Due to the reveal of Pahkitew Island being robotic, Chris is not alloud to use it again. And with Camp Wawanawkwa being underwater, Chris could not use that island for a new season. Chris could not find any new islands to use, so he thought to himself that he coulr reuse an old island. The leaves him, Boney Island. Because it was never used for an entire season, there are many suprises to be revealed.

Cast (Name - Label - User) (2 PER USER)(HUMANS ONLY)


1.MicFever - The Wannabe Rapper - BB

2.Paul - The Cool Guy - Samey

3.Nemo - The Heroic Gamer - Nemo

4. Discord- The One That Causes Trouble- RR44

5. Connor - The Man With A Plan - TotalDramaConnor

6.Darell-The gehtto thug-Kingleon2


1.Rayne - The Gamer - BB

2.Froella - The Nature Dumb Blonde - Samey

3.Smiley - Er... IDK - Nemo

4. Mary Sue- The Perfect In Every Way Girl- RR44

5. Lucy - The Wannabe Comedian - TotalDramaConnor

6. Julie - The Lover - BB







Episode One

Chris: Last time on Total Drama! 14 brand new contestants competed on a new island! There were family, friends, and enemies! Later the island was revealed to be electronic. Eventually,it came down to two contestants, and only one won the one million dollar prize! This season, we will be taking 12 victims to the infamous BONEY ISLAND!!!! However they don't know that. We told them that they would be going to a mansion! Instead of relaxing in a awesome mansion, they will compete in life threatening challengeso against eachother all for ONE...MILLION...DOLLARS!!! Who will leave with emptyou pockets? Who will leave with the  I'll ion dollar prize? Sit back relax, grab tour popcorn, and find out on TOTAL...DRAMA...REVENGE OF BONEY ISLAND!!!!!!

Pre-Chat (Boat)

MicFever: Yo everyone yo. The ladies call me MicFever. I be tha dopest rapper you gonna eva hook up with. We gonna git a gangbangin' funk experience all up in tha mansion. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy yo fo' realz. It's gonna be lit! One hunna percent lit! Y'all hype bout tha mansion?

Rayne: Totally! I really hope I get a chance to play on a PlaySection 6! Oh my name is Rayne.

MicFever: Trust me you gonna git ta play

Paul: Hola chicos.

Froella: Wow este lugar es fabuloso.

Smiley: Wait, WHAT? You call me a chick? *turns away from Paul* Freak.

Nemo: OK..... (CONF) This competition is getting weirder by the minute. (END CONF)

MicFever: *Looks at Smiley and Froella* Ayyyy! What be yo names?

Froella: Papayas son ricas.

Nemo: Is that the host?

Smiley: Hey... *points to MicFever* I remeber you before.

Froella: Hola Smiley. Me llamo Froella, pero puedo llamarme Fro, encantada de conocerte.

MicFever: *Looks at Froella* Yo I don't know you. But you could git ta know me ...

Smiley: Um.. OK...

Nemo: *to MicFever* Leave her, man!

MicFever: Shoot Playa. I ment this chick over here. *looks at Smiley* I'm still feeling da sgurD from last night. Yo, where you remember me from.

Smiley: OK, now are you calling me chick! *covers skirt for no reason* I hate it!

Nemo: ...

MicFever: Yo you started this crap wit me! (CONF: Yo, I think she high too!)

Nemo: Woah, calm down...

Smiley: (CONF) I tell you, the host is wierd (END CONF)

Froella: (CONF) Smiley es tu mejor amiga y me gusta (END CONF)

Paul: No puedo evitarlo.

Nemo: I dunno. I just have tough luck.

Smiley: Um... OK...

Froella: Gracias Smiley.

Nemo: *listens to*

Smiley: Um... your welcome?!!!

Froella: Me gustan los caramelos de jalea.

Nemo: *still listening to music*

Smiley: Um, OK?

Froella: Gelatinas de diferentes sabores.

Nemo: *grabs Gelatin* um, thanks?

Smiley: I guess it won't hurt as much.

Froella: Yo amo las gelatinas.

Nemo: Huh?

Smiley: Gotta agee with him.

MicFever: Yo, my relaed gurd sells this to me all the time, playa! *Haves some gelatin*

Rayne: *Haves some gelatin* Mmm, this reminds me of Slimeblocks in DigCraft!

Nemo: That's a game?

Smiley: WHAT?

Froella: Muchas Tartaletas.

Nemo: *spit take* SERIOUSLY?

Smiley: You don't even know what that means.

