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Brick-S321 |Debuts|

Elimination Table

Debuts had to be cut down due to the Elimination table messing up.

1: Zoey was safe because in the final three she was not put up for elimination because Noah and Mike were to make it fair.

2: This was the episode the merge was in.


Scott Debuts Episode 4 LOW IN IN IN OUT
Brick Debuts Episode 4 IN OUT
DJ 2 Debuts Ep. 3 WIN OUT
Izzy Debuts Ep. 3 OUT
Heather IN QUIT
Cody OUT


Killer Cats





Dj |Debuts in Episode 2: Tunes In!|

Distraught Dogs





Izzy |Debuts in Episode 2: Tunes In!|

Challenge 1: Oh Dear the Lake!

Chris: The first challenge is to jump off this cliff and get a medal that is in the water. BEWARE! The water is filled with sharks and eels. I forgot to mention there is a hidden idol somewhere!

Zoey: At least it'll be a quick death! *jumps* Aaaaaaahhhh!

Noah: *sarcastically* This seems safe *jumps*

Mike: Well, it's only half a chance of death *jumps*

Zoey: *swims around underwater*

Dakota: *texts*

Zoey: *spots the medallion then a jelly fish grabs her leg stopping her from reaching the surface to get air*

Heather: *jumps*

Cameron: *jumps*

Mike: *looks around*

Noah: *looks around*

Zoey: *screams underwater* Aaaah! Aaah!

Dakota: *looks up from phone* Hey look Zoey is drowing! But I don't care... *texts*

Mike: Zoey, don't worry, I'll- *is shocked by eels*

Noah: *looks around*

Heather: *looks around*

Cameron: *gets eaten by a shark*

Heather: *helps Cameron*

Zoey: *about to drown*

Heather: *pulls out Cameron who has the medallion*

Cameron: *swims to the surface*

Zoey: *drowns*

Mike: Oh no I'm too- *shocked* late!

Cameron: *hands medallion to Chris* Yes!

Dakota: *walks up to Mike* Awww what a shame, but whatevs, I sitll got my phone! *texts*

Dawn: *runs off cliff*

Cody: *runs off cliff*

Chris: That is a fake. Keep going!

Dawn: *falls*

Cody: *falls* Woo Hoo!

Heather: *keeps searching*

Cameron: *cries* Why?!?!?!?!?! It's a fake!!!!!! *cries tremendously*

Noah: *spots medallion*

Mike: *getting shocked* Ow!

Heather: *saves Zoey and puts her on the land*

Zoey: *isn't breathing still*

Mike: *Being shocked* OW!

Noah: *swims toward medallion*

Dakota: *texts*

Noah: *grabs medallion*

Chris: Noah, has the medallion!

Dakota: *texts then slips off cliff and lands on Noah in the water*

Noah: Ow! Get off *slips off of Dakota and swims to Chris* Here. *gives medallion*

Zoey: *isn't breathing still*

Chris: The Cats win! Before the elimination ceremony, just chill in your rooms. *takes Zoey to infirmary*

Killer Cats Room

Dawn: *meditates*

Zoey: *back from infirmary* Hey guys!

Dawn: *is shocked* It seems your aura is damaged! What did they do to you?

Zoey: Beat me up, but they said I would die later...

Distraught Dogs Room

Dakota: I say we vote out Cody! *to Heather and Mike* I don't trust him...

Mike: Um, you sure?

Dakota: Maybe we can go kill Zoey and post it on Cody?

Heather: Dakota, what is wrong with you?

Mike: Is something wrong?

Dakota: Well she is going to die anyway! And no one cares about her. You don't Mike you didn't even try so save her! I am going to go kill her. *walks away*

Mike: Wait, I did try to! Don't kill her! ......I don't like eels.

Dakota: I am going to killer her and you cant stop me! *calls agents* Yes I would like you to assasinate Zoey from this camp! She is not worth it, and my daddy said to get rid of every female contestant here!

Heather: *punches Dakota* You jerk! You are going ot kill innocent people?

Dakota: Ow... and yep my agents should be slicing her throat open right about now. I am only doing what my daddy told me to. If I don't *whispering* he'll kill me!

Mike: (CONF) Um, I wonder why Dakota's acting like this, maybe it's just a joke?

Heather: *takes Dakota's phone and talks to agents* Do not kill her. Dakota doesn't want you too. OK. Bye. *smashed the phone into a million pieces*

Dakota: The good things about lawyers... they make lots of copies! *gets another phone out and recieves a call* Yeah... uh-huh... good okay so the job is done then? Alright thanks bye! *Hangs up* Looks like their job is done so you can kiss your girlfriend good-bye that is... if she is. Which she isn't.

Elimination Ceremony: Cats One

Chris: OK Dogs. Vote out either Dakota, Heather, Mike, or Cody.

Dakota: [Conf] I vote for Cody [No Conf]

Heather: (conf) I surprisingly vote for Cody.

Dakota: *at elimination circle* Wow they even sent me pictures of her dead! For some reason... ew... it is all bloody and gory. Blech!

Mike: (CONF) I vote for Cody.

