Join as a Hero or Villains. Sign Ups Close when there are more than twenty and teams are equal. Two to a person.


Demonic Angels

  1. Fanny - The Suy-Fanny WINNER!
  2. John- The Nice Nerd- Usitgz WINNER!


  1. Dustin- The friendly angel-TDAFan99 (Foa Foa, voted off 5-2) (5 Total Votes)
  2. Angel- Mean if you get on her nerves- Kevvy9 (Foa Foa, removed for cheating) (0 Total Votes)
  3. CK11 - The Timid Strategist - COKEMAN11 (Foa Foa, voted off 4-7) (4 Total Votes)
  4. Kev- crazy guy- Kevvy9 (Mogo Mogo, removed for hurting another player) (0 Total Votes)
  5. Savanna - The Cute, Nice, and Smart girl - COKEMAN11 (Mogo Mogo, quit, quit with 5-4) (5 Total Votes)
  6. Sammy- The sweet girl (Tyedye0126) (Mogo Mogo, voted off 4-3-2) (4 Total Votes)
  7. Jared- the prankster- Tcf09 (Foa Foa, voted off 5-0) (5 Total Votes)
  8. Stephen-The Pyro-Codaa5 (Mogo Mogo, voted off 5-0) (5 Total Votes)
  9. Tye- The Strategist-Tyedye0126 (Foa Foa then Mogo Mogo, voted off 4-1) (4 Total Votes)
  10. Christian- The Friendly Hero- TDAFan99 (Mogo Mogo then Foa Foa, voted off 8-0) (8 Total Votes)
  11. Chimmy- The Insane Pyro -Chimmy (Mogo Mogo, voted off 5-3) (5 Total Votes)
  12. Cylan- The Orphaned Strategist - Chimmy (Foa Foa then Mogo Mogo, voted off 7-3-4) (10 Total Votes)
  13. Michael- The Normal Guy -KKJ (Mogo Mogo, voted off 4-7-3) (4 Total Votes)
  14. Tessa - The Sneaky Strategist - TDALindsayfan1 (Foa Foa then Mogo Mogo then Foa Foa, voted off 5-1-1) (10 Total Votes)
  15. Alvin - The Arrogant Egomaniac - Reddude (Foa Foa, arrested) (0 Total Votes)
  16. Jake-The Soulful Guy-Kenzen (Mogo Mogo, voted off 4-1) (4 Total Votes) 1st Jury Member
  17. Juan-The Foreign Mastermind-Tdafan123 (Foa Foa, voted off 4-3) (4 Total Votes) 2nd Jury Member
  18. Joanna- The Fun-Loving Girl- Tcf09 (Mogo Mogo, voted off 3-1) (6 Total Votes) 3rd Jury Member
  19. Damon-Your Nextdoor Vampire-Codaa5 (Foa Foa, voted off 3-1-1) (4 Total Votes) 4th Jury Member
  20. Tristan- The Know-It-All - Darkdonpatch (Foa Foa then Demonic Angels, voted off 10-0) (10 total votes) 5th Jury Member
  21. Reddy - The Red Lover - Reddude (Mogo Mogo then Demonic Angels, quit) (0 total votes) 6th Jury Member
  22. James - The Insane Comedian - Tdafan123 (Mogo Mogo then Demonic Angels, automatically eliminated) (0 Total votes) 7th Jury Member
  23. Jessica - The Hot Strategist - TDALindsayfan1 (Mogo Mogo then Foa Foa then Demonic Angels, automatically eliminated) (2 Total Votes) 8th Jury Member
  24. "Holes" - The Wannabe Strategist - Ugsitz (Foa Foa then Demonic Angels, automatically eliminated) (0 Total Votes Because of Idol) 9th Jury Member
  25. Gwen - The Grumpy Yet Nice Goth - Fanny (Mogo Mogo then Demonic Angels, automatically eliminated) (0 Total Votes) 10th Jury Member
  26. Joe - The Demon - KKJ (Foa Foa then Demonic Angels, voted off 3-3-2-2) (3 Total Votes) 11th Jury Member
  27. Lizzie - The Fearless, Yet Nice Person - Weblykinly (Mogo Mogo then Demonic Angels, voted off 3-3-2-2) (3 Total Votes) 12th Jury Member
  28. Blade-The Biggest Jerk This Side of Utah-Kenzen (Foa Foa then Demonic Angels, total of 1 Jury Vote) Runner-Up

Elimination Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 74 8 9 10 11 12 137 14 15 16
John Win Win (No Vote) Savanna Sammy Stephen Tye Cylan Cylan, Michael Win Win6 Jake Joanna Tristan (No Vote) Blade, Joe WINNER
Fanny (No Vote) "Holes" Win Win Win Jared Christian Win Win Tessa (No Vote) Juan Damon Tristan (No Vote) Joe, Lizzie WINNER
Blade Dustin "Holes"1 Win Win Win Jared Christian Win Win Jessica (No Vote) Tristan Jessica Tristan (No Vote) Lizzie, John RUNNER-UP
Lizzie Win Win (No Vote) Savanna Sammy Stephen Tye Chimmy Cylan, Michael Win Win6 Jake Joanna Tristan (No Vote) Blade, Joe (No Vote)
Joe Dustin "Holes" Win Win Win (No Vote) Christian Win Win Tessa Win Juan Damon Tristan (No Vote) Lizzie, John John
James Win Win (No Vote) Tessa (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) Cylan Cylan, Michael Win Win6 (No Vote) (No Vote) Tristan (No Vote) (No Vote)

(No Vote)

CK111 Win Win Win Jared Christian Win Win Damon (No Vote) Juan Damon Tristan (No Vote) Blade
Jessica Win Win Win2 Win Win Jared Christian Win Win Tessa (No Vote) Tristan (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote)
Gwen Win Win (No Vote) Savanna Joanna Stephen Tye Chimmy (No Vote) Win Win6 Jake Joanna Tristan (No Vote) Fanny
Reddy Win Win6 Jake John Tristan Quit John
Tristan Dustin "Holes" Win Win Win Jared Christian Win Win Tessa (No Vote) Juan Damon Tristan John
Damon Dustin "Holes" Win Win Win (No Vote) Christian Win Win Tessa (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote)
Joanna Win Win (No Vote) Tessa Tessa (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) Cylan, Michael Win Win6 (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote)
Juan Dustin CK11 Win Win Win (No Vote) (No Vote) Win Win (No Vote) (No Vote) Tristan (No Vote)
Jake Win Win (No Vote) Tessa Sammy Stephen John Chimmy Cylan, John Win Win6 John Fanny
Alvin (No Vote) (No Vote)5
Tessa Dustin CK11 (No Vote)2 Savanna Joanna Stephen Christian Win Win (No Vote)
Michael Win Win (No Vote) Tessa Joanna (No Vote) Tye Cylan Cylan, John

(No Vote)

"Holes" Win Win Win (No Vote) (No Vote) Chimmy Cylan, John
Chimmy Win Win (No Vote) Savanna (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) Chimmy
Christian Win Win (No Vote) Savanna Sammy (No Vote) (No Vote)

(No Vote)

CK11 Win Win Win (No Vote) (No Vote)
Stephen Win Win (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote)
Jared (No Vote) (No Vote) Win Win Win (No Vote)
Sammy Win Win (No Vote) (No Vote) Tessa
Savanna Win Win (No Vote) Quit
Kev Win Win(X) (No Vote)3
CK11 (No Vote) "Holes"
Angel Blade
Dustin Blade

(I) Has Idol

(X) Got a strike that day (If number next to X they received more than 1)

1 Blade gave his immunity idol to "Holes".

2 Tessa and Jessica switched teams week 3.

3 Kev was removed for attacking a player.

4 Day 7 was a tribe switch.

5 Alvin was arrested and removed from the game.

6 Kenzen said the heroes won, because he felt like it.

7 Merge!

Introduction Ceremony

Kenzen:Hello, and welcome to beautiful Upolu, Samoa where we brought several teens from all over North America. When we found them we were looking for the inside of there spirit to win. Some we just picked for comic relief and easy pickins but that doesn't mean we wont see blinds sides and lots of em. We have dubbed there team names from past season of the show Survivor *Small subtitles play reading 'We are not responsible for any Copyright laws put onto on the Total Drama Industry'* We will call the Heroes-Mogo Mogo and the Villians-Foa Foa. We hope to see you watching. Sunshine come on out, You are my Co-Host for this competition.

Sunshine: *falls from sky in her Admin Pixie outfit* ARE WE READY TO ROCK???

Kenzen:Yeah i guess, *falls from sky in St. Patricks Day Outfit* Yeah...Wait*falls from sky in shorts, t, and a hat*This is better. So Lets get started*vanishes in flash of light, and falls from sky wearing bunny suit*Oh Come On. Well Sunshine, Shall we let the helicopters land =D. *leaves and comes back in Sandals, Tie dye baggy t-shirt, baggy shorts, and a Baseball hat*. Sunshine your turn to put your island clothes on *launces Sunshine into the sky*. (XD)

Kenzen:Well i am letting the helicopters down*flags helicopters to lend*

*Players step off planes all grouping together on Red and Blue platforms*

Dustin: Red is for me I'm a Foa Foa

Blade:Shut the F*** Up Dude who cares *he pushes Dustin to the side of the large red mat and stands in the center*

Kenzen:Watch the language

Blade:F*** S***, I am watchin the language. I Am making sure i swear *He laughs slightly*


Kenzen:First Hero

Jake:*He walks to the Blue Mat with the White writing saying Mogo Mogo*

Kev: *in battle suit* Lets get it started

Angel: *in evil angel suit* I this suit

Juan:(CONF)These people are wasting their time, they better know by now I'm the winner

James:Hey guys!

Angel: *beats up James and kev* I hate the good guys

Kev: *slaps angel in my face* I hate you angel

Angel: *beats up james and kev hard* I hae you good guys and I mean it

Tessa: The Quern of Evil has arrived! Bow down to your Queen evil ones!(Stands on the red platform)

Jessica: Hello everyone! How are you! That's Tessa. I got on the helicopter with her. She is so cruel. She said she was my ruler! By the way, I am Jessica! I am kinda bossy.

Tessa: She is SO bossy!

Jessica: Whatev...(Walks on blue platform)

Kev *walks on blue thing*

Angel: *walks on red thing*

James:*walks to heroes side* Hi guys :D

Juan:*walks to villains side*

Dustin: *Steps back to the middle but not close to Blade because that might tick him off*

Christian: Hey I'm a hero *walks to the Blue mat*

Dustin: *Walks over to blue mat* I didn't know you were going to be here I'm glad you are *Walks back to Red mat* is there a Parvati Shallow somewhere

Tristan: Uhhhhh,WTH?

Dustin: A stereotype wannabe a famous Villain Survivor Parvati Shallow

Stephen and Damon arrive, staring at the people that already arrived.

Stephen: Woah, almost missed another party.

Joanna: *walks to blue platform* WOOHOO!!! go Heros!!

Jared: *walks on red patform* Noooo... go Villans!!!! woo... hoo...

Joanna: *glares at Jared*

Jared: *glares at Joanna*

Dustin: Jared want to form a Villain alliance

Angel: Dustin I do

Kev: What's 154 divide by 0

Cylan: 0. :P

Chimmy:*waves hello*

Tye: You can't divide by zero! Or else this happens! But a lot worse!

Kev: *takes out a calculator* *puts in 154 divided by 0* *the answer is e0* *room blows up* What have I done cuz If I was chuck norris then this would not happen

Kev: Guy this just happened cuz of me

Kenzen:Grrrr, Lets get started

Kev: Ok *throws tiny cam at angel* I hope angel can't see it

Angel: *sees tiny cam, Stomps on tiny cam* Haha

Kev: *throws a can at angel* I hope you can find some soup of that kind

Angel: *find some chicken soup* Haha

Day One Chat - "Welcome,"

Kenzen:Welcome, Both teams must go to their respective campsites and you cannot contact the other tribe in anyway unless stated other wise.

Mogo Mogo (1) - "If we're gonna win, we have to play fair."

*Campsite is filled with materials to build shelter with a small one way walky talky (This will be used so the hosts can contact you)*

Talkie:Hello Heroes, or as your tribe is called Mogo Mogo. Begin to build Shelter and fire


Christian: Anyone want to join an alliance

Kev: *makes a robot to make the fire and makes a safe strong shelter like the ones in total drama island* See i could help the team win

Stephen: *Grabs four short planks, six long ones, a bunch of nails and a hammer*

Kenzen:No Robots*takes the robot*

Michael: If we're gonna win, we have to play fair, Kev.

Jake:I have to agree

Stephen: *Shoves the four 2x4 planks in the ground, nails the six long planks on top*

Kev: Guys lets make a safe strong shelter like the ones in total drama island

Stephen: *Grabs the ladder and begins working on the roof*

Michael: (Builds interior)

Christian: I'm a Christian *builds shelter

Stephen: Ok, Michael, you good with making side bunks?

Michael: Yep.

Jake:*Starts to work on fire*

Kev: *puts a rug in the shelter that me found on the ground* I hope you like the rug

Foa Foa (1) - "Hey! Jesus called, he wants your halo back!"

*Campsite is filled with materials to build shelter with a small one way walky talky (This will be used so the hosts can contact you)*

Talkie:Hello Heroes, or as your tribe is called Mogo Mogo. Begin to build Shelter and fire

Blade:Whatever*leans against tree and starts to carve a small piece of wood*

Dustin: Hey Blade are you going to have an alliance

Angel: Dustin can I join yours

Dustin: Sure awesome I don't have anyone except for myself but with you we got 2 people

Blade:I can hear you guys, *writes there names down on a piece of paper*

Angel: Dustin I love you


Dustin: Blade I was asking you for an alliance and ok Angel

Dustin: Angel I think someone deleted what you said if it was me it could have been sorry

Angel: Dustin want to go on a date sometime?

Blade:I am freaked Out by this (I deleted it it was GODPLAY)

Dustin: Angel lets have an alliance meeting

Damon: *Takes a hammer* Cool... *Spins it up in the air, it comes down landing on his toe* JEEZ-

Dustin: *gets a cloth and wraps his toe* even though I'm a villain I still care about people sometimes *fixes Damon's toe*

Joe: (CONF) Tisk...tisk, they think they're villains, they're nothing compared to the professionals if they're any!

Blade:*gets up and walks to Joe, and silently says*Hey, These pathetics excuses think they have a chance, I want to take them out. I would like an alliance

Joe: I like how your evil mind works, I suggest we take anyone who disrespects us, do you agree?

Blade:Yes, I see a bright furture with this alliance

Angel: Dustin how are we going to make the cabin?

Talkie:You are making a shelter big enough for your team not a cabin.

Dustin: *Starts to Make team's shelter*

Joe: (Helps make the shelter)


Angel: *helps make shelter big*

Joe: (Starts making a second floor)

Angel: *starts putting stuff in*

Blade:Dude, Its Not Even finished*throws stuff out*

Tristan:*is reading a book then notices Joe glaring at him* What? *sees shelter and starts helping*

Joe: (CONF) Angel isn't an angel at all!

Blade:(CONF) Dustin the Angel

ANgel: (conf) I look like an angel right?

Angel: I look like an angel

Blade:If you are an Angel why are you on this team

Dustin: I don't know why then *mutinies to the mogo mogo*

Angel: *finds a rug in backpack* *puts rug in 1st floor*

Angel: *finds a kev doll and beats the doll up* See

Blade:*punches Angel*Whatever

Dustin: My only real friend right now is Angel so I'm going to the heroes and I think Tessa is my friend well everyone except for Blade and Joe so hopefully i never see you two again Blade and Joe

Angel: *beats up blade* I hate kev and someothers like ben!!!

Joe: (silently) Blade, let's get Dustin or Angel tonight.

Angel: *beats up joe* I hate you for voting me

Kenzen:*stops Dustin from leaving*You go to the Heroes to are OUT

Blade:*appears to have taken no damage*Nice Try, (silently Yes)

Joe: (bashes Angel's head against a tree) You like that, little angel b***h?!?!?!


Angel: *sucker punches blade hard* take that b**ch

Dustin: They are little girls

Angel: *not hurt* I'm a girl but not little and Dustin want to go out sometime?

Blade:Angel you are F***in Weak

Dustin: Stop it *punches the little girl* Angel lets vote Blade or Joe

Blade:We can hear you.

Angel: No you are b**** *runs to Dustin* *whispers* Blade

(TDAFan99:Hey what is the challenge)

(Kenzen:Not Sure Yet)

Dustin: *puts on yellow bandana or buff*

Angel: *takes buff from Dustin* I think that makes you look bad

Dustin: I feel so hated by our fellow tribe as in Blade and Joe

Joe: We so do hate you, traitor!

Blade:F You Dustin. Wimp

Angel: He's not a wimp and if you think he's a wimp then your calling me a wimp

Blade:Ok Then You both are HUGE Wimps

Dustin: No you are a wimp Angel is not one wimp

Joe: Go back to Tessa, I bet she wants to smack you and kiss you and smack you again! And Angel, Jesus called, he wants your halo back!

Blade:So i am a wimp eh, OH THE VILLIANS TRIBE HATES ME WAAAAAA*Crys in a fake mocking way*

Angel: What's halo?

Dustin: Its the thing that Angel's wear and I can't stand this

Angel: Stop this *tells kenzen to tell blaze and joe to stop it*

Dustin: Blade and Joe have a crush on you Angel

Blade:No we dont

Joe: Angel isn't even hot!

Angel:Yea I am *show magazine of her being hot* See

Blade:Pigs Plus Uglyness equals Angel

Angel: stupid + Mean = Blade and Joe

Kenzen:THAT IS IT, Heroes win Imunity, Villians pepare for vote

Foa Foa Council (1) - "Kthxbye"

Kenzen:Please Vote

Dustin: I quit I don't want to be here anymore

Angel: I miss you Dustin

Dustin: Thanks I see you again though *rides the boat home*

Kenzen:kthxbye, Angel and Kev are out to (Your user changed a vote)

Angel: I changed it back cuz I know that I would get in trouble but can I have 1 more chance please?

Angel: My evil little sister did it

Kenzen:Sure She Did You are Out Kev can Stay For Now

Day Two Chat

Kenzen:Well Day One was a Wash lets hope day Two is Better

Mogo Mogo (2) - "You guys are gonna get sick."

Christian: Hey everyone :)

Joanna: heyyy

Jake:Mornin*squrims out of bed*

Christian: Hey Joanna and Jake wonderful weather we're having *storm comes* (spongebob moment XD)

Jake:*runs to shelter and hides under small blanket*I Hate Rain

Christian: I miss Dustin he was a close friend of mine *sheds a tear*

Joanna: *runs to play in rain and drags christian and jake with her* WEEEEE!!!

Christian: Joanna want to form an alliance

Joanna: sure but LETS PLAY IN THE RAIN *tackles christian in puddle* (the rains getting to her head XD)

Christian: ok *runs around in a puddle for 20 minutes*

Jake:You guys are gonna get sick

Joanna: yaaaay *run around and bumps into christian* haha hi *almost kises hims but snaps out of crazines* woa what happened... why am i wet.. why are you wet???

Jake:I am freaked out a bit (XD)

Joanna: at least you knew what you were doing for the last few minutes...

Christian: We formed an alliance and you were running in puddles

Joanna: oh... and why was i on you???

Christian: I have no clue

Joanna: and why is it raining wasnt it just sunny???

Christian: I don't know the weather out in Upolu Samoa must be dry or rainy or whatever

Joanna: oh... wel i think im getting sick so im gonna make some hot chocolate... i found some coacoa and sugarcane today XD

Christian: Me too *makes hot chocolate of the chocolate seeds and warm air* *sips it* good

Jake:*walks to fire*What is this*grabs slip of paper*Hmmm*stuffs paper in pocket and goes back to bed*

Joanna: *secretly walks over to jake and wakes him up* what was that piece of paper you just got???

