Toad's first camp! It's... a pretty self-explanatory title, a writing camp! 10 people will have a chance to win! I'll judge, along with 2 others, and see who comes out on top!


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1. Toadgamer80

2. Nduke

3. Mrdaimion

Elimination Table

Placed Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
2nd MrO None Debuts in Week 5 SAFE WIN WIN RUNNER-UP
9th Seth Team 1 LOW WIN OUT
10th SF12 Authors SAFE OUT
11th EGBR None OUT


Toad: Hey, everyone! Ready for the game?

Alfan:This will be good practice!

Sierra:Hi ,Judge!

Alfan:Hey, Sierra!

Sierra:Hi parson!

Alfan:Looks like we have our four judges!


Cod: I'm winning this!

Alfan:We will see about that!

Sierra:Never be too confident Cod!

Alfan:The overconfident ones always go first.

Toad: Don't be so sure, guys!

TDISF: That will depend on his writing. If he sucks, he will eventually go first :P

MrD: Woot, I'm a judge! Now you all have to suck up to me! >:D

Cod: Whoo! Sign ups are closed! And trust me, I don't suck.

Alfan:Trust me. Cod is good. He will be excellent competition.

Cod: Thanks Alfan. You're great too :)


1. There are no teams.

2. The judges will decide the scores. The two people with the lowest scores will provide reasons why they should stay, and the loser will be eliminated.

3. No blood, gore, language (This does not include damn, crap and so on. Words can be bleeped) or mature themes.

4. Keep going, until we find a winner!

5. If you have any questions, please contact me or one of the other judges on our official Chatango! [1]

Challenge #1

Toad: Here's your first challenge! This one is quite simple. Write a story about anything you want! It just has to be related to TDI. You will have until... whenever LF and TN finish their stories to finish this challenge!

Leshawnafan's Story

Luscious LeShawna's Humble Beginnings.

The day LeShawna turned five was a stepping stone into the rest of her life. This was the moment LeShawna developed her lovable attitude, and her "special" abilities of dancing.

She recieved a letter in the mail on her 5th Birthday from her Aunt, who she hadn't seen in 2 years. She hardly remembered who see was and had taken the letter to her mom first, just to find out.

"Oh honey, that's from your Aunt! You don't remember her because you were only 3 when you first met her! She's a very busy lady, taking care of LaShaniqua and running her own business. I pray that she can handle all that work," LeShawna's mom had told her.

After that, LeShawna ran to her room and opened the letter. The letter read:

Dear LeShawna,

Within this letter, I have supplied you with 3 tickets to go see the musical at the local Community College. My friend has a son who goes there, and is starring in the musical and gave me free tickets. But sadly, I cannot take off work to see it, so as your Birthday present I'm giving you my tickets. Be sure to take your mom and dad with you, because I'm they'll love it as much as you will. Have fun, and Happy Birthday!!


Aunt LaQuisha.

LeShawna ran out of her room and showed the letter and tickets to her mom. The musical was that night, and as soon as LeShawna's dad arrived home, they got ready and left for it.

The musical lasted for and hour and a half, and during the whole performance, LeShawna wondered what it would be like to be a dancer, and dance in front of everyone in the audience. This thought of performing in front of people usually would frighten many, but to LeShawna, she didn't care. Even at the age of 5 she knew that dancing was going to be one of her talents.

As the years went on and on, LeShawna never lost sight of her dream, of one day becoming famous and reaching out to others. She completed the second goal by volunteering and the children's shelter, helping misguided kids, preteens, and teens. Everyone loved her there because of her helping attitude.

She heard about the auditions for TDI, and decided that if the people at the shelter loved her, why wouldn't the world? She auditioned for TDI, showing off her true attitude, not trying to be fake at all, and just being herself. When she got a call back from the producers saying she had made it, she was so happy that she couldn't wait to go.

She learned that believing in herself, and thinking about what she could acomplish had helped her. She set goals for herself, and never stopped short of those. Even though some mock her dancing skills, she kept her head held high, and made sure to let nothing put her down. That's the way Luscious LeShawna is and will always be.

Sunslicer2's Story

She Had Style, She Had Flair, She Was There! That's How Lindsay Became The Nanny!

Lindsay was sitting in a chair behind a counter, in the local Flushing bridal shoppe, run by her fiance, Tyler. She was waiting for Tyler to get back from his business meeting, so she had invited her best friend, Beth, over to the shop.

"I'm so excited!" exclaimed Lindsay. "The wedding is in a week! I think..."

Beth smiled and patted Lindsay on the back. "Two weeks, Lindsay. I can't wait!"

Lindsay grinned widely at Beth's niceness and checked her phone. "He should have been back by now."

Beth put her arms around Lindsay's shoulder, as her fiance Tyler walked through the doors.

"Lindsay!" he shouted as he ran to her and picked her up. "I have some news for you!" He hugged her tightly and then let her down.

"Yeah, Tyler?" she asked.

"Well, you see, you're fired." Tyler looks embarrassed, but didn't change his decision.

"Why?" said Lindsay, hurt by his announcement.

"Well..." said Tyler, not ready to finish his sentence. But he didn't have to, as a tall girl, her name being Courtney walked in and put her hand on his shoulder. "So what we doing tonight, honey?"

Tyler blushed and told Courtney to wait in the car. He then told to Lindsay, who was in tears. "Listen, I'm sorry. But I'm in love!"

Lindsay glared at Tyler one last time, threw her ring on the down, and stepped on it. "Goodbye, Tyler!" She stormed out of the shop, with Beth on her tail.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Lindsay found a job with a cosmetics company as a door-to-door saleswoman. She was out on a day or work, and came to the door of Trent Stalone. She knocked on the door, and the butler opened the door.

"Hello. This is the Stalone residence." he said.

"Hi, I'm Lindsay, and I want to sell you make-up!"

"We don't need any," he replied grimly.

Suddenly, two kids, one a 16 year old girl, and the other a boy around the age of 11 stormed into the foyer.

"Not true!" screamed the girl.

"It's obvious! You're just ugly! That's why no boys like you!" the boy shot back.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" exclaimed Lindsay as she hopped up and down in the doorway.

The boy stopped and turned around to look, while the butler raised his eyebrows.

"I can sell you make up!" said Lindsay. "It will make you look pretty! Not that you need it that much!"

The teenage girl blushed, and walked over to look at the make-up. "Oh, wow."

Lindsay smiled, but the butler remained grim. "I'll have to see Mr. Stalone about this." He walked through the foyer, all the way to the office, and requested the presence of Mr. Stalone.

"What the bloody hell is going on here?" said Trent Stalone, walking in, annoyed by this rude interruption.

"Daddy, can I buy some make-up? Please?" begged the teenage girl.

"It's not going to help!" teased the boy as he ran up the stairs to avoid being smacked in the head.

The man looked at Lindsay with a look seeking forgiveness. "I'm sorry, we just got rid of the last nanny, so they're a bit rowdy. So you're here to sell make-up?"

Lindsay nodded, and showed him the case. "I'm also really good with children!"

Trent raised his eyebrow. "So you want to be the nanny?"

Lindsay nodded and smiled.

"So you expect me to hire a nanny right off the street without showing me her resume or anything?" Trent questioned of her.

Lindsay shook her head. "No, sir. I'll fill out an application if you want."

Trent grumbled about something unreasonable, and then handed her the application. "I'll be back soon."

The teenage girl followed her dad, probably to ask about the make-up, while the boy camp back down, as he had heard the whole conversation.

"I! Think! I'm! Going! To! Die!" shouted the boy, with ketchup lined all over his shirt and face. Lindsay, at the time, was looking through her purse, so she didn't notice him.

"Do you have a pen?" She heard no answer, so she just pulled out her lipstick, and began to fill out application.

The boy stood up. "Hello? I just died!"

Lindsay stared blankly at him. "But you're alive right now."

The boy groaned as Trent walked in. "George, back upstairs."

The boy, George, walked back upstairs while Trent sat down next to Lindsay. "Can I see that application?"

Lindsay handed him the application and he scoffed. "I should hire you from this? You didn't even graduate high school!"

Lindsay frowned, and then stood up. "You don't need to be smart to be a nanny, you just have to be nice and kind!"

Trent laughed again. "Oh really, if you think it's so easy, try it for a week!"

"I will!" exclaimed Lindsay.

So for the next week, Lindsay took care of the three kids Trent had, Cassie, George, and Melody, and by the end of the week, finally realized their mother had passed away. Trent saw that Lindsay was doing fine with the kids, so he let her stay for another week. After a few months, Melody had less therapy sessions, George stopped teasing his sister, and Cassie had her first kiss.

And that is how, Lindsay became the nanny!

SethAllred343's Story

The Night With Heather: A Thriller By SethAllred343

It was the night of Owen’s party for winning TDI. Heather, though, was a complete mess. Everyone at her school made

fun of her for being bald. Heather got to the point where she wanted revenge on all those on TDI for making her bald.

So she crashed Owen’s party. “Hey look. It’s the wicked witch of the bald” said Gwen. Heather kicked her shoe and

went into the bathroom. She was going to pull a prank on them. Little did she know that that prank was going to

change everyone’s lives. First, she managed to get the power off. Everyone thought it was an accident at 1st, especially Noah.

But, then, things started to explode and she manages to simulate an earthquake. She was so happy that she managed to

scare the crap out of everyone there, including Noah. But then, Harold got so scared, that not only did he wet his

pants, his heart problems got the best of him and he started to have a heart attack. Everyone was freaking out, and

even Duncan was freaked out. When Heather found out about this, she thought “Like that’s going to stop

me”. She locked the doors so no one could get out and captured Lindsay and Beth. Everyone was scared because by

then, Harold had passed out and no one could find Lindsay and Beth. They soon found Katie and Sadie gone. “Guys

this is either Chris, some psycho, or Heather”. That started to make sense. But suddenly, the power came on and

Heather was dead, but the EEEE girls were alive. Somehow, a real psycho had gotten. Trent started to

call the police, while right on cue after Trent said “We thought this witch was playing a trick on us” and Heather

jumped out. “Surprise” she said. After that commotion, Harold went to the hospital, and luckily he was OK and

Heather was arrested.

