Episode 1 - "Beginning"

Aqua hears his alarm clock and gets up. He takes a shower and runs downstairs to get a jacket on.

Aqua: Son of a b***h! I'm gonna be late!

He runs out the front door and gets into his car. He puts the keys in and backs up.

Aqua: Come on, come on.

Aqua backs out of his driveway quickly and drives towards the nearest highway to the city where he works. Suddenly, he sees a small child in the middle of the road and turns. He slams off of the highway and crashes into a large ditch.

Three Days Later

Derpy: *Pulls a gun out of his pocket and peers around the corner of a building*

Dianted: Where are you going?

Derpy: We have to get inside. 

Dianted: Don't be stupid. We can try the back door first.

The building is revealed to be a large church on a grassy hill.

Derpy: The back door won't budge and I'm not breaking it open. I'm not attracting any noise.

Dianted: Fine. Hurry up then.

Dianted turns back around and goes to the back of the building.

Farrah: Well?

Dianted: He's trying the front doors.

Noah: Oh. I'm really worried.

Dianted: We're fine. We just need to get inside.

Derpy: Guys. Come on.

The whispering crew of Derpy, Farrah, Dianted, and Noah sneak into the building as several zombies walk around them.

Derpy: We need to get in the basement. They can't get down there.

Dianted: Are you crazy? We're fine here.

Noah: Now that we're safe I think we should-

A loud noise is heard outside. Everyone turns over and realizes that it was a gunshot.

Farrah turns to Noah as he falls onto the ground with a bullet in his head.

Farrah: NO! 

She runs to him and leans over him.

Farrah: NOAH! GET UP!

Derpy: Farrah! We have to leave!

Zombies are seen piling into the front door. The group runs to the back.


A zombie grabs Farrah.

Farrah: GET OFF ME!

She shoots the zombies in the head.

Dianted: WE HAVE TO GO.

Farrah: LEAVE ME. 

Derpy: Come on. Leave her.

Dianted: WTF is wrong with you?!

Farrah: GO! NOW!

Zombies start grabbing Farrah again. She runs out of ammo and runs up the stairs to the second floor.

Dianted: Derpy! We have to save her!

Derpy: NO! COME ON! *Runs out*

Dianted: *Follows him out*

Dianted: Look! There's the highway!

Derpy: If we get to the other side, it's all countryside. There probably won't be many things there.

Dianted: *sighs* Come on. Let's go.

They walk under the large road above them. 

Derpy: Wait. Look.

He points to a car.

Derpy: There might be food or something in it.

Dianted: Or a flesh eating monster.

Derpy: Come on. If there is one, we shoot it, gather any supplies we need, and we leave.

As they walk to the car, Dianted realizes something.

Dianted: Who do you think...shot Noah?

Derpy: Some sicko who probably needed resources from where we were getting it.

Dianted: I hope Farrah got out of there.

Derpy: What the hell?

Dianted turns to look at the car. Aqua is seen in the front seat, bleeding from the side of his head.

Derpy: Hey! Are you okay?

Aqua doesn't answer.

Dianted: This is just...horrible. I'll go look for resources.

Aqua: Wait...

Derpy: Are you okay?

Aqua: I cant...move.

Derpy: Oh god. You're in no position to walk.

Dianted: We can't leave him here!

Derpy: Well what do you want to do?

Zombies start walking towards the car.

Derpy and Dianted stare at each other.


They still stand there, looking at each other.

The screen goes black.

Episode 2 - "Malicious"

Derpy: *Is seen walking with Dianted*

Dianted: What you did back there...that was sick. 



Derpy: I didn't want to leave him. But I had to!

A family (Izzy, Blake, Tyler, Cabbage, Milk) on a farm is seen building a large wall. 

Izzy: Daddy, I want to go in the house.

Blake: Okay sweetie.

Tyler: You think this wall will keep them out?

Milk: I hope so.

Cabbage: Yeah...I don't want to have to deal with these things.

They see 2 people in the road.

Milk: Is that one of those...things?