Jake:*silently*It is an immunity idol clue, Don't tell a soul i told you even if you are allied with someone *eyes shift to Christian*

Joanna: fine then let me be in an allience with you then we can beat out all the rest... unlessss you want me to tell everyone what you found...

Jake:Fine, But you have to cover for me when i go to get it

Joanna: alright...

Jake:I am going for a walk*walks where the note points him to go

Kev: *walks on water* I think you want to see this *while walking on water* *plays down* I like this song

Kev: *falls* Owwww!!! *walks to jake, walks with jake* Want to vote for me and if you don't who do you want to?

Jake:*hides hidden immunitty idol in pocket*Ummm, this walk is sort of a clensing walk can i get some peace

Kev: *sees jake drop a immunitty idol* *picks up immunitty idol* I think you drop something jake *gives jake his immunitty idol back*

Jessica: Jake! I need an alliance! Can I join yours?

Kev: Jake can I join your alliance?

James:*walks to Jake*Hey, dude, I bet we could form an epic alliance, you in?

Kev: *walks to jake* Hey Jake can I join your alliance?

Gwen: JAKE! I had to ask you a question.

Gwen: CONF. I hope he says yes!

Jake:(CONF)I find an idol and they are all squriming to get with me

Jake:James, how about You, Me, Joanna, and Maybe Chimmy

Joanna: *goes over to Jake* hey whatever you do dont trust Kev...

John (Conf.): I'm not a man of many words, but Jake seems to be in control of the fate of this team.

Jake:Team listen up, We need a leader and i think that i should be that leader

Kev: Jake trust me please. I'm really good at doing challenges.

Jake:So who agrees Captian Jakey Boy

Kev: I do if I'm in and If I'm not I will protest till I'm in

Jessica: I wanna be the leader!

Returned from Challenge - "I don't hate you, but if you keep saying that, I just might."

All Non Pizza Goers Return

Christian: *enjoys snickers* thank you everyone go Heroes

John: We won, again!

Kev: *walks in with Hawaiian punch* Do you guys hate me?? (conf) *crys* Why do most people hate me I think they hate me?

Christian: *trys to cheer Kev up* I don't hate you Kev

Kev: You do but Jake, Chimmy, Jessica, and everyone else hates me except you and some other people

Joanna: awww well this bites... ugh and the pizza smells soooo good, well i can finally start my diet ive been panning for 5 years now *starts eating salad*

James:I think it's safe to say those four are in an alliance. Should we get rid of them?

Kev: Guys if you hate me then I'm leaving the more people hate me the more I'm leaving

James:Kev, I do not hate you. but if you keep saying that, I just might. So, who's in for getting rid of Jessica and her alliance?

Kev: Why did jake not put me in his alliance? I do cuz alliances are for strong smart people

Joanna: ummm... no i think we should vote off the weakest person

Kev: Don't vote me cuz I'm strong It's just sometimes I have to go to bed at 9:00 and I still have school till the 19th for a week

Kev: I'm going to the pizza feast now ok so bye

James:You can't go to the feast, idiot

Kev: I'm going to a pizza feast here that I'm making ok and I will need some help making the pizzas and all that pizza feast stuff

John: Don't worry Kev, I'll help you! *pulls out dough, and starts making pizza crust*

Kev: *pulls out dough* *starts making pizza crust* Do you think that Jake is going to vote for me cuz I'm one of the weakest on this team??

John: *starts putting sauce on shaped dough* I think it is highly likely, not much of them like you.

Jessica: Hi! I'm back! I brought you guys pizza! You are all my friends! So, here you go! *Gives everyone who wants a slice of pizza recieves a piece*

John: Thanks, but no thanks. I'm almost done with my own pizza, but thanks again for the offer.

Christian: *Runs up and hugs Jessica* Thank you *eats pizza*

Kev: *takes pizza* Thanks *starts putting sauce on shaped dough* Jessica I'm making pizza want to help? Jessica I'm making my own but I will save this for later

Jessica: Sure Kev! *Starts helping* (Conf.)They think me, Chimmy, Michael and Jake are in an alliance, but they're mistaken! I need an alliance! I don't have one...yet.*smiles*

Kev: Can I join your alliance and if I can lets vote off someone weak ok? *puts cheese ok pizza* Done

Jessica: Sure! We need more people though.

Kev: Ok *runs to Christian* Want to join Jessica alliance with me?

Gwen: Okay. Woo! We won again! Thanks for the pizza. *to Jessica* Can I join your guy's alliance? I think I'll need it to save my butt.

Gwen: (CONF) Although, I have a certain feeling we'll lose next challenge.

John: *to Kev* Can I join the alliance, the news is spreadiing through the camp like a wild fire.

Kev: Yea it's Jessica's and sure but get more people ok

Jessica: Sure Gwen!

Kev: Don't let Jake pick who's outs of the challenges everyone but him should and we should lose so we can vote for Jake ok!!!!

Foa Foa (2) - "I need a strong alliance, so I can pull these losers along."

Blade:Two annoyances gone, *smile menacingly*

Blade:*walks to paper on ground*Hmmmmmm*picks up paper and wlks away*I am taking a walk

Tristan: *has something in his pocket* wow, an note

(Kenzen:I already found the Imunity idol clue so the note better not be that)

Tessa: Blade, Tristan, Joe, alliance? We are the four best players on Foa Foa.

Tessa(Conf.): I am so desperate for this alliance! That Jessica girl could get her alliance to vote off people after the merge, although it is that Jake boy's alliance. I wonder...(I will be able to participate in the challenge if it starts tmrw and Tuesday at 12ish and Wed. to Fri. at 5ish)

Tye: Cylan, Joe, and "Holes", could you guys come over here with me for a minute?

(CONF)Tye: I don't really want an alliance with Joe, but he's like Russel. He's too evil to win and he can help you get rid of your enemies.

Tessa: Tye you wanna start an alliance and then possibly Blade, possibbly Tristan and possibly Joe can join with us?

Tye: I don't suggest Blade. He's mean, and therefore a target. If the rest of the people gang up on him, we're short a member. I say instead of Blade, we have Cylan.

Tessa: Okay! You, possibly Joe, possibly Tristan and I. You and me will be very good teammates.

Stephen: So, you guys like the shelter me and Michael built? Good thing we did :)

Joe: (CONF.) Two pain in the a's are gone, now who should I get rid of?

Fanny: CONF. It's not right for two people to get voted off. Now I need a strong alliance to pull these loser along.

Fanny: Joe, Stephen. Would you guys like an alliance?

Cylan: I can join, I was looking for an alliance anyways.

Fanny: The more the merrier. CONF. Next time we lose I'm thinking of voting off Holes. I don't even know his real name! Seriously, I don't like Cylan but I have a feeling some people out there hate me so I need as many alliances as I need.

Stephen: I know i'll kick myself in the *** for this later, but why not.

Blade:I turn all allince offers down, (CONF) Me and Joe are currently allied and we need on more person but who?

"Holes" (Conf.): I know that I am a target for elimination, so I really need to step up my game here, or I'll end up on the boat of losers!

Blade:(CONF) I know that i am a target so that means i need that idol, Oh wait i already have it. This game has gotten into the midsts of War and i think this idol means i am in control. Well me and my closest ally Joe, Can't trust him but he is my ally.

Tessa(Conf): Tye and I are currently allied, but I am not sure about it...we need one more member...but who should it be?

Tessa: Tye, you and I need one more member to make sure we can vote anyone we want.

Tessa: Everybody! Listen up! We should make a villain alliance after the merge so a villain will win! But, that's after the merge...we have some time.(Conf.)If Tye agrees, we can vote off...

Blade:Tessa*silently*I would like in your and Tye's alliance

Tristan: (conf.) Why would she say that out loud? It'll make her a prime target......and now we got the non-allaince side with less people.......great,

Tessa: Blade! *whispers*If Tye agrees,sure.(Tristan, I said that so we could all make a Foa Foa alliance after the merge.)

(Tessa: Kenzen...Tessa's vote for the vote chart for week 1 was Dustin, just if u wanna put it up)

Returned from Challenge - "I AM THE QUEEN OF EVIL!"

Blade:Grrr Stupid Heroes

Tessa: That Jessica is a threat! So is that Jake! But, tonight we vote for...*Gets cut off by cameraman*


"Holes": I don't get how we lost, Kenzen gave us five pieces of ladder and the other team still needed eight. But we apparently lost.huh, I guess there is still next week!

Tristan: If you ask me, I think we need a spy from the Heroes, to sabotage the Heroes.......but It would be to obvious....

Joe: Kev burned some of our pieces and I hope he tastes torch snuffing!

"Holes" (Conf.): So, we lost, Heroes won, and I am being voted against. I just can't win.

Fanny: It's not right that goody gooders get to win all the time. We're about to lose our third member of this tribe.

Tessa(Conf.): Jessica is killing me! That little b**** is killing me! I don't have any friends for the same reason I am on this stupid team with my stupid teammembers, minus Tye, possibly Blade, Joe and I, I AM THE QUEEN OF EVIL!

Challange (2) - "He's a wannabe, that means he might wannaBE voted off."

Kenzen:Guys right here, This Challenge is For Team immunity and a reward of a cold snickers bar for each of your tribe members. This guys*pulls sheet of little tiki idol* This is the Team immunity. The challenge is running along a maze one at a time to find 1 piece of a ladder there are 10 pieces when you have found all ten of YOUR teams that mean Yellow ladder steps for the Foa Foa and Green ladder steps for the Mogo Mogo. Once you have all your steps there will be a word search at the top of the ladder and you will send one person up the ladder to solve it. Mogo Mogo you are sitting 3 out Foa Foa you are sitting 1 out the 11th person will solve the puzzle so 10 of you will be running for pieces the only person not sitting out that doesn't run will have to solve it. Foa Foa Who will you sit out? Mogo Mogo Who's siting out?

Jake:Not to be rude but, Kev, John and Christian

File:Imunity tiki.png

Kenzen:K Kev, John and Christian Theres a bench over here come sit

Blade:Wasn't the ladder part in Survivor: Marquesas.

Kenzen:Ummmmmm, Noo*sweats*Of course it wasn't*sweat more so*

Chimmy: Alright! Let's gO! *runs into maze* I go? o.O

Kenzen:*grabs chimmy with extend-a-arm Not yet*

Tessa: The villains choose Tristan. He probably won't be good.

Kenzen:Tristan sit. Survivors Ready*lets Chimmy run*GO

Blade:*takes off sprinting*

Chimmy: Alright! *dashes out into maze*

Kev: *is mad* Why am I out?!!!

Kev: *is sad and mad* Why an I out??!!! Someone one tell me!!! *is sad because not in the challenge* *in sad voice* I want to be in please

Tessa: *Runs into maze but gets lost, BUT finds piece 1*Great!

Jessica: *Runs into maze and bumps into Tessa*

Tessa: Do you know how to get out of the maze Jessica?

Jessica: Yeah! Just go right, left, left, forward, right...

Tessa: Okay!!! Just take me to the exit!

Jessica: No! Bye! *Runs away and bumps into Chimmy* Hi Chimmy! *Runs past Chimmy and stops for a second to rest*

Jessica: Okay, so now I go left, left, left, right, forward and that should be the end. *Looks down and sees two pieces of the ladder* YEAH!

Kenzen:Kev, You got put up to sit out geez. What happened to one at a time One Mogo Mogo One Foa Foa stay out here the other ten non sitters out run in.

Jake:*runs in*Michael stay out and solve the puzzle k.*words fade away*

Blade:*finds piece*YES*begins to run out*

Chimmy:*burns way through maze, finds piece, traces way back*

Kev: Everyone hates me *crys* Why do they hate me?

Gwen: Guys! I found a piece!

Fanny: *steals the piece* I got two more!

Tristan: *rolls eyes*

Kev: *still crying* *in sad voice* Why do most people on my team hate me?

Blade:*returns to main part and puts step on ladder*9 more

Kenzen:Foa Foa leading with one, Blade run back in man.

Blade:*sprints back in*

Jessica: *Runs back to beginning and puts the two pieces she found where they belong*

Tessa: *Follows Jessica* Another for Foa Foa!

Joanna: WOOHOO go heros... whos next???

Jared: NOOO!! go villians, and tell me when its my turn

James:*runs out, looks for puzzle pieces*

Kenzen:Teams Tied Two each

Jake:*finds peices*YES

James:*grabs 1 piece, comes back*

Kev: *burns 3 foa foa pieces* Haha I like to burn crap

Kenzen:Kev, Strike One and Strike Two One more strike and you are out no matter what. Foa Foa you get to have 5 pieces since Kev burned yours.

Kev: Is the first strike for cheating or wining about not being in the challenge?

Kenzen:As far as i am consirned both, but rules state that you burnt the other teams stuff basiclly cheating witch means 2 strikes

Kev: Ok so do I have 1 Strike left today or still in out

Jessica(Conf.): Kev is eliminated next!

Tessa: *Runs inside*Heh! *Finds another piece* Now we have six ladder pieces! *Runs outside*

Jessica: *Runs inside and trips over two pieces* Yeah... *Runs outside* Now we have five!

Kev: Why me?

Kenzen:Kev, You have 2 Strikes. You are not out do it again you are out.

John: *sits on bench, watching his team*

"Holes": I think we have all the pieces we need, but I'm not sure...

Jared: how many do we need???

Kenzen:Ten, Foa Foa has 6 and Mogo Mogo has 2

Jared: great ill go

Joanna: *goes to*

Jared: *picks something up8 woa whats this... hey i found a piece!!!

Joanna: *runs up and beat him up for it then runs off* i got it!!!

Jared: oh you suck

Kenzen:REMEMBER You have to find YOUR tribe colors ladder steps

Jake:*finds another step yet is stuck in maze*

Kenzen:You are playing for Immunity and flint, Thats A great start to Fire an you get to enjoy having this puppy

Jessica: *Runs back inside and goes halfway through* Found two! *Runs out with pieces and puts them in their spots*

Tessa: *To Blade(whispers)* You're in our alliance.


Jake:*finds a third piece*WHERE THE HECK IS THE EXIT

Jessica: *Runs inside and bumps into Jake, but finds one piece* Jake! There you are! Lets GO! *Pulls Jake out and they put the last pieces on*

Kenzen:Mogo Mogo is On there puzzleFoa Foa Step Up

Jake:(CONF) So yeah my name is Jack but i like Jake Better CALL ME JAKE

Jessica: Puzzle is done!!!

Kenzen:*inspects*Mogo Mogo Win Imunity And... Pillows and a Tarp. Foa Foa Tribal Council tonight. Tonight we will git into the real stuff last wee it was crisis We got yall torches and stuff See you at Tribal. Mogo Mogo take The Tiki Idol, Your Pillows, and Your Tarp. Enjoy. Jessica Stay here for a Minute Tribes take your stuff back to your camp.

Jessica: Yeah! I won!

Kenzen:Jessica, I award you with this*grabs a small note from pocket. The Note Reads "You will get to enjoy a Pizza Feast with 3 Members of your tribe. After this feast you will get a shower. This shall draw the line with freinds and enemies." Enjoy.

Jessica: Um...I choose cutey Jake, pyro Chimmy and Michael!

Jessica(Conf.): I love Jake! Like, literally!

Fanny: (CONF) Another loss. We've already lost two people and now another one. Next time we need to win, witch won't be hard with who my alliance is choosing to eliminate tonight.

Fanny: *to alliance* Okay, so the plan is 'Holes'. He's a wannabe. That might mean he wanna be voted off.

Damon: I dont think we lost, that was the Mogo Mogo search...

Pizza Feast - "The rest of the tribe will be ticked,"

Kenzen:Jessica who do you want to come from your tribe.

Jessica: Um...I choose cutey Jake, pyro Chimmy and Michael!

Jessica(Conf.): I love Jake! Like, literally!


Kenzen:You will enjoy any type of pizza you choose, And Soda, AND Cinnamon sticks and Breadsticks

Michael: This is great pizza!

Jake:The rest of the tribe will be ticked, =D

Jake:I Think when we lose we vote out Savana

Michael: No, it's gotta be Kev!

Jessica: I don't know who to agree with!

Jessica(Conf.): I am going to bring pizza back for everyone. It'll be nice to have friends! *smiles*

Kenzen:Please Return The Feast Is Over

Jake:*walks away*

Foa Foa Council (2) - "Stupid move? I think not."

Kenzen:Ok Now down to the facts. Please grab a torch and dip it into the fire. In this game fire represents life and once you fire goes out... HECK you all have see Survivor right Ok, Just light the torch*everyone lights torch*Ok vote up there *point to walkway*(if not obvious you cant see who who is voting for.)

Kenzen:Once the votes are read the decision. The person will be asked to leave immediately, Lets read the votes:

*pulls out paper and flips*CK11

*pulls out another paper and flips*"Holes"

One Vote "Holes", One Vote CK11

Blade:Hold up, "Holes" here is my Hidden Immunity Idol

Kenzen:Well That Changes everything "Holes" do you want to play it

Cylan: :o >:(

Blade:(CONF)Stupid Move. I Think Not. I may have betrayed an alliance but i think this will work in MY favor.

Fanny:(CONF) I think I know Blade's strategy in giving Holes the immunity idol. It's pretty smart.

Blade:(CONF)So, If my plan comes full circle One Villain will be gone in a flash.

Tristan: (conf.) Impossible, how many immunity idols are there! I gave one to a friend.....It was to easy to find!

Fanny:(CONF) And I'm pretty sure what villain will be gone in a flash once his plan has ended.

"Holes": Thank you, Blade, and yes I would like to play it, please. (Conf.) This is awesome, I get a second chance!

Fanny: Well now it's not much of a shocker who leaves.

  • everyone stares at CK11*

"Holes" (Conf.): CK11 had this all planned out, but Blade turned the tables on him, awesome!

Tristan:(Conf) Shocking, even I didn't see that coming, Villains will betray villains, so we all have to watch are backs

(CONF) Tye: Well, that plan worked wonderfully. *rolls eyes* I know we voted off who we wanted, but everyone in an alliance with Blade sort of just lost him... He's not so much a threat as he is a nuisance. He needs to go.

Tessa(Conf.): Smart plan all along was to vote out CK11 because that was the alliance's plan...

Tessa(Conf.): I wonder who the next target is? Fanny is a good leader to side with, but Tye, possibly Blade and I are still in our alliance. I better watch my back or this Evil Queen, is leaving. "Holes doesn't deserve another chance next time...

Fanny: (CONF) Well I don't care that CK11 is leaving. He's not in my alliance, plus he doesn't seem like a big villain.

Fanny: Can we all get on with it? We already know who's leaving.

Tessa: Yeah! Come on already!

Tristan: *puts something in Pocket* Yeah...

Kenzen:Fines but this is how it would have gone with me pulling out lots of votes of "Holes" saying they do not count. CK11 bring me your torch.*CK11 Brings torch*The Tribe has spoken*snuffs torch*.

Day 3 Chat

Kenzen:15 are left who will be out tonight.

Mogo Mogo (3) "Im seriously confused right now..."


John: YEAH!

Kev: I'm a good player (sometimes I can't go on a computer)

Gwen: Woo!

Gwen: (CONF) I have a feeling that we'll lose today and if that happens, I'd hope to see Sa-*cuts out* gone.

Kev: (conf) I hope that Jessica doesn't get voted off if we lose and if we do I'm voting J-*cuts out* or Sa-*cut out* or L-*cuts out* and I hope one of them are going tonight or when we first lose

Joanna: *walks in* woohoo ya ok... so lets try to win again so we WONT have to vote anyone off k everyone...

John: K, let's win this!

Joanna: YA!!! WE CAN DO IT GUYS... WE CAN DO IT!!! (XD)

James: :P

Sammy: *Pulls Gwen, Savanna, and James aside, whispers* I was thinking we could have an alliance sort of thing, just in case we lose a challenge. Plus, I think, you know, with me not being the smartest and all... I might be targeted, and I don't want to leave so early. What do you say?

