Sign Ups (Closed)

  1. Amy-The Evil Twin-Don Cheated out in Brokeback Mountain (10th)
  2. Beardo-The Human Soundboard-Blaze
  3. Dave-The Normal Guy-TF Voted out in An Apple A Day... (5th)
  4. Ella-The Fairytale Princess-Amber
  5. Jasmine-The Australian Outback Girl-Electra Voted out in The Freaks Come Out At Night (4th)
  6. Leonard-The LARPer-Surfer Voted out in Waterfalls and Piggy Brawls (13th)
  7. Max-The Super Villain-Wes Eliminated in Chocolate Factory Fun (6th)
  8. Rodney-The Country Boy-Mabel Voted out in Code Crackers (8th)
  9. Samey-The Good Twin-Puffles Voted out in Everybody Loves Cindy (7th)
  10. Scarlett-The Quiet Brainiac-Racey
  11. Shawn-The Zombie Conspiracy Nut-Alpha Voted out in Welcome Back, Pahk (14th)
  12. Sky-The Athlete-Kongaroo Voted out in Total Drama: The Board Game (12th)
  13. Sugar-The Pageant Queen-Dark Voted out in Of Mice and Men (11th)
  14. Topher-The Chris Wannabe-BB Voted out in We Want Chef! (9th)

Interactions (You May Edit)


Leonard and Sugar


Amy and Samey

Amy and Jasmine

Amy and Max

Amy and Dave

Amy and Rodney (One-sided)

Topher and Amy (One-Sided)

Beardo and Topher



Amy and Rodney (One-sided on Rodney's side)

Rodney and Sugar (One-sided on Rodney's side)

Sugar and Leonard (One-sided on Sugar's side)


The Kihew Killers- Topher (Started It), Leonard, and Ella (Both asked by Topher)

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Merge? Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10th Amy Kihew WIN LOW WIN WIN OUT
11th Sugar Mistahkesow SAFE WIN SAFE OUT
12th Sky Mistahkesow SAFE WIN OUT
13th Leonard Kihew WIN OUT
14th Shawn Mistahkesow OUT

Episode 1: Welcome Back, Pahk

Welcome Back, Pahk

Season 11, Episode 1

Challenge(s) Decorate the inside of your shelter.
Winner(s) Team Kihew
Eliminated Shawn
Episode Guide

"Virtual Finale"



"Waterfalls and Piggy Brawls"


Chris: Last season we had put 22 contesants through some of our most insane challenges yet! It came down to two people, but ultimately there was only one victor. Now we're bringing back the 14 contestants from Pahkitew to see who will be the next winner! Will it be an All Star or an Underdog? Get ready to find out on ASVU11!


Chris: We're back for an 11th season with the cast from Pahkitew Island so let's welcome them back!

Jasmine: Hiya mates!

Sugar: Wheres the WIZARD?

Leonard: Hocus pocus... Sugar-tosus! Hey, I made sugar appear!

Topher: Hey guys! I see you guys way too much. Kinda like someone I know. *Looks At Chris*

Max: I have to prove I am more evil that Scarlett this time around

Leonard: Do you want me to make you an evil potion?

Dave: ...Right. So, can we go now? I'm sure you don't need me for this season, I've been on too many already, and I just don't want to be here.

Max: Dave you will be the first victim of my pure evil. *runs over and pantses Dave* Muahahahahahahahaha

Sugar: WIZARD *squeezes Leonard*

Leonard: *choking* Sugar!

Dave: *was wearing pants underneath his pants* Okay? Well, I don't need to lose anymore IQ points, so I'll be over there...*runs away*

Max: So i have to ask. Which one of you would like to be my evil minion this season

Leonard: I use my powers for good, not evil.

Topher: Chris can we talk?

Sugar: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Say evil again!

Amy: Hello everyone. *Fake Smiles* I hope we all get along and have fun.

Max: Sugar when you look up evil in the dictionary, my face appears. EVILLLLLLLLLLLLL

Amy: Wow, Impressive. You seem like a real evil genius.

Sugar: Hes a real weirdo isn't he Amy?

Amy: I find him... *Gags then punches herself* Charmingly Unique...

Chris: *reluctantly* Sure Topher.

Topher: I wanted to make a deal with you. If I win I get to be the host and I'll let u keep the money. Deal?

Dave: *away from everyone, watching the river* I wish I had a fishing pole to do some fishing...*sighs* More normal than this anyway. (CONF) Why do I keep coming back? I just keep losing my mind...there's nothing good about this- I never win! This is the definition of insanity! Doing the same things multiple times and expecting different results, so I was wrong- I have lost my mind! Just wonderful...

Amy: *Sees Dave off in the distance and scowls* (CONF: UGH! What is that spit ball doing her? Ugh, He got me booted one time. And I will NEVER forget.)

Chris: No way Topher.

Amy: *Approaches Jasmine and whispers* Hiya stretch, Still going to tea-parties with Spareamy?

Topher: That is totes unfair! (CONF: Fine Chris I'm gonna have to show you that I would be a great host)

Jasmine: Excuse me? *scoffs*

Amy: *Grabs Jasmine by her arm and whispers in her ear* Yeah, You know Samey? I will personally guarantee that if you go squawking around like some cockatoo I WILL destroy her, Got it?

Dave: The fish are calling me...not being able to fish when there are fish in sight sucks.

Max: *pushes Dave into the river* I am so EVIL!!!!!!!

Jasmine: Sure. (CONF) Really? This girl is unbelievable.

Dave: *shivering from coldness of the river* C-C-can I quit already? P-p-please...*gets out of the river quickly* I need a towel...and some hand sanitizer...and a blanket...

Amy: *Smiles* Perfect. (CONF: Now I have to convince Dave to keep his trap shut as well. Ugh, Why was I ever attracted to that nerd-o-tron.)

Sky: *Chews gum in silence*

Max: *pushes Dave into the river again* EVIL!!!

Dave: *gets out of the river with some struggle* S-screw you. *pushes Max into the river this time before storming off*

Jasmine: *rolls eyes and walks away from Amy*

Max: *gets out of the river* You will Rue the day that you tried to be evil to me. *chases after Dave*

Sky: This peice lost it's flavor *tosses gum, and it lands in Max's hair* (CON): I did that on purpose. lol. (CON ENDS)

Max: *takes out freeze ray to freeze the gum but the device explodes instead*

Jasmine: How did I even cope last season?

Amy: *Goes over to Dave* Beat it Max, He's mine now. *Pushes Max away* Listen, We need to talk.

Dave: *sighs* What do you want? Can't you see I'm freezing to death over here? Actually was sort of enjoying the thought of actually freezing to death- then I wouldn't have to be here, would I?

Amy: Need help. *Grabs him and obliviously throws him hard onto the ground* I know, I'm great your welcome. Anyway, I want to talk about something more important...

Max: *runs past Dave and Amy on fire* Evil does not liked to be burned

Amy: *Rolls her eyes and pushes him straight into the water* As you know, WE used to go out.

Dave: *picks self back up* I'd dust myself off, but my clothes are already ruined...*sighs* Anyway, I guess? I don't know, I wouldn't really call it going out.

Max: *runs out of the river and pushes dave in again. Evil strikes again

Dave: You know what? I'm done. *gets out of the river and storms off again, away from Max and Amy*

Amy: *Throws Max away* GO AWAY YOU PURPLE HAIRED HIPPO! *Runs to Dave* Listen, Wether you like it or not WE ARE TALKING. I have a proposal, I stay out of your hair if you don't talk bad about me.

Chris: Since you guys aren't talking I guess I'll tell you the teams. I'm dividing you into All Stars and Underdogs based on your previous Pahkitew Island standings. The All Stars include Sky, Shawn, Sugar, Jasmine, Max, Scarlett and Dave. You guys are the Ka Sohkâtisihk Mistahkesow which is Cree for Ferocious Lions. The Underdogs include Topher, Ella, Samey, Rodney, Amy, Leonard and Beardo. You guys are the Wasakahaw Kihew which is Cree for Soaring Eagles. Enjoy your new teams!

Dave: *about the teams* Okay. *turns to Amy* Really? That's it? How do I know there's not some sort of catch?

Sky: Wow. You acctually got the translations right this time!

Chris: Thank you Sky.

Leonard: In my humble opinion, it should be the Expelliarmus Tribe vs the Avada Kadavra Tribe, but whatever.

Amy: *Grabs Dave by his shirt and leans in* You don't, You just have to trust me. Not that hard is it?

Dave: Let go of me, then I'll give you my decision. And if you continue to threaten me, do remember I don't care about life enough, so I'm fine with any threats you make.

Amy: You are? (CONF: Damnit.) Okay, Deal. *Let's go of Dave*

Dave: Alright, well bye. I'm going to go think of things I'd rather do than be here. See you...never? How long does this last exactly?

Amy: It isn't *mimics* "See you never" it's until I decide the deal is off. Okay?

Samey: Amy please don't pick on Jasmine, pick on me instead! (CONF: Being on the samey team, oops I mean same team as Amy could be a good thing...right?)

Rodney: A-Amy can do whatever she wants... *gazes into her eyes and gushes* I mean, she herself is a Queen... *drops onto his knees, fazed out because of her beauty* You're like an angel in disguise... as uh... something even more beautiful and praiseworthy.

Dave: *to Amy* Well, let's look at it this way...why on earth would you want to talk to me after this?

Rodney: *snaps out of it, and glares at Dave* Hey man, leave the lady alone! She clearly wants some peace and quiet time like she deserves! *folds his arms*

Max: *Grabs Dave* I think that you will make the best minion i have every had. My last one Scarlett went crazy and tried to kill everyone and that is good but she is already taken so after your stunt in trying to kill Sky i think you have the perfect amount of evil to become a super villain like me.

Dave: ...This is the only way you're going to leave me alone, isn't it?

Max: I can feed you to Fang if you would rather have that option. So be my minion or be Fang's dinner

Ella: *arrives and blows a kiss to the birds* Goodbye, sweet friends of me! *sings* With a taste of love, with two hats and one glove, you can change the game, to make a difference of lame. *ends singing* Hello everyone, it feels wonderful to be back!

Sugar: *pushes Ella out of the way* Oops.... sorry... (CONF) HAHAHAHAHHAH

Rodney: *smells something in the air and is automatically drawn to Sugar* Hmm? What's that smell? Is it, uh... *gazes into her eyes, and his jaw drops* The smell... of love... *eyes turn into hearts as he faints*

Ella: Sugar, I'm feeling sorry for your clumsiness! But I can help you with it, and I will do it!

Samey: *helps Ella up* Are you okay?

Leonard: ? (CONF) What is Rodney doing with sugar? Is he attracted to her???

Beardo: (starts chewing gum quietly)

Ella: Thanks, Samey! Of course I'm okay, I'm back at Total Drama. That's wonderful and I prove it with a song. *sings* Returning to a game isn't something you should do every day! But the question is if you leave soon or you'll stay! *ends singing*

Amy: *Grabs Samey* UGH! You little brat, Do NOT talk to anyone but ME. Not even your friend, Stretch. Okay?