Dakota: Oooh a video! *on video* *blood sounds* Chief: She is dead! High Five! Corporal: *high fives*Let's take her back to Mr. Milton to show him the jobs don- awww man Chef took our helicopter. Crap! Whatever, at least her blood is spilling out like crazy and she is dead!

Chris: Alright. The marshmallows go to Mike, Heather, and....................Cody! Sorry, Dakota. The show has a strict "NO KILLING OTHER CONTESTANTS" policy.

Dakota: When was that created?! Anyway- Ooh my daddy is calling! *answers* Yeah? Wow that is not the much whatever. *off phone* My daddy will give you fifteen-trillion dollars in cash if you keep in the game as a contestant! Anyways it was a fraud. But I didn't kill her. She died on her own. Sorry daddy. I would never kill anyone!

Chris: Sold! Cody, your out!

Dakota: Wait I got a call. *answers* Uh-huh, yeah, okay I will eventually.*hangs up* So sorry... Mike.

Cody: I'm so sorry Mike! Well, I guess I have to go. Bye!

Dakota: Lets head back to the cabin and wait for our next challenge.

Challenge 2: Tunes In!

Chris: OK everyone. Time for the next challenge you must submit a video that you think is the theme song for your character! Best one wins!

Cameron: I guess this is mine except for the white part.... (XD)

Dawn: This is my song.

Zoey: This is mine:

Heather: I have to quit Chris. This game is way too much for me.

Chris: Okay, then. The winner of the challenge is..... The Dogs! Cats, it is time for elimination!

Distraught Dogs Room

Killer Cats Room

Dakota: *nervous chuckle* Phew! Glad Zoey survived. I hate the thought of death! *shudders*

Elimination Ceremony: Dogs One

Zoey: [Conf] I vote for Dawn [No Conf]

DJ: (CONF) Random vote..Cameron.(NON-CONF)

Noah: (CONF) I have to vote Dawn.

Dawn: (CONF) I vote for Cameron.

Cameron: I vote for Dawn.

Chris: Ok, the marshmallows go to Zoey, Noah, and.....................Cameron! Dawn you are out. *hurls Dawn and Heather*

Challenge 3: A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

'Chris: Okay. Today's challenge is to find an idol hidden in the mine. Flashlights are down there. 10 lines to find the idol. Also, you will have an armand that will turn orange when you have 15 minutes. Red you will have 5 minutes. And if it turns black.... well you will kind of die. So go!! (Also you can't say the same thing over and over again) 'Chris: We have some new people in the competition! Welcome DJ and Izzy! DJ is on the Cats and Izzy is on the Dogs!

Zoey: Wow this cave is dark...

Dakota: Here, I'll use my phone as a flash-light bu- look! An elevator shaft!

Mike: Cool, come on team!

Noah: *walking* Okay? Chris endangering our lives.....

Zoey: *to Mike* What do you suppose? Our teams go down this together?

Dakota: *In shaft* Quick! Get in guys!

Zoey: *gets in shaft* *to Dakota* Can we take a ride down with you?

Dakota: Ugh fine, only because I called secret agents to-

Zoey: *angry glare*

Dakota: Help you of course... *nervous chuckle*

Mike: *runs to the shaft* Wait for us! *gets in the shaft*

Noah: *runs to the shaft* Meh....*gets in the shaft*

Zoey: What's that creaking noise?

Shaft: *falls down*


Shaft: *hits the floor*

Zoey: *holding on to Mike* Wha? Oh sorry. *nervous laugh*

Cam: *runs into cave*

Mike: It's alright *to Zoey*

Noah: Well, it was Chris' shaft so of course it was cheap and fell.

Zoey: Yeah of co- Oh my god! Your band it's orange!

Noah: *looks at his band* Of course I would die on Total Drama. And your's is orange too.

Zoey: *disappointed sigh* And I didn't even make a single friend my entire life.

Dakota: *walks around and finds a Fedora* What is this doing here. *walks back to Mike and throws him the Fedora* I don't want it you keep it.

Mike: I've always wanted to wear a hat like this! *puts it on and turns into Manitoba Smith* 'Ello mates!

Noah: And it gets even crazier....

Zoey: Uh... excuse me?

Dakota: Um...

Cam: *hops on a cart and flies down*

Mike(Manitoba): What's wrong Sheila? Anyways, let's take these carts so we can get out, mates!

Zoey: *jumps on Cart* *whisperes to Cam* What is wrong Mike?

Mike(Mantioba): *hops on a cart* This will be a great adventure!

Noah: Sure....*jumps on cart*


Noah: Well, it was a good life I had.

Dakota: And I still haven't had my reality spin-off series!

Tracks: *disappears*

Zoey: Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Noah: .....

Mike(Manitoba): What a great adventure, ey mates?

Zoey: *lands in water and gasps* Am I... still alive?

Noah: *lands in water, sarcastically* No, welcome to the afterlife.

Mike: *lands on the ground knocked out, with his fedora knocked off*

Zoey: *relief sigh* *looks around* Wait where's Mike?

Noah: I don't know.....well I guess, he died, he was a good guy, let's go.

Zoey: *sad sigh* *swims away*

Noah: *follows Zoey*

Zoey: Ok now where do w- hah! Mike's fedora!

Dakota: *swims to shore* Hey! Guys! Did you forget about me?!