Kev: *Pulls everyone in the guys alliance* Get more people so that I can stay here cuz I might be targeted cuz I'm not that smart and all but I'm smart but sometimes not smart but I don't want to leave so early so get more people so I can stay here longer ok

Jake:(CONF)I question my teams loyalty to there alliances

Joanna: *goes over to jake and whispers* um did you add any one else to the allience because im seriously confused right now...

Kev: *pulls John,Gwen,and Jessica aside, whispers* Are we the only people in this alliance and if not get more people so that I can stay here cuz I might be targeted cuz I'm not that smart and all but I'm smart but sometimes not smart but I don't want to leave so early so get more people so I can stay here longer ok

Jessica(Conf.): So, Sammy's trying to set up an alliance so she's safe...HA! Just because I think S(gets cut off) should go doesn't mean anything!

John (Conf.): Some people in this tribe don't seem so much like heroes.

Joanna: (conf) ugh everyone is making me so mad... i mean... if we want to win we have to start acting like a team and if you havent noticed, us heros dont exactly scream team... (haha that rhymesXD)

James:(CONF)My best bet is to lay low and try not to threaten anyone, and I should be good for a while.

John (Conf.): Theres alot of people on this team whose name starts with J, theres like five, or something.

Kev: (conf) I think alliances don't work that good when we are teams because teams are supost to work together and if we can't do that then no team and some of us don't seem so much like heroes they are just spys or something like that

Joanna: *stands up in front of everyone* hey guys! ok all i want to say is that we should all start acting like a team more. I mean... were all starting alliences and forming our own groups and if we keep this up and we dont start acting like a team, the villians are gonna demolish us. I know some of you may hate some people here *looks at Kev* but you should put that aside or let it go, for the sake of the team so what do you say guys... do you wanna be a team and win this or continue what were doing and have a fifty/fifty chance of losing???

Jake:(CONF)Nice Speech but everyone will just lingeringly lie and agree

Foa Foa (3) "No one can trust Blade"

Blade:(CONF)We have to lose and we have to vote out J*static cuts rest of name out* then my plan will be complete

"Holes" (Conf.): I owe blade A TON, he made it possible for me to be here right now.

Blade:*silently pulls "Holes" away and says* "holes" can i have your vote during this game.

"Holes": Yeah, you kind of saved my butt, so sure I'll vote with you.

Joe: (CONF) I wasn't surprised at all to be honest, but if there's one person I want gone, it's **********.

Fanny: Well. There we go. Another loss. Today we need to win!

Fanny: (CONF) I am following Blade's plan the entire way. J*cuts out* will be gone for sure next time we lose.

(CONF) Tye: No one can trust Blade, except "Holes". He betrayed our alliance by not voting with us, and he betrayed their alliance by giving the hidden immunity idol to the person they were voting out. I told Tessa to get Cylan instead... I'll go try and do that now.

Tye: Hey, Cylan! Can I talk to you for a sec? *Pulls him aside* Our alliance needs an extra person after Blade just betrayed everyone yesterday. Wanna join?

Cylan: Um....sure. :)

(Kenzen:Umm Tye i wanted CK11 out with you guys why do you think i gave "Holes" the idol)

Tristan:(conf.) I found an immunity and gave it to a friend, it was to easy, My brain can figure stuff out easily

Challenge (3) "You better watch your mouth!"

Kenzen:Well Yeah i am a bit dry with ideas So..... Everybody drop your B.... Beautiful smiles we will be mud wrestling. You will take these Large brick type pillows and fight them of of a large dish type platform. First pairing is Blade and Kev. Heroes can i get the idol. *Heroes hand him the idol*
File:Imunity tiki.png

Jake:Why take the effort just let us keep him and save the time after the challenge.

Blade:Smeer The Heroes >=D

Jessica(Conf.): That Joanna sure has a big mouth. If she doesn't keep it quiet and we lose...her or S(gets kicked)OW! Will be off!

Jessica: Joanna! Kev's my friend! You better watch your mouth!

Kenzen:Oh, Before we start who feels they are on the wrong tribe.

James:I'm a hero

Juan:I hate my tribe but I'm a villain

Blade:Same here Juan.

Jake:I am a Hero, My Tribe is Epic I think everyone but maybe 4 are on the right tribe.

James:Thanks dude*fistbumps Jake*


James:Can we go to the challenge?

Kenzen:Wait does anyone think they are on the wrong tribe.

Kev: I'm a hero

John: I'm not a villian, so yeah, I fit in just fine as a hero.

"Holes": I am a villian.

Fanny: Okay! Come on Blade! Let's win this!

James:I think Kev is on the wrong tribe

Kev: No I just hate Angel but I'm still a hero *walks on large dish type platform and takes alLarge brick type pillow* I hope Blade can't beat me

Joanna: *to jessica* i never said i hate him... i just looked at him because people do hate him and im telling them to let it go and dont get mad im not trying to make any enimies here... well at least bnot on my team...

Jessica and Tessa: We are on the wrong sides...

Tessa: I am a goody-two shoes and Jessica is a bossy meanie!

Jessica: Yeah! What retard said!

Kenzen:Jessica and Tessa drop your buffs. Tessa you are now Mogo Mogo Jessica you are now Foa Foa.

(CONF) Tye: Well, there goes another member of the alliance... *facepalm* I'll try and get Jessica in the alliance after the challenge.

Christian: I love my team I'm on yay Tessa on my team but I miss Jessica

Kev: *looks at blade* Get on the platform now!!!! Guys I just want the challenge to go a bit faster

Tessa: I will start an alliance with Jessica's old alliance. *To Jessica* You are with my old alliance of Tye, Cylan and Blade. K?

Jessica: Whatev.

Jessica(Conf.): Okay! So I have a new alliance. Yeah.

Kev: *uses a rope to get blade to the platform, throws rope at blade and blades at the platform* Blade get on the platform and I will let you win

(Webly: SORRY! I was gone on vacation, but I will now start to play)

Lizzie: (CONF) Well, alliances are changing so maybe their is a spot for me!

Joanna: (conf) ohhy so jessicas a villian now... yes! now i can hate her (p.s. i dont really hate u its just my character... just to let you know:) )

Kev: old Nickelodeon rocks (conf) Villians you must die (P.S. I'm just playing my character)

Kenzen:Only one switch, Well Ok. Blade go on

Blade:*gets on platform*

Kenzen:Survivors Ready. GO

Blade:*Hits Kev sending him to the edge of the platform*

Lizzie: (Conf) I love a good fight! But, how can I think of a fight when I could be the first eliminated because of no alliance. The only thing I can to do to guarantee I'm a strong player is win that fight!

Kev: *gets up and pushes Blade*

Blade:Little **** Grrr...*Hits Kev on the ground and continues hitting him*

Kev: *hits Blade really hard in the jaw and the guts* *punches Blade in the jaw 20 times*

Blade:*screams in pain*

Kenzen:STOP, STOP, STOP. Medic *medic come in and look at blade*

Medic:He seems fine he has bleeding Umm My best suggestion Take him out, but he can stay if his tribe takes care of him for the next days he will be fine.

Kenzen:Kev, Say good bye to your Tribe. I am removing you from the game. Foa Foa Win Immunity. Kev you are one of the worst players i have ever seen.

Blade:*lays in pain and garbles*gat hem oot of heeree

Kev: *gets thrown on a plane by Kenzen and his tribe* Bye everyone *plane flys away*

Christian: Bye Kev *helps Blade up* I'm sorry

Blade:Granks*spits blood and tooth out*

Christian: Your welcome hope you feel better

Kenzen:Head back to camp.

John (Conf.): Wow, Kev went crazy on Blade, that was scary.

"Holes": Ok, whatever.

Christian: Ok bye *waves*

Day Four Chat

Kenzen:Kev is gone, Who will be voted out tonight.

Mogo Mogo (4)"Kev went total shark on Blade"

Jake:(CONF)Well i am glad Kev is gone.

Lizzie: (CONF) So, now the game got a little less crazier!

Gwen: (CONF) Yesterday was a little wacky. Kev went total shark on Blade. I'm glad to see Kev go. He's a nutcase! Today, I think we will win the challenge. Blade won't probably participate leaving the Mogo Mogo with a huge advantage. Yet if we lose, I'd say we vote out Sammy. She doesn't participate in the challenges and she's quiet.

Lizzie: So guys, what should we talk about? Maybe about elimination peeps or alliances or anything but the topic of boredom!

Christian: Ok

Lizzie: Then why don't we talk about................................. I got nothing.

Christian: Like where do all of the losers go (flashback) I wonder where everyone goes when they are out Dustin: I don't know but whereever it is your going to be there 1st

Tessa: You people are crueler than some villains.

Tessa(Conf.): Kev was just a pawn of mine. Blade is deserving of the hurting he got yesterday. I know who to eliminate next. Tessa: *whispers to all accepted alliance members* Savanna is next eliminated if we lose.

Lizzie: I'm not cruel! I think when they are eliminated they get to go to a secret undercover place, I"m not that sure!

Michael: Maybe they go to heaven, I don't know!

Christian: Heaven is wonderful

Lizzie: Heaven is wonderful, but I haven't lived a very long life so I wouldn't want to go their after this show. Even though it is the greatest place ever created.

John: Same here.

Gwen: So guys, the names going around currently are Savanna and Sammy. Who do you guys think should leave? My vote's going to Sammy but I wanna see who you guys think.

Jake:Savanna, *notices Savanna is clueless to the conversation* Yep

Lizzie: Savanna, I guess

Gwen: Okay, I can switch to Savanna then.

Lizzie: This is like a team vote I guess.

Lizzie: (CONF) Which means a large alliance that can keep me safe and longer here!

Christian: We vote Savanna if we lose right

Joanna: ...has she even been here???

Lizzie: I don't know!

Jake:I did notice we were on hero short (XD).... Wait she is over there *points to a seemingly dead Savanna*

Joanna: *pokes her* is she dead??? XD

John: Well, she isn't moving, or...breathing.

Jake:*walks over and puts head next to Savanna's mouth*She's breathin'

Joanna: i wonder how long shes been here???

John: Well, thats good that she is breathing.

Tessa(Conf.): I hate this team! I gotta switch back! Back to my villains! My evil friends. Tye, Cylan, Blade, hopefully I can come back to that team!

(TDALF1: Can Jessica and Tessa switch back)

Savanna: I'm breathing! (Sorry, been busy >.<)

Joanna: *gets excited* SHE LIVES!!! now i dont have to dig you a grave... XD

Foa Foa (4)"Jessica is one of those morons who think she is better then the villains, but she really isn't"

Blade:*lays in shelter in pain with his buff wet with cold water against his face*(CONF)I can speak fine i just want people to have sympathy for me. But i am in a lot of pain :(.

Joe: (CONF) So Blade got hit in the jaw, and he weeps like a baby. If he's trying to get something out of this, it ain't getting it from me.

Blade:*whispers*Joe, If we lose again we voted off Juan k i don't like him and he isn't part of the future game for me and you.

Tristan: *is watching over Blade* I'll vote with you guys

Fanny: Ditto. But in my opinion, I think Jared should go next. He hasn't voted ever at tribal councils.

Blade:Good Point

Jessica: Oh suck it up Blade. (Conf.) I am not sure if Tessa and my plan will work.

Jessica: (Flashback to the helicopter)Tessa: We should switch teams since your even eviler than me!

Jessica(Conf.): I can't believe Kev was eliminated. *Cries*

Joe: (CONF) Ding dong, the Kev is dead! YES!!!!! Anyways, it's either Juan or Jared, who knows who it is, as long as it ain't me, I'm happy!

(CONF) Tye: We're only 2 people short now! :D ......*facepalms* We're screwed.

Tristan: (conf.) *is flipping a immuty idol around* What? I found this thing, it isn't hard, just think the least unexpected place

"Holes" (Conf.): I think that Fanny actually had a point when it came to who to vote off.

Fanny: (Conf) And some people think my strategies are dumb. Jared is who I'm voting for. He has never ever voted or participated really! We don't need him at all. But Blade also has a plan behind eliminating Juan too.

Fanny: So Jessica, what's it like to be a villain? Aw dangit that sounded nice.

Blade:*winces*I can participate, just sayin (CONF) I need to reasure them that i am fine, even though i am hurtin.

Jared: what kind of stupid question is that fanny... gosh maybe your one of those heros hmmmm...

Jessica: Shut up Jared! It's great to be evil...for once.

Fanny: Wow Jared. I'm a lot more villainy than you are.

Tristan: Wow.....we barely have many true villains out here, were not being deceptive,manipulative, or cheating.....were not villains at all, are we?

Blade:Yep i think so, Now go read a book.*pushes him out of his way*

Fanny: Agree Tristan. Half of our whole tribe is full of idiots! Half of the leftover half barely do anything! There are pretty much only four true villains on this tribe!

Fanny: (CONF) I think I might've made a few more enemies than I already have.

Joe: (CONF) Who knows whose going if we lose; half the people here are babies!

Jessica: Who are those four Fanny? (Conf.) True, there are only a few true villains on this team, 1-Blade, 2-Fanny, 5-Joe, 4-Tye, 6-Cylan and 3-I. Most are the biggest retards I know. I know a lot of retards though.

Jessica(Conf.): I still do hate Joe even though we are on the same team.

Fanny: (Conf:) The four true villains are Blade, Joe, Cylan/Tristan, and moi. So basically five.

Tristan: (conf.) I hate books alright, I'm not a typical know-it-all! I use my mind to my advantage, yet most of the time I'm alone, time to use my immuty idol to my advantage.......

Blade:I say we weed off the weak then after they are gone we weed off the less weak non villians

Jared: (conf) WHAT THE **** THEY DON'T THINK IM A TRUE VILLIAN!!! trust me, i AM a villian, HOW DO YOU THINK I EVEN GOT ON THI TEAM HUH!!! oh i'll show them>:D

"Holes" (Conf.): They think I'm not a villian, they'll see, they'll all see me win this show.

Jared: *goes over to "Holes"* yo "Holes" you wanna be in an allience with me

Tristan: *grabs Jared and "Holes"* You 2 are forming an alliance? Well you know alliances with 2 people usually crash and burn

Blade:(CONF)I may have saved "Holes" once but I wont again >=D

Jared:whats it to ya???

Jessica(Conf.): I'm so more of a villain than the orphaned kid. And way more than the retarded cheese dude. And a little more than the demon, the retarded demon.

Fanny: Okay, we don't need to go around calling people retarded. Two, Jared you can't listen in on people's private confessionals, and Three, we're all arguing because of a stupid idea of who to vote off!

Joe: (To Blade, Fanny, and Cylan) Can we just oust Jessica? She's the biggest retard for betraying the heroes, which makes her a huge target by us, so why not we lose her?

Joe: (CONF) Jessica is like those dumb Survivors who do dumb stuff like James and Erik. When you sell out your entire tribe and come over to the villains' playground, you know you're screwed and that's what Jessica will be pretty soon.

Jessica(Conf.): Maybe Joe is eviler than me.

Jessica: Joe...wanna join my alliance? You are a big threat to some people so how bout we join together and since you are one of the best villains.

Fanny: (Conf) Did Jessica just call herself a good villain?

Tristan: (conf.) I respect Joe, and I think he is a "good" villain, but joining an allaince with him with murder your chances out there.....Jessica is one of those morons who think she is better then the villains, but she really isn't

Blade:(CONF)Ok Jessica is my biggest annoyance she is next...

Jared: (conf) seriuosly... jessica thinks she can *laughs* sweet talk joe into an allience... *gets serious* ...well villians dont sweet talk, im not sure if she actually can be a villian but that doesnt matter... all that matters is that she gets out next...

"Holes" (Conf.): Jessica and Joe? yeah right, Joe is too smart to join with Jessica, and I really want to stay neutral for a while when it comes to alliances.

Jessica(Conf.): *slaps forehead multiple times while calling herself stupid* I am better than these villains! That's because I am a goody two shoes! *whines*

Fanny: (Conf) If I'm not mistaken, isn't Jessica the one Joe wants off next?

Fanny: Hey! There's Kenzen. Time four our immunity challenge.


Reward Challenge (4) "I'd like to try and destroy the villians for a first!"

Kenzen:Today you will play a game of 3 on 3 water basket ball first to 3 win so Villians Heroes whos playing.

Blade:I will play

Lizzie: I'd like to try and destroy the villians for a first!

Gwen: I'll sit out. Who else wants to join Lizzie?

Jessica: I'll play!

Tessa: Me too! One more hero...

Tristan: I don't really care......(conf.) Basketball, decent game, and I like water......but If we are gonna see Fanny take his shirt off, good help us (XD Sorry Fanny just had to)

Christian: I'll play

Kenzen:Ok Everyone Else will take part in next challenge, you are playing for burgers and soda*pulls sheet off food*

Blade:*swims out*

Tristan: (conf.) Great...I'm a veg! I'll probably drink the coke though

Kenzen:And Carrots =D

Tristan: You Fail......

Christian: *swims out gets a ball* *throws it to Jake*

Tristan:......Jake isn't playing

Jessica: *swims to ball and throws it to Blade* I need to switch back with you Tessa!

Tessa: Christian, pass! And Jessica! Ask Kenzen you do-gooder.

Jessica: (Flashback to helicopter) Tessa: You annoying little b****! You are a f****** retard! Jessica: We need to switch teams one week! We could act as one another! Tessa: Fine!

Christian: Here *throws it to Tessa*

Jared: (conf) ok im confused... Jessica and Tessa switched teams so now jessicas on the villians and tessas on the heros but now jessica wants to switch all of a sudden and starts acting all nice after shes been acting like a "villian" and switch back to the heros... i guess i'll just never understand girls...

John (Conf.): Dang it, I rock at basketball, too bad I can't play.

Tristan: (conf.).......rutabuga

Blade:*grabs ball and shoots it in hoop*

Kenzen:Villains on the board with one point

Tessa: *throws into basket*

Fanny: Okay, who's up next?

Tristan: *is a soaked and just blinks*

Kenzen:Villains up 2 O_O

Lizzie: *gets in water fast* And throws a ball randomly and hits a bush by the pool* Whoops!

Fanny: Come one guys! This is for burgers and Coke!

Christian: *makes a basket*


Kenzen:Villains 2 Heroes 1

Christian: *makes another 2 baskets*


Tristan: still isn't easter

Christian: Sorry *trys to make a basket*

Lizzie: *sccuries for ball quickly so the opposing team won't score*

Tristan: ......*holds up 10.0 sign*wait a minute.....THAT'S CHEATING! THE HEROES CHEATED! WHAT IS THIS! HEROS turn into villains vs Villains turned to heroes!

Joe: Villains turned to what, Tristan?

Joe: (CONF) Whenever I hear that word it makes my blood boil!

Fanny: OH GOD! THERE IS A BASKETBALL RIGHT HERE! *swishes it* Reward for us!

Christian: good job team

Tristan:I'm talking about that barely any one from are bloody mother****ing team are cold-blooded villains

"Holes": Shut the f*** up, Tristan! (Conf.) I had to let that out, to show them, I am a f***in' villian! I'm fed up with this s***!

John: O_O (Conf.) That dude really let it out.

Jared: (conf) O.o

Christian (CONF): Wow Tristan really ticked his team off

Tristan: *is completely unfazed* good to know that you could lose your temper when I insulted you, just proved that in pressure you could be mean,evil, and despicable....please be angry more often,thanks.

Fanny: *claps at Tristan* So.....cheeseburgers and coke for us!

Christian (CONF): So Savanna didn't help us again

Kenzen:Ummm, Villians Win? Enjoy =D

*Heroes leave and villains begin to eat*

Fanny: Yes! Cheeseburgers! And Cheese! ANd Ketchup! *starts eating* Pickles? Oh crap. *gets an allergic reaction*

Kenzen:Oh wait, There are pickles in them but they are the only vegies in them.

Jake:*removes the pickles and bites in to burger*

Tristan: *takes meat out and starts eating*

Jessica: *Takes the meat out and starts eating* I am totally vegetarian!

Fanny: White light, dying. Grammy is that you?

"Holes": *takes the burgers that Tristian and Jessica aren't eating and puts them on his burger, after taking off the pickles* This is so tasty!

