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  1. Mark and Pete - The Creepy Guys Obsessed With Death - BB
  2. Andres and Willow - The Mystics of the Nature - Maria
  3. Luna & Savannah - The Real Golddiggers - Amber
  4. Amy & Taylor - Highschool Rivals - D&D
  5. Ellana & Toria - The Rich Fashionistas - OstianWendy
  6. Ramsay & Keisha - Bedford-Stuyvesant Alumni - GalaxyRemixZ
  7. Amanda and Natalie - The Acquaintances - ConkerChu
  8. Joe & Cali - Engaged Couple - Total Drama Yoshi
  9. Katrina & Irene - The Veterinarians - Vollancer
  10. Sandra & Justine - Best Friends Forever - Xaypay
  11. Junior & Conor - The Cool Kids - ACTN
  12. Dean and Kane - The Experts of the Field Blaze
  13. Marjorie & Petunia - The Bingo Buddies - SerenelyChaotic
  14. Ty and Violet - The Method Actors - Dark
  15. Nemo and Omen- The Polar Opposites - NLG
  16. Jessica and Emily - The Hot Queens - Mabel

Interactions (You May Edit) 


Conor and Junior

Marjorie and Petunia


Cali and Amanda


Cali and Joe



Elimination Table 

Rank Contestants Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
TBA Amanda and Natalie Acquaintances 5th 1st 8th 4th
TBA Andres and Willow Mystics of Nature 8th 8th 2nd 6th 5th
TBA Cali and Joe Engaged Couple 7th 6th 3rd 5th 2nd
TBA Conor and Junior Cool Kids 1st 3rd 7th 2nd 3rd
TBA Ellana and Toria Rich Fashionistas 2nd 2nd 4th 3rd 4th
TBA Marjorie and Petunia Bingo Buddies 3rd 5th 1st 1st 1st
TBA Nemo and Omen Polar Opposites Inactive 9th 5th 7th
8th Emily and Jessica Hot Queens Inactive 6th 8th
9th/10th Keisha and Ramsay Bedford-Stuyvesant Alumni 6th 7th 9th/10th
9th/10th Ty and Violet Method Actors 4th 4th 9th/10th
11th Justine and Sandra BFFs 9th 10th
12th Amy and Taylor High School Rivals 10th
13th Mark and Pete Creepy Guys Obsessed With Death 11th
14th Luna and Savannah Real Gold Diggers 12th
15th Dean and Kane Experts of the Field 13th
16th Irene and Katrina Veterinarians 14th

Episode 1: None Down, Fourteen to Go 

None Down, Fourteen to Go

Season 14, Episode 1

Location(s) Ontario, Canada
Challenge(s) All-In: Run to the Art Gallery of Ontario and take a picture with one of the exhibits.
Winner(s) Conor and Junior
Eliminated No One
Episode Guide

"The Next ASVU All Star"



"Montreal Mountain Rumble"


Chris: Hello everyone! Welcome back to ASVU and we are going around the world again, but with crazy new challenge ideas based on the Amazing Race! 14 teams of 2 will battle it out to become this season's finalists and win 1 million dollars! Let's meet the teams now! First to arrive are Junior and Conor: The Cool Kids. 

Junior: Glad to be here and we're gonna win right dude!

Conor: You know it DJ! 

Chris: DJ? 

Junior: (CONF) My real name is Dwayne Junior, but I just go by Junior cause it's cooler. 

Andres: Hola 

Willow: Estoy de vuelta

Ellana: Um, hi? Where is our entourage? 

Toria: Ellana, please, they never said that was included in the care package.

Ellana: Was there even a care package in the first place...?

Conor:  Entourage? 

Junior: What do you need an entourage for? 

Amanda: Like, here, phew.

Natalie: *pulling all of Amanda's luggage.* Help... me...

Amanda: Natalie, I can't, I'm already holding too much. *holding one bag.*

Natalie: ...? 

Ty: Oh fair Violet! Doth you believe this competition to be fierce? 

Violet: My dear Ty! They do appear to be ruffians of all manners! 

Ellana: Like, yeah, dum dum, to do our make-up and hold our coats? Ugh! The incompetence! Spare me.

Toria: Ellana, there's really no need...

Ellana: Hush! :) *holds her hand to Toria's mouth*

Amada: Um, ew. *walks away.*

Natalie: Too... heavy! Eek! *bags fall onto her.* Help! 

Amanda: (CONF: Me and Natalie aren't exactly BFFS, but we know each other.)

Natalie: (CONF: Yeah, we're in the same clique, an-)

Amanda: (CONF: And, we decided that we'd do well in this. I mean, I was pair with others but Jill and Kelly were busy, Steph was away, Mia was sick, but other than that, Natalie was my first pick.)

Natalie: (CONF: ...There is only six in our clique.)

Willow: (CONF: La verdad solo me encanta el arte, tocar la guitarra acustica, los colores y amo los helados

Cali: (CONF: I love being here.)

Joe: (CONF: I love it too baby.))

Andres: (CONF: Desde los ancestros de lo mas mistico que ay a existido)

Amy: (CONF: Me and Tay only signed up for this to show everyone we are better than everyone else.)

Taylor: (CONF: Unless AMY messes it up, I am so winning this race.)

​Amy: (CONF: *scoffs* How would I mess it up?!)

Taylor: (CONF: Cause your like, totes lame and stuff duh.)

Marjorie: Peth, where'th my denthurs?

Petunia: Did you place them in your milk bowl, again? *Readjusts glasses*

Marjorie: *Takes dentures out of milk bowl and crams them in her mouth* There we go. *Tongue flaps* Delicious.

Petunia: *Lightly snoring*

Challenge 1

Chris: Challenge today 10/27/15 at 7pm EST

Chris: Welcome to the starting race in Ontario, Canada. For this All-In challenge race on foot to the Art Gallery of Ontario (5 lines) and take a picture with one of the exhibits (Here is the website if you don't know any gg Once you have your picture show it to me (1 line) and you'll be good to go! Good luck! *blasts airhorn* 

Conor: Let's do this Junior! *runs* (1)

Junior: To the museum! *runs* (1)

Ellana: Oh my gosh! An art museum!!! Let's go! *runs* [1]

Toria: *squeals and runs* [1]

Conor: I'm so psyched to really get into this race dude! *runs* (2)

Junior: Dude when the kids at school see this they're gonna freak! *runs* (2)

Ellana: Ohmygosh!!! Ontario is beautiful!~ *runs* [2]

Toria: *runs* [2]

Conor: We're gonna be even cooler especially if we win! *runs* (3) 

Junior: I know right? *runs* (3)

Willow: *runs* (1)

Andres: *runs* (1)

Conor: Almost there man! *runs* (4) 

Junior: I know I can't wait to get to the museum *runs* (4) (CONF) I'm glad I'm doing this race with Conor and not my dad. 