Noah: Oh sorry, you weren't very noticeable. Anyways, Mike's fedora? Then he must be close or at least his dead body.

Dakota: Come on! I want that gold trophy! *runs into another cave*

Zoey: *follows*

Noah: *follows*

Zoey: *stops* Look! Two tunnels! Which one should we take... if only we had Mike to help.

Noah: Well, we don't so we need to figure it out.

Zoey: How about we split up?

Noah: By the way where is Cameron? Whatever, he probably died with Mike. I guess we could go with your idea.

Zoey: I'll go to the safe path on the left that has lights and you guys go to the dangerous path on the right with all the darkness and stuff. Okay? Lets go! *goes into cave*

Noah: .....Thanks. We care about your safety too >.> *goes to the right*

Zoey: *trips* Ow... darnit.

Noah: *walking* Eh.....

Zoey: *walks into a throned area* What....? What in th- the statues! *runs and picks up statue* Got it!

Noah: *band turns red* Good bye life.

Zoey: *band turns red* Oh Mike, I wish I was here to spend the rest of my short life with you *sigh*

Noah: Stupid dark path >.> *keeps walking*

DJ: *Runs* Wait for me!

Izzy: *Swings On Random Vines* :D

Zoey: DJ?

Noah: *keeps walking*

DJ: Whoa! *Grabs Hold Of Vines, Swings*

Izzy: YAH! *Continues Swinging*

Zoey: I am not feeling so... *falls down* *looks up and sees giant rat* Ah!

DJ: *Falls Face First* OW! *Stands Up And Runs*

Izzy: *Falls And Runs Fast*

Noah: *keeps walking* How long is this path?

Zoey: Someone help me!

Noah: *finds the exit out* Good to know.

Zoey: Someone help!

Noah: *exits out*

Zoey: Well at least I met someone nice...

Noah: *outside* It should be like one minute until their bands turn black....

Zoey: *band starts turning black* Oh no...

Dakota: *gets outside* Where's Zoey?

Noah: She's still in there and she has about 2 seconds left. We're the only ones outside.

Zoey: Good luck friends... *throws Idol as far as possible down the cave*

DJ: Runs*

Izzy: *Eats Sugar Canes And Swings On Vines*

Noah: So, um, yeah, it looks like it's only us who survived *to Dakota*

Dakota: Hey what's this? *picks up Idol* It looks like Zoey did it! We won!

Noah: Well looks like Mike and Zoey are dead......*reads book*

Izzy: No idol? *Swings On Vine*

DJ: Noooo! D: *Runs*

Noah: *reading the history of Canada* 7th time I've read this.

Izzy: *Falls Again And Runs*

DJ: *Runs* Come on DJ, you have to atleast catch up with them!

Chris: And the Cats win! Dogs, I'll see you for elimination!

Killer Cats Room

Noah: *reading*

Zoey: *back form infirmary* Thanks for the help Noah...

Noah: You asked for help? I was in the other path.

Zoey: Was yelling and screaming not enough?

Noah: Well I was near the exit. Where were you? Taking the safer path and giving us the dangerous one.

Zoey: Almost dying that is where.

DJ: Sorry, guys for not participating. D: I'm deeply sorry. D:

Zoey: It's ok DJ.

Noah: *to Zoey* Let's just forget about it, truce to this argument?

Zoey: Yeah, truce.

Distraught Dogs Room

Dakota: I wish you luuu-ck? Is that how you say it?

Elimination Ceremony: Distraught Dogs 2

Dakota: [Conf] I vote for Izzy [No Conf]

Izzy: (CONF) That Mike dude or something. :P

Mike: (CONF) Izzy.

Chris: When I call your name recieve a marshmellow... Dakota... and the final marshmellow goes to... Mike. Sorry Izzy. *puts Izzy on Hurl of Shame* Any last words?

Izzy: *Runs, Kisses Mike* READY!

Chris: *laughs* Good stuff. Well bye! *hurls Izzy*

Mike: What? O_o

Chris: Now Dakota, Mike, congratulations... you made it to the merge!

Challenge 4: If One By Heart and Voice

Chris: Welcome contestants, here you are at our performer stage. Each one of you will perform a song about why you should stay. The winner will get immunity, and the losers will vote each other out, because you all just made it to the merge! Also! Meet our new debuter Scott! He will be judging your songs!

DJ: Can i do a rap?

Scott: *Shrugs*

Chris: Ya' dude, shoot.

DJ: Hey, I'mma big buff dude, don't try to be rude. I'm just rapping how I will stay,I could beat you if I may. I'm a nice big guy, I'mma raise to the high! Sure, I'm soft, sure, I'm kind, you don't have a girlfriend hotter than mine! (Pretend he has a real girlfriend. XD) You can see me rap and sit, here's a couple bucks, buy yourself a better outfit!

Scott: Hm..I'd give it somewhere 8/10 or 16/20

Chris: Oh yeah! Brick is going to debut and be alongside you in judging Scott! Also they cannot vote in the elimination ceremony.

Scott: That sucks.

Chris: Cameron your up next dude!

Cameron: OK. I may be nerdy and small. But that don't mean I can't win it all. They should just hand me the mil. Because I have such a strong will. Man. Chris you are nice. Although, sometimes you could be as cold as ice. So I am telling you if you want a real contestant like me, you shouldn't set me free. Oh yeah.... I'm out!