Alfan3000's Story

Aftermath of Episode 12, Basic Straining, on Total Drama Island(Written as fast as possible, not my best work.)

Chef threw Courtney onto the dock of Playa De Losers."Girl, you so deserved that."Chef laughes and speeds back to Total Drama Island. Courtney headed into the resort. She saw Ezekiel in the hot tub with multiple flashy items. Eva was lifting weights, Justin was swimming, and Katie and Sadie were staring at him. Tyler picked up a weight and dropped it on his foot. Noah was busy reading, and Beth was getting a tan. Cody was still in a wheelchair, and Izzy was nowhere to be seen.

Courtney was angry, sad, and upset. Had her team voted her out? Over Harold? Not cool. They would pay. Cody wheeled over to Courtney.

Cody spoke quietly."I saw what Harold did. Sorry."

Courtney was stunned."What do you mean?"

Cody frowned."How he changed the votes to get you out."Courtney heard these words, and was immediately filled with rage. She scared everyone, even Eva, away.

Later, Harold arrived at Playa De Losers. Courtney scared him into the wilderness. Later, it was announced two people would return to TDI. Courtney was ecstatic. When her name was not called, she went to her room and cried. She then called her lawyers.

Author's Note

It would have been longer, but I am swamped IRL, so I hope this satisfies for now. Some others have not even put their stories yet, so luck to me!

EGBR's Story

Codmister22's Story

(Story takes place during Total Drama Island)

A Day in the Life of Cody

Cody was busy taking a pee in the confessional when he suddenly remembered something.

'Doesn't Owen have to do my dishes for the rest of the season?' he thought. Earlier, Owen had made a bet with Cody that if Cody could get Gwen's bra, Owen would wash Cody's dishes every day. Cody had succeded in his task, after bringing Trent and Gwen together.

Cody decided to find Owen to remind him of his lost bet.

Cody strutted past Heather, who glared at him, Trent, who waved at him, Beth, who blew him a kiss, holding her weird tiki doll, and Sadie, who was looking quite sad. 'Maybe she's still sad about Katie leaving?' Cody thought.

Cody eventually came across Gwen and immediatly began to walk slower. He winked at Gwen and pointed at her with two hands.

Gwen sighed and waved back, a forced smile on her face.

'She's in love with me, she just doesn't want to break Trent's heart,' Cody thought, spreading a "sexy" and wide grin across his face.

After Cody's "flirting" with Gwen had been finished, he continued to look for Owen.

'Where could he be?' Cody thought, as he walked past LeShawna.

Cody then found Harold, hiding in the bushes, apparently watching LeShawna, "Sup, Harold!" Cody said in his cracking voice.

Harold jumped. "Cody! You almost put me in cardiac arrest!"

"Oh, sorry man. Anyways, have you seen Owen? He owes me for this bet he lost,"

"I think I saw him heading towards the Mess Hall, probably looking for food,"

"Thanks, man!" Cody said as he began to strut towards the Mess Hall.

"My pleasure." Harold said, as he went off the same route LeShawna had went.

When Cody had arrived at the Mess Hall, he could smell the eye-watering scent of Owen's farts.

Cody covered his nose and began running towards the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, he found Owen, rummaging through the refrigerator, as Cody expected.

Cody cleared his throat. "A-hem..."

Owen turned around and started crying. "Oh, Chef! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to get you mad! I was just getting a snack! Please don't kill me! Until I finish this cheese," Owen cried, as he shoved a wheel of cheese into his mouth and down his throat, into his stomach. "Mmm, cheese..." Owen said, satisfied.

"Owen, dude, calm down! It's me! Cody!" Cody yelled.

"Oh, hey dude," Owen said, quickly getting rid of his tears.

"Now, dude, remember our bet about Gwen's bra?" Cody asked.

"Oh, yeah, about that..." Owen said, awkwardly.

"Yeah, I won the bet! So, that means you have to wash my dishes!" Cody exclaimed.

"Oh, crap, fine, you win, dude." Owen said, defeated.

"Great," Cody said, moving towards the exit of the kitchen. "Seeya, Owen!"

Cody walked towards his cabin, ready for a nap. He saw Chris, messing around with guns of some sort. 'Wonder what tomorrow's challenge will be?' Cody thought.

Suddenly, Cody had walked into something large and furry.

Cody squealed with fright as the big brown grizzly bear turned around growling.

The bear swiped his massive paw, missing Cody's head by an inch.

Cody was off and running, tears of fright streaming down his cheeks.

Cody continued running until all he saw was his cabin in front of him, in the dark night. He was exhausted from his sprint from the bear.

Cody entered his cabin, jumped on his bed and blacked out, tired from the day's events.

The End... For Now...

(Paintball Deer-Hunter happens after the events of the story)

Izzynsierrafan12's Story

The Wind

A bike came full of letters to 16 Second Street. Izzy stared out the window in joy as the mailman stuck a letter in her mailbox. She was eager to find out what is in it! She ran to the door and twisted the knob. It was locked!

"Owen! Where are they keys!" Izzy yelled. "HURRY!"

Owen came running to her panting and sweating. He pulled them out of his pockets and threw them to Izzy. Izzy was excited. She grabbed her favourite silver ke and tried it in the door. It wouldn't open!

"Oh I have had enough with this damn key!" She said.

Owen stared with cunfusion. Izzy grabbed Owen's favourite pair of shoes and threw them with all of her power at the window and watched as it smashed.

"Hey! Knock off that racket!" An angry Eva said who lived across the street. "I am trying to watch TV!"

Owen was scared of Eva and was annoyed that Izzy smashed the window. Izzy walked out of the house and went to the mail box and pulled out a blue envelope with joy.

"Owen! Look!" She said with so much excitment she dropped to the floor.

Owen came rushing to Izzy and grabbed the envelope. He opened it up and read "Dear Izzy....Whatever your name is. You have been invited to compete in a game show where the winner recieves ten thousand dollars!"

Owen dropped to the floor amazed. The wind started getting stronger and before they knew it the wind snatched the letter as it floated away. Izzy looked with terror!

"Owen! Get the letter!" She demanded!

t was too late! The wind had passed and the leter dropped into the drains which conatained dirty water from the previous rain. Izzy dropped to her knees.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She cried. "Let's go get some ice-cream!" She said.

Owen nodded as they both walked down the road holding hands.

"I want a triple choc ice-cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles!" The fat Owen said.

Just as they walked off Eva threw her TV at the window due to Izzy and Owen's screaming!

The End!

TDALindsayfan1's Story

From Party to Guitar

A 25-year-old woman in a blue sweatshirt is sitting beside the ocean.

A wave crashes against the rocks in front of her.

She is wet, but it deosn't seem to fase her.

"Geoff," she whispers.

A man, about the same age, approaches from behind her.

"Bridgette," he says, "he's gone. You must accept that."

The woman, Bridgette, turns to see a man in a camoflague shirt behind her.

"Trent," she says, "he can't really be gone, can he?"

The man, Trent, looks down. "Yes, he can."

She buries her face into her legs.

A wave hits the rocks in front of her and crashes on top of her head.

Trent sighs and sits next to her.

"I had to accept that same fact when Gwen died, remember?" Trent reminds Bridgette.

She looks up, tears streaking down her peach skin. "I remember, she was a close friend."

Trent manages to put a smile on hsi face and says, "Well, you should accept Geoff's fate."

Bridgette looks at Trent, now teary-eyed. "Trent, please stop forcing yourself to remember."

Trent looks up at Bridgette and grabs a guitar lying next to Bridgette.

"I miss the way, Gwen said hello," Trent sings, rememebering the song Owen sang after he and Izzy broke up.

"By hugging me, real tight," Bridgette singss.

The two continue to sing, until tears cover their peach-skinned faces.

Trent looks Bridgette in the eyes.

Bridgette does the same.

The two move their faces closer to each other and they kiss.

After the kiss stops, Bridgette says, "I will never get over Geoff, and you will never forget Gwen, but I think I can go from party to guitar, if you can go from goth to surf."

Trent nods and the two hug, tears running down their faces.

A tribute to Trent and Bridgette.

Teamnoah123's Story

Everyone Knows its Sadie

Sadie awoke on her first day at playa des losers. She had just been backstabbed by her teammates at least a few hours before, and was feeling sad.But the company of Katie cheered her up. "Oh my gosh Sadie, it is so great to have you back." " It is so great to be back Katie, and it feels even betterb to know nothing can go wrong."

Just then a heated arguement could be heard coming from the weight room. "THERE ARE 8 SEASONS OF FAMILY GUY,NOT SEVEN AHHHHHHHHH......" A loud bang could be heard that sounded reminiscent of gun shots.Katie quivered. "Sadie, what was that." Sadie turned to Katie and glared at her with a mixture of anger and excitement. "It looks like we have a mystery on our hands."

They rushed excitedly with their hands waving in the air towards the weight room, and were appaled by what they saw.Justins body was on the floor, blood escaping from it at a rapid pace, and the fact that the blood was coming from his head made it clear that Justin was dead.

Katie whimpered. "Sadie, just say the word and we can end our misserable Justinless lives."she pulls out gun and Sadie pulls it away from you."Are you reallyt that obsessed with Justin."Katie nods."FIne, then we will solve his death, lets split up and search for clues."

