Following The Ridonculous Race, the former host with the most, Chris McLean, decided to come back to Total Drama for its latest season. Heading to an unknown summer camp in Canada, fourteen former Total Drama contestants, plus four Ridonculous Race alumni, return for redemption, having never made to the final two before. They will be split into two different teams, compete in challenges, and the losing team will vote somebody off at the Bonfire Ceremony, where all but one will receive marshmallow. Whoever receives the final marshmallow will be crowned the winner, receiving their redemption and the million dollar prize that goes along with it.


Soaring Eagles

  • Amy - The Evil Twin
  • Anne Maria - The Jersey Shore Reject
  • Courtney - The Type A
  • Justin - The Eye Candy
  • Leonard - The LARPer
  • Miles - The Vegan
  • Rodney - The Farmboy
  • Tom - The Fashion Blogger
  • Topher - The Chris Wannabe

Ferocious Tigers

  • Cody - The Geek
  • Dawn - The Moonchild
  • Ennui - The Hardcore Goth
  • Ezekiel - The Homeschooled Kid
  • Leshawna - The Sister With 'Tude
  • Max - The Super Villain
  • Samey - The Nice Twin
  • Scarlett - The Quiet Brainiac
  • Staci - The Compulsive Liar


Episode One: To Redeem, Or Not To Redeem - Part 1

Chris McLean is seen standing on the dock of a familiar looking island.

Chris McLean: Welcome back, campers! I'm your beloved host, Chris McLean, and standing behind me is the island of... uh, Wanmami? Wawahkitew? Pahkinakwa? That's just a guess, since I bought it out a while ago. Here, island sister to the infamous Camp Wawanakwa, eighteen contestants which you all shoved have seen before have just signed up for the most outrageous show on television. Per the usual Total Drama format, they will be split up into two different teams and compete in challenges every few days or so, and the losing team will vote somebody out, who will walk the dreaded Dock of Shame 2.0.

He walks down the dock.

Chris McLean: They're back for redemption, and that's the recurring theme on this season, Total Drama Redemption! That's right! These twenty handpicked returnees have NEVER made the final two before, even being first boots, and ranging all the way up to dreaded third placers. That's GOT to be embarrassing. Fifteen of which you've seen from regular Total Drama seasons, and three of which come from that attenntion-seeking spin off show, which is about as ridiculous as its' name.

McLean laughs.

Chris McLean: But that's besides the point. Who will win the million dollars? Who will be the inevitable first boot? Tune into part one of the Total Drama Redemption premiere!

The theme song plays, and the camera cuts back to Chris.

Chris McLean: Now that we're done with the introduction, let's meet our first competitor.

A boat pulls up to the dock, containing a familiar teenager, albeit not looking like a monster.

Ezekiel: Yo', what's happening Chris, eh?

Chris McLean: Uhh... didn't you turn into an animal, go green skinned, fall into a volcano, be subjected to incredible amounts of toxic waste and like, sunk with Wawanakwa?

Ezekiel: Huh? *looks around* This ain't Wawanakwa?

Chris McLean: ... Avoiding the question?

Ezekiel: Oh, yeah! Science, McLean. I never learned about that in highschool-

Chris McLean: Correction, homeschool.

Ezekiel: Oh, potayto, potahto, eh? But uh, now that I'm back to my regular form, bruh, this homeschooled dweeb is gonna' win the million dollars, and nothing can stop me, eh! *flicks booger*

Chris McLean: Yeah, good luck. Now go stand on the other side of the dock.

As Ezekiel walks down, the next speedboat pulls up containing another original contestant.

Chris McLean: Justin! It's been a while. How has the circus been treating you?

Justin: Very funny, Chris. But I've just gotten a few modeling contracts, and appearances in movies, so how is your admirable B-list career going? 

Chris McLean: Touchy...

Justin: *flips hair* I might not have the brains, but the ladies and men are going to die when they see this.

Ezekiel: *gawks at Justin* Y-yeah, that's a total lady killer.

The next boat arrived, containing another male contestant.

