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Eamon????? (NOT FINAL)

Cast Info:

This cast is not final. I may decide to cut a few people.


  1. Alejandro
  2. Sierra
  3. Junior
  4. Sierra

    Sierra (NOT FINAL)




    amy!!! *shot*

  5. Cody
  6. Amy
  7. Ezekiel
  8. Jen
  9. Shawn
  10. Sugar


  1. Brian AKA Brody - The Sierra Fanatic - Brian has been applying for Total Drama since TDWT, when he fell in love with Sierra. However, he never got picked due to his obvious fanaticism for Sierra. The producers, looking to diversify their cast instead of returning to the same old mold, stayed away from fangirls - or guys. After toning down his crazy attitude, he was accepted into the FvF cast. However, he managed to slip one clue of his fanaticism in the application: listing his self-given nickname instead of his real name. Can he hide this love for Sierra until he finally meets her, or will it all come crashing down? (Merge)
  2. Taylor - The Pageant Queen - Taylor has been on a pedestal her whole life. Since the age of five, she's participated in pageants, appeared on magazines, and won boatloads of money for her farming family. She even appeared in the reality show "Pageant Parents." By applying for TD, she hopes to catapult her sinking fashion career back into fame. Can she do it, or will her arrogant attitude blow up her game? (Very early/Merge)










  3. Toby - The Athletic Weight-Lifter (Late merge)
  4. Carly - The Summer Camp Counselor (Early or merge)
  5. Michael - The Total Drama Nerd (Late merge, potential winner)
  6. Betsy - The Music Minister (Early)
  7. Carl - The Quiet Man (Merge/Late merge)
  8. Queenie - The After-Her-Time Lady (Early)
  9. Eamon - The Charming Lad (Merge)
  10. Maria-Abi - The Daughter of the Survivor She-Devil (Early or just before merge)

20th: Maria-Abi or Queenie: Maria is still trying to ditch the reputation of her mother, and her tribemates could potentially ignore her pleas to stay. However, Queenie is a bit gimmicky, and could go in her place to create plot development for Maria. (Potentially Ezekiel for the LOLz)

19th: Betsy: Again, she's a bit of a gimmick, and we want to see plot development.

18th: Taylor: People get tired of her antics.

The Fans, without their Debbie Downer, finally win.

17th: Heather or Sugar: Boys vs. Girls with either Sugar or Amy flipping, sending Heather home. Sugar going home might not make sense, but Heather could play an idol.

Tribe swap???

Episode One

"We're here on a remote island in the Pacific known as 'Armawaka'," Chris says from his helicopter. "It's known for it's harsh landscape and wildlife, as well as it's low price tag to rent. It's also the location of the latest installment in the Total Drama franchise. Here, ten of TD's biggest fans will take on ten of the greatest, AKA most entertaining, contestants of all time. They're on their way now, each group confined to a different cabin of a state-of-the-art plane."

The scene cuts to a plane, similar to the one from the third season. A piece of the wing falls off as it flies by.

"Let's meet the contestants now!" Chris said as the camera zooms in on one of the windows. The scene cuts to ten former Total Drama contestants, sitting in a cabin similar to the First Class one from Total Drama World Tour. Some are renewing old friendships, others creating new rivalries. Alejandro shoots a grin at Heather, who rolls her eyes and looks away.

(CONF) Heather opens the season with the first confessional, again on a toilet. "Alejandro and I have a weird relationship," she says, crossing her arms. "He keeps trying to bring it back, but the strain that All-Stars ending put on us is too much for me."

(CONF) "I think she's in love with me," Alejandro says, grinning suavely.

Meanwhile, Sierra steals glances at Cody, who is intentionally looking away. Finally, she speaks. "I'm cold," she says, turning towards Cody, who finally acknowledges her prescence. "Are you cold?"

"N-no, not real--" he begins, but is interrupted by Sierra cuddling up next to him.

"I'm REALLY cold!" she says. Cody looks unnerved by Sierra's actions. Meanwhile, Ezekiel, no longer feral, approaches Jen.

"Eh, you're the blogger girl from the race, right?" he says.

Jen looks up from her mirror, which she had been using to apply lipstick. She looks shocked to see Ezekiel. "Yeah, that's me!" she says nervously, as if he could revert to his previous state at any moment.

(CONF) "I wonder what my bloggers have to say about my, erm... Close encounter with Zeke," Jen says, her eyes wide. "If you guys are listening out there, it was so SCARY!"

Suddenly, Ezekiel sits down next to Jen, who nervously scoots across the couch.

(CONF) "Whoa," says Ezekiel. "That girl was hot! And she was totally into me."

"Where's your boyfriend, eh?" Ezekiel says disgustedly.

"B-boyfriend?" she replies. "Oh, you mean Tom. No, he's not my boyfriend, and he's back at home."

Ezekiel excitedly pumps his fist in the air. Jen notices. "Are you into me?" she asks, horrified.

"W-what?" Ezekiel stammers back. "Eh, no, of course not!"

(CONF) Jen is horrified. "OMG!" she says. "The feral freak is into me! I miss Tom..."

The camera cuts to show

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