Sign Ups (Closed)

  1. Peko-The Loyal Swordswoman-WelshGirlAmber Quit in ASVU Strikers (14th)
  2. Fiona-The Stereotypical Cheerleader-Surfer Voted out in Animal Crossing (7th)
  3. Jenna (Jeane)-The Homeschooled Rich Don Quit in The Improbable Race (18th)
  4. Andrew-The Gay Guy-Orange Voted out in In A Galaxy Far, Far Away... (20th)
  5. Devin-The Protective Friend (TDRR)-TF Quit in Methods of Torture (12th/13th)
  6. Dee-The Mafia Princess-Dark Voted out in Krazy Karts (5th)
  7. Norman-The So Called Master Of Everything-BB Voted out in Dracula Undead (16th)
  8. Nichols-The Type Bipolar-Blake Voted out in The Walking Dread 2 (9th)
  9. Brick-The Cadet-NLG Voted out in Someone Call for a Monster? (15th)
  10. Jeremiah-The Care-Free Farmboy-Dianted Voted out in Aliens on a Spaceship (17th)
  11. Mason-The Jason Fan-Phy
  12. Conker-The Wikia User-Conker Voted out in Lost At Sea (19th)
  13. Leshawna-The Sister With Tude-Kongaroo Voted out in The Snowball Effect (22nd)
  14. Apollo-The Dog Trainer-Alpha Eliminated in Dare Ya or Scare Ya (3rd)
  15. Carrie-The Lovesick Friend (TDRR)-ACTN Quit in Dare Ya or Scare Ya (4th)
  16. Luigi-The One Everyone Thinks He Knows Everything-Ifraid Voted out in Jail Break (21st)
  17. Duncan-The Delinquent-Blaze Voted out in Methods of Torture (12th/13th)
  18. Justin-The Eye Candy-Wes
  19. Dawn-The Moonchild-Zanna Voted out in Losers vs. Populars (10th)
  20. Lindsay-The Dumb Princess-Amber Voted out in Superheroes vs. Supervillains (6th)
  21. Simon-The Music Fanatic-Mike Quit in The Walking Dread 2 (11th)
  22. Skylar-The Tomboyish Sporty Girl-Chase Voted out in Handcuffs Coming To Town (8th)

Debuter's List (For People Who Thought ASVU10 Wasn't Going To Be Good Enough And Didn't Sign Up And Regret It GG)

  1. Rosie - The Fragile Mess - XxSolarEclipsexX (i will kill!)
  2. Manuel - The Advanced Flirter - Miguelcamino
  3. Nemi - The Sister of Nemo - Dianted
  4. Jennifer "Jenny" - The Blind Girl - D&D
  5. Thomas's Ghost - The Boring See through smart guy - CaptainSparklez13
  6. Ronald McDonald / McDonald's - The One Everyone Loves - Dianted (tf supports this)
  7. Cindy - The Temperamental Diva - Dianted (Actually being serious with this one unlike the others gg)
  8. Ronald MC Donald - Ronald McDonald's Brother Who is a Mime Rapper However That Works - TF
  9. Jimmy - The Short Smart One - Surfer (eh, why not)
  10. Leo - The Tortured Artist - BBGUN
  11. Holden- the Irish Jerk - Wes Holden
  12. Rhett - The Paranoid Dude - Blaze
  13. Nemo - The Heroic Gamer - NLG343
  14. Ryan - The Mad King - Phy
  15. Barbara "Barb" - The Pun Queen - Blake
  16. Josephine - A Sheep - Welsh
  17. Tyler - The Jock who Sucks at Sports - Blaze (bringing Tyler in would shake Duncan and Lindsay's friendship a HECK of a lot tbh)
  18. Courtney - The Type A - Loenev (bringing Courtney back would make more drama between Tyler, Duncan and Lindsay XD)

Interactions (You May Edit)


Carrie and Devin

Carrie and Jeane

Simon, Duncan and Justin Bromance Triangle

Lindsay and Carrie

Lindsay and Duncan

Duncan and Dawn

Lindsay and Fiona

Lindsay and Apollo


Carrie and Fiona

Apollo and Norman

Fiona and Nichols ("Nickels").

Carrie and Dee

Brick's Alliance and Norman

Brick and Mason (one-sided on Mason's side)

Brick and Justin

Dee and Duncan

Dee and Dawn (one-sided on Dee's side)

Jeremiah and Dee

Jeremiah and Team (Partially One-Sided on Jeremiah's Side)

Dee and Fiona



Simon x His guitar (forever alone)

Justin & his abs


Carrie and Devin (One-sided on Carrie's side)

Simon and Skylar(One sided on Simon's side)

Norman and Duncan (As shown in the ASvU Challenge pictures; one-sided on Norman's side)(BTW this is a random fan ship just like Topherella and Is not cannon)

Duncan and Dawn (one sided on Duncan's side)

Lindsay and Duncan (One-sided on Lindsay's side)


Apollo, Fiona (Due to Apollona attraction), Brick, Justin, (both APOLLO'S request) and Lindsay (Fiona's request)

Elimination Ceremonies (Pictures)

Digital Destroyers Eliminations

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Leshawna Female 22nd 11th The Snowball Effect She didn't help her team during the challenge.
Andrew Male 20th 10th In A Galaxy Far, Far Away His comments about dead puppies didn't sit well with the others.
Jeane Female 18th 9th The Improbable Race She quit the competition.
Brick Male 15th 8th Someone Call For A Monster? He constantly annoyed his team.
Devin Male 12th/13th 7th Methods of Torture He quit to save Dee.
Nichols Male 9th 6th The Walking Dread 2 He received majority of the votes.
Fiona Female 7th 5th Animal Crossing Her arrogance caused her to be voted off.
Lindsay Female 6th 4th Superheroes vs. Supervillains She received all of the votes at elimination.
Carrie Female 4th 3rd Dare Ya or Scare Ya She quit the competition.
Apollo Male 3rd 2nd Dare Ya or Scare Ya Mason chose to bring Justin to the finale.
Mason Male 2nd 1st Virtual Finale He lost the jury.

Virtual Viruses Eliminations

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Luigi Male 21st 11th Jail Break He didn't help his team during the challenge.
Conker Male 19th 10th Lost At Sea He didn't help his team during the challenge.
Jeremiah Male 17th 9th Aliens on a Spaceship He didn't help his team during the challenge.
Norman Male 16th 8th Dracula Undead The other team voted him off after he received a tie in votes with Carrie.
Peko Female 14th 7th ASVU Strikers She quit the competition.
Duncan Male 12th/13th 6th Methods of Torture The Dreamers voted him off.
Simon Male 11th 5th Losers vs. Populars He quit the competition.
Dawn Female 10th 4th Losers vs. Populars She didn't help during the challenge.
Skylar Female 8th 3rd Handcuffs Coming To Town She was seen as a threat and got voted off.
Dee Female 5th 2nd Krazy Karts She was seen as a threat and got voted off.
Justin Male 1st 1st Virtual Finale He won the jury vote.

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Merge? Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
16th Norman Fantasies WIN SAFE WIN LOW WIN SAFE OUT
17th Jeremiah Viruses WIN LOW WIN SAFE WIN OUT
18th Jeane Destroyers SAFE WIN SAFE WIN QUIT
19th Conker Viruses WIN SAFE WIN OUT
20th Andrew Destroyers SAFE WIN OUT
21st Luigi Viruses WIN OUT
22nd Leshawna Destroyers OUT

Episode 1: The Snowball Effect

The Snowball Effect

Season 10, Episode 1

Challenge(s) Have a snowball fight, then capture the enemy's flag or demolish their fort.
Winner(s) Virtual Viruses
Eliminated Leshawna
Episode Guide

"Red Hot Finale"


"Jail Bait"


Chris: Last season the final two both were declared winners and it hit home with ratings so now we're back for a tenth season! This season's theme is virtual reality so this opens up some crazy challenge ideas. We have 22 competitors both old and new to battle it out so get ready for the tenth season of Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs!

Meeting Area

Chris: Welcome ASVU fans for our tenth season of ASVU! I've pretty much told you in the recap what's going down this season so let's meet the cast!

Carrie: *arrives* Chris! Have you seen Devin? He's supposed to be here too!

Chris: No Carrie and hello to you too...

Duncan: ugh, back for another season...i must be losing my mind.

Fiona: Devin is a loser. Why bother with him? Y

Apollo: Hello everyone, I am ready.

Fiona: I'm ready too... To kick all your a****. Yay!!! *waves pom poms*

Carrie: You don't even know him! And excuse me who are you?

Dee: Shut up pom poms.

Apollo: Beaten by a cheerleader *laughs* ok..

Duncan: someone's being a little too confident, but whatever, i won't dampen you're spirits.

Nichols: Aw, come on, guys. Let her believe what she wants...

Apollo: Confidence can get you far.

Duncan: ain't that the truth. Fiona: *to Carrie* I'm the cheer captain of Wisconsin. I wouldn't mess with me.

Jeane: *Smiles* Greetings everyone! I am Jenna but I prefer being called Jeane I cannot wait for the wonderful experience we are going to spend together!

Apollo: Oh, hello *waves*.

Carrie: *to Fiona* Do you have a name? *to Jeane* Hey I'm Carrie and I prefer being called...Carrie!

Jeane: *Smiles* So Carrie, Who is this Devin guy?

Apollo: Dee, congratulations on getting 3rd last season that's good :).

Norman: *Arrives* Norman's the name and and the cash is to be me!

Andrew: :') hi

Apollo: Hello, I am ready to get far or something :).

Dee:(CONF) Newbies... Was I like that?

Fiona: (CONF) Apollo isn't exactly ugly... Norman: Well it's going to nice beati- I mean meeting you! *Shakes Everyones Hand*

Apollo: I know people like you Norman, act all nice than shank you.

Norman: Dont you mean dogs!

Apollo: Dogs are not that way but you are. You are going straight for the money doing whatever you could probably kill someone. Dogs are not like you except for your breath.

Jeane: I am sure you guys are getting on the wrong foot... *Hugs both* I am sure we can all get along!

Carrie: *to Jeane* Devin is my childhood friend. We've spent a lot of time together over the years.

Apollo: Uh, ok?

Jeane: *Smiles at Apollo then talks to Carrie* Ooh! He sounds nice I can't wait to meet him.

Fiona: *imitating Carrie* We were childhood friends! I secretly love him! Blegh.

Norman: *Almost Punches Apollo But Stops* (CONF: I am the best! I dont have to fight with others to win. Plus it is illegal for me to fight indoors!) Yeah Jeane you are right! Sorry Apollo.

Apollo: Ok, well I guess I can't wait to meet you too.

Jeane: Now, Fiona... That isn't that nice...

Carrie: Shut up Fiona you don't know anything! (CONF) *worried* How does she know?!

Fiona: I know lots of things. *struts away*

Jeane: Well... Maybe you can.. Uh... (CONF: I have been homeschooled my WHOLE life I do not have social skills... All I learned is obedience and never had a real friend... Hopefully that changes!)

Fiona: (CONF) What a weirdo.

Norman: (CONF:Seems like all everyone is doing out here is making enemies. This is the most time I have with the opposite tribe. It's do or die time)

Skylar: (CONF: Hehehe! Ah! We haven't started the challenge yet and everyone is already fighting. This is perfect!)

Simon: *walks in holding guitar* Oh my gosh this is awesome! I've never been on asvu before, it's cool to be up close! (CONF) I Cannot wait to meet new people and make friends!

Fiona: Whoa. (CONF) Simon likes music? He's my kinda guy. (END CONF) Hey, bae.

Carrie: (CONF) Typical cheerleaders think they're better than everyone else.

Norman: Pssss *Whispers* Fiona we need to talk in private!

Fiona: B-but Simon!!! *gets dragged away* What do you want?

Norman: *Whispers When Out of Earshot* Look I want to play fair this game fair! And I am planning for my team to have a captain. And I wanted to make sure that the other team had one too. So I was thinking of who should lead your tribe and I think it should be you. But first you should form an alliance of 3 people you trust.

Justin: I am back baby

Brick: Hey Fiona, nice pom-poms. And Skylar, nice guitar.

Carrie: So have any of you seen Devin?

Simon: *Turns around* Who said my name? *Shurgs and sit's, playing guitar*

Nichols: Nah, bruh. @Carrie

Norman: Psss *Whispers* Brick Private Talk ASAP!

Carrie: "bruh"? And Simon I think Fiona wanted to talk to you or something...

Simon: *smiles* What does she want?

Nichols: Yeah, um, she called you bae... @Simon Good luck, to be honest.

Simon: *Smiles* Aww! I don't know what bae means... but aww!

Carrie: Before anyone else=bae

Simon: I don't know her... she must be very nice!

Jeane: So Carrie want to paint our nails?

Norman: *Shows Simon Phone* It means s***!

Nichols: Let's not. :)

Simon: Oh! (CONF) First day on the show and I'm being called s***.... *plays guitar*

Dawn: Hello everyone! :)

Carrie: Sure Jeane! and hey Dawn! :)

Norman: (CONF: I want as many conflicts as possible! Hahaha the best lies, cheats, ans steal to win and I will do all of those)

Jeane: *Brings in box of nails* Be careful they are sharp! What color do you want to paint them?

Carrie: Light green! It's the same color as Devin's shirt :)

Jeane: Okay *Starts painting the nails light green* I hope I don't stab myself with these... (CONF: Painting nails is dangerous... The magazine says it makes the nails look pretty and girls like doing it together though)

Fiona: Simon, you're a babe!

Carrie: I hope you don't either! D:

Simon: *Laughs* Thanks! you too? *Smiles*

Carrie: Awkward...

Brick: Oops. Hey, Skylar.

Carrie: Are you talking to Simon, Brick?

Justin: I hope that we can all be the best of friends. I hope I can meet you all personally

Simon: Me too!

Carrie: (CONF) With Fiona around I don't see that happening.

Nichols: Jesus, you just got here. Stop being a w****. @Fiona

Simon: *Walks away* (CONF) I don't like fights and contention :(

Carrie: Thank you Nichols (CONF) The voice of reason everybody

Justin: *rips off shirt and starts tanning*

Carrie: (CONF) To be honest, I don't find Justin so attractive. My eyes are on someone else...

Simon: *Works on a song*

Brick: *plays rock guitar* Hey Simon! Time to hit the rocks! *winks*

Simon: I don't think I get it...

Mason: Well hello everyone. *strokes his fancy stache*

Nichols: Is that real? @Mason

Chris: Here are the teams! Andrew, Apollo, Brick, Carrie, Devin, Fiona, Jeane, Leshawna, Lindsay, Mason and Nichols, you guys are the Digital Destroyers. Conker, Dawn, Dee, Duncan, Jeremiah, Justin, Luigi, Norman, Peko, Simon and Skylar, you guys are the Virtual Viruses.

Simon: What an awesome team! Can't wait to get to know you all!

Devin: *barely gets there with a bag* Sorry, am I late?

Justin: We are in for a great season

Jeane: *Smiles at Devin* You must be Devin! I am Jeane, Your on my team.

Mason: *to Nichols* Why of course it is. You may embrace it if that is what your heart truly desires friend.

Carrie: DEVIN! *tackles him* What's in the bag?

Devin: Heh- hey, Carrie! It's the In N' Out I promised I'd get you. Do you still want it? It was like a two hour wait to get, so I hope you do!

Simon: Hi Devin! *Smiles* It's too bad were not on the same team!

Devin: I wasn't expecting such a positive reaction to just me arriving late! Same there, bud!

Simon: It's alright, could have happnedd to me!

Carrie: Yes thank you buddy! :)

Simon: *Waves to Carrie* Hi!

Devin: Heh, good to know my efforts are appreciated. Thanks, Carrie.

Carrie: *waves to Simon* Hey there and of course I appreciate you Devin! :)

Simon: You excited to start?

Jeremiah: *Arrives*

Carrie: *to Simon* Yes! *to Jeremiah* Hey there!

Jeremiah: Nice to meet you, uh... what's your name madame?

Carrie: Carrie. And yours good sir?

Jeremiah: Jeremiah. *Smiles* Thanks.

Carrie: *smiles* Anytime!

Apollo: Jeremiah, I was hoping for you to win last season.

Lindsay: *arrives* Hey everyone!

Duncan: sup Lindsay, nice to see you again.

Fiona: Blegh. Worthless... I mean Carrie... Is on my

Apollo: *whispers to Brick* You want to be in an alliance we are both very strong and soldiers. :D.

Brick: Sure.

Simon: Hi Lindsay! *Smiles* It's cool too see you, I've seen you on TV but not in real life!

Carrie: *to Fiona* You're one to better not cost us a challenge.

Peko: Hm. My young master is not here to protect me. But I will try my best as always!

Duncan: (CONF) what a bunch...heh, nothing i've seen before though.

Carrie: Umm your young master?

Peko: Yes. I am his family's protector and bodyguard I would risk everything for him.

Duncan: and would he do the same for you?

Peko: I.... Um.... Yes. He would....

Duncan: well if you say so.

Justin: I wonder we when get to actually compete

Carrie: Yeah I wonder what terror Chris has in store for us. By the way where did Devin disappear to?

Mason: *strokes his fancy moustache* I'm not sure. He's not hidden in my moustache so that's good.

Carrie: *looks at Mason's moustache* Fancy stache you got there.

Mason: Thank you. It took me years of preparations, but I am still unable to get it to resemble my heroes stache.

Fiona: That gross guy who has hit puberty ten times? Jason? Ew. But the mustache doesn't look that bad on you...

Carrie: So Mason is it? That sounds a lot like Jason. Is that your real name or is it a nickname just to be closer to Jason?

Conker: *typing on his laptop intensely* Urg! EC'd! ... O_O *continues to type obsessedly*

Mason: My real name that I illegally change. *sniffs* And Jason was a real hero who was a friend to everyone...and those jerks betrayed his trust every time. *cries*

Carrie: Cool Mason! *looks at Conker* Umm something wrong?

Peko: *looks at Conker* Hello there. You seem distressed. What is your name?

Fiona: *to Conker* Nerd.

Carrie: *to Fiona* Do you have to be rude to everyone you meet?

Conker: C-conker-Chu! Heh-heh! ...Sorry, um... who was the one to said nerd? My eyes kinda blur out the image so I can't see well...

Peko: Nice to meet you, Conker... Chu. I hope we may become acquaintances, or even... friends...

Fiona: Carrie, there's a pyramid. There's the people at the bottom and the people at the top, the popular ones. The closer you are to the top, the nicer I am to you? Got it? Good. *smiles*

Peko: Must you be so conceited?

Conker: ...? I don't understand what's going on, this world is...! *looks at the sun* Too dark for my liking...! *looks at a tree* Nice to meet you then, what's your name?

Peko: My name is Peko. *smiles*

Carrie: I hear you Fiona loud and clear...(CONF) Heather wannabe.

Conker: Nice to meet you Peko... *he sees the tree clearly* Huh? Oh- uh... oops. *turns to Peko* Hi... Do you know where that pyramid is? That other girl mentioned it and I can't really seem to spot it... I've never seen a pyramid before...

Fiona: Good! Maybe someday we can associate with each other! (CONF) Ling shot, but I'll let her dream.

Peko: It's nothing. Just ignore her. *turns to Fiona* I doubt someone as nice as Carrie would associate with vain, conceited people like you. But that's just my two cents.

Conker: N-No, seriously, where is the pyramid? I've never really been a tourist and I think doing this would be fun, or... *edits camp* F***-! Anyway, I think a pyramid would be cool to climb!

Fiona: what's wrong with you?

Duncan: heh, for once people are arguing and it's not cause of me, weird.

Conker: Huh-? *frowns* So... there's no pyramid? :(

Jeane: I don't think so... Even though I didn't do anything I apologize for Fiona's behavior and I hope she can turn it around... (CONF: I don't know what Fiona's gameplay is, But it's NOT a good one...) Anyways I cannot wait to be the bestest of friends with you all!

Conker: Thanks, for that... :D... Now whose this Fiona?

Carrie: Oh my god.

Lindsay: *smiles to Conker and Carrie*

Conker: *looks at them confused* (CONF) *editing on wika* ... FML! FML! I should have won that! Stupid, Surfer, Stupid ATCN, stupid everything! *throws the laptop on the floor and cries before picking it up again and continuing to play* :O

Duncan: (CONF) uhh...why is there broken bits of a laptop on the floor?

Jeane: Hey Lindsay! I've seen you on television before! My name is Jeane

Lindsay: Really? Yayy! And nice to meet you, Jeane!

Conker: *drinks cola* Huh... :S

Carrie: *to Lindsay* And I'm Carrie. Nice to meet you.

Jeane: I am glad we are all on the same team.

Carrie: Yeah things should get interesting.

Lindsay: Hey Carrie, nice to meet you too! And are we on the same team? Awesome!

Luigi: Uhhh Hi guys! (CONF) Hopefully no one calls me that nickname again. *shivers* At the other camp it didn't happen, but that one was cancelled, and was pretty small. (END CONF)

Dee:(CONF) I'm with Jeremiah? What ever....

Chris: Well now that you all have gotten aquainted let's start the challenge. Who's ready?

Duncan: let's get this started McLean.

Lindsay: Me, Ky- No... I remember your name finally. CHRISS!!!

Conker: Ch-challenge!? Does that mean physical! Stuff!?

Challenge 1

Chris: Let me introduce you all to our virtual reality machine Pal! Everyone step inside!

*the contestants find themselves in the frozen tundra*

Chris: Your challenge is simple. Have a snowball fight. Both teams will take turns throwing snowballs at each other (ex. Conker: *throws snowball at Lindsay*). Whoever throws the most snowballs will win an advantage in part two of the challenge. I've decided ( that the Virtual Viruses will be throwing snowballs first. You have 30 minutes starting now!

Conker: *Throws at Apollo*

Dee: *throws at Apollo*

Peko: *throws at Apollo*

Conker: *Throws at Apollo*

Skylar: *Throws at Apollo*

Dee: *Throws at Apollo*

Peko: *throws at Apollo*

Skylar: *Throws at Apollo*

Conker: *Throws at Apollo*

Dee: *Throws at Apollo*

Skylar: *Throws at Apollo*

Peko: *throws at Apollo*

Conker: *Throws at Apollo*

Dee: *Throws at Apollo*

Skylar: *Throws at Apollo*

Peko: *throws at Apollo*

Conker: *Throws at Apollo*

Dee: *Throws at Fiona*

Skylar: *Throws at Carrie* YOLO

Peko: *throws at Leshawna*

Conker: *Throws at Apollo*

Dee: *Throws at Fiona*

Skylar: *Throws at Devin* I hate your "best friend" as much as I hate you Carrie ;)

Conker: *Throws at Fionna* I just hate you for some reason... idk y?

Dee: *Throws at Carrie* I hate your love.

Skylar: *Throws at Fiona* I hate you more than Carrie and Devin combined. Cheerleading isn't a real sport sweetheart!

Conker: *Throws at Fiona* You suck!

Chris: Okay now its the Digital Destroyers turn! You have 30 minutes starting now!

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar* Ohh this is fun, ahahah.

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Brick: Um... *throws at Dee*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Skylar*

Carrie: *throws at Dee*

Lindsay: *throws at Peko*

Carrie: *throws at Conker*

Chris: Well the Viruses win by 1 point! So they get this bomb! Now for the second challenge you must either capture the flag in your enemies fort or destroy their fort. Too bad the sun's not out to melt your forts. That bomb will sure come in handy. I will give you guys an hour to strategize and then it's go time!

Chris: Time's up! GO! The winning team will be decided on who succeeds or does the best job at trying to succeed. (you can post in here or your forts if you still need time to come up with a plan).

Fiona: *runs across space between forts*

Dee: *runs across space between forts with bomb*

Fiona: no! *tackles Dee* Apollo, go on without me!

Carrie: *builds snowballs*

Justin: *runs behind Dee*

Carrie: *throws snowballs at Dee* Get back!

Fiona: *sticks leg up to trip justin, holding Dee down*

Dee: *throws bomb to Justin*

Justin: *Blocks the snowballs with his rock hard pecks and dodges trip and runs with bomb*

Fiona: Carrie! Nickles! Stop him!

Dee: *pushes Fiona off her* B****

Justin: *continues running with bomb*

Nichols: H-huh? *stretches* Oh! Right. Die >:( *kicks Justin in the shin*

Norman: *Karate Chips Nichols*

Fiona: You're the b****! *runs after Apollo*

Justin: Ow that hurt my beautiful shin *keeps running*

Dee: *Shoots at Carrie*

Carrie: *jumps behind fort* What the heck?!

Nichols: *tackles Justin*


Justin: *arrives at destroyers base with bomb* What should I do with it *punches nicky*

Skylar: *runs after Nichols* Oh no you don't!

Devin: *runs out of the fort* You miss one second and everything's already going on....

Justin: *throws bomb watches it land in fort*

Carrie: *throws snowballs at Justin and throws bomb away* GET OUT >:(

Dee: Carrie is going to die.

Nichols: *kicks the bomb towards Skylar and runs* don't kill me ._. \ Justin: * catches bomb and thorws the bomb back in *

Devin: Don't worry, I got your back, Carrie! *throws a snowball at Justin*

Carrie: Bring it Dee.

Justin *pusjhes dentanator*

Nichols: Congrats. You missed. @Justin *covers ears as bomb goes off*

Fiona: *kicks wall of fort in*

Skylar: Did you just push the detonator? Oh ****! *runs back to fort*

Carrie: NO THE FORT! :(

Justin: Nope i think it was a hit* *shines abs to melt what is left of the base*

Norman: *Kicks Devin Shin* Cant race anymore can you?

Devin: I'm not in the mood to fight right now! *nervously* Is the fort okay?

Chris: Well that's game. The Virtual Viruses win the first challenge!

Fiona: WHAT?!?

Norman: Ha! The only thing you guys destroyed were your chances at victory haha!

Mason: *blasted out of the fort* Don't worry guys! The moustache is okay. *faints*

Digital Destroyers Fort

Carrie: So team what're we gonna do?

Apollo: Attack 1-by-1!

Carrie: Umm won't that just get us all captured...1 by 1?

Apollo: Maybe you can distract in a row while I run up. Some other people can distract while I run up.

Brick: Alright. I agree with Apollo, since he is in my alliance. So, first, we need half the people to capture the flag, that would include me and Apollo, then some to destroy the fort, some to distract in the fort. If the team is carrying the Bomb to our fort, one person need to try to deflect it on the Viruses fort. Then, BOOM! What do you say boys? Who's with me?

Fiona: How bout I lead?

Brick: Lead which team?

Apollo: Ok, what do you got?

Carrie: We need to have some people protect the fort/flag.

Brick: Those are the distracters.

Apollo: I think Fiona should guard.

Fiona: But I could use my cheerleading moves to dodge!

Brick: She would capture the flag. Carrie can protect the fort.

Fiona: Yay! *waves pompoms*

Apollo: (CONF) Well you know, Fiona s not all bad.

Fiona: Apollo can come with me. *winks at him*

Apollo: *shrugs shoulders than follows Fiona* What was that wink for exactly?

Fiona: You're kinda cute.

Apollo:Oh-k and?

Fiona: *playfully* Oh, don't be so dumb! I was flirting!

Apollo: I know but this is kind of awkward... *blushes*

Fiona: *drops paper* Text me. *turns to group* OK. We need another pair going around the opposite way so we can attack on two fronts. How bout brick and Jeane?

Apollo: Good idea. I guess I will go with Fiona?

Fiona: Of course!

Nichols: Literally just stop trying, Fiona. Anyways, we're not obviously not going with "Greek god"'s plan, so anyone else have any ideas?

Fiona: Excuuuuse me? What's wrong with my idea? *gets in his face*

Carrie: Don't forget they have a bomb. We should use the snow to build more protection or even use snowballs as a weapon.

Fiona: Sure, whatever. Do you approve of that, Nickles?

Apollo: Well, I do.

Fiona: Times up! Brick, Jeane, go that way! Come on, Apollo! *drags him the other way*

Apollo: Oh, uh thanks for dragging me I guess. So where are you going?

Carrie: I guess I'll guard the fort and such.