Kenzen:Fanny, Ummm *gives anti aligern*Yay... IMMUNITY GO*forces villains away from burgers as they take them*

Immunity Challenge (4) "THIS IS SPARTA!"

Kenzen:Yesterdays Challenge but today your hands leave the pillow auto point for the other team. Blade Vs. Gwen playing for immunity
File:Imunity tiki.png

Blade:*climbs on plate*

Tristan: go Blade! *is flipping his immunity idol* (he found it the day Kev was out :P)

(Kenzen:Grr, you have found 2 idols in 2 days a bit godplayie arn't we)

(Dark: Not really, Tristan is a genius, so he could have easily found them from watching other TV shows with Idols :P)

(Kenzen:Can you not find any for a while?)

Gwen: Alright then. I'm ready! ( I forgot the challenge. xD)

Gwen: Oh crap, I think I'm going down. *gulps*

(Dark: Okay Kenny, I won't find it that much.......but he has 2 idols in his pocket right now :P)


Blade:*hits gwen in the face*

Gwen: *gets hit in recoil* Hey! Ow! Help! Butternut! Timeout!

Gwen: *swings at a punch* *wacks Blade square in the face and the jabs him in the stomach* Wow. Woo hoo! I rock-*gets hit* Ow *gets back up*

Blade:*whispers*You're gonna pay*hits her repeatedly*

Gwen: (CONF) I didn't really wanna let my team down. Get ready LeShawna, your goth girl is comin home. I hope my buddies still vote for Savanna cuz I don't have an idol.

Gwen: *falls on the ground* Aw, sh*t. Good game Blade. *shakes hand* *falls down* Ow. I think my ankle is sprained. I think I can still walk. *gets up and walks to her team, limping*

Gwen: I'm okay! (CONF) No, I'm really not.

Blade:*roars yeah*

Kenzen:Fanny Vs. John

John: *gets on plate* Your going down. (Conf.) I have to admit I was nervous.

"Holes" (Conf.): Tristian thinks hes so smart, I bet he won't figure out what I did.

Tristan: (conf.) someone stole my immunity idol, but he hasn't seen that the ones I had were fakes, the real ones are at a secret area no one knows about

"Holes" (Conf.): But, my question is why does it have a brand on the bottom that reads fake. IT'S FAKE! WTF? Maybe he is smarrter than I thought...but at least he won't be able to use them if they aren't in his possession...

Fanny: No, I'm sorry. You're going down. *eats spinach* (CONF) I always believed in Popeye

Fanny: *beats up John* Ha! We win!

John: *still up, and running from Fanny* I don't know what I'm supposed to do! (Sorry Fanny, but thats kinda Godplay...)

Fanny: Grr, it isn'r enough. *punces him nine times for Trent* Got a black eye now?

John: I can't see, my eyes! *randomly flails around his arms at Fanny*

Tristan: flailing.... that's his plan flailing!!

John: *tries to tackle Fanny, but falls flat on his face* Ow. *gets back up* THIS IS SPARTA! *charges at Fanny*

Fanny: *slides away to show a lake behind him* Bye bye

John (Conf.): Its a good thing I played Marco Polo when I was younger.

John: *Charges in the direction of Fanny's voice*

Fanny: Aw crap, *jumps through John's legs and rolls over and gets up* You have to fall down some time! *kicks him in the stomach* Wow, you're a strong competitor, but not strong enough. *kicks him in the kiwis* *laughs evilly*

Tristan: great job

John: You monster! *falls on to his knees* owww. *slowly gets up* Never! *staggers twords Fanny*

"Holes": Finish him, already!

Fanny: Oh god! Now it's time for a one hit k-o. *lifts up John and throws him in the river* *fish jump up around him* *notices bruises* If that doesn't hurt you, what does? *thinks* Ah,

John: OMG *Faints, starts floating down river*

"Holes": Well that was a rather boring KO.

Fanny: At least it knocked him out! One more point and we win!

"Holes": Hey Kenzen, can I fight it out next, I want to show these guys how real villians fight.

Tristan: I will go to give these heroes a chance

John: *wakes up somewhere completely different* Where am I?

Kenzen:Heroes score, Fanny you took your hands out of it (from what was typed that was what i read it as). 1 to 1 "Holes" Vs. Stephen

Jessica and Tessa: *In a catfight*

Tessa: You b****! You f****** b****!

Jessica: person!

Kenzen:Gaurds, You are going to the currently unused Exile Island. Go "Holes" and Stephen

"Holes": *gets on plate* Time to win this challenge! (Conf.) I know we stilled needed two wins to win.

John: *walks into a forest* I'm fine, I'm not lost, I'm just perfectly fine.

Owl: *hoots*

John: Ahhhhhhh! *runs away from hoot* Is that a clearing? *exits forest on Exile island* Jessica? Tessa? Where am I? Wheres everyone else?

"Holes": *looks at Stephen and hits him in the gut* Oww, my hand! (Conf.) That Stephen dude is tough, he seems more like a villian than a hero!

"Holes": *Continously hits Stephen*

Stephen: Wow, you weak loser! *Slams "Holes" in the face*

"Holes": Ow. *kicks stephen in te nuts repeatedly* this is what youget for hurting me!

Stephen: Wow, you can't hurt a fly... *Slams his fist into Holes guts and pushes him off of the stand*

Kenzen:Villains with point, Stephen you took your hands off the pillow T_T. Tristan Vs. Jake


Stephen: It doesn't matter, I still owned the twerp.

Kenzen:Umm, Change Jake Vs. Damon

Kenzen:(CONF) I found out that Tristan has a disorder, If he gets hit in the face he puffs up, I never heard of this but hit has such a real name the Blow to the face Syndrome.

Tristan: (conf.) Fake disorders are awesome!

Kenzen:(confs)*next to Tristan*It was fake O_O

Tristan:(conf) Nooooo....GET OUT! (XD)

Kenzen:(CONF)Phew i thought you were lying*leaves*

tristan; (conf.) It was fake, luckily he left

Jessica: I'm sorry Tessa!

Tessa: Villains don't apologize! They call each other names instead!

Jessica: I'm not cut out to be a villain.

Tessa: Follow me...

Jessica: Whatev *follows Tessa into conf.*

Tessa(Conf.): Jessica, use your hotness to minipulate the boys...

Jessica(Conf.): Okay! Fine... Why do you want me to do that?

Tessa(Conf.): I found it in a bottle by the water.

John: Jessica? Tessa? Where am I?

Kenzen:*looks at watch* Villains win with 2 points

Mogo Mogo Council (4) "I'm glad that Savanna quit...she was like a puppet, unmoving."


Savanna: I'm just gonna quit... I'm leaving.

Tessa: You mean I'm safe! EEEEEEEE! *hugs Savanna* I'm gonna miss ya.

John (Conf.): Well... That was unexpected... but it worked.

Kenzen:Well by your wishes*snuffs torch*Bye...

Tessa: If I make it up to you by being nice, will you vote me out again if we lose???

Jessica(Conf.): She was almost eliminated...that wouldn't be bad at all...I'm glad that Savanna quit...she was like a puppet, unmoving.

Christian (CONF): So I'm wondering why Tessa wants votes oh I need to do something

Christian: Bye Savanna *waves* *throws Savanna a box*

Day Five Chat

Kenzen:Savanna quit, yeah

Mogo Mogo (5) "Too much losing"

Jake:Meh, :( Too much losing

Lizzie: (CONF) I'm glad our team is workng together like real heroes! I just don't want merge to come, a clash of everyone can get the good players out! I mean look at Boston Rob in his first season. But, I'm not saying I'm a villian but he was a good player!

Christian: Tristan is a cheater

Joanna: GASP!

Christian: Don't you think so

Joanna: i dunno... does he cheat???

Christian: Or atleast he wants to cheat

Joanna: oh... dont cheaters get trown out of the game

(TDALF1(Tessa): I meant to say will you not vote me out next time if I'm nicer...)

John (Conf.): I am 90% sure we're going to win today, we've got this game in the bag.

Lizzie: I don't know about cheaters for this game. But, one thing I do know is that I'm the opposite of one.

Gwen: So.....

Lizzie: I think we need to improve being a even closer tribe. I like how we all decided who to vote off together! Even though we don't always go with the plan we need to show the villians how Heroic we can be. For when we're at the merge we'll have the numbers!

Gwen: If we lose again though, I think we eliminate J******. They have the best chance of winning so why don't we get rid of them so we all have a better chance at winning?

Lizzie: Yea! But we also could think about what would make our team stronger by voting off Sammy, who hasn't been here.

John: I agree with Lizzie, I mean it makes sense.

Lizzie: Thanks John but either plan works with me. It's just that to be hero's we need to act like heroes so the most likely person to vote off is Sammy.

Foa Foa (5) "We're making a comeback now! Watch out, heroes, we're gonna pick you off one by one!"

Blade:We rock >:D

Tristan: Blade, we need to dominate those goody-two-shoes heroes, so, couldn't we cheat? many of us did it before

Tristan: (conf.) If anyone of those imbosoles mean I cheated this season? No no, not yet, I meant the other shows we been on

Blade:When i cheated on Apocalypse Survival by using my cellphone during one of the challenges i got thrown out

Tristan: Damn!....Well then, at least the Heroes don't vote for the Heroes :P (Really, I mean, you saw it in Koops version)

"Holes" (Conf.): Wow, we rule, two wins in a row! Heroes suck, villians rule!

Joe: (CONF) We're making a comeback now! Watch out, heroes, we're gonna pick you off one by one! Tristan: (conf.) The thing that sucks about villains, is that you can't trust nobody.....

Blade:Tristan, Joe, Fanny. *walks with them down beach* I know it and hopefully you guys do to, that we are the badest villains here. So i think we need to lose purposely to eliminate Tye, Jessica, Jaun and Jared i want them GONE

Tristan: *picks up fire wood* I do agree on that, but we should 1st get rid of most of the heroes, so when it isn't the merge, they won't gang up on us and take us out 1 by 1

Jessica: *whispers to alliance(Tye, Blade, Cylan)* I think we should vote out Juan or Jared.

Jessica(Conf.): Being the only girl, I feel like I am weaker than these guys...

Jessica: *to Joe, Tristan, "Holes", Fanny, Damon* I think we should eliminate either Juan or Jared if we lose...

Tristan: Why should we princess? You want to go back to the wimpy heroes side, so don't make us vote the person you want out

Jessica: The heroes are idiots...well some aren't. And don't call me princess just cuz I'm a girl...I think we should vote them off cuz they're just retarded...

Jessica: *looks around and then goes to the ocean*

Jessica: *Takes clothes off in dressing room and puts bikini on and goes swimming in the ocean* Would anyone like to join the only girl who is desperate for a boyfriend?! Tristan: *sits on rock* To bad for you

Fanny: I say we get rid of Jared. He is my mortal enemy on this show. Let's get rid of him.

"Holes" (Conf.): Time to work some magic, I know there is one immunoty idol out there somewhere, and I know Tristian knows where it is, so next time he leaves the camp, I'll follow him until we reach the immunity doll, then I'll snatch it when he isn't looking! It's the perfect plan!

Tristan: *is flipping an immunity idol in his hands* (conf.) Yeah right, I know where the immunity idol is, but...I placed a few fakes around there to, it's to easy!

Blade:Whatever*dives into water in shorts*Ah, Nice*floats on back*This is nice. You guys are missing out.

Jared: *goes to fanny* dude seriously 'mortal enemy' what are you in 3rd grade... and also... why am i your enemy what did do

Reward and Immunity Challenge (5) "Next time, can the challenge be trivia?"

Kenzen:Hello and welcome to todays challenge. How much do you want it, ok you will be standing on a 12 foot poll with your arm tied  above you, but you have to keep your arm up or you pull a cord that will pull a flag up that will mean you are out so you must climb down the poll cause you are out. The Reward, The winner earns there team the rights for sitting in the other teams tribal council with hot dogs. Also you win Immunity. Take your positions.

File:Imunity tiki.png


  1. Jake-OUT
  2. Christian- OUT
  3. Tessa - OUT
  4. Gwen - IN
  5. Lizzie- IN
  6. Sammy- OUT
  7. John- OUT (Steak)
  8. James-OUT
  9. Stephen-OUT
  10. Joanna- OUT
  11. Michael- IN
  12. Chimmy- OUT


  1. Blade-IN
  2. Jessica - IN
  3. Fanny - OUT
  4. Tye- OUT
  5. "Holes"- IN
  6. Tristan- OUT
  7. Juan-OUT
  8. Damon-OUT
  9. Jared- OUT
  10. Joe- IN
  11. Cylan- OUT

Blade:*climbs up poll*

Jake:GO TEAM!)

John: *skidaddles up pole*

"Holes": I'm goin' to win this! *climbs up pole*

Lizzie: *climbs up pole*

Gwen: *gets onto her black pole* I saw this challenge with a reward like this on survivor. The Heroes lost so let's win this one!

Fanny: *gets on purple pole*


Jake:*holds on poll for dear life*

"Holes": This is the easiest challlenge, ever!

John: O_O so... SCARY!

Lizzie: I could do this all day.

Fanny: Aw crap, my biggest fears are kid's faces appearing in abanded houses, Babybel cheese, the word "lolly", being nice, and heights.

Gwen: Easy!

Blade:*holds on poll with one arm and chucks shells in his pocket at Jake*

Jake:DUDE NOT COOL*falls off and hits ground after an eleven foot drop*

Fanny: Sorry guys! Aw crap. *gets down* Next time, can the challenge be trivia?

Gwen: *smirks*

Christian: *climbs up pole*

"Holes": Your late, dude. *smirks*

John: Woah! *wobbles on pole*

Kenzen:Christian, Jake and Fanny come take a seat. So its been 30 minutes would anyone be interested to get down for 3 smores

Tristan: *on pole* I HATE SMORES!

Joanna: allergic to marshmallows...

Jared: ewww... *spits down on smores but misses*

(Webly: Why dont we eliminate the people who aren't participating)

Lizzie: I'm not very hungry anyways!

Kenzen:*tosses smores to people already out*How about a big ol' Steak*holds steak that is 5 inchs thick out*


John: *falls* Ow... but I do get... STEAK!

"Holes": This is such a pathetic excuse of a challenge.

Kenzen:John Enjoy your steak*hands him steak*To make this harder you can only be touching it with one foot and one hand

Gwen: Easy, *does as told*

Kenzen:be happy now the next hardening is only using two hands and not using your feet followed by only using your feet (O BTW don't just act like you can do it start totake strain and be in pain k)

Tristan: *gets off and gets back on* this seems easy enough

Lizzie: *does as told* This is kinda hard!

Blade:*is already on right*

Kenzen:Tristan you jumped off, you are out. Now, who wants 10 pancakes

"Holes": *Does as told* *strains* No pancakes for me!

Tristan: Oh, and Kenzen, I'm sueing you *shows medical condition that he can't hold onto metal poles* (XD)

Lizzie: *stomach grumbles* Darnet!

(Webly: Why don't we eliminate the people who aren't participating?)

(Kenzen:Trust me they will get elimanated)

Kenzen:Tristan the poles are made of wood.

Tristan:........dang it....

Joanna: *does as told* i cant have pancakes... im allergic to eggs (seriously):)

Jared: *gets splinters on hand and foot* ughhh this hurts

Kenzen:No one wants them*gives them to people already out*

Tessa: *climbs pole* Why must you making us do this Kenzen!

Jessica: *climbs pole too* Hey guys...and I mean guys...

Jessica: *starts talking to Tristan* Why'd you get off? *Asks Kenzen question* How do we get in the confessional? By getting off the pole?

Gwen: *strains* Got to help this tribe win, *groans* *right arm lets go* *gasps are heard* *clings on with one hand*

Tristan: So, I can look for the idol *wonders off somewhere* (Wow, he doesn't seem to be the physiccal player, he seems the mentalist and stagiest :P)

(Webly: Who is still left in the challenge, I'm lost!)

Lizzie: This is awful!

Kenzen:EVeryone step down and move to the poll to the left (Whoever doesn't move is out XD)

Lizzie: *moves* To think a pole could be less comfortable than this!

Jessica: *Moves* Come on villains that are still in this!

Tessa: *Moves* Let's go heroes!

"Holes": *moves* OK, I'm in it to win it!


Joe: (moves)

Michael: (moves)

Gwen: (moves)

Jessica: OMG!

Tessa: *screams in sheer pain and falls* OW...that hurts! *Cannot get up*

Tessa: Can someone please help me to the medical tent so I can get a bandage wrap for my hands?

Jessica: *stares at ground*

Jessica: *camera closes in on her and starts whispering* I am afraid of heights, wars and eating meat. I could be counted as a hot, bossy scaredycat though.

Kenzen:Ok, Who wants a big ol' Hot fudge sundae

Joanna: ...ehhh i prefer a brownie sundae... but i wont take it even if you try to tempt me...

Lizzie: Why don't you eliminate the people who still haven't moved. *camera close in on her* I've been up here for a while!

Kenzen:Ok, Everyone who did not move get down

"Holes": Finally, those people who didn't move the whole time are out!

Jessica: Wow...that was a lot of people.

Tessa: Come on you guys! Win this for the heroes!

Jessica: *camera closes in and she whispers* Whatever team I am on so far wins.

Blade:*throws shells at Michael*

Lizzie: I'm so thirsty do you find squirting something in my mouth *still at the top of pole*

Kenzen:*gives sundae to eliminated people*Who wants a tall glass of purified spring water

Gwen: No way Kenzen.

Gwen: (CONF) Now, I wish I wouldda had that water. :(

"Holes": *strains* I... don't.... want... water. *thows rocks at Michael* I like the idea... Blade.

Jared: *dehydrated* i don neeeed itttt...

Joanna: *holds up water* good thing i brought some up with me...

"Holes": You guys know you're out right? *throws more rocks at Michael*

Michael: (throws stones at Blade and "Holes") Take that, dumb bullies!

Joe: Doesn't that make you a bully too, Michael? (throws rock at Michael)

Michael: Shut up, Joe! (throws rock at Joe)

(Michael and Joe engage in a rock-throwing pole war)


Michael: Oh crap! (saves himself from slipping) Phew!

Gwen: *chucks a rock at Jessica* Sorry, but you don't know how long I've been waiting to do that. Like I said before, Heroes gotta win.

Kenzen:*takes joanna's water*Fine*pours water out of glass*Earth quake simulater GO*ground skakes*

Blade:Wah*falls a few feet and saves him self*

Gwen: YOU'LL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYERS AFTER I WIN! *clutches to the top*

Joanna: ehhh im use to earthquakes... and can i have my water back please

Jared: ughhhh my arm hurts

Kenzen:I am bored, Villains win for having more people left. Heroes Tribal tonight

Gwen: What? We lost

Gwen: (CONF) Well we lost, but tonight J******* is definetly going home.

John (Conf.): I hope I'm not a target tonight. I know I'm voting for S******

Lizzie: (Conf) This vote is going to be as easy as pie!

Mogo Mogo Council (5) "So suddenly you had a "change of heart" and now your "nice?""

Kenzen:So lets talk, Jake you seem to be taking the role as leader is it true that you are leader.

Jake:I do not know

Kenzen:Is he leader?

Tessa: That's fine with me. He ISA great overall person. He is so nice! He I'd also not bossy. He is just a great leader.

Kenzen:So Tessa being a switchover do you think you are a threat.

Gwen: Well from my perspective, Tessa is definetly on my list of voting off tonight. I hate Jessica but it wasn't right for her to switch teams.

Lizzie: I know this isn't my question but I have to agree with Gwen. I'm not saying I'm voting her though. I guess I can say I know 3 people are going to be on the choppin block and one of them is her.

John:I think Jake could be the leader hes got all the good qualities of a leader.

Kenzen:So, Gwen your acting like a leader right, are you leader.

Tessa: I can't say I'm a big threat but I can say Gwen and Jake would be awesome leaders. They can be like the consuls of Rome. I only may be a threat because I was a past villain.