Samey: *pouts* B-but Jasmine is my friend. (CONF: I'm not going to let Amy control my game this time.)

Dave: *to Max; unenthusiastically* Dunno, being Fang's dinner is tempting. Really is.

Ella: *looks to Dave* D...Dave?

Leonard: *sees Ella eyeing Dave and pulls her aside* So I see you're interested in Dave...

Beardo: (CONF) i doubt he was being serious, or maybe he is, i dunno.

Scarlett: Why nobody told this ASVU11 sta- I mean, uh...hello. I think you already know me..and you're lucky because I changed...I'm not evil, I don't want to conquer islands...yes..totally...changed, period..

Ella: Sure I am! *giggles* Also, hello Leonard! How are you?

Leonard: Good... But Dave doesn't like you back, right?

Ella: I hope so... *looks to Dave* He's my prince.

Leonard: How about a deal? I will make you a love potion that you can use on Dave.

Challenge 1

Chris: Okay challenge time! Your challenge is to decorate the inside of your shelter! Team Mistahkesow since you guys are the All Stars you will be staying in Team Kinosewak's old treehouse. Team Kihew since you guys are the Underdogs you will be staying in Team Maskwak's old cave. I will have a friend of mine judge who did a better job of decorating. Get to it and good luck.

Chris: Well I think we have a winner here...Team Waskahaw Kihew wins the challenge! Team Mistahkesow, I'll see you at elimination!

Team Mistahkesow's Treehouse

Scarlett: Oh nice, our sweet old treehouse. It wasn't bad sleeping in it after a- Oh, Max. Hi <.<

talking pizza: why don't you take me to church?

Scarlett: I'm sorry talking pizza, but there is no church on this island *eats the pizza* So, team, I don't really have many ideas but...what if we make it classy?

Dave: What the he...isn't the talking pizza troubling anybody else?

Scarlett: Don't worry Dave, it is gone now, right in my belly.

Dave: No, that isn't the point- the fact there was a talking pizza should be troubling! Isn't there anyone else sane around here? Besides, who in their right mind would eat a talking pizza!

Max: I have my ray gun of pure EVIL. *zaps a bed and spiders appear all over it*

Scarlett: Max, why don't you zap yourself out of this place already? Don't screw up already <.<

Sugar: WE NEED SPARKLES!!!!!!!!!!!

Max: So we are gureteed to win someone should go and blow up the cave. Evil will work and kill them all

talking can of chef boyardee: o dear also why don't you take me to church?

Scarlett: What if we paint the walls of light brown?

Link title

Shawn: I just painted the whole wall blue but ok. *paints walls brown*

Jasmine: We should have something that reminds me of the Outback!

Shawn: Trees?

Dave: ...Can we just not? Can we just quit already? All we have are spiders and blue-brown walls...after this long too.

Jasmine: Ha ha ha! *snorts* Ha! *snort* No, something like a picture. You're too funny, Shawn.

Shawn: Well Dave, you need to do some work... maybe this treehouse can be zombieproof but not when you are doing nothing.

Max: Evil must be present in our shelter. *writes EVIL!!!! on a wall*

Team Kihew's Cave

Leonard: I can use my magic to conjure up some stuff...

Amy: No, Stupid. We want to win, Right? We obviously have to make this cave look sexy. We need to make it nice enough that I could live in it. I suggest we make wooden furniture and make other resources like that. Rodney lived on a farm before and Samey was raised like a farmer, So both of them can get the wood. The rest of us need to work on the other things. Like artwork, And a mini-fridge. We need to make this sh*tty cave high tech. So chop chop.

Topher: How about my face? *Takes Out A Painting of Himself That Was Painted By Leo*

Amy: Ew! No! We need fancy pictures, And ones of Chris. He eats up all that stuff.

Leonard: Agreed @Amy

Amy: Good, Now let's go to the interns trailer and steal their mini-fridge. I usually raid through their stuff and they don't notice anyways. Plus Chris would not care. *Grabs Leonard and Topher and drags them to the interns trailer*

Leonard: *is dragged*

Topher: *Hey Watch It You are Ruining My Face*

Leonard: (CONF) I need to find out how to make an anti-narcissistic potion for him...

Amy: *Smiles* Shut up. *Throws them on the ground by the interns trailer and sits on a log* You two go in there. I am not risking losing a nail. Plus you guys are men, And I am a woman so I demand it. So shoo. *Shoos them away*

Samey: (to Amy) Um, I actually wanted to string seashells around our cave with tree leaves and paint pictures inside of it.

Amy: That is a great idea! Oh wait, That is what I'd say if it WAS. We are not doing your idea, Everyone knows you are the second Amy, So just obey for once please?

Topher: So should we like get stuff and decorate now that we have an idea?

Amy: Um, DUH. Get their mini-fridge and their matresses.

Ella: What about some colors?

Leonard: Green! It's the color of my robe!

Ella: We also need sparkles and glitters! It has to be a fairytale treehouse, or a treehouse like Tarzan's treehouse!

Topher: Ok then. (CONF: Amy really makes sure she is in charge. Just like Chris...) *Collects Wood*

Samey: Ugh, fine. *goes around looking for wood, and seashells too even though she's not supposed to* (CONF: It's one thing if Amy bosses me around, but she's giving our whole team orders. If we happen to lose, at least we'll know who's fault it is! *winks*)

Ella: What do we need, guys? I could ask the lovely birds if they wanna help us?

Leonard: And I could make a couple dementors to wreak the other cabin...

talking stick: you r a wizard leonard!

Beardo: dementors?, what the heck are dementors?

Ella: Awesome, Leonard! *sings* Hmmmmmhmmmmmm! *ends singing and the birds flies to her* Hello, my little friends!

Beardo: (goes to get wood for a fire)

Beardo: (returns with the wood) paint those walls bro.

Samey: *brings back wood and seashells* Okay Amy, here's the wood you wanted for the furniture and I think Topher is bringing more. *points to an unstable looking tree* Can anyone climb that palm tree and get some leaves for me?

Leonard: Fac Dementorus!

Topher: Hey guys I got more wood.

Amy: IDIOT, That tree is OBVIOUSLY unstable. Good Topher now lets build the furniture..

Topher: *Builds Furniture*

talking tree: can you guys believe this? my feelings are shattered? your brain must be splattered- cause you should be flattered! to get some wood from me to fix up a room, when i've got a blockbuster film coming soon?

Leonard: No, I must've done the tree-talking spell! Run!!!

Topher: Or Chris is directing a new Wizard of Oz film. That means I can replace him as the host of the show!

Leonard: *back at cave* We should probably get to it... *grabs banner and writes "A Magical Hideaway" on it*

Rodney: Amy... w-what should I do, your heighness?

Leonard: (CONF) Wait... Wasn't he just checkin' out sugar?

Ella: *dancing around and throws some glitters on the cave*

Leonard: That glitter looks like it was made by a wizard!

Amy: Um, DUH. Start building the couch.

Leonard: I can conjure one up!

Rodney: Uh, but Amy told ME to... Sure... anything for you... Heh... *goes to make a couch*

Elimination Ceremony 1: Team Mistahkesow

Chris: Well welcome to your first elimination ceremony! We have made carvings of your heads to vote! Just go in the confessional and raise the head of the person you want to eliminate!

Sugar: *votes Shawn*

Jasmine: (CONF) Sorry, mate. *votes Shawn*

Shawn: (CONF) *votes Max*

Dave: (CONF) Let's see...I don't like Shawn. I don't like Sky. Don't like Scarlett. And definitely don't like Max. But, I have this feeling Shawn's going to be more annoying than usual, go get out of my life please. *votes Shawn* No hard feelings, right? Well, don't really care about hard feelings, so...

Max: (CONF): Your trying to be more evil than me by taking over the world with Zombies. I need to take out my evil competition so that i will be the most evil person on the island. *Votes Shawn* Muhahahahahahaha

Chris: Let's see here. Marshmallows for Sugar, Dave, Jasmine, Sky and Scarlett. Max, Shawn, the last marshmallow goes to

Max! Sorry zombie boy, you're out!

Episode 2: Waterfalls and Piggy Brawls

Waterfalls and Piggy Brawls

Season 11, Episode 2

Challenge(s) Hop across platforms over a waterfall and pass a pig along.
Winner(s) Team Mistahkesow
Eliminated Leonard
Episode Guide

"Welcome Back, Pahk"


"Total Drama: The Board Game"


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, our fourteen returning contestants got reunited. One contestant was more than happy to be reunited with another. Another contestant proved that they haven't changed at all by messing with someone in particular. One person continued to get messed with by another contestant while they continued to keep their relative on a tight leash. We then had a decorating shelter contest where one person successfully took over the team, leading them to victory. At elimination, we said goodbye to one zombie fearing contestant.

Team Mistahkesow's Treehouse

Max: Evil is here to stay Muhahahahahahahahaha

Dave: Is there any paint to watch dry? I just don't care anymore...*sighs* Why couldn't I have gone home?

Max: We could always go to the river and you could "play" with Fang.

Dave: You're just going to kill me, aren't you? *sighs* Sure, I'm up for it.

Max: I'll even bring my machete of pure EVIL. *grabs the machete and heads to river with Dave*

Team Kihew's Cave

Rodney: *wakes up, yawning, and makes his way over to Amy as he gazes* Amy, would you like me to get you some flowers? Or berries? Or anything?

Amy: Get me a better team, Oh wait. That can't happen *rolls eyes* but either way we need to go get nuts and berries for the rest of the team.... *Cracks up laughing* AS IF, You can carry me and pick the berries, While I have the credit *Sits on Rodney's shoulder* Now scam, Before I use a whip.

Rodney: Heh... sure! Anything for you, my lady! Now... hold on tight, your majesty! I don't want you falling off! *runs out of the cave, but Amy slams into the top of it due to it's low height and his knocked off without Rodney knowing, and he runs out into the forest*

Amy: RODNEY! *Screams in frustration* I HATE my team. (CONF: I HATE my team, They are full of losers. And Topher, But he's only okay because he's hot. I mean seriously...) Rodney you are SO- *Falls over after she gets hit by a coconut* MY GOD- Wait, Why is there a coconut here... This should be on wawanawkwa.

Topher: Amy is down and Rodney is out!!! (CONF: I know. I sound just like Chris. Even better than Chris!)

Rodney: So, Amy... *stops in the forest* D-do you want... No, I'll pick them... Amy? Amy? Where are you? Amy??? *looks inside logs and bushes* Oh no! She's dead! My... my fault... this is my fault! How can I live with hurting a beautiful girl... My dad would be so disappointed...

Amy: *Glares at Topher* Shut up and go get me some fench onion chips, I heard they were parfait. *Sits in silence while Topher stands still* Go as in NOW.

Rodney: *panting, running back inside the cave* Amy... missing... dead... my fault... Amy... no.... *bursts into tears*

Amy: *Sees Rodney crying and rolls her eyes and punches him in the gut* Stop crying.

Topher: Ooo! The mean queen of the underdogs barks! But will she bite?