They split up i seperate directions and started to look for clues, but came up empty handed.All that they found at the crime scene was Evas suitcase containing 3 loaded assualt rifles and a bloody knife, the trail was becoming cold.Just then Katie broke down crying. "Sadie, this is too hard, we will never figure this out." Sadie then Swiftly slaps her in the face."Get it together women, we just need to call an island meeting, that will solve all of this.

All 9 living contestants moved towards the campfire that night, coated by the bleak and depressing darkness.Sadie arose from her stool to greet them."Hello everyone thanks for coming, i am sure you are all aware that our beloved ex-competitor Justin has been brutally murdered."Everyone stared at Sadie with a bored expression and shook their heads.Sadie facepalmed."Well all of that stuff happened, and we are here to determine the killer."

Eva rose from her seat to interject."What are you implying, that Im the killer, if I had a gun in the weight room I would shoot you."Sadie covered her mouth. "Eva be quiet so we can deduce the killer."Noah laughed and said."Is this really THAT hard for you, it is blatantly obvious that the killer is......" The campfire went out for a brief second, and when the lights turned back on Noah was dead.Sadie looked at Noahs body in disbelief."It appears we have a double murder."

Ezekiel facepalmed."Sdie, Eva has blood on her hnds right now, look."Sadie turns her head nd sees that Eva does have blood on her hands."Oky, yes she does, and wht is your point.""My point is that......"The campfire goes off once again and when it comes back on Ezekiel has befallen the same faith as Noah and Justin.

Sadie finally peices it all together, the guns, the blood, the way E va ha a bloody gun in her hand. Sadie spoke up." I have solved the crime." Beth clapped slowly with n expression showing her disdain for Sadies stupidity."TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH."Tyler yelled. Sadie then brought her hand up to motion them to be quiet."The unsolvable."


Snowgirl57's Story

The Start of Katie and Sadies Friendship (Its a play)

Katie: Hi dork

Sadie: Hi

Katie: Loser

Heather and Lindsay: *Laughs*

Challenge 1 Chat

Cod: Finished my story first.

Snow: True

Sierra:Pretty good Cod. Possibly able to win the first week.

Sierra: Snow, you should get to your story though.You keep telling us stuff but you never do the story.

Toad: Guys, only a couple days left!

Alfan:I finished my little novella.

Toad: Cool! I liked it! Judging will start soon!

Challenge 1 Reviews

LF- We all loved your story! Keep up the good work! 27.5/30

Sun- We liked the concept of the story, but we didn't think Tyler would leave Lindsay for Courtney. 23.5/30

Seth- It was confusing because your lines were all over the place. Decent story. 17/30

Alfan- We all liked your story, good work! 21/30

Cod- You had an excellent story, you'll defiently make it through to TDA7! 26/30

Sierrafan- There were some grammatical mistakes, it was a okay story, though. 18.5/30

Jessica- This was an excellent story! You are defiently a contender for the competition. 27/30

TN- It was a decent story, okay work. 19.5/30

Snow- Honestly, we haven't seen anything like this, it was possibly the funniest story I've even seen, a story with 4 lines. That's not how you're going to win this or TDA7. 3/30

EBGR- No entry, no judging. 0/30.

And the best authors of the week are: LF and Jessica! You two will be team captains!

Elimination Ceremony

The first five people safe are: LF, Jessica, Cod, Sun, and Alfan!

The next two safe are: TN and Sierrafan12!

Seth, Snow, and EBGR, the loser is.......... EBGR, We're sorry but you have been eliminated, due to you being the only one not submitting an entry.

(Her name is EBGR, and there are 9 left. Confusing teams, much?)

Challenge 2

Nduke, Toad, and Mr.D: Your challenge is to make a alternate ending of "I See London" It is due Friday February 11th. The teams are: LF, Seth, and Sunny; Alfan, Cod, and SF12; and Jessica, TN, and Snow.

Make up team names

LF's Entry.

As Gwen and Courtney entered the plane, they dragged there bag to where everyone else was. They looked excited, even though Noah and Owen als had someone in there bag.

"Wait, there can't be more than one team who caught the murderer, right?" Noah questioned as he watched Gwen and Courtney drag there bag over.

"Oh don't worry, we didn't catch the murderer guy. We caught something even better!" Courtney exclaimed while smiling.

Noah eyed her crossly, and waited for Chris to come over.

"Well let's take a look to see if Noah and Owen actually caught the killer," Chris said as he walked over and took the person out of there bag. It turned out they had actually caught the killer, who turned out to be a feral Ezekiel, who Chris threw out of the plane.

"And without further ado, Gwen and I present....Duncan!" Courtney screamed as she let him out of her bag.

Duncan rolled out of the bag, and looked around, surprised at where he was.

"WHAT?!?! You brought me back here? What's wrong with you? I quit for a reason," Duncan yelled, beginning to make his way back to the door of the plane to leave, until Chris stepped in front of him.

"Well since you're here, you might as well stay. You can join Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, since they'll be voting someone off tonight," Chris said.

Team CIRRRRH groaned in disappointment, while Chris whispered something into Duncan's ear.

"I'll let you have immunity tonight, but they don't need to know about that," Chris whispered to Duncan.

(CONF) "So I can't give him immunity just because he came back? Whatever, you're the producers," Chris said as he hung on his cell phone. "Duncan doesn't need to know about this. If people vote him out, then he can go. I could really care less," Chris said.

At the Elimination Ceremony, Chris looked over the votes.

"Well, it looks like this was a close vote. It comes down to two people. One with 3 votes against him, the other with 2 votes against him. And the person leaving is.......Duncan! Everyone else is safe," Chris said while glancing over at Duncan who was shocked.

"What? I thought you said I had immunity!" Duncan yelled at Chris.

"Yeah about that, the producers said I couldn't give you immunity, so... Well, bye!" Chris said as he pushed Duncan out of the plane.

As Duncan was falling down, he shouted, "Fine! I don't need this stinkin' show!"

"Ok then... That was awkward. Well, good luck Team CIRRRRH. You just lost your leg up," Chris said.

Sun's Entry

Gwen and Courtney entered White Chapel, having no idea where to look. They decided to go into an abandoned theatre located on the corner of the street. When they entered the first hall of the theatre, they thought they heard music.

"Well, what do you think?" asked Courtney in a whisper. She was clutching the wall, obviously scared.

Gwen rolled her eyes. "Follow me."

The two began to walk closer to two giant doors, with wood peeled off the right side.

"Let's go!" muttered Gwen. She reached for the knob, and turned it quietly. Courtney was reluctant to go in, so Gwen had to pull her by the collar. Together, they pushed open the door, and Courtney screamed.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Courtney.

"Princess?" said a familiar voice. Behind a curtain, emerged Duncan, holding an electric guitar.

"Duncan!" screamed both Gwen and Courtney.

Courtney glared at Gwen, and Gwen blushed.

"Hey, Sunshine," said Duncan as he walked down to greet them.

Gwen and Courtney exchanged looks, and then shoved their bag over his head.

"Sorry Duncy," muttered Courtney, "but we have a challenge to win, and you're the best we can find."

Meanwhile, in a tour bus, Owen and Noah were cornered by the Ripper, who was wielding his sword before them.

"Goodbye, little buddy!" cried Owen.

The Ripper lunged at them, and Noah was knocked into the glass compartment. Owen began crying for his life.

"If this is my last day here, I want to enjoy it!" He took out the food he stole from the castle, and began to eat. In no time at all, he began farting, and the Ripper passed out.

"Alright!" exclaimed Noah.

Owen smiled and began to open the compartment door. "Hold on, little buddy, I'll save you!"

"No, no," said Noah. "Wait until the air clears up."

Owen looked around and sniffed, but smelt nothing. He looked down, but the Ripper was gone.

"Noah!" he screamed, turning back to the compartment, but Noah wasn't there. "My little buddy!"

Owen then heard a chuckle, and turned around once more. The last thing he saw was the cruel face of the Ripper.

Gwen and Courtney ran back to the plane, and saw Chris standing with the Ripper.

"Congratulions, Amazons! While you didn't catch the Ripper, you were the last people left!"

Gwen and Courtney high-fived, and then saw the Ripper unmask himself. In the Ripper's place, stood Ezekiel, with patches of bald on his head, and slightly green skin.

"Hi, eh!"

Chris smiled at the shocked faces, and announced Ezekiel would be joining the Amazons. Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot would be getting Duncan, and would go to elimination. At the elimination ceremony, Chris read the votes.

"One vote Owen. One vote Noah," said Chris dramatically. Everyone but Alejandro was sitting on the edge of their seats.

"Two votes Owen. One vote Duncan. One vote Noah," again said Chris. Noah was glaring at Alejandro, but Alejandro was smirking.

The final vote goes to Owen. Owen is out!" Chris pushed Owen out of the plane, and the lasting members of Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot walked out of the elimination room, happy that they didn't lose anyone important.

Gwen stepped out of the bathroom at the moment, and saw Courtney and Duncan hugging.

"For the whole time I've been gone, I was only thinking about you," he said. While he said this, he was looking at Gwen. She blushed, and walked back into the bathroom.

"You really should lock this thing," said Duncan, who had appeared in the doorway.

"Oh well, yeah. I thought it was locked." She chuckled, and tripped, falling on Duncan. Together, Duncan and Gwen fell through the doorway, and Gwen landed on top of Duncan's chest.

"Duncan!" shouted Courtney. She saw the position the two were in, and freaked out.

"Courtney, wait!" exclaimed Gwen, trying to get up.

"You will pay! Both of you!" Courtney stalked off, leaving Gwen and Duncan very embarrassed.

"So..." said Duncan awkwardly.

"You've been gone for a while," replied Gwen.

Duncan nodded, and then nervously got up and walked back to loser class, while Gwen nervously went back to First Class.