Cabbage: There's two of them.

Blake: Stay here. I'll go see. *Grabs a knife out of his pocket*

Izzy: *Looks out the window*

Blake: Hey, are you two okay?

Dianted: Oh my gosh! Finally! Listen, we need help. The whole city is being torn apart. 

Blake: I saw.

Derpy: Oh. Well we need somewhere to stay. Where are you staying.

Blake: In my own home.

Derpy: Could we join?

Blake: As long as you two haven't killed anyone.

Derpy: We haven't. We ran straight out of the city.

Dianted: Uh, yeah.

Blake: Okay then. 

They walk out of the street into the house.

Blake: Your rooms will be upstairs. I expect that you will help around the farm when you can.

Dianted: Definitely.

Blake: Good.

Derpy and Dianted bring their stuff upstairs.

Derpy: This is a nice home.

Dianted: you hear that?

A groaning sound is heard in the next room.

Dianted: *Walks to the room and opens the door*

14 zombies are seen strapped to the walls and on the floors, legless and armless.

Dianted: OH MY GOD.


Blake: Are you two okay up there?!

Dianted: Yeah! Derpy just slipped and fell, but he'll be alright!

Blake: Okay!

Izzy: *Peeks through the side of the door* Why are you looking at our food room?

Dianted: Your what?

Izzy: Our food room. Why were you looking in there? Were you hungry?

Derpy: No. We aren't hungry. Just...ignore us, okay?

Izzy: Okay, well we're having Ryan for dinner tonight.

Derpy: Who is Ryan?

Izzy: He was my older brother, but he died. He's in there. We're having him tonight for dinner.

Derpy: *Walks back into their room*

Dianted: *Follows and shuts the door* THEY ARE CANNIBALS?

Derpy: That makes no sense. Why would they eat those things?

Dianted: Maybe they wash off the meat and all that...

Derpy: Disgusting. We need to leave. NOW.

Izzy: Take me with you!

Derpy: *Turns to the bathroom door that leads into their room*

Dianted: You were listening to us?

Izzy: I want to leave! Bring me with you so I can get out of here!

Dianted: Okay. Just be quiet.

Izzy: We can take the window out. The roof leads to the fields in the backyard, and daddy never goes out there. He stays on the deck under the roof. 

Dianted: Okay. 

Dianted opens the window and climbs out.

Derpy: Come on.

Izzy grabs Derpy's hand and they walk on the roof. Dianted hops down into the fields. Derpy follows.

Izzy: This looks pretty high.

Dianted: Just jump.

Derpy: Maybe we should leave. She's safe here.

Izzy: NO! 

Derpy: Shhh. Fine. Hurry up and jump.

Izzy: *Jumps and smashes her leg, then screams extremely loud*

There is blood on the grass oozing from her leg.

Blake: What the hell was that?

Derpy: RUN! *Starts running into the trees*

Izzy: WAIT! 

Dianted: *Picks Izzy up* DERPY! WAIT!

Derpy: *Keeps running off until he can't be seen*

Dianted: *Running in the forest and soon hears gunshots* Shit!


Dianted: *Running and flips into a lake* 

Izzy: My cut! It's gonna get infected!

Dianted: *As they try to climb out of the water, zombies turn to them and start surrounding them* We have to get out of here!

Izzy: *Runs through a small space in one of the zombies and runs off* GET OUT! HURRY!


A zombie grabs Dianted's arm. In response, he dives underwater and tries to swim under the zombies*

Dianted: *choking on water* HELP! HEDLLEP! IZZY!

A zombie grabs Dianted's jaw and rips it open. Blood sprays everywhere and he is seen choking on his blood. They dig into his stomach.

Izzy: *Runs behind a tree and hears Dianted scream* Oh my god.

She sees a ragged guy walking through the woods, and he calls out to her.

Izzy: *Runs to him* Help me! There is a horde coming after me!

It is revealed to be Aqua, who somehow escaped.

Aqua: Come on! I have a safe area we can go to get you bandaged up. 

The screen goes black.

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