Chris: Nice Cameron! Judges?

Brick: Eh... 8/10

Scott: 6/10

Chris: So that racks up a twelve! Next up we have Zoey!

Zoey: When I lose. I bust a fuse. When I win. You guys got nothin'! So don't be down! When I win don't be giving me no cranky frown! Listen to my song, I'm clearly going to win! Sorry about my song it's not quite long.

Scott: O.o....5/10..sorry, it wasn't long as the other two guys...especially DJ..>.>

Brick: 5/10

Zoey: *sighs*

Chris: Your up Mike. *recieves a call* Uh-huh, yeah mmk. *hangs up* It looks like we're out of time so anyone can go home tonight!

Merge Room

Zoey: Good thing we made it this far, huh Mike? [Conf] Everyone here seems nice... except for Dakota. She seems... awkward. [No Conf]

Dakota: I know, right? [Conf] I'm obviously going to win! [No Conf]

Zoey: Uh... sure yeah...

Cameron: Hey guys!

Zoey: Hey Cam!

Dakota: Hey. *texts*

Cameron: So... do you guys wanna form an alliance?

Zoey: Sure.

Merge Elimination 1

Zoey: [Conf] I vote for DJ [No Conf]

Dakota: [Conf] DJ [No Conf]

Cameron: (conf) I vote for Dakota.

DJ: (CONF) Dakota! She creeps me out..

Mike: (CONF) Dakota, sorry.

Noah: (CONF) DJ.

Chris: When I call your name, your safe. Zoey, Cameron, Mike, Noah, Scott, Brick... and the final marshmellow goes to..... Dakota. Dj, dude, you will be missed. *puts Dj on the Hurl of Shame* Any last words dude? No? Okay. *hurls Dj*

DJ: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Challenge 5: Like The Titans!

Chris: Welcom contestants to the final seven! Each one of you will battle each other like ancient titans and empereors to be the champion you will face in twos and one of you will get a free pass for the beggining round! So lets get in your stations chop-chop! (Three line push off)


Round A P: Brick vs. Scott| Round B P: Zoey vs. Mike| Round C P: Noah vs. Dakota| A-A: Cameron

Round A S: Brick vs. Zoey Round B S: Noah vs. Cameron

Finals: Zoey vs. Noah


Chris: First up Brick vs. Scott. (Brick moves on due to absence of both)'Next up Zoey vs. Mike! Noah vs. Dakota: Begin! Next up Brick vs. Zoey. (Zoey wins due to Brick's absence) Cameron vs. Noah... go!

Zoey vs. Mike

Zoey: I don't really have to do this do I?

Mike: Um, same here, I don't really like battling.

Chris: *laughs* Good! Now do it! *serious voice*

Zoey: Um... I don't know...

Mike: I agree....

Chris: UGH! Fine! Chef!

Chef: *loads cannon* Now I am going to give you both to three to start fightin'! Or I fire this thing! 1...

Mike: Wait, what's in it?

Chef: Cannon Rockets... *maniacal laughter*

Mike: Um.....

Chef: And you won't even exist on this planet after I pull the trigger...

Zoey: Isn't that a little... um... much?

Mike: I agree, that's going way too far.

Chef: Listen, would you rather be knocked into water or get blown up?

Mike: Knocked into water, I guess....

Chef: Then knock each other off! 2...

Mike: *to Zoey* Um, if you want, you can knock me off. I won't mind.

Zoey: Oh no, I insist.

Mike: No, it's alright, I won't mind.

Zoey: Well... okay. I won't vote you off in the end though! *pushes Mike off and accidentally rips his shirt* Oops I'm so sorry!

Chris: And Zoey takes the win!

Mike: *in the water, turns into Vito* 'Ey! Who took off my shirt? Whatever, the Vito looks good without a shirt.

Zoey: Excuse me?

Mike(Vito): *looking in mirror*

Noah vs. Dakota

Noah: So, now we're going to pushing people into water levels on this show? *Sarcastically* What an improvement.

Chris: Due to somebody.... *looks at Mike* Hacking into our mainframe and buying fifty bottles of sun-tan lotion, we couldn't add lava. So Mike saved ya' there.

Dakota: Whatevers I am so going to win. *throws phone at Noah and does nothing* Oops... *nervous laugh*

Noah: Well, sorry about that "Daddy's little girl" *starts pushing Dakota* And thanks, Mike, for buying sun-tan lotion?

Chris: [Conf] *looks at phone* I GOT TO PAY MY RENEWAL FOR SUN-TAN LOTION FOR 6,500$?! *passes out [No Conf]

Noah: *pushing Dakota* Sorry about this, I suppose.

Dakota: Back off you big bully! *tries pushing Noah but so weak she pushes Noah all the kinetic energy retracts and Dakota falls off by herself*

Chris: And Noah takes the win!

Noah: One: I'm not a bully and two: *sarcastically* That was the toughest match in my life.

Zoey vs. Brick

(Zoey wins due to Brick's absence)

Cameron vs. Noah

Noah: *pushes Cameron* Sorry, about this.

Cameron: *drop kicks Noah* Bring it on.