Fiona: To the other fort! (Post in challenge section

Nichols: Ugh. I mean, you know what? I don't mind...just...go... *yawns*

Devin: Geez, this challenge is wait, now what do I do?

Mason: I agree. I shall do what you instruct me to do.

Virtual Viruses Fort

Skylar: Alright men! Here's what we do...we rush out there and take them out one-by-one! Agreed?

Conker: Hm... how about one of us holds the bomb and walks behind the rest of us who walk in a line protecting the person. If we manage to take them out, then we get the flag. If the flag is easy enough to get, then ONE of us goes to get the flag. And if only the bomb guy surives, BOOM! Exploding bombs!!

Skylar: Well...who's going to be the bomber? I for sure am not volunteering.

Jeremiah: So you're saying half of the team should sneak in with the bomb and the other half attempt to grab the flag?

Norman: Good strategy!

Conker: No, Jerem. One of us has the bombs who is behin 4 rows, strongest at the front, weakest at the back. We walk right in with our wall of protectors taking out the other team. If we manage to take them out, then we get the flag. If the flag is easy enough to get, then only ONE of us goes to get the flag. And if only the bomb guy surives, then he uses the bomb to take out the fortrest.

Norman: As the strongest of the tribe. I should be in the fron.

Conker: Shut up, Norman. You didn't do anything in the challenge. I re-... *falls asleep*

Dee: Norman.... you are definitely not the strongest.

Conker: *snoring loud* ...

Norman: Al Caprincess and Spacebar keep your heads in the game! We need to decide as a team!

Jeremiah: I still say we send 3 for the flag, 3 with the bomb, and 4 to stay here to protect our own things.

Norman: Sounds good!

Dee: Fine. (CONF) I hate his han- stupid face!

Skylar: Fine! How about Duncan, Justin, and I will take the bomb over there. Dee, Conker, and Jeremiah go get the flag. Peko, Norman, Dawn, and Simon stay and protect the fort. Good 'nuff?

Norman: Perfect!

Conker: Huh!? *gets up* S-sorry, when donating 99.219% of your time to a wikia you doesn't get me any sleep... Norman should go in the middle. Jerem should be the bomber... or Skylar. Dee, Peko and me will take up front. Norman is with... I mean... 'leads' Duncan and Dawn in row 2. Justin and Tyler share with Luigi and the one that's not the bomber out of Jerem or Skylar. Disagree and you're elimina- *sneezes like a baby* ... nevermind.

Justin: What do you want me to do?

Conker: Be in row 3 and protect the bomber.

Jeremiah: Hate to disrespect a fellow teammate, Conker, is it? But, we're going with Skylar and I's plan.

Justin: lets just do something and get the win

Norman: *Sighs* Can we just stick with one plan? (CONF: Did he just say he spends 99.219 of his time on the wikia? I want my crew to be strong. I will see what he can do.) And I like Skylar's plan.

Conker: But your idea sucks...! ...Well, it doesn't suck... but... it's not as good, I mean. If we try that, they'll easily be able to go right through us! As well as, how will we go round the back without getting spotted!?

Norman: Whoever likes Skylar's plan say I!

Conker: You know what? Lose. I don't care... (CONF) ... I really wanted my plan... :(

Dee: I like Conkers plan but we would need a row to stay and guard.

Justin: personally i like Conker's plan more. I seems more organized and groups are stronger together

Conker: R-really!? Yeah! Cool! Whatever you say dudes! Dee's add-on idea is good too, row 2 shall stay and gaurd!

Norman: Fine! (CONF: As a game plan I hate Skylar's. But I can form an alliance if we go with her plan!)

Justin: so who is gonna carry the bomb

Conker: Hm... someone likely to do it, yet not too active... *sighs* Jerem can do it.

Skylar: Wait wait wait wait wait! Um...shouldn't we chose someone who's a lil' bit more...stronger?

Dee: Give it to me.

Justin: Dee volunteered so i say give it to her

Norman: I agree

Jeremiah: You know what guys? Fine! Have it your way. * Glares at Dee* Glad to see you still get what you want. *Walks off*

Skylar: Big baby...

Norman: I'll check on him. *Walks Off With Jermiah* I wanted to ask you something.

Dee: Whatever.

Jeremiah: Just go. Please.

Norman: *Out Of Earshot* This is important man.

Justin: Well letys go destroy that fort thing

Norman: Yeah lets go!

Jeremiah: All right, what is it?

Norman: You me in an alliance. We are the strongest of our team.

Justin: Well whenever chris says we can leave we need to attack

Jeremiah: I'll get back to you on that.

Justin: *rips off shirt* Hopfully my abs can help melt their fort

Norman: We did it! The only thing the Digital Destroyers destroyed was there chance at victory!

Elimination Ceremony 1: Digital Destroyers

Chris: Well you guys made a good effort, but lost so you must decide who to vote off.

Carrie: (CONF) As much as I hate Fiona, I'm pretty sure I've talked to everyone except *votes Leshawna*

Nichols: (CONF) That. Was. The. Worst. Anyways, um, you were here? *votes Leshawna*

Fiona: (CONF) I'm so cold. *pouts and votes leshawna*

Mason: (CONF) *still unconscious and is speaking incoherent words, but the words "I vote for Leshawna" is said clearly*

Devin: (CONF) That sucked. Not sure how exactly abs would melt a fort, but apparently the digital world knows better...*votes Leshawna*

Andrew: (CONF) ._. :') *votes Leshawna*

Brick: (CONF) Jeez, the only thing we destroyed was my plan. Welp, I vote Leshawna. (END CONF)

Chris: Marshmallows are gonna go to Carrie, Devin, Fiona, Mason, Nichols, Jeane, Lindsay, Apollo, Brick and Andrew! Sorry Leshawna but you're taking the Portal of Shame home!

Episode 2: Jail Break

Jail Break

Season 10, Episode 2

Challenge(s) Escape jail without being caught by Chef Warden.
Winner(s) Digital Destroyers
Eliminated Luigi
Episode Guide

"The Snowball Effect"


"In A Galaxy Far, Far Away..."


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 22 contestants nearly froze to death during our winter challenges. The Viruses won the snowball fight and a bomb to help destroy the Destroyers ice fort. The contestants had their own ideas on how to complete the second challenge. Someone tried to kill another while someone attempted to use their looks to their advantage. In the end the Viruses won immunity and someone was eliminated for not helping their team .

Meeting Area

Dee: I can't wait until we lose.

Carrie: Why?

Mason: *has recovered*

Fiona: Because she thrives off of pain and wants to see people go home. People like that suck!

Nichols: Uh huh.

Devin: So, Mason, you alright there?

Dee: You think you know me don't you little b****.

Mason: My prized possession didn't suffer any damage from the explosion, but I think my body suffered some burns. But my moustache survived :D


Carrie: (CONF) If Dee wants to lose, she should throw the next challenge.

Justin: Well I was hoping there would be a first class. But it looks like that is a no go

Devin: *to Mason* Oh. You had us worried there- well, at least me. You should probably get those burns checked out. Also, your moustache is really classy- do you think I could ever- oh, never mind...the stache chooses the owner they sometimes say- well, to stop confusing you- I'm basically just saying nice 'stache.

Mason: *absentmindedly stroking his moustache* Sorry I didn't catch that. What did you say?

Devin: ...Just that I'm glad you're okay and that your moustache is top class. Props to you on however you made such a masterpiece of a stache.

Andrew: Hello!

Carrie: Anyways, Devin what's up! We didn't talk much yesterday!

Mason: *to Devin* Sure...but my moustache shall always be inferior to perfection that is known as Stachy. *eyes sparkle*

Fiona: *to dee* I know you're an ugly little b***, if that's what you mean!

Devin: Well, I mean, Stachy was a great stache...*was about to respond to Carrie, but then begins to daydream about Stachy for a minute* Oh- sorry, Carrie! I got caught up with daydreaming about Stachy- anyway, I'm fine right now! Shame we didn't get to talk much yesterday, but In N' Out and challenges makes it a bit difficult to do so. To make it up to you, I'll get you a milkshake or something the minute the game ends- what do you say?

Mason: (CONF) Who did I vote for again? I don't remember.

Fiona: *looks at Carrie and Devin* Blegh.

Andrew: *slaps myself thrice*

Norman: Haha! Lookd like the only thing you Digital Destroyers destroyed was your chance at victory. Oh wait you never had one.

Mason: *to Devin* You look like a fan of Stachy and Lord Jason. I can illegally help change your name to something more fitting.

Carrie: *to Devin* I say that sounds like a plan! We can share one! Err I mean have our own!

Devin: Alright, great! I'll be ready to get you that milkshake then! *then hears Mason and turns to him* How so? Have you done it before?

Mason: Yes. I paid this shady guy named Kevin who lived in an alley, who changed my name from Percival Ramchine Gregory Nicholi Jaques Gozer Leonardo Gabriel Socratise Victor Nostrodomus Alistair Pedisha Vladimere Steedler Astisha Boramere Shidiga Alexander Oliver Abalard Arnesto Angel Eyes to just Mason.

Devin: Wow, that name is long! Well, don't worry, I won't sell you out to the police or anything, Mason. Jason worshippers stick together, right? I'd change mine, but, I'm not sure Carrie would let me hear the end of it...I'll keep Kevin in mind if I ever want to change my name, though.

Mason: Cool. Oh when you meet Kevin, let him know that Mason formerly Percival Ramchine Gregory Nicholi Jaques Gozer Leonardo Gabriel Socratise Victor Nostrodomus Alistair Pedisha Vladimere Steedler Astisha Boramere Shidiga Alexander Oliver Abalard Arnesto Angel Eyes sent you to him and I'm sure he will give you a discount.

Devin: Alright, cool. Will do!

Carrie: Devin why would you want to change your name? It's perfect as it is *blushes*

Devin: Thanks, Carrie! It's just tempting to change it to something similar to an idol, you know? But, I'll probably pass on it for now. Also, your name is pretty great, as well.

Mason: *thinking about Jason* Yes. The name I perfect.

Fiona: *to Norman* Didn't you already say that? Where's Apollo?

Simon: Sorry for not helping team! *frowns* I feel awful for that! *walks away with a sad face*

Justin: I'm bored. Being bored leaves wrinkles and we can't have that.

Carrie: I don't know how to respond to that.

Simon: *Sitting on a chair working on another song, puts pencil to forehead*

Fiona: *sits next to him* Write a song about me!

Justin: Well we can talk about me, myslef and I Carrie. That will make me happy

Carrie: But it will not make me happy. (CONF) But Devin will *chuckles*

Dawn: *meditates*

Mason: *stands there looking manly*

Dawn: Hello there

Simon: *Walks up to Mason* Man you look manly!

Fiona: But Simon! My song!!! (CONF) *crying* He doesn't even care!

Simon: Oh sorry Fiona!!!! (CONF) I can't think of anything... I don't just make this up at the top of my head! (NON CONF) I'll work on that *smiles*

Mason: Your Right. However there is only one person more manly than me.

Simon: Me? *laughs* Nah just kidding (CONF) I'm not that manly...

Brick: *shines Mason's mustache* Wait! What is this?! *eats the liquid, then coughs* Rubber oil? Who is this? *pick up can of rubber oil and see the nametag* This is Justin's

Simon: LIES! *plays song on guitar and the stache turns into Mason's again and reattaches t his lips*

Mason: I knew this would happen...some weirdo would try to eat my stache. Which is why I made a decoy. *reveals that the real moustache is safely intact* No you may remove yourself from my presence cadet.

Fiona: Ew, Brick, you're weird! You ate someone's moustache!

Nichols: Don't eat mustaches. Do you want to die?

Simon: *Play's guitar and sings* Mason is so manly, Brick is so weird, next thing we know he'll be ripping off his beard!

Fiona: Plus, Mason's moustache is gross and greasy.

Nichols: Shut up. >.> @Fiona

Simon: *Smiles* Come on guys, let's be cool here!

Brick: *grabs a can of mustache shiner and shines Mason's mustache* (CONF) I didn't eat a mustache! (END CONF)

Mason: *gives Brick a penny* Yes...thanks you are dismissed cadet. *salutes Brick, then promptly flees*

Carrie: (CONF) That cadet guy is really weird...

Mason: (CONF) *washes stache to remove the shine* I think I might give Kevin a call and see if he can place a restraining order on he can't come within 100 feet of my moustache.

Simon: (CONF) I wish I could be as cool as Mason! (NON-CONF) *walks around mouthing words tune on guitar*

Brick: (CONF) OK, rubber oil isn't really that big of a deal. That's no good. (END CONF) OK, so I have $101.19 now.

Jeane: (CONF: My team is interesting... Carrie OBVIOUSLY likes Devin, Devin and Mason worship a dead person. And Brick... I think he hit his head on the way here) So... Uh... Hi?

Simon: *Smiles and waves at Jeane* Hi!!!

Jeane: You play the guitar correct?

Carrie: Hey Jeane.

Jeane: Hey! Do you want to do the gossiping or the talking about boys?

Simon: Yeah I do! :)

Mason: *goes joggin*

Carrie: I think she was talking to me Simon and sure let's gossip!

Simon: *Laughs* Well she did ask me a question! :D but I'll leave ya alone! *walks away*

Mason: *joggin alongside the beach, his moustache flowing in the breeze*

Simon: *Joins mason and plays song on guitar*

Devin: A little healthy jog's always good! *joins Mason in joggin as well*

Mason: (CONF) Its a dream come true. I'm popular...just like him! *eyes sparkle*

Duncan: that's pretty awesome you guys play guitar, i was in a band once but...ahh..forget, i won't go into details.

Apollo: Hey Digital Destroyers, sorry for being inactive last challenge.... I will be active now :).

Fiona: That's ok!

Apollo: I am still in a blanket. Can we go somewhere warm?

Fiona: Babe, it's already smokin' in here, thanks to you!

Apollo: Ah, thanks <3 you keep me warm. Maybe, I should go train.

Fiona: Cook! Gotta stay fit for the big challenge!

Apollo: I feel lazy today... probably because that last challenge but... *trains*.

Fiona: *watches him train*

Apollo: I think that's enough.. I am tired from last challenge.... and I am strong enough anyway.

Jeane: (CONF: Mason seems like a nice guy... Just a little uh what's the words *Thinks* Off the tracks?) *Joins Mason in jogging* So... Who is this dead person you like so much?

Lindsay: *looks around and walks to Duncan* Hey, Duncan...

Brick: I'm not Duncan.

Lindsay: I know, I'm not talking to you at all! *turns back to Duncan*

Conker: (CONF) I helped our team! Coolio! People...say that though right? :I (END CONF) Hey- dudes?

Duncan: uhh...sup Lindsay.

Lindsay: Did you ever talk with Courtney again? *looks to him*

Justin: *is sleeping while bunnies are giving him a back massage*

Carrie: (CONF) I've never seen bunnies do that before.

Fiona: wow. That guy has mad abs.

Brick: *sees Justin* ...

Duncan: (to Lindsay) Courtney?, nah, as soon as i got outta that stupid balloon, i promised i wouldn't talk to her or Gwen again.

Dee: This is literally the worst.

Justin: Well at least we aren't that girl LeShawna and have been sent home

Carrie: What's wrong Dee?

Dee: There is nothing to do... at least on the Plane I had Diamond.

Carrie: But Jeremiah's here *winks*

Dee: Don't say that name!

Justin: Well you can play with one of my bunnies iof that will help. i have a ton of forest animals to call upon at my will

Carrie: I mean you did used to like him right? (CONF) Jeremiah's no Devin so I guess I can see why she's lost interest.

Jeane: That's a shame Duncan you seem like you'd be a great boyfriend.

Carrie: Oh hey there Jeane.

Dee: Maybe I should date Devin? THAT'S HOW I FEEL CARRIE! *runs off*

Carrie: NO! GET BACK HERE *tackles Dee*

Brick: End the conflict. NOW!

Dee: *knees Carrie in the gut*

Justin: *records the fight*

Jeane: *Grabs Carrie* Please don't fight... Why're you overprotective of Devin? He is just a friend.

Brick: *splits the two girl up* Woah woah woah. Stop the fight. Geez.

Lindsay: Are you okay, Carrie?

Norman: Ohhh Al Caprincess Capwned your a**!

Dee: Brick let go of me before I rearrange your face!

Carrie: (CONF) That girl will never end up with Devin!

Norman: *At Dee* Maybe I'll do that for you. *Punches Brick* (CONF:Brick is a strong contestant which is why he is a good one. And we can't have any good contestants on the other team so. I'll guess he'll be weaker during the challenge! *laughs*)

Mason: *watches the fight* (CONF) Okay time to think...WWJD. What would Jason do in this situation...

Jeremiah: ... (CONF) That was truly pathetic. Carrie has done nothing to her. I hope she's all right... (END CONF)

Brick: Chris, please tell Carrie and Dee to stop.

Norman: *Kicks Brick*

Duncan: not getting involved. (steps back)

Fiona: Wtf is wrong with you people? DEVIN IS A LOSER!

Brick: You want the fight to continue?

Fiona: Shut up, Brick!

Mason: *eats some cookies as he watches the conflicts*

Justin: *posts first fight to YouTube*

Fiona: Ugh, the fact that you guys are freaking out about Farm Boy and Friendly Freak is ridiculous! *struts away, shoving Brick into Mason*

Duncan: (CONF) i hate fights, especially if i'm not in 'em, but meh, i guess you can't be in them all.

Mason: NO. Get him away from the moustache. *shoves Brick into Fiona*

Challenge 2

Chris: Everyone let's start the challenge! Pal do your thing!

*the contestants find themselves in a prison cell*

Chris: Your challenge is to escape prison and because I am nice and not heartless I will push a button that releases everyone's cell, but I warn you there will be mass chaos when that happens so you will need an escape plan. Also you need to avoid the Warden and prison dogs who will be after you. Again I will give you time to strategize before I release everyone's cell. When I release everyone's cell, that's when you make a break for it. The winner of this challenge is not who gets to the finish first, but which team had the best escape plan. Teamwork is key. Good luck you have 1 hour to strategize before its escape time.

Chris: *releases the cells* RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Carire: AH! Let's move Destroyers! Stick to the plan *runs*

Devin: Good luck, Nichols and Fiona! Don't get caught, alright? *runs with Carrie*

Carrie: Watch out for fights that might break out! *runs*

Devin: *to Carrie* Just tell me if you get tired, alright? I can carrie you- nah, now's not the time for puns. But, the offer still stands. Let's just focus on running now, though. *runs*

Simon: Justin go!!! We'll sneak by!

Andrew: *runs fast to find the exit*

Carrie: Oh thanks you're a true friend! *runs* (CONF) He's such a sweetheart.

Devin: No problem! It's what friends do for each other, right? *runs*

Simon: Justin where are you!!

Duncan: come on!, work you're magic!

Justin *rips off shirt* Dogs look how beautiful I am

Carrie: That's right buddy! *runs* Where is everybody?

Simon: That's our que, come on team! *runs*

Justin: Dogs where are you. Look at my beauty

Devin: *runs, but then comes to a halt* I'm not sure- you don't think the warden got them, do you...?

Skylar: Awesome! Let's get the **** outta here! *runs*

Duncan: (runs)

Simon: *Smiles* YEAH! *runs with skylar*

Justin: Here my pretty little doggies i want to pet you all

Nichols: Fiona, pay attention. >.>

Fiona: *waves flirtatiously* Hey, guards.

Simon: Looks like all the dogs didn't take the bait... Run! *Takes Skylar's hand and runs faster*

Duncan: (runs faster)

Skylar: *starts running faster* Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew....

Justin: Here doggies. DOGGIES

Simon: *Let's go* Sorry :( *keeps running with red face*

Justin: I'm bored *takes selfies while waiting for dogs*

Duncan: less of the sorry, more of the running! (runs faster)

Chef Warden: Nobody escapes my prison. NOBODY! *chases contestants*

Simon *runs faster* (CONF) Duncan's right here I am flirting with a girl i just met! (NON CONF) *smiles while running*

Justin: Somebody comes, finally. how do you like my abs Chef.

Chef Warden: *grabs Justin* NO SELFIES IN MY JAIL

Simon: *Panting* I wonder how Justin is doing! Think he'll make it? *running*

Justin: Ah look at my abs they are so hot. Now you have to let me go


Carrie: I have no idea! Should we go on?

*attack dogs released*

Simon: *Running with Duncan* So what exactly is this plan?

Devin: *looks behind him only to see the dogs, then turns to Carrie* Uh...I don't think we have much of a choice... *runs*

Duncan: (running with Simon) plan?, hope Justin can win those dogs over!

Justin: Dogs attack the ugly chef warden guy.

Warden: OW OW!

Carrie: Ugh! How do we get out of here! *runs*

Simon: Well how are we getting out of here *Running*

Devin: *to Carrie* Just keep running- there has to be a way out somewhere! *runs*

Duncan: just keep running!, i'm tryna think of something! (runs)

Carrie: (CONF) Wait this is virtual reality right? That means anything goes! (END CONF) *to dogs* DOGS LEAD US TO THE EXIT!

Fiona: AHH!! Help!!

Justin: *while dogs are attacking chef Justin slips away* Now dogs attack those destryers *runs*

Fiona: *runs from Chef* NO! DON"T! *waves flirtaciously*

Duncan: (in head) come on Justin!, get us outta this!

Simon: *running* Duncan... plan? *Panting*

Justin: *keeps running* Dogs give me a ride to the exit

Devin: Nice thinking, Carrie! But, are you sure they'll listen?

Fiona: Don't listen to him! *shoves him*

Nichols: Fiona, just run!

Simon: *Running* Duncan we gotta figure somethign Out! The dogs are catching up!

Justin: *gets on a dogs and it starts running*

Fiona: Dogs, just help us get out!

Duncan: follow the dogs Simon!, just follow the dogs!

justin: Get me to the exit *runs into duncan simon and skyalr*

Duncan: (runs as fast as possible)

Justin: *keeps riding the dogs*

Simon: *Follows justin*

Justin: *keeps riding the dogs*

Nichols: *runs to Carrie and Devin*

Andrew: *runs faster*

Justin: I see the exit *keeps riding the dogs*

Carrie: You have any other ideas Devin?

Devin: Hey, Nichols, you made it! Did you manage to see anyone else who is still left? And um- I thought yours was great, Carrie. Let's go with that one.

Justin: almost there

Simon: *running* Are you sure?

Justin: We are here at the exit but its is who has the best plan wins.

Andrew: *tries to fly*

Fiona: Great idea, Justupid! *grabs dog's collar* Bring me to Devin and Carrie! *gets dragged*

Skylar: Let's just keep running! *runs*

Simon: *running* Perhaps the exit is in the warden's quarters?

Duncan: (runs before passing out)

Carrie: Come on follow the dogs to the exit! *follows the dogs*

fiona: *is riding one to the exit*

Duncan: (follows dogs)

Devin: Okay, coming Carrie! *follows the dogs*

Simon: *Following Justin*

Justin: *arrives at exit*

Duncan: (follows Justin)

Devin: *stops* Wait- I think we should send some dogs back to save the others...dogs- go get the other Destroyers! Do I need to say some magic word or something or do they go on their own?

Simon: I'll stay back and help the other's! *Runs back and progressively finds teammates*

Justin: Lets get out whole team here

Duncan: argh!, fine! (helps Justin and Simon)

Devin: Alright, I'll go with the dogs then- if I don't make it back...well, I tried. *runs with some dogs to go save the other teammates*

Fiona: *escapes* Yay! But I'm not saving anyone. I don't care about you people. Wait... Where's Apollo?!? *runs back in*

Simon: Duncan stay! WE need people to stay here! *runs*

Devin: *looks for the others* Guys! Destroyers, you there?

Fiona: *rides dog heroically* APOLLO MY BABY!!!

Justin: Dogs got get the Virus team members and bring them here

Devin: *searching* I think I might hear something- *sees Fiona* Oh...not a person I had in mind... *continues looking for the others*

Simon: *Running looking for others* (CONF) DID Skylar really say ew to me? Am I gross? D: that would be sad (NON CONF) *runs around more*

Devin: *finds Mason* Mason! Go- follow the dog to the exit! *runs to find the others*

Duncan: fine!, i'll keep running you keep looking! (continues running)

Norman: *rides dog while attacking other dogs*

Chris: That's game! You all did great, but the winners of this challenge are the Destroyers! They had good ideas and teamwork. Remember "teamwork is key" Yeah so Viruses are going to elimination town.

Digital Destroyers Cell

Carrie: I never knew prison would feel so dark and cold.

Mason: This place reminds me of home... so we must escape as soon!

Fiona: This is where certain contestants being

Devin: I know it's not great or anything- but maybe we could use a decoy to stay behind and get captured- sort of be like the hero of's not a great idea though, not a big fan of leaving someone behind.

Fiona: How bout Carrie? *sniles*

Mason: So lets leave behind someone who can get the guards angry enough so they only focus on her...I mean them. And she...they sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the team.

Carrie: When we get released we should push through the crowd and when we come across the warden or dogs, have someone be a distraction, Fiona perhaps since she has an effect on boys?

Fiona: Fine! At least I don't have to run.

Devin: So, basically the decoy then? Or do they meet up with us later?

Nichols: I should be the decoy! >:( At least I have a chance of escaping.

Mason: I suppose that's decision is up to whether Fiona is willing to rendezvous with us.

Fiona: Yeah, whatevz.

Devin: Alright! Just try not to actually get caught, Fiona, and we'll try to meet up with you again! Just need to figure out a way on how to be able to do that...

Mason: *strokes his moustache* But Nichols can be our backup decoy incase the guards aren't fond of chasing after her.

Nichols: Yeah, she is pretty ugly.

Fiona: Yay!

Devin: *to Mason* Uh, sure. If it comes to it.

Jeane: Uh huh....

Mason: So now we just need to come up with the greatest escape plan that is the equal to the brilliance that is Jason!

Carrie: Great prison escape plan (CONF) I hope we win this one!

Apollo: So what are we doing?

Fiona: *to Nickles* Shut up, b****

Devin: So, are we done then? I think it's still a bit too plain, but alright...

Apollo: When we are out I am just going to sneak to stay low maybe army crawl and be under things.

Devin: Wait, I just remembered- how are we going to meet up with Fiona and maybe Nichols again? We still need to think that man or woman left behind, right?

Apollo: I will just sneak over to them.

Fiona: I can find you. It's Nickles we should be worried about.

Devin: Alright, I'll trust you guys then. Just don't get caught- I can't stress that enough.

Andrew: I can warn the people who try to escape if the warden starts looking for us

Carrie: Maybe when the warden comes out, one of you strong boys *looks at Devin* can jump him and steal his uniform like they do in the movies! This way, the dogs won't attack us and maybe we can get a ride out of here!

Andrew: I could do it I am strong :)

Devin: I'm not sure it'd be too easy, Carrie. I'm sure the warden's like some tough military guy or something...but we can try. We'll see, depending on how our situation goes then?

Andrew: *is sad* oh you could do it I guess whatever

Duncan: (runs as fast as possible)

Virtual Viruses Cell

Justin: Well we need to get a distraction going

Duncan: trust me dude, i've been doing this time after time after time. you can get out first, i'll be the distraction.

Justin: So what are you going to do then so i am prepared

Duncan: well i'm pretty sure these guys will know me already since i'm quite popular with the law enforcement, so i'm sure they'll immediately notice me and start chasing me, when that happens, you get out of there as fast as you can, we don't want you getting caught by the mean old warden do we? (laughs)

Simon: I say Justin be the distraction... I mean look at him!

Duncan: hmm..point taken, do you wanna give it a shot Just?

Justin: Okay. The woman should ebe easy to take down and i have a way with aniomals

Duncan: ain't that the truth, if you remember, a shark gave you CPR back in TDA.

Simon: I'm pretty sure that shark was Male!

Justin: I'll distract them and we should be good to go to victory

Duncan: whatever dude, just do what you gotta do and we should be a-OK.

Norman: What do we do?

Simon: What if there are walls we have to climg? What if there are other obstacles?

Justin: We just need to work together and nothing is impossible

Duncan: nothing i ain't done in Total Drama before.

Simon: What?

Justin: If we get to a wall Duncan can throw you over it

Duncan: What?, i've done climbing in Total Drama before.