Joanna: So suddenly you had a "change of heart" and now your "nice?"

John: That kinda sounded villan-ish to me, Joanna. I also too think that Gwen is a good leader, too.

Joanna: no im not trying to sound like a villan though... but she and jessica wanted to swith teams then she acted nice then mean and then they wanted to swith back and she got evil and now shes nice because she cant go back to the villans... im just saying its kinda suspicious... im not trying to sound villan-ish though honestly

Gwen: I guess I kinda am a leader. I don't want to go all OZ on everyone though.

Gwen: Is it time to vote yet?

Kenzen: Yes

Kenzen:I will go tally the votes.*runs up and gets jar*If anyone has an immunity idol and would like to play it do so now.

Gwen: Only Tristan has the idol, and he's not going to give it to anyone I presum

Kenzen:Well, I have tallied the votes and Sammy i am sorry. Bring me your torch.

Joanna: *sadley waves* byee sammy

Christian: Sorry Sammy *waves to Sammy*

Kenzen:*Sammy magiclly has her torch snuffed and is leaving*Head back to camp

Day Six Chat


Mogo Mogo (6) "I don't think Sammy deserved to go."

Tessa(Conf.): I don't think Sammy deserved to go. I just wonder why she voted for me. Hmmmmm.

Tessa: That was a rough tribal council.

John (Conf.): Last night was brutal, it was rough voting out Sammy.

Lizzie: (CONF) My plan worked showing that this tribe can be like heroes.

Joanna:(conf) very intense night last night, Sammy didnt deserve to go... neither does any of the other heroes and the villians are the ones who need to be going, and I know I may not like Tessa as much but she's still apart of the team I should just let it go...

Jake:(CONF)This team is falling apart :(. I hope when people return Sammy returns

Jake:We need to get together, and do something serious to win today. I say we destroy all alliances, and test our trust in out team before the challenge

Joanna: im in...

Gwen: I agree,


Stephen: *sighs* We gotta get together guys, we can't fight. Who's with me?

Jake:I just said that T_T

Stephen: Well I made it shorter and less confusing. :\

Tessa: *smiles* I'm in! I don't even know if I have an alliance anymore!

Lizzie: I've been trying to do something like that lately. Last time, I tried to pick the best choice who to eliminate and the people who heard me do that. So, I'm with Jake & Stephen on this. (It's Webly, anon version)

John: I agree with Jake, we need to work together, and vote together as a team.

Joanna: ok i have an idea... we can vote off the people who dont help in challenges much and are barley even with us most of the time...

Lizzie: That's what I tried to do last time and worked.

Stephen: We can't afford another loss, so let's DO THIS! ...when's the challenge?

Joanna: well thats a good idea to... lets cream thos villians!

Foa Foa (6) "Nice instincts, for once your ears hear something."

Jessica: *yawns* I hope we don't have an awake-a-thon, cuz I would fall asleep really fast.

Jessica: I'm going to rest. *Goes into sleeping bag*

"Holes" (Conf.): Woot. This place is kinda boring without eliminations *falls asleep*.

Blade:(CONF)I plan to purposely lose today. I want to send one of the losers home =D

Fanny: I hear that tonight, both teams are sending home a player and two players on each team are gonna win immunity. Hmmm, thank you interns!

(Kenzen:Fanny, How in the heck did you know that)


(Fanny: IDK, I just randomly guessed. Is that true?)

Fanny: IKR?

Damon: *swings around butterfly knife, crouching on the ground* Nice instincts, for once your ears hear something.

Fanny: What's that supposed to mean?

Damon: It means your as dumb as a toothpick, and obviously i'm right.

Fanny: Excuse me? For your info, I am not dumb and you are obviously wrong, and I can have you voted off this island next if you'd prefer so what's it gonna be? Huh, Damon?

Damon: I don't know, I could crash your skull in right now but I would rather win. *Puts butterfly knife in pocket, and walks past Fanny, slamming his shoulder*

Fanny: (CONF) He does not know what he just did. His world is gonna be hell.

Damon: (CONF) I am surrounded by IDIOTS! T_T

Blade:(CONF)Well there goes my plan, and I heard that Villians are voting a hero out and heroes are voting a villian so i am not sure i heard that from a white light sleeping so it is untrue T_T

Jessica: *wakes up* I'm surrounded by boys...

Jessica(Conf.): Truth is, I hate being the only girl. I mean, I hated Angel and all but it is super lonely being the only girl.

Jessica: *Looks at Damon and Fanny* You two should stop fighting. The heroes probably already have a great plan. try to get along so two of us can win immunity and unanimously vote someone out from the heroes. I say we vote Joanna.

Jessica(Conf.): Truth is...I know that Tessa was voted out by Joanna and Sammy(the bottom 2). Tessa severly needs the villains to vote Joanna.

Damon: *Slides behind Jessica, then to her side* Since when did hotstuff become leader? *begins to check her out*

Fanny: Exactly, *slides over knocking over Damon*

Damon: *Gets back up, and sends a fist flying into Fanny's face, but epically misses* >:(

Fanny: Dude, I'm not gonna fight you. That's how Kev got eliminated. Even though I'd like to, I'm here to win and I'm not ruining my chances of that.

Damon: You? Win? *rolls on the ground laughing hysterically*

Jessica: *glares at the two* I didn't become leader. It was just a plan. Who's our leader anyway? Was that a compliment Damon?

Damon: Leader? We really don't have one... But we can make an alliance between us three. And yes, it was a compliment.

Jessica: Fine. And thanks. *gets flirty and cuddles with Damon*

Fanny: I have better chances than you. You want me in analliance?

Damon: Fanny, face it, we need SOME type of alliance. All three of us seem to be the smartest and actually CARE about winning. :|

Jessica: So. You can still have an alliance with us and then eliminate us in the final 5.

Fanny: What about my other alliance members?

Damon: What other alliance members? If you have any others, we can all comply into one, huge, alliance!

Jessica: We can then eliminate people like Tye, Juan, Cylan, or Jared.

Fanny: Blade, Joe, Cylan, and Tristan. Well, first on my list to go is Jared.

Damon: Then we can get rid of Joe.

Fanny: Um, okay. I'm not sure how happy he'll be of that.

Tristan: Hey, how about I join your alliance, but sad thing about villains, is that you can't have a good alliance they will turn on you

"Holes" (Conf.): This'll be an interesting elimination tonight...

Blade:(CONF)Joe can't go.... yet. We are going to send one of the lackys

Fanny:(C0NF) I don't know about getting rid of Joe. It doesn't seem right. I have alliance that's voting out Joe, while Joe is in my other alliance, voting out Jared.

Joe: What are we talking about?

Joe: (CONF) I hope those freaks know that if they vote me off, they better know the nearest hospital when I'm through with them.

Damon: Oh, hey Joe, were voting out Jared if we lose, but hopefully we won't. So yeah... :\

Joe: Sure you are, Damon; sure you are.

Immunity Challenge Heroes (6) "hey guys i have an idea... we can vote together on this one and try to win all of the rest so we can make it to the merge"

Kenzen:Each of you will have two plates suspended in the air. You will all answer Wiki trivia for the chance to take others plates out. Last one with a plate wins Immunity (I am working on the Immunity necklace so i will get that up later, also no cheating and trying to search it).

Jake:*grabs Box with A, B, C, D, True and False written on it*

Gwen: Um.

Tessa: *sighs* (Conf.) I am not the smartest one here...Tristan is probably...

Lizzie: Yayz! I'm good at this. (CONF) Hopefully I'm so good I can win our time this challenge!

John: I'm gonna rock at this!

Kenzen:True or False? This Wiki, Spinoff of a wiki or Not?

John: I don't know how a question can be true or false, but I'll guess... false? (Conf.) I thought this was going to be easier!

Tessa: I…FALSE!

Joanna: ummmmmmm maybe true

Lizzie: This a hard one but my final answer is False (changed it)

Michael: True

Kenzen:(Five responses and i will give points so say your answer quick)The answer is TRUE, This wiki is a mostly a spinoff from the TDIFanFiction Wiki as camps were there before here. Joanna and Michael for 1 point. Everyone else zip. True or False, There are less than 130 users here.

Joanna: False

Lizzie: False

Tessa: False

Christian: False

Michael: False

John: True? (Conf.): This is so hard!

Kenzen:False, there are more than 200. Hey I am busy for the next while so how about i pick a person for immunity and then just have you all got to tribal and vote. And......... Joanna wins immunity.

John (Conf.): I hate eliminations.

Joanna: hey guys i have an idea... we can vote together on this one and try to win all of the rest so we can make it to the merge, but if we loose we can vote together again... how about it

Immunity Challenge Villains (6) "Damon's an annoying piece of work. I so wish I had a giant clove of garlic that I can just stuff down his mouth. That will shut him up."

Kenzen:Each of you will have two plates suspended in the air. You will all answer Wiki trivia for the chance to take others plates out. Last one with a plate wins Immunity (I am working on the Immunity necklace so i will get that up later, also no cheating and trying to search it).

Blade:*grabs Box with A, B, C, D, True and False written on it*(CONF)So i was thinking i had this in the bag. But i couldn't cheat D=

Fanny: Okay, I hope I can win this!

Jessica: Yeah! I can win this...maybe...

Joe: Let's get this over with!

Tristan: Wiki trivia? You mean that site that has those people with no life? (No offense, it's just a joke)

"Holes": Lets get this over with, and get to the good part... eliminations!

Kenzen:Last Camp Made by TDI19? A:TDI's Next Top Model-Cycle Two, B:I'm a Wikia User... Get Me out of Here! C:Total Drama Dream Works D:TDI19's TDI Camp?

"Holes": B! (Conf.) Well, that was easy.

Jared: A (conf) this... is stupid

Jessica: B...

Joe: A, Duh!

Damon: (CONF) I really hope our team wins, cause if we don't. Someone is gonna target Jessica or "Holes", and we can't let that happen now can we? :|

Tristan: A, duh

Joe: (CONF) Damon's an annoying piece of work. I so wish I had a giant clove of garlic that I can just stuff down his mouth. That will shut him up.

Damon: (CONF) If they target Joe, then I really could care less, he isn't even a villain, he's some guy you'd find sleeping in an alley with beer bottles all around him.

Kenzen:(Same here after 5 i will give points) B, he started it with Sorrel before his soon leave. Jessica and "Holes" score 1 point in the lead. True or False, Nalyd has created more series than Just his TDI series.

Jared: True

Joe: (drinking beer XD) True, I think.

Jessica: True...(Changed answer)(Thought u were talking about his fanfics)

Tristan: True cause he made Total Drama Author, also IF talking about his fanfics Total Drama Jobs

Tye: True. (Sorry I haven't been here much, school is really restricting. Only 16 more days!)

"Holes": False. (Conf.): What? There was already five people who answered the other way.

Kenzen:True he started the TDAuthor franchise. Jessica wins immunity.

"Holes" (Conf.): Eliminations! Yes! Woohoo!

Tristan: *is flipping an immunity idol* I never said I knew anything, even Einstein made mistakes

Mogo Mogo Council (6) "Stephen bring me your torch."

Kenzen: You know the drill very well.

Kenzen:That it, Ok I have tallied the votes and Stephen bring me your torch.*Stephen says goodbye and brings his torch to Kenzen*The Tribe has spoken.*snuffs torch*

Foa Foa Council (6) "Jared bring me your torch."

Kenzen: You know the drill, except you Jessica, take a torch dip it in the fire fire is life but tonight for life is safe.

Kenzen:That it, Ok I have tallied the votes and Jared bring me your torch. *Jared says goodbye and brings his torch to Kenzen*The Tribe has spoken.*snuffs torch*

Day Seven Chat

Kenzen:And the Day begins.

Mogo Mogo (7) "To the Heroes!"

Jake:(CONF)@#$% this, i am tired and hungry

John: Sweet, we executed are plan, perfectly! To the Heroes!

Lizzie: Yayz! This time we really need to discuss who to eliminate because I was perplexed at how it was going to go.

Joanna: i agree... but we should also try to win challenges so we dont have to vote anyone off

Lizzie: Exactly! But last time I don't think all of this were prepared!

Foa Foa (7) "Many people are grouchy or hungry today,I'm not"

Blade:(CONF)We need a food reward or a bed reward

"Holes"(Conf.): I'm happy for now, we got to vote out someone yesterday, and it was that loser, Jared!

Tristan: (Conf.) Many people are grouchy or hungry today,I'm not, I live off of fruits and I used to sleep on the couch

Joe: (CONF) I'm in need of some rewards! But that will make these days longer, so if they combine reward and immunity, we can get two for the price of one!

The Reform - "From the game thus far, I pick." (7)

Kenzen:Ok, We are reforming Tribes... BUT The Two i pick to reform them are, Jake the Heroes leader. And Damon the Villains seemingly leader. So... Also the one biggest rule.... YOU MUST KEEP THE TRIBES VILLAINS AND HEROES (I do not care if you are like "Jessica has won every single challenge so far" you must pick Heroes and Villains). I ask and beg keep them like this. Also watching this game you must see that the tribes have heroes on villains and villains on heroes, So Jake first pick your hero.

Jake:From the game thus far i pick: Gwen.


Gwen: Okay

Tristan: Hmmm, a reform huh?This is going to be fun

Kenzen:Grr... Tristan you are Villain Leader now pick

Damon: No! I got it. Just thinking, okay?

Kenzen:Ok Damon choose

Damon: I choose Jessica. *winks at her*

Jake:I pick Lizzie

Lizzie: Thanks! I will always be a hero!

Damon: Fanny.


Damon: "Holes"!

Jake:Cylan, I see him as a good guy so far

Damon: Blade.


Damon: Tristan!


Damon: I see Tessa as a good girl.

Damon: (CONF) Maybe that was a little awkward.

Kenzen:So you are picking Tessa?

Damon: Yes.


Damon: I disagree! He's a villian through and through! :@

Jake:Just pick

John (Conf.): Woohoo!! I'm still a hero!

"Holes" (Conf.): I knew I would be picked early by Damon, I am a villian, through and through.

Damon: I pick Jake! >:P

Kenzen:He is a hero already...pick again

Damon: I PICK YOU!

Jessica: *looks at Tessa* We're on the same team now. *whispers to Damon* Pick Joe!

Damon: I pick Joe.


Damon: I pick Juan.

Jake:I pick Tye

Joe: (CONF) This is great, I'm stuck with Stupid and Stupider and Twilight Boy, I can't wait to see them go bye-bye!

Michael: (CONF) Thank god no villains are on my new team!

(Fanny: Am I one of the stupid and or stupider?)

(Joe: No!)

Joanna: (conf) oh thank God i was picked on the heros... i would get eatin alive on the villians

("Holes": Let me guess, Jessica and Tessa are stupid and stupider, and twilight boy is Mike)

(Joe: Don't take it too far, you're gonna ruin the moment! XD)

Kenzen: Umm, Chris i guess you are Villain

Jessica(Conf.): Damon...I like like him...

Tessa(Conf.): Joe thinks he's so smart...well he's wrong...

Tristan: (conf.) My plan, right now, is to get Jessica out! We don't need a lover on the villains!

Kenzen:Ok.... Now i want you to vote one of your teammates out also Damon, Jake you have immunity and now you get to pick one person on the other team to win immunity.

Lizzie: (CONF) O.o! This is crazy, the villians barely know me, Damon won't pick me in a million years...

Jake:I pick......................Jessica (CONF)Mess with there plans

Tristan: (conf.) Heh, saw this coming, time to make the most unexpected move ever!

"Holes"(Conf.): There's something wrong with that Jake kid.

Jake:Wait.... I give immunity to lemme see, Tessa... Past Hero.

Kenzen:Tristan just told me Gwen for immunity....

Mogo Mogo Council (7) "Blah"


Kenzen:I have tallied the votes.... two to three peeps will return at merge and they will take three peoples spot in this game. But for now, bring me your torch.... *Tye brings his torch to Kenzen* The tribe has spoken.

Foa Foa Council (7) "Jessica, your first loss...."

Kenzen:Jessica, your first loss....

Kenzen:I have tallied the votes.... two to three peeps will return at merge and they will take three peoples spot in this game. But for now, bring me your torch.... *Chris brings his torch to Kenzen* The tribe really has spoken.

Day 8 Chat

Kenzen:So fare the people are sticking to there villain and hero ties. I am waiting to see some small change.....

Mogo Mogo (8) "Man this game is getting intense."

Jake: (CONF) I would like a reward soon

Lizzie: (CONF) I'm glad I made it this far!

Joanna: (CONF) Man this game is getting intense. I wish a challenge would come already so we can beat those villians.

Foa Foa (8) "I may be a veg, but I am not afraid to cook stuff with camp fire!"


Tristan: *is cooking Steak* I may be a veg, but I am not afraid to cook stuff with camp fire!

Blade:Where in the f*** did you get that. I want one V_V

Dark: I brought it with me in my backpack, and I have enough for everyone -_- *gives them all steak*

Blade:Dang it, i had a huge backpack with only doritos and it got taken stupid they say no food rule.*starts to cook steak*

Tristan: You don't know how to trick them with Women swimsuit magazines (XD)

Blade:I brought a one..... it was taken with the doritos

Immunity and Reward Challenge (8) "I've always wanted a rooster!"

Kenzen:Race back to camp grab your most precious piece of gear first tribe back gets immunity and the other tribes item and chickens and a rooster and a secret item.

John: Awesome, I've always wanted a rooster!

"Holes": *runs tword camp* see ya, loser! :P


Jake:Nice tactic but we are a groop*runs with John*

Tristan: We need to get are lightest gear!

Joanna: *starts running with group* so what are we gonna grab???

Jessica: *yells to "Holes"* Let's GO!

Lizzie: *grabs note from Mom that explained how proud of her she is* If I lose this, so does the heart in this letter.

"Holes": *takes note from Lizzie, and tears it into tiny pieces* Hehehe! *is three quarters the way to camp*

John: *starts to tire* I'm it. *is half way to camp*

Jake:*grabs pieces and tapes them together T_T*Here Lizzie*

Tristan: *puts lighter on note* oops, accident

"Holes": *at camp, and takes Tristian's immunity doll, then starts running back* (Conf.) Hey, in my opinion, an immunity doll is the most important thing at camp.

John: *is almost to camp* Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh we're halfway there. Ooooohhhhhh woah! Livin' on a prayer! *passes out*

Jake:*grabs him and throws him on his back and continues running* (Johns weight is most likely 130 so Jake strong....XD)

Tristan: *has all of his immunity idols in his jacket* I think ahead villains

"Holes": *is a quarter the way back* Wait, where did that immunity idol dissapear! *looks at the finish, and sees Tristian's Jacket* What? How? I thought he would've have been a bit smarter and relized I was doing this for the challenge, and was going to give it back to him. *runs back to grab something else* (Conf.) For something in return, of course.

John: *wakes up in camp still over Jake's back* huh, Jake?!?! *jumps off of Jake* Thanks,for helping me out. Let's find what we came here for!

Joanna: *still running*

Jake:Our Tool kit Grab it

Lizzie: *catches up to John and Jake* Hurry! (CONF) Earlier "Holes" ripped my note but I forgot to say it was the copy of my note which was at home. XD

Jessica and Tessa: *start to run to camp* "Holes"!!!

Jessica: *is 1/3 to camp* Listen to Tessa!

Tessa: *is 1/3 to camp too* "Holes" is too slow guys!

Jessica: *is 2/3 to camp*

Tessa: *trips at 2/3* Help!

Jessica: *stops and says:* NO!

Jessica: *is at camp* *grabs a smelly bag* GROSS! *grabs her bag and starts to run to the others*

Tessa: *stands up*

Tessa: *runs and gets to camp* *grabs sleeping bags*

Jessica: *is 1/3 back to others* Hey Tessa!

Tessa: *is 1/3 back to others* Hey traitor!

Jessica: *pushes Tessa* *laughs*

Tessa(Conf.): I hate that girl!

Lizzie: *grabs tool kit and her copy of the note gives the tool kit to Jake* Here, now run!