Noah: Ow! Oh by the way, whoever wins, no hard feelings, right? *pushes Cameron*

Cameron: AAAAAHH!!!! *chokes Noah and nears him to the end of the platform*

Noah: *breaks free* Alright, fine *punches Cameron and pushes him off*

Chris: Nice one! Noah, get some rest before the final battle.

Resting Area

Zoey: *sighs* Made it this far... pushing off one of my best friends... *under breath* The person who I have a crush on...

Chris: Come on to the final part of the challenge!

Zoey vs. Noah

Zoey: *sighs* Good luck Noah.

Noah: Same to you.....well *starts pushing Zoey* Sorry.

Zoey: *pushes Noah*

Noah: *pushes Zoey*

Zoey: *pushes Noah*

Noah: *pushes Zoey off*

Zoey: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *lands in water*

Chris: And Noah wins Immunity and for a bonus! He wins an immunity idol to use on whoever or himself!

Merge Room

Noah: *reading book* Good job in the challenge today, most of you.

Zoey: Good job Noah. Sorry Mike, I really am.

Dakota: [Conf] Noah is a bully he is going DOWN [No Conf]

Mike: It's not a problem, Zoey.

Zoey: I am going to go for a walk... *goes outside and walks down into the forrest*

Mike: Alright, have fun.

Noah: *reads book*

Zoey: *runs in* Look what I found! *shows Immunity Idol*

Mike: That's great!

Noah: *reading book* Yeah.

Zoey: Well... here. *gives it to Mike* You deserve it more than I do, and that is my sorry for pushing you off.

Mike: Um, thanks Zoey, that's really nice.


Zoey: *trips* Ah! For the love of... *gaps* Another Immunity Idol! *runs back to room*

Merge Elimination 2

Dakota: [Conf] I vote for Scott [No Conf]

Zoey: [Conf] I vote for Brick [No Conf]

Mike: (CONF) I'm sorry but I vote Brick.

Noah: (CONF) Brick.

Cameron: (conf) I vote Brick.

Chris: When I call your name, come up and recieve a marshmellow. Dakota, Mike, Zoey, Noah, Cameron, the final marshmellow goes to............ Scott. Sorry Brick! *puts Brick on Hurl of Shame* Any last words? You neither? Okay.... *hurls Brick*

Brick: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Challenge 6: Going To The Other Side Of The World!

Chris: *loud speaker* Attention campers! Everyone reprt to the Dock of Shame for your next challenge!

Zoey: What could it be this time? *walks to Dock of Shame*

Dakota: *yawns* *walks to the Dock of Shame*

Cameron: *runs to the Dock of Shame*

Zoey: *to Cameron* How do you run so fast this early?

Cameron: *to Zoey* My mom wakes me up 5:00 every morning to go for a jog.

Zoey: Is that the only active thing you can do outside? [Conf] *asleep* [No Conf]

Chris: *loud speaker* C'mon campers! Gas is a'wastin'

(DJ was eliminated TT XD)

(I love you that you deleted him for me :D xD)

(XD Just doing my job, I think XD)

Scott: UGH! Chris, you got to me kidding me! *Walks To Dock Of Shame, Badmouthing Chris*

Zoey: *to Scott* What do you think the next challenge is?

Dakota: *arrives* What now Chris? [Conf] Having made it this far I might as well win the million, I oculd use a few free-ends is that how you say it? [No Conf]

Mike: *gets to the Dock of Shame* Sorry I'm late!

Noah: *gets to the Dock of Shame, reading*

Chris: Now that everyone is here, get aboard our luxury boat, we're going to Newfanland! *is a beat up junky boat*

Zoey: *gets aboard*

Dakota: *gets aboard*

Mike: *gets on boat*

Noah: This is not luxury *gets on boat*

Dakota: The only luxury about this is how much you payed for it.

Scott: *gets aboard*

Cameron: *gets aboard*

Chris: Lets go! *starts boat* *sails across the sea* (Until we arrive chat for now)

Zoey: *looks around* This isn't bad, I'm sure there's worse.

Mike: Yeah.

Chris: *hits a wave*

Zoey: *falls out of boat* Ah! *lands in water*

Mike: Whoa! Hold on Zoey, reach for my hand *extends hand*

Zoey: *grabs hand* Thanks Mike.

Dakota: Good job on succeding this time Mike. *texts*

Noah: *reads book*

Chris: *hits wave and knocks Noah's book out of his hand*

Noah: *pulls out a spare book and reads*

Dakota: *texts*

Zoey: *sigh*

Chris: We're arriving soon campers! Well by soon I mean like in another twelve hours! So get some sleep!

Cameron: *falls asleep*

Zoey: *tries going to sleep* Ugh, I can't go to sleep! *sighs*

Scott: *Already Knocked Out*

Chris: *hits a wave*

Zoey: *falls out again* Woah! *lands in water*

Dakota: *is asleep*

Zoey: Guys! Wait up! *swims towards the boat*

Scott: *Wakes Up And Sees Zoey* Oh, hi, Zoey. *Falls Asleep*

Zoey: *gets aboard the boat*

Chris: *sees giant mutant squid* Every camper for themselves! *jumps into the water and swims*

Dakota: *wakes up* Huh? *rubs eyes and see giant mutant squid* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Zoey: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Noah: Well, we all knew we would die somehow on this show.