Justin: just follow duncan while I do some distractions. He is the one who has escaped from juvie before

Simon: I'm not pathetic *laughs* I can do it myself, if anyone else needs help I'd be HAPPY to do so *smiles*

Duncan: well if you're confident in you're ability pal, then just do what you can to help out.

Simon: I said I'm open to help everyone :)

Duncan: and you also said you could do it yourself...but whatever, you said what you said, i could use some help getting away from the warden and those guard dogs, not that i need it of course but...anyway, they've been real annoying in the past, so i could probably use you're help in trying to give 'em the slip, think you're up to it?

Simon: :D Sure! (CONF) I'm pretty ninja like! *karate kicks and falls* *chuckles nervously* (NON CONF) I'm sure we can ditch those dogs! Oh and the guard dogs!

Justin: We can win. I am sure of it

Duncan: huh, you're the first guy i've ever seen whose that enthusiastic to take on a whole lot of vicious guard dogs and intimidating wardens.

Simon: Oh no I'm still scared! :D

Justin: My looks have never failed me and will not fail me now. My beauty will hypnotize them.

Duncan: let's hope so.

Simon: What will everyone else do?

Skylar: He's right. We can't all just sit back and look pretty. Anything else?

Duncan: i'm not sure, maybe instead of distracting the dogs, we could give them some a piece of meat or something...

Simon: I dunno Skylar, your pretty good at looking pretty! I... uh... *plays guitar*

Simon: Okay Justin GO!

Elimination Ceremony 2: Virtual Viruses

Chris: Well you guys lost so go vote who you blame for your failure!

Norman Guys this is our chance to get rid of the real virus of the Virtual Viruses! I am voting for Luigi who is with me?

Skylar: (CONF: Ugh! A loss! Oh, well...I vote for Luigi. I didn't even know he was on the team!)

Dee: (CONF) Jeremiah

Simon: (CONF) Dang it! We lost! Aw well! We'll get it next time! I vote for Luigi... I didn't even know he was on this show... Sorry buddy!

Duncan: (CONF) i'm gonna vote for Luigi, say hi to Mario and Peach from me when you're outta here.

Justin: (CONF) Luigi, I looked at my selfie and you were in it. You ruined that fabulous picture so now I am voting for you because of your photo bomb.

Dawn: (CONF) I vote for Luigi.

Chris: Okay let's see marshmallows for Dee, Norman, Justin, Conker, Simon, Skylar, Duncan, Peko, Dawn and Jeremiah! Sorry Luigi, but the Portal of Shame awaits.

Episode 3: In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Season 10, Episode 3

Challenge(s) Explore Darth Vader's ship and then take out his crew.
Winner(s) Virtual Viruses
Eliminated Andrew
Episode Guide

"Jail Break"


"Lost At Sea"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10, we had some drama cut loose out here! Things got heated when someone showed interest in another's friend , someone had their facial hair eaten and someone continued their pursuit of another . After that it was an all out prison break where someone continued to use their looks to an advantage while others relied on teamwork . In the end the Destroyers won their first challenge and although one attempted to eliminate their former love interest , another was eliminated for their lack of effort.

Meeting Area

Justin: *is asleep*

Simon: *Playing guitar* (CONF) I feel kind of embarrassed... Skylar pretty much told me I'm gross! *frowns* All well... (NON CONF) *String breaks* Oh.... ok :( *starts to fix it*

Carrie: Everything okay Simon?

Mason: *stretches* Well we all worked hard to win that challenge. Good job team.

Carrie: Yes good work Mason and how's your stache today?

Mason: My moustache is doing swell now that there have been no assassination attempts on it today.

Skylar: *enters* Wattup team! Great job at getting rid of that useless Linguini guy!

Simon: Yeah Carrie, I'm fine! Just upset... but fine! *Smiles than turns into frowns*

Nichols: Why're you frowning, man? @Simon

Mason: Was the mean girl being mean to you?

Simon: She doesn't seem mean! I mean, it's just that my guitar strings broke and she kinda called be gross basically *cries on guitar and the strings reattach* Yay!!!

Nichols: Well, who's this "mean girl"?

Mason: *sniffs* You know who I'm talking about. That mean girl who caused that horrible tragedy.

Simon: I don't want to start any rumors :(

Nichols: TELL US. >:(

Simon: It's Skylar... don't be mean to her though... I think seh was just a little confused at why I held her hand? Yeah maybe that *smiles*

Skylar: Simon! What are you doing talking to the opposing team! Rule #1 of being a great athlete: NEVER associate with the other team! Kill or be killed remember that! *to Mason and Nichols* And you two...Don't associate with my team! Their with me! Now scram!

Nichols: E X C U S E ME?! I can talk to whoever I want! Get away from me. >.>

Simon: Okay :(

Mason: *still upset thinking about the mean girl*

Simon: *walks away waving to Mason and Nichols*

Fiona: (CONF) I like that Skykar girl's Style!

Justin: Hey how is everybody doing

Dee: Good. (CONF) Terrible.

Mason: That mean girl...I remember that she committed the worst crime. *sniffs and walks away*

Dee: Carrie! Get over here!

Carrie: What what's going on?

Dee: We don't need to fight if we have a common enemy.

Lindsay: *hops to Carrie* Heyy!

Jeremiah: *Sleeps*

Apollo: We should win again... :) I know we can.

Norman: Well it looks like you Digital Destroyers destroyed us really bad! Congrats! I admit you guys are as good as us! (CONF) But not better! I am the personification of the word best! I dont mean any of the nice things I say on the opposite team. I am gonna get in there head then BOW! I take them down and they do not even know! (END CON) *Walks up To Jeremiah* Look we need a team leader! Who should it be?

Jeremiah: *Slowly opens his eyes as he stretches* What...?

Duncan: (CONF) huh, so much for team loyalty Norm.

Brick: *shines Mason's mustache* Mason, try this cream for me.

Jeane: *Smiles* We all did great, Norman. *To Duncan* How are you?

Justin: *bored*

Lindsay: *looks to Jeane* Heyyy girl! *smiles*

Duncan: (to Jeane) uhh...i'm good thanks, how 'bout you?

Brick: Here! *throws Jar of Rubber Oil to Justin* Have your rubber oil.

Carrie: Hey Lindsay! Brick, why can't you just leave Mason's stache alone? (CONF) Where's Devin? I haven't seen him today.

Mason: Yes. Leave my moustache alone or else I'll call Kevin since he knows some guys who can...take care of you.

Brick: Don't worry, I'm strong!

Justin: I wonder what we are going to do today. I hope it involves me ripping of my shirt is someway.

Jeane: *Smiles at Duncan* I'm doing good, What are your hobbies?

Lindsay: *looks to Brick* His socks are so dirty...

Mason: *pushes Brick away from him* You can go...entertain someone else.

Justin: *pushes brick back to mason* He is your teamate. You keep him

Mason: Well seeing as how he stole your jar of rubber oil...shouldn't you teach him a lesson for stealing from you, the "great" Justin? *pushes Brick towards Justin*

Justin: He did what.... *massage bunnies attack Brick's Face*

Apollo: Anyway, Fiona how are you also the rest of the team?

Devin: (CONF) *sleeping* ...*a buzz from a fly startles him, waking him up* Woah- oh, it's just a, as you can tell I didn't really get enough sleep last night- couldn't sleep at all- well, until now. Don't know why. When I came here at around 5 AM to talk about it I must have fallen asleep...I hope this doesn't affect my game today! I don't want to let my team down...(non-CONF) *walks out of the confessional, struggling to keep his eyes open* Good morning or whatever time it is, guys...

Justin: *bunnies continue to maul brick*

Jeane: Uh... Devin are you alright?

Fiona: *to Skylar* Hay girl!

Devin: *yawns; swaying in every direction* Yeah, I'm perfectly fine...

Challenge 3

Chris: Time to fire up Pal.

*the contestants are aboard Darth Vader's Exexcutor*

Chris: You are aboard Darth Vader's flagship the Executor. For now all you have to do is explore the ship.

Carrie: (CONF) Sounds simple enough. There must be a catch... (END CONF) So guys where should we go or want to see?

Devin: *still swaying in every direction* Whatever you guys want...*yawns*

Fiona: Whereever I don't have to watch you and Devin avoid each other's love.

Justin: I hope we get cool light sabers *everyone stares at him* (CONF) Before i was a beautiful model I was an Ugly dork. I now have my beauty but i have never forgotten my nerd days

Devin: *barely listening now; starting to go a little crazy over sleep deprivation* Love? I love muffins if that counts...

Nichols: Literally don't care. @Carrie

Carrie: (CONF) I wish Darth Vader could just knock her into deep space.

Justin: I am going to the command room. Maybe Vader will let me fly his ship *looks on a map and heads that direction*

Jeane: Let's go team! i am sure we can find somewhere.

Skylar: I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to try and find Vader! Anyone is free to join me *walks off*

Dee: *goes with Skylar*

Justin: *keeps walking in the direction of the control room*

Fiona: *goes with Skylar and Dee*

Devin: *thinking Justin is Nichols* Wait for me, Nichols...*sluggishly follows Justin to the control room*

Nichols: ._. Um, is he delusional?

Carrie: Okay *follows Jeane*

Justin: Oh hey Devin. lets go fly this bad boy

Devin: *yawns* Uh, sure thing, Nichols...

Justin: I am no that ugl...... wait yes it i I Nichols. lets go win for our team. *keeps walking* (CONF): Devin is a complete moron

Devin: *follows sluggishly*

Nichols: You idiot! I'm Nichols. >.>

Devin: Not now, Justin...*falls asleep standing up*

Justin: *carries Devin* See moron nick *keeps walking*

Nichols: UGH! YOU'RE EFFING BLIND. >:( *tackles Justin*

Justin: *gets tackled* Ow that is my abs you ugliness has rammed into *slaps Nichols*

Nichols: "You ugliness" LOTS OF GRAMMAR, HUH? *stands up and kicks Justin* Come on! *drags Devin away*

Carrie: Devin now's not the time to sleep!

Justin: No *grabs onto Devin* I need him to help me win this challenge

Nichols: CARRIE! HELP!

Brick: No one is attacking my teammate! You are weak! In here! *punches Justin's abs*

Justin: I have abs of steel since I work them out, a lot. *starts dragging Devin to the control room*

Nichols: *punches Justin in the face* GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HIM. CARRIE! DEVIN IS IN TROUBLE. :o

Justin: Not my beautiful face. I make money with that you poor freak. *slaps nichols*

Nichols: Don't care! *runs with Devin*

Justin: bring me him back *chases Nichols*

*alarm sounds*

Guard: Intruders, Intruders.

Darth Vader: Who dares enter my ship unannounced? Prepare yourselves for a battle against my army. *sends out army*

Chris: Yup I knew this would happen! Your challenge is to battle Darth's army, fighting your way to him and gain control of the ship. Team who does the best battling will win.

Carrie: STAY AWAY FROM MY TEAMMATES! *knees Justin*

Nichols: Carrie! Take Devin and tend to him. I'll go find Fiona and the others.

Justin: Aw crap *grabs Devin and drags him while Justin Runs*

Carrie: *takes Devin* Devin, wake up are you okay?

Justin: s**t, fine have him *runs to the control room*

Brick: *to an army soilder* Don't worry, I'm armed. *shoots soilder*

Justin: Ugh what to do what to do, is there any viruses out there

Devin: *wakes up* ...Huh? Did I miss anything? Why are there stormtroopers everywhere?

Carrie: Good grief (CONF) He's lucky he's cute.

Devin: I didn't miss the challenge, did I? If so, sorry- I must have fainted or something. I'm not sure how and when though.

Justin: *starts fighting a stormtrooper*

Fiona: *kicks a stormtrooper and grabs it's gun*

Nichols: Fiona! Where are you? :/

Justin: *smacks the gun out of the stormtroopers hand and steals it*

Carrie: We're in the middle of one now! We can do this together Devin!

Devin: Sure, let's do it! Uh, could you fill me in on what the challenge is, though?

Justin: *shoots the stormtrooper in the face*

Simon: *Plays a blast note and the note's hurt a storm trooper* (CONF) They call me the rock... the king of rock of course.

Mason: I black out for a few hours and I wake up in a battle? Was has this world come to? *roundhouse kicks a stormtrooper*

Justin: *blasts another storm trooper and takes his gun*

Simon: I gotta find my team! *bashing a stromtrooper with his guitar in the head*

Justin: *runs tworads the control room*

Mason: *distracts a trooper with his moustache* Take this! *kicks the trooper in the gut*

Justin: *rounds a corner and smacks into simon* Yes i found a good person

Simon: *rubs head* That wasntt cool! Where's the other's?

Mason: *karate chops a Stormtrooper in the head*

Justin: i don;t know.... wait where did you get that guitar

Simon: I HAVE AN IDEA! *Plugs guitar into mic system and plays Storm troopers listen to the music and OBEY ME *The music hypnotizes the stormtroopers* listen to me and do not attack the virus team! LET YOUR KINGDOM FALL!

Justin: Yes brainwashing. Go stormtroopers Attack Vader and take this ship for the viruses

Simon: YEAH! :D (CONF) I am smart! :D

Justin: Lets follow them *runs twoard the control room*

Carrie: Devin, Darth Vader has sent his army after us and we gotta take them down!

Justin: *keeps running to the control room with simon* This is awsome

Devin: Oh, are we supposed to stand a chance against an armed army? Well, I mean, we can try...hmm...we need something to outsmart them then. Like, a trap.

Simon: *Storm trooper attacks Simon* Oh I think the effecs only lasted for a little bit, watch out! *Fights him off*

Brick: It's working!

Justin: Dang it, well we were able to get past most of them *give Simon his extra gun* lets blast them

Simon: I don't need a gun cause... I'M REALLY FEELING IT *Smashes a stormtrooper with guitar as it glows*

Justin: okay *uses both guns to blast stormtroopers*

Dawn: You're aura is so.......dark *punches stormtrooper*

Justin: we are almost to the cockpit *shoots more stormtroopers*

Carrie: A trap might work! But how Devin?

Dawn: I can try distracting them. *slaps stormtrooper*

Simon: Perhaps if we can get one clone to fall off a cliff all the others will? Monkey see monkey do?

Justin: *shoots another stormtrooper* maybe using the brainwash. The short amount of time thay are brainwashed can get them all to jump

Devin: So- I take it stormtroopers aren't that bright...if my knowledge of Star Wars is right. Anyway, we hide someone somewhere and make them talk in their best Darth Vader voice, summoning some stormtroopers their way. One person and the Darth Vader speaker will stay behind- you know, so the one person can make sure the speaker isn't found- as the others move on and fight Darth Vader. It's more of a team plan, I think, but it distracts the stormtroopers who would crumble without their leader, right?

Simon: *Guitar extends into a blade and stabs a trooper behind him* But will it work?

Justin: lets try

Dawn: *sits and starts meditating and reading the stormtroopers aura's to distract them*

Simon: *Play's hypnotism song* Stormtrooper evacuate the ship!

Justin: its working *watches them all blast off in pods* Sweet

Simon: Let's find Vader *runs to search*

Justin: he is probally in the cock pit, the map says it is around this corner *runs to cockpit*

Carrie: Well it looks like its just us so gotta at least try.

Justin: *Enters Cockpit* Vader My beauty is ready to destoy you in battle *rips off shirt*

Simon: Me too! *Rips off shirt*

Devin: Alright, I guess we have no choice...I'll sacrifice myself as the voice guy, okay? I'll do my best Darth Vader voice and you make a run for it- I'll try not to get caught or killed or whatever. Just get Vader for me, alright?

Justin: *shoots at vader* We will probally need to taske his lightsaber somehow

Simon: *Is being attacked by vader* Help! *Swings his guitar blade to black his blows*

Justin: *keeps shooting* i think if your guitar matches his light sabers frequency it will explode

Simon: *Heals all 20 hearts and can now shoot beams from his guitar*

Justin: *jumps on vader and tries to take off his helment* (CONF) i saw the 6th movie, without it he dies, which means victory for us.

Simon: *Runs to teh side* (CONF) What if he's a good guy who just wants some freindship! D:

Justin: *continues yanking on the helment* Simon blast him so he is dazed long enough i can get rid of the helemt and then you can kill himm with a head shot

Skylar: rip if off Justin!

Simon: I can't... I would never kill a man!

Justin: Ugh, well technnaclly chris said we only have to take control of the ship. so blast him so i can knock him out and we can steal his ship

Simon: Wait this is virtual reality *Stabs him in the face like 10 times*

Chris: Well I think we have a winner! The Viruses win! Destroyers I'll see you at elimination!

Hologram of Marcus: And I was watching this, why? This just showed me how pathetic both sides are. All the Viruses did was rely on Justin's mediocre looks, while the Destroyers did almost nothing. I mean- they had a plan...and no one acted on it. Even if their plans relied on Justin's looks, at least the Viruses acted on it- no matter how annoying Justin and Simon were, they did something. Is it wrong that I was rooting for Darth Vader to kill you all throughout this? Nichols was there- and he just chose to run around like a headless chicken. Devin was asleep for like the first half of the challenge, and I don't even know what Carrie was doing during the second half- daydreaming about Devin or something. Simon, I'm not proud of you. The only reason I was invited to watch was because they told me I'd be proud of you- I barely know you and I hate you. Skylar, you randomly appeared out of nowhere to cheer them on- where were you and why didn't you do anything? Mason was the only acceptable person this challenge. Everyone else can fall in an Edgar hole. *hologram fades away out of anger*

Elimination Ceremony 3: Digital Destroyers

Chris: Well that was a complete fiasco. Go ahead and vote!

Nichols (CONF) Well, dude, you shouldn't wish death on puppies and maybe you could help in challenges. *votes Andrew*

Devin: (CONF) I guess I'm going with Andrew. Death to puppies? Uh, I think he might need help or something...who would want to kill a puppy?

Carrie: (CONF) I'm voting for Andrew. He didn't really help today.

Mason: *thinking* I wonder who I should vote for. (CONF) Well...the cadet may be annoying...but he at least tried to help in the challenge. *votes for Andrew*

Fiona: (CONF) Nothinf he's said makes sense. I think he's on drugs. I mean, who hates puppies? They're sooooooo cute! *votes Andrew*

Apollo: (CONF) Oh f### I think my whole team is voting for me I got to start participating. *votes Andrew* (CONF END)

Lindsay: (CONF) *looks to a mirror* Omg, I didn't helped! That was so mean of me. I have to work better for my place. *votes Andrew* (CONF END)

Brick: (CONF) I vote for Andrew.

Chris: Marshmallows for Nichols, Mason, Devin, Carrie, Fiona, Jeane, Apollo, Lindsay and Brick! Sorry Andrew but you're taking the Portal of Shame.

Episode 4: Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea

Season 10, Episode 4

Challenge(s) Survive on an island with no technology.
Winner(s) Digital Destroyers
Eliminated Conker
Episode Guide

"In A Galaxy Far, Far Away..."


"The Improbable Race"


Chris:Last time on ASVU10, someone's method of playing the game didn't sit well with some people, but well in others and someone's fascination with someone's facial hair continues to grow. After that we battled it out with Darth Vader's crew. The Virtual Viruses fought their butts off and won immunity. One contestant almost got a dishonorable discharge, but the contestants eliminated a contestant for his previous remarks.

Meeting Area

Peko: I shall try my best in the next challenge. I apologise for my absence. (no internet, sorry guys)

Justin: sounds good to me. We shall win all

Norman: Hey Carrie? Can we talk in private?

Dee: Peko... You look familiar.

Peko: I was just thinking the same about you. Have we met before? Are you my master's acquaintance, perhaps?

Dee: Master?

Justin: Master, you have a master. How does that work?

Peko: Yes. Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko. Have you met him before?

Justin: The name sounds familar. I might have met him while doing my international modeling tour. Where is he from?

Peko: He hails from Japan, like myself.

Justin: I have been to Japan many times. Though I still cannot put a face to that name

Carrie: Hey Norman what's up?

Norman: *Whisper* Promise that you do not tell anyone ok?

Apollo: Sorry for being inactive, (I was very busy) I will be active now :). I will help you guys strategise and do the challenge.

Carrie: *whispers* Yeah sure Norman.

Apollo: Carrie, you are smart and good with strategy we should form an alliance... just for awhile it could help I am strong too :)

Fiona: Apollo! Get over here! *to him, whispering* Don't side with her, she's a b**** who only cares about Devin!

Justin: (CONF): A mountain, jail and vader's ship. I wonder where chris is going to send us next

Apollo: Nevermind what I said. *goes over to Fiona* What do you need? ;)

Fiona: Don't side with her! She only cares about Devin.

Apollo: Ok anything else? ;)

Fiona: Uh, no? Were you expecting something?

Brick: *is seen doing push-ups with 1 finger* 260! 261! 262!

Apollo: *at Fiona* Uh, no not really. So... I am going to go....

Justin: Well it doesn't look like those destroyers are getting along very well

Fiona: *kicks Brick's finger so he falls* Ha! I couldn't NOT do that!

Norman: *Whispers In Carrie's Ear* I am gay and I like Devin

Justin: Norman we really don't need to mingle with the enemy. Please rejoin your team.

Apollo: I am confident are team will win I took a class for confidence, and wisdom, trust, honesty, speed, agility, luck, and more! :D

Peko: So, Dee, I'm pretty sure I've seen you around before. I'm sure of it...

Dee: Oh... Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko.... He and I are... friends.

Peko: I see. *holds her hand out for Dee to shake it* I am pleased to meet you, Dee.

Apollo: Peko I think I have seen you too where are you living? I know I have seen you somewhere.

Justin: Well what to do while we wait for chris to torture us.

Norman: Sorry (CONF) Hahaha! Remember when I said to be the best you lie, cheat, and steal? Well now I'm messing with Carrie's head. She might be a strong player but I am the best! (END CONF)

Peko: Apollo, I have lived in Providence, Rhode Island for many years now. But as I said before, I come from Japan.

Apollo: Oh. My. God. I live in that town too... :D

Peko: I see. I thought your face was familiar.

Carrie: What...What? (CONF) What did he just say?!?!

Apollo: What Carrie?

Dee: *Shakes hand* Likewise... Look.... S*** is about to hit the fan.

Peko: *laughs* Indeed. Best to stay away from such arguments, in my opinion.

Apollo: That's what I do.

Mason: *standing there*

Norman: *Whispers To Carrie* Thanks I knew I could trust you. (CONF: Ha! So stupid!)

Apollo: So what do you need Mason?

Mason: Nothing. I am standing guard to make sure the cadet remains a safe distance away from me.

Fiona: Weirdos. *crosses arms*

Justin: Fiona i completely agree with you

Devin: *sitting to the side of everything, taking a nap*

Justin: Bunnies go and bite Devin *bunnies scurry towards Devin*

Brick: *still doing push-ups with one finger* 301! 302! 303!

Challenge 4

Chris: Let's go guys!

*the contestants wake up on boats in the middle of the ocean*

Chris: Your challenge is to see which team can survive without technology!

Chris: Both teams are now on the island! Do your best to survive. I will assess both teams soon and let you know who did the best. Remember, never lose your cool or sanity while stranded on an island. Good luck!

Chris: Both teams did really well, but I gotta say the Destroyers win!

Digital Destroyers Island

Lindsay: No technology? Well, that's not a problem! *grabs lipstick*

Devin: *barely wakes up* Wait- how did I get here...?

Lindsay: I don't know to be honest.

Devin: Dang...well, uh, what do we do now?

Lindsay: Just sitting here, talking, sleeping. Everything except using techonoly! *puts lipstick on her lips*

Fiona: No... Technology??? I can't update my status!!

Lindsay: Ahww! But if we win the challenge, you can update that you won a challenge!

Carrie: We can't just sit like sitting ducks! Let's move Destroyers!

Devin: Hmm...well, we need a survival plan then, right? If we're stuck on this boat for who-knows-how-long, then we need to find ways to survive, you know?

Carrie: Look here's oars. Get to rowin'! (CONF) *sings* It's rowin' time!

Devin: I mean- sure we can row, but we also need resources for later...who knows how long we'll be out here.

Fiona: Whatever. *to Devin* WHy don't you ask Carrie?

Devin: What do you mean?

Carrie: What're you implying Fiona?

Devin: Well, uh, while we wait for a response, we could try to catch fish? Anyone a good swimmer- or just has a good grip?

Fiona: *shakes her head* You two are oblivious. Anyways, I swim with my free time and it takes a lot to hold a pyramid together--though I'm usually at the top--so I'll do it!

Devin: Uh, oblivious to what...? Well, never mind the gibberish you were saying. Sure- uh, just try to catch as many fish as you can underwater- think you can do that?

Fiona: Sure! *dives in*

Devin: Alright, while Fiona does that...anything else we can do to survive? Do we have any supplies at all?

Fiona: *throws fish onto boat*

Carrie: There's always a survival kit on a boat!

Fiona: *chasing a fat fish*

Apollo: I think I will go try to find something maybe some food, maybe something like warmth?

Devin: Well, uh, the fish is the food, Apollo. I'm not sure we can find anything warm, though...

*the team sees an island in the distance*

Fiona: *grabs fat fish and emerges as team sees island* Ew. Gross. Island food.

Apollo: See you in a minute *swims over to Island* that was far. *looks for Items*

Devin: Well, let's grab those oars and row then! *begins to row*

Fiona: APOLLO WAIT!!! *swims faster than boat and gets to island* Apolllo? *wanders into forest*

Apollo: *sees Fiona* I am fine XD what do you need?

Fiona: I just wanted to... Be with you.

Apollo: Oh ok ;). So do you want to go up on the top of this hill there must be something up there.

Fiona: Sure! *they hike up the hill* So, what do you do in Providence Rhode Island?

Apollo: I work or help the military and take classes, train, and on my free time I spend time doing stuff at my apartment I guess. What do you do outside the competition?

Fiona: Well, I'm the cheer captain of Wisconsin. I like to hang out with my girlfriends--the top of the pyramid--and, well, cheer!

Carrie: So why don't we start gathering for food?

Devin: Yeah, I'm sure the fruits around this island would be pretty tasty! So, should we all split up or go as a group?

Apollo: *to Fiona* I train dogs too. Also, I might move to Wisconsin since you are there ;)*keeps hiking*

Fiona: Aww... That's sweet. *looks at Apollo*

Apollo: *looks at Fiona* Yeah ha ha uh-huh. *does not know what to do.*

Fiona: *reaches top of hill* Wow, it's pretty up here. *sits on rock*

Apollo: Yeah it is... look at that boat it looks really small right now.

Nichols: Where did Fiona and Apollo go? :/

Fiona: Those are the others... Sit down here!

Apollo: *sits down* so.... what now?

Fiona: *laughs, then puts her head on his shoulder* You're funny.

Devin: *to Nichols* I dunno, they swam off on their own. Say, want to go get some berries for the others? You look like the kind of guy who might know the difference from a poisonous berry and a regular one.

Nichols: Nah. I'd rather sit here. Maybe Carrie wants to go?

Apollo: *to Fiona* Ha ha yeah *blushes*

Devin: Uh, sure. Carrie, do you want to come with me to get some berries?

Fiona: Well, uh, we had better go... Looks like the others are here. *gets up and starts to walk, but turns around to Apollo* Apollo? I like you. *leaves*

Carrie: I'd love to Devin!

Devin: Alright, want me to carry you then, or would you rather walk? I'm cool with any.

Fiona: *grabs bananas and some sticks and brings them towards the beach*

Nichols: Where have you been? Ugh! @Fiona

Fiona: None of your business, Nickles! Help me build a shelter.

Nichols: Um, no. You do it yourself. And, for future reference, do not call me Nickles.

Fiona: All righty then, Dimes. *puts sticks in ground*

Nichols: You know what? Go get your boyfriend to help you. I'm going to find Devin and Carrie. *walks off*

Fiona: Why disturb them? You know what, nevermind. Go. *gathers palm leaves*

Apollo: *goes to Fiona* So I am here now we should build that shelter. *starts to build shelter*.

Fiona: Oh, uh, hi! *blushes because she said she liked him* Thanks.

Mason: Team what is it that I shall do?

Devin: Uh, you could come with Nichols, Carrie, and me to look for berries?