Jessica: *is 2/3 to others along with Tessa*

Tessa and Jessica: *finishes* Here's some stuff guys!

Lizzie: *1/3 there with Jake* Thanks for taping my copy of the note earlier!

John: *Runs by Jake and Lizzie, with a med kit in his hand* Hey guys!

"Holes": *Is half way back to the finish with nothing in his hands* Almost there! (Conf.): Ok, my most prized possession was my extra pair of socks. They were in my pocket!

Lizzie: *2/3 there with John and Jake* We're getting closer!

"Holes": *Is 12 feet away from finish* Jessica? Tessa? You guys are already finished?!?!? *crosses finish line*

Lizzie: *crosses finish line first with John and Jake a foot behind* Yes!


Lizzie: I came so close...

Kenzen:Villains win: Heroes most precious piece of gear, immunity, the chickens and a rooster and a secret item.... That is Two more immunity idols hidden in your camp along with 1 box of Comfort that contains 4 large blankets, 8 pillows and 1 tarp. Head back to camp Villains.

Blade:*grabs comfort and races back to camp to find idol (BTW The idols will not be hidden till tomorrow and Tristan has to wait for someone to find the first idol to find the other idol)

Kenzen:Heroes come with me directly to Council.

Mogo Mogo Council (8) "Sorry gal, miss yeah."

Kenzen:You guys suck, So Vote on

Kenzen:Chimmy bring me your torch.

James:*hugs Chimmy*I'm gonna miss you :( Bye.

Gwen: Sorry Chimmy, it had to be done.

Jake:Sorry gal, miss yeah.

Kenzen:Ok*chimmy brings him her torch* The tribe has spoken.

Day 9 Chat

Kenzen:Day 9, Jury Starts Day 15 and Merge is Day 17

Mogo Mogo (9) "I may be a hero, but, I can do dirty things."

James:Well, let's try to win today, ok guys?(CONF) I know what I'm doing. In the challenge today, I'm not backing down. I may be a hero, but, I can do dirty things.

John(Conf.): Last night was strange, to say the least.

Lizzie: (CONF) Unlike others, last elimination for me wasn't hard. Chimmy really didn't do much to the game. And if Cylan can actually play and talk or maybe prove he's not villianous next elimination will be a little harder! As you can see, I'm trying to keep up my hero position stay as long as I possibly can!

Gwen: Well Chimmy left last night. Guys, I think Cylan might be useful so we can string him along and dump him when we don't need him anymore. All in favor?

James:I agree. (CONF)When Chimmy left, I was really sad, so now it's time for revenge.

Jake:*gives Gwen his idol*I trust you will use this well

Gwen: Really? Thanks *clutches idol*

James:*walks to Jake* Ok, I want to vote off Michael next, you in dude?

John(Conf.): I'll always hold onto my believes.

Joanna: *sitting next to a tree* (conf) man i hope we when the next challenge... were losing a lot of people and we can't afford to lose anymore...

Fanny: Gwen, I'm in trouble of going home tonight.

Gwen: And I should help you why?

Fanny: Because, once the merge hits I was planning to take you to the final three with me.

Gwen: And then I'll get dumped right there?

Fanny: (CONF) Duh!

Fanny: I'm not sure yet, but I need your idol.

Gwen: Gee let me think, NO!

Fanny: Why not?

Gwen: Jake trusts me to use it correctly. If he found out I gave it to a villain I'd have my butt out next. *Walks off* *idols falls out of pocket*

Fanny; *picks up idol* (CONF) Boy, that was easy

Lizzie: (CONF) Oh no! I have to tell Gwen!

John(Conf.): Those villians never play fair.

Joanna: *goes to lizzie* are you going to tell gwen about her idol???

Lizzie: Someone has too! *goes to walk by Gwen*

Foa Foa (9) - "All alliances are pretty much broken. Old enemies are going to each other and trying to make peace. For sure, no one is safe."

Tristan: *goes to Mogo Mogo and puts dirty fruit in there* hehe *runs to Foa Foa and goes o sleep with no one noticing*

"Holes": *looks for immunity idols* (Conf.): I don't trust that Fanny kid.

Fanny: Hmm six days left until jury day. I need a new alliance, as I feel my old one is lagging. *goes to "Holes"" Hey, would you like to join my alliance? I know we've had our differences but...

Juan:(CONF)Time to pull my trigger.(Out of CONF) *gathers Blade, Fanny, and Tristan* Ok, would you guys want an alliance?

Fanny: Um.....lemme think about it. I have a lot of alliances. I guess so. I'm pretty sure we're all targeting for Tessa next.

Juan:Excellent. (CONF) I'm just getting started.

Tristan: Your not apart of my target list, so why not? (conf.) *I gave Blade a note on where the other immunity idol is, I also know where the other is!

Blade:I am in *reads note that says to look in chicken cage*Sweet*looks in Chicken and Rooster cage*An idol *grabs it*

Tristan: *grabs other immunity idol*

Juan:*lays in shelter*

"Holes": Hmm...Should I trust Fanny or not...(Conf.) But I do trust Fanny more than Juan, time to rebel the oppresion! (Out of Conf.) I'll take up your offer Fanny, if you get Blade or Tristian to join.

Tristan: (conf.) Me and Blade are in an alliance no on knows about and since I give Blade hints to other immunity idols next to the other one, I can snatch it and we are both safe!

Blade:(CONF)Let it begin, my plan of action

Juan:*walks to "Holes" ok, you may not trust me, but I know what can save you, if you vote with me against Tessa, ok?

Tristan: *calls Blade on walkie talkie far away from the others* 1st plan, demolition the Heroes

Fanny: (CONF) Blade told me about him and Tristan's secret alliance. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm keeping it a secret. Blade and Tristan both have idols so they're big threats. I'm a little confused into the game right now. All aliances are pretty much broken and old enemies are going and trying to make peace. For sure, no one is safe in this game except for Tristan, Gwen, and Blade; the ones with idols.

"Holes": Heck yeah! I was going to vote against her anyways. (Conf.) I still don't trust him...he's too..quite.

Blade:*pulls Fanny and Tristan with him into the forest*Hey guys we are going to get water be back soon. Us three need to be the final three, so Tristan can you give one of your idols to Fanny.

Tristan: Sad thing about your plan is, if I give my idol to him, I won't be safe, but we can steal a heroes idol

"Holes": Those three are taking a long time...wonder what they're doing *walks out into woods* (Conf.)Tristian is smart, too smart.

Blade:Good idea, Fanny you know gwen right say you are in trouble and you have to get an idol.....Lets get back before they realize we are gone.

Fanny: All right then

Fanny: I got the idol, and I am safe.

Joe: How many idols are on this damn beach? Makes no sense to me.

Joe: (CONF) Its like they make it so easy now. If Russell Hantz was here, it would be heaven for him.

Joe: *walks in the forest* It's kind of like you can just take three steps in the forest and find some- *sees something* What the hell? *digs and finds an idol* Note to anyone watching, don't underestimate my theories.

Joe: (CONF) It seems that I have an idol now, but I don't know when to use it.

"Holes": *walks up to Joe* Um...dude, that thing is fake you know. (Conf.) What an idiot.

Joe: You're just gonna get me to throw it away, you stupid, ugly, little, cheese-headed twit! Consider yourself lucky that I can't choke you to death.

Joe: Wait a minute, where's Fanny?

"Holes": It has the word FAKE labled on the bottom, trust me, I've had plenty of fake idols. (Conf.) I mean I have like six in my bag hm...

Tristan:: (conf.) I planted all of those fake idols, from the START hahaha, *is making another one without fake but are hollow*


Juan:Hey, Joe, will you vote out Tessa, we got everyone else to.

Joe: Yeah, sure, then we get rid of her stupid friend too.


Joe: (whispers so nobody else can hear) Jessica.

Tristan: (conf.)......When will the merge come?

"Holes"(Conf.): Maybe Tristian doesn't know it all.

(Kenzen:There are 4 idols in play, One that was with the heroes. Tristan has two. and Blade has 1 and Fanny has 1, Marge is day 17 or sooner IDK)

Juan:(CONF) I know I'm atleast guarenteed safety for a few more days, because I have a secure alliance and our team is probably gonna win many challenges.

Tessa(Conf.): I'm a target to basically this whole camp. I'm a goner...

Jessica: *to Joe* I know you were talking about me Joe! *to Tessa* You are my next target b****!

Damon: *stands, dumbfounded*._.

Blade:Lets go challenge time

(Dark: Tristan meant, he is ready for the merge, not that he doesn't know when it is)

Tristan: There's gonna be danger i know it

Immunity Challenge (9) - "I win!"

File:Villains 2.png

Kenzen: Finish these puzzles.... <- Villains Puzzle <- Heroes Puzzle. First team to finish by taking a pic of the finished puzzle and posting it here.... wins immunity =D

"Holes": I win!

Kenzen:For the pic to be vallid you must include the ad (XD)

"Holes": Fine!

Kenzen:Corner of the puzzle is cone.... Did you not solve it? (Making it hard)

"Holes": I can't do that, it was cut off when I copied it, and I've already exitted the browser!

Kenzen:Villains win...................................AGAIN

Tristan:......I can do the Heroes one for no reason (XD)

Joanna: I accidentally did the villians one... then i did the heros... but i couldnt save it to m computer, so i gave up XD

Mogo Mogo Council (9) - "Tonight two of you will leave!"

Kenzen:Tonight Two of you will leave you have two votes people with the two most votes are out.

Kenzen:*snuffs Cylans torch*Time to leave Cylan. *snuffs Michaels torch* Time to leave Michael.

Day 10 Chat

Kenzen:And Day ten rears his ugly head, Today will show 2 to 3 suprises

Mogo Mogo (10) - "Come on team! No turning back now!"

Joanna: *hears laughter* ...scaryO.o

James:(CONF)I'm ok with losing..kinda, but, I really want to win. I know we can win and I hope our team believes in themselves.

Kenzen:New player*pushes reddy and leaves*

Reddy: Um, hi? Hope we can be pals. :)

Lizzie: Well, at least a new player to help in the new challenges! We've been really unfocused on challenges or at least some. But with our team based on the bote last night that might change!

Reddy: Um, ok. I havent seen this show, so, im going with what you guys tell me (srsly, i havent read through the other ewctions XD)

Reddy 9CONF): Hopefully i didnt get stuck on the sucky team :/

Lizzie: Well as you know this is Heroes vs. Villians and you got placed on the heroes tribe! No turing back now! It's day 10 but we've only got rid of 1/3 of the competition and 3 people are going to come back soon which I think is pointless and they've been fairly eliminated. Anyways, that's a short recap but if you want to know more ask :)

John(Conf.): I'm scared, man. I almost was voted out...I think I might go next.

Reddy (CONF): Lizzie's nice. She really is. I know im jumping to conclusions, but, if i had to be stuck on a desserted island with a bunch of ppl, id want Lizzie to be there too. XD

John(Conf.): I just need to calm down. Okay, most of the people that voted for me are probably out, I don't need to worry.

John: Um...why are you talking to me Alvin? O.o

Lizzie: Alvin, who's Alvin? (pretends I don't know)

(reddy:FAIL XD)

Reddy: so, amny sort of fun around here? So far all ive done is talk and sit on a log :/

John: Um... not really, all I do mostly is talk in the confesional until the challenge.

Reddy:*sighs* Well, this is going to be one boring place. (CONF) i will tell you the history of apples. *ramble* *ramble* etc.

Lizzie: Actually, we usually talk as a group about stuff. Such as: who to vote off next and trying really hard in challenges.

John: Speaking of which, who are we voting out next? (Conf.) It's an honest question!

Lizzie: Honestly, I don't know! It would be the hardest decision yet! I'm hoping we win all the challenges until the merge. (2 days ago the Foa Foa actually shouldn't of won because even though it seemed like Jessica and Tessa did a lot of talking before they got to the finish it was all in one edit :()

Joanna: *sitting under a tree* (wow... thats a little thing i like to call... cheating XD)

Reddy: I dont really care. i dont know much of you, so im just voting in majority (conf0 great, now ppl are gonna be all aliance crazy >:/

Foa Foa (10) - "Tristan has gone"

Tristan: (conf.) *laughs like a maniac*

Tristan: (conf.) *is still laughing like a maniac* That was just to good! They may have killed off 2 useless people, but our team still is better then them! There as weak as my shoe laces!

Jessica: *hears the laughing* Shut the he** up!!! *looks at confessional and knocks it down*

(Kenzen:The conf. is a private are in the forest you cant knock it down V_V) all have sunburns

Kenzen:New player*pushes alvin and leaves*

Alvin: Wow, they leave the soon-to-be winner with these neandrathals? Pfft! What is our world coming to? (XD)

Tristan: *pushes Alvin off the cliff*....moron

Alvin: struggles slightly as he climbs back up* u, really, dont want to do that. *pushes tristan to the ground* ha!

Damon: Wow, I feel the urge to not be a villain anymore. =\

Alvin:Yo, want an alliance? ;)

Joe: I'm in, Alvin.

Joe: (CONF) Alvin is gonna be one of my partners in crime in this game, at least, until the time's right to cut his throat.

Damon: No. N00B!

Joe: So, you aren't a villain anymore?

Damon: No, i'm your BIOLOGICAL FATHER!

"Holes": *wallks up to Alvin* Hey um...nice to you.(Conf.) This new guy takes this game in a whole new course. I think I should try to get his trust...

Alvin: *stares at himself in a mirror* so, um, do whatever it is you villain people do and allow me to prepare myself for my upcoming winner acceptance speech. *conf* Only a few hours into this game, and I've already got it into the bag! haha!

Tristan: *grabs Alvin and puts a metal bat and wacks it into his face* You are a moron

Alvin:*stands back up, snatches bat, and throws it off a cliff* O boo hoo, my face has a natural way of fixing itself. ;) *conf* Tristan needs out, Then again, I dont know hiom too well yet.

"Holes": That's um...great...I'll be going um...bye. (Conf.): *puts face in hands* I hate narcissists.

Alvin:*walks to "Holes"* Hey, dude. Just so you know, back there, It wasnt my real personality. I just act that way so I'll be threatening. V_V *conf*What? I need to decieve some people to win! >:D

Joe: Most of these guys are always like that.

Tristan: *grabs Alvin* Well then, you won't survive long, but... *gives him a fake, yet he can't tell immunity idol* We're gonna vote you off, so you can keep this (conf.) Egomantics are useless, they can only do 1 thing,look at them selves (out) Stop talking to a hero

Alvin:*smiles at Tristan* I guess i was wrong about you, bud. *bearhugs Tristan*(CONF) Too easy to decieve. Tristan's up to something, I know it. Ill save this idol for later. *pockets idol*

Joe: *takes idol from Alvin* Shhhhh....I need to talk to you.

Alvin: *walks to forest with Joe* yes?

Joe: That idol you have is a fake, if you align with me, we can take Tristan down.

  • For some reason candles that are ligth around Alvin and Joe*

Tristan: Why are you here?

Alvin: Ahahaha! You're so, *takes out a manuel given by Kenzen* Joe! *takes his idol back* I think, your nuts. *walks away* (CONF) I couldnt find out infront of tristan. V_V

"Holes": *at camp, and sees candles off in the woods* why do all those wierd things happen over there. (Conf.) Hm...

Tristan: *Meditates in the candle area* I need to relax

Alvin:*tosses idol out into river* Joe is right.

Tristan: *raindrop hits him in the head*

"Holes": Tristan is gone so um...yeah... (Conf.) I have to resist the temptation!

Tristan: This is to insane for me, I think I should quit..........

Joe: Tristan, shut up! We all now what you're gonna do, say you wanna quit, then use the real idol to negate all your votes! We heard of that trick before, nothing new!

Damon: Tristan is goin' anyways, he hit Alvin with a bat. =\

Immunity and Reward Challenge (10) - "You have to tell that idiot every thing, he's like an annoying two year old."

Kenzen:Today i welcome my new co-host Rupert

Rupert:Hey Guys

Kenzen:If Sunshine comes back Rupert will stay and be downgraded to an intern


Kenzen:So todays challenge, Catch as many fish as you can in the lake, Villains are sitting 5 out, Heroes are sitting two.

Blade:Tessa, Jessica, "Holes", Tristan and Alvin will sit out

Jake:I will sit out, and Lizzie will if thats ok

Kenzen:Begin, I guess.....(Sorry that i chose sit outers, its just quicker for me)

Foa Foa Fish Count: 7 (Final Count)

Mogo Mogo Fish Count: 14 (Final Count)

Blade:*grabs rod and baits it *Woohoo*casts it out*

Joana: *already has rod and bait in water and rolls eyes at blades 'woohoo' *

Lizzie: Ok! (CONF) I really wanted to help in the challenge, but I"m not the leader so I'm alright with it.

Gwen: *reels in line* GOT ONE!

Fanny: *watches bobber* (CONF) We better win this challenge too or we'll turn into a sucky team.

Lizzie: Go Heroes! BOO VILLIANS!!

John: *grabs rod and real and baits it with minnows that he found somewhere* Time to catch me some walleye *casts it* (Conf.) I hate fishing, but we need to win this challenge.

"Holes": *throws rocks at a tree* This is so boring. (Conf.) I am a whiz at catching fish, I don't get why Blade sat me out, I rock at challenges.

Joe: *throws in line with bait* I don't even like fishing!

Lizzie: C'mon! Heroes you can do it!

John: *bobber bobs* I think I got something! *starts reeling in* (Conf.) This might not be so bad.

Alvin:*fishing pole gets a tug* yes! *tries to pull, but, instead, is pulled into the water* gah! *shark fin is around him* oh,, sjhark! (XD)

"Holes": Stop being stupid, dude you're supposed to be sitting out. (Conf.) You have to tell that idiot every thing, he's like an annoying 2 year old.

Alvin: srsly?! Me? Sitting out? Ugh! *walks out of water and sits under tree* (sorry if im being annoying, its part of his character XD)

Reddy: *Whisltes as he waits for a fish*

"Holes": That's right! Now just stay there. *throws rocks at tree Alvin's sitting under* (It's OK, that was "Holes'" personality shinning at its best)

John: *reels in line completely and picks up a shoe* Oh come on!

Reddy:8feels tug on his line, reels in a horse shoe* Um, Kenzen, are you sure there are fish in this river?

John; *looks in shoe* Hey there's a fish in here! *pulls out a two inch long fish* Tadaa!

Blade*gives holes his rod*I quit T_T this is so fricken boring

Joanna: *feels something tugging on the pole* i think i got something *reels wire in then fish jumnps back into water* ugh dangit (conf) man i thought i had it... fishing takes a lot of patients... ya a lot of something i dont have:/

Kenzen:Points to 22 fish on his line, Um yeah i am sure

"Holes": Sweet! *casts rod* (Conf.) I knew he would come to his senses. (Out of Conf.) *feels tug on line and reals in a 22 in. fish* This is just a small one.

John: *feels tug on line* Woah, this one is big!

Lizzie: Yes, babe! Reel it in!!!

John: *starts reeling in, but fish pulls him into the water* OMG! *splashes into water, and 10 fish fly up twords Lizzie* (Conf.) Babe? Hmm...

Lizzie: *watches as the fish all fly in the bucket like jumping over something* Weird!!!

"Holes": *watches as that happens* What the heckle? (Conf.) No! I was supposed to win this challenge! (Out of Conf.) *starts catching fish* hahaha! * catches 2 fish*

John: *big fish leaps out of water into bucket followed by John* Ah! *climbs out of bucket covered in fish bites* Ow... *faints*

Joanna: *reels fish in* i got one!!! (Tcf09: im going on a washington d.c. trip which means im not going to be able to come on for a week so im going to have to quit:( unless someone can play me until i come back... or get eliminated)

John: *Wakes up* Huh? What? Who?

"Holes": *is foaming at mouth* I'll never lose this challenge! *eye twitches* Hahaha! *catches 4 more fish* Yesh! (He has gone insane! for now...)

Joe: *still doesn't have any fish* I'M OUT!!!