Willow: *runs* (2)

Andres: *runs* (2)

Conor: We're here! Pick an exhibit dude! *runs* (5) 

Junior: Let's head to the Camera Atomica exhibit. It looks cool. *runs* (5) 

Willow: *runs* (3)

Andres: *runs* (3)

Conor: Here Chris! *gives Chris picture* 

Junior: Did we win? 

Chris: Yes you did! First place for the Cool Kids. Go wait for me in the Reward Area. 

Ellana: *runs* [3]

Toria: *runs* [3]

Willow: *runs* (4)

Andres: *runs* (4)

Ellana: *runs* [4]

Toria: *runs* [4]

Willow: *runs* (5)

Andres: *runs* (5)

Conor: I wonder what the reward is dude.

Junior: Yeah same let's head over there.

Ellana: *runs* Let's go to the Liz Margor exhibit! [5]

Toria: Uh, sure. *runs* [5]

Conor: That's a cool exhibit! 

Junior: Come on Conor! *heads to reward area* 

Ellana: *hands the pic to Chris*

Toria: *huffs* Did anyone beat us?

Chris: Yes you've placed second, but you still qualify for the reward so you can go to the Reward Area as well. 

Ellana: Let's go! :D

Toria: Wander what it'll be? *they both leave*

Marjorie: Pet, wake up. *Shakes her*

Petunia: Ah. I'm up and scared. Life alert? *Readjusts glasses*

Marjorie: We're goin' somewhere. Come on.

Petunia: Hopefully we'll see my grandniece, Mary.

Marjorie: Don't you mean Tammy?

Petunia: Same thing. *Walks* [1]

Ty: Let us be on our way Violet! (Runs 1)

Violet: Yes, Lets! (Runs 1)

Petunia: You like the new dentures?

Marjorie: Mmm... *Chews on fake teeth*

Petunia: Mmm. *Walks* [2]

Violet: (Runs 2)

Ty: (Runs 2)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Walks* [3]

Ty and Violet: (Runs 3)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Walks* [4]

Ty and Violet: (Runs 4)

Marjorie: *Walks* [5] What do we do now?

Petunia: *Lightly snoring*

Ty: What picture doth the lady enjoy? (Runs 5)

Violet: I don't know quite yet.

Marjorie: What are we doin'?

Petunia: I remember; hold on. *Takes a picture of Camera Atomica* Let's go.

Marjorie: If you weren't here.... *Flaps tongue*

Chris: Only two out of 14 teams have finished.

Petunia: *Shows picture to Chris* Did we win bingo?

Marjorie: We're not playing bingo.

Petunia: Are we?

Marjorie: Are we?

Marjorie & Petunia: Are we?

Ty: *takes picture of The Jack Pine*

Violet: Lets be on our way!

Chris: Third place to the Bingo Buddies and you are the last team to qualify for the reward. 

Justine: Sandra, we can do this! See, everyone else has gotten close to a painting now let's run! *running*

Sandra: I don't know what your talking about but I guess we should be going on! *starts running*

Ty: *shows picture*

Violet: Hath we made it?

Chris: Thank you Method Actors! You're safe!

Sandra & Justine: *runs* Were coming!

Joe: *runs* (1)

Cali: *runs* (1)

Ramsay: Ugh... You think I want to run in this weather? Have you seen what I have on my feet, wedge heels! *sits on a bench*

Keisha: Gurl preach, I have some left over chicken from last nights KFC, let's just sit here and share that. *sits beside Ramsay and pulls out a pink lunch-box with foiled chicken inside*

Ramsay: Yass queen, you know me! *takes a piece and eats*

Amanda: Run! *runs* (1)

Natalie: I know...! *runs* (1)

Keisha: Okay, you done? *looks at Ramsay, handing her a bunch of tissues to wipe her mouth*

Ramsay: Yeah gurl, come on let's go!! *runs* (1)

Keisha: Don't run too fast, you might get a cramp... *runs* (1)

Amanda: *runs* I like that girl, she has common sense, unlike you. (2)

Natalie: *runs* Um, I don't really ca- (2)

Amanda: I'm sorry, who the f*** are you?

Natalie: :C

Ramsay: Run you fat cow *runs* (2)

Keisha: *out of breath* I need... *hacks and coughs* some gravy *flops on the ground.*

Ramsay: I swear to god... *picks Keisha up and helps her run*

Keisha: I'm okay... *runs* (2)

Amanda: ...Gasp... I... can't... *runs* (3)

Natalie: Do you... need any help? *runs* (3)

Ramsay: Almost there goddess *runs* (3)

Keisha: I'm dying *breathing intensifies* get the f*cking gravy *runs* (3)

Amanda: Are... we there... GASP! (4)

Natalie: We're in cross country, how are you so tired? *runs* (4)

Amanda: I don't need to... explain myself to you...! 

Ramsay: Stop being such a fat slut... Also by the way, your rolls of fat are hanging out of your skin tight vest and you also have a camel toe, sort yourself out and stop being such an embarrassment xoxo *runs* (4)

Keisha: die *runs* (4)

Amanda: Oh my gawd, finally! *gasps for air.* *runs* (5)

Natalie: *runs* (5) Quick, we need to hurry, I mean, the other teams could pass u- *sees Ramsay and Keisha.* ...Nevermind, we're safe... :/

Ramsay: Oh my gosh, Keisha you mess!! Your make up is running because of all the sweat you're producing... I'm gagging, the sweat patches *throws up* You smell so bad, like dead ass *runs* (5)

Keisha: Sorry hun, I forgot to pack deodorant *sniffs her underarms and coughs in disgust* I can't breathe oml, get me anything, I can't continue smelling like this *adjusts her camel toe*

Ramsay: *Pulls out a small bottle of rose scented deodorant from her handbag* I hope this burns your hairy pits, you skank.

Keisha: die *sprays the bottle under her arms* Much better... k let's go *runs* (5)

Amanda: Let's just go to Manasie Akpaliapik... it has class... unlike you...

Natalie: Now, that's just mean.

Amanda: I don't care about your problems.

Natalie: *hands pic to Chris.* Here ya go? Did we get fourth? 

