Chris: Welcome! If you didn't know, last season Zoey won! And this season we are doing it all over again! But this time, in the form of movies! thriteen brave competitors will battle for One Million big ones!











10.Cody- Franky494


12.Lindsay- TDFCH

13.Cameron (Wheel chair)-TD_TeamSierra


Chris: Welcome back, some contestants!

Heather: Hi, people! So not nice to be here.

Chris: Welcome back Heather! With not much of a warm walk-in.

Zoey: *arrives from lamo-sine* It seems Heather's back.

Chris: Hello Zoey, former winner.

Cody: Hi Zoey, *Sees Heather* *Sarcastically* Yay, Heather's Back

Dakota: *arrives from lamo-sine*

Chris: Welcome Dakota!

Cody: ...And Cody, I'm short not invisible

Chris: AND Cody.

Scott: *Shrugs* Well, you are short.

Izzy: *Swings On Random Vine With Furball* YAH!

Chris: Welcome back Scott and Izzy!


Luminent Lights:


Dakota Disqualified Challenge 4





Singing Samaritans:


Blaineley Eliminated Challenge 5

Katie Eliminated Challenge 3

Cody Eliminated Challenge 1

Dawn Eliminated Challenge 3

Cameron Eliminated Challenge 2

Elimination Table

1: This episode no-one won so every was up for elimination.

2: This episode was especially for Mike and Noah so they get ot pick who goes home, they picked Katie and Dawn, eliminating them.

3: This episode was especially for Noah and Mike so everyone else was automatically safe except for those who Mike and Noah picked to eliminate.

4: Injected last season by help of Dakota, Zoey was poisoned and Noah and Mike had to perform surgery on Zoey, she was automatically safe, but couldv'e died in the process.

5: Noah was going to go home, but Chris decided to watch all the confessionals, revealing Dakota rigging the votes to send Noah home. Instead of Noah going home, Dakota was disqualified.

6: Blaineley was going to go home, but instead, Chris decided to watch all the confessionals, revealing Dakota rigging the votes, votes were cast towards Noah, making Blaineley safe, but Dakota went home instead.

7: Dakota rigged the votes to send Noah home, but Chris wanted to watch the confessionals, revealing Dakota's rigging of the votes, disqualifying her.

8: These players were eliminated due to inactivity.

Scott WIN IN 1 WIN 3 IN IN OUT 8
Heather IN IN 1 WIN 3 IN IN OUT
Blaineley IN IN 1 WIN 3 LOW 6 OUT
Dakota WIN IN 1 WIN 3 DQ 7
Dawn IN IN 1 OUT 2
Katie IN IN 1 OUT 2
Cameron LOW OUT
Cody OUT

Challenge 1: The Space Alien! (Sci-fi Movie)

Chris: Welcome contestants! Our first challenge is to recieve the blue aliens egg! Be warned though he may attack you, and he may kill you! (Seven lines, that ARE NOT the same) Go!

Zoey: *walks into lab* This should be... interesting.

Dakota: I wonder who the alien is.

Mike: Yeah.

Noah: Probably Chef......he dresses up ALL the time.

Zoey: He could be a cross-dresser.

Chris (Intercom): The top two also get to pick teams!

Scott: *Walks Through route And Finds* (CONF) Luckly I found a map of the place.

Izzy: *Walks With Furball* Which door, Furball? *Strokes Hamster* Okay, that door. *Walks Into Lab*

Noah: *walks around* Hmm, I may not find it but I may not die either.

Zoey: You may not do both. *to Noah*

Scott: Where is that egg? *Walks Through Different Labs and Doors, Seeing Chef, And Running From Him* Gosh! *Sees Other Contestants, Continues Finding*

Noah: Nor may you, Zoey.

Mike: *looks around* Hmm.

Izzy: Cool! *Furball Drinks Blue Liquid, Hamster Dies* Aww! *Gets Spare Hamster And Continues Finding*

Scott: *Continues Looking* Ugh, I hate hunts like this!

Zoey: *to Noah* I hope insurance will cover that.

Dakota: *walks* Ugh this is ridiculous, just let me find the freaking egg already!

Izzy: *Looks* Come on, Lulu! Where is it!? Help me find it!

Scott: *Checks Tiny Map Nobody Could Ever See* Hmm.... *Checks Route, Walks And Looks*

Mike: *looks*

Noah: *to Zoey* I have insurance, of course.