John(Conf.): I was seriously concerned about that guys health, and I just woke up after being bitten by fish...lots of fish.

"Holes": *stops foaming at mouth* Wait...what was I just doing?

tristan: You gone crazy

Kenzen:Challenge Over, Mogo Mogo Win. Mogo Mogo you win along with Immunity they get all the fish they caught and the fish Foa Foa caught.

Lizzie: It's about time we won a challenge! I guess Reddy might be good luck!

Fanny: (CONF) Alvin has immunity. Tonight, my vote is going to Tessa instead.

Joe: (CONF) I know whose going home and as long it ain't me, I'm happy!

Alvin(CONF): i have immunity??? (srsly, do i? XD)

"Holes"(Conf.): As long as I don't get the boot I am good to go.

John: We won!

Foa Foa Council (10) - "Did Tristan just quit?"

Kenzen:No, NO ONE has individual immunity

Kenzen:Tessa torch her now*she bring her torch up*The tribe has spoken.

Day Eleven Chat



Mogo Mogo (11) - "Cuz last time I checked, we're heroes not zeroes."

John: We won! It's the first time since day two!

Lizzie: Now we have to keep this up! Before we know it, numbers on each team will be tied. (CONF) I love water stuff, I hope the challenge involves water. Maybe a dunk tank! They're so much fun!

Gwen: Let's not get too full of ourselves though. What if we lose?

John: Good question. Let's get more seriousabout this and choose who we want to vote out if we lose, because it will be a tough choice.

Lizzie: This team is so tight. Next person to go will be a tough decision.

Jake:*pulls fish out from pot*Fish up.

John: *eats a fish* Tastes even better when you know you helped catch it.

Lizzie: You were great out there, I would've been good but you know whatever works.

John: Thanks, but I couldn't have done it without you.

Jake:we were all sposed to share that John

John: But there is thirteen others, and that was my first two in. fish that I just ate.

Gwen: If we lose...who do we vote off?

Jake:We have 28 days left i want to keep some food(Guys this is sposed to be like survivor)

Lizzie: I guess so. And Gwen, I thought maybe we could vote off Joanna, but I have no idea.

John: Why can't you let me just eat a fish that is two inches long? I think could work Lizzie.

Joanna: *overheaers everyone* (conf) what does everyone have against me... i try to be the nicest i can be... *tears up a bit* well i guess whatever happens, happens...

Reddy:dudes, don't talk about eliminations. It will take you away from focusing on a challenge, you get? Cuz last time I checked, were they heroes, not the zeroes. Put aside all past acts of evil, and unite! Mogo Mogo needs a leader, and who shall it be? Decide, Mogos! For without unity we are but bugs in Foa Foas hair!

Lizzie: If I can, I would be our leader but it would upset our previous one. As I think we can do better. Sure, elimination has come to our face multiple times but we can win the challenge!

John: Yeah, but what if we lose? What if the challenge is tipped to the villains? We're only talking about eliminations to unite the team, and to encourage the person on the chopping block to preform better, so we can win, and if we di lose, we vote as a team. You have to look at all the possiblities, and not be narrow sighted! But...let's not be here tonight. Does that sound okay?

Reddy:I see your guys' point, but we need to work on challenge strategies so we dont have to lose anymore people. Besides, those villains are on a wreck. did you see how much they were badmouthing eachother?

John: No, I haven't gone to their camp. Let's just agree on one thing, let's win today!

Reddy:Really? I got to see it on the way here. Anyways, let's win this! Heroes rule! :D

John: Yeah!

Reddy: On Tonight's Dinner Menu; Villains with a side of Whoop A**!

Lizzie: Yes, but now we wait for the challenge! (XD)

John: Yeah, I wonder when Kenzen is going to be here?

Reddy:*climbs to the top of a tree and begins to snore*(conf) Im excellent at survival.

Kenzen:*walks in though shrubs* Hello, Congrat for inning you losers. Now Winning team today gets Rupert or Fishig so i decided to give you guys an edge, Blade lit my hat on fire. *hands Jake a bottle* Open that at Challenge. (Jake has to open it to tell you what it is)

Joanna: *goes over to everyone* hey guys ive been thinking and... well if we lose i'll sacrifice myself *bows head* you guys can vote me off but if we win, which we should really try to do, i guess we wont have to worry about that... but still, if we do lose you can all vote me off... you guys deserve to win more than me *walks away silently* (touching speech hopefullyXD)

Reddy:*jumps off tree* dont doubt yourself. if we lose, I'll go. No need to be sad. If i leave, try to stay strong, guys.

Gwen: I have my elimination plan set out. Hopefully it works out and it's not you, Reddy.

Joanna: *to reddy* no im ok with going out... most people want me off anyway...

Reddy;8shrugs* I dont know anyone too well yet, but everyone seems so nice. (conf) Gwen wants me to vote for someone. She told me privately. I....really dont know. I dont want any enemies. V_V

Gwen: I'm going to feel horrible after this elimination. And then, I'm probably going to home after this. But, oh well. I'm taking one for the team and seeing where it takes us.

Reddy:*sighs* who knew this game could depress everyone? i dont want anyone to leave :(

Gwen: I know. Yesterday, I felt fine but after our next vote, I'm going to feel like crap. I hope my alliance will keep me in, but if they don't. Oh well. And if I made it to the merge and they made the final three, I'd give my jury vote to them.

Reddy (conf):How can this team be unified if everyone's in an alliance/ if worst comes, i have to join one. V_V

John(Conf.): Hm...I just don't know anymore...

Gwen: Has anyone seen my immuity idol? Did one of you teammates steal it????

Lizzie: No, I'm good friends with you. I would not go behind your back to do it, I promise! Wait, I think I remember who.....

John: It was that Fanny dude...

Reddy:*facepalm* After all my hard work. Who took it? (conf)I srsly need to get this team together. (out) Um........... U'Know, i p;ickpocketed onwe outta Kenzen's pocket, so, here *hands to Gwen an immunity idol

Gwen: Wo. It's a little green man. But, Reddy. I don't need it. I wanna play this game fairly, not without idols to back me up. TDI, TDA, and TDWT supplied me with enough of survivor shortcuts. I wanna play this fairly. Here, *hand sit back to him* Keep it. I trust you will use it correctly.

Reddy: Well, ok. (conf) *fixes the idol to be a medallion on a necklace* This should help me. :) *puts on necklace, and walks out of conf*

John: You pickpocketed, thatdoesn't sound very heroe-ish.

Reddy: it was eitherme or alvin on the heroes ;)

Foa Foa (11) - "We all have to stick together in the merge and show those heroes who's boss!"

"Holes"(Conf.): Hm...that put a dent in my strategy.

Tristan: *looks at his glasses case* (conf.) I've been wearing contacts for this entire game, but if anyone steals my contacts or glasses, I would be screwed

"Holes": Dude? You have glasses! Only nerds, smart people, and losers have glasses! (Conf.) I threw in smart people so he wouldn't "kill"

Tristan: I need glasses from a freak accident, why do you think I have a huge scar around my eyes?I wear contacts cause they allow me to go to the water

Fanny: (CONF) Hmm. This next vote is gonna be hard. Personally, I would want Alvin gone, but the rest of the team wants to keep him.

"Holes": I didn't notice that before... (Conf.) You have to be nice to the guy with all the power. I want that Alvin kid gone, he is such a cocky a- (Camera turns off)

Alvin:(conf)Rule número uno: always be that antagonist. Ppl will be so scared they'll worship you haha

Tristan: (conf.) Alvin? *laughs* I'm gonna start a group to get him out in the merge, he's useless,and he thinks he's so "OMG I WILL KELL YOU ALL N00BS,HAhAHA" I know socks more threatening them him

"Holes"(Conf.): I don't know, but Alvin is as useful as he is smart...hahaha. Alvin, smart? I just crack myself up!

Alvin:Hey, villain guys. could you, like, go over to the heroes' camp? I need my space. ^_^

"Holes": Hey! Why don't you shut up, and dig yourself a hole, and die in there! :@ (Conf.) You see what I mean!

Alvin:Hey, "Holes" is your nickname; you do it, nancy. >:(

"Holes": Nancy? Seriously? That's the most stupid name I've ever heard. It's probably your mom's name.

Alvin:Oh why i otta *folds hand into a fist, about to strike "Holes"* grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

"Holes": Hit me, I dare you!

Alvin:(conf)was there a rule about hitting?*thinks* Nope! (out) *punches "Holes" in the face* ha!

"Holes": Ow, my face! Jokes on you thhough, you can't inflict physical violence. How do you think Kev got out? (Conf.) It was nice seeing you, nob!

Alvin: Im so good, rules dont apply to me *arrogantly flips his hair* (i knew that rule, I just wanted to make Alvin dumb XD)

"Holes": Keep dreaming, loser.

Fanny: Dude, Alvin. You better watch it. Cuz the next time we lose, you'll be packing your bag and your a*s will be out of here.

Alvin: *immaturly mimics*Dude, Fanny. You better watch it. Cuz the next time we lose, you'll be packing your bag and your a*s will be out of here.

Tristan: dude,seriously, your acting like a five year old, in fact most of us are,I'm no exception

"Holes": Alvin, dude shut the h*** up!

Fanny: GUYS! SHUT THE F*** UP! *show goes to one of those "hang in there baby" title cards for a moment as the whole gang starts swearing* FYI, we're all a tribe for the next six days. We have to try and all get along so we can win. Then, when the merge comes, we vote off those stupid heroes. Okay? We all have our differences but we need to stick together. And you guys, with the Alvin conflicts, I'm talking to myself too; we should all let him play the game how he wants to, no matter how stupidly he plays it. That's how he wants to play an neutral. A wannabe. He wants to be a villain, but....*tear drips down eye* *runs off*

Blade: Where's he going?

Alvin:*evilly grins*9conf)i see a crack...(out) *in forest away from others with Fanny* Hey, Fan, let's put aside our numerous differences and form an alliance, deal? (conf) I have a plan...... >:)

Tristan: *walks to his meditation spot with his hands in his pockets and sees Alvin and Fanny* He's gonna so the most stupidest move in Survivor HISTORY!

Fanny: You're on the chopping block for my next vote. Sorry, but I'm not about tomake the stupidest move in survivor history. 0 (He was talking about Alvin)

Tristan: (conf.) Good for fanny,Alvin,WAS THE WORST NEWBIE!WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!SERIOUSLY WHAT THE F-*is cutted off*

Fanny: Where's Kenzen with that challenge?

Joe: Am I the only calm one today?

"Holes": I am calm!

Fanny: Okay guys, the challenge is here.

Blade:(COF) When it comes down to it, I am sort of a swing vote... My Bat will be swinging right into Alvins Head (XD, JK Blade is being serios though)

Challenge (11) - "The Secret"

Kenzen:Hello, Heroes Each of you pick 1 villain (No picking your own character if you have one on the other team)(CONF) wait till they hear The Secret i have in store for them

Jake:Ok And theis bot-*kenzen coves his mouth*

Kenzen:Just Pick

Jake:Ok, Ok. Damon I guess.

Kenzen:Ok Damon come over to this Red Mat. And The 2 not picked when we get there come to this mat *points to Yellow Mat*

Joanna: (conf) ughh im probably gonna hate this challenge... just like all the others(conf over) i'll choose... um... "holes" i guess:/

Gwen: Alvin

James: Blade.


Rupert:*walks up to kenny whispers something and pulls out handcuffs*Alvin Insertlastnamehere you are under arrest for asault.*handcuffs Alvin and walks with him to a helicopter that Alvin is locked in a cell in the helicopter and taken to jain in America.*

Jake;He is a cop O_O

Kenzen:Oh Yeah Rupert is a Cop

Rupert:*walks back to Kenny*yep

Kenzen:Gwen Repick. and because i said so Last person to not pic on heros has to not pick.

Jessica: What the. Why'd that guy arrest Alvin? I mean, I left camp for the last few days.(Sorry about not talking)

Jessica(Conf.): I just hope Gwen picks me. I need a girl partner.

Juan: Pick me, please. *puppy dog eyes* (CONF) The look. Always works.

Lizzie: I pick Tristan!

Juan: Dang!

Gwen: Okay. Then I pick...Jessica. Girl power.

Joe: Of course I'm not picked yet.

Lizzie: It's because Joe you are the evilest villian and Juan you are barely ever here!

Fanny: (CONF) Joe? The evilest villain? *breaks out laughing*

John: um.... (Conf.) Joe or (Out of Conf.) Juan?

Juan:*pumps fist*

John: O...k?

Joe: Just pick us you worms!

Gwen: Um...Joe? You weren't picked.

Damon: *stands on the red mat* :|

"Holes": Just get on with it, Kenzen!

Joe: What does this mean? And if any of you say it whose name isn't Kenzen better wish they weren't on this show!

Kenzen:My name is accully Kenford, That means Joe is Immune when 3 Villains and 2 Heroes are sent home tommorow. Jake open the bottle.

Jake:*opens bottle*Ok*reads aloud*"For tommorows challnege the Heroes Can pick one to be immune on Villians and One on their own team"*finishes*O_O

Kenzen:And Todays winner because i said so is Heroes and Joe wins Single immunity(Someone add day 12 head titles just Camps for now)

Joe: OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (XD)

Lizzie: OMG, Jake always picks Gwen. What if I'm eliminated, tomorrow?

Day Twelve Chat

Kenny:So.......The only reason i gave Joe immunity is i was scared for my life. So.......

Rupert:Wanna go mess with the producers

Kenzen:YES*runs off*

Mogo Mogo (12) - "You are one of the greatest people I've ever met!!!!!"

Jake:No offensen to anyone but i wanna give immunity to Reddy and Lizzie and for Villians Blade

Lizzie: Thanks! *gives Jake a hug* You are one of the greatest people I've ever met!!

Gwen: (CONF) I'm scared. I think I'm going home the next time we lose.

James: (CONF) I wish Jake had given me immunity, but, he's still a nice guy, so, I trust him.

Lizzie: (CONF) Even though I'm overly excited about the events that just took place, I still hate the face we have to eliminate 2 of our tribemates we've come SO close too! This would be the hardest elimination YET!

Reddy:Um, im grateful for all of your guys' urm, likjing me but I'm going to give immunity tonight over to Gwen. I think she needs it more than me, and to tell the truth, money isnt everything. Plus I have an immunity idol....

Lizzie: Okay

Gwen: Really? Thanks. *takes idol*

Jake:(CONF)I am so sad to thinkwe have to vote two off, If all works well I hope to see Kenzen Change his mind.

John(Conf.): V_V I don't want to get voted off!

Joanna: (conf) well i guess this is going to be my last conf... ever, at least i had fun and i know i did my best

Lizzie: (CONF) I know who's going to go but I don't want to see those 2 poor faces go!

Gwen: Let's not give it to Blade. He already has an immunity idol. Let's give it to Jessica.

Reddy:*takes his other idol off his necklace, hands to Joanna* You apparently need this more than me. (conf0I could care less if i went. everyone deserves to stay.

Gwen: Well, Jake, Reddy, Lizzie, Joanna, and me all have something to back us up. John and James don't. Hmm

Reddy:I dont, ;)

Gwen: Oh yeah, well let's give immunity to Lizzie and James. Most of us want John to go so let's give immunity to them. That's my final answer.

Lizzie: I support all of your final answers with the immunity thing.

Foa Foa (12) - Well, I'm immune and there's nothing you guys can do about it!

Joe: Well, I'm immune and there's nothing you guys can do about it!

Tristan: and who said we were gonna vote for you?

Fanny: *sings* Alvin's gone, Alvin's gone. So...who should I vote for?\

Blade:(CONF)I am sick of Tristan. Today i stole Tristans real idol and threw it in the river along with a bunch of fake ones whil Tristand was taking a shower.(Out) Vote off Juan

Tristan:(conf.) *laughs and shows his wet idol* sure, so what? I turned on the shower water and kept an eye on my idol, and when Blade got into it AI followed him and snatched it, also, I had 2 more idols *laughs and put them in a spot not even Blade knows* I deserve to go home, but since I want to stay till the final 10, I'm gonna have to deceive everyone

Fanny: (CONF) I heard Blade and Tristan are fighting about idols. I also heard that Jessica stole Blade's idol and she's hidden it.

Joe: (CONF) I don't know who to vote for; Tristan sucks, but so does Juan, who sucks more?

"Holes"(Conf.): Those two guys are such idiots, Blade steals Tristian's immunity idol, Tristian steals it, and Blade's immunity idol, so I went in cognito and stole Tristian's other immunity idol and hid in a place he doesn't even know.

Tristan: (Conf.) Truth is, I'm rich back home, I didn't even need this, I just came here for fun, besides, I triped over this *shows immuity idol* Oh ho ho (out of conf) Kenzen, can I use my immunity idol (is real) to be safe this elimination?

Fanny: Well guys, we're all righting about immunity idols. I mean how does Tristan have two idols? And Blade has one. I have one. Reddy on the other team has one. Lizzie has immunity. Joe has immunity. I mean, we're all crazy about immunity. It's annoying.

Tristan:....I don't need this idol *throws it into a fire* I don't care if I'm out now, I'm going to use this last idol, and in the merge, I will eliminate anyone in my way, no mercy now, after this elimination is the final 10, And we have to vote off the 3 weakest members of the people who don't need to go to the merge, Juan, is mainly gonna be out since he hasn't barely did anything, but we need to decide the other 2

Mogo Mogo Council (12-1) - "I was betrayed,"

Kenzen: Vote 1 out

Kenzen:Jake, your out bro *snuffs his torch* Jake you are the first member of the Jury.

Jake:Bye guys (CONF)*has tears in eyes*I was betrayed

Foa Foa Council (12-1) - "I didn't know who to vote for, so I rolled a virtual dice. It was number 4, who was Juan, who's a useless bag of crap."

Kenzen: Vote 1 out

Kenzen: Juan, you're OUT! *snuffs Juan's torch* The second Jury Member is Juan.

Challenge (12) - "Two are gone, and Three left"

Kenzen:Now that Two are gone, and Three left to go, new challenge this day grab a hold this totem *points to large round totem* first hero to quit holding the totem is out. First two villians to quit the challenge are out. Everyone else is Merged to Saftey (NO, NO GODPLAYING YOU GODPLAY YOU OUT)

Blade:*puts hand to Totem*(CONF)Time to relax and enjoy today with my large amount of lies and tricks

Everyone:*puts hand to totem* (BTW if you arnt talking you are asleep and you are out in the game)

reddy:*looks oddly at everyone* So, who do you guys think will get out? *waves to the villains with his free hand*

Reddy;(conf)This challenge is hard, man. Gwen, Lizzie, James, John, and Joanna are all good compewtitors, and ive tried to be nice to 'em. But IDK if they've accepted me as a hero yet. :(

John: Reddy, if you say you're sorry for stealing, I'll consider you an awesome hero. :)

"Holes": This challenge is boring. :l

Reddy:Dude, I pickpocketed an idol. But we've all done something wrong, right? I'm not saying sorry to u guys just because you think its wrong. Gwen pulled pranks on heather in TDI,a, and WT, and the rest of you have done something just as evil. i stand alone, yet strong. T_T

Kenzen:Oh, Joe, Blade, Lizzie and Gwen are safe so they don't have to participate

Blade:Really*rolls eyes*


Blade:*walks away from totem*

Kenzen:*hands him soda and bag of chips*

Reddy:why r they safe?!

Lizzie: Yes! Sorry heroes, GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! *tear falls and wipes it off quick*

Reddy;*glares at Lizzie, Gwen, Joe, and Blade* *stands firm* (srsly, i find that really unfair. Why r they safe? T_T)

Tristan: i use my idol, so I don't have to do this *hand is still on totem*

Joanna: *holding totem* ...i'm soo bored

"Holes": Hey, Tristian if you let go I'll split half of the winnings with you.

John: O.o (Conf.) Reddy really isn't coming off as heroic to me.