Ramsay: Let's go Into the Woods! Ha, I make myself laugh sometimes. *walks into the exhibit*

Keisha: *follows Ramsay* You know, whenever I hear you speak I think of all the times Tyrell has cheated on you with me and then laugh to myself because you have no clue whatsoever. *she realises what she just said*

Ramsay: You did what???!!!!?! *throat punches Keisha* How dare you! Of all the D you could've had in Bed-Stuy, you decided to steal my man? Well guess what honey, he's mine and will forever be mine, remember that and tell your skanky ass self to stop being such a ho. If you enjoyed it so much, sell yourself for profit...

Keisha: *looks up in shock, hacking and coughing*

Ramsay: *stares at the camera* Tyrell, if you're watching, you better get out of this country by the time I get home because you're a dead man... *re-enacts herself choking the guy on Keisha who turns a dark shade of purple* Anyway, let's take this one..

Keisha: *takes picture of The West Wind* Here you go- *begins another coughing fit*

Natalie: *looks at Keisha in shock.* Oh my god, are you okay!?

Amanda: Who like cares?

Natalie: Are you serious...? :o

Amanda: Are you? Don't talk back to me, Nata-lia... wait, that doesn't work............... whatever, stfu. >:C

Ellana: *flies nails* Look what the cat dragged in. A pair of ghetto wannabes and two bipolar acquaintances. Nice to meet you both.

Toria: Yeah, hi. :)

Natalie: Hi. :)

Amanda: Like, is that piece of trash really talking to us like that? Like gag.

Natalie: You talk to me like that all the t-

Amanda: Seriouly, can you be on my side for once in your life?

Ramsay: Oh hi there... *slaps Ellana* Don't you ever talk to me like that again, who do you think you are, other than some bourgeois whore *flips weave*

Keisha: Sorry about that gurl... Hi :) *walks off with Ramsay*

Ellana: Ummm what the heck gives you the right to be like that! You ALL look like you were dragged in from the bargain basement 80's game shows. Check yourselves.

Toria: Um, I don't look like that, right?

Ellana: Not today, nope. :)

Natalie: There seems to be one nice one in our groups, weird.

Amanda: Are you implying I'm not nice you sk*nky, hoe!?

Natalie: Meep. :C

Toria: That's what I thought too...

Ellana: What?! 

Toria: Oh, um,  nothing! :D

Chris: Amanda and Natalie you placed fifth. Keisha and Ramsay sixth! 

Amanda: Fifth!? Rigged, like, WTF!?

Natalie: How would they rig this? This was a ra-


Chris: Amanda, you should know by now that I couldn't care less who wins or loses.

Amanda: You should know I'm this close to slapping you.

Natalie: ... *walks away to Toria.* Hey. :3

Toria: Hi there.

Natalie: This race is so exciting! What place did you guys get? ;)

Toria: We got 2nd... How about you?

Natalie: Oh my god, that's so good, you guys get the reward! We got fifth, Amanda's still raging about it...

Joe: *runs* (2)

Cali: *runs* (2)

Chris: Come on people! I'm gonna end the challenge soon.

Joe: *runs* (3)

Cali" *runs* (3) C'mon honey!

Junior: Hey Chris are we ready to finish soon? 

Joe: *runs* (4) The people behind us are like snails Junior. One team is still at the starting line.

Cali: *runs* (4) At least, that is what I heard.

Conor: Yeah I can tell.

Joe: *runs* (5)

Cali: *runs* (5) Hey! Do you see the Picasso over there? Let's go!

Chris: We're almost done here.

Joe: *brings back painting* (1)

Cali: *brings back painting* (1)

Chris: Joe and Cali you have placed 7th.

Joe: (CONF) Not bad!

Cali: (CONF) Have to agree. I am so excited to continue racing.

Chris: That's it we're done here. 

Reward Ceremony 1: Cool Kids, Fashionistas and Bingo Buddies

Conor: So first race, first place dude! 

Junior: Can't wait to see what else is in store. 

Ramsay: *intruding* I'm sorry but, if you weren't such atrocious suck ups towards the host, you wouldn't be here... People like you two need to sort yourselves out because you disgust me. *continues with the challenge*

Keisha: Well said goddess. *runs after her*

Conor: Uh what was that dude? 

Junior: No idea dude. No idea.

Chris: Cool Kids, Fashionistas and Bingo Buddies, you all have earned an advantage that will help in the next challenge, depending on which challenge you pick. 

Ellana: Nice! *files nails* Are we going to Milan? Or Tokyo?!?! Or PARIS?!?!?!

Ramsay: *sits down with the winners* stfu hoe, you don't deserve that.

Ellana: What did you say? :)

Ramsay: Ugh, Eat my a*****e *snaps fingers and walks off*

Chris: Nope! Even better! Montreal! There are two flights. On the first flight we have the Cool Kids, Fashionistas, Bingo Buddies, Method Actors, Acquaintances, Keisha and Ramsay, and the Engaged Couple. Everyone else is on flight two. 

Episode 2: Montreal Mountain Rumble 

Montreal Mountain Rumble

Season 14, Episode 2

Forest (1)
Location(s) Ontario, Canada →  Montreal, Canada
Challenge(s) Either/Or: Climb Laurentian Mountains or collect fruits and vegetables at Jean-Talon Market.
Winner(s) Amanda and Natalie
Eliminated Justine and Sandra
Episode Guide

"None Down, Fourteen to Go"


"There's Magic in All of Us"

Plane 1

Toria: *singing; out of tune* Jealous jealous jealous GIRLLLL!~

Ellana: Keep it down! You're disturbing my beauty sleep.

Marjorie: *Snores*

Petunia: *Snores*

Keisha: *struggles to adjust herself in the seat* Um... Ramsay... I think I'm stuck. *becomes increasingly worried*

Ramsay: What and you wonder why? Lose some wait you fat slut *takes a seat next to her* If you could stop breathing for a few minutes that'd be great because you're so f*cking loud.

Keisha: Well have you thought that it could just be the seats reducing the amount of oxygen intake I'm receiving? *scowls*

Ramsay: If that's true, then... suffocate in silence please xoxo *puts headphones in and watches as Keisha proceeds to order tons of food off the menu*


Ellana: That's it! P**s off!

Toria: All right. I understand. *tries to find a seat* D:

Ramsay: Hey! Skinny b*tch! *summons Toria who is still searching for a seat* Take my seat please, I can't take it anymore, especially with that morbidly obese lump.

Keisha: F*ck off *flips off Ramsay who then proceeds to punch her tit* Ow!