Rodney: Ow! What was that for, honey? *sighs* Amy, I would discipline you greatly and painfully, however, I am a gentlemen and would never lay my hands on a wonderful lady... whose eyes' glimmer in the moonlight... However, I cannot promise that I won't beat Chris like my brother Hanamura did to me without any regret or shame... Oh uh, sorry! *chuckles* Where was I? Do you want me to uh... get you some snails? Heh! You're beautiful... did you know that? Uh... you should!

Amy: Your brother hit you? Physical abuse is something unforgivable. *Kicks a sleeping Samey off a rock and she falls on the floor while Amy walks back* Just stop mumbling it's so annoying.

Rodney: *walks over to Samey, with a disapproving look on his face* Yeah! You should watch out... *looks into her eyes* Whoa... you're like Amy... but even more... precious... Argh! *shakes head* No... I can't love two girls at once... it's unholy! Father forgive me... Hanamura forgive me... (CONF) Brother, if you're watching this, I'm sorry I hit on that princess girl you really liked... and that nurse... dancer... lead singer... photographer... even that gamer girl! But... I have to let LOVE run its course, right?

Amy: *Rolls her eyes at Rodney and walks over to get berries while stepping on Samey on the way* UGH! SAMEY! Your such a loser! Move your should-be-dead body! UGH *Kicks her* WAKE UP!

Rodney: Amy! Leave her alone! Don't make me beat you like my brother Hanamura did to me...

Ella: *sings* Begin the day with a dance, begin the day with a laugh! 'Cause who's happy in the morning, he'll laugh the whole day! Yes, he'll laugh the whole day! *ends singing*

Samey: *falls off of the wooden furniture* Ow, that really hurt Amy! (to Rodney) Thanks for sticking up for me by the way, not many people have the courage to stand up against Amy... *grins*

Rodney: Heh... no problem... m'lady...

Beardo: m'lady?, am i detecting a crush? (snickers)

Rodney: Heh? What? Build shelter... right! *walks off into the forest*

Beardo: OK...whatever. (sits down)

Ella: Shall we look for some food? *looks to Beardo and Leonard*

Leonard: Yeah, that sounds good!

Ella: Amazing! *walks to the woods*

Beardo: hey wait up! (runs into the woods as well)

Samey: *sits by herself in peace and quiet* If only it was like this all the time. *sighs, then a snorting sound is heard in the distance* Hello? Is anyone there? I know it's you Amy, you're just trying to get a scare out of me...Amy?!


Ella: *walks* Let's see, these berries looks delicious!

Leonard: These woods are kinda scary... Last time we were here, I made TREES TALK!

Ella: Really? *looks around* Maybe the house of the seven little dwarfs is here... *sings* Hmmmm! Little dwarfs, are you there, you don't have to hide from here! *ends singing*

Leonard: *hears rustling* Huh? *spins around* Stupio! *a squirrel comes out of the bush* Why didn't the spell work?!?

Ella: Leonard! You shouldn't use spells on animals. That is wrong. But I'll forgive you, my wizard! *gets some berries*

Leonard: *blushes* Sorry, my princess.

Ella: *smiles* No problem, no problem! Let's look for some berries. *sings* Looking here, looking there, where can we find the stuff we need. When you can't find it, it's getting slow, so let's make some speed. *ends singing* By the way, what did you do after Total Drama: Pahkitew Island?

Topher: Ella and Leonard. My favorite contestants and just the tao people I wanted. To see! How would you to like to join my alliance?

Leonard: Sure, Topher! And Ella, I became a decorated wizard at Hogwarts! How about you?

Ella: *To Topher* Of course, Topher! And I'm glad to see you again. *To Leonard* Hogwarts? Congratulations, Leonard. That's amazing news.

Leonard: Thank you. What about you

Topher: Perfect! Leonard together we could defeat all evil! It must be hard being bthe only wizard! And Ella we can spread more goodness around! And I can prove that I am a good host! (:<

Ella: I'm sure you are, Topher. And not much, I played in two musicals. *sings* The endless path of doom is getting far away, people are dying and I don't know what to say! *ends singing* That was one of my singing lines in the musical 'Get out, you swimpy'. It was fun to play.

Topher: *Sees Beardo Running* Yeah I totally would be a great host...and that is all we are talking about.

Lenard: That was beautiful, Ella!

Ella: Thanks! *gets some flowers* This would be awesome for our cave!

Leonard: Yeah! And I can use them to make your love potion!

Topher: (CONF: Chris has the most control in the game. He decides what other people does, he never goes away, and he doesn't always play fair. All I have to do is those things and I'll prove that I a great host! He is gonna have to make me the host!) Thanks for joining the alliance.

Ella: No problem, if we can make you happy with it, it's fine! (CONF) *looks to the birds* They telling me a alliance is bad, but Topher seems to be happy about it. I think I have to do this. *hugs a bird* (END CONF)

Leonard: So, what do you want to do, Ella?

Ella: Let's bring the berries to the cave and we could make a lunch!

Amy: (CONF: I can't BELIEVE Rodney, He's supposed to be MY servant. Ugh, Guess servants attract other servants.) Hey wackadoo's why AREN'T you with the other team?

Leonard: We are getting you food! (CONF) It seems like amy is possessed by a demon!

Beardo: (arrives) jeez, (wheezes) i'm not in the right shape for this, a-anyway...did you find food?

Ella: Hello, Amy and Beardo! *shows them her bag with berries* We could make a delicious lunch!

Amy: Or *Grabs bag with berries* make a picnic. I know, Genius mind.

Leonard: I can make us a blanket...

Amy: *Interrupts Leonard* I CAN make a blanket! My idea, MINE.

Ella: A picnic? Perfect! You are indeed a genius mind! *dances around*

Leonard: But I'm a wizard, you know!

Amy: Your a LARPer, Einstein.

Ella: Guys... *looks to both*

Leonard: W-what? No, my spells work, and I'll prove it to you!

Beardo: go ahead.

Leonard: *shuts eyes and points wand at tree branch* Expelliarmus! *wind knocks leaf off branch* See? It worked!

Beardo: (claps sarcastically) good job dude, i'm impressed.

Leonard: Thank you. *bows* See, I told you!

Beardo: i'm going back to the cave. (heads back)

Amy: That was the wind, IDIOT.

Leonard: And who do you think made the wind?


Leonard: *rolls eyes* Stupid muggles.

Ella: Let's stop this argument and we could start our picnic? Shall I get the others? *smiles*

Leonard: Sure m'lady! ;)

Challenge 2

Chris: Welcome to your second challenge. In a nod to the grease pig challenge, you will be hopping across platforms with a pig relay style. I have chosen who goes first and then the order is up to you. Team Kihew since you have 7 members one of you can sit out. Ella is going first for Team Kihew and Scarlett is going first for Team Mistahkesow.

You do the challenge like this:

Ella: *hops across platform and gives pig to ____*

Good luck.

Scarlett: *hops across platform and gives pig to Dave* C'mon, go! We mustn't lose again!

Ella: *hops across platform and gives pig to Leonard* Go wizard!

Dave: *contemplates throwing the challenge in order to get himself votes off* Eh...alright, fine. *hops across platform and gives pig to Jasmine* Good luck or whatever. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry somewhere now.

Leonard: *goes across platform and hands pig to beardo*

Jasmine: *hops across platform and gives pig to Max*

Max: *hops across platform and gives pig to Sugar*

Sugar: *hops across platform and gives pig to Sky*

Beardo: (Hops across platform and gives pig to Amy)

Sky: *hops across platform, and gives it to whoever is left*

Rodney: I'll sit out!! For the ladies...

Chris: Well Team Mistahkesow wins the challenge!

Elimination Ceremony 2: Team Kihew

Chris: Well this is your first elimination ceremony. Go in the confessional and vote someone off!

Beardo: (CONF) this was a tough one, but i'm gonna go with Amy, sorry girl, it's nothing personal, it's just you didn't actually help us out in that challenge, and i think it's best we get rid of you before this turns into a habit.

Topher: (CONF: So Amy. You control what we do, and yylou have a sidekick that always gets you food. You two are the Chris and Chef of the team! *Accidentally Votes Leonard*)

Ella: (CONF) *looks to pictures and wants to vote for Beardo but gets interrupted by a bird* Oh sorry little boy, wanna have a snack? *looks around but in the mean time another bird votes for Leonard which means Ella votes Leonard* No snacks here, I'll look for it later! I've voted, right? *hops out of the confessional*

Leonard: (CONF) I'm sorry, but you doubted my magic! *votes Amy*

Amy: (CONF: Leonard)

Rodney: (CONF) Sorry, but I vote whoever Amy votes *votes Leonard*

talking can of chef boyardee: (conf) *accidentally votes off leonard*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Rodney, Ella, Topher, Samey, Beardo and Amy! Sorry Leonard, but you place 13th again.


Episode 3: Total Drama: The Board Game

Total Drama: The Board Game

Season 11, Episode 3

Challenge(s) Total Drama: The Board Game
Winner(s) Team Kihew
Eliminated Sky
Episode Guide

"Waterfalls and Piggy Brawls "


"Of Mice and Men"


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, two contestants continued to converse while another contestant continued to fawn over another. While in the woods, five contestants tried to find food and one contestant in particular tried to prove he has "powers", but to no avail. We then put the remaining thirteen contestants to a test of balance and stability. Surprisingly, Team Mistahkesow won leaving Team Kihew to attend their first elimnation ceremony where one contestant was "accidentally" voted off, saving another and leaving one disappointed.

Team Mistahkesow's Treehouse

Sugar: WIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max: He blasted off again

Jasmine: (CONF) This team... *shakes her head* Oh dear, this team. It wasn't like this in the Outback.

Dave: What...? Why should we care about who goes home on the other team? Let's just say goodbye and go about our days. I mean, it's a competition. People are going to go home. Get over it.

Jasmine: He's right. Nice one, mate.

Dave: Wait, someone actually agrees with me? That's a first. But- err, thanks?

Jasmine: No problem. (CONF) Dave is actually pretty okay! I think I'll be fine... I think.

Scarlett: I agree with you too Dave but...pardon my's just...I wonder how in the hell they "accidentaly" voted for Leonard instead of Amy. I think she's dead weight to be honest.

Jasmine: They must be crazy if they think Amy is going to help their team.

Scarlett: Indeed. Leonard was...weird but at least he did something to help. Well, it doesn't matter really, we just need to win.

Team Kihew's Cave

Topher: (CONF: Whoa! Did not see that coming! Chris must have did something with the votes. Chris makes the best twists in games.)

Beardo: (CONF) i actually thought Amy was going the other day!, oh man, poor Leonard, i thought the guy was gonna go far this time.

Ella: I'm feeling sorry for Leonard. He was very nice, but it's also nice to have peace here.

Beardo: tell me about it, i really did think he was gonna do better then he did in Pahkitew, but i guess that's just how the game goes, we're just gonna have to live with it i guess.

Ella: *nods*

Samey: (CONF) Leonard being voted out over Amy was a missed opportunity, but I just have to stay positive!

