14 contestants, all memorable for their rivalries, eliminations, and relationships with other players, are chosen to be brought back to compete.


Alejandro - Known for dominating Total Drama World Tour and having a love/hate relationship with Heather.

Dawn - Known for her heated rivalry with Scott and freaking other contestants out before being framed and voted off.

Harold - Known for dominating Total Drama Action as a hero and fighting against the odds, as well as cheating Courtney out.

Leonard - Known for his "magic," which annoyed other contestants and got him eliminated.

Mike - Known for his relationship with Zoey and is one of the most hated contestants ever.

Gwen - Known for having a rivalry with several other contestants and having many relationships with other guys, as well as dumping them on national television.

Heather - Known for being the first villain and being hated by the cast while loved by fans.

Topher - Known for having a supposed secret crush on Samey/Amy and being obsessed with Chris.

Lightning - Known for being rude on the outside and nice on the inside, along with his rivalry with Jo.

Cody - Known for "being carried" by Sierra in Total Drama World Tour.

Scarlett - Known for trying to kill the remaining contestants on Pahkitew Island.

Sadie - Known for being extremely underrated and was never given a second chance.

Beth - Known for beating the odds on Total Drama Action aswell as having a "backbone" when she stands up for herself to people she thinks are rude, mean, and bossy.

Katie - Known for dominating in the dodgebrawl challenge, but failed to make it far due to being annoying to other castmates, she along with Sadie never got another second chance.


Place Contestant 1
TBA Alejandro
TBA Beth
TBA Cody
TBA Dawn
TBA Gwen
TBA Harold
TBA Heather
TBA Katie
TBA Leonard
TBA Lightning
TBA Mike
TBA Sadie
TBA Scarlett
TBA Topher

     - This contestant was a member of the maskawâtisiw apisimôsos.

     - This contestant was a member of the sohkâpiskisow pîyesîs.


  • The name of the season in English is called Total Drama: The Waterfall Islands.
  • The team name sohkâpiskisow pîyesîs poorly translates in English to The Hardy Birds.
  • The team name maskawâtisiw apisimôsos poorly translates in English to The Mighty Deer.

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