"YOU. WILL. DIE!" screamed Courtney as she entered.

"Oh crap," said Gwen.

Courtney moved closer to Gwen, while Heather smirked. "Oh, how I love this show."

Seth's Entry.

Alfan's Entry.

Cod's Entry.

When Noah arrived to the plane with Owen, seeing Chris and Chef smiling at a bunch of camera monitors, he knew something was wrong. Earlier, Owen had successfully captured the "ripper", using his weiner and guard dogs to trap him. Noah saw Courtney and Gwen also holding a bag, along with the rest of the captured contestants, noticing Alejandro glaring at him.

What's wrong now? Noah thought, trying to keep a straight face.

"Sweet!" Owen chucked. "Everybody's OK!"

Heather smiled, holding her head up high and her eyes closed, apparently happy about something. "Yep, everyone's fine! You guys were so stupid to be worried." Heather said, trying to hide something.

The other contestants glared at her.

Noah knew it was her obvious attraction to Alejandro and how she was worried about his disappearance earlier.

"But," Alejandro said. "It was re-assuring to see, someone," Alejandro glared at Noah. "Concerned..."

Noah's eyes grew wide with fear. "You were watching, everything?" Noah asked nervously.

Alejandro's glare dug deeper into Noah.

"Wow," Noah continued, rubbing the back of his head. "That's... Awkward..."

"Like an eel dipped in grease." Alejandro said, refering to Noah's comment earlier.

Noah tried to turn the insult into a complement. "Ha, where I'm from, that's a compliment! Tough neighborhood!"

Alejandro rolled his eyes.

"But, hey! We caught the ripper-type guy!" Noah exclaimed as Owen pulled the bag off the Ripper.

Everyone gasped. "Old Man Jenkins?" they said together, surprised at the Ripper's true identity.

Chris walked over and pulled the man's head off, apparently a mask.

Everyone gasped louded. "Ezekiel?!" They said together, again.

Ezekiel emitted a roar of some kind, obviously sick, as his eyes were blood-shot, his skin green, and his hair falling out.

"Found him livin' in the cargo hold, home-schoolin' with the rats." Chef said, with a disgusted look on his face.

Chris looked un-impressed. "I was gonna let him back in the If he could avoid getting captured," Chris shrugged. "But, since he could not," Chris snapped his fingers.

In a matter of seconds, Chef had grabbed Ezekiel and threw him out of the plane.

"So, who did Courtney and Gwen catch?" Heather asked.

Noah got nervous. Could they have captured something else? He thought.

"Well, Chris wanted a criminal," Gwen stated, looking at her bag. "So, okay, we didn't catch the right one but..." Gwen took the bag off of the captured person who was revealed to be...

Everyone gasped, again. "Duncan?!" They exclaimed.

"You brought me back here?!" Duncan yelled, angrily. "Ugh! Where's the stupid exit again?" Duncan began walking towards the exit.

Chris stopped Duncan with his pointer finger. "Not so fast, winner. Thought you could skip out of the game, eh? Thought we wouldn't find you, hmm?"

Gwen interrupted. "Um, you didn't, we did." She said, smiling proudly with Courtney.

Chris paused. "And that's why Team Amazon wins today's competish!"

Noah was shocked. "What?!" He yelled, simultaneously with Owen.

"Head on back to the elimination room, dudes," Chris said, smiling. "First Class goes to the ladies!" Chris said, still considering Cody as a lady. "As a consulation prize, the D-Man's now on your team!" Chris said, pointing at Duncan. "But someone else, is gonna have to go."

Noah and Owen looked at each other. "Uh-oh." They said together.

Later, at the elimination ceremony, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot was anxiously waiting for the results of the vote.

Noah was hoping that his plan would work. Earlier, Noah had gathered Tyler and Owen in the Economy Class, to work out a strategy.

Noah waited for the room to be empty. "The coast is clear," Noah said, motioning Owen and Tyler into the sulken, broken-down room.

"What do you want man?" Tyler asked, angrily. "You left me on the stretcher thing!"

"Look, Tyler, I'm sorry, alright? You weren't making any noise, it was hard to remember that you were there," Noah apologized.

"Now," Noah continued. "We need to work out a plan. Alejandro is definitely working with Duncan to vote me out,"

"No! You're my little buddy!" Owen screamed.

"Shh!" Noah whispered. "Al might hear us!"

"Oh, sorry," Owen whispered as he farted.


SF12's Entry.

Jessica's Entry.

Courtney and Gwen arrive, Noah and Owen right in front of them.

"A tie!?" Heather yells.

"But there's only one criminal," Alejandro reminds her.

"And we captured him!" Owen yells.

Sierra and Cody look down, upset. Heather glares angrily at her teammates.

"Nice job," she says matter-of-factly.

Sierra and Cody look up.

"Wait," Sierra says.

Cody adds on, "Who caught what? There are two criminals?"

Chris shakes his head no.

Chris pulls the bag off of Team CiRRRRH's capturee.

The contestants gasp. "Old Man Jenkins!"

He growls.

Chris says, "No, it's..." He pulls the Old Man Jenkins' head off slowly and it reveals to have a familiar face under it.

"EZEKIEL!" the contestants exclaim.

Ezekiel now is green and has red bruises all over his face.

"So he was the 'Ripper'"? a confused Noah probes.

Chris nods. "We offered him a chance to return if he wasn't captured, but now..."

Chef lifts Ezekiel by his last hairs and throws him out of the plane.

"Okay," Heather asks, "who do my two dead teammates find then?"

"Well," Courtney says, "we found a criminal."

Gwen pulls the bag off of their capturee and everyone gasps.

"Duncan?" Heather asks.

He nods.

"Yeah," Duncan says, heading for the exit.

Chef grabs him by the mohawk.

"He's a returnee!" Chris excitedly announces.

"And he goes on Team Amazon, who have lost the challenge!" Chris adds in.

Team Chris all hi-fives each other.

Team Amazon look down.

Later that night...

"The first one safe at this ceremony is Duncan," Chris announces, handing him a peanut bag.

He refuses to catch it.

"Next two safe are Cody and Gwen," Chris adds in, throwing them bags of peanuts.

They catch them.

"Next bag of peanuts goes to Heather," Chris says. He reluctantly hands her a bag.

"Last bag, and two teens," Chris says, "and the one leaving us tonight is...Sierra with three votes."

Chris throws Courtney the last bag and Cody jumps around excitedly.

Cody: (confessional) I voted out Sierra along with Gwen and Heather. YAY!

Sierra cries as she is thrown out of the plane by Chef.

"And that's the first Amazon to say bye," Chris signs off, "watch next time for more drama on Total. DRAMA. WORLD TOUR!"

The screen turns blank.

(Sorry it was so bad...I was rushing to finish it...)

TN's Entry.

(This is after the end of the challenge, I know, My peice of crap computer kept erasing my whole story and closing the internet and erasing the content before I could post it)

"Sorry I guess my hunch sucked."Gwen said this and Courtneys head dropped.Gwen noticesd this and started to walk away.Courtney then empathised."Its not your fault Gwen, I though the ripper would be here too. I just dont want to go home empty handed,

They both started to walk away when they heard a faint voice in the distance."Its time for the #1 band in London , the Der Shitzel Kickers.:They both heard this and poked theier heads into the Chapel, nd were shocked at what they saw."Holy Shnitzel, is that.............."

Owen and Noah wallked into the double decker bus. Noah was proud of Owen for solving the riddle, but he knew he was not going to tell him that. There was an omious feel sourrounding the bus and the lights were off, they knew the ripper was near.

"Hey Noah buddy you know whats great, that we both will always have each others backs right.........Noah."The Lights flashed on and The Ripper was pushing Noah into the corner.Owen was contemplating his options, he knew what to do. "Im coming for you buddy."Owen started charging for The Ripper , and as soon as The Ripper moved one of his feet Owen fell to the ground passed out.The Ripper looked at his uconscience body for a second and shrugged, pushing it into the corner with Noah, who looked at the camera and saying. "Really."

Chris then walked into the bus. "Congratulations to our former competitor............Zeke, who will from here on be joining team Amazon."He pulled off the Ripper and Old Man Jenkins masks to reveal a healthy Zeke. Noah facepalmed. "You mean that homeschool knocked Owen out and shoved me into............."Noah realized Owen had farted and automatically passed out. Chris smiled sadistically. "Yes, yes I did."

Gwen and Courtney walked onto the plane, and when Heather saw that thier bag was full she yelled. "Did you find the ripper, did we beat Alej................The boys."Courtney and Gwen glared at each other scared."Ummm......well not exactly but."They were interrupted by Chris and Zeke working together to drag Noah and Owen into the plane.

Everyone stared at them with a mixture of shock and awe. Chris noticed this and responded. "Yeas, Zekes the ripper, back in the game, team Amazon, yada yada yada, IS ANYONE GONNA OFFER TO HELP US PULL THESE TWO."They all work together to pull Noah and Al into losers class. All and Tyler glare at them angrily and Tyler suggests. "So we vote them out tonight, right."Al rolls his eyes. "No genius, we are going to vote each other out."

Everyone stares at Gwen and Courtney curious about what they have in thier bag. "Okay we know team Chris lost, but just to kill 30 seconds, lets see what team Amazon has in thier bag."Gwen and Courtney panic. "Well Chris said to catch a criminal, and so we didnt get the right one, well.........."They lift the bag and everyone gasps.

Sierra screams, and Cody runs into the first class cabin, never having seen Sierra angry before. The glare off of Beths glasses makes Tyler fall backwards off of the plane. Beth then sayds in a cheery tone. "Hi Chris."

