get an egg from there, and come back with the egg intact?

Chris: *stares at Gordon, mouth wide open* That... Was... Beautiful!!!! *wipes tear from eyes* The Constellations win!!! Tigers, one of you will not make the merge. Sorry!

Elimination Ceremony: Space Tigers

Chris: Vote!

Stella: (CONF) I vote for Omer

Omen: (CONF) Stella has got to go....

Paige: Sorry Stella, but y'all really didn't do much to help us.

Andrew: I vote Stella.

Chris: Well the votes are in and the person going home is... Stella! Welcome to the merge!

Episode 10: ???


A buffet has been set up to celebrate.


Starts Monday at 3 PM EST.

Chris: Today's challenge is dodgeball. When you are hit once, you are out! The final 3 are safe. Here is the twist: you can dodge a ball once, but only within an hour of the throw. For example, if Omen throws at Paige, Paige has one hour to dodge. However, you only have one dodge, so use it wisely!

Vins: Ok so ummm. *throws dodgeball at omen*

Stella: Whoooo! *thows dodgeball at Hi!*

Chris: What are you doing here? *throws Stella off ship* Oh, and you can throw as many balls as you want and may repost after 15 mins of no posting.

Stella: *thows dodgeball at Gordon R*

Vins: *kicks Stella off the ship* stop cheating.

Stella: Ouch

Omen: *dodges the ball* You're going to have to do better than that to get me out!

Hi!: *throws the ball at Andrew* Nothing personal, just business.

Drawkwa: *throws a ball at Omen* You shall rot in purgatory with the one you hate so much

Omen: *throws his hands up in frustration* Whatever.

Vins: *throws ball at Knuckles*

Chris:Omen is out, leaving Knuckles and Andrew to dodge a ball!

Drawkwa: *throws a ball at Gordon R.* Eventually you shall be stuck in your very own Hell's Kitchen.

Chris: Gordon, Knuckles, and Andrew are goners, leaving Drawkwa, Hi!, Vins, Raspucia, and Paige!

Vins: *throws dodgeball at Raspucia* Nothing personal, just, doing the challenge.

Vins: *throws dodgeball at Paige* Again, nothing personal, just being strategic. (Been a hour)

Chris: All right, so we have our three winners, Vins, Hi!, and Drawkwa! You three can go celebrate while the other six go to elimination!

Elimination Ceremony: Everyone But Vins, Drawkwa, and Hi!

Chris: You can vote here, or you can vote on my talk page.

Knuckles: (CONF) i guess i'll vote for Gordon, sorry buddy.

Omen: (CONF) I vote for that obnoxious chef, Gordon.

Hi!: (CONF) Gordon's gotta go.

Drawkwa: (CONF) Omen

Gordon R: Well I guess it's obvious I'm out. So....Good day to you all. *Walks off*

Chris: Well it looks like our master chef is gone. Really, it's a shame. We are gonna miss you, especially since I have to get meals from... Chef... *shudders*

Episode 11



Starts Thursday at 3 PM EST

Chris: Sorry for the delay! Here's the challenge: you will be put in teams of two and compete in clvarious challenges. The loser of each will be eliminated. The teams are: Omen and Knuckles, Drawkwa and Andrew, Hi! and Raspucia, and Vins and Paige.

Part One

Chris: You need to get in the pod (1 line), fly to Pluto (3 lines), and grab some Uranium (1 line). Last team to have someone get the Uranium will be out of the challenge!

Knuckles: (gets in pod) (1)

Omen: *gets in the pod* (1)

Hi!: *gets in the pod* (1) So... any idea on how to drive this thing?

Drawkwa: *gets in the pod* (1)

Vins: *gets in the pod*

Omen: *flies to Pluto* (1) Why is the Uranium not on Uranus?

Hi!: Here goes nothing! *flies to pluto* (1) 

Drawkwa: *flies to pluto* (1) 

Vins: *flies to pluto*

Omen: *flies to Pluto* (2)

Hi!: *flies to Pluto* (2) *narrowly avoids an asteroid* Woah.