Brick: Oh, and get more of this. *has in his hands a lot of Rockalkine, a sweet, native fruit*

Mason: Sure. Let's a go!

Carrie: Can you carry me Devin? :D

Devin: Sure thing, Carrie! *carries Carrie* Alright, let's roll! *walks off looking for berries*

Nichols: *sees Devin and Carrie* Oh! There you two are. Did Carrie get hurt?

Mason: *also searches for berries*

Devin: Huh? Oh, we haven't moved much...anyway, nah, she's fine. I'm just carrying her to prevent her from being tired. So, have you decided to take up my offer of looking for berries with us?

Apollo: *starts building a house with a roof and walls* Everyone come get in with the berries...

Mason: Has anyone found a source of fresh water?

Nichols: Nah. I'm only here because Fiona is a b****. Now, um, let's look for berries.

Devin: Actually, Mason is right, we need water...say Nichols, would you mind going to find a source of fresh water? We'll handle the berries.

Mason: Okay. *continues the hunt for berries*

Nichols: No one tells me what to do! >:(

Carrie: Yeah we can handle it on our own!

Mason: Let's do it. For Jason! *looks for berries*

Devin: Come on, Nichols. We can handle the berries. Just look for the water. Some alone time might be what you need. *looks for them*

Mason: Praise be to Jason...I found some! *begins collecting berries*

Carrie: We should probably find shelter too or build a fire. Anything that'll keep us warm.

Devin: Sure- but let's collect the berries first! *helps Mason collect berries* Uh, you could go start on the fire if you want? We'll come help in a bit.

Carrie: If you say so Devin! *tries to make fire*

Nichols: Whatevs. *walks off*

Mason: *collects berries*

Nichols: Hm...fresh water...where could it be...?

Mason: *finishes collecting berries*

Devin: Well, I think these berries are safe. We'll check later...we still have to ensure we can survive on this island. So, uh, let's go help Carrie?

Mason: Sure. *helps work on the fire* Making a fire is such a pain.

Devin: *helps start up fire* Nah, I'm sure it'll get easier as we go along...right?

Mason: *gets a splinter* I got a splinter <.<

Fiona: *drapes palms over the hut* Let's go get the others. *walks into the woods*

Brik: *walks to hut* Hey, look how many berries I have! *builds fire* Phew, that went well. *goes to search more fruit*

Fiona: Weirdo. *follows Brick*

Lindsay: Can I help with something? *looks around*

Fiona: Umm... (CONF) She is a fellow cheerleader... Maybe I could... enlist her? (END CONF) Yeah! Come help me gather fruit!

Lindsay: Yay! *claps* Wait, how do you gather fruit?

Apollo: *comes over to help* You know I made a hut right?

Devin: Yeah, we might get those, Mason, but we have to keep going- I'm sure the warmth will help later on...why is this so difficult? Those boy and girl scouts make it seem so...easy. *continues attempting to make fire*

Fiona: Duh, I made it with you! *to Lindsay* Um... You pull it out of the... You know what? Apollo and I will get the fruit and you can bring it back to the hut. *climbs up tree and drops a coconut to Lindsay*

Apollo: *gets fruit* One second Fiona *goes over to Devin and rubs 2 rocks and starts a fire* not that hard I took the basic survival class.

Fiona: *jumps out of tree and lands next to Lindsay* Hey, *quietly* do you want an alliance?

Nichols: Water...water...water... *pushes through shrubs* Oh, cool! A lake. Huh... *sits by lake*

Jeane: *Sighs and sits by fire* (CONF: I never really did stuff outdoors, I mean I always stayed in the mansion.)

Lindsay: Sure, but I thought we had one already. *smiles*

Devin: *finally makes the fire* Well, our team is on Phyre- or, so I hope! We just have to make sure this fire doesn't go out somehow...

Fiona: Yay, we wn! Wait, didn't I build the shelter?

Virtual Viruses Island

Justin: Well we just need to live. that shouldn't be to hard

Norman: We have any fish?

Peko: I can stab the fish with my sword.

Justin: Well we just need water food and shelter to survive. Peko can get us food. How about the other two?

Norman: Ha! This aint hard! I got lost at sea once and survived! I can tell you guys about it!

Dee: I can go look for a cave...

Justin: We are kinda on a boat. I don't think there are caves in the water. unless they are underwater caves

Dawn: I can help lure the fish towards us so we can try and catch them.

Justin: Sounds good you can Peko can work together. But we really need water. We and when I say we I mean my beautiful skin will die and get burned if we do not get water.

Dawn: To be able to drink this water we are currently floating on we will need a fire and something to boil the water in. Now, I will help lure the fish towards us *puts her hand in the water and tries to get the fish to swim towards the boat*

Justin: I think we are in the ocean and we can't boil the salt out of the water. Is there any way of gettting the salt out oof salt water. Any science people on our team

Dawn: Boiling it is the only way we can safely drink it. *continues trying to lure fish towards the boat*

Peko: *stabs a fish* There.

Justin: Wow that was amazing. (CONF) Man i wish i can stab fish like that. But Peko has her talents and i have mine. I guess i just have to deal with it.

Dawn: *grabs fish and drops it in the boat where it flops around* Poor little fish

Peko: Don't be sorry, Dawn. It's the circle of life. *stabs another*

Justin: *looks around* Well I found some oars, an anchor and 17 pictures of chris

Peko: *puts all the fish in a pile* We have quite a good stock, now.

Justin: Well i don;t think it is safe to make a fire on a wooden boat. So i guess we are eating sushi.

Peko: *cuts up the fish*

Justin: Well Peko since no one else seems to be coming i guess this fish is all for us

Peko: Indeed. *eats some fish*

Justin: *eats fish* (CONF) At first you have to feel sorry for those fish but i guess it is all apert of the food chain. Bunnies i will never let that happen to you

Peko: So, what now?

*the team sees an island in the distance*

Justin: Is that an island, lets go. *uses an oars to start paddling*

Peko: *uses her sword to paddle*

Justin: *continues to paddle* this is tough

Peko: *paddles* Nearly there.

Justin: *keeps paddling* i hope the is a massage person on this island. my arms are tired

Peko: We made it. *climbs out* Let's look for shelter.

Justin: Sounds good to me *climbs out of boat* *picks up some wood*

Dee: Now can we look for shelter?

Justin: probally *looks for shelter*

Peko: *looks around the island*

Skylar: *looks around for shelter* Should we get some wood and make a tent of some sort?

Justin: Well Dee i know from watching last seaqson you are in the mafia but peko what do you do outside the competiton

Peko: I work for my young master. *gathers wood*\

Justin: Doing what exactly *gathers palm leaves*

Dee: I am not just in the Mafia! *storms off*

Justin: Oh sorry, my bad. I hope she isn't too mad at me *gather more palm frans*

Skylar: *to Peko* Your young master? Alright...but...why do you always carry a sword with you? You tryna kill someone? *gathers palm leaves*

Norman: *Gathers Wood* This is a piece of cake!...Wait this Island seems familiar.

Justin: *starts weaving the palm frans*

Dawn: *gathers supplies*

Norman: Its kinda cold out here! We should make a fire!

Skylar: We're going to need to build our shelter first. Fire is for night time.

Justin: *weaves more palm frans* i am alomost done with the roof. someone stack the wood and will make a log cabin

Norman: *Stacks Wood*

Justin: *finishes roof* Sweet lets get stacking and then put on this roof

Norman: I'll get more wood! (CONF: So gullible!) *lookd for rocks* (CONF: When I first arrived in this game I told you all that I was will be the best player in the game) *Finds the Perfect Rock* (CONF: And in order to be the best, I can't play like everyone else.) *Pulls Out Sharp Dog Tooth That He Got From Last Challenge* (CONF: And my game is to LIE...) *Starts Carving Rock into a Circle Shape* (CONF: CHEAT...) *Carves Power Sign on Rock* (CONF:...AND STEAL) *Puts Carves Rock in Pocket and Starts looking for wood* Thise idiots. *Laughs*

Justin: *stacks some more wood* These walls are almost finished probally one or two more stacks and we are done

Norman: *Stacks Wood* How is it so far?\

Justin: *finishes the walls* It is perfect. Somenone just put on the roof that is already woven and then we can get working on that fire and boil some water from that lake over there

Norman: *Puts Roof On Shelter*

Justin: *ties everything down* Sweet now lets get started on that fire *rips off shirt*

Skylar: Looks great! I'll go get some fire wood! *looks for wood*

Norman: *Goes To Get Wood* Me too! *Carves 3 More Rocks and Puts Them in Pocket* Hehe. Now for the wood. *Gets Wood*

Justin: I will go grab some of that water so we can boil it immediately once the fire starts and we can use my abs or peko's glasses as a magnifying glass to do that. *goes for water*

Norman: Thats cool! *Carves One More Rock* (CONF: What is this? This is a rock! But not just any rock! It will prove that I am the best! And who knows what happens after I put these in action? All I know is I will not only be the best conestant of ASVU. Much more than that! I will be the best at everything!) *Puts Rock in Other Pocket*

Justin: *comes back with Water* So anyone know how to make a fire?

Skylar: I do of course! *Puts down sticks and sets them up* Samurai...aim your sword in front of the sun so the light ray can start a fire! (CONF: Ya' see that. I'm not a stupid jock like people think I am! I actually know what the **** I'm doing!)

Justin: Sweet *stacks wood tries to make fire* Lets make fire and cook some of this fish Peko caught

Simon: *walks into camp* Sorry I was gone for a few hours, I had to pee, what's going on?

Justin: *tries to use abs to make a fire* Well the shelter is done, we have food, now we are trying to buld a fire to keep us warm and boil some water to drink

Simon: Oh I can help (CONF) I was actually a boy scout as a kid! Yeah... all that work for picess of plastic wheee (NON CONF) *hits 2 rocks together*

Justin: Really. Well my abs are getting burned really bad and blemishes happen becuase of that *puts a shirt on*

Simon: *Puts twigs and kindling in a patch and sparks the kindling to start a fire* Voila!

Justin: Sweet *puts pot on fire to boil water* We have Water Food and shelter. What else do we need

Simon: Well if any beasts attack, we better make some weapons! *smiles*

Justin: Okay that sounds good. *starts looking for pointed rocks*

Simon: *starts carving*

Justin: *breabs a few pointed rock* We could make a few spears or arrows

Simon: *Carves a wooden sword, kinda run down but effective* Look at this!

Justin: That Sword looks awsome. *finishes 2 spears* Nothing cna get us now. i think we aqre good to survive the night here

Simon: Almost done! *Makes a hammock out of old boat ropes and fish hooks, plays guitar on the hammock*

Justin: This is awesome. *roasts some of the fish*

Simon: *plays camp fire song song quietly and sings softly*

Justin: This is the life

Simon: *Smacks calf* Ugh, bugs...

Jeremiah: *Walks to the team, yawning and stretching* If we're wanting to survive, I found a few coconuts a little way's down where I just... *Yawns* was at.

Peko: *starts carving wood* I'm pretty good at carving, if I do say so myself.

Duncan: (walks over to the team as well yawning as well) i just found a few bits of bamboo over where i was, maybe we could use that to make a shelter of something...

Peko: Good idea. Bamboo is pretty sturdy. *she takes her sword out* My sword is made from bamboo.

Norman: We already have shelter.

Justin: Yup we do. Peko got us food, Simon got us fire and the shelter has been competed and a lot of water has been boiled. We even have weapons to ward off wild animals. I think we can easily live in an environment like this for a while

Norman: *Fake Yawns* Well I'm going to sleep. It's getting late.

Justin: That is probally a great idea. Someone should keep the fire going as a smoke signal for planes and boats

Simon: Exccelent idea! *plays through the fire and flames on expert mode and the smoke increases*

Elimination Ceremony 4: Virtual Viruses

Chris: Well you guys lost it. I must say some of you did very well and had great methods of survival, but you gotta vote someone off.

Simon: (CONF) I vote for Conker, He didnt do anything.

Justin: (CONF): I am going to vote for Conker. I know that everyone wants Norman off but at least he has done somthing while conker sits and does nothing *votes conker*

Dawn: (CONF) I vote Conker.

Skylar: (CONF: I vote for Conker. Norman's plan was absolutely garbage and caused us to loose...but at least he DID something!)

Peko: (CONF) Norman.

Norman: (CONF) So I lead my tribe to defeat! But that doesnt mean I am defeated! I vote Conker! He admited all he did was go on wikia! We need strong athletic players. *Votes Conker* (END CON)

Jeremiah: (CONF) Eenie, meenie, minie... Conker. (END CONF)

Duncan: (CONF) not really a hard choice, Conker.

Chris: Marshmallows go to Dee, Duncan, Justin, Simon, Peko, Dawn, Jeremiah, Skylar and Norman! Sorry Conker, but you're taking the Portal of Shame!

Episode 5: The Improbable Race

The Improbable Race

Season 10, Episode 5

Challenge(s) White water rafting, then a race to the top of an island and zipline to the finish line.
Winner(s) Virtual Viruses
Eliminated Jeane
Episode Guide

"Lost At Sea"


"Aliens on a Spaceship"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 someone tried to make an alliance with a teammate, but was thwarted by another teammate who deemed them untrustworthy due to their conflict. Another person revealed their feelings for a contestant leaving another very confused. After that I ditched the contestants in the middle of the ocean for a survival challenge. The teams arrived on an island and attempted to make themselves at home. Two contestants ditched their team to have some alone time while the rest searched for food. I was gonna call it a tie, but someone cost their team the challenge for building shelter out of rocks. However they were saved from elimination as the team eliminated someone for not helping.

Meeting Area

Fiona: Victory is so much crack! (Irish for fun)

Justin: You smoke crack?

Fiona: No, I don't smoke it, I have it!

Peko: *practices with her sword* I must prepare myself for the next challenge.

Justin: Okay fiona, well can I have some crack (CONF) I am totally going to spike Devin's water with it. Maybe he will start going crazy and have to be medically evacuated. That would be one less person I would have to deal with.

Simon: *Sits on chair playing guitar* (CONF) I'm really upset we lost last time! But I'm sure the viruses can win this time! :D

Dee: Crack is bad for you...

Fiona: Ew, no, I won't have crack with you!!! (CONF) Is he implying he wants to... have fun?

Carrie: (CONF) Why is everyone talking about crack?

Skylar: Is this some kind of drug party...

Justin: Oh ok. It would have caused me so much pleasure and we could have done it together. Too bad (CONF) Devin is lucky this time

Fiona: Um... What. (FONC) My fears are confirmed.

Justin: Well i guess we just have to sit here and smnall talk then

Fiona: Ew, no. I'm never talking to you again. *runs over to Skylar* Hey, gurl!

Skylar: *walks away from Fiona* Ew...cheerleaders...

Justin: *is confused* Wait come back (CONF) Girls usually crawl all over me. That is a very strange one indeed since she ran away. (Non Conf) Hey Skylar


Justin: I am not even going to give that statement a response. You are a psycho


Peko: Is there something wrong with you, Fiona? :|

Fiona: Crack... Nevermind. *muttering* Stupid fools know nothing about Irish culture.

Justin: I just asked for crack and she freaked out

Mason: *strokes Stachwald*

Fiona: *comes back* Don't you understand?!? Crack is fun!!!

Simon: Could you guys please stop talking about drugs...drugs broke my family... *walks off playing a sad tune on guitar*

Fiona: Wait... You guys thought I meant the drug crack?!? Oh... Oops.

Justin: I don't smoke crack, I just wanted to slip it to Devin.

Fiona: Oh, I wish I had known! I want to stick it to that stupid couple.

Justin: Yeah I would have voted them out first but i am not on your team so yeah.

Mason: (CONF) The ways some of these chicks...mainly one chick, remind me of....her *shivers*

Fiona: Well, Luigi didn't help so...

Justin: Wait Luigi was on my team. You guys have voted out Leshunda and Andrea.

Jeremiah: (CONF) I'm afraid of what is to come to this world if it's left to people who discuss a drug as if it's a long-time friend... (END CONF)

Fiona: Oops, got mixed up. They're all worthless. Anyways...

Justin: I guess that is why they got voted out. They must be worthless

Simon: *Walks off* (CONF) Don't get me wrong, I love these guys! but I need alone time sometimes :)

Fiona: Yeah...

Justin: Well your kinda pretty when you are being condescending to other people

Norman: (CONF: I have an alliance against me, I have 5 secret weapons in my pockets, and I am messing with Carrie's head! I am truly the best!) *Whispers* Carrie we need to talk in private

Carrie: Sure Norman (CONF) I'm still puzzled after the last time he pulled me aside...

Norman: *Whispers To Carrie* Thank you for keeping my secret. I knew I could trust you. And to thank you I got you something. The reason my team lost is because I didn't help. I found a paper that turned out to be a clue for an idol. So I looked for it and here it is *Shows Carrie Rock That He Carved* I guess they decided to bring back idols and hide them in challenges. I'll give you this one. I will look for another clue next challenge.

Carrie: Wow thanks Norman I really appreciate this! *Accepts it reluctantly*

Norman: No problem. (CONF: Haha! That rock thing may have gotten me on the chopping block but I knew it would come in handy! This is truly the best way to play the game! To lie, cheat, and steal!)

Carrie: (CONF) I guess this thing will come in handy, but part of me questions accepting a gift from the enemy, plus Norman almost got eliminated last time. He should really keep this. I'll have to worry about this later.

Nichols: Psst, Devin. Don't ya think that it's weird that Norman is um...talking to Carrie?

Devin: *asleep; but now woken up by Nichols's words* ...Huh? I'm awake. Sorry, I've been having sleeping problems lately...did you need something?

Nichols: Norman and Carrie have been going off a lot lately. Aren't you in the least bit...y'know?

Devin: Yeah, I'm thrilled for her! Maybe this will evolve into romance- she deserves a good partner in her life, you know. Not sure Norman's someone I'd pick out for her...but I'll let her make her own choices.

Mason: Sorry to intrude...but once a long time ago before Jason found himself...he met someone...and she was the worst thing that happened to him.

Nichols: No! Like, aren't you a bit jealous? I mean, she clearly has um...a...yep.

Duncan: (CONF) i'm not even going to ask what ''she'' has...

Lindsay: *walks to Fiona* Hey Fioon! *smiles*

Fiona: Who, me? My name's Fiona... Nevermind. What's up?

Lindsay: I know your name is Fiona, but I wanted to give you a nickname!

Brick: (CONF) Ooh, an Friendship from an alliance member (END CONF) Hey Lindsay, do you want to join our alliance?

Fiona: Brick you imbecile, she's already in our alliance!

Lindsay: *looks to the two* Yeah... but wait! Are there two alliances?

Fiona: No, not really. Apollo allied with Brick and I allied with you and Apollo and I are, uh....

Brick: a relationship! So that why I allied with you.

Fiona: We are not in a relationship! And Apollo allied with me, not you! Yomu know what, it doesn't matter.

Brick: Actully, *whispers* You are in a relationship with Apollo*

Lindsay: Ehh... okay. (CONF) I kinda miss Heather, Owen, Beth, Trent, Gwen, Bridgette and Tyler. (END CONF)

Duncan: many newbies here...i miss Geoff and DJ...

Peko: I'm glad I have never met some of the original cast... *shudders*

Duncan: what's that supposed to mean?, what's wrong with the original cast?

Lindsay: Yeah, what do you mean with that?

Apollo: I wonder what Chris can think of this time...

Justin: probably something fun for him and torture for us

Fiona: Yeah...

Devin: *to Nichols* Jealous? Why would I be jealous? This is great for Carrie!

Carrie: Hey Devin! How are you?

Fiona: Ugh. You two denying your love...

Apollo: I never deny love...

Fiona: O-oh... *walks away* (CONF) He's never said he likes me... does that mean he doesn't like me since he never denies love?

Jeremiah: Who's denying what love? (CONF) They already don't like me... I don't need them talking behind my back either. (END CONF)

Apollo: I like you Fiona :P. *walks away*

Devin: Hey, Carrie! I'm so excited for you! I need to get you something...maybe some cake...after this is over, though. Congrats!

Nichols: No! She has a cr- you know what? It's not my place to tell you.

Jeremiah: Who... what are we talking about?

Fiona: *turns around* Really?

Devin: *to Jeremiah* If you're talking to us, we're talking about Carrie. Why do you ask?

Mason: *to Apollo* That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen *Wipes tears*

Apollo: Yeah *to Fiona* Uh, yeah... :I

Jeremiah: Oooh. I thought you were talking about-- I mean... well, never mind. So, what about Carrie?

Devin: It seems like her and Norman are into each's great news!

Jeremiah: Um, are you sure about that? (CONF) I've noticed how Carrie acts around Devin, I know love when I... I see it. (END CONF)

Fiona: *runs over and hugs Apollo* I love you too!

Devin: Well, I think I'm sure...but, you know, it seems likely. Well, to me at least. *scratches hair* Carrie's a good friend- she deserves someone. While I wouldn't exactly pick out Norman for her, it's her choice and her life. I have no say in it.

Apollo: *hugs Fiona* :) (CONF) YAY Apollona confirmed! (CONF END)

Jeremiah: *Sits down beside Devin* Would you like a say in it? You seem protective of her, and I know Norman isn't someone you would call... relationship material.

Fiona: (CONF) I can't stop smiling! Being happy almost feels... Good!

Devin: *to Jeremiah* It's because I consider Carrie to be like my younger sister, you know? I just want her to be happy and with someone nice. Norman...he sort of creeps me out.

Fiona: So... ARe we a couple now?

Jeremiah: I can't say I would say anything other than that. But, that's understandable. (CONF) Poor Carrie.... (END CONF)

Apollo: Yeah :).

Fiona: Yay!!! *hugs him again*

Devin: Yeah. Well, I hope I can return the favor on this. If you ever need to talk about something, I'll be here, alright? *shakes Jeremiah's hand*

Justin: AWW (CONF) I though Fiona would be mine, maybe i should think of poisoning Apollo instead Devin. His death would be the stepping stone for all of our hopes and Fiona would be mine. Muhahahahahaha

Norman: I know it's sad. The enemy is happy right now! We both can come up with a plan for revenge.

Apollo: (CONF) Oh I know what they are doing gg. (CONF END) *comes in Depressed* Everything sucks right now (except my relationship with Fiona ;)). *puts rat poison in Norman's food* (CONF) Don't think I am messed up I am keeping people safe It's my duty. (CONF END)

Justin: Nah Norman, I just want to be depressed right now. My beauty has failed me for the first time in my life *cries*

Fiona: *skipping* Hey, Carrie!

Apollo: *goes somewhere with FIona* Norman and Justin are trying to get me out we need to get them out at merge or maybe now.

Fiona: What? We can't let our relationship die! We have to get rid of them.

Norman: @Justin That ain't stopping me from battling my nemisis! *Takes Food And Throws it at Apollo* *Laughs Evily* (CONF: I shouldn't have done that I'm so hungry now.)

Apollo: Ooh look food! *smells it and then scans it* Hmm, a case of poison in this food Also Fiona, Justin is trying to poison you and me. We need to talk to the other team.

Justin: I want to be left alone before someone starts spreading lies about me.

Fiona: What are you guys talking bout?

Jeremiah: *To Devin* ... Oh, right, uh... yeah. Thanks Devin. Will do. I guess I'll just be going. *Smiles as he stands up and goes back to his spot*

Justin: People don't appreciate my beauty anymore *cries* @ fiona

Fiona: Uh, you're hot, but I'm taken by Apollo.

Apollo: He's trying to ally with Norman to poison us.

Justin: You have no proof i did anything. Apollo you are spreading rumors. I was just trying to be friends

Fiona: What's going on? You know what, this is too weird. *walks away*

Apollo: Justin sorry, you know you could join me and Fiona in a alliance? We could get some threats out?

Fiona: *alone* This is insane.

Justin: Okay. i would enjoy an alliance. (CONF) I don't trust apollo but i guess i will work with him for the time being

Simon: *Playing Strong as an Oak on guitar*

Challenge 5

Chris: Ready for your challenge?

'*the two teams find themselves on a raft*'

Chris: This challenge is broken down into 3 parts. First your team will white water raft all the way down till you reach the island (10 lines as a team) then you will each grab a method of transportation either a bike, skateboard or rollerblades and race to the top of the island (10 lines as a team) and then zipline to the finish line (10 lines as a team). The first team finished wins immunity! GO!

Carrie: Let's go Destroyers! *paddles* (CONF) We can't afford to lose anyone else on our team!

Devin: Sure thing, Carrie... *paddles* (CONF) But- what if we lose? Carrie might lose Norman...could I really let that happen?) (1)

Jeremiah: *Paddles* (1)

Simon: *Paddles* (2)

Jeremiah: *Paddles* (3)

Simon: *Paddles* (4)

Jeremiah: *Paddles* (5)

Nichols: *paddles* (3)

Simon: *Paddles* (6)

Peko: *paddles* [7]

Jeremiah: *Paddles* (8)

Simon: *paddles* (9)

Nichols: *paddles* (4)

Apollo: *paddles* (5)

Peko: *paddles* (10)

Nichols: *paddles* (6)

Simon: *races* (1)

Jeremiah: Let's go! *Races* (2)

Nichols: *paddles* (7)

Jeremiah: *Races* (3)

Nichols: *paddles* (8)

Jeremiah: *Races* (4)

Nichols: *paddles* (9)

Fiona: *paddles (10)

Nichols: *races* (1)

Simon: *races* (5)

Nichols: *races* (2)

Jeremiah: *Races* (6)

Nichols: *races* (3)

Fiona: *races* (4)

Nichols: *races* (5)

Skylar: *races* (7)

Nichols: *races* (6)

Peko: *racves*

Nichols: *races* (7)

Devin: *races, but comes to a halt* No- I can't do this...sorry guys. (8)

Nichols: *races* (9)

Jeremiah: *Races* (9)

Nichols: *races* (10)

Jeremiah: *Races* (10)

Nichols: *ziplines* (1)

Jeremiah: *Ziplines* (2)

Apollo: *ziplines* (3)

Nichols: *ziplines* (2)

Simon: *Ziplines* (2)

Nichols: *ziplines* (3)

Dawn: *ziplines* (3)

Nichols: *ziplines* (4)

Skylar: *ziplines* (4)

Nichols: *ziplines* (5)

Dawn: *ziplines* (5)

Nichols: *ziplines* (6)

Skylar: *ziplines* (6)

Dawn: *ziplines* (7)

Nichols: *ziplines* (7)

Dawn: *ziplines* (8)

Nichols: *ziplines* (8)

Dawn: *ziplines* (9)

Nichols: *ziplines* (9)

Skylar: *ziplines* (10)

Nichols: *ziplines* (10) Damnit! I was so close! >:(

Simon: Good job team! *plays sweet victory* :D

Lindsay: I'm proud on my team, and what now? Elimination? Ahw..

Mason: I understand how you feel Lindsay.

Chris: The Virtual Viruses win!

Elimination Ceremony 5: Digital Destroyers

Chris: Looks like a recurring thing. You guys lose and then the next challenge the Viruses lose but anyways go vote!

Fiona: (conf) Jeane exists? *votes Jeane*

Lindsay: (CONF) Who was on my alliance... *looks to the pictures and votes Jeane* Sorry...

Apollo: (CONF) I vote Brick (CONF END)

Nichols: (CONF) ...Who are you again? *votes Jeane* Jeez. Half of this team is so inactive.

Jeane: (CONF: I have decided to quit, There is no point in staying I am rich anyways.)

Devin: (CONF) I am so screwed...but anything to keep Carrie happy. She's like a sister to me. Well, you've done nothing maybe you'll go over me. Sorry, I guess, but you should have contributed more. *votes Jeane*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Mason, Apollo, Fiona, Carrie, Devin, Nichols, Lindsay and Brick! Sorry Jeane, but you asked for it so you're taking the Portal of Shame.

Episode 6: Aliens on a Spaceship

Aliens on a Spaceship

Season 10, Episode 6

Challenge(s) Kill aliens and then escape or destroy the spaceship.
Winner(s) Digital Destroyers
Eliminated Jeremiah
Episode Guide

"The Improbable Race"


"Dracula Undead"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10, some contestants had an awkward conversation about crack while two contestants continued to meet in private, making someone suspicious. Also there was a conformation of a relationship between two contestants. I then put the remaining contestants to a race to the finish. Not surprisingly an athlete won for their teamand someone from the opposite team quit the competition.