Zoey: I bet I don't.

Scott: *Walks In Lab* Nope. *Walks In Different Rooms And Looks*

Zoey: *looks around* Anyone see anything?

Scott: I bet there's a billion rooms in this place. *Looks In Weird Lab* Uh..*Walks out And Looks*

Noah: *looking around* No.

Mike: It's got to be here somewhere.

Heather: *walks into lab*

Zoey: *finds egg* Hey I got it!

Scott: *Looks In Normal Room* Huh...*Sees Egg* OH! *Gets Egg, Ignores Alien's Scratching, Gives To Chris* I found it!

Alien (Chef): *Shoots mutant grenade at Mike, Zoey, and Noah*

Zoey: Ah! *falls back* Hey! Watch it with the explosives!

Scott: Here. *Gets Mutant Grenade, Tosses At Alien*

Zoey: Scott! Don't help him!

  • Grenade blows.

Zoey: Aaaaah! *flies backwards* *gets up* Quick! Lets get to Chris! *runs to Chris*

Scott: *On Machine* Way ahead of you. *Moves Faster than Zoey, Jumps Off Machine And Runs To Chris*

Zoey: *gets to Chris* Here! *gives egg*

scott: *Gives Egg*

Chris: Congratualtions your two. But here is the shoot. You aren't picking teams! I am! *laughs* I lied, so when I call your name, go stand over there. *points to the right* Zoey, Mike, Noah, Scott.

Scott: *Walks To Right*

Chris: Izzy, Dakota, and Lindsay. When I call your name go stand over there *points to the left* Cody, Heather, Dawn, Katie, Blaineley, and Cameron. People on the left, you are now known as: The Singing Samaritans! People on the right, you are knowns as: The Luminent Lights! But since both Scott AND Zoey are on The Luminent Lights, Samaritans, we'll see you tonight for elimination.

Lights Trailer

Zoey: We won our first challenge!

Mike: Yeah, thanks Zoey and Scott.

Zoey: Anytime.

Mike: Well, the rest of us got lucky, we were on your team.

Zoey: I guess so.

Dakota: All this game is, is luck.

Noah: In elimination, you apparently require "skills", "strength", or "good looks" to win challenges, or so what I was told once, when I was eliminated.

Zoey: Or being mean.

Noah: Bingo.

Mike: Well, that's cool, I guess.

Dakota: So any thoughts on last season Mike. *elbows Mike in the hip as an indication*

Mike: Um, good job on winning last season Zoey.

Dakota: *elbows Mike harder*

Zoey: Thanks Mike.

Mike: *To Dakota* What?

Dakota: *whispers* Make your move, idiot.

Mike: What? (XD)

Dakota: *whispers* Ask her out retard.

Mike: *whispers back* Hey! *to Zoey* Hey Zoey, I need to tell you something. (CONF) First, so I don't lose my friendship with her, she's really nice, and that would be another friend I lost due to my MPD.

Zoey: Sure.

Mike: Please don't freak out about it. *whispers so only Zoey can hear* I have a multiple personality disorder....

Izzy: Would anyone like to meet Lulu, my pet?

Zoey: Oh... okay. [Conf] I had something totally different in mind!

Dakota: *hits face with palm*

Samaritans Trailer

Samaritans Elimination 1

Heather: (CONF) I vote out cameron.

Cam: (CONF) *wheels in* I vote out, Cody.

Dawn: (CONF) I sadly vote Cody out.

Chris: When I call your name... come get a Chris Emmy award. Heather, Blaineley, Katie, Dawn, and... the final marshmellow goes to................... Cameron. Cody, your out! *puts Cody lamo-sine and drives away*

Challenge 2: Quizers! (Game Show)

Chris: Welcome contestants, I will ask you a question and you have to answer, if you get it right, you stay in, if wrong, your out! First question what episode in TDROTI did B go home?

Noah: Ice Ice Baby.

Zoey: Ice Ice Baby

Dakota: Not So Happy Campers?

Chris: Dakota your out!

Scott: *Chuckles* Ice Ice Baby.

Izzy: *Drinks Hot Sauce* ICE ICE....*Drinks Water* Baby...

Chris: In what episode did Dakota return? First three people to answer arre in the rest are out. QTE!

Scott: A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.

Izzy: A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste?

Zoey: A Mine is A Terrible Thing To Waste.