Cody: Yo', Chris! Nice to be back, dude. You didn't cast Sierra, now, did you?

Chris McLean: Dang it, I knew we were missing someone!

Cody: Thank you so much! *hugs him tightly* My life... has been... horrible with her in it. You won't air this part, right?

Chris McLean: Sure, whatever.

Cody: Hey Justin, how's life holding up since the Drama Brothers?

Chris McLean: Showoffs. *rolls eyes*

The next boat arrives, containing a female contestant, and quite infamous.

Chris McLean: Courtney! I'm shocked you of all people agreed to come back.

Courtney: Hmph. *raises eyebrows* Another tacky island? I'm already regretting it.

Chris McLean: It's called tradition.

Courtney: Whatever. Just letting you know, I WILL win, and no stupid multiple personality or bland nice-girl will stop me like last time, okay? You're all going down.

Ezekiel: Oh, uh, nice to meet you Courtney...

Courtney: YOU?

Ezekiel: AH! *tacks a step back in fear* You aren't gonna' hit me with a pole or something again, eh?

Courtney: Well if you can go a challenge without saying something sexist or turning into a literal golum, maybe I won't have to.

Ezekiel: W-will do!

The next boat arrives, containing the final original contestnats.

Chris McLean: 'Sup Leshawna? It's been a while.

Leshawna: Oh, you don't get to talk to me like we're friends.

Chris McLean: We're not? Bummer.

Leshawna: You make me compete around the world and throw me outta' a plane again, things will NOT be pretty.

Courtney: Hi, Leshawna. Finally some normal has arrived around here.

Leshawna: Hm, same old Courtney. But give me some sugar girl, I missed you!

Courtney: I have to admit I did too. 

Leshawna: No Heathers or Alejandros around, this season might actually be tolerable.

Chris McLean: Yeah, sure! That's it for our first generation. Let's hear it for some of our Revenge of the Island debuts, whom I know you all have been missing for so long.

The next boat pulls up, containing a short female contestant.

Chris McLean: Dawn... nice to see you.

Dawn: *walks by* A pleasure to return to such a perverse competition.

Chris McLean: Whatever that means.

Dawn: Greetings, fellow Total Drama participants.

Cody: Hi, I'm Cody. If you ever need some-

Courtney: Trust me, she's not interested. *Rolls eyes* 

Dawn: Courtney, your aura is of a vibrant dark orange, which symbolizes your desire for power, but it's not essentially bad. I can read your strength, creativity, and all sorts of other positive attributes.

Courtney: Um, I do NOT have a desire for power... Okay, maybe a little, but who wouldn't want to be a lawyer, or a judge, or even the president?

Ezekiel: I wanna' be a cowboy.

Leshawna: Good for you honey, but Dawn, what are you talking about?

Dawn: I can read auras, among many other things Mother Earth has bestowed the ability to read upon me. 

Leshawna: Mm, okay girl. 

The next boat pulls up onto the dock, containing another female.

Chris McLean: *sighs* Staci... welcome back.

Staci: Yah, I'm so glad to be back Chris, it's been a while!

Chris McLean: I thought you'd be more annoying by now.

Staci: The boat ride was rocky! Did you know that my great, great grandfather Albert invented the first boat? Before him you had to doggy paddle your way from island to island, so sad! And my great, great aunt Marie, she invented motors? Before her you had to use all your strength to paddle and if you didn't-

Chris McLean: Just go stand over there.

Staci: Yah! I'm excited to make a whole bunch more friends!

Courtney: Please, no...

Staci: Did you know that my-

Justin: Hey Staci! *flips hair*

Staci: Great, great, great... grand... *looks at Justin, drooling*

Justin: I've still got it.

The next speedboat pulled up onto the dock.

Chris McLean: Here is our final Revenge of the Island alumni, Anne Maria!

Anne Maria: *sprays hair* Yeah baby, I am SO camera ready. You dolls see this pouffe? *flicks it, causing the sound of metal to echo*

Leshawna: Your weave is the craziest thing I've ever seen.