Drawkwa: *flies to Pluto* (2) 

Knuckles: (flies to Pluto) (1)

Chris: If no one posts after 15 mins, you can repost!

Vins: *flies to pluto*

Vins: *flies to pluto* (been over 15 min)

Vins: *gets some uranium* YES!(been over 15 min*

Chris: And Vins and Paige have completed the challenge! The other three however have not.

Omen: *flies to Pluto* (3)

Hi!: *flies to Pluto* (3) I think I'm getting the hang of this! *almost crashes into Pluto* Maybe not...

Drawkwa: *flies to Pluto* (3) 

Chris: It is neck and neck and neck!

Knuckles: (flies to Pluto) (2)

Chris: Let's go!!!!

Chris: A line challenge shouldn't take this long... Knuckles and Omen advance for making it far. However, Drawkwa and Hi! are tied so will decide... It has decided that Drawkwa will move on to round two!

Part Two

Chris: This is hangman. Guess letters. When you think you know the phrase, guess it. They will be famous space quotes. The team that guesses the phrase first moves on. Slashes indicate spaces.

O N E/ S M A L L / S T E _/ _ O _ / M A N

Vins: Umm A!

Chris: There are two A's

Vins: Umm E!?

Omen: O!

Drawkwa: X

Chris: Two E's, two O's but no X's... Any more guesses?

Vins: N!

Chris: Two N's, and a word is now available!

Vins: M?

Chris: Two M's, and another word is full!!

Vins: S?

Chris: Two S's. Guess when you think you know what the answer is.

Vins: T?

Chris: One T!

Vins: L!

Chris: Two L's... GUESS ALL READY!

Vins: One small step for man.

Chris: Vins and Paoge advance! This challenge has gone on long enough, so they win! The rest of you are up for elimination!

Elimination Ceremony: Everyone but Vins and Paige

Chris: You can vote here or on any of my talk pages. Go! Hurry!!!

Knuckles: (CONF) i vote Raspucia, if you're wondering why, then keep wondering, cause i really don't know why.

Vins: (CONF) I'll vote Knuckles.

Chris: Ooh, a tie! We need a deciding vote! Someone please vote... Please...

Omen: (CONF) I vote for Raspucia, she's too kind too make it any further.

Hi!: (CONF) Raspucia, sorry, girl. Nothing personal, but if you let the threats thrive, they'll take you out later.

Drawkwa: (CONF) Knuckles.

Chris: Sorry Raspucia, but you're going home! Oh, and I forgot to mention, ALL OF THE MERGERS WILL BE PART OF THE JURY!

Vins: D:

Exclusive Clip

A shady figure steps into the room. Snoring can be heard. The figure tiptoes over to a computer screen. Suddenly, the light turns on. The figure spins around. It is Ezekiek, no longer feral.

Chris: What the heck are you doing here?

Ezekiek: I want to be on the show!

Chris: Sorry, but we are full and we are in the top 7.

Ezekiel: But--

Chris: Oh, Chef?

Chef: Can't y'all settle this in the morning? *picks up Ezekiel and throws him off the ship*

Ezekiel: I will get my revenge!!!

Episode 12



Chris: It has come to my attention that there are a few floaters. So, the last person to post is eliminated!!!

Hi!: I'm certainly not a floater! (CONF) Floaters don't last long where I'm from.

Omen: Me... a floater? As if.

Drawkwa:  All floaters shall perish in the darkest fires of hell with no remorse from the omniscient mother.

Vins: But what if people don't post?

Chris: Well, if one person doesn't post, then they will be eliminated. If two don't post, they will be eliminated. If three don't post, then you will vote between those people. Will it be Knuckles, Paige, or Andrew?

Knuckles: i am a floater, but i'll do my best to try and stop that.

Chris: Since Paige and Andrew clearly aren't posting, should we eliminate one of them or both?