Amy: *Eats apple* Ha ha, Finally that loser Leonard is gone. Him and his cronies were annoying. Whatever without him we will dominate.


Challenge 3

Chris: Chellenge starts 2/9/15 at around 4pm EST

Chris: Okay! Today we are going to play a little board game! This is a 20 space board game. You must make it here from start to finish in the LEAST amount of turns possible. This being said you really want luck on your side. By the way I have placed an invincibility statue under one of the spaces. The first person to land on that space will get it. Okay so all you have to do is roll the die which is numbers 1-6 (ex. Dave: *rolls die*). After you roll the die, I will tell you what number space you land on. After I do so you can roll the die again.


Dave: *rolls die*

Amy: *rolls die*

Chris: Dave lands on space 4 while Amy lands on space 3.

Chris: Like I said whoever gets to the number 20 space first wins immunity for their team and remember there is an invincibility statue! (First time since ASVU8 gg). (Oh and by the way in case you guys think I am "rigging" this, know that I am using the "roll a die" on Google. Don't believe me? Just go on Google and type "roll a die").

Dave: *rolls die*

talking can of chef boyardee: *rolls die* ye!

Chris: Dave is on space 6! Good first roll and puts Team Mistahkesow at a good position.

Topher: *Roles Die*

Dave: *rolls die*

talking can of chef boyardee: *rolls die* ye!

Chris: Topher lands on space 1. Not a good start host wannabe! Dave lands a 3 which means he's on space 9!

Dave: *rolls die*

talking can of chef boyardee: *rolls die* ye!

Jasmine: *rolls die*

Topher: *Roles Die*

Chris: Dave gets a 1 so he is now on space 10. Jasmine rolls a 2 and is now on space 2. Topher rolls a 4 and is now on space 5.

Dave: *rolls die*

talking can of chef boyardee: *rolls die* ye!

Topher: *Roles Die*

Chris: Dave rolls a 4 and is now on space 14. Topher rolls a 5 and is now on space 10. This is a close race!

Dave: *rolls die*

talking can of chef boyardee: *rolls die* ye!

Topher: *Roles Die*

Amy: *Rolls die*

Chris: Dave rolls a 2 and is on space 16. Topher rolls a 5 and is on space 15! Amy rolls a 1 and is on space 1! Still a close game!

Dave: *rolls die*

talking can of chef boyardee: *rolls die* ye!

Topher: *Roles Die*

Amy: *Rols die*

Max: *rolls a die*

Chris: Dave rolls a 1 and is on space 17. Topher rolls a 5 and is on space 20! That's game! Team Kihew wins!

Topher: Yesss! So do I get the statue?

Elimination Ceremony 3: Team Mistahkesow

Chris: What can I say? You guys had the lead but got overtaken at the end! Anyways go ahead and vote.

Jasmine: (CONF) You never help our team. *votes Sky*

Dave: (CONF) Screw you. *votes Sky* I hope you suffer as much as I did.

Sugar: (CONF) Bye Sky!

Max: You were not evil enough. You did not lie, cheat or steal and let that goody goody Topher beat you. I am postive Sky is going home but you are getting this vote to remind you that Failure gets a penalty *is about to vote Dave but sneezes and votes for Sky* My Evil is Awesome

Scarlett: (CONF) I remember Sky took a while for completing the yeah, I'm going to vote her just in case. She's not doing anything too...

Chris: Marshmallows go to Dave, Sugar, Scarlett, Jasmine and Max! Goodbye Sky!

Episode 4: Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

Season 11, Episode 4

Challenge(s) Devise a plan to catch mice.
Winner(s) Team Kihew
Eliminated Sugar
Episode Guide

"Total Drama: The Board Game"


"Brokeback Mountain"


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, the contestants reflected on a previous elimination and then we played a board game. One contestant was off to a great start, but their luck started to take a turn for the worst when a contestant on the opposite team's luck took a turn for the best, ultimately winning their team the challenge. At elimination Team Mistahkesow voted off a member for not being active.

Team Mistahkesow's Treehouse

Max: Dave... What the hell was that letting Topher win. You did not lie, cheat or steal like evil people do.

Jasmine: *rolls her eyes*

Team Kihew's Cave

Ella: *dances around* Shall I take a look at the other team to see who's eliminated? Maybe I'll see some friendly animals on my way to them!

Beardo: (CONF) well...yesterday went quick....weird.

Amy: Nice job, *Smiles wickedly* Topher... *Smirks* We both did great...

Topher: *Pays No Attention* Oh what? Yeah thats great. *Stares At Invincibility Statue* Next season my face will be on this. *Walks Around,Bumps Into Samey And Drops Fake Statue* Noooooo! Amy was right about you! (CONF: You guys may be asking what I am doing. Well I'm trying to get the people to vote for Samey. Amy has power and of course they won't listen to me if I tell them to vote for her. Especially Rodney. The good thing about Samey is that her friends are on the other team. Samey is the main one controlled by Amy. So if I cannot get others to vote Amy I'll get them to vote for Samey. Once I am in control Chris will have to make me the host.) *Runs Away Crying*

Rodney: So, uh, Samey... You like, uh... ferrets? (CONF) Oh, who am I kidding? I need to find out my true love so I can stop hurting the other... Amy is so beautiful, but so is Samey. But I should follow my heart.


Topher: *Is Crying* (CONF: I'm sure Amy is yelling at Samey right now. And Amy is the one in power.)

Challenge 4

Chris: Well your challenge for today is...

*intern drops a cage of mice*

Chris: No! Okay new challenge! Your challenge is to come up with a plan to get the mice back! The team with the best plan wins!

Chris: As much as I want to give Scarlett's plan the win and I hate Ella's singing, she did get the mice back so... *hesitant* Team Kihew wins! Team Mistahkesow I'll see you at elimination.

Team Mistahkesow's Plan

Jasmine: Lay out cheese everywhere. Then, I'll calm them down with my superior skills with animals!

Max: Oh animals are good for evil. I say we get a bunch of hawks to eat them. We will get the mice back when they poo. Chris never said anything about the mice needing to stay alive. PURE EVIL is at work.

Jasmine: *rolls her eys* Scarlett? Dave? You're sensible. What do we do?

Dave: Your original idea sounds good.

Max: You guys need to be more EVIL. Laying out cheese for them to eat is not evil.........Unless we can put poison in the cheese. Then this plan would be evil. Muahahsahahahahahahahahaha.

Scarlett: Uhmm...we could use something simple enough. What if we use a Pringles tube and put some cheese inside it? The mouse will go inside and we can just trap him when he reaches the end. We got to be fast though

Jasmine: Sounds good, Scarlett.

Max: I guess that would work. But what can be evil that we can add to that plan

Jasmine: Ugh, nothing.

Scarlett: Max, we're going to trap a mice inside a pringles tube! Isn't that evil enough? Ugh...oh wait, I think we should need a larger tube for this don't ya think?

Dave: But where would we get the larger tube from? I'm pretty sure the Pringles one is the best we'll get.

Scarlett: Maybe we can get two Pringles tubes, cut the base of one and attach them so it's longer and we have more time to react and less time for our mice to escape

Max: Killing the mice would be faster. Especially with my heat ray. They will be fried in no time.

Team Kihew's Plan

Ella: What about a song?

Topher: Yes! You are good with animals. But it would be better if you guys let me charm them!

Beardo: the only thing you'd do is get the producers of this show on their case, why don't you just try and trick them with cheese or something?, that would be the easiest thing to do.

Topher: Beacause they are not real mice!

Amy: Oh my GAG, *Rips off apple from the tree violently* We NEED a GOOD plan. Ella should sing to make them come near us, Beardo will use cheese to lure them into a rat trap that I found in Chris's Cottage then Topher will sprint to Chris and give him the rats. Wait, Chris can we bring the rats dead...? Or do they *Gags* Have to be alive?

Ella: Wonderful! *sings* Mice, mice where are you? Where are you going to? Let me help you to find the way, bring you to Chris and let you stay. *ends singing and looks around* I'm looking for him over there and I'll continue singing. Are you all okay with that? *smiles*

Rodney: Wow... your singing... is like angel's wings... (CONF) It's like love at first sight... *sighs romantically, as he falls and knocks the confessional over due to his size*

Beardo: i'm not sure where we'll find some cheese...oh wait...there's bound to be some in...Chef's kitchen......greeeeaat...

Rodney: No, I'll go. We'll need some tough guys out there! Uh, not to discredit the women on this team... they're all strong... <3

Samey: *glares at Rodney* Anyways...I could whip up a mean fondue for the cute little mice, I'll get started in the kitchen and Beardo can come with. *walks to Chef's kitchen*

Topher: Great idea Amy! Samey can you atleast try to help us?

Beardo: well i'm off to get that cheese, back in a sec! (heads off to Chef's kitchen)

Ella: *looks around and sings* Dear mice, are you there? We will give you cheese when you come over here. You don't have to but it would be nice, because if you come we will win a price! *ends singing and looks around. The mice runs to Ella* Well, hi there little friend! Shall I bring you to the others, they have made cheese for you. I'm sure you'll like it. *kisses the little mice and walks back to the others*

Elimination Ceremony 4: Team Mistahkesow

Chris: What can I say? Honestly I really don't know. Go ahead and vote.

Scarlett: (CONF) Well dangit. I should have prepared the trap in a fewer time. Sigh...I really want to vote Max off but at least he helped...right? And Sugar...what is Sugar doing here? No, to be honest...she did nothing so far? She only lent a pig to Sky and...yeah, only that. Well, I think I have my vote *votes Sugar*

Jasmine: (CONF) Sugar, you don't help us enough. Sorry Mate. *votes Sugar*

Dave: (CONF) Max, you need to stop being such a brat, child. Your parents should not have spoiled you. But, at the same time...someone's been useless...which is a surprise since I expected everyone here to be...and while I don't exactly hate you like I hate Max, it's your time to go. Normally I wouldn't care, but...losing to Max is just...well, I don't like you anyway, bye Sugar.

Max: Sugar your no friend to evil. Dave is my minon, Jasmine is really tall so that must make her evil somehow and we all saw what scarlet did in TDPI to the island. So Sugar you are the least evil on my team and must leave. *Votes Sugar*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Scarlett, Jasmine, Dave and Max. Adios pageant queen!

Episode 5: Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain

Season 11, Episode 5

Challenge(s) Climb Mount Pahkitew and grab a flag.
Winner(s) Team Mistahkesow
Eliminated Amy
Episode Guide

"Of Mice and Men"


"We Want Chef!"


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, the contestants had to devise a plan to catch some mice. Two contestants had their own ways of catching the vermin, but due to one's talent it ended up winning their team the challenge and at elimination, we said goodbye to one assertive pageant queen.

Team Mistahkesow's Treehouse

Max: Guys we need to be evil or we are never going to win another challenge

Team Kihew's Cave


Ella: *picks one berry and sings* One little berry is going to be in my pannier, an- *gets interrupted by a crying bird* Oh my gosh! Are you okay, my little friend? *puts the berries out of the pannier and puts the sad bird in it* I'll sing a song for you, darling. *sings while walking back to the cave* Don't worry sweet bird, you will be fine. If you wanna have love and be carried you should be mine. *ends singing*

Beardo: (rubs eyes) what a great way to wake up...(yawns) so...Sugar's gone huh?...what a tooootal shame.