Anne Maria: Oh, what did you just say to me? Jealousy is a curse, hun. You already got enough gray hairs.

Leshawna: Oh, don't you dare try me.

Cody: Come on ladies, let's all just be friends.

Anne Maria: Sorry short stuff, but let us women deal with it like women do.

Cody: Alright, the pleasure is yours.

Chris McLean: Well, those are our first eight contestants! Let's kick it off with our Pahkitew Island cast now!

The next speedboat arrives, containing two bickering contestants.

Amy: Whoa, who said you can get off first?

Samey: Shut up, Amy, you're not the boss of me!

Amy: Sparemy? Did you say something?

Samey: Stop being such a cow.

Amy: Oh, no. Don't you DARE.

Chris McLean: I love touching family reunions.

Samey: *waves at the cast* H-

Amy: *shoves Samey into the lake* Ooops, sorry sis! NOT. *smirks, walking down the dock*

Leshawna: They better not be like this all season... White girls will be the death of me.

Anne Maria: Oh, I'm hearing that.

Amy: Whatever. I'm rich and I'm pretty so I can do whatever I want.

Ezekiel: If you're rich, then why are you here, eh?

Amy: You beg my pardon? Did I give you permission to talk to me?

Ezekiel: *shakes head* N-no...

Amy: Good. That is all.

Courtney: *walks over to the edge of dock, extending hand to Samey*

Samey: *is helped up by Courtney* Thank you! She can be such a jerk.

Courtney: I'm sick of her already. But don't think this makes us friends.

Samey: *nods*

Dawn: Amy, your mother might have always preferred Samey, but you shouldn't take out your anger and frustration onto others. There are much more reasonable ways to release, without harming others.

Amy: W-what are you talking about?

Dawn: I can sense the envy in your aura.

Amy: STOP TALKING. You're just speaking gibberish. 

The next boat pulled up onto the dock, containing another contestant.

Chris McLean: You going to try and steal my job again?

Topher: No thanks, McLean, but I have bigger dreams to pursue!

Chris McLean: Alright then, you'll fail though.

Topher: Once the Ridonculous Race gets their youth spin off, I'll be the new host! I just need to ensure my celebrity status on this show.

Chris McLean: Okay, I don't care.

Topher: And maybe the producers won't need to fund your slotox.

Chris McLean: Go away.

The next boat pulls up, containing another male from the cast.

Max: Muahahaha! None of you stand a chance against my evil ways!

Leshawna: Uh, is he old enough to compete?

Courtney: Really, McLean? Child abuse?

Max: Silence, fools! I am a healthy teenage boy, albeit vertically challenged! But one day, all of you minions will be reversed, and looking up to me when I take over the world!

Amy: Troll. *rolls eyes*

Max: If you want to be on my good side in the future, I suggest you beg for forgiveness beca-

Before he can finish his sentence, the next contestant arrives on the dock, knocking him over.

Leonard: Return, corrupt monster, to the shadows of Pahkitew Island! 

Max: Excuse me?

Leonard: I banish you from this island! Your evil will not harm us under my spell! *pulls out wand, waving it* Abracadabra!

Max: Hmph, your silly magic is no chance for- *stands on broken dock plank, falling through into the lake* AGH!

Leonard: Huh! My spell worked!

Samey: Good job, Leonard.

Amy: Ugh, stop trying to get attention, Sparemy.

Samey: *sighs*

Topher: Yeah, I should have gotten a line in there! Save some for the rest of us.

Staci: Yah!

The next boat pulls up onto the dock, containing a large ginger male.

Chris McLean: Welcome, Rodney.

Rodney: Yeah, it's great to be back and single. I don't need any girls messing up my chances this season!

Amy: You're back? REALLY? You better not fall for me, because I will tear you apart.

Rodney: Oh, Amy. I can't even look you in the eyes. I don't want to risk it.

Amy: Dont you dare do it.

Rodney: *looks at Anne Maria* Hi.

Anne Maria: Yo. *spraying on fake tan*

Rodney: *violently coughs* I... I think I've found the one.

Samey: Congratulations?