Knuckles: i say both!

Omen: Both!

Hi!: It's best to pick them off one by one.

Drawkwa:  One.

Knuckles: now that i think about might seem better if they're picked off one by!, no!, no!, i'm sticking with my answer, definately sticking with my answer! (grits teeth)

Chris: Hmm... Well they are both inactive and are probably getting voted out soon anyways, so... See you, Andrew and Paige! Anyways, this is the final five!!!

Episode 13


Chris: OK, here's the deal: You must post a song that you think describes three things: You, a Total Drama character (i.e. Owen, Dave), and another contestant from this camp. Winner is immune!


Knuckles: here's my song :

TD Character

Knuckles: my song for...umm...Beth : Space Adventure Character

Space Adventure Character

Knuckles: my song for Drawkwa...hope it makes you talk in bigger text...(sarcastically) oh whoops!, i broke the fourth wall!

Elimination Ceremony 13: Everyone but Knuckles

Chris: Since Knuckles was the only one to do the challenge, he will choose who goes home. Knuckles? Are you there?

Knuckles: sorry dude, i'd like to eliminate Omen.

Chris: Sorry Omen, you had a great run. Four contestants remain! Who will rise to the occasion? Who will crack under the pressure? Find out next time on Total Drama Space Adventure!

Episode 14


Chris: Today's challenge will be a line challenge. We are on an exoplanet. However, the planet is about to be destroyed by an asteroid! You must run to the top of the mountain (5 lines), aim the missile, (1 line) run to the control panel (3 lines) and fire the missile (1 line). First person done chooses who goes home! YOU MAY REPOST AFTER TEN MINS OF NO POSTING.

Knuckles: (runs to top of mountain) (1)

Vins *runs*

Hi!: *runs* (1)

Drawkwa: *runs* (1)

Hi!: *runs* (2)

Drawkwa: *runs* (2)

Hi!: *runs* (3)

Drawkwa: *runs* (3)

Vins: *runs*

Hi!: *runs* (4)

Drawkwa: *runs* (4)

Hi!: *reaches the top of the mountain* (5) This would be an excellent position to do work from.

Drawkwa: *reaches the top of the mountain* (5)

Hi!: *aims the missile* (1) Ahh... reminds me of the old days.

Drawkwa: *aims the missile* (1)

Hi!: *runs* (1)

Drawkwa: *runs* (1)

Vins: *runs*

Hi!: *runs* (2)

Drawkwa: *runs* (2)

Hi!: *reaches the control Panel* (3)

Drawkwa: *reaches the control Panel* (3)

Hi!: *fires the missile* (1) Haha! I win! Yes!

Drawkwa: *fires the missile* (1)

Chris: And Hi! is our winner!

Elimination Ceremony 14: Hi!'s Decision

Chris: So, Hi!, who will you be sending home?

Hi!: Hmm... tough call. Well, no hard feelings, but I guess I'm going to choose Vins. You are a great competitor, and I'd be willing to work beside you at any time.

Vins: :(

Chris: Vins you were a great competitor but you came just short. See ya!

Episode 15


Chris: Write why you think you should go to the finale. Also, what will you do with the money? Best one wins immunity and the ability to choose the other finalist!!!

Knuckles: well then, to be honest with you i don't think i should be here, i practically floated my way into the final and i don't deserve to be here...but i guess...i deserve to be in the final because...well it may not have looked or sounded like it, but i've dedicated myself to this contest so much, i wanted to push my limits, test my strengths and become stronger, but i haven't delivered to be honest, i've only done little bits here and there, and not become the best i wanted too be, i did let myself down, but more importantly, i let you guys down, you guys wanted to get to know me, you guys wanted to support me in the final, but you can't, and probably won't as you guys probably think i don't deserve this, and i'd agree with you, but i'm so determined to win this thing, and it will be the cherry on the cake for me, as for what i'd to with the money,,,well i'd use it to open up a boxing gym, something to help the younger fans become just like their idols. so yeah, i won't be upset or angry if i don't win, but obviously i'd be happy if i did win. that's about it really.

