WELCOME TO...TDK 5. 16 contestants have signed up to, for 2 weeks, play a knowledge game. Their knowledge WILL be tested, and in the end, one will be left standing and will win 1,000 dollars! (IF YOU CURRENTLY COMPETING IN NOTE OF SAFETY YOU MAY NOT JOIN THIS CAMP)

So, when we're down to 3 this season, the public votes until 6 PM the next day.

Sign Ups (1 spot left)

  1. Sunslicer2
  2. Cod (I will WIN this season)
  3. Evil(Kickin A**)
  4. Drama786(Call Me Drama,I WILL WIN)
  5. Mr. E (People call me Mr. E)
  6. Aimers (Am I allowed to sign up? This time ill be active XD)
  7. Alfan3000(Revenge!)
  8. Wes Holden (evertbody hates me so we will see how far i can go)
  9. Izzynsierrafan12
  10. Teamnoah123
  11. Nduke(See how far I can get)
  12. Snowgirl57(Call me snow)
  13. HR
  14. Sierra
  15. Kevvy9
  16. Morg tdi

Pre Chat

Alfan3000:Hello! Only one more to go.


Snow: Good ponit

Sierra:Of course, Alfan is like that n stuff!:).Alfan is cool.

Wes: lets see if I can not get win

Alfan3000:This season shall be dramatic!

Teamnoah123:yeah, it will

HR:Good,I think?

Ex:for personal reasons im quitting this wiki.peace out!

Drama:Hello!The Host Of Many Camps Is Here!

Wes: Lets get this pary starting it hot

Mr. E:*Is standing there*

Snow: hi

Day One

Seth: HELLO! 1st 8 to join are the Screaming Thinkers, last 8 to join are the Killer Smarts. Your questions are...

  1. What place did I get in TDHS?
  2. What place did Trent get in TeamNoah's TDI camp?
  3. What Place did Eric get in Tiki Island?

You have until 7 est time/

Nduke: 1- 15th, 2- 1st, 3- 16th.

Sun: 1- 15th 2- 1st, 3- 16th

Cod: 1. You got 15th place. 2. Trent won TeamNoah's TDI camp which is 1st place. 3. Eric got 16th place in Tiki Island.

Kev: 1. 15th 2. 1st 3.16th

Snow: 1. 15th 2. 1st 3. 16th or last


  1. 15th
  1. 1st
  1. last

Evil: 1. 15th 2. 1st. 3. 16th

Teamnoah123:15th in tdhs, 1st in my tdi camp, and 16th in tiki island

Mr. E

  1. You "Seth" Got 15th place.
  2. Trent Got First Place.
  3. Eric got 16th place.

Aimers: 1 - 15th 2- 1st 3 - 16th

Seth: Well, you guys got it right, but LADY GAGA gets to decide! JK, Sreaming Thinkers WIN

Vote 1

Seth: Vote

Nduke: I guess I vote off morg, he didn't do the challenge.

Teamnoah123:I vote morg tdi, he didnt even attempt to do the challenge

Morg tdi:Sorry. I was really busy this week. I vote HR!

Mr. E:idk, Morg? I guess.

Seth: Bye Morg TDI! 15 are left, who will be voted off next?

Day Two

Seth: 2 people leaving tonight! So, the question is:

1. Wha, wha, why do do do we we we have ch ch ch cheesecake?????\

Hey, it's Kesha

Sierra:Cuz everyone loves cheesecake?

Sun: Well... First of all.... to eat. Second of all, we don't even have cheesecake.

Snow: A Kesha song

Alfan3000:You like cheesecake?

Holden: so that cheese lovers and cake lovers are both happy

Sun: Wait a minute... it's not because it's Kesha... it's because it's Ke$ha!

Teamnoah123:we will use the cheesecake to assasinate kesha

Seth: Good reasons, only the fact is, it was not even a REWARD CHALLENGE!

Vote 2 (Killer Smarts)

Nduke: HR.