The next boat pulls up, containing a familiar face.

Chris McLean: You're not gonna' try, and I don't know, blow up my island again? *folds arms*

Scarlett: *shakes head* This season, I am confident that I will participate using more morally correct methods. My phsychologist managed to find the root of my problems, and I have been in excellent condition since. I hope to be of value to my team.

Staci: Yah, my great, great, great aunt Iggy was the first ever therapist! Before her, you had to vent at your problems to your brick wall, who CONSTANTLY misdiagnosed. So sad.

Scarlett: Actually, psychology dates back much further than that. Back in-

Chris McLean: No, I do not want to hear this. Stop talking, okay?

Scarlett: *raises hand*

Chris McLean: No further comments. Now, let's introduce our Ridonculous cross over contestants!

The next boat arrives, containing a gothic male.

Ennui: *blinks*

Chris McLean: Wow, I appreciate your enthusiasticness.

Ennui: Hi.

Chris McLean: Well, that's somewhat better.

Ennui: All of you reek of postivity and bright colours. It's making me ill.

Courtney: That's not even possible.

Scarlett: In some cases, bright lights can cause such side effects like dizziness, nausea, and potentially vomitting, but without any pre-existing condition, it appears unlikely.

Leshawna: Or he could be exaggerating.

Scarlett: Excellent point.

Max: Silence, former sidekick!

Anne Maria: Are we really listenin' to this broad who tried to blow up an entire island? *sprays hair*

Max: Yeah! She's not even the good evil! Just a child.

Ennui: You tried to blow up an entire island? *looks at Scarlett* I think we should talk more. That's hardcore.

Chris McLean: Gross, here comes our next contestant.

The next boat pulls up, and the contestant is instantly greeted by Topher.

Topher: Miles, former Ridonculous Race contestant along with her partner Laurie, albeit solo this time. Give the red carpet your thoughts on your return?

Miles: Thank you, Topher! I hope to spread the word of animal cruelty in our nation, and help restore Mother Earth's health.

Chris McLean: What are you doing?

Topher: Just practicing, McLean.

Chris McLean: Don't quit your day job.

Miles: That speedboat I arrived on was not eco-friendly, and undoubtedly released carbon dioxdie into the atmosphere. I propose we travel here by raft, to help Mother Nature.

Chris McLean: No. And here comes our final contestant!

The final boat pulls up.

Tom: *typing on his phone* What's trending in June: glasses. Horn rimmed, shades, 3D, it doesn't matter. Protect your eyes, and stay trendy! 

Chris McLean: Earth to Tom, we're on TV...

Tom: Oh, my Chris. That shirt is way out of season. Unless you're trying to go vintage, but Jen was always the expert in that department. 

Chris McLean: Alright, let's get this started. Welcome to Total Drama Redemption. None of you have ever won, or made the final two, so this is your chance to change your reputation. If I call your name, you are on the Ferocious Tigers. Leshawna. Max. Scarlett. Samey. Ennui. Dawn. Cody. Ezekiel. Staci.

Staci: Yah, go team!

Chris McLean: The rest of you, Leonard. Rodney. Miles. Amy. Anne Maria. Courtney. Tom. Topher. Justin. You are the Soaring Eagles. Now, head to your cabins. Tomorrow, you will begin your first challenge. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out on part two of the Total Drama Redemption premiere!

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# Contestant 1
TBA Anne Maria IN
TBA Courtney IN
TBA Ennui IN
TBA Ezekiel IN
TBA Justin IN
TBA Leonard IN
TBA LeShawna IN
TBA Miles IN
TBA Rodney IN
TBA Samey IN
TBA Scarlett IN
TBA Staci IN
TBA Topher IN

Color significance

     WIN: Was on the winning team (TBA); Won individual challenge (TBA).

     IN: Had their name called at the Bonfire Ceremony.

     WIN/LOW: Received the final marshmallow at the Bonfire Ceremony but won the challenge.

     LOW: Received the final marshmallow(s) at the Bonfire Ceremony.

     LEFT/OUT: Voted out in this episode.