Ramsay: Have a nice flight! *smiles at the two whilst she walks away*

Ellana: Come sit next to me... Just don't waft your body odour towards me, please. These aee NEW earrings. @Ramsay

Toria: *sits down* Thanks... Hey there. @Keisha

Ramsay: Excuse me... that foul stench came from my disgusting partner, Keisha. Not me... and thank you. *sits down*

Keisha: *waves towards Toria before continuing to eat the food provided*

Ellana: Whatever, just don't let your... flab... leak into my seat. *prods Ramsay's side*

Toria: Ooh, what kind of food is that?

Ramsay: What fat? Ha, you make me laugh *pats Ellana on the head* Oh my... Your make up looks cakey af, sort yourself out before the cameras spot you *points towards the camera that stares directly at her*

Keisha: I have no clue, I think it's Jokbal or smth... Wanna try? *offers some to her*

Ellana: Shut up omg, get a life fat c**t.

Toria: Sure! *takes some* That's tasty! 

Ty: Thine excellence in the competition thus far is indubitably satisfying! 

Violet: Ty calm down... We need to switch, dude... 

Ty: Really, Babe? I was getting into that.  

Amanda: Yawn.

Natalie: Man, I'm so glad that we got fifth! Eeek!

Amanda: We should've gotten first...

Natalie: *sighs*

Joe: Everyone calm down here!

Cali: I love being up here with you guys! :)

Ellana: Give me a break, you're both so tacky. Just stop being fake. Oh, and Cali, those earrings are SO 1977.

Natalie: That's really nic-

Amanda: Go away, suck-ups.

Natalie: I haven't seen them suck up onc-

Amanda: Okay, can you like STOP!? Every-! Single-! Time-! Natalie!

Natalie: >:C

Cali: I'm not wearing earrings. Jokes on you.

Joe: (CONF) We try to be a nice team as we do get along. Bit some people push us to our limits.

Cali: (CONF) This is so true.

Amanda: Then what the f*** is up with your ears?

Natalie: That's just mean.


Natalie: :C *gets up and looks for another seat.*

Cali: I have no problem with my ears. Maybe it is yours which is the real f****d up ones.


Amanda: "Yours which is?" *slow claps.* Congrats, you've failed basic grammer.

Natalie: *sits next to a window seat at the back.* ..............this is fun..... (CONF: Me and Amanda... haven't really hung out before. In our clique, I just stand by and watch the others talk.)

Ellana: Like Amanda said, you must have deformed ears or something. Now shut up and stop being gross as I read up on Gucci's next big thing. 

Plane 2

Willow: *plays a acustic guitar*

Andres: Sabes Willow

Willow: Que?

Andres: Mira esas nubes

Willow: son blancas y esponjosas

Challenge 2

/Chris: Challenge starts tonight 10/29/15 at 7pm EST

Chris: Welcome to Montreal! For this Either Or challenge you can climb the Laurentian Mountains (7 lines) and ring the bell (1 line) or you can race to Jean-Talon Market (5 lines) and collect fruits and vegetables (2 lines) and bring them to me (1 line). GO! 

Amanda: Go us! *climbs mountain* (1)

Natalie: But this is so hard! *climbs mountain.* (1)

Toria: Think of the fashions we will see in the market!

Ellana: All right, then. You win this time. *runs* [1]

Toria: *runs* [1]

Amanda: All these loser teams have nothing on us, right? We're on the cross country club! *climbs mountain* (2)

Natalie: Now that I think about it, have you ever come to cross country club? *climbs mountain.* (2)

Amanda: *throws Natalie a glare.*

Natalie: ...AH! Now I remember, you have!

Amanda: No one likes a suck-up, Natalie, please.

Natalie: ...........what....?

Ellana: *runs* [2]

Toria: *runs* [2]

Amanda: Wow, I'm getting tired... *climbs mountain* (3)

Natalie: *rolls her eyes as she climbs mountain.* (3)

Ellana: *runs* [3]

Toria: *runs* [3] Amanda: Making it! *gasps* *climbs mountain* (4)

Natalie: *she climbs mountain.* (4)

Junior: Let's go to the market bro! *runs* (1) 

Conor: Alright man *runs* (1)

Amanda: *climbs mountain* (5)

Natalie: *she climbs mountain.* (5)

Junior: *runs* (2) 

Conor: *runs* (2)

Amanda: *climbs mountain* (6)

Natalie: *she climbs mountain.* (6)

Ellana: *runs* [4]

Toria: *runs* [4]

Amanda: *climbs mountain* (7)

Natalie: *she climbs mountain.* (7)

Junior: *runs* (3) 

Conor: *runs* (3)

Amanda: *rings bell*

Natalie: *rings bell too.*

Junior: *runs* (4) 

Conor: *runs* (4) 

Chris: Amanda and Natalie place first! 

Ellana: *runs* [5]

Toria: *runs* [5] 

Amanda: First! Yeah!

Natalie: From fifth to first, we're doing pretty good.

Amanda: Duh, we're amazing.

Natalie: We're...? :D

Ellana: *collects fruit* [1]

Toria: *collects fruit* [1] 

Junior: *arrives at market* We're here man!

Conor: You get fruits I'll take the vegetables! 

Ellana: *collects fruit* [2]

Toria: *collects fruit* [2] 

Junior: *collects fruit* (1)

Conor: *collects vegetables* (1)

Ellana & Toria: *give the fruit to Chris* 

Ellana: We're done! take that, b*****s.

Natalie: Second twice in a row, wow! You guys are really good! <3

Amanda: Hmpf.

Junior: *collects fruit* 

Conor: *collects vegetables* 

Chris: Ellana and Toria you placed second! 

Petunia: *Walks to market* [1]

Marjorie: *Flaps tongue*

Petunia: *Readjusts spectacles*

Junior: Here Chris! *gives fruits and vegetables* 

Chris: Conor and Junior you have placed third! 

Conor: Alright! Safe again Junior! 

Marjorie & Petunia: *Walks to market* [2]

Joe: *climbs Laurentian Mountain* [1]

Cali: *climbs Laurentian Mountain* [1]

Ty: *climbs 1*

Violet: No mountain can stop the Wonder-Teens! (climbs 1)

Ellana: Are those drama eggheads coming up the mountain? I can hear their bad outfits.

Ty: *climbs 2*

Violet: *climbs 2*

Toria: They seemed pretty cool. 