Chris: Wow. Your all out. That means elimination for anyone!

Elimination 2

Heather: (conf) I vote out Cameron.

Lindsay: (conf) I vote out cameron.

Izzy: (CONF) What's that, Lulu? Okay, I'll vote Cameron.

Scott:(CONF) I vote out Cameron.

Zoey: (CONF) Cameron, Cameron, Cameron!

Chris: When I call your name come get a-

Dakota: Just get on with it!

Chris: Fine! Cameron your out!

Lights Trailer

Zoey: That was a rather fast challenge. Don't you think?

Mike: Yeah.

Noah: *nods, reading book*

Zoey: Do you think they have anything in that mini-fridge over there, I'm hungry.

Mike: I don't know, want me to check?

Zoey: No thank you. I got it. *walks over but slips and hits head on side of trailer*

Dakota: *elbows Mike* Ge help her up!

Scott: Ouch. You oaky, Zoey? *Helps Zoey Up*

Zoey: *unconsious and head is bleeding*

Mike: Whoa! *runs to Zoey and Scott* I don't think she's alright....

Izzy: *Puts Bandage On her* O.o Does that help?

Mike: I hope it does. Should we get Chris or something?

Chris: *intercom* I'm not helping so..... yeah!

Zoey: *bandage falls off and bleeds mroe*

Izzy: *Comes Back* I stole Chris' emergency kit.

  • Emergency Kit is filled with nothing.

Mike: Aw man, what do we do?

Dakota: Let her bleed out?

Zoey: *starts running a fever*

Mike: Oh man, what to do? *turns into Chester* DARN KIDS!

Dakota: What?


Mike(Chester): *Whacks Izzy with a cane* DARN KIDS, KEEP IT DOWN! IT'S 4:30 PM OR SOMETHING! YOU SHOULD BE ASLEEP!

Dakota: Zoey is going to die at this rate.

Scott: *Puts Bandage That Will Stay There* Is she breathing though? *Checks* Her heart's beating..

Dakota: That bandage is going to create infections.

Chris: *intercom* It's true!

Scott: *Takes Bandage Off* That was only to stop the bleeding.

Mike(Chester): DARN KIDS!

Dakota: Mike! Help Zoey!

Mike(Chester): *turns back into Mike* What?

Dakota: Nice impression of a old man while Zoey is dying.

Mike: Oh! Um.....sorry! What to do?

Dakota: We can't do anything!

Izzy: CPR!

Scott: If so, I should do it.

Dakota: Ew!

Zoey: *starts having trouble breathing*

Scott: IT'S OUR ONLY HOPE! *Does CPR On Zoey*

Noah: *reads book*

Dakota: I don't think it's working.

Noah: *reading book* I wonder what everyone else is doing.

Dakota: (CONF) Since when did Scott start caring? (NO CONF)

(Since he doesn't want anybody dead. He actually has a heart too.)

Izzy: *Checks* I think Zoey's breathing...

Dakota: Chest pushy thing! Do that!

Scott: *Pushes Chests Lightly But Firmly* UGH!

Dakota: ... Is it working?!

Scott: I think...

Zoey: *coughs blood up* (O_O)

Mike: Um.....*starts panicking*

Izzy: ZOEY! Can you speak?

Dakota: She obviously can't speak.

Izzy: Uhm, not helping.

Scott: *Tries Everything To Save Zoey*

Dakota: It's not working!

Mike: Aw man! Come on Zoey, don't die!

Izzy: Anybody would like to help? How about you Mike? You seem helpful..

Dakota: Anything?

Mike: I don't know what to do...

Scott: Any *Quietly* personalities *Normal Voice* can help?

Dakota: Anyone want to say some words?

Noah: *walks over* What's happening?

Izzy: *Sobbing*

Dakota: Zoey is dying.

Mike: I got to try something! *panicking*

Dakota: What are you waiting for?!

Scott: I'm going to sue Chris if she dies...

Izzy: :(

Mike: *to Dakota* Well, what do I do?

Dakota: Want to say any words?

Scott: *Bows Head*

Mike: Um, Zoey, you were a great person and if you're still alive, please try to pull through, you're a great friend and I'll be sad to see you go!

Dakota: Even though I called in secret agents to kil- Wait!

Izzy: What?

Noah: Why am I not surprised?

Izzy: Maybe because you don't have a heart.