"So, thought you could skip out on the game did you Bethy. "Chris gets directly in Beths face and she flinches. "No, I didnt, I wasnt even in this season."Chris then pulls out the contract. " It states subdicvision 3x of clause C that in the event I want you back in, your in, no more skipping out on the game anymore BETH, how do you feel about that." Beth raises her eyebrow honestly considering Chris may have went insane. "What are you talking about Chris. "Chris facepalms. "GO OVER TO TEAM CHRIS BEFORE I HURT YOU. "Beth holds her hands up as though she is defending herself and slowly slides towards the conscious members of team Chris.

Alejandro gets near Beth."Ah such a beutiful face."Beth smiles awkwardly and starts laughing her insideous laugh."Wow, I will do whatever you want."

The six hours following up to the elimination was preety easy, since neither Noah nor Owen had the capcity to try to prevent thier elimination, they were both very worried walking up to the ceremony.

"Lets go over the reasons you guys lost tonight. Owen and Noah were busy sleeping when they could have won the challenge, BETH was to busy skipping out on the game to do anything, and Al and Tyler did nothing, vote."

(CONF)Beth angrily stamps Noahs passport. "At least Owen tried."

(CONF)Owen stares worriedly at Al and Tylers passports and whimpers. "Ahhh.....mommy help me."

(CONF)Noah quickly stamps Al's passport

(CONF)Tyler trips falling into the room and his stamp falls on a random passport

(CONF)Al stamps a passport purposely hiding it from view. "You broke my one rule, Never question me."

Chris takes all of there passports in his hands. "Hmmm, really, who would have thought, so interesting, this one will be a shocker."Al stamps his foot. "JUST READ THE VOTES."Chris reluctantly agrees. "Thanks for killing the moment."He holds up the first vote. "One vote Noah."

Owen gulps and Tyler and Alejandro sit back smiling, Chris picks up the second vote."One vote for..........Alejandro."Beth flinches and Owen and Al both stare at the remaining passports vividly, Chris then continues, "The third vote is for...........Tyler."Tyler leans up to the edge of his seat.Chris then reads the Next vote"Fourth vote Beth, does not count."Beth sits back happy to stay for ne more week."One vote left." Al, Noah, and Tyler all lean on the edge of thier seats for the reading of the final vote.Al and tTyler stare at each other, Al reassurng Tyler that they have the Numbers."The final vote is for..................Tyler."Tyler stands up shocked."What, who voted for me."Owen raised his hand and Al rose his hand up too. Tyler stared at him angrily. "I truseted you. "Al smirked."Well dont make that mistake again. "Chris then hands Tyler his parachute. "We wont miss you. Tyler jumps off the plane, hitting his head on the rail and is then gone. Chris then gets ready to end the episode"Well I guess that raps up this one, a twist ending, and two people returning that people acctually want to see returning, what will happen next time on TOTAL..............DRAMA......WORLD TOUR.

Snow's Entry.

Challenge 2 Chat

Snow: The awesome writers

Alfan:The Aspiring Authors.

Cod: Mine is not that good. So far, it is only the ending to I See London...

Nduke: Sierra, your not on the judging panel anymore. -,-

Week 2 Reviews

LF- You always amaze us! Continue with the excellent writing! 27/30

Sun- The judges and I weren't really impressed, you can do better. 18.5/30

Seth- No entry, no judging. 0/30

Alfan- No entry, no judging. 0/30

Cod- You always impress us with your excellent writing, good work. 25/30

SF12- No entry, no judging. 0/30

Jessica- Excellent writing, you just rushed it. Good work as usual though. 26/30

TN- No entry, no judging. 0/30

Snow- No entry, no judging. 0/30

And with that, our winners are Team 1! with: 45.5/60

Second place goes to: The Awesome Writers! With: 26/60

Last place goes to: The Aspiring Authors. With: 25/60

Elimination Ceremony

Toad, Nduke, and Mr.D: Cod, your are the BOW for the week! And Alfan, you're safe, due to being more active, and coming up with the team name, SF you have been eliminated.

Challenge 3 Chat

Alfan:Sorry, Cod. I was going to make a story last night, but I got kicked off of the computer before I could do it.

Cod: Guys, I'm so sorry! I didn't get to finish my entry :(

Cod: Finished my entry. I'm kindaa proud, as most of my writing is usually comdedic, while this was quite dramatic.

Cod: Really? I'm the ONLY one to finish, so far?

Alfan:I just finished mine, Cod!

Cod: Yay, me and Jessica are not alone :D

Alfan:The three of us may be the final three.

Challenge 3

Nduke: Your challenge is to create a story about a fanon relationship, this entry is due: Monday, Feb. 21st.

Toad: It must have canon TDI characters in it, though! No OCs! Look at Jessica's story from Challenge 1 for a good example.

LF's Entry

Opposites attract (A tribute to Heather and Harold)

Sun's Entry

Seth's Entry

Alfan's Entry

Gwen and Her True Love(Takes place during the canoe trip from episode 8, Up the Creek,of TDI)

Gwen was very annoyed with Cody constantly bugging her about going out. She had already said no several times, but he did not get the hint. Gwen did not want to hurt him, though.

Her team chose the opposite path the Bass took, and were trying to start a fire. Gwen had to admit, she was impressed with Cody's bravery. He risked his life to save Trent, his rival. Cody could be sweet sometimes.

Gwen stepped on some sand, and bent over to get a stick. Suddenly, she realized she was sinking. More quicksand? Chris had to save her.

In his trailer, Chris was watching the campers."Do we have quicksand insurance, Chef?" Chef nodded no."We have to save her! This is great for ratings, but I don't wanna get sued!" Chris and Chef ran out of the trailer.

Meanwhile, Gwen continued to sink. It seemed she was going to die. Suddenly, scrawny arms grabbed her. She at first thought of Cody, until he heard her savior speak.

"Gosh! How much did you eat? You weigh 20 more kilograms than I thought!"It was Harold. Harold pulled Gwen out of the quicksand, just as Chris and Chef arrived.

Chris smiled."Harold, you saved us a lawsuit. We even called the RCMP to help! Thank you! We love torturing you guys, but we do not want you to die."

Gwen frowned."Gee, I feel the love now."

Chef is on the phone."The RCMP will get here around 8 pm tonight. We can tell them what happened then." Chris smiled, and they headed to their chopper.

Gwen was amazed."Harold, you saved me. But why? I am not even on your team."

Harold smiled."If there is anything I learned at Medieval Steve's Camp of Magic, it is chivalry. I could not have let you died, milady."Harold smiled and walked away.

Gwen smiled, and knew Harold was her true love. She pretended to ignore him, lest Heather ever find out she liked someone from another team.


In the 13th episode of TDI,X-Treme Torture, Gwen found out that Harold had feelings for LeShawna.While this stung a little, she was happy for them. Then Gwen found out Heather had accidentally let Harold see her boobies, and threw her toothbrush into the toilet. Gwen later started dating Trent, but she would never forget how nice Harold had been that fateful day.

After TDWT, Gwen called Harold up, saying Duncan had cheated on her. Harold and Gwen got to know each other a little more, and realized they had a few things in common. Harold asked Gwen to marry him on the 5-year anniversary of the start of Total Drama Island, and Gwen said yes.

Cod's Entry

Noah and Izzy's First Date

(Takes place during TDI before Noah was eliminated.)

As Noah walked into the dimly lit room, he was greeted by a beautiful face. Curly, orange hair. Flashing, green, squinted eyes. The face belonged to Izzy.

Noah rolled his eyes. "Why did you invite me here?" he asked. "Shouldn't we be back at camp?"

"No, silly! I invited you here to have some special time!" Izzy yelled.

Noah held his head, in annoyance. "Alright, fine," Noah admitted. "But, we can't be here much longer. It's almost curfew..."

Izzy clapped her hands together and pushed Noah over to the table.

Noah sat down at the low table, while Izzy did a back flip over to the kitchen, to prepare her and Noah's meal.

I wonder what type of food she'll poison me with... Noah thought, sarcastically.

When Izzy had returned to the room, she was holding the plates of food on her head and somehow managed to throw the plates on the table, undamaged.

"Tonight, we're having my favorite. Roasted bear!" Izzy exclaimed, as she began to cut the cooked flesh of the bear.

Noah eyed the food with disgust. "Hey, Nutty," Noah said. "Did you say roasted bear?"

"Yeah! It's my favorite!" Izzy shouted, showing the mashed-up food in her mouth to Noah. "Come on, try it!"

Noah reluctantly picked up a fork and jabbed it into the bear.

Izzy was watching with big eyes, hoping that Noah would enjoy it.

Noah took the fork to his mouth, and began to chew the meat.

Izzy's eyes grew wider.

Noah was waiting for the disgusting taste when, he tasted a rich, juicy, steak-like taste. "This... This is great!" Noah exclaimed, surprised by his fondness for the meal.

Izzy smiled.

When they had finished their meal, Izzy began to talk about her family.

"Well you see, my dad was a very abusive man, he would always strike me when he got angry... Usually when he came home from the bar... I would hear my mom and my dad fighting, while I would be in my bed, wide awake, hearing the screaming and the tossing of beer bottles..."

Noah had been surprised to hear this confession about Izzy's father, and saw a tear fall out of the corner of Izzy's eye.

"... One day, my dad had left me and my mom," Izzy said, tears dropping from her eyes. "And he was going to the bar... Then, he got drunk, while he was driving, and... and... he died." Izzy finished, tears streaming from her puffy red eyes.

"But that wasn't the end," Izzy continued. "My mother had been heart-broken. She loved him... I loved him..." Izzy said. "Eventually, I tried blocking out the pain and emotion from life, which resulted in me, well, becoming me."

"Oh, Izzy," Noah said softly. "I'm so sorry." Noah sat down next to Izzy and put his arms around her, tears falling like mad from her eyes.

"And you, Noah," Izzy continued. "You're the only one who cared about me. No one else would listen; they thought I am the crazy girl, they never bothered to hear my story."