Ty: *climbs 3*

Violet: *climbs 3*

Ellana: Seriously? *laughs* 

Ty: *climbs 4* 

Violet: *climbs 4*

Toria: Yeah, I guess. It's important to socialize :(

Ty: Come on Teen-V! Our powers can't save us this time! *climbs 5*

Violet: I am Teen-T! *climbs 5*

Ellana: Whatever.

Ty: *climbs 6*

Violet: *climbs 6*

Toria: You should at least try.

Ty: *climbs 7*

Violet: *climbs 7*

Ellana: Look; here they come now.

Ty: *rings bell*

Violet: Another super job by us, THE SUPER TEENS!

Chris: Ty and Violet you have placed fourth! Also I have come into news that one team has decided to be removed from the competition so the challenge is over! 

Elimination 1: Best Friends Forever

Chris: Justine and Sandra since you want to quit you are out of the competition. Now we're off to Orlando, Florida! On plane 1 we have the Acquaintances, Fashionistas, Cool Kids, Method Actors and the Bingo Buddies. Plane 2 has everyone else!

Episode 3: There's Magic in All of Us 

There's Magic in All of Us

Season 14, Episode 3

Location(s) Montreal, Canada →  Orlando, Florida
Challenge(s) Either/Or: Run through the six theme lands at Disney World or find Mickey Mouse.
Winner(s) Marjorie and Petunia
Eliminated Keisha and Ramsay and Ty and Violet
Episode Guide

"Montreal Mountain Rumble"



Plane 1

Marjorie: *Snores*

Petunia: *Snores*

Junior: Ugh dude that snoring! 

Conor: How are they even tired? I'm not!

Amanda: Suck it up, third place, us queens are trying to relax, your whining is getting on my nerves.

Natalie: (CONF: It's like she's trying to start a fight!) ...

Ty: Citizens! There is no need to fight!

Junior: No one's fighting Ty. 

Conor: Amanda there's nothing wrong with third place! Still top three.

Ty: But-

Violet: Ty can it! We only act for challenges got it!?

Ty: Yes, Babe...

Amanda: Still below me.

Natalie: *sighs*

Toria: *jams to music*

Ellana: *paints her nails* ^_^ 

Natalie: Amanda, I think me and you got to start... you know... respect each other, if we want to stay in the game...

Amanda: Finally! I've been so sick of your little *** complaints, I mean, oh my gawd-!

Natalie: I meant, you need to respect me a little bit more.


Plane 2

Willow: Oh valla esta revista esta buena

Cali: Plane 2. That sucks. At least we are still in the race.

Joe: And we went from 7th to 6th. An improvement I guess. We will never climb up a mountain again.

Cali: Deal.

Willow: Super lindo

Andres: *rolleyes*

Nemo: Yesh! Orlando, Florida!

Omen: Burh shaddup. *rolls eyes* like anyone cares.

Jessica: *filing nails* Um, can you keep it down? There are ladies on this plane.

Emily: Correction. Lady. No plural. *folds arms*

Jessica: Excuse me?

Emily: You're excused. Don't even bother coming for me, because I will verbally end you.

Jessica: Then let's make things physical.

Emily: I'll cut your plaits off. What are you, twelve?

Jessica: You... of ALL people judging someone's appearance? Those boots... I can't even recall what season they were. Has Been.

Emily: Whatever, moron.

Willow: Muchas gracias. 

Nemo: *whistles*

Omen: *flips Emily's and Jessica's skirts*

Shuttle Bus 

Chris: Let's go everyone! Welcome to Orlando, Florida and we are now in route to our next stop! 

Marjorie: When's bingo startin'?

Petunia: *Readjusts spectacles* There is no bingo; we're on a... something.

Marjorie: Then I'm goin' to bed. *Pulls out dentures* No need for denthures iph there'th no bingo.

Willow: Yo tenia una guitarra acustica

Ellana: Spanish is such a weird language. Italian is where it's at; you need it for all the trips to Milan! 

Conor: Can't wait to see what's in store Chris!

Amanda: Ew, plane two losers.

Natalie: Amanda...

Amanda: ...! Fine... I'll stop... After I point out how much of a suck-up the Lame Kids are...

Natalie: Well, to be fair, calling themselves the cool kids kinda shows how... 

Amanda: Pathetic they are? Yes, I agree.

Cali: I'm excited. Let's have some fun.

Joe: I'll be happy to!

Violet: Ugh... method acting still isn't making you noticeable Ty...

Ty: Babe.... I'm trying...

Petunia: This younger generation certainly is frightening.

Marjorie: *Puts dentures back in mouth and flaps tongue* Of course. They're the reason I pay so much taxes!

Petunia: We haven't paid taxes in at least ten years.

Marjorie: They're the reason I have aching bones!

Petunia: That's because you still try to do yoga.

Marjorie: They're the reason I'm stuck in this chair!

Petunia: Well, you did have kids, so yeah.

Marjorie: *Flaps tongue* Despicable.

Omen: Everyone is Despicable except for ME!

Nemo: SHUT UP!

Willow: *smiles*

Emily: Shuttle bus? Really? A lady like me could not get a better mode of transportation?

Jessica: Gosh, Debbie Downer, not everything's about you.

Emily: *filing nails* I wouldn't be so sure about that, Messica.

Jessica: Oh, are we about to get real? Because I am DOWN to get real.

Nemo: It is real.

Omen: *flips up Jessica's and Emily's skirts*

Willow: Trato hecho

Andres: Estas seguro de eso 

Junior: Uh hi? (CONF) I never know what those two are saying...

Amanda: O-M-G, those losers are such per****s! *points at Nemo and Omen.* >:C

Natalie: Yeah, it's weird.

Nemo: Wha?

Conor: *to Amanda and Natalie* What is up with those two?

Amanda: *rolls her eyes.*

Natalie: They are really weird, hopefully, they go soon. :P

Conor: Yeah same. I've never seen someone like that.

Natalie: I mean, like, their names are just the other one's backwards, weird... 

Conor: I mean Omen isn't a name you should be proud of.

Willow: *smiles*

Andres: Oh Rayos!

Willow: (CONF) Creo que no podra evitarlo haora

Andres: (CONF) Pero nunca se rinde

Natalie: *giggles* I know, right?

Willow: Oh gracias Natalie *smiles*

Natalie: Wait... what...? :/

Willow: Ah bueno esta bien

Andres: *rolleyes*

Toria: Hey Willow and Andres! I like your outfits.

Willow: Si

Andres: Muy bien

Nemo: *slaps Omen*

Omen: Ow! F***!