Dakota: *calls agent* Did you say Zoey was going to die later in TDMC? ... Yes?! ... How?! ..Poison?! No antidote?! Useless! *hangs up*

Noah: *to Izzy* I'm talking about Dakota not Zoey.

Izzy: *To Noah* Still, that's rude of you.

Dakota: Focus!

Scott: *Comes Back* a medicine?

Chris: *intercom* No way that is mine! *runs into trailer gets it and runs out*

Mike: Aw man! Now what?

Chris: Leave her to die?

Izzy: *Hugs Zoey* Even though we don't know each other much, I will miss you..

Zoey: *coughs up more blood* (O_O)


(It has only been twice -_-")

Mike: Anyone know any other methods on how to safe Zoey?

Dakota: No...

Zoey: *gags and coughs up blood*

Mike: Well, it isn't right to give up.

Izzy: :( *Does Everything To Save Her One Last Time*

Mike: Come on Zoey, live!

Zoey: *barely breathes*

Mike: Yes! She's still alive! Come on, keep breathing.

Zoey: *coughs up most blood ever*

Mike: No! Please try to keep breathing!

Zoey: *starts breathing less*

Dakota: Only gets worse.

Mike: There's got to be something though, something we haven't tried?

Dakota: Not that I know o-

Zoey: *coughs up blood*

Chris: Challenge in a few.

Mike: Well, maybe Scott didn't do the CPR correctly, maybe it was the bandage! I don't know, I just need to try something!

Dakota: Why don't you try CPR Mike?

Mike: Um sure! Let's hope this works....*Tries to do CPR on Zoey*

Zoey: *gags and starts breathing easier*

Noah: looks like it's working. Maybe, I don't know, I'm actually not paying too much attention.

Samaritans Trailer

Challenge 3: Inanimate Insaneity (Drama Movie)

Chris: *brings Zoey out on a stretcher and sets her on a table* Due to Zoey's contract we can't let her die, so you'll perform surgery one her to get the toxins out of her kidney. If you make a wrong move she'll die. *laughs*

Mike: Um.....wait, what?

Noah: Yeah, there's a HIGH chance of her dying.

Chris: That is why we put you put to it!

Noah: I agree with the title it IS insane.

Mike: Agreed, couldn't you just call a doctor?

Chris: Costs to much.

Noah: Of course it does.

Chris: *throws surgery supplies to Mike and Noah*

Noah: What about everyone else?

Chris: Nah, This challenge is epspecially for you. If one of you completes the surgery you will get to pick who goes home next.

Mike: Okay....*puts on gloves*.....I'm probably going to fail.

Noah: *nods* Same here, though.

Chris: If she doesn't have any permenant damage I might think about getting you EACH to send someone home. (You can double post since it is just you)

Mike: Um.....okay, so how do I do this?

Noah: *shrugs*

Mike: ......

Chris: Okay, cut open her, her liver, take the toxins with the eye dropper, close the kidney, close her, done.

Noah: .......Oh this is going to be tougher than I thought.

Chris: Yep.

Noah: (CONF) And this was all caused by a mini-fridge.

Chris: Hurry up! You got a timer before she dies! thiry minutes!

Noah: Could we at least have one more helper?

Chris: Fine, Dakota, get in there.

Dakota: *gets thrown in* Ow!

Noah: Well, at least it's SOME help, now come on, let's try do to do this correctly.

Dakota: *gives knife to Mike and gives stitching string to Noah.*

Noah: And what will you be doing?

Dakota: Telling you what the poison looks like, duh.

Noah: .....Well, begin Mike.

Mike: *cuts her open* Okay, um, what now?

Dakota: Cut open the kidney.

Mike: What now?

Dakota: Cut open the kidney.

Mike: Oh, sorry *cuts open the kidney* Okay, now?

Dakota: Use the eye dropper to take out the poison!

Mike: Okay....*grabs eyedropper and takes out some of the poison*

Dakota: Now use the stitching string to close her kidney and stomach back up.

Noah: Alright, *stitches the kidney* Now just for the stomach.

Dakota: Yep.

Noah: *stitches the stomach* And set.

Chris: Well done! Since both of you did an extroidinairely good job! Each one of you get to pick who goes home! (Noah and Mike)

Mike: Okay....hopefully Zoey gets better.

Chris: So who goes home?

Noah: Katie.