Squid: *hits the front of the boat and everyone flings forward*

Zoey: *lands on Newfanland shore*

Cameron: *lands on top of Zoey*

Zoey: Ow! As if I am not in as much pain as I am already...

Scott: *Lands Beside Zoey and Cameron* Oof! Same here.

Cameron: *hugs Zoey*

Noah: *lands beside everyone else*

Mike: *lands on face* Ow!

Zoey: *gets up* You okay Cameron?

Chris' boat: *goes at top speed and runs over Zoey on shore*

Zoey: Ah!

Mike: Zoey! Are you okay?

Dakota: Why don't you get the boat off of her, like Olypmians lift weights?

Mike: *turns into Svetlana* Svetlana is here to save the day! What do you need?

Dakota: Why don't you get the boat off of Zoey?

Cameron: *scream and hugs Dakota*

Dakota: Get off of me you big nerd! *pushes Cameron away*

Mike(Svetlana): I'm more into agile olympics, blonde girl, but I shall try! *lifts boat for a little* Hurry, yes?

Cameron: I am not nerdy! *pushes Mike aside and lifts the boat off of Zoey*

Scott: (CONF) Maybe Cameron isn't so bad at all.

Zoey: *gets out* Thanks Cameron

Chris: *arrives on shore, wet* Hello campers! It seems that all of you are in one piece, let us go inside the shack shall we?

Dakota: *walks inside*

Zoey: *limps inside*

Chris: *looks at camera* Wow, she has been through a beating or ten.

Cameron: *walks in* (CONF) I think I am going to tell Zoey how I feel. I like her. A lot. Maybe she likes me too...

Scott: *walks Inside*

Chris: Now we will have the Brunch of Elimination and disgustingness and at the end we will have a surprise for the final two. Now the last person to finish this is out. Mike is already out, so the first dish is starfish on a skewer!

Jerd: *hands food*

Chris: And... begin! (it takes two lines to finish one more each round)

Zoey: *eats*

Cameron: *eats*

Scott: *Eats*

Zoey: *finishes* Done!

Dakota: *eats*

Cameron: *finishes*

Scott: *eats, finishes*

Dakota: *finishes* Done!

Scott: *finishes* Done!

Chris: Noah, your out! Jerd?

Jerd: *hands gravy salad with anchove toppings*

Zoey: *eats*

Scott: *eats*

Cameron: *eats*

Scott: *eats*

Cameron: *eats*

Zoey: *eats*

Dakota: *eats*

Cameron: *finishes*

Scott: *finishes*

Zoey: *finishes*

Chris: Dakota, your out, loser bench!

Jerd: *serves moving worms with dirt* (Four lines this time)

Zoey: *eats*

Scott: *eats*

Zoey: *eats*

Scott: *eats*

Cameron: *eats*

Zoey: *eats*

Cameron: *eats*

Zoey: *finishes* Done!

Cameron: *eats*

Scott: *eats*

Cameron: *finishes* Yes!

Chris: Scott your out! Now my brother Jerd will say a saying and you have to guess what it means, first one to wins!

Jerd: The wors' thing to has' in ya' head' is close and like ya' bag a rocks out! Huh!

Zoey: Uh...

Dakota: Was that english?

Zoey: The worse thing to have is rocks?

Cameron: The worst thing to have in your head is clothes and like your bag of rocks out?

Zoey: The worst thing to have in your head is no teeth?

Jerd: Ya' got it 'dere mate.

Chris: And Zoey wins immunity!

Merge Room

Cameron: *nervously to Zoey* Zoey, I had these feelings....for.... *looks away* You know what f*** it. *kisses Zoey*

Zoey: *shocked* [Conf] *brushing teeth continuously* *spits* *brushes teeth and mouth more* *spits* *throws up* [No Conf] Cameron!

Scott: *Takes Millions of Picture Of The Kiss* I'M SELLING IT ON E-BAY!

Cameron: *keeps on making out with Zoey* I LOVE YOU!!!

Scott: ._. *Closes Eyes And Takes Pictures*

Zoey: *pushes Cameron off And runs into confessional and locks door* [Conf] *is scared* [No Conf]

Cameron: (CONF) *looks into the camera with eyes wide open*

Scott: (CONF) Now we know if we ever kissed Zoey. Mike is an exception.

Cameron: I need Zoey. I need Zoey. *talks outside the confessional* Please Zoey. I love you! I LOVE YOU!

Zoey: *pulls out phone* *calls Chris* Chris do something!

Chris: *on phone* Nah, I would rather watch.

Zoey: You have got to be kidding me! *hangs up*

Scott: *To Zoey* Don't worry, Zoey! I'll help! *Carries Cameron Away*

Cameron: You know what. Whatever. Just crush my heart like that. *starts singing*

"I love Zoey in the spring time!

Je t'aime Zoey in the fall!

I loved Zoey for the summer!

But now, Zoey made me bummer.


Zoey took my heart and chewed it up a spit it out and then stepped on it, threw it down a sewer called it names and then laughed!

Oui my friends, you must never trust a girl.

Oui my friends, they will treat you like your hurl.