Meeting Area

Fiona: She deserved it.

Simon: That's not nice! Be positive! :D

Apollo: Yeah, let's be positive we can win this time.

Justin: i would prefer it if you lost every single challenge Apollo

Fiona: Oh, not this again. *walks away*

Apollo: I hope you have a repeat of Total Drama Action so called "beautiful". *walks to Fiona* Want to stay in here?

Fiona: No it's fine... It's just... What is up with you two? Aren't you allies or something?

Apollo: Yeah, *starts looking around* Oh my gosh Fiona *sees a part to a new room* Come here look at this room nobody is here.

Fiona: Um, ok. *follows*

Apollo: It's easy to get too and it looks private *sees a hottub and arcade things* What is this?

Fiona: Probably that sick, egomaniac Chris and his stupid hideaway.

Apollo: Yeah, probably you know we should stay here it's way better that out there :P.

Fiona: True. *relaxes*

Apollo: There is a spa and hot-tub even a tanning booth wow this is like a mini-paradise. Well, I should catch up on training *trains*.

Fiona: This is a cheerleader's dream! *crawls into hot tub*

Apollo: *goes in hot tub* Look you can set temperatures you can set it to cold temperatures? Wow, this is awesome!

Fiona: I hope no one finds us...

Simon: *Sits and play's more guitar* (CONF) I'm hoping that I master this somdayy! It's a real hobby of mine that I really enjoy, on terms of the game, I should focus a little more!

Justin; *takes a nap*

Mason: *standing there*

Simon: *Strumming a few chords while walking by Mason* Hey want me to play you a song? Any requests?

Mason: You may sing this song

Simon: *plays teh mustache song* :D

Brick: *kicks Justin in his weakness*

Justin: *wakes up* What the Hell brick

Mason: *to Brick and Justin* There is nothing more special then watching a new friendship being formed *wipes tears from eyes*

Justin: Okay. I hope you have a good day too (CONF) I am never going to be friends with brick the army freak. Brick you are going down.

Mason: Brick...fulfill your destiny. Become the best of friends with him.

Carrie: *whispers to Mason* What's wrong with him?

Dee: What is wrong with all of you...

Mason: *whispers back to Carrie* Brick has awakened his true desires. What he wants with all his to develop a powerful bond between him and Justin.

Jeremiah: This place is a full-on nut house. But, I guess that's what keeps people interested, so...

Skylar: (CONF: Like what Dee and Jeremiah said...there is something wrong with these people...)

Lindsay: Things were a little bit less difficult in the first seasons. I still don't know why Jeane is eliminated?

Duncan: well whatever reason it was it sucked, i liked Jeane, she was cool.

Jeremiah: She didn't even do anything....

Lindsay: Jeane was really nice. *looks sad*

Justin: Well unfortunately for jeane she learned what happens when you don't help your team. Its a sad process but one that we all agreed to do

Carrie: I liked Jeane too, but at the end of the day she made the decision to quit.

Lindsay: Yeah... but I'm happy you are still here! *hugs Carrie*

Carrie: Aww thanks sweetheart *hugs Lindsay*

Justin: Well unless you two are the f2 you will have to vote each other out eventually.

Lindsay: Justin!!! *jumps on him* I didn't knew you were here!!

Justin: I have been speaking to you for a while now. Please get off of me before you damage my beautiful face

Lindsay: *gets off and looks to him* How are you?

Justin: i am fine now. I hope i do not get any bruises.

Lindsay: Yeah, I understand. *blushes*

Mason: (CONF) How dare Lindsay interrupt Justin and Brick. This is a vital stage in the Bromance procedure!

Justin: Well i will let you get on your way.

Challenge 6

Chris: Do your thing Pal!

*the contestants find themselves on an alien spaceship*

Chris: Your challenge is to either kill every alien on the ship or escape and blow it up. Good luck. McLean out!

Carrie: Alright guys we really gotta win this one so let's kill some aliens *changes into M.I.B. costume* Men In Black style.

Nichols: ...where'd you get that? @costume

Carrie: I found it lying around. Now let's go *kills aliens*

Apollo: *gets in costume* This feels so right... *kills aliens*

Carrie: (CONF) Where is everyone? (END CONF) *kills aliens*

Mason: Killing these innocent creatures....feels wrong. *kills aliens*

Dee: *Shoots at Jeremiah* oops...

Mason: *sighs as he kills more aliens*

Carrie: Nice one Dee... *kills aliens*

Mason: Very helpful Dee. *kills aliens*

Nichols: Uh, um, sure. *gets in costume* *starts killing aliens*

Peko: *kills aliens*

Nichols: *kills aliens* Devin! Are you going to help?

Justin: *rips off shirt and blinds some aliens*

Mason: This is fine...they are trying to kill us. So this is okay. *kills aliens*

Devin: I really don't want to have any blood on my hands or do anything that might- well, yeah... (CONF) Still, I can't win this! Norman's probably the next guy to go on the Viruses...I can't do this to Carrie.

Mason: *kills aliens*

Dee: *Shoots at Carrie* Wow... my aim is really off!

Justin: there is too many aliens I am going to the control room *runs in that direction*

Mason: *shoots Dee* No one shoots one of mine and Stachwald's teammates...ecept Jason!

Nichols: Start shooting! I don't care what your reason is. *hands Devin a gun and shoots more aliens*

Mason: *kills more aliens* You okay Carrie?

Carrie: Hey! *shoots Dee* What's up with that?

Mason: *shoots aliens*

Jutsin: *continues running twoard contol room*

Devin: Carrie! Are you okay? *to the other team* Hey, come on. Can't we all just do this fairly?

Mason: How many aliens are there? *kills some more aliens*

Jutsin: *continues running twoard contol room* almost there

Mason: *shoots moar aliens*

Norman: *Throws One If The Rocks At Alien* (CONF: Dang it! I wasn't thinking)

Justin *arrives at contol room and see aliens drvign ship* oh s**t

Mason: We can do it Stachwald and team! *kills aliens*

Devin: I'll...okay, so, sorry about this Carrie. But, I'm not letting the disrespecting team win this challenge if I can help it! *shoots aliens*

Justin: *starts killing aliens in the control room*

Carrie: Yeah I'm fine Devin. Forget them we have a challenge to win! *shoots aliens*

Mason: We can do it! *shoots Aliens*

Mason: Good motivation Devin. Let's do this for Jason! *shoots aliens*

Nichols: Finally! @Devin *shoots aliens*

Justin: *kills aliens in the control room* die uglies die

Dee: *aliens surround her injured body* HELP!

Peko: *slices aliens surrounding Dee* Hya!

Mason: *shoots Aliens*

Justin: Oh s**t DEE. *uses the intercome* Aliens i am in the kitchen please come and eat my nice and juicy brain

Devin: Alright, let's go team! *shoots aliens*

Mason: Die aliens. *shoots aliens*

Justin: That should keplp dee *contiunes killing aliens in the control room*

Norman: *Hides behind dead alien and uses alien voice* Stop! I am your leader! The plan is to leave those humans alone! *Shows Aliens The Cast Picture Of His Team* They come in peace. We must attack the other ones. They are this space gang called the digital destroyers! And we can't be destroyed! So let's get those destroyers!

Peko: *slices more* I will save any friend of my masters'!

Nichols: Wait, Justin's in the control room? *rushes to the control room* Stop! I'm winning this. >:(

Mason: *shoots aliens who are distracted listening to Norman* Thanks man for distracting them!

Devin: *notices Dee injured on the floor* Okay- I know she shot first, but did we really have to shoot back...? What if she died? Come on, guys...

Justin: So many aleins thay are like mutiplying or something *contiunes killing aliens in the control room*

Mason: It is your choice. Either win this challenge and your girl...or lose this challenge for the girl who shot at your girl. *shoots more aliens*

Justin: Well *continues killing aliens* I think that they might be thinning out a bit

Mason: *kills aliens*

Peko: *slices more and gets close to Dee* Take my hand!

Devin: My girl...who are you talking about? I'm not seeing anybody? *shoots aliens*

Nichols: *pushes Justin out of the way and shoots aliens*

Mason: *shoots at aliens as he makes his way towards the control room*

Justin: *watches more spaceships full of aliens coming* S**T S**T S**T *kills more aliens in control room*

Devin: Hey- wait a sec...*sighs and follows Mason; shooting aliens along the way*

Mason: *runs to the control room*

Devin: *follows Mason*

Justin: *kills more aliens* UGH leave me alone. you are just going to get in my way

Mason: *runs to the control room* Almost there

Nichols: *shoots aliens and backs up against the control panel* There were like, ten of them in here. What the hell happened?

Dee: *grabs Peko's hand* Thank you!

Mason: Almost there. *runs to the control room*

Justin: *throws an alien on nichols* Take that ugly boy

Devin: *now catches up to Mason; now running alongside him*

Mason: *arrives at the control room, killing moar aliens*

Nichols: Agh! *shoots alien and then shoots Justin's knee*

Devin: *also arrives and helps Mason kill aliens* Come on! We have a challenge to win!

Mason: Right. *shoots aliens as he enters the control room*

Peko: *pulls Dee up* Run!

Justin: *kills more aliens* Muhahahahaha go viruses *gets shot* ow you *f**cker *shots Nichols in the knee*

Devin: So, what were you saying about the girl thing, if you don't mind me asking? *shoots aliens*

Nichols: Ow! Screw you. *shoots Justin*

Mason: *shoots Justin in the other knee* Like I said, no one shoots my teammates but Jason.

Justin: *shoots Nichols in his other knee* I will not be defeated

Devin: *shoots aliens* Come on- now's not the time for grudges...

Nichols: *falls to the ground, but shoots Justin in the face*

Mason: *shoots aliens*

Devin: *runs over to Nichols and helps him up* You okay?

Justin: *is bleeding* You can't die in a simulator *shoots aliens*

Nichols: Yeah. I'm alright. Why aren't you helping Carrie?

Mason: *Shoots at aliens, keeping them away from Devin and Nichols*

Norman: *Shoots Guns Of Other Contestants* Hahaha! (CON :Can't beat the aliens then join them. Then kick their a)\\

Justin: *goes Super saiyan............for like 5 second* *dmang that didnt last long *shoot s more ailens*

Devin: Mason, go find a way to blow up the ship! I got your back. *shoots aliens; then turns to Nichols* I don't know- I thought she'd be here too.

Mason: You guys doing alright? *punches an alien*

Justin: *shoots aliens*

Devin: We're fine- just go find a way to blow up the ship, okay? We got your back.

Mason: Okay. *scans the control room*

Nichols: You must be worried about her. Norman, um, sent the aliens after her.

Justin: Chris said we had to wait on a message from him before we could do that dumba** Devin

Simon: *Shooting Aliens*

Norman: @Nicholas Yup he speaks the truth! I did send them after her.

Justin: *keeps shooting aliens* I haven't done anything except balst aliens becuse i am waiting on chris

Devin: *ignoring Justin* He what? How could he betray her feelings like that?!

Justin: *shoots aliens*

Nichols: She d- *shoots aliens* doesn't like him! She- *shoots aliens*

Mason: IDK but we need to focus now Devin. *shoots aliens*

Justin: I hate all aliens *shoots aliens*

Dee: *Shoots at the Destroyers* These aliens remind me of the Destroyers

Justin: *shoots aliens whose gut splatter all over Devin and Mason*

Peko: *stabs an alien* There can't be much more left...

Justin: I hope not *kills an alien*

Simon: I'M REALLY FEELING IT *Guitar extends and start's stabbing Aliens*

Mason: *smacks Aliens with Stachwald*

Dawn: *punches aliens*

Justin: lets go *kills more aliens*

Mason: *getting tired* Are we almost done...

Fiona: *kicks one* I hope so!

Dee: Please... *Shoots Aliens*

Dawn: *attacks aliens*

Justin: *throws the aliens to the other side of the ship* When will they stop coming

Simon: There's too many *Stabs one in the chest, than turns around and decapatates another and than backflips over one as he helm splits that one he backflips over*

Fiona: I hope Apollo is ok... *grabs ones gun and begins shooting*

Justin: Well what am i going to do next *beats an alien with a pot*

Chris: You guys can make your great escape or die trying!

Carrie: Let's move Destroyers!

Mason: Let's go!

Dee: *runs*

Justin: The comptupr ;lets got to the computor *runs that direction*

Fiona: Yoy don't have to tell me twice! *runs*

Mason: *runs*

Justin: *gets to the computor* there must be a self destrution sequection somewhere *presses random buttons*

Fiona: Wait... What did justin say about not being able to die in a simulator? I have an idea! I'm gonna go commit suicide! *runs*

Justin: *presses more buttons* Simon Dedd do either one of you know how to work this computer

Mason: *runs*

Dee: Bye Justin! *runs*

Justin: I think i might have found the exloding button for the ship. Guys i am going to press the buttong and everyone run to the escape pods in 60 seconds or you will blow up.

Fiona: *jumps into the motor, hoping to stop it and make the ship explode*

Justin: *activates the self destruction sequence* Guys Run to the escape pods NOW this ship is blowing up in 60 seconds

Dee: *gets to the escape pod*

Fiona: Help! I'm stuck!

Mason: *gets to an escape pod*

Devin: Oh dear...I hope Carrie'll be alright.*gets to an escape pod*

Simon: *Gets to escape pod*

Justin: *gets to an escape pod* the ship has 30 nseconds to live

Fiona: Help! *motor catches on fire*

Justin: *blasts off* it looks like the ship is starting to blow 10 more seconds

Dawn: *runs*

Devin: *blasts off*

Fiona: *burning as ship tilts* AHHHHH

Mason: *blasts off*

Fiona: *climbs out of motor*

Justin: Well at least you can't die in the sim. That is good news for Fiona (CONF): I would of helped fiona but she left me of all people for Apollo. So i left her, big deal. She cna't die in the simulator anyway heck i got shot 5 times and i somehow was able to run away later

Fiona: *stumbles into a pod and blasts off* My suicide idea was Sooo much better but whatevz

Brick: *punches Justin in the weakness* *climbs on pod and it blasts off*

Carrie: *escapes*

Chris: Well both teams escaped, but I guess the Destroyers win because they killed more aliens!

Elimination Ceremony 6: Virtual Viruses

Chris: Well you guys lost so you gotta vote!

Skylar: (CONF: I feel really bad for not doing the challenge! I feel like I'm the one to blame. Jeremiah, Duncan, and I were the only ones who didn't do it! Ugh! This sucks! But...I vote for Jeremiah, since he's the only one of us three who hasn't participated as much as Duncan and I.)

Simon: (CONF) I didn't too much to help, but at least I did something, sorry Jeremiah but I vote for you! D:

Justin: (CONF): With all the inactives gone we have to star canning other people on our team. I vote for Jeremiah due to the fact that he quit last season and i have a fear that he will quit again this season *votes Jeremiah*

Jeremiah: (CONF) ... *Votes Dawn* I'm sorry, but you seem like you could be a threat, and I'm in danger anyway, so... (END CONF)

Dawn: (CONF) I vote Jeremiah.

Duncan: i swear i'm gonna be outta here before i know it unless i contribute more, i've had enough, i'm gonna do more even if it kills me!, but anyway, i guess i'll vote for Jeremiah, Skylar didn't do much either but i like her, and a little birdy told me that Jeremiah voted for Dawn, who i ain't gonna vote for either...cause...well she is pretty cute, and i like vote for Jeremiah.

Norman:(CONF: Well we had an alliance but that doesn't matter. Bye! *Votes Jeremiah*)

Peko: (CONF) Norman. (wtf guys)

Dee: (CONF) Justin... If Jeremiah leaves who will I bully?

Chris: Marshmallows for Simon, Skylar, Dee, Peko, Duncan, Dawn, Justin and Norman! Sorry Jeremiah but you're done!

Episode 7: Dracula Undead (200th Episode Yay!)

Dracula Undead

Season 10, Episode 7

Challenge(s) Save Chris from Dracula.
Winner(s) Dreamers
Eliminated Norman
Episode Guide

"Aliens on a Spaceship"


"Someone Call For A Monster?"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10, two contestants found my secret room, while some contestants continued to think the others are crazy and others grieved about the elimination of a previous contestant. After that I put the contestants to an alien annihilation game. The Destroyers managed to win again and an unlikely contestant got voted off.

Meeting Area

Justin: (CONF): I hope we win this next challenge. The wins have been alternating Destroyers and then Viruses so if the pattern holds up we should win.

Dee: This place is boring.

Fiona: *glares at justinI* (CONF) My suicide idea was like, amazing. But nooooo he had to hit the self destruct button. Get real, kid. This isn't Hollywood.

Justin: *walks over to Fiona* Hai Fiona i know we didn't see eye to eye in that last challenge but I am sorry if i took any of your thunder so i give you premisson to hit me in the face one time as an apology.

Dee: I want to watch! (CONF) This is considered entertainment around here!

Fiona: To mess up your face pretty boy? Gladly! *goes to punch but can't* Why cant I punch you? (CONF) Do I find justin... Attractive? Of course not! You can do this, Fiona... (EC) *punches justin in the face* Ha!

Dawn: *meditates*

Lindsay: Omgg! *looks shocked to Fiona and Justin*

Dee: Dawn why are you even here?

Duncan: (CONF) i won't be suprised if Justin starts calling himself a circus freak again after this...

Dawn: *ignores Dee and continues to meditate*

Dee: *pushes Dawn over*

Dawn: Somebody's aura is particularly dark today.... *walks away from Dee*

Dee: *grabs Dawn's shoulder* Don't walk away from me!

Dawn: Do not touch me.

Justin: Good punch Fiona. *sees Dee and Dawn* Guys we are a team. We need to work together

Dee: Justin stop. Dawn don't tell me what to do!

Dawn: *walks over to Justin* I was minding my own business when she just walked up and basically starting harassing me.

Duncan: Dawn's right, she's in the wrong.

Dee: Duncan your not apart of this! I asked her a question!

Duncan: well i'm MAKING myself a part of this!, you asked her a question and she didn't wanna respond, deal with it.

Dee: Quit being so high and mighty Mr. Delinquent!

Peko: Guys, stop ganging up on Dee. Her f-friend from last season was just eliminated. How would you feel? :\

Dee: Thank you Peko!

Dawn: Unfortunately, that is part of the game. That isn't an excuse to treat people the way Dee is treating us.

Duncan: how do you think i felt when Gwen got eliminated in World Tour?, how do you think i felt when Courtney got eliminated in TDI?, how do you think i felt when Geoff and DJ got the boot in TDI as well?, pretty damn crap that's how!

Justin: Guys we need to stand strong so we can win the next challenge or we are just going to have to vote another person off

Peko: That's no reason for you to step in and take charge. You're just as bad. :|

Dawn: It's okay Duncan *pats his back* and those are very wise words Justin *hugs him*

Duncan: (sighs) a part of me misses those old days...not like i'd admit that with McLean around...

Justin: Uh thanks Dawn. Lets just drop all of our diffrences and take out those Destroyers

Peko: Fine. Let's hope we win. I will not tolerate another unfair elimination.

Dee: As long as Miss Hippie and her guard dog leave me alone!

Norman: (CONF: Hahaha I am on my way on becoming the best! I betrayed Al Caprincess's Prince Farming *Laugh* I also make the best jokes! Well anyways I need to fool someone with the other fake idol! Who is it gonna be?)

Justin: At least we have some peace and quiet now.

Duncan: peace and quiet which i'm going to savour...(climbs up a tree and falls asleep)

Norman: I'm going to find me some food, I am starving. *Walks off and Drops Fake Immunity Idol By Duncan's Tree*

Justin: *falls asleep*

Mason: (CONF) *twirls Stachwald* do I convince Justin and Brick that they are destined to have a friendship?

Apollo: *is bouncing a ball on the wall and it drops* Now I have to get up. *sigh* It's so boring out here.

Skylar: (CONF: *sigh* For the first time ever...I actually feel BAD about something I did! It was my fault that the team lost...but...that will not happen again!)

Justin: *wakes up* I am so bored. Isn't this supposed to be a virtual simulaor where we can do just about anything. jeez

Apollo: *walks over to Carrie* You know Devin? He says you are stupid and have no personality and he is getting people to vote you off.

Justin: So who wants to play tic-tac-toe. you can use my abs as a board.

Norman: That's strange. That doesn't sound like Devin. It sounds like your bad attempt at a lie.

Nichols: :/

Justin: No tic-tac-toe Damn

Simon: *Plays guitar*

Justin: Does anyone want to do anything. I am bored

Apollo: *goes to secret room* SO happy I am here alone...

Justin: *Eats a carrot*

Mason: *strokes Stachwald*

Brick: *follows Apollo to secret room* (CONF) After all, he is in my alliance. (END CONF)

Duncan: (wakes up and yawns) that was a good sleep...(looks down) i doubt i've missed much if everyone's still standing around. oh well...(relaxes)

Lindsay: *walks to Duncan and lies next to him* I think you did a great job there.

Duncan: well...i did what i wanted to do, i'm not sure if it'll change anything though.

Lindsay: I think you did. *kisses Duncan on his cheek* (CONF) If you watch this Courtney, boo-yaa! *blows a kiss* (END CONF)

Duncan : (CONF) wow....that kiss Tyler, i guess they don't always go for the jocks after all...

Brick: *peek out of the secret room* What? Did I just hear something?

Justin: Bored. Anyone want to do something

Brick: *To Justin* Get bored you imbecile!\\

Justin: What is your problem Brick. I have nothing to you. Leave me alone

Mason: No Justin. You must embrace Brick's weird and exotic attempts at friendship. You two are meant for each other.

Justin: I want nothing to do with him. *leaves*

Mason: *pats Brick on the back* Don't worry he will come around eventually. *walks away*

Dawn: *walks over to Duncan* I just wanna thank you for sticking up for me earlier. It meant a lot. *smiles*

Duncan: hey, don't mention it, it was pretty damn stupid the way they were treating you anyway. (smiles)

Justin: everything happens for a reason. Do not forget about that.

Lindsay: *smiles to Dawn* Hi there!

Brick: Leave me alone, Mason!

Devin: Mason's not here, Brick. Who are you talking to?

Simon: *Walks around playing guitar*

Dee: Does anyone want to play "Spin the bottle"?

Simon: *Sits next to Dee* What is this game? :D

Dawn: *smiles to Lindsay* Hello!

Fiona: I'll play!

Dee: spin the bottle and kiss who it lands on. This was popular last season.

Fiona: I know how to play, I have done it thousands of times.

SImon: Nevermind, I don't want to play sorry! *walks away*

Brick: How we, Soilders in the army, do it, is to spin the bottle and tell a nice compliment about who it lands on.

Fiona: Borrrr-Ing.

Norman: This isn't a Valentine's Day Special like last season! We are playing the game for real!!

Brick: Your going to do it the army way!

Justin: *plays with his bunnies*

Duncan: (draws into a tree with his knife)

Dee: Brick don't tell me what to do!

Fiona: You can go play your boring way, Brick, but the adults are gonna play our fun game.

Challenge 7

Chris: Challenge time but first how about some new teams!

Apollo, Brick, Dee, Fiona, Lindsay, Nichols, Peko and Simon are Team 1

Carrie, Dawn, Devin, Duncan, Justin, Mason, Norman and Skylar are Team 2

Now this is the 200th episode of ASV... *gets abducted by an unknown figure*

*the contestants arrive outside of Dracula's castle*

Chef: Go into the castle and save Chris! I'm sure you guys know how to fend off Dracula, but first you gotta find where in the castle he is. He could be anywhere so get searchin'! I'm gonna call the producers. *runs off*

Carrie: This is extremely weird... (CONF) On the 100th episode of Total Drama, Chris got abducted by Zeke. Now on the 200th episode of ASVU he gets abducted by Dracula? What does Dracula want with Chris anyway?!?!

Justin: I don't know but lets got after them *runs twoard castle*

Nichols: Are you serious? Chris. Stop. Getting. Abducted.

Justin: Lets go guys *keeps running*

Mason: If I was Dracula...where would I hide Chris?

Justin: Maybe the pipe Organ. That could be somewhere that his screams could be unheard.

Skylar: (CONF: Did he just say Dracula?) Alright, let's get a move on new team! *runs toward castle*

Justin: *arrives at the door* Nice and spooky *runs inside*

Nichols: Come on, guys! *runs to the castle*

Carrie: Devin! Where are you let's go! *runs into the castle*

Mason: *heads into the castle*

Norman: *Hides In The Background Making Scary Noises*

Skylar: *Walks inside* Whoa! I swear I've seen this in a movie before.

Brick: *comes in to the caslte and holds up a gun* Who's there? I tell you, I'm armed!

Justin: Well i suggest since this is dracula's castle he is probably playing the pipe organ and that where he is hiding Chris. Lets go to the chapel *runs towards the chapel*

Dee: So where are we going?

Carrie: Hey Mason where are you headed?

Justin: *keeps running twoards the chapel* You guys could come with me

Brick: *runs to the coffin room and shoots a garlic*

Mason: I think that Dracula will probably hide Chris in the most unlikely place...*heads out to investigate the bathroom*

Justin: Mason, carrie we will meet up later *runs to the chapel*

Dawn: *searches*

Justin: I think i hear something in this direction. I am almost there *runs twoards chapel*

Skylar: Mmmm...I'll go check the dining room, maybe? Or the basement? Yeah! The basement! All sorts of demoic stuff always happens there! *heads to basement*

Justin: *arrives at the Chapel* I better start looking around *looks through the pews*

Dawn: *continues to search*

Justin: *searches more of the pews* He has to be here somewhere

Peko: *heads to the basement*

Brick: Maybe's he's in here... *walks down to basement* Fiona: *searches chapel with Justin*

Duncan: Dracula's castle huh?, this is reminding of all those hours i spent playing Devil May Cry as a kid!...anyway...back to finding the washed up host. (starts searching around)

Lindsay: I think, Chris will be in the highest tower or something. Like Tangled, the moviee! *smiles*

Dee: I think Chris would be kept in a crypt... *looks for a crypt*

Justin: *searches around the podium.* He has to be here somehwere

Duncan: knowing McLean i doubt he's he must be around somewhere (starts looking in around a graveyard)

Justin: *searches near the pipe organ* This totally sucks.

Apollo: *looks in crypt* Nothing here..

Chris: *from the top of the castle* HELP!

Chef: CHRIS! He's at the top of the castle! Go up there (5 lines individually) and defeat Dracula (1 line individually).

Carrie: Hang on Chris! *runs*

Justin: coming: *runs* (1)

Skylar: Was that Chris that screamed? Hang on Chris, Skylar will save the day! *runs to top of castle* (1)

Nichols: Ugh... *runs* (1)

Skylar: *runs to top of castle* (2)

Nichols: *runs* (2)

Justin: *runs to top of castle* (2) I will win

Nichols: *runs* (3)

Skylar: *runs to top of castle* (3)

Nichols: *runs* (4)

Justin: *runs to top of castle* (3)

Nichols: *runs* (5)

Skylar: *runs to top of castle* (4)

Nichols: *defeats Dracula* Stop getting captured, Chris. :/

Duncan: (runs) (1)

Lindsay: I knew he was there!

Justin: *runs to top of castle* (4) I am going to finish this out strong

Chris: Will try Nichols. But good news is Team 1 wins! Team 2 you're going to elimination. (Will come up with team names soon asap gg)

Justin: Dang

Carrie: We did our best. Nice effort Justin.

Lindsay: Goodluck at elimination, bestie! *hugs Carrie*

Elimination Ceremony 7: Fantasies

Chris: Well you guys gotta vote someone off.

Justin: (CONF) This is a tough vote but.... *votes Carrie* I feel overall you have done the least to help your respective teams. Sorry

Duncan: (CONF) i think i'll vote for...Carrie...sorry princess, you're a real nice gal, even though we haven't really talked much, but i think you're a huge threat, i don't wanna do this to Devin as well, cause i like that guy too, but you're sure to get far if you stay in any longer, and i wanna get rid of as many threats as i can, so take it as a compliment or an insult...i don't care, but really, i am sorry, i vote for you.