Teamnoah123:i vote HR

Mr. E:HR

Seth: BYE HR

Snow: HR

Vote 3 (Screaming Thinkers)

Sun: I vote Drama. He does nothing.

Cod: I vote Drama.

Holden: Drama


Seth: See ya later Drama

Day 3

Seth: Question is: What game am I playing? SIms 3, Spongebob, or an interactive game on youtube?

Holden: Sims 3

Cod: The Sims 3.

Alfan3000:The Sims 3.

Kev: Sims 3

Sierra:Sims 3.

Host: Screaming Thinkers win for having more people do the challenge!

Teamnoah123:interactive youtube game

Vote 3


Teamnoah123:i vote Nduke.

Snow: Nduke is my friend but Sorry Nduke

Seth: Bye nduke

Day 4

Seth: So, um, Who wants to meet the gummybear?

Sun: We all do! And it's a part of a game! <|:D

Kev: Everyone but gummy bear haters

Holden: Seth does

Teamnoah123:no, no I really dont want to meet the gummy bear that much, but I will if I have to

Alfan3000:Okay. I do.

Sun: I do because I want to win! The gummy bear means you win!

Seth: Okay...anyway, the answer was Kirby. But, Killer Smarts win for having less people. Sun: Wait, how is it Kirby?...

Vote 4


Sun: Mr. E

Kev: E

Holden: MR. E (Kevvy your not on our team)

Aimers: Mr E

Seth: See ya MR E.

Day 5

Seth: I forgot...

Day 6

Seth: Which ever team loses votes 2 people out! So, who won...Survivor: Tiki Island?

Izzynsierrafan12: No one yet!

Holden: Yep No one yet

Snow: No one

Teamnoah123:no one yet,its in the final 5, with the current immunity holders being summer/punchy

Snow: final 6 if Rachel wins he lawsuit

Aimers: I dont think anyone won yet I believe :/

Sun: Uhh... Everyone but Eric? They all won in Survivor Tiki island, but him, cuz he was out first!

Seth: Okay...So Killer Smarts WIN!


Sun: I vote Cod and Evil

Holden: Cod and Evil

Alfan3000:Cod and Evil.

Day 7

Seth: Last Challenge before merge! GRATS! So...your challenge is to guess what Color I'm thinking of at 3:25 PM EST

Snow: Blue

Kev: Red?!


Sun *rolls eys* Glitter, gold, or glittrey gold!

Seth: You know, I do not remember, but it would be cool if we merged at 4-4. So, Killer Smarts vote someone out.

Killer Smarts Vote

Teamnoah123:i vote Sierra

Snow: Kevy

Seth: Since it was a tie, I ed it. Sierra, sorry, you are OUT

Day 8

Seth: You guys merged! Now, the question is What day did I join wiki?

Wes: october 4th 2010

Sun: August 28, 2010!

Seth: Sun is right! I didn't say this wiki. Sunny has immunity and cannot be voted off.

Merged Vote

Snow: Kevy

Sun: Kevvy

Holden: Kevvy

Aimers: Kevvy >:)


Day 9

Seth: What was the day I was born? June 27 or August 29

Holden: June 27th

Teamnoah:June 27th

Alfan:June 27th.

Sun: Tuesday! :D

Aimers: June 27!!! its on your facebook!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun: How old is Seth?

Aimers: he's ten -__- how did you not know that already

Sun: His TDWiki Profile, and the answer is Tuesday, as he said day, not date :D

Seth: Wow Aimers. I love how you broke out the facebook. I meant date,so Wes, TeamNoah,Alfan, and Aimers win!

Merged Vote 2

Seth: Sunny also has immunity for misunderstanding :|

Sun: I vote SF12

Aimers: SF12

Holden: SF12


Aimers: And with four votes, he must go home!

Seth: Yup

Day 10

Seth: What is my dead cat's name?

Aimers: Umm Godiva?