Kenzen:They are immune because, Jake gave immunity to Reddy and Lizzie and Blade and Joe already had immunity and Reddy you gave immunity to Gwen

Tristan: *stares at "Holes like he is a moron* Can I use my immunity idol Kenzen? *hand is still on totem pole*

Joe: Now this is what I call afternoon entertainment. (laughs)

Tristan: You know what I call entertainment, your hand is on the totem pole, and John fell asleep, STOP DROOLING ON MY SHOE!

Joe: You must be on drugs, Tristy, because I'm nowhere near that pole.

Tristan: So?

Joe: So you can't use that dumb idol to save yourself now, sucker.

Reddy: *hand on totem* John fell asleep! Is he out? >:D

Joe: I wish, it can end this challenge quicker!

Reddy:*hand on totem* Okay, this is taking forever can we VOTE NOW!?!?

Tristan: Fanny also fell asleep, so he's also out

Joe: You can be out too for not shutting up!

Tristan: I think Damon fell asleep, Joe can you look for me, also I gave you an idol, so shut up! -_-

Joe: Yeah! A fake idol, Tristy!

Kenzen:Tristan shut up, we are voting (I decide when someone is asleep)

Tristan: *rolls eyes*

John: I think you guys are seeing things. (Conf.) Why does everyone hate me. V_V

"Holes"(Conf.): This game is jipped, man. (Out of Conf.) I wish one of you guys would fall asleep.

Mogo Mogo Council (12-2) - "This vote is hard for me."

Kenzen:Shut up and vote

Kenzen:Joanna, Time to leave.*Snuffs her torch*

Foa Foa Council (12-2) - "Villains, you will be spared with the other player that was supposed to leave."

Kenzen:Shut up and vote

Kenzen: Damon, OUT *Snuffs his torch* Villains you will be spared the other player that was supposed to leave.

Day Thirteen Chat

Kenzen:I hate the villains

Rupert:Who doesn't


Kenzen:Go back to your camp pack up and head to Heroes camp

Merged Team (13) - "Woot, I made the merge!"

Gwen: Woo! I made the merge! I made the merge!

Joe: Don't get too proud of yourself.

Reddy:*widdles a stick with a knife* (CONF) So i like widdling sticks. dont judge me.

Fanny: So, the final eleven? Wait, what's that helicopter doing?

Kenzen:Oh yeah, We took all your idols from you while you were sleeping. Decide a team name

Blade:What*checks pocket*@#$%

Red:The Truce! >:D

Tristan: *is far away from the others slumping*


Kenzen: I hid them in your other pocket (XD cound't resist) Only Two idols in play BTW

Blade: (CONF)I have one Fanny has the other Tristan going down

Reddy: (CONF) At least I'm not affected by Kenzen taking the idols. :P

Gwen: For our team name I like: Alpha Omega

Joe: Better team name, Demonic Angels.

Tristan: (conf.) I should be happy,I reached my goal,but I felt like I became the biggest douche in the show's history, I got 2nd the season I was in! Now, all f my friends from the season are probably having doubts,man

Red:(conf) IM IN NO ALLIANCE! :@ (dude, stop T_T)

Tristan:(conf.) Everyone here are either saints, or devils,it's crazy acutally

Joe: (Whispering to Blade and if you hear it, you're godplaying) Let's take Tristy down now.

"Holes": *mutters to himself* the losers except "Holes" *stops muttering* I mean the merged people.

John: The Surviving Awesome Warriors!

Tristan: *walks away from the group,till he hits a wall* Ow *climbs wall and looks* your sh!tting me....*sees all the losers at aa resort* ....(conf.) I'm officially losing it, I was okay last season,mainly cuase I knew people were netural,but here, *scoffs* They just give it out!

Joe: (CONF) He is so close to cracking, it won't be long when I attack now.

Blade:I like Joes team name, Demonic Angels Heh >:)

Tristan: *holds head* W-wha't's happ-pennin-ing to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Crazy meter:10)

Joe: Get a hold of yourself, stupid! (smacks Tristan across the face)

Kenzen:(CONF)The losers are staying at home, Tristan you idiot, Except jury they are 30 miles away (XD)

(Dark:tristan has gone insane, he thinks he sees anything)

Tristan: *grabs joe hand and throws him* nyeheheahahahahaHA! *has much deeper voice*

Joe: Oh really! (chokes Tristan) YOU LIKE THAT?!?!?!

John(Conf.): I'm glad I wasn't on the villains team. *shudders* Tristian is delusional, Joe is a Schizophrenic who chokes himself, I really don't want to meet the others.

"Holes": *comes up to John* Who are you?

John: Ah! *runs away into a tree* Ow...

"Holes": Kids these days.

Joe: I don't choke myself!!!

Reddy:Everyone left is crazy, man. Fanny, from what Ive seen, is an immunity obsessed dude, same with gwen, only a tad nicer. Joe is odd.... tristan's messed up in the head, Lizzie wants to eliminate her fellow heroes, and Blade, "Holes", James, and Jessica I havent gotten to know. Johns the only sane one left, other than me. *sighs*

Joe: I didn't choke myself, I choked Tristan.

Blade:Drop it, Reddy You are sane?

Tristan: *has fallen unconscious*

Joe: Quit acting, Tristy, and get the hell up!

Tristan: *spits out blood and note falls out of sleeve*

Joe: Obviously ketchup and a blank piece of paper.

Joe: (CONF) Tristan is such a phony; a great, big phony!

"Holes": *rolls eyes* (Conf.) Hmm...I've got it!

John: Woohoo! Saneness! *high fives Reddy*

Reddy:*high fives* (crap my last post was supposed to be in confessional XD)

"Holes": Hmm... (Conf.) Time to execute plan Ibetchaneversawthatcoming! (XD Reddy)

(Webly: Sorry i was gone today)

Lizzie: Merge! Finally, I made it.

Fanny: So. Rumors has it that either Sammy or Christian is returning. Who do you place your money on?

Lizzie: (CONF) This game is getting good. 2-3 people are returning but who?

Lizzie: *to John* We finally made it to the merge! *hugs him and then blushes* We have to do something now!

John: *blushes* Um...Yeah!

Lizzie: We should make an alliance! Reddy could be in it too!

Reddy:*hears John and Lizzie and walks over* Um, uh, geez uh I dont really know..... i guess for now. (conf) I hate alliances, but Theyre apart of this game. V_V

Lizzie: (CONF) We can't let the heroes name go down! So making an alliance can help our name stay where it should.

Joe: (CONF) Tristan and James have got to be the biggest losers here and I don't mind watching their torches getting snuffed.

Reddy:*pulls Lizzie, John, Joe, Holes, Fanny, and Gwen over to secret place* Guys, the seven of us need to ally and take out the other hopeless four, what do you saty? (conf) weird, alliance hater, alliance maker! XD

Fanny: Sure,

Gwen: Me too!

Joe: I, the not schizophrenic Joe, approve this alliance.

"Holes": Well, duh! (Conf.) Wow...I was just going to do that...

John: As long as it's good for the heroes!

Lizzie: Sure.

Blade:(CONF) Plans are a foot and i am not in the pack that is sending people home.

Immunity Challenge(13) - "I say the Demonic Angels!"

Kenzen:Whats your guys team name

Joe: I say the Demonic Angels!

Kenzen:Good Enough, Challenge time. Answer trivia, You get it right you can take one of the other peoples coconuts out of a tree by choping them down from the tree *points to three rops with coconuts that read Blade in Black lettering* Get it wrong Nothing. Last person with Coconuts is Immune.

Blade: Ok

Kenzen:True or False, The Indonesian Wolf Spider Has Three Fangs?

John: False.

"Holes": That's totally true!

Joe: False.

Lizzie: False

Blade:False (Even though i am guessing never means i am correct Blade might be stupid about stuff XD)

Gwen: False

Fanny: True

Kenzen:Answer is False, There isn't even a spider known as an Indonesian Wolf Spider. Chop.

Fanny: Aw, noodles!

Gwen: Yay! *cuts Fanny's rope*

Lizzie: *cuts down Jessica's first rope*

(Dark: Tristan isn't there, he's in the middle of the woods unconscious)

(Webly: Oh then he is out, I guess)

Joe: Can I cut his rope into pieces then?

Kenzen:Eh, No.

Blade:*chops Jessicas rope*

Kenzen:True or False, Coconuts grow in Australia.

Lizzie: True but they aren't considered a commercial crop.

Gwen: True. They also grow in Hawaii and are known to bump bossy CITs on the head at Playa Des Losers (xD)

Kenzen: Challenge over, Um Race to the top of the mountain to win invincibility

Blade:*scrambles for mountain*

Joe: *sprints towards mountain*

Fanny: *jumps like a mountain goat up the mountain* Ha ha, try and beat me now!

Lizzie: *catches up with Fanny* I'm trying and it looks like I might!

Fanny: Fat chance, *pushes Lizzie to where the other heroes are* I'm gonna win!

Fanny: (CONF) It's basic rock climbing expertise. But, you guys out there wouldn't know about that.

Lizzie: *throws a rock at Fanny from the ground and it hits* I feel bad! I HATE IT!

Joe: *is half-way there* Hello, stupids!

Reddy:*sprints fast* Man i hate running. *stops for a few seconds* ugh *runs more*

Fanny: Oh ow. *touches top of mountain* YAY! IMMUNITY!

Joe: Fat chance! *throws Fanny off* I WIN!

Joe: (CONF) I'm an evil villain, what did you expect?

Reddy:*runs past joe and fanny* dude, he said top. your touching a random spot *roll eyes*

reddy:*touches mountain top* i win!

Joe: I hate climbing!

Fanny: Well you know what Reddy? I still have immunity. I touched the top first.'s to you. *pushes off mountain* *reddy lands in water*

Wind: *pushes Fanny, Reddy, and Joe off mountain*

Fanny: MY IMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe: I hate this show so much.

John: *starts climbing slowly* I'm going to make it!

"Holes": *Starts climbing quickly* Alright! (Conf.) I'm an ace at mountain climbing, FYI.

Kenzen: Reddy, Fanny, and Joe are all disqualified!

Gwen: Then that means, Lizzie won immunity!


Kenzen:Ok Fanny is imune

John: i'm cool with that.

Demonic Angels (13) - "Sucks to be you, Tristy!"

Kenzen:I am annoyed, Vote Fanny is imune

Tristan: Don't lie,none of you lie, your voting me off because I'm a jerk, or to save your butts, both ways are okay, but don't say "Coin flip" or "dice" it's retarded to hide who you want to vote off

Blade: Ok Psycho

Kenzen:Tristan is out, *snuffs torch, puts him in straight jacket and walks him down to helicopter*

Tristan: *a black FBI helicopter comes and goes in it* I'm a secret agent, heh, played you all pretty good didn't I? Well then, Joe, I will see you in prison, real soon *smirks and leaves*

Joe: Take that stupid copter and that phony badge of yours and fight someone worth your skills; in other words, a Magikarp.

Day Fourteen


Kenzen:Shut Up

Demonic Angels (14)

Gwen: What was with Tristan last night?

Fanny: Um.....

Lizzie: IDK, I'm just glad we eliminated him then as he was going crazy.

John: Uh... (Conf.) I'm glad that I didn't go cookoo like Tristian.

"Holes"(Conf.): Yeah, we eliminated the crazy psycho who wouldn't shut up, thank goodness.

Blade:So The Game gets denser

Joe: Tristan's not worth the air he's breathing.

Fanny: So what's the plan for today?

Joe: I say James.

Lizzie: I say Jessica, she's worse than James and talk about annoying.

Fanny: At least Jessica does stuff. What's the point if James doesn't do anything?

Lizzie: Jessica, really didn't do anything last challenge and she was too lazy to vote.

Fanny:Okay personally, I just don't want Jessica gone yet. If you just want a villain out, then take your pick.

(Koops: I will be leaving for a week, so I'll be inactive in camps until I get back.)

Jessica: *comes out of bushes* I got lost!

"Holes": Good to see you back... *everyone stares at him blankly* *coughs* I mean...took you long enough!

Kenzen:*over camp radio* Hello, Today we are gonna widdle yall down to five contestants because i am getting bored, So Yeah.

Gwen: Did he just say that five of us are leaving?

Fanny: Um....can it be more like three or four? Five seems like so many.

(Kenzen:I have no more challenge ideas, and people always godplay)

John: H-H-Half of us are going?

Blade:O_O, Dang!

Kenzen:*over radio*By the way, You all will have the say (I will need to talk to you in a private place, So I Will make something secret that one by one you guys are gonna vote so i will get you guys links when you aren't busy)

Fanny: So does this mean that immunity idols can't be used?

Lizzie: I'm so going home, my alliance has more than half of the people. (AND THIS IS MY ONLY CHARACTER XD)

Kenzen:*radio*Immunity Idols can be used

John: It's going to be okay, Lizzie. You'll make it.

Gwen: Are we going to vote yet?

Fanny: I use my idol then!

Kenzen:Idols last every elimination, as Idols last for 24 hours once played.

Blade: I use my Idol then.

"Holes": Let's just vote!

Kenzen:Your face wants to vote(Ok So Message me when you see me edit and you are on so yeah, I need to talk to a few of you at least 6 for a majority)

Reddy: Ill save u guys trouble; I quit. (too many camps...)

James: See ya around, buddy.*pats his back*

Lizzie: Oh my! (CONF) SHOCKER

Joe: Later, Red.

John: ... (Conf.) Wow.

"Holes": Yes! (Conf.) Now I can lead this alliance!

Kenzen:Ok Since no one is Chating with me, time for me to pick a few of you off, Gwen (Fanny, you still have two characters), "Holes" (USitgz you still have two characters), (Now by who hasn't voted recently) Jessica, Last one out is James ( Are the only one to not vote the day before yesterday and the day before that, that is still in).

Day 15

Kenzen:Ok Now i need ideas

Demonic Angels (15)

Joe: Final five, baby!

Lizzie: Oh my, I MADE IT! *hugs John*

John: Yes! (Conf.) This is too awesome!

Lizzie: John, I've always kind of liked you. *kisses him then blushes*

Fanny: Hmmm. Lizzie's the only girl. (CONF) Maybe I should swing an alliance with her.

John: too... *blushes then kisses her* (Conf.) Me and Lizzie need an alliance...maybe with Fanny?

Fanny: *comes up to Lizzie and John* Would you guys like an alliance with me?

Lizzie: Sure! I'd like to see me go further and this is the best idea!

John: Okay...

Fanny: When's the stupid challenge gonna happen?

Lizzie: Some people are bored...

Kenzen:Fine Fine

Immunity Challenge

Kenzen:Eat It Challenge Blade your up first, you don't drink you are out of the immunity race.

Blade:*walks up to stand*

Kenzen:Ok Beginner shake *mixes Fish Whole (Skeleton and head along with body), Milk and seaweed*

Blade:Chunky... I love Chunky O_O*drinks shake* Aw

Kenzen:Fanny your up.

John: This doesn't seem that hard...

Lizzie: Yeah, I can withstand MOST things...

Fanny: What do I have to eat/drink?

Lizzie: Yeah, what he said.

Kenzen:You will all eat same thing at same level till one is left*hands him level one shake*

Fanny: But I'm allergic to fish!

Gwen: *at home* Good thing I wasn't there, Kenzen would've made me eat eucalyptus leaves!

Delivery Man:*at Gwens house* I ot a big box of eucalyptus leaves for a gwen.

Kenzen:Fanny you quit at level one?

Lizzie: *chugs drink down* Ugh, this tastes AWfUL!


Fanny: If I drink it I might die! So I quit level one, genius.

Lizzie: (CONF) *cries* I ate/drank something non-vegetarian like!

John: Uhh... okay... um... I can do this! *picks up shake* Uhh... if I don't make it through thus tell Lizzie that I love her! *drinks shake then starts choking on a bone*

Joe: I can't believe I'm doing this.

John:* barely uttering words out* Someone... help.... me... *swallows Bone* Woohoo! Imma winner!

Lizzie: (CONF) I so wanted to use the heimlich on Joh to test out my skills. I guess it's for the better because if I failed...

Fanny: This is getting annoying. Just say that Joe wins immunity and get on with the voting.

Kenzen:Whatever You win*points to sad clown*


Vote two out,

Kenzen:Oooooo, Blade bet you can't wait for third place eh', Lizzie and Joe get out of here, and then return minutes later for out Jury ceremony =D.

Peoples:*All eliminated contestants walk in, Jury members dressed in Black shirts and blue jeans*


Day of Jury

(Kenzen: Final Three will have a few confessions before vote is put up)

Blade:(CONF) Oh Crap, I took out like most of those people, but I still think John will win.

John: (CONF) I can't believe Fanny betrayed us! I should have quit to save Lizzie... *sighs*

Blade: (CONF) I want to win, but I am not the best liked. But I will do all in my power to help Fanny win though as he sorta deserves it but i do to, he brought me here and brought him places too.

John: (CONF) I want to win for Lizzie. I also want to make sure that Fanny doesn't win, because he betrayed us!

Fanny: (CONF) I didn't betray anyone. I went with both alliances. And here's my strategy, Lizzie will definetly get the most jury votes. So, she had to get out. Sorry, but I'd like to win a million bucks. To please my other alliances my choices were Blade and Joe and Blade definetly wasn't gonna get any jury votes so I'll keep him around which is why they should just hand me the million already.

Jury Vote

Kenzen:Hello, Jury, I believe you have questions?

Lizzie: Since I already know why everything happened the way it did I have one question is for Blade. Did you do ANYTHING in the game strategic wise to get you here? Also, I think I have one for Fanny. If you eliminated the other 2 villains, they would overpower in the jury and you could have a bigger chance at more votes, so why would you take a risk of not getting Blade off although we know he's not going to get any votes?

Blade:Why are you so sure i won't get a vote, I did alot of stratagizing behind the bushes, as Me and Fanny have been eliminating who we see fit, Threats pshyco's heroes, and others.

"Holes": I have a few questions for the final three. For Blade, why did you use your immunity idol on me on the second day? For Fanny, how did you make it this far? For John, who are you?

John: Umm... a nice guy?

Blade:I did not want you gone yet, In all reality I thought you would be an asset and a good alliance member.

Reddy: How would you three promote red if u won?

Blade:Um, I have red hair so wherever i go people comment about red hair and such.

Red: Nu-uh your hair is a dark brown :•

Blade:My hair is red, red.

Fanny: Personally, I'm not sure how I made it this far. I thought I was Blade's pawn and he'd kick me out whenever. To Lizzie, becuase, Blade and Joe would've been p.o.ed at me and wouldn't give their jury vote to me.

Gwen: My question's for Fanny. Why in the world would you create an alliance with every remaining player?

Fanny: Well, I personally thought I was a goner when we had to vote five people out that one time. I never thought I'd be in the final five. Then I had to please both alliances by outting Joe and Lizzie, with strategy. If I pleased one, Joe would win, please the other, Lizzie would win.

Blade: Well at first you were a pawn *chuckles* but then you became a friend probably only one I made.

"Holes": I think I know who I'm going to pick,

John: To answer, Red, I would give some of my mney to you, and let you decide how to use it on Redness.

Fanny: Well that's retarded. I'd keep half the money, give half of that half to charity, and keep the half of the other half in the bank. That's my way I'd use it.

Blade:I know how i would spend the money, and it ain't going to charity, It is going to some close freinds of mine who need it, and i am keeping what i don't give to myself use it in my own life. Charity is just blind give aways.

Fanny: Charity gets you on television.

Kenzen:Charity makes you a target.

Fanny: You should be talking.

Kenzen:Shut it i am relaxing

Tristan:*raises eyebrows*Just get on with it...

Gwen: Yeah can we vote yet?

Jake:I have a question, why in the heck did i get voted out Backstabby Backstabbers *pouts*

Kenzen:Time to vote!

Kenzen:If we have to rely on Two votes I will be angry

Kenzen:Fanny and John tie, Blade fails

Fanny: So the winner is a tie? Between me and a stupid hero?

John: *grunts, turns his back to Fanny* Wait, I tied with the traitor?

Fanny: I am not splitting my money with that windbag.

Jessica: You might not have to...there's my vote!

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