Dawn: (CONF) I vote Carrie.

Norman: (CONF) You might wanna try and use that fake idol. If not I need it back! Either way you get my vote! Bye Carrie! (END CONF)

Skylar: (CONF: I vote for Norman because I love ya' <3)

Carrie: (CONF) I'm voting Norman. He thought he could trick me with a fake idol and besides he's pretty useless.

Mason: (CONF) I still need to get adjusted to this new team. But from what I've seen...Norman is annoying so I vote for him.

Devin: (CONF) Darn...I was really hoping to avoid this vote...I don't want to do this because you did stand up for me to Apollo and all- and there are other people I'd rather vote, but it looks like people are trying to avenge Jeremiah. He was a good guy so I'll join in. Sorry, Norman.

Chris: Well marshmallows go to Justin, Dawn, Mason, Devin, Skylar, Duncan and we have a tie in votes between Carrie and Norman so to break the tie I'm gonna let the Dreamers decide who goes home so Dreamers vote who you want gone Carrie or Norman.

Lindsay: (CONF) Carrie is my bestie! So I vote for Norman. He sounds like a superhero or something. But I wanna have Carrie on the game!!!

Dee: (CONF) I vote for Norman... you voted for Jeremiah!

Peko: (CONF) I vote for Norman

Brick: (CONF) Out of the 2, I want Norman to be out. So I vote for him. (END CONF)

Nichols: (CONF) Get the hell out you trash excuse for a strategist. *votes Norman*

Simon: (CONF) I guess I vote for Norman, he lost that challenge for us one time! Sorry dude! :D *Votes Norman*

Fiona: (CONF) Norman is so weird. *votes Norman*

Chris: Well it looks like Norman is out!

Episode 8: Someone Call For A Monster?

Someone Call For A Monster?

Season 10, Episode 8

Challenge(s) Escape the city or get the monster to leave.
Winner(s) Fantasies
Eliminated Brick
Episode Guide

"Dracula Undead"


"ASVU Strikers"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 two contestants got into a mini fight while another contestant pestered another. Wow it really seems like these guys don't like each other, which is great for ratings! We also had a team switch to shake things up! After that we spent the 200th episode of ASVU inside Dracula's castle. In the end the Dreamers won and we had our first tie in votes between two players so I let the opposing team decide leading to someone's elimination.

Meeting Area

Simon: *Playing clock's by coldplay on guitar* (CONF) I wish me and Skylar were on the same team... it's a bummer I don't get to team up with her... we have to go against each other... aw well it wasntt going to happen anyways :(

Justin: *taking a nap*

Lindsay: Carrie! Carrie! *runs to her and hugs her* You are still here! Yayyy!

Fiona: Are you kidding me?!? Why the hell did I vote Norman?!?

Duncan: well i ain't saying sorry for voting for her so i'll be up here.. (climbs up a tree and relaxes)

Lindsay: Come on, guys! Carrie deserved to stay!

Duncan: believe what you want Linds, but either way she's got a target on her back now, and speaking of backs, i'm glad to see the back of Norman, he annoyed the hell outta me.

Fiona: She is going home next, whether Devin likes it or not.

Justin: Everything happens for a reason. I guess it was not Carrie's time to go. I just hope she will pull her weight a little bit more

Carrie: (CONF) That was a close call last night. I gotta watch my back.

Dee: Norman played his cards wrong... that's all.

Justin: He was a nice person but he seemed to annoy a lot of people. He got targeted because of that and now is home.

Skylar: Yeah..."nice". His strategies were all over the place.

Dee: Your right Skylar!

Nichols: He was an idiot, that's what.

Lindsay: Yeahh! Go Team Carrie!

Apollo: Norman was a strong competitor but I guess not strong enough.

Devin: *napping by a tree*

Fiona: However annnoying he was, Carrie should have gone. *crosses arms*

Apollo: Carrie will be taken care of...

Simon: *Gazes off*

Carrie: Really appreciate that Skylar, Dee and Lindsay.

Justin: Lets just win the challenge and avoid elimination (I am going to be late for the challnege FYI)

Duncan: (CONF) alright, so getting rid of Carrie didn't work, but i ain't gonna rest until certain people i consider threats are outta here!

Dee: (CONF) I hope we win again. (I won't be here for the challenge)

Challenge 8

Chris: Challenge tomorrow 1/20/15 at 7pm EST

*the contestants find themselves in the city from ASVU7*

*monster noices are heard*

Chris: Your challenge is simple. Either leave the city or get the monster to leave...without dying of course and trying to escape the city is gonna be like trying to escape a corn maze at night. Good luck!

Monster: *roars loudly*

Carrie: *screams* What should we do? (CONF) We have to win this challenge! (END CONF) How are we gonna get that monster to leave?!

Devin: Uh...I'm not really sure. Maybe some sort of bait?

Carrie: What do monsters like?

Nichols: People! That's it! Apollo. Fiona. Go get eaten.

Skylar: They like Fresh meat, duh!

Apollo: I am going to run we get monster attacks in Rhode Island. *runs and brings Fiona*.

Carrie: *to Devin* Perhaps smashing towns? We can disguise ourselves as houses and make a break for it!

Devin: Wait, what?

Nichols: No! Go get eaten! While the monster is munching on you two, we can run!

Simon: So team... Run or Stay?

Fiona: Run!!!

Apollo: Hell no! *punches Nichols* You had it coming for awhile *runs back*.

Skylar: I'm running! Peace! *runs off*

Carrie: *sighs* Devin, the challenge? You know?

Nichols: Ow! Fine. >.> *runs with Fiona and Apollo*

Devin: I know, but if we disguise ourselves as houses...isn't the monster just going to go straight for us?

Fiona: *running* What do we do now?

Carrie: Good point Devin. Let's just run *runs*

Simon: *Runs around a broken building* Gotta go fast!

Apollo: Fiona, we should find the way out of here *runs*.

Fiona: *grabs Apollo and Nichols* Wait. I have an idea. Follow me! *runs to a store*

Monster: *walks around town* *roars*

Carrie: *runs to the apartments*

Mason: *runs* (CONF) Wait a sec...if I remember correctly Justin has the abilities to tame wild beasts...maybe he could do a repeat performance?

Nichols: You forgot Simon, but whatever. He can get eaten. More time for us.

Skylar: There's gotta be an exit somewhere *continues to run*

Devin: Alright, Carrie- oh, wait up! *follows Carrie to the apartments*

Apollo: *follows Fiona* What are we doing here?

Apollo Fan: *spits while talking* I am a big fan Apollo!

Apollo: Uh, thanks? *follows Fiona* So that was weird anyway what is the plan?

Mason: *runs away*

Carrie: Devin! We can keep a lookout for the monster from the roof and when he's far enough we can make a break for it!

Brick: *hypotizes monster* Don't eat me! Let the Fantasies Fall!*tries to lure monster outside city*

Devin: Sure! Good plan, Carrie! Though, I do have something to ask you, if you don't mind.

Simon: *trips on a rock and twists ankle* Ow! *Screams for help* Anyone there?!!! (CONF) Aw... *plays song of healing on guitar... effects dontt work.

Carrie: Of course Devin! What is it?

Devin: Well, were you like dating or in love with Norman or something? I'm not sure now anymore, so I'm sorry he went. You see, that's why I didn't do so good in the other challenges- I didn't want you to be upset over him being gone.

Simon: ANYONE? Is anyone there to help? Please :) *Cringes in pain*

Carrie: Of course I didn't like Norman! You see Devin I really like y-

Monster: ROAR!

Devin: I think we got to save that for later- sorry about the whole thing, then! Let's run?

Justin: My beauty can calm the beast like TDA...... well he still caputed me then so lets do run *starts running*

Carrie: Yeah I agree. Let's run *runs*

Simon: *Hears the monster nearby* Oh no! *Get's up and tries to walk off the pain but falls down and struggles* ANYONE HELP!

Devin: *runs and sees Simon* He may be on the enemy team, but...I'll meet up with you later, Carrie! *runs over to Simon* Need a hand?

Fiona: Grab whatever can help us defeat him! *grabs a pocket knife and a bunch of heavy things*

Simon: Yes! Thank you so much! I owe you! *Puts arm around Devin's shoulder and Devin supports him* I don't want to ask this of you but a big monster would eat me...

Devin: *running* Not a problem! So, do you mind asking me how you ended up how you were?

Justin: Uh *grabs Brick and throws him at the monster* Take that. (CONF): it was a win win. Either i destoyed the monster or Brick died and that was one less person i had to fight for the money.

Simon: I tripped on a rock... *turns red*

Nichols: Uh, okay then. *grabs stuff*

Devin: *running* Oh. Well, that's nothing to be ashamed off. It could have been worse- like a pebble, maybe? Anyway, we're gonna go meet up with Carrie. D'you mind or would you rather I leave you with your team?

Fiona: Let's go! *runs towards tall building, grabbing a rope on the way*

Justin: What to do what to do. I hope the monster goes away *rips off shirt*

Simon: Leaveing me with my team is fine, thank you so much! I owe you big time! *let's go and limps towards his team*

Devin: No problem! Just watch out for the rocks, okay? *continues running to Carrie*

Simon: *Puts ice on leg* That should do I'll rest for a bit and than continue trying to finf a way out of here!

Fiona: *gets in elevator, anti-climactic elevator music plays* STOP!!! *starts smashing speaker with bat*

Justin: I am sizzling hot and ready to take out a monster *runs twoards a building*

Skylar: **** it, I'm not running anymore. I'm just going to take on the monster myself. But what can I use?

Carrie: Devin do you even know where we're headed? *runs*

Simon: *get's up* It still hurts but I think I can find the exit in time *Runs around the corner weakly and looks for a way out*

Justin: *gets to the building*

Fiona: *gets to roof with Apollo and Nichols* Look! *points to mondter*

Brick: *gives medicine to Simon* Here. *to monster* Don't eat Simon!

Devin: Uh, no, not really Carrie. I just got back from helping Simon. *runs*

Simon: *runs aroudd the corner and bumps into Devin and falls backwards and is injured again* WHAT THE HEC- Ow it's you! Sorry

Nichols: I see it. :/ @Fiona

Fiona: Hey, monster! Over here!

Devin: Ouch- hey...oh, it's you. My bad. Uh, let me make it up to you. *carries Simon* You can come with us. Alright, so where to Carrie?

*the exit can be seen in the distance*

Chris: There's the exit! It'll take 10 lines individually to win. First person to do so wins immunity for their team.

Carrie: *runs*

Devin: *runs with Simon* (1)

Carrie: *runs*

Devin: *runs with Simon* (2)

Carrie: *runs*

Devin: *runs with Simon* (3)

Carrie: *runs*

Devin: *runs with Simon* (4)

Carrie: *runs*

Devin: *runs with Simon* (5)

Carrie: *runs*

Devin: *runs with Simon* (6)

Nichols: *runs* (1)

Devin: *runs with Simon* (7)

Carrie: *runs*

Nichols: *runs* (2)

Devin: *runs with Simon* (8)

Nichols: *runs* (3)

Devin: *runs with Simon* (9)

Nichols: *runs* (4)

Devin: *runs with Simon* (10)

Carrie: We won! Way to go Devin! *hugs him*

Chris: The Fantasies win!

Brick: You want me eliminated?

Devin: *to Carrie & Simon* Phew...good luck at elimination, bud. Anyway, uh, thanks...I'm gonna go lie down in a bit if you don't mind...we can talk about what you were saying later then, Carrie?

Elimination Ceremony 8: Dreamers

Chris: Time to vote someone off Dreamers!

Nichols: (CONF) *votes Brick* Stop being so obnoxious.

Simon: (CONF) I was a worthless... POOP! I can't believe I was so weak... but I have to stay... sorry I vote Brick

Brick: I vote for Peko. She's useless! (aka She didn't help in the challenge!)

Fiona: (CONF) If me or Apollo goes... *votes Brick* goodbye.

Dee: (CONF) Your in the military... mafia and military don't mix... bye Brick...

Apollo: (CONF) I know you were the original army guy but you are inactive so *votes Brick*

Lindsay: (CONF) I swear, I hope the challenge will be a little bit earlier. I wanna help my team next time! Well, I have to vote for Brick, I guess.. *votes Brick*

Chris: Marshmallows for Simon, Fiona, Nichols, Lindsay, Apollo, Dee and Peko! Sorry Brick but you're out!

Episode 9: ASVU Strikers

ASVU Strikers

Season 10, Episode 9

Challenge(s) Shoot soccer balls and then apprehend Petey Piranha.
Winner(s) Fantasies
Eliminated Peko
Episode Guide

"Someone Call For A Monster?"


"Methods of Torture"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 we played a little game of escape the city while avoiding a giant monster. The contestants did their best, okay they ran like little girls! But it was Devin who escaped the city first and won for his team. At elimination one contestant got a dishonorable discharge after he constantly annoyed his team.

Meeting Area

Lindsay: *hops to Peko* Heyy! I saw you were in the bottom two, why did he vote for you?

Peko: Because I did not help in the challenge, probably... I must try harder.

Apollo: Yes Peko, confidence and trying is the way to succeed. :). *salutes*.

Justin: Its is a great day to be alive. No more Ugly Bricks in my way

Duncan: good job Fantasies...sorry i didn't help again.(CONF) (slaps head) come on D!. get you're head in the game!, i gotta be more active in this thing, cause if i ain't, then i'm outta here!, and trust me, that ain't happening.

Fiona: He was indeed obnoxious. Thank the Lord that b**** is gone.

Apollo: *brings Fiona and Lindsay some other place on the plane.* These people are trying to get me out so what we do.. WAR. We need to vote for Nichols he is a threat. :).

Justin: I think to celebrate this fantastic day i will take another nap

Fiona: Oh, I will gladly rid this competition of Dimes. So annoying. (CONF) In reality, I think he's one of the biggest threats to my victory!

Mason: (CONF) *crying*

Justin: Well does anyone need my services since i am bored.

Fiona: Help me lift this rock! my cell is stuck under it.

Justin: Okay. *uses a stick as a lever*

Fiona: Whoa! *sees muscles ripple* Those are... pretty big! He he...

Apollo: *scratches head in confusion* Whatever. *shrugs shoulders*.

Fiona: Oh, hi, Apollo! Love you! *hugs him*

Apollo: Uh, I think it's time we go are separate routes. *cough JUSTIN cough*.

Fiona: Wha-what do you mean?

Apollo: I mean nevermind I changed my mind just forget that conversation ever happened.

Fiona: Um... OK? (CONF) Boys have done strange things around me in the past, but that takes the cake.

Justin: *removes the rock* Well your problem is solved little lady

Fiona: Oh, uh, thanks. *grabs cell phone and walks away*

Justin: *scratches head* well okay bai. (CONF) That Fiona sure is weird. But something about her is out of this world. hopefully Apollo does not get in my way of me stealing his girlfriend

Simon: *playing love song on guitar, winks at Skylar*

Dee: Simon your creepy.

Simon: *smiles* Thanks Dee! *hugs Dee*

Dee: *grabs Simon's guitar and hits him with it* No.

Simon: *Grabs broken guitar and sings to it, it reforms and is back to normal* *rubs head* That wasntt nice :( *walks away*

Mason: *strokes Stachwald*

Duncan: (starts carving into a tree again)

Simon: *Goes up to Mason* I don't know what it is, but I was pulled here by something... is it the mustache?

Justin: Mason since Brick is no longer here what are you going to do now.

Carrie: So what's going on guys?

Justin: not much. Just waiting for Chris's newest torture.

Duncan: (sarcastically) which we can HARDLY wait for.

Mason: *turns to Justin* I will be able to relax now that the cadet is gone. *turns to Simon* Yes my moustache seems to have that kind of effect on people.

Lindsay: *looks to Duncan and blushes* Hey Duncan!

Duncan: sup Linds, (continues carving into a tree)

Justin: I'm so hot you don't even know. By touching me you will get burned.

Lindsay: *rolls her eyes* Well, Duncan, we have to do our best next time at the challenge, right? *blushes*

Justin: You know you two are on opposite teams so if one of you wins, the other is going to lose.

Lindsay: No! Duncan and me are on the same team!

Justin: I think you are too pretty. Well then why don't me you and Duncan work together in the next challenege then. Duncan and I are on the same team too.

Lindsay: Yeahh! We totally should work together. But Justin, are you on our team? Omg i didn't knew!

Justin: Yeam me and duncan have been on the same team this entire time. He has been very helpful at keeping both me and him in the competiton. I am so excited to win the next challeneg with you

Lindsay: *nods* (CONF) I was with Duncan in every challenge? Woww, I think I'm the second Dory of Finding Nemo movie! (END CONF)

Justin: I look forward to it *kisses Lindsay hand* (CONF): Well that was convenient. How Does Lindsay not know me and Duncan are not her team

Challenge 9

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 1/23/15 at 7pm EST

*the contestants find themselves in The Palace from Super Mario Strikers*

Chris: Today is a two part challenge. The Dreamers are going first since they won the coin toss. The team to shoot the most goals will earn an advantage in part two and you want the advantage. Since today's challenge is a two parter both teams will have only 15 minutes each unlike the previous 30. Dreamers your time starts now!

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Lindsay: *looks around* Duncan? Justin? Where are you two? I have to find them, I guess... *shoots and runs around*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Lindsay: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Fiona: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Lindsay: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Peko: *shoots*

Nichols: *shoots*

Chris: Alright the Dreamers have 33. Fantasies you're up!

Carrie: let's do this! *shoots*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Mason: *shoots*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Skylar: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Justin: *shoots goal*

Devin: *shoots goal*

Chris: The Fantasies win the first challenge and have earned a giant net! You will need it because

*Petey Piranha lands in the stadium*

Chris: Next challenge is to weaken Petey Piranha and then apprehend him. You will know when he is weakened. That net will sure come in handy for the Fantasies. Dreamers will just have to find some other way to apprehend him.

Carrie: Fantasies the best way to weaken him is to just shoot soccer balls at him. *shoots ball at Petey*

Fiona: Go to bed, Carrie! *shoots ball at Petey*

Nichols: Can't we just steal the net from the Fantasies?

Mason: Okay. *also shoots balls at Petey*

Justin: *shoots a ball at peety*

Skylar: Forget kicking 'em! *chucks soccer ball at Petey*

Fiona: *runs to steal net*

Lindsay: Omg Justin!!! Where were you!!

Mason: *shoots a soccer ball at Petey*

Justin: Nope *kicks Fiona* hai lindsay

Nichols: You don't hit girls >.> Ugh. Anyways. *shoots at Petey*

Peko: *shoots at petey*

Devin: *shoots at Petey*

Nichols: *shoots at Petey*

Skylar: *chucks soccer ball at Petey*

Mason: *shoots a soccer ball at Petey*

Justin: Well we have different values because if they are trying to steal your net i feel it is alright *shoots Peety*

Carrie: Fiona...thank god we're not on the same team anymore *shoots ball at Petey*

Lindsay: *looks to Fiona* Do you have their net?

Justin: *shoots a ball at Peety* She ain't tkaing my net anytime soon

Fiona: Not yet!

Skylar: I'll handle this... *picks up net* Try to get it, Fiona! >:)

Fiona: *tackles Skylar* Nice try! Lindsay, help!

Justin: *grabs fiona and removes her from Skylar* Nice try

Lindsay: I don't get it anymore, are you on my team , Justin? Or not?!?

Nichols: *kicks Justin*

Carrie: *shoots ball at Petey*

Justin: *shoots a ball at Peety* I am on duncan's team and Fiona is not. She is trying to steal Duncan's net and OW

Skylar: Go it! Thanks Justin! Now someone help, the other team is trying to fight me for the net!

Justin: Got it. They won't take the net anyway. I don't think Chirs would aloud thievery in a challenge

Nichols: Chris doesn't have rules. *tackles Justin*

Mason: *shoots at Petey*

Carrie: *kicks Fiona* Take that! *shoots ball at Petey*+

Justin: *wrestles with Nichols* you could have earned the net fair and square but you were to lazy to do so

Nichols: Shut up! It's a disadvantage to go first, because the other team knows how much they have to do to beat you. >.> *punches Justin* Fiona! Get the net!

Skylar: I'd like to see her try! *hands the net to Carrie* Hold this! *pounces on Nichols*

Carrie: *kicks Nichols* Stay away from my teammate. *shoots ball at Petey*

Justin: *punches Nichols* Ha that waht you get. Good job team

Nichols: *shoots ball at Carrie* Nah. I'd actually like to win this. *elbows Skylar*

Fiona: *tackles Carrie* Don't hurt my teammate!

Justin: *grabs Nichols amnd throws him* Not happening. thsat is my net

Peko: *shoots at Skylar. Stop.

Nichols: *kicks Justin in the face*

Fiona: *wrestles Carrie for net*

Justin: *attacks Fiona* My net leave

Dawn: *slaps Nichols* Leave Justin alone!

Justin: *kicks Nichols* Loser

Dawn: *pulls Fiona's hair*

Nichols: *punches Justin*

Justin: *kicks Nichols in the Kiwis*

Skylar: *wrestles Peko* That hurt Samurai!

Nichols: *falls to the ground, but kicks Justin in the shin* Ow...

*Petey Piranha falls down*

Carrie: Now's are chance! Get the net!

Nichols: *gets up and runs past Carrie, taking the net* Hah! Fat chance.

ustin: *tackles Nichols and takes net*

Devin: *grabs the net from Justin and runs towards Petey*

Nichols: *kicks Justin away and runs after Devin*

Mason: *tackles Nichols* Go Devin!

Devin: *continues running towards Petey with the net* Almost...there!

Justin: *stays on nichols so he can' move*

Devin: *throws the net at Petey*

Justin: *Sits on nichols some more*

Dawn: *slams her foot onto Nichols' hand*

Fiona: NO! *runs towards Petey, throwing two soccer balls*

Dawn: *pulls Fiona's hair*

Pek: *wrestles Skylar* get of!o

Devin: We already caught Petey with the net? Let's stop with everything. It's over, right?

Carrie: Way to go Devin! *smiles*

Chris: The Fantasies win again!

Elimination Ceremony 9: Dreamers

Chris: Way to lose. Now go vote someone off!

Nichols: (CONF) You were supposed to go last time, but I heard that someone was voting another, so... anyways... *votes Lindsay* #SorryNotSorry

Peko: (CONF) *smiles* I protect my friends. You are after my friends... I vote for Lindsay.

Fiona: (CONF) I protect my boyfriend. Also, I'm hearing about an... alliance. *votes Peko* Sorry. You're weird anyways.

Apollo: (CONF) *votes Peko* You are pretty inactive (like I was this challenge I apologize I was at walmart :P.)

Lindsay: (CONF) *looks to the two pictures* Hmmm... not easy, but Apollo deserves to stay. I would like to talk to him once. Peko didn't réally talk to me or the team. *votes Peko*

Simon: (CONF) I'm sorry you just don't talk to me, and havnt't been helpful sometimes :( good luck though *votes Peko*

Dee: (CONF) Bye Lindsay!

Peko: I quit. This show is stupid, anyway.

Chris: Marshmallows go to Simon, Dee, Nichols, Apollo, Fiona and Lindsay! Sorry Peko, but you're out!

Episode 10: Methods of Torture

Methods of Torture

Season 10, Episode 10

Challenge(s) Come up with ideas of torture.
Winner(s) No one
Eliminated Devin and Duncan
Episode Guide

"ASVU Strikers"




Chris: Previously on ASVU10, some of the contestants were talking about the previous elimination while one contestant was fawning over another. After that we played a rousing game of soccer. Well up until Petey Piranha dropped in and the Fantasies won when someone dropped a net on the big guy. And when it came time to vote an unexpected contestant quit the competition.

Meeting Area

Lindsay: *hops around* (CONF) I think our team is really strong now! *smiles* (END CONF) Duncan where are youu?

Mason: *sleeping*

Lindsay: *screams* Duncan!!!!

Apollo: *sees Lindsay* Oh hi :). *blushes* (CONF) I am dating Fiona! I need to stay with her *system acts up* yeah I think I have a crush. (CONF END) Uh hi Lindsay *walks off*.

Duncan: jeez Linds, calm down before you break you're voice box. what's up?

Lindsay: Hey! *smiles to Apollo and looks to Duncan* Well, do you remember... yesterday? *winks*

Justin: Well i never knew is was go Good at soccer. Devin and I rocked that last challenge

Lindsay: *looks angry to Justin* You lied to me!

Apollo: *blushes around Lindsay* Oh hello Lindsay *salutes*.

Justin: Well techincally i said me and Duncan are on the same team which is true. You and Duncan are not on the same team though

Carrie: Yes you two really were our MVP for winning us that net.

Duncan: (CONF) karma Tyler, you tell Courtney about mine and Gwen's kiss...and i steal you're girlfriend, deal with it jock.

Lindsay: Omg! Justin! That is so mean! *pushes him slowly*

Skylar: Ugh! My jaw is killin' me! Thanks to stupid Nichols who elbowing me in my jaw! Fiona: (CONF) What is up with Lindsay and Apollo?

Carrie: Are you gonna be okay Skylar?

Justin: Lindsay your still hot, but not like me. I hope we can still be friends though

Fiona: *nervous* Hi justin.

Justin: Wow fiona your hot too. how are you doing

Duncan: (CONF) future romance maybe?...Justna?...Fionin?...(slaps head) what am i doing, i'm starting to sound like Sierra...

Fiona: *blushes* Good... You?

Justin: I am thinking of playing soccer professionally or at least do some modeling of soccer gear

Lindsay: Sure. *rolls her eyes* Duncan, I have to ask you something. Do you like Courtney?

Duncan: do i like Courtney?, not really, if you were in All-Stars longer you would have seen the way she was all chummy with Gwen, i kinda enjoyed them fighting over me. (snickers)

Lindsay: Poor her. *kisses Duncan*

Duncan: (pushes Lindsay away) woah Linds, you sure you wanna do this?, Tyler will be p***ed.

Apollo: Yeah, he will blow up I have seen things like this before.

Justin: Make sure to put it on YouTube.

Apollo: That would be more popular than Gangnam Style.

Justin: Yeah it would be. Lindsay beating the crap out of Tyler. That would be grand.

Duncan: a video of Lindsay beating Tyler black and blue?, that i'd pay to see. (laughs)

Justin: I will get the camera

Lindsay: Grr... *rolls her eyes* Boys are so annoying. *pushes Justin, Duncan and Apollo away*

Duncan: hey!, no need to push, you were the one trying to cheat on Tyler, whose probably watching this and must be pretty annoyed, that is...if he hasn't broken the TV with his ''skills''.

Lindsay: Excuse me? Your the one who's flirting with me, and I thought we liked each other. And who's Tyler? And I have no boyfriend at the moment, so I'm not cheating?

Nichols: *sits in the corner, watching all this drama unfold*

Justin: One million views baby

Fiona: Nickles, stop being irrelevant.

Duncan: flirt with you Linds?, i wasn't flirting with you, you kissed me!...twice!, i'm sorry, and Tyler's you're boyfriend, the guy you met in Total Drama Island, the first season WE met in.

Simon: Hey Fiona you need to be more positive *Plays happy on guitar*

Justin: Oh i love this song. Becuse i am happy

Dee: (CONF) Why did Peko leave...

Simon: (CONF) I'm glad I've gotten to know everyone here! I'm having so much fun, but so much drama is going on and it's like these people are freaking me out, I don't have anyone really to relate to, I just hope that people accept me and enjoy my company!

Lindsay: Ohh... *remembers* Tyler! I remember him, but I don't know where he is. *screams* Tyler?????

Fiona: Positive? I am positive! I'm a cheerleader! *waves Pom poms* Now fall.

Devin: *napping by a tree*

Justin: Well this has been enjoyable. I am glad I have got a chance to meet you all

Simon: Well if negativity is your positivity and if your positive about that, I am positive you are negativily wrong! -raps by simon 2k15

Justin: I hate negativity. It leave wrinkles

Simon: *Walks up to Skylar* Hey what's up? *smiles*

Apollo: *to Simon* So Simon I wanted to meet you and talk since I never talked to you much. *salutes*. So how are you?

Simon: Hello Apollo! Nice to meet you! I'm fine thanks! :D Just practicing guitar like I normally do! And what about yourself?