"The others don't mean anything. They're a bunch of maniacs themselves." Noah said.

Izzy looked up at Noah's face. "Noah. I love you."

And before Noah could answer, Izzy pulled his lips to her's, resulting in a kiss.

Noah was in shock, at first, but then was absorbed in the kiss, closing his eyes.

When the kiss had ended, Noah felt guilty and stood up. "Izzy, this is wrong."

"Wha- What do you mean?" Izzy said, looking up at Noah with tear-soaked eyes.

"Owen. It's Owen. Owen is the one in love with you. If we were together... Well, he would never forgive me" Noah confessed.

"But-But Noah!" Izzy shouted, sadly.

"I'm sorry Izzy..." Noah said, heading towards the exit, tears falling from his eyes.

Izzy was left there. Cold, and alone.

Jessica's Entry

Even Though We Don't Mesh...

A 25-year-old woman sits on the edge of a long dock.

The wind blows her short black hair in her face.

"So," a man of the same age says from behind, "this is your secret place."

The woman turns to see the man with long brown hair come from behind.

"Noah," she whispers, "why are you here?"

The man, Noah, looks saddened.

"Because," he says, "I know how you feel, Heather."

The woman, Heather, looks back out into the water and Noah sits next to her.

"I felt the same way when Katie left this world," he says softly.

Heather looks at the saddened Noah. "You don't have to talk about it."

"I must," Noah says, a tear dripping down his face. "Alejandro was the first of many great boyfriends for you. You deserve much better, though. I think..." He stops.

"What?" Heather asks, her voice becoming softer.

Noah picks up his head, tears dropping out of his eyes, faster than you can say love.

"I think that we should be together, even though we don't mesh," he finishes.

Heather smiles slightly. "I was thinking the same thing."

Noah wipes his eyes using the sleeve of his shirt. Then, he looks up and smiles.

He and Heather lean in and kiss.

"I love you," Heather softly blurts after the kiss.

Noah smiles. "I love you, too."

The two lean in for another kiss.

A tribute to Heather and Noah

TN's Entry

(The events in this story take place 4 hours after the challenge in Not So Happy Campers Part 2 )

Ezekiel was lying in his bunk bed looking up at the top bunk, thinking about the events that had transpired earlier.

He was sorry for what he had said at the table when disscussing who should have gone home, but he knew that was not enough to keep him in the game.

He sighed and got up to start packing his bags, when Izzy walked in.Ezekiel started panicking and could only stutter."Izzy..wha...what are you doing here."

Izzy walked in and sat down on Zeke's bed."Everyone is taking about what you said earlier."Ezekiel dropped his head in sorrow."Im sorry, it was just how I was raised, I just wished they could know I was sorry."

Izzy put here arm on Zeke's shoulder."Look if your really sorry then why dont you just tell them that,it might help."

Zeke raised his head and had a tear in his eye."I dont know why, but I just can't show my face around them."Ezekiel turned his head to her."Why are you being so...........nice about this."Izzy breathed heavily.

"I understand that people make mistakes, and we cant help that, but we can appologize for the mistakes we do make, and noone on your team was giving you that chance."

Izzy got up and started walking out of the door."I'll try and convince your team you have changed, but I'm not sure how well it will work."As soon as she was about to walk out of the door Ezekiel ran up to stop her.

Izzy turned her head as Zeke grabbed her shoulder to stop her."Wait Izzy, I just wanna say thanks, I really appreciate you giving me another chance really are the nicest person here."

Izzy grabbed Zeke and pulled him closer."I really am going to try and get your team to keep you here......but just in case I can't."She pulled Ezekiel closer into a kiss, which lasted for either a second, 2 minutes, or an eternity.

That night Zeke was eliminated, but as he was getting driven away on the boat of losers, he didn't care about being eliminated.He had already forgotten about the competition, all he could think about was Izzy.

All he could think about was all of the effort she had put into keeping him safe, and the pep talk she had given him before the elimination.But now that he was eliminated, that was all gone.


Snow's Entry

Noah and Katie (and Sadie)

Challenge 3 Reviews

LF,LF,LF- You did have a title, but we expected WAY more out of you. 6/30

Sun- No entry, no judging. 0/30

Seth- No entry, no judging. 0/30

Alfan- You did okay, with some grammar mistakes, okay job. 19/30.

Cod- As always, nice work! 22/30

Jessica- As always, nice work!! 25/30

TN- Nice work. 16/30

SNOW!- You have a title, you can be eliminated this or next week. Your team keeps dragging you along, help! 4.5/30


Elimination 3

LF is the BOW this week, Sunny, you are staying because you hve some potential, and Seth has only submitted one entry, sorry Seth, you have been sent home.

Challenge 4 Chat

Challenge 4

Nduke: Your challenge is to write a story, about a TDI contestants' life before TDI. This entry is due by Sunday Feb 27th. We are saddened to hear that LF has quit, she will be dearly missed ;( love ya girl :(. Nduke 02:12, February 27, 2011 (UTC)NdukeNduke 02:12, February 27, 2011 (UTC)

Alfan's Entry

Cod's Entry



The girl sits behind a table,

Eyes filled with tears,

She cries about the day,

How those awful kids tortured her,

Calling her names,

Making fun of her,

The laughter ringing in her ears,

The only one to love,

Her pet lizard,

As she points the gun to her head,

She hesitates,

The girl sighs and drops the gun,

And picks up the knife,

She feels the pain of the blade,

And the excitement of the pain,

As her parents watch her disappointed,

Nothing is good in her life.


Jessica's Entry

I'll Cry Myself a River

The teenage girl wearing a green tanktop was standing in front of a dock.

I sure hope I am allowed in that show, she thinks to herself.

From behind, a teenage boy in a blue shirt walks behind the girl, startling her.

"Alex?" she questions.

The boy, Alex, smiles and says, "I didn't get in, but your mom told me you did, Izzy."

The girl, Izzy, smiles joyfully.

Then, she frowns.

"What's the matter?" he asks her, "Are you sad because I'm not in?"

She looks up, tears running down her face. "I'm sorry, Alex. But, it's over."

Alex looks suprised. "What? Why?"

"Because I don't feel like myself when I'm with you," Izzy says in a soft voice.

Alex starts to cry.

"Are you crying?" Izzy questions.

"No," Alex cries, "I'm fine." He takes a tissue from his back pocket and wipes his eyes with it. He proceeds to throw it in a garbage bin behind him.

"I'll be leaving now," Alex whimpers. He walks away, upset of the sudden break-up.

I know I'll find the one on the show, Izzy thinks to herself, he'll be the one who likes me for who I am.

She sits at the edge of the dock and starts to cry.

"Why?" she asks herself in a soft voice.

Izzy stops crying.

She looks up in the sky and sees a cloud in the shape of Alex's head.

"Alex!" Izzy cries loudly.

She looks down. "Alex." She starts to tear and then lets it all out.

Maybe, Izzy thinks to herself, I'll cry myself a river.

TN's Entry

Izzy awoke as she always did on Saturday mornings, with a feeling of unbearable loathing.Things had not been going so well for her the past year.It all started when her dad came home late from work, drunk.When her mom asked what had happened, her dad screamed at her, and Izzy could her from her bed what sounded like violence.It pained Izzy with the sound of each blow, she didnt even want to see her parents argue, let alone fight.But she layed in her bed, powerless.

The next morning Izzy woke up to find that her dad was gone and her mom had a large blue bruise right above her head.Izzy didnt even ask what happened, but cried in her moms arms for what seemed like hours.Izzy's tears rolled down her mothers arms, irratating more bruises which made her mom wince in pain.There had been problems before this, but neither Izzy nor her mother woud have ever dreamed something like this would happen, not to them, not to thier family.

The next few weeks were hard, Izzy and her mom tried to get by with little success.Izzy had to drop out of school to get a job just to keep food on the table.They were both working rampantly, and then recieved a phone call,it was Izzy's father.He asked to speak to Izzy.When she picked up the phone she was brewing with unimaginable rage.

"What do you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled into the phone."I just wanted to alert you and your mother about the custody hearing next Tuesday, you didnt forget did y..."Izzy dropped the phone without letting her father finish the sentence, she turned to her mom, who looked at her solemnly."I suppose he told you, didnt he." Izzy blankly stared at her, not even saying a word, and in one fast swoop she had ran back into her room.

Afew hours later her mother knocked on the door, and with a faint sigh Izzy told her to come in."Izzy I need to expain something to you, ever since your father left things have been rough, and you know that, this isnt the life I wanted for either of us, I didnt want us to have to live in squalor, just barely getting by each week, I wanted better for you.Your father told me about the Custody hearing about two weeks ago, and didnt want you to worry, please forgive me."She then put her hand on Izzy's shoulder, to comfort her. Izzy felt like her mom had betrayed her by not telling her about the custody hearing, but she knew she was justified in doing so.

In three days, Izzy and her mom made the seemingly endless drive to the court house.Izzy's thoughts were racing, she played out several possible scenarios, trying to figure out which was most likely.She hoped with all of her heart that her mother would stay with her, she didnt care if she had to struggle, she coudnt be seperated from her mom.Izzy knew that they should have charged her dad with domestic buse when they had the chance, but they were afraid what could happen to them.

When they finally arrived at the court house the judge looked at them sadly and told them to sit down.About ten minutes later her father stepped in, followed by an older man who appeared to be his lawyer.Izzy them came to the sudden realization that they hadnt even prepared a case against her father.

The next few hours were brutal.Her father played every incriminating peice of evidence against her, phone records, letters she had sent to friends, even what television shows she watched!He brought up income statements from years ago, and when it was all said and done Izzy felt as though she wanted to die.When it came thier turn to speak, a tear came into Izzy's mothers eye.At first it was just one small tear trickling down her face, but within a moments notice she broke down on the floor crying."PLEASE, PLEASE DONT TAKE AWAY MY IZZY SHE'S ALL I HAVE."