Oui my friends, they will, aww.

Take your heart and chew it up and spit it out and step on it and throw it down a sewer call it names and then laugh!

Oui my friends all I did was love her true.....

Oui my friends, now I'm stuck telling you....

But if you fall in love with a girl name zoey,

and then audition to get on her show,

and be nice to her and do nothing but make out you will STILL!!!

I end up despaires!

She is on her way to Paris!

And the girl won't even come outside!"

Scott: .....(CONF) Okay, Cameron needs to go.

Zoey: *peeks* Is it ok?

Scott: *Sees Cameron Stuffing Ice Cream in His Mouth And Sobbing* Uh..

Zoey: *walks out* Is it safe? *hears a noise* *puts up arm* Don't pounce me! Oh... *sees it is a raccoon* *relief sigh*

Merge Elimination 3

Zoey: [Conf] I vote for... Dakota [No Conf]

Dakota: [Conf] I vote for Dakota [No Conf]

Scott: (CONF) I vote for Dakota.

Cameron: (CONF) I vote for Dakota.

Chris: When I call your name, your safe, Zoey, Scott, Noah, Mike, and.... the final marshmellow goes to....... Cameron. Bye-bye Dakota! Any last words?

Dakota: Yeah, a few actually. Mike get a clue! Zoey loves you. Cameron, get a clue, Zoey now hates you. And Scott, well, your just doing terrible. Noah put down a book! And Mike has mu-

Chris: *hurls Dakota*

Dakota: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Challenge 7: Into The Gauntlent

Chris: Welcome contestants to our seventh challenge! Each one of you will compete in life-threatining obstacles the first person to get past all of them wins! (Lava Steps four lines) (Timing Moves five lines) (Extreme Rock Climb seven lines) When I say go you go, if you don't go when I say so your out! And... GO!

Lava Steps

Zoey: *jumps a step*

Cameron: *jumps a step* Hey Zoey!

Scott: *jumps a step*

Zoey: *jumps a step* Yeah?

Scott: *jumps a step*

Zoey: *jumps a step*

Scott: *jumps a step*

Zoey: *makes it to the other side*

Cameron: *jumps a step*

Scott: *follows Zoey*

Cameron: *jumps another step*

Cameron: *makes it to the other side*

Timing Moves

Zoey: *times move and runs*

Zoey: *times move and runs*

Scott: *times move and runs*

Zoey: *times move and runs*

Zoey: *makes it to the other side*

Cameron: *times his move and sprints*

Scott: *times move and runs*

Cameron: *sprints acrros with timing*

Scott: *times move and runs*

Cameron: *times and runs*

Scott: *runs to other side*

Cameron: *runs to the other side*

Extreme Rock Climbing

Zoey: *climbs up mountain*

Zoey: *climbs up mountain*

Zoey: *climbs up mountain*

Zoey: *climbs up mountain*

Zoey: *climbs up mountain*

Zoey: *climbs up mountain*

Cameron: *climbs up mountain*

Scott: *climbs*

Zoey: *makes it to the top*

Chris: And Zoey wins again!

Cameron: Good job, Zoey! *kisses her* Oops.

Scott: You're lucky I'm not kissing you, Zoey.

Merge Room

Zoey: *to Scott whispering* Help me vote out Cameron?

Cameron: *eavesdropping* No!! Zoey!! Why?!?!?!

Cameron: *whispers to Mike: Zoey is voting you out you know. You should break up with her.

Scott: (CONF) If I can get Cameron to be eliminated, Zoey might thank me and sacrifice. Whatsoever I don't like that red-head at all. (Hint, hint. xD) (NON-CONF) *To Zoey, whispering very quietly Cameron can't hear* You need a way to make Cameron go away. I maybe could help you with that.

Zoey: Yeah, but if he doesnt get voted off this time around I won't vote with you.

Scott: *Sighs* Well, Mike isn't that active nor he shows that he still loves you.

Mike: Um, what happened? (This is what happens when I'm gone XD)

Merge Elimination 4

Zoey: [Conf] I vote for Cameron [No Conf]

Scott: (CONF) Cameron.

Cameron: (CONF) I vote out Mike. I need Zoey.

Chris: When I call your name come up and recieve a marshmellow, Zoey, Scott, Noah, and the final marshmellow goes to.................................... Mike, Cameron, we expected that, get a grip. *puts Cameron on Hurl of Shame. Any last words?

Cameron: I love you Zoey!

Chris: *hurls Cameron*

Cameron: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Challenge 8: Truth or Truth?

Chris: Congratulations of the final four. For this challenge each one of you will reveal something you never had here on the camp we will start aplhabetical so Mike, your up first.

Mike: I, um, go to dance classes....apparently, because my mom hung up an award for being the best dancer.....I'm just as confused.

Chris: Noah your up!

Noah: I once had an A- in Algebra, ONCE. It's such a low grade, I know.

Chris: Okay.... Scott your up! (Skipped due to inactivity) Zoey, last one! Can you win immunity for the third time in a row?

Zoey: I... like Mike.... a lot. [Conf] *hits head on side on confessional* What. Am. I. Doing?!

Chris: The winner is... Zoey! For the third time in a row, and now all immunity idols need ot be handed to moi.