Chris: Mike?

Mike: I'm going to have to go with.......Dawn, sorry.

Samaritans Elimination 3

Chris: Since Mike and Noah picked Katie and Dawn, they're out! *puts them in Lamo-sine and drives away*

Lights Trailer

Noah: *reading book*

Zoey: *came back from infirmary*

Mike: Hey Zoey! Are you alright?

Zoey: *hugs Mike* Thanks! *backs away* Sorry. But the doctor said I couldv'e forgot some stuff. So watch out.

Mike: Okay, it's fine. Just glad that you're feeling better.

Zoey: Thanks.

Mike: I was really worried.

Zoey: I was worried too. But I knew I could count on you.

Mike: Thanks. Thankfully, you're still alive.

Zoey: Yeah. *kisses Mike on the cheek the goes to get drink from the mini-fridge*

Noah: *Reads book*

Zoey: At least I got something to drink afterwards. *drinks Grapeillicous Soda*

Noah: *reading book* Yeah, I suppose.

Zoey: What do you think the next challenge is?

Noah: If it's another surgery I'm probably going to quit >.>

Zoey: Got to go with you on that one.

Mike: Same, I felt like I was going to mess up badly.

Samaritans Trailer

Challenge 4: Saying Your Sins! (Reality Show)

Chris: Welcome contestants! Your challenge is to say the most secretive thing in the TDMCA confessional!

Mike: What?

Zoey: Admit something in the confessional?

Chris: Yep.

Mike: (CONF) When Zoey was dying, I think I may have realized I have a crush on her. I think, because I was really, really worried for her safety and couldn't stop trying to save her, even though I failed >.>

Noah: (CONF) Um.....seriously, I don't think I have anything to confess.

Zoey: (CONF) Um... I kinda like Mike.

Chris: Well, since you guys were the only ones to compete. Your team won. Here is what you guys said:

TV: Mike: (CONF) When Zoey was dying, I think I may have realized I have a crush on her. I think, because I was really, really worried for her safety and couldn't stop trying to save her, even though I failed.

Chris: Wow. Didn't see that one coming.

Noah: "Shocker".

Zoey: *blushes* (CONF) When I realized Chris was going to show our confessionals I had to take percautions. (NO CONF) *runs away*

Dakota: (CONF) From what i heard, Mike had *** with Zoey (NO CONF)

TV: Noah: (CONF) Um... seriously, I don't think I have anything to confess.

Noah: Best confession ever, if you think about I confessed about having nothing to confess. *Reads book*

TV: Zoey: (CONF) Um... I kinda' like Mike.

Noah: I quote "Shocker", it was Mike and Zoey's confessionals were REALLY obvious.

TV: Dakota: (CONF) From what I heard, Mike had *** with Zoey.

Noah: I still think MY confession was the best.

Mike: Wait, what?

Dakota: What?

Chris: Well... shocker. Seriously. But since it is merge time! Dakota wins! Anyone can go home tonight, other than Dakota.

Mike: Wait! Dakota's confession isn't true!

Noah: By the way, McLean, shocker is what I say.

Chris: Nope, Mike we got picture evidence! *laughs* *pulls out photo-shopped picture* *throws it to Mike*

Mike: I NEVER did that. That must be fanmade.

Chris: Got it from a Camera Man! Who got it from Blaineley, who got it from a Camera Man.

Mike: Well I DIDN'T do that.

Chris: Nice try Mike.

Mike: Well, I didnt! Besides, they got my eyes wrong. >.>

Chris: Hmph, go ahead and vote.

Merge Room

Mike: >.>

Noah: *sarcastically* Looks like you're in a good mood, today.

Zoey: *runs in* That picture was totally fake!

Noah: Well, Mike also feels that way, he's been angry for a bit, thanks to it.

Zoey: Okay... lucky you Noah.

Noah: What? That Dakota tried to rig the votes against me? I actually saw that coming on one of the episodes.

Mike: *leaves the room*

Merge Elimination Ceremony

Zoey: (CONF) I vote for Blaineley. (NO CONF)

Mike: (CONF) Blaineley, I mean she's trying to cause drama with a nonexistent thing!

Noah: (CONF) Blaineley, she doesn't do much around here.

Dakota: (CONF) Blaineley, but just to take percautions, *takes all voting pads and votes for Noah on all of them* (NO CONF)

Chris: When I call your name, come get a marshmellow, but first lets show the votes.