Willow: *smiles*

Challenge 3

Chris: Welcome to Disney World! In this Either/Or challenge you can race through all of the six theme lands (Main Street, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland and Tomorrow) (6 lines) or you can search the place for Mickey Mouse (6 lines). Good luck! 

Marjorie & Petunia: *Search for Mickey Mouse* [1]

Willow and Andres: *Search for Mickey Mouse* (1)

Cali and Joe: *searches for Mickey Mouse* [1]

Marjorie & Petunia: *Search for Mickey Mouse* [2]

Willow and Andres: *Search for Mickey Mouse* (2)

Conor: *runs to Main Street* (1) 

Junior: *runs to Main Street* (1)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Search for Mickey Mouse* [3]

Willow and Andres: *Search for Micke Mouse* (3)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Search for Mickey Mouse* [4]

Willow and Andres: *Search for Mickey Mouse* (4)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Search for Mickey Mouse* [5]

Willow and Andres: *Search for Mickey Mouse* (5)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Search for Mickey Mouse* [6] Found 'im. *Flaps tongue*

Willow and Andres: *Search for Mickey Mouse* (6) Yay!

Emily: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (1)

Jessica: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (1) Y'know Em, you kind of look like him.

Nemo and Omen: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (1)

Ellana & Toria: *searches for Mickey Mouse* [1]

Emily: Don't you DARE tempt me to throw this challenge and beat you down. *searches for Mickey Mouse* (2)

Jessica: Oh please, you couldn't buy a moldy loaf of bread with your sk*nky ass. *searches for Mickey Mouse* (2)

Nemo and Omen: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (2)

Conor: *runs to Adventureland* (2)

Junior: *runs to Adventureland* (2)

Emily: Whatever. *searches for Mickey Mouse* (3)

Jessica: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (3)

Nemo and Omen: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (3)

Emily: Whatever. *searches for Mickey Mouse* (4)

Jessica: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (4)

Cali & Joe: *searches for Mickey Mouse* [2]

Ellana & Toria: *search for Mickey Mouse* [2]

Cali & Joe: *searches for Mickey Mouse* [3]

Nemo and Omen: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (4)

Ellana & Toria: *search for Mickey Mouse* [3]

Cali & Joe: *searches for Mickey Mouse* [4]

Ellana & Toria: *search for Mickey Mouse* [4]

Joe & Cali: *searches for Mickey Mouse* [5]

Ellana & Toria: *search for Mickey Mouse* [5]

Joe & Cali: *searches for Mickey Mouse* [6] Done!

Ellana & Toria: *search for Mickey Mouse* [6] Us too!

Amanda: *Searchs for Mickey Mouse* [1]

Natalie: *Searchs for Mickey Mouse* [1] (CONF: We were behind because... um... Amanda flirted with some tourists... our age, of course.)

Amanda: (CONF: Whatever, I've obtained ten new phone numbers. I've basically won this challenge already.)

Emily: Whatever. *searches for Mickey Mouse* (5)

Jessica: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (5)

Nemo and Omen: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (5) (NEMO CONF: I'm pretty sure Joe and Cali cheated...)

Cali: Whoah. You little b*****s. We did not cheat. We did it legit, start to finish. Ask Chris, Ellana, or Toria.

Nemo and Omen: (CONF Nemo: Whatever) *searches fir Nickey Mouse* (6) Finally we are done... Wait! He was right here all this time!

Amanda: *searches.* (2)

Natalie: *searches.* :O (2)

Conor: Come on dude we're behind! *runs to Frontierland* (3)

Junior: I'm coming! *runs* (3) 

Chris: Marjorie and Petunia you have placed first, Willow and Andres second, Joe and Cali third, Ellana and Toria fourth, Nemo and Omen fifth.

Natalie: *searches* :/ (3)

Amanda: *searches.* (3)

Conor: *runs to Liberty Square* (4) 

Junior: *runs to Liberty Square* (4) 

Natalie: *searches* :/ (4)

Amanda: *searches.* (4)

Conor: *runs to Fantasyland* (5) 

Junior: *runs to Fantasyland* (5) 

Natalie: *searches* (5)

Amanda: *searches.* (5)

Emily: Whatever. *searches for Mickey Mouse* (6)

Jessica: *searches for Mickey Mouse* (6)

Conor: Done! *runs to Tomorrowland* (6) 

Junior: Whew we're safe dude! *runs to Tomorrowland* (6) 

Chris: Emily and Jessica sixth, Conor and Junior seventh! 

Natalie: *searches* (6) Eight! Eurgh!

Amanda: *searches.* (6) That's basically last! >:O

Natalie: Well, it's not though.

Amanda: Well I feel like trash, like the stupid "Cool Kids"!

Natalie: (CONF: Normally, I'd stop her rants, but it's one of the only ways to cool her off, and believe me, she needed to cool off. At least I wasn't the victim of her rage though, even if another team was...)

Chris: Amanda and Natalie you have placed eighth! The challenge is over! 

Elimination 2: Bedford-Stuyvesant Alumni and Method Actors 

Chris: I'm sorry but you're both eliminated. Now the first four teams are on flight 1 and the last four teams are on flight 2.

Episode 4: It Was A Dark and Gloomy Night...

It Was A Dark and Gloomy Night...

Season 14, Episode 4

Location(s) Orlando, Florida →  Transylvania, Romania
Challenge(s) Botch or Watch: Make your way through three checkpoints in Corvin Castle.
Winner(s) Marjorie and Petunia
Eliminated Emily and Jessica
Episode Guide

"There's Magic in All of Us"


"Colosseum Conundrum"

Plane 1 

Joe: Back on Plane 1!

Cali: I like it, we have a lead.

Joe: I think we can win this leg!

Marjorie: *Lightly snores*

Petunia: *Lightly snores*

Ellana: Hmph, we need to get into the top 3! >:(

Toria: Well, at least we're on the first flight.

Plane 2

Junior: Wow we did pretty bad last challenge dude.

Conor: Yeah I know we gotta get back to the top! Or at least on the first flight.

Willow: *smiles*

Omen: I'll set an bomb to our next location!

Nemo: No you won't.

Emily: *applying foundation* Maybe you could, I don't know, hurry the heck up next time?

Jessica: Well, um, maybe if you weren't such a wh*re, we wouldn't be in sixth place.

Emily: Are you really blaming me? Like, really? You're an idiot.

Jessica: At least I'm hot.

Emily: At least my IQ is actually higher than my age.

Jessica: Whatever.

Junior: Uh so hey guys how's it going? 