Duncan: wait a minute, you didn't tell me you played guitar!, and if you did, i probably forgot about it.

Simon: *Pulls it out* Yeah I do! Want me to play anything? :D

Duncan: nah dude, you play what you want.

Simon: I'm surprised you don't remember! Do you recall the starwarss episode? I used my guitar to mind control the stormtroopers!

Duncan: i guess i have a short memory. (CONF) another guitar boy huh?, no wonder i'm getting used to seeing these guys...

Justin: I remember simon. We rocked that challenge

Duncan: i remember that challenge as well, we did pretty awesome.

Simon: Are we already on episode 10? It's so weird! Feels like we've been here forever!

Dee: It has been.... forever....

Carrie: It really has, but we are already down to 13 so not that much longer to go.

Justin: We are still pre merge. The real game hasn't even begun yet

Simon: It sorta has... The pre merge is basically the building your team and allainces and plan and than unleashing it than.

Lindsay: (CONF) *draws Tyler and kisses on it* (END CONF)

Duncan: (CONF) i think i'm gonna stay single for now, i'm getting sick of girls like Courtney and Lindsay.

Lindsay: (CONF) Wait... I get it!!! *looks to her picture of Tyler and a photo of Duncan* Duncan is.... Tyler! And he wants to surprise me. Yay! (END CONF) Duncannnn?

Duncan: ughhh...what is it now?

Lindsay: I know you are Tyler. *touches his nose* You are so cute.

Duncan: (blinks) think i'm Tyler?, no way!, i ain't that stupid jock!, and don't touch my nose again!

Lindsay: How dare you to call him like that! *gives him a bitchclap and walks angry away* Carrie? Are you here?

Duncan: (CONF) i swear that girl has anger issues now...maybe the next Eva?...and damn does she have an iron slap! (rubs cheek) oh well, it was worth it anyway.

Carrie: Yes Lindsay?

Justin: today has been a nice and well resting day

Lindsay: Do you know that song love kills? *cries on Carrie's shoulder* Love kills!!

Challenge 10

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 1/26/15 at 7pm EST

Chris: Your challenge is to come up with ideas of torture like No Pain No Game in TDI. You must come up with at least 5 challenges. The team with the best ideas will win!

Chris: And the winners are....nobody! You got trolled. I gave you a simple challenge so I could have some me time, but now it's time to bring out le twist! Double elimination! *gasps* Yeah so let's get to it!

Dreamers' Ideas

Apollo: Have -100 degrees water poured on your head for 10 seconds so your muscles tighten up and can't move to run away?

Fiona: Have dirty secrets spread about you. There's nothing humanity values more than their reputation.

Apollo: Get waxed but with X2 more pain :).

Fiona: The waxing idea is good... I've tried it, and it hurts, but how do you suppose we make it hurt more?

Nichols: Wax with poison ivy, maybe?

Dee: 10 second fight with a boxer!

Nichols: A boxer with spiked gloves?

Dee: Perfect!

Fiona: What about having to watch their most embarrassing moments?

Simon: Being insulted by Mason's mustache.

Lindsay: Stay 20 minutes with Eva in a locked room!

Fantasies' Ideas

Mason: How have to sit in a coffin filled with deadly spiders for 1 minute?

Carrie: I think that's a good idea Mason. Maybe snakes perhaps?

Justin: Put a Jellyfish on your face for 10 seconds. Its shocking and painful

Skylar: I can see where Mason is coming from, but how about we lay down in the coffin and it's filled with snakes?

Justin: We need to come up with 5 ideas so lets keep going guys

Skylar: Alright, scratch that last idea of mine. How about, being in a shark tank for with a live shark 30 seconds.

Justin: Or have Owen fart in your face for 10 seconds

Carrie: I like the jellyfish idea Justin especially since the only cure is to pee on it.

Devin: Maybe be endlessly tickled for a minute non-stop? It sounds like a bad idea, but being tickled isn't exactly as much of a piece of cake as you'd think.

Duncan: how bout being forced to eat foods you're allergic to and like...hold the food in you're mouth for a couple minutes?, now THAT would be challenging.

Mason: What about something like being strapped to a chair and forced to listen to a ungodly horrible song for hours?

Dawn: We could always stick the contestant in a room with Owen, after he ate a Mexican buffet, and Staci, who was just asked to recite her whole family tree?

Carrie: Now that is torture Dawn.

Justin: its only for 10 seconds though

Duncan: 10 seconds, 10 minutes...10 years, staying in a room with Owen after he just ate would be horrible, especially if he just ate Mexican!, and as for this Staci gal, i don't know who she is but she must be pretty nasty if we're using her for a challenge related to torture.

Elimination Ceremony 10: Everyone

Chris: Well you're all here and here's another twist! The Dreamers will be choosing who goes home on the Fantasies and vice versa. Good luck everyone! Oh wait that's not good for ratings...oh well!

Fiona: (CONF) This is bad... We really don't have control. Anyways, I vote Carrie *accidently votes Duncan*

Dee: (CONF) Bye Duncan! Have fun not doing anything elsewhere!

Duncan: (CONF) well i guess i'll go with a person i don't really like much, and that person is Dee, i vote for you princess. (votes Dee)

Justin: (CONF) This is a very hard choice but i am going to vote for Dee. *votes Dee*

Apollo: (CONF) *votes Duncan* Sorry man :/, it has to be someone. (CONF END)

Dawn: (CONF) I vote Dee.

Nichols: (CONF) ...I don't know you? *votes Duncan*

Skylar: (CONF: Let me see....I'll vote you. *votes Lindsay*)

Mason: (CONF) I vote Dee.

Devin: (CONF) Well, I tried...I couldn't change anyone's fate...sorry Dee, I really don't want to, but...I don't know. Don't count this as my vote yet, but...hmm...

Carrie: (CONF) *votes for someone unidentified*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Fiona, Justin, Apollo, Dawn, Carrie, Mason, Skylar, Nichols, Lindsay, Simon and Devin! Duncan and Dee you're out! But Devin would like to sacrifice himself for Dee so you're still in the running girl!

Carrie: DEVIN NO! I LOVE YOU! (CONF) What did I just say?

Episode 11: Losers vs. Populars

Losers vs. Populars

Season 10, Episode 11

Challenge(s) Paintball.
Winner(s) Populars
Eliminated Dawn
Episode Guide

"Methods of Torture"


"The Walking Dread 2"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 we caught one contestant fawning over another even though they are dating someone else. Also we watched one contestant rebuff another's advances then we put the contestants to the test of coming up with torturous challenge ideas only to have it been a joke. In a twist, we had a double elimination and let the opposing teams decide who goes. One contestant was eliminated normally while another voluntarily left to save another.

Meeting Area

Dee: Nice try guys!

Apollo: *sighs* Hey Dee since we are both military people, we should probably be friends.

Fiona: (CONF) Wow. Just wow.

Apollo: *brings Fiona to secret room* Well I guess we need to work on strategy.

Justin: Poor Devin, oh well Dee its good to still see you here

Mason: That was an unexpected outcome.

Fiona: I can't even think straight enough to do strategy.

Apollo: *to Fiona* Is something wrong?

Fiona: That ceremony was too crazy.

Simon: But Duncan is gone... *plays sad tune on guitar*

Fiona: But I thought I voted Carrie...

Justin: So anyone want to do anything. I think we need a group bonding actitvty

Nichols: I think we need a throat-slitting activity. :)

Mason: No thanks Nichole or whatever your name is.

Dawn: Well that was a very wild elimination. *meditates*

Carrie: *to Fiona* Tried to get rid of me did you?

Justin: We just all need to relax. We are all friends and have all agreed to play this game

Simon: Sorry guys but this is too much I'm gonna quit the game, sorry! *play's the goodbye song on guitar and leaves*

Mason: Bye Simon. I'll never forget you.

Lindsay: Poor Duncan and ahwww Simon!!!

Fiona: Bye, simon. (CONF) Kids gonna go places. But tbh, i really don't care. One less b**** to beat. (END CONF) Carrie, you'd better watch your back.

Lindsay: *walks to Justin* Heyy, I have a question... are we merged? *looks around* I think I missed something at the elimination ceremony...

Justin: Devin, Duncan and Simon are all good. Thats the gist of it

Lindsay: Justin ?!?

Carrie: Bye Simon! Good luck with all your moves! (CONF) Fiona is getting on my last nerve but Devin wouldn't want Her to see me like this.

Fiona: (CONF) Carrie is nothing without Devin.

Justin: Well all these elimination are sad but we all signed up for this so yeah

Fiona: Yeah... (CONF) I gotta be honest, I don't fine them that sad. It just means that I'm one step closer to the big one.

Lindsay: *rolls her eyes* (CONF) He just ignores me all of the time. Does this mean he's gonna vote for me? Oh my gosh! (END CONF)

Fiona: (CONF) Why is Lindsay talking to Justin? Justin would never go for her. Wait... Why do I care?

Mason: (CONF) *strokes Stachwald*

Justin: Well lets just give it our all guys

Fiona: It's the merge. Why would you want other people to try?

Skylar: IKR? You're suppose to tell people to do horrible so they can loose! Duh!

Justin: maybe i am a nice person btu in the end it won't matter how nice i am since i will win

Fiona: Pfft! You? Win? I got this in the bag. (CONF) I gotta be honest, besides me or Apollo, I would want Justin to win most. Not sure why...

Justin: Well it would be really cool getting last and first in the only ASvU seasons i have ever competed in

Lindsay: *walks to Apollo* Hey!

Fiona: This is my first time on ASVU.

Mason: Same here.

Fiona: Ew... That means I have something in common with you and your moustache? *shudders*

Apollo: How often do you shave? like woah o-o.

Fiona: I'd be surprised if he knows what shaving cream is.

Mason: I could say the same about you. I mean your legs could really use a trim...especially since they're starting to resemble a miniature forest.

Justin: (CONF) When is this next challenge going to start. we have literally been sitting her for like 3 days

Fiona: Oh you little f***** B***! YOu will be sorryever messed with me you son of a *****

Apollo: Oh hell no *punches Mason* never talk like that about Fiona. Now go sit in a corner >:( (CONF) I can be really mad when needed. *breaks camera* (CONF END).

Fiona: Thanks, Apollo. *kisses him on cheek and runs away, crying*

Dee: *punches Apollo* Fighting is bad!

Apollo: Is there a breeze in here!? *runs to Fiona* Fiona ily <3. I declare war between Mason and Dee and Nichols and Lindsay.

Fiona: War? Wtf?

Challenge 11

Chris: I am proud to announce that the teams are now merged! Now for today's challenge!

*the contestants find themselves in the woods with paintball guns*

Chris: The teams are merged but for today you will be competing in two teams: the Losers vs Populars. The game is paintball. Whichever team gets the most hits wins. The losing team will go to elimination.

On the Populars team we have Apollo, Fiona, Justin, Lindsay and Skylar. On the Losers team we have Carrie, Dawn, Dee, Mason and Nichols. The Populars team is up first and you have 30 mins now GO!

Fiona: *shoots*

Justin: *shoots dawn*

Fiona: *shoots*

Justin: *shoots dawn*

Fiona: *shoots Mason*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Fiona: *shoots Carrie*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Fiona: *shoots Mason*

Justin: *shoots dee*

Fiona: *shoots Dee* Don't punch bae.

Justin: *shoots dee*

Fiona: *shoots Mason* Don't tell me I need a shave.

Justin: *shoots dawn*

Fiona: *shoots Carrie* Dont... Be yourself.

Justin: *shoots dawn*

Apollo: *shoots Dawn*

Justin: *shoots mason*

Fiona: *shoots Nichols* Your name sounds like a coin

Justin: *shoots dawn*

Fiona: *shoots Dawn* You're barely active

Apollo: *shoots Dawn*

Fiona: *shoots Dee* Bae yadda yadda

Apollo: *shoots Nichols*

Fiona: *shoots Dawn*

Justin: *shoots nichols*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots nichols*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots mason*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots mason*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots nichols*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots nichols*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots nichols*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots dawn*

Apollo: *shoots Nichols*

Fiona: *shootsdee*

Justin: *shoots dawn*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots dawn*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots dawn*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Fiona: *shoots dee*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots mason*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Apollo: *shoots Dee*

Justin: *shoots carrie*

Chris: Times up! Losers your time begins now!

Carrie: *shoots Fiona*

Dee: *shoots Apollo*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Carrie: *shoots Fiona

  • Dee: *shoots Apollo*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Carrie: *shoots Fiona

  • Dee: *shoots Apollo*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Carrie: *shoots Fiona*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Dee: *shoots Apollo*

Carrie: *shoots Fiona*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Dee: *shoots Apollo*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Carrie: *shoots Fiona*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Carrie: *shoots Fiona*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Nichols: *shoots Apollo*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Carrie: *shoots Fiona*

Nichols: *shoots Apollo*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Nichols: *shoots Apollo*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Nichols: *shoots Apollo*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Nichols: *shoots Apollo*

Mason: *shoots Apollo*

Chris: Well the Populars win! Losers, I'll see you at elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 11: Losers

Chris: Well Losers, you lost so one of you is going home! Time to vote who!

Nichols: (CONF) *votes Dawn* ...Who are you again?

Dee: (CONF) Dawn.

Mason: (CONF) I vote for the girl whose name I believe might be called something like Dawn.

Carrie: (CONF) I'm gonna vote for Dawn.

Chris: Well this was the fastest vote in history. Marshmallows go to Mason, Carrie, Nichols and Dee! Dawn it's time to go!

Episode 12: The Walking Dread 2

The Walking Dread 2

Season 10, Episode 12

Challenge(s) Zombie survival. Race to the lighthouse and turn it on.
Winner(s) Mason
Eliminated Nichols
Episode Guide

"Losers vs. Populars"


"Handcuffs Coming To Town"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 we merged the teams! One contestant quit the game, but the show went on! Since we had an even amount of contestants we split them into two teams: the Populars vs. the Losers. We then played a little game of paintball where the Populars dominated leaving the Losers to vote off another contestant.

Meeting Area

Justin: Well that was a quick vote. Grats to the top 9

Fiona: Thanks Justin. You and Apollo are the only people I would want to be here with.

Apollo: Same here it's just Fiona, Justin, and Apollo maybe Lindsay here too. But Nichols and Dee we need to do something about.

Dee: Your an idiot Apollo... I'm right here...

Mason: *strokes his stache*

Justin: *walks over to mason* So how do you keep your stache so shiny*

Mason: Simply my fine friend. *reveals Moustache Shiner* This moustache shiner works wonders.

Apollo: *sees mustache shiner* That looks expensive...

Mason: It tis...this is the only kind in the world so I must be careful. *pockets the moustache shiner*

Justin: thats cool. I try to condition my hair 8 times a day to get flowing locks

Fiona: Moustache shiner? Seriously, you're really weird.

Carrie: Apollo you never say who you want gone in public... (CONF) Everyone here is pretty cool. I trust Lindsay and Dee. Skylar's cool along with Mason and Nichols. Of course the only person I hate is the wannabe Heather and since she's gunning for me, her little boyfriend will be gunning for me too.

Skylar: *to Fiona* You're definitely not the one to talk about being weird...

Justin: Guys we are the F9. We should be celebrating.

Mason: I agree. There is no need for these petty feuds.

Apollo: Final 9 is where the game gets real.

Dee: For once Apollo isn't being completely stupid...

Lindsay: *looks to her nails* (CONF) And I still don't know if we are merged or not. (END CONF)

Challenge 12

Chris: Let's start the game!

*the contestants find themselves on a beach at night*

*zombies are lurking everywhere*

Chris: Your challenge is to fight off these zombies until you receive further instructions. Good luck!

Carrie: First things first, gotta find a weapon. *picks up a giant bone* Let's do this.

Fiona: No, gimme that! I deserve it more! *tries to grab bone*

Justin: *grabs a axe* Lets go guys

Carrie: *beats zombies with bone*

Fiona: fine, be that way! *grabs a knife and throws it*

Mason: *karate chops a zombie*

Apollo: *follows Fiona* Come on lets shank these zombies. *shanks*.

Mason: *roundhouse kicks a zombie*

Apollo: *knocks zombie out and then beats it to death* I feel like I am in a zombie movie.

Justin: Well we should stick together. Maybe for the good of the group someone should sacrifice themselves to the zombies

Apollo: Yeah, *follows Justin and brings Fiona* We should find a really good weapon...

Fiona: *grabs a bow and arrow*

Apollo: *grabs sword* This will do it.

Mason: So whose going to nominate themselves?

Justin: we could draw straws or just vote

Mason: I say vote.

Apollo: I will do it don't worry about me *jumps in*.

Justin: Well i t is hard to decide *smacks a zombie in the head* kk bai Appollo

Mason: We will never forget your sacrifice. *punches a Zombie*

Apollo: *gets taken away* crap. *is in some random truck*.

Justin: Well apollo is dead and being eaten. Lets run the other way guys *runs*

Fiona: Apollo, no! *gets dragged away by Justin*

Apollo: *beats zombie and jumps out* Guys, HELP! *screams as loud as he can*.

Mason: *runs*

Fiona: *breaks away and runs back, shooting zombies that surround Apollo*

Apollo: *sees bomb on the truck blows up area and runs away* That was epic.

Fiona: *hugs Apollo* ARe you ok?!?

Justin: *smacks a few zombies in the head* lets keep running

Apollo: I am ok *keeps running while bleeding a little*.

Fiona: *follows*

Justin: Well we are on a beach. Can Zombies swim?

Apollo: Yeah :(.

Fiona: How would I know, I'm not a nerd!

Mason: Only one way to find out.

Apollo: *swims* This is not going to end well.

Justin: Well we could run into the water and see but i would rather not get my make up wet *runs twaords the water*

Fiona: Me neither... I'll stay here and hold off the hoard! *shooting zombies*

Apollo: I am staying with Fiona! *slays zombies*.

Fiona: No! I can't risk losing you. Go!

Carrie: *hits zombies*

Justin: *attacks some zombies* We need to make a decision or we are all doomed.

Apollo: *to Fiona* I can't risk losing you *protects Fiona.*

Justin: *watches Zombies jump on Apollo and Fiona* Well it was nice knowing them

Apollo: *beats zombie before it beats either Apollo or Fiona* That was too close!

Fiona: Apollo, Go!!!

Apollo: I can't your here!

Fiona: I'll be fine. Just go! *kisses him for a second, then runs towards zombies*

Justin: *kicks a few zombies*

Fiona: *shooting zombies* Apollo, go. just go. I can handle myself.

Apollo: Fine, *walks away nervously*.

Justin: This calls for drastic action *rips off shirt*

Fiona: Whoa. *almost passes out by Justin's beauty* Stay in the game Fiona... *shoots at zombie but misses*

Lindsay: *throws lipsticks to zombies* Omgggg!

Fiona: *catches lipstick, puts it on* I'm ready. *tosses it to the side and continues to shoot*

Apollo: *does ancient secret moves to zombies*.

Lindsay: That lipsticks aren't for you, Fioonz! They are for the zombies. *shoots with mascara on the zombies*

Fiona: SHut up!

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, shut up yourself! *jumps on zombies and slaps them*

Fiona: What's wrong with you? You can't just slap zombies. >.>

Lindsay: If you don't slap them they are eating your brains...

Apollo: *helps Lindsay* They will eat you if you dont beat them *beats Zombies*.

Fiona: Apollo, get in the water like I said! *shoots zombies near Apollo and Lindsay*

Lindsay: Yay! Go us! *stands up and looks for something* How did you shoot him?

Apollo: Fiona, I am not in the water because I am taking out zombies and helping people be safe.

Fiona: Well I'm helping you stay safe! *reaches into pouch for arrows but finds none* Uh oh. Run!!! *runs towards water*

Lindsay: *grabs her comb, fastened with an elastic and putted some hair spray on the comb* Zombiessss, I'm coming. *waves with her weapon and knocks some zombies on the floor*

Apollo: Run Fiona! *takes out zombies*.

Fiona: Lindsay! Apollo! Come on!

Apollo: *runs to Fiona while taking out zombies*.

Lindsay: We have to defeat the zombies, Fiona!

Fiona: I'm not leaving without you, Lindsay! No cheerleader left behind!

Apollo: *helps Fiona and Lindsay* Beat all the zombies :O. *beats zombies*.

Lindsay: *slaps a zombie and runs to Fiona* Okayyy.

Chris: Run to the lighthouse and turn it on to signal a helicopter! (5 lines to run and 1 to turn it on)

Carrie: To the lighthouse! *runs*

Mason: *runs*

Apollo: *runs*

Mason: *runs*

Apollo: *runs* (2)

Mason: *runs*

Apollo: *runs* (3)

Mason: *runs*

Apollo: *runs* (4)

Lindsay: *runs*

Mason: *runs*

Fiona *runs*

Apollo: *runs* (5)

Fiona: *runs*

Lindsay: *runs*

Apollo: *turns on lighthouse*

Lindsay: *runs*

Chris: Mason wins!

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Welcome to your first official merged ceremony. Vote for anybody but Mason!

Apollo: (CONF) *votes Nichols* Better go this time. (CONF END)

Fiona: (CONF) Nickles, I vote you. *votes Nichols*

Lindsay: (CONF) I don't know you... *votes Nichols* (END CONF)

Justin: (CONF): Bai Nichols *votes Nichols*

Mason: (CONF): *randomly votes and chooses Nichols*

Carrie: (CONF) You're after my friends *votes Apollo*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Mason, Skylar, Dee, Justin, Fiona, Carrie, Lindsay and Apollo! Sorry Nichols but you're done!

Episode 13: Handcuffs Coming To Town

Handcuffs Coming To Town

Season 10, Episode 13

Challenge(s) Row to Boney Island while handcuffed to someone and find the key.
Winner(s) Carrie and Dee
Eliminated Skylar
Episode Guide

"The Walking Dread 2"


"Animal Crossing"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 we put the contestants to another zombie survival challenge. Some contestants had different tactics while others won immunity. In the end another contestant has fallen, leaving us with the excellent eight. Only time will tell who will be the next to drop.

Meeting Area

Fiona: Finally!!! Nickelback is gone!

Lindsay: What was wrong on the challenge? *looks to Fiona*

Fiona: Well, I didn't want you to die... Tbh, I don't really know what got into me!

Lindsay: Ahw! *hugs her* We are still in the competition and we will do the next challenge better than we did in the previous challenge! *smiles* (CONF) I'm feeling so smart, but Fiona is my friend. I have to keep her calm. (END CONF)

Fiona: Stop hugging me. I don't want to catch stu-- I mean... Hug on! (CONF) I need Lindsay on my side.

Dee: This is just a game that will end with someone stabbing you in the back....

Apollo: Chris, can we have a challenge that is peaceful for once?

Fiona: Dee, are you insinuating something? (CONF) I trust ALL my allies.

Justin: (CONF): I now have a fear of zombies. they did not apprciate my beauty and wanted to eat my brains. I am scarred for life.

Lindsay: I wanna give Chef a make-over! Pleaseee Chef?

Dee: I am insinuating something.... Lindsay he won't.... never mind.... (CONF) Idiot...

Lindsay: Can I give you a make over, Dee? I think you want it! *smiles*

Dee: I like the way I look Lindsay...

Fiona: Lindsay do it! THis should be entertaining. *smirks and crosses arms*

Skylar: You can give me a make-over Lindsay! *under her breath* Idiot...

Lindsay: Really? yay! *claps* I'll get my stuff.

Fiona: Oh, even MORE entertaining! Jock with a touch of Lindsay!!!

Skylar: Actually Lindsay. You should give us all the girls here make overs! Me, Dee, Fiona, and Carrie! *smirks* Just to celebrate us getting closer to the end!

Lindsay: That's a amazing idea!

Dee: Or just Fiona.... She needs one...

Fiona: Oh you little... *l*launches into string of swears

Dee: Takes one to know one...

Lindsay: Guys, now I forgot everything. Who wants a make over? *looks to the girls*

Justin: Again guys we are the F8 we should be having a party. No more fighting

Dee: Shut up....

Carrie: I can't believe this is the final 8.

Lindsay: Justin!!! Can I give you a make over?

Fiona: I agree with Dee, for once. Some of you are just so... fightable.

Dee: Like Apollo and Fiona!... When you going to leave him anyways Fiona?

Fiona: More like you and Nichols... And never. He is bae.

Justin: uh sure lindasy. But don't mess up my beautiful face.

Dee: Whatever have fun with him if you know what I mean *winks*

Skylar: But...Nichols is now gone. It's me you gotta worry about now, *****.

Dee: Yea.... actual girls Fiona.... not whatever you are.

Fiona: Skylar, watch your language! There are children present. Dee, cover your ears.

Skylar: I say what the **** I want, when the **** I want, and how the **** I want, whenever the **** I want to. Now shut up!

Fiona: Oh, go lift some weights or whatever it is you jocks do.

Justin: We are supposed to be best friends here. F8 guys

Fiona: Who says? I can't be friends with these losers. Mafia chick, arrogant athlete... I can't stand them, let alone befriend them.

Apollo: I can't stand Mafia chick either saying Fiona needs a makeover... Dee needs a whole plastic surgery apointment.

Fiona: Thanks, honey. *kisses him on cheek*

Apollo: *goes to secret room* Fiona, follow me.

Fiona: *follows*

Apollo: This secret room is amazing... with the hot tub, and the good food why is Chris such a jerk because I think we deserve this.

Fiona: Well, I think some people do... Others, not so much.

Apollo: Agreed, Especially Dee the inactive godess.

Fiona: Dee isn't inactive, she's just annoying. She thinks she's all that because she went far last season... Well guess what, b****, your days are numbered.

Apollo: Her days will be over she will be out next at this rate. *gets in hottub*

Fiona: You and me, all the way, right? No one can beat us.

Apollo: No body can beat us I hope me and you are the finalists.

Fiona: Thanks babe. *kisses him*

Apollo: *eats gourmet food in hot tub* I am so happy we found this room :).

Fiona: Yeah, me too.

Apollo: *falls asleep on rich beds*.

Fiona: *smiles at sleeping Apollo and goes back out*

Apollo: *sleeps*

Fiona: (CONF) I love Apollo. If I win the million I'm gonna save it until we get married so that we can buy a house and raise a family. :)

Apollo: *snores* (CONF) I sleep when I am stressed about Fiona and zombies and stuff but seriously I think me and Fiona should betogether after this competition (CONF END). *snores more*

Justin: *is bored*

Challenge 13

Chris: Welcome to your next challenge.

*the contestants find themselves in canoes*

Chris: Well for this challenge you will be handcuffed with the person you have grown closest to here based on interactions. Apollo and Fiona, Carrie and Dee, Justin and Lindsay and that leaves Mason and Skylar (gg). You will be paddling to the old stopping ground called Boney Island in search of the handcuff key! So get to paddling to the island (8 lines as a pair) and then explore the island looking for the key. At some point I will give you a hint to where the key is.

Carrie: Let's do this Dee! *paddles*

Lindsay: *paddles*

Fiona: *paddles*

Lindsay: *paddles*

Fiona: *paddles*

Lindsay: *paddles*

Carrie: *paddles*

Fiona: *paddles*

Carrie: *paddles*

Lindsay: *paddles*

Fiona: *paddles*

Lindsay: *paddles*

Fiona: *paddles*

Carrie: *paddles*

Fiona: *paddles*

Carrie: *paddles*

Fiona: *paddles*

Lindsay: *paddles*

Carrie: *paddles*

Lindsay: *paddles*

Carrie: *paddles*

Lindsay: *paddles*

Carrie: *arrives on the island*

Lindsay: *arrived with Justin* Yay!

Justin: sweet we are here. Lets find those keys

Fiona: *paddles* DAmn

Lindsay: Yeah. *looks for key*

Carrie: Come on Dee let's try and find that key. *looks around*

Lindsay: *looks behind rocks*

Fiona: *looks for key*

Lindsay: *looks under rocks*

Justin: *loos under some trees*

Fiona: *looks behind bushes*

Apollo: *looks in eggs*

Fiona: *looks in boats*

Lindsay: Go me! *climbs on tree*

Justin: *looks in the water*

Lindsay: *looks on the tree and other tree's*

Fiona: *looks behind seaweed*

Apollo: *looks on the sea floor*

Fiona: *climbs trees and looks*

Justin: *searches his facebook page*

Fiona: *looks at Justin's Facebook* Friend me!