Chris: Drawkwa? Hi!? I would hate to make Knuckles win by default AGAIN...

Hi!: Well, I reckon I deserve a shot in the finale because I've foughten hard and perserved through all of the adversary this competition has put against me.  I've managed to win a good amount of challenges by playing by the book and not breaking my moral codes. If I was still in the business I'd call my time here a succesful hit, Mission accomplished, or something like that. I also made a good amount of companions during this journey, such as Paige, Raspucia, and Stella. Although if I had an offer to take up my old job on those creeps Nemo and Omen, I'd do it without a second thought. *chuckles to herself*  I've mamaged to not get a single vote against me and I led my team to many victories. If I was to win the money, I'm not quite sure what'd I'd do with it. Actually, I take that back, I'd donate half of it to the orphanage I grew up in and make sure it's used to improve the place and the lives of the orphans inside.

Chris: And the first person in the finale is...






Hi! Who do you choose? (Put it on my talk)

Chris: Well, Hi! chooses Knuckles so see you in the finale!!!!

(Surfer: What time/day works best for you guys?)

(Blaze: today at whatever time works good for me. no joke XD)
(ok. Just need Usi to approve and we will start...)

(Usitgz: I'm going to be busy until Wednesday any time after 4:30 EST... Sorry. If Wednesday doesn't work I've got Friday-Monday open after that.)
(Surfer: Friday at 5 PM EST work?

(Maria: Who Gone Win? Knuckles or Hi!

(Blaze: to be honest, i'm not sure if this camp is still active. :/

(Maria: Ok No problem Blaze

(Surfer: Maybe we could finish it... Why get so far to give up now?

(Usi: We could do it right now)

(Blaze: meh, let's do it now.

(Maria: Yes Good idea continue now

Episode 16

Chris: Welcome to the finale! We will have a nice, peaceful jur--

There is an explosion, and a creature swoops in, sending Chris and the million dollars flying.

Chef: Change of plans. Challenge is to save Chris! You must run to grab the ray gun (10 lines), save Chris and the case (5 lines), and get back to the ship (5 lines). You don't have to get the ray gun, but it is recommended, since it can help you when the monster attacks. To defend against the monster, you can shoot it (1 line). If you don't defend against the monster, you go back three lines! So keep that in mind! Go!!!

Hi!: Finally, I get to put my shooting to the test! *runs for ray gun* (1)

Knuckles: *runs for ray gun* (1)

Hi!: *runs for ray gun* (2)

Knuckles: *runs for ray gun*

Hi!: *runs for ray gun* (3)

Knuckles: *runs for ray gun* (3)

Hi!: *runs for ray gun* (4)

Knuckles: *runs for ray gun* (4)

Hi!: *runs for ray gun* (5)

Knuckes: *runs for ray gun* (5)

Hi!: *runs for ray gun* (6)

Knuckles: *runs for ray gun* (6)

Hi!: *runs for ray gun* (7)

Knuckles: *runs for ray gun* (7)

Hi!: *runs for ray gun* (8)

Knuckles: *runs for ray gun* (8)

Hi!: *runs for ray gun* (9)

Knuckles: *runs for ray gun* (9)

Hi: *runs for ray gun* (10)

Knuckles: *runs for ray gun* (10)

Hi!: *saves Chris and the case* (1)

Knuckles: *saves Chris and the case* (1)

Hi!: *saves Chris and the case* (2)

Knuckles: *saves Chris and the case* (2)

Hi!: *saves Chris and the case* (3)

Knuckles: *saves Chris and the case* (3)

Hi!: *saves Chris and the case* (4)

Knuckles: *saves Chris and the case* (4)

Hi!: *saves Chris and the case* (5)

Knuckles: *saves Chris and the case* (5)

Chris: You guys both win gg

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