In hindsight the judge found her mom in contempt of court, and her father was given custody, with no visitation from her mother.Izzy started going to school again but just didnt have the energy to put any effort into it.She started failing and at a parent teacher conference a teacher told her father that she was lazy, her lazy!Izzy didnt even want to live here anymore, she had to get out, she had to find a way.

Izzy decided to run away.She decided she would take bus to Vancouver, and once there she would make a new life for herself, it was foolproof!At midnight of July twenty third, Izzy gathered as much as she could, and ran out through the streets.After afew minutes she got to a bus stop, and chained to a stop sign was the bus schedule.If she took a five day bus with 8 stops, she could be in Vancouver by August.The next bus left at 6 a.m., she decided to wait.

(I will finish this tommorow morning)

Snow's Entry

Challenge 4 Reviews


Sun- No entry, no judging.

Alfan- No entry, no judging.

Cod- Great work as usual, told you, you would get into TDA7. Congrats. 23/30

Jessica- Great writing. 22/30

TN- Your best entry yet! 21/30

Snow- How you've got this far amazes me.. 0/30

The Aspiring Authors win!!

The Awesome Writers- SECOND PLACE

Sunny, since LF quit, your safe. :P

Challenge 5

Congrats, your merged! Your challenge this week is to make an alternate ending of TDWT's finale, when Heather nor Alejandro win. This entry is due by Friday. March 4th. Mrodd is now a contestant.

Alfan's Entry

Cod's Entry

Jessica's Entry

Total Drama World Tour - An Island Sized Finale!

(Late entry, just wanted to post it)

Heather and Alejandro raced up the volcano, rapidly, their dolls following behind.

"You're going to lose!" Heather barks.

"Haha. You think?" Alejandro mocks.

Heather growls at the Latin boy.

Just then, Ezekiel runs by carrying a doll of Cody.

"He's in!" Chris shouts from above the other two.

They look scared.

"He's a competitor?" Heather questions.

Chris yells in response, "Yeah!"

The two try to speed up, but fail to do so.

Just as the two reach the top of the volcano, Ezekiel throws his Cody doll in.

"NO!" Alejandro and Heather shout.

The Cody doll lands in the volcano and Chris yells, "And we have a winner!" He runs to Ezekie and puts his arm in the air.

"What?!" the contestants, Heather and Alejandro ask in a loud tone of voice.

"Yeah," Chris says, handing Ezekiel the case with the money in it.

Just then, Alejandro rams into Ezekiel and the three, the money included, fall into the volcano.

"No!" Heather screams.

"Um, Chris," DJ says from the sidelines, "read the sign." DJ steps away from a large sign and it reads, "NO PINEAPPLES IN THE VOLCANO!"

"Uh, oh!" Chris screams.

The cast, Ezekiel and Alejandro not included, run down the volcano.

"AH!" the all screech.

Quickly, the cast jumps into a large boat in the water and Chris pulls the cord. The boat takes off at top speed and Chris signs off.

"Will we ever see our winner, again? Find out next season!" Chris shouts as lava hits the boat and the screen goes to static.

TN's Entry

Snow's Entry


Sun's Entry

Mrodd's Entry

Challenge 5 Chat

Mrodd: Does mean the smae challenge?

Toad: No challenge, just the ending, where someone wins. XD

Mrodd: mmkk


Nduke: Tsk. tsk. tsk. Sun and Snow have been sent home, due to being the most inactive.

Challenge 6

Nduke: Your challenge is to write a story involving a relationship, but with characters from fan stories. This is due by FRIDAY MARCH 18TH ,because TDA7 is due the 11th, we're giving you a WEEK , so actually submit. Also, this will be a TRIPLE elimination. I applaud Mrodd for getting his story in on time. Cod, Jessica, TN, and Alfan3000, get to WORK!!!

Thank you,


Usable Stories

List will be added to eventually.

  • Total Drama School
  • Total Drama: Tiki Jungle
  • Total Drama Culture
  • Total Daimion Island
  • If you have not read any of these stories, you can just do normal TDI.

Alfan's Story

Sharissa and Gary:The Unthinkable

Cod's Story

Jessica's Story

When Enemies Collide

The teenage girl sat there, on the edge of the long dock, obviously upset. Her orange hair blew in the wind.

"Julia?" a voice from behind asks surprisedly.

The girl, Julia, turns around. "ARTHUR!?" She stands up and runs up to him. She grabs his collar.

"Wait!" Arthur screams.

"What?" Julia agressively askes. She drops him, but still holds onto him, like a dog to a bone.

"I...I have a confession," Arthur admitts.

Julia glares at him, unsure of what to do.

"I...I...I like you," he murmers. Arthur looks down.

Julia goes bug-eyed and drops her mouth. "Me?!" She drops his collar. "Me?!"

Arthur nods.

Julia looks down. "Me, too."

He looks up, a shocked expression covering his face.

Julia hugs him.

Arthur smiles and hugs her back. "I love you."

Julia smiles. "Me, too."

Arthur lets go and looks at her. "Then why'd you beat me up?"

Julia frowns. "I did it because I liked you, and that's how I express my feelings."

Arthur says, "But don't you care about me-..."

Julia puts her finger on his lips and kisses him.

Arthur smiles.

This is the best day of his life.

An odd and short story dedicated to Julthur fans.

TN's Story

MrO's Story

Fannon Couple…. TrentxLindsay

Trent’s Pov

In the weeks after the end of World Tour many of us were in the hospital, for once, however, I wasn’t. So I decided I should help care for people, since everyone would always help me. Now at first, I would always be with Gwen, but then Duncan came out of his coma, and I wasn’t even allowed near her. But the time that I and Gwen did have was fun, we were friends again- And I liked it.

But that left me with a problem, who was I supposed to nurture, to help? At first I thought about leaving, and heading home, but Chris was turning this whole thing into a documentary, and said he would sue if I left. As I walked through the halls, looking for someone to help, I noticed no one was alone-expect for Lindsay. I turned the knob on her door and stepped in. The nurse looked at me and smiled.

“You’re the first one she’s seen since that mean ol’ brat came and broke up with her.” Tyler? Tyler broke up with Lindsay?

“Tyler? Is that you?” Lindsay asked, she had a neck brace, and it looked like she had broken both her arms. “Cause If it is, I don’t want to talk to you.”

“No, It’s me, Trent. You remember me, right?” I asked, gently moving her legs over, so I could sit on her bed.

“Of course, I remember. I remember every one…” She coughed a few times, and then gave a sly smile.

I didn’t know what else to say, so I just grabbed the cloth on her for head, and dipped it in some cold water, and then returned it.

“Thanks.” I smiled, and she smiled back. Lindsay was always a friend, and she always would be right?

“So… How’s Beth? I haven’t heard from her.” Lindsay asked, her voice cracking every second word.

“Beth should be out in a few days, she had a severe burn on her back.”

“Oh, well at least she’s almost better.”

The nurse appeared from behind a curtain and asked me to leave, Lindsay had to get rest, and I being here was disturbing that. So I kindly left the room, but I was confused, what did I think about Lindsay? Did I like her? Or was she just a friend?

I had to talk to someone, and that someone was Beth. I ran to where she was being treated, luckily no one else was here, Beth was just watching Old Yeller.

“Beth?” I asked walking into the room. She picked up the remote and turned the tv off.

“Oh, hey Trent.” She smiled.

I sighed, and sat down on her bed, and began to tell my story, about me, and about Lindsay. Throughout the whole thing she nodded, and smiled.

“So… You like Lindsay? You should really ask her!” She said excitedly.

“You, you really think?” I asked, I wasn’t sure, I mean… Me and Lindsay had been friends for so long.

“Im postivie, just do it.” I smiled, and she smiled.

“Thanks.” I said before walking out the door. I decided I would in the morning, for now, I would take a nap. I sat down a bench outside of her room and laid down. I thought about everything me and Lindsay had been through on Total Drama, and couldn’t help but think, what If. What if had hooked up with Lindsay, and not Tyler… At last, my thought was cut short when my eyes drifted shut, with my last thought, being of Lindsay.

I woke up to see nurses and doctors flooding into Lindsay’s room. I got on my feet, and tapped the nurse from the other day.

“What happened? Is she going to be all right?” I asked, though it was more or less a shout. The nurse put her hand on my back, and motioned to the bench, I had, had my nap on.

“In the surgery, she had a reaction. A bad reaction, they don’t know why, but they are working hard to figure it out. But, I can’t lie; the odds are not looking good.” I felt my heart drop, my Lindsay, wait my Lindsay? I hadn’t even asked, was I that sure she would say yes? But, I didn’t have time to think about that, Lindsay being safe was all that mattered.

I waited outside her door the whole day, every now or then someone would come and talk to me, just like on the Island, but I wasn’t physically hurt- Just Emotionally. Even Duncan stopped by. Did I look that helpless?

The next day was the same, and the day after that. And with each passing day, the doctors had less and less hope for her and less people stopped by every day. Heck, even Chris let everyone go, expect for me, Lindsay and him. He filmed me himself now.

Then, fourteen days after her reaction, a doctor came out of her room, and sat down beside me.

“So your Trent, right?” He asked.

“Yes, is she ok?” I pleaded.

“ You know, during the whole thing she kept asking for you?”

“She did?” I asked.

“Yes. She really cared for you.” He frowned… Wait Cared for?

“You mean she…”

“She didn’t respond to treatment, I’m sorry.” I felt the tears fly down my face, I just looked at Chris, and he turned his camera off. I guess he’s not as heartless as I thought, but why did Lindsay have to die? Out of every one, why Lindsay?