Lucy: So how 'bout that airplane food? Ha!

Connor: That wasn't funny.

Nemo: *winces*

Smiley: I don't get it.

Froella: Un sandwish de mantequilla de mani y jalea.

Nemo: What?

Smiley: Um, thanks?

Darrell: Ey wassup fam

Connor: Sup!

Smiley: So... many...

Nemo: Who are you?!?!?!

Julie:!I'd like to knoweth the same about thee! 

  • The boat stops and everyone gets off

MicFever: Aww yea, we up in the mansion playah!!!

Chris: Well Mic, there's been a small change of plans!

MicFever: How the Kcuf did you get he-

Chris: All questons must wait till the end! Instead of a nice mansion for you guys to relax at, we will be returning to BONEY...ISLAND!

Rayne: So no Zbox 420?

Chris: Nope, instead we have, blood thirsty beast like wolly beavers, and Stymphalian Canadian Geese! Ironically, those are the name of the teams! On the Wild Wolly Beavers we will have, MicFever, Froella, Nemo, Mary Sue,Connor, and Julie! The rest of you who I dont feel like naming will be on, The Glamourous Geese, yeah we couldn't find a better name. Anywho, this  'will be the most difficult season of Total Drama yet!!! And it will all start with a long walk to your camps. However, two people won't be apart of this journey! For the first time in Total Drama history, to start off the seasom, each team must vote off their weakest player! And that vote starts now!!!

Wild Wolly Beavers Vote

MicFever: (CONF: I vote fo' Nemo cuz I don't be thinkin he likes me, and if he ain't gone he gon' have to fight me!)

Julie: (CONF: I love all the guys hither, so lest I voting for Mary.)

Nemo: (CONF) I am voting for Mary, because Number one: Mary has Mary Sue in it, and Number two: I just wanna be safe. (END CONF)

Froella: (CONF) Yo voto por Mary.

Connor: (CONF) I guess I'll vote for Mary! *shrugs*

Glamourous Geese Vote  

Rayne:(Confessional: I vote for Smiley, she's a little weird. She's like one of those people to use Mokepon Go to stalk people.)

Smiley: (CONF) I'm voting for Lucy. I mean, she's very weird (in a way). (END CONF)

Darrell: (Confessional) I guess ill vote that smiely girl (End)

Lucy: (CONF) Smiley, you Won't be SMILING when you get voted out tonight!

Chris: Times up!!!! All votes are official!!! And the person on The Wild Wolly Beavers is with the most votes is Mary Sue!!! And, the person with the most votes on The Glamourous Geese is, Smiley!!! But there's a twist!!! You didn't vote Mary and Smiley off the game! When I said they won't be apart of this adventure, I was referring to the first challenge! Which is a long walk to your campsites! Mary and Smiley will not have to participate, and if their team loses, they won't be eliminated! 

  • A helicopter arrives

Chris: Those are your rides ladies! Now to the challenge! Each team will uses these maps to find their way to their Camp. *Throws the maps to the teams* The team that gets their first, will win the challenge, and immunity! The losers will meet me at the Sacrifice Ceremony, we're someone will get eliminated!! Now that I told you guys what to do, the challenge may begin!


(You don't need lines to walk. But to win your team needs to have the best dialogue/storyline/drama. I recommend forming alliances, friendships, and conflicts. The challenge will end at 8pm Thursday. Good luck)

Wild Wolly Beavers' Journey

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (1) Come on guys, lets go! Mary-Sue is such a Mary-Sue.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (2)

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (3) Your suppose to talk, right? ANSWER ME!

Froella: *walks to campiste* (4) Me gusta la musica de Mozart.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (5) You wan't some classical music? It feels so great you do. Here. *plays Mozart on a speaker* (CONF) We are gonna win for sure. (END CONF)

Froella: *walks to campiste* (6) Willow es mi gemela y me gusta.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (7) So, if we win the challenge. Mary-Sue will be eliminated. I mean, what happens if we win? Will we get Smiley on our team?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (8) Yo como alitas de pollo.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (9) That's nice, but can you speak REAL english?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (10) Me encanta los caramelos.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (11) Oh yeah. Me too.

Smiley: *spectates the team from the heli* Hmmmmm... (CONF) I saw that Nemo's team has talked a lot, while my team was just silent! I think I'm gonna be safe for sure!

Froella: *walks to campiste* (12) Helado de fresa. Mi favorito.