Sun: I refuse to answer this, as the only person that could possibly know is Aimers, which is unfair. Anyway.... I say you can't remember the name :P

Aimers: Sunny -__- I don't know that much about Seth.... Its not on his facebook -__-

Holden: godiva

Sun: Oh then.... Godiva is/was your cat's name! :D Thank you Aimsies!


Sun: Jill? xD What a ba- nevermind :D

Merged Vote 3

Seth: Alfan/Sunny have immunity,


Sun: Snowgirl

Holden: Snowgirl

Aiimers: Wait -__- how did THEY get the question right? oh well...I vote Snow.... you totally deserve this too -___-

Snow: Aimers


Seth: 5-1 Snow you are out!

Day 11

Seth: What is my favorite song?

Holden: blow by Kesha?

Teamnoah123:in general any song by kesha

Aimers: I know you love Kesha....I believe you like We r who we r the most but idk....

Alfan:Tick tock?

Sun: *shrugs* I'll just guess "Love the Way You Lie"...

Seth: I don't love Kesha THAT MUCH GUYS! I just say her name a lot when I'm randon :|. Anyway, the answer is IDK cause I like a lot of songs. My favorite artists are Lady Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Avril Lavigne. So no one wins!

Merged Vote

Holden: Sorry but I vote TeamNoah

Sun: I vote TN123 as well

Aimers: Ditto, I vote TEAM NOAH

teamnoah:wow..............thanks for that then, i vote alfan

Seth: Bye TN123

Day 12

Seth: Who won s1 of TDK?

Sun: Mech...?

holden: Mech played by Plat

Aimers: I dunno, I just remmebr getting third place :3 Mech won by Plat according to these two (btw, guys, the final four is all people on the same team xD)

Seth: Well you all got it right. Well, looks like Alfan is out!

Day 13

Seth: Votes will be ready at 6 pm tomorrow

Holden: Vote for me cause this is the thrid time that i got to the finals and I actually desreve to win this season

Sun: Or vote for me because I answered EVERY question and had immunity every time in the merge! I worked hard to get here, and Holden and Aimers did too!

Aimers: Yea -__- I assume I will lose, despite me actually trying in one of these knowledge camps for once xD I assume Wes and Sunny will be asking everyone to vote but whatevers, third is fine by me

Holden: Aimers you did win season 3 though

Aimers: I was signed up for that camp against my knowledge and won by total accident of saying nothing :p Comeone peopl! I want second place!!!

Day 14

Seth: Remember tonight at 6. TIE. 2nd vote ready at 8 and maximum 7 votes!

Holden: I Actually won this camp...... thanks guys

Sun: ?

Alfan:This time I voted Holden over Sunny. :P

Holden: Thanks Alfan and everybody who voted for me

Sun: I quit :D I think Wes deserves this, and after i beat him in NoS in the final, I feel this be the right thing to do.


Sun: Well duh! I just quit so Wes could win!


Sun: THIS IS MY WAY OF COPING WITH A LOSS SO HUSH UP! *ignores Seth's last statement*

Aimers: Well...This is the best ive ever done in a camp that i actually didn't forget about xD Third is great! and Sunny always quits!

Elimination Order

Expert Original Team Merged Team Place
Morg Tdi Killer Smarts 16th
HR Killer Smarts 15th
Drama Screaming Thinkers 14th
NDuke Killer Smarts 13th
Mr E. Screaming Thinkers 12th
Codmister22 Screaming Thinkers 10/11th
Eviloctorock Screaming Thinkers 10/11th
Sierra Killer Smarts 9th
Kevvy Killer Smarts Mergers 8th
SF12 Killer Smarts Mergers 7th
Snowgirl Killer Smarts Mergers 6th
TN123 Killer Smarts Mergers 5th
AlejandroFan3000 Screaming Thinkers Mergers 4th
Aimers Screaming Thinkers Mergers 3rd
Sunslicer2 Screaming Thinkers Mergers 2nd
Wes Holden Screaming Thinkers Mergers 1st

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