Challenge 4

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 11/10/15.

Chris: Okay welcome to Transylvania, Romania everyone! We're right outside Corvin Castle and today's challenge is a botch or watch! One person must make their way through 3 checkpoints in this spooky castle. It's gonna be dark so we're giving you all a torch to see. When you get to a checkpoint, there will be torches on the wall with your team photo on it. Light a torch that has your team photo on it. Your teammate cannot do anything to help, but just pray you make it out alive. It will take 2 lines to get to a checkpoint and 1 line to light the torch. Last team to arrive could be heading home! Good luck! 

Conor: Uh, do you wanna do it Junior?

Junior: If I can carry my dad over hot coals I can do this. I'm going in.

Ellana: Ewww! You do it.

Toria: Ok... *runs* [1]

Junior: *runs* (1)

Petunia: I'll go. *Walks* [1]

Marjorie: *Flaps tongue* Hurry up, then!

Junior: *runs* (2)

Petunia: I'll go. *Walks* [2]

Junior: That's one! gotta keep moving *lights torch* 

Petunia: I'll go. *Lights torch* This is dangerous.

Junior: Uh the quicker I get this done the better *runs* (1)

Petunia: I'll go. *Walks* [1]

Junior: *runs* (2)

Petunia: I'll go. *Walks* [2]

Toria: *runs* [2]

Petunia: I'll go. *Lights torch* This is still dangerous.

Junior: *lights torch*

Toria: *lights torch*

Petunia: I'll go. *Walks* [1]

Toria: *runs* [1]

Petunia: I'll go. *Walks* [2]

Junior: *runs* (1)

Petunia: I'll go. *Lights torch* This is very dangerous.

Junior: *runs* (2)

Toria: *runs* [2]

Junior: *lights torch* We're done dude!

Conor: Alright I knew you could do it!

Toria: *lights torch* 

Chris: We're halfway through the competition and so we have the winners of this round! Marjorie and Petunia you have placed first, Conor and Junior in second.

Amanda: Alright, don't die on me, go!

Natalie: Don't I get a choic-


Natalie: *gulps* No... I'll go, just don't shout... *runs*

Junior: Woah calm down Amanda.

Amanda: Um, we barely escaped elimination last episode, I don't want to lose. She understands.

Natalie: Eeeeeek, someone there? Aurgh... *breaths heavily while she walks* (2) (CONF: I'm terrified of the dark! I've had a fear of it since last halloween. My brother was supposed to take me trick or treating, yet he wanted to hang with his girlfriend so he left me in the woods! Alone, in the dark, when I was seven! I eventually got out, but I was scarred for life!

Junior: Well neither do Conor and I, but there's a nicer way to do this. 

Willow: *lighs torch*

Amanda: Pfft, I don't need your advice, you losers named yourself "The Cool Kids", that's plenty enough evidence that your advice is useless to me. Besides, Natalie's fine!

Natalie: I'm not fine, I'm not fine! Eeek! *lights torch* Finally... *gulp*

Willow: *runs* (1)

Natalie: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! *runs (1)

Toria: *runs* [1]

Willow: *runs* (2)

Tora: *runs* [2]

Natalie: *runs* (2) Eek! :O

Willow: *runs* (1)

Natalie: *runs (2)

Willow: *runs* (2)

Natalie: Almost there! *torches photo*

Willow: *torches photo*

Natalie: *runs* (1)

Toria: *lights torch* Done!

Natalie: *runs* (2) I can see the last checkpoint! :D

Willow: *runs* (1)

Natalie: Done! *torches photo* Eeeeee!

Amanda: Took ya long enough.

Willow: *runs* (2) 

Joe: Let me do it! *runs to checkpoint 1* [1]

Emily: *runs to checkpoint* (1)

Willow: Si.

Emily: *runs to checkpoint* (2)

Willow: Me encanta los helados.

Joe: *runs to checkpoint 1* [2]

Natalie: I can't understand a single thing anything that girl says.

Amanda: Me neither. But I have a plan to help us by.

Natalie: What?

Joe: *lights torch 1* [1]

Amanda: We'll use our womanly charms to flirt with the stonger competition!

Natalie: Isn't that a little....

Amanda: A little ingenuis! I know, right?

Joe: *runs to checkpoint 2* [1]

Natalie: Um, no...

Amanda: A little WHAT then?

Natalie: Well... a little wrong?

Joe: *runs to checkpoint 2* [2]

Amanda: Um, pardon!? Have you seen how we've done in this race!? I'm APPAULED! APPAULED! We need to use the fact we're attractive girls to our advantage sooner or later!

Natalie: But why would you-

Amanda: Look, most of the front runners are men, and I'm always able to manipulate men into doing whatever I want, I don't even need them to be attracted to me.

Joe: Thanks girls! *lights torch 2* [1]

Natalie: What do you mean? Also, most people in this race are female s-

Amanda: How do you think Cali would react if I flirted with her man? >:)

Natalie: :O

Joe: Dang. I was following their voices. Now I can't hear them! *runs to checkpoint 3* [1]

Willow: Si claro.

Joe: Gracias Willow! *runs to checkpoint 3* [2]

Willow: De nada.

Natalie: WHAT! I mean... what, why would you do that, they're engag-

Amanda: Cali is a class A b****, who deserves to be taken down a notch, and they're doing too well. Just work with me... please... *reaches out her hand.*

Joe: *lights torch 3* [1] DONE!

Cali: Great job babe!

Natalie: S-sure...

Amanda: ...good.... >:) OH MY GOD! Look, it's my hunk! *being loud enough so Cali can here.* Eeeeeeeeee! :D

Natalie: *gulps*

Cali: WHAT?

Amanda: This guy here has been flirting with me the entire race, what's it to you? ;)

Natalie: (CONF: I feel bad, but everyone has to do things they aren't proud of.) Yeah, I witnissed it the entire time. He's been saying she has a "sweet bod" and such "lucious lips". Why do you care? :O

Chris: Ellana and Toria place third, Amanda and Natalie place fourth, Cali and Joe place fifth.

Nemo: *runs* (1)

Willow: *smiles*

Nemo: *runs* (2)

Chris: Let's go people!

Nemo: *lights torch* (3)

Willow: *eats cornpops*

Nemo: *runs* (4) (CONF: She might be helping me win!)

Chris: That's it Andres and Willow place sixth after their penalty for doing the challenge incorrectly, Nemo and Omen place seventh and for posting least of all, Emily and Jessica are out. 