Froella: *walks to campiste* (14) A nadie le inporta.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (15) Oh, you understand English? Huh.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (16) Yo hablo español y en castellano.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (15) Castillian? ... (CONF)The name sounds familiar...

Froella: *walks to campiste* (16) Aros de cebolla. Deliciosos.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (17) STOP TALKING NONSENSE!

Froella: *walks to campiste* (18) lo sentimos mucho no hace tonterias ni nada.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (19) ALSO TALK ENGLISH FOR ONCE!

Froella: *walks to campiste* (20) Que yo puedo hablar español.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (21) Oh, what the heck! I sound like drama.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (22) Suena divertido.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (23) Thanks.

Froella: *walk to campiste* (24) No fue nada.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (25) 25 Miles already! Nice.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (26) Gracias.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (27) Don't thank me! We are a team, remember?}

Froella: *campiste to campiste* (28) Oh estoy de acuerdo.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (29) So, you think Mary-Sue is going to be eliminated?

Froella: *walks to camiste* (30) Okey estoy de acuerdo.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (31) OK, I'll take that as a yes.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (32) Muchas gracias. Nemo.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (33) De nada. (Your Welcome.) (CONF) I think I learned Spanish now.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (34) Hey sabes quen le gustan los lombrises de gelatina?

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (35) *thinks about Gelatin* Oh yeah, that pervert. *laughs*

Froella: *walks to campiste* (36) Nos gustaria comer alitas de pollo?

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (37) Yum. Delicious.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (38) Esperen. No pudieron probarlas.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (39) Yep. No regrets.

Froella: "walks to campiste" (40) Gracias. Nemo.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (41) Yeah, 'welcome.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (42) Yo amo los copcakes.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (43) You do?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (44) Son deliciosos.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (45)

Froella: *walks to campiste* (46) 

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (47) Wait, did we just get quiet for a minute?

Froella: *walks to campsite* (48) Me gusta la lasaña.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (49) You Dunno? OK.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (50) Amo la musica classica.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (51) And 50 miles. Yes.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (52) Me gustan las palomitas de maiz.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (51) Palors? Maze? What does that mean?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (52) La lasaña es muy rica.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (53) Costa Rica? Why-

Froella: "walks to campiste* (54) Suena bien.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (55) Oh.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (56) Yo teter una nueva lampara de lava.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (57) Yeah. I wan't this challenge to end too.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (58) Me encantan los omelettes.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (59) Why do you smell OMELETTES?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (60) Me gusta su sabor.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (61) Huh. Wierd.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (62) Wow. Que belleza.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (63) Where?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (64) Me gusta los tacos.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (65) What?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (66) Yo tenia un albun de fotos.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (67) OK....

Froella:*walks to campiste* (68) Yo amo los fuegos artificiales.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (69) ARTIFICIAL?!!!

Froella: *walks to campiste* (70) Que amable.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (71) I wonder if we can get up to 75?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (72) Esta bien. Lo haré.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (73) Oh. Your really think so?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (74) Yo como waffles.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (75) 75 Miles! Can we make it to 100?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (76) Claro que si.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (77) Are you excited?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (78) Yo quiero un helado de napolitano.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (79) Neopoliton. Delicious.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (80) Me encanta este helado.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (81) Woah woah woah, cut the drama.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (82) Me gusta este delicioso sandwish de queso fundido.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (83) ...

Froella: *walks to campiste* (84) Mi favorito.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (85) I'm your favorite?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (86) Me gustan los orangutanes.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (87) Oranges?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (88) muy peludos.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (89) Plums? WHAT?!!!

Froella: *walks to campiste* (90) Me gustan.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (91) Oh...

Froella: *walks to campiste* (92) Hay peces en el agua.

Nemo: *walks to campsite* (93) Thanks *drinks water* You know, we should celebrate when we get to 100.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (94) Si claro.

Nemo: *walks to campiste* (95) Clear? What?

Froella: *walks to campiste* (96) Oh valla.

Nemo: *walks to campiste* (97) Vanilla? That doesn't make sense.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (98)  Llegaste hasta al 100.

Nemo: *walks to campiste* (99) One more. In 3.... 2.... 1.... BAM.

Froella: *walks to campiste* (100) Yo gane.

Nemo: *walks to campiste* YES! (CONF) We are Vicotrious! (END CONF)

Froella: (CONF) Pero haora son libres.

Glamorous Geese's Journey

Darrell:*walks to campsite while eating popeyes*(1)

Paul: *walks to campiste* (2) 

Discord: *walks to campsite* (1) 

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