“Can… Can I see her?” I asked, my voice was cracking.

“Sure.” I walked into the room, Lindsay laid there, like Snow White, But Lindsay was dead, not asleep. As I stood over her, more memories came to mind, like the time she almost killed me with the sushi… Or like the time I chose her for my team… All good memories.. Well Sort of.

I guess I let my emotions take over, and so before I knew it, I kissed her. My last memory, my last momentoe. Today Lindsay died, and I would never forget her. And as I walked out the door, I couldn’t help but take onelast look back.

“Your leaving me?” I turned around to see Lindsay, standing infront of me, her smile bigger then ever.

“But… Your dead!” I shouted.

“I was? Well then, you saved me, with your kiss.” She giggled. Wait she felt that?

“I guess… You really are Snow White after all.” She just looked at me, but I picked her up in my arms and walked out of the room. Me and Lindsay would live, happily ever after…. Or at least till TD5.

Running Around Playing Around For All Eternity 20:36, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

Challenge 6 Chat

Mrodd: o.0 So now I have to read a story? To be able to write a story o.0

Mrodd: Did I win yet?

Challenge 6 Reviews

Alfan- No story, although the title is LOL. Funniest couple I've seen. 5/30

Cod- No story. 0/30

Jessica- I liked this story a lot. I was thinking about this couple, but I have a better person to pair Julia with... and that won't be till All-Stars. >:3 25/30

TN- No storeh... again. 0/30

Mrodd- I loved this story. A couple grammar issues, but whatever. 26/30

Elimination 6

Toad: Sorry, TN, but you've been sent home due to being the most inactive. Alfan at least had a title, and Cod has done great previously. Next time is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION!

It was gonna be a triple elimination, but...

Challenge 7

Toad: This challenge is to write a small story describing what it'd be like if YOU were in Total Drama Island. This challenge is due... whenever.

Alfan's Story

As I arrived on the island, I saw the other 21 competitors. Chris smiled."Everyone is here now. So let's begin!"

Suddenly, a twenty-third boat pulled in. A teen in a cap and a dark green sweat shirt got off."My boat was late,eh?"

Chris frowned."We accidentally called in twenty-three competitors? Oops. Sorry, home boy. But you have to go.

The teen frowned."But....That's not fair!"

Chris smiled."Life's not fair.Chef!" Chef grabbed the teen and threw him on the boat. He then beganm driving it away.

Chris turned to our group."Sorry about that. Anyway...Go see your cabins."

I joined a nerdy boy as we walked over."Hey. Who are you?"

He smiled." My name is Harold." We shook hands.

"Nice to meet you!" I smiled, and we walked over. Suddenly, a girl screamed! We all ran to the girl's cabin.

The sassy girl, LeShawna, looked surprised."Man, that white girl can scream!" The delinquent chopped a roach in half that had scared the girl.

As I walked out, I saw her. She was filing her nails. Her name was Heather. For some reason, I did not trust her.


The teen complains to Chef."Why did I have to leave?"

Chef yells."Because no one likes you." The teen starts to cry."Aw, kid, You probably would have gone first, anyway. I saw you picking your nose. Not cool."

The teen felt something inside of him. He jumped off the boat, and swam towards the island."This game's mine,eh? MINE!"


Cod's Story

If I were in TDI, I would have at least made 10th. I would have tried to make alliances with most people I thought were threatening, and I would try my best in challenges. The End. :)

Jessica's Story

I walked onto the dock, my brown hair blowing in the wind. The evil girl, Heather, watched my every movement.

"Wow," I thought, "what losers."

As I walked next to the other contestants, who either whistled, snarled, or smiled at me, I felt that I would be the best of these, well, losers.

"So," Chris McLean, the sadistic and egotsitic host, said, "this is our drama queen, Jessica. She comes from a wealthy background and only signed up for the fun of beating losers."

"Looks like I might get the chance," I mumbled.

The boy next to her, Trent, smiled at her. "You're pretty."

I blushed, obviously surprised by this comment.

"So," I thought, "he's my boyfriend in this show. Well, he's cute."

As the days passed by, I made many allies, had a relationship with Trent, had many conflicts with the other contestants, and made few friends.

Eventually, I was eliminated in the final four, losing to Trent, Heather and Gwen. In that challenge, I was teamed up with Heather, and we obviously lost the challenge.

Chef stood in front of me and the witch. Then, he handed Heather a marshmallow.

"Jessica," he growled, "you'll be heading home."

Gwen and Heather smiled.

Trent frowned and I walked up to him. "Be strong."

Trent smiled slightly.

I kissed him, for the first time.

And after that, Heather placed third and Gwen lost to Trent in the finale.

Mrodd's Story

To Face Ones' Fear.

(Ok Before you read, this is TDI, Katie and Sadie still managed to get Izzy to switch, however Chimmy has ben added to the bass, and Myself to the gophers.... Enjoy? I might add more later.... Maybe.)

“And the final marshmallow of the night goes to… Zach. Sorry, but Owen, you have been eliminated. And you can NEVER EVER come back.” Chris stated, as Chef struggled to pull the over-weight teen to the Dock of Shame, and into the Boat of Losers. Zach smiled, turning to Heather who only mouthed,

“I told you, you would be safe. Just trust me.” Zach sighed, walking away from the camp fire pit.

Conf: “Why was it that Owen went home? At least he did the challenge…” Zach frowned.

Meanwhile in the Bass Cabins:

“ I want the top! I want the top!” Chimmy screeched, forcing the guys to walk in.

“Is… Everything ok?” A calmed DJ asked.

“No. Not everything is ok. This insane psychopath wants my bunk!” Courtney shouted.

“I don’t see your name on it.” Duncan puffed.

“Like you would know anything about property!” She shouted leaving the cabin.

“And I thought I had anger problems.” Eva chuckled, laying on her bed.

“Umm, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but, do you guys mind leaving, we kind of need to sleep.” Bridgette smiled, closing her eyes.

“Aww, don’t be such a party pooper!” Katie giggled feeling Geoff’s muscles.

“Katie! I saw him first!” Sadie said, throwing a pillow at her friend.

Geoff, looking at Katie, who was still groping his arm, decided it was time to leave. “Yeah… Bridgette’s right, we should really get some sleep.” The guys all left the cabin, leaving the girls to giggle amongst themselves.

Meanwhile at the Cliff:

“What are you doing?” Courtney shouted at the figure at the end of the cliff.

The figure just looked at her. “I asked you a question, the least you can do is answer it.”

“ I… I need to do it. I need to jump off the cliff!” Zach shouted.

Courtney ran to his side. “You do realize… That it’s pitch black out and you will most likely kill yourself?” She laughed.

“Yeah… But, I need, too. Owen got voted out, but he did the challenge. And I didn’t.” Zach sighed, bending his knees, getting ready to jump.

“Owen?” Courtney paused, thinking. “Wait don’t jump!” Courtney shouted, but it was too late, Zach had jumped… “Ugh!” Courtney jumped after him, in case he got hurt.

Zach and Courtney hit the water, luckily in the circle. “That… Wasn’t … That bad.” Zach smiled, splashing Courtney. “Why, did you jump?”

“I… had to make sure you weren’t hurt. “ She said, returning the splash. The two started to laugh, embracing the silence. As the laughter died down, the two looked at the stars above, forever dancing.

“It’s… So beautiful, you never see anything like this in the city.” Courtney smiled.

“Yeah, you are… Err they are.” Zach caught himself, hoping she didn’t pick it up.


“I just said the sky was beautiful.” Zach paused. “Maybe we should head back to your cabins… It’s getting really late.

Courtney sighed, “I guess you’re right.”

The two swam at to the shore, but unbenounced to them, hidden in the shadows, a raven-haired girl was watching.

Conf: “I… I thought that… UGH! How could he! How could she? Owen’s not the only one who can go home without a reason… You better have your things packed.” Heather sighed, tears slowly dripping down her face.

As Zach and Courtney reached their cabins, they smiled at each other, and went into their separate cabins. Each hoping to catch some much-needed sleep.

“Where were you?” Trent asked. Zach just turned, scared for his life. “It’s… Just me…” Trent chuckled.

“I was… out.” Zach sighed, climbing into his bunk.

Trent eyed him… “If you say so.”

Zach sighed. “ Ok… I was out with someone…”

“Who? Come on, were both guys... You can trust me.”


“ The CIT!?” Trent near-shouted.

“Could you say it any louder? Look I know she seemed really snotty, but, there’s something about her… And I wouldn’t mind if you kept your mouth shut about it. “ Zach paused. “ Now can we sleep now?”

“ I will…. And yeah, we really should. Night.” Trent sighed, closing his eyes.

Challenge 7 Reviews

Alfan- A pretty good story. Sorry I have to rate it now, but we wanted the finale to be soon. 20/30.

Cod- This made me LOL, but it wasn't really a story. 6/30

Jess- This was awesome! 25/30

Mrodd- Great story, nice and long, a few grammar issues but whatever. 25/30

Challenge 7 Elimination

Toad: Alfan and Cod are out. You two did great, and I loved all your stories. Congrats to Jess and Mrodd for being the final 2!


Toad: It's Jessica versus Mrodd, in the final two! Your challenge is to write the first episode of "Bigger, Badder, Brutal-er!" Yes, you heard me right. Include the original 13 characters' names and stereotypes. Good luck. This challenge is due when both of you get your entries in. If possible, we'd love to have it in by Saturday April 16th. Okay thanks.

Jess's Story

Mrodd's Story

Finals Chat


Jessica: *smiles* YAYZ! Thanks to all the people that supported me, even without a jury.

Toad: Even though neither of you actually posted a story, you still did a great job. Sign up for Toad-al Writers Action... that is, if it comes back from the grave.

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