A competition fanfic based heavily around music, written by OstianWendy.


All theme songs are taken from "Cry Baby" by Melanie Martinez.

Boris, The Self-Centered Overachiever ~ Theme Song: "Alphabet Boy" 

If you ever hear somebody screaming the house down about their success; it'll be Boris. Always proud of his amazing logic, intelligence and IQ, Boris is a complete overacheiver and has ruined many relationships in the past with his in-your-face attitude. Will he dangle his diploma (only to get decked) or will he surge to smashing success (and make everybody else surrender?) Only time will tell. 

Drew, The Secretive Perfectionist ~ Theme Song: "Dollhouse" 

Drew is a picture-perfect, good looking American teen with a smile that could charm the pants off anyone and their grandmothers. However, all is not what it seems, and Drew has many secrets that plague his thoughts. He carries many burdens; so he uses a veil of confidence and arrogance to conceal his true feelings. Will his mask of masculinity end up ruining his chances at winning, or will he open up to his fellow cast members and win? 

Erika, The Independent Shade-Thrower ~ Theme Song: "Cake" 

"Fun, fresh, fabulous and free," is Erika's motto. Fiercely independent and determined; she lives the live on the wild side and is never afraid to tell anybody what she thinks of them. She refuses to be walked over and taken advantage of. She never takes back her comments and insults, and ignores any hate spewed towards her from those who don't approve of her honesty. She is also an avid cook; and dreams of making a living through giving 100% honest reviews and cooking amazing food. Will the contestants tire of her attitude or will they respect her views?

Irene, The Deluded Livewire ~ Theme Song: "Pity Party" 

Irene sees herself as true perfection. It is her belief that she is popular, intelligent and overall a-ma-zing. However, this hubris comes from a deep sadness that she covers up. In reality, she is unpopular and deluded due to her inability to show emotion. One would think that Irene is a bad person; but she is a genuine, down-to-earth and modest girl when actually befriended: now it's time to let Irene actually make friends. Will she find her way through the mist that has clouded her life for so long, or will she get lost in the fog...? 

Jai, The Misunderstood Lunatic ~ Theme Song: "Mad Hatter" 

All the best people are crazy... Or so they say. Jai is a walking, talking representative of this archetype. He's absolutely off his rocker, and is extremely energetic and eccentric in the way he acts and moves. Due to this, though, he is shunned by his family and fellow students, much to his dismay. Jai wishes to prove that he is a good person behind his actions - but will he succeed? 

Lugh, The Ill-Fated Observer ~ Theme Song: "Sippy Cup" 

Lugh's unfortunate life has been peppered with small events that led up to one climactic scene: a murder in his home - one which he was never supposed to see. Lugh has always been vigilant, and he is quick to spot any anomalies. His life after the tragedy has been slowly trudging up a road to recovery; and he pledges to bring the cold-blooded killer to justice. However, will Lugh use his prowess to his advantage or simply let his luck take over...?

Megan, The Self-Conscious Beautician ~ Theme Song: "Mrs. Potato Head" 

The usual stereotype of women who work in the beauty industry is one of dazzling beauty, unrivalled confidence and sheer mastery of the world they work in. This is partially the case for Megan, who owned her first salon at the age of 17. She is definitely beautiful, and has mastered the trade, but she is extremely introverted and self-conscious. Megan has attempted to see herself as the beautiful woman she truly is, but fails to do so regularly. She came to the show to seek advice and help - and to expand her salon chain. Will she chip a nail but come out triumphant; or trip on some hair extensions and return to normal life? 

Salome, The Nosy Instigator ~ Theme Song: "Pacify Her" 

If, by chance, you've heard a rumour or juicy piece of gossip, it was likely started by Salome. She is never afraid to talk endlessly and is extremely opinionated -- so much so that she turns these opinions into rumours and spreads them like wildfire through her large social media networks. Her numerous boyfriends have attempted to shut her up and make her realize that she is extremely annoying and rude -- but she brushes them aside. Will the cast be able to cope with such a tiring and prominent individual? 

Tiffany, The Promiscuous Lover ~ Theme Song: "Play Date" 

Tiffany has never been unlucky in finding love. Her escapades usually only last a few weeks, but she is in it for the short term - and is addicted to the lifestyle she chooses to follow. Obviously, this has many implications on her interactions with other people, especially those of the same age. Labelled a "player" by the girls in her school, her life is filled with make-ups and break-ups, and is a daily rollercoaster ride. Tiffany, however, did not sign up for the show: her parents decided to apply for her. They wished that she would make new friends and be a normal teenager interacting with supposedly "normal" people. Will Tiffany comply with her parents' wishes or revert to her promiscuous self once again? 

Wyatt, The Mute Overthinker ~ Theme Song: "Soap"

The ever silent Wyatt is a modest, chivalrous and loyal individual. However; these traits - while honourable - have made him into a pushover. He refuses to stand up for himself due to fear of offending somebody -- or getting hurt. He has tried to overcome these shortcomings, but to no success. Wyatt joined the show to demonstrate that he can overcome his problems and demonstrate that he is, in actuality, a hospitable and kind human. 


Episode 1: "Livin' La Dolce Vita" - Coming Soon!

Elimination Table

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