TV: Zoey: (CONF) I vote Blaineley. (NO CONF)

TV: Mike: (CONF) Blaineley, I mean she's trying to cause drama with a nonexistent thing! (NO CONF)

TV: Noah: (CONF) Blaineley, she doesn't do much around here.

TV: Dakota: (CONF) Blaineley, but just to take percautions, *takes all voting pads and votes for Noah on all of them. (NO CONF)

Chris: Wow, due to cheating, Dakota your out!

Dakota: What?!

Chris: Yep, buh-bye! *shoves Dakota in the lamo-sine and drives away*

Challenge 5: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Horror Movie)

Chris: Welcome contestants to your next challenge we will scare you and whoever gives the biggest scream, wins! Mike go take a walk in those dark woods please. Heather, go into that port-a-potty, Lindsay, go into that fake store.

Mike: Alright. *walks into the dark woods*

  • Fake Zoey dead body falls in front of Mike

Mike: Wait, what? O_O

  • Scream bar: -

Chris: Wow, pathetic Mike. Lindsay?

Lindsay: FAKE STORE!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! *all the windows crack and fall to the ground*

  • Scream bar: --------------------

Chris: Nice! Heather?

Heather: What the f*** is in here! Oh my gosh.... *barfs* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! *runs out*

  • Scream bar: ------------------

Chris: Noah? Is this all your collection of books? *puts in shredder*


Chris: Since I'm nice, those were fakes.

  • Scream bar: ----------------

​Chris: Well, Lindsay wins immunity!

Merge Room

Noah: Glad those were fake *reads book*

Merge Elimination 2

Zoey: (CONF) Blaineley.

Noah: (CONF) Blaineley.

Mike: (CONF) Blaineley.

Heather: (CONF) Blaineley.

Lindsay: (CONF) I vote out Blainerifee! Did I say that right?

Chris: When I call your n-

Zoey: Get on with it!

Chris: Fine, Blain your out! *shoves Blaineley into lamo-sine and drives away*

Challenge 6: Happy Fun Time Go-Go Fish Tails! (Commercial)

Chris: For this challenge you must film a commercial, the best one wins! Go! When your done tell me. About Happy Fun Time Go-Go Fish Tails!

Lindsay: *get props and starts filming*

Zoey: What to film, what to film.

Mike: Hmm.....

Zoey: I got it! *gets props and starts filming*

Lindsay: Here Chris! *hands Chris the tape* (My commercial is of Lindsay posing like a model saying to eat the Fish Tails.)

Zoey: *here Chris*

Chris: Thank you two.

Mike: *gets props and starts filming*

Noah: Let's see here....I have an idea.

Zoey: *to Mike* Need help?

Mike: Um, sure, could you help with the filming?

Zoey: Yeah sure.

Mike: *finishes video and hands it to Chris* Done.

Chris: Now we need Noah.

Noah: *hands video to Chris*

Chris: After watching them.... Noah! With his Fish tails jumping out of a book.

Merge Room

Merge Elimination

Zoey: (CONF) I got to go with... Heather.

Mike: (CONF) Heather, sorry.

Noah: (CONF) Heather.....definitely.

Chris: Due to inactivity and votes, Heather, Izzy, and Scott are all going home! *shoves them in the lamo-sine and drives away*

Challenge 7: Double Dutch (Edcutional)

Chris: Welcome! Final four, each one of are NOT going to compete, the ousted characters are going to be voting for TWO people out, the two top most people with the votes are out! Determining the final two.

Ousted Characters Vote Below For Who You Want Out

Dakota: I got to go with Zoey.

Heather: I vote for Zoey.

Chris: And it looks like Zoey's out.

Zoey: What?!

Chris: *shoves Zoey in lamo-sine and drives away*

Challenge 8: It Is the Cliffhanger! (???)

Chris: And we have our fianl three, today, due to budget cuts we are having a vote, again. So vote either Mike, Noah, or Lindsay to win!

Zoey: Mike, he's nice

Dakota: Mike is stupid, I got to go with Noah due to be the least annoying.

Heather: I vote for Lindsay to win.

Mike: Thanks for voting me Zoey!

Noah: *reads book* ............Meh...............

Scott: Noah seems pretty awesome. Mike's stupid with Lindsay.

Izzy: Gotta go with Noah.


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