Lindsay: *jumps off tree*

Fiona: *climbs hill and looks under rocks as she goes*

Justin: Maybe latter. *searches a bird*

Lindsay: *looks in the forest*

Carrie: Let's look in the woods Dee *walks*

Justin: *searches the canoe*

Lindsay: *walks in forest and looks around*

Fiona: Come on Apollo! *looks at top of hill*

Justin: *follows Carrie and Dee*

Fiona: *looks in mouth of cave*

Apollo: *looks in forest from all stars.*

Fiona: *is with him because they are handcuffed*

Justin: *seareches a few logs*

Lindsay: Where is that key...

Apollo: *searches in woods*

Fiona: *searches in tree stump*

Apollo: *searches in nests*

Justin: *thinks* If i was Chris and evil where would i hide a key

Lindsay: Chris would have it in his pocket.

Apollo: great idea! *looks in chris's cottage*

Lindsay: *sighs* I wait for the hint.

Apollo: Chris, is it in your cottage?

Fiona: *looks in cottage*

Chris: The key is in the fire pit! Go get it (5 lines).

Carrie: *runs*

Lindsay: *runs*

Carrie: *runs*

Lindsay: *runs*

Carrie: *runs*

Lindsay: *runs*

Carrie: *runs*

Lindsay: *runs*

Carrie: *gets key* YES!

Lindsay: Ahw... *sighs* (CONF) I did my best for nothing. Again. (END CONF)

Carrie: You still did great Lindsay! *hugs* (CONF) I had to win in order to save Dee. Also Devin would've want me to win *sighs*

Chris: Carrie and Dee win!

Lindsay: Thanks, Carrie! Congrats! *hugs*

Elimination 13

Chris: Vote for anyone but Carrie and Dee.

Fiona: (CONF) I'm sorry, but you hate me. You can't just do that. *votes Skylar*

Apollo: (CONF) *votes Skylar* Inactive and a threat... (CONF END)

Lindsay: (CONF) Well, I think it's fair to vote for you. *votes Skylar* (END CONF)

Justin: (CONF): Skylar it is time for you to go. *votes Skylar*

Mason: (CONF) *votes Skylar* Sorry.

Dee: (CONF) Mason... you betrayed us last time....

Carrie: (CONF) I vote for Fiona. Getting real tired of you.

Chris: Well marshmallows go to Carrie, Dee, Apollo, Justin, Lindsay, Mason and Fiona! Sorry Skylar but you're out of the game!

Episode 14: Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

Season 10, Episode 14

Challenge(s) Break an animal out of the zoo.
Winner(s) Dee
Eliminated Fiona
Episode Guide

"Handcuffs Coming To Town"


"Superheroes vs. Supervillains"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 we observed some conflict between the cast and then handcuffed them together and sent them to Boney Island in search of the key. The contestants searched everywhere, but to no avail found the key. Eventually I told them where it was which meant victory for one duo. At elimination we said farewell to an athletic contestant who was perceived a threat.

Meeting Area

Justin: Final 7 guys. We really need to throw some kind of party to celebrate.

Cindy: Or you could just sit down? People these days... most of them are annoying, but what can you do? *Sighs* Reminds me of a simpler time.

Justin: Who the hell are you

Carrie: Beats me...

Cindy: I was a past contestant on this show, obviously. Pay attention, especially to me, morons. So, what do you guys do here? Just ask and say stupid things? Let's do something fun.

Dee: Lets shave someone! (CONF) Like Lindsay...

Cindy: Sounds delightful. Now, who here has good enough hair to shave?

Dee: Lindsay!

Cindy: Sure. Wait, who's Lindsay? Or should I already know? Hmm... wait, um, I don't have any head-shaving gear....

Justin: Wait i remember you. You were on on the season before me ASvU3

Cindy: Wow, you're slow. Yes, I am. And who are you?

Justin: I am Justin. I may have gotten last in ASVu4

Cindy: I've been last before. I was on like some crazy drugs so I didn't exactly know what was happening or why it was, because of my stupid psychiatrists, doctors, therapists... well, none of your business, just normal teenager stuff y'know.

Justin: Well are you here to give us our next challenge

Cindy: Close... I'm here to hide from police. One night last season I had to drop plane because I... well, I accidentally fell out. Oh well. And now, I'm here again. I'm hoping to get into that new place so I don't have to come back here anymore, but for now this'll do.

Lindsay: Don't try to shave me, Dee.

Fiona: OMG Cindy you are like my idol! These uneducated losers don't even know who you are?!? Cindy, how do you do what you do?!?

Carrie: Of course you would like Cindy. You two are practically the same except Cindy's a far better strategist than you.

Fiona: Is she now? (CONF) Really? Really? I'm RUNNING this game. Cindy QUIT. All due respect to Cindy, but I am the strategist.

Justin: Guys cool it. Why do we have to argue all the time. We have made it to the F7. We beat out 15 other people to get this far. We should be celebrating not fighting.

Lindsay: Agreed, Justin! *cheers* Final 7!!!

Dee: Your right Justin....

Fiona: *looks around and realizes that it is peaceful* Whatever. *crosses arms*

Carrie: Good point Justin.

Challenge 14

Chris: Challenge starts today 2/2/15 at 4pm EST

Chris: Challenge time!

*the contestants find themselves in a zoo*

Chris: For now go explore the zoo and find an animal you really like and then we'll take it from there.

Carrie: Okay...(CONF) Seems a little too simple for a challenge (END CONF) I'm gonna go find the koala habitat *walks*

Lindsay: I'm going to find the flamingo! *hops*

Justin: Maybe i will be able to find somthing different. *heads the the platypus's*

Fiona: I'm going for the pandas! They are Sooo adorable!

Dee: Maybe the Rhinos will step on someone... *runs*

Justin: *keeps walking twoards the platypus's* Well i wonder what everone else is going to find

Lindsay: *looks to board with 'flamingo's left side'*

Fiona: *arrives at pandas* Awwww...

Lindsay: *arrives at flamingo's* Amazing!!!

Justin: *arrives at platypuses* Well i will take one of these. The only poisonous mammal on the planet

Dee: *runs*

Carrie: *runs to the koalas* How cute! Hi little buddy! *feeds koala*

Chris: Okay now since you've decided an animal, I'll tell you that the challenge is to break them out of the zoo and present it to me. I'll give you some time to think about how to do this *laughs*

Carrie: Oh great. How am I gonna get this koala bear out of here?

Fiona: Dang... *looks around for a key but finds the zookeepers room* Hm...

Lindsay: I have to wear pink! They are following their leader. Dahh. *runs to the shop*

Dee: hmmm I should just jump on its back and ride it out right? *jumps into cage*

Lindsay: *buys pink clothes and changes*

Fiona: *waits for zookeeper to exit, then runs in before the door closes* Nice!

Dee: *jumps on the Rhino's back* I'll call you Rhonda.

Justin: Well i just need to take one of the egga and it should just happily run over to me. *jumps in cage*

Lindsay: *walks back to the flamingo's and act as one, hoping they follow her*

Dee: *makes Rhonda break the gate*

Fiona: *grabs zookeeper outfit and changes into it* This outfit is gross. *grabs panda food* Ew.

Justin: *steals all off the eggs and runs off* Chase me dumb platypus

Dee: *rides Rhonda around the zoo looking for Chris*

Lindsay: *flamingo's follows her* Yay! Go all flamingo's! One, two three, one two three.

Fiona: Here Pandy! A*waves food* C'mon! *panda runs out*

Justin: *keeps running and the angry platypus is chasing him* Crsp it is catching up

Dee: *finds Chris* Here is a rhino!

Justin: *platypus catches him and jump on and starts biting* Help me *keeps running twoards exit*

Fiona: *puts leash in panda and brings it to Chris*

Lindsay: *arrives at Chris* Here are the flamingo's! Included me!

Justin: *falls at Chris's fett while still being mauled by the platypus*

Chris: Well you all were premature (gg) and it looks like Dee wins.

Elimination Ceremony 14

Chris: Well vote for anyone but Dee.

Dee: (CONF) Bye Fiona....

Fiona: (CONF) Justin, go home.

Carrie: (CONF) I will miss you least of all. *votes Fiona*

Apollo: (CONF) Crap I missed the whole challenge *votes Carrie*.

Mason: (CONF) You need to leave. *votes Fiona*

Justin: (CONF). I have to be honest now, Fiona we have been teaming up for a while now and your one of my best friends here. On that note though you are just way too arrogant and I feel that you will betray me and take Lindsay or Apollo over me to the finals. I have come to play to get 1st, not 4th or 3rd like you are planning. I hope we can still be friends after this but you have to leave since this is just a game and I came to win. I am sorry my friend *Votes Fiona*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Dee, Justin, Mason, Apollo, Lindsay and Carrie! Sorry Fiona but you're finished!

Episode 15: Superheroes vs. Supervillains

Superheroes vs. Supervillains

Season 10, Episode 15

Challenge(s) Create a superhero or supervillain.
Winner(s) Mason
Eliminated Lindsay
Episode Guide

"Animal Crossing"


"Krazy Karts"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 we had a little surprise/unwanted visit from a previous contestant than it was a trip to the zoo! To steal animals though. The contestants picked some crazy animals but it was victory for a specific contestant and elimination for another.

Meeting Area

Justin: F6 WOO HOO.

Mason: YAY.

Carrie: Congrats on making it this far everyone!

Apollo: I just feel so weird that Fiona is gone :(.

Carrie: It'll be okay Apollo.

Apollo: I know also Fiona if you are watching call meh.

Cindy: I'm still waiting for a few of you to leave so this place will finally be less loud, and less irritating.

Fiona: *calls Apollo* Hai bae.

Dee: SHES GONE!!!!

Fiona: Hun, could you put me on speaker?

Apollo: Cussing out Dee... perfect... *cough DESERVES IT cough* Anyway, *puts on speaker* You are on speaker Fiona.


Cindy: Oh, hi Fiona.

Fiona: You're still my idol <3. BUT F*** YOU GUYS.

Cindy: Love you, too. *Hangs up the phone, then tosses it* That's better.

Mason: *for good measure, he steps on the phone and breaks it* (CONF) I thought she would never shut up.

Dee: This place is better now that that phone is destroyed.

Justin: Well that phone call could of gone better

Fiona: *hitchhikes back* F*** you all. *leaves*

Dee: Well shes gone for good!

Fiona: *throws a rock at Dee*

Cindy: *Throws the rock at Fiona hard enough to make her fall and tumble away* Better?

Justin: Some people just don't know when to give up

Cindy: I know, right? *Eats a grape nonchalantly*

Dee: Ah.... She cut me....

Cindy: I used to cut people all the time. See, I used to live in-- *motions with fingers* "'da hood" and if you didn't cut people you didn't eat... or even worse... survive. Um... yeah.... *Coughs into her fist*

Justin: Well don't stab me. My face it way to beautiful

Cindy: I won't... as long as you give me a good reason not to....

Apollo: Yeah, only cut if needed XD if not well... like... it will feel like a horror movie with that *motions with fingers* "cutting".

Dee: So how does it feel? Losing the only girl that can stand you Apollo?

Apollo: How will it feel when you are traveling through portals :D!

Dee: Your going to do it before me bud.

Apollo: Well, I guess it is game on then now please stop talking before you give me a headache.

Carrie: What has been going on... (CONF) How did I miss all this?

Apollo: I guess just some drama.

Justin: I need to tan *rips off shirt*

Lindsay: *claps* Final 6! I'm so happy!

Justin: (CONF) I am happy that is ASvU experience has been very much different that my s4 one. Going home first can caused me so much despair. In contrast, being able to get this fair inspires hope and proves that I was able to get past that failure and moving past it has proven to me that I am much more than a pretty face. I wish all my fellow finalists the best of luck and hope the best person wins.

Challenge 15

Chris: Challenge starts today 2/3/15 at 4pm EST

Chris: Challenge time! Your challenge is to make your own superhero or supervillain identity. Come up with a name and powers/abilities. If you post a picture of your costume that wouldn't hurt. Immunity will go to the person with the best identity.

Justin: I am.........................*rips off Shirt* THE SEXY BEAST. I am a Super Villain who goal is to take over Canada. By using super power of looking good and hypnotism I can get anyone to do my bidding. Then when I get bored of them I usually just stab them to death. Muhahahahahahahahahahaahahaha.

Dee: I'm Madame Mayhem. Gymnast and Martial Arts Master. Mafia Leader and Expert Markswoman. And the Ability to shapeshift.

Lindsay: I am 'The Beauty'. And this is Beauty her story. In May 2009 Chloe Wood was one of the nine Saks Modeling models on the catwalk in the Night Diamond Musea. On the night of May 24 there was a terror boy who killed the nine models. Chloe felt in the diamond statue of the trophy which killed her. All the diamonds felt in Chloe. Two days later when the police officers looked for the bodies, Chloe was the only survived girl. But she was not a human anymore. Because she felt in the diamonds she was just beautiful which called herself Beauty. The Beauty can seduce people to force into things. But her another power is to be invisble. She is a superhero because she wants to beat the enemies who wanted to kill her and the enemies who wants to kill other people. I hope this was good enough, Chris! I hope you like the story and the character. I also made a shot of myself as The Beauty! *gives picture*

Carrie: I am Ms. Sensational. I gained my supernatural powers after an encounter with a glowing meteorite. My best power is Force Fields. I have the power to project a force field in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Mason: I'm the Macho Moustache the famous superhero. I once was a proud and mighty wrestler from Mexico City, feared throughout the land. But then one day, I was attack in a alley after a match by what I presume was a angry competitor. He swung at my face with razor attempting to destroy my prized moustache. Fortunately for me, the razor had a radioactive substance contained within it and woe and behold, the incident gave me the ability to manipulate my moustache. I am able to grow my moustache to incredible lengths as well as use it as a whip. And so donning a sombrero, by day I dominate in the ring and at night, I watch over Mexico City to protect it from any signs of evildoers!

Apollo: I could not make a picture but my superhero is Apollo. What else is there to say? He is tough, and awesome, and strong, and amazing. Also, competitive.

Chris: The winner is Mason! Congrats.

Mason: *hugs Chris* Thanks.

Elimination Ceremony 15

Chris: Its time to vote! Anyone but Mason is up for elimination!

Apollo: (CONF) So sorry but there is no way you are not gonna go ;( *votes Lindsay* (CONF END).

Justin: (CONF) I am sorry my friend but I am voting for you *votes Lindsay*

Mason: (CONF) Sorry. *votes for Lindsay*

Dee: (CONF) Buh bye *votes Lindsay*

Carrie: (CONF) I'm so sorry *votes Lindsay*

Chris: Marshmallows go to Mason, Carrie, Apollo, Justin and Dee! Sorry Lindsay, but you've been eliminated.

Episode 16: Krazy Karts

Krazy Karts

Season 10, Episode 16

Challenge(s) Build a go kart and then create a course.
Winner(s) Justin
Eliminated Dee
Episode Guide

"Superheroes vs. Supervillains"


"Dare Ya or Scare Ya"


Chris: Last time on ASVU10 we overheard an argument from a previous contestants and then it was superhero/supervillain day! The challenge was to design a hero/villain and one contestant's entry was a sure winner. At elimination one contestant received all of the votes and was sent packing.

Meeting Area

Apollo: God it feels weird at final 5 just feels empty...

Justin: This has been one heck of a season. To the Final 5.

Apollo: So much has happened and it's crazy seeing well... how much has and this season is not over yet :P.

Carrie: Yeah. I remember how crazy it was in here.

Justin: a nice and quiet F5. We are all friends here correct?

Carrie: On my part yes. (CONF) Being in the final 5 is great. It would be better if Devin was here though *sighs*

Apollo: *sees Dee* Well that's not true. Everyone but someone...

Mason: (CONF) Why is everyone saying its the Final 5 when its the Final 6? *rubs Stachewald* How can anyone forget Stachewald?

Justin: Well i guess i do not get to stab anyone with my trident. Sad Panda

Carrie: I wonder what's gonna happen next.

Dee: Probably Apollo leaving (CONF) Hes so gone!

Cindy: Wow, is it good to hear actual strategic talk! You guys are interesting, mostly boring and kind of unoriginal, but that's not the point. You're doing well.

Justin: Hey I have outlasted 17 other people to get to this point.

Cindy: Doesn't mean you deserve it.... You do, though. Just not necessarily everyone here. *Smiles*

Dee: Shes talking to you Apollo.

Cindy: Not necessari-- Oh, who am I kidding? Yeah, I am. But I don't know the rest of you like that, so maybe you shouldn't be here as well and I have no clue, either way you all need to up your game if you plan on continuing.

Justin: Apollo must have done something right to get to the F5

Cindy: I'll be blantantly honest with you, I was stalking you guys for a while before I came in here, and especially yesterday... just, ugh. How could someone be so-- But anyway, he's not the only one, I was just trying to be nice-- but gross.

Justin: We are F5. Yay. we should be celebrating

Cindy: Don't forget that three more of you still have to get voted off and one of you who makes the finale will lose. Ha-ha. Glad I don't have to deal with that. But, sure, why not? I celebrate with grapes. *Eats grapes*

Carrie: (CONF) What is Cindy still doing here...and how did she get here in the first place?

Challenge 16

Chris: Challenge starts today 2/4/15 at 4pm EST

Chris: Challenge time! Your challenge is to build (find a picture of) a go kart. After that I want you to come up with your own idea for a course (like Mario Kart). Come up with a name, location and what's included. The best ideas will win.

Justin: My track would be call Bob-omb Island. This would be a evil, cruel place on an island near the mushroom kingdom. We would be racing around the island to do our laps. It is not a very big island and King Bob-omb is in the center. He takes up most of the island minus the tack on the outer edge. While racing King Bob-omb is attacking all parts of the track by throwing smaller Bob-omb's everywhere. Racers will have to avoid these bob-omb's while at the same time racing each other. Also the whole lap is going uphill with the racer having to use their gliders to get to the back to the start after driving off at the highest point of the track. The whole track is perfect circle so it is easy to drive but also get hid by a variety of weapons. Explosions, Mario Villains and gliding,

Dee: My track is called The Swamp.... So much mud to get stuck in and so many shortcuts that turn out to be dead ends...

Apollo: Mine is called Tron where you drive around the tron world with mario characters. It has tron looking everything... and you can shoot lasers if you get enough coins. There is twists, turns, and loops. I love tron <3.

Mason: My track idea is titled The Thrill Coaster . As you can probably guess, it takes place on a rollercoaster. Like imagine using the anti-gravity to drive around loop to loops as well as corkscrews. And with boost pads, it would start every lap with an accelerated boost. Oh and there are no side rails at certain tight turns so you must always be on guard.

what else do you need.

Carrie: I'm not taking part of this challenge (gg).

Chris: The winner is Justin!

Elimination Ceremony 16

Chris: You know what to do. Vote anyone but Justin.

Carrie: (CONF) Sorry I have to do this *votes Apollo*

Dee: (CONF) I'm not sorry to see you go *votes Apollo*

Apollo: (CONF) *imitates Dee* ur going first bud *does stupid faces* yeah if you were lucky. *votes Dee*. (CONF END)

Mason: (CONF) Sorry...but looking at the overall threats...*votes Dee*

Justin: (CONF) I know your not going to like this vote but it has to be done. There was no way that i could beat you in a jury vote. You had way to many allies that would vote for you to win. *Votes Dee* I am very sorry.

Chris: Well marshmallows for Justin, Mason, Carrie and Apollo! Sorry Dee, but you're out!

Episode 17: Dare Ya or Scare Ya

Dare Ya or Scare Ya

Season 10, Episode 17

Challenge(s) Create 3 dares for 3 previously eliminated contestants.
Winner(s) Mason
Eliminated Carrie and Apollo
Episode Guide

"Krazy Karts"




Chris: Last time on ASVU10 the contestants talked about their current standing then we had a go kart building contest as well as a course designing challenge. One contestant finally won a challenge for themselves while a threat was eliminated.

Meeting Area

Apollo: Wow it just feels so quiet... so anyway what is up?

Justin: F4 We made it really this far guys. It is almost finale time.

Apollo: Yes, but this season has been crazy and I wish all of you the best of luck. *is training*.

Carrie: It is great to make it this far.

Mason: Yes it is.

Justin: I agree 100% (CONF) Wow making the Final 4 has been very hard in the process. I have made some great friends and rivals in the contest. Man just thinking about how far I have come in comparison to ASvU4 gives me goosebumps.

Carrie: We're almost at the finale.

Cindy: Wow... I actually liked Dee. And I don't like a lot of people. *Sighs* You guys... you guys.

Marcus: *is Marcus; therefore irrelevant and blends in with the background*

Mason: *rubs Stachwald*

Justin: What us with all these past contestants randomly showing up

Carrie: Beats me *shrugs* (CONF) If only Devin can randomly show up *sighs*

Devin: *randomly shows up, but then disappears*

Challenge 17

Chris: Challenge starts today 2/5/15 at 4pm EST

Chris: Challenge time! Welcome to the semi-final final four. Next episode we will be down to our two finalists which means two of you go home tonight so give this challenge your best shot. For this challenge I want you to create three dares for three previously eliminated contestants. It can be anyone that has been eliminated this season. The person with the best dares will win and receive a special reward. Good luck semi-finalists!

Apollo: Dare to Nichols from Apollo - Brush the teeth of the person sitting next to you. Dare to Brick from Apollo - Brick, since you are "manly" get into a honey boo boo costume and act beautiful and run a pageant. Dare to Devin from Apollo - Pretend Carrie does not exist :).


Dare to Nichols- I triple dog dare you to go give Apollo a hug and tell him “I Love you”

Dare to Devin- I triple dog dare you to tell everybody who you want to win this season.

Dare to Jeremiah- I triple dog dare you to join's Dee mafia as a hitman.


Dare to Devin- I dare you to give me a kiss.

Dare to Fiona- I dare you to write me a haiku pointing out my good attributes.

Dare to Simon- I dare you to smash your guitar.


Dare to Fiona- I dare you to shave your hair as well as your leg hair.

Dare to Dawn- I dare you to eat meat. It's good for you.

Dare to Devin- I dare you to admit your love for someone special.

Chris: You know you all had good dares but the winner is Mason!

Mason: Aw thanks Chris. *hugs Chris*

Justin: Well Good job Mason.

Elimination Ceremony 17

Chris: Well Mason won so you gotta...

Carrie: Wait Chris! I quit. The others deserve to be in the final 2/3. I'm gonna go see Devin and we'll see you at the finale!

Chris: Well since Carrie quit we don't need to vote, but I did say the winner gets a reward and that is the ability to send the next person home! So Mason who is getting eliminated next and who will be your opposing finalist?!

Mason: It's clear who I'm taking with me, there's no doubt about it. This show sucks anyway, so why not... Pahkitew Island? Y'know, that crappy filler season? Also, um, it's clear sugar doesn't deserve this game at all, so obviously I vote Jason to go home is what that loser Noah said to his ally Jason before breaking his heart.

But I'm not like Noah and I keep my promises to my allies so welcome to Finale Justin. I'm sorry Alpha but you did play a good game.

Justin: Thank you Mason F2

Chris: Sorry Apollo, but you're placing third. Justin and Mason welcome to the finale.

Episode 18: Virtual Finale

Virtual Finale

Season 10, Episode 18

Challenge(s) None
Winner(s) Justin
Eliminated Mason
Episode Guide

"Dare Ya or Scare Ya"


"Welcome Back, Pahk"



Previous ASVU Contestants

Fiona: I still hate all of you.

Nichols: Drop dead already.

Norman: I also hate you all.

Carrie: I like everyone except Fiona and Norman.

Skylar: Everyone...drink bleach...I hate you all as well.

Norman:Kick rocks already! *Gives Them His fake idol* And we don't care who you like!

Fiona: Feeling is mutual @da haters

Devin: *isn't even present*

Norman: I hate you guys!, (CONF: Ha these fools are going crazy for losing! I'm playing along! But for me the game ain't over! I have one more chance to win.)

Skylar: Fiona, I want you to drink two gallons of bleach.

Nichols: Shut up, ugh. You guys make me sick. I'd like some bleach.

Fiona: *hands Norman bleach* Go die.

Norman: @!@& shouldn't you be cheering for the tigers or something? *Throws It Back To Fiona* I brought my own! *Takes a bleech bottle and drinks it*

Jeane: Oh my... Can we please keep the peace? I hate all of this foul energy...

Fiona: And you are? Oh, yeah, Little Miss Irrelevancy.

Chris: If you have decided on who you want to win you can vote in the confessional! But keep on talking to keep the chat alive (gg).

Devin: *still not present*

Carrie: (CONF) Where is Devin?!

Nichols: Where's your boyfriend, Carrie?

Carrie: *blushes* Boyfriend? What boyfriend?

Nichols: Gavin, Levin, Aidan, Melvin, something like that. (CONF) Marvin? Alvin? David?

Fiona: Mr. Irrelevant. That's his name.

Nichols: Aw, c'mon Fiona. Don't be rude. D:

Fiona: Shut up, you b****. You're pretty irrelevant too, especially considering when I meant to give you the bleach I gave it to Norman.

Carrie: You mean Devin? We're just f-friends.

Nichols: Yeah...Devin! @Carrie How are you and him? Oh...can I still have the bleach? @Fiona

Fiona: *sips, then tosses it*

Lindsay: Fionaa! Why didn't you win?

Cindy: Wow, I thought it was bad when there were only a few of you annoying ones. Now, there are so many in one place, I'm going insane. Ugh, I'll come back next season. You guys are literal trash. Bye the ones I liked! *Waves and smiles as she disappears*

Jeremiah: What was that?

Fiona: Because Justin, Dee, Mason, and Carrie are b******.

Jeremiah: Calm down. It's a simple game. Just be glad you made the merge, if anything.

Lindsay: *rolls her eyes*


Justin: Wow Mason we made it to the finale. Good Job

Mason: Congrats to you too.

Justin: It was difficult to make it to where we are now but we did it

Elimination Ceremony 18

Fiona: Ugh! But I hate both of them equally! (CONF) I guess I'll vote Mason. Despite his stupid moustache and him telling me to shave, he's not all THAT weird... But Justin is a narcissistic b**** who betrayed me and took away my only show at victory! So, yeah, Mason deserves this. But the finalists couldn't be any more crappy :)

Apollo: I don't really know. (CONF) ugh, Justin helped me so much but Mason did great and really deserves it I am so stuck! (CONF END)

Nichols: Shut up, idiots. (CONF) I vote for Justin because Mason and his mustache got me out. Christ, his mustache could be a whole new person if it wanted to.

Dawn: (CONF) I vote Justin to win because he is an overall nice guy and was a good ally.

Apollo: (CONF) I vote Justin to win.

Lindsay: (CONF) Gooo Justin!!! *claps*

Simon: (CONF) I vote Justin, I can't believe he made it even though I quit! :) Good luck pal!! Hope you win, you deserve it :D

Conker: (CONF) I vote Mason cuz IDK

Duncan: (CONF) i vote for Justin to win, only cause i like him just a little bit more then Mason.

Jeremiah: (CONF) I'm conflicted. Though, Justin did eliminate some pretty bad people.... Eh, I'm sorry, but Justin played the better game. I'm gonna' have to vote him. (END CONF)

Norman: Well whoever played better should win *Votes Justin,*.

Dee: (CONF) Justin because Mason is the bigger snake.

Marcus: (CONF) I'm voting for Devin, He decided he'd rather go to In N' Out again or something. So, I'm here again. Anyway, Mason's got my vote.

Peko: (CONF) Mason.

Carrie: (CONF) This is really difficult because Justin and Mason are my friends! But Justin really played the game this season so he should win. AND WHERE IS DEVIN?!

Jeane: Justin

Leshawna: Justin

Chris: Well it looks like we have a winner! Congratulations Justin! From last place to first how do you feel and what're you gonna do now?

Justin: I am going to Go do some modeling. ASvU4 was a tough time for me but i am so excited that i have won ASvU10. Thank you to everyone who voted for me.