Amy: Not really, She was a total brat!

Max: *Enters*: Anyone one want to help me do something EVIL

Beardo: (CONF) so some people can't detect sarcasm, oh well.

Scarlett: *walks in the scene* Oh, there's the other team...and wait, what are you doing here?

Amy: Scarlett can you PLEASE get your little purple haired buddy out of here? This is KIHEW TERRITORY. Please and Thank you.

Scarlett: Amy, I'm afriad that you're wrong. The title of the header doesn't say Kihew's Woods so this is a public territory at least..

Challenge 5

Chris: Challenge time! Okay so you must climb Mount Pahkitew and grab the flag at the top. It will take 5 lines to climb and 1 to grab the flag. The first team to have two people do so will win immunity.

Max: *climbs* (1)

Scarlett: *climbs* (1)

Max: *climbs* (2)

Scarlett: *climbs* (2)

Max: *climbs* (3)

Scarlett: *climbs* (3)

Max: *climbs* (4)

Scarlett: *climbs* (4)

Max: *climbs* (5)

Scarlett: *climbs* (5)

Max: *grabs flag* EVIL CLAIMS THIS MOUNTAIN Muahahahahahahahahahahaha

Scarlett: *grabs flag* That was...easy...very easy indeed...ok then...

Topher: *Climbs* (1)

Chris: Well Team Mistahkesow wins! Team Kihew you are up for elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 5: Team Kihew

Chris: Well I haven't seen you guys here in awhile. Some would say you're overdue, but whatevs! You know what to do.

Beardo: (CONF) what the heck?, over already?...gosh...i guess i'll vote for Samey, sorry.

Topher: (CONF: Well this is no shock. Amy gets my vote.)

Amy: (CONF: That stupid little Spare-Amy! UGH she BETTER go home.)

Ella: (CONF) *looks to the options to vote for* I guess I vote Samey. I'm sorry! (END CONF)

Topher: Chris before you give your "You are eliminated Speech" that leaves me in amazement, I want to give the idol to Samey.

Chris: I believe this is a first for the series, Samey you're eliminated! However since Topher has given you his idol, Amy is eliminated!

Topher: (CONF: Since day one I wanted to show Chris that I would be a great host! And the host takes control! Amy had control.)

Episode 6: We Want Chef!

We Want Chef!

Season 11, Episode 6

Challenge(s) Convince Chef to come back.
Winner(s) Team Mistahkesow
Eliminated Topher
Episode Guide

"Brokeback Mountain"


"Code Crackers"


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, the contestants took part in a mountain climbing extravaganza where two contestants won for their team, earning their second win. At elimination, one contestant was supposed to be eliminated, but was saved by another, leaving one contestant to be cheated out of the game.

Team Mistahkesow's Treehouse

Max: I smell Evil. It is coming to rule this island

Dave: Yeah, yeah, of course...

Max: Dave you should be excited. Since you dumped sky and tried to kill her which was quite evil i must say. You need someone to tell you what to do and this evil influnece can be that person. Until then you can help me perfect my EVIL.

Dave: *falling asleep until the word "EVIL"* Huh- what- oh, right...meh. *shrugs*

Max: What shall we do to prepare fo the EVIL to take over this island

Dave: I don't know- take a nap? Maybe the ideas will come from your dreams or something cheesy like that...

Max: My sleep ray could put me to sleep and it is designed to get the zappie evil dreams. *presses the button but this ray explodes as well*

Dave: ... *sighs*

Max: *drops to the ground smoking and unconscious*

Jasmine: *whittles some wood*

Scarlett: (CONF) Please...somebody explain me how Max is still alive on this island. God, if it wasn't for these three slackers he would be gone from much longer....but no! Instead he has to ruin my nerves once...again. God, at least he doesn't call me a sidekick like he did with...brr....the first time we met. I swear, if he begins to call me such again I'll...I'll....sigh, nothing that comes up in mind involves the stay in prison. Sigh, I think I need to move the others to my side... (END CONF) Hey, Jasmine, do you need some help?

Max: *wakes up* I need my minion Dave to Help me

Team Kihew's Cave

Ella: That was really surprising. It reminds me to a Disney Movie. Do you all know the second movie of Cinderella? She couldn't leave the castle because they evil steph mother didn't wanted that. But she did and it changes everything. *sings* Life is like a butterbly, you fly and rise and die. But before you'll die you'll shine bright, and waiting for the next morning's light. *ends singing*

Topher:A lyrical lesson from Ella! But will the Kihew team shine bright in the challenge today? Find out in this totally dramatic episode of ASVU.*sighs* (CONF:Being in control is great. But it's kinda boring without a target or somebody yelling at us all. But that isn't what this is about. Being in control is great! *Sighs*)

Ella: Ooohh! Topher! You talk like a real host. You are just Chris! When you are hosting a show can I sing the intro, please? *sings* It's not easy with a hot host to gopher, because you know you have a show with Topher! *ends singing*

Topher: Ofcourse you can.

Ella: Amazing! *dances around* Hmmmmhmmmm!

Samey: Thanks Topher for saving me that was completely "unexpected". (CONF: Amy was eliminated and I can finally play this game for myself!)

Topher: This is good for the both of us. (CONF: I just showed Chris that as the host I cause the unexpected. Normal eliminations are old,kinda like Chris.)

Samey: Hopefully we'll merge soon while our team still has majority.

Beardo: (CONF) Topher..Topher..Topher...i'm really getting tired of you ya know, Amy didn't deserve to go, and now you got no idol, this time i'm taking you down.

Topher: So guys. We need to make sure that we never go to the elimination ceremony as a team ever again. I have an idea. Every day we should start training for the challenge.

Ella: Training? Like what? *smiles*

Beardo: (laughs) training huh?, count me out. (CONF) hahahahaha!!, training so we never go to elimination ever again?, feeling nervous T?

Samey: *nudges Beardo* I think it's a great idea Toph! We should take a jog through the woods to get our blood pumping.

Beardo: (laughs) and-and why don't we bring in a couple of treadmills to work up a sweat?, maybe a few weights as well?


Challenge 6

Chef: I'm tired of getting no respect or praise around here! I quit! *walks off*

Chris: Chef, WAIT! Ugh okay guys your challenge is to convince Chef to come back. Whoever has the best way to get Chef to come back will win immunity.

Chef: Alright alright, I'll come back Chris, if you follow up on Scarlett and Jasmine's deals.

Chris: Done and done! Team Mistahkesow wins immunity!

Team Mistahkesow's Idea

Max: Chef if you come back i will give you my newest EVIL Invention, THE PAIN RAY. With this you can point it at anyone you want and shoot them. They will be hit by billions and billions of microwaves which will that to collapse in horrible, horrible pain. With this you can blackmail people to doing whatever you want in order to turn the gun off or use the gun to kill them. It will easily give you whatever you want and it is pure EVIL Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Dave: It's quite clear you two love each other, so just ask him to be your valentine, give him chocolates and roses and there...we can save the trouble of the Pain Ray for something actually important, Max.

Scarlett: Chris, pay him.

Dave: That too.

Jasmine: We should give Chef a nice day out. I'm sure he'll want to go to the salon to get those legs waxed.

Team Kihew's Idea

Samey: Chef if you come back I'll make your kitchen spotless and cook you strawberry pancakes with whipped cream on top every morning if that's you want! (CONF) Strawberry pancakes are sooo delicious, but Amy hates them so we never have them anymore. *frowns*

Beardo: ok Chef, if you come back we'll....uhh...i know he hated that psycho Izzy, so if you come back...we'll help you....get revenge on her? (slaps forehead) what am i thinking...

Rodney: Chef, if you come back... I'll set you and Chris up on a romantic date... where you gaze into each other's eyes... and see sunsets and beaches...

Topher: Chef if you come back the losing team will have to work in the kitchen and help you. Also 25 percent of the million dollar prize goes to you.

Ella: *sings* What if we all, open our arms, what if we change together. Let's respect each other, and give your love which change the bad day to a amazing weather. *ends singing*

Elimination Ceremony 6: Team Kihew

Chris: Time to vote Kihew!

Rodney: (CONF) Well, we all did the challenge... and I can't vote out one of the ladies... and since Topher got out one of the ladies, he's the least trustworthy. I vote Topher.

Beardo: (CONF) i vote for Topher, i said i'd get rid you, and i'm not breaking my promise.

Samey: (CONF) I'm voting for Beardo because he seems to be controlling all the votes.

Topher: (CONF: If you don't listen to the host you get disqualified. *Votes Samey On Accident* )

Ella: (CONF) Samey! I'm sorry, but I guess it's fair to vote for.. you. Previous elimination ceremony you were supossed to be eliminated so it wouldn't be really fair if someone else gets eliminated now. But besides that, you are really kind and sweet! *votes Samey* (END CONF)

Chris: Well marshmallows go to Rodney, Ella, Beardo and uh hmm. It looks like we have a tie between Samey and Topher. So we will have a re-vote. Ella, Beardo and Rodney send me your votes privately. Be sure to vote off either Samey or Topher.

Topher: *Glares At Beardo*

Beardo: (makes the cutting throat motion at Topher)

Topher: *Makes A Explosion Motion and Makes A #1*

Beardo: (laughs) whatever...

Chris: Well the votes are in and the person eliminated is Topher!

Topher: Turns out the host with the most got the most votes. Sadly he must be blasted out of the explosive island. Will the show even survive now? Find out on TOTAL...DRAMA...ALL STA-*Gets launched on the cannon*

Episode 7: Code Crackers

Code Crackers

Season 11, Episode 7

Challenge(s) Hangman
Winner(s) Ella, Jasmine and Max
Eliminated Rodney
Episode Guide

"We Want Chef!"


"Everybody Loves _____"


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, a certain Chef quit the show so the remaining contestants had to try and persuade him to come back. In the end, two contestants won it for their team and at elimination we had a tie in votes between two players, but after a revote, one contestant kissed their job of hosting the show goodbye.

Team Mistahkesow's Treehouse

Max: My Evil has caused the teams to be even again at 4 a piece. Dave Worship my Evilness

Jasmine: You're lucky you aren't out yet, mate... *pouts*

Max: When you are as evil as me you only have to worry about Chris eliminating me for fun like he did in the original season

Scarlett: *mumbling* And people wanting to rip your soul in two...

Team Kihew's Cave

Ella: *hops to Samey* Hello, if you were wondering who voted for you, it was me. But it was nothing personal. *looks to the birds* What did you say, Peako? Oh! He likes you, Samey. *smiles and hops away with the birds*

Beardo: (sits down and relaxes) no more Topher...that will do nicely...(CONF) i sat here in this very confessional and promised everyone watching that Topher would be gone, and as you have seen, i didn't break said promise, he wasn't going to get in my way, and now, he's paid the price, too bad T, better luck next time....if there ever is a next time.