Elimination Ceremony 3: Hot Queens

Chris: Emily, Jessica you are eliminated goodbye. Teams place first through third are on the first flight to Italy! Teams placed fourth through seventh are on flight two.

Episode 5: Colosseum Conundrum

Colosseum Conundrum

Season 14, Episode 5

Location(s) Transylvania, Romania →  Rome, Italy

All-In: Build a chariot. Random Botch: Pull the chariot around the Colosseum. 

Winner(s) Marjorie and Petunia
Eliminated TBA
Episode Guide

"It Was a Dark and Gloomy Night..."



Plane 1

Marjorie: *Lightly snores*

Petunia: *Lightly snores*

Junior: (CONF) Those two always sleeping *laughs* 

Conor: (CONF) I'm a little surprised that they've placed first twice in a row to be honest, but good for them!

Plane 2

Nemo: Finally...

Omen: *sighs*

Amanda: (CONF: It's good that we're on flight two, not that we don't deserve flight one, but we can mess with those engaged losers, hahahahah!)

Natalie: (CONF: I don't have a say in this, so it's just easier to go along with it. We're already on harsh terms with each other, it's better if I just do what she says.)

Amanda: (CONF: Damn straight. :D)

Cali: (CONF: I hate Amanda. You too Joe! Chris, can I run this race alone?)

Joe: (CONF: These are lies. Please believe me.)


Joe: Fine. To think, I was going to propose to you on this episode.

Amanda: *speaking loudly.* Man, I sure hope Cali isn't mad at me. I never knew they were going out, and he flirted with me. (CONF: The more I put the blame on Joe, the better. Hahahaha, this is too good!)

Natalie: *sighs* Yeah, I sure hope you two find a way to smoove things over. (CONF: Nice to see you're enjoying playing with others lives... *sighs* I didn't really think I could do anything like this, I always took pride on being the nice girl....... Meh.)

Willow: Me encanta roma.

Challenge 5

Chris: Challenge will be today 11/17/15

Chris: Welcome to Rome, Italy! For this All-In challenge you must build a chariot to resemble one that is from Ancient Rome. It will take 5 lines (as a team) to build the cheriot. Let me know when you're done! Good luck! 

Marjorie & Petunia: *Builds chariot* Silly... [1]

Willow and Andres: *builds chariot* (1)

Ellana & Toria: *build chariot* [1]

Conor & Junior: *builds chariot* (1)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Builds chariot* Too silly... [2]

Willow and Andres: *builds chariot* (2)

Conor & Junior: *builds chariot* (2)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Builds chariot* Very silly... [3]

Willow and Andres: *builds chariot* (3)

Ellana & Toria: *build* [2]

​Conor & Junior: *builds chariot* (3)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Builds chariot* Very, very silly... [4]

Willow and Andres: *builds chariot* (4)

​Conor & Junior: *builds chariot* (4)

Marjorie & Petunia: *Builds chariot* Silly, silly, silly... [5] Do... do... done... *Both fall asleep*

Willow and Andres: *builds chariot* (5)

Ellana & Toria: *build* [3]

​Conor & Junior: *builds chariot* (5) Done! 

Chris: Random botch! One of you must pull the chariot around the Colosseum! (5 lines) 

Marjorie: Huh, huh, what? Do what? I heard pull and botch, let's do this. Um.... *flaps tongue while pulling chariot* [1]

Conor: I got this! *pulls chariot* (1)

Marjorie: *Pulls chariot* [2]

Joe & CalI: *builds* [1]

Willow: *pulls* (1)

Marjorie: *Pulls chariot* [3]

Joe and Cali: *builds* [2]

Marjorie: *Pulls chariot* [4]

Joe and Cali: *builds* [3]

Marjorie: *Pulls chariot* [5]

Joe and Cali: *builds* [4]

Ellana & Toria: *builds* [4]

Conor: *pulls chariot* (2)

Willow: *pulls* (2)

Joe and Cali: *builds* [5] Ellana & Toria: *builds* [5]

Toria: *pulls* [1]

Cali: *pulls* [1]

Willow: *pulls* (3)

Toria: *pulls* [2]

Cali: *pulls* [2]

Toria: *pulls* [3]

Cali: *pulls* [3]

Willow: *pulls* (4)

Conor: *pulls chariot* (3)

Cali: *pulls* [4]

Conor: *pulls chariot* (4)

Cali: *pulls* [5]

Toria: *pulls* [4]

Conor: *pulls chariot* (5) Done Chris!

Willow: *pulls* (5) Bien hecho!

Toria: *pulls* [5]

Nemo and Omen: *builds chariot* (1)

Chris: Marjorie and Petunia first, Joe and Cali in second, Conor and Junior in third, Ellana and Toria in fourth, Andres and Willow in fifth after a penalty. That leaves only two teams left!

Amanda and Natalie: *builds chariot.*

Ellana: Ugh hurry up, I want to get on the plane!!!

Amanda: OMFG! Shut up!

Amanda and Natalie: *builds chariot*

Ellana: Why should I???

Toria: *sighs*

Amanda: Because nobody cares for the opinions of filthy casuals such as yourself.

Amanda and Natalie: *builds chariot* (3)

Nemo and Omen: *builds chariot* (2)

Amanda and Natalie: *builds chariot* (4)

Chris: Let's go people!

Amanda and Natalie: Done with the chariot building! Jinx! *builds chariot.* (5)

Amanda: Another tip, urg, let's see... WHAT! I have to pull this chariot around this collisium! That requires... like... work! 

Natalie: It'll be okay, just try your best... there's no way we'll lose to them. -_-

Amanda: Yeah, you're right... :/

Omen: ITS ALL YOUR F***ING FAULT! *chokes Nemo*

Amanda: *pulls* Like, winning! <3

Willow: Muy bien hecho Amanda.

Amanda: *pulls* Um, hello, Will... :/ (2)

Willow: Uh hola Amanda.

Amanda: How ya doing... :/ *pulls* (3)

Willow: Todo bien.

Amanda: Um... cool... *pulls* (4)

Willow: Muchas Gracias.

Marjorie: I'm... I'm... I'm... just a goofy goober- I mean, old lady. *Falls to the ground*

Petunia: Are you fine?

Marjorie: *Snoring*

Petunia: Tasteful. *Lies down and goes to sleep*

Amanda: YES! *pulls* (5) I WON! 

Natalie: Won 6th place...

Amanda: Don't ruin this moment for me, swine. >:C

Willow: *smiles* Me gustan las fresas.

Elimination Ceremony 4: TBA 

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