Mike: Alright *gives his to Chris*

Noah: Whatever. *gives his to Chris*

Merge Room

Zoey: So...... *nervous*

Mike: Um, interesting confessions....

Noah: I know, I'm disappointed in myself. *looks down*

Zoey: *nervous laugh* I'm going to... lay down in my bed. *walks and lays down in her bed*

Merge Elimination 5

Zoey: [Conf] I vote for Scott! [No Conf]

Mike: (CONF) Scott.

Noah: (CONF) Meh.....Scott.

Chris: When I call your name recieve a marshmellow, Zoey, Mike, and.... Noah! Scott your out! Any last words? No? Bye! *hurls scott*

Scott: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Challenge 9: Who Do You Want?

Chris: Welcome final three! Welcome to today's challenge, but here is the twist you won't be competing or voting, the ousted characters are going to vote, it was decided by the fans it is between Noah and Mike to be voted off next.

Ousted Characters vote below.

Dakota: [Conf] I want Mike to win! So I vote Noah goes home next!

Heather: (CONF) Hi again b****es! I vote for Mike to be eliminated.

Cameron: (CONF) I VOTE MIKE!!! AARGH!! *punches camera*

Brick: (CONF) I want Noah to go home!

Izzy: (CONF) *Strokes Furball, her hamster* Furball says he wants Noah out since he is a total a*****.

DJ: (CONF) Noah is freaky...

Scott: (CONF) Mike nneeds to go. He doesn't deserve to be in the final three.

Merge Elimination 6

Chris: And with six votes against them... Noah, goes home! *puts Noah on hurl of shame* Any last words?

Noah: *reading book* .....Meh, not really, I'm actually glad to go home, away from this garbage.

Chris: Okaaaay. *hurls Noah*

Noah: ....Meh....

Merge Room

Zoey: So....

Mike: Looks like we're all that's left.

Zoey: Yeah...

Mike: *Dakota's paper airplane lands in lap and says: Make you move!

  • Wait, what? *looks at note*

Zoey: What's that?

Mike: A paper airplane, that just landed here.

Zoey: Weird.

Mike: Yeah, so, why do you think Cameron was acting strange?

Zoey: I don't know... what does the paper say anyways?

Mike: Make you move. Either, this doesn't make sense, or someone mispelled your.

Zoey: Eh... wait... who sent that?

Mike: I have no idea, the handwriting looks similar to Dakota's though.

Zoey: Okay. So... about that confession in one of the recent challenges...

Mike: Yeah?

Zoey: Any thoughts?

Mike: Um, nothing at all, nothing has changed, you're still a great person. You're great!

Zoey: Oh... okay. *blushes*

Chris: *pokes head in* Final challenge time!

Challenge 10: Versus

Chris: Welcome Zoey and Mike, as you can see we moved a volcano from Hawaii here! Also the ousted contestants are here too. You will run up the volcano (8 lines) and throw this lei in! *hands them lei* (2 lines) The first one to do so wins! Go!

Dakota: Go Mike!

Zoey: *runs up volcano*

Mike: *runs up volcano*

Zoey: *runs up volcano*

Mike: *runs up volcano*

Zoey: *runs up volcano*

Cameron: *throws rock at Mike* DIE!!!!

Noah: And for dropkicking me, Cam, I'll get out your "loved" one. *throws rock at Zoey*

Cameron: *throws another rock at Mike* I hate you, you son of a b****!!!

Zoey: *falls down* Hey! *runs up volcano*

Mike: *falls down* Ow! *runs up volcano*

Noah: *throws another rock at Zoey*

Zoey: Ow! *runs up volcano*

Dakota: *throws rock at Zoey and misses and hits Mike*

Zoey: *runs up volcano*

Cameron: You know what.... *runs up the volcano and puts Mike in a chokehold* DIE!!!

Zoey: Cameron! *picks up rock and throws it at Cameron then runs up volcano*

Mike: What was that for? *at Cam, runs up volcano*

Noah: *throws rock at Zoey*

Zoey: *runs up volcano*

Cameron: *falls down* I love you Zoey! *goes up again and starts kissing her* Please forgive me!

Noah: *throws rock at Zoey*

Mike: *runs up volcano*

Zoey: *runs*

Dakota: *throws rock at mike on accident*

Noah: *throws rock at Zoey*

Mike: *falls* Ow! *runs up volcano*

Zoey: *runs*

Dakota: *throws rock at zoey and hits cameron off*

Zoey: *runs*

Dakota: *throws rock at Mike on accident*

Cameron: *trips and falls into the volcano* Nooooo!! I love you Zoey!!! *dies*

Zoey: *relief sigh* *makes it to the top*

Dakota: *throws rock at Mike but hits side and bounces back and hits her* Ow!

Zoey: Here it goes... *about to throw lei in*

Dakota: NOOOOOO!

Zoey: *throws lei in*

Chris: And Zoey takes home One Million Dollars!

Zoey: Yes! Yes, yes, yes ,yes!


Chris: Welcome ousted contestants to the after party!

Mike: Poor Cam, he may have been a little freaky, but he was a good guy.

Izzy: *Swings On Vine With Furball* YAH!

DJ: Yeah, Cameron's nice.

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