Ella: *walks to Beardo* Hey! It's nice to see that you are still on the game. I felt bad for you in Pahkitew when you were eliminated as first. You didn't deserved that! By the way, I love how you make sounds. Can you do that for me, please? *smiles*

Beardo: yeah sure...(starts beatboxing)

Samey: It's alright Ella! I actually wanted to talk to you about starting an all-girl's alliance. Would you be interested? (CONF) Now that both Topher and Amy are gone, I feel more alone than ever... *sighs*

Rodney: (CONF) Now with Topher out of the way, it's finally time for me to be man of the team! Yeah, that fits nice... the ladies will love it to... But I do miss Amy dearly...

Ella: That would be fantastic! *giggles*

Rodney: So, uh, ladies... *walking over to Ella and Samey* Should I uh, get fire... wood? Ha! Yeah, sure! I'm the man, right? For the ladies... *runs off*

Ella: He gets wood for us? How romantic, it looks like Snowwhite! He must be a prince. (CONF) I was always wrong about Dave, Rodney is my prince. *blushes* (END CONF)

Beardo: meh...wait up Rodney!, i'll help you! (runs off after Rodney)


Challenge 7

Chris: Challenge time! Today we'll be playing hangman! Each of you will be getting a different phrase and the three people to guess correctly will win! Oh also, welcome to the merge!

Beardo's Phrase

T H _ E E _ _ _ E _ A _ _ A _ A _ _

Beardo: T?

Chris: One T.

Beardo: how about...E?

Chris: Three E's.

Beardo: what about A?

Chris: 3 A's.

Beardo: K?

Chris: No K.

Beardo: C?

Chris: No C.

Beardo: M?

Chris: No M.

Beardo: H?

Chris: 1 H.

Beardo: I?

Chris: No I.

Beardo: G...

Chris: For the record your phrase was Three Zones and a Baby.

Dave's Phrase

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Chris: For the record your phrase was Paris in the Springtime.

Ella's Phrase

E L L A, S _ O _ S I N G I N G!

Ella: E! *smiles*

Chris: One E.

Ella: Hmmm... L?

Chris: Two L's ;/.

Ella: The letter G!

Chris: 2 G's.

Ella: I

Chris: 2 I's.

Ella: N.

Chris: 2 N's.

Ella: The S from singing!

Chris: Actually there's 2 S's (gg).

Ella: I'm afraid I know what there stands. *starts to crie* I can't stop singing! Anyway, the letter ... A. *looks around and sees the birds* Hello sweeties!

Chris: 1 A.

Ella: O...

Chris: It appears you know the phrase. You can guess if you want...if I'm wrong then pick another letter.

Ella: *sighs* Ella stop singing.

Chris: Oh so true and you're our second winner.

Ella: *sighs again* (CONF) I'll try not to sing, I guess? (END CONF)

Jasmine's Phrase

_ O M E _ L _ _ I _ _ U S

Jasmine: A

Chris: No A.

Jasmine: I

Chris: 1 I.

Jasmine: E

Chris: 1 E.

Jasmine: S

Chris: 1 S.

Jasmine: O

Chris: 1. O

Jasmine: Uh, um, L?

Chris: 1 L.

Jasmine: U

Chris: 1 U.

Jamine: Literally no idea, P?

Chris: No P.

Jasmine: M

Chris: 1 M.

Jasmine: Comeflywithus!

Chris: Yup! You win immunity!

Max's Phrase

_ A _, _ _ _ A _ E N _ _ E _ I _

Max: S

Chris: No S.

Max: A

Chris: Two A's.

Max: N

Chris: 1 N.

Max: E

Chris: 2 E's.

Max: I

Chris: 1 I.

Max: I would like to solve the puzzle "Max, you are not evil"

Chris: Dang how did you know? Well you're our first winner!

Max: Wait what did i just say. You tricked me Chris into saying i am not Evil. You will rue this day that you have messed with me

Rodney's Phrase

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Chris: For the record your phrase was Girls and Rodney.

Samey's Phrase

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Samey: I.

Chris: For the record your phrase was Be More Active (jk gg).

Scarlett's Phrase

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Chris: Your phrase was Scarlett Fever.

Elimination Ceremony 7

Chris: Well we have our three winners Max, Ella and Jasmine! Vote for anyone but them.

Max: (CONF) I hate that Rodney guy since he is being a goody two shoes around the females. YOU ARE NOT EVIL ENOUGH. Time for you to leave via cannon. *Votes Rodney*

Jasmine: (CONF) Sorry mate, but you are a big threat... *votes Rodney*

Samey: (CONF) I guess my vote would have to go to Rodney because how could anyone like Amy?! *votes Rodney*

Dave: (CONF) I hope your brother Hanamura does beat you. *crosses arms and votes Rodney*

Me: *Likes Rodney* Guys, no! *Changes all the votes to Victoria*

Rodney: (CONF) Well, in this competition, I've had a change of heart. Things have changed... I'm still the big, strong man the ladies lust for... but, I can't accept their love. Samey, I have to vote you. This is where things end for old Rodney, and where things begin for new Rodney... He's so... ugh, I mean, sorry Samey and ladies.

Ella: (CONF) Sorry, I have to vote for you! *votes Samey* (END CONF)

Beardo: (CONF) i didn't want to vote for you dude, but i guess there's no way out for you now, i vote Rodney.

Scarlett: (CONF) Heh, I was going to answer in one shot I should wake up earlier next is a winner...dangit...well, let me see. Isn't Rodney the guy that falls in love with all the girls? That would make him not a worthy yeah, I'm voting Rodney

Chris: Marshmallows go to Max, Ella, Jasmine, Dave, Beardo, Scarlett and Samey! Sorry Rodney, but kiss the ladies goodbye!

Episode 8: Everybody Loves Cindy

Everybody Loves Cindy

Season 11, Episode 8

Challenge(s) Play a game of hide and seek with Cindy.
Winner(s) Ella, Jasmine and Scarlett
Eliminated Samey
Episode Guide

"Code Crackers"


"Chocolate Factory Fun"


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, Team Kihew reflected on a previous elimination where one contestant sees an opportunity to take control. Before the challenge I merged the teams due to me being bored with them. After that we played some hangman! Three people were good letter guessers, but unfortunately one contestant's dreams of being in charge were cut due to him being "cut".


Jasmine: I can't believe we're halfway through...

Max: I know. And the most Evil contestants remain. I am very excited

Scarlett: *yawns* Oh, why do I feel so sleepy today?

Beardo: (yawns as well) i know right, i feel pretty tired myself...

Max: We should go do something Evil

Ella: *enters and throws some flowers* This treehouse is so sweet!

Max: *gets hit with Flowers* AHHHHH they burn *collapses on the ground in pain*

Scarlett: You know Max *yawns* most of the time I hate you but I've got to say you make me laugh at times *giggles*

Beardo: (CONF) have we actually seen a breakthrough in Max and Scarlett's relationship?...i think so.

Ella: Oh sorry, Max! Are you okay? *looks worried*

Max: *is burned all over* Intresting I feel like I need to build an EVIL weapon containing the power of these flowers.

Scarlett: *still giggling* How lovely (CONF) *yawns* I've got to say I love Max when he suffers. It pays off from the days of torture I had to spend with him that days on much. And for once I don't have to do anything to make him suffer.


Ella: *hops around and gets some flowers* Wonderful! *sings* A shiny day, the sound of birds makes me in a love way! It's also getting cold but thanks to the birds I'll stay! *ends singing*

Challenge 8

Chris: Sorry for the delay but your challenge is a game of hide and seek with your favorite past ASVU contestant Cindy! She will be the seeker. You will message me 1 of 5 hiding spots either the treehouse, cave, woods, beach or the meeting area. Cindy will look in 3 out of 5 places and whoever does not get caught will win immunity so everyone message me your hiding spots!

Cindy: I'm literally the queen of this series now, so why haven't I competed again? Rude.

Max: Evil will go and hid and put a force field around to protect from CINDY. *runs*

Cindy: You better run, you awkward-shaped gnome...!

Max: *throws explosive gum in Cindy's hair*

Ella: This is so exciting!

Beardo: (sarcastically) oh yeah, nothing beats getting chased by some crazy girl. (runs)

Scarlett: *yawn* Maybe I can use this challenge to sleep a bit while I'm hiding *walks to her hiding spot*

Jasmine: See ya, mates! *runs*

Ella: *hops away*

Cindy: Now, where would those imbeciles hide...? *Searches cave* Any of you brats in here?!

Chris: Max is!

Max: *dentonates the explosive gum* you did not tag me *the gum in Cindy's hair fails to detonate while all the gum in Max's pocket does* OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Cindy: Okay. *Leaves and searches the woods* I know at least-- two, maybe three of you are somewhere around here...!

Chris: Well you thought wrong!

Cindy: Chris, I am in the possession of scissors! Don't test me! Hmm.... *Searches the meeting area* I swear if none of you are here, I'm going to do dangerous things to many people!

Chris: Well this is your last chance to guess and you only caught Dave and Beardo and since Samey didn't pick a spot she's out too which means Jasmine, Scarlett and Ella win immunity!

Elimination Ceremony 8

Chris: Vote for anyone but Ella, Jasmine or Scarlett.

Ella: (CONF) Sorry but you are saved for so long. I hope you'll get better with your sister! *votes Samey* (END CONF)

Scarlett: (CONF) *yawn* I'd like to tell I was lucky but actually I got to thank maths for this challenge victory. You see, I knew Cindy wouldn't have gone for the 4th spot. Normally when you pick you'd go for the 1st and the 5th, the opposites, and the 3rd, the middle. This leaves the 2nd and the 4th to be the least expected, right? Well, out of these two who do you think first? The two since it's the first number in numerical order. And this leaves the 4th spot, the beach, where I hid in and won the challenge. Hehe, thank you maths. Anyhow, I would love to vote Max but..actually...I have plans with him. Some sweet plans, hehe. In the meanwhile I'll vote Samey. She's the one who has been up for elimination the most as of now and she got 4 times in the bottom so yeah, why keeping her? Allying with her would mean having dead wei- *yawns again* I really need a longer sleep <.<

Jasmine: (CONF) Samey. You haven't done much lately... Sorry, mate.

Dave: (CONF) *sigh* I vote for Beardo. I'm kinda being put up to it.

Max: (CONF): *Covered in Gum* I would vote for Cindy for EVIL kicks and giggles but since she is not in the competition I can not. For my EVIL desgins i am going to vote for Samey. Sorry but you have been distracted and must now go home *Votes Samey*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Ella, Jasmine, Scarlett, Dave, Max and Beardo! Sorry Samey but you're outta here!

Episode 9: Chocolate Factory Fun

Chocolate Factory Fun

Season 11, Episode 9

Challenge(s) Explore and have fun in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
Winner(s) None
Eliminated Max
Episode Guide

"Everybody Loves Cindy"


"An Apple A Day..."


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, we had a little surprise for the remaining contestants. The game was hide and seek. Some people had weak hiding spots and got caught while others won immunity. At elimination we said goodbye to one contestant who was the least active.


Max: Curse that Cindy. Getting Gum all over me she will rue the day. Minon Dave will you be so kind to remove this gum from me.

Ella: Curse? Do you mean you can do that on... someone? *looks to Max*

Jasmine: So, Scarlett, how are things, mate?

Max: I will get her if it is the last thing I......*slips on some gum and falls out of the treehouse* dooooooooooooooooooooooooo *Max lands on the ground hard*

Beardo: (CONF) ugh...that was worrying, now i know someone is targeting i need to get rid of them, only problem is...who is it?


Challenge 9

Chris: Challenge time! You all have made it far so I want to do something nice for you so here's a little trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Now come explore and by the way...

*shadowy figure pushes Chris into the chocolate fountain*

Ugh I'm gonna go clean up. But you guys go and have fun in Wonka's Factory.

Ella: I've watched this movie! Willy Wonka! Oh my... *dances around and sings* Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew, cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two! The candy man, the candy man can, the candy man can 'cause he mixes it with love, and makes the world taste good! *ends singing and looks around*

Jasmine: Mmmm, chocolate! Mate, this is much better than those bugs I was forced to eat...

Max: Chocolate is not EVIL, unless I can drown someone in molten chocolate.

Jasmine: *laughs* So where is Willy Wonka himself?

Scarlett: Uhm, interesting. I've never been to a chocolate factory in my life......and cocoa looks tasty....oh my..

Ella: Chris? Could I sing with the oompa loompa's? *smiles and looks around*

Beardo: it feels like i've woken up in some sort of strange dream...(shrugs) oh well, might as well embrace it. (wanders around)

Max: (CONF): It time to prove how EVIL I am. (NON CONF) *Throws Dave into the vat of Chocolate* Go my minon and ruin all of Willy Wonka's Chocolate. Muahahhahahahahahahahahaha

Beardo: (CONF) Augustus Gloop...Augustus Gloop...the great big greedy nincompoop...(looks at camera) uh...sorry...just seeing Max throw Dave into that chocolate reminded me of that...umm...event.

Dave: *gets out of the chocolate* Screw you. *pushes Max into the vat of Chocolate* Hope you drown.

Max: *grabs dave and drags him into to chocolate* HELP ME, EVIL does not know how to swim

Beardo: really?, well maybe EVIL needs to take a couple swimming lessons.

Chris: *walks in I'm back! *shadowy figure trips Chris* WOAH! Ugh that's it! This is what I get for trying to be nice? Well now I'm done NONE of you get immunity now get to the ceremony!

Elimination Ceremony 9

Jasmine: (CONF) *votes Ella* Time for you to go...

Max: (CONF): you are making the animals too good. EVIL animals must previal *votes Ella*

Ella: (CONF) This is so difficult. I have a great friendship with Beardo and I don't wanna lose that. Max knows spells and that is really nice. Jasmine is nice, Scarlett is nice, Dave is... Dave. *looks to the birds and they are voting for someone* Well, I vote for... *reads* Max? (END CONF)

Scarlett: (CONF)......I think I forgot the plans I had with Max? Why is he still here? *votes him* (END CONF) [you realize I voted Max just because Scarlett hates Max? Why the hell are you all changing the votes?!]

Beardo: (CONF) i vote Max, i think it's about time you got outta here.

Dave: (CONF) You're a cliche Snow White wannabe who does nothing but butchers everyone's eardrums. You don't exactly deserve to be here anymore. What're you gonna do with the money, build a fairytale kingdom? At least I want to do something practical with the money, burn it in front of Sky.

Chris: Well marshmallows for Dave, Scarlett, Beardo and Jasmine! We have a tie between Max and Ella. So what I'll do is let you make your plea and I'll have a guest judge you and decide who stays or goes.

Max: What 3 people vote for me. Well I should stay because of my pure EVIL. If Goody Two Shoes stays all you are going to get is her being boring and singing a bunch. I will bring the Drama with my EVIL. People are going to hate me and that will make the show really good. Keeping Ella will make the show uneventful. So if you want an exciting season keep me, If you want to sleep through the rest of the season keep Ella. Also if you keep Ella I will blast you with my FREEZE RAY.

Ella: Why should I stay? There are so many reasons, the birds needs their food, the bees wants their honey and it's really nice here. I feel bad for Max, I don't wanna be in the bottom two with him but yeah, our destiny is this... I guess. I would love to sing a song to let me stay. *sings* Beginning with the feeling I will win, be the main antagonist or the sweetest thing. Getting all the votes against your enemy, or losing your best friend you didn't wanted to see. Let's hoping for win this and starting this dance, with on the end maybe a new change! *ends singing*

Chris: Okay now time for our special judge Nduke! So Nduke who's going home and who's staying?

Max: *pulls out freeze Ray*

Ella: *looks hopefull to Nduke and waits for the result*

Max: Shut it Goody two Shoes *Zaps and freezes Ella*

Ella: Ehh... Max, what are you doing? You are acting like Grumphy. *looks around*

Duke: Hey everyone, great to be here! But freezing isn't really cool, so Max, you've gotta go. Sorry buddy. *me quickly runs away from Max*

Max: You fiend but there is no way i am going to get blasted *chases After Duke and leaves the elimination Area*

Chris: Well I guess that's that! Later Max.

Episode 10: An Apple A Day...

An Apple A Day...

Season 11, Episode 10

Challenge(s) Throw apples at wooden carvings of eliminated contestants.
Winner(s) Jasmine
Eliminated Dave
Episode Guide

"Chocolate Factory Fun"


"The Freaks Come Out At Night"


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, I decided to give the remaining six contestants a tour of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory just to be nice. You know what I got in return? Pain and turmoil so I decided that no one got immunity at elimination. We had a tie in votes between two players which led to a tiebreaker judged by someone special. One contestant's dreams of winning were shredded due to losing the tiebreaker.


Beardo: (wakes up and yawns) man, i slept like a baby last night. (CONF) a part of me is pretty glad Max is gone, but the other part of me is missing him, since the girls now outnumber the guys by one, maybe i should have made a Guys' Alliance or something, oh well...i guess it really is anyone's game now.

Ella: Goodmorning, Beardo! Would you like to get some food for us? We need some good breakfast. Take your clothes on and get ready to move! *dances and smiles* Hmmmmhmmmmm!

Dave: Why am I still here?

Ella: *looks to Dave* Oops, Dave! Sorry if I woke you up. Shall I leave you two guys alone? *winks at Beardo*

Beardo: uhhh...i don't mind.


Challenge 10

Chris: Challenge time! Using these apples you will knock off these wood carvings of eliminated contestants off of these interns' heads. How fun! You will do so from first out (Shawn) to the last elimination (Max). First person to do so wins immunity. (This is a line challenge btw if you didn't get that).

Jasmine: *throws apple at "shawn"*

Beardo: (throws apple at ''Shawn'')

Jasmine: *throws apple at "Leonard"*

Beardo: (throws apple at ''Leonard'')

Jasmine: *trows apple at "Sky"*

Beardo: (throws apple at 'Sky'')

Jasmine: *throws apple at "Sugar"*

Beardo: (throws apple at ''Sugar'')

(Wait do we knock them down and they stack as a group or do we do it individually?)

(i think we just knock them down in the elimination order individually. that made sense right? XD)

Ella: But I don't wanna hurt anyone. *throws apple at Shawn*

Beardo: (throws apple at ''Amy'')

Ella: *throws apple at Leonard*

Scarlett: *throws apple at Shawn*

Chris: Let's go guys!

Jasmine: *Throws apple at Amy* (I think me and Beardo did it wrong?)

Ella: *throws apple at sky*

Jasmine: *throws apple at Topher*

Ella: *throws apple at Sugar*

Jasmine: *throws apple at Rodney*

Scarlett: *throws apple at Leonard*

Ella: *throws apple at Amy*

jasmine: *throws apple at Samey*

Scarlett: *throws at Sky*

Jasmine: *throws apple at Max* Yay!

Ella: Congrats, Jasmine!

Chris: Jasmine wins!

Elimination Ceremony 10

Chris: Vote for anyone but Jasmine!

Ella: (CONF) This is so hard, well, everyone has competed in this challenge right? Except for... Dave. Scarlett competed in it and Beardo is my bestie since the first day even I like Scarlett a lot as well. Jasmine is immune and I wouldn't vote for her if she didn't had immunity. Anyway, I have to vote for Dave because it's the only choice to do for now. I'm sorry... *looks sad and votes Dave* (END CONF)

Beardo: (CONF) well since he was the only one who didn't do the challenge, i guess i vote for Dave.

Jasmine: (CONF) I don't really want to vote this person but, they are big threat but also a close mate... Sorry, Ella, but I vote for you; you're a big threat. Sorry. D:

Scarlett: (CONF) I...don't really know who to vote for? Well, let's see, we got Beardo, Ella and Dave. I don't really have an idea on who should go and who shouldn't so...I guess I'll give a dicey vote. So, um, 1-2 is for Beardo, 3-4 is for Ella, 5-6 is for Dave. Ok, let's do it *throws dice*




a 5 came out. OK, that means I'll vote for Dave (END CONF)

Dave: (CONF) *looks to nails* Oh dear, dear, dear. Dear, dear, dear. This simply won't do. *looks to camera* Well, as the others have set an example, I'll be completely out of character for this vote! Wheeeeeee~ This is fun! Yay! I'm without a doubt going home because it's obvious...oh, my...oh, hooray! *snickers* Screw my past development, I'm a whole other character, man Rodney sure was in love, man! I can suddenly talk, yeah, man! *looks to ceiling* For all my votes, I'll throw a dice or do it randomly- or I'll say I did! When in reality I wanted that person gone but wanted no blood on my hands, and I'll be slightly out of character doing so! *looks back to camera and sighs* Alright, done mocking these idiots. Jasmine was actually pretty cool- which I wasn't expecting from anyone here, so I hope she'll win. It was a pleasure meeting her again. As for everyone else? They gave me headaches. Especially Ella and Scarlett. But anyway, I vote myself. Why? Because if I go out, I'm to go out on my own terms. *looks dramatically to nails* But make no mistake. I'm no skunk.

Chris: Well marshmallows for Jasmine, Scarlett, Beardo and Ella! Sorry Dave, but you're outta here! Even though I don't think you cared anyways...Either way final four I hope you get a good nights sleep because tomorrow is the semifinal!

Episode 11: The Freaks Come Out At Night

The Freaks Come Out At Night

Season 11, Episode 11

Challenge(s) Run through the forest to a cemetery and then smash open a tombstone.
Winner(s) Ella
Eliminated Jasmine
Episode Guide

"An Apple A Day..."


"One Million Reasons to Win"


Chris: Last time on ASVU11, the remaining five contestants got some good old beauty sleep and then they had to pelt wood carvings of eliminated contestants using apples! Nice huh? In the end one contestant was victorious and another said goodbye not like they cared anyway!


Ella: Goodmorning, everyone!

Jasmine: Hiya. *sighs* (CONF) Why am I stuck here with them? I should have been here with my mates...

Ella: Jasmine, you look so dirty, where have you been? You should take a shower. Shall I turn it on for you? *smiles and wants to sing* (CONF) I wanna sing, I wanna dance and I wanna be myself! Anyway we are almost at the final, how wonderful is this? *giggles* (END CON

Jasmine: I'm not dirty? I washed yesterday...

Ella: But what is that on your legs? It looks like mud. *looks worried*

Jasmine: *looks down at her legs* you're seeing things. Are you alright?

Ella: Of course I am, why whould I not be alright? *birds flies to her and looks angry at Jasmine*

Jasmine: Tell your bird mate to back off!

Ella: You are a rude person, Jasmine! Really rude. *cries on Scarlett's shoulder*

Scarlett: Uhm, miss Ella, why are you offended from that? She was...frightened by the bird I think. Nothing much in my opinion. (CONF) I'm in the final 4...without Max. This is one of the greatest things ever. Also I don't know why I reacted so late to Max's disappearence. Uh, who knows (END CONF)

Jasmine: *rolls her eyes* (CONF) What is up with Ella? Scarlett is right, she's just causing un-necessary drama.

Ella: Come here, little bird! *kisses the bird*

Jasmine: O...okay?

Ella: Maybe he turns into a prince? You should try it too!

Jasmine: I'm not going to... I mean I've eaten bugs, mate, but at least I won't catch bird flu off those.


Challenge 11

Chris: Challenge time! So you will be running through the forest to get to the cemtery where an immunity pass is buried. You will run through the forest to the cemetery (10 lines) and you will break open the tombstone with a certain date on it. I will give you more information when you get to the cemetery. Now GO!

Ella: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs*

Ella: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs*

Ella: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs*

Ella: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs*

Ella: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs*

Ella: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs*

Ella: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs*

Ella: *runs*

Scarlett: *runs*

Ella: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs*

Ella: *runs* What now, Chris?

Jasmine: *runs*

Scarlett: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs* Here!

Ella: Just a random guess, November 24, 2013

''Chris: Ella you will be looking for a tombstone with a date from a season 3 episode of ASVU. Here's a hint: The episode title has a number in it which means there are 3 possible choices. Jasmine you will be looking for a tombstone with a date from a season 5 episode of ASVU. Your hint: Has a number in the episode title. Use this as a source. ''''''!

Jasmine: May 28, 2014!

Scarlett: *runs*

Ella: Febuary 10, 2014

Chris: Jasmine and Ella you're both right! First to smash the tombstone wins!

Ella: *smash the tombstone*

Chris: Ella wins!

Scarlett: *inhales air* Ok, I guess I lost

Elimination Ceremony 11

Chris: Well Ella you win so you get to pick who places fourth this season!

Ella: Of course I'm happy I won the challenge because I'm in the final three. But who is going to join me? Obviously I'm taking Beardo with me because he was my bestfriend since the begin. I would never eliminate him. But now it's gonna be hard because Scarlett is really nice and Jasmine is really active in challenges. But Jasmine, you are a big threat. But I wanna say to you that you are a amazing person. I hope you are going home with a good feeling and I would love to share something with you. *picks her bow and gives it to Jasmine* This reminds you that we were friends and that you are always on my heart. *hugs Jasmine*

Jasmine: Thanks, mate. I enjoyed my time here. Sorry to everyone I let down by losing though. You know who you are - Sorry. D:

Scarlett: Wow...thank you Ella. Thank you for letting me in in the finale with you..

Chris: Well Jasmine you place 4th again, but you played a great game (and made new users proud gg). Ella, Beardo and Scarlett you're moving on to the finale!

Episode 12: One Million Reasons to Win

One Million Reasons to Win

Season 11, Episode 12

Challenge(s) None
Winner(s) Scarlett
Eliminated Beardo and Ella
Episode Guide

"An Apple A Day..."


"Wawanakwa Reloaded (ASVU12)"


Chris: Last time on ASVU the final four went on a race for immunity that was spooky! Two contestants were vying for immunity but only one won the challenge and sent their competition home. Now we from four to three and soon we will see...who will be the winner of ASVU11!

Previous ASVU Contestants

Leonard: I'm back after being accidently voted out!

Max: *comes out of the woods* Evil is a foot. I am going to give the winner a nice bang for their buck. Muhahahahahahahahahahaha

Topher: And I'm giving the camera face! Something Chris should stop doing.

Sugar: Topher shut up!

Leonard: Hey sugar!

Sugar: WIZARD!

Leonard: Would you like me to cast some spells?

Shawn: I messed up but hey got last times million right here. :)

Chris: I think you all know why you're here. We have our final three contestants but only one can win! Think about their performance, interactions and if they really deserve the money before you vote. So if you know who you're voting for you can go vote in the confessional.

Sugar: (CONF) I vote for Scarlett.

Topher: (CONF: $carlett for the win)

Leonard: (CONF) Ella is a very good and magical person

Shawn: (CONF) I vote Ella. (CONF END)

Cindy: I get to vote because Chris had me cameo and Kongaroo is inactive...! (CONF) I vote for Beardo to win, as Ella is literally so horrifying and Scarlett... well, she was never really consistent with her character, almost as if she could never decide on who to be.... Nonetheless, Beardo is no where near as trashy as the other two. Ugh, this season... (END CONF)

Dave: (CONF) This is actually the worst final 3 of my life...I'd prefer friendship trio before I saw this...ugh. Well, let's get started evaluating these 'loved' contestants. Ella sucks. Scarlett sucks. Beardo sucks. Scarlett is just a fake, Ella is annoying and stupid, and Beardo...talks? Since when? That was his whole issue last time- how did it magically go away? Did he meet with the Care Bears or something- what is this? What actually is this? I mean he might be a more enjoyable person if- oh, I don't know- he was another person, because this doesn't feel like the annoying Beardo I know. Also, Ella's songs don't even rhyme anymore. She's so apologetic in voting people out, but all I see is malice. Like she's aware of the consequences and is happy taking them. Don't say sorry if you don't mean it. And then Scarlett just fakes everything, and it's really annoying. It's quite clear she means to vote people out, but she uses excuses. If you mean it, just say it. Don't try to lie your way out of it. I rewatched my elimination episode out of boredom, and she voted me out with a dice roll? Are you kidding me? There's no way that's just some bad- or good timing, because I wanted to go home anyway- happens like that. It's clear she wanted me gone, so I'm gone. Just say the stupid thing and don't lie. She's lost a lot of respect from me and she used to be okay. That being said, I refuse to vote. Just count my vote as Jasmine, because even if she losts, she's the one who deserves it the most. I don't care. Bye. *leaves*

Cindy: *Pulls Dave back and kisses him* I loved your confessional. But, I don't love you... you're gross. *Throws him away*

Dave: Hold on a moment, I'm going to grab some soap for my mouth...yuck...*uns in 2 da sun*

Marcus: (CONF) I'm here to vote for Dave, so let's settle this with a dice roll! *dice rolls* Beardo. *sings a song that doesn't rhyme and then looks to nails before looking back to camera* Okay, I'm done mocking those two, but yeah, Beardo. I hate Scarlett and Ella, so...

Max: I could care less about who wins this season cause the finalists suck. I will vote Scarlett out of respect to evil. And No CONF for me.

Amy: Ella is a f***ing loser hypocrite and I would gladly spit on her grave. Scarlett was so yawn-worthy. I vote Beardo because the winner of TDPI was out first so the first out of TDPI should be the winner. FYI You guys were all OOC. Ella you did not even ryhme, Beardo you stopped beat boxing and Scarlett rolled dice..???????????????????? This series has really gone down hill, ASVUD3/4 is where it's at.

Rodney: Since I can't choose between the ladies, Beardo. (CONF) Well, that was just a cover up. Women, they aren't for me... I... I've realised myself. It's time to let love conquer and settle things once and for all (END CONF) Dave, you have a minute?

Dave: *left a while ago; probably got ran over by a reindeer or something but isn't there*

Cindy: Shut up. *Pulls Dave back into reality and brings him like... here 5ever* Go ahead, Rodney.

Dave: No. I can do what I want, I'm finally out of that stupid contract Chris made me sign, now I never have to talk to you again. So bye. *leaves again*

Cindy: *Entangles Dave in a net of super-sticky Spider-Pig webs* ... No. Hurry, Rodney!

Dave: If you can godplay, so can I. :) *gets through the net of super-sticky Spider-Pig webs* Now leave me alone, okay? Is that too much to ask? *leaves*

Cindy: What does 'godplay' mean? *Ultra kicks Dave and he flies back into the net of super-sticky Spider-Pig webs* Okay. But, not until you let Rodney at least speak. There's literally no what you could possibly know what he wants, so any user intelligence isn't allowed. Now, stop. Gosh, I hate people.

Dave: I don't even know what reality is or not at this point. Anyway, I'm going to go to a therapist or something, so leave me alone. *leaves*

Cindy: *Duct tapes, glues, super glues, staples and connects Rodney and Dave in every which way possible* Not leaving you alone until after you hear what Rodney has to say.

Dave: *still manages to get through* Then leave with me or something, I don't care. I'm not staying in the same location Ella's in when I can help it. Who knows when she'll start her stupid singing? I'd like to save my eardrums if I can, I lost my sanity a while ago, and I want to keep what I have left. Okay? Now just let me go. Rodney can make do with Beardo or someone else. I could care less than what some lovesick farmer has to say. What could he possibly ask? Love advice? Someone else would be more capable at giving it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go turn myself in to an aslyum or something. *leaves*

Cindy: *Kills Dave (off-screen)* Okay. No more him. Good, good. So, Rodney, what'd you want to tell him?

Jasmine: (CONF) Ella eliminated me, Beardo isn't Beardo... So I vote the lesser of three evils, Scarlett.

Rodney: Dave? Dave? Where are you... my... my love... (CONF) I change to Scarlett...

Cindy: ... Okay, then. I... I understand. I'll leave you to grieve. *Disappears*

Amy: *Kills Rodney off screen and writes in his blood "SKAI TUTALLY LIEK DID TIS"* we don't need another out of character person.

Topher: Oh no this face has been through enough. *runs away from Amy*


Beardo: (CONF) so...that day went quick...again, anyway, onto more important matters, i really thought i was gonna be out yesterday since i didn't do that challenge, and the past contestants are probably going to use that against me, but i guess it's still anyone game i's hoping...

Ella: Guys, I don't mind if I don't win. Thanks for saving me two times and I think we are the perfect finalists. Let's get our fingers crossed and we'll see who's going to win! *giggles* (CONF) Me in the final? Before Total Drama I could only dream about it. I'm very proud on myself. (END CONF)

Scarlett: I'm ded

Beardo: sweeeet...

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Well we have our winner! Scarlett, congratulations! This season we actually have two runner ups due to a tie in votes so congratulations Ella and Beardo as well. Scarlett how do you feel?

After everyone's final words.

Norman: *Comes out of his hiding place (cuz he's hiding in half the season)* Chris. We need to talk. *looks at the cast* and